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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-08-09

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Bft_a__ SiPH^il^^
8   .-     '•      '•
■ *.
- «    .
llai-a larger oiroui
lation 11.mi flflj
NetT-pnper in a.
Kootenay. Bast .ni
t. rtifling    medium
■j    ... rej.resfutitive
"- 'hi j'icli.Lardcau
c:*i uiry.    .Bant to ■•
-•iiiv z--'h(.?A for $2 j
pc i advance. ]
Miners and Loggers
A boot that you take no
chance; will'. Q We
nuaranl**.**. every pair.
<J Made of French Kii>
stock throughout. C| Always keeps soft and
pliable. <J Made especially for us by Leckie
fit Co.
PI'll I S
Miners - $7.00
Loggers  $7.50
hereliy   given thai   *,;,,•,
•  I j i h t iiublicsiioii here-
01  m  ll,.- Co bla Giselle
"!<•'»"" < l„ .li,.|l,„,.Vl,   '    ■„•„
'""""''i."'' 4< i, i, a„,| w'L' .v.
:,'"•', ""  to en? and?
limber innn   ||
in mi
ll M V mini
it  doicribcil
R   *.NDREW3_Co I'ropi
,   limited In \ Komi nm
no i.   . omtnciiciiiBal n nui-i 11 t,,i,„i
"■•haMitiideonisfaS  •,,'    ■   ,''
H   ■*«- th»  I,,..1,, rfrer, „i,,„,   ! ,
l"'". fni";, "<  iL. marked C. I..
;'1'1""- """•   ""»"" "..r.l,   mi ,.|,;,i„,
'""."'" '"•" ■ thonc hi
,I,;,M---- ",'!'■•■ •■'•i-.t..r.■...„„„,„,„,„.„,.
'" itodJu   , mh   i ..I
<•. i„ copp, locator.
Commencing al a poat |.1.,i,i,,i
°"lu°' uwslde of Hal,..  .,..,   ,
■ »■<■<» IU mouth, nm.i.
' eornei posl,"  lh
TROUT UKE CITV, B,C„ Aug, 9. >oo6
Lnst wct-k ive a letter
from Mr. Groffman relative to
mUrepresentations mad« ibou*.
ii.itii.i-_; properties, and to-day
another relative to putting the
-faI of commendation, an it were,
on any properties that were beiiij;
offered to the public. Relalive to
tbo letter o! lust week wo tm-N-i--
Itatwl Unit Mr. (Ji-i.ffinnn _ correspondent had not referred to tne
Lardeau, hui lo British Columbia
mgeneral, end iiinl i
perty   thai   !
.   ■ *■•■■'■•:- ■
'"■"■'• ..<-■.' in ....       .....,-     ., »«» above reproach, as the smelter
'"r:.;;;.,:;;::,.';:;,- return. bnd   been submitted, AW.
'   i   oofs, locator l'""'1 ""l l,r'.il.
No. it.   Commencing m ■ poal i. anted      lu -I.'' inain, hmv.vr. Mr GroU-
y^ttA'™, «**"**» l/C laboring ttnde,
tlience 80  chains   west,   i ■ll*'   misapprehension   that   p,ross
ttsrauSatfi ■   mi"e,ir ,iu,i,,ns h»ye been
coiuniencsmcnt. made  hy  our  propci-tv-ownera to
Located -JnneO, 180., ; ,„„„    ,    _■   ,   ,
■   ,  oopp, locator    I ,. """"1R  mVt'8
No i. CommenciiiBat apoit planted ""''''s- *'1'3 u » mistake, and
on the wesl tide oi lis), y creek, aboul'. owing to Mr Groffman'i short resi-
oj-j milea from iis mouth mu:kirJ i i.
. opp'i in mil i*_.i. corner poal *
y._„ .i_.. j—mfstywn'
WW Want* Chinks ?
Tbe •••tcasslvc demand for all
classes of labor i.i being liken ad-
n.intagi' of by Asiatic sympathisers
to urge tlie Government to take off
»t leant in patt the head tax on
Chinese. Last yenr, thanks to the
present tax, the immigration of
the tindtiirahl.'s  wia prictioally
nil, ami men who hnve Ihe Inte rests jjng  nian   myself, but  I believe I
am right in   my belief  that   right
hero ri the Lardeau distrial   ie
f the provji ce gpi .•■ most in tbeii
I'.u.ii.d on a comniii.ton to investigate this matte of Oriental labor,
and their finding will bo adhered
to by the Guverwnent
iiii 75. • Kelson. B.C.
lice   i-   lien i.y    given  thai two iiionli.s f.uiii Ihfl lir-l
publication ben ol in the British
. i bin <!a/> ;ic, I intend to
9)i iv lo the  1,1.ii   Chief I ommia-
._ in ri*. .an be overlooked in
ll"    • Mchslni .■e-t, ii,,',; ,'.'*,.,"V,".,■„„  |,js -jl.,,1 [„, olir n,*vam.,..
!    ' : ■'■   ■■•   '    -'   * IlllillS,    li "!.:-e -i.f tl
80 chaina back to ihs point ol '"'   f;,,'ts  "'    ""-'    '"alter are.
"""','-            , . ■ :    It has not been thu wrong
Located June '.., !' , B
i  L.cosp, locator      '•""'-*  "I'1"'  '"en  who own  the
No.5,   t   ii.   nncitiast s |>o*l plHi.ic.l| properly, but of tlm  schemers who
':VoZf^:\^!x:;.:r    i '■"■•■ i..«i.« i.:.^,...,f*.„„.i• truh*
...ei'r. north-eiat eornei  |ost,  tlienceI'u'   ''(:''l    for   wild-catting   etock
■'":;;•,;:■„.;■,::.;•• -:: 533*. -«»--.- our divWon b «»
to He- point ol come ■... ei ienl with rieli bodies of ore and surface
L,',-a.,..ij,i,,.•-,, ,,..,, showings, which  give  value,  in
.. 1   ...rr, locator,    '.iii, 1    •• ..,
Notice 11 hereby .-,.,*n  that   iii.1'1'0  "iindreds,   and,   if  you   like,
".'•    11.*•!    i.uhlitaliim ilioiu-and-.  mid this fact   hns been
A CommutHcalii/i)
The Bditur of the Lsrdeau Mining
Uear Kir.
I it-'. ml/ ii,..t ihs privilago of
jnnvorsing wit), one nf our respected citizens here on tl.e subject nf
safeguarding the inl«ro»i» of tbi-
mininc, division, f have in
sequence given the mutter eunsid-1
rahle thou&bt.   f .tin not a min-
I intend tn spnljr lo  il,u
. i*.i/ettr
11  ■   1      ■
r   if   Lands and  Works for Com.i [Lands snd W'orka i,.'
li   ■   t and carry I *'f* iryawst
fi .,,1   the following ','"!"''   fl   ', ,::
fiom  tho I .   leseiibcd
. Inlld. In 11   it Kooli
'"    •'"1,    N..I     Coi  u,-..,, ii..*,,,.!
"ii 1  •      ill       •   * I   I ■ n * rfn 1 cr.. k
K    1    Conjiienoing nt s  post
! on the north bank of South infc'ln the ur.!o river, marl
,|| II I-el     UOlt ,' ill.'I |l •
'    '■''""       '"     ,.'K'        _,' ^ '
/       mile ah ive  Five Mil" n
in W. Abrnhatnson's NT   to tie unt
,   -1. ii,. nee .01111. - IJnneW, IS
imt!.thencenorU.     .    .,   ,. "     'l '   ,
,, , _,,    t „ ■      .       »o .'.   Commennneat a port planted
"        ' • W •»•«»• III .-  ,..,        fendeHoot creek
mr ol I'oniinciicciiieiit. from iu month, marke i
•   ! .Inn*-till.   I.M'.. .■..■.■'■   >iiil.«est -jawtr ,___.
W   Ahiulii.iHM>n. locstrvr   •*»*• «<"■•■«M»r*1Jll'ftW**» i
. ; i.t.rll.. llie.
.  ....luencnp at   n   post. ,,,.,„,  „, ,,,.  ,,„„,,,„„„„,„,„„.„.
1   the   north  bank   of Located June3U, IDOfl
Fork <>f Lardeau > •   l. core, locator.
rarda fron) 8 tni '■    ' Commencing st s pntt planted
0 w AbrahamionV north
,        ,,.     M •■«.. II ..',   Utile* |t,il||  111  II-lHltll, llllll ketl
post, thenoe i • , . .., ,„,.,
•   th nee   weat   H**i chains, . no
...   4.1   . ...-:  go cl   Ins. thence
.   the   poll I.r....*. 1.. |h,,,,i ,..,'.„.i,,,.,,,*,.,,,,.!,!.
tn nt
. June '_. vi,4   i a posl planted
o VV   ■\,-...i. looator, on tl
trom ii* month, marked
'   . sooth-west corner  i ■■'.
I s hereby given thataixty thonce no chaini east, thence 80 chsioa
taken of by wildcat
■I. i .ilator. tu .-xploli it. and mine,
not the mineral location, but the
plethora: wallet uf the easterner.
We have been in and OOpuectcd
"iili the for u number of
years, and wc have as yet t.. know
where one mining raa-i ha-i been
bn nght inlo try   .. .
misrepresent at i
We say, in conclusion, that we
.io noi ilouhi   Mr. GroffmgnV good
intentions, bill   he   hi* cot tiit > nl
rfhv the tv'rnnp r-i .;.
ii»vi stier iU'»   1   intend to apply   norih,   llienceweal B0 chains, th.    i
I. immin oner ol I andi w ' '':""* '" ' ' ••'<•""'""-•'»"-•"■•"■'
i iiks for   |tf i luissi  'i lo |.ur-
■ .    Ihi lollon iii| di - ■ oil iu-Ii
.     1 oeated June Wth
i ....
C.  !■• *■'•'! I
No. S. Coi .  .-■ i. post planted
-    , ■    ,-  i ke, West Knot   on l|ie east side ol  renderlool creek.
■ - ,■ ..   - »•« ;'•,'■'gyS",       .:,;:;,:;:"1r!;:r
..*....    ...   L.   _ai iiien-e nn chaini east, thence M
'■ W    •<uiicr,     thence    SOUth    -•'  north, iienie 80 chllna lie...  ihenee
-     ■ onCS    ■MM     10     Ol • itiiivinetit.
i,.,r...,(r..iiti",k,'   '■■••■»'"1J-' .  j"      mUUu
Iherljt along lake ihore     Viit|r(. |g hfnbj   .„,.„ „m| . .,
'        • .-*.   corner   i■• -—t   Ol  Lot ,|,n,      |rom   the    Oral     pimllrnti'.ii
■   it   along line oi Loi hereof in lhe British Columbls On "
-..,.,,. tn con* '    "■•.•   i   ■ the    ll.".
,,, i lei   < -        .-il an -
d license to cut snd
i Zn I   .Ug . IflOfl ..      • the (nllowing
t    !.  Mi-Hi:* s leK*rlb«d lands siluslsd in Weil
• '     .- hereby given lhatwith- Coromem   istap ••    mted ■
.,    . '      . '■  nl the             rivi    iu I
•u   montlnfrom the Bra  pul riversndl'  i
I ■ i. *.f in   Iln*  Itrilisli Col •   i   i     |„   t'. i'i.*-
lette,   I   ii,1.1..| lo apply  iiorthea«i  i
1            i I bid f-tntniwioner ■>( *?et, ihei
nlnllli-r i
l-s.i I-   an I   Works    In    special
to  ■  .1   ami   en iy    ,itv*t\
from the followiog d<
liluated in We»i Koot*
N    i
i "ii th.
:   '       ■,u.r
-   I,
('omniendng al
m.rth   aide
a   p. -I
nf   I In*
oat, ib."
haiiiH essi. il  W el Mm i
po|ul "I ■  '" ii.ii.. ■.
itSd .lull.''-'1-1    ■ i
I. ,* i . i i   locator.
Notice lib.    I... i. ■•'.-'■•' •
nlicr ilsle I .. lei " '  l!
.   . 	
Si: m.i I. riM'i if. marked ■
i..  i...  ,    i  i-i   tur in,di
itli'   lilt  llll,  tl.i,    ..r .Vi.'-ir.I.
I «■    ■    I    ...       I    .        ■
ereek, I *■•
H t -I  K". '. 1 ■: .   I    -l
|    it'!'   I ""
thr Neiiii l-..i:. nl  w. nl*   ij.   ere.   . sbnsi
.,.<• lieu • I l K* '•'* ■ ;*i.i I. ik. . ta iiiiii
vi,*!,„iii-    :... ■   .    i. -' - '. - . . ii i
- ■  • nt;iiifi.frmat Wcluiliu tu tin*. |k,1hi
ii,,- in, .ii
Loll      unmenclncat r. itakenlsnletl on
lie   N .
-It Rill. -Ir. Ill   K   ■■'■...- .      It..   ..Mil ,|
Mnalm iIbencewe»t*1  .1 -.nun. 1 i.uiili
-1,, liini'- . II.  ie . 1 Hi-l Ml 1 hHln. In Hit*
o. commencement.
1 . *      Oommcnclnsal n atake pkutled on
1 In* Xonl. Kurk nl  \V... li., rry ersek. nbnul I
level,    nine-   II   "C       il" 'I. nil 1     i.:il.e j     I il.ll,*-'
...nili   m clmlns:  Uis    irtel   M   1 ..nin-;
tbenrrnorth 10elinlni; iii.n , eastf-0ehslns
1.1 Hi," po   It >'l ,  ,!li*tii*ii.*,*ln* ill
Loll   oommenelna stastake planted on
lhe .North   1  11 . * -t tVoodberri ereek, ... ■...t
. I-,- .1 1   I.i*,,*;   then. *
— mi;ii -. eh ....   Ihonce   «*.*-i   n   , lialna .
■ north SO cltslns; Iheues <*.,-! NOctstni
lolhspolnl nf opnimi ncem. nt,
The pel .nVri..| Uis nui.e-i , m!.
 ii,* 1 i** si-orhal lieensrs rovertni
in., mh . ■  '  ... i-.r twenty- mc. - -
alee 1.11 -■
K 11 ii it. .in must be seenntimnls 1 i> t •■■ -
line I cl en .' ■■ ..t ... Vie-
|m In to llie ■      '
-.  nil I   111"   r.
NB1I   r. MAI I. W.
li. .   It)  I l.ilii.lrliiliil  Wnrk.
1 Midland Worka Uepart.nent,
Victoria, ll.  ...uii Illli imm.
Canada's Brightest Jewel.
The following U en extrnot taken
from an interview with Mr. IV E
Walker, general iiniiiii_er of the
Canadian Hunk of Commerce, nnd
one of the leading flnitiiciers of
the 1 '..iitinent:
"Arethe newly constituted 1 ro
vinces   of    Allierlii   nnd   BaiVal-
chcwnii 8|jcn.ling lntieh money ?"
" I do 111.t think fo.    In fact theyj
have little to snpnd.   They nre,!
however,   building   some   lfi.i.p'es, |
and wiil alio have to have legisla*
Intive   biiildinyi  at   Honina  and
Mr. Walker deolared thnt Die
]tre»t of Canada should re.tlijie hon
much greater nre the wants ef
British Columbia than the pro-
vinces of the plain*. The Paeifi.*
province, he raid, is an empire in
itself, and to develop iis reaoorcn
a great deal of money has to be
" Legislator!.4   concluded    the
general manager.  " should  not he
11 when  money is re-
! for Tir itir-11 Columbia, which
' ii ill he. nne •     n ren '.•• producing
,   par   vxr i   the
Dominion "
_J _-U I"!—
Ore Samples (or Nelson Fair.
_..   *
The following Is from the Nelson
[Cowl regarding rx'.iihiti for the
next Fair. The Trout Lakedivi-
... 11 last year carried off the honors
mineral lines, nn.l would
have di r.e lhe same In the v t
table kingdom but for ioma mii*|
man igement Start m.w and gi I
them ti a ly.
rhe  T.tir   management   wai I
minciai samples from both i* ••--
ra   nml   mine-owners.      Till
.i-.-jciut'.'ii will fully display all
• Bent in with  :l.vii; 1'" tle--
criptiona.   A will be attached
1.1 e i.'ii lot, showing looali. n, n-'.iv
value and nil otlier particular?.
