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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-06-21

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Il.ir. 11 Lu>ior circulation il'*"1 '"'.''
,S,'iiH|in|.ci' i" •*•■
K . it. nny. Hci*t ad*
v itiHiii*.'   ti.'-'liiiiii.
VOL. 2
ining Review
The icjii-i Ki'ntntive
ul' tho riub liardeaii
countta-i Sent to
*n,v address for $2
pari an. in advanoe.
TROli.   I.Mill CITY, B.C., June 21, tgo6
No. ::i.
Provinciiil Land Sm vc\.*r.
Mineral Claims Surveyed
■unl Crown Grants Obtained
Nml licCird i.itic*.
. un.. i.tk,   it
   n  il.. „>•.,. J   A, Hn. i' i
a m ri-*"i;ii iM
'illli I'i'i.lie,   I.i. .
 iiii in,..*"». Hunt ti
t >,,,, ,,.
I'KKli    (!.     KLLIOTT,
pl i.i.i. . nc..
ruill Lake. It. C.       tittd |-'crr-.i*-..ii
= JEUsaging •=
,,l.' •,,  -ilier
1' m.t -ili.-i
• > Ml
t: OC
- ii,*i -mil Lead ...
2 .Ml
11 :,o
SHANNON,  '.-.sayer
Trout Like  It ('
Arrowhead, Trout Lake r\ Nakusp
Rural School District
111.'. I I Sl.llil.  A. M.r.-Ml.M   111   'I-ill,-I',
Toko Notice lhal I shall hold s
Court »f R.nision und Apjieiil
umlci tin- " I'ni,in School At i
i'1 15," for ihe Arrow lined Trout
i like and Nukusp Ruial Sclioul
Idsiricls .rn Wcdnesda*. the iHth
'Ly ..( .Inii-,   III il,  ni 'the hour "I
l!l"   "i   1   ,t   !.    !U      i.e   lift,   | |  ;,t    ||,,.
School Holme, Arrow heed
llaletl   .,-   it.   flat,'
v ..I June, 1900    (    \l   FIK. li
I.*,:   ,(   the I ,,ii'l ul   |!c i-i m
uieI    appeal,    Revelstoke    As-el
in.    I hi-:. ,,■! ,,( W    k' • '■     .*
Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice   .,   her.'Lv i"i**"ii Ih M t
Pai lueraliip    heretofore    . xsti  a
I...ne..t Robert M.dde.-i ami l.i.i.i*
Levi -.j.,,  under ilu*  atyle •■<   '
(leil  ,V   l."Ve..*I|c,   Ihi*, ||  |s ,| ,v   i„ ,.|,
iasolved     All   aooounts  due  lhe
In in ..I Maildi u and  Itevesqui
I .._* .it.I Robert Madden
Mai das A-  I.kvf.-'.ii i .
!> .'r.l   nt  Trmit   Lake Ibis 18 h
dav oi ..ui,.*. 190.,
Bianco   north   10, cbaina, thence pin tiled aboav one mil" north nf
■hhI   LOO '-.IniiiiH.' to the point of, Beaton wagon  run!, nml  about 3
mill-.-> from   Trout   Lake marked
ii    VV'. Alirathnmson's  soi/tli-west
Hocjted Mav 28th
<). VV. Alir..l.itinft.ii, loca(or. corner post, thence north 80 chains,
Notice is hereby given thnt sixty
.lavs nfter dule I intend to apply
to thi Chief Com thissioner of I ni.i-
nnd W oi k-- [or permi —i.m to pnt-
'■iii.-.- the lollow in*., described land •
silunjed i.l (ierrurd, Wesl K ■,,t.*„-       No 8    CommVAcing ot a  posl  thence enst 80'chains, them
Bl l'1'-""''. and commencing nt r\ planlei. ...boiit HO bhniiiH nest from 80 chains, f hence west 80 chains to
I audio.   lUII's south    ;i  post   marked 0   VV. Abraham-'point of commencement.
ll"'     north    /'l-un's   noi th out cui-nei- po t, -jasisl I    Located June 6th, 1906
about. 4  mil.-*   from  il,*-  head of <i VV Abrahamson, locator.
Ti,.nt. l.'ik..* <>*. tin* south snore of No. !•*. Commencing at a post
hike it,.(l mn il*.* I o W.Abraham- planted Hbrnit one mile north oi
Bon's northeast turner post, thence; Beaton
kchi   eornei
chains, thence ea t 20 olialim,
Ihenee south io I.anlo river abrtdt
20 chains, thence along l..ir':..
rivei shout _n ohah t to poiilfof
•it tn--' ' 'im i,l m .1 . -mill nn'.,,.
il nt lu aces in'.n* oi I -.-
I'i. ..I Iiim May, I'i ifi
I.i -i ii  Mn i
11:\ it.i'SAi.
Tl SCAN    l.«»[►(.!..
\..  ::-.i
\ F    &   A M
.".fit      'I I I.lull' v   c.it li   |
U Itretliten
,.... -.,   i i  ... !....•:, vv m
i   I..*.
,' liti-attlttr* It**'  ' ' I
, r    inl" ,K
M>   11
.".    wagon   road,   and   ulii.nt
south 80 chains, thence west 80 Smiles frn-t. Trout Lake, marked
cha ilia, Ihenee nbrth Hi) ohain?, 0, VV Abrahameon'.s south eaal
ti..;i c- i-i.-i hu chan.H to the point corner post, thence north 8n
of'commencement. I chains,   Ihenee    west   R0  chains
l...cn'.e,| Mar 2$lh, 1000 Ih.iice    smith    80   chains,    Ihenee
O. VV Abrlhamson, locator.least   80  chains   to the  point of
j      No,   !»      <'"iiiree!i,•:!'-.•   ct   n  post   commencement
planted .-il t one and a Ii If miles;    Located June 6lh, 1900 ,
•r"i'. Fergus I west   sde of N. O. W. Abraham , locator.
Fork of Lardeau creek and marked No 8 Commencing ut a post
i). VV. AbrabaniRon's nnrlh east planted about one and a quarter
corner post, ihenee south 80 chains , miles north oi Ueaton wagon run.]
thence west 80 chains, thenco north and about ..ne ami a quarter
80 chains, thence.eaai 80 chains to miles from Trout Like marked
lhe point of commencement. ().   VV,   Abraham-son's  ao.rh .*..-t
Local..I May 201 b, 1906 corner     post,    thence    north    Hi)
(i  VV  Abrahamson, locator [chains,   thence    weat   Hi)   chains,
Nu. in    Commencing a-a post thei    south   Ht)  chains, thence
planted about ens and a half miles, east 80 chains to the point ol con.
From Ferguson on lhe went   side of men. emeiit.
_.r a. .1. ...uar iiit-a*.l.tr* lt"-i ' ' i
v Tri^iV '••'  '■' '•*"•   "»"   *•"•"
,i,' TKr  *lEu»        *. ,,e.,|«i  nlltal  al    >
v?^.     /\v *   ii i« "r ■"'
■ ■^i^v*->r^ -     ' ..•
Miners and Lower
-. v**
*'*., lUUTcSALi".    AM"    KKl^.'l
. ,ii, c-... all kin 1** "' I' r>*-I. M,t.i
1 i:oi  i t IKE ht
F. B. Wells
UKVKl.SToKi:, 11 i
c\>h   i>kic.:> PAin.
' .      ia     lutein*     Btien    Dial      l«t
-,-   r late I inlet ■! in  s|
. .-1s....i—.-•!■,«-, Il(   I I*    -
* nrk« lur s *.' ■ >■ I i ■ ■ '.•.-   la  ' a
... i   j, ,i   I imtaPr    1'iel.     "I e      („!-
:   ilea, ribed In* ill   ai;ii-it* I in  I hi
il  il-alc t
1        "•  f ■    OH at   :l    |MMl    1,1    *
'« •  ti ii Aeai ,*..- ner,  -it   ll
• * ■'    ■ ■*i,i. .,!   I ,.1   II17.   t1
-    , .   .
 I       . ■ e  ll.-I   *•"
ll 1,1  ,. II I	
S.;-.,, 12 |, .nne, ItiOfl
i i -1 IV  llll I .
V'tlCf       t-       lie'el'V        1,'IVI'li      ll,*1       '   '
-  iiiei   I ,*.- |    Intel .1   t" spplj
tin*     Hun    I'luel   .,*nii... I"*'   ol
1   nel-   HI,I   U 11. I,.   I.r    II    n I ,1   I
mil ci-*.i   ihm timber from ilu*
ril||     ilcTlllcl    Ih.i I-*.    a.lll.lle.l   in
t   •• \i .--* Knnli*.. n ili'.r.ci
....en. Inn at n poal n stkeil I eslli
I il   i   »  aoilll,    c.,-1   ce  o.'f     a"'l     111      HUI ill
unci nl I. il   771. thence north "-*.1
*   *.-      Ilicnco    ,l'*at    HO    'I llll 1", tl"-n.-'-
' "   Hli cli.iiua, i|i   nee   en*.   Ho   dull. «
• |,*,iiii nl pen *'e' ,,i.
Nelson,lllilt .line. 190(1,
I v.t if tin t.
Notice ir- ber.by given tluil « it1'-
in tiio months from lhe AttA pule
■ ii her. .Tin tl,.- Priti.«h i"l*
nm'*i. Gazetl . I intend »** «i pl;
to the hon. (Ihi. i ' ommierii i
It. 1- ti.'i \\ ,. I.< lor ■ peci il
lit- ai I to ■ it nml curry sway
' ruber from tba lnllowit.fi described lands liiuated in We-1 Kootr
i mv :
.*■ o. ! Conlmetii ;•■*,. r' -» post
planttd ..bunt on.* snd « haltmHe-i
the head nl I ■ iill ' ike on
ibe south aide and about one mile
from shore, maiked O. V\ , A i.r.,-
- north eaal «n n*-r | oat,
thence 80 chain*, south . Ihi n.
chains   wesl,    Ibei     *•'   chain"
north,  Ihi nee  Wl . im: s w*t   to
point nl comniei i cm, nt.
■.,1 May 28th, :    I
ti VV. Ahrah mis *n. it -
i ci .1  c  Ua !'   agent
No -'    Comun ncing  st  a i .1 t
i lanted   n'u nu    t«,.   mill b   from
■   I.*■'.■• and   aboul  one bun
iii.-.l nini fifty yar Is  north ol  tit
Ueaton r ed  0. VV, Abi  ■
hamson's south-west  t irner  | osl,
Nolle* «a hereliy •* v n tbat two   hence east 00 chains, theneonorth
nonlhaafier dairl iniendto n .,„,   lv,.   ;,,,.
ippbcation   to   t.e    Hon.   t'hiel   .,,,.,,.,.   „,„(),   .| i chains,   I
; i'..nun *.-!• n*r. f Lim!-*iii >l Wu-.kn wci)  20 chains,  then.-.' sou'h 80
for  *i  -|'"-itl   i ."-i-"-   In   c"i . nn io imiiit i f .- in, nt
■tu away   Mm1"-'   from  the fo'-      Located May 17,19 Q
llowngde-crllnd lam'a Mtimtcl on 0 \\*  Abrabamaon, locator
Li„M \ i,*,v inni nn.l i,1 ..'.' " r**- }*0 ;; .,,,.,-,,,i--*_ *)l ;. post
mil s fr in lier.r.l commencing , |.u,|..,| about nne and a halfmilcs
il , |,..-t t.-ark'-.l I.-I'll" Hill's from the shore ..f Proul Lake on
-i.ir'h-weel .• -truer '..o-t. thence ,-.„, -\,,rl|, f\,\,. rtl Abrahamson
., i   mi cli "ii.-.  Ihenee  snntli   RO
he.     ih   vi|   '•"""
,. n< ■ I f '..in>*.. em'. i
A Loot thai vou take no
1 ■'■ c   with.       1 \\ r
antee    eery    pair.
of Frrni!) Kij)
"iliout.  C;AI-
wavi    keep    soft    and
pliable.       *_   Made  et*
l< iiallv im us li) Leckie
\ Co.
I Ult 1-.
Miners - $7.00
Loggers  $7.50
it ANDREWS bCs l'"i'
M11 - Kdm, B.C.
Located June Itb, 1908.
O. VV. Abrahamson, Inc.tor.
Notice is hereby given that two
months nfter date I intend to make
I application   to    the   Hon.   Chief
; f'ommiwtioner of I.audi and VVorkn
j ior a   K|n.-i*il   licen»e   lo cut   snd
carry  a«a\   umber  from  the f"l-
luiiiti-.*   ti* -cni.e.l   laml.-i   situated
al.uii! .'. mites from lierrard on the
-....!'   side of  I'r.mt l.ai-e, VV  K....t-
.•nav  'iittict. commencing   at  a
po i   marked   Leslie   Hill's  couth
n-t   eornei   j«ial,  tb nee  west   4')
le air:*-,  thence  nortii   160 chains,
then a-i 40 chains, the.ice south
H'.ti chains tu |i int of commence*
I ment     Listed May 14th. 1901',
l.h-u  II     llll.I.
(per A   Hint-'sr. Agent)
North I t.rlt uf Lar.lean creek and
marked (' W. Abrahamaon'a }.<uth
wesl corner pot>t, thence north 80
ehains, iLei.-.- w.-r-t SO chains |
il.ci.ee hi.iiiii Mil chains, thence
-mi 80 i-liuiiir- tu the point nt com*
I. .-.te.l May '.",1th, 1908
(). \v    Abnihamsoii, locator
N'n 11 Commenning al s i -*-t
planted about oi e and a hall miles
from KergUBon 6n tiie went lunik
of tb" Nt rtb I-'otk of Lir... .u
• reek and inarke-l (.». VV. Abra*
hai.i-.,i,'- r-ituiii ensl corner po«t
.bene, north tiO-abains, thenc east
80 chains them* south 80 cbaius,
thence west 80chains lo the pnmt
,.f comnicnei ni.*nl
Lucid May ?9th, l'-*08
(>  \\. Abruhmnson, locator
Nn   12     ('. nniieiicin.'   al a poi.I
|.hiiite.l   abu.it   ij mi let, from rcr*
■'iison   on   lire   «eg!    bank   of   the
v    .,   .■    ,    , , . ,        Ihe   (.trail*!,   hiisine.'s   ike ad
North rurk ..f LnrUeau  creek, and f
marked O. \V. A-brahnmann'a nnrlh*l|n,n,,*rtMon  P ''"  l" ,he P«opw
I hence    t.t.inl
c   ensl   fiOctminit,   |)V
thei ,*•■  north   8 •   chai r.   thence
■ae*'   sii chains  io  i oinl of onni*
Local..I May 29lh, lSlot'..
ti VV   Abrahamson, locator
No  13    (Commencing at a post
phinted ai.'.ni .j   miles  from Fer       \\
jtlSOn On the west sitle of t   e no* th
fork of Lardeau creea, ami about
to chains weal ol a post planted
near tin* west brink of tbe aaid
nnd marked < > \V Abraham
- initinl post, marked 0. VV
Vhi ih in mn's south w -tt corner
post, ibence nnrlh SO chains
il ,'ni*i' east St) chains, thence
■tonI , R0 chains, thenee w.*si
the l t'int    "f   cmu-
One on the Policeman.
It wns ii charge of obstructing a
"copper" whilst in the execution
of l.la duty, aud tbe bearing took
place not a hundred miles from
Camborne    quite   recently The
village cup bail given his versi n
nf tl..* affair un.l was under cross*
examine ion 'I In* dialogue between tha lawyer tor lhe defence
ami tin policeman w»a something
like the following
Lawyer i An.l who are you ?'
I' 0.: The town policeman.
L :  Are you BOlu '.'
P.C : Am I tare '.' Am I sure,
.li.l you say '.'    *-ll I-It K ! ! !
I. What ma ken you ho positive? llmi do y.iu know I What
|.r....f can vm |_iv«• us V
Beiii** ili.iH challenged, the policeman opened his cal aud proudly
pointed to his badge
I. : And. er, er— dons 'be wear
in** of thai badge make you a
policeman ?
I'.C. : i-.hu.-e !
At this point a cow wandered
past the window ami plaintively
I. : Now. sir, on your oath,
y.ur solt'iiin oath, mind. If the
Chief of po ice were to pn' vonr
badge on lo youdur cow, would
lhe env ne a policeman ?
I' tl : ll—1 suv if- the bad-ve
were put .... the cow --Ven !
Lawyer: Then forgo linen Bake
Stick   it   ou   tne oo.v  and give tie-
town a better service,
w*e«t    corner    Dai
8U * hath -,  il.eiici
of Ontario and Hritinh Columbia
Conner fit lives will be a bip
tiictor in th«*ir being permanently
ioslalle.l in ibe treasury benches
in tbe Ot awa bouse next general
- i ,
80 chaii - lo
nu nci tin i.'
i   mi cl. .1..-.  lhci.ee  south   -"  j,   . ,,,|   mRrkcd  (>.   -A", Abra
Notice    ia     lieicliv    unci,   lhal   tan
I a.il.f slier it.ite I Intend ti. annly in
'llS H*n, t't.let Cii'iiliilsaiuner ul I i ndi
B ill tt ti.ka fnr S   special   licn-e  to .*','
.1   'I   Btirrj nu in  tiiulier   (min   ll,,    fi 1
l.mll.g   li-cii'.c! IhicIs   siluale.l   in the
W est Kiaiieiia; di»l' el
'". noun ... » I'usi marked Leillc
Hill's   "'..illi-eiial    i*.tii.er   |tosl,   -e.    al
•'".III .'Hal   ciilui'i-   u(   Lul   7683,   till	
II .'.I. iii chain*, thence wesl lii.icl i   »,
Itiei south IU cluiins, Ilici.ee ea-t UU'
'i-iliis lo (Sibil .<t c,iiiii...*.iceiii;*lll.
