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Lardeau Mining Review [between 1906-09-28 and 1906-10-08?]

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lints a larger cireu*
latioa    than   any
ottW   Best n
,,'ar'   medium.
,-1^1 '-1 J*S/»*v** ^
Tl.e representative
of the rich Laidif.u
country, -bent to
any add rets tei ?2
per nn. in adv.11.ee.
TI*»OUT LAKE CITY, B.C..  ,Oct.. ico6
No. -i<J.
I» r 1 i   •.**,. .   ,  ...
iners and Loggers
A boot that you take no
chance with. *5 V-'e
-uarantca   every   p
vl. of French Kir.
. throughout.   flAl-
keeps   soft   and
q  Made C5-
y (or us by Leckie
■\ Co.
Miners- $7.00
Loggers  $7.50
: i i.i   l':.li.ii.'! ii : : '
li      '"li   y-   fl    M'B.
:, (llnrk, n Imiy wi .1 kiiim ii
ni    tit i noil through, ni
. .1 Mi. John   I'ui •
in tin      i ■    i    v, i I. *
i  nel ei  nnd fruil   nro   ei
il    n      I* ■: ■   I.   i '
I ..,.•■ ...i,y nai
lerfoiin"! It, the II.*,'. ll. \V, - oil
.1 Trout l.ikr, sssiste I hj   I
H s iill n| Sail I nli** i it)
I Inii. I he i'ii ''■ ":i- iit'.-i*.l- 'I I.i
Mi-* i rn* "I i'.u.'i * ■ worst   Mr.i-
 ii   Beaton   nf   Beaton did his
I,.*, to help the groom through
with hin part ol it, The eveni
look |.la. .* ni il..' Criterion hoii
i hn li ii as handsomely decoi
for tbe occasion. After the knot
ii 11 I. • ii well and truly lie I tbe
I-.-, iiiltli*.) guests repaired lo the
dining room where Mr*. A hey bsd
Timber  is becoming n
j more valuable every day.
y  out Iln* Mlmlt. province ev
' ■ ' * mber ui nil ;,.,*, .,,i,!,
ked     Inii,,*
there Is ,*i
very v ilua le ci i
"I eral      ol the
■■■nini.'.* . f   clear
ire  nn.l
I't,    |.iof.'
head ..f the g.
nfH :. ol .1 is
rrout Lake   l'u-
i.'o    in..tint  i'i
ni      During the
ni!. here tin.* per
r-11.ff   was  w iy
i i in! i llll
l li,Im i  iti 0
11  Trout Laki
individuals, but held lor ll
lit .if Ihe town     'I I o n a i
no of this tiiiili i iii" Die
irodu* i  '■-  !'■■■■ g  i"
. 11 ol ihe I'-r-i
lennji.    I'ili.
have been  as j * sgsii st
ui  lli   n   li    *    :      *.    ' * •*   Cl .'!
\ large
in*.l I.y
ie t :is
i: n i ufa. lur*
■ tlie linn-!.' 'I
tnaki   Tn n
I. Wl       111   ill*
| Sll   I i III   \M
ii In. 1.1 pro-
*. 11! 11 ■
Canadian mi nent) claim fltnnto In the
lioui. Lake mining   ,11 vision ol Weit
p \i
tinier «*eli,
'..•foil' tin-;
'..VI   nt'
|.|!ll"l H.I
ii't'l:   On
if I nn),*.in
'.. t *'*,' I   U It
ncont fnr   I'i
o    I'.hsio:!,
K    M     (
,, .1     .ixtV     ti
ll Mil.* creek
i.i    Ci
.'I i In
. II
mi '■■
,1 ('
noth .im ..
.1 ii
organization   of   llie Com*
whioli   is   operating   the
K  \\ A i ( IIIN-;
•:st TO
'I I'.ol"!
l-'iil Ig    :. w . v i
i'i...  in .i li
being developed  than
mini ral rr-
stter ws v "I
st ..tiv time
i ireatci Sew V* * k iiim .*' Claim illtis
led in ill,* I'i our l.ak. Mlnins Diviiion of
West Kootenay District, Wbern loc iu rl
. in Lou.*.* I.ni.** su ir,tr,  "ii* i .iii :	
north of '. <*n.l. i foot I*. ■
TnU.- Notice   ili:.t I.    I', i .  Elliott,
In*.*   Miners'  Certificate   No. U88107,
in the history
|acting   :.-   i'i.-' ni
ll.c district.
■ I n .li: in r
need • is t.
lo hv nil |.
'lit forth
•*.*. i   ws
■ -■ nt.
p  \ \ DREWS i. i° I'i. 11.
k ■ Msob, B.C.
v .   , ,. i„.|.*if, given that with
: thi fi *>"' •••,l P°
;.,,,,f in ii'- Briliih Col
■ ■   i intend t» ippl)
11 or    Chief   Cnnni**-
i Works ht a -;•
,.: and carry sway lim*
[>, following described
. l in   West K   >'•
I v° *■
dog at» port planted
li fore the party broi e <
R i nd Mi .-ft.it li led hi
(with milk) and propose
health of Uie happy i
H t - :• -j" i.'lf'l  to in
m inner that Ihe i>*
^^^^^^^^^^^^        I.iiili.r   loi.•.<•
Free  Miners Cerlljlcat.*! No. B8S094, in
taaaaaaaaaaaMttm        tend, lixtj t!:.i» (r.tiu the date hereof
are now getting to work who mean toapply to the Minn.- Recordei
'••-    The Silver Cup has de* Ce.tiiteate of Innjrovemenas; •
. . imr .'a Crow u Grant ol
rati i   i i.r-   continuity    an.I  [he above claim.
of tbe  oro   bodies.     The     And further take* no
ninlcr M-.-timi  Ul    n
view ( *.. ure  going to devel*|before the issno
tiiiii iii'iioii.
- o!l.!i|i*lll*..||
hill   in  ..
i* general
in li
op lhe Oreat  Northern
b  - :,. s-   like May.    Tl;
piosperoui   condition    of affairs
both in Canada and United States
such a hearty  '" putting the price of metals up to
ipleof  Trout a point  where they  assure good
l.ak.-   imagined    that   the Silver: pr. tits (silver around  68 t*ts end
: powder magasinebad blown and lead £18. 12* |
ip Evi ry Indication points to pros-
The bride was tin re I plant of prity in ihe Lardeau. We must
.i.iiiy handsome presents which not, however rest .m our oars, the
lemon**! rated the b*gh esteem in IPnl ia not yel teaobod, koep pnl*
which both she and the now "Hap- ling and then- will be no doubt of
pj I'.lui" were held. 'the finish.
ul (niprovem.
Dated  litis.
A Julv.
Notice ii hereby girsn thai with
in two mouths from tho iir«t   Pub*
,..!,. ,f Pop lur creek |ic*Uon hereof in the Briilah Col*
, tha river bank about ,,„,•,*, Oaietla. I intend toapply
,  1',,,'i.n   marked  N ,,, ,|„.  h.,,   ,*,,„.( Commissioner
I-;,   oorner   poal of Lands and Works, for aspecialj|
t   80    chnins    ti,0l^j li. ei ■••• t" ■' i' nn.l carry iw ty   lim    [
latns  tbtt^^mmi'^fr heT from  the following described It
• ortl    8<> ehat'ia     snds titoal d In West   ICOotei
Tir.ih.-r Claim, No 0 ;
Commencing nt , poal planted J
■on the Ninth t-idc of I'oplar  creek,||
"200 fc.-t from the river l>.nik ahout
,'.) mile* frnm Poplar, marked Chaa.
,    .  .  If a i.s.< uis N  B. oorner post, thence
• uiiti-ii '
Wesl B0 chaina, thenoe south B0
hark i" p  -it of a wnmonoomonl
i Sept IS 11(06.
N. McUdln.i
Timbei Claim N -• I.
...emg at a port J
• ,;,u lideolPopUi  ■•■ee•• ihaui,    ll.1.ni.,.  KMt   80 ohaina.
IrotnU tmm. h»r*tk*r<m ih|)i ^ t(||  M) (,h;iin!i   ,,lck u,
- irom P«1l'l|ir ,,",,K"'1 • ,• ,„,„i ,.f co.nni. nnn. m.
N    E*   ror,,er
- chaini
maraed  N.,|
"     ,.,.->tHKm
chain-      *..."■"''
thenee   K:.-t   M
North  SO  chains
l.,. ited Bepl Ifi 1906.
Chai ll.i
local .r.
• '.    l ■ ":.iti,- •.,'■• in. i.t
Bcpl  16, 1906
Timber Claim. No. 1.
^^^^^^^^^H     Commencing at ■ poat planted
:*  *';-:   • ".. Ihe Nortii sldi ol Pi plat   i
 |'""'""r 300 feel frnm the river hank aboul
I miles from Poplar, marked Chas
.   hereby   given that   '•'1. li,,,.,,,,. \   K, eorll,.rl>os., thence
rtheflrsl pnbUoation ol Weat 80 chains, thenoe 8outh 80
"-11 ,'"lu1"- ohaina, thence   Eait   80 cbaius,
E. A. Haggen. |
II. c.
stock -slinri* snd Finsni isl Broker
Ri .,i Estate snd li rorance.       (
I Ire, I if**. A* * i lent  Health, j
Quail '••  si I I...pi"' srs <
Liaoilit) I i
Sole renreeenl .trv.' for Ron* ]
Combine Insurance Companioain ■!
Troni I uke. Kerjiuson, Beaton !
an'l Camborne.
Corresrondenee pr. n."ri*.*
Notice is hereby given lhat
ifter the Brst pubiication
tlii.- notice in the II C. < iazett *.
intend io apply to the lion. < lh
Commissioner of Lun.Is and Wm
f..r n s|.e. lal liceficc to cot si
carry away limber frnm the t
lowing described lun.Is situated
West Kootenay District;
Commeucing nt a post plan)
at Harry Langrels Bouth*Eaat »
ner post marked Ujaloolm Ueato
N'orlh-Eaal corner post ahout f..
miles   from Tronl    Lake  on t
Broadview  group has  been com*
i.!.'te.l.   The off) eri njn;
\\ iiliain B. Jo in*-. I'rei   Walter
II. liottoiff, Vi*,* Pres. II McCrea*
ner. Secy-Treas., Robert A. Blsek,
Counsel, nil ..f Ciucinnuti, O, and
Niii ton W. l.iiiin. ns, Man.
Th"   capital slock  of ihe com*
I pany i-   11,000,000   divided into
two hundred thousand shares of
i $5. each.    The .'Hicer» of the com*
I auv are i'. Trout 1.ike, B, ('.,nnd
Ci' rim. iii.     (ihi'..    'I he    name
..f      the  organisation     fs    The
Mines   Development      Co.   I.'1'.
Regarding (he work on the jno-
perty if is   the   intention of Mr. j " e oan woric m the tunnels in the
Emmens to continue  the drift «t winter.   So far   most of the work
the three   hundred   foot   level to haa been done on the Sirdar   and
connect with  'he shaft . crossoutt*   Empire claims.
fling tne  lead nf   different   points.      " Eight m*n were at work unti J
jular winter
Id ward Baillie manager of the
iniiiiiih group of mines on Goal
mountain, ne 11 I lamborni, has returned to the city after n trip t..
the mines, having been absent
aboul 10 'In*.--..
Of the summers work on tbe
mountain Mr. Baillie says.
'■ Everything is satisfactory nm!
preparations for the winter's work
are well forward.
"One shipment of ahout 20 torn
is now on the way out and snothei
will follow later.
" Since July the work   has beer, 1
mainly surface  work, open   cuts.
and   short   exploratory   tunneli
We can work in th*. tun.nt
Thia llt.o' :.. '■ 11 i ' I i; i
the greatest near register you
ever saw. A wird of <l«s-
BOOT; round toe last wiih
heavy single sole and* slip,
A*k vour dealer to show it to
J. Leckie Co
lead nf   different   points.
i ml tiie pre«'nt   force will
"• in ire ise 1   fo ten men  for the
..; iii'*>.*   ..f    the   fail .in.l   winter.
•ludgiii;; from the pros) tact us given
11 the publi
bvided the present j w
1 'Velopmenl  carries out  expectn
i^. ll.e Company Intend to
it i power plant, mill and re*
iti. *. iv"I* -.
- ni ed ess f r u-> to go into
ills ..f tlie work already done,
have <1 me so many times in the
Beaton wagon  road,  thence west  paat   and  pointed   out the, once
Ml   . .llll,-,  tin lot   S ' .
ll •■ ice     1. iti    80
North ui) chains t.
L. cat-.d St
:n a  life, opportunity for  n gp. 'I
-.I', i-
for   the
iel   and
..li tins, then •
p lint of com-
1-;   1906
* i ,   .ii Be iton
lost   mark   I
^^^^^^^^^^ corner  |. .-I
planted ab >ut one mile North*E iat
t     ri
M,   lieaton's S. E.
was red lead to tha r.
of three men.
" Su. plys of
r sru- nil   up, n
are now busy  takii t
brining  down   iho
" it'- i b'.g i uk getti ig in supplies. O.i this trip_t»k eleva-
ions by uneroiil readings. Where
the c imb benins we art- 18S3 feet
above the sea level. At the big
trestle on the trail if Is 'i.l'.O feet
ai t "* I'.we.-t tunnei, No. 4 6960
feet; the long tunnel is 600 feet
higher. No. '2 is an..ther 400; an.l
No.  1  anoiher 200, the
Local and General.
The Koote' ay Frnit Growers
Association at b n.e* ting held last
week came lo the conclusion that
pnblci opinion «ns against'them
in the matter of a.iir.itting Chinese
and rescinded their irevious action
Mr. Ford hit the nail on the
head when he staled that there
were thousands of Britifh laborers
practically starving al home and
that they wire the kind of people
who were wanted here in preference
to any others.
company  to get in  and open  up
this  property.    Wc    b* lieve  tlmt  ^^^^^
the development up  to date is tar I higher. No. 'i is   another 400; and There lias been som i g > 11 sport
enough advanced to warn nt us inl No. 1 anoiher 200, the   highest at Ferguson   this    week.    Brer
saying tbat if ths  work is doi-ijwurfc  j. 60 feet   more giving  an since the Labor   D»J" CfWribat'UW
along    legitimate   minini*     line* Llevstion of 8-20. a  little over a Lake the sporting blood of the bays
there is     ihe making  of a   mine |mile  hUher  than the  beginning, has been  boiling and culminated
there which will pay handsome
dividends in tie* near future. A
or.at dent depentii however on ibe
management an 1 we  believe the
nlti-mlci lo.    ,
m.    ^.J
,. i intend toapplj to
,f CotnmlM-nner <>f
I Works for a -pecinl Li*
. md tarry away Hm*
.       ... following deecrll-ed
....li,, W.-t Kootenay.
hg   ata   poet   1-tan.ed;
il. Brail   N    B. '"""r
I   miles    from  TrOUl
• , Benton wnd"1' r"'"'
, |   llilhiinu-i B. W. cor-
tli.nc.- ,N.*rth   SH chains,   hack
point of commencement.
l    ited s.*pt 16, 1906,
Chas Hanson,
: •
Timber Claim No -
I', intiiencing at n posl planti >l
on the N.inh side "f Poplar creek
about .'. mil-, from Poplar marked
Choi linns.ui- N K oorner post,
then.*.. Weal 80 ohaiua, thenw
Bouth B0 chaini  thence Kail ***"
North   BO   chnins.
