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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-07-18

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Lardeau Mining
I The  y -j'jwntative
|  .it iii   ■  :i    ,  J.ii'ii*!,,!
' ii**' Bl   O.I      I   '
ny i      *   -   :' .  . :
Ll  r an. in a-i i nni';'.
TROUT LAKE CITY,   B.C. July [8th. 1907.
, j
Ti.\n;j-;i: NOTH US.
DISTRICT ..I' W BIT Kii..'1'i:nav.
TAKE notic:   Unit  Arthur  (low-
For ovef a year a few of Trout'
l :i1<o'h citisens have been negoti-l
atingfor   tin, establishment of a]
lu-inill.    To tin- in.l,    ij  f 11 nei
District nf West Kootenay.
Take notice that Otto   William
wan raise.I uml si
Abrahamson of Trout l.ake, H. ('.,
uke,   occupation-   "«"»"»■»•> *.,.,.,.,, limits ee- •
.      ,, , .      f „       <*iir,*.i contiguous to In.ul l.ake. .   ,    .' , "  '
to  apply   f..r  a, * ,'spociul  timber license   over   the
,   ,,    *     M->.-rs.   Mum av nn.l McRai-   of   , „	
Icenca    over the following desrihed lands:
ItcvclHtokc,   were  ai'l'ioiiclii il   mi n
Commencing at n   post   planted
. Sm . ~.2 -Z-   . ■ jJ-Z^HAt- ■> tATml
hm-trici «f Wert Kootenay
I      Notice lhat B. P,  Beamy,
plar Cick,   R.   0„    I'i"-! " '-
intend' bo apply '<,r n *1" ;'''
1 luetic* oyer the following
ribed lau4li
mraencjng at a  post plaple '
it 1000 fjiut nortii Iron the dl-
betweeo Poplar ami Cascade
I-. uliout  S  milea Eiintli'iiy
mi l.iinlo ltiver. theuce east  80
I        ilieiicc imrtli 80 chains;
wesl 80 ohaina; thenoe "-••-
I xo chains to point ofooramencp.
tand   '-oiitniiiiiiR   MO   totet,
re ur less
* Illli. 11107.       B. P. Reamy.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that 11.  F. Ranmy
I'oplar Creek, B. 0„ Prospector,
itenda to apply I„r ■ special tim-
r license over the following dc-
' ' nl Inn Is:
1 .nun.'iicing iit a poet planted
'..•ul lout) feet north frmn tin-   di-
do betweeu Poplar and Oaaoade
reek, about   :i   milea   Houtherly
} -In Lardo Kiver, thenc* weal
ISO chains; theuce south 10 chaina
Ihenea cant   It',-)  ohains;   thence
Iiiuiili III chain***-- lo   point   of com-
liiH'iieiiii.nt  mul oop tain Ing 940
aces, more or lcsr.
I-Jimaiuii. 1007.      B. F. Beamy*
l.l v 1:1 .stokk UUD DISTRtOT.
District of West lviioi.-iuiy.
Tike nol ico that H. V. Beamy,
"i Poplar Oreek, B, (!., Proapeotor,
intends to apply for fl special Umber license over the following d--
lesribsd landa.
Cimmenolng at a |i"at pl*»ntod
"ii tl.e cast Hide of die second I0U-
lli fork of Poplar Creek, aboOt 1
mile above the fork, then- Wns
1' chains; thenoe smith W0 chains
then .nut 40 chains; thence nor*
lb 160 chains to point of commencement, an I containing 840 aorei
mora or ioili
Juno 10th 1907.       I!. F. Reamy
logger Intends
special timber
loilowing described lun.Is:
Commenoing at a posl planta
about I mile fiom Troul l.ak.* to
Beaton wagon road uu   il*
line of A. Qowiug'e£Timber limit,
inaike.l "A. Cutting's Norlh  East
 m r   poet/'    thence   weet   a'J
chains; thenco   south 80  cluiins;
thence east 80 chains; thence nor*
tli 80 chain-;  tu point of oiiumeii-
c'uneiii and cobtaioiog 840 acres,
lll'ile ur less.
Arthur flowing.
Dated  May 37th 1907.
IU-TKIiT "I   »Val   S.I'lTI.NAY.
TAKH notice that Arthur  (lowing,  "f TrOUt Lake,   oc upation
■Logger—Intends    to  apply   for a
Special    timber   licenco    over the
following deaerlbed lands:
Commenoing at a post planted
ahout 1-J uiilei-from ]!eat..n anil *
mile from Trout I.ake wagon road
marked "A. Qowing's Bonth-wesl post,'' thence nnrlh SO
cluiins; thence east SO chaina:
thence south 8*>   chains;   ihenee
tlie Subject, and  iliiriinj   the   pact
week 0. W, Abrabamaon  and F. "" Abrahaiaiou Greek ahout half
'" Elliott praotloejly dosed op the » mile from the lake, marked   "O.
"",   deal with them whereby a plant NV-    Abrahamann'a  North   Eaet
will be put In at Trout Lake city cornor  I,08t"    thencc  (i0Ul1'   s,^>
with aeapaclty of 60000 feet per ''•••i-'*j;   thenoe  eait  40  chaina;
.Uv.   The old'fitohas heen secur- thone.. south   40   ohains;    thence
,*.l. in addition to the strip along f est 80 chnins; thence north  120
tin* watur front. chains; thence east   40 chaiiiB  to
The purchasers have also bought point o! OTn»»*n««J"nt and con-
the 0. VV. Abrabamaon   addition *»ln>«>8 840 acres more or less
to .'he town site, and   we   undi-r-
June Sth, 1907
Otto William A.
Disorict of West Kootenay.
stand that proposals l.av" ht-cn
niadu to the Waterworks Co. and
uur (ceding merchants for ft turn,
oyer of their holdings.
We ar« alho Informed that the
new company intends to manufacture all the side  lines such as Take notice that B. F. Reamy, ct
shingled lath, sashes, doors etc.,    i I'oplar  Creek,   B.C.,  intends   to
Ootid!   Trout Lake ie uot "bUst  apply for a special timber license
up"   yet. j over tho following described lauds:
. .  Xo. 1.    Commencing at  a   post
planted on the  west hank of Rus-
___.   'v Creek, about 3 miles   south of
LINE FROM GERRARD Lar:)o   Blvel.   theilCe WMt   m
TO ARROWHEAD. chaina; thence north    10   chains:
thence east   160   chains:    thence
The •Brview" this week recelv- south 40 chains to point of com
ed the foi low ine letter: mencement   and   containing   64o
Hear Mr. Editor, acrea more or leas.
In conversation with   Mr. W 'June 19th. 1907.        15. F, Reamy
\\ hytc, Vice Pree   0. P. B , when
he was here, I to..k the opportuni-
Xo. 2.    Commencing at a  post
weet 80 chains to   point   ol   com-  «>' t., bring up the necessity of tail,  p'mled oa the west;bank of Rue.
mencement    and containing <54';
ncrca, more or leas,
Arthur Gowin-
!.,•.,! May 'J7th. 1907.
District of tVeat K .otenay,
Tak. iiotic* thai It. F. Reamy,
„f Poplar Creek, B. 0 . Proepeotor,
Intends to apply for n special timber license over tbe following ilc-
scribad lamia:
Commenoing at a post planted
on the side of south the ri.^'hl fork
of i'oplar Creek, about 6 miie.-
ali ive the (fret south fmk of i'oplar Crick, tBenoe cast 160 chains;
tin nco north 40 chains; (hence
west Kill chains; thence  south  4"
ohains to point ,.f commencement
and containing 84^ acres mure pr
June.Sth. 1U17. B. F.  Reamy
District of Weet l.'oott nay.
Take notica that IS. P, Reamy,
of Poplar Creek, 1!. C„ Prospecti r
tnteods to spply f"J a special timber license over the {..Mowing .1.-
scri' ed
Commenoing al a post planted j
on the south hank of i'op'ar Creek
about Ij iiiil**s above the lirst south lork of l'..| lar Creek, thenoe
weat 180 chains; thenoe sou lh 40
c'.iaius; theoco eaet 40 cluiins;
thenoo north 180 chains to point
o( ciimiiiciH-t'iiiei.t and containing
(ilii aores, more or less.
way extension to Trout l.ake City, j ty Creek,ani about .'I miles suuth
Mr, Whyte without iiiukingjuiiy of the Lardo   River,    tlience   west
promise, remarked that be would j igo   chains;    tbence   south   40
be very glad to see the  link  from'chains; thence   east 160    chains;
Arrowhead to Qerrard supplied. ; thence north 40 chaina to point of
He eaid that aa a through line, commencement   and   containing
it would l>c of great value  to   the C40 acrea more or leas.
C. 1'. B, ending at ones the troub-  .
, i.i- •    ,•        , June 19th. 1907.       ll  F Reamy
hgome and navigation  of *    ' "c,,,".»
tha Columbia and the heavy L'radoi
of the Nakusp to Slocan By. -Vn- *■   Commencing at a post
Tho writer did not   wish   Lis  name  plan ted on the west bank  of Bus-
pablished, bnt wo cnn  say  however,  *y Creek, about ,'5 ruileg  south   of
that he is one of the leading men in tne the Lardo River, thence east   160 Ooontry.   K.l. L.M.R. chains; thence   north   40   chains;
--"—~~~~~——————   thence west 1G0 i hains thencc louth
Services    In    the     Methodiet N° ohaina to point of commence.
Churchon Sunday next, ae follows m"nl' a,'d co'"»i»i"e 840 acre.-
Sunday School 10.80 a.m ; Regular Service, 7 30 p.m.
Also at Ferguson al *"■ i>.m.
A coiilial  invitation  extended.
|{ev.   A-   E. Stephenson.  Pastor.
mure or leas.
June 19th. 190G.
B. F. Rcamv
June Sth. 1907.
B. f, Be»my,
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice thnt H     F,  Ri'iimy
of I'oplar ("reek, ll. C, Prospeolor,
Intei ds tn apply for a special timber license over the following  do-j
so!bed hurls:
Commencing nt a post planted
o:i the south bunk of Poplar Cre'k
sbout 4j tnlleaabove the lirst sou-i
th fork Of    Poplar    Creek,   ihenoj
oust ICO chains;   theuce  SOU ill  40
chains;   thenoe  welt   160 ohalnsj
ihonce north 40 chains tu point al
uiiiiicnceiiieiit   und   oontalnlng
io sort s, more at less.
uncSil:. 11)07. li. F. Reamy,
Chtnttes,   Cretonnes,    Linens
Victoria Lawn, Sateens, Muslins, Laces A everything
everybody,   Ladies Corsets
anil Covers, Silk Waists, Hose
Mens'Shirts,   Collars,   Tics Ac*
of winch is guaranteed to give
the utmost satisfaction both as
regards price and ml iplal'ility
Alio good linns   in P'atiouery,
Tobaccos, Pipes, Cig«rt &
Fancy Goods of all kinds
11? OUT LAKI:. B. C
No. 4. Commencing at a post
planted on the west hank of Rusty Creek, and ahout 3 mi*es south
of the Lardo River, thencc east 80
chains; thencc south SO chains;
j thenee west 80 chains; thencc nor
ih 80 chaina to point of common-
(mcnt and containing 640 acres
more or less
June 19th. 1907.      It. F.  Reamy.
District of Wett Kootenay.
Take notice that Jas. W. Living
iSton, Of Ferguson, l'rospcctor,   intends to apply for  a  special   timber licence over the   following de-
scrih d lands:
Ci m nenciiiir at a   post   planted
on north bank of  Lardeau  Croei,
j about a quarter of a mile east of
J5 mile mill  and   marked  ",l.   \V
'Livingston's [North   West  comer
post"     thence  south  80   chains;
thence east 80 chains; thence noith   80  chains,     thenee west   80
chains to point of  commencement
and containing V.40 acres more  or
July 8th. 1907,  J. W. Livingston.
The report  of   the Minister i.f
li'nei for the year ending Deo. 31
1906, is   now out.    Following me
some of tho figures showing  production etc.,
The total production of mi..eral for all years up to ami including 1908, ie $278.fl43,722,00.
Product of 1906—124,980,456 00
an increase over 1905 of more
than two million dollars. In the
la.-t ten years the production in-
created from $7,.r)07,'.)Oli to the a-
niount stated above.
Total amount of Bilver produced
2,990,262 ounces, value $1,897,320.
About 77 per eent of the silver is
found in association with, in
argentiferous galena, the remainder beitvg found in conjunction
with copper ores,
There was produced in the Province in 1906 some 52, Ins.'.'17 lbs.
of lead,  valued at 12,667,578.
The copper output in 1905 was
the largest the Province had evet
made, but the production of 1906
exceeds it by s in" 5 298,287 Ihs.
an increase of 12.32 per cent,
while the value of the toial product thi* year is $2,412,348 in cx-
c ss of the preceding year, nn increase of 41 per cent.
The production of copper in
1906 waa 42,990,488 lbs. having .a
gross value of $8,288,565.
Platinum c .ntinues to be f..und
in small quantities in various
parts of the Province, but as y. I
no systematic attempt has been
niidc to save it.
As already noted in previous
reports, it is found in alluvial
washings in the Sim ilkameen ]);s-
tric*t. on tbeQuesnel i iver in Cariboo, on Thibert creek in Cassiar
and also in the Yukon. The latest lind was at Lilloet, fromwhioh
district thare was received a few
ounces of tho crude platinum sand
saved by a prospector in washing
for gold, for which tho Provincial
Mineralogist was able to obtain
some $25 an ounce net cash.
4,805 men are imploycd in Ihe
coal niininp industry at the mine*
Tola amount cf ci al mined in tbe
Province—1,899,076 tons.
Many people fuss  and
funic  and fret over  thu
Tne others use    "Rising
Sun'' F'lour.
Andy Craig  has it for
Premier McBride received a
royal welcome at the ('oast on his
return from London, Kugland.
Party politics were for the time
being, put aside, and (irits and
Tories alike turned out en masse
to greet him.
His victories for British Columbia's rights has made him
surely the firat citiien In the Province.
AUow us ti) jog your memory
about Labor Day. Beptember 4th.
the best day iu the year for "port.
Bigger and better than ever,
will beihe catering for your entertainment Uii» scar.
Jim Jenkins is doing s-.iue good
work on his Qerraid proporly.
