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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-08-30

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J  f*
I   '
Has a larger oircu
Jation    tha'*   »n
Newspaper   in
Kootenay. Beit sd-
rsrtiiing   medium,
rdeau Mining Review
The representative
Ol ll..* rich Laideiiu
country. Sent to
any address for |2
per .in. in advance.
TROUT LAKE CITV, B.C.. Aug. 30, iqo6
No. 44.
■■■    m
Miners and Loggers
A boot that you take no
chance with. •_ We
guarantee every pair.
i] Made of Frepch Kip
itock throughout. <J Always keeps sod and
pliali|e. *J Made especially for ui by Leckie
Miners - $7.00
Loggers  $7.50
R. ANDREW! fcCVPrtf-.
Notice is hereby given tbat
•within two nooplhc from Ihe first
•publication hereof in the British
•Coluti.t-'ii 'jnreltc, 1 iut.-nd to
apply i ,* Hon fhX Commissioner of Lands and Woi is lot
ipecl.il lh. n.ici to fut spd carry
swsy tiinbe." from the foilowinp
■!. ..ie 1 land* situated ia West
Kootenay I
Take Notice that an application
lias been mr.de to register Krcdcr-
iok Charlei Klliott ns the owner
in Fee Simplo, under a Tax Hale
Deed from l*'rcd Fraser, Deputy
Assessor of the Uevelstoke Assessment District lo Frederick Charles
Elliott, bearing date the 7th day
of .tine, A. I). 100G, of oil nud
lingular those certain pared or
triiit of land md premises situate,
lying snd being in the District ol
Kootenay, in the Piovinceol British Columbia, more particularly
known and .lescinl**.! as—
Lot :i Block 51 Lot-i: Block 47
and Lots *.'»i and 21 Block 51 nil
in tbe Towi of Trout Lake.
Map (530)
Y'.u and each of you Hre n •
quired to contest the claim of the
tai purchaser within fourteen days
from tbe .Isle ol lhe service of this
notice upon you,snd in default i.f n
cereal or certiBcate of lis p. nden*
being filed within snch period, you
will be forever stopped and debarred from setting up soy claim
to or in iei|tH'tof the said laud,
snd I shsll register Frederick
Chsrles Elliott ss owner Ihereo.
Dated at Land Registry OfQcc
Nelson, Province of British Colnm-
l.ia, this 28lh d«v o» August, A. D.
U. r'  Maeleod
District Registrar
To Raymond and Voguler,  A.   O.
Smith, Wm. Thompson, F. B. Wells
h*-   '»*   ■   ■ ■•    I        *
No. 1.   Commencing at a post   -
planted on the north bank of South [JehuAbraham-oil, J. F. Hume.
Kor it .*! Lardeau creek, and about "
rnru "I i.arorau i-rrrs,  ■nu   m»mii   ————^———-
•j'.I.a mile above  Fire  M<le mill.!   Kottee n li<rsby  given  that  usi)
: irked 0 W   Abraharoson's N E   days Iron the first MblfcaUon hen*-
-,.,.,  thence south 80 chains -^Jtt tSm^SSSii
■ nest 80 chsins, thenee north , „,,„,.,„,, „|  Lands aad Works lor  s
ns. thence esst 80 chains tolapsgisl license to cut and rarrr awn
*.... point of commencement. timber Irojai •■eM|Wto*»ing described
l^uit.l June 26th, Itm
U ll, I*  f      IT'Mil      ini      l*t|ii.s» n.fr     live
limltaiiMlad in u>rt KtottMjr.
ii  W   Alirahainson. locator. I «q ttM «sta*t aide of Hat«i  ereek empty
No   2   Commencing at   a   post Ini lata Its   Lards rtver, sboul  two
nlsnt*.!   Oil   the    nortii   b.mk   ol raws fi"".   Its s*ootli   nisrked C. I
I    „„l l.„|..i,    rreek   nml <'"I'I ''SSOOlheSSl crner |* «1    *
k ..f I.ar.lea.,   creel and ^    _..„    ,,„.,.„.,. port_  «i ch.im.
>     t 100 yard* from 8 mile bridge th.nes sast M ebsios. thaw     I
nm-1,1*11 ii. W Abrshsmson'i north chsini, to the noint of (*omo>etieemenl
.. ....     .., ...ii  ii.i.   i-ani
♦i«t cornel post, thence south tO
■"hum. thence west 1G0 cbsins,
■ tun th 40 chains, Umbo*
rut 160 chains, to the point of
Locited June 26tb, 1906
O. W. Abrabamson, locator
Notice is hereby given tbat sixty
<i».i after date I iatend to apply
laths Chief Commissioner ot Lands
sod Works for permission to pur*
''.ue the following described lands
•trusted st Trout Lake, West Koot
«uty District, and commeueing at a
poat msrksd K. L. Master-tan's
N.W. corner, thence south 20
chains,  thence   east   20   chains, .-
mors or less to shore of Trout Lake *H ■*"■■«•• Irom us w"u*k "'*'»"' •*
.^,..v.,erly along lake shore t5t'SfflaM5»SB
to»south-eaat corner pout of 1/tt ,„„,•., ,j,,.,„■« earn «o ehataa, thence
190, thence west along line of Lo
itn-itr*! Juue llth, 190
c. l corr local' r.
Nn.'.'. r.,mmeniinc it a t*r..t i.l»nle<t
un iheeest mie of Hslsj ereek, about
I'** u.llee fnun ill mniith,   n.irke.l i    !
corrs' nortli-esil corner ;-*t."   thence
veil 80 chaini. tlience  SOUtft 80 chains,
thenee eaU W) chains. 80 chaws to the
point ol ooromenoenient.*
Located Jon* nth, HW6.
c.t corr,locator.
Mo. 1. Coa*neDrln-> st a poat plantwl
on Ibe eaii side ol Haley ereek. marked
c l core's north rail corner poet,"
tbsm-e 10 chaini weet, thence 80
chaini sooth, tlience 10 chains eait,
thence *0 chaini back to tbe |>oiol o!
Located JnneW, IMP.
c. l. corr,locator
No 4. Coniroencins st s pott plsnted
on tne *est lide ot Haley cteek, about
.vv, inn,i r iT'-ei.   aiuun line wi   *,.' '
190 to post ol com meneemsnt, containing to seres more or less.
Baud 2nd Aug., Wort.
E. L. MasTEasort.
SO chsini back to the point oi counnen
"■anient _ ,^.
located June 9, 1906.
e. l. corr,locator.
So 5    Cotninennngat a po«t plsnted
nn theian side ol Haler creek   about
7U milea Irom Iti  mouth,  marke*d CL
ii hereby given that with- ,.*.r, aorth-esst corner re»',  *llt",«'
'SoVhains t* theui-e M chsins *.pnili.
ihenee »chaios east,thence 10ehains
to the |Mriiit of cuniiieiiceineut.
Locale.! June!', IW*
c. l. corr. hiril.-ir.
Notice ..
iu two months trom the first pub
lics'ion hereof in the British Col-
'.tnl.i* (iiiette, I intend to apply
to the hon. Chief Commissioner ol
Utndl and Works for i^cial
licenses to cut and carry away
tmiber Irom the following described lands situsted in Weal Kootensy
"0, 1     Commencing  st  a post
plsnted on tho   north  side  of  lhe
Notice is hereby given .hut sisi r J«-
tf..r,lal.linlen.ll..ai'j"Vl*'    •«■■""*
Chiel t'..inii..''"»'r "' '"' ... .
Works lor permission U) |.in.h..se ih.*
King dScribsd Isnds situate In W.
i:   \. ,.v n.imi   Commandogatsi
K       i    n.. lis.   el  It  IhS   loot  oi   .he
Plknted nn tho north side ol ll.c '»'•'» »"°";i,1, ,',". ,,,„ri, i-„le *.l Urdeau
Urdem river, about one mile Imn, ^T. .bout one hall mil" *>;" "l ,'".
0«rrard,   marked   C    1,   Odpp'l brldie across said rlmst ^P«ruid
n«rth west comer post, thence cist in.srted   '
140 chains, thence south 40 chains, "
Ih-ince   west    80   chains,   thence
'"■fill 40 chains to  point ol com*
Locsted July ICth, 1006.
C. L. Corr, Locator.
Biity days afUr dato I intend to
•"Ply to the hon. Chief Commis-
.•loner of Und, tni Works for
FTmissioo to purchase the follow-
'nK described lands situalo iu
t-o-lena Bay, Upper Arrow Lake,
".Kootenay district. Comment-*
We* a p01t n,,,^,! j. Watson's
N'5 corner post, tbence north'20
[$&<.thenoe **.si 40 chains,
•"ein^SDUtli tiventy ehsini, thence
•a»t forty chains to point ol com*
m«heement and containing eiahiy
•ore. more or leas.
5|V 18th, 1808.
L*t» nn fi-gnrw
acrei more nr less.
,,1SSr,'*"'_iiM »<>">«
'lea Vancovver World is grently
•gilatedover the leported organ-
izstion of a Chinese syndicate for
the purposs of controlling .. string
0« largo nswspapers from tbe At-
hmticto the Pacific.
This rumor no doubt started
•"rotn the notation going on by a
lot of cheap Johns, brothers to
the oriontul Johns, for the removal
ot the preesnt hcr.d tax. It is
"Upeifluou.-i to (to Into the matter
of Chinese labor. It hai been
thrashed out out many times nnd
"he expcrii nee of all true blue
< ■.milium, is tint i|„, only plaoc
for Oriental labor jh in the Orient.
We ail look forward lo the lime
when Canada will take Its place
among the nations of the world
and ii in only by having the class
of intra igrstion that will aasimi-
lutewith atid atlopt the principles
«.f the Englieh speaking race that
we can become * people worthy
to inkt such a place. The West is
ihe heritage of the defendants of
thu man and the people who
biased lhe trails, endured hardships, and opened ii up sufficiently
to th iinu.htr.i'i lhat from the
Great Lukes to the Pacific it has
recources uuequaled lo Ibe world.
Now when such has been demonstrated shall we all .w a mongrel
breed who physically, morally,
and intellectually a re not fit to
assocists witb come in and tske
the cream.
Tlie large influx of Hindus ie
soother source ol dsngcr and we
aro g'ad tu note thnt the honorable
memberfor Vancouver, Mr.McPher
son. in taking the matter up with
the Ottawa authorities with a
view nf prohibiting further immi*
Canada's we*t has homes foi
millions   but  they   must bo ol   o
'-- who i*.ill  make good <-i iiens,
adopt our language und  m -th »1 •»
and become as equal* iu every r*.*--
Hon. P.. «. Tatlow, Minister of
Finance for D.(!„ Btated that the
wealth produced in British Columbia for thc year ending June 110th
wns $1,260 per white man in thc
provioc. This Mr Tatlow estimates from actual statistics Tne
total production was tf.0,000,f'00.
and the total population i*. Jnd.r
200,000, inc'iiding Indians, Mon*
(.■olinns, women nnd children, but
the total number of aide bodied
white men in not Inure than 40,000,
SO lh.it everv ndull   white in.in hns
produced over $1,900, The aciunl
revenue for lumber was $308,000'
double tho estimate for last vear.
'I his lumber was ralued nt $7 500,
0C0, all manufactured in the province. I here were 1 I. v-n Mueller*
running and the min. ral output
whs $22,461,825, the combined
rapacity of the smelters being
7.500 tons a dav. Agriculture was
also active. Imports decreased
one  half    million   and    ur..*   i on
$5,500,000,      while      $2,1 ,000,
in butter   and eggs   was  exported.
Ten years   ngo  there  were  6,6001
acres    under  fruit culture and   a
year ago l_,fX)0 and   this year 40,
000,and during the year there has
been examined for pest 8.250 000.
nursery trees.   Fishing   has slso
figured largely in the revenue and
besides salmon fislkng there is now
a large herring fiabt^rv in Nanaimn
while the oyster traffic is  rapidly
increasing and whaling and  halibut fishing are also  rapidly grow-j
ing.     Mr. Tatlow prophesies thnt
ten years from today there willhe
1,000,000,people in   the province,
for which there will he anv amount
of room, ns  there nre  v&*t  areaa|
that have not as yet   even been OS
plored   and  fresh   discoveries of
minerals aic taking place dai'v
Wc learn from reliable sources
that "Jim" Nill the railway magna le is lhe man that put up the
money to buy the Arrowh.tad Sawmill plant. We further learn
that a deal is on for immense
tracts of timber up through the! NOTES
Hig Rend country and other
pin.res tributary to the Arrow
Lakes also the building of a new
up-to-date mill somewhere around
Cialena Bay, This deal it is
stated will involve lhe outlay of a
million dollars which taken with
the prire paid for property already
bought will mean a total investment of five million dollars.
Look inv for tonnage for^hig great
system of transportation is ilm
idea ever uppermost In the mind
of Mr. Hill, and this present investment we can rest nssured is
not for the purpose of feeding his
ureal rival, ihe Canadian Pacific
Railway, Ii is therefore reasonable to io-sume lhat before long
we will see a branch of  the  G'reit
Mr. II.M. a..,9.Mr IV C. Fudge
and wife of Washington who are
uterosted in the Placer diggin e
on the Lardeau visited the k.ii
of operations this week. At the rec
cent annual meeting Mr. Moss was
elected pesedent ol the empany
Aftergolngover the proppsit'on both
gentlemen expressed themselves:
highly pleased with the pro*
positon. Messrs Thomas Levall and
J. Wagner will be here on Friday
to commence active operations.
General   i-atisfaction    is felt all1
. ovi r the 1-istrict over the find of ore !
.Northern luniiing into Arrowhead     * ,l    v„;ii   ... i    i> i  •
..        ,   ,,      ,     , , ontheiuill   an.l   Itoi-s claims   a*
on through Kcvelstoke   and   con-'     ___.   . ,   . „    .    ,,  ,
; reported last Vi('ck. Ii demonstrates
i.acting at some point  noith   with  ,**,„ „„•      ■„,.,„   ,,, i .
■ * the going dawn of the ore beyond a
tlie   Grand   Irunk   Pacific.      At   _„-.ikiim.   „«   i    u.        i   •
, possiliiliily  of  doubt and  forever
present    the    system    extends  to!
Kaslo a nd it ia either u matter of
building up from   Lardo  through
Trout Lake City or up the  Arrow
Kootenay     Lake
SEPT.   j4th   1906
Theo. F. Adams-
Prcs. J. W. Cockle.
Entries Close Sept. 1 I
Notice ii hereby given   that  GO
days  after    the    publication     ol
t' _  notice    in     ih" _riti«h  C.l
iiml.i.i   Gazette,   1 intend  to  make
application ta  the Chief Commissi iner ol Lands   sud   Works for v
speeial  license to cul snd carry
away timber for  the following de-
■ ■   ed   lands  situated  in   .Vest
K   •:• li.iy I District.
