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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-12-06

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 lias a larger oircu
liiliiui thun uuy
N,*in.('iipiii'   lo    N
Kootinny. Bust ml-
veitit-ii.g   tfilQitO)
VOL. 8
r,(  Hi 1.  HI 1 I 1 IMlt'lNT IOOIVSH
To ll.. M Ca.ncT, or lo whominsve'
Ihey mav llSVU tianik-rit" I their in
i rent In tht U.iitiiinri) sn I  I!. > >kI>-.•
I, nar. l c al ii i
ul,. r..'... -I;.'. I, lbs in ilerslgoed
a nn .- Nli v. u in the Ualllmoro
i.inl Brooklyn mtaorej olsl.ni
ilaim, iltuate on S»rth (".k of l.irJusu
rivei 1 'w mile* Ir na rert'iseii
in the i r.i-.tt i . '. • Mn i'i,' I" Ii.Oii ol
*,,,,:   I . . •   * In ■ .*   pei I*. il ,* I  i In-
ii,.,., nary woi I. and msd ■ lha   * *   -....
, M..*,. I  'IIIH   "II     lllO    .''     H      I.       I   . ....*•;
laim    i .1   ii-" yeai      I ilO .1 |ii
,,,,!,.< in hold lhe faiiitr under reeiion :.'i
,,l ii i< Mineral Act, and iht .. *,*-» for,
a hich (aid work tsi perfoi niw and ex*'
r.,i,iiim. ...nt!.' Im Ing esi;.. i, 1 I e a-
., . ...I in iii .* lhal .' • *'i ii. U il u>
*   „   :,ni   i ii biles l|. ri 1, 'i '.,1 \ ,
refers t.. * onti bull rear pn |i .■
. »h:ir.* t,( ,u.*l. expenditure snd
■ -   r ■ i.i-   idi i*. I ■   :■ Sill i int.
.. in 11... said ii.lii.'i.ii . i.r'u. *.* ||
the properly "1 ihs "" larrdane.1
u( j r nl In- virtue ..I ibc.Ioii 4 ..f ih.
Iel A nou I - i" i' \. t. 11)00
p,    l tt Troul   I ..!..• Ibis  -tali  .1* • ..
I     ,||, .'ll -..','   sud    W    U .M.I.I R .
i a "«I.,*
DEC 141906   UH)j)T LAKE CITY, B.C..
HHHflH      HBH
y ■
|  Ths  r«tj
1 any audi as
1   per au
t   *
Dec. 6th.  iqo6
No. 6
Minnie P. mineral '.-lain, .;t,ldt,
Df A';?"1"' Uk. Mining dlvi.ion
»«Canyon Creek  °n8°UthPork     MOFTHE MINERAL ACT.
Tuke i.o-i,*e that  I, Kred 0   «])] '
:, ii   *>i ('n.i ■ i  or \n * hi mn rvsi i i
n.,i l.avs tisnaferrsd  Ida Intarnl In
,,...,,,.,, r, |y and C - nil. i Ho;
.        .,*,. ■ tbat *•»•*, il*.' . • '••" •
■  . ; iii  y.t,  ii. ih*.   Parrtboio
I ind    the      Canadian    I.*-'.
.        I tin., trituat r   i i   .. .   1    r-.
i ■■*-.•>.i • • i• ev.. near --• i * llile
'.  1 ak.i inining   I.*. .►."!.   -
u   k .."••.»>. bave performed tin net
,..." v itk and niade the i.cresssryas
,   lltnrs on   aboi •—n.. iiilioi. il t Isle
-■   - |O0"i I
i ler *• ■ •. " M of tl.e yInm
-. -.   mnl   the   v.«r   for   « lli. h ■
aork wai i • irfonned Imi ag sspirad, «.
, gi, t* ion i...n.t* lhal If.altl      •
.  il i   r rat publi.-nt.tii. I   -.
• *..*.    I,'.r.l Bl.   * •    r |'|.
il.   M..ir.   . I    • ,.    Hlu'.
ll   . I   Ihis ».''
I  I
■ ler,
rsnd rtneo'l
l   I     '■ .   ■ *   * !    At-.I
iiii it ij • f n
. . ■   •
iott, P. M C. N'o. B881C7 acting nt
sgi nt f..r C ara Grace Westfall, .id-
ii.iniitrnirix of ihe as1 ale r-f J.dm
VV. VVea'fa I, .1.■.*.*,. red, Preo
Vlinef'i Certificate, No 18809,?,
nt* n.i, **ixlv days from date here
..I i . spply t. i lie Mining ll. c i
'■1    fn   .i   I ..Illli.'ill.*   ol   Improvements, for the purpose ofob'i
a i Iron i Grant ol i he above cl. im
And :'niibei t.iL>. noii.-e Ibul a- •
ti ii under  seciion .'iT, musl l>*
mm. i.e.*.I   before   ilm  ic^tia
■uch C.'rtili
Erae Minor, Decased,   Ii.tcBiate.
K dice is hereby given thai I
Iisvh in',c.i possession of ll.e Estate ..(tho said Deceased,
The  Great Northern Hill
properties taken up.
Secured by the Broadview People.
Shipment of ore gave values of "3 ozs- Silver. 32 per cent Lead,
and $3 60 in Go'd-
A   deal -nf  far-reaching effect-
^^ waa consummated thia woekthrou-
."••'>'I'.r<...,i., debted to the gh lhe ,„-;, llm0!,1;„il    (l( A  Q.
-'-dU require,! t„   make  Fr.w. ,,  Tr„l|t   U|w     ^
n*a   t   k"        10   ,      """"   Th" Ohio Mtue.Development Co
hoc ..I  I I- Ji, Minii j- liec .rder     rn*it I _e  . .      ,
■Sftte of Improvements  | JT C, r L"k -1'*™   •'&»<*    t>'«
"St   Blmo",
l)j| ■•" ,i"- IBthday ol Ov-tob-.
i   Ii  1006
l RED      l Uioti
The "dt. Elmo" I as Uo(*ro«s-
cut-, one 86 f el. and the ..ther 35
feet, a!."i a 47 fo it drift. In lliri*e
workings tlie.-e is exposed the
H.ioie lead ol concentrating .ore n>
io the "1! ue Bell," 20 feet in wi.l
lh, nnd f.om 18 to 'JO biohes of
;c'ean or", a shipment of wl.ii.-li
ave values of 113 oiinc a in silver,
TH l: I.     <       i jj
I'-M-M-i-n n sotari
PI HI tC, I* I,
rrout Lak
( T
11  i
md F*-i jm
(Sviinh lali
j'nin-. 11:11"   ii .d  "T no   Piaaore"
I       Eeery person harii'g in  their 'l""°l"--'t en '.n ihe Ureal  Not tern
porsewiioii cfleote belonging to the Hil1-
j I'- -r-an-d are required to f rlnvith '    Tiie  pnrthasinR Cmpanr   are
, ii'.i'.f.i* E. (,'. Campbe'l, Mining He-  'he -jwiicb of tho Broidview «ronp
ourder, Trout Lske, B. C, adjoining    tin    abovc-tnenti .ned
Eivry creditor  n*- other per-  lr'-M"-*tM,   and   the  den*l.»pm. nl
son  having   any  claim   ujion,   or  °ri,,ilt    properly" hii   cmviicd
int. rs t in the distribution of the ")0"' t!n' ,,,,!ro "'•'*3 '''-t m$ney it
Entjic ..f the (.niii Deccssed.  ie io* •S',;"'h'  con I rif | of the wl'6'o hill,
•l.ui.■ i wi iiitt iiny (|,,yB 0r ,|18. Tli«*ra is a'/H remaining Ibe
. date, to scud by ie,ji»ie.u I leller. <5reat "••r'htjfl gr nip. t»nd ne!
[addreased to F. -J Campbe:|, Min-  U!1,lor"**'n(! "nt a deal is now ot !i» i\ i,. M big f.ctnr in   the general
iog RsoorJer, Trout Like,    B.  C. wh*°h ****  mean |t!ie  tranafer  of jji-ududinn uf British Columbia.
hii n-t wo and addroas, and the full liysi a'50'     'rht'  ,J'l!  "*•■'"'
j particulara oi hia cUim aud  imt*,-   "'" fnveriy ate  iriilinj;  lo  ter
Matters never 1,-oled eo I r'tht
for the towns i.f Tiout Like and
Fergus n, as Ihey do at present.
Tie opening up of" the Orest
Northern hill, with tiie fahsequeut
erection of trsms and reduction
works, lhe erection of a new sawmill ai Trout I.ike City, and the
operation of lhe one already built
i Qirrar I, will create a demand
for labor that is unprece tented.
It »!»*. 'mums the construction
of the road   from  tho  foot of  the
I.ake  to Trout Lake City,   which
1)2 per cent  1 id,    and  -18. 60  in | ,„ ilfc|, wi„ „ B jjj fac!or in ^
This—in a small way—gives sn
idea of whal iii- Company have lo
ivoik on, uud we feci jus ified in
i<ayi|lg that under conservative
t'd ccononi'c nianngeiii.nl, the
pro| ok tion will not only 'maku'
money   for   those   interested,    hu'
ami 3>it},i}iiT
■ and n - i.m. ment <*f his nccounl,
|aud ii.   : ■ -tur.* i.f tbe scfunty (if
. v bim.
I'i t I  nl   T out  Luke,
twenty ninth d»y ol Kovem
»*r, 1806
on the lertni offered,   nnd   ».*
a:.:i-fj. .1 t'.i.i if the ai>»ei.tee   i*
er« were cm.vorkant  with ih.* <•••:■-  Iti-v
| dit ion of nffuirt|,   thy «•• ui l   not
Uiciitac t*. r-cecpt  th**  > ff.-r insde.]
Ii i- true thi v I ar.. a big  pr«poai •'
imn   l.ui  il   met OH a big e»|^i.li i
lure in ihe simps of tranaa, mill Ac !
'I c -.* mins of the propertlc-
..n-: "Blue Bid,1 -Jack Blaubsr and
^'»-.•r••>. (j.ill.mersly nnd Di'.'kiton
I ii*i Eissuru"—lota Dowiih of
stoke, and 'st Blmo'1—A,
VV. i-.J;;e; Hugh McPheraon; Toit.
Iiylt't Ai.d J   A. M. Aiken.
adrsnee of tlie vrii.de    northern
part of Die distiict
The poesibililies are big, and
ibe united cffoits of the butinsis
men of both towns will po far in
tiie coneuniraatin.i tliereof.
The telephone  a.'rvice to Reve
*toke i« lic'ni* well patronised.
Mr. Cowan, the :niwinger,  sLitfa
that lhe I'ne will be kept
shape,   and  that  tbe  publi
r.ot luve any room fur  grumbiiir
in future.
Write ut a Poat Card e .
ing you taw this ad ver.
istment. and we wiil .a,
you FREE,   a 30 pas
Showing  linej of
•f I ntar-tat to ave •
MAN wha waara
■ J. Leckie Cc
u Ro.,.iil     VANCOUVER,   B.C.
ic  will jl,
Christmas Eveh
$160, 0 0 00 fordeva op-l.   m.n r^v("^ »'"« ^milrleiv.
^^_ ,      , i.i i, ii-w dais io take up ti.nr lets*
FRED  FRASER, is well
tab y.
Tho   Ohio   Mine*   people   b.iv.
School Supplies,
Dry   Goois,
B. C.
TICKETS,       Including
Supper,   $2-50
iiiissorlii tei DIM
'■   riCE l« I sreln ,* t lha'    '' '"■
idence In Vancouver.       Will,—or
Pi'ii'v,   as   he   iiss fitniliar'y cal-
|led—hat been identified along business lines with  tho  t'ttnal r   i.nd
I stage line between Trout Lake and
- hen ' v *.*    • • . i sisl
.  lend I    ..1*1*1-.
' -,o in * i i ii IC ner of i
ai i Works lor  pern i pur-
I I.' dr
'   Ir.'U' L.-r ..     W ■-')'.     '
enough,   however,   to make pfpep
iir..ti»i s   tur   eile.'tri*.o    develop-
menl.    lheylul<*d   poins alc.nl,! Catnborn.* for vrae ;!■• are,   end lhe
an.l a-1..on asa/unlitions warrant, ^^ |,alrollg 0f i\iet line will  be
enu .ned ;. ,:  da a],M- i ru-tinc I" P •*« | lent,    compren* TOn>v (n ^ , h,m (,        f
' done   oi  ii,* sor"   concttitration  plant,   sud re*       T   . -  „    •   ,.   .     _,,.  .
I     In sporting circ.es  he  wil  be
"   .. iclion sru.Hts.     Wl.it n.is ii.eiin,, ,aiJ|v misse.j        , htK,k,,v   pUrer
toTiuutUkoamlFeriiiaun,   .-an L, WM .,neMM3tt   a^u ta ,lhe
*    !_S2uU& onlybeeomprehended  bv those ol j L„rii.,,u and 8l-«an, in fttt, as sr
us who have travelled  ilw  hard L jl nVLn,\ atalctti ht wis  h.ird  to
h0t9i A;nJ' | and uustv road of adversity during i beat
.A, ssndei  '. lughtoi., Lardeau hotel,! lhe ptM lew ye.if-
' ' MgUSOII.
I    -i.r, r.  LJ.I'nural hotel, Fer-j    The proposition, as it i-ti.nds to*
-*'1";1.' . . ... , _       <1hv. ia one of tlie inosi  p.ouii--ii.i>
l> i: -... I.!..,. i . Wiiiittor lioiel,Treat      * r
j in the ptoviace.
tl., . len i Levi   que, i»»l.e Vieii hotel,
Iruut i
John  bimpson, T.out
i   U Lennoxville hotel, j,lr"t'   m which tliert ia i-ome good
On tiio '*Trui» Fissnro"  there is
Uke  hotel, tt9Pf..i.tcro48*cu'1 mil -ty feel  ol
Aa *..t !.o.nc wm given at the
Od.lf.i lows Hull on Thursday
n'ul.t. to bid Mr. and Mrs. Craw-
f..nd farewell. li was largely a'-
b-nded, and i.ir^-elv demo, strsted
the ee'eem in which they are laid
by I r* ul  I nkiiteJ.
.i A .IniUr* ii,  (Irani hotel
■Kgrtttt fm*  (T«ii;iri:ut   iluiiuifl.
.     I    ':.cl. »t..U**.i,.,.* ,..*.,*.; ..t ..,"'.'.,-'•., „,n.i,C..ni.netri«i l.t.l
ioi'k-.i   1'    1..   Ms
N \V   • on • t,    '..'•■ •
: •    •   .
