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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-09-13

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Full Text

I Has a larger circu*
I hiti»n than any
; Nuwspaper in >..
j Kootenay. Beet ad*
■   artiaiog  medium.
king Revi
The ropressntitiva
of t bo rich Lardeau
country. Sent to
any au dross for $2
per an. in advance.
rROUT LAKE CITY, B.C.,  .Sept. 13 1006
Stock »'
A i 11 - ui. i ■    ,
•  • 1  -•    •
*   '
"l ply for 1.
it. ANDRi '•'■
11 • \
N tice  is  li-**** by    1
,      ,  two in..1.iin. Irom
:.  bei    i  n. tl    i
.   1    ui' nd   t.
■   ...••  1   n   Chiel < ' ii
*   1 f   Lands  0 i"l  Wn i •
1     ,! licensee io cut .*■
mi    timber from  '!..• •
* 1 lands ..■...■•;  .
r, the noi th bank "I 5
: Lardeau nd eh 1 •
; ■ -.!• .ve  Fi "■  M I • inill
10 W   A brah imson's !
' ; \ then.
• 1 VV. Abra ha *
1  Use   noi '
lllX  jitll.iil,
from ■
trill be forevci ed
ni aetl
■'.1   l.ui.
■ -    '.' ;
:'-  office lit
', '.11 Tm- hv 2nd Oct-
1   ■ • ren  0   lo. k in the
idci [he a hot*, s]
B. Crilly, 11 mil.in.'  man of tin*.
Lardeau, hns  bonded  tlm Golden
Rule group of three  claims near
iiim. nud adjoining tlie famous
■ Mothei 1 oil,-    Tl." . Mrners of lh«
fl olden Unl.* group are i'i:., ri* ■   I
lennetl Mnl Fred P.   Drummoud,
• I m.~ ilm...    Ti..-  I.ond is n
working    one,{lhe    consideration
il* .v..,..ui I.i" I      00, aud it  mn- t..r eighteen
I ii.t* .*!,tin holdings nnd months.    The assays of ihe ore
■   ,(  ••••■  Vale   I'oiumbiii from the surface run high in gold
, including three saw- values
<)|'.M*.a inns are going 1 head nice**-
v :il the Siivi-r I'.diitr.   The tram-
irny'is Mng odnttrucUd  ua fust
ii-   possible,   iln*  nir  pipe except
about 200 feel is laid,and manager
Dubois es .vi.- to  bave t un-
pressor 1 inning in another week
111 :    11 •ii--l. i u.-ry   will.
: 1 lie > x.-t I'ti.iii >.f thi* 1 v.ti mortnrs
■ 1 I ■■.•ii 11 .iii.-|..n ted to the mill,
and il.'* morlan aill be t iken up
11 -'."ii aa    ii. 1  slight repairs  >ire
■ ff ■". I lo tho trail.     Mr.  I)
; .' ml. m iking n  1 ortiible trn.'k
.;,.,!, ••. hicti li" «'il. i oul the   1
lara lu their di still ition.
Wedding Bells
Lumber <
,,1,1     Mills, tl  Ft.'BlllliOIlti*. Illl.l fclrVI'l.l
arge tract* ..f limber l.nrd-.
...'. ■.•.'..U—:^i\Gl_-
'ro vi nc
IF   M. D 1.
• r e  lull
.. 1   \  ■■■ .  '.    \    1
11. Wl        *      •      l:    .'!     I
*       ' I.   I
'   *    '
Notice is hereby given that CO
.1 iv- after the lirst publication of
this notirf in the li. ('. Gasette, 1
'.. Webster. In'end io appli io ibe lion. Chief
1 ** Inrpeotor. Commissioner ol ^.ands and Works
f..r a special licence lo cul and
carry away limber from tho foi*
. wing described I inds situated in
tt • • K ot. nav I1
1 . mn eu   ng nt a post  planted
it Harry Langrela South-East 1 or-
■ ■ 1-oat marked Malcolm Ui
Bast coi net post about  I   1
inii.-?   from T'i.nt   l.nkir   on  th<*
Beaton wagon  mad, thence  weal
80 i*l,runs, thence Bouth B0 chnins
B        SO   ohaina,  th
ns to i"'int of ■   ■
The monthly clean up at the
Kv.i mill i.'.k place ou the 1st resulting in h gold I.tick aud conceu-
trates estimated at $4,200.
Since the wash out of Thursday
cut off tbe power supply, the man-
sgement  ha9 decided  to suspend
On 6ur.day laat nt Nelrou by
the Reverend Father Alu.t.ff, Miss
Annie, daugh'er of Mr. nnd M13
Laurence O'Brien of Trout Lake,
waa united in mairiage lo
Glen; Mclntcsh ol ("an home. '11 e
happy couple on iheir return from
the hiii.cvin. 0.1 will take up tluir
residence in Camborne. Both Mr
iod Mr*- Mcintosh are  well known
throughout  tho Lardeau  m.d i
goes without   saying lhat  ii iheii I
Hi rt* prosperity is eommen guratel
with  the wishes   of  tbqir   a\eoy\
i"i. la it will be all that c >uld   lie
d. lired.
Oa tha 8 1 ol .--. v. ■ „ ,.r at 8
Andrews Church, Revelstoke, by
the Reverend Mr. Cal-der was bo!
emnited the marriage of Misi Mabel J Edward*, daughter of WiT-
liain _dwnrds of Drain Oregon'
and Herbert Christie late of Truro, Nova Scotia Tru Bri lj was
give., away by Mr. and Mrs. Tom-
linsnn of whom ^h 3 was the neice
and was attended by her brother
Peniy, Both of tin extracting
partieg are residents of Troul Lake
and have the best wlshea of nil for '
No. 4
Silting   around
T?_ Gamp Fire.
0: .' ■ ; r-ik lur, the Eaiteru
1*1 ■ •■ Han could hear nianr
thii "A -. eoeassry lar him lo
!.*ri'i *.: : • would mak.. Dooti
lo i,i.i'. tt.it 1 jrk ct theie hardy
pi •:.*■
The oh! Pron 0 -ior, were he
Ij make hit own l'.cois, wouM
Incui |K»i«li l. then, only thu
1st I* ..in .it money won Id
I. .. lit* i ' i'ili n.nke them
Willi a keel, ijv It ml ike ui.il
cm fort.
Here Is where the'" I.ECKI!*;
liOUi " lm a the world. Ihey
nre made " u .t west hy ;
«t*s te rn iii p. for westsrn i*0
pie—made by a iimi whine.
linden tan ;■>    in -. cm    iu.iiIj,
1.   ia
I ii-.l. unl (or the trade mark
—AN AM.    I.KATIIEI1   ll.XlT   WIT
HE I.K1TKB    I.   ON IT—lU.lUipej
uii the a*i!e "I every pair.
J. Leckie Co.
erg  wn. I!
ge   U m   Craw*
I •
mining opirations until the coin
pressor is ready, which will be   in! nil thc happiness end  prosperity!
•out mx w.ek^.    in the mean   tbat can possibly be attained. They ^L
will  Ink    up their residence on    -,
Vancouver Street.
.    :
Ul    I
M 1
I, 1
a new cubic will be placed on
erial tram, the upper lerini-
• f I he baby tram will be
• i further down the hill to No.
'.' luuiiel nini re; airs nnd nltera-
- lo both mill and mine plant
I pe>formed. Nearly all tne force
be employed on tin* works
;. •.. ioned, so that the pay roll
ail be sff-cted i.ut slightly.—
('aiui ori.e Miner.
_S__ ___r_j£_BMMS31
Local cr.d Ceneral.
*.   .   ■
I    h of Lardeau  creel-! and  '
1. An.' . .
Ith    4.1
■ i rest   160
Lb   40   chaina,  thence j   So. 2.  1
iin>, to tbi   i
-:. I nl.
t Jui
1 1   W.  A I
•■ - hereby given th it sixty
'    ■ •     It., apply     N*   S.   Com
1 c l con
i. I ,.t I, ■*■ 1 ike, v. it Koot
ki    , *     ,       it '        LorBled Jn.ii '•'. 1.1".-
nl   K.   L.   M isii        -     L-'
rner,    tbi 1 itb   20    N . •   ,
«   Ihonce   Mai   20   oh
■ shore of I'i nn l.ak.
■nortl ng lake ebon
Kootenay     Lake
SEPT.    14th   1906
\  • lhal GO
Jays    '        the   pu 1   ol
m    ihe Britiah < * I
,  '.       •. I intend  I * make
1        !
'.'. !    for  t:
I       1  carry
o«.;.g de-
,n   \\ est
. *     r.    |" -'
M    Ileal, n's S I".    corner   1 > ■
planted at. nt one mile N
•■ 1 roul    Lake waegon  K.> id l"v
r«,      Glenn    ereek  nud Douhh r
.thence 80 cbaii ■> west 1
north 80 1 hains,   thence   1 .-i *'■
-   thence soul   -
point of comment • •■
)!.'.■        »    l_
■ * luth-east  corner  1.  I of Lot
s west a! e of Lot
«' Of I'olliri,
10 uch ■ 11 ore or lei
.   nd Aug . 19011
i.   I.. Ma-mi   •  *•
1    l.l .'IT. ll
, r   * I
1- hi reby giv. n th it with- ,' 'n .
from the firsl pul
i. reof in  the British Col*
lette,  I  Int. i"l lo 1.11 ly
.    cf Con
•1   Works    t"i    **|"    11
lo col ami  carry   away
itn tbe  following des. ri*
Is aituated m  SVast  Koot*
1  1 t ..11
s nice *a hereby   uiv*n thai 60
,liyt    afu-r    the   publication   >.i
AND  this notice   in   the   Uriiish Col*
, •; 1/. its, l lu'i nd 1 > m.i.'
.,;  .; .• 1' ..ii in the Hon Chiel 1  nn
■ iui*si
. 1 t
>l'l'i I \l       ( 1 VI I .-I:
\   I -KM KM.- IN 1 in: kai
The Broadview Co. have six
men employed putting up pome
additional buildings ami otherwise J another 150 feet.
jtitiini: mat tea in shape, for aj
winters work, The Engineer,
\lr. Emmons will arrive sometime
daring next month and fullv hy
out tho plan of development work
!■> be carrii d out, Ae *>ve have
if.ir.' stated we believe that the
opening up of this property will
not only prove remunerative to
ir shareholders of the Company
but with be the means of making
tin* <.irent Northern Hill 11 bi^ pro-
ducer which means prosperity to
tl •• towns of Troat l.ake and Fer*
_ ueon.
P. A. Lindgren brought down
some very fine samples from the
bonat.ta a few days ago. One of
them about fifteen in hes in wl 1thI
of iron tarrving *_.ood values in
gold and silvi r and anoiln-r 1 f
high grade galena. Uus Jlergh
aiid.Ni-1-.I'odine who are associated
with Mr.I,in Igren left Tueaday for
Canyon creek where thev inund
to extend the tirand  Solo luunel
The amour.', isiaed on  the  17th
if August by the concert in   aid of
lurid*-  oi  Bt.    John  ll.e  Baptist
< hurcli. and disposal of same irad
■ .a folaoWBl
ly Proceeds of concert, ... *'24 00
;   il'v Halauce 23
The Reward Co. tunnel common
lv khown as the  Hig ttinne! is be
ing shoved  nighl nnd   d ny.     The
company's representative Mr. F. C
Elliott has received instructions to
at once commence to procure Crown
Grants  fur  all of Iheir  holdings
which is in the neighborhood of 261
" Commission en   money orJei
" Freight on ulioregocds 3.ID
" Cartage 50
To poor-mat
1     .1 nut matting
" Large iianging lamp
" 2 bracket Isn 1 ?
" G   Il> 1 1 C0k«   i-nth
Theo.F. A'Jaras-
J. W. Cockle.
Wo ■
,.,   K *■    aj   II
Entries Close Sept. 1 11
r "f Laud, aud Woi ks for
.«■• t.. cut and earrj I
t A il    lir.I '   l*    f'.ir.l    tllS   loll   Wl.'g ,
■Is     ibe !  land* situate I in W. at,
K     enay D s't. •■ ■•.. n n ii g at »■
,   ntrkel   KI  Hillmfn's   BAV
j„,r* er post  pl inted 50 l i***t soutti
f Malcolm  Beaton's S E   c irner I
ti.eii.^   north   v i   .':i ilna, |
p en a il e0 oha'ns. thenw souih |
ohaiiis, ibe* <■••  wr-i   80 oliains I
SO point nf c inimiuiceiiioiit.
; ■ Dated 23rd of Aug   I
Ed. Hn I MAN
The Silver Cup is pushing devel*
opment ns strongly as jiossible and
at the sain.' time keeping up the
shipments of about 100 tons per
west   so   chains*,  thence
:' 40 chaini lo point ol com
■ ncernent
Loeated July loth, 1906.
c. L Ccn i', Locator
... '■••!   100        *
,.,'iiH ..Iff
„,*■,.. ii *... leu
Dated 88th June,
1        '
I,ll*.I'i I10D01
■■■*     ttiriiiuilll       lill'l
Hena Hnv, Uj.>cr
^  Kootenay diatric
Wxtj dayi afirr date 1 Intend to
"'■i'ly to lhe hon, Chief Commie*
"i ner of Lands nml Works for
'rmiiiioh to purohnie Um follow*
< deicrlbed lands aiiiiiitn In
Arrow Lak-*,
ty tliatrict. Comiiicnc-
ing at a post mitrked T. W'Htaon'a
N E corner post, thence north 20
chaini, thenoi weit 40 ohaioa,
""■ore anutti twenty chaina, i henv
***»! ( irty chnins to point of com-
■nencemenl nnd containing eighty
■"•VM more nr lees.
, Fiianx L. Padbon.
J,|*V 18th, 1906.
Let us fitfure
On Your
E. A. Haggen.
Stock,Shi«sndFlnmelslBrokef   •
Real Eititeind Imursnee.
Fire Life, Aecldsnt, Heslth,
l.iaoiUty Inioraiei-
.,,-,, r,.t,rai.ciiliiliv**,"rr'n"'
nml Csnihorne.
i  Correnondeneeprompl|yn(J|dlo
Anl.ur Gowfng in a letter lo the
Reviev from Birmingham Eng.
ivishaa lo be remembered to til
old frivii'is. Mr Go wing pj.raks
I. i ■ f i!!_v of pulling off ,i v. upleof
gti.i.1 mining d'-als before be re-
$24 '.£
The Harvest Thiinkfgiving  Ser-
j vires will be held on the  23rd   or
1 30th inst.   Due notice will he given
as to exuet date, so that   those
wishing to assist will be enabled to
do ao.
