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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-01-24

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Full Text

Hex a larger circtt
lation than any
Newspaper in N
Kootenay. Rant ad-
JjT eitn-.i i; ruiih*. n
lew ■ i >  —
Mining Review
T.is reprsstsUfiT--
.•■1 ths rich Lardenn
uonutry. Sent \<i
any address ior \ 1
pe." ea. in advene*.
VO! . fl
IUOUT LAKE CITY, B.C. Jan. 34th   1907.
Sou ij.
huth 1 in iiii.-unM'i .I'.sr,',
To 11 . M.i'ai'.rv. -*r  I. -v!i in. itve*
llS       mav   lm >   ti i.)»lci'.,''l   Ills   In
ters*1 io !-■« Hjlijin n*s end Brook")'!)
lltS'ircl   ' .i':i '
—H^IWiMiel ■
iii.fcreij.mn. NoticeieJweby alvsn Hist 60
Tsk.; r.dtiie thai 1, the ni>deaelgnnil 1 days after the first  pa'iliu.uion ol
Ka"^:'^-^  -"S^h.nofceintio  British   Colum
' hid Gin tu. I in oni io «| ply u,
Co II in, Chiel Commissioner
ol Lands and Works for ft ipeoial
■elslm.'"'i*.!**'■'. S'irih f... linl f.arile.in
river ))*i  i..l!»-« lii.-.i Fvit'-r..!.
la lhe front   Like  Mliilut; Divlsinn ol
'.Vest   K. ..!■*:" .   i .ni'   ;- ■'■<■■ r-'i'J  the
|»ee*rSJry .-ri.rV nr.) mil le I'll*.' ll-*.'* "1,iry
eepen.i:-"!-* >,■. tin* ■ '■ • <r ■■ *'i :»■ i
clalni f i il--; vpk! i ■ ' In
order *." I..ild the same un.'u -. .-„. i ::i
ej ths Ml: vial Ac, i'i..' 'I*' *■'irs for.
which f'.i'l '"."'i **'•• 1'ri'Ioii.ii.il mul ex-t
im nihil.:*' utile, liu-loi! eii>ir-*.'l, I Lore-
wgivi* yii. notice tliuili»iil'U. so days
from 'lie i!ri>t ptililifatiori hftreof you
Iui Or rili'i*. r ■ ...i.riliute ; ..ur pro 110 r-
^Hk-ihi:.' nl such ri; .* i'* i.o .ri'l
^^■ha costi o( iiiii luliertiiDinent i om
^\*t in the -j.iM  iniuciul del » '-iill! Hv.itu
Se the property of tl.e nndrrtdiinoi!
' and by virtue of sec,(on 4 ol thi
ral Acl Amend.mint Act, 1800
nr" et Trout  i..-iku tliit *th day-:)!
■^Jrrnh"r. Jtftirt.
l„ TllOMr.-*.).-' en!   •'■'  WALLER.
:iccn*:u io cy. ami carry away tlm*
bur Irom tbe following duorlbed
Isnds situated in  Wus  [Cootonay
Toll   M. Carter or to * bemtoevet lie
Kiev I.i,e tMiinIerriv'   In, interrit In
^Rirrstwro Pady snd  Canadian Boy.
H^Vo notice 'htrt we, the uiirieraigncd
r-Brnur" «ith you In thc Parrtbon
tea*) snd tho Canadian hoy
.selnenii cNit:., tisiut o .: .'.'hers:
Hoi Lnrdeni creek, near Seven ill'.,
e thr Trout tnki) mining 'li*. ition o?
W. K'.""i'*.v, l.c.vs performed .he i.rc
eSsarv wo.k and made lhe nccerssryes
.heedltnrn on ol.'i.'-ir rntiotH-d . Uirn
•rthe wiirte 130'. & 190-1, in ordi rto I I
the rrt'.r,' nnder n*cii' tl HI o( tlie Mi.,,*r.
^^Bt>, nml  ll.e veer  lor  •<
St wen performed luii'ln(tes|<ii)>'ll ire
bv give vou notice il.nl ii iviliin P0
Irom ilie Brsl publication here
^■{iiil or relun* tocontribuic veer m'
(eort1* : 1'- -li i." i ! -'■ .. espendli i
end i »v ii,« . o»i <.f iliisii.
jrour interest in ths mid mineral ti ii:''
will ' ■  ;  ■"
Sieni ': nnder snd by virtue o' I. •
pf tl -  Mincriil  Act Amendment  Act
iii. 4tli rfi-v of December, a.u
. C Ciaaeiraict    )
L Tiiouirao.t. • I'. • ..■Mit-rr-.
Ccinmencing nt a post planted
between Gk*n Creek end  Pou'.!.••
Crook, J min Irom tho Tr nl Lil..
wagon   road,    marked   "Malco'rn
South cas'   cor1" i  poet1
tlience north Sii   thain-1,   ihenc
".i t iO ch .ii*.a,   ihtnco  euuth &>
cbaina.   thence o.ist 80cli«ins   t
point t.i coiunicoceiiicti.t.
I.r.-ii-ci] Docembrr 20th. 13 -e
ilalcoln Ecitcn, Locator.
Notice is hereby civM thai 60
d'lysnficr liie fi-s publioallon «!
I hie notice in the British Columbia Oeeotto, I intend io apply to
'tie Il>', Chief Cornmis«ioner of
Lund v u V. orks for a sp. cml li-
jen'o to cut end curry away lim
ber f <'*:r. tho foil ■ 'in • <1 ■•joribsil
lend lituated in. W* it L, l
•1 .strict.
C t at a post pl inted
l-etwccn fii.rii (Jcir!; e< d >'■
C'ctk.  ftlwtit \ of a mi e i. i
i.   H Lake  wagon roxd, i
'   ;    !.      ::, in's 80Uth*Wesl    C
post,     H.cnco   north   8>   cl
tlience east 8DcH«lns, ibence * v. h
i.      sine,    thonce t
io poini ot co nioencc nei t
l.o-a'.i D     *-   •' 23-Ut. 1906.
'Spyglass" sad "Qlnbo"  ilnei 1 ohilc t
(i'.nn'.c in Trout l.ul.u Mi.iiiiB Dlviilou,
hoceltd t.i. hoi'lur euek.
Take b'otict that 1, Bruce White, acting 11 agent (oi lbs -■.. - * Win! -w l-'r'
free Miners' Certifies! i No B94.1, :•■•
(end, 60 il fi fiom tbe -' ■• l.erwf, (o
apiilj' to Uie Mining Wscorder lur a Cer
tlHcaic of Iinpmvemenls fo' ihepil ,
of oblaiuIiiR ii Cr-, vn iii.iii'. ui 'i... above
And farther tske notice that acIon
under Met ion 87, must ba commenced
iveloi" ibe Usnanee cl inch Certificato
of I*moroveinsnts.
P..-.*.d January Mntl   1307.
1 uu c  ivu;re.
Trout  Lako    Wetcomec
Thttlr Ex-memfair and
Theii'Coming Ono.
Th3 Rln3 of Vlotory Saun-joJ
at tlie Moetlnu-
L-Ui'I'L!)     VOTE
__*_*-_!) ■ m \wumms.\:%
lie ii a (UiiporUC; of thc cii t-
inf Koyernrnei.-T.
Jt ia a rec-.griu d foot tht B'.ahi!-
ity ol ar.y country .6 ono of the
roa'ii inducemcDtt i r cupitul tn
That the go. ern own'. of British
Columlii— up to a' OJt 4 yeJrs n<j*.
ur.d until lhe p-c.vnt ministry iw
uirme.l, was suob, thst inves'ors
fought A-.y ol t'.c* Pi evince.
Tbat the pr sent government
has s Uled I- o Ti nbe
li KL £••
On co
lhe "
Aft'.-r  tt   d-sl.iy   nt   Airo*hca.'l
I,r two il. VH,     Ii'.n.   D.   I'.   Greer:
soil  Nei] McKay got  through to
Trv..' I a' cr o • Wednesday uo.i>.
Both K'ntlctrion l:nd a h ird  experience,     baring ta wa)\i fromj kgl,t Uieil. 1)aiul3  oU  {,<t Mlritra;
| Arrowhead to Beejsh, through «ii Aot(   rMCUWj  ,.,c  Cl)Uutr..  flom
iticl.es of i-Uiult unl ic. bankruptcy,   nd   iu   ua. y   o her
The l.domitabtti spirit ►howo ways lpelnledeo ibat tho recuri-
isindicatlv- - f b th, i d goes tojtioi ,, .*,,, Pnvioce-instead oi
e *o-.v that «•; en they go at any being n drug • n t e market around
th:  g,  ih*-y ;iccoi.,;i :.. i   t.
N'jtioo   is
v.i.i, ii twi monih* inn*. lh< first
,,11'iii*: i lion Here. I in tho British
oUtffiUia Grrzvit..-. I '.i. ■   ■ '■      ;
ply '.o ti c Hon. Chle( t.'
0i of Len :6 nnd Wo-,\» ior n spec-
iai ii \-» M t'-. out s id   a irry away
timber fion: tho following d<*
mated in Weet Rooten
N *, 1,    t'ommoni i g at a  p sl
plsn'ed about -i o' a in !e . orthar'y
iroi.i .  h I  ■ IJ oil ...    F ^h   P.i-er.
U'<■ i ri A. G'V.v
\n.;'i   c ...i'i   West   o. nr    ; Mt
.      *    .*       s;   the ce
eaat SJ ehains;   t •
i—      ohaina to
■ti  u dot ;,.■   c
70 or 60-.  .I:"   lr,*?!icd  foi   at
The ineetlDjj wt$ preided ot r t   M ... *.. ; R the   confidence   of
the puh h
On   "
g:*;r,t i.i i e L'.'j ral party nil h n-
ElMillmm, Lo »t0
'on tr:' ,'!*.*. *i^a ,n Eood hnrnour  ff
jiuiii " iia'ni £un" Flour
A  M  i RAW, Agent
HJCotic* is  hereby   given lha!   60
«Uj*« ufter Uie flr?t  publication  of!
th-*- in tr' - *:. t e B itieh Colutn-
^Hk r;axel!.>.   I    nteud t-i .iii..',•
' -tic  Hon, Chiel ('en.**:.! • ioner of"!
^Hii i« sn 1 Works {or a sp* ciui I.i-
|Hh ■* t„ ci.t iii-.il cairv nw.iv  i»m- j
ber from the following dteoril
^mdt siiu.ted in «i.: Ko N;,;iV ,g y,,.,.,,   ...,ori .- . .   ,
Wo. 1.   Commencing r.t n y0v. ■"' * •   » '-' '■ f °« •'   f: '-' ''
plaiitrd on the m>r:i. *-:.'o  of   Pop-  Ucstloo h       '      lhe  British  I
Hr Creek shout Hire  miloi  from', "1^*,» O" lt«. Untend  to epplj
Lard-, Ivor marked 0 E. Rsvelli ""'' H      Chief Commissii-ner of
V.Y'., ."oni.-'r -MS'; •.,-i.ee «cat l«OI'***ndi*tid Worki tor B|    .     teen*
the cu south 40 chaina;/'"1 '-" cl  »"d eanrj eway  limber
Hues esst 160 ehslns; thenee nor- rra:» ,li'" i'1!!"^'11!? described lands
B*iO c:*ains  back to place of com ;fi'*-"*-vecl in West K<*olcnay.
No   1.     Cnrr.ninnei' g  at n ; ost
plant u I.. lh ■ ire.-tMun of Ca •
I•..»«., i,t
Located No-/. 28i!i. 1»D6.
Norman MoLellan, Arent.
Ciotk. aboul hiT mile from itt*
mouth, markod ' Arth'-.r Ghiwing'«
2. Coinmcr.ciii'.' at a P«*ljKorth Eset comer |-<-.st'' ihenc**
Knied on lhe nortn side of Pop-Le„ c0 ,*: - l:,; u, nee south 80
■fc Creek uh.ui* r,m il,, from Ur- ' ,*,,,...„. ,hnnce ',.,„. 80
■ Hear marked O.K. Revell's N. K Uen'e northJM eh I ■
Br.rr post- ihence ivest 160 thsini
^Bet.'.e   tiu'h   40  chnin
No,   '.'. ' - :. ■*-  .*.   i ost
■    I
•   I . l<i       Fish  Itiv r
• '    '  '.
i ;: s B I '
by   J    C    Murrtty,    w   •>- -in   a
few appropriate words— ntrod
Mr,   M l\".iv i -I Mr.   Green
'I he   vi eif. ■ ona   applause  thnt
•   Mi   Green   when   lo bk.sc.
ated  -i - no Hllinli   nie.i«un—
lhe p'aco he held  in  the affeciion
■ p»o] !•• rf Trout Lake.
McKay  nlso met   with    "
. -« • . n  .1 h' .   r*     '     •    -
t iii   11 o  ic -t   dim I
I by hi
T* wn? cl-Mtr nnrj cor.c'ff,    R.-fl
carrV-l c nviction r-'iiVi i"
Tfc fn V — -   '   aft. •■   llie
csty   of  lU'pos**,
ma ■! ws .I-'- up  ig i ii -■
oa d Lake" ptopohit'on
ogis'ion   v bicb  In .« been
Eoin*;   on   ti .  tijfhuut   the -abi.fol
Koo onay nm t,_v i,ir ilu eztao.
sion of  i(,e  A&K  branch of the j
Ci. P. H    1 nr met Mitl. (dilute time
! and lime again.
Is ii inrpiislig'ha!  the So-:i..!-
istit* pr-^ps'gai ds is e dning strength
every doy, uhen ire see—and  feel,
Ibe in teres* s of the people; made j
subservient to  lv- intnicata of the ]
railway monopoly.     In  rlrs par-J
t cu'r-r rR«c, thc Cl. P. B.~throU»l
conn v.inee with t'-e G. N. ii
cured n inor.o|.oly of
,        ,,        ' ti c Univerito.
hand,   while   «>;     D .l ..
DOtb those oo-iiprinins were  pre-
I parinj   In   iit,*.!d   when   tt (leal   ie
tbeir   ie"i.iQ   i
P Write as fl Post Card saying yea &;iw this a*dv«rt-
isemtrt, a nil w-a wHJ mail
yon PR£E,   0 30 page
part   of
no- of auch n nature as to   inspirit
'I hi? fore'gn investor ii   Ilm id,
nod ivhil** W4 do not—for  one mo-
n*i.iil - : i. i  -1- ill tt mc  of.pobilion
an I the<Grent  Northern
leaving th«  C P. R.  wllb
•< charter  ca>r_\ing   a   pood   emfh
'.onu-..     Apart  cf th-  ron I   nasi
built,   nnd the hocus j aid Tor that
i . orti n,   iastead . f being I eld Bn-
* u q make iu.,    itdieal  t*!.ail*iep,l   .,   ,       ,   , ,  ,    .   .
,       : til tne whole road had  beer,   com
i.    t:\t-r-.. 1.    ll)
the "come [u*d gc'
Ihe rr a-^nt government,   tttrh »
y o .. never, ment  -a encru^'*
.   him.
i (in . . t r up:   coifi
,w   - re i !■;', i.cd money f ow
sversl charge, m^e srs .=   ' ■    '     "    '    ''"ur raaonww.