■' ■   )
iks ■
of Loi
.   •      ■ .     of 1,
•  •
Dated 2S tl   Oc, |9 -'*
I.   I. Mastkihi
ore,   luinin^' aln.ut 13.'.. GO.     On
lit-fuil.ee tie vein haa been strip
FOB      SALE.
iii hairy nun
TROUT   LAKE,    E. C.
G Number Ono
v'*   - '.   '.'• hej I,   oi • j I'a'.li
: - ■■ i* t.r-> 1.   .      ii (hat with
r i.i- ii-!,    f.i.m ibe Oral pu i
i    • • .:i the Hiitish  Col
I int     I l    ippl)
. I i t!..*   II        ■       i   .
.ler  Irom I     I 'iltnl
11 nni     *   * I     lenav
c immi i,cii4 at a | : \ I
I . ii •' ►■.. i. • ..-i ,* *i *   i* ;t -'.   hi
the i irth ■ de  "f •"i nb i
: mi 11 i>   I'li.i.l   I   .1 e   >-. ,1*. OH  I. .lil,   *.
bt i,' il.r  • cl..." ».-,."   i I it .*  :i -i
' |l, \v >('■•" . •*• N l.'ln,' | " '*ini
t..*.i U.j * ■ * ' '■ ■ ' ' » I
RtJ , hm* •    *, III. M
, ,.* «... , i
■ 1   - . cl
,    ... f
Dated N *    5'h. 190(1
ul. Poplar ped,   mul is ei posed f.ir a ..iBtunc*
rink. 1 l.irt  hotel, I'll..'. I'm . '■   . , or.n /    . i     i
Aittbleoo, Whitewater   hotel j °« l30P Icet.tbowing a   mr:;.-  body
King Hotel.
!of  concentratii n
There   i-
oro   wl hout   n
eiiOii!:li  ore in
l'i.vi.1 u
I- i.'i    A
•n-.i-r ^^^^^
i- lie Kinnon
r.Olsos, n.i Springs Huiei, Ains-Uight to ki-.p u plant runi-ing It
t;,itmn..i Hotel. i;-ilo.     '*■" Indefinite period.
..,.11,   L'li.ir      M„„i,' in,ri,.,,1,1        ()       ,       ,.|„       *    j,,,   ft0f0IB.cu,
\  •      ...*.* tl • i. i-.| ,.; ueei.es
-.      :    ihs    Ainsirorth bat been run   lor adi-ia. c-ot 160
i..:.l... cu, Milcr - ,„    0nd Ue lead diifted on 93
nil .,.• ,.: ihe Larueau imi,I.        '
.  i  ld«y, iho :'•'i, dav el feet   'o  Uu! north, nnd 33 ft ct l..
■   be I     r gf eleven o'clock  ,h„ K0,uh       jn  tIlu dtif,   -,,„.„ |a
,. ■. n
Vi  ll Ucliocx Wk-jstek,   'about  four feet of shipping ore,
Q'lo'uii, ne for metals, D c. 5tL:
oiIver-89J, Lead-£19 .10. .0.
Died: nl Vancouver n few dayt
ng *, K li-on, ton oi Mr. and Sin.
ll,i *.ey E si.or, Int.* of front Lske
U'-at sympathy for the bereaved
|parents "i» fei i i.y their many
friend* in i um 1 uke.
. ..ie [aspeetur   ,,K, , ,lt, cr0!b.,.ul ,how, , guwJ  2o
feel of concentrating oi
Mrs. Arthur Gowitig and fan:-
iiy, return od frnm Ruaalatd ,on
Monday after a v s-i lo friends.
The  charge nM.le by the Hon. IB"'     , ,        ,^ ,
Rufu, P„pe that the sum of 17000  |     LocaI m* General.
'     ;
Apply to:
I*       I'.lll.H
E. A. Haggen.
btoi-l. rime n-*A rinaoclal Droksi
ltctl trine r.,'.l Insurance
Kirs, Mfe Ar,*i.l.-nt, Mesltb,
Uuarantei snd Kmplojten
Usollit] litsnrsnM
00 wns recently paid for a jud-.-c-
ship, s-houl'i be thoroughly invtst-
igated, It in the proud b'*a-t of
Ciuiadiaua that the juaiciary of
Canada is above reproach.
Mr. Pope's c'-iarge i« one thai
caanot he overlooked. He musl
make co"d," m.d while an opposed to the pt.liiicnl part) who ba*
made the appointment, and a-
gaiust whotu the chsrrpa is made,
«e sin.erely trust that the aiiejj-
tion t..io uu iruih in it-
The agitation of ihe Canadian
as well aa the Engl sh pres*, for
be appointment of a Cm i Jun t o
ihe post i.f Greal Britains ambas
sudor tc to the United S'ates, will
meet with tha upproval of all Canadians. The fiscal relations between the two great people** ol
North Americs, sh. u'd be sdmin-
ietered by men nli mcai.vui
ant with c udilious.
Thc "po'itica! pot" is beginning
toi oil. and many "bnblileR" (can-
didatet), are beginning to come to
the surface. It i- an open question ae to the d.ite of the ebction,
hut we believe that st whatever
dule it occurs, the pri."ent j;ovc.-n-
will br- returned by a *go<i.l working majority.
During the last thre" rears, the
Mcllrido go»eminent has msde
cnod. Whatever ihey have undertaken they have carried through
siicresffully. They went up a-
gainst a tressitrv lh«t wa«> smptv,
-ind a deficit that was f-i-t putting *
•he credit of the irnrinee bcl--w
par-    Increase ft| tsxation,   one of
of Canada,
Was  closed Nov. 2T,
For any informat on r.i.
to ne btlsinest «-f tbe aba t.
branch, apply io the
yar.ag«*r  IJ tho
Arrowhead   Branch.
Accompanied by a profession a*
BUree, 0. W. McAnn, of Kis.j,
has arrived at bis home safelv after undergoing a successful but
very paiofnl operation at Roohef
ter, Minn. Mr. McAnn, though
tired and weak, stood the journej
home very well, snd after a com*
plete rest will be sble to be about
egsln ia good time.
O. W. Abrshamson and PreJ O.
Elliott, are at RevcUtoke this
Nonh Abrnhnmson is cetiing
tlie Rink in (oid*-ha|», aid rz*
pecta to open it cbortiy.
The   Maequeraje   Csrnlval    at
Fe-gnson  was a wees*,.      The
crowd was not sn large as anti. I.
psted but thoso who <iid#.iti end.
were loud In iheir praises ol the
condition of iho ice and also thc
efficiency of the management.
The "fejtlve itetr.n" is hert, ard
t'.o most unpopular of  measures!    „_       -y...   ,. ,,
' . . 'levery  per«on —from   the etn.illcs*
child   lo  tin* grey-haired .idc't —
was nee B"ary to meet rra«ent ie>l
Gents Furnishings
6.,h-r.*rrr.«i.t.'t.i« I"''""
Cn-I.l.illfllir   11 •    I <■"[<-  '      '"
Trmit !••''• ic'/d""'. Beaieu
•    w/fS
qiiirem'*nt», snd put the finnnees
on a hoiii d basis. Wit'-nnt hcs;t-
atlnn inch a bill whs introduced,
and whilo the p. or mm had to
pay his Shot1", the Cnrpnrstiiins
•>sd to bsar the "lions share." Aa
a result of this   bill   many  of  iht
l^oks font aid tn a t:ni« 'f p'ci-t:io
nnd enjoi meiil
Concerts, tails, chtldrene' Ma
tcrtalnraents. and eoclal g-ilher-
li'C« art the orders of the dsr. A*
mnng tht tna<iy ws find that the
' Camborne Miners' Union'    have
leg financial r.-ncemi deli cred ao	
ultim.it.im to tiit goMirnraent.Jamnged to hold their annual bal
"call off jour las, nr-we will li^vt'on Cbilatma.* •a't'.t. Iht mem-
he counirv." The "h'u(T" d;d not bors of this particular awoclatlon
iVOtk, and sill tlcy a:*. I ere, are renowned {or their prodigality
'making" money, and paying tu« J In the entertainment of their
o', without going bankrupt. Ti.c'guests. Their mo'to, '^Nothing
>i« spending department (Lands* too good for our visitor"," hss won
md Works) han bee i thoroughly j f->r thom a repulsion second lo
ro or-.--ir.l-j d, and f r every dollar I none In tbe Province. If >*ou don't
<pcnt, i h' ro ir* an equivalent Rivo i, ■ I*e1icvc it, po and find out for rotn ■
Tii roe yen ro ago the province \vaa.i"!lf. On Christ irn- i.'i' il r'im-
In tuch t position that hnr socuii-; ,>,,r-"**. the ANNUAL fBAM. and
tie-, wont he-win* ai a ruin ou s 81TMWR ol "TUK CAMBORNH
io lav tb-v arc being fought fvr ftt VIINKRS';UNI0N. It will coil
a good price. | you *n* io1' **oJ l*(,y- M m% LARDEAU MINING REVIEW, TROUT LAKE CITY. B. C
. ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•i
I -♦♦♦ttttttttttttttttttttOtttt-tttMMMtttttttM1
WlHEN Haonl dc Lngors spoke
J ot M. Fauvel's extraordinary
dejection, he inul not exaggerated. Since the fatal day
Tviien, up..11 bis denunciation, his caah-
ler hail been arrested the hunker had
been a prey to tbe most gloomy mei-
onclioly and absolutely refused to take
nny Interest In business affairs. He
who h.nl always been so domestic did
not mingle with his family except ut
uii-als. ivlien he would snail..iv a few
imiuthfiils aud lustily leave llie room.
Shut up In his study, ho would see no
The day of Prosper's release, alio.lt
3 o'clock, M. I'auvel was, as usual,
• .1 in his study, with bis elbows
renting on tbe table and his face hurled
li' his l.an.is. when h.'s olllce hoy rushed In with a frightened look.
"Monsieur,  the  former  cashier.   M
Eertomy. Is hero with a  friend,    lie
says he must see you ou business."
Th- hanker started.
"I'rosper!" be cried In a voice choked
by nnecr.   "How does he dare"—
Then remembering that be ought to
control himself before his servant, he
Waited n few moments and said In a
tone of forced calmness:
"Ask them to walk In."
If M. Verduret bad counted upon witnessing s strange and nffectlng Bight,
he  was   not  disappointed.    Nothing
coiild be more terrible than the nill
tu.le of these two men as they stood
confronting each other.   The banker's
'ace was nlinost ptirplo with suppressed niieer, as If about to be struck by
apoplexy.    Prosper was pale and ino-
tionKss.    Thev stood glaring st eaeb
other.   M. Verduret curiously watched
them with tbe Indifference and cool
ocss of n philosopher who In tbe most
violent  outbursts of  human  passion
mer»ly sees subjects for study.   Final
ly the silence becoming more and more
threatening, be decided to break lt by
speaking to the banker.
"1 suppose, niouslcur, you know that
my voting friend bas lust been released from prison "
"Yes." replied M. Fauvel, making an
effort to control himself—"yes, for
want of sufficient proof."
'Trecisely, monsieur, snd this wnnt
of proof, as stated In tbo decision of
•not proved.' ruins tils prospects and
compels blm to leave here at once for
At this Information M. Fauvel's features relaxed as If relieved.
"Ah. be Is going awuy," be said.
There was no mistaking tbe resentful, almost Insulting intoiiatiou of tbe
words "going awuy."
*"t appears to inc." continued M.
Verduret. "that Prosper's determination Is a wise one. I merely wished
him liefore leaving Paris to come and
pay his respects to bis former chief."
The banker smiled bitterly.
*'.\l. llertomy." he replied, "might
have spared us both this painful meet-
In:- I have nothing to say to blm, and
of course he can have nothing to say
to me."
This was a formal dismissal, and M.
Verduret, understanding It thus, bowed to li. Fa.iv.i, accompanied by Pros-
pei   wbo had not spoken a word.
When ih.-y rei.cli.il the street, Pros-
Iht recovered tbe use >.f bis tongue.
"I dope you are satltfled, monsieur,"
be said lu a gloomy lone. "Toil exacted this painful, step. And I could only
acquiesce, Have T gained anything by
adding this humiliation to tbe others?"
"I bave." replied M. Verduret "I
could find no way of gaining access to
M. Fauvel save through ynu. and now
I have found out Wbat I wanted to
know. I am convinced that M. Fauvel
bad nothing to do with the robbery."
"Ob, li.nr.-leur," objected I'rosper,
"innocence cun !>c feigned "
"Certainly, but in.t to this extent.
And this Is not all. I wtsbed to lind
out If SI. Fauvel would be accessible
to certain suspicious. Now I can say
Prosper nnd his companion bad stopped to talk more st their case near the
corner of Lalltte street. In the middle
of a large space which bad lately been
cleared by pulling down an old house.
M. Verduret seemed I*, be sextons and
was constantly I....king around as If he
expected some on". IP* soon uttered
nn exclamation .'f satteffcettoo. At
tbe other end of the vacant space he
haw ('avail!..ii. who was running bare
beaded and so e •.cited thai In* di.l DOt
even stop p, „!ia!.c tumds wllb I'rosper.
I'llt km 1,1 li, If. Verduret:
"Th.y Inn.* gone, niouslcur."
"How l.uii; sin.*,.'/"
"About » quarter of on hour ago."
"The deuce they did I Then we havs
not a minute to toes."
Ile handed Cavaillon tbe note be bad
written some hours before at Prober's
"Here, send blm this nnd then return
at once to your desk. You might be
missed. It was very Imprudent In you
to come out without your but."
Utile Cavaillon ran off as quickly as
be bud come.   I'ros|M-r was stupefled,
"Whnt!" said be. "Vou know Cavaillon?"
"So It seems," answered M. Verduret. with a smile. "But we bave no
time to talk.   Slake baste."
Dear Mother
Your lutle one. Are t cooitaiil care is
F«ll .nd Winlw weather. They will
alch cold. Po you know .boul BUtt'l
Conmmi lion Cure, lhe Lung Took, ud
wlitl t hi, done lot to auny )   It it IM
10 be the only iiUble remedy lor til
au_M» of the >lr puMps in children.
11 it eUt.liiii-ljr lumilru uid pletunl la
Uke. It it guaranteed lo cure oi win munay
il returned. Th* pric* it 25c. per bottle,
•id all daalen ia medicine nil ji.