While such s.implc*. are a valuable
addition   io  the  exhibition,  the
latter affoid a splendid opportunity of making known the mineral resources of tho district and of
affording claim-owners a chance of
interesting capitalists."
The postal authorities are rlon
In   puiiing   in   a    poat-office   ai
Lien:.r.l       It is very milch , •
and much dinatisfaction la being
[thi •! n by il • residents
Keep   on    i«lki I   oui
Labor  Day   Celebration-    Every
little ba »t helps out.
Works for 1       *    '• '    1 urchssethe
about mile  foil   . '   ''' '" "*
.,. I   C     L    Conn's  K mtsnay Distrlci   L'on.nwncingsl in
-j ^..■v";r;■':*^'::..:;,i;::;".r^':,''';***.•;Vvf
tins, thenoe south 41) chains,  m„,  tl   , ,,,, ,., , mtlswcitnt llie
west   B0   chaina,   thenco \ brld-n acrmi uld river at IMpljr nnil
Ihenee * .olli 20chains,
i" 'liniiis to paipl  of coin- marked
,. i i•■ le iiuiicnl country, bni al-
si     "'1 ab the proverbial
Nearly every man in this country with whom 1 have discussed
ibis iinitlcr, has given mc the same
reason foi the cause of the present
stagnation i i e . wild caiting, and
bringing in experts in look at
mines which are nothing more
than holes in the ground, and verv
small holes at that. We have
reason lo bi Hove lhat recent events
have proved lhat we are not alone
in our convictions as to tho merits
of this country as a mining centre.
So it i« up to 1)1 lo adopt some
means to prevent tho unscrupu.
1'iiis fraternity from again gettine
in their fancy ifork and giving us
i second black eye.
New, I think too limn is ripe fur
Some action to be token Now.
i,!..:t I w..n'.l suggest is.13 follows:
'lhat n mil ing board he elected
in this district, preferably amongst
i men who hnve not uny mining
'...perty, as this wouid tend toward* getting an unbiased board.
The'ehlet fun-.tions of the hoard
would be io issue certificates under
lhe following conditions.
We will say. for in-tance, Mesin
A. H. A C. have a
ii hie i ihey c'uini ihev have so
much ore in right, have so many
fe. I of tunneling ami -shutting, etc
fiie in es goes certain values, ■■•. •
Well, now, it would he the duty ol
the above iii.M.tinned board to send
i competent mnn io investigate
Statements:     if  they   proved
• • t the board would then ir-sui
a certificate to this effect . ii not,
the certilicate would ba refused.
The owners ol the property would
he charged wiih ti.e cost of incneo*
tion, which would be confined
strictly to out oi pocket expense!-.
Ot course there would he no compulsion in tha matter, but I think
it would noi be long before ihe
iflchtea of lhe Board would re*
. * gt|i<ioil,  and W' u'.'l
b- sought aftei   hy Loth   buyers
Ni •.  ti.:-  is  iu«t a suggest!* n
[won i ;.• e tn ace it ii*. iroughly
ned,  ai.': po doubt you will
|. • willing to .isr-i-t  by i«-i din • tb
ms of your i spur for
Yours faithfully
Fkakk E. Gwm*f_ah
trout Lake. B.C., Aug 2. !.'"..
The lasl barge of machinery,
etc, from the old mill, left for
Gerrard on Monday. The building opera' inns there a re about completed and the installing of tho
machinery going a'ong i" g^od
Mrs. Lightburne,of Arrowhead,
and r"in.' fritmi* are visiting Mil
P. n't forget the (irand Concert
and Pance on Saturday night,
Evi rybody will thorou.hly enjoy
themselves AH the '•'•■' l»l»nl
will assist.
A Review representative visited
the Placer ground during tho week
land   found  that   fore nan   Frank
! Bedell   had   tho   fluino   in  good
shape      ft ha3 been thoroughly
caulked and  battened throughout
the whole distance, ami is an water
tight as it is possiblo to make it.
In   about  two  weeks  the water
will   be sufficiently  low   to carry
the whole flow. Before that Mc-. n
Wagner, ol Moorhcad, Minn., and
Leaveil, of Spokane, will  be in to
start   operation*.     Hoisting   und [
pumping machinery will  be  in-1
- tiled, in fuel, pari   i« already in,
and about 20 or 25  men  will bei
put to work.     The company  has
been somewhat slow in their npcr-l
ations, but hav. gone along payingl
the'i* way  m d are In a portion |. ;
work their ground  in a systematic 1
economical    way    without   being j
hampered or hindered by having u
load of debt P. carry.
Wo tin led last work, shortly,
property on that the con tract had been let to
drive 1,000 ieet on thc "Big
Tunnel." Subsequently the pa pei-.
were by the confraoting
partiea, Jamea Lade am! the He-
ward (told and Silvar Mining Co.,
and started on Tueady morning,
It is climated lhat without any
unforeseen difficulties cropping up,
the woik will bo completed within
live months. Altogether tveivs
n.en will !)•! cmtdtncl oil the com
tract. Outeide of th* Sunshine tunnel (1.700 feet) it is the biggeut
piece cf w.rk ever undertaken in
tho it. .-.•' ••-.. am! il] h ipe lhat as
good result* may b« obtained.
Leckie Boots fill a long
felt want, and lhat want is
"better bopta for lha Bame
money." The Logger, the
Prospector, the Miner and
tho man who woikB out o'
doors, will fi*d theie ALL
LBATHER Boots the bast
that money can buy.
Every pair have the Trade
Mtik tumped on the sole.
All dealers.
j. Leckie Cq,
■i    Local and Ce_eral.
D. 9. McKenxie, late of the
C.P.R. servioe ut Cranbrook, has
been appointed agtjnt at Trout
Lake. He arrived on Monday
• ight aodompaaied 'a. the two
Miss McKcnii.-'a. Oa the arrival
of their fnrnilure Lv,2'/ w:r. take
up their residenca ir. Ee). Iiiii-
man's house on Lardraj; iL*v_rt.
The Cranbrook iicrr.ld rtsj-s.:
" His fellow employees and manv
friends congraLula'to him pa his
mei ited ad*.*:*.nceni.r:.t, '
Robert Smitb, P.L.c . <d Recci-
stoko, come in during tlie week tp
Survey tha Triune FractJQ**:.
Norman Mcl.eniiiii:, of Sando;;,
me   ia o*.
Jack Chism returnerf from  Xe'-'an   old tinier   here,
eon to poplar tbe end of nui week , Wednesday night.
and  oonlintied  his «ork   on  thul	
Hecla.    'ihe rich discoveries re-,!   Matlin  Nelion   returned
lortedin the issue of two weeka :•••■ **-**nyoh creek proper!ica Wei-
..go hns caused .iui:*.-an eycitemt .,tjnt"    •' n'£bl-
ami many have  visited the ihowl    Miss Mary Beaton, of Beaton, is
*r.. nt
' eated Julv Ifltb, l«)0fl.
C  I. CoPf, Locator
Suit .Urn nfter date I intend to
•up-' lo tha i.m Chief Commie*
•''■''« "f Lands and Works Ior
' n to icir, hue lhe follow*
inn drtenhed lnnds situate in
'•nlei.aHay, U.,Vcr Arrow Lull-,
** KooU nay district. Commcnc-
v f" a ■'0''1 "■••■■krd T. Watson's';
^' E OaroOf p.tft, theiicn north 20
Jh»"i», thene-s r, ii 40 chaina,
"u-nte M.titi, twenty chains, ihonce
*»H Inny chaina to point of com*
m*nwroent and containing eighty
Mrei mora or 1pm.
18th, 1900.
. mei t 'i      ■ ■- ■■
ihenee .*i>»t 100 ''^""** ";""" ,'      i
Meli*lni.lheno*weil KM chaini
point ol commencement, ponUlnlogaw
Kelt* iii.irc in leil
|.,„r,K'Ml,.l.i...v l-1^
July, 0(1. RHODA HOPOBi'
I tl 1 v
Ut ui figure
..       On Your
PT—v-rtrtM •♦-••■•nl
E. A. Haggen.
stock, ghire md •■irHtinlil Br.ikir
Heal Wat* Bnd tomranc*.
Kin, tale, Accident, Hwlibi
Liability Iimuraiice.
■«I« noraakntnttve for rJon*
Camblnalnsuranc* C<J»|W-",n
Trout Like, lennii."". ue**""1
and Cimborne.
Corniroudiuce promrtly^
Labor Day Sports
undid to.   i
Log RoIBng Horse Racing
Drilling Contest
Caledonia Sports      Caledonia Sports
For further particulars s&e future announcement-,.
ing, and fotti tl th.u, if nnytning,
it hai been nnder cstimai'.i 11 ;■
" Rovien " man took a drill, put
in a hole, and took rui! BOIM as
tine iimplos cf free -ctld ns thc eye
would wi.*h to look at. For two
feet the quail: is full of it nnd wc
feel ia! it lied that the Calumet and
Hcilai*. wortliv ot the investigation of «ny mining man.
N* * alone doe* the two feet,
carry valuos, hut acrontb* lead
.m.i in th • schist, % i".i.i i can ch-
taiucd which would pay Li_.
Peculiar Taxation.
Figuring up tlie taxable property,
nnd then taking thc amount levied
for school purposes (1600-00), it
,i surprise to man* people
whtn. they received their tax bills,
and found thai tha rat* w;ir Bve-
eleventhsof one par cent for .'chottl
purpose*. On going into lhe
ti.itti.'r, w.- f.nin.i .•.,.' merchant
paying on Ida stock oi merohandiM
aaseswd nt IS.000C0, aswo'l .^^
being iis.ieis.'il on his mil estate.
On going n little f.irlhet wo find a
local company payl * on an a*-
scisci! value of $_i0000 tor their
building*, and *..'■ :*> \ **r lot for
vac int crmind, hit although I'.'v
hntl machinery in thi*. building in
nt least h vnlue of |2d,0tX).'T0 r.nd
icvcrol hundred Ittputaud fcrt of
merohapUbl* lumber, th.".-
'ae»'BKcd nothing nn ;t 'fl.i.i a*
leiameal tffii njad* foi t' i venr
c.n.ui. ,n i"|.' l»t of January, 1000,
I and lhe'.i;.! 11. i •■*' | •/ a
I Mill Companv was a* purely *iv
till. 11. he ic\i-.i upon ». th* pir-
•ronnl  ptfopofty Of   < nr    botft
or rni'ir.haiitB.
the Trade ('oinmitico tnkc the mat*i
ter up  with the   tr***t*i*f nndue-j
scsnor uud see, before it is to  lat*,
'.hat tho matter be rectified and all
jisy their just proportion.
vimtiii^ Mrs A- G. Fraser.
The only and original Bill Baty
returned Tuesday night from Cal*
Ed. Ui'lman returned a few
day* ago from Calgary. Whilo
away he sold his for a good
A. Lucas, as'e.iior, o| Kaslo, and
E. Edward*, oi Revelstoke, have
been making a trip through the
district under their supervision.
Several changes have been tnsde
in the a.'kcssiiKi:'. tending towards
Dick McFa.-land, (J.I'.R. ngenl,
leaves at ur. early date for tho
Jake Bobmitt returned Monday
night from i!ic *_ itver Crown ou
ilankins creek, where ho has bocu
dnin^ tome Ritcssment work.
Waller ■....! Thompson liave
done tiio nspcfisir.ctit on thc old
■Scottish Canadiap group.
A couple of r.icn camo up fronj
Nelson last njght tu g'i to work on
il.cOM Qt :.'
Ern.e A !'.i-cl'i;i tv.i.i operated
upc-n during th* week hy Dr. Robinson A vi:.. kid ubscess in one
Oi his leg* wn* the trouhlfc Young
• Rnglisl*. "   will soon bo around
Trout L^ko is now in the
lllrlevalty oi South Kootensy.and
undur th? jurisdiction of
maolTuck, oi l\>lion, wl.iU W. J. Law
W* woul lBU|K**tjha» b-ien nv-i'iiinted-jhoriffof North
Weft Kootenay, c;m rising tl.o
cluc'oritl rutin.'of Kevelst'.ke. O.
ki. Tuilt, of Trout Luke, has he n
appointed deputy for both di teiot*. _■
rm     M
i'lti—       ; a—*ps *n
. lifii!At?»nm_jGH__viEw trout lake fflt fti
Member*,   of   British   Parliament   Give
Example of "Red  Tape"  Bueineit,
Which le Costly to Taxpayera.
Britiah Qovsrnmeut business is Just
as much tangled up by r>J taps as ever
It win. Dlokeni Is suppos _ to have
ridiculed much uf It out of existence,
but In reality he accomplished little.
ln proof whereof this story of the
Purley cow. which hns Just been maile
the subject of a Parliamentary "white"
paper, "ordered by  the House of Commons to b,* printed" as is duly set forth
_-,    .        >*»■»«*■
i *i ,i«muliii
r'l i '   mtn i
Urd    L.m.ngton   Wond.r.    Wnilb*r \ ^^iJ^^;^^' ^
Pre-eminently Beautiful  Women Are
Rarer Than In Days of Walpole.
"I have often wondered whether
tho pre-eminently beautiful women are
rarer than they were ln tho time of
Horace Walpole, who tells us that
when the Miss Qunnlnes passed
through Doncasler the street was full
of an admiring crowd at early dawn
to see them start for the north; and
you remember that Qeorje III. ordered
an officer's guard to protect one of
them,    Lady    Coventry,    from    being
In   the   pr,*,*, ait-   document  Itself,     and
"printed   fur   His   Majesty's   stationery I passed "_"p_n by"'the"p'eopl_"when she
office by  Eyre oi  Spcttlswoode,  prlut-j walked  _,  the Mall.
ors  to th*  Kiiiif's  most  excellent  Ma-       „We gee n0Ihlll({ of 3uch excitement
Josty." I |n    these    days,"    writes     Alexander,
To begin-as neor the beginning as , Lord j_amln|rton ,„ The London Dally
It Is possible to begin—something over
two anil u quarter centuries aim, a mie
charitable person, whose Identity since
bas eluded tho vigilance of exhaustive
Parliamentary inquiries, donated to the
poor of the parish of Purley, a Utile
village ln Berkshire, a eow "valued at
£6," which Is about 130 ln Cunuillun
The cow. which must hnve then been
dead about a hun.lreil veins, lirst attained national recognition in itm. In
the Parliamentary returns .if that year
—printed, no doubt, as they are now, at
fn).ui>.us cost—it was recorded, among
othiir Interesting and Important details,
that there was In the hands of the
overseer of the poor Of Purley the sum
ot £6, known n.* the "Purley cow money," and, furthermore, that the over-
e....r paid I shillings .J 1.50) a year as
Interest on the cow money, which was
distributed "occasionally" among poor
The cow cropped up again In 1S3 T
In a roport made to Parliament by "the
commissioners appointed in pursuance
of aots B and 6. Will. IV., c. 71, as continued by the act 7, Will. IV., c. 4, to
continue the Inquiries concerning charities In England and Wales (vol. 32.
part 1. page 236)." According to this
report, tho long defunct I'urley cow
still was yielding $1.30 a year.
Third  Report  In  1862.
Tha ee*w continued to sleep Its lasl
Sleep undisturbed for a quarter of a
century, but ln 1S6:'. ln another rei«irt
on local charities there appeared this
alarming entry In tabular form:
Location and designa-      former Otiser-
tlon  of charity. Income, vations.
Purley.—Cow money ... £ 0 6s Od   Lost.
But, strange to relate, this started
no hue and cry In Parliament to discover what had bee nne of the lost Purley cow money. The American civil
war was absorbing public attention.
For nearly another half century the
Purley cow was forgotten. Then. It Is
supposed, some member of Parliament,
browsing among the old records, came
across the above entry, and saw therein a brilliant opportunity to Justify his
elect len by starting an Inquiry to as
oertaln how the money wus lost, and
why It oould not be found again and
when the poor old cow died, and whal
It died sf, and various other thing.
that the tealous ,r deemed of
transcendent Importance. So he set ln
motion thc machinery provided by "Act
6 and 6. Will IV.. o. 71," and all the
ro»t of It.
