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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-03-07

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 IftrTLSTrnf)        %fUm*m+4^'4**~7
Has a lai ii-r i "	
Ittioll       lli''I.
Newspapc;   ri.
Kootenay   Hunt i--**-
v ertisku   im.'*1'' ri
,.' ■',
1 ilH    IC l*l"H'r,'.|';. ,.
of the rich Lardeau
country. Sent to
any address for $2
per an. in advanoe.
•' j •• •
rnKK    ArttSE
.j,* t-   .         •     *
i     !      '      giv.
i-n,  in nc
No. 20
Notice   iu   li'*rclj'v   given   tlm'
^^^ Notice is hereby given that within I    Notice is horohy  git    lhat BO wili,1n two mm,tus from tho   Brsl
•V1.-IKT..KI      .W-.!■•>■-■ Ml-:VI•! two tnonthi from theBral publiea- dayi afler the   Crst   publicotion  , ^,,1,.,, iull i„.,,„f, in  ,|„.  British
tion [hered in  the Btttiih Colum- hereof  iii   lhe   Britiah   Columbia   Cl)|utilbi,i (;,i/i'tiov'Ii*n"ic.iil u hp-
fmmmmmMmWmwmmm b\
IbiaGaJetto,  I intend to apply  to  Claselte, I intend to apply to  llie  plv t„ ,|„. n,,,,. ct,ivj (-..mmis.i
tn.*  Hon. Chief C miliioner ol   Hon.-Chief Commissioner ol Land
.nini- nnd Works for n Speeial L
to cut and carry away  tin
nl Works, for a special lioi nse to
it umi carry away  limber from
ber from the following described  tho following described lands situ-  --•-■--■ -------       ----- ■---->
, . ,-„-,- ed lands situate in .West Kootenay:
lands situated tn \\ ci<i Kootenay. |ated in \\ est Kootana^ ui-inci.
er .>f Lands & Wo rife for special
licenses to cut and .carry nwav
linilicr from llie foi Iini in <_' 'I  ecrib-
( Prom a Corn  ;■
Editor "I,   M.
\\ c lm
<_rdnncv \    ; -    mi''   	
,'•"'    "> - l'u imiiirs Hiiiiioe in  ii er-. i\-'o eioiv. I      .                      .                             li     „   .,    t
Provincial Itcvciui.* Tux.   an !  all ; ,,„,. .-,lu.a,.,| [lx West Kootenay.   ated in West Kootenai district.                                                                 ->'"' ■•,;r   J tru« s"'u "'" *-""':l
asiessed  f".        ••■ -1   I        '    ; ' No' l    Commencing al  a  posl  tne a small space in your valuable «ji
.^ed           i,      .        ,"•',* N',,1.     Commencing at a port     No]       Commencing ata pott \ planted   at   tbe   intnrsection   rt c-dumns ao tbat I may vent the «
"Assesano; ....,„.•.   miles   up   F*iab | nlantod al   N   Ii. corner uf G. R   ""'   WeaUrly   boundary   of  Lot | views of the bachelor, nl  '
ip lniiud  nl. iiit  *l  miles   tip   l' ir.ii I (limit. .1 ni  N   K. con., i uf u.
omondmo: :' Creek, marked "A.Gowing'sSouth   Northey's  limber   limit  about   II
r-      ' '■ I', '.11   li        111
pnlatioti ii*
Write us a P-xt Card say-
ins you saw this advertisement, and we will mail
you FREE,   a 30 page
56'.U with the Southerly boundary ver Cup mine.
and payui
is f. r the   year 190v   In
corner post" thenoe noath S*•   miles from Beaton on  Fl*
I noticed i» your issue of
iver.0' l'ot 56-*3, marked "A.  (Joiu'.k'h	
North East  corner  poat,"  thenee uasy 14th,    tin'   thu  tin in irried
Oie at th< .      ■<•■ ,,,.-,*   cu   ,: ..       ,   i; ked "A. Gowin-j'a N. \V. con
elatoke.   'in   !•'*'■ I,f thence smith   80 chains;   theno   posf'thei set W'chaina; thence |«outh 160 «««n»i   thonce west 40 j women of T.*ont Lake are propos-
jaw, ia <'..'■  '     •'   '■  ■'   ;,r!,onBl|wi'Bt 80   chain! to   the   point   ofj louta 80 chains;    t-henc    weel   BO rh:' i,18> th*,icc ,,,,rth  160 ohains,   ing to petition tho Leglalative Ai
, th-'nee cast 40 chains to thc poinl  sambly of British Columbia,   n&k-
ing them to enact n law levying  n
tax on bachelor gentlemen,
demand !•>   << ••  ii*."!i  :•.-  !  rsons commencement,
liable for    v
Dat, i   nl   Revelstoke,  B. C.,1 Seated .limitary 18th, HK>7
this 1211.   .■■•■■'■ A   Gowing, Lfloator.