Ainsworth Lioi nee Distrii t
Notice ii hereby given  that 80
daya afler the first publication  of
this notice, I intend to apply for a
transfer of my licence for the King
hotel   at    .\i'.:*,'.   :■-.!:    to   El
John Munro.
A meeting of ihe Board of Li-
■ Commiiioners will he held
at th.* Mining Recorder's office at
rrout l.ak'-. on 'l'u.*-'lay'Jn.I Oct*
..her 1906, at eleven o'clock in the
forenoon, to consider tin above ap
W II  Bnlliick-Webater.
Chief Licence Inrpeotor.
Nelaon *"-ifi!i August. 1906,
f I rout    l.ake waggon  Road b ■
(ween   (ileiiii     en*, k   ami lloilhlcr ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
t-reek.l  euo. BO   hains west th mpany  Ims been   fortunate in
north 80 chains,   thence   ■ tst,80 securing iheservicei  of Mr. Em-
chains, tin 50 chains 111
point of commencement
Dated, Vug :• I, 19 06
M.Hi U..N
Ni.iit*.* i- I
t iy-     afler
.iiens. lie || ihe right mm in ihe
right place and we (eel satisfied
that under his supervision ihe proposition will prove a success.
ereby   given that GO
^^^^^       the   publication   ol
tin*- notice   in   the   Iimi-'. Columbia  Ona tls, I intend 11 in .k,
appiicaiimi in tho lion Chief Com j        .       ,
.i.i-i..ii.r nf l.n.i.ls and Work- i.„!a !'trlkc of
.. spe Inl license to cut and carry
away timber from  the following
ilencribed  lands situate I in Weal
Kootenay Dis't. nommenoing al a
p -' m.irlie I    Ivl. iiillmfn's   8.W.
porner post. plsnteda600 feel south
i-f Malcolm   Beaton's S F. c rner
post;     thence    i.'.rth   SO  .chain*.,
thence . ast 80 chn'ns, thenoe south
*.0 chaina, Ihenee  west   80 uhalni
to p..int ofeiiiiiiii'ii.'.'iii.'i.l.
Dated 28rd of Aug    1006
Ed, Hn i uas
A  report   came   io    hand  this
week that tii.*' I'.ii. "  bad made
IS inchai of clean ore
in the drift   about 290   seel above
the lower level.
The coniractoi at the Big Tun-
i el are working three shifts and
are making good headway. Bun-
I'lies of iron ore is being encountered which would indicate th.
oloee proximity of a goo 1 p.:-
I. nt sn chaii -
r| i   BO   cliains    ttw
,.lns thenoi   Bouth *° L,^ to point of comraenoemeot,
|K»lnt of commencement: I    | ,„..,,,,,] vepi 16,1906.
chains thence
I    it, i Bepl io. 1906.
Ed Hillman,
local, r.
Chll. Hanson,
,     . ,   ,    Notice ii hereby given that Per*
Notice ll herein- given that six ty j Mjni       ).;„■,„„•.■, ol
in.. I  intend I- apply cj woueo/B ' »     , ,.
toth ChielCuramlssionerof Undi Troul Lake B. C. »»M i
»nd Works lor  permission to |.ui'-: pninte.l lhe new  Attorn \
*   lh. lollowing described Irt'ids .. (*i„.^tnutIIill MiningConpany
lituaied .t Tn.ui Lake, West Koot   „ N„n p,,r8onftl Liability" '" «e
■ i   tii  rid, and commencing ata , .n,nl„„s E Ehrehart,
■arkod   K.   L.   Mas-ers,.,,',; pl»<'«"' ™J   «*   _ s   lrm,,,r
N.W   cornet,   thence   south  2o Dated thii Filth day ot i  i
. i.,*n.*.. east 80 chains.
"•ore or less lo shore ol rrout Lake
'■■once northerly along lake ihore
lo iouth*cnit corner post of Lot
190, theneo west nlona line of Loi
190 to posl nf commencement,con-
talning If) ncrei more or less.
tie nl 2nd Aug., 190ft.
E. L. Mastebson.
Siiscribe for the
The peak  of  Goat  mountain    is-^this week in a series of races among
8505 fe*-t. loc il celebre.ies.    A 10} yd. dasH
■' The preoipicea arc bad too. was arra' ged between the only
Quite recently a horse slipped on Steve, and Bcotty White for$3'*.00
the trail and fell sheer 800 feet.       lo be run  off    Sunday.     Owing
*• We shall put in a tram as soon however to the  contestant! imbib-
as our development   warrants  it. ing too  much  strong tea it w is
The situation is improving all the postponed   until    Monday.    The
time, hut  1 can't say vet that   we whole  town  gathered  to Me  ti.:
khow exactly what we have. "battle of tbe giants."   After a
" We have a big showing of zinc close and exciting contest the
in No. 2 tunnel anil any number man " frne the land o' cakes and
of small rich vein*., but we are not heather " won out by three feet,
vet sure <f the e*^icl leva tion of this was f.llow.il by a mile race
our main ore body.- Nelaon Hewi for 126.00 between Sour Dough
„'. ' Bill   and  Bill Iv-ash.   The   man
wi h the Rossland cognomen however could not  statnl the pace and
Jake Sobmitt   left Fri-lay   lilt quii  before the  poat was reached,
to dolorae aawwrnent work on the A  large amount   of  money was
Pedro snd   Minnie F.   on Canyon   wagered   on  the   r. suits   and    a
crev\t. .lurid time followed.
Registrar 0
S. V. Wootton
I Joint  Stock Com
At the '.Review office
Gents Furnishings
GRAND SOLO |    The following are the people who
are celebrating al the New Weet*
Ne's Hodine enme down from minsier fair:
the Grand Solo Itut week He Mr and Mn A M. Craig, Wtl*
reports striking a couple of nice lace Kerr. Mrs. A. K Jowell, UiM
stringers of grey copper in the Mabel Burrel. Frank Groffmaii
^j.j 'and Will Jacob.-.
Mrs Nicholson is viaiticg her
litter Mrs A. Craig of Trout Lake
Mrs. M'.lviini.'ii. her daughter
an 1 in. ther of Ainsworth were visitors this week.
Edward M l.i.s <>f ti.rrard hi a
some promising properties on Canyon creek • lie has done a lar^o
MDonnt of di-velopinetil and has
some V'-ry fiue ihowioga. We
understand t lint be 1 ns st tni ol
i outitry   \ieii|ile   1 inking  over  th
ground with a view to ho. ding.
I. X. L.
Martin Lundgren. foreman al
the I. X. L. came down Hon hy.
He reports everything looking
good on the property. A ihafl ll
being muk on the had and is now
down 40 feet. There is a go.nl
showing of earbouates and galena.
On the Alpine fraollon the pros-
pec,ing Work has uncovered a
„,1!iru I.-..-1 B feet lu width carry*
I copper.   Mr. Mi-
ing galena   ami
Kensio o! BpoW9' 'WMWmtJ '•
..f the company, will be i" on Oot'
the tenth to look over the property.
Ven Archdeacon Beer of Knalo
conducted the Harvest Thanksgiving services at the Anglican
Church last Sunday. The reverend gentleman spoke very clo-
qutntly on subjects appropriate
for the occasion. The choir rendered tiie anthems " O Lord how
manifold nre Thy works," '"The
Kailiaiit Morn " and " Ye shall
dwell in tlu Imi" M*i. F. C
Klliott and Mr. Frank Groffman
irere the soloists und the rendition
of their different parts wero admirably executed.
Miner Jim Curry has struck a
good imv streak at Ainsworth.
He nnd his partner have a leace
on the Donald and Diamond ai d
from good reliable sources we
lo am at thev will make .a big
I dean up out cf it.
The accompanying picture, as Farm,
Field and Fireside explains, wns takeu
ten   miles   north   of   Stony   Lake,   In
Canada, From this section eastward
tlm French Canadian cows have i.een
bred for man*/ years.   This breed in
llttlo knoivu In the t'nlte.l States, Imt
thnlr performance in tin- dairy test at
tlie   Pan-American  exposition gained
tor them many frlemls. I'tillke the
Jersey, they hnve been bred to look
out tor theiiisolre*).
The rrlutnal stock Is supposed to
have come over with the early Bottlers
from Normandy. Tbelr small size—
usually from 000 to 000 pounds In
weight-facilitated their transportation
rusxcH uMi.i.s cow.
In tbe small sailing vessels that crossed
thc ocean at that tune. Tbe breed
somewhat resembles the Jersey, aud
many students of cowology claim that
thu original stock was tbe same.
. . -a and Butter Fat.
Much dispute has urlseu ln regard to
the effect of feed open the per cent of
butter fat. It li very easy to attribute
any variation that may happen to occur at the time ot changing feed to the
feed. Records of testa show that It la
possible for a large variation to take
place without any change of feed.
V.'her* accurate records bave been kept
It bai been found thut there Is very little If any change lu tlie per cent ot
butter fat dut to feed. A few eiperl-
mentS at other stations Indicate that
feed may Influence In a amall degree
tl.. per cent of fat lu the milk, but this
I * nc* is so small tbut It Is hardly
Woill, while for the average farmer or
dairyman to pay any attention to It
1 he test of the richness of tbe milk
seems to bs the tudlvuluul characteristic of the cow, that cannot le changed
permanently by tbe will of man, and If
we wish to Increase the per cent of fat
In tbe milk we must do lt by breeding
rather than by feeding—Kansas Bx-
porlment Station.
Ilii',,'   Vf-raii.   i.'.l..
Tbe Ohio experiment station finds lt
quite evldeut from data of Its own
teats tbat cows fed silage ration have
produced considerably more milk and
(at at a smaller expenditure for feed,
resulting In mure than double the profit
than those fed a grain ration. Tbe
Question arises, however, bow mucb
of this Increase ln production Is due to
the ration fed and how mucb to tb*
cow? It ts probable, says Farm Superintendent 0. O. Williams, that ths
comparison of actual yields of milk
and butter fat Is not so reliable s golds
to tbo utility of tbe two rations as tbs
comparison of each cow wltli herself
"before aud after' taking the ration.
Taking tbs average ot tbe herds, tbe
cows fed tbs silage ration shrank 2.84
per .out ln milk and gnlii**d 1.8U per
csnt ln fat, while the cows fed tbs
grain ration shrank nil per cent ln
milk and 14.18 per cent In fat.
I'.ura Slse a ll | „., leap.
It la tbe general opinion that cows of
medium alie for the breed to which
they belong are tbe most profitable
milk producers, and the records of tha
Wisconsin experiment station tudlcats
that COWS SOtnowbst below medium
weight havs uu sdrsntags over thoss
above tbat medium Iu other words,
extra alas Is more or less of s baudl-
Man and  ll,-   \.v..
Iii the Monthly Review, Mr. I'aul
I'liifiihuth writes on the blood relation,
ship of innn and apes, nini describes
I."ii. by means of tbs precipitin teat
various slbuminona substances ami
tl,<* blood >.f different animals tnsy i>e
distinguished from one another. Ibe
t. -i iui slso considerable medico legal
Importance, end biologically msj be
employed to sscertaln th* relationship
of various snlmsls to one another, in
wsj it inny be shown thst the aa-
IhropoW spes are most nearly skin to
msn, ni. Is iiu* lemon nr,*" but dis-
tnnily. If nt nil. related to blm.
Th*   Graceful    1',,.,-    ol   the    In Intnl.
lliii-it on lhe Trail.
The lithe grace of the weasel may
be observed whenever it Is ou the trail.
At au even speed, with nose to tbo
ground, Its reddish brown buck seems
literally to glide along through the rank
herbage by the bank,
It may he the scent of a rut, and tho
trull mny tuke lt lu und out of the
bunk   a   good   many   limes   before   lt
I comes up with Its victim.   It tuny even
] have to swim a strenm before lis per-
: alstence is rewarded,   It is wonderful
bow  small  a  hole  that  long,  arched
body can glide Into nn.l emerge from
without the slightest difficulty,
Wheu It bus caught uud  killed Its
prey its movements nre equally graceful as It ennics the spoil home to Its
i hole.   Crossing n Kentish field I saw a
' weasel coming along under the hedge-
'■ row red toothed from the chase,   There
i wus the same sinuous motion of the
back, but the little beast's bead was
held ns high us possible and from Its
mouth   hung   the   limp   curenss   of   a
young rut, freshly killed.   The weasel
held It by the neck und so high, for ull
tho shortness of Its legs, thnt only the
end of the rut'j tall druggc-d through
the grass.
A family of weasels Will often hunt
| ln company, and this is naturally u
i most Interesting sight to witness.   The
ability of the weasel to enter exceedingly small holes Is owing entirely to
the structure of Its body—its Hut bead,
loug neck and short limbs nud tail.   In
a corurick It can pursue mice with ease
along their burrows.—London Mall
No    I ,i"t "ualtfat*
The g..v.'ii,ment established B ml*
with the force and effect cf a law thst
autabls butter should not contain in..re than 10 per cent of water In
Ita component parts. This seems fair
enough, and so far as stopping fraudulent work goes la necessary, but the
trouble Is 10 per cent, while right
enough for creamery, and especially
StorigS butter, Is not enough for Hns
dairy prints, which need mors water
to qtUckao ths flavor.
Hut the inuil serious trouble comes
to the buttermiiker who cannot tell
•Just how to determine the exact
amount of Muter he la leaving la ths
\V„ are told tbat butter may look
rliv snd bard and yet contain watsr In
excess of the taw's Standard. The poor
buttermilk.r Is not a chemist, nor
would be have time to analyze each
rliiin,lug, ao Im must tako hli chances
between UM devil and the deep hlu*
Km    ii.iiii.i aud Karm.
MllklnB Betes.
Commence milking at tbs sam* hour
every  inirnlng and evening and milk
tin* , ,,ivs in the MUM order.
The first few streams of milk from
each teal should not be lullke.l Into th*
priii. f„r this milk is -..irj wstsry, Is of
I Ilii' valUS and la Invariably contatnl-
l. which will Injur* tb* rest of tl.*
Milk wllb dry hands. Never allow
flu* Bllfear to moisten th* band aud
teat wllb milk.- Oscar Erf.
Whero   Lord   Str. thcona   Lives—Canadian  High  Commissioner  Has  Magnificent  Property   In   Scotland.
kklnloohbeg, whloh Includes Black*
oorrles, in the ptfrlsh of Llamore and
Appin un.l County of Argyll, hua uu
urea of about -10.000 acres, The amall
' shieling known as Mealanruo-cti CMsall
nnn HuudiiuK), ol triangular shape,
which Ilea In the middle of the forest,
forms part of Ballachullsh estate, hui
i.i rented by. Lord Btrathcona and
Mount Royal, the proprietor of Kin*
Twenty Merk Land.