Jako Bohmitt left on Saturday
last for the summit, to do souic
work on hie claims ihere.
Steve Slinger and Jock Laing
have been doing sonic work on
theOrogon group. They
the property looking line.
Dave Morgan nud Lou Thompson are operating their claims U]
iho North Fork.
Sii tlril'-.'ii and Bert| Fow'e'
have opened up a fine high-grade
( opj-cy lead on the Cromwell group
M. isre. Misbaw, l» inotrb, Bell-
smith and Black, of tha Ohio
Mini s I levelopmi nt Co., Cfn-
ciin.ati, Ohio, in oompany v.i h
I*'.. A. Haggnn, M.F.. made a thorough examination of the companya
properties "n the Qreal Northern
Hill. The gentleman veiy
pleased with the result and plans
w. re made to put tn tio* necessary
plant and tiams for tho economic
handling of Hit large bodies of ore
opened up In the.N'o. '} level, a
nioe vein of clean ore wns opeiml
up this week, giving values of 1
dollar gold  and 149 oas. silveri
The Silver Dollar bas rernmrd
work after a lay-off for a few daya
The development work continues
about the same.
Kv.-ry effort is being made by
the management lo set the null
in operatiin.
Why Punish
Geo. N. Alexander of ihe Fer
guson Mines. Ltd. paid his usual
trip of inspection to the Silver Cup
last week.
Bome extensive work is being
put in at Nine Mi'u, which will
greatly facilitate and cheapen operations. Tlie mine is showing np
in good shape, more especially
in the lower workings.
The usual ore shipments an- being made,
I. X. L
Martin Lundgren left on Monday with a crew of meu to resume
work on this property,
Thc shaft will he sunk  another
50 I et and drifting  Started.    The
property is owned   by   Minnesota
people and has excellent showings
Judge Miller came in on Friday night and left for the Old
Gold property Saturday afternoon in company with Superintendent Jack Brown.
The officials ol the Consolidated
Com].any will be in thw field later
on to lay out their season's work.
Jim Livingston will resume
work on the Rambler next week.
Thc ore showings on this claim
aro excellent and with a litile
more work sheuld prove a shipper,
The hoys came down from the
Linson Vioiv properly during the
The work of sinking has been
shoved ahead with good results.
Home very line high-grade ore
is being   taken    OUt uml   sucked
ready fci shipment.
The   Noble   Five   ''push"   aro
shoving In the drift and   opening
up u nice h"dy of ore.
llv lm yintf IH-hap-ad
footwear T "Leckie
Boots"     require    no
l.,. ..kin.* in. 'I i ey lit
like a glove il a linii
I inn- ilii-v are inni on,
mnl will -laii'l mors i'i
wear liiiin nny oilier boot
■nlil in ('lunula lo 'lav.
Tlii'v   ar •    mil*
(....I-I. iiii   lasts,    in   »H
<ji iililics, Iroin lli« lie.ivi-
booti   tot   log
rs    ini'i   miners
tu smart city boots f..r
1 11-,:. it    or
rainy day
Ask for Leckie Bs i i st
yuur deals!a and look tor
tli"t'ii"iiiurk on th ■
W i ile fi. a i    '
J. Leckie Co. Ltd
Vancouver, D. C.
*   M ::--'--!- ■:•■
".}.   Local and General.
i'. •'•'.'.
I :jf  i       * :-.   -. ;- ,-
A (rial of Rising Sun Flour
is nil tint i- necesfa-y.      After
thai you'll yse no other*
•Tuscan Lodge" A 1". .V A. ?*L
attended Divine -Service it lie
Anglican Church on Sunday u 01 n-
ing last.
The Ven. Arcndercon Beer on
ducted both morning and exening
services,   which were well attend
J. McKinnon of Ferguson, wiil
go to Revelstoke in a few days to
lake charge of thi business Uie re.
The genial Bam Sutherland wi !
be iii evidence at Ferguson during
Jack's ab-ene '.
Mrs. W'es fall, Mis. Sehm:tt
and family fefi for Nelson on Monday morning for a shut lioiui; f
Oscar Jacobeon retorned home
from the Silver Dollar a few
E. Goodman, of PalUaer, B. C
waa in this week, ou a l,u-ii.-..-•*.
Hillman and Boyd entertained
a large number of guests Tuesday
'•i>rnt "t tie ir loti'l ai Qerrard.
Quite :i large number e-taem-
bled, bnl owing to the rel arsal
of ihe Private Ai.i:it. ur To. at, i-
cal Clu!-. n I. w - i tie* leading ladies were unable ' * be -, n sent,
A number .*f residents i f Tn ut
Lake iiiiii do-a n, and on their rc
iiirn reported an enjoyable ti
Mrs. Doctor Robinson of K;isT -,
Ins been spending a low daya
with   friends  at   Ferguson   and
Trout Luke.
p, O. Lindgren  nml   partners
,in doing some extensive wor'i on
i he Bonanca group.
O I!. X. Wilkie has hem sp-
pointed -Justice of the Pesos iu
nnd for the Provineo of lliitiaii
Fred Mummery has been n|-
pointed Fire Warden f"i- the district.
Some trouble was experienced
at Five .Mile this   week    living   lo
luisli (ins Prompt action by Mr.
Merry and his assistants pre ven -
•rl its spreadi
ruin Evans roturni d fi ata Ckl
;ury this wei k.
"There's nopla..« like homo."
The Two Vanrevels
AMtmtt tt "Th. C**Ml***a* fram Indiana" anS "M«ul«ur »<*iu««lr«-
fOnatiqued Prom Last Week.)
A'WWinOIiiirjfj later a tall figure,
wrapped from neck te heela ln a gray
cloak, rapidly crossed the mottled
ligbta and dlaappcared Into Carewe
street. This cloaked pen-son wore ou his
head a soldier's cap, nnd Tom, not recognising him surely, vaguely wondered
why Tiipplngham Ma rah chose to muf
lie himself so warmly on n June evening. Ue noted the quick, alert tread as
unlike Marsh's usual eait. but no suspicion creased hia mind thnt tha flgure
might be that of his partner.
A rocket went up from the Roueo
House, then another, followed by a
nili ii of anrila and a rackety dlacbarg*
of small arms, tho beginning of a
coble dlaplay of fireworks ln celebration of the prospective victories of the
Unltad Btatea and the utter discomfiture of tlie Mexican, wben the Rouen
volunteers abould reach the aeat of
war, an exhibition of patriotism which
brought little pleasure to Mr. Vanrevel.
But over tha noise of the street he
beard bla own name abouted from tbe
stairway, and almost Insiantly a violent knocking assailed tb* door. Bo-
fore he could bid the visitor enter, the
door was flung open by a stout and excited colored woman who, at light of
him, threw up har hands ln tremulous
thanksgiving.  It was tbe vala Mamie.
She sank Into a chair and rocked
herself to and fro, gasping to regain
her lost breath. "Bless de good God
'Inilgbty. you n.'n' gone out.'" abe panted.   "I run an' I run, an' I come so fas'
I got atltchea In de side f'uni head to
Tom brought ber a glass of water,
which she drank between gasps.
"I  iii'viih run so befo' enduln' my
II vln' days," she asserted. "Vou knows
me, who I am an' whum I cum Turn,
nlgb'a well'a I knows wbo you la, I
reckon, Maje' Vanrevel?"
"Vaa, yea, I know. Will you tell ma
who sent you?"
"Mix Tanberry, sub, dat who aended
me, an' in a recomoua hurry ahe dona
de smiie!"
•Tea. Why? Doea she want me?"
Mamie emitted a screech. " 'Deed she
nioa" ever las'In'l.v doea not! Dat da
ve'y exacklndae' livin' ring aba doaa
not want!"
"Then what la It, Marnier
"Lemme glt my href, sub, an' yon
hole yo'n* whiles I tell you! Sbe aay
to me, ahe say, 'Is you 'qualoted Muje'
Vanrevel, Mamie?* s' ahe, an' I up'n'
ausuh, 'Not to speak wld, but dey aia'
none on 'am I don' knows by sight, an'
none betti-rer dan him,' I aay. Den
abe aay, abe aay, 'Vou run all da way
an' fin' dat young man,' aba aay, a' abe,
'an' If you don' glt dab fo' be leave, er
don' atop him on da way, den Ood
'Imlghty ferglv* you!" ah* aay. 'But
you tell blm rum Jaua Tanberry not to
come ulgh dis houae or dla gyabdeo dis
ulgbt! Tell blm dat Jane Tanberry
worn blm be mus' keep outer Carewa'a
wuy ontel he safe on de boat tomorrer.
Tell him Jane Tanberry beg blm to
stay In he own room dis night, ao' dat
the beg it on ber bented kueea.*" An'
dis ahe aay to me when I tole ber what
Nelson see In dat house dla evenln'.
An' hyuh I ls, an' hyub you ls, an' da
b'.essed Jesus be thank', you la byuh!"
Tom regarded ber with a grave attention. "What made Mrs. Tanberry
think I might tie coming thero tonight?"
"Dey'a cur'ous goln's on ln dat house,
■uh! lie young lady, ahe aln' like herself. All de day long she wnnduh up
a)' down an' roun' about, .ulz Tanberry are a mighty guesslfylng woman, an' de minute I tell her wbat Nels*
see abe s'pec' you a cumin' sd' dat de
b.«* moa' plntedly preparln' fo' It!"
"Can you make It a little clearer for
me, Minnie? I'm afraid I don't understand."
"Well,  auh, you know dat ole mati
Nelson; he allays tell me ev'yt'lng he
k.iow an' ev'yt'lng he think be know,
juss do aama. suh.   An' dat ole Nelse.
h.j mn«- Vssful ciill'd man In da worl'
lo crojie roun' de house an' pick up da
gossip an' glt de 'fo' an'  behine er
what's guin' ..n.   So 'twas dat be see
il. boas, when he LOine ln to'dea •renin',   tPk   dat  heavy   muakat  offn'   da
racks an' load an' clean her, an' be do
It   wld   a   mighty   bad   look   'bout  de
uiouf.   Den be gone up to de rupoly
an'  Ief  It  dah  au'  den  coma down
ag*in.    Whiles   dey   al]   la   e.tin    be
'bounce  tb'SS  time'  dat  be  goln'   tie
'wny sndn'ia' de evenln".  Den he gone
out de fi.iut do' ao' out de galas aa'
down iir  strast   Dm, auh, den, auh,
taint oo 1.1*1 ii a half 'o 'our ago. Nelse
come to me uu' aay dat ho ne* de boas
come roun' de stable, keepln' close lo
by dc shrubbery. «u' crope lo d« ballroom   wui.Jer.   Widi   Is   close   to  da
grouu', auh.   Nelse  'ui a cleuula'  he
harness iu d» back yo'd. ao' ba let oo
uot to see bim, like.   Misa Betty, aha
walkln' lo ber gyabdeo aa   Ulz Tan-
berry fan' on de po'eb.   Selge, be slip
de house  wbuh dr lights aln'  Ilt ao'
«t;in' an' listen long tlma la it liberty
at de foot er dura ata'ha, an' be hyuh
dot man move, auh!  Deo Nelae know
dat be done crope up to da cupoly room
an'-an'   dat  he  aattln'   dab,   waltlo'I
Bose ba came ao' tole ut, aa' I beg
Mix Taoberry coint la da kitchen, an'
I abet dc do' ao' I toh* her.  An' abe
•andod ma hyub to yoj, auh.   Aa' If
you 'ua a goln'. da good Uod 'Imlghty
mus* er kep' you ontel I got byuh;"
"Na, 1 wasn't golog." Tom smiled
upou her aadly. "1 dure aay there's a
simpler explanation. Don't you sup-
poae that If Nelson waa right and Mr.
(arewe really did com* back It was
becauae be did not wish bla daughter
•ud Mrs. Taoberry lo koow Uml that
be expected a parly of frleuda, posil-
bly, to Join him (here latar?"
'What be dolu' wld dnt gun, aub?
Nobody goln' play cyabds uer frow
dice wid a gun, la dey?" aaked Mamie
as abe too* and walked toward tba
"Oh, tbat was pi*obably by ebuuee."
"No, tub!" the cried vehemeutly.
''An' Ciexo*fr'oaOmO. wouldn' u'.iv I'nl-rht
no way; nioa* on 'eni gofe'"" wld you
tomorrer, an" dey aaylu' goodby to de'r
folks dis eieiiiu', not gumbllo'! Mix
Tanberry '11 be in a state ar mine ontel
sho byuh f'uui me, an' I goln' hurry
back. You won' come dar, suh? I kin
tell her dat you suy you sutney aln'
com In' nigh our neighborhood dis
"I bad not dreamed of coming, tell
her, please. Probably I shall uot go out
at all thla evening, llut it wus klud
of yon to co oo. Good night."
He stood wltb a candle ta light her
down tbe stairs, but after she had gone
hs did not raturo to the office. Instead,
he went sla-nly up to his owu room,
glauclog lirst into I'ruiley'a tin. doors
of ualther ware often locked—to heboid
a cbaoa of disorder and unfinished
packlag. Io hia owu chamber It only
remained for him to close the lids of
n few big boxes aud to pack a small
trunk which he meant to take wllh
him to the camp of tha state troops
aud ko would ba ready for departure.
lie aat about thla task aud, concluding
that there waa ao necessity to wear
his uniform on the steamboat, decided
to place It lu the trunk and weut to
the bn whera be bud folded and left
It It was not tbere; oor did a thorough search reveal lt anywhere lo tbe
room. Vet no one could have stolen
it, for when be had gone dowu to the
office Cralley had reniaiued on this
floor. Manila bad come within a few
mlnutea after Cralley went out, and
durlog his coorersatloo with her tbe
office door had been open; uo oue could
have passed without being seeu. Also,
a tblef would hava taken other things
as well as the uniform, and surely
Cralley must have heard; Cralley would
Then Tom remembered the flgure lu
the loug cloak and tha military cap
aud witb a sick heart begao to understand. Ha had read the Journal, and
be kuew why Cralley might wlab to
masquerade lo a major's uniform that
ulgbt. If Mlaa i'are wo read lt, too,
and a atruuga woudar rose lu her mlud,
this and a word would- convince her.