Mrs. A. E. Jowett is one of the
most en terprising property owners
in West Kootenav district.   Every
Ths   death   has    occurred    at
Guldi-n ol Mrs. W   Cowan, wile of
year as regular y as clockwork ehe'W. Cowan of lhe Revelstoke,
takes her crew ol men and coes out Trout l.nke, it* Hig Bend Tele-
and personally **U| trviiree the work I phone Co. Thedecoaeed had been
This year was no ex. ei tion and on suffering from appendibitia. The
the Iron King and I' & I groups'funeral will take place]at Spokane,
some good development work was Tne Remew joins in cxpressiona
doiu*. These groups have both'of sympathy witn tha bereaved
excellent sboaingsand  with fur- family.
ther development should  both in j 	
the near future be shippers.
Gents Furnishings Gents Furnishings
It is the intention of some of out
vegetable growers to send an ex-
Charlie   linen  camo  in  for a hihii of thtiir  product to the   N'.l-
a short  holiday (mm  his claims son Fair.
lying between 7 and 8 mile from mmples already biought ic
ci.-eks Charlie for a lunehamhd it is n mre thing ihey will take
woiket takei tbe palm, lie first honors, lhe l*".i ir <*eii- on
baa sunk a shaft at) leet deep on the 10th inst. io the exhibit will
tin* or.* body which showed on the have to leave here not Iui.*r thau
surface 10feel olqti irti high y im- the loih.   Get your samples ready.
p/egnalid   With   galena  und   grey  m..	
copper.    He  then started lo drift
lo get under ihe showing and at A* *'" ,"' SUI'U ,rom * n"tiro
the present time has about 700 from lhe registrar of Joint Stock
feet of drifting and cross cutting Companies jubliihed iathia issue
done. He expects to get under P«rey UeGeorge lucocedl Thoa
the ore showing with about 75,-*■ Ehrehart as attorney for the.
feet mhre work. This is wo eon Ch«*tnut Hill Mining Company,
aider a record  for liiig'e handed *
work and we trust hia herculcnn The stock of the estate of J. A.
efforts will be amply rewarded.      [Griffith in being packed up  to be
I shipped to Vancouver,
Doctor*nd Mra Robinson of Fer-1 	
guson returned    home  fr.iiii    the
Bait on Sunday night. ]}, R.  UeLentian,   th«   genial
holt of  tlm  Windsor   hotel,  left
Born-At Koalo on Wedni*dsv Moiwifty ,MmingI« a trip to the
12»h instant to the wife of  Arthur
Peel of Trout l.ake — a son.
H. L. Reid  went lo  Arrowhead
'on Wedneaday IO meet 1>. R. Wil*
I kio. President and General manager eithe Imperial Bank, Doth
gentlemen went on to Nelson. Fn!
Uerdmin  isiit  prceent in charge
Charlev Atir.ihaniaon of tho Ccn*
tral Hotel Rcvolslokeie a vliitor
this week.
Fred Herdman, accountant at
the Imperial Bank, hta retur.iod
[rom his holidays.
i. 1 AkdI.AI   MIM.NtMlKVlKW.TUonTl.AKI'UlTV.H.C!
| l%*%mtm%Ww%%\w%%1\*m\%m%lw\m\%*rww*\4
That Ten Acre
By  Donald Alltn
Copyright, law. lit K. a. Whitehead
*tmm*l*rmw*/wm*mwm*tw*rm*rwm*Jmtwi I
Jed Wheeler, aged forty and a bache*
lor, waa 88 well liked as any person
In tho village of I'llut   Ho waa neigh
botly, kind bearted and always willing j
to do for others.
Jod'a good qualities were ln a way
Ills eneuilea. Ho was lazy, and, added
to bla laziness, tie had a mania for
trading. He would trade horsea, dogs, '
gune, watches, overcoat or anything
elae. and It ao happened that tbo other
follow always got tho best of tbe bargain.
He had been left qulto a little fortune by his grandmother, but In tlie
course of five years he had Bold at a
i..ss or traded with tsharpora until all
that waa left to him waa a ten aero lot j
lying Juat outside the village limits.
It was na fine a maaflOW as eoiil.l Im*
found tn the county. ...i.t Jed was hang
Ing on to tbat until some lightning rod
man ahould come along and trade blm
a farm on top tha Koeky mountains
when he fell In love.
Jim Thomas, the carpenter, had died
three yeara before and left a level
headed, economical w low behind bin
She was an old schoolmate of Jed's,
and he bad seen her u'.most every day
for twenty-fire years, and until the
spirit of lovo bubbled up be had aim-
ply regarded her as he looked upon all
other women.
He waa sitting on the grocery ateps
one day whittling when bis knife slip- ,
pod and cut hn finger. Tbe Widow
Thomas waa just entering tbe store for
half a dozen eggs wheu the accident
occurred, and she pulled out her handkerchief and bound up the bleeding
linger. It was only a trifle, but some-
bow lt touched the heart of the old
bachelor, and three daya later he called
on the widow.
* ilartba." he began. "I've got tired
of aloablng around alone and am going
to get married."
"For tbe land's aakel" she exclaimed.
"Tbat la. If tbe woman I want will
bave me."
• Wholsitr
"Now, Jed. don't come sround here
with any of your nonsense." ahe aald.
"Vou are a good natured man. but you
are lazy. You think you've got bra'.na,
but everybody beats you. It would
drive me crazy to have such a husband."
"I could and would reform. If I had
any one to peck at me I'd go to work."
"I haven't time to be poking up a
husband. It's bard to teach old doga
new trlcka. Thank ye for the honor.
Jed. but I gusaa we won't do any marrying."
Jed waa crushed for three days, during which time a windmill man came
along and offered to trade blm 5.000
acres of desert land in Arizona for his
meadow and explained tbat be could
ra.se 10.0*30 rattleanakes to tbe acre on
tbe aandy soil and sell the oil for 15 a
gallon to grease tbe feet ot babies
If Jed had been ln h's normal condition be would have dosed with the offer ut once, but as he waa ln the throea
of hopeless love he astonished the
town by turning tbe windmill man
down. Two days later be went back
to tbe widow and aald:
"Martha, I bad a dream about Jim
laat night I dreamed tbat I met him
ln front of the blacksmith ahop sad
that we shoot hands and he said be
hoped I'd marry you."
"Ob, yon've come about that, hare
you?" ahe asked.
"I have. I'm a miserable man."
"Have you tried catnip tea?"
"Catnip tea)  .ireat heavens!  What
alia me la love, and If the Mlaalaalppl
river waa composed of catnip tea lt
couldn't cure me.  Martha, If you won't
promiae to have mo I can't live a week
"Nonsense. I'm busy with my Ironing, and you run along."
Jed was now ao broken up that everybody began to notica and comment
on It, but when questioned he almply
ahook hla bead ami Intimated that be
waa not long for this sinful world. Ha
got up energy enough, however, to
contract to got out a thouaand tlea for
a suburban electric line, and, hoping
this might work ln hla favor, he paid
another visit to tbe widow and told
her of IL
"Now that you aee I am fotng to
■work, r.in't you aay yea?" be asked In
"Jed, what do you come bothering
for?" ahe aaked.
"Dseaaea i love yon."
"Don't be silly. I'm making mlr.ee
plea today and haven't time to argue."
Jed went away, determined to throw
himself Into the mill pond, but when he
reached tha bank he met a stranger
"who had boon poking around the village for a couple of daya without telling any ona bla buslneaa. ' He Intro*
.In' "d himself nnd aald that bethought
SOBS of establishing ko orphan aiyluin
If he could find a sits to ault In tbla
.way he brought tin talk around te
Jed'e meadow. The vnluo of the land
as It lay was $100 an ncre, though Jed
bad never hnd a cash offer for lt
'tin* stranger didn't exhibit too great
interest In the matter. He aald he'd
think tl.e matter over and perhapa
nuike an offer. He hnd no mountains
In Idaho and no hikes In Europe to
trade, but would be prepared to pay
eaah. A day later, while still saunter
Ing around, ba met Jed and aald thnt
ba could have 11.000 for tbe land as
soon aa the deed waa made sal Tba
lovelorn bachelor had atartco tor ui«
ollleo of tho village lawyer to have the
dead made out when ho met tho Widow Thoinaa. Bhe noticed bla excitement and asked the cause, and when
he had told her alio aald:
"Look here, Jed, don't you take too
much atock In the orphan business."
"How do you mean?"
"You're an orphan yourself, and you
don't want to let uuy othor orphan get
tho better of you.   Can you got a horaa
nnd buggy anywhere for an hour?"
"Of course."
"Then let's drive out te your land
snd sn what kind of s nisei It would
nuike i..r tiie poor orphans.""
Oil the way out Jed recurred I" the
old subject, SSylng tbat be was oli his
way   tO drown   himself  wheu   he met
the stranger.
"Come, now," Interrupted tbe widow.'
"this Is straight business and you keep
When the meadow, which lay aloug
the highway, was reached the widow
Insisted on walking across lt from
north to aouth. The ground looked as
level as a Il....r, but near the center was
a sort of sink hole. In rainy weather
Considerable water Btood there, but tbo
earth was now dry.
"I'm!" auld tbe widow as she halted
and sniffed.
"Ho you mean that amell?"
"Yea.   Ever notice It before?"
"Once or twice. Smells aa If aome-
body had tiecu l.reakltig rotten eggs
around here."
"Get a pole snd thrust It into the
ground aa far as you can."
"Here's one right here, and aome-
body's been linking. What do you
make of it. MarthaV"
•'Jed. you've asked mo to marry you,"
she said in reply.
"I have, but you don't aeein to care
whether you drive ine to S suicide's
grave or not."
"1 don't know but I'd be willing to
take chances."
"As how'.*"
"If you'll deed me thia land today
I'll promise to marry you within a
month. 1 shan't answer any questions.
It's yes or no right off."
•'Thi'ii It's yes, by thunder!" exclaimed Jed as he readied the roadside
The deed was made out before sundown and sent away to the county seat
to be recorded. Next day the man
wbo was looking for an asylum site •
called upou tbe Widow Thomas. He
had scarcely mentioned the poor or-
pbans when she laughed and aald:
"Don't let your philanthropy cause
you to lose a good thing The ground
up there U full of natural gas, and
you know It. It's ouly twenty milea
to pipe lt to Chicago. If lt'a under the
meadow, then It's under hundreds of
acres around here. Go ahead and
make any test you will and then come
back with your offer."
A week later he was willing to hand
over HO.noo In cash, and when Jed
Wheeler had seen tie money counted
out and the deed passed ' I exclaimed:
"By thunder, Martha, but that was
the only pice of laud I had, and when
a plauo feller cornea along and wants
to trade me a goose farm for the raising of speckled geese, what am I going to aay to blm?"
"Refer him to your wife." aha an-
awered aa ahe kissed him for tha first
A Tragedy la  Rica.
Here la a story of Scotch sallonnen
told by the Dundee Advertiser: "The
ahlp'a crew had been made up In a
hurry, and when they had passed the
bar and were beginning to feel a trifle
hungry lt was discovered that they
had no cook. 80 tbe old man aaked
Oeordie to try hla hand at the job. and
C.eordie acratcbed his head and rubbed
hla chin and said he would do hla best
Next morning hc consulted Jack about
breakfast 'Oh,' aald Jack, 'rice will
dor 'Will It, d'ye think?" aald Geordle.
'Noo, about how much ahall I cook?"
'I.et'a see,' replied Jack. 'There'a fourteen of ua with the old man. I ahould
say a bucketful would be plenty.' 'I
doot but It will.' aald Geordle and went
off to the galley. He got a bucketful of
rice and put It tn a large pot, and
when lt began to boll lt likewise began
to awell. So ho baled out a portion Into another pot, an.l tbat also did likewise. Then he baled out of both pots
Into other pots until sll hia pots were
full. Still It swelled, and Geordle became alarmed. 80 ba put on all the
lids snd lashed tbem tightly down.
Then he went forth and locked tha
door and stood against tbe bulwarks
watching it Soon tbe aklpper cams
along and made inquiries regarding
breakfast. 'Whist, man" replied Geordle softly. 'I'm cooking rice, and I
don't know the mlnlt tt will burst the
door.' "
Some Interesting Folk-Lore Concerning H—Remnant of the Middle
Agea Kept Up By the Sailors At
Mlnehead For the First Three Daya
of May—How the Horsa la Made
and How It Ib Used.
A remnant of the Middle ages is
still annually kept up at Mlnehead bj
the sailors ol the little port for the Brit
tini*e days in May, Tbs and.'in custom
Is   known  as  "hobby-horsing,"   and   Is
supposed to br* a relic of the old May
day revels when the "hobby hoi se"
was called tne "King of the May."
Some affirm that it is a vestige of tha
old worship of Apollo, the God ot the
Sun. iiiiii the ensl..111 Is kept UP to
"celebrate the warmth an.l gladness
which the May sun brings and the dlS>
Origin of "Feather In DU Cap."
"A feather In bis cap," signifying
honor and distinction, arose from a
custom which waa common among the
Syrians and perpetuated to this day
among the various Betnlclvllized people
ot adding a new feather to tbe headgear for every eaemy slain. In the
daya of chivalry tha embryo knight re- !
cetved his cocque la a featherlesa condition, and then won blr plumea aa he
had won bla spurs. In a mauuacrlpt .
written by Itlchard Hanaard ln lr-vl
and carefully preserved In tbe Itritlsh
museum Is mentioned an ancient Hungarian custom, that of allowing no
.....:. to wear a feuther ln his cap who
had not killed a Turk. The Hungarians had a law, which waa In vogue
as late us htt2, which allowed warriors
to ad., u feather to their headdresa collection "every time the claimant coald
prove that he had succored a starving
Hungarian or had killed an a blah-udled
Turk nr other Moslem." These old customs are now obsolete, but It la Interesting to know that there were once
audi laws upon the statuta hooka ot
nationsJ^ouebt to,be civiiiisd.
Th* Laws af England.
I/>rd Iltlib.iry has undarUkan ths
compilation of a large work to be entitled "Ths Laws of England." This l>
Intended to be a completa atatament ot
tha whola law of England, and will 00-
oupy about «tshte<in or twenty volumes.
