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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-09-20

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 a* ■
. ^^-^"-■*,*v,v'*
tfliflfe' ';
fr,r*..i    Iban
"vtrii i
■••I td*   I
"rutdiui i.  j
'-'". . ■ ■ •-
The   I'fipre Kiitatiiti
0 f the rich Lard-Lan
Ii ountry. .•■.-ut. in
any add**?(a for \'i
hex an. i i adVaAc*.
. ■*«; «i_r; _.;.*•
TROUT LAKI; CUV, B.C.,  , Sept. 20 ico6
!. \M)    RKt
1    .i   '.I'lieu tl
-       *   *   I      In.oli     l'l
I-l ItY
a  ;u, api
Al I
Miners and^-oggers
A I. nt lhal you tak.* no
chance with. < We
guarantee every pair.
t  Made of French Kip
stuck throughout.   *| Al-
wayi keepi mmI ww
pliable. _ M-.ti\r especially for Ul by I ftkic
fit ('-,.
Miners - $7.00
Loggers $7.50
INDRI WS* I *• Propi
8 Dm IK      Mfllcnu  W P
|    [ 13,  - KblbUli, D.L
^^^        I'l'l'lll'I-
1 lm)'- El lotl   aa  the owner
n I'll1,   'i i   I'ax   Sab.*
Kred :    1 it.pmv
'. -i.-- >i ol th. Ucvc aii k«  A--.*-.*
menl bialriol lo Frederick • Iini lei
tt, healing date thu 7th .Inv
• *   ■ •     •   1>.   1906,   oi all
i:. * cerlniri parcel or
' ct t.i and .. 'I i remi .*• sltuutc,
li in[i ai d I   in • in ti..   District of
K   ni. nn;,    I i   ll.o I'nii luce   'I    I>n
u-li  i t'iiiinl'Li, in in* paiticularlj
bioi«rn ri id 'i'*-' i ided us—
l.ui 8 Blo<k 52.    I.o! 47 Block   17
and I.oti '..'• and '27  Block 51  all
in i! s Tow t "i* 1 iiu' I.nl e,
Map (5801
Y' i  nml  each  "f   you arc
, , I., i int. si the . In iti. '■!  the
■ i . | . ■ * : . ii . ■
f iin* service of this ,    ...
,.    , ,    ,    .     liini.  i-i .i
■;i uu yon,.'.nil in 'hi in.' * ; ^^-^^^^^^H
... ,        repiescuted 11, every
*i 11 locate  .1 li* p. adeni ,, ,
\\ I., ii,   then fo..
being Mi .1 will,in snch period ,    ,
'        in anati i * I .i . :.i..nl
.1.1. A I.       I   ...      AS AK
KlS KU i   iH lil..il.l/. '.   WN
Ol' l.Aiil.li.U  HOPES.
I he general uniiiiigeri <.f ' ans*
1 hi Lt i.n i 1 ci i,H ■v -
live    opini .nn   and   exceedingly*
caution •  it. •.". lint  they say In    h
io  tlie business   and   financial  outlook ..I   th a   cnunlry   or
li i. \    l",\< 11   M.I.*, iiii;
ii ti. .*-i.     Unlike A nn i can    I sn
■; ■  who  i ■   tho iiii   I   pnrl   rt p.
resent o ly  n Eiuall i Jit.*nt ol  territory,   the Aniericon  banks  hav-
i ing uo 1>. tu In i, l.l. •  ...ir own, the
•• ,. *   nf a   Cans lim
I...    ih   '.ii' I.i ■-,! s v. iichftil
eye nil   over    the   iliuuinioi
I t_i iii.ii   n.i.*   in, ii v    illtcre) Is
The    ph. • i, < • 111 < -. ia!    success    nt-
lnineil hy  the Iippc, i.i    Bunk  •'
Cunudtt, .if   whloh   Mr   Wilkie  ir
now tin* president, »h vvoil or iln
general maunder, ia universally ud
milled to I." .Ine In  n largo mens
ure lo thu   ;.■ ■ ■.iiIis   ..i the   lii.Ui. I.
. cnily ap| biuted  by ths bourtj  i
directors to tho   hiolius!   position
>ii their power  to fill.     Since   u>
foiin.lalidn  in 1875, the Imperial
; Brink   bus    iiicreSj. <\   i'a    i tpl'nl
i inuil now it i.iin.i.ni* '.. 15,000,000
' .villi n rest  of $4.28 1,0 10     The
bank's total  ass. ts i n  Augusl
nu..nni,-I in • >.*    • i '  000 i
its  d n *-ii- i'i   "irciiliiti'i.'
mn..unl* lo over 181.0 I l.pUO,
Tho Imperii!I u.n tho third bank
io tijiin in Manitoba, -uiling s
bra nob ihere in |8M). In August
1892.   ibe    imperial   "comtnenc J
Notice ii her. hj /i\> n lhat   60
days afiei the first   publication  id
ibis notice in the   li. (.'. (iasette,  I
in end io appl*. t.i  ilrr lion, • Ihi
Commissioner ol Lands and Work?
S     'a  is   bei given  thai
* ntlu f< * iti the Brat
I       ....   i       ;   in  tb" Bi
I <l   I.,
spoil a I
■inner *>l i-!   VV<   I    '
specie    licensee to
away ' lllO  I
■ritsui •    *     *  * ' itted  in
Kilo'I     ' »
Nu  I    I
eiam   i       •   ** nm th lnnk ..f Smith	
l.ik .        :. ul .
t ol a mile above F       Mil , .   .    -       . ,
mar.   '• I'   -V     '> '. ! ll.e ftti ition liere-
eorm   i ...       - Colombia     neite. 1
ther  •    *
SI *      .*' ...Ml I .tai
llie ' - ■> Umber !r«<»   ll.e   (o
is tlircctlj
mi fi Can-
, a   uii.enil
... inn bank lakes   ■*.,.   ,  ...    ,\  licenco lo out an
be forever   stopped   ai u «i* ^^   o<&f n  |MrKe section of thia L,rr„ BWay  timber from the fo
I from rwttinR tt| y claim .|w   u        lonB    mide\      ' , Unda Quoted i
'  -'""'   '"•'  "id,,nnd' .,,",„ lino.f, ,.,, pei-sonal   nbserva- "    ' ^
•     :    '    "   ':'     "^-'"      '    '    ■ ■:.n.:i,„l l,i, v.. «r un. !,, I,.,-..*-
-K;i:"":""iv"-:I"" '       ,,,. .,„.,„ *   ol  affairs are
Dated at  Und   Reg;istry Office vc,1;vnr,|iv „f wr,fu, conai
;  . I'l.iV .* . f 1'iMUr-li < oir.lll-
ir.- j operaionH in thia province, open*
uX *i hm io i in Victoria, 1 ti ail
litio i t'i thi*. city, tlie linj.ariul
ins now branches in frilitn Col-
ii i.bin nt Victoria, Vancouver,
*i. laim. Crantjrook, Go'ijeu ami
It vlat'k.*. Th* bank ia not |.ur-
ioiibiily iiiturctlcd in miniug ven*
iiirea, but  has so  fur  devoted Its
ef attention rai lier lodgricuHure
iiunufncturing and lumbering,
■nth*'iiifh i.m Mr V< lli.i • put it: "It
- ofoourte' equally ..ur policy to
adapt ourselves to tho opportunities ami commands ol the coinmu*
ity whatevi r tbey inny be."
Mi Wilkie reache I •> is in afior
. trip through the Canadian w< -i
as far ..a the coast a-, i referrinn to
th.* lm .tl situation, ti." gtnerul
manager asidt
" 1 am very pleased to note th*-
favorable outlook in the Koofanays
v .'. are p... longer depetldeut wholly upon tin; mines >.i Uie district,
trull cultivation and ihe lumbering ii.iljr-try uow playing an itn-
portant part. Tho mines, ofenuise
wi i provide a horn • market of the]
exiKirts, o.viug of ooarse, io me
A,i ricnii prohibitive tariff now in
force, But I do not d-is^'Wi be
misunderstood, it ib an undeniable
f.iet and one very gratefully adinti»|
t.*<l, tl.rit i.ii-.t.-rti (.'.aua.'a vnaauevei
•"i prosperous ai at tha presontj
time. Tbo harvest lias been won-
derfully abundant all over lhe do-
minion, uinl this can have only one
effect, ft most beneficent one, • n
busiuess generally;, for agricult it
It the iiretil fo in latinn for our ni -
tional prot|wrily.
" I rtgrel lo notice that « urea
deal of American silver is still i.
ciaculation in Canada, the result nl
whieh i* n corresponding reduction
in ilm circula ion .•! .*ur o« u sii
ver and mir on n UOles. It is a!
most imi otsible, now that the en
couragment tor the sxport u;
American silver by the government baa cased* toobtainchai ■..
•or a t«*:i dollar bill, withouf be iiji
ioadeil tlnw*w will. American doi
lars and fifty cent   pieces.    Whei
it ia understood that I' e  inlrinaii
value of the  Anit rican silver «!i>l
f *Mn^«BBcaiapBMM> %
A Leckie Boot
Votpctfcrr. <.z\<\Miner,
*      B ol British Colr.ni- i'j^'bf Vhe goi'.crai ptiWia	
s 28th dav of August, A   D      D.R. Wilkie, who has lust tpen t
i'i r. . , , ■    ■ ,     ,    -     -,
-_  a tlnv ui i i:i- .ii v  and  sr bo is still
•nmenc p ■  >'
en      mei potl. thence sou ,„ |oMtw
ch    *   i »   weal   ■'" .       ,     .  .,
„     .        th   «0  chains
.liaine. to the i
c fluent
i. u   tl
, i   i   (ore   neat •
.. hereby nvn tu«tr-ixlvi c •■
H   V  Macleod  '  -—'   i',,,l w1'"  ' Mil»
Dtttivt KeKi« rs eU,nB 'bout lhe    Kootenays,
.„   ,, ,      i   i i    ,, is a Canadian general bank   mnn.
I.* ll i id   Xogeler,   A.   U
.   . , *,,.     ,.., ci u ii ter ol nu*  broad. ■'   and in  -'.   ml
Mi.itli.Um  Ihompson,!   I3.\>e  -
i   ,       . .      t i    l-   ii ' '..iti.'t 'I I vi'.r.       I i   ... i    ■
.1.,lm Al.tali.iiii-iin. J. I*. Hume. . ,    „   ,
■r>aii*. with all fin niicial affairs  and
4 • noi _l.   noi  bio "1 en ugh tu
ink.* a  keen  inten.-(  in all thai
.ij*;» r'aii.- ti) lb*   public iif**   ! lb I
IDMI'AMI S   At i   1897
Ni.tii'- is In   j t- Per
ry v -. ■ i i.f
I i illt   Likt .   ii  C.   ' i-
iKiinlod tlf  . ■ »   Vttornny of ibe
■ <   estnulU     M  * •.; ''" npnny '
"Non Personal Liability" in the
pla.c of Tl       - V. Khrehart,
Dated this Filtl dsyof S
-   'i   W
Itegislrai i f Joint   *•     .   Com-
41 '• • w .•'.   Kt.   I- IIS)
V.       '       . i . .        -
  ettt-K •• ■ i, i.. > -
-   .. *i ml  i«o
the    north   bank   ol        a •        ill   muik.-,l C. I
k of Lat
lards from8 . '    "';"-•""'"'  '"
\ est Kootenay Distrii t
('oiiiiiii U"iiio nt a post pl il
it Harry Langrela 8onth*Eost corner |" -i marked Malcolm Bea tont.
North-East comer posl about four
miles ir.ni Tronl Lake on th*
Beaton wagon road, tbei ce wesi
80 cliaina, ibence s lulb -**'1 tiiHin.
tlieiK*..* E.<at >ti fn tins, thi u ••
Noi t'i .'tii chains to point of com-
incnci ■
! ■ cated Sept. I-i   1906
Mulcoin Ii«'.'t'ii
L* It'A Tot*
Ainswortl   I I   -
Noi given
:.. iii t   publication  of
ibis notice, 1 it.ten I t.. apply I
Notice is hereby given   ll.at 60
■l.v*.   after    tlie     pul.'...*nl*..n     of
ti i- notice   in    tm llrin-h Col
uiiibi.i  (i.ij.-tli',  I lltcnd  to  m ik«
•ii nn tc tin* i'ii .1 Coin mi s-
•   of l.iin.is  and   Works  ; ir U
!  license i.. cut  nud carry
away timber for  tli"  following do
•.-  -tui-it'.'.  in   West
r-    ■ rict.
Commencing    •      I      -i   mark.*.I
M   II at on's s B,    .* irnei
pl.uito.l aii •;.! one mile North-Enal
l.ik.*  ni.V'i   K..-..I  bt
Iwei ■ creek and Boulder
Wl   1  (irovilir u  iiniu      nt"-	
best kind for ibe output of the lar is fr-jin 65 lo 60 cents it will Le
ranches and east i.f tba Bockits quickly teen that our governmei.l
vou have an inex iu'h'.i mar- it lotlng the difference between tbe
kel f..r all you cm. grow. j quoted valued nod pir upon  th
'•I am lorry «hat Canadian cap- average circulation   of America*-
i alists hnve not apprecialed'.tothe sllverin Canada.
,*.,:;,: portu itiea offered  for      "As to  my previous visit  out
investment in the liimbar indnstrv.' here. 1 have Wn greatly impressed
t understand that, particularly of with the regard t«r nw and order
!,■,.    American   lii.iiber.n.*n   are'in  the .vest, an 1  particularly   in i
1 mav'lng ihe  i of ih*.'r ehanoea the Kootenays, snd  this apparent*
of gelt ng inhere whilst Canadians My wiUiout  auy stringent reatric-
i.aec frequently wandered vtry far hive liquor lavs      When  left  io
•   1,1   inatead  of   looking   more jthemaelves tbe', people    here  are
,.-,* y int... for inatahce, the Inm [evidently   not driven   to excess.
^r industry here. | Vou are beyond question  a very
-The atliefactory    growth    nf Mawbiding commumiy.
bntinesi  here  has   been   marked!    •• 1   will take back   witb  me to
particularly  in the latt two years   Toronto mostexml'ent impressions
Around Nils.n on  every  hand   lj.-t my whole   trip  and   my   brief
L. 127
Solid leather *J in. Miners
.r i'r..s|.o.*t.ir.*)' Boots; made
with outside counters waterproof chromt grain |.*p, best
veal kip, V vamband full hollows tongue to tlie top: a broad
io.* last withdoub'e sole and
slip.    Klondike  eyelels    and
hooks.    Practically indestruc
libie,    Por   ii'.n  by  all   goji
J. Leckie Co.
Local and General.
Tho Harvest Thanksgiunj: services nt 6**t. John the Babtiat
Church have been arranged for
Sunday Sept. 30th The Ven.
Archdeacon Beer will conduct the
services in tlie rnnrniiiK at 11 a.m.
*.nd evening at 7.31 p.m. Spe<*i*l
As?istai.ifc   e;th*r of ar-
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm— music.    ^^^^^^
around Nelson on  every  hand   I  of my whole  trip  and  my  briet ! lic,M ,or dcc(.raiion or help in de
,ave found indisputable efidenoes (visit to your city baadeepened nnd' corBl-ng Uia church will be wel-
hllt the people are  happy.  oon*r confirmed the ex«y»llent opinion   I
'. I           1    .\m....m     1....1       ..I      V..1c.ill      r.I.,1,  —.	
tented i.ml nrotoerous, no
...-.rely hopeful, but ttlra.idv lualia-
ing the rcaults of their early enter-
•■ Tug. bounty   granted by the
dominion go'ernmnntto the silver-
lead industry has been helpful  in
«. miniating mil steadying the in-
lustry and  making it possible lo
onger I have always hnd   of  Nelson  and
he district surroundiua it." M-   ...       ,    . .„_»,•■ '.v.ii.
., ,    , n. .-»••.   Mcl'-.t^b,  rir.ime.1  o utl-
Mr.   \> illr.1i*    wr.a  over   in    .. •        *re». , ., „  ..  .
