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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-03-14

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-< c/fop-^y
Has a Uiv.r ..•iruu
lotion Um" •■•".?
Newspaper ru N
Kootenay. Best advertising    U.UIiltll
v 6h
NUv       ;m\
<\.    I iii the rich Lardeau
country. Sent to
any addreas for $2
per aa. in advenes.
VOL, 8
TROUT LAKR CITY,   B.C.   March 14th.   1907.
Notice i- li.r.l.v given, in ac-
COrd-mo* u it li tin- >t:illltes. that
Provluoinl l!i*vi*iiiie Tax. iiii-I nil
assessed luxes and I'ici,-im* Tux.
assessed nn.l levied iiii'l'*r the
"Assessment A.i. l9i>:'.-«.'' and
aiueildin t:.-ifto.   are now due
and pay.ib.u f* r iln- ynu l*Sii7 tu
me at tin liiiv.-iiiiiieiiiiill'K--.*, IUv-
Tl|is notice, iii terms ..(
|iiivalunt lo n personal
y in" upon all persons
.1 at  Heveletuke, 41 ('.
.lav of February, iwi".
ia**, in.
liable hi
e      Du.
Deputy Auattor.
notice i* hereby given lhal within
two month** from tho Scat publication hereol in the British Columbia Qatette,  I inteud to apply to
Nolire is hereby given  that 60 The Provincial  l'.uli.imoi.t  wn.
da yB nfter tho   first   pnblicotion opened in   due  and  ancient lorn
here if in   ilie   British   Columbia on the 7th, inst,
Gazette, I Intend to apply lo the F. J, Fulton, member fur K nm"
tue  Hon. Chief Commissioner '.f  Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands loops, htm received il>"   appoint-
Lauds -and Works ior" a speeial Ll- and Works, for a special license to muni  ,,f  Chiel   Commissioner of
canoe to cut and carry away  tipi-joutand carry nway  limber from I.un.l-ainl Works.
tier from tbe following described
landi situated In West Kooloqay.
the following described lands situ- j It is said that Thos. Taylor oi
ited in XVest Kootenay district       Revelstoke,  and Price Eilisou, oi
thu Okanagan,     will   bolh  have
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ No. 1.     Commencing nt • post' Cabinet p isitiuni,
plain..1 about -l .1..I.S   up Fisl,'liliUllf,, Ht N   |.:. ,,„,„.,. ,)f,i. k.     TllL,   Kii(...|i   frnm  lh- Throna
Creek, marked "A. Cuing s South , Nol.th,.y*H  ,im,,,r   |imit   ;l|MHll   3 t()Uch,s 011 ,|,,  j|owc|ft|   relaUons
miles from Beaton on Fish River between the Province and iJorain-
marked "A, Qowing's N. W. corner inn; amending tin- Assessment
post" thence eest80 chains; tlienceI Aotj tha validii* oLconl and pet'
south MO ehains; Ihenee west 80 roleum licenses in Easl Kootenay;
chai 1 s; thenco north 80 chains to amendment in Fisheibs Act, 1901;
the point of commencement. malntensnce if Provincial   Ciii-
versity;   Irrigation, Immigration
Located February llth, 1907.      UM(J I;ic]j,,1 Km.lv,.s.
, r Opposition    Leader Macdouald
Arthur bowing.   Louator
Fast Norltoi Regioo.
No. 1.     Commencing nt a post]
r\\'i-^t I'oriier post" thence noJth 80
chains; tlience east 80 chains;
thence smith 80 chains; then..*
west 'S.J ehains to the point of
Located January 18th. 1U07.
A. Qowing, Locator,
Notice is herehy given that
"Within two months from tli* Iimi
publication hereof  in   ll.e   liritlsh
(MtBlbia (illli t'e,    I   illlell I   t .   I|*-
|>ly (0 the Hon chief Commission*
•ur tn* Lands A Works f..r specia
icense- t'i rut an.l carry un.iv
-timber from Iho followinij descrih
■J-J lands-ituute in We-; K- oli-nay:
Ko 1 Commencing sl a posl
planud :u the Intersection oi
the Westerly boundary of Lot
■6691 with tbe Southerly boundary
•of Lot 5-W.J, marked "A.  Gowing's
Jforth I'.a-i ...rner p.-i." thenee
(MHlth 100 chains,    tin in e   trt -t 40
•Sfca'^Wiaiiis,  theno north  1C0  chains
thenee east 4H chains to llie   point
COBimc ncemeiil.
I Located tho 28th day of February. 1VM7.
A   (lowing,  Locator.
Wo. 2.   Commencing  at   s   i
planted at the North West  comer
•ef I...; '('.'.I", iiiarke'l     A    t,   i-.it,_'„,
1 Horih r..-' O'iiii.t i"'-i,'    thenoe
-tPuth 80 chains,   tlience   weet  80
^^Bnins.   thence   north   Sll chains,
enct easl  SU chain? to the  point
Located the 38th, day .*f Feb-
arv 1907.
A. Sowing,   Locator.
No. il. Commencing nt a post
planted ah-.ut 4 miles up Fish
'"reek, maiki-d ""A. Gowing's South
Last corner post,'' tbence   north
89 chain'*; titviii* • West   '80  chains;
thence   south   8(1   ohaluSJ    thenc".
\ east SO chains to the point of com-
Located January 18th. I907i
A.   Cow ine, Locator.
fi'\ glass" snd "Globe" p-ilnensl claims
iiuate in Tronl 1 aha Minini; Division.
Located on Poplar obeek,
Take Notice Iiml I, Hrnec White, nrt-
BiR :ih opelit for Iln- S|iyglsM Mining Co
tree Miners' Certificate No BD-ttt, in-
— nil.    On days Irom the date hen-nt, to
|pply to the Mining Uei-or.ler fnr a Or
■Urateol improvements for ike purpose
rn nt.mining a Croa n Brant -■( tho short
Ami   further  lake li'.lii-e  that action
tinder Section 87, most be oommenood
id,m* the i-aiianre  of
rif [mpfovsments.
Dated January Mod. 1007,
llSl'.'K    WHITE
Not ico is hereby given iliat 60
day-after the tirst publication of
tiiis notice in ih-- British Colum-
l.ia Qaoette, I intend lo apply to
'lit- Hoe. Chief Qesaosia-doner of
Lands and Works for a tpoolal license to cut and carry away tim
bet from tii.* following described
land situated in Weet Kooienay
No. 1. Commencing nt n post
planted about i oi a mfie northerl
from Beholea House, fish Kiver
West Kootenay. markui A, Gowing'i Sonth West corner post,
thence north 8ti chains; thence
east SO chains; tlience south 80
chains; thence met 80 chains to
ho poin t of commencement,
Located January 16th   1007.
A. Gowing,  Locator.
No   2. Commencing at a post
planted about j of a mile northerly
from  Hi int, les Kmi SO     Fish   liiver
West Knot-n.iv. n.iike.l A, Gow
iug*s South east corner p..-t; thenee
north SO chains; thenee wcs*. Sl)
ehains; thence south SO chains
tlience east 80 chains to the point
of coiiiineii.-eiiient.
Located January Mlh, 1007
A. tiowing. Locator.
was nut in his usual place.   o*)««g|experts, Proftssor Von Hammcr-
. to sickness,  John Oliver, of Delta,
No.  2.
Commencing 1       post taking his place teni* m-.11 iiy.
al.out M0 leet north   .*f'————	
Fish River and about 4 miles from       COBALT   CRAZY
its m..nili. marked   'A.   (ioiving's.
N. K. corner post, thenee west 100i
chains;  lhen#e   south -lo cluiins !
iher.ee   east   160 chains;   ihenee '
north  40 chains  to tbe point of
A "'Province" reporter in an
terview  with   Mr.   Frank    I,owe ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Preside..t,   Dawson Chamber   of!Athabasca there were stone suita
A coal mine I.inning for the
I i-t hundred and twenty years,
ihe b'ggest liar'irn 1 *.'a-i well in the
world, on fire for eleven years;
il...- largoat ..il Quid yet discovered,
an.l tropical heat, are tome of the
marvels of to-day that arc shown
to exii-t in the Canadiiin lub-arotic
These facts were slated in the
evidence of exp'o.ers giei  bef.ie
a apeeial commission -..f the Dominion Sena'e in tlie course of in.l iiry respecting thu Hudson's ihiy
route ami the resources of the
iiiiiih.   According to one of  ihe
sit-in, who made extensive explorations in the North, there Is an im-
niiii-o deposit of homaiite from
or.- IX'tweeii Athi.bast-a Landing
and tiie mouth of the Great Slave
Kiver,   On the lower pi rt oi  the
;Commerce,  Rev.  Dr.  Grant   andjhie for building, dny for  making
C. W.  McPhus'in of lhe Dnmin-|orick' Ml"d f""" wl'1;1' glnss oould
ion Survey Office at Dawson,   who)1*  m ,de'   :""'  «>«wral g«s  with
Local"! Fch.   12th, 1907.       lareonthejr way from the  Fast, wliic'i to meit it.
a.-k.*.l ih* m al out Cobalt. 1'he   greatest izos well  in   the
Arthur Gowing.   Locstor. "Cobaltl" exointmed one,   "Tor- world is located at  Pelican  I'ort-
i.nto is simply Comlt crasy." age.   The Government here had
"Yes, sir,"    declared   anMher, sunk* hole 800 feet deep wben
Toronto will go Qrokeon C >bal t.** {tosrtis»n for oil seven yeara ago.
NOTICE. 1 '.-a f.ict." raid another,   *'ihe
: King Edward Hotel in Toronto is
Notice is hereby civen thnt 9^ I simply a secthinghive of gambling
days after tbe first puhlicalion oflin Cobalt .-liares'and it is certain
this notice in the British Colum in I.ring dis steremd ruin to hun-
biaGasette I intend io apply to dnd- 1' ple'ila mndlv buyinst
the    Iimi.    Chief    Commissioner! every pint coi l:t{{tqgraphed  paper,
oi Lati.t.- and Works for a speeial wfth thai magiit word'Ooualt1 up- t-'",-"tl V'>"'« belweea the Atlm.
licence to cut and carry away tim- on it  ,U:[, lU.v wn get their hands p1"0" **-wr»nd the Peace River,
tier from il,.-  following   described „„    .si,nr.,H-_ m.d fnkiis are rani-!    Anoi her espert witness aid  islands situated in Wesl K 00 tone y
At a receir meeting of ths Kaslo Board of Trade, John Keen
moved the following resolution:
"That OW-hlg to the ahsolutu
isolaiion of the towns of Ferguson,
Trout Lake. Camborne anu Ueaton, which lie between the head
of Trout Lake and the end of tins'. E Arm of ilu- Upper Arrow
Lake, llie Provincial Government
should be urgfd to connect Arrowhead wiih Beaton hy wagon rmid
or to connect Trout Lake wilh
Gerrard by a wagon road, or that
the C. P. It. should he compelled
10 connect it^ railway at Arrow-
lend with iis present ternvnus at
Gerrard, according to its charter
so that the people may have an
Opportunity to Ket out I'T medical
aid and provisions, which nt present is impossible without danger 1
lo life and limb "
Thanks very much, John, but
we hardly lika that word "abso
lute." We will also tube thc
opportunity to say trial it is thc
privilege of thc 'good grit' government at Ottnwa io make the C. P.
lt. *jet in and wake tlie required
Write us a Post Card saying you saw this advertisement, and we will mail
you FREE,   a 30 page
Showing  lilies of
of Interest to every
MAN who wears
J.Leckie Co
B. C
The recent developments on the
Jl.ring was suddenly .-topped by gUw rill,are prorj„g tiint  ,,ro|_
as nMMMnHHnn
Local and General.
a great rush uf gas, which subsu
queutlf look fire slid lias been
blowing OUt and burning ever
since. There are indications that
thc greatest petroleum lieid iu the
world   will  be developed   in   lha
on.    .Shurjierii and f.ik.is are capi-
 Itnlisiiig grave! hill- on wliicli Ihey
,lo not even know that rock exists,
So 1. Commencing at a post sei to say nothing of ore, and eapi-
about 20 ehains west fn ra tl.e N. Inliiing ihem anvwhoref from five
W. corner of Lot CHS; thonce east to ti it million, ai d the people are
160 chains, thence south 40 chains grabbing the stocks."
ih. nee west ICO •hains, thonce "'Po you know," said another
north-in chains to point of  com- man, "they have u..w capitalised
Hint camp for something like #35(1,
QCO.OOOand since Ihe camp was
discovered only f5 000. 0.0 has
been taken   out?    When   Toronto
recovers from this debauch of
speculation 'Remorse1 wiil be spell
.■J In large capital lettere ol dark
indigo on the cold grey sky of lhe
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ morning alter.
"In a wav it's n pity, but In
No. H. Commencing at * poat another ii doesn't matter much,
planted on the S. W. corner of No.biuuse the Toronto public woul
J; tbence east 140 ohains, thenee spend its money on nunc oihci
SOUtb 4t>. chains, tlience west 100 kind of bubble if it didn't have
chnins, thenee north 40 charms to i the'Cobalt'fairy to coquette with,
No. Si. (.'oniiiieiicing at .1 post
planted on the S. W. corner of No.
1, thence east Kill chains, thrr.ee
south -10 cliains, tlience we.-t 160
chains, thenco north 40 chains to
the point of coiiiiiivnceiiieut.
{erty 10 tea mine capable of pro- _jasa_3S3:eB-asac-a__:aE«i
ducinga large  amount   of high-;
grade ere.      From  tin; 300 foot'
level lo tlie 700 foot level   thi re is ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ore bi   practically  everv   part  or   Lat'ur end ol last week, .* li'lLU
the   working",     which   will  run \ CHAIN   BKA<ELKT.