Commencing   nt   a  post   marled
M    Beaton's S E.    corner p -'.
planted about one mile North-Easl
of Trout    I.nke waggon  Boid be
twe.n Glenn    creek and Boulder
creek,thence B0 chains west thence
north 80 chains,   thence   e.i.-t 80
chains, thence south80 chains to
point of comiiien.e.iiont
Dated,Aug.23rd. liiOG.
Notice is bersby given tbat 60
days after thu publication of
this notice in thc British Columbia Gazetts, I Intsnd t> mnke
application to the Hon.Chief Com
nissiuurr of Landi and Works (ur
a spe isl liceusa to cut and carry
sway in.ii.ei from the fallowing
described lands situated in West
Kootenay Dis't. commencing at a
postmarked Ed. Hillmfn'a S W.
i"ornsr post planted oOO feet south
nf Maloolm Beaton's 8 E enner
post; Ihcnce north 80 eliai..».
thauce rs*i 80 cba'ns. thenoe soutii
St* chitius, lhe ce we<i 80 chains
'. point ni commencement.
Dated 23rd of Au. 1806.
Ed. Hillman
Lakes. Of the two routes the
Lardo is the i-horteat ami most
easily built ns well as having tbe
advantage of tapping a district
which will be in a short time a
heavy producer.
The only dnm hack to this route
innv he in a reputed agreement
made with the ('. I' B.
For thi* reason uhen the O.P.R
u.rc  asking  for  an  extension ol
nets at rent the  howl of  the  pesai
mi6tB that we  have only surface
showings. As before slated tbis find
was made at the de-Jth ui 2000 feet
below the Silver Cop.
Y0'-''*'- not have another
word  to say regarding
the time  your boots last if
tbs i .-it pair you buy are
Leckie   Boots
This ft o:wear ia ending
the argument for eastern-
made boots every i\ny Thev
arc ftricilv western; made
by men who know western
conditions from years of experience and manufacture
boots to meet these conditions
Your siio is wailing for
you at your dea'ers.
Leslie Hill aud his Mining
Engineer Barnhart are Koing
over the Canyon Creek properties
owned by P. A. Lindgren and
associates this week with a view to
bonding them.
Lew Thompson and partners are
(,'e'iiing some high yr.ide ore out  of
their franchise,   we   opposed   it,  their lease on tbe Nine Mile dump
pointing out the fact thnt tiie- C P.R | 	
should either build   or  leave  thei
ground  open  for anv  person   who I B"iUie' manager of the   Ed-
However, thanks to    Mr,!
ward Baillie Syndicate was at Ihe
r.allfher. our opposition w.i, f„-" Mammoth looking over Work in
tile and the Cl'.R. got th.-ir ex- j P10*™* ,here' ll' was »ccom-
teneion which will now probaply »*nled ?° the l"^r RW' Liml-
have the effett of blocking the "7 ol ,bi8 town' "-»• B«UHi i»yi
i i r.-i.t Northern. j tho ore being taken  out is of high
Now is the time for the people 18rado and ll,at om SOOeacka are
of all the towns from Nelson l0 «waIUng ahipmeot. Tins will be
stoke, along tbe Kootenav taken dowu befo™ mow fliei* Mf-
Lake and L.udo route to get in | Ba'*-»e mill be in again aboul Oct-
andjdo their utmost bv concessions I ol,t'r °" l,is lwt tr"' o( th" •**«>*<
and many other trays to have lhe!*hen 1,c *)M complete nrrange-
line built trhereit  will du them   ments for thc snpply of provisions.
the most goml
Ainsworth Licence Di.*trict
Notice is hereby given that .'10
days alter the first publication of
this notice, I inteud to apply for s
transfer of my iiceive for the King
hotel at Aiuaworth to Eleanor
John Monro.
A meeting of the Board of Licence Cotnmisioners will be held
at the Mining Recorder's office at
Trout Lake, on Tuesday '2nd October 1G0G, at eleven o'clock in the
forenoon, lo consider the above ap
W H. Bullock-Webster.
Chief l.iceiicfrlnrpector.
Nelson 30th August. 1906.
E. A. Haggen.
Bete »e»eeM.eU£ «**£,,_
»A CsmtHirne
j  Oerreseeerlseferr."nri|yn(lfi,t(^J
Labor Day Sports
Log Rolling Horse Racing
Caledonia Sports       Drilling Contest
For further particulars see futuro announcements.
wood, etc. While at the Mammoth they experienced a heavy
snow storm, which is not exceptional at tbat high altitude even io
mid summer. -Uatin irnt Mi.isr
AI) eicsvatinK tor the Silver
Dollnr trarowav has been done
and timbers for tbe terminals and
towers have lieen taken out.
Bai.-ing the towers will be
commenced at once. Framers are
expected in and aa soon ss they
arrive the construction of tbe
terminals will be commenced.
The cable for tiie tram was shipped
on the 17th in*', from Montreal hy
last freight. Mi. W. Perry, under
whose supervision the Irani in
being costructed is well pleased
with progress  that   is being made
J. Leckie Co.
Local and General.
Ed. Mssterson has moved into
the house lately occupied bf
Louis I.everque.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Madden have a
neice and nephew from Nelaon
visiting them.
Put up all your flags ani hunting and make tlie town look good
o thc visitors on Labor Day.
Mrs. Burnsl will have lunch prepared for all tho«e who attend tbe
ba!l Labor Dav.
Thomas E. Ehrehart. late manager of the Chestnut Hill Mining
Co., left for tbe Eant on Friday
morning, We underrtand Mr.
Percy McG.orge will asrume bij
Missions ry Baynes held services
at tbe Anglican church on Tuesday
evening. There was a good
attendance and ths Besersod
gentleman's discourse waa rirj
ranch spprecisted.
The sheriff's isle of one-half Is*
terest in one lot at Arrowhead
brought I1.C25. This is at ti*
rate ol over two thousand dollars
(or a thirty toot lot. Whether
this is the acutal valus of proper.
ty there or the hypnotic influence
of Sheriff Yuill we Hre unable ta
say but tbe sale was ve ry satis
factory to the judgment creditor,
J oe Clemens.
Found Dead
William Ball'wbo has been work
ing around Gerrard for some two
or three years, w is found dead on
Thursday morning last behind the
lodging bouse owned by rTdwsrd
Mobbs. Coroner Barton of Kaslo
was noli Mod and on investigation
came to the conclusion that death
was caused by heart faiinre, The
doccased's brother, Ex-Mayor Hall
of Brandon, Mani'oba, was notified and through his instructions
the body was buried oo Saturday
in tho Trout Lake cemetary. Rev.
Mr. Scott, Sen .conducted services
at tbe grajie
All arraagmonts have been
completed (or the sports en Labor
Day, The program tonslsts of
Drilling, Horss Bacing, aquatic
and Caledonia sports. Alreadyo
tli .e teams- havs ' announced
their intention to compete for the
Drilling priio. Progjams have bee'i
sent broadcast through tbe District
and (rotn all indications thu third
of Beptember will bo a gala day i.i
I Trout Lako.
Died;—Al Ferguson on
Saturday the 26th instant
Evelyn, bt luted daughter oj
Mr. an.l Mra A. Chisbolm,
Agr.l 17 months The funeral
service took place on Tuesday nt the Anglican church,
Trout Lake, and was conducted by Kev. Mr. Baynes
of All Saints church Arrowhead A large number of
friends a -ompanied tie
funeral cortege to the cemetary where the liltle one wa»
luid to n.-t. Mr. and Mr'.
Chisbolm have the sincerest
sv in pai by of the towns of
Ferguson a nd Trout Lake io
this their irreparable lose.
"Buffer the little cblUJrec to
come unto ta« (ur e^oh if t>«
Klcgdom of Heaven."
Newman Taylor left for tkm
Coast -Saturday last New sua \$
ene of the old timers and we wlek
him a'l success in hi** item undev-
. J. Sturgeon of Nelson is visiting
Robert Madden of the LakevieV
Who Was
Ctpurlvht. MS, I'I. ll.'in^r SfttadtU
Hilly Parker grinned Joyously, It
•would be snell a good joke on Miss Allen to send tile letter,    Here Hugh had
lit*.*n in tlie Philippines for two years,
■\Vliat would alie iliiuk when she received a local letter In the well remembered handwriting}
In his mind's eye he could eee her
eagerly tearing open the letter lu the
postofflea   He would be outside to yell
•■April fool."* Miss Aii.-u always stop-
|..il for her mall on her way to school.
'J'here could ba no possible chance of a
Blip up If he mailed the letter Sunday.
He had been looking In Hugh's desk
(tor aome Qsh books when he had run
ncross the envelope, carefully tucked
away In the bottom of the drawer.
There had been a time when he had
carried a lot of the selfsame sort of letters to the teacher, but thnt had been before Hugh begun to triik about the Philippines as a place for young men to
grow up with the country.
All day Sunday Bllry grinned over
his anticipated Joke, mid Monday morning ho entirely Ignored the flannel
cakes that he might be certain to be
at the postofflce In time and went off
leaving his mother greatly concerned
over bis falling appetite. Usually Billy
preferred flannel cukes to promptness
at school.
He had not long to wait, for presently Mta Allen came briskly along and
entered the postofflce. As she turned
away Billy noted thut she held ln her
lian.l only a long blue envelope and a
newspaper. He thought regretfully of
the flannel cakes as he realized that
bis April fool had miscarried and turned and followed Miss Allen down the
There were the usual pranks played
In the school yard, but Billy, always
the leader Io all mischief, stood apart
end wondered. He was certain that he
had stamped tbe letter properly, snd
anyway Mr. Meade would have given
the letter to her and collected the money hud the stamp fallen off. It was
something be could not understand,
though he puzzled his brain until tbe
last bell rang, and be slipped Into his
seat Just ln time.
Some one must hsve been playing
Jokes on the teacher, for her eyes
snapped and about ber mouth there
played a amlle that made Billy want to
was spending n  weary  vigil,  but her I
road took her In the opposite direction,
un.l be did not know Unit lie wus wait- i
lug lu vain. |
The traiu had Just  whistled as she |
reached  the  platform,  and In a  few
ii,unit,>s  the  heavy siring of coaches
pulled Into the station yard, the engine ,
punting like some tired animal.
I    She looked quickly up und down the
long Hue of cars until with u treineu-
1 dous acceleration et tbe heart's beat- j
1 lngs  she  recognised   a   uiullle.I   form I
gtepplug from one of the sleepers,
"Mta," be cried as she sped toward j
him, "this Is a surprise Indeed:"
"Didu't   you   expect   ine':''   she   de- '
manded smilingly, "Hid you think I
could forget ao soon?"
Hugh looked puzzled as he fell Into
step and  passed  out of the statlou. !
"Hut uo one knew 1 wus cunilng." he i
declared.   "You don't mean to tell me
that my advent wus anticipatedf
"I did not tell a soul." she suld. "I
only got your letter this uiorulug."
"But 1 did  uot write any one, not !
even you,"  was the puzzled declaration.   Mta laughed.
"You didn't mean to say that you expect a schoolteacher witb a class like
mine to forget that tbis Is April foolf
she asked. "Tlie boys were tormenting
me all day, and now you want nu* to
believe tbat you did not write me that
letter. You must have written some
one else, too, for mine bore the local
post mark."
"Seelng'a believing." he suggested.
With a pretty flush, she thrust her
band Inside her jacket and presently
withdrew the letter. He glanced at the
superscription and smiled.
"And thia Is your answer:" he said
gently. Uer eyes gave reply. "1 have
tbe courage to ask you myself now."
he snld tenderly. "This Is a lettuT I
wrote before I went a way. Ho you remember the time I went to New York
to arrange about my going to the
"Then you didn't send It?" she asked
"No," he said. "I did not send lt because I have come all the way from
Manila to ask you to go back with me.
I never bad the courage to send this.
I think It must be that young brother
of mine. He probably ran across It ln
my desk."
"VThat can you think of me?" she
said, with glistening eyes.
"If I told you." he said sincerely, "I
should make a scan.lul by hugging you
right here on the street. I think you
are the dearest little woman ln the
world. I never had hoped to learn my
answer so quickly."
"You have Billy to thank for that,"
ibe laughed.
"I don't know whether to thrash or
thank him," he smiled. "Perhaps lt
would be better to do both—In tbat
"Huh," mused Billy a few hours later as he lovingly fingered a gold piece.
"Hugh says that I'm the April fool.
I don't think so. He's In the front parlor acting more like a fool than I am.
I wouldn't Just sit klssin' a girl like
that. I'd go up to the postofflce and
show off before tbo fellers if I'd Just
come home."
Horse Which Can Perform Twenty-Oni
Out of the Thirty-One Gaits of High
School  Movements.
There Is no doubt tlmt the horse In
Its every variety Is a live proposition
nowadays, which farmers are showing
a disposition to handle to the best ad
vantage. In this connection perhapi
tbe saddle horse la less talked of than
other classes, yet Interest ln it Is nol
wauling. To a man who has a four
year-old mare—a natural trotter—and
is considering training her for a saddla
horss Bt P. Mayo of Maine says ln Ru
ral New Yorker:
To make an ideal saddle horse of h.i
mare the Inquirer should have com
nienced at least two > i ..rs ssjtV but II
she Is. as he says. verj sensible and
he will be a little more patient ti
sired result can be eroMapHafcod now
The first thing I -.red    Is    tc
make her a goo.1, walker Ite a s'.ow- 01
bad walking sad I I about the
worst thing out, and she must he
taught that the walk Is a distinct grail
as much as the cantor or thc gallop
He should not be satisfied until he can
gl t her where she oaa walk from flvs
This Model Seems "to Tskt"—Hss a
Sliding  Bottom.
The accompanying drawing Is nmrle
from a model of my hens' nests that I
is.'tl ns an tllustiatlon In a po.iltiy
ulk at our local institute. It seemed
"to take," so I thought that a description of it would be of sonic Interest,
writes a correspondent to Ohio fanner. The plan of tho nest Is origins!
with me, uud the Idea Is that it   can
I',*;.' '.*j»?v      1
tear   If
SHZ  HELI1   IS   HF.H   H.lNtl OVI.T  A  LONO
bug her. Even when Ned Matthews
sought to pick up a reader only to
bave It Jerked from beneath his grasp
by a bit of thread Mi*s Allen only
looked the other way and tapped with
her pencil on tbe desk, though surely
at other times the source of this
demonstration would have been as
patent to ber aa to the class.
Hurlng the luuch hour Billy's mystification was further Increased, for,
stopping st the postofflce, he asked for
mall for Miss Allen. "She was expecting two letters this morning, and she
only got one," be expluiued to Mr.
"Go on with your April fool Jokes."
be laughed good natur.-dly. "She got
two letters this morning."
