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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-08-29

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'   Ut "'. :   "   .'>"   ;
T;i.* representative,
of tbe rich l-ardeau
eouii'.r; . r'cr.t i .
my addreee for t2
par an. ir. a.-lvar••■.-.
TROUT LAKE CITY,   B.C. Aug  29th.   (907.
[ffl LAKE
3, Sept  2A!rt& 25th 1907
[\t. Flowers and
to ibe  World f..r
00  CashPrize.
I • i for LOGGED
,nd      CSPET0R3.
ii1 miriu'e for two days
No. 4 5
Notice li hereby given lhat after
the expiration of thirty days from
"' Brii publication hereol I in-
lend toapply io tbe Board .*f l.i-
'''"■" Commissioner-) f,,r tie \b,.
We:, toratrauafer of the licence
held by me i.., reaped of the Len-
noatille Hotel, Qerrard.   11 C.
'• • Hillman mid   perCy   Boyd
of ilu- same place,
Dated this   26 b  day    of   Jul
and    Kntry   Form*.
;•: tin- Secretary.
J CURIE.   Preeident
bi. M ibba.
I"r I'. C. Elliott, In- Attorney.
District of Went Kootenay.
Tail- ootice that   Brio Strand,
"i Poplar, is. c.   Miner,   Intends
lo apply f* r a  special   timber   li-
• over the following described
mmencing al a posl   j lant»d
on ibe treat sidi i f i   , :...•   ( r**ek,
about 500 J,, t  from   bank   .,f   lhe
creek, and about 7 miles from Its
mouth,   tbence south   SO   claim*;
■eel 80 chains; ibence i»or-
180 chain
I., point  of  commencement   and
•  i taining 640 acn ■ less
Brie Strai 1,
11* i.: v Magnus >n. Agent
i:i:vi*;i.sriiKi; land DISTRICT.
District   i     West l\ ooten
Take notice lhal Henry Magnu-
»on, of Poplar.   11. C,   Miner,   in-
tends lo apply for •**, special liccrec
orer the following d. geribed lands
' • mmencing ut a p.„t planted i -a
tin- wist oiilc of Poplar ('reek,    a-
bout liOfecl from ihe bank ol the
creek, and about *) miles from the
in* nn nf th. creek, tbence eaat Mj opened up by C. T,
chains; thence south   SO  chains; crcw "f Met men.
Ihenee   west   80   chain-.;   ibence,    Tha property haa  lain   Idle  lor
north 80 obaini to point of com- fc0lne   years,   and    its   resuminp
mencement  and   containing  6*10 >vork "*-M 7ear. 's looked upon ss
a starting point for    many   other
who   have  mineral   properties up
Tbe Duncan claim of thc Warner group'on Hall Cre^k is  being
l'orter with a
in..re or ].■,-«
Henry Magnuson.
July 25lh. 1907.
Disrflict uv wiiT Koorsaav .
the Duncan,
The work done consists of 6 100
foot drift and cross-cut of 40 feet.
Sixty feat from the poital of the
drift a station is blasted out, and
a winze sunk to a depth of CO feet
.1  '   25 1907.
:. I
'll.* 0VEMBNT
Tnke notice thai Hillman and Dor  from U,e ',oUom "' **h,oh * 15  ft*
"i   Beaton, Loggers,   intend  to dri" *"'J 2-»'e«t of-jiross-cut.
>i.i.it- inm m .. m t.i .i   i      ■< I    In the upper  cross-cut  tbere is
appiv ror a special timber licence
over the fellowing described lands
I .'. . pool planted  a.
b iui 1-J mile-, from Camborne,  on'
lhe  weat  bunk   „f   km,   R
_...!,   i ..ti , ,,    . a corresponding   incrcsso   in
marked   Hillman an 1 Dons South Baat ..* irner   p< st"   tbence  40!
chains north  billowing boundary!
if river: thence 160 chains   west;
thenct  in   chains   -south;   tl
• o-1 chaini • point   of  i mu- ■
i *
II Ni-
.!!•   I'i.l —
'..lime Di-rttien ol 11. • •
diet ■
Whei       • It ths head
Hi      '     . . | the
^    lam ■   :   - ti claim.
TAKE * * - I   H     Ab-
hot;, Free Min    .- I ertificate N.>.
i, |ixlj
r     t-i   applj   to
Mining Becorder f-■ r a t • ■   |
*.  - ■
Hillman at.d W
District ol We-el Kootenay.
f*x|-osed 10 feet of ore, two feet of
wnich is clean galena. In tbe
lower cros.B-cut Ihe ore sho-*-* an
incres'tl width of two feet,    witl
clean ore,
The values obtained are poo*,;
the trails are being fixed to Hesl-
•>'.- ranch on tbo Duncan, and
-'•; plies taken in for a g**od season's wotk.
The Oddfellows of Camborne
tendered a royal greeting to Thorn
as Embleton, ttieir Grand Master,
on Wednesday night last, 21st
Alter the regular meeting of
the Lodge, the doors were thrown
o;.en lo friends  and  visitors  who
lhe "Saturday Sunset" in do-
in<r a gon.l work along the line -of
Oriental excluhion. It is preaching the doctrine of a white man
for a while ceuntry. Its arguments are unanswerable and some
of the Eastern publications such
as lhe "Montreal Witness,"' who
are espousing the cause of the open doar"   immigration,   are    be-
gathered   in   good   numbers  from  ing shown up   in   an   unfavorable
'I'rout I.ake, Beaton and Comaplix. Cards, games and dancing
were enjoyed unt.l the grey dawn
cr>*pt ever the hills. A tasty
lunch was served at midnight.
The Grand Master was delighted with his reception, one of the
pleasing features bs mentioned
(privacy) to the "Review" was
the preponderance of handsome
young ladiee present.
Look out,  Tom !
Btauber bought   th"   Bal-
II. tei  from  Steve Blioger
thia week,    rhe property, situm-
The Gerrard Football Club
dooe themselves honor Saturday
night last a: their first annual
Tbe Mill Company's large dining lo-.m was tastrfully  decorated
etl at Ferguson,  is a good  inves
, I witb evergrsens. cut  flowers  and
•r i.„ .,„.:„,.  .i.i,- r   ment and should prove a producer
like  notice   that    l!c;,j,tnilti    F. ' '
Bean i    f Po lar, B C   Prospect- '•'"'the crass roots.
or, and   J.. ■:.* •*.   I'.   1  , Isley,   ofl    Steve intende investing the pro-
B. C. ii ■-. in- oeedain property on the ooaat,
lend toapply for* speoial limber
licence oyer tbe following deacrib-
* il-:
1 it a poat pl mtod
No. 2.   Commencing at a   post
plantt .1  about   BOO   feet   on   tbe
ly,     I.adieu I "i It ll
•   Silk  Uu ■ U   11   -
' .llara,   1
*l   to give
in   loth  as
• an-l adaptability
• 1 iii;* i   in Stationery,
Pipee, .  j >r- A
' •• Coods of all kinda
'<>lT LAKI:.  IJ.   C.
ont     ■ I** .if   Pool   Cri  k,   wnth side of Pool Creek, near the
. for the j*.ii|        .      |  (   ,   feet   f., -, ["boundary  of  rha   Camborne
a   i   own   <>. • i   • i  ■■ • il '; in l(   up the creek, mark I Towuaite, marked "IJ.  F.  Beamy
ti,,. , ed''0. F. Beamy and J K.  Mod-j *<nd J. B, Lindaley'a  North   Wist
■ley'a North  Weat   corner  poet" J corner poat" thenoe eaat 40 chains
ber take notice thai  hence   east   I"  chaina;    tlience thenoe  sonth  160 chaina;   tbence
37, must Ik* ouih  160 cbaina;    thence wesl 10 weet 40 chaina; thenee north  160
hui ti-.   th' IN •■   north
commence I t •' *•• tbs .--•: n re of        '}*■
o point of c mmencemeot
. ificate of Improvements.
Dated Ihis 14th. day of Ju:y
A D,
■   •
I Weal Kootenay.
• Lmtlk  iiiii. of
Mining Eogim I*..
f for a special tii-i-
-. r lhe following de-
lancing at a post
'•'•  i   mile   east   fiom
IT'.'II,    thenct
ihenea west 80
' '" north 80 cbaius;
' ' -baiui to point ol
'nl     and   <
Leslie IliM,
'»   D,   N,   Wilkie.
'tnmenclng at a poal
S.I . cornci ..f l.',4
'*    11.nre w-.-st    80
"   "   t-Otllh   -SO  ebailis,
"«haine; thenc* nor
I - ni ol eommen. t*
Ing   -340   .
Leslie Hill.
1   B, N   Will
i:i \ Bl -ruur   LAND DISTRICT.
Diet riot of Woel  Kootenay.
TAKE   notiee   lhat   Ptaderick
William Oach of Qerrard, Stora-
i.o par, intends to apply I -r por.
.ui to purchase the following
.'"-.I land:
.    um. inni.- Ht a post planted
•l tl.i-^.l 1.  comer   of   Lot   472*-.
■   nottii   20   chains, tbence
,,i.; lint;   thence south  90
chaina more or It n lo Trout Lake,
tl c»* w.*s'c;ly along norlh shore
of Trout l.ake to point of totiiineii
a ment, und containing -SO acre.-.
mora or less.
Frederick William Leach.
(I  I!   N. Wilkie. Agent.
July 1 Uli. 1907.
Bl • jamin F   Ri i:   v
James E. Lindsley,
Bj B, F. Reamy. Agent.
160  chains chains to point ol commencement.
July IStb. 1007.
Benjamin F. Reamy
James E. Lindsley.
By R. F Beamy, Agent.
the implements u'-ed in the mih
and camp.
The music was rendered by
Pit fe-.sor Brown and was pronounced the best evfr put up in
the Lardeau. Tbe supper was 'a
feast for the gous.''
A hirpo number of Trout Lake
people went down on a "special"
and all speak rery highly of the
hospitable treatment accorded
them by the "boys of Lumberopo-
The "Review" wishes the
"SunBet" all success in its work,
and will, at every opportunity.
I elp- -in its small waj—anything
that will tend to the utter exclusion of Orientals.
"What a magnificent townsite
you have!" Invariably Ihis is
the expression made use of by the
many visitors lo Trout Lake.
It is true. It is not only magnificent, but productive. It is
tbe gateway to a rich mineral district. It is surrounded by virgin
torests lhat can supply lumber
for the next fifty years.
In a few months it will be on
the main line of the C.F.R. from
tbe Crow's Nest to the Coast. A
saw-mill, sash and door, shine''
and lath aud box factories will
soou be in operation.
Now ls your time to get in.
Wednesday,  Thursday and
Friday. September 18th
19th. 20th.,  1907
Free Shows   Twice   Daily.
Cheap Excursion   Rates   oni
all Transportation Lines.
For   Information  er   Vrhe'S.att^
''••.•r-jtsrr. *f
P. 0.Box S3,
C.  W. BUSK,   Pre*.
Hritish Columbia -tneltes6 shut
down for lack <«f coke.
$  Local and General.  J
A   bitch   in   the  Silver
cable bat- caused a     i Ofe
iu the mill for a few days,
ford,  thc tram man, is putting it
in shape.
di v n
PiO-p J*t------- * - *: i-a. ■ «Mi rj-c « jj- i
isLASatS-:': i^-4«Kk*-&|
June 11 lb.   1907.
No. '■)■ Commencing at a pos
planted at lleH lv corner ol L.74
OlTioutLkctheice north 80 chains
then -e eaal BO chaina; ihcnce south 80 chaliia; ihonoa west SOelnuii
i0  poinl   ol  .■ immencemenl and
OOOtaiulog W0 acrea, more or les-.
Leslie Hill.
0, It. N. Wilkv.
let Jit, 1907.
Many people fin-*
fume and tret over
The otl" rs ':      "B
Andi Crai    has il foi
' *
Tr.uit  Lake
B   C
SEP. 2,1907
Double—lei $.r.o.
Sin-jlt— 1st. $:'.">.
Log Rullinp
& Chopping
Horse Races.
The miner Bays that it i« not for
scarcity of labor in mining it.
At a meetieg of those interested, at Ntlt-on, thc other day, it
wat* shown tbat coke and coal was
being exported U> tbe U.S.
The big coal-fields of the Crow's
Nest are controlled by Senators
Cox and Jaffray. "Patriotic?"'
Not when there's a dollar in sight
The result: Government own
ership of sll coal mines, and our
own industries protected.
Rorn: et Nelson, on Sunday,
lhe 25tb inst. to the wife of D.
Mcintosh, of Camborne, a daughter.
D. R. McLennan left Tuesday
morning for Vancouver on a business trip.
Tlie development work is being
pushed steadily ahead and new
ground up as the old ground is
stuped out. Tbe average shipment of 100 tons per month is kept
Tho new compressor plant .s
Being steadily and will be in operation before snow falls.
I. X. L
Al Chisholm left for Revel*
itok'- .during ilie week where he
will undergo a course of treatment
with Dr. McLean.
Al. has not I een feeling [well
for some time, but we tnut to see
him back ia good health befoae
Dan Mcintosh was taken   to   the
Arrowhead hospital Monday, suffering fn-m injuries received while
logging on the   Beaton-Cam borne
Latest advices from lhe hospital
indicate that thc injuiries are nil
of a serious nature and that Dan
will be around Ng&in io a fear
 ■ mo ii
Dr. Fritscbe and U. If. fi anee*
of Minnesota arrived Wednesday
night. They are on atrip to ta*
I. X. L.-group.
A GRAND BALL 'nthe evening
The I. X. L.    Milloy,    work   is
opi'iitiii; up sstisfactory. The strin
ger of ore encountered a few days
ago is a stayer.
Dr. Johnson ol Dawson, Minn,
will be in Trout Lake in a few
days, when arrangements will
be made for tnor** extensive  work.
The Itniiidview is being operated steadily on both the Nos. 3
and 4 levels.
The  representative of  Mussons
Limited,  will be in  shortly rcla- in Trout Lake from Reaton a fear
live to the installation of a com- days ago.    They wer*J of eicellent
preeaoi plant. quality    ami   demonstrates   that
Ueaton—as   a   fruit   producer—
The final arrangements ha-re
lieen made and all that remains So
insure a successful celebration ie
good weather.