Tom considered tt improbable that ths
wonder would rise, for circumstances
bad too well estubllsbed ber In a mistake, trivial and ordinary enough ut
first, merely the confusing of two
uameg by a girl uew to tbo town, but
ao strengthened b.v every conflrmutiuu
Oralley'a wit could couipaas tbat sbe
would no doubt only set Cuuimlngi'
paragraph aside as a newspaper error
Still Cralley bad wished to be ou thc
safe side.
Tom sighed rather bitterly. He was
convlueed tbut tha biirle.|ulu would
come borne soou, replace the uulforui
(whi. h extremely becoming is hlin, us they were of a height
aud figure much the sumei and afterward lu his ordinury dress would sully
forth to spend bis last evening wltb
Psnebon. Tom wondered how Crulley
would feel uud whut he would think
about himself while be was changing
hla clothes, but he remembered his
partner's extraordinary powers of mental adjustment, und for the first time Iu
his life Vaurevel made no allowance
for the otber'a temperament, aud there
-hi,.,- to bin a in..m.-'ji when he felt
that be could almost dislike Cralley
At all events, be would go out until
Cralley bad come aud gone again, for
be hnd nn desire to behold the nias-
queru.ler'a return. So he exchanged
bis dressing gown for a coat, fusteoed
bla collar ai,.l bad begun to arrange
bis cravat ut tbe mirror when suddenly the voice of the old negress seemed
to sound close beside hlin In the room:
"He's set tin' dnb-waltln'!"
The cravat was never tied. Tom's
baoda dropped to his sidea ns he atarted back from the stiirlog face ln thc
mirror Ruliert Carewe wna waiting,
aud Cralley— All at ouce tbere was
bat one vital necessity lo the world for
Tom Vanrevel — that was to And
Cralley. He in list go to Cralley even
In Carewe's owu bouse. He must go
to Cralley!
He dashed down tbe stairs nnd Into |
tb» street.   The people were making a j
great uproar iu front of the hotel, exploding bombs,  firing muskets ln thi
air,  sending up rockets, aud, rapidly
croaslug tbe outskirts of tbe crowd, br
paased Into Carewe atreet uuootlced.
Hem tba detonations war* not ao deaf
eulug.  though the llttls steamboat at
tbe wharf wa* coutrlbutiog to tha eon-
futfou wltb all In her piiw«r. *creech!ng
simultaneously approval of th* celatiru-
lloo aod her lust signals of departure.
At tha flrst comer Tom had oo more
(hun left the sidem.ik wheu h* came
wlthla a foot of being ridden down I.y
two horsemen wbo rode at ao despernte
a gallop thut, th* souud of their hoof
/ beat* being lost lo tba uproar from
Malo *treet. they were upon him before
h« waa aware of them.
He leaped back wllb an aogry ahout
to know who they were thnt they rod*
so wildly. At the same time a sharp
explosion at the foot of tbe atreet aeut
a rod flare over the incut, a flash, gone
with auch Incredible awlftness Into renewed darkneaa that be saw (be flying
horsemen almoat aa equestrian studies
Illumined by a flicker of llghtnlug. but
be sun* them with th* sume distinct
ness that lightning give* and recognised the former aa Hubert Carewe, aud lo
tbo liist.ii.t of tbat recognition Tom
knew what hud happened to Cralley
Oray. for he *aw (he truth lo the ghuat-
ly fuee of hla enemy.
Carewe rode atllfly, like a man frozen
upon hla horse, and his face was Ilk*
that of a frozen num. his eyo* glassy
ond not fixed upon his curse, so that
It waa a deathly thing to ae*. Ouce,
long ago. Tom hud seen a man riding
for his life, and he wore this sain*
look. Th* Mnl,.mi bounded and awerv-
ed under Vanrevel'* enemy lu the mad
rush dowu the atreet. l.ut be aat rigid,
bolt upright lu the saddle, hi* fac* *et
to that look of •'.illness
Tbe sc.nud rider waa old Nelaon, wbo
V.-.I.*.,:..'!. lydy .ron. iied forward, tl*
».Tcr.»'.rs like (fmnTiii? 'poTcerutn »tt'in
ibony and hla arm like a flail, cruelly
lashing his own horse und his master's
with a heavy whip.
"De steamboat!" he shouted hoarsely, bringing down tho lush on one aud
[ then on the other. "De steamboat, de
i steuuibout! Fo' Ood's sake, bouey, de
: steamboat!"
They swept Into Main *treet, Nelson
j leaning fur across to the other's bridle
nml turning both horses toward the
river, but before they hud made tho
corner Tom Vuurevel wn* ruuulug with
all ths spaed thut was lu him toward
his euemy's house. The oue block between him mid thnt forbidden ground
seemed to him miles long, uud be felt
thut ha was running as a mau lu a
dream aud ul thu highest pitch of agonized exertion, covering uo space, but
only working tlie air in oue place, like
a treadmill. All that was iu his mind,
heart uud 6oul was to reach Crulley.
He hud kuowu b.v the revelutlou of
Carewe's fuee In what case he would
llud his friend, but us he run he put
the knowledge from Iiiiii with a great
shudder and resolved upou Incredulity
In s;ilte of his certainty. All he let
hlim-ulf feel was (he need to run, to
run until be found Crailey, who was
soiin where In the darkness of the trees
about the long, low house ou the corner. Wheu he reached the bordering
bci!^ • he did not s(ny for gate or path,
but villi a loud about hurled himself
bull' over, half through, lhe hedge, like
a bo t from a catapult
Lights shone from only ono room in
the house, the library, but as he rau
toward the porch a candle flickered In
the ball, and (here cams the sound of
a voice weeping with terror.
At that he called more desperately
upon his incredulity to old him, for
the voice was Mrs. Tunherry's. If it
bud been any other thun she who sobbed so hopelessly, she who wus ol-
wnys stendy nud strong!   If he could
Pe-ru-na Relieves
Spring Catarrh
Dctltle him knelt Mitt Betty.
he would  have stopped   lo pray  now
before lie fined her nnd the truth, but
bis (lying feet curried bim ou.
"Who la It?" she gasped brokenly
from the bull. "Mamie, have you
brought him?"
"It's I!" be cried as be plunged
through tbe doorway.   "It's Vaartreir
Mrs. Tanlierry set the Iron caudle-
•tlck down upon lhe table with a crash.
"You've come too late!" she sobbed.
"Another mini bus tnkeii your deadi oa
He reeled back ngninst the wall.
"O God!" I,e said.    "Crailey.-
"Ves." she answered.   "It's (be poor
Tugshiind ( you I.„ . I so iveil."
(To  Ile Continued.1
Won Both Fee and Girl.
A young lawyer In a western c|tv
was naked by o business man ngninst
whom n f-i'MlOO claim wns abom to be
pressed to Incorporate his business so
as to render lilm Judgment proof. It
was his first chance for a fat fee. and
hc did the Job with Immense success.
"They couldn't find a cent!" Jubilantly
exclaimed the client after the usual
supplementary examination, rocketing his fee, the attorney hastened to a
summer resort to preas bia suit for the
hand of a fair maiden. Only the paternal consent was lacking, so he determined to make himself particularly
agreeable to the father. One evening
as they were puffing tbelr after dinner
cigars the father suddenly asked If tbe
lawyer knew a Mr. . Most assuredly tbe suitor did.
"Well, that old rascal owes me $25.-
000," grunted the father, "and a telegram Informs me that some slick lawyer has fixed blm up so I can't recover
a cent"
A hilarious outburst followed a minute of silence on tbe part of tlie attorney. He told tbe whole story—and
won the girl.
Orchestra Tuning Explained.
Doobtlesa many theater goers have
wondered why It Is a practice of orchestra musicians to make their appearance so far ahead of the time of
beginning the performance and sit ia
their seats with nothing to do. Then,
at a seeming given signal, all bnnds
begin to "tune up," torturing tbe ears
of the early arrivals with a series of
squeaks nnd scrapes. Tbe mystery
was explained by ao orrheatra leader
tlie other day. "Tbo Instruments have
to be In accord with the temperature
of the bouse," said he. "There may bo
several degrees difference between the
tctiipcnitiirc of the music room below
stage and the house Itself. If we tuned
our violins downstairs tbey would all
lie flat when we take our places lu
the orchestra. For that reason wo
come npstnlrs earlier and let our Instruments get thc bouse atmosphere
before   the   actual   tuning  iKvlns."
DODD'S '/,
"Without hesitation l write to thank
you for tin* great relief I have bund In
your valuable medicine, ivrunu, and
nin call the attention "t all my friends
suffering with catarrh i" that fact Besides I cheerfully recommend it to all
suffering with catarrh In any form."—
Ml** Dora Ilavili-n, Mil ctli St.. B.W.,
Washington, D.C
A   Case of  Spring  Catarrh
Mrs. .\. p, Lawler, i-'as x. Broadway,
Pittsburg, Kns., writes: "Laal spring I
caught a severe cold, which developed
Into a serious case of catarrh. I fell
weak ami sick, uml could neither sat
nor sleep well.
"A member of our club who had been
cured of catarrh through the us,* of
Peruna udvlsed me t.i try It, and I did
■so al ouce. I expei-lcd help, but nothing like ihe wonderful change for tie*
b tter I observed almost as soon as I
Started taking it. in three days I fell
much better, and within two weeks 1
was in line health, Peruna is .. wonderful medicine."
Ho   Wanted   a   Snow   Shovel,   a*  Sur
mised by th* Storekeeper
He stopped In front of a hardware
store for a moment aud looked all
around and tbeu curried his bund to
bis bead like a man who had forgotten
something. Then be slowly entered
the store aud looked around aai shook
his bead.
"Vou want something?" observed tbe
clerk us he came forward.
-I do."
"llut for the moment you bave forgotten what It Is?"
"That's exactly the case. I knew
wheu I left the bouse, but lt bas gone
from my bead now. If you'd offer me
a hundred dollars, I couldn't remember
wbat I started after."
"We have lots of such cases, and we
solve tbem In a moment. Ilese Is what
you want."
And he passed beblud a lot of stoves
and dragged out a big snow shovel
and placed It iu tbe otber'a hands and
"Thirty-live cents, please, and you'll
find tbe material of the best"
"By George! By George!" exclaimed
the customer. "But that's exactly whnt
1 wanted! What a curious thing memory' is. 1 wunted a snow shovel, uml
now I'll take it bome aud put It In the
cellar, aud If my neighbors don't keep
their walks clean I'll complain to tbe
police."—Chicago News.
Did Not Count
Tbere is a small boy In Pittsburg
wbo is intensely patriotic and who Is,
as a rule, a very well informed Sunday
school student Not long ago there
were some visitors, aud Tommy's
teacher, wishing lu show off ber class
to the best advantage, culled upon him
to answer a series of questions. All
weut well until Ihe very usual one.
"Who was the tirst inau'f"
"George Wasblngton-flrst In war.
flint In"— Tommy began enthslastic
ally, but the teacher hastily Interrupt
"No, no. dear! Tou mean Adam,
don't your
"Oh, If you are talking about dagoes.
1 s'pose be might be," udmlt-ed Tom
my.—Harper'a Weekly.
If you suffer from pimples eat lib
erally of water cress. There I* no bet
•er blood purifier. Water cress la rich
In irou aud ao is very good for (Iiom
who are inclined to be anaemic.
Th* Chain Cable.
Tho flrst tnnu who suct-et-ded ln mak
Ing a useful chuiu cable was Robert
Khun, who experimented with It In
UM Ills cable was made of very
short links, with no stay plu* or studa
but lt served tlie purpose
Dani*l O'Ccnnell.
Afler a dinner at Ixird Iiungnrran's.
Lady Morgan writes In her diary. I
met the redoubtable Dan O'Counell
I»an Is noi brilliant In private life, not
••..*n agreeable Ho l„ mild, silent, un
assuming, apparently sbsorliod and on
utter strangar to tlie give and take
.•harm uf good society. I said so to
Lord Clnnrlcirde, who replied: "If yon
knew bow I found blm this morning!
Us hall, (he very steps of bis door,
rro-Tded wiih his clientele. He bnd n
">r.l nr ii written order for each, then
mried off to the law courts, thenci. i0
be Improvement society and wna tb*
4 n-t here today.  Two hours before he
ras making tbat clever but violent
'p'*e. h to Mr. iii Ti>iicbo, and now no
•"ii.ior tbal I..* looks like an extinct
In Ordar to Enable Effective Mounting of Big Guna Thay Must B*
Placed So As to Fir* On Either
Broadald*—Thla Maans Doom ol
SUam Engines—Prob I.m Already
The battleship ol tlie future is lo be
a strangely weird looking emit if designs which htvo been worked out
provo practicable. The Institution oi
Naval Architect* has been holding a
conference in IaiuiIoii Ihis week, and
one of, if not tlie moal important, panel road and discussed wai* one which
ileuit witli "tiio iniluciuv ol machinery ou the gun power of the modern
warship," and showed that il the large
guna are to be effectively mounted
they must all be placed so as lo tire
on either broadside.
lu tho Dreadnought ol the ten
twelve inch guns only eight can firs
on either broadside. To enable nil ten
to fire with Uio utmost effect it was
shown that the luiiiiel- must in* abolished and also nil deck erections Itut
ii the funnels are t<i !n> eliminated
steam can no longer bo used, uml
tbe  boiler must go.
The greut firm ol Virkcr* have faced
this (net nnd After three years nf almost Continuous research nnd work
hnve now perfecte.1 n system of giui
machinery lor prciiclling ships Tlm
explosion engine, iu n word, is to replace the .steam en: ine.
Strangt Looking Warship.
The design for such a vessel Iiiuj
been work etl out. It bas no funnels,
and is thus an ex, nnrdinary looking
craft. Its speed will be higher than
that of any existing battleship. Its
dimensions are moderate, but it carries batteries more powerful than
even the Dreadnought, sines all of ita
ten guns can fire or either twain, and
six ahead or a«teni. This is to be the
ship of the future.
Admiral Sir B. Pitagarald, who
opened the discussion, deprecated the
adoption of inn hasty a gencralitntmn
Irom the result of one battle meaning thnt of the sea of Japan lie remembered the bal'lo of I.issa. and.
because one vessel was rammed and
sunk there, every warship for thirty
years wai fitted with a monstrosity "fi
its bows ealliil a ram, which had sunk
many a friend but never a foe. Willi
regard to the adoption of oil as fuel,
hc wondered what would happen if
a shell came into the ml reservoir,
whether the oil would all mn out. if
It did not explod*. and the ship
would be left with, it fuel ■ or. if one
set of tanks escaped, there wouid be
a heavy li«-t u. on,- side.
