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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-07-07

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Full Text

 **   fc
' _ *
.wa '.
- ••».
-'•"'i* ■**
11     .. h.rg
,...iiti     il'
ivHpapai   .
ilclllll      I'1
1.    I_
rt H..I-
i   Mill.'     ML
90s!ii mr
The repreeentative 1
.of. the ncli Lardeau |
country, bent to *
any address for
per an, in adi-anc
TROUT LAKE CITY, B.C., July 7, 1006
-,;-*33E5i_ra2a»r.*Kf_*r5:r: ***■!
chums   ivchI,    ll,..ne,.    HI)    chaini
north   Ibence  hu chains »*-!   i,,
|inillt ..f Cllliillietiecnii'iil
l.nt'lllcl   Mi.y S28th,  I''  f.
'i  K\, Ahrnbntnsnn, Iocs I  i
|-"i .!  (    l-'miv agent
N.i   Ki
planted i.
i" - n tl..- wesl ".id.*
(*rl< u( |,ar.l.'nu  erst".
in chnins wpsi  o| ..
.nn.-  the  "••••!   I.unit
Commencing *,t  „ po*t creek and niiiffk.*d*0.vy. Al
Nn  '.
planted   about    twn  miles   from lann's i
rout   Lake   and   about   one bun-   Al.ral
I nin ing  ut a post      Noltce in   I■•-,,-1.v   glyan   Hui   sixty
Ul of,   unl.-   Ii i'ii |*,i*    l,i""  •'■'•"  ''''■  Wral  ieiI.Iichiii.ii   In-i.--
, ,       'tl     HI     I III-     |1| Ills)]    I 'ii|:i..,..ii|    . ,;./i.'|...   |
"' ' '' "'"'"'  I. i -i     ... it..* li..n.i'i,;.*..'...,,
.   *""'  "■ I   inissiuunr nl    I iin.li-  Snd ft'nrka  f*.r   s
|.i.hI |.li..it.*d ' "*|*"i*ii.l  lie. ti.e  ii.  .nt  a."I csrrr'sws.i
limber  fr.. ii   ilm    l* llmi m*..   itescrilieil
Im iii- sllnnt. i1 in V.',*•., 1   i nt i .,.,
,    „    "_ S"    '       '  ■"**••'*■<■*■:"I* «■ B t.i.-l i I      '     '
marked 0. \V, .„, u i> side <>( Haley n,-.1   .i,,,,.,.
..mini'*.  louth   weal   corner I ing into tie   |,ardn me.. sIkiu.  twn
(red mil Cifiv \*« r I **  north >>f  lhe' print,    thai    north   SO   chains  """•** '"""  "s wewtli   marked r   I,
■eatnn road, marked 0 W. Abra* Whence   paat   «n   ohaina,   tlien,-.* u<>P.v't*>tnht*$tcotn*t i- .-'
mnno.iiV *,nuth-we*it  corner  post,{south,    xn    chains,    t
hence ensl BO chains, then-s north  KO  chaina  I
ei .-e
tlie | .'int    of
Miners and Loggers
A boot tl.at you take po
diarre with. <_ We
guarantee every pair,
■>:' Made "I French Kip
ll ck throughout   r Ai
lln-l telii.-nt
I nested ,M„v [
' i VV, Abrahamson, locator.
1 1     t i.innieticing  :»t s post
p'a-ntcd   *n   t  nl   i ti.- ol I er*
i ecu
keeps   ( fl    I nd
C_ Made •*•--
|y form hy I -eckie
I     -
Loggers $7.50
120 * bail ■   Ihenee  wesl -1 *• ehain
' ene.    r-uiih   4i| chain*    th. nee
wesl  20 ohaina, thence tntettb K0
chains tn point ..( commencement. '
Located Ha*. IT. 190fi
11 VY. Abrahamaop, locat. r
No rt    Onmmenci p «n\ h  \ .-*.
planted about one and a half miles  i.nmarm'e imlth  west corner post
I from the shore  ..f   I'rool   l.siie on  tl enee east'80'cbnrn«  tlience south
tha   North   side   ol   Altrahamsnn  80 chaina, lh> nee  wesl   HO chains,
creek   nnd  i srkod '».   -A", Al.ru ItliPiice nor rrTOchaina I   point .'*'
'   - 111' -    nortl   i- "I   .    ri.«T    |. i«l, , ci un in. ■>. ■.-ii,, . i
-■* i'i.   B0   rhaiuf*   thenes      ! .icati tl M ,v IT:-,   1908,
<'. VV, A brahainson. lucalor
BR ■ 1".    Commei cing at  t p iat
•' 1 I"" ' "'  ■•,::.: i ,r I 1   „f   fhe  I*'.**--
i      ■ """'"' May 2Bth, 1906 .,.,„.,, »,u.,.'.. , n,| .,..„„, -j*., yArt\t
'j "  ••   Ahi I in  I*.. it *r  ^,r,i, „f Utrrile boarr*. 1 mi efrom
phaillB   lie*-".
I e *!.►! *
rhslus, i<> il
... 11
I, In I lis iiuiiLni enu
■ol.-'l Jtn.tr llll.. I'm
Kl.   elm
.MM     --lllll ll    SI!
llnrliiH-IIll nt.
ij " est   8' fhains,  ll -•■   . n *
Jl clmi-i,-    t   ,*. <••■   .*■*<:   _•)  i    -i :.r |
.    i.  i >:■!■   local nr
1    " n * ,      ,.-.. io ii |„.«i |i|  !
in Iln* -.-  •. ie  iii   lisle,   tree t, sl   *n
I   -i', iiiilss '" "i .'- n '.uli, insri..
i.ill'h    lllil.l    t   i-l   in       i    ..osl,"     IIihi:-."-
«.-* m .*i   in.   *   . ■ .,   Font ii K0 pl sins.
j'tie-.** r.s..i   cl..*iv  2.   miles [ nm   ii,ei *,-■ *",. rlisH.s. 8U chains tu the
I'-'i"  ! ::*l" l     (   11. VV. Alirn- ' |'«.i..t n( e ...iiiifiiifint'iii.
mui!*.-•'.•   nnfrtl   west corner dosI '   weaied June nth, jaw
.    i.   • .-ie. K.c-itor
No   '.'..    .'-.»*.,., ine s< S |    • le<l
■ mi Il|S east sills of Hawy creek, marked
c l cope's north east corner |.*i*'*,"
ihs    *    * '   '        ••    rfest,    .  '•' re   -"
lel.sini f.iitbi  I hence  KU  ebsins e:*e(
i i**i - *■ .*• ' r isfns back  i** lbs point <*i
* on    mem.
Ixi*-k,.*iI Jn...* u, lOOa.
C   l.e 'IT   I I'-t'r-ir
i    ' hui ipnei.it bi ii |»Hfl | lant-ed
on tli -' side '•!  llslei-.-res, si.niii
int ever Dtock o\ g  1.0^ and General.   I Uommion Day In
Ll     ]\   ft' ^Mli^'i^W)^^^^i'^'il)MAI^: r-p ¥ 1
Mines.      ^Rev.d.Be  t.a»'7so-J     1 rout Lake.
Thc Rev. D. B Beolt-, n-
  in , will preach  » sermnfi nn " The
i   ,   ,        at   ia n    /*«    n ■   Voice of the Siiiritftttt   the ('bur.*h
Investors   biiou.a   L-c   O.i   Ineir  .    ._.       .   . '
1 .   I liv.tlriii in    psrlPfllUr   nnd   lo
Guird Against Tactics of ,!„. eimrchesin v-cral at to-day."
Company Promoters. \fne °Wr  "ill  t*i-c.  t!,c "Glory
Did-timers ure y.,ni riii's week tn
".'.ake li n nd k with (.'a|it Ole
Alf-nin. of the <; |-.K service. O'e
vvae the f.rst rn[.t&i:*i htin after the
bijj svstem ini.de ilk litnriinnl at
Trout  l,.kc.   and whip here ma.Ip
" Whether or not tiie lute .). P,
I'earee agrepd '.*. purehnse trom
t''il. I'rayton snme80,000ah*i.reain
Iln*   I XI,,   l.nrdi'i.!    \'« ley   nnd
Lardeau Duncan mines is the subject >.f a-, interesting fnit. the bearing of which has been*eondnded
in Si'.tk.iii". before Commissioner
I'.iwi-ll. imya tl.e Va raver Province. No decision »■»« reached,
argument of cnuii.nl having y.t t..
be heard nt Racine, Wis, i.t a
da <• to be fixed Colonel Brayton
claims there was sueh im agree*
' ■ '. and now siicb the I'm ne
estate .ii |>roniissnrv notes ..f ("..ne
1281*0 winch  be holds of the late
CeleLration    By   The   Children.
An I_i)03jahle Picnic and
Attilgtic Sports.
Aa if trving.'to beat all bis r.rs-
vious records for " King's weatbsr,"
old " Sol " bla**d.jr.im s cloudless
s',.y on tl.e holiday makers who
turned ...it on Dominion Hay.
li..--.If popular will, all hv his j''he day wss celeL»rated by giving
uffil.ilitv  nud rruirteoueneae-    Hpl'he ehi'dren all thefmi it was pos-
will   control   tli"  destinies of; the
" Procter "  until   the   return   of
('apt. Fitrsimmons; who is now on
ii trip In the coast.
'P.cv. D. W. 8 o'.t will prea'-i
!      ".IrUiW
iiuu Ij
fc G  I i h
lit T,       it, i*i r* rt    it  Hipm e  i- mi i
n il - Mm, kC, f
.• !,  I rout I_lte -5*. Nakusp
Kural School District.
lit.VKISroiCK  '--,  s-MkN I   I l-"Ti UT.
fl.  ■
les Irom i-t-  im.*.ii i.inrked a i. j,,|,n    )•      Penrce       T
Commencing a'  n i .st "Ferguson,   .. *■'■• )    V,'.   Ahrs "'        '   I  •' '   r'"r'"p ,\ r ,,,.,';„ ,.,,,„,,,,.!  m,
, ,_.*_. . t.|ie..ce 8U eba ns vest, li eilee 80 chains ■n™*"(t"   "s   counsel, flir   I*   '.    I
chaina frm      *      . - past corn.    |   - .     ..•,„,,,„,.   **;,..i,.. I-i..-:.-. a,i..,itH the,, were dealings,
•   lr'1'   I •""•'*    80   chains,  tl - » . .       ,. ,„,,., „, ,,„;.,,,,„ bnt declares no agreement cr eon-
:i1,'"'  '■'  '" " '   ;   '"   itsh-adnnd   sest f ....   ,.„.;. .... tract to purchaae  Ihe  ihates  was.
I O. w. Abrahamson a i east 80 ihaioato     ' "''•"'J ""• •'• IM,n- [enmplet.-d      lhe   feature   ol   the  the Service in which he wi
'I'-'    ''"' '•■   '   •'■ ■-■'  ; ■' ••   ' ■■' '■■ ' • •        .    .Mat?Mat?iMted evidence was the rapiWicreaae in eiatedhy the Rev. D. B. Scott. All
,'1"""''   t,:   '     ' '•'    -     '    '•    -       •     ited Mar 18th, 1918 ..    .....   *ii,,^* .,. ;. ..     ■ value of th* shares o   the Lardeau members in good standing of other
"     •     ■     ■     t (•■  VV    Abrahamson, locator.       . I from 111   n.nntb,   ei.-i**.  .i,   ... Vl'bilp nmptipjillv iinsnle-l*r,i    ■ ,.i
..,,,, . inst. tb. w i.tie prnctioaiiy unaau    Christian ChurcheB are   cordial v
ing  at a pos< . le   <«., or  three   yeara ago, lie
. i unie I .: ■;  yards east of  the ler-  *       .   ■      .    -...-*..)..,.,..•-■,;,.,. estiinu  y   id  nearly  u 1 the wit*
I t.-ated May 25th  1                   Iguson wagon road, al .utk-OOyards   • ;|■• . 1 lofen     eiiosinent
ti VV   Abrahamson   locatoi   north of 1 mile board   1 mile from     u-saied Jui.pU, tft-a
i    i   itifr, Im -so.'.
Notice .-  l.preb)   .*u-.*n   t  st     nixti
*   ii "t   (.n   the   i *.r !.   shore  nl  liamsons r.'ith  w.-et corner poet, .... .    in        the
I unit    I nk"'.   ahout   s.veti   mil
ihn   t * ti.e  j   int ul
. o ft    I
n ■
Ice tint I   .-hall b
i  .if   Revision   aftd    At>|*.*al
the   " 1'ul.lic   School   A, t.
I >r  the   Arinv,head, Trout
ig s*   a  po't I Ferguson,  marked  0    W    A bra
lir.l       |-il t
thence   t- .rtli   i  * Ihcnce |J
iat 4ti chains,  u,."."t*  south   1*30  '
• 1   > nkuvj.   Rnral  Bchool  *.;„. ,,.  s.,,.:h   i_n chains,   tin   -
, ou Wednesday, I -  west 40 . l.sina to the iioi tofcom-
■ I niv.   !'•• 6.   i.t   ti.'- llOOl i f   incncelii. nl
from    i's   head,    marked   t.     V\
Al.ri, i ainfiip'h    "*. iitti-wes'    corner
| Oil, t!i( lire imi th .•vOctlSIII"   tin in•>•
•A.**.'  40   bains,   thence lorth <<i
chair,,    t'ene*    rail   80   chains,
bath morning at 11 o'clock—a Kac-
ramental sermon. The8acrameat
of the Lord's Supper will he administered by i.iin at the close of
be ns-
invilod to   join in  this, showing
iw a present va'ue f"rl1'  ,,"'ir  fl,il1'   ">   l'ie   LordV
sun 45 snd 20 cents     Co. death until He come.
r nl I ami-, a...i vv tirk.   I
cl",i•"• lh"' ■   1    cbaina to ,..,,.     .   ,
p.... t ..I commence nent. •  ,..,.,   f.out  tbi
liOOatedllky 18th. 19 '    I loud, sitonted in W,*«i Kooi
O VV  Abrabamaon, local ■•      N" '    ' "'■ •' '' *     ' i'1-*''''
.. ..n  tie   es*l   f'.|e   nt    I tflelirrt'i it      r».
y.o I.     < utnmei cing  at s ; • it ,,      ■_ , .    ■-1       isimnnil   •
p's  t* i   shunt   • •■•    i    le i  irth ol i... .•. llie . .• ... river, tUarkadr t,coee'i
Heatoi wagon road, and hbmi  li * '  • '"" i"" ■    « <«•
- fruiii Trout   I •»-.
i'    -   • I  Kpakane,  one nl the
sl  n  icl  ers.     r.iid     hi.
- .ni' a were not i.n ine market."
We cop**, nip nl. ive,   not   assimi-
in^' any i ahmitibility nn t>. ite cor-
• . in-i dps. iili
.    - *'    el mr *
.1  -       il..
"n'*:"An;',wr_r',M'' l- wi*,*. • '                      rn          ■ •■ • ■'-<■	
ul lloiiae. ArroarheaU 0 **   Abrahau             it I   ..   \\    Abrahamson*!  ittith  wesl
I'.'t.d  at   I evelatnae, Milsiatri <;,.,,-    (ommencinj at  i   ;  - icirner post, then    ■   rlb80<   -•     -   sied June Ju. i
v of June. 1906.   C. W. FIELD, planted   nn   it.e   south   shore   •■>  ihcnce ctu   SO chains, thencei                                     '  ^«», locator
'..,. t ..f Kt-".i-'..., Trout 1-ikre, about 12 miles f.                       iiumr. u.-.t •- i .t.si... t.
!•- ..I  ll..*
•i i   -m*i*"s'i.   RcvelaloVe   Asiss-
District dl VV   K    lena v.
N. ii. i ':- In !•■ .. ,.*.•!  : i ..■ * ity
•.    ii .i   lute   1   inland lu apply
. - inn -r .il..
.   I Works Ini       rt     -■        ■ t i.i ■
.it d |.u da
ed nt I .* .i.n* i. \\ . -t I,
I i.li ict, and   .ti.in.n in in.   i.t ..
. I . slie Hill's -
i. i ti.* nee in tl
i ii ... ■    ...-i    20   i
-■   Ul   I   I.i      I.i.In    1 ll ■  1
t' cm .     .. I*.:..      I .ul do
sbout   'Jn   ■
■ '. i.n nl     .i   t|     ■
Ul   If) i - III *•
I . ..! UHb May, 1 I fl
i.i-i.ii lim
Sitting Around
TTo Camp Fire.
'.( Hie l'r.iS| ecl.i*. the I iit--i*n
KI ne   Vihii   i •... ..I   I * ;u   nil ■.
ihiagS Ileivn.l'f r Im hon til
lestu il lie WOt.ld uisin* I., ni*.
t>. k.iit the soil, nl these I. mli
I l"l,ei 1(1
The old fin-pi*. I....  nu.* lie
.'.* hn- (Iw ..  Ihs its, Sl.tllil
i, ...uii- in iii .n n the
I. M Ic.il.i i Ink ui i would
'...) .        till    Hi.Illli     li.llii     in. In
» ill, s ki l n ..ie in sett.. e il
< "...I'll I
II,,,.- Ill, here ll,c   'l.Ktifclt
II. I'M" i...i.lH in.* »ol l.l. They
u.e ..im Ic " nut Well " 1.1 ■"
in -"lei n tirni tin »i Klein |*e..-
I'll* -... .tie l.\ a I.n.. uio. I.
n ate   i.i.i,ii    auetttrn   uui.Ui'
■"*..-* .All,, !  '
i "'in >*r eotnnNOoement
l...cated June let. 1906.
11 W  Abrahamson. luoa or
nn   >lin sit'   sUp   ol 1 ',*. tle*-f ul   .
»i. ml :*i'a miles              - uli. msike '.
| c   L    i   •          - - *   I"'*-'.
It en... I ■ chain*
north, .!•• ■. 'Ii»nee Ru
19 i;
.   .  ■ >i*i   I c
i                      . ■       i.i.reil
i... rest aids        I • I.         cr. eh.