»100. 00 and over per ton.      Prom'    Will finder please return  il to
lhe "ill toot level a wilWj has been   ,\iv l^-view Office.
tm,m^m^mm^mm^mm^mmm. sunk for a distance of 60 feci, and |
ploror.Ellhu Stuart,  superiiiieiKl-: from „ml ,„,illt(lri(till), wtI wm.\
mi of f.,rc-t.y. showed the cnn-' llcej. I,, a verv few feet Iron.! r^»: °" Bundsr morning,
mittee samples of Whest and bar- Uwbott,qB llf lhe rina, . (ilu. 10th. inst. to the wife of Jacob
ley grown at lhe Catholic   Mission I ln)dy  of ort.  mu  ftrueki    wllich  8cl.milt,  a daughter.
eqnals-if not beating-anything!    T"L' '"'IT? »»her has been busr
yet found. alt tlie week r-eeiving the 'glad
Tho old cry of the ore not going u*ut]' aml n^iproost ng.
point of coiiimencoinenl.
For a town  nl Toronto's   vaunted
piety    lhe ganil-*'
Located December 27.h. 10C6   ,.,.,.,.,.|, ,)(,i0k fever and tho some
Notice is hereby given that with
iu two months from thi) lirst publication hereof in the Hritir-ii Columbia Gasette, I intend to spply
in the Hon Chief,Commissioner "i
uch Certl"leste| Lands and Works for special licenses to cut ami carry away timber
from the following described lands
situated in WcM Kootenay,
W. (igilvie   Loeator
lhing-f..i-n..thing    fake
wilh amazing virility,
lling  mania,   lhe
on Lesser Ware Lake. Mr. Stuart
stated that the .Mackenzie has an
ana *-t"4.". 1.11.n 1 square miles, which
is 100,000 sgnare miiee larger
than thu .Si. Lawrence and great
lakes basin. Though lying wel;
to the north uf the continent, Ihe
growth of vegelati u in tb'ts In sin
was surprising. This fact was
owing lo the great length of the
day during summer, the .-un king
visible for ab mt livenly lours out
of the livciity-ii.ur.
On July 15 lust at Pert Providence, near Slave Luke in latitude
ill '.!■">, ahout ,r).')H milis north of
Kdiiiuiftoii, Mr. Btuart saw wheat
in the 11,ilk, potatoes in Ine floiver,
peas tit 10 use, tomatoes, turnips
rhubarb, cabb .ge, onions and (tiller garden vegetables. Thc straw
berries  had   bi en   ripe  for 61 mc
(Continued in next ccluinu.)
No, L   Commencing at a post
Manitoba elections re,mllid in a j ,,i111)t,,(] m Luington t'reek. nhoiit
[victory fur the Conservative!-.
_ We hsve sacelved a communi-
I ration Irom one of the '*Bacholor
I Maids," ia ««Wer to tho aocretary
I ot the *'(hip Uacho'ors."' It reach-
I ed US however, too lute for this
I issti•■, and is therefore held over
I (ill next work.
W. A. Galliher has been added
ta the eemmlttcc to investigate
the Member combine,1'
M-imiger Einmenn Went over  to
Ihefilive* Dollar, on Wedneidiy
H«  will endeavor lo
. miles from Fish ("nek. marked
M. Ueaton 8 South West corner
\mnl; thenoe east SO chains; thence
norlh 0 chains; thenco west 80
chains;  thence foii'li 80 chains to
tho point of commencement.
Located llth. dav of March. 1007
M. Beaton, Locator.
.get the big mi r
tan op to lhe mill
No. 2.   Commencing nt -n post
planted on Lexington Creek, about
2mi'csfroin Fish Cic.k, maikrd
M. Beatou's North Wrat comer
posl; thence cast SO chains; thence
south 80 chains; Ihonce west 80
cr unc; tbence north 80 ohains to
the point of commencement.
Loos ted llth, dny of March, 1007
M. Beaton,   Locator.
Deputy Sheriff Yuill and Fred
Elliott arc at Nelson this week, bn
to depth in tie Lardeau is now
ptoved to be erroneous. The best
ore ever found in tlie camp ia now
found at a depth of nearly 800
feit and the owners of the ''Cup-'
the F> rgusoii Mines Limited, nie
lo be congratulated on llie result
of their investment. 1 -^-^h ...
From 4o to 50 men arc employ-1    Arthur Hendrickson,. f the Sled on tha property, under the su- ver Cup, Wton Bataiday morn
ier.i-ionof.Mr. F C Merry,  who | ing Ior atrip to the outside wwW
is also 10 he congratulated on the
magnificent result of his manage-   	
ment At present I lie output is j ju',gs Maud 8ooU, daughles ol
nreraging about 100 tons p> r hhe Kev. 1'. B. Sc»t«, eamc ill
month. |jf„M1  Cumberland,   U. C.  ior
short visit.
Gents Furnishings
Work on tho Broadview is de-
monslralins more and more every
dny the value of lhe property.
On the *W foot level, where
most oj tho work has been done
since the present owners took thc
propel ty ever, there has been a
large body of milling ore blocked
.■ul which carries sufficient values
t.i ensure a good pndit,
From this leevl sn up-rai.-c his
heen mad.* t> the suif.i.-e which
ighly vniii'a*. ■ the shaft,
lim.. and tho people there hnd
eurra»ts, gooseberries and saskatoons.
T ■ illustrate the heat of summei
11 lhal far norih country, he sai.l
tii.it  nt   Foil Chipewysn   il  bsd
been liK) degrees in the shade  foi
overal dajs and nights.   So great
was the lu;it nt limes, indeed, tlm'
Indians coming In fiom ihe Alaskan It,ni.id.iiv  to meet llie steam
et Wrigley on one occasion  In-
-iiinuicr  lost  Iwo dogs from  lh
A1 cli-* Circle
Mr Stinrt further testified  thai
a b ink of burning cal shout twn
O. W. Abrahamson nnd f.mi'ly
left on Baturday morning for a
trip to Refelstoke.
Billy Thomas came down fr* m
ihi "Cup on Tuesday,  for a few
weeks- ust.
Charlie Copp left   on Wednes*
.Inv morning Ior 8ilverton,   ou a
business trip.
Doctor H(.ppii)v. ol Swift Current, Bask:, came tn, tbo end of
lost week, • .Cnliytuiutolv, b»
could not mnke Hiriingements
villi the Miners' Cnion, who ow-n
the hnapttal. nnd left for hi» obt
.'limping ground nn Wednesday
Mr.   Emmens, msnauer n^ th«
Broadview, is highly | le-n^d with
n thefllave River h» bad passfcdphe way {« whloh.tbs properly Is
■vorking out.
It i' expect, d lhat
y mile* in length, neaeEort NoT- hhe Mg"shots of eleaii on
mnn which Mackenslahad report 'which was shipfd :00 *t*n lust
•d burning in 17fi0. and uhioh hs*. a in
I.r, *ill b« t.ipi'c.1  Wllbln  the
•e . hm titng -'ver irioe.
next few. feet
TS-f ». I ,i 'i fcifnM i
The Two Vanrevels
Authar tt -lbs 6*jUi«a_n from loSlans" and "Mfiuifiir
-yvmtinued From Last Week.)
M"~llSS CAI1KWE was s.L her ileal.
I   writing    to    Sister    Cecilia.
nlmni ahe most lne.l ot all
the   «iirl.l,    wbsn   ll.e   ball*
startled tier with their suddeu claugor
1 In- quill dropped 11 uin Iter hand, sbe
started lu ber feet, wide ,*i*r,l, not uu
derstundlng, while iln- whole towu
drowsing pen, efully a moment ago. re
•uuuii-.ii iniui,*,liini-li with a loud eon
fusion. Sin ran 1,1 Die fruut dour aud
looked out, Uer heart beating wlldl.v.
llie western sk.i whs touclied wlU. a
soft rote color, Mlikt. qulekly became a
wam glow, flueiuatlug. aud lu llie
Instant shot up like the coining of u
full aurorii, Then tliroiiKl. the broken
foliage uf the treetops eoiild he seeu
thc orange curls of flame, thrce-quar
ters of a mile away though they were
People ,'iillli.K '"iniii' il.nt "It wua
< aiuive'a warehouses" were running
duwn the street. Fron the stable old
-Nelson on her father's best hone i-nina
galloping nnd, seeing ths white flgure
in ths doorway, cried out in n quaver-
Ing voice without cheeking bis steed:
"I goln' to tell jo' pa, Miss B»n.r.
He In de kantry on Ian' bua'ness. <Io
l.aek In de bouse, mlaayl"
The otber servants, like ragged
sketches In the night, flitted hy with
excited ejaeulatlons to Join the run
i.i-t- and Miss Betty followed them
across the dew strewu turf In her light
allppers, hut at the gate sb« atopped
From up tbe street earn-* the sound
of a hell smaller Ihau those of the
cburehes and courthouse, yet one that
outdid all others lu tho madness of Ita
appeal to clear tho way. It was linrne
slung hy what seemed at rtr»; an Indefinite black mass, but which- as the
aurora grew keener, produclug even
■here a faint yellow twilight—resol.ed
Itself into a mob of hoarsely shouting
men and boys, wbo were runuiug and
tugglug at ropes wblcb drew aloog
three extraordinary vehlclea. Tbey
iiiiiir rapidly down the street and
passed Miss Betty with a h-ibbub and
din beyond all understanding-one lino
of m- r most of tbem la red ablrts sod
oilcloth helmets, ut a dead run with tb*
bose eart, a secund wi'ii the band ea
gioe, tbe third dragging Co Udder
wagon. ..in- p-.an «*j rld-ug. a tall.
straight geul k*..i.i i lu evening clothes
and without n hat wbo stood procar!
•usly In ths bose cart calling to an an
aoyed tous through a brazeu trumpet.
Mlaa Betty recoguized him at ouce. lt
waa ba who caught ber kllten. and ahe
thought that If abe had been Fancbou
Bareaud she must have sceuuied a
warning, for bla balance appeared a
thing of mere luck, aud tf be fell he
would be trampled under foot and
probably ruu over by tbe engiue. But
happily, sbe remembered, sin- was uot
Fanchon Bareaud.
Before, behind und beside tbe depart
menl raced a throng of boys, wild wilb
tbe Joy experienced by their species
wheu property is being handsomely de
stroyed. After ihem cuinc panting women, holding their sides and gasping
with tbe effort to keep up wilh lhe fly
Ing procession.
Miss Betty trembled, for she h.id never seen the like lu her life. Klip stood
close to tbe hedge aud let tbem go by.
Then she turned lu after tbem uud ran
like a fleet young deer She was going
to the fire.
Over all tbe uproar could be heard
tbe angry Voles through tl.e trumpet
calling the terns of the streets lo the
men lu valu, upbraidlug tbem aud
those of the other tno companies im
partially, and few of his bearers deuled
th*. chief his right to express some Cha*
grlu. stuce the depuruueul. organized a
slit uut going io iiit tn.
half year, hard drilled aud thia its brsl
Are worth the name, wss lalu ou ac
■ouut of lhe refusal of the members to
uioie until liiey hud donned tbeir new
uniforms, for* the uniforms had arrived
from Philadelphia two mouths ago, and
tonight offered the first opportunity to
display them lu public.
"Hall Vaurevel!" panted Tapplug-
uulu Marsh lo Kugeue Madrillon aa tb*
two, runuiug lu th* vau of th* "bose
I'unipany." splsttsred through a mud
i.uddl*. "Vou'd thluk he was ("arewe'a
only sob cud belr Instead of bis wont
memy.   Hark to tbe mm,:
"I'd let It burn If 1 wer* be," returned the other.
"It was all t'ralley's fault," aald Tap
Vliigha.u. swinging au arm free to
wipe tbs spattered mud from bis face.
"He swore bo wuuldu't budg* without
bla uniform, and tbe rest only bucked
blm up, tbat was all. cralley aaid
Carewe could bett«r afford to los* bis
shanties than tbe overworked depart
pent its Drat chance lu look beautiful
aud earnest. Tom asked blm wby b*
didn't send for a fiddle," Marsh On*
Isbed, with a chuckle.
"Carewe lulxl.t afford to lose a llttl*,
treu a wetehjttom ... '.■>•.. * oniy out ot
what he's lukeu from Cralley aud tbe
rest of ui ihese three years."
"Taken froui Vaurevel, you mean.
Who doesn't kuow where Crsllsy'S—
Hcre's Malu street, l.ouk out for th*
ihey swung uut of the thick shadows
of t'are-.ve street Into full view of the
rtr>*.  uud their faces were illuminated
as hy sunrise.
The -larehuuses atoud ou the river
bank, ji the fout of the street, Just
smith of ll.e Ueiv "covered bridge."
Ther* were four uf Ihem, huge, bar*
sided buildings, the two nearer tb*
bridge of brick, ilm others of wood and
all of then rich With (.tores of every
Ik,ml   of river  merchandise and costly
I freight—furniture   thai   bad   voyaged
fri.u.   .Sen    Knglaud   iluivn   the   long
| iiusi. across .i.e Mexican gnir. through
[the flat delta and had made Ihe winding Juuruey up the great river a thou
' -.ii nl miles aud almost a thousand
more, following the greater and lesser
tributaries; cloth from Connecticut that
had been aold In Philadelphia, tbeu
carried over mounlaius aud through
forests hy steam, by caual, by stage
and six mule freight wagons lo Pittsburg, dowu the Ohio an.l thence up to
H'l.ien on tbe packet: Tennessee cotton,
on Ita way to Massachusetts aud Kbode
Island spindles, lay there beside huge
mounds of raw wool from Illinois.
ready to he fed to tbe Iloueu mill:
itules aud nula frum tbe Caribbean seu.
!*nona frum grove* uf Ihe faraway
tropics, eigars front Ihe Antilles, to
baeco from Virginia and Kentucky:
most precious of all, tbe great granary
of the fanners' wheat from the level
fields at home: and all the rich stores
snd tb* houses that held them, as well
as the wharfs upon which tbey had
beeu lauded and th* steaiuen that
brought them up ibe llniieu river, be
lo'.gcd to Robert Carewe.