Billy knew better, but there was no
use asking questions. He bad seen her
come out with Just the one big envelope, and tbat was from tlie school
committee. Thc other was not under
the big one, for he had pretended to
drop bis cap as an excuse to look st tbe
under side and there had been nothing
bidden beneath.
But If Billy had hung about the
echoolroom Instead of pursuing bis Investigations at the postofflce he would
have seen that Mr. Meads was right,
for on teacher's d.'Sk was the envelope
he had dropped Into the box nnd for
the tenth time teacher, with glowing
cheeks, wns rending the note.
"I have not the courage to speak," It
ran, "but I am coming beea Monday
on tlie 4:.%S. If your answer Is 'Yes,'
will you meet me at the train? If you
are not there I shall know the answer
Is 'No.' but If y.ni .an find It In your
heart to love me. dear, plesss t>o there
tc greet me. Tlie others think I am
coming on tbe night train, and we shall
have a chance to walk boms alone."
Tlie explanation was Tery simple.
Bhe had slipped the envelops Inside of
the folds of the paper as aba had received It. Somehow she dii Dot want
others to see the precious missive, aud
■with Instinctive modesty she bad bio.
den lt
The afternoon dragged interminably
for ber. Every stroke of the clock,
every tick of the pendulum brought
Hugh nearer to ber, and yet tbe minutes passed witb leaden wings. It was
only a ten minute walk to the station
and she lingered over the compositions,
her eyes constantly seeking the slow
ticking watch in front of her until at
lust the minute band had come almost
to tbe half hour. She put on ber wraps
and hurried down Uie street
itillr induing watch ■**_■*•»_ nwtofflce.
Catrhlnrr  Ynnr  Shadow.
"You go out," said the Malay lady,
"on the night before the full moon and
stand with yonr back to the moon and
your face to an ant hill, so tbat your
shadow falls on the ant bill. Then
you recite certain Jampl (Incantations)
and, bending forward, try to embrace
your Bbadow. If you fall try again
j several times, repeating more Incantations. If not successful go the next
night and make a further effort and
the night after If necessary—three
uigl.ts In all. If you cannot then catcb
your shadow wait till the same duy In
tbo following month aud renew the attempt Sooner or later you will succeed, and as you stand there iu the
brilliance of the mooulight you will see
that you have drawn your shadow Into
yourself, aud your body will never
again cast a shade, (io home, and ln
the night, whether sleeping or waking,
the form of a child will appear before
you aud put out Its tongue. That
seize, and It will remain, while the
rest of the child disappears. In a little
while tbe tongue will turn Into something that breathes a small animal.
reptile or Insect- and when you see
that the creature has life put lt In a
bottle, and the i»*lsit Is yours."—Swet-
teuham's "Malay Sketches."
Bfnlni,   'Haa  llumrlr.
Some years ago there sat lu the house
of representatives as member from
Missouri a geutlemnn named Benton.
According to the congressman who
tells the story, Mr. Benton was known
as "Uie shrewdest and homeliest man
that the state pooaeoaed ut that time."
In bis early days at the bar Mr. lien-
ton bad, It Is suld. gone to Texas for
tbe purpose of prosecuting a land
claim. He lost the suit but was so
fortunate as to win an extremely handsome Texas girl, who accompanied blm
to bis Missouri home. At St. Joseph
the couple were met by a certain General Mitchell, a very plain s|Kikon pell-
tlclan, to whom Mr. Benton Introduced his bride. The old fellow looked
very much surprised. He stared at
Benton and beamed on the pretty
bride. Finally, be could repress himself no longer, so he blurted Out:
"Mrs. Benton, ain't there any men In
Texas?"-American Spectator.
a..,  _,„. an<| i)a roes.
Asbestus was first mined about a
hundred years ago. chiefly as Interesting to the geologist and mineralogist
and of IHtle or no commercial value.
About 18C8 It was first used commercially in the manufacture of roofing
felt and cement. Early attempts to
spin this fiber were unsuccessful, but
tbe difficulties have now been overcome, so that a single asbestus thread
weighing not more than an ouuee per
100 yards and having a pretty fair
strength may be made. Asbestus ropes
for fire departments are made entirely
of asbestus or asbestus with a core of
steel. With the steel wire core a three-
quarter Inch rope carries nearly 2,000
pounds.—Chicago Journal.
A I'olKr.   War.
A tittle boy, win, „u Interest In the
meaning of unfamiliar words, said to
bis mother, "What Is the meaning of
'rlvl1'' Bad iiiiiI polite," answered
bla mother. A puzzle.) look brooded far
8 second on the boy's face. Then be
said, "Wus It a kind and polite war
that wus In this couutry once!"
riss -»: . : s non*>«
(Xebo, owned by G  A  Dlmoc. Mliul^an.
.-:ir.vu vaars old and was bred in  Kentucky.    Ibe position In the picture re
presents the .-'punish step.    Uut  of a
possible thirty one high   .chool   movements Xebo performs twenty-one )
to six miles an hour. Of course If she
is naturally a fast walker   this    can
easily be accomplished, but she should
never be allowed to trot while taking
her walking exercise, for it is as much
a misdemeanor for a mare walking to
break into a trot as for a trotting mare
to break into  a   run.  To acquire the
walking habit requires no special training, but persistent practice,    at    all
times urging her  to  walk aa fast as
possible without fatigue and not mak
ing her lessons too long at a time.
There are three trotllag -Raits—the
Jog  trot  about  four  miles  an   hour,
niii   vrsrs
be easily and  thoroughly cleaned and
also that tt dues BOt serve as a roosting place at night  for the   hens,    as
many seats froqaeatly do.
The nests are made somewhat as foi
lows: The bottom of one set of nesii
consists of a single board that rests on
Cleats or strips nailed on ths upright
'end boards. The bottom can be rs
moved at pleasure, drawer fashion.
| the nests bottomless, so that
the old nest material, duit and louse
harboring filth all drop out There
need be no boards nailed ou back of
nests, as the wall of the building where
the nests are placed serves as a back.
I place my nests so that the bottom
of the nest Is two or two and a half
feet from the floor, thus saving floor
space A 1 by 2 inch strip, fastened
perch like, about six Inches In front of
nests. Is very convenient for a hen that
wants to lay, as she can pass along on
It until she comes to a vacant nest A
board of nearly the width and of the
6ame length as the top and hinged to
the lower edge of the top (this Is not
given In the drawing) can be laid back
during the day, leaving the nests open,
and let down at evening, closing the
nests, and then the hens have Just one
place to roost, and that where they belong—on their perches.
Caring For the Foal.
The careful farmer will keep watch
on his mare when her time for foal
ing has expired In order to be ln a
position to render any assistance
which may be required. Some maros
prefer to be alone, aud, In lhat case,
the watcher Bhould be out of sight.
tut still near enough to be ready witb
assistance If necessary.
Sometimes the foal is born envel
something to be avoided and always] oped In the foetal membranes, which
to be discouraged; the true trot, in | of course, have to be broken or the
which the animal moves naturally and creature will soon smother. If the ua*
with frlctionless palt, while the third | val strings have not been broken they
is known as the flying trot, or at speed j should be cut ahout five or six Inches
gait. The true trot, of course, Is the
trot that this mare must attain if he
would have her accomplished in the
different gaits. When this la accomplished—and lt Is equally as easy as
the walking gait—the next Is th" canter, or slow gallop, and the horse
Should go from the walk or trot either
to the canter at will of the rider. The
right fore leg should be made to go
forward first, or, rather, to take tho
lead. In training for this gait the horse
should be kept well In hand by the bit
and while being urged forward bend
the head slightly ln the opposite direction from which the fore leg Is to lead,
and with s very little practice the
horse will understand from the leaning
of the head what is wanted and strike
an easy, natural canter. If an out and
out gallop Is required, when the horse
makes the first leap forward with forefoot well extended and you see that
he understands what Is required give
him bis head slightly nnd urge him to
make still greater effort
Feeding  Young  Pigs.
For young pigs It is vi ry necessary
that milk be a part of tin* ration, says
American Agriculturist. In connection
with the milk ground barley, oats, com
or wheat can be fed to excellent advantage. Btartlng with a Eimill proportion at first and Increasing this us the
animals grow larger.
During the early summer a good pasture Is of especial Importance when
raising hogs. Provide clover If possible
and blue grass, for both are excellent
from ihe body of the foal, but not uu
til a good strong string has been tied
tightly around them to prevent bleeding.
Sometimes a little trouble is expert
enced with young and nervous maret
ln starting the foal to suck, but a little
patience and kindness on ths pari of
the attendant usually oveicomes that
If tbs foal at birth Is strong and
healthy lt Is best to leave lt alone.
Many farmers are in the habit of glv
ing it a dose of oil, whether the animal
needs lt or not, and many a foal has
been Injured, and, in some instances
killed by this foolish practice. If const.pated an Injection of oil or warm
water will In most cases relieve tbe
trouble without any dri'.ng at all.
In cases where the foal has to be fed
on cow's milk owing to death of dam,
or other causes, lt should bs reduced
one-third with water and a little sugar
added, and the foal should be fed
every two hours for the first few
weeks. As a precaution agu.ust the
disease known to farmers as "foal ill."
the naval should be seared over with
a little oil to which a few drops of carbolic acid bave been added. This Is a
germ disease and it Is ihought that the
germ gains entrance to the system
through the naval opening, hence tl.i
treatment recommended. This baa ! * sn
largely piactlced In some localities
where the disease has been noticed and
with very satisfactory results. Of
course it Is not curative treatment, but
used only as a means of prevention.
If we want to give the foal the best
HI. Trrrll.l.. IIrllltl.i... Krf.li. Wblrh
iii.ii. i» Harder,
Tho Mo.'o is a sinnge, B primal man,
u Malay, ulii.li is a branch of one of
tbo oldest stocks of wim !■ we kuow.
He is subject wheu nut under ths Influence of a self contained ruler to
strange, murderous tils ,.| Insanity.
When   a   Mori.,   without  effort  on   his
part, becomes seised witb n desire to
murder bs is said to have "run amuck,"
and ut such times he will rilSb wildly.
slushing uud killing every one be
chances io meet, even his own people
When, however, he purposely works
himself Into a religious frensy It Is
with the desire to kill Christians and
by the faith of the prophet as.', id
forthwith Into p.iruillse. The MOW In
this slate of passion is said to be "Ju
ramentado." He has then taken a re
Itgioua outii. perhaps administered by
Some   sacred   ■liadjl"   lilm   bad   duly
made bis pilgrimage 11 Mecca.   He has
iHiiind  himself  up so  Unit   be  suffers
excruciating agonies ami through pbj ■
leal suffering is reduced i" s nervous
frenzy. Having once taken the oath,
the Mora "Juromeutado" is doomed to
si.i.i until nt In-i In* iiiiiiseir Is slain.
ibe Mora is ii Mohammedan, but he
bus perverted the Mohammedan belief
until at times it is a weird, grotesque
un.l terrible religion.    Iu the I rt of
the Mora there Is UO fear of death, lt
is to inm but iiii Incident of life, ami
biS   belief,   lis   bS   Ills    f;.~l d    It,    is
that be who dies In battle is cleansed
from sin ami cues straight to the bus
| ems   of   the  hitiliis   lu   para.Use.     Thu
Mora's idea of government is force
lie has never known anything else, if
you ure kind to blm be thinks you fear
him.    Hrs world Is ruled I.y fear, not
love.    Hamilton   Wright   in   Leslie's
•.mil,err   Ar.   life   nutl   I'mprrly    no
Srttr m.  lu  l.i«tirt-i«liir.
A traveler who recently visited ths
const  of  Labrador says  that  nowhere
ou earth ire lite and property h.i.i so
sacred us In that little kn iwn and barren land.    A thousand miles of lonely
seaboard, slung wblcb I*, scattered a
population of soma 10,000 p*s,pic, about
one-third of whom ure while, would
seem   to   give  every   opportunity   for
crime, yet there Is no police officer of
any kind, uo court and no Jail. Nor
are tbey needed. The only criminal
charge within tifty yoara was one
against an Eskimo, who shut a rival In
|,,l e
In addition to the resident population tbe coast is i i-.it.-.1 every lummer
by sbout 10,000 Newfoundland Usher*
men, and, vliile Newfoundland itself is
nut by any means free from criminals,
none appear to come among the fishers
or else the example of the natives of
Labrador causes tbem to retrain fmm
any wrongdoing while there. Years
ego a circuit court ii»it,*<i the coast
every summer, bnt ns It found nothing
to do It was abolished. Now should
any serious charge be made against a
■ magistrate would be sent from
Newfoundland to Investigate it
Now is "tHo "Time
To Insure Your Health by Using
hog feeds. A  patch  of rye furnishes, * — =— >•— •—■■ •■•= •/<.=
excellent hog pasture. The hogs can be' Possible chance, the mare should no:
kept on ihis ui.ui the rye heads out I *"* worked during the nursing season.
As soon as the grain is formed the ani-! *"'t m*ny good foals aro reared while
mala will leam to pull It down and will' ,h*?lr dani> »re w'orkiug every day.
consume the greater portion. J consider every maro should have   a
During the summer Special care niontb'a rest afte- foaling, and when
should be taken to provide shade for Bne '* PlU ,0 work, the fl.al should be
the animals during the hot weather. A kePt lD the stable during the hours Its
cheap covering Is all that Is necessary. ,la"' Is at Wo,k "nd not allowed to
If the animals can have access to a   fo"ow her around at  her dully task.
•brush lot so much the better, as the
brush not only furnishes shade, but opportunity for rubbing, the latter being
necessary for hogs to keep themselves
—Ur. H. O. Reed, In Farming World.
First Food For Chicks.
Poultrymen differ considerably as to
when the chick shall have Its first
food. Good results have been secured
when chicks haie been permitted to
pick a little sand or fine jjr.t frun a
cloan board win n about thirty-six
hours old. and when about forty-eight
hours old to eat breadcrumbs moistened In milk and squeezed dry. After
that almost any of the prepared chick
foods may bs fed about Ave times a
day t.il the chicks are two or three
weeks old, arheu they will do well on
wheat screenings and need not he fed
oftener than three times a day. It is
advisable to let the chicks have access
to green feed at all times. Pine clover
hay cut with an ordinary straw cutler
Is excellent and also makes s go.nl lit-
b    to scatter the {•■>■•', In.   it is best,
however, to give the last food at night
on s clean board, letting the chicks ca.
all they win and then re.iiovins it.
Tlie Man (who hn.l been sitting stolidly wuh his eyes on his paper)—Take
my Beat, mada in.
The Lady—Then you are about to
leave the car?
'llie Man—Oh, no, madam.
But he was, Just the same, and It
took him fifteen minutes to walk back
from where lie finally alleliie.i
I.Inline   Net    I   nr.,,!,,..