In due time the official wheels began to go round, and there followed a
lot of correspondence with the parish
authorities at I'urley. That proving
unsatisfactory, a 11,000 a yenr assistant
commissioner of charity Journeyed to
Purley first class—his traveling and
hotel expenses are paid by the Government—and summoned all the parish officials to a solemn Inquiry Into the matter which was held In the village
schoolroom. Oaths were udmlnlsterd
and evidence taken, eiij no doubt the
air round about was electric with excitement. It Is hardly conceivable that
the Purley cow Itself, when alive over
200 years ago, ever created suck a profound sensation.
Fund Diaappeari In 1837.
In his report, the asu-tant commissioner of charity recapitulates everything that Parliament had done to revive the memory of the cow. He concludes by stating that In 1837 Edward
Crowded to   See  Her.
"The costumes of that time may have
had something to do with this. Each
class hud Its own style ot dress: the
laced bodices, brocaded petticoats,
bright stockings, and German hoops
of the upper classes muy have aided
to attract attention. Now and then,
ln my time, some paragon of beauty,
Independent of rank and attractive
dress, waa occasionally to be seen.
"I remember a friend telling me
Miss Maclean was eo beautiful that
whenever she appeared ln Edinburgh,
where she resided, a crowd collected;
on one occasion when hs accompanied
her to a shop In I'l.nees street, police
had to be sent for to clear the way,
and when that evening she entered the
theatre the audience stood ip ln homage to her charms.
"I can recall one person who came
up to this standard of perfection I
was with her ln Paris, and walking
ln the Champs Elysee* was one of
the  most  unpleasant   processes   I ever
Undoubtedly the 11 rst lire compan;
orgnuizutl lu this country was furuiud
lu Now York In 1008. It wns cull.'.l the
Prowlers mid was composed of eight
men. with -oil buckets, hooks and small
ladders. Whore the buckets were obtained uud whether or not thoy were
lu addition to those Owned by the town
the records full to state, lu 1QT9 Stileui
purchuseil two or three dozen cedar
buckets, besides hooks mid other Implements; ulso the selectmen and two
others were authorised to take command at tires mul to blow up and pull
down buildings wheu such action wus
ueeessury. This practice appears to
have been much more common before
tho use of engines than afterward.
Boston on Sept. I), 1G7., ordered Unit
every quarter of the towu should lie
provided with twenty, two
scoopes nnd six axes. The swobes, or
swobs, as they are now called, were
long handled mops Hint could be used
to put out roof llres. The general use
of swabs has long since disappeared
but wheu a slight blue Ih beyond the
reach of a pull of water und moro Improved apparatus Ih not nt hand a
long handled mop is today the must efficient article to be used, lu Jupuu
these nivalis may l.e bccu ou muuy roof
In 1(190 New York ordered thnt five
ladders and also hooks be made. In
Philadelphia no mention Is made of
public precaution against fire until
IiI'.h'.. when a wuh passed fori.hiding the tiring of chimneys or nllowing
the same to become foul. Euch house
wus to hnvo a swnb, bucket or pull.
went through.     Il was almost lmpos- ! Another act wus passed ln 1700 order-
slble to move, from the crowds of ad- 1 Ing every household to imve two leuth-
mlrers  rushing by, and    then   turning
back to look at her.
"At  last   we  took  a  fiacre,   and  escaped this  unwelcome demonstration.
"Lord   Ponsonby.   I have   heard   his
contemporaries say. was the handsomest man of his time.
Saved by His Looks.
"It Is rarely. Indeed, that a man's life
Is preserved by his beauty. He was not
twenty when he passed through Parti
ln 1791. War had not been declared,
but there was a strong feeling against
England. At that time the lamps were
hung across the streets—hence the cry,
'A la lanterne.'
"When any unhappy victim was taken, the process of hanging him was a
very simple one. Lord Ponsonby, walking ln the Rue St. II nne. was so unfortunate as to fall ln with the mob,
who selxed him with the cry, "Volla un
agent de Pitt; un sacre Anglais 1 a la
"The lamp was taken down, the cords
placed round his neck, and he waa actually hanging In the air, when the women, who played such a prominent part
throughout the revolution, rushed forward and  cut  the cords.
" Vest un trop Joll garcon pour etre
penduf was the cry. Ha fell on the
pavement, and was Immediately carried
off by his protector* and carefully
"Among the foreigners I remember
there was a very distinguished artist
who afforded ua much entertainment—
AI Gudln, the great marine painter.
Some of his sea-pieces were wonderful
ln their power snd conception.
"Oudln was one of the liveliest of
Frenchmen. A great Anglomanlan, It
was delightful to see him equipped for
le sport His shooting oostume was a
little better adapted for the Palais Royal arcades than for our moors I went
out shooting wliii him one day. when
he allowed all the birds to escape. At
last he wounded a hare, which, however, was able to limp away
"Oudtn's excitement was Intense; In
vain he tried to get another shot. At
last he threw down his gun. to the
amusement of the whole party, ran after the hare, and at last fairly outran
his poor victim, caught It within bis
arms, and returned triumphant.
A  Femous Dsndy.
"The   extravagances   of   dandy   lite
er buckets. In the following year six
or eight hooks for the purpone of tearing down bouses were ordered to be
Sherwood, as overseer of thc poor of have been widely told; but these vanl-
Purley. was the etistodlaa of tho £6 "ea were merely the ripple on the sur-
cow money. "Since his death." he adds, face of superior merit,
"there has been no payment, and the "Count d'Orsay was a brilliant lead-
money cannot be traced, but tt Is said er of the dandy cluss—strikingly hand-
that his descendant, can. some, of a splendid phyalque, a corn-
That leaves thc do ji open for some niaudlng appearance, an admirable
fussy ofllclal or Inquisitive M. P. to horseman of the Haute Ecole school,
resurrect the cow at any time In the When he appeared In the perfection of
near or remote future, by demanding dress (for the tallora' art had not died
to be informed if any efforts have out with Qeorge IV.), with that expres.
boon made to trace the descendants of *lon of aelf-cnnfld. nee and self-com-
Mr. Sherwood and If not, why not, and plaoency which the sense of superiority
ao on. gives, he was the observed of all. Add
Meanwhile the taxpayers have had to this his real accomplishments — a
to pay a large sum for publishing the eculptor. an excellent arttat, and the
ridiculous report. But what an Ilium- possessor of a happy faculty of seizing
hinting light tho incident sheds en the ""* expression and drawing an admlr-
nucesslty for sweeping    Parliamentary able likenuM   ln   a   remarkably   ahort
This Onfrr I'll.lir.t   < n.l,,i,i la a Com
pars.Mel-   Modern   One.
China's custom of binding the feet of
Its women is not as undent as has
been supposed. A correspondent of
one of the native Chinese papers
quotes from the letters of Yuan Mel,
who lived ln the eighteenth century.
In one of his letters Yimii Mel wrote
to a friend: "You ask me to get you a
handsome wife and ardently desire, as
your lirst requisite, that she shall have
small feet. Burely you cannot be one
who admires true beauty. Au admirer
of true beauty has his own Individual
tastes, disdaining to follow the dictates of others. Our ancient literature,
ln both prose nnd poetry, hns many allusions ln praise of beautiful women,
but ln no instance touches upon small
"A work tt-entlug of the customs of
the Sung dynasty b.v Shen Yo says a
man's well made shoes are said to l.e
square, and n woman's round, nt tin-
toe. In tbe T'aug dynasty, the first allusion to the feet of Yang Kwei l-'el.
the court beauty, was about her silk
stockings. In one of Hnn Tung Lung's
poems, referring to a woman's feet, be
says, 'Her sii inch feet so bright nnd
sleek.' These allusions clearly point
to unbound feet."
Y'uan Mel's letter concludes I.y saying thut the taste of those who Ignore
the beauty of face and form is depraved, lie laments that sensible men
should be so led uway by a foolish
Oliver Twists of Bermondsey Must Not
Ask   For   More—Treacle   Supply
Is Cut Down F:or Economy.
Tho president  of tho Local  Uovcrn-
ment Board hns culled attention to the
Board of Guardians, ot Hermiuidsey. lo
the high cost of th * poor law schools.
Recently a question was put In Parliament ubout the high cosl of thi solium**-.
and Air. Burns has called upon the
guardians to furnish him with a return showing the cos! per child per
week. Air. ruts l'ellli.ll. the clerk to
the guardians, bus now prepared this
return, from which appears Hun lach
pauper child csis the ratepayers
U 1 Is Id per week, and that a year ugo
the cost  was   .'■' 1   Hs.
Boy» Taught Trades.
These   costly   pour-law    schools   are
situated at  Shirley, up in an estate Ot
some seventy ner, ■   Bo extensive Is the
colony that the besdmaater recently
asked the guardian to provide htm with
a horso and trap to that he DOUld "set
about" the huge pauper demesne, -"ti
which over thlriy nattered cottages
are erected, with buildings for workshops, schools, and ail.ulnlsiralli.n of-
llces. Honda have been .nude on the
eslatc, which Is nun n complete pauper
colony, out of which the children Ver»
rarely go. Tlie childi rn. of cuurse. nr.
well looked after, bin there Is the objection that they an brought up with a
pauper taint by  poor-law officials, and
never got any ids* of life In tin cut*
side world. In en.'li cottage on the i"l
ony Is a family of fourteen or fifteen
children, and a foster-mother Is In
charge. The return Issued by the guardians' clerk makti It at .u that the
actual cost of the food of each child
is 3s 3d per week. The money expended, of course, goes principally In mil*
clallsm. cm tha estate is a huge
swimming-bath Whloh cost hundreds of
pounds. There ire various work-a pi
In which boys, whan tliey are old
enough, are taught trades, and each lad.
as a matter of tact, hits a tiny I '
land to cultivate whilst a spine around
each cottage Is l.n.l OUI for flower culture- As the estate is beautifully wood-
id, this poor-law colony Is a perfect
garden city.
Cut Doivn the Treacle.
Since Air Burn.s has been In com
municatlon with Hie gu,ird:ans upon
the question of the great cost of the
schools, an attempt nt econ miy has
been Introduce.1 by reducing tn* dietary scale by taking aivuy from each
child 1 oz. Jt treacle, 1 l-I pints of milk,
and 2 oz. ot rice
In connection with the cost of pauper children t: inov bl Interesting to
mention that In Lambeth, with barrack
schools at Norwood, tin* cost Is about
IBs per child per week. At the Manuel:
schools of the city and S u.thivark the
oost per child Is 1'*- or 17s per week
Opinions dlffei ss lo the best mean. I
dealing with poor-law children, but
there Is s growing f* t ling thai an •»
oellent plan, ami one which Is most
economical. Is that of boarding the children out with families in the country.
One of the lHo.t Curious lirowtti* of
die Wail India*.
The ctipc.v.  OT,   SI  II  i>  siiiviisll.'illly
called in iho English possessions, "tli*
attorney," li one of tho most curious.
us it is one of the mosl picturesque,
denizens of the Vlrglu forests of UlS
West Indian Islands, [t belougs to the
parasitical family of trees or plantsj
but. terrible to relate, u Invariably,
with tin* biisoHt Ingratitude, destroys
all life lu tho uiiluiliiniite tn-e that
cherishes It In lis early growth. Tho
seeds are borne on til* wings of the
wind ami deposited on the branches
of other trees,   when  they   hurst  Into
roots, which are dropped toward tbe
ground nil ..round tbe "nurse" tree,
lu time these root* reach the ground
and Strike Into tin* soil.
From this moment tin* roots grow
stronger .mil stronger until thoy resemble ii lot of rope ladders thrown 0V6T
the tree. Next tbe paraalte semis down
a great cord, which mines around tin*
trunk of the supporting nee, nt lirst ns
though lu loving embrace, but it grows
tighter ami tighter, eventually strangling its benefactor out "f existence,
Ibe nurse tree thus killed rots to decay,   and   from   ll.e   Imi ise   tll.rous
roots of the destroyer now springs a
great trunk, which rises high Into the
nlr. When n ctipey Is full grown It
presents  a   magnificent   spectacle,   for
the cordlike root rises often to ilfty or
sixty feet and supports iii midair u.e
vast tree Itself.
I* not adulterated In any shape or form, and __.
Iiure It healthful. 0iu"*
reforms when such absurd trivialities
oan be thruit upon the attention of s
body Intrusted with the Oovornment of
the largest Empire iu llie world. The
I'urley cow deserves lo be Immortalized.
The Chained Library.
Wlmbourne, Ireland, (s noted for
many things, but Its famous chained
library Is perhaps the most nolnli • .t
Its curiosities. The library possesses
unique Interest as being one of the
earliest aliempta to disseminate knowledge umong lhe people. Tha collection
was nm.le loom We to the people In
16*16 and numbers some two hundred
volumes. Tho icarolty of books and the
value of (he OOlleOtlM are both Indicated In (hi euro taken for their preservation ami especially against loss of
such treasures by theft. Hy means of
cluiins and rodl the books were securely
fastened to the shelves and these
chains, It Is rather surprising to learn,
were not renewed until 1857, when tho
library fittings WIN repaired. Among
the Interesting works of the collection
Is a copy of the first edition of Sir Waller Italelgh'j "History of the World."
KM. it has suffer, ,i fr„ln (jro and tra.
dlll.n snya that Mathew Prior was responsible for lis present condition Ihe
etory being that he fell asleep when
reading It once upon a time and the
pages  were burn-,1  by his candle      It
has been neatly repaired and lu mishap now adds lo Iti Interest. The oldest volume In Ihe library l9 a fine old
copy in vellum of "Heglnum Anlnna-
ru.ii." It Is in manuncrlnt and bears
the date 13IJ.
'Men took great pains with themselves In those days — they did not slouch
and moon through life; and it was remarkable how highly they were appreciated by the crowd, not only of the
upper but the lower classes. I have frequently ridden down to Illohmond with
Count d'Orsay A striking figure he was
ln Ida blue coat with gilt buttons.
thrown well back to show the wide
expanse of snowy ahlrt-front and buff
waistcoat, his tight leathers and polished boots; his well-curled whiskers and
handsome countenance; a wlde-brlm-
med, glossy hat. spotless white glove*.
He was the very beau-ldoal of a leader
of fashion."
Origin   at  the   llmni-
It Is to India and to tl.e Arabs as
middlemen that Europe, uml through
Europe America, owe thc orange. Tho
orunge crossed from Africa to Spain
with Mohammedanism, while probably
tl.e crusaders arc to be thanked for
bringing It to Italy ami western En-
rope among their trophies of thu east
The very name Ib really Arublc—"nn-
ranj"—and of eastern orlglu, though
the legend that it comes from two
words meaning "elephant" and "be
111," because elephants ato oranges to
make themselves 111, Is absurd. I'm!.
ably ln French the lnltlul "u" Is dropped off from narnnj, with tho lluul
"n" of the indefinite article, Just as
our "an apron" represents "a nupron,"
and the spelling with an "o" points to
false association with "or" utold'.—
Economlsta, Havana.
The Hebrew Span.
The Hebrew spun, often mentioned
In the Scripture*, was 10.0 Inches and
in.iill lo three iii*Iiiih	
A Dutch < notom.
In several towns In Holland a birth
is announced Iiy the exposing nt the
door of n silk pincushion, covered and
edged I.y plaited lace, the sex ef the
Infant being shown hy tho color-for a
boy. red; for a girl, white. Thc house
which shows lu this manner that the
number of Its InuubltuuU has been Increased enjoys oy ancient law and cui-
toins various Immunities and privileges.
Tarring and  Feathering.
The peculiar form of punlehment
adopted by the Bcots Guards' subalterns
In the reoent ragging ease, that of tarring and feathering, Is popularly eup-
posed to be American In Its origin.
This, however, la not the oaae: It Is
known to antiquarians to have been employed at least 700 years ago, and that
In our country.
When Hlchard Coeur da Lion set out
on the third crusade, he made aundry
regulations for hli army, and one of
them was this: "A robber who shall be
convicted of theft shall hav* his head
cropped after the fashion of a champion, and boiling pitch aliall b. poured
thereon, and the feathers of a cushion
shall be shaken out on him, so that he
may be known, and at the Hr*t land at
which the ship shall touch h* shall be
set on Ihere." It Is Intending to know
what an auolent army oustom IMg has
been I
Blee ti Improved by mnny washings
before cook lug. The more It is washed
the better as U.e loose starch Is thus
removed and each grain becomes more
distinct It should be washed until the
last water is absolutely clear to be at
Its best
■•n Franclaeo.
