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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-07-26

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 Haa it larger circulation than any
Xcwsinjcr in .Y
Kootenay. Holt ad-
,     Using    li »iliiim.
VOL. 2
,3_ ________
fhe representative
of 11._ ricli Lardeau
eounttv. Sent To
ni.i   r-.li.i9i for 112
pel  an. in advance
TKOUT LAKB CUV, B.C., July 26,  11*06
dwi from u.e nr., E«M£
;',.:!',"•■ "n.r.t, Cli:,,,,,,,. ,i,::.
No. X9.
■ ....... 1.1.   iiRtrtin    I
Intend loepplv ,„ u, H„n. chief Gobi
""••inner „|    Leinll  ,,„■ ft]
special  licenll in
i   . ti
Miners and Lo
A l)....t tint you take nu
chance wilh. *_ w e
giiirant."**    every     pair,
■IJ Mai'e of French Ktu
ito-ck llirotn*hout. I]Al-
iv,vi keej'i i .1 and
|.ii«l)le. fl Made im-
peeialljr forui by Leckie
& Co.
Miners - $7.00
Loggers  $7.50
BlllS. ■
orki lor  i
•In-bar Irom  '.ha   "inbA^ ""'" "'*
lai .u iltmti'il in \i ,,.
NO     |.      I'l-lll,„.':,..:.»,■,,.,,   lU„„.
'»| the wil tide of*-Utley .„.,.*, ..„.,,
"• f'uni  im month, ,„lr *,...* c   *
,"":" •""""••*• ne. -nit,' thenee 8
naiui wait    th,.ne« norlli   su chain*.
"•"'•' ■»" *   e'lauit, tl.et.c-,  imitli W
'Ul",|t;'!'"' •»•!"!  ■'-"i'i,:... |.
wetted Juui mh, mn
'    i. ooer   I. eat,,r
"V i.   r..rnm»ncinRaia -ton plant*..
.... the .... li.l. „|  ,UI      ,...„' „„,„,
IS mills (min it. mouth, marked c L
'"'"'■ north-tati "•.,... mit." ti,.nr,
""•' Mel.al ij, iliaim ,,„,,, «, ,.,_ ,
ll.enr.eaji M rl,.,,, Wei.aim to tbi
(•••int .il rninn.ei.iMiit m,
u... a. no Jun. Bib, Wild.'
c l   <» ee. locator.
No .1.   Oowdianeina ai • i ultnterl
un tl • ee«ttide ..I Haley ,,,,.», Ul,r,..| I
c   L  eirri     north Hit    cnr.nr   ,,.,,■ "
Hience   Ul   cl.an.*,    «Mt,    thence   bl I
•*l an,.   K.alh,   llienc.   -0   claim   ,„    I
"""' HO al.aim back lo the point oil "ie "°P*ar   bo.nn   three   years ag<
•     i **■•'■ ment ,      ,    i        ,   _..     ,,     , '. ,
i ocated 'nut I  I9M ■    ""k "' **  >l11" "Pndr.cks, anil
o i. oorr locator      """'''  B'H'd K°>d   leadi  uncovered
So 4    Cem_aneiiii at i putt planted Hindrieki,
on u.e »»». mie ,.(  tin, r creei   «..,_; i .,*
anoial dillic titles, and I ii intereal
ui lo J..'in  Simpson, ol
Trout   Like   II..iel.    Later on
A Marvftlloiuly Rich Strike
At Rapid Creeek »y
Jac_ Chism.
Calantet a?_d hhda
Is the Group or*. W'aich Lhe
Lucky   Prospector  Hua
Great Wealth.
_ocal Men Unload to Investors from Pitts
an 1 fiiriiana.    $200,000 to be spent
in Development.    Work to be
Started by September 1 st.
1 he District.
Repciti    fr*j;a
Our Woiking Minei.
'.   rnarvell
it*- v rtcn • •**, iKe wi*
idfl .a Rapid cr. k •■ fi iv days
" i j the ■. iily " Jack ( biaio.
ri.e .* .*,..i'll- w. re .tak..I during
Mul .n
A L'onai
l.l part  ol  In- ii.teieat lo
I'l'.z.- iii.in.nn)   mui    Biih
i-ralile amount ol «tr;|.-
(■iv. II
S u.e   ik   hereby
LfTO   in..nil.h fnin   lhe first
'■   her, ..f  in   the Brit   h
, U a telle    I    intend   lo
i | . i i   n
r    i   I   tele  and   Wo k*. 1..1* tv.in..*.
*.   .*-   i.. cut m .1 earrv ■ •'•"••*' ■■-•-■
!•• (..Ill      'lie     I".   !•  M   '   _    .
i land*  muatod   iu   W
No  i    i*on ..ei r.trjaia p*-»t plaotaJ
mi  the   *■»-'   • ' .• *l  ,' ,  •     rtl
l»t»liil       , .•«  iroln 11.   in.mill    *,.,■•
Ii..',.   Ur. i i- !■• r     .  ,    ..n-l,  . ,   |. uofr'l
louth ft'.i   ■       *r      .        il.anr*  »••-
.ii cr. ek,   u .1 an ml   *••    han.a, iln    ■ i   •   avt.h
lotvever,  i.'nt into fit,.
«^ inilei (r .rn rn, .,. ..,ti, n.arked c ..'
ore'a nurth-eaal enruar poai."  ibem-e  »'h« i.ii.l
' he r. in ri.a.i.. a.m. ihenea *>• cbi..»
• .nili    ii ei. *> cit .o chaini, .....,i,,
« ii.aimii.ii io the point ui ani.iii.iiii   Chian
Located Jn... 9 |W4,
c  l   u.rr   lor.inr.
No; 6.   Uomnianeina .t . poat planted
nn i l.e «.il .in. nl   H.ier creek,   a'.ii:
"V| ruiifi l.om Iti .in mil,   marked t l  I'"'I5 tu" done ami n *-lia,fl sunk 60
2!7._i_?2tT,___,"S V*1' tl""'l?*\*"-t   pn   the led   demonatratinii
mi r...n,i wm, thence 80 chamt loath,I
Uienoe UchaiMeMt,ihtiMi, 80eliaiui] ***s'   l'ie   1'iope.iy   w.a  of   uood
m ihi point nl euin nenoeoiaul. value
i. cale.l J ■•   .* t,   tVuf.
e l oorr,Incator The Uu-r-. H'lik.*, however, acllp-
.Vntie.   :•   here i ,   -...,     i   ,.     ,,i, «*.*)    anylliint;    yet    f. nd    ill     lin*
tl"!      (nnn      .1..     fi'.t                ■ ,    , ,,
le.r. („.,,, i.r, ,„   ,,„u,n,'..     „.   . "^b tl i*.|. loll ol   the
I  intend  I.. ... , .1        u*e  11., . .    . ■ ind i      - •      .lly  ■-
I emit .-id .inn  |.,r' , .
ai .nd .•»-•. .«.,■ *■     ' '   '  'i   '::'' '■ l'","v-
i in. ber   I*....,   n.i. .»,,,- deeet.ba.1 i-ou.bed   nitb   ti.e   preti   is I
• i.'U Hiualwl ..   t* •.. tCnuteoat
1     i '.iiim.inii i/   at   a   i   -'
18   .:
1 ••'.*.,  ii.ti.l !   it  it) iiii-kiii"/
out all ..\.*r.
A i'i :       '.,'ive nf Uie P>. <i. .v
the ti u  now ^i i .• i a* pect
A d*al wMch will have a far-
reaching effe.*t In tl.e opeding up
tlie Trout L.ike di.-itrict wns con*
IU in mated on Wednesday Imt.
,1   K. Bottorff, of   Bllwood, Ind ,
tlm   disagreemjnt   ..f   intereata —
nothing con id Lo done. The
Broadview was opewilod by nn En-
ijlinli company in the early day*-,
who'like many utlicii ol lhe imi.r
and NeVton W. Emmeni, M.I*:. nf, kin.I, threw their mooav a*arny in
PilUhurg. l'u., bondud llie limad- J neTinj* iiigh piictd lecretanea an.I
flew gr*.up on the Great Nnriiiern otber t' mfooleiy iiibtead uf i.nt-
hiil fmin the local lyndicate who|^D8 I' '"l0 'bo ground, and the
purcliiiicd ilia property Imt Ucto- j remit waifu.luie. Thia gitvu tlie
l.or. Tne price in ...it given, but it property a black eye, and it ie
ii known IS Iw one which ynyb tl.e  niained to a few ol  the  people ol
Tr .tit I.ake to tale the   multer  up
..ud nrova ih.it there was   merit in
the " e Ml el a ... « ••:  rt .01 e an glial ui
it,    ami    lull
^nin mit ».
|t.u l.f.i
a 11   wiil    bt
s  Bhannon  hae  reenmedl work
..ii the   I. ... k   \,.... ior, ahich  he
le nli-.va   Ptve   M   •
• .1*.     *,   • .    ... -  "   - N i.    i"  "'  ■■•   • .1  •    ine  i
,,   _.,    , t...-are,l Jane ;i>   |'in..
•'"'""" .  .. eorr.loeatoi
Sn   :     C.n.n.:.,e,-t.*l-nn,...i.t
'*.••.■•' 01 ,,:  il,. ...t ndi .,(  ........
ai..nt .-^i    •• I i        • .  niirke '
.  _,   i,   i'i,.; c  l   r»,f r •   i   ,ti  ». «•.    corner      ■ ..*rita»
.!.,,' | llen.e   I.1 r'.i* i »»••    •; ei re Wl eh.:. •
"    '•     **'■ .*..,.„., ... rt.,,.,. „,,„,,„,.
No   ',».   t ommencing it   a   i   -'  r* .,,.• n. u.e .-.oni ,.i -mnnmeatteni
i   v«    i.nriii   b-iik   ut     uiraiaii Jam JU, lata
c i nre   li t .tor
Ko S  Commei.i nj ... . i* ■   planK
OO    the   e».t   l,'»   "I    let  lerl.    'r*.*-. \
ai"nui ..*> '."ilei Inn., in .. i ■
r     .     i.e..     nurtli ...t    ,.,,ie,    ,...     fil'iHU fl'Miii.-,  narked ** Tenier lot
... mieeii    .... i   •.    vj u'laiu.ile.t
...-,*, .        . -...*!,    1   ■      kj .
.•    t e..i« ea.)  *e cbaini
.*-.   ,i..   ■ *    -     ' , ... 1;    11   I
- a   ,    •■    ,. » •      *    -   '   •
in rk,d II   IV   A t •! ..'th
•   . i,,-e     oil"
-.   thence   w -'    1 "      a
'  .  A     i
1. I.
vein'..i.- a lair profit.
In an interview witn the iur-
nhaiere they ftated that nol len
than t200,'*p0 would be "pent in
developing the properly before any
profltl would I e ilu tight ol. Their
jii.mi ol operation! will be  lo drive
11. oil  the JiOi.l f"«lt level nil  the funl
wall if me lead and make connection! wilh tht- al...ft. Thii will
i.e.■.■"sii.ite the xinkiug ..f tlie: shaft
about 200 additional feet and
alum! 4(0 (eel ol drifting.
When ihii ••■ ">rk ia accomplished
Hi" lead will be ctoaaout Iroui « ill
to wall. I'rovidad ti.i-t develop-
ne ut priv.i ..nt latUlaclory, «
. nel will ther. be driven Irom
ti.o North link elope to tap lhe
. i .ii i ii- pih nt about 1,01X3 f. .*'..
ti ih will thoroughly drain t.e
i --  a d  give a down iiuue
for all mining purpose...
The bond caiii l"r work to commence before lit *of September,
with a l|.e;ibeiJ number of luei..
The local Kyiidica'.e have shijipi.l
tr the properly a ■ ut _(XJ tone
..' galena ore u nil g arouml
14 . .i.i per ton.
Locally the property it well
thooght of, and the two gentlemen
u      liuve secured il are  tu be cm
Tin.i.  Shane, a  mining  expett
t.tf Spo'.ai.e,   isamineJ   tba  Mc*
I Min villa   ami   Kingstoa   groups |
Ithii    we-k     in     U.e     interest  if!
the    pr ...ose.l     tmalgamsti .n   of
ithetwi properliei, and  nm we
pleased   wi'.li  the    result ..f   his
labor,     Mr.   Bloane     Imi la   th*
opinion   thai the   | rnperlies   men-
tinned   have   the   makings  of  tlie
biggest mine in the c-untry.    Th,
!edg*» of quar'l  are immense, and
if  hit   srn.i.l   average value is   re
turned,  in   conjunc ion    wilh  the
large amount uf ore   that can  be|
ihi-hii',*!,,.] ll.at tl.eoie wai there',"',|reJ W°"!'1 ',r"r* » Uf *■'' '
winch ivould make a mine. Thia I,e liaf !rfl ,l,r F»K,k*M> wle:' !"
iMta done, and a ihort time alter wil1 hBnd '"'"' re "r,• *"d Wl11
they bad taken hold of it . large l'01
body ol galena ore wai opened up)
fr. in nh.eh wan shipped durn g i
hie. 1..0111L18 over 300 tor.*., and i
leaving tlie iead llronger and of I
higher grade than il was wS.m.
Opened, Tbey recognixtd lhe la t
however, that il rcquireU a large
atncuiit ot capital to work the proper y ,(*. nouiica ly.aud quiiaidered
tin :,- work ji .. ve open done, ami
tl.<- .■"ii-iiii r: 1 ion of the preaent
deal ii highly giatifying 10 tl.em
al  ai.d .ia matter uf congratuia
tn rinks ;!a s fjr the future working .f tht properliei and secure
data f*.r tiistal a'ion of drilling
and mi ling machinery. Mr
Sloana eharacerii *a the Camborne
camp .ti the beat mineral sect,on
he Las ever se»n.
Operations are abotit to * re-
sumvd on tl.e Del Rcy under the
(oremanabip of Thos. Willi An
iiprai«c will be driven adittanci of
300 feet to s'irft.e for ventilation,
tiler which the drift! will I.o  con-
All our BOO Id from the
tmal'.eil . 1 nil's to the ltrg-
est Men's tirsn, con It in noth-
ing but No. 1 leather and
'1 he cu' nprenen s our B'.y'e
High Cul Bos Call I'ui. Ii ia
made wilh bellowa tongue,
silver eyelet! aud stud hook
over t ffut-form Wet.
J. Leckie Co.
lion to everyone ;n ihe district.
It is iii.io a matter oi nungra ulaj
j lion to have operali ig in tin* difl
I trifi a until of ..ie world-wiUl ril
puiatinn t-uch ai ll.at held I.y Mr
Bmment. lie i« acknowledged by
a 1 special ia s to be pre-eminent in
hit calling, a.,,1 the (act lhat he
ii.,-. niiercBiu 1 biunell w.ll ne s
factor in luiiuciug uihert ,u totiem
: 1 exa.uple.
Tne new ..wneis have tecured a
property eeoond to none in the
ciuutry mi we ^redut a ^roal
and ;,im, .Toil-, fnllire f..r lhe.il.
LLocal anil General.
R   II.  Battey.   late. BecreUry  of
tlie Meiropo itan Company, arrived
»',    n •     a ue.    '     .
.    . . .
If       •
*■     i   .       *  -        .  I   •      •
.   ...*   ,    • «
1 , .    lies Irom its in* uth, n .
('   1.   . i.r..* • •nut*  w.-.t   r. rner   i   -'
■ -.     hains eta    tbei   • ■
I,..,* ......        1   .
r    if It!"!*    I*'   ...an.   tl, |.*r.1'. "I .*'..;  lien-.•..."■..I
l.ieaiiKl Juui ***nlt. 1
('   1. .'. 1 p, locator.
to  5. I'nrritrienrnn" it ■ p sl   1 ian e I
or "lie  em   nl.  ..I   leinlcf"-"!   •
iiveii a1**, miles Iron ita mouth
irked   l.ea.,e   Unit tout!.-   '■ '    " 'PI '■   •","* : "
„ ,  it .• *e ... -i.a.'ii easl   ihenee 1       iiiii
. e-lr.    tl ei .**   >n   ri tint   "' •'
-   eiat    20    rl.tiiii.   nchains menceiutiil.
S| ■ iking .f  il.e country goner-
ally, Mr.   Emi
stated  iiinl 1-
- 11 herein . i • it t
'»" 11 II 'Uie   I   iute    I • ■  •>
:     •     ..11 on
> .1 tor  permiaebin to pur*
* i" the hillowii.g deacrihed lands
t   IMI I i.t lierrtrd, \\ eat  K. ..te. -
I s; I  itr.ct. ind   commencing  lit
HI        : IT,    thence    i..rth
: ir i* he had seen i.ier
-    * • : ii*
I".-Sll.ll    1
,   -       -
.hi *-....
.» i« :n abundance,
J   II.  t irrie,    ne ..f the old
ti men, dropped in Iron tlieOkan-
were great   a^au 4Ii,.v t,,., wc,._ *,,, rrDew i Id
acquaintances,    liin,  ah.le    here,
r officiated aa Poatmaaer,  and  had
\\ aicr
tiuued on either aide ol ol the  ro t- on Monday n'ght, from Mianaaota.