If you hnve inn.li- the mistake of
getting curtains of too thin a net to
bung over nuturul wood shutters, gel
sheer muslin or silk or one of Its sub-
stitutes and hang It from the auine
pole by wuy of lining. A delicate tint
of color muy be ns. .1 in certain rooms
Instead of white or ecru, but It must
be so delicate as to suggest white.
Mystery   of   London   Pilot's   Unwilling
Disappearance Cleared Up.
Thi   mystery of tba  llaappearance "f
' \*. tries 8   P. arson, a I. md in pilot baa been el. ired up by his unex-
;■   ted ..nival sl Adelaide In tht Italian
snip .'.-nisi.t.
.'apt. Pearson bad a remarkable experience Hs left ii." Kngllsh Downs
un Christmas Day, intending to pilot
ths Qenlsta as far as the Lizard tin
the following day a f.-rrlflc gala sprang
op, .-"inprlilng the vessel to keep a.vay
fr >rn the ooast.
r ir nearly three weeka they !..-,•
about at sea, ani never sighted
until well down the French coast. Then
another greal gals occurred, forcing th**
Qenlsta to continue her voyage round
ihi .'ape without touching any convenient port fur Capi   Pearson n land.
N" opportunity occurred either   for
th,* captain • , homeward bound
ship, su ba was carried, an unwilling
ttger, a Journey of 16,000 miles to
Capt   P. . is returning h me at
the expense of the owners of the Genista, ii mllet experience eleven yeai ■ ro, when he was Involuntarily to the equator. <m
■ aiil'in, however; he was trnn"-
frt-.il t, a homeward bound vessel,
nn.l reached I. ndon safely, after his
friends bad alven him tu. ut lost
Ml.lr.li. ..I,Iff,
A mode of balrdresalng wblcb is tremendously becoming to one woman
will be absolutely impossible to another.   It all depends upon whether
her chin Is SqUSTS or pointed, her eyes
set high or low, whether her face Is
oval, tlilsi. nudgy or iM-iiutlfullv curved
I have somewhere seen It observed
that Ws should make the same use of
a book lint lhe bee does of a Cower.!
Bhe steals sweets from It, but does not'
a Jure lt.-Coltuu. __J
Clover For Nitrogen.
Nitrogen is Invariably needed on
bar.I run lands, but It coats more. If
purchased In fertilisers In quantity
Biiflle.ont lo meet .he demands of the
soil for full rr..p production, than phosphorus and potassium combined. Hut
this nitrogen may bo procured absolutely without cost by growing clover,
feeding that to live stock and returning lhe manure to the land. Such management will also poatpone Indefinitely
tho necessity for purchasing potassium,'
the mxt moat expensive constituent ol
the fertilizer.
*til I.I*. l„tt   Honor   In    In.Iln.
They  bad  a  peculiar  way  of going
Into bankruptcy among* the Marawaria
in India, now unhappily giving way to
th.-  less   picturesque  method  of the
white mnn. When u man COUld not |.uy
his bills he would summon his Creditors, ihey were ushered into a room
In which the thakur, or household god,
waa enshrined, but covered up witu a
cloth ami with the fsca turned to the
wall 111 order that it might uot witness
the Scene tlmt wns to follow. Tbe Insolvent would then, in garb of mourning, lie on lhe flour, presenting Ills
back to bis creditors, who, ou a given
signal, would fail on blm with shoes
un.l slippers nml belabor blm till their
Wrath wus exhausted. The beating fiu-
labed, honor was declared to be satis-
lied all tirouml.
Ton lir nin rtl la Slavrrr.
Two hundred yenrs SgO, wheu meu
and women were condemned lo death
for trivial offenses, It was the custom
in Beotland to eun.mute the death seu-
tence Into perpetual servitude to specified musters, in oilier words, the condemned person becsjne a slave. It
was   further ordained   that  be  Should
wear u metal collar round bis neck recording bis sentence ami punishment.
Tbe Society  of Scottish  Antiquaries
owns one of these collars, fished out
of the Forth above Alloa.    It Is brass,
wiih this Inscription: "Alexander Stewart, found guilty of death for theft ut
Perth, ."'tb  1 ember, 1701, and gifted
I.y tl.e Justiciars us a perpetual servant  to Sir Jobu Areskei. of Alvu."
"My dear." suld a vain old man to
his wife, "these friends here won't believe that I'm only forty five yen™ Old.
You  know   I   speak  the  truth,  don't
' Well," answered the simple wife, "I
suppose I must believe it, John, as
you've stuck to It for fifteen years."—
laid   III,.,,,I, .1
Mary-Do you think one should marry for love or money)   Chaperon—My
dear, love is nn excuse for marriage,
but   money   la   a   Justification.
Ilrep Grief.
Mrs. Jtilil. Oh, miss, I be that bad—
Inexperience—But you're looking very
well, Mrs. .I.ii.l). Mrs. .Iiibb-Ah, miss,
I lie one o' they as frets lunar.llyi—
Jn.l a Snntiilr.
flausR How does your dog like your
now neighbor? Matched—It's a II11Io
too early to say. Bover bas had only
one small piece.
Cire of Young Chicks.
ln order to have a good early matur*
Ing pullet It Is necessary that she get a
good sl.irl, says Professor 0. K. Graham of Connecticut, IStoris experiment
station. Tho first two weeks' euro Is
responsible to a great extent for her
success or failure eight months later.
Feed, regularity of feeding, cleanliness
and plenty of grit and water aro all
important matters, chicks should be
carefully protected from storms and
Sudden changes of weather since
these, together with the low vitality ol
the parent, are responsible for mors
d.aths than Is improper food.
In place of the adulterated teas of j-ipan
Id only in sealed lead packets, St 40c, 50c and 60c per Ib.    Al ,|| orot(r
Highest Award   8t.  Louis 1904.
Undigested Food
When any portion oi f|'"**'l remains in the stnm.irli snd r.
digest u csusei tbe torments ol Indigestion   Tl ii undigtm       [
rapidly  lermentl, irritating Hi-  sensitive coating  ol  the  itn-nich
while  Other   psrtS   ot   the   body,   particularly   the   lic.,1.
S" long " I'ii'  undigested food remains in the  Itonuch, tin
discomfort continuss.   A lew doiei ol
slop all (ermfnt.ition, sweeten the contents of the llom ,   ,
natural aiiistsnce that relieves the itonuch ol its bun i
ol Ledum's 1'ills gradually strengthens the itomscb r
restorei iiirm lo .. normal, healthy condition.
Beechsm'i Pills positively cure all st.xiu.li troul
|,rr,r, , n the l.ier and kidnc>» greatly nnpi .i.
ersl health
Iieccham's Pills have been used and recommended |
eral public ior over h"y years.
Prtpartd unly by lhe Proprlt-rlor, Thorn*. Hnchsm, St. Helm.   Lsaatfelft, I n;
$oid i wi seen i" Ceosdssas" !!■ •*• aawitss.  I" **■"« « >s..,".
Ink   lr„ir   lu   I*    anil   11,, 1.   ,..   lS»t
I.N|,..«.M.-.  In   Ihn.r  lln>..
The uie .tiit art "f keeping  Harm In
blustering winter «■•..!!..*r was
as practiced   by  ths  forefathers  or
Judge  Bewell  would noi  bave eafls-
pi.uu.ii that be «... *!,.« tu recording
events   III   Ins   il.ni    Im- SUSS   bis   ink
fross upon his pen Nor would u.e
colonial shoemskers bsvs mnny tunes
decided that It » is too oold tu make
shoes, l.ui j11—t right to go hunting.
The test of temperature «..« made by
niii.uing nu apprentice to sit so s wet
lapstone, if bs was fraaea to it the
weather eras considered too cold to
Indeed, ju*t bow the people of the
eld purls of tin. country got any comfort during ihe severe winter days is
not apparent to ths eyes of today that
I.,.ie looked upon the simple anil < art*
.us best producers of early times    A
rare collection of these ancient l.r«-
places, ,1. lirona, Moves and other pro*
noil is of mercurial rises is preserved
••hI.i.i in tl..* Beses Institute In Balea,
11 ass., together «.th much Interesting
uformstlon thereon.
. .ne of these i urios Is a flreback from
i iceetral boms of t'olouel Timothy
Pickering, tVaablogton's friend nnd
ecretary uf «nr. It la of slste nud
. .lu i k>. ii gravestone. It was enrvet
mil the Pickering family creel lt
i i- placed in the bu. k of the llreplm-r,
, lli :| the It'll mug logs would not set
Ire to ibe I. ui--
iu id fashioned Breplaees were
huge arr.iii*.. Children could sit tu
itielr corners snd  watch  Um spark*
" h*» toward tl.e stars    The
i. es snd ch coneys were tirst bn.si
unl. mul. s.i th.it they would not burn,
but later they were uta.ie of brick.
It is a common remark thnt in trying
to gel warm m such ths r..'*.*s of p> >
ob* were r     ** ! :-.,-... ti„* beat, while
tbelr bscks froze In ths drufu from tlie
* reel. in tbe windows snd doors.
Hut   the   early   forefathers   were   a
hardy race ami endured the cold won*
derfully.   Tin* Puritans of Balem re-
fused tu beat their meeting hiiuiiH, declaring  that   warmth   therein   "wa*   *
snake "f ye wily and wicked Satan."
The sturdy   Puritan sires un.l   their
BOI1S   kieked   theii*  heel,   together   « bell
the cold stopped the circulation of their
bl.Mid, and the preachers often patiently puusnl In their two hours' ills-
courses to Walt for everybody to become warm snd stop kicking.
Women carried  little foot stoves to
church,   These  were perforated tin
l*..\t*s about n foot s.|uure, Into iib,,li
hot embers from the f.im.ly beerth
were plu.-cd, nnd the bot stOVS «;.i
then taken to meeting ulong with the
• 'oul svns known ss early as HiriT In
this country, and lt WSS Called "Iron
Btone."     Hut   wood   wus   fnr   .benper
and more convenient snd wss mosl
used.    Peat  was  also  Utilised,   as It
could bsoblslued from many bogs.
Stoves  were  Introduced   as  early   as
it."'-. ..ml in tlmt year tin* genersl
court of Massachusetts grunted to John
Clark 10 shillings for every fii.nlly
using l.l* valuable Invention, a stove,
for a period of three year*, and H.i.
grant was subsequently eatended for
S period of Clark's lifetime, tl.e geneiul
court being deeply grateful for Ilu* COD*
fort derived from his Invention.
Tl.e first open front coal stoves were
designed by Itenjamin "franklin nud
were east by James Ityres & Co, In
Npriiigllelil, ilnss, lu 1TS7. I'rankliii
probably Kot his Idea from the Herman
stoves used In l'ennsylvnnla Tbssa
had a hot air drum, which extended to
Iho second story and warmed Hint part
of the house, but the doors of many of
tb.'in were outside the house, so that ll
svns necessary to go Outdoors to feed
them with fuel. I'mnklln's Invention
marked the beginning of stoves for
burning coal and wood which uro lu
general use today.
These early stoves were ns greut
blessings to the forefathers as nn
stesm betters today. Even tin- poets
sung of their virtues, referring („ ihen,
as "stoves whlrli uutumn 0f svlnter
could mnko."
But todny the practical nan wants
rammer of winter mud.., and the vur|.
ous simple devi.es of tbs forefsthers-
tte firebricks, andirons, open llreplu.-s
uud crude stoves bavs been thrown In-
to tl.e junk beep or l.,i0 the museum
to make wny for the modern hot all
and steam beatera.-Hoston Ulobe.
mis', hut
Sdd by ell Druggist* an,! 0. .*. rtl guru
snd by *m"
Wnen Remitting by Post, ut*
Dominion Express Monty Order
and Foreign Cheques
The Best snd Cheapest
System   of   Sending    Money   to  i'i
Place in tne World.
Absolutely Sale
Purchaser Is gli* :>
order   or   oheejee   i»   *
i ion kii. the ..i.i" in.  ■>
ly   HKKINIiKli        No  r*
tun   Information   nn'
Ixieal agenta.
Improved aa i .nm. ■
li.i v.iik  fat ins (t.i
.   full  parti
58 Tribune   Bldg.. W"in peg. Mm
Hs Kept H.'s Word
"Buch a chang-*." frfd Beaalei
van,  apropos of s  certain bill
br about u satisfactory as u.«
thai a landlord once mad*
"A wiman cume to s<-e in la land    '
Rha  w.uiud   lo   look   ai  a  h
was to let.     Tha man sent a i ern to
show liar over Ihe house, and   >n Her
return ihe said:
*"I Ilka th>* |,.„i»» »ery well TNT*
ts only one Ihlnc that I cl.)
"'Well, madam, any reasonable alteration,' (ha landlord niunnui*^
suavely,   'would,   provided   yuu •
Hire,, years' Imi. -'
" 'I'd take a three jrars* lean'.' ttt.1
the woman, 'It only the house luJ in""
" The nurntier of closets shall be
doubled.' said the Ian'lord.
"'Very well,' a.ttd the woman In •
pleased voloe, and she aljned lie* >*-"■■
then and there.
"After she was rone the UnJ ord
called In his clerk axain.
"'John.'  he said,   'lake   a   rs-.
ever t.i  No.  17, and   havs him   iltH*
each of  th,,  cl .sets In  two."*—<JtU»**
A Vacancy   Filled.
Oera'd    I have a c *ld In my h>«*
r>ral<llne    Well.   I   suppose   IM.   "
baiter than ual_l_c
by local application*    aa    tha; '
,"•"''    ti"*   ui..ii.iii p,,hi,,n ,,i ii
lien; Is only ..,,.   way  („ ,u,,, ,i
and   Uml   ii,   by   I'uimtituiloiiiil   .*
Urufnens  |.   r.tu-<ei|   |,y   «n   IliH.in,'
■lltlon of lhe mucous lining ol III.   i    »'
nehiHii Tube.  Wh.-h thin un,,* i. in
inn......nn.i,mi ..ni  i„. I,,Ki,, mn  and i*1'
h. ii.iiik. and when li la entire!)
neafneas in the result, a...I unit*** '<"
Inllammntltin run |„. taken oul mnl tl.ie
lube iPst.Hi'd .,, p. normal <*..ti'liti"n-
h.aiinK win be destroyed forever; nine
oacee mn ,,f ten are cained by Cetann.
whirl, i, nothing bul nn Infliimt l
dm,tn „r ii„. mucous surfaoea
We will rlvtr One Hundred Ilnllnr-. for
any ra..* nf lienrneas.rauiied by Catarrh)
thnt cannot be cured by llnli'« Caur'i
Cure.    Bend   rn.   'it ni i.i i.  free.
K.J. CHUNKY * CO., Toledo  ■'
Bold   hv   Dnntirlets.   76c
Take Hull's Family Pills for SonatlpstWS
Serai., of *.„|,t, , , •
Thin is tlie open season fur kiibrnt
sud neat bosji,
Nature is trntfefnl, tfcongh soma \"f
pl.* are iialinal li.m
l*'or an apple to 11, in-it that It Isn't '
potato shows mighty poor taste,
a familiar signature may msks *
good story heller, but It can't make s
bad story good
• Iraft .in.l professional politics nr*
so closely Interwoven that you can't
cul Ihem ii pint wlthoul .Inining blood
from bolt..