,. ., nr*-...*.. .:uui   .T.^oknn-1. Mis. Jloln-
Bounuary   c»tmtrv    1'ndav   and       .   . ,     , ,„,. j,„
.,,   . . * ;,   ,       * : tosh is onlv slaving fur n tew cays,
will virit ( ranbrook before leaving
for l,,e l"" *** If J. S.  Laurence and  Capt.  Gore
—*  lofthtCP.R.   were up during   the
I hereby given that with | e,.ft rart*of lllP week<
Mr Gatesof  Revelstoke ia here
ween Glenn    eie.-k and uoumor locnm, .-> »" r~'\~" j    ,Vr. ulIlbiftn„,iet,e. I intend  lo apply ito take Mr.  Herdman'a place at
l cbaius weat tin i silver ami laau.   i       uinoiaj   _ _    r>   (     M_   UnrA
;:;„i'„ .v. .I,:.i„- ■    ro;,lly  l   would  have  preferred to thw Hon
.i   ..... l.v i       , .        ■     . i ,.r..   liniintv. 1 ,,f l.ai.tls an
chains,  tli'iif*  suUlbtfJ
,1.1    I'.o
. .   j;   i   : . i '
M.I!   u '••
.   .   erenvi iven ihmim*-.-.
PPI) So. 3 J                                         ..,
I            el Commissioner of Land* ™ "'^                          -     -        lys »..er........     .      ■                                                                 ,Q
•             .'..•*•    pn.- ,'..„,. „,  .I,,,*,.   west,   ihenc.   W „,j8 notice, I mlend to applj              N          «b       '   ■                    ,
y^nefer of my licence for the King d.ys   »'•■;' •   '\, "   ;
t Trout Uke, West KeotUheiiceM^n. back to the, IJ ( ^ ^^    {    ]:   ^   „,.     ......   t.i   ;-J','t, mik-
iap,v      ,u,",(^fw(_fi:
.* I    \l 'II k< fll
, -t, and commencing ata
,          .*,..,    r.    i       •'■   - •         • ..  eoee, *    *
> \\   corner,    thenco s , i   •       •        •       ' ' i,,!';'"
« '•■      -'•'                 ■ '           "'^■'•t   ""^ Zlirko"' ,   i
•      •           i rr»»t i „;;•',•„:;"
... ,.;...,:,I., H Ui '..,.', t I*"'""1' "
: *                  IW "'■'' "'• remsnt.            y  |g
ii                .   more • r latt ""■"'J          , ,   ver.
I    * 1 2nd Aug., 1*""'* ..„ .,   u.mn.eiicbwsl ai  -'
•   r is hi         •         lhatwitb* . J*,*, noriheslt corner r;';
.1            *_*                .1               t    .      .     t.IlK- ^..  ..I.a
■  . Is hereby givei  I      wun-        , norines.  • ••-     ^     .
in i» rtol in  the Br tisb Col-1
. ue,  1  Intend to annlv "   " .' , ,.....o iisnv
'"  "  '  ;   •" "  ',     "" '     ""*  com locator.
•' Commissi mem c.i..corr.u
itel   nl    Ainsworth
McKinnon. . alJ „ u,,...,, .-- ...   --
J,.]„   Munro. ; ,..,.-,.. r .f Li-. I* « '•! W irk** «\'
A  lingofthe   Bnanlol   I.i* JM ^^J: TeZ\S
.   mmisioi   --  will be  bed   '    ,.|li.i  llt,u sit me I in West
at the Mining  Recorder's office at  ~  ,)e )ny i>iS*r. e im«n**nci"g ata
"      ■--•--'   M"'J ,,s*. m.r.*!    El   ;1 " V.
in two months from the first   Pub
lustry ami m»**".o ** i       i , .   4,    „ . , .   „.
I   .1 :■.:-• »■>«■ '■»-   lieationliereol in the Briitah  Col-
"     '           -*>. 1 intend   toapply   „,  ,„»«  —   	
it     l    would   lave   preierr*..  io me  ««...  Cnief Conirnissionsr   the  Imperial    Hank*    Mj* Herd
n i„ place of a bounty. I of Unda and Works, for a special   man wilt  go to Revelttoke.
!'„'."if I'.'rotec:hm is impoisible,  I  lioence tocutaud cirryaw*^ tlm -—- -
i„ l.iin.iiv under existing ber from the following'dfacri'ied      Timber Clatln ko. 3.
2L2LS: Kk the bounty ta* .U-ttjdin Wesl Kootenay:
.hould be conlloned   for a cycle of     Timber Claim. No. 0
!1„ .a thlt w,,.ld  gsnrtntee the Commencing at a po t planted
\ZlellZ .melting indnttry.       on the North side of Poplar creek
1,„ d, rate   dn.v   on  rough 1200 feet from the river bank: about
.    i . « .ni.l rt-a.lv thc market 8 miltt from Poplar, marked Chat,
lml)|,er would rt a.i> I ., s  E c(,r„.r U0.U thei.ee
lor that commodity, and *ce«r ^^ ^ aQ
houielnmbtrmenlettattbbmercy|_L^__    iu_^  w^   «n ch.ins.
Ir....! l..k.*, on Tuesilny '2nd Oct
obei 1006, al oleven o clock in tbe
f irnnoon, lo consider tbe above ap
W 11  Bullock-Webs
Chief I.o once Inrpector
N.* ■     80th August, 1906,
..on er ,. '*t   l"1
nted "•'" i**'1 -   ■
olui  lleatonaS E   c»rner
<>f financial   panics and crises  in
the United Stntea.
•* Bat ern Canada does nol bene
I tit to the full extent by   tin   gr»it
-t;    -         ^^r^^dvaiieeinthewes,    It will  be
'       '. iV.*t  80oh.ln.inoudth.ttb. imitation, from
„,.,.im .fioiimienceiiient.
uud >l.d   I   Aug   IW.
El, Hillman
tbe United  States  nre very   large
without e >i reap .tiding  incieate in
•     *           ,    , .intlliri "" •■"• -■   ".. ■„,:!« n r»t of   11
. !, , , river, about one mile tn m ■    * hsl   ""'•'y.,piarai
Gerrard,   markrf   C.    I-   Copp s | i„i,i«. acroai isw r>«    .    ,,h»,.t
north weat corner po.t, thenee cast i           '!,",,„   , ,ouib 20.*hslM,
••       bt .th 40ch.ins, .           *  ;     •   .
•    w.st    -ii   chaii *,   Ihei ce ,,.  *• ,
. *  haintlo poinl  ol com ,,...                """»•   '
mencement -'.;'                              „„„...
led July 16 * 1906 , ''.,   !„ "'        Rltmu^
(l.l ol t*. I." al'.r
twmwt* ■■■a*'********!***********^^
\    A.G.
chains,    thepce   Kast   80  chains,
thence North  SO chains,  back  to
point of commencnicnt.
Loeated Sept. 16. 1906
Chas Hai.son.
"Timber Calm, Ko. 1.
Commencing at a post planted
on the North aide of Poplar creek
200 feel from the liver bank sbout
Commencing at a post planted
on the North side of Poplar crock
500 feet from lhe river bank about
6 milea from  Toplar   marked S.
McLellan's N.   E,   corner   post
thence    Weel 60   chains   thence
South  80 Chains thence East   80
chains,  thence North   80 chains,
back lo point of commencement.
Located Sept. 15,1906.
N. McLeUan
Timber Claim No A.\
Commencing at a post p'auted
nn tlie North side of Poplar creek
200 feet from tlie creek b.ir >- obotu
7 miles from  Poplar msmed  N.,
McLellant   N.   E.   rorner   post
* 4 miles from Poplar, marked Chas I^V'^'u^.t 80   chains     the
H.nsons N. E, corner post, tbeoos dmin9 U]cnce Kagt s0
; .v.'st 80 ehtlnt, thenoe South 80 ^^^^^^m
ichiiii.a,  thenee    K.itt
thenee North BOchaint, back
point of c.imtueiiceiiieiit.
Located Sept. 16, 1006. ■
Hlxtj daft tfttt date I Intend to
a. i ly to tlie  hon   Chief Commit* r
sinnsr ol  Lands and  Work- I i  ;
ill ,, t., purchata lhe lollow* .
ing  ib cribed   landa   iltnale   In
> Hav. Upper  Arrow  Lake,
W  Kooienav dlttrlct    Commencing at a potl  marked T. SVtttpn t \
N E (urnor poal,   tIkmi- ■   nortb '*-'' '
ehs   i,   thtnci   w.*at   •«>  chains,
thei ce louMi twenty chaiht.lhen-tD i
rail forty chaini to point  of c • ;
»    •    m snd containing ei«biy i
terra mors nr less. |(
Imians L Paddo*.     \
July I8th,1906,
Let/ ua figure
On Your
E. A. Haggen.
rttock. tliara aa'l rimtirlal Rrnkar
Heal relate aiui lusiiranra.
I Ire, Life, Arddent, llnlih,
Quatntssami r.tnpU.iiri
l.iat.ilitv ttiaii.aa •
Boll rsprtisntattvs for '.'.nn-
chaini thence    North 80 chains
fl Wl*11''-' i,.uk to point ol commencement.
11 •        Located Sept. 15,1906
N. MoLcllau
Chat Hansen,
Gents Furnishings Gents Fiirnishingi     1
■s.-iis rinriiintsu,. ..
mil me Ini'tmiirs CiiniPSnlll In
I'roi.l l.aia. )*'*rin»«n, Ural nn
ami Camiinrn*.
Corraien*i',*n(*a pionptW
niit-i'lil ta
Tiinh'.r Claim No '.'.
Commencing at a ptat planted
on the North side  of Poplar creek
Itthnut 5 miles from Toplar marked
jCh.18. llsusons N   Y.   corner poat,
[ thence   West  80   chaius,   thence
South Hu chnins   thence  East 30
i chains thence  North  80 chains,
back to point of commencement.
Located Sept. 16, 190tl.
Chna. Hanson,
Notice is hereby glten that within tiio months from the lirst publication hereof iu the Uritiah Columbia Curette, 1 intend to apply
to the lion. Clii,*f Commissioner
of Land? and Works for t specisi
licence to cut and cany aw..y tlm*
ei from tlie tallowing detttlbtd
liiiidaaituit.d in   West K.sitenay
N'oli.'r is hereby  given that  60
dayt after I ho drat publication of
this notice in tbo   British  (.Vlum-
bia Oafelte,  I inteml to apply  to
the  Hon. Chief Commiasioner  of
Lands and Works for a special Li
cence to cut und carry  away  lim-
b«r  from the  following described
lands situated in West   Kootenay.
Comment.''ig  at a post plumed
st Harrv Langrela  N.   E.  corner-
post  about  4  miles   from Trout
Lake  on the Beaton  wagon road
marked I'.d. Uillmaua N. W.  corner post, {theno.  East 80 chains
thence South 80   chains   thence
West SO chains thenee   North  80
ohaltN to point of cominoncameut:
located Sop*. 10, 190C.
Ed. Hillman,
te, ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.... ...♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ee»e»^
* .»»
N the Parle evening pspers of
I'm.-.liny,  Feb.  28,   1800, the
following anuoiiiiceuieut up-
"A great robbery, committed against
one of our most hunuitilile bankers, M.
Andre Fauvel, caused Intense excitement tills morning throughout tbe
neighborhood of the Bue tie Provence,
Tin' robbers with extraordinary skill
nml boldness succeeded i" making hu
entrance to tba offices, in forcing the
lo. k »f a safe that bas heretofore been
considered Impregnable and lu getting
nway with the eiioinious sum of 880,-
uuo francs in bank notes. The police,
Immediately Informed of the robbery,
dltplsjred tiifir sccnst sd seal, am)
their Investigation! have been crowned
With success. Already, It Is said, one
r. R. i clerk In the bank, bas been
arrew I, ami there Is every reason to
hope that hla accomplices will be soon
overtaken b.v tbe hand of Justice."
Itut this time the newspapers were
Inaccurate In their Information. Tha
sum of 350,000 franca certainly had
been stolen from M. Andre Fauvel'l
bank, but not in the manner described.
The following are the facts as they
were related with scrupulous exactness
Bt the preliminary examination:
The banking house of Andre Fauvel,
87 Rue dc Provence, Is an important
establishment ami, owing to Ita large
force of clerks, presents very much
the appearance of a government department. On the ground floor are the
cfHees, with wludowa on the street,
protected by strung Iron bara, sufficiently large and close together to discourage all burglarious attempts. M.
Fauvel'a private office la on the first
floor over the offices and leads Into his
private apartments. Tills private office communicates directly with the
back by means of a narrow staircase,
which opens Into the room occupied
bj the bead cashier. This room, which
ln the bank goes I.y the name of the
•'cashier's office." la proof agalnat all
attacks, no matter how skillfully planned. Fastened In the wall by enormous Iron clamps Is a safe, a formidable and fantastic piece of furniture,
calculated to fill with envy the poor
devil who easily carries his fortune In
a pocketbook.
The safe is op.-ii.il by a curious little
k.y. Hut this Is the hast Important
part of the mechanism. Five movable
steel buttons, upon which are engraved
oil the letters of the alphabet, constitute the real power "f *•■'■. Ingenious
piece or ru nil i*.;.". It Vat Inserting
the key Into the lock theletters on the
buttons must be in tbe exact position
In which thej were placed wheu the
sata was locked. Iii M. Fituvel's bank,
as everywhere, the safe was always
closed With a word which was changed
from time to time. This word was
known only to the li.n.l of Uie bank
nnd the caviller. They each had also a
key. There was bill one .lunger—that
of forgetting the word which was In-
On the morning of the 2Sth of FeD*
rtinry the employee! were all busy at
their various deaka al."Ut half past 9
o'clock when a middle aged man of
very dark complexion iiinl military
bearing, In deep m lurnlug, presented
himself In the offlt e adj lining tbe safe,
where he found the or six employees.
He asked to see the cashier. He waa
told that the easl ler hail not yet aril veil and that tl.e casbroom waa not
opened till 10 o'clo. i.. a notice of which
was posu J I;. ::.
*'l thought," he Mid in a tone of cool
Impertinence, "to Bud some one here
ready to attend to iny business, hav-
Inn arranged the matter with M. Fauvel yesterday. I am Count Lotila de
Clameran. an Iron maker at Oloron,
nini have come lo draw 3.XI.000 franca
deposited In ihis hank by my late
brother, whose b.ii I am. It la surprising that no orders were given
about IL"
Neither tbe title of the noble manufacturer nor his explanations appeared
to affect rhe clerks.
•'The CSlbler  has  not yet arrived,"
tin;. repeated, "'and
for you." _
"Then conduct me to 11 FnuveL"
There was some hesitation, then a
clerk named Caisllloo, who was writing near a Window, snld:
'•The  chief   Is   always  out  at   thia
been robbc'i:
Prosper'! expression, his hollow voice
and trembling limbs betrayed such
fearful suffering that the clerks got
up  from   their  desks  and   rrin   toward
liliii.     Ho  almost   dropped   Into  their
j arms.    He was sKrk nn.l faint and fell
I Into a chair.
ills companions surrounded blm and
begged blm to explain himself,
"Robbed?" tbey said. "Where? How?
I Ry whom'.'"
Gradually Prosper recovered himself.
"All I had In the safe."
"Tee, all—three packages, each con-
i tabling loo notes of a thousand francs,
I and one package of 50,000,   The four
psckagea were wrapped In a sheet of
paper and tied together."
With   the   rapidity  of  lightning  the
[ news of the robbery ipresd through-
I out tbs bank.   The curious clerks rushed In.
"Did you find the safe broken open?"
said young Catnillon.
"So; It Is untouched."
"Yesterday I put 330.00.1 francs In
the safe, and this inwiilhj; it ll gone."
A messenger had already Informed
M. Fauvel of the disaster, and at tills
moment be entered tbe room. If, An
die Fauvel ap|«ared to be a Ulan of
lil'ly. Inclined to corpulency, of medium height, wiih iron gray hair, and,
liko all hard workers, he had a slight
stoop.   Never did be by s sh gle a tion
belle the kindly expression of his face.
He had an open countenance and a
lively, frank too.
"\\ hat's this I hear?" he said to the
clerks, who stood before him respectfully.   "What's happened?"
The sound of XI. Fauvel'S voice In-
spin ,1 ti.e cashier with the energy of a
grmt crisis. The dreaded and de. - re
moment bad come. He arose and advanced toward his chief.