..    It SO chiinsj  ih 1...-B -•<:*•  £0 lien Island fale, tb- C A W
ins  Ian   deal  r. d  P.n*'my  hua'noM
Lhenee east 80 chains to tho polo
15   IT    Wisir
5fUU KNOW Bl :;!
Wlwn—lift Spring—the   pjople
Showing Uji&s of
of Interest to avery
MAN who wsjin
J.Leckie Co
demanded  that the charter bo not
renewed, the honorable a'ntlomao
wl o ia.suppoaed tn look  sfter  o.r
A interests at Ottawa, peeeentad th" ffica2«a5a?asasaB___aaa_sg
ai-plication of Uo c. r*. R. fer a||     Local and General.    *
have  r0, tvtal-a'ld gotil!      Ti e i... 11 r- M32£^eK-a_3eE CSSa^iTeuSKoi:
to   till
i tiei.ee
Sl 1G0 chaine; tboj.01 nnh 40
ieins ba'k to place .< commence*
point of comtnenceme t.
Ucatod n*c *nihi*r lSlh   1906
Ar hur Gowfog,   11 Catoi
Located Nov.   28th. 1903 yn   2     Ommencirg  et a P'1*5
Norman McLelian, Argent 'planted on the «cf! side rf Camp
-Cre'k,   sbout half  mile  fr*mit-
|No. 3.   Commencing ai  s post ■ month, marked "Arthur Howing's
inted < n th-north p.do of  Pop-lgouth  Ea-t. oorner  pov"    the.cr*
B' Creek sbout 200 feet trom the (west R' chains;    thenee north 80
to lh■•
■•ek snd aboul seven miles  from
Jrdn.i-.er, marked 0. K  Rave I's
IC c irne-|of ;  thenco Wesl isO
i.ins; tlience   smith 80 ,
|ei,c« om 80 chains;   thenco nnr-
J 8" chuius back io p'aco of com*
(Locslod Kor 28th. 1903.
Nnroiiin McLe'lic,   Ar.ent
..*; co emcnl
Lo".t-rd Ja* unty If. ii. .
A Gowing, Loca or.
*'    .. ■ .
Notice is hereby giv      *   it CO
after 1        ;
e   in     b" Bri     i I
■ itio   lo   the  *
1     Wc'liis
out and  carry
nviti;  .
Iiiiii       ... i     VVesi
No 1. Cntnn.encii g nt n post
I'lanied c-ir * ■ i. - side of the noi
th fork of L*r 'era Creek, about IA
m i.p f. om Fer.-usin. m.-uk .1 "l>.
W. A'-rnhani-oii's -so-uii i-k-i ,* p.
ner p at" tl.ence ninth 80 cl
tlience Met 80 eiiaic ■ i - sou-
ih 60 chain-; thence east 80 c
to ibe point of commencement.
; i .
O \V. Abrab iras n, 1
No. 2.   Commencing nt   a
ih for',; of Lar ieau i'.. el , abn il le
from Ferguson, marked ''O.
W. A b . : .. -■•:.'* bi. .th wee   coi
i   r p.j- ,"   thc '-.- i-..'r h 5   Chains;
.    * -; :!'. i r •
80 cha •   c. w st 80 chains to
the po nt ol ■ cerai nt
V< u
I;    »re  y..u  k ing
Ste,.s   thut    migl.i
ITO. erty   :.■
to   tihe   nnv
VOL ARE THE Jl'KY.a.d on
jThe ordinsry   nnnusl    g.reral
feeling of iho   Old   Gold   Quarts
id Placer Mining Company, Ltd.
Bab., will be h< Id nt lha office of
ie Company,   Trout Luke, B. C
Friday, 1st  dny  of  Febroar*'.
1907. at 3 o'clock, p m. for tho pur
Iohi of  obi-ting director' for lhe
Inau'iig year and such othor hurl-
V'ns as may properly Oome  before
lhe moiling.    Books will he closed
|nr transfers from Jan. 2lut.  1907.
mill afler the meeting.
Bated «t Trout Lako, B.C.,  SJrd
January, 1907
chain-; il ei.ee cs?' 80
thenoo routh 80 chuiiu;
point- f ceuirrenecineut.
Located D eembei 13 h   1908
Arthur Gowioj,   Locator.
No 1    Commons'"I n' :1'   '
pluivftd on the north hank - f Fool
Creek, ahou' S rn',:-« U m \'t
month, marked "Arthur Gowtnga
BoUlh east eaiiT p.'-t," thence
nnrlh 80 ci'.ai-*sj thence weat 80
c'lftift-; Uiance south 80 chains;
ibonee oml 80 chain?, to tho p"inl
ol eomme'iO'mcr.t.
Located D eem'oer 13th, 1906.
Arthur Gowing,   T/'Cntor.
No. 2. Commencing at n rnp*
idaiiied on the north hank of Ton'
Cr.- k, about 3 miles fiom lis
mouth marked "Arthur Gowing'?
South woat eort'sr |mi," Ibence
nrrth 80 chainH; tl-mc rat 80
chain*; then'o south 80 ch in*;
ii.en'O we-t. 80chn;ns. to point oi
Located December 13th, 1906
Art'.::v 0.'":""    Looator.
I.- cal   .   • .   n   .* i 7th  1GCG
O. W. Abrahamson, 1 ocatoi ! latlon
and in a maMerly way ■rlip-jipite-'!
in the n.inds cf hie l-caror» Snv
ihnushl* th-sy might  have bed <f
• i i g n t! o pnrt of our
*-ep*e« -nta'n c».
IT,-—in t-Trr.-tor>k nn the rim-
h r and Mineral Ae'f, n'ti ihn
8n*>"-ces of tbfa Prnvince, and de-
no '■■• ■ *il c'r- rly 'he wi-dom r-f
[overnme. t in  handl" g tl
* s*;.^-|«.
. Gre»n   «•"■   in   good
■ -- , the wav hi* re-nr.r'::
arerc received l-y the sod'enee- il
we. unnec isary fnr him to c-t-'-
nn anv lengthened d fence of his
v.•: i r repres- ming Kr.slo rid-
IT- however, ppnko sh^r'lv on
i veral c'':ar(r»s m-d-' acni'-st the
department over wl.ich ho was
, Tl e • -'• fthat his remarks were
onn-rindng, wae evidenced hv fv
foe' that a nii-.i'-— of '• ■--.iil>t**>ri»'
came np afier th» nieeii"p. nnd
announced tvcmfcl.e« a? bein^
'..litsfied. a* d pledge I their sup-
. Mr.  Mncl; -v.
Tr. .I C. El li' tl tork op severs]
mattera of h-cal interest, pointing
out ivha* hnd been done for '.he
: ni-thern oi d of the district.
IT-* wound *.:p h\ ?ivin I a    penrrs)
invitation   t>    nli   *o    a-lond   sl ihenee ••st 80 cbaina it- Hie point
Httlo snpper,  (nonpolltioal) to bn Lf oommencement.
given Mr. Green ns a sl'glit appre.
f his work whilst in   ihe
N itice ia hereby given tlia' 60
d.iys af'er ihe fi ret pttb'icc.ti"i.
here f i'i the British Columbia
Sai ic, I intend !o n;i;>ly to the
Hon. Chief ConmiiBsionerof Lanci.-
and \\" r!-. evul license to
cu! and carry away limber fr*'m
• hr- foKnivinc decrii ed 'un-ls situ-
sled ' Kc t *nav district.
Cpmmenoing at a   post, planted
on '   s call side of   Salmon ereek
and about $ of  a mi'e from creek,
and about   1   mile  fr in  iis  I.e...'.
marked   "A. Gowings 8-tiih-eaei
corner post," ihenee wett 80 chain
tlien-*e   nor'li   80 chains,    thence
eatt B-1 cl.aillB.     thenco  south   80
chains tn the point of eommence-
No '2    Corn-nee *inc at  a  pos*
plr-ted on the - ast sid** of Snlmon
creek, and a'.oul   •}  a   mile   from
creel: and ahou1   1   mile   frnm   its
rnoul'.,    marked     "A.    Gowing'l
North-west   comer   port,    tbence
south  80 chain?,   thence   'a-l  80
chain*,   ihence   north  &0 chaina,
Located De.- mber 24th, 1906.
A Gow ng, Locator.
were not reeogiiiie.i    in   Ibe  trurK
lo tMHC mate-i worse ihe
C. P. It hnve totally i oglected io
m-tka anv prepar i i is tor ke«-; ii g
open Trout Li-ic, wiii--ii—if <lone-
W'.ild ameliarite c.r.'iit-.'ins ?. tne.
aha'. It ia w-11 known and bc.
knowledge*! l-y cxp"riet.<'ed men
that a very small expenditure or.
tlie part of tbe C. I*. ft woi.'d en-
iibh-   ihem t'.i ke< p :fe I.i 11 open.
Had they half f e 'push' nud
e.t terpr se • I the private company
opc.'Hti g i.n the nrm of Arrow
lakes, there wnuij never bo any
d.ii.frr rf navigation e'oaing.
"Get nil you can, end gic a*
l'ltle in ret'iin."' ia the policy ol
thoC. P R. The peoplo of Canada
have given t'-em millions gn!orei
and the p.li.y Ihey ire carrying
oul will only hasten the day when
the peop'c will tike Ihe n.attor in-
their own hands, opera to nnd build
ro.ids—not fnr thc cn'ichuirnt o*
a few, but for the oonvenionce o
The .Miisqocrn-!c Lal! o.i Jan. 30,
wi'l ba tho event of tho season..
A Ladies Hockey match will bo
played in the afur- ft. D,
Dont omit le h^ k  t :i» d
eve: t iu y air i!iicll;(senec  d. *
on JANCAKY   30;'..   et   . Rl
The cYrrgs aga!n»t twir^ our
ciiiiens for en itifiing.ment of tlie
Gs*lo Act, was i-.vestigated .*n
Tuesday uijgnt.
The evidence s-kiuced by tho
proiecu'ioi, was of *t;eh a nature
I ll.at* no defence wae pat in. Tl.e
justice et once dismissed the ens,-.
F, C. Elliotl appeared foi ti.e
.: li $i*td£$
Gents FiOTkishmgs
A 9'pper wa« given on Wednesday night in honor nf our retiring
member, R. F. Green, at the Trout
LakfCily H te'.
A huge number »f citisena—ir-
respeitive r.f political sbado—atten
ded, and cxprefscd their ap; r. cla-
li *n ot tho work dine hy  tho  late
l tr.emh. r for Kaslo riding;
The "'toast li.»t" was abort,   tie
■re-pons s lively and to thn point,
Tl'.pre was oio point on wl l< Ir
all iha sp1 nkera were onanimohs,
a'd that was t*>o adu.irable way
in which the hof'.eis, Mti". Jnwolt,
catoi'.d to ihe a: pelt' 8 of nil prtS* (
r^iViTT in 'iinimaiTjrw
.itisiiwwshoi imiii usii-CTg*
- -•-
Dr. R.R Robinson has severed his connection with the Ferguson Hospital, ar.d taken up . .-
residence  In  K"slo,   t..ki.,<; o -nt
tlie pracl.c-* rf Dr. Ilartin.
There is universal rrgr. t at the
doctor's departure, ell over iho
distticl, m.d nltlioug'i f-orry to
lose hm:. Lardeauitea wish bim aU
snrcES in his new fie'd
Dr Graham, of Revelst'.ite, i* ta
uike ch.r-ie oi the  Ferguson Hoa-
pita I.
0 B. N. Wilkie left o.i Mo   '
inortiinj for tii i ooaai on a I ns
A. W Mishawand W. II. Bott-
oi ff, are expected in, aboul tlie end
nf tl, i month, to compltlo tiio
Proadv. w deal
Wo 1 arred   this   week   nf   the
i iie.ith ol S  .V. Alexander, win—at
* jone time—hvi eliaigo of tlm oper
ation*-at the "I.i.eky Roy'1 niiuc.
Mr. Fred Steel and wife, of Wi -',    Mr, Alexander was well thought
nipeg, cime in on  a virit  hi   Mr",,,|—br.th as a mining man,   ar.d   n
ind Mi.«. Frnsor.       M r. Sleek- it a J ii,or»tigh   good   fellow,   and    his
nembei ot the firm of Steele   fro*.' d.*ath will U r.gretud hy all  Who
& Co. iho ogrophrre. and i*-l.ea*>i
ly iitorcfi'*.! in real eifate invest-
While hare on a  Li ndi?  visit
he Is incUcntally  making himself
ratniliar with   • xis'ing roidiliri' s-
In the interior,   ar.d paylnu clo.-al
attontion to Ihn advancement trade,
in lhe development of '-nr leionrc -e
Mnce his lasl visit 10 years cro.
knew hlin
TR flxvlew Job Dc^srtmeat
1'oa aw. sivw oi
High-Class    Printing. Wm
ll nullum il )
VCn are tbe facts tbat, with
ou nini" i Incredible talent
for Investigation, lint] been
collected .in.l prepared by ibe
fat man with th.- Jovial face wbo had
taken Prosper nnder his protection, M.
iteiichlug Paris at n o'clock In the
evening', not hy tbe Lyons route, as he
.m.i said, l.ut I.y the Orlenul train, M.
Ver-daref burrted to tbe Archangel,
where lie found Prosper Impatiently
expecting hi in.
"You are about to hoar some rich developments," be said to Prosper, "and
see how far back Into the past one bus
tn seek for the primary cause of n
crime. All things are linked together
In this world of ours. If liaston de
Clameran bad not taken a cup of coffee In a little cafe at Tai-ascon twenty
years ago. your money safe would uot
have been robbed .'hree weeks ago.
"Valentine de in Verberle is punished
In 180(1 for the murder committed for
love of her In 1S4U. Nothing Is neglected or forgotten.    Listen."
And he related all that ho bad discovered, referring to a voluminous
mniiuscrlpt Wbleb he had prepared,
with many notes and authenticated
proofs attached.
"I wonder bow yon discovered all
these iiifiiinles," said Prosper when he
had llnlsli.'d.
The fat man smiled. "When I under-
a tns;,," In* snld, "I devote my
whole attention to it. Now mnke a
note of this: When a mini of ordinary
Intelligence concentrates his thoughts
nnd energise upon the attainment or
an object, be is certain io attain tbat
object. Besides that. I have my own
method of working up ri case. To be
■sure, one needs some light to guide one
In a dark affair like tbis, bin tbe tire
in Clameran'a eye when I pronounced
tbe inline of Gaston Ignited my lantern
From that moment I walked straight
to the solution of tl.e mystery na to r
beacon light."
Prosper's look showed that he won..'
II!;e to know the secret of his protector's penetration ami ut the same time
be more thoroughly convinced that
what he beard was ail true—tbat bis
liinocei.ee would be more clearly proved.
"Now, confess," cried M. Verduret.
"you would give anything in the world
to find out how I arrived at the truth."'