N lice   in   In'.e'.v     i*',vi*n  that
two   tiiciit .S fr,.m   li e tir.t
Stion   lietenf   to   till
I    intend    i"      • • '    nth, iiiarkeit
t*.   the   I.n    Chief" :   I?"",
-' "   ' *       •''!"   *'"-*    •*°'1 ..     -
- •   rt!..i cr. *,    . . * . . .     . n,ei,*
pw.il    limb 'he   f*'.li*->
di sci,'... t Ii el*  *     ited
!.     li   -ii »
K     1 Commencing  a'  a   ■   -
plant'  . north nf IC   h  I        -  •   ■     sr,sl
Slid    r.l. '      •'
, , i     , '..iih.    lie
mil i I    .      I ' * • ■   tnarkciH
.    1   . "it   l«ntor.
. ■•'_-'.    : ■"•
Tend. *     *   • ..
■ •!"!       | ..-*
i.i- head marki I  <• VV    At rahan
*. ■ 'i smith *   *   cornel p -'.'
M. -1   * ■      ai it    . th 80
-    tbi i.cc   pan    80
. , net • ml  '-■' chaini lo the p dm
. : t ..I      •' • n.i i,i
1   . ittil May 20th  19 6
i.  VV. Al nso", locator
No   7    i 'onnt.eii. i --t
-..I t-n iti.*   w. sl   side "I  I ive
and   ab 'lit   | oi . *
f...it. tm south .* e 11 I rout Lake
marked " VV   Abreban ion's north
,,i,i      i poat,  ll • ..*    ■   •' i.  4 '
weal   I'ii chaina,
tlunce   north    Hi   chains,   ll -
I   i  .        -   i..  the  I'l.n'. <>f
• '
l k ited May .'•
li   W.   \|.'..h..ln*.ti'. I". 't* '
-    i put ng  at  n  i"*rt
(.'anted sbou 80 chai - ni -i from
ii posl ii,.. ..**! 0. VV. A
-niiV north • tal i ** nei po I, ami
;,i., ;i .( mill. from Ihe head ■•(
| it Luke .... the south anote ..i
Like in .1 iiriike I (1  VV. Abraham-
lo . - iii rthc.ist i •!' | oat, then, i
South  80 chains,  thenco  «<
eh.una,   tht nee   m.ith    80    chain**,
thence eail 80 cbaina t.. th<* i  int
1)1 e .nin.i neciiic..'
l.i.ti.te.l M;.v 28th, 1900.
ll, v\   Abrahamiun, locator
*,',,    (.      I nninn nclii*;   at    ii   I ' -t
p anted aboul om md .. I. *lf milea
I,..in 11 reusnn un weat *■ de ol  N.
Kt.rk nl ' h-au creels snd marked
ti.  VV.   Abrahan.ioii'a  imrlb eaet       ^A  ., iv,     ,   a,(d „,,,„.„
....i..i'|..iH.tii.i...*s.*i,in..iii,n,*     n||lM m ..   M  _;u, |       (J
lh,.|,c* licit 811 en.nn-        .     a»>d    ..""".I    '""     •'",l    •*     «|Vl"""    I"   '*    '' e.'in.":
*l tbatna, thence east 80 chsitM to I    .ji(   fro|J|    , ,   |;   , .()il, In.l,|ll.l|     ,
Hi.-I*.*ml "I ' i.'''■."""<■ ,,    vv    Ah.*.:..*iii.p.'i.',   louih-eael
Uiuatpd Met 29ib, 1900 „,,    ,,,„,„,   lu„,h   ,,,.
ii \,   Abrahamaoii, localoi _        ^^   „_„,   s(,  lUiU,^
N,1.|     .'.iii.iincnii;   ai a post IMlii   m   ,.|,.U1H,  ,h,.n,*e
■limited aboul t ne anil a hi
ii    \Y   Abralurrrson's   loutli wc.-t
...   - I hence i
■    -  ■
point of coi
11. vv   A
No   2   Cotnmi n. • .-   it    •■
|    ,!,re,l   ah  lit   ' III    '     i oi Ih III
Beaton   wagon   road,   and
. b Imai 'I rout Like, marked
H. VV Abrahaiiianii- south ...-t
oorni r   | oat,   thence    north   **'
chains,   thence    weat   80  c aim   w,,\t '*., „ ..    .,     .. ... in cm *,.,.:
il„   south  BO  chaina,  thei.ee , »r., ..««* t....i ■-■ I ■-.. thi I
JO  , haim   tb the moiiiI  • *i ''""'        -   *'    *'':'   '^'''"'' "*"''
commeiici i
I     I.   t ' pp. In-caff*"*.
8 it .'i   t'i iiunt-in ing ... s i, -I  | .
un llie cut   -i !.*   "i   l.l. '   t-r.-ek.
nl.it,I ,'.■- i.,il > ir..in its :.. .
I     t ■ •      ... sl.
- - - a*'. .i.ei • B0 el n.i.,
north, thenee *-■'  el.sins  k  »•    rlinici
i.e. in ,«.mi ii..    . e..;
. s ■.-1, won
1   .   .  ..
Notice    il     I erel.l     n'sei •      I i'i
I . i. nl l'l l.e I'.li   1*1. I  •■ 'li..
I     intend   i      er i ly    ...    ill.      11m
l'l.i. l    i' *i       - "'    I •«.'•■
reclllPM 11 il il '*.'.-••■. t. snd we
*.e in. reason tn doubt it, it if an
exatu le h"W the Lurdeau is ini.if;
ci| iiited by louemera for their
private tjaiu The different pro*
, ertiea i*.1 nlioned sre all proper
- i« hi. h no doubt would under
pro|ier mtnsgement be productive,
hot n- hmg .i" i i" i. '..ii are sell
ing ."ff their own stock, it is a dead
certainty that ine development
work will have to suffer. Thnt
inch is the ms** in thia instaoc • ia
i-v: le cpJ by the fact that it is not
the companies who aie puing to recover,  iui  the man   whowaatha
n thi-,  kind .tf
i.y   cm. a lies
promote' °* l'"'
■ 11 1. a * i ■
ii edure with n
.,|terating nu only iu tlie Lardeau
throughout tlie |*r* . n.ce that
III bin n the cause ol **o tuai y
VV a i- * -,1>1 like to ice » lae
■ - ed which would . ■ myt i tiie
slam| ing acruea all stock certifi
t) tn Thnrnfaldl r 'turned to his
old stamping  ground   during  tin*
week.       Ilg in-   win'ercil   St   AillS-
Dr Robinaon wa« called to Gerrard on Thuraday t.. attend Mrs.
J. t-raip, who had received a sunstroke. Serious results were at
a! first feared, but the danger is
••< w passed,
Fred ("air,].bell returned h tine
fei.ni thecoaat on Tueaday r.i,h'..
Douslr.s Lay, of the iinil Mines
Smelter, nas made a thorough cx-
amina'ion U.in wet k of the Ur sd-
viow group wi h n view to pur*
chas.*. lie was ril! at the mine
as wo  went 10 press.
Mr .)   L. S.cvrart. o-f Vancouver,
ho is i-t 11 i ig a few days in town,
idlde to crowd   into   th* hours between daylight and dawn.
At 10 u in. the new flag preseut-'-
ed   by   the   Educational   Jlepait-
' ment was raised with   appropriate
ceremonies.   As the flaj; was being
Islowlv hoisted bv trustee McPber-
son the assembled school children
sang " rhe Maple Leal For Ever."
0. VV. Abrahamson, chairman cf
the beard, in hie opening address
complimented the children rn
their work during tlie lift teim,
an.l s-,H«ke in eulogistic Isnpune
of the work done by teacher Shannon, lie also explained that
through pressure of other businsia
it had been impossible to raise a
pole over tlie achooihouse, heme
the using of the government offico
pole as a substitute on this ncca-
ot-caaion. He promised, however,
to have one over the school build*
ing in a very short time. Messrs.
Rev. 1). B. Scott and J. ('. nurray
made short addresses wit.i reference ts the progress of the Dominion since Confederation, and, the
important part the budding up of
tbe public school system would,
haveaa to its future.
Mist? Marjorie Krsseraud Msitei
Willie A'berton rendered patriotic
recitstiotis in a very acceptable.
manner. Teacher Shannon i.t
presenting the lulls of boner spoke
very highly of tho way in which
the   scholars   had   applied   liiein-
i Here t   com- i, .a h.i oma  imbued wi h  tlie poi- selves to their studies and the as-
• snf the Lardeau a*- a min-, sistnncc he had recciredall through
ii r field, ini in'eud*. taking up the term both from trustee! and
some proper,i-ia for Qo'atiou in'parctitB 'lhe roll of honor w.a
lhe old coun'ry, Aa well aa keep*' awarded to Lily Abrahamion lor
in* bis So ch eye open for I he'general proficiency, to ilotiald
maiii chance, Mr. St.-w.irt as a' McPherson for punctuality, and
iicnii . ur id s nili s'ories is in- Marjorie Praaer for deportment,
iiuitiihle, and at llie picnic last] In the afternoon a monster pic-
Mo day  kept   the  crowd in   good  mc was held on  the  beach, whiist
cites iu big red letters  thi -   .   mor  _urj„g u,.   (|0g   fl^ht, by'later in the day  children's sports
.•■.sr ;
Local !     i-""" • si-It.  ol  ihe  > i
11  VV. .* brahaiiikun ' slf a mile Iru     lie    isr s
No 8     Ci*.iu.-.   ing  al   a  |H.st    "> I   	
...    .,.,,,.       .     i ani    '   •
SCSI. Hi" i" >* *-*" < bsius ..mill   iii.
estPii *. n*   Isi, 1 ^•"
I. C <-*i*i*. I
i...,.k ..ui ful ii.- trade tm,ri<
. -,   .ii    i i mi' ii   iit'-il   WITH
1 MK  I.n Im I, ni   it - -1 unl i 'I
•*.. tl..* su I ei.tj i u.i.
II vm pa- ti li: 1. BY
J* Leckie Co.
(iniii  I'tlgUSOII on Ihe west    si
Ninth I urh i.i Lardeau e k aim
marked 0 V*   Al miuii's muih
thence   north nl)
de ol '-"[ s" ''''"'"'''''"' 1"'1'1 "' """
Pry Fi
\l t sl  i'lll   pl.t-l,
chains, ihenea v,.-t 80 uhaini
Hi,.,,,*.* Ittuili KO iliiiitt". Ihenee
i.„at 80 . n.i.i.- t* the i"1*'1 "'Cl"""
HI. in einelit
i.   at.il Maj »Bth, 1908.
ti  \i    tbrahaii.soii, locator
men. Cl t
Lu illed .im:    Uh, 1906.
o. W  Ajjralmiiieon, loo dot
\v   M,tvl VM   list 10 cords ..(the besl
,1 . i .. in k*I ' .. sale its snl in ri i li
, ■ i,,  ' 1-H....I in mi I erniisnii
iis.'t it rosd t|'| I)   ■•" I* I'....",'
1'reasui) " or '" Promoter," as the
may  be.     I'urc inai r, would
then  know wheth >r  I ■ ii   money
ig into the .i.-\e .', menl ol
n propvi ly  •..   into   I • i pocket! .'!
; ..  | ;, tint .ter.
Oddfellows Memorial Service.
rhe  local  lodge ol Oddfellows
h. ll ther aiit.i'.. ii ..loriiil scrip . - .... 11.. Tn nt Laki * ■:: elei \
last Sunday The sen • • ■ n ere
conducted by Dretbr. i. s, m. n
*i   M  ' !i aig  and   I', i lulkuen
'  "'', ,,*., r    lin*    | l.lM.id   the   la e    ll    W
I t'.i,..u.c.s. who  waa  ..  Pall Noblt
1 Cl.H (| ol   ! :. Ul I ake I.**.!.;**   VS hilr
i who hav. been connected
: nith Ihe It dgc have | assotl ovet the
I " great  <n\ idc,1    ^•i'• { arolhi
' the .t.ili   .*!..   i. llU h'.s   bil lust 1> s.
phi so   I.,   thu  icinclciy lure.
; I,.". olli. ;■. however, aa was shown
in i ., iui i .1.--. have not lost thei I
in king Uacli*'.
Arthur Qowing went out to
Arrowhead ihis morning for more
men for his logging . imps
Our Labor Day Celebration.
tiwing to the lar^i* number ol
*.rir neighbouring uwn*, holding
spurts on Dominion Dav. the com*
were held in the sk-iting rink.
Imperial Limited
Will Work.
Notice ll hereby given that two
months all. i date I intend lu make
applies*!!! to 'ho ll.-ll. I "' '
i nmmiasioneJ .*: I...mi- ind Works
i ,,   ,i   spei .al   ll.ei.se    lo   CUt   and
carry  away   til ir  Irom  the l»>l   ,rli|   .,   v ,,.,
No. It     I'd *n*n.*s hi t. I""*'   ,,,„,,„   ,„.-•„..,,   Untie   *,-.,n.l            	
lanlctl about! awl a half I '" „,„„„ ;, ,,„...-*,.„„ ...*,r,...l .... tl.e •»"»*«■ »"'        '*'
,f Trout Lako.W Koot* maator,   3.   II. Schohcnl.   (rail |
it.W.   deputy   grand   master,  I-   mn  uf our oitiaeua wont ova
Ofliicrs E'octcd.
At ihe i. cent en...iiiniiii.iti *ii ol
ih,* I...U..1 I....U. , i  A. i'.',. A  M
,i.i,   Uie   [ullowiug
M. W grand
from 1 * rguaon
ni   th-   North
. reck    II".I
Notion .a hereby given Uml w 11 i'-
'H I wo mnntiir. from lhe liisl plih-
licatlun hereof in the Brltiili t'.d-
"in'.i.i (inlctt", 1 intend to ItpplJ
'" tin* Imn. Chief I'oinmle.inliei' "I
Lands and Works for special
llceniei to cut and oarry away
timber Irom the folh.wii.n desorl*
l»d lauds situated in  Weat Koot*
'•nay ;
No, I C.imni.'iicing nl a post
planted Hboiil, one and n hull miles
'"'in the bead of Troul Lake on
Hie snulli side and uliout one mile
'r..in shore, marked <•• VV Abra*
on   the   west   Im.li
i'mk of   Lardeau
 ke.l ti.  W.   Abra*
sou Hi  oust  eornei poal
thene ,rth 80 oluuiis, thenco eaal
80 chains, thence louth 80 chaii.s,
,henca weat 80 ohaina to Ihe l"»"'
,,( commencement.
Incited May 29th, 1WJ8.
t». \V'i Ahrahamion, locator.
j,*,, V2    Uommenoinil at ■> 1"
danttid sbout  1*) milea Irom
snuii. line ni
(ii.iy  tiii'tri.-i, jomiiieiii'ii.g
pi.,, ei in tin memory ol  lhe i.'C.il
n.i  lull II.
Bully ('.; Camborne.
t'nml. rue's second anuual ci lo*
hull  ii w.i.- ii 18.  A huge
s south ■ Dowser, \ micouvt i , U
West     HI
on   the  weal
I clot the
k. rttnl
po-t  marked   Leslie
rail c.   poat, ll.ei.tii
,. nuns. Hi te north  it." chains,
lhence i aal -i'1 chaina, thenci louth j
160 chains Ui p mi <d com i
ment.    Dated May 14th. 1900. grand    thaplain,     Lev.    11.   (i.
I.I si It.  llll I |''ienne- I'ii'ton.     V.ii.cmi i cl'    11 .-
(pef A. ftlKgar. Agent)       ilK   v.W. grand   Ueaaurer,
II.    II     W.I-..ii,    S'liiic.n.v.r   (in
PIANOS.--The f.ni..via li.'iii'liiy ,,,.,,,,,,|,, v    w   grand K-croiary,
\V k'*""I ""   ' omitiioii   Ihiy  tu participate
warden,   W.   U.   Ilouaton, in   the   lummor   uuruiyal   there
Victoi-i.i : K W grand junior war*I They all report a g oriou**.  Uun
dan,  II. N  Klch   Ladnei , V  \V
Ihn   ..ne  lo  buy.    ll   i*   n.'1
Hll eliallis, lliuii."'
nince north «*'
..hi  Sl) chain-  I"  point Ot  «.'"''
inencemetil ^
lamaon'e i-ortii-east comer p..st,|    Located May 29th, ie ',..,_„,.