*jut tunnel.   These drifis are now
i'qiuiie a diiUnoe and show a go.d *•***•■•* t)o.,u ca;"e ia from Reve:*
HHofore.     W,r.k wi'l be  c in- »toke on hi» regular auditing  trip
ducted continuously from now   onilur-***8 P* nur: 8  Co'    Mr8'   Do»U
and new ground will bo opened up j***--'-*Jm. uuied him.
J'l.ige Av-j
The   expected    concert    troupe
as operations progress
.•rill of Indianapolis,  a director of'
.,    v    ,1 ut r.i       u- u.'niicd     lo    api ear   met  SaturUar
the Northern   Mines,   Ltd.   which' '*       , ,      _
, 1      r. 1   n        i.ial.t, but the crowd gathered  and
owns and  operatte    h*»  Ihrl   R-v, •    *    ' "
.1 ,     ,. hud a very en,ovaolu dance,
wai" here recently and   after eiaui-
II . IlllC milling  i!
i 1 ;.(*. u,e property decided on the
wnrk above slated.- Camborne
A J. Gordon ii working the
Imperial Limited up Gold Gulch
dr.v g to oaich the ore at depth.
Jack Lauthers haa » biguhowing
• fore in tie oid ' Ethel." He has
11 .leal   t,:i  «.;:i    Bums   Spokane:
J  A. GrifTith left . riday   morn*
(ing   last  fjr    Greenwood   to look
after his inlesests there.
N nh Ahrah nieon came in from
Revelstoke on Monday night to
v -it old friends. He alio intends
doiiiR some work en his proper.) uu Gainer   .reek.
' '• "' "" 1        ... . .     a-   .. v .1  n.i ter of time
* • ■ 'ii  1,  I ardo river sl
.        ■    r      e      . '  ,1  £      l.tr.l'i
20 .   mi ■     ; I
.-    i-' it    1  d        1.'ti ing
•   t.  .1 more *.r !»••
• m.i  r.i ''•
1 tn 1* Hn 1
.1 j.
t- ■
- •,.   1 ' .•..,  1 •       •   • 1
days        1     poi    *
|,rre." • ■ •  ' ■
I 111'*-   1 *      1     ■
, .. llllll
II iii Inr 1 lie   ,      ente
etrrv i'i* i
.    IHII   1    f- •••!  lv-
.   1 •
.     :■■ ■ c .    i
1 •    •      '   •   .      ird
I .    ■ mile It
1 ..I i <«t 1 .take ..uiiii-i 'n   and tveloiiinent win1*
IheN"        Korl. .'r Wondl  .1
.. *r, m .,,.... na; 1 .   .1 wn. •• - .    n tin  d st 1 ICl  « * .   1   1).   .1 heavy pro-
BOchaln   : I  n.«« w> *' - ,
• ..... tO 1 iiuma 10 u.e itti.iit dili'er.      He furlher   K'ated I
O* l-ollitii.lti-rlni lit.
■ * 1 ttake pl i*n.».1 *ii.
I   . *.      , |        ..i  11 ,.  b •-«*.   .,*. • ti
■ il,.   t.
.     * . ■ 11   -1    SO    ■*
-..    int.; I e* 1 *.* east *n en.in,
in lhe 11 • 1,1  'i i* * 'i ''"*. ■ i.   n
.   "    .'.   l.- I nn
- ■    ■
I,.! s uf friends who Here pleaiul j parlie. for a tale.   In the event of
to see hun again.
F. I..  McNah. who was   Sent   bv
Hu further B'ated tbat he J lbt Watarous  (Engine Co.,   l.ra-i
would   in   ihe   im.iidi ne future  fun], Out,  to a.'t  as millright  at
take  up  his  resi.lenci    in   Trout Gerrard, dr pped dead while aign
1  1;    llie    register  al   ti.e    Grand
and    .. - '
• ,*
1, *   "* ■ 1
1      • npa ile.I   I.i   .
t,;i, 1 -      1        .   , ■     it par in Vie-
• 1
.1   ..,...■.*■ ""■    ' en r
.   .-ri -...(t -..inl ll
SKI I  F M 11 li »Y.
, ,, . ne,.nl.. .eniir-.i.. '• r ..r i :,   li and Workl.
'•     ' *'      '     rt"'!' • *a*t .•'•• - ' ' *"     • . . " **  .rl«.l'.*l*ii tn    * *
-, ;   .,,.   ....   . ... the       ■■'''      Vlclurla, H.C., Joly 1Mb INS.
.    ,    I ,       way chaini eiti, ll.enee       cl.au.i 10  tin* I
. ,*   . . I ,111
'■    I  10
I..im>  aud  devote  bis i*nt ro time
and energies   lo  ti.e furthering ol
« .ik ..ii i... Si ver Doll ir at I 'am
i and tl , .i  here.
Edii * ■ .i ■ ' '-'■'• tlie li.'i'ii,.ie i,.-i. n struck rt ni.'ii ine .tiio ihe rrout, Lake
Division For year's tl.e Gi -,'
Noi lhe n bill bae |.. aciiually lain
idie. I i.m i ' lius "i ire aro
liiii|r there awaiting tiie advent of
capital to "i'tn li"'in UP, l.ut for
reatoue—llif  principal one ueing
Central Hotel, Nt
'I he  Noble   Five is   impro
steadily.   »>u the old workings t.. •
e .- being drilled on  and   ihowa
up beitT with every loot of work.
not  goi g   th.'ougli.
partners   will  thp  a
^r.ide stuff.
The develops) nt of the "C ip" is
going ahead ste.idiiy wilh a cr,w
of from 25 io 150 men. Toe ay in
which t.e ore holds out atdeph
,ii this property ia i' yonc iui i*,-
K A. flaggen, M E , of Revel-
ir of l i *h stoke, ha-been paying the district
a vi it. Since his retirement from
litortal o'air of the 5faii-Her-
aid lie has taken up insurance and
financial business iu which tho
Review wiahei him all kinds of
suec.•*;!. Mr. Happen is an old
newspaper   man, aid   thoroughly
inguotonly to tha owners of tba u,it.Vl.9 in ,fficao?ol advertising.
Silver Cup but io all who are inter
ei s district
The   eliaft   being    lUnk   on   the
I.ii.i..n   View  hy Tony    Liiidg.ei.
J. M. Brown and inter artiveil  nid partuirs is looking flus.   Tha
Look at his ad., and if you want
anv.hi g, write him, an^ we can
assure you of a iqu.iro deal.
from Nelson Wednesday niKbt.
\'en  Archdeacon Beer uonduoted
service in '.own last Sunday.
Mist Li its McPheraon, of  Nel*'
son, it visiting Mrs Vipond.
...  . . (ys-jfs* ——■	
.- -     . .     I ..i    ■•••t    Koot                                      |    ,    ,*, ,,,,   !,«-»■„,      | tx f/f
"""'^   ?'    'l'u'''      N '   ' '   •        •••'"•■- Lr^«               VJ «sv
'   " ■■""   ",,r,h   ,"1"  "''•'"■••■*"  - "   •  * ' ^..                   _-_   _La  ___a aa^a W\ **. o.  »
•    *      •    ■ -  ii..** t ...... un • fr..'n   ,     ,|   ,'    ..       ,!*...    ami J                   ZJmwVtAmW* m\   Pf^B%#
<:         in,ra..I    f        I       «N'l'f H    «..* I. Iw   ,.-•*,.I.**.,   io   ,"".. -hai. rl. ^        -if|  Bj, fl    * fl " _?" f S.   V
'•toner,,,,..,'    .■         '         -     I                                                         /. *              <__^**S^^/  A -^WJ
i      .*■ ,,    .    •       ■ mm
t      •            ...th  BOeba i   ,  ',    ,.,.,... i .•   *,
i       • ..  th   BO     •>
ii    t    *ti    . Ii  ine,   lli. in ■•
'haiua to  point  ..(   con.
'    tied July IH  .. I '.<"-'•
i     i.   ...  p. ,    , il..r
ti)  lays .(tei .iai.. i intend i i
* '.••  i m   'hi* t . onitnli
• t   Ijii..dt in"I   W ..rk*  i ir
•■ t. pore «■'• tl • Inl low
• '."i   lands    iituate   In
1  H   v,   t |,.,.*r   .\r-..w    I  ' ■• .
"   K '.le.iav dtatrict    Gnntmenc*
lijnt   . ).,,*,.   marked   |'   W',ii-,.ii'i.
N I • orner p..st, thonce north 2"
■"biins, thi tics w st 40 oliaina,
lhen« ^t.iiii, le.tntv chilli.', hei.'e
■Hat I mi ehains to point, ol corn*
.'■'.cement lnd ooiitaili lig ligllty
*' 'res more or lex.
I II INK    I.    1'min.N.
•'"•'v 18th 1006
Cry Fir wood.
" I Vl.'l. bu Hloordtol ll.e I.e.'
• i lot isle mh mil 10
I    1 cord     v.,,  i .e on Pdfgtison
'■* " r t»J Apply AnHyl»sii'*y.
...    ....       ..'  ihe
Ihe nnrlh tide «l  l.a»*l**aii
,      .      » bill --•'  *' " "
i.    i... |     ...'  river it  I' ■  f "" '
■   II   ',■••'- "
.  . ci   nil   100      •""   l!>l  *
.,   .. ,■ sure was     .       .    i   " '
nn' oi enmmencemssit. eontainiuii -""
..  'ie. *. ..'   |ei.
Dated .si, J   n«  '•"*
J.dj b-i*.
E. A. Higgen.
Block Share ami Financial Broksr
Ita.I ' •'•
t.e isral i'
..  Inn rtnei ■   1
...,   . ||iu i   *lje.il
BR    \\|i   MINB8
or.  -tenis   to  bo  gelling  tin, *ger
aud richai as dopth is attained.
As the   result ot  the   inspection
of the I X. L.  last week by  Mining I'   .. i.eer Hart, a crew   ol m.-n
lhavebjen int I    s  rk    Af.er n Xnt different   cities
thorough prospecting ol tbs lea I, a  Arthur is a h istler
Log Rolling Horss Racing
Drilling Contest
Caledonia Sports      Caledonia Sports
ai wiil  be driven to tap  It  at
. •  ih.    All   interested   seem   well
] pleased w..h ihe   prop •
Mr. McUeorge, M. E, came in
I'..••.-.! iv  night   io   examine the
Arthur (.owinf leavtt Mondty
morning lor th* old country. He
is taking a tine collection of I.ir-
deau "it which hi will exhibit in
and towns,
ind hia notk
will bi appreciated.
Large particn are |* i goutdiily
to i* ok raspberries ou the Bsaton
wagon road,    lha    berries art  iu
i.ucky   Hoy.    The    develop•oent.**bttnd**nce*
work under the  supervision of   T. j     j_     tr    f_
E. Ehrehart is progressing favor-
n.i.-tio *er,
came  up
Gold   Com-
rmm   Kaslo
_,,l,. Rei.resenl illve for
llon-TsilB Initirince ''"•"•;'"
rrout !"'•"•  Keriine.n, U Ho"       J
ni.,i Csniberos. j
Cnrres aad nn Insursnee mat    :
I     ler, Will hBVS  piompl i."r..h"-vj
W__>. inm '
-___~a»rs_£_ii. _gct> s
For further pertictilstri see futura announcomentu.
i Iv.      The ore  tken  out  in
drifting is being  packed   iq ihe gil A,lBr , your tiail appro
doo-sfuishipmtnt. priaUon.     He ie in  good humor
Jack Staubsr brought iu ioma. and has 112,000 to blow in.
flue ore during the wse'. Oue
test made gives values iu ui.vsr
between 800 and 900 ouiios.
Jack oltiuia to have about IS iui.
ol i paystreak. Th#   pcll_ray   |„qu|r|   up i0
It is exp'Cted that tha   water in   date   has   not  disclosed  strytuing
the Lar i'ili will Im low i... ub bv  but straight businsss methods,
r   i 'ih of August l.ir the I " ■ '
Wednesday    N..w it the liuicboys.
Road Su. erintendtnt McPherson is do ng tone good work nn
the ifnguto'i  rotd.
resumption ,.( piaoer w.irk. Ti.e
Cn.ii| . .v who ... ue u.e ground
lean .1 wil put on a force ol l". to
80 men ni   ui   early  a  data ai
j,...*   i.,e
i    lhe tan dim  Consolidated has
PIANOS.—Tha famous GourUy
ii ihe OUS to buy. It ia uot a
cheap piano alien Vou buy, but
yni lind you have print.ted econ-
tmiT when vm hive teitud and
tried it Whan y.m wtut an in*
tuuiiivut      nee    ll.e    looil    agnit,
Murray.     Ha eau tit vou out wiih
declared  another quarterly   Jivi-  anT  ,{^1,,  tlJ *  ,(, tUj ,1,^ ah,|
dcud oi 'i per MOti /.uum    J. C. Mutiny, .ocal -^-.1. t
By  Nora  Bryant
Copyright. '•"«*. bu K. -*!.  Il'/ill'limd
Ludlow Bat on the river bank, with
Uio dos's bend on his knee. He was
very tired aud very much eXSBperated,
lie had left tbo survey camp innuedl-
ately on receiving Gretchen'a letter,
telling of ber arrival at tbe De ia uio
ranch aud bad thought to cover the
hundred miles between camp and
ranch easily, but Indian river had risen
Inexplicably aud Kywak refused to
Rivhu tlie ford, bo now, within five
miles of tlie ranch, It looked ns If be
would mlas Boeing (irotehen after all,
for sho did not expect blm nnd her visit
was but a three days' affair.
Therefore Ludlow sat behind a huge
rook, wblcb sheltered him somewhat
from tho raw wind, and while Rotting
his breath alternately patted the head
of the panting dog mid shook his fist nt
the dlstnnt figure of a horse calmly
grazing ou buffalo grass.
"Hang it!" repeated Ludlow, "Hnng
it! I thought Kywnk bad got over ber
foolishness   about   folding.     Was   I
LUDLOW    OAVB    A    OltHAT    BPJtlNO    AND
asleep or crazy that I let her jerk the
bridle from my band when I led ber
down to drink V"
The dog looked up sympathetically.
The ninety-five milea <.f racing nfter
Kywak had been nothing to his long
boarhound legs, but this wild herding
of a single clever Indian pony for three
hours bad been a little strenuous. lie
had done his best for his master, but
when be was not allowed to catch flank
or throat ln powerful jaws how was
be to boU a horse? liismarck was a
boarhound, not a collie.
Ludlow glowered nt the cheerless
henps of rooks that guarded either
bank of the river.
"It Is cold enough." he said, "for the
river to be frozen, .lint my link to
have It twice ns deep as usual! Well,
Hismarok, old buy. I see nothing for It
but for you aud me to leave Kywak to
ber eusseduess and swim the river.
And I'll be a fine sight to Qretchen after two years! Oh, well, who knows
whether she'll care or not'."
Ludlow rose aud began to tramp up
the river. "It is a bad Idea to move
nway from the ford," lie thought, "but
I'll go up a way and see if the river
Isn't narrower. It's too deep now to
strike quicksand."
He picked his way carefully over tbe
rocks. Indian river was always cold
und always swift, but doubly so today,
nfter the early winter rains. Thc day
was bleak, with a bait promise of snow
hi the air. The plains on the far side
et the river wore ns dim and hopeless
is the sky. As he paused at a point
where there seemed promise of a shelving bank on either side Ludlow shivered and half turned back toward the
Impish Kywak.
"What's the use?" he murmured.
"Gretchen half refused n,e once. She
will probably wholly refuse mo this
Ho stood ln tlience witb one hand on
Bismarck's bead. Then hu straightened
himself with a jerk.
"No, old chap! be exclaimed. "We'll
tee ber again or drown In the attempt.
Now, then, I've no way to get iry
clothes across except to swim iu them.
I*m not up to Oie Bwlts 1 niiilly Uob-
Inson stunt of carrying them nerosa on
my head. I'll leave my overcoat with
Kywak. Come on, old faithful I"
He removed his shoei and tied them
nbout his neck by Uie lines anil walked
down tbe bank Into the rushing water,
thoD stood still, with the water swirling tbout his knees. The current was
much swlfl.-r thnn be had Imagined It
would be. However, the river was narrow nt this point, so he took a resolute
step forward and plunged in above hit
After the first shook the cold was not
10 bnd. Uut the current! The downward swirling movement of the water
was almost as powerful as quicksand.