Tli.e trmrrly th'iul.J lit in trrry houaahold,
SI. Verduret suddenly stopped before
a door bearing tho number 81. He
led the way up the steps and stopped
on the second lloor before a door over
wblcb was a large sign—"Dressmaker," A handsome bsllrope bung on the
wall, but Si. Verduret did not touch it.
He tapped wllb the ends of his lingers
In s peculiar way, and the door Instantly ..pencil ns If some one had been
watching for his signal on the other
side—a woman of about forty. She
quietly ushered M. Verduret and Prosper lino n neat dining room witb several doors opening Into It.
"Well?" be said by a look.
She bowed alllrinalively.
"In there?" asked SI. Verduret In a
low tone, pointing to ono of the doors.
*'.\'o," said the woman In the same
tone; "over there In the little parlor."
SI. Verduret opened thc door poluted
out and pushed Prosper luto tbo little
parlor, whispering as be did so:
"Go in and keep steady."
But this Injunction was useless. Tbo
Instant be cast bis eyes around the
room Into wblcb he had been pushed
without any warning Prosper excluim-
It was Indeed SI. Fauvel's niece, looking more beautiful that ever. Standing in thc middle of the room near a
table covered with eilks and satins,
she was arranging n skirt of red velvet
embroidered In gold-the dress she was
to wear as maid of honor to Catherine de* .Medici. At sight of Prosper
the blood rushed to her face, and her
beautiful eyes half closed, as If she
were about to faint. She supported
herself I.y the table to keep from falling. Her weakness lasted but a mo
ment, and tbe soft expression of her
eyes changed to one of haughty resentment In an offended tone she
"What has induced you to be watching my movements? Wbo gave you
permission to follow me; to enter this
Prosper would bave given worlds to
explain what had Just happened, but
be was powerless aud couid only remain silent
"You promised me upon your honor."
continued Sladelclne, "that you would
never again seek my presence. Is this
tho way you keep your word?"
"I did promise, but"—
He stopped.
"Ob. speak!"
"So many tutngs have happened
since tbat terrible day that I think 1
am excusable In forgetting for one
hour an oath torn from me In u moment of blind weakness. It Is to
I chance—at least to another will than
my own—that I um Indebted for the
happiness of once more iin.ling myself
near you. Alas, the Instant 1 saw you
my heart bounded with Joy. 1 did not
think—no, I could not think—tbat you
would prove mora pitiless than strangers have been; that you would cast
me off when I am so miserable and
Had not Prosper been so agitated be
could bave read in tbe eyes of Madeleine—those beautiful eyes which bad
so long been the arbiters of his destiny
—thc signs of a great Inward struggle.
It wus, however, lu a firm voice that
she replied:
"You know me well enough. Prosper,
to bo sure that no blow can.strike you
without reaching me at tbe same time.
You suffer, 1 suffer with you."
"You drove me uway," said Prosper,
"and to obey you 1 told every one that
I bad left you voluntarily. You told
me tbat an Invincible obstacle bad
arisen between us, and 1 believed you,
fool tbat I was: The obstacle wus
your own heart"
As white and motionless as a statue,
Madeleine stood witb bowed bead be
fore tbe storm of passionate reproach.
*T told you to forget me."
"Forget."' exclaimed Prosper excitedly. "Forget! How enn I forget? Is
lt in my power to stop by an effort of
will tbo circulation of my blood? Ab,
you have never loved! To forget, as to
stop tbe beatings of tbe heart there Is
but one means—deuth I"
"Good heavens, this suffering Is beyond endurance! Prosper. If you oole
"I know but one thing, Madeleine,
nnd tbat Is that you no longer love me
und that I love you!"
He wns silent. He hoped for an answer. None .ain.*. But suddenly the
silence was broken I.y a repressed sob.
It was Madeleine's maid, who, seated
In a corner, was Weeping,
ProK|-cr hud been s.i moved at find
ing Madeleine that he had uot noticed
her. He turned in surprise snd looked at thc weeping Woman. He was not
mistaken—this neatly dressed waiting
maid was Mua Gipsy.
Blowly and almost unconsciously
.Madeleine had put on her wraps, which
were lying on thu sofa. When she wua
ready, she approached Prosper.
"Why did you come her.*"' she said.
"We imih li in* need >.f all tne courage
we can Cpmmsnd. fou arc unhappy,
ProsPV. I nu. ui'.re unhappy. Von have
n i Igbl to eoiiipiiiiii. I have not the right
to she.I ii Par. While my heart ia
Slowly breaking 1 must wear a smiling
face You can seek consolation tn the
IKMOCD of a friend. I can have no confidant bill Ood."
Prosper tried to make a reply, but
bis pale lips refused to articulate, ne
V.is (.tilling.
"1 wish to tell you," continued Mndo-
iciue, "H.nl i bave forgotten nothing.
Hui, nh, let not Ibis knowledge give
J..U nny h..|>e. There is Ho hope Tor
us. But If you love hip you will live.
Imi will nut add to my already heavy
I.in.bn of sorrow tbe agony of mourning your d.nth. The day may come
ivhi'ii I can Justify myself ln your
••yes.   And now adieu, adleul"
Klie kissel his forehead and rushed
from the room, followed by Nlns Gipsy.
I'rosper was alone.  Ue seemed to bs
Made in Canada and Sold by all
This coupon ta good for ono ten
••em il".' * Trial Botilo of llie celebrated
Dr. Leonhardt's Anti-Pill
a sure cure for .indlgt.nlloii, Mlfoui-
llir.s, I ii:.].ii-mia, Constipation mill
nil ailui.'i.is arising tliirrefroiu.
M.liltrd (.'.'.', In a plnln package, on
receipt of name aud address, Fill
in y-ur nnnio and poat oitlcii address
ou dotted line*, and aemi lo
Niagara Falls, Ont.
awaking from a troubled dream, ne
tried to think over what had just happened and usked himself If he were
losing hla mind. When si. Verduret
entered tbe little parlor, be strode toward blm and In a biirsb, threatening
voice said to lilm:
"Who are you?"
Tho fat man did not show any surprise nt this burst of anger, but quietly answered:
"A friend of your father. Did you
not know lt?"
"This Is no ^answer, monsieur. I
have surrendered my will to a stranger, and now"—
"Do you want my biography—what I
have been, what I tun and what I may
be? Wbat difference does It make to
you? I told you that 1 would save
you.   It Is essential that 1 save you."
"Sladelclne has ceased to love me,
and of what Importance Is anything
His heartbroken tone aroused SI.
Verduret's sympathy, und he said In
a kind, soothing voice:'
"Then you suspect nothing? Yon did
not fathom the meaning of what she
"Yon were listening!" cried Prosper
"I was. It was a presumptuous
thing to do, perhaps, but the end
Justified tbe means. I am glad I did
listen, because lt has enabled me to
. say to you: Take courage. Prosper.
' SHI,-. Madeleine loves you; she bus
never censed to love you."
"She loves me, she Is free, and yet
she slums me."
"She Is not free. In breaking off ber
engagement with you she was governed by some powerful, irrepressible motive. She is socrlllclng herself—for
whom? We shall soon know, and the
secret of ber self sacrifice will discover to us tbe secret of tbe plot of
which you are the victim."
As SI. Verduret spoke Prosper felt
all his resolutions of revolt slowly
melting away and tbelr place taken by
confidence and hope.
"If what you say were true!" be
mournfully suld.
"Why do yon persist In obstinately
shutting your eyes tc ♦he proof I place
before you? Can you uot see that
Mile. Madeleine knows wbo the thief
I    "She does, but no human power can
tear the secret  from  her.    She sncrl-
. flees you    But. then, she almost has
the aght. since she lirst sacrificed herself."
Prosper was conrlnreu, nnd it nearly
broke his heart to leave this little parlor where he had seen Madeleine.
"Alas," b» Mid presslug M Verduret's hand. *....u must think ine a fool!
But you don'l know bow I suffer."
For a moment Prosper was silent
then l.e said:
"I have fl ii.. ,1 v decided.   My honor la
a sacred trust  for wbleb  I  must nc-
: count to my fain.l.v     I am ready to
follow you  to the end  of the  world.
Dispose of me ns v.iu bulge proper."
That same .lay Prosper, faithful to
his promise, sold bis furniture and
wrote a letter to his friends announcing his Intended departure for San
Pranctaco In the evening he nnd SI.
Verduret Installed themselves In the
(To be Continued.)
The World*, l'u.are Population.
It Is now claimed by some statlstl
ciuuB that th.* world will be overpeopled at the end of lbs year 2012, when
lhe p3piihiti.il. at Ihe present rate of
Increase will be G.UOI.OUO.OOO people.
Hull.-r    Uiiiinil   tbe   l.rlrr.
While K. C. Oarrlgao wus In Ueneral
B. 1'. Butler's law olllce a lady came
In lo ask some advice. As fl.e general
was not In, Sir, Oarrlgao questioned
her aud told ber be would submit her
case to tbe general, which he did.
Tbe general wus to leave tbe next
day for Washington mid told Sir. Car*
rigun to prepare a brief of the lady's
case and show it to blm Ihe next day.
Sir. t'urrlgan sat up half of tbe night
! writing his brief. Tbe next morning,
i ul-out fifteen minutes before Butler
was to take bis currlage for the train,
t hc told Sir. Carrlgun he would look ut
! his brief and give bis opinion.
Sir. Carrlgun began by saying; "Gen-
1 crnl, I have made a most careful study
of this case. I have tbe points all In
my head and can state tbem to you lu
: three minutes."
"l.et me bave the brief," again said
the general, somewhat sharply.
"But Oeneral Butler," aald Sir. Car-
rlgan, "I bad a brief prepared and In
(ended to show It to you, but I have
left it at home ou my table. However,
as I sold, I bave nil tbe points of the
case In my bead."
"Young man," said tho general, "the
[ next time you bave a brief to prepare
for me bring me the brief and leave
your head at bome ou the table."—
Boston Herald.
i.ii.l.   of I'rer.
Most birds of prey arc provided with
•ilctallng ii.i'iiibiaui's lhat serve to keep
the eye -perfectly clean and bright.
ThS  Ureal   I „ I, .   (Lira.
Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo, Detroit
uud Milwaukee, with Duluth and Superior thrown in ul lh,' head of Ihe
greal.'St lake uml many thriving ports
on l.ake llrie ad.led, me a uui.pic sec
llou of the urban life of America
Their rule of growth Is Uie hlgheal
mulutulned In uuy group of .Hies
Tbelr death rale is phenomenally low,
l'heir proportion of boms owners Is
extraordinary, Their totals and gains
in aavli.gs bank deposits are almost
unparalleled. Tbey ure handsome citlss
us .. group, full of enterprise and actlt
ny. fulrly eloquent with ths spirit ol
prosperity aud progre.a. - Clei eland
ll.ll-M  .    Ill     ll'Ul'lllltlH.
Traveling on the Argentina pampas
is interesting if not entirely comforts*
ile. Men Ihere are scutve, but horses
uv plentiful, Often sixty horses are
Irlvon In the same ti-iiiu. The driver
is perched thirty feet from tbe ground,
riif wagons are sometimes fifty feet
in*.' and fifteen wide, while tho back
ehnela nre tr.iirtot.it  fool •••• -- i>i~*-
Applea and the llir.mi,
By ordering his patients to eat heart
lly of certain fruits ami forbidding
tbem to touch others at all, Dr. Na.la I,
.ins of Paris' most famous scientists,
;s  treating  the   throats  of  thc  great
ipera singers. There is uo medicine at
all Iii Uis treatment In some cases
lie adds nothing  ta the pa I len i's diet
mil secures results I.y forbidding Ihem
to cat apples iiiiii pears. According t.>
Or. Nadal an apple or [.car Bach day
is enough to keep the sensitive lliiual
out of order all the time. A singer
nf course uotlces tin- first symptom of
throat disorder in ihe form of congestion of tin- vocal cords. These, Instead
if being white and lliln, like a tendon,
become rod and swollen with conges
ri ni of blood. The high Holes become
difficult and the (juullty of tbe voice
is impaired.
The Mark
That Tells
^j Tiin w*
Trade milked ihul In .
v.riely ol ,tylr,,f.lnir,.n.l
price. (oriv.'ii.rii, Mil -""I
rliildirn. rot If Hi led.
I v.,1 ,. .re -tulhimred to
i i^t - mil mil' ». I.. om
1*041, uy I'cn-Aiule ll*.*
men. fault*/ in ni-tleii.l
ur    HI a I 1 ll t --1***
Pen-Angle trade*
mark (in red) on
every Pen-Angle
garment, tells you
it will liliind won't
shrink, —your
own dc a ler so
sua rant ous it.
Underwear thus
trademarked is
softer, warmer,
more flexible,
better wearing.
As the Oil Hubs in. the Pain Rubs
mil     Applied   lo  the  seat   of  a   pain
in any part of the body ths skin absorbs th.* si.i.iiiiiig liniment under
brisk friction and the patient obtains
instant relief.    The results nf the use
of Dr. Thomas' Ecleotrio nil bave
surprised many who are unacquainted
with ii- qualities, and ones known it
will not  be rejected.   Try it.
Sbabe.penre'an  It!ml.* '
Rome pessimists are Inclined to think
that Shakespeare is quite dead. Good
news, however, comes from Hungary.
A correspoudeut has recently seen a
theatrical poster there which runs as
Dy Divine Permission, In the year ivm,
on tbo 2d July, will lie represented for
tlie first time
A   sensational   tragedy,   universally   renowned. In live acts, with songs, dances
Bengul Fire.
By  William  Shakespeare.
The Author will he present ut the Performance.
Sunlight Soap is  better than  ..ther
loans, but is best uhen used in the
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Boap
and follow directions.
<ln.ie •  variety.
The fashionable girl bad accepted
him and 'be young man was wondering
bow fui nis $30 a week would go.
*Tou must remen.ber that life la not
all golf and tennis." murmured he.
"Why, of course It Isn't." she responded brightly. "There's boating nud
coaching and bridge and ever so many
fir   11 lu I..   He   *.<■• ..■ '..
It Is best to be courteous to nil. even
to the man that you dislike.  Vou may
wont to borrow money from him some
dav.—Boston Glob*.
We offer One  Hundred  Dollars Il-^wnrd
for nny ca-»»*  of Catarrh thnt cannot  be
cured by  Unit's Catarrh Cure.
F.J.CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. O.