O. W. Abruhuiim-J". i<-"--'u'r'
N°r. nfw AtXn,a"'..;:,'ii;;eheap piano wheo you buy, bu!
marked 0, W'*"['"?,"'„ ",,,„*.»!Uou Bnd vou have practised ......lineal   ournar     •«.  "''«, ohaina, omy when vm hav., tested ami Vanoouvei
,  !uat„s   thence trlod h.   When you  w.-.nt an in- „,* Tnioaii  Lodge No
: <   stri... t    "•"-■   lh<   i"."l   nfent, Uk'     WM
''VriccTmi l>'"pi.'lv(,r:....I.Ma.der   lor District
and returned home lull ni tl
hospiUtliliua literally puurcd oi.
ihei.i In the sp.iii*. Oswald
Woods eovored hiuisnil with gioi \
in tm: t ulediini.iii *.',ii.i-i* Martin
Luudiu ami piiitiici iu me dn liny
K _ Hi.tt, Victoria (rooleoted) ;looniest u...k liisi money. And)
grand   •>••''*   Ambroae   Uothattl.l^i'aig In tne teet lor floetnoaaahow
The Vancouver Syndicate who
own the Imperial Limited group
imtt.v who had charge ol affairs Ion Gold Gulch up Gainer creek
here stopped proceedings, realizing, will work the property all summer.
the tact that ai we were late iu .J.Gordon will have charge of
the Bold it waa wise to drop any I tha work. The surface work con-
venture nl that rature in Trout sistii.gofot.cn cute and stripping
Lake haa uncovered a flna lead six Iset
Labor Day, which is due on J in width, oarryJof galena and oat*
September 4th, ia nor/decided tOjbonaleaSil a ahipplng value. Tha
bi the .'.ay on ii hi-.h wc will eel,-, work to be done this summer will
hiitlc. A noodly sum uf nu. my 'consul of driving a crosscut tunnel
has already been lubscribed, and!for about 125 leet, which wiil tap
a 11 it will take to mak? that par* tha lead at » depth of .'00 feet.
liculi.r dale a red Icier day in the The claimi ate well situated both
tt minii of Trout Laki is a bar-'ai to lorniation and access.
uionloua Working together ol all In conversation with the Ituview
citizens. [ Mr. Gordon, who  hits large ezper*
I. ii proposed to raise sufficientllence throughout ibis purt ul lhe
I'm.lines lu offer priiea lor drilling 'district, stated that iu bis opinion
contest, log ridliiij;, chopping ami the present time was an opportune
Caledonia sports .,e will attract one for t_pitaliate to get to work
pooplo ti.nii "linen ami's icv^u the Luulcaii. Prospectors, he
mountains and India's coral.said, were beginuing to be alive to
itratid " and fvery other town and, th% fuot that inveatore wanted a
ills o within r. uching die taiioe 0 show for their money, and while.
the Rkvikw. willing to invest i.  mining  pro-
poeitioni, they first wanted an op-
Stmti-1. iiei..i.v Kiiei iisnutlsis  portunilv lo test   lhe property  hy
• ,,.. iliile '. inU'i.tl I.t u;ti'l-i i" tl'.' llmi. ' '   ,. ,. . , *    1
ihiul   Coi.iii.isi   ".(    l..i..ls   ..ml  t..kmg working bonds.    In speak*
..Mill.*-! ii  lo purehssethe m*" ij  dv-velopmuut work  done in
iTll.'ll    hl'l.lH S.l.latl" ii.   ". .     , |.   .    •    .      1 -I
many | ai ts of the district,  be said
Hi...   II
19,   Trout
appointed    district
thence W i^iynn aooib ; llui*»*so 80|
•*e   * i
anv   el vie
terms     J
and   at nny .
C, Murray, local agent.  No.
I   Ins   '.id   Inii"   <i"l Hy ami   got
iiwuy with n n>...il cull's »i priae
money. In lhe ladle-' horse in'''
tbat ' inr. of the devil,'' I'.>.l C.
Elliott's   ••Snowball,'!'   llddcli   by
ti ii nn* ..r less.
D.i'ed _Bth .i.nie, tem..
-Mis. A. M. Craig, took Bret money. I July {   -. RHODA HODGE.
Wi n-r* lor
run ni ii _ .i
is ml ii   Diet, ill :  Commencing st an
initial (si»i plumed st U.e (not of .l.e  *,tmt from   his   1 eisisi.ul k. owledgn
n, .inn tm the north side >>l   I s'.tesu ■      ... .     _   ,
river.al lone  halt  .......>*t*i «  wherever    inlo'lincnt    work   bail
i„„|... u,"-t* said  river  o r..|>ur and  |)een  m)l)0   t|,.   results bad   bc-eo
inarkisU    " I'ltt .*,   lludses   ...mh eest
,,,„„  -jost," 'hence luoili lOoIi.....*,  favorable, and thut  at the preeent
tl.si.es easl   100 chains, llienoe uorlb  jjn,e iheru  were  many properties
Jileitsh.".. iheiu-ii well 10i! el.si.is to U.e      .,, ,_    _j
.ii„,ii..,,,,*i,.ei.i. ountaiulag .OU wliuli  are  awaiting tbe advent ot
capital   hi.'I   intelliaeut   wnrk   t-
tmikc t'.iem good producers.
imiii. ni i
lir   Wa.   a   (ires,   AeOJr   and   shnke-
speare's Lending s.ar.
March if. 1618 or 1019, RlchaMI Bun.
bane, player, died at Blioredltch, t_u*
The first of tbe gri »1 English tragta
in i,us, Burbage was In everj way
worthy to head the long roll or Bug
land's famous players. The son of ao
actor, the friend and companion of
Shakespeare, it mis through him thai
many of the heroes of the dramatist
first spoke to tin- eager playgoers who
thronged the Globe theater, IU wai
the original of Romeo, Hamlet, Lear
Othello, Macbeth, Bhylock, Richard
111. aud many oilier of Shakespeare's
I.'ruling characters, nn.l bis name
etiuids next to that of the great poet
In  the licenses for acting granted L.v
James i. in 11K13 to the company of the
(Ilobe tli Jiiter.
His powers as an actor were not his
only claim to distinction, for he was
also a successful painter. The fame of
his abilities hei.i i prominent place In
theatrical tradition for many years, a
poem in his honor, dedicated to one of
tin* great players of the day, being
written as late as the time of Charlea 11.
His death, which this probably the
result of paralysis, caused the poets to
turn their thoughts to his successful
career, and It Is from the numerous
elegies then written that most of the
information concerning him must be
gathered. Few players have ever had
the good fortune to be so well liked by
tho dramatists of their time, aud all
praised him, one even lamenting tbat
his death "hath made a visible eclipse
of playing."
A. shrewd, careful man ln his business affairs, Burbage left an estate
producing a yearly Income of £300, a
large sum for a player lu those days to
bequeath to his heirs. Beloved aud
respected by all, he survived bis great
master by only a few years, his grave
bearing ths simple, expressive epitaph,
"Exit Burbage." — London Saturday
To Thi. Substance  la Una tha Color-
las; uf l'lants.
Chlorophyll Is perhaps the most Important coloring substance In tbe
tvorld, for upon this substance depend
the characteristic activity of plants, tbe
synthesis of complex compounds from
carbon dioxide and water process, upon
which the existence of ull living things
Is ultimately conditioned. Only in a
very few uulmportant forms devoid of
chlorophyll can tbe synthesis of complex from simple compounds or from
the elements be accomplished. The
function of chlorophyll may only he
comprehended when i's chief physical
properties are understood. These may
be best Illustrated I J , "'ing a gram
of chopped leaves of grass or geranium
ln a few cubic centimeters of strong
alcohol for an hour.
Such s solution will be of a bright,
clear green color, and when the vessel
containing It Is held iu such a manner
tbat die sunlight is reflected from the
surface of ths liquid it will appear
blood red, due to Its property of fluor-
c-i-.-nce, that of changing tho wave
length of the rays of light of the violet
and of the spectrum In such a manner
ua to make them coincide with those of
the red end. It It by examination of
light which has passed through a solution of chlorophyll, however, tbat tbe
greatest Insight Into Its physical properties may be gained. If such a ray of
light Is passed through a prism aud
spread out on a icreen, it may he seen
that there are several large Intervals
of ilurk bunds In the spectrum. Tbe
rays of light which would have occupied these spaces have been absorbed
by the chlorophyll aud converted Into
heat and other forms of energy. This
energy Is directly available to ths protoplasm containing the * hlorophyll, and
by means of It the synthesis of complex substance may be accomplished.
AiTtinJinn to llunrpoirer,
A young motorist, endeavoring ta
convince a country Innkeeper that tha
decay of coaching was more than compensated for by the spread of motoring
as a pastime, exclaimed, as a final argument, that his car was of forty
horsepower, "the equal, sir, of teu re-
luys of coach ho:
The next morning be read ln his hill,
"To feeding aud stabling, M) shillings."
lie listed the landlord for au explanation.
"The charge for 'osses la 2 shlllln' a
'end, sir," was the reply. "That machine of yours Is equal to forty 'osses,
which is 80 shiiiiu'." — London Ki-
Onions are ahnoit the best nervine
known. No medicine Is so useful In
cases of nervous prostration, and there
is nothing SlSS that Will so quickly relieve nmi tone ii wornout lystem, Onions are useful In nil coses of coughs,
colds and Influenza, in cnnsumptii.il,
Insomnia, hydrophobia, scurvy, gravel
snd kindred liver complaints. Kuten
every other day, they soon have u
clearing and whitening effect on the
complexion.  _ 	
The Tomb Spider.
The people of Italy believe In the ex-
latence of a wonderful creature which
for the want of a better mime Is ended
the tomb spider. The entomologists
know nothing Of this queer beast and
declare that It oi.iy exists In the fancy
of the superstitions persons and those
whose curiosity nr business Uakes It
necessary for them to explore old ruins, tombs, catacombs, etc. According
to the popular account, the tomb spider is of a pure white color, has wings
like those of n bat, I dozen horrid
crooked legs and a body three or four
iiii.es the size of that of tbe largest
tropical American tarantula. The accounts of this queer Insect and hla out
of the way places of abode are hy uo
means common, and on that account
the Information concerning lilm which
we will be able to give Is very meager.
Any Italian win tell yon that ndi a
creature exists, however, nn.l that be Is
occasionally met with ln old mines and
caverns as well as In tombs nnd subterranean ruins	
Tha "n»r  I'.nlm.   Hunk."
Tbe first book printed ln the limits
of the United States was the "Bay
realms Book," which was Issued In
Cambridge, Mass., ln 11)40. Specimens
of this publication sre extremely rare
and command very hlgb.Qriees.
II la Still Resorted  to lij   Doctors ln
Certain  Emers.uclvl,
Bloodletting, or "venesection," as it
la known scientifically, waa once the
common remedy for nearly every form
of uiluieut. Washington died of It. lu
the opinion of modem medical authorities, ami soon after his time there waa
a reaction ngaiust venesection,    Better
medicinal agents accomplished whatever benefltl were attributed to this Ins
role treatment, nn.l a better knowledge
of physiology condemned the practice.
Venesection, however, is still employed in certain emergencies by thi
innsi mil anecil praeiiliniicrs. A Herman physician has tnndo nu extensive
study of iln* subject, with clinical ex-
pei'imentB, aud reaches the conclusion
that in certain cases where the heart
ami lungs nre engorged with blood
venesection is permissible because of
the speedy  relief It  gives, often after
other resources have railed.
Deadly toxins are also present In the
blood in s nne diseases, nnd venesection
reduces thoin, The lost fluid is replaced
mill   nu   injection   of  salt   solution,
Bl Hotting affords relief to the lit Id
sufferer from a distended h 'at t wbe i
every breath is n Blrugglo, but iis use
hns been reduced to an exact science,
mnl ii is regarded in medicine as a
final resort for giving eaae In a *■ nn*
parativelv restricted group of ailments
: ■ li.i.i -. when it was n cure all. ad-
lered hy the corner barber us well
as every physician, have disappeared
nil . tho post.
Fesslneu   About  Henith   nor.   More
lliirin  "I In,,,  Qood.
When one thinks of the newfangled
Ideas about health sud Bees people ou
every hand bunting for disease genu,
in water, milk, meat, trait end the at*
mosphei*e, analyzing everything, dread
Ing swallowing and In constant fear
wilh every mm.tl.fill tbey cut. one al
most wonders whether or not life li
worth living, if we arc liable to be
made tbe rlctims of tens of tbouaands
of enemies which are In and around
ererytuing. in nil llqu ds and all a illds
alike, we arc tn Just about the same
Condition  to enjoy   life as  ii as nne ol
the olden kings who lived In mortal
terror that everybody was tryiug to
I" BOO him. All his foods and drinks.
everything, bad to be tasted and ti ited
by M.mc trusted member of his ho.is*.
bold before he dared to touch it himself.
if there is a pitiful object In the
world it is a person who has b
finical about bis health, who lives In
terror of germs and must examine and
analyze everything he eats or drinks.
looking for Infection,
It is an insult to one's Creator to go
through life whining, complaining mnl
fearing, In morbid tt*m.r tbat a thousand en 'inics are combined to rob one
of comfort, of happiness and of health.
Man WHS made tO hold up his bend, to
wall; cre.-i, with in.iti.iess, fearieisneei
end confidence   sue. ess.
Tlie  Way   The}-   l.ruiT   and   How   tha
Plants lli-|,riiduce.
Pineapples do not grow on trees, imagine i plant four feet in extren e
height from the ground to the tip >.f
lean- a single italk at tbe surface*
but dividing at once into swordiike
blades nr leaves, fifteen in number,
frnm the center of which appear- a
stiff, npr -•!.! item, at the top "f wblcb
is iiii* fruit This stem Is short, iiiiii the
i ihi ii nf the fruit when fully grown
is a foot ..r more below the points of
the leavea.  ai tbe end ..f a year and
a half from planting each plant pro-
dines n sing'.' fruit, even as n cabbage
plant produces a single head. Hut the
pineapple docs not die after fruiting
once.   Down on the item below tbe
fruit mnl among tbe long, narrow
leaves n sucker appears, if allowed to
remain this will soon become the*bead
•■' the plant 1 *..Itbl thi. year
it will yield another fruit. This proceea
may go mi for n term of years. In tbe
meantime, however, other suckers will
make th.-ir appear	
Those are broken olT, nnd when stuck
Into ihe ground Ihey put ont roots and
become other plnuta. Thus n single
pineapple plant may produce a doaen
or more others while it is yielding fruit
from year to year.
Not   for  Stra.iKera.
"What iii the world does that mean?"
asked the traveler through  B span-ely
lettled region on tbe cape. "Tbere'e
no -in h place on my mad map."
Th.* man v bom he addressed lirst
took a leisure!] survey of tbe traveler
nml in- bona snd then turned bla iyee
toward the weather t ten sign which
bore Iln* yiiiulc word "Tnlpiin."
"That ain't n name," he said, with
dignity; -it's Jesi nn Indication, It
means, To Long Pond one mile.1
"It's plain em.null In folks frnm near
by ihai's bunting for tbe pond, and
we don't reckon on itrangen taking
imi. h Interest."- V.nub's Companion.
Fr.iK.'  Foam   Meats.
A naturalist has just discovered in
the Bugninn forest nf I.ake Albert, Africa, a frng's nesl made of a spittlelike froth and attached tO the back of
sniiie leaves overhanging n small
stream. He took the precaution of photographing his find before placing It ln
alcohol, and as soon ns Ibis was done
lhe muss COllapaed, revealing, however, a wriggling mass of tadpnles
about one third of nn inch in length.
Foam nests nt this kind, the scientists
sny. are mail.* i.y certain frogs In .la-
pnii iis well iis by some South American  ■] <■-    Some  HshcH  nlsn  make
I'..nin nests, of which the parasite fish
is a  conspicuous example — Chicago
A "...-it title Siinnl.b  riii.i"
The "eighth wnn.ler," as it la usually
called, is tbe gigantic palace of the
]'sc.trial, which slaiuls In the ancient
king.loin of Toledo, Spain. It Is confessedly lhe innst wonderful edifice ln
the world, Whether Iii dimensions or
riches, it has 1300 rnoins, 8,300 windows and doors, nil staircases, 73 fountains, -IS wine collars, s organs and 51
i.eiis.   its circumference is ii.soo feet,
or almost exactly a half mile.   It was
dedicated to st. Lorenao, tba saint who
Is sanl in have been broiled on a gridiron, and on Unit account Us founda-
tInns were laid off In Imitation of the
shape or (hat kind of u piece of kitchen utensil
Monarch*,    Wh..   Were   Fntnn-t,    Fit
Their   Cnllnnr-f   Lccmlng
Royalty In times pail hai bad many
an accomplished epicure as learned tn
culinary lore ns In the practice of the
CUlllne,    It  was  Henry do Valos  who
brought into fashion aromatic saucci
aud various spice dainties, inheriting
his taste for cooking from Catherine ile'
Medici, who Introduced into Prance noi
only Ices, but much of the cullunry art
from Italy.
Louis XIV. was devoted to gastronomy, and for his use liquors were in
vented ln his old age. when. It is said,
he could scarcely endure existence
without a succession of artificial stimulants. But the pertinacity with
which Charles V. of Spain gratified his
appetite under nil circumstances rivaled even that of Frederick the 11 rent
Before rlsiug in the morning potted
capous wee usually served tn him,
prepared with sugar, milk and spices,
Iced beer being one of ills favorite
drinks. Fish, ton, of every kind was to
Ills taste, eels, frogs and oysters OCCU*
pylug a  prominent place lu  the  royal
bill of fare. Frederick the Qreat was
fond of highly seasoned meats and had
a strong predilection for Italian or
French made dishes. It wns his habit
during dinner to make pencil marks
against the different Items of the lull
of fare, to Which he referred when
conversing afterward with the mailre
When the Due d'Escars and his royal
mister, Louis XVIIL, ware chiseled together to talk over a dish the ministers
wert kept waiting ln ths antechamber,
and the next day this notice regularly
appeared ln thc official Journals: "M. le
Due d'Escan a travallle dans le cab
iuet." It may be added that Louis
XVIII. had Invented ths "truttles a la
puree d'ortolans," aud, reluctaut to
disclose the secret, he invariably prepared the dish with his own hands,
assisted by the duke. Another epicurean of the first order was the Polish
King Stanislaus Lesslnskl, who Invented many a new dish and vastly improved the style of cooking, astonishing the Lorraluers, among other things.
by having served up at his table dishes
of meat with fruits, both of which had
been cooked together. Ueese which
had been plucked when alive, then
whipped to death, and uiariue-ea were
set down iu his bill of fare as foreign
birds, and after a somewhat similar
fashion turkeys were transformed into
■coqs de bruyeros" and were served at
tbe table burled under the strong
smelling herbs of Lorraine. Oue year
was remarkable for the eutlre failure
of the fruit crop, but Stanislaus would
not be deprived of his dessert, for.
turning his attention to confectionery,
be substituted compositions of sugared
vegetables, especially of turnips— London Standard.
What one goes into debt tor nine
times out of teu is i. luxury.
A mnn always making excuses leaves
himself no time to make anything else.
Business based upon friend-hip
threatens both; friendship based upon
business strengthens both.
That man cau best Ignore tho enmity
of those who dou't understand biui
who goes home to a wife who does.
It Is a good deal easier to pray for
men's souls than to pour balm Into
their wounds, not to meutioa that It
costs leu
The supreme court has not yet decided which Is the weaker msn—he who
Is not able to see his own weakness or
he who has uo faith In himself.
From au Intellectual point of view
that time of one's life Is most wnsted
when he tries, iu a spirit of dumb loyalty, to admire all those things thut are
popularly   considered  sdndruble.
The Word "Sla»e."