The original Spanish name of Ban
I■ riiiieisco was "Mlslon de los Dolores
do Nuestro Padro Ban Francisco ds
Asis," just as Santa I'o'a full name, as
translated Into English, Is "Tbe True
City of tbe Bob* l-Ith et ft. FranoU."
A Good neason.
Two Irishmen wcro digging a sower.
One of them wus a big, strong man
about six feet four Inches In height,
and the other one wus a little, puny
man about four feet six Inches. The
foreman came uloug to see how tl.e
work wns progressing nnd noticed that
one of thorn was doing more work thnn
the other. "Look here," he cried, "how
Is It thut little l.eiiniB Iniguu, Who Is
ouly half your size, is doing nearly
twice as much work as you, Patrick*'"
Olandng down to his partner, Pot replied: "And why shouldn't be? Ain't
he nearer to ItV"
On* day four-year-old Fred climbed
upon a chair to reach something he
"You must not get on that chair with
your feet, dear," said his mother.
Fred looked down at his feet, evidently puzzled. "Why, mamma," he
said, "I can't take 'em offl"
Two Actreeees r,nd Two Pietur***.
An illustration of the vicissitudes  of
those who follow ti.e • profes
sion Is given ln an incident which has
occurred at Petal")) trough About two
years ago a touring oompany wns
stranded at Peterborough, nni two ac-
treaioa were left In the pllgni of hi
Ing neither m<Uf_ enough te pay tier
landlady nor t*.  l-*av.- tlie city.
They want to a lo.-ni tradesman, ami ,
asked   him   t-»  lend   them">'  on  a j
pawnticket for two pletur.a which had
been pie.ig.-d oi Nottingham for  mi
He lent them Cl, ami Hill*-, quentty advanced them _:i in t- . .ii win *h thev
ware   to   Journey   t,t   London     A   little
later the tnulasman red smad the pie*
•ures, and wrot. t.. Ull girls In London
asking If they cared . i buy them back
lie reooived a reply from one of them
sialic*; thut her frl.m.l had died, am!
saying that he might keep the platura*.
A short time ago h    sent them tu b*
sold at Christie's,  thinking that  they
must be of some value for a I
broker to advanoe the sum of £14 ..n
them. To his surprise Ihey made 11 Hi.
and he at once wrote to tit. n Ire*
from whom he had bul heard. Inform*
Ing her of Ilm luck) windfall Uut the
actress had dlod a day or two before
th* sal*.
"William Henry-
"Tee  yes, Maria."
"What are yon lining***'
"Beading about tbe 'mnn with the
mink  rak.v'"
"Weil, yon go right in that garden
and let me see you be tbe man with ti.e
garden rake, and !»• quick about lt."-
Chlcago News,
Two Dramatic nud ......rn.tlua   I i,l
imilea   In   Her   I.Ile.
Tlllsteltoii I>yc..   In  his  "   In
All Ages," describes twe dramatic
and tragically contrasted episodes In
tlie life of Marie Antoinette, llie lovely
and ill fuied queen ..f Prance,   Once,
lu the of her greatest popularity,
when she went to the opera of "Iphl*
genia." when Achilles came to tbe line
" us sing ..mi celebrate the queen,"
lie turned toward tl.e ra.limit young
sovereign and sang two additional Im
promptu Hues of charming compliment
This graceful und unexpected homage
so delighted the audience that "nil wns
shouting uud clapping ..f bands, and *
what never happened ut the ..peril before   the   ctTuriis   was   encored,   ami
there   were   tries   ,,f   'Long    Ine    lhe
queenr at which expreeeloa of feeling
her majesty was so un.vted that she
(died tear-- "
On the next occasion, when Uerte
Antoinette's sun of popular favor had
set ami she was ntaring the tragic
close of Imr life, one of the ..dresses In
"Infor n Brents" bowed to her ns    i
she sang  the  words "Ah.  how  I  lovo
my mistress!" lu ■ moment ail wus in
uproar, and the theater was full of
hoarse,  nngrr  cries  of  "No  mistress! |
No master! Libert)"' and "No master!
No .|ii".n'" mid it was some minutes
before tl.e tumult qui.'led down ami It
wss possible lo pro- d with the pluy.
.•ii-.iiu   thi- War.
"Why are you so anxious I.i me
pay this bill of fl,000 this iirtoriiM.ii?••
iiske.i the business man. "Your proprietor know* irn g i for it."
"I know It." replied the eb-rk. "l.ut
It'll tickle blm so If he get* It before
it's flue, and I wunl to ask lilm for his
daughter's bond louight."—Uutrott Free
I'rMiJ. ^^ __________
Al   llir   Hotel,
Mr. Verdant Uefs tr. this here
demltaasy at tbe end or the programme,  s..y. waiter, bring iis tome
diinllnssy Mrs Vonlnnl Now. pur.
you promised me you wouldn't take
....linn' stronger'., leu ur -...Due.
llir-  ir- ...mnl„..„«. bal Hav* Ul.
lie   Nnlrlllir   lalar.
Soups and broths made uf tl.e meat
pieces alone uml  without lhe addition
uf meat rabetauce, eggs, regetable* or
cereals bST* little nutritive value, although they do possess stimulating
A dog would starve to death In len
days if fed upon beef br< th pure und
Soup Interferes with dig • t on whenever .. full menl Is eaten, i Consider It
as being entirely superiliioiis uml ...I
vise lis In a substantial
dinner menu.
Soup, being pruetlcnlly all water,
plays an Important part In conjunction
With the largo quantities of Other
liquids injected during mealtime lu de*
laying and Interfering with digestion
nml hiving it for stomach
1ii.iii.le.      Through   It   und   the   other    tha~S
liquids uaed the stomach Is not only '
overlllled und Dnnoceeearllj burdened,
l.ut the gastric secretions are *u weak
■ned by dilution that they run act but
slowly upon the foo.1 muss. Here
nguln we have the food renininlng lu
the stomach for tm. long a ixtrlod, and
there Is likely to Im- prodinvd ull of tin.
Symptom* uud signs of an Intoxication
due to Ilu* iil's.irptinn Into the system
of tho products of llll Ollipoesfl foods.
Soup oaten by itself or with a light
meal, ns a rule, does not act harmfully.
-What to Kut.
Card   l-.lliiuetlr.
"Ilaml li. it lot uf curds," laid th*
elder woman,
"Why'-" was the hurried Inquiry.
"Well. If you don't h.iiid In enough."
she said, as her companion Hired ilw-p
Into her .use, "thej will say you don't
know what Is right. If you give too
many, however, they will think that
you know heller than they do .....I that
Ihere   Is   s    new   stylo   they   have
heard nothing about Hand him a
How Not To.
"Please read our paper," annotated
the editor In returning the manuscript.
"I do," wrote back the contributor,
"and my stuff is designed to show tbat
I know what Is the matter with your
eld paper."
The trouble with people who lny
something by for a rainy day is that
they seem to take such delight ln seeing other people out lu the wet—N«w
York Tlmo*.
Pilos IVIs
L-ife Wretched
But There is Quiok Relief From Itching and
Thorough Cure in
Dr. Chase's Ointment.
Ilnnpurt-rlalril   I '
"You are going to be tried before a
yery liberal Judge," suld a lawyer to
bis client.
"1 am glad of that."
"You needn't be.   If you are found
guilty he'll give you all the penalty th* '
law allows."
Ill* Specialty-
Sacon—When ho was out csmplng
did your brother kill much? Egbert—
He nearly killed everybody In ths
camp,   Ue was Ui* ceok.      .__..
n muy i.e truthfully stated n.ot
piles produci more excruciating pain,
misery nmi wretchedness of feeling
innn nni known disease, Life i"
comes n perfeci burden .luring the
atlneka ol Itching, burning, stinging
u   Is a greal  mistake  to  Imagine
that ii ifeots >.i piles aw lo.-ii. far,
an ii matter nl fact, thoy sup the mi
i.lily   ol   inni.I   and   body   nn.l   Slowlj
i.m  surely lead to the ruination or
iii.. health,
'ihis is im, ui itching mul protruding im well ns i.r hi.....i.n,.* piles,
winch, because ol the loss >.r blood,
me more i.und iu their disastrous
i'i Chase' ointment bring* almogl
insiiiin relief tnin. ilm Itching, burn
Ing, stinging sensations «r piles and
Is n positive umi thorough cure for
I everj torm of this wretohed, tortur
ing nml oftentimes stubborn dlsoase,
I This huu been piuvuu lu   so   muuy
thousands ol oas. ■ that uere i   n.
Ion r.*r  mn   runm lor  doubt   thai   In
Chase's Ointment Is the
lector) '..'ni ni toi pile* that  w* I
ever discovered,
Mr.   K.   Mnrlii.   HI     BllStaChe,   Man .
wi in :;:   "I   SUffon I     from     piles     for
nin  n years and though i i.led n
greni mnny remedies ...mid nm obtain ii cure. The doctor told ine II
was necessary to  undergo an oper
A    friend   advised   me   Iii   try   Dr.
Utilise'...   Ointment   nml   III....'th   I   hud
.... confldenae in n i    i ghj    throe
brass and began i" n ■•■■ li    one bos
ol   in,*.di*   a    thorough    .'lit'
i gave what I bad lefl i.. n friend of
mine    who    wns nearly as Inul  us I
wus nmi ii mode u perfeol aura."
(frequently    whon    doctors    hnv*
...ed  In cure piles  iiiiii   the  sin ki-iiu'h
imn.' inm proven futile Dr Clinso'i
iiiiiim.>ni  hns effected    n    thorough
cure. .10 eeliln a box, nt ,l ,|.ii|,.| i.
oi*  la Iiii. iii tun,  IJuteb  _  Co.,  Toronto.
Recorder of s Sorrow* Hat Trouble  of   Her  Own—Postcard*
Libel H*r Feature*.
Mart* Corelll, tb* well-known novei-
lled f.n ni, Injunction tn restrain 1 .,11 v -* • , I ,,.| ,,,,
Avon, publish!ns picture p Htuards
purporting i.. .1. i >.. In n.-r pn
v.n. nr- M Corel* i« good looking
mnl ll i   alleged th m.i- lib*] bar
fealur. .main   n
legal point iiiat iiii n. vi nt b i
.i.i- .i
Miss  ("ore!II raided a*   Stratford ....-
Avon Mr Mv.. k c  explained,and hod
....   pan  in th.   social Uf* af
! u.e disiu.t    Bar.  thi    monM*, li  wm
arrangad to hold i ghakeopaariu h ■
tlval i.i oommetr
I to  t*.   the   birthday  ..f   on.   William
Bhakeep. c*     l. mgtitoi .
In antldpatl « sl ■ large number of
■ a in, il...
sir, to I... acquainted with tin Mh*
sr ii .t.ii.i. i pi
ih- defend nn. prods I pic
ture   p . i   "Th-    DliUu-
1   Ail'!, .n 1 -
■*■' Corelll ni one* i.-.k objection to
th. oarda, ii, i ir hi i n lal I] would look
m tie in nn. -graph of
the lady  he WOOld  See  S  Ki
bei bad te ■•■ii perpi tested on ber f-n
■'■■•■    * Laughter .
Oas of in. cards *ivn« sailed "Hiittke-
spear. and hi. eantemporarlee," which
looked a*, if th* .i fondanti wished to
suggssl  that  Bh* Aa-. u gon-
nsry   of   Mia*   CurelU     .l-nuu'.-
t-r i  The i*
oaa ted If I
1 m.*  of   III.   . ai I ., ,„.,)   ,,f  r  ,,.
r.*1c!I!e,l   .*,!, ,.|||)c   a   ,.„,,
t . the BtraUord-ou Ai-m  Baal    Ctu-b
and the datendaal mie b* was present
"11   Ui. .,i,,!   ).    v,.,
repres. ntatton i„- , ,„ ,i „,»,. *.,.,,,, ,,,.,,,
oryofUt. f.utiii.   of th. ladj wbo was
f" •*■ *  ■•       op     An
other curd   showed   m i  in  a
gond  In. ned  Ibe del .in-   I ,,,1 |r   ,|.
plated what bad min,,. r
n the Avon A .-nni styled 'Sweets to
""■I displayed a pany <-...ri.u*-»
outside Mit. Ooraiu** boua. and ■ fnr- pi.-iiir. depleted the lady playing
with ii jet dog iiii ii !_un The Inner
wa* admitted lo b. purely Imaginary
Mlna Corelll had ie. dog
C Uaed mild he thought  (here wa* u
ease hen  « bleb »■ >■ ti,t i,.,v, t,, i„. tried,
il* to the rlKht Of a 001  Only  lo
her own feature* but to Nature* which
did n.c i, , ,,,,* to h r   (Laughter i
Mr Boot! Tbompeon nun. Mr Kva)
•ontem  thai th. eard* wen libellous.
in Lordship ii. ai,,,. ii,, portraits
nr.. unlike riiurtr the) MoeaenfUy bi  II
bt-Iliius •    . I.iiiulii.., i
Mr. Thompson thought ther.* could be
no doubt aboul  It In th The
gondola pie:urc wim ridiculous ns *
work of art.
HI    Lordship    The work of art la sold
at u halfpenny, 1 inpi •   (Laughter i
Mr Per •. uii,.,,, roiiimitt. ,i that
the only quaotion w.i*. whether Mi.. Co
nlil had suffered nny legal Injury li
musl I..* n very sensitive ..»;•■ ir it wo*
i" hold u person up to rldfeuls and eon*
tempi t.. mh  thai  -i.e played with u
doK on n lawn    i Laugh
ills Lordship aald the Inference wns
that the picture era* taken in the lady'*
i.'ir.ien, iiiiii that ihe waoa patwn who
* be idvertised in iiim way
11 mlghi hnv. been ink-
en ..ver lbs garden wall   (Laughter.)
Ths  alli.liivll   was  rend  by  Miss Co-
tt'l.'.    Stilled      that      Mile      Went      to
\v.tri   for   lhe   puir-ise   Of
obtaining privacy, nmi that  thi ...r.i.
were calculated I.i expo..,. |„r to „„]„,•
contempt in relation to h.-r private brand prejudice her III h.-r prof,.,.*.!,,,, „M
an aulhore-ri
,„,'ne " ""'  defendant,   Miss  E.nih
Wall in reply, retorted in her affidavit
inni so (ar trom seeking prlvaoy during
imr seven years' reaidenoc at Btratford,
Miss t.*,,re||| hud courted publicity In'
every nay.
Mr.   Wheeler   followed   tills   up   with
a declaration 11...1 bad tn,. portraits <>f
Miss coreiii been nattering nothing
w"ul11 "">'" I n heard of mis action
l'"W  ladles,   be Hid,  would  nilmll   that
» portrait di.i iiwin jiisti
suim d thai Miss aorelu
Ii.iii  to  lhe  rub.
ir the** cards wer* n libel, -verv ex-
'""""n of the Royal Academy would
■"','!' ,l"" ot in,,*I*, (Laughter.)
hotogrnphers,  too,  would  be liable
sued, r„r it ,■,,*„ ,,„, ,„ know].
th_t _,_, _1" _Mopta *"■•"* "'"v '"'i
"'f ' '"t^'i'i's mi,,.,,  looked
,lv,,|v bid s, (Laughter.)
Mr, Bvei     Speak    f,
Wheeler  (Laughti r i
hl"d,,rns:,:;;,ll,, * - «*««
In Darkest England.
Th.    lllnl. el.-    ,.;   I.;
louh   iimi   grainm ,
" ...inn i  ..*
ft -i-i-      .,:
papui     ha
exampl.       h
I hnn*.
part) ni m.i ...ii
Hl<  Ir    I ll.e:      I        idhu
lipp.  .
Jo.   (warnHi
goffoi • .* n
ii. ii    i .
\i. exampl.   iron   l1
.. ■   :,,   dial, t in
( called     II  ..*   Uo   i.■,.,
•* tm p.- ■    i* oi    ni   hi .*.
imp...hi/, i wiih lun,
hli      'll.-.      t|,|.Til     dm
married      *.....   ne,
nini.      lilt •       u. -iij.l
•*■ "Hi-Hi : ii,,   thoy, ii.,
ie |  in.*-,   nin, t  ii.,   ii,.