That lt was ber father's property
win-h was Imperiled attested to the
justification of Miss Betty In running
to a fire, and as sbe followed tbe crowd
Intu Main street sbe felt a not uupieas*
aut proprietary Interest In the spectacle Very upposlto seusatiuna animated the breast of the man with th*
trumpet, whu was more acutely <*ou*
(Clous thau any other that tbeae were
Itoberl Carewe'* possessions which
wer* hn nli,* so handsomely Nor was
be Uie only one among th* tiremen wbo
rr,..unl his t**tb ov*r the r..Ur ,.e »*••>
ealforms, for now tbey could plainly
aee tbe ruin being wrought, tb* d*v-
aatatluu threatened. Tb* two upper
slor.es of Ihe southerumost warehouse
bud swathed themselves iu oue great
flame, the building next ou the north,
also of frame, was smoking heavily,
aud there was a wind from the south-
•rest which, coutiuuiug with Ibe fire
i.ii. l,,. Liil. threatened ibe town Itself.
There was work for Ihe voluuteer brigade lhat night.
They .nine down Malu atreet witb a
rush. Ibe Inane of their chief snayiug
over tbem ou bui high perch, wbllo
their -.limiting was drowned lu th*
louder roar of greeting from tbe crowd
Into which tbey plunged as a diver into
the water, swirls and eddies of people
marking the wake. A moment later a
seetlou uf tbe roof of the burning ware-
bouae fell in wllb a souoruus aud re ver
berating crash.
lhe eugiue company ran tbe fore*
pump out to the end of uue of Ibe low
er wharfs, two Hues of pipe were attached, two rows ot men mounted tbe
pluuks fur tbe pumpers and at tbe word
of command began tbe up and dowu of
tbe baud macblue wllb admirable rim.
.Nothing happened, lb* water did not
come; somcUilug appeared lo be wrong
with the no*. hniiiMii As every oue felt
the crucial ueed of baste, nothing could
bare lieen more natural thau lhat sll
the members of tbe engine company
should simultaneously endeavor lo repair the defect. Therefore ensued up
uu the spot a apecles of riot wblcb put
the engine out of Its spber* uf useful-
lu tbe meantime fifty or sixty mea
and boys wbo rau witb the machiues,
bul who had no place Id tbelr operation, bvlug th* bucket brlgad*, had
formed a line aud were throwing larg*
palln of water lu lb* general direction
of the southernmost warehouse, which
It was now Impossible to sai*. whll*
the gentlemen of the hook and ladder
cou.pnny, abandoning Iheir wagons
and armed with aies, heroically at
nm.I.,I th* big dour of tb* granary,
the second building, whence tbey wer*
driven by tb* exasperated chief, wb*
Informed ihem -l.u the only way I*
Save the wheat was to save tb* build
lug Cralley Gray, oue of lb* berated
axuieu, remained I.y the shattered door
after the others had gou* and, (truck
by a audileu ibougbt, set hi* baud upon the Iron hitch and opened tb* door
by this slu.pl* process, It waa not
locked. Cralley leaued against th*
casement and laughed with his who's
soul und body.
Meanwhile, hy dint of shouting la
mnl ■ ears wheu uear tbeiu, through
Ihe trumpet wheu distant, tearlugaxe*
from Iheir hands, lin|ierluusly gesticulating io Mil»oidli.i.i.* commsuders aud
llugering lu uo ou* spot for aior* tbaa
a second, Mr. Vaurevel reduced bla
forces to a (emblem e uf order lu a remarkably short time, considering lb*
COIlfUSloa Into which Ihey bad fallen
Tbe spue* between the burulug war**
house and lhat next It waa aut mor*
thau fifty feet tu width, but fifty feel
so hut no on* took thought of entering
there, an area a* dtavomfillog lu ap
pciiini.'« ss It wss beautiful wllh tb*
thick ralu of spa.ks and firebrands
that fell upon II. But the chief bad
decided tbat this apac* mud be occupied aud, more, must be held, sloe* It
was the only polut of d.feus* for th*
secund warehouse. Tbe roof of Ibis
building would buru. which would
mean Ihe destruction of tb* w*rehouse,
unless  lt could  be muu.taai   to*.--*.
ta* stream* oi water eeuid uot play
upou It from the ground nor from th*
ladders do mucb more than wet tbe
prujectlng eaves. II was a gabl* roof,
the eav*( tweuty f*et lower on tbe
south sld* than on tlie north, where tha
Udders could not hope io reach. Van
revel swung hla line of bucketeer*
round to throw water nor upon tbe
dniue.s. but upon the ladder men.
' Mis* Carewe stood In the crowd upou
tba opposite aide of tb* broad (treet.
Uvea ther* ber cheeks were uncomfortably bot, uud sometime* she hud to
brush a spark from her shoulder,
though (b* -.iis too much excited to
in.ml this. Sbe was watcblug the beau
iliul fiery furnace between the uottli
wall of tb* burning warehouse and the
'south wail of its neighbor, tbe fifty feel
brilliant and misty with vaporoiw rose
color, dotted with the myriad red stars,
ber eyes abinlug with tbe reflection of
tbeir fierce beauty. Sbe saw bow tb*
vapor* moved there, like meu walking
lu tire, and she waa vaguely recalling
Shudrach, Meshuch aud Abed-uego,
when over the silhouetted heads of tha
crowd before ber a loug black ladder
ruse, ii uoblcl, tilted eraxlly, Iheu lamely adi nuceil aud ranged itself against
(be suuth wall of (he second war*
huiiae. Its top rung atriklug teu fe«t
short of tbe eav*s. She hoped tbat uo
one had auy uotlon of mourning tbut
A tigura sppeare.1 upou It immediate
ly, that of a gcu'.iemau, bareheaded
aud lu evening dreas, with a bras*
trumpet swinging from a cord aboul
hla shoulders. Tb* noise grew less, tb*
shouting died away, and the crowd be
came almost slleut as th* figure, climb-
lag slowly, drew up above their heads.
Two or thres rungs beueatb cams a
second, a man in helmat and uniform.
Tbe clothes of both men, drenched by
the bucketeers, clung to them, steaming As ihe second flgure mounted a
third appeared, but tbis was tb* last,
for Ihe ladder waa frail and sagged toward the amokiug wall with tbe weight
uf the three.
Tb* chief, three-fourths of the way to
th* top. shouted down a alined com
■uaud. ami a abort grappling ladder,
fitted at oue eud will, a pair of spiked
Iron books, waa passed tohliu. Then ba
im.-I upwi.nl until his feel rested ou
ihe third rung from tl.e top. Here l.e
lurned. setting his Back tn the wall,
lifted the grappling ladder high over
Ids head so that it rested against tl.e
sum ib-if inm ami brougbl it do-era
Sharply, fastening th* (plk*4 books In
ibe roof, as th* cave* projected fully
[ three feet, this left the grappliug ladder hauging that distance out from th*
wall. Ita lowest rung a little above lh*
level of the cblef'a (boulders.
Miss Betty drew in ber breath with
a little choked cry. There waa a amall
terraced bill of piled up packing boxes
near bar, possession of wblcb had been
taken by a company of raggamuthnisf.
boys, and sbe fouud herself staudlug ou
U.« highest bux and shariug Ibe stun
mit witb theso (juestlouable youths, a]
0(0(t without ii'iiit her action In
uj.mining thither, so struiued was the
concentration of her attention upou tbe
flgure high up tu Ihe rose glow against
th* warehouse wall. The mau. aurely.
aurely. was uot going to trust himself
to that bit of wooden web hanging
from tbe roof: Where was Mies Bareaud thut ahe permitted II? Ah. If
Betty bad bseu _ luebou. and mad wu-
man enough to bave accepted this u.a.!
mau, she would have compelled blm to
come down at once, and thereafter
would lock blm up In the hous* wheu
ever tbe bells rang!
But th* roof waa to be mounted or
Robert Carewe'* property lost. Already little flame* were daucing up
from tha shingles, where firebrands
had fallen, tbelr number Increasing
witb each second. So Vaurevel raised
hla arms, took a hard grip upou tba
lowest rung of tbe grappling ladder
aad triad It witb bis weight. Tbe Iron
hooks bit deeper into tbe roof: they
held. He swung himself out Into the
sir, with nothing beneath blm. caught
the ruag under his knee, and fur a moment hung there, while the crowd with
held from breathing. Tbeu a cloud of
sucks swirling tbat way mad* bim tbe
mere ghostly nucleus of Itself, blotted
blm out altogether, aud, aa it rue alow-
ly upward, showed tb* ladder free aud
empty, so that at first there was an in
staut wben tbey thuught tbst be bad
falleu. but, as the .mule cleared, there
was the tall fltinrr an the roof
(To Be Continue.) j.
The  Juke   Was  oa   Ine   si.d,„i.
When Iir. Nullum Lord wua presi
dent of Dartmouth college be used to
drive uliout in u dilapidated, old fash
lolled contrivance. The students became tired of seeing lhe concern and.
(hough lir. Lord knew of this, be •lung
to tbe old calash. One night a group of
ll.e young men hauled tbe tblug oul of
(be shed where it waa kept, took It aev
eral miles down tl.e roud toward Lebanon and hid it in u spot where It was
concealed by dense foliage. They were
Just all-out lo depart, well satisfied with
ibe tiresome Job, wben the curtain
which completely enveloped the frout
of tbe cuhisb waa suddenly pushed
aside and ibe well known face of President Lord appeared. "Sow, gentlemen," be said, "you may draw me bsck
Ha-ae* rater lh* OroumA.
In tbe salt district lo Cheshire, England, the brine bus been pumped so
continuously out of tbe earth that the
land baa settled very considerably.
Tbe bouses naturally sink witb tlie
earth, and in some of the streets In
Nortbwich only tbe roofs aro visible.
Tbe houses ur* inhabited, although
tbe rooms are underground. In a
great mauy eases u-Jklltlouul stories
have in en added, so tbat by living In
the upper rooms the residents Bay
have some light and air. The roadways sink, too, but are kept tip to the
proper level by Ilm government.
COULDN'T    USE     HAND    FOR    A
Zam-Buk Then Applied and Gave
Inst o.t Rsllsf.
An accident in n Toronto home the
other dny might have hint very sori-
ju* oouaoquenooR Inul it nol been tor
Zam-Buk. Miss Martha Green, of 9
I'liireiiinnt St., in taking a pun ot boiling fut from the ..ven npilt it ovei
W right hiiml. "Tin- boiling lal ran
into iln* palm of my luiml." she -a.s.
'mnl over nil my lingers, Vou nitty
.veil Imagine the agoiij I suffered in
lonaequenoo. 1 was almost wild with
In* pain.   The IiiiiiiI become swollen,
unl large blister- formed all over the
mini anil along the fingers. I*'oi
iver n month 1 was unable to uae the
mn.I at iill. I tried several kinda
.f salves ami liniments, bul tl»
.muii.l seemed apparently no better,
It wns Hit..-.-.'ther too seven* Ior these
ireparations in heal About tin-* time
I was advised t.. ny Zam-Ruk, 1
itoppeii lining iill other prepsratiom
unl applied Zam-Buk Instead Tb.
,eiy hist application soothed nij
mini un.l seemed to .haw out the fire
unl Inflammation; ami as l kept on
using /.iiin-Hiik the blisters gradual1)
dried up and disappeared.   In s verj
ihorl  time thS seal,I  was Ileal.*.I coin
This is Imt om* Instance of the uses
to  which  Zam-Buk  eun  l»* SO inlvaii
tageously applied, li is equally elective inr burn.*-, cut-., bruises, ab
i*asloiis, -prnin.-, nml stiffness, li
ilsu cure.- sosema, ulcers,sores, blood
loiaon, ringworm, scalp sores,ehronii
wounds, ncu.*. blackheads, pimples,
■nl.l sores, ebspp -t hnn.Is. and iill
,kiti diseases ami injuries. Rubbed
well on to the chest, in cases ol eold,
it relieves the aching nnd tightness,
and applied as an embrocation it
>ures rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia
etc All druggists sell Zam-Buk al
'iOc n b..x. nr it may he obtained
from the Zam-Buk ('<•.. Toronto, u*	
receipt  of price.    Six  boxes lm f'i.M
Farmer—So you've  had  souie    experience, have you ?
Youth—Ye*., nir.
Parmer*—Well, what side .-t n con
.to vou sit mi to milk t
Youth-The outside.   Tit-Bita.
Manly Slren(th and Womanly Ueautv
depend on puruy uf Uo blood, and much
of lhat purity depends on perfect koine.
Slterlns- If ttic*e organ,, an* dl**a*»li
and will nol perform iheir functions, mac
will seek In wuu for -li.hirili and wo
man fur l.en.ily. (south AmiTiiiili Kid
ney Cure dri.es oul all impuriti,-.-
Un..iiiiii lhe imdy's ftlterers Kepair
weak   -.pull..   -16.
MU.I..I  oidea  Tlia*  Saw   lark  Husl.
oe.e   and   s«. Im.   Addrvas**.