Tha ss'.sral schama Is being plannrd by
tha »i I.old Chancellor, and the work
will be oarrltd out under his direction,
with th* co-operation of a body of law-
Tim nm hy aoasa.
appearance of the coldness and dead*
nesa of winter "
The hobby horse is kept up at Mlno-
head by the Ushers, who are pledged to
observe three rules, Tho Drst is that
at the early hour of six o'clock on
May day they shall visit a certain
crossroad at the west of tho town;
the second, thai they shall go to
another crossroad In the opposite
d.rection at the close of the day; and
the third, thnt the custom must not
be allowed to drop even for one year.
The "hobby" Is a rude ligiire ot a
horse constructed of wood, gaily decorated with colored ribbons tu
great profusion, and covered with
arapery gaudily decorated with rings
of many colors painted on the rounh
•loth. This framework Is borne on tha
shoulders of u man, whos. '.. ris are
hidden by the trappings. In the middle
ot the back of the horse ia an aperture
through which the man, wearing a
hideous mask ami curious headdress
thrusts his head. The tall of the horse
ia a rope "to which Is spliced a cow's
tall, which drags tUong behind, and in
this fashion the man inside capers
about the street, making ridiculous antics and occasionally Swinging round
the tall with considerable force tt
clear tbe way."
The perambulation la accompanied
by much drumming by a man who
carries an obi fashioned drum called a
tabor, and of course, a collection ia
made from the passers-by.
West Door, Trinity Church, Colchester,
One of the Best Specimens.
One of the few things left to link
our own time with that distant past
when England was divided into eight
kingdoms is Saxon architecture. It
is not very plentiful, for the Normans
disdained its somewhat rude and
primitive style, copied from the Roman buildings with which Caesar's
conquering legions studded the country. So the first thing, they did was to
pull down and rebuild the cathedrals
and churches. Consequently most that
we find now of Saxon architecture is
a pillar here and sn aich there timid
the massive Norman walls of our
ancient buildings, says Lloyd's Weekly.
Perhapa one of the best apecimena
of Saxon work is to be found at Colchester In the shape of the west doorway of old Trinity Church. This edifice Is largely built of real Human
bricks, which the Saxons took from
the buildings they found at hand, in
what was then Caniulo.lunum, the
chief 8ettlement of the Romana in
Britain. This quaint old door shows
exactly how the Saxons worked. They
built their walls of rag-stone, long
pieces and short being laid alternately horizontally and vertically    at
i ••*»*"-•' ".Ufis.
One of  III* tafrrlora.
"He aays he alwuya trlea to be polite
to bis Inferiors and— Hey, where are
you going?"
"Uning to Sod him and give him a
"What for?"
"I met lilm tills morning, and he wai
ai polite aa a dancing muster."
wist nooa, TtuaiTY CSUBCH, ioi.chrstsb
tbe cornera of the building und the
Jamba of tho doors, as aeon ln our
Trinity Church haa ben restored of
lato years, but this quaint doorway
lind many others of Ita ancient architectural features have been Jealously
preserved. The Interior of the church,
however, Is not very striking, Its
principal point of Interest being the
tomb un.l monument of Dr. William
Glllierd, a native of Colchester, who
was principal physician to Queen
Elizabeth and King James I. Hu was
the author of a very curious work on
ti..* loadstone, In which he set forth a
theory of magnetism that, for yeara
waa accepted as correct The da'., of
the drat building of .Trinity Church la
uncertain; nil that is known la that
It is one of the oldest fuundalioua is
The Other War.
The teacher bad been talking about
a hen anting ou egga, aaya English
Country Life, and, with tbe Incubator
In mind, aaked If eggs could be hatched ln any other way.
"Tea, sir," aald an experienced person ef nine. "Put 'em under a duck."
value el Rain Water.
The purest water met with under ordinary circumstances 1st rain water,
Which Is e.'.-tiiliily a great luxury to
tln.se In towns or cities for washing
If li were fully appreciated how valuable "tin water really it, the dwellers
In luii*) towns would aee thut It wua
not -Mwaya lost.
tllil  lilm 11  Favor.
Hunter   That guide Seems very fond
of niiiat.'ur sportsmen,
Postmaster—Yes; one of them mistook Ills iiiuiliei iii iii «• for a deer laat
•tear.—New York Press.
It    I nil* ■ u.,,*.    « 1...    . 1.■»«.»»•
..ar.iiit it. Growth.
The wonderful changes which the human i.rniu undergoes from the moment
when It lirst uppeurs in the embryo until It becomes the perfected laboratory
of thought characteristic to the matured liuuuiu being bus been commented
upon by several of the leading writers
on biology, physiology, etc. During
these successive changes, or, rather,
transformations from the lower to the
higher sphere, the human brain not
only takes upon Itself the general shape
and form of the brains uf vail..us rep
resentatlves of the lower classes of animals, l.ut appears to have tin* same
structural constituents, at h'"si to n
certain degree. Thus It has been found
that the original germ of the brain as
It uppeurs in the human embryo has
ihe exact outlines of a serpent's thought
factory,    After that the changes which
lake place while tt... brain is assuming
the various shapes which It must undergo before it becomes perfect give it
n decided resemblance to the brains of
filhes, birds and i.iaiiiinlferous animals.
"Ilein'a "Thoughts on the Structure
nf the Human Brain" and Wilson's
"Anatomy of the Human Body" both
mention these queer transformations,
us does alao Hugh Miller In his famous
work. "Testimony of tbe Bocks." Mil
ler puts It In this way:    "It has long
1 .in known thut the human brain is
built Up I.y a wonderful process, dlir-
Ing which lt assumes In succession Ihe
form of the brain of a serpent. 11 Bah,
a bird, nnd lastly, before lt assumes the
characteristic human form, it takes upou Itself the outline of a mammlferona
quadruped's brain." Hence tbe remark
made by scientific writers that "man is
the sum total of nil animals."
tine ur ti..- Caaeea ilmt i...,»i,,.,t n.
poleea at Waterloo,
The nose "f CleopatTS had S marked
Influence on tbe destinies of tbe en-
dent world. The handwriting of Napoleon   I.,   wa are  assured  by   r nt
historians, had a similar effect up >n
lbs   evolution   of   the   modem   world.
He did not write; he scrawled. By
reason of this, among other causss, he
lost Waterloo. Grouchy could not read
with exactness his decisive message,
Was It "balaille engage.*" .battle Is
on), or "bataille gagnee" (battle Is
Grouchy cbose the latter significance
and. not believing It necessary to press
forward, arrived too lata So much for
the curl of a letter. 11 |ien stroke or an
Illegible swell to an "a."
This .pi,-tion «as brought forward
by the writing master of the elder
"Remember, Alexandre," the master
Raid to him. "the great defeat of the
emperor was due only t» bis scrawling
hand. If you wish to succeed 111 the
world be careful of your heavy and
your light strokes."    So if Napoleon
had known how to write legibly or If
be had taken the trouble to do ho bla
descendants   would   reign   today   in
Prance and we Should  not  have had
the republic.    It appears historically
established today that Iiumas- willing
master was right. And on such slight
things rests the fate of empires.
Not  ror   Bet-Told   ol   Mark  Twala.
A story Is told of a youug wife who
tatSW little of housekeeping    BUS ««
1 ln consequence of that laeipsrlenee
1 disposed to stand a bit In uwo of the
I butcher, lhe baker aud tbe candlestick
I maker, for ahe felt BUie ihey must be
SWSrS of the extent of her Iguoruiice
In household matters, she ordered ouly aueh tbiuga aa she waa absolutely
Bure of, and ahe made her mien lew*
with tho tradesmen aa brief aa possible.
One morulng there came to her bouse
a collector of aahea. "Ash ees, ash cea.
ahe heard lilm calling in stentorian
toues. Aa tbe cry was repeated again
an.l again alio became mora and mure
perplexed aa to what "ash see" meant
Klually alio went to the gate Id the
reur lind opened It "Ash ees'l" eiiii.il
lu guttural questu.11 from lh'* """•
The young wife hesitated for a moment; thou, drawing herself up t.i a
dlgullled attitude, she replied Coldly,
"No, I dou't think 1 care fur any today."
At a recent dinner Mark Twain, according to an English report, made S
most amusing Utile speech whi. 1. wai
responded io aa follows by a lawye*
wi... wus present: "Doesn't it »""ik« the
company aa a Utile inuniuil." be In
quired, "Unit a professional humorist
ahould be funny V When the laugh
that greeted this sally had subsided
Mark Twain drawled out, "Doasu't II
strtks tin* company us a little unusual
that a lawyer should luuu hlS hands In
hlaowu pockets'*'
A young and smart looking Scotch
clergyman was to preach a "tiaal" SOT
mon In 11 strange church. Peering that
hla hair might be disarranged or tbat
ha might have a smudge on tils face,
he said lo the acMon. there being no
mirror In the vestry, "James, could you
get me a glaaa'/"    James dlssppcsred
and after a few minutes rsturnsd ertth
Something under his coat, which, to the
consternation of the divine, he pro
dUCSd In the forin of a iKittle, SSylng,
"Ye manna i«t en ai>o..t it. msentster,
for l got It as a special favor, and I
wudlitt hue got It St all If I had OS told
Ihem It waa for you." Harper's Weekly. 	
A   Prolrrll-i*   Prrcaalloa.
"Don't you know." defiantly asked
the socialistic orator, "that the people
are now crying out for Justice lo keep
her eye ou the lawbreakers lu high
"I don't care for that." returned the
millionaire rebater. "aa long aa ber
bandage doesn't slip otf."-Ualtluiure
"When   I   was   younger,"   aald   Mr.
t'umroi, "I looked   forward to having
a home of my own."
•Well, haven't you got It?"
"Well.  It's mine legally, but I don't
feel   like using  It  much except when
mother snd lbs girls haveu't eotupa-
ny."—Washington star.
Is to Discard the Adulterated Japan Tea and Uae
Kn Absolutely Pure Tea of the Highest Possible Quality
p. ket.    Only.    40c,    Mc,    snd    60c    par    Ib.      At   ell    grocara.
Lead    Paekat.    O"'^^;, Aw,rd  8t,  Louis  1IKH,	
do^sinSoS sick-hesdachea?   SuffertTiht
nauaes ol Indigestion ?  Often lost your appe. I
tlte?  Been out-o'-aorta time and rime again ?
Then alwaya keep on band tbe exact rem-1
edy — Ayer's Pllla   Tbey make wron| livers |
tight I   All vegetable.   Sold for 80 jeers.
tan ailliai
these   tlrarflr   aa. W»   m*e  Oiltm
.i.i.i. a   ti,   a  -.oaaJ.
There ..re many kinds ot ivalanchee.
There lire  the   |»WdelJ   BVSlanCbo,   'I"
creeping rarlety, tbe glacier arataacba
and others   Wbsn tbe sun strikes upon
tl„* ||..11.liable .LOW Held* ul.d IttS SUOW
bei ... i" mors tbs mass lo Rs descent
lathers "fight snd force, '• " M ■•""•■'
enormous rort masses snd millions >.f
tone "f -...ii. until sl length, witb a
noise uke thunder, it espends it*, fury
on lb.* level il.K.r of a valley where de
. bs
a great a.i incbeof this kind bas an
mi    IblS forerunner Blmoat a* dotriii**
me as Itself lb*-. 1* tbs terrlde hum-
,a..e caused by tbs uir it displaces   it
1, 11., common light 1 >• glanl ir.va
uprooted, broken and twisted, the
boughs wrenched from the trunk.
leaves snd needlea dean stripped from
th.. >«.g» a..d th.* rerj t"i"> wrenched
(rem S larch forest bei n*r tlieaia
lai..be IbMlf lu. •"Ir.uk tbe STOOd.
it w ..it still days whi 0 1 lighted caudle  «ill  hardly   Bicker  m  lhe  Icy  air
tint u.e danger Is greatest Ths inow
b... been falling quletlj yel boartlj for
il dsys snd bss settled on pr.
11...is slopes shoes tbs rlllsge ta an nu
,,,,.,-. .;., ih it • ■■■'* bul the sitgbtsat
and al.mist Imperceptible cause to »et
it in iiii.ii'.n Hal tbs «ii>'i bean Mow**
Ing it would aerer bats emasasd to
such depths, but would oars slipped
tl.ill II    111     leer    ,|llal,t.i.i*.       l.il    -.It'll
days u.e posl lion muffles lbs balls >.f
1,1. train. tbS father »it! 1 hide hm 1 III id
for slamming the door Tbres enormous srslsnebes w.*r tea started iu
Switzerland merely by lhe sounding of
•In* "Vial," or the lirst bell for church
K.-rv 1 ,* A I.i.I alighting, an Icicle falling fr.'tn a ro. k and the monster begins Ms downward rush, Villagers
sometimes  try   to  bring  down  eva*
luiK'bt-a at an adiai.tag.i.ua time I.y
Briug off guns or eveu by about ing.
Whal   m  "llarrlran."   ||.
••Hurricane" la tbo <>l.l Spam.1, nntm
for ll West Indies cy. hine but || l4
u.isl by miMbri. ii.et.iir.ilt.g 1st! 1 . da*
Igni.te   a   lot.g  col.tlliii.sl   Hind  i,f ,.t.
trciue iioie..ce.   In Boaumooi.
tin-   differ.'..t   winds   ara   classed  ••
"light." "grntle." "fresh" aiui
breoaoa, The next la a "hii-t* •
Ih.'ti a "Strong" wln.l. 11 ml U 11 ««
strike the "gal"*" lhe g, .* r,m
through three or four fhis-* ,,
*D»rgia| lata the "htrrrlsane"
' \r.hle'a   new   SUtWDObtls   1    m  up
with i.n 1 the tir-t tup, sn 1 1
the Hnn that -.old III... the n ,
"l.i.l l.e recover anyth
• -i:ier)thing, 1 belters, bot
and   a    part   of   au    cut —
HOW'S this r
W»   nit".   '•..«   Ilund.nl   |...ll»*-
f«r mv  raae  *.f  Catarrh ili».
cu.r.i l,v Hails Catarrh Curi
r 1 f.WMBT a .*.'
u.    thr iintlrialfiirS   hai. k.    .
fliriip,   tm   tli* laal  II ,••..   a..' '.     ,,
hint   perfaetly   h,.h,,.ai,l.   In ,
tra..rai .."...   and n.ia.ic.alll .    -
out any oaneeHOM  in..I. fo   I
■.Vailing    hl.oi.it A M
wit..*.* aaB i" *.««!•'■
Hall's I'aiairh I'ura la lal"
ertlns Slraellf utt-n in. 1.1    •
nu.   iui (at.a   ..I   tht.   aval-Mil      1. •liibua-
i.i. ..11, ii..       rrl a.  11 '
H..1-1 ...   .11  lnuxaiaia
Taka Hall a famll)   Pllla fur ConatlauhB
'lib,   deal."   .br   hall   »l.i-i •
1   . an  ha.illy   mak.