"1 admit It. for It is marvelous."
M. Verduret enjoyed Prosper's beivil
derinetit. To t.e sure, be was neither a
good Judge nor a distinguished mini
teur; bin admiration is slways flatter
In:.', no mutter whence It comes.
"Well," be replied. "I will explain my
system. There Is nothing marvelous
shout It.   We worked together to Und
the solution of the problem. Ynu know
my reasons for suspecting Clameran
hud a bund lu the robbery. As soon ns
] had acquired this certainty tny tusk
was easy. What did I do! I placed
trustworthy people lo watch the pur
ties In whom I wns most Interested
Fanferlot ns Joseph i>uIm,is took
charge of Clameran, and Nina Qlpsy
never lost sight of Mme. I'auvel und
her niece.
"I understand It all now," said Pros
"And whut have you been doing dur
Ing my absence, tny younit friend?"
asked M. Verduret after a pause
At this question Prosper blushed
"Alas." be stammered, "I rend in a
newspaper that Clameran was about to
marry Madeleine, aud I acted like a
"What did you doV" Inquired Verdu
ret uneasily.
"I wrote an anonymous letter to M
Fauvel Informing bin. that his wire
was iu love with lliioiil"—
M. Verduret brought his clinched li-'
•down upon the table.
"Stupid!" be exclaimed, "You have
ruined everything!"
He arose from bis scat and strode up
sud down ll.e room, oblivious of tb.
lodgers belOW, whose windows shook
Willi every angry slump of his foot
l'r.ts|«.|- remained silent as long as
be Could and tbeu uneasily said:
"1 am afraid I have embarrassed
you very nmch. monsieur."
"Yes. you have dreadfully einbnr
rassed ma What am I to do? Shall I
hasten uuitiers or wait? Aud I am
bound by u sucred promise. We Inul
better no nml advise with the Judge of
Instruction, lie can assist me. Come
i with me."
As M. Verduret hnd anticipated, Pros
pel's letter hud a terrible effect When
SI. I'n ii i el opened bis mall the morning
nfter It wns posted, the ratal missive
fell into his bands.
Something about the Writing struck
blm as peculiar. It was evidently a
disguised band, and, although, owing
to ihe fact of his being u millionaire,
be wus In the bal.lt of receiving iinony
Hums communications, this particular
letter Oiled him wltli nn Indellnlte pre
Sentiment of evil,
with trembling baud and absolnls
certainly that he wus iibuut lo learn
some new calamity, be broke lhe seal
and. opening tbe coarse csfs paper, was
shocked by the following wordsi
Dour Sir—You roniiiftiril your rittlili-r to prt,on
Vou did wrll, iln.** yell wrrt. t'iinvtn.-*<J ot Nil
dtihonnty in.l talrliii -,in m Hut ritn it I.r nolff
BfiO.OOO Innn Iron, your ,«(,*. t!tM*i It lotlow tli.-tl
lir alio Hole SI ti.es. Fiuvcl'i dlimmidif
Thia was a stroke of lightning to a
man whose life hitherto hnd been nn
unbroken chain of prosperity, who
could recall the past without one bitter
regret, without remembering any sor
row deep enough to bring forth a tear
Wlmt! Bis wife deceive hi mi Aud.
among all men. to choose one vile
enough lo rob her of her Jewels aud
force ber to be his accomplice in tbe
ruin of an Innocent young maul For
did not the anonymous letter nsserj
this to be llie (act nini n*ll blm bow- to
enounce u>,u»cn Ol  us irUCOl
M. Fauvel determined to show the
letter to bis wife.
"But suppose ii be iiuei" be mutter*
ed to himself. "Suppose I huve been
miserably duped I By confiding lu my
I wife 1 shall put her on her guard and
loso all chance of discovering the
There was one simple means of verl
Mention. The letter said the diamonds
bad been pawned.
If lt lied In this Instance, he would
treat it with the scorn It deserved.    If
. od the other hand. It should prove to
be true—
liie.'iLi.-isi was announced. At table
U. Fauvel talked Incessantly, so ns to
escape uny questions from bis Wife,
t who, he saw, was uneasy at the slghl
Of his pnlc face. But Sll tlie time he
was talking he was easl Ing over lu his
mind expedients for getting bis wife
out or tho bouse long enough for lilm
to search her bureau wlihout her per
celling blm, At last he usked Mm.*
I'auvel If she were going out before
"Yea," said she. "Tho weather Is
dreadful, but Madeleine und I must do
some shopping."
"At what hour shall you go?"
"Immediately after breakfast."
He drew a long breath, us If relieved
of a great weight In a short time he
would know the truth.
Arter awhile be beard tbe carriage
roll away with Ids wire und niece.
Hurrying Into Mine. Fauvel's room, he
opened the drawer of tbe chlffoulcr
where she kept her Jewels. The boxes
containing superb eels or Jewelry
which he had presented to her were
gone! The anonymous letter had told
tbe truth!
Perhaps Valentlue bad put her diamonds In Madeleine's room,
Without stopping to consider the Indelicacy or what be was about to do he
hurried Into tbe young girl's room and
pulled open one drawer arter another.
He did not iiml Mme. Fauvel'i diamonds, but Madeleine's seveu or eight
boxes, also empty.
Wns sbe, too, an accomplice? This
blew broke down bis courage.
M. Fauvel well knew that tbe fart of
the diamonds being stolen was not euf
■■•■'...i. erouud ULi.'i. wblcb to bring as
accusation agsinst the accomplice.
Happily he could procure other proof.
II« began by calling his valet and m-
deriug him to bring him every letter
that should coma to the house. He
then wrote to n notary nl St. Rvuiy
to send blm a telegram containing authentic liiforiii:iiii.ii about tbe Lagors
family and especially about Kaoul.
The reply was ns follows:
Tlie l.ii. '» ire ,r(>- poor, Mil no om knona
in: member ul iin liiiiii, named Raoul. Mnn>.
Latfora had do aon, only two daufhure.
The next day, among the letters
which his valet brought him. waa one
bearing the postmark of Vesluet. He
opened the envelope with great care
and read:
Dear Aunt—It la lndiapaiuat.lt .hat I wa ynu
today. Come to me. 1 will eiplaln why 1 got
)'ou It'll Iruulle imtead of calling on you.
"I have tbem now!" cried M. Fauvel.
trembling with satisfaction at the near
prospect or vengeunce.
Eager to lose uo time, be opened a
drawer, took out a revolver and examined the hammer to see if It was in order. He Imagined himself alone, bnt a
vigilant eye was watching bis movements. Qlpsy, under strict Instructlona
from M. Verduret. stationed herself at
tlie keyhole of the study door aud kartell that occurred. M. I'auvel laid tl.e
pistol ou tl.e mantelpiece and resealed
the letter, which he tlien placed where
the letters were usually left, not wish.
Ini»* Ills wife to know- that It had passed
through his bunds. He was only nl..
sent but two minutes; but, inspired by
the Imminence of tho danger, Gipsy
darted Into tl.e study, rushed to the
mantel and rapidly extracted tbe balls
from the revolver.
"There!" she murmured. "This peril
Is. for tl.e present, averted, an.l IL
Verduret, whom I shall warn through
Cavaillon. will now perhaps l.uie time
to prevent a murder."
She descended to the bank and sent
the clerk with n message, telling lilm
lo leave It with Mme. Alexandre r.ir
M. Verduret. An hour later Mine. 1'iiu-
vei ordered her carriage and went out.
M. Fnniel look u hackney coach and
follow.*.] her.
"Grent heavens!" cried Nina to herself. "If M. Verduret doee not reach
there ln time, Mme. I'auvel and Raoul
are lost!"
Rj j. win FN the Marquis of Cismeran
I VV] Perceived that Raoul de La-
tfcjyrLjl g"r» was the only obstacle he-
KmVitTil tween hlin und Madeleine, he
swore that the obstacle should be removed,
The same day bla plan was laid. As
Raoul was walking out to Veslnet
about midnight he was stopped at a
lonely spot hy threo men, wbo asked
him what o'clock It was. While look,
lag at his watcb the ruffians fell upon
blm suddenly.
By his skillful blows, for he had become proficient In boxing lu Kugluud,
Km,ul iiimii' hla enemies tuke to their
heels. Ile continued bla wulk home,
determined to be hereafter well armed
when be went out at night. He never
for un Instant suspected his nccoinpllct
or having Instituted tbe assault.
Uut two days uftcrwi.nl. at a cafe
which be frequented, a vulgar looking
man, a stranger to him, after trying lo
provoke a quarrel, finally threw a card
lu his face, saying Ita owner waa ready
to grunt blm siiilsfiiction. Raoul rushed toward tlie mini to thrash bim with
his fists, but his friends held blm back.
"Very well, then. You will bear from
me tomorrow," he said to bis assailant.
"Walt ut your hotel until I send two
friends to you."
As soon us tbe stranger bad gone
Ru.ml recovered from ble excitement
und began to wonder what could hava
umu mt, ..'."..,   iui* me insult.    Picking up the man's card, ho read:
"\V. H. B. Jacobson, formerly Qarl-
i.ahliaii volunteer, ex-otllcer of ihe Army of the South (Italy, America), 30
1 eiinle street"
"Oh," he thought, "here Is a big military man who can whip everybody!"
Raoul bnd seen enough or the world
to understand these heroes who cover
their visiting cards with titles.
But, since the lusult had been offered
In the presence or others, early the next
morning Rnoul sent two of bis friends
to make airangemcuts for a duel. He
gave them M. Jaeobson's address and
told them tu report at the Hotel du
Louvre, where he proposed to sleep.
At half past 8 lu the morning his seconds arrived, M. Jacobson had selected the sword snd would fight that very
hour lo the woods of Vlucennes.
"Let us be off!" cried Rnoul gayly.
"I accept the gentleman's conditions."
After a minute's fencing Raoul wus
slightly wounded In the right shoulder.
The "ex-officer of the south" wished to
continue the eombut, but Ruoid's seconds declared that honor wns satisfied and tbat they had no Intention
of Imperiling their friend's life again.
Tho ex-officer was obliged to acquiesce, ita.mi went home delighted
st having escaped with nothing moro
serious than a llttlo loss or blood and
resolved to keep clear »r all so called
(iarlbaldlans In Ihe future. In fact a
night's reflection had convinced blm
lhat Clameran was in.* Instigator of the
iw.. attempts to kill blm. Mine. Fauvel billing told bim what conditions
Madeleine placed on her consent to
I ma rr luge, Itaoul Instantly saw the
| greal Interest Clameran would imve in
I his removal, He recalled a thousand
; little remarks and events of (lie last
; few days, and on skillfully questioning
lhe marquis bis suspicions changed
lino certainly. This conviction that
Hid man whom be had ao materially as
slated In bla criminal plans was so
basely ungrateful as to turn against
bim Inspired In Itaoul a resolution to
take speedy vengeance upon Ills trench
ci*.ms accomplice and at the same time
insure Ids own safety. He was per-
M.ii.le.l that by openly aiding with
Madeleine and her aunt be could save
Ih.-'.i ir.iui Clniueran's clutches. Ilnv-
t'lii fully resolved upon this, be wrote
a note to Mme. Fauvel aaklng for un
Interview. The poor woman hastened
lo Veslnet at the appoint.-.1 hour, convinced Unit some new misfortune was
lu store for ber. She found lluoul mole
tender un.l utTcctionute than lie bad
ever been. He suiv ibe necessity of reassuring her and winning his old place
iu her forgiving heart before mukiiig
bis disclosures.
He succeeded. The iKKtr lady had a
smiling und happy air In au uruiebalr,
with Itaoul kneeling before her.
"I have distressed you too long, my
dear mother." he suid In his softest
tones.   "bUl   I   Rpent  sincerely.     Now
listen to me."
He bad not time to Bay more. The
door wus violently thrown open, uud
M. .'nine!, revolver in hand, entered
the room.
"Ah," he said, "you thought yon
could abuse my credulity foreve.'!"
Raoul bud the courage l« pl... e l.ii.i
seir before Mme. I'auvel nud lo stand
prelum*.I lo receive ibe expected ballet
"1 assure you. uncle"— be began.
"Enough!"  Interrupted the  banker.
wllh uii angry gesture,   "I'ense this acting, or which 1 am no louger the dupe."
"I awcur lo you"—
"Spare yourself the trouble of dentals. 1 know all. I know who pawned
my wife's diamonds. I know who com
uiitted the robbery for which tlie iui.o
ceut Prosper was arrested and Imprisoned.*'
Mine. Fauvel, while with terror, fell
upon her knees.
At last It had come—the dreadful day
had eomel Vainly for years she had
added falsehood to falsehood. Vainly
she had sacrificed herself and others.
All was now discovered.
"Pardon, Andre! I conjure you, for
give me!"
At these heartbroken toues the banker trembled. This voice brougbl before him tLe twenty ."ears which be
had siient with tills w .man, who bad
always been tl.e mistress of his heart,
whose slightest wiah Inul been bis law
and who by a look could make blm the
happiest or the most miserable or men.
"Unhappy  woiuun!"  he said.    "I
happy woman!   Whut bave I done tl. t
you should act thus?   I have loved you
too deeply."
Raoul, wbo listened with attention,
saw that If tbe banker knew aome things
be certainly did not know- all. He saw
that erroneous Information bad misled
the unhappy man and that he waa still
a victim of raise appearances. He determined to convince lilm or his mistake.
"Monsieur"— he commenced.
llut thu sound of Raoul's voice wai
sufficient to break the charm.
"Silence!" cried the hunker, with au
angry oath.   "Silence!"
The stillness was ouly broken by th.
sobs of Mine. Fauvel.
"1 come I....*," continued the banker,
"with the Intention of killing you both,
but courage rails uie to kill a woman,
aud I will not kill nu unarmed mini."
Rnoul once more tried to speuk.
"Let me finish!" Interrupted M. Fauvel. "Your lire ta in my ha mis. Tl.e
law excuses tbe vi-ugeni.ee of un Injured husband, but I refuse to tuke ud
vuutage of It. I aee ou your mantel a
revolver similar to mine. Take It and
defend yourself."
"Defend yourself!" cried tbe banker
raising his arm.   "If not"—
Feeling the barrel of M. Fauvel's revolver touch bla breast, Raoul took hi-.
own pistol from the tnutitcl.
"Place yourself In that corner <>r the
room, and I will stand lu this," conlln
ucd the hanker, "..ml when the clot >,
strikes, which will be In a f,*w seconds.
we will both Are."
They took the plnces designated I'.ul
the horror or tl.e scene wus too much
for Mme. Fauvel to witness uny longer without Interposing. She understood but one tiling—her sou nnd her
husband wero nhout to kill each olher
before her very eyes. Fright and horror gave her strength to aturt up nnd
rush, between the two men, with extended arms.
"Have pity, Andre!" abe cried, wring.
Ing ber hands In anguish. "Let me tell
youl   Don't klll"-
Thia burst or maternal love M. Fauvel took for tbe pleading of a criminal
defending  ber lover.    lie  aelzed   im
wife br tbe arm and thrust ber asl.ln
(To Re Continued J
Dear Mother
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QeOl*ge Washington caughl cold when
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lie was attended  by  Hnve nf  the
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country, Ha was bled no less thnn
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in deprive n healthy man of his life,
But what is the mystery?