Lord Stiuthcona's estate forms the
bu.*.< "f what wus in the seventeenth
century known us the Twenty Merk
land of Qlencoan, In lha old Lordship
of Lorn, which formed the Bubjeot of
u grunt b.v lames Earl of Perth to
John Stewart of Ardsheal in ltisr*, and
was then held In teu of the Earl ot
Argyll, in iii»o Stewart of Ardsheal ■
subfeued part of lt to Maodonald of
Aohtrlachtan, and In 1*698 another
part to Maodonald of Qlenooe, und he
also sceins to have teued other parts,
ln 1701 hu sold tin* remainder to R >b-
t*i*t Stewart of Appin. Subsequently
the bulk of ths property teued to Mao
A llriniirVin.il.. Iuatanre of the lii.lu-
ence ,,f Heredity.
The setter ute the minion chop greed-
iiy, but he would hnve none of the partridge boues.
"A good game dog," said bla master,
"can't cut game. Its taste Is repugnant to him. This is a remarkable ln-
atauco of the Influence of heredity,
"Game dogs have beeu trained for
muuy generations not to eut the game
—the birds nml rabbits and what not--
which tbey bring back to their masters
ln their mouths. They have been trained to consider that the eating of such
game would be a disgrace and uu unpardonable sin, the sume as bunk
clerks have been trained to consider
that tbe pocketing of a few dollars
from the millions they annually handle would be u disgrace nud a sin.
"And the result In the game dogs'
case has beeu that this morul nl.bor-
reuce of game, suggested to then, by
their musters, bus been transmitted in
its passage down from oue generation
to another, into un i-.tu.il physical ub-
horrence. In the mutter of game,
thanks to heredity, game dogs uow uro
never templed. They can't sin.
"It would be n good thing for policy
holders If, ln the sume way, man's
moral disinclination to steal had been
changed by heredity to an actual physical aversion of other people's money,"
Ancient Tricks.
The nrts of Juggling were, ns has
been proved by learned writers, of
high antiquity. The Ilirpiul. who lived
near Home, Jumped through burning
coals; women In early times were accustomed to walk over hurtling coals iu
Cappndocia, and the exhibition of bulls
and cups Is often mentioned lu the
works of tbe ancients. It wus us fur buck
as the third century that one Ferunis. or
Flrmius, who endeavored to make himself emperor In Egypt, suffered a smith
to forge Iron on an uuvll placed on his
breast, nnd rope dancers with balancing poles ure mentioned by retrouius
and others, while the various feats of
horsemanship exhibited ln our circuses
passed, lu the thirteenth ceutury, from
Egypt to tbe llyzautlne court uud
theuee over all Europe.
A 1'rontl Man.
"Did you see thut proud man going
out just now'/" asked the cashier.
"I'roud ns Lucifer. Know what he
did? round that I had made a mistake In his favor and handed mc buck
the change. Now, I wouder why It Is
thut people are so proud when they
have discovered that they ore honest.
I could rake lu a lot of extra coin If I
availed myself of the mistakes that
ore mads her.* every hour of the day,
but I don't on general principles, because I um naturally honest IV* uuth-
Ing to he proud of."
WI,»Te Tairs Are l ,,U ,,,.,, „.
Orsn, in Sweden, has In the course of
a generation sold |S,700,000 worth of
trees and by means of Judicious re-
plautlng has provided fur a similar In-
Com* every thirty or forty yenrs.   In
consequence "f tbe development >.f this
commercial Wealth there ure no I:im*s.
Hallways aud telephones are ties and
to are tin* SCbooUaOUSee, teaching uud
many other tilings.
Famous Black  Dike  Mills Musical Organization   of   Yorkshire   Coming
to Canada   Next Year.
Following the visits of several army
bands frnm the cul ..'..untry, Canada is
now to hrar the premier prize band of
Qreal Britain—the famous "Hiaek Dike
Mills Hand."
The Black Dike Mills are situated I"
the village of Queensbury, which Is
perched on one of the lulls surrounding the great manufacturing olty ol
Bradford, Yorkshire. Her* foj* a hundred years musical Yorkshlrouieii have
oultlvated the practlca ..f Instrumental
music, und to such good purpose that
tha name of Black Dike Is familial* OS
a household word from John O'Qroat's
to limit's lOnd. Kor over fifty years the
great llrm of John Foster & Son. whose
extensive mills cover fifteen acres, and
employ nearly 3,000 workpeople In the
ill a nu fac l ure of alpaca, in 'huir and WOr-
ster   stuffs,   silks,   seals,    plushes,   etc,
have maintained the band In a state of
groat proflotenoy,  The founder of the
firm was himself an enthusiastic inna-
tciir on the French horn, und ),is descendants have prided themselves on
keeping the baud up to a standard  of
Utodg.ng a Landlord.
An amusing aocount was given In
the Shoredltoh County Court of now
a man hud for six month | ast clever*
ly evaded his landlord, until, US-counsel
put li, the landlord had become i ■ ■ -
tiveiy dlstraottd.
Counsel (lo the landlord)—How ma
ho keep out of tlie way   The Lai
—Used to com* io the front wind «
blow mo a kiss, und walk oul al the
back. (Laughter.)
And did he remain a prisoner In nis
house during that tlma! Not B bit of
II; he had gone t-o Ramsgate for o. holiday, 1 heard. (Loud laughtor.)
Then i believe you tried tba ■'"'*" "'
a registered letter to get ut Win'
Y»s, but he's up to every trick, Wo
Intended to get In when be opened thi
dour, but be would not do It, OS hi
signed tho receipt afu*r lt bad been
handed through the letter box (Laugh
Ills Honor—I mnke an order for possession In two weeks.
ln   his
onlj  ■'
A  Chesterfield   Retort.
When Lord Chesterfield  was
last Illness uud his death wa_s
mailer oi a  few  weeks,  hla  physician
advised iiim to go for an easy d.iv,* in
his carriage, and he wont out.   As tl
equipage was prooeedlns slowly b
the bulk of thu property  foued  to Mac- | T'"m  ~~Z  '
donald of Aohtrlachtan   waa   acquired   P"'-'-'11'"' beyond whloh It would sewn „ was „„., „    , lhiy   who ,,.„,:llK,.i
by the proprietor of the estate ot Ap-   taposslbl* to go. rhe bandsmen are all pl6Mantly  ,„ ,,„. ,.,,,„  invalid, "Ah
pin,  and   the   proprietor  of  thai   sn.r      ciiinloy.-d In tl.e mills, and ull expenses my KiM   , am gm ,„ ,,„. ,   „ .,,,*,. ,
also acquired trom the Duke of Argyll   "f maintenanoe, tuition, etc., are borne (lrlvo out,„     „, m „.„  Myint out,
the superiority of lhe ol,1 T», uly .Milk | by lhe fl^m' u.a,lam,"    answered    ' I        "'
the superiority of the old Twenty
Twenty Miles.
Lord Btrathcona acquired the lands
which w,re teued out in ltii.J to Maodonald of Clone,',' and also parts of
the Twenty Merk land of Qlenooan
.which formed pari *'f Appin esiaio,
Including the superiority, so that
Lord Btrathcona holds the whole properly of lhe Crown, His territory
stretches twenty miles from easl to
west; from north to south th>t
breadth varies from two to six miles.
The large mansion erected by Lord
Btrathcona was designed by Blr Row*
in n.i Anderson, and la understood to
have cost nearly £50,000, Including Ihe
laying out **f the grounds. It Is lighted
b.v electricity and built on the oid and
historical property of Qlenooe, overlooking Loch Leven, with l.oeh Llnnhe
in the distance, and tha Morven ami
Klngalrloch hills in the background.
Made Three Lakes.
Lord Btrathcona formed throe lakes
near the house, and bus made a Bpectal
ftjature of uulumu flowering shrubs
and plants, as well as autumn (towers,
vegetables   ami  fruit.   There  Is  also
madam,"    answer. .1   Ch
un simply rehearsing my funeral."
by the llrm
Every Man pn Artist
The Black Hike Hand is a lira** bund,
and we would wain those whose notion of a brass band has been derived
from tha common ..r garilfi. sort ol
brass band to beware of :etilng thi'lr
prejudice keep them from bearing
Black Dike, else they mny never cease
regretlng lt,  for  th-'so  who   have   ii"t
heard  Black  Dike  or another British ^^^^^^^^^^^
prize band of the tirst rank can hav*.   constituents are converted iui.i avail
band      '      "'- '''r T'i* lit.- use for farm crops
I and fruits   While the growth ami lur
Benefit of Clover On the Land.
The chief value of plowing under a
crop of clover lies,  tin n.  In   the sddl
tion of humus and Hs associated mineral   plant   fund   and   ;n   Iln*   addition   Of
nitrogen. By the subsequent decay in
the Boll of the turned under clover thes.
constituents are conv
no conception  of what a  brass band I     d fn|.|s   wh,|a ||u, growth al;i- hl,
can achieve in the way of arHstio er-    Tegt,n    „f „,,„.,. ,.„,il,  ,, Ul.
facta    Thore   is   nothing   which   BlacK ^   n  n,trogen   ••„, ,.,.„»*,', „f ,*;,,
Dike  cannot   play   with   consummate   Jeri even when tbe crop has been har
ease and grace.   Every man Is an ar-   nmtB. BnH lhp mi)tH llllU. u,t,   ,, ,v,.,
^^^^^^^^^ the cio|        ^^^^^^
vested and tbe roots only left, leaves
lhe soil  Invariably  richer ln this cou*
ease and grace.   Every  man Is an  ar
list, and their executive ability is marvellous.   In  no  other  kind  of  band   is
the  executive  ability of  bras-  players
developed to such an extent.  There Is
not a man ln lllack Dike bin would be
eagerly snapped up by th* finest army
bands   In   England,   wore   he   available,
Heroic Music Its Forte.
But  though  they  can  piny  lh**  airy
strains   Of  a   BtraiMS   Walts    wilh    th*
gr  of an orchestra, lt is in grand,
heroic music that iln* band shines moal
-., -..« .......   ...^.^ .„ „. „   They have astonished the greatest nm-
nursery of trees from which extensive   slclans of Bngland snd have lifted brass
planting Is made every year.   The land-I band playing to th* highest regions of   round, and two
musical  art.    When   they   treat   .'una-    name  of   Ann      A  sister,  a brother,  n
dlans to their grand selection from the   brother-ln law, n nl, i nephew
w.irks of   Beethoven,   Bertlos,   Bpohr,   -  ,	
Rossini. Meyerbeer, Gounod and Wag- ..^..
lug pier lot yachts la within a few
hundred yards of the bouse, There ara
two shooting boxes, one at C aHsnacoan
further up Loch Level,, and another In
Uie middle of the Bluckcorrles Moor.
Blackcorries was afforest, tl early In
last century, but Klnlochbeg, Coallsna*
ojuii und Sironu wore cleared comparatively recently, and only after it was
found absolutely unprofitable to groji-i
Land Lies High.
The ground Is hiqh lying. Qlenooe being one of the most mountainous districts ln the west, On the south side
BIdean nam Blan .3,7.'.*i feet) is th--
hlghoat; on the north Aonacb Eagach
.3,108 feet), both favorite ascents
among mountaineers. An outstanding
member of the western group Is Bgor
an Olche, the Pap of Qlencoe, which
u.s behind Qlencoe house and trom the
top of which ihere is a in.'st wonderful
view. Qlencoe U entered from the weal
at Bridge of Coe, the village ot C'ar-
noch on the left bank of the river WSS
tho chief clachun of the Macdonalds.
The massacre took place on 13th 1*. b,
1692. "The Devil's Siaircase" Is a rough
track across the forest from the Coe
At   Alltnufeiidh   to  tho   lead   of    1-. I.
Never  Lost a  Day's Work.
Willi.un  Pierce,  who Uvea   In   High
Wy, i"*.   was  born  on Jan. IS, i*.:t
ll,* is ti .u  a pensl in r. nn.l throughout bis life he never losl a day's work.
He m ..s In  one s rvlee  for i, i
years  and   In   another    f.ti*    nr*
* 'in  brol hers snd f"iir
Two of his
lent,I  Joseph  and  the  other  i»"  l:l
r his slst. rs h.iti He*
ner. we preaict sueti an
reception as ,,.t band has hitherto received here. Th.* late Sir Arthur Bu ■
Uvan. himself born nml reared In un
army band, was qulle carried aw ty l>v
Dike's pl.tying at one of the <'•*■ lal
Palace festivals. "Wagm-rs *i'.in„-
hauscr1 was magnificent" he wrote "1
was surprlsml not only at the tone,
but at the Are and gn of the performance. In this thej so led any band
I have ever hoard." And slmtlai ,
has be-trn showered u|s..n iiu in wherever they  have  played,
Have Won Many Contests.
As a contesting band they have stood
for Ilfly years at the head of the movement which has made such magnificent
bands   as   the   British  amateur
banil-i.      They   have   won    everything
worth winning.   Tiny were first at  '.he
Crystal Palace (out    f b'.] bands), a.s
far  back  as   1866.    Winn   this   festival
was  recently revived  ink** was    first
again after an  lnr.Tv.il nf f"r*.   ■
"Criticism Is out of the question," sail
the Judges    At the groat  Bells VUS CO
Leven.  The Coe Is the Cona of Osslan, | tests. Manchester, they havs been first
on whose bunks, according to tradition, the poet was born, i ►ssiuti's t'.lVe
Is on the south side of t*he glen on a
spur of Bldoan nam lilan.
on no !,;ss than eleven occasions. In
ISM they were debarred as being un-
ble, having won first prise for the
third year In succession In 1SH1. Alto-
g*:!:--r thoy have won 100 first r* *
against the pick of English bands.
Even this does not emphasize their preeminent,, so much as th* toot that at
Sons as Its professional   lonelier   since|
its*.   Few Canadians who behold th* | Profit on liniment, $54.no
\\ ,,r.l,   Iv ,,-.,, It,IT.
"Sensible looklug girl iii toss the
"Yes.    I.lko to know her?"
"No, thank you. Handsome hat she's
"Yes.   She made It herself."
"Kill   Introduce uie, please.**
Gen. Brock as a Student.