I'i... ins  bui   Mot In r  ..i.e.
i:.\l-ll!llll.ilu;     I
I    *..!.    l.e diCII
iiii effectual
Mr. Wl I*
ml.nni..  |
am Intel
, *        \        .
-Kit.   Ih a.lllllllll    eiilorrd
I...   i ei   -i... r.
oi    w ■ i ■     pick i
mn. .1   I.i   in,      ' .oi,i	
I'...i,iil,li   no workmai
i   mon   '    i *
Ol    ll........mi..     III.    lit 11.   I)
.1, llll.fl, ,
I en,      a* ,     *o    -* ' ■
parallel to thai  ol  l ■
■ e ■    . ,..    in., |  I
■ illie
I   •    lllllllll.,Ill 11,	
i" .r.c.1     kin.Ill     I. Iimi        II.
i.ill unli the ".iiion ..oui1,
I "ii. li   ami      u ill,      ne
ettllllteriiim .'    I
cent un--    ni   ini-et i I
. >.,  .   i ,,  ,-.
and  the*,   iiii.,*../   wen
' he  I...I,on,,■•,   |. ,t|,i,   ,,i    ihi     "
Pail    men   hovel    t.i  . .
nn. .  part   .onaintina nl
. protruding root ti   *
ll"     III    K Inch    the    I,lie,I. ■
i-ii hour* ot •
In-.di  ti.nw home* .linl
'.I  • nil ui •      _	
Illel.     Hall-    l-.ileleil     Ul.l,
much Buted ami adorned * i
'-. •  in lieu ni wall papei     ami   I hew   ult    n.
nt   forced   to   il ■
" ith a coating ..i    «Iui	
with  the  blue  that   .    -■•  pop
Hon.... i 'I'h.     humbl.
have the rattling* filled in wi'l
ta keep mil   the  wintei   wind
tiiiiii-i sleep* mntl spend
In    ...In-i       .   ,     til      ,,t        i,
•il   the   I,mill,   mnl   all   lli.*   ■* 01   *
OCpl    III.     nn,     nh,is,-   iltiti    |.    I
tend  it.  iln   hum,,   ink.*  iln   in
1  apt     Iniii,tin   ami    mak.     lie il
thr. field    tl ■ t,, 0Urn anil   *
reap in  moal   primitive  laahim
keep iln   phut  dun i, ii t in I \   ii
ifi.  Un* luile ones -i' iipmi ilii lul.  il-   iiiih-i guide* il-   t. ii
i ii
'Uld  he OS*
wan uo MtOCP*
lo   lie
yourself,    Mr.
•llie   t.n...K    ,,.„,,
The ((reek year conilited of iwoivo
monllls of Itveniy m,,,, M1M- •*,•-,,. (hlv||
alternately.    Three   i **-   i„' ,,*,,■,•.
yours n month «Us added lo imiko up
the duIKhrui.v.
Htomaoh   and   bowel   trouhi.   M"
tbnusan is   ur   little ones durli
hot   woathoi        Dlarrl a,  il   '"','1
nud -hoi. in infantum someilnn
Wlthoul warning ami ir i ip
um ui hand tbe child maj hi
nni   in   a lew  hours,   ir jroii » mi '"
keep your children  h ty,  ros;   ind
'"ii   m    in- during ih" in.i .'
'■ • thorn nn occasional dose nl Hui" '
Own   Tablet*      This   medicine   	
ienl     Illness    nmi cures II  «'■
comes unexpectedly.   Ami the i
hns   th.*   guarantee of a governm***'
analyst thnt this i Maine Is nb
H   lore     Mis    U\ .1   Miinrn.  Sim.11''
Musl,   .     s.,vs:    -l.'iir     mure   liin
years Baby's Own Tatileti is the only
medicine i have given my riiiM"-"*
mm i think the Tablet* invaluable ""
itomach uml bowel  troubles '     •' ,l'1
bj nu  .in'ine dealers or by ni ii
' • Bents a box from the Dr w1111.*—
ill Heine Co.. Ilroirkvllle. (lul I--
III- Tabids  In   lhe house
in. Wuhlugtt.n  negroes meetlnit "'
the stre.l   I. n  Into i  al lousslon " j
i nllfl      ni   i.   mutual  friend    H""1     "Vi imi    kind   u' a pusson '    ''
man.   m,  Imw.'    Seems   p.   me   In    n
do nu work."
"Oh,    he    Is    Industrlnu*, nil  "M1''*
promptly  responded  the leoond  ",yl
"','.      he   don'l   .to     liiillini'   In
Win. .nili  I.,.   ,., ,i, rial speni Iw;,'
whole .I.n    11 •. 111■ n, gli his wile n i"1
■ • less Mogatinc,
W    N     U    No     592 __
"areer That Would Form An Excellent
n mi, For a Stirring Story—Noblo
Uy Birth, Peasant By Practice, By
Education and Training An Intellectual, and By Inclination a Work
er In Field and Factory.   .
In tho world or Ipttr-n today there
,, iiinio romiiriiiihi.*   figure   than
B0 Tolstoi, who ou Beptember 9 ioi.i
Style), 1805, entered  upon his    7ttth
,*ir ' Remarkable na a man,   he   i
ore remarkable us a writer; uml bli
reer in Itself would  form  un  excel-
lent bosli for a stirring novel, In whloh
irlaiii   nml   philosophy   were   blend- I
mint I..*.. Tolstoi in by birth a itm.
E|an   noble,   I.y   piuotl'ie     li     RiixhIiiii
, uaut, by eduoatlon and training be
ai. intellectual, by   luollnatlon   a
orker in Bold and factory. Fifty yean
jgo lie stnoil on the i iinip.irlH or Bebl *
Inpoi fighting for bin Bro per or and hie
try, wiih many another   gallant
on of the Hussion arlitocracy, again*!
i„, combined foroo* nf  France and
England.    Atler  lhe  t'rliuenii   war  Im
■aw much of the sun ..r almleii nr-.
■ti,,, lelf-lndulgenoe, the gambling, tha
lloorie morals ot * certain section of
t.Ain)KAt',MIMN(M<KVH-\V   !H(U Tl.AM  t ■.'. -y, H. €1.
Hair Sick?
That's too bad ! We had noticed it was looking pretty
thin and faded of late, but
naturally did not like to speak
of it. By the way, Ayer's
Hair ViEor is * regular hair
(.rower, a perfect hair restorer. It keeps the scalp
clean and healthy.
'•I  .in  w-li .,.,|mint#rt  *it,,  ...ei   R.i.
Vitro, .,..1 l ni,.,, ,„,, „„„., 'V.'.'nii SS.
jn<*\. ni it.*'   tin-   ht i   friiHi   .,,ii itt-,.   _.   *.
-•.-■    Mi...,. .*,.,■„. y.X'""^^. ""
M*UbyJ  0  iT.rt-g,uw,_,J
a.s.. iBfuit___atur«ri < -
Bttrrougl     f ■   old n in, there wns
ii  lim-  wh-ii  y,,u  promised to share
J 'iiir test dollar wltli in.
Iti. 1.ley   That's  Sll  right    I   haven't
got down to 11 i-l
(from * phoioiriiph   Liken on  th* 76th
tnnlvenaij of his birth i
I Russian lOClety, and his mind rnvolted
from lh« habits of the class Into
whirl   !.•' wai- born.  Ills family ts one
• in HusbIu, but ho became
I :  ii-.   eonselousnsM   thai
I tbo sanation of nun.kind   was  to    bo
founr! i:  "orb snd what we should call
IstlHurlanlim—thai  Ih,    the    km
Lood i   ■ ..•.rr.t    number.    Knur
■   thi   . nnie.ii,   war  he  pub
ok   entitled   "Peace   and
:.  tell*   tlU    story    of    Nu
mum of Russia In  lil"   ll
| it his ri      -I pl-ce In th.   eyes of nii.nv
So writ, i an nvor—with tho possible
|(■IMP':*    of IMckons—uui.e more sure
„•*■ ai hearl of s people than
11 i*i manltnea*, his tan-
-•-        li aonrag* both of   action
ji*; ■ 'Ion.  his obvious sincerity.
If, the   hold   he   bus   m—ur. .1
ro' thi   Uujslan pulillr but on
f the n.   tied   world   Though   he  i*  a
i not  f ■; • religion in
III ordinary r-'nse. nor approve of the
Christianity of tin. Churches, but has
,' li ■»■ of  whal  ho  would  rail
• li.usness" of dutv.
Hui of the dliinln   md equality of man
His gT*.it mi is tn propagate .i
I ' il    rommunlon    nnd
uis.    Ile has always
i .   lever  which   would
i human hearts nt  lnrito and  be
. of iie-p moral roforn
i il" To lhat end he
has wiin-ii  thrilling slorle*   realistic
! I i.r    bonks     A
. aollty, ii- bar. re
li si-d dared all for
I ' oai    >*.it.inion   bumai I
e began to pay in
tions to Ills prm
i in emigrate in th- freer
| i iod, but at  the sumo tlm-
| in person than the
I I * xnn.lrn  II   that  he would
I* tirst  police-officer who en
gim*?. h Tin- warning had its
il hns nlwnys fearlessly
•        '      ■ lonoee   of  his  worn,
j**i It I   ...inlly wonderful that so ex
ige nn tm- lata .'ii.*.
I  have   regarded   lilm   ns
! Oie ni •      , hlof  forces   In   tho  llteru*
ight i.r tlm nmi century,
If Ran   to lay tion ths verge ot abet-
l«r so.■*,*   „,,,-   political     reslme    tho
H In no small measure in
Ins aathoi  of bis latest work. "What
Tboagb tin- inii H-or. bei us some-
ind -.- tt   ni ti..- headache, we do
nol   rofme  to  acknowlidge  tbat   we
m.nni iii need of bis warmth - Da Hor
W.       ,r.
Dl i'i.. lloi
WlUlOIII      iluii!
m-.inim   • voi   lntro.1 i   to
i. ri    -
ll-*.   c.iln:   all etc.     ||
ninmiii". ami   nevei
in -ii' itlve  cure       Un
should novel Ix  wlthoul a bottle when
ii- ii i iiinl in   ... i
Oil  Monday.  you know,  the rlrat day of
Um week.
I saunter arojnd ui my work,
rhliuin etiine pretty hard, und. lo tell you
Hie truth,
1 let! like u bit of u shirk,
*nd.   tl.uuah   1  aceompllsh   but   lllilu  or
i'ii iiiii earning nn pay
Became or tin, wonderful thlnif* I intond
lu .it, blight and early next duy.
On TuMday perhaps  r*ni  a  few  minute*
Th* fault of the clock or tho OOOk-
BU1  quit*  in  Injustice ■twoiiid  bn If  th*
l'*'.r that were to bring rne. to book.
i iiiifiie around, bul n com** rather alow,
And *vi rythlni runs lb* wrong way,
Um   what   Is  tho odds?    I   will   muke It
ull up
Kingston Man Tells How He 8ufter*il
and How He Wa* Relened.
"Kor  years  a   mar
■s Had Already »_*.'•
**t know a western Kansas town
Where the rules of otlquettu are purely
upon a lo_teul basin," suld n man from
tyr," I* how Chas.! ""-' Bl'ort gruss country the other day.
II. I'ownll, of IOR "The daughter of the hotel keeper at
Raglan Btr-et, King whose hostelry 1 was living was to bo
Bton, begins his married. I received an invitation. At
story.       "A    martyr   about  11  o'clock  lu   the  eveuing  tho
M.n .......I -   -.
to     chronic    constl
pittlon, hut now 1 am
Chas. H. Powell
wedding supper was spread.   An  old
tree"uum\""miti  ail   ludy CMM dowu {hu tnlllu 8lcle' I"lMlnB
through    the   use   Of   tlle  vla,"*s to the  guests.    When   she
Dr.   Leonhurdt's AntI-1 reached my plate nlie skipped me und
Hill. j begun again with the next man.   Tho
"I   wan  Induced   to   try Anti-1'111   by   old lady bad siren u.e sating my sup-
readlng the testimony   of   some   one i por as usual at 0 o'clock
who had boon cured of constipation by;     "'You've et,   she  said ns she gave
.Vittfiavars r,,1"" c,°,,j- ?»beBan i',0 iook
mended us euros hut which made me 1 dulll""s   lor  ■*■'•'■    lll,!l1   '"'  ol1'   ni,">
tn th* thing* I'll accomplish next day,   I worso rather  than  better.      Doctors   c'""'* along w'lth moru food.  He alao
"Il   .-.irnr mltli M ** h. said;
"W. li *• • w Bom* ■•  UtU.
When 1 I. ui   *•>■  ■ - 'i Unl    Mia*.
ol ' lupid .-. spell
"I . in.   Mm* ■   '  I  wi*.
,* _ i    *
A-)>< tin.i- tern
I  his-- IT ffCH
"Oh. [a.,** aald sl •   ■   Vs so.
i    i
i Mon*
Uo ilon I k* I Cf
 r. li, Juda*.
< -.ui.1   itr   limaloii 1
* r oi ii,,. gospel, according
b»l «an walking to nml fro la
" '"'■■   . issage  Unit   run   through  the
ii,nili:.inn;  upon   Inn  licit
.    brushed   by   hun   s
He Mult lull her pooS uml
ii i*      i earing  that
would disarrange bt* papero, be hurried
iftei l,     w-nt into his study -and no
ere    No means of sgrs*s
"-1-   ; •    Imt    by    lhe   one   d.M.r
' ll   I. be h.ul *ND lb"' girl en
ill   mug the bell mnl    lhe I
down frnm thu top of the
ere -in* bad been performing
Ami  the iniiiimil purl  of
is iimi nothing bap] -.1
■ ii-ii nmi iii-ti    Th- younj
'.. happily     And yet lhal
"■blister or tl.e Kospells sure that be
*:lv I nt housemaid puns blm.   .\..r to
' doe* his stoat nmi happy mu
•ron know t|mt „|„, W11H ,,v(,r |_ ,,v„
• ones
•'■-..llh   In  Old   li,,,,,,,,,   Time*.
0»r veullh, ns much us wo boost ol
It, Ii comparatively puny as compared
wilh Uu, wealth of men of old. There
*■*■ Murk Antony's that was
•old lu Menall (or over 1000,000, and
Bcsurus' viiia wa* burned tt ■ lo** of
LOOOiOOO OtbO spent over *H.
00('.1"11 ui Onliblng on.- whin of a
I'sln..   commenced   I.y   Nero.     N'eurly
188,000,000 was found iii ii Sen
or Tiberius, und OallgUla spent 11 nil lu
l.-ss n, ,|| ., V1..n. Pim|m cniilil make
» trifling presont to tlm molh.rr of Hill-
tils ol ii purl worth over (80,000. »»
tl U*   be  modest.     Wn   nre   u   cheiil'
'"'"i'i.*, -ven the wealthiest of us.
■moklag  Hi-  Nnralle.
'  ,;i'"li thus lelln Imw   lhe Dtrftl*
■,J»***d by hi* brethren:
"""[> pure tobacco Is UKcil In the
Mrgllo, it |h (frown expressly for the
WrpoM h, I'ersln    The weed' Ihei- Is
"" '''I lilinbeky.    This kind of lobll I
WOW wusheil  livo or  three Union by
jh '"''" wbo keep tbe restaurant He
""'' " under a fnucot and iqueeses
"' i"1''.' mu.   Othorwlse th* tobacco
""Id l„. too strong,   'lh,.,,, when th*
Ji"",i" of ll u iln.wn Ihrungh tlm wn-
■ lhe tobacco, of course. I n
.    '!' '"■"* "II the nicotine Is ilcpimllcil
.,„."' Wo,or' "",l •> delightful nnd In-
1"","""« suioko Is th.. IWllI "
Need Ricl. Red Blood to Bt.ind Worry
and   Strain   of   Business   Hour*.
on It      tb.
..I   li-.uiri
women   n r *
inni-   In
i.t-    . q upon
ni-in     ii.. i-   i
• i    1-
Ur- Will
I lull   1     In*
in i   I '"'"'
,1.1-  III.   IU
ami    vnlltll-    .11   I ■■
,   bun      fl
ii    William*   U.
M,..    I'i uu    in Bib. h.,,'
. mil. ,
M,   *. \.     bul  nl '   the;
hav.     i '''""!   ''"'"'
win e cm
rn.   cm.   bj   Ihi
m'mi   i. '  It '      '■
writes Ml   i   W   Brown  C i ■
■    i ■ •  ■
„ ■
,,„    i nm i    Whal   or.