Deputy Aiseesor.
lhe i
thence north 60 chaina tc
il of commencement,
rum-v llth. 1907.
of commencement.
Located the 28th dav of  Fob-
hidi they receive
|8, 800. 00 per
i Nu. 'J. Commencing at n post
planted about -1 miles up Fish
i reek, raaiked "A. Gowiug'sBouth
Last corner po.-t,'1 thence   north
^^^^^^^^^^^   runry. 19U7.
Arthur Gowing, Lonator.: A   (ioivinjr.  Locate^.
,    No. 2.   Commencing  at a  post
oluntn.l nt  lim \'<irll,  tt'.,
.  .iniiioni'iii'-' i
Now, Mr Editor, we arc nhani-I-sig the fact th t tbe -i I
moiijly of the opinion   that taxe* not comph ed.   When   i
are  already  too heavy, and  an
increase in ihe line of dir.-ci tux:.
Thej -the C    i'.   it.
charier . i .i  trom   I.,
Arrowhead, i
a''A.-Li 1 iott i      	
mi ■     E   far they   have  l.irlt to
Gerrard,    a d    Btrnngi   lo  -.iy
the bonus was  .aid. uotwithstand-
wi I
by the residents of il.- country
affected, lo finish  their coniraot,
',-jlOXl, i;   tu nr.l.IM;: isl
No.  2.
planted  about  !!'»0 feet nort
Fish River and ab iui I miles
. marked   "A.    ' i »«
a of Lot 5ti'.t3, marked "A. Gowing's
North East corner
mi   Brooklyn ni
tie*   llsl
To 11 • c ■   ■
he ntjB i.ivc'ire,!   hid   ii *,•'•-:
a the All
Take i
and      1
clalmSt.i.H" on S'*.rtli Intk '.( I.-iriie.i*!
river  I'    mile-j Irom 11 rtni ■*.
in the?l"riiii!    I.*.!-..*  Mitiiiii:  Diviakn •-'
Westjy-.-1'.ti'iiiiy,   liaxe  ponormed  I  *
neoenai    ■• '.rk mu) made the in*,
expend i
claimi (< r  tin
ordor t'
of tlm V
which r
by givt
from ti
(ail or i
pay th>
1.   Tl.
,*.-, January 18tl , 1907.
A.   Howius, Locator.
•nr      1 :'0 a
pr nc
n that 00
* ' ll   oi
• 'uin-
apply  t"
iai li-
•    > south 80 chains,   thence w.*-.t  80
rner poat, thenee west 160 chain«'   U'e"Cu nortl'   S° chui:,f-
thenoo   h.u'I, 40 cluiins "-eneecast 80 chain? to Ibe point
■asi   ISO ohains;   Ihenw of oommencemeat
DS   ' .   Ilie   puilit   of
north   i
ooi imenci mi nt.
Located Feh.   12th, 10 -7.
,    . planted at the Worth West cornerltion.   would be lUWe to eeitta a they c^Uy aay:   there la not bui-
P°M    e, * _._,..,     -    - I omge 0  revolution,   and snch a -dent trad, to warrant it.
deplorable stele nl affairs we StrH, wlren the lenrn of iheir
ahould be Borry to sec. as we ar-*, Aot expiree, they hav*. n bi 1 pre-
of a peaceful nnd loving disposi- Mated toPariinraeul Ior its >v"-
sitioa and are willing  to concede «.ion, Thequestion naturally
toauyil.ingin vcinon ho as to n. arises: Why »a» ll.ti imnpi grant-
void thia new tax,  and the ladies «d ?
also must consider that taxation j We have slways been under the
-without representation   U ttost|impres-ioii  thai   suoh  aasietance
•,'■ n to railroads l«  induce
isl in the de-
Locsted llie 28th. day of Feb-
r'nirv l'JOT.