Enlightened   physicians   frequently
assert Hun QeueraJ Washington was
killed   flint  he was bhsl to death and
poisoned with calomel, Tobias I.enr,
his secretary, says tbat after tbe doe
lor hail bled him to !bc citoul of half
a pint Washington Interrupted  with
the remark: "The gash i< not big
en..ugh.     Make   It   wider."     And   lhe
highly trained professional Idiot  pro
.'ceded   to   do   so.     "Hoes  your   tin.oil
feel any  belter';" asked the learn al
leech,     "It's    very    sore."    iiiiirmuie.l
Washington. Wben tlie second phyal
elan arrived Mrs. Washington tried i.
stay his murderous bsnd by protesting
lhat "ihe general wai too old a man
in stand iiiiiili bleeding."   "Yoa, yes,"
said the .Highly doclnr No. 2.     "I'll  be
cautious lu blood letting."
Aud   then   be   proceeded   straight   to
rob his country's fatOer of a full pint
of lire's most precious fluid, Wl tin-
third physician had come in- rolled his
eyes solemnly snd ssld, "I will bleed
hlin." "We both tiled lhal," said the
other doctors *Ves. I know." nn-
iioilnced    the    consulting    sag.*,    ■"hut
if blood letting .iocs not relieve blm i
must Increase the dose of calomel."
After the third bleeding In which we
arc mil surprised to learn that Wash
ington'S arm yielded lis lire lluld more
; slowly than it bad before the SOTO
throat contluiu-d 111 spite of the list
consulting doctor, and when his
wearied body railed to respond to a
heroic ovenlose ,.r calomel the two COB
suiting physicians retire.] nml left
Washington to die.    is there any mys-
i t.-ry in his death:*    I'ti.-a Observer.
HP AT iin Ai
SOLD   ONLY    IN   SEALED     LEAD       PACKETS AT 40,. BOc  a.*
■*  j »* Utiles. >uii aru  7o77bOiSj
No More fc«_sss_«s!
Hall's Vegotuble Sn .; ,,. p
newer always rceto-* sculorio,!
hair.   Stops (ai..  ,; ■ ur ,,*
rm   ...ti   whlikan.  >, *
III*. KIMIM-lM .-> Ill
or ft ..it, -I'ari,   it e i
Practically all  makers of good
clothes in Cauad i use llcwson Tweeds.
Look for the tag that guarantees
11..* illness oi Uie Shell ..f Persia
has i ikfii a niit-t serious turn     His
niiiji -ty is ii"t likely to live much
Minard's  Liniment  Cures Colds,  etc.
"Trap-door" beta  ire the latest de-
i ii'i - used   I*,    '."ini".i shoplift
Cleveland lo aid ihem in stealing fi"*r
the big .I.... nt.".. ii departtn.   I   I
l"ti'l"«»  l|»wm.
There  have  never  been  more  than
iinti* contemporary European queens
In   Met.   the  number  .,r  women   win,
bave occupied thrones In mediaeval
and modern times n compsratlvely
small    England bends ths lis!  with
live, liussia can boaal of four, but the
total coines to considerably under thirty
>  t, nt    V«>llf>>*S.
In the navy death  volleys nre the
nuu ones fired I., even numbers.   All
Other salutes are In odd nuiubers.
Onr  Kl.ebru   lu  ■   Muck.
a co-operative kitchen In tbe mi.i>iie
of every Mock to .serve all the n
of that block is u.e Istesi solution ,.t
feretl   for   the   eternal   problem   tba'
faces   every   housekeeper     The   nl.'
seems feasible la view of the ted ib
the uew* Art Club sltnlloa bine a ktt.h
eu lu common ior the nee »r a small
army of students who occupy bai belor
apartments,  it im- been suggested by
economists tbat a large kitchen i -
tabllsbed iu every  blOCk nud that   ll.e
place be under tbe direction of .. chef,
wuh several assistants Ths boose
wife could take i.e.* food there to l.e
cooked, ihus saving ths pries ..f fuel
ami keeping tha hgrn—.tjee from thc
odor »f cookery aiun.esiijes m many
cases dispensing with the cost of dys-
pep. i tablets and pepsin New \ork
for. I iitslnirg Dtspatob.
Ask Your
It he tells you to take Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral for your
severe cough or bronchial
trouble, then take it. If he has
anything better, then take that.
But we know what he will say;
for doctors have used this
cough medicine over 60 years.
."lh" BMl Af«r*i rWr» f«<*,«ml tor
BftfH flOldft, Wt! r..»,al... a,"t l„S„a,tuft. It ti.l
fgtf Wt tt..t tnoA and I kcl.rTa It I, th*
•ftot conch mMioini, In thr wntlS f„r all
thrnat anrt lung uttubtaa "- la. f. STl ART
Alaan;, Oragmi.
"Reprocessing" is one <.r the many
gentle urts practiced i.y ti... people who
supply tbs Ain-ri.aii nation with food
When eamMd StuffS Spoil they arc sub
jecie.1 lo treatment thai destroys tin-
outward  appearances «r decay,  i.ut
makes  the  food   ....  more  tit   f,,r con
sumption than if was before, The
process is applied chiefly  to fruits,
which are sold arter renovation M
bakeries and such pla.es t , |„. made
int*. pies anj similar articles Bpoiled
fruits an- also made Into sods fountain
sirups "Reproceaaing" plants somo
times constitute • s,.[,!lr,tr flepartm. nl
of a factory, and sometimes they sre
ruu  us  an   Independent   Institution,
which buys up spoiled foods and on
verts tbem Into 111nrket.1i.ie products
Sew York Tribune
Wcli    Drlll3r»B    IS/1» c h I n •    for
a Hydraulic Tubulai Well Dulling Machine, In .
der, including horse power, and equipped with n ipl      i r,,|;^
ti.,n  t.i  nni".I,ii..  tools.    Cost  MM      Price   il   .sold
j.'IOii    Terms, one-third cash, balance six and twelv
l- a money-making proposition.    Apply to owner,  P.O   Boi ..•*.
A Now Wood.
\ newly imported wood, I	
high iias.- cabinet and piano work, is
ill,* Tasmanian myrtle, de bed by
ine i iiiili'ii Trades Journal ol l.on-
ib'ii li li of a rich piiti- ' iloi. moderately haul and very tl  grained,
inking a good ii..is-1. and \*-• ■.k11.*.- troll
an i    moothli
Wl  enn  i gal   son i  H
«bj s  i '..in  i't     i   ars ■    entire!)
. uretl  of  my  corns  by  this   reined)
i  I  ivial      I".* in i  ii  f"i  nt)
friends.   Bo tvritea Mi   J   Vv   Brawn,
( bicii
\   Wa hii '      ('in
• I  tin*
i i real  Moi Ihern and  Nortii n n  Parifh
railroads are undei    uape. lou bj
govei 'inieiii of vi- li.r       * *        • i lrust
They Kevei  Knew  failure   rutin!
' i— rvaUon .■! Ihe effect- ..i  Pan	
h .■    Vegetable I'ili- ha     down ilmt
.■"•!  immediately on 'Ir* d
,-.in - ol the system and  itiinu*
iai*    ll'ein   it.   I ■ lllll
ma)   be   rases  In  which    ll.e d
i i    bt en  bain ■ i ..tei    ..i   i .
. i**lil to medicine, bul even in
the ■■  Pills       >•    been
lo  briug    rellel    when    all
othei   so-called  n
.'   -.'itiMiis   cun   I ■ l'u loil-
iii.iin m ho have ..-• *l the I'ili -
in.l medical men apeak highly oi
theii  .j..nl.■ ,■■
A Ce: It
\ Washington
bei.. examining inl
ib.* children oi Uie i*   i ».,!;,
ths South toil*  i,
ployed in th.* i
iloi... N.C., b.
and I
mi i. dry i*i" >i- !
■\\bal do you o*
ed the
".*■ Ul.
f.n   a  li\ in'  ' *.
' Ine b. ...I  . i
lb lion   i
. •: - n   what  sp|
i   ;n,-I*   .
and i'i- ...
hi  in
th   ;
-iini'- ou S
'  ill   fo
: Uld   lun*.
Frinklw  P.i.*■
|.* 1-     oo tf you i
loinr*■•    Why, it
'IIn   list   iii kills I    and    «!.i.i..i>*l
. ii huiiiiiit accidents   Ihi
in   Wisconsin   b)   ihortei   than   uaual
Iln*  r,,tni   thia    •.en   i-  twent;
killi 'I  and  f".t*. one injured       Last
.*.. .*..   twent thei and
fi'iu-.-ii.   nei,. wounded.
More in. n fail through ignoranc ol
theii   strength  than  through  know).
■ th. H weal
Vou DO NOT have to know what your
goods nre made of when you um
m^RnTvVn Home Dye
l by i.o. Ayr Co.. I. .wall, alaaa
Alao ■annfcaturara af
I'll. 1
hair M.i.ie.
Keep tho bowel-i ooen with on* of
Ayer's kiii» at bedtime, Juat ona
Wood  . Dlurlnu
a considerable Industry has recently
1 a developed in Sweden on the bss ■
»r an invention mads by J pi. Phis-
ter, au Austrian, whereby coloring
matter Is forced Into fresh till iv.nni
It takes the place of the sap and gives
to Ihe wood a l.rilllaut color, wbleb
does not fade after the wood has be
come seasoned. BlTCh, beech, abler.
maple, elm and baaSWOOd are the varieties most sneceesfully treated. The
"ly,- can be forced through lengths ,.r
WOOd as great as thirteen feet. When
seasoned and polished the colored WOO I
presents a beautiful appearance and i<
tis.si for making furniture and ..is,, for
the iiiiini;*, of ships and streel cars.
r a
__l_____l) COUNT-
Xj^/.m no matter how
'   tV^mt < 1 bad ,he rather
'//w-a-fcfcr'    Y°u ronnot
/im iffiirfrk    aft**1*-! to be
/I \. flXr- L\    without <\
m\    '' w
\ \f- fl
W ■
i  /\   When you buy
- ".  1    K>ok for the
/ 1
11                      ■tpnM-m
XmT*                         l^-M-fc*!
. "^_
] )L             **wm
..  SLA
r T W —     TOWC* tSH«M» CO Ute*
•—.tJAT                                      TOi-O-wT©  *J*H
llorallr   Made   *«•»  lildrr p.
King  Haakon   when  he  lirst  Joineo
the Punish navy was treated exactly
like nny other boy. The chief purser
-siieil his mess gear, consisting ,,r ail
Iron knife ..ml fork, a tlu spoon, two
• ill plates and a zinc mug.  (in Ins uin
lnnk  to quarters the la.i stumbled
while going up g ladder, and all these
  n   .•, >'.'.' i,   ,,,,,,   ,,,,   i n
Ihliius weni flying over Ihe ileek   w
Ing lbs Chief gunner from a nap ainl
bringing down on himself a volley <>r
abuse, lie then acted as mess boy r..r'
lhe other apprentices and had tO fetch '
Iheir soup,  wash  the plates nml clean
UP generally.—Philadelphia Record.
You cannot possibly have
a better Cocoa than
A delicious drink and a sustaining
lood. I'rajiraiii, nutritious and
ecnn.nnii.al. This excellent Cocoa
maintains the system in robust
health, and enables it to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers
in 1 -lb. and i-lb Ting.
Look  Oul  Kor   IIMIT.
A Iiiiiiii living i.t I..I--.II has Issued n
series of predictions r»r wo;.   "The
king .,r lhe year," he says, 'is Saturn,
iiiiiler Whose malign Influence merlin
rloits people will MifTcr and thieves
| Will prosper. (Ileal disorder will pre
.ail Tb.- rich will satisfy their hunger at lhe expense nf the poor, and tin,
earfh will quake thrice."
Illa.k and White pepper are from the
sa..... round seed of a tropical plant.
Tbs white is ground after Iho black
ni'.ter sU-u has lieen removed. That Is
the only difference. The white Is considered less Irritating lo the stomach.
It Is ii|s„ preferred Tor dishes consisting of cream nnd milk, such as oyster
stews, creamed potatoes ami the like.
Half Century
COR over half a cr . .
* line* IJ5-I - .he ... . I
■h.i note hat guarenieed * ■ ■< I
ity of Any Welch putdtmwS h«l
Increaied manufaciu. ^ anJ hir
'••a fa-.!.i.o .w«v enable        . <
you tht h#-n Wa.cb va'>#,     CvtA
An miunce il oor 11' ' '
ll connui of a guaianln-r i1* Jem
Ryrie Broi Movement. ; II I I
rilled uie wtrreMed .o wtar r.v««>
five mi
Dnt ot 0 rm,!.! fi mttwrtmt
tmJ.,vn/rrr tffi.'gt ..'      .'
tr.tri rmt.lrfmt.
li,.,,.-  llnalilng.
Teas- Hhe   certainly   Is   the   luckiest
girl,   .less    Vou  uie.in   licintlHC sll.) has
iiu engagement rinx? Test* Not only
lis.,, hut she's  left  bauded.
That Cough"
makes your life a burden.
Johnson's .
,lto|'tv.,| on 'una, will o.ra It. ami ""
»i*ll r..l In. i rntnpa ami all llirnet tr,".'
Km Internal aa ,„u,.|, aa ("i Filarna
2.V., tlirw litiaa aa ,„„rh iis-    All Art
I. H. Ji'ii.-.si.N a 111. la-Asa, »,
Eastern Canada
A Sweet Breath
in what all ihould have, an.l it can
br ensured by the judicious use of
Beechsm's   rills,     A   sweet   breath
denotes thei everything i» well, so
iv the slightest indication of the .li-
KfMivc organs nut working properly, do not forget to take
Sold Everywhero.    In boxes 25 cents.
Tickets on sale daily Novembei '!'■
until  December ,*ilst.  l!>n<l
Return limit three months.
Fullest   information
from any
Canadian Northsrn
Kail way audit
W    N    II    Nn     614
By Work and Worry, but Good Health Is Restored by
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
With her   -Inni'lli "Voita.vi"!   In   loo
much work iiiiiiii ii v*.imiiiii iiii.is
herself weal;,  movum-. iiiiiI  exhaust-
ed, subjecl In imlii'irnt inn mnl hen.I
Ill-lies   and    spells   oi   ilisctmiiiecmenl
and desp»n.I. in y
Under     sixd.      cneuuisli es      |)i
Cliaae'S       Ncivc       I'liotl    coll.es       nr,    :i
blessing of gi.i.i Milne. I ginj. nn.'
llOpe    and    cnllliile        lllel     .dull,I
vitality   to   the   hloiiil   nml   ini v.-s
Uisslii.-i    i.-■..■ i   ■.. ■    ' mi
bloodless      iippearaiice.        ii.olhe. uii<.