"Monsieur," he began, "having, as
you know, a payment to make this
morning, I yesterday drew from tbe
Bank of France 850,000 francs."
"Why yesterday, monsieur?" Inter
ropted the banker. "It seems to tne
that 1 have a hundred times ordered
you to watt until the day of the pay
"1 know, monsieur, and I did wrong
to disobey you. But the evil Is dona
festerday evening I locked up the
funds. They have disappeared, and
yet the safe lias not been forced."
"You are crazy," exclaimed M. Fauvel, "or you are dreaming!''
"I am not crazy, neither, unfortunately, am I dreaming    i au .imply
m. ne i laments eiiaentiy expected
this answer, for he muttered:
Although ho only pronounced this
word, his voice, his manner, his face,
clearly said:
"This comedy Is well acted, but nt-v-
. ertheless II Is a comedy, and 1 don't
Intend to bs duped by it."
".Hi. don't be alarmed, monsieur,"
said lhe banker. "This house has other resources. Have patience till my return."
He went out and up the narrow steps
leading to his study and at the end of
flvo minutes returned, holding In his
hand a letter and n bundle of securities.
"nere, quick, Couturier," he said to
one of his clerks, "take my carriage,
which Is waiting, and go wiih monsieur to if, do Rothschild's.   Give blm
tills letter and these securities. In exchange you will receive 800,000 rinnrs,
which you will hand to this gentleman,"
The Iron founder was visibly disappointed. He seemed to wisli to apologise for his Impertinence,
"i assure you. monsieur, that I bad
no Intention of offending,   i*'..r some
years our relations have been such lhal
"Enoiigh. monsieur," Interrupted the
banker. "1 desire no apologies, in
business friendship counts fur noth*
Ing.    I owe you money.   I nm not ready
to pay }..u.   Vou are pressing.    You
have a right to demand what Is your
own. Follow my clerk. He will pay
you your money."
Then he turned to his c**rrks who
Stood   curiously   gazing  on   and   said,
"As for you, gentlemen, resume your
In a moment the room was cleared
of every one except those who belong
ed there, aud they sat at their desks
Willi  their noses almost touching  the
paper before them, na if absorbed in
their work.   Still excited by the events
so  rapidly succeeding each other,  M.
Andre I'auvel walked up and down the
room with quick, nervous steps, o. i:.
slonally   uttering  some  low  ex, la m.i
tion. Prosper remained leaning against
the door, with pale face and fixed eyes,
| looking as If he had lost the faculty of
thinking.    Finally tba banker, after a
long silence, stopped short before Pros
j per.   He had determined upon his line
I of conduit.
"We must have an explanation." he
aald.   "Let us go Into your office."
The cashier obeyed without a word,
and his chief followed lilm, taking the
precaution to shut the door after them.
Nothing  In  the cashroom  bore  evidence of the entrance of burglars.   Bv*
erythlng   was   In   perfect  order.     Not
| even a paper was misplaced.   The safe
I was open, an.l on the top shelf lay several   rouleaus  of  gold,  overlooked  or
disdained by the thieves.    M. Fauvel,
| without troubling himself to examine
anything, took a chair and ordered 1. »
cashier to be aeat.il     He had entirely
recovered his equanimity, ami bla countenance wore its usual kind expression.
"Now  that  we are  alone.   Prosper,"
be said, "hare you nothing to u-11 me?"
The cashier started, as If the question   surprised   blm.     "Nothing,   monsieur, that I have nol alrsady ••■M j-ou."
"What?   Nothing!   Iio you peraist In
"Ah, It la thus, then," said M. Fauvel, unable to contain himself any longer.   "You dm.* -   Then between you
and me, M. Prosper Hortoiny, Justice
shall decide. Hod la my witness ihnt
I hnve done all I could to sine you.
You will have yourself It. thank lor
what follows I hnve sent I'm* the com
mllSSry of police, lie must be waiting lu my sillily.    Shall I call lilm?"
Prosper, with the fearful resignation
of a mnn who abandons himself, replied Iii ii Ktllled voice:
"IU. as you will."
The bunker was near the door, lie
Opened it Snd after glvlit*g ths cashier
a Inst searching look said to iiii office
"Anselme, ask the commissary of po
liCe to step down."
(To be continued.)
A New oue i> Orowa Before <>>•   Old
One   .- (.al  Off.
Odd ns It ma; sound to say so, the
lobster grows before, not after, be
casts Ms old hard shell that la to say,
he makes new cells and tissues, which
nre not ill OOCS tilled out, but which
are Intended to swell to Iheir full ill
mansions as aoou ns bs hns got rid o(
his i.lulling nml confining external aksl*
elelon. When the Critical uioineiit at
Inst arrlvea n new soft shell grows entire within the older and hinder one,
and the animal then withdraws hlin
self,   leg   I.y   leg,   ch.w   I.y   claw   aud
swtmmeret bj swlmmeret, oul of the
enveloping coat of mall which covers
him.   The Shedding of  the old coat   is
complete and absolute, Nol a fragment remains. Even the apparently lu-
terual hard portions are eaal off with
tho rest, for the entire covering forma
ouo cliitluuous piece, lh« Interior portions being really, so to speak, folds of
the skin Inserted Inward.
An entirely new skeleton hnd already
grown within the old one.  but exceed*
ingiy soft and Bexlble iii texture, and
the body becomes so almost fluid or
Jellylike not In structure, but lu power of compression and extension   Unit
even the  i.ig clawi  sre drawn out
through the narrower apertures of the
Joints In u perfectly marvelous manner. After a longer or shinier period
of muscular paroxysm the soft lobster
nt last disengages itself entirely from
tho dead shell ami emerges upon the
world a new and defenseless fleshy
creature. The whole cask skeleton, unruptured lu any part,  but dlsengsge 1
by   lifting   Up   tl.e   bodj   piece   whole   it
joins the tail, looks exactly like au entire dead lobster.
Dominion   Day   8ketch   ol   Paiienoers
Thrown Togetlv-ii^-Tolerint   Good-
Natur. Uppormoit—Itlent ol Fun.
All tha incoming tralm Dominion Day
were crowded,  in one particular ■
passengers  were pecked Ilka oraoksra
in a biscuit box.  But they were good-
natured.   Holiday crow,la usually    aro
full of enthusiasm of thi day and other
Ingredients, says Thi Toronto Telegram.
Throe  young   women   and  S   dOSSn   or
mora young men appropriated !l1" ''•'•■'
tra  seats   ami    dowered    huts,   ssllors,
Panamas and Dsrbys, with coa'*.  and
vests,  were    promptly    tossed    to    Ul.
racks above.
Bass Voiced Beauty.
'Wreak away, there," Shouted one of
th. o-nowd as a ourly-headed lad t< und
a pillow on his fulr oompanlon'S shoulder.
"Break nothln'," responded ths lady
with  the  made-gold  hair,   slipping   a
protecting   urin    around    th"    weary
I one's neck.   "Yer Just  JealOUS."
i    "ii'wun,"    laughed    Dm   bass-voiced
betiuly across Ihn aisle,   who   displayed
J several Inches of butterfly smbroldarad
I. sl. iy as she sat balanoing her heels
.on tha suit  case before her    "Oet  Into
the game an' pass the grub."
"i:v. ryti.'iiy iii it   wants   laadwlohei
I pile   in."   oallid   th.*   third   gtrl,   who
looked Hk. u front  row crhorui fairy,
I opening a valise from whloh eatables
and  numerous botUoi    f lager    wera
; produced, wbereup in thi ohunkli I
j of ih.*  lot  squeesed  in and  Inatltuted
himself bar-tander.
Bomebody,   In   fact   leveral    aome*
bodies,   br,night   out   mouth   outrun   nml
1 played "Yankee  D odle  Dai dy," "i-
ten to tho Hocking Bird." •""!  rai
other ssleotloni »uii energy and ihnu
taneouanesi tii.it would hava dona credit to a oallthumptan band.  Tha *
artists  of   ilia   assemblage,   til*. Inining
(iifonijiaiiliii.-iit. "Bumbled Till the H.richer Cul ill... Down," Implor. .1 "Br ■ il
Blyea N it  to Ci I "  and,    eo. If. rou ly
itating that  tiny   had  "Dona  Nothln'
to Nobody." ask.-i "Who Took the Bn
gin. hit My Neck?"   Though al  variance as to  time mnl  triii'*. they  «  ra
unanimous  In tii.-'r  decision  ot "No-
b dy."
Roses and Tobacco.
Of all hot weather beveraH<!s is |()E
It is Most Delicious
Lead Packets Only.
40c, 50c and 60c per Ib
And do..
yll^l       IV luxuriant  h,ur.    I.  ,   ,'„    C- lo°t.
and Ret tn,,i., ttt t\
You u,, J5*»JI
 t ii ■, i. i.
i in...   ii I* ii
'.'.'" B •a.
tying what la trwd  	
This calmuess at such a moment a*v   **"ef"»g ■ UMv *° al,surd "",1,rMk'u
pearcd to exasperate M. Fauvel.    He     °us «'" ''",0,"0 ">°,\'°fhl>' *"*?
seised Prosper by the arm and shook ! It?   u   s «*»«   °°?fld? to.,,a*   « "
^^m your only chance of salvation.    I am
I your chief. It Is true, but I am, alt-ove
all. your friend—your best ami Uuesl
friend.    I cannot  forget  that here (If
we can do uothlng
"Then I will call again," aald M. de
Clameran. Ami he .I. parted without
saying "(!ood morning" or even touching his hat.
"Not v,iy polite," aal.l little Cavall-
lon.   "Itut here cornea I'rosper."
Prosper Bertomy, caahler of Fauvel'a
banking boose, was a tall, handsome
man of thirty, with light hair ami blue
eyes, nml dressed lu the height of the
"Ah, here you are!" cried Cavalllon.
"Some one has Just been Inquiring for
"Who? An Iron manufacturer, waa
It nol V"
"Well, he will return. Thinking that
I   WOUld   be   late   Ihis   uioinlng,   1   st-
tended to the matter yestcrdsy."
I'rosper had DO locked his olllce ami
aa he finish.'.) apeak Ing entered ami
Closed the door behind blm.
"There Is a cashier.'' exclaimed one ,
or tbe clerks,  "who never lets any-
thing disturb blm.  Tbe chief has quar- ]
reled with blm twenty times for being
tardy, and i.is remonstrances have no
effect upon blm whatever."
"Ami with reason be knows bs can
get imi thing he wants oul ..f ths chief.
Besides, how could h.* come any sooner?   lie siis up uii night snd leads a
fast  life.    Have yui noticed how pule
in* looks thi*. morning?"
The casbroom door opened, and the
rnabler appeared before them With tottering step,
"Sobbed 1" he gasped out.    "1 have I
him roiigliljl
"SpeakP' he cried out "Speak! Who
do you say opened the safe? Answer
"1 cannot aay."
"No one but you and I knew the secret word. No one but you and I had
This waa a formal accusation. At
least, all the auditors present so understood It Yet the cnshler'a strange
calmness did not leave him. He gently release.l himself from the chiefs
grasp snd sai.l:
"In fact, monsieur, I am the only
me who coul.1 have takeu this money."
"Unhappy man:"
I'rosper drew himself up and, looking M. Pauvel full In the face, added:
"Or you!"
Tho banker made a threatening gesture, and there Is no knowing what
WOUld have happened If they hnd not
In en Interrupted by loud and angry
rolces In the entry. A man Insisted
upon entiling In spite of the pr.
lions of the employees and aueceeUed
In forcing his way In. It was M. dc
Chin.eran.   The clerks stood looking on,
bewildered, motionless, In profound al-
|t*in*e. It wns easy to see that some
t rrlhle <|iiestlon—a question of life or
death—was being weighed by all th.*..e
linn. Tbs Iron founder did not ap-
p.ar to observe anything unusual. Hs
..'Ivan.i'i, his hat ou his head, and
si.i,I in the same Impertinent tone:
"lt la ufter io o'clock, gentlemen."
No one answered, and M. de Clameran was about lo continue when he
for the lirst timo saw tho banker. He
went straight to blm.
"Well, monsieur," ho aald, "I congratulate myself ujion finding you In
nl last I hnve been here once before
this morning and found the CBShroom
not opened, the cashier not arrived;
you were absent"
"You are mistaken, monileur; I waa
In tny olllce."
"I return, nml this tlmo not only tho
casbroom Is closed, but I am refused
admittance to tbe oQi.a. I am compelled to force my way In. Will you
tell me, yes or no, can I buve my money V"
M.  I'auvel  listened,  trembling  with
anger, yet he controlled himself.
"I would be obliged to you, monsieur,
for a abort delay."
"I thought you said"—
"Yes, yesterday, but this morning,
this very Instant,  I  (Ind I have been
robbed of 860,000 franca."
M. de Clameran bowed Ironically and
"Sball I Imve tO wait long?"
"Long enough for me to send to tbe
Then, turning his back on the Iron
maker, M. I'auvel said to his cashier:
"Write a note to the bank for a loan
of 800,000 francs.   Bend at once.   Lot
the messenger take a carriage."
Prosper did not move.
"Do you hear me?" said the banker
The cashier trembled.   Hc accmed ns
If he was In a stupor.
"It   la   uaeless   to   send,"   he   said.
"There Is a credit to this gentleman of
800,000 francs, and we have leaa than
100.000 ln tbe. bank."
teen yean ago von were intrusted te
ine by your father, nnd ever since that
.lay have I had cause to congratulate
■ myself on possessing your faithful
I service. Yea. It Is fifteen yeara alnce
: you came to me. 1 was then Just com-
I nienclng to build my fortune, nud you
I have seen  It gradually  grow  step  by
i step from almost nothing to its present
size. As my weelth Increased I .*..-
d.avorcil to better your condition, you
who. nllhoiigh so young, sre the oldest
of my clerks. At each Inventory 1 In-
creusi il your salary."
Never had Prosper beard bis chief
express himself lu su feeling nn.l paternal n manner. Prosper was silent with
"Answer!" pursued MKauvel.  "Hnve
I not always I n like n fsiber to you?
From the lirst day my bouse has been
open to you. Yon were treated na a
member Of tny family. My niece, Madeleine, and my aona looked u|*on you
aa a brother. Hut you grew weary of
this peaceful life. One daj a year ago
you suddenly began to shun us, nnd
Since then"—
The memories of the past thus evoked by the banker seemed too nufrh for
the unhappy ca-hnr. Be burled hla
face In his hands ami burst Into tears.
"tjtie can confide everything to bla
father without fear." resumed M. Fauvel. "A rather not only panions, out
forgets, lm I not know the terrible
temptations that In a city Ilk*. Paris
besel  n  young msn?    There are some
Inordlnste desires which break down
the firmest print IplM.   Speak, Prosper,
apeak I"
"What do you wish me to aay?"
"The truth. An honorable mnn may
yield I., temptation, but Ida lirst step
toward atonement la confession. Suy
to me: Yes, I have been leuipleil, ilnz-
al'tl.    The sight of these piles of gold
turned my brain, I um young. I bave
"II" mui inured Prosper.   "I!"
"Poor boy!" snld tho banker sadly.
Ha paused, na If hoping for a confession, which, however, did not coin.'.
"Come, I'rosper, have courage. Make
a clem, brenat of It. I will go up
Stairs, Oo again to the aafe. I am
sure that In your ngltntlon you did not
search thoroughly. Thia evening I
will return, aud I am sure that during
tbo dny you will hnve found, If not
the 3,ri0,000 francs, nt lenst tl.e greater
portion of lt And neither you nor I
will tomorrow remember anything
about thiB false alarm."
M. Fauvel had risen nnd wna about |
to leave the room when Prosper arose
and held him by the nnn.
"Your   generosity   la   useless,   monsieur," he aald bitterly.   "Having Liken nothing.   I  can   restore nothing.     I
bave   searched   carefully.     Tho   bank
j noles hnve be»n Stolen."
"Hut    by   whom,   poor   fool?     By
I    "lly nil thnt Is sacred, I swear that lt
was not by me."
|    The  banker's  face  turned  crlmaon.
"Miserable wretch," cried he, "do you
mean to say lhat It waa I?"
Proaper bowed hla heud and did not
An fnterasting New Ontarlan.