The sports will start at '.) a.m.
sharp, an.l will he carried thr.<u-"h
as quickly as pons ble.
Professor Ely-Jobannee. late
of Berlin, will supply tlie muerc
for the ball, the tickets for which,
including supper, are|1.5(». ladiee free.
Several horses nro on their way
in from thc outside.
Hilly Boyd of Benton is practising up lo "skin"' tiie "single jack-
ers" and if he can git a partner,
will take a run for the double.
A shipment   of  apples  arrivati
Jm% vi,av.>MB.nM.       ■■ ■     ■
Jji   4 ofl 4*
,-m-... ..£■«-► o>»-*.*-v
in   a. I. "Tim -i. rtsTow.
Oscar Jacuhson haa been  .luing ranks among the first.
some work on tin- 1. X. I. [Swede]  «•■■■____________
group, fhe upper workings have
exposed a nice vein of ore and a
tunnel bus been started to tap it
tl 800 feel lower down. The lead
hat heen tappe.l. showing ,.>me
nice quails and galena. Home
drill Ing on tbis lead «ill bo done
so as to gel uiid.r *.he lurface work
hi'nday -svmricsfl
{AlternateSiinaareoii) *.)
1'ndsy   Sctiool        10.30 t m.
The owners ara O.-car  JftOobaOD   Reptilst Service 7 30  pis.
and Charlei Olatii.
-Service at Ferguson, 3 p.m LARDEAU Mttt ftfo feJSVIEW, TROU? LAKE CITY, Bj&
Ooprrlgtil (1»«) by O. r. Putnam'a Sons.
Andre rode at a walking pace down
the slope to the villase, for he wanted
to think. He hail always prided himself on hla knowledge of women,: he
had Imagined he knew Denlse as well
as himself. She was of his class, lovely, high-spirited, proud, patriotic, antl
bust of all a true woman. Hence It was
a sore and surprising blow to his
pride to discover that she should re
Ject his love because ho had lived the
life of his and her class. He had gone
to the chateau to confess everything,
to swear that from this day onwards
no other woman, be she beautiful us
the dawn, as enchanting as Circe, could
ever occupy five minutes of his
thoughts. And he mount lt. Those
others, the shattered idols of a vanished past, had simply satisfied vanity,
ambition, a physical craving. But Denlse he really loved. She inspired a
devotion, a passion which gripped and
satisfied body, soul, and spirit; she was
that without which life seemed unmeaning, empty, poor, despicable. But
why could not she see this—the difference between a fleeting desire and
the sincere homage of manhood to nn
Ideal, between tho gallant and thc
lover? What more had a wife a right
to expeot than the love of a husband,
Drave, loyal, faithful? It was unreasonable, for men were men and women
were women. Yet here was a woman
who did.
Dut he would—must—win her. That
was the adamantine resolution In his
breast, all the stronger because she
had scorned and defied him. Yet he
would win hor In his way, not hers.
Yes, he would conquer her against herself. For him life now meant simply
Denlse—the heart and the soul and the
spirit of Denlse—the conquest of a
woman's will. The hot pulses of health
and strength, of manhood, his noble
blood and ambition throbbed responsive to the resolution. He thanked God
that he was young and a soldier, that
there was war and a prize to be won.
Yet he also felt that this love meant
something new, that It had transformed
him into something tbat he had never
dreamed of an possible. And victory
would complete the change. So as he
rode the fierce thoughts tumbled over
each other In a foam of passion, ln the
sublime Intoxication of a vision of a
new heaven and a new earth—from
which he was rudely awakened.
He had halted for the moment at the
door of the village lun. In the dingy
parlor sat the Chevalier, one leg
thrown ovor the table, a beaker ln bis
hand resting on his thigh, whiie his
other hand was stroking tho chin of
the waiting wench, a strapping, tawdry
Andre kicked the door open. "Am I
disturbing vou?" he said, pitching his
hat off as If the parlor were bis own.
"Not In the least," the Chevalier replied without stirring, though the girl
began to giggle with an affectation of
alarmed modesty. "My wine Is Just
done"; he drained off the glass. "I will
leave Tolnette to you, Vlcomte, for," he
put on his hut, "l! Is time I returned to
the chateau."
This studied insolence was exactly
what Andre requited. "I thank you,"
he said, freeslngly "but before I take
your place, you and I, Monsieur lo
Chevalier, will have a word first"
"As you please, my dear Vicomte."
said the young man, swinging comfort
nbly on to the table and peering at
him from under his saucy plumes.
"You will have much to say, I doubt
not, for you must bave said so little
at the chateau. Run away, my child,"
he added to the wench, who_ was now
staring ut them both with" genuine
i.l... ni in her coarse eyes, "run away.'
Andre closed the door. "You will n.it
return to the chateau," he said quietly
"My dear Vlcomte, you suffer from
the strangest hallucinations, stupid
phantoms of the mind, If you "
"Perhaps," waa the cold reply, "but
the point of a sword Is a reality which
exercises any and every phantom."
The Chevalier laughed softly.
"Yes," Andre continued, "I say II
with Infinite regret, because you are
young, you will not return to the chateau, for I am going to kill you, unless
I   "Unless?"   Tho    Chevalier   slowly
swung off the table.
I   "Unless you will give me your word
of honor now that    you    will    leave
France to-morrow nnd never return."
;    The young man reflectively put back
one of his dainty love curls. "Ah, my
dear Vlcomte," be answered, "I say 11
too with Infinite regret, but that I cannot promise. So you must kill me 1
fear. Alas!" he added with dilatory de
rlsion, "alas! what have I done?"
|   "Very   good"—Andro   fastened   hli
"clonk—"In three days wo will meet In
I   "In Paris? Why not kill me here?"
I   "Here?" Andre stared at blm in at
I "Here und at onee." Ilo walked to
the door. "Two torches," he called,
"two torches."
When he had lit thorn the Chevallei
marched out. "This way," be said po
litely; "permit me to show you, with
Infinite regret, where you can kill me."
Half expecting a trick or foul play
Aodre followed him cautiously until he
stopped in a deserted stable yard,
paved und clean, and completely shut
in by high walls. Tho young man gravely placed one torch in a ring on tbe
north wall and the other on the wall
"That," he said, In the pleasantest
manner possible, "will make the lights
fair. You"—he pointed to the west—
"will stand there, or here. If you prefer,
to the east. You will agree, doubtless,
thut to a man who Is to bo killed It ls
a trifle where he stands."
Tho im. in ii flared smokily In the
April dusk, lie was mad, this boyish
fool, stark, raving mad. But how prettily ami elegantly he played the part.
"See," the Chevalier said lightly,
"there Is no one to Interrupt—the murder. Tolnette known n*»'ther my name
nor yours; sho will Inld her toigue
for money nnd In half an hour you will
be gone—antl I"—he shrugged his
shoulders—"well. It Is clean lying
here, elcnnor, anyway, than under the
grass In that dirty churchyard."
"You mean It?" Andre asked slowly.
The Chevalier took off his saucy hat
and fine coat, hung them upon one of
thc rusty rings ln tho wall, and turned back his lace ruffles. A flash—his
■word had cut a rainbow through the
dusk across tiie yellow flare of the
torches. "I am at your Bervlce, Vlcomte," he said wllh u low bow. "And 1
■bull return to ll_».Ju<i'tm wheu and
now r pieiWe. anti i siialroe welcome,
Bv Ood!" Andre ripped out.    "By
Ood I I will kill you."
Ile too Iiinl dung off his coal and
cloak and took the position hy the eaal
wall. A Strange duel this, assuredly not
tin- drat in wlileh the Vlcomte de Nerac had fought for a woman's sake, but
the strangest, maddest that man's wit
or a boy's folly could have devised. An
dre was as cold as Ice now, and he
calmly sunt.te.l hit opponent as he
tried the steel of his blade How young
and supple and Insolently gay the
beardless popinjay was; but be had the
fencer's figure, and the handling of his
weapon revealed to the trained eye
that this would be no affair of six passes and a coup de maltre. Yet never did
Andre feel so calmly confident of his
own famed skill and rich experience.
No, he would not kill him, but he would
teach him a lesson that he would not
For a brief minute both scanned the
ground carefully, testing it with their
feet, and marking the falling of   the
lights from those smoking torches, the
I flickering of the shadows ln the raw
| cnlll  of eve. All around  was deathly
I still. Not so much as the cluck of a
I hen to break the misty silence.
"On guard!"
The Chevalier was about eight pices
off.   He now   came   slowly   forward,
eagerly watching for the   right    moment to engage. A swift movement as
of a Btrong spring unbound—a flash*—
and steel clashed on steel. Yes, the
young man could    fence.    The   true
swordsman's wrist could be felt in his
1 blade, the swordsman's   eye   ln    his
: point,    and    his passes    came    with
the   ease   of  that   mastery of  stylo,
swiftness,    and    precision   that    the
fencer   can   feel   but   not   describe.
Por    a    couple    of    minutes     both
played with thc greatest caution, for
I they were both ln thc deadliest earnest. True, this was Idle flummery at
present;  each had still to know the
ground, to learn the secrets of those
| cruelly baffling lights, to get the mens
ure of the other's powers. A false step,
a misjudged lunge, a gust of wind, a
foolish contempt might mean    death.
! And for one, at least, the Issue wjs
I Denlse.
So Andre, who had always relied rn
his fire and quickness to disconcert,
flurry, and tempt, kept himself sternly
: ln band, offering no openings and disregarding all. The moment would come
' presently, the divine moment, and
Thoy were both shifting ground slowly, and in their caution flicy gradually
edged and wheeled until the Chevalier
almost stood where Andre had started.
"Bah!" tho young man cried, "this Is
tedious," and he suddenly changed hla
tactics. He was now attacking with a
fiery swiftness which made Andre's
blood warm, snd stirred bis admiration, but he noted with Joy how reek-
less his opponent was growing. Twice
the lad only saved himself by the most
dexterous reversing of his lunges.
"Fool!" Andro muttered to himself,
"that Is not the game to play with me;
In three minutes he will be mine," and
he, too, began to press his attack. Ah!
—ah!—only by the swlfte-st convolutions of that supple body had the Chevalier saved himself. Andre began to
nerve himself for a final assault. Should
he give him the point in his sword
arm—his shoulder, or his lungs? And
then the torch light flared right Into his
In a second he saw what It all meant.
By those superb reversed lunges he
had been lured on till he had been
manoeuvred .it., a place where both
torches i**ll ln his eyes and that young
devil had the lights behind him. He—
he, Andre de Nerac, hnd beeu outplayed by this beardless youth! And now
be wns in a corner of this damned
courtyard with the cursed flicker from
the walls making lightning on the
crossed steel. "Dlable!" he growled,
"you would!" and ho flung himself on
his opponent ln the madness of despair
and wrath. It was r.ow almost a melee
corps a corps, but the Chevalier would
not give way. He had penned Andre to
tbe place he desired and he meant to
keep him there.
"Hold! Je touche!" he cried.
How had It happened? One of tht
torches had gone out In a puff of air,
Andre's sword was on tho stones and
the Chevalier had his foot on it. By an
Infernal Italian trick he had dropped
on one knee, the lunge that should
have gone through his heart had passed over his head antl by some super
human secret he had twisted tho
weapon from his opponent's grasp.
Yes, Andre had lost Denlse and death
wan upon blm.
With a quick gesture tho Chevalier
pitched the sword over the wall and
stood sword In hand facing the defenceless Andre. Tbe breeze stirred hit
dainty love locks.
"Monsieur le Vlcomte," ho said
cheerfully, "will perhaps permit ma
now to return to tho chateau. I have
had my lesson." Andro clenched his
fists sullenly. "Tlonette," the young
man called, dropping his point, "Tolnette, bring another torch, and assist
Monsieur le Vlcomte with his coat.
You aro a good wench, Tolnelte, and
a discreet, Is It not so?"
"Curse your Italian tricks," Andre
growled, "curse you and your Italian
"Yes, It was a trick, learned In Italy
from a great master In the art. But all
is fair In war—and ln love! I did not
wish to be killed and you are too good
a swordsman for any one to beat la
half an hour, and lhat Is all 1 had.
Come, Vlcomte, we have had our little
encounter. Can we not be friends?"
Hc offered his hand.
Andro stared sulkily, yet feeling
somewhat ashamed.
"I am not going to thc chateau," the
Chevalier sdded quietly. "I too, am going to the war with my muster nnd
yours, the King. If it will satisfy yon,
I will promise not to Bpcak to Mademoiselle tho Marquise de Beau Sejour until we both return."
"You can do as.you please with regard to Mademolsolle la Marquise,"
Andre said sharply,
"And will you do me a favor?" the
young man pleaded. "I beg you that for
the future you will not speak of our
meeting hero to any one."
"Simply because t regret now that I
prevented myself from being killed by
a low trick. Life to thi. young Is sweet
—It Is my sole excuse to a better
Bwordsman than myself."
"Very well," Andre answered, touch-
ad tii uia.omi'.it i. the faultless deli-
firrv-iri.il wmco ot* «ss»'*' was
paid. ,,.
"I thank you. Perhaps now you will
give me your hand?"
"With  the greatest pleasure."
The Chevalier lmd for tht moment
stormed his heart with tht sumo superb grace tbat he had robbed lilm of
his sword.
And then In the sorest dudgeon An
dre strode out in search of his sword.
To his surprise the wall ol tin- court
where they had fought backed on to
the churchyard, and a few minutes'
groping revealed his sword by the
strangest accident lying In the damp,
matted grass that sprawled over the
tombstone of the little Marqulte Miti'lt*
Yes, ut tbat bitter moment he could
bave thai tears of shame us he recalled
the defeat and the humiliation Inflicted
on him bv that bfeardleat boy, on him. a
Capitiiiiiei.ieutfiiiiiit of tin* Chevau-le
gen de la Garde, on him win. bad aev*
er been vanquished yet And he be I
sworn to win Denlse! Why was ho not
lymg under the sod forgotten and dead
to the pain of the world, like little
A figure wus creeping past hltn in
the durk—a woman.
"Who is that'.'" be cried sharply,
plucking at her hood.
