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Lardeau Mining Review 1904-11-11

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Ha." a la 'i i eircu-
than an;, Wueklv
News)' ipel mi N.
Kuuti     •    Hi -t ad-
lif representative
"f tie rich Lardeau
U %V     einintrv.     Sent  to
eO> N ;tny address f&r $2
icr an. in advance.
VOL, 1
Gigantic Deal
Eigbtr-cn C time on the Famous
Nettie i     Mountain Taken
Ov       y Ami ricau
< Apitalista
$lO0,nim !'-.,( Up for Driving a
a Tromendous Tunnel.
One of tl i largest mining <1<.-iIs
ff the y "a i ,\ as consummated In
Ferguson < n Thursday Inst. The
greatest praia   is due to the owners
.■I part owners of the eighteen
claims for n ie_r in a niostbusincss
like Tiuini. . It was naturally t<>
be < xpeeted that iii a deal of such
magnitude many technicalities' in
the transfer of the various properties would   arise,   but   through the
 B—.J ■,'..	
jf**'* ■<■■ ''-'■ ■'■ ■'■■ ■"■'■ ■'■■:■■•■■:    ■   i
Ferguson Items.
•   •■' •   ■• ■• ■•■ itt -v/ id -.;.• •:• ••:, -,
Jim Graham is resting.
After November Tut hioi the
Sunday trips of the steamer den
F. Piper between Coniaplix, Beaton and Arrowluad will b« discontinued until further notice   t
Maxim Borgae a visitor from
Sandon is paying a visit to town.
XV. -Miuiro. representing Ifegars'
Macdonald and Monteith of Reveistoke, B, ('. was up among the
boys this week playing havoc with
their wads. He was k p very
busy taking measurements f r the
celebrated Fit Reform Clothing,
He reports business throughout the
Lardeau as exceptionally good.
Mr. .lames Snell was in town on
legal business Tuesday.
Fred Rutherford is joining a
travelling concert party, lie starts
mi   Monday  next  f<>r   Vancouver
TROUT  LAKE CITV,  B.   C, NOV. nth 1904.
diplomacy pi Lawyer F. ('. Elliott Whcre he will embark for an extend-
al! difficulties   hare been   swapt cd tour through   Maoriland    'I'm
Mrs. A. Laughton returned from
n Tuesday
aside, niul the local   men have   derided on a fair shake with capital.
The deal 80 far as the money end  h vi-it to   Revelstoki
i- concerned wae effected two weeks evening.
biok, but trouble arose by reason Oscar Soderburg and Charli
cf one of twp local parties standing; Smith were down from the Triun
for a cash purchase outrighl of his on Wednesday
two half claims.     A cash paymi tit
8cottie Wilson is taking a tri|
by a   local genth'inan  wi|H-<l away i to the St.   Leon Spring)  for a few
what threatened to he a menace to w.ck's health recuperator.
tin   deal going through.    Everything has  been signed and scaled.
Mr.  R.  II.  Battey   looking after
the    interests    of    the    capitalists.
Bfsjesrs.   Forbes   and   Morton,   of
The terms cf the agreement are
Such  thai  both gldes have great n,. reports that the shaft alo
rca "ti tn bo satisfied, ami the Hum the lead is now down 40 feet,   Tin
,,f fionrw) will he expended in
driving   a   luniiel for a mil'   and a.
Malcolm Matheson joined the
Triune outfit on Thursday.
Tom Baldwin came down from
ihe Triune for a breather on Tuesday.
Charlie Short go) down from tho
Surprise jmup on Tin .-'lay.   Char-
Surprise is more fully up i" expec
tation with  dcveloqmenL    All the
liaif on the Nettie LVmountain.  it wi,1"r supplies an- now packed up
i.-   farthe*.agreed that  the si,., k 'i,IMl 1!,'r(';v "f,■« '"' s,'v"" ""'" ;,r'
.del! be ponied  f»r -> period of two employed under the Bupemsion of
■.. irs      We. here In the district, &***	
an- fully aware of tfag t.ci,,. ildoui A s,.rvj,.(. „f .,„.,,, „-„«, }iei,i j,, u,e
i >uni of ore tlmt wfllta obtained Assembly rooms on Bonday even-
by this great drive, it king j ing hi.t ( amj W,,H V)>rv woI]- ,,tt,,n.
tin- pel -eh. me of local exiwrtttarljed. Tin- room was well lighted
BOine time, as the claims mentioned f^j eomforb,blv heated. V's It
,re known t<> be on the famous ft, ft^ presided at the organ and
Silver Cup lead the choir appeared to good advan-
The claim- in the del ate the ^ jn t|u,jr 1lT1Tnj,,.r. \u \u(,,.
Battler, Rentier No. 1 Morning httrp ,,,],,_ by y\u Harness, was
Mar. Jumbo, Florence. Union Jack, I very linlrh (.„joyeTl |,v those prcs-
Illdedeiideiicc,   (i looseca p A   '.' a ; II1   , „,';ls ,., jM,    vasJ  ,]„.   'tri,,    |,v   tin
8, Kootoeay groupof8, MiivQeeeti  Mjggg, g. and A. Garrett and E,
group of 4, and lardo.    Thi chief p,:,,il(,.   Aduotby W. J. and F .1
parties iii the   deal at  this end -r.» At|„ rtou wrt- also appreciated and
Mes-ts.   Thompson,   Kirkpatr ck, Miss Maud Kesbitt  sweetly warbl-
VVallcrand Farter I alkrio.    With every one of these
. . meetings it is noticeable  that im-
Mike    Kcnn.y    has   j. ,,„d   tin- inTr,Vom. nt -   ,.,kii.g  place   in tin
Burr and Buah logging camp soma oocal  portion   of the programmi
.' 1-2 niilci up the Troni Like a,id and Mrs Ratty is to be congratula-
Arthur llcndriekson was in from
Camborne mi Saturday night.
Andy Garrett arrived from the
Camborne oamp last Thursday.
O. J. Reid and Ed. Ward arc as
inseparable as the Siamese twins.
They have now joined  the 5-Mile
Fred Butler, late shift boss at
the silver mill as 6-Mile, is returning lo his home in San FranciSOO.
He was one of.jllie   first   employee-
ixf company, arriving in charge of
the machinery from California. He
was very popular with all whom
he came in contact with:
Alex Fras.r left for Kaslo on
last Monday's stu_'o.
J. D. Champagne has l>een appointed shift boss at ,r)-Milc.
Ferguson   wagon road.   A   large
i mi  has   been  oonstrucled   near
led for painstaking efforts with tl
choir.   The -■ t via i of song will he
In Id rci.oil.iilv i very otic r Sundav
this poinl at * basin ofThompsoO throughoul the winter and as there
creel: and work is proofed ng very  j, also congregational  singing in-
briskly.    A large fori e of men arc  tcrsp.rsed   through   the   program.
l„milv einn'oved Everyone should  make a special
iius.i) ompioven.^ ff)|( {q :uUw] ^^ b . h1 Sun_
_ *    .    l4 day evening meetings.    The pro-
( v.-HK-nv     iki  Items, granime for the next  songservice
will be announced  in  thes il-
uiiiiis next week.