The word "slave.'' which Is happily
used seldom unless metaphorically lu
this country, la u word of brilliant historical antecedents. Its original, the
Russian '-lain," menus glorious uud
Is the title of that race which subsumes the Buaalac people. But when
thu Germans reduced hosts of tba Slavs
to servitude their inline, from malice
or accident, ns Gibbon says, became
synonymous with "servile." it retalna
no more luggestlon of its racial origin
now thin, does "ogre," which Is really
"Hungarian,1' from a confualon of the
Magyars  wiih  the II.ins, snd of both
with the terrible Tartars.
..'iiiunt. • Ruses,
Delaware  bas been called  the  Diamond State,  fur, though sinnll In size.
It formerly  wns of great political lt.i-
portance,   it alao injoyi tbe nickname
of thu Blu* Hen State, this having
been bOQtOWad 00 ICCOUUt of 11 gentleman nunie.i Caldwell, win, made ti.«
state famous In sporting annuls by tbo
quality of his gamecocks, which k* nlil ays bred from tlie eggs of a blue b'-n,
believing that this wan the best color
for the mother of a gaiiicoi k,
An early use of this slang expression
Is to be found In some verses probably i.y Blkanah Battle—quoted by Walter Thornbury In his "Old and New
London," from a poem ou tho "Lord
Mayor's Banquet of Sir Samuel Flud-
yer," 1761, aud apparently published at
the time:
Whore are your eyes nn.l ears?
Biie U.ero what honorable g. nt appears!
—Loudon Notes nud Queries.
iii.ii. n.iiK m Hallucination.
The Widow—Now, gattlA1 right down
teh cold, luil1.1 fads, Muse, what lllll yo'
pmspecs'/ The BultO**—* Mali dear, I's
got a good job as managed ob a laundry In sight. Ths Widow—Well, yo'
want teh Kit tint out ol. sight an' fo'glt
it! Mull last liiishmid Inul .hit same lull-
hn Inn -linn, hut de Indy who promised
teh tub, hunch an' obey bun pos'tlvely
refused teh he de laundry:-Tuck.
There Is something In obstinacy
which differs from every other passion.
Whenever It fails It never recovers,
hut either breaks like Iron or crumbles sulkily nway like a fractured arch.
Must other passions have tbelr period
of fatigue and rest, their Bufferings
snd their cure, but ol.stlnu.y has no
resource, aud the first wound is mortal
—Johnson.        . .
Pooal.. tha Kn.le.t lo Teach, Dacha.
li.utl. the Moat l.lill.nll.
A poodle ts the easiest of all to train,
and the dachshund la the most difficult,
the latter not because he Is too stupid,
but bousi.se lis Is too smart. A dacha*
bund readily understands what you
want him to do, and lis can do It, but
he thinks lis knows s better way, and
he luvarlably tries his way tlrat. As
s result, hs is never trained lu anything that Is really difficult. A dachshund seems to be always poking fuu
at one and getting no little amusement
out of It for hlmaelf. Collies are easily
trained, but they sre more or less unreliable, and they are such flatterers.
Tbey make you thluk things are all
right and thon they run away at the
very first opportunity. In preference
to other dogs, collies are trained almost exclusively lu tho mllltla of Vienna for carrying, lu time of war, messages snd medicine to and from the
camp and the sick Midlers, but they
sre chosen more for their speed than
their faithfulness. Fox terriers are
natural acrobats. Within a few weeks
one osn be trained to turn a somersault. A few weeks uii.il* and he will
do s double turn. To teach him to do
this the trainer calls the animal to him,
and ss he comes Jumping playfully
against the trainer he Is caught and
turned quickly In the air, much to his
surprise. Hs thinks It Is play, and he
comes Jumping up agaiu. After each
turn hs Is given s small piece of meat.
Iu a few weeks bs will run up aud try
Independently to do ths turn over ln
ths air for tlie moat, and If he Is encouraged It will cot bs long before he
Is  sn  sccompllshed   acrobat
LaeametlTaa That Act a. Thoash
Th.*.   Ware   B.« Kolird.
Tou never see a ship launched on a
Friday, snd similarly a new locomotive
hardly ever makes a trial trip on that
day or on ths 18th of the month. Even
though the superintendent nisy jeer at
the superstltlou, yet he knows too well
to set It at naught, for Just as sailors
consider that some ships are unlucky
so do train hands credit certain locomotives witb s sort of demoniacal possession.
It ts certainly very strsnga the difference that may be observed between
two locomotives built from the sumo
plans, st thc same time, of similar material. One goes on her way quietly
snd smoothly, never breaks down, costs
little or nothing for repairs. The other
causes trouble from the very first, runs
off the line, kills the drivers, gets Into
accidents of sll kinds and generally
sets as though possessed by some evil
There was s famous Instance some
years sgo on the South Florida railway. A locomotive killed so many people that she got tlie name of "the
hearse," snd no fewer than three engine drivers actually left tho employ
of the company rather than continue
driving her. Ths odd thing was that
she never seemed to Injure herself.
Eventually the owners were forced to
break her up, although she was by no
means worn out.
Of actual ghosts In trains or railway
engines one very seldom hears.
The Art al Flattery.
There sre those who have an Instinct
which prompts tbem to offer verbal caresses to sll witb whom they come In
contact, and there Is no doubt that, if
such people are gifted at tbe same time
with good hearts, they greatly aweeteu
life. They do not know how to say,
much less write, a disagreeable sentence. They see wltli their mind's eye
tbe exact spot where a flattering word
would produce pleasure or salve a
smart, and the temptation to say It Is
very great. The pleasure they produce
delights them, and they study to produce It again. No doubt they practice
an art, but not a very black art, aud ll
Is difficult not to like them, especially
If they are womeu. Heal flattery—thc
really false article—can hardly exist
with a warm heart. Plenty of folly aud
too much desire to be popular may go
with   that,   but   nothing   else.
l..-rli ntl.in   el   I'hraaea.
Next to Shakespeare  we draw most
profusely from  the Bible for terse ex-
preesiona,  Proverbs and  Bcclealaatea
furnishing tbe larger proport  from
tin* Old Testament and Bt Paul's epistles from tbe New, Milton, though far
behind these two great sources ..f English speech gives us innn* familiar ea-
Ions Ih.in any  ..ther writer after
tbem.   irom him we hav.* learned lo
speak   of  "a  dim   religious   light,"   of
"grim death," "a heaven on earth" and
"sanctity of reaaon," Ot "adding fuel
to the Bames," of "tempering ju | .*
with in.rel," of tl.e "busy hum ot
men,"   "the   light   fantastic   toe"   (lhat
boon to provincial reporters) nmi tbe
"neat banded Phj Ills " 1lhaucer, though
rich In material for quotation, bus given us no pithy phrases, but from Spin
ser, who snug of him as the "well of
English oiulefylcd," we get ' imr rhyme
nor reason," "by hook or crook,"
"sweet attractive grace" and "through
thick and thin."   Chambers' Journal.
Color leheasea In iii.ii.iina.
Strange how little we Americana <io
will, color. We have a red brick house
or a yellow brick house With a red tile
roof or n green roof, mid that's about
the gamut in* run. Most beautiful effects can l.e gained by the UaeOf enameled colon even .... flat surfaces; dainty
patterns can be worked out nnd bril-
llniit yet harmonious effect!  gained.
Our coloring Hi hemes are tame. We
(.•rti.inly have much to lenrn In that respect from the I'erslnns of old. They
were   ...asters   In   enamel,   and   their
work was gorgeous, beautiful, Wltli
us it is lack of iuMte; it certainly is not
lack of ma I.*i*ia I.    There uro American
makers >.r tils that pro.lu.-c material
eejunl to that of antiquity, tbo richest
colon,   nnd   Iho   most   easily   adapted
i'ii.i Worker,
■'*■ •   Tlpved lilm.
Tourist (visiting an ancient castle)—
An* (lure nny legends connected with
this old ensile-* (Julde—Oh, yes. It Is
sni.l that In ancient limes a stranger
once visited this ensile nnd gave no
tip to the guide. Thereupon the Intter
threw tl.e visitor over Into tbe moat.
Hut don't be frightened. Of course It's
ouly an Idle legend.
Sunlight Soap is better than other sq-*_,
but is best when used in the Sunlight
To appreciate the simplicity and ease,**
washing with Sunlight Soap in tlie SunW,
way you should follow direction.
After rubbing on the soap, roll up ejA
piece, immerse in the water, and go aw»
Sunlight Soap
will do its work in thirty to sixty minutes.
Your clothes will be cleaner and whiter than if washed
in the old-fashioned way with boiler and hard rubbi
Equally good with hard or soft water.
Lever Brothere l.tnlnil, Toronto
Tl.e ,:>c.
is there anything so wonderful a*.
the eye? I do u ii cure how cold the
weather may be lb,* eye never falls. In
the wildest of Moutnua bllssurda, when
tin* thermometer regl ilei ■ 80 degr	
below zero, uhen the feel and Augers
freeze,   when  the  tin,ml   I'ree/.es,  when
even tlie t irao, sm ithed In sweaters
and chamois sklti vestlngs, freeaea;*a hen
the nose ami ears are i rosi bitten, wheu
the bull- even crachles lu the blast
uhen all ii lost apparently, tbe aya
suffer in. pain, but continue t.. perform
their normal functions. The people of
the most Inclement most frigid re
gams of th.- extreme north bundle up
everything hut their eyes. In Canada
you may have a man to rush nt you iill
of a sudden nn.l sl.ip a handful of
snow on your ems or nose or mouth.
but he never attacks your eyes. The
eyes arc never frost bitten. They seem
to suffer only hi a strong wind which
carries In its current some irritating
substance, as sand In the desert or
line "coriander seed" In the polar re
gions. And yet. notwithstanding this,
the eyes are the iiinr-t sensitive of our
several organs.
I in .Hit i.ne.
  wise ii*" lot
pedigree Brat      li
■ inbirnu
iln* physician who
nil* r o\a.no
*,  'salto-a cm
frcl cln nini mn     * Ji
unl.I      ..I      ...Ild  :,
might   I.i  be   In   iln
■' - i I«     B)  the waj   whm „„?
i.e in.* nature ,,i   yum
in* waa .i ii ID.
nun in*, patient « ■
i. i si   dot Im   «.■
III.ill      Willi     Cll||[.    .
local in in* i it.md
was  un* trouble
in i
The  Wor-J  "KaDlr."
Very curious has been the history of I
the word "Kaffir."   Sir Henry Rawlln
sou once said that tbe loveliest oriental
lady he Inni ever seen was a Knltlr
slave at Kabul. When she hid loosen
ed her golden hair she could cover her
self completely aa with a veil.   This
name   of   Kntlir   is   as   worldwide   as !
Islamlsm,  for It  Is  the name of "un- :
• r"   applied   by   true   Mohamine
dans to those tbat refuse the faith.
The Portuguese found it applied to ike
negroes of east Africa by their Arab
predeceaaora and handed it on to the
Dutch and to the English. The Katlir
slave   at   Kabul   belonged   to   one   of
those i.ia.k clad mountain tribes la
tlie heart of Afghanistan, who till 1806
defied th.ir Moslem neighbors and on
their dlsxy precipices gloated on ther
Idolatry. These Afghan Kaffirs claim
to be descended from the Greeks who
came with Alexander In bla conquest
of the east.
Why   the   lie, II   Iln.   t'lorrn   Muni..
Legends of the .I.i il a iv quite common in Ireland, bul ths on.* which Is
mosl Interesting aud leaat known per
haps is that iiim ii '.i's why tba prince
Of the infernal regions has split ho*.fs,
like those i.f a COW  beSSt,     Moore nl-
ludea to the legend In ins story of St.
Kevin and Kathleen at Qlendalougb,
In that etorj Moors makes Bt Kevin
throw his former ladylove over the
cllfi In order tO be ml of her ImportU
nities, but the peasants ..f the Qlendalougb district guc the story a more poetical li'inli     They  Insist  lhat It was
not  Kathleen thai  was  thrown over
the Cliff,  but   that   It   was  Satan,   who     "'"  *"'"/' '   ■'
had assumed tbe form of tbe lady m
order to tempt lhe saint. The moment
tbe prill.c of ei ll  toppled over the etlge
of the yawning abyaa in* spread his bat-
like wings ami sailed inlay  In safety,
mucb to tbe surprise of tbs holy saint.
Later on tbe de*. II again attempted to
lay a snare for Sl hei in, but the saint
inai.ag.sl to get tbe arch Bend OS holy
ground, where, of course, ba mn helpless     Willie Ihe del il  was in this help
less condition Kevin sawed off bla legs
and   attached   cowa'   hoofs   to   the
slumps. Sine thai ihn s .it.iii baa been
cloven footed and will be until tbe end
of tune
worai  thing for you I
gin-  il   up ni ..lie-     ■.'. I
d.i you plin I
the  unexpecte i   am * i
lllll..". '
Minard's Liniment lumberman', |rl(-,|
Ti ■>' hei     Johnny ,|
ton re studied youi
Johnny    Mo,  m im; ,,|
I lie    map   nl    lhe    11 ol Id
. I i I |    .1.11      ...il    I    *
i. *.t  ii .ii - i ill thing.
A     l'u,.Ii.ii.      I rl.  L
Take a | o of inning paper about
three Iln lies jj.|iiarc  nnd   wilh   a   lead
i'ii' .1. ti.e point of which has been
dipped In waier. draw a circle, a
square, a triangle or any other geometrical figure. I'ut tba paper ear.*
fully on a pan of water, letting It float
and leaving th.* surface dry. Carefully
drop water on tbe surface of tbe paper
until tbe space within tbe figure Is
filled. The moistened penoU lines win
keep it from Bowing outside ihs i.i-i,.**
Now place tbe point uf i*. pin ovsrsoms
point lu the figure near tbe edge. The
pin point must penetrate the surface
Of lhe water, but must not touch the
paper. At once the paper will float
around until the pin points directly to
the center of the figure. Sew If you
can Iiml out win* il does Ihis.
Behove   .ud   Architect..
"It 1- possible to l,i il.■• e. h.« s." said
an architect li is. Indeed, easier to
make than i" destroy them In tbe
■*ii built their great temples and
cathedrals with no thought of aeons*
n.*.. hence when Uie preacher preached
echoes rolled freely amid tha grt Inlngs
oi th.* roof, iimi u Hn* rows Of sclllp
lured column-, and round and round
the nave With wires strung hen* and
with tapestries spread ihen* mnn ..f
the echoes of tbo ..id world bo
have b.s'ii obliterated    There ai bo
ert|"crtt   builders ncqualuted  »nh  tbe
■ of acoustics 1* tity is
■ *! s'  destruction     Bometlinei
ij-.it. sre  bard     Today  an ar.
taaes thought >.r Ibe e. ho    ll - bu Id
11,1_   Ir- • *i  .It  III e\i Iod.
Intruder.    And,  knowing bon   lo ei
elude   it.  l.e  knoll-   hon    io  ml-.
also,    l inn* frequently In land
mirk put up summer bouses snd ar
. i rocks so as to create ao i ■ ho
there."   Ex. Iiange
tin ,ri
\  medicine  whict
children   in-ll.
ii In n tin, ...
!• -- l.non to Illinium. *.
■ in. i- liab) *. Owl I
i     ets cure sll   storosi h   <
lies,   »lt(*>    .In*   i
.unl  gin   sound,    li.iiltlii
sleep     And the moth.
• nl i   a  got ei mi -
i In- untie ins .li*.*.-    i
paititle nt poisonoui
■ d   son. lung   iii . *
liquid   medicines        11. -   l ,■> |
especially  good   foi   tbe  n. -
oi   ilo* well gumn child     *'     '     '
Cun.'*.   I."i rn ■   ' Inl     *■«. -
loon.I  1'nln - .mn Tabl.'    i |
* Ing constipal
ol he.    iill   ol   ill' i«-   '■   * V. ■' I
these   I sbl. I
ci   nr I.y  ...inl  nt   -
ii i iiing     I he     Dl     \\ iII.hu. • I
.  .    |i ,„ ki    ■
i .miii.nu   le!|>eaIs   Into   llnds.
The Egyptian cobra Is not unlike Its
Astatic coualn except In tba abaenca of
the curious spectacle like  mark  which
dlatlngulabea tbe hitter. Although it is
the most poisonous reptile known to
Inhabit northern Africa, It Is the fa-
rorite among lhe snake charmers.
These conjurers know how to render
this   serpent    rigidly    uiic...scions    by
pressing the  n.*i| f  lis  m-ck with a
linger.   This n't appears to throw the
reptile into catalepsy, in which he is ns
stiff as nn Iron rod. Traces of Something similar having been practiced ln
Olden times may be found In the Bible,
where A.nnn iiiinli) a serpent of bla
rod or staff.
A Vrnunitiu. Snake.
The only sure way lo tell ii venomous
snnkc Is to kill the reptile, open Its
mouth iiilh a stick nml look for the
hollow, curved fangs. When not lu
uae they are ennpressed against tho
roof of the m..uth. beneath the reptile*!
eyes, Th.y are hinged, as you cun see
If you pull them forward with a pencil. The veiioin Is contained In a Hink
hidden beneath the Hklu at the base of
each tang-—Field and Stream.
A   Will  on  Ire.
The strangest  will on record Is that
of a Connecticut clergyman who broke
through   the   Ice   of   a   certain   pond.
{finding that be wns unable to gat out
upon lhe lee nud realizing thut he hail
but a short time to live because of the
bitter cold, he took bis knife nnd wrote
his will on the smooth surface of tho
Ice. It waa found, duly sworn to and
recorded as his last will and testament.
At the Bapsnaa of the Pablle,
"On whom does the est of a big
strike fall?" said .1. Ogden Armour, the
great beef packer lu answer to a .pies
tion of n rep,,,icr. "Well, I'll try to
illustrate with a story.
"A butcher wan currying to a cua-
toiiier'H kitchen Some meat that hint
been ordered und paid for, -when In*
was attacked and pinned to tho -wall
by n great dug.