Ons of tha mo<t interesting men of
New Ontario la Major J. II Oordon,
C. IC. now ot Cobalt, but formerly of
Budbury. Major .iordon la ona of tha
f»w who are prlvl!»f»d to read their
i'-tuarl.e.    Teara  ajo,  and  before tha
All this tl:*o* 1 • 1 ■ *'! f\' ry station
had been coming mil lolng principal*
ly comltnj. Tired athletes, ■ irioua in
monogrammed aweater and a fresh
championship or tw won thai day In
the glare of tba July sun. gave to old
ladles, or mothera with babies in their
arms, the seats they linl only offered
to "sharo" with younger ladlea standing In tht* aisles
The finest roses from in .iry a country
garden, culled for th" i ity aona or
daughters going baek t.i toll, n aided
gaily from  the h.r   rai lu  m I  Bl I
th»lr fragrance with    that    of    choice
Recent   Judgment   st   Oiyoode   Hall   of
Importance  to  Employers.
A   Judgment   cf  hnporUuioe   to  ent*
|.i.y.is hi, Jimi been given at Oagoode
ii i |, on i'i"   s t -1 si  U ' •■ v    .'" .   "f
Hamilton, rr*». rin  a-a *'.i ol II  lo
11.in., i All in   aa ■■ '." toel .m
i y »tni. in rh ir • mploy
Tha action waa tried ..t Hamilton b|
a Jury, i*. fore ■■'■ i luatlo. "*i ib ■*. an t
the defendant! t* nt. n led In Hu
i i mat there ".ih b ■ i vld. a I
negllgenoe to submit to a Jmy. und
thai tin* j.i' at. I
non-suit.     In  t "        and place    ih ry
n; t or  d  thai   '.here sh-niM   h"  a  i.*'t
tl l.il   un   UlS   HI     in t  Of  SXC.      IV.    'It'
i   ■
The court found tl it there was t\:
(t.-lov   f..r   the   J.r: v.   SI    it    « t ,
•?.*-:.iMlsbed thai ihs work f clipping
j castings nu attended With .lung"** in
■ the oi" II   ait   to   i.i-i ■■;,
In clone proximity   Tin*ro iu.i evi'Knce
that plaintiff was hurt  In thii  ..i.i iner,
ami  th'-ru  was  also  rv-tdenoa  U
dung\*r   coutd   be   p-moved,
greatly r.sluced, by  ti. of   a
Screen.    The Jury were not asked  ape  i
clllc   questions,    but    the    win!" I
was    submitted    to    tli,* ii.    aiitl    While
admitting th it  the evtdeoae    "ih.k'i'"
1 have b<^n warranted, a verdict I ■*     •*.
' dcfendiuiia.  There was evld
tht.   Ismiea   to   ».i.:.ir,t    a    tliulng    tot
the  I'lainilfT,   Allan.
Tiie   Juilgtin-nt   quotes   a   decision of
Lord  Htra.ht'1  to  the affect  that  "It  la
III"    Mil. ,'|.  ,■
budge, and
« ho   h.i.s   it    .
tor in ..  than
ruly   „,    -
i,.In,,.      ,
in   hour.   Ihn  "il
■I  LTCSly   I    it.ln   sm   ,
ing up bis i>
and • (plain, r
. iiiiii-imt   .
girls   s i\v    l! .
.Irnig   pull
.In.I   spot,   -i hi n
eimlly  p. if,
lag to ... ". s .
'ill I
State .,f i >l,i
l.Ulit-   I
Frank    J     Cli.
I la   senior   .mine
.'Iiiiii)   .v-  Co
nf   Toi. tlu    *
am!  th...   sal 1
«*i.*ry     .•■,«.•     ttf
cured by ths us.
i .
Pworn   tn   lit f   '■
mv  presence  tills   I i t^Tz
(K.al i
ii.iii . Cati .
anil aria .11.. f^m
on.   aurfnr-.-i   "f s
t' slliiiinilnl. ft. .
k J CHI -.i:v  a n I
SoM   by   all   I »
Take Hull'. V m.i
cheroots, cheap cigars and the soft coal   Quite >■:■• ir that the ooatraet  ifiwi-.-*.
smoke that left so .t> *  uv. ulri ..n many    employer and employ. ! n th-
a lingerie hat an,I blouse,
"Talk about dalsh's' The woods are
full of 'em." bellowed the baas-\"l sd
beauty, pinning a bunch In her I.air,
S^ltloo,  you!"  she  y,.'lrd  through  the
days of ths C. P. R. a canos supposed | wlndjw to one of her attendant!
to bs hla  was  found on  ths bank! of \ on plckln' dowera."
the French River, and based on this a
report that ha had bean drowned found
Its way Into ths newspapers. This
caused a fruitless ■■-ar h and great
anxiety to hla family and friends, but
a fsw days later Major Oordon returned from  an  expedition  into New  On-
t.rtn.   anil    haa    tn.   titirlrtii,   evqarlenr-e
of reading an eblluary notice of himself. Major Gordon was one of lbs pla-
neen  of the  Sudbury  dlstrloi  and   of
Fashion might be a.Hlin.n.d to unpack
auch an ark ut home, but would be glad
to own lt In a or ir, for an In
verted   telescope   makes   a   seat   S   tool
square, while, ns every traveler ■
after a mile or two a suit case, be it
ever so labelled, makes a po >r pi
*-llo«'r» y  ,i        d "In'.        Ps
shouted  the  Interlocutor to the owner
forrut*r   the   duty   of   laklnc   ■
care to provide proper appll—noes aad
to maintain them la a pro]
and  so  to  carry on   hla  operations   as
not to subject tho«<« employed by lil*.i
to  uni.eciwa.iry  risks"
The   court    cm.-: 1 r ■ .1    that    It    hri.l
been   established     that     the    Bawyar*
Maessy Co. did not take Ih
precautions for tho safety uf their employes.
As   regards   excessive   damages   the
Judgment    explains    that    tha    r
that  a new  trUil  sha:;  n il   l>-  *.*
unless tho oourt  Is Of I
tne amount ia st large -nu  no
I....   Thai   KI || le,.
A vegetal Ian i ■ i *_u|
ger   lu   a   rest •   .one I
a to s
lug  llllll   thnt   Sll   M
ami   that   the   !. ...
strictly vsgi-r
"Hut."  r.*; . • '. . r. "1 a|
dou. <*nt meal '
"Vnu   Just md.
vegetarian.    "An
meat, because It •  •
•The kind of eggi
come   birds,"   an-
".J'shI beat *
»n. "What kind of •.
"Print -ip ..Hi
•ij*.»«i     il
c»t« *»l
Iti ~-|
of the curley head on the white blouse   men could rea*in | Minard's   Liniment    (     •     D Hi
shoulder-rest,   nnd   l.elnu   told   "Pretty
New Ontario, which hs hss thoroughly good." vouchsaf..! thi Inforoiatton ihnt
explored. His recent feat of engineering he was **l»"ln' a little better." If sit-
in the Cobalt district has attracted j ting on the knees of two girls oould
widespread attention aa the result of a , be called an lm;ir vi the ll
profound  study  of  the    mlneraloglcal   waa correct. His lady friends soon tired,
character and geological   conditions of   however, and Insisted that th'y be a)
the district.   He concluded that a large   lowed to promenade a. the am itatlon
vein of sliver ore ran uhder Clear Lake, j platform.
ln,!:,9,Tow"*^p of Coleman.  In a most, M,d, Wsy  For Them.
tkloful and Insenlous fashion hs attached a diamond drill, opsrated -by a ' Wer» comln. Don t overlook us.
gasollns engine, to a scow hastily con-
struoted on the lake, and suoceeded in
piercing Uis vein within a few Inches
of the p-.lnt calculated on. at a depth
of about seventy f*et. Major Oordon
received his sclsntlllo training at Uis
School of Practical Sclenos, Toronto,
which has produced so many successful engineers. H!s father was a distant
cousin of Oan. Oordon, known ss "Chinese" Oordon. Robertson Smith waa a
relative on his mother's side. One of
his brothers Is "Ralph Connor," and
another. Dr. A. R Oordon, Is a distinguished member of the profeesjrtats of
ths University of Toronto.
Breeding Ewes.
If the breeding ewes were In    good
Condition In Iln* fall itiid bad plenty of
clover buy .luring the winter they will
not ii.i.i a heavy grain ration, one-
third to one half pound being sufficient
for each ewe before the lambs nre
dropped, sava Michigan Fanner. They
should  be  fed  very  little  If any corn,
although some breeders use corn as a
part of the ration will, success. Oan*
einlly speaking, however, the less
rnVii fed the better, oats und bran b.'-
Ing preferable ut this time, especially
If tho ew.-a are In good condition.
After tho l.iiiihs aro dropped Iho gialn
rail.in Shonld be Increased anil s.i.nu
roots should be fed If available, ao
that th,* SWes may prod.ice a rm.x 1-
riiurn How uf milk at a minimum loas
of 11*sll.
Late Hatched Chickens.
As a rule, chickens which aro hatched out lu April or ea.ly in Muy are the
best ones with which to stock the luy-
Ing pens Ho* next a.i.son. In the rase
of ths Asiatics It mny be well to hatch
tho chickens during tho latier part of
March, hut wiih the atnall breeda,
which lay much aooncr. April la plenty
early enough. Chickens which are
hatched out In February are very like-
lv *.o soil iho same aenaon and ao Impair their usefulness aa early layers.—
Suburban Life.
Paris Green  Injuries.
Potato leaves are frequently injured
•by poi oning wilh parlH green applied
dry or even wilh water only, giving an
effect resembling early blight, especially where Bea beetles occur. Hy
II nor tha arsenical jinlsona with lime-
•rater or, better,   bordeani   mixture
this Injury Is obviated ua well us great
benefit gained   from   tho   protection
ngninst fungous diseases which the
bordeaui affords. Many farmers uae
PSril green alone In a very wasteful
nml Injurious manner, and frequent
cases of supposed blight aro nothing
but pai Ih green Injurlea. One pound
per acre.at each, spraylngja enough.
Basil   Wi.ii.en   Postmasters,
Ti..* earliest postmasters of Balem,
.Mass., umi  Portsmouth, N, EL, were
women, in iTia. Portsmouth wus tho
e.ni or the great inuil rente ..n.i Important niso ns handling a huge portion of
the English mall coining and going.
In those ilnys postmasters were re-
quired le. write otllclal news letters, to
fhey admonished <*n  their return,  with |
a gust  of  soft  c .al  smoke and  much
noise—a SOperflttOUS warning as every
suit-case   seat   hiol   to   bt*    i.i   i'i"l   and I
the slanders In the aisle aqueeaed back
almost  li the laps of tha more forlun-
ttto travelers, to allow them to isi-m.
In  iin-  in, aniline   their   seats   had
been taken by w,ary holldaysrs "fli.'lr
own party, and:
"Any pretty gin thai won't stai
to sit on my knee," was thu ultimatum
of the manly occupants,
"im in mi thai" was the Instant re*
J ilnder of  the  front   row   'horns    girl,
» bo Hopped down promptly, bi t c .m
i n.i oi    following r-i.it  amid a-pplau e
from Ihe crowd of net..
Brown-Eyes' Disapproval.
"Hie quiet Jlttle «trl with the big
pearl beads you oould see through,
*.. i*. ... ashamed aha kept h<-r brown
eyes lowered for fully s quarter ot an
hour, refusing lo l""U at her oompant in
and answering hi*, observations in
m inosyllables
Tho old holy who, wilh umbrella helm "ii ber knees, had sst in grim alien i tii the way, grasped h**r rainstloh
lighter, made, if possible, a thinner line
of iii r tiginiy . it.-tti lips, bui said noth*
The young wife, more Impulsive,
who bad in i'ii ih it ber i leeplng
husband take his hsad fr no her km-u
in fear I people u.tgi.i not know
they wera married, sxolaimed Indignantly:
"Vol. oughtn't to be allowed away
fro... home.'' but nobody paid any al-
tut.tlot. to  her.
Obeyed  and  8kldoosd.
The tn uih organ! played on, the
sltig.-i*! "rambled," the whistlers
v. trbled, ami the l"v.*r of the jin-ily girl
wi.o un hour before had burled herself
In a novel  so  Unit   she  might bo blind
to the jiui'iie demonstrations of affection around her, sat in silent nit rutlon
on a su-lt oil! nt her feet, nnd ths
sunnier! laughed and apologised to each
other while Hie train made up time, ami
reached the olty al the soha^ulad hour.
Then entile n scurry for hais, isiats and
tings, and  fears lesl some of them had
been i«ri behind. "Fergit it!" rang out
the bass beauty*! voice over uli tbs din.
"There's  yt*r  blue  "oal.   Now, skldooi"
ami ns her adherents fell  in  line  to
Obey,   she   pushed   her   w-ny   vigorously
ihn.ugh the crowded alale, followed by|
tho Sffeotlonats fnlr girl and lhe front-
row choi us fairy Whoaa daisy decorations showed ooquettishly under Uie
brim of lloi panama hat she wore In-
Stead of her own creation of lacs and
unless the courl. without Imputing per
varsity to the Jury, cum-s to tt
elusion, from lhe ani  unl "f lh.
and other clrcum » it the Jury
took Into consideration mattorv th.i
ought not to have been admitted, or
that they applied a wrng measure of
w tills In the present case then
awarded  li  larger  than   Is   Beau
ted for the lose of an eyo the
court cannot find fnun iii" amount or
anything else on l-SOOTd la the rn** any
rea-s tn to Justify Inr* rft renr «lth tho
verdict. The court thi-rvforo dl>
the appeal  with costs.
Th,* Judgment was delivered by Mr
Jii*t|ct'   T.-etrel  nji'l   was  concurr.-l   in
by Ciller Just:..',-  MulOCk,  who i>i
aud  Mr. Justice Magee.
London i*
of    III"      .111."  Ill
V   ,1     *!
Villi     Otllll!"       I"
1.11.       .
iln    i
a *n i
A   Bit  of  History Thst  Adds  Glory  to
Dominion   of   Csnsda.
"I have a  fr'.en.t,   LJeut.  Toogoo,!  of
London,   i;.ig," said  the   mnloi   ■ ai
major, "who Owes his life te a Cam*,
dii.n. whoss- name I do not i-ecajl."
Someone   suggest.*!   that   the   major
tell   lhe  story.   Ami   he did.
It waa during tbe Boudaa war. In
1KS4 or lS.v',, I.It*.it. Too-fOOd was In
ot.arge of a boat load of soldiers,
among whom wi^s a C'an.'ull.in i.i-i.il" r
of the Nile Voy.igi ur*. The Nile , or
rent was swift.   Th** boat stru.rii a pn*k.
ii.i.i everyone was in tbe water.   Only
the <'.ni.*t'l!..n could swim. It WSS WS
yards to ehor**. The I 'nnri.li.in took oom-
in nel und carrl.*] every.ni,* of the ten
men In 111* boat to land, on,* at u tlm,*
Sume Arabs appeared and began I
pepper tho mooned onss  with arrows
and  spears.    Again   the Canadian   WSJ
in .I.-...,.nd.   it- bad tha ..niv revolver In
the  |«.rly, and ha drove off the Anils
"Of course he was mentioned Iii 'I**
snatches," said tht* BlBj0r, nr. Iii- I iiiiii' .1
th- bell, "but I have forg dten his
"Would you know It If you heard II'.'"
he wils saked.
The t|ii,vstl.inor passed a silver flask
•rer to the major, and tin* latter read,
engraved on It, "I.lent. ToogMxl to >V
J. II. Nourse, ln memory of a OTitloal
"Hilly" Nourso Is the Canadian, nni
he can show the medals, one of whlob
wus plnoed on hl.n by Qin.ii Victoria
herself. Ho was born In the restful
town of Whitby, not ao many years ago,
iu.d Wi now superintendent of the Hrn.l-
etreet Co., Worcester, Mass. He cur
Idea the flask, merely as a memory.
II" Is a well-set-up chap, and curries
Into business Uio same poise thnt
brought him to the top on tho Nile. II.
hsis tmvelod much, and hn.s observed
oloeely. He la a charming oonvatW*
tl.uu.llst. and has made a nun." as un
after-dinner speaker.    Yet   ho Is  most
modest and unassuming,  I tho story
of Toogood Is not of his telling.