Tbe pointed rock Ludlow bad chosen
for a swimming murk was a dozen rods
upBtrcam before he hn.l swnm as many
strokes. Bismarck was swimming beside him, pulling nn.l blowing like an
Infant thrashing machine, For a moment Ludlow thought of catching the
dog's collar, but decided Unit they both
might go down, though Blamarck could
have pulled blm acrou easily ln quiet
The bitter cold of the water began «o
strike In, but Ludlow swnm on with
quick, ttrong ttrokes. Gradually It
teemed to blm that he was lighting t
losing game. The swlnrmlng mark wtt
hidden behind t curvi Is the rivet,
while Ilismnrck had pillion quietly
owny from him nnd wns now only a
short distance from tbe shore,
Finally, after what seemed hours of
swimming, be found himself a rod
from the Shore, where Blamarck harked
at him excitedly, r.ut, to bla chagrin,
though he dropped his feet several
times, hc could nol touch bottom even
ut Ihroe feet from the hauk. And tbo
bank! I'p and down the river, as far
as be could see, il rose Sheet and I.lank
an a Uuy canyon, wilh not a blade of
grass nor a crevice for baud or foot
bold. Uow Ulsmarek had madu the leap
_U    "1,1.1.1     IU>I     lull,,.!.,
He turned on his back, hoping thai
the current would bold Iiim against the
wall while bo felt for u hand hold. But
his lingers only slipped over tho rough
Miinlsiiino. while tho river carried blm
rapidly downstream, and Bismarck fol-
lowed, barking nud whining. The weight
• of bis clothes nud the COld wore by this
I time rendering lilm ulniost helpless.
Ludlow turned on his face and again
i let his feet drop. To his Joy, they found
. n resting place, and be stood with hi9
i shoulders  out  of  water.     He  rested,
punting and fighting off tho numbing
| cold,  then again passed his bauds up
and down the face of the rock for a
grip.     The   surface    was   hopelessly
smooth.   The lop of the bank was too
far   above  the  highest  reach  of  his
hands,   even with  Jumping,   to  grasp.
He tried cautiously to walk along tho
hank, but found that his foothold was
* a more outcrop of rook not more thnn
! a foot In din motor.
He   dropped   bis   bruised,   bleeding
hands In despair,   Bismarck pushed his
I great bead over the edge and whined
i plteoualy.  With  an  eager light In his
1 brown eyes that Boomed to say: "I'au't
you understand?   Can't you?"
Ludlow gave a grout spring and
caught the dog's collar with bis right
hand. Instantly Bismarck braced his
mighty   shoulders   and  pulled   back.
Inch by llicll the mini was pulled from
the water until he grasped the top of
the bank. As be let the dog's collar go
Bismarck, frantic with excitement,
caught the shoulder of Ludlow's coat
lu his tooth and, with little growls and
whlmperlugB as Ludlow scrambled and
pushed, pulled him fairly on to the
There Ludlow lay pautlug, too weak
to pat thc dog, who licked his hands
aud face, wild with Joy.
Late that evening the group around
the tireplaoe iu the living room of the
De la ltio ranch beard a weak rapping at the door, followed by the quick,
deep bark of n dog. As Jack opened
tbe door Ludlow staggered lu, while
faced, hatless, bis frozen garments
Crackling as be moved.
Tbe euddeu warmth and light dazed
him, aud he loaned weakly against thc
wall, tbe great dog crouching beside
him. The group mound the fireplace
was speechless with amusement at the
familiar figure of Ludlow iu his strange
Then Qretchen, who had goue white
as her dainty gown, uttered a little
pitying cry and, giving no heed to spectators, ran across the room,
"Fritz Ludlow!** she cried. "Fritz,
what is It? What Is the matter*)" She
Uirew her arms protectlugly around bis
Bbiverlug body.
A smile of great sweetness and con-
tout came to Ludlow's drawn face.
"Nothing is the matter now," bo said,
nnd Bismarck pawed bis knee, witb a
jealous whine.
The in.i.ri   ul the  Hen,em.
Look through a telescope at boiui
tiny star Invisible to the naked eye.
The light from that star perhaps left
Its surface before the time of William
the Conqueror. It may be—it Is uot
quite Impoaatble- that the tiny star inn
siuoe those days actually left off Burning, but still wo see it lu our sky U*
cause the rays which Itarted while it
yet shoue nre arriving in.uncut by mo
meut, tolling us the st..ry of what tbe
star was like hundreds of years ago,
before  It   parted   with   Its  brightness
Perhaps,   again,   we  are  examining
through a large telescope a faint and
faroff nebula — a iiiiish of whirling
gases the light of which has taken,
any, 10,000 years to get there. We see
what the nebula was like iu prchi.-tnrir
ages. It may since thou have leaaened
lu size aud changed In shape. It may
now wear a very different aspect, and
men looking frnm earth lu,Ui«> years
hence will be able to see what that
nebula was like in our days. All these
tbiugs help us to understand what the
Immensity of the stellar system Is,
and, yet more, to Imagine dimly whal
the measurement and extent of all
creation must he if any inch star lyi
terns lln.it Bide I.y side throughout tbi
vast domains of space. — Chnmben'
The Art ol Sol  llrarln*-..
The arl of not hearing should be
learned by all. There are so many
things which It Is painful to hoar, very
many of which If heard will disturb
Uie temper, corrupt simplicity end
modesty, detract from contentment
nnd happiness, if a man falls Into ■
violent passlmi and calls all manner of
names at the Brit words we should
shut our eurs and hear no more. If In
a quiet voyage of life we tlnd ourselves
cnught In oue of those domestic whirl,
winds of icoldlng we should shut our
ears ns a sudor would furl his sail and,
making all light, scud before tbe gale
If n hot. restless tiinii heglna to Inflame
our feelings we Ibould conalder what
mischief the flery sparks may do In
our magaslne below, whera our temper
Is kept, und Instantly close the door.
If all the petty things said of a man I.y
heedless and 111 natured Idlers were
brought bome io blm he would become
a mere walking pincushion stuck full
of sharp remarks. If wo would lie bap.
py when among good men wo sl raid
open our ears, when among bad men
shut them. It Is nnt worth while to
hear what our neighbors say about out
children, what our rivals say uliout oui
business, o_r____a___our nffuira.
I- KM" Ill,"    lul.nils
Many   Egyptian   Infanta   are   uever
washed  till   Uiey   are  a   year  old,   as
there is a prevalent superstition Unit to
wash them before Ihey attain that ago
would be disastrous.
The  1*1 r.l   Thlmlile.
Among the treasures of tba Saps-
burgs In the Hull.org at Vienna is a
clumsy thiinhie engraved "A. v. W.,
1.'.vl."    It   Is   said   tO   Ih-   the   parent
thimble of Uie world, and It was fashioned of a silver coin by some Ingenious Dutchman, who preseuted It to bis
ladvlove.   _____________
Nut a Valid Ohjeeilon.
Man nt the H.sk No, sir; I don't
want It. I haven't any time to talk to
you cither.
fuller (with prospectus nf new book)
—My donr sir, that won't be necoesary.
I'm willing to do .ill tho talking.—Chicago Tribune,
To .'rt...net* 1...111I KITeetH Ther Should
tin no on I ie   In   Color   Tone..
Jt Is the easiest thing lu the world to
get the wrong tint lu one's curtains,
aud sometimes it Is the hardest thing
In the world to get just the right one.
Before buying curtains the wall paper
Bbould he carefully studied. With paper thnt has a white background It Is
always safe to uso while curtains, hut
If the background Is lu colored tones
Uie greatest care should he used lu
aelectlng material of 11 color Unit will
Uarmonll ', and In buying curtains for
a room that Is alien.ly papered a sample of the paper should ho taken along
to avoid making a serious mlslnke. Uf
course, If paper and curtains aro
bought nt the sumo time It Is a comparatively easy matter to have a satisfactory eonihlnntloii of color.
Sometimes, no matter bow much care
may have been taken, the result will bo
startllngly wrong. In this case much
may be done wilh overhaiigings, 11..1 of
heavy stuff, of light texture and of a
color that will tone In well wltli both
of the conflicting shinies, and that will
do much toward harmonising the whole
appearance nf u.e room, if iho windows have inside shutters they, too,
must be considered In Iho color scheme.
If the shutters am of natural wood the
material of tho curtains should be less
transparent than If used with white
shutters. It Is quite ns Important that
the shutters nud tho curtains blend as
It Is for the wall paper and tbo curtains
to look well together.—Boaton Traveler.
The Manner In Which Men Like
See Women llreM.ed.
If women dross to plenso mon they
will nlwuys bo gowned simply, appropriately, more quietly and consequently more becomingly than If they wear
their clothes for the benefit of women.
Men always like simple, ueat costumes, free from flying ends, frills,
ribbons and laces. Uf course there nre
men wbo never notice what kind of
clothes their Wives nnd daughters
wear. They only know when these
look well, when the general effect Is
good, but nre never able to particularise, but men are becoming better educated lu the matter of clothes for women, and tho average man of today
traveling about among women Is capable of discriminating and knows the
value of a woman's clothing ns well as
Its bocomtnguess. Many wives would
appear to better advantage In tbelr
clothes If they would tako their husbands' advice In the selection of them
Instead of tbo advice nf their dressmakers. Tho latter are apt to burden
their oust..mors down with ostly nud
unbecoming furbelows regardless of
taite.—Francee  van   Etten  lu   Leslie's
Soaking handkerchiefs all night in
strong salt wnter will greatly facilitate
their washing.
When washing flannels get rid of as
much dust and dirt as you poealbly can
by shaking and brushing before plunging Into water.
After blankets have been WtUhed and
bung on tho line and are thoroughly
dry beat with t e»*pet beater. Ibe
wool will become light and Soft, Uke
In laundering white spreads or any
large piece where difficulty is export
euced tu finding the large soll.-d spots
a good plan is to fasten a piece of
black silk thread to most tolled places.
Tbe spots can then he easily detected.
Ironing silk when wet gives It a
smooth, glossy appearai.ee, but should
the waist get dry before It is Ironed dip
It ln clean cold water and roll In a
cloth. Ho not sprinkle water over It.
as that would make it look rough and
blotchy wheu Ironed.
Waldo, I  l...   I llitt.nlri.
Melt oue tnblesp.joi.fiil of butter, add
one tableapOOnful of Hour and p.iiir ou
gradually, while stirring constantly,
two thirdi of a cupful of milk. Add
the yolks of three wigs beaten until
thick aud lemon colored and season
witb one tablcspoonful of chopped
parsley, hnlf a teaspoouful of salt, one-
eighth of n teaspoouful of pepper and
t few grain.*, each of celery salt and
cayenne. Bent tbe whites of three ougs
until stiff and dry and cut uud fold
Into tbe first mixture. Turn into buttered Individual molds, set In 11 pan of
hot water aud bake lu a slow oven until Ann. ltemove from the molds, pour
trout.d bechamel or tomato sauce nud
garnish with yolks and whites of bard
boiled tags and parsley. Let this \t*
what Is km.nn ns a marguerite garnish. Cut tho whites of tin, eggs to
represent the petals of tbo flower and
force the yolks through a str.ut.er to
represent Ihe center I'aniilu Merritt
Knriner Id Woman s Homo I'umpuulon.
Irr.Hti.   and   lill.li.n
Ouo wuy lo solve tbe servant problem It to make our kitchens attractive.
Dingy walls and ceilings, oilcloth that
has outworn Its usefulness, decrepit
and few In numl.er conking utensils,
wear on the nerves and spirits of a
maid and tempt her to "give warning."
As a rule, a girl goes from ouo ph.ee
to another to better herself lu material
ts well as Ann mini things. A cook
who bas bad tho use of devices for
lightening her work, such ns whipped
cream churns, vegetal.le cutters and
ill.-ors, fruit pross.-m. bread mixers,
ind hn. been spending her waking
l.eiirs In a bright, well furnished kitchen Is not going to "take a place" where
these things nro lacking.
Ao up to dule conk wants ramekins
and casseroles and blue nnd white
baking dishes and ull the modern kitchen ware that makes her work satisfactory aad her kitchen tightly tod it-
A.      1 "If   Hli.*,I.
"Hemomber,"   said   the
baud, "what I say goes."
"It does," rejoined his wife calmly,
"provided you write It down and put
I a stamp on It."   Detroit Tribune.
"I tec Jack Ketdum has been marled to Miss Itoxley."
"Yea, and I wns very snrry to sis. It."
"Horry?    Kor her sake nr his?"
"l'or mine.    I  wanted her."   Catholic Standard and Times.
11.   Price   I.   ll. litiltii.'l   l",   ma
Natural Supply.
A curious phase of the Ice trade Is
found lu the fact that artificial ice can
be aud Is produced iu unlimited qliautl-
tles, and yet tha price is regulated by
the source of natural supply, which Is
scarcely drawn upon. Before the Introduction of artificial ice this was reasonable enough. There Is, Indeed, some
Ice CUt on th'' lakes of Maine, 011 the
upper Hudson and lakes like Rockland,
but for several years It has not been
more than 15 per cut of the whole
supply. The ice trade of the tropics is
a tiling of the past. As late as lfS'.Hl a
Beet nf ships was engaged In this truffle, carrying Ice all the year round to
the West indies, to Bombay, Calcutta
and Singapore aud oven to the China
sens, that has now boon driven to seek
other cargoes. The local Ice machine
has supplanted the cargo ico altogether,
The frozen meat ships from this country, from Australia and the river Plate
all make their own Ice, and tho storehouses have their artlilclnl plants,
which ulno supply In .1 largo measure
the local consumers. In 1880 thirty live
ships laden with ice from Maine entered at the port of Calcutta. In ll"1.'
there was one, and since then none at
Km kliiinl lake used to cut and store
for summer use In a season 60,000 tons
of loo.   This year it stored less than
5.000 tons.
There Is a demand for natural loo because, paradoxically enough, It melts
faster and more evenly than the artl-
llcal product and will chill an Icebox
or refrigerator more rapidly and et*
fectlvely. Kor this reason brewers and
saloon keepers prefer It for the preservation of temperature of beers especial
ly. It Is more expensive at the same
price thau artlilclnl ice because It is not
so durable. Meanwhile the cost of artificial Ico production, after tho ph...1 Is
established, is reduced approximately
to 2 cents a hundred pounds. To this
may bo added the cost of distribution,
which Is a varying figure, hut on the
authority of experts Ice could be sold
1.1 consumers at a fair profit not t.< exceed i-'_ cents 11 hundredweight it Is
not.  The price iu New York is .',0 cents
n hundredweight, with a prospect of
going higher for reaaons that have 1111
basis.—New York 1'ress.
He llreiled the lvililnn
One day not long ago Uie young king
of Bpaln banded the luiko do Santo
Mnuro. one of his ministers, a petition
which his majesty said referred to the
eight hour working day. The duke's
dislike of petitions Is well known. "It
is my desire that you attend to It Immediately,'' said the king, seeing the
minister was lu.llned to raise difficulty
about attending to nn Informal petition. Finding thnt the king was very
milch In earneat, the petition was unwillingly unrolled. Mm b tn the amusement »f all present the document waa
found to bo In the young king's handwriting. It iiogg.-d in plteona terms for
a mtio more leisure trom national
dntiea and suggested that be should not
be ssked to work mora than eight boon
a day nnd Unit he might hnve his Sundays ulT.
Aa   I min*. II.   Duel.
A fatal umbrella duel has Ju«t furnished a sensational case r,,r a Prench
court Dr. Sury nf Spa iii a flt of anger
Insult.il I ir. liclhalso of Liege while
the latter was peacefully reading a
paper ln a cafe. Enraged by Dethatse's
calmneea,  i.r.  Sury threatened blm
mil. his umbrella, l.elhaise, while attempting to rise, parried the blow with
hit own umbrella, whereupon I.r. Sury
lunged forward, and tbo stool rod of
his  umbrella  entered bis opponent's
head through the eye to t depth ot
throe Inches. I.r. l.elhaise subsequent-
ly died. The court condemned I.r.
Sury lo eighteen months In prison nml
tn pay 130,000 damages to the widow
of the deceased.
\v .......n  shove  ■■ S*Vt»
Consul Miller of Helms writes about
the shoes Worn by the I*'ren. 1. peasants
a.s follows: "Tho use of wooden shoos
may explain why the exportation of
boots, shoe* nnd sole leather from the
Ciiltcd States to Franco Is comparatively small. There Is, however. In addition to tl.e peasant class using ouly
wooden   sh'ies   nnoUior   smaller  rural
class   wearing   cheap   leather   sl s.
'I*n.i wooden shoes are miubr frnm with
uut an.l birch, thc latter being the
cheap ones and retailing at SO to 80
cents a pair. Kntireiy wooden shoes
nre carved out of n solid piece of w I.
When   the   Holo   only   Is   BSed   Ul'*  split
leather Uppers aro fastened on with
An   ..l.l.  (.lent.
A  curious   .lis,,,i.ry   was   made   tt
Bristol, England, u.e other day, whan
workmen engaged on excavations near
an nu. lent Unman Catholic chapel nn
earthed la a deep treni b thi On of
Patrick O'Brien, a giant trom Klnsale,
Ireland, wh.. died in Bristol too years
ng...     Ills   height   WHS   over   eight   feet.
and records tbow that his coffin was
laid tu a rock cavity protected I.y imn
bars as a safeguard against disturb
im.*." I.y lobbera,   The leaden shell had
perlabad when tin. trench was opened,
disclosing   the   remains,   and   Identity
na, eetabllihed i.y u.o breaatplate ou
the colli 11.