In tbe m.i directory of New *tork
city, which was Issued In 1790, there
are some peculiar and i|tnilut entries.
l-'i.r luatance, iu those days It was not
uiici.iiiim.il for medbnl practitioners to
sell drug*, aa ls shown by thc following
address, "Samuel Bredhusst physician
uud apothecary, ot Quaes iuo» Peerli
Clergymen d that period wen* ,-i
ceedlugly precise regarding tbelr titles
Thus, "Abraham Bacbe, reverend of
the chimb of Kiiglauit. 28 Smith
atreet," aud ".loie I'helan, clergymati
of th* I'huivh of Koine. 1 Het-kuiau
I •-in Rogers, tailor, of 5 Broadway,
was described aa a "breecbea maker;"
Jubn lien.., du Broadway, aa "surgeon
uud tooth puller;" S. Crygler. till Cherry
(treat, "punch and porter house," Jo
l'< icplaue of IX.' Queen atreet, "(^linker
s|ieaker;" I). Hitchcock, 80 ijneen
atreet, "house carpenter mid iiudertuk
er;" John lloglund, I ft yueen street,
"tiddler, etc.;" Henry 11 Kip. 2S King
atreet, "Inspector of |>ot and pearl
ashes," John Nltchle, 7 VJar.len street,
"starch and hair powder maker;" Sam
uel ll. Webb. 2H Lower Dock street
"gentleu.au "
In those days, too, there were a great
many "geutlewoineu" uud a few wash*
,i,ijii,*ii " All teachers were then addressed either lis ' scho diuasiers" or
"schoolmistresses." The relull dealers
on Broadway and Wall and .,..,,*•■,
streets called th.-uis.-h >•» "shopkeep
ers," the hotel men w»*re "tavern keep
ers," und the policemen were "watcb
H*   I aid
"Don't waste your time in clipping
off the branches," aald Ihe woodman lo
hl( son, "but lay your ax at tbe root of
the tree." An,) the young man went
out and laid bis ux al tlm foot of tbe
tree, like a good und dutiful boy, and
then ho went lisblug. Truly there la
nothing so beautiful as filial ubedleaca.
-Stiiiinl Magazine.
Ptnslons Fer Everybody.
Th* Bristol Guardians hav* adopted
a reaolullon sipressing   th*   opinion
that th* government (hould   suppert
svsry on* mor* than 10 years elit
II   IS a*   ui..*.   «••   l_»-»rlaal  Tmi   mt
•Ualll ur i,,.>>«>-*„..
The eold water ordeal waa oue of Ihe
most Important tests of guilt or inn*,
ceinc a few hundred year* ago. If ihe
accused floated, he was guilty; If he
sauk, he wss kinocent. Iu th* twelfth
century some altar veisels were stolen
from tbe cathedral of l.ii.ui. and the
learned Ansel... pro-*.»ed that u child
from each purist, and then n child from
each household should be put to thu
ted and so oa until lhe guilty one was
fouud. Tl.e proposition raised a great
outcry, aud tbe people clamored that
tbo** wbo bad eadest acce(( lo tho
ehurel. b* th* first to undergo tbe ordeal.
Thta looked reasonable enough. Ho
th* blahop ordered the six prlesU of
tb* cathedral to prepare for the teit.
lu th* meanwhile Aliaelm thought lo
try tbe experiment himself as a preliminary test. Ho he was bound uud
placed lo a tub of water. To bis great
satisfaction as well as discomfort he
promptly sank. Tbe day arrived and
witb It an Immense crowd lo sen the
Irhil. Tb* first priest sank, the second
Seated, Ibe third sank, ll.e fourth flout
ed. the fifth sauk, un.l tbeu Auselin
himself- wonder of wonders lu spile
of experiments and protested lnnoeei.ee
Coated around wllh tbe buoyancy of an
air bubble. While he wus serving bis
sentence In prison Anselin found lime
to writ* a learned treatise on the "Inexpediency of the Water Ordeal mul
Its failure lu Many t'aaes."
| u/han | c a homo sl night, snd she
Mv wits, with oi'l-iui.e. girlish art,
■ Meet.- mc nml l-M- hsi hand iii mine
And »aj    "The daj wss   long, deal
Then does mi day "k'""1 *"'" brigni,
llKi bi, on.    i".".' sssmi itrangeij
While all un* .me*, thai thronged mj
Have turned to blossoms   sl    •"•'
I leel
Wlmt mattei lhat aorosi ll -
Mv neighboi dines on prtncel) '■'<■'
I din* .'.. lierb   with love "i"1   "
A king   whut -I" I kiiim "i . are!
Florence A   Jo"**
! Lord Lytton Takes Them lo Tj-A For
False Ideas
"l.et girls muii\  ni    eighteen   and
■ bovs at twenty, mid tha iiorld mil be
' relieved ol some ol it i '-''-l I"'"-
, blems." Tin*, nn- il.-* advice givsn by
; a speaker st a conference ol the t'ai
.ni-' National Educations! Union at
Brighton reoantlj lollowinij sn sd-
drea   by Lord Lytton
Lord Lytton gave what lie called " \
young man's lecture to I is | irente
" i'ii,. inn,* ba- i "in.* toi parents lo
rsalisa th.*. hue made sums niav
mistakes," he said "In ihs first place,
il is n mistake toi a rich lathei '"
i bring up In- son in Ignorance .'' ths
responsibilities of au Inheritance
Soma fathers go on ss if thej ex
ppcto.l to live i". eve. In iv hoy
should be taught how to handle
in..ney. nol alone lor Ins own sake, I".I
because he nini -"lue tunc have * hergs
..( othei i" ople'i money
"But a question mors vital still Is
that "i tes There ia s tendenej
among parents nowadays lo saaums .."
inm I.-,• timidity In speaking ol iuch
matters. II instead of being timid and
obscure Ln thsii advice parents would
b* quite frank il would prevent iinicli
evil Irom Which lhe mul.1 no" -oilers. To many t*irls tin* real meaning
of  marriage   Is a sealed book, and this
i<   lalgelv   the   IllUlt   ol   Iheil    lli"'lo*l-
I'loin iiicin i.*ii, they bettei l"..k b,t
adi ice than from their mothei     Tel
the latter often remain silent •
ot a want ol courage to speak plaiul)
"Society is full . f mi*, rj due i" tl a
blunders "1 psrsnte    in   tailing   i"
speak o'.'l      11   ii   much  nl Iln* cul  III
our great cities comes Ir*.m this il
would be dismal to contemplate As a
young man. I aay to lathers Speak t"
youi sous, snd remembei thai il" bast
education n father enn give It in lhe
example of your own tin
It   WSS  here  that   M      RogSI     QMJI
llaiiip.-oii. a  Belgian  prol r.    -iik-
geetea   fixing   marriageable   a*,*,*-   sl
eighteen f,u girla nn I twent] l"i
"with tin   .I couraged by parents, all
th* c-.l- '.>•  I ii ■   i i.   talkh .
would dinai ■ -aii   " Ihe great
trouble i. thai no:  snd 	
tno lato ii. i.t' I et in urge ii,eu. ;
marry sarliai
I.aJy Campbell suggested that thtue
wa„ » growing d itton to marry
among girls. "It is due to a Mitten
love of luxury an.I a disliks l- begin
married life rn a hum bla »....' she
said "(Jirls want !•■ begin where tbelr
parents left off. snd not at lhe be
ginning. II it wer* n.'-. lot this saltish
consideration ol luxury, ws should
perhaps hsve ( u lier marriagi
Ofln.ally   H-jJ     Ysl   Wilting.
'1 he   Bi oUmati   publi tl s   lo.-
lowuig amusing ned    W    *.
0 " "un tb* ii" ii'i'iei t of tl ■ Bi "itisb
Horse my full name and regin
number sppeai ..- having dim! of n,--
< sss in South AIrii., U ban I ota ■ d
my nam* smusig • (alien in ihs papers at the tune I nn.li* to ths leiri-
incut's headquarters tor particulars
uncut my .i'lii: t - rl a liieml ol mine.
Iiy return I received my birth-place,
aire, .In-,. ..I enlisU ent, eb    and that
1 liud disd of 'Ionia,
Bouth Ai:. •. ■' ii..* ;.!-,!: "( January,
IMS I iriiiici. :. making
my-elf km il la
sgsinal niiliiiii*. rules to writs to men
win. a..- "ih ] have never received any reply. Like Brad] I
can decorate my own monument both
in Edinburgh and J hanneaburg, but
havs ai*-" Been unsbla to get slthei
Compensation ,.r pension, though invalid   1 home a*, tl nd ol the war, and
dlSObargad as unlit h.r further service,' alter nsarlj  two years io   the
Held. The lu i-t (musing part ,,( the
whole tiling is that I am both officially
alive and dead I'i. • lotIS le joining the
Scottish Horse, I Mrved sixteen
months in tin- Scottish Sharpshooters
Heme born in Wales, on joining the
Scottish Horse, tat! ,r thnn lose nu
3ld hand (ths rub* I" nig that you must
be born in Scotland) the lie wn- put
into my mouth to that effect B*no* I
nm very much nine as an old Sharpshooter, but (tend and buried in South
Africa at a place I never was at as a
Scottish Hor-,* t p,*r "
Osng*ra of Hast*.
A physician In Th* Lancet warns
lis readers against the hajity riprea-
sl-in of Opinion by doctors about the
nature of tho'r patients' ailments st
a ollnl-: was a subject with a murmur
In hla hoart and with one of his ryot
■11.ated. The peculiar appearance of
th* e>*» se"iiwd to hav« some g n-
noctlr.n r!!*i Ibe cardla,* affection, bul
various op nlons were espressed by the
different students ss to what tlu, pre-
"Is8 nature of Ibis Marlon e,,uId bs
The dl*CU((ton   was Just  bncumlng In-
(•isstlng «hen  ths  paiient  remarked
that  Ids (..rango looking eye wu, ,,,,4,
The Bronohlal Tube* and Lunflt are Protected,
the Evil Effeote of Golds by
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpi
V 1111 iiov.i nil in 1 what form
■1 chi will lake, but you may be ron.*
,1 mil -em,h out youi weakest organ
Wui,   ,,in, 11 11 11 a catarrhal nn-
tun- ami niici- ii"* head principally:
with others il bocoinei hroiichitii and
there ->•'- In " hsrd cough and severe
,.*„. 1 ,,,,, Then, again, il often
lead   In inllnininatlon   ol ih<- Iuiikh,
1 sumption   pneumonia "i mnv »t-
lie on tlie kidneys m bowel)
ii,,,.,,,, ,. eoldt do not always provs
-eiioiis HOIIIH people lake clnilice.
mlh Ihciii.  bul thS n-k   1- menl    "1
ii:, ,. . Bj rup "i Linseed   and Tut*
„.,,,,,„. ,.' intended i-' people   who
Wlllll       :l-   iili.lice    agSiUSl       -oil,,11       le
up    (nnn oold
11        . ,i. 1 Heine   I..- i.i.-olut.li
. ii- cvtii Iiini.i  control ovei
rough .   colds,    chip,     bronchitis,
.ihoopiii*-* rough, asthma and nil suoh
iilnmiu-. and im  Hn- reason hns a
„ ii„. great majority <■( homes
Mi   ,1'ilni elm
ll"i"\ nm . write
In  all   .-..it.   .,1
catch eold.   I.n i
Willi   11   cul,I  that   1
„   Will
palps In Um ■
n would devolo*
l ilul nol   	
try Dr, 1'hn •
Turpentine ami i
before I had 1
I.ollh•   Cured   in*
lie*,,*,   inoibl   hm,'
' '■'(
oil-   ll   I   ll.ol   1
Hi    I lm •
Turpentine, 2 ■
dealers, 01   1
Toronto   To
IlltlolM.    Ill,'    p ||
lir.  A.   W   lb., ,
I k    illllli"!
Lost   Opportunities.
"Whal a pity if wt* lhal baseball
na- not known in tl bl Roman gl«-
halorial  time "
" Whj
"Because ibev would have so enjoy.
*d killing the unt] "
Comparisons Dangerous.
\ .oi   ' nn   liu-I   Sunt lis- i -      Ih
1 1 .1 ■ ihe day la long
"Do you notice In.w short lhe 'lays
ire jeti n|        Brooklyn  Life
IU*.* It..nnili um- in 11 g.»-l state "I
,i. -,.i i ,in..11 hav been unearthed at
u. I., n ill,*,1-1 iii -"im* workman en-
.•ru:,"I in rxcavatloi
Benedii It   That luminous   paint Is
Siugli ion   w hut -I" von 11-e it lorl
Benedick   Ws    pain!    Ihs    '
o we  ' ."> gIVS  l.ui)  a  'Ir ink  in
he nighl «ithoul lii-lilnu,' the .
1 mpire
Bill. , :.-      Burdi i.    I.n.    11„   bilious in 1, ,   neiei  .1 oompanii
mini ■ ailment render* ''in-
I-    complain)
'•I.*     Vet  nu  one
.', pi    ore I'....*
I'egctal      P .* dating   Um
livei aioI obviating thi  effects "I bile
in ihe itomach thej  restore men to
-.1   a,in.II
io  - lagant   yonnj man      ■'   I  s
1 the platform ■•(  1 11.nn, • iy*
ing, " \i" you not ■ bamod t*> follow
ml   1   pi--
'And un* you not sahamed,"   ik
iiiiiii'lcl  ih..   other,  "i*.   go •" well
i   .. tin ul   1 i" cketbook
II    tillll'     '
Pi-ie'i S>ull.
Th.*  -kull  ol
poet  and  satiri 1
oolleotion ol a 1
-nine   iillerali.-n
where   Pop    I
in',   to movi   li
llpellC'l    III     ill.      •
stale ..I hi.-   1.1
tegtun  ol  i'
ilu* poet's (knll
nil-lit. and i"
out   skull   w ■
.   .     I tl
ws    CM
While    (li
when sudden
ir> ths -li' '
and     1 lh
throat nui-
ilie tu-i   light
Bickle's  tntl -
^tllllt   n-liel   will
il-.* of lb. 1
li-ap|H*ii.*    . Ul 1
attucli     Foi  si
"At I   •
, * -
I P'
llienla.   ||
.'..,.,"..   Wl,-.   lhe   M..LI.
Ths whole affair has the eharaetat of
What  we  should cull a  mjsteiy play,
tbe dramatic ecUoa representing th*
llvllit of the sun pxl to return northward from bis home In the mountains
Malevolent eciiii nre trying to drag
him back. While friendly dlilnllics aid
'.in In tin- Struggle. II.* wins, of
ami i-.iiies lm, k to Mokl I_nd
to warm the eatth wllh his rais and
to cause It to smilo wllh fresh bar-
\es.s wiii'ii ih., s barvaets are ripen-
lux In the follow lug summer tbe snak*
K «l. uliieli contriils the water supply
ao urgent lv needed tn tbat arid country, must be np|*<*as,-d by another cera-
inony apeclally devised for hla glort-
Bc«tion, the principal feature of which
la tho famous snake dflu.-e, concerning
which so much bus l»eei. written.—
American Family UsgSSlna,
wa.rt .essaiCd
. k
rie win. rend* only what pleases ner.