1    ••    II  1 •   »blr lo make .
1 1 I      I .   1. 1
•>. -     I  ..11 .1.tn.1.1 vaul
1 ihouhl tii lu lore>.i   1
m.       ' in. »►*•'  k.*' •il II.
Thr   (1.1.1-.T.
Allusion Is often made, especially In
fa-bion Journal-*., to "osprey" feathers,
Pew words have ben more loosely
bandied about than this bird name.
The Roman author Pliny's "osslfraga"
(bone breaker] has 1 n Identified with
the lammergeyer, a vulture that Is reputed to break up bones too big for it
to devour whole by dropping tbem
from 11 height upon rocks. Hut both
"ossifrage" and "osprey," a newer
form, came to be applied to quite another bird, the fish hawk, which Is
now the true "osprey." Yet the "osprey" feathers — more properly egret
feathers, or aigrettes— do uot come
from this bird, but from the egret, or
lesser white heron.
Arrrat aa  lha "Haa."
"Well." bo -aid during their quarrel.
"I suppose you'll be wanting a dlvurce
"Really," alio replied coldly, "I don't
s.-o why It should be ne,*,*ssary In this
esse. A wuiiiiin doesn't need a divorce
iml.-ss she has been married to a .nan "
- 1'hlladelphla I-elger.
lnntll,     .1. .,-,,,.. In,,, •*..
She I .id you ever aeeu the Homer
Be   Yea.
She Dent you think the boy Is the
pit tore of his father?
He Y.-s. aiui I also think the girl la
i tbe pbonogrsph of her mother.—Miu-
ueupulla Journal.
The  Sea  Ollrr.
The aea otter combines the hahlta of
a aeal with the Intelligence nnd amusing character of tlie otter. When met
In herds far out at aea, which Is but
seldom now, they are commonly Been
awimmlng on their hacks. They even
eat their food lying In this position on
the water and nurse their young ones
on their chests lad ween their paws, exactly as a Bouth aea Island mother
awlms with her hnby In the water.
When awimmlng ln this attitude they
even ahade their eyes with their pawa
when tha Bun dazzles them.
Poverty la very terrible and aoma-
times kllla the very Buul within us, but
It la the north wind that lushes men
Into vikings; It la the soft, luadoua
aouth wind which lulls them to lotua
drenins.- (Hilda.
la  lha  11.xiitnina.
"Yours Is certainly uu uuusual rase,"
said the lawyer, "umi it win h« necessary to consult a number of books."
"So'.*" queried tbs client
"Yes." answered tbe legal light "and
we will begin with your pocketbook "—
Detroit Tribune.
Oeltlae   Along.
"Ia that timid young congressman
making any progress?" aaksd Orayce.
"Some,"  admitted  Gladys,    "After
talking SbOUt ki--.es for a week he
finally asked for leave to print."—Lou-
lavilli. Courier .1.11111111I.
Thr  11, ,,,,,1,
"Y'ou're  not   In  love,   Robbie.
only think you are."
"Well, how the dickens am I to find
nut my mistake if 1 am mistaken''"
"Oh, marry the woman hy all means."
A   II...Ini*.Ion.
Mistress Have you hud any expert.
et.ee with children? Hrldget No[K!
hut they have had some wld ma.
Tho Results of
Tired Brain and Body and   Languid*,
Out Feelings—Cure In
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
In tin* aiuiim lhe blood is lacking In
the  red  corpuscles   wherein   is   found
the   life-giving   principles which put
snap    and    energy  into the system—
making the body active and the mflnd
Kor   la.k   ..f red corpuscles in ths
blood, Hn* Iiiiikh arc weak, the action
ot the heart feeble, the stomach falls
1.1 propsrly digest the food, the liver,
kidneys and bowels become sluggish
an.I Inactive,
Dr. ('bane's Nerve Food overcomes
these conditions because It contains
tbo very elements ot nature which
g« t.. increase tbe number <>i red corpuscles in the blood,
These imii*.'.ii.ids an* an combined
in   this   greal   restorative   ns to n.i
lull.lly iiiiii lo'iilly iiii the system. In
Stilling new vigor nn.l vilnllly Into the
1.1.....I ami nerves mid through these
mediums reaching with s beneficial
Influence every vital o.gun ot the
Mr, Allien Saunter,   Willow   Bunch
Bask., writes:—"] received two boxen
fit   Hi.   1'..use's   Nerve   Food   which   |
ordered from you and have found 11 to
be an excellent medicine, it has prov
en a splendid treatment for headache
ami a run down system, ami I have re
commended It to many people,"
Mra. George Puller, Lakeland, Man
Writes:—''! am very ulnd In be able lo
slate that  I  have received greal  bene
in rr.im iii us., of Dr. Ohase's Nerve
Pood.    It  has cured     d    nervous
Ilea.lacbe from which I used to be a
greal sufferer ami I um no longer
troubled with the twitching or the
nerves lu I In- anus and legs tlmt |
use,, to have as soon as I Weill In be,I
I  am  eral.inl   for Ihis cure  ami  shall
always recommend Dr, Chase's Nerve
Komi to any one suffering iis I have"
11    is   Interesting   in note your in
crease  lu   weigh!   from  week  lo  week
while using lir. liiiiHe's Nerve Food;
r.u cents 11 box, al all dealers, ur lid
nianaou, Hutetj & Co., Toronto
Soatrlla.ru  They   Ar*   th*   lir.aII   ..1
Ilrriulii   Truahlra.
He was an honest dentist and no one
could bave accused Iiiiii of tinkering
with a sound molar unless It actually
Deeded attention. When tho handsomely gowned  woman  pai.ent  came to
bin. and complained thai tier teeth were
getting loose snd She was afraid ahe
would lose tbem he gSVS h.r BOOM go.il
advice and charged tier nothing; although it was worth n good still fas
"There la unhung lu the  world the
matter with your teeth," be   ltd, "Kach
one Is us sound as u hew* dollar.    Hut
you should consult a nerve specialist
evidently you bars been worrying a
great deal lately."
The woman confessed that ahe had.
Her slater had  been very  III.  ami ahe
had been compelled to help none her.
"Quit it unl.**.s you wish to loss yOUT
tcvth," commanded tbs dentist 'Also
you ahould put yourself under the earn
of a physician, lu some nervous dia-
sases th.* outward q mptom is a shrinking of tl.e gums.    'Una Is not an  uu-
failing sign, however.   Some persona
lose their teeth through a shriveling of
lhe gums on account of an SZCS0S of
uric add III the system. If they drank
plenty of WSter tbs trouble would disappear. I have bad several patients
whom I have cured simply I.y getting
them to drink plenty of Water,
"The gums ara pretty good indicators
of the general health.    1'ersoim whose
gums bleed frequently think there is
something tbs nutter with their teeth.
'ihe trmii,1,. is constitutional Instead of
local.    A good tonic would put them 00
their feet, nnd this, accompanied hy
plenty of exercise In tba ..pen ulr, would
•top the bleeding of thu gumg."
A 1*1..o..«,.,.1,,. w.ralae.
Tho following story of a young lady
Jiving In the country who came to
London to be photographed la told hy
M. A. P. and vouched for by a well
known London photographer. After
aoma days lhe hidy. Mi,, j|, w„
''.formed il,,. photograph wns not a
■UCCess, nnd another Killing wna bub-
JSStSd.   This she sgr 1 to, but pgarn
was inform,,.! that ibe photograph wn,
a failure   There WSS n  third Bitting.
In   two  days'   time  she   r. Ived   a..
urgent  Idler  from   „,.,  photographer
"d to :,r ,o 7'"°"",o •"■ 3S5
and to bring a friend will, her. Miss
ft went, accompanied by her mother,
ana was shown ths stunting rssutu of
the three sitting,. The picture, of the
girl herself were  quits  good    but  In
bold,?"1, "" tl'" "K,,rfi of • «"«
,v, 'f," "'"*'«"•■ In hla uplifted hand.
The'features, though faint, were clear-
y discern,,,,,, „„ Ui„ „ ™r
then us those of her llancee, nn olllcer
to the Indian army.  Tho effe t 0 '  ,
experience waa ao great that after .
ew days 8,,e wrote out ,0,ndla, ure.k.
mg off the engagement,
*>> renei'r   v 1 r... ,.,., ' *    «.uisi*ne
WnTRja-j rr l
U6 Kan 'iril.  n        . »M*n« can
•"• *•'•«'«^ :;:k.f T ii-
evi'H   n 1      . lr olu'   has  KtMd
WW . n,_""' "l"",•,, "" """"Hon
nubile museum la Philadelphia,
A   ToillC   fur   th.-   1.
mele-e'a    Vegetable    Pill
mil lh   but   UioioiikIiIi   <  >   '
..I iin* ikhI*. are .1 •.
atlmulatlag   the   laggi.
■ mi action aad n
to    full    1 IC'tl lie I     <   11.
gradaati d doasa and so ua.
, .in be *ii < "i.un..id a' 11
...it the return <>t the . ■
iii.v w.-re uaed 111 all
_ u v.ii  hair  1,,, -
.1. 1 a poof '    a*...1
. 1, »nlv
m   '   o piled Uo* 1
W       .,    1 1., ■ notl
•11        M.i,1....    '•
Mother  >n   invustmeal   *•
11.11.   may   lOVS  nnn   bob)
diarrhoea ami    cholera    1 untue
.  .ni thonsaads ol littl.
1 ig th" Imi   waathei   monl
i*..t.) - ii».. Tabid 1 euei
.md there la asenritj bi
1 1  thia iui-.li. .rn*    (live an
TalilH  to th.* well child am!
k,*, |, .1  well     (Jive tl..... 1.1
ii   trouble oomea  nriftl)   ai
ease and comfort  tots medi.
An 1 you have the    guarai
government  analyst  that
1 it' tins      im      1 .1"
Mra   It   M. ilm   lialifai   ".   -
Baby'l llt< 11   l.il.!• 1- in.   *
 In .in*    tor    stomach    and
troubles  '    Sold bj   sll » *
•   ■   tu   b]   mull al   Ifi ti ul-   .
The    Dr.    WiUiama    M«lin •     '
Brookville, Ont,    Keep >. •   1
tl..* house.
II.li Wmi. 1 i" .'I III.
ll" -   III.   w 11   In   .rn •>   till
mi.' n 1 imping trip ... thi ^
Hui ».i- aaalt]  the  laal. 11
I* mill,   hii * 'I   >   *
bon 11... 1  ii  be   lil  ii".  >
li.*...|.«  nm,   Hi,*>   would  1 *
iii<    ik m    morning  11.11  '
rill"    ami  want    "ff  Up    lb.
1 .,.. 1, .ni. latei ih.   1	
Hill running *l"wn again as fa«i   ■*
< ..uii ."in..  1 . lose I'd 1
..  bear.     The       wsh In '
with   loaded   ritl. -   "..'I*.    Hi
i.ii.ii. inn turned snd inoi il
Whan ib.*   1.  ".uii it. 1
one nl  them   laid   "Bill,  whi ■*"
pusaeaaod you ki run lhal   !
.1,..  I., ,,r  -i" ti....*.  wh. n
killed   Iiiiii   on    .be   lllll   unl
11.11   Milled   ■.lowly.    "Willi -
a In
lugging loin   in  win 11  you 1 nu  1
111  I        III*    Milt"'I
iel 11   1
C I'll'l
1"' 1 '
1, llll'l
ll.iln li
No  Alcohol   in   II      Alcohol
oii.er voinfill• matter which *
pair   strength    by svaporati
not lu any shape enter Into
ufaeture >>r Dr. Tbomaa' Bclei
Nor   do   cllii.nlIc  otiangSI  eff.
is iih servloaable in ths IrcPi
na  In llie Torrid   Zone, perha
useful  lu  the  higher  lalltu.lt*
man Ih more subject l<> oolda
posure to tha elements.
A kicking Uorse may Is. cured by If
Ing oue of bis fore legs with B rope '1
the hind  leg on the other llde    ih1'"!
ns soon ua lie commences to kick, ij
Jerka Ida front leg off Iho ground "<4
goea dowu In a heap. Two or H.i'1
dosea of that kind will cure the W0l*f|
case possible.
Fplders  alwnya  como  ont of ""I
holea ahortly before a rain, bslng
Viaed by tbelr Instinct that insects Unl
fly low and aro moat easily taken.
Th*  .......■•   Mnnth.
The gnat'a month consists of a «***e
lancet for piercing tbo akin.   Tb»
Strument   la   In-closed   la   a   d.*ll"J
sheath, and beneath It there Is a pmij
Ing   apparatus   for   drawing   out
blood of  the  victim.    The gnat W
1n11.ll that  ll.c  red  corpuscles Of
blood would  be  too large for Its »J
tam. and It aucke only tha nerutu
W    N    U    No.
6tU msL.
l.\l.l)K.\rMIMN(. I(K\ ll'W. Hi"l   I I   UsKt ITV.H.C.
I'm Falling
Thus cried the hair. And a
kind neighbor came to the rescue with a bottle of Ayer's
Hair Vigor. The hair was
sn rd I In gratitude, it grew
long and heavy, and with all
the deep, rich color of early
life. Sold in all parts of the
aorld for sixty years.
.. Aloal "i* r*ar an* I .**•! paarl. all af m,
..,, |. ii.,«•!■,« .a .i.*<-k „r I.I...I...   1 a.,
, ii,,. ., • rilaiii. to u: Aj.ft lt.lt Vi«..,
i .. t ... km. Ma r**..U I »•>* tt... .a..ti...iil
L'j ,. ..... •'■  M«a. W. J. Mao wW, «.„.,„
, rails, wl
+mm4llmi..f I. 0. Ht" 0. . !...«.ii. Ua
JA Al.o ■».,u.IVii.,r.r« .1*
CH..SSV recToeu.
How Thay Wer* Conduced In tha Daya
of H*nry  VIII.
One or tho IVSnti of ii„, London »ca-
■on la to bo a graphic representation
»f tilling* .« It was praotleed In the
tm..". "f Henry VIII Thia Intplrltlmr
spectacle will form one of thB displays
at the military tournament to bo held   Magnificent Specimen of Manhood Who
a     Olympte,   under   the   planning  and 4lm „„_..,.._    ..-I—
direction of Viscount  Dillon, kerper of
thu tower armories and .. famous .•■<-
IHTt  in  these and ull   kindred  matters
The   viscount,   appropriately   sn .ugh,
contribute to Th, Pall Mali .Mm-iuli...
a brlicht ami lnformln| uriltie, full ,,f
rare facts ami Illustrations, which ko"*
for to clear uway a number of our mis-
eeneeptlons aa to what tho urt of tllt-
Ing and J lusting used te h«.