 ^^^   t.e  ».«t.
TTewItt     110W d
your typ.	
feared   Well, you '
■i f.*  and got rid of . • ■■".'■
Bunlighl Boap I
*.>..iih. bul  Ih heel  wl
iltnilghl    nay. I.'
ill.l   follow   din .
Artist Foretells H     VtiOi.
llerr Karl (Irltsrh, a y.
raid artist, ford".■!
June  IC, "I sh"  ' I
I am going to jieilsh In *
to-morrow," he sr .1 Oi i
leacendlng the Slgrls*
dipped and foil ooo (Bet
Uantly killed.
,i'.*b »*
•   !»
4 *ti*
WIMNIBC"      —
Ilnffalo (aires.
Hiiffnlo calves,  aa  a   rule, are born
In   April  and   May.    Th,.y  Hre active
vigorous little creatures, mild eyed as
domestic elves, inn possessing much
greater stri*ii*,-iii „,„i endurance, in a
few seconds after birth they can Ket
on their feet, nnd U, twenty u.lnutea
hey are lit ,„ tight tor their lives.
Usually it ia unnecessary for them to
defend themselves at this tender age
as a buffalo cow Is quite capable of at*
tending to any  buslneaa which  may
At ths Wrong Rook.
The other day some Toronto girls
wore at BurlUgh Kails, Hlony Lake,
attracted by tho news of 8oow Rook,
which llos a couple of stono thrown
above the cataract. Most of the Kn-
waxtha region frequenters have n""ii or
hoard of this peculiar granllo foi inn
Hon which osclHales to and fro .it the
prossurn of a hand. Tho fair maided
from ths Queen .'lly made a few Inquiries at the Kails, and (according In
Tho  I'et.irboro'  Kjcainlner),  passed,    on
up towards tho prospoeUvs point eager
to seo tho tottering stone.   After mak
log  slnglo an.l   double   efforts  In
I "'  ►' "int- ..inc.... news ..'iters, to.  ucuu.ug   ...   any   husiness   which   may I '"*   ■*»»*■«  and   douhh,   ofTorls   l„   vain
sccommodate  travelers and  to render    arise In connection with the defense of' to  llp  lho bl*  "Wnstar   by   hand    orr
i other servlcen. .   , | her precious hubv ■ camo   all   footwear,   and     some     l'lvelv
' eiirlntlug wa.  wjtueaae-j ..» _„t  Anmrl
Tne Mooney Way
There's norlun*.'
to    go    into   MOi        i 5
flour that Canada
best butter and  cr.
Canada's famous dm
produce,     and     the    otA
equipped bakery in ' '
to    convert   them   inl    m*
besl crackers you eve
Cream   Satin*
They arc *.;ixxl eat'i
time and all lhe ti:*.>'
Crisp, inviting, looili-*.IIU'
oamrij ua a,,j  ovw„
W    N    I!    No You Can't Cut Out
A   IKM)   NI'AVIN   or
TIHIItlHK.IH  IN.   but
will -It .ni tllirm "tt. "•."■ V*". *"r*l 11'°
I.,,o,i' .iiin.i ll'iit' llorsnol tillMl.'r>>r
,,. ".vi' iho Inm.   will lull > nn more it
I,ni   wrll".   *«..•• pel   l>i.lll.i, delivered.
li.,... I 0 free.
aiMOIinlNK, .Hi.. Ior msnltaS,
aii-tiiii.tu... o..'.*" y»ri'«.«« v.run.. v«n.
r..,Blit   lIvilr.H-.tln, lltilili.tetl Miurle. ur
i i ,.„il'iii«,l'.iiliu«.*'l i.l».itl», Allay. I*nn.
On,uin*. inlil. ....Ir hi*
Young, P.D.F.,  137   Monmouth St.
Springfield, Mass.
Ag'U 1 tyma.l8onl ft  •-'..,   Montreal
lis Kept His Word.
"Such a change," aadd Senator SuTM-
n apropos of a certain bill, "would
,,.. .ihmil as sallifaotory as Uu change
that a landlord once mad*.
••\  *otn-in Bams to aee thta landlord.
,.. uii ed   to   look   at  a  house  that
,' i* lo l»t*     The man sent a clerk  lo
o- Inr "ver lha houae, and on bSf
, , shl said:
• I hl.e tie* bonse very well. There
I, onl)   onl thing that I object to.'
-.-Weil, madam, any reasonable alteration.' ths landlord murmured
yt 'would, piovldod you took a
I |. ,i i V lisi.se -•
«'IM take a three y ars' lease.* aald
f„ .,   ni.iii. 'if only ths house liad mors
number   of   cKiseta   shall   bs
I' siU'l the lanillt.rd.
••  V.ry   well,'    sn*l.l   Ilm  woman.  In  a
.,....[ volt-, and she signed the lesise
,, mui ihrre.        m
"After  »hs   was   gens   ths   landlord
:  |n Ills cl. rk again.
- j ihn.'  he said,   'lake   a   carpcntei
,,,   to  No   M. end  have  hlin   divide
,,f tn.. ci .sets lii two.""—Ottawa
..  , indaooe.
m , ,     ofien used iii thin tranapar.
i.,i • net i.o ie- to protet i tha
, ii ,,,i of glass lu places exposed
,  ■ an.l iii Bnssia ev.-ii for win
 blued  wiih  iarnlsti,  It  Is
h. ike s glittering coating for
,i„ i*    si is slso used in prep ii
.. .i lag for roofs and as t pai u
1   I'll.I,.   ,l"l*   I i.o li.liel r,
j'« Liniment Curea   Colds,   etc.
 el  lar Moal  Oat of the  rhiri.
g ihe barrel .hum as liost for
n bnttermaker, l.«* ahuuid know
l   r to get the most out of It   In this
of i hum the concussion of  the
■  eilsry to do the churning Is
. 1 l)J the fall of the cream na the
.«   revolved.     The    faster   ths
Is revolved the greater number
lions per minute will be ae-
But If the rbiirn la whirled ao
it the centrifugal force created
l        the cream from falling no churn-
take uliie*
tm   Rheumatism.   The In
si i.i Into iln* bloo
tmiifiii causa oi  rheumatic
i bis ir regularity is owln
.ui i unhealthy i * i
\n.i,io*   snbjael   to   this
iffectlon will Hnd s ren
\. . . •   1.1.- Tills.    Th
rin   kldm * - is |.i".i*
i tion   ''
.   blood.
Belong,   ts   Uncls   Sam—Thsrs   Is   No
Doubt  About  tt.
. be no dlnputs betw.en thii
• I   S*atei   as   lo
Ip «f li.   r Uie, tn the Heir    Tin-re Inn t room for any.
i"d»,  chl.f of the  Chppewa
a the  WalpoU Island near*
I lllvsr. ts report-
'"■ In poiteasl <n of an old chart
»•   Bella   1*1*.   which   tha  ctty   of
has  turned  Inlo  a magmllcent
: • k at in ex; iase el  inllhona
ara,   to  be  In   Canadian   watera
id, a.   ■ Ming to this story, to*
elth Several smaller li and! In
•   Imsrloaa  waters  ei  lhe  Ht    1,'ialr
.*-.is  never    legally    transferred
the Urlrish to llie Amei lean -Jov-
>        "ill.
1   Is   st ry   wss   brought  to  ths  tt-
.f Jamss Whits, Dominion sso-
, >i is nu qujstlo.t about »L"   said
Mr    White   unhtsltatlngly.   "and   can
-    Fortunate!**' all that has beet.
* r settled.''
Ths geographer produced charts and
■ ' li   showing  how   and    whrre
Ihs  lnlernatlonal   b .un.lsry   was   tli.*!
ths treaty of Ohe.it.     Hs traced
"    ne drawn from down   near   I'orn-
ii   through    Lake    Ontario   and
!     " I ns. and through the Dstrult aid
Bl      i.r rivers    This line was drain
actual surveys In the tnak.ns et
i   ths rsprssentrtlvs!  of  llie  iwo
les    wsrs    engagrd    for     sight
The  line  follows   ths  chatina!
• rlvor snd is drawn to ths south- !
I Bslle Isle—Hog  Island  It   wss
-   • '.  In those days—thus  giving that
I'land  io ths t.'nl'ed  Htatss.   FrooeeS-
<   ths line turns to ths wsst of Uie
a   . Techs, giving that laland to i'an-
The decision  In  regard   to this
.  of   the   b'unitary   was   finally'
•-d  ln  June,   11]]       The   division
• • clearly mads lhat It has never
•  bean   the  subject  of dispute bs-
'   o   the   two   countries.      Canallsn
intent officials laugh at ths idea
■*r   being   any   ijues'lon   about   ll
1   "     The disposition of ttis Islstids In
Detroit   Itlver  Is   not   only   shown
>.y ths charts, but ts ipeetfloal*
down In Ihe text of thu agree-
■   between  the  I'ii.uj   Fiuiee and
' ■«! HrltaJn.	
A Rrsl Big Egg.
A  gooss belonging to  Mrs. Oates nt
* ■ '   ''...ii.* ■ ml. has laid nn egg
'   ''   hi iv   K.if. ly  hf  snhl   io be  the re- ,
rd foi si7i* nmi general peoutlarltlea
1    weighed one OOttnd six  ounces, and
t*   its Inches In length.   Inside the
hall was a sound perfectly firm-
• . which contained two more, one
II a shell  and  ono  with  a hard
which In turn contained a aball-
US! egg.—llspworib Journal
Qsn. Brock as a Student.   *
Bro"kaw,",i".rM,„;J°,1;l:rr.ul"" *">'
Niagara ,o !"&%£?***
that   In ,pi,e „, lh| ,„„ ™ Z*™
pantons, i„, fre,ttently Koked hlm«i
UP i" itudy,  Ho was a g„uu   ,,  ' t
lOhOla, and a l.tts, „, ,,u ,„,,„,, ft
ho* ha Passes his .„,„,, lllIla r «
QsorgS and Die Hat ,,f bo ,k. in .
M"-"y   IhOWS   tha.   hitsltles      ,.,," ,"1
a^V1 > «•-  "•--
Mon, and his military lespatohH a.
wsli as hi, lattarn ,,„d proclamation!
and speaohs. all show a wet] ir.i,,,,.*,
mmd "nd oommandol language,a.tyi,
vlgorou. terse, pur. .,, a i.*u,r ,0 ,,.
brother, Irving, dated Niagara, Jan. io,
till,  he sayi,  "I hardly  ev«r silr out
and unless I have oompany ...y «Von-
ngi are passed solus. I read much,
but good book, ar, airarc.e and I hl„
borrowing,  hi, ,ui,| i rp,„a|n *,,„ j w|u
*\'u to •"■<•■  ion holoa authors in
history, particularly ancient, with maps
and lhe heat tranalaHom of ancient
works. I rend lu my youth To,,*'! lrIl„s.
lall .n of Homer, bul 111] lately I nevor
dlsooversd its asquialu bsautiss. As I
grow old i aoqulra a taste fur study
In addition io lhe last dally paper
send me likewise the nbservor or any
other weekly You who l,„Ve ;.,.,,
all your days In the bustle of Load ia
can loarwely seooslva the uninteresting
life I am doomed lo lend In thii re-
tlrionent ■■ Brook was soon to BCOhangl
this .line* life f„r daj. snd nlghti ol
actl ,n when ev,*iy momenl was flllsd
fur mind and body,
"••   "HI   I'e.llrr   RM.W.
TTie greatest ob>ction to digging late a side hlU or ban. for the back waU
of a poultry boine la that It li almost
Impossible to keep It dry. Kven It
precaution Is talien by draining ths
surface more or less dam-mess will
work through Islow tl.s surface, cans
Iuk .olds nnd stcknsee among fowla
boused In this style of bulldlag.
Thev   Need  the   Rich   Red   Blood  Dr.
Wilhami'  Pink   Pills   Actually Make.
'iiiif  yeai   ago Mlas Ellen Roberts
who holds Ho  posltloa ot saleslady In
on.* oi in.   leading sl ■ In  Halifax,
.. s, was a pali delicate looking
young sromi ... wbo th. a iiv.'*i al home
H iin   ...*i    * *   . nil   Bl   ..lllllelM,   N    H
. omplain  ' "i  genei a]  we*
and i"1   *ti appt H • blood w*
inln mui w.iiti> and ..I., grea thinner
da) i>> da) until shi  looked almost a
sn.niow    lit i cheeks   were   lunken,
.ill trace ol eoloi  bad lefl   hei    (ai •
ami bei friends leered sin* was going
Into ■. deelln.      i had    no   energy,'
i,.      i: and  luffered so
much  iioui  headache    snd dlaslness
toms ol anaemia lhal
i tii l not cut   whether I lived
i n,.    daj     bowt rer,   •*: en
il papei i r* sd a it si
iiiiotii.ii glvi ii to .i young girl In favor
0|    |t Pink    Till*.       mil      ar
il. I   *-*.ni|i;"iii-  »'it   almost  Identical
wuh m\ own I determined lo try thta
m.'ii. rn.*    ii* fore i had u- i th.
nmi bos I began lo Bnd benefit, and
I  continued  taking the   pllli  until  I
wbl. b rm.. i was fully restored to
health      To-daj   Mis  Roberta
ah.   had a. rei  i n III In hei
md ihi ha- no hesitation ti
uu shi  owi ■ .* •"*■'*
Williams  Tink Tills.
I blood Is • "i -'I' ' om
m ii- ■>•-• r-    ni-.*   anaemia,   head
general    wea
.. lal .nini. nt- ir
u   womenfolk  know      Di   Williams
mi. , are   tb. se   common   all
make rich,  red
h..ilm giving blood, b Jang
. i   giving strength to
organ In tha body    n*. not take
an. pin- •*. boat the full Bams    D
in-  pink Tin- foi I'
..n the wrapper around each bos Bold
hi all modldni hj mall at
, nu ., i»o\ *       ■      «es !"■ *-' '■"
tha Di   William-' Medicine Co..
rille .mi
Tii.* ti-li and game clubs ol Vlctorls
lie. hm.   I...   aom.
itf.-n Importing game bird! nol
, partri Iges, peaaanti and
and quail, bs from i   lo Hm.  I
hav,- been subscribed, and II hu no**
import black game.
. . othei buds, which
will ii.,,*,-iiai. a largi • espendltur*
th.,,, heretofore Tbe hnd- »iii he
pul    down in  such  localities i
,,..,,..! b)  Un*    committee   mosl
,!,i.. I,, the success >•( thi   •«
i.t i imenl
Cholera moil.or*, cramps snd kln-3
complaints anuuallj    make   Iheir
,,,,,fai.,n.f at the same time -I ;i ■
h„i weather, green fruit cucumbera
metnm etc, and manj personi sre
,i,i,.,,,,.,i from eating lh. - tempting
Iblngi   but  thej   n I not abataln it
the)  have Dl   -l   D   K *'*-"'
t,„ cordial and lake a few drops in
the tiami'- snd cbol
,, i ,„ a wonderful main.*.  i Is •'
mn   check  to sverj   dl torbanc.   ol
lilt-  Iki»' ll
A Task'e «*al«sM«r.
should y.m wi.i. to gel tbe capacity
ef a oa«k vm can de so ln tlm following manner Take Um measorsmsnta
from   the   buiiKtiole  to  the  bottom   of
each end of Om .«'k la inches J»
ii ge ihe two measurements. Multiply
„,is fignrs bv itself twtee  Then mnitt-
.,„. ,he pn-liift by OOBM*. and U.e re*
mnlntler la ll.e number of gallons ■*
„„„,,,; Sl inches. » liifhes imersge
M inches.- lOxSOxM JT.«».^whk%
multiplied by W2286, M M ™
contents, therefore, ars 01 galloua and
a fraction.	
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Garget    In
The nreeilaone*'.