'choking h«*.,.-.-h.1.1. . I \  in m 1 i„ .,*
ing end  pal|tiiiioii  ni'*    * ii"  of  the
symptom     i*. In. h   l'iv.    .1 .>     Iiei.ne  tl,,.
persistent u '* "I ihi 11 ..1 i.,".! cun.
Tin. appei.ic 1, siuitp u-il. tli*.'!*. ini'i
ia iinprnv. I.    .in*  1     1    ,,-. 1 r,. 1., 1
OUt     tO    le iillliful      liin;.ii  I s      nil.I
gradually        1
Vigor    WJlla* *•■     wellhlle ill  'I     'llsell. e
Mrs. Ji'ini iiiii 11 ..ii-.-, ii.ni 1 if 1
Brae, Alt.. . mi- m •.* ■*. innn health
for over !"... \eai- nr'. 1 iii.' birth
ol her i'n 1   chihi
might bu ■ .iiie.i n m . *. ..11 u,, .*;.
weak, do.' r. 11 nl *'l ami 'li ' ..ii.ii rd
Writing I"    1 -I.  Mi-   I)    li   Itiirger,
her  aiUlt.   "I   the    -.un-   plac< .     lale
.ui      kriuatrong  lu.d  gieat   weak
ness, I il  trouble  ami   Indigestion
li    Ind   lhe   nn-   Mill   down   ill   ever*,
way  ami  nei mod  lo  loss all  ho 1
ever  setting   well  ugain.    BI10    wa
■ 'iiieely ..hli' lo .lm*.'  hei  ell about.
_" 1 lm neri Ii lent uae ol  Hi   < ihass'i
None   l'u" 1   has   proven  ol  marvel
loll.    Item lit    to   her.      Silt*   feels   lea
well now, I- looking fine and Roshinf
up " thai nm* would hardly tak.
her I." Hi" same person. You ma;
use her nainu in recommendation 0
II..   I l.a  1        Nei Ve    I  I   for    lie   an
all 1.11 gral Inl I.n whal il bas don.
I... hei. and never loas an opportun
iti  "i  ".*■ li 1 a good word for ii."
I'.*,   in.11   who  nn*  suffering  from
. hi>.<.Inch.'*., Indigestion and sleenlesi
1      .  tm   women   who  besides  thea.
symptoms   suffer   from    weakneasei
and    gularltiea    of  tbe    delicau
feniinli ganUm, lot children v. hi
are pule, weak and puny, there ii
w •  b h.'..,    no preparation    extant
wliicli wiil bring about such satis
(acl.01 i* 'ill as Ibe use ol Dl
I  i.n  '•' ■   llt'l Ve   I't'i.l ;   Ml   cellls   S   box
8 boxes IS BO, al nil dealers or Kd
manaon, Bates A Co., Toronto,
For   Improvemnnl   ol   Seed.
By ineiim-iions ni tl,. 11...> Minis.
ter of Ag< 1 .-nlthi.- n ii. niiiniit'ii 11 ii:
be made Iin * -en .on "1 -..tuple ..i
superior   -ml.-   ol   -,'iuin   1"   1 ii 11 ml iiiii
farmers fm iiu   improvsmenl oi ised
The atoci; • .. 'iihiiiiiuiu'ii 1- ,,f the
verv bee' .1 lm- been -■ ■ 1 mainly   from        .'■    excellent    'I    ;n    I,month
had at the 1.much experimental farm
at Indian Hon.I. Su 1, n.el nt llum
don, Man The dislnbutioii will consist of Samples ,,| nuts, spring wheat
barley, Indian corn, if"i ensilage only) SAd potato..- The i-uatitity oi
oats to li" ■     I**      ini'i
wheat or barlej 5 lbs lufflcient In
each ca.*-' 1 on.* in. utieth of an
acre.  Ilu*   samples  of   Indian   corn
and   pel    *"-   will   weigh   .'I   lbs   eacli
A quaniir,  of each oi the   following
varieties   *
distribuii m
Oats- I'. I'.i.ei. \\ il" \inii c. White
Giant. I' uh-Ii Island. Thouaand Dob
lar. Imp •■*! Llwogo (white varieties)
and Qol'ii
Wheal lied lib*. Preston, I'riiiglu'-
Champ!' 11, I'.t.v. Stanley, Huron
and Wl ite   I .!•■
Harle*.     Six rowed   Menaur)  Odei
aa, Man !.* 1*1 ..ii*l < ; *   '■
Stand» Invincible,      Canadian
nel Bidnoy
Com ilm  en llage)    Barlj
ifel "I Midnight, Compton's
• I Longtellos . laliei 1 arletiea,
I.... 1.111. l- . Earh Maatodon
te Cap  Vi ll.ui   Dent
Carman No I, Early
.in*. BoehestM U  Money-
ad Late Puritan
ne sample een Is* mnl '-
luiiiit. hence if an individual
a sample ol oats lu* cannol
Ive "i I wheat, barlej   01
li.    "i  aai    Irom one
.1, <>i  applications for mors
• siHupie im "ii,- household
»■ entertained The samples
snt l. I charge through Ihe
aorta,   *•
Earl*' I.
and Wi
White I
each a 1
also r.
Applications should be addressed to
the Dm* toi ol Experimental Parma,
Ottawa    1111 I 111 iv If -• nl  111 am   tim.
before • 18th "l February aftei
which ■ li-i- will be closed, so
that the sample! asked f"i ma) be
mi in good tm..- fm sowing Ap-
it- should mention the vs
hi.  a Ith a  inl -ort Hs an
(utile     tpplicstlona will  bs filths order in which they are
Iril. so long «s the supply "f -'■"•!
lasts.   I'm no.rs are advisee to apply
early  i"   avoid   1 ibis   disappoints
ment. Thoaa applying lot Indian
or politic- md please bear in mind
that tin* coin is tu.) usually dlatrib
liintii March, and thai potatoes
be mailed from here until dan-
'ill  flost  in tran-it   Is over     No
■  1-  required on mail  mutter
sci to ibe Central Experimen
tmi. Ottawa
Itch. Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every lo.m ol contagious Itch on human Of animals turn! in 30 minutes by
Weltord'i Sanitary Lotion.
A hnn1*1.n i- reported from Quale-
mala is which Tiitill.ee. a town of liv.*
thona.iii'l   persons,    has    I n    swept
awaj  by  the  floods,    The  loss nf life
is MO'   r**t known
Ariisis Friend Viy dear Harold, I
like your picture i cry much, only 1
liini y Un* original doesn'l look ipiite so
led   ns   you   hi*."   painted   blui.      Il<*
h.isn't a ruddy eomploxloni quite tbs
reverse, Impreaalonlal Artist-Who on
earth are you talking about)   Artist's
I'lienil    Why.   y.tiu*   uncle,   of   i*oiirse
Impress' mill Artist Gracious, man.
l.ui ib.ii i .i'i inv uncle   It's ii sunset!
Piles 0 ... I In 1 to I Nlihta Onr ii|,;,l,
.alii... gives relief Iir. Aitncw'a Ui.il.netn
Is a lirsta lur Itching I'll,-a, or Blind.
Bleeding Piles li relives Quickly and
permanently. I., akin eruptioaa it statlilt
without a rival. I le.'i .mti, uf laatlmon
iais it inn wiiiti evidence.  M oents   U
'l!u* ■*. vetniiu'iii iwis decided nol h
ippoint an '.nni. -ml" ai Washington
im  the tie-it three mouths
A clevei swindler, speaking Engliaii
French ami Spanish, has I n victim
laing the   Britiah naval   officers al
Minard's Liniment Cures  Diphtheria
Containe Flesh Formers and Heat M ik*
en   In   Proper  Proportions—Valance/ E. Fuller • Ideae.
Willie    "nia-i    ■' I Tin il     live    hi     I.p. "I
alone," bread In ihla eonneotion I	
iiiis- food, neither can  he live  Wlthoul
f I.  bul  ni *  development  and  ii al  i
depend n it on ibe uu.unity in* eats, bul
mi the portion ol lhal quantity which
in- digests, ib* musi iiigosi what will I
i.uHd up u.e-us.ues of the body, K've
inlinii] lun: anil uis, muscular power,
These foods which will do the first of- •
floe are nailed flesh formers, ami those '
which furnish hual and |.owei* are oall-
tii liein makers, aii tnnis contain ono
• if .lie three requisites, and somttlmea
all. In varying proportions, says Vi'lau
"iy i*:. Fuller, lecturer an sanitary milk, i
\'".v y. rk Stale Farmera' Institute.
The  only  onmplela ami   pnrf»<rt   food]
Is   milk.     In   it   ai"   Deal)   formers  mil
in n  makers  in  the right proportions
 petty balanced,   The earns can be
•■uld "f nn other food.   Those who hsvo (
lived i,n farms know that pasture la .1 !
perfect fooil r.u* cattle, and that If any
other food la given them in lis place II
■uuat it" balanced by other foods.  Milk I
is ilk.* pasture    n is a perfectly bal- !
ineeti ration In Iteelf, snd there Is no
nsoesslty  of  partaking  ur any  ottiei :
f "til unless we dealre It  This uccounis
tor ihe fuel thai wa .an live and do a
hard    lays   WOfk   "ti   milk   alone,     for
milk oontatns all Of tbs nutritive Ingie-
illenis needed for food and Is thoroughly and easily digested.   The longevity
of the Hungarian mountaineers, wh ■
Ilea on milk ami whey. Is well known
A    quart    nf   good    iiilll.    contains   n-
much digestive nutrients as are inn-
mined in ona pound ..f -beef chuck.
'.ru* pound of fowl, one |s,und of veal
shoulder, one-half pound of -boot loin,
on., hair 1 "iiu I ,,r beef ribs, one half
jstunil of mutton l,*s-. nine nunces of
veal euliets. nine uun.-i.-s of veal loll..
Iwo pounds ..f 1 iitlllsli, two pounds flu*
ounoea of solid oysters, two pounds Bva
ounces of bluensh or one pound n*-*.
ounces of potatoaa.
Does fit
,   has the
the skin
Doesn'l    itch.
Made   for   men,   women  and   little    folks,
in    a    variety   of   atyles,
abrics     and      prices.
Ve authorize every dealer in Pen-Ang!«
Undtrwear lo replay, at, ui coil, an)
game-lit faulty io utiterUI n nukiny
Saya Reaulta are " Truly Wonderful."
Mra. I. Hunter, of
111 Raglan Road, Kingston, Ont., says:—
"I have suffered with
kidney and liver
trouble and chronic
constipation for some
time. I waa subject
to dizziness, bilious
Mrs. I. Hunter headache, nervouaneaa,
drowsiness, pains in the back and side,
and a tired, weary feeling nearly all
the time.
"I tried almost every medicine, was
treated by doctors and drugglsta with
little or no benefit.
"I tried Dr. Leonhardts Antl-Plll.
and tbe results have been truly wonderful. I am so much better. AnM-
I'lll Is a most wonderful remedy."
All dealers, or the Wllson-Fyle Co.,
Limited, Niagara FallB, Ont. 60.1
..Te Stst.-r ti a Fallacy The die.am lo
•lo»t .'ui.* I'tiiiiisr ...a ha-.,* ...dis-.*-'..<».
kaa k'.ig since been ejplodrd I.r V,,n
Btaa'a Ciui iii't'lf 'Is!.let- Introduced .. BOW
—^—.m Hi.* itemttxti. ei s,,,,ii., I, troubles
It hat ,t nil that one mav eat his Oil ul
earth -*.* inul everything he relishes, and
■■ililrl taken afler .he nival will a.d
f^Bt.unni'h   ...  d.ung  ita work    60 iu   ..
baa, i  retiis   ;i
Tntprr Srrnrlllee.
is   .Johnson wants to Imrrow £10
me.   I.o you think he Is KiKhI for
^ntnoiiur-*   Hlnks   Ves, with proper
*£''■'<    securities    would    J oil    SUg-
ili.iln   and   padlock,   n   pair  of
h.r^eulTs  and   u  dog.   That  Wu.llil  bo
ii in hold bim."  London Mali.
1 he i ount.  - ..I  \\ ai wick,    wlioae
socialistic lend les are well known,
i   polith al    meeting      ai
,'        ■ hall, London, laat week
Made Sound and Strong by  Dr    Williams'  Pink  Pills.
There  ia proboU)   i ie in    Ihi
ton ii  "i   Pai I-.  < im .   v. lm does  not
Mi"*.*.   Mi   Samuel .,   Robinson, anil
iiim mil na reiniti    accept ins wore
when lie sais   iiiiii    in     Williams i
Pink r.ll- cine i him ol an obstiwit* i
ea I  kidney   trouble  aftei    othei
treatment ha I [ailed to give bin
nnne ti..in r. mporarj reliel Io ■
reportei "i the Btar-Tnun ripl Mi
Bobinaon Ireely gave permiaaion b
publish a itatemenl oi bis eese u
rhe hope lhat bis experience might
benefit soma othei sufferer, lie sanl
'I hav.* suffered Irom kidney troubli
;.u sbout three years Bometimei
my  ba.k  ached  so severely Mint    I
wn-  unable  lO   mak   .Hnd  til   tune,  it
ilimi-i  impossible   foi    in.-   t.
straighten up    I bad to urinate verj
frequently and often had to get   u|
ii   tunes  during   the  night     \i
nl tunes i wa- undei i- s can
Ol   doctors,    but    I   only    I"1    lellt I    1
.. time I si .. tried a number o
medicines snd hack-ache plaaten
but none of thun helped me and I
b gan to think ih,- trouble could n.
h * cured One day during a convai
-ati'.ri with a friend, he asked un
why I did nol try Iir Williams' Pin!
I'ili™. saying thai he had ..->••! then
and they hail done hun much good
I decided to try ths pills and it ws
not Ion before I f. ll graetl) bene
filed    I continued using the pill   to
-"in" tune longer, .-.nil I a... glad tt
-:i\ thai every veatiga ol ths troubl.
hn- disappeared, nml I am now a
well    a-   eve.      Hr     Willia.ua'      I'lnl
I'ili- have proved .. bteaalng le m<
and I gladly recommend them t.
nnvoiie similarly afflicted
in Williams' i'mk Pills are th-
greatest curs in tn>- srorld for nl
tin* common ailments ol men sn<
women lur all weakneaa and wear!
i-*- imi back-aches, and headache
of anaemia. al the heavin. as an.
distiess ..I Indigestion; all llie palm
1 ami ache- ol rheumatism, aclatici
i and neuralgia ami all the ill healll
that   (oliowa   any   di-t :u bnlicc   *'f   n'l
nini ity iii ill" blood aupplv. All thesi
ailments ara caused by bad bloo
mul Hr. Williams' Pink I'dU actuallj
make   new,   rich,     led    bl 1     Tbe;
-liike   straight   sl   tin i i '
of dissaae Hut you musl gel tb.
genuine pill- with the lull name Di
Williams' Pink Pills Ior Pale Peopli
on  the  wrappei   an.un.l  each    box
Sold   at   .rMI   cellls   n   boS   "I    six   h.'Ve
foi $'j .mi by all dsalera oi ths Ih
Williams' aledicins i" .   BroekViUe
sural,**, I.