The sspreselon "a tournament" tins,
tho viscount says, mini, changed In Its
Alma to Be to Canadian Indiana
What Booker T. Washington la to
ths Negroes of the United Statea—
Won HI* Recent Re Election
Through Pure Raaaonlng.
What Mr. Booker T. Wnahlngton Is
to tho n.irmer. ot the Uultud Btates
Chief John Nark of I'.inc.i Kilward Island la tryttiK to ba to the Indluus ot
Canada. Well nducatod for one of hla
Significance frnm the days win n such rBC*?. of pleaelug munner, and the poa-
sxerelses and displays of warllks action   ■""aor of unuaual ahrcwdneas,   Chlof
Wer mrnon.   Toung men who n-tplr-    Bar'' '■ beginning to    bo    recognized
cl to shin., lu tie* ii i- of ainw s.-lz.-d throughout tho Maritime Provinces as
the oooaslon ef ths proclamation of a 0D8 "' i"16 most public-spirited men of
tournament to display nol only Iheir hl" rafe- Though only forty sevon
liroflcb n.y, but also iheir magnlfloenee y"1" •>' "R". the chlof hna exerc.laed
and nhllliy to spend Inr*" sums of mon- 'la Immedlatu authority ovor tho Mie-
ey in support "f ii The tournament oinct ut tho laland ProvtOM for more
waa. a.i fur as those taking part In It "1*4n *nn yeara, and as there are more
wer,, coiifirni il, only for lhe rich, or ^*" three hundred of Iheao full blood-
at least fur the proteges of the (treat.       ed "Ametlcana" under bis Jurisdiction
Unfortunately   for   ths   Interests   of
truth,  lha tournament  hn-i t..*,'n seised
on hy Iho rouiHiia.ri and olher artists
and ao disguised With Ihn <n ami fancy
r.dt About tha Haanan 8a-,.r, Battla   •J"*' ">« real thing Is hardly to be re-
.    .    .     v„.     . cognlird  In  auch   works  iu  "Ivanhoe."
Forty-S.a Y.aa. Ago. or „„,.,, d*M>llly„ „H „„. ,,KUnU,n Tour.
. , ,    ,' nub! f". tii-* ohampl .asblp nam. nt of lus   wh it* we nmi founts*
l md the world ».« fought  raents In the reigns of the nr»t three
Kb   .rn   April   IT,   I ISO,  be.    K.lwar.ln.  «» also lind u anal number
•     f London, and J ll ot prohibitions by n. se Icings of these
r.  all   i   ll •)*."  an  Amer- ProJ.-ct.-d tournamenti    The reason f..r
m.-t. being generally ro- these prohibitions i. pr tty oloar.  Tho
,,   a.,   un. r...i'i*....il   trial   oi assemblage of large  bodies  "f  people,
■*. I tha k,*'iit"il Inter, at In   some   of   tbem  nt   lea-t   Skilled   in   tho
i.rea.   and   revived   for  a   W»feeataa   of   arm*,   could   hardly   be
faded  glories of the  prixa regarded wl th aatiafectlon by the anth*
' art of ■••lf-defence orltlea whin the position of tho crowa
.    I     lauded    lime   after "M not aa assured a., it  now Is.    Ami
.inn* n of all classes, and "R'lln. the call on tin- nobles and leader*
.1   i.i   opposition  to  tho At men  f.r service  In    foreign    wara
I knife  or    tha would not allow of the expenditure of
ll n .1  without Its marlia. "°  mueh  en-ricy  and   money  on  what
alluded i * ib» affair in a  W<M"" diipiuy.. of eomparatlvs personal
^1,.  .. •    :.*.   and   Punch   i-eptirat-vl P"wer.    .Vrtalnly during the great war
.   In   a *I.ay   (alter  Mac- w"h franco wo do    find    magnificent
-   mi. in   London"   under  tho '"ornaments taking place. a» ai 8t. In-
i  ghl   of   ■ayertus   and gtovert, near Calais, where for tbe pur*
in ikes'    a„n»,    cooks' '""•   saf-.tu..imts    were   given    to
, and i isr sops were there: anights and others attending   ri.iiss.irt
.,,.,.,    ,r   i*.    ,*;   i.i   in   i   n*y: b« given ns deeertptlon cf thia maet-
authors,    poota.    palntem. '"■*•    aml    "■«    splendidly    Illuminated
•■•urn   abut   town." manuscripts Of bis works (executed, ol    (Of tha Mlcmac tribe of Indiana, Prlnoe
'   "•>*.••   m   vaat   rar- '"'"•■*'. SOWS eighty or a hundred yeara                          Kdward Island )
,   ,          .    many   *f Ihem open to 1""'rl  "ll:1 Present to us come of the   it will be Been that hla position Is no
..  glories of lhal tournament aa treated   sinecure.  Recently some    ultra demo-
.„, |   *„,\ defeated  many bV 1:l"r artlata.                                            cratlc membera of the tribe began to
.-     f   via   lima,   and T° '""n aom.* Idea of tho outfit of a   a**1" their "republican"  ideas    In    the
u ...ice -- by Nat knt*s|lt for attending a lournain* nt, we   Government   reservation    at    Lennox
i      mpllehed boxer ""y p fr ■*•*»   ''    !  •■• "• >i.- .s.iintre,"   laland, claiming thut it would be bet-
', '               ,.   ,,   ,,,, n,,. feet .ight ***!"'r" wo nnd He* f.,i   ning list <,f ox-   ter for all concerned If tho chloftaln-
i end weighed tea etoaea •''"'"'    three  knights   with   f.mrt..|.n   alilp ware abolished.    Such a course
Heewaa st-nl six feet ona horses, nrn"   squires  wl*h   Iwi-my-two   would necessarily  he fatal  to thc na-
lies and waa a powor- "<>*—-. * chaplain and a ehlef herald   tlonal existence of a roving people, and
with    extraordinary lvlLh ,wo h"r-r-'   two  drummers .wilh   thia danger t'hbf Saik so successfully
ii.    Tlma  aftor  tlma ''"  h''•"""•  besides  four powerful de-   explained that he was Immediately re-
■   1   down   by  blows Mrters    ridden    by    pages    with    two   elected for another term. Though only
, | laffloieeil ti aot- •""""m» '" each, lm . ...ks with three   *he actual head of the I'nnre Edward
. ■„, .iway, Bame up in '""■a* " oonrler, a Bboeing smith and   laland  Mlcmaca.  the subject  of this
r   and i.l*nt.-.1 blow ""   lin" ',Vr    ,v"h    f'"r    horses,   f..ur   sketch  has   always  entertained ambl
|                     ba Ain.ii.u..'. .y-.and ',': V';"""'; fi' '''"-/. and four mora   ^^^^_^f*^i}>±^^^
nn u   ■    led In ki.->. king Us opi-on-
tfMI   Bghting,  a«l.l   many
•*. rty .emo   yuun.la   In
, li un    an.)    r#0    ml.iutaa
Srnia ( I * Into auch a poal-
u * * ■   thai   atrangulallun
yvfA Immlnont.   the  rupee  wera  cut
I  illoa  am. r'd     tha
" .  . .    i.--i ' i. •
re h 'ni. i  "tr  th.
tl v.- Meads,  llean-
cnur j"B» sing.
r tr   his  ■   ni .ny. and   twelve  for  hla bla race throughout the entire Domln
household If-I. s and f .r hii mall re d' 'on*  Kecently  be  went  on  an  offlc   1
i   in nli eighty Bias ht.r.e.  Thcao.' visit to several upper Canadian chiefs
«ih three "r m n** iteh salts *.f clothes 'n<1 to thc Department of Indian Af-
f .r tii-  I rr. n ni nerefeaa ..f the tour- falra et Ottawa.
rifunt. ami ti. .  ntrlettea of      ,n person Chief Sark la a magnificent
nn.l r ..t c.iiii.ii,. aril specimen of   mnnho.nl     Though    the
I* i.e i. and standards, mi to mention physical tralta of his race are dominant
i.i.  .fi|. ii«, .,; .. i In hla face and form, yet a atrain of
an .* r.r one wbo »..» nol a rich noble hardy French blood can bn noticed In
ion .i simple  "*  oyer trenchant" t • lh. ■■■■■■'•, blgh forehead and piercing black
king      Ir   ibould,   however,   b.   n -t., I '-eye*. His official residence Is at I.en-
.«>.ra with  hu   ,„,,   ^  ()|U  m  ^    ^^ * „- Igiand. a b«iutlful apot about ten
./A | I.- - I    . ll_ _        .   . .*.    . .mm* a  m. »•
af tho atak.i and
I      . . thi    Hi r.-est   con-
h"W.vor. each
layers retired from
May  10.  |«S0.    It
• '      ,     r   T in"     that
■ was   asst'i.itfd   all
j'  «■■ n r "i«.   manly   and
laaMt in ti,trm thousand
;     ■ iod for him by public
< It of which waa
*   Hi  n    that    he
I .. money waa after.
his  I In-i.. i.   on
.    • in.*    Ho di* *i Nov   I.
holy "f the court  whose proti *■■ Petll   miles to the west of Summerslde, P,
Jan   wa*.  m.i   wl .  and  >b-    " '  Here upon the 10th day of August
rl *- real      alabrated, I every year the chief presides over the
i      * lhe Queen of Beaut***, who flg. ! ancient festivities which usher In the
ur,.. in   i, mi, „  • nnd »b    was ri pro     teAsl day of the Mlcmaca' patron saint
d'.' ed at .   i-  entirely an
Invention, and m tba .*..*'*"iu,ih of ral
toi.... in loei n •! appear,
< hlnai.'t Int    la    i i,lil-.      in,    Other
rlarr   In   I l.l.it.
Kor   nt   lea*.t   I**-!  years   the  town
Cbingtechen, in China, bss been devot-
.  ar of hia aga—    ed to the making of pottery.    Kvery-
Ik» x
II.Ing in Cbingtechen belongs to the
porcelain and earthenware industry.
The bouses are for the most part built
Of fragments either of Old kllna or of
the lire clay ...vers In whi' h the porcelain Is stacked during firing. The river bank la for tulles covered with a
.hip stratum of broken china ware an.l
chips of fire .-ley, and the greater part
of the  town  and several  si*uare miles
Qisdt'uni . Grandson  R.aas.
Wm hartai  Otadstone,
piaiitia   • .i Commoner an.l
o.iat'. ha. b.ori
' lha Oxford Onion
Ich his i in.tn,,in
I I    71    JN ar<    ago
io n  "f ago  In
[**••>' Un** snd will then rn-
r the Hav inim »-   of tin* surrounding country are built
Uiaged   during    over or composed Of a similar deposit.
Cbingtechen in unlike anything else
in China. Tbs forms, ths i"h.r, the
materials used In ths buildings, the at-
ii,o-;.litre, are reminiscent ..'the poorer
'*. Condition of  Thousands  of  Pale,    parts of  a  elvih/.eil  Industrial center.
Anaemic Girls. There  are   li.l   large  pottery   kilns  In
. Ibe beat wn) the town. The gTealer part are In uae
only for n short season in the summer.
Daring this busy season tbs populstlon
of Chlngte. fien rises In alnuit 400,000
souls, hut of this total nearly half nre
laborers drawn  from u  Wide  urea  of
hoot, in> blood   c .iff. wim come tor the sesson, live
I                           ii.-.i to  watai in rovs of barraekllka she's und do
ni. ni i.om heai not br'ng their families will. lb.-in.
ii..* leasi  exei visitors to Cbingtechen pass along
atreet ufler sired where every shop la
OCCUpled b.v men, women nnd children.
all engaged In the designing, molding,
painting or distributing of pottery.
The river bank Is craw.led for three
milea I.y Junks either Ian,ling material
■ *• pllli iiavi   mu mnv restored  »nd fuel or shipping the finished pro*
 ..ii. iii,ni. me I not
j ™**t than  i   evei   was before.    I
li a, Herbert am)
»«!! Oil
i,.liin,n   I   was   in
iya Miss Mamie
"■".-■i m   \ hnl,   N S.   -Mi   health
| i ivlng wa)  until
in  when I  feared
t vu Unking in     . hronlc tnvalldlam
I uie breathless, ami
going   lino a
an  Di    Williams'j
 111111*1111011    III
* 111
i dei Ided '«. glv.
11 trial
■vm.* alien |
a fortunate daj
uie* io ibis decision,
•»* iui,
appetite, a no...I col
rin.    feeble,    ullini;
i, .,. ■ ■■ i*i >,ii ht""t • "•
I/"1 ""«  "■ ami   I  am  satis
£,'„"*''  hu io in*, willaras'
ta,,   '""■  *"" eiflllly   lec.lll
"••l t'. othei
I (III.'
, ,'" Wljsm   pink pini qulokly enr
K*"*»Manneii    imply because the)
.mil    ,""tt   Ml ''■ "''' ll1"'"1 wl,lrh
_..      '"'    * "«*n brow  nlT  ills
L,;.;'1"1 '""';    > si   health  and
V1 """* Iii   imiii,   anaemic  suffer
Ua.,."1- WlllliiinH'   p|nk   I'IIIh     nm*
 ly as food
V ,„ii         '""' ,l"' '»'W ■•■'unl which
I Una,.'      V1'' " '  ■ ll1"  vch ami
us every organ
,|„ ,j M l':'" "I lhe body. Thai in
C. '"":"' WH-    nil.
straight ai ih
* *... tn. ill   dlseiiHoK   us
,.. ..s' "I'1"" tu ■ ami baokaches,
mtiuiZ _ '"''"'*"'(li"». neuralgia
m,"', Sl   Vll«» danot
ion,,,""1   '"'   imn s
m.i„,. ',""   lowing Rir|, H,,rr..t- in
in.,,     ' ' proved 'In thous
[  '' .        WHIIams' iini.
peine, h,
Oo not  tO n  covetous old man with
nny request toe soon In ths morning,
before   he   hnth   taken   In   thai   day S
prey for bis covetousness Is up before
blm, and be is In in bumor, bul itay
tm the afternoon, till be be satiated
upon Home borrower.   Fuller.