Admiral Sir ,.' \,».| „Bi.l if the marine gns engines foreshadowed cul.I
be produced (here was no doubt th.-.
would be of great value, because thev
would give ship." a higher epeod and
a much wider radius of action.
Counts Up Advantages.
Admiral Sir K FrcmantJe observed
there could be no question of the advantages which wi aid ensue if battleship decks could be cleared of the . I.ranee of funnels nnd similar
appliances necesiinry with steam engines (lri» of the tilings which would
result would be that ship* would imt
be liable to n sudden reduction In
Speed from (he destruction of funnels
Internal combustion engines would
get nd of thnt. hut it was uauallv
found thnt with all improvements in-
troduc-d there was generally an increased possibility of damage and dis
Sir William Whit* pointed out that
in -attempting to reduce the diameter
and the weight of turrets the exposed
portion of the guns was liable to destruction At tl.e battle of Tsushima
this portion in some cases had lieen
shot entirely away With regard to
oil <>r gas engjnes he believed their
dav was coining
Lieut A. T. Dawson believed the
advent of gas engines for marine use
was nearer than Pir William White
and many more appeared to realixe.
Lent In London.
There have been more marriarei
"*-.tent ""s >'l'ar --hen for manv
years Thia ia shown in society getting
less observant of the Lenten season
Uian waa the ciu*,, when there was a
sort of decorous attention to high
church feelings even when they were
not personally shared.
This year Uie ritualist* are keeping
Lent with more seventy thun are the
Roman Catholics, for, owing to Uie
prcvalan-* of influenxa. the latter are
arg.*ly dispenaated from fasting On
Uie other hand, a certain ritualist who
b allied to the "huif peerage" told a
friend that in Len- she never dincl
out. ate meat, drank wine, or had
su/ar in tea. Uiat she attended church
tw H daily, went to confession weekly had no pillow on her boUter and
rose Uie instant ahe waa called jn
Uie  morning.
Whether Uiat be only a rase of extreme self-martyrdom ia not known
but it would seem that Uie fierce
•trcturas of FaUier Vaughan on U.e
WU <edne«a of the "aniart act" ifl having some sffact in certain sections of
society wher* reform of a most serious
character is in progress. Ilridge is
giving way to ■ brief lectures and
eardroonn are, becoming salons.
Vtry Decollete.
"1'oor chap! everything be earns
goes on his wife's back."
"Well. If. yt,ud si-en her at the eirrern
Too wouldn't Uilnk he en rani much."—
And   Constipation—Strong  Letter |s
commendation of
With ihe liver ii healthful, sotlv*
oondlUon there is no trouble iromoon-
•Upation, ami   Ibis   aooounl   ha   n.u
success ..f I'r. ( liases Kidney l.u.',
fills as a positive cure for sluggish
action  ol th*   ImwelB.
Mrs.   It    l.iiikley    Joins,   Mu.lut   Toi .
i,ue,   B.C.i  writes:
•*1 have used Dr. Chase's Kidney
Liver l'illa for SOWS years and ulnars
have them )n tbs bouse. ',...) srs lbs
null* pilli iimi reliefs ms from ooneU I
paii'iui and liv. r troubles, ami I nay
iln.i uliii having tried nesrl] all kinds
uilhi'iil   IiiiiiIII.     1   WOUld   lii.l   I"*   »nll  j
out   them,    and*    rsoommended
ii.i*.ii in in.v friends,  many oi whom
in  I., ,u  MsUmony lo lb*ll greal  va.w
iii imi ami kidney oomplalnta. I am
shiibII.'iI  ihai  Hi.  i base'* hidu*y Liv. i
I'lll-  tim  iiiii'i'iiallt'ii  us  a  lamily  nn ill
. iln*
Dr, Chess's Kidney-Liver (Mils ine
i,,,i   whut   inn-   Sidney   msdioiuts
fail   becauae Ihey im ,„,,
the  kidney,, „,.,,  „'„/
rating   lotion   on   *,,.
Ihen.  to health  i,„J l(V,;il")'
Because  ,,f  u„. ,„,,.„'
ih, ii,* relation ni ..,';""■"*<
it   ia   useless   i„   ,,,,,,   ''"'i
dwitly  of one ,„„ j"  l\\"> J,
in    II...    ...I...I      .    , .   Hm y
I I  	
 .j     v.    wxi-    aniiij
In tbs minii ni I,,
prepared ih.* (nm,,,*, ,
Kinney Liver   I'ili      ,,,    "*
ual  uuieess of tl
proven bla wltd. .
I>r.   Chase's   Kidm*,
lively   cure   live,
ue»e,  ciinaiipainii.  i „*,. ,
lie.v   disease,     n
a    lnn,   al    all   .i, ,
Hales  Si   In .   I
against   inn.a.i .,
signs,ure ,,(  |i,    .,
OUS   Hell) I   I i.i I
b.'V   of  hie   Uiiiin
' sl
Small Rublea and Sap-ahiraa Enlarged
to Any  Sit*.
The discovery of a I'urisian manufacture! win. is making rubies mid
sapphires of large siie by an illgeii-
ioue process i- likely ti. cause trouble
among Kuglish, as it has done already
among French, jewelers inul dealers
in precious stones
A London gentleman, who ha.
learncl the secret nf the prin'i-tis from
Uie manufacturer himself, said ilmt
these rubles and  sapphires are mad*
by taking the remnant* of cut stones,
and also small and badly sh*i|ie.l
stones, which Iiy themselves are .n
little value, and making them up b.v
means of the electrical furnace and
liigh-pri-MUic im.uld.- in any „im required.
"I have mn r. lues and sapphires
thus manufactured ranging in hize up
to half an inch " he Mini Ther..*
stones  are called    ciiii-.triu*t.*d'  nibn-a
and 'moatracted' sapphires, and the]
Ikwscss all the .(ualiti   nf the migiiiai    Indeed,   U niy   way   tn   de
tect the difference betW>0U the Ymi
structed' and Original StQM is to loot
-t  the  glum.  ■•!     ilk.'  «.-  j...
call it. through a |«.»erful Uiicriw
"The 'silk' i. straight in the original
st.uie.    ami    curt)    M    I'lmidy    ,„   th..
'oonaUiMtad' ons   \ tnm ..f London
piiwnbiokers sdvaooed more ih.v
f.'.imo a in..nth ag.. on a 'eonstnwted
ruby (If eoorss, ll wh.- not w..ith a.-iv
thing like im*). but thai w*„ the ma',
set pries ..f an original of tin
-am.   -I?,.   The rnli.. .•( value between
the 'constructed' and original ston*
is hIm.ui  tu ..fifths.
"Vi.ii inn im, |,.,M,.ver. thai one it
perfectly -nfe in it.-nriiig tl
I told tlmt Dm ruby trade in Kng
land i- .ilri--,.i-, suffering tn anticipa-
•i.i-i  for lewolen  who nr.* f„ih „„■„.
"' *he evi-t,-, f ,i,  *,,,,. ,rn,,.,,
-inn.-, alao kno-a   thai |„*-r	
He* ..I ih. in -rill moo appaar in the
r.ngiish markets."
* J
"iVIi.-n il,. ymi  . .   .
ing iin* minei
"As   SOOn   as   ».   fi
the   jiuoiic.      Ji,i(,
li   Will   Prolong   I
Spaniard, lost tu
I*...   LU.    Wllllhll
p.«e    ol     Ul.. I.. I  .*>!«*
I la in   ol   *..,,
e»nl   III   thai   li  -tU 'K
wim. nr. iin,,,,., ,.,;;:;;»*
nol     ).i*l*.eliial.     ., , ''"   "
tlie    bodily     pain,
young uiu beieii- tbi .  una ,.,
the  aged   min   m.i   ,,„„
Firm   Man    II i-*    :
•-■   ".nl    Alan
bave  me a.Ivan; i
hirst    Man    i.-    ,
We »iie eagag, i
y*'u named uv.   i
All That's N.«ei.ary.
"Tin Mr. and Mrs. Henpeck live hap
"Mrs. rienneck does."   Houston Port.
A Curious Epitaph.
Tin* fi.ii*.ning spltapb is ci.piod from
« tomb In iln- vicinity of Port Itoyal
•'"'"•"'" 'll-re hell. UM body of
Loills Ciili.'y. •.;.„,„ „ LHt)vo of MoDt.
peUler, In l--,i,n.e, which country he
I'-ri nn nc,*,,,,,, „r ,ho revocation    Ue
""J """" I up by (he earthijuake
which occurred at that place In l(jo*j
hut by tbs gn.iit providence of (toi
was, by ■ Mi-ond shock, flung Into ibe
sea, where hi. continued awlmmlug un-
(II i-wuh by * \Hm. „„,, ,|ve(] fQrt
yeara afterward "
Keeps your body
warm,   yet   leu
your akin breathe
-knit, not.
' woven. -
-it fits,    / \ Guaranteed
rdoesI'EN- M    \Againit   \
ANGLE/        \3hriakag.
Cermanv  and  Ptace.
rnic- i,,, „.. „„.„, ,.„,, ,,, ri.nrh
'■•• Ji German; and (ir.-.n i.. ■
-yarding the letter's propaaai to limit
armaments, The Bans feme* Confer
"'  -rill probablj  le- a oompl
rhe ItnsMnn Oovernmenl i- report
ed (.. b* rrwAtl)  di-,*..:,,.-, | „t  n„
result   uf   I'mf    .1..    Marten.'   ,,„„   „,
the Eon p-sau nonrta. no Is-half ..f n,e
to u";.* the |..*irticii..itiuii ,,( ii,,
i'i-.i.t- In b<* seheine nf di-arm»in»ii!
It   i-  i-i;ii.*.i  on   rtliabis <,'ith..,,n Qermany object* tn Great  Bn
proposal for ihe limitation <•(
nrrniriiefits.   and   demands     ,(-   v. ith*
'I-hwhI    Shonld Germany i»* -nec<>*.«.
f-'l   in  this,   (irent   llritiin   will   -imb-
i-hlv will* (-in frnm th.- enoferene*
nnd lhe United States mnv dn like-
u ■
If fir.-i.t Britain's prop.***! m ninin-
tained on (he pm-rnun <>f tie c.,nfe,.
eroe,   'i   i-   probsble  ihn(   Germany
and   nerhnris.  Ain-trtn    will  BritMr**
The Onr is reported to b* ende-ivnr-
inp tn veeure nn  sgfosuient  between
firent  Britain nnd Germany on Uii
point,   and   he   ia   in   tvrxnnal   eon
municatinn  with  the   Kaiser
Eton'i  Odd   Punishment.
a noa  ("im ..(   punishment   |ia,
I." i. mi ipUd nl  Btn Culleg.*   Often.I
".- sgainirt the school mlas have no*
In write a certain nuuils-f nf "lines'
wilh   tin-   left   band   The scheme  has
m.i -aiiii general approval among Ibe
lovorning body, though it is m.i.i that
■om* Imys would rather be duelled
Uian have to undergo the now |n-h
Ti..- boadmaster, th* Boo and Rev
!.' Lytteltoa, who b a groat bellover
in smbidssterity, i* of opinion (hat
everyone should In taught tn use *,.■
left blind. If the left Md.* was not as
active  as   the  right,   the   left   ride  of
tb* brain »nn aoseted Writing wlUi
ths left hand would have a g<H«l ef
feet upon the brain, and there would
OS no such thing t, writer's cramp
lhe  l,ny-   will   nut   bo  kept  in  school
longer than they were formerly   and
Ihe  number Of lines nil..(led   will   be
'llllcll   fewer
A number of hoys, it is said are
pr*rtis|n« the nrt of writing with the
l*fl band during lheir leisure time.
Wintering Dahlia Tub*-**.
As soon as Uie tops aro killed by tba
/rust they should be cut off to within
six inches of Uie ground. The tubers
may Uien be dug and luverted In the
ground, to permit the sap remaining
in Uie plant to settle without dripping
UMng the tubers, in, It I* believed lhe
sup Is au Injury to tho roott. After
tbe jilant* boosing dry Uiey may be
placed In a cellar In bon-s or baskets
snd kept dry, but not permlttiil to |
shrivel. Any condition suitable for
good care of potatoes Is favorable for
wintering dnhiia tubers,   me lubors
sre  very  susceptible  to  Injury   from i
freeUng.-Couutrj ow,Uein«u.
Mothers win. ,'.., I
Tablets fur in. ,i
feel     aufe   Willi   He I
I'*r   lhe>   ui. ,      a
all   die   uii.n.r   i.i,
chlldbootf.      Mi
New   Hamburg,
uaed   liun) »    i m i,   i
"•li   truuhle   ui,j
marked su.. •■>..      j
ni>   lilile  00*   n.  sai.    .i
•'   UM    T»b!i i.
Baby'i   own   Tal, .
Ihe   guaniiiiir   „•   .,
alyat   tn   oootalfl
"iner   I'.ilsiiiiiii,.   ,ir ia
do     sond - the>     i.i. ;
harm        Knr  aale
mail at zt, <*..|,tB . ,.., .,
ll illlaina' Meiin In* .
I''.-,** bad boon
"bnI   and   ihe   ii.
h-re,'   aai.   thi
■   - 'ellowi most I .j
d'i'ia loi foot I-    i
('.■rlia| ,   ),,u    »
me    w (.,..,*   beiiefil     ■,,.,
' '■     "*ju,,i.d   it .
1 ■'  ma  tenoning
was     r.-in.i.
■ a and  all   sua
ate  ao ijmek   n,   u„,.
MU   hand   uf   ,|eai,i   .
liu*i   botes*   (h.y   a,.*   a«.-r
*""  "•  near.    j|  „,„ ,.
',.   gelling*   II,,     , ,,,,,,
ol Ur. J. 0. h*
■'.   and  you    will
""•I      ll  SOU   wuh   v   in i,r  fail.  ,0  ,ff,, <  ,    ,
"Do yuu    dun*     i|,a.
*»* •   aigualur*   „„   i|„    back  ^ I
. ,!.■■■ lie (
"tmt ea   •■■  ••    \„, :i,»i
wruiuu un* nei, -*> „,. *
wilhuui audmg a pu*l
I'i"!  ilainueaui.
Minard'a Liniment Used b) f ■"
"Mamma.- ..ked lb,
yojnK wife, "Jo y,,u , .