" Hero! Hero!' called a woman's
vole*, 'lhe dog slunk away. 'Ob,'
unxlously asked the mistress of tiio
house, 'did Hero bile youy
"'No,' answered the hi 111 trembling
butcher; "I kept him off by giving blm
your chops, und yon came Jusi In time
*.o aave your atenk."- Woman's Homo
Plugging, In public sud otberwtaa, is
not of mediaeval origin, lu the middle
inri-i ridicule and nol physical Buffering
u it the means employed for the cor*
in of ii rongdolug; hence the pillory, the stocks aud the thewe n chair
suspended high over tba beads of the
crowd, in which women, generallj
scolds, wen. brougbl lo a sweet ren
si.uaiiioi.es but il..- whipping post be*
longs to tbe 'i udor age Tba III .
in -1 in, ■, servant question was met by
Hogging girls for Idleoe. - on Bundny
In..lllll.*.-      I'.ul   il   mis   in   (he   Hull.nc
rh... period thai Hogging n.it can ed
to .'if—. As i.lie at ism ||] women
were publicly Bogged In Qlouceater,
Buglaud, bucnuse thej bad bueu fouud
I'luroiienn   Jlu  Jll.n.
A  French teacher of boxing iKiints
oul lhat an n ri of s.*ir defense appro J
Imotely   equivalent   to jiu  Jltsu   n.n
known In  Europe In Ihe seventeenth
century    n   pi      oles are • (pounded
in ii work i*i "in  I i is p.*t. it. put.
Ilshed at Amsterdam In b.Tl nml b'-ar
ing the lengthy explanatory title; "Tba
art of wrestling an.l bow one can pro
ii-it oneself in nil kinda of quarrels
tbat may occur; bow one can with agil
ii.v ami rapidity repel nil unfair attacks and meet ones adversary witb
science." The work is Illustrated. Tbe
niiiiior apparently anticipated many "f
iln. characteristic grips of the Japa
neae ezoonenta ..f today,
Wlirii   Lowell   Wo.   Sti.|ii-ntlr-t.
a biography of .lame* Russell Lowell
says of u famous Incident *if the i I's
college    lift"    "Throughout    his    senior
year bis unexcuaed absences rr.n^i r.*.*i.
tntions umi chapel exercises increased
In number until tbey reached n total
that even  now   Is startling lo nn  nea-
demlcally trained render. Binally, so
the story runs, there came u characteristic ebullition during one of Ills Infrequent appearances at evening prayera
that brought matters to a head. I laving been elected in the morning i t
of Ills class,   Lowell b:o| spent the day
iii ambrosial Jubilation. At prayers
tbat evening, being still Jubilant, he
arose In his sent and bowed low to tho
right mnl to the left, ('(imlng at tbo
end of n long career of Consistent negligence, this breach of decorum wns not
to be puss.sl In sllcnco." I.nwell was
OS u enuscui.co'-'* ee_*.><.,i„.i
Wkent   In  (h.ne.
<_Inrse writers claim that the cultivation of wheat was Introduced into
the Celestial empire by thc Emperor
Hhimiung U.70U yean before Christ.
The   Arernse   It.,,,*.   «l.e.
An   average   Child    in.-us.ires   about
nineteen and a  half Inches st blrlh if
« boy and half SO Inch less If a girl   A
child Increases more rapidly m length
during lhe lbs. week ,hn„ at any sub-
s-iuent   perioij,   „„„   „,„„„„       {_
Inch during the lirst month of Its life.
The finest anuria „o| the most nutrl-'
tons   for,   while  it  eon.nlns  .he  most
££*.«« albuminoids and oth«-n I
trlUoue elements are nlmoet lacking.
employed   abonl   oui
kitchen » baa I I.ml o. - •■
there, and, bj  ws
■aid,    "iou »..* (ram 'I •
-.I sh -
I.,m    res   Mi
Ilm ii  in i I.e south?     l
*- Originally    turn n    in    I
M ess  the ■
Woman ■ Home • omp.
Mi..:.i.t s Liniment '".
Uenta    I have .. iod *
p.   i .ll: . r in mi  t..ini, i
.ni. t im   |..
the besl medh Ine obl i
Al  I 111 11
Proprietoi    Boston    Poi
I.n. i,   Slalil.-t
Miiit.sl     all    tbe     I   II
revli -a    Bmplr.  11
.■I..**  io Canada     | o
\l    mi., ,i DewJei   ••  I  •
ai.l sevei -ii li .en*!-   .i.n
death   a bile sutomobib.i
Th.*  lleiiiiiin  Overses   I
p .111    III    llelll   I    I*,   lilt leil-in
I. tn,      |1 -mi inni     .„
i L Mumford tells how P-rychiot
cured him after the Doctors
gave him up
" It Is twelve ye»,t siiwe Piy> I""** C"™*
me of galloping consimit'iu'.' " '*'
-.peske, ws. M(. A. E. Mumforii. -ii I*""1
.all, end looking ju.t whal ho .' * '''' '
healthy farmer.    Ile works hii oerO iu*
neat nagnetawatii Ont.
" I Caught my cold working it. • '""**J
on U.e C.P.R.'' he . i.nl.nu.'.l. "j b'"
night sweats, chills and fevei and fist*"**
i ly COUgbed up pieces of my lung*. I "
, sinkinK lust and the doctor, -.oil ,h"*
was nn hope fnr me. Two niiinit" "'*!
menl of Psychlno put me right 00 nl)' 'Jr
and I have had no rclun. of long uouon
•i.iie." .
If Mr. Mumford had starled ie l«"
Paychlne when he lirst caughl '"''V
would have saved himself a lot of *"*"'
and Milleioii*. Paychlne cures sll l.,nJ
troubles by killing thairermi Ih' >«,IJ*"
.he disease.
ir..»„-.,u.a _4«e«»
50c. Per Bottle
Larger .i... et m-* ea an *"""''"
DR.  T. A.  SLOCUM, Limited, To-onta
W    N    U    No.    687 THE LURE OF A
mat   .■■'■.'.■   '"-'''I   Worth   Millions   is
Burled at  Cocos   Island is  Undoubtedly True.
Admiral   Paillior   bus   deotded t..
I,ave    ni.tlilUK    tO    do    With   the   111 ■«
[reoaure biffluDg expe lltlon to Oocoi
Island   which   Ih   being   (Itted   OUt   111
America, says tin* London Dally  Dx
i ii,. Admiral, who aooouipanled
Burl I'li/.iviiiiaiu oo bis expedition In
n'n veronlque, probably knows more
,in,ui ih.* location of the treasure than
,m other living man, and he is ..i the
opinion Ibal ibis search party Ih
iioomed to failure from the outaet.
\„ intimate friend of Admiral Pal
Ulor explained to un Express ropre-
Huilaliie why, In hi.*. ..pinion, lha new
expedition is likely to be unaucce   ful
I    Mist   place. '   he  sail    "th.
-Im-l p.. sai led  in   tb.* party Is gon
, ,,,111   suppose I   til   In*   ll.lse        ll    I      nin
ni many which win* sold t" treaaurs
, i   * i.* yeara i'i-'...i
i mn. when ihe Island is reached
ami that win in- tin- rainy sea m.n
il -i . .ii..in iimi the n*
mil   not   be   all..we,I  to   »..i i.
■ ,.     |      i inln ah*     nf    which,   il
iKjrted   Mi    Harold  Uri y,  Mi   m* nl
nnirenc) and Captain Kenned)  Uu
,, im .i'ii    holds ii  oonoesslon   frton
     ."I* nun.-in for exploit
. ,. whole island, nn.l until It gtvi
Up nu one elae can work there
lyndlcate ha   been wm kla * ihi
,n.i im nn* lasl two years wlthoul
ii was mainly on account ..f ihe • \
,   i,i iiu*. concession inm   Earl
i ,i,h - expe lltlon fatted.      Ki
Pujll . i told me that the R
,, ,,iv found It Impoaalblo to Interfere
*.,,   ijmdlcate, and   •••'•i'i   only
ho.i, in  us consent in certain parts
nl tin- island.
in  absolutely  no doubt   thai
mn ni' al I" aaure hoards are bidden
,„ ,h, niand    One, a pirate tn
nd nt between six and twelv.
t. rltng, and tbe other, known
i  '   la said  in
i„  worth three mUllona.
.   iiirmer couslsi.* i ..i ■
gold and silver ornaments and
i in i were originally -
dpanlab  In Mexoo snd   I
;,,i,i v. n  bang ow I swaj In Span
ona win ii .i notorio I   pirate
i imi Pedro Bonlta, ati
.  pturad tin*  veaaels, and   con
tbelr fretghl In n
Keating' "*■*■*     "'''
In the  aa  way    The Bpan
,,i„, wer.* being *iiiv*'ii out ol
dlected nil their i
ii i placed ih"*... f'*r
I Utah   ship    Man    Dl.       Tl."
noi crew, being oven on
•  of BO  ...uch gold all.I  silver.
i those in charge, and
laland, where thej abw hid
. .-, treasure    Retribution rot
rtftty, imw" i'i. f"i *. Bpanlah
w.-ni iii pursuit, an i Bndini
:  ii*..* laland, axi cote i seven
■ the *
spi.ni.ii'i*-   never   found the
.  and ib"- Captain of th.
* ..i.i  banded over the
„l i...   |.  '!.. ■;•■ Ms
to Captain Keating   ol
Ki t- ,:n- i srtee i; - •■ i
„ | ,„, . acb nccHsmn  returned
.nth  61,000 worth Ol .
llll* I..
mnn who a < '» ''"'
Chilian u *•
11„* - in ii tor thoaa t»
■ *.   ...niK  nil   fi
tj an I eighty years, and ll
, recover*,  la ra Uu
• an ' \|.t*'iiii"ri tn'*
md men
Loi l Kiuwllllnin's expe lltlon
,* in  thoaa who hav.
l... nf    tba    hiding
Routine Bicycle News.
.. Illng sale man In thi ■ mplo)
i.n i.i.*    manufacturer   In
. was obliged 'o go >.n a
trip into tbe West about the
n interesting   domestic
slesmsn di
• .   I.. "* in* blm n ■ • in*l
i tnuu.ii;, something like ibis
M.ili   .   - itetl   al In ■
 hi■■• nl    in *
mei ele..  be bad i n goni
. da]-. •»in n h.  :• t ■ ne i the
containing i"it  one    word
$100 REWARD $100
ru ii»i .a. upsretata ,.^~t\.< w>**
* >. 1*-M% ll*. a.*M..t-. t(ie«Mi U..I H*.MM«
- ii. bi tmr. la .11 >U ■.■jra. ..a ,...*..
' - - lun .  Uurlh In., t. tSt* .Mil,  i-.tln.
*■ . ■     ... ut the  n.,.i . .1  (i.u-ri- (i     i *."»!.h
h i it. Si.
I tli. --.I.
w!H en id* i*i'-*i »"'*  "•"*<***,
,„,    tht-,*t>, .b-i-...h. ,Ke ."«.•
■ t■ .■ 1 .-._.. .nS  ...'it. ih. |*l...n,.l.t».i^S
i  C.  ...n-t.lulii.il   .ml Mi.itt,  **•*_?
.    u  .■•,-,.    Tt,«    , n.,ift. lun It... m.   ITttt--"
I- "■   .'   u , ...»i,,r   |..<->..r- O..I l.-l  ",-t ''"*- ,'"■}
... • ..... -•— ih., i, I..1.«•• <■•>•■ arse
• **«,•...«..u
*"•— r. j.imis.to. T»u_k a
*    <  I'"  •tf.egi'*. *■»*.
'•"• ...Hi I.m,I,   1*11. fin mMUp^lua.
Might  as  Well Sleep.
\    |l|     .I.i .111     V."   Ill     til    Sll ep    111"*     I
iig in. clostna spi •. ti ... ..in
l>l .In* i Ounael   III   UM case in  an   *
i-     i in* Judge in.'i blm ae ik
"ei strongly robuked him   'M)
i". i    ..mi iiu* j.in.i.   i was un b*. lb.
ii -!,.,i i  H,is sworn tn |t"*e
lict scoordlng to tha ai Idem i
* i urdlng to tin* ipescbea."
l.lic sentiment   in   Newfoundland
•ii fsv*ors the II I eaWnet's bill
-' the American Bihermen
Your Hair
Don't have a falling out with
your hair. It might leave you I
Then what? Better please it
by giving it a good hair-food —
Ayer's Hair Vigor. The hair
Hops coming out, becomes
soft and smooth, and all the
deep, rich color of youth
cornea back to gray hair.
* I wu itnit.ilt.-l *tr.«tlf with itttittrnff nntn
I tit.*. Av.r'a ..o VI..K llruniftl.l.lTrii.*"!
.It* tl.ntlitiff .nt ..to 11111111.11 in, b.fr from
t.lll.g nut, u i„„, m. .... nl,-.i, .1 .. In
.".iifiini in, a.l. In .nf -i.i. I wi.li "
M.M UtliOIS Colli, Ill,III., "if. Vs.
lUdskr J.o. Sj.r no., i.i.w.n. *•«•.
.iniftiiiliitiir. Ol
>_    SAI8APAHU.A-
Sll I S.
Bertha   Krupp's   Proposals.
Hince the itatement of ihe uuguge-
mem of Mian Uerlliu Krupp, the rich-
ust woman In the woi I J, lu uu uu
Kuowu suitor, haa boon published. Hit
hui baa developed tbat In luhiiiioti u.
tn.* pruposui wnich aha acoepted the
Ut i   iiein      received SOS propoa
ala    ihis   iiuen   nm   Include   offers
.inin tune ' I... i ..,,.. i nr lu.ne would
I"     lUltori   who   have   sent   I.'tiers   In
Miss Krupp. Among the 30! eliglbli
suitors   wi...   ..n.*r.*.i   themselves   to
.Iniii*    in    Hn*    Krupp  milll.ms  wen*
twelve royal princes from various
reigning families, eight dukes, seven
iiiive   in ions,   nineteen   viscounts,
■iXt) ..... hurons. and flfty-etglll i.uhlu
llicll   uf   lesser   lilies.      Ill. .1-   eahiliel
ministers, six 1.1_1. state dignitaries,
sixteen generals, four Ambassadors,
icn noii'ii   literary   men,   seventeen
painters ol renown, eleven 1 is who
im- well recognised in tha world ol
li ii*ii ... nmi imi American millionaires.
in i lew of iln- roan) proposals re
e. in* i by the young heiress pu'jlic
lute,,   t Is grea ■"■   d aa to Ihe
nli ni Ity or lhe man who Im I sm oee i
ml iu winning Miss Krupp.
A  European  Deer  Story.
HI     "I ileei  ii Ith mm bai rel i oi
watei imi  nn i inn beads i rommon
'inni Maine anil  Adirondack
I. ii   im   ICurope in
* imc .*■ 'I** tor.  *.. nu a in i.ini  Bonn
bum un :i inai Innsbruck came upon
■   u 111]   a   l.i'hl i   its  alill'l -
in   pit    ill Hi    Ii n in .in  ii made .iff
.1    real   pood on   eolng I he men, hap
. I    '1,.   Inn:-    through    r|n
uml. ii-.'ti*'ii  ■•    ii   'luiie  ...iiinin-.li-1
Mm  li : vppuil, hnil
wil.*.! the • mi ni tin lad.li. i
ie i .it■••ii iim tree I' ■ IruKRlt-s
were * * rrnntlc sl the approach ol thc
i,um man .log lhal ll broke uiT pun
nl iu antlers, ami thus freed, made
goo    ' The laddei  proved
to i • i ...    lo a in un -r   who Im I left
li standing agalnal one   "t   his   bay*
While  stealing tho hay, thi
i.ic had evidently  upaei  the lad I. i
which had thus booome fixed on  iu
horns     Which goes   to   prove   that
■,   is i'n   I., -i   pott. *    even  tm
Hprlngfleld Republican
Indian    n poi I   'in* formation of s
new lake south ol Ba Ifi Current, sup
in.-. i to i"- lhe out. 'iiu*- ni tie* Ban
Tired  Brain and  Body and Languid,  Worn-
out Feelings—Cure in
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
in the spring the blood is lacking In I neas, jerking of the limbs, so
the   rel  corpuscles  wherein   Is   found
the uie K'vin < principles which pul
snap ..ml enemy Into tho system—
mailing tlie body .nine uud the mind
Kor  lack   of   red  corpuscles  In  the
blood, tbe limits are weak, tbe action
Of the heurl   feeble, the Hl.iiiiucb  fallH
in properly .iikcsi tin. food, tba liver,
kidneys ami bowels become hIukkIsIi
and hui. hv.*
Ur, chase's Nerve Fool overcomes
t...rae conditions because it contains
the verj elements of nature which no
i.ie.ei.se  tl.e  lililiibfr  of   red   cup
uscles ln tin* blood
i nt*.*... ingredients are so combined
oi nn in-rn restorative us to acl mild-
ii and gently on Hn* system, Instilling
new un a umi vitality lulu ihe blood
ami nerves ami thrniiKh these in.*.II
urns reaening wiih a beneficial iniiu
* in • ' very vital organ of tbe body.
Mis i.enn iiieheii, Lowe farm,
Man. w.iits "I had suffered for two
years wltn dtxsy spells, pulna hi iln*
ha.k, c.i.i  bands  and feet, nervous-
^^^^^^    ro loliKue,
soreness of arms and shoulders, and
general exhaustion. About seven
months uk.> i became ». nervous tlmt
I could not reat or sleep, und could
not du the lens! .it of work without
suffering dreadfullj from pains In tin*
back, I could hardly walk, could eal
very little, and felt that people were
always  watching my body twitch,
"i tried several remedies with little
effect, and was a mere   skeleton   dI
skin und bone aboul to give up In di
pull* •Alien  I heard  about  Dr. Chas   '
Nerve Kon.l, and b.'Kiiii uslnu it. I have
uaed in all fourteen boxes of this preparation, i.ml b has buill iiK* up until
I iiiii now strong uml well am.in. Dr
i'liases Nerve rood has done me ii
world of good, and I feel 1 eaiin.ii re
commend m too blgbly to persons who
suiter as I   have."
ii   is Interesting  to note  your  in
creaae In weight from week to week
while uslnn Dr. Chase's Nerve Pood
50 (-'ills ii  box. nl   all dealers, 01   I'.tl
nun  in. Bates iv .lo., Toronto,
The cal*. a.i board ol Ira le |i
■king    lhe    li.,million
Itiilellllln 1,1    III   * .  I,,,.   0j   ,|„,
buffalo from Band   National Park to
Three   Doctors   Baffled   but   Dr.   Wil
Hams  Pink Pills Came to the
• a i*-w months ago the home of
•   It.
nlie J  wiin  siiiinw       ii   teemed
iimi .|. aih would claim the lip ,,i theti
little kiii    'I'...!..1   this  gloom
is i . anged to .*
in. tongei iii, mu i- inn* bright,   ■
an i happ)    i.i   *A imams   Pink 1'iils
brougut  c itt. i  ii    ,|.n-
'"is  bad I *   • •'••mine,  -his hi
th** :*. n>  Utile gli i became
snd ..  ban  tin..*  do
• ni benefit    s:ie t.n>
... nm down anil her blood  s
I le n •!:■ ,
■ I bei
»" r.     much   l.s.   small   for   !n*i      I!•-.