Showing  line*; of
of Interest to every
MAN who wears
J.Leckie Co
Artl nr Gowing.   I,ocati r.
! unjust
A   1'.Hiving.  Locator,   i    Therefore we have wrganlaed a them to build,
i Bachelors Oul. at tl..* Bilver Cup velopmeat of a cou    •>. '      """"     -'
 1  mine.       W.* have 87membew—     Kow if h  is the policy of the
In much:-. •    i      ng it is  very Ueutiemen ol «ll ages, complexion j C. I' R.tov   it until the country   	
ins IvUabli ■ , i      .,n overload of "..., ,.,.,„m i b sufficiently    ve      l to niiiU.BsaK«araKaEaaa5_5aBasaa_H
listi   <
• iiiirilt
-I-ni  llll-   Ii	
lhe r-.i.'l  mineral etahi
,n„„ci..g .it  a   I'"^J,,f l^ ni,.i  Utr
ot a ini' ■ nortberl
I Fish   Rteai
,••     -marked A.   I i   a
P -'•
Until'* I' •'
1,.   «llll J
ui.,|      • ' III     «
raletaim, •
i i.nt*.•;*•
in n
.-ic nti
- nth    Wi  •   ■• *i
. .■ north   s"   chains; u
' i chains;   thence   - i I
ii-*.   tl.* i*<u weat *'' ohaii
:      •■ ii.iiicnceiic nl
hci ni ■ to - :it an
•    .       .  "ii,
- ■■ chaini west fi
•' L i 6118;
an overloail ol     .,,| lor.srth. ^^^^^.^
or     fori • jj-i* ra pressor, or to     Aaaeorataryoi the above club.jit poeeiblefo
a main Mr pipl   oi m entail [oan aeaore the ladTei tint some J paying prop<
60 * diameter ai fi materially reduce j0j our  men.hersnie   "up to date" i'i it a ban mt
of tin* aii    -—ure.     It has bean fig-1j„ eTrry branoh of   society,  whileI pay tbe'm a i
id     • '"'o  drop In  pressure l-tha others—owing to the fact tlm'. (t-0*-
49|pounds nil! result' they hnve b en expose'. to the rig-, th
-, • fpngth ol the bole Incogs climate ci these monntai     lh  r
...   | t) i tr*. •'.ri-.'iO per cent. mairy venrs-i'vi a -trifle osyd?" Ij
on  tiie  surface  and  the oappi'-gl11
mnv he n trifle thick,   hut  tl •
*        '' : '■'■"'   dies u-.m real assured that n    I    ■■
bine drill Btrikea within a gi*- development on s.*ientfic line.- will
-:. tim *,   allogethef, that vounts i prova tbem s.ti 11 to be of somo va!-
Local and Ceneral.
ir-^ s ^■^■as ? as as assas-as ssas
;      lion tu then
i bonus to do bnsi-      J. n. Kennedy,   A!e.x.    Cigcnr
our share,  and aml Fn.,, A(iHnis,    qame up the
d still thev want  Lake during the weet     Thev re-
I .r, U.e ice lo he in *ojiul shape for
•f the
ins to ii
ab ul
for progress, hut al-o the air ptes-
sure '-.I . "f ihe drill. In addition
i this pi ipor manipu
machine by tiie drill runner I
tht Is    Mtiipt -
ick  te tdj :■:    a    n •  ,
i. •   can scirceiy be coi
Nate* I.ny t\hr. has been working
I at the Cniiim?: nnd Hecla, left for
I Seattle a i'c« dayi ago.
r vein - .       ■
■ms ... lhe Mi.>••!■•; idrai
t*i   and i1'-- veai  '.,r which -...
M.I- 1'. 1 I"!  i ilttVlli'.- . •
i\  cm' yon I.* thai it «ic
Innn  iln-  * .     ition hereol
minimi**** yoor |.t..-
Wlrl    B
log's Boul   nasi
•i. t'
,„n:i 80 chains;   tbence -* r, ^.^
ares'   80
..I,,.. .*   thence smith
11 .      thu pour, of commencement.
en I.*. -1 tbence easl 80 chains to ti." po
In.l hi rol
mmle   1,1.10'*   lit   Ml
lay tin* ' ■
lull'..'el ill I    '
[1 nil- tl»   i" '• '' 	
udoratnl h; virtneoi seruonij*t  {commencement.
a Mlnefil     let     -lll.'l"'l     '>' '    f ,    , ,   .   .