Ceo. Forddrcil  hfi  Wednesday
lo take a position at Five Mile.
Ki.kn:    On    Saturday    the   5th      Sandv   Laughton    in   giving u
Inst, tho wife of C   II. Fester cf a his change of ad for the new pap-
• Inntrlit«-r. rr remarked:    Mention that only
white labor  is employed   at  tin
The Sunday School of the church Lardeau hotel. But So Py arriv-
of St John the Baptist will give a ing on the -ecu.' at tho inoppor-
concert on the night of tho 22nd tune moment called the notion off.
Inst, the proceeds to aid In the Asa Hillman is closing down the
providing of a Christinas tree for the 10-Mile hotel for the win'er.
tl hildrcn.    A  pood   program is .
B.      '     .      ..        Alex Dodds. I riuee foreman, re-
l,eing prepared Rnd an dnjoyaulo turned lo ,|H, mjnfl on Monday.
event anticipatiO. aflcr  spe< ding  a   well earned  rest
Fob   SAUM-Lots    85    and   ;,,;> the Payroll Centre,
block  17,  Trout   Luke.     Apply to      Will   Skinner,  who has seeur tl
Mrs J, H, flerman, 605 University the confncl for erecting tho now
m Pcultlc, Wash. I'1'' l8 W Iil.v«'l';'>;iiigtl.c ground
"'• ' site.     \\ o Bubmil  ii  too far from
llioiv Jacobs leaves to-day to j the buss of the town.   However, I'
|„in the working staff at the Mohi- Is going up, and  Cons'able  Kirk
:.... pitrlck las our s\ tnpnthy.
want     gooil    fresh
p itrn K las our s\ in)
The  silver mill has increased its
.working staff this week,
ask   Masterson. I
Griffith A Cc. for Wild Swan. Pete Cameron was down from
the Triune for a t-pdl thi.s week
Jim Dimmiok is now presiding
in  mine
yo,i     i
i,vi i lie pan ry at the Prospectors
Hotel and incidentally is asuum-
iurr that rotundity of pursou peculiar to hisvocatiou,
Jim Burns, who has been driving
the Camborne- Ferguson stage the
past few months, is now handUsg
one of Andy Danoy's heavyG horse
THE $.
Agitation Started   by   " Review ''
Results in Prompt Action by
Commissioner R. F. Green.
The Mill Company to Pay the
Mechanic's Wages in Full.
The people of Kaslo riding certainly did not make a m Btake
when they elected R. F.Green to
represent them in the provincial
bouse nor did the government do
wrong when they gave him charge
of the Lends and Works department A message from Mr. Green
to the Review Friday s'id he had
received word from the solicitor of
the company that arrangements
were made to pay the men. An
answer was returned to the effect
that a wire was received foom Nelson along that line but thai tl ere
was no assurance of it and to hold
licenses until the money was paid.
This is the outcome of the [ i tit: ci
scut to the Chief Commissionki of
the Lands and Works Department
last Monday morning asking that
ti: • Umber licenses of the Saw-mill
Company bo not renewed until
they had settled all wage claims
and judging from the message from
ihe Chief Commissioner and also
the swift Way in which the Company has come to time Mr. Gr« i
lost no time in giving his ultimatum to pay or lose their limits.
The thanks of the community
are certainly due   and
> d to   Mr.   Green   for   the   prompt
in.inner in  which  ho has acted in
bringing theS-l men whose methods
arc bringing disgrace on our province to time.
E, K. Chipman cam" up from
Kaslo on Friday night on instructions from tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works!"
go into the trouble of non-payment
of wages by the Mill Company.
We trust however that even before
this issue reaches the public all
matters under dispute will bu Bottled and the men get one hundred
cents on the dollar.
Stop Press News.
As we go tO prCSe the hoys
are receiving their chequi B
fro,,, the Mill Co. 'RAH FOR
Hoi;   GREEN,  for   he's the
hoy who did it.    'Kali for your
local  paper, for that was the
medium which did the trick.
I Lake Localets. ■
n ■■•' |ch rftr -;  xb -c/ .;• vf- \h vt?  .    :   .
A Liberal   rally  was   he'd   on
Wednesday tight at tho Oddfellows hall which was addressed hy
W. A. Galliher. A fairly good
ciowd was present but vary little
enthusiasm. The honorable gentleman gavo a vary good uddr.'ss
tauchina; the policy of the government on tho railway to be built
across the continent Hu also
gave an account of his s'eward-
Bhlp dptlug the term just passed
and asked the voters to return
him on the 22nd of November for
what lie hail done for them in the
past. Frank T. Ahey made a very
efficient chairman. At the conclusion of Mr. Galliher's address
an invitation was given to any
p' rsoa desiring to ask for any information. A number of very pertinent questions were asked and
answered by the honorable gentleman to Ihe satisfaction of himself.
The meeting closed with three
i heenj for Galliher.
Thanksgiving day is on the 17lb j P niteuliniy
injtant. -
 : Sasatai—i!"';	
A,  G.  Eraser   has live  copper
cuits on   cxhihitition.     It is sup-
NO. I.
posed that they were brought iu
by the Mill Co. to make the right
change on their eighty cent settlement with iho men.
llobt Hod«a, W. B. Pool, Lawyer Wilson mid Wraggu were tip
from Nelson to attend the sitting
of the court here on Tuesday.
Albert Sahn who was arrested
tome two weeks ago on the charge
of b'owing up stoves In one of the
red light hous-s in Ferguson cama
up for trial before Judge Lnamy
Tuesday. The Jut -rests of the
Crown were ably looked after by
Mr. MoOarter of Reveistoke while
the prisoner's iiiteresis were
handled hy Mr. Wilson. After
hearing tho evidence as well as
ih-^ prisoner's own statements the
Judg' summed up the case hy saying that there was a dotiht in his
mind as to the sanily of the accused mid ordered an czaminatiou
along that Una. If the examination proves his sanity then he will
serve the  next  five years  iu   the-
The Raven is
Pittsburgh Money to Develop the
Ravon and Vancouver Early
Next Spring.
Ferguson Men Take a Chance witS
Capital on the Nettie L. Hill
Andy Craig has a lot of fine
phat chickens to bo fchol for on
Thanksgiving day. Get your guns
ready and Andy will give you a
show for your nr n-y.
Beaton Paragraphs
Judge Thompson seldom Iish
occasion to bare the strong arm of
the law  in  this  peaceful   hamlet
A ball will bo given on Thanks-J,
giving night   in  aid of  the  rink
mud. A number of Improvements bave be< n planned out
which requires money and the
committee in charge have decided
on this me: hid of raising the
necessary. A good tiuie is rare to
be lad ami a cordial invitation is
extended to ail.
liob Madden is anxious to sen
the Mill (Jo.pity off ail of its liabilities and to that end likes to ace
that the stuff sold by sheriff Vtiill
briugs the highest price. At the
sale Tbursdij a pair of horses
were put up hy ihe auctioneer and
a bid of six bits given. Pob
thought this a small price for two
horses and raised the bid to an
even dollar at which pi ice tbej
were knocked down to him. Ou
getting delivery, however, he
round that a confidei.ee game had
extend- ^*(" w°rited on him and be was
the purchaser of a pair ofwoodeu
horses worth about two cents. It
cost Bob auotbei dollar
the boys.