We. the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for tha last 15 yeara. and believe
him   perfectly   hopoi^.ile   In   all   liusin.-sa
transaction*, an.! financially al.le to rarry
cut any ul.llfinilonfl made l.v .',1a fun,
Waldinic. Kliiiian A: Marvin.
\Clwlesale l.tugvlata,  Toledo, O.
Hull's Catarrh Cure la taken Internally,
acting 'Jreetly uimui the Mood nnd mue-
...is surfaces of the ays.'em. Testimonials sent free. Price, ,6c. per bottle.
Bold 1.* all Dii.insist".
Take Hall's Family Pills for Constipation
What I Inllt-rt. Then,   Ifoat,
In her trim little bathing suit she snt
on the white sand.
"I adore iutelllgeucc." i>be cried.
"So do I." said he. "All tht same
though, beauty und Intellect never go
"And do you think me Intellectual^'
she faltered.
".No," he confessed frankly.
With a faint llnsn she murmured:
"Flatterer!"—New York Presa.
J3 JE7 T'TJE: Jt^A
Vol r.uher. i«.i Hotter.
"Iloally, uow."  »a!.l  Mra   Uoodart,
"you're ll runaway, meat i 111?"
"V.'s'in." replied iiu* youthful tramp
candidly.   "Vou see, dis  tber died,
uu.I poj Tied a..ca   I ma Is up ms
mind lo skip, and s,. I ran nu' ran till
I   WSS  Ileal* ...   I-l. all' "—
"simply couldn't go a step farther,
"No'in.   it  mi.  tho stepmother l
couldn't go."   i'   ludelphla Press.
The secret ..f being tiresome Is In
tellins eve; i thins   \ nitelrs
Minard's Liniment Cures Oandrurt.
flock   I*.m.tIprion-..
In former limes it «.is tbe custom of
elockmakers tn Inscribe on  the dial
plates of il.cir clinks qualnl ren i •
one of the most common being tlie fo
I serve the. I,.rr with nil my "Ccl.t
To tell the hour, b) da r, I    nlgtt
Therefore •sample lak.   I
To sine lh> Qod us I Btrv-I Hiee.
Another    favorite    lir*..*r •"   *n    w*.<
Tempns Fngit." or "Time r: .*-.''     |
thereby hangs a tale. A well k.i"*>n
Bngllah clockmaker who Seurtshed inward the close of the last century, nu
being asked by n cii-l uner whether 1.
certain clock waa of h imemsnufi
replied: "Ob, certainly I1 in'l yon
the n j tne. «ir- i * . I
have his clocks throu h ■*» ' ""'•* "
1. .   yO 1    •>.'!.   B       111 .    ht'illt   fn
whal  . . .bun
Charelte, Jr., uf Si   Bonifa .*. i^u**
"When I  began giving hei the tablet- .-1 ••  seemed to ba pining away,
t but  .* ■ less than
..a- una lh gaming .... I now s
me,  snd  1
■ ■  you  tbis
* .a a im thei iii nevei for-
.. hai  Bab]'- Own Tabli Is    bav.
.1 ii*. foi    h. i    child "   Letters   like
rnu.-t bring bops and com
ail mothera who bave feeble oi sic) Ij
children.     Bab)'.- -Jwn  I sbl. I
■ I can
be given jusi a   salt-aj to s n. .- i   rn
a- t.i a well grown child.     ,i
you ciui- • •   Tablets
Di   \v [Ham
. >..   Brocki ile, Ont .  and
I get tb. in ut 29c a i
K,,.P,  ...»  Put ■•»  ■*•••*  •
i.e.'.....* Her ...... »r Butter  rat.
i, migi supposed lhal the richer
the n.iin ti'- greater Its advaaUgs as a
. „hl ,,,. ijnijie, and children, especially
I, ,,,,, |„. ,0 oiiillj reduced,   imt
thote wh. lersiiuid the chemistry
Of milk know H.nl Itadoai- if digest.-
itilin depends upou the slsu of the mi
corpuscles ll eontnlus Ihs smaller tha
„; ,. tha mow dbjostlble, The milk ot
the Quernsey and Jersey broods ot
cows is unsuitable, bvou ivlwu modi-
Bed cor lufanl feeding, beoause n eou-
tm,is im c.ri'iis.ies of large **i-/*1' and
•rieiiici-iii.iigc.tii.iiit.vih.il nmt of otber
■creeds. And even of lhe milk of tba
other breeds that which in adapted to
one child may uot be 11 auolher. and
iu cases of illness th.- finally physician
i. ,-iiiicd i n to prepare tor oacli of
I, i ini.'ini patients a s. parats I irmula
depeudenl uikmi tho p. ulnae of but-
to iat In tha milk tO be used as u
opccl,,! i i«««<*« «.r inn*.
||,esc   faCtS,    I*.-ell.el    With    U"*   dlffl
mu,   of  ainlug propei   uillfc   for
i,iiiies.  in.lined   ih.- proprietor  "f  u
,,,.,,,    Boston    I '   undertake   Rt
provide several  classes af    percent-
u.e milk." ii sp.*. lal •■ per ceni milk
for the use "i thin lm Hilda Convalescents   and   for   Ibe   "ll Hs   • un ."   S   •">
per cent milk r..r i *ral use (In the
family, sti I, s  IV-i pet cent milk for
, i, idrcu sfter their second si r, a
•1 percent and also a fat free milk for
liablee, it is p isslble i" guarantee a
positive and pre dly unvarj .ng percentage of fat in each or any ..f tbeaa
claases by tbo selection and grouping
of cows according 11 tbs quality ot
Hich* milk n- a-dl inn .1 by  Uie  Hal.*
cock ti
Tins enterprise, according to a writer  who  in ikes  ihe  forage ■■■-;  stats
meats 10 I'ann. 1 ".••Ul and I'll,**..!.-, is
iiii* iirst nn.l only one known n. tbe
nliter to lake sdvsntsge of tha f...*t
iii.it every cow puts Into ber milk u
ts per .ci "i b n or fat, •. per
, <-ni peculiar t" herself, which rar.es
1 in  slightly .'I* Spl  I a' a --li il Ull"' at
ih< beginning sud sndlng of ea. b i..*
taii'in. mnl ih.tt in. known methods ..f
feed   II,'   Cli    II.   irS   Hi.IU   lelll. "I.I. Uj    1*"
iiucice iin- r.ii ' tent
In   Afler   Veara.
Smith—When Green was courting
lhat young widow n couple of yeuri
ago he declared he couldn't llvo with
out her.
Jones—And .11.1 he marry ber?
Smith—res, and now be is trying to
get n dlvorc i il..- grounds that It's
Impossible to live wltt bin—Detroit
I    ,..,,Ul.    Sm l.l.
"But," s.iitl the old lawyer, "why do
you admit thai y*.«r client will lose
his case? II.in* you exhausted all the
ii.cans at your disposal to"—
• No." Interrupted tbo young lawyer,
"bul I've exhausted all tbe means ul
his .:■ , is .i"  American Spectator,
It \Vn> ■ Good I lli.i.-.
•'i:.\. ii-.* i. .* |. i lam," said the agent,
addressing the lad. ,.r the house, "but
I'd like to sIiiih* you a little device thut
I am lntriHl.it lug, All you have to do
Is simply place it in your refrigeratoi
and It will save bolf the Ice "
"indeed:" exclaimed tbs lady, "And
do you guarantee that It will save half
tbo leer
• Vortalnly, ma,lam," answered the
"Then I'll take two," said the practical woman, "SO as to save iill the Ice."
—Chicago News.
...... I ,1     le.,.    I,,    I...Ik...n
'lh.. tin iry department ot Purdue cv
perlmenl station bas c-mi.i ib. i .. syatem "f "ll" iai tests for the dairy   herds
nf lis state, The plan Is to send out
representatives from lbs itstlou le
conduct these tests for snj breeders
who desire tbem. Benefits wblcb have
been derived lu other states when I   -
plan Ins been tried iimpl}  Ju-I:ly  ll.c
effort Ths t'.rsi official i.* i bas been
completed. T. II. Jackson «,f South
liemi. in.l. sol mltted sis ..f his well
known ii.tificiits tt ii seven days' milk
nmi butter fat test Ons "f bis own,
aged two yean and fear mouths, gave
a seven day v i.'I.I of tin iHiunds of
...Ilk. Another .i.n.l.* S r.*. .ml "f -S<«M
pounds. Applications ban* been made
from several breeders uf Jci-eys,   Imt
these tests nave nol beeu completed.
Mr lluuziker. head of the dairy de
partnient. says pcdigiccs nre much hk«
titles.    I'nless they are backed  up  by
th*-  performance  of  the Individuals
holding tIm-iii as well SS by the per-
fiirinain f tbelr  niic.sii.rs  they  aro
of little vain.*. ..tii, ini testa are made
for the purpose of determining and recording ih.- performance »f each individual.
ll oil Corn i'ui.* i- ih,* med
icine i" remove all kind- ol corns and
iv.iit-, and onl) costs the small sum
r-M-Slaa Valaa of suim Milk.
a correspondent >,f tbo Dairy Hocord
has ,-iirri.si „n extensiva experimental
Work for a nun.I.t of years frnm
wbi.h bs concludes thai skim milk baa
ii vnli f •_•-. I ,,*nrs a hundred p minis
- that is i.i Mil, when bogs ur.* bought
nnd —,l.| at tl." same price ami c.irii N
Wor)fa   38   Kills   li   bushel   llllll   ti,llll.Ill
is wi.nh |1JM net hundredweight «kim
milk is worth :.i. I cents per bundnd-
weight   Tl.e feeds wera f.si in tbe (01
lowing   proportions:   One   part   of   oll-
li..nl. six pans of shelled corn of fairly
good Quality and twenty pans of warm
; skim milk.
Tlie Tragodian-our comedian Is a
humorous chap.
The l'roperty .Man—How so?
The Tragedian—He thinks we ought
to pay blm tbe salary the press agent
eluims we do—Brooklyn Eagle.
Dairy T&lk of Today
A Kulaanee.
"Why Is Smartly so unpopular?"
"He Is one of these peoplo wbo come
around every day aud tell you It isn't
the  heat   that causes  the  discomfort
but the humidity."-Washington Star.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
Kalie  Doctrine.
Rchool Examiner-What Is Ihe mean
Ing of false doctrine? Scboolboy-
Plcaae, sir, It's whet, the doctor gives
tbo wro.ig sltiff io the peoplo wbo sra
sick.—Christlau Register,
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Mi .(.ilm Armstrong, Heather Brae,
Alta., wa- in very poor health fnr
.*. i ban* years niter the birth of ber
Bi ' child. She was what might bs
.■ib*.I ii nervous wteek, weak, downhearted nnd discouraged, Writing for
hci, Mrs. Il 1). ISurgcr, her aunl, ol
tiie sume place, states:—
"Mrs. '..in-iH,ng mid great weak-
heart trouble ami Indigestion
In   (acl   slu*   uai   run  ilmtn  in  even
way and seemed to b.se hops of srei
gelling well ni'iiiti. She was scarcely
nlil.- to drag nersslf about,
"Tba persistent uu ol Dr, Chase's
N.-ive Food bus proven ..f marvellous
benefit to her. Bhs (eels reaJ well
now, Is looking line and fleshing up.
m. thai ons would uardly know bar
for I he isms person. Vou may use
bar name in recpmmsndation ol Dr.
ri.a es Nerve Food (or we nre nil
very grateful lor what lt has di.iie (or
bei. and novel iose .ui opoprtuuity of
■aylng s good word for it,'
Professional men, lis well as laymen, have been puzzled over the niva-
i.-iic   of the nervous system, but this
much It certain; that nerve force Is
created (rom pure, ,iofa blood, and,
with the exception ol accidental  In*
luri is,  .li i... . of the nerves  ari i
ii. in n thin,  watery condition of tlie
On ibis principle, Dr. Ohase'sNerve
I Food was prepared, for this great food
I cur.* actually (orm   a certain amount
[of pure, rich  blood every day.   Nol
, only Is this treatment scientifically
collect,   but    the    eii'irinoiiH    success
j whloh it bas attained has proven It
io in* unequalled as s curs (or nil
diseases resulting front thin, waten
bl i
When v..ii caiiii.it ilssp well, suffer
'from nervous headaches and indigestion, brain fag, irritability, ticinl.iin-g
j or twitching of ths nerve.,, and [eel
downhearted or discouraged, turn to
•fir. chase's Nerve Food as the most
eertaiii menus of restoring vitality to
ths nervous system, and of avoiding
lien nu.-, prostration, paralysis or
snine dreadful fi.im nf bslplsSSnSSS.
lb*. Chase's Nerve Food, f.o cents a
box. II boxes for $2.50, lit ull dealers,
or KdmaiiBon, Dates A Co.,  Toronto.
Never  mil   Cold   cream   an.I   Warm
cream together, After the cream is
cooled to lha temperature of well water, say ,-*ij degrees, then the twe eaa
be mixed, Bmptylng warm cream Into
OOld 'lean arly always develops bad
Hav.ui. if tbs cream Is i,.*pt cool mini delivered at the station or to the
cream hauler n ought t., reach the factory in splendid condition.
I'ui the cow iiiiii ih Iii calve during
He .* hm days lu the stable mid give
her hay.   Keep her oul of the hot sun
A good, .lean, thiol bed.ling lu the
stable Is pmil f„r tbe cows and good
for the milkers
Vou enjoy .. variety ,,f food.  So doea
•I w.   It .an be produced by sowing mixed pasture grass.
By a long hm ,,f experiments it has
been proved Unit It costs fir-n |„
make a calf L'ain i. hundred pounds the
Brsl year, 17.10 ths second ...id $11 the
I bird.
a writer in Kimball's Dairy Fanner
says: "At no time In tbe inciiimy uf the
Writer has  there been  such  necessity
for iin- adoption ..r tha silo, and the
memory ..r the writer dates hack to
the time when lhe silo was lirst placed
00 dairy farms III the Culled Hlates.