As  a  student   we  must   also  enrol
Brock, writes Miss Janet I'uni'iehan "f   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Niagara to the York Pioneers. We read : o'"- period they w"n no less ih..n seven*
that, in spite of the Jeers of his com*   teen tirst prizes at ens-, utlve .vents!
panlona,   he   frequently   locked   hlmstlf The Veteran Conductor,
up to study. He was a good French Mr. John Qladney, t" whom primarily
scholar and a letter to his brother tells i„ dU0 the gr«-.*.t proficiency of th" band,
how he passes his spare time at Fort ),,, -been retalnod by M<-ssrs. Foster &
(ieorge and the Hat of bo ks In his
library shows i.... t besides technloal
military books he was u general rentier and showed g""l taste In his selection, and his military despatches as
well as Ills letters and proclamations
and speeches all show a well trained
mind and command of language, a style
vlgoroua, terse, pure. In a letter to his
brother, Irving, dated Niagara, Jan. in,
lull, hu says, "I hardly ever stir out
uml unless I have company my evenings are passed solus. I read much,
but good books aro scarce and I halo
borrow Ing. Sh .uld I remain here 1 wish
you to send me some choice authors In
history, particularly ancient, with ina|s
and the best trai.slallons of un.lent
works. I road In my youth Pope's Iran
latlon of Homer, t..,i UU lately I never
diaoovered Hs ex, iutt*s.   As I
grow old I acquire * last* for study,
tn    iddltlon   to   the  last   dally     paper,
me  likewise the ' Ibserver or any
nt Inr   weekly.     You   who   bav*   ,
all your days In the bustle "f Lond n.
m i :. oencelve the unlnterestlni
life I am ft.,Mined to lead in this retirement " Bro. k was toon io exchangs
this <|Ul<*t life I..,- .lays anil nights of
"■ I n when every moment was tilled
for mind and body.
Mr II. I.. Stephens,.ii. ,,i I'.'.i'.t .
ingh says:     I'm   ovel   ;* '•
i. red constanllj with P        I    t Itch
nm. tin n  Bleeding;  pain  almosi   un
bli    in.- .i bui li ■
thing in \ ;nu till i   used   Di
Hem it'ii'i
"l bad taken bul a fi a do*. - when
i i" *..'ii to notice .in imt .* in. al
.Nmi  i  am .nn ;*.*'. '.i  cured."
A $1.0 • erj  int\
"i H. m Ra !    }!    All dealers, oi  the
i ,       ■ is
No Faith In Illn*..
"ntiess  tbat  freckled daughter of
Thompson's must baie a steady young
•What makes you think so?"
"The old man was In here yesterday
to buy one of these newfangled
trivaii.es that  make a big saving In
lie gas you burn "
"I don't believe the young man's a
steady.   If be was they'd save all the
gas." .	
Tbe -i.i.l I.,...
Tlie Stadium u-'-'I ly both Creek*
ind Etonians was 400 cubits or 1!I3
yards 1 foot an.l li Inches,
I  bOUgbt  a Inns.*  wilh ll s.ipp.i edli
Incurable   ringbone  for I ' 'ure i
him  wuh  JI no   »..rHi  ..| MINARD S
LINIMENT  snd  sold him for $■*-..
nlert figure of Mr. Qladney will Imagine
lhat he looks back upon nearly 10 |
career as a professional musician. But
auch Is the fact, and there are few living musicians wim tan limk back upon
a career of such distinction The son of
an army bandmaster of oon I ibli
note, Mr  Qladney was born In   1IJ0,
and practiced music from the I
When only ton years old he played
I i ..'ei (his fingers being too .-null for
tho lute) In the band nf the famous
lll-fat.-d Julllon. lie ...i on tha knee
Of Koentg, and to this day hnlds lhat
noted cornet player its the g;..,*"st ..f
all time. He wus petted by Bottsstnl,
and mad.* mucb of by ths gr* r I iboelsl
i. rrett    Blnce then Mr, Qladney h..r>
be. n    en-: unly    lu    touch    wilh    111*
greatest European artists.
Bandmaster Bower.
Mr. Harry Bower, the resident ban.l-
m.isler. Is a product of ths Black Like
Band, and a most e-flCOmpllshed musician The II*,wer family have l",ig held
Important  positions  In the  Black
Hotel lv epor, BL Phllllppe, Que
Silent Love.
They snt b. • moon,
Thi r fh.,*p.
No word or whisper bi n." ihe charm
Tiny were wnsp* ak.vbly ha., r
The Crop For Ihe klle.
Id pl.'.ntili.g the silage crop you ese
figure SbOUt Ilfly pounds of sling* t*
the cubic ft.tt. which will gtrs you sa
Men of Ui* summit of corn required te
til the sis* yen lateed te build.
Korea Is taking more to beer drinking than either Japan or China.
There are eauiht nniiiiully on the
Gorman coast lo.UWi.iwO pounds of
shrimps, most of which nre netted at
depths of thirty or forty feet.
In order to put a stop to the practice
ef binding women's feet the Chinese
tiolrd of education has Issued an order
prohibiting the kiiIc i.f small shoes.
Hungry von.lies iu*.,* attacked men
an.l women lu the valley of Coucbs,
Canton of VslalS A bull was so seriously Injured In a light with them tbut
It bud to be silled.
Exactly » hundred lives w*ro lost in
fires \\li:i li occurred In London lust
yeur. Forty-six of tho victims were
UBder eight years of age, und fourteen
were over slity. In ulmost every In-
sliiiic.- the Urn was due to carelessness
sud the luck of ordinary precautions.
A British trades unionist has sued
for au Injunction to prevent the labor
organization to Wblctl be belongs from
leiying assemmoiils upon blm under
pull, of expulsion from the union to
pay the salary voted a lubor member
of parliament who belongs to a party
keaill* to tbat of ths luluucttes
Autumn Sessions of Parliament.
When the Canadian Parliament   ro-'
assembles   ln   November   for   Us    first
autumn  sessions,  It  will bo   merely    i
reversion to the practice In existence ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
In Kngland al the beginning of lhe: in 1VJ5, and the band chose his broth
nineteenth century. Parliament then
sat late In the autumn, and took a
liberal vacation at Christmas. Mr.
Br-tadhurst. over twenty years tago,
once  tried   to  persuade  Mr.  Qladstone
A   Restaurant  Acquaintance.
"when you go lo .*-'• a Zealand, I wish
v .,, would ...
i ,h    'ri,	
t    the   inn. ler,   and
ll he|o\ er     lie     W.  I, 1     f..|      n'W H
i.f in.- inc.  tor, bul sIth ml
i,i..ling to Tin* I ' ' rllst-r    I oi"
duy  he  in,  Introduced  to a Bn.
Maori of .-iti.
positions in the niack Dike   ,,,,,., ,,i*i.  ,.. Englishman *
Mills, and have been oonnected with tb*   ,,, ;li, -i >,..,,,*,,,,  • i,,   , ,. i    .\
band throughout Ita career    Mr   Bow*   , ,   . | ., "Meet
i*i - brother, Phlneas, preceded htm asi (,*,,,..*• n. repealed, * Why. I ste h
■v.-..      .....   '*—-    -.x.Hltl    -
It.imlmaster, ami held lhat  tt.sttlon f*
11 yenrs Mr. Phlness Bower was s
great auphonlon player, second to none.
amateur or professions], In his day,
Pressure nf official duties at lb* mills
compelled blm to retire from ths band
to divide the session Into two sittings,
beginning the first week in Match
and the third week In October respectively. Mr. Qladstone admitted thai
the scheme was warranted by prooe
dent, uml that a good ileal of sympathy
had been privately expressed for the
plan; but ho was perfectly content to
leave tho matter ln the hands *.f Iln*
House. As the House proved too lev
to meddle with the existing arrange-
mollis, nothing cam* of Air. Brood*
burst's suggestion.
lit.,,   He  .,,,.,»
"I* your wife having u good tlm* st
the seashore V"
"Yes; she's enjoying bera.-lf splendidly."
"I suppose her loiters nre verj cheer-
* 'No;   she   doesn't   write   st  all.
J ud go.
Before and  After.
"I think that every young woman
should leurn to play tho piano before
slid la married "
"That's right. Aud forget lt afterward."
er, Mr. Harry Honor, to succeed him.
Sow wise thetr choice was is proved
t»y lhe ev, r Increasing popularity "f th*
band .luring Uie t.*» years in* has been
in charge,  Mr. Harry Hower in a very
t.rlllinni   i 'iirnolllst;   lie is also a lirst -
ciuss musician, having thoroughly si mi-
it,! the theory .-.n.i practice ot music
in  various directions
Thanks to the generosity of M.-ssrs.
Foster t-c* Sons, the band is now ab s to
Us long-oherlshed desire to visit
America,  and  though  Mr.  Qladney    Is
quits unable t.i give ths band mors than
a   moiety   of   his   ssrvloes   at   home,
Messrs, Postei have prevailed upon hlin
to pul Ills ni Iht bands aside for a lime
uml lo accompany their bund across ibe
A Qood Medicine n quires little ml
nc    Di   Thorns     Bclectrlc Oil
garni d iln* good name ii no*  ■
imt nm...ch elaborate udvei Using, bul
on iis great merits as ■ rei Ij  foi
bodily pains ami ailments ot the   *
piratory   organs,   li   has •
fame wherever ii bai cine, snd li is
prised i.i tlm sntlpod. ■ ss well
home,   i '■       'ii.iii. t (feet sure.
safe Use of Lime.
Dr. Hopkins tells tin* Turners nf his
stale   (Illinois)  tlii.l In   newt   will  i.e
Minuend   lhe   use  of   ,mv   msterial   mi
land that would injur.* it in tbs long
nm.  He   uggi ts ..niy natural   ma>
lerlals.   The  source   of   thi    lime   now
In tin* soil is limestone Tbs tendency
nf bum' linn caustic Hun* is to I.uin
the s.,ii Hi...in'I limestone will correct
acidity Jusi ■>. effective!} us cau tli
I,nu* If used iu luffli lent quantity   II
Is lha .Inii"   t  form nf Uma for this
purpose,    it  is ab nb,it iv,   bn int.
and   It   does   the   wmk   of destroying
in l.liti
The ground llmsstons cannot stimulate n.ir  dn um   Iinni i    i,n  poor lurid
     ll would nol Keen..* ... much , lm, t  un
Tainted  M„,,,-r. I aided BS does can in  lime, bul It would
Tho really unwholesome money, our j do all that im.> in* required of II
.'iiinfnrt and Independence abide wit.i
those win. can postpone their desires.—
Success Magaslne.
greasy paper currency, tainted with a
tangible nmt offensively pungent l.ilnt,
has long been a fertile subject for the
pens of public Bnt.ltarliins mid hygl.in-
tsts. The carriage of Infection* disease* by these omnipresent and ubiquitous microbe stages, the dollar bills, Is
fur more tbuu a possibility.   .New York
It corrects Hi.* a. iii",  ainl l|    |., ,|
tin* .lover  directly   whi n thai   i
quired, a ton ..( ground limestone Is
th.. equivalent ..f more ihsn half s Ion
of   caustic   liin.*   'ground   lime'
neutralising fr. c s. Id   In tbe soil The
price  Is  low,  ii a.,!:,   ji   r,  ton  .,|  ,*,„
works.*—Alva Agss In National .
Is preferred by former Japan Tea drinker8
because of Its greater purity.
,e.d     Packet*    Only,    40o,    60c,     and    60o    per    Ib.      At    ,||
L Highest Award  St.  Louis 1904.
ami   1 small doses or il
1*. lofa.lM .1 all a«r
The children csnnot possibly hsve good h",]?
unless the bowels are In proper condidoo. A
sluggish liver gives a coaled tongue, had bre,t|*
constipated bowels.   Correct ill these hy *.|V,n'
^^^^^^^^^    Correct tlfihe
small doses of Ayer's Pills.   Genuine I,ver
all vegetable, sugir-coned.
•J 5 •"-■.wo*..
--*•"**»« mm.
*.iin .*. ..f Ti.it. Daastase-as and l'ro-
Irue.e.l   l.l»e«»e.
Although  there  li  slways  more or
leu typbeld fever In mosl of ths larger
of tbis country, tbs late lummsr
tm,i niiiuii,ti are ths seasons when it i*
most to be feared.
ih,. discs ii Is not u formidable, as
regards the mortality, nn somo others,
inn lis great length snd tbs srll consequences wblcb sometimes follow It in
the form of week heart, weak spina or
nervous disorders msks it <iuit« as »■**--
rioui a-, some w Ui. b srs more fatal, but
far less protj s, ted,
Unless one knows bow the dlsenso Is
usually  spread  one  cannot bope  to
av.i.'l  it, und  bo II  may  be  useful  to
consider In whst wsys ths germs of
ths malady Bnd their wsy into the sys-
Water I-. the ususl vehicle for ty-
photd germs, »•. li well known, and
probably sll ■.•rent outbreaks ..f the ills-
ease in • II es ars due to an Infected
water supply. This bu beeu strikingly
shown iu i'hllsdelpbls, where *om*
parts • ' applied with m-
i.:r< i \v.net* and other* with udOltered
or mixed e itci Comparing two imrts
"f u.e city In wl as, ex-
tt'l't si to unicr supply, sre slmost u.e
II ii as found lhat In the one *tip-
•'*. iiii filtered ws ter the occurrence
r.ne of typhoid fever m..m on* in tlv*
thousand, while lu He* others, In whii b
thS   Ulilillele.l   M.it'l    1MIM   drUIlk,  It   WSS
nne lii sixteen hundred
Hut a cltj e ih sn Idenl wnlor supply nn.v •!. typhoid
fever, slthougfa ic-M severely, through
the medium of Impure Ice, sod it in almost a* important to know wbers tbe
Ice  Is cut.  nt   wilh   uliat  WSter  It  Is
made, if artificial, ss where the city
iv;,t.*r comes from *> .1 long since a
liiiinlier "f nili. etl on niii- of the Vnltcl
Btates   Mi ;k    In    •  ■     Ml ditrrrancan
!".ill    Were    t.ikfll    tlown    Willi    IV-
|ilt'.id fever    When tbs source of the
II was found to be
soin.- Ic.- bought sl Ail., os, ths ice ma-
00    -       *'aril    having    broken
Al."'' of Infection I* found
I il lolled   la
ii ... ,t im :.it, i wuh sewsge.
Not only bss typhoid followed ths ...t-
Ingof these fish, but tbe I pbold bacilli
bave been found in ths stomachs of the
Raw - used fnr *aln.l* may
bsv* beea groom In soil contaminated
with slops UMd ers or may
b»ve born wssbed  n infected water.
Dnless ■ ly Is ntrare sue-
r drinklnR, tooth
cl In the I ild tie
I and tbe drinking water cooled
by putting vessels tatnlng it on tho
Ice, not by putting Ice In the water It-
Finally, -trout cure *lmiil.l b* taken
to *.*r.-cn all fo<Kl from flic*. f,,r If
there i* n cms ■ t. rer in the
neighborhood flies msy beooms mo«t
■   dlstrlbuten   of   the  poisre.—
Vt.uih's Oompenlon.
There n
aU thc diff.
crcncc n
thc world
eating bu-
cms tnd
hiKuit ej|.
^^^^^^^^^ ing. One
may eat a biscuit and not u«e
it, but when you think of bit-
cuil eating you think  inst.iiuly of
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
Crisp, delicious  *
Absolutely   and   distinctly
superior to any other make.
Say "Mooney's" i   \    r gtoce
^^^^^^^^^   Al 11 A 111   kll.Ull
.-^old t'jr all l)ru*'^l«*'i n- ,
an.l by ....
11 \MILTON, i.v r
A n«ll<-.«r"liuii
The recent lal
w:.v that there erouM
i., inrk" baa sppsn     •
Qreat  ■■stern  in I** *
Iss is ii placard stsl   - I
Wslthsmstow  erlll  nu
tl ,* i. |ht mi sraah days
Wheat Bran  By the  New Milling Process— Rich In Protein.