Jack Euneat, uf Camborne, was
a visitor during the week. He
thinks Trout Lake is a good town
to .-I iy with and in his opinion
ranks next to Camborne.
The Big on  the Oddfellows ball
hung half  must   the diyeuirt sit
occasionally tendered to a jubilant
proapector    his    censorship    has
rarely to make its presence felt.
Arthur Evans has his ucw hotel
well on tho way towards completion. Anhur told our representative recently that he intends to
erect u large cabinet in his hostelry for the exhibition of ore specimens from a ' manum- of claims in
the Lardeau.
Mr. Vogler   win  down from the
Eva od Saturday superintending
the transport  of a   large consign
ment of  iron   piping  received at
the 1 inding.
Alex Crawford has now a smart
residence erect- d here which has
been occupied for several weeks.
Alex, was a heavy los-r in the late
blase but his sunny dial certainly
shows i;o trace of despondeucj
i bee days. Ho has a line string
of pack and saddle horses ready
f. r visitors ontering this haven a'
to Sqnai'i all titiies and there is a'w.iys a
miniature riixh fir horses at his
livery bam with the arriv al uf the
boat Alex is the prond father of
ihre strapping sons who lmve
cast in ihiir lot with him. Jack
is at present looking aft«r his
fathor's interests In the stage an 1
livery business at Troul Lrke and
Will, who i& now a  happy  bone-
li took two yens for the Liberal
governmental Ottawa  to move in  world's  ou'put
this   week.      Citizens   generally   .
, .,," ,      die', is opcralll'g  in   the inletcsts
weic anxiuua to kuow it it was for        ,      '. ,
.,     ,       ...    ,..., ., of the ireigut  ami  cotnuils«ariat
the obsequies of the Mill Company   , ,  ,     ,
,, , .,  „.,     ."   depirlnieii*, and  lends  nn   eve to
the   near  approach   ol  Gadibcr a|.,    . ... ,.
,.,.   ,    ,    .. ,i     ,   .,     ,th< micros s ol  Ferguson elicits.
politieal   dca'h   or the death of ,.      . , ,
...      ..,       , Em  is ro-v  c induc^n'  the stage
King Ldwnrd.
and tralfic departinei't   of the firm
Georgo Mnnro and Jack Ohiiin on   the   Cam borne Benton   mad.
the gold kings of the Jisi riot weroUfr. Crawford alsi Dnda employ*
itt i,,w n for a couple of days ti-ii .,i-nt for a largi iinmbor nf men al
week.   Hoih of   Ihvsn gentlemen  times with the  influx   of viol tors
■ay that Kapid creek is uudouhte I   to our country, and it■«. e' without
ly one of the richest gold-bearing say tug  that the   visitor'-,   every
pieces of ground   theio  is   in ihe  n c 1 is condder. d and act al up >i.
eountiy and that a little develop
incut will make   il   a (actor in the      Lm"* (;,M>,('- " w'u k"'1"" l»«oa-
if  the   precious lu'(t'"'   Ihrougliout   i^tc  Lardeau
Another deal of great importnn?*
was negotiated in Ferguson this
week. The owners of th * proper*'
ties were A. J. Gordon, W. Snell
and XV. Shannon, and it has been
leased to a gentleman in Pittsburgh
for five figures, lioth c'aima are
situated on the Nettie L. mountain, and being hut one claim from
the famous Nettie L mine. The
property is ono of the earliest locations in the camp. l>eing one of the
original groups staked by \V. fc\
Pool. The bond is a working one,
which seems to be practically Iho
kind that the shrewd investor will
take hold of. This systam has always been advocated by the largest
owner in this group, and it redounds to the credit of the parties
mentioned that they have confidence enough in their properties to
expect riches from their mine without demanding an exorbitant cash
payment. The deals put through
this week practically assure the
future prosperity of the town of
Ferguson. It has been agreed by
both parties that development work
will begin early next spring.
Ci old is where you find it while
silver lieth in the vein but if you
want to find a gixxl smoke you
have to get a Royal Seal cigar.
the case of making tho C.I'.U. pay
the laborers on the Lardo branch.
It took tho conservative government at Victoria three days to
make tho Mill Company pot latch.
The gritg smoked lioyal Seals in
their hilarity and the tories smoked Royal Seals in their despondency.
On and after December 1st, liJO-l
we will sell goods for cash only.
M/-■ri-.n-'oN, Griffith cv Co,
Mi lllciltl   duriiti;   lh '
I snl albeit   ftmoiis   for a   victory
over tho O.P.B. In a Inn I grabbing
coitc.-t s j mo   time   hack,   is no »
VUT'-      Uk'   making   his   hi ad.pi.irn is   at   this'
''I thriving lit leport.      I,,',i.s is sul
fering fcin  a   flve-lli.geied   siiagli
which     icceiiily     disfigured     h's
Houston; Estimates There Is a
Million Dollars Worth ol ore
in Sight There.
A. L. Houston was shown over
Great Northern mountain yesterday by H. MePherson, visiting tho
many properties there. To a Re-
vir.w reporter Mr. Houston-expressed himself as amazed at the immense showing there and doubts if
its equal can be found on the continent, values considered.
On the Blue Boll a large body of
hitfh grade concentrating ore is
disclosed by a 180-foot crosscut and
about 200 feet of drift on lead
which is from 4 to 25 feet wide.
There is about 200 feet of stuping
ground opened up ami while the
had or ore body varies considerably it is safe to say that nitiny
thousands of tons arc opened up or
ready for stuping down.
The St. Elmo adjoining has
ipiite as good a surface showing,
Although adjoining and on tho
same leads little work has been
done to prove its values at depth.
Adjoining the Blue Boll and Ht.
Finio is the True Fissure with a
surface showing of concentrating
ore 10 to 10 feet in width which
"ill some day he qinrricd 'Htf cr
worked on tho glory holo system.
The Broad View and Great
Northern group lyingstill farther to
tic south are on tho same leads
with excellent showings and large
dumps of hundreds of tons of good
giade ore. Our time was ton short
t" make careful notes but it id safe
' -ay that there is a million dol-S
lars worth of ore on Great Northern i
on the | r.iperty.
('. T. l'ol'h r Was Up .'colli the
Broken 11 II properly. Work will
be pushed all winter on the property.
Barney RodeUborg and Charlie
Diilmngo came down from the
Nine Mile placer ground Tuesday.
Work has been suspended for the
mountain in  sight and will soma
d.iv be worked   with  jinWil   'o tho •
k of Investors,
somewhat Imposing prob. Al
pieiPilt bo is pa.t'cuhuly anxious
to soak someone to the ttino of 125
and coats.
Simpson   says:    1   never   drink
behind the bar hut i sometimes
smoke a good cigar, Royal Seal.
We will ask our readers not to ,
forget the Grand Ball on Thanks-
"iwng night in aid of the rink im-
1 "vciucnis, also the Christmas
'li"c entertainment on the 22nd
mst. by the Sunday School of St.