Nalaun, I3t'n June, moil.
I.KSI.IK Ull.I .
PIANOS. The fill.ions Ootitlny
it Iln* one lo buy 11 is not a
cheap piano when you buy, bill
you Iiml you have pra.-t"-.-.! c-..n-
otny when vm have tested nnd
tried It. When you want nn instrument see the locil agent,
Murray, lie can fit you oul with
anv style and at nny price an
terras.    .!. ('. Murray, local ai*.eii('
■Subsc un- for Tfie Review.
: .. I-,-.* Mn 29th. 1006
(i VV Abrahamson, locator.
No. 11.   Commencing at n |"si
:   ii,'. d  .*n   the easl   side ol i't-r-
r,-,,n road,  nbntil   '.'•)  miles Irom
Trout Lain*, marked  O. VV. Abra-
hamson's  n rth went corner post
thence east 80chnii>s, thencesonth
80 chains, tbinoe  west   SO cb-tins,
thence iht b 80 ohnina t*. point of
lb n.'c   weal   80  cl ibis, |,amson's  northeast  c.rner   |wsl, commencement.
i" '■"• iheiifi'    south   80  chains, tlience     Located May 1";''* 1000
-' chains,  thence  north Si) O, \V. Abrahamson, locntor
I ,,,.,   , ,.-,   vi chains loi    Ifn lr>    Commencing at  i poal
nint of commencement. planted 30 yards east  of   the Fer-
I i.t .vol May 26lh. I'"1! RUsen wacon run.I a'out 1.1)0 y.'l-
ii VV. Abr.b:..iH.m. I."*'! >f   u..nb nf 1 mile lionr.*. 1 mi.- from
I    Commencing al  H }<■-'   Ferguson, marked  0    VV,   Ahr.i-
.   ,,,| about   .'it) chains from the  hamson's  north  easl   corner post.
north  -! f Trout   Laki    and thence   south   80   chains,  I     ■■■■
nbniit '.' miles fron  its head and  west  80 chain*,. Ibence  north 80
• l.l  I I,   VV     \ l.|*..'ir.lll-t ll's SOU ill
i>r post, I :.••' ' i- north s"
, , linn, lli n i- east 8 ' chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence
i,, -i HO ,,n i to the po ut ul
I , -.i-i.l Mar '..'.Ih. 19 1*3
o VV. Abrabamaon, locnl. r
No B,   i ommencing al  a  pn i
admire   tlie n an.l taken hy
lion.     R.       L     McPheiaon
tbe    House   nt    Oltawrt     on
Hrothim* incident     He stated
Inv    III. M iy, ID Nl
I i -i ;i   Hit t
I'. r  \    I* .'.   '   A*, cut
Leckie Boots
Tbis   footwear   la  ending
the   nrgin it   i"1   cnilern-
made bonis every day. '11"•>
are sirt.-ily wcalorn . n ide
hv in. n wli" ki i.iv wvalt rn
conditions from year* * I ex*
porlorioe, « d mnnufnciure
l„ ita i.i tii.-.-t the n ootid! Ions
Voir ci/..' i*< «iiiliii« f" r
you al vour dealers.
cli imi.   then,*,'   cist   80   ' li i*nr*. I I
ihe |iu'iit of commenc -n. 'til,
l.,f,,t,.,l M.iv 18th, 19 6
0, VV Abrahamson, locntor
No. Iii. i'ommencing at n pus'
planted it.* v.nds est of the I*.t-
ctis'tt wngon road, about ."OOynrds
inn-ill nf 1 inilc board, I mile frnm
I, rgtison,  marked  o    VV.   Ahr.i
plan'cl   on   the   noi b   shore ol  liamson's south  west  corner post
Trout   Luke,   nhoiil   seven   iiiih"« then,*.*   north  100 chains, then-
froni    iln   bend,    marl ed    ' •     W
Alia nmson's   aiuth-weal   corner
that In* would sooner see tbe prison
gate* opened to Bill Miner and bis
iran** than to a moral degenerate
iik* Protbicr W*agree with Mr
M.itThers.in, a-.I irnsl he will
stick to his guns on this question
.11 .i have a thorough cxplanatio*
irom the dep.rtiiietit of Justice
Mi ii who fiiLMije in n tra'lic sue!,
is Brnthier »as convicted of an
not fit to live, aid it passes oui
comprehension how nnv person
who bad any instincts of honor
could be brought tn take a brief to
secure bis es -ape frnm a ton lenient
osl, thence no. lb M) cliniii*  ihenee
J. Leckie Co.
MANtH'A.'Ttmi n-
ii.   :    I I    -ilii.-.,     Ihcl.c*   . Cltll   10
, h.ii.v.    t en i-    enel   80  11
ii*,. i-i- south  120 .'bui't,   il. i *.
i*.     "i clittine tu the poi I * I .-nm-
Lo.aii.l Mav 2PU), 1006.
0 W  Abrnhnmson, locati r.
.\o tl. Commencing at n post
planted on the south short' ol
I'loiit Lake, about   19 miles from
iis bead marked   O. W.  Abraham
son's sniilli ensl cnrtii'l p sl, thenrc
ucsl SO chains, ihenc* north W)
eliali s,  Ihenee   ensi   80  ohnina,
Ihcnce r.iiilh SO chains tO 'he |'->inl
uf i-ninnieno'inel'il
l.oc.it.-d May ''Uth, IWO.
O. VV, AbriilianiPoii, locator
No. 7. Commencing at a post
planted nn the west aide n| Five
Mile trail and about } of a mile
from the south shore ol Trout Lake
marked 0. VV. Abrabatnson's north
east corner pott, thence south *to
easl 10 c'ltiii;*,  tlien-f  smith   100
chill   ",   thence   west   10   chains to
poinl of.' mini mc ■ nent
L.cite.l Mav ISib. IPO,;
The virulent manner in which
the Vancouver World has kept tip
a sei ns of iiit.icks »*".iinst the Hon
Mi istcr of 1 an.Is ami Works
Would in lii'rite soiiiflhii.it mure
man political nnilliosit v
Notwithstanding thai tho par*
ii.mi. ni iry  invesiigntir.ii commit-
,*i* of tiie K ih n Irlniiil  i-i.!.1 found
nothing hut  square dealing on the
■■.ut of the t'hi" f Commissioner
ami bis nssociates, it still keeps
harping on the subject In every
i*-u* the pb use 'male st.d female
,ulvi* i tin rs " appears, and one
Would natural y think tbey bad
■.opyrightcd it nud had logct their
mm>i*v's worth out of the in vestment.
The latest   sensation is that tb.
He Jumped the Jumper.
One disadvantage in. being a
claim-jumper is that yen never
know when you will get what is
coming to vou. Truly the ninn
with a preferment f-.r another'a
property is branded like-Cain. At
Kevs stoke recently a wel|*knossn
locai character mined Hull..wav,
I to use a common western expression, " put it all over" a co.ored
...an named RlUler, and was
promptly hauled before ibe beak.
Hollo Way was fined |'t and costs,
lie told the uii.uistr.il'a his only
excite, i r socking ui" the coon
was hecitiae he waa a claim-
junii er frooi 1'opUr and lie waa
justified in administering a LcUng
too e iitiolml it conn  j; io Inm.
r>i_rt foi the North West.
It i* with a (a'reat deal of regret
(Ml ae announce the departure of
l,o«is I evosqoe and family from
our town. About five years apo
Mr. Levesntie and Mr. Madden
Been red the Lake View hotel from
N.ite Liv, a»d it has always been
a favorite spot for the boys to recti] erato a'ter long wearisome
months in the hil s. Louie always
took an active part in every matter pertaining to the welfare of the
town, and his well-known ti..uncial
position was a source of strength
in many projects floated for the
benefit of the town It is bis intention t*i go into business at
Kdmoi.ton, and we wish him all
kinds of success. Both in a business as well aa a Socii) way we
will miss IhhIi Mis. and Mr.
Lex eaque.
flaying Back.
Greenwood Ledge: Camborne ia
more up-to-date than  almo-<t any
modern town. One of tt- hotels
has opened up a drug-store in lhe
office Ibis is bandy fur the
guea'a when they want i shot of
any kind of medicine. Uiubt
along it haa a I wave 1. en possible
to i.ct a thimbleful ol boozerino in
.Itti:;    stoics,    but    the    I'aiiihorne
Iii... I is the first tavern we ever
In ml if playing back
O. VV   Ahr.ib.'inis.i.i, ioi-itoi*. I Li,,,!,.Muni (oiveninr   has   r. fused
io 17    Commencing nl n i est
in accept tl..* Hon.  It  !•'• Green as
thuice   weft   160 chains,
nin itcd   about  one   mile nortll id
Benton wngon road,\nd  about li one of his ministers.    We d . not
miles   fr.uii   Trout    l-ik'*.   „1;,,*k. d   know lhe ti..v. rnui s  iiiind on ihis
0 VV Ahrahnmson'a south west matter, but wo .!o know thnt il
corner post, thence north 80 chains !„,„.|, wnro his in'eniio n ho wou'd
""" •'-' ,s,) l|l;'i"-- 'hence aouih I      l0nfide it l0 a      ,,. whld, ,,„
st) ."bainh, th.'lie west i">0 chains to   , * ,. ,,
1 mnl ..( commencement. Ib ,oom r' "'nvnpd M Hn »"r'•|,i,n|•'
Located .lunc 1st, l'.IOrt. | YKl.L w   jouriinl.    Il   ts   gall   and
o VV. Abrahamson, locn'or. I wormwood to some coast peoploto
 _—     — thi.k   thul  a   man   frnm   a snu.il
N Hoe  is  hereby    givon  that mining camp in the interior should
Within   IW.I   ni.mlha fron,  lhe first   fa h ,    h_  (ii      101|(1,
iiablication  bcr.of m  the British   , ,,*,*,
Colnmbln   Gasolte,   1   intend   lo d(-P«r ment    Hia fnilure was pre
npply to the  hon.  Chief Comtnis-  dieted from the start.    Instead, he
sinner   nt   Lniids  nn.l   VVoiks for has  made  a  success  of il,wheh
p;.eci.il   licenses lo cut nnd carry |,a8 on]y embittered the feeling,
ruin him by
i*   iitnhei*   from   tho   fo.lnwinc
described lands situated  in West and l1"1  ^ohcy of
means fair or foul "   has  been im
No. 1.    Commencing  at  a  post nugviratcd.
The Indi •*' Basket Ball Club aro
practising daily in the rink building, wlnic lhe youngsters under the
tutelage of Mr. Shannon are hard
at it every evening on l>avr
Cowan's lawn.
John Simpson, deputy Minini;
Recorder, of Poplar, is in charge
of tin* Government office here in
the absence ol Fred Cainpboll.
The new Ilii: f'.r lb* school
house arrived this week I' in a
i*. inly, is \ 10. It will he hoisted
Domini.ui Dav with appropriate
Dave Hannah, on.* of Mowing's
loggers, was severely hurt while
coming Ir in thee imp to Gerrard
hv fa I ns' off   the   nrir en I of   the
iraln      H<-   wns   brougbl   on   lo
Iroill    Lake,   wh"re   I'r   l{nbit*-on
dressed tin* wound*, nml took him
up tu lha hospital nt Pergnaon
Krom  latent reports  In* is doing
well  and   no  serious   results   are
Mtf. Noah Abrahamson is visiting ber mother, Mrs. Burrell.
Noah it exjected in shortly.
Some netvspaners n Ivertisn th t
they turn ont all c asses of com*
meio al printing, We don't VV'.-
turn mit .. e class on'v,   and   that
'clSaa is first-class.     Bring in your
. job printing.
Tbo 8.lit Like Mining Review
says: Tii" shortage ol the lea.I
Supply and tho heavy increase in
Its uses o| Lite, has really caused
soma spprehanai > * in n mm *rci ti
centres, and the result has be on
the steadv advance in lead q'lntu-
tionS until now the sel'ing price is
given al from f". to $i'< per bu -
died pounds, and it is contidently
believed by some author.ties that
the   price   will   iidvance to $10 be
fore th">   sunp'y will   equal all de-
mands an I still le.iv** a surplus on
Oil the market.
It is the intention of the N* he
rive owners to have a car of or«
down by tbe middle of July.
About 25 men   are  employed nt
the  Silver   Cup.      It   is   reeorte.l
that a car of ore|erwiek will bi
i shipped during   the  season     Thia
| would  indicate   that   the   greater
[ part   of  thefoico   will be kept on
Tony Lindgren and partners sre
kbouiug up Home nice ore on the
(Irani! Solo and Black groups on
Oaiivon creek.
Milton Ilaner, whilst dring bis
mother's assesami-nt on the Lucky
Five at Poplar, encountered a r.ic*
quartz lead of free gold Some
excellent samples with visible gold
are being shown round.
A movement is on f.*ot to  form
Ia lawn tenniaclub,   A 1 those wim
would   like   to   join  nre requested
.to   meet   at   the   .esidence of Mr-.
• Win. Crawford on Saturday night.
Pay dav at the Lucky Boy the
first of tbe week cm sol tbe dis
tril.ution of ii nice little chunk of
tnonev. Work ,.t the mine is proceeding nicely under tb** direction
of manager Khrehart, Some rich
ore is b.-ing taken out. Ai soon as
the surface water drains off tl>»
siii'.it will be sunk for a further
depth of 100 to 150 feet V
Fred Mills has opened up a nice
vein of   rich   rarhonate*  and grev
!copper on the Anaconda above the
I LB while doing ssnrssntsnl work.
Oscar Nelson ami partner have
been doing some development on
tbe Bonania mi Uaakina creek. A
vein of solid iron oro carrying
gold an.l silver vilues bas been
e..countered in the hover workings.
The fine residence and two lots
at Ferguson belonging to H. M.
Carter sre lor «ale. A snap. Apply
tt) J. J. Atherton.
i Service in tbe Methodist Church
Sunday morning al 11, and evening at 8, conducted by Kev D.
B. Scott. Mornin-* subject : '" Tl e
Reward of the faithful,   Kev. 2*10.
: Evening, " lleliveranoe from tho
j Second Death." Kev. 2-U.
Bonn. -On Monday, the 18 h inst,
at Trout Like, to the wife of A.
K. Fuwier, a son.
Bert was busv all day accepting
the congratu'ationa of hia mrny
old-tin.e friends, but found time,
nevertheless, to go to the Record
• nlie* to secure a miner's license
for his heir so as to enable him lo
stake a lai. anzn.
Mr. ami Mrs. W. Htffernan ami
four' cbil.lr.-ii arrived from Old
Knglaml on Friday last., They
arc the guests of Mrs A tbi rton at
the Turk.
If you are rin down at heel or
if the soles 'if \....r boots need the
attention nf a c .Lb er. tint them
out while you have the chance to
get then, repaired Your o*den»
tilled in rotation. Ih.n't bring
them all in at ...ice ; j 1st bunch
tbem. ('UP. Orders may be
left ai Review building.
Will Ahraharoaon and Fred C.
Klliott   are   at   Kev. l>i»ke  on   a
business li ip.
Tiio License fnmmir'sinners of
the Ainsworth di ison held their
semi annual meeting at the Lardeau bote , Ferguson, on Monday
night Inst Commissioners Moor,"
(Kaslo), Mcl'berson 'Trout Lake',
and Sutherland (lergtiam) w. r.»
present Chief Inspector Bullock*
Wobsler, of Nelson,   also  attended
the sitting All nf the applications Were ■*r.*inlc.l.
Notice is herehv fiten Ilia' slxtydsia
sfiei .late I ml..ml tu apply tn the II..11.
. hiel Commissioner nl Lands y ml W.nki
fur permission io purchase the itillnwinii
described lands Mtnmcil 111   l\ et*l K.n.t-
enav 1
I'oinmencinp al  n |inst planted (*n tl
nortii ibnreol Lardo river nis nt half a
mil* up (rnni Ptt|t|»r creek nn I mu  K. I
J. Ftlsaltinnons' s K. corner post, run—
ninn   nonh 40 chains, .Inure west 80
chains, thctire sonili  SO chains, Ihscra
nlnnu; river  bank   lo Hie em  t  I com
•nent .1   I'll/--I MM' NF.
p»t»,| •..tn* :n, inns. LARDEAU MINI\T<; REVIEW,T1«M'T LAKECITY, B.C.
CopyrtQht,  trvc,  bu  Rutin Aan/lat
"I (li.l have such uu ezpertenee this
morning I i started nut to nn.l ii ei ri I
used to know nn.l who i beard was llv>
ing here.   1 got tangled Up in a minstrel
show going over and coming back I got
mixed Into a funeral,   i didn't know
exactly where She lived, iiiiii 1 Iiiiii iill
Boston Ravine out looking for ber. I'm
sun* tin* folks down there haven't been
.-," stirred up for .veins."