Misery   naaalla   riches   as   lightning
does the highest lowers: or. SS 8 Irv.
that is heavy laden with fruit breaks
It,  own   boughs,  ho do  riches  destroy
the virtue of their poMessOT.-Burtoa.
A colneldenee.
„l to Mrs. T.nmmla In
ii know inlti'i
6*  Anne.
Canadian Capital  In Mexico.
Ono   .f the notable features of prn».
»nt-.!ay progress In Mexico is the heavy
Inveetmenl Of Canadian capital In this
country. The Canadian colony here ll
not a numerous one, but Its membt-ra
make up la ontrnuise what they lack
In numbers They are a most welenma
ad lltlon to the growing foreign popula-
II n litre, for thoy tiring good sense.
Industry, nnd alert minds. It Is cer-
1 in v mi-int remarkable that a country
a uh s me 6.000.000 people should ba
rich enough to finance great undertaking'. In Cuba. Iti i de Janeiro, and Ihi
City of Mexico It la, however, well
kn un that the Canadians ure. per capita, iho greatest iiuyrs of foreign pro-
ductl anil   ware  In  the world.       Thetr
tr.oie is Immense in comparison with
their numbers. This, we must explain,
la due to th.ir energy and their pos-
Seselon of a country abounding In resources, and to Unir Intelligent exploitation of thoss natural elements ol
w.IA]ih— Mexican Herald.
Made   Him   Exclaim.
"Tea, street" he exclaimed, ''Moss Is
aure a sick man. He's got exclamatory
rheumatism *
"You mean Inflammatory rheumatism." explained lhe belter-Informed
colored man; "do word 'exclamatory'
mean*. Io yell "
"Y.s. Blr I know It does," quickly
responded the other. In a tone of de-
Clded .• in i.r ion. "and dat's Just what
il" 11 >tibl« is -de man Jeat yells all d»
Cucumbers and melons arc "forbid
di a iniii in main persons sii const!
lutei that iin leasi Indulgence in foi
lowed b) attacks of cholera, dysen
tery, griping, etc. These persona are
nol aware thai they can Indulge to
thetr heart's content if they have ou
hand a bottle ol Dr. J. D, Kellogg'a
Dysentery Cordial a medicine that
will give Immediate relief, and is t
s.i,,. cure ior all summer complaints
I;,,, tatlva    la.il.ii.itl    ,,f    Main.
u ,. Introduced   to a nun 'm Pitta
burs  sai* 'I"' Saturday Bventug Poat,
••I  made  some sneeoliei out   In youi
l0W|,    ,,i ,"    Slllil    l.illletit'ltl.
yog •    said  lhe   Pittsburg  man,    'I
,.,,, (01 offloo thai yen and waa beaten
'■ilea., ns !"   evi lailnetl   hit I lellel.l,
.,„,   not usually   s.i ratal   aa   that.     I
I.,,,,].,, for line  Mereei     in Omaha m
1900 and ihey dldn'l   I'.'..'   him   until
Mra. Jnnaon hu
Iium  which
'   ''"'"in uml nil other
;."'"' filled     Unl  j m.i
•ami "n, !','.'""    l1**!" wltn the mil
hleiv' .   Williams'   linli   imiih   for
Ittch ii„,"\ "" "'" wrapper around
iH.       »" medicine dealers  sell
by ...hi,
box  ur
lb.on   l.\
niv   boxes
b I >
WWiilii " ' Th8 Dr' wn
"Mlotaa I... BroekvlUe, Ont
perfect confidence, "I '">'"" 1'""; . I"""
tatteprettl-sst baby in the worldr
"We'll.   - 17.   mm   What  a   .*.*..«M-
dencel" aald Mrs. Lammls.     ho is
f ail.o .."I  l'-«eet.
•Toor .Tones Is suffering from Mto-
ncoinic paper."
"Ba is."	
The Mora thr Merrier.
"I want to introduce you to a young
er£ nice glrl-aml -ha'a worth
m p'lls.-
lady-s re
her weight jn gold"
T-Wn 2ui * bope."-Undo»
Lava tm the Ocean.
This earth received what waa probably Ita greatest shaking in modern
tluiea when the uvmendous volcaalo
eruption of Krakatoa. lu Hunda atralt.
occurred In 1883. A curious incident of
that time Is recalled by s correspond*
cut who was a passenger .n u steum-
ship on the voyage between Colombo
aud Albany. King QeOTge'l aoiuid, some
1.S00 or 2,000 milea aouih of tl.,- center
of the disturbance, it was a beautiful
night, and shortly afler dinner, when
tbe deck waa crowded witb passengers,
thu lookout shouted, "Breakers ahead!"
Thia wua lu iul.lo.eiin. with no shoal
water nearer than tho Australian coast,
live or alt days' null distant The
Bteainer wua hIowc.1 down, uml pres
■putly drifted luto a muss of floating
lavu and green slime. BuckStfuls wen.
hauled ou deck and strain,*,I through
cloths. Nearly all night tin* steamer
forged ahead at half si I, with tho
floating s. iiiii grating against h,r aides,
and In thu morning, when clear water
wua reached, tbs sides of the ship below the water line were buro of palut
Olid Imiii.sii.■•! like ateel.
The  II.-.I   Hon Una   il.... Ur.
Tlai nil howler (Mycetae aenlculuai
Is  a  rare  moukvy  of  the   foresta  of
tropical America,   it is an extremely
U.il. nte mini.ul ...ul is i hlefly remarkable for lhe extraordinary nolaee It
Uiakoe. 'll.e cries lt utters eo.uprise almost suy sound from u subdned moan
to an angry roar, and It ts hardly con*
celvahle that they ahould proceed from
a single animal. This Is tlie animal
eall.sl red monkey by Wntcrton In bis
"Wanderings in South America." where
sn admirable description of Its weird
cries may be road. These a.minis are
produced In a bony cavity formed by
an enlargement of the hyold, or tongue
bone. In appearance tho red bowler Is
sn elegant little creature, well clotbod
with hair of a red.llah brown color.
I.Ike the spider monkeys, It Is provided
with a long, prehensile tall, the under
aurface of which la naked toward tbe
tip, but tt differs from those monkeys
In having well developed thumbs.—
Westminster Gazette.
on. Way to .... a Poa.
"There are waya and waya of getting
things," aald tbe old aecret sendee
man. "but I wouldn't recommend some
of tbem to s Sunday acbool claaa. Now,
I knew profaaalonally a reformed con-
flJunce wua. I wou't 'ay bow deep the
reform went, but officially be was reformed and occupied a pretty respectable poaltlon In tbe community. One
day I met tbis cbap on the atreet. and
I had something to aay to htm. *6se
here,' I demanded, 'la this your advertisement In the paper offering a reward of f.1 for tbe return of a lost
dog?" 'Sure!' aald he. 'Uut you don't
own a dog.' aald I. He grlnnod. 'You
mean I didn't own a dog.' he corrected.
'But I do own one mnv the handsomest English bulldog you ever laid
your ayea on, and he cost Juat to."
lKia«lna....a   and   .Imlrmrnl.
Dr. Eaton, president of Madison university years ago, waa beloved by the
atudenta and his good opinion courted
above all tilings. One commencement
day tbe atudent who bad delivered the
valedictory approached the doctor and
timidly aaked blm what be thought of
the effort. The doctor looked at him a
moment and then said slowly, "Edward. If you would pluck s few of the
feathers from tho wings of your Imagination snd stick them tn tbe tall of
your Judgment, you would make better
1 alleyraad'a Thtrteea  Oatka.
Talleyrand took thirteen oaths ef
fidelity—to Clement XIII. when he entered holy orders, to Clement XIV.
when he became bishop of Autun, to
Louis XVI. In 1780, to the kin and the
constitution, to tbe directory In 1TB0,
to the directory In 1700 aa mtnliter of
foreign affairs, to the three consult, te
Ilonoparte aole consul, to Napoleon emperor, to I.ouli XVIII. In ISl-i. to Loula
XVIII. at tbe eecond restoration ln
1S1.-,. to Charlea X. ln IS24, te Louis
l'bllippe ln 1830.
For rr.. who haa a million
Tha world looka mighty blue.
No ona is ao unhappy,
If what wa hear la true.
Sidetracked ara all their pltasurta
Or dumped Into tha ditch.
They raally ara distressing,
Tha troublea of ths rich.
Tha Joya of common popple
Ara not for auch aa they.
Tha tun that cornea from wondtrlns
The rent they're going to pay;
Kor can they with their money
Tha aatlnfactlon feel
Of wondering where they're going ta
Another modeat meal.
They miss tha grand excitement
That cornea to other men
Who try to make a dollar bill
Perform tha work of ten,
And In their dull exlstenca
Kor them la not tho thrill
Connected with eldestepptng
The fellow with a bill.
Far theie and other reasons
Their Uvea are full of woe.
And aorrow la their portion,        •
For don't they toll ua eat
If they would only let ua,
How gladly would we share
Aa many of their troublea
Aa thay could really aparal
A Few Hitches.
In Cblns wa are told tbat everything
la exactly contrary to what It la In
western lands. This may be true of
their writing, which atarts at the bottom of the page aud runa upward, aad
also of their thinking, but wa can aug-
geat a few caaes whera tbe rule will
not npply.
Tor Instance, the Chinaman doea not
point the butt of the gun toward the
enemy and the barrel towurd hla shoulder when ho wanta to ahoot, or at least
be doesn't do thut way more than once.
If ho wanta to travel ou one of me
new rullroada he does not get ou at
hla deatlnatlon and get off at lhe starting point, at least he doesn't If the
conductor Is looking. And If ordered
by the doctor to soak hla feet he does
not stick his head In the bathtub, Oh.
there is some hope for him, if be does
Insist that It Is literature when a cyclone spatters an ink bottle over a
sheet of white paper.
Ancient  Warfare.
At the siege of Jerusalem I*™*
Ilm captive Jews were cruel bed hy the
uoniaiis in such numbers that " Jo*
sephns says, there was no longer^wood
of which to make thi .crosses nor apace
for them to ai um'*
They Give a Paint Idea of the   Awful
Immonalty of Space—Where the
l'l...ei. Belong.
Some people And a curious difficulty
In mentally dlatlngulshlng between
atara and plauela. Again and again
they hear that atura are auns sud that
planela aro worlds, that a aun Is nut a
world and that a planet Is not a star,
and their confualon of mind on the aub-
|.H*t remains uiitouchod. Yot tbe distinction Is not really dlfticult tg> grasp,
snd to sue It clearly la quite essential
to any undorstuu.llng of (Tin heavens.
Our sun Is a aiui, brother to all those
twinkling points which lie scattered
over the night aky Uur world la not a
atar, hut a planet, alater to tbe few
shining hut nun twinkling bright bodies
which appear to wander slowly among
tho stars. The planets belong to our
solar ayatem—all of them, without ex-
option, that we aro able to see Other
planets belonging to other stars may
and doubtless do exist In countlesa
millions through the universe, but we
hav.. no power to detect their presence. Tbey, like the planets which belong to our aun, shine by the reflected
brightness of their j.urtlcular atar, not
by tbolr own lutrinalc radiance, and ao
they cannot be Been at a very great
distance. Anv watcher with eyesight
and telescopes auch aa ours gazing
from tbe region of any star In the aky
outside our solar system would see
nothing whatever of tho planets or the
tnmms of our a)stem He might make
out tbe sun ss a more or less dim star.
Ile would not be able to detect Jupiter
or Saturn, still less our little earth.
And It nuiat be remembered tbat
every single atar In the whole universe
Ilea outside our aolur syatem, with only
one exception. That exception la our
aun. So by tha solar system we mean
the little fansly or kingdom of one
•tar, known to ui as the aun. snd that
•tar Is one of tens ot millions of stars
which all together make up the enormous stellar system, and that stellar
syatem la doubtlcaa one of very maty,
perhapa millions, of atellar systems,
ill of which tog.-'her make up the created universe, using that word la Its
older and not In Its more modera
•euse.—Chambers' Journal.
Clothei washed by Sunlight Soap
are cleaner and whiter than if washed
in any other way.
Chemicals in soap may remove the
dirt but always injure the fabric.
k Sunlight Soap will not injure
the most dainty lace or the
hands that use it because it is
absolutely pure and contains no
injurionj chemicajf.
Sunlight Soap should always
be used as directed. No boiling
or hard rubbing is necessary.
Sunlight Soap is better than
other soap, but is best when
used in the Sunlight way.
Equally good with hard or
soli water
-Ct nnn arwaao wm ha paid
pn i .*. 'li.t Hunlttfht Soap onntA.ne
an) l,i)'irl,„i. i-h.mloale or an/ form
or. nutarattoa,
l«>.r H.u.h.,. limited, ToranU
1 aiked
Fixing th* Blame.
"Do you believe in hoodooa
the auperatltious person.
"Well." answered the man who had
failed to make good In a dozen dlf
ferent entcrpnaea, "I've got to preserve
my self respect, you know."
Brotks tt tba Card  Part?.
It waa an extremely pleasant snd
quiet card party at the house of tbe
Misses Isaacson It. I'rlory road, Ilemp-
atead, until th* butler .nine upon tlie
scene with lemon s.|uash and glasses.
The Misses Isaacson are two maiden
< who a fortnight ago engaged a
new butler, a young and good looking
German, who brought with blm excel-
but testimonials nud waa known as
J nines Julio's was a aplemlld aervant
until the night of the card party, which
t-onslsted entirely of ladles. Tl.e ladles
were engross-*,! In a game of poker,
aiui liui.es waa supposed to be pouring
out the lemon a.|iiaah. when there was
a sudden crash of glaaa In tl.e room.
Bvery one atopped playing ami looked
up alarmed, Il.it before any one could
grasp the situation James had pounced
upon the poker table, grabbed tip the
gold, silver and purses lying ther.s.n
snd lied, locking the door behind him.
And now the police are ln search of
lames.— London Mail.
$1,000  PILE   CURE.
a Thousand lk.iiur Ouai
with every  bottle ol Di    Leonh
11. n. itol.l
 *-••■   t'.w.K.   Bt   Thomaa,   On*.
- ■ —
'Ur. Leonbardfa    Hem-RoM   cured
111,*  Of .1   1* l.l   bad   ease  of   piles  of  ol t r
!• n   >. 1    had    llll
erythlng, bul  got do permanent care
till I us,* I II. in Html.    I had blind ami
aiui   suffered    everj
thing.      Dr.    Leonbardfa    Hem-ltofd
me perfectly."
li. in Itoi.i   removes   the   cause of
Piles.   11.00.     All    dealers,   or   ihe
\\. -on K.. le   c '.    Limited,   Nis
Falls, ont.
lalellrr.aal  Orlaka.