He has continually used them on his
own farms to Store reel In 001 mily for
dn iry cattle, but r„r bogs and horses
as   well,  ami  In  no case   has  he  ever
round lack of profit in the feeding, id*
Is llie Bnt mnn In lhe country tO have
rod silage i„ bogs With .lulu ns to rn-
sulls in, I the lit i mini fo have adv.,
caled silage lo lhe general farmer. Today (here are many such fanners to
■►■ii.* favorable tsstlmony to tbe rains
Ofallage both In tbe pen aud feed lot"
""i-r-.iii,.,,, „t riahermea,
'•ri'iish I,,,,,,, fishermen are, maw
or Imm, remarkablysuperatll s. f,'
"""'<•". "0  ■ ..,,.*  n blag  bonis whis
•ln» Is forbidden, and neither milk
'."'■   ""'"'""""•"Ms „„„„,.,, „„ |(, '
l'";""'1 """•"•  '""   n   (hs name r
'""'""""--V ai.11,.,,1. ,1... hare, ,,v be
■"•"' ".'"•',- """ ' II  method of
;»;:•"'»« ■■-. i.. ....y is ,o „,„„,. „,.„;,
' " ""V"""   Bomooffheflsber
'■"'" believe in luck attending „„ ,,,1,1
"umbered 'Mv, but Iho good fortune
'»^"c iieulriili-ie,, Hhi„„t| „,,„„'      ,
number have red hair.-Loudon a aid
is better than cihcr soaps,
but is best when used in
the Sunlight way.
Sunlight Soap contains
no injurious chemicals.
Sunlight Soap is pure
soap, scientifically nude.
Every step in its manufacture is wab. ho J by an
expen chemi i
Sunlight Soap saves
labor, and ihe wear of
rubbing which common
soaps require in washing
Your meney  relnn■!■■ I
ll.«   dtl.tr   fn in
Sun!.tht Soap if yuu And any cam*
for complain.
L-tv-ir Brctl.tr, l.,m u r  r.rcato
« t ' -. _    *>\ nrrr.
"My  wife  * •'! tit*
I left h«*r thii mm
"What was ll
"Well,   sin* had   I
g nr otts r yesl
and Ibis innn.
Iht what ll wn. -
Fine feellnga vrlih .ut rlcor or reties
ire in  the situation of tli* -
'•other of a peacock's tall, ilmtttts i»
beiauil-  I'wiar
D6    *     '    Dl lav        V,
l.l.'ita I.
Into the fa
..i i II) and n- thoroug il
V        •   ■       :'
•  ..iiiniii!,* and ■■'■:■ ■'
., assail Um Intrud. i
i ..    ii..*   go at <
.■ni ..( ti.e trouble aad «
Ut    . l.le
Tha  Hiltum.h.
Tiie mala rats I     -. da    - in coo-
mon Use ill the lu   Idle I
mi mo from lhe fi. t ihal  t
Ibe left hand while fen.
eled almost exactly afler lbs Itlnj of»
\luiai.i i Liniment Co., 1
Ileal    Mir-     I    enn    recoil
iii-in and Sprains, .1- 1 1
",  both wiiii szcellenl ..
'i..ui- truly,
1    1.   I.M'
Needed li-
"I  have i.eier given  v*.u .'''• ''*  '''
l-lioMiur-   l,.,-y   miieli.    Ill,id.llll." '
''hint old bachelor, "but"
"Sir"' -be l.lleirilj.teil.    "Do I
III III. Ill***'—
"inn." he continued, "I bare alws)r,)
admired y..ur grace und beauty."
"I   SCCOpt   your   apology,*'   *u ''  '
Knew Kl.r tlu  I'rrl'f.
Mills   It.,   visit.in      Do l'l   .."''
'hft   1   look  J.Ht  like  my  n."1    '
dottier   flush, cb,I'll    I'Oll't be -     '
/DODDS   ,
>/, pills Mi
W    N    U    No.    608 •vv
II   Mn.   |„r   (
Par Urn nm,.,,
TbS real par*,,, ,. „*. .,, .
'""•   I*  I"  I-T.   lh,- „
ll.llllllleil   li,  |he  r
aa ii ea \,„
• u Itnlow cur-
 ml ul  I    III
.inni uud ,i ei,i lain    ,
sri-anged thai it cannot he drawu i
ward   and   forward  nl   will
meaningless .**. *     ...
until the beglllUil
curtains were
iheir practical purpose,
Tho window hauglugi
sgos and  of  u.e ruuul sauce simply
wen- stratghl pieces ,.f cloth < r lap *
try bung serosa ll.e window wlthoul
nny attempt ill .li*ii|..'iy uud    *     I     I
tint as  pari  of Hie dc
room,  but ns a  n
iiuiiiied drafts.
It probably is fur tbi - res aa thai i,
Old prints an.I pli lurOi ,, pr. ■e,,lliin II, *
rooms ot wealthy people cm d as ii .*
so seldom seen.   Tho better lh,
the   less   lie, d   lb. re   was   for   '
Iii ihe engrai i   •< *.f Abraham n is *
which s" faithfully
lerlur  dec irai ...
^ <iM
Is   bin   ii
"    was   in,t
B ni ilu* century il
used um,i,i,i „.,,;,,• ,n
ugs i.r the „   ,,.,.
leeoriitlug of in,.
"""   iirj   protcci	
A Ri  idem <>f W.'llan.l
Finds Relief in Pe-ru-na
.  Bonn i*.   Wallaad   ....... a rr
1  •'   .i   ■■•   •     a.ni  of  lv,.|
li.ilf   i,   century,   mi*.
"For  fittaen   yeara   prior   to   1900   I
was  .       ifferer  trom   hay  asthma  and
dlarrhss     I   grew  weak   and
, I   and  wa»  tortured  with   in-
tr. ited  by  eminent   pi.,*- . m.
:,    ..-     „„.   >,..r.,-   tln.il   r,,.r
I   ».,-   in   as   miiirralile   a   twn
. rm  e.iild   be.
rr,   I  chanced to try Peruna
I   an   improvement.    Thus
r * I.    I    continued,    and    after
, . t a I bottles ol your precious
Pen I   was   entirely   well   and   a
I.,  myself  and  friends.
•   * .       .1   aee.   U   year-.,   I
. food reaulta from lv
n   nanj   inn  ,.f   n».
■,    . ..n   ba  .*..  tl ■ti,..   ...   I*.
r " jrn.i m  of y,.ur*i,<i   pi i
t*. present  ibe
 ,  3f    CliTV     ell I
French hull *• dm ; Iho relgi .a I. ui *
Mil.. II will l.e noticed um in ti*.*
richest apartmeuts th. re are no i i
flow curtains. In all Uu* Quest roo
if Un* ■ ■ *.idi and elgbteoulb c •'.
turles the li Is shutters .. ..1 oinbrti
lures of lhe * ere de.
h iiii ii cars  '* i ch pro es ihn I  II   i
wen* mil meant lo Im . in eal d bj eni
I ,.,, .      Ill   I.n I,   ll    H DUl I   I -    "  lh
CUlt to eltS a  room Of any  In,;,.*. '
Iii wh.cli lhe i t ao ireal
Sd Hum i" euunn ..   whal
really   was  a   universal
tbs beglnulng of the
.a.   niii.,
u teeul i  ce„
TUe'lllueboYilf   Kir,
•ottls Hy Is purely a meat
Bj   i ;*..i-tmg sltogetbsr upon meat
U I 1  i'.i lag  Its c^k'* III deculll
I   .      :...i matter.
Hal liar*.
ira, an Arab.an giant wbo waa
■ [toms by ths Bmpsror ciau-
BTVS   lu   the  Imperial   body-
:. i.e feet ulne inches high.
I iii.it he was (he tallest man
, ■ . lb.me.
,   ibould    v.    limn    ).. me
ID    I   I*   I.
: nl ,n theii  ■
 king,  climate
arith   ii dj   al
I lor it
It i   lemon ii. of course, tbat,
we:  . , pie
in.. - and luv., e prove tin
fail    Ii.ii    i  I   th.
decorative    in uineni    >.f    wn.
iiiiil.c.-. ii pla n ii. ,i II in .in. i,.
pa     ro. was regarded as a ueci
SYtl rather I Ibe geaerul
i i. ■ i •
■unl  slmpll. *.*■   "i   Ibe
pictures   prove   lha!   tl       u er.
in. r. I.i a- u
- I'hiludelphl    ,
ihe old Human charioteera, and heroes wounded hy wild beasts In
tha iimv ruined Colosseum at Homo, anointed their wounds with secret balms, mu.I.r from roots and horba. tnstiuot tells us to rub a
place thut hurts snd In /mii-Uuk the great b.ubal hnlm, is found the
i.|"i.i lubstsnee to rub with. Zam-Buk differs from ordinary salves,
ointment, sto, In tl,<* Important (aot thai i contains no trace of
niw mineral substanos and i   alsofres trom any animal oil or fat.
li , composed nf the Onset herbal essences and juices and so refined
lhat Ibe most delicate skin run absorb il With beneficial effect.    It itt
a' one snd tic* isms time healing, soothing and antiseptic It does
mm.*, doai it better and In last time than any other known balm. Use
il I-.i all skin Injuries and diseases.
... Production  Almost  Mailr  I'auprra
of Curie aad  Ilia   Wife,
When Professor Curie win run over
uud killed on ii street nf Parts DOI long
oko lb.- entire world recognised u.ai
ll hnd lost on.* of Its foremost exporl
I.;,, tem,     Yet   It   was   Ollly   sl**.  years
0**},',' «rW I'1' wonderful slum*   :. radl-
Uiv;, J»hi'b he and bla wife *
*eu alui^i.1 iiiiiiutlircl among tbs ex
"*i   S   f'UI'IS   li»liIll!'...J,i,   nml   n
-klitg tin. physicist,  i'i,iii! I
ui'hlts .. " '"» ""'"J' WP of "
stranger, se.
I  *re**api .'*r*T|l|**'»-***-*MIIM^
Thut is perfectly harmless,
beoause it Is absolutely pure.
101T ■ iiiiII
Mr. A. Wlme nf Ihi* As-.in.bt.ia Hotel, Medxri...- Hat, says:— "Home
tlma UO I nliriird a severe ubraalo.i on the lag snd a fractured shin
bona. I did nol treat ths injury very seriously Inr sbout two week*.,
a ISO it ful vary bad, and i want into a hospital. An operation waa
I • rl.iniit.iH, and afler lm. u'-'lir,' treatment I came out At tlu' tin,''
iin   wound wss not healed up, an 1 decided to try Zain Bull,    lt was »«
■atlifsotory thst  l    tlnusu   with its use, and tl.e wound is bow sn-
ii,-Ir liiiili.l 1 unly wl-th I bad known ubnut /um Hut, win n Uu* accident
)>ii|i|»'!irtt. aa it would liavir aavrU lue many d"ilara and a rival deal of
Dl in
A Certain Cure for ~
bad leg, ohronlo or poisoned acres, cuts
sores,,  ringworms,  babies'  beat or clmlii.it
bsnda, chilblains,  ao.e  i.i-.plea, and all   akin   dlsssSM
injuries.   All   druggists  at toe  a  box,   or   post    free
sesame,   akin
iitsis,   ulcers,
bui 119,
dlsaaaai   nnd   erup^
abac, ISSS,     holla.
Bcalils,    acal|
  „.       ■*   FREE
liom   llir   Zam-Buk   Co.,   Toronto. (6 boxes  for  $2.50...   ,^r TRIAL
_atUeh»d coupoa and  lo stamp   ti pay returii  ^r BOX
oat) to if.amliuk Co. and free* trial ^    W.N.U.No. GO*.
A   (aplul.
nis of any ll.nild
..t the doctors eull a teacup
...ani   Ml-Jdlr.oa.
'.   giant,
born ir, 'i.'iTs. win nine feet three Inch-
His palm was sight and
I road, nnd frnm ths
'   - * and of liia uild.l'e Ann* „--•
...     lo Mol
i :..!  d..--
\.. ui tub* ,,( its kin.I
lllll,   tlual.
I. I rim 'l,i-l Is really the
i..*. wh •'. ripen before
*■ ,. i .e.-iiy formed.
Have you last
li ,..
H.i.*  you   an   unpleaaant
mouth?   lim i youi head
■   inn disain.        II
it . i md.*i snd rou
lllll      \tlll     du     DO)      Ilk'
Ha thai  pre!, n bi.
uii i, but    undei
*■   a ui t man would
\ ..f I' in,* \   getabl.
Iii]      gel     bn.*' -ell   li
r        , ,
building    ..p.*.ale.ik    llll*
ovei imii ii million .1"!
Tin.   I'.-tttl ill ntn.
Booon nr,* being stolen from most
*'"•" Peat i i ,,r former days. Oal
said to huve discovered the
1 roulsm of the |..-n.iiiiuni
DlUg  his   studies   111   I'i-..I   lU
■"'-1      * iw  ws lenrn   that the pendu
* 'i as u'cirrcct msssnrs of
1 '!>.* Aniba as far buck as
'">'   )     .1     I.M|.
Hammer blows, steadily applied, break the hardest rock.
'.ins:, day after day, jars
»"d tears the throat and liinjs
"mil the healthy tissues give
w*y. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
s,ppstliecouEhin(j, and heals
1;    '"ni membranes.
II'-'imI'",!!".^?'' Ayr. I'.nrrT raoWwal In
n tn... |,»,frrt t.lfnf .1,.,,. .rr
ti...- ,, , " "•'.-..■ nr I,unl i-ttlttii 1 I.,,.
"*"»l. ,.,'.' ,. Ar**l many yrttn tttitl in It now
lm,,, N ,      Maa Mj.ur OaainaAS.Varya-
ij.l   -•"•»,yj.0   nynrOt, . LM,,
/\i AUo Kin,ran.iirrra uf
1*11.1 8.
»«.,       r ~ ~ —-  HA:g VI(,C,,•
•«ve« "■£!?.• c.?"«"P««lonL'rat«rcl re*
'• tur*»*t>e*e with Ayer's Pllla.
' "•"■"'• '"   i*-.,.,,„„rl,,.
It may not be , „,,,
s ps inyworth ol   Bt
be    pt|   . !,., ., J      , n   .     ,     t
theree, which sr.
tain denomination  .1   ■.:.. ■
on   but can i ■■ .1        1 op
lent    It   . ti. .
-cry small in,,,,, ■ |f(J ,
a-*  I* lUghl 1 . m ...
no on.* cm be r, :,,.x
of I.,   land 1     1 bolder u
'".   red 1 1 to bring 1,
i" —  1  .*' ;  1,. .
than   ii   will   1
Bsturds]  1.
reeoing I'e*.".-., 'through t'ie Molt.
Whi to moll Is 1
. 1
ng h:     * ent   In the 1 lornlng
■ - 1  .1 .1 mixture of twn q
wheat, ta fed
-ni--. i
■   .*    ,    w.   i fed 1
■ • l»ie
* *
1   *icr  Wo.k  With Separator!.