'rin- voice beyond tbe bowlder broke
most pleasantly Into teuton's moody
thoughts. Ho aat up promptly, imt cautiously,
"That's tin* tirst decent voice I've
heard in tins accursed place," ba oh-
Served silently.
it didn't seem to bs sn accursed
place, fragrant with pine oeedlea,
vocal with the humming of bees in lata
iniiiiziiiiita blooms nml die laugbter nf
a watercreaa laden stream; beautiful
with brick red soil, varied greens in
foliage nn.l glimpses of heaven's own
1*1)10  it seemed like s charming spot—
the only discord Ihe pale fined, hollow-
eyed man himself.
"I dldu"t find the frirl after nil.'' the
musical tones went on, "but I found
tlie house she used to live in."
Fen ton listened Impatiently while the
other voice sni.l things, I'lienilous
things burdened Wltli tbe aches and
pains of the speaker. "A typical sanitarium voice," thought (Teuton peevishly. Tlien he brightened ns the first
speaker remarked:
"You thluk you will go back, do you?
Oh, no, the walk hasn't hurt you. Exercise and fresh air do wonders for a
tody often. No, I am going to stay nnd
read till luncheon."
In silence Feuton wondered If she
Would rend aloud, hut Instead she began to sinir. He fairly held Ills l.reath
—notes soft as a wood dove's; a voice
exquisite by nature and unspoiled by
training; She was singing a lilting
lyric of love, and Penton thought of a
swinging gate, scurrying clouds and
his first sweetheart's Brat kiss, years
and years forgotten. Then, without
nny perceptible hesitancy, the melody
changed to a lullaby, tender as a mother's prayer, and the weary l«,k left
the man's eyes, the bard hues an.uud
his mouth relaxed, and be drew a lorn:,
almost sobbln**, breath,    lhe melody
ic.ised, and Feuton felt ns if he bad
never had a desire In bll life but to
hear her sing. He arose and went to
the other side of the bowlder.
"Pardon a sick man," be began, but
Ills tougue seemed paralysed. Ills ouly
conscious thought was that bs was
glad the  girl  in  her DUrse'S  uniform
wns so fair. Her eyes *.*.. og curiously up nt him bad never a hint of fear
iii their ainlier depths, lie gathered
his senses together.
I haven't slept naturally for a
week." he suld bluntly. "Will yon sing
for ini'V"
When Penton awnke the sun was
shining nu longer. Be sat up .|ui.*kly
nnd   found   that   a   great   shawl   wns
keeping the evening's chill aeaa from
him; then his eyes discovered tbe nurse
leaning against n tr.-.*, regarding Inm
"Vou have stayed hero ail day—you
have had no lunch:" be exclaimed.
She smiled, "(th. DO; when I was
sure you would stay ssleep I went
hack to the sanitarium, nud then I
came again."
'ihey arose. Penton foi.led tlie shawl
and laid It < ver his arm
"II.iw am I ever going tuthauk you?"
he liegnu.
"Don't try," she answered simply,
preceding Liu. down tba narrow path.
•I worked too l.nrd and collapsed,"
he explained. "Shan t Im so foolish
when I get well again. I 11111 going to
get well now that I can sleep. Maybe
you have heard of John I enton, carpet manufacturer.   I am tbe Idiot"
"iilil" exclaimed the gl.i th. u added
rristlly: -a pebble rolled under my
foot   I am Bybllla taag, none."
He wondered at the deep Hush which
overspread her face tbey wen nt the
foot of tho hill and Walking side by
"Can't   I   syndicate  your  sen lees'•"
lie Inquired gravely.   "Do yon suppose
tlie doctors nre averse to a graft'/"
He thought h,*r low laughter was
pleaaanter even than ber song ..r her
S| -'li-   That night l.e slept nn he had
imt for nyear.
A new life wns beginning for John
Penton. The sanitarium's grim wails
no longer sitelie.1 to inm i, eleasnasa
The doctors were complacent over so
mitisfi.ctory a convalescent, but Pen-
ton laughed In his sleers sl them, it
was nut pills nn.I potions which had
made s mnn ,.r blm again, bnt tba Ionic of a sweet voice uml a gracious presence.
sin* seemed, this fair Bybllla, to be
OVer-young for a nurse Perhaps for
tlmt reason tba grave doctors Indulged
*t beyond the others At nny rate,
Fabe always bad inn.* for Penton, ami
dally she fascinated htm more. He
had not been n mnn ..f many loves,
The tirst little sweetheart, dead years
before, and tbe woman his mother
wanted bio to marry, but whom he
had  perversely   reft:ll   I  ,-,,-,  )„ „„.,,(   ,
the lirst bad set his heartstrings .. quiver* ths Inst, his mother affirmed, stnnd
ready to do so. No nil ihe loves which
Penton might bavs nurtured nmi had
not clime dying around this amber
e.v.-d, flute voiced Bybllla,
s.i -in* nng t.i iiim. nmi he quoted to
himself, '-And thou beelda me singing
In the wilderness." Bbs read to blm,
nml he fitted Other words to the melody of her voice, words he Impel sum.*
2a'Mftr_i_* XT"? ll"r lillH «■"» *"».»
■wi   oimieiy   or   tnongntruiiy,   as   ner
mood might be, nn.i ba answered in
like spirit, watching with „ lever's eyes
each changing expression
Thu doctors had pronounced him
well, but he wns loath te go into the
world again. He bad n feeling Umt
In Its clung nnd clamor Bybllla Long
would prove to be whal Bhe bnd been
before he knew her n dreum loo beau,
teous to come true.
Ihere came a dny when tf.e breath
of summer wns hot over the red soil
and withering mnnzanlla blooms. The
wnter cress Indeu stream was too Ian
..out nign wim nopB. He was wondering how* be Nhould say it, the world old
tale, for sny It he must wlthlu the
hour. Looking at her pensive face,
the words of a favorite song came Into
his mind, nnd his clear tenor broke
softly Into the stillness of the pine forest. Bybllla looked up surprised, for
she had never heard lilm slug.
"I think of you all the duy long.
You run through tin* hours like a song.
Sometimes 1 think If tin* world could see
My golden .''i'.iiiim It WOUld envy. me.
DaarlSi my dearlei nothing's worth while
but dreams uf you.
And   you  can   niako   every  dream   come
Dearie, my dearie—
"Will you, my dearie, mnke every
dream come true?" lie leaned toward
her eagerly, hut she shrunk nway from
him, covering her face wltli trembling
hands. A tear splashed out between
her lingers.
Ills face clouded. "Why, little girt"—
he began, with troul.l.il concern.
sin* uncovered her face and looked at
htm wanly, Ba started at her expression.
"01^.you ever hear of Martha 011-
lenV" she asked.
Ills look was uncomprehending. Martha (allien was the woman his mother
had for five years been Importuning
him to iimrry.
•Yes," he said dully.  "Why?"
"For many rensons I love her as I
would a Bister. One day she told me
that your mother wanted you to marry
her, but that you wouldn't even meet
her for fear you might be Inveigled
Into it. She laughed nbout it. but I
thought It an affront to her beauty and
goodness and wisdom, and I prayed
for the chance to avenge her. It came
sooner than I expected. I learned
about your Illness and where you were.
Dr. Jeuson Is my cousin, so It was
easy enough to pose as a nurse, aud
that's what I've been doing. Now you
despise me."
Fenton noted the quivering of her
lips and said gently: "I don't understand. Vou have been goodness itself
to me.  Tou have"-*-
"Oh, don't you see the baseness of
me? I did It to make you love me."
Sybllla's white face wns crimson now.
"I wanted you to love me and tell
me so, aud ask me to marry you, and
then I was going to spurn you to the
■round, and so should Martha Gillen
be avenged!"
Feuton smiled. "How old are you,
little knight errant, avenger of another
woman's wrongs? Not quite twenty?
I thought so. Years ago I wus not
quite twenty, and often did I busy myself turning a gopher hill Into a Vesuvius spitting forth fire, smoke and lava.
Sybllla, dear, why don't you spurn
He held out bis arms, and Into them
crept a tearful, very rosy, very winsome knight errant, happily worsted
io her first combat
Peculiarities   Ol   Different    (Klra   OM
Telephone   Charts.
Telephony Is nn expeuslve business
to conduct. If you are skeptical ubout
this, all you need do is consult tho
charts each Bell office prepures to show
the volume of traffic thut "Central"
must attend to at the different hours
of the duy lu every big city—uot huti-
dle In "uuy old way," but as smoothly
uud promptly us the calls that come lu
during the quietest hours. It Is this
providing against what the engineers
Mr. Robert Slieppard, Ex-Mayor of
i;.in.iiioi|u.*. Ont., Testifies to the
Merits of. Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Uananoque, Ont, April SO -(Special)
—"I suffered off and on for ..ver four
years  from kidney  trouble,"    writes
call "the peak of the load" that makes   Mr,   Bheppard,   of   tins place, "and
though I tried many remedies and
wns under a doctor a long while I got
im heiter. I had Brlght's Disease
sin i.iiy, Lumbago, pains in my loins
.-' . nt limes nil over my body, My
skin wns ihi. Ii.-uil and burning, I
could not Bleep, the leasl exertion
, iiiiiiie me perspire fearfully nnd  my
city's business day.    Then the river of | *,*,„, • WM s„ *,.„, ■  broke ,,„, ln |„,*|M
words tloi-^s less nnd less swiftly   till    n|| over iln* neck and back,    I  wns lu
midnight comes again. I mis   state   when   I   started    taking
Though they nre much nllke lu a gen*   Dodd's Kidney  Tills mnl  in an Incre I
telephony so costly.
Ilcgluulug ut midnight, the stream of
tnlk is thin und sluggish till well along
In tho forenoon, when It becomes n
veritable flood.  The early afternoon is
comparatively  quiet,   but there  Is  an- j
other torrent  before the close of the
The  "-.rn.  Scat.
"As an Instance of the way traveling
Americans get foolish over making a
Show of opulence and liberality." said
a New Yorker who is much abroad,
"let me tell you about an old woman
who made a visit to Ireland. This woman, getting off the boat at Queens-
town, hired un outside enr for a drive.
The rate by the hour wns 1 nnd 8
(35 cents) for the car nnd a shilling
<a^ quarter) for the Jarvey. or driver.
Well, the woman got up on one side of
the car, and the Jarvey got up ou the
other, driving sideways, and they started off. After a bit the woman pointed
to the empty driver's seat In front nud
'"What Is that seat ln front for,
young man?'
" 'Sure, ma'am,' said the wily jarvey,
'that's what we call thc reserve seat,
iilcly cushioned and all that kind of
thing, and Is only engaged by the real
gentry, they pnyln' for the same IC
shilllti's aud 2 sbillln _ for the driver.'
"The woman hastily ihlfted to the
driver's seat.
" 'You should have told me that before,' she said. 'How was I. a stranger, to know what wss Uie proper thing
to do over here?'
"And she paid 12 shillings for tbs
privilege of riding In the driver's seat,
to the amusement of all Queenstown."
era I way, the wandering lines on these
telephone charts bring out curiously
the chiirncteristie differences of different comtntiultles. For Instance, the
broad, low sweep marking midday on
the Boston chart compared with the
cnii.vt'ii like plunge of the Hues ou the
New York chart menus that business
men In the New Kuglaud capital spend
more time at luncheon than their brethren In Gotham.
These telephone charts also show-
that business hours lu the American
metropolis arc comparatively short-
shorter even Uniu iu Loudon, whose
merchants and professional men are
supposed to give more time to social
functions nnd outdoor sports. New
Y'orkers do not get fairly busy before
10 In tbe morning, but an hour afterward their work, Judging by tho telephone culls, reaches Its maximum.
Then there Is a falling off until about
1 In the nfteruoon, when the tide turns
again and rises to a maximum at ."..
nfter which there Is a gradual descent.
Chicago's talk records show a typical
American curve. It begins to rise fully
nn hour earlier than New Y'ork's, goes
relatively higher In the afternoon and
Inter on drops much more gradually.
The plotting of these telephone charts
Is au Important matter. It enables the
engineers not only to determine the capacity of present exchanges, but also
helps them to forecast with surprising
accuracy the needs of new exchanges.
They give some Idea, too, of the very
large investment lu apparatus which Is
Idle much of the time, but, nevertheless, must be provided so that tiie plant
shall have sufficient capacity to handle
promptly all the calls In tlie busiest
hour of the busiest day.
ihiy sin.ri space of t iin,- the bolls dis
appeared, I recovered my health and
in w l am quite cured."
Dear Old Motkert
In the hurry and bustle of this busy
life those dear old mothers, our best
friends nnd champions, who gave us
th- very best years of their lives, who
stood between us and all harm, wuo
would willingly have laid down thejr
lives for us, who In times of sickness
were always our ministering sngels-
conatantly at our bedside, responding
willingly to every beck end call, attending with more than loving kind-
nana to our every want and need are
too often forgotten and seldom accorded the loving attention which Is tl.eli
due, nnd when the grim reaper take!
them from us we, for the first time, realize In nngulsh, sorrow and regret
whnt the loss of a mother really
ineiins It means more than all tb«
other things of enrth. All the riches ol
the universe could not compensate, and
In nil the whole wide world there la nc
other who enn nn her place. Of all thi
beauty with which the world Is em
belllahed  the  most  beautiful  is th»
mother, and to her every human being
truly owes a world of homage.-i'apll
lion Times.
Kind Words For the Sucker.
Thc sucker Is the coyote and hog of
the waters, but he has his uses.
Caught In the early spring, the flsh |s
flnn and clean and may become a dried
and salt f iod of commercial value, rigs
nml oattls can be fad ..n this fish later
In the season, ami if belled nn.l mixed
with   bran  or  meal   It   gives   no   taste
whatever t*. mi al or milk. nucce»»fui
experiments have bt i n mad. in feeding
carp, suckers, and mullet to caUie when
dried t.r salted. If ull olln r flr-h urn
caught by the net Bahamian and tho
auoker Is thrown back Into the ni< r
ths Inevitable result must lie thut o.ily
the sucker wiil remain ll.* consume*
the Wild rice and 'liter wlltl-fowl f iod,
und also the food that would suiwort
belter tl»tL
The ll.-d Man'* I n.i  Hull  (all.
I.Ike the Moorish king Abu Abdullah,
looking mournfully backward nt his
lost Oranuda, Geronimo from Port Sill
gazes westward across prairies and
hills to the Arizona of his great days
which he will not see again. Ip at
l'iue Itidge agency the smux u..no*
genarlan lied I'loud. tbe most famous
of living Indian warriors, who cnt'd
tell as many marvels us .Kn.-as told to
l.ido. refuses to accept the govern*'
incut's offer of an allotment of land
and goes down like I.ickens' Steerfnrlli
ln the storm at Yarmouth, waving his
bund detlautly In the face of destiny.
Most of Hercules' lubors looked light j
..inquired with the tusk which the Lite
Henry I.. Dawes undertook when he
nnd the commission created under the
law of 1SU3 started out to Induce the
Choctaws, the Creeks and their neigh  j
bors to allot their lauds to their mem- j
hers   ns   individuals,   to   ubolish   their
tribal government nnd to merge them   ;
selves  tn  the  mnss  of  the
Tbrllllna l.ieltl.-iii- Colled Frnm the
....lint*, of War,
A veteran of ths British army lu India once saw u Strange sight on u but-
tletield. As he tells the story u stiund-
rou of cavalry bad been held In reserve
uinler cover of u Held buttery uud un
Infantry regiment.   The artillery duel
hud ended. The assault of the enemy
in overwhelming numbers had been repulsed by the steadiness Of the infantry. While a cloud of smoke hung over
tlie Held the cavalry received uu order
to charge with drawn sabers.
The troopers stinted In close order for
the enemy's Hue.    Midway they met a
destructive   fire   from   earthworks   lu !
front of tlietn and from the woods on
their flunk. A young cavalryman, with
his saber drawn, was shot iu the heart
while leading In lhe tirst Hie. The boras
hulled, swerved to the right an.l turned
back, but the rider kept his seat without Ulu.»ug.    The other troopers went '
I ou,  curried  the  earthwork  by   storm, !
rode at full gallop lifter the retreuting
force and converted defeat Into rout.
| Thc deud trooper meanwhile was returning with white face und with the
blood streaming from his wound. Under his nerveless bund the horse received neither check nor leading nnd
made its own way toward tin* infantry,
which wus now advancing rapidly. As
the smoke lifted the soldiers saw the
solitary rider coining, with one hand iu
a death grip upon the saddle, while the
other still held the sword rigidly
It was a sight never to be forgotten—
the galloping horse, with the dead cavalryman still mounted und looking grim
and fierce.    It was uot until the rider
An  Interesting Old  House and An  Interesting Tenant — A Piquant
Sense of Contrait.
Tho London World's subject for "Celebrities ..t Horns" for March i le Jamas
Kelr Hurdle. M. P.. at 14 NSVlll'S C nil.
Potter   lane.    Says   the   Wrltl r:   One
Impressed by s certain plquanl isn ■ .1
oontrast In discovering ths leader   of
the "party of the future" at h  In •'
house which dates back to the tlms of
tbe Tudors Not far from ths Hotbirn
end of Potter hue. and connecttni thai
thoroughfare with ths greal    i '• >'"
colony of New nt,-,*.*t square, Is s qu il-nl
litiiu alley, en. red through s  *»«
brick archway, and ii.inked on eaoti side
by a row of private gardens, who ••
abundant leafyness provides In summer
time, nne of iho'ie pleasant oases of un
expected greenery which somehow oon*
Hive lo flourish hen* and there In the
very heart of the wilderness of olty
bricks anil mortar, Tha houses to
which these gardens are attached, and
to which Uuy glw* acoeas from Kevin's
court no ii un ii from ih.* great III itorlo
family whoss one Urns town m im Ion
still stun,is close by belong to a period
of which tin* city bas to-day but few
surviving  relics.