"Tea ami coffee are drugs—drugs
solely," said a chemlM. "They Btlmu-
late tbe brain, and the reaction from
th* atlmulatlon la not perceptible;
hence tea and coffee are excellent
brain spurs. Ior s little while tbey
do sctually make us more Intelligent
than we naturally are. That la why tbey
sre ao popular. It Is why we cbemliti .
call tbem Intellect'-^ drlnka. Alcohol,
whether It be taken In tbe form of
champagne or beer or wblaky, la not
sn Intellectual drink, but tbe opposite,
from tbe beginning alcohol stupeflea
Instead of enlivening tbe brain. But
It makes us talk: If It were not enlivening bow should It make us talk?
Alas, alcohit makes us talk, but we
aay under its Influence tbe things we
should not. Alcohol deadena the In-
| blhltory, the prohibitive centera of tha
I brain. It atupefiea the brain muscle,
which knows what things ibould not
be told, and hence, while drinking we
talk; but, oh, the things we say, and,
oh, how we blush In the cold gray
light of the morning after to remember
what we said I"
Proprii tor "f .■ -   *  *   Iel to hli n If.
forgotten  to give
•a ■•■    ^ i j. r. mistaken.   1 look
it to 1 ■■ minutes ■"
I*h. ii 1 gu. --  ■    I've mad*
ii   your addition.   Ko, 12 was
• I*, For* loi. aaw bun. an.l he has
In ?  had  his bill.—
Mother Qravea' Worm Exterminator Is pl.*.is.un to lake; sure and effectual in destroying worms. Many
have tried tl with best results.
"Queer thing, isn't Itt" remarked Un
thoughtful thinker.
"Hiius queer." asked the oilier
party to tli* dialogue.
"That iln* sti.uitl hand on s watch is
reality  tha third."—Chtoago  News.
To Prevent is Better Than to Repent—A little medicine in iln* shape
Of   the   Wonderful   pellets   which   are
knownjas Parmelee'a Vegetable Pills.
administered al the proper time ami
with the dlreotlona adhered to often
prevent a serious attack of sickness
and save money which would go to
the doctor. In all Irregularities oi
the digestive organs ihey are an Invaluable corrective and by cleansing
ihe  blood  (hey  clear the  skin of 'mi
pel lections
Th* Army of a Dr*am.
flom* time ago Mr. Roger Pocock
ivrote a book called: A Kronttetsman."
which had a go _ many Ideas In It,
end was a vivid story of th* adventurous life of a true son of the empire,
a typical member of the "Legion that
never was 'listed." Krom that book
comes the title, from Its author oomei
the Idea, of tha l.eglon of Frontiersmen
ln prooeaa of accompaniment Just aa
"All Sorts and Conditions of M*n," by
ltesant and Itice,-was tho origin of tha
Peopte'a Palace In the eaat *nd, Just aa
from Charlea Ueadu'a "Never Too Lata
to Mend" dntaa a Btrong movement of
p.i.i n reform, ao from "A Frontk-ra-
1111111" dates the Inception of the Legion
of Frontiersmen. Tho Legion la the
army of a dream, and the growth of that
dream la traceable through tha pages
of an autobiography which already
ranks aa a claaalc In th* annala of real
adventure. "A Frontiersman," and seven other books by the saiuo author, ar*
now to bo publish^ In aid of the patriotic fund for fill establishment ol
tho new  corps.
Warta On Cherry Trees.
A correspondent of the Chicago Inter Ocean says that tho best remedy
for black warts or knola ou cherry
trees is to cut off tho warta and then
hum them. When this can bo dona
without serious injury to tbe tree cut
«IT the wurta and paint the wound witb
a. coat of thick bordeaux uilxtur*
"Tarry"  l.uuld •   I ..na   < rol.e.
"Tarry" Gould waa a well known
character In and around I iai. vera years
ago, but very few knew what gave
him tbe nickname of "Tarry." Ilu waa
very fond of telling about tbe loug aea
trip be enjoyed when a young man. It
seems be thought ba waa tired living
ashore, so he went to Dauveraport aud
shipped on a coasting schooner hound
for Philadelphia flu uaed to aay, lu
telling bla atory: "I did expect to enjoy tbut trip ao much. Well, we nst
off from tho wharf nnd atarted down
river. When we got to Beverly bridge
(a mile or bo from tlie wharf) I mad*
up my mind that I had got enough of
It and as we paased through the draw
I climbed to the bridge and atarted for
home, and. If you will believe me. 1
could not get a wink of Bleep tbat
night until tbey tbrew water on tbe
outside of my bedroom windows to
make It aeem  I waa aboard ablp."
Serapa Irani th* Sea.
"There la often found at Bea s life
belt or some aort of a life preserver
floating on tbe water that bears tbe
name of tba veaael to which It belonged." said s veteran a** captain.
"As si on as lt la reported there la at
once a great amount of speculation on
tbe part of those luterested In tbe ablp
aa to whether tbe vessel Is aafe or not.
Thle«lncreases to alarm If tbe ablp la
any way overdue. In moit instances
tbe preserver bas been waabed from
tbe deck by a wave or baa fallen overboard, and tbe alarm la entirely without foundation. I remember an In-
Btanc* In wblcb my boat broke a crank
ibaft. We were eleven days overdue,
and we were glreu up for loat because
a raft tbat ahould hare been fastened
on tbe deck waa washed overboard and
picked up by a faster liner. I have
aonietlmea thought lt would be a good
thing If tbeie minor articles were aot
Plenty of Warning.
"Wasn't It awful the way tiluebeard
"Still, wbat could women expect
from a luaa with that klud of whla-
Doublfui Compliment.
"Oo you think be will ever make a
••Well, be has an ear plenty large
SnoUgh to bold a pencil."
A l.awr.r Hrrased llrd-s.
Not many persona are aware how
greatly Indebted Jamea Hazen Hyde Is
to one of bis lawyers for the good Im-
presaion which he made before the
Armstrong Insurance committee. Mr.
Hyde'a aenslble appearance before that
committee did more than anything else
to dispel the popular prejudice ngninst
hla eccentricities. Thia lawyer practically dictated to Mr. Ilyde what be
Shonld wear while on the stand. He
made the young man discard his customary buttonhole bouquet, had blm
brush hla huir down flat Instead of
pompadour and ..i-l. red him to wear an
old. Simple looking suit of clothes.
Result ihe cartoonists are wondering
yet where th.v got tl.e Ideas for tbe
extravagant pictures they mad* of the
yotiug ii,-ur.,;. •• man.
Win go limping ami whining about
your corns when a 26 cent botile of
Holloway*! .'"rn Cure wul remove
them?   Hive  it a trial and you will
nol   ngrei  it.
"Father,"  laid lh.   -mall boy,
i-  i pi Bsimi
**.\   pessimist,  my  son,  la a  man  who
nli. ii  the  h  team  wins    kicks   be-
.111-,   ii,.   -...,!,• iijsn i  larger."—Wash-
Sunlight Soap is letter than other
soaps, but is besi when used lu the
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Soap
snd follow directions.
...... r >>..<!. a la Poaapell.
There waa a calamity of th* Vesuvius
eruption which was not chronicled, at
least ty cable. That la the extinction
of the Neapolitan oyater. Tha bay of
Naples produced an oyster esteemed
by epicures aa the choicest In all Italy.
For tbe [.resent at leaat tbe Neapolitan oyster is an extinct species. According to Professor Doru, director of
tbe a.*uar!um of Naples, tbe ashes from
tbe volcano falling ln tbe bay bave
covered the bottom to sucb an depth
that every oyster ln the beda was
smothered and the beds themselves
hopelessly burled.
Sooth Sea laland Caatoma.
When a aouth Bea Island mother
wishes to cliast.se her child sbo seldom
resorts to shipping, and allppera, of
course, ahe bas none. Inatead of ualug
the forms of punishment customary
among civilized mothera ahe pulls tbe
child's hair or bites mine part of tbe
body, generally tl.e fleshy part of tbe
arm. In wandering about the village
one sees many children having on tbelr
bodies scars produced by wounds Inflicted by their mothera' teeth. When
a mother wiahes to caress ber child
ahe deftly draws her thumb across Its
eyebrow or check or gently aelzea Ita
cheek between ber teeth. Tho rubbing
of uoaea la also a mark of affection
among tbe Klngsuiil! Islanders, as tt Is
among tbe Maoris of New Zealand.
 r^  .  iksl
Mann.l and Manager.
Neither maund, a basket, nor maunder, to whine or grumble, la obsolete.
Itoth are atlll in common use in South
Notts ami I/Clcostershire, at any rate.
The former Is used only, however, of
a particular kind of basket, uaed for
carrying butter to market. The basket
ts nearly square In shape and has two
lids opening from the middle part,
when* the handle la, an.l It Is called
the "butter iiiawn" (iniiund). Maunder
Is usually beard In such sentences aa
"What are you maundering at?" A
Northumbrian will aay, "He'a a maundering old fool," when the man of
whom be Is speaking atrlnga words together In a senseless aort of way somewhat akin to tuaudl'.ng.—London Notes
aud Queries.
Clover As a Soiling Crop.
Clover can be used the season
through aa a Boiling crop for dairy cattle. Many farmers have a email patch
of it or have it growing ln the orchard.
If thia la handy to the cow barn It la
but a small task to feed green clover
to the cows at least once a dag.
"Just the
For a "bite at bed-time."
what could be better than a
glass of milk and
Cream   Sodas
Canada's finest cracken
from Canada's finest bakery.
Crisp, inviting delicious. In
the air-tight boxes, that keep
Sold hy all Drumflsta and Oeneral Storea
and hy nutll.
W    N    U    No.    593
i ■■■■■■
m.   ■
<• -Trl-ita-".at T-no-i Cal'.' I"-, aofl Publlahe-I
• I *'aiguai'i> . ilia Urea* t*»eev-»n l.i.o«i...
*'». S IIMI    l-**«     lll.lt   I    It'll ■»!'    .',,*.
^4*r*it "'i.    '.' i*'i- 0 aorrvai tl«..ta.w;
fMiitailiu 1:« a»b.
:*'   ■■ - .'     '\
I  -    !-.,'Rg
, 7
4111... ...
,ft* ...   I"'.
I   II...
.    .-   ,    *'    ...
'   I   I,' |!MIJ IM.    |
T.r,   •
.0 ■
■    '
Notice   !*•    ! er. I y   K  1S  '1   that    i     .
.bell, on Vr Ineslav, tli •■ I2H* da;
tot   Beptember,    1908 at    l 80 .■'.'
jJoct ,n ihe ai*9rnoon,ofier for salt!
l.v : -. • ic Auction, at tu. n ti.
Ct'ii;.;., x Lot numbered seven (Tl
in III ek numbered twelve (U
together with buildfoi ttierei.nl
(formerly Government Record '
OiTi,*.*), said property being f-iiuat* i
in aaiil town ol I '* ai.'.ix. s"*" j
jecl loar.-erveti bid of 1826.00
Datf.l at Kev. i-t'.*. B  C,   Uiisj
24th du r ol August, 19'O
Fred Prater,
(.;, ve'i menl Agent
. •*
< 'il ti *,;.** I ,.■<•.-    '  r   •      '
1 . J  . I
<■ • ' ;    ;    I Ml i"    ■
a I it ....
>. '
Legal Notices.
...  .     ,n-  Ui   IJIPIIOVKM! NT,
.I.i'.. Ukiall, 1 oi a H Inoral rin
• l.ntli* in .'
1 WA**.**■*****% mj*     .
, ,,■ rrr.ul Uka Mining Htvl
, .   * ',■■   :.    '     '■:. t
■  I
....   *
•  ' ■   ■  •
. '    i   :  w,  I
■*.    .
;,,,.■*, I
Aii'l iin■ I ar t.i ,: ■'
. ; musl  l*f conini ' "
before the laatiance "I inch csrUHcats ol
; improvement!       1 stetltl.s 4th dav of
\   p., 1808
Trout Lake Lfo
Stobfel it   Fr
(./ r* EVfF W    v )T£ !
U t out
i i.t KK .   '
:. iTiCS.
Osasdfaa mineral ele m • ••"»''     '  ■
Tr-iu*.  Uke  •  Inlng   diva on ol   ««»i
Kooteosy   llati   t
Wl •-.      . t      "   Sevs l Mils .rte.
fc uth Knrk at .'a   iff"
raksnoi  .     »  1.0 D   N   Y   V"
ailing     ss    agent for  David    Co»aa
K vi c   Uo    C88103,   andJ-jno- rt.
Hi kmsn '.   M.   13.
J .as ips, Intend, a iaty   .'«..• f-o-u tha
•lata     hereol,     to     apply    to     ibe
Miuing  Iterorder for   a Certificata   o.'
Im, rofeiiieu'i.  for the  pnr|   n
la mnl  a  Crown lirarrt of toe   above
Aud further *>tv n ti a that aetiou
iimlar iaotit-.it  57, must    » •
bal ire the issnsi ea ol Certlfl t i   I
;     'smc ts.
Dated Una .0     '.-     ' »  „   . -
Oreaie- Sew V *x '•' '     I
tal .
West Kootenay]
Or, Lows     >     >       'tr, one ha.   .
noith of Tendarl
Free  "
»• ii  . *
1 :   .  Miners Ca liD »
tend, list;
loa '
. . -
tbs •'
Ar.,; -   - that a
■     ■
bei rs ths
<,/ rmprovements
; . ted tl *i - . -a dei  of July
Notice ia hereby pin lavi
af*>r da'a 1 ititond ■ I!
('! iefCommissioner. :
(or per ■■ ■ purchase • I
described lands sitoated it. '.Vest Koot
enai :
Commenc ;.:«:-
noiti. .      -       •      river sbout half <
Inilo up iron. Poj  • arked   j
.j. i .*t:    mens' rner p iat, ra*   .
i it <   north 40     •   *. Ihencs *»»•'. t 01
chaini     •   * -..'>.
aim t.rivar lank   t        *        '.      M n
menl .1  r  . • UMOSi .
! 1 id Jure 20, 19ul.