! .,• the Ml. fa rn.n ei
1'enii ■ is some
: uf Michigan ;.  ,
Bom.   '
. roducl of
mills in nn'  uniform In tb
In    t'i
ulrli the bi ,-, nn
Is found • ' ib.ir or
nn the relation of tbi Ion of
bran to Its i.i<>steal .■ tow
ti.. m from roll. from bur
mills, son
Ity snd oil er es
* *    ;.. I   i i ti*     ot   I-i
i   flnlll   11   : '  1 • :   , ■ III    ill   tb.
of -. roll, i  pro. i 'h .ui   ,.u
mi il i"i*; it of 1 19 per cenl
'■■ a i bran
It brrr   Ihr   II u I.  I 	
■•wmi." said the food
rr, "there's ..m* thing •
Ing boose you can eat
*..f course; «am<> «' •
ths groochj cms   "Ton
i , ■   but there's nevi r
could   possibly   like."
from mi'* of the iiiiini nm* ...Hlu Iii Mln
rsrlatlon «....   found
in tha com poi ition of exl rem. I) i
bran snd lis liner articles,
Roller Process Product  Approved.
lhe  . In mil I   nf  Hn      ',''
ihis topic: Ths two estn n
■ nn is aad tbs a of much
ih.* same compn Ition,   »hits   neltboi
shows ample .-... fnr ss feed
lm:   properties   srs   concerned    Ths
medium grades generally show a bet
i.*r anal) Is Ihsn i Ith. I  <>r   ths   11
ii the    bum    pro
duced in i),t  roltei pi iutd hs
mors ralu ibis than thai produ. t it in*
b.ir Winner..  SS ill  nl."    '! -    !*• I In.   will' '.
li  lu   fat,  Ih  si pSMti I  oul   «lth
Iln*  llniir  nud   In   .*..*  nth
K'.crl llllll ihs l.r.rii   Tli
ll.|,rn,li no   thr  W««.
"What   •.•,■.,.1   I*  oil • ' ' w|1^
llie   mnn   nin.  STSS  I""!-    *    : -r » >*
* \mi can't cn»b it "
"Sows people
"I bought soma sipi
etiht me U.uuu."
I tni
by  lu. .,i  appll. allona    *"    '
I le      .lih. .,.-  I   I
i le .,   In i.nl,   'in,   araj   i *
and  thai  i«   n>   -*■
UeaTiMee Is
dltlon nt .ie* n.i.
»• lilm.     I.ll.e       IVIl.ll    Ilii-     '
nil', ttnrinitl'.r,   , al,    !■•    '
lit mitnt.  mei  wbao  Ii  la »ni
I'. ,Iieai.   \.   tha   r,-.iiii    «
Inll-imiiiHii....  * n.i   I"*  i
l.,l>f i« nl".t .1   i"    l.«
1,'HllllK     Kill     Ite     'I. XI'
eaae* oul of tan ar* * *
»i,ieh   U  noll.ln*   I...I   ■"   "
tllilt.n ,,f tli,* muooo* *
w,. win „ivr , >i„.   Hun In
»ny eii«<> of Daafn. »*■
Uml   cannot   ba   I UP
Curs.    Hen.l   for   elreill-i*   '
K. J  CIIRNRT  A ' ' '
fli.l'l    by    |.rl.Kk-l-<la     'I
Tnkr llalla   fnnillv  1*111" '"r
,.,.    ,ann^
' j
i. intUm***
\tmtt ""'
Irallut I"
, iiirfl.'
* . f.ttn*
Saraaalr.   Who  If"' rraoll'-"*
Surname, the gresl rtolli    '  i'1"™
r.*-i| t   terr   fortunate •
tbi    purl
■I    [l"t*.      ,
brsni ars sll percei llblj higher la pro
loin   Ihrin   r.i      till        ol  the   bin   StOOO
inni e     it 1* imt   " nnn h iin amount
of ■ tar. h pr. ■ nl In Iho bran a
amount of proti In snd fal lhal in ,.f
n in ths fe. lei    rin* end
for which the milters an
working In  il." milling  proc,    . ths
■'" pli ' iii'.ii of iln*   i.ir.li
lite nnd the needs of   ths   con
* iim.i nf bi sn, n fi .ni i n i. in pi
nml fut. ii"* Identical
imn ssi in tPBtl nf    ippl) Ing th" ff i
.'.*   Willi   III.    llll'imi    rl., !•■   nr     It , .hin*
Innn   III       Ii iii    ivilli   nne   linn ll
or in that    ipplled by ths old
.•inm.  ii,* knows nothing       '■'''
tbs drudgery snd wesrlne
Hclng,   Most well known    '■f" "n
grout sxecutants «.. on pre. i
mors or it"i>. regulsrlty sll '
Not so pgbto Barssste   H*
In* | lolln for bis mi ii SB uae.--        .
bi* fluency and fsdllt** »" ,,l:  ;,.
I..- .nn dispense with Ihe Irl
ta«k of playing to lied In- I      ' '•
Minard*.   Liniment   Curf.   IJ-atewper-
ing «lth
-ir ll»»
. ikM «P
„.iiI. I'"'
■ .i.   »■   inr   • ■■■■ ' '
Tlie  Illy  of  thi*  rslloj   m
lore, smblematle of bepplr
my i.-r-ad.
a raeaary rnieA
Oersd  i in,*,.- „ ,,,,,, |
in (lur'1
m I'"
tugal n.i* flower I* symbolic        f
ssty,  Its  lowly  powth sni
lini.it* giving ii ii symbolism
• kill to Unit Of ths vl"!'''*
-KethUK Dol-a Wl
"Mtsa  May,"  began »«•■    vu.r,„
"would you   or   bs i"i»l «
•""J""7"        _ ,.-i ihs erti"
"Not ncfi
girl, "but
iimA ihs br"1'
 m#x." '-'*'":'   ,ll0j..
I iv I N-Ttalnlji w"
W    N    U    No.
',')/ UoW lh* Corr Can.. Horn..
H,o Information  of  those  wbo
is the I'Kblt of seiiillng * .log for
"rV .*!«■ i ffUh i" 1'ei"jrt u ",tle ,,x'
""      . which I have had along this
1        I tested  the  milk  from a cow
"J*   la, „,,« brought to tht- stable by
,    ths dog In t**rn l"!lnK ■**■> eaetge
'„,, sinsii boy-   Hbe was considerably
,lni mnl quit, wsrm.   Her milk
I i 23   Ths next morning it wss
l,  and a wssk later, when *be wn*
.I'liiui.i "i oj e man and perfectly
cool, tier in
nil Ba
ni, tested n.2.   Now, you
.url out whether or not it pays
Meadog ground s dairy bsrd.   I
1   M ,tnto lhal tbs pasturs and feed
I .',e  eMCtly   tb«   »ams   In   each   In*
.ni,,,,.." «ayi nn town man.
Baal Tlma «" MhU* Ch»e»e.
i-m., best tn"" i" »'*lli(' ll"ll'»' *beete
. immediately sfter niiiking. says Pro-
■' , |. Haeckor, The rarlous
''',., ,' it take plsca In milk nearly
.,' |"velop in I'", mill* drawn ■•> «>'•
I ami kept over until lbs foi*
; .„„ morning. So if milk Is mini*
'',, .I,,,.' immedlstely after it is
jrawn no difficulty   will   be experl-
III'oil*  ,	
l.paralor Fnr  Small  Dairy.
.. .   !       ,. ri- many a* Hv.. cow* It
i to min ii sepsrstor,   if
,t   nnv   tlma   to   milk   ns
Lu, ai ' we you ought to buy
,  2, which will coat 1125,
n t exped to keep more
,    .mil,let*   liSS   W ill   llllll. ii  ranga In cost from
w to ■*,..*.   ienl tiers Oultlvator.
Madr Strong and bteady by  Dr.  W.l
hams' Pink Pills.
ull, tunres ars oui ..f ordei
i 'ii Is  ba verge ..i
Buddi i. sounds startle
i sritch and
-..mi   ■-. it control   i
nni*   will-power     nini.*
, !n*s. lour feel sre oft. n
face   Bushed    Youi
: thump* .it the leasi
i .in  restless al night
when   inn  wail.*      Vti'i.*
table and you feel uttei
ted     And     the     whole
.   *i .   your blood  Is too
.    In    k. ■ P   lb"     I"
Is onl)  one »
health]    aanri      feed
. fa   red   blood   t hm
.ti.-    i'mk    puis i sn
■ make  Mr   Fred Porth
.. r   'i pronto
iplot,   wreck with  neri
*  m    bul    in   v.*. ii -
made ;. new  man ol
■ ■     nei in i    toi   *• ear.
would startle me, and
•ii would lint,  me ui
i  lost mi   weight,
I  was  almOUt  ,i   w
■ the pills long when i
. • -■  in Iplng ma   inv ap
. d, m*.  in 11*    b.
■ -I da) by tl.iy I gained
nni | u     ... nn n  v.ll m.ni       \|.
* i  iwenl- in'*   pounds
Ing    llie   pill*.      "I ..
i did, I > mi r. i> thai if
i'mk Pllli are given ..
■      Hill    |e      Mil,
i*.nk   I'iiis   n
pl) because lh. j mad.
hi.Hid    which    p
... n.r, iiiiii keep
will   cure   llll   ll.e   dlS
■ id blood aad sh
anaemia   Indli
backaches,   rheums
Bl   Vinih .i.m. ••   pai
veakneaa and ' h.
il   growing     irit
""I   mUSI   alums   laal.l
genuine pills with th.*
'     W'lllllllllr,    I'mk   I-i
ill   th'*      Wll.pp, I
'*.   ti niii. t.e di
b> mall st       .   ■ ■
i'"i.    f..r II:" b)  wn*
Ine .*"
that ninkn a horn, tvii
liavr Tliii-k Wliiil.orClinki,*
aowil,ciui lie riiiimviul   „ui.
or nnv Tluur-h nr K**cUlnjr
mwu-.I by itraln oi Infliun-
niMion.   r.. Missis.r, no
huir tfiinc, ud.i borflfl kt'i»t
»iwort. tt.boparbotU-9.-de.
llvi-ri-d    )t<>»k * r fri.(«
liv.mil      liiri-n   <],,i
Mr«   Bousekeep called frnm
of   ll...   stairs,   "bow   sl-out
'  'he now servant,  who
, t herself, "yo uadent (t"'i
I iiiuiy.  1 slut very bun
t'i tl. i •niin'."   l'lillad-Jj'bia Treas
It fool
■    .
for imuikimt, -gi.oor
uydroM.., vari,*,,;.,!,;.",,^:;;;; vjffif™.i»i,
W.F.Young,  P.D.F.,  137   Monmouth St
8prlnHfleld, Mass.
Pan. Ag'Ut Lyman Bom & , „„ Montreal
Thr Word "Caa^ibaila-a."
Ths word "cannibalism" is really the
»'"'!'• "-» people. It is Identical with
' ■l"1' '""">■ "' tho . irlbs, who for-
"*"'iy flourished in ths West Indies
having been consumers of human flesh.
'i'"' 'otters "I," "i," and ".*" are Inter-
ebangeabla tn certain aboriginal American languages, so thai Columbus found
ona West Indian laland laying "Canl
I.n" whera another said "Carlb," while
Bhakospeare's Caliban is another variety of tho same. Columbus' own con-
l^tura was that tho name mis con-
""""' "ll,< l!" great khan, nml later
pbllologlats "i th, old slapdash type as
soclated «"ii "canla," s dog \p
parently, however, lhe meaning of
was brave and daring,
Known   lo   n    .
Vl ■'■ m nt
1.. ■ p u
1 1«*let.
cording   to
 '    *
an.l leave tl
■ He ir run.
'I "'■" nn II * well known to I
nii.1-    »l„,    1 n..«   p.,   , Xperlence how
le  I"   ll.  l.ll     Ihei      .
. ,,c   uudi   ru.poae   V.OW.
Th.* dual  put p.,-.- cow  is    rapidly
drifting in the ■ aural
plai •• fnr bei at tl
ngs, says I.  VV   Light) in N
man and
use tut. dual purpo '•   1 1 .iiini.i
for ihem, bul 1 have 1. id sn mu.
perl.'nee nm! hav.
1" :   '• nl   nn   ll «    '
thnt   I   do
branch of as
wbo I
snd d.
ry   put: . * .....
Sun     1 *
soaps, bui       i"  *     ben
Mini . ' .   BUUligbt   S".i|
and folio*
Aim.mil   Milk.
almond null. 1*- 1 lade by blanching
thirty g 1 slaed Jordan almonds and
1 ■■ am to a powder in hslf s
p   1  of distilled  wati r    A lump of
■ must I*.* worked lo at ti.<* •.run**
t    .* in prevent the ell from separating.
,        process   Ink'**.   • and
1 be dona in s mortar,   stn.in
■!i  To make tbe milk
r.tber Increase the number of  n ts
'i bs preparation is ons of tl.e
most siK.lhii.^
Minard's   Liniment   Cures  Diphtheria.
A Klttea aad m Raeaie.
A abort time ago s ■ ng In
1 when
she suddenly  t*
ber hand     On ei •■ spot
.* ihe scral
tfaS   I ".III   nf   11   :
: assy's ue. k fur 1
pulled out by ber busbaud, aud an-
ie a as ei      ■    sd I
' nn.1 ih.it s length of thr.. *l was
sttscbed to ths needle, both  '.
pessed down the kitten's ii.r.wt and
In from the fur.
Mmard's   Liniment   Cures    Garget
The   llenl.l.lr.t   Trailr.
ft Is I ' trade
world Is tl 'i uf '! ■ in iking I
•ell  * .   of a tar
.   ■
Wfc.n   Summer  Murliol,   Ar*   I I,,od<*4
Wilh Ika Kami l'rudntrl.
Usually fursi butlermukers can se-
CUrs a premium above tbo average
market price by aulllng tbe butter to
I'Tlvate customers who have regard for
quality in products of this nature.
If tba maker l» compelled to take
nil butter to stores h» usually lias to
taks the average pries given for butter regardleaa of quality, a few store*
keepers will recognise csrtaln lines of
butter lis being superior to others nml
will pay mors for them, but usually
not us much as can be obtained by
private marketing, in most localities,
particularly during tbs summer
months, the markets ars flooded with
form  butter, and  the prices  1111.  very
unsatisfactory,   Th iker who is de-
pending on tha stores for the sale of
bis  buttar  Usui.lly  hnn  to  accept   the
currant price, while if ho has worked
"I* n private trade the chances ars that
b" has a market that will give a uniform pries ib mgtioiit the year.—Edwin ii Webster.
PleasaS ,,,,,1 ,•„,,„,, iurr[l.