•I"lin the Baptist. Both have
worthy objects and should be well
,. ■   . ■-*»•* •■
Notice- of $ete«re and Sale.
Nolice is hereby giren that un Itir ami
by virtue of eoriaiu warrants (ifoxecu-
lion rsariioui i,| the Supremo Court ol
British Columbia in several actioni
wherein E. J.. Kinni.in, ('. C. Cleveland nml (!. I". Cleveland e«ri lug on
business as ,T. L, Goodhue * C . Boyd
Ilnrns and Company, Limit 1. Tho
\ ai ii!U.&l',Engineering Works, - united.
Northern Machinery Company. Albion
Iron works Company, Litnii.il are respectively plaintiffs and the Canadian
Timber and Saw Mills, Limited, an
defendants nial to mo directed against
(lie goods and chattels of ihe oai! Cans-
rlian Timber and Saw Mills, Limited, 1
have se'sid and taken in execution tn«
following described goods and . battels,
•1 wood horses, 1 tube e*pamlr,
J pair engine bra«ses,
] quantity greats cup*.
1 lubricator, 1 angle valrc,
1 quantity mill supplies,
I wood chisel, 1 let pipe dies,
SO wrenches, 1 law 'ho stock,
1 pair calipers, I box gauge classes.
1 box nuts, 1 double hammer,
1 quantity steel chisels and punches
1 steel lover. 1 cupboard,
1 piece rubber hose, "axes. 1 font,
I quantity tiro brick, 1 step ladder,
1  pillar bloc!;,
1 st«ck and dies for pipes,
1 quantity grease cuj>a,
J quantity files,
I lot assorted steam packing,
I steam  whistle,  1 quantity fibber
1 connecting r.i.l,. i pine cutter,
2 pair chain tongs,
1 small die stock,
" boxes brass fittings, 1 box rubber
I set copper oilers, 1 piece iron pine,
I galvanised wash-tub,
I pevie si' ch, 8 pieces iron,
5 nieces castings, 3 shovels,
:.' Iron pokers, l jack,
I piece 3-inch pipe.
I breast drill, 1 quantity paint,
1 [iinntity tiles, 1 quantity pun lies,
« r./onkoy wrenches, i box screws,
j box axe handles, 3 pieces littiugp,
12 I  g knives, 13 i mall plni
J gasoline torch,
I piece sheet copper.
J quantity stean       '
J ratchet'drill, I quantity file
1 'ji autity taps, 3 picci s shafti   •
1 mandrel, 1 qnantity bolts nod fittings.
l quantity lath tools,
1 quantity babbott metal.
l q lantity drills, 21 il eras,
.1 oil cans, i quantity castiugi
I i n« pulley, I box rivets,
1 pulley ,, heel, 1 b irbig
1 blhckamith's tongs,
2 b.ne-i electric fittings, .
I unentity cotton n-aste,
.? note bnekets
I pi.utity chalk, 1 brush, l hacksaw,
t ijn.oititv i gndle ' .
4 lathe chuck, 1 quantity wood bush-
in..'. I iiia. I
i keg nails, I quantity fittings,
l blacksmith/a vice,
I quantity iron fixtures, 3 hammers,
1 jack screw, 1 : Ipe longs,
1 ■< Her door, 1 grindstone,
% hexes parings, 1 ship auger,
1 tembbing brush, ! sti i! punch bar,
•  I pine vice
I thing e u.itr carriage,
I quantity asbestos p
I emery stones, ] quantity iron braces
| qnintity castings and mill supplies
(Lot No. I).
" lengths lire hose nozsle and bracket,
10 pierosshafting, in Lous na is,
- pevlea. 1 set blocks mid rope,
1 pinch bar, 1 steam cylinder,   :
1 ladle. 1 lever weight, 1 pice nine.
8 rolld belting, I spi
1 hbl  iliin     : md , IS i "
1 smart wheel I en       -saws.
ii shiu) e packers, 1    ■   • i
l qoaniity plain r v,
ii wood roller.-", I grin Islone,
I nuliators :.' i imber ti icks,
I »h»p ladder, i ■ in gi
I  quantity briok, 2 iron c
•    i •■•'  ■ c. blades
- piei cs castings, a hnuiinci
' in'.i/ii g irons,
Ono  lever   un,)   rulcliet,   one shall
One combination sheni   si d punch,
One water bucket, one unw cavil,
One braah'g mat blue,
.- traight edge  teel,
eeu i a erj n '■
'■'■ bos ;• saw teeth, one i inion,
One quantity saw filos,
:' borcoi, on* got di abb' liarnesa
One cai barge, one oite driver hammer,
One quantity saw-logs alii it 800,000
feet n Woods about one mile from
Trent Lake City,
Oi nantiiy saw-logs aboul 316,000
( .i i'l ■ in out mils from Trout
Lake City in water on south side
One quantity paw loga about 125,000
about one mils from  I'rout Lake
O ly nn north shoro of lake.
2 quant! ins of boom sticks and boom
Ono quantity piles.
And J eive n nice thai   I will offer Ihe
wis an I chattels for baIo by pub-
lie a ction al the premises of the said
lofeudanls at the town ol J'roul Lake,
B. C , on Tuesday, tho 15th day of
N'evemher, 1031, at tho hour of ten
o'i 11 k in the forer.i ...
Dati I this9tli day of Noremle-, 1904.
i e; ntv sheriff, Ni rlh Kootenay, i
I rout Li ke, B. C.
45 Bleury Street, MONTRE
ILL bu represented in Ihe Lar
dean    at   regular    intervals
throughout I ho yoar.   Orders
for clothing will receive cfoea attention
our repsesentathe, s. A.Scott, jsa
practical tailor, and will make clot lies
lit.   Hold your orders for him,
Grand flotel
Bros,, Proprietors
,-!:,   .M'l.AS.S   IN   ALL   BK8PB0W,
Fire Proof Safe
.hoitsolntoaxoJ Willi Uifl HiMt Win-'' aad 0 |. I  I   i"'-    •■'•
KOTICf    i.    I     i
Z. Gord     Gold 1
l»oiv; Ol  Oi Bin
out Lake, £3- (
he CENTRAL HOTEL Reveistoke
1.1 Undsr |!n» i*in.i ManagfuuU.
AW Jl i
Take Notice that I eh*!! hold -.-. Conrl
of Itovisiou and Appeal, under the As-
■ ont Act, 1903,  for tho Itei
Assessment District,  on   Monday the
twentj eighth day of Nov< 1 I0J
al Iho hour "f elevi n o'cli ■ •': In tho
forem in, at the court house, Hi ,'.-in!.o.
Dated *t Reveistoke, this 1st day if
November, 1904.
Judge oi the Court   ■: Ravi
and Anneal, Reveistoke \..- is
meat District of IVesI Kootenay.
Fancy Bar,
Musical Entertainment
Bulletin  Beard, World's
Mining New*.