.p.  .im * ..( d.
.• • v '«« "«•" "v:,,;,
':;;:::;„,*,:„";,.„ ,
;::,„;:::. -;":,.:;,;.
,*,,■.,„,..i rem n tb
mi  will  follow  ll1"'
.i   W«dn**day n friend calls around for
,i i hat,
Ami I wuat* halt an hour nf my time, in. one ob *rv<   io i hardly son cull
H"'' •'* i  a rfiv grav* crime
1 though   11   **tl  ine   behind,   It  lu
••- mallei io , oum me dismay.
'''"'   I  will catch up umi  bu 'ots to th*
i ,i
Vl,. ,, i work like ii Trolun next day.
n"  '•' <   r*daj   uml  Friday mui  Hu.urday,
"I  Hi.   murk Is milt- |ny;
1 *    ii    ei ,.nil> when ll ciimen lo r*-
Ton v. i ii mak* th* tilings ny.
1   '.     raw,   in.l   wonderful   duy   Tor   retails.
ire th. n i ord I'll s.ek.
1 *    Saturday night,
rn put ii nil on tin nexi week
told mo there wus no euro for mc. Dr.    I""* HC('n ul* eutlug at the usual cven-
l.eoul»ird('s Anti-Pill  cured me." l"g bour.   Ho shied around me with a
Ail «**l-ii   or Tho Wlljon-Fylo Co.,    look of Biirprlse that I should be nt the
Unrlted, Nlu_uru   Kulls. Ont.
walking    P*1
feed ruck ugalu uud said, 'Why, you've
"Everybody had been 'saving up' for
the o—nsiun ho that tbey might eat like
heroes nt tbat wedding feast The fact
that I hud not been missing any meals
II,null!,in    l-KII.
in-nlil wentbei gatbei u ggioftm
m order thai  thej  da not got chilled,
In    I.   Watson iu I'uill-
i*i Journal.   Keeping eggs lowers their
ii.iini    ir kepi ai too low a tempera-
rn..  in- chilling injur-- them.   if. on
lli- other hand. Iht* l-ui|i-rutur- il I.,..
warm deveioi m   begins     .lust  the
proper temperature to hold th- eggs at
Intended   for batching ii  not  known,
that generally recognised ns beet being
betweeu .'..'. and (IT. degrees r.   If kepi j
in too dry a room eggs evaporate nuns i
nn.* i-ii rnpldl)    They should, there '
Uot   be exposed  to ..  dir.s.t draft :
I bej should be turned dully in |
-in-i to prevent iii- y,,ik*. adhering n.
tell,  m  nin, ii case the vitelline ;
in- umi become ruptured when <
 i   i._.'- -i.iuiti prove fer-
ul.   aud  iu.n   lie -..'.-.i  im   hatching
foui   day*  after  the   male   baa   I n
■   in tlie breeding pen.
Oiieru   I inlrr   I. I HI. .. 11 It*.
A contemporary account sayi; "At
ih- lirst performance of 'i.a Travlata'
tbe tenor, Qrazlani, took cold and song I nearly ostracised ms in that happy
his part throughout In a hoarse ami ill- gathering."
must Inaudible voice.   M   Varesl, tho 	
baritone, having what wc would call a The K«ie or rules,
secondary role, took m. trouble tn bring     Some ancient cities have disappear
out   the  dramatic   Importunec   of   this ed.   The nr-lui-ulogist digs through the
short but Capital part, so tlnu tin  ef sands of the desert, the accumulations '
feet   i.r   tli.  duet   between: of  vegetable  mold  and  the debris of
Viol.•Ua and  Qermoad In tbe second! human habitation In a search for tho
act was entirely missed.    Mine. Dona* palaces of great kings, the markets of I
teiii   who impersonated the delicate. I wealthy traders und the homes of a:
sickly heroine, was on- of the stoutest on— numerous people.    The massacres |
lad lei un the stage nr -IT it. and when of ancient warfare may explulu some
at the beginning -r tbe third .1-1 the of these dead and burled cities.   The
doctor declares that consumption bus Inability of people In early history to
wasted away the young lady and that deal with  the sanitary problems of a
sh- cannot live more than a few hours congested population may have been R
the audience was thrown Into a statu rontrili.itii.R cnuse to their destruction,
of   perfectly   uproarious   gi—.   a   statu Cities   may   have   died   because   their
very different from that necessary to people could  not  live.    Hut In  most
appreciate th- tragic action of tbe last cases a cluing- In the routes of com-
ii.t."    No wonder that  "I.i. Triivlntu" niorce will  be found to have diverted ,
made a fiasco under these trying elr the stream of nourishment from a city   V-t when more adequate- and  left It to die of starvation.    Yet ■
ly performed the tqiera soon became an Uie Eternal City and Athens, Byzan-
Immense favorite with audiences of nil tium. Jerusalem, Antioch uud Pumas- j  and   Verdi   had  DO  reason  to ens  illustrate the  tenacity of munlci-
remember the dl*uteri attending its pal vitality, even though a long sne-
Refunded I
by thi i**lr>r
from w h o ni j
v.'* bar ith:
tiirht -Soap tf j
you Bad nu
oium    for
Sunlight Soap is better
than other soaps, but is
best when used in the
Sunlight way.
raw****   »u.
pwsaa   wfc.
• ••••• Mat
Mn_M   Mr
In) i, fin u.
mi   torn *f
Equally good with hard or soft -water*
U».r Brothi.1 Llmlt.d. Toronto
•irsl appeurunce in public.
cession or centnrle* briiiRs great
changes In the methods and subjects
and   courses   of   traOic-
I ...   lim.i
i dii-i bath ibould !»• provided In
. | breeding pen and should consbn
ballon lm\ ."• in l feet, in whl. I.
yon place sand, lilies and sum- -ui
[•Inn and ■ little in--, i powder Till*
-liuiiltl be shaded In the summer lime
Keep dry uud hui- a cover 10 lake ou
.unl .t(T in ih- winter months N.
of Ibe bath means an Increase of the
fowl Beai, which, unlike Ihs blood
nill—.. ivhit li an* unly found out at
night ami hid- away during the daj
on the body ..r tbe ben and drain
li of mucb of the -ire forming ele
menu These parailte* toy count lee*
■mall whii- eggs on the downy pan ol
th- feathers especially under tbe wings
nnd   near   tl.e  v-nl      In  tin rly   an
in.nn. when tl- bird* usually lose theti
oltl feather*-, tin— egg* m- -arn-l all
about the farm, nr- duly batched sad
return to the houses'   nf  lh-  HaO   litflil.
Tlie Ruff <'<.-l  HI.   Ill IM of the
family, snd old sm
tbey were once Ibe pure okl Ibsl Bhang
geel ••: Hi- Shanghai family
ih.-i   uer- km:-
or the walk.   They are very hard]
dom  show si-kin-"  Unless  bn.ll>   n-'-r
I-,... •! iu it .*....! then man]
of ihem win nm take the disease   They
Compact and n  l.rttflit  buff
uii-ii young  although the older hens
•-.   m color.   Thej
round layers and ir f-il
■ will i'i as many >-*cs in winter
•,. of the famed for win
Fanners Advocate.
Chinks In in- Hriinilrr.
\.v-r pul more than il ft y chicks In
mi. ti.«k in nny brood**. Keep tbem
warm enough «o thai Ihey aro comfort-
sl.l- About OR degrees under tbe hover when Hi- s.uii- i ipty Is sbout Hi*
richt temperature to start them at.
The  Tent.
"Ilow dn you like your now music
tea. her''"
"H, . im c...«l"
••Wlii. what makes you think sof"
•*\e-t.*r.i..i i played a common tune
clear through, and be didn't say It
would take a weok'i practice to offset
th- harm don-"
••Tommy Is sn. I. S sweet cbll.l." sfthl
I doting mother. "Unit 1 often think It
will  Ih. ..  auricle If bo lives to (,*r.iw
•It will" "..l'l ll»" .-nti'liil liciKlil«*r.
With n baleful cleiim In his eve
■■taalll*   AOrellom.
••..ur baby," says Newpop, witb a
d.s*|. sigh,   in ten »""'b aits'-l'i-'d to
ll.c " __•___■
■■.Mm,, so Ihiin lo jour wtfer  ssked
ll.c ii-llor
"YOU bei." niiswen*.l Newpop. Why.
I, refute* to let nn.v one but me walk
tl„. Boot Witt bun ut uliiht."-l»etrolt
A   Period   <•!  I'rnbelloB.
Babble f*«*d tmren, concluding hi*
evening prayer) "An' dad b'es* pap*
nn' msmrns sn' Bhrtei mien nn'-nn'
Aunl Mnl'" »»' I dt*s»
Ilm ver lllll belter Im* out for lllsself
Iill be puts back Hn* bolt* be kicked lu
,„,  di um."   Woman'* Home I'oiupau*
i,nt *
■nmt k.   on   lltiialii.
'i*n» king most often and most seriously shot at was I.n.iis Philippe, who
SOmcbOW was never hurt by Ins WOUld nrrhert Spencer.
i„. sisatilni    The must desperate at- A queer Instance of tbe working of
tempt was made by Fleecbl, the ''..r- Herbert Spencer's mind is mentioned '
sl-an.  who operated  With an Infernal by the two sinters In whose household
machine,    II- was once tired upon at be lived.   II-came tn the table one day
such -lose i|unrters that the flash of the absorbed lu thiiikinc about some pho-
pistol sel  lire to the bonnet of '.'msn tOgrapbs of  tbe  ueblllue he  had  Just
Mane Anieiie, wh.. sat beside him in received:
a  carriage     But  one lerioui  attempt, "As he rose from his chair he stood
was Diode to lassastnate Napoleon I   it for a minute gasing with gloaming eyes
was with nn Interna] machine    Na- into the distance, nmi then muttered In
poleon ut. had two narrow escapee, a disjointed fashion, ns if half to him-
One was wli-n the (irsiul bomb* ex- self, words to this effect: Thirty mll- around his carriage, and the lions of suns, each probably hnvtiiR Its
otl.-r was ai the U.'i- de Boulogne, own system, and supposing them each
When ii ball meant fur his u-m-si Alex- to be the size of a piu's bead tbey are
iiii.i-r I. wfalssed by Ins sor snd shut fifty miles apart! What do.-s it all
1,,-iiiii .1-t imp's Imrs-    London News.I mean?'     And   then,   without  u   pause
end only a change of voice, 'The Duff
still coin-s out of that cushion, you
know.' ns tvith a wave of his small,
thin baud toward It be passed rapidly
out of the room, leaving us both be-
tvlldere.1 by th- quickness with which
his mind worked."
HI* Work  llmi*. *.  From a Needle  >•
a  Battleship.
"There Is, perhaps, no other trade
snd very few professions," writes William Iladdow iu the Technical World
llagastne, "that require the high order
of intelligence, the study, the application, the real hard bended common
sense, the surgeon's delicacy of toucb,
for Instance, lu fitting ot flue work,
that the machinist's trude demands ta
give U.e excellent work and the luter-
changeability of parts found lu tho
modern rifle or Bcwlug machine, The
range of bis work Is from a needle to
a battleship: from automatic machinery that 'would talk French bud it one
more moveuieut' to measuring machines guaranteed not to vary mor*
than tbe fifty-thousandth part of on
luob from the absolute. This precision
will perhaps lie better appreciated when
It Is rcmomlierod that 1.10 times this
Let Us Keep the Peace
I ishnp Potter manifests a woeful
luck ol discretion in giving public Utterance lu ins opinion that referring
iu Britain und United States, "there is
no love lost between the   two   cum
It Is Ihe duty and should be tho
pleasure of every mnn, and especially
01 every public man, to aid the purpose forwarded by our ambassadors,
from Uayard to Ornate, uud other
men ..i prominence ol both countries,
lo bring ithoul such un era of good
feeling, trust and between
th.* two :ih would make peace secure
between them for all time, wlthoul the
formal endorsement ol I treaty that
might be broken ai easily as made.
No doiiin Bishop Potter heard ad-
verse comment in Bngland ami especially by men who have money Invested in Amei nan enterprises, on the exposures  and   railroad graft   methods,
and the slnrllinj;  disclosure* concerning the preparation ot trust meats for
market    bui  be roui.i have heard the
h-re,  and   neither   hen*  nor   In
ai large pul
on    the
,-Ul n'l'l i 'l   |'l'l„   —ie-   tinl,   |uunva,   w   ,..««   , 	
a s|.ecltlc example, are so accurately   community or suppose thai it has the
1 in-i, ol fairness nn.l honor thai has
been found In .. tew capitalistic ad-
venturers hero and then*— Urooklyu
plug be held In tt for » few moments. • ..,,,„_
•vlll  make  It Impossible to Insert the
limit of vuiiation is only equal to the i sunn
diameter of the average human hair. I Bngland   do   the   people at
Standard plug and ring gi.u,;es. to take [ th blame lor   these   tbiiuis
a s|H?.itic example, ore so accurately
fitted to each other thni tbe cipausion
due to the warmth oi -be baud. If the
11 • i......   lir i_ i,,,, — nf ii,,.  *taro.
Tin    dream  of   .losepb   is   the  oldest
*in iimeiit known In which tin- lirn.i:l
ii-ss ui the itnn li referred to. In it
sn' mentioned the sun. moon and
twelv. stars which osceed all the other
hem. nli bodies in splendor    A French
astronomer has pointed ..ut that ir wa
conn! the -tars of Uie lirst magnitude
plug iu the ring, while If tbe ring be
expanded in the same way the plug
will drop clear thruugh it.
"When tbe niachiulst has becom*
•klllful enough to fulfill thc above requirements be may receive from $''.50
l«ir day up to whatever he can make
himself worth aud prove It."
A  Heavy Sample.
Sometimes the rigors of patent office
seen in Egypt today we shall Bnd just procedure ure not without their bumor-
twelve, fore thirteenth ll of somewhat ous side. A New York attorney tiled
doubtful brilliancy These twelve stars nn application for Improvements In a
are alao mentioned In an evangel of 8t centrifugal pump. The patent office
luliii. hence the COnclUdoS declared the Invention luopcrotlve and
that the relative brightness i.f the stars demanded n working model. The pnt-
lins not appreciably altered since the «nt office wus requested to Bond nn examiner to Trcuton to Inspect the machine In actual operntlon. This the
patent office refused to do. The attorney, therefore, politely seut a seven
ton pump to the patent OfBce sent it.
moreover, from Trenton to satisfy a
skeptical examiner. Twenty one men
were required to get It Into the oxani-
Inor'* office-Scientific American. of the ih.irin.hs.
B *   U.ilic
ii ...k.*> in,  sood fellow.
Ami win n 11 K'*l    Inm nn Hi- Sllllig
It  mnkt ■  tint, .- I  ■  li Ul* i tllOWi
wmi bought] ■ - i.i
The it -- in uli"ni I- mi'i ilt lighted.
Ai.d oftfi. when il- *  li ii !*■ i  mui.
•ml to gmw al "ner iirnrslshted.
Ton m-et a man whom you regard
in .- . »,ni. ti- knowing.
And.  though III* III. k Is .* ng  hard.
Ills klnilin sn ■*. in i to bl - • i Bowing,
Un. wli-n liis Iiii linn's in- mail,   wliol*
ii.. .i—.-i, i .,,  id- common i *
ild j ... too... in... ni tn » pole
Bu long that It would r*Oi 1. ,. si,, pl*.
Wli-n he I. iionr and feels th* 1- •  I
bins you to s*l his .l.nn-r.
(ih, tutu Iw i» a i.-nti Ind. "1
Hut wait nil li- become* I winner:
Tli-ll. lis i-i.  In.. I  trom liny  In tl.n.
Uio .in.l. ... . I--rini nn—. stows colder,
i i,in I,- i....k* tin* othei wn
And linns to )uu the chilly alinulil-r.
"Tl» pity, but you know 'tl» true.
That m-ii-i  tak** H deeeal fellow
And sor. ot turn, lilm WTOIIg »ltl- lo.
Ju.t a. (ti- wind t.iri.H nn umbrella.
Hut wh-.. Instead of .... Inonaai
Ills fort!...-:, tak. it ...nihil tumble.
