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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-05-02

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Full Text

rr oiro-J
tn   u11 y
in   N
Best ud-
ii ulh ii.
i ''-i-iiiai. vo
t- r'
•il  l.*|i*.l'
00 Ul
resa for
n mil sure
TROUT LAKE CITY,   B.C. May   2i6.   I907.
|)lKU   NO'I iCES.
mit-lfby   -jiveii   thill   (ill
Ble first publication i.f
PB11 the Hi itir-b Colum-
Bl intend to apply to
Hhief  Qnintiiij»i. ner ol
B>rk.-< fm' special llcens-
Hii carry niviiv titiHior
Hli'ivin:: de-cribed laml-
m*c ■-.
■Ji.iiiiiieiii'ii'.' ut 11 1 oat
H lhe enat bank oi tl n
B the Diiiie.in I'ivi r, ii
■l up, markod  M.   C.
lutii   east corner po-t;
Im) cluiins; thenoe nm •
■; thence eait h'l cluiins
■■h 80 .'Inii: s io point  nf
■  mui-
Notice is hereby given lhal aftei
two mon tha from Grit publication
here f iu   the   British   Cojunibia
Notica ii hereby given Ilmt 30 Gas-dle, J intend lo npi>ly 1
du-)b allot ilntir hereof,   1 Intend  jj0
lO     lllrtke     ii|i|i;n*:il i"ii      lo    ll
llmi. ('mi I .'  :iiiiii-.-io:n'r ..I l.iinii-
& Works for n special   license  to
cut und .'un y away timber from
lhe foi owing .!.*.-.*' ibed lm*!- situated in Hi-si Kootenay distriut:
NoHcji in hereby given t hai with
iu two months from tho first publication hereof in the  Ilriiish Col-
.1 Ma rob 29 li. |907.
Inn lor.   Locator,
I el
n-ijs I
so. K.'i.iiiiiieiicivft ut a I1"-!
^B iin east bank of the
H tne I'*.inin River, a-
Ir- up nud marked A.
Hi 1 Noith wesl coinii
He ens' 80 tliiuii-; Ui* ic
piaitia; thenci wi 1 80
iini north 80 chi lm lo
M ...**, 29tfa 1907
K. Dugeoil, i"
"IIIIIICIIi-lll,     it potl
ast siile id tin
\l the liiiuciiu River, a-
1111-3 ea-t of river and
nil.**- frnm tin* f..iks, antl
Beaton'i 8, B. comet
|ee   nortii   BO   chaina;
I-st  130 ohaina-   thai <w
chain*-    Iheuce  • . I
i./ncw south -tn chains.
I 40 chains to  point  of
1. nt.
il Uaroli -Jist. 1907.
'eat"n, Locator,
piiliieiiiiiri; at a poal platili .1
^^Hv.'le ni tin- i '      '■•■« ,.(   iln
|i*r, ah >ut II     . in tl.t-
11 milts up in..) marked
aatau'a North m mi cornor
i .ui B . chains; thvnee ion
; thonce veil   i • chalai,
il. HU cl.an.s i ll.t'..* wall   I"
.H .   i    ril,   4u  t I.ulna   to the
limn iiniiri.t.
ited March Slit,
l.tltiiiii Baa ton, Locatoi
1it.iuei.rini: at a prist planted
side ol Um we»t fork ol u.e
er, alHiut 5 chains frnm the
II mile*, up. marked "At.
crth Ka»t eon ir |
SO chain* ; theuce With HO
■ "■ • .i-t -.ii chaini;   thenee
lint, tu  |«iiiit  el  > 'ii.infii e
located March Slat. IW*.
M. Beaton, Locator.
(mmencing at i i ..-t planted
. lurk ol tho I'lmaii Uiver,
■n'.-s up on th" loath n.it
imike'l "Ed.   Ili.li.u 'i N
I.ut," thence east -hi cftaini
li -'i eliaini; thenci wt
nee u .rth so ejiaini to • Mat
ated March Mnl.  I
l.l. Ilillniiiii. I orator,
buiinoncing ai a puet pla'iti *'
i i. al tl i »   • lork .•( iln-
v»r, nl.'Hl l'1.; miles np Irnin
* ehalai wesl «f hut.   i. a*-
l.aiil...'. north Rati C .rner
tin «rbt go chaini. theuce
• ■ns; thenee k»il B0 chalet;
lh 111 chains tc point of COOi-
tfi.it. March .sih.ioo".
M. ('. 1 .m-M'l.<r. i".-al"r
|oiiiini*in im; ni ii poll planted
\ lide ol iiii- sell f'.ik oi Ihe
Iver. about 7 niilei i p Iron.
hlu ked "i*;i|. Ilillnnn's H
poil|" tboiici th M chain
S'l.li.iiiis; Ihei "• * " uh BU
l-nt'i-  Hint *-0 llllllll to poinl
mei Marnh ISrd. W07.
Ivl. Ilillllllll,   I '.-lllnr.
Iimnienelng at n pn-il pl art 1*1
I link ol the  I'm.'i.n  Itivei.
Inian's  B,   \V.  coiner posl"
Jl**" up (rtnn forks nml   ii..irl,
Ell.ii.ii.'f S.   [;. col in r | nit,"
fth 81) iliini'H j iImih .• west Sd
i M.utl. SO chaini; tl r,.u
|«ins in point "f commence*
:.i*i"i Mirch iMr.1.   1'.'07.
I'M.   Hill-jinn,  homier.
d'l nurd in eoilin n 3)
Commencing at a post plained
ut the Not tli V. ■ il cm i.. c ol Andur
son h pre-emption mnl l'O chnins
ci-st of ibe south wait cornet* of
Lot "491 nu.I marked "Leslie Mil's.
N. E c ti cr pur-*' ■ then/ <■ west 100
cli.'iiiif; them■•• ii uth (i-i chains;
thence eait 100 chaina; thence
north 00 chaini lo p 'iui ol com
Dated 20th A* ill. 190"
Leslie Hill.
(i. t>. 11   I .Ui;| h. '.'■    A:*   l.l
Notit given thai n iti.in
two month* frnm tie* first publics
timi here* f in  the Bntiah Colum -
bin ilatotte,  I Intend t*. apply  lo
tne  llmi. Chid •Tomtniasioner nf
l.dinl- and Works lor .i s|s eial U-
• io • tn cul and carry nway tin.-
bcr from the following d eeribe.d
i.tn.it situated in Weit Kootenay,
N--. I       i . min i. • ni! al it
planted   15 milea above Ten Mi e,
mi    tin:    louth    fork   Ol    I.h.I'H 11
1 rat k, .oijoi'i' g  Loi TuiT   on ti 1*
im1 tli, iii.uk. .I "A, Oowii,'.- S 1
eorper   poll"    ilu..  i nib  80
chai; 1; thence weal B0 chains;
thenoe  louth 80  chai
..1 B0 chaini   lo 1  i.il . f com-
1 cement.
N ..  .'    t   n a* nelng ut 1
planted 1{ niibs a boy.   Ten   Mile,
on tin*   sotitli   fmk   of   I ardeau
. adjoining Lot 7-■ 47.   on tin*
N  E    marki .1 A. t; i-ning'i 8. W,
; .*      noith
•   -
thonce n.c.tli 80   chains;    l
..ii ■ t ■ iii" poiut of .- 1..-
,ii.*i.**.*ii. **iii.
No. il. r.iininci: % :tl .1 post
plant. ■; l 1 milei above Ten Mile,
mi the sooth fork o| l/trdea"
i'i.. 1, narked A, Gowing'i N.W,
corner pat," thei
chains; Hience ea«t *■• chaina;
thence no-ith   80   cbaii
to point  of coin
11. 1..  me '
I    al .1 March 27th.   19 17.
A   Gowing, Locntor.
No   t   Comment i- g   nl
plautecj 2} mil-w   above   l"on  Mile
on  tho   south   fmk    cf   Lardeau
• kl -i     'A.     ( i"l*.
s. \V. cii.T |* -1 '    thenoe north.
. • -t   B0 ■
t'hicf Ciiiiiinis-iniicfiif Undi 1 unibia Gajdlte, 1 fnlend to spply
nd Works, for a special license to ''' ""'  Hon. chief c .in..ii--i..ii-r
cul and cm-ry away timber from "f 1*a,,(lB ■* Workj   for  a  Bpecinl
ib- rollowin'it desoribed lands iltu-  lleenle to cut nnd carry away tim-
ated .in Weit Kootenay district.     Iherfrom  the lollowing described
iaudisiluato in W< st Kootenay.
N*.. I,    Commencing ul a po 1
planted on Henley Creek,  about Commencing at a   post planted
2 mi'.oa f' ..in   tl..- head,   marked at the South Weil corner  of Loi
'■.!. T. Laulher's aouth '.vest corner 6894, marked ''A. Gowing's North
poet'1   thence   north  80  chnins; West corner poet,'1 thence east Mn
thence eait 80 chains; thtmcb sonth chains,   tbence   smith 80  chains;
0     aim; thenco wesl bn chains! thence west80 chains; thence nor*
lo the point of comuiencemopt. th 80 chaina to tho point of cpm-
No. 2.     Commencing at a posl monoement.
planted on Hcaloy Creek, aboul 3 Looated April 20th.  i
miles trom the haad.  marked 'J. A   flowing, Locator.
T.   I.auther'rt   north
^^^^^^^^^^^     east   corner
theuce south   mh  chains,   thence
Notice   is   hereby   given
". • t 80 chain*;   Ihenea  north  80
chains; (hence east 80 chains   to
lhe point of coiniiieiiciiiienl.
I.* cit. ii the 28rd day >.f April,
J. T. Lauthers, Locator.
within two months from th
I uhliciAtioii hereof in   the   British
O.iiiinliiii Gazelle, 1 intend t*. spply to iln- Hon Chii 1" Commission
ei of Lands ■£  Works  for  special
icenses to cut   and  enriy   nun
 limber from tbe foliow ins.' d< m ril-
Cnmmencingat a  post planted ed lands situate in West Kootmay
011 Healey Creek, about 2*)  miie-
from tbe head marked I.r Kirk- No- l* Gommanciiig nt a poat
p.trick's south rail corner post,! phinled 011 the south fork of Five
liiiiicenorttif-iicliiiins; th-neeive;;i|;M,lD(;,'t','kr "l,,,l,t r> ,"'l,s {r"m
80chains; then'* s* nth **" chain«;M'ron' l**''< "••"kd "(tie. A. Lar
tbenre east 80 chains fo point of 1^°'* South u'«*i- c rmr post,"
commencement. | tin net-north   80  chains:   thence
- ..-t 80 chains;    thence  south  M0
chains; thenoo west so chains to
( point cfc iniin-iictinent.
No. 10. Coniiutneiiie at a nwt planted j     v. o    r>	
'        , , ..w.i J*o. 2.   I ommciK'inc  .'it   a   post
uh mt 7 mile-up thc not lerk ol  Dun-     . ~  ,
c.,11 River, aboul 10 chain, west ol rlvi r, P»»ted on the south fork of Five
ind 1 irke.l "M. 0. I.iw'or'- N. u'. Mile Creek, nlou: 5 miles fiom
corner post,"   tbence 1 In ;| Trout Lake, marked "01^. A. Lar-
e south 80 ohaina; theoce west ROj mor(   yrorlh   ,.-,|gt   corner   I)0gt.*
ebaim; thence north 80 chains lo ,*■ ,„.   ^ ^^ m ^^     ,|im..
nest 80 chains;   tbence north 80
I chains; tbence east mj chains lo
"Cl-wlor, i.. »to       point of commencement
So. 11     1   "iiiiiiencii-L* ..l .1 poal I'l.ir.'-
i-d on tbe .*•-' fork ol UiosDnnean Kir- Ko. d.   Uommencing at  a |y>si
ar, ;,;..nt.'.miles up from n.i* foiks, on planted on tba 1 uth fork of Five
'.; Mile Creek,   aboul  7  milea from
. M Ml( oq Trout Lake, n.ark-ed "<
I   ..:.'■•1 April '-':{',I.    IU'7
•I. c Kirk pal rick, I.* cator.
oi e.iini.ieiiti itit-nt.
lit-     ■ -if ■ :■        ...:
- c < "ith  btuk   .11.'I   inaike.l
Inij. on 1   Kortli  tVe»
thence I mo's  South   wesl
• 1 April lul    1907,
A.l*. Uur     ■   1 •-■•■at-
Oie A   l.i-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ c< riii-r    j   -'."
i-iiiii*;."* I thence east 80 ohaius; tbence m>r-
jtb 60 phaina;    kkence   weat   80
[chains; Ibeoon south 80 chaini  to
point of coiiimeiueineiit.
Located the 20th. day oi March
Ole. A. Lermo,   Locator
Xo. 4   Commeni i _• it   a   p
■   Commencing at u p"it plant
■. nail    -. ol the Doncai  Hiv
.1 1 mil.*- ap "ii the north bank,   ''■ '-'' ■
.    A   1*.   iii — ..I f   >i 1.ih  West
:• .rner
llmm porth SO i-halni; then •• eait -vi
(   mi nr-; thane* •*     h s" 1 I nn.";  theuce
-veil 80chaina to point of e menco- planted on the-outli fcirk  of Five
,",'",• Mile Creek, uliout   7   miles   from
Trout Lake, marked ' Ki Is Podiu's
{forth weat   corner j 0 t." Ihenee
east H0 chains;     thence aouth  SO
er. about 5 chi north of TavjorCreek chaina; thence   Weal    80   chnins
irked    A.   )'.  D11g10.11   North tbence north 80 ohaina to   point!
inter poet, Iheuce west 80 cliaim of commence men I
liallll i llielite  eiisl    SO
.    nee aurth 80 chaina to co.ni       „
I    N" °   Commencing   at  h  post
i        .  \p111Mh. : Ipjanteil on the south fork of Five
a.i. i* .*•*    Local 1.       Mile Creek, abonl   .'.  milea   from
, itapoit 1 lanted   -'•  ur l.u..   marked "N
thonc-Mouth 8".chains, thence wesl .  .        .„ South Fast corner poat," ti
80  chain |   to the poinl    of com*   Duncan Biver, marked M. Beaton 1 S.
; w..    . -■     -i I*
■to   . ihenc* «- it 160
1, rhAjm   t" loiut „f ••'♦'x-eear-t 80 chaini  lo  1   int ol
comment mrtit.
1    .iie.l March 28th. 1007
a '.■ Duaaon,   Locatoi
No -,:!. Commencfiif sl ■ p* il    I int-
k "i llir* Don. .01 Itiv-
north *so ehaina;   tl - n< e »■
menct mt ni.
NH   5   Commenci ,; at a  post
I 21 mill -   .1 "••*   Ten    M la,   '■ u.ineii. incut
mi tin*   South   fork   if    l.nil.'iiii !    ""' tpril 10th   I'.sij,
Ci.-»k. tii.iikni   "\   Gowing'i   W. M. Bei
W 1 ..rt,1 r j,,,-."  thence 1 - ■ ■ 1111» 80,    Su. 15,  I j       : itplant*
rhains;    I hence easl   80   chaina;  fd about t milea up Boulder Creek from
ibe  north 80   ohains;   tlience '' " ":lil "","* "",l"' >' ^■■■""",' *•
•ie.-i   ■" el       lo point 0 com , ,    ,        .1 , , ,,
1 tlien,'* inuil 10 chaini, Ihenoo wesl un
""'":',,: -.mlh 10 chains t*. |ioinl
• it.