It Is aald that tli.it wonderful fighting   machine,   tho   llrltlah   battle!blp
in Inougbt, will carry fuel, both coal
SOd oil. sulllclent to taka her from Enr
ignd to Uuel.ec and back without fill
l„K bi.nkera or tnnka. Inasmuch aa
there will I- no WSter tight doors b»
low tba armored deck, there will bs aa
irrangement of "iif*." by whlrt •»
,.,,*, and men may ba con"/''* »T"
„,,. inpnaBlda bnlMiaada. Tbs ship is
roughly described as consisting of nva
H,'a,lnr for t In ,I... hull. or. rntl.er
„,,,, (ll0 hull built around thenv each
fort belni heavily armorad to Itt bias
Md surmounted by a revolving turret
monntlng two twelvedncb guns.
Mlnard'a   Liniment   Cure.   DIpMhsrlS.
,,,„.,, Mllner   has   i-••"   i"'.J//,',;,',!
with nn address   signed   bj
pel.gons, who appreciate hli woes
South Af'*'*1
Doukhobors' Good Work.
Malcolm McMillan of Maodonald, Mc-
Miiian ft Co., (j. t. p. oontraotors, has
returned to Winnipeg from sn lnspec-
ilon of the work along ihe lino as far
as Blidlull ri!v* r. In ihis vicinity the
IViukhoburs have several grading O'.n-
iracis, and Mr. McMillan speaks in ths
highest terms of their work. The
l.oiikhobors, hs maintains, have put
some of Ibe finest pieces of grading that
have li.en don on tha wh ds line. They
are groat   hustlera  and  lira  not  at  all
affected  by "piigr'iiin*<e propensities.'1
Mr. McMillan slate, that the work Is
going along very satisfactorily, and
tliut when the snow files ths oompany
aspect to heve nut only 275 miles fr mi
Portage to Touchwood IllUs graded,
but alio lhe 65-mil, snan. TorUgo lo
No Soft Business Hera.
A Posttnaatar .l.-ii.-ral or some one In
his ntlkre ln Ottawa once wrute to the
pistmaster of sum,* Utile station on
Iho Kutle nivrr. "You will pleas.. Inform thi*. department h 'W far the Kettle Itlver runs up," to which the post-
maater anawsred: "I have ihe honor to
Inform the department thai tin* Ketu.r
lliv. r don't run up at sll. lt run!
down." In du*. cour-se of mall come another c'iiiinuiilc.'iiioii: "on reoi-lpt ol
Hui. teller your appointment aa postmaster  will  cease.   Mr has been
appointed your •uoosBSor." To which
went (lis following reply I Ths receipts of thii ofllt s during the lu.*.!
year ham been J«.3,f. and tbi offlOS rent
neire ih.... deubla ll.at sum; pleas! io
kindly Instruct tny BUOOSSSOT la o±y
in*   Um tMiUi.ce, and 0*bHge.M
Morning   ..al,, baWB,
A rainbow lu  the morning foretell!
rainy wearber durliig the tiny.
Tbe ■eaalaa Kir.
The wheat Hy fe,.ds upon the flower
of the wheat, while Ihe besslnn fly
luys lis eggs on tbe stem Tbe former
thus renders the flower abortive, while
tbo Injury done by tbe lutter affecla
tbs whole plant.
lir   Leonhardt'a   Hem Rold   is   an
Internal   it.*t ly   that   entln ly   re
moves the cause of files, and curea
io ita) cured any cnsi*. iiii matter
imw inni' standing.
li >oii have Tiles, ami Dr. Leon*
hardt's Hem-Rotd  will not cure you,
you  net   your  money hack.
A   llious.tinl  dollar Hiiuruntee    goes
witii every buttle of Hem-Rotd sold.
tl nil     All   dealers,  or   The   Wll-oli-
Pyle Co., Limited, Niagara Tails. Ont
Otve ua, oh, give us, writes Carlyle,
the ii.sn who slugs at his work! He hla
oociipntiuu what lt nniy, be la superior
to those who follow the same pursuit
lu so,-nt aulleuuess. He will do more
ln the same time, he will do It better,
ht will persevere longer fine Is scarcely sensible of fatigue while one marches to music. Thu very stars are said to
mike harmony u! they revolve In their
spheres. Wondrous Is thc Strength of
cheerfulness; altogether past calculation are Its powers of endurance. Efforts, to be permanently useful, must
be uniformly Joyous, a spirit ull sun-
ehlne.   peaceful    from   very   gludueaa,
ImaUtlfUl   b.'fU'1-e  Le fhl
Impurities iii the Bloo I When tin*
action ol the kidneys becomes In*
pared, impurities in tbe blood are al
m.i-l  sure to follow, ami general tier
angement    of    the    system    i •
\ ■ getable Tills will   reg
Hint.-  tin* kidneys, n thai  they will
maintain b. althj  action and pi
the   complications   which   certainly
coin.* when there is derangement oi
th I.dilate   i.man-      \-   .. I • Ston
live   these   I'lll.-   lire   111   til"'   frotll   lain
Hale   lli.-i.   LaaS   Ihe   \\ «».
W'tieu I ;nls are migrating the males
ssnally precede the femalea.   Tlie mb-
Ins. for Instance, Which ure seen early
In the year, ure almost Invariably males.
Which apparently traveled on before
their mutes.    The female birds follow,
perbsps because they urs not so powerful ami also perhaps because they
like to take tin Ir time ainl gossip with
uu.* another. It. the fall the male Mnl!
leave first the old ones- while the females travel along together with their
g, k,.::. Itous fur their welfare and
still training them after the fashion uf
mother bir,u
Minard's Unimenl Ca, Limited
Oentlemen    I ban* us. tl M1NARD8
I.i M..IKN r on in.  vessel snd In m)
tainiii  i"i   yeara, and for the evei)
da) nl- snd accidents of life I conald-
ri it hi- no equal.
i would i."i start on a voyage witn
out ii  if it cost .. dollar s bottle
, \i*r   p   It   DE8JARDIN,
Bchl   SI.Mk. " SI   Ali.li >■   Km ssks
■soke  i'ui.n. i.   Hi...,.
There was u curious puulshuieut ln
Kuglaud by  Which nny one who wrote
| books condemned by lha taw us obj	
iioiiabie was compelled to publicly buru
i them. The lasl tune this «us iluiic was
IB ITM, when Aleiander Wllsou, a not-
rd ORIItDOloftSt unit poet, wus lin.sl uud
condemned to publicly bum poems accounted libelous Bt lhe Market cross,
Aa  Odd   . ..-.it.in
Hottentot   women  cut   off   a   finger
joint wheu Ihey remarry.
The White Msn Hai Broken Faith by
Encroaching on the Indian Lands
and the Tribesmen Want Redress—
Chinook Address of Fsrcwell Spoken by City Comptroller Gibson of
"Mayor Buscombe htyu slo turn turn
halo chaco want klahowya yaka Sl-
wosh Ullloum. Yaka wawa nlka wawa
miko tlgheu. King Edward potlacii ko-
ooway icta mlka. Tlghee yaka wawa
klahowya, kbahowya, Kilapl n-uaa aun
kopa canlin kopa mllllt lllahee."
In thesn words Mr. (libson, Olty
Coiiiiitroller ef Vancouver, wished bou
voyage to the two Indian chiefs ami
their Interpreter Wh . are now on their
way to London, England, Iheir object
being to seo Kin*; Edward and "lay at
the foot of the throne" their grlev-Micm
against the white man, "who havo taken
away their lajids and Interfered wiUi
tho fishing and hunting rights which
their tattlers enjoyed." A free translation of Mr. CJlbson's Chinook address
"Mayor Buscomhe's heart Is grieved
because ho could not be Bt the station
to eay good-bye to his Smash friends.
He hoped King Edward would grant
their wishes, ite wished ihem a pleai -
unl Journey and a safe return ln tin.- big
tonoo to thnlr own homes."
No Forked Tongue Has Joe.
Tha Indian chiefs hoped lo reach
London by the end of July, lt wus their
Intention to stop off at Kamloops whera
a big pow-wuw was io ba held, anil
Where another ohlef may J iln them. If
tlmo permit! they tlesir-,- to wait on the
Qreat White Chief I.aurler at Ottawa.
Chief Jo© CapllanO la the head of thu
deputation, and with him is Chief Charley of the fainoik*. fighting Cowlchlns.
Chief Joe always speaks with a straight
tongue, and ho will n*'t mince his language when he Sees the King at Buckingham Palace. As Kim; Edward cannot be expectt'd to undersland Chinook
an lnterpretes. August, of the Coqult-
lam tribe, Is with him and Chief Louis
of Kamloops is expected to be uf tho
"I go to see the King In T.ngland,"
Bald Chief Joe as he was entraining.
"I Will speaJi to him *.f what his Indian
subjects want. I will tell you when 1
come back what he says. I will shako
his hand In loyally for you. He is the
King of the Indian! and the whites.
Under him all aro one t,lg family. When
I seo the King I will 1. li him that his
subject! as* all faithful ln Hrltkih Columbia. I will tell you all what the
King saya when I get back."
Pictureique at Any Rate.
"Ood Save the King" then struck up
tho Indian drum and flfo band, which
was at the italion to play Chief Joe
upon his way to the far city across the
gr* tl c.iin and the vast s, a. A strange
alght was presented at the station. Chief
Joe was in kingly costume. A great
fu- hat of coonskln, nearly a foot high
with the tail dangling down his back
was as unnoticed by him as though lt
had been a panama, yet the day was
tho httest thus far this summer. A
Woven reed blanket fell below his knees
and almost put out of sight the ready*
made white man's trousers.
The   Whites   Indicted.
"The whites are crowding us out,
they are taking away our heritage."
That Is the burden of the addr. sk which
the chiefs will present to the King.
Missionaries have put the document ln
formal style so that it starts out thus:
"May It please your .Majesty. Perhaps
we are among the most r>*iu de of y»ur
ktalesty*! subjects, yet wc give pku-e
to none tn our loyalty and devotion to
y ur Majesty's p-srs n an.l 10 lhe British Crown. Our home is beyond the
great Atlantic Ocean, beyond the gs-e.it
Inland seas of Canada, beyond the vast
wheat-growing pr.Url.s of Manitoba,
beyond tho majestic Rocky M 'untalns.
awa> on the shores of the Pacific oc-ean.
We bring greetings to your Majesty
from thousands of true and loyal hearts,
which beat ln unison beneath the red
skim of our tribesmen, and it is be*
oause of our love to your Majesty, c-oup-
lt-,1 with the dusiro to live in harmony
with the white people who are filling
up mr country, lhat we appeal to your
ICaJesty  in person."
No Tresty Indian! In B. C.
The address proceeds to point out that
there aro no treaty Indians In British
Columbia, such as thero are In other
prolines of Canada. Here the Indian
title has never been extinguish. .1.
"Many years ago.' *H proceed a "Sir
James Douglas came to our country and
told us he had been eent by her Majesty, the lalu Queen Victoria—whom
We learned to love like a mother, and
whom we continue to mourn. Sir James
told us that large numbers of white
people would come to our country and.
In order to prevent trouble, he designated large tracts of land for our use
and told us thai tf un/ white pwpl"
encroached on those land! he would
remove them, which he did, an.l thai
we ibould receive remuneration for
other lands settled upon by lhe white
p.. *pie. but when ii*. asiu>i ftr anything
we were refused. But when Su* James
was no longer Governor whiles settled
upon our lands nn.l titles were Issued
to thorn by tho British Columbia Uov-
Hsve   No   Pull.
Tha Indians naively add that, being
without votes, they can get no redress,
eo they trust his Majesty's in   will be
uueu   to 'heir crv        Thay    point    oul
that at one time the whites were glafl
to employ them, tiut now Chinese and
Japanese take their place! In the labor
"We know how to work ai well as
the white man," they say, "we have our
families to keep as well us the white
man, then why should Wa not have the
sauw privileges as the white man?"
This is ik> doubt a reference to the
lack of the franchise and perhaps to
the fact that it Is Illegal for Indians
to drink Intoxicating liquors. The Indians ask the King to "send n good man,
or aomo gnod men to liriiish Columbia,
who will see and hear and lake back
a report to your Majesly. We leave
ourselves Ln roar Majesty's hands and
trust we may be able to roturu to our
Bs-a-pla   Willi   goat  um*
Death Comes to All.- imt it need
not ,*,  prematurely if proper precautions are taken, "An ounce of
prevention is worth a pound of cure.
umi io imve prevention al hand and
allow disease to work its will is rid
leulous Dr. Thomas Bteleetrlc Oil
mn only uii*i>s i'uina when applied
externally, but will prevent lung
troubles resulting from colds nml
coughs.  Try " and be oonvlneed,
VounR Mr. Flits What are you Btntl-
Ing at. deur? Mrs. Fltta-I was Just
thinking how you used to sit ami hold
mv band for an hour at a llnie before
xn were married. How silly yeu
•hi re! Mr. Fills 1 wasn't silly at all.
I held your hand to keep you away
from tin* piano.
The  llegalar Cnanl.
Tlie heart of n mini who haa lived
fn be seventy has beaten -JiHMKkl.OOO
times not counting the tlmea when be
g„t srared and It worked overtime.—
(Son,trv Hie Journal
The   Manner  In   H l.l. I,   Men   Uke  <•
Bee   Women   IlreN»ed.
If women dress to please men they
will always be gowned simply, appropriately, more quietly and consequently more becomingly thun If they wear
their clothes for tl.e benefit of women.
Men uhvnys liko simple, neat coa*
tunics, free from flying ends, frills,
ribbons and luces. Of course there sre
men who never notice whut kind of
clothes their wives nud daughters
WSST. They only kuow when these
look well, when the general effect la
good, but nre never ul.le to particularize, hut men ara becoming better edu-
cuted In the matter of elothca for women, and tho sveraga m.iu of today
traveling nbout smong women Is capable of discriminating and knows the
value of a woman's eh.thing us well ua
Its becomlngness. Many wives would
appear to better advantage In tbelr
clothes If they would take their husbands' advice In tlie selection of them
Instead of tho advice of their dressmakers. The latter ure upt to burden
their customers down with costly und
unbecoming furbelows regardless of
tuste. 1 mines uu 1-iiieu lu Leslie's
Bonking handkerchiefs all night In
atroug salt water will greatly ficilltate
their washing.
When washing flui.nels get rid of as
much dust un.l dirt as you possibly <*un
by shaking und brushing before plunging Into water.
After blauketa have been washed and
huug on the lino and ure thoroughly
dry boat with a c*-"pot beater. The
wool will become llsht aud aoft, like
In laundering white spreads or any
large piece where dilltculty Is experienced in fludiug the large Boiled spots
a good pluu ia to fasten a piece of
black silk thread to moat soiled places.
The spots cau theu b« easily detected.
Ironing silk when wet gives It a
amooth, gioasy uppearunce, but should
the waist get dry before It is iroued dip
lt ln clean cold water aud roll In a
cloth. Do not sprinkle wuter over It.
as that would make it look rough and
blotchy when iroued.
And Undermining Health by Useless Worry-
New Vitality Obtained by Using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Brain and nerve fore* Is squandered
in s way which would be uiiciiy condemned in the us" of money. And
of whal value is money compared
with health.
By useless fretting an.i worry, by
overwork, and by neglecting to take
proper nourishment, r.*si and sleep,
strength and vitality are frittered
away and no reserve force Is lefl to
withstand the attack <>f disease.
in. Cbaae'a Nerve Food Is valued
because it actually Increases tl." amount oi nerve torn* in the body, over
conies tbe symptoms arl Ing from exhausted nerves, and niv.*s that
strength and confidence In mind and
bod) which is necessary to success in
Nervous headache, brain tag, inability io concentrate the min.I. lo of
sleep, Irrltlblllty, nervouanesi snd del
pondenc) are among the Indications
ot exhausted nerve force. These are
the warnings which suggest the n>*
cessltj of sii.ii help as Is best supplied by Dr. Cbaae'i Nerve Cure,
Mrs. J, S. Tiir.lilf, Marlapolls, Man.,
writes-.—"When i  began the use of
in. Chase's Nerve f i   my   health
was in ii terribly bad condition. My
doctor told me that i was going int..
consumption and   for   neiiiiy   three
years my bowels were ao loose and
watery thai I was kepi continually
weak and run down. In spite or tha
mnny remedies used I gradually
grew worse and worse. I oould
scarcely gel about the house nml suffered a greal deal from backache,
■tomacb and kidney troubles.