Bi .: .i mie* their
To make hei  torture
w...-e rheumatism set In    Her state
wn*. pitiable    ..nin nm.s wa thought
ui.I not live much longer and
ini three months aha could nol walk
'I n inn. h  In r   was
ber ti. - agony    The doctors
wer.-  baffled   the)  could  do nothing
lot tn i aiui as a laat i." nt we t
in,, nee of Ur   Williams' Pink  ;
...k the pii.- tin"*"   we. Its a ben
a   slight    Ilu
menl    The Improvement gradn-
• i sine :    inni.'-l .imi hi  ih.
...*ii twent] one
ire was i omph te      it is imw
.1, tbe puis
ami   she  is  mm she evei
boot • ver)  da)
i i .nn..! -j.* ak loo blghl) iii favor ol
iu   Williams Pink Mils foi I feel tii,->
save i nu Utile gli i - life "
\\ eterj i.1ih.*i la the cause >.i ovi ■
I. Ill    llie    Sl. MC
.i.n      ,, have   health, strength  and
happiness you musl  hav.   . I. b,   r.*.i
l,I ,,,|     lu   \\ ilii.nn-'  I'm!* Tills make
ua, 11. !.. red blood, thai  i- wh> lhe)
a,ia.   Indigestion    I"
H|i|m in • ih.nm.iilr-in.       in ui
m rvoui troublee heart palplt
.,n i an the ailments peculiai lo grow
i is and women Bold b) dealers
m ine in u.e "i bi mall al 50c .. bo>
,,, in box. - foi »-' M il*in the in
w .in.iiii. Medicine Co., Brockvllle
Oh to be a Woman.
"John tili-'i   Hobbes," the famous
novelist, does m.i -.lun.- in iln- populsi
opinion that   men  hsve a  better tune
thin, women.     "Men,'' -In- says, "hsve
to go nut  into the world  ami  struggle
I il   a I existence.    Thei   un* spurred till
they fight-, trampled on when they lull,
overworked when tbey work." woman
make 'hi   louelincsi nt  the home on
of then greatest sorrows, und ii  isthal
hi ,■ I but-as   «Im h  l.u.Is  them   tc
I .1 mn   thei.   real   uml imsginsry
troubles. It lhe tnuh, hardships, uml
indignities to which the average man
.   tubjeeted oould be weighed against
all   the   tlm*.   ol   the   SVSrage   w olllllll. ll
fionlii he found 'li.i'   In* hie   it  lur  iiitlse
tinn* iloin the bas.   Hut be bus no lei
sure to -lop und think ubnut bis troubles. 11.* bus to let I.i- teeth ut every
,teii vexation, und pus*, on to the next
tu-k It i- because In* generously
:.;..iii- iimi In- wile Im- more than
enough to beai that ho listens patient
li to the recital ol her wrongs, and
-.n- not a word sbout bis own. And
t hat. again, supplies i he n s nn
women believe that men have a
comfortable life.
U 111
'ih.-e iwn desirable qualifications,
pleasant to tbe taste and al tbe same
i nine effectual, arc to be found In
Mniin i Urave'a Worm Bxtermlnatoi
Children like II
Hud   Hal.il        D   would
It,11 .1.. i ■ ii  in nu * - to i
•       ,1 Im.mn -
I'.     ,    ■
the)   would .iltt.ti-
llM  k      ' llllll. II   '   '•
Lit in
loin*  ol   hsbit
I,,-    wstetin
\|| el I	
..tit i. wh.u appear lu be the moat
nn ia| mi ui rt in . - ni life prove to be
tin*   niii-l   momentous      Mnn    in   'li
posed in regard s cold   as   s   -in-in
..iiiii- deserving nt little consideration
l|i*l'|. i '   'i  I. II   IVSUlla   ill   lll'tr.r
iitniiiiii*   i
i.ul enhlK ami coughs
Ami c naumptive B)iup
the   icc.'iriuzeil   n uie lv   Ini   all   SffeC
f the throat ami lun
and this
sertoiia   alb
sufferins    |,MV'
ni'. n ckl«
 I-   "I
Haines ol   the   Atlantic t itj
•ii -   iVssotiation   wan   iiilkm*..
rules   I'uii   prevsil    in
. he i in .i|..*. n-tiiiiiiini- snd
|,e    -..ul.    "I    Id    '"
suhnl  snd dessert,
Imi il >an next
onlv   nr.ler.sl
Hotel     Mi
sbout  iln
nm in   ot	
•    I* .i|      |ie '   .
uml   i.nlii   oysters,
i.ml get a napkin
in   me.   because   h»*   I    „
pn- ....I null,, cun'. linn* ii napkin on
mi.    i.eeoilli.
A guest hen* last  summer gsveme
ilu* be-i exuinple- iii these sbsu
ll.C-   I, .1.1    .htleleiilli.il *■■■
heal ll   yet
"The man laid thai   I. ilered   ■
llllicll eale . .   I.nndim.  un 01 mile  place
ll ll ll   it   e ntlilei       u In * e     -iniii*     ot      I hi
"utrom -tinl. .ml with i. numbei   nl
small  in.lei'.   II.I.t
■ I   the  I iilile*.
III.. I led  In hill..
>.-.     -....I.      'hut
^^    ,1  ml
thut  I  hsve
Tom I always hate to pass sn ice
cream nloon when I'm walking with
mi girl.
Dak I',*., never happened to pu-t>
Tula   in-i out! Bow du you manage
D.ck   I don't manage it ; ibe du**.
She  slwayn  insi-tr.  un   noinj;   in.     Nee
Vnrk  Sun.
Keep Minard's Liniment in the House
old Lady—Yon ought to be b-IishkhI
•it  Dome  h'i»* begging      I ju-t teen
i,ii   put   a   -liver  llollul    111   yoilI  pocket.
(frowsy t'l'llv Oh, Dome now,bdj
I ii-k.-l ye ler suthin1 t.*i eat. I oan t
est   ii  -ilver dollsr,   csu   If—Cbicag.
Sunlight   Snap   is lie.ler  than   nil., i
soaps i.ui la beat when iise.i tn the
sunlight way Buy Bunlighl Snap
and follow directions.
inst husband, she sobbed
was -i km I. gentle man, uluny- eon
•iderate ol me. He always lei me hav.
ni min way."
les       growled iln* seoond,    "uml
look i,t the reeull
R. -.It ■ What result f"
\\ In   he's dead      i incinnati Pos.
in Nature's Btorehouae Ther.* are
Cures Medical experiments have
shown conclusively that there ai.
Inai virtues In even ordinal*)
plants growing up around us which
give them a vat.... lhal cannot be est
mated li i- held i.i some that nature
provides a cur.* im* every dtseaai
which neglect and Ignorance havi
,i ited upon man However, ibis ma)
be, n is well known that Parmelee'a
Vegetable Tills, distilled frnm roots
an.i herbs, arc a sovereign remedy in
em in.: all dlaordera ol tbe digestion
There .- talk ..l legislation in K..|*
Inul to take away trom the dog itt
immemorial privilege ..t a Brat bite.
\ iini. nude,  ihe hui. i-   respons
pile for il..* dog's first nip al .. humsn
log li i- m.n pi..po-.-.i to make tin
hi ni i liable to tin* bitten person, evi n
it it cannot bo shown, ss the law now
i, , me. thai the animal Inul revealed
• a previous miactiovioua or feroeioni
disposition   toward   mankind "
i   Cure  b"   Ct'sllvencss        Costive
nasi ■• - from the  refuanl of th«
,.v, ,,.„,, i organa to perform thai*
a,,,,,- regularly rrom eontrlbutlng
!   ....   usually dlaordared  dlgeatlon
;,,„„.„„., vegetable Ptlla, Prepared
, "ccn.itic prtnclPlea, are mm*
piiimici thai certain iimr.*.ii.*n s   In
„,,„ .,M, through the atomach and
,', ..,.,.. the bowela ao aa to remove
,.*„ torpor und amuse ihc.n to pro
.'    .,,,,„     Many llu.usiinds arc pre
I;;,',.,.,,,, ,rteaSmonytothelrpowe.
in this respect	
Will  Drum No More.
The drum  has been abandoned
the French army.   The reason
js the short term service
ver und .. Imil to makj
io that  no sooner would
proficient than he would
turn I" oiwil li'e.
Inr this
It   Likes i;
ii  (hummel
nlie   heculni
Imve   tl.    .I'
ll alt.
little tablei where
" the   limn   |   IV.
tool,   II   -e.it    it   tun
•   lien pardon, sir,' nt*   »s.u
buns can'l   -.1
Diet ot Cave Dwellers.
\    iieuii-i    says   llmi   nlie..
were cine dwellers then die!
entirely nl  roots ..ml fruits, ..
.1   i*<  Unl   .1 .. I it 111,1,1  In suppose llllll   th«
food  nu- ..Hen  -lined  sway.   In enu.-.
*    '     '-"I.   lhe   -mill
hoi, inul
Minard's Liniment used by physician.
■l'l,,. Duke ol Cornwall's Light Infsn-
try recently returned from tne Cs] I
,;„„,l n„,„; to England after twenty
inm vein- service abroad.
Tlie biggest
coll »l "led
uml that
„f lime tin- frill!     	
i„ |i wm tur »!" i'.""
the nave dwellers
Ilka it    This was
    ol   illcol.n
ilrunl.  it  "'"'   V\j*
the boginnin* "i ""
Pittsburg Dispatch.
gas engine in the world,
„   | IMMI horse  |inner  machine,   is   now
i„ |ng instslledat Braddoek, near Pitts
tltllelal (Inures show the number
leaving lhe United kiiik.i»iu for Can
.,,ia in 1908 to be sMfi". agalnat 89,-
iM llie prevliniB year.
Al   n   sale   of   modern pictures al
Christie's rooms, London, a total Hum
oi    £10,829  was  realized.    Leighton's
Win.linn thu Skein"    was   Bold   for
1,460 guineas.
Nor hwest Rebellion Rualled.
A picture In Ths Manitoba Free l're.,»
of n bri.lu- (2,300 feel long and 86 feel
hich) which un* (in...i Trunk Pacific
has Just completed over I-im- Creek
west of Portage la Prairie, Man., re*
in tub il a vetei ni * if iln- Northwest rein hi n of an im-i'i. ni which took plaes
duriiix the transport of troops westward
In 1SS5. Tin* Montreal Garrison Artillery las It was then known, was lhe
lirst regiment to mike the ull-rall trip
to Winnipeg over tha C. I* it. They
l.il I .iver one Sunday at Jackfisb Bay
on the sh ip*s of i.ake Superior, and relumed Ihetr Journey on the Monday
morning. When they had s'.t about Hf-
ly miles, Vnr conductor cams through
the Iraln ami stated that they were ap-
proachlng a new trestle which has Just
been completed. No trains had run
"Ver ii. and the engineer unto trust his irain with Its human freight
in the possible perils of the 'rip. So
the order weni forth for lhe regiment
io march over ihis bridge, which waj
I* ii* a qunrrer of a mile long and tt* .ul
100 feel high. Of course, the men wire
told to break step, ami ihey did so. All
got across safely exc pl one rather stout
man. who was i veteran of the Fninc-
i * - S bs collsps. d. Ii
ii heavy  load to carry, but a fatigue
pany was detailed to bring him s
Ihey itarted. and had just got hold of
him  wtun ihey heard  the train   ap*
proachlng.   The trestle was on a curve
ml  the  rtiiui  could  n t  be seen until
I;  was marly upon the parly; but
"hustled," ami got  ; heir man ucr
right. Then il was not the Alsatian win
collapsed, but his rescuers.
A  Lover of  Humanity.
The Countess    ( Aberdeen Is a lover
nf humanity. When Lord Aberdeen eras
. , il . * 11 " -i 1. in ■ • fl
* * i - '• the countess was probably ilu
mist connplcuou i sr woman
in ' tan ids Bhe « as born "ti the .*<iate
In Inverness shire In fiTiT, nnd waa
married t" Lord Aberdeen In 11*77. In
1--.; when Lord Aberdeen became Vloe-
roy of Ireland ihe accompanied him t.»
. -t that required diplomacy and
la I* was al a time when tin* people ii ere sullen and discontented, f I
• l supply h.nl filled. The warmth
of that latli- presence and her work on
their behalf soon won over ihe j
She   was
direct', reeponslble f r a revival ef ths
making Industry In Ire.und.   and
..r lered that s    ■ to the I lastle at
Dublin  must   wear  Ir.-h  poplin.      She
rganlsed the Women's Liberal Federation, w ti i-li has a membership of SO.000.
N.nv. itni-e again, Lady Aberdeen is the
first   lady   of   in-' md
Marooned All the Winter.
When ilK I  ni.iil.. the rounds
■ if i-i.* Royals sfter the winter had passed there were found two men at Chippewa Harbor, who had been unlnten-
• i i'i    left   on   the   Island   all   winl.-r.
They were ot rlooked « hen the last trip
to the laland was math., lasl fall. The
lien are  K.  D   Bailey  and C   It   ll.lliell-
.r nf Anenlo, N v. students, who
meant only I* -p.*nd their holidays on
the Island, Their disappearance was
mysterious and their ft lends have been
pro eeutlna enquiries all winter along
l.ak.* Superior, but wlthoul avail. The
young m.n pin in a (-''"tul winter, bunting and trapping, snd came out wuh
h.nr hanging on their shoulders and
beards tailing it their breaata,
Aconite Is the active principle of the
plant known as Acoiiitnm nspellua,
wblcb grows In tba mountainous districts of Europe, Blberia and central
Asia.   It Is well known from appearing
us an ornamental plant In flower gar
dens. Aconite us a medicine was lirst
used I.y St.ink In 17.1'J. belOg employ
cd then, as now. In Infinitesimal doses.
S.t.i I    Iff II r.ni.lt.
The first street railroad was laid In
New York In 1832, between the city
ball and Fourteenth street.
An  ICiiKr.iM-.liia   lit-L.
"Is that tba great Spelling reformer'.'"
"What makes blm bMik so haggard?"
"lie's engaged upon his life work
stmplylug the spelling of Josh Bllllngi
and Artenitis Ward."—Cleveland Plain
Poor  ..eornn-l
"Why did you put him out, pal"
"1 thought I told you that 1 wouldn't
have every 'rum, Hick and Harry calling on you."
"I don't see how that applies,    till
name Is Qeorge."—New York l'rcs*.
"DODDS  /,
To    Bo    Rigidly    Enforced    ind    i-ani, i
Shsrks to Be Put Out of Business
—Navv   Regulations.
Tin;  exlrunrfllnary   Influx  of  settlors
Into the Northwest which has taken
plans during the lasl three years has
subjected ths hom. itead regulations to
a severe test and bus dem .nsirat.rd Hint
liny are not suituble to pros, nt conditions. When there was little or no emigration lo that country the laud bad
scarcely any value. It did not matter
thut the soli was the besl In the world
ami was capable of yielding enormous
crops. 1'eople did not come and the
land could be had for a mere song. Under such olroumstanoes tha homestead
regulations were easily carried out and
there was no difficulty about their en-
f ri fincnt. No Incentive to fraud existed, und If such occurred ll was speedily detected. That was all changed
when the great fertility of the Northwest lands commenced to be noised
ubroad, when tha possibilities of successful farming began to be realized,
and wh.u people started to coma Into
the country ut the rate of 200,000 u year.
The price of land went up by leaps and
bounds, numerous land companies were
formed In tho United States who purchased large blocks fr.un Canadian railways and other concerns, and generally
land was ln great demand.
The  Lsnd  Shark's Chance.
This waa the uppurtunliy for the land
shark and for unscrupulous persons
who saw big profits In evading ths law
and blanketing quarter sections on a
large SCtkls.    Tin* hi  lory of tho western
Siat'-s abounds in land frauds of the
must Ingenious description. Similar
methods were sought to bti Intrudue.-.l
Into ths Canadian Northwest, and with
a conslil.rral.Iir degree of success. The
lands bought fr un railway companies
Wera tho alternate or odd-numbered ]
sections. The even numbered seclionsj
were, under tho law, reserved for the'
bona fide settler. This, however, did
not deter some speculative land companies and Individual speculators from
securing even-numbered lections. They
got bogus homestead entries made under the system which had been in vogue
for years of allowing entries by proxy.
More than that, they secured the cancellation of genuine entries where the
homesteader had failed to fulfill his
Obligations, or In some way or other
had not compiled with the law. Wltli
the adjoining evi n-numbered sections
In his possession the speculator was
able to boost the price of his lands. He
would put a siil'f price on an "d.l-num-
bered section and then say to tbe ,
pectlve purchaser: 'Nnv. if you will
take this I will throw in the adjoining
evon-numb.i. d s< Hon also." As th-
latter had been got for a merely nominal price the speculator could well afford to do so, and, of course, the intending settler would Jump at the
chance. In this way the former would
be handsomely paid for the land *■
he had obtained legitimately and also
for that which had come Into his possession through fraud.
Tho New Regulations.