•ignilliin.-,.  |,,  B|„,   .,,. ,  M.
"Nu.  dear     Ii,„, i   |, i   tha*  •
I      I-'   I    lu    Ihnm    i|    ||iiy|,t    .
•hlng.  hut generally  1  bavi
til*,'   were   ,„JV     ,,„.     „„,„.
nun* ur   mining , laiii.a.
curd 11. i.Id.
The   Superiority    nt    MothrI
*"»i,   Kn. riiilii.lui     it     in
good   ttteeit    on     lhe    chilli'
hate . bold, .ud give it a Irttl
The   L»dy    Vuur   III II.-   I...
■lueer.       li,,,    i|llllk   ,(„,,
orong wui,   ,,„ plursioallyl
Her Prtend l-hyai.-.lly, in l
llll SUM ..ere .inl. VK a
.Imp  ..    phi.i,    m    i,  |lf.     r
Th*   Moat   Populat   Pill—Thi
(be moot popular of .11 forms
SUM, sad  of  pilla  ihe  In,ml   ,„
I'armelee'-i     VtftUhl*     l'illa,
(hey  ilu  wlui   n   ia asserted   •
d",   and   an*   nm   ,,„!   fufw.i i
li'   claiuia   lo   *xo*ll*ni<
ar.   and    portable,
eaaily uken, tiny ,1,, ,„,|  ,,,,,.
gri|.e, „„I  Ihey ,*.*..•  relief in
• lllbhuril oa***.
I.r I
h.-.|i a d,,g that can be nif'1]
he useful .round (he stock an.l lm
not a worthleas cur.
fTrade-markedinred. Ina\
fvariety of styles, fabrics and
rprices,   for women, men and
hildren,      and      guarantee,!.
L.a* M.j.aty.
Ann-Vou don't tell me Uiat Uiat
gem of a not left Mrs. Dust! Klo-
Ves. Vou hm., Mrs. n„„t refused to
chiinge grouts when the cook snd the
delivery lioy fell out.
France has Uio best highways In Bu
roue. Kussia and ftmlii Uie wurst
St George's
Baking Powder
"It tttpt iu strength-the he*
«p*onfui U aa good aa th* lint "
"And It give* *uch a fine ■la"'-*"
to thc baking, once pennlc nie A.
they want it every time.'1
Write ua for our
uew Cuok-Douk.
National lima * Chemical -"'   "'
»•        etatAt, I.n.i.t I  Mo.Ha>1 t
. I
VV.    N.    U„    No.   635 I ff
Roman  heroes  who  wer*
II,I   lieiiHls ill  their  llglilH In
riiini-ii  Coloa**um   at   Rome
iiini'.i.•.•■••*. and  the kIiui
nad* lighting a profei   Ion
lie virtus* of herbal essence*
njiirli'.*. iind diMiiiHiH. Thej
,114,. from n combat sure,
lln,i covered witb wound*
bl apply ni night their secret
,,     nml in 11   lew day* wuul.1
,,,,,11    lur        'I'll. 11
niiim or salv* uus ih.* ' 01
„  preparation   which   must
,ii, r mi Hi purlt).   mul  Umi
.,11/eii in Zam-Buk.
i ointments, salves nmi *ra-
nn   generally  composed  "(
im.,i  fata nmi  mineral poi*
1,  on un     contrary,    1."  ■
liiiin. composed of high!)  ro
nmi Juice* g"i from certs
inni herbs, nn.l evi ry house.
rolj  is healing aid.
the  lliile  mie   runs ..ut- from
, id,     ,*i   s'liii"**.,*--,   iiii' (lllei
hi* hand  ur knee   .-.impi.
■ 1    mnl  sni.'iir   whii
.    ,'   I,. , .      11
return*    from    work
nni. in.*  handy •'*•*•  ol
again  meat*  ths amerg, n 1
If* ur mother con tin-
. ii ■ 1 ni fi '.*.ni in .1. i*.1 hu
r.-n. ral ii hi* . hold dutlM
ulcers, ii-'h. 11 - il
.li, aorel . nnd nl' ski'
- 10tl Ilk* * charm. I, ■ ;i * -
.nd stops U.e 1
1 urea thi*' J».»Infill ..II...en.
nl -nr.-iv All druggist* in.''
Oi ,1 box .•!* from Z .*■
* .   fir pil. •*. mv box.
Inform.tion About th, Countri*. Thai
Hav.  Adopted the  Plan.
A good  many  pul,,,,.,,,,,.      '     „..
fej *•?-£ bu.prt ■""
Mt   he.'ll   lihle   |0  roIvc   tl„.
W  "Inn* (he  mnney 1* U
lo piiy the pensions
Ac«*nr,l,„g -jo Mr. Asquitll, the cost
of « 5s. pension to nil Sver BS ...
oountry would amount to CM Mo 000
}»" annum, It w,,„id b,* ,,n,'. ,H,
torJheeteAe to pay this huge mount
ol money fm,,, ti„* national LxoheqSSr
taxes nr oompulsorj  pro-
problem ss
 in* from
unless new
videitt Insuranos   achcme's   in*,',*
*Mtt <
can Ib
a lit**
ou who
..ti  lha
r.  WOMAN us
.. in  uf   liberty
■odd***   11,   HJi   Ani*::
1 Or-SU,   bul      lhe     face
• , 1 Mrlsties "i tb*  N",-i
thnrigina.    li  i*. Um (so* ol
11 ih Lougsorc Keen, up
.I,.- plaoad  Iln*  feather
m,.       it  ., Mniix   Indian,    Ilei
full^m-     '•   engraver    and    he   look
.':..,,(,I        I     pl*o*d     hia    dauglidri*
H     tiie    min.    .Sarali    Longacr*
^B. 1   in    l'    nu,    long
^PR> r    having    served     thirty Hv.
^Hm uf    the
■•■*■    :     tlie     Methodist      i.Otnen'l
I ,1...,,     Missionary     In ■ I
, Jjr^ Jliurtl.l.
H  Minard's  .nd  T.k.   no  Other
aboul li
Sh* woi
ether tt
.. reach h.i . a>. r.t eharu
lhat   I   can I   unilerai'iinl.
i.,11 1   lei    lii.I    wniiy   you
11   aJiv   mine  than  ani
Muny  n„piai    relormerH  regard   tha
"tie,  H *• only solution I" the 'lif-
'cuity, and quote tbs eases ol France
Germany,    Austria,   and    n„
where compulsory Insuranos has been
nd..pled to a „.,,.,,„ I.x,,.||l   t|
bringing about a decrease ..1 pauoer
ism. '     '
Germany and Franc*.
In On-many, for Instanes nn act
was earned „, iggg, compelling insur-
anoa sgalnst old age Tl„. obllgaUon
to insure rsoti on nil who srs In re-
''"'i'1 W »*.". ..1 not mors than i"
per «.*.* linn th* premium howerei
winch varies sooording to the wages
n m"*. I ■ paid by th* ma ..,-   Th.*
ponsion bagins al tbs sgs oi 70 the
amount varying by verv complicated
rule-. Imi th* tat* pays a fixed sum
of x::! in„ niinuallv. in addition to Uie
A spwiu] di*i„irtm.*iit of the Minis-
try of ti„. Interior, designated \ * I
snos Publiqu*, ba* been established
in rranes lur the relief ol the 1 ly, 1
■'""I    gives     away   over    18,000,000
Iranos and not mors than MO fi
to poor people aged tii md upward
Tin- contribution, bowevei   musl ni 1
exceed    :AI    friii,,..     ,„.r    (,ead,    l„.r    be
liven in more eases tban 2 |n*r l,0M
<■! tin- population.
Other   Countries
Itelgiiiin adopted an old tu-c pen-
sion scheme in 1M0, und in ths sams
year Victoria pa***d an sol granting
-   per week tn un*, 1,1,1 person who
<»nd 1 un j.i'-uf
om.a.11, .pi 11..1 .IT.m ui, 1,   ',,',.i'     ■
Our   ctaeapeat    yrail.     win    i...
sh« ra ..„, iXSSLSra
►ainaliroeil, with enr other "net r»v.r
The Metallic Roofing Co., Unities
uaaasmiiias, Tonmioud WkalpM
C.eS   Bamah.d   by   th.   Rich,   Rtc
I  D'   Pink  Pill.   Ac*
< ■ Mak.
Hi  . *ii and happlm ■*
nw tm. it ...nin..
, H       '1 in.* 1.1 ....1 supplj   Tben
11 in., lif- ..r avi i>   u uiuu
g   li. iui.11 li. -
,    wli.n   li(*     1
.1 ii.-n  sum.   women  -•■• "
■    . i • 11 tb* luii of lheir
it  tht* ported timi  Dr
Pills provi   .  ■
Bi * n  -i"-'   In, ,- ise* thi
■nd II of lh* 11	
md thi*  nm blood  strength-
anobMo tbora to throw
, .      .m.i       banishes     in.
mnl        bu, km b.a        an
mnl     *..'. ri 1     pail—   thai
|C    life    11    I.III.I-II        Tie
in.l  iii on -in. 1-. uf growif-M
n 1 '.in.ui.  .*. *
happlm   - in 111   Nil
Till-       Mr*.     .,   ■ .- -   l*i
-  Rugar ' '.nni'   ■ -ut.  1- ""■
Bhe  am -.        I   wn-  1.1 I!
fell    \ ■ r 1   w <:ik,   un.l   hm.
■ li   I i-uiT.-r- 1 ,1  *i   h, -.'li.. h.*-
i*   I   :.   f. • ling uf  W.*.*lk-
....    .inig  myself
*  iiini my condition wai
1      ll.'.   111.,.I      lull 1 If
I'lnk  Pill* nn.l got  11  *i '7.1
r.* lh. \  wr.* nil  Da-ad  1
rccalnad mi  h* alth and wa*
\iurk   ,\ ItbOUl   'li*
I.r   WUIIiiii,-- I'lnk Pill*
1 ir    Wllliii'ii- I'il.k Pill
from   ai
Di   v. :
■ • ■    Brock-nil
boa oi
i  ai '   ailing all**
■  f.iir   irlnl    He v   will   n-i
•  vou,
r timi* a auc
I  bomb *xplo*lon*   in   Baree
Isolated   Injuries   snd
nard*.  in  th.  House
k*   the   1...igabnrriiiMi   havi
reaum*  wurk.    Tb.*  decision
nn I. ir  \n tory  fur  Iht   ship
i tni**.
i--   Carefully   Prepared   i'
-•spate  Iheinaelvei   in   the   all
he    expeiied     to    have
upon   (In-   Intestines, an*!
•livrliw.    Ihe    ll.ednlin
-red   nm.i   Influeno*   Um  se    PaiUISl**'!   Vege
i-   are   an   made,   llll'ler   lhe   BU
■ M '*"-.      '      (he      auh
iiileinled   to  opwat*  ",
Kin-W ia rela,.l.-.l  in  BOtioa  0U
.--  Ihi..ugh   lbs   •  to
■  -
'.ii   paimg   attention
i.iiiiiid   in i '     Illustrated
Lmi^ent,   Lumb.rman*.
dodort   aav ki««ing    ll
thai   il   is  likely 14  b»**d  a
IVIiat   fiMif
Matrimmii.l I Vming *
>t needed
tr'« Sarsspgrillg Is not a
int drink. As now made,
Ire is not t drop ot t|Cohol
''• 'Ms a non-alcoholic tonic
■Iterative. Ask your own
Por sbout your taking this
fdiclne for thin, Impure
I00<1. Follow his advice
try time.   He knows.
W« fublitti ou
We hanlth  •leohul
ft-UM our msdielnta
W* urf_ you ii>
rti.-rl --t
irour doctor, "Whal is thr flrsl great
L° htilih?" Nine doctor* oui of
■■•fliiicllyreplv, " Krepthe bowels
,,„,. 7h'n ask bim another que*-
'     what d0  you  think   of Ayer'i
*• mmi, O. Arm O... _ w.i I. Maaa. —
fulfilled certain condition*
Tin* tiitei colony, New Zealand Im-
also shown whal cun be done In Uie
way of old-age nanaions. In I8M sn
set was pssssd pro-riding pensions "f
Is u day f..r people over tt year oi
age who had been resident In tha
en.inirv foi M ysari snd bad not
oonvicted of offences against th* law
Aliens   al«irignie.-.  rinn ,  and   lai-
atie- in, sxduded from thi
Father Vaughan Again Attacks Their
F ul irs   and  Sins.
Ii.* :i groat oongragation which
tilled .v. i*. port .•( his beautiful w s I
London church, Father lien,.ml
Vaughan couunenoad ■ roun* ..f
Lenten lerraoni .leuimg furthei with
the -in- of -iiinrt society
"We live in ii tune." be - ui. ' »I,, n
tin-  woi d   '*..- discovered  thai   I
i • no su, ;i thing .*..- fih    In churchei
in current literature, in drawinf
eonvoi *   rliili-      ever).. hi re
we arc reminded that •*,- have i
from the   h idow* ..f dogma Into tl ■
illumination oi
"In     uine   ..!'   the   chnr.'li.-."     the
the  pulpil  cun-
linUOd    'WA  -ire told  llnll  there  v
Pall; that Um  Itoooment i- a lahl,
We    h,,.     to    I...I.    UlOOC   tl'lii**-
world Indulginf It* mii- i- lil a n
naughtv boj who bopu tbat ti
in* ii,.i
"It would be un inju.-tic1, many
people mlghi ii i*   that pur
chasing thing* (nr  which Ihey do ii"t
mi. n I to pay i- ii -in. ■ i
beautiful  things   and    tending
back next day nfter h ■   them
th* i*..*i iuu-* • ..mug.
"Whi." h* cried, »Ith a i
nun- run' li; I.i- \ ■ ,. - "ther* BTI
U     '.nl   Indie-   -Aim  can   give  points
'•\    Ml mi guardians
"Hut I am nol concerned um
for the niuinent    I am oonosmod with
gruver evils     Whnt of this  *>il m-
petition   with    Kriiiic*   f..r   the   |. ».*-t
birthrate in Europ*: tlii.- emnlati *    '
A.neri'-.i ,'. fuel excuses fur throwing
nff inarriHR'*- iti order In enter Niter
financial   DOoitiOl
Oouelodlng, Kather Vaughan vehemently  warned  his    hearers sgalnst
"dancing down to hell *    "1 mu I
ymi Ihe.xe things." he cried, his eoies
hoar** and tremulous with sn
"I must have v, attention,    Vm,
must pause nn.l pull up before fOU
reach  that   spiral   stair.Ml • •"
Al   a   result   nf   (he   new  i ustums  Ur
ilf "f ten oantt per bushel un Imported
Mav sin .1, th* price uf fl.x „ei .1 is
now tl-'ii l"*r bushel In Winnipeg. At
thii I rn. il is iIkiiiihI that Max grim
mg is mure profitable than wJnai
growing, ami it muy be expected thai
considerable quanUuei will u* growl
In lh* i iii.iiiliaii NortbwMt Una year.