■|.i Chase's Nerve Food proved to
I..- exactly whal l needed and by keep
ing up this treatment foi a time I got
• .nn and well that I did my own
housework and sometimes worked In
the fields without feeling any tht
worse for It. i' Is a pleasure as well
as n duty for me to recommend l>r.
Chase's Nerve Komi
if you would I..- happy, healthy and
tUCCeSSfUl,   lesl    this   (Ileal   (ood   Cl.*.
.'.ii cents n box, at all d. alers, oi im
mum-ton. Bates & <'o. Toronto,
A  Scheme That  Will  Make HsW York
l*'ii'*ilt ullt I men- u liable.
"Very new ainl modern are the almost automatic forts." writes C M.
Bullivan In Technical World Magazine,
"so modern, Ind I, tbat the installation of comparatively few of them hua
been completed. But m complete is
the confidence of ull the experts lu
their Inviolability that $rs).n.aj.ouu la to
be spent at ones by Ibe United Btates
alone tn tbe perfection of Its coast de-
fense. Of this amount at least $1,000,
(s.-o will be expended al Porta llamil-
tou nml Schuyler, guarding the harbor
Of New York.
"Iu coast defense work the first ne-
ceaalty is to be always prepared for
attack, never to be caught napping.
With this Idea lu view small ships of a
new* type and great speed are being
built for scouting purposea   Telephone
systems, supplementing the telegraph,
are being built along the whole .-oust
i :o* each station connected with the
nearest fortress. Coast guards and
lookouts are being furnished with
portable searchlights, snd each ot.serv-
r will carry with him a portable tele-
Waldorf Keg '1 I mini lee.
Melt oue tablespuonful of butter, add
one tablespooiiful of flour and pour on
gradually, while atirriug constantly,
two tinrda ef a cupful of mtlk. Add
the yolka of three eggs beaten until
thick and lemon colored and aeason
with oue tublespoonful of chopped
parsley, half a teuspoonful of Bait, one-
eighth of a teaspoouful of pepper and
a few grulua each of celery Bait and
cayenne. Beat the whites of three egga
until stiff and dry aud cut and fold
Into the first mixture. Turn into buttered individual molds, set in a pan of
hot water and bake In a slow oven until firm. Ilemove from the molda, pour
around bechamel or tomato sauce aud
garnish with yolks and whitea of hard
boiled egga and parsley. Let thia lie
whut la known as a marguerite garnish. Cut the whites of the eggs to
represent the petals of tha flower and
force the yolka through a strainer to
repreaent the ceuter—Kannis Merritt
Farmer In Woman's Homo Companion.
H,s Economy Is Not Miserly snd His
Courtesy Delightful.
The "habitant" Ikis to be frugal, for
his means uf supporting his faintly—
usually no small family -are somewhat
ini'iKi" Nor la frugality unknown
amongst those who are In what aro
sailed easy circumstances: no bad thing
either, seeing that this virtue la the
opposite of the vices, wastefulness and
extravagance. But though frugal, the
French-Canadian la n .1 ir.K.-riy; he
may be Impecunious, but he Is not parsimonious. Fortunately, too, his domestic wants, though many, are simple
and oairily sat sfled. It l> said that a
Scotchman oould live wher- an Englishman would starve; hut a French-
Canadian c'Uld live where a Bootc'.i-
man would find It dlflleult to supply
himself with the simple but nourishing
water brose In this respect he reminds us ut those two delightful ohar-
BOt-srs, Dr. Rlccabocca and his servant
.llaooma, depleted with such consummate skill by the Inimitable Lytton.
In the keen competltl n and maddening hurry and heartless strife of the
preaent day. the peaceful and content-
phone, the receiver clamped to his ear led French-Canadian of this generation.
so that be tuny be In constant touch especially If h-» belong to the humbier
wltli lhe officer in command of the fire    classes,   may   not   be   well   adapted   to
control station. More remarkable still
is tbe Hying 'periscope.' a scientific
combination of telescope and camera.
which will automatically take snsp-
shots showing the details of everything
visible on land un.l water witbin a dis
tance of ten or even twenty miles.
"In practice it has been found possible to locate a target live or six miles
away, make tbe necessary calculations,
aim aud lire u gun nnd drop a shot ex-
BCtly on the specified spot, ull within
three or four minutes."
Your Hair
Don't have a falling out with
your hair. It niieht leave you!
Then what? Better please it
by giving it a good hair-food—
Ayer's Hair Vigor. The hair
stops coming out, becomes
soft tnd smooth, and all the
deep, rich color of youth
comes back to gray hair.
" 1 wm treebl*-! ■.'•■•It with tenlrsff enttl
I ..mi Kj.t-t i«lr Vlg-.r It cmplrtAl. »mii«hI
th. .UnilttilT mini .Imt .It'inH". in, halt from
falllnu "in. 1. ••.'*•" me v»f. lately sl.o In
.rr»««lin mr Sslr Ban .hi. I wtab."-
Mlss HAUU.S Coos. IH.kls, W. Vs.
MeSebrJ. O- Aysr 0»^ •Lew«a. Wsss
alee sua.
caessY recToeM.
London Lecturer Severely Condsmne
Specialists.   Especislly   Medical.
Many society women, dressed In ths
• very height of fashion, are studying
ths philosophy of Plato at Clarldgt-'s
Ho.el. London, where lir. nuille Reich
delivered his second lecture recently.
The lecture wae entitled "The Particular and the Oeneral; the Individual
and lhe Society." and many and varied
were the subjects dealt with. One of
Its most Interesting feuturea wai the
bollef expressed by Dr Reich that professions make fuces
"I lind It very difficult tn say whs-
ther tho lawyer's fucs is growing mors
Ilk.* that of a wolf or a fox. but ll Is
certainly getting mors animal-Ilk*," was
.in.* nt the lecturer's statements,
"The general physiognomy of a Ro.
man Catholic priest Is different from
Hhe general physiognomy of a Protei-
tunt prleit, and, If ths two were drained
ths same, you would be able easily lo
dlitlngulsh Uieni." he continued, ml.l-
lng thut a similar difference might be
lecn in the faces of Oxford and Cun-
: bridge graduatui.
Thu man who endenvnrs to be a "specialist" In anything came In fur levari
c.ilil. I,in  trom Dr. Kolch
"Ths   specialist   knows   noihlng,   bs-
' oause he does not generalise," he said,
and then, referring to the medical specialist  who  particularizes ou   tho  eye,
i the ear. hair or teeth, he added, "You
i will soon be going to a specialist for
the right ear, and a specialist for ths
' left ear.   And you will loss your heur-
">S" ________
Social Dictionary.
"Society" Ib now a combination of
meu and women who overdress thetn-
aolvea at the expense of their tradesmen that they may overeat theniaelves
st tho expense of their frienda.-Llfe.
Onr  Kir.I   Bricks.
The   first   bricks   made   on   Nerth
American soli wsro manufactured by
the t'oloulata of Virginia In 10,1:2. Thay
were used ln building the chinch at
Jnmestown and the residences of the
governor and the more Important cltl-
r.ens. A portion of Jamestown church
la still standing, and tlie bricks of
which It waa built are In good preser-
Tnllon aud appear to have been very
well niinle.
The   It.*.nl.   of   I'i.      in   n   Couple  nf
Wires   In   W'ron,- TernilnaW.
A large number of the world's greatest luventloua have been the result of
some accidental union of forces the
nature of which the iktsou who started them neither understood nor suspected. The working of dynamos at
long distances apart when properly
connected Wai discovered by accident.
A. scientific Journal says: "Soou after
the opening of the Vienna ex|K>sitioo
in l*-.7;> a careless workman picked up
the ends of a couple of wires which he
found Hailing uloiig the ground. He
fnsteued them In the terminals of a
dynamo, to which he thought they belonged, while they were reully uttacb-
ed to another dynamo that wus running In another part of the grounda.
The dynamo to which he fastened the
wlrea waa uot running, but as soou aa
the wires were placed lu Ita terminal!
it revolved aa If a steam engine waa
driving It. Tbe workman wus ainuxed.
The engineers und electricians were j apd
astonished by the discovery tbut a dynamo electric uuiihlne .turned by
Steam power) would turn uuothor similar machine a long distance uwny If
properly connected to It by electric
wires. Thus originated one of the
most revolutionary applications of electricity."
Tha fact that power can Ik- transmitted for milea by electric wires Is oue
of the most Important fuctors lu modern Civil snglnegrlng achievements.
Aral.lan .'offer.
The quality of Arabian coffee la believed to be due to the fact that the
absence Of rain permits the berrlea to
become perfectly ripe before they are
Among the peBsantS of Holland the
gift of S Straw In tween lovers Is cou-
sldered as Indicating a hope of eon*
cord. Flndlnj S broken straw ayui-
linllsas a comlua uuarrel,
"Young married people," lays a Chi-
■ese proverb, "should have their bouse
iuIII round so d'scouteut cun dud no
urner iu it"
Spoons ere of nearly Ibe lams size
all over tho Civilised world, and four
tableapooufuls muke whut^ In medical
parlance la deuomltialed a' wlueglnss-
Help  your Children to grow sl rung
ami robust by counteracting anything
that cauaes ill-health. One greal
.mis,* of disease In children Is worms,
Remove them with Mother Qravea'
wm in Exterminator.   It  never fulls.
play a leading part. His natural Inclination not to be grasping, his quiet
life, his domestic disposition, his conservative tendency, all predispose him
against wildly struxgUng tn that mad
ruah for worldly self which Is so dls-
t nctive of Ihis plutocratic age. l>>ng
i ago he learned the salutary lesson -
Indeed, he seems never to have learned
It, bul a'ways to have kn iwn It Intuitively—"Having food and raiment, let
ns be therewith content" Is he any
worss for It* Is he not all the better*
Is lt really a hindrance to his true and
permanent success ln life? And Is t;
altogether to us. reetlesa snd dissatisfied Anglo Saxons as we are, to hnv*.
! as our neighbors a nice of people, who.
by their comparative Indifference to
Mammon, aro constantly reminding us
that this life, with Us many false ambitions, evanescent honors and ephemeral glories. Is not everything? Tea,
the "habitant" la fruga'. and his d■>-
m.-stlc economy Is one of charming
simplicity; but In spite of this—or la it
not because if thiat—ona would hav*
to travel a long way before coming
a**roaa a people among whom domestic
happiness prevailed  more generally.
3ut It Is his c mrteay which strikes
the tourist more than his frugality, for
it Is more easily sh n ' 'ne must b>'
somewhat acquainted with his houso-
h'd arrangement*, with his actu.l
home Ufa, to appreciate the latter: one
hrj only to meet him In ordinary- Intercourse to notice the former. He evidently belongs to the same race as
those old French guards, who, when
thoy had ooaae face la fSoa ■■*'•'■ th Ir
Britiah opponents ln deadly warfare,
politely removed thtlr helmets, and,
bo-wlng to thrlr saddlebows, hedged the
gentlemen of the Rnitllsh guards tn do
them the honor to fir.* the first round,
to do the English Justice, they
refused to take advantage of ihe
Frenchmen's excessive p'tltenesi; and
so commenced Urtng at th,- ss.ne time.
■^Vhotner you sre vlsll'.ng In the mansions of the aeiitnicurs, thi descendants
of the uld nob **sse of the old regime.
or In the comf. *t..*ile dwelling! of ths
skilled artisans. n'-other you And
yourself In one of the gr*at centres "f
trn.de and commerce, where "men in st
do congregate." or amongst th. idiur-
esque cottasres of the humble '"ihl-
tanis,*' "far from the maddening crowd's
Ignoble strife." th- universal courl,-y
•f ihe people Is whal first strikes the
visitor from any of :he sliter provinces
Hjt It Should, perhaps, be called politeness rather thin courtesy, and ll
has not of net seelty anything to do
with what Is kn wn as r.lqu..'"
though, of course, from no people does
this last receive more punctilious at-
'.Milton than fr«.m the *-*r-*ni-h -r thus,,
who are of French extraction. The
courtesy which has br, n apoken of pr"-
ceeds not sn much from any anxiety
to avoid making a faux pas In social
Intercourse as from the wish to please
others- or, as we say, to make them
feel at homo- even, al the cosl of some
sacrMoe of one's own convenience or
comfort. This makos your Intercourse
with the French Canadian, however
transient It may be or of how little
Importance, a pteasant remembrance;
and so obliging do you tln.l hlin, and
withal so unobtrusive, that when you
are forced to bid blm g.od-bye you regret that it ts not merely au revlor—
Byron Nicholson. In The French-Canadian.
Dirt  and  Slrknria,
It Is a broad rule thut boiled milk
and pudding- ii.ii de wilh milk agree
more frequently thun anything to re-
atoro a sick person. When beginning
to restore n sick person to more ordinary diet begin with white llsh, boiled,
riulce or solo boiled In milk Is excellent. Never give potatoes when the dl
gestlou Is bail, ln place of bread glvo
toast. Often there Is U craving for
s.'.'ls In such cases give lemon Juice
diluted with water and sivecleneil with
sugar when allowable or with saccharin In diabetes. A craving for green
stuffs should Blwayi be sutlslled. Nature herself la crying out. (Jive water
crcsa, but withhold tadlsbai, si they
sr* dllllcult to digest.
Coaklntr. the Milk.
The main thing la to rool the milk
quickly to a temperature of 00 de-
greea or lesa, and It would pay the
dairyman to provide Ice for thia purpose. In driving through the country
In the eurly morning you will observe
near the well at different fnrma a can
of milk placed lu a half barrel, whera
there la not room for more thnn a couple of pails of water, which would not
be sufficient to properly rool the milk,
and unless this Is quickly done the
germa that may have got Into It will
have a chance to develop before It gets
cooled to that point where their growth
!■ •••tnril.il     1   (1   Moore. Uimjiuiin
\Y    N    U      No.    .'.Oil I__flif_§i
■. n  ■■■■■.*.. ■ ■.
f, prltttsd d rtatm l-atos' Uy  mm I-i.bliilw^
t  f.-i'l -li Bli.l . "•'-' I «•• tver. I um...'
■   i     < lll.ir   I IS!    i II   l'l   I   blmisll   r«|ion
l,i», i '   '. .t Borr-_p»ud*>.U>ei
ire.«ei  In Ul """
All local* will br ..i-iri's.l nl   H.eiM.f ofll
.,. ,,,   , III tl.lW.IU P'.
i nr «... :i .iii..,"i ienl lussrtl....
I*  'nt* I'm. • "'it «i"l  ">l rr • In
|i t-r nn. II on  at p ii'S.tO'l u     Ifi    ••
.     !,,■  I .,■: '   l *'    '      I       Ull VS
Nuti e is   her. I*y   |* rs n   ll*   '    !
1*1'- 11   O I   We,! ,,.. '„ v.   ih •  I'.i1   iill c
.of b'ei -.I.". 1906 nt l 30 <V.
.clock in ihe ail i ' ■■* So'ttr for Bale
1 T ; ub  .* Iu. ti' n, ii H ' lo«" °'
Comal-I ■-   Loi ' "       ' ~;
in   i;i ,*.   number. I    i>' :*     ■  -
tngrtlil      with
(formerly G ivsrnm. nt Recm I
Offiee), said pr iwrty beiu t *-i'":''
in iniii town of rwm - B«»*
■ '.   25.C0
.*    •* B
Frs:   ■
Ps> kin-si
r*   >
I  kNEY,
jeot to u re ervi
i.* . :     ;: ■. ■
S4th day of Am
,o:t v.v.
■   : '
Ci     '
w * . ■
« .
acting      i   bj
njcki  .
] -; ||
llll, :
bsl ii   ■
Supply (So*
wall Sjpp!i«'J with Liquort &. Cigtn
■ t   ' ... ■ r.»r.» K •• .. •    Kacelliut Cuisine and Atlmdauci
<egal Noi (;•-•
ckktifkates nt*' ivr v ■■
Nm li I.