No. .*   I'ommeticing 1.1 a   post1 1    ..,,i April 10th iWf,
|ilanti 13] niilei above Ten   Mile.l M. Biston, Locator.
..ii   th-  r. uth   fork   nf   Larden.u
Cit. k,   in.i-l ed   'A   (in-i 11       H.
W. -... ik r poll,'    1 * ncc n rl
tbiillir-;     li.'l.i.*    enSl    H'l    ch
No 1" I on ' ■ in ing .it t eaet planted
.il.. nt 2 inllo-i 1. nh ol ll.iil Creek,  on
i.'iiie in iiivi'i   ..ri 1 i .* N rth tt * it corner of Tlthbei inn * i .11 i.-.l
Ibence     .uli   .'(i   chains;   tliJ.tcojKd. llillmnn 1 North East corner peat,
tveii   80 chain-;     lo    point of' '^r* ??»' 8°,,h,lM',h,ftfe wn,lfi w
. 1 .mi*-, till nu- 1 nl mi cbaina, Ihinoa
■  1 h 80 ohaina ■-. potnl 11 eommeno-
ir.ciitcl April 10th  lr'i-7
Ed   Uilln ui*,   1   I  '  r
N 1. ~t (''.in'l,. ncing gl u pm t
planted nj mile.-i nhiVvtr T' n M*.-.
mi the siuilii fork ol I,;ir.1.1111
Ci.-li, marked "A Gowing's N v" It Comminelng at a. poit planted
tV , .n.e, ,„,i," thenc louth 83 »l«o"» » chalnp sonth of Hall Creak on
. ., ....     1 *       in River, and west ol K A H line,
chains     tbence 1 ast   BQ  ohai s;       .,.,,, ,     ,   ,.   .
r*i   \ !• [Jiigeon a .'-"niii Bait oor-
tbeiiee north 80 chains; thence j „tr |K)Hti lhillC0 weil jochalm, thmea
•vest 80 chnins to point -.f ciJB . iliROelialm, thenci eist to the K4
n, n *. i... nt thenco following jogi of K A s
Located March 30th  1007, ■   :        '   'Wmencmant.
A. G<>wing,'Locator,    1 Iwrtied April llth i*"-07.
a I   I'u-tiftn, iccator
No   fi.   1   r. .I a p il
plnfrtad i.n V c: mth fork .■; lm
Mil* Creek,   nl. ui   .".  miles from
Trout Lake,  marked   "V Is Bod-
in"*.    North   weal   1     r.cr poal
thence south   -1' "; 1 1
80 chains; Ihenc in rth
tbence   well   > I * tl 1 in- to point   of
l.ocnt. i the '2 lih day oi  M
Nt Is   ii* ii 1.1.oatoi-.
o.Tn"wilkie. p ls.
Provincial Lund Si.rvevor,
Mineral Claim*. .Surveyed
and Crown (irants (tbialned
H«kta«n<*v-N»II It. rn il i'lll' I ,
Job Printing
"Review" Office.
A- a li- hi for investment, tin*
rrout Like district off. r indnce-
-ii nil which are unexcell. d in Ihe
l'l*'  l il:"".
Isurrounding the lake and 'iiim*
tuv lo il, ine vaal rtretcb n ..f virgin finest, ill which ill" to be
found tic lim st I i*i.l u| cedar,
pine, spruce and hemlock. Relia-
'oruistrs' who havo covered
Hi..* ground, estimate the m -reliant
able timber at not len than 700,-
WKJ.OOOfeat. While all this limber will nut be manufactured m
l'mui I.ake, tl.e logjjinjfoperations
have t 1 be cai rie I on which v. i I
•jjbj-ing "griat lo til ■ luill" of the
Troul. I.aka busim-- men. A
largo portion, however, will be
rn m .i.i id '1 . . i'i* tut Lake Uity
by the c impany who will begin—
aa Boon as  tho Bnow is ..ff   the
 *i--to    erect   un   up-to-date
Tiit- mil.eral ret mrces nro now
being developed in a systematic
iviv. The Silver Cup baa proven
t. oc a mine of exceeding rlcbneasi
As depth i< attained, t e ore
finite- are proving tu be permanent and oi . qual value t.. the
surface showings. The lowest
level of this iiii.it* is 11 11 nearly
800 feat—vertical depth—fiom
the r-Urfitce at which point the ore
i.'i'. shows -troii.' and *^ivts every indicai ion ol cmtiiiu
Tha   Broad vi. w
are proving up lies of   Ion
oie,   which  will  r
ployu   1 : i   liun Iri ie ul in .1   .
tb*-  nenr future.   This company
intend to put iu tneir own  n
lion workijat seme point on Tn ui
Lake, which  will add  materially
to the |-r-..-j crity .*f tii*.* district.
Wo are  informed  that a ISj ..-
k.tiic company  will — dtiriii}; tii i-
■^umiiiei-- bariiest up 1.1  in 1
water ju..ir of Lardean 1
supply e e.'tric pour to the wi. ill
surrounding country, on practically i - the West
Ko tt'i.av 1'ov • r an 1 I. .-..: Co,
An..ther iii.iu-trv.   which IS ■
is only in its  lufan -v,  but  a
*   ii    i■ ■■ ties,     ii   till
ranching-— market gmdenii'g aid
small fruit-'. Tin* valley between
Tr.ui 1 . Ifi       ii
and ricii an I will add ihousan di
of dollars annually, to tli   Health
|of the .lid'.r;ct.
As . rtand for I
i-t travel, he lardeau prcseuu un
.v. r-changing sc uity.
In the valleys si -! foot»l ilia nr.
1  i.ikes ami -'1 *  tins,    i.ii
villi all kindi • f ii-:
Higher up in the peaks aud
en r.-    ll *.* hn nti r can delight  iu
er -u-r.ni.*.
II. r' 1: • ■ .11 have a cli
mate  wliicli   i«  lit r.,r* .!.--• d,    Ni
v     --.*.. ■ ] O   I Ml
ulj    and i.i
ll   I :
An endeavor will he mn
vear tu have a   trail   Imiii
,! •■  B .:i.i!i/..i  group   on   Elaskl
I  Ihis
Up  lo
1      ' .     Thii   gn up  '• '• sisti of
■' vi 11 1 laims, with n   we'l defined
.   about s  fi et n ■'! -  running
Oil lliu JV.it. 1111 Dollar c'aim
ihere i - 1 xp *5re.! on the surface
about 11 inche of galena ore. A
drift tunnel has lieen started Jaod
is now in 160 feel, which will tap
the Ienl nl a vetticul .h-pili . f 140
feel. In I bin drift - for the whole
16 ' feet — there is between -1 lo 1".
inches iron pyritei, Assays obs
lai ed from this claim gives: i!4
ildj  120oza, .-ilvcrui.d 40 pi r
cent lead.
On the Bonanza claim there is
1 fi-- ire vein, on which is 1 .\
20 Inches of galena and
iili 'a, from which assays ).:.\a
b 1 ii .hi.iiii* .1 rniiiiicL' etrhigh as
♦8800 in gold and *0.00 in silyer.
The property is well .*- tu ited,
Ins good timber atid water and
the work planned for this summrr
111 1 iiiiduub'i* lly be prod ic;ive of
-•■*• "I results.
^^^ lmiie.,'.
run! :i   place
What's th"
but good
leather   can
in   a   Leckie
use of any—
thing cis; for a Western
Miner, Logger, or Fros-
peotor? When far awty
from tbe bnsy I aunts of
ueed-i fi.ot-.'.'t a"
not   go bjck on
■a i-l
t.iat ^^^^^^^^^^^
1 ,.t•: i.*   'Hoots     arc    jtiit
ntcli    Bi ota.     They    ure    a
west em    product   for   western pc< pie.
Tor sate by all dealers,
Write for a Catalogue.
Tlie Silver Cup resumed operation! Ihis week i.ff.r a shut-down
oi about a month. Th • boys have
all bad a go".! tiqie and nre now
1.1 -l ape to m •"" tha c unina sca--
1111 a record breaker for this fauoiis
i.i.,.* of tin- Lardeau.
k     Local and General.     6
£3s*3z-a3_3SK-_2as_3ai«a: as
The Ciltimet,   at Poplar Creek,| NOTICE.
lias boon dosed down for tiit pn i-
1     If the p-rson who recently  t ok
Cer'ini :•">!- it*, frou; ll.e Elect ri ;
A' iho  Broadview,   lhe No. 4 Light   plant   at Ferguson,    will
B    puslu d    are*'!.   ...,,,]       or     leave    tbem     at    A/
double shift.   <>   I MCummins'a, they will save fnrti-er
el tiie .1 v.: pmentwork is prov- trouble, as the rerson's identity
ing out • miuent!) satisfactory and   -■ k i*..*,*.
the • ra  reaerv      being added  I.
daily..   Manaicer Ktumens ex;
sed Iii in ^t If to ti ■• "Review'* n..
being hi] hly 1 leased with lhe <>ut-
lo k.'
Pete  *'r.lko-ti   In*-*  | ut  in  tlu*
winter   tm   his property  up the
Somli 1*' rk     1'     is a .-: .; • r, ..:. I
will j lay a inner in th. • n '.
The Iu -al advices from the east
ihdicate ll j   resumption of
.i        in l 1      property.
1 . .r'..c 1 ii,*. I, cttftre down   I
hi- property on I 1   J
.11". n daya ago,   Ch iriii w in'l --"av
jay and pup ar witb
it. thi .. . tiing
V .1.
'! ■ n'.cr   Motioea  nol   a;;- irlng
on this pace will be found in  lha
!   su*. pie -.;. '1   w 1 b
- ■ .1 • -1.
<'..;.: Fits i* making - v ry en-
deavor to break throygh to (. er-
iiini Ihis  week.    All  arc pray ,g
I   rli>*
Late-—HE    GOT   TdEflE.
[0,0  i'   «i
at iln* M. ib-
'.   - ■ ;
'1 In*  irvice I   hy
Kev, Ii VV Bo tt     i
vent to the Chi eie F«iu:iiie l'u d
Imiii   Lard hi re
T ,  a this .f: 1-  last week, spying
I in ll ell
a ft* r    c'vn '    * ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I Pay Ai inre- j     *
fnl eo      1 ' * •■|V Matblo ^ or
D. D.O   >1  M if    r, t:t
assisted   by   a   ii'i'n I - 1   v$
Ut   l.ake   . 1 d
ll rv ll 1 -lituttt! Arrow I 1 ge
t.f A. V.& A. Al *  .',011
in ■:.'■:: ..it.
lo 1  n to 1
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tflth I
ed lhal be woul l  11 t giv • n
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the At mat-     r. M :•* •       sot at  Lar
er.    111 tin ab '- "      v.* , ■ ,. •    (|0) |#|, „
« dayi nutol , . ...       ■;,     \.    ■   u:i
sufficient to labor, ii
ii.iturr 's iru mu In I -—
It would I,* n furc
Iry and enforce a It w ol thia nat-
.1   *, 11 ••
He   ll  ■ .mi, US 10 jet
.    1 Tr.nit I.i. I rms ua
tl.e in I   lai '■
• ii an ii in.*-' fun since he h ii.
ure a .Ili■■'.!   . i   al   least
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H.    1 r iv. i'>rd hai I e«n vl I tin
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i       i  I-.    iott is ■  rik
*i- St I', il. wh •■ ho ni I .'"■ 1 il
he anni dl ... •«■-.* if thi l.« t-1 d
Iin ng I  ■
hai    if i.ir.J   1. i-t - .'■
• rr   he Lns
passed I
Pi bii.c hint La ..v,  ,„ bil way
t: e largeil  lisli  beln !-, wbaro he Intendi
Monsrivin.    tl •'•      J     ,    'ne-ao.k on hispiopertv   \tc:-c :or\me\y dav« .ui.jy-
IresseaBI t^^^^^^^
Johnny Htckngan is ut   _cval« ■■■■IB
The Two Vanrevels
Au I bar at "Tht Gentleman Fron Indiana** an! "Monsieur ImumSi"
i-"..iiii-nieil  From  Last Wi-ek.i
P lt be true Unit love la the
grent Incentive to the useless
iirts,  the  number of Kcutle-
men   who   I.e.unit-   poets   for
i1 *
the sake of -Miss Hetty Carewe uceil
not be considered i-itraor.lluury. Uf
all that was written or her dauelug,
Tom Vaurevel's Hues. "1 Danced Willi
Her n.-ii.-mli the Lights" (which bl certainly bu.l uot tlone ivtieu be wrote
tbem). were perhaps uest to Crulley
lirsy'a lu merit, tbougb Tom liuruetl
bis rhymes after reading tbem to Cralley.
Al Cralley tiray never danced wltb
Miss Carewe. It ls somewhat singular
that she should hnve been the inspiration of bis swinging vmsee In walls
measure. "Heartstrings on a Violin,"
tba sense of whii b wns that when a
vlollu had plnyed for her dancing the
instrument should Ik* -shattered as wine
glusses nre nfler u great toast. How
ever, no cue except tbe author liiinself
knew that Betty wns tbe subject, tor
i'railey certainly did not mention it to
Miss Bareaud nor to bis best friend.
It was to some degree a strange comradeship between these two young men;
tbelr tastes led tbem so often In oppo*
■Ita directions. Tbey bad rooms to
geiber over their offices lu tbe "Mndril-
lon block" ou Main street, nud tbe
llgbts shone late from tbeir windows
every ulgbt In the year. Sometimes
tbut would mean ouly tbat tbe two
friends were talklug, for tbey never
rcut bed a sileut Intimacy, but, even
after aeveral years of companionship,
were rarely leeu together when not in
interested, ofteu eager, conversation,
so tbnt people wondered wbat In the
world tbey still found to say to eneh
otber. Rut inauy a night the late sblL-
iug lamp men nt tbat Tom sat alone.
with a brief or a book, or wooed ihi>
lorn hours wltb bis luagieal guitar, for
be never weut to bed uutll tbe otber
tame home. And if dnylight came
wltbout < 'ralley, Vsnrevel would go out,
yawuiug mightily, to look for blm, and
wii-ii tbere was uo finding blm Tom
would come buck sleepless to tbe day's
To the vision of tbe lookers on lu
Rouen, yulel souls who hovered along
the walls at merrymakings and obeer
fully couuted thewselves spectators at
the play, Cralley (iray held the center
of lhe stage and was the cblef comedian of tbe place. Wit, poet and scape,
grate, tbe small society sometimes
seemed tbe mere background set for
bis performances, spectacles wblcb be
also eujoyed, aud from tbe best aeat
lu tbe bouae, for be was not eouteut us
lhe nctor. but must be the prluee in the
box aa well.
His friendship for Tom Vaurevel
was lo a measure that of tbe vine for
Ibe oak. He was full of levities at
loin's expense, wbleb tbe otber bore
witL a grin of sympathetic comprehension or at loug Intervals returned
upon Cralley with devastating effect.
Vaurevel wns tbe one steadying thing
hi bla life uud at the same time tbe
only oue of tbe young men upon whom
he did uut bave an almost mesmeric lu-
floenct, lu good truth, Cralley was tbe
ringleader lu all tbe deviltries uf the
town und had beeu so long ln tbe habit
of following every Impulse, uo mutter
bow mad, ibat he eujoyed au almost
perfect Immunity from condemnation,
and. whatever bis deeds, Rouen bad
learned to say wltb a chuckle tbut lt
wus -ouly i'railey (iray again."