Wh Is 1) « n • rlts of I
In man)
jnvai lo I
.   *
n 1
'    '
na ol
1 • ■ of Ice and   a
- American
1 I..    I   ,, .   of   l„»e,*t«.
Bin plj  ■ ■       ee baa uo em- 00
thi 1 ii i*. n . *-
ever thai II ', illy with 1
snrt  ,,f  1111  .111.1 * .. 1   nerve     111 ■-  la
pro-l " I  b]   lha  '    :  iiml iir.i-.-li .;.;.. rn,
loeu nil bare I In r
ears situated in queer place*
the wings, on the middle ..f Ihe body
nnd c\ en mi Ilu* »lde« "f their leu*
'I in* common bouse flj d .•*• Its bear
ln^ by means of some little rows ol
corpusrlss which srs situated on tbs
knobbed   threads   wlili li   occupy   tha
plai .* whi *h   taken no bj the li ml
il other species of Insects, Tho
gnrdeu slug or ihellesa annll bas its
iniraii*. of  bearing situated bcIi
side of  lis  1.ecu.  and  the common
hopper ha« Ihem  ni b ..i Its
broad, Hat  thighs    lu ■ ime of ths
smaller Insects they are nt tbe basei
nf Ilu* wings uml III others ou lhe I",I
torn »r tbs feet
"Glrlsr1 quietly celled old but eminently astute Aunt liruadhead.
"Ma'am'.'" they replied ua they Out-
icrcd obediently to her.
Always remember, girla, that when
n man professes to hsve a 'fatherly In*
■ 'rest' in you bla own daughters need
.'  thai iinir nun father can sufB
y supply you nub it and tlmt is the
.ddsat   of  all  st 1   »ave oue in   lha
world."-I ii, k
t.   Rheumatic   Suiferer  Cured   by   Dr.
Williams'   Pink  Pill*.
ted m the I
thst   I-   n   I Ileal
ild     know.
.       * ...    rheumatism,
sre ■ ud wl
• n-iili   growing  woraa   i-  ilowlj
in I) taking s Qrmei grasp upon
. ntire syatem    I. i must
i.n  thi   bl
tb.- only way it. whicb the i
i ui   be   driven   ...it    Dr
Pink  l'd!s  actually   ■
pills  bel|
new    rich    red    blood   which
u  acid  Irom the
• .*,,- the a binj joint
■ , *     ,
b sr witness to ths truth "f
nts   ■     Mi ■    Dorsina
. .-•    Jerome,   Que.,   f"i
.. and had begun t" think
incurable,   "i   could   not
* ten  up"  -a;* -   Mi--   Langlois,
wen   almost  u
ll ■ ■;.      I Ol   i..any   months  I
I sins n- onlj   rheum-
sn    un lei -inn.I.   Al
Onlj   thirty   i-
•-■   I   . adured   actually    mad.
■i . Id woman.   I used
■   ,    le I   •  •■..il medicines
,r got nol ths sligntest help until
• i .  chance my attention was
lo Di   Williams' Pink Pllla
lh *ni   and m   the
•in f a  io..   weeks  l  could  se.
.   i*. re  helping  me.      Little   i*>
lie (     i    a began to go, an.l the
t   li av,* my joints.   I con-
lined   taking   the  pill-    fnr    several
when every symptom oi tin
ouble  ba I  di -appealed.    I   have  n*.r
:   r * eumatisra  since,
nd   I   Lb--  the day  Dr.  Williams'
, . nine   lO   my   notice."
Ot   w illiam   Pink I'ili- never (ail
i ti-in because they go
ighi t" the rool ol the trouble In tni
l lial i- wh)  th  pills cun
the . ..nun.ni ailment   due to p *.*.
nd  i bio   l. auch as ana. una
ties, Indigesti. n
.-i   Vitus   dance,   gi
i ii I  the distrs ising  h reg-
; ai affile   women and sn *.i*
ling girls    li you n I s  medicine
ill -av,* money by lukm*.' I li
Williams' Pink Pills al onos, See
thai tm* full name Dr. Williams
Pink Pills i"i I'ale People ia printed
•ii ihi ivra| pei an.und every box,
jold b) all medicine dealers ... b;
uiail ui .'.u cent- ii box or -i\ boat
12.60 from the Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
i iitn.r     «ad
From     Italy, 	
"Dear doctor. I beard Slgnor I.unt-
BCblnl  say   that  you  lire a  vetl*rluar.y
r     eon."
■ ll.- is quite right."
"Certainly.   Don'l you kn-Aw that
am   attending   him?"   Il   .Muiio   i>et
blm only throu*.
street gamin.
Iu the ujoo exhibition
London Truth, tbs compllet
catalogue and the jurors entirely ^
looked  iho  tiny   vial  containing  Ita
speck of radium, which tbs Curies bad
sent.    An  exhibitor of diamonds, im-
noyed because its presence spoiled tbs
color of his Jewels, hnd put It out of
Slulit. An English visitor, however,
who hud reud a reference to the discovery In au obscure Journal, bunted
It up and luter act out to lind tbe discoverers.
He went to mnny places, the Mines
Hchool, tbe Sorbonne and slsewbsrs,
but no one iu any of them could tell
blm anything of the Curies. At last,
I.y a BtruuKC chance, he run across a
Raiulu who had beard ol radium from
a diiim who worked as un attendant
at the City of Paris Industrial laboratory, where Curie then worked. By
this roundabout Information tbe Bug
llsl.tnan was brought to Professor
<*urle, wbo was a little amazed, but
|.le:in.iv.t!y so, to lind that some oue
wus irt lust Interested iu what tbey
were dfclng.
Mme. -Curie,   be  said,   bud   li.-r-.eir
pounded  iu  u   mortar  with  her own
hands all tho pitchblende from which
II the speck of radium bad been obtained
n I'itcbhleude   was  costly, and   she bud
not wasted a crain.    She bad ruined
•j ber bands In Oie work.
Tbey were th-»o spending every pen
■ ny  for pitchblende.   Mme.  Curie had
given up gloves entirely and was wrar
'I ing very old and badly patched cheap
I.shoes and old fr. .!.,,*.*d clothes.   Tbs
professor   bud   on   old   shoes   and   a
coat—bla duly coat   Tbelr
is dr.--.ed as cheaply, Hut
economy und tbeir dlllgen. C
\ they  had  enriched  bumauity   Incalculably by tbeir discoveries iu radm SC
•f I tlvity aud their ir,olatlou tt! radium It-
* J aelf.
,.-. -v-e-reeeiM TEA
^"" A Perfect Luxury to Japan Tea Drinkers
*  of  il"! I Lead     Packeta    Only,    40c,    50c,    and    COc    oer    lb
ly,    40c,    SOc
Practically   all   makers  of  good
'n Canada use llewson Tweeds.
' the tag that guarantees
clothes .
Look for
I*..,,J   l-*..r   IIMte.-tl.in   Only.
I am in a l.rl.s n pl. .- Here I've
got nothing to e-. t. end the only U.lng
rn. | nt in pawn are my tales t.-etb, nnd
if I [.awn iin ai nnd buy something to
eat  then I Cant eat It.    ! never was in
such so awful fix lu all my life.-lioa-
T'i'i ,1'o'ie
llrel.t   < fin .ti tut 1 ti,„.
Suitor—I   cannot   boast  of  wealth.
but ■ hai.- brains. Tlie members o<
my literary club wlU tell you that
you'd l...ie tb* smartest debater le
town f..r n son-ln law. Father—And 1
can assure you, my dear fellow, that
you'd  hav.*  tbe  greatest  lecturer li
tha tnwn fur a m.r..',.-i* in-law.
professor hu
'• threadbare M
I little girl wa*
V by  tbelr eooi
Ob, Il-rr'I'm,, my llt-
perfeetljr  enntptur.* I
■arbat   did  ahe aaj .
Young Widow
tie daughter .-.
with ynu.
Visitor— ludord
thenl -^^^^^^^^^^^^
Vouug Widow- She sai'L *T/xik ben*.
mamma, there is u man 1 should likv
for u nana."—Snlnii WitzMati
A Dutch noma,, lie**l if tollgste.  t)ae-
foggy day a traveler ssked, "Madami
bow far is It lo A V"
"Shoost 11 leetis ways," wae the reply.
"Tea, but how im':" again raked the
"-yl.oost  n   leetle
"Madam, la It one, tw... three. _ mr
or Dvo miles?"
more   em-
Ne   OaiWao la   in.l,.,,..   Will  Sta*»
lo   MuahHl   Labor.
Porto IU.*.. bas its problems, social,
political   and   economic,   but   none   of
them will prove more difficult of solution than thai uf labor.    Wbat needs to
I [xi done  la  to  muke  labor  honorable
I wtiere lt has  be«u held  in  disrepute.
1  This  is  to overcome  ingrained  prejii
■1 ic.-s.   a   task   for   a   Hercules.     Mr.
l-Sowles' recent book, "Down lu I'orti
,  ii» -o."  pictures the condition of labor
ji eoftt Is in tbe island today.
I     Tc carry a package ou tbe street Is
1  lu-li utile ci'vr ot poverty or lack of
I bret.'iu-e
■A'laBBlly must be very poor If tbey
j*cano:t afford several servants. To do
1 tiany.lt Ind of bousevork cannot be con
"•sidenea by tbe lady of tbe bouse.   She
When you biQ*
you want
end long
These andn'injf
odier good points
ato combined In
-rile.   BRAND
You ca.i1 afford       '.
to bi-y -any other      f
' ■■■*-
II • RO   l woman Ingenuously rcpll -*l. ,  -eita It the parlor dreaaed In loose gar
"' ,; "ht II -   '   Upplncotfs Usgast ie |,mienU,-iid
Hit" ll Looked lo Her.
The l'liern! - | bear you are iroin*?  10
marry young Wilde to ief un. blm.
The Maid- lour bearing i« good.
The  I*rieiid-V,el!.  if jou  dmi'l SUC-
■cw-d you won't be sble 'o keen bio. out
of Jail.
Tbe  Mai,:   1; \f. o\\  r-v.*lL    if |l(.
**°'"i"'t lv '■ :   want  t.< k.s-p
him out.—1 blcaeo   . >.-
Minard's I.-niment Cures Burns, etc
Ita   On'y     c «e.
Tirst Small Boy I -rlsb t hnd that 8
•cents back 1 spent f jr candy, Second
Small Boy- What - *Hlld y„*.i do with
lt?   I'lrst Bmall Be /—Buy mors candy.
I*"'    dnraa.
Hot-rather,  v   t,-,- d,> men pet bald
eooner than-won   »;,-•   p-jtbet-—Because
they don't v .■  -    (• ,. ,. , ., r
i.enio   .1   1,'ar.nrlan.
"I hope the Bible I gave yon lusi
week," said lbs missionary, "will teach
ynn something"—
"ii   has  toughl   nu-  something
ready,"  replied tbe cillinlbill chief.
iiml that I'm really a vegetarian."
"Kr   how's tl al'.*"
"Why, you know, II sj.-s. '11!
k'l'USJ.' "
flesh Is
Cams   l',»r   'turtier.r,
I,   SO   ;i   lul 'I'le   race   lllal.es  CM-ellent
: nn    i.y n long stick on the Boor to
.. as a cal and provide .'.nil player
nub a fan. which can ba made >.t stiff
paper, with which to drive the iwibljles
from (he starting point At n gives
sn-iiai ihe bubbles are blown riBj th9
fans brought Into uie. if a bubble
bursts licforo any play.-r has reached
tlie if on I Hu- play.i' u.uj return to blow
.1 second one,
A   Cause   of      Hluhl.-mia   Wrolh.
Perhaps the 1,, t itrlklng instance
of ul..11 nu. m, .... -y ringing St the
doorl *dl can prwlooe lu the way of
oa isperatlan /*, to be seen In the wording of n 11.*   k-r* nu n t-..sr. plate lu a
•' I  leadl   );T  out itf . .  well known
weel end 1 neee, n s, „, (be door of
■'•" corner house, suU itWa is b iw it
"I'-ln bouse i> v.>. .ha —
'' '■ -'iui a.r No. i;t — -»f:i:i*jr. Tliat
1 ■   / ..1 the . icnei    it«. not rimi
here.* o,.. „,„ ,*■„,-., j,,.,^*.!,,. u.a
state nf 1, r-ve-im lonOnesaei wit ,h that
housebol.'r,,r wns reduced a»Tur* bs sat
compose ih.-u notic- -0 -ondon
ll.IV 11  t
ft.     m.
Mine rd's Linur.ent Kelieve. Krurs 'E'»*
spends mucb of the day in
1) ..illy recJc.ng to and fro In a rocking
i'tihair. Wuen she poos out Shopping
either she Ic aceonip.-inied by a servsnl
*tio carrtesjer small purchases or she
1ms a boy t« carry tbem for her. If
.• %<e Is so peer that sbe must do some
k **od of work, tis fiact must be careful
l.v -misc.ruled im ber nei|;bbors.
kmeng the mvn there is the same con
t. topf for msMial labor. Tbe rner
cl*. Rata HiiiBt of neuoM'ty be busy men.
bue Omr are very cjc-ful not to de
grede tlueansePvea by daw,- any kiud ol
coowud-c .labor. They 0j)tf-*ct t"> P«-
lonnliir work tbat can be .acue by nn
employee. Business men do net carry
bundles home at nlpbt. They foldotn
lend a h.sud when some little m>hap
occurs or wlaen rvpalrs are ue«d?d.
'Ihey are ifentteineu. and mental ti..-w ■
ure for coc-imoa wortaion.
The sams spirit Is shown among tie*
luivhanlvs. Wbos a plumber is scvl
for he ususdty comes attended by bis
man. HU bint---,, la te tell the ntn
wbat to do, wl.lle be iilu».*!f stands by
nnd watches k_i. Tne (aamer does nut
po out to work upon bla farm. lie
mounts a house and rides ae-iand. tftllnp
his laborers itbau work niiwt lac done.
Ask a common laborer to c»r.-v your
hand lnggape to Sbe boat or to tbo sin
lion nnd very likely he will eotue m the
appointed hour with a colored bay,
wbum be orders to take ii[> thc loud
and carry It. while he himself receives
the money aud walks by the .*»«* of the
How   the   World   l*n>».
Knlcker-l think the world nw»s
every man a living. Bocker- P-arhape,
but he bas to tuke it uut iu trade
I I, in.',   nil   l.nve   nini   Klanea
SbS   That's all very pretty. .I:n*',i, btU |
do ynu think we can live on lovo nnd
kisses? lb' -It's much tho safest
Everything c\^c is either adulterated'
or poisoned or tainted. -Exchange,
She—OU *»'liere am 11
lie— Tin-  -etraln  was  too grv*t m
you fainted.