A Wond-srful Old House.
It is pirhaps ths oldest      competent
authorities give it at least four hundred
years of existence      and certainly ths
most   picturesque   ot   these   ancient
buildings   that   Kelr   Il.ir.ll.*   has   made
his modest London domicile A wonder-
I ful old In.use. buill "f massive timber
j through   and   through,   with   Irregular
projecting easements, winding a odsn
slairivny.  and  ouler walls    of    I '
siiilii.il and laiiii, I wilh the u-
ninl smoke of centuries. It seen- at first
■Ight an oddly Incongruous abode for
the lender of the most determinedly
"advanced" party In twentieth century
politic* But -ii.* loon dlacovers thai
this strenuous prophet of tha future, so
far frnm being Indifferent to tin* Interests Of lhe past, Is not only proud "f
the antiquity ot the h .use and well
posted in ths history of Its surroundings, but has himself i.e.-n at palm
restore, us far as possible, ths original
character ami aspect "f the rooms n In 'i
1 he occupies, and  to rescue  th in   from
I Un* effects of whitewash    and    wallpaper vandalism of former mini ;
I tivo tenants.
Severe Simplicity.
II  never much K'*ir 11.mil    may ah
I hnr "ni' that inlKiii"  In  poliilcs,   he  has
obviously in objection to it from lha
aesthetic point of view, and ths eevert
' simplicity of these old-world rooms of
his is tempered by evidence of artistic1
i.isr,. an.l of appropi: it. nsu of *!■ •   . t
lion    which    might    surprise    some    of
those w*ho only know ths redout
labor leader    In    his    public    capacity.
Wiih its plainly *i itemp-yred ws
solid beams  "f StOUl   Boots  flr and   Its j
high antique  chimney-),h-ec,   Mr    ll.tr
die's combined study   and    r-. ■,
r "rn Set ms to transport the visitor
back at a bound t.. a period **f English
history when the pr fesslon of Social*
Ism, In lis mildest form,  would  pi a.
Cloihcs washed by Sunlight  Soap
are cleaner and whiter than if washed
in any other way.
Chemicals in soap may remove the
dirt bul always iniure the fabric.
Sunliftht Soap will nm injur*
thc most dainty late  or  the
hands that ijse it, because it is
absolutely pure and contains no
iniurious chemicals.
Sunlight Soap should always
be used as directed. No boiling
or hard rubbing is necessary.
Sunlight Soap is better than
other soap, but is best when
used in thc Sunlight way
Equally good with  hard or
soft water
45 000 l"***'"1 *"»  be i..Ml
pr, ven Iln. HiiiiIikIiI  -.,„,      .,,!,,„
nny Injurious clioum**]-. Dren. fans
of -null",ration.
■ IS
lever broth.t. llrnltrd,  I ....,«„
ably have been a hanging miller,   in,I
hml  gone  fifty  yards  from  the spot    provides a curiously Interesting sn
itiimeiit (tf a loader of nnn who i
ei.-n the parly Its li i Ism   f to day as
nn  nutw rn   political  nnd   social   creed
where lie hud beeu killed thut be rolled
off the horse.
A similar story Is told of Captain Nolan, who delivered the fatal blundering
order for the charge of the famous Light
brigade,   lie was seen on the field of
Itulaklavn, riding from the lulls where
the staff officers were drawn up to Ihe
.|iinrt.-r where the brigade wns stationed. The charge began, and whal was
left of the brigade returned in broken
At last Captain Nolan was seen gnl-
lopiug rapidly toward the center of the
field. He was tirmly seated, straight us
nn urrow und riding well. Suddenly
the horse swerved and the rider toppled
The ofBcers who were nearest rushed
forward, but when Ihey lifted him from
| the   ground   they   found   hltn   lifeless,
country's    L|ke ,(le Ill(If,tI) suhcrinan, be had been
a been grand- ! gll0t aml llis,,mt|y m„, bni ,,,, ,mrsi.
had carried lilm safely across the Held,
out of the reach of the pursuing Cossacks.
Iy finished. The last councils of the
Five Tribes have been held. The epic
of the American Indian lias closed.—
C. M. Ilarvey In Atlimtic.
The    ..er.e.l.....    I   nne
Before long the famous Horseshoe
curve on the I'enusylvaiila railroad will
be eliminated. The company is considering two plans for tunnels, one nine
miles long aud the other eleven, nml
two plans for new rou'as over the
mountains, one DO and the other
100 miles long. The object of the proposed change Is  to make tho grades
Tbe MlaiUlrr'a   l.ir.nn.
Every clan of .Scottish hlghlanders
had Its own tartan, or striped colored
cloth, of which the kilt nnd plaid were
made. It Is not so well known, however, thnt the clergy of the hlghlund-
ers down t6 a recent date used a turtnn
for their weekday dress. The tnrtau
of the Clergy, ns It wus culled, wns a
sober cloth of white, black and grny
stripes. Ministers who did not care to
don  the kilt almost  always wore the
Plral Negro Minstrel.
The first muu who ever sung a negro
song on the Stags wns uu actor iiumctl
Herbert.    lie sat In I chulr before the*
curtain. lie paint. .1 his face wi.h black
puli.t, burned cork being then unknown.
suld for laugbter, but Kenton's heart    uge(_
Temperate ■•ersln.
In   Persia   there  nre  no distilleries,
breweries or public houses, and nutive-
wine Is the only Intoxicating beverage
easier an.l thereby reduce the consumption of coal  and  the cost of hauling    p|a|d 0r mnntle of this materia.    In
freight, and of course It Is desirable to    tlie eighteenth century when the high
shorten tlie length of the haul by eliminating ns many curves as possible. If
the nine mile tunnel is ' uilt trains will
be pulled through It by electric motors,
according to the plans of tl.e projectors.
This Is the power thnt Is to be used In
tl.e new t-iimplon tunnel through the
Alps, which Is to be open for truth.* on
May 1.—Youth's Compnnlon.
Captain  Border's  Claim.
Captain Joseph Burger of St. l'aul believes he reached tlie rank of cuptuln
younger than nny other man In America. Ilc collated In 1801, when thirteen
years old. Ho wns In the bnttle of
Mill Springs, one of tlie first decisive
Union victories in the wur. He nlso
fought at Corinth, Chl.-kiiinaugn, Mla-
M'.ii.iry  Itidge and Tullahoma.    In his
second engagement, at Daiton, tin., he
lost his left arm, besides receiving
Wounds In his right hand and leg. He
WtU promoted to a captaincy when stationed nt Fort Douglas ln 1804, when
only sixteen.
landers seldom went unarmed It was
the custom of some clergymen to wear
swords even nt church nnd to be accompanied by a gillie, or servant, carrying a bow nn.l sheath of arrows.
Nothing could belter Illustrate the disturbed state of those times than this
prnctlce on the part of tlie men who
were pre-eminently prenchers of peace
and unlversul good will.- Scotsman.
A liny bedroom, plum a*, an snohorlt. ■■
iiriaiin ti off fr.m tha living ro ■
and a smiii kitchen on ths same door,
complete ti..* accomm datlon of th.* unique fifteenth or ilxteenth-oentnry "flat"
which serves tha leader of lbs m
of our political  parries a.i   his  I
Striking  Contr.Mtl.
As may be Imagined, however, the
atmo phere t anil.juity and feudalism
which cllnit* about Iheee v.... rah!"
rooms only lirinu-i Into sharper relief
the unconipron. Ing ' progl
which finds expression nol merely In
the literature ..f socialism,   permanent
and   periodical,   that   iilt-iiniils   on   1 v   r 1-
hand, but in tha portraits of ptot rs
nini champions   of  social   revolution
lt.ih.-rt 1.wen. Karl Marx. Walt Whitman,   and  others    which   surround   the
laboi leader **f to-day aa he works at
a table thickly strewn with letters and
telegrams relating t.. ttst busin I
tn.* powerful organisation of whii n he
is now the chosen parliamentary chief
A pictorial tr'iis.ne which Mr. Bardie
si 1 .iiy prizes is a rap old print representing the historic Hi f rm meet*
Ing In lilnnlngham, which-brought to-
K'*iht*r a hundred thousand resolute
Claimants of ths franchise of 1831; nnd
near at hand are portraits of the Boel
generate, De Wei and Hottia, memorials
of their owner's vehement opposition to
tho policy of the South African war. A
Km -eful color sketch by Faed affords
evidence of Mr. Hurdle's appreciation
of gentler arts than those of the politician und agitator; and lb'- portraits
Of his wife und three children carry
with them tho reminder that his real
In.me Is not In this nnelent London
house, but at Cumnock, In Ayrshire,
where. In the Intervals of his exacting
public work, he finds recreation In gardening and in collecting specimens of
tha lirill.nl und Chap-book literature ol
his native Scotland.
Science Fines a Hen I'lllow.
A new Industry, the making of mnt-
Iresses and pillows of sponge, hns been
started In Florida. Tlie sponge mnte-
rlul Is cleaned of all foreign mutter I.y
a scrubbing process in Inrge tanks of
water, then run through wringers und
tl.e drying continued by subject ing It
to a cold air blast. It Is then slued'1 ,
by machinery, sterilized und render.-.I
odorless by il.emlcal treatment and
subjected again to cold air drying,
when It la resrtv for uaa.
mi...,  Haln  Iluea.
In parts of Auslralla where the average yearly rainfall Is not more than
ten Inches a aqutiro mile of laud will
support only eight or nine sheep. In
the Argentine Itepulillc, South Amerl
ca, tl.e same urea, with thirty four
inches of ruin, supports 2,riiJ0 sheep.
Kggs contain u large a mount of nu.
Let eyeglasses lie  In'nlcohol   for a trl.""" '" " compact. i|illckly avallnlil-
few   moments,   then   polish   with   cha- tw"i-   "eaten up raw wilh sugar, tbey
m.iis.   if tlie glusses are set Into nol.l ;m'  "",''1  '" ''l('iir und  Strengthen  the
frames a fine camel's l.ulr brush will v"k<'*   with sugar und lemon Juice tho
lift the dust from tl.e edges aud mnke ••'"•"'■" wtlte of egg Is used to rellcvi
theui look like new, hoarseness.
Ill.i. u   gnnkes.
I have never sis*n black snakes ovei
seven Teet long ...id much doubt II
they grow to a greuter length. They
are not l.nrd to catch, though In un
open field they cun run about as fust
as a mun can. When cinight, they
struggle desperately until they find
there Is no opportunity to escnpe, when
they will give up fighting nnd mny bu
bandied with Impunity. 1 hnve never
found these snakes lo be vicious. They
cun be handled easily, and their bite Is
barmleSS, They cun sijueexo pretty
hard If they gel n turn nround your
waist, but not bard enough to breuk 1
bone.—Foiest unit Stream,
Nut In Her Line.
"Ills Inst request was for ber to keep
his grave green."
"Why doesn't she do It?"
"She's no grass widow."
Nol For Dick Deadeye.
"A bird In Ilu* band Is worth two In
the bush."
"(iuess you ain't much of a shot."
Thought He Knew.
a bachelor old and »»ur ami arim
Of lines in,.* thsss delivered him:
Oh, w.iiiaii, In our hour of case
You are a most persistent tense,
Ami Sometimes In our hour of trotthl*.
Vou do your best lo mass It double.
Awkward   First  Lines.
A hum .rlst of the dnys of the Reform
bill hit upon ■ neat way ,,r sooring off
political opponents. A comic Journal,
not being a newspaper within the
meaning of lhe net, was prohibited
from giving news, and so. In place '*f
a Parliamentary report, the humorist
lu question reported a f>*»* '-first lines'*
from speeches by prominent memb. rs
"Sir Charles Weihcrell said he was
not sensible —
"Mr. Hunt was entirely Ignorant—
"''ol. Slbthorpo never could understand—
"Lord Lyndhurat said he must entreat ..f everyone lo give him credit—
"Sir Edward Bugden was not one of
tho s who thought—
".Mr. Croker suld ho had the fullest
aaaurance   "
It win be recognised that -the method
can be used by either parly; It Is only
a mailer of making the tinning flt the
opener.—London Chronicle.
Japsn snd Australia.
Many Australians havs an idea that
Japan is looking 0 vetously on their island continent Their snsplotona wen*
Increased the other .lay by ths diaoov*
.iy In the lingKiige of two Japanese,
who wars traveling in Australia ns
inereliaiiis, of a Oompleta set of the
secret plum, ot »hs Sydney fortlflca-
The   (arrant.
The currant »f cotntnerOS Is said to
be one of lhe most nutritious forms of
food, a pound of the little berries from
<>.t e   containing   more   than   three
times as much actual nourishment ns
the same weight of lean beef. "Currants," says 0110 authority, "should
really Ik* enten every day. They contain all the beneficial properties of the
apple, but in greater proportion,** The
most Important fuct connected with
them Is that they supply tba body with
muscle building nnd nerve sustaining
material lu a form ready for speedy
dlgostiou and assimilation.
Its lirlni.tiii la Ihe I nini.••• Aeehadel
ol Ibe   1 *. t 1 *   Ages.
As 11 tickler of Iln* palate uspantgus
hns come down the nges  with all the
weight of lireek nnd  Itninuu uppruval.
Plato ale it  by Ihe plateful, uud  Arls
tiiphaues, the humorist, regarded It as a
great aid lu ilig.-ting the crunk phi
lOSOpherS Of the tiny.
It is an odd fact that tills culinary
plant Is closely related tu (he fa.nulls
SSpbodel,   arhlch   was sup|iosisl   by   the
ancients to if the leading Bower in the
gardens **f tbe slyalum, the Greek purgatory or paradise. A part of the
qnalntneaa ..f thia lies in the fa. t that
ihe roots |»e-».*>s purgative qiwlltlea
The r.s.ts nini fruit Of l«tth  were  fur
marly much need in medicine for ibis
According to the superstition of the
Unmans, the manes of the .lend f.sl *.n
the roots of the aspbmlcl. They plnnld
it. therefore, in aad around the come
terlea- hence to this day it eovsee with
Its beautiful golden blossoms ss pro*
fiisci us dandelion*, the Apullan hills
and vHlleyt, and the sheep fc,-d on It
It belongs to tlie snme natural order
of [HTennlals, and the only difference
between  the sspsrngu*  and  the as-
pbodel np|icnrs to be In  tin* fruit  anil
Ih lor of lhe flowers     So nl.iin.l..iit
Is the wild nspsragiis In tl.e Steppes of
Itussls that cnttle eat It like grass. Just
as Italian sheep devo-nr its botanical
The rti'i.ii'ti Was i|..n. a I *.. t..r In
Ihe w ..rl.l . < I.III.alien.
A small sen irenlui,* I. - done n I.■ V
tn nsslst tl.e development of .-ivillr.a-
tloti. It Is known ns tl.e muni nr
purpura From It the rie-ni. Inns
mui.ufsctur.sl the Tyrlan purple, the
origin of their wealth nud prosperity
AM '-neb shellfish j n*l*l* *l but one drop
of tl.e dyeing material an.l ns MO
pounds were needed to dye fifty ponnda
of wool the borne Delia ilea baaamg in
time eibanated 'I hen. finding It n.i .*«
snry to seek a supply elsewhere, the
trailers started on the first vnjage of
discovery enr made Hwlng tn Inl*
lo.inge the Mtsllterrnnenn, with oil tbe
countries that surround It, was dis-
..... red,
Through this small creature also the
first COkmloe were foiiinbsl The 1'hs*
nlcluns, fin.ling It 1inprniil.nl.1.* 1.1
bring home Inrge shiploads nf the 1WI1.
built ut those spots where the ruw mn
iiTii.i abounded tactorlea, arhlch gradually developed Into permanent settle
And as many of these colonies were
founded on I're.int, islands the apt
natives quickly acquired the arts and
Industries of tbelr visitors, which were
soon diffused throughout flreece. and
tiio first seeds of clvllliutlon were
Their Tone   Will   ladlonte   Whal  Ibe
Weather  will Be.
Church liells can serve snolher pur
|M)se besides ringing you to worship.
ih.y   mnke  a   g.i-od   substitute   r„r  a
barometer,  As tbe atmnepliaie is the
"oh* conductor of sound from the bell
to the enr, It Is obvious that the Intensity an.l quality „f the sound as
perceived by ti ar win depend on
lhe state of the medium through which
It comes. For Instance, |f balls sound
i-ery distinctly of an evening, this
points to the probability of a wet day
following, since air heavily ehnrgc.1
with moisture conducts sound better
thnn dry air. So, too, as dense air conducts belter than light nlr. bells sound
more clearly when the barometer Is
high thnn when It Is low, oilier things
being ei inul, nnd so, too, with ll.il nud
cold uir. Thase principles «re familiar
to ull country folk living within the
sound of church Isils About five
miles from l.el.ekkc, lu llelglum, there
nre some small bells which nre called
"water bells." When Ihey are heard
distinctly In ths low., rain Is sum to
follow.-London Isaefatn*
Made  lilm  Tlilnk.
"Vou say llllggliis' speech made you
"Yea, I had to keep thinking ns hard
ns I could to keep my nil.nl off tils lire-
"'""" """*"' that lillggins was talk.