A won un will Usurp lhe end sent In
s cur for a dosen blocks, get off bsck
ward ami milk away with Sll the se"
r.'nll.v of the ttinacloiiHly perfect-*
Klrleklll.nl   \V. .lllllb...  i"   linl"-
W    N    U    No.    596
Ind  by   Increasing   Nerve   Force  Restores
Vitality to Every Organ of the Body
I Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
,,.,.,,1,.   iiiHimiiy. fulling  sickness,
•ii,,,S1. u-e some of the re
'.,1   niiinoui  nerves.     No ons
'   neIieci a disease *> dreadful
,, | ai nervous exhaustion ir
wore only realised  with
n,rti symptoms.
' „„. l0 begin the restoration
h vei l.v the use <rf Dr. Chase's
'    ic i is whan you nnd your
',  unKble to ■ P at nights, suffer
I  .,,,   headaches   ...    neuralgic
'" n    indigestion or sreali neart ac
,,l   flesh  nnd   weight,   growing
,,,.1 debility, s tendency to
. (| ,|„. duties or ths day. gloomy
im tbe fu  s her
al depleted nervae.
.,,,,, iikeu iii   Cbaae's Nerve
u . ,,, ;,,,, medicine you svei  in i d
I,  i,* rltsllssr and tissue bull
.   |iii,mul powi >
, and gradually H rekindles
in ,*,,.' „, i ye calls mnl forms new
,,,    Ibe    I,I.Hill       111.      Olllt
, iiiiiv <'...<• nervous dis
1,11.1     lllel.c.i,     LiOWe   I'iiimi
Man., writes "I had suffered for
iwo years wuh dlzsy spells, pains in
iln* bank, i old i. Is and feet, nei i
ousness, Jerking of the limbs, iorc
tongue, soreness ol arms and sbouTd
ers, and gi nei sl exhau tion Aboul
seven months ago i inr.inn* so nerv
ous thai I could not real ...   leep, and
COUld   nol   do  Iln*  lOSSl   I.i.     ol     work
without suffering dreadfully from
pains in iin* buck i roul.i hardly
walk, eoui'i tni very little, snd fell
linn people were always watching my
boil)  twitch,
"I iile.i several medicines wiih Utile effect, and was * mere skeleton ol
Kkli I bone aboul rn rile up In ilea*
pair when i beard aboul in Chase's
Nerve Pood snd began using it I
imi. UK., i iu ..ii fourteen boxi ol
this preparation, nml li bar. buill me
up until I nm now Strong ami well
,*ii;aiii in Chase's Nerve Pood haa
.inm  nn* s inn iii ut gi.o.i, snd I feel
that   I  i.'.iii'ii   I'* iiimii'iil  ll   loo high
lv iii pel sons who suffer ss I have"
In   i lhase'i Nei r.   r I
ai ail ,|,'.ii, .s, ". Edinaii in Bati ■*.
Oo. Toronto
,  ,,„   Sara   Ummemlm   Thai   win
ii. iv Hie Heesshssgefi
. ,,,. I, I lies foi' HtlllllH should
hf „,,. rfted or kept bandy for refer
ii. Mkeepers do not slirays rs
D    | :   butllng   waler  Is  ouu of
I I rents known for a number
„r ,1.1.1.-
\Mi,n lee sud cuff.t* are spilled on
j,, .       ...h stretch ii.« cloth over u
and poor boiling water from
.   DO   Ibe  "pot.   allowing   tht
, fall with considerable force
|| ,. washed wlthoul this pre
in will be set und chenil
, used.
,iii fr: i -inii.*- when trssb yield to
( ter tn stment   Ones stains
, nf Mnrriine.it lo mothers,
Ibd li.' • Seem alui.mt aa ulattiiiate as S
P r. bee.    However, a hot
, f t.itiaric in ni. increasing its
, F It d WS not seen, to take i.'lt
i rather,  chaugt*  It  to a
:   brown,     'litis   faint   brown
I. . will wash out lu l.ut seep
if a boesekseper is so unfortttnete as
i8 ui,. leered she might os
Bad,  «s the  antidote  fur
■ steal in.s not boon found.
I for a so '■ I      •  nothing Is known
r tii.n. sxpoasre to hot aun-
■ ■     .lays
-    Had ou clothing Of • ar-
|»t apply milk  at  oi.ee. soaking  and
• .   ; iiiiiiui.'i«ly  until
i . 1. t.i ken out. then wash tht
•   , If 'l.e Ink Is aOowad lo dry
!• .en ..ut with u.iiu   in
I sal Is llie most ef
I, HNta Of stains.
Ha la the  Klaa  uf tb. ■ „,l   i ,.   ,.,.
io in... Metropolis,
London's outdoor man hi ths coster
He is the Isbmsel of ths gutters,  A
very  J,,lly   IsblOSel,   ll  I-   line,   wbo  li
more than content to sckoowlsdge the
line of demarcation between himself
and He* In. kney.     linl    u.ieillie
lees, in a mod Bed, twentieth century
wsj I..* i, still the wild ii.mi whose
hand i» against every man's snd svery
man's sgalnst bla n.- Is probably the
last remnant ol tba world - old racs of
wsoderers the lasl suggestion of ths
primitive man i. rt to ths citlea Be is
tn iu it.nu dwellers whsl tbs gypsy i
to il.. intryslde   tits descent seems
In  ipi Ing   fl"..t   the   I i .    -.toek.
And be is regarded, from ■ safe distance, wuh tin* s.nne contempt by
those " ho dou t len ■« i, n His habits
and I.. Impulses 11111 s.imr strongly of
tbe dsys when tribe warred sgalnst
tribe snd everj men's srm was for
himself ss : And, sttboogh
bis pitch - below tbs curb, bis carat sb
a barroe snd bis beast ..f burden a
Russian pony, s doukej ur blmaelf, he
I. as free snd . . nm* other
lusty scion of the people wbo live under
the sk.e-    I        ■        i-  nnd lahmsel
he chooses i" remain   And tl"* i nances
sie ten to one that whoever goes s ii*h-
ii.g t .i informal on smong ths barrows
will come bai i. with sn empty creel or
n tin., shoe  of fishermen's tales, for
j.iir ."-or knit" - both bow to keep
i !„.«■ it, use bis tongue pie-
iuel) In defense of in. )ealoualy
guarded   traditions  snd   ths   internal
■ iten. ••   'luting.
Al • •■•   *f li'irnrili food S "food
' »   . abovt <*'|.i«l to two beef
•tears, sad ths SOW hss to give only ten
fMro   •     k pas day to do the work.
I . nr. is left, while the
•leer li set    Ltthsuge.
. '.id go   from   bom.
■ .ii in  J  ti Kell
Hal lu theti pa
■   "ikim;.   Clll
tlj    brings   mi       summer
.u. I   tin re  bl   nothing   Wo*
wnii ii sure i*
b oftentimes saves greal
.. i frequently valuable
* . "i lial has gained toi
, ■ 11 reputation tor
■ *i- -. rel el from ail sum
ii* rim potteemea, who al
n urderer, Hennbig, tt. es
Iheli  . .i-1..,i\.  bat
*       in i j:... respeotivi u   toi
I ''"ty
;    is  better than  Othei
le si    Wh. .1    llsetl    III   III'
Ilnv   Sunlight   _ nip
■   .'.ns.
*k*a I oittUn-a Kerrla Wheel SlnpprO
dynamited the old r.*rris
•ssel r.  .   i|. an,| n,,,v i, |„ ann.uinc-
'* ' ths end of ll.e present sum-
B'r I*    • n I. iy, destroy lis own great
*mt{ t nn  lhe  order of the  Uie-
' inder of the Colutnbian ex-
J**-*0** M is expected that it win coat
*■"'" ' destroy lhe Ixmdnn wheel.
V* fser .rtrr'lt wns opened the Ixin-
t-tti wheel received its biggest sdrer*
'" ' Oas night It suddenly sto*>
M llxty psssengers were In the cars
• iid, ns ■>,,. (,,,, w,,„t |,y nicssagrs on
P*.0"*r * ibs fluttering down with ap-
P*al« '. , r„,|   Af(l.r a (|me gym,, ga||.
■""■ eve found, who climbed up the
''mpmn wiih food and drink. With
lots t!,,. | lljr |,aaW.nK,.ra bad to be con-
■ o'clock the following niorn-
"t tbs compeny presented each pas*
HBgsr iv ih IS, nnd next day the
wl|**"l wu parked from morning till
■fht With passengers who hoped tlmt
" _ would again go wrong with
tlia wurlt
•■ota ot   I ,,,„....
At  ""   Country   house Of  a  certain
Papular   baronet   some   lime   ngo  the
•■i'ii"'   Into   his   masters   room
'.'"lv ' : nniiig wearing n inost woo-
■my bad news for you this
 ! I." he suld.
. Ul"1 Is It, John?" inquired tho
Po*" Mr. —" (mentioning the name
, " gentleman iu nu adjacent village)
'"'., ' " air gone an' bung himself.
v" ' -*i»n'l tbs worst, by anv means,
J William,   That there fox  i.ns been
oo  tin.   preserve,   ngulu   and   killed
"«nij ..r ti,e yullll|{ phoasanUI"-
■W ■ Stories.
II. la l.oua  Nnlured. D—He, obedient
■ ud   l.iilia   SuRrr.UK.
■"The elephant :- tbe beat natured
I".1-1 in ail wild creation," ssld a <*ir-
.us man "tlost people have an Idee
thai tbe big beast Is spl p> go wrong
any I Iks sll kinds of trouble
f"t rverybodj Now, ss a matter of
I., tl: ■ i • u-r but OOCS seen a
• tf tb.s kind Then tbe result
wns ,lir*. iiy due to tin* Intolerable
abuse nf i!.n beaded grooma   lt se.-ms
io r .• tbat If *  one wei putting a
point or I.. ik Into ■ soft |,,.i,i ,,f
. ..r mine many times a day and
without nny go<s| reason f"i it we
would ■bow '■ mper snd tear up tl -
it.. Tbe only different e is the ■ •■
piiaui b.is in..i.' patience Ha is doi lie,
obedient   ami   long  •offering     When
NH elephant  gels a  1:111.■ out  of sorts
there Is slways some lightweight at
tend.*.nt. II seems   to By "IT ainl say be
is *.i.iiiy ■   Ninety nine times ont »f a
lllllltllisl   the   ',..,.,r   elephant   h..s   been
La.l!> treat. I. snd, ss be cannot tnik.
bs tl "*s sbout the only thing be can do
ami trim |h*n Ins disgust oi possibly
goes a step further snd esses ins f.-ei-
Ings b] t.ik.ng a crack with his trunk
at something wiihin reach.   Elephants
are as kind hearted and lender w «"
in.'ii nml  respond i" llttls attentions
the sum.' wsy,  1 In tin* tame way.
just l ko a woman, when they get soured. II t!lk.*S II long While to sweeten
them again If it I m be dOUS at ull."
A. laekor,
A chief of  bureau  in  the navy department tells n >; I It "iy of the time
when one of lhe lecretsrlss Of the navy
g.t the notion Into i.i* bead that officers should not permit their wives to
reside at tbs ton IgB slatltiiiH to which
their husbands might bs sttacbed. So
an order to that effect was promulgated,   s.wiu thereafter considerable per
plel'ty   and   in.  little amuseiiient   wns
nffordist the secretary when he received the following cablegram from Commodore I'yffe. then In command of the
Asiatic squadron:
h*  retai*{ Navy, Washington!
It i" '"iin s mv painful duty to report
thnt mv wlft, Bliss I'*, rr,.. ha... in disobedience to my orders and In the fact
of regulations ol department, taken up
h'T residence on tin. station mnl persist*
sully refuses to leave.
Thum-a Natl l-lrtnrea.
'«• snclsnl  Chlueao  nud Japanese
r«.|.i**nt|y uH,.j ,0 j,.aw p|cturo> wlth
"*|r ,""""1' nails. The nails were sl*
"M to grow to a length of some
«"Hin Imhes and were pared to a
blu. i"nd "ll,pod ln »«rmlllon or sky
• "Ik, the only colors used In these
geeead %»i«re*
■•Mv own darling," be sighs,
that yon wlU be miner' ,,„.„,.,.,
The beautiful actress drops be   c.
,„d siilffis luiself ... bs   oldedIIWJ
 brace,  whispering. "Bgbsrt,  I ^e
Slways ben yours:"
"ToHis astonishment .... ItttM   I
-sho  draws  away   from  blm  am    ttpi
.  r ...i sngrlly on the floor, ssylM
I,,,,, aCTo.« her face tergejerm n
nfuslon as she shyly •ay*-
amsosorryl  .or the moment   forgot
„„„ wa „,.,,- bee Blons and Wt on Uio
stage."- Juda0* 	
Whatsoever sltiintlon In life you eve'
wish or propose for yourself, n"l
deur and  Id Ides of ths Inconvsn
lences attending u.-Bheustona.
An i ,.„,*„,,,. Plalas tadiaa's View •»
In .. cabin on the plains of Montana
ll.r.e of us sat tiilklng-un educated
plains Indian, a government subagent
and mystiC I waH telling of the splendid iidvancom.'ut of the Apaches und
how well they would work. At the
close of my story tin. agent turned to
the In.linn and asked blm, "Why don't
your people work like thut?" All about
ilm cabin, us ii decorative frieze, wus a
row of buffalo Kkulls.
'Ihe Indian looked up at those skulls,
saying: •■They tell you why. While
tlios., buiTalo were tillve t-b did not
need to work. Only niggers and white
people farmed. We were a superior
people and had nothing but contempt
f .r those who worked.   Do you realize
that i. a comparatively young uinn,
know lhe .lays when If wo wanted food
we had only to ride out on the plalna,
shoot buffalo or other game, snd the
WOmen would go out and bring It Into
camp) Ho you expect us In tl.e fraction of a lifetime, lu lhe quarter of the
age of un old man, to have chauged
our whole life and even to have forgotten the duys of the old freedom
when wc were lords of sll tlie great
plains und mountains?
"In what way does your civilization
ben, tit us? Uefore you had attempted
lo for... your so called civilization upon
us we had every desire of the heart
AS easy. Simple, cure free life, and to
ll.e worthy and brave u certainty of
n future life of plenty aud comfort.
What has your civilization done for us?
le ■'■'"' 1 us of our land, our strength,
our dignity, our content. Even your
religion has robbed us of our confidence lu the hereafter.
"What have you given us In return?