"Moosetgatur, It Is me—me, Mon
-•Yvonne!'' He let the hood go as If
he had been stabbed.
"But yes. Uoacelgneur, Yvonne of
the Spotted Cow." She kiCBed his hand,
"Yvonne," he gasped "What do you
"I was born In this Village, she an
swered, "my i)inther, the lives here
She is old, my mother."
"Yon—born hero?"
"Surely, Monselgneur. It Is the
Andre shivered Half nn hour aro
how near his mother, who was old too,
had been to praying for the soul of
her only son. And she had been Spared
that pain by the courtesy of a beard*
less chevalier.
"And what do vou now In the church
yard?" he asked.
"I come to say mv prayers for tho
little Mii..|*iise Marie Bhe is in the
bosom of the good Und. Is our little
Marquise, but I sty a prayer for hor
soul when I am happy."
• And why tlo yon pray for the Mar
qutse Mario?" he asked.
"Because surely she is our Marquis.*
That other"—she waved S hand at tht
twinkl ng lights of the noble chateau
"the King gave to us, bul there is only
one Marquise for us hero, the lit!.-
lady Mi.rio. who is dead Dteu I.o Ven-
geur' I> .-il l.e WiiL-eiir'" slit* whisper
ed softly below her breath.
"Peace, girl, peace," he said, half
sadly, half angrily.
■'Monselgneur."   Yvonne    whispered,
"Monselgneur loves the Marquise !>.■
nlso "
"Who told you that"" he demanded
so fiercely that Yvonne shrank back.
"It was the w.se woman." she answered, "the wise woman of The Cock
wilh the Spurs of Qold,' who knows
everything. Ah! If Monselgneur would
go to the wise woman she would tell
him how he might wm the Marqulte
lionise HI.I the not the mo baok my
lover, dlil she not tell me whore to find
again my spotted cow, did she not tell
tne that Mouse giiiur would be here today?"
"She told you that?" ho gasped.
"Yes. Montelgneur.'
Andre sat down on tho tombstone In
tho enpremeel amasement and confu-
sion. What .ii.i it. could it mean?
"I will pray," Yvonne went on III hoi
.nnocent. soft voice, "to our Httlt Hai
quite that Monselgneur may marry the
Marqulte Denlse."
••Wl.} V Andre asked.
"Beeaaae then Monselgneur will be
our lord and we will be Ills serfs."
"You would like to be my serf,
Yvonne?" he demanded, putting his
hand on her ihoulder, and he could feel
ini tremble.
'•Surely, surely," she snswered.
"Then you shali—some dsy you shall,
I swear It."
A gust of hot passion swept over
lil in. She wns not pretty, this peasant
wench, but she hud a noble figure, nnd
the eomfort of .i woman's carets in
lhat hour of alius.-menl appealed  with
tin irresistible sweetness to Ills wound
etl spirit. Something, however, chorkoi!
Ills arm that  was about  lo slip round I
her—as If Yvonne herself by a myst.-r |
ions power paralysed his passion. Yel
she made no effort to oseape, and under '
hla hand on her plump shoulder he*
einilil feel that she, too, was In the grip
of strong emotion.
Ills arm dropped to his side.
"Monselgneur will go to lhe wise,
lonlhsiiyer," she said very quietly, "for'
sho ran help him better than any peas j
jut wench."
Ami then Andre laughed. The gaiety!
of yesteiilay hud suddenly remastered
him. lie forgot the shamed sword, the
chevalier, and that Infernal court with
Its smoking torches. Denlse should yet
be his, and th.s strange girl his serf.
"Why then, I will seek this wise
woman." he answered Unl.tiy. "before
I go to the war. I promise, Yvonne."
And so he left In-i to her prayers at
tin* tomb of the child who should have
been her lord. Itut she did not pray
very long, Indeed, had Andre cared he
ni ght bave seen i  wrapped in hor
eon is.* cloak walking Swiftly towards
Ihe twinkling lights of (he great cha
lean, ami Hhe sang us alio hail sung on
ihe hack of her spotted eow.
(To l»e Continued)
In   Horse  Suction   Canadian   Breeder
Put on Footing With  Importer.
*,.,,„ .„,„. nit ol th.* Canadian Nu-
Ju.li Bitlon ol Toronto tojg
nut   Many ehengw a?* made, »•»'"«
,       ,   , v,*n,e„t   for   reference   bj
vi li tu    Tht regulations are ctaang*
V''-  ii.i.i all animals aiWbttad In
Sellve stock sections must bei teetered i Canadian ' ;"'1.'.',,, ,,„
In   Ult   le I   -'   section   tl"'   ' """' '   '
i.,!'V, taputonaWrM««JJ
ti„- nn '    The .lir.-.-tois have an
,|,,,v I  veiy way to I""*''' ■ ». '■
encourage Canadian-bred hones ine
prUes m the breeding ''■» "' "   . '
I viiiui have been men  '*"
tflno    Several new olasses have been
,,.Jdud, especial I ee toi str ngt
,,,  ,,.„ horsoa,  whloh  Is expected W
  tl..- features ..I 'in- years
exhibit    In the Inn •■ hunler ana
lumping elas -■ ibe prise »»t renia'ns
(he same n   la ' yeai   Including the
K    Kdward   Hotel  Cup,  whloh   li
„,,,,,„ i,.,,,,, [,iven f-.i th.- beet hortt
in tin* iiin.ii nt elass
In the speed division the prltei
have been Increased bi $1,000   A net
Iuu t n added, providing loi
hoi .*■ lhal nr. not latt enough foi
Iht "free I n all." but thtl are too
■poed) im the i SO claatet Tht eon
ditions are tl"* same,
In ih lie section  \   T   Gordon
of ('niuii-i-ii.sewii.v. Scotland, has 	
s.*nte,| I., judge tl..* Bhortliomt, which
ii-  the largest  class  In this seel	
rhe prises In tho Herefords nml the
Holiteim have been i siderablj In
eren ed
The general arrangement througl (
the priie lit tins your Is alphtbetl
eni -.* thtl the finding .-f any section
i- ii*,*.ile easy The aggregate amount
..( lhe prises is $39,000, nol Including
the 13.600 given In the -• I depart
i.•••nt Tlii- Is the luitv.-t purelj agri
eutural prise lit! en the tmerieai
When Doctors' Treatment Failed this 8eJ
Case was Entirely Cured by
Dootora tailed to oure Mr, Dt (jour.
,vy beoauae thoy were satisfied t..
neat the stomach Inatead ol gelling
ut tlu* oause ni  We In die livei
llll.l   bowels
Hi,* moal complicated    and deep.
.,,,...1       OH- "UV.      t.*'..o.-*-      >.-'"l       l"
,,,      i  n.i   .    •    lM'llie.1   I I-* I     I ..'*.       ''•'
,.,„ ,,  m  men   mn*.*i  nini  ennui...!
aoUun -ni       liver,    kidneys    uon
i„,u,.i i,    \\e are oontluutuij   recen
iiu . mil latlon us tin-   Iollowlng   in
regard Ui tne lailure ..i  mere ■ low
toil  treatment
Mi    I'liiiiek  Ua Couroey,  MJufell,
l„t 40.  I' i. I .    tvrllea     'Koi    aome
tune l lm.1 stomach trouble, and «■•
•carcel)  able to do anything al ail
i  waa treated by doctora, i-ut   they
did n.it seen, t" -l" ma any | I    A
friend advl ed me t" ny Dr. Cba • •'
Kiduey Liver Pllla, and I did to, to
vtrj groat advantage, tor m> old
trouble Ims disappeared, and, though
pi i I,mi.lh* age, l feel young and
hearty again I have greal lalth In
Mr   elm *•'    medicine
duotlter Into,   ,„„. , , „
derangement   ami   „mtei *
is Unit dem-rilii .|   ,   Ull   ,   '
Mis,  .linn,      M   „*,
.-...-   oounty,  in.l , iUI
uaed  Dr, Clm i     i,,      *J
""    '"'■'   r ''"''i'*   IJlhuuJ
terrible sick    i*    i, ,,.    '
"""" "   "i mm.
in.in    nil-.      Iii ill      i,|    i   lir|
lll.-y   .ilii, .    .
remove llie eau
iiiiiI make yuu i,.,.| ,,
">'"'"       "      KidiJ
Tills  an*  nl *.  i
lly  nn*,in . ol  thei
.in.* action **n
healthful Ilo** nl |
iiml enliven lh.
llll.l   en   nn    * .,„ U| |^|
ie inn*       \'   tl
stimulate the i   ■        m tiMrj
..f  Altering  i*
Dr,    Cha i
    lull a do ■
all    ilelllel -".     I in m„
Ci .  T III..
Aftor  tht  Servlcs.
Daaoon VVlgi   Now, lhat »«--< a fin
ished 'li -■	
Km lie i     \\ il"*--     Ves.    Imt,    .1"
,li"».   I   Hi'" I 111   *l   "' VO'
it,    .In    win
Ulllllll    i-
Spring Catarrh l« s well defin
ed Spring diseas-J. Th« usual
symptom* are jjven abovt. A
bottle ot Pe-ru-na tnken In tlmt
will promptly arrest the course
of the riisease known as Spring
An American  Necessity
When   lh«    Presbyterian   General
\--.-nil.lv    condemns    the    Sundaj |
newspapei  il *• nsures N i»*i cenl **i *
in      membership        A      resolution
against  the Sundaj   breakfa i   srould
be   •   nail)   * ii* ctive    Portland  	
<<■( .  Minard's  Liniment In tha  Huuse
A friend maj  «**ll be reckoned the
masterpiece ..( nature    Rmerson.
I., the Seal and tn the Smith i- iin
the   ('imn,Inm    Northern    Railway.
Through daily   trains   between  Kd
tnonton,   w Innlpeg   ami   St.    Paul.
limine and  Bleeping    Car    servioes
an-  unexcelled.    Compartment    Library.     Observation     care    between
Winnipeg and st    Paul.    Have ion
t- •■ vo it  Bask lit!.. ......  V.tliri
with it- fertile farm lands? II not,
I.t us suggest ii trip out there this
summer. Any n*.-.*tit trill l«* pleated
to f.irni-li information, >.r srriU 0.
W. c'ii"i* ir, \ -t ."Hf-l Ptmenger
Agent. Winnipeg,
\-j< iiiii.* givi - employin ni tu
7,800,000 pei nnt In Prance, oi one-
fifth nf the p ipulation
Mrs, V. Cheoret, ..f si Benoit,
Que . writes ss [oIIom ' It i- with
f slings ol tin- deepest gratitude thai
I write to tell you whal Baby's Own
Tablets I.in* done f"i my baby
When I began giving him the Tablets
he im- so iiim inul watted lhal he
l""k.*.| Iii.*  i   keleton    Hi- digestion
wat i  i   In* «.1   eon tipated    and
cried day and night I i-ut a box i f
I'.iiio' Own Tablet ■ and from the
lii-t they did him   a   greal   deal   ..f
v I.   His food digested bettei ;   In-
bowel • »"i ked regularly . In sleep
mis natural : he stopped crying an.I
began t" grow Int. I gol another box
ami am happy to say before tbey
were .ill used he wn in perfeel health
and la nm. a plump rugged child. I
alwaya keep a box of Tablets in the
lum e niiil would advise other mothei •
to do the sum.• " The above is a fun
sample i.f hundred - .-I letters Hint
come fnuii nil parts ..f Canada praising Baby's Own Tablets, The Tablets .-.ir.* iill the minor ills "f babies
and young children, ond are absolutely safe, ;i- they do not tain "in*
particle "f opiate or narcotic. s.iM
by medicine dealei or I.y mail at -jr,
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
Hon.  Clifford   W.   Robinson   Snrceid-
Premier  Pugslay—His Career.
iiim   Clifford W   Robinson, lhe net
I'i. nne. •■; New Brunswick, wt* bon
in :n   Moncton.  Septembei   I,  I 16
son "f William J   and Margaret Tren
I *    in    Bl bill   "II     He   H.t-   fluent. .1     l
the public *>ohools, and eraduated B
\     "t   the   I'lllVer-itj    I.f   M".lilt     \lll-"l
iii  1 <si;   Tbe ensuing Ihree yean In
employed a-  bookkeepei  »itli r
•.•ii i'n m   bul  resigned hit po •
ti.,,1 to t.il .* up the stud) ..! l.*i»   tm
in  i *'**j i .* op ii* 'I In-  present offlc
in Moncton, wl  le* has  ilnce loi
1       I in- pro! - i**n .*• ith mi.-.*.      I *
i *:. he *■> i- eh Cted Town Councillo
M* ■ and in i-'C we * elected
'•'.•.■ oi ol lhe   tnia .-it*,   by occtamt
tl *ii    In   i-*i7  i„*  »*i- eleetid  b
olnmation  :t member    *•!   the    N
i*       .* iel I •fi laturt for ti nl
ol Westmoreland  and hat been	
ii    rep ■ sntativet evai  dnee
In tin* i-iti Dominion election M.
R bin   .n  conte le I    Iht   e .unly
W •• tniiiri-li.il.I   in- iin-t   ||     \    Powell
ntnl was defeated by fifteen rotes   II.
wn.- edo • '* 9|>  'Im*. "f tin* New  Unin-
w ie': I .*'.'i '■•*. r.- in 1901, which op
lil Ion I..* filled »itli cunt tatitftctlni
till March If07 when be un- chotei
Provincial  S ri-etirj   t„ fill  the |,lao
..I Ihe  II* n    I.   .1   T» In*,  nh,, re
signed t" sect i I Iht Lieutenant (inver
ii"*-iiin "i tin- province   On the re
-I*[nation "f Premier Puaalei  t	
teal iht in, int . ,t in St J.,lm In
was ih*. **n In   successor
• :   . •» ■    -
Britain's Debt to Franr*.
One .if the chiel Hei.i- t.. Prance i-
iliiii the nourisbee mir ideas, trans
fmi»-    them,    .'.liken    tl,..in    li,.|    ntn
jn-'  a-  she transplanted and  ti in
muted th.* flutter nf tht  renaissance
in   nn   ea.liei   day,   With   nil   nor   nn
Uonal   vanity   »•■   n.*v.*i   dispute  the
parentage     It    i-   only    tenit,.i\    nn.l
• i   '..in.it:.- prentlge    and    eommeree
nl-M''   willed   »,.   quarrel     with     ..ur
"-M.il   elll'tllV."