.1.1*.. fkiali, 1 UliS  *-'!nr lllll : '
liluutcln .''.* I'miill ili.-Miui   . I' **■
-I ii,ol W.vi ! '•■■*■■ l!'-' :,t
Win- u   Ln-tii'-J: llca.l o( Inl ei  cell
: it, il ,* ii.ii I.J   W. f'lil   ■
imi * 'iflentu N". 61,813   fm n r
*■'*:. 1    I  'l   -.    I     ^    HU H    III
[.in      su    -.Mi"'..  Ilrii.'a   M ' iti1,   i '■'
■   ..   |),i,|,|s, i ... i*. ■'*   '
:.       ■     .;.",.    li'.' Ill "  di '■
i.i,* \h ■mu ttt*,'.. !••" lor i'i   I
.,,..*.■      e |illl      -'■■*■■
ii * crown (fraiiU ol lh" -.' -'■■•' '■ ; "
Ai il lur I her lake notice lliat  action i
under aeetiuii Si must  be commenced
I,,'! the laausucs ol such cerilticsls ul
Imi rovemeiiti       Paled il.s libdarul
Mi v, \   D , 180*3 .,,   .,
,1   W . CHISM
Hv in lift W airr supplied by ths
Company you an assured .'I absolute purity. Qovariiment Aualyiii
in back up itatetusnts. :
H«gh McPheriOfl - - Sup..
-   t , j ,
Trout UU Uvi j
i n'KiAirt,
: m -   _Jj      StflbToi 11 Trout Lute.
.     •
Hi. .
tei il, nxt;
toapply  li
Oeit tl
ll.e :t
Ar :
11!'.'!, *   -
I .
t   ■
Prop. \aj   rj    i^nes W0CD valia^cf. h
We     -Tie    a^-UaitW^t WARE CO • L" D
1 ssl     lliu-lsri      >>-•    .'>
NUIJON. 11. C.
Uineri'   St    pliei,  lUVB
•   Uis
■ .-an rive
•foot ureal
ll.at I,    i'.  *      I
Vrtiri.M■■•    No   US* 1*7 ..
t   (or   l.udger   Ouere.l
.•••"t,. ral * So    188084, in*
, |ri a'l  lereol
■ Minii.- '    ■ »
iinpr.-i ii.U        '     ■•*
■ ..iniii*; a Crow
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
ArA Very finest Cigars   B
 "      |( p*j| t„ in* tie  Tsiephoas      *
^, _ _ m.        len-ftur trip csn often be saved, officei
mt\Y ill*n*f>\1       »V       11 rt     at   Peruuson: Cummius'  Ktors , Irsul
^y Itll l\'-» V       V%      VJsv'.   uke, Post Offles; atw at Beaton, C«b-
splls sod Arrowhead.      	
EfKI,    t^liee.s,     ProdtlCS    an.l    Kn.it
M usi.ti Bk.,fuiep!.ine8t Nelion.B.C.
^iit   Lako^ityJ[ranafer
and Stage Lino.
I Ferguson
I Trout Lako
Beaton        U
1 i>«iy Stasi win |
UtVt   Fe:jiu*.oi|!
7 i.m,
Trout Lake tl 8
I* ri sne. ior.
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
■ik* notice      it i
7. mini •     •    *
.  „    i • ■
ei i ■ ■
■■I -•
...... - i . lavi
sfterdal i .  * • !'
i        . - - >.
i", pei     • -- "    l
.- .-
i a        I'lanii
half a
-•   •
i '
nil -•      ■ i west Ml
•    ■      •■    .
nisi . -  ' MOKa
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
Best Hotel in Town,
Mi0\m k Hiiisi a^ CnRbl feL
Watcli rai-iirinic,    etc.
tiunrari.e. ti
Hotel. tojiEofsBtefW Hi, UI
B»-».TSL e«ID UP..
Usee flit.
e.oee ooe
4 see.see
i> k wn ur, r.sinisst n.i hohfi.t   Arrp.AT.i-y.f*M
lANCHCS    m   "'S   I'rovinrei  of  Altwrta   fs'lsir .s-»ts    t'rll.iu Wiala,
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
Msntohs, f'.i'ario Slid Q. s  s-
kS   C
is '■ irel     . rei   ths   B
r date I       ••■ d   to a; j.t
■ on. Chiel '
Lands  and \\ orka  lm i • rn n
in j ui  iiase the I. »• desi i '•■• '
land sii Dated   in Wesl   Kootensr
ina   at   a       •'    , ante i
half a  mile abo-re   Poplar    reek
an north siile "f Lard ■ ri vr.  i aik
e.J ' A. Ciowino'*. S.W, •■■ rner ,  it
thence sai>t SO w risei
l.ar.k,   tuence
thence    weal    bl
soutli 40 chai -        (joint of com
meiicement. -^zn
June 21, 10 6.        A   Wowmo
Notice ia  herehj  given that 60   "e
days afi.*r  data   I  intend to make   i)
spplicatidii to  ih* Chiel Commie-
sinner of   Lands  snd   U'nrk.   f .r
periniaaiori !.. purchass the Min**
iri(5   d-r-criliml    Is  .Is   eituatrl   at
galena  Jiar    Ws | Kootenar dis
trial,  srul   t|n."iri!t-.l   as   follows *
Commencing at s  (.it marked 1
WstS'iit'a N.K ."iii r (mit. plai *.»-i
at lh- s W r. r of  I.Kl-4*^ (Arrow
head Lumher • •> 'i limber limit),!
thence   west   40   chaini,   Ihencel
muth 20 chains,  thence ea*'.  40
ehsina, thence   in.rtli   20 ebail.l lo
point of commencement, stul c-u-
tBiniiin 8l) a.*r»*- I    U us  ?
dated .June 22nd, 1906
"1EN  viiitiig   Ksrgneoti you
should Slav sl the Laideau
Hotel.     Here   the   visiter
Will   ba   surrounde.l   «ith
i • me • i i.if.'ita      Kx> elleut
cuisine,     well   ventilated
•        ••rm    rooms,    wi-ll
at.cksd bar,   and   everything value),
leids  lo«arila   uiakin*;  y i.r visit a
plessant and reemoratile one.
Kates from |1 dsy upwards,
W% strive I"     * us onr palr-oiis.
F. B. Wells
No. M.
A V   A A.M.
3rd   ThursJay earl.
•*  month.
•    . ■     i .-ft   lordialir Invited
(j  rorddred.See   r.C.Campbell.W.II
SAVINGS DCPABTMtNT.-nspnsill rereifsJ ami Inter-Ml s   '.•«.'. i. tti,
current rale from -ials ef ipeninr af i  "'
I^t.sn  nt  rr«4ll   IHBeS »»sl••• ': in    .rr
nm'    of I'.s «. tli;
*   .    »    SUSUI OB   f   '••   %m   m~    m-i^..   ***
Kiiiin* h>..'.
Tu< ct Iaes I'aii a—
M. L RfO
r«00T i. a i p. iodgk
NO   41
i. o.n r
Review Job Dept.
Kor High*Claas Work
• O o-cj^o oo CMMEMS o (
ngl tit'.dti:
-' *t *'
•*       -   i      '   •        mVwTf
1 ll.lll  nlcbl  •(    t
<>>i.-*k      .'lilt t g   br-jth- .
• ri •i>rdf»t.y w«,«udi«
o      OK      I
> JSavber Sbopr
Oood Shave ur Hair Cut
^aOfea **
>       as. K     -tf
P    M    fc    .ft..   *    %mm
rt ii..' at *>
lioli! (tr Silver       I    50
•v*   '       Pilvsr f2 00
Kiifsrsn.l    ,-•           2 in
Copper           .   ... | 'mi
Tine    .   |l J-i
5   SHANNON,  -\ssayer
Trout I.ake. ll C.
WH0LE8ALK    AND    RKTAlLlJ        Hot and Coid Batha
Merchants    unit i<<18ter & mmiiw
Barber Bhop.1
fut d*     I   III
11 a.** ||   la
r^orTisAii tn
[l**ltri iu all klndi of Fresh Uut
lOUClTOItS, Kt..
NtVtLSTOKt    B    C
Ss.lsll-.ri tor lni| srtsl    *    i tit rs.,»a.
► o«*-c»en o-o-o o o-o«; «.*» o-rj *3-c-i
Cbe Dotcl Beaton
r=r    BEATON.   B.C.
Y. i arriving at ReatoB  ihs tbnil.old ot tlie Urdeau
vie arrowhead, «.ll find ibis ;!••». to lie f.illr sqoippsd
ht bish*elsss lisds    Ksrslteut sccninmodstion.     A well
spaoinied sad spaciiui dining l.sll     The l*si ot lVines.B|iliiti
as-i f'e*'*    l'srionl inptrvTil i; .i |iten lo tlie requirements ot
pstrom   Visitors tu tha 1 a> issu ran i»lr oa comfort at thii hotel
^ W. BOYD -:-  -:- Prop ^
A>l±*>rm '-e-iz •-.»** o *r>»» .-» ._fct-»•*:.«* ..oo-.
Provincial l.aml Survey,.r,
Mineral cisi.na Surveyed
and CroK-n Qrauta DbtalneJ
K. ■ rt   ii   I,s... r   ilven   thst   t-s ,
bioi ■  isflerdsts I   ntei I lo spply I '   '   ' '"'   "'"'
Ohiel  I    II in •• *.ner ..(If      . '    '      mil' . »' s  prill .   .     - :
sud Works for s sr-eeii      ran i ... ,,., y
and rarrv away timber  from   I   .   I '*        • ' marked
nwing usieribe.1 Isndi situated ii   . < uer'* ...     .,.,,
Weit  gootsnsv distrirl ' '   ■ !l M
Commsneiuasts poll miriei I.n .. ea«i
-MaMiBse—tlestKesorS .>mrs
t run i ska, s <
FRED    C.
rrout I.ake, I   I .
.. *   tl.ei.ee
ii.ei cement,   i
a fillet.
Hill's louth'West eofi.er, is' nt noril
■rest. "insr ot l.,,t  IJ47, tlience ■   rl
";"_!_. SO chaim, thence rest 80 clislna, the    i ralofT
ELLIOTT,      louth SO ehslns. ll.o..c« wnst -SOchai  - planted
• ■•  point df rnminancement. lie east ri rfool   t rr. k
Itslioa I2ih June, 1MM i.i*^I.IF. llll.I. ,       , itli, m»»ktJ
Notica   ii   herebv   tfiv»n   lli<-   i ,■. ■ • • r  post,
an ruths aher .',,ita I   intend   I • ns east, I hence <W clisitii
j  p.r..,. *"     |1,e    "'■".    Chiel  '"ini  *,   ti.ence
ana rerguson.   Ur.iU nnH w ...!<• (nr n ipeclil      •  n *.   • fluent.
to cul and rai       , •     •*   !»r *,      ■   , .
followinH  ileacrib. I land"   • :  . . C. I.   Copp, locator.
lhe Wait Koot. *,,,,.,.,   |,   *,,,.,!,     given that  sixty
Commeneln-ial a|   *t marked Uilis ,!,..      from   the' Brst     publlcstlonl
Iill h ioiiIIi .:i-! ■      -    - north i » Iliiilih I    Innibia Usai-lle,
east corner ot Loi ire north 80 |     n *   ,i   |     ■    i *.*   to    tbs    Hon I
Ihenea i" -i  -i rl sh *. then . t    -.    I . ,    nf   l.nn.le  ami;
•■■niii  0chains, tliencu esil BJ uhsim Works for .*■ iiieelal lieenssto cut snd
in point oli menl carry awar timber from the following
PTANine    ti'1 Nelson,Uth Jui Lsius Hti.i leauribed landisitusted In Weit Koot-
U   iu* ,     .•'•""J!11  '"      ••      i   ii    hereby   given lhal In i
;s   tne one to  i.ty    It  is i.m i  months after dale I Intend to apply to     Commencing at a post planted oo the
.cheap piano  when   r. ti   buy, but   •''• Hon  Chief Commissioner of Landi south  Slds  nl ll.e  I suit, river, ah..nt I
you find you have nractlssd icon   and Works for a special lloanse to cut half a mile fr Iho river and IWmllas
',  nri'l ...i11 iiimv iiiui.'.r   from   ii,* lt,l- ""'ii Oerrard   marked   C.   ).. Copl.'sl
Inwius .leicribed landi iituais.1 in tbe northeaat corner post, theocs lOchsins
Kootenay d.tt i west,'thence 80 cnslns south, theuca WW
Com »• nt a posl B.ml.i'1 i.eilia chaina <a»i, Ibence su ciinini to  t1 il
TROt.'T ' »KF   I'
Oatn.ie eonit.aiin' Interests eiri/ullt
loriki.,.1   nini
At.ro IMOourlsv'l I'Ur.oi
.otiiy  vlien   yiu  have  letted
t-iei! it.   When you  wan!
r.truineot     ice   the   loei
Ill*    locij    iitei.l,    /-"ii...*
Hn can fit M,*,i on   ivm   kJ''' " louth-essl   corner postj  fat  at point of commoncemeiij
.n-t corner <.f Lot tssi;. tbanre
env style >uid st any pries and north -10chains, thsnes weat HOchslhs,
•terms,   i. o, Murray, local agent  I ith-tOrhalni  ibcm** *a«i i«0
 ~ ~— . i chain* lo |i"iiii ol commencement,
_*■» j i -1-4    .      , Nelaon, lyih .Vine, 1B0«.
Located Junn21it, mun.
It. (.' (*ofi|>. locator.
THERE   have    been    f..rtun»s
made by judicious Invest*
rn. i.t   in   Heal   I nt«!■-,  ami
in..re   ff.tunes  will  lie  nada than
evnr the i.* xt two or Ibree years,
Tha ons win. reaps ll.e l.ariest ia
tl r'glnal  Invaatnr, for he  has
bin money ou a certainty,
Nniv l.l ui |,t ini mil tn »nu ll.il
there ii nn beiler spot nn ibe Cun*
t'i ■' l In i i;v Real Kstata than
Trout Lake ia the pretties! spni
io ibe K.ioteiisyaj hi- m pieesin'w
i.* iii it hns n i e.jiiMl. Boating
and Hsl.il n may he ludulged in
the year rnuiid; while bin gittno
in abundance ia to I ho fouiiil on
the bills.     Ita climate ia superb.
there  h- ing  no ur.at i*jt. <m. ii
b'-i.'U iiiii.I iii winter and cool In
summer, Ii can boast of «. n ■• >,f
lhe tinoet l.nl.'la and r. ai.leni'in io
British Ciluii.hia. Its streets uie
well In .1 ....I ..ml graded, There
are tw*. excellent general ston a,
an.l a glance ni il... advertisements
in this journal will hI.hi*. that nil
trades arc fiiirly wul] represented.
Write witb coiiii.l.-ncn to AgHnts.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
». *..
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
Then call on
or   write  to
I' lies u.ver I s.i n    ' Loom "— *-s
giowih i.na lieen steady I' >•
tn* In ol > f i tviftathiii, no1*
lha ii imii st rl il.* I mi. I ram li
•>f ije (' I-1<      aii ma-Je (in V *
I an',-v.)   h i ,1 |n I .   ni   I i| .      Il
i*   . * ii ii * i. iai   Cili'iS     I   'he
rh'l.eai   0    .i.i   Jlstrh i   i ..   ih»
" .in f i t. «e.I Inr* bai kt.    i
lit*     | I" \   .|. .1     liv      111"     In | Sllsl
I'si.k o t's. i.; i    i'i  i , '..,   -
Bl .'.in. lift I |(|)     ,,,  ,  , i     ;!,,,     ,'|f   ,
lloi     '  *     lisni.ni    DA., a good
wall i sysit I,,, e,„w,,, „,,„| , f* ,.
Ci unl) ('..tf m.i, « j (|, ij,, din
I | imo*,*,| „,,) Anglican chur ib-H
ami r. ttaga Iiom iial.
Il.ern sre rail able isnc-t 1st di
nn the outskirts awaiting seitUr-
I'i I'.n I., iiotiiu-,111 ii (igmlj
'•< i.t, and a Ion,il mw ii.ill with s
capacity of 60.000 ft | cr dsy 's h»
I'e. I rail .f th.* Inl *. Tl o mirea
tlihutaiy im* innii.g mil bi-rprr
I reducers ai.iv ..ar, wi.b i iw
preapects npenlng upncli lorisa .f
nl r.
Here will le » |,|g roth ik n
V'nr, hi. if ,n.i would knon
•i.tiie, wilin at once to iiii (i ..f
tbs iiue.,1. nt lhe gildroasea balow.
f. B. Wells
Ceneral A^ent
Revelstoke, B.O.


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