■„. Mm.r.u a.i I Located January 10 i
III. lay   ol   |i*i*  i.i
mgmm,  i .
e n : i it j    at a
l.   i    net ea    ip* I   ha
.- mlh 40 chaina,  then
. i« ncrc.
A. (lowing, taocator.
No. 3. Commencing at a   i.ost
-. d on the S. \\   coi nr   of No.
,. ence < at
south 40 chaini.  thi uce m-rt   160
. tl i i.e north 40 chains to
• ■ ment.
•.   i ■   ii icbine minor •
i;. not infrt quently, such mt n
- cure situations with no more ex-
i". ru-ni-c that: that mentioned,
, . 8 -me mine superintendents pre-
S to fer to break in ami train iheir ma.
chine tnen. cUi-miiip that the general result hi the end is far more
l-'earo g as we Uo the InllUi in •■
of women in diplomatic circles
for mc knoa thai CLopara and
otliersl    .* '-i nations belbr
now, nr ; '-   '■*
iness. « I y       '•   "   !-" ':t,,i l    il'"
gia   administered   the poison  ii
Notiei is hi rabj given thai «
in two months from  the lii^t publication hereof in Ibe  Bl I
nmhis Gasetle, I intend  •
" lhe II.oi i Ihtof Comu i
,;..,.* s
,;i*,.,   Mtninj l'
• icmcii mi l'..|*!nr ••!e.l-.
tlke Nortec thai I  Braoe White, act*
aaagenl for the ftj»ygla" Mining O
rMin „ ,,r„ii.*oic Ko B9«, in-llolhe
,|a>-i Irom Ihedats hei wf, loi Und I and Worki I
boMinlngBecbrderforaCei |ges to cut arid carry away llmbei
ai..,.f Improvement! foi the nurpose j,roni (||(i ^jj^jing describ d lauds
btamloi sCroWn Grant at tbe abovt I lt(|g(ed jn vv,., K,,t..( li;l^.
nd (inihcr take notice thst action     Commencing al ■ post planted
ki,, BectienST, r.niHt be i neneed  Qn |hl, ,..,,, HU|r „f   Salmon er.   I,
bre the Issuanos ol »"ch Cerliflcato   ^ ( ^^{   .    . ^ m^ {n>m r, (k
tmprovameata, _ ftnd about   1   mile fr-m  ita head
'marked   "A   Qowilig I   Sout'i-eiist
__ corner poet," Iheaoeweti sn chain
thence north   SO ohaina,   tlience
w©TICb Last 80 chalua,    thence south BO
  I ohaina to the point of oommeuc
B b. VI :   WO.!
St- Patrick's day has been pro-I *"
claimed a National Holiday.
Burroo for the Irish!    What'*-
the   matter with the Ro tebmen
],, ,t.   now havin*.:   Bt.  Andrew's  ni.-nt
proclaimed t.. be the best nighl in
W. ()
th.* v-ar tn ?"l "fu.
>\.i> iifnrd tint an nn- . aa. ,
ifi ..tion of IbeC. P.K.
•ii  the  very  near future. I    Andy Craig is making good time
mplnted by tbe manage-1over the Beaton road nnd j;iviii*»
■I  •  '   road.     rhe change j ot our mail early In the afternoon.
.   wa    thi   building rf »|Ke«*p up  Ibe pood  work.  Andy,
Garrard  to  An md  when  ihe time   comes, xou
[arge doles to many •-. gobd  man and ; < mba i ntiou ..i | will 1*cap yoor reward.
without bniikins; an eye. lake for the Arrow and  Slocan   la- j
Therefore, our ivil,  bai passed kei a.- the connectlnir waterway
two resolutions: j. g, Lawrence, li visional super-
First—Resolved, that we object jntendent, wai ask  I  ftbi   report
to Uie chloroform, before helr.i giy- KM( ,...,  ;    Heaeid:
en a fair trial. '\V ell, it his been contemplated
Second—Resolved, that we sol- for about five yeara, and will al-
'jci! correspondent-' from thc ladba moatccrlainl^ bt bnill some day.