Now ami tbeu be would spend several days In the olllees of Gray & Vaurevel. attorneys and counselors ut lnw,
wearing un nir of unuHsallable virtue,
hough be did not fur overstate tbe case
wheu be said, "Tom does ull tbe work
inul gives me all the mouey uot to
bother  blm   wben  bea  getting up  a
CUM ."
The working member »f the Urm got
ttp eases to notable effect, nud few law-
yen in in,, state eujoyed havlug Tom
Vaurevel nu (he otber aide. Tbere was
nothing about him nf the florldlty prevalent at thnt time: he withered "oro*
lory" before lhe curt; be wus the foe
of Jury piithos. anil, tli-spislug uolse
uud the liuliltuul vulee dip at the eud
<»f a lentence,  wn nerertbileii it
tiiues su i.hntist feni fully effective orator. So by degreis Ibe Umi V Onj
A Vitiiieiel, young ai It wus uud lu
spite of the Idle apprentice, hud grown
I * be Ihe mosl protperaUl lu the dis
tr.'i. lur ihis eminence ("mlley wus
never iccuied of mumlng tbi credit
Niir did he ever miss tin opportunity of
iniikliig known Inm much he owed to
his partner. What be t.wed, iu brief.
was everyIhlng.    How   well   Vuiirevel
worked wns detnouitnted every duy.
but how bind he worked only Cralley
l.uew. Tbe latter bid grown to depend
ii'Hih blm for even his political beliefs
nnd lightly followed bis partner Into
fiholltlouism, iboiigb that was lo risk
iiiipopiilnrlii, bitter lii.ir.tl nnd worse.
Fortunately on certain occasions Van
revel bod made himself, If uot bis
creed, respected, at least so far that
there wus uo longer danger of mob
violence for an ubolltlonlat In Roueu.
He wns a cool headed young man ordinarily nud possessed of an elusive
forcefuluess not to he trifled witb,
though he wns a t|iilet man and had
whst tbey called n * line manner," aud,
not in tbe In I ter, but In bis dress, tbere
was an echo of the beuu, wbleb afforded Mr. lirny a point of nttaek for sallies of wit.
These Iwo young men were members
of a cheerful Inm.I who feint..1, laughed, wrangled over politics, danced,
niuii.* love nnd sung terrible chords on
aiiiuiner evenings together, as young
men irlll. Will t'uiuinlngs, editor of
the Rouen Journal, was one of these,
a tall, sallow man, very thin, very
awkward and very gentle. Mr. Cum-
uilugs proved himself always ready
with a loud nnd friendly Inugh for tbe
poorest Joke lu the world, bis couute-
oanee.slij.Uits.wltV.sueb kluduesi that
' do one ever find lhe 'bcar.,*iJ reproach
him  wltb  Ibe evils of his Jouruullstle
j pei diruitiuces or for the things he broke
when in* da Deed.   Another wus Tap-
1 phigbnm Marsh, nu exceedingly baud-
! soiiie person, somewhat lauguid iu up-
i peal.line, dululy lu uiiluner wltb women, offhuud wllh men. ulniu-it us reek*
, less ns i'i nlie)  und ofleu lhe letter's
i companion   und   assistant   lu   dlsslpn
I tkni.   Young I'liuicla ilieuoweth never
| Hilled   to   follow   both   luto   whatever
I they planned,   lie wus short aud pink,
and lhe uptllt of hl» nose waa coherent
with the appealing eiiriiestuess which
wus habitual  with hlni.    Kugeue Ma
drllltni wus the sixth of these luthuuti-s,
a dark man, whose Latin eyes und color advertised bis French ancestry as
plainly as his emotionless mouth  aud
lack of gesture betrayed  the mingling
of another strain
All these aud others of the town
were wont to "till politics" a gruut
deal at the little elttb ou Main street,
nnd nil were apt tu ful! foul of Tom
Vaurevel or Cralley limy before tbe
end of any discussion. I* or those were
tbe days when they twisted lhe lion's
tall in vehement aud bitter earnest,
wben the eagle n-reamcd ln mixed tig
tires, when few men kuew bow to talk
and mauy orated, when party strife
was savagely personal, when tolerance
was called thc "pure Are of patriotism." wheu criticism of the existing
order of things surely Incurred liery
nrniili eieii nnd black Invective, aud
brine was be. Indeed, wbo .lined to
liini (but his country as a whole and
politically did liiek some two or three
particular v'rtuei and tbal the fir-i
step toward obtaining tbem would b*
to help it to realise their absence.
This latter poiut of view was that of
the tirm of i (ray A. Vaurevel, which
w.-rs a unit lu such matters, i'railey
did moal  of the talking, gillie heauti
Satuj terrible chords on summer evenings.
fully, too, nud both bad to stand ugaiust
odds iu many a sour argument, for
tbey were uot only abolltloulsts, but opposed the attitude of tbelr country lu
Its difficulty wltb Mexico, and, lu com-
mou wlb other meu of tbe time wbo
took tbeir stand, ihey bad to grow accustomed to being called disloyal traitors, foreign toadies, mullgnanta aud
traducers of the flag. Tom hud long
heen used to epithets of this sort, suffering their sting In quiet, and was
-glad when he could keep Cralley out of
worse employment than standing Arm
fur uu iiiipi.piil.tr belief.
Tbere was oue place to which Van-
revel, seeking bla frleud and partuer
wben the latter did uot come bome at
ulgbt, could not go. Tbis wus tbe tower chamber, aud lt was In that mysterious apartment of tbe Carewe cupola
tbat Cralley was apt to be deeply occupied when he remained away uutll
daylight, .-strange as It appears. Mr.
Gray maintained peculiar relations of
Intimacy with Robert Carewe in apite
of tbe feud betweeu Carewe aud bis
own best frleud. Tills Intimacy, wbleb
dltl not ni-.-e-.xi iiy imply any mutual
fondue-.*-, though Cralley acemed to
dislike n..i,ii.lt was betokeued by I
furtive understanding of a sort be-
tween hem. Tbey held brief, earnest
Conversation! ou the street or lu corners wheu tbey met at otber people's
houses, always speaking lu voices too
low lo bo overheard, nud tbey exercised
a mysterious jtyuil.i.llsm, somewhat lo
the iniiiiiiei of fellow members of u
secret society. 'Ihey had been observed to i i.iiiinunii* ile across crowded
rooms hy lifted eyeluaW, nod of bead
or ii surreptitious turn of tbe wrist,
ao thut those wbo observed them knew
that a 1'iit-stloii Inul heen asked and au
It was noticed slso thut there were
live other Initiates to this masonry-
Kugeue Mudrlllon. the elder Chen..
weth.   Onernl   Tniuihle,   Tappiugham
Marsh ami Jefferson Bareaud, Thus
on the afternoon following Miss Betty's Introduction to Rouen's favorite
sons and daughters Mr. Carewe, driving down Main street, beld up one
forefinger to Mudrlllon as be saw the
young innn turning lu at the club.
Bugeni nodded gravely and us he went
hi. discovering Marsh, the general and
others listening io Mr. (iray's exphius
tion of his return from tbe river with
no Rib, stealthily held up one finger In
his turn. Trouble replied with a wink,
Tapplngbam nodded, but cralley
slightly shook bis head. Marsh sud the
general started wllh surprise and stared Incredulously. That Cralley should
shiiiit* his bond! If the slgual bad been
for a church meeting ihey might have
Mr. Cray's conduct was surprising
two other people at about tbe same
(line Tom Vaurevel and Fancbou
Bareaud; the former Iiy his sudden devotion to the Iii iv; the latter by bis
sudden devotion to herself. In a breath
he heeuine itliu.i-t a domestic cbarsc-
Miss Bareaud was even happier tbuu
she wus astoulshed — and she wus
mightily astonished -to lin.l her betrothed developing a taste for her society aloue. Formerly she had counted
upon tbe gn.reiles of her home to keep
Cralley uenr her; now. however, be
told her tenderly be wished to have her
all to himself. This was uot like him,
but run*-hoi. did not .juestlou.
The   Hureuud   house  was   tbe  most
hospitable lu Rouen.  Mrs. Iturenud, a
I southerner, lovlug to persuade the vls-
1 Itor that ber home was bis. not hen.
Ihed only for her art. which wus that
: of the table.   Mr. liiiieiiud ut fifty bad
lived so well Unit be gave up walking,
which did uot trouble him, but nt slxiy
be gave up dancing, which illd troul.li
! blm.  His only hope, he declared, wus
! in Cralley (.'ray's promise to Invent f**
blm it concave partner,
Tin ie was a Hlin, qulatiag loaak of
* a son, JeBersou, who lived upon quinine, ague and del llliy, cud there weri
the two diughttcs, Kaucbon and V r-
* gluts. The latter was ihree years older thau lautbou, as Jnrk as Puuehou
was tali*, though not nearly so pretty,
a small, gaud uatured. romping -pr ie
of a girl who bad banded down the
heart aud baud of Cralley Cray to her
sister wltb the best grace In the world.
. 1 or she had been the heroine of oue of
Mr. Cray's half dozeu or so most lirl-
■ ous uffnlrs, nnd after a furious rivalry
1 with Mr. Carewe the victory was geu-
; erally  conceded  to Crulley.    Ills  n|.
uuiph hud been of about a fortnight's
' duration when Fanchon returned from
St. Mary's, and with the advent of Uie
younger sister the elder, who Inni tie-
: elded that Crulley wus tin  Ineouipars-
j ble she had dreamed »f since Infancy,
1 was  generously   allowed   to dlaenvor
l that he wus nut Hint  vision: that she
| hnd fallen in love wltb her owu Idea
Of him,   whereas  Fanchon cared  ouly
tbat he be Crulley Cray.
J     To be Id  love  with Cralley  beeuiue
j I'liiii lion's vocation.   She Ipent ail ber
' time at it und produced a blurred effect   upou   strangers.     Nor   wns  she
uloue lu lOipectlllg Mr. Cray of gen-
' lus.   Id the ilrst place, be was so odd;
ln tbe secoud, his poems were "already
attracting more than local attention."
as tbe  Journal  remarket!  geueroiisly,
for Cralley bsd ceased to present bis
rhymes to tbut valuable paper.    Aye,
Boston uo les* wus his mnrt.
He was rather radical iu his literary
preferences aud hurt the fitter Cheui-
i etli's feelings by laugblug heartily at
some poems of the lute Lord Byron,
offended muny people by disliking the
style of Sir Edwurd Bulwer aud even
refused to admit that Juiues Feulmore
Cooper was the greatest norellst tbat
ever lived. But tbese things were us
nothing compared with bis unpatriotic
defense of Charles Dickens. Many
Americans bad fallen inlo a great i a _•♦
over the vivacious assault upon the
United States lu "Martin Chuxilewit."
Nevertheless Cralley still boldly balled
him. aa every one had heretofore
agreed, the most dexterous writer of
bis tiny and the most unable humorist
of any day. Of course the Bugllshmna
bad uot visited and thoroughly studied
sucb a city as Roueu, Cralley confessed twlukllngly; but, after all,
wasn't tbere aome truth In "Martin
cbuixlewltV" Mr. Dickens might hsve
been far from a clear understanding of
our people, but didn't lt argue a pretty
ticklish vanity ln ourselves tbit set
were so fiercely resentful of sstlre. aud
was uot this very heat over "Martin
Cbutslewtt" a continuation of one ot
the points the book bad presented
sgslnst us? Ceneral Trumble replied
to this suggestion wltb s personal one
to tbe effect that u uiuu capable of saying a good word for ao monstrous a
slander -that a mau, sir, capable of declaring his native country to be vain
or sensitive, ought to be horsewhipped,
ind at this Cralley laughed ennsuin-
i rumble retorted witb the names of
Benedict Arnold and Aaron Hnrr.
"Aud If It comes to a war w lib these
greasers," be spluttered upopleetlcally,
"and lt Is .-111111111!. mighty soou. we'll
find Mr. Cray down in Mexico throw
lug mud ou tlie stars and stripes and
ebeeriug for that one legged horse
thief, Santa Aunu! Anything to seek
out something foolish among your own
"Dou't have to seek fsr lometlmes,
geueral," murmured Cralley from the
depths of the best cbalr hi tbe elub,
whereupon Trumble, not trustlug bim-
•elf to suswer, weut out to tbe street.
(To  Be Continued.*
Once inure Zam-Buk, the great her
bal balm, hai been proved vastly su-
iperior to ordinary remedies, and hat
J cured where other preparations had
signally (ailed. Three children in one
family hnve iniii healed by it. Thii
not only shows thu power of Zulu-
link, but goes to prove how beneficial its pure herbal Ingredients are
I., tha delicuie r-kni ol children,
Mrs. J. C. Bates, of Burke's Fulls,
nporta the case referred lo, 8he
eaya: "I take great pleasure in recommending Zam-Buk as a enr.. foi
skin disease, My three children were
ull   broken   oul   with   sores   on     (nee,
hands un.l feet. Their condition wai
pitiable, and although I tried imi
mis ointments and talvei, they did
not leant to be able to get tit the rout
of the evil, and the sorei oontinued
to spread. One day I saw a report
in n local newspaper telling hon
beneficial Zaui-Buk was for -.kin die
eases, ulcere, etc, 1 got .. supply
ot the liiilin iiinl applied it to tin
I'luhlien's sores. Almost immediately
they got relief, nml the sores begai
to heul. Although the skin disease
hud tlelieil all lhe snlves I Inni previously   tried,   ill  uue   week   Zum-lliik
overcame the trouble, uml today ilu
children huve nol » pimple or spot
or mark of ..'. <*.■.•* on their skin. Foi
this 1.1.'in,l result I have Zniii-llul,
to thank, it i- a splendid healer."
Ziiin-Huk is thus shown t<> he altogether different and luperior to or
iliiinry remedies, It li a healing hnlm
compounded from saps and essence:
nf the finest kiiuivn medicinal herbs
It hns hich antiseptic pntier, killin*.
disease germs which settle on lorei
.iini eriiptiuiis. etc.. nmi which sel
ip festering, blood poiion hii.I lup-
puration. It cures eesema, skip
rashes, cuts, burns, bruises, abscesses
ulcers, acne, blaekheadi,   ringworm
hi.mil poiion, etc It Ileitis cnicke.i
nml   eh.'ipi" 1   handa,   OOld   sores,   etc
As an embrocation it is ni~o widel)
used, llllll fives S| .ly relief in case
■ a muscular rheumatism, iciatiea, etc
Rubbed on the chest ill cases oi
oolda, it relieve! the tightnesn and
aching. All druggists sell nt Me. n
box, or may be obtained post Ire.
from the Zam-Buk Co.. Toronto, upol
receipt oi price. Six boxes for $2..ri0
Send one cent stamp for diiinty tria
'1*11 ine not In mournful numbers
To work bia schema* la a pipe dreatt
If Hem dost poatponc thy slumbers.
No.- lake people ua Uiey seem.
l.lfs  a real!   Life Is earnest;
Onl,* |i, a sure mini trual.
bust go to, to dust returneit:
Always be out for the dutt.
Art la lung, and time la fleeting,
Antl urt pays no dividends,
8o waste time not on Ua greeting*—
t'ie II strictly for eaah sndo.
I.Ives of fakirs all remind ua
We ran 'Ive on nerve suniliua
And. loot laden, leave behind ua
Olher p-ople   'doing time."
l.i*i us then Ia- up and dolag—
Dolus every ono we can.