1 n
their Inton
Take  None.-.    !    :•     8„,1
owner with you     I     I
iJltis Robert  -
nird al the extreme I m I
foik of I ardsau > rw I   n ■
mluing division oi IVi
trict and province ol I
have done i bo rsqi .
above-mentioned mini r«
year 1908 In order to hold •
dei section 21 of the ininoi
wiihin BOdayi ol this n
refuse to contribnta youi  ,
such expenditure fei woi K ill
er eilh tlie cost of ti ...
your Interest in the sal i m
will become  I
ici Ibed undei si • lion   i i
Act Amendment \i i of ]9i>i   i
1'iuiit Lake this ,'in 'In oi' ii
TCjJnjgg glgar Factory i WATCHild.    4
Manufactures inly I roods, nml besides
titer am the besl on the market, rheysra
maaeoftbe best Havana tobacco, and their
excellence is undisputed. Insist on getting
Ha R, BrOWn,  Proprietor.
S.8. ARCmi l or S.5. LARDEAU.
KunotiuT hetwei i   •      irbesd, Bes-
ton and Lomaplix. com;nor,cia^ Onto
th,  1903,   will   so i   ;... |
weather permitting.
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton an •
' ' ' r—101     l 5k
Leaving Boai   i and   < otnapllx for
bead, twice daily— 7:!f,K unt'
I.:.-'  ■■■     Making   close    coa   oil ni
'  ''. fr'. It. Steamers and trains
owners, r servo   the  right W
times   i f   snilin/a    <n
TIk i ii,ilrj Lumber Co., Limited.
Va" .". C.
Headquarters lor Assayers, Mining am
Mill Supplies.       ile igonts In ii 0, fo
Co , I: ill- rsi
Patent Car
Will.   .Villi
worth it C • ' . .. i :e.
nonunion Hotel
Ii pays t-i use the Telephone
■ I   Officej
al   Ken Ci        na   Su re ;   rroul
1. ';.-. ! ■ Beaton, (!utn-
• ubscrlbe for tfao " Review " To-d^y.
Kirst-Cla-s in every respect.
Tho Travelling iiublie carefully
taken caro of.
Mlj & Mm • PffljB.
Frst-Cldss Accommodation
S'3st Finest Liquors
And Very Finest Cigars £t ,
Services on Sunday evening at ".."0
o'clock. Visitor* art cordially wo,-
comod. REV.II. A.SOLLY,
f. iw Pradion and Handy No. 2 minei 1
claims situate in the Trout Lake Miu
lag Division of tVest Kootenay district
Whore lovatodi -Near the mouth of
Lynch creek en the K. ,v A. l.'v
Take notice that I. Alfred  I. Cnrle,
- iting as ngenl tor IV. X. !'■':■■ I in, free
ninor's certificate No, !! 77,S4C, intend
si\-ty days afler late hor of, t - apply t >
the alt ning Rceorder lor Certificates of
Imorovements fer the pur;,.,-' o
ing crown grants of tho abb' e claims,
Aud further lake notice that action
ninler section .'!7 must be commoaci I
before tho is main e of Buch ceriifl '.in* ■•!
■ vi monls Dated this "Stb day "f
October, A. D., li'Oi
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
Oums&Co S™^8
n is
Dealers in ail kinliH of Fresh M,  t
.^ Cneral MrcSenL t^j
| CPLA R,   -    .      D. . $
XV r are watch people tirs-t of all.
Wfl uiak" watohea cur greal t\.
,t.i v. U'c are i i i tot universal
watch providers. YVe boast if tho
most ooroprobensi re stock and
promptest service. Oar pal
age proves inir j're-siniuf, :n
the r. tail '> itflh trade, I ce a
patron, always .» i ttron.
\'n\ inj{ Watrhi.i in lb- i,
thai wed., we are enabled lo #e-
eui discounts iBapoaslble to 'lie
ler dealsr; ami we turu ll.sm
ix' r to you at a oorres] ling
re ction in price. Write u»- f r
Ewe*1!* Bros.
Nelson, Keiiland. Irall
Jeweler.* and Bagravers
ihs Nelson
Brewing COc
Fiiie   Lacer Be«
Brewers of
A. P. A A. M.
3rd    Thursday    each
Visitors Welcome
GeoForddred, qee, 0
I. O.O.I
r.i .-tb
K.,Ml»r mo*lli!s» l.»ld In
' ■ ' .m'«   Hall   f\nt
■da* e'tM al   s
VMIins,   '
•rsc.r.lUllj •»!,   .. *
Payli r, W.M   i   •! warnai      J i
J. Hcbralll H»l<,
In "the
:■ p>cr re;.:', i! .t   team . ■    and fittings 1 to t inches uiaiii ler (Lot
;«•.. 21
1 pieue iron plalo, I nigger In a I,
- \< kc poles, 'J shovels,
" l.ie'es chain, l chain Ii i
- n It stretchers, J fan, 1 shnfi ng box,
I woo.I i blvehlock, I lot ha minor,
I «n neb. 1 sl ingle i dgur,
4 cup' Iron rollen, ! belt ti '   lore,
I pair pipe loi
I quantity planer knivos an     ids.
Ii nide heads for nlam ra,
1 set oilers, i Iron «l ee! a
i  automatii harpciiu   I   coil
I quantity link belting.
l carpenter's bench, 1 can nil,
1 wo<>d ivhoelbartow, 3 ;■  . ■ (haft-
2 «M-';i nsbs e
i piston connection,
I i le a la   rope, I cro - nl
1 shovel, one quantity I leatlier,
lily t  <    ', B, -I Ste 'I drills,
I quantity b
1 glue pel, 1 quantity b ill.--,
! qua :,.' hniunn    .sn lie .
I pic o flre I
I p|
I enrrinj ■ troilsi   . lib
., '•■
i rolli n, i •■ i ,
tqnail'ltii 'nig,
I sl:|
Ot.a wafer bucket, '    ■ i       asting .
tl p oi .■■ round iroi
•'." ban     i i. 3 > !•■ ■
One »i,i i' i
'' n pair wim
i ■:,.■ ■.-,. i   i oker,   i •*
I en,i ■ •
■•I, ,
" oil enm . I lut,
B b in.
<; iie/iei
ana k'onor
R. Rcistcrct- ®. Co.    -   Proo^
Baily Mai
Banking Facilities, Head of Navig&r
styles and the sturdy a
fastidlou • ..I, i the i untn
J    I
Nelson, B. C.
&    CO
system mow Being Installed.
1 ^  Kii--     * V/
. nt Timber, many Valuable R.<mches91Ee Rich-
.u a,:     !.:var torn in TSi Pmvlmc.
A £ Cf
Capacity, £0,000 feet per <hy, shingle and I ath mills.   AH
••-  ■  •     :.-:•••■-   ~ " ■''■"■■■';a
Apply to:
Jack Crdwfrrd
Andy Craig..
, ua -.. -
Cen'1 Agt., Revelstose.
E McPlierson,
Agt., Trout Lake,
Starftcg & Co.
tVHDl.LS.M.i: D     LElia in Ruttor,
i CI se,    Pn '        ... !   iruii.
Ho in Ion Bk„ Josephine  I '   I on, B.O.
Hard wan .    I Supplies,
I •V*pr''
' ■\ HHMiWWtfMWI      ■ ;   ;:
%      .'
: v
Beaton's Fine Hotel.
A Fall Line of Choice Stationery
Just Received.