Vaal.r  m. .. 1,
Atcum—She's very fond of him, Isn't
angry   hue- ' the)
I    Newitt  w.ii. I don't think she's nt
fond of blm as she Is fond or having
people remark that bo It fond ot ber.—
1 Philadelphia I'rvit.
The India  liahhrr Tl«er.
tin .me .,r tin. l'ernk rubber sststes
run  I.y  11   tinny  Scot Ihey haie 1 11
rather abort nf labor and as supping ii
In full swing have been hard pressed.
The  nihil*  day   the   iiiannger  hit  nn   a
brilliant idea  I bad U.e trunks nf all
lhe lues robbed   with  valerian.    Now
the tigers 1 e und  scratch and  tap
ihe hark in lbs most approved herringbone pull. in. sii that fill lhe fen re.
II.nil.lug coolies hare tn do Is In walk
round Ones a day and collect the rule
tier.- Hiiu-suoro tttralta Tljuei.
A   PfMtlMllt**,
"Qroat in, m ler, ain't he?"
"Yea, imi...1    v,*iv able man.   ne
WOUld h 11 CeedOd in any line."
"lie, tm.1 11 doubt   1 think if in. bad
tried In* COUld  even I..IVO Inlule ail hull
est living"   Detroit Free I'r.-sa.
1 .rr Ukelr,
"What do j mi consider the best foundation," asi.ed   the ambitions youth,
"on  which to hulld a successful business?''
"Itocks," promptly replied the multimillionaire.—iK-iiver News.
Served aa  Game lu  Holll*. and  lew
Can Tell lhe HIHe«-nee.
"When game goes out of season by
reason ot the game lUWl tbe >-u""'"
fowl luuu gets his Innings." said nu experienced farmer discussing new openings In his trade.
■■in habits and Instincts tne guinci
roseuililes tbe wild birds much more
than It does the ordinary domesUcatea
fowl," he lidded. "While lis Hcsh is
dark moat   very  solid nnd plump BUd
of a flavor closely resembling that or a
quail. Kor that reason It 's I'"' l""'1
bu latltute for game fowl yet dlacov
ered and that at a fourth ot Uie price
asked for the more expensive luxury.
At this time of year tho old guineas
are In market and Ibid ready demand
because of the absencs of wild meats,
while Just  before the  opening "'   <•■"
game fowl season In the fall tbo young
(spring) guineas will come In to sell
either In propria persona or ns quail.
••Much that is sold by poultrymeu as
guinea i.v the simple metamorphoeli of
the men t.ecoines game.   I COUld Mimo
ni random a half .1 »en larga hotels In
which young guineas mv plsced regularly before patrons who ordered par
trldge.   it is impossible to secure tin*
hitter, which yet flgure on tl ienu,
nn.l none hut 1111 epicure can detect U.e
difference ot flavor. Bome rarmers sel
almost exclusively to expeoalve bottel
rlos, which puss llie hir.ls off respec
tively as quail or pheasant, according
to size,
"The export trade In gulneaa, too Is
by no means Inconsiderate, as several
thousand bend are shipped l" England
from American farms every year.
These arc almost entirely tbe "id fowls
-that Is, those Which hsve reached full
'•Among the many points In favor ef
guinea poultrying is the fact thai  tbe
young are batched out at  11  tin f
year when artificial warmth nr expeo-
atve buildings are not required   Tbe
expense of feeding the old fowls. t.s>.
Is hardly one half of that required fnr
chickens iu like Quantity."- New York
The Teethlna at tl.e Storthing.
Bome .mc is plying the mini, rake In
Norway, a country wblcb one would
hardly suspect >.f having sires '
quired the cul wsys nf old Amerlcs.
it seems the members ..f tbe storthing
receive   12   kronen   (about   %3)   »   dSJ
In case the strain of their duties
proves ton mucb for the members tbs
state   provides   gratuitously   certain
SOOthtng and refreshing remedies. For
that   tired   feeling   there   Is   cognac  nt
the public charge.   This Involves ales
qiiesti.ins.   Bome members, victims "f
time .unl title, winch wult for nn mini
tO grOW Ills third set nf teeth,   rollielll-
bering that toothlett thej sre Inaufll
ble ami Inefficient counellon, have a.*
quired handmade teeth at the stipe's
expense.     The   Norwegian   pre-*   de
nonncea tbem.    "The teething ..f the
storthing" Is an exciting lasne in the
youthful addition to the family of nations.
A   Joke   on   Senator   Dolllver.
Senator   Dolllver,   whose  eloquence
has won for blm a f.  as wide ns tl,e
nation, tells a good story ou himself lu
an Incident which occurred while be
was making a campaign tour nf bla
state. It having been announced that
he was tn speak at a certain cuiity
•cat. 11 prlsnner in the ..unity Jail who
bad  known  Dolllver   in  other  days
wrote a unto to Uie sheriff and told
blm bOW mn. h he desired tn Inir th"
ipeech. lie mentioned the acquaintance with Iinlllier and asked permission to go up to the town ■quart, pledging himself to return as eoon as Dolll-
ver lind liui-hed. "The sheriff waa a
I..'111111X111." Dolllver says titici! be tells
the story, "and as s.k.ii as be received
the note lie turned It over and wrote on
the back of the paper: 'Permtaalon
granted.   Best ot the sentence remit
ted.' "-Leslie's Weekly.
'••    V        i   £
__ -_1
leleet   Year  (hair.  1 arelnlly.
It was demonatratad at u "payebo
metric"   lecture   glum   nt   na   "OCCUlt
tailing." nt the Weetmlnater palace bo
tei tl.e other night that an apparently
Innocent  thing like n  .hair can  van
qiiisi. the stsnebest   teetotaler.    The
ease of .me sinh mnn tn*. recorded,
wbo suddenly became a terrific drunk*
nrd fur 1.0 apparent reaaon. Then t
psychometric expert was called In, dis-
covered thai there was something un
canny iilm.it the ehnir lu which tl.e
fallen mnn habitually ant nnd even
tuaiiy found that ba had bought it at a
sale and lhat It had been the properly
of a publican who died of drink. The
chair was l.iirne.l accordingly, ami the
man became a teetotaler again.—Pall
Mali Qaaette.
Speed  Splra In   Iln Bland.
In vm.. is the net spread la the sight
of some motorists,   A policeman dla
gulled ns n rattle was the trap Unit
failed   to   deceive   m   automobllllt   III
Bngland   recently,    ilia   car   iiowed
down to a crawl and nppn bed the
policeman, -a faat ear. ab, conatablel
what dn you make her ipeedf nsi,,*<i
tlm ...nit,rist. "You'll be bad up for loi
tering if you gn on like that." replied
the disappointed official In puzzled disgust.
Ihailrin'  Hotel   (onleal.
'll..- Parte Chauffeur!1 league haa nr-
ranged for a novel competition to test
u.e vain.. „r different kinds nf motor
car springs.   A vessel contl ng milk
•vlll  be  carried  hy each  car,   I  the
race Will be run ..ver rough minis Iii a
given time,   The eliiinlTeitr win. nrrhes
et 11 ml nf the course with the must
milk lu the car's receptacle will win a
silver medal
>»t  nl  n   I.e.a,
"1   suppose  old   . '11shu11.11   has   more
money   than   be   knows   what   to  do
"Tea, but bis wife ami daughters are
read,* t„ nippiy tht needed Informs
twn."- Houatoo rust.
Tumiii,.. Wtlfe,
Father Ah, Tommy, you don't know
when you're well off,   1 wish 1 were .,
Imi ..gain.
T'.imny (who hns recently been chastised, s.. do I littler th,,., mo too-
I....1.Ion Scraps.
Ha.her Solar.
^ H'-r-And  you  „,  Hlm _.„ lond,_
Bla*    'Veil,    not    e,„e,|y    ,,,„,,    ,„.r
bnps, but her ink ekirta made a lot cf
Wiie.-Chlcago Mew* Cf
SunliHht Soap l5 better it,
other.mm l„, „b   >
__*___!__? Sunlight way ^
wid boilin.
Hard rulil ut 1,
tilings    Of     tl 0   1
directed u*>
Sunlight Soap will «, jy
even the daintiest I   nc " ,
hands anJtl,..,|,, „ J*J
perfectly whit..
and flull'y. " ***l
Thc reason d
Sunlight S
loniams no injui
■indeed nothing but thei
cle_nang.dirt.rern .-„,-,,*
ties o( _,.M, that r, n.tJunTL
soap. * **•
Equally good  ,-.,,!,
*olt WdtCI
1.1 ll,
'•>!"   DsoiuKlym
""' '^ thtmcil,
In He*
tniy -.
IB] ■ 1 . ■  *
Britain   is   Expected   to   Reluic   Them
jn Aiylum
1 , ndon    i'i. 1 ■ ' rime .it  Ma
, 111 ,*i 1 1 nu   tbe   pun -iic.il
problem ni boa  socl. Ij  itaall  proteel
mi  ita moat  vanomoua 1 n
Enrols   hai   long  complained
inm 'in* spread ..1 anarcblam ai
virtual Itntnunltj   li due  lo  lh.   tr. 1
moat M.
Ureal   Britain      11
. ,en been sai.l that Or. ai Britain
hat pu Royal
fumlij authorltti
*   ,1 nt. tbe nn.-1
lalt  thai   Intent   the
. mill
-   .. .       :    1.'.     Mini "li
li |VC    l...lg..>*.l    Bl    Hie       atlell.pt" "I
.,1 the l."ii Ion polti • . and,
foi  th .1  matter, the)  '   ■*   nn   • rl	
.1 ti    nl   lb.
mi *. m.i ..iiii. n.i- thai il..* Mad
11.1 pint «.,*-   roncortod   In    l,ondon
1. in .■
lhal H wat fully known b. r.
ii.* royal trc Idlng 1- overwhelm
The Tel. graph   quotes   an   eipart,
who i.n- »:.t. bed Ihe profit 11 ."t \>.
.in 1,iiu, in .ii...:  Britain and K.ir.i|M*
I mi 1.HI   IS
imi  ih il -111 m
1 irchbtl
ill   te.. 1    Iln*   1
Hit in      Mull   :       in,.*
bom  -       N. ai Ij   all the in. ■*.. I
n from tin* Con
tin. ni  •!.<. ..'  Hull    i.c" is
nni   mil.    \n.i  . Iiii-m   but   Slhill-iri
.*  111111 foothold    Nearly all thi
■ ■ 1,  .nd  doubt
lhe)  mil continue   in   Frequent
until law*- are made 1 on
(erring mi   the    11 Itt -1.   i-.in <•   tba
powera nt expuliion enjoyed b)
dice ol .■' ■
Mult Make Some Move.
•inn now . ■■ aolu
lion li whal ibe I.inn.* pollc) ot the
111     nullum' ■ |    IVOW. .1
human Uf,   ■* 1 .•
Uier    headquartera    In
country wil 'ihen. m.. nan)
'ii.i*  puhll.   m ..im.> in. and ot
ii< lal  tenttment  aa  well,  hai  und. .
I    few
bow. ■• 1   it ti
lied  1 ■ .    t *  w  1 nn be
tnppr. *.m*.i onl) b) meani ..f la
.. violate the principle! <>f
p.*. nn.1i libertj which Urttoni bold
■■'. deal   It i*. further pointed onl thai
DO     "I      \li.tit hi-l-i     In.in
ii. ni   their  imp. 1 -.in 11t.11.
-Ann!.I Incite I11111I ilet.-nii
i>y   mini)    unknown
members ..1  the   Infernal   itm*
The p'l 'in..1 dangei to Kim; Bdward
would become    Inr   the   ll     h* nm
;■ that nt .my other sm
Continental    Proteit   Imittent.
1'..   Com n. rn .ii complaint is now
becoming    . in In. m and I
Bblen. ■Minus,  ihm   the  '. ■■
.•iiim.ni   will  probabl)  1 1  I m
pflle.i ii laoai to n general
conaultatlon at to bow  ie it to deal
with iln   probb in    in     International
ire m. less ih,ui
iba in Uon
don, nn 1 >ii,  „„ i,ii„ ithlp ,,r nm* nm
• , 1	
Rider  Haggard Gloomy.
Itm. 1   Ilm I
. I ■ Up   In. m   In I
Iti.l.ll    Kl.i-I.... .*. I
i        hoi
•rnlMn  as In lh.   *
luh a-frtcu
Then J
present 11 !
pill.lie..! I '
ago, and   al nn..**-. I
baa   been   11 n
etilN.l.l.       lu.      * .   prcpi]
.leap;.11 Willi
is  k-i miliar in,*. ■
faith    in    1 in I
mlnlttei ol   \
Bab) ■   Own
I.illtle-    li.ll. .,
children ol   - 4
nine  nn *  .
■II  I. - 1
. .11 ittpalb.t -.,,
and mak. .•.,
.1    S.lllle    III    .  .
M.i.i*..   1 * , i
o- ,|   ll.. . ■ „,
wuh -in* ■ ri
Ki»n|    foi    -ill.,   ■ a
ix.u. 1 Iroubl. - -:
... el
Own   I I1 iel •  *
1     ■
swill.  I.     *
i.-ii in bin
William  K<
eo mora attu
IDU VI    *
I.mm . ■     *l
Iln-   mill   on.    It
ah Um   .
A  f*  It   '
.III..!."-      "   ." I. •-*■
ill.tl     II."    lie
ili.llillli.il   toi
.||,*.l       M	
I..II.I.   mnl   	
par. nu when 1
Mi   Bchwarti had ju I taken 1
* I the little 1 1,  ihop which l».
bad  pun i.n*..i wilh the idea that   then
Wo"l I  be  .«'.   1 leal  oconpal (ol him,
permitting Inm In -it in,,nml *i„|
amoke Iti*. long p|p« (|| i|„. time Hit
01 ■' patron ... would be patron on
the 1..-.  morning ..1 hit invent «-  1,
deal, .   u .1- 11   11,111,14  unman   «hn
winto I to ,.ei ,, book ,1, iling with mi*
tic   1 ..inline,1.
' Qood    Ing -he   -mil,     "Inm
!*• 1 got   I'l.i/er.  Dog Tales'P"
"vat'   l.ieii. ih- ii noi  n Chine*.
'Um you don't undarttand ma.     I
I nevei heard ol froaan d..g taitt,
yet      Mappe  dey    me    ".nni.<.hii|"   i|,,-i
filhiigpeeno I let lat     Rut  nod hen
hnjv. nod here, Dim .- ■ 1 k   ton
"Well,  p..>l,nhli   i,,n   ,| 1   ,(l||(p
iinderitand me    I wanted t.. net tomi
book    lln.l    Iiml   stiiiie,   ol    the   north   |n
ii ^   Perhapi you have 'Partlnen  •"
"■*"'   ma'am.    I>.     nobod)    1..
dis store bnt  myttlf,   Schmidt  vantao
1.. taki half, bui I wouldn't let I.i... ...
0.1 it, uut       "
Bnt the ronng woman   was   Inni,
ing  mil.    Cleveland   |,,,,,1,,
Juit .1 Sample.
Uaun   ih.w .in.*:, vo.it dog Ilka yonr
new   inn-lii,.,, •
Matchetl   its a mn.. t,.,, earn* in
aay.   Rover haa had only tall
Pice.      Sill,III    Hei.
Aik lor  M.nard'i and take no other.
A   Japam nn   home   office   return
Ihowi Hint 0,246 men nml 8,804 mini
.■11 committed aulolde in Japan during
tbe  p.n.t   yen.*
1 tie c.n.r   haa ..pencil 1 elty ex
..III.*.* at   l'l In.*,. Allien
111 nttlni 1.-.'
.'...Its      Ilm
a.in la  t.i  1.1.      .
an 1 1 ura
Mlntrd'i Liniment iumb*rmjn
In,1,1    »**.*,. 1 -   '»»<
llll   SpllllHS.    N"  ■ '
■I,   .       !e|ll   ll.'*
.n:ni.. there.
Elevator.   Io  A.ctnd A'P**
Keraooi not h ■
111.*  111*..1    ..1   v
enabled  to 11.111111'
the 11.11.iiu.•' Scim ;
it, 1 above wa I.
|Otlg-M|   llll   111  tie    •
SOU let   hinll       I I ■
mil   Im   In.m  l.u. *
a nnn in in win. '
bidden     11	
eiectrti Ity   l*b. •
mnl null  st i< 11  i
each 'nr    "'
Ai any rite, vou wemwj
getting rid of It on aucno-JJ
principles:  "«oing. Pj
i-o-n-er   Stop the <
with Ayer's H-dr JgJ
checks falling hair, inJ''A
restores color to gr«y M*
splendid dressing •!*• *""
for over sixty ye*"'      ,
. ... 1 trmVU
jers 5ft__2
W    N   U    No
Incomparable   Body   of  Men   Who
Preserve Law and Order Throu-jli-
out  the   West-
,X1, impending obang; In th
[the   U0*1'1
.,,|lr,.  In null  llicll l>l'
- emit ro
Nm ih W.si    Mounted
this incomparable bod)
ninciiiiy before the public
hitherto   boen   undei
ns  most
bold iway
1 III..
IllieeS. I*'
illllc In
, lllll.lie.'I
llile HUH I
I In*
force Ims
i ,,| nn, Federal authorities
ui ihe territory  where
has hen .ic*  d  ml.,
nf   Alberto   mul   Husk
ihn police, i....• other in.
minis win "K.» with -1"' land,"
Toronto Mail nnd  Hmplre.