Ing"    Wusl.lngli.n Star
Curious Naval  Order,,
ininn : Un*  Bhangl
|l    wuiil.I   seem   nine. -
the  marines who prop
11    llll     I'lllsl    have    lie,  -.
pyjamas  and  wearls
g.llS.      Ll.      Ihe     fOllOS    I,
"I    I'   Is      |l.|        I'll U| „„.,,   ,,
hum  s , "iir-.iil.il.      - h |liiraJf
w 111 be h* lil mi Bund
in.   men musl  be   ;
.\.gin clothing is in .
un* daytime   and sit
t 1 in ■ tm 1 umi ., ,: m„n(
nun- requires culling
Millard's  Liniment lumbermsn'i frun*)
Alt Sander Btuart
II..11 IH*ill,    W lit.   Ii   .
Will    le.ltlei     his    .1
Bunlighl Boap 1
oaps, i.n.  is 1.. ig u,
s.iniig 1 wa)     11
follow   din*.
I.h.-t In Inall '    c !   !«,.
iN.niie, of tin* town ■
pan ni  mi."*i r.i ni. i	
lag.   ui Alberts
Itch, Mange. Prjir.e Scriic'rv CA
nn Itch on Human or animali cure*}*
30 minutes by Wolford'i Sanitary Le
tion.    It   nev»r  fails.   At  all  druffnti.
Baa   Main the world   «
era if Its •
"lhe*/ Sou vv«..'*  .iivs Druaalst "I*!
Of Tin...    N H
O.I. It.   „«   .1
stoma. .1    .loota-
Klieti       ST*-*.    *'*  ■
thai makes
l.l.HSrttlt it    s
tn,1   tit i.i    t..   nun   la
15   ..tits      im
Tin* death h.i     ■
>.t in., bal tie ut tile
lames I'.ill. 1    ib.
...ir>   :*s.  l-i'.
In   inn    hum.*   wh.   • "»•
1 ablets  ate  h-- 1 mi 1
sturdy,  k**-..!  nature 1  hei.
il.es • Tablt  *  ■
ni   1. iwel      tld   dl
I.T   l.l*    pell.*" I    ll" ."Ull \
« I  . has .l*-*.| the  Ta'.I. Is s
I-11 yon there is .... ..r.i. 1
«"'"'l        Mrs    Janes   Hall    It*
Mv   nil'--      S
Will'     l|t   '   .   ,..,, i,,,,       U.S.-.
IM    and    rapidly losing  '
11.im s own Tablets and
l...\   .'nn.l  him  and  In*  bal
enjoyed   g ««i   health ai
: iieiidiiiii      Mothers    ...
In r  Ho.1   this   im*.li. im   1
safe and can  ba given IO tl
icnilensi   baby,  or lu He
• .* 11   I..11    ur    girl   Willi   • -,
••neci    St.i.i in  all lift"
or by  11.llll l.l  IS cuts a  b,.x '
l»r   Williams Medicine ...    II
John iiayea, <>f London »'
few   ilni-   inni.   was  einpl"*
aa a dockmaker, d
1 1 he made 1. - th ...
KingHtun military gossip
tii.   'lite du Poal  baii.e >
11. in    win b.. remodelst
'I he   reglstiiitiuii  nf  Im"
aboltaha 1 by Um Iowa It I
But Ihe Great Consumptive Prcvtn*
totivc brought Health and Happiness to his Home
Loved  1.....
Roaklns  Waa it ., ease 0f love al
first sight?
Hoaklna No; second sight K|,e was
a widow, and be waa s widower, 11,1
ti mora Bon,
* rm   l*'||,„.
fir«ti-|,- Did yon see that beautiful
paper on the 111.11 at Uoldros'a?
"wend iiy y,.s 1 ,,„„,. rM- „,,„
Betting musl,,,, „„ „   V()Ilk),rH j,(B((in;
"Our do. tor "Mid there »s« no rafS '*
my wile as both her lungs wrrr effect**
says Mr. I. II. Wallet, of IVo'l *""•"'
Rriii-kville, Ont.      " It was a   s»'l  '||,,P'
potaimanl to us both, just starting •>.' "■
lile. only mari.rd a IBOrt l.n.r. Hn. l> n'"e
,lte had fuiislird the first bolllr nl l\)' '""
lhe pain in hrr lung, quickly went »**f'
«nd after taking nis bottles Mrs '"• ''"j
was a new itraiure and prilriily »•*'■
Thai it juttt one of Ihe m«ny I*..."""
into winch PajrchfeM has brought I'i"*
health and happiness. I. is a living I""'1
dial   I'syiinni-  cui.-i   (inisumplit'ii
doni wsii io. Consumption.    Cur« I'""
LaOHppe, your lough, your U.e..' '"'j''
your I a.ar I , or your Pneumonia wilh !"•
remedy that never fails-
I l'l,minim tn. Si k»»lll
50c. Per Bottle
Larger elsee at and ei   all drucs1"1**
OH.  T. A.  SLOCUM. limited. Toronto.
W     N     II     No.    683
iui  Delivery  Is  Too Costly.
postmaster-General   presented
in,nne ii report of the lnvestl-
made  by   Mr.   William   Smith
ftai)   ol   the    Post-OtBou     Depart
'' lD(j Mr.   Ooorge   Rous,   ohlef
[.•he.,   superintendent,  into   the
, ,,f un*  rural free delivery
In tbe United States,     The
fciiie lull went i" Washington lasl
ami  were received  wuh   evorj
I, aj by the United states postal
j.       i iiey state iiml it  waa ob
Ihul  tin* service  was very  in.im
mung ii Ololala, bul   there Is
I ,   iiightost Itkelih i thai u will
., • m,- self sustaining.     i>< tbe
,,l   ].,nl    yen.    Ihen*   Wi'le   III. nnn
... .i.iiiei v routes in operalIon,
,,, ,i ones being added ai tbe rate
, I, month,   'l be rule requires al
population of inn families on o
In.in .'it In Hn inll.-s lu length be
ill,, district  becomes entitled ta
,;, |,j, 11    The rural can lei stops
lin iiiii a mil'* "I aiii established
„iii,,.    There is no free delivery
Ui    ui towns of less than 111 i	
I   Hunts,    aiui   an   annual   revenue
I oui tha report saya that s
li *i i iu i it ih direction is bound in
irding in proaenl plana and al
,  .i,i  mien of nn  .in   coal  ..I
I, , i/lce   10   111.'   I'll I   Stale     'lil-
wlll certainly  be nol  less than
|, nini.. mu and a naif tu thirty
million dollars, while   the   de
, mnoi tic leas than twenty mil
.. i.mi saya that if such s sei
. giabllahed in Canada the
Hell  would amount  to mil
oi dollars, the  greater  portion
:.   burden falling upon tho agrl
report    clnses wiili tin* state
that iii ih.- opinion oi  the 'no
time bus not arrived f...
i in   Poal office Department
i!'•... a  rural  tr.*.*   delivery
roup Gomes
Hence the Wisdom of Keeping in the House
the Most Effective Cure
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
i ion, a well known . baractei
,unl. Me. waa un bla waj
to cut down Hum.- lues
.v.  ui. bis shonlder and
rrlei  dug following at   bis
-    rin*.  espied a woodchuck, to
0% ran* iiian". and drove
lone wall, when ntn.ui
or    once,        ' \1."'.-"   sen.
Ii - ic ing wiih the dog, in* decided
I. md  an.l help him      Bo
. it in position, witb   tin
',...   dog, ie* sralted for th.
ol   the chuck.     Boon   aa
.It. red. and "Abe" hi nick.
ri .-   ttlne   the   *
I mself up nnd pulled  the
• nougfa fur him iii ret
nd the dog era       led
after,   In relating the
WOUld   lilwals  n.lil        Ami
■  i.teiw   iu this day  bul
•  ■ ..|. buck    kill.  I    bun.
- ...*. Ik the fi ether empor
.toil.I The    lasl    fl   ilia!
L 21.
I Minister ol i'in.n.
.ill tu give the B)
omplete oontrol over In
I Curci  m   Cried,     lb t"   ate   a   few
null    of    tllT
r -   ln    I'i     Afnew ■
I" mil i    t..   live   up   lo ths
.-       In     nil     II     . lnlm»      Itlnliop
Rs,     In     I opal-
l(.-\      Di      Will,...»    mi.I    It. I ••
abers   ' M'-tti -I -l i    .1   le    N-w mnn.
.t -r..,..,,i.   . .  .
I     le)   r, nl»
of   the    pro
■nun Baal iispe lo con
■ ■    81 bei  .ui  I ulwai   Hindu
■    III   mil. ace   ll,.in    i -
o I...*
I.      '      Hale      you      an      iiii
In the in...nt. -      Doe
.. he and nave  you dlaal
i mr stomach la ■
-.••ii need  medicine      But
III.   in. ||i ,ii.       it.   thai
-. ie s,   iu   medicine inns'
nini. i     tin     i in   ini -lane-
.ii would procure s box ol
\. getable Ptlla and si*'**.*.i
ii in health, and at rive t*
Han,  Anderson   Memorial.
■ I ite .... nnn ini   in Hani
In i.-t*.. u  la a museum  tit
.it lated with htm
nils'ilin   bus   Imw    1" en
i  in..hi appropriate of nil
nn  tbe Danish    Island ol
-.. -I i    bullse   which   ll '
ihlbtta range from ihe
.is of Infancy to the
i te.l in upon the
delighted chlldn n ol
mil   the   1" ri   With   which
Ihi.  last  line i.f bla  work
■ i.i lorloally i.
nf ihe tn.nt. iiiii I- ihe com
ii  uf Ih lilit.n*. "f "i"
■ I     in   almost     every     Inn
lhe world.
I \\    ni  Tom ...   M.e-'i.l "'
I ,   .i.o iii.n system   opera-'"!
I - ,1.1.      I- on
m ilbm oomes down    Tlie grao.
■     '      ' Min.ilillllBllv    StOen   title, a   ta''1
I ■ -i-le.ltll     Illli*.    lullll    HUM.tU- ill
i< relative to   the   -..i. Ij   ol   'I *
w -.in n*i i ous tourists
I lei noon   a   lad)     !>"...     BoBtol
|*        hn eii in the real   ol   the  cat
ii.o.it to ...ake ii   aaoenl  ol
'.un, ami ii was ni i.ti'i  ob
l.j   several   thai   she   was  ea*
snsiottS  nt  In  tl.e  out, nine  "'
■ ity,
Does Your
Heart Beat
Yes. 100,000 times each day.
Does It send out good blood
or bad blood ? You know, for
eood blood is good health;
bad blood, bad health. And
V<>u know precisely what to
t«ke for bad blood —Ayer's
Sarsaparilla. Doctors have
endorsed it for 60 years.
• "!• frt-Mnntit ranie of hat! t*lt....l laa ilnrrt.li
."■*(- TIN. |....Hi,.-,n r.it..,l|i.ll..i, ri.Uitit-.il,
' o •'..,..,.,« II,.,, thaorlHtil |n1„ tli. blootl,
'tm..ti ,.r I.,,,,, ,,„„,,„i ,,,,„, o,, ,„„i, .un,
■■ ti..to. iiciitl-.l Ki.i-ii ll.. Imwali itpsn
""Ith inti I'm,, |lv(t p|l|a.   su ...(.labia.
UeAe.hr 3.0  AjmT Co., Lowell.
A ie» ssismufMiturvr* «f
J    Hais vinos.
*..! I   I I KI
tm kk* i*i i inssi.
B1,«hl hoars, nes   In tl irenlni
tbo >.iiiv warning of croup
Al""" mldnlghl the child awakes
""'",'1"" "i'i'i peculiar, metallic
""'!'1' called croupy, ami which
strikes  terror to the mother's heorl
'1'hen begins the sir iggie toi breath,
:ni11 " relief is to be obtained tn ...
Il"'1" mu il be prompl and effective
Anyone who has tested in   Chase's
Su" - -1 an,l Ttirpen	
''""'  ■'"'' croup   nin   noi   hesitate  to
pronounce  11  .,,,  unquallfled    act
"  I    » lorfiillj   prompl  in |i
Cli nini* the air |ias
si.Kon nl lhe head, nml soothing the
exi II. .1 iii i
I'i "i'i'- mei realise the suddenn. - .
with n hich i roup oomes on, and thi
dniiR i wii . ii a. companh it, usttallj
1' ■ i' suni.i ui lu ii,, , Syrup of
-I mui Turpentine , i .. houi • ■
foi  use in esse of emergency,
An  Incident   in  a Central   Indian  Mis-
nonary's Pursuit of a Wounded
i hi i.uiniuii Dally Mall has been
publishing on,, true stoi
sionary a Iventure Here is one from
Central India ll was dork, and the
win i> iiaii iii ■ was Oiled with the
iiiist'-iiiius noises "i the Jungle Two
men   ■■■ , plat
I  mull  in tin* boughs of a tn
ihi  sdgi   of the Jungle,   Below them
tbe undergrowth  was bla. k and
nn the iniHin h.nl not >t r risen    Bud
i' nil    there   waa   a   movement    as
h a portion ut . ■ had
detacne I ns>*if Irom the real ami be
ep   away.     Just al    that
■ nl   ilu   m..uu ru*.,- and revealt d
to ui.  eyes ..f Mi   B  D Price and Ms
i   the lltbe  body ol s p ■
- - it.inni ih.   umi" rgrowtta    A
• not i..ii. .. i* aiii  with a yelp ol pain
panther   disappeared   into   the
"A nn tin* sunrise,    the    I
i.iini' i nmi bis shikari tr. net nde I from
ihen* platform and began to examln.
ine panther's trail    ii fT.*e. ol th.
liuwn hi the pi t.
on the ground, which led ihem through
a couple of  hundred   yards nl
Jungle.    After crawling on hand
under    ihe    brushwood    they
.■■a. bed s narrow nnilah    \ III
v..mi Hns ii,.. came upon the wound
s i panthei
lire I imr • ii.   :   ni •   .*      too lon|
ibe si..i.  inul. ,i nuih*    The d
had    th*     :• ■- ill     however,    of
aa tin* animal Into falling from
tbe tree to Ibe ground, n hen 11 on. ■-
more recomraenct
i in   mission ii i and bla shikari foi
lowed   i| .ii   ot ll   led
them  iiiiniii   tu  a   ,|.. a and    II
r I    Inkeli   the
bin., i.f n   lim ■ •■ -let.-    The    panthei
• i,', i ■ 'in* nullah ai the centn of
■ ■I tbe bend an i turned along the left
.inn,  growling angril)
"Ullil   Ill   leal l    r.ll lies      lis  |tlli
.in,en  twentj  yards from
■ *:ii.in  .ui.!  skirted   li
iIght until ih. lop of the bt n l sas
ii a. In tl lb■•> a ball ii .- made whll.
M.    i'i Ice approacbe I lhe nullah   tl.'-
■ wlnnr in.iv ni the
end about two hundred yards d
i ii.-ii ii was still, The animal
i I., have vanillic I Sn Iden!)
I, sprang mil iiiiii unit . Mi Pi Ice's
it ei. I. ii Inx doubled back along lhe
ua*. 'c.mi s..     n ithoul    making    the
Mi    Price  t I rap
,n I   Bt. pi" ,1   h n I*   to  amid   tbe
.Hill,:   , r, on     fi II
...   n ni.ii    Thc   in \i    moment
in* panther was ,,;, him and had h**.' .1
.,     HI     ills    .11 III
.-su idenly Mi   Prict     I Ills foj 1.1
Hi      i,,!,>.  titw al  the panther  and
ti\. i  ir ■ i- i,." -.   tearing hard
u.-t it      i ton '■ lust 'I
the panther to leave the man and at*
nn i. ibe dog, and Mi   Pi n ,- was able
up and oul of Iho nullah
ami nm iu where the native trai
were i Tn 're he fainted, an.l
 I     I SCk      tO   his     b.llic.i'.'ii
iii ling from lourteen wounds,
Couldn't  Explain.
Polite Btranger (In  a  rallwa]
. .ai   io   leal old gentleman whom he
, . i i,ni iti   ki. I,, it    I  beg  y.iin
Ileal   Old   licnlleni.iii    Mh"
"I beg >mn- pardon, sir,'   the polite
.lull     cnili.ii i SS
se.i. ami in ii more i lerate I tone ol
Deaf    Old   Oentleman  (raisin    I
hand tt* his eai i    I don'l quite under
stand you.
■ i in- * your pardon!" roared the poi
ii • mranger, vori   mud ifuaod, In
i ,,.   deaf   old   gentleman ■   ear; "i
I.o , ,   I    li.ll "
I.  it old Oentli man    (very   much
siiriuisc 11     Whal   (Or?
\n accident!" roared lhe polite
Strang, i
■•An  accident"    Bless me   where!
nm the polite sm.nut-r thought it
i„.itei i , leave before he loat hts r. is
nu    Punch.
The Ant and the Blcvcle.
\ li.ii.-h scientist maintains that
in,', ant is ihe moat powerful living
creature for Its slse, nnd that the
manmade alfali which comes nesres
,„ feaiumg the ant's capacity and
npwora of endurance, compared with
hi,neural weight, is the bicycle.   He
bases blscalc tions on i-""* »" ' "
lorVat|ons, nml quota endless sUMfr
«es to l>rove his poln        '''/'"  '
, hicvcii* might   be   mnn
■*■"■■ '" RlSTHe
et.i and sin
.,il,,i a   tin*  sun..'   s,*. ..
in.. I. iol • rn Wcyc.es.ch
mechanical strength of design
.        ,„   ex, Ilngly   Hght   l.:.nic  nniV
.'   . J,,,,,, w„|, enormous we ght. He
.■.,. ^t «••• "^ ••*• *!S
vehicle whlcl raon mw '''.'.
i   en,.  ..,'  tnrrted by.   (ci ..mi
md Hint nannol
be lifted In Its " ,|"
'rin.   PYnncll sciential
i"l occupant.      rn   i rom-i
has   unintentional!)   called   ■"" '"'
,.,   Iiicvclc as u. I  tbC .....sl  I"-"
I,,,   ol   in rn   Inv.-nil.ms.