I jv matur.b mora quickly thau
wh'-ai and may ooniequantly he lown
later.    New    s*ttl*ri    who  ha*.e  only
been  abi*  lo   aim*  .  amall    acn age    ol
'   Ban,   aft. r   lhe   wheal   ia   town,
land fur (lax -• l i
lli. KM may he sown aa l.le .a the
'   i I Hi*   * '   June,   altliuiigh   Ma"   it  enn
■I li red th* bast month. In faei ila\
sod Sl am* lo wail tb* farnn r'i mil
w,in iim*. Ii .an b,. mi wii i.rlv 01
late, and a- n is ],sS li.hl, in injury
from weather than any of the Othei
.Is, il may be harvested after iln
wheal, ,.a(j and barley have hi en
gathered   in.
I Klax seed is •apecially well adapted
foi newly-broken land. Prof. Shaw oi
ibe  Dnlveraity  ol  Uinncaota,  fonnerlt
i une ..( th. profeaaoVa of tb* Agricul
tur.I  Collage at   Ouelph, (int.,  e»y» iu
' r, f.-r. Dl •*    to    tbi* "I lie     llllllll In'.*     ol
th*   llu\   crop   i-   helpful    lu   lhe   quick
:  il..   prairie sod, uwjug to
l the     |.n uliar     IialUle     of     ll.e     llhruiis
growth  of i he  roots.   These,  panetra!
me «veiy  pan,  reduce Um soil   to   a
•lu in'l   pulverulent  maia,  which
lav.iralile   In   ihe   growth   of
■iing   grain   nop   Other   than
i Hex    Ii baa aim! been   notiood   that
giMsl   erops  of   Hal   follow   the   breaking
up   • I    ii   iod   Bold.      Whi .'      lur    the
■    iea-"ii»   that   guud   crops   of   flax
an- grown un n.w* breaking. Ihi
li from ernpi grown   di   normnyin
■ed lainl l.n.keii up »re usually in*,
i "I an ..ii new hi.-akitig. hieaus,*
■   'imiii.   ..f   feililitv   are   imi    uau
• Uv   prrricnt   lo  the   saine  extent.''
Britishers  Should   Look   Wilh   Pride
Upon Race's Organizing Genius.
The London  Chronicle commenting
on the approaching session of the Colonial Conference, says:
Among the events of peace which
may happen in the Empire, it would
be diflicult to imagine one more important, or of better augury, thun the
Imperial Conference—as Sir (,'harle--.
Dilke well named it in I'arliu'ucut
during a recent debate - which '.-ill
assemble this month, when the Prime
Ministers of the great self-governing
States whicli are "The liritains le-
yond the seas," will be the guests ol
the liritish nation in London. No
more striking example could, in fact,
be given of the genius of the race Ior
founding free and flourishing communities, and maintaining, through
ir dependence, that fraternity winch
alone can save a great Empire irom
I disruption.
The liritish race haa reason to think
; with pride of the development of the
Imperial   C'otiferenoe,     whose     third
j meeting will   be  held  within   a    few
, days      Everynne   knows   Uiat     good-
j will will I,.* the dominant not* of. the
. gathering. The most delicate subjects
| may be and will be brought up I.r
I debate: but the discussion will take
I place in un atmosphere of genial Imperial patriotism which will keep 't
(ilea! of acrimony. Freedom and Ir.i-
ternity have proved such good guides
that there is nn anxious imposition nf
limits to thc scope of the agenda paper. Problems not only vital but complex will lie raised—the constitution
rf the Committee of Imperial Def-iH-ie,
and the question nf the representation
of the Hritains overseas upon it, the
naval agreement with Australia, nud
the diflicult questions of joirt naval
policy arising out of it; the organization of local forces for war in connection with a scheme of Imperial defence; and. even more controversial
than these diflicult matters, the great
question of preferential trading.
Another issue almost overshadows
these. Thc conclusion of the New
Hebrides Convention and the establishment by the Home Ministry of (he
modus vivendi in the dispute between
Newfoundland and the United States
(ire matters which raise the ipiesiinn
ot thc adequate protection of the
daughter States by the diplomacy "f
the Mother Country. There is not
another Government in the world
whicli would dare to discuss such a
point as this freely, in the presence
of those whose duty it must lie to
eriticir.e the actions of its ambassadors accredited to great and friendly
It is impossible to say before the
ConierODO* hai met, and public opinion with regard to its results has been
definitely formed throughout the Empire whether tiie permanent Consul-
tntive f'umniittee. which sn many
hope to see established, will be nne
ef the fruits of i»- d-liberntinns But
tl ers cun be no doubt as tn what is,
nfter all. the main point The organization of the whole Empire as a political unit is proceedine with a strong,
steady growth, and that which fifty
years ago would have seemed impossible is ti-vdav n splendid consummation within sight.
A Story of a P*r*ian Monsrch That
Point* a Moral.
Once upon a time a certain king of
PerslS went out bunting with all his
court. The chuse that day happened
to be long, uud tbe king became very
thirsty. Hut no fountain or river could
bo found near the spot on thc plain
where they rested for a short interval
At last one of the courtiers spied a
large garden uot far off. It wus tilled
with trees bearing lemons, oranges and
grapes. Ills followers begged th*
monarch to partake of the good things
In the i'ii nlin
"Ilea ven forbid that I should eat
anything thereof," said the king, "for
If I permitted myself to gather but an
orange from It my officers and courtiers would nut leave a single fruit
In the entire garden."
The higher lu life s person ls the
mure careful he should be, for all bis
faults   are   copied   by   those   beneath
him.  Chatterbox.
Is Preferred by Former Japan Tea Drinkers
Because of Its Greater Purity.
Lead    Packets    Only,    40c, 60c,  and      80c    P*r    Lb.    At
All    Grectr*.
Myiterisa of Planting.
The device* adopted by nature foi
securiirr tbs planting and distribution
nf seeds ars icry Interesting. Sum*
seeds hu.e wings, so that they muy I*
canted .•mny us fur as possible in fulling frnm (he parent plant. Others, lik*
ihose of (he milkweed and dandelion,
may lie suld to be provided with bal-
liiuns. Inasmuch as they are made so
light by feathery uppendagea tbat they
are readily drawn up to great height*
I.y warm currents of air. Astronomers
used to mistake tbe floating seeds of
the milkweed for meteors uDtil a noted
star gazer set his telescope at a near
focus und was thus enabled to examine
tbe floating vegetable germs that passed across the field of view. Certain
burs are seed vessels tbat ure provid-
I d "Ith tiny books In order that they
! my catch ln tbe fur of animals and
eu,rled afar.
i      i    a i   _■ SERKJ1 8
,    ■     „^P,     f   , ; '    "H* »" t«Cfbly .11."
In Swedish Lupland can be seen cu-     "btdMdl"
rtoua  wooden   -.fracture* on  a  single     "lit*.    Re got  that  bad that he for-
poi*  Which   li.-ok  like monster pigeon  *!"t "' '",l   be*   th*  bustn*** was gel-
• ms.    Tb***  serve  tbelr   purpose   bl j M'"       ''   SenUnel
i.ruie. ling thc contents of the pirder     r,,n,.  n.,,~.    777~,     TI—
,. , ,    . ~, "r,i*   cause   intuleri i e    pain.     iln
-from    wolves   snd    foxes.     They   are   I„wuy', Com Cure remove* the imuble
themselve* tb* lardara Prj  It, sad im whal amount of imin
is enw'l.
English Sunday Ctoiing.
Public houses were flrst closed on
Sunday mornings in England in con-
•equenes of sa act of parliament,
which received tbe royal assent co th*
Uth of Aug-,st. IH3S.
Knieker-What     is    ilemenlis   America ua '
Bo k-r-Did
lilimhel*.   at
watcb   the
game :—New    York
Queer Crab*.
There are some queer crabs In th*
world. Thc soldier crab of Bermuda
carries heavy shells up the hills. A
shore crab on the Cape Verde Islands
may be seen mnniug along like a
piece of pajior blown by a strong wind.
There are era!* in Ascension Island
that steal young rabbits from tbelr
nests, and the robber crsb of the Philippines cracka cocoanuts and eats
Minard's Liniment  Co.,  Limited. Hirs-Yuur MiXARu'ri l.IM
MENT is our remedy for sure throat,
cold   und   all   ordinary  ailment*.
It never fails to relieie and cure
I'urt  Mulgrave.
can..I reach the tettl ot the dlaeaae.
Catarrh la a blood or conatltutlnnal disease, and In order lo cure t( you must
take (Menial remedies. Hall's Catarrh
Cum la taken Internally, and acta dlr-
eellv un lhe blood and mueoua aurfacea.
Hall* Catarrh Cure la not a quack medicine, ll waa pieacribed br ona of lh*
b«al phyalclana In th»- counlry tor yeara
and la a reanlar prearrljillon I( la rotn.
pnaed of the heat tunica known oom-
bin.! wllh Ihe beat blood purifier** act-
In* iltr,i,.tlv on the mueoua aurfaeea
The perfect combination of th* twn In-
greillenla la whnt producea auch wonderful  i.aulta In   curing  Catarrh.
Bend   fnr
Tol*do.  6.
amlly Pllla for con*tl*atloa
teatlm<>nlala free
F   I  nirVFV * en .   Prnpa
flold  l.v   Prugrlata    price   Ttc
Tak* Haila Fi
Scene   of   Many   Exploits   by   Farnouj
Highway Man.
A most interesting living link with
thut old pnst. when the highwayman
and lhe footpad were the terror of
the tittveler. is still to be found at
Finchl*) Tins I* "Turpin's Oak," a
sturdy, euriooaly forked -specimen of
Britain's own |H*culiar tree, that
stands at thc corner nf a narrow lane
leading into the Ureal North  road.
When Kinchley, now so cultivated
and built upon, was mostly a great
common, it was a favorite haunt of
thieves and highwaymen desirous of
plundering the horsemen, coaches,
and   wagons   always    moving    back-
Wby Is a denlbd like a man swimming In a river?   He is always on th*
outlook fur snags.
His Geography.
Said little Ned: *The man who wrot*
Thla bla Eeorraphy
Una aurely made a great ralstak*
To leave out little ma.
"Why   only think, aa bow I stand.
All toward my left la west.
In front of me ta north, and back
Is aouth. aa yoa bare guessed.
"All on my right la east, and ao
•Tls  very  plain  to aee
That   north  and   aouth  and  eaat an*
Begin rlghi hem with m-
**8o I must wrl(e and ask to hav*
My picture piutted In
That other beya and Blrls may lean
Where all (heae th(n*ra begin."
A'^mall Horror,
.'he weasel Is one small horror. As
lonishingly strong, apparently fearless
and ns jiersevering as an ant. when
once hc has settled to the track of a
rabbit that particular bunny Is Indeed
In grave peril. Tbe rabbit seems tu
Imow It. too, and tbe knowledge tu
half paralyze hlin, for he seldom attempts the one aavlng chance — a
straightaway, long sustained run at
top speed. And tbe end of the patient,
if we do-but walt-tbe-botir sort of pursuit: "lis Indeed bloody murder. The
Hen.I within angel garb finally toils
within deadly distance. There ts a
makellta stroke, most likely aimed ui
tbe Mg vein near the butt of tbe rale
hit's ear. Once there, the brute sticks
ieechlike to tbe blood sucking, while
lhe trembling, wailing rabbit I
Slmteasly about till Its drained body
rails limply to pay Its tax to mother
e.irlh - Kdwin Sandys In Outing Mn;*
Itch, Mange, Prairla Scratch** and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cur»d ",n JO mir.uta*
by  WoU-rd'i Sanitary Lotion.
r'i!...ik.-1   in*   party   with
quotation,     "followa     the
"Not always." r*join*d lhe merchant
wl... doMn'l .ulverti-i. *i boiited Ihe
biggest flag 1 could find over my
Store, but trade didn't iiurease a
nlckcl'i worth."—Chicago  .*•.'••*.. -
Tbe Honest Physician Is Anxious
to Cur* and Uses tbo Best
Available Remedies.
Fenian'a Romanc*.
Fenian   ovitctnetit   In     the     curly
sigbttaa i-  ii'i'iiJ]'*-!  I.y tin* " iii'i*' ■'.'
Slice    III    Hi.-Cnlllllli'Il    nf    ll    II.llll    win.
mysteriiiush ilisiip|"*nre.l *Jt» yiu*
His   niniie   is   Knrrell.   and   I.*
knnwii   liH-iUlv   ii-   "Wlnv-r "   11**   Was
understood to l»* closely Identified
wiUi tbe Keiiinii Brotherhood, and to
have iiiine undei the suspicion ol the
leaders uf the iiiuvement In nil probability  he  received  a  warning,  fur he
ili.-ap|s*nns| suddenly, leaving hi* srif*
and   children   behind     hnn      Nothing
mors had  boon board <>f imn until
last   week,   but   lie   Iuu.   imw   ..llll I
t.i Boooommon a areathy man
The ciirmus part oi the slurv Is that,
although Karrcll has boon IdonUfled
by his old neighbors. Ins wife ami
family have up to now repudiated
A Bcave Man.
Nicolas, Chevalier d'Assas. a French
captain in ths Au-rorgB* regiment born
at in the I jngtiedoc, while mak-
Ing a  i iniui-siinie during the night
of Oct. IA, ITU,., at Klo-stereainp. in
Westphalia, mot n column of the enemy which was adv incing In alienee to
surprise tba Trench army. He was
i-plered to k.*ep silent or else they
w.mid kill blm. D'Assas at once cried
-mt, "A mol Auvergne—the enemy la
'jcrc.'"    He was  killed on the spot
Origin of Hock*y.