,„,*,.   v  will  he answerable lo
irneys-general "i the imw p."
a small body  which  will
,|n dun  In the Viiln.n nn I
ni'.e.l   dlatrlota,   it    i
detachment  ma)   i*
Britiah Columbia, where thon
general fooling that battel   pro
I   I, led, and the nol n   •
i„.   .,n   increaae   tn tho ton
,,.,* than the .Illinium.xi which w..*
A New Type Evolved*
Royal   North-Weal    Mounb t
,. caiiic Into ealatenoe In   I  i
,,,  hi,   nnn ni  government   hai
,, ,..,.,.. i the lliiilsnii Bay Territory
>Sj1S neceuary that lettlert In tin
,- northweatem wllderneii .hnn:..
,,'     .,,lne   Illel.S.lie   Ol    I ■' llOn,   ..In
inmini  life of thirty >•
,,„,.,. gave to  the   little   toro,
meter   which    still    cllnga U. ;!
, nhei ii si.Idler not a detective wai
',, ,i   i,„t  i, type of prut.■•■!•.i  thnt
i ,i. i, i been evolved i» i     1 b
,  .ind migratory Indian and bal
.. i population, the long and unpro
un, in nn frontier ovbi  wbl. i.
.    .,,,,      OUtlaWa      Wile     < illlllllli
the waggling, thi
..ui,!...i    white   population
i,s..|ic.. ol oourta, wen
, tori tbat bad to be conil I
i o deal with all the problemi
,,,,, ., i, i iiinii comprlilni
. , iit.,1 mer a territory oomp
:,   .i   million   sipi.ii.    miles   li j
n,l ul mounted men   waa   forme I
miuertng al the beginning I I
from time to lime until tb.
iirength   ol   680   has boon
The   Day'i Work.
....    . itabllahe I    ben
.,i    wi.h*   Interval]    apart
i, I,, udquarten ..i Reglna.     r"	
n.nn-   the    ' nation   duty'
the  iel in '*  Wl • -mil.     Al
in.in   n.i i a tra
.,,nt    patrolling   •■   wld.
■   ,,i country,   uiUIng   at    Un
.... iettl i.i... Ivlng a re
inm ir ahytblng »■'-
toning   w.i.u.iiei •   nn   lh,
Hi   tin     nn . ii *  the |t"l" •■!>.nl. '
In   l.ln.w     lhe     bllall
i nf ..in...-i  ev. iim..* in thi
Tbe s. iii.-is n gardad them
heal  lieinIs, ami aid.
niiii.iii work im police,
mit ..I the path ol duty to
tod to iln* aetllei"! In
.     i.lleil      Wil-     PI     *
■ ,,t in.* Ureal Laki ■ The)
i, |... ,| nt  barnralalnga,
II..**,    bti.
. i ti,.-   n i. mnl burled Un
,   Inile I.e.mi  the h.-t   itm I
,;..*d  |tl*  I
common lad  travellers  an I  letter
.v.- know rn -I   bavi
-el I It'll
:..   te.n. the Mount, ■■
re i    into the Uvea nf   the
.m.i inni* i
■ •   their guardian ami ibeli   i" -'
tirtt.ng the Wait In Hand.
take ih.*... long to mak.
I. r. ipeeted by ibe Indian
|l of  .t.fln  In ride  IUI
i iii.ii.*-. make a pi
nin.   .linl    li.l"'   ;
mil.-   i.i <-.nini with  1,
.i    'i'h,- smuggling 'tr
rag. ■  they p.it down with m
i    Cattle   Mealing   <■
men ■ tmm ... roaa lhe bord.
Iii.nl.   I'mnnI;i   lli"*li    r
\- th.ir wnrk helped t.. ■ I
* *. i ni ihe greet, m w.
important   duties   o. *
it* i police.   The)  wi I
mi.i had tn in- alwayt mi He
in.*v.nt   prnirie Ine-. Ol   U
era, it they were inn lati
■   ipioad nf tha iiime i ii
report issued a i ..-•• la n
.!     :i    |hi||,'> llllll    hill lllll  a  selthr ami  bis tafflll)
.   fin-    in iln- -.m.e report
..ni ..[ a criminal being run
I Identlfld  in..nisi* be w.n
. tumuli in  Ii nt   i Bngei
w.. Iii a In.us.- In* had robbed
-i.ikim: example ot lha all
lllfl. .iili.lis   Ol   ..      IU.
policeman could ba   given
afforded by iheee m.i ins'
it it is added that ll
:  le.|   wilh   Hn*  "III*
■ •ne lawi .m.i ih. i:i* etlon iel
.. ..I the Mope nf I heir wins
Point. Relative to thTaener.l Culture
of Thii Crop.
i'iowin_nUwi,,,"1, "lu   M«»achuietts
owinan  who   has   conshloriil.lu   cx.
";;"'," "• *• growing of oati a."
term cr,,,, palli attention to the tot
lOWhlg point!  relative to tin, „_, ral
"I:'"'""' '"'■,-■' »i' Th. poUw'ere
gain..   ibrm.rh actual experience and
'M.'i|lme...s cimleii on b, lhlH RU.
tborUy and may be of value to   the
Late varieties are as heavy yieldera
" "?/,"«} Ir »<>*■ i   th..   tamo
\u'"- It's advltabla to tow early ami
late, varieties of tbe sm,,,. color
Beed of any variety should he run
on.*.. .,r twice through a good fanning
nnn in order to eliminate small, inferior kernels nml  t,, ,l,an    „llt    tl|e
trash. Teat the vitality „r the seed
by placing one hundred kerneli in a
garmlnator or plant them In a plata
of nmi t land, covering with another
■mailer plate, and maintaining tin,
surrounding temperature at about 70
decrees, a fifty-cent thermometer
win indicate the temperature.
How   seed   thtck   or   thin,   ncr.irdlng
in its vitality iiiiii the condition of
the Medbed, :•.., buibeti per acre helm;   contldered   about    the    proper
amount of tha c aon rarletlei fnr
emu belt latitudes. B I Infeited with
Btmit -ii,mi,i be treated fnr five min-
ub < In water beat. I to 138 degreea.
Next >■..;• i nin «r||| be imut free
Treated lead should be ■ own by band
the Kiiine day tr. it. tl, although an end-
gate ne,,|e|- ,,.1|1 |„. „..,.,. with S fllr
'I in- notably early variettei are
Barly Champion, Fourth of .Inly and
Red it.i it Prool The beat late vai le
tl. in i; i irtarlan and Unproved
Cl) i. lal i ha two largeat yieldera
an. Lincoln and Twentieth Century;
two llgbteit yteldert ltd Hust Proof
and Welcome Beat drouth n tera,
Black Tartarian, a purely bred, line
medium late <.;.t
'i im Held for mi'*, should be pri
ed by n lapped-ditking at ri^ht anglea
to, and tnothei disking parallel with
tho last cultivation nf the ern If
th.. .n-i* bai lulDctent weight the lurries will be thoroughly t bopped ami
.Iks cut up Broadcasted Beed
sin.il I *.■ covered al about two Inches
deep An ordinary iteel-frama tooth
barrow ma] be need for covering An
Implement like thi  At me barrow win
do ti.nre uniform work nn.l ever   the
s.i'i ,.,,. i.. * rm i ibould
be con ■ utiai to a good stand.
Plowing i r . "in hiii.l for
■  . tm ... l
ii.i.l tenured    Tl igh   dlactng   >.f
h.i.ii land with ii heavy, sharp disc
rendera breaking nnneceatary. Plowing did nnt prove detri ntal, as   It
was not deep enough to looaen the
Soil beln iv th.* p. lot    ih.it    would    be
,  barrow examination fni sn,nt ah...ild I"* made b»
f.ire any ,.f u it boadi turn yellow.
Plana should be very clocely examined    'I hi'- count! of one   bondri i
planta eaeh  In  different parts of  tha
hould be i
II in.-t   the   crop   when     the    seed
mats have uniformly turned yellow,
Oata cut        t hall * brink con
siderably, and tha germinating power
I -
Tlir.sh as soon as practicable, frnm
tl ..    !..., k     If tbi work    Is    deferred
rains    may    In: grain,    Tho
threal 1    be    run
minutes before
Ing to ihn -i.   t'.e   crop   from
,ts This will guard against
Infeetlng the grain with smut fiom un-
A Variety  nf ni'    '     **   be I red    up
by earef.il and  | I ' 00 of
i small quantity ..f tbe largeat kernels
ling crop, sowing   it
on good land aa I na I. r the moat   fa-
, It cnii'litli.: ■■ to provide
Earllneat may ba Incraaaed by the pen
gist,.,,* . nf a number of   the
first bead! I    I In a Odd year
mar   Karl* maturity In mils    Is
not to Important u the quanUty   nnd
quality nf ib- yield     1 ab    •   rleUea
larger >i.ldi   than
ti... very • arly i
Th.- fundamental "principles of profl-
tat.lt oal   growing ,;'""1
t,ed, * ed and well-
eniervd seed. 	
lll.elplln.    al   ll.liellll..
Helv.iin-   ll | Im artl. ■       I
wnr thnt totdlers ought lo bo made to
tear tb<-ir own 11 * lhan Uiey
do the cer
Turf Novelty.
An amusing uovulty on the turf
was Introduced at a Madias fair. It
took tbe form or a handicap for all
auliuuls bred lu thu country, thu competitors Including buffaloes, ■jloph*
auis, a goal, ruin, emu. elk besides
pjiues at'd horses, and wa< .... pularly
known as the "Noah's Ark Race." Tlie
. li phnuts wen* iis pliicid as 11' moving
in a marriage procession, ami weni
. ver the course at a quick walk 'the
nun mui the goat, ridden by little
i.nis, ran well, and the buffaloei went
ul  n good gallop;   but  the emu would
m.i si.i. neither would the .'lh mull
the end of the race, when u took
tilgtit and darted down tbe course al
nut speed. Finally the ram was
Lhe winner, n horse coming In second
nml a buffalo third.
boxes containing swm d • itud
nw. Is.   Sals.III. .   1 .,   •
tneae wmks ol art, the prea
' * nl ll.e   MlkadO 10   lim. I   At i In;
' unnaught  bate arrived  In  Bn
• want   a  child.   Shake*
■peak ng of Uie chll Iren In tbe
rails   Ihem   Imp-     .I""1 I    '■'>
nl f    hit   r-el 111."lis   IJ"* ik-   nf
••the beautiful Imps thai tang hoeannas
to the Bavlour in tbo temple."
I..r   111
once meant nny
Meat olio* ineint nnv  kind Of food.
In one ok! Bngl tta ed I inol Ibe I ord'l
Prayer the well known peUtlon is rendered, "Give ui Hn-* day our dully
Ile.ll     ll     '• M,Cl   *
el   nil
...|n muni
Sn   "
tbiithmenl  ol .. """""
,,, in Canada nn.l nth. i <■
• in
in Troubles
of Babyho
I And  How  Promptly Thoy aro  Overcome
The Uso of
Dr. Chase's Ointment.
"our family doctor win explain
111 ii you ask him. the   mlaalon
Iiiii' pores <>f
i-*'"l     nf    the
UM   skin,  and   will  l.il
dangers .if using pot*.
,,i  it,,   remnrkablo t
Ointment    hi*   making w.
ami   .''■' U"
„   .,,   heal
third up
". King powders   lor   Um   chafing*
l"i..| Irritations '..  which babies an*
It.jl et.
•nj   mother   who   hns   uaed Dr,
I'l.i.se i .liniment   for    this    I"" pn
I win tell >*..ii of imw beautlfii.iy aofi
:,|"i smooth n has kept the ikln, and
"'   how   quickly   11   fined   lb." chnlln *.
»i Irritation.
1  i" > iniii during tho teething i» i
■"I children are likely to suffer from  '■■'
'' "inn,    ami    unless II   la prompllj    v
* d  I here Ih dUgOT of  II  spreml
"n in other pans nr tha body and !»•
""nun;  clironle,
There is no rival to  Dr, Ch
1'million!   as a rum fnr hi.In   cc/cnni.
Ii ii u..iii called, and II can bn
i'1''.! with poalttve aaauranne llwl ll
will ...n Injure the m..si delicate tkln,
'"" nn Ilm OOOtrary,  keep  ll  soft   and
J«ri    |.*.    t'lnrke,    Helm,ml,    Man.
writea:   "||y baby had   ecaemn   nn
'" i  ear.  iiic Hi.re  was very   bn.l  nn.l
li'.llilni; seemed In do her lunch  good
I ,11111.1
Ile.ll llll*.
for wim.
plication  the mr.
am Blad lo   « '
nOW     .Unl     ».*     gIVe     U.e
lllllllll. Ill «
commend thlt preparation too highly
Hill      MIL
No*,   I, ''"':. I ■"	
1,1,1,1,, s     nil      in*.
hey aft.   »  '
I, n.i*. im H'ln thai
nighti for seinili
nlil   ni-. i"    ■""■
I,,    ,|.  - |||  lllllllll       I
,1     li.iinl   nml   nn
Reutored to Strength by Dr. Williams
Pink  Pills.
11 id blood is tbe cause of weak
kldneyi. The Impurltlei ol tbe blood
.■im* iin* kidneys so that they an
nn.,i,i, iii perform tbelr work ol • op
milium the waste matter from th.
bloo i lhe bad from good. The tym
l.tumi nf dlieaaed kidneys are nun
The dull sunken eye, tb.
coated tongue, tbe   backache,   weak
I . i.nees. tallow, iwollen fact
nil ihow nini' is wrong. Tbli dlieat
inusi nol be neglected. Every da)
delayed   In   finding ;. cure li ;. day
li'lllii;       "IJrigbt'g        lllsell.-e" llllll
trouble is inourable      Do not wa ■'•
' line    and    money    on    a    i Heine
much ;u*is only on the luuneya,   n
mui   relieve, hui   II  .-aiui,,I   one   yn.i
I hi   trouble to be permanently cured
must  in* treated  through  the  blood
.nini  blond makes    healthy    kidneys
in Willlaraa' Pink 1'iiis actually
mnke new, rich red blood thai I why
ihey cine when nilu-r medicinal fall,
i ii.iusi.ii.1k owe K.....I health- aom.
lift Itaell 'u 'bis in.*.Heine. Amoni;
them i- Boy Davldaon, wim reetd. b
with bla uncle, Mr C, B, McLean
near Brockvllle, Ont Mr McLean
tayai "My nephew. Roy, bad weak
kldneyi, Aboul i year ago be took
nn* meatlet and this left blm in I
n.i i itate in- kldneyi were io we I
umi ihey w.re Incapable of perform
nn: tbelr fiiiiciiims. He inffered from
ti.ii ..in in*, weakneai and mUeaaneaa
l*'i*r n 'inn*  l.e bad  In    leave    ichool
mn family doctor wai unable to bel|
;,m.      in' imi  in* told me that Boy
mlghl    never   k.*i    better;  lhat  il"
.* would probably sr..w   worae
i ih.-n procured ;. supply ,.i Dn. Wtl
link Pllla   I luul already need
..IK myaell with   urt-.o    benefll
.imi fell  confident thai  they    would
Roy,   He began    iiikinu   ihi*n
*    1111111111*.I    llllll     USe    lUlHI    he    llll'l
. half a dot. ii ii.iii--. which fully
cured him. He is now ttronger and
... iter ihan be evei wn- and nelthei
mu work aboul the farm st em
tt. fatigue him l believe I" Will
lam   i'mk Pllla taved blm fr..n. i lit.
n|  nn- 11
In*. Williams' Pink Pllli do Jual one
thing   bul iii.i  do that    thoroughly
i hey    actually    make new. rich, red
ninnii.   winch  feed ■ and  itr. ngthent
nerve and organ In the body
.lull is why  this  dn in,* curei siui
common ailment*- ns anaemia, general
weakneaa, headaches and back
Inulgettlon, palpitation ot the lean
nn animism neuralgia, and the all
menti which in.ikes ih.* Uvea ..f so
u.ii.n ii and young I
Don't    tak.    aomethlng
« In. ti  tin* .Ienl. i   may s;i>   ll    ju.-i
HiH.il       It   ynn  can't   nil   Iln
: ..in inni dealer lend
D|      \\ llll.1I11S       Ml dl.ille      I  ti .