Bachelor Club with a view lo mat- I<lU tj1(.ri. llrt, btim ,,0 decision on
riniony, so ns to avoid the ti I ,,,. |Ubject \    |>   A. Bl .rk. one of the i'.ioad
All oorrespondence itrictl)     m-     "What ia wanted ultimalt-ly  iijviewCompany, fr.-m Cinolnnatti
Qdential.     Address:   Secretary of Lj COTMei an an all-rail  connect
Uaehelors' Club. Bilver Cop mine, |on between tho main line aud the
(No triflers need applj I |Crow'a Neat branch, and the  line]
of Air* ' raid  would he '
n iin ; iu thi . j
■•So. 1 don i   think it would  af
Ful Mills, and Andy Boman,
two of the old timers, came di wa
from tie Bilver Cup for a fiw dnys
B'.iieil Januarj '•.•2nd   IW7.
Uaces   wniTi
I Any person having in their poi-
 *•"-   - 1UCKEW
I - ion I. \hM'!ls or
Llongingtoth. FIRE  MrABT-i    Located Uecember 8-4th. 190/.
JK.NI'. are  reqneitid  *■"  rrturn ,\   Qowing, Locator,
I* in IMMEDIATELY. N(1 2      Commencing nt n petit
A.  M. (hai I. I planted on Iln* east bide of Salmon
Chief   creek nnd   ahuiit    .    R   nulc from
'creek   and ahout   I   mile  from its
I  School    Inipectnr:—'Now   :';ln: ,mulli,,    marked    "A.    Gowing'i
Any scholar tell in what  we B8* jforth-weil   comer  post,    thence
Iti "in the whnle?" south HO chaini,   thence  easl   801
■Tummy    Ruowall -"Whalobone chft|n|   rhen0B   north  so chains.1,
■Kir." ihenoo wm I 80 chaini io the poinl
School Inipealor: -'Oorreot. A J0f eonim(,,l(;(,n„.t,t,
liii.tliei' hoy pleace lnfoliu Ul  whitl
•t  Nelson at all,    Ihis would
is out on an inspection trip.
Tbe I X L, peoplo, of Min-
nesota, have written lo tiie * Ke-
\ iew" that t! ey intend going ahead
j a ith development na won   bs the
Gents Furnishings
still be tba port for our steamers,
and tmff.c. passenger traffic   n, |"»ow coos off siillici* ntlv.
leai'i from  ene   line   to  the  other
and from either to Roaaland, I', mn
Jury or Sjiokan.   would still com*
ii.. re.
•■'A'.- hnve a charier far the   linl
v i-. mention, we having had  it ■
int-'.* lime,
• Uu*. ai I -av. nothing has been
done about it lately.
The line from Gerrard to Arrow
head could lind very easy prnd-i*
and would present no engineering
diflii'i'ities at all. The OhangV
would m-nn that Htennn*r service
.ni tlie Slocan nnd Arrow lake.-
wou'd become purely and permanently local.
The property is well thought ol
locally, and ms'.malic detolop-
ment should provi pvoduotiv*.
The baohclore nt lhe Silver Cup
have, no dotiht. heen wakened up
hy the action tf the Young Ladies'
('Int. of Trout Lake.
The Broadview boys will hare
to open their eyes mnv
Mr. and Mrs, A <! Krnscr nr, l
Miss Marjorie, '.it on Mondaj
morning Inr a trip to the ('nnst
Thev will remain for two oi
tlir> •• we.ks.     Wc   v\i!>h   them  a
«e (it-t from tl"* seal."
Sanimv Chucklehead -"Beating
wax. sir.
Located Deeembir 84tli, 1908
A. (.'.ow ng, Lot'ntol*.
Have Brumner, nn ol.t tune re<
,,                i         ,   . pleasant trip.
, dent of "roul Lake,  passed  on  to • 	
the "happy hu ling gtoundi" a     .yhr nPW7J(,Mllg0 ilniiuiii sioi.-is
f''i, dny 'foi'ihe Aluiwoith Licemo Dirtrict
Dave ha« been  living nt Van-  ^ ^ T ,,,,,,,, „, /Unaworth,    .1
:'1t'        ,      1)., an.l Andrew     M
ci.,,-.  tl.ri'Utrhotit  the
. ;i t io hear of
Author or "1 In CentIcman from Indiana" and "Mooaieur Baaucalrc"
i-:"nti'.iicil From Last Week.)