Rhe—lt -In must have been the big    '
altitude.    Md—did you kiss me wblk
I was unconscious!
Fle-Widl,  I'll admit that I did take
Siie-Ooet   tvhy. I pelted seven b.
fore 1 came toi-Woman's Howe Com
mui 'itm.
Your Stomach"
ii the way people in China say
"Good Morning." The grrriing f
almost every nation is an inquiry
after health. The Chinese have the
root of the matter. A strong stomach ii the foundation. Look after
this organ and the general health
cares for itself. Man is so constituted it cannot be otherwise. It is
the mission oi
to keep the stomach well, the liver
active and the bowels regular. They
dispel sickness and create health.
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Bilious*
.ness nr Constipation cannot exist
• Beecham's Pills are used according to directions. For over 50
year* they have cured disordered
ItniesiflS. and arc now a world-fa-
moui xe.medy. They merit your
tolJ thwrymtrnte in Canada and V. S.
A.iieri.*-    In boxes 23 cants.
At Wil les Jen.
_ _    ._ wiiniun who etfcalned
• wmmons f.n- assauli sgalnst a man,
■aio .nn last week har u-anpthter-s
jo ing nu,,, .ime nrr Ma lh(> flal(J
"fthlng, bul when he sent W» lamther
.und to suilie I, r, «ell. to wm. loo
mueti.   iljui/fliter.)
Snlijeel |.'i,r   liiii.lier l.eelnre.
"nh, dear," es. In I mod Mrs, Slapdash
when   Ihey   wet*.'  dually seated   lu  Iln.
carriage, "I've only gol coo ,,f my earrings mi!  I left Iho other on my .
Ing lal lu "
"Hub:'' i* inm .-.I her husband
II lu- my loctlires ull J -at' •* 11 * * 1 * * - DC
lu one ear an.i o n .a the other.'   I'hll-
udcipiiiii Press.
Wlinl I nil.*." Ars Po*.
"Now, Hannah, Jusi look at
ehnirs!  Tbors must bo an Inch of dust
on tln*iii." ...„.,ii-
-well, ma'am, you know yourself
yon haven't bad n caller tor nsarly «
26 0
That Cou^h
wblch ordingrv remedies havo uot red chee%-
will quickly y ielil to A
OMrs Syrup of REoSpr.oGE6DM
mae hHT> derfva-p-aird cottftln- tnVr-a ttmrty M
lirnla .Itt'-  tliri'itl    *.liriiRt ?irn-i  Ilia luagi.       JS
\f Wit, |
It curea .li-.-e tlear
tha Ktr.it..—lieala lir* turoai—sirens.ucua tha lunga.
None Ilia le.a alTacllr^tiee-Jiuao It la itleaiiaut to lake.
Jutt try ..i.e Itettla and aee how quickly you got rid
of that cough.   At yotn dru*^tata.   SOc bolUa.
ITnele ProedOClmO, looklns Bt his two '
little nephews playin*,* at taUngafOTt
promised ii cents tu the victor.   (Five
minutes after the fort was taken.)
"Well, one of ynu Is a clever captain.
How was tbe fort taken';''
"Oh." said one, "1 promised Qlgl a
cent If he would surrender. "-II Mondo
M. Dnrsplst—Why have you taken
01    iiy one return ticUct Instead of two?
, Mme. D.—For economy's sake, my
ftn ff Jules. You see, you tire sn ill
•j-jj tnko a return for you would lie
iott   ish.-i.e Pole Mela.
S"T4 uld Be Teuiiiit-Yi-s. this little
M h     "ot '""'• bVt "-.OOO frillies Is dear
ifcivm  '"' J'°u anything uuder that?
j»ah   or—There is ths cellar.—Hire.
Mistn '*s-~jiow could you be so
uti.pi.i 11 t.» stand things on a freshly
painteil taft. efl
Sei nnt- r.Vnse. ma'am, master Just
1 put moaiethlniT there,
Mi^trr.Msiiii treat wrath)- tf the mas-
lor ta a roul. t S,n nt least bs has ths
riRht t.» i.e. bin ynii haven't, you silly
•girl-Wiener Billon VVItsblatt
III .»«.*r,.n».
"Would ynu ii'*-"* i" *ee my aqugrlaT
ask.*«i the uni.iii'iii t'i-
"Well,  if lu*'"  securely chained
mlKhr,  *but   I'm   *«   iifn">l   of   ,vild
beasts," repBisl tin" visitor.
tore*}!   ..nd   tmrgaa.0,gtaJif Vt
.,„,'•      ,'""'     '"-'I     Bootoh     ,Mrr,*i li„.|
Districts:      -''ono  supplied   win",,, „
:■■,.. i.     nl, "H'.l-.    .-nil    BOW,    NoVombeT
Imn. ur Spring. Btsndsrd «„*.... ,..r„.,,
ii-rin. or Spring, Standard wagei . peel
>d. Mnd "nni- mid \».ia*.-- . r,. re i a.,.. t
Cumnock,   .i)*r-tur»,   Sootland.  Nntc   ti.
li.-- f.,r fiilure ii-.*. n- n nny °.itislled
fa.-mt-r- in  .'iniuirnn; fur additional help.
Michael   AoaoIo'S   \ .-.,,„..
Michael Angelo ens to bave be-
'.leved that be i elved some of bis
most noted leapt' .ns In u dream or
rlalon. In oue of Ida letters he alludes
to tbe stutue of do ea aud lutlmulei
that the idea can     I i him iu a dreau.
THE 15-Jewelled Ryrie
Bio... Movement of this
$25 watch may be had in
either closed or open face 14k.
gold case.
It carries a full guarantee ss
to its accuracy in time-keeping.
Precisely the same excellent
movement in 2 5-year gold filled
case will be sent postpaid for
Drop mm m Aottml cmrtt mni mt mill
WtndyrttA frtt cf chttrtje Out larrt tllmt*
trairJ t&mmmfMt,
for Women
Aside from the fact that you can
get sny weight—and just the right
size to fit your figure—there u
anoiher point to be considered
"Trnro Knit"
It hoUi iti ihape. It U
un.thrinlt.iHc. The uiuil trouble
of L'r.Jerwear itreiching out of
shape or shrinking, never happen!
to these faultless garmenti.
Gowns (it their best when
worn over "Truro tnit."
Ai least, SEE "TRURO
KNIT." Vour dealer has it or
will get it for you. M
After Labor, Recreation
Travel  Is the  Acms  e")
When you travel secure ths
best In equipment, comfort,
and safsty. and use ths
Excursion rates this winter
in   every   direction. Knot,
South and West. Make your
wanta known to any Canadian Northern agent, who will
b« glad to furnish tha fullest
information,   or   write,
GEO.  H. 8HAW,
Trafflo   Managar,      Winnipeg.
W    N    U    No.    608 , ,      rrtUml.
%tm> ;LASJ>EAV WmlHQ
■ tit J • i* u«on o:»ii Vttifii LaukflcvtrYTJiurwdftj*
Tfl« tC.llU>r ilat-t)ii not -nol-d   lilmi,«ltT.*w]i-nr.
u#ibl« -Tot ths opinion* af dorrwijMJudtiit* *•*
. .irtMist"! tu Hi -cuJutr.ri-ft
AH l'»c*)« will lj» -flhtltfitd nt   (ho tul«i nflv .   _
■ emit! )M'   ii*;-, Oti IrtMriluiit-i&d lOMltMp** ' .3
i i  ..* MOtl »UblM!qiltUJl  H ■ - ■
'l>r»u-»f t t'ranil-tmt *n1 other lUver'ih.'^ j   j
■will i-i. iiiw.i' k'i-i...< ni Mtipttcailon m "itiof l |
ifBub«orttitl'     I M >*\eur. In HtLv*uet.
Pedro Miuff.'.ii Claim, eltiuils in
ih i Tronic  Lako Mining division of
\\ -si Kootenay Distl'.c-',
' Where locate.!:  <r)n  S.rutli  Furl
• .., Oanyo-i t'n'ck.
lit   Take notice thai I, Fred. C. Fil-
iott, fc\ M. C, No.  E89167, ju'Unji
tie ngent for ('inm Grace  Westfall,
administratrix   of  tho csiclr  .,f
. John VV. Wes fall, deceased F. M
(J, No, B88D0J, J. M. Miller, K. M
.(.'. No. B88167, an.l M. F. Cheslnul
P, M. C. No. B83153, intend   i ixty
• days from dais hereof,  to apply tn
iho Mining  Reorder forn Cert fi-
, cate of [mprovements, 'for the pur-
jcr?i*i   ol obtaining n Oroirti Gra. t
tit the ribovc cluijl
Ami fnrtlicr take'uotice  thai ao-
• lion, under section J7,m;iB'. be cam*
, .'lttncci! before tiie issuance of »ucli
• Certiflea'e of Improvements,
DaUd this 18th nay October   A.
j>. jyoa.
Legal Notices.    	
Ca,miliar, mineral i-h.ii.'. lltustt In th*"
rrout   I ake mining   dlvifUOB "I   >•«
Koiiensy district
ri.ensy .lislricl. ,
Where Incsied i  On Ksrsn Mils cteet
Contracts onteiod uitn for packing of .Mining Supplies, ene.
t>> in..* pnj.it in iln- ilittii, i
i. ,..,1, |i',..i:;,iservice, anil any work undarUtRsi) gusrantesd
Rl '     .:*.'*!,*l )*.
-',.„!„ Fork of Unless. ({   n     wmu
aun,    n>   ageni  hu  Path!   >'•»«
K \| C,   No    1188103,   sti-l • ' "'   "'
Hickman F.   M    u.
!!*,,.    .   Inieii.l,   isl*   ■-"» !'"
.1., .       hereof,      In     s|>|ly    10     •■•
ll       |   r,.f..i,ie.  fni   * ' eriin -ale  o
Imi,lov'ii.e.lis.   for   ll.c   1'iiri'ose i.i "
ia.ui...r a Crown Grant ol ihs a''*'*.'-
8 And further tske notice thai acilon.
under section 47, must be eomii.eiiced
bsforn U.e issuance of Certificate ol im-
pr.ivi'iii.'iiia. ..
Dated this SOthdsy of Au|„ i.o. 1W8
E. R. ViPcrr*
Trout Lako I;,
] •
Stable* ,t Trout i
S. DANEY, Prop.     Ferguson.
LAKEVIEW HOTEL Grout Xafte   mmwm)W^
tyi.re.    a By using Water supplied by lbs
_jLil£lL_T 6)    Company vou are  assured of sbio*
^■•»*.*.i.v*. «   lute puritv.   GovernmentAnalysis
Bar weii Supplied with Liquors &, Cigars
Large Comfortable ili.otiie,   Excellent Cuisine and Attendance.
Supply ®o. ® "^"^"^
Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
A. K. Fraction, Bell   Toy, Florence
J'oibes Fraction,   Ulooscap. <,    i n*
No. E ,6looacap No. 3.. II.m e K in I ■ • ie
. Jumbi. Iii'laii.rrulcirit, Koj'o.i.i;.* No. I..
Kootenay No.'-., Kootenay N», 3 ,i rae.
. lion, Lirdo, Morning S.-.ir,  May,   ) s.
h'o.I. M*.y  No. I.'., May No.."., Mny No j
• 4. Mny No. 6 , Pilot I-Mclion, Pilot, Ke-
ward Frtetio , hauler, Rattler No. 1,
Union Jack Mineral Claims Bit ua ted in
the l rout I...ho Mining division ol   ■ r..
.Kootenay district.
\Vhcro looated:—On Six and Peven
Mil-a creche tributoriss of the ^*ruti:
Foih of laroc.in Creek,
Take Notice that !, F. C. JSlHotl
I*'rec Miners' Certificate .**-.. I',nu',,'
acting a« e?-ut fer The Reward
Gold and Silver Mining Compfti.)
Limited, Non*Parsonsl Liability
!*'i*ee Miners Certificate No. HRSiOt, .!•
tend, sixty days from lhe date hereol
toapply to the Mining Recorder f-.r
* 1'c.iiii.a'ca of  Improvements, for thr
purpose ol obtaining Crown Urants ui
■ the above claiin...
And further tuke ii'.rice lhat set Ion
. under section 37, must be commenced
before the issusuceof such Certificate,
. of lmpror«ments.
IJat.il liir-i Jilt d>v ol Oct, i.o. I
Jt 00.
W    H     I*f)reo*s 'wood   vallance  hard-
%\e    Fl,   JIUiaV.9,; ware CO* I'D*
Trout  Lake  City Trangfe
and Stage Linp
Excellent    Accommodation
j Best Liquors
Very finest Cigars   ft
Looss    leaf    Hinders,    Kine   Job
Hardware, Miners' Br   plitrs, Sto»a
.. *..: Ranges.
lt pnv-i to n*e the Telephone     A
lengthy trip ess often bs saved   OfB
(__ f •*-»«•> T-* m«       O      /T -.   MwiKtliv trip can oftsn be sav
^ItltnCV)      X      ClO    »l P«J«aon: Cnmmins' Slurs i Troo
vulUK L      +*     VrVi   i.ak... Post Office; alio»t Boston,Com
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
WROLB8AI.E DEALERS in Butter, | =
I q:".   Cure e.    Produce   and   Fruit
Houston Nt.,fosephlne Pt. Nelion, ILC.
nj.l.x and Arrow head,
_j     •_-     •«
Notice ia hereby  Riven  that  30
. days from date hereof I   intend   U.
apply lu tiie t'liicf (loiiiniisionor ol
Lands & Works for a special  li*
. ccnf>e  •      .i  do       yaway  tim
her from  ihe   following described
Ian le:—-
Timber claim No 1.     Com men-
. oin • at ti pose i 1 into I ci t'.o lion),
lideofPoplar crook,  30 feet from
tl.e creek l.a'.L, ab .ut 8 miles {•'• in |
Poplarmarke-1 H■ my Magna i.n'-!
^. K. c -rner pa-rt; tliuno.. w*- Ha,
c'h.iine,  ihenee  north  80  clir.i...*,
tin nci' ea.*t £0 chains, llieiice south
: 80 ciiain* back to point of o imineii*
. ccir.ent.
Looated Not 18 Ji. 1906,
Henry M.i^'inso*., L .cit *r
. Eric Strand. Aijoul.