•ir giowa icr,i  I.-ni nod.
.411-1II >„   llir   .„,,,.
Tailor'* I.lltle Uny (wslklDg wllb bis
fnther. HSS 11 Street rolleri What's
that, papal Tailor Tb* streets being
newly Ironed nml pressed    Figaro.
M the Birmingham l-'nt istock shi s
lis  iiin'c-iy, who wu., a  in,, I    ,,,...
ful exhibitor, in several lections, won
ilie entile championship With ,1    hint.
I hrl.nsai  I'o.l  Cards.
TV favorite Christmas post cirds
Imve very little room for writing. Tb*
eiiMre back of the .aril Is covered with
n "Madonna and t'hlld" by Murlllo,
Kuphael, or. to cou.e to more modern
limes, riabrlel Max or r.ougucreau.
The coloring Is most artistic, and these
turds are ijtilto worth framing as llttl*
works of art.   Rome of these  Minion-
i-is for Instance, tbe Raphael "Ms-
donna of the l"halr"-nre framed In s
Wreath of glowing holly, which con-
trust* vividly wm, ti,e colors In the
Roman scarf flung over tbo back of
the chair. Other subjects are to be
hud In tbeae truly artistic post cards,
notably portraits of fair women by
Itein.iey     und     My,     Keynolda    nnd
Oeituborongh, arenas and I* Hum.—
Now Voil. Qloh*	
uoreii mm ..U»l.
Queen Bllsabeth bad a Flemish porter who we over eight feet high ami
of •.•nai strength, nnd be  was an ex-
'■"cmel.i  1 1 iiniiired 1111111.   Whenever
he met any one 11 ho Whk iibmirmiilly
'"'I   he  1 1   to  put mu Ire   lilm   iu   „
friendly snrl of way, ami on ono OCOS
Slon  uhen he met nl au lun (wo aol-
dlers nh0 ii.ic over si, reel in height
he said, "Corns under my arms, my in
tie fellows." Ami. taking them up, ho
WSlked down ihe room With them under his arms as ir they bsd > n children, much I.i their disgust.
Accident. !
may happen •*
I.l.l* KKADY  I-t tmttimmt
Buy a bottle of
For Lameness In Horiel
Only 60c.   a  l«,t->-sa*l*J
dollata worth .1  -  - 'T tmW§
lameneM of eversr  ler;'
At dealers, (1 from
NaUanal Drug S Cts»e-.c«l Co.
.cm steer, Mr   K   U   Hudson being
re ■.. ■ wiih a 11"    in, ,1 lo iiei
A   hl.el.ru  rineo-.ilIon.
A tea strainer formed the foundation
for It   Just one of Iho plnln, ordinary
one* of finely woven wires, but polish 1
ed and shining ns though made of some j
much liner metal.   It wns lined wllb j
tbe softest of silk nml stuffed with n .
Uuy bag of bran, which, lu Ita turn, |
W(( neatly lucked awuy under a coverlet of silk.   A  bit of ribbon  made  a
small how on the handle, and at the
same time furnished a loop to bang II
op by. Tben the wire part was thickly
seeded wllh pins sod the novel cushion
pot In plaesk
Wlllliia  |(l  111,11,,.
I'nele (tO little Ibrlle. ,ig,.,|  flv.., wbo
is being lukeu off 1,1 bed) Qood night,
Bertie, or course you slways remember your mints mnl uncles In nnir
prayers) Bertie Oh, yes, Uncle Pellxl
Winn 1 ten you wiuii 1 Nm?   1 say
"Ood bless Amu.!   Rltly „„,*' maka h(.r
ihiu. nmi Ood bless Uncle James and
mnke bim  rut, ami iimi bless   Uncle
Fell! anil wblcb do you 11111,1 to bo
fut or thin?. I'iiiicIi.
Your feet
Con'f Oct (old
wheu you wear
a I'asi Train,
"Is IblS a fast iraiij';" asked a pus
sengei* who was tired of looking al 11
at'ith.ii in which UlS train was not sup
poaed to Nlop
"Of course It Is," was Ibe conductor's
"I thought SO, Would you iniu.1 in',
gelflm, niittii .,., W|„l( ,,,, f||,> U>Y.
"Somo men can take new furniture
snd make It look a. ,f |, wa< ,„„,,,, „
century ago," ,„y. n journall„ „„
AAU some children.
Take a ten mil* rt*,Vj
or a twenty mile drive
the therincnictdr 4° t*"
zeio and >(>ur '"' 1
he watin and comf. :
you wear Ki.mika  1 i*'*"|
tee Ihsl   I.""** "'• k   *'
shnvt   epi**".*   on   t
A.. y»u. Jf.lfl t» (l>< " P
(LMIHA  ft.™
W     N
v"    A terlee of Article* Oe(orlb-
Slng their Lives, their Alma
and their Influence.
67 »
I HUBERT S.   VOKINS        2
tt** ****** tt rr gyrrtararrt*
and       Proprietor       ol
Warman   Leader.
The subject •■( tin- above encrnving
is one of the '."iincer gciieii.tuui ,.(
western newt.pnp.-i   ..i,*n,    nne   nh,,
hSS    hy    Sheet      pel    "Hal     efllirt     llll   I'll
himsell   into   in- pic cut    position
Coming to tin country a few veins
ego With tto capital,  nmt  not  even ii
definite calln >.•  In*  has  imn   friends
snd support.-.      ami ipu.hth-.l Iiiiii **ll
for tha position he In.l.Is. The Wnr-
nian Leader !■... t.ut.-.l ...,t rn a
modest way   in an srohlUous t<>wn,
and will grow   a-   the  town   del • lops.
Mr. Vokins was horn in Kumshtiry,
Wiltshire, Ei.fciniol.   iu   l*HO.  t.i   I.iu.'
llsh parent"      nml after he. in*.- ol
eufllcieut age, nttendeil the Httin-bur)
public scho'N until   he waa fifteen
years  Of  age.   when   he   t,...k   a   -ilu*
ation in a i
He came I,. t'uiuidn. uml applied
himsell to Imiiiinr nil 1901, nt the
end of the' time baying himsell a
farm in the in ills Mountains, «liicli
he worked i r three iini- Hih
newspaper in-tuirt. or inclination,
now began  - -   '       .If,  and    he
took   a po* i'.'.n      in     tb.-     Iiclorinii,
Times olfii* L'et'iiu- a schooling ii
tlie typogiapli * and editn.iiil an
With Mr. <.".i_* l'.-.ri. r-.,n. Alter a
short time here he nent t.. the  Was
- kada Exp.*-it..r,  where ha  remainei
until laat .lun.*. when he lomoved u
I Warman nml e-inbli-h>-,i the Laadei
^^^^^Hptm. ia a man
| « aful   iu   l.i-   utterances,   uml   »ei
* balanced uientiilly. winch aiiguis nel
t fit Us fiiiinc in tie* mh ,( Weeten
. Canadian . unmlisiii.
g      A Hllln I Iphra sel I  mistress wai
giving* h*.  pupils instruction In ilu
~ elements ol physiology, mul ainoni
other tin ci. tobl th.-iii tlial    wben
over thev   ini.ve.l  an  arm  or a   leg It
was in ie pon-.- to a men-sage    Imn,
tha brain lli*  loam  always   ..-ml
a msrsai    t>. y.,u. arm oi teg when
ever you aiah t., move the partieulai
3 member.     -In- explain ■ I
l-^^^^Bt  :i
I nr anger i,,* hii spparent Inattentkn
to the 1
"titew ,.ut voni  hand"' shs   sa
claimed. M H
t.JLm y del  not   iiiove
"Wtor  'I    i I     y.iu   hold    out     youi
hands said the teachei
"I'm waiting for tbs meeeage fron
; is bra the lad replied    Phils
delpM I • 1 .1
a. Burnln*. Skin DImihi Cured
rtv-live Csnla - l)r Agnewn Olnl-
*lu-v«*» in an* (lai. nnd cures Tel*
ll   ll lieura.   Hcalil    Head,    b-i'-mi.
Ii.ii.  I n.i-    lu.*. he and tinii
the   akin.     It   is   •"*- linnv    and
■ ml »,t» like magic iu the cure
rl.y  humors.    Me.—17.
s\\ I .   .I,,  ws do   the  i uiest
ost hi.teiul things in those wi
tic   I.  -t  P
-I   pie.nine    il   ia   because    111
ji.* nou .I stand it -l.ippiiicott'.
■nl \t .Ml Tunes In uinter m
pin.'i Parmelee's Vegetable Pill
ape wuh and overcome any n
title-.  ..I     the  digestive     urgiiti:
change .>( diet, change .*i real
. or variation nf 1eni|>ointiir.
bung about. Tbey slioiibl bs al
kept nt I...ml, nml olio thei.
..•.ai action beeomee known, m
iill  be without  them.    There    n
in* nauseating In then structure
lhe most delicate cun use then
Hs Si   Med Ihe Barber.
bu* will y..ii hnve your hail  CUt,
jhiinl the talkative barber te Un
pi  in the cliaii
inus   i-iiiivi-isi.iio.iiil   prolixity.'
I.I  ths  patient
low-  that  sir-"
[ith abbreviated or totally .-Iimi
Fithout sffsrveecenl verbosity, Let
[diminutive colloquy ia* conspieu
by its absenoo."
barber    acriitchi-d     his    hear
htfully n second, nnd then WS1
Iln (h« proprietor of the shop in
Wred:- "i  don't  know   wnethi
[ in Ji ii in my chair is inuil or a fo.
br. hut I can't Iiml mil what li
Ic victim  hnd to explain  thnt  h
ed the job dlMS in silence     Wl
Tfcer Were Once Verr Qoraeaaa mod
M'otm la Ike Uayilme.
Iu thu middle nges night robes, n( a
general thing, were uuknuwu luxuries.
t'ndei* tbe 'I'mlors royulty and nobility hnd them innde of silk or velvet, and, as the old books suy, -hence
uo washing wus necessary."
A night robe of black sutln bound
with black tuffelu und edged with vei
vet of tbe sume color waa dulnllly
fashioned for Anno Holey n.
More luxurious still wus oue owned
■'J' Ql n Bess.    It  was of bluck vei
vet. fur lined, utul greatly offset by
II..wing borders of silk lace. And Iu
lodS    her   majesty   gUv,.   orders   thut
George Bcodlgmao should deliver
"threescore sad slg best sable skynnsa,
lo furnish ih a night gown." Four
years inter ber blgbnaaa orders the
delivery   of   "twelve  yards   of   purple
velvet, frissed iii. the buck syde, with
white uud russet Kllke,'- for n night
gown for herself and ulso orders tbe
delivery   of   fourteen  yards  of  murry
damask for the "makyngs of n night
gOWliu" for aome one else.
Night gowns flnr ladies of n biter
period were called •'uyght valla." In
Queen Anne's time It was tho fashion
to wear tiii-iii over the custotnkry drees
In Hit- Streets In the daytime, wheu out
ou u plo.t.siuv walk. And, aa wus lifting, ladles wl... Indulged In nightcaps hud them also made of silk or
velvet, With '•much pretty gurnUhliig
of luce nnd glittering cords," und thc
fair ones made presentation of costly
cups to each ollu-r ua tokena of respect
or affection.
II."    Ibry   Are    dripped    at   Their
Shells  While  Allec*.
The shells shipped from tbe Colon
district aro taken from turtles caught
on the I .a gni lo and Kan Illua couata uf
the Caribbean sou during the mouths
of May. June, July und August, when
tl.ey approach the shore to deposit
••u-gs, which are laid on tho aundy
boacl.es above high wuter murk at
night. Holes nre dug about one ami a
half feet deep and the egga deposited
therein. Oaneraily about three layings
ure made during a period of nine
•reeks. The eggs are lightly covered
with sand und left to be batched out
by the heat of Ihe sun. The turtles nre
caught either while un (bore or In the
water by means of net*.
Aa a rule, they are killed Immediately
after being caught, cleaned and tbe
(bell frame washed with (and But oo
tbe San Bias const lb* Indiana do not
kill tbem, but at ouce proceed to remove the shell by iiubjectlng the tur- I
ties to great heat, afterward throwing '
tbe turtles back Into Ihe sea. by tbe
appli. .iiion of heut the successive plates
uf shell come off very easily.
Turtles caught iu these waters vary I
lu also trom one to lour und a half feet
long, with a maximum weight of l.»
l■..un.l-.   and   the   average   weight  of
-hei, obtained from each Is from six to >
vii'u  pound-    The c,>uiiiier<!.il  value :
of tortoise shell depends upon the thick- !
ness and kIk* of the plates rather than
upon the brilliancy uf the colors.
Frank L, Wellington hns died nt
his homo ii. Trinity avenue, New
York, the victim ol a disease which
Caused his bones to snap like fins.
One day while hulling a strup In a
■street car his arm snapped off. A
sliort time later a leg hone snapped.
According to his physician this terrible
coiulilii.il wan brought about hy tuk-
ing medicine which contained a certain mineral  poison.
Again and again hns it been demonstrated that mineral medicines are
bin infill. It is because Bileans, while
so effective ior all liver nnd digestive
disorders, yet contain no trace of any
uiiner.il, but nre, on the contrary,
purely h>-i bal, that tbey have won ihe
praise of medical men, trained nurses
..ml scientist's all the world over.
bileana differ irom pretty nearly
every other liver medicine iu containing uo meicury, and from pretty
nearly every other stomach medicine
in lieing free from bismuth. They
are also Iree from alcohol. They an-
compounded Irom the finest known
medicinal hei ho and roots mid ure
thus the l"-t family medicine that
can Is* obtained. They operate gently on the bowels, curing eonstipation
and piles. They correct acidity ..f
the stomach, stimulate the digestion,
tone up thc liver, and correct the
.secretion ot bile. Their general action is ut the Same time corrective
and tonic—correcting faulty secretion,
toning up weak uud debilitated organs. They thus cure anemia, green
sickness, I,'inul,■ ailments and irregularities, blood impurities, rlieunui-
tism, etc. Kor nausea, headache, gus,
pain in the chest ami between the
shoulders they am also very effective. Their operation is mild, yet effective. In curing constipation they
do not cause alu.r constipation, nor
do they ever cause griping. Mothers
.nil find them beneficial iu the mnny
little ailments to which children are
subject. All druggists sell Bileans at
lilly oente u Inx. or they niHy bo ol>-
laincd |sjst frnc from thc Bilean Co..