\iiif. Onl. ami net them by
:.i. cents ■ box .u* tlx box. ■-
\.l     Win
M '
mu ii i'h sn.i.ii red
,n,      ..i.i
nun   nu   bod)
I   ,,Hll'l   lint   '•!•    I' ■■'
l    mi. i.d    um
nliniei   rtrl    ..
Irlnd     ei. .nbin '
,,,,.n,lH  nc .inn,. I..I-.I   ii""""
'•'ii.    "" '" " '  ,v'"'■   ,      .... ,,r in*
When    I    l"    m    Ihi     im* nf or.
, ,,,"'  I hndllltlel ol
,,   nl   i* ,   li nn ll ' '
in  '   Ihi
K1,vt. nll.l  no." th* .lrrri.ir.il  Hi
i,,,.t ,, ie,. iww    '"•""■
in   chn •* * Olntm. nl is n
m every home win r.
known, and II I   '" " ■
,il     i lie
ti   I'"
.   i
,, |||   I   lllll   ll.e
lul      I'mlii   Ilu
inn   ei I
nr   I'Mm
i.n i
in   iln
mini m
for ,2 :...
The honor oi being tha oldest poal
matter In Bngland is claimed by Mr
William      So'!,     t'.iiititii in l.in.lrick.
Ni.iis. who i- S3 it ara ol ai;.'. He
ii.is appointed ln 1859, and m thai
time was nisi, the village ichoolmaai
rm .'T yeara be held both pus
nini.s, bin resigned thai uf acbnol
master  twenty   yean  ago.     Though
can s.iii road without the aid ol
and "iijuis ih. i.esi ui
\   Purely   Vegetable   Pill.   Para
:    ■ table I'llls are compounded
from routs, herbs, and aolld extracti
nt kn.iwti virtue in tin  treatment o
liver mnl kidney complaint!  ami  ii
>,, the   ij item   wbelhei
• nt.. iiie.i by overwork   or   deranged
:;, . \.. -s.*~ in living.   Tbey re
ttiiir-- im lesiiniuiiiai.   Their excellent
qualltl.    are well known to all thus.
wim have uaed Ihem and they com
mend  thetnaelvea  to  dyapeptlca
llmst*   lUbJed   to   biliinisness   wliu   nn
in queat "f a beneficial medicine-"
The Dominion government have ex
tended   for  a   fun her  period  of  liv.
in October, inn:,   the   con
tracl   ii nh the American Bank  Noti
ol   i Ittawa   for the manu
i.i im,. ot Dominion notee,   poatag.
Bnnllghl  Snap  Is heller than  Othei
toapa, in.i is best when used In thi
Uunltgbl  way.        Buy SuhIIhIiI Soul
,,, 1   |, 11*.11   .ill" dl.Mis.
Slll.i  cnln 111.ill  of til,-
i.il,,,i   I.m   in   Illinois   hns   r
,t,, i, ,,-itii-   the   percentage
workera to a.lulls to 11, or
tn   llxty live   adults.
new child
eSlllle I    il
.■J     chll.I
ono child
Keep Minardi Liniment In the Houie
Patiengl I   funs   :uo   fixed   at    2' :<
,i mn,. fn, ihe   Houaton   and   Texai
Central railroad by the Texas railroad
, imlitlon, and ll Is snld other mails
«mi i,me in meet the rata or loaa thi
If  ynur  chlltlren  are troubled  with
in.rin-.. give tbem Mother Qravei
wmm Exterminator; safe, sure and
effectual, Try it, and mark the Im
provi ment In your child.
•Hens to n good wife-- far too
good for me," said Thomai Cruie of
i n veland,   as   he raised ii glata ..i
utiiiluy   Iii   his   lips.    II."   illiillli   the
whlikey and a moment later fell dy
Ing to Uie iio.tr.
To save tbe life of  Anna   M    Hon
ni , tbe five year old daughter al
a battalion tire chief of Uie Chicago
lire department, trafllo in a wholi
block wns Hopped for n week.   The
Illllc  girl   wns  III   Willi   measles   and
in,, ti.Minis say she win recover
• npe
ni in
.1..hn Smllli has been appointed
int.iui.iii of education for Out
l.asl    year  Queen's   t'nlverslli
rred upon him the honorary da
nf  l.l..II-
A Mint of Information Contained In
Government  Bulletin.
There Is probably no natural element, barrlug the air we breathe, with
which we come lu closer contact than
tbe soil under our feet, yel it Uie
time no element about which we poa-
seBs less specific Information, it is a
wondrous realm, full of faacluaUon
an.l IntcreBt.    Farmers'    bulletin    No.
2-15, issued by the Dotted Btatei !>••■
parlineut of Agriculture and entitled
"Renovation of W'oinout Soils," con
tains a mine of Information ou the subject and should be In the bandi of
every farmer an.l bo studied as i
primer of agriculture. It Is from this
we glean the following facta about tin.
Boll and plant life: The soil consists
of organic and inorganic matter. Under (he first heading are Included all
dementi In the soil that are subject
to vital processes (growth and decay);
under tho second, thote elements thai
are not subject to these changes—I e,
ii Inute portions of atone and gravel
The elements named are permeated hy
the soil air and water. It Is the latter
—the moisture In thc soil—that contains the plant fund lubltaacea, and It
Is liiese that possess most Interest and
value fiom the hr.iniin ItandpoioL
These substances are divided Into two
ciasseB, according to their   ultimate
source. The soil furnishes nlno of tl.e
thirteen chemical elements use 1 li.
plant growth—pboiphorui, potassium,
calcium, Milium, Iron, silicon, chlorine
and sulphur. Nearly all varleUea ol
rock particles, of which the soil quite
largely consists, contain more or less
of these elements. Every year the soil
water dlaaolvea B thin surface layer
from each particle, and It is this solution which furnishes the plant its mineral food.
In addition to the elements named, i
the plant in Its growth requires hydro '
gen, which It secures from water',
(which Is a compound of hydrogen and |
oxygen); oxygen, which It secures'
partly from water an.l partly from the
air; carbon, which Is secured from the
carbonic acid gas in the air, and nltro-
geii, which in many respects Is the
most Important of all the plant food
elements. As it is not found In the rock
particles of the soil, plants have to depend for their supply upon decaying
organic matter—manure and other fer-
miners. Being very soluble, the nitrates quickly wash out of tbe sod unless appropriated by growing crops It
is ;n supplying nitrogen to the soil that
the legumes possess so great value for
the agriculturist. There Is a certain
species of bacteria that can use atmospheric nitrogen, the supply of which is
unlimited, and the clover, bean and pea
families have learned to swap work
with thoin. When these bacte la are
present in a soil tn which leguminous
crops are gruwing thoy Invade the
roots of the plants and live there, tl I r
presence being shown by swellings —
tubercles. Nitrogen from the soil air
filters Into the roots, where the bacteria appropriate it, manufacture an
tbundan _ of nitrates and give it to
the plant in return for starch. The tissues of the plants thus become very
rich in nitrogen compounds, which
they set free when decay sets In and
which are available for any growing
crop. A condition of soil that likewise
greatly favors the growth of the plant
Ib produced by humus, decjylng vegetable matter, which may or may not
be rich In nitrates, but wh.ch render!
puss.hie a proper circulation of air In
the s..il and thote chemical actions
which accompany a decay of organic
matter. One of the most Important objects of plowing is thus seen to he a
looaenlng of the toll and a mixing- of
fresh air with it. This Is but part ol
the story, but still enouch to show that
fined natural laws underlie and govern
all agricultural operations, and that
there is no field of effort where a gr■eater measure of intelligence is ni
nor In which Intelligent effort Is more
surely or generously rewarded.
The Critical Agei.
ii is calculated that the amount ol
heat given oft by the human body
wulilu Ht hours would bu sulliclen', If
concentrated, to bring a nlue-lnch
cube to a white beat it la this heat
winch literally bur-us up tbe body,
m.e. the very first day thut a man
11 use i to ren. ■■■■ the tissues by tal log
tood  In*   lose-: aboul   half  n   pound   01
a pound iii weight      Brain woi ken
■*i..   nil :, rn mi i  aiiiui.ni Of heal than
physical labor en; bence ihey are
more liable to collapse After over
work tbey  ara obliged  to He up till
they can obtain  e capital   in oth
er word, they have been consume I by
iii* im* ni tbe body al ;. qulckei rab
iiian ii takeg nature to supply *
quantity ol  rre ih  tissue and mu ole
i he agea of 21, 28, ;;:. tnd 12  th.
..   i .    j„ i-nn ■
lifetime, for al aboul thi le agei Nal
um will hav • fitted the body oul with
new raw materials,   which   may   oi
may not stand iin* teal of the p. i
, n-i i!   ii *,n ■   habltt ut   life,
Ceylon GREEN Tea
all   adulterations  of
Only,    40c,    50c,    ind
Highlit Award   M.
60c    per    tb.
Louis   11104.
At    all
i he c  ,\. it.   freight   department
niiicuiis at   Port   Arthur   is   ruahed
In.lulling steel rails iui* the <;lull.)
I mul. PaolflO fnr cunslruct inn wesl
of Winnipeg.
The  Steamship  Expn-ii.
un Sunday, June 3rd, the Canadian
Ni , • In in  Hallway  returned  its    fast
si-nice iii i vet :i Wlnnl  tnd    Port
\, t ti ni. and rn. lhe stroke ol foui  thi
imiblp  Expn
pulled oul on its Brit journey lo Laki
*    ,,i one Ba|
.(.ul car, l'u il and Becond I
nd Bleeping Cn
i I,,  dining cai la particularly a *
ut nolle,. hat ing Juti    ti rived   fron
thi   Bai a. ■   and Bmlth   hops al Di ■
ton, Uhlu .--ni b bed In 'i •
ul,I     I *. le    with     call *
1 ,*',;' I     i In* wbO
tu aiivtliin * n   in Dtnlni
,m i to arttatic, thai It i- worth wbtii
train, if it I.- only to havi
a meal In ' I ia f.n-.
i he Bleeping car is alio from Unr
ney -v Bmlth't   simps   tnd   sug
the  very  heal  workmanthlp.       Tb.
train  is lighted   with Pti
ifi   and   dellcat.
in connection  with   this train   th*
Canadian Northern are offering sum
:nr.*s iii Eastern Can
,ui„ tnd the Eastern Btatei tnd a fev
* Duluth, Bt, Paul, and
Minn apolta.   One   can   travel   fron
Winnipeg to Poi I Arthui via tbe Can
a ..an Northern, take t   iteamer   ti
imi mh mnl travel   via   tale   Royal. .
stopping over al the [aland 11
and fruin  Duluth  use any ol the ias!
BL Paul and return to Win
foi  J.T 50    i i.
eta are "jood Iot return unUl i
list, 190C an i allow itop-over prlvl
I. get at any  point en  route.   Then
are many  tlmllar tourt wiih
variations, ami before completing tb.
holiday  itinerary    fur    this    tummei
nne would  do well  i" -• •■  an  agent
ni tin  Canadian Northern rallwa}. u
write iln* Traffic  Manager at Winni
Wake up
Your Liver
Not too much, juui little, just enough lo
itirt tbe bile nicely. One of Ayer't
Pills it bedtime ii ill you need. Theie
pills ict directly on tbe liver. Tbey
cure conttiptrion, biliousnesi, dyspep-
tii, tick-heidiche.   Sold (or 60 yeirs.
HMMll   *, rr.ll..         jo l.irO..,
■lu .1 III Mr at-lklM..  Lsw.ir Mu.
A op.endid Elevator.
The new G. T. R. elevator, which will
be operated by lha Montreal Warehousing Co.. and which lr. located near the
entrance to the l.nchine Canal from the
port of Montreal, imls formally opaned
recently In the presence uf a large gathering of prominent railway, sieajnshlp.
commercial and public men. Including
Hon. L. P. Brodeur. Minister of Mar im
and Fisheries. This elevator Is regard
ed as perhapi tne most thoroughly
equipped itructura of the kind on tht
contlnenL It Is absolutely fireproof,
tho materials of censtriietlon consisting entirely of iteel and cement. The
bins which contain the grain are rectangular In shape Instead of cylindrical
There are 111 of them, and they vary
in capacity from 2.750 bushels up to
11.000 bushels. The motlvi powei
thr-.ughout Is electricity, with a total
horse-power of 1.108, distributed ohi
nineteen motors. There are tin elevator legs, Ave of which are used for receiving, and all can bo used for delivering. There Is also a marine leg foi
elevating grain from vessels In tha I_-
chlne Canala ba_«ln alongside, with ■
capacity of 15,000 bushels per hour,
while on the river side ln Windmill
Tolnt basin there nre nineteen loading
ipouts for delivery to ocean steamer!
or barges. Thc house has a capacity
of ten loaded cars, five of which can
bl unloaded at on. time, and It Is expected that as sunn as the machinery
geti Into full running order from III
to 150 cars, of a thousand bushels capacity each, can be unloaded ln a day
of ten hours, the dimensions of the I levator are; Length. 238 feet; breadth. 84
feet; extreme, height, 185 feet; total
capacity,  1.080.000  bushels.
Cimdiin Scholar Honored.
The Council of Columbia University
New York, has recently awarded a university fellowship of the value of $550
to Mr. John A. O. Mason. B. A., ol
Stratford, Ont. The iclectlon of university fellows Is made from graduates
of tho leading universities and colleges
of America who show themselves especially fitted to pursue courses of hlghei
study and original lnvestlgallon. Mr
Mason was graduated with first-class
honors In history and political science
from tho University of Toronto ln Jjne,
1905. He was subse.iuently appointed
Alexander Mnck'-nxle Fellow In thi
same Institution, and haa been engaged
during the post year In research worli
In tho libraries of New York.
The Auetrtan scandal has ended
inulm...' ..i    the   nnn i
I..ui   by
I..* alili
i l  ni   Schoenberg Wai
and   Pi In. ■       '   Bo
in.*  Pope, thus tbelr run wil
in Inherit his lather's title.
i hey N* ver Knew Failure    Carefu
tion of th. Panne
-   i       ba ■ shown tha
cl immediately on thi
ul   tin*   system  mi I  siin.
them  i" bealtbj   action.   Thi
be   cast s  in   wiii.ii   the   disease  bai
in--ti long-seated and dues not  eaall;
yield in medicine, bul even in tuci
cases these pills hai" been known ;
bring  rebel  when all othei  so-callo.
remedies   have   failed.   Thi te   a.*— ri
Uons can ba substantiated by man;
win. hale used the pllla, an i
men  speak  highly   of  tin ir  qualities
The political situation    in    R
grows more and more scrums.   I n
■ ping reforms,   i
is  being  de.   -•■ I,  a 11   sav.
t'/.ar his throne.
In spite of reports to the eontrar;
lunch cunt .in la beln o> *
iln- health of lhe pope.     The
confinement to tin* Vatican, ll
iiy killing him.
Minard's Liniment used by physician.
i no     prevailing   anarchy   in   th.
southern part of Morocco has blaze,
oui into iimi ■•tribal fighting, an
vim,i,* country  is given over  to
mi 1 the sword.
The Cuban - nate has rattned Hi
Anglo-Cuban treaty >.f commerce, na\
Igatlon and in lustry.   Thc vote
n in I.
mulberry crop >.f   Japan
greatly damaged by frost
The tiick in the Back    ' On. toucl
or nature mal es the whole world kin'
sings the pool.   Bul  what aboul tin
touch ul rheumatism   and   luml
winch is sn common  nun''   Ther.' Is
iiii i'n. iiy iii that i..uch. for it renders
life tiiiseia....*.    Yet Iimi  .;
iin* k use vi rebel  a hen an a| i
tion "i    Dr.   Thomas'   Bclectrlc   Oil
i'n.- pain away.    There is nothing
equals It
Statistic* For England and Walls For
Uu Year 1904—Enormous Total
of Persons Tried.
A biuebook was issued recently, says
Lloyd's Weekly, by tht Hume Office
tlvtag the criminal statistics of Kng-
land and Wales t r Ihs year 1904. It
shows that the total number of personi
tried for various offences during Ull 11
months was 807.139, as compared wilh
103,696 In tho prevlnui 12 months. lh«
oonvlctiotM being 6G5.379 agalmt 610,-
300. The persons Imprisoned numbered
199.103. as oornpared wiih 189.727 lo
1903, and the number 'it convlots ln
prison on March 31 was 20.099. The
firuros, U Is Btat'-d, are not all of equal
value as criteria of the state of crime,
but they all Indicate an Increase of
criminally. The total number of persona for trial for Indictable offencei
wan 19,960, or 177 59 per 100.000
population, being an Increase of 1.116.
or nearly threi per cent.
There haa been a cntinuoui -rrowth
of crime since 1'99, when Lhe numbT
of personi tried was H0.494. or 156.97
per 100,000 of the population. For many
years prior to that year, h .waver, there
was a steady deiline, wilh occasional
Interruptions, tn the number of petr-
•ooi tried, ind ln 1899 the total was
l«ss than In any previous year Maes
1875. During the quinquennial period
1860-4 the annual average w«j 280 p'T
100,000 population, compared with 182
ln the last quinquennial period. Th*
Increase In 1904 was wholly In offencei
against prperty. Tho only off „ci
against the person which showed a
marked tendency ln Increase |s bigamy,
lor which the figure was 138, the quinquennial averages for 1895-9 and 1900-4
being 104 and 112 respectively.