,,„n|.*i*v vulture ii..i.- attacked mer
tt„o wSmen In the valley ot C ihea
Cl III.hi   Of   Villain.
HlBhop Macdonald of Harbor Orace^
Newfoundland,  hns  realgned bis  *
owing to hi health.
i'"i*   bronchitis,   whooping   cough,
I ibma, mnl every form of throat and
bronchial trouble, this great family
nu llclne is a quick and oertaln cur.*.
Mrs,   Ueorge    Brown, Ti  Harboard
Street, Toronto, writes; "Our children
have i n very subjeel to croup, and
we inni* found thai In Chase's Byrup
nl Linseed and Turpentine hns always
brought quick relief. Hy using It al
the iiim sign of trouble the disease is
. becked al once. We always keep
tl remedy in tbe house, and, In (act,
fi el umi «e oould nm du without IL
v\ "• also n ii for coughs and col is
iiiih excellent results, and recommend
II to um  friends,
i here sn   imitations of Dr Chaae's
■ i nmi Turpentine, Be
■ '"i se.- the portrait and signs
ol  in    \   w. ('has,, the famoua
.' celpi book author, on ths bottle you
1 u ■     ."■ ' ents a  bottle;  tamtl)   size.
three tlmi    a   much, 00 cents; al nil
dt alers   nr Bdmanson, Bates  «•   <'....
it iiiiito
Deserted  Ireland.
Bin..  the census of 1900 waa taken
" '■ 'I* -'"". English emigrants have
settled iu Um l lined Siatus, the year
ended wuh Jul)   l806, showing a iarg-
imbei   'linn  any   y. ni   ilni e   1896.
\ m *.i Impetus bus been given iu Irish
immigration wltbln tbe poal two
.'*• *'is, u nun  winch is quite perpl. x
■ thuse   native   Irish   societies
which have i u   unsuccessful!)   al
tempting t>. stop tbe greal national
leak for so many years    Tha nnreat
mong tbe young native iiish ele
menl li still wonderfully strong. An
American traveller in Ireland Is ns
much impressed wuh thbi (act aa he
is with anything else In that country
nf remarkable things Everwhere be
sees and beam <>r wholesale departure
for the iiii,.*.I siato;-. Even In ths
.rai h.iihi.-'s tin- ..hi people
.an in* Beard lamenting some recent
t \n im, ol iln inns* promising young
boys inii L-iris Almost every man or
unman linn s traveller meets snd
mlks wiih iii Ireland has a number nf
broth. lers  or very near ni-
nines wim nave recently left tor the
United states
Emigration agencies exist In every
part of Ihe Island. Every village has
a  steamship agent, to whose adven*
■ is -u use every Inducement to
ace Ihe young men and women
to emigrate Blnce thi • pay must
com.- frnm the steamship tickets
which thev s.li. the agents take good
■ sre to s *e iimi many >.f them ar.* .lis
Of In the (nurse of n v. ar.    Tht
■ •  posters  which  they flaunt  in
f the young i pie who nro
an 1   in.-!   ttnvt'i.iM   to
Iferlng the cheapest  Iran
minds,   falinlo.is
nthe. - Ide of the Mian
• ,    prove 1m     table tn tl       remae
11 •-io {  jhe immer
ii favan   Oalwav ami
i   •       |i be. n  dt nopul ted   and
i and  ii"-
on   hav*'  been strinped or tin*
Of th.dr old-time  armies of
farm laborers
Minard's  Unlmenl Co., Limit ■!
I   wi.- very   sick with  Quinsy and
.*    i    would   strangle,   i i. -s.-.i
MIN vni.'s   i.immk.n r and  it cured
in.- in once
I am never a Ithoul i; now,
yours gratefully,
Mlta  C   I.   PRINCE,
N.inw ic, -wank.   'ni.   -lsl.
An   Explanation.
,\ weatern Kansas postmaster wan'
, ,i to Inform (be public thai the loca
nun ui   the   poal   office   had    been
, ,i. sn  be  Inserted   tins  notice
in tin* local  paper;    ' Tin* poal office
has b en moved t  whei.* it a
where II is now."
Geometrical   Poems	
Henri Mlorge, s young French poel
a nr. n a volume rn poetry, called
the    Bplrll  ol   Oeometry."   He sings
Ho-   charms   Ol    the   piualleb.pipoili.li.
in,  asymptote, and the il. bold, and
noes iln pons aalnorum on Pegasus'
back in nothing since "The Loves
ol the Triangles" have the figures ol
S| eh been so remarkable.
Pour tiio.isuii.i printers hnve gone
mu ,,,i sn ike in Paris for a nine hour
The nitrate induatry of ('hill yields
the government tbe em.rin..us annual
■.nm ,,i |2B,ooi  in gold from ths
export duty.
Ask  for  Minard's  and   take  no   other
it is stated that at leaat M.OOO
square miles ..i forest In Liberia an
ci, red with lb-use rubber tree f.n.-sis
ii„. Most Popular Pill. The pill is
the must popular ..f all forma of mcdl
cine and of Pills the nmsi popular are
i .uiiieiees Vegetable   Pille,   I auae
ilnv .in what H la aaaerted they can
,i,i ' and are not put forward on an)
ini,I,,ms claims to excellence. They
are compacl and portable, they an
easily taken, they do nol nauseate nor
gripe, mm they give relief In the mosl
stubborn cases.
one hundred and fifty of the 670
members ..r the new British Huns.
oi commons (u*e total abstainers.
%  PILLS 4
The First Lady of Ireland,
The Countess of Aberdeen Is a lover
of humanity,     When Lord Aberdeen
was goveruur-Gunerul of Canada, trom
H93 to 18t.il, ihe Countess was pro*
uubly thu most conspicuous an 1 pop
ular woman lu Canada, She was
born on  the estate 1u   Inverness shl.e
i.. inrj, und was married to l_rd
Aberdeen In 1877. In 1880 when
Lord Aberdeen became viceroy of
Ireland she accompanied him to a
poai that required diplomacy and tacl
It was al a time when the | pis wen
sullen umi discontented, tor tin* i.""t
supply   Inul   failed.       The   warmth   uf
iimi Lady's presence and her wnrk on
their i.ehnii soon won over lhe people,
wim w.ie ui.led materially, sin* waa
directly responsible for a revival ol
ti..* ia.*** making industry In Ireland,
ami ordered Hint all guests to Hi.'
. nsiie iii  Ifii 1,11ii musl  wear Irish pup
iiii.   sn.- organised tha Women's Liberal federation, which lias a member
hip ui 80,000,   Now, unci- again, Lady
An, uie. ii is the Oral  lady ur Ireland
"It's this way." explained lhe client
1 The    telle.*   I l|||s     '.ot ii.eli      |!|ull|ii
place ami mine,   He claims thai I an
 ih  un   his  land  and  I  Insist   lhal
in* is treapaaalng on mine. No* whal
would you do   11   you   were   In   my
"If I were In your place," replied lb.*
lawyer, ii it*, over and niv.* Brown a
elgar imve a drink with blm, snd
I • ihe controversy In ten minutes, Hut
as ihin^s stand, I advlaa yon to su.*
him by all means. i^*i no arrogant,
domineering, Insolent pirate ilk.*
Hu.wn trample on your sacred rights!
Assert your manhood and courage, I
need the money!"- Modern Society
ir .>u.' children moan and are rest-
lei ,, i'ing sleep, coupled, when awake
in i a loss of appetite, pale counten
nlie.., picking ui the noae etc., yon
may depend upon II that the primary
cause of the trouble la wormi Moth
in* dravea' Worm Bxtermtnatoi effect
iintiy removes these pests, al once re
lieiiinr   the   lltUte  suffer.II
The c inch iii which th.* Lord Mayor
of London rldea .... state occasions
has been In us.- sin.-.- it:,;
Minard's Liniment used by physicians
The leaders of th** constitutional
democrats In Russia are divided on
the question  ol   legislative  program
When Bjby had Scsld Head—When
Mother had Sal. Rheum—When Father
had   Pile*.    1'.     v. .nent   save
lie   quickest relief nnd surest cure   These
■ mn ,,f truth picked from .'-.ttniony
which  Is iril • r: . . ■ .   - tilest
..* healers II nn* nevei been matched
In niiiiii-.. qualities In Kei. tnu. Tetter,
I'lies, it
Military movements  on s conaldei
scale, an i"-ui^ organised at D :-
ban t. suppreaa the  r.i..iii..us Zulu
ti   ■
Can Only Obtain Health Through New.
Rich Pure Blood  Made by Dr.
Williams' Pink  Pills.
Urowtng girls   -iris In their teens
must hav rich, pun  bio id  Healthy
womanhood   depends   upon  the  vital
chain;.* irum    girlhood   to   maturity
i'i. it   woman  should  nm*-  carefully
wal.ii   hei ■   Iii nlil.  nl   thia
•■ns period
has beadachea, If sin- is thin, pale and
languid,   it   shows   thai hei  stendei
blood supply  is li.-ni. Sh*
will always be ailing and ma] slip In
in a hopeless decline oi consumption
n hei   blood I- ""i  built up at Mice
With   Dr.   Williams'   Pink   i'llls.      The
. I blood which these pills make
bring    health   and strength to ■
and make iiuii, Hatless, languid
i nis. bright, roaj di* * k. d, si ttv,
strong    Miss Maggie Donahue, Krina
Vill,-, onl . sai*.   "Befbre I began the
ol  Dr  Wllllama' i'mk tills I iraa
i,aiii     run  down, and II  seemed as
n i ugh my blood had turned to a
i  cis i* ri pale, suffered from b. id
aches and palpitation of the heart and
often  I  would  pas. si.*.*)...
I im,,11 nothing to inip me until I be*
nnn    tbe    us.*    of Ur.  Williams' link
i lis. and  theae have  full]   >'■ ston l
ri i can truthfully say l never
enjoyed bettei health than I am now
.1* .nc."
When   Ur. Williams' link  Pills re
had blood will,  u.u.i blood  they
strike straight al the root of all com
mon ailments like anaemia, decline.
Indlgeatlon, kldne) nnd liver troubles,
i,i,m eruptions, erysipelas, neuralgia,
s. Vitus dance, paralysis, rheumatism,
and the speclaJ  ailments o
and women. He sun* an I gel
ii,* genuine puis with the full name,
■ in* Williams' I'ink Mils inr Pali
People," punier on the wrapper ar
mn i   each      'V    Sui i bj  medicine
dealers or s nt by mail al 60 Cents
a box oi si\ boxes for J.50 by srril ng
The     Dr,     Williams'     Me,Heine    Co..
BrockvUle, Ont.
Bulgarian     bands     were   wiped   oul
hi  Turkish troops, forty being killed
in tbe encounter.
Nune'a Good Words—"I sm s rimfe**-
el,.mil nuns." wrli.s Mm Klsner. Hall*
tn N I I wns a great sufferer from
ih, nm.i.i*in almost constant senicls-
II,ai with best eliysl, lain, I hail every
chance **f a curs If it w.*i-c In thai.- power
l.ut iht'i fnlleJ Smith American
lthfiimatlc Cure war, iet omtnrnlcil -lo.
(tin nn six rears of pain t»c*m ss a
dn nin    Two bottle*, curse mc  —10S
a British torpedo boat was rammed
an i sunk by a destroyer iii naval man
iiciimcs ai Valleta, Malta.
Remarking Western Trails.
i'./ia Meeker, a pioneer and historian of thu North West, has set out
iioui Seattle with u yoke of red oxan
uud u "prulrle schooner" to tracts ihe
old Uri-gun trull from Tbo Dalits eastward td Itidlai.KiKillH. "From The
1'..IK *-,' t.e says, I expect to go across the lilue Mountains to Pendleton,
then iu La Qrande, up the Bnake river
Id Foil  Hall, ami on 1 111.mull II..* South
Pass in the (Rocky) mountains. Then
tne trail K'yt down to Bweetwater,
im* Nuitii Platte, In Nebraska, and
the main Platte tu its Junction with
thu Mlssouii Rlvei iityumi thai
point, "i course, there was no definite
trail. Ita branches radiated (anwlae,
u.hi made up the feeders lo this main
stream "i emigration to the North*
Wesl, the one over which Mr Meeker
plodded in 1868 extended to Indian-
apt.us, tapping Illinois, Indiana ami
Ubto, Whatever may be thought of
..is fantastic repro Inctlon <.i tha trap
pinits ui the original trall-makera, ev*
* i .um* nun something ui ih.* prairie
madness" In his blood, whetbei II
comes from experience or from the
perusal ol Parkman and the earlj
travellers, will wish the old pioneer
end iiis .ndi pin wagon luck on the
.•lit.n montna' journey, ii will, per
si a i, iu awaken Intereal In s
movement which is surely ..f mora
ni in i"' al Intereal thai to mark oul
detinue!) iln* old ma,is which led Into
in., wesi before Brat hand knowledge
oi tbem is lust
Do the  Banks Bring Them?
in a special aiti.ie in ihe Brooklyn
Ki.Kii, Julius Chambers says the ex..
tins ui Aineiic.in farmers Into the
Canadian weal bus become u (light.
What, be uses, la tbe reaaonl     n<*
d. bl*-s inni the SOll is better ill Canada, ii.- offers tins explanation: "1
nave an Idea thai the banking methods in Manitoba nr.* tairei to the farmer, in i.hi country the bankers
extort usurious interest from the
farmer when tee needa money to bar-
real oi to move bla grain. Thei
know be must hnve their help, and
tbey put tbe screws on tha borrower."
liu not hi u cold settle on y.'Hi
lungs. Resort to Uickle's Anti.'ni.
sumptlre Byrup al the Bret intimation
oi Irritation In tha throat and prevent
, e from lodging In the pulmonary organs. Neglected colds are ths
cause ut untold suffering throughout
tbe country, an ol which could
, .* u iite.i by the application ..t
,ius   Mm, :■    imt  powerful mt I
. ne  | tilings  it  within
in* reach ot all.
The average man displays s lot oi
enthusiasm when hi  gets s chance to
talk     uhnut     Ins     troubles—Chicago
Lull!    N
"Hello! neighborly bore.
what are yon building tha m*w- chick-
• ..    hie..-,     I
"Fur a cup  defender," replied  Pep
prey,   I hoar i-iir 1 nomas Upton  Is
inihiiig   ol   challenging   us   again
—Philadelphia l'reas.
It will Prolong Ufa    De Sota. tin
Spaniard, h.s. bis Ufa in the wilds ol
rlorl ia. whither he w. nl toi th.
poee of (Uncovering   the    legendarj
Kuuntnin   uf   Perpetual   Yuuth,
r.i exist in that then unknown
ni     while   Dr.    Thomas     B.
in * iii imt pel p*' tab   youth, II will
reii.oi.   tne lii.dil.i   pains which    make
.*.   i-ouug old before their Um.
l.e* ag.,1 Into untune!.*  craws
Glass Broken by lhe Voice.
n is scarcely credible, but II is a
lac. inai .ia-- can be broki a by Un
i,nc,    ii .mi sirfke a thin wtne-glaas
you hold it by ti.,* stem it win
emu a certain n..t<—In moot cases s
pretty deep one.   tm approaching thi
gtaaa rapidly   to   yom   month,   and
h. same note as loud*
ii  us pitssihic tin* vibrations of the
in Ing thereby extended, it w>u
ihtvered   Into   fragments.   This
to i.e a favorite experiment ol
i.iti,i.ii in*,  ihe renowned singer, who
would llius break, one alter the Other,
,. man) glasses as were handed to
A Teapot Tost
There Is in.t.e taiarih In Ibis lection
ol lie couiuiv thnn all other illi.ea.ee
,..ii i..m ih.i. an.l tinitl tin- lam lew years
,u luppoMd I** i"- Incurable. ior s
gt.ai inaiiv years doctors iironoum-eil It
ii local dleeasc aiel ptcscrlbefl local rem-
, ill. - and bv constantly fallloK In cure
wiih local treatment pronounced li Incurable. Science lint proven calarrh lo be
a eunsiltiitliinal disease nnd therefore re-
qulres consiltutlennl treatment. Hall e
t inn rh Cure, manufactured by F. J
Cheney tV Co., Toledo. Ohio. Is the 0l}ly
cnnslltullonal curs on the market. It le
taken internally In doses Irom 10 drops
I.t a ti iiHiiooiiful It nets directly on the
blood ...i'i mucous surfaces of the syilpm.
Thev offer one hundred dollars for any
case It fulls to cure. Send for circulars
ami testimonial*-.„,.,_ . _ _ , _ _
Atlrrss    K   .1   .illlNKY A Co. Toledo. O.
Bold  bs   IuukkIsIs.  7(tr.
Take Mall's  lainlly  I'llls for constlps-
"""' ____——
Koiirlecn  linn.lied snlltirs  belonging
to the Portuguese warships which ra
, .nm   mutinied are routined In bur
Keep Minard's Liniment In the house
His Hand a Sun Dial.