Recently new homestead regulations
c.'.ne Into force which are designed te
prevent frauds of the k.nd described
Hereafter homestead entries mu-: bs
made in person and no proxies will be
allowed. For cancellation ot hom.
entry only one application will be re-
l from any one person and he
must be a genuine homesteader,
changes will get at the mot of the evil.
Furthermore, an effort will be made to
set right some of the Irregularities of
tho past. Frauds an* reported to have
been especially rampant In A I
Iteglna and Ynrkt n agencies, the Hire,
agencies nearest to the Manitoba snd
the international boundaries, ln these
districts tho agents have received orders ti prepare Hats of all lands which
have been under enlry for more than a
year and In respect of which there has
been no extension of time granted.
A Thorough Weeding-Out.
When that time oomes all the homestead Inspectors lhal are available In
Manitoba and also ln Saskatchewan
and Alberta will concentrate In the
three agencies named above, and armed
with the lists referred to will go over
the lands, township by township. Where
they find a quarter section which ha.,
been unSer entry for more than a year
but which has no special protection and
upon which no Improvements hav«
been wrought they will report the fact
to the local agent. The latter will cancel that entry and post notice tn his
office at unce of the fact. The land
will then be open to the entry of ths
first applicant at thc counter.
Purity Means Health
That's why you should use
In place of the adulterated teaa of Japan
lead     Packets    Only,    40c,    50c,     and    60c    per    tb.      At    all    Grocers.
Highest Award   St.  Louis  1K04.
Make Over
Your Hair
Hake it new again 1 (let rid of that
old, faded color 1 Arrest old age I
Boston, freshness, strength, youth
to your gray hair! Hall's Vegetable
Sicilian Hair Renew.t will do all
this.   Sold for ovor hall a century.
for tha wtiitkt-r, and moiiiurha wa mika
BUrKIN.lllAM'S PVR. t. fi.l.tri • rlrh be,wo
____f>____   If. HA l.l. a l i... Saahna, SH.
Wanted at Ones—Reliable and ener
m< n   In   all   parts   Of  .Manitoba.
a id North West, to sell tellable Nurs
er) si 1.1,
Exclusive rights to sell Hardy My
iniii Apples, originated by Dr, Wm.
s.nin.I. rs .it Ontario Experimental
i*' n in. < ittawa, and successfully tried
.tinl i. ui.<* I it Brandon and Indian
Head Experimental Parma,
Complete canvassing outfit and liberal terms to the right persons.
Apply  .it  .nice to  B. II. SMITH.
Hei i'i lelgh .Nin-'-' les,   Winona  I Inl
Established  ..v.*.   a  quarter of   a
Why is a Negro Black?
'I'll., origin ..I ciliu* in anything has
always provided scientists e*itn nn in
teresttng study - the origin ol color in
human skin >.. particular
There are between the cuticles ..I
the -km certain pigments which, when
a. tetl upon I'.v Iiiiii lais produo. in
Hunt Unl-. \\ lint these tints iiill be
depends upon tbe sngle at which thi
i.n- oi the sun lull upun the pigm.
Ar  the equator   the   lays    an*    about
■ ei title; at  the poles they slant  at   an
> not known tu .In* tropics, ano
the i lieiiiu al . Sects ol the dilferetil
i.mil oi mis upon ilu* pigments ol the
sum vary considerably. I bus are n**i .
taig. number .u lints ol the -km, Irom
...nt,   to yellow to   te.l.   and   red   te
 ei,.  in.iii   intermediate shadee   l.»*
ing peculiar to certain latitudea.
the    pigments    themselves    change
tnrougli generations ol exposure to th.
sun rays ot one pellicular latitude, -*
ili.it  the -Km ot a child assumes th.
.  tlightly  modified,  ot   its  snees
ters, even when the child    ha-    been
om ii iiiiii reared in a strange part ot
-in* world, 'Ilm-. ii a colon] of negroes
ami negroessea Milled in britain,theii
■   .    milts   uoulil   become   pah r   with
gt iteration, until eventually then
.i * ni  be no i race s hatevei  ol tn, ii
■ t i. mil eolor, Whites wttliog in thc
tropics would be deepening iu'h each
Always  a Good  Friend.—In health
and happiness we need no friends but
when pain ami prostration cun.   ».
in >k for friendly aid from sympai
bands.   Inese in.nis can serve us ao
: than in rubbing n. lu. Thomas
trie tut, for when iln- Oil
tin* pain la oul.   It has brought
to thousands wm. without it would In
Tir*'*- hundred Unw* better :i,mi -Ml.-ky \-r\\M-r.
NO DliAD hies lying about
Bold by all Ilruu-jrlsts and Oeneral Sbirea
and by mall.
An Enforced Holid. y.
The nattlefi.nl Herald registers a
kick because "tbe entire staff of thin
paper were taken" to servo on a lury
recently and trha Herald ln conseqd. ncs
bad to shut up sh p. This was hard
luck—for the Herald -possibly also for
tho lltlttants. Itut for the staff It was
a windfall. About the only holiday a
".start" gets Is when they are locked
up. and there may have been sentiments
of human pity In the soul of tho m.n
ivh) select, d the Jury. Seasons might
come and seasons go, the Inviting
beamy of spring gives place to th
old summer time and this to the golden
glory of autumn, but for the "staff"
these were only memory's fading pictures of the dreams of youth. And If
by chance a stray sunbeam, struggling
through thu oobwebbed window, flickered on ths Withered features ot the
"old man," or (he odor of the rose
blooms Moated through the op.n doorway to the nostrils of tho "devil,'' these
ii Agere (mm  the great glad world
without brought only a sigh at the privations ot the strenuous life. Dut help
conies often from an unexpected quarter, and what the limitations ot the laboring world denied was provided by
tha courts of law.—Edmonton Bulletin
Electric Pig Iron 8amp!es.
Dr. iiaan. 1, Superintendent of Mines,
has sent to tbo Uovcriior-Gonernl a specimen of pig Iron smsltad by electric
process during the recent experiments
at Sault Ste. Marie. Tho pig Iron has
been bcauilfully ground and bevelled
and enclosed on an Sbonlaed frame. Its
smooth and shining surface. Which lo*ks
liko steel, bears a suitable inscription
In red loiters. Samples of the pig Iron
ln ths form of paper weights with suitable Inscriptions have been forwarded
to Ihs Trims Minister and members of
Jit Cablnsb	
tm,.tier   QiieKllnti   Answered.
Little WllllO- Suy, pa, what Is meant
hy n strict sense of justice?
l'u— It is a term a man applies to bis
actions wheu he devotes all his time to
getting even with some oue sgalust
whom he Imagtnea bu hns a grudge,
my son.-Chicago News.
Twain  Admires Hill.
Mink 'I wain bus Immense .nlmini
tion tor Jam.s .i. Hill, tm* railroad
Sail the humorist reoently:
i inr. ar.- two iiien i.f real lanlus in
i ns country    They began lite on th>-
ol  the Mississippi iteaml
i  ni tinm is J. J. Hill    Let some
niiure historian ot the trigheat -
city name tbe other."   As ewiA i,„d>
snows,  Hark in-nan  bla own oaxeei
aa a Mississippi pilot.
Ur. Bedioe's Adventure.
Dr.   Bdword   Bedloe returned iruin
Egypt a week apt. and on arriving in
.\.*ii   Vtnk  found  that  the steamship
im   bad  iiit-laitl lus trunk.  Inn*
mn  left   n   in  A le*. an* 11 i.i.      II,*  pro.
. .*.    ..■ I     ...     \\ ,,-|i|   ii.Ii.ii       l,.,l      kepi      III,
urns imi regarding .In* missing ban*
gage, t-.nally tbe compan) received
i in- eaitit gram from Egypt I'.
lieil..t - in link. Arrived bete today."
I. ii..s ni once sent to I.r tt,*,lliH*. wh..
imil im difficulty in translating il .
lb.   Bedioe's t.unk arrived  here to*
l.il . I>e! I lilt    Nells.
Fight With j Boar.
A young Bwiaa woodsman   bad   the
other   ilm   a   lile   and   death   stl
ut close ipiaiteis nub .. ml*! boar .Imi
would make any old iportSman'a blood
tingle.    He   uus   cuttiug   wood   neal
ail   III.ell   111*   lilts   -utlill lilv    H--.nl
.ii i i i it beast Hi- tn st nun,- i
del,nee had In l.e a vinle.tt kick on
the boars snout, undei which tb.
brute retired s fee pacta. Before In*
In* could charge again the woodsman
Inni hurled n log alth all In- loree be
iiuen tin* I.o.ii - eyes, completely stunning him.    Then   tbe man   wised   a
lie.il*.   -ink,* nini not  in a hall a doeen
I,lulls   ui.    the   --kllll.    Illl'l    III"'    I'Oill    Ull*
read)   foi  converting into bacon     N
V. Tribune.
Ask tor Minard's and tske no other.
Four hundred Harnnrdu boys sailed
recently from London lo Canada.
Nut    His. i.tll'Hit, ..
"A great tunny people aro wondering
where you got your nu.ncy."
"Yes," answered Mr. luistln 8tni.
"hut there Is still enough Interest In
what I am going to do with it to make
existence ciuiiperutlvi'ly comfortable."
- Washington Star.
The Toothless Duel.
The humanising ol the Paris .im*is
go. s nu .ip,me   a Frenchman haa In
vented a bullet warranted nol tn kill.
tin* ball is hollow and light     ll   was
leated by a number ..i Frenchmen In
entire comfort The platola bad steel
Kii.niis. rather Ilka those ob cavalr)
siinnls.    which    protects I    Iln*    hand
when in iln* act i.f shooting, and Un
Invemoi warned the shooters nol to
lower the hand tut their opponents
had fired With eyea protected b)
strong motor glaasea no more pr..
lection ii..s ebaolutely neoessary, but
those  win. pul. ned    In    liinke
wore padded lun.; blouses    Nc* York
Th.* ti.si package ..f Dr Leonhardl i
||. in KOld     I'll'*    ltl.llllll.il*    I'll,"     cue.
iiiiii Waa pn' .«» went to a small town
In Nebraska.
It   cute,I  ,i   cuse   nf   piles   that   »..s
considered hopelesa.
Iln* news  spread,  and  the ileniini'l
prompted Dr, 1 B i eonhar.it, of
Lincoln, Neb., Uu dlaoovarer, to pre
pare it fnr a.*ii"riii use n..« n is be
ing sent t.i ..ii parte uf the world.
It  will cure any case of files.
ti oo, wiih abaolute guarantee, ah
dealera, or The Wllaonryle t'u., i.im
ii.,i Niagara Falla, out. 16
v_. ^ COUNT-
. no maltcr how
bad the weailiet
You cannot
afford to be
without a
When vou buy
look for the
—   **-***?.'V*-'**_*''._   *-**
Th< Bngliih borne 4rt.   A cakt ai
•o«p  Clean, qutck.Mfe   Brilliant colon
l**-vrt to any atudr     Von can't trath tbt
f *l*">f rmt—it's ffc.'.elfga     Djrt-a ■*•'• vtfcinf.
Tbe largM Ml* ia tbe Brtutb Umpira.
tea; for Color*—i y* for Black.
AU dealera or F   L,   BsjiUMtcT tt Co.
■"*" l' N00NCV 6IKUITH-J1N0T. CC
s-tKATro-to   ctwao-t
Mooney's Perfedion Cream
Sodas are crisp squares
of wholesome rourijhment.
They are lhe food that
builds strength and muscle.
They are as easily digested
by the child and invalid
as by the sturdy workman.
They contain ALL the food
properties of finest Canadian wheat flour, in a form
that delights the appetite.
Always fresh and crisp in
the moisture-proof packages.
At all (reran in i
German   Medical   Idea.
licnn.in Pbyatetaaa piopoae to .h
ride ilu ,l*,v uiul nighl between them.
I'llel nlij»*vt ti" b**Mg t-llbj,*, t tn till*
I'lll   tit    then    |l.|.It'll.-   ill    lllll      III.Ill     n.
the -I     I in* patient  i> not t» be bit
Hi   the   llllcll.   Illlllilei Iti-   n|i|"
it, in -.|icnt| lu*. umi.ei nn meuieal at"
tfiuliinc ia imi t.t be euttiiii.il The
ttenn.ii, iiiKt.ii*. propane ■•- ■ matter
nl -iniplc juitici*" in thcui-clv.«. a liny-
tit  incite  linn iv     ilu*. iin'iiii*. day aiui
uiiiht -ii.it*>. and x» .Inc."..*- need real
unit «- other human twinge, and
oan ,l.i their beat w...k only uhen they
h.ne it. the ohanga propoeed noma iu
rn ,.- en.uli in .lie Ihi inleii'-t al, ...
thut   t.i    the    I'liile-niii       hull-.i-    1 ity
Some Hope.
I'mi report* .iniii' limn Kuropo
iiiuch afford some nope tor victim*, ,.i
cancer. Dr. .Inn.i.n. ol lirwwli,, .-.
-iii to Imve arotred that Uie deadly
ill-en-,' la ui iinctcnl origin  nml   hi"
ihn II ir,  In   lime    <li-c,iv. . ell     the     Inn*
gororing the effective nee ol « cancer
►.nnn derived from the microbe itaetf.
Tin* principle would   Im   like  tlmt   uf
i net li nil iii .. Ill imallpol       In ii  -ei len of
experiment! conducted   nt   Edinburgh
liuiei-ilv.   until i     BO  hii-|u<i- ol   Hip
Carnegie tnmt fnr higher education ...
.-cutln.nl. tha evidence Menu t.i indi-
.•».,• thnt   eil.ice.    tuny    be   -ue.c—lully
tn*nt,*<l by inoculation with n try-dn
.iiliiiiun However, rince the experiment!   ner.*  mill   tni.c.   linl   nu'ii.   no
definite ooncluaion oan ba baaed on the
t,.*(i- nuiilc.   Lea Ai.iifl.'*, Rapreaa,
W    N    U    No.    587 ^mmfr.
,'.   ■
,,l I'lililliOn-'l
r   Tll.tr" I   !'
Ill 1'rlnltt.l ut   Tun.,  l.nwiri lly, III
I I     gi|«    |1 fl    ■'       ..Ml   l.lllle it>*'
i ,i    *; in * -   * i *    . i. .....ti  n ii  *
ill.       i   * i *     i *i   i it *il I'liit*   -iiiniilri i.i x.
i i     *i iii ii- outlining
iKMlN iilll I.,   eli.ime.l *.i   Uf '"'
. ..rift
nil '
Iiml. |i».*ll if   Ur.' hiwrtt"   , i*
I i eHttll t.llli-ei|tli-'il     I'-      ' ml
...nil. l.e   I 1*1111-11    I  iiii.I     Ul il   li llfi n-i..»
w        I ■   ile,  I n-i    l'p
*       ..T.i 1*    ll 41 I*' i-i t   	
M   tl'T
gtnnip  ii.   I'"*
ut    We-1
Mice mineral clii
i*    I.- .     u
1 "u.e Ii-i let
H'ln>," hn*   i<      ni iun.mii of "llvei
(*u|t inn lutein in in !'! ■ '    I'm	
III..'  t.i.tice 11..     1      1 r.l   * ti      ht'ellN...
(iiii i- *>' r mi. i ss , *-, ,1.1-n, iii .inh.
.     Piper,    V     r    So     I18S071    nn.l
I  Im' iel       *l bui lulu -rn..      I    M i'.      Mi
1' it ,*.•    In ■ ml   sutj    'In'-  i',..u  iln
ti..   •       lie  .        I"      lU'ci.       In       ll .
) :* in! Recorder foi > (Vriifh'uie •■
Improvement!, fnr ihe |.ni ■ •«.-• ot**
u .i.n! ■ Crown r,raiii *" llie almvn
i in Ini
TrouL Lake Livery
A BI'K) Ul.TY,
Stable* at   Tu.it Lcke,
3. DANEY, Prop,     Ferguses.
11 in.
LArxt- v I l_ vv   MU a l.l_
% .   •*, « • "C*
w i. V  lit
,*,!   l.v  11 "
____B iniii*
'   |mie.| llll" Mil da 1 of June, i I"  I""'
N  i .ci   *. Ii
itmi.tliH .ft*. . *Im
...hi   l*A"
in end t' 111"!-"
•Il'.ii T i.*. K K   B.C.
jr...,.11,-   *!<' *     IH*'   HI       ni     '"    * -     i-k.„_„r,
au .c.: i*. hi ii-.i't'i 'i •    p ,. *•- :-r *■*•*.*/ with Liquors & Cig-trs
U.^t',,,,.1',,,,.,...  I*    i  •*    I'*"   entCMiamegnd Attendance.
I i   I*- nc   I  iter »U^^^
^^^^^ ( t.iii|ii,i you ire  ,. . .it i.  t. ■
^, w     luti |i     ity.     I i. icl i 'l.l I I Ai •        «
*     IJlM.iV)       i^ ^ In .'*..'k U|* «tn.en,, i.i-   .:.:-.'.:
'■"*> •* • V *j»' ' V>- v .
r;rout Lake  Pity Transfer
and Stage Line.
H 8 e.l . li*' Ilm* In L'll' i I inn 1
It ' I V Un : frilll '. Ir 'nl ll i,
l.e-l-l Mini     IBM  '-    "It  i'H        nil ;
i      i  ii 11     tr. ...  . In    -   ul  .   n   ■ ' t*
'I    *>..    l.ik-   Mini     a:'OUI    ,    „,.lie
I tt n   (,   ' r   rl.   c   ill    • in- . j   H     •>
j ai in rKo i J 11 K i.n. il***.* N.I .
. nt   e. n   ii • i.t*e   e    Wl .•liaina,
i  .   i*.. -mn i. BO i'h*; n    t *-...'•■ ■ it
HI cl ..111-, lie .-e r- . 80 •*..«...
In iticiiil     I e..mn    nee ii* ill.
D»i.-d li li   i M-,   li'it1
J     I I,   Kk<i\    ll¥
I'       V    H     .   r       I'd'
iVIadden & Levesqua
r-*,**- r* e*
t DCS.
m /*"V •<"r,V"^m II
. I   .       . .