It ia probable that the llttls 00»
in the street who calls n boeksy sUcs
a gulf club is only speaking the truth
a few o'titurie,. too lat* Then* un*
many   reasons   lo    believe     thai    the
H'-ntch game of golf, sometime* called
bandy ball in the old BOOOUnt* -' >'■
develoiied into hockey with a lluvor of
football about It when ll came smith.
and Uiia is borne out by an old lil-
tennlh century print nf two luiinly-hiill
players in which the stick used. MUl-
cd handy booanas t»-nt.. ras Mod a
boeksy stick  fur more than „ golf
club. The Gentleman's .Miig.i/.iiie. in
1795, also mention*, shinty iu. B Scutch
game similar tn golf, and an,.ther writer defines shintf ok "an inlcrmi kind
of golf played by young people, und
in London caliud hockay/]_
On th* Woozy Miaa.atippi.
A humorist bus said  "the Mississippi river Is «o crooked In pliui-s Unit n
steamer going south   bBS  been  knnwii
to  meet  Itself coming  north, giving
passing signals and narrowly escaping
* collision  with Itself."
Tlie resolution* cutllna out
TV* pljw. daur and flagon
Now  look  a*  though  th* things  bad
1.. ..i
Run oier hy a wagon
Or by a ruahliig trulley car
Willi nn prune,In* fender—
It BM]* b-MO 'he climate waa
Too rough fur uiiea so tender.
On   N.w   Ve.ri   day   they   looked   SS
In llitle Mb and tucker
Aiu, plaafor* and an ihua* thing*
Wlthoul ii Slngl* p'l.ker;
N. «   tl.. i  look Ui.iki:lul n« a mnn
Hii.iik'lil  frum an all nliilil rally,
N'ur lit le.i to BMOOlat*
Willi children from th* alley.
The man wh.i made (hem. he. alaa,
Is but a human being
A,el like n nice horse run
W'lun  (i"in  bad   tinlilla fleeing.
The hnpefiil builder framed them uj>—
A waste nf Ink and paper—
And Ihen lie lure Ihem down again—
A very thtniKhtlcss caper.
Bul (here la comfort In tha thought
That he la nut the only
Performer nf Unit kind of (hlnff,
Nnr will lhe man be lonely.
A New Year's resolution may
Look good tn Its crentor,
But It's a marvel If It ls
In bualneaa (wo weeks later.
dice Tuarig's OIE.
wards and forwards upon the great
highway to the north. The oak tree
we picture then atood out from a
clump of smaller treea on a slight
eminence thai afforded a view ot the
North rood for a considerable distance llehind tills tree Turpin and
his fminds would lie in wait, and thun
suddenly sully out with lheir "Stand
and  deliver!'
There can be no doubt about this
being the particular tree, because it
waa specially mentioned in the indictment against Palmer (Turpin's real
name) when he was brought to trial
and hanged at York in April, 1739 It
was then alleged that in company
wiUi Tom King in October, 1734, lis
had "ambushed" behind the oak
until the HoyaJ Mail came up. and
the two had then robbed the mail of
property valued nt £300 The tree
was the soene of more Uian one encounter of Uie kind, and some tew
years ago when tome decayed wood \
wna cut away several old-fashioned
pistol bullets were extracted from  it.
Richard Parker, known as "Galloping Pick." another highwayman, who
was hanged nt Aylesbury in 1800, waa
also alleged to liavo robbed Lord Grey
under this very oak. It wns in the
spinney near the oak that Jnck Shep-
pnrd waa captured in hiding disguised ns a butcher, in the spring of 1734,
and was taken to Newgate, whence h*
made his famous escape, only, however to be recaptured and hanger! at
Tyburn in November the same year.
Miitak** In War.
In the Bull Itun defeat McDowell
laid the blame ..n Patterson. In the
buttles arniind Richmond 1-ee's plans
failed on account Of Huger's lethargy.
At FltLsburg Landing Grant would
have lieen successful but for Wallace.
At Gettysburg Lee's hands were tied
by the dllatorlness of Stuart And so
on from the foundation of the world
to the present time. It has tK-en said
by writers on the art of war that every
battle ls a series of uilstnkcs. These
mistakes arc innih- on both sides and
are tbe cause of victory us well as defeat lt is almost amusing to think of
the nunil-erlcsa good nnd sufficient reasons that Shaffer culd have given If
be had been defeated In Cuba. If Japan had t>een worsted In the Ilusso-
Japnnese war. one result would hove
boon that Oyama would have written the book of lamentations ond excuses Instead of KumpotUn.
Holei In the Legs.
A scientist says tbat bogs' legs per
form a function not known to uny otli
er animal, und that is an escape pip*
ur pii«-s f..r tin* discharge of wash
water ur sweat not used In the ecou
oiuy of the body. These escupe pipes
are situated ii|sin the Inside of Ihe
legs, above und Ik-Iow the knee In the
fore legs and above the gambrel Joint
In the hind le-s. but In the latter thei
STS very small and function.-! light
t'pnn the InsMs of the fore leg the..
are In the healthy bog always active
sn (hat moisture Is ohvays thero fron
aluiiit or below these orifices or duct
In the healthy hog. The boles In tbi
leg and breathing In the hog aro hl-
prlnclpal and only means of ejectlm
an excess of heat at«,vc the norm 11
and when very warm the hog will OOOl
the mouth and breathe through ths:
channel as well as the nostrils.
Accidents to your hoi
happen at any moment
GET READY  for emergencies.
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Fellows' Lceming's
For Lameness In Horses
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dollars worth of time by curing
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NaUonal Drug A Chemical Co.. Llmitad, k
Th* propo**d Ugiilatioa through
the Dominion Parliament for th* regulation of th* manufacture and aai*
of patent or proprietary medicine* is
of th* utmost impo.-tano*, and it n
receiving a great deal of attention,
not only by the proprietary medicine
manufacturer*, but aieo by th* leading
doctors and druggiita.    Every mauu-
' facturer of reliabl* and high olaaa
remediea welcomea th* bill a* a atep
in th* right direction. Th* di*co**ion
ha* brought out th* fact that tbe best
physician* in Canada and on th* ccn-
: tinent appro-re it and prescribe Pay-
chine in case* of th* moat difficult
character.     Il   s  recent   inatanoe  of
i very »enou*  throat and lung  troubi*
I the patient had been using Piychine.
Two Uadina United State* epecislisU
wer* coniulted, in addition to two
•minent Canadian physicians I'pon
Uarning wbat tb* patient waa using,
a aampTe of Paychin* wa* taken and
analysed, with th* remit that tb*
physician* advised it* continuance.
They preicribed no other medicine but
Paychlne, with the result that the patient haa fully recovered and ia a
splendid walking and talking advertisement for the wonderful curative
power of a remedy that will "stand
up" before the keeneit professional
criticiim and analysis. A* a builder
op of the aystem  and   restorer of  ail
: wasted condition*. Paychin* hai no
equal, and tb* bert and most earnest
physicians reoognis* thia fact.
" at the age o( 15 niy mnn ware la a terrible
state. I had la arlppa th* year before: lt aetUed
on my luiiy-i ai..l 1 kepi eleedlir gmwlnf wi.ine
till I got it,,wn ao low 1 waa ln bed lor in «■■■ i.
1 had a txmiiuunoii ef ductnrt. an* ther aald the-/
c i. '.-1...thing mor. tot tn. The* I atar.ut to
Da* l*afchiD*. {took the medicine fer mom tha*
• vear It oertaiuly did wondeti tor me. I eaa
now aa itroiif *i 1 wm i'"l"i5m, DrkLe-a"
Mas. b. Bora.
Morpeth, Oat
Piychine, pronounced Si-keen. n. the
greatest of tonica, building up th* *y>-
teni. increaaing th* appetite, purifying the blood, aid* -Jigution. and acta
directly upon th* threat and lunga,
giving ton* and vigor to th* entire
avitem At all druggiita, 50c. and tl.
or Dr T. A. Slocum, I.imit*d, 170
! King Street West, Toronto.
Cure Vow
• ill. Klndall'l
JSperln Cure—
(or   all
It nr D.aeaeee,
Kwtl'.ingi  omd
I.m tlael'iiD,
Oqt., Ma; j 06.
"I ha.-euftedkrnda 11 '• Spavin Care with
greal -mecaa*. and think it an aaocllast
tvmedy tor Spa.iua, tmtrnes. Sprain!,
etc Wu  l.iKneav.
Accept no unb-'llutr     |i a  bottle—*
for |j.    Wiih foi (ire ropy tt our gieel
book—"TiealiM on llir It.'ite '
a. I. I. UlSitl CO.. [intMii lilli. Iin
Lectured -to Convict*.
' Sir Robert Ball recenUy lectured to
Uie convicts in Dartmoor Prison
chapel on astronomy. Sir Robert traveled lo Dartmoor from Exeter
specially  for the  purpose,  and  gave
tmtmamwi tlie lecture gratuitously. The convicts
Easier    Ironing   rivaj were  greaUy  interested,  and at the    SENATOR   JOSIAH   WOOD
better finish on thins* clost! applauded hltu heartUv.
starched with Celluloid L**t h* Forget*.
Starch,   the   only   no- "I am afraid, darling, you will very
boil cold-water starch «oon forget mc."
that Can't Stick.    You "How can yon think *oT   Ren, ] bi re
will like it best, once ,M ,wo kuoU ta ""J P00****-"' baudker.
you try it    Buy it by 'hl,,f'
name. Any good dealer.
Our N*ar**t Approach.
"ITave you any decorations hi America liko Uio Victoria crosa, for cram
"Kr er well, I thluk perhaps (lie
double cross I* our nenrest approach
-to lt"-New Orleans Times-Democrat
S a
v e »
b o r-
T i
m   e -
o o
Provided Already.
Beggar Kind sir, glvw me 2 wis for
my Uiroe children. Kind Sir-That
Isn't dear, certainly, bot I dont think
I'll take them. 1 bar* four already at
However  exalted   our  position,   w»
■*   ahould not despise tbe powers of tm
bumble,   l'l.*-.In-
Director of Record Foundry Co.
Sen.uur Josiah Wood, of New Brunswick, well-known throughout Canada, ia
connected with several manufacturing oon-
cerna, tha largeat of which i* the Record
Foundry and Machine Co., of Moncton,
N.H.and Montreal, P.Q. This important ettabliihed in IKftS by the lat*
Mr. C. B. Record, on a very amall scale,
haa grown to be one of the largest, if in-
dead not the largeat, alove manufacluiing
concern In the Dominion of Canada, and
Mil from Halifax to Vancouver. Their
" Calorific " and " Admiral " furnacea
and " Penn Esther" ranges are known
from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
VV.    N.    U.,    No.    635
Signals of Distress
Backache and headache—
swollen hands and feet—
constant desire to urinate—
shooting pains through hips
—painful joints—Rheumatism—all of these are
nature's calls for help. They
mean kidney trouble. It
may be that the kidneys are
weak, strained or diseased.
Don't delay.
They g'.ve abength to weak kidney*
—lie-1 the effected parte—neutruliz*
uric acid—aoothe the irritated bladder
— and cure every trace of kidney
trouble. Gin Pill* are eold on a positive
guarantee to completely cure or money
refunded, joe. a boi—6 for |
Sent on receipt of price if your dealer
doc* not handle them. too
rt'a  all   iu  the  Bhredi.-BISCI'IT for Breakfast; TRISL'UIT for Lunch
All   Grocar*—13c   a carton, or 2 for 26c.
It ia a natural food, full
of nu im cm and eaally
digested, It* lellc«l«,
porous -liii'N art* I'on-
verinl Inlo healthy Ua*
am* snd red liini.,) when
tb* (ii.iiini'h reject* all   fond.
V"*,.a!W\ :•      i      .
ia Printed Sit Trout UkslMly, nnn BublAbsd
•kl h'.-JuSoli aud Trout Uikeevi'jvTlnu'Uln:
Tn* Kill tor Sets u*t hold him**lt.r**piui-
aibla tm* Ilia oifiiilous of yori'*s>iiipuiita e\-
'juMBi'it In 11* column*.
All IoohIh Will be charged at  th* rat* of It
enta per llmi. Ural Insertion, and lOmin. I"*.
,'t I ue cadi aubkcquent llJBl-rtloll.
rnia for Transient s'"1 other advertlalns
lit niild* linn-ivn on applleuilnii ut o/lle
erlptlini |».mi a v«»r. In' u,tvau(e.'
■sifCi-SON,   B.C.
Sll ver ...75ccnta
tinl.l.l.cail, Copper II eac-Jl
(In Id-Silver ' $1  BO.
Silv*r-L.-iid $l-r>.<)
fin,* t-'.OO
Gold-Silver, with Lead qr
Copp*r $2 50
Pharges tyr other inetais on Application
Samples arriving by express ot mall
>r.)csivu prompt atlei.tinn, l'.O. H.-aiui
(Lata of Fergpson Mines,
Assays of pl) ores. Terms piodeiate.
Box   W,    KAfiip,   B. Q,
Contracts   Entered into for Packing of Mlnin g Supplies  Etc.
to any Point in the District.
*  GprSmpt I   S. DANEY, Prop,
serviceS FERGUSON.
Any Work       ra
Wl      Undertaken jjN
f$    Guaranteed   W
j$j Satisfactory.   jjgj
REVIL9TOK-I.   sa   c,
li,'Mt, Liquors a^nd Cigars.
gates fl a dftV.
J.A.STONE   -   -  Prop.
Revelstoke, B* C
First-class soooitimodatloii lor travellsn
Rates $i and $i- 50 per day-
Bar wtll Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Large Comfortable Rooms.   Kicsllsnt Cuisius and Attendance.
District of Wont Kooteniiy,
Take notice that Clow-
jug *p*d Jleiijiiiiiiii F. Reamy, i-f
Troy! l.nke and Poplar, H, C. respectively. Logger and Prospector
respectively, intend to rij-ply for n
special timber licence over the following described lands:
Ooaimencipir at n post planted
about £ of a in j Jo from perrard,
and about -J a mile from North-
K.-ut side of Trout Lake, marked
"A. Gowijjg and JL F. Rpamy's
South Last corner pnpt'' thence
north ICO chains; thenpe weat 40
ehains; Ihenpe Eoulh 100 chains;
theuce cast 40 chaina to pqint ot
July If lli. 1007.
Arthur Gowing I
I! •njiimiii F, Ueaniy      )
lly his Agent, A. Gowing.