"no thing should slwsys bs borne in
mind by the person who Is making but-
tar In sell. The butter is for somebody
to eat, and It Is for your Interest
to .mike lt to suit tbem, whether It Just
suits your taste or not. Habit bas a
great dual to do with our likes and dislikes v,,„ m„y have been accustomed
to sweet cream butter. If so you probably like that best. Or you may have
gol Hied to eating butter made from
very ripe cream and the butter not
washed to expel the buttermilk, caus-
li'K H to havs a verj decided flavor aud
tnsie. and »o you look upon fine, dell-
cute tlnvored butter 11. Insipid. Or you
may like little or no salting or : .-h
suiting, light color or blah color. But
all this la of oo consequence. It is no
nml ter what you like. You want te
make It to suit your customer, and you
wunt your customers to bo those who
are ablo and willing to poy a Rood
pries for what suits them. If the customer wants sweet cream butter, make
It; If unsaltsd, make it so; if be desires
It high •iitto.l. salt It high, and so on.
Always mske It the name for the same
CUStomera. They ore setting tsstcs
funned which you can make It profitable to itratlfy. If one Is making butter
to put nn tbe general market he wants
to make what that market demands
snd will pay tba best price for—0, P.
.1 In. h.
Adopt a  Iln.  aid   Kttp It.
Breed from tlm besl sto k or ti„> best
your moans will furnli.li aud keep at It.
Have a purpoaa. Breed to a Hue.
Rreod type Keep at the bead Of your
i.r I a male tbat you can point te
with pride as your Chief aire Italia
him If you can riuy blm If you must.
Introduce new blood by the purehase
..  lea    Develop your yt.inig stock
by generous feeding, kind treatment
ami careful etteullou. Qrow them se
well that tl.ey will 1* objects of at-
traction    and    admlratlou. -   Holsteln-
1 Ill-ulster.
Dairy  Talk  of Today
What Amntaura Win. Would   ,.•*,*,,ma
Mur.  1Iii"I  l.euru.
It Is surprising to discover bow very
differently people who have played
parts all their liven deport themselves
before the footlights, 1 was acquainted with n lady In London who hud
been the  wife of » peer of tbo renlm,
who inni been ambassadress ut foreign
courts,  wbo lit  tbe time bud   been  a
reigning beauty and wbo came to mo
lonKiii); for 11 new experience mid lm-
ploring nn- to give imr an opportunity
to appear upon tha stac.*.
in n weak moment I consented, and,
lis I wns producing a play, I caHt ln-r
for U part which I thought she would
admirably suit—tlmt of a society woman, Wbnt ii...I woman did and didn't
do on the stage passes nil belief. ^in>
became entangled  In ber  train,  she
could  neither t.:l 1I01M1   nor  stand  up,
she shouted, si." could not be persuaded to remain at .1 respectful distance,
but Instated upon shrieking into iho
actor's ' nrs, and sh.* committed all the
gaucberiea you would expect from an
untrained country wencb.
But because everybody Is acting In
private Ufa every one thinks be can
act upon ths stage, and there is no pro-
f. m tbat has so many critics, Every
Indh .'Inni in the audlen. 0 is 11 critic
and knows all about tbe art of n.-tiiii;.
Hut acting Is 1. gift. It cannot bo
Vou can teach people bow to act act-
lm: l.ut you cannot teach tbem to net.
Acting 1- ns mucb an Inspiration as the
making of greal poetry and great pictures, w imt la commonly called acting
ts acting acting.- Richard Mansfield iu
They   ll-Md Tl.fnl.-ra, Ten,plea,   I tn.l-
i,,K I,...I. and l.llirarlea.
The ancient Romans were extravagantly fond of bathing. They got their
notions about the bulb as a luxury
from the Greeks um' st one time there
wer.* nearly DM public bathing establishments In iinii,.*. Min.. nf which were
the most beautiful and elaborate structures In the world.
The baths of the Emperor Diocletian
em.-toil more thnn half a square mile
nml contained, besides Immense basins
ami thousands of marble recesses, Blasters, temples, balls for feasting, prom-
anades planted with noes, librartea,
schools for youth nml academies for
the   dll -   of   ll.e   learned.     The
bathers sst on marble benches i»*b.w
iin- surface of the water, around the
edge >.f  the basins,  scraping  them-
t* with dull knives "f metal and
ivory and takinj.- occasional |tlun*;t s Into the Wilier.
Dissipated It..mans would si>end
whole days lo tbs bath, seeking relief
from overindulgence In eating ami
drinking tbe night iff..re.   Everybody,
even tbe emperor, ii-ed these baths,
which were opes to every one wbo
. I oss tO pay tbS prii S Of admission.
it was net oanal for tbe old Romans
to ban* baths In their bouses, tbounh
at .a .',..'.• 1 BOO years before that, or
UM   Ili'i'loUiell   of   au-
1 .-nt .;•■  h.i.1 th.-ir dwellings sup-
pi; 'd With baths of terra cotta.
Sunlight Soap is better than other soaps,
but is best when used in the Sunlight way.
To appreciate the simplicity and case of
washing with Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight
way you should follow directions.
After rubbing on the soap, roll up each
• piece, immerse in the water, and go away.
Sunlight Soap
will do its work in thirty to sixty minutes.
Your clothes will be cleaner and whiter than if washed
in the old-fashioned way with boiler and hard rubbing.
Equally good with hard or soft water.
Lever   Brothers   Lim.red,   Toronto >5J
.n.rlilnir   ..,,11.   uml    Vlltit.r.,.-.   Wilh
...,.l   and   I.In...
Curious tli'.u^1! it may seem, it is a
fact 1l1.1t birds are caught with rod and
Una ui many parti of the world, Tbo
pastime Is declare 1 to bo almost us fns-
. inatiim as fishing. Gulls lu Sen 1
Inutl are caught In this way In large
quantities. In New Km.* and fishing for
nulls and petrels is an important industry.
The method of bird fishing is praetl-
cally the same as tbsl of ordinary
Qshlng. Two iii.'i. go out In a dory und
throw pieces of cod liver on tin* WSter.
When   Inr*,'.-  quantities  Of  birds  bave
been attracted to tbe spot more eml
liver Is thrown out on a book. This the
birds greedily swallow and thus fail
easy  Victims,
Albatross arc fished for In tlie same
way off the Cape of flood Hope A
piece of pork is attached to a long Una
and thrown overboard. The bird win
eye It for a long time, gradually and
cautiously making toward it. Suddenly
In- will seize It aud bold tt ln bis beak.
When lie discovers that lie Is caught be
will sit on tbe water aud vigorously
' flap bis Wings. However, be will be
drawn into Hie boat aud made a cap-
Albatross fishing Is good sport, since
the bird requires .-.ireful handling. Bo
long a*, ba pulls against tbe line It is
eaay enough. The moment, however,
be swims forward the Unok will drop
1 from bla beak unless it Is skillfully manipulated, and the bird will lind himself I roe.
inlniiis are more or  lesi
-., and  ■ u. i. . "ui
teething and   as   this
liVI I   Is   lhe   II.
-Inn,Id   mil    be   WllhOUl
ii> Kellogg's Dysentery
medicine la  a spectfi.
. Linus    nn.l     Is     lllllllll
those wh.. hat •
claim   11   will   .*„,.'
■ * holers or summi 1 1 om
lh.  Dr.,  ot H.r   Pt.raa.
' I I •  inythlng in Hint )«M-t'«
"'        •  you don't." replied tha
":' f      bectOSS   I   opened   it
■'•'       ■ •■ k 11 ihe dollar bin ..ui of
."'It    *
'  ■.  good plan*   lop column.
I.n    nn.
you  I'
,I,,..,..ll><   a'l   lllnnrr.
Main persona ■■ I< ! '"''
lm.* tm' owlag to tb* ■
tra, t 1 igh during am.       *•-
rule  when  . :lU-.-.l   l'l   fOOd  1!  COmeS "ll
ai one   sn I ■   islly ss s rule tbs
csuslng 11 i* hot   Boups mo mora
lv to provol ■ '■ ,l"" v"'"i'
II is 11 p-nd plsn lo forego soup, ■
can bs done without ■ ',i:'rk'
11 ,   .- Notei   0 eel »
1 (tie bn "i bet m   I '    * *ll,nl
pin,, la t" drink ■ '"'ll
to Ink.* tin* *-".l|. in  V. !■
Good Digestion
And There le no Mope Prompt anil Certain
Weans of Keeping the Liver Right Than
..'"  1    attention to Dr,
Kldne) i.lv.-r I'llls It  Is only
in Ilu
■   in  poinl   1..  their  success
> 1 '   tor iln*y a..* known  In
■ home.
"i 'heir direct .....1 specific
\ ■ llvei   cs ig n health*
,.   ""* '' ''ii,    the; regulate and >n
lb 'ii m the bowels nn I en
[i HI 11 um intestines.
1 ■  nine ilnv stimulate th.
their    work    of    fill.•ilnu
'In* blood
.,.,        ■  'Imi', process  nd  in so
,." i"    Chase's   Kidney-Live
' thorough aura for bll
.uioHiiimi indigestion, lor
kidney derange nit*,  and
1 '       'inn
,,,,'' : ■■ loratlon   ,.r   i Ith,
 mn where there bus
I,   ' ' ""* weakness   nnd   suffering,
■»-..' "    ' removal «.r n ondttlons
I,..,.,1 "'"-J lo backache, rheumatism,
cit" .„,, ::t;:; *»•»• ***
;,: in.' 1 ■»"'
mul. d find no
HI   1   used   I"    '
i'iiis    1 have reconinu minil ' *
!nn     of.'     rrlHn.1    ..
.,11 I,, it. lb 1 witb   ""
n, ol  women  who arc safl
1    r  .   v, .min
r: LS-ivr;
1 have been 11
diabetes sn 1 1 ■
nllllole.l      Willi
win. nn
if:*" i;.'.;,*. ..;*■■■'■
..mu.1. ' 1 bin 1 hav.
benefited   bj
I),   Chas.      KI.  Mv     '
pill     is.centsaboi
,.,:,. ,n Bdmanson, Bsu
Are you feeding a ch«cse cow trying
Dss your  scales and
I it test and find fit for -.ure.
Th* Rrlllr linl, .   Farailai.
It Ii known of all men that it Is far
r ami more economical snd better dairy farming to grow your protein
■ farm thsn to buy It at the store,
even thnuuh the pup-baaed ground feed
Is bringing a fertiliser on to the fsrra
interact   the  depleting  effect of
selling mllli off the farm.   Especially.
ling   to  BOOM  and   Fnrm.  does
*   • itsnd 11 IS for thoae dairymen who
live '■    1   tb. nlil'i river and In the
extreme   sooth,   where   the   lugumes
sr.nv  an freely and can   of tan Iw  fol-
lowed by or follow another crop ou the
same I.n.d.
The ».....»■ raw.
»i eow will nearly nlwsys alve more
mtlk when she is milked by a person
who has been accustomed to milk her
she will when a stranger takes
ti.*r  in  hand.    Some  cows  sre more
is or sensitive about being bandied   by   strangers  than   others,   but
tle.se  nervous cows  are  usually  the
best milk producers.  Frequent cbangee
of milkmen are not desirable.
>..„l Dalrr Slaraa.
The   dsy    la   most   surely   coming
wheu wo will see thnt It la real econ-
to cut down the number of our
herds and get better stock.   Then w-e
.  t  nut of the liondage we  are
now In     Ihe rval dairy slsvos are the
mr. that are keeping  ao  many cows
that do not begin to pay for their keep
Inc Ai least that Is the opinion of
S,|ii:re Little.
*  I ar«r n...l.  of Ifaaraara.
S  !«  11   lnl>*e  body  of dairy  lg-
S In lhe world,    lt seems to be
mm mg  a  little, so  let  US  lie patient
una with another. You know how lsrge
Ittttlles move
One man kept s record of his rows
II yeur     Hue cow  yielded a profit of
another, »M -i"
In   nrlrf.
Cream is cash.
Keep the calves growing.
Don't nils warm nnd cold milk.
I miry farming Is cash farming
A good cow la a mho money maker.
TbS CSlf Is tl» liCKlnnliig of tbe cow.
i,..i tbs '"«•*.   lio it now.   Deal
One teat won't tell tbe whole story
A itond motto for dairymen: (let re-
Any cows Iii your herd tasting 7 per
Ar» your cowl grnfters?   Teat them
"'"* '"" .       .     .
,;,»,! iwa are often all right. (Jrmle
bulla i.cviT.   Klmlialfs Hairy Farmer.
ill.....I From m ntomr.
The open terra re in front of the De*
wan-l-Khaa co lists "f two thrones,
tii- black one nf which, facing ths river, was cut out of 11 Single slab of
■tone in 1608, This black throne, wb 1 '1
Is sbout eleven feet long snd supported by octagonal pedestals, -was built
by  Akbnr in r. f 1. - son's
tit],   to   the  empire.     Here   J.hamiir
; to sit occasionally and s.
i.iiit of wild annuals arranged for his
amusement    The crack on tbe throne
- b.*i eved to nave 1 n caused by
Lord Lake's bullet fn      ~ I dur
ing the attack Of l-"*;-    A -••rdim: to
tradition, however, it cracked wheu
ti..- Iat king of Bbaratpnr snt on u.e
throne for it wns meant to be uaed by
none but the reul descendants of tbo
• moguL Then, sgaln, when Lord
Ellenborough sat on it during Uie Kali .si • blood is supposed to
have  come  out of  It
The      I an,.-,,.      Chained      I  il.rnr,       of
llliiil.Huriit     Ireland.
Wlml.oiirne,    Ireland,   is   noted   for
many things, bnt iis famous chained
! library is perhaps ti.e most notable of
■ ita curiosities. The library possesses
utihiue interest as being oue ot tl.e
earliest uttempts to disseminate kuowl-
edge nuioug tbe people. The collection
wus mu,ie accessible to tbe i«*opie in
1086 and numbers some 800 volumes.
Tbe scarcity of lwoks and tbe value of
the collection are both Indicated iu tbe
■ arc taken for th.-ir preeervation, uud
ally unuiust loss of -»uib treasures by theft. By means of 1 '
and rods tbe books were securely la-
I to tbe shelves, uud these chains,
lt Is rather surprising to learn, wero
not removed until 1N".T, wheu tbe li-
1 r.iry tiltlnss were repaired. Amoug
tbe interesting works ot tbe co: ■
Is a copy of tbe first editlou of Sir
Walter EUlelgh's "History of the
World." 1.114. It lias suffered from fire,
and tradition says tbat Uattbew Prior
was responsible fat Its condition, tl.e
story being that be fell asleep WbeO
reading  it once  U|-*uti  a time, und tl.o
- Men* burned by bis candle,   it
• en neatly repaired, and Its mishap now adds to Its Interest   The old-
.■-.t volume in tin- library is a 1
copy in vellum of "RegtUUm Aullinu-
rum." It is lu manuscript and bears
the data 1348.
A   IIrlp.nl   Appllanee   Which   Can   Oa
Made by A,moal  Aurbo-dr.