The   Modern   Shark.
Th,. modern shark la deteriorating.
in oees gone bj there were femHout
slunk*, h.i. I. us iwmlil iiinke a mouth
rut >.r vm without blinking, strenty
reel in length    I'leotj  .-t their teeth
bave lieen i nl which me Bve Inches
long, whereas the blggc*! at the teeth
hekuurlng to sharks tbat ovist .*.i (into I Uu;  mv em nn.l a half In. h."
'oui; .
1.1. k   ine, i.*
Tl hi Hi .uiuu theatre nt Orangs    ,. ,,„„., „„.*   ...,,u -j,,
W'in   the   Hiiimm. Be
Capt   Bragg. .j
h .ii*l ie*' I J
tliitlit "I step
athlete  took  Un
trial    Hut ii.* - i
iu  the  Hight, ,
making tweni ,
tlmt In* had  *        .I
i **l  I'apt. II ,
"Sharp in*' .I ii-ug
dignantly      "Woi     i
.-nine  Ut   witl,  |
Tin*  othei    •
in- monei.
Capt   Bragg*
tape  In  tweni j
Back   Talk.
"No I wouldn't loin tlmt dab lt'»
t.*<* full "f stupid Idiot • "
"You're .in taken There's always
r«'i.iii  foi  nn**  more."
French Misapplied.
Wo Americans insist on using oor-
tnin French nor.ls Instead of our own
irnotl English termt. lint when we invade France we find the un*anines we
hnve attached to these borrowed
words to be Incorrect,  In Prance a
depot is a WarehoUM for freight; a
modi-ilo It (liHressiiiakor, not n milliner; dossort'iievor moans pud.line or
Die, but wnfers with butter or clieett.
*•    • —-_ t-r- I : s.
"Alisn" Versus Cast Iron.
a now metal wblcb has attracted con.
-iili-rnlile alleiilloii In (Jeniniiiy and
which i;ites'|ir..inise of l.tvoinlii*,' of uo
Hide Importance to mauy lunm n.* of
industry hns received the name "nl-
zeii," tho niiine iieiui: a compounding
of tho lirsi letters of aluminium and
sine, of which It Is compos.sl. It Is
claimed Unit It etpmls onsl Iron In
hin-iicili. tint thai n Ih minii mole olns- j
tie. umi thnt it ims u i*n*;ii superiority
over Iron lu (hat II does nol rust en iiy
mnl Inl.i**; a very liutli polish.
Tha Return Address.
It has been fount]  that inls.llr.stcl
lettorH, with the return address written
ou the Omit of the envelope, have heen
sent io tbe dead letter office, The ruling
of the ptisiiitiiee department is that
clerks eannot he expected to look on
Imi li sIiIoh of nn envelope nn.l (hut the
proper place for the return address is
the upper left band corner of the faco
of  the envelop...
Somit  Good  Nevtrs.
Never lean tin. Iiai'lc nj;;iiii*<l iiiii thing
Uiat Ih eold.
Never heitlii n Journey until afler a
Rood breakfast  Ims heen eaten.
Never fnil P. keep the Imek well eov-
erod, eepeclally between the shoulder
blades; also the eheut well protected,
Never breathe wltb tlie mouth open
Iii deeping In u cold room, hut establish a iini.it of breathing through tin-
Never ride In .in open carriage or
near the open window uf a train for u
momenl Immediately after axerdae of
any kind    It Ih dangerout p. health
and even tu life.
Never go frnni a warm atmosphere
Into a cooler nne without keeping the
month doted, sn that the nir mny  Iii*
warmed  lo  lis  pottage  through  tin-
none before it reaches the lunge,
W.   N.    U.    No.    642
British   Cabinet    Minister's    Plan   to
Reform lha  "Smart Set."
Mr.   Auguitine  liirrell  ventured  recently  to assume the  mantle of the
taint whme num.. he t»iu- nn.l lee
tured the "snout set" un their uu
He was discoursing Hffnhh on noli
lies at a banquet of the Bradford [Jb
oral Association, and brought out Um
aphorism "Those who are viae sl
ways hivo ll...ir mind ou the great
body of the people."
"Tl..* 'lop' may bo disregarded." hi
said. 'Their conversation, I tuppoee
is banal, their taste is low, antl then
width l. great We can afford t.. .lis
im*iis<* #itii them
"I   htVt   no     pdrtieuUr   sympathy
with the Kev   Father Venetian ani'
thnt elass of divine w ho is nliinvs nt
tanking and perhape painini.' notori
ety from so th,me the habits of Um
idle inul  worthiest rich.
"I agree that thoy nood a mission
nry. but I mn iifr.ud that the pnl.lie
Ity given to their sins in a thill*; thei
snfoy rather timn otherwise
"I would [irefer a divine who won',.1
shut them up iti real reformatories
when* they would lacerate themtelvit
with n very stiff kind of wire ropo
and take it out of tlieuiRolvoH in tlmt
Then Mr nirreli contrasted the rich
with the ereat i»..lv of the people Ths
taates of the latter are Rlowly and
steadily itnprnvine, he aaitl. They
nro looking Ior refinement in their
entertainments, nnd they sre becoming more temperate.
France, wa broken Into, nnd the
burglars cm. >■••! awaj a bronae I .
toe weighing a quartei "I t ton
An End t-. Billons Headache Bill*
• ui-ii. * . « hich i- eau sd bv t * taeive
bile in tin- ■.i,,niin'ii. lm- a iiniike.l
effect upon the nervee, and often
man 1 testa it—-If by levsre headache
I hi- t- ihr iii" t dUtreai Ing heada< he
one .-.in Imve There an headai hi
from  colds,  Irom  lever,    and    from
Qreal  Thing    I
 vv       ll    til
tlie   stomach      i
litlit.   n   • ild
iliimk,     ti.*
• •tliei   simple
lions be a* I I
mnl  have I.*   •
Man)   a  chi
iitiitn.ii  i
,thei caus.     bul the moal axerueiat-   ,.,   „   .,.     .
ng of all  la the Wllwe   h.*H.|„.*l,.*    ,„,,,.     K..|
Par-melee-«  Vegetable  Pills  will  nn-   (        ||t.|||1
t   enn  it   almost   immediately     It
will disappear at  - i t* th-*  Pillt
operate     There  Is  nothing  sneer  In
tho treatment "f bilious  headache
Ih-  well     P
ars  bettei
plllp"   «
"Well,    have
money t . rsln
Preparation! for reconstructing ti
. 'I  mill  nn.l the il..ck-   ...*  |" •
rwding,   mohej    being   eollsetsd   loi   ,,n, "''   ""
ilmt purpose Ow oh province.
I . , I. .
Minard     I ..'.   r.,.   LlinihMl
.;■ nt-.   I  have    U-. i  i.n    \i iv
IRD'8 I.INIMRNT in mv tamitv and
eonsidsi   il  (In*  li.   t  'in .In io.-    I
Ymn- truly,
!■..,'....(".  i{.,ri..ii    Pond  Hotel and
l.iv. iv   Sublet
[rate  Parent   Here I    Whal   I     i :
tin- noi •■•
Ih.lii.v Pleaaa, papa, era are playing trains, and I mn il»* locomotive
[rate Parent Yon nr.* the locomn
live ehl Well. I think I'll iu t
twitch you    lllii-tn,t.-i| iin.
Ask  lor  Minard's a.d Tik« Si
"Well     anvhna
"ths   le"     ...
Bhure,    >-,. i   *
N"t nl all,"
I wmi through
seen  a  lot  o   •
FUI   I II"   i Inl ■
i      iu      timn'"
ninll   t oa r»'" '
Is  fitted   wiih   the   improve,! Rc-onl
Triangulsr Grate—the most   pnl-.l W-
nace grate on the market.    Of the l<*
triangular grate bars, each bar is uprrsld
by the uae of a handle spplir.l 10 ntiitt
ol the two centre bars.    To remove i*1*
hsndle afler thaking it impossil'le "ttti
the arsis  bar  has been returned <° "
original   position. d»l  and '»
plnce. without any of the cut*
sticking up.   The result is lhal
the bars are slways list under
the fire end lhal it ia iiniw>«««ble
lorlumpsof coallodroplhroulk
and be wasted.    The R"^
Triangular Grate cnn be ■*
lirely  removed   from  %* albas*
without   lying on etomecll *
bothering with a I., ' '       lM
Write for Catalogue.
Iftundriaaat MOHQON. N.a t MONTREAL.PO
In th, Kin^*« Pocket,.
Some curious hunter after strange
trill.is BKHeriK thnt he It enabled to Iini
th.* contents ..I Kin« Edward's i„,ck
eie   timi j«, n„, ordinary eontente
in hit witiHtci.Ht pocket we art told
the King cnrriCH (l o„\,\ |M.noi| cnm,
s cigar-cutter, the key „f B „,.,.,,,,
eofTer, a watch kept regularly t,,„,.(|
by Ureeuwieh and n handful of ..old
pieeea, among which Ihere |a Home
times aiiv.-r. Edward Vll „|m, PHr
ne*- about him s llnll pocketbook   to
ciiitaiii HOU.H or obeervatlons ' he
wishes lo remember,
In the winter he rnrries liin ploveH
In his overer.nl porket; in sum mei
he alwayH enrrien them in hi» l„„,.|
never dropping llieni into hin rout
poeket, an Ih the h„|,it uf g0Ine c
lesa ^ men  of fnHhion.
His Mnjenly „l:„, usually r-nrries
about with him a tmall b„x of sae
ehnrme lab 0U, thougfi imunllv tbott
who entertain tin- monarch know very
Mil hit habit in thlt respect, so thnt
this suNtitutfl for 8Ugar_  which   b
hla ..oet/jrs ord-ra, he la not sUo-Ji
Wl     *-» •"■•
Salat Branchas at  MONCTON, N B •
SAS28bv°ffi-!B.rMN,PEa' MAN;
•| I* a natural food, full  m ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■__■   __U   mWi
nutrlmtnt   an.l   ,.,ny ■■■■    1       .. Wk  **\\
It.    dalltsts,  ■■Ml ■ H
porous ,r, ,„,,; mmwm WLM L n
healthy   tii-  Wrr"-*.'*. ■  ■     B     I  I   ■■     |
red   hlood   whan   W   I   'i'ii'        Ul '
•« HUhfl i|
'*'• all  In  tha  8hrada."-BI8CUIT   lor   Braakast;   TRISCJ|T
Lunch. All Orocars-l3c, a Carton; 2 for 26c. fi
Celluloid SUrchnuodB
D0 cuoklng- Juat
ciilil water and tie
ready. 'Twon'tatlck,
vi i gives a bettor
eIou, wilh lens Iron-
rulihinif, than any
Hlurch yoii kn-'W.
I(j  nrlco  Is   little.
your dealer sclU it.
Try it this week
Invention   For   8havlng-Magir
Powder Doe, th. Trick.
iiimii,h  i,,,, |
•dinving  po**
imn been Invented by M.   wuh
'Ni.i-ti.ii. ol  London,  England
'owtler,  miule  Into
? I
At  11  dt
mui Blreel
Tlitiughtl.il   Clia'iHaor
ii inni n  lender placed oi
i in. machine
wouldn't run ovei   people
t at al
A ,l"'l
wa • the roe on
:.,  I      lew      tunes     liiiintin      lie    . llllllll |*'*'l
Cleveland     Plain
,,   M „.yt,  Prairie Scratthes and
tot... ol rontagiotia  Itch on hilar anlmtll cured In 30 minute,
[ A i  .   Sanitary    Lotion.
,.    \ ■      every
il i\    nighl    is
with the ladle
thi    town
iirum i   Indeed
ii    -    .    Carpel
the    abeenl
tnd wlmt
tl.'lll Im- I •
I   w,th  cholera  "t  sum
tin)   nl  nni   kind   send   iii
,   bottle  nl   I"    J    D    K.I
ii   ('iiidiiil   lin.l   um   it
I * .   directions       It  acta
■ lul rapidity In subduing
■ ,]   disease  that   *.*.,
- man and that dt I
I delicate     Those who
cholera medicine    i)
- •  Pl tt  nnd  nil.   I
bed on the most stubborn beard I
said to net like magic mi that re
"■'""  a to wi,.,* it „n  :„„| ,,„. ,.*,,„
-"« and sn th  i    il ibnstei
monttratlon given nl Can-
Hotel, Mr Prank lliehard
"'"    " minenl   win I,,   i  iii i    WI|H
present  Hen* It hit description ,,i u„.
I hnv.* |uil wen whiskers harvs tsd
and l nei*,*. saw anything like li be
Provided I receive oartlflcst** thai
""'," ' "' " ara alive snd happj a
^'"u '"    ' shall expeet the Prime
Mini te. in make „„, „ member *.l the
( lll.l net
'I ■' -uld in* only Inir to reward ms
when my desperate campaign  n
had ended in then annihilation
A i*r.,w.i .,( Journalists (moetli
clean-shaven), lealoui barbers (all
carrying protuberanoei on theii
chins) tnd other Intellectuals loughl
their  wm*  into Iht room  where Ihs
*" hlbli  *.tii ■ given,
■ ii* -.'.ii   in. n ■ at on n platform
iht mn i. • nl .■.■..■im,in,-   ril tiilnited
' a hits on '  the several b ird *
Bven iii.ei iiii-ii.*,, wen*   attacked   by
lh<    mthl  person   Thus tht Itboi
uf   yean   »*.-  aacrifleed   to  mtks  n
i.'.i'.ntli* i-' holiday
'OH-Shoot,  Filleted."