Kotice ia hereby given lbft*tft0
davs after Jata I intend  to a.*t.f.)_T
ti ti.e bon. Chief C'.mmissionf r .'1;
Lands and Works It permi ision
to purchsss the followingdett rihrd|
lar.d aituatsd in West Koovenav I
Comrrsnoing   at   a  post   p'.atite.i
hslf a  iiiile at.'V   Poplar   cresii
en north sideof Lar i . river, mark
ed ' A. Rowing's S.W, corn/ir post,'
thei ce east SO chains along  river
hank,   *.ber,ca   n. rth   *t0     cliaii.s.
thsnee   writ   SO  chsini,   thenee |
sou'.li <0 chains to poii ,t of ecm
Jun«27, If *        A.'Gownto.
WiiS E/U9eJ    ' •'-'    '*   ••*     -     •
Largs i■•):...'"•.*'.ai. a li." n »,    i i  li.'snl i uistns *:. i A .1*
& C?ffan
l'v ui tig Wati
r?\   Companv vi u ara sssurrd of 1
;.;•.* ,v
®   1,1 back up stati ments.:       1 : : 1
Hagb MoPharioa - - S«? .
Fro?-A±i. H. Jones.
laaf    Ulndsrs,    I ::...*   J.
wo:d   vallance   hardware CO* L"D*
ilrirUa.r,   Mmera'  gt>* plisS,  -*l*JVI
an I Rsngss.
F-xc«Uenit    Accommodfttlon
HesL Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   Q
Stavhes & &o.
.. -.    Clio • "•.    Prod ics    an '■   I'i ..r
/ ..       -- r   S    *    I, H ('
ll  pa\* to ure tiit Telephone      *.
lensthv trip can often be .ml   Offices
nt ici. 1 11: Cummlos' Bi. •■
I ake, P -' Office : alao »t Beaton, I   ■•
ii|>'.x 111 •! A: r   i lies I.
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
Trout   Lake   City
and Stage Line.
■j Ferguson
i_ Trout Lako
Wtfc-t''.* ■•  • • •
DaiV SUg  v.i I
Uwvo Fi
Trc ;t ! c;   atE S
WCOD   VAfti
ir. ror.r.rcl;in.
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
Imperial Bank of Canada.
II ad 1 *firc;
i.i" in ro, < •
n'ateft-repoiring,   etc    All
Uuarant.   I
l_#-*KE.  IB   C
Best Hotel in Town,
' Barters i
mm m vi uu 1 « 111 ■ 1 m
Hotel and
k« a rr.it na!
General Store
Q   C
A T   & AM
3rd   Thursday wi li
•;  . i_ : 1     :.
F. B. Weils
1    '    \/   ^ month.
■     aming Brethren cor.llalli in.
',  Forddred.8ec. !■'•' ''1   p iel  W   •'■
cani^aL Pr\ij up,. a.rto.tfo,
RteT *£:atri
D. R. 1 i  '
BRANCHES    in ' Its . , |
•      *
A OENERAL BA i ' -; -. !R!>
iu;  . -.'..,-;
tattar.  af  r-r1i>   iuua4 •■rallat!*' tn   say
,„•    , r ti a ■
itoke, r;. c.
No. 41
i. o.ti.r
-*|.r. ,o»an m eollartlona ani
HI. Ins B.
Revp.ew Job Dept.
! • r Ih.ii-i lass Work.
Tuorr I art. E* * k—
II. L. RK'D,
Sorty L««f_tcMs
HEN   ripiiing  Kergnaon rou
ih mid s'nv nt ihe Laitleati
lintel.     Here   the   lisitiir
will   bs   surrounde.l   wiih
In im* roinfurls.    Excellent
ctiirii.e,     well    v. i.tilairil
an'l    warm    rnonia.    w.-]l
a!*., a**.I lar. sn>l  ererytliing wbit-li
•.sills towards  Dink hit; your \i*it a
pl-asaitnt ai.<l memoralilv
Rates from $l daj ujiwnrde.
\V* atrire to plcsss ..nr ] al'   ns.
.     •.
© K
* Htula     Mtlun hald Ii **^     " *
VjtJHk.'tf      oJilMU'W.   Hail   v..i>l       .. » , «...
; ■ rviX'a'u,.. i Barber ^bop
X^Wrv:*^   .r»a..r*liallr waltoroa. [   mm-wwwwr ^rwwm    rvi*'v-(v
'.. Jarjba.il. N   m.
r. K. Sh.»har«. Saa.
— fou a —
Oood Sli.-nc nr Hair Cut
P.BlJirnS &C0   Wllllam.Sohnell,
■= Hssav>iin*i =
1 i
.. $1 50
Silver .
...$z oo
r am
I Lead.
2 60
.   1 00
..  fl 50
Trout l.nk.
. It C.
Hot and Cold Paths
«»o rt Mr. anar. J   A. llari.T
Ucalersln ail kinds of Fresh sfett
Barter Shop."
T. . ' -1
Hct. ord   OolJ   Hatha.
i        ;i   ■*, rOKE   C3. C
• •i».1>.
en Ihateoj D^0'
Kctics ir    srsbj gi
daja altar tats  I inte nd to ti.ske
application to ths Chfief Commit*I
sionsr of Lsr.iis ai.i   Wnrks   for
psrrr.ission to pur<*!ias» t;.» ?, ;; .«-
mj  described   lands   sitatted si]
Oalsna  liar,   Weat 'ti..otsnat t.e
trist, tnd  described,  ss   foli'oaas ■
nencint at a r oat marked T
Wtlson's N.E nomer poet, \ Itnltd
at ths S W. ecr. of   L6142 'Arro-e
hss.i LumUr Co.'s  limber limit).!
thenee   wtat   40    chains,   thsnes!
south 80 chain*, thence earn 40
ehe-na, thanes  t.orth  20
i ol conur.a.'iceinsnt,
UinioK 8 i aere'j.        T
Dale.! June'aanc!. 16 6
■ oo-c» a •**♦ -1 n -■ • n i> o • ■ a -.    ; -
Che ftotel JSeaton
YlSIT'-'lifl arritini •.* Besl  n   lha threat ol 1 of 'i.t- Lardean)
ele Arrowhead, will fi   I ihis Ilotrl to be f.illjr eqnipi   I
for hial-rlari ua'a    tscelleul sec nimodation,     A
eppeinted end spa      .    r.n.K hai       .  « .*-• ■; \Vjnrs,S|
esd I'i-p's    Personal a    ••■ •       • ■ ren.er.ta of
patroi a   Visitors lo tha lard*
JHrftW. B0YD -:-  -:- Prop
  >*» aa«*»0O«>fll*X)^ViO<>t»C>i>lrtJ.a -iiH3cr»
O.B N.WILKIE, P.L.S.. ;?,,^.V*1
ProTlit<oltl Ltod Burrejor,
Wnsf al Clelme 5arveyed
snd Crown Qrsat* OtUlasd
RaitiS«n««-'X«jt llaaortj ...fflea,
t Troat Laka. ■
FRED     0      ELLIOTT,
TroatLsks.B.C.     tad F.r|Wo_.|   .
Kn* r»     l|     | a  ,    ,    ,• ran    that     . •
c. I. oirr, lo.alor.
y • *  Commet.ciiiB at a i**-.i.t planted
I snd Works for a an«  i      *.  .        . , '• :   'ha eaal  »i!» of Tenderfoot rroek,
I anil i-ar.r i«ir                  n  ll.e   I *;J5 '   Ira from its month, marked
i l«win| .las--ril.fi 1st   •        ati iic. " •      nnh easl    eotoer   post,
! Wait Kootenay dial " '   ■   *; -*    •   il.ene*) sontli 80
■T'omttiannr.^* §• a .   u msrked I ft'« —   *■    thenco rant  HO chains. I hence
Hill's sinth-wait coi er, tat at no i.i point i.f con.menceineJit.
whi corner ol Lot im;. thence '' !''npe.go. 1000.
mi ehtlns, ihenee esst R0     > •   t . ('npi', InestoT,
Sooth 10 chains, thence west 80chalm ■ n i"--*! plnnlel
|ii point of rnminenremsnt. he eaal  ...    .1   I   i.lcrl ..I   creek.
Ilftlaes I3ih .Inne, l»or, l.l PI.If. HI I.I, *    at6« mil.a from ita ni'juth, ma*k:.:
Noti.a   .a   hereht   r;rfn   lhal   le I    I.   Copp'a   south wesl   comer |".->i,
| monlha after rfa.e I   Intend   '" ». . a BU chains cast, Il.enre 10'chains
(to   the   Ilt-rn   Chief (.'oinniiaaioi.fr ol no ih, thence 80 .liain« weal, thence
ai'frial Irrf r*|l Ml rliaim to I'oilil.'f rolil,*.' i.iMiiflil.
to cut ted carry ««n limber froi   M.e     l.ocaled June SI .
fnllowitif deserlbsd  lands, litustad in 0. L   Copp, locator,
the West Kootensr district i n.i ic*  ia  hereby   run. lhal   ilily
Ciemmencinist spost msrked Leslie dsys      lr.un   the' flrai     puDllcstion
mils south-esst cornsr, set »t north- hereof In the llritlsh Columbia Gasette,
seit corner ol Lot 771. thence north 80 i    intend  to   apply   to    the    Hon
el.sii.a. thenrs west li. rl a.ns, ihenee Chief    Commiesioiier   nf   Lands   an.l
south 80ehslns, thsnes ssst 8*1 . haint IVorkl loi  a specia      t   atociitsud
•piKilntofcommsncemsnl csrryawai  timber irom the following
ffelsen,12th June, 1900.    Lisus Hlu, described Isndi situsled iu Weal K
Nolle*   ii   hereby   given tint  two snsyi
n onthi afiar .l.iia I 'iniend to not ly to     Commencing m a posl planted on tha
the Hon, Chief Commiiiloner of I.n ml i soutJi   ihjs of il... lardo river, slionl
| ami IVorkl fors iperial lloeniu (., cut i.alfa mile from tho rivoi and I ■*•> mflei
I tnd esrr) sstsy timber  from  tha f*,i- Irom Osrrsrd. marked  C,   I.   C      .
*n('| lowlnt dsscrib-rd landi »itiiat*.l  in the in>rtl.ea»t corner post, llionci  (0cl.ai.ia
to in* MVest Kootensy diitrict;                       |west  theucel
Stent,     ''   '   •        ■   " ■    ■ i *   .' i *. »     •
', Hill's i. uili raai   coi  -    post,  sol   ut poinl *
;   : orth-essl corner ol Loi  7582   Ihem -      l-ocatod J
.ny  ir.jie mil  at anv priot tnd north40chaiai               est I* chain.,
rierrnf.    ,i. (.. Murray, loctl agen I   then  uh 4n chi *   ceeail 100
Af**-tir.t.r,l.     ....      aiiaiiar.
TROl'T UtB.B. C.
•Outnie com|taii»a' intersin earsfully
lied nfter.
Ajiiotfor aourlir'i riaa-w
PIANOS, -The famous Oouilav
i»   I he cue lo buy.    Il is nnt s
cheap |.inn    when  you buy, bui
you Bnd you have prtotlted ..«
omy when  •/   :  have teste I   •
Iner! il     Whan   you   Wtnl
Btruinenl     rte   ih*   locil
Murray     He mo fit you out
Pay the Printer.
 I chslm to poiii oi * ' ment,
Kelson, 1'iih June, 1006,
llHVfl     bn.n     ftrtrilifS
i.y judJciou**)  iiiic»:-
in   Reel  Eatnto, and
a «ill be niH.lf iiim
in* i
more f.utui
over tho „. xt two oi three years.
The ouo ivli*. reaps i' •■ har< etl ia
the ..ri/in.il InvMstor, fo hs bat
his ini.iivy ..ir o certainly.
No* let  hm polul ,,.|| lo tin. (hat
there i* no belli r f|i..i nn :iu* Con*
Uncut in i uv Real Eststs than
Trout Lake Is tho prettiest spot
in iI.i- K*" iiiir.y-; hm i. pleasure
r. a.i l il hns no l <|ti;tl. Ii .nting
mil flsliii.g n.iiy be liiilul|2tt(l in
Uio  \. ar !• mil: while, bin game
ill    alllllldlll ..*    IS    I., llll*    lllllllll nn
• In., hills, [ts tliiiuii.. is Bupcrb,
th.in being nn en*nt exti finis, it
being mil.I in Wllllnr nn.l .*....I in
Bummer. It can h.*n«i nf gome of
tho liii'*.*t hotels nml celdences in
i'liliah Inl iiiib'ii. It** atr.ela art
well I.ril ..ni and gradrd, There
in*.* two excellent general slorri,
an.l n gihuco ftl lhe ntlvertlsuinoiill
in thia j.Hiiiiiil  wi'l aliow that nil
tradot aro fairly well represented,
Write  with confidence to Agents,
m tie
Lots can be
Make yoqr
selection at
• a
• a
H. McPherson
Trout. Lake, B.C.
Th-M c_iJ on
or   writ* to
F h.;a i . vi*i i rn! a ' bi on. "- a
i : ti has I ■«'. .. rf a.lv Ii is
Ibe   I.' ad   . f   t «v ,!.• • not!
Ilia letmlral i f the I ai■'.. braurh
of lie f  I* i;      a .        '. t  .
I.sr.!ea.'j   l.n.l to Tl     I t.    h
ii   lilt  ft ii ii . I* ia!   prune     ( il .■
'" -••»t ii it > i itrl. t on tbe
<•■' iiiii'ii. n. d bit bai i.ii t fiuili-
Met  |i.v..i,.i   bj   ih-  Imytiltl
Bank of t'sratls ; Prel clef i  i Ool
a... n nn dailon in ... r i>,e i!|n c
Hon ■ f *v Bhanni n, B.A.i .. s,o< d
wni.i system ; gnrernmrnt . fl'...*-;
('. unlj Courl sluing* • M.ih* ditt
1 I■'•"•! al m il An(.*lieaii cl,nr.*l ea
si.il .. tiHuc I.,..j [ml,
There ara ral al la rat fl. lai <'*
on the . iii.liiii i Kui|ii g s. liters.
Ita |i loh.r nni |Bf| i, Ht ,,,1)
'•i rn, and n band saw n.i -. ti »
.i.| nelly Ol 80.000 f*. j rr .Iry is .'•
ti r i sad i f iho last. Tl a mil i«
tiituiaiy un- proving oul I g, rr
I" '■""• ">:.*. yrar, vrftli i • <
pri aprcts opining uprieli It. iea «.l
\\ etc   -a i]l
far,   ao   ,i
imi.*.   wnle   h
I ii   i.   I Ig   it >b  Ihis
Jou   would   ki.iw
Ones to < i'i . i ol
agi nts nt the iridresist I ■ '■■■■
F. B. Wells
Csnsral Agent
Revelstoke, B.O.


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