Desire, corruption, in-ggury, discontent
You buve robbed us of our birthright
snd scarcely given us s husk. Vou
said we did not ...ake use of the land
as the white man would, so you took
It from us and use lt ns you like. I
.'..ill as well go to the msn who has
his millions loaned at 3 per cent and
sny: 'Vou are only getting 3 per cent
for this. I cun use It and make 10. I
will take It bemuse I will make the
besl u-e of if "- E. S. Curtis In Scnb-
ner'.t Mugazine.
Some   of   the   'I'lilniii.   Thai   Are   I'rr-
,..,*.,*,.   B*or  Hie   fuliire.
"The ball, of the ncxl century," says
T. Huron Itussell In his book "A Hundred Years Hence," "will lave the
body speedily wilh Oxygenated water
delivered with a force lhat will render
rubbing unnecessary, ami beside it win
Hliind the drying cupboard, lined will.
some ipilekly  moving arrangement of
soft brushes snd fed with a highly desiccated "Ir, from which llmost In a
moment the bather will emerge drie.i
nud with n sl.in gently Stimulated nnd
perhaps electrified to Cloths himself
quickly ami pass down the lift to his
breakfast, which be win est to the accompaniment of b summary of the
morning's news rend out for the liciio*
HI of the family or whispered Into his
ears by a talking inn.-bine."
Dishwashing will be easy lu thst
day. Illrty plates nml dishes, for example, "will be simply dropped one I.y
one Into hu automatic receptacle, swill
ad dean by water delivered with fores
ami charged with nascent oxygen, dried
by electric beat and polished by electric force, being Anally oxygen bathed
ns a snperfli ■ sd >.f sanitary clean
lines) before being sen! tu table again.
And nil that bBS COtUS off the plates will
drop through the scullery floor Into tbs
destructor beneath to bs oxygenated
ami made away with."
There will be ninny other Improve
m.ills     Trains will gather s|s-eil more
rapidly; moving platforms will do away
with Ibe need Of stopping trslns at every station.   People will have more ae*
CldentS to a v..iti. nml Ihey will la' .-lev-
erer In avoiding them. On small Hying machines they will \isit mountain
tops on Saturday afternoons "fur (nonalcoholic) picnics." Actors will only
piny  nine  Iii one purl,  for their per-
formsnees will bs reproduced by s perfected kinetoecope snd pbonogrnpb.
I.r.tt.l     Of     the     1 .i|i. rlmrnl.     Of     III*
Moal-folarr Hi,,. hi-r..
Proceeding on tbs principle that heated air BXpsndS amI so becomes lighter,
bulk for bulk, thun air ut the ordinary
temperature, tbe brothers Stephen aud
JoNcph M'.litgoltler tilled u paper bug
with heated air, which rose to the celling of the room. 'Ibis preliminary success wus rapidly followed up, and they
gradually Increased tlie size of the balloons experimented win. until they
were so Hittislled will, their progress
that In 17K1 they gave a public exhibition, sen.ling up u Iiuen bulloon lur, f.si
lu circu.nferei.ee, which was Inflated
over a lire* supplied with smnll bundles
of chopped struw.   The bulloon lOOOQSd
e.i beyond their utmost expectation, uud
ufter rising to a height of over 0,000
feet It .lis, tntleil tell minutes ufter In
a Held u mile uud a half awuy. The
next bulloon curried a car, In which
were a sheep, u eo<k aud a duck.
The success of this further experiment Indue.sl M. Pllatre de llozlcr and
the Mi.ri|uis d'Arlandes to risk their
lives by making ths lirst ascent lu tbe
new aud wonderful machine. Their
bulloon, which was forty-live feet lu
diameter and seventy live feet high aud
was Inflated with hot air, passed over
runs to tint greal astonishment of the
people, attiiiulug an altitude of half a
mile, hallust wus then for the first
time employed In regulating the usee...ling power uf the balloon. The first
venture was followed by others, aud
I.e Hozler. the lirst to ascend, was also
tl.e lirst to meet his death lu this manner, having been kill's], with a companion, by the bur-jlug of his balloon
near lioulogne.
■  U.n    Milk
Ths tilth thst gets Into milk Is to s
Isrge extent te.iti.ljr soluble In the
milk, sm! no straining, tilin.uf or ecu
infilling can re.noie It. Followlus
milking, however, the number of bsc-
tei .a Is constantly Deiug Increased from
unclean and BOStertle Utensils snd apparatus u«ed lu straining, cooling snd
tranai ortlng the milk.
There are of course many ether ways
in which milk may become Impure ex*
■ I...,re of deliberate a.lulterotlon. The
greatast silmunt of dirt conic, from
the exterior of the cow during milking,
snd much of tilts msy 1"' kept out by
using a covered milk i
Are jour corns harder to iin."'*
Ihan   thus.,   thai     Others    hav.      li i !
Hsve they not the same kind? Han
tbe)  not been cured by using Hollo
'   un   Cure     Trj   a   !••
.nr. '.vrarki'-y f.uf. s,*,* here! If you
insist upon getting another gown in
hsve to go Without a new suit Oils Bummer.
Mrs.   Murkley—Well,   you're  such   a
deur. unselfish thing-
Mr. Markley    Yi-s. but I Should think
toud be unselfish occasionally,
Mrs. Markley Itut I think I am uu-
■elfish In tlmt I don'l attempt to deprive you of the pleasure nf u*ing tbe
unselfish one.—I'btlsdehibta I'reNs
Diarrhoea,    dysentry,    cholera    Infantum nmi stomach troubles sre alarmingly frequent    during   the    hot
weather months     Too   oft.
troubles become acute and ;. pn *
life is lost after only s )• »
hours illness. During the hot weath
ason every wise n.o'i.ei should
l'.| .. i"ix ol Baby's Own Tablets tn'
th ■ bouse io .heck ihes. ills If they
• i suddenly, Better still, an
occasional dose of this medicine wfll ■
keep the stomach and bowels clean
nn i prevent these dangerous elements  i Hilling     Mrs. John  Lam
North Portal   Bast, says   "My bai.y
w.is   attacked    with   diarrhoea   and!
Minuting.   I    at   once   gave
Baby's Own Tablets and    next    day
si..*   »:ts as   well  as ever.    1   tlm!   Iln
i.il'i'*- .in   im   only iin-dicinc a little
one needs."     Bold by nil   medicine
rs ..r by mail at B cents a box
Irom the Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Peeallarllr Maolfr.lrd  br a  Sheet  of
Wales iu s„n,rri,,,,,
I^ke Moral,   iu   Switzerland,  has a
queer habit of turning red about two
or three tim.-s every ten years. Ibis a
pretty  lake, Uke most Of the slns'ts of
water in that picturesque country, and
its peculiar freak is attributed to u disposition  to celebrate the slaughter of '
the   Itiirgiindiaiis   nnder   ('buries   the
Hold ou June 21, HT.;, but the Preach
say that it blushes for ths conduct of
the Swiss, Who Hi that battle gave the
llurgun.lians no quarter.
Tins phenomenon, of course, has its
leg.-nd.    The uld li-le-niici! of the lake,
who catch enormous Hsh called silures
that weigh between twenty live aud
forty kilograms say when they see tin-
Waters of the lake r.sl.leiilng that It is
the blotsl ot the Htirguhdiuns. As u
matter of fact, some of the bodies of
the BnrgUUdisns kill.sl In the bntile
were thrown lulo the lake, while others
w.-r.* tossed Into u grave filled with
quicklime. This historical recollection
anger.sl the Iturgiiiidlun soldiers of the
victorious armies of tbe republic lu
ITM so much that they destroyed the
monument raised In honor of their
compatriots who fell heroically lu that
battle, and Henri Murtin very Justly
reproached them for that piece of vandalism.
It would hnrdly do to attribute the
reddening of the witters of the hike to
the blood of the soldiers of Charles the
Bold. The coloring Is due simply to
the presence In large quantities of little
aquatic plants called by naturalists 0s>
Cillatorla riihescens. The curious thing
shout It Is that I.ake Morat Is the only
lake In which this curious growth Is
A  U..ln... rropoillle-s.
The feeding and handling of cows
and cow products Is s business proposition, the same ss handling dry goods or
groceries, and should be done on business principles. The Hnbcock tester
nn.l the milk scales will show where
the leaks come In nnd In which direction the efforts should be directed to
remedy the trouble.
To it..'i.i' - a lim. . Milker.
Tn produce a heavy milker continue
to inlil. up to Within n few weeks of
the cow's second freshening; then, before she has bad her third calf, dry her
off for two months. After tbe third
calf you will have a well developed
row thst will continue to be a large
tuin.-- .-.Has   A. Howla
A   M.|'l'l"n«   Men
Patience   You say th.-ir engagement
is broken orv
Patrice les
' What was the trouble'.*"
"iili. he got suspicious. You see, she
was indiscreet enough to Induce him
to attend a broom drill lu which she
U  k part.*'-Yjnkers Statesman.
The   I to ip. . ir.l
"Yes. p,„,r BubbnbS Is laid up. He
volunteered to open a cur window for
. lady tbe ..tin-t dsy snd"
"Oh, 1 see. burst S  lltt'sl VCSSCl, el. V
"No. Th.- contrary thing opened so
> soil] ilmt in* pi.ii„,1 headlong through
lhe window."   Minneapolis Journal.
Tha Self Reliant Mao la tha Ont Who
la   lo   llruiHiid.
Haven't you depended upon clothes,
upon appearances. U|-ou Introductions,
upon recommendations sbout loug
enough"! Huveu't you leaned about
long enough on other things? Isu't lt
about time for you to call a halt, to
tear off nil masks, to discard everything you have la-en leaning on outside
of yourself, and del-end upon your own
worth V
Haven't you been in doubt about
yourself loug enough? Haven't you
had enough unfortunate experiences
depending upon superficial, artificial,
outside things to drive you home to the
real power ln yourself? Aren't you
tired of leaning and borrowing and
depending U|kiii tills thing and that
thing which have failed you?
lhe man who learns to seek power
within himself, who learns to rely
upon himself, Is never disappointed,
l.ut be always will be disappointed
when he dej-ends upon any outside
help. There Is one jierson In tbe world
that will never fall you if you depend
upon blm and are honest with him.
and that Is yourself. It is the self reliant man tbat is ln demand everywhere.—0. 8. Marden In Success Muga-
Tol.aeee Smoke.
The comiHisition of tobacco smoke
Is complex. Analysis gives nicotine.
pytidlc buses, formic aldehyde, ammonia, methjismln, pyrrol, sulphuretted
hydrogen, prusslc acid, butyric acid,
carbonic acid, oxide of carbon, the
steam of water, an etherized eiu-
pyreumatlc oil. snd tarry or resinous products, among which we detect small quantities of phenol. Ot
all the products of tobacco tbe most
venomous are nicotine, pyrldic and
niethytamtn bases, prusslc acid, sulphuretted hydrogen, oxide of carbon
nnd empyreumntic oil. snd all that we
draw luto our lungs with more or less
C! B   I M I    ITI  I T        Wash oilcloths
^J \^ r^f  La I \| I   I ami linoleums with
^"•^ warm water and
Sunlight Soap,  rinse clean and wipe
dry.     The colors will be preserved
and the surface unharmed.
Common soaps fade the colors and
injure the surface Sunlight Soap cleans, freshens and preserves
oilcloths and linoleums.
Sunlight Soap washes clothes white without injury to the most
delicate fabrics, or to the hands, for it contains nothing that can
injure either clothes or hands
Sunlight Soap is better
than other soaps, but is best
when used in the Sunlight
way (follow directions'.
Equally good with   hard
or soft water.
UVtH UWHIIIK**,  I IMIII I), torooto
Wster Lll.es and Hyacinths With Wild
(trowing 8e< get—Verily, a
Thing of Beauty.
Every one recognises the charm of a
pool of water iu which there are a
few goldfish. Add lo this pool a few
State! lilies, scientifically known ut
nymphaeas; a few water hyacinths for
the border and a (ijaut or two of pat-
rot's feather, and a ttansforma'lon o!
increosed delight will be wrought.
Such an enchanting jurden. where
the owner may watch the lilies unfold
their beautiful petals, may be umply
made of half a barrel or a tub. as
shown ln the cut, or, better, three or
four such barrels or tubs placed together and sunk Into the earth. The
space between the tuba may be used
for a rockery, and the edges may be
hidden with moss The little umbrella
plant, the calamus, many of the wild
growing sedges and the Wild arrow
bead are all very desirable plants to be
\... a Steaher.
"So your busbapd was in a furious,
temper of Jeulou .j Inst night." said the
mistress to the colored cook.   "Weren't
you afraid of hliuV"
"Lawd, no'" laughed the cook. "He
uses u surety rssor*"- I.etrolt Free
The Cleanse the Bystem Thorough
ly.—Parmelee's  Vegetable Pills clear
the  stomach  and   bowels    of    bilious
matter, cause the excretory vessels
io throw off Impurities from the blood
inio the bowels and expel the deleterious baas from the body. They
do ihla wlthoul pain or Inconvenience
to the patient, who speedily realises
their go...i unices ss soon as tbe) be
gin to lake effect    They  have sl rung
recommendations from all Units ol
tha Slitter Qaartar.
The sliver yuurter was nuthorlxed by
set of congress la 1192, April 2, snd
coinage was begun In 1T0C.
r DODD'S '*',
The I*. ...
Keren out of ten people hsve stronger sight in one ere thun the other. In
two enses out of five oue eye Is out of
line. Nearly one half of the people sre
color blind to some extent, and only
ono pair of eyes out of every fifteen Is
right In sll respects,
The   healthy   glow   disappearing
from the check and moaning ami n si
lessness al night ure sure symptoms
ol  worms In chil.lr.il.    Do not fall to
gel a bottle Ol Mother (Iravc's Worm
Exterminator; it Is an effort mil medicine.
 n,*t    li'iil'itllil.
Cbaplelgh- I aw—nevsh associate
wiih those—aw—bowld baseball play-
nhs, .lonelier know.
Miss Cauitlque- I suppose not. There
nre some things that even baseball
players won't stand for.—Houstou Post.
Only   M<* ' tint.i ,-
Perey—I say, Cbolly, what do you-
nw-ilo when yoiiali lallnr WOftlSCS you
choiiy—Why, I—aw—twansfer m*
patwonage to anothah t.ilh.r, doncher
know*.   Chicago Newi.
An    t<li>ue   I ...tiitl.
"Truth is strsnger than iirtion," tritely remarked ths narrator of a long
"It must be stronger to yon." nd-
milted .... unfeeling audi tur.-l'blludel-
Iiiii i I.wlii-er
Voder the  II....*.