Walter Nason, living in Newport,
Me. has the mysterious ability .n be*
Ing*able t.. tell the accurate time of
day by simply looking In the palm ut
ins hand ns another would look al bis
Watch     Mp one In.s been able In lean.
his nictlirW.  and  In  fuel  he himself
cniiniil  explain the suiiice uf his pun
cr    i-i.nnv of the people <>f the village
(fhO doubted     his    p..wer.    iiii.I     who
looked upon n us a "fairy story," hnve
in* their own ..hsi'iviiilmis ami expert
ments become convinced nf lis troth.
—Thurston  (Me.) Journal.
The Growth of Children.
i, ni the age of eleven >.r twelve
n ... ,i are tallei Bad heavier than cirls
ihen in.* girls t"i the next (aa
surpass tha hoya both In weight and
height;   but  the boya soon  overtake
snd peas them.   The suns of non-lab
or<ng parents are taller and heavlei
iinse  id   InlioiitiK  parents,    i'h*
heads of mils nr,* little rounder than
inns-   ni   boys,   and   alwaya a little
i r. It bas I..*, n found that chil
.1.en grow imt Hub* finni the * n 1 ol
.von mil.t io uie end of March; po*
tan im: Increaae little in wolghi torn
.nan h mi August; ami Increaae main
ij in voicti! and little in height from
August to November.
Motor Car Banned.
Although   the   Vatican   bas given
n mnny iiiincs and allowed mod
ern innovations to creep within hei
mum   walls,  uu  one  poinl  she  is linn
will haw none of the automo*
bile, i ms creates more aatontahmenl
among the muni  atrangara  win. go
-.  than .my other tact when* all is
strange, n one m>**s In s cai
in* ma., penetrate as fai us the Court
oi s.ui Damaaco, bul In an automobile
the naies are resolutely do* .1 to blm
ini neither love nor monei win open
ihem. i ins dislike of modern means
of locomotion is of long standing, Leo
mm is credited with having owned s
motor car and having uaed it In the
Vatican gardens, but this is entirely
untounded; he nol onl) did nol use
one himself, bul refused lo allow any
ecclesiastic to do so,   Plus x has ful
low ci the sain.* policy and has Stead
iiy negatived the applications of eevei
ai cardinals who live at some dis
tance from their dtocesea The only
iu..ice nf the church to disobey is
Cardinal Kerrarl, archbishop of Milan,
who, anion; bis brother cardinals, is
looked upon us s gaj young thin.; who
adopts tins inshiun oi sowing the in
.'Viiii!.].' wild oata! The seem i ,.. thi
\ in .inn are often in..si comical The
a., conquering car. accuatomed to have
all mums scalier before It, la brought
up slum by a closed unto. Even th.-
motor seems ii. look astonished, and
n.i    nun.imt     nf    lootings   makes llie
least impression on the blank wall.   II
a guard appears al nil ii is only to
■hake his snli.l  head   Until, Hied   With
making a noise, the automobile retires
beaten,   rail Mall Oaaette,
To prove Its superiority over all Japan Teas.
Lead     Packets     Only,    40c,    50c,   and    60c.     per    lb.   At   all    Grocers.
Highest Award at St. Louis 1904.
Cling to
Hold tost to all you have. There's
not A single hair too many. Than
fasten  it tightly in  place.   Hall's
Si '"
Veg«tabl«   Sicilian  Hair  Benewer
stops tailing hair, makes the hair
keeps the scalp h-aalthy.
tht. wb.lknr, snd n»iu,t»rb« *•• *****_*•
In'cKINOMSM'S ItTE It o.lui, . rUb brown
or . ."ft M«*-»    K f HSLI S en   Wntbon N  H
Hit Quaint Description of the Opening
of Parliament In His Native  Paper.
A Fijian whu witnessed the opening
of Parliament by the King wrote a
uii.st Interesting aoeonnt of his expert*
etc■•■- f ir tils native paper, "Na Mata,"
a translation ot which Is given In The
Sp. otator,
I'irsi be deals wiih the causes which
gave rise to the slate opening.
' Parliament had lu-.-n conferring fnr
a long time and divided counsels had
" he writes, "and It seemed tu
the King that Its reports to hi.n were
wavering, and thnt what It desin-d was
not the desire of the people of the
land. So he decided that it should be
Then he discourses upon a "chief-like
boy -.ilt, la very mmd-natured to u»
l-'IJ.anrt, the one wh,. fed us with crabs
and gave us pipes." This "boy" got a
in '-t useful letter' from the police,
which "prevented the people of the land
frtm crowding us. so that we might
well see the King."
He was found a stand In Parliament
street, or. as he terms the thoroughfare, "the path of Parliament."
"As we wait* d we saw pass the
great chiefs and their ladles in their
carriages. Who can tell their Splendor, the chttfs in their robes of war
and their robes as n 'bleg of the land.
and the ladles with gulden crowns daz-
rbng Ilk- lightning with diamonds and
precious atones? Who can tell it? It
was like a dream or the glory of the
"Where we st od », saw all sorts of
people For this Parliament have been
* li ■--• n many vn.rklng men by the people as their messengers   to   the   big
council. This-Is a new thing, as formerly members of chief-like tribes only
Were  ch   sen
"I saw one of ihese messengers of
the working men to Parliament. He
was waiting arbors we were The man
had a red Dtcktls on I was told that
was a badge of a workman, as it is nm
tbe coal m f p. , f chief-like-birth
to  ... ar r.*.l n.*.*'..
'-Just before   it    struck   two   of   thi
lands  along  the  path   wan
beard playing '<;"ii Bave the King- and
the voices of the  lords    f  war  BS
■ut   Present arms" and then ap;
the King
"In front of him went four carriages
With six horses tach I draw them
tin the hoiaea sat m.-n. and other men
ran alongside. These carriages had In
them the high chiefs who serve th*
K nk- Then came a warrior band on
h r--. hack, with a handsome young
chief in the centre, who carried the
Stan lard     f  trie   K     |
"When   they    had    passed by,    then
ih.* King ln a golden coach, drawn
by  Sight   Wl -.  white  as  milk
As  he  appeared,   • v, r>i. ,,i>*   took  off
their hais and  shouted Hip,  hi;
r.iy'   and   the   sound   of   th     try   via*,
like  the rear of  the  surf on  lbs  red
In the gnat J..y at seeing the King.
"The standards opposite to us were
lowered to the ground in salute, and
tha b lis -rf the big church of Westminster rang  out       The  King 1
his   .lead   il. -il.d   '...lulled   It.it.
hat. returning a military salute to
the gl.itlm-ss ef ihe people of the land.
".< rut* ' Bomb ' bow hands,tme thi
King Is Who can describe It? He Is
hands'in and tall and portly, even as
a true chief of Kiji
"The chief-like boy with whom I unsaid that we shttuid meat In the even-
Ing sr! ' ther friends and have
a feast, as a finish up to cur Joy at
having se. n the Kinc. That thing hap-
i*i I mil w. fed at a house of feasting called the House of Julius.
"The en ner is n Frenchman ren
skillful In preparing food, and u
pleases chiefs and ladies t - feast then
The night 1 was there It was full of
and ladles I sew a lady there
who. It was said,  was the mother of a
chief who  concerns  us.  tba sssistsni
teg Boribe f"r in.* colonies    *-*he i
i   in., very beautiful,  with a splendid
dreas snd ornaments.
"When lhe frenchman knew* I was
a KlJIan. great was hi- gu-nl nature to
rm* and l.e said Unit I should go ami
Sea tils kitchen, and he t'*,*k me Ihere
Stuiilt ■■ B ■ i I. * lb* u, ..HI. of the
white m.n;   the sane pais were silver
The   Russian   steamer Kazan is a-
sl   near Colombo, Ceylon,
Prof, Curie, the dlaooverer nf nullum, waa .un over and killed by n
wagon iu Parts.
iumil    Ankc,   iln*   new   Japanea.
minister to Waahlngton, says all dan
■ i ui fiiinin.' in Japan w iii be on t
by September.
Murdered 2.500  Years  Ago.
A tragedy, dating back to the nprnse
Age, whi.h terminated In Qraat lirimin
ai. ut r,»o ii c. has been discovered by
tha Yorkshire (England) Ramblers'
Club In Ihe course of an exploration Of
Llttondala Cave, mar the Village of
Various portions Of a human skeleton
were found, Including the skull, some
being burled In Stalagmite, and al
bearing evidence "f extreme ags
Prof. Boyd Dawklns, to whom   the
skull   was   submitted,   believes   It   be-
longed to a female Celt, who probabl)
lived   towards   lhe   termination   of   th.
Bronsa Age. says ..  correspondent of
Th.* Yorkshire Pbl rvcr She was apparently about 40 years Ot age. and war
n it giiiul-li.uklng. fur her upper teeth
projected nnd her nose stood nearly al
right angles to her face.
Ph| owner of the skull evidently met
lur death from a blow* by some shM-p-
polnted weapon, as there Is a small irregularly shaped hole, penetrating t*se
Inner tsbls of tha skull.
Probably the blow did not prove Instantly fhtaL and she crawled vp th,
civ., to It- inn-riii'ist ret" ses lo die, the
posltl n In ii hich Ibe bones were found
precluding  lbs   Idea  of burial.
Slander Is a polsbn wblcb eitl>
gulsbes charity, oola. In tho slanderer
uml lu the person who listens to It, so
ih.it S single cnluniny may prove fatal
to an lulliilte number of souls, sluce It
kills not only I'"1*"-' 'vll° circulate It.
l.ut uUo »H Uw *vUo *-0 uo' rt*,*'i
X5ha Food
THat  Builds
Maybe   you    think    of
Mooney's Sodas only as a
toothsome   tidbit     Don't
overlook their food value
Cream    Sodas
are made of finest Canadian wheat flour, pure butter and rich cream. There s
nothing else of equal size
and cost that contains so
much wholesome nourishment.
^An ideal food.
All    sroetn   have   tl__-rVc-ii
mi er-bp in    »u*-nshi    pa-ias*
\ \ \*   No doubt vou :. DWii A <10
this season.
M Ae no mistake — it's the kind
t ta! b fruartnteed to kt-ep yoa drjr
and comfortable in thr hardest
storm. Made in Black or Yellow.   Suld by al. reli__ie dealers.
CO., L
Dr. Leonbardt's Hem Roid curae
any form of Piles. Internal. External,
Bleeding. Blind, Itching, Suppurating,
etc., are simply names of tbe stages
through which every case will pass It
It continues
Piles are caused by congestion ol
blood ln tbe lower bowel, aad it lakes
an Internal remedy to remove th*
Dr. I.contiardfs Hem-Roid Is s tablet taken Internally, and no case of
Piles has ever been found it failed to
cure     Money back If it does fall
11.00 at any dealers, or the Wllson-
S'yle Ce., Limned. Niagara Falls, Ont.
Over a Quarter of a Century
wo have successfully treated nervous
diseases caused by  Drink  nnl   Drugs.
5oo.ut.Hi cures is our record. We
speak truly and say thnt failure to
obtain a cure by the Keeley Treatment is a failure of the mnn and not
jur  methods.   Send   for facta.
Address In confidence
133 Osborne St.,  Winnipeg.
Tht KtigUih bom*, dye.   A nkt of
•o*p   Clean, quick, uie   Brilliant color*
Dyes to niv -Uude.   Vou can't waah tbe
color out—.I'd fa.lele..     1*\ r. anything.
The latgett Mte In tbe Buti.h Bmpira.
ioc lor Colort—i,c for Black.
All dealeif ui  K   1.   BaMUDKT & Co.,
Human Oddities.
A  person's  eyes nre out  of  line in
two cases oul ol tin*, and one aye i«
stronger than the other In seven per
smis imi "f ten, only ..nc person ill
iitifi'ii .is perfect eyes, tip* largest
percentage of detects prevailing among fniriialrcil people, The smallest
nin.iiii.il uf 80IHK1 cm. bv* ilisiiiiiruish
fit better with .m.* ear than with both,
ilu* nails of two lingers never urow
with the same rapidity, thai of the
middle linger Browing the fastest,
while that ol the thumb grows slow-
est.    Ill    llftyfoiir    cases out of one-
hundred the left K*k is shorter than
uu* right.
Clucks which arc on I v Wound up
nniv n year c.'in imw In* purchased tin*
about ten dollars each. The "400-day
clock" was produced in 1870, bu' the
difficulties of manufacture made the
cost s.i iiiiii thai very tew were sold,
and the Innovation n.is given up,
There is no swinging pendulum to th.'
clock. The pendulum turns list t.i
the riKbi  nml then  i.i tha left, and
nciiiit■■  Is iiim.*  nway  with.
W    N    U     No.    r>83 WH_M£»3)
' ""*r *   *«(*?-
.1-I'rl1 t.*rl »l i-   ii i.i oBa Published
..i i t-ikii-..!.. in.tl Pi'iiui l_kir,*v,*rv I'liurNilii*
i   K lil n  Im
•Bl.i'iSfi, - t.'i < t,i   nit, .,(
I  *  -.--I lu Iln rnluitim.
i ri'N|,i>liil,*iili- en-
ill In.  .1     ,11.   t.    i' i ..K.'il   m    III,* ml.   nl In
c* 11, per line, Um- insert!.,.., '.'.'I m *-*-,.ih .*.'.
,1'    .     .HI'll  .I.lft*t|l't.|ll    l||- -l-.llll,
i.-rtiii-Bt   ii-i.   .',*n i   iiii*. ulici'iMti
uli it   nm le k inivii ,, i   iijitiiifiillnt- nl nflli-i
.H eisorln.'.in 15.(11 h tear. In itrtvi	
A lieu miner..! elitin. mli.sie ill iln
1 nnn   l.nlie   ti inli.if   tir i«i "f   \\ .*-•
K  in.el'.I.     li* III'-   .
IVIII ?■• I ■ c ' :  t Hi nunin:ii nf   *5il*i ei
t'll|. t*unit sin .tr brt.l •■' Km i n i k
Inii* m.li. *•• ll ni I .ill in « brm «...
».!•• I* VJ.t\ n.i KS8,IH8 mreni for J..hi
ll. l'iper, r il I' Nn R88II1 I. H.nl
('!.» !,*« Ab. .ihiin mon, Pill' N'.
lixltir-'    in en.I,   siviv    dr. .a   : ..in   He
.1     t* III*  .- '  , In       H|i|ll        tu ll l"
.' ..ilm   UuCtinlel    !•-'    s   1 .Hill.Hle>
I      riHViui'ii'*.   fir  tin*   |tiir|t.tsr nli
I. tut -g   a   Urt.W.i  liraitl   ic   lb.*   sl.ttit
■ lie.
1...I   (iirlher  take uulice thai nel it.i
,. ler sectl*,..  .-I*.  111o***t   lie .-..ni.iieu.-,*,
I Itrf 'lie ic-us   ce i.t (',.. iti. -uie ul   In
I      tieille.l.l..
Mated Hi.. .Si i, .(hi .*; .In  r. \ n. I'm
t'n nmi*-. ---".ei   i mto  i.tr packing nl Minim: t*up   i.*-   ere
:•. .■-•■ iiftju. tn t 'in .litstt-j...,
it   -I      - i as.- i ;i*f, .mil im work undertaken guaranteed
*-..-.-.;., i*.' v.
S. DANEY, P-x>j>.     Ferguson.
tkr.0g.il _Nr'0tice?.
'tl K**4i;i.ir-A„1H  nf-   IMPII..VI Ml NT,
i.e.. I'klsll,Inns -"'in. mineral claims
.11 uu:.  in     ia  I inni I i.k.' Minii.il ''in-
*>i I I'i cat K'liileinn rllalrinl.
H :    i,„ ile.l.  Id ml el I nke On .-!(
'! il; >n-i* il. H I   .1   W, l'l i-in. i" ••
,, ... - nn iflci.iu v.. hi,si i fnr my
fli , -I n-t agent for .-**. \ i*nth«*rl i»l
in ■ *•* • i.r-u'.ilh li.ni-i* While, t ....- .
. . , I7H, \. I»..l Ir*, . ... .*. Nn (Wil.?, in
:     i 1.1 .in*. ...*. r .i ne hereof, .■• ...•. li
.. he Minimi Hn'tirili-i .ir.'e.li'rt"" »•'
I in11in* Is iui* i lie pur  n-e •«. ■ ilii i ..-
I  I.-  rn.WII L.-III    '.-    .1 * he ..ll-ne els I I.n.
titd t.rlIter ii.* nice Dial   st'ilm
n*i. le* seel imi .'l. rtinsl lie euii.ui i '*.*'l
1 ibe i •nsi.ee **l -...-I. .*•-'   "i'i. •' "I
III.    'UVe     elil*. |.«***.. H.e    I   ll 'I'll   "'
May, \   I. , li*.*
.1   t\.<lllr-M
Trout Lake I
Rawl idinR
» -*''"'UI'IV,
Stables at   Tint lake.
\... he   »  li V       1 - '.»     IW
ii -...tli- sfl   . .Ih •   I ■    en    t    i.i
. :■ . i*    .'.. in tl.   II ... i li   I i'.i ii
i  |«ei  per "f I.m * tl- *  >i W "i I- - i".
i  * e i-i1 lie . -■•   t"  hi    i  ■' ci ■ *
!• 1 MV   lllll •• i    fr <•  loll   ni. r
t ,-»rril» 'I   lat).I -   sit.,   te i  .i l,f..l
.'   .. utile fi • tn    In    rtfii!      -    ne
'J't'tlH    I. ik     and     ii   " t'   2    .. I
I .....   (i  >r tri.   c >iu ••  i."i   ^   a>
]. n- in rke   J   I). K  nnedy's VI
. nr *e    i "si h.e    e     Wl eliai.iK,
f. .-ni •• "-nini. IjQ .*i ;. n    t   ini'     n
80 ci.i.in-. i'e  ce     • rl'* 81) cl..i'n,
lu |. i*,i    i' .-.linn   nee ..* i.i.