Noli   • i-   .r iti'i  given ii ii   lain
months after Male I inletul tn make
■r.tin     in    tlie    I'll ef < iilllil,.--
*'0   e    of   l.*...t|*    III.'I     Will k*    bti*  l.
■;    ,..*-.•   to  cut   ami   en   . i
llW  iv 1 *'n!.i'i   II     I!'*     f il   ,   a ice.   ,|e.
aci   idi  iiii.i- -: in.!- il iii. At, a   iii
eon creek atx.ttt   4   nl ..  utile fr.nn
'I 1 .ul l.a- e 11 nl nl.       *t -      *- fr
Gerrard, cominenvutg   ai   a   |
marked   A    H*^ ihi -   v. **•' .*..tt,. *
j,..-i, llienc. ***" i'Iiiui- •*;. 1.   iiiet.i-e
■miitti   mi  ■-11.. 1 tt*-. thence   »■*•-   8
,-h line, thence nm tl   80 ••linnis  tu
j 1 inl "I cunnieiic .urnt
Dated, May llti.. I90fi
A     ItlfiOAII
ILxcellsAt    Acccrcmccaucn
;?est» Liquor^
And Very iinai C.~:~j' ft
0**--*w**«- «** •*'-">
■■-« John STrmw*ra
r>*v»^i**x *--,*.*>*■ -,■*-»
G*i^*ey*»<--.?*--.«»i^      rrV^^/"--!^*^ *?*-■{■€*
j Ferguscn
I _
I TpcutLake
Ccaton       I
H, Daily Suge will
K leave Fur**air-
7 a.m.
Trovt Lake at 8
In  tllKMrl. ■
A. M. Crnig     Wm. Crawford
Nnti,-*a i- b." I.- >;.m*ii thu' 60
tl V- nlie. .lal I int • .1 tn ... ih
.. |l 1.- .11.in in 1. II ii. I i-i,-f
I i,i!ii,i-i-ii. ei i,| l.;i*i.U &111I W .rk-
f ir .« h|i. <-i >l li> en*** in di »t..l
carry  nway   iim<***r i  ih< l»u*
li.vviiiK   debtrri. u i      I   ml    -lit. tie.|
uli.it.l   j i.f   a    ...ii"1   (Willi tl    Hi
*>l|.ll"    1,1     T'titll     Like.    H.nl   Hli  *l.
*_   ni! -   ii   i   '        -      i •: i    i
ll.eilO ' K   nt   a   |. .,".    i.th'krit J    ll
K* lit.l- Ij '*,        N   \\ e   I       .
it] .... J 'irant.*  a   p •<   mirk <t -I.
]>.    K,'..»,'lll    -    N    I'      ,"-t.    I      e,   C      S,
ohmne eai"i, tl.e.ie   • .u<.. mi .• ,,iin-.
tbi-ln*    n e»t XI. n.i  i I .-   , .   n.i 11,
80  . ■•....ii •   it.   I'...i.t * f t- iiii.ei, e
in,....    |i*,i..i. Mh. 11   1906
.1   I»  I*.. > *, I I v
I'n     \    tl ...    ■,      n   nl.
Cest Rqtel ia Town,
E^nartm fcr Iiiiii diid ta-icial In.
- - B. C.
Imperial  Tan^j of Canada.
Il.ed llfflce
TORON10,   o^^^»lo.
C»*IT»l »>io up.  ga.eaT.T4t .at
int*.; 'unl a.etr.To.ee
TOTAL   »!».'! Se.7.!tt*eT
|*i K VVUKIR, 1'raalrlanl BOBRBT JAFFRAT  Vlee-Pr*
r RANCHtS   i*. u.e  i-i    i  .-"• ,i   Uliarta. Raakateheean,  Brlili ■,.
Henlt. '■« • iniarlo »■ . *j .
I,   SAVINQI DlPARTMtNT.- I' * ■*• rarei**! mei Internet all.,«»*l m * |.h
•   . t   -  | le*a "I    tl ei 11 V '.I |. .'"•Illil
H ._=. '
W. H. Jones, W0~D W"LL^
ware co ro*
I.,..,,    I , .i    Bin-lni,    Floe   Jol,
Ffa-Hware, Minora' *'  I   •*•* *
11 ,.*.,..<••
f^ l|-»f*,«        *    i»»ll«l.l«  Ul Ml.   I*"*,      f'»"»*"»
______    i ;  t.i niikiae aM ii.f*i»
<j,. ,i,ti. i nn (t«ea it aaMaUam an«
HARD-      Uiiuti'i    ••	
I _i.i t I Air Hi<,ern—
tl. I.. NclO,
1'riuli   -J.
tM"?:i_*»ots:. B c.
Review Job Dept*.
TOT  llk«*l-l   !••• Wftk
iooJooo-h aptiBQ
Stad.e_ & Co.
0 K
IVIlOf IT.BAI.R I     v   I
1   Kve«.    '.'••--- '■     I r
*..    u) , ..       ,i   « >
atlei it ■ •• I li '".nl !•• *,. i* i In lhe II". .
• i.-i    iaanuiernl i >. .itnn . \*
Im i.i rmiaainu ■.• pui u* thei ■- i
d.* ...i...i landaMiuate.1 i. '.mi i\....i-
I  .tllilll. -!.C:.I- Sl    ■   |."«t llnnlell  III.   lie
Borth  • Inue ni Lartlo ri ti nt Im I n
.    •  in i ti t  I'i i im t i'ii- md i ■» *-■ <l
J     1*   .»..'  i  line -'    *•   I i i    .■',.-!    I'
n -ig   north In rin *. -    HO
-   ■   ■   ■ ■ •'.nb mi rite.i
awn, river hunk   ■" the   ■. t *i( i mn
i. .i.i .1   KI W.KIM MONK
Detail June m IMM
N iMr   ie beiebi   ,i \  i, thai l»..
Ill '.ill H   'It' r ..Ml.   I   I   It ml In  II.ek
. , |.l cut.t.n it. t ••• il ni. I'll i
t'.iiii.ni*.''.. ti. r < f I.;.' <l« ..".I \\ i>riM-
l">r e -|(eci .1 liceuee lu out nno
<• rr*.  h*«.i>    .imliei'   fr  in   llie  In -
it.w tig .ie erili .1 Un.1*, -it im ei ' n
Li.iBn    \ i'** irai. atnl •»' OUI Inree
lull* > fr  ti.   IJ  ii   i.i    i .....ni  ii       *,*
ni  a  |,i't*i  n.arke-n  I. ».i,"   li
i. i»ti-« «i    .* iner   i...*l.   ihe ..*•
ei.-l      0   ehaille,   llei.e   artlltil    BO
n ana,   il. ... a   »t »i  HO <-.. ,in*.
Ih.n.n     nm In    ->ll    e   hui-    In   In,
ji* n> "f «■.iu.ii».ii em* ..1
lin'ei 14... May, 10 -'.
I.an.ii   Hii.i
Per A. Uiggar, Aitent
Ll li,   |lh.    ci'i'ii K   Fergu.nii »<"'i
CgitLwUt*- _J     Hotel      Here   the   ' •"■"
>». v .      li   i**i»* io un the   Teleohone      *v ,*•»                        •_»
,, et     .,.   . Cumn.ini' R     •        tut \\ -•L* *** ■* *• *- •*    —• •• **> T*    I
:   "'■ l.eke, l'.| . a'i" it I eelon.C.   .-   >
' »    * » '    »                                fl                 — mn a —
• iidiiinrin Bt..l ••*•-    ' * "'  Selwn.B C
Sandy Langhton
i        t.icl   ,
W   |l     it.     ! it i mn  fl "'     Will
Ii   iu<* . in.it   i.».     Vs. rl'**.tl
^^m,^m—.     i".i'-.. •,       « ■ I     ». I.   .'.a  e-l
HI.   I        » .*' i|,        I •   Oil   •.        •••  11
uti.eVel   '>»..    an'!    ••*•    TV   lllll,   Wl'lt-ll   j
.   ...   *,,     e '.   multini   troui   i'*.    n
l>|. aennl nn.l iiiviii„. n**l	
H*.*e-   f.. .i    f 1   .im    ,, ii*a ».*ti«.
\V.    al i li e   t"   |i'.*,i-e   Ullr   | !        ' t.
  _     ■——If)    Oood Shave or M«lr Cat    ^
CnnOXVille    G.  M.  YUILL'! V.'tlll.r,'Sehnell, f
It. .I»t.^»* *t
I*a_o! and
1 W'aftvi repeiriir*.-,    etc.     A,l   w.*rk
11'-r. r* nteet]
Hot anti Cold »»a»ho
«t *U  v^*****-*. * ***•-*
Barber Shop-
} ., i„«..|  11. r. ail    t ■*•■*'
II aviua *■  '
r,oui i A.i' ui
Hot, on-i   t<>w  U,xhi
Cen.rs! Store
s>^r>:.„      pr-,%      |ft e,   fnifl   t\ '
AccoanUkbt.     ....      Autfttofi
Tii'.i t ' vkt. it r.
bil»"ie      i*. *.   ,. rat! cerelolly
llf.I      «'lr'
4fc-»*  •  f .r !.!Hl,.»
. .   i    »..■..
> »„    4_  ■I.*'
o <t-€A-e*t» •>»»»>*. »*r»-..-*-»'0/*!r-'r' c- •:*'■■.. -j«r
i;i)c t:otc[ Eeaton  ..'.
BEATON, n.c.
YinlTnn, arrleln, »* '••*»'-  flHe UtreehoM of lhe Tanlea-*'
1 .'...•-' • "'V";
fnr hi   I       ■■ ■ • .    .       .  .,;•
„!  Vlall .relo'l,**    ■«••' •"* ' '"'
, , •  ti
W. BOYD -:
.  .
. -• . *    • •     ,-r *-■   .•
*•   • i •     i-    her. by   iflyen   llmi    tm
en *b» aflpr *l..i* i iutei *l ■■■  ni iy t
Notice   I-   I Lv   H'cil   ll'l>' **",,.•<.  rn-",!."*. ,•-.■    .
■I  ea after ilali  I inU*ti«l   tn ,.|*|.1vi ,,„ i.„„, n,;,.! >.*w *n n-»r„i  i-eu.i
I., il.- t  Chief Cininlwioncr »| ami Worka i- .*••■  '»';'; ";■■•;"  ,      I
Landa ....I Wnrk, l«r pen inn I •«■•> «•"? ■••» ,-,,-"l"-r ,r'""    ."•• ••-
In |.l..<-|..i-*e III.* fill Ion It y. r|.•*-.•) ill* (I
Ini tl r-ii.i.1.1 il  in Weal   Kooti na)
i nn......... .ni*   ni   ii   [mat   plant. *l
half h   mile ah v.*   I nplar   creek
no im.. I   aiii. <f l.i.i.i   ri v, r. lint'k j
,1 ■ ,\. 'lowing'i -w.i* irner pm
.,,-, -..ii nm-  him v   river  Nel on 18ih .Inn,
.    . i   .. _   ..   1..1
■ llll    , „< I .   w...	
Ine ing ,h*-. ni.e.1 lai.di lituale.l in il
Win  Ki'tiienni dialrlclt .'. .-y—.-r¥l.' *m»mrrf
1 "...I.i. in in.' At  It   1*"**'   In-irlt .1 1 i nb"    9f- **""**»   '* (le-W^f**/
Hill1! ninth Hell   '•■ i in-i .   -i .  i.i
■real corner ol  l..*i  IM". ti .-•.*•■• m.ril
"i 11 in in». iheuce eaal 10 chain*, ll
•until -" rhahia, thenee wen 80 .1.ahi*,
., i.tiitii ni eoiuin.. t*. ■*
nne. imm  I KP1 IB llll.l .
Nniii e    .»    lietel'V    uii.'i.    tb it    in..
mniithl »Uit .|..le I     I    io  nppli
III        tllO       II.Ill      . I),iff    I    1"   ..meel    .,,
I mnl" nml Wnrki Ini ii ,,.' ini i■"■•*. -*■
'■..ni i.iei i-niri n«iii im in" from the
Inllnwina  rtewrlhe-l \. ft*, itinated in
Ilu  Weni  Ktttilt".**   tln-lrici
t "iiiin. "■ in*.' at   il |.n*t   n it,licit I cli*
lli'l * «...iil. *i."it irner *,*i  ..'   norih-
■**,«. dnnet ,,( I.,i|   "1\, tlience t.nrlh Kil
1 mk, i i'i"'- imrih -1^ chaina,
1 ,, in e w,*i Ml' t*hal i, it" '"■■
r .mh  40 < iiim-  *i> point <<i com
i ii put
,|i .,,* .',". i'.i r. A  Mo, ••
N.ttic*   i"   hon I v    (.'.veil  ill i'  60
ilitr- nf • r date   I  Intend to miiki1 _    _
i i.'..|i.'.iti..ii I., the i lilel •''••'i,'''s-'7nin*','i'i'ei'i'ce'"i'.-i"no".' '"'"•,l1""''
h ..... r  ..f   I.n ..1-*  ami   Work     f *i   mioth 80chaina, then. a*i  W ahalni
1ih*i,  an-l  dfeoribed  ..*   Inllnw*   , ||ir ••,,„   i'hief t!oinn.l»»toneroll<anoi
,.|.i Work! fnr a !|wlal lleenae to cul
-tnd r-trrj i.«»j ihiihar rffln "'•"""
lowini .le*.r,iieH land! ilwaied in tne
Waal Ko.ii. «} .I'ltiri
i ....in.eiiciiig *i n |v.hi marked T.
V'n,t*i .ii'* N K inn r i nl, |li ted
at th • k W eor. ..f L6112 i Arrnw-
) ..ad Liiinliei  Co '* tiu.l. > I.nii),
, e*,,  isoiiic mr ur,  .
Cun..-.n.in.a. « poet merUe.1 I.. "He
'■'"•** —  —*    -      ■     ■'•     rmni. en. inn «• « i""**  "■-  ,
t .nnt-i'   w.-fi   4<i    cl.ii.H.   tbenoe Hill'a aouih-eaat   uorner i»'».. »•   "'
-.■.til,  20 chain*;  them* earl  40 north-eaai cprnarol ^»^;',™,"7
--•-mi ^'^'<r'u'1^^^^
| mnl III    ..innn li.-.'til'-l.I     ailU   Bill -   |)r| |(| U: _,,) ,, „( ,,,,„i,,enee.i.ei.t.
ugiiai-ren T. WaTMM.    i    Belaon, 18th June, l»0».
lJ.tc-dJuuei2iid.18J6 I l.«eu«M..,.
HERE   'ive   I.,*, n   r<>rlnn*i
inede lij  judie i *i«.  inif-i -
11       I   1       ill       |(**l      I."lite.     H.lil
in. r** I ..•■•• will in* mud* then
*' e. t'.» i. it i• • ". three «,>.■.
'1 lie m.e who   ren*,.* lhe   ii.ir'em  t,
t   "khi.iI   liiteainr,  f.n   |n>   hai
Ills iii   rn i  iii. ii i er  ainij.
>'n V   let   ||«  |,ulnl   i,ill In  \ mi  |l.,|
i'n*.. , 1,1 heller *-|..ii nu thi Cnu*
t *!'**>t   I      ■ i.tr   U -nl   KaUtu   t '-I.
Trou+ Laka !u Ilia prattt»at apm
i . i he K "■'. HMV* ; .ie v |"'mi«... n
i  Hit    it   ha* ti i i-i|ii..l      ili.Hil.ig
it ii fi«l i.i| it..* r I■•• i...l.|.'..e.l In
•n* tint r ni il ; wi.ile In-/ |f, tne
ii n' .. 11 • e i t'i lie iniitil nn
lie   I.I'U.      ]**   cll.nele I* -uin-.l.,      ##<fiJ
I * re   li i   if   nn »:p"m|   • it.eine*, n      -  -,
I,  i ■ k*  n in   r,".... i   enil  i-.iii   i.t
rn e.iiei | ■  mi". In «"<l i.t   i*'....* "f
■ Hint r>i leucei I n
II I it- t-tl i.t.ii*,. It- *l * ete eie
v .11 In*<1 *..ii ami (trad. .1 '1"*.* e
nr t* i ■ i>.' li.l i'e •''..'! *lnri *,
n ..I n »':>iii.'** m lhe inlv<■rl.iH.-ni...itn
i . t"i- iimi im! *i ill »l ow tb«l nil
iradeaa.*. fairly *»^il r p*eient.d.
Write  wiih I'linii Inm i* t>» Ag-nita,
-*-**-V    1
Lets can Lc
obtained on
H. McPherson
Trout* Lcke, B.C.
iriaiic yeur
celection at
once.   ::  ::
Then chll on
or   wriiu  to
ii«i erv»r la.l a    ' I" on. "--  IM
|iowi|i haa hewn it**edj     li >*
u.e hmd i f i nr gain..*, ai'il
the teiin'i a I rl I , l.e.*l.* l.ai'. I.
nl   ii *  i   I' It.     All  ftU ii«' Mie
I ■..•"•en) I, ed to Trfilll l.»le. Il
le lhe . i niun-r, in. <•■ .t'.* , t 'l.e
i .eh. et mliteral li.tint on the
iti.iii »i.. ni il he* l,ai,kii<( f<.*.|i-
tn*. |,n viih .1 hv ih* In.| e. .el
I !•• i ni Canada , flret .-Ih*i a.l <ml
n< i • i,"n.,.,'n•'. ti in .'ei l!ie < ir> f
I.m. . f I* Shut.I.n>., HA; ! Iri.'ul
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trii'Uteiy nr* prnvfng inl htggt-r
(roriuceie eterv year, with new
|n "*|'..t- n|.enli.g up uch hodle* nf
II •..
I I ere will |.p n |t.g n.^li ik'l
Vfltr, tn || ,,,11 VVOIlld kl.i'W
lun..*,    w.ile   H.    imr.*   tu   t itl'fl  uf
tlie i,y, ni. nl  the H.l.lr.**re I*. !..«'.
F. B. V/ells
General Agent
RiCvehtoke, B.C.
Pay the Printer.


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