It will soon be warm enough to cause
fermentation of food left In troughs
while the sun bonis upon tlieni.   Ozlas
Friendly suggests trying his plan:
Take a teu inch plunk of any length
you prefer. Stand it on "dge aud tack
to lt, keeping iu thu middle always, a
place of zinc sixteen Inches wide and
of tbe same length as the board", less
one inch. This extra Inch is to be dl-
vitleil between the two ends, so that
ti..* zinc will miss reaching each end
of tbe lioard by one-half inch. Now
turn tha sine on each sale of the board
up at an angle of about forty-Ave degrees, link on a strip of wood a couple
of Inches wide St right angles to each
end of the Iwurd to keep tbe affair
from tipping over, and you will hare
tbe nicest trough you ever fed from,
and it won't coal S fortune either. Of
course tin will do. or even sheet Iron
nr galvanized Iron, though zinc Is the
easiest of the cheap metals to keep
clean. The idea is to leave the troughs
outdoors, and when It rains Instead of
making the food sour It will wash out
at the ends whatever small quantities
of mash are left In it, and there'll be
no sour crop chickens In your flock.
Ths   Walking   Parson.
Tha Rev. A. N. Cooper, M. A., vleal
of Klley, tho fashionable Yorkshira
Beasida resort, by hla long walks ln
the past 20 years has earned the title
of "The Walking Parson." At present
the reverend gentleman la engagej on
a 600 miles walk ln Sweden. TheM
long tramps are Mr. Cooper's Ideal way
of spending a holiday, and the .set im; nl
other counlrles. He commenced in l-*i6,
when he walked from Filey to London,
but lhat walk fades into lnslgnlflcanca
when compared wft-h subsequent efforts.
In 1889 he had his first foreign t-,ur,
when he walked from HamVurg to
Paris. In 1890 he walked from Klley
(rum, and two years later walked p.und
Hol'.and. In 1900 he walked from Filey
to Venice; ln 1903 to Monte Carlo; and
ln 1904 he footed it over the Pyrenees
Into Spain. He walks on an average
tl miles a day. Be is a tall, well-bulll
specimen of muscular Chrisrlanity, and.
In addition to being an able writer, ll
also an Interesting leoturer.
Flah   For the  Brain.
Replying to a "Ttong -author," Mark
Twain wrote: •*Yes, Agri>-:/. d"es recommend   lllllliors   tO   SSI    li-'.l.    I't'.IU-e
tin- phosphorus In it makes bruins, so
fur you ar.* correct But l cannot help
yon to n decision nlioiit the amount you
,.,,! p. eat at If-.-t imt with certainty, if the specimen composition you
sent Is nbotit your fair usual average,
I should Judge thst s couple of whales
would le iill you would want for the
present not the largest kind, but simply good, middle ilsed whales."
The  Kl.chrn   Anlnrml.
"Yes, ma'am, an" now that I'm goin'
to take bold li-re I'll s.tlle tl.' permit
business Drat of all. ton see, 1 csrry
im* own fountain pen. There, take thst
in.' don't lose it."
■Whut  Is  Hilar
•'llinl's n permit, ma'am, for yoil to
i Nil 111' kil. ben. lt entitles y.ni to om-
vi-.it n week. If you COBS often.*r th'
permit will be taken up, au' dou't you
forget It."
Naggus Whnt sre you going t» do
with Hn' b.'" nmi heroine of tbat mag-
aalne story you're running now 1 Many
ii,.ms Certain!]    They will i.e
I in Ihs last chapter. NsggUS -
I'm glsd of It. It will servo then
A   Hard   OSSQ,
• ■Y.ni suy ynii had to give the pntlent
chloroform twice?"
•i 11," replied tbe dentist. "I had to
Kl,,. || to blm the secoiul time to extract the l.ionav "
Is It Your
Own Hair?
Do you pin your hat to your
own hair? Can't do it?
Haven't enouch hair? It must
he you do not know Ayer's
Hair Vigor I Here's an introduction! May the acquaintance result in a heavy growth
ofrich,thick,glossyhair! And
we know you'll never be gray.
'* I Ih.nk lha. *?*-.'• Hall Vlr" 1. .br n,„»*
w.ititi.ffiii hatrgniwai t.,.t **« .»., maris I
.itta ti*.'. u ft. .""ia Um. ana I r.n itii.li
fully ... ..i*l 1 am •.'•all. ri...•*.. «...> tt 1
rtiMnfitl't rarnmmanri u .. . .,...,,..1,1 pr.,..
rat.oa." - M**a V  I.Km a. W.,i ,e.i  M.....
Mad. hr J  0   . T"t* Ct . 1 "w.ll. U...
ai." at.uufaalurara .t
Flral ..llmrnrr of n Star.
A little girl, tbe French critic Barcey
related, once presented herself at the
l'arls (nti-ii ut" if iu order to p.i-s
the examination inr admission. All
she knew was the fable of "ihe Two
r -.■•ms," but sh.* bsd no sooner n
ti petting lines when _uber stopped
her, w ith a gesture,
"Knougb," he said. "Com. here, my
llie little cirl. wim was pule ami thin,
but whose .yes gleamed with Intelligence, approached him with an air of
"Your name Is Sarah':" he said.
"Yes, sir." v.i* the reply.
"You are a Jew,•--'*'
"Yes, sir, hy birth, but I bave been
"She has Im-cu baptized." sai.l Auber.
ttirnini: lo Ills colleagues. "She lias
said ber fable of 'The Two rineous1
very well.    She luuat l.e admitted."
Tims Barah Bernhardt for it was
ahe, entered tlm Conservatoire.
Bronchi.la   In   I or,!..
l'.mii' tniis Is lutlummat.on of tbe
mueoua membraue o( the tra,'bea and
'nil tubes. The most frequent
Cans, of this disease is exposure to
dampness, to cold, to drafts of cold air
and to suddeu and extreme changes of
temperature. It muy also result from
the inhalation of Irritatiug vapors, dust
and Other foreign substances. The first
thing to do Is to remove the caune.
Begin treatment by placing tlie affected I Irds in a comfortable, dry and reasonably warm place where they will
not b-i subjected to drafts of air, but
where the ventilation is good. Give
soft and cooling food, such as stale
bread or a mixture of bran and middlings moistened with milk, inhalation of steam or vapor from boiling
water In which hops or a small quantity ot carbolic acid has been placed Is
beneficial Hue with the food two
era.us of black antimony twice a day.
A Small quantity of flaxseed steeped
iu hot water makes a demulcent drink
that often plves great relief, and, in
tbe absence of tbis. honey or gum arable may lie added to the drinking water with advantage. In tbe early stages
it may sometimes be checked by giving
ten drop9 of spirit of turpentine ln a
teaspoonful of castor oil and repeating
this dose after live or six hours.
$2,000 For a Stamp.
Of all Australian stamps the rarest
Is the Id. blue of the first Issue wirt:
the swan Inverted. Its rartiy is so
great that only nine specimens an
known, one of which realized C400
some time ago. The other day anoth.-i
copy came to the hammer at a sals
held by Messrs Vent m. Hull & Cooper, when the bidding, whl.-h commtne-
•d at £ 100. •j.u.-ed at i.li'0.
V.nve when true, faithful and well
fixed Is eminently the sanctifying element nf bun.nn life. Without it the
Foul cannot re.i.l. Its fullest height or
linllnuss —Itnal'ii.
Then   are a number ol  vartetttiea
of ct ns.   Holloway's Corn cut,* win
remove  any of them    . all  on  your
■ and get ,<ue.*.'
Thr  It.ihln.
There is a weil attested ln-='anoe In
Bngland in which a robin formed iuch
in attachment fnr two ladies that bo
wua |u the habit of accompanying
them ln their country walks. When
Ihey went to reside in nn 'ther district
be t'tik his departure with them. Hying
along by the side of the carriage.
Uohammed waa abstemious. A handful of dates nnd a mouthful of water
wi- sll th.* f.."tl he required for a day
of bam ridiua.
Trnilrr   KfmlB.
If the skin of fowls | I easily It Is
s sign of youth. If the spurs of chickens are over u Quarter of au Inch loug
It indicates old age.
The   K>etmlla.
To prtaerv. the rmmd shape of tb.
eyeballs 0C< a-in.iully  rub Ihem Kontly
nud always toward ths nose.   As ..ue
grows older the eyeballs have n tendency to become list, Qentla rubbing
or imissugo helps to preserve their
Spanlah K.lqar.lr.
Ladles seldom rise lu Spain to receive a mala visitor, and tbey rarely
accompany him ta the door. Por a
Spaniard to give a lady, even his wife,
his arm when out walking Is looked
upon aa a del.led violation uf propriety.
Ilitn..  I.......   In  China.
Travel  lu  the  Interior of china by
means of bOUSS boats COStS BbOUt f"' a
day.    it is popular with  European
I   lr,.l,u„.    \„,.r..
Elephants often lake the place of
nurses In Asia. The children arc lifted on the elephant's buck wl.li his
trunk; be  tlien  moos n slmrt distance
from tbo village, pines them ou the
grotiud uud guurds iln n.
Trnper   Mallnaa.
The selection and mating of poultry
for auy purpose whatever is the funda-
tal principle nf success, according
to the Feather. No one can hope to
succeed In producing better laying bens
If be does not mate good layers for producers. One cannot hope to rear exhibition fowls of quality nnless be has
the best to bre-ed from. The high prices
paid fOr the beat ia only a sample les-
sjii of quality. Select the beat, keep
thc best care for tbem properly, rear
the young chicks to Dm best advantsRe
ami you will succeed from the carefully
selected mating. No matter how good
•your bre-eding stock may be, If tbey
arc not properly cared for and the
chicks hatched from them are not prop-
. rly roared to maturity the results will
uot be successful The fundamental
principles Of Success are good breeding
slock properly cared for and the product from them well hatched and grown
to a healthful, vigorous maturity.
There Is uo use to hope to succeed with
slipshod methods.
Tlie secret of all true greatnesa Is
Nearly all surnames originally were
descriptive ..f tbelr •« ni ra Tbs Parkers were keepers ,,f iiobleinen'9 parks,
the Warners iver. wsrreners, or rabbit tenders; the Barkers prepared bark
fnr tanning, Confer meant a forester,
Webstar a weaver, Wr ght a carpedttT,
lll.l   so OO  „
"Hid you sell horses to those twa
customers yesterday'.'" we asked of our
friend th* horse dealer.
"Mnke anything?"
"Off of Jones-yes."
"Jones? Why, Jones wa. the an.
that snld hc knew sll about horses."
"I know. Ho was easy. The other
fellow didn't know a thing about them
and brought around three or four experts before ho would buy."—New York
A Bonn 1 Btomach   Me iai
Head.—The high I      nerv-
■•   which  bualn. -    men >>f the
.*  da)   are  constrain.**!  to  live
upon   thei]    vitality
[mental to th. Ir health,   it
is only by the most cm'tni treatment
that iini are able in keep themselves
In I
many  nf them know the  value
ol  Pai melee ■ v* gi table Pllla In I'-e-
ulatlng the stomach and consequently
■..* in ad cl
Death'of a  Balaclava Captain.
Blr William Gordon. Baronet of
Earlston. Kircudbright, died a few days
a<ro. He led the left squadron of lhe
17th Lancers ln the charse of the Llrht
Brluade rvt Balaclava. He ree'lved four
sabre wounds, and was dismounted. He
succeeded, however, tn reaching the
British lines, and was promoted captain next day. He also served with the
17th Lancers In the Indian Mutiny,
when Field-Marshal Sir Evelyn Wood
was one of his subalterns Sir WIN
Ham Gordon retired from the army tn
1S64. being then In command of his
refr-.meni. He had the British, French,
and Turkish decorations ror the Crimea and the Indian Mutiny medal. 8'r
William was 76 years of age at the
time of his death.
An Old Chartlsfs De.-th.
Mr. W. E. Adams, late editor of rha
Newcastle Weekly Cbronlola died at
i Ma lairs recently from asthma. Born
st Cheltenham In 1832, h» became an
! ardent chartist, with Intimate asaoc-la*
! tion with Charles Bradlaugh, George
Jacob Holyoake, Jn'.lm Harney, Joseph
' Cowen and others. His "Caractacus"
letter  In  Bradlaugh s  paper,  The  Na-
I tlonal Reformer, attracted Mr. Oowea'S
attention, and he was given an appoint*
| ment on the Newcastle Chronicle    l\.r
I years he ws.a the editor "f The Newcastle Weekly Chronicle, snd was the author of several publications.
Ther'il  Srvrp Mak*  l>.
"A bride and groom lu Trance are
planning io tuke a honeymoon trip lu
an airship"
' 1 hops they haven't quarrelsome dispositions."
"Because rd hate to hear of their
falling out"—Cleveland  l'laln  Dealer
\n  T.yr Opener.
"How d'.es your father seem to re-
Crird my citiniiiL* hero*;" anxiously asked adolphus of little Bobby, while
Miss Maud was upstairs getting ready
lo present herself.
"He dou't cur.' 0 "II.In" about It," ro-
piici Bobby carelessly,
•So be bus no objections, eh?    Hut
whut*.11.1 be say. my little inntiV"
"tic said if Maud bud a mind to
mnke u fool of herself, why let ber."
Ihere Are No Orlaln Onea.
"The only  Objection   1  have to  this
story," said ths cynical bachelor, "is
ths frequent use of ths phrase 'u cop-
lain girl.' The phrase Is grossly Inaccurate, aa everybody wall knows that
ull girls ure c>,c.*cdlugly uucertulu."
W    N    U    No.    097 ■M-fPSiSra
. .
•   pr, |, *„i rroiu t.nko. i,y, uno Piii.llKin-ti
, ,. a. L«keerarrTaursuay
-•    I t''l    III 'll-t'll    o- l"li-
n  c.irren^.'iniei.lMX-
.:.       I       »
.   reed a'  ii" '«'* *   '
i.    !*"■ -
. mu ia su'.
-    -
Notice is Imr. by Riven   that   60j
• inv-  ufter   tin*    |,iili!ii'aiiiiii    i.i
i    . .,,,1 *..   in     h • British  t'<>i-
i r.i'ii.  Gazette, I intend i*> Diuki
a [,.   .nin   i.  tiie i'ii .f <'<>n.a.i.---1
,i., ,   ,'t Lntuls  'in.l   Wm Us  for n
-• , .jal   license   I.,  cut   an.l   ci'i'i'-v I
i.wuv limber fiom tin* following de-
S''i,iml   lands  situated  iu   Uc.-t,
Ko itolmy District.
No. 1. Timber claim
Legal Notices.
certificate!) ok W"1 '      xl
kovI' '
.l.C. t'klall. Lone  *'l " "
<V.jira.-'.« ent i '. *  in   *  i.m , a king >.|  liii.i'u *'i|'|illi-». iii
in an** i.o'.i 'll ll *• illalricl
<ii.n.|. i.ii.riipi .ti. \.c-*. :. . * .mj « irli u 11 i'i ■' -'. ■■■ jiinrniitecH
►■j i I-. i:n in..
'S. DANEY, Prop.     Fei .-. sson.
SltOHl    /■ I''
ttiili of Wc; I
V i.t*      l.l.-1'cl
■ ■  .
i I...I    .