"•-'• will have luck ua pursuing
"Doing"  ih.is our fellow man!
iiiiiihnoie American.
Complete Iieprn. Iir.
"We've often heard about the meanest man, but 1 happeu *., know tbe
uesnest woman."
"Who's sbe?"
"The one who goes to weddings md
ilyly removes the cords from tbe presents, so thut the bride cuu never know
which of her friends it was who gate
ner the plsted butler khlfe."
.lusi iiu 1.1mm,
Hubby-ft becomes very trying, my
lear. you're always snylng cheek,
.-heck, check! I feel ss If life wore i>
long game of chess. wTfle—Well, Kd
ivnrd, If you don't give mo something
I shall have fi, pawn, pawn, pawn,
ind II would still loom like u game of
•liess, wouldn't UV*
"Tlinl's my best wo. k." suit] the poat,
ifter rending the v. rsos lo Crltlbk.
I'm ihiuklug of ba villi Jl copyrighted."
"Copyrighted'/" said Crlttlck. "If 1
ere yon |*d have It patented."- Kia
••."elsen ('all
The Ontario government hns enn-
■vlled the leaae ol the Chaudieri Fall
.inter power on thi French rive.
granted to Measn Malcolm Macleo
of Toronto and  Joseph   Kugeue Sel ii
of Sturgeon Falls,
The    Wooda-Norrii       Advertising
agency is suing the Cobalt Bilvei Mm
ing company and J   11. Jewell   fo
Si.Mi1 balance claimed to Is* due foi j
advertising inserted in various pap il
<i Ontario.
The greater the Irritation in tin
throat the more distressing tin
cough becomea. Coughing ia the effort of Nature to expel this irritalini
substanoe from tlie nir passages
liickh-'s Antl-Coniumptive Syrup wil '
heal the inflamed parts, winch exud.
mueoua, and restore them t.. i
healthy stife. the cough diaappearin
in.hr tlie curative effects of the lie*  i
lieine It is pleasant to tbe taste, and
he   price,  'ib  cents,    ll   within    tin
reach of nil.
Over three hundred  policemen in
n body attended a recent Sunday af-
ten *."ii   meeting conducted     I.y   Rev  :
S    K,   Young,  in  the  Alvin  theatre.
'ittabnrg, Penn.
Tin- estate of the late Mr. Stefino
Qatti, restaurant and theatre proprietor, London, has been sworn nt £220-
3(10 »ross.
The  total   wealth  of Great   Unfair.
is estimated at £9,I*H559.564.
The   Governor's   Wile   a   Prisoner —Mrs *'
Z. A. Van Ltivcn is tha wife of the guv ,
ernur of thc rounty  lull. Napanee. Onl . j
and  was  a great  sufferer  from rheuma- ■
tlsm.    When the best d.s'lnrt. in the Don
muitiiy  and   "spfelallsts"   failed   lo  help
her.  she  i.nri...l   her  *.- • i'i m  of  proprie
let*,   i. in.-'In-  i.nd   liun Iiii- .I  Mouth  Am
ericau  Itheiimntic  Cure.    4  bottles rured
her. -42.
Ill religion example Ii better thnn
preeept. Actions speuk louder than
words, as Kinerson saitl to a friend,
"Whnt you nie speak- so I..nil thnt
I  cannot hear whnt vou snv."
At Kelthnin u food and ilnig inspector related that a simple <.f tn-ir-
veriue taken from a loenj firm wns
found on analysis to I..* pure   butter.
We All Hnve Missions in the
World.—There ia a work for every
innn on earth, there is n function to
perform for everything on enith, eni-
mnle mnl inanimate. Kverything hns
a mission, nni! the mission ol Hr
Thomas'    Eolietrie   Oil is   to heal
burns nml wuiinds of eveiy description and cure coughs, col.Is, croup
ami ull affections ol the respirntorj
Tlie city council of Huinilloii iris
iinnniiiioiisly adopted the recoiniiien.l-
ntion of the hoard of works to submit a bylaw on Niagara power to the
John Ten Kyck, son of Hamilton'c
lireehiel, vim killed in a railroad accident nt  Ilowningtnn, I'ciin.
V.cs-Presidsnt  ol  Notional  Union  ol
Womin Workers Says Honor It Less
Inherent In Women Than li Me".
Two of the most enlerl iini»S '
Imaginable   enlivened   the   »P«"'»«
meetings .' the conference-ol   he \
Uonal   Union   Of   Women   \Wk«tl   "'
Tunbridgs Wells recently
The tirst was thut ven debataou
question of "Honor among ■•'""'''
and kills." and the woond the more
exciting subject of the domestic servant nml  what tn do with he.
The question of honor among **
men ami girls, which MiM Soi.lsby,
one tf the vlco-prss denU of the
union, railed, waawhethei tvomenahd
girls are ns honorable as men, ini'i,
if not, how enn I -.use "I llOOOl he
developed among then.'
"I said to myself, 'furily ■ *''"'" 'I1
honor is   as   natural   n-   washing,
Miss Soulsby ol id     '"li  would
ba ns imp.  sibl- I" confronl any "lie
with u lack of a sen-  honor SI to
tell them their niok we  not clean
Women's Honor.
But. said Mis- Soulsby, iho aiked
her girl frit-mis In ' hat way girli
or woman are ipl lo •'■• Ihingi dishonorable. Theie i.i.i" soiii" Of lbs
replies they gave
Women will give in wrong scorns
at golf.
They will client nl oroquct '•«><•
They will cry "fault ll tennii
when they simply menu Hint they enn
not tiike the hall.
They will tak- tlie benefit 01 the
doubt when - mnn would i Ol
They   ill band on  ifldenoas,
Cheat nt examinations.
Break pi wiiaes.
Hack out when they lind thev >ire
on the unpopular side.
Face both wnys In eonvaraatlon.
Hen.I other I pie's letters.
Overhear   oonvereaUona   and   get
letters in nn underhand way.
"All these things nre ngninst a
man's code of honor." -unl Mi's
Soulsbv "I don't sny he never doM
them, but if he is found .hung the n
he  il ItM'ketl down  up in.
"Now," she a.-ked. with a l..*>- i
giant*,* louml liei audience nrnl n humorous smile, "Air u "imii less hon
orable thnn men-" She paused f *'
a moment  ami  then gave her rcpl.
"I say, Ity nature, no'i by 'training,
(■iris ami women iieedrl ill l.ieir
bringing up u sense ..( pot.In* .-pint
such as prevailed anion*,* boys Olrll
iiiigh* have u mine sensitive conscience, hut a hoy', instinct would ne
better on a broad question *-I fair
Slavish   Faults.
"'omen's lack ol the SOUM Of hole.
as  it  obtain! I   among  men   was  due
to "ganerationi •*( iub|ection."   Mi-s
Soulsby sverred
"Tiie" petted slu*. ■ i- \«ry apt to
tuke a double share >*t cream iu a
pretty wav    tor  ibe  know!  that   mnn
will not use In- strength t" prevent
hei. and ll It I. ("lllid she IS not
•playing fan' nni -lie ..mis up. Ihe
mun will '.uuk :t is only 'pretty
Funny's way
"The viy phase, 'Own np li^e n
mail,' gives Fanny stray," was Mi-»
Soillsby's  i uenl
Tho gi -ot domestic servant problem was dealt with l.v Mrs llnrnet,
wife of the Canon of WestmineUr,and
Mis -Jamas Ward
Mrs Hirnett proposed tresting e
servnnt girl as a "citiy.ei ." with civic
righUt nnd duti-s. Mrs Want boldly
SSSerted thnt the existing dome-tn*
serviee system ll played out. and
thst it must I*.* absolutely remodel Iel
A    newspaper    lor   the   kitchen,    a
bookshelf In the pantry, ami n eon-
sultiiiioii generally ol the sen mit-'
tastes, "whether In music, gardening,
art. allium! | '-, or l*n ycling." w.***e
a few of Mrs.  liuriiell's SUggMtioni.
Mrs. Wnrd maintained that tha servants should Is1 lunught under the
same conditions ol won as men She
"Let  the   eeiviint   hnve vorking
day of sight, nine, ten. oi eleven
hours; let her have ns much holiday
every week us tlie men do, let he. I"
fi.*e like them wh.*ii her work is done
to go to her own home or ber friends'
homes, ami live her own life among
her own kind; nml pay her a fair
wage tor her skilled labor. Then there
will be plenty of thnt lnlsjr supplied"
Tht Romanes ol s Oell.
One of the sights of the Shwe lli-
■.-oie* pn|*...|.i in llnniir.li is a gignntie
hell of bronze, weighing 42 1-2 tons,
nnd said to Im> the third largett heil
in the world, the largest being in
Moscow, mid the next largest in Milium, nlso iu llurmnh. After conquering Ilu.nnili the Hnti-'i umlert'S'k bl
carry the gre • Hnngoon bell to Calcutta ns a trophy, hut dropped *t
overboard in the Himgooii Kiver,
uliero it rlelle.l nil if oils of the en
(ineers to in:-.- it. Some years inter
th.- Burmese, who hnd not cense) io
mourn its loss, begged to be allowed
to recover it lheir petition whs
granted, nnd by attaching to it an incredible numb-sir Of bamboo flonts, tli-
Unwisldly mill of metnl waa final)/
lifted from its ninthly bad, and tiium*
phuiitly restored to its place.
chief Gabriel Oodrrey, tbe last el
tbi Miami Indiana, bas just become a
member of tbe Horse Thief Detectlva
association. He Is seventy-four years
old. While tn Kokomo, Ind., recently
hi undertook to locate tbe gravi of tbe
Miami cblef Kokomo In order tbat tba
residents of the city might erect a
monument In memory of tbt noted
chief for whom tha town wis named.
(Jodfrey bad • number of rellca, Including ■ dren 125 years old that was
worn by France* Hlocum, wbo was
stolen wben a child from Busquebanna,
l'a., and was known ii "tba White
Rose of the Mlnmls."
And Good Health Oan Only Return  When y.
Filters, the Liver and kidneys, Are Set jf
'Ineil. languid feeling! are tbe re-
gull  ,,i    th *  uceuinulutiou   ol ii *. ti
I Itiotl in the   ) tem    "*i -1"' ' "
lm. ,,( ih,* livei  snd kl Ineya la n-
move these impurities i i ■ - - bl I be-
i .in,     illied   mtli   poisonous
linnet    which  instead ol aiding tha
iiiiieiiiiiis leinl to arrest    ihem and
f I,. ,, is io j>iiin.-, iu th" Iiinl.s. backaches, headuclii .   and tired,    worn-
ml   [Oil
Theie i,in.nn ■ to I"' diaoovered s
noi ■ prompl and effective means ..f
niliveiiins and (nviguratiug the ao-
, :ii" iiiei nini uuiii".. than
ji ci ' ■ Ki'iiiei-l Ivor Pllli. Ill
.in*: this medicine ia unique In   its
 blued iiiiinei.ee on the liver and
.utjneyi snd to tins double notion la
iinih'iiie.l ii* extraordinary incoeii
in tne cine ol oomplioated di* i ■
.,   llieSS   IllleiltlH   Olgllll-.
Biliousnsii, In min. i.es. Indige lion,
sidney disease and constipation ara
promptly and thoroughly cured bj Di
'. Iin  ,*       kl.lllel-I.IVel    I'lll-   Iiinl      the
,t imii- lyslera Ei cleanied ol lha loul
Impurities wbleb result In dtseaai
.imi luffering
Mi... Julie Langlols, Manor, B i k .
writos: "Poi s h.ng time I suffered
from Iner complaint and biliousness
inni oould Iiml nothing to help in.'
until    I   ii-.'I      l'l     (line's      KnllieV-
III".    I'ili
llie 0   pill*   |i
mnl they hm
I    lull*"
uiih  the reauli      Vu,
letter (oi  Iln
im*   -uli,.,,,,,        |()j
Mr. John i, ii,, „
llsh  liiiiin.. ,,;    »
s„„e,       "|„   „
deal oi diivln
tin* oonstnnt „| JJ"
r"1' «i	
brought on i
miserable In
deal with
l heard ..( li
Pllla, and d.
fore l had u
I    fell    belle,
entirely cm  I    •    i ,
of iiu opportui      *,, ,,,'
Chaae'a Kl li        ,,, |*.
proven   Ihen
i.i'lnei   .li . i
Hi. Cham.'    I
 I   w I..*..*   ..
.Illes   fall,   Ih*.   I
combined ... *
knllleys.     Tin
thousands ..i
Hi   Cha •'   i i    J
pill n dose, -'■ |
.lealel-   ol     I   ll |v
I oronto.
Th,- British admiralty ims decided'   Tha Port ll
to iii all new  battleships  wuh tin-  granted s I I
bine en    ■]■ Uuml I in in. i      j, lephOM
Ths 81   Petersburg newspajien re-     The Pducatii
porl that  -'leinl arrests have bean all Bngland and
made     iimoii;;     tin*   troops   at     i-an-- t"ie*-l  OVSI   nhat
- |o new  In'l will
Kegotiationa are in prog ran to
have Uli Ugarnon Weal succoed Hon
lane's Rryce aa chi i e etaiy h.r
H.*v Jam.*- T. ti.unei of W.*-nig-
-."ii. .** Ii . hii thi Lords I'ruyer eii-
.•lavei with i diamond en a glassmt-
i ilide, the ipaa occupied
by the '221 letters i.oi bain* l«i*.v.
than th.- prick of a pin point    At
till-    ratio    the    who!.*    lilllie   iiiillil   Ih'
a i ren up ii a square ineh
in iiii address bifore tin* Ohio An*
l-8aloon   I Qot     Hanley   ol
Ohio, -.nni 'The tem|«'rnii.'e poo
pl" will never h. i.atistieil with nnv-
lung but i-tiuig.'-t i. lri( ii ' I
tbe   tlllttn*.   even   ll   It   lend-   to   I'lol.i
\ dilpalch from  llerhj
-.*.. - ili/ii  tmi
ing Imported Int.  (}. mur
Oalanh and Coitt, I'ti.,.,,,
Mlnut-w -tint •(.•••. i ng ut i
mrui/a   thi*   11 »■
. ..nh-   . I  l)r    As... - ■  i llirr
illflu-e«   ll,.-   p*.M.I   1      "t 'ttq
the itanal !>.".*'
Inl '" u_ II r.l.n,-.
•^•rioanunil/ imr- tsurri
et I.iu h.ad .. lo. • rt tar -.-. •
Ji .Inc..     SU rein    41
11   I-   II *ii    | '      •.•
plants   glow      In   lhe ip-*
iwo -Herman..  Ihe
connecte.l   with   i
centre nu Indirsi
ihly  ami   legulu       ind
(nent. magnified *
-ciile,   shows  lie
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce G
For Coughs and Colds
Teething Babies-,
are aavnl suffering—and mothers
given rest—when one uses
Nurses'an j Mothers'Treisnre
Quickly  relieves—regulates   the
bowel* —  preventa     convulaiona.
I's.-.l 50 yean.    Absolutely safe.
Al .IruIJt •-• lie.   I bonln. II u.
Nsiiunal Uni| o Chemical Co , l.iniitcl,
Sole Proprietors, SlontrvriL        41
A Keen Appetite
rnd a healthy stomach indicate
an act ive Liver, which is enjoyed
Iiy all who use Beecham's Pills.
They insure strong dicestion,
sweet breath and sound sleep.
No other remedy is as good as
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes SS cents.