The Profeaeor  \..w. inppoes you hs.i
been celled to see a patient  wllh hys-
^m\~. stun* on,., fm* who bad
start' ii laughing ami found it Impoeal.
^1" stop, whal would you do?   Doe
Amputate his  funny  bone
-i>. K\|.eri opinion.
''hat i'n .'.on think oi' my daughter's
B*iii:"ii on the plaiio'.'"
nisi nam., for It. for sh -rtnlnly
Mil    iiiurib-r   tlie   lime." - llsltlmnre
The   parliamentary   eommitl '
Prance to winch the matter ws re
(erred has. by sight votes to two, reported in (nvor of the abolition .*i Un
death penally and tha substitution o
life imprisonment
Minard't   Liniment   Cures  Garget   ir
Ensineei O'Brien ..( Iowa Cit" wai
I...in.I .lead hv his tireiniin in lhe cal
,,t a west) id Rook Island paasengei
train winch was running IHtv mll«
an hour ai the lime. O'Briens skull
wn- crushed, supposedl) bj o projecting timber,
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
For Coughs and Colds.
Why Metals Float,
li is a remarkable fact that if a amall
rod of Iruri a straight piece Of wire, for
instance--li greased it can be un.de to
ti.mt on water, Tha grease apparently
prevents ibe i.leaking ..f the surfaee
"f the water, and lha Iron Ilea oradled
in ., slight d'-pre-sl n or trough.
Recently one of tba    Knlied siji.s
novel'iime.ii   .. i.-ii i-i. at  Washington,
expeiimenttng  with r-nls ami  rings    f
Iron, im coppei   t* .t--. plutluuin, uituu-
iiiiuin. Herman  silver, ei, . found  that
.iii metala, even the dense.-., win iloat
nu v..,t.'i when ihe . turfacaa are chain- I
lein     a   perfeotly  cieai.  piece \
• it  capper  ui   platinum   wire,   fin*  ex-
uii.lile   f.,mis a tr ugh for Itself on Ihe
surface *if no- tut -    just as ir it wa
g:■ I-- .1    The   - i   i- la  iruc of a ems
rod   ■< giusn.
T rtl. l.il In question   believes   lha
lloatlns  i-  due  I i .■   Blm  of air con- ,
if the gtaaa
ie "t'i- i ll :.'.! i-* heated lo
- and ■'   soon aa ll eo la i- pla •-
e.i   .ui   ii.tiei*   ii   will   sink,   but   If  ll  I-
s. ,1  r., rh>* a i   for a short time It
The English Lnnorua-e.
lingll h  i     poken   by  sl I   ISO,*
000,000, snd Snanl h by ah iui ',>	
'">" oeoale '| be difference i- ma due
i" .-mi inherent luperioritj ol llie Engliaii  language, hit  to the SU|	
..I the Bngllsh stock. Th.* English
nol only have tin* greats! geniui loi
commercial and political co-operation
and colonizing, bui they hav.. :.-
well, h nli  up ihen    Institution   on
un . mini,in.   I, i  i ,. u i.,..,. ;,.,,*
• I"''  i"i   law     Spanish ia  incom-
parablj   re musical   than  English
and i- practically phonetic whii.
English is handicapped by ita arbitrary spelling, un the other hand,
Engliah i- olten briei r, though nol
always. Spanish can   ay "I dial I go"
III     OH"     WOrd "lie   "        'llie     "lellt     ||.|
vantage ul  English ia u- double vo
sbulary, oi I Teutonic and oue ol
Latin origin, winch enables it to
make nice distinctions, ll ha- also
acquired the pow.. to assimilste
words .'i*nii every language uu lei the
on These facts, togethei with tin.
greater intellectual activity ol thi
English ni.*.* in many fields ..f human endeavor, have swelled ita vo
cab iimi to startling Bgurea. The
Standard Dictionary " c intain i ovei
i it... 10 *.*"i'i- I ilu not believe an)
Spanish dictionary contains half ii
many,   From "fl icceat Magazine "
Death   or   Lunacy   serlned    the    only    al* I
. rnatlee for a well-known and highly re-
■|i. i'til   Indl*   of   ll'lllgllli'ii.   Ilm,   »|e,   |iu,|
travelled over two oontlnenu la s vain
»a.*i*li for a cure lur Berrotia deblllt)
uml   djrspepala.      A   friend   teoommanded
-ti.iti, .um in hi, Nervine. On,. i,„ttir
helped,    -ii   bottles oared,  umi  bet  own
■sri'.teii t, illninny eliwes with liifse w.,rd,
'It   Iin. sitietl   tny  life "   2u
Vo r may sue. I  when othera do
• it   believe  in  you, but  m"..-.   when
• . not believe iu yoursell
A N-w London Hospital.
There is probably no costlier operating-room in the world than thai "f
the hospital opened In London un
s'"v. in Tin* rooiii i- made ol mar*
hie so as io prevent anv accumulation of dust. li ims ii tessellated
floor "i Tein/.z" marble, and tbe walls
.i" ii I with Bicillian marble. Electric heating makes il possible i" obtain aii) deaired temperature, and
ii"i-ele- fan- provide ventilation.
,'li.n the patient mav not be frightened by the instruments used In tbe
operation end ths presence ol ie many
physicians and medical students,
there ia an ante-room t" the operation
mil, when* the patient ia pul under
the anaesthetic.   New York Tribune
A Boer War Romance.
When ih- Boer wai was waging the
le-li*- ,,f Onelph engaged with thousand ghoul the Dominion lu mailing i..:. les ..f wearing ap-
patel to s'n.l to cenfori the b,yi In
-. •-] . .i - in s " .'ri Atnoa. Among thos •
una this chat-liable work was a
young "ly. Annie .'allander. sMaal
daughter ot Ales .'allander. "Ilil-
- e wai seised by u w hi i
ro pace ber name and address on a
night gown she m- making. Thii
u' Imately reached a r Idler named
Thomas Huby of Sheffield. Bngland.
and. when cnvi,lest lng In the hospital.
he wrote to the addre-aa given, thanking ilie .l"H >r nf tiie ganment for her
Intereal in rh.* oauae Cram this originated a correspondence which eulmln-
at* .t In the marriage of the two. Recently Xlr. Huby earns over to Halifax.
* he is n-»w stationed. The betrothal of the couple followed, ami al
the  home "f  the   bride's    fath, i* on
Thanksgiving Day the Kev I.. U
Th*mias performed tiie cerem *iiy.
An  Oulwo'n  System.
'There   l«   no   excuse   f rr   retaining
lhe credit system to-.lay.    It  was n»-
eeeeary when th*- country was n,*w and
settleis hard up but It Is not necessary* .
to-day. and the Interest of both buyeri
ami -.uer would be enhanced if it w .s
abolished." This from The Bruce Tine s
Is  sound   -ens...    The credit   system     i
reran  trade simply means  thai
who pay  for  their g -ods   have also  I t
pay  for the goods of those  who n  i-l
pay.      .'nn-iilerlng   the   loss   the
through the keeping of books   the bad
fiie...Is   iii ole  by   gulag credit   to  one
and   refusing   another, beside    Ihe   ln-
e\ liable loss by bad debts. It Is a wonder    that    retail    merchants    do    nol
simply pul .... end to the practice an.l
hv i..fusing to sell on credil Show thii*
the>   pisfel   to  hav.   the  goods   rul'.et
than a lot of bad debts.
Novel Postal Strike.
BeeauSS the postal adinlnlstiallon
has import-', a duty of 6 pfennigs in
stead of 2 on postal cards intended for
urban deliver) the citizens of Hanover
have Inaugurated a   singular   strlks
against the postal authorities. Instead
of writing postal cards Ihey ull write
letters, and. not sallslled with sending
Iheir effusions In SB envelope, Ihey llll
It wiih newspaper »» as to bring the
weight of the letter to the maximum
of s'.'.u vanis. As the envelopes the.*,
now use are of the maximum size toi
anted, II li eeay fo obstruct a loiter
box wllh only a il.u.-n of surh mis
SlVOS. The poslal aiuhorllles aie alarm
id III Mils Obstruction of the postal
service, ami ll is probable that llie for
iner tariff of 2 pfennigs on posiai cards
win have to he reestablished.
What  Restrained Him.
A stranger In S small town wanle.I
the a.l''Ire of S law.ver and as he was
bunting for one one day he came upon
a sign which read, ".\. Swindle, Attor
tiey at l<aw■."
lie entered lhe office ami after receiving ihe neeesssry advice said that
the lawyer was « line man. but he
(ranted to know why he made his
iiiiiiic sound so ridiculous and why he
.n.i not put hli flrai nnme In full.
"I WOUld," replied the lawyer, laugh-
ItiS "if inv tirst iianie were not Adam."
The SI s ui China.
Tbe slines worn by the natives In
.'bin,-, are made ..iili leather or cotton
cloth soles, nlinve ivhlt-ll is a laicr of
rails ,,i* piper nr feathera, with cottoil
cloth next io ihe fool. The ii|ft,.;s .ii ■
ninth' ui iiilinii - -'..ling- or shirtings,
Italians,  sunns tu* velvets,  ,i,\ed ellber
black or bine   M-iieh sh ie- cosi from SB
cents to Tn ccn.- u pair, iu gold.
I)*  Not   Dels;      I)- not  Iel   a  cold
•t.  " h laaUn upon you as it will
led In Thomas' Ecle. trii
1 •:!  v ■'.! b eal   up a ' ild snd cure *
• ..ugh, and al Id be resoi led to at
 e   when   the   Ural   »ymntonm   np-
!' hi I' can is* disguised •'. thai
any  * * t   taste il  may    have
iii b ■ Imperceptible t i the deli, ate
■  and 1. nvin I
*....*! i- nol ii"  ■      •  ■   architect ol
'he bricks himself.
Many   a   little   life   1-   h*-t   bl ea IS.
•lie lnofhei does n a have the meant
it hand t>. aid the little one nl the
'     -"•! -      ol    ' ll *   -        Ir;      hoin —
there Bab) - Own Tablets are
ih.   mother alwa)       e)     i      nse of
ecurity    These  tablet-    cure    colic
-..'ni stioii.      constipation        -unple
•   i    diarrhoea,     '■ ell I    "Me
nu!  olher  minor   ailments   ol   baby.
 I   ami   (It i l.lli 1        Bab) '8     Own
ruble*-   alwa;     i  can,
ot i issibl) do hai m    Thoua indn oi
then   I" .*..   th    tablet*   in   lh.
'louse and as.   n. m. dicine f"*
theii   children     Mrs.   Wm.    Brown,
ilc*.   Park, I nto   says:    "I  fm.'
Baby's Own Tablets "i the greatest
help to my little one-, mnl would nol
it., without them Sold 1 > nil
nedicine deal irs m bv mail at 2.r
■cuts a box ii"in the Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockvi'le.Ont.
Bileani   Removed   tho   Trouble
Mr-    John   Whitfield,   Swan   Lake,
Man., saya: "I have taken ii course
.1 Bileana, and they have done me a
ronderful amount of £nod. I can
hardly describe how badly I f--lt be-
r    I    took   them.    I   enuld   tmi   eat
but what it caused pain. There was
i - naation of tightness in my >ide
and mv iivr was entirely oul of or-
Iel   .      I     COIlld     not     sleep    at     lligtlts.
-iiflered   also   from   kidney   trouble.
•ind wn- altogether In a verv serious
i -olr itm.   1 Iiii I been ailing in t I.i -
...rs.  and  it  i-  gratifying
*    inl thai Bileana were equal to my
Bilean cure instipution without
ng t'i iping . cures piles bilious-
indigestion, sick headache, etc.,
aiid give strength and energy to run-
Lev ii systems All druggists -ell at
Ifty cents a box, oi post free Irom
-In Bilean Co . Toronto, on receipt
il price
In Wa inn two revolutionarj printing pre • hav.* been discovered just
ipposite the governor-seueral'i palace, bul iiu* men runmntj them hnv..*
ip .i In iii* tu ison in Vnl'hun i
the inmates hav,- mutinied and thirty-
[ou   ■•: them have * raped.
•«tste nf ni,|n   Cl.v  of Toledo.
Luors County.
t'riiiis J Cheney make.- t.-t. 'iin h#
'S s^iit." inirllier of Ihe I.in. nt K J
•ben. i ly .'.. .I.,lng business !„ Hi- city
if Toledo, County and 8.»..* aforesaid
m.i iimi aald firm will pay th*- sum of
• v.: Ht'KDRED DOLLARS for each and
-.v.-rv rase of Catsrrh tbat caitn ,- i.
■Hied by the use of Hall's Cetnn .* .'toe
Sworn to before me and eubs.-nls d In
*n» presence Ihis 6lb day of December.
i.   P   1S86 A   Vfr.  11I.EASOS.
iS. si i Notnn*   Public
Halle Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally
ind aets dlrectlv on the blood and mucous »..r-fare» of tbe system. 8ind for
testimonials ft*.
P  J   r*HKNEV   A*   CO..  Toledo.   O
Sold  l.v  all   Dnigelsts.  1-s
Take Hall's Famllv Pills for constipation
Both the American and liiih-h gov-
•inimiii- are seriously   treating   the
Newfoundland dillicultie- Tlien- :ii,
great hopes that a settlement will Ik-
reached  before the in-xi Hahing sea-
m    ,'"111111.   ll.es
He alone is happy who has learned
• . . xtracl happiness, nol from idea!
conditions, bul from the actual ones
about him
Minard's Liniment Co . Limited
Gentlemen,—Laat winter I received
real  benefit  from the use of MIN-
vitD'S  LINIMENT    In a severe ai-
tack ol La Grippe, and I have   fn**
luetitly proved it to h- very effective
iu cases of Inflammation.
The Rich M-.n's Goal.
Lorenzo   Dow.   relate-   Ibe   SI     Paul
Pioneer Press, on oue occasion took
the liberty,  while  preaching,  t*. de
limine a rich uian ill the community, recently deceased The result
was an arrest, s trial lor slander, and
ni imprisonment In lhe county jail.
Aftei  How pot mil of Iiml... i.e iin-
.i..itlli-.- I   thai   be  sIkiiiIiI  pleach,  at   a
Itiven lime, a sermon al i "another
nch man." The populace wus greatly excited, and » crowded linu-c
treeted Ins appearm.ee,
With greal solemnity he oponed the
Bible and read. "And there woe a
rich man who died nnd went to"
Then, stopping short, ami seeming to
in* suddenly impressed, he continued:
Brethren, I shall not mention the
place this rich man went to, for fear
!n*   lias   tome   relatives   in   this    con-
rregntion who will sn,. me loi defamation of character."
The effect was Irresistible, and he
niiid.- the impic■■■nni   permanent   b)
akitlg another text.
\ Magic Pill—Dyspepsia i- a ft»*
.iili which men are constantly crippling but cannol exterminate. S .h-
liit'l. nn.l to all appearances van-
in one, ii makes in appearance
i. anothei   direction.    In many the
licestive  apparatus   is  an delicate  as
the mechanism ol n watch or sclenti-
i" instrument in which even a
• itb of air will mnke a variation
Witli .-ndi persons disorders oi tlie
stomach ensue Irom the most trivial
•niises    and    cause    much    suffering.