School Supplies, PR07»nicTA,Tf medicines,
Toilet ^Rtiolcs, Etc. Prescriptions work
want a new
We have just
received some
of the Finest
Men's Overcoats that we
ever handled.
Best HofeHn Town,
E^ eh r b Km and GuinH Hes.
D. 5?. mmzx   PB0PR1ETGR
'   Abrahamsors
And Builder.
Owner of the Abraham'
son Addition to the
GH a Home
Tor   Yourself.
E. M03QS, P    )P.
Hotel and
General Store
B   C
Ait lite
■    MURRAY,
.  .      .  LAKE. P. c.
0. B. Batho
Interests careful lj
Don't Pay
Lessee of the Alexandria mall
\ . '-.   Westfall & Co.
Post Office  Ulack,
Main Street.
•i oo.
• r \" ilte«l-
Lake, B. C
-       avino *
; Packing and
. '• . .   .
Ferguson   packing
Transfer   Outfit.
♦I ',0
1-  INI
2  ifl
1 00
»l   0
.MANNON.  Isayer.
I I;!<()! min B.C
Co at nut a entered into lor Decking "f Mining Hopplles, etc,
in en* poinl in the diiti   •
Good, prompteerriee, nn.i mc work nndi rUUten junraniepil
FERGUSON.        S. Baney, Prop.
-!     !     '.   ■'
0. B N. WILKIE, P.L.S.,
Pr>\ i  ci il Litutl 8 in I vor,
/Mineral Claim! Surveyed
and Cron r. Orants Obtained
ItMid.nec -.n> xt I
: rout Uko. u c,
Mineral (   dins Surveyed
fOPLAlt, K '.-id.
W. He Jones,
I Fin*   .'
ML ON, Ii. C.
I Barbel' Shop J
 Full A	
(j     Good Shave or Hair Cut
|y —-CALL OR	
♦h     TROUT    LAKC   -   BBC.
Hot and Co'd Balha
L»n 3<Ot»Cb *3= JjXM3i» »3H
U'liL'ii fully completed the Prosector's  Exohangu   will* enhance
the reputation of the fair townsito
,i   Beaton.     Mr.  W.   Boyd   has
.pared neither   pains  nor cash in
what wo believe  will prove one of
tlie  finest  botela in  the country
Although the in'erior   is   not yt-t
completed — the   walls   show no
-iguB of artistic > mhc-llishmrnt—a
largo number of patrons prefer ita
hospitable  roof to chilly canvas
evening.    After the  recent disas-
:c>us lire the latter was the mode
uf habitation and  although but a
r-w weeks have passed, \isitora to
thriving place will scarce per-
<vive a trace of blackened walls or
charred remains, which is a lribut«
i Hi- energy and enterprise of it t
inhabitants.    The Prospectors Exchange is a monument to the Indomitable   spirit of  Eilly   Boyd
who   certainly   had causo to leal
dejected at the destruction of tho
I Prospectors  hotel by  lire as the
rchase money had been handed
■ ver by him scarcely  a few hours
when everything was completely
enveloped in flame and thohithor-
:   commodious hotel was razed to
the ground by  the devouring ele-
nn nt.    However the present hotel
will far i xceed  in many re»pectn
the conveniences of tho old order
of things.    In all there are 22 fine
large rooms in   the  house, which
also Includes a palatial dining hall
and tirst   class   sampling rooms.
Here the weary  traveller entering
the Lardeaa bv way of Arrowhead
on one of the Harbor Lumber Go's
Gne steamers will  first make tho
acquaintance of Lardeau hospital-
iiv.    Prices are not  built to eoaro
away the  visitor and come-again
clients will   abound at   the   first
■ 1 met in  the richest mineral
country on  the  continent.    We
i trust t'hat   Billy   Boyd  will bavo
]every reason to congratulate hiin-
; -idf upon his persevering qualities
an4 we feel sure that  our readers
who know him will join with us
i.i our good wish> s.
Watch-repairing,   etc.
All  work
Mm Mi MMb.B.0.
TH08. TAYLOR. Agent.
Bcvilbtozi    aud    Trout Lake.
a. W. EDGE
■ 'JJ
Let us sell you a stove either for cooksng or I^edting
or both.   We have TiTe kind that gives most
from l^ast fuel and at Eastern Prices.
h©w You What
Underwear, Shirts,  Shoes, Rubbers,  &c., & -
'Bp a moi stock to- choos-.?
rvice Lowest Prices
Correct Weight, Courteous Treatmen
A. G.
ER,  -  - - TROUT LAKE,
CASH      PRJCr-S     PAID
F. A. New
Rossland,    ^ -    B. C,
M>mbrr RosslanJ Stock Exchange
1/ you have LarUcau Stocks WHtene
Billy Kcst is now wielding the
lather ami blade in the tentorial
sanctum oi the Coronation Hotel.
tap! Davey and Mr. McLennan.
who were formerly located in this
town, have leased a mine in Mon»
tana, and will soon have a mill in
readinecs to begin operatiofp.
The Oyeter-Criterion mill and
mine olosed down last Wednesday
for a short pi riod. It is intended
to instal another ten stamps afl
- 'ii us possible, and in the mean-
time Mr. ('•"•Inane, tin new nuiiia-
wiin baa taken entire i barge ol
lain, will thoroughly investigate
ii"' affairs oi Iho Great Northern
Mr. .1. A. Darragh left for a tongs trip to the east on Tuesday
Is'.    The Silver  Hollar is a
lly high-class property, and Mr.
Darragh is t" be congratulated up-
i  w:'y in which he has indueed
:.il  lo east in its 1,>t with tin
1 imborne cm,p.     His vi-it eastward will not be losl however, and
W' ri -'  assuri d that the vast
mil ..i1 wealth of our country will
V' • spli ndid advertisement at
Jack      dison, who was recently
ititted on tho charge of crack-
."i-al   i ribs in town, has now
bimsi If Into a  scrap   from
M  In   ! ai  no show to wriggle,
lately show   I a decided prefer-
il to -'ii.• i thi c fellow's Bund iy
;. and ns the clothes departed
iltane lusly with Jack's quiet
'   h uth-hounds did
•   '. an i In' is now languishing
and r. Becting in " limbo " eni aseil
in an armor which K ar- no resem-
b  to tho otitfil he lifted or a
Eaton's   fashion-plato.     Wo
mi-lit see Jack around again, if ho
Buni\rs it, in about lour month?.
Jttonded   lie  fiat 'njal miti
litor Northoy ol the Camborne
Miner this Week.     for a lit lo 'tin
-t ami uiit of
ir in a variety ol ways.    I'osl
11\  real i state agent, mining
tn    .   "i. nu i 'Tons
' ■>   .    printer-i dil r*de'ij   and
what  not.     Berl  appeared   right
l'1 i I to see us, and wished the Lardeau Minim. Rovii w the  vi ry best
;;.    Hi had volumi   lo relate
■■ pn gress ol the ramp, and ho
J;,   a :ii': ■ 'i some wonderful
■ i   lor our edification«  Bert
y enthus mik
■ ill" futon h   l irdeau and   I
tli  i -null ime i amj In partloular.