T""~lHc)S_ augols iii'i'i.Intel to bs
I guardians of the merry people
ot it.iiicn. i*i.;*»nn oue ulgbt between ciirili uud Htata, discovers a single biilllaut anil resonant
spot, set in the midst uf tbe dark, unlet
ii.wu like a Jeweled musk* box ou a
I.nick ,'kuli, for tbut ulgbt waa tbe be-
k..inn.*.• of .Miss Betty's fauioua career
un tbe belle of Rouen aud waa tbe date
from WlKcb strnugers were to bear of
ber aa "Ilie beautiful Mlaa Carewe" uu
til "beautiful" was left off. visitors to
tbe towu beiug supposed to bave beard
at least tbat mucb before tbey came.
There bnd beeu mucb discussion of
her, tbougb only oue or two bad caught
glimpses of her, but most of tbe gal-
lams appeared to agree with Cralley
Gray, wbo aired bis opinion iu au exceedingly casual way at the little club
ou Mulu street. Mr. Gray held that
wben tbe duugbter of a man as rich as
It '. Curewe wus berulded as a beauty
the chances were that sbe would prove
disappointing, and, for bis part, be was
not even interested enough to attend
and investigate. Bo be wus going dowu
tbe river Id a canoe and preferred the
sbyuess of bass to that of a girl of
eighteen Just from the eouveut, be said.
Tom Vaurevel was not present oo tbe
occasion of tbese remarks, aud tbe general concurrence with Cralley may be
suspected ns a purely verbal one, since
wben tbe ei cuing came two of the most
enthusiast',- dancers and loremakers of
the towu. the handsome Tapplngbam
Marsb and that doughty ex-dragoon
and Indian fighter, stout old General
Trumble, were upon the field before the
enemy appeared—that la to aay, tbey
were ln tbe new ballroom before thetr
host; Indeed, tbe musicians had not arrived, and Nelson, an aged negro servitor, was engaged ln lighting tbe house.
The crafty pair had planned this early descent with a view to monopoly by
right of priority lu case the game proved worth tbe caudle, and they were
leaning effectively against the little
ruiling about tbe musicians' platform
wben Mr. Carewe entered tlie room
with bis daughter on bis arm.
She was ln white touched with countless small lavender flowers. There
were rows uud rows of wonderful silk
and lace flounces on her skirt, and her
fan bung from a rope of great pearls.
Ab, hideous, blue rough cloth of tbe
convent, unforgotten, but laid aside
forever, whut a chrysalis you were!
Tapplngbam twitched bis companion's sleeve, but tbo general was already posing, und neither heard the
words of preseutatlon, because Miss
Betty gave each of tbem a quick look,
then smiled upon them as they bowed.
Tbe slayers were prostrated before
their prey. Never were lady killers
more lustuntaueously turned and aubju-
guted by the power of tbe feminine
eye. Will came in soon,
and,  almost  upon  bis beels,  Eugeue
M ■!:..;■ r:    ili|,|    Jellllg    I'lllllk    (iieno-
wetb. No others appeared for half an
hour, nud the live gentlemen looked at
oue another nslile, each divining his
own diplomacy iu Ills fellow's eye, and
eaeli luburiously explaining to the others his own mistake iu regard to the
hour designated upon Mr. Carewe's
cards of invitation. This small embarrassment, however, did not prevent
General Trumble nud young Mr. Cben-
owetb from coming to high words over
Miss Carewe's little gilt filigree "pro-
gruunne" of
It may be not untimely to remark
also of these five redoubtable beaux
tbat during tbe eveulug lt occurred to
every one of them to be glud that Cralley Grny was betrothed to Function
Bareaud. uud that bo whs down ou the
Rouen river with a canoe, a rod nnd a
tent. Hay, without more words, to de-
clure the truth In regard to Cralley.
tbey felt greater security In bis absence froui the field than In bis betrothal. As Mr. Cbcnowetb, a youth as
open as out of doors both In countenance nn.l mind, observed plaintively
tu Tapplngbam Marsb lu u corner,
while they ivatehcl Miss Betty's lavender flowers miraculously swirling
n.i.niuii a quadrille, "CraOay, yon
know—well, Crailey'y been engaged before!" It waa not Sir. Cbenoweth's
bnlilt   tu   disguise   bis   iipprebt-nslous,
ami Cralley Gray would uut iisb for
bass fm.*i.r.