Tit-it b* cniiiii gtv* tn- Japan***
Horn.- i.nli.unl points un Ih'ii.k hiimtil*.
The  Waller  W.ilmun   anil,    cxpedl
.um has salted ..ii the steamship
\iential.   Niiimi.    taking   Witb
ih. airship in winch the attempt lo
reach the north polo is t.. be made,
It  is Hood lur Man  ami  lleasl      Nol
imii is i.r Thomas' Bclectrlc Oil ol
incomparable value in ihe household,
imi the farmer and the stockmnn will
nn,i ii verj serviceable tn the farmyard
..mi on the eattle range, often saving
ths services ol s veterinary surgeon
In   injur..'.-   In   sln.i,   and   in   c
cuiigli  and  pains  It  can  be   used   with offoCt.    •
heiil.hv man or w in I. «U * *
.evenly Hv.' «"'!''' j """'
sl... i   Aliehnr. 	
T1,e " ....-i.o.'.•■<<.•■ »;'»■;, ^    '
to the tan ..-bur-■■"•••;.!', ,, .„
ml l. really  ■>'«;"' "'"    '„   S.IA
'•"ll"11  ,,,r""s", m    ,.i oui "'
which make* ll ■*•»*> t0 h"ul1
case of eincrgeii'v
_/; pills.
.A Congo Story.
\ i iti inning from the iiii-
pe.   Conga  says  ll.nt   he  mm   i.   strain;.'
iiiiii loi in   llll teel   high    iu  I I  nl  ibe
Inni .   ill  the Ilea.I senlri  ol  a  vill.ig.
iin i.nt.■!    informed   the   mlailonar)
thai   It   ». ir*  a   iai ge slain* lium   n huh
to il-in. leopards, Imi native* t..l.l
him that ii was ii   torture   platform
I nini lillnilis  who   did   Hot     brim*     in
sufficient quantities of   rubber   were
lirst   beaten,   sometimes   almost   ...
death, and then taken la the top .n the
Iruoturt1 .m.i compelled la gale nl tin
! sun mini   relatival brought Uie neoen
. uii.nmi ni rubber lor redemption.
\   .eieiiti thlt      the      lleiglll
unl weight ni school children increase
wilh  the son* i.i   ll.e  houses  111     ii Inch
thej Im 	
Tl.e Huston lire of lST'J Is NSfcOMd
the fourth mosl destructive ill.* of bis*
tory,   the   loss   exceeding   $75,000,01X1.
.me peculiarity of this conflagration
was that buildings supposed to Iw
fireproof were consumed ns readily ns
those for which their builders made uo
■uch claim.
Title-,   ill   t.rrimlli).
The question of title Is one of the
most delicate lu Uermuny, a fnct of
which the stranger i* constantly reminded In Intercourse with the people,
particularly wlUi tl.e women, l'rnu
PTOfeaaor, Fran Director, I'm.. Doctor,
are most particular about their husband's titles being attached to their
own nnmes, but when It comes to military circle* It Is different, nnd both
men nn.l women protest vigorously
ngninst till* sharing of titles. I.leulen-
nut von it. objects t*. baring his wife
addressed as Trim Lieutenant, which
title belongs ns well to the wife of
Lieutenant Schmidt or Huff of a less
aristocratic regiment.
Thr   fashionable   llhilirr.
Kigl.t men exclusive of the butlerar*
required to *erve ■ dinner of twenty-
four covers, one being allowed for every three diners.   Another Is stationed
In the pnntrj to "nm lu" tbe courses.
Absolute older nud silence reign
among these men. who perfectly understand    the    butler's   cabalistic   signs.
Electric signals pass constantly between chef nmi butler. Prom the sealing of gu-sis until the ladles laava not
more than eighty-live minutes should
elapse, for long dinners am considered
Inul form. t'pon the** occasions
scarcely i member of tbe domeetlc
corps escapes sotns special duty. The
housemaids assist the pantry mold.
Attar each course twenty-four silver
plates nnd COUUtle** small stiver must
1 iirciuiiv cleansed, wiped very dry
nnd then polished with chamois before
being put away.  Nearly 200 pieces of
engraved crystal ware must be washed
and polished, nn.l It Is loo COStly nnd
brittle to be hastily handled.   Bvery
body's Miign'-liie
With a Lll.l* Car. Thrr Mar Ea.llr
Be   l lr»i.rd
Sluiir a good picture that bas looked
dark aud dirty for years from having
been exposed to Uie dust can easily be
cleaned and freshened ln a very simple way. The picture should be taken
from Its fruiue and dusted carefully
with u soft cloth, l'eel a largo potato
snd cut It In half, go over the whole
picture with a sponge tbat ha* been
dipped lu tepid water, thou with the
But side of tbe potato rub Uie surface
of the picture with * light circular
movement, being careful not to pres*
too heavily on tbe canvas. The potato
will soon begin to loosen tbe dirt und
the colors underneath will begin to
show brighter. When all the stains
and dirt h»ve been removed tbe picture should be sponged again ln warm
water, can token to wash off
»ny sturch that may have been left
from the potato.
In case thc picture Is badly cracked
as little water us possible should be
used, as It Is apt to ooze under the
paint and do some Injury.
Many oil pointings are Irjured by the
dnmpness from Ibe walls on which
they are bung. Tbe dninpne** 1* apt
to cause the caavus to decay, and
there arc few cumuses made, to resist
It* attacks. To prevent this particular
form of decay thc buck of tbe canvas
■bould be painted when perfectly dry
with white lend.
A Little Orjtt.
Some people who make themselves so
hoarse bowling about graft that Ui.'.v
have to send  lor u horse doctor still
nevertheless receive with on open hand
all of the government seeds that tbelr
congressman has the uerve to frauk to
ll makes some difference whose ox
Is being stuck With I pll.i.rork.
When wc can suve 3~ cents by accepting garden seeds from the generous hand of I'uclc Bam It looks oil
right, but It seems to b* o broncho of
a different color when a congressman
Is able to B.i*"Y enough out of a $6,000
salary to buy o railroad uud a atcum-
j ship line.
Of count a man would scorn to sell
bis vote for the seeds by which he
might raise u mess of pottage, but It
Is seldom that he wuxcth Indignant
enough to scud buck the seeds, for If
be hasn't ii garden himself cunt hc sell
tbem for something to his neighbor*
Something .Mom Than s Purgative.
—To purge is the only effect or many
pills now on the market. Pnraotoe's
I Vegetable Pills an more than s purg-
anv- iiii*. strengthen the stomach
when other pills weaken It They
cleanse the blood by regulating tbe
ItVOI and kidneys, and Ihey stimulate
where other pill compound* depress
Nothing of an Injurious nature, used
im merely pursain.i powers, enter
late their composition
Twelve collieries In   tho   Mahauoy
i*   in    Pennsylvania,   employing
aboul  v  men and boys   nr- lluud-l
as a reanli ol the benvj ram,   which
m.s continued for i «•
Sunlight Soup is battel than other
snaps, but Is best wheu used in the
Sunlight way. Uuy Sunlight Soap
and  follow directions.
11. - of s job now ll- had a
good opportunity, but be didn't take
the iron-ie to Improve i*
•*Yes it s a funny thing about
trouble, isn't If.' if you don't take It
you'll have it"
w. ,,rr." One Hundred It-liar* Reward
foi any eaa* of Catarrh that cannot k*
iui.*.l  In   Hall'* Catarrh Cure
r j citENEr a CO   Toledo, o.
Wi*. tin. iiinl"!.1*1-.1 hav- known 11.
iii.'.- ■ for th* last It Vfam. anfl UtUv*
him i • rtv-tly honorable In ah . u*ln**»
tr.iri.H linn*- nnd ni.Hnt'lnll. ahl« tn oarry
oul any ..bhaatlona made by I.I. Sim.
Wiilitlna. Klnnnn A Marvin.
Wholesale  Diuislita.  Toledo,  O.
Hull'. .'aiarrh Cure Is tnk.n
a.-ttn* itl.t—tly upon th* blood and mucous aurfac** of the ii.t.m T**tlmon-
luls .tut fir-* Price. ?lc. p*r oottl*.
(•.■lit hv nil I'i -stiii.
Take Hall* Family Pill* for Cuuatliialloa
tllifit   Ipenerr Traveled.
when Berber! Hpencer went on a
long railwny journey It was his practice  to have  reserved  for him a  first
class compartment   Across the or-
rluge he used to have n haiiunock
swung, ln which he traveled to avoid
the Vibration and concussion. There
was Hoiiu'tbiiig funny In the ipectaclo
of the staid philosopher traveling In
this fashion, ami so It nppeareil to the
people who wlln—nil the proparatloni
for bis departure, The Inquisitive*
were soon illsnppninto.1. for lis soon as
Spencer recognised that be wus being
iiiude the Object of unsolicited .mention l.e would shout out lu stentorian
tOM* to tho porters lie used to have
four to look utter lilm—"Draw dowu
those blinds!"
I   l-.f-l-r.    |u    A.-.-nil     Alp.
t'ersou* not hardy enough to risk th*
rigors of Alpine -limbing are uow en.
abled te mount to the summit of th*
llinnnicl Schwnnd mountain. K.ililO feet
SbOVS sen level, hy means of the longest lift lu the world, uu elevator UU0
feet high The elevator Is located not
fur from Lucerne, where Is a grotto ln
which the elevator shaft Is hidden,
the elevator Is operated by oleetrl.ity
llie cage Is twelve feet square, and
only seven passengers *re carried each
trip. The ns-ciit 1* made In three mlu-
Ka*r Work.
First Tranilcnt- If you had got to go
re.'.' burliness, what line yould you
rkoose? 8econd Ditto—I'd open an employment agency. It would be so nice
to he getting other people to work
without having my temptation to do
any yourself.
Tin* authorities ol  Birmingham  Onl-
have   ri'is-mii    opened on the
lit*,     ground*    ....    espariinaatal
. inn- . DOOUpytng nearly uu a-n uf
ground. The purpo*. i- u liv* prso-
tioal linlruotlon to itudent* in all Ihe
problems, sud operation* of -oal mining They are -\er.*i»cil in under
ground -uneying, the Donneotloo of
sm i-t wuh underground surveys, tln
teating ..( ventilation, ihi meaauramenl
-I .ui volumes ami vrioolties, the fric-
u  .in i um nis. lii. ..ui  methods
ol breaking OOal, sud thi management
. ■ .liin i. in kin*Is ol drill* • lilting
machine    The oompletiou  nl   tins  am   ic  bus been .iwnite.l  With  nu-i
. , i || I* expected t- prove .*«.>'
■ iluahl. in t-s-hing tin *fi-n *.' .!
Wnen  Remitting by Peat, ue*
Dominion Express Money Order*
and Foreign Cheques
Th* B**t and Ch*ap**t
•y*t*m   of   Sending    Money   to   any
Plae* In tb* World.
Absolutely Safe
Purchaser Is given a receipt, and tf
order or cheque is LOST or DBS-
I him Kl>. the amount will be promptly RBFTNUED. No red tape. For
lull Information and rates call on
Local ueuU.
Till"*- Imnrtr*d 1
lot :..*.■ *U«ky|
Bold by all Druggttt* and Oeneral BtorM
and by mail.
W    N    U    No     582 J_S_£
It I'rl n,    ...      ,   ■ '.     '•' ity, IBS E-.Ml-i.'.' 1
!*t hi*run...-   * - I '       i I :'..: •-ifTTkur.'.'t 1'
Tu- IS I r
Mile -   '
I*..'* ..:  .      ■
I ms nut r.l'.d  hlmnv'tt wiiwiik
* . ,-i   ,. '1*1 .'(iy.■•_*.:...  i* ' J
All I,*    t  lit   III* I'M •   ... 1' .
.(.lit- re '•It™, i.. iw '.)'-''■'■.. s'-ts to a'v. *. i*«. j
.ii,  - -,     .      .    nl '•... t.'.U
T.-'.-'i :*-i* i.*i -.■•■il oU'.0*t liver	
■Ill |n iiinl* i»n.11:11 on uyc'iriiuu i .i     ,--
BOh-.orn.Huil ,* ■'• i i-.'.r. ill ndi'iiu:-
Inlli. ic ■::.; .:' lh.* J'liijj'inori: Aiii nni
i Aui'.rnilir.g'.' rjW.'srtit
In the ( iriiil.*. ' o.itrt'.M West '". intanuy
hoi I* n ui i'r.u;., :l uk'o, I*•• • • ■ H
Og Ion ( , i.pnr. ol Kr'.hur; II t\
plointitT crt-1*' •', .it: I
Kr:ii-I' Aimm-tus [latter,   C'   1 rrou
1 end,   ii i'., iiitendsiit i.*;'i.i
debt 'i
Puniiani ti the ohler o: 8 V. mm
Judgo r..i.u, d.tieii 5fl.*h'day ofJiine,
• 180S, I nill ..Ror f.rr uslo ami' Mil lit
pull .* auction gl fho Court K. ••'..■ »t
Tronl l.mie,, np Kt: lav tl;« Hull
day of Auguet, live. *,: tire '. fr of 11
..'clock in Iln an. all the inl ll
of the above :..v..ied jndffmcnl th?h
Kr. c:t .\'t. *  i.r..   I' -1-,'i-t   in .   :   I"   . I    ■
Tii I    i. in It'.n,*:. n-iiib't  ... ii
llie Imi :i ot .', ri on in-ail. in::;. - ll.
Pur (ml Yv ;:„!-in;l*..i'  ;.      "1    V  _
I'ili. It,   of   I'm".::  I .:l:e.  I   .'
tor Jtidgnieni Creditor.
Hated lhid 2i i day pl Aiign-ft, 18W
QKO. M. Vl'll 1
I     ;: j*8lie.*itfof Sortli Wen
Q "t*f1,'
,\'!;      ' ?
:..,'&£&> ***        V i
3    ' **/?;*»■ *, * A;        **.
Co 't'i "« ci'. • .• 1 into :'t pnc-lnj of Mining Suppllei, rcr.
(0    .<•*!•..'   1-1   I'i'  ■>. ." *    •
i ii. i. *, r. •', ' ,,: *r, .i-n, .ti I ,.nv irork uu 1,'i'iU ..... guaranteed
« it*.:* r
S_*ASEY, Prop.    Ferguson.
■ '"        **-,. |,l«A**t*y*',*,'i|  '        I' *
s - ?¥S^
it .V «,;^;
Legal Notices.
CEBTfPICATKS in' iwriiOVUMi ni*.
J.O., Uliiiili. 1 one nin ii.lnoralclniirii
H.iiniicin .'in front UlteMliiltiR Pivl-
■lun of M cm 1.ifi ■ iy district
iVhsro  I... iiml: I en i ■ i '■ ilm o iH'»
•i'uliciiollie (lull I. '    >'*'.< lllSlll, f"*
miiicr'H  CO 'ilicnl*•  N»- A*'1-1' '•  '"'  ""'
ii nml in iigunt '.'...•»- A Sulltcrli'ii'l.
( ui .■ No .mil. liini'.* .vi*..'. i in
NH 771178, A, Doilds, I m.c: -3 83187, ii"
lend ild .litis nfter Jute l.erouf, I i iipl I)
•., he Mining Uacordoi lorCcfitiO. il i
Improvements (oi the puri ise-ofol liin
i.-.g crown grants of tho shove cliinis.
Aiiilf.irih'ir take notica that soiloi
nnder miction 37 must l>" commenced
I. fore 'ho Issusnos of mich certlhVale ..(
Improvements,     Dstodtl.B 4th dn "I
•M">'A',-l9C,K   J.W.OHISM
Trout Loke Llv«ry
■■■•' '•■i.iu, 'I
Stab.'ei it -t>0l;t |a
Alice niiuer.ri  .'ituiile  in   the
Frout I-il-- en:.'.;   divlfiioli oi Weil
' Kootenay district.
Win i In .....limit of. Rilvor
Cup monnlstn it lieaU i i liron n .-..,
lake notice that 1. AjidrewAbraham,
son I V 0. N. . I 88,188, ijrfnl for John
0. l'iper, I'.M.C No. B8807I, an I
Abrahamson, F.M.I'. No.
l388'J7i*, inlcitt',, eifjty dare from Ihi
date     hereof,     te ' apply    to     tbi
•Mining  li.rcr.r.i.. r   d:,-   g  G-rtiiiiMIe   o*
trnprovemenTg, for tlie |   'po^eofobtaining ::  C....... ..'   ri.    *i  the   nln.i.