I'n these  Parmelee'a Vegetable  Pills
in   recommended ae mild and -ure
The report that the Island ol Juan
Fernandez has disappeared i- false.
I'ineiils buy Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator because they know it is
i  snt,- medicine    tot their children
uul an effectual ex|H*ller ol worms
The Britiah Oil company has placed
•oiiiiiict- i-i Glasgow and the united
States f". 276 milea ol tubing for a
pipe line to bring oil to Uie seaboard
from tin* interioi
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Distemper.
Young Ji'hson i- of an exceedingly
statistical turn of mind He pot married lately, ami al the railway station he bad Ins wife weighed; then
he  took  out  a  little hand-hook    and
made some calculations, muttering:
Wedding expenses, - {railway expenses, . divide by——. I -..>.
my dear, you have cosl ms exactly
i"in|ieniv halfpenny a pound " Tn-
rin* Kefcea,
I If   ill wild animals the aebrs would
lie n. is| useful to man If domesticated.
It Is lint liable tO h use fever or tsetse
South American Kidney Cure is the only
kidney treatment thnt hns proven equal
io correct all lhe t*\ils that are likelv lu
hcfall I hose physiru! refUletOM, Hundreds of testimonials lo proie the curative merit- of this liquid kidney sperlflc
in ense- of llrirht's disease, diabetes, irritation of the bladder. Itiflammatii.n.
dropalcal   tendency,   iion't  delay.  II
No Last  Words.
Read-Admiral Coghlan, commandant
of ilu* Brooklyn Navy Yard, whose
reputation as n relator of good stories
has Increased each lime bs has spoken ai a dinner, told n story n few
nights ago whloh was given to illus-
iinie his distaste Ior being the lasl
"Having the Inst word," the Rear-
-uliiniiil said, "reminds ine of :i story
, I heard nol ionj age
"A certain innn died, ami a clergy.
-inni was engaged to offer an eulogy
Thi- worthy minister prepared a ser-
j 'nnn oi exceeding length and strength,
but  inst  I."fore lie entered the parlor
to deliver il he thought thai it might
i be advisable to learn what the .lead
j man's last  words  had  been.      So the
turned n> ..ne ..f the weeping younger
-.ms and asked :
"Mv boy, can ynu tell me your (a-
ther'a last words '-"
" 'He didn't have none.' the hoy replied 'Mn was with him lo the
end.'"- New York Tribune,
How Thii Fierce Brute  Kills and Car
riea Off Ita Prey.
I have taken considerable trouble
in find nut hoiv tigeis kin large game,
wilie- au asslstaui comptroller nl foi
cms at I'erah. Some .line ano I waa
asked to cotr.e and see B full grown
bullock tbsl hart been killed by a User.
On examining H I found the animal
had Its neck broken, and there we s
claw marks on Iln* not. and shoulder
and nowhere else. There wuh no doubt
that the tiger had Jumped at lilt- Dull
aail landed on the shoulder, and when
the bull turned Ills head In gors lhe
tiger he musi have put his claw out
and with a sudden jerk broken the
On snotber occssloo I went to see
a youiiR buffalo which bed bsen killed
by a tiger snd found tbs same ihinn
had happened. There wen* similar
murks on the nose and also on the
aear shoulder, which clearly indicated
that this animal bad been killed iu the
mme win. Malays who hav.* actually
keen  ii  tiKd   killing a  buffalo told  me
ihey saw tin* same tiling happen: slso
lhat In dragging ..IT I  hesv)   can *
SUeb as buffalo or bull, be g'*'s mosl of
the weight  across  his ahnulilei
This must be fairly correct, as I have
often followed I kill, and the minks
lefl Indicated thai only a portion of
the animal wa- nailing along the
ground. I have known a full grown hull
which len men would nol nioi.* dragged Iwo miles by a tiger lu a heavy
jungle, where roots of trees and
Swamp had to be gone through   In DO
esse have i seen the pug marks facing
the wrong way SXCOPI when Stopping
to feed, which proves bs musl cany
a portion of the animal over his shout
The old Idea of ■ tiger killing larg*
game by a blow from hli paw i- nonsense. Besides, in tl.lr. country a tiger
never faces bli prey, hut attacks him
on tbe flank, unle-.s charge.! Another
curious fact that may seem very liko
a fally tale Is thai a tiger does noi
fceem to mind a small lamb being tied
over a kill about tee feel high, bul will
come and feed. I have known three occasions when this hns been trl.-d. and
each time a tiger has tome ... feed
upon  the  carcass     Loudon   Field
Ex-Senntor   M    C.   Butler.
Dyspepsis   is   often  cau-ed   by  Catarrh  of    the  Stomach—J'eruna   Relieves Catarrh of the Stomach and is
herefore a remedy for Dyspepsia.
Coppar   Kill*   Nosioui   Germt.
Copper 1* » marvelous preventive    '
disease.      if  we  returned   to   th.
copper drinking   vessela   of   oui    f ire
fathers,  typhoid epidemic!  would  dl*
appear, writes .■ nitration expert
Examine a copper '--nt under the
mleroaoope and yon win nnd ii aim-
aether free from disease genus. Kx-
aniine soid and illver coin- and you
win lind ihem mie wrigcllng und contorting aero, niais Yel copper cotna
pu.s ih.oush dlr:l-i hands than sold
and allver ones. You'd think they'd
be alive With micro ol*ganUms. Bul BO
Topper kills gei:n» Dlph:h<-!la and
sholara cuituies smeared en a copper
rent die In lean than iw.i houi-
Tlie worker, in the Reveie copper
works during Ihe last epidemic of cholera In Ifaaaachusetts were immune,
though friends and relatives fell on all
-Ides of them. Why were they Immune' The copper, with iu strane-
I'twer over diaea.se R-rru« protected
i hem.
Water alive with cholera and lypli du
germs has been placed for an experiment ill copper vessels and afler standing seven hours this water hat heen
found aafe to drink—every germ dead
We ahould return In copper drlnkins
vessela. Kuithermore. canteens for the
use of so!di»rs and sailors ln the tropics, where cholera abounds, all 'Uld be
lined with copper, and thus many a
young man's life would be saved.
Copper In lhe form of copper sulphate will klii off typhoid germs in reservoirs and greut bodies of water. It
l.a, frequently done so without harming the drlnkina qualities if the wa*..u
ln any  ...i
Hun. M. C Butler, til' 8. Senator
i.'Hi. South Carolina for two lermi.
in a letter from Wa.hinftoo, D. C.
writei to the Peruoa Uedlcioa Co. aa
follows *
"I can rtcommtnd Peruna for
lyspeptia and itomach trouble. I
*iavt bean using your medicine lor
i short period and I faal vary
-ruich relieved. It ia indeed a wonderful mtdicine, betides a good
CATARBH of the stomach ia tbe
correct name for most caaea of dyspepsia. In order to cure catarrh ot
the stomach the catarrh mu»t be eradicated.
Only ao intaroal catarrh ramady. .oh
aa Peruna. ia arailablc.
Pernaa ciaeilv meets lhe iodlcalluiii
At   Ibe   uieellni   of  tbe   Institute  of
Journalists or Great   Britain  and  Ire
iansl.  recently  held  in  Dubllu. the re
tiring prealdent. Major Uratwlcke. e-ou
eluded hla address  by  diaeuaalng  tbe
kind of news tbat  new-papers   mig!.:
iin. propriety publish and. disclaiming
all pr.idlsbnesa. enunciated tbe dictum
lhat   "a man abould not write Tor tbe
columns of a newspaper ll.at which be
would  not like  his  wife or  his child.
hli mother or bia aiste/ to read "
Wa>i Paid $1,000 a Word.
At the Franklin Inn. a literary club
of Philadelphia, a young poet, licklug
hla lips, said that f'onan Doyle «*e
paid $1 a word.
"That ls nothing.'' said a railroad advertising man. "I know of a <*..-•
where a man was paid 11,000 s word
Our line used to have al its grade
crossings a very long and complicated
sign that began. 'Beware of the Engine
and Cars,' and then this sign went on
with a lot of Injunctions and warnings
that would have taken five minutes to
"In a number of accident cases the
Claimants for damages declared that
our long signs were not clear warnings. Therefore the line decided ai last
to get a new grade rrosslng sign, and
Judge Paxson was engaged to write
"The siRii that Judge Paxson wrola
cost $1,000 a word, but It was a classic
It remains a classic. It has been copied
everywhere. Ii is as well known
among us as Father, I rannot tell a
lie.' or 'England expects every uian to
do his duty.'
"The sign thai cost It....... a wont, nr
$6,000 in all. was the famous 'HHllroad
Crossing—Stop. Look and Listen   "*
A . .ttiiDsi.... of N'amea.
Although Scotia is uow kuown te
mean Scotland, it oui-e was the name
of Irelaud. Two centuries before the
l.nth of Christ Ireland wns known to
Ihs OnekS as Juveaca. Caesar called
it II.bonus, as did also Ptolemy in his
map of that island. It is aald the
I'h'S'iiii iitn« tirM gave Ireland tbe name
of Ilibernia. meaning tliereby ".1111.081
..r last habitation, for beyond thai
Inul west wan I the Phoenicians never
extended   then*   royagM       Inward   the
1 decline of the Roman empire the coun-
I iry liegan to ba called S-otla. a name
iftalned by the monastic n 1 Iters until
e eleven!      •   tnry. when the name
Scotia, having |.ass,s| to modem S.-OI-
i.ini. the ancient name .*f itiis-rnia 1**-
g.ni 10 Ih* again need
The Word "Humble."
"Humble' ia a word lhal has gone
out of fashion during lhe lifetime of
many of us. Au Australian paper thai
Is reproducing extracts from its flies
of fifty years ago prints thia advertisement of I--.'iii "Young woman wants
home iu an humble family." Nobody
sees au advertisement of that sort In
the papefs nowadays except lit
ihe weekly journals of the Irish rural
districts, where such announcements
aa "Wanted, au humble girl." still occasionally appear.
The Eaaler Taak.
The following notice is posted up
outside the ticket office of the bathing
place on the sands al Eastbourne:
"Will tbe party who Is In the habit of
cleaning his brown hoots oil the bath
Ing towels please leave his boots here
before bathing, as we would rather
clean his boots than wash the towels?"
—Japanese Weekly  Mail.
New Source of Alcohol.
A new source of alcohol has heen
discovered in Western Australia. The
grass tree, which flourishes so thickly
Hint ll has become a nuisance to uerl-
oulturlsts, 1 ui ns on; to he full of alcohol. The fibers of the core yield from
five-tentha 10 one and a quarter gal
'ons 01' proof snlilt a husiel.
lapreaal-ra evidence.
The constable is sn observant man.
and his Observation had ll- reward at
Marlborough street one morning I'
was the case of a hansom driver who
had run Into a f0M wheeler,  and  the
constable maintained m the wltneaa
box lliiil the hansom driver was drunk.
"There was 11 bit of a dispute," said
the driver," and the constable admit
ted as much. "Vou was a bit doubtful
uliout me liein' drunk, waan'l you
now'.-" continued the driver solemnly.
"1 was. Just a bit." said the constable
Btolidly, "until 1 saw yon Inking down
your owu uuuiber ou your coat alecva."
To  , are   s,,,., ,,,„
"At a banquet." sai.l an editor. **l
1 unee heard Jcnun, K Jerome make a
-,„'..,!, on -1."i n- I reinemlwr ihai ti
ended with Iheee words To cure
-nmiug. it is advised lhal a piece "f
- i.n. I*.* dropped Into tha mouth of the
-li* ret* The nil in the soap will lubri
cute   the   pharynx    and   olher    Latin
parts oi lbs throat This remedy 11111-1
ne applied with caution: otbervriee the
anorer t.M arise and lubricate the
11,su with the peraon who dropped In
the snip
Worahl*. a lira.
When Dean Swift was called to the
living Of LoracOT be inaugurated the
custom of rending prayers ou Wednesday nnd Friday. At the tirst Wednea-
d.iy service bs waited in vain for any
one to appear except his clerk Hoger.
At length be began, -pearly beloved
linger, iin* Scriptures movetb you au.i
me in sundry places,'' nu.i so proceed.
ed to the end of the service.
A. E Mumford tells how Psychine
cured him after the Doctor
gave him up
" Il li twelve years since Payckina Cured
me tt gallrpmg . oniunip'ioti Tha
speaker was Mr. A. I Mumlord, ttx laal
tall, and looking jail what he is a beaky
heaith, faunae He works kit own farm
near Magna.awan. Onl.
" 1 caughl my cold working as a fircn-aa
oa lha C.P.R.' he continued. "I had
night sweats, chills and fever and frequently coughed up pieces of my lungs. 1 waa
sinking fast and Ihe doctors said there
was no hope for me. I wo mo.ilha neat-
meal of Psychine put me right on tr* v feet
and t have had no return ol lung trouble
If Mr. Mumfard had started to lak*
Psychine when he first caughl cold k*
would have saved himself a lot of anaiaty
and suffering. Psychine cures all lung
troubles by killing lhe germt rhe roots of
lhe disease.
. Pr«»*uB«f4  -W_Ma)
50c. Per Bottle
1 i«ri«. .!.•• ai ana at   a.i aruSli**_
; 08.  T. A. 8L00UM, Limitsd, Tsreetsa
VV    M    U    No     614 <>-•*
fWll   f*mmtAmA*A  -       •
It, Pit lai*tTr.ocl tjke .'..' v.. ■ iviitaeii *
nrn,:i,.ri'ja i  . ..: U ... .-.-r*. In..
Ti»r. tlt.r t > •*   .   •■ il *. -'   ':.•-■■-'.   ,■ P.,,...:,,,,
Ilbl«r-j.t'l?. i;,*.ii*. ...Uf c;    Ity.     ...i.t*.   j   \       ~tA,     .   ..,
Stte '.'•..  i . .     .
ftlMMtl ... Us ''«' •*
All l.K.Is irJIilM* chursi.1 si  iL-erSI   nt
fa.ii« in*  line, lli>! liiBrvtv*!,. .mil 19 iuui.« *,■-■
luces, li ..it-., j.v.i: Iua6rtli.il
.   Trauis fr;r I'-ueitU.n- n-r-1 i.iIpi   j-.ier:*-*
vr 1 it I i* ut,*..'.. '.'*..■>*_' '*: t  i    ;' |i ;. *
gub^erii'tiuii l-i'*i tear In uiIvm  .■
The Tui'oiitoS l*.rb*  once  <n'r''
Mr.  Willa-n   Wallace Em e M
llinCO    ".. tJO'Hiil'O    .'ll.t 11  ' li!.   •-   '■
yet Mtiett nokl sure*,ti ii: slnne i
feso. fisibl •  n   :..v:.j.v; thig'ciin
tool . I  ii.'..   .'.iLr*:'i;!   1. in i. ne in i
thc realm o! B.'.i sh C iu.r.iut-. ;-..