The isms I'licnowcib was he wbo,
maddened by tbe general's triumphantly familiar way of toying with Miss
Betty's fun between two dances, nt- to propose tu her during the
sunrise waits. Saving sung "Ob, believe ine!'' Iii her enr ns loudly us be
could, bs expressed tbe wish, unite aa
loudly. "Unit this ivallz might lust for
That wuh the seventh time It had
been sni.l to Hetty during the night,
and. Hi..ugh Mr. Clien.iweth's predeces-
aors bad revealed their desires lu a
guise lucking this prodigious urtlcsa-
neas. she already post-teased uo novel acquaintance with the exclamation, but
sbe made no comment. Her purtner'a
style wns not a stimulant to repartee.
"It would be heaven," he amplified
esrnsstlv: "It would be beuveu to dunce
with you forever—en a desert tale
where tbe otbers couldn't come!" ba
finished with audden acerbity as bis eye
csugbt tbe general's.
He proceeded, and only ths cessation
of the music aided Mlsi Carewe in stopping the declaration before It was altogether out, nn.l at that point Frank's
own father came to her rescue, though
In a fashion little saving of her confusion. The elder Cbenoweth wns one
of the gullunt and kindly southern colony tbut iiia.le it natural for Rouen always to speak of Miss Carewe as Miss
Betty. He wai a handsome old fellow,
whose huir, long mustucbe aud Imps-
rial were as white as be was proud of
tbem, a Virgin.nn with tbe admirable
southern fearlessness of being thought
sentimental. Mounting s chslr witb
complete dignity, In^vopoicd tb.e health
of bla young hostess. He made a
speech of some leugth. pronouncing
himself quite as hopelessly iu love with
his old friend's duugbter us nil could
see bis own sou wus, nud wishing her
long life and prosperity, with many
allusions to frugrunt bowers uud the
It made Miss Betty happy, but It wns
rather trying, too, lor she could only
stand with downcast eyes before tbem
ull, trembling a little, und receiving a
mixed Impresslou of Mr. Cheuotveth'a
remarks, cutchiug fragments here uud
there. As the old geulleuiuu finished,
function Bareaud, kissing her hand to
Hetty, began to sing, and tbey all join
ed lu, llftlug tbelr glasses to the blushing and happy girl clinging to ber father's arm:
"Thou wouldst still bi adorid as this no-
..ii-iit thou art,
I.«t thy loveliness fade oa It will.
And arnund the dear ruin each wish ef
my heart
Would tntwlne Itself verdantly StW."
Tbey were happy people wbo bnd not
learned to be self conscious enough to
fear doing a pretty thing openly without mocking themselves for lt, and it
wua a brave circle they made about
Rotty Carewe. the charming faces of
the women and tbelr fine furbelows,
handsome men aud tall, all so gay, so
cheerily smiling and yet so earnest In
their welcome to her. No one waa
ufruld to "let out" his voice: their long
went full und strong over the waking
towu. and when It wus finished the ball
was over too.
The veranda in.l tbe path to the gite
became like tropic gardens, the fair
colors of the women's dresses, ballooning In tbe early breeze, making tbe
place seem strewn with glnut blossoms. Tbey all went uwny it the lame
time, those In carriages calling farewells to each other and to the little
processions departing on foot in different directions to homes near by
The sound of tbe voices und laughter
drew away, slowly died oul altogether,
aud tbe silence of tbe street was
struugo and unfamiliar to Hetty. Sbe
weut to the hedge and watched the
musicians, who were the last to go.
until tbey passed from sight — little
black toilsome figures, carrying grotesque black boxes. While sbe could
still see tbem lt seemed tu ber tbat her
ball was nut quite over, aud sbe wish
ed tu bold Uie least speck of It as loug
as she could, but wben tbey bad disappeared she faced the truth with a
deep sigh. The long, glorious night was
finished Indeed.