The expression "under the rose," or
Sub rosa, to Indlcute secrecy, orlginutes
ln the Greek mythologkal story that
r.i].i.i pave Harpocralee, the end of
silence, a golden rose, desiring him at
the same time not to betray the umour
of Venus. According to another account, the traitors ngalust the Gret-K
slates during the Invasion of Xerxes
held their meetings lu an Athenian arbor formed of rose ttisbes. At Greek
and Roman I'Mii'iutis the guests were
always crowned with roses, and a
cluster of these bung above the banqueting table -van n sign that what wus
suld In that place should not be repeated elsewhere.
The Silver Dollar.
Tbe diameter of ibe silver dollar Is
exactly  un   Inch  and  a  half and   Its
thickness    eighty thousandths   of    an
"km.. Hia Berve.
An Rngliah clergyman hod a rich
parishlouer. Lady Blank, wbo dictated
to and hectored him outrageously.   At
length be de, iiueii to put up with this
klud uf treatment and told her ladyship
ao. Thereafter Bhe refused to put anything ln tbe offertory, merely making
a stately inclination over the plate.
This moved au elder to remark in her
hearing. "We could do with less of her
manners aud mure of her cash." The
clergyman, dining at n lord's table, told
this story with great success one evening. The host said with s frown. "Are
you aware, sir. that Lady Illank is a
relative of mine?" Tlie clergyman
smiled slightly. "So," be suid. "I
wasn't, but in future when 1 tell the
story I'll always t.e careful to mention
the relationship."
They Advertise Themselves.—Immediately they were offered lo the
public. Parmelee's Vegetable Pllla
became popular because of the goxid
they made tor themselves
i hai reputation has grown, and the)
now rank among the first medicines
tor use in attacks of dyspepsia ami
biliousness, complaint of the In.ll
an-i kldueys. rheumatism, fever and
agu.* ami the innumerable complications to which these ailments give
Countryman—Return  ticket.  please.
Hooking Clerk—Where to?
Countryman—Why, here, of course.
Where else could 1 reiuru"—Weekly
a tcb or WITII. LIL1H
placed along tht* border of the tuba to
hide thiir artificial staaye.
The tubs should he half filled with
roiled vegetable material from bogs or
ponds or with good loam with one-
third well decayed cow manure Place
several inches of sand on top of this
and fill the rema.nder with wuter.
There are both tender and hardy nym*
phaeaa. and the latter are especially
desirable for tub growing, for they
bloom freely in shallow baslna. There
are day blooming and night blooming
lilies. One Illy plant to each tub Is
sufficient tn addition to the border
plants. The water hyacinths float
upon tbe surface of the water without
r.mt hold, and a mass of them, with
their beautiful light blue flowers, some
times rival orchids with rich markings
and delicacy of color.
Tender nymphaeas' roots must be
stored in a cellar or greenhouse at a
i temperature uf not less than 60    degrees, and tbe hardy roots should bt
I well covered with straw lt left la the
Th»   mixed tribunul at    Cairo    has
given judgement against the Ehedlval
who brougbl action against
•.:• government claiming a lurge share
..<   the Daira surplus.
In Fields Far Off—Ur Thomas'
Eolectric Oil Is known in Australia.
Booth and Central America as well as
in Canada and the United Slates, and
its consumption increases every year.
It has made its own way. and all tbat
needs to be done ia to keep its name
before the public. Everyone knows
thut It is to be had at uuy store, for
all merchants keep It.
Carpet Baromelera.
Carpets drawn very tight when laid
upon the floor furnish a tolerable barometer. When n storm Is nls.ut to
break the threads contract with sucb
force ns Sometimes to tear the fubrlc
or draw out the lacks.
Shnulil  Have   Sal.1  Shoe..
"Miss Backbay,' said Mr. O'ltull. who
had b.s*n strolling along the country
road with the lady from Huston, "I
suppose yiir feet are very dusty. I'er-
uilt 111.'"—
"Sir!" cried tl.e precise young woman withering])*.    "How dare you!"
Physician said She Might Drop Dead
at any time.
"The   Iloctor   toii
me I  had heart dis
ease ani  WA* llSbll
to drop On thS street
in any time," suys
Mrs   Robert   l*:..	
of  Dufferln.  Ont
"1 wus afraid to
draw my breath. i;
wined mc so. I was
nervous, short ..I
. „. breath, had dlSSl<
Mrs. Robt. Laton ness, loss of nppct*
Ite, sm..Hi.'. ing and Sinking spells, .in
I could not sleep.
"Sometlilies I    would    have    lo    li'
down to keep from falling     My ban ll
nml   teat   would   seem  to   go to   Sleep
and a sort of numbness would coin
ull over inc.
"I begun using lir. l.conhardt's Anil
imi Prom the start i Improved. I
le.i much stronger, look better, and
altogether Anti-i'in baa mads s nsv
woman of nn*
**1 um entirely cured."
A,, dealers or tha Wllson-Fyls c
Limited, Niagara Fulls. Out. CO
• - 'I'l'ing the winter li 1< I
safer, however, to empty the water and '
plans ihe roots In the cellar.
Tile Draining.
Tbs first thing in commenclns to
ditch a wet p.ece of land la lo have a
good outlet, says the Farmers' Guide
Without such your ditch ia a (allure
And ufter the ditch la completed lt
must be kept clean of trash or the ditch
will stop up and cause trouble. A good
ditcher should be employed to do the
work and the tile should be put ln the
ground from three to four feet deep,
owing to the kind ot aoll through which
the ditch passes. Black land will stand
a deeper ditch than hard-pan soil. If
the tile ti placed too deep In the
ground the water will not get down too
them so readily. Tba tile ahould be
jointed closely ao as to keep from washing holes down to them, and then If
not cloaely jointed the water will
curry ln tiash and stop the tile and
they will have to be taken up Some
ponds have fine white aand ln them so
there Is danger of the tile filling up
w.th sand and In Jointing them closely
the water will have a chance to clean
the tile because the sedan.ent will be
ao small la quantity.
Tiling ahould done ln the aprlng or
when there Is watar to level by and
then the proper grade can be more
easily determined The Jolnng of new
tile or arms Is nicely done hy using a
monkey wrench to break away the tile.
Instead ol hammering them, you can
almost make a perfect joint In thia way
and vou will spn.l no tile. Always be
sure and rover the Jolnta good and se
rur.ly ao nothing will get tn or the tile
move spa't The owner should always
see the tile afier they have -been laid
In (he ditch, ao as to son that they are
all right a> aome workmen are not as
trusty as they ought to be and they
like to bed nnd rover them and the
proprietor can not nre the unevenness
Of the tilt or any other defect which
they may hnve. 1 have put In about 200
reds of tile ditch tlita year and one
man gave me some trouble In this way.
It Is always host and safest to bo on
the ground and sec the work done It hi
good advice that I'oor Richard gives:
"If you would have your work done,
go; If not, send." And alao "a atltch
In t.me saves nine." If It Is only in the
making of a tils ditch.
Tha liti.ic...
Perhaps no surer index of breeding
exists than Is displayed ln#the kuowl-
... Jusi what degree of effort ia
proper In entertaining, if a hostesB'
i'ili,*!' concern Is to show off ber pos-
SeSSlOna, tO give herself n good time or
to save all possible effort Bhe does 111
to call her Intent hospitality. The true
essence of hospitality is distilled of the
kindly, unselfish wish to give pleasure
iiml a tactful uiidcrstuiidlug of the fitness of thing-"
Indolent CorMarkla.
A St I'etcrsburg correspondent says
of M. Cioremykiu. who has succeeded
Count Witte aa premier: "He la a bureaucrat of the bureaucrats, who bas
sut all his lifetime behind the walla of
a ministry, protected agaiust tbe slightest puff of i.esh air from the outside
world Hn? he Is not even a good work-
er. aa many officials are. Heaviness,
ludolence aud cunning are his msln
characteristics, according to the verdict
of bis colleagues. So little disposed la
M ilorcmyklu to concentrate his efforts ou auy bard work that be cannot
remain halt an hour iu a room without
lying down on a aufa."
One Way to Drink Tea.
This Is how Maxim Corky, Russian
revolutionist and author, drinks tea:
First of all il comes not in a rap. but
■teaming hot In a glass. Corky drops
In a sl.ee of lemon, lakea two lumps
of sugar from the bowl and dips them
lightly Into the tea. Then he lays them
aside and talks while they get aoft
When he la ready he breaka off a morsel of sugar and holds it between hli
front teetn while he takes a sip of hot
tea. He bites another morsel and takel
another stp, and so on until the tea
aud sugar are both gone together.
Finance and Fiancee.
"John Alexander Is n original." alm-
p»r,*il the heir.*!, with whom Ur
Dowie was corresponding.
"He is?"
"Y»s: yesterday he called ma Iui
tittle lump of gsd.V and to-day he call.
me hli llitle 4 par cent. bond.'
For over sixty years doctors
hsve endorsed Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral for coughs, colds,
weak lungs, bronchitis, consumption. You can trust a
medicine the best doctors approve. Then trust this the next
time you have a hard cough.
* I tia* aa awf al comh for over ■ .ear, .n*
nothlD. tatmed Ui Sn in. .nr fvoo. I tried
A»«r'> (ii.tt t Feetor.1 .nd ni •<.'■, rur«d.
1 rw..„,,„.,i'1 .1 t" .11 tn, rn.,,.1. .r.ii.,.1
th.. lis.* . ciesU.* — Mlae U. M-fiSHS,
Withlu-fUtii, 11. C.
Made St J 0 Ayr C. . I..w.u, «la
Aim ■i.imluui.r. ef
*./»> * O a_s vnoa.
Ayer's Pills keep the bowels regular.
All vegetable and gently laxative
W    N    U    No.    596 I
kt k- y ma*  u «:i.I J i.'-.ii Ijehe evwi v 1 uunda*
Tin- tt III.»r   i f*  nut mild   blffl-Mlt rftltpoiw
• •tbl«f)l**ttli-   l|I  ' «   ><  tMITIidlpuudtisU ««
pr*M<wd in-it* eoluintii
ai) lunii win b* ebftritd *t tiie mt-v ori.s
••nt* p#r Hns, fit's' ii.*** 11 ■ ■■- , hu J it* i.'1'ii.ji ci'.
(Jln» wi'li • nOn ,j.;i'.,t  iiturrtlnii.
Ytnni (br Transient mul oU«r Ml*tr*lRtoif
win ii iu* if* known (in Hi plidsiloti ht uittaf
r«ulHCri| tint]  MLM* l«r.  111 ladTAllUf.
Notice is hereby giveh that I
thai), on Wednesday, oiler for sal.-
.I.y,Pub'ia Auction, at the Town of
ComanIii- l.-"t numbered seven (7,.
ill Hli eg numbered twelve (J2j
together wiih l.uililiiig therem.
(formerly Government Rtcoul
Office), aaiiJ property being siiuatv
in said town ol Coniapiix. Sub-
feet to a reserved bid of 132500.
Deled at R*velstoke. il. u, tbi*
2*Jth day at August, 1_XJ.
Fred Fraser,
Govalnmant Agert..|
y* • i i - j ■•"■-.
^..     -.\ \ t K ~   * ».., *
■t'i'  * i .. ■. i    i :■ I * * *    I.*.* imuSiuy
"o sn* pot' ' r*  :■■,   Hurl i
■ . . . .. in*.' IIp| |«! i . *.    i In   .ur,.
-ni.;*  ... et
I . .i  .:,:,*,•
S. DANEY, Prop.     Ferguson.
Legal Notices.
CKBTIFICi I'M  Of  llll ■!■■• ■'■ '"!'■ '■'■ ■
J C, l'kia'i   I . i.r Slai     Insrsl I
lil lit. in i.'.s '1 ■ ■■■ Milling Pivl*
►   n pl Weil Ki    * i ■    ■    *
■ ■-•     |      -,*,'.      |l. j ! *  '   !  1. I- i    1,1,
SI   «'  I. J    IV. I
.     . ■>!-'*..   v> ' 15    *    >   .   '
soil at. agent  I ' up I
I.m ... J limes M    :.     '
N.i:: ■ -   >.  D Ms, i in c v   - ■ ■
I i'O .Ian after .late l.a.enf. t > api
.... ■    •
■ i ■". io. nils for i r rpose ot « * ■
In**       *      • atili  ■'  . . ilxiisrlait
and I iniier ia»» not .. lliai si lim.
mei . r ectlou J." i ii ii Ip . i ii men. s.l
bt'fuie i lis isiuauce ul iuch eerilflcsts »l
Improvement!. Listed tl.s ith dav ul
Mav, A    P.,  1V0«
j. vr, cni*M
*• R* viponJ
Trout. Lo!t» |jVtry
*»'»  :u:,Y8
Stahl" " Trout Lok,.
EBOLT I. ■*.*«*- B.O
H   tl,.  -
. st i.o. a ,s  w* ki i
igenl  lor  David    vu«»iij
H'Jl'lCJB ^^^^^^
Cai.atlia.i minsrel claim, alt.iat* ■• thai
liuui las- ii.in...| dir.aion ol SVastl
K.x>r*iis>  district.
Where located:   <">n <J*»«n Mi:».*-i*ek
South 'Vrl ot   » J
jS^^ffir^iElBOBT. MADDEN
JWrJlOS,   it.te.itl,  int.r    d*..s   from   lli.'
dsta      hereof,      to  ' apply     to      ih-il
lliiiin-.   Kecoriler  (or   s   IVruticarr   ot I	
Improvements, for the purj^ose of oi.-
la n:eg a Crown Grant of tlie above
And  further take notica thai action,
under section   $7, mnst   be Commenced
Bar wall Supplied with Liquora A. Cigars
Large Comfortable Km-int.   )'xoe!]«tit Cuisine end Attendance.
-. ,    •    • <*. .v.tntirii' r*
txifurf tl.e issuance ..t Oertificata of Ini
Dated this : 0 li dar of lim . . tt. leOfl.
•..raster New Yott M neralClaim situs
ted in t.'id . rout l.ake Minimi i... .-.. .
West Kootenai District. Where located
Or Lowei hardest) river, one I elf mile
*   reek.
Is..* Notice   thai I     F,  C    I
Free   Miners'   Certificate.  No  liSS S3
acting   ss   ig nt   lor   I udg. r   Lucre
Fr.-e Miners Ct liflcato No. K88WI   .
tend, a.xiy days fr.-m  : I,. dale : ei
toapply to the  Miniug Recorder for»I
Ceiiiricsie ot Iuiprovemenls,  ior lire!
purpose ol obtaining a Crowa Grant erf
the al. *■* •• clain ,
Aad further Uke r.icice that actum,
ur*. U-r svciion S7, ir.u«t becommeiire.1
bsfors ti.e issuance nt such Certifirati
.ol Improvemeuli.
Dated this  ?Jrd dav of Julv..   . i.
*1 0*
Stout Xafte *a*awww^
•*• yfe     .       ^ Hy us ng Water supplied   by  tl.s
S^^l(il['£l* AM Company you sre   assured of sbso*
• • luta p.rii-.     Government Auslrtis I
SUPPIV     OO. »" back up itaMmenti
~   . Hugh McPherson - ♦ Supt.