1  i^GHonCOj^'
II Is also a s-mcIIo for
Coujri. PHI  ic,n In conjunction with
*NTl.P|..L-"Th» Or..I   Syilam Trost.
anonl". ii « uo.niyj provsntatlvi or and
cure for La Orlppo.
8old by All OruKglsli or
lha  MLMN-mi  00.,  llmltad
Whal "M" Means.
Vhe expression "AI," nopularly used  to deilgnatl  nrticles of the  flrst
quality, is oupiad from the ijrmboli of
llie British nml foreign ihiprlng Jims
of the I.loy.ls. "A" is use.' to ih-sig-
niite tlie character ol the condition
of the hull of n vckscI, the figure "I"
to denote the efficient state of her
anchors, cables and  stores.    If those
ire iiisiiflicient i quantity or quality,
the ligure "ii" li uaed to indicate thi
It is laid of 11 ahip of
it she or it is "Al," It
'  is flrst-cliiss in every
Tiiist -Wirt In Hui
■i^lMrtir CnlKt
Work isetasyand j t.utti
quickly made     Youi .i*mta
pr.miplly paid,    torn; ''' "'I
to-date aaaortment ..f Mmplal
Over one hundred lt«|
suitings for rour rajtsf
•election. Goods ••*■' *■■
subject to eiainmn::■ -r.
lal*l  00  every  §j«rti!e*it
No prerious eTper..-    ' "*^|
Splendid opening / »
Om 6ood Un li wi T*|
Write Ul nem> 'Jid grt '"''J
cnlars of this eicellent nyf
Mott we -.ppoiot soniruDi «"*|
your town.
tame.  When
aything else |
1111*11 1 that 11
Ths Whole Regiment.
A certain oolonel who wns in com-
mnn.I of the I'e.thshire Yeoiiiiinry wns
at sn evening party   in   Edinburgh
eo'iipl.iinii'    I.".illy 'nf Ins olllcors, .il-
legin • thai nil the duties . t tlm regi-
ment devolved upon hinmnlf. "I ntn,"
snid he, "lo nil Intent! nnd purposes
my own major, my own captain, my
own lieuteiiiii. my rwn cornot." "To
snv nothing of being vour own trumpeter, too," remarked I grim old 8eot- I
U«h lady, '"-ii-   vooa. I
to keep tbe feel snugly warm-
no matter bow cold the weather.
Felt Shoes
—as stylish and shapely as the
beat leather goods—and afford
absolute  protection  against
tbe cold.
Ths (taulos ifi.MiSA rrii
Ihots sod Slippers ii»»«
Ihs shoes trademark
•a Iht loi.a.
loos  ron it
Eastern Canada
Tickets on sale daily Novels!
Until   lieeeiiiher   31st,   I:*"*
Return limit thru nn-. *  -
fullest n-t .>«•
from any
Canadian NortW
Itiilway ni*   '•
Cisnirs stiii psln en inn**1 "
eti.r. 1* . MtadM .":' *
snywi .
".11.1*'' mu nt (lis ">'".
Ilia srim, !•■• »r l«i«-*i-. * •■.jlUiii
l.rl.klv with ths Ull musus r«»"
l-.rf.irm Ihs e.il;l>llH» ''V -.'',l'|.-»■
lllll..!.. IhmS ».nl ("ril' -"lh ' , Wl
ul Iish.I . its. 11l.nl/ "I * J,'"""'rrttfl
il,"|,l-"l "ti mmr l„r ston..* " ,,■
il.-. .*. ill. .lit.. U...M H ..." ' ; j*--■
i s jiiiiNsoaaco.,!""*""-'
Hlsrles of Articles Deacrlb-      •'•
Hg their Lives, their Alma    !•»
I and their Influence. *
-^prrr-m «*¥»*«).« tit *r*»
Editor  Plumas Standard.
W. D, Lamb, whom tha abovi
I represents, and 'te* lubjiol u
Ikeiei.. nn- hm ii loiiy yeara ag.
su is, i ini . Iliiiini eiiiiiii>.  I her.
Itemle.l nnd,      nil.I    -pent   tin
jyeiir- *.l  hi- In'.-
■the   i.to  ol  eiiihtceii     In*   li'-yin
pin    ehonl,  and,  utiei   .-|»*iulii.,
..iuu in lhat profeislon, gradu
I from tlie Clinton model mei Ti
norinul lohools, hi drifted int.
utile life.   Ten  yeai t ago   hi
west, nml lettled in Plumi
on the l.nke Manitoba Knii
snd Canal   Co   that   bad jusi
| survey e.l
gee     win-     iij"      Ml       I.lllilli,    nl
I by accident, discovered ths res
viiv Ins own snd othei villsgi
only     stuived.     Ituntad,     lilll.
oorapared   ivith   whnt   the)
Id be, h public affairs a i
Sl    III    Hcei.nhilii e    With    tie*   dii
ol  reason and common  tenas,
way lhal  would   seure -
en niuii ami man.   Nothing
r.t- iiim. ii- to heai   psopls la*
the fad lhal theii lown doi in I
while   ut  the  .-nine  Ini.e.   those
[build up, develop and enrich ths
gtry, me rsgulartj  penalised    i |
Ion, trhlle  lie- el'** boldsn   **i
hits rn agricultural landa, rn p
;   others   |0H Thsll    boldiugl
Increasing in value, nol "ii ao
It ..l what tin* ownere do, hut <>n
Iimi oi whral otbsn ds  producing
|niK.  but  absorbing   whal   others
He   Linn--   in   the   Henry
^ge  remedy   lor this  Itate  ol  at
\\ hen our reports! i ailed, hi
at  the  bend  of  hi-  paper,  as  i.
fm  thai lasus, a islsction from
ir>  ii""ii.*e. which may bs takn
llie Btandsrd'i political eraed.
H'a iiiuiili taki ri -i"* i ■ iniiitiiiit.
|i belongs t.. UM oommimiiy, U>.
ntiii.'inii*.* in land by lbs growti
^he oammuuity, leaving saarsd t
* individual nil that belongs t" tin
|\iiliiiil "   Iii other words, bs ui
Hint  municipalities    ihould  sa
i>t  everything  from  taxation  as
ile*  community  ealus ol  lumi
thinks it    too bad tbat    peopli
|nM let the railway   eorporatlon
the  L'ihhI  ol  ths  town   -il**-   iiiiii-
I pie   tax   lie in*"*!-.. -   to   dent.
iiieu goods mnl buildings. 11
iks psopls stupid, not to get tha
I'ii   uta   ralui   by  taxation, InU
irei.-uiy. r i      ■   li, lidawalka
si Improvsments, • •*     i lu   i* pu
nf   l'l.una.-, is "Iiii   XX),  hut tht
utry around would warrant a pop
Ition  ol  i.(i.si lastly,    Mr.   Lamb
he  will sell out  the  Standard
as soon as every IndustriOUt
rner around bus a nice comfort
home. Ins farm clear of inort*
lv. uml it '"inimtiil'h- bunk Ac-
|llt,  llll'l  in  tin* mei.ntime.  In*  will
tho paper as a means to show
t'i*!.*  what  tho :*i.iii.."  is
Latnh  bai    tnkiHl  a  lively  in*
est in niiinicipnl politic-, and judg-
from the way we heard the
In.lnr.l spoken of, the people nre
bectiiig soma tiemeinliiiis changer-
|n. The |ut|»*r M*eiii- tu have I
tn grip mi the mindl -if the people
te   had   no previous   expeiienee   in
jiting.   not   knowing   oven   "the
bsforl he gut In- plant  set  up
is itis own reporter, editor, man-
r,   Jobber,   etc,   it   tireless   weiker,
a brain capacity tbal remembers
y detail    lie can truly say, witb
philosopher  of  old,   "No.   I   can-
play i.n nny musical instrument,
I I'lin tall you bow, out oi a
sll village, t.. maks ■ great   nnd
rious eily."    The people in      thnt
liiiiunity     ihould    certainly   (sal
linl  to  have   aiming   them   such    n
Mi*   spirited i'iii/.'*!i a- Mr   Lamb
I  predict   for  the   Stan.hud    u
iiimii future.
Iir.   I.amh   is   nn   mil   ini'i   Ottl   '"'*
S'l-r   in   tree   trade,   and   thoSS   wim
heard him, say he Is a   eerj
iivineing platform ipeaku
rin* Pre-hyteiuiiis Imve u thorough-
.*.pupped training uhool In Kan*
, ami Minn* philanthropist haa giv«
the llathodiita money tor astab*
uug a Mm,i.n Institution,
(aamism mnl Hindooiim are meat-
miw lonaiies on tbolt o*s ti ground,
I  huve  begun  to estahlir-h  ami  cn-
i eollegei for thi propagation of
I'lr peculiar  beliefs.
Behantin, king of Dahomey, has
i-senie.l his royal iword to the
i-ncii minister ..l th.* colonies.
Mf,m •»'
l.lncolu »„,!  |,|, Brara.
lt was a child who ..urHunditd Abraham Lincoln to ivuur ., board. Dp to
Miu lln-e Ul was OoiaJaatld for president bS bnd always been smooth sli.iv-
en. A l.lile girl living In (.'huutiiiuiiia
county, N.  V.,  wm. greatly admired
blui, uiii.le up her tulud il,-,! bs would
'noli better If In «,„*,. whlUett und
w'tli youthful .lire. u ,n,,u. uuU |old
him so, He answered i„.r i,v return
Ipring-n. iu. in   ..,( is ison
mi    Orsce I...i.n
Mj  Dear [.litis ttlss   four very Agree-
lbl ' I I s Uth Is received    i r«.
;'  '   "     Ill   "' h.iMiik  i  hava no
 '     i  i'.i-" .ni-.* soi : leven-
''- .'• ""■ !""•• and "ii" seven real i ol
' '     l'l" •    wiih   ih.ir  mollu r.  oonatt-
luta nn  v  rn'i.iir     ,i, I,. ,i(, whisk-
''"   nevei   I.   ing  tvorn aay, do you aut
think i ii  .* iuld call n i, pi r H||iy
Sfforlail     I   wen*   li.   bi-Kin   it   now?
ro i    try aim  re ts-ellwlshar,
Kvldentl.i nn second thought bs ds>
elded 11  follow  iior iiitviee.    im bil
hi.*,   I..  Washington  b|g tril||, stopped
HI   Hie  lOWII   wl.eie islie  llVSll.      lie  iMk-
••il if ilie wore lu Ihs crowd gathered
it the station lo meet blm, nf Morse
die w • *. nnd wilting bonds forced a
■*■".■ tet ber tin gh tbe mass of |s.n.
pie to I nn ab* reached ll,,. ear .\|r
l.llieelli  *l..|,|„.,|   from   u,,. train,  kissed
-iei* null showed ber that bs had taken
iter ..dn ••   m   \i.ii,.I,,,.
» tree Mraterjr.
How n tree can lake sugar out of
the ground >.n a sli.L'le spot for twen
'y the years wltlionl exbaastlag either
the ground or Itself Is oue of Hi ne
mysteries of nature tlmt enn be better
stand liini snl led
I nlil    ..ltritNl.,11.
A gold coin | isses rrom one a. sn-
other   2.000,000.(1011   ll s   before   the
"I   II p   Or   Impi-MUlOU   Upon   It    I..-    ne,•.  i
obliterated hj frlrtloii, wblls s silver
coin I- pii.-c'l 3.11TS 1.000,000 times before ii bi.,met entirely defaced, says
i calculator
W.    N.    U.    No. 818.
Real City ol ths Unci.
"Ii n real li a . ity of the dead, for j
eveiy grave h.i ban a house built on I
it inul, by looking through the win- j
Imi   ..|  thii  In*.ise.  you see whnt  tho
loo i-,.'i loved besl "n tartk.   It may
Is* it eliaii, i i  n table, a bench, or a
-ml   ..f  clothes     tine lm.ise  hud   laid '
-.ut  mt  n  table  nil  the toilet articles :
wlncli  the  lady   in  the grave beneath   '
used while alive, even tin* tooth brush
i.e.in; ti     ii i- luppoasd tin- spirit
of lhe lad', iiill eoms back ami una
Hit-.* ll ii i-. most iiiteienting lo go
from om* hoOSS to uin-ther and .vo tlie
different things in tliein "
So writes **,*, J I.ukeits. a trsvslsr
from Chicago, wbo has b.-.-.i visiting
Central British Columbia and who In-
autoted ths Indian nunr-uiJ at Ilu*
"II ii whioh, situated on iho highest
poiut iu Um town. Is quite a curiosity.
Running Soiet.  ihe ooisobs of nsglsn.
r   nstl   blood.   Sale   a   never li»lll.i„-   MUUi
a Agnes » "uiuu, in    wm h,Hi t„.  ,„,  ,
.in,ii.iii ns.    >..„.lie-  I. ril.,1   sn„o
.......I.,    alter   lh si   afpiitatiun.     Ii   n
isves all Hilling and i.t.rning altlit til-
aaas la a tie. 1. . ut,-. pi,M ,„ } ,,
. niKhi.    Id eenla.   li.
In   \u-iii.i   Protestants sre nol  al
ow.* I  io  baptise or idministei    tb,
"i*i i -upiN-i ui public i'ui,in* in.,
uip i- |» riiiiir,-,! oiuy wheu it ci.
regstioii registers a- a club.
A    ToniO    hu     the     DsWliUUH
.'aim,'ic..'- Vegetable i'ili- i,. tetini
..ii.lly bin thoroughly on ti,.* .-,-,-,,
nm- ol the Lrudy ua •. rail abi
■ni''. stimulating tha lagging organ
o healthful action ami restoring bin
o lull  vigor,     liiey cnn   be taki
.nidiia'e.l   doses   und     i.o   u.-eil     tliu
iie>   can   bs    discontinued    st    an..
.me without return at tha ailment.
..inch ihey   wer.* u-eil w alhti
Missionary Sobsy, now at Panami
• rite.-       "Ine    lies   lli   lto-pe|    lti,.,t
.» in-i,* i.- a -ad tact.   Openings am
lltiSI    Here   never     so   nuillei
...s, uml ths call l- loud. The mu-.-t
m ipparentl] untouched "
iswsrs   of    Olntmsnlt   lor   Cstsrrh     thst
Contain   Morcury.
ts mercury  will surely dsstroi  the sens-
f   i.lni'11   anil      i'.'*"'      -i.i..;i..      tb
• heli- .i-it'in wheu etiteiiitg it titrougl
lie .i.tti-eus surla.-es. Such article- shotUl
li v*l       Is*    ii-il    t'tteetit     Oil    lit — r ,| i
.mn. repslsbla phjrslotsiia. as th. .tat,
.ise Ihey will .I.i l. ren fold I" lhe ss*
yuu is', possibly derive Irntn then,
rllll's Catarrh I'ure. iiiuuiln. i m. .1 l.v* I
.1 I In pel A i'.i. Toledo. I.hm.. contain
nu mercury, anil In taken Internal),
itctiaw* itiii.ily ui'.'ii the Id,sd und um
■ ni*. -inliie- ..( .he -vsletti In Iniiui.
dulls t'iilitrrh Cure l.e -uri' nut eel Ih
tli'iiiiini'     Ii     ls    taken    inreniiillv     ani
llllile    III    Toledo,    Hill".    Ill     I      .1      I'llelle-
i   i"     Test ai.ti-  free
seal   i-i   Drtiirt.-i-.i-.    Price, fie  i"*r  Imt
Taks   llnii -   Family   Pills  (or cun-iips
Sn Matthew    Nathan,   governoi o
Hong   Kong,   i-   the  only   member   0
tin* 11'1'ien faith among tin* rulers o
English enI.uiie-    Hi- -aim; i- ISO,
Dr not delay In getting relief foi
the little folk-. Mothei Graves
Worm    Exterminator is   u plsaaanl
llllll    Mil"    ..lie If    Villi       loll*       loll
child win  do yui lal II >uf(.*.  whsi
a remedy Is io near at hand •
Geneial Booth, who li In Berlin loi
the purpose of conducting ■ monstei
 ciing ut th.* iiii-.h circus .ui the
occasion of the    Prussian   "Day   ol
lliiiiuliat  and Prayer,"   sayi that
hi i- going to Japan al the begin
mug of ii.'*>t yeur. and thai he hopei
I.. r-|icmi April in tbat i itrj
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scralchei snd
• very Innn of contagious Itch on hum
sn or animals cured in 30 minutes by
Wollord's Sanitary Lotion.