' ■■  e ■ n| WpBB ESS
tt^WBWmc ami;
,, ,i, ■   ,«.,.   |U i,   (<^ ii
ItPrti i .'.a rnwu Lahoi liy, inn; i\,- :..: ,■ ' '"'"      '   <'l:i"
at PerffuAa audTroc! ! uke i w,.v * i i,!»,. hf )B ftddl OSS    tt'US    II
T/i* K.nmr d<»« ivu Bold blUMelf roapoi   .,...„,
bl« or tu;' ogtujloiw ol oorrp«i3i,ndoi,t8i •      '"' ' "
yivurfril In thooolumnrOI iboToeic.
There is  no  doubt   but that W
A.   Caliilicr   lost   a   great   many
i  co:ni g (■) Trout Lake.
rnnbteridcce o
excuses.     On
tho   refusal    of
A.I1 locAlft will tJi< cUun,-uJ ill  u.o oiui of.,
pent* iH'i'Uiic, iii-.ii iiiw>rli>in,M«i lOoeiiu i     government lo  establish  a port of
1::. Min'l: uibaoquenl In.v,! i inn.
Tfrumfui' liali-ii Ml ahil oil.or njvol'tinn
will h« tou In lcn"wli on application ul ml!.
H.itmoripi   ... !i.'.iii u year, in inlv.mec.
qjie i,r.ii
or tho   Lardoau at Trout
Lake ho put the blame on the department who r. fused on ihe score
MUtaAY <& ATHERTON Publisher   ' .   .      . ,    .      .
of expens-i but when asked why
>they threw away $2,000 annually
■on the Duncan the excti-o was that
In presenting No. 1. Vol. I. of
the Lardeau Mining Review to ot r
readers we take the opportunity of
thanking advertisers and Bubscri-
for the patronage bestowed upon
the row defunct Eaglo and Topic
new.sjiapeis. . In consolidating !'
two journals we believe that tin'
interest of the twin cities will be
better served, and that subscribers
both far near will appreciate tl '
change. To old Eagle readers wo
fipblogise for the inconvenience |
change has caused, and forma!!;.
introduce Mr. J. ('. Murray of I •
late Trout Lake Topic, who as z
journalist and mining expert wi I
render good service to our patron)
as a partner in the new ventur .
Tp old friends of the Topic we introduce Mr. J. J. Atherton, who ii
known throughout the country as
a competent journalist and printer.
His knowledge of mining matl ,-
Is evidcncetl by many aide articles
from his versatile pen. We be. I
announce ii is cur intention <
installing an up-todate press at a
rpry near date. We are painfully
aware that the sheet submit;* I is
no typographical triumph, but wo
modestly suggest that readers may
expect better of us with tho ariiv.il
cf our in w machini ry. We ! i /o
not yet reached that state ol affluence which trends towards Ihe
purchase of a linotype. At presi 'it
the old " pi< k-a-typo " must sufll o
Tjt doffing our hats to our frii If
we do so with the knowledge cf
your good will. We have now n
circulation farahead of any newg-
paper in North Kootenay, and it
wi 11 be our aim U furnish a bright
iK'Wt»Y local journal.
Advance, the Lardi au .'
Everybody in Beaton has unbounded confuleuco in the future
ol their camp and it is a remarkable testimony to , Ills confidence
when it is ooasidorid that was bul
u few weeks back h heap of ruins
jb now a bright, prosperous town
pf well built houses.
We believe a new era is dawning
for the LardeflU country. The
■nooestful operation of tho Silver
Cup   and   Nettie   L.   mill ai I an
<>p( ning up of new ore I i
those famous properties is a dom
onstration of the fact  thai I    ore
goes down.    The   deals reported
during the past two w< i'. re-
by properties are being taken Up
on working bonds with a gu ran-
tec „fa large expenditure in development gives renewed confidence
ju the ultimate result. Tin operations of the Chestnut Hill .Mining
Co. operating The Lucky Boy are
tin ning out even better than expected by the managtment. The
Croat Northern have d<cided to
add another ten stamps lo the
Oyster-Criterion mill whii Ii will
doublo its capacity at \<r, little
more expense and their statemenl
that the Poplar creek properties
will be worked vigorously in ul 1
news of importance ami should
cheer the hearts of even ,!,c most
despondent. The settlement of the
mill trouble is anticipated at an
early date. Asa criterion of what
experienced mill-men think about
tho proposition is tho fai that a
gentleman in town has a oinmis-
Bton in his pocket to buy ll c whole
pla&t at a price winch will pay all
of the presi nl company's Ii ilulitics
and hugely rei'inbursi i share-
holders, Tl,!- b! owi thai it is not
a failure of the proposition but a
failure brought aboul through
gross rnismanagement.
The Lardeau is all righ and investors can get in now in a figure
that will in the nexl Bvi years rejoins (hem big profits,
he did not have anything to do
with that as it was in the engineer's departmo it notwithstanding
the fact that a few moments before
he had given as one of the principal reasons that he should be reelect d was that he had secured a
very large app: priation for this
same work along with other river
improvements. His explanation
of the Qrmd Trunk Pacific scheme
County Court1
Thefdlowing is a summary of
ihe cases that w< re disposed of by |
Judge Loamy at tho recent sittings
of tho   county   court 00 Tuesday
MoLennau et al vs. Bmlh, adjourned.
Masterson vu. Smith, judgment
plaintiff, $57.20
Whitney vs Smith, judgment
plaintiff, 841.50.
Smith vs. Smith, judgment
plaintiff, $68.00.
Foraa vs. Silver Cup Mines Ltd.
Brvntford, Warren, MoLood,
Bell, McLennan, Tariff and Travers
vs. Pool, adjourned.
Mill men vs. C. T. * Sm. Ltd.
judgment for plaintiffs in all cases
f r wages. In lien cases leave was
given to add  Edward  Holt as a
Trout Lake, B.C.     ami Ferguson.
llfo, a. MoC'urt.r, J   A. Ilarrey
a. v.. Plnkh.m,
rcvbclstoke: b. o.
II  a icli Oflloai at 'Jotitcu. Kernto an Port
si.vio. a.u.
Oltorafor Imperial llanK oft'anarta.
Liquors and Sigars
.Large Comfortable Rooms
First Class Hoard.
Madden & Levesque
a booster. If the booster lost be
was out nothing but if he won why
he could cash in. Same way with
the raUway scheme, the people of
Cana !a put up their money or
credit, which is the same thing, to
build the road. If it is successful
then the company wins, if a failure
then Canada loses.
His explanation of the putting
off of the election in this riding
was excusably lime. Tho reason
given was that the returning officer
could not in the tune allowed.
i. von days, get the ballot boxes t"
ihe different polling divisions.
This all will know is absolutely
untrue. The ballot box was sent
to Trout Lake by messenger and
there is not a place in the riding
that could iid be reached in a like
time. The result is that a fraud
has been perpetrated on the electors of Kootenay riding by their
member Mr. Galliher.