W. H. Jones. W0CD fiance hard*
Lease   1 sai    Uiaders     r ..   *0|      Hardware,  Miners' Ir  plisi   Wtovs
sn I llsnftt
NELSON, 11. C.
Notice is hereby given tba! sixty dayi
afler date I intend to apply to tbe Hon.
ChiefComniieaionerof l.andian.l Wo'ka
for permission tojmrcUsMthe(o!lo**iur
described landa ailuaUn i. West Kootenay :
Commencing at a poll planted on lie
north snore of Lardo r>*r about halts
mile up fre11 rnplar creek and .uark.d
J. FitSSimmons1 S.R ctrrner p*-st, rnii-
nlng north 40 cl.alni. llien.'e aeit M)
• nes sou:.i *0 chains. 'I ence
alone river !*ank to ihepointol con.
D»ii ! Jcr.i 30  ISM.
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   Q I
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
Best Hotel in Town,
Headquarters for Mini anil Commercial Mei.
It p»i' lo ass Ihe   [>le| h .ne      A
lei,gil.> trip can .-'i.-i  be laveil    I "
Trout   Lake   City Trangfa
and Staye Lin^
Daily SU«« wUI
leave   Frrji*^
-*>'a.        r .•» *. lenatfir trip can often be laveil   Ofllee
zttlFirRtl)      sV       _L_t    »'  reiyusoii   L'utnmini' Store ;   Ir*....
^UIU'^L       *^      »y»Ve   Uke, P.«t Office ;al«ostHeatoi
apln and trt.nle.id
.VHOLBSAI.C DP.AI Kill* in iiuiier
I tt*.    t*l.e».s.     I'. Jj •    and    lri.it    ^\ unm «  .,  ..,     .
III   ii* i nk.. i sepl.ine *-t Nelson,B.C.
hi rcnne^tlra.
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
— .. ii
—:—= r~r~=0
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
Lennoxville   *.
<p^HoteI, m^m Block. Trail laic, B.C
E. M0B8S  PROP — -r——.—. ■	
n   .  I     ~7~ KRATKRNAL
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
n. sj Office
CAPITA!   PSIU UP    ,S.etr,T4l,SI
JEWELLER, I   """vt ruND        s.esT.rs.se 	
teh-rrpsiring,    ate.     Ail   w.rk *        *, K ivil KIR, President ROUBRT .urntaTJ. .. p,M
(JuarantccJ, 'BRANCHts   In ths I'rovinees "l  tlberU *-i*ts'.* e»s... BritisbColaaHts
Jlsiiii'jlia, Ontario an I •■.• is .'
'savings DEPAnTMtNT. -Deposits rereiveH and mterMt allowed at kifka
current rate fr      lais       pei    i   lareoant.
TUSCAN  LODGE,L^^^sT^ ^ '""' = T» " T ' *» »«*•«-
N"  jy ■•; -  r* ..-.mtou ,...,. v. mxmmm* ..s »■ *- MID.
A I .   \ AM tn, mr I'*   Is tmA*p
l„l   ti,..*.*.^..  —-*- i   '
A I    A AM
Srd   Thurstlaj eacb
^^^^^^^^^^        n...i.tl.
Sojouroini Prstl.ren enrd.allr invited.
O rorddred.See   T.C.Campbell.W.M
I ■—=
. ruoLT  i.ier.   LODGE   i  o o.r.
i NO. 41
Notice  ie  borebj  given tl,*t u->
.days aft^r date I intend   to aj.ply
to the :,on. Chief Coniicissioner nl
Lands  and Works  Inr permission
to [Hitchase the f..l!uiving described
laiid niinaled  in West  Koot.*nsy i
Commencing   st   s  post   planted
hslf  a   tniie  aiv.ve   I'oplar   cieek
.'.n north lideol Laril*. river, maik
.ed ' A. Ciowing'a 8.W, corner ,   a   '
thence east SO chains aking  nv.-r
bank,   thence  north   4o    ci'sini,
(.heii.e   west   80  chains,   thenoe
south 40 chaina to point of com
June 21. 19'i6.        A  Gowikq.
Notice is  hereby given iliat 60,
days afl.T  dat"   I  intend to make j
application to   the thief Comn.is-
sinner uf  Lands nud  W'.irk-.   (oi
rermigsion to purchaso tho folio*.
ing   described   lai da   situated  ai
Galena  liny.  West Kootenay .iis
triot,  and   described  as   foi lows
Commencing at a p'.at marked T.
Watson's N.E. corner post, plsnted
at theS.W. cor of L6142 (Arrow
head Lumbar Co't timber limit),
thence   west   40    chains,   '.hence
■south 20 chains,  theucs east 40
-chains, thence  north 20 chains to
point of commencemsnt, snd MO*
-taining -80 seres.       T Watsov.
Dated J-une 'find, It r.
Sandy Lattghton
WtlEN   visiting   Fei*gna.in you
should slay at ilie Laidrau
_____     Hotel.    Here  the   visitor
MM     wil'  it* inrronndeil with
cwm     hiime ootnfurta.    Etcellenl
I    cuinine,     well    vriiiilaled
sn I    warm    looma,    will
slocknl bar.  snd  everything which
ie. ds towards making jrour visit a
pleasant ami memorable ..ne.
Kates frnm $1  .lay upwards.
We slilve t«. please ..nr pair..in
Review Job Dept.
t•     »•• »  ■*■*•*-
Kor lligb-nssi Work.
*o o-u-ooo
Barber Shop
-- ron a
F. B. Wells
!____Hk  _      nsguisr mastlnrs asld la
 ..._     ,^IS££C
BOUGHT     V       ,, .
cash rwcEs la.... P.Biarns &Co ■ wi
s   £l8*BfiY>iU(l     ■      WHOLESALE    AND    RETAIL j        Hot and Coid Batha
iVlCciC |«se.a.si8asfisi
•i     U....J Shave or Hair Cut      0
lliam Schnell, J
ilold er Silver
Qoldand silver
Silver »nd lead
Barber Shop.
ft • fi    I llaireeitiel aa*i
Mia> ii i; s" i'
I."* t:u.    IfT
Hot.  and   Cold   BiiKi
11 BO
%2 IX.
: so
i i.i
ti rm
3   SHANNON,  -...saver
Trout Lake. H. ('.
B J     A    lltrtl.
•  u r.NsiiAU
^^^^^^^^     HAHVET  Me.ARTER 4 PINKNHAR
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh M»tk BOI.ICITOR8, Kv.
«rtvfr.L.si ok_
So I... ,. lor lr„|.ri.: l.Aii. ..•
oTbT wilkie,7I7s~
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Miners! Claims -...rn-ved
and Crown Orants Obtained
kfUaittsnu-Htxl lltr.ir.1 onw.
■ i. ul l^ke.B c
FRED     Q.     E LLIOTT,
Ft'HI.lr, ETC.,
frout Lake, HC.     and Ferguson.
Zhc Dotel Beaton
    BEA I ON.
I dM**\ 99L. V_____. ________       _____ mPmm    Mttttmmm^ ___a "*
n. c
YlsnORS arrmiif at Beaton flhe threshold of the LarrJeaaj
via  ■Vrrt-twhes.i, will find Ihis H'*tel to lie full/ equipped
fr high-rlass Hade     Kxrellent arrumtnodstinii.     A well
sppnimed and apecimis dinin-r ball.    Tbe best ..f Wines, Ppiiin
end Ci*s*ri    personal supervision ia given to the requirement* of
patrons   Vinton to tb* Ia'deau ran rely ot. comfurt al tbiahotel.
|W. BOYD -:- -:- Prop
im ui.Unl.     ....       Aurtltor.
^lutrnie OOSipenye'   intoretts rirefullj*
lofikeil  after.
Asrnl tor (iourlsv'i I'laum
I'lANOS.—The famous Gourlay
is Ibe one to buy. It is poi a
chesp piano when you buy, hill
you Rod you have practised economy when V"U havs tested and
tried it When you want sn instrument see tbe lor*.) agent.
Murray. He ean flt you out with
«py -style ee<*J at any prioe ami
Utmt   ) C Memy. i«oai ag-au t
N.itire i* hereby given t**.*t two
inoiiih* afterdat* I intend to *t pl)' to
llie l.on. Chiel Commissioner nf Lands
and Work* for s ai-erisl liren.r* In rut
anil carrv easy timber Irom the 'nl-
I'.M-ins  desrribed landa  a.tuated in tlie
West Kootenay district:
C.mmenrina'st a post iinrked 1 eclie
• ■       »»•   corner, set st north*
weit eon.sr of  I/it  11-17,   ll.enr* noitl.
so chaina, ihenee * ••• *<> chains, ihenrs
South SO rliaim, tlienre weat 80 chslliS
point of roi.ii.ieiirern*nt.
.V-lion IZth June, ltaifi. I.KSI IF. llll.I .
Null.* i* l.erelij siven His' Iw.
ii it.".i after data I intend to », | I,
to lh* Hnn. Oliief f'rjmmi*li"tt»r .,f
Land* and .. for a  •  -   •   lieen**
to eet and carry s*sr timber from Hie
(..Mowing described Isntts, situated in '
ib* U'eet Kooienay did rid:
C'"r.iiii*iii*i.ig sr a post nisrke.l l.»*lie;
Hill's south*esst corner, set at norili-
csst eorner of Lot "71, thence nor11 SO
chains, thsaes e.n to chains, thenoe
•"inii ro chains, thsnes »»•• R   chains I
to point nt ri.nim*iir»inent.
Nelson, 12l). June, lfrO-*).     I.aitia I'r- -
'"■■■•   it   hereby   five., lhal •»
montha after data I  Intend to at.pl*M<> |
lb* Hon. Chief Commissions! "f Land*
and Work* for a Ipecisl   lirer.ss to cit
snd  run i.n timber   frnm   tl.e f..l
r. l. corr, locator.    ,
No i. Commei.cing at s post [.lanted!
.'ni  th.* .'aft aide <.( Tenderfoot creek
abn ri .'.•'i miles Ir'-m Its mnnll   marked
c   i.   ttirp'*..    north ■ a*t   *   ■  •
wesl SO chaina,  I hei i • aoulli SO
■ ■ sn. a '-n-i Ml ' •. lint  i  •
Nn -   -     -i planla •
nn ibe eaal  li.lu '.(  renderfoot *
i froi    •- month, .. .*•• - ■
1 ■ i.  i , pp'n   louthwett   i "Hi"r
■  i'ii-1 •"     dm Csal, litem o 90 .
•   "... i* ence  90 chains west,  Ihsm.
sins 1   i'   nl '.f con inencoment.
I    ..*. I June 2" WW.
('   I.   Copp, lurator
Notice  ii   hereby   Riven lhat  sixty}
■lays      from    tii"     first
* in tbe Hiilisli Columbis Ossette, |
I    inicn'l   to   spply   t'i    Ihe    ll ■
Chief   Commissioner   ol   I.inul*
Works for ii ipoclal liconieto cat and I
carry away timber fr.un Ihs fnliowingl
described lande sltosled In West Kooi-I
Pay the Printer.
•____!&e,,fii '•nH« •*-»»t*d'Tn tlie
west Ko-Xeiiajdiiirtet
mmSfSSSi*i " • P"*1 ■,»rk»d -Resile
eortb -tO saalae, thenr. west lUjchs.ni.
,(!"?,0;,,oul1; « ehains, thene* ea.l 160
ehali a to p,,|„, „f enmmencement.
^»llo..>l*»h J«s.,llH>*).
f.sm ri Him .
( "iiimetirinu af a poit planted OB ll I
louth   side   of   tl.e   l.ar.lo  river, sbotltl
half a mil.* fr.un llie riv.-• bihI 1'- I     •,
irom   l.errsrd    ..larked    Q     I.    '
northeast eornei post, thenee M chains
weat, tbence 80 .linina emit l>. tlience S0|
chains east,  Iheuce 80 i-lmins  tn   ill*
point of eommencement.
MxatP.I J'ii.r21»t, 1906,
L (J. Copp, locator.
THERE bave been fortunes
msde by judicious investment In Real r.Atse and
more fortunes will bn made than
ever the n-it two or three years.
The one wh*' reaps the harvest Is
tlie origin.I investor, for he has
his money on a certainty.
Now Iel na point out In ynn that
theie is no lielter IpOl mi 'I.f Coil*
tlnent in buy Real  RetAte than
Trout Lake ia the prettiestipoi
in  the  K""*r i.i.v*: ae i. plgafure
resort  it  bai nn H]n*l.     Boating
Ht,.!  Dshiiig tuny be  Indulged in
the y.s.  round | while i.ii; game
in   ai.i.i.d.ii.• <   ia to iho  found on
the i,tlj.     lis climate i» superb,
there b* ing no greal extreme*, ii
being mil.I  in winter and cool In
summer.     It can i..'«*.i of mnie "f
Iho Bneel hotels and residences in
British Columbia,   Its streets ste
well  U'd inn mnl graded    There
*ro tw * . icelleut general storee,
ani a glauoe ai ll.e n.h'. rtisetnctiii
in thia journal  v. ill show thnt nil
tradeaare fairly «eii represented,
Write with confidence tu Agents,
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
• ••I
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
once.   ::   ::
Then call on
or   write  to
IT has uever had a   ' boom "--Its
growth haa bee., airady.    It is
the hxad of navigation,   and
the terminal of  the  I-ai'L. Inanrh
of the C.P.R.     All roa-li (in the
Lsi'drsu)   leadU.Tr.nl  I.akn.    It
ia i i.f oommental etnire cf the
iui.at mineral district on the
continent, snd !.»*. banking faeili*
lies   provided   hy   tl.e   Imf-arlal
Lank ..I ( .iiumIh : first . laaa a. I ool
a< <*. i. no il.iiion ui.ilei lhe .Hr'C*
iimi 11 8 Shannon, HA ... goml
water m^l< m ; governuiint i fTi.ea ;
Co tinl) Courl sittings; M.ih. .list
KpiM.-pai si,) Anglican churdbel
ami r.'tliij;.   ||Of| Hill
Ihere   iiic . Silinble lai.i h   Ian.la
on lhe outskirts awaiting settler**,
[in lumber i.•*■ ini rs are niaguifl*
'. nt. and . hni.il ran mill >*■ Ith a
cnpnclTy of 00,000 fi per de\ Is st
I1 <• I sad nf the lake. Tl o imhi
trihulniy nie proving .ut bigger
producers ever) year, -aiih new
prnaptcts o[.(i ing upucli bodies of
'I I ire nill be a big i lisll ihll
fn, ho if you ■a.iiild know
more,   wiile   al   nine lo  pi 11. PI of
the ii(*i'niH nt the addresses i.t-low.
V. B. Wells
CeneraJ Ageut
Revelstoke, B.C.


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