Knox  Presbyterian church,   Peter
borough,  ll  receiving fB.OOO from   lie
estate of tin* late Mrs, Nichols.
The work of erecting i monument
tn   Pops  Lt".  XIII.   inside  lhe eliiucl*
oi st. John Late ran, Home. Is proceeding rapidly. A large itatui
flanking the moimmunl and renrei
etiiing religion, has already been
place.I iii position.
The idea oi the Immimlty oi thi
new   Cunarder   Mauritania   may b.
gathered fr  the length of hereable
This is about 1,900 feil long, am
weighs, with its shacklei- 180 tona,
Last    (all    there    was   organized   ll
London an International society fo
ih..- Propogatlon ..I Moral Tralnini
in th.* public schools, The organlia
t ,,f tin. American branoh bus jus
been coinplele.l in I'hiciigo nml ni
International oongreii is to hi ball
next year either in New York or I.on
A Trick ol Aei..rs.
Most peoplo know that the initiuory
inny be easily Confused by learning n
pnssuife lu two or thraa different ways
or by IiuvIng ouce heard un Incorrect
form of giving It. Working on thin
principle itetora ure fond of putting
■.tumbling blocks lu one itnutliei's way.
A -I'" l, juke deur to the hearts of nil
players Is the regular tblug to be Indicted upon a beginner lu the lirst act
of "itlchurd 111.'' It Is lu the scene
where the cnfflii of lleury VI. Is boroi
across the stage, inn- of the men wtm
carry It bus been rulsed from tlie poll
llnu of Hiiperiiiiinernry to his Orel
kpeukiiiK part, which consists of u slu
:*.!■• Hue. Bsfon the performance it is
usual for some older actor to take blui
aside und impress hlin witb tbe enormous ipillcilines of delivering thut sentence correctly. The victim listens
"Now, most sctors," says his lor
mentor gravely, "make this mistake
the lirst time they play Ibe purt: lu
steiid of Baying, as It is, 'My lord
sliijiil buck nud let the codlii puss,' tbey
give It this way, -My lord. Stand buck
Slid let the pnrsiHl cough.'"
And after he linn benril tbe latter ver
slou, nl.-nni tbougb it In, the chances
ure Uml the poo: supernumerary will
give Unit to the audience ou tbe ilr-t
ll"."'". Mooee.
Menaured by the popularity and mar
kel -ratal of bis iwcins wben Ihey were
Written,   Thomas   Moore   has   uo   rivnl
among tba |ss*ts af Ireland.   While eo-
gaged ilt his Irish melodies, ln wliicli be
was nt In- best-for they called forth
tba powers iii which he most excelled -
be wns paid i.'ii«i a year by his pub*
li-ln-rs Tbelr liniuense and well merited success Induced l^mgmau to give
Moore :•...■«. gnlnens ilie highest price
thut had up to that time been paid for
u poem—for "LjiIIu ItiKikh." tlie gorgeous eastern roinan..- which daszled
n.-id delighted readers of that day, but
Is now rarely rend. An u lyric poet
Mo....* wus, like Bunts, one of the best
writers we have ever had of "words
for music." aotl, iu his case at least.
(he words are Inseparable from the
music. Uoldsmith, n poet of u different
order and with n wholly different ex-
prtrn-iii e, got little popularity and less
money for his |>oetry, but in "TlieTrav
eller" sud "The Deserted Village" he
bas a batter chauce of immortality than
bis compatrlot.-Lomlou Tit Bits.
..*-.«.»   *I • euuael.
Tbe origlu uf croquet Is certululy lu-
volved  lu mystery.    Some authorities
uie uf tbe opinion tbut It ls founded uu
the old game uf "pule luallle." or pell
luell,  from   wli.. i,   we  bare  tbe street
Pall  Mall.    This Is described by tot
grave  lu  his  dhllouary   as   "a  game
wherein a round box buwle ls wllb a
mullet struck through u  blgb arch of
yron." und u picture of this In Strutt's
".sports   und   1'ustlmes"   shows   tbat
these had a strong resemblance to tbe
■ roquet Implements uf today    London
leu.Iemv  _^________
la  This   Sat
The average magazine Is a literary
swill barrel, and the man ubo tvudiiets
It enjoys no ncqiialutauc* wltb real
literature or he WOUld not OCCUpy l.ls
(MMltlou. To know literature would
deatn.y bis taste for trash, and trasb
ll wbat be has to purvey in order lo
retain his constituency — I'hieugo
The liver   rules  the   body.     Bileani
rule   the   liver.     "A   -Inggll,   liver   ill
my ease lad to oon tipatlon and ln>
•lige.-iiuii," isyi Mrs I'liince- Ureeue,
of Earl St., Kingston, nm | t.lt
I dull uml sleepy, had no energy what-
SVSr Io. work, nini every now and
again   I  had nil attack Of bllioUWS ■
; The (ood  I ai** seemed to lie heavj
Ion my stomach and did me uo good.
I Iiml wind ami cramps iii the stom-l
Iaoh ami boweli Irom tbe food decomposing.   Th.* constipation wa- so bad
I (hut my bowels had to be foroed al each
passage.   All kinds   of   me.li.ru.es   11
, tried, but nothing did me any lasting
| food until 1 got Bileans, I have never found anything to equal them foi
sonstipation and livei and stomach
troublea 'ihey .-oon began to do ine
.•""'I nnd in the snd cured ms. Bines
using ihem I fe.-i like a different ,
woman. I am bright nn buoyant in
spiiils, not dull ami sleepy a-   I  used
to in* I have got mi eiisrgy and
activity hack, ami, in fact, all my ailments have yielded i.. Bileans."
Bileani ara •*. purelj herbal remedy,
uml opeiaie gently on liverand -ten ■
aeh. stimulating thosa organs to currj
out theii (unctions In nature's normal
mil       ll.-a,la. I,,., eon  Iipiilion. bilious-
ne--. piles, pains ii. ihe ehesi and
hack, wind pain- rui.l diuinesa—all
these symptoms an-e really from derangements of liver ami stomach, _
that  by correcting the rool can-.* ol
I   troubles,   Bileani  speedily end
litem all. Thi- is lurely better than
talcing powders for headache, hot
dunks lor wind pain, and dealing with
"le-ii symptom piecemeal - .Ml ding-
i-ists sell Bileana at ,'iOc pei box, oi
obtainable from tha Bilean Co . Toronto,   upon   receipt   ol   price        Six
-twee for iK>..->n. Writs for free (ample, which will be mailed you on re-
•.•ii'. ..; a one-cent stamp'
ll'    '    llllll",'      Bl"!      •    ll I..I ..■■>,   Ill
Jeuuer for his discovery of vaccina
tion and Simpson for Unit of chloro
form   wars  is.tn  denounced   ss  bias-
pheinem who were Ir; lug tn Interfere
with tbe ways aud the wisdom o|
Tke I'klaeae Ursioa.
The Chinese emblem of the dragon
consists of s five clawed imperial
dragon, suspeudet! to a yellow rlblton,
aud bas tlie following Inscription iu
Chinese characters: "llefore It the lion
turns pale and the tiger ls silent."
Thej    Vlsj*   Heeusee.
When r. couple is engaged it doesn't
..'•■■•s-iirily fellow that they will ne\ >r
-mv" snv  sen-..    \cw fart I'reaa
lsln.il. and Wi.nl.l-.
There sre aouie vegetables (bat eau
scarcely be dlsdugulsbetl from nuliiinls
aud some animals tbat seem to bins
alt tbe characteristics of vegetables.
The use of certain acta of muscles
does not hinder sleep. Couriers ou long
Journeys often hnve lx-en known tu
Sleep In the saddle. The soldiers of
Sir John Moore during bis retreat to
Coriiml slept steudlly while they
marched. It is suld that Dr. franklin
Kept for nearly an hour while swimming on Ids back.
Oldest Medleel  -Recipe.
Tbe oldest medical redps is said by a
French msdlcal journal ta ba tbat uf u
huir tonic for au Kgypliaii queen, lt Is
dated -Hm H. C. and duels llut dogs'
piWI nud a-ses' limits he Polled with
tin tes iu oil.
i i.st Fearee la •....»..••
The lirst prayer lu congress was
made iu 1777 by the Rev. Jacob Ouche.
rector of cliil-i cbUTCb and n uiau of
considerable learning, He afterward
turned traitor ro lhe cause of lu.lepeud-
Teaii«|>«reiil   I'npee.
To make paper transparent snturati
It lU "lisl.tr Oil llll 1 ill • . "liv II.
The Mark
That Tells
Pon-Ang-lo trade
murk (in red) on
every    Pen-Angle
garment, tells you
it will fit nnd won't
shrink, -your
own d a n 1 cr so
K o a r a n I c o s it
underwear   *thtn
Had.   |.   it I Led    il
softi r, warmer,
more flexible,
better   wearing.
To.I-   'I'lll'.I  tl"" iii   I
tttmt "I .ni".i.L" .." J
prices lor tnmm, ro-n ■•"I
cSildtfr. t-inrt l.l."l.
IV.I-i. to- lulliwlied ei
mivr inS..slty end sl orr
ceil, .nr I'rn-Aiifls ••ri
„,-i,t Isully in msl-tiil
or    nt s k i n tf- *-''-*-'
Tl..   Cilill.-   In   Speetr.ltsllr.rs.
The pul.In* us a body never buys any*
l.iig when It Is .-heap. Tl.ere nre nu-
■.clous lensolis for Ibis. To liegin
v rli. tbs Jsjlut of view of the SUCCSSS
11 spoculstor and that of the public
ir.oler are eutlrely dlrlerent. The Ilr-t
uuiued opsrstSS on detlucllous, ou care
lull) erected tbooi ies of what c-oudl
tious will Ite a yeur two tears tien.e
lhe uusuphisii.-uie.1 trader acts U[«.n
itlnttevei of ll.e future is already ap
parent. It Is ugH'.u u platitude lo say
(|ju( Wall street discounts everything
or   bad,   bul   bow    muuy   (wople
iv no mouth tbis salon eitra.t its full
meaning** Tbey do not teuli/.e tbut this
discounting  mean-, not the ganging ,,r
iin- known, but of tbs wholly in.known.
The until win. acts today OU tbe prnbo
ble cuu.lltlons of ll.e long, unseen future ts the man w OO makes money, lu
Wall st.eet or lu any oilier enterprises
for thut matter, nud tbe uiau wbOSS
mind goes farthest .tlie.nl makes tbe
(DOSt money. 'If I eoaM only see tbe
tn|w u m.n,ill ahead!" cries Ibe ty-o
There are muni men who see It a year
ahead, uot In Its Hurries sad fractious.
Put In Its great and Important entirety.
- -Thomas .lili-ui In jbtOOdy*! Magn-
Groomi-; Horses.
How  many Iiion just what they ur-
oompliah  In groon ng   hortes1   The
-   skin,   like  lhat  ol other am-
inii-. is an active organ in .secretion.
I-  is composed ol an u.Unite number
or  pores,  which »I pen give off a
watery   fluid anu allow  the wests |	
1 ..**.- oi ths blood lo lind nu outlet It
b!so contains myriads of minnis
giumis which i-c.'. ie an oily substance
necessary to ren.lei the skin soft am!
supple, and  which  alio furin-b-
nouriahment demanded by ihe hair,
teasing it to become tine and gl -
It   is   essential,   tb.-rtloie.   that   then
pores ihould bIk-jis be kept opsn,
otherwise ths -kin .nil become dry.
rough an J luir.l This will chiefly DO-
cur in the ease nf ho •■- in hard work,
fo then thete i- ., largsi secretion of
fluid than when ile* allium! is itt re't.
and if Ihs perspiration be allowed to
.hv on the kin, dust accumulates,
nnd unless the a*-.una! be caretuM)
groomad ihs pores will be Rile I
and c'.'.ec^l \. a rc.-'ilt th- skin not
only  he.'oni"- .. .*.t  b.'.t  the whole
health  il iitbvt-il.    11, purities    which
eannot And an outlei accumulate in
various parts of the body ami prodnos
boils, winch if neglected poison the
bloo I anil induce illness
All t! • il- ini'i I..- prevented   by
regular and thorough grooming, vine',
keeps tin* pores .pen and eve- tni
horse a healthy aii*l beautiful appearance, lint gin'mn ( mu-1 be done with
discretion \ horse with I haul thick
skin   will  •/.•Iiu..  wilh.mt     incoiiveiu-
enes i curtj comb which another animal whose -tni i- m  tendsi could
• "t stand without discomfort   In eon-
'•In.-ioii,  aftei   lur. ui"  i-onibeil  out   the
greet*    pari oi il •■ dust and dirt, |
gooil mh iv llll the It ush will tun h the
operation and rendei the skin -..ft nml
snt.nv    Horseman, I* redsrieton   N B
Care  of   Horses.
A t.ig. warm, will itasmsd bran
iniisli, with sonic flaxseed Jelly and ut
it asi i iiim of molasses, ihould (..
gtvin once each weak, sms Parm
Journal. Work horses shotfld hav!
tbti teed on Saturday night, as thoi
re-i on Siiiuiay. Driving borsei ihoulo
have li wiien ihe Following day'i work
Will   be   llgut      ll   Is   well   10  keep   ou
im n i u mixture of equal parts of i.i
carbonate of lode, gentian ami glngei
nlie n tablespoonful of this mixture
in tha feed two or three times eich
week.    It li an excellent  tonic   ami
helps  lo  koep the stoliiiicli   IWSel   iiinl
in good condition. Bait ought to be tu
tlie Italia all lhe time. A chunk of
rock -iill should be kept lu one tot ner
of the mangel or In ii small box.
Cull Closely.
Bogie of ths young sons art nol *i"
ing len well in the wav of railing
Isrge litters, llrttei cull tbem uut
Bul don't demand loi itiuoh Tha *"i.
iutt w ill average two litters ol six i i
'ight pigs each i- iiiiiili keoplng, sspts
dally ll ihi is sbli to ralsi those nigs
SA here   Poverty   Is   Isksnns.
There is only om. lunatic asylum la
tlie iJoltl Const colony, and (here are
no poorboiisos or reformatories. Tbe
Colony's bins l"Mik. Just Issuetl, states
that poverty In the strict sense of (bs
term     s   hsnlty   known.- l^mdou   Rx-
M-e-s I
A Canadian  Wraath.