When Hi,, paste lunl been doing Its
'   * '""i-   unik    f..r   >i      iiiiiiiiI,-
duii'i"    .Imii   nn   ..in.   lunl   dtrsd   b
breaths   foui oi five doted de ptrats
men broke Into Ihs hit I plsct
mi- lhal the)  were determined to be
ui  nt  Ihe death   These  were  cletrlj
"in* '*l the people who hod been
reading mi bool -. nn.l had been en
!*■*.•,.,1  again t   ..hiikers  by   my  tlo
II - " * *■■ ■.. •- praj ed a Ith w.*.t.*r.
ihen two oi three betrds srere scrap
sd "ff with n ii'ii«r knife Everyone
...........i .,i ,in,| congratulated tht pi
bnl'lTl     ,     . """"Pouailvl   Iron,   pur.
on DIM     "' ■"' ". hi«h* wWaap«J»a»d
epniisd to twooader sort kills ill btoilll
»'"•''"•«•»• gareu wbloli olbarwlta .ft u,,
natsriog. bloodpolaon,sta, Iti-ani,,.,,*'
tarua, losldi, irtiaat, indooNieaeiaZ
prtlrltlteb.ull il.mira.H oosdwonods
,"t'y',"U'' i *" "lorr" »"'l'lr..ggi*.t» Mil
ii ,   n V"-'"1' '" l'"1 '"» 'ron, Z»m
I .ir.inu,, f,,r  price,,     fl (,. ,M
BtBd I.*. atsDi|i fur trial Ikii.
link (
for fit M!
nevei  fml-  to
I *
ii it  i.
.i Ritchie wn
Imt   11   lew
il    I ll
the   Inclusion    -*I    ■
, "llllll..Ilei    111    tl nl"
■  iii iiii "official" din-
...    ol   II"*   "!
Uld   when   tli.i    w.i.
■   the   i i    rsgaidi n   \l •
, i*.    tnd  quits  ii
introduced  the  subji   I
iiml...    in    which    Mi
i,lie l,i.lilt     nit.    ■
in    Inter-rating   bu ini
playing with hi
tlie       llllll,-I. I
... |
Mi    Ititi-lne-"    inquired
low,  insolent   smile
■ .*   md a | nd *-i
.-.IIIM*.    ur.
i   \li    Ritchie
lurnad    l
Hue    ..I     hill com 1.1.-I
Willi     llll
I. I.ttn.*- I
'tertor Join,   In   Romantic  Quest   In
Ruin, ot  Ancient   Hall.
li"* nun- ol liradley Old Hall, Der
byalure, which were discovered ie-
* •niiy me bsuij uin niiii.-'l, tnd ii
arga extent ni tin* (uundaliont hun
' ■ ■ ii laid bars A.- yet, however, the
have not been entered, tn I s
i ii'eiiniieiiii passage, that lot genera
lions im- lunl n reputed existence, hun
imi been discovered, Itut tin* arcbaeo*
logical Intersst lu tht lovtstigat
i oompletsl) dwarfed locally hy tba
Idea thut hidden treasure mny le
ii'uii.i lhe -tmy gate that Prince
Charlie senl n company ol hit lollow'
.-I- i."in Derbi t.. Bradley i" selte
i valuable collection of plate, nn*l
tluii thsy louinl -.iiim*. hut nut the
whole "I it I he legend thai t valuable hoard sscaped their notice, and
remains buried In the ruin*, ol the
old hall, lm- n tenacious bold iti tbt
district, tnd only tht mott csreful
earch will <li-|H*i it. The Rector of
Bradlev (the It-v H II Tomllna) it
nn eiitlni-iii-tie archaeologist, nnd is
taking n v*.• *ik111(.* -hare in the digging
out ol the loundationt, The recti I
may i»* found, spade in hand, -"rue
fe.-t id*uii among old walla nnd inul-
lloned window- In the midst of hi?
....rk  the rector told nn  Interviewer
A Penny 8aved.
wi.en Benjamin Franklin wrote "A
penny laved ih a penny earned." be
tllil   uut   menu  a penny  Hklmpeil   from
oui* dally living or frum uur noceeel
ilei. Tlmt Is not "il penny lived" lu
till* lie.it •"•use. It ll ll penny st )leu
from   yourself.     A   penny   Hiived   Is  a
in* niy rescued frum watte An hour
-ni.eii iinni ueeded tleep Ih uut uu hour
laved, imi uu hour stolen, An hour
tui.en from Idle gossip nmi turned i.
somo good account lhal ih uu hour
tin inl. And II Ih the Hiiine wny with
our money aud our products. There in
do economy in telf denial,   it in the
duty Of every mi." and woiiinn to live
the ruiieHt und beet life poeelble* to
ts'et the meet  they  cun  out of  life,  to
nourish tin- body nmi mlud nmi mini
uud   to   develop   tliein   to   the   btgbett
poeelble degree Tbli ctnnot i«* done
hy skimping Bcnuomy is ueceatary,
but we must not mistake wbat econ-
iiuy In. We iniiht sme the ivnsles,
•top tin* leaks; imt. bavlug stved, we
■UUet put our HiivitiKH to Home good line,
.■Ue   We   ure   like   th'-   miser   wilh   his
.(old-it iieiriineiit io Huiieiy Inatead of
1 good.— KxiTutui'i'
Refill*. In rf  IJoh-lfinv.
A K'nile  Is contagiout.   I'erhnps yon
never thought "I Ilmt    Vou knew  Hint
ii.-iir wua catching, tlmt ditcoutent
traveled lik.* wildfire ihut slekneta
btgot Hit-knew! We ull uckiiuwledpe
these limine, und we all know the
de r.-lilts    Why   not   oliangt   ll"*
ih. htf   W' ■    not   recognize   that
confidence in bis future,  htppln.
r i in....I htalth me iiinn contagious?
It  wus c wise pliilu-i'plifr who Slid,
"Thoughts are thing!." It wai t good
philosopher wim declared, "As a man
ttimk.tIi so is lie." "Practice mnkes
perfect," ll n snying the truth oi
which in axiomatic.
Sow optimism, practise (rood nnture,
and you will reap pence, joy. nnd content merit. No one can make you unhappy ii you refuse io be unhappy,
Try it. V"i ass it it tinea unl Work,
1 I hey   laid  thsy   felt   quite
i*,,t>\ ■>i.
(.in- i'iiii li el the southern w Ine ol
'n- b*ish removed wuh n thing like a
-.ii.I...,   -iuu|.•    tnothtf  Ini-I   hit  off
Then they h thi dp i man with
led     a Maker*     and     abol
led swoop*
rt i • reupon   I   Bed   t uliti    thi
I    lhe    -|.lel.'llil    t
Kn   iliiieli...| l>.,llars nrward
r  • .itu.ili dial cannot  bs
I   li.,11 » I'niarrli Cuts.
1-   J   . IIKNEY  a   OCX,   Tt.le.l '   "■
-iKnrt.  Iiave am.wtt K. i.
".  last It yraia.  and  lirll-^ve
.   i,.....iai.le   In   all   l,u»i..rea
antl tinanelally anle I" ''».■/
unilona ma.le or ma aim.
nt.   Kllilinn * Marvin.
DtuSKlaia.    l»l>*.l.'.  O.
Rill, i'ntntrh l*ur» la la»en lnl.il.allr,
I i>   uiH.n tlie lil-ud ami luuc-
..   ■,(   the   ayeiom.    Tt-atliimn-
|-ii. r    ibe.     per    botila.
1 •! ii.'wlata.
Hall ■ I mull)   l'illa (ur CuliatlpalluS
tlents on I*-.    Improved aspect  'Ihen   thst  thev had discovered  n eurioi
employers will probably double theii   chamber  lour or five feet suunre. the
i.-e nf which wn- not unite rlenr. "We
lmd tn cut through the bricks nnd
sue), bricks before it wil- revealed.
Caroutal In the Cellar,.
"It tint have been a hiding-place
in troublous limes, or perl.nps i. h I
fi i some ol tlmi speeial old p-nt with
winrii  Dr   J.ihiis.'ii was regaled   He
wm-  n   vi-itur   lit  the   Hull."  laid   the
rector   "tnd greatly enjoyed the Iui-
uu.*. "I the well litdeii tablet "    11 ••
rector   would   lik>*    t" complete  tin*
I   .,| the ruins, nml t** pen. trate
lh.* whole range ol cellars tnd ps
but f**r tin- funds a.11 be n I
e.1 \ , ii. I. .uiinn of the story • f
lh,. vi-it i.f ll.e vn .nu- Pretender's
fnllnwi -   to Bradlet   Hall is mnl
e-1    in    Button'"   '■Hi-t..ri    "f    Ii.ii*.
published in  ITW     It la there Mated
that one James Sparks mn emit arj
it  is  thought, oi  « Beoteh  minisM
win. s.-nt n mssssgs Irom Umi.
Prince Charlie) guided » numbei  * '
m.i,li.-rs tn th,. "l.l Hall, then in ll •
i .-l.ii  oi   Hugo  Iteynetl       tit*
party bed h earoutal in the cellars
and eventually ths Highlanders k
.•:iintN..l leaving their companion hi :i
lessly diinik    Stunk- wu- discoi '
- ..\t day t'> the Loyalists   laki i
before s magistrate, mnl ei mn tt
Hs wss altimstsli  removed b   Vorl
*.. •,• tried loi hlgn Ireas. n  ct ndemn
• I   *      ted li   :""     I      "'   "
■i I tlmt  the  Hightai l i -   "•'
not travel Irom Derby nil the wa)
to n remote plaee like Bredlej   «ith
Dnke **f Cumberland's  ........   u
I,.,! advance, f-" the sole i>. *i
Indulgini  In  n  drunken  orgie     Wse
jl   tl , .1 ...   wen   :ilt' i    and
did they eel away wilh tht
whole ..f if- Mutton'- hiatnry -' Hi
thnt before Ihe Prince comment*. ' ' ■
il nortl ward from Derbyshire ' i
had replenished hla war-ehesl In •'•
extent of somi   thousands ol pounde
A   N-
■ ■'.   in
..III)       I Imt     ..I     wl ping
i.   added   i"   ihs
ll     llbrecht,  ol   the  Wil
ll tllel      llll*l|- I
before   the  Vienna
declai Ing   lhal   he
.* red    ll.e    specific   sgi nl
1   tie*   complaint      Pbera
lime been n suspicion
I   bacillus   wns   nl   the
■ in    llbrecht   felt  him-
■ it tlmt ih,* whooping
was   identical   wuh
Paunera  In a Palace
" \    in   lure which, in man) ol It*
■ iiinl    if  nol  auperior, t.
mv  tn i' 'imn'- mansion in lhe land
lltd    •    .ui.1    Vie    III    llllllll     le   |» ■  ' • ill
' the "i" i * (pensive hotels In
■ i      ■ • ii in
i    ■ '   ,.i. behalf ol the Ratepaj
V  .1     "f   tin    li. ,i    II  imlllef
-.•  tnd   Infirm iry  at
Wormwood Bern hi at tl"* opening ol
til      1 *l   llnl.lllt
1     '■   elmrt'e-   ol   '-vl f *.v ""Wiee
T1    h.dld    •' leh i- estim iled I
have cost  $1 'luT i'.m   wet eleb •
'        '   I l.v Mr   Ri bb
i-   ihs whol.* "i the sdministntiv'
block Ihey entered I-t..*** n handeom
•It,.I   «'",   intel.   pine     an.1
olllte   vl*.--    ,*•■   ••   'l""l   tiled   with   mo
■   i       ... ... rtl   I  lo    *  dsdfl  "I  en
tie  wure ..f  the most expensive
The eiHikini- apparatus bad eost ni
ti,.      •    ... «iri |- r pauper, nml the
• ,,f tuopl) * ly per pea
.-■•   was   from   Jlu  to  HMO  pel   in
• hen bliied with foul I ■ i
.*   im*ler*    tiit..I   with    five    livht*
In  every   eornei  ,,r    vsstibuh
ol,I |«. earried it hsd
been dons
A • ...i o( duplicate wirinr hs '
t--. ii Introduced •in*! ht »«- crirdibl)
mi-"i'."l thlt  when alteration* were
■ .* it.,, -t  Buckingham  Pt
(,•»   n-ir, lines   iiii- system ol du
plicate win.,- «*.- tureeeted, but re
■ i   .i...    core ol ttpente
Th,. .liiniH- - * I  -      nini' -t baron
.,1 ,, || atvle It wn- hke n ,-.*.
.., i,.,i ,,, . • I Th.* light mu toftli
..'<   . .t   ii,. Mill     ' arln
i.o,.  Ths * hole insrtmenl wh- i
,( „,.| ennerlor, to most ol Ihe .Iniii.**
n   in   the   BOllegM   i.*
Went to Bed For Dinner.
All  nniiislni;   liiililent   Ih  told  Of  the
abeentmlndedneae or tbe late Justice i
William (I  Keogh of Ireland    it wns
lit ll  bar dinner ul his own lioii-e. nml
he inul excused himself rrom the
gueata, who bad already taeembled, ta
K'i ti|i Htnlru to ilreHi.    Time  went hy.
l.ut in-iiiii not reappear,  The compan)
s;it pill lentil* Tor Home time till lit
length, when their appetites were aet
timi the better of their manners tnd
they  were about to selnl n   Deasengei
la queet or their absent boat be up '
peared nnd explained with many nin.i..
(lee thnt Imagining tbal be wns retlr |
ini: f..r tin* niii'it he lm.1 undressed ni "I
I-ut Int.. IhsI     After llll hour's sleep In
awoke, and it inddenly dawned on blm
thgt his gueata wen- waltmg to din*
wiUi him. below.
Rett Before Meals.
If dyepeptlce would tuke the preeao-
(ioii of resting before mealt it would
niiiterlally ni.l tbelr digest!VS powers.
Dally iiiips are l-*kkI for persona who
nre troubled by tbe American disease,
dyspepsia. Bleep is fo.«i for tbe nervet
Dark hours rilOUM I* ol.served. nnd
the whole Bystetn luvlgoruted If reeuv-
erv ih „,....-i.
Tbat a a satlsfaotory oup-drawing result must
of necessity depend upon the quality used.
le Absolutely Purs.    Lead Paolcota Only.    40o, BOo and 60o
Par Lb.   Hlgheat Award, 8t Louie, 1904.
Pleasant  at ■ -> rap; nothing equals
a   worm   medicinei   iln*   name
\l, th i  . i.i*.    '  Worm   Extermln-
11       i   i..*-t   iv."iu  destroyer
0|    lie*   R
'Great Lsiighera.