■    And   fr.'.-il:_r    .il:,' m.t:,-,-. tli.-.t udion
under ■.*;;:,      .  *..    :   I..* capiincnceil
before the Msuaitcd of CertHI'cste of Im
Dsted lli... 5th -I'ii' of June. \.o. WOf!
Suppl_ 00.
Tnoi'T !', \i;n:>
_.     - *,— jmrnrnm.' .      _lc*;v .
Bar wall Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
I  ■        0   :;.''.-rlillrl.   Uu
Excellent Cui
ti Att-iulai
imiwiWmWWW i
|ly iirini'  Writer suppHod   by tho
( umpaiiv you aro nsured 11 il w
lute purity,   Govern menl Aui
io liuck up statenn :•,!''
Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
ProplW. H. JonesJWO0D
i *...,*
lua.'    l'.iiiilera,    1*.
VALLAMCE    HARDWARE CO   ID- vn. •, Mineri' Bt   | II -,
ind RmgM
firenle- Ne.v York .Miii.rr.i [_" 1..ii>i -ituit j
•led in tli   I      ' I :.l.c Miiiiii*.; Division.if j
Weil Koi.tcn.-.v 1'ir.tiiit. Wherel.-,.iit.l.
On Lower I ■■.nlniii liicr, ofia hr.lf mile
•north of Tenl^rTOQt crcefc.
Taki v.' H • :'.it I, F. C- Elliott,I
Free Min-iV Cortillca'lc. No'. 838,167.
acting a.*. Igent fer l.jjger t.iiete.
Free MinCiat-'c-titicitoNc DSRiXli, Intend, eixiy .lavs from tbs (late hereof,
toaprly to ftis Miiiim; Recorder foi «
Ce.tilicate of fmprfrTomentl,  for Ihe
- purpura of obtgining a Crotgn Grant of
the above, i liini.
.   And further tufa notice tt„-.t iction
under sf-uiion 87, m*.i-t bee mmeurvil
More the Isitianfiol iugh (Vniiicat.
:.f IniproveinenlJ.
Dated  tiii.i   l^lr;! dl)'  of   *u!v.,   A.p j
Notice i» lierul.y given thai tu^iy .In't
iftet illto \ Inffipd to apply lo the Un...
(.'hi-fCi'n.nifsii'.ncr.'f I *iiv<_ nn I IVorkl
for i'i rmisjion to pttrchsir tba follpwiag
deeci.bcd lindi ntLiipiI ii. Wru Koct-
< ••: ,mefirln_ nt  n poitplglltcd ni the
north ''lorjiHf Lai I. river al : hi f »
: t'tijilj. creek and mi_ed
J. I'itv-..n»nan6' M R chut post, run-
ping north*jp tbitinr- ilirn-o »c*-t ,*>o
cl.nina, thpiire eriatii ^0 chsini, tl.enre
along r.,.r hank la tnepoiniof com
meut. J. PrrtSIMMONS
Dated J .i.o 20. l.Ttitt.
E^celleint    Accommodation
Sest Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   ft
John Simpson      Proprietor
Best Hotei^ in Town,
M\0m for Hioini ami Csmngrciai Men.
It |,nt« lo use ll.o Tsleph. ne n
, lengthy (rtp etn ofUn he r-.n-.l. offices
'lU'irhf^M /V (il> ''it Ferguson: Cummhis' Store ; troul
e-Vlill lt*L)j      *W%      Wv't   i,,!.,., i* ,| offlee; iftost Beatou.Com-
 1— taplil ami Arrow 1.*. 1
*A'HOLB8AL£ lUMi r.r.s in Butter,
I-j--,    Choi ".    Produce    ami    Fruit
II    -'.n BIki hieeptiine      '•■• i • . B.C.
Ttmt _ Lake Pity Tranafa.!
and Stage Lire.
Trout Lake )
l Be?.ten
IW : ' '+M.
| Doi-y SUg« will
I :.;.v.'  Fwj ..on
?;.t .
! Trout LriK' at8
ir. loni.ecllca
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
-^ Hotel,
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
W» sh re] airing,   eto.    All  work
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
carniAi Paio uf.
ncsiRvc .und
n ii wn ku:
S3 027.741  r.i
3.02T.T4I CO
3B,7T8B12 67
Head Office
an*NCHES  in ti...
lv    ,   c.'.   ,1    i       l.   • ■-   itcliir •        •
M.tmt..l, .  *  ■>•
B  C
Notice i   hereby piv. n that fin
days'after [gtelintepd  to sjiplj
lo the hon Chief Cum'iqisiioner ..'[
Land*? an 1 Worki for pt-rnii^-iion
to purchase :'.   I     ivn ■■. det
land nituite;!  iuV\*_    Kcoteniy :
Commeocing   at  « po?t   pig
ball u mils ab re  Poplar  «<•:•_.
on north Bideoi Lardu river, mark i
cd ' A. '-. iwii.'v S.W, corner pus':.'!
thence eail BO chains along river
l.nnk,   thi .*.••  i. rrth   40    cl ail .,
thence   west   BO  phsins,   thence
-.outli -iG tliaius to point of con;
June 27.1006.       A. OowiX-*-
Notice it> hereby given that 60
dnysafi-r d.-ito I iiu.iul to inikc
application to lhe Chief Commissioner oi Landl and Work-* for
permission to purchase the f..!!ow.
ing described la it ritqati ii si
Galcm; Bay, -fVe-t Koolefta? (lit.
trict, in.I dps. in ed ig :'..'!,.*,■,.- ■
pommsui Ing at a post marked i'.
irVatftDti .*■ IV. ,..i:,'. |, ,8t, |.'.,..i. .1
at IheS W. cor. of L814_ (Arfotv-
liend i.-irilifr  Co 's  liinl.r* !:i),il),
thence  Welt  4"   chains   ti
►outh 20 chains, thencfi earl   II
rhaiiiH thence  north 20 chains to
point 11    i:iin.*.i:. .inn:, gnd
taining SO scros,       i  Watson.
Dhted June 22nd, 19 iG
Provincial I.and Surveyor,
""tticriil Claims Sorvey-Ml
an ti Ci i.w it lirant*; OLtalncJ i; Ki,   ...
rrout r.n.c. n c
_ nay L>iught_n
-w-ti-.-*.. w«^^»
J III".*   lisiiini;   Forgfiirtu joil
[    >.. 'il.i May at Iho r.ii..l**aii
„'    lintel.    Here the  visitor
it.11  be  siirronndoil  with
In ,./. comforts.   i"..\. client
.■.11-111.*,     well   ventilated
mil    lYuiim    r....iiir-.    iv.l!
stocked hsr.  end  <-\. .y.l.irig which
tni di lownrdu  making your *-i--i a
plciteiint and ineinorghle nne.
Katei fi'T.i ?1 .inv upwards.
Wt hiri\ti t«. jiitMi-c onr patfor.B.
F. B. Wells
R_Y..!.r-3r*'KE, B. C.
N-*. 3U.
A.l*    & AM
8td   Thn-iliij  each
mo .tl..
fujoi.irning Hr**tl)rci; o nliallv Invited,
o Forddrod, 8ec. F.O. Campbell.W M
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT   -De    iii* received I
curiei■'. rat. fi       •   .   ■
I   nmfl.iul.l »T»H*l'le Iii . * 14.
i BuUaand Kui»; i
*-,n.,ttl etttttl "n |It*ii I*, oo".!.- .If.n. -i*1
»■ ■ id tn- Hi i tli.
T«0! i  I SKI  !'
RO. 4\
I. I..... K
P.etulnr mt>trliri|'» heM lh
tr<      IU
'i tits l,iv  r ,     t At   1
.    ,   •• r Ub*
-    OHM
p  U  Bhtpl W '   ■
Review Job Dept.
For Hiph.t".  ■» Work
_3avbec Sbop
— ron * -
Ooc.d Sii5\f* or Hair cut
;P.Barns&Co Wiii!aT'.*<*"*"•
G :
Haaa^tng *=
Hot and Cold Boths
GotdorSilvor, .
Gotdan.l Silver..
Silver ind I fid
... _
fl 5(
ti n.
2 50
1 BO
fl SO
iko. B.
I > i.. rr in all k'nda of Fresh M<. t
rnol.'T LAKE.B.C
Barber Shop.
T. .     I
<J»0. ». Mr(*l1er. '
1 -.  , < ' ihI   I Hill. <
• .i-*i«3-«>vsb-a.   en
tbe Dotel Beaton
    BBAl'ON.  b.c	
V18ftORB arriving at J    loi   ilm tli   iholHoftM fardean)
\*ll  Arrn',il.i*.i;I, tti.i Hold
for '■...-':. .I- ■•   !..!■■      l.v   i '  . . t  IC1      ,  r* . ,l..I|irll.        A WCll
Spl'*  lllll I I •    I       '       '.   W'll ■ -*. "-,  .
nml I''      Pel .:ic:i t., lie iiijiirr.   ,,:•.. •
liitan to il..- i ii.-ii.*. u  .*.. nitron< wnf. rial tl.l I .tei
■^■^aiiiirai   .__ns.>s>_i- Twn
W. BOYD-;. vProp
FRED     0.     KLLIOTT,
BAHn!.VI'i.;*:,>,'OT.'.!tV ktc.,
TroutLtko, I). C.     ind i....      :,
J. <■.
..... LAKI,B.
fipinyi' I
i.i..lie.i after,
A|«nttiirtiflt;rrt.iv,« I'luno*
Outr.'ie oompsnyi' interests cur'afully
PJANOB The i.ini'1.> Qotn ..
Is the ... ■ ta buy. n is not i,
chen*i pi-in when you Imy, but
von Bnfl ,:n: have prnotised econ*
'o-i-- i-* (i . .'. ,. ■ . ;,.: ,! ',,,.(
tric-1 it. Wht-n you want ,.,, In
Stmbrtnt ir.. thr- l6oal Bftciit,
3\lurr.r,. ;le can fit you mr. wiih
any sf.yle find at any price And
Hrics    J, C, Murray, local agent;.
c   li   hereliv   ,*   in   Ihsl    two
•it .1 ||r> I  ,   *,•'   i   i.,   .,,.,   ■    •
il'" lion Ohiel • ....i i   nioocr ul I
»nil Wnrk* foi ii in. c   In  i ll
un.I carry away limb r fi ....
Inning described land        lilted
Wen  Kooten     i  >
C  ir i. t 111 Ing |l I ■   HI  lunrlki .1 I -
lllll'l lOnlh-WMt c.f.ri,.r,   net 11. n   ■
I 1117. thenee *
BO ci on.., iliciire pill vn i hail.*, Ilie.iee
louth i-i. liiuu.i. ii, -,,-,. ii, it 80 cl .   ■
' I "' ■ni I i
-   . ii tilth June, 1800 l.l BI.IR lllll
Notice   li   I -i'i   given   thlt   two
month* ifier date I   Intend   m *p\ 1*.
lo   tl.e   Chief Coinmiisioi
Lands nud IVorkl fur » iper   ' I
I'i cut tnd curry  IWSV timber It."   ll  ■
following described lend*, lituslod in
the Wen Koolensy distrii i i
Oommenelii • n g ,.... ...;.,.. i...,,,.
Hill'l loulheitt c/itnar. lot s|  north
mii earmrpl i..*i v.i ihenee nan
.■Iniiio. |hHno<i *e».t to chains, tlienceI
f..ulli Bt) i'halui, tlience e:.*t M chains
'" noilil of ooniniiiu nj
Nel.nn, :::il. Juue, 1800,    Lmlii Iln.i,. j
"Ol   *     ■-     llpn hi    liven   Unit   lit.. I
monthi aft-, date 1 Intend ta apply to
the 11- n, i'li,,.f Coinuiliiitlnet "I Laqii* I
sad Works fori ipeclnl llpenie ta oul
ind i n.i .i.iu, Hmher  Innn  tl.s foi-'
laaing deipriiieri lindi nitunied Iplhll
o. ..nnv dint rill:
t'omi. en. ingai a post muilied LeSlls|
Rill's lotilh-eiit  comer post,  »ei   •
i.oriI, cant corner (.! _..t 7.r._. thenee
north 40 ohniiie, llunce wesl IWohainS,
thenco loath 40 chsias, Ihenee sail ino
el...inn io politl ul c.M.i.n.t.iceiiii'ni.
Nelwn, 12th June.iuoo.
I.upur lllttl.
• _?.»**»-_ .-.'*• twipi-3aniiSPT_
Gl.ijur Ale;
Ginger Beei*
onrsanai iii>
Cream Soda
Champagne Cider
Club Soda Water
i.lthla Mineral Water
W -~ —" " R
Thorpe (8b Co*
.*XcItWtt. fi. (fi.
Pay the Printer.
in. .te
have   I..*.;,   fi.rtnnes
I.y llldicl. 1< inn!.
ment in I.'.-ut.*, nnd
nicro fi.rtu ips will be mode thu:.
ever t'.' n* xl two or Ihreo"ycan',
Thp one wh«. reaps ll..* Imrvcsl is
the or't-in,.! inv est or, for he i. is
his tm a certainty.
Now l.l us point ont It. t r,n thnt
t'.cic j< no Loiter fpot nn the ('.>..-
t'•:• .,t fi l*t;v Rr'i.1 Kltnte than
Trout Lake Is the prettiest*p'*t
in tbe K....t.'ii:iy.s; ha ii pleaii|ra
resort it has no tqiitil. &.Hting
uii I .i-ihiiij,' may lie indulged ii,
tlio year i.iin.l; whilo bla k-uu::
in a'<in.iimi.u is to ilm found . n
llie Iiii!-. Its ciiiiiiii.i is supoib,
tlioio I.* ii g no oi I (•chips, it
lu-iii*.' mild in wintrr iin,l cool In
Klininior. Ii ciui boast of nmnc of
ih" i'n *-t hotelg nml residences. In
Liiiihh Coliinildn, Its streets nre
well laid ..nt nnd (,'111(1.(1. T'iei'0
nre two fxccllcit cnii.iiil,
mil n gl uncle, nt [ho advcrtlsetnonts
iu thi* Joiirnnl will show tl.ut all
triidt'H uio fairly wt: 11 ri'pit:Heiit.-d.
\\iii.s  wltli ccnlidbiicn to Agents,
.", r''*nr i.mi .'.'in    Vn'M' i;.. a
H. McPberson
Trout Lake, B.C.
• *, t *•
nm  mi. 'i.|i*|i'
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
■ *
Then call on
or   write to
— *: --'
r hns never hod n ' 1,< <
t'i,,«in has bi • i. M< ml*,* i -
il .• In ...I < i i gvigfttl n, si i
the i< it..ii ni . f ihe Lardo l gi i h
of il-* C.P.R. AH i id- | - ■
i si dean)   lend to Tr. ul Lnkf,    li
I* il ti mi i. |g|  .•« ..tie > f the
richest   ii.ii,imi   dlstilet  on   ll
" ..iin. i.t. nnd boa .   . I 1.1- f.. ;i ■
'i."    | I.-V..I..1    i.y     I]   •     [.).:..:
liank of i':u.-.'ii ; firsl i
nr.. ii modalI. n  in,.!.*, the   iljric-
lioi   . f 8. Brmnnon, U.A.; t good
Watt r nr-li in ; guv| ii.ii'il.l . IBci-i ;
• '. tint) C mi ilttlngi; Mi '■>■ dirt
Epifrojia] H. d Anglican churjl es
and cottage ho»i imi.
'J licit, nre rail nhle mud. lands
on iln* nutskirli uwaitf) a ki III. r*--.
Iih lumber resonices ere .. ggnifl'
cpi », nud n bun.I niu mill with a
cnpncllj of 80.000 ft, | or duy l| Bl
t'e I md . f il,,* lake. Tl n n li N
tiiiiiimy are |.roving i ut I i-_p(r
I rodncers evi iy y<nr, with i .v.
prospects opening up rich bodiei of
Here will be a l.ij* rush ibis
Vtnr,    go    if   you    WOHld    know
more, wriie ni once to .Jlhei «'f
the ggents nt tin- addresses below,
F. B. Wells
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.O.
., ,,...-,..■


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