I>*.*.l li-l.. i \|.*   i'.nli:
J    11.  K K.S.N Hi) Y
I'.    \   K   .  r   \tten
Notice i*-  li* rel.v  given  ll.nt Iw.
months after tiatc 1 intend 1>, innk-
a. | iicuti" III the Cli ef I 'ummis-
si., er of I.hihIs ntn) Works for S
s|*ecinl license t>* cut uml earn
away timber for tl..* foi owing de-
sciii.ed laud* ait nated on Ab n
e iu creek about  j ..I a mile fr*mi
I'll"! '!' I.\K
.-» •   -      . it  us nn Walei ni|plt"l   hj   Hie
^VirilCl* (8) f   |,M:,'M V " ir'  assured of Hbao.
•  • hie purity.    f*»«>vernment Analysis
l •»      '^i>     **■*' I" hack up alaletnenta. :
3ar well Supplied with Lh„_rs &. Cigars * «*s _*jj^j^l^l^
M*lO. (WlW-^^
Supply 00,
I.n* _,* <   mil,.I .;.:!<   li- »li
* nl i in-,in and Allen lai.ee,
,   s^
i/fadclan & Levesqir	
T* 1.--i.
Wii'w^ltwIU      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Bjst* Liquors
Am Very Oaest Cigars" SSI
lnarlie.1 A. Kigfl.tr's >.W corner
poet, tlien.*.* St) chains en-t. lhe- -e
tsuilth HO .'hums tlience w*-st Bll
chains, ihenee north 80 ihnins lu
j.uii.t ..f cnminei.c. i.ici I
Dated, May Uth, 1906.
A   Hwr.AR.
N'ui-cc i- i.e.   li    gtyeu   tha    Bu
(.  v- after  lat    I   inl • H to innk
i.   |i ic-itioi.   'n     ii      11  ii.    f'liiel
t   miiiiesio ,*i nl I.in.I- and W ik-
f    r    I.    H|i* ei '1     lhe    *•'•     I"    Cli      HII'l
carry  awaj   > iin    r  from i li • i-.i-
• .« nil"   tie ill   e i      1. ml    si  lIMlftl
llboil    J     I   n    ic  le   (iniii tl.e .-until
ihore  nf  'I mr   l..»k".  and ■■ b .<11
2 mile- fruit, deiiirl, in d c nili cue ng it m |. '--t ... i.k.*.l .1 1)
K''1.110*1*.'a N .V c r**t*r I'.im.
j 1 mi. il 'irHi'lt* I. \i s.' in >k tl J,
_ Kei.».*(U 's N K [.n-i, ... .* .*>
c   "  n« eHMt, ll.ei.C    *-u||..i Ml ,*.   iln.
il e...*- «est Mi.-i. n i the * e .1..111.
80 cun.i.t in point *i c -I..'.ieii I'll.' ....    Jin..I, Mai 11. 1906
.1    l>    KlNVKIY.
Per .\   H ifgar,    p nt.
rout Lake an i Mb ni _ miles from    IftT   m*   •****''"_.T>. ■*? •***>?_
ierrard, oniniuei.cing   al   »   >   -•   _l "L/-. .ia   Wiiii,.-*-*.'!.   t
General Merchants.
Trout Lake - - B. C.
and Stage Line.
. Ferguson
'1    ^^     1 n^ii,,  _....      ... I
rout Lake |
| Beaton   I	
I Daily Stage will j
| leave   Ferguson
j 7 *m'
m Trout Lake at 8
lo connection.
n^mvtvuwtui \fA%
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
Imperial  Pank of Canada.
It n.i Hlflce
TOKONTO,   ON! \Rlti.
ca*>it»l paid u»»  tn.aaT.T4i, i
RISCRVC    'UNO 3,B?r.T4t >0
totai *b*it*      as.rTeetssr
D  R   *a li K11:. I're.i lent ROBRIIT J AFFRAY Vire-Pm
3RANCH£S   ... tba  !''•".-it*.*... nl AHierta, Baakairheffan,  BriiiibCiwi
Manitoba, Ontario and ','"   ■
■SAVINGS DtPARTVENT.    I -.**••*•  I and ii."er"«l ttH..«.J il |
t imnl rail li in   l.ttr nl nj^*.  nf nl nil.
TROUT  LAKE,   -3   C.
BestHoteljn Town,
Esa^carleFS If ftaiaji and Ccmmsrual 11.
r. p. r/citr.N ., prop
W. H. Jones, wo D valla.ce hard-
I..Mi«e     I i-hI      i
i .I.
Miner."   Pi    plica,   Pl.fle
[i-i-ifi,-.. i i krallaMr in .n p-in.... * iwm
t   lil-.-l r-li.1. . m        1  -. i.  1 .
**i-*r*al ..t.i,. nn «l*.n t * p,.llr.*it,,i,» anil
Mini m  ll* I  "-
Review Job Dept.
For IIUh-1 laaa Wort
IhiIT  1   1KK  Btlt Ml llll. I. Rti'D.
M:l **-0\.  ||. C.   ml Rangea
Stachep t^ Co.
It  |.«». ... u*e iiie   Telephone
0 K       !
Sandy Laoghton
Prtaprlet* r.
:   BEAI'GN. c.c.
YIHITOW* Brritiitu at 1 • !'■■-•■' ..:■! ..( ll i> I »r*lene
Via   trrowheeil   «ril lie I ti.i-  II*  , I u. i.- fully eqiiipi-nl
lur',i.li i*| :.*. i.iile      I.i.*. in nt  nt.- ii 1.1'mi,,ii       A«,i|
t, * *   .,.*...* ,ir.ii r*-, t...-i., 11 - .Itui;.---   t it'l       'Mi-   '•-    *.f   1', ii "*-   Sri,iili   >l CillurH      I'i i -t. imi • 'l: it i     "i   i     - . u. i   1.. li f rt .iui-. -, i    ll     '
pgtrnnK   Vleltora Ui tlie 1 »"'• ■"' * k.i relv on rontfta*! mi lliin lint, i
N..'ie** ia hi r hj (i v n hm
v iii.ii. two ...".tli- in.u. ti.- tic t
J...I. ica'ii... her. ut i the ilni sli
(.' -Illiulila    till/e'  e,    I     intend     fi
f..-fty t>> the II "... Cli el' (I'i..ini -
i ..ri *r of Land" and Wo kr f..r ii
HI e.-'eH lu* 'iiae to cut nn.l cut.
fl-.nl tin.her tr*.n. Ihe f-.llo**ilt(J
ili'M'i ilil'll In...ir* r- III.iltil ill Weri
K.."t." Hi  :
Nn 1. t' uniiii',u"i'.({ at ii (.et:
,U.,ted    on    the    B..|llll    ell   re   ol*  rj* « '■-*• *-•*-*-> «*>*>«^i O" 4>*» n &^ •:****■.
T-..111 i.jk.*,  about   18 in I***-:r '
ill a head nnd aboul one ...t •■ fr m
the slime marked <>. \V. Al rah m ■
Kou'a in .ri I.- vi' Bl .* .n.er i*. r
lnei.ee poll til l-.fl t'lleina, tl.e ■ a
t! ibi .s0 flu.i.i"-, h 1.1 -.* u rt*. hO
i-'iainr?. ihenee Weft 80 flntluh 11.
the point uf ton. ne..cement
No. 2.    I'm.mi* licit _   Ht   a  po-i
planted Mouth of To 11 l.nk, an nit
1.', iniii**. fron. ilu* loud ...id . I. ...
, 1.0   inl 0   M. Ut 1     f mil    the   i** 	
marked 0. W.Abra ... ms .11V n r
ert-i (•-.iin-r |.".- ,   t  .".* *   .0 ith 80
euinii-i,    11 e iff    weal   80  uli.ii. -.
I. n *,*   i,nrin    80  1I111111K,   11 e I.***
ir.t.i tv) clintua I., i!..* p tn.1 ol .* .'ii
1..em*, in* nt.
N". *'l (' 'iniii.'iu ing ut 1. |i..h.i
Jilnuleil on lhe gnu ill Mi..re nf
TroUl I. .kf 11 "...t !■ _ imlfH Iron,
iu In h.I 11 ink .In \\ . Ahrcititiu-
. i.u'a *."..th.'H--l em 11. r |*oh'. t .011*3'
* tn<  180  fliHHiM,   11.ei.ee  north It)
I* HillH, lIlQIICe e|lnt Kit) chliill*..
Ill" life   K.tl  h     4*1     dill 1IH    to    Ilu-
1   hit of e 'inni 1 c 11 en .
S  1.  4.      ('oilin,(**.CII.n    Ht    H     plll-t
planted oil U.e Weal rid-, nf An*.- -
f'.'tiil Hii-1 Hlio.,t one mile fr.iii,
Tion I I. ke, ma.ked 0 VV. Abi .-
lnini 'h hi ni lli   eimi  corner |.r»ri,
I ii.-iic  t .     .Ml   ehiiiiiH,   I hence
vet 80 ("h.ii|i3, ihetiee rolltll 80
i-ln.ii.t*. I...*, ce ei.Hi 80 chiiine in
11n- pdillt Iff C'.iulnc-.ci 'lit.
Air   III N   **i-1*,,>i_   !*..--.- ,,*   i. ■
J   .*♦'■ f-   .     .-h -'"  ."•    In   I.■'  di »n
!™ ^_      i1   '• '       Hery   th**    > .- '■ i
• VM       "' '     ■"'   B',rr""1 *■ "'   * ■'''
-ftj,'!^      1   ru*   • on.f. ria     Ex ellMi.i
'.     i    ,*     .'"   ..**,     urpl:    i  .. -in '
hi. I      « .il ir,      I   iln   ..      n • 11
nl... I; "I  bar.   mid   ei   ry hing  «I ieh
..*   (I-   I.ni... -il-    n ..'•   u:     i i in    i:   .1   ;.
(.'• in-, ml    ii.'l   ..." ...". i.'*l**  .'lu.
I! .ie*   f;   In   If I   'Inv   H|'M ■ rda.
i\: 11.  '-*-•,.'!. i •   \ i :
1     ''"-'*    i'"1    1-r.iii :_,,l.i „„l Ar..... i,.;,.t
-•i        ■   Rl !   i	
1.   |t«».  in  ute  the   Telephone       A ^.^ , ..,,
,     r trip ran often ha rAVed    Offleee •    IR_ll*l.Pl* ^h_1_l   ■
-*.   • III   .    **■'■•'(•  .    I '   *n ,    "*»■*>* *.*-.*• •!. <-.   I .   V. y    «
I Alt".  I'   M  '   Tie.- ;   »..,. al  Mil.,11, Colli
•e ... r    rtt-   ne,
  K""II   A
Ootid Sha\c or Hair Cut
.   li.l   ..N 	
Lennoxville   G. M. YUILL : Wi"ia^hnel1':
-<^--— HOt-SI, JEWELLER,
E. .V083S   PVJP.
A'atdi repairing,   etc    Al
Hot and Cold ^atha
%.-■-. ■
Motjl ar.d
Ceneral Store    ^^^^^^^^^^^^
icrard   .       B c QJdfell&ws Blfict TtTdlLaUB.O
i       A**, mu iNit,     ....
o -
Barber Sho
For Ge     I!   i     ' I •'
* I n * ■ i :   :     '
Hot.  and   Ccl-i   tAUA.
TItOfT ! \K!', I'.. C.
latrine eompan-fa1  inlereaia (--irefiilljr
I  nl"-I   nfter.
Ai'iu torUourlaT'i ri»n'..
-*-:•■ i-
•:- Prop
,  Q     B   -       - •       ,   rl-r,-.  r-   ■•.■Mf*:V*   '-.*«.■*■   it •" " ft
N i. 5. (!'in .'O-.i'Ii'K ai it post
plM.ite.l rIi.uii 1.(11 inr.li" enai of
Ain-rcin trail, and itl.ml j ti.il>-
f om Troui L ik**, marked •• W,
AI'iabftiiiHiiii'*" citi'li «.*Ht e .rn. t
|iont, llil'lice li'Tth 811 cliaine,
ilieiu-e eMHi 80 cliainf, thence
hitliln 80 r iiiii". thence Went 8ll
( hn. in hi tin* pi.llll ul' t'liiiiiiif uce-1
me it
Dated Muy SJlal, liinfi.
I I.   W    A i H Alt AM.-".:*.'
When lurikini! for n placa t.. Bpcndj
your  holiday*, bear in mind
th.it   Trout   Lake   is   an
ideal   BU miner   resort       Tl.p
nc Dfry and climati an ii.iipniti*.-" ut
11' ii- approttcjiitig llie lime to fturt
out  on   your   summer   vacation,
aril   \vc wait  vou  to consider I lie
It i" I'e place tvlierc nature run
be r-i'cii in all ill urand.'iir ami
inagniflcence. Iln lnke., river», and
mountain streams are filled with
lie li.riv trilie, hik! .liaciples nf
Ike Hall..n are in tlieir glory. W W
It JH a resort entirely free from tl.«
mosquito pet-t W W M W M W W
For information, write to the Seo
retary of Trades Committee or to
tl.e Khvikw.
§mxk% firnmh
lIIERK   Imve   I"*, ti   fortunes
III   lie    lit     ill.llf'..'1't    Invest*
.mm iii Ileal I -i.t.*, h.i.I
ii* re I u in. ti ill h- made th 'n
pier th . xt i«. ut i im e yi mti.
The nne wl...  reaps I he  hnr<oai ih
i    |*l.i ll     llll.'*.'*..,    llll    l|,      I.UK
I.i- iii .n.i ...• a . ei nin't
No » ■"' ua poinl mil lo ynii M.hI
l'l< .(' i n i iii-il" i .-|.i,' .,|| ih, C ni*
t - t i ■ I i.r It -.1. K-*tit." t n...
Trout Lake la the prellleatarml
i i le Kui i, nr.v- . as i. pit ..-in o
i< s .ii it lias nu • .p.i.l. li nin x
i n I finl 1. ii nnv I e i.nlu u.*.l in
tl|i"    \ ■ in     I. Uli I ;   H I.lie   hi"/   gHIIIO
in a'.,..i dm.i .* i- t*• il.e found on
ihe Id1 In. I •. i*l untie i*. superb,
t oi'• h jug no in* nl .all. u..*s, u
In In|| mild in winter and cuo- In
summer, J' <■.... h**n■.. ..f s-uno "f
iili lin .t I. I. It* nn.l r- h .ruort in
li Itisl. i'nluiiii.'a.    It- ft.* ein are
v..H   i» t| ...it nnd grad d.   T 	
nr (Wn t »'•• il'-i.t I., .em] ston n.
n   l n ■'in..*, a' il..* adveitiseinouia
i     tins journal   w ill   e'lOtv   thai all
tn.rl.'H u.e fiiirly well r p'o«enl .1.
Write  wiih con lid 'fl In Ag*nile.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can he
obtained on
Make your
selection at
ence.   ;
Then crtll on
or   write  to
|T haa never had ■   ' !■< (.... "    lis
po,,in has been iiiady     I' '*
ti.e   h. ad   . (   i a v'l.'Hitue.   s. .1
the t.-tini a' if    i '■   1 .ii*  I '■" ''
of  lie   I   I' K.      All   P*   l*  (In tl "
i rr i i an )    h ml lo Tc Dl   l.al «'.     1'
..   i|(    (i i.iii'i. nil   i* .".(*     f  th**     .
i .i I., et    nn era I   .li.it -ft   on   ibe    !
ct.nlInent, si-d Im** I'H.*ki" i f . 1
lie.    | ti vhI. .1    bj    tin    In I ••' 'a'
I'ntik o' Cm i dn ; dim "Ins   V I'Ool
a,,-' n n . .a-1, n   u. dt r lhe    .'ii   t*
Hot    . f  K SI ... io... U.A  ; r tend
writ, i sj sli iii ; i(t pi nun. ni i (Ti'-' > ;
('. unl) C i rl   utm p' ;  M* lb "list
1|  *...|i*l   aid  Aii(.*li.Hi. eh. r.-les
nn.l .. tlHge h.i| i'ltl.
There are valuable ranch Ih.kIh
nil  'll    tiut.l iilH   HWIlitltlS  Helllrr-.
Ita lumber  reeniircra are  inaynlfi
ei nl, and ., 11 nd un. n ill will a
cap.clM ofCO.ddOfi | er .'ay '• fl*
I e I end i.f iln lake. Ti c nill W
till ulsiy sn* 11*. i.i g .ui bifgrr
I rodiciiH eveiy yiir, with . • «'
].. r>.pt'ct. u| i ni|if{ up ndi I o.iic- ' f
O' c,
Tl ere »ill Ik* h hig rtiall ih's
Unr, sn if i r.u would IH'OW
In.ui*, write nl out*, p. ti'ltl .1
the ng< li In dt   lhe nihil (MM H bl I0W1
F* B. Wells
Ceneral Agent
Revelstoke, B.O.
Locsl Ageet.
-.-*•   A. /r* *»™-   '
- *   1


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