The clnnt lauglien have heen men-
Si ikee|teare and italadnls I do not
regard Cervantes nntl Sterne na liiiiBti-
era. They nre smllers. 'Ihey nre not
)olly roarers and uufTawors. They are
not fnt. rotund. Jovial hilnrltlt-H
iir>* Hun. lean. Ironic smllea A amiie
la n diluted laugh Sterne la n .liluted
linhelni.s    Jnmes Houtilna in M   A. I'.
nxa     Tha  doctoi   was
give  ii  iiuiiiIh'I   of  inter
I        tnits ,,( In- experiments and
whioh   ni  t** i n
*■* ■    with    work  done b)
Ih.rdel    nnd    Osngon,    .-I    the
'"..I      lll.-lllllle
Inard'-. Liniment Uaed by Physlolana
tree Fountain.
'i.lnury   etirliiHlty   la   tn  he
li the Sw isa vlllnue of (luntcll. on
r-" ll""    it takes the form of n nnt-
"iii.iln.   the  Water  flowing
liuioiml)  from n spout hl*.*h up In
ll I twenty yenra IgO the
'   from   u   Hprlng   wna   i-oniliutetl
theft,  nnd  the supply  pl|M
'' reeled tbrongh the cut trunk of
"""-' poplar tree which wna rammed
""' troiind.    After n  Short time Ihe
link rooted, branches followed, nud
Is ii splendid ton growtb
How  High  Are  the  W.iveJ?
"Waves iiioiiiitiini high" is a con
mon   phrase,   without  whieh
no   de
..111.I    I-
.enptioii  ol  h  sloitn at sen
absolutely    i plsla     Unfortunnlel)
r■ ,mi:ti•■<*.-. .' naval architect
Bertin    has    recently    been
by   scientific   means,  tin
watery  itains
I,llll*.-  to  the   repolt "I  hi-   llivesll
,,.   liven   in   The   (Tlli'i    News
lor   tin*
exact site
ih,* longest save lhat ht found men
,,,,.,I tw,, thousand five hundred and
ninet] leel from creel lo eresl li-
lieialil wn- nol mora than on.* tilth ol
ita length In open watei this li iind, ns there Is eoy scientific ..*. i
I  .,:,,,,.1U.|   I) i- passible IhsI In lhe
,.       .:,   i',' ..»"- mt)  ba ai
l,,,,.,,   In shallow  water,
e*    eVi'll
the   height  ol   tl"-   wevei
.  much  Increased,  a  forty-foot  one
t..n heighl ol more than Bit)
,., t 0n -t..1 Int u -1""'1     " "" ",h
. * i.   I- -. ntered   It    mav    be
!,,,,„„ up n- high ns i. hundred feel
,.l„l   e,een   wuter     I.us     been
,„,«„   t ich   "-   high   ns   the   tower
.1 ihe famous Kddyst  Lighthouse,
I'lvn ih   Kugland
ine Care
Wine Hair
Ill's fine care that makes line
■prl Use Ayer's Hair Vigor,
lncw 'mproved rormula, syi-
1'ernatically, conscientiously,
l«nd you will get results. We
I*"0* li stops railing hair, cures
1"ndn.,7, and is a most elegant
jessing. Entirely new. New
lbo«le.   New contents.
*•"' 'htintt Iht t»/er e/ the Aofr.
How  Emigrant  Was  Robbed.
,   kMk ago, a landing Canadian
ami-Taut wa- ml bed ..I CI6
liv   mini'-   "I   the
He wn- in sted by a plauaible
wliosuni he had a tarai In Cam
id   wu-   returning  (here,
some   time
in Bdln-
eu    nmi   wn.-   ,.,„ e   --*.        ,
- '   fmt.-rni/n.-.'  lor some time he
.   ..   . . jnm lull, adding ilmt he had
„„ uriil.ti money   II- naked nnd got
<   r,r  In  one   his   OIlSJtnL-e.   llllll
ForaiuU with eeaS bottle
f     ai„,w ii u jeae
f 0 TO      *°-
ltm\to\    Sak him •bent It.
v    t*,.nl.uk.a|.
CM', to pnv his piuuini!!-
went In the direo
stenslbls to sign pa*
taxed to wait,
would, his Slispi
", ,IV lha lad thai lha men
I." th,. tide door ol   ti.e
lown another itreel,
loan "'
nlth ii eompanlnn
•mil  ol n b""!**
The diii»- area -
•   his susnii'ions be-
Kint Pro-notei Official
The Ring, accord ng lo s re,*.*. *
Issue ..I Th.* Oaxette, has given tl •
Mastsr ol 'I •* H* roe   lhe Earl "I % i
ton-n tremendout step in tl I* i
,f precedi ■
Hitherto Iht Matter ol tl •• H* '-•
ha.« rnt.ke.l between lhe et mptrolh i
and the Viet Chamberlain ol thi
Household tn the table ol precedence
Km the future he will lake prece
donee "I 'I"' Bpeaker, the Lordi I
tppeal   th.- blihopa mnl barons  vis
 nts   einl*. merquiaea end   luaea
nml will come Immediately aftei '•
Chamberlain of tha King's Household
II,.. Ma-ter of the Horse hns eheige
of nil matters relating t.. tha
reign's stables nnd horses nn
tl,.* privilege nf using any of his mss
ter's  horses,   paces  or  footmen       H.s
processional place i» neat behind the
Hi- dignity, however, depend!   in
t|„. vitnlil. of the Mmistiy wlii.h
innoInU him, lot hit potlUon Is poll
,,,.„!. and he rel ree. Into private  if*
„,tl, ti ther members ol t defeated
Government. ^____
A  Maori  Funeral.
A strange .-ene occurred rece-iUy
at   l'uiiliiiK.i.  ....  the  West  Coaat cl
New Zeal I. at lhe luneral ol robu.
«In u- Maori piuphei. "howM're
dited by hia follower! with tbi attn-
"„,..,„', in ui uv and immortality, and
I,,,., caused great miagivlnga emongat
ti,,* (uitiiiiil by dying
ns to whether Iht o
A   Tnn   tr-.n*   r"srt»T
The Rovnl Canadian Horss irtiUerv
left Kingston Inst week on n ten dnv»'
■, .'et, across ponntry to Petawswa a
nee of ITO miles The artillery
■• under eommsnd of T ieot -Cr.1 Ire-
On the trio bivouacs will Ib> made
tt Rrswers' Mills. F'".n Ollesr's Fer-
rv. Perth rnrlelnn Plnce I'ikenhnm
oeer Pun,t* v Psnd Poinl Forrester's
Pslla and Pembroke The foree will
remain at I'.taw n wa until lnte in Sep-
White   sway   Tats   n.i    Pont    bar-
rn"l-  will  he  renovnted
"H" Ballenr now In Toronto will
return to Kingston In September.
ComeHv Trssti
M) me is (.'oiiic to (uke me
.      t  lies
Tommle- That's  nothln '    My   ma
i. goln' to Lt me aee pn mnke a shell
tor our nttic.
I   hn-
Room to Grow  in  Alaska
Ua-ka has nu ni en ot nearly BOO,-
Ono square miles ami u white population  thai  does  n"t  ex I  40.000;
thai  i- I** say, explains the Alaska-
Yukon   Magas    only    one    white
nei-on lor ever)   15 square mil i
Thei,* ii plenty ••( room tor the
population lo groa without encroaching upon the real estate holdings oi
property rights of othei.-. The population i- confined to .•"ii-t towns uml
mt.noi niiiiniL' camps There are
great stretches >>f country where
there Is no sign ol habitation nor
evidence that white men bave been
then*. Often tin* prospector la several hundred miles from ii bote of
■uppliea or from n neighbor.
,\  dispute
,ly   slioiliil
be placed In a coffin provided by torn
nl th. ad chiera followers.   Hto ra
tod, und evanluall) ll was
the coffin should ba lot*
,.,*d into tl"' grave Iral
placed "ii lop "' ll
Jccordingly Iel down ..
and then annulled Into mftchwood. A
kapok inulliess wus then lowered, mnl
■* ' bod,  ced upon that. Numerous
- of the body nml
latlvea objo.
agreed thai
ami the bod)
lh,. coffin wus
int.i the ground
 11 IV
ent  lowar
mik. They
„„l   of  course  never   leUnneU
Mexico's Climate,
The   ell mnl''   "i,   the   Weil   eoi.st   "f
Mexico for eight or nine moiiMis of ths
venrlsn .iiil.lde.-ln-.    The ri.iny
I |,„, sens,,,, begins In .Hii)' OOd ends
latter pan "i -September,
units were hnd on top
Oil grave filled In.   The burial cera
„,„Mv  was a groat occaeiou loi  the
• •„,„   nn.l no much lm
„,,. w„s attached to it that the
health  oili.-et   telegraphed   io
Minister   for  permission
liquor ni the lun
j. i,„i the roquet) wet npt granted
Maori populatlc
the  Native
to hnve Intoxicating
W,,l "*'r v'*or. as now made from our
ti ' Toved 'ormuli, ii ibe liteit, molt
for are'.' ,nf ln everr *«r **** very belt
lurk.i P'.r,,lon evei" Placed upon ths
I Hie k "' ,tllinl hair and dandruff it
nVne tntt medicine.
" .i tb. i. a Art, Ot., imtrtu. tltmm—
Oriental Tooth Staine.-a.
rh,. tn of tooth ttulner ib peculiar
,„ ,„lsp„-„   Asia.     The  uatlVCI  pnafaf
Mack teeth to the whiter kind, and lb»
£S   B.nlner.   With   .   IMM    -   J
bruahee an dorlng matter.
hn customers ■„,J stains their teeth.
The Corset.
The   corset   Is  u   distinctly
contrivance, dating from tbe Mgn of
o, i Victoria,   iu th« daya of "- uv
„|r."   the  armor  uiiikem,   thinking  t I
„„;„,„,. the form uh well «* the life
ehoncea of the militant damea, invent
,.,1,1,,.. corselet, from which tbo modern
eoreel ct a.
The Doctors ot Mount Clemens Institute Prove the Value of These Pills
in Ihe Case of Mr. S. Harris, Government Inspector of Elevutors of
Hamilton,  Ont.
Prom tin* stui. Dundee, Ont
u,* wei.* much pleated to see Mt
8 Harris, th.* well known Government
iuspectal "i elevaton ol Hamilton, In
Dundee tin* other -Lay. greatly Im
proved in health and appearance since
the laal time we met him. A- ..-
known to many ot tbe Btar readers,
Mi. Hani- hu- i* vered (rem a long
ami  severe  illlie.--,  and   l-   now  'jint**
ui.1.* to attend hit usual dutiet, rrom
ihi- lone illm*-- muny predicted Mi
Harris would never recover. iiii.I tha
fuet that In* It "ii"'* more able to go
uiiiiiinI very nearly a- spry as be did
before In* was attacked, is little less
than   m.n veil.ni-  to  them.
In reply t.. om reporter, Mr. Harris related tl arty stages "f th.* attack aud lubsequenl sufferings which
In* experienced, and while ha did nol
court publicity, decided tin.* In the
public iiit**,e-t he would relate the
circumstances .*( this wonderful cure
\h."it fourteen months ego Mi Hai
ii woke up one morning with a stiff
neck; try at be would, und aftei op
plying  till   the   re diet    externally
that In- could heai oi think of, he
wa- unable to get rid .-f it 'Ihe stiff-
i  nn.v.-il t.. the spine and shoal-
dors, then to In- bint, until it made
almost a  cripple of Iiim.  mi'l  it    wn-
wiih extreme difficulty that In* could
i*,*t out ol bed nt all A- foi walking
it wn- out of th* queation with him,
The attack became so bad th ■
was uiiiilil.• to put on sithei his coat,
vest oi hat, rrom lime to lime In*
railed in various medical men, none
of  whom   were able tO I'.v  hun  much
relief It was almost Impossible f**i
Iiiiii to raise In- leel fiom the fluoi
ami iill pronounced his a seve sse
..f muscular rheumatism, giving him
little encouragement et to bit ultimate recovery, However, one medical
oeiitioinun finally recommended the
they i bathe, and u a laai retort Mr Harris decided to follow hit advice, mnl
went   t"   Mount   Cl.-iii.-n-.   Mich.      \l
i-  ru-t mi   with  all   patient-.    Mi
Harris had to undergo e thorough
ev:imiiuitii.ii iii order to determine it
tin- system can stand this ni.""ou-
treatment. After several examination!
had I n made   as to Mr.    11
condition, the physicians then* finally
decide I    lhat he   was "•■'    -* "	
from muscular rheumatism at all, but
that In- ailment wee .-t tl e nerves,
and told bim that the bath- would
th. him linl-- or no -pod; that he required  alt'.*.*, ther different  treat nl
Mr. Harris placed himself In the
hands ot one of the physicians there,
and what    -ee, I quite    strange t**
him. they did nothing for him  bul
administer medicine In the she] I
pilla. Shortly nfter he commenced
this treatment he began to
improve peroeptiWy, and his
appetite greatly Improved 11
began to walk around slowly al first,
bul soon wis able to gel around more
than In uld f"i t yeai previous  11**
wai able to put on his coal and vest,
and began to f.*.*l like his former sell
lli- Improvement wat so rapid and
perceptible noi only to himsell, hut to
othei-.   that   In*  wa-    plied  with    iill
lorti ,.f quest - es to nit wonderful
recovery. The medical atttndanl was
questioned as ta tl..- nature ol tht medicine which was being administered
Much to tbe surprise .*f Mr. Harris
and other patients there, be wa- told
that it was n well known Canadian
remedy. Dr. Williams' Pink Pllla, and
was advised to continue their uee
fm  a time "ii  his return home,    Ml
Harris Is loud In bia praise ol the
wonderful curative qualities ol
Dr Wllliama' Pink Pilla. and
consented to make bia oaee public in
the hope thut he niiiiht benefit others
similarly afflicted. Mr. Harris has
lone been a reeidenl "f Hamilton, being a well known hull.ler of elevators.
n-   well  us  (ioverniiieiit   inspect f
th.* sume, bc that his prominence and
well known Integrity if evidence thst
he Is tinoere In the   statements
Curious Customs and Observances to
Avert   Impending   Evil.