Ths text that a pvophe.t ls without
honor in his own country is, we are
afraid, sadly applicable to the cue
of Henry Kirk White, says the Nottingham Uuuidiun. Ii ii a hundred
years since the young Nottingham
poet breathed his last, but only the
faintest interest line been taken in the
centenary of his death by the people
of Nottingham. Sonus ol them may
eveu havo enquired yeaterday. "Who
was Kirk Whiter*" and "What lid
he write!" We wonder how many
look the trouble ef even walking pas)
his birthplacs in the Shambles. A
modest  wreath  adorned  the  building
but It was frum a Canadian. It is
calculated to make us blush il we
refteet that the onlv honor paid to
one of the mo9t distinguished of Nottingham's sons on the anniversary of
his death has come from overseas, 't
Is, of course, true thai Kirk Whlto
left only a scanty literary output behind Inm, hut he was only twenty
when he died. His "Clifton Grove1'
and other pieces will, however, ke«p
his memory green. Had he lived the
voiing Mat, whose devouring smbiiion
brought about his early death, would
have taken his place among the foremost poeta of the nineteenth century.
Nottingham, however, is strangely Indifferent to the great literary figures
connected with her history. She hns
no statue of Hymn, no worthy memorial of Philip James Bailsy, and no
memento whatever of Kirk White. In
the Queen of tbe Midlands these prophets an- venfY without honor In tnelr
own country
A -Str«»*Str   VVroi.KlU   lletinloa.
A joyful Christmas celebration in tbs
borne of Adolph (jebbardt of Lincoln.
Neb, over tbe return of a loug lost
brother was brought about through tbe
medium of a moving picture exhibition. Adolpb wns watching the enter
iiiiiiiii. nt one niglil m ben be was sirin-k
by tbe strunge familiarity of oue of Ibe
ngures. lie returned I second and u
I bird ulgbt before be was able to ic-.,.'
ulze tbe features, nud iheu bs Btartled
the spectators by sbulillus. ll Is
(Jeorge. It Is George!" It was leiirueij
that (ieorge was nu actor hi a .Sew
i'urk theater. Telegrams passed, ami
ileorge arrived In Lincoln on Christmas day.    They bail mil -e,*n eueii i.th-
er for nearly teu years.
Tke   mat   I Her.
Time a-rtylrr on so fust lal
O'er tbs frosty ways:
ern tn.-i- cooiln' all too soon    '
'."hes* bars tstar days!
Bcsr.eii* fnrl one . .-,r
'Fore llie rievt  ..*,.   (..in's alona-
y.-t.  v.hrit  tr.i.i*--r?    I>.  *.m r,im,*
Slice.i I,  TtUV 'a  liver.
tl ■ . -.mi..   Oir -ure    h-n nn    tlrum'
We-!:   .    hoys forever I
Tlm- ll r* : i   oo so fn.-r.
Msyhs a • ii g.t v i*,,.. e. ' •..*
Dear Mother
Your little ones sre a conusnt cart ia
Fall tnd Waiter wetlher. Ihey will
catch cold. Do you know about Shiloh'i
Coniumpt.on Cure, the Lung Took, sad
what it In, done ioi to miny > It it itid
to be the unlv lelitble irmedy ior tli
dueu« ol lhe nr ptutget in children
ll it sbsoluli-ly Urmlett snd plesisot la
ukr. Itiiguirinteedtocureoryour money
u rrtuii.rd Die price u .''.. per boalt,
tad til detleri in medicine icll ,,.
Thii reniedy ihotild bt in evtry hnnt-nhi^d
It is -niii that the Koreans ure ambitions for personal development.
Iln-   School   house   ranks   next   tt,   tie*
church, and ichool hook next to ths
Bibht. Day schools me thronged with
children, night sehoolt with men.
Stenographtr   Rescues   Drunkard.
"There goes a young man whom I
• need from going to the dogs through
drink," remarked a court stenographer to a Toronto News man. "He *s
s tip-top fellow, sud has plenty of
ability, but two or three years ago
he began to let red liquor get the
better of him.
"He had a good position at ti.e
time, and 1 don't think he exactly
neglected his work, but it got to be
a common thing to see him standing
around barrooms in the evening about
two-thirds full and talking foolishly.
A few- ol his intimate friends took
the liberty of giving him a quiet hint.
As usiin! in sucb rases, he got highly indignant, snd denied point-blank
that he hsd evei lieen in the least
under the influence of liquor. All
the same, he kept increasing the pace
until it became pretty easy to predict
where lie was going to land, and it
was at that stage of the game that
I did my great reformation act
I was sitting in an uptown restaurant one evening, when he cams
in with some fellows and took a :r«'.
without seeing me. He was just drunk
enough to be lalkatne shout his private affairs and on tha impulse < I
the moment I pulled out my notebook
and look a full shorthand report of
every word he said It wai the usii.ii
maudlin talk of a boozy man, and
Included numerous candid details of
the speaker'e daily life.
"Next morning I copied the whole
thing neatly on the typewriter and
sent it to his office. In less than
nu hour he came tearing to me with
hi- eyes fairly hanging out of their
" Great heavens. Jack '.' he gasped,
'whnt ls tbis anyhow'-'
" 'It's the stenographic report if
your monologue at --'s la.-t evening,'
I replied, and gave him a brief explanation.
•Hid I really talk like thetr he
a.-ked faintly.
" 'I assure you lt is an absolutely
verbatim  report.' said  I.
"He turned pnle and walked out,
and from thst day lo this he has not
taken a drink His prospects at present are splendid All be needed was
to hear himself as others heard him "
Stop the P.in but  Deitrov the StomicS
Ilu-   l-   sadly     too   often     tile   ill-t*       s.i
inaiii nauseous nostrums purporting to
pure, in tin  md do ihe patient in n..
1.   ni"..* liuitu tliun good     lir. Von Mj.it-
l'ill.'i!Ji|ilc    Iill.Ill-   ste   il   purely   11'tfetH III,-
tt-psin preparation, a- imriuless a- mUk.
'un lider eating preielit- mil disorder
"(   ih.*  lliee-llie   onfaiii.    Wl   in   a   Imt.   16
nenta.   *-v
A seeulai contemporary says,
"Some preacben are diligent tomake
theii  calling  and collection  »ure."
To Prevent l- Uettei Thsn lo Be-
petit.* A little medicine in the shape
id the wonderful js-llet.- which sre
known a- Parmelee'i Vegetable Pills,
administered al the propel tints and
with the directions sdhered :•• often
prevenl  n  -e i- attack of sickness
ji ii* i -nve money winch would go t"
the doctor,    lu all    irregularitii
the 'li*.* in gans they ars sn in
valuable corrective and bj desneing
tic blood the) clesr the *-kin "f imperii ctions
In Francs ths duty of lbs officii
i" keep guard ovei tha isnitation and
health -.i in- men is recognised and
undei stood
Acsording to Samuel Johnson, "Ko
man   can   liunk   profound!*!    without
ig religiously.
ire ."in cun- harder   to remove
than tl  tbal othei'    have  had
ll    ■   tbey n"i  bad lhe nine kind I
Hav,* the) not l,.s-ii ,* |  in   using
Hollol'-ai    -     I   olll     I   ll.e III      .,      |„,|.
Th.* Virginia Baptist Convention
ha- withdrawn its lupport Irom tin*
American Bible Societj beea uae ••! n
dispute aa to whethai lhe Oreek »".*
"I'aiitir..*" hould bs translated "sprinkle" in "rli/i" ui Bible; i
lie.* mi- i"u fields
li  i- |.i"|„"'"l to build iw parallel tunnels J4 milea long underneatl
Ihe   -ii.ii.il"!   is'iue. i,   England    snd
Pram *■    Th ■> » ill corn Ml ooo.OOO
lli.* total  sge    of sixteen  persons!
nl..   hsve   hen   I.lined   at   Vn.i.ioiitli
ilm un- ib.- last tortnighl la 1,104 J
ye ns, nn average ••[ a little ncre I
thnn eighty-one yean
Th.*  supreme  court  ot    New   Yoik!
haa di cided that memben ol religioui
organisation   eannot preach in public
schooli wearing the peealiai i i
-, lei
President  Hyde td Bowdoin college
inggesta a platform fi
' in wblcb Ji" leave   out do<irii *
mo t    ilP getliei       and    emph
ly el
\   Parii  j.'iiiiiali-i   iui- ban.
babies   club.    It  i-  a   spacious  nnd
pleasant building, wi i. ■ garden and
a  club  hou ••.   where  gamt ■  ol    all!
kunl- nr.   provided |
Tin*  Woman's    Christian    Tempei  I
mice I'liion atarted in l-T.'i. ;n Hills-1
bore, Ohio,   when    bandi  bI   n
I marched  to  the  aaloom    and    held]
prayers Ihereiu.
Many horses are Injured by being
fed first and watered afterward, often
the last thing before hitching up for s
hard day's work. A horse should always be watered first and fed after-
wart], and this la a good rule to follow
when coming In from work. It will
not hurt a boras evan tf a little warm
k-^ t iKt HHWUi* ^.
Dr. Slocum's Great Tonlo
•i. Dltfili Destroyer
iraowounoso wsiin,
Used  in Thousands
of Homes In Canada
THObE to Hu dun l kn. a what ft. ch.L*
I* and what it doea are asking about it
THOer. WHO do in w what Paychuit
is slid wbat it dues are using lt Tbey
regard ll as tbeir best physician and
THOSE WHO us* it are being quickly
and permanently cured of all lorma ul
throat, chest, lung sad atomaeb
troublea. It la a scientific preparation, destroying all disease genua in tbe
blood and system It is a wonderful
tonic and system building remedy, and
Is a certain cars lor
COUGHS. iromklal Ceacks.
LA CIIPPE. Chills tni Fever.
Celts, DlScalt Breathing
r-sa-ameraia. General Wee_Mss
Ireackitu ftmalt Treahlet.
Catarrh, Mel le Appetite,
Weal Vales. Hemorrkages.
Sleeslessaest. Wight Sweats.
Rerre-asMis. Ceai-aaptlera.
Malaria. Catarrh er Ue
»i  Ki.nir Merry.
Tbis Kultir Story ls true: A t'bil-tiau
Zulu Kadlr was beard rscounf iu ioau
utber Kaitlt a i Isioo of heaven **i wblcb
he bad bad il 'Ileum Aud snt yon
any Kattlrs there!" in*iulr.sl his iist.-n
er. Tbe teller of the story pindered
awhile, aud then "Xo." said he, 'fm
I did uot look Into the kitchen "
ii"  Hirer Uala-c
Mrs. stiiniriis oiiiei ihe crash There
Is another of my cblul dishes gone
Suburbs-Nei •*.* niiinl. .len. i bSSStop
ne.1 tbe cook's stufflust.
You cannot poMibly have
a better Cocoa than
A dillclou; drink and a sustaining
food. Fragrant, nutritions and
economical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains tbe system In robust
health, and enables It to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers
la i-lb. and-i-lh Tins.
All Ihem lisistris are eenuoa in mem,
aelves. and 11 not promptly cured in the
early stages are the certain furarunneni of
Consiunpiiot, la its most terrible firms
Paychlne conquest and cures Consumption, but it is mnch easier and _ier k>
prevent its development by uaing Psy
chins. Here is a sample ol thaoaanda ot
rolnntarv and unsulicited atalemenufmai
all over Canada
Bt T a Stoeam Uralul
utDtitaten.™I 'eo. It -af atty to td.iss rom
W Uie rsrasrsal.lt t*utt tffsct«-S by rnur feettiiso
•el Otoraulstnn wlucb tttvr ivb, uadsr m.
aSCaaaJ oSasrstuon Tbrvt men well kaown to
Bt Albtrt lowLte. 1 Bruti Ulpsoll trsS inbu
McKay, sii •>! Sbtisurst County wtra imt
■sussrtil I. tb* btst t»*-3. *». sin to bt*t
tmsunsUuli tt_ u»bt Ineursbit BM be. -cS tkt
rvrwb or BaMaal tsl Tier om* (-...hiuttaS
Oioisaiii ■> snd tber sr* wi* In food bsalta.
I ie* lt * Jute I oo. lo luSe-.r t bntaaaltT u
ttatt tb,w« 'tsti (or tht twfielt of ,'lbet sal wot.
Uow lb., t-    ■ - dltssss
1 ,i *try inii.
LSANDIR U   k.r>2IS   j T
Qrsu BtrSst. 11
Paychlne, pruaounced Si-keen, la for
sale at all up-to-date dealers If your
drugglsl or general store cannot supply
too, write Dr T A Slocum, Limited. 179
Wins Street West. Toronto.
Put them on with no tools but a
hammer and tinner's shears,—can't
go wrong. They lock on all four
sides, are self-draining and water-
shedding on any roof with three or
more inches pitch to the foot. Make
buildings fire-proof, weatherproof
and proof against lightning Cost
least in the long run. Made of 28-
gauge toughened sheet steel only
one quality used and that the best-
bent cold and double-galvanized.
Last longer with no painting than >
any other metal shingles heavily-
painted. Guaranteed in every way
until 1&32. Ought to last a century.
Cheap as wood shingles in first
cost; far cheaper in the long run.
"Oshawa" Galvanized Steel Shin-
?les cost only   $4.50   a square.
0   ft.   x   10 ft.      Tell   us   the
a r e a of any roof and hear our
tempting   offer   for   covering   it
with   the   cheapest    roof    you
can really  afford   to   buy.     Let
us   send   you    FREE    booklet
f  about this roofing question—tella
some things you may not know.
Vlancl.nrli.il    ll..S>
In Mnn.-iinria degg .nc raised for
their skins. A fairly prosperous Man
churlau dog farmer w.ll owu a thou*
•sod or mors dugs.
Oahawa   Galvanized    Steel
Shinglec are GUARANTEED in
every way for Twenty-Five Yean
Ought to Last  a Century
Send for mu Book   ■• Booting Rlgbl "
Oct Our Offer Before Ton loot s Thing
Address our
Nearest Warehouse:      Ml-3 Cmif W. W.   11 Oolberaa Bl      as a
M Uaudaa 81        TS Lombard rt.
SIS l-"'lr. si.
'*i        '   . '*.'.
K U'.WIIH'nW : 'ON. i IIK.M l.-T .V
,\* - it . S'i i-.ni. ft f ~.*ilvsr, to rem p
 I. I..ii,I t'tj|t]ioi. fl -in Ii. li ild-S \  ■
.-■ ft i .-"ii.. Sliver-L'eud, $1 £0, Whb Vi, Ou
(1 ii! Pilvt-V. nii'ii I end t\ Poj pei .t'i fl()
< h .ce1.11* othc tnetaia on sppfiention
--ra iples arriving by -Sxpteil ..*i mal)
ive pfuui|>t ul'.eliliiill, 1'.' i. I'rdiver
\,      .  ot 'l c'C'i*''**n M iin*--*.   i-J'l.
Asinvi oi uli oie    Terml :i.u lerati.