Jti'S      oin."i!i'.nal.l   lilts   Lieu     nu
tlltCItt, 'il*.'     ffhol*     C:)'.lt\ *ii,.;i
-tjnintt  ihi  McErido gnvsmti
lias been ingln^rad by a-'.',.:, ■
vhrst. met! c-'l-t show   tfutt s>.—.
llti'll   ii d ll-r.*- lire vn]   il, e    :J   *■*..
i.iditpbnea.1 le tkifr.
E!. Vipoud be-J itf.ini 1 ) p
-gif-iy >*j.cti-i:or'j al Pop'si foi I i
CanadMn Paci llo Timber <>.
He 1 ns udded >i rouple   -  !*•—■■
•e.-n*. to his outfit, sr,J  is ;. w  :
.. ii   petition   tc iv . •  i -..
[01 8
Jack Jtllltius  niri   |*.ir--.**
t]i ing ut rr.c j.t. il koik.(ii ti e fr ;.
er'y fijvncd jointly hj Ed,  Mc I
0. . ft
-.. hi,.
' ■ ■
to Hi"'  li.    t III 'il     -
i - '   ■ _ I  iel   *
S.i     ■   *..*..,* ,*.
"Legal Notices.
1   rn tullee mineral claim situate ln ths
| rrout I ski. mining   division of West
Whei hi Sevan Mile oreek
, -**1' uth Fork  if l..ir i   in ,
I     I'al I   11 II    N     Willi o
*1 IftVl II        .1
;  ■■'. i     No    !'.i;;./i.   aiii.iuiin. |i.
11 j I     M     0. No
11 Intend,  ijgtjf    dart  fr.i.ii   tl.e
»p| 'ly    i •.     ih"
'    ' ut    '"•     ,i   t , i*.  C   uie    "i
I rm      nils,  (or the  pur|. ••.* ol ob •
i .    :.    .  I'.lli  lir.lllt   of   tl,u    uiiuie
.   fui ther t«k» tuitieii lhal al tiotl,
•    '.     musl    In- 11,iiiii.I'lii c,l
i i r .  i • i .. ate ul lm*
n.'nvcii'i •   ,
;s SO:h iini' of Au;., a p, IBCO
-       t
- if J*
. - \ .
i*. >j.if-* *. >iv
»-/i*-'*n-» •  e«»»   tm-.m.
E. R. V.
Trout L
Frcigh ti
SU.mltm   t.t     'l
■ mt.-' sisas-1 f M»H-'.iigy- '*jt*i'gm*i,t*v f'.
LAKE VIEW HOTELI Grout Xafce mmwffimhxtr
i T!7fl •»•). ''•}' "•'BR Water supplied  by the !
■ '' -  '*:<!.   B.C. U-UittlCl © Company you are assured of abi
^, •• lute pmitv.   Govi'irf.iriu Aiiilvsls I
* ,   J^ypplg     ($Qt   ® to back up .tateuienta. :  :::::!
3ap well Supplied vylth Uejucrs&Ckias'sj « .'
f? Tt»
I- iffi Comfiii   ■ ■•...."...: i'ui * .-   nd Alt. nJiinco.
^*       ...	
iOBT. BfAD"      '    - " -   -
H4gh McPherson - - Supt.
.    I-L    .^OfS-^^i   |W050    VALIAMCE    HARD-
•CfcS»t WAP.tCO.ro
snd Uiemselvof,   o>.   ihe   (wut   ol *^Pi if%t T*^     _     ii
ti   .-^    -...-'
i    ..:.../
l.o,ji-e   leaf   Din   I        Fine   Job
Sas A   M.   Cit.'.t'i ,'.>•, i* a t*.': oi
"Rlsiag Sui" Fiojr,
Ti e tunnel **n t!:c !T. ■
>i*r ''pushed' Hy ii dbnH ie ■
g   Jatk pi.isn) whp hen  ohnr^ti <
thc  work   predict:) u   |;re^i   ;•".
iu- R.ij.id Crock
-* —.' tu . a otwmt. ...T.-KMarrr*ff-na,-a-att-^,...-c--*t
I  :•
seller :    , .     ,
Sest. Liquc
And Very
The   Cmadrnii  pacific    1.
Co. ha vo tt-nipo ..:..•  slni   I   dotvi.j
their mill ntGsri  i
A Btpa)l crew i f n en will te
taine i to Let}, thirds in simp*.
iimpi Propri
'■Risinj Sun" Flourft^ee Itom' I
happ/. A. M C"AI'.:, Atj>   j
li  thc matter rt t-
Csrcell.i'inn Aot.   1909."
In tiio matirr •-•'the applies.
linn ot .lAME.-* \VH ?0N 1 ii' MP
SON tn ejnrel Ofrpnrtiou ■-,( I'lnn
7M i:lod in ike laid Registry
CiEce at thu City r-I Ktlsoil.
Notice is her. by pive >, thai (l
gr the eipir..tion ol 3 weeks i. >n
lhe lirst puhlIt?ntion hereof i. t-i
"Lar'lc-au llinT-fi Review*' an ap
plication grill be iT.adc to I.'i- H< u
pr Judge Forin, for an order fr.
the cancellation of nil that p**r
tion of Pian 756 Clfd in lh" L i -
K«-ci?try Office at the Oil t of r,'. ,
son, covering Blocks R, truth I;.
of B'ockfi, 13, 14, 1$. li, I!, 10 '
17, I-*-*, 19, 21.22, 23, 2li an-l 2
and the streets ncJ ii'.; - c ntig
oua there!".
Datwl, January lOUl, 1C07.
FiirD 0. Elliott.
3estHotei in Town, .
. pot
D. P. Kiiikl. •',   PROP
tacftcv & Co.
■   ■. n c.
war q
, Minora' . i   i
at  Ken - lore ; Trout
i "ii
Trout  I.-ako   City Tra
and Stage Line.
I Ferguson
Trout Lake I
\ Beaten
\\*m.  •   ■.•ww
\r\ Doily Sl.r..*
!c&vt Fen
• " "
1 Tro-.it I   .
WCO&  \
In i
inspaii ssssi-m   i
A. M. Cr:. ig     Wm. Cra*
1        JEWELLER,
j.£ *,e.     AH  work
■ r ! \E
-•   "  ;-■>■■.--! '.    "T-
i   .MMCN.VL.
•      -7       \ I •    & A M
Ceneral Store
tr** c
i .
.&  e -   .a/o
■ -.- i
Qpdonn I! WlmT n';N* ,iii,iMe r«rgBWi
LidiUuciU I
j • ■■! ^    1.1**.. n •        - *
SrJ   'I ltur-.fl.ir  each
 H    x
•  nllalh ii • ll
I'i. . i *.V M
Imperial Bo.nk of Can
li i4 0l
TOkON l o
capit*l *.iTnomzro e.ooo.oio
CAPITAL!      . *,■*,* .  .   2C.rCC
REST **«20.ClO ^^^^^^^^^^
D i. tt :;::;: ,1 BUTJAi
BRANCHES   "i  th*
IJkl.il .    r
Iitl'm    ' . - nr
itt   cflbe-arerid
•.tlfi.lor, jiran |i *rx,:i«IIOB» a.
Jllnlt.f llcncl-i.
!    1 vi.:.   |i)DOK   I. d.O.r.
1 KO. -II
Ko.'icitor for a
" T. M. noaman,
BsfistSar ol tbe Cminty Cou.--
Sandy Laugh ton
rro;..-it I* r.
...-'. nrgriliirmeclltie*. h*|t1
e*--«L   " '■ *^Sfev      ''-
). Jaeobtmt. N U. j      T. M- S^epbertf, s*c,
Review Job Dept.
i; .: '-' **rl.'.
-     -a-e^O-O-}* -
0 K
ffiarbec She;)
— rrnt a —
L—|i      Qoo.1 Sha^e or Hair Cut
cash   prices ^AHK.PiBlirnS&CO:. WiiUsn SchneU, J
||  *..; : i* -I siivo
.   L«alk\25'i  .
*   ■.   '     iyer
Ti* ■ ■ '
Hot and Cold Catds
I U*u. h. MeCarter, J   A. Uimj
^^^^^B A   Jl. f, A If
'    kin-is ol Praeh Mitt j '   ' ■'
r*_vc_r-TOK_  a. c
!  i.A!'. K. B.(/ turalor lapena) Desk of Cenadf,
!   . -
T. 01
HOt  a-l   (
-.n-jTs-r- .
j  ...   Cfte 1     :l ffieatoti   ...
I —   BBAION. B.C    =r	
ISIT0R9 srrivi     it Be i'i ,,f th* |^d-»**i
v-      '   ''    '•''
-0'' • '       Aivt-ll
ae.l Upirs    Person    - „„ „\
patnme. Mshore ic ■. -      d. . , ■
Street and arbolesotnl ';.-;:.-
teed I.y using Rlclnj.Stfn Piour
Any p«r«ori hnv.rij ii tlu
session LAUDEKS  or Dt'C   Li
belonritic to the i'lRK   D£J»A K'J
MENT. ar«  reqo'oetied  to returi
A. M. C;tAl'.
This- mstlsr ibould r.o) be ney
lcct*d, us in Qfe of fire, t'.>*.-6 i
Bo' KiifRc'er.t Sadden nt lbs Hal
to render c flUient leri-ice.
/. BOYD-:-  -:-Prop;
'-<> y"y^Mmt~Ao»m^ymtty^.*.*si e.',*-u?*v«.: a\.r-_--
•»        b       . jv>«
N   I :*»j '.:  a  potl
iboi• • 2 i i hah s Meet     ro th.
•V .      , -   •     i Cl 1 -;  tht-ni
1    ■ i .inr, tl.<   ■ • ■ ■  th 40   '
.o vv. **t   IC"   -', lint,    In :.;.
iortb 40 * h
K'.-.ice is   herub',- iriv^i:   l m
.lavs aftei i! ur-.   I laten I t ■ r
■ II >n. Chlei C  •■   ; ■
• ■   •
i ■
.".3.     C'.ir
"  :
thei "■• • nrth   IO   c  :::~ * ;     I
\W\   WW^m\     ISTV
No. J   Oomtni n i ig     '.   i
i'ani*d on the S \V. corner .if So.	
*,   thenoe east 100 ehains,  lh*i W ;   ihene-"    nnili 100
nufh 40 chaiim,  thin-3-   west  16'.'i ■*. ' Ins to|
hains, tbeooe ttorlh 40 ehaim lo t |-'f»iiit ol
Tho   ordinsr;-   fennasl ger.ern j h« point of oomnjeoMB.«t. •[,,,,   ,     12 h. 1906.
! A. E. T'i* ■
ti^eiing r.rthe TrimroseGold W i
lilR Qi'notit.y,   Lt i. I. ab.,  w'U 1
held ol the oHioe • f tbi
Tr iu I c:,s, IJ C ,'on Pr ci •   I
tUiil'V lit. 3!.'07.   :.t 2.30 ;. m , I
the vinriOru ol »lectins iliret o
ifor tho cncniic Ve-r,   nnd su
Other buriiitrO ir, Itigj be pr ;
Woughi lic'oiu the morting.
J. il. MlLUIE.Pcc.-T.'.a
J)t'ud et Trout L.-ko, 3 C. S.. j
N'o. 3.  fnmn,*-! cinp. a' ;i
ilan eil on the S. W. coi nor ..:  S .
!;  thenee t.a>H 100 cim i.n,   Ib
•> ih 4 » cha ii-,  tli ii"'- i
. •    i.   north 40 c aii
■ 0011 ..:,!
LotA-Wd Deoember 27 h, 19 6.
W. Ogllvle, Lorator.
!      f'wi
il int.   :
■    '•   I  -
Li •- *.c-J   IJ.'.-.' .ber 19th,   3006
A. J. Evs:,s.
,      lillVO     I-*"'II     f**ilin.-n
■    •    j   I        i .
I t    ill   1>aI   Eati     ,   ..•'•!
nu rn   I .i '. ■- *  will  be ..* .■;>• tli -n
I .• r. xt ta n nl Ihi - • -
The •■'... ' Htm li -r i
ilie '.i ginal    . >'  '  '. fo;' lie  bas
Iti- 111 ini  .1    0 * i'i   ilii   j.
.'■'"• Iel I ; *i; : mil In \r.n ll :.t
there \* ii*. '..'ii. i' f i'..i • n lhe C*".-
t •••■'.t • . ' *,* f; al list a- t:...n
TROI T L'.ilL.
Tiout l.alto is t'; -i'••♦
i ,  ihe I* i' I'.i-.iro
,' .. I       )!   *
in 1  flehii;   •   '\  l*e   Ind    .- i  i
't <j i:..:.i<i
in a1.- i d.in.e i- i t- ,t,*i*.:t! im
tlm l.i;|       J     >! i- supt i i.,
f *■ ,     •    . r    ,'t   r • I I,<|||t s,  It      Vi
ii ii r ;;nd  c o' i'i     |
I n  i * !   «  i. O * f
ih') lir" 11."I I i li'lcncei in
Bi it iel. Co It ■ fitf e,u mo
\.. li i.i d ..ni ■* i "'••'• d. Tl en*
rr !■.'.'■' ' sn. i' i CO'*' ,;'l >'•'"• f,
and ;i ',-' ■!'. <" tl i'.i* .ii i ti-> 'ir.' *.i« 9
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Irrt'l' ■ ■ ■ . y -v* i r p c .'lit' d.
W'it •   wil;. i OD-fl I ncfl to A-^'-iilt'.
( H.' McPfc.'Spson
•i» i.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
••       »a
• a       ••
Then call oa
or  wiiic  to
.mm      .■'  ,i„ii   „,,
T 1..S i **v*t I r.i! ,i ' I.i o*n " It
Itiowil. l.u•» I" - ii sd idy It Is
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I ank .    .    . . ,ia j iiii-i . lets t ' ■ i
■ • < ■ •   i: • i'n' . n   ui *'i.   ll.e   ' i   -
inn*   . I l: Fl.ai.i . "   I  A.| .
; n ii. ni ; j;. \. rt t. m l ■ :'
Cnanl) (..f  .it1 i.(;*•; i!rt).
I       ..i ..1  .-.' J An* lican . i . ."
tt .1 . r.iisg. I.o-i [lal,
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..I 'l.   . ntaklrls i*v. nd
ft - I'tit I ir   int'irrrt » i p*   .. ■ ■ ■
jei.t, and »   I wr.i 'n*« mill   <• *
Co pi. i'v of fi" 01 (i t'. ycr ''i.*,*
t e i end i f tbe Icle.   T. i n
Ti i' ulaij ire  | r- i .ng f.tn   i ■:.
I rod ii cer s every yur, wi'ii  i   •
poi| ftti . j.. i itg up iicli I odis   '
oi a,
1 ! Cie   e'|l   In   a   lifg   . i.i b (J  i
>rsr,    en    if   ton    troi 1.1    Nl i
ii.oie,  wiil.*  nt  rn '.* t"  .i'i 'i -
tin ap» ii i n it (ho i. i'.i i' .*'. k ■.. li *
F. B. Wells
Ccntcr-il A sent
Revelstoke, B.O.


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