In tin.  lake  land  ol  northern   Frip-
1-ind there is n well known en.se of n
fire  thnt   Ints   I u   kept   up  for  three
generations     When  it    accidentally
went out the householder went tn
sum ■ wood cutters who hnd lighted
their "•.■  from  his.  suy-  the   London
Puily News, nnd brought back their
fir -- hia own hearth In order thnt
bs   'ni'-lit    possess.   n«   it   were.     the
aeerto of his nneestrnl fire Undoubtedly thin nriies from the old belief thnt
tl" ' 'ire i- derived fiom n Itcred
source.   Then   there   nre   many   house
fires eio-ii .r. kindled Irom ceremonial flreo once n yenr. Thus at
Huri'liend nil the fires nre lighted from
the "hnrninc elavie." nnd kept nlicht
e->nt(n.-o.o I.- during (he yenr, it he*
inu considered lucky to keep thi
fame free-*. ".•* ->'avie nil the ret ol
the venr. "Hiis clnvie wns lichted fir-t
nf nil nt n fire of nent mnde by youth."
of the villnpe who were sons of the
nrieinnl Inhabitants. Every *-*trnncer
•vis •■•"! He pvolndod from the ceremony nnd peat onlv could he used
The eeretnonv tnkes nlnce on Sew
Tear's eve. nnd nfter the clnvie has
heen k.ndled one youth niter nnnther
he*.-- it in triumph nrniind thc
hounds   of   the   villnoe.     At     certain
h"'    and   street   corners   n   hull   Ir*
mail" nnd a I rand is whipped nut nf
the horn.np clu-vie and thrown nnionp
(he crowd who eagerlv catch its em-
h-— --'I fro". Ihem kindle (he fires
nn tt.ni. henrths Finnllv the remains
of the clnvie nre placed in the centre
ts„n, .. f R nj|„ n[ ptnnes. culled the
"Durie." nnd the remnininK embers
a™ rlistrihuted to the villagers, nil of
whom attend the a renmny.
...*i,ny co-io.ts fenture ot the rh
sevnnce is thnt the lone nnil which
fasten" the "tnves of the clnvie js
made of iron hv the tillage smith, but
the hemmer mnct   Ih* n  round
Such Importance i? attached to the
i* ny   thnt   if   the   hearer   should
• ••>'■ .I,,,,., the perambulation "I
the  village  it  i"  1,Hiked  on  us  n dire
• ■■   fnreielHna disaster  lo tbs
place nnd certnin death to the hear, r
In the curse ,.f the next year.
Ihere nre ti'iite n numbei ol ceremonial   fires   lighted   "ii   Bl    John   the
p.*** •     ■   eve     Iii   Nottinghamshire
nart of the Vul" l"C i- kept till tie*
fi " wine yenr, to be burned upon the
n - Christinas eve. The method is
first to put n hit of latt year's lof
into the fireplace and hum it. then
the fresh lue musl be put on t! •
snd allowed to burn for u little while
It   is   then   taken   off   and   burned   a
little every   night  until   Me«   Tear's
-ve v hen it i- put on the tire nnd consumed   with the exception ol
ti   -    whieh   is   kept   III   tli*'   bOUM   "1 t
next  Christmas   Dey,   It  i-  believed
t'   •  ths  i i • * ranee of this  custom
will "keep the witch away."
In Cornwall the practice obtains ei
to  the  health   and   toi
the  travel  (the  mantel  stone  aeros
.1 i -   ,.f   in   open   chimney I   will
the r '.'-,,' and casting Into the fir.
i handful nf H. (trass or anything
picked p •''•*' "ill burn This form
of "hearth sacrifice" is regarded tf
tbt  moal  • ■" ,'tnii!   menus of  at-
no-   i ndlnt  • vill of n  uiy.-t.
All these customs, in various ways
ire 'i *■ •* ■ I from tin* nacre *
wi--  which onr ancestors Invested lire
It  Wns  Easy
Tin* jun* had disagreed snd counsel for ih.* defence wa explaining
to ii fellow-lawyer.
"nh, ye-, li. was easy," said be.
"How did ymi manage Itf"
"Why, I got two fellows on the
jury on,- owned an automobile and
the other own- n horse. I knew
th  two would never agree.
A Soothing oil* To throw oil
upon the troubled waters means ta
subdue to calmness the mott boisterous sea. To apply Dr. Thomas'
Kclectric nil to the troubled body
'..hon ,t is racked with pain means
i Ij lubjugatlon ..( tne most redactor.*, ell ment * It cures pain,
heals   bruieet,   takes   tin*   lire     from
burnt, and ai t general boutehold
medicine 1- n-ef,,l m many ailments,
It i- worth much.
Th.. Qermag emperor's vieil to tin*
Danish court baa been fixed lor Beptember.
A moments patience is
comfort    (in-.-k Proverb,
ill .lard, t'lfl or I'ltlluuwd lumps ainl blemlthee
'nm horses, blood •pariii, rurt.t, ipllnta,
ringbone, sweeuey, .tilt.-., si'Mina. sore snt
.-."Ii.ii tlinntt, rnuirht, .tr. Save S50 br uee
if one bottle. Vferratitrii the moil wonderful
llleniikh  Cure  erer knoau
Nearly ball n million deaths from
occurred In  India daring six
Give Holloway'a Com Cute a trial.
It removed ten .'urns trom one fair
•   without   any   pain.     What   it
* will do again.
The   pielimin.-m    e-n-ii-    returns
mve th-* iiiimls-r ol males in  Egypt
• -■        ■!  females 5 587,676
Nothing you can wear colli you » liflle in rs-sl
comfort, real lemce and leal eetulactioo aa
W.I--4D..H to ,eo ky t\ dealt, l*r Ar £-£■)•
lua. Fem-ttm) I" '""I"" ■ ■» *»"■ ".•S*
w.n'l   Ariok      M.dc   in   rn.er lebnci lad WW.
.1 .-moo. ttittt. in I.™ Smne.mmHt
1 i»,l. m.il-J tn r.,1 e-
The Tallest Trei.
Tin* blghoal tree In the world, ro fnr
aa has i ii oacertalnod, la
Iralliin   K""1   *re,'
cilyntus regnant,
,.„.„. otway rangu.  " i" uu '">» "'""
41,-' foot high. Qom treea grow very
tut There Is one lu Uuatouittlu which
K,ew 120 feet lu twelve years
uu   Alls
of the ipeclea Kn-
which atnntla lu tlie
You cannot possibly hav*
a better Cocoa tban
A delicious drink and a sustaining
food. Fragrant, nutritious and
ec'iiiimii al. This excellent Cocoa
maintains Hie system ln robust
health, and enables It to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers
lo 1-lb. and i-lb Ting.
How to Stop Runaways.
The policeman hnd atopiHtl the run-
away very neatly. Now. though puffing n little, he wns unite cnlin.
"It's in.thine In Stop n runaway." he
snld U he Wiped bis foam covered
hands "It Is like Jumping »n or ofT n
moving car—dead easy when you know*
how. whal yoa vranl to do when you
see n runaway tearing toward you is
not to stand still, tint to run nil your
might In (he same wny (he nng's n-go-
IniX. Then, when It ciitches up to you.
you (triih the bridle nnd keep n-run-
nliiu. Then you nre not thrown, you
ire not (rumpled on, nnd In n milium
nr  two  the  horse  slows  down.     I've
stopped « down ranawaye without tn
accident   it's pnrt of our training, mui
lhe imllceninn who would refuse lo
take n chance would he disgraced the
same ns a soldier who would refuse to
'No isle n*jw for sny bnt
St. George's
Baking Powder
Glad of it, too! I don't get
any more complaints—but lota of
So out with these old linei."
Write The National One St Chemical
for their new
Co   ,1 Cma
free Cook Oook
VV.   N.    U.    No.    642
Waked   Him  Up.
The passenger irnve no heed.
"l-'urc. please!"
SUM wns the pnssencer oblivious.
"lly tlie ejacuhitory term -fnre,'"
suld the conductor, "I Imply no reference to the state of the weather, tho
completion   Of   the   admirable   blond
you observe in the contlguoue sent, nor
even to lhe fluidity of service vouchsafed by tins philanthropic corporation. I merely nllude In n manner per-
linps lacking 111 delicacy, but not In
conciseness, to the monetary obllitutlon
set np by your presence In this enr nnd
■oggeat tlmt. without contgmpertng
your celerity with ciinctiitlon. you
Al this point the passenger emerged
from his tiunco.
Beauties  ot   Indian  Empire.
His Royal  Highness, the Prince ol
Wales, referring to Ins Indian
in   his  speech   sl   the  recent   Royil
i.n leinv    banquet    at     Burlli
ll    -ind    "In  speaking   lo  this
distintruished company I em bold
enourh to suggest ■ n-.t to thai won
•' '**l land, whieh everywhere seem
ed to appeal  to one'- mils';,   feelinc-
ainl sympathies. There i- ample
-.ope for the painter in landscape
ll,* will Bnd I", instance, nil the !'"••
tureeque  surroundings  "f    the    old
world customs ol the Hup.it I'rit -s
the quaint, peaceful life ol the vi I
Inc.-s the beanty ol the great nn.l
silent ii-nch-s snd the gnrteous sun
set tffects of Ihe desert Thi itudent
ol :u,hit,,*'"'.* will lin.l endless
resource! ,,, ,i,,, pirlier Middle tgl
hulldlnga both Itahommedan and
Hindu.  To  my  mind  I  have  nevei
    anything   more   beautiful     than
the palaces, mosques, nnd tombs nt
Aprs nml Delhi ami surely the por*
'.•nt nalnter would iiml a large nn.l
nossil.lv n neofltshle field for h
lent    I -hould like to remind vm, that
nne of th.* earliest RovaJ   tcndemlc
inns ioiirneved lo lTnl.il more thai
120 years ne... nnd did much work
(here.  1  believe,  with  soon* eonsldet
' unlarv  t.'"tit    1 have lunl  the
nlensure of seeinp oil" of his most
famous   works   in   the  Church   of   ft
John tl Calcutta
"I   nm   bantu'   to   think   thnt   the
benntiful   monuments "f  India  nre so
well oared for No one who went t"
To.tin eo-.l.l fail to Is* grateful lo Lord
Cur/on for nil thnt he did to pre*
aprve (he rrenl nreloi'.et"***i| trensur-
es nf thnt  cnontrv. The  Prioress  tnd
t snw enourh to realise how* much
wn« due in this msned In tl nerey
and i tic knowledge of our former
The  Inventor of thj Gyroscope.
"Mr.   Brennan,   whose   gyroscop.
tram seem- to be the nearesl approach
to n flyitip-innchine yet Invented is."
tays The London Star, "nn Irishman
by birth. As ii vury youiip man he
m ■'.»■■•! to Australia, nn.l obtained
a place In « dopartmenl store al Melbourne.    The   proprietor  received   a
Inrpe  tvnsiptiiueiit    uf    clocks     liom
Rngland, and found tbat they had
I, tn damaged In trantlt Vo.uu*
Brennan shosred mechanical aptitude
tor the lirst timn by setting them
right. From docks he advanced Iby
stapes) to torpedoes, und hnd tin* -u
pren." good  luck  to sell  the  Itieiinaii
torpedo  to  Uie   Britiah  Qovernmenl
(Ol E 190,000, Vast sums ,.! money were
spent on its manufacture, and then,
in the autumn ol laat year, the (i..v-
ernmenl decided i" dote tin* Brennan
torpedo factory nt Qillingham, from
whieh it baa been asuuined that it*
day is past."
— eoLD av —
10c. per packet, Or t p.ck... for tic
will laat a whole mion.
Ona pachst
haa aotuallr
killed a bushel
of fllaa.
Nurses'  and
Mothers' Treasure
—eafest repulator for baby. PrerenU
colic and vomiting—gh-aa healthful rest
—curea diarrhoea without the harmful
effect* of medicines oontaining opium
or other Injurtoiu drugs. ai^
Citr/bta. tie-al_-Jm| itoree.
VUI C3     national Utug a Ctnem-
. m   Amy
Like *\x Top
Don't lie awake with the rimedy if
your elbow To baniih waktful-
nrs-i, nervoui dtartj, bad drcam**1-
to ileep soundly and waken refreshed—take
In boxes 23 cents.
Jk • tuAii &ftf*ftNC
•van UTro'/t j,- K*ni t, i
.• -mon ftfad T .ua UUrf 0 -. *.*
IneBliUti 4ai*a  n.u tlu' <I   lltmxtll
l*jbl«fOf tlT» OpilllOfU Ol    '■■;'•*.;>.   'i,i
Irt-slfd in Iin ooUinii 1
Allloe-ftli will be'fhnrvcd  nt   l!-f vi'n oflfi
• intl ptfr I-ine. fli-Mi lh_er imi   n
'tin* *»ch t'lihr-p.'riirm ;  mtriton.
nnifor IratiMfr,! nn-l Other nlv-rrUslnj;
hm mr-ttf* known on npp llr-Mllon a V oflU-
enrti.'iri I'.'O!! u v*«r. I'll Ruvmirt.
Pit ver 75 cen' s
(inlA.-l ral, Copper  JI ■:  '1
(i.lii-Pilver'    j]  fio.
S il •ail.'ii.l |150
giui; »8, 1 '
(icM-Pi-lver. ivi't'n Le.i.l or
Copper $'.'60
Charges for other metals on application | ■=
Samples  irrMng   I
/Bciivt proi ipl "."'
Contracts   Entered into for Packing of Mlnin g Suoplies   Etc.
to any Point in the District.
prompt I   S. DANEY, Prop.
fH      servicer FERGUSON.
M   Any Work        W
lit -i w int . Liquors and Qigtrfg,
Rates 11 1 dav.
J. A. STONE   -   -  Prop.
Revelttoke, B- C*
U\k "Dotd Beaton
BRA TON,  b.c.
I8ITORI! in    ng Kl Reaton (tlie threthnl.l  •- ,1
via Arrowl   id, 1 bit lloltl to In   *        ",r,«r**n
for biyh-clasa traao.   taealleiit aecomin.
apnoluted and ipaclnui (Mnlna hall.    The beat o*i\v'     *»*HI
ani Cigars.    I'eraomil ailtierviiifin i.i given l„ the re,   ' ' Sl"'lii
patrom, Visitors lo the lardaau can relvon com*,,,,    'V"*"1'*)!