[ter .I ile I*'
; (,t ', '*
■■■ I '
And furl hm* I
I i.u.lcr BCfl ' ''"
I .„.*'..,,. ii,. i- i.i ii, I such ccnldeutu oil
Improvements.      Oul I-ho   ■'
Mav, A. P., I'.-il.
I        -•
E. R. VffOr I
Trout Lake I.i-
S ofeta -t Trout La!*-.
J. W. i l'l    •'■
,:,"o~,:::y:,v;n,,!:t;r,: LA KEVIE W H OT E L
fur!;   of the   Lardeau creek and
about half way between sevei an.l [
eight mile and marked J. W  Liv-
innston's N. E. corner |osl, -li.•-:>■.
west 160 cluiins thence Soil h 40
chains thenoe .'.is-t 160 ohtins
thence north 4) ihuins to poi •( f
norameiicemei t.
Located Oct. 1st 1906.
J. \V. Livingston locator.
No. 2 Timber claim.
Commencing at n posl planted
on ll.e pouth buik of the Bouth
fork of Lardeau creek and ab ml
mie quarter of a mile above five
mile mill and marked J. W. Livingston's N. W, oorner post tlience
south 80 chain* thence east 8,)
chains tii ii.c n.irlli 80 chainf
tbence wesl 80 chains to point ..J
L* Bated Oct. 1st 1906.
J. W. Livingston locator.
THO I .' !. .KB- B.C.
Grout Xafte    &ww^
^ lir- ng W nter •
Hi i.'fVf (Sl   Compmiy you arc n   ^";
_-. -~—
.*    I
Ear well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Largo Comfortable H... im.   Excellent Cuisine and Attendance,
supply VP0.
Int** |
to I..
H*igh McPherson - -  Supt.
W. H. Jones, WOCDw;^c;EoHARD"
'lin.l er claim No 1.
Commencing at a jmst plnnled
on the sonth bank of tbe south
fork ol Lardean creek about half a
mile nest of ten mie bouse,
mn.ked B. ,1. Cummins' North-
ea-; oorner post th.-nce 80 chain-
South tlience 80 chains Wesl
thenco 80 chains North Ibence 80
chains Las: to point of commence*
Located Sept. 29th 1906.
B.J. Cummins locator.
Tin i tr claim No. 2.
Commencing al )•.•>_ planted
on the south ban,; pf the
south fork      of        Lardeau
oreek about half a   mile   Wesl  <•!
Ten mile bouse markod B, J. Cum
mini-' S. E.  corner post   ibence 80
chains north   thenee   80   chains
west ibence 80 chains south tbenre
80 chains easl to point  of mm-
iii. ncement.
Local-d Sept. 29ih.
B. J. Cummins locator.
Timber claim No. 1.
Commi ncii g at a post, planted
on the North Bide ofSoutn Fork of
Lardeau creek about 1-J milt--.
east of 10 mile bouse marked B. J.
Cummins' N. W. corner pout
tbence 8i) chains south them B -
cl-:l ■ .M) chains north
thenee 80 cbaii -   wesl to point  of
Located Sept. 291h 1906.
B. J. Cummins locator.
limber claim No. 2
Commencing al a post planted
on the north ilde of south Fork
of Lardeau oreek about 1-2 mflet
• ' ol ten mile house marked
B.J. Cummins' 8, W. comer post
tbence 80 east tbence 80 chains
north Ibence 80 chains wen thence
SU chains south to point of com-
Located Sepl 29th 1J06
B. J. Cummins locat-r.
Timber clai.n N   8.
ii " ncinR at a post planted
<n i orllisideof soutn fork of Lar-
deen       ■    bout 12 milea east ol
10 in. marked li. J. Cum-
mil s' 8 \.   corm r posl tbence 80
chains noithtl *     bains west
thence 80 chains sonth then©   B0
chains cast lo point oi eommen ie
Located Sept 29th 1900
B J. Cummins lo cell r
Timber claim No, 4.
Csmmencing at a posl planted
I south  fork of I,.,,.
creok about 1 2 miles easl ol
Ile bi use   tiiark-d Ii. J. Cum-
m*lri*, nortl   .*   . irnor post thi    ■
in   south thenee 80  chaini
••bO chains north thence
s' '      M east to   poijet of ton,
aled Bept 29 1906
P J.Cummins h-ealor
Ex«5_ll8i\t    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   £S
John Simpson,      Proprietor
Best Hotel in Town,
Equate ior MMm ad Caprcial Mei
Loose    I fiif    Binders,    Fli
Uord - *i ., Miners' i    \ '-■ •. Su*.
. snd Rauiioi
li  |n,\- io use tlie   i
length-, I en I ■ -*»> d    ":
Trout  Lake  City Trap sff r
and Stage Lir
I Seeton
| DdlyStag« wni |
| leave F. r
| Tro-.:t Lakeatfi I
4 Kffl |i
*■! :,
ir, cannectli n,      ■
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
Sttivhcv <S Co.
i .*.*-.   Ohee o,    Produ
li..iisinii Bk.,ro8epliine SI
Uke, I'.r-t .M.i**: ri!'**   ' Beal i
In ■ *i-	
:.::::z c. m. yuill
Imperial. Bank of Canada.
M .1J Off Ice
-iVatch-repniringi   ■
| , !.-.:•
Hotel, OMM0W3 Black."',fi-JutLakeIB.(J
I    CAPITAL PAIO OP,. 4.seo.cCe.
I    REST 4 ."80.CCO
All  work |        l>. B. Wil I 'I . I-, ■ 'I ,n [        ||; vv
PRANCHES    ll    tl       I'- ■*     •• -  *;    i
iiotei and
Ceneral Store
B   C
F. B. Wells
S *. ** I
A 1'   .*■  AM
.'!i*il   Tii in-'].-.;.   . .'■• !:
'   \y   ^ uttii,
Sojourning Bretliren cordisllv im
..li Idred, -   . E.C ( impl    HV.il
A GENER \l. UANKIN •  M -:
riml'T   LAKE   l."i".l.   I. O.O. I"
>.. .Tr- ^**^    t* uir.
■ f .-n.lfi. „.
,..,.. I.AK1   !.i.*N  ii —
,rr.',l ,,ii   |   , i
Mlplns l   *
Reviev/ Job Dept.
H| * C   il  ul*. *'.l "ti   i*   - I II-   I.   I'      P.
' ''*■ '  ■
! . r ;.' - V'iri
0 K
Sandy Laughton
Wili:N' visiting K. rgnsnn you
slimilil Htiiv nt the Laideati
Hotel. 11. u* ll. • ilsit'ii
will   be   surround '1   with
rl*.    K\
cuifine,     well   i
i.i.l    warm   i ■   ..-.   w. il
Btoekeil bar,  m.i   everything which
t.*i ds towards making j*«ar visit n
pl. ..-..nt and memorable
Rates from $1 day upa u.Ih.
We Mtriv.-i t.. please "iir patrons.
RAW FURS       ^ Barber Sbop
BOUGH!   '   '"     ±H     !   '     ' aoods£v7orA7T.lrC«t
H  prFces paioJP.BMIIS&CO    William Schnell,
- Essaying *
'i.tlt! or -
'.nlil nin! <ii\.*r   .
Silver a
tl SO
...$2 00
2 50
.    ' .ni
. 11 SO
5   SHANNON,  \ssayer
Trout l.nk**. B. C.
Hot and Cold E?,.ths
Barber Shop, f |
i i
Hot, and  Ccld   Ljihs.
v \l  I*1NMI \ O
Dealers in all kinds ofFrosli M.. t
l(    . 9118, I it .
TROI   r LAKE. B.( Soltelnmtorl
= *^"S4 * -*
...  XThc f)oteI JSeaton  ...
 BEATON.  B.c.
VISITORS arriving sl Beaton ih.* threshold of the l.anlea.-)
-.in trrowhesd, will find thii Hotel to be fnl ■■ equipped
for lii.-li-i In-- tisde.    .' lion.    A well
appointed si d ips..   ■- dinins I .
ami Citfar*.   Persons! snpervisioi   » niven to tli. • rnof
pstrons  Visitors to tbu 1 s> lesu i sn reh on comfort m il.ii •
W. BOYD -:-  -:- Prop
El H Q*g=gXJM5
Nnili*.*    t-    Int. ■       .*.*,.*i     ■    it    •
-" *      iftoi     *    I int. r.l in  :i| |
ilie hoi ...
inul u "i ks foi t*  in ni *
n*iil carry swaj tin bei In m the ful-
l*.wii jtids i        * . in iln
Mf.i Kootens} disi i   I
Coronienci.il* at a post marked 1-erli.r
Hill'.- -•r;ili-ii.*!-t i-i pner, eel ol i
wesl '■ 'ir ■ i "i  l/'t  I H7,  llipn*
in chains, thence i n-t SO chains, ll -
F.iuili R0 < hains, Ihcnce weal
■ i.f cotnini '.t'i menl   •
V       . 11   IL-Ill.ln:.. I'm.    I.I S!  IE   IIII.I .
N nl '. i- i ,*• 'I.y (riven lhat two
in iiiiii*. nfi' i date I Intel ■! lo apply
I.. Ihe llmi. Chief Commissioner of
I.imil- nml Mink- fur i, -i t
to eut and parry swsv timber from the
following described lands, situated
the Wesl Koolnnsy district.
Commencing at a post merited Leslie
Hill'ssboth-essteornsr,sel sl ...trtii-
east corner of Lot 771. thence north B0
chains, thenoe west 8*0 i-l ;.
w.otli 80 clisins, thenee esst 80 chaini
in inmi nf commencement
Nelson, 12thJt .mon.    I.km.ik Mux.1
Noi Ice   in   t.   . thai t«.i
months after date I i.r nd lo spply to
the Hon. i i Iel I oinmisslonsi *i I r.i. 1-
a.i.l w.nk* (or a ipi • r.l license to .nt
and rum mnii Umbel fr. m tl u f'.l-
Inwing described landi altuated In the
West Kootenay .li-t rlct
Comii.enctng at a p.'Si Siarked Leslie
llill'n south-east corner p'.st, set i.t
liorth-esal c.irncr of Loi 7182, ll*
north 40 chains, thence west 160 chains,
thenco south 40 ehslns, tbence esst IW
chains to point of oommenosmsbt,
Nelaon, It'll, June, 1900.
LutLic lln.i
*   i
No 3. Coi snt, I
tm  the ■ :i.-t aide ol   tenderfoot creek,
slioni * *   in Its moulh, innrk.-il
i    «..,-i-'      north est * *   *
-   thence i
lo |
I ,     i '"i'i.. locator,
  '* .i posl planted
•■ri thc       ■ of 'I     del t   creel
nlniu!.'.'_, n il, ■ ii .il it- mouth, ini--*-  !
<• I.  Cnpp'i   ".nil.m.'-i   eornei  post,
• i.-i. 11 "ini- SO ■
 ih. tin*,in* 80 ehslns went, thence
80 elision I*, point "I comtnenci ment.
Located Ji *0, lOO
c. I. Copp, locator.
Notice ik hereby given that sixty
dsys Irom the Ural publication
in r.'.'l in tho British Columbia Osxetle,
1 Intend to apply t<i ths Hon
Chief Commissioner 'if I.inula ami
U'tirkr- for H special license to cul snd
carry awas timber from (he following
described landi situated In Wer-} Kootenay :
Commencing sl ■ posl plsnted on tl..*
south   ntle "I lhe I srdo rl*er, sbonl
hall B niile from the rivi*. nml IU ml lei
Irom Gerrard. marked 0 L Copp'i
i,intlii.ii-i corner posl thenoe BOchsini
West, thence K" "huins south, ihen.*' SO
11,nm- esst, ii.* nn* 80 chains lo ths
point nf eomreei i '*...• nl.
i "i ai"'l Jun. 21st, lOOfl
1. ('  Copp, locator.
THERE have been fortanei
i i il- i.y Judicious im est*
 ul   ill   Reel   EelHli*.  nml
ii.' re ; •!■ i .. - will i ., ;. ihsn
evei i .•   ',i i it,.,- *., .,..
'I he one •.-. In.  r* sps lha  I, iri est is
the tirigiu.il  Investors for In   !.,,-
bis ni j on n rertainlj
Nn* 1.1 i . p.,ini ,,,ii (,, \on tbat
''.*'* i- no bei ler s|t,.i , n be I !on«
tiijenl i*. ii.v lt...ii i;.t,[.. tba u
TROI T !.' !.l'
Trout Lake Is the prettiest spot
i..   the  R....I, ii . | ', i-ui,
i..- 'it  n   I is i ■ .qoul.     lh ning
and   i ■■ iy I ,*   Indulged in
the year r< und : u bile big g irno
ihiiii-4anii is to i he fo md nn
Hie i ,:' tl clioiate Is unporb.
. great .-.\iietnes, it
i. ii..- mil.I in winter and cool in
BUmniur. Ii can b, asi ,*(' ,- nne .if
iIn* till.--1 lintels nn.! r>sidences in
15.iii.-li f',,]mil,;n. |i. Btr< ota are
well I.i '1 nni .in I gradi d. There
nr.* two - rtcellenl general ston
nn.I n glai >••• ni lhe advertlsmni nts
in this journal will show that all
trades are fairly well represented,
Writ.- with c.mil.)■ nee p. Agents,
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
• i • •
■rm—    ym     .
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
once.   ::  ::
Then call on
or   write to
JT has never hnd n   ' b. om "
growth hns been iteady.    ll is
the  head  <f i tvigation,   :. d
""* ''".'I al - f the Lardn I rs rl
of "" C.P.R. All i,".is (In the
Larries i) lead toTn Dl I...I.- fi
'• 'he ei n ii.-1. i„; omiie I
rlt'b'st mineral district on the
" ' "i " I   ai d has :**.. I.., t •
",'■-      l"V..h.l      |,\        ll, I,,;.,
'        ol i':,.: da : Oral i'
BWM.ll in, .'•:.., |,    ,;, ,', ,    |
Hm   if 8. Sbnniioi   |■ *.
: ■ :   • i I  i !'
' '■ '> *'' ' i' Itlll (ji : M. lh dlst
! I■■""i*'*i ri .1 Anftlicau cl urjbei
I ' d * ■ tiage hoc, ImJ,
'•'"'■ ""■ M. i..ihi.* rai -I' in di
"" 'l   . utsl in     nail r a ■
1 n l-l-   I.   ■ . „   *,,   1,
'   i ' Ri .' r ban       - n 111   -.- th n
cnpiiciiy offlO.WiO fi. per day H    •
'   »■ -I -f iln   lake.   Ti.  n
■">■ are pr, vfng nut blgpir
1 "   "■■'• ' --iv  year, vii.I, i. h
1 ' :"' ' i'i il ;: ni in '. i udies. I
",l"   Will   le   n   |,fg   I i.h  I hli
v,;"' "" If you would l.nu
"'"!<■■ write rn .,i ,.* t„ cjiiei oi
""■ agents Rt ,h,* addrt-sres hilow.
F. B. Wells
Ceneral Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.


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