1'oronto, on receipt nf price. For
I2.VI  a   parcel   of   six   boxes  will     be
mailed. Thin ir. thc moet economical
iiirui Ior family use.
Its   Ise   an   inl,.ril.*,I   iiui.K   anil
Mian  of  I uiod.
Widi the big. resile--, energetic
world outside of thia tropical belt, how*
ever, the mutter of keeping warm Is
i ever present, troublesome and expensive, throughout hnlf of each passing
As tt mutter of fact, the world of hu
inanity dwelling In Rtovi-lnnd never bus
been lu all the ages reall] and COBi
rortahly warn, hi winter. II Is largol)
onr own fault. Mankind is tbs onlj an
iinni which employs lire In the clforl lo
survive Ihe cold of the winters.   The
hardy lower animals do out u i It,
however much their luxuriously .ner
vuted representatives, tbe dog nml ihe
cat, mny enjoy It when they huve a
Ancient mnn only got himself rid of
bis provident cost Of balr aud bis suf-
lleeiit latent heat when he began to
loaf around the family COOklng stoic
und absorb tbe Intoxicating comfort of
artlilclnl warmth. This faraway ancestor is responsible for tbe fact thai
Ibe present duy luiiniin being, mitsldc
of tho belt aforesaid, is obliged to keep
.lose to a thermometer registering
nearly or quite 70 degrees !•'. from October to May, besides which be must
needs wear extra clothing. This also Is
au Inherited hal.it.
A traveler west ouce nsk.-d n hair
naked Indian In midwinter limy be
managed to stand llie weather. The
Indian replied: 'Vour face no got u
coat It no cold. Indian face ull over."
•.-National Magazine.
fhe—You haven't sny eonftdenoe in
either candidate t
He mi the contrary, 1 have confidence in both. 1 believe all the
things they 6sy about each other arc
absolutely true —II Mondo UtnorfS*
Ther Waltr-S Well.
A large uudieuce once gathered lo
Baltimore to bear l'rofessor Sylvester
read a unl'iiie original pocui of -WO
hues, all rhyming with the name Ito.-*
lin.l Ho hud appended to the poem a
large number of explanatory footnotes,
wblcb he said he would read first.
When at last he bad done so be looked up at the clock and waa horrified to
hnd that he bad kept the audience an
hour nud n half before beginning to
read the poem they bad come to bear.
The astonishment ou bis face was answered by a burat ot good humored
laughter from tbe sudlence. aad then,
after begging all his bearers to feel at
perfect liberty to leave If they bad engagements, he read the Rosalind poem.
Beware at   Otntmants  *>er  Oatsrrh   tbat
Contain Marcury,
as mercui I will auralr destroy ths sen**
ot smell and coneletslr Strange ths
.•hole srsuui when enterln* li ibrousU
the uioroi.s surfaces Sui h STtlete* shonld
never be used except on pr* rtptlous
from reputable phisicians. a- tS( Jam
ace tbey will do is mn lold lo ib« (ood
you can posalhly derive from tbem.
Ball's Oatarrb Cure, manufactured by r.
J. Cheney A Co.. Toledo, Ohm contain-
oo mercury, and is lakeo laternally.
acting directly upon lbs blood and -nor
ous surfaces <•! lbs system, lo baylna
Hall's Catarrh Cur* be lure you s»l «bi
Ctnulnt. It Is laktn Internally an*-
made to Toledo. Ohio, by F. J. C'brnsv
A Co. Testimonials free.
Sold  by   Prucclsts.    Price. 75c  per bot
Takt   Mall •   rau.il/   Pllli   tor ronstlpa
"Your *-• n i. u great football player."
"Yes; it Is hereditary."
"I never heard that his hither was
s football player."
"He Isn't, but he Is a chronic kick-
_>r."—-Houston I'ost.
...,,  flaw oi ii.
"Hut If she makes all bet own dfCBSCS
1   should   think  she'd   be u   good  Wife
for you.   it shows she's Industrious
and sensible."
"Not for me, thnnk you.    It simply
shows bow poor her fulher must be."
tm ii.
"You can't guees what sister aai.l
aliont you just before you came in, Mr.
Etlgbcollar," SSld little Johnnie.
"I buven't uu idea in the world, Johnnie."
"That's It You guessed it the very
first time." 	
The   ltlff.-rni.-r.
Tell a women her face Is her fortune
aud she la complimented. Hint to a
man tbat bis cheek is bis most valuable asset and he Is likely to get mad
Peruna it a houtehold friend in
more, than a million homa. Thi*
I numofr is inertating every day.
' Petwu. hat become a hovtehold word
■ all over iht English tpettking i
/(is an old tried remedy inr alt to.
' 'orrhal disinms of the haul, throat,
! lungs, ttonnteh. Ham ;< *. nltnlderand
female organs.
A.k  Your Druggist tor Free Peruo*
AlmAaat tor l°07.
Di     Lc.i.hardt's     Hem-Roid    will
cine any case of Piles
This statement    is  mode    without
any qualifleations.
lt is in the form ot u tablet
It is the only p:le remedy used internally.
It  i» Impossible to cure an sstab-
J lished ca-e (.(  Piles with ointm mta,
suppositories,  injections   r.i   outwsrd I
I appliances.
A fl.tssi ptmrunteo wuh ever; peck-
age "f Iir   Leonhardt's Hem-Roi I
11.00, all dealers, or Tho Wilson-:
Kyle Co.,    Limited,    Niagara    Kails.
Ont. - |:i
Hm Mistake.
The editor was apologtxlng over tbe
telephone for an annoying typographical error ln bis paper.
"In our account of tbe meeting at
which you were chairman last night,
colouel," bo said, "we tried to say,
'following Is a detailed report of tbe
proceedings," but it appeared In print,
as perhaps you huve noticed, 'Following Is a derailed report.' und ao forth.
Mistukes of lhat klud, you know,
"lt may have beou an accident." Interrupted the man ut tbe other end of
the wire, "but It wasn't ,i mistake.
You sulelr.li kd moat of Die report"
Aallsaeklaa K.n. <•
Su en nous efforts have been made In
times past to stamp out smoking.
Amoug Ihe roles of uu Kugllsb school
iu 1618 It wus laid down that "a master
must be a man of grave behavior, neither papist nor 1'urltan, no tin.mi*. of
alehouses and ao puffer of tobacco." In
Turkey, where the pipe Is now omnipresent, former sultaus made smoking
a crime, und offenders were punished
hy having (heir pipes thrust Into their
DOOee, while 111 Russia a royal edict or
denil the BOtSS of the smokers to be
0°' oft' _______
Tbe Heal Ulattoa.
Ileiievolcut Old I.u.ly (to little boy lu |
Btn-cti Why why. Utile boy, bow did
you ever get such n black eye! Hmiilll
lloy-Mc and Sammy Jones was Ughl■
In" for uu gpple In solus.I. i,m' ho smnah-1
...1 me, Benevolent Old I.ndy -Heur, 1
dear, nnd which glutton got the applet |
Small Ilov-Teacher, uiu'uui.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form ot contagious Itch on human or animals cured m 30 minutes by
VVolford's Sanitary Lotion.
A Mexican V. M. C. A.
Ifexica City is to have a Young
Men's Christian Association building.
U k dinner tendered John R. Motl
it thc Sam hotel, which was ittend-
•d by the vice-nr* --ident oi the Republic aud the leading Mexican and
nreign business men, the Iniernation-
vl Committee, through Mr. Mott, of-
a red $50,000 lor thc building, and
ue local supporters of the Young
\lenV i In i-i nm Association are en-
lo'.i ..I ti*.' to raise $300,000 additional.
-X   Y. Tribune.
Do not delay in getting relief for
the little folks. Mother Oraves' Worm
i'.xlciinitiator is a pleasant and sure
cure. If you love your child why
do you let it suffer when n remedy
is SO near nt  hand :
Rs     .n   In   It.
An officer in the nnnv requested
permission to acini with i.is baggage
to a distant post on the frontier a
small box ol books. He wns gruffly
refused  by thc old man.
"Anything in reason, sir," snorted
ihe ('. 0. "llut hooks! Stud nnd
"Then I suppose it is useless, sir,
;o ask permission to send a keg of
whiskey t"
"Not at all. Not ut all. Send it
b.v all means. 1 snid anything in
reason."- Pittsburg  Press.
SpascMeat and Paralysed—"! had n.i
vular dineaae and Ibe heart." writes Mrs.
J. H. .I,«.,!... of Truro. NH. "I suffered
icrriiili una wss ..tt* n speechless and
,'sitiiilii paralysed. One dose of Dr.
A«n>'» ■■ Cure for lhe Heart gave mc relief! ainl belore I finished one bottle I
was able to go about To-dsv I sin a
well woinsn."-4.1.
"You worked Ior my election be-
•ause you thought 1 was tha better
nan, didn't you .*-' said the official.
"Noih-," answered Fnrmor f'orntos-
■el; "the less ol two evils."—Wash-
ngton Star.
ti .._	
Talent's Trlaniph.
"What's the difference between talent und genius';''
"Talent makes money oftener than
genius does."—De'rolt I'roo I'reaa
of Red
Cures Coughs
CRAY'S SYRUP does that one thing,
and does it well. It's no "cura-all," bnt
a CUR U (or all throat and lung troublea.
CUM (tops tha irritating tickla — takes
away tbe soreness—sooths snd heals tba
tbro.t aud CURBS COUCHS to stay
Nona the less effective becsuae It Is
pleasant to take.
85 cts. bottle.
Pains, hike the Poor, Are Always
With I's—That portion oi man's life
.vhich is not made up of pleasure it
atgely composed ol pain, and to lx
ree Irom pain is a pleasure. Bitnpli
emedies nre always the best in treat
ng Ixslily pain, and a sale, pure
ind simple remedy is Pr. Thomas'
■;cloctric Oil. You cannot do wrong
u giving it n trial when required.
Uriah Opstat*-Young Jason Oags*
.y has mortgaged his hundred acres
or t'i.WIO an' Cone tew New York
ev buv nn iiutytiioliiln.
Silas Grahall (who once purchased
I   rein  goodal-Haa,  hey?    Well,   I'll
st bot. yew a good five- center cigar
het he gita hu-n agin an' unpnekt*
'ie said autymohils, it'll turn out to
te a nice red wh *• lbnrrow!—Puck.
It in understood that Rignor Mar-
leoni and his beautiful Irish bride are
to pay another visit to America.
Firsl Quest—Plow ] Wheravei .-
this lent ful .halt coming trom -
Beoond Quest—It i* time. Parvenu
turning wer the pai I het maga-
iiun in order to show *>i' h.-i new
lings.   Figaro.
There are a nmnher ol varieties ..i
coin-    Holloway'a Corn Curs will remove any oi    them,    full on    your!
druggist and get n bottle nt once.
"Se   here,"   snid   the   theatrical
mrnagar, "you must drop your over-j
laming   behavior  toward   tne    other
members ol thc company."
"Indeid!" replied tne lending 1-nly,
hnutily.    "I'm the star, nm  I nol t"
"Well, yes; hut just remember that'
you're not a fixed star."—Jester.
the   Mri..i  is  -  Uruth  Denies to All
Ulacaae  Genua.
"Copper  ls  a   marvelous  preveuUve
of disease.   If we returned to the old
copper drinking vessels of our forefathers,   typboi.l   o|. its . Ic   would
The speskcr, n nitration expert, took
t. c,.| per .ct from In- po. ket.
"Examine tbl i cent under Ihe i   ■
scope," he said, "ainl you will find It
altogether free from disease genus
Kvniiiiiie   gold   iiinl   silver   coins,   and
...,ii win mui tiiein oi,.* wriggling un.l
contorting germ mi--'. v,*t enppet
coins p.is, through dirtier bauds than
gold mul silver ones,    Vou,I think they
ntiznt  io  bo    live  with  micro-organisms.   I'.nt  in    Copper  Kills  .
diphtheria sod cholera cultures smeared on a copper ccnl ilie   i   len than
two bourn.
"Thoy bave man; • holers epidemics
h. China, but certain towns sre always
Immune. These towns keep iheir
.lilhking water in great copper reaaeta
Travelers have tried to bu)  ll  .,*-
sels. for tbey aii* besuttflll, bul the
villager**; will not -• il them. Tlioj Ic* •
a superstition that their health md
welfare depend on tbelr retention. I
wish nil superstitious were a*, true sod
salutary as thai."
Twltchy Muaclaa and Sleeplessness.—TUc
bopelesa heart  airkne-s thai iwtt.es ou a
uian  or   woman   wh.***   nervea  are  ahat-
tt-ie.t  by disease can  i.e-'   De pn lureu in
couirast with a nauent who bus lieeu iu '
the "depths" ana has lieen tlrigired Iron,
them   ny   ssiuth Auiericsn  Nervine.    Ueo. ;
ll,-''-*, i.   ot   I..i,'-t.   itut.,  says:     '1  i.w-f .
lay  life  U>  it.    1 -,i*i rliniL-  else   l.ui, I   to
inr.        ii
Last Senior Wrangler.
The Senior Wrangler will Boon be
an institution ol the past. There is
to be a senior wrangler and a "woollen spoon" for one more year, and
then they will be known no moro at
Cambridge, except aa n tradition.