No. 2. Commencing ut a poa'
plumed on the i ortb fide of Pi pUr
* CreeL, 80 f.*et fron. the rreo1. bu.k
audadj iningNo. l post, •limit 8
niilta fiom Poplar, |n*a:k.*d Henrj
Mjijniieoii'a N. E. c .rner |..:;
thi-noe south80 ohains, tl.encc sou*
ih 80cluiins, thence nest 80chains
thi*ii;*l    liin th    till  c'l'.iue,    fitiiic-
IH-.I 80 chains, bark to poiot of
Iioeated N iv. l8tl. lfl0.A».
lianr/ldsgunsoSi   I,"-jstor.
Eric £tr»nd   Agent.
Jest Hotel In Town,
Mvtt! ftr Miii![ iti Ciimial M
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
Watch-repairing,   etc    All work
ltmWt%mWmVltWmmv\t        %*t»
I Ferguson    I  ^^
Trout Lake a
iiVv*r bt
Tr<>«t Lake t\A
1 WOOD   \AJi j
is (••niNeci,..,
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawfi
Imperial  Bank of Oanadj
b c:
F. B. Wells
Sandy Lntighton
Proprict *r.
I'N Ti-i'!..^  FergifooA yon
should t'»v lit I ii** i.o. ill '*;
II  ti!.     Here   the   vis I *i
v; II   ii     sm  * . i. i •!   *a :iii
h. mi* .•.....'.. il..    l.'\e. Kent
< ni-.nc     ue I   vi it ti la <.*<l
in. I    >*. .rm    rooms,    »>.il
stocked i.a..  and eviryiliing xrhicl.
t.-i de inwards  mnkin-j join  visit n
pti i-.u.t ... :i memorable i Br.
I!   * - i'i- in ?1 day npwi rdft.
W.: strive t" pi. j*<- ...ir ]-at-*.'"e.
N-*. 81
A F   A A y
.   3rd   Tliureday est h
* mei.i'..
Bojonruing llrethren oordisllr invi
t. Forddred, ^ec. F.C Campbell.W.M
KO, il
j*Lme*. Heyn-nr tnertlni*. het.l I,. .
*«! 1\^V     ***       ' i*..n
BM     —'   Jt-.-** t *t   I
^/V- ■•■• 'vjl    r,*ci,«*K
^m&afi.y.m^   srsoordisRjrw->looms
i. I., ■■tiisoi.. .*»  U.;       r M "ii'i-lifrd. Use.
capital auTHomzeo s.coo.ooo.
RUT 4.42S.0CS
V. R. wn Kir. Prastdeat.        lion. ROBERT lAFr    v V)t*tm
BRANCHES   ". lbs Provinces ol Alberta, Saskai.  mi
.'•1 ii'   ;.«   ()nt»r..i im '. II
a general banking bubihess tkax u
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.-I|.'.'«i''. I'-eer- ' ■ •••■.   ,    -.  .
•:•*•   .f  . r. . i  issasdsvailsMsIs  oay
.-.'   . ribs we   i
,-irr.. CiT*a f co!l-.otlOLi »p-l
I   i
Arm • i.  i! B*
Review Job Dept.
For High-Class Work.
whu*_>«i__>4> •>«.■•_?
JBavbec Sbop
i    oa —
ClooJ Sliaic or Hsir Cut
I! **.
*   iioSa^ilHJ    *   [WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL
■■ I ' t.r.Silver	
IS. i'ii...' PUver
, *!.l.*rjr.i!  Le»i!
. $100
fi Or
.    2 M
.  i oo
. fl so
5  shannon, Assaycr
Trout I.«ko. B. C.
I), nl. i*-- in all kin*Is ol Fresli HI., t
William Schnell, :
I :     ' ton. V
Hot and Cold esths-
tie,, « Hetaiter, J   a. it.trty
A   M. t'ISKII SU.
■ rt lorlmptrt.il Bans of CMaSt,
C. A
Hei -ws C«M
ryviiiKjCti'-Tr-/..;-.^     a ' 3^T
I  ...   ebe fbotel Beaton  ...
\   -r^=r r    BBATON,   D.C. 	
-9            V«,8il0?.8 arr;'i7 •"••"•'•'"1'1 '!''•* litre,, ol,! „f (t,. !„,,.„„..
*      j:.Xr,„,,l„,„,ii ,:,„,.,,),„ I,,.:,,  .. ,.. ;„....,.....-
for bl,., .-I.,., tisde.     1*      ..    .. , „.„.,
........   ...,-■,..imn.f.iit.ll.       .^  wen
spin ..te.l anil spscinns dinins hall.    Tl.e l.eei c( Wines, Ppliits
sn*l<':;iirH    |-.*.«,.i.-i' hi ... \ • i *   i i,*. n to tbe re-)i
^j |n'.r. li*,. Visitors tO llie I iimJuih inn lelvm. .•„..,'.,..'-> >i •
.... ,, .., ,, .: ,eq.i.re..".,*.-" 'y "I
pair. nt. Visitors t>. ibe 1 iirdoi-.ii can relron comfort .it litis hotel.
[KI —	
l W. BOYD -:-  •:- Prop \
*w» v.- -.. a a •■>-.. i am *• *' ■-." •"•'vt i*. tf-1» tr ■c»*t'MW» t*c»*c
N» 3.     Cnmmenoing rt a post
l planted on iho'north m.Ic of I'"i-
I Jar Creek, BOO feel from (the melt
l h.n.k. mid about 8 miles frnni Pop*
i Jnr. maikei Henry Megnu*oni N.
W. r.uticr posl; thence east ohsins
tlic.ii.-s   s'uili i.0  ohains,   iimi1*.
•ae-l £0 .hains,   tl cnc«   i.orl^i SO
, cbaius.  b.nktu point of COniOlCn*
Locatod Nor, IStli lfJOfli
Utility Majroo«on, Looator,
Erie Hiriit'd, Aprnl.
No, 1        Cammenoing   bi n
poi<l ;.l.ii.l-■•' on lh • r,,-rtli    nide   of
Rapi.l Crei k I.' OD feel from ereek
2 milos fr.mr Lai I • Ilfvor markeil
Chiie, HanMin's N K cornet I'ob'j
thence ares* 80 ('lining, I hence south EOrhiii.p ilu I.'*.- east 80 chnins . t .
thenco north TO chains  baok tni    ''     ''   " ■'"'"' '!',f"''" " "
..r!. * fiom i-*- in.,i  li mniii,-.! r.l, coin . \
(nnthmsi  ''•': er; ..*t   i.f  iin,bor llff.il
ii iin' er one iln   i   r*. . hauls
»'. lb ,  I hes re mi
SotlcC   *s   1.erely   i"ii  ll.Sl   ".">
lis s        • "■'    H.S     flrsl       i  *
■ nl In lbs 11 is ' ■ . x '•<..••-'..
I Intend lo apply t-> 'le II...i
Chief ' oiiunfsslonar «.( I snds snd
\\ <>. ks f"r i. specisl lieensolo ont snd
.IM    itt.i"    Ii„.l*r   freni    1 I'e [. li'iwtliC
.1.*.. nix.) lands situated In tt'ett Krtnt-
cni.y ■
No'ioi is lirrcbv given Unit (ill
dsvsnficr Cie first publication of
this nn ico in tho D. 0. Gazelle; 1
r.lond to Hpyly ^n (ha Hon. Chitl
Cominiscionirol Landsn"<J Work*
;i!ace of romm* ncetni nf.
No ii Commencing at n \ .»-i
p!n.iini nn the i orth s'ulo <>f Ha| •
i'tirrek IflOO feet fiom crosk 9
m i'i from l.a.<l . Ili-.-r fcaikoil
Cnn» Hanaona N li cuiier |iopt;
henco wo*t SOciiHiriH tlirnco ro'i-
t'i 8i) chains th.'iic" o-i't 80 oliflidS
thence north 60'c'niiva luck lo
loint ofotinnipiiciiiitriit.
No 8   Comnicnrlng at a post
i   ; i i,i*t.   mi  chains sunt li
lu   lie: p.ii.,1 uf COinillOIICOIBCBI.
' o?. . rpn-menrire nl •> pr*sl ].l«nlerl
nn the weft side 11 i'.. i. .*.* ek'
Shonl    •',   mil ■ frt.rri i't m »itli. Inrt-I*   '.
<*. I,  Copp's   f.i.nini.■ t   corner post,
r i e BO .'. ilns east, ihsnre vo chains
north, thence 80 chaini *.*. ■ - *. 11. .
ohains soslh la poinl of. uoiiBun. i u   nl
plstilt"! o" I:.* north (-i'i* of Rnpid     fo « Commei ring m n postplsnfed
,    .nnr,,    . •                 i .      . "ti   the test  ri'Ic- of   Cantor, r.v. I ,
<* • k   1000 f-et f "I   TC'k *»*'   l:t „,„,,,,    ;    r.ib i Ir. tn il*. ... nib. .natlii d
4 milet   fr,.n, immrlt V....   ■
A-,;,..   r.        i       ,    t. , mural    ,    nni. Mrom lit
•Itnilt-s fr.-n)I.artlol:,ier  i .ni-.-.l  r   l   oow's    north-steal
i , *..   poti
t omn  e.-.ioncit I Lnndsn *il  Wn, i.   ,„        ..   ,            .   .-'-"'f.    onrnei   ..-
t.r ... -1.1*1          .                f  a""1  H«ns..iiB   N   E corner post *'«»■» «««t tWohaliis, HiSnra sot.ih t
for a nweiil licMMi to ,ut ,*,  «l,(.„,,.Mn.M.,.i*,;„.     IL.   ''tir.r:, ,i"'f'.«'"'   WlUhsln,
carry atvay limhrrfrnm Ihs follcn
; in*i rtfM.Til.el Undi   rtiuatsd inj
t*A ist lioo'enay Ditniit.
jC:*i(iiiucu in pextroj-q ob]
.      | eiiiui.r.  ii.cnr. wesl   wi iihslni Ihenrs
il.ciict-«n-t Hj chains   tli.-i.i-n too* \tO chains north lo point of cotnB.encc.
lh fcO c'-aiiiH thence easl 80 <*hoiMB'mo,,t
ihen* o 'north 80 ehaim   baok  to
polol r,f romme'-reirp. t.
Located Oel. 28Ub 3!i06.
Cr,a*i ti .n^'Ti looitg >
<*. '■
-ill^i:':  h ive   i.r. n   r rlnnei
ii  •:..- i.y lu.lie'ous i       •-
nn rt*        Keel  E»l if", and
o.'re f**r:u *■-. «.'i I. ■ ninde than
i v, r  t*,**   le it   I.-...I.I  ilii..- i.-Mrt.
The ni..* nli*. reaps the harvetl is
tie or'gin.il i.ue-'"'. mr In has
his tin.ney on a rti ain't.
Now Iel ii" point out i" n™ ll Bt
tli-re i» ii i better spol <.ti lhe ('
tm.-i.i   i" hnv   ItmI   Ket.i.* than
Trout Lake Is the prettl" •*' *i*■••
|n iin* Iv'.i. n..y- | ne it p .*,i*nr».
ii' it i.i- n« t-tf sn* I j'.'.ii'n j;
nu.I flshlitg .tint- i*e li tiiiii...,! in
ti      year   .. ii..l :   \ I *■  .: .-..*
ll     .I'll.: .1 I't.c    I*    tO llll     lO'.ril  '.|.      I 1
lhe  i . ;.      lis r|    i- snpi-rh, « ««i,
there hi-./ im* i;i.*..t . > li.-ii,. •>, ti K-SJ
being mild  i.i r. * li i in il . I.  i.. I       I
■-ill.ni"■'*      1   Chi   '   a-'   ! *  f
•li   finutt i ■ fe|| hi .J i*<si'fenrot in    '
Iiii. ir, t'o\.in.l,-.*.. It- et"o'- me
well ln:d "'H nn.l iri...I> d. Tlei"
i r lv.- ■ •- ■ lent epi '''ml slop »,
ii- I .*. ;:'*'. 0- nl lb, „ ii ii; • mi im
i i t-ii- jni.rnnl w III show t!m» ;.!'
I nil. - ine f'l.ii ly «. :| r \i e e|i|, il.
Writ'*   Willi  ronlil. n.i. f<. A«. r t •*.
Lots can be
obtained on
Muke your
selection at
--k •**•».
»•  t«
••  tt
Then call en
or  write  to
Lornlcrl Ocl.lSih.mON.
C L, C"pp, locator.
H. McPherson
Trent Lake, B.C.
T Ii is i < v i 1 .i.i a   ' '. i o ..
grow i|  lias 1 • *•*. «'■ sd}
the   h'.'.l  . f i i-fipaii.
•I •• ll mill |   , i   ;| ,    i ,
,lf ilc C.P.R.-    All .-•     *
Lari sau)  had (.. 'If i • ,
I* iho eommen lal onitrs    '
tl* h. tt   n it ,.|,ii   jutiii t os
""•"ii'. i   nn.l baa I.--lh? f
l"-   |.- v■.'■ .1   |,v    ih-   I. ■•
' ani ol Cai  •'» j Aral rle*» i   i
"'"""•' Sl  ' !1   in .'•*    tin       ..  .
Hon . f .*-. Bhannon, U.A ; * pood
Wnitr es > iim ; *l-.,v» rruiei-l . lli"'' ',
Of-Only Coori  eitlir-s* ; Mnh-dlM
r"l""'0(.r.J  aid Anrlicsn chuwl I
*»'d MitiBfe I.,-1 hai.
ll.e.'* an< .slualla rgnth In• •'•
nn 'be nntsklrls ..wsilin* sellhl*.
lis lumber roronrcra -ar* nrpmli
.      '" ', ■" 'i i'   111,.' ijiw o ill   Willi '
I   oapiriij of CO i 00 fr, | er duv '• "'
f    '  '•  1 n.i! if the lake.    T'-u ni"»*    ,
I'll ir."y  un-   ■ ruling nlil  I * . (."
| in.'.ii-nt  it ii)   vi ar, wi'h I*'    I
l"</-,H't^ opinipg up iit-it l*i. lei   '   |
Tlcn* Mi|| |jH n I (,, ,| i ' i), i
Vnir, ti if j„„ tT.'.iJ.I Ik.
I.k.i e.   r ilt»   nl   nrr(.  (r,   ijllfl '
ti"' agents nt tbs ftridrrs»<» h u
F. B. Wells
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.O.
WiU4iUU4UiU4UilU44liiiUa.^7'^^7;iurv^T^I]:~I^ri-T, , -


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