U Is sallsfaerory to observe thlt
those classes of off'nces usually r m-
mltted by habitual criminals have ceased to Increase at the some rapid r»t"
as formerly. Cornwall Is still on» of
th» onuntlas with the least crlmi.
Glamorgan and Monmouth ar still the
worst counties, but the p_!Uon of London his slightiy Improve. The worst
counties for drunkenness are Northumberland, Glamorgan. Hurliam. and I. n-
don. the betftt posit.>n as regards 11 *
ofTencs bislng taken by a 'ante creup sl
rural counties. Minor offences of dishonesty and serious frauds and br.snt-
es of tn_t had Increased, and offences
of th* vagrancy class are gi-uwing
Duiing <_e year 9 918 persons were
convicted ln Courts of Am tr and Quarter Sessions, of whom 28 were sentenced to death. 170 to penal sinitud".
7,899 to Imprisonment, and 91 to detention ln an Inebriate reformatory; 55
perpnna were found guilty but Insane;
1.896 were acqurtted. and ln 38 cases a
■Jury found tbe accused to W Insane
and unfit to plead, while 11 persons
w<*-i ordered to be whipped or flogged.
The total number of p. rsoni dealt with
by Courts of Summary Jurisdiction wis
794.961. of whom 6:.'n 161 w-r. a rvlcted,
84.160 being sentenced to tortirl-ionmcn:.
During the year 36.169 coroners' Inquests were heM. In 2.357 cases op<n
verdicts were returned, and. deducting
one case of justifiable homicide and 16
executions of persons oond.mned to
death. 4,888 death** wero ascribed to
criminal vl lence or culpable neglect.
Ot those 3.327 were coses of suicide, a
decrease of 155 as compared with ths
prsvlous year. The continuous Increase
ln suicides, frequently referred to in
previous volumes of the criminal statistics, has thus received a check. Ver*
iir.is of wilful murder were returned In
191 cases, and of manslaughter In 126.
The number of criminal lunatics received into asylums during 1904 was
235. and at the end of ths year the total number nf criminal lunatics und.»*
detention waa 104. of whom no fewer
than 407 had committed murder. Out
of 28 sentences of J'ath, 11 were commuted to penal servitude for Ufa, and
three free pardons were grantee
A Baker's Triumph
The Mooney Baker cannot
produce   anything   better   than
Mooney's Perfection
Creom Sodas
The very best of flour, butter
and cream — the most modem
plant, the very best baker in
Canada. A biscuit superior to
any other you have ever tasted.
Say "Mooney's" to your grocer.
..NK lA.'KKt   ll\-t
Sold ly all Drnggtiti and General Stores
and by mall.
Wanted at Once—B
men in  all  pans of Manitoba,
: North West, to lell reliable Nurs-
* H-k.
Exclusive rights to sell Hardy Hybrid Applet, originated by Dr. Wm.
Saunders of Ontario Experimental
Farm, Ottawa, and luccessfully irlel
and truite.1 at Bran Ion and Indian
ll. t i K\, • rlmental Pal
Complete et_faninf outfit and liberal terms to th*
Apply nt once m K  D  SMITH.
Helderlelgh Nurseries.    Winona, Ont_
•i.-aldlsbed   over   a   quarter  ol   a
Prof, J, w Jenkt, of Cornell tint
irorelty, hns been engaged by the
Chinese  government  ns Bnanclal ex
i" it.
Lasl  y. ar  230,128,9 IB tone ..f coal
mined in  the  I'nlted  Kingdom,
>i w iu.li 1,7.11,....; i.; torn were export
During ih." last yiiir tbe Essex and
Suffolk inmi paid damagei for the
Ion ut 11.11". poultry, four Iambi, M
turkeys, ami ■*.? ducks,
Some personi have periodical
lacks of Canadian cholera, dysenterj
or diarrhoea, and have to use great
precautions to avol i the .limi.se
Change ..t water, cooking and green
fruit, li lure to bring on the attack*
i'n such persons we would recom
mend Dr, J. D. nellogg's Dye. nterj
Cordial at being the besl medicine in
the mnrkel tor all summer complaints
if n few drops are taken lu watei
when the lyraptomi nre noticed no
further  trouble will be experienced
An  association  hi i recently   been
Inline,I   nt   Tul.in   with   the   inline   "I
'Dal Nippon Shukyoka Kyowakal,"
tor the purpoee nf reconciling and
harmonising the different religionists
'..Hill v
Barry bai recently   died   in
Corki  nne,I   Un   ye,us.
I'liiiip Smith Bent ;. hone i" death
in ;i thicket at Indianapolis.   Within
twelve houri he wai serving a sunt
ence ot inm and costs and 00 dais
in the Hansard report of members
speeches   Up   to   Easter,   Clininliei Inin
heniis the list with -i eniiiiiiiis. Chur
chill ipoke siui. eolumm, Haldane 04,
the prime minister B4*K ami A. I Bel-
tour is.
T« Till likitunri Is Hoi ths Colo»-
lnK ol 1'lA.ita.
Chlorophyll Is perhapi the most Important coloring sulistiince la tbe
world, for upon tbis lubetance depend
the eharaoterlstk* activity of plant!, the
lyntlnxls of complex compounds frnm
carbon dioxide nnd water process, upon
which the exlstcuce of all living things
Is ultlmuicly conditioned. Only In t
very few unimportant forms devoid of
chlorophyll enu tbe synthesis of complex frnm simple compoundl or from
tbe elements be iwompUibed. Tin
function of chlorophyll may only I *
comprehended when us chief physical
properties me understood. Tbeic may
be best illustrated by placing a gram
of chopped leaves of grass or .erauium
In a few cubic centimeters of ttroug
ilcohol fur un hour.
Such a solution will be of I bright,
clear green color, nnd when the veeiol
containing it Is held In such a manner
that the tunllght Is reflected from tl.e
surface of the Uqnld It will tppeti
blood red, due to Its property of lliini'
licence, that of changing the wave
length of lhe rays of li_jlit of tlie violet
and of the spectrum In such a nianuer
is (ii make them COlnddl with those of
tlie red end. It Is I.y examination of
liylit Which has passed through n solti
tiuu of chlorophyll, however, that the
greatest Insight Into lis physical properties tuny be un Imil. If such a ray of
lljrht Is patted through a prism aud
ipread ont on a icreen, it may be leea
that there are several large Intervals
of dark bandi In the spectrum. Tbs
rays of light which would have occupied theil spaces have been absorbed
by iln* chlorophyll and converted Into
heat ind Other forms of energy. TbU
energy is directly available to the protoplasm containing the chlorophyll, nud
by moans of it Uu* lynthiMli of complex substance may be accomplished.
■| hniisami-     ■
I ordinary   remedies
menu, luppuatuii let
—will not tare
The best ol them on j bring p
Dr. Leonhardt's Hem Bold i- • tab
;. n Internal!} U
, mis.* ol piles, h. nc   th.   ■
ni.iu. nt.    Every  |
a guarantee with It
it  is  perl
Fyle i'n , I.i ni
It. .1. Niagara Palis, Ont. K
i tie Second Ltfi  Quarda   band,   of
London, will vlsii Canada ihis fall and
will extend ih.'lr i.mr !■. ih.* Canadian
thn .*
weekt at the Toronto i thll
hand is the    •
Hit    M.IJeSll II     ,-      *He   nf   tht
i.rated Itailiis in Iln* bi larda
and is a favorite wuh his m..j.*.-!i ti
levi ■ s ami high fun. tl state
.mu..nu is the n ous In tbe
-ii  niilii.iri   -*:
tiuv. Johnaon of Mlnneaota hai li
siieti a proclamation In which ;. re
ward ol 1300 is offered for the capture
uf Many Spencer, wanted for lh.
tempt to murder his wiie on i itre. t
in Minneapolis    Sponcei wai former
ii   a reatauram   keeper  In  Bl   Paul,
and recent!) be attempted to kill his
wife    in .as.* I..* is .aiicht. lhe per
~.tn effecting Ins arrest   will receive
the reward offered.
$100 REWARD $100.
Th. r..-1-r. pf thlt pap«r will hm pl..-.-! to lf«rm
th.t th.re !■ .1 l_-t on. -lrMdt-4 1I1-0M. Ih.t .rlt-ac*
he 1-e.a .bl. to cut. tn .11 iu .1..*.*, -unl th.t..
I ...ril..    II.II*.   r.t.rrli  Cure 1. lh. el.!,   |-- 1...
our. nuw fetitt.n In th. m..li,-.l  fLIcra,.;.   Cttrrh
t*tnic . ,*t.n.l,iui.oi..l <i,m>.--.. nsjuiiH. . et'ti.ntu.
net,.] tr-MUit.nt.    Hnll*. t'.inrrli (ore 1. UJ-..H In.
t.rn.llr. .<tmc tltrrctl-t on tli. 1,1.-.sl nn,.  mu.-ou.
■tirf..'". et Ih. .-t-rt.m. th.r.1.-. ,l,-tn„ mc th. founil-
«u,.n nflliFJimM,, .,,,1 »,,,„„! |,„ ,.»,i,,Bi ,ir.niitti
hr .......Una n|, lh„ •■.•n-tilu.li.ii  »n.l upi'tlni n.lnm
.   .t" "1."* *"^l,•   *!"•  M"|.u.•.•"* hjt. *o n.-jch
r.itli In 11. rnr.t.v.  |,...r-1I..I ll„-. off,., (,,„• li„n-
I      , .'!"** '"r *"" •••"• l|.«  'I  f..l«t."t-ur».   euntl
Inr l.l ..f Ut.llnioiil.U
AUnsB        r. j. niENtY a Oo„ TuUsio, a
Hol.l ..j tlni..- -t. If...
T.k. U.IC. ..„, I, rill, for ronrtlMUn*.
Reporti from Labrador itate that
live peraoni were killed and eatsn by
■avage doga ..ff that eoast during the
past winter,
it has been decided   i"   substitute
music fur handcuffs and itraightiack
. li. Im the insane in the Kansas Slain
asylum,     rwenty Bve pianoi are be
iiik Introduced.
tu  *l
pi nine people are kicking i.ii a
iii I..,, prices of lumber ol   ■ k
per iliuiisand.
W    N    U    No.    589 I
|n I'liil.,! »|   I i 'in,.,,   .     ii v, mul l'iil,:i«l,e,l
.1   srgusnn and I'ltiui l*ki sfsrv TAurads t
il-. I IU '       ilm
i I. .... .    * .  *  .     it torrsspi.ttdsHlsss
).r..-Mti in ll. ....i-.iiu
All I.it'll.    . ill I'      ill ... .'.I .,
0.H-  lull    tm       i.lel In I'.Mil*. pe,
lie, sadll .iii-fa!.' »l  lu-iii".
r.r.tin fie '.   ii.miii st.i      lis.   k*lverilsi.i   I
«i     . nt rn mi .i, p       "r.u    il   ••",■■
i* .  ..*. h.sia i 'i >■•> i.
Alice mineral malni, »ltua'« in   tl.e
. from   Lile   !■      ■ u    .l.v.......  of   \i c-l
Hm.tr* si   iiim   ict
". i.e.*. luci'e   ■  i     -..if.i.i" of   -nlrar
Hup I'lOUIHtlli 11 In s.i * I Hro* II 1'ieek.
inks t ml ice '   ,*    I    tiitl    »   * li-sl.sm
•mi K V 0    Nn   . K8.ll -1, ii* *     Job
...   l'iper     I      "'    So     rttSSO I,    ■>• ' i  1 	
Charles     Aln -.lis.   -.i..     K.Mr.     N. .    j    _     _
ii^g,. in,.,,.., *„.v .in,. fm,„ ...;<| | s# DAN£\, Prop.     Ferguson.
II  lh /ii,   iu.t.i.t, Nixty   .in.i fn I., j  '    *
ilttu     hers .*      to    tppl. the    1   *
Mixing   lie,*... i.r   (oi   i On ideal i'   ni |
Im  . .venieuis,   f...       i tn  *  *.i - '
ii nuig  ■  Crown liranl  of the   ibnve I
Ami   further tske notice that set.mi
(In uracil, t'l.'e.wl n.tu fur paokfne of Mlnins Prwnltei.'et'c.
In i !•• .. .i .*      ,;i- rlltti'lci
<     .1 .mi lerviiiii, siul anv work ,ni I.'i t«k.*.. guaranteed
Srt t it'll ,.../.
Legal Notice.?.
.I.e.. L.'ki iii, I  -nu iiii «l   '' '
-.iiiniein „!u. l r. ui i nki .viiiui.ii llivi-
sen, ..I ll ■■!.. K. nlei  it dim ri. i
Ul...ie   hiti.eil: Ihs.I   i I oktonek
Tske imi ne Unit I   J   <V, i hi- n, fret
iiiiier's i■••   iltral.   N". »»,»>"i   Inr " V
-.-ll' nini it iiireni   fn   S. A    -   ihei i   ml
..in     .   "Mil  H.S,' in...    Ill lice    H hit. ,    I   IU
v ,7»" I, A Dodds, i •' .u No 881117, In- ,
end i*> .lavs sfri.r .Inn. horeol, In »pl Ij '
rn he MlrtingKocunlsi iorUertttJi*al«ao' j
lu vunieuti (nr ihn inn pose otohtain-
in*.; oi'owu grtiits oi the abevs olaiim
And further tske notice linl  tciim
nmler taction S7 mnn   he coiniimm'oil
'i.-in.D the Inns nee ol tuoli eti ilBctie ol
.,..,,. ti       Dated th'  i'ii Jar m
Mav   V. D . 1800,
.1.   IV. Cl!1-.'!
r-j. .Ji tmt -a.-rvm.rmM
Trout, Laka |.jv
Freighting        ,j
Stables at   Ticut Lake.
^£S£S555|LAKEVIEW HOTEL! Zvont Xafce   tammmmm
'   , ' ,    , Ilu    MJ   ,,.,     W'«.«i*    lllll  llllrll      Ht     IM'
I'll..! 'Ml  \l     .!>• ul J ll   «   i I.
N *ii.*e   t I. y      v ir.
i.i'.r.ttis efier .la'e I     sn 11 • mike
ap   I o«t."U   lli tlie li.... i li ■ I i o n
ll i-«i .ner    f l.an.li s   il   Win kif.il
N  S   ». IU'   lie*"' I.      I"     OUI   ri    r;   nr'i
»*.iiy i mill ' fin ' i e lull wing
described lan'ls sit iited s'...iii l
uf a mile from the e uth iv>re <•(
Ttnoi I.- k- siil s
fiom (t* *rar I, i* * 'n.i' g _ _
p >|1 insrke.t J 11 K-iin«. 1 \'« N K
1'oruer :...si ....e *.« 80 nhiine,
t ene* south *-il cha n». t m .*• • a
tin .-i.ami. tie ce ril. 80 oh
t.. |. i .i * f    im *e..." • I,
l'-le.i   lllh     I   Mat      llrllfl
3ar well Supplied with Liquors tl Cigar?
l.»rt« Uoinfuriittile Ri * ii r*   KXi   Pert I'uisim and _lteudanue.
e *,**| _  . B.   u* ng  Water mpplied   by tt"'
**VW*i*. ICt             61 Company you are aasured of al«o*
• • Into purity.   Government Analyiii
£i.*p*plp Oo. Q "'"i,'k"i;"ui "!,-:;:
L /l Hajh Mc?hBr»on • - Supt.
itOi tftf*3&X^^
:,; V:1:'Madden & Levesque
J   11, K«(n*tl*T
1      \   l< .',   r    luei
Notice ii  hereby given  um twi
months slier .is;, i intend tn mak
a: pllCStti     111    Oie    lli, ef '  i.iMii".
ai» er of Landa  and   Mmkt  for ■
tj.ecisl   license  tn cut  ind  cam
away timber fur  the following de
ic.ibed lands situated mi Ab a'   •
Ion .-re.-k sin.'it  |   of i   tin'e froi*
'J ron I I.t-e sn . .li u t 4 ml lea fron
Gerrard, ciimnienoing   si   t   \iur
nisrk.tl    A     lliyftar'l   S.<V  norix
p.«i, thence l*'1 rhaim east.  Ihei •••
in.itli   80 ci .ni*   thence   w.-st 8<
chaina, thence tn.rtli  ■*.() cliaina i
poinl , li' itnineuce.ncni
bated, May Uth, 1906
A   ltlip.it
S..lice I* Iter b   ^'\.*n   thai t'<
day■ af"*. .lat- I   int    .1 t.< .i.kk
in pijoai n.n   in     h       fl  n.    • • let
i '."tnini-sio or «f Lauds and W rk-
f  r   s   l|i. . isl        e..*'    In   01.1   an'
rsrry   away   timier   from  thi  fin
luw.iiK   ilei-.ri'el      land    litUMte
ihn.it }    I   a   ii.iJh  ir un tlie sunt
ihore   i f   T ..ut   1.si..-,  an.l abnii
il    ■•111***,    frrt.i,    lie'iar',   «> ll l*i'n
l. ene    k   it  i   |. tit   iinirkml J    11
Kennely's      S VV       cr .er    \n,.<
|l.i"-d   irinle  m   p it   inttk'ii J
1>  Kenned)'i N K imt. '  ene N
rl.».nt eii*i, t'lei.rr miqII. SO cIihiii*
|i-eii>* ■ «eit M|f!.*t n•. 11 slice .   11
bo   eliHUi-   In   |tni|il    f <• ......en.e
u.nit.    Dated, Mat 11   1900
•I   11   h . > KI i v
' '     \    'I . ■   i,   • k  in
e ..   ;.  iln  KITS       111* litt]  ■'*   •
tfiet d*ts I Intond ... • , . •    • . II
.    itfi tn  nun r nf I amis su I Worki
In i.rrniilunn tn |,nr. : m-llie'.,,,.*. .
de -iilied lin.ti siiusie,) n. West Kott
UDmnienrineai » post i Itn.ed r*n tl •
i..nili ihore of Lardo river ilxuiln'ti
mils up hom Pujisr ireek ind mi «>d
J Kiii«.,..ii'.i*ii' v k  eornei poet, rate
nin-_   nnr.I. 4..  .Imn*.  Ihenee   .en  SO
eliiini, Hieii.e i.iuiii  wi tli.i.it. theni-f
tin. £ river  batik   lo  tl.e poll t •( row
lien. .1   KirZRtMUONf-.
lilted J.r.e 20, lr«»,
Excellent    Accommodation
Best> Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   __
John Shsipso!_,      Proprietor*
TROUT LAKE,   ti   C
Best Mold in Town,
InflpteR for MiiiiBt aii_ w!i_ijrcial In
General Merchants.