Hm  4S'l   KASLO,   II. <\
■MnasMisvr -tsi .r. .-s
Barrister. KStury Public Kic ,
ssnt-Ko-t. hn11-1■ 'fcrc. Ii. i'
N'i lie-* ii lierobv given that tw-«
I. ■ tin fn in lh, lirsl ..'ih'iciiii. n
In; - ..f in ilia Hi ituli Ci'liiiii-
li:n ' incelta, I intend Io apply i
the Iloli. Cliiul Commia-iionni o
J.niuls ami Work- for n special licence to cut nml carry away tim
'l.ei I. .nu III..- foilofvji]<; dese iln*.I
and si lim ted   In   IVcel   Kootenaj
>'■• i    Commencing at a poll plnhtod
OU ih • -iiilh hank ol tbo ii"ilh_ lork o'
llonldc- Creek, sbout io chaini from
i .'if* Ink .md 6 miles :|i froni Diilieu
Intel. marked Ed Hi-Mman's S W rm
i cr ;*".-i, I lieu.* north SO cha in-; I bell, e
-■ rUliliaihs; thenee vnutli 80chains:
•th. net- wesi Kit ha.'m* I. i tint of .*. ni-
ii"i  • n onl
No2   M.mniencing at a posl planted
mi ihe ...iiih bank'ol the unri
J* *   *       about  10 chaiiii I   n
ll.c l* I '.'. i r.l •'. Iliil.-S  Up.   fiom   DllllC.ir
• Kiv. '., i r.i ,\i.',, ., ,*|  K  K cor
tier pi -■ ihenee rontli BO diaiaa ; iheu.i*
*• -1 MJ i Indus ; thence notth 80 chains :
:! 'Hcdestt80chains to point nf coni-
u ■ i.•■• ment.
So -'t   Commencing .it a pi it plat ii ,1
on t he soil: h ba nk' nf l he nort h  :
•ll* ul.lci Creek, aboul 10 chaina frAni
ths fork aml'O milea up. from Pnncai
Aiver. urtikotl Etl lillhmon'a N. \\'.c..r
-tier p-.-t. •;. ni e io ith -' *:i iini ;th • ice
r-.f 'ii .(..i'-.; hence north KO chslni
•thei*... n ■-• -.* i i-iiaill* t j ..:ut i.f colli
IliClii*. lut'iil.
N.I Cimineitdng at ., |„„; p!a„te.i
on the north bank of Bonhler Oreek, a
•Unit f mi- from Duncan River, mark-
Id 1 •! liillimn's  8 W  coram   post •
■li ■ .milt SO chnins, thenc ■ east 80
chsins, i lu. i*i* somli gfi chains,   Ihenrt-
«t.-' '•• .. ihis ... ; .in; of ciuiucliCB
N" •'. ('• n :nt ncii'g ni a I. ft plant-
•nl .ui I,.,iti, hank of liouhler Creek, «-
lurl 7 ml i- (r in, I'ui.cun Hue-, inark-
■fc-l I'd II I -    -.   \V.   cornel   ;   • *.
•tliii.ie .-..i.*l, m)**I,.*,iiic ; theuce seal Bl
chsihs: Ihenrl norlh 80 cllsius, thenev
esu H -,|,»|rfs to point of ii.iiinienrmei
i '.."! .\| ni -.-ni, i.,or.
Ed Hillman,  boraloi
N..;i ■•• i- herebj given tin.I will !
in tu.- in.-hi, i from  tl..- Brsl j .1.
licatiun h< i<.>f in Ihe Britiiii   I
unihiii (i.iz. ite. | iutenll  t.. apply
in iin- ll- . . hief Cuminissii ni r oi
Lands ui..I Works fur special lieen- I
"■•* to on  .   .i i airy away limber ■
from the inflowingdescribed landa I
MliiRied in West Kootenay.
Ni-. I. uniunring at a poll
planted i n 1 h<* in,n,i h-I.oro nf i ruit'
Uke, abo .t ij milea from ita head
marked ' ». ,i'. Abrahamson1
South U . Si corner po-i," thence
lii.ril. ft - .-liiims; thence eait 80
thaim; ibence * lb Rf) ohains;
tlien • • ■ •■!,..ii,« i . the • oin
;.f .• m i t tit
l."t a;.tl    |, . 23rd. 1907
ND _'    Cotunieucing at a
planted al...u: ;>$ miles from Trmil
l''»"     i    -i" «   It S. 1 *   "I    I.ir drati
Urcek, mirk-d "O. W.  Abraham-
sm'*.   *; intli   Ki i ". i. nor  |
(l •!! .       IV,   ||   - .
tli i' -• i. ..-. i . east 801 bain
Hi. i.e.. S'.uih 8 i t-sb |, Hnt
Pl Cl luluenci iiient
I. .-ile.I April i-liii   19 '7
Contracts   Entered into for Paekirig of Mlnin g Suppli'ss   Etc.
to any Point in the District.
|:   : Wmi  . Liquors n-i.l Clgftl*
Ruti - •' I ;i dav.
J. A. STONE   -   - Prop.
i%    GOOD,
Any Work
| "EoVr g   S. DANEY, Prop.   | ^-=Ȥ
I SERVICE Kj FERGUSON. $ Satisfactory.  Rl
as?m&izfig   _j    b2££^^&-ej
si a rant
Revelstoke, B* C
First-elsii acc« umoilation f'.r travsllsn
Rate3$l and $i  DO psr d^y
Poplar Livery.
Freighting,    -     -     -   Packing!
A Speciality.
Stables at Poplrr.
LAKEVIEW HOTELi   Central Hotel
3ar well Supplied with Liquors dt Cigars
Large Comfortable Roouii.  Excellent Cuiiini aiJ Attendanoa.
Finl Ciau in every respect. All modern conveniences.
Large Sample Rooms
Rates Sl  50p*rDay Special Wc»kly Rales
(Crout Xahc    mttwwmtwww
Excellent    Accommodatiori
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   ft
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
Best HqteMn Town,
Eesipariers for Miii M Coraal M   s
UVlliltCr © (' panj'youan aaiuredofaU
y^ Into j.uriiv.   Qorernment Ai
Supple i3o. l"back u|' i,at,':"°,its-::
r:    ~ H«gh McPherson - - Supt.
%tu, rM,,l.iM>____i:
Trout  Lake   City Transfer
and Stage Line.
I Ferguson
| Trout Lake
|    Beaton
f ft
Doily Stage will
leave  Ferguson
7 a.m.
Trout Lake at 8
iWWtjWtikAs*i*(Kk h\' *ii
Andrew M. Craig.
K  payi io us** the Telephone.     I   A***       TUX       mm?t Tff
longtltv trip can often bo Fdvcd.  WBcei   \ft     |*J,        I   \J fifi«/L_
nt  IVrc'is*:: ■ Cummins' Store ; Troul
I uke, r. >t Olllce; ii.-n at Beaton, Coui-
;i|tlix ami An.*nl.i . I,
Starves ^ Co.
%'HOI K-AI.C DEALERS in Buller,
Kfctl.    Cii.iff e.    1'r . lire    an.l    Frail
lloaiton Bk.JosepIiine St. Xeliott, B.C.
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
II ml <'fi*i,e
REST 4 4.E.0M
tVateb-repa o.    All work        i> i: uiikii   rr.-.i....t.        H      i to -31 '*T ' u iho -\ .-- |rti
Uuaranteed. branches   in ilw ■ g       •-      .- ...n. BriU»hi   .   ,|
OoisBM, Troct Lake, B.G
'.     B9.
0      A I'   S A M
. , ' 3rd    I Inn daj  cat b
•  \ -     *
Manitoba, Ontario lint Hvt'tie
A OENERAL BANKING Bl -IM-** nt\N.-\. til)
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.    I* -••.•,.. ! ..., .| tntorsst «|l.,«sti si h.i
'. account.
I CU't>       !    ■ . STSiUUIS ll*.
fH        ♦        I lUOIill
tOiwlj .ill-, iiivit.-.l.
|   its.   In      .     .      •.      A.
An i* '■■   i-l lSranch—
T.I!. IA1.1 I:
Hotel and
Sandy Laiighton
Prop filter.
           n ■	
t^AFillKN*  *Ji--iiiiig  Ferpiii-ini you
ti it       ahould k'.'iv *}t ihe Lai dean
1    Hotel.    Hore   tlie   visitor
MM     will   be  lurronndoil  wild
^ra;    liome oo in for I a.   Excel Ienl
1         i    cuiaiue,     well   -rentilaled
:iii<l    warm    rooms,    will
Btoeked bar.  and  everything which
tends towards making your visit a
pleasant and ineiiiural.l'- one
Kates from fl dar upwards.
Wi strive to please uur patr-.m.
.   I .W.Jl
.  I    LAKE   l.'Ui..!.    I. fl 0  I
leneral btore
r< v        I il    -
■ '
Review Job Dept.
Q  C
i. Ja< *     .. r,  t;  ;       I-        ■       .,.. nee.
JSai't-er Sbop
— i     \
(jood Shave or Hair Cut
FM W -UP Of mem 1I..OJ MI.IIC   ur   llilir I.UI
. a.weiispiBBms&Co Wjlliam 5chnell,
Hot and Cold Baths
ttra     .
Met art J    \   flan*,*.
A  M  1-i.fK M AM
Meaf •
Merchants  ■ harvey «c-ak-        mu
Dealers in all kinds of Frsab Meat j IC1TOK8  in,
TROI   I  LAKE. B.I ilu<rs tor ImpsOal iank .     «i.j>.
Imperial       I
Barber Shop. J
..III '11
Hot and  Cold Uithi
•.j ..Biw-w^coot^iMiiKvn-ri^n-orc'jn.
... Ghe t)6td JSeaton ...
YISITORS arriving il r.-w. ;,,( the I ar.l?a.*
iis trrotrhead, will '*. I thii Hotel i" tie fully equipped
for *     .-    I .. .-li. ni ner .tn modal ion.     a <rt*ll
.* Iiall.    I In* beai ol W'lnea, ^i.i.iiis
»-.; .'i..i**-    I. • .. ..*i aapirviai i to the requirememi of
pattoi.:   \ ilili rt. in :Ue I arlcau ran rilv oi. comfort at this liolrl.
W. BOYD-:-  -:-Prop
i BonotH*|W.KH>cw>nonff ci-ikm
( ki: r 11ICATI  Of IMPROVKM1
no. 3 .   Commencing al a  im st
p'ant.-.l dn ti.e norih i.-,.*t cornrfi
dt liuin-r Halt Su !•!>• _'. on Abri
Jiaiiinni Creek, u arkvd O. P". All -1
/•■ihaniion . sonth iresl pn*.|
thenci went -10 chain    the      nor-
I'h id chains; th -.. •,  it 80 cbainij
'In ii,**, south 12" chaina; ihcnce
«•' I 40 ehains;  thi nee north BO
Chain* ;'i poinl <.f . nent. '
•Located April 29tli |
No  l    Cominuncina ..    n
planted mi   A .    ..
ih mt Im,in r..i!**  t:.,.,   f ..  ;,,;,.
marked O W. ibrah inuoi
li Met <• rnr  p .| ;  th.*i
' '     tint; ih.-.-i.c met  i I e i
'hence sottth lOehaiol; Ifieacewislj
8}«htins; tlietireiiorlhlSSOcli'Jiiii;'
tlien *.' >-.if.t i) cliiinu io p...'ni nf•■
fommincui n i i
r.otjatod April 2!»tli 1017.
. \\    . i . - ,     .
<    *     »v*
i    ..ll     mi" i ■ sitae
ti* i.i the ("roiii i • • *i   Ing filviiinu
of IVi
U in re located    .'■...■ h ad nf sii-
:   .     -'If.
'IAUK  N .11 IE thai I.  A.   K.
'' lificateNo
■ i. sixty *
' ■'   i • ■■   '.   ■ ;i|ip:v I*. I ho Min ing
B       ■ - f l
I oh
, | i ....
• nn nl*.
* lb     .IV
Ab   '
I'.E J    .Vj.fr
m thii   li'hin
2 in..nilu fr..in ihe lii-i yei
ivtcot    n    i'i.    British    ('••   •
Wi iin:- ii- f in'end   io s| j I.
' '       11   1*       Chit I     ('..iiiliii-.-i, I r *
.f Landi ahd Works for s  »p« ia]
I carry .iK-ny tim
l-vr  Inm. ti..- fi i nn ing   di i   bed
- Mi.   situatcdin Wett Kn: nu y I
' rn.in nemg ni -. |i - j.'iii.i. |
I    ' ol  Loi Tl'-'l,
I ■  .*, U <-.-! Kn,, ciKiv. i
ked "Leille IliU'sSouili W ,
i. • i".* . '  id- :•-   i orth 8011..
■  *    *
(hence a   I I.. . bain •
I   bil '.I.■   ti.iy   ul   A i •
•     "  B   v Wilkie.
THERE liiive lif-n f*.rliin-fa
mude by judiciom Investment In ileal Estate, sn I
in. re fi.iiun.*** will li • nads than
•pier the n*xt two oi three yean.
The one whn renpa the liiru-si in
tii- original Investor, for hu bo*
Iiii niuii.-.-. on n reriaintj.
.Vow let in p..int our (,, t i,*i || nt
there i   n      -n* r upot ..n fhe Cun**
I   i"     iv   Keal   K.'tii*
TROUT ;.  Kiv
Trout I    ,'<e is the pretties) • * * i
in  iln-  1.    ti ii y  ; , ■• n pleasure
• ' ',! ..!        B ll' ll a
nni  fishing  ii .i. |i ilulsed In
t'i-  v. ar r. ii i I : vi li ile I ijj
III   a'.iiiitlii • i,i| on
* lis i.i is.     [Is ell male' I
i. ing no ki    ■ • *'
.iiiiii   i:i V:; ter i,
summer,     [i can i* .•> ■ * f r* :
ilc- Ilii'* t : . ■
Jliiii.-ii Coluinlilfl.    Ji * ■ (i*.■•■   nie
vn II  laid out and gi   I. i o
nr-  ftvi (■x.,i I ..| -ini*. s.
• ihe .-iilviiti' . !■
in ilii*        •        ■
y well fi-|
with eonfldi-ncn to Ag n It*.
■'   '     m'        ^ ^ ''\ ■
• -
H. McPherson
Troiit Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
once.  ::  ::
Then c/iH on
or   write to
IT Ima never la.I a ' bi om " ill
growth bas been slM*iy, li is
tlie head >f nvigatioR, ami
lha ierinii sl c-| ile I.arilo biaarh
of Hi (' P it All n.ali (in the
Lai.'eaii) lead to TniOt Lake. Ji
li (l.e coaraenial centre if the
i It i -t ii Inaral district en tbe
c i in t-ni. and hai Imnkii y. fa*il<*
lies | i. viih tl l.v i|... I,, j niti
' il of Canada; first clals scbeel
at ii ii un lis Hi ii   in itet Iht   ilir e*
linn   I f  8. |    nil on. J! A   :   a good
wall r ay>li n. ; p. vvrnnii nl i flic, e •
Ci tinlj C i.n mui o.; ,M,ii, ,|;,i
I i ..'inl ii. il Anglican churyl ea
r. .! .. tlage I on lial.
J bore are miiKill.. ranch lands
on 'li oiit.il.iiu awaillhg delllvra.
lis lumber resoiit-ci'S are inngnifl
«' ' and it I snd mm udll w Ith a
• i. .i.\ of (Kl.000 fi, pei tiny <s nt
I e I tad of the lake. Tl i- mit •■
tiil uiaiy iks | ruling i til bip-..ir
f *oi'i rein i wiy ri ar, with n.w
pio-pit-. j ning up neb bodifi nt
'll era wMl 11. n i |g n f|i ii,;***
year,   so   if   >,.   would   Uow
li lie,   wiiio   i I   ,,, , ,   |„   (ji) ,, 0f
(lie agents at (hi mMi. in-o i*vlow.
F. B. Wells
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.O.
•m-   . e .-•*  i
_ _ „ ft»
J l#


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