Because of the liberal victory
consi i valives of the Kootenay
si ould not be discouraged. Get in
and drill and the Hon. Charles
Mackintosh will be the next member. The grits are drilling it in
that it would be folly to send an
opqositionist to Ottawa, This is
ail bosh and the electors of the
riding ought to turn Mr. (lalliher
down if for nothing else than his
manipulation of the election
which makes such a cry possible,
would   put it o.i    a   par  wth  a
, ,      •  • ,    ,      ,   , •     .    defendant and  cases  adjourned to
gambler giving a  stack   of chips to i '
i ,„_  ,.,„, i,„ | next sitting of the court at Nelson
Masterson, Griffith it Co. vs.
Graham,  judgment   for plaintiff,
Slocan Bot. Wks., Hudson Bay
Co., Massey, Lee VS. Barber, judgment, for plaintiff.
Henderson VS. C. T A Sm. Ltd
adjourned to Revelstoke Nov. 30tJi.
A,C. Eraser vs. C. T. & Sm. Ltd
judgment plaintiff.
E3. A., L..L..B.
Uovelstoke Station.
B. C.
The water was turned on on j
Thursday through the pipes of the
Trout Lake Water Supidy Company. We believe that the company will have a prosperous can or
in supplying this long felt want of
pure water to the citizens. A- \\c
stated once before   the governmi nt
analyst pronounced tho water to
bo absolutely pure.   This removes
the greatest danger wc are under
from contagious diseases. We
trust that before long Bonio other
company will undertake the installation of an electric light plant.
Tbi Mother Lode.
Henry Jacobson came up
evening from Poplar where he has
been for the past   c tuple of months
working on the Mother Lode.
Henry says the Lode is one > f the
best looking ahowings of the Lardoau Beetton and feels Burs it will
make q mine. The tunnel is in
285 feet. The workings were lately surveyed by Mr, Wilkie and
calculated that 15 feet more work
will tap the main ore chute which
will further prove the value of the
p roperty.
Sandy Lan^'nton
HEN visiting Ferguson you
should slay at ihe Laideau
Hotel. Here Ihn visitor
will be surrounded with
heme comforts. Excel leu I
cuisine,    well   ventilated
and warm rooms, well
slocked bar, and everything whieh
tends towards making your vidt a
pleanuit and memorable one.
Itatt'.i from $1  day upward".
We strive to please our patrons,
Suits for the
We can't be beat for PRICE, QUALITY and Style.
We are ugctl'B for all the BEST IIOU8E8.
W'ini you are looking for in the way of Wind r
(hirini nt< Jflrtl can obtain at our Sto.-e, and wo
guarantee to giro you unb itindod sati-dao! ion.
Just r.'fciv'd !    A  largo   Consignment :(  Men's
Wool Vests and Pants.
We carry an imnume Rtook.     Mint re' supplies aro
oiii'"spe,!:aliy. Vnii want the Boat. V"ii are
|nv!lO I lo iuspeoi our laimense slock and compare prices.
We have Boraptbloa special in Winter Owcuati.
B  J
GtMienil N|,iri>.    Full I.In*
of Canned Qooda, KraiU
In Uoaaoo. nix aaaorUnenl
olSmokera' BUppllea,
oni.vdfiiii' uii; Bend Telepbona Co
Job Printing at TS>
Mining Review	
By Gilbert Parker, cloth, $1.50
By II. S. Merriman, cloth. 1.50
By D.W.Higgins, Victoria, 1.50
Cloth, 1.50
Building Trad's Pocket Book
Business Man's Pocket Rook
Mechanic's Pocket Mem random
Three v.ds   1.50
Til* !>y the International Correspond
once Bcbool a; |! uch ear pries 11.60
Livery and Dray Stabes
Saddle, Pack and Cartage HorscN Always for Hire
Freighting. Packing and
Teaming a Specialty
Daily stftfc-o leaves  I>aton at 12 o'cl «k lor Trout l.nke Fergnson and Camborne
Loaves PergDSon, via Trout Lako (or Beaton at 7 a.m.
Branch Stables at Trout Lake, Beaton, Ferguson and Camborne
Capital Aothorked, 14,000,010 H ml Office i
Capital [paid up] •   lJOOO.000 TORONTO.   ONTARIO.
Ue.t    -        -       -     2.S.-.0.O1KI
Branches in the Northwest Torril irios, Provinces of British Columhla, Manitoba,
Oatai i" and Quebec.
T. I!. UBRRITT, President. D. R WILKIE, Vlce-PrM. and Ota. Man.
K. HAY, iasUtaatG«n. Manaper.      W  Ml ' PAT,Chief Innpector
Tr«l    L»k«,    D.    0. Ill—it   I    Oearnl     c..,it    SailuMf    T iiuiW
Sarinju Departmeat->~Depostti r wi tved an l Interest allowed.
Drafti BOld avnil.O.I. In all |mrt« of i o »,1».
I'uiud siaif* nnii Burope,
Hixvlal HUfiil.iiiClflvo i to collfctlmil and
Mining Bontt,
J. Y. Griffin & Co.
Celebrated Brands ol   Ham, Bioon
and i- .- .
NELSON,       -        -       B. C.
Do you need a oom/brubli bomel ifwiiry
iiio Madden Houat, Weil fUrnhitaed roomi
llghtad iiy elootrtollr, SnitHilaH board. In
tbaburyon «'iii find nil ihi beat doDiMtleand
Imported llquora and rii;iirH.
Thonuo Madden   Prop-
E. Ferguson & Co.
Wholesale dealers in Winoa, Liquors
and CigiirH.   AgcnlH for Pabil Hour.
NBLSON. fi, C.
e. a i
Mem. O.I.C.A.
Regular and Special Audita,   Rofoi«
enoei   Canadian Rank of Commerce,
lion Brewing Co.
Brewers of ej.*  & Porer.
0|roslsand, - . b. c.
jjl   %.fy^VX/   is  ''",  '""<   r"' you to
'at    1 ^ ^r   » v       il'   Proapects of Fergnson
So bright.
Vx« The  Town   of  FEBQUSOH
:p; will be one < f  ilm   (4r«ateat
Ore Producin; (' itnpi la ibo
World.    T :ie   high   -I  2i'- j of
sncosM    achieved    by    the
niinieioiiH VVE \ LT'll I ami
COMPANIES now ooert ing
there is u tribute to the
tremendous wealth of the hills
Public Bcbool, Hospitali and
other inatitntiona. Excellent
Waterworks ajstetn,  Streets,
Stolen and Residences illumined by Elaotriolty,   Daily
mall m rvice. Tho townsite
is adumaUy laid out     Gel in
S()\V on the ground floor.
Lota can  now bo purchased
■■»&4» es--o-e>«« v>ooc>> }■■■■■   ■
i Prospectors' Exchange
BUA I ON, D c.
Y18ITOUS nrriviiiR ul lieaion (the threshold n| the 1 ardsau)
vin arrowhead, will find thli Hotel to b« full} equipped
(or hlffb-oliii trade.   Esesllenl accon wlntlon.    A wall
appointed and spacious dlnlns hall.    Thai  ol Wines,Spliiti
and i'i,M'h    Penonal lupervTslon in Riven to tho raqulremonli ol
pstioi ■   v. Iters to the Lardeau aan rely on eomforl al this hotel,
; W. BOYD -;- -;- Prop.


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