W.BOYD-:- .:-Pr0p
I'i rst-clan accommodation loi travelleri
R.i tes $1 and $1  50 per dey*
(I..ur* •'' Fergoson Mmee,   :
Asenys oi»;' ores. Tei nn mo lerate.
Box   m    K '* (      1
TROI T Lil_   B.C.
District of SVoat Kootenay.
Tuke notice lhat Arthur Gowing si :1 Benjamin F. Beamy, ul
Trotil LllH anil Poplar, B, C. re-
•■;-"'■ Ij !.' gger nmi Proe|
fespeclirely, intend lo ,i| ply for u
apodal limber licence over the foi -
lowing described lands!
Cnn1111p11ci.11.' at 11 post planted
about J of u mile froni Gerrard'
ami about j a mile from North-
Eatt tide of Trout Lake, marked
."A. tlowin*,' snd 1). F. Reamy's
Bouth East corner post'1 Ihenn
north 160chains; Ibence west 40
(linim-; ibence south . i'-0 chains;
tlienci east 40 chains to point ol
July I7tli. 1907.
Arlliur Cow leg )
Ueiiji.min K, Reamy       j
Hr his Agent, A. U  ■■
D'serid ol Wi-it Kootetfoy.
Bar wall Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Large Comfortable Roeim.   Excellent Cuisine and Attendance.
ROBT. MADDEN    -   -   -    Prop,,
Central Hotel
rwtt Class hi smy respect. All modern oonvenieno-et.
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1  50 per Day Special Weekly Rates
Trout  Lake   City Transfaj
and Stage Line.
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   £3
Grout Xafte bw^^
*J""\\ m-A-zm . *"-v us;ng  Wuter snpplied   hv  the
VvlillCl @    Company you ars assured of abso-
^             _           m v   lute purity.   Government Analysis
SU-D'DIV?     Li^O to back up statements.:
rm* .a Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
John Simpson,      Proprietor,
Best HoteNn Town,
fieadqearters for Miuiiis and Ccaoial Mei
Take notice that JaB. W. Mvlng
mm ounce inni Jas. w . I.tving "''^\ M      A K   & A.
slon, of Fergnson, rrosjiector, in- y^-V   .*ir,i   Thurtday
tends to apply for % tpeciil  tim-, ' \//    ' month,
I ht licence over il...   tcW-.m'....
Tuke nut-re tlint 11. V, Reatff?.  dl
Poplar  Creek.   II. ('.,   iiik*tiils   to
apply for a special timber licenoe
over the follortihg described lands '
Ko. 1.   Commencing at .-i  i.-'.-i
pltnied on the went bant of Rns-
iv Cr.*. k. :ii.. nl ,'! nili.-  south of
l.ti-lfi   Kiver,   Ihenee  west    IHO
t-lidiiif; tli'-nce norlh   Id   chains;
then.-.   . •■  ;    I* |   chains;    Ibence
routh 40 cliaios to  poinl  of com-
ment emenl   and  oonl -l.ning   ci"
ere*" i.ior.* nr I. --
-' h. 1907        B. F, Ream)-
.Nu. J,.    Lum ,     og(
p'.i 1 .-1 .xi the w<    bank f>f Rut
tjr ('.■•••:, t;i I  1       ' - 1*
.-.I lhe I ir 11 River, tn 11 ce west
[60 chsli -: 'i- .:■■■■ -jotitll -II
t: lainsj ti;- -l."* ■ isl ••'■" chains'
tlience noith -10 chafns I" I" int of
ciniiiiitiit.. 1,11 tu anJ containinf
64U acres more or less.
June 19th. 1907.       B. !•'  !*•
ng at  a
j, anted .rn 11k 1' Ru '
Ij Creek, ; 1 -    lh ol
the Iai do Kim 1. Ihenee 1 t I'O
clminr: tbence north 40 Ital -;
tiienie art-el jtiC hains then vouth
in chains to poinl <*f 1
meat* tnd containii c l I tt .* -
more * 1 I -.-
June TJlh. IBM.        V.  F. \\eem*
No. *l. Commencing at a p •
jiUint. tl .'ii iiu* «. «t bank nf ilm
I.i Creek   snd about '■) mi w -until
t f ii..* l.-.rii . River, ih.	
cbaimj lhence south 80 chsins,
tlience aest 80 chains; Ihem <• iior
lh 80 chains i" poinl .*f . nnimenc*
(nent ami containing PI'i .-icrr*-*
more or !.••-
June 1 Osii. 190T.     u. F. i.'-.i-i.v
IE. A.   Haggenl
-*t..rk Share mnl inenranee Broker.
. Mate, Ii s Knun* and
I*- iitn.l Coinmisiion Agent
9 ~"
I'I'I M BER AN I) MiXi:-
| go *■ RepreeenttSlive (or
j N*.iii-Tariff Itiuiiraiii'i- Buiinet* in Jj
Trout lake P>rgaton Bestoa ^
at.il Camborne- M
rn M
District 'if West   Kootenay.
TAKE notice thai David Doolh,
of N* Ison, 11. C Miner, Lniendg
to apply f..r a -■picial tunl.er li-
.*. n-t ..ver the full..wing described
mm. ncinj ,*.t t y .-t  planted
District of West  Kootenay.
Take notice that B. F. Reamy,
of Poplar Creskj B. C, Prospec-
tor,  intends to apply for a special
Umber license orer lhe following
described lands:
('iiiiiniciiciiii! nt  a  post planted
on the north ni'le of i'oplar Creek,
', about 2' 0 feet from the creek  and
about 1 mil* above the first sonth
fork of I'oplar Creek, thenc   »••«'
i.SOchains; thonce south 8 ■ chain!
thenct- cast .^0 chains') thence i.or-
; th HO chains to poinl of cominenci
ment and containing 640 n.r. s,
more or le-s     ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Juno Sth. l'J()7. B. F. Reamy.
District uf West Kootenay.
Take notioe that I!. K Besmy,
..f Poplar Creekj 1!. C* Prospector
Intends to apply for u speeial timber license oyer tbe following (U*-
tcihed lends:
Commencing at a post planted
on the north side of Poplar Creek,
•bout 300 feel from Ibe (reek an<l
No. au.
AF.  ft A.M.
^^^^-       I \/    * mouth.
.it licence over the   following  de-  Sojourning Hrelhren conliallv invite.l.
FCiil.e.1 lands: (,. Forddred.Bee. P.C.Campbell.W.M.
Coa.-mencini» at a   p*>st  jlantrtl —       ■   ■-—
on north bank of   I.ar.i.aii   Creek, W^        T%       \JLf t**. 1 Wg.
ahout a quart.t uf a  mile  east  of J* *      JUFe       WW    V 1 la
."> mile it-ill and   inark*,.l  "J.   VV. -,
vingston's [North West corner REVLLSTOKE, B.C.
thence south .s(i   chains}
e easl S0chains; ihenee nor- fj * 111   f"||DO
in   80 elm.ns.     thence vest  **" llnVV    I  U-flW
chains lo point <-f  1 ommeocement
and containing tJ-10 acres more or
July 8th  190?. J. '*V   Livingston.
P. L. S.
Mineral Claims Surveyed   and
Crown Grant* Obtained.
Residence—End Rkcobo Ottiibi]
TTOUT   LAKE.    B.  -w
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
capital auTHORlZCO 1   o .oe« eoo Head Office
capital p»io u*». ««.to   000     rOWONTO,   or* T A RIO.
6. R. vTTLKIB,freeldeut.        lion, robkrt J*Krp.\>, • :mfm.
BRANCHES   ia the  Province), ol  Albert*. f*o»kiiU*li»-»«u    BrllilkOM
MabiIoIia, Ontario and Ljutuoc.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT      l"tere<i il|.,»ed mi depm'lf  Vim  tttt  *.( -1»|«*I 1
ttettttot   •i*.*.rtert>.
P.Biams &Co
Dealers la ill kinds of Freeh Meit
letter*  el   <*r».l!l   inn*.] nm..  . ■-.   .at
l*f.  el »•• »•:.■!
Speeial tiwauea clew tw *• Imiimi 1.1
Arrowbea.l Hranch—
it. \. 11 Turn
Review Job Dept.
For HiRh-ClaM Work.
Sarbe-y Sbo-p
— ron a - -
Omi Shave or Hair Cut
— cam. oa —
William Schnell,
Hot and Coid Bathn.
Oee, - vi".**..• j a. UAt.ty
A.M. niTKltA—i
SOLICITORS. Ktc.      j
Barber Shop.
FarOooJ IU..   itliaf aai
!■■>»» r|   o :.
TIllll'T (.At* ' ITT
Net mt Com) ttthA
|f4oll<llvr« ler lmi>>riil Hank ef lii.di.
i I I'VnkTM '..TiUtV^dl           ^'f-tfr.,.. «be creek an-
:il)oul '   J-   «r   k   about 1 mil. abovetbt. first soutl
IA K I     !/;!-., k
No.  .1
I. 0.0.K
l»W'« I.nil ,.,,,,
.. « *
' .  .111.
• «-. •It-nine
'   M. ■-'■.) 1. 11 :   »«,.,
ul...nt 1} miles Irom Ihe Lardeau
llut 1 ntnl adjoining Timber Lease
Loi G23I, ..!-. adjoining T. L 185
10 on lhe south, •.hence went SO
hsine; thence south 80 ohains;
tbence caft-SO chains; tlience nor-
li 80 chains t.. poinl of • oinmenoe
July Ijth. 1007 David Booth.
Folk of I'oplar Creek, thenct a/eel
80 ohains; thence north 80 chains;
thenoe eaat 80 chains; Ibeuoe suu-
th ko caafni to point of oonimencement and C-mlaining (i-10 acre>,
mora or li nn.
JuneRth 1907.        B. K. R.-amy.
FR_D C   LLI.Iori,
11 in, i.-i   Solar) !'
T»--rC»w'T    LAKE,
tux. 1.1 v u rroei, It, C-
NOTICE is hereliy given ti.a,*
the hftid and reyifltertd office in
Hriii.sh Columbia of "The Re-
ttrd Hold and Silver Mining
Company, Limited," has been
' changed from Ferguson to Trout
Lake, and that Frederick Charlea Elliott, Harri.ster of Trout
Lake, B. C. has been appointed
tii- new attorney of said Com-
1 pany in the place .*f   John  Mo
11..-    •
District of West Kootenuy.
TAKE notice Uiat Arthur (low
ing of Trot l Luke, occupation—
Logger-—inteods to apply for permission to purchase lhe following
dercriheil irtii(ie: —
Cointneiciin; nt a pout planted
at the N. W. corner of Loi 299
West Ko* i.'iiay district, thence
tlience c* tit 40 cbslns; Ihcnce 1 drill 40 chains;    thence   «i*st  40
M ^.        wv...      ITlt/i ~
1 ton whose appointment has been
  .i,   ,
chai ns; llieinc -..ull. 40 chainf-i  In
point ot commencement, in all a-
cancelled.  " '" bout i«*««.*s.
Dated the 2nd. day of Aujrust Arthur Gowing.
1907, S. Y.  Wcotton. per A. 0. Pr«»r, Ally.
THERE have been fortunes
iiiinle hy judicious invoet->
tnctii in Kul Estate, ami
ni'-re f..runes will b» made than
e»er the n<*it two or three jriiic
The oue who reaps the harvest is
tlie original investor, for he bas
his 111..tier on a teilainty.
Now let us point nntto ynu that
theie i» iv. better spot on :he Con*
tin-Mil to bur R»al Kstate than
TBOUT lit*.
Trout Lake is the prettieitspot
in the Kootensys; ss a plea-me
resort it •«- no cijumI. Boating
and fishing may l>n Indulged in
the year round) while big game
in ahiiiiduiire is to the round on
the hills. Its olimste is superb,
there b'iiic no great s>trstnea, it
being mild in #11.ter and cool in
rammer. It can i" n-t of some of
ihn finest hotels ind residences in
lirilish Columbia. Its streets nre
well ia .I out and grndf-d. Theie
st" two excellent rrenrral stores,
and a glance at ihe a.lvtt,-. ihci.ia
in thin journal will show that sll
trades are fairly well represented.
Write   with conli'lf-nce to Agents.
—mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^mmmmmmm      ,  ^
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
«< «•
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
••  ••
••  ••
Tbe« un on
Of   write to
IT haa never in* «   • be,, "-ha
C'ewtii bas beea atee-ir.    ft   .
tke ii..d ,f sarlgatJot, aad
««N C.1KB.   All mis (<■ tke
,",*") '••dUTr.,.1 Uke. It
' *• "'■••rri.l eaatre ef Ike
Mb** mineral di.triet ea tke
»»H»eal ,B,| bM o.»kl.| ia.ili-
... provided by ,h. I-lp.,1.1
Isnkaf(,„.d,. Ir.t cl.,. aeheel
scc..n,m,„!t,lon   0u,,tr ,ht   ft
S?. "' B-Bhaano., R.i.; . „od
fV1'r1,,,V'lli:«,,Mrnn,»" «■■*"'■ i
ll".'1!1"11,-^^*.^ U.lk.di.i
ai. ,T1 V'1 A"R"c.» charge,
sn.l ct.iiage hospital.
oii.l r# *rl,.,»'«»l'leranek lands
e«itb'oiiUklrte swaitlnt Mltlore.
tea, ,,r r,M0Dfce. .re aa|njfi.
-""• end e band saw p||j Wjtb »
c.p«c..,ofC0.1Ki0f,.perd.T ,.t
J •    «d of ,b. I.k,'   T.„T,u!..a.
I-rodncer. e-r.r, yf.r, wilk \tm
HospecU op.Blng >p rjc|l kodiM #f
•s?"!*!!1 ** * "• r»h 'k'»
taoet ,.,f '0B Wou^ *-o*
tk. ag.au at tk. sddreeeee belew.
F- B. Welb
c**-****l Af ent
Revelstoke, B.O.
I  ' . 1       J^^v   'J'^  "*^mvf   av. v/.     I


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