Such was the outcome ol tho voting which took place in the Senate
House at Cambridge the other afternoon upon the twelve resolutions embodying the salient changes nroposod
by the special Imard for mathematics
to be made in the mathematical tripos. There was a big muster of members of the Senate. In the gallerv
ladies ond undergraduates wore both
well represented, and looked down on
a soetiH which «as decidedly exciting.
Tho cards having been counted,
amid a (ttddsn hu-h tlie figures were
declared as lotions Placet, 2111; non-
placet. 187. There was much mors
voting to hc done, but the plucels
had won, and their numbers increased, while those ol their opponents
diminished. -
The order of merit was abolished
by 206 to 169, gn-at cheering attending the announcement.
Mvar- Mont people consider young
Piker rather fast, do thej not?
Oyer—Well, Ms tailor thinks he's
the slowest ever.      ____
Not Nelsslsse.
"Is his noiseless ponder a IllOOSSSf
"Not (rum li.u repoits I've heard'
Does fit
"And he makes im 1 • '.t e!
"Well, be ounht to en Iui*
ness vfhero bo could make 'bones' "-
Kansaa Citv S'..r
One Here Added to the I ons List ol
Cures Effected br Psychine.
has the  soft1
warm     feeP
the skin enjoys.
Hoi'su'i     itch.
Made   for   men,  women  snd   little    folks,
variety   ot   styles,
fabrics     and     prices.
Thl( young tadr, wbo livea in Brownsville, near Woodstock, Ont., tells her own
story in a few effective words ol bow shs
obtained deliverance Irom tha tarribls
grip of weakness and disease.
1 liars to thank Paychlne lor my preaent health.
Two years aifu I waa (uin*- Intoauecllns.   1......J
ba.dfy ,i:a| udell sauas Uta Boor. I oould uot
sweep Uicca-* pal.
II 1 seal lor a
drl»a t had to lis
Sowu wntn I
eaoif back. If I
wfut tor a mile
an two on my
whrtl 1 wai loo
wtak to llll It
lh(ou()i lhe fate-
way, atiil last
Urns 1 came lu
Irom hatlQf a
spin 1 d nip ned
atierir heiplusa
tiom fal'i'.e My
father would (Its
Dlt!l"|'H'l Slllll
t proi'iired r»y-
ohlne. hoswliif II
waa escslleol lor
decline or weakness 1 mual say
lha raiulta srs
wonderful, and
■Kuril remarked
melmiirooetaenL Imtead rV s llttls pale, hollnw
ehetked. ilnirae (melauirhuly tin 1 sa Unlay
hill ol Ilia ready lor s n-liii.rlde, s itaciif
match, or sn evenlniperty with aayone. snd a
(sw Di.inili. Sfo I could uot atrugila to i t.nr. h.
10 rosda from my horns. I hses aerer bail ius
sllfhtssl oauss lo fear say ret'ira ot (Its dleesss.
Brownatills. Onl.
Thoussnils of women sre using PSYCHINE, because tbey know from experience that in It tbey have a safe friend
and deliverer. Psychine is a wonderful
tonic, purifying the blood, driving out
liseaae geriiis, gives a ravenous appetite,
lids digestion and assimilation of (ixsl,
ind Is a positive and absolute cure tor
liseaae ol throat, cbest, hums, stomach
ind other organs. It quickly builds up
the entire system, making sick peoplo
well and weak people itrong.
(or sale at all dnwlsta st ROc. snd 11.00
er bottle, or at Pr T. A. 81ocum. Limited,
jboratorv, I7H Klnu St. West, Toronto.
Crautltoriie stew dealer ia Psa-Aastl
Uadetwear lo replace, at cut coal, aa|
(snoeol faulty is uule.iel (S taskiasj !
Dr. Knot's Kidney Pills are a sura and
Fermanent cure forRbeumatiain, Brigbt'a
•isesse, Psin In ths Back and all forms
of Kidney Trouble. S6o par box, at all
Solemn   1'iircea   Thnt   Hair   lle.ii   En-
neleil   In   llir   llili.-l.   Navy.
It Is ii rule In lhe British navy that
when a siiip is cast swaj or otherwise
lOSt  i. courl  null'.inl iinir-l nit  in  order
to npportlon  tb.*  blame,   Bometlmee
iin imn- rosily try an.l condemn
Ibo-e   llmi   in*,-   In-Ill   In   OS   lcspiill-il.il*.
\i other limes their duties are, r.oni
iin* verj nature of ibe catastfspbe,
io ire "i less nomlnnli
'ibiiM, when tin* Sei pent was lost off
tt.e Spanish cult, a court martial ai*
-.•iiiiiied nnd solemnly "tried" three or-
iliniiiy bluejackets, the sols survivors,
although tbey of course iiiiii no more to
do with tho error lu navigation which
led up to thc catastrophe than tbe man
In the moon.
a similar soininii fares was enscted
after the- loss of tbo Captain In ths
bay of Biscay, vi ben ISO officers and
men lost their lives, In this case a
gunner named .tunes May. ono of thc
eighteen who escaped from tbe wreck,
was ibe nominal "culprit" The verdict   WHS   tll.il   til"-   loss   of   thS   Slllp   IV.'IS
due to instability ami fault]  eonstrUC"
tion.   This really amounted to it rote
of cciisur i Mr. Cowper Coles, the
designer, bul as bs weni down with
the ungainly monster be bad created
in* v\iis beyond the reach nt either
blunii- or praise.
im another occasion n small "middy"
of thirteen year- ,,t age was pot upon
bis trial, im.l once, it Is snld. ■ court
martial assembled oa i cat which
chanced i" be tba sole living thing
-•found  aboard a derelict frinute.
Your Doctor-
Can cure your Cough or Cold,
no queation ahout that, hut-
why go to all the trouble ami
inconvenience of looking him up,
and than of having his prescription
tilled, when you can step Into any
drug store in Canada and obtain
a bottle of SHIl.OH'S CUBE
for a quarter.
Why pay two to Ave dollara
when a cwenty-flva can;
bottle of SHILOH will cure you
as quickly 1
Why not do as hundreds of
thousands of Canadians hav*
dona for the past thirty-four
yearc let SHILOH be your doctor whenever a Cough or Cold
SHILOH will cure you, and all
druggids back up this statement
with a positive guarantee.
Tha next time you hava t
Cough or Cold cure it with
Il  is >|,.n.* a  Coniuion Thluif  lo   Sum
-lark City.
Half tbe peoplo of New York live
second bend tbsl Is, they dress sec
ond band, furnish their bouses second
band and wear secondhand Jewelry.
There ure stunning looking young
women who «'nr nothing but Purls
g i- as all the year round. Tbey cannot afford to go to Paris for such cloth
Ing, and they wen't have anything thnt
i-ii t good rtyle." They dress sltnost
entirely out of the secondhand stores
on sixth and Seventh avenues   where
anything from a bat to a pan of -;|k
stockings is offered for «..]•• at a third
its original value. They would rather
nppenr a trifle shabby an* very effec
tlve thnn brand new and "shoppy "
One woman noted for ber "good
style ' and richness of apparel buys all
her frocks at a secondhand establishment and then has tbem dyed black to
make them look new a little bride
who bates tim Dew looL which the
average bridal suit possesses fitted out
ber entire apartment through ad ver
tlsements of sales of secondhand furniture by private partle Everything
from uer sideboard to ber in,- i.joLs
:d.e a family heirloom there are uuiuy
articles published In the papers and
magazines on Hon t,> Live Well on
Nothing a rear," but the Sew Yorker
could writs i while roluma ou "How
to Live Swell on Nothing .. STear" I b*
, hose to.
Man   Aanlnal   llorae.
A uiun iSbriibln bus run ten miles In
Wi minutes t.i seconds; soother man
(Hutcbens) has run BOO yards in 30 SSC
on.ls; another mau (George) baa run a
mile iu I minutes 13% seconds. Of all
running records this last appears most
unapproachable, and It seems likely to |
st.tinl for a v.*ry long time tied like
Bhrubb,   Bacon  and   "Deerfoot,"  who
bare  covered   very   cles i  twelve
miles iu the hour, could certainly hold
their own with most carriage horses j
over a good road. Il lhe gait chosen i
were walking instead of runuiug. the j
quadruped wonld be badly worsted - *
Grand Msgaslne,
Not uniie a TasapOt,
a young gentleman with an unmusical voic Insisted epos singing at a
so. i.ll   g.ilb. .
• What '!•••••. be call tbut'.*' Iuquir.*d
ii di .jiis.od guest.
-•"lhe Tempeet,' i think," answered
"Don't be ilsrmsd," said an old «ea
captalu present. That's no tempest
It is only ii squall und will toon bo
Greene whom are your children snid
P. take afier. Mr. Bnpeckl Bopeck
...iiii a mental reaervatlon) The younger, with u sweel smile snd angelic
temper, takes after Ids mother. The
elder, that cross eyed young Viper,
taken after mc. I'm Informed, London
I    !>... I.
Kuicker Which StdS of the house
lines tb.-bi by resemblol Bocker—Tb*
outside    Don'l you sec how red Hc la
Harper'' Baser.
Turkey Whleb  r.i.ini  Lone Past.
An odd Incident of the last Christ-
nms celebration In St. Louis wus the
I.;*.*..kin,- of a mouth long fast by
Jniiics Harrington, who had been In
custody two and one-half yenrs on s
charge of murder. Uarrlugton expected turkey for dinner Thanksgiving day,
and wheu tho Jitll rations were served
minus the national bird ho refused to
ent and promptly went on a strike. 11*
declined hla provisions consistently until i iiii.inii.s when ba got tha pined
for turkey.
A Surprise In Biscuits
Every box u! Mooney'i Perfection
Cretin So.iu you open—you will
find a new delight in theie dainty
When you w in to laprue yomttii,
give your appetite a treat witfc
Mooney's     ■»
Perfection Cream Sodas
4   Queer   fact     \ (...,,,    \.......
lu ihe eve Itself certain iiiings may |
go on which give ua wrong sensations,
which, although nol truly illusions, are '
..-ry much like them. Thus, wben we
suddenly  strike  our beads  or  : ces
sgalnst something in the dark -*••
•sinrs." or bright  sparks,  which  we
know are aot real tight-, though they (
are quite a< bright and sparkling ..s if
the.   Here.    \\ lieu 1VO clos,. ,.|ic eye utld ,
look straight ahead .it some word or letter In the middle of this page, for ex- :
ample, we -cui i • not ouly the,
thing we are  lootlug at  hut every- !
thing else Immediately about it and
for a long wsj on each side.  But the ;
truth is there is e large round spot
somewhere  near the  ls.int  at  wblcb
we are looking In which we see noth- ■
ing.   Curiously en*.ugh.  the existence |
of this blind -ia  «... not discovered |
by  accident  and  uohody  every sus-1
pected it until Marlotte reasoaed from
the construction of tbe eyeball thnt it;
must exist ;.nd proceeded t*. tiud !t.
li m Umc, It • coatsioa -v-onpUloi.
Johnson's .
Rubbed on Briskly
mnuTaft til tareta«Ai t\ad iofgngw of »»•-
tit*. tm.'\   UUiC(tl7  b*te.'t   C't-*.,   bui tl*.   IrlMidA,
b.tfs im  I tf i.a-*      T•:*■-*.i'hem-i lKl*
K*7. lhi*« li*i*« u t«*i *i ■">*■•    A-' 4**»l«r*.
|   S   JOHNSOM   X * >> , fcoiU.il, Mau.
'"Xook into this
roofing question
Get t-ook on
"Roof ing
Right" and
see bow littla
risk you take
when you
roof any
building witb
' SoldunderapIainGVARAN'TEE
i that keeps your roof good for K
irs.   With decent care, an Oshaws
Shingled roof will last a CENT UK V
Easy To Put On
With a hammer and
(tinnera' shears^
anybody can
put Os'nnwa,
Shingles nn
Locked on
all   four
the side lock
It drains the
ahinglea  so that
water can't seep
under.   Top lock
(aee below) makes
whole roof practically one piece and
sheds water quick.
Made in one grade
only   2» guage semi-toughened i
double-g-uvanixed   (aavea   painting).!
Wind• water • and -f Ire-
PROOF. Keep buildings
safe  from
Cost only
4.50 a
'square (10
ft x 10 ft.)
'Send for book-
et and  leant
how little a RIGHT
roof costs.   Address
Of Oshawa
lonlraal    Ottewe
Ml I . 'rais si. W.     Ill nuiMi Hi
o i H ii i o London
l roiiuii na st. se DuQ.Ua si.
Winnipeg Vancouver
TS-St IxinilMrd M, (li Peaiiar 81.
W      N      U.    Nu   610. ir
aun,. ... ■*,*-. .* to •——	
|«PrUito*.-.At Tiout Ijikei'My, suol'ub'.lsheil
at Feifiuti'ii una rrutii i.i«« uvwv TtiunKls*
Tne Kill: >r ill ra       * *..i   blmaett i*c*ipi.ri-
aliji,- tor ttoeofiialous of ojrro*.iiou(vui*» ,.*#■'
i.m...    in in Rultiams
All locals will he charue.l  al   lhe rati' Of Tt I
•*ppi |ler Iln)!, Brsl -MsSiSiuii, mnl Ihmihs r»*.
li... v.. t iiiOir-jnaM^ ^ii,.*;i Ion
Terms tor Transleii*. ii*nl ml er kSvertlslus
will he tiisite i. .m-wti osl uiiyil.-ulio.. k. n.llee
auba.'ii ii*..on j-.'.ist a rem. in aitvaaos.
LAND NiUjri'.