Trout Lake - - B. C.
Trout  Lake  Pity Tra. Bfer
.^nd Stage Line.
j Ferguson
; Trout Lake
W  j Dci,y s**»x« wim j
? • ».
Trout Lcke «t 8
»      •»
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
Imperial   Bank of Canada.
c«eiT«L Pt.t) up.   I.ir I4i ii
ftlSI.Vt   FUND l.tir.Tl. te
•i".      'Hi    • tt.T7lt.IIT
H.nl i.r*. •
I.  i:   ll'ILKIR, 1'r.n.leni ROBERT J AFFRAY  '   ♦ f"H      .
'    SRANCHCS    in   Iht   I'tjvi   r«l ol  Albert*, StlkllClieWM,   Hrtt.ili (.'.tt-abt*I
Mtnif'ht Ontirtn sn . I] in «
SAVINGS DCPARTMENT.     I "*i  *•■ ■• '*■: «*• I si. I       ••.r   i     ..   ||    , .„
.--Fin rt's from rlt'i ..i »     »     eet.
Tint r I in I ' • * iill. I. Ruin.
1* as(se.
i. tfti >•."..   .    .. pent ifi .u.s.
•     ittlst >    '  »       . •
B|j*   il till * -in ■'*... l" talleelleHit n.s
Stniy Lnughton
Wjlll-S   fi.iiin)f   Pergtitiin fmi
sll."iil'l l'«r  Ht llir  Ltl.ile'au
L__._J     llnti'l      }I*re   tt.*-    »i| tor
mmj     wil   t»»    mrrnuini-l   "ill.
jSJkjJ   h in-...i..f. *.«    Bxti'ium
■ I     Cuisine.      we'l    •> l.ttll'e'
in !     *»rm     i ...int.     •»• II
stock*'!  t»»r,  *n«l   pTiryibing wl.irti
• rili   rn*. mrrls    .n«l«;ii^    vmir   »isi|  >
j.l .ir-.*.,' ». *i  -. .mn uii I** one,
Hst-i fi• tn tl   'Ut   iipwsrli.
\\ .   n:n.e   tn   |il|)l*e   ..'ir   ) »tr   l'l.
We     He    JOIICS     W00D    VALLASCE    HARD       M
, 1 im* ,;., „.. 1\      WARE co L0        Review Job DcpL.
1'iii.nm. Hsr.'wirs, Minert' B.   pllei, 8io«* j lot HiKb-Cl»M Worl
NBLSON, li. C. sud Kt.itss. *=«ss|
                             NELSON,  ».C.                       ____________
0 I _
»t»o*»_<"-• r< o n oo-oo-t:
5        _r\ ir        I
I,     .... —i .   .  lit k!Jl   l\
i-^uHl-CV      CV      \*0.     It pejre to use tbe  Telephone      *   3   ^.*        . ,-».. :,
^  _ tengll.T lri|.ct     '-     *.i.i.l    ...I    • HVirnt'r   *'♦*ll^OJ,)   I
Kvii,    t;i_s.i.    Prodiiee    sml    tn.it  iplhi md Arrowhetd rt k
llommn Hs.,1 .leit'.ire *ii  s'elun". H «.'     . .„ m.,m     ,.,,   _ ...       _    ,     i      OuoJ *ahne or lltir Cut
LemuixviUe" G. M. YUILL 'j '"""•^.sehn.ii, ?
rt m m
E. V033S. PRO?.
Hotel and
Ceiv-rai Store
LHot and Cmd Beth
O c litUtMltl
Barber Shop.
!■-..     *'!.• i a n't
rttOUTLAkl    IIT
Wttch-repairing,   etc.    All wots    *-••■"«"» '•      „;.„liiv
J.l     Ml  UK A Y.
.ieilmlH Trot Lab.B.C
TROLI  : aki . ii  O.
Hiitf. ,• .     • Nil  raftlullj t
. ler
ti'.i ■*■' uomi st*i Plea at
N .1 c* it  lieirt'i   i v ti tn|' l«>
in ...Uii ■ i    r .la" 1 inleml *>. ii.ek
li..|.|  '     I   nil      'n     t    r       j|,i i,     (   t,   ,|
t     •     n>r rf l,s> .Is i  .1 \\ ..rk-
(•■r « *|iecii      e-'.i.     . out in. j '{
<• r 11  »• it   'iin'.r   fr in   tl.e fo -   <.
li.W n« e .■-.■• .1 |h s sit liel I'
I.n Sn      V  rt,     ihi'   i|*|(|    t   inil   l ■  ri-*
wil' i Ir ti. I .ir .T'I i minii nr i |i
• i m |. >.i ii ti. • Leila tin »
r> i'ii-..ni o 'ner i""t. ihe ip.
e.-t ii i-haiiie, iii". ce soot B0
ci t. t.    tb* ni*e    weii  MJ .'..tin?.
liin <••• ,, .. id h(l i-i.mui tn it,.
|i    11       f P   ini.i   ||. en,, i t,
Ijvi.j 14ti. M«y, 10 '
l in k Him
Pi r A   Biggai, Aeeni
«. *>f J 1>*J C-O-l*Xt» tKMXi i>»>J-r»0 t>CHt>0 *3 } * *>C
..   Zhc (f.vtcl .IGcaton   ...   i
BEATON,  b. c J
YrORK irritinf it Beaton   tlm threshold of the I.t*.ie»-i
ria Arrowl.ea.1   sill I i Hotel to l-e fully equipped
for l.i.'n i-U.» fade     I mln.r aernn.n.odAiion       f ..H
.      lii.le.l tnd spa. i..,    l-all       Hie lies, of Wines. Fpliiit
• |ftn     I'erennt!stiperv.siii    tgiven io il.e ■••.,.*-   •*..*- ol
pllroni   Visitors to ths linr.mi ran relt .... comfort al 11 it hotel
!__*! *-*r*_'H
iW. BOYD-:-  -:-Ptod
Notici    .*    I.erebj.   «•*".*'.   that   i».
,l....f._   rial- f ,".' " ' ".'"tl'S al.oKli.a I iiiiami    .■   «. n'.v   10
,    • > ini-*....   ...  s|.|nt   ,-,,!,„,  Oh.ef Onimiiisiioiierot   I amis
lull,*-.,,,,,    .l,._i», ..:_■ . . , , ,
•>.,I vv ,.i k*. lor • medal lieen.*   lo ci
tnd <srn s.hi i.inl.er  Iron,   ll.e    (o.
Ins inn inscribed landi liluale.t in ibe..
v. .«t   Kootenay dittnet: "
I'lt.i.n.eiiciiiv #i ■ poll marked leilie
'.      • .nnili «f»l  roruer,   nel si i.
•ell eornei ol  l.ni   11 _7.  Hie. re  nortl
-.. Ill lilll, llir ner es.' Sll rlnir,'. li , ie*c ,
■ .n I. 80 . lu ns, ll.ei.ee a.tl RO . I.tins, '
111 ("I   e..|iili i • ' en Bill
Mel.on I2tb Jnue, 1006 1.1 SI.IK Mil.I.1
_.     chliuij    Notice   '•   Iii"'   v   fc-.v"   ih^t   two
ll.'ine     wrtr     s(|   ,.j  ij   ,     .( ,ln.f I mom di ifiri il.ie I    iiilend    lo  appl.
l"Hlh  4(1 chaini  t„   point of com    t°    ,""   ,"u"' l01'.'"' '  """""'r "
..  .j     I .,       .    , -• '   .-    mi. nun. '-ii. vi ' »f"ii..iiin*i'ii,rr ,..   . o... i
liefl   itlldiiuinner iifl end Work! fori nwdal lieen. s   lo ch
l.trq.   n.d Wnrki   loi permiuinn
I-, puirlme ihe followii E'ieicrilhd
'tni fitutted   I., Wen   Kontehit
' n'onien.diig   .t   i   poll   p|,ni.-*J
li"!'   i   mile  ll.  fe    |\,,,..r    ne,),
on north n.je i LinJ   ,iv.r, „,n K
ed   A. rj iwing'i H .v. c irner poi  '
".'  r« tin mi chaini   along   :n*,r
l.niik,   t e. ce   north   40
to cut and carry .. .   limlmr Irom tin
foil..**...*'   ileicribe I   Ini.I..   .iinnteij In..
lhe Weil Rootnnt) diitriul i
CotDtneii.'tng at a pott mtrked l.*)..1
rriei.ceinsiit        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
June 27, 19_8. A. f'owma
Notice   is   lier.hv   _ivenihjtc.fi
. , .      (turn   lllll IjUi       l liuilliriii-in^ Sl   S (Inst    ns'lf-n   I..'
oavs afn-r dttu I intend to n ake Hi'l'i loutb<»ui cener tn m i.orth-
' pi'lii'ilion t*i the (tiief Coiiunig.! **tii corner ni L..t 771. thence north 80
lioner  -if   I.Binl*,   *,i„|   \y„rL     t.r cbilni,  thence neit to ihtini, ihenci
fiermiiiini, io porr.liiie ihe f..llr.    ! 1"      ," 'l""'"'l'1""'" """ *" ,',"ir"
i        .»»"   un niiio'., t0 point ol coni'nancrment
in i.   'I'm   :'.'".l   li  di   ii lua ted   tt Nelson, t'.'il. June, 1006     Lwn.n Hnx
  -.,   .
Iin'i'lii    I'm      Wr  t   K   itleir*,;.   ii .
Ii ml.   sinI    .|.*M'i ill' il    II    foll.lWI  '
Coinitiilit'iiig tl ii   poal  nilrted T.
Wetinii'i N !-.. corn'r port, pis  led
ni ibe - U   001   nf   l.l'.l 12 'Atn.s
I.CH.I I.iinilier   I ii 's   Iin,Imr Iimi I i,
Notice    ii    herein*   |lven  ll.sl   Inn
ml lithl sfie. due I   intend lo lpl.1) i>.
In II... , i inn (lomm isi..ner ..f I Hide
tnd W*»iki fn s siip.   tl   li"i,»e ... eui
nl   cs'ri III. limber   P*ini   ll,.*   (ol-
loiAi.it descrineri landi illualwl In lh*
M'.«. Rootemt d.»i i iel i
thei.ce   treat   4u    chithiV." tiiem-a  ,,';.""   •"'"^»" i""' •"•'■•«••' '-••l"
"*'     '"   "'     Mill.   St.nili em    enrne.    poll,   nn    s
muili   if)  rtbaitii,   Ihi    .  earl   40 northeast  rnrnei ol  .....  75*2  ihr-io.
.... in-. Hi. t . i"    i.   rtl    20 chtit l Inl I'orih 40 cl.tliis, thenci west lUOchtlni,
point of ..•'...re i.e.!;.i*  t   11id con* u'* "" *'""'■ "      -■'•■': teeasillJO
«,..,,,,. Q-,   . ,,. t   n chaini     i> •■ i of comutpiioement,
.'.'..i* .J Juue .-_i,*j
Ginger A!o
Giriyep Bear
I ron brew
Cream Soda
Champaan* Cider
Club Soda Water
Lithia Mineral Water
Thorpe (Sh Co
NrlBiiii. V. (fi.
WrtBiu.. I Fay the Printer.
•j-VtHKRK liate he n fmiinrs
in.de iy jii'liciou*. ln»e»t-
iu. .i   in   Real  Eatefp, mil
in re f...Mii..s will be llilt.de thiJll
e«er (h< r,-it lw,..,i tin i-e t • m.i.
'lhe .i.it- whii naps lhe lumen n
ti.e ...'gi.ul In rest.ir, fi).- he hai
his in*.ni-» i.e a reilttinij.
No * l«l ns j.. i in I nil II.. 1 ...i tl et
fiefe i ii*. '.'II. r s|.oi nn Oie Cm*
t •! ii.*   K"hI   Idtate  u.ui.
TROI T l.« KK.
Trout Lake i» the prettleif ipoi
i.   -In;   l\....'iiii.ye j mi a | ensure
i-i'.i'   it   iiae ii.. rquttl.      1i.mii. g
and   fisliii it   met   be   i.i.lnloe.l   ...
tin     i"t"'    r. nn.l ;   ivlnlr  lilj{   i*.....n
in   _' "i * iii»nr.'   is   t" the   ro'n..l on
llie   hi'].,      I'S   l|ill »t.. ii  siipeib,
(here   h«iiig   n<" treat < i*.'*...• s, n
h* j< %  mil')   in   wu i< i'  anil   <   ,i' in
► ij i.ii.tr        II cmi l|i t"l    I   !• me "f
"h * line-t in I'll   .ui.1 r' p.'*'em us I tl
It ii ie.   i ..I'.ii.'.'...     Il- it <e.»   are
v ill    la .1     .0   .mil j;i nl i|      Tl e ■
sr     iw •   >•!•••  I...'   i;fl*.'■.,il sinr'i,
Hid A glauCe el  ihea.lt   i ti->inii.ll
i.  i*. ■  journal will il.ow t'ai oil
Irideiare  fairy well  r J.rc*' nt d.
W' it'"   with  .nill'. Life p. Ag-otl,
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
• *»
Then cafl en
or   writ*  to
T  h  a i e».r Pad n    ' i*. nil
glOWIIi I ■• I" • '   '" ed*      I* ll
II a   I.'inl   i f   . a. ,a'i...      a.   I
M e '. I n   i a    if   || e    ill" .   I >i|i • I"
.ill;      ».     r. - It (In t e
I II   fill I   I  .'I III  ll   11'   l.*k«*      li
i.    ill-   . * ft it.. |. lal    '•• .    f|      f   *hl
ii. in si >i li eral tl.t' 1.1 .*. the
(•>•..in.ii i, ei.ii has 1 ei k.. a f • 'I'ii • | i lllll ll Pi • b' In . »l al
I > .' I a. i.ia , fu.i iliill I
a . < n ii • .'a. i i. u» •'.. llll ' ir .
Ho. . I b .-.„, i.i. It A ; I |l 'I
w »r e) sti ii. . a* •* ri.ii.n.l • ff|. • • ;
I ' OHM ('.'if npii h. ; M il. ilill
• I -...|b1 a-.1 Aiii'licei. rl,ur.*l.ee
a. 'i .. r-k'   In -| . al.
Ihe.' itt. ".iel P. |i ill, la "'t
... 'I. il Ilk .11* i. w B.I.I I' |« .llerl.
I'll. it.ler ir.. in. • . ars ii*|iil"t
mi.i, ami a I.nil pew n ul .Ha
.T|tiii i of B0 . W f | e. .it • i.i
I e t e..l i f ih 'ill. T e nn ea
tiil ii'e.)' lie 11" » i,g i i.i I.Ij.,.. r
\ rn.'... .is inii wn, wiil. . • w
p. ..s| 11 |s 1.11 ilii g i,j 11< h I iii!if. . f
I I.e.. all I i* a Liv > ne ti ' 1, •
Vear, ... if ton wnuld ki.iw
more, wnie al OUII to i ill 11 of
the igenll nl  lh' •ildrelsn I. low.
F. B. Wells
Cfficrd Agtrt
Revelstoke, B.C.
-     m


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