Notice in lieiejiv given that 30
flivs nflcr the first ppblipatlpn of
ibis notice in the British Columbia Gazette, J intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands ifi Works for special licenses to aut nnd carry awuy timber
from the following described lauds
piluato ir) West Ko.itenay.
No. 1, Commencing st a post
planted 2, miles np Thompson
1'ie.k on the south bank of the
preek, marked "A Mowing's S.W.
(..iner pnstU thence nortii SO
phalnt] thenco enst f-Q chnins;
{hence south 80 chains; tlience
west 80 chain-? to point of commencement.
No. i, O.mmencing at I), post
planted al nii|,*s up Thompson
( r *.k on the s'Hitli bank of the
cieik, imiiked "A. Qowing's N.W.
corner,!' thenee south 80
phnii-s; thencc east 80 chains;
thenoe mirth 80 ohains; thence
west 80 flniiijs lo point of commencement
No, '!. CoiijiiiciHiing nl a post
planted 3, pules op Thompson
Creek, on th" south bunk of the
creek, marked ".\ (intving's S.W
porncr post.'' liience north 80* ; Ihpi pe Ofl ft KO cluiins;
thenc- south 80 chnins; Ihenee
ivc-t vu clniiiig to poinl of eommen-
No. I (.i.iii'iieii'iiig at a p'>Ft Wi iiiii.-s up Tliiuiii'i'-oti
t're'k. on the  louth   li.iuk   of the
preek, niiii'kp'l "A. Gowing's .N.W
corner post,1' Ibence sopUi SO
phains; Ihenee east 80 plialns;
r * noe north 80 ohains; Ihpnce
west80 chiiiii-,1 lo   poinl   of   com-
plelKTlll, 1(1.
Located Jt*.tie flth. DO",'.
A. (lowing,  l.,ii*.i',,i*.
District pf Wist Kiiuti'i.^y.
Take ivticp ilmt Cliaihis I. Bslie.
popp, of 'I'-ont L,ik.; ,B.C., Pru-
hector, intends lo apply for a
special timbei* license oyef thq
foi lowing described lands;
Commer)oiiv< al a post plant'd
pn the south side of Cniiypn Creek
nhoul 7 miles from iiq month,
milked "C- L. poppki (jotiili-vfest
oorner poat"   \\\h\]ca  pprth   80
(•bains; thence, cast SO chains;
thenc* south 8p chains; thence
Vest 80 chains to p int of ciiimicii
peiiniit and containing 040 acrrs, or h*s«.
^ uue Illli I'.IDT    Chuiles L. Coup.
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   8
Central Hotel
First Class in everv respect.
All modern I   ■
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1  50 per Day* Special Weekly Rates
XCrout Xafec
V,y using Water supplied by tha
Company you ar* assured of absolute purity.    Government Analysis
SUD4)l\>     (50,®    toba*uP»*l9ment'-!!'!:,i
^   rr  L Hugh McPherson -- S«pt.
John Simpson,      Proprietor-
. n, — * - ——       -A -
Best Hotel in Town,
Headquarters for Mm and Curcial Men.
E. A.   HaggenJ
iui I H i A i:; Hi* in   to  ;
District of West   Kootenuv.
iioic Sa ir'
Real Ertate, liauranee and
(itiin iai Commiiiioii Agent
Sole Repreaenlativa for
Non-TariB Insurance liurinesa in
Trout i.ake FergatOO Heal on
ami ('.nnili
Oornf poinlence on Iinirain-e mat
j   ten will have iiroiiiiit attention
H ;    Take notice that B. F.  Reiimy,
B [of Poplar Creek,   U. C,   Pro,pec-
M   tor,  intends to apply for a special
M | timber licc'iao over  tbe  f"!lo«iiig
U   i|>-.■cribed lands:
RJ i     Coniinencing nt  a   post planted
Ifj   op tbe nortii aide of I'oplar Creek,
U   ubout 200 feet from the creek  and
$   about 1 mile above the firat south
|jj   fork of Poplar Ctcek, thencn  \v< at
fg   SO chains; tbence south HO cluiins
$   thenoe east SO chains; thencc nor*.
$|   tli 80 chains to point .if 0 inenct
K  incut and containing Clo aori-i,
more or last,
June Sth. 1907. I!. F. Reamy
TAKE notice that Arthur Gowing, of Trout Lake, occupation-
Logger, intends to apply for a
spicial timber licence over the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about 1 mile from Beaton, on
Fish River on Bast Boundary of
T.L. 85S.r», marked "Arthur (Iowing's North-west comer posl,"
thence south 40 chains: thence
eaat IG0 chains; thence norih 10
chains; thenco west 1G0 chains to
point of commencement, and containing f>40 ncres, more or less.
Arthur Cowing.
Dated June 17th. 1907.
No. 31)
M      A V.  ii A.M.
\    3rd   Tlr.iii-day each
'     \/    ' month.
Sojourning I'.rethren cor.liallv invited,
-.. KorJJrcil, Sec F.C.Campbell.W.
•'Uazatns'' Mineral Claim.
Silmti. in tin- Troul l.iik.' Mini Dg
pivision of Wait K...itenay district
Where  located:      On divide b*
tn.*en   S   Mile  Oreek (Trout l.akv)
tmi Brown   Oreek  (Souih Fork ol
Lardeau Kiver)
TAKK  NOTICK that I.     0. B
N. Wilkie, acting as agent for Ed-
'ward BaiJlle,      F. M.   C. B^888«,
[James HJslop    VmS::o
J.I). McDona'd, ,     B86993,
Qordon Logan, „ „ „ (5198,
Intend, sixty days fi m dale here
ofi to apply to the Mining Recorder for a (Vrtificalo of Improvements for tl.e purpose ,if obtaining a Crown Oranl of the above
And further take notice that
action, under section 37, must be
commenced before the issuance of
such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 22nd. day of May
A. D. 1907.
i)  B. N. Wii.kik,
Trout Lake,    Ii. C
23 6 07
Ube IDotci Beaton
BEA VON, u.e.   -
VISITORS arriving sl Rpatpti  the threshold  ..(   theordeiin
Viu \,,,iiiii,*i..i, .nil find iln.- Hotel to be fully . ,.«i,.|T„t
for lil|tli*el*s8 trsde.   Uxcollonl aceoitiiiioiktioii     v »*»i|
appointed «i''!.'i"»,i",,,h..'!i.,.,.r..i1!!1'!;, ..;,.''.!,.'.',i."'m..;'!.}} '" ''Kl'ldn
nni I
ipiminli-il in -I spsomus mniiiy  „»i •    . ■ •'      ui   '*. in. i, >!„,„,
nini Oiusrs.   I'ersonal suiieryision ll gh-Sn to ihe roquin inuiuiol
patrons   Visitors lu ths 1 a>Jean .-an rely 00 com fori sl tli
W. BOYD -:-  -:- Prop
Trout   Lake   City  Transfer
and Stage Line.
" Ferguson
| Doily Stage will |
Andrew M.  Craig.
j    .s*»..»
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
Hnd Uf rice:
nc»T MM.eee
D. R. wiikii:. Pretident.        Hon. RORRRf JAfFBAT.P
BRANCHES    >»  ".*   I'rovinres ol  Alhiola. SaikAtchawsii,   British t'..itaj|
Manitoba, (intntio an.l gusi-er.
SAVINGS OEPAHTMENT. ■- l'-i OSltS received »n.l interest alloncil ilhiff
cmreiii rate Iroin data ol ..|*'inii*j nl amount.
i.u.r, oi ,*.-,,ii..,M„e,r.»»n«-.i.i., ....        Arrowhead Branch
pel   i.f iin* »
sp«-'iii ( «if« i» sellsatleas eat
.Mli.ll.K ll* '.,1...
K. a. ri       '|
Review Job DepL.
For Hiuh-rl.ifs Work.
■J.   mm  ~        -
©K       (
: Bavbcv Sbop:
li   V
— ron a- -
(lood Shave or Heir Cut      I
- ,'AI.I. l'l
William Schnell, ;
I I li'.l   *  I.N
7 Hot and Coid Baths
'•-itwii— . —    - - • ~ — -
Oee.e.llsOarter. J   a. h«,h->
dollaltors ler Imperial I'-ahh »f - »..■> i».
Barber Shop.|
For doo'l 11*..   ,-,   | -
til'iviog   a I*
Ti i'i'i i ■ »       1
Hot, end   Cold  b^lKt.
lji.-,ti'ict of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I!.   P,   Reamy.
jjotioe is hereby given   that     8
days after date  I intend to apply
lo the Chief ('niiiniisci.,ner of
Lands and Works for a ipeoiflJ li-
 *"  u> ctitniideiirrv   away lim-,
her from   the following described "f ,,,»,1,,r ( ,x"l;' "' ' -  ' r^'"",r
land-. Hittntte in West Koptenay.'    Intend" "',,|,pl)' f"r ■ ■p*0,ttl ""'" i
her license oyer tin- full'itting  described lands:
('iiiiiui* nciii-i at a po|t planted
on the north side ,if ivplur Creek,
nl t 2Q9 f.'i-t from the .*r.*ek and
Ni. I. QjnjTieiioiiiH ata po-jt
plantocj about Si in b- soi)th of A.
MeCiiiinicks pre-emplfop on Sal*
iwoq Ci**eii, marked "No. 1. John
(•i''*llsHi,„il,,v,',te,-i'„-r,'' ll.,*ii.'c;;vi,„ul ] Ul;l.*ahot
oaj-j-Sn ttbaln»i thenci north 80 {ork qf p0{.l.,r Creek, thence »i :
chains; thence west 80 chains; ,S,i cWiin,; tbence north Grimms;
i henpe 1-i.inh   SU chiijps  Ip ppin   tj,e„
'Jllilli('!l(( lilt lit.
Located June J.l tli 1907,
John Croft, Locator,
N". 2. Ci.niniencliig at a |m>t
plan led abobt 2 miles south of A.
Mi'Ci'iTiiic't'rt pre-eroptioq on Salmon Creek, -inul..1 "No. 2. John
Croft's Ko.ith east corner post,"*
thenee wi .sl 80 chnins; thence
norlh «0 ch.ii.iB; thenee ensl 80
chains: tlience smiiii 80 ohains to
point nf commencemout,
Located  J|)i|e 20(li    1907.
Johfl Croft,  Locator,
No. 3. Pqmn,ionp|iig at a pont
planted (ibolit, ! mile wesi of Nn. '_'
iinii'kel A MoCrmick's No. 8,
Booth east corner'.' thencc west so
chnins; tlience north 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains; thence sou-
tb SO chains to point of comim nc-
Lnenled Jnnc2i)ih    1907.
A. MiOormick. Lioo io
ice <asl 80 cluiins; thenpa emi-
th 8Q eenins to point of commence
nicnt  and   containing   li;',' "..,:res,
more or less.
Iii,.-sth. 19.17.        Ii. F  R  imy.
"In.!,-*." "RedCliff," "Royal
If nml "iiiii.ii.ii treasure"   Mln-
.'lui claims,   situate In ihe 'irout
Luke Mining Div(|(o,n ol Went  Koot
pnny District.
Where located i   On Gold (inl-
ph, (iiiin.*r Creak,
TAKE Nd ru i: thai I, Ernest i.
Cleiciiinil, nrting n« ain-iit for:
.inmes Dixon, K. M. ('. N... |',2(Ihk.
p. Mnn.Li Wlekendan, ,, ,, D28 0,
nn.l C. 0i ,, ,, B2579, days from the dste hereof, lo
apply to tbe Mining Pocorder   for Oer
lilienlia of lii.|iinveiiienlH   fur  tin* |mr-
pose ..i obtaining Crown Oranti ol Lhe
shove i iainm
And lurlher take notica (lint nc,ion
under Section87. must be commenced
be(ora tbe Issuance of auch Ceitiflcates
of lm provemenis
Dated iI.i---  llih ilnyol Muy, A, 1),
Croesl A. Olsvelaud.
THERE hare been fnrlnni-B
mude by iudicipus investment in Real Batata, and
nmre fortunes will t,s made than
ever the n>*xt twn or three yeara.
The one win, reaps the harvest is
the original investor, for be has
bis iii'iiiey on a eeitain'.y.
Now let ns poinl .intl.iyoii that
there i» po belter spot mi ihn Continent to huv Real Kbtntt- than
TROUT I.' Kl-:.
Trout Lake is the prettiestspol
in ihe Kootenays; aa a pleasure
resort it l-as no equal. Boating
and fishing mny bo Indulged in
the year round; while bijj pnne
in al.iiiitlaiii r in to lhe found ou
the hills. Its climate Is superb,
ther* being no great extremes, it
being mild in winter and cool in
summer. It can In ant of Home nf
iini finest lintels ami residences lu
British Columbia. Its streets me
well  laid mit ami graded,   There
sre two exe»l|ent ceneral stores,
ami a glanco at the advertisements
in this journal will ahow that all
tradex are fairly well represented.
Write   with confidence tn Agents.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
once.   ::  ::
Then call on
or   write  to
IT baa never had a ' bien " its
C owl ii has beea slsady. It is
tl>e if Havigatini, aad
tl.s terminal of ike Lardu b:a». »
o( the C.P.R. All roal-i (is tbs
Ut.leau) te Tr sl Use. It
is lhe r.isssainial eeatre ff ■•
richest mineral district es tks
continent, and has hanktag l««
lies provided by the !■>.*.« >
Tank vfCatisda ; first class scfesl
a<ron,in, ,laiion under ths dlr»S
tion i.f H. piiannon, II.A.; a geml
water system ; government, ffu-',« |
Cnunlj Courl linings; Mslh.disi
Rplscopal aid Anpllean ehufjbss
and ,, ttsjfr hospital,
There ace vaUiabl* rancb lni.ds
on lbs outskirts awaiting selllers.
I's lumber resources aiu mngnifi
• i i. and a lur,I saw mill with a
capacity of ( fi per day '» at
Is i - j.l nt the lake, Tie mil M
liilulaiy ste pruvlng not Liy^-er
prpdlic*l*S eveiy year, wi'k ,l,w
prospect* Ppsnlng uj> uth Li.dioe ol
I here will be a big nisi, ii. *
year, so if y(,e would know
more, write st ..m« to r(lbei of
the sgsals at tht addresres below.
F. B. Wells
Ceneral Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.


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