Notice-IS lien-l.y  gifen   that   Ot
■•lays after date, 1 in'.end in tnaki
appliosl io i lo   the t Ir. if ('orniiii--
ai(i!H-r<.f J.ai,.is ,-i Wui I;- for [tei ini>
eion to {mit**;.*!.•!•• die following i|p-
Bi-i'.ii, i! ii'.i.l.-i, nittial. .1 in Wes
Kootenay .ii-tii.-t nti tlie east -i'i*
.of Fish Biv-ei:
Commend       i't   n i"-t ]*! in'l*
•at iln*S \\  .* n   .   rA.D. M.i* knj
I're-i   l.l '       ; ' ■   •   i   '   '..I '*'   i .1
thonc.i i-..ii li40cluiins; llieneowrs
■40 ol mine; lli'tioe sou' ii 80 chain-*
thenee weet grt-eha'ii*; thenee .--.iiitl
'20 chfl i:. ••; we  I  Jn   < ii '.ii-.     llieii'
south lh cl, 'i-; itieneo west t
Jame.-. It min kite's en I line; Ihen'
nortii M !•'sii 1,'iver: tl ('in;.* f'il.iv
ine river bai !. '" i "int of i onimeni
Daled, l"i*l.mnry 13-th. 1 M*7
Al»x    It M iftkay,    Loi ntn-
Contracts   Entered into for Packing of Mlnln g Supplies   Etc.
to any Point in the District.
GOOD, -^
j*j   "prompt I   S. DANEY, Prop.
I_    _?."-!!^.li FERGUSON.
Any Work
Legal Notices.
Cartadlss mineral claim situate in lhe
Trout l-aka mining division of West
i ■•i-.ei.ai district.
Where loostsd i  On Seven Mile creek
louth Fork ol l.srdeae. , i
I'uke notice i'  ii I, nl!    N      Wilkie '
SCtilia        '■■      rlireut   for    D(Vll      (Will
I.M c    No    U88HM,   snii.fol.il. II.
Hji'kiitiiti K.   M .   (J, No
1188102,   Intend,  sixty   dais  from   the
• lute     hereof,      to     ippl*     to     tin-'
Hilling  Heeorder for  a Certlfeste  ol
fm provemenis, for tin purposu of ob- i
tslnllig ii Orown (irant of  ths   above ,
Ami   further lake notice thst uclion. j
under taction il, Hunt bs commenced
liefnrn llie issuance uf Certilicate of fm-
Dated this SUth day of Aug., a.n. 1'j.ui
i  - i srs*—it-
Poplar Livery.
■ ■ ■   i   erw   i   i  ■■  ■   ...
Freighting,    -     -     -   paci
A Speciality
Stables  at   Poplfr.
3ar well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Large Comfortable Rooms.   Excellent Cuisine and Attendance.
By Us'ng  Water supplied   bv the
Company you are  assured of abno- j
^.. ._    lute purity.   Government Analysis |
Supply  ®0.     t,,l,:,,"k"'' »ul";iK',,u'::
-. .. Hugh McPberson - - Supt.
fm <mtt
P atentMedieines
School Supplies
Dry   Goods,
Tobaccos. Pipes.
'   • '     Js '
''' Cigars.
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   £_
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
Best Hotel in Town,
Bcaflplere. for Mining; ami Commercial Hea.
W. H. Jones, W0CD vallate h
lATote   feal    Binders,    Fine  Job     Hardware, Miners' 8r plies, Stove
Printing. ""' ****<••
NELSON. 15. C.
Star-ftcs &'Co.!§x
it pays lo use tl.e Telephone.    A
longlhv trip can often be saved.  Offices
iisi.ii: Ciiuimitii' Store , Troul
Tt (Hlii'i*; iiNuiit I'.fSl.'ii, l_'uin-
aplls and Arrowhead,
WHOLESALE DEA1.KU8 In Butter, ■■	
Krjjj,   CIioojc,    Produce   and   Frull    ^--^       mm       ^JTW Tff    |
HoustonBk„Josephine81 Kelson,B.C.   NJU    a\a       I   vl-VW
Trout   Lake   City  Tranat]
and Stage Line.
Trout Lake
Doily Stag,
leave FergB
7 a.m.
Trout Lake itJ
•* cofiseitici
A. M. Craig     Wm. CrawfoJ
Watch-repairing,   clc.    All wnrk
OddTellofs BW," Traiit Lake, fi.G
•Tl'Si'AN   LODGE,
No. 80.
Hotel and
Ceneral Store     	
  -w* f.fi\&      A V.  & A.M.
GERRARD        - B   C    X   '  1/  V  ,,.,,    T,|1|rM,R..   ,
F. B. Wells
Agrtiiu fnr (6iuirla|i ilijma.
Publiiliing Office of the
Lardeau    Mining
. Review.
Sandy Laughton
HEN tisiiing Ferguson you
sliniilil slay nl iln* Lniileati
Hotel.    Here  tin-   victor
Will     1.-'    fill Ti.llll.li-.I    with
In.nr- oonifurta. Kx«*cllcnl
cu iai ue, well vi'iitilaled
and    wiirtn   rooms,    wi-Jl
stnrkcl  bur,   and   iv. ryl ln:t*I  which
". iN towards making vour visit a
plcisnnl ami memorable nni*.
Rates from $1 day upwards.
We Mrivc to ptcsso onr patrons.
^^^^^^^^^^      mouth.
Si.journing |trethren twrdialtv Invited,
..  I. rddred, Sec. F.C.Campbril.W.il
Imperial  Bank of Canad
Head um .
REST 4.42S.0C4
I.  R  Wil KIE, Prfsi.lwu. Hon. ROIIERTJAKF-R.lY.IVi
BRANCHES   in the Pioetueee ol Ali»*ita, laakatehewan, Drhisl
Ms.iiti.t'i., Diilnrio and Qiiri-ac
SAVINGS DEPARTMCKT.—n.-|«,sils reoslved nu.i uiter-.i sliosaj
current ruti; fr.n.i date "I o|*iunx of *.' I
1.etl. i-l  ot   l ri..lll. issustf •isllubU lu   ...
I i.r    ul tl..' m.rlil
BpMlal sUsaHsa ti'-s* la OTltsetiou h-I
M ii Ine lli.liila.
Arrnwli, ;iil llrtiicii-
NO. 41
111 *.'rii,,|  ii.. , (it..^.  li. Ii| ui
Review Job Dept.
For llinli-ClassWork.
OK      11
J3arbe* Shop f
*Tf<t «• «'i*^« «-S>« <•   t      V \      I'iliJVr.lr    rS.*.J«r      JJie.i
till   [Jslri   I      "' l'"'"' '""' "N   ';   ' I*. M.Mni'liir'l   HA*
CASH   PRICES paid. P^liinSaCO    William Schnell,
■old nr Rilvfr ,.,
•"Ll .111 I   "illlT
'ilvi rand l.e-u.l
'opper        .  ...
• I 50
♦ :.' 00
3 .'.(.
I 00
*.' B0
 *OU A— f^M
(lood Shave or Hair Cut
Klilll.t S...S.
Trout Uke, I! C
Hot and Cold Bathe
■   il    -r    ;       S*.  Il)t««
Oeo. ». HcOtntr. i   A.Bin.i
A    M   I-l.NK HAM
Di-alcrsiu all kinds of Fresh Meat j BOL1CITOB&, ttfe.
Soltelturs ior Imparls! Deak or r-uiads.
Barber Sho
Kor OixhI  Ms,     i l:a[|
M*n lu|   .to
mot i ; aai  i" |
Hot aa4  Cold
I       -
XLbc Dotd JSeaton
ISITOItS .irriui.t: st Ih-nion Mi* llireahold ol Ihe lardeau
iis Arrowhead, will lind I Iiii ll"iil in l.e fully equipped
foi liiidi-clnsi tindo. I*.j.*.*li.*iii nrrnitiinodnlinii, a w,.||
sppoluleil and spacious dlnlns hall. The liepl "f Wines, Ppiiits
sad Cigars, I'sr-wmalsoi-ervislon ir- siven to the re<)iilretiieiils ol
;.»iroiis. Visitors to the lardeau ran relv on comfort at this hotel,
| W. BOYD -:- -:- Prop i
m   tNOCMCIl»UCI}0tl(IUOtVr«a4KM:    lit;;
E. A. Haggen.
biorii BhsrsandKiiisn lalilroker
Krai Estais rn I Insu iui o.
'i 1 M j; Jr. It   AND   MINES
ir. ii .-. sonl tr. order fome coal
- hi- l.ii'ii i .- al iiion.
A small c'lilii in tha Old C'oun-     SnUet It  beteby «iven  thai  •';•'
„i  diivi .ifter .1 ito,   I Intend t*. apply
to tr..- II in, < 'iii* f <  .minis* '.tn*r o'
Aniv,,li.ttI,.-,-„,,..,,u„,of the Llllli-,,|MV,i-  !":l 'l"*M l;
iiurvevoroCblaclcdia. Is"  *; <• *»n«e to cut anil earr;  away  tin,
Kavo him tho order and  tendered berfrom  lhc tolfciwlni descrrbed
; het lion areaily ndvancfd priie hu,U ,i,n»lc '"  v*«   Kn ":nv
^i1^^^^^^ . list.
line, Lifs, Acejdsi i. Ileslth,
Uoarantve snu bontloyet*
i.rsi.,in, Insuraiics
i'i   |.;i,vii.riit   ('.■rc.r,      ' Hi,.I ,;.\M	
t'ie dcaior, "litis won t d<>,   I n'ant      *^-"* '•     C"ininencing (it a posl
tuppence nj ire, cosli li roa's n«*w, j pit "ted on tli-1 <oulh-eisl corm r • f
you know."      "Jr-il..;..-" queried  M. Beston's pre-emption,   markc<i
He child,   a»d t.ieii as she ho|>pe<1 A'.E.Evan'a South-west c.tiici
C0Sf„ffi«»«tV«,i;02; "ff '" '"Part  Hm   Bt, i   .idi.gs.l thonce north   160 cl.nincj   : „ ■*
trout Uke, i;«r«,niAi,,usau> '"      uddedi  "Mother Won t arf be Rlad cast 40 chains;   iIioiich   ^outh  160
and camaora,,       »        lo'earll, foi iheiol tin   ■ -i weto chains: iheuce wosl  W chains t,
I ilat, I ..int i.f coaiineni-einenl.
|. -,,,i  December )'> h. 1906   '
Any porsen haelnj in iheir.
s-fsion LADDIRM mt RTV"    fg
lb«ionBingtot^F-UE DBPART-
#ENT. ar« rsf,*|0gtr.f|  ,()     furn
.tp ht. .Cra.1 ;.
A. E. I'\.i
n r m u/nuic di c     N"-"    ''""'" ,"';■'",n"f,,"
U. D. (1   WJLIMt,  r.Ls«_t,lplanletlim theeasl lino of   l.,„-ni_
i.m No. 1. nn-l marked A   l*    Evil's s mlh .•■--.
nr ti P., *•, *   i .    t'louce east  4')
i i -nee   wuth   160 < linins,
• met 4" chains ta point <,f
Provlncia I I. n in I Su i in i.r.
Mineral Claimr. Snrveyrd
sod Crown (irants Ohlalncd
sale seen- >'<;at ttccord offlrc,
Troul '. ..*.•. ii •
THERE Imve beet f*.rlunes
mule l.v Judicious ij.vist-
niri.i in Real Estate, ami
in. re fortunes will be made limn
ever (ha next Iwo i.r three ycure.
Tlir* .-lie wh..   reap! the    hiirvesl is
the original Investor, fur he has
his money on a cariainty.
N'.iw let us p..int i,tit to you that
there Is no better spM ,.t, *ha I "i><
|.i"i.t t.. Inv Real Estate than
Trout Lake Is the prettiest snot
jn ihe K,...u*ii.iv- : in* ii pleasure
r. s.ii it has nn equal. Ji'.iiiitij,'
.im I fishing muy he indulged in
the yiar round : wlul.' big game
iu abundance is tn iho found on
lha hills. lis i Iin,nti- is superb,
then- being ii" pri-nt ,'Slrt-llieS, it
being mil.I in winter nnd cool in
summer. It can In ;w nf H-mit; ..f
thi' liii'-t. hotels nml I• pi.Icnccs ill
Briliidi Coinmb'ii, [ts Streets nre
well luiil ,.,,t nnd graded. There
nr.r tw" PXtvllunl ■.-pi.rriil Mores,
an.l aglntiCe nl Ihondvcrtisr-tnerfll
in this j",:rii;,l «iil show lhal all
I nidi *k in. fiiirly well repro*rntrd.
Wi ito  wiih confidencn to A&onlt.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
once.  ::  ::
Then call on
or   write to
'——••**• i r*v,/J
IT hss netrr had a ' bnom " its
growth has been steady, ll is
the head i.f nevigatiue, tad
the ttruiiral rf the Lardo biaarb
"f Uis f.P.lt. All roadl (in lbs
Lsi.leaii) lesd lo Tr"Ut Uke. Il
is   the   ei.mtneiii.il   centre  cf Ihs
rleheot   mineral   district eu   the
eiiiititieiit. sml has banking belli
lies   protldid   by    ihe   Ittiferial
Tank u( Canada ; first thiss «rl ooi
aii-Miiini ilation   iiniler tlis   dii'C
iiim i.f s Shannon, U.A.; * good
water sjMidi ; government i fires ;
Cntnly Ci.urt sittings; Mrth* dlst
Kpiscepal and /iiRliran churcl.si
and t-iiiing.. hospital,
There  nro valn.-ihle ranch landt
on 'he outskirts „«» r seilUrs.
Its luailer resources sre magnifl
3cntrand s band saw mill with a
caparhy af 60,000 ft. per day i st
t's land „f ihe lake. Tl.e mines
trihatsiy srs |>ro*ill| ml bigger
I rodm-erH every yrsr, with nti
proeperti upsning up uch bodies of
There will he a big rntsh Ihis
Vt-fir, so if jflU would know
more, wrilo sl oner to (itIn of
the agents et the addresses below.
I    thei
. Olllllll'IIVClri'    ■ ' ■ m-^m^-m-——^—     ^m
li'led  IJ cember \> li,   1006
F. B. Wells
C«atr«l Agent
Revelstoke, B.O.  I
- J
a i: E


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