Whnt she needed now was another
girl. Tbe two would have gone to Betty's room aud danced It all over again
Proposed the httilth of IUt young hostess.
until noon, but ibe had ouly her father.
She found bim contentedly smoking a
clgnr upon the veranda, so she senled
herself timidly, uevertbelesi witb a
hopeful glunce at him, on the steps
at bis feet, aud us she did io he
looked down upon ber with something
mere ukin to geniality thin anything
she hnd ever seen lo hli eye before.
They did not know each other very
well, nnd she often doubted tbut tbey
would ever become Intimate. Thii
morning, for the first time, she wis
conscious of a seiiHe of warmth nnd
gratitude toward bin. Tbo elaborate
f.1-1.1.,ii In which In* hud Introduced ber
to his friends made It appear possible
that be liked her, for • had forgutten
nothing, uud lu reiuemlier everything
iu tills case nus tu I..* lavish, which has
often the nppciiruiiee of generosity.
And yet there lmd been u lack. Some
-mail thing she hud n.i, though she
wus nut entirely sure (but she Ideutl- it. But the lack bu.l not been In
her father or In anything lie bud done.
Then, too, there wus something so unexpectedly ii )■ in ji ii and pleasant in hli
not going to lied ut ouce, hut remaining lu smoke ou (he veniii.hi nt this
hour tlmt SbS gave hlin Credit for a little of her own excitement. Innocently
fancying tbal be nl-n might feel the
need nf u rompanlon with whom to
talk over the brilliant pannages of tbe
night Aud u iiiinii.*nl ensued when
ue debuted taking hla bund. She was
.oo mtruu giHti mat her lolultluii forbade the demonstration,
"It was ull so l.uKutlful, papn," she
•aid timidly, "1 have no wuy to tell
you bow 1 thank you."'
"You may do thai." be replied even
ly, with uo unklodosss, Witb no kind
nets either, In the level of bis tooe,
"by never dancing again more tbnu
twice with oue man hi one evening."
"I think I should mucb prefer not
myself," sbe returned, lifting her bend
to face him gravoly. "I believe If I
cared to dance more than ouce with
one I should like Io dance all of tbem
with him."
Mr. Carewe frowned. "I trust that
you discovered none Inst night whom
you wished to honor with y.nir entire
••Ao," sne laughed, "not Inst night"
Her father tossed away bis cigar abruptly, "li It too much to hope," he
Inquired, "that wben you discover a
gentleman with whom you desire to
waits all night you will omit tu mention the fact to him':"
There wni a brief flash of her eye
ai ibe recalled her impulse to tako bit
band, but sbe Immediately looked at
bim with iuch complete seriousness
tbut hs feared bis Irony bad been
thrown sway.
••I'll remember not to mention lt,"
ihe auswered. "I'll tell him you told
mo uot to."
"1 think you mny retire uow," said
Mr. Carewe sharply.
She rose from the steps, went to tho
door, then at the threshold.
"Were all your friends here, papa?"
"Uo you think thut every uiuny who
gabbled lu my bouse lust night was my
frleud'r" bo snld angrily. "There was
oue friend of mlue. Mrs. Tunherry, wbo
wasn't here because she ls out uf towu,
but 1 do not Imagine that you ure in
quiring ahout women. You mean was
every unmarried male Idiot who could
afford a swullowtalled eout and u clean
pair uf gloves cavorting ubout the
place? Yes, miss, tbey were all here
except two, aud oue of those Is a fool,
the other a knave,"
"Can't 1 know tbe fool?" sbe asked
"I rejoice to find them ao rare iu your
experience!" he retorted. "This oue Ii
out of towu, though 1 have uo doubt
you will see blm sufficiently ofieu wheu
he returns. Hii name is Cruilcy Gray,
and he li to marry Fauchon Bareaud—
If he remembers!"
"And tbe knave?"
"Is one!" Carewe shut hli teeth witb
a venomoui suap, aud bis whole face
reddened suddenly. "I'll inentiou this
fellow ouce—now," be said, speaking
each word with emphasis. "His uumo
Is Vaurevel. You see that gate, you
see the line of my property there. Thc
man himself ns well us every otber person In thc town remembers weil thut
the last time 1 spoke to blm lt was to
tell blm thut if be ever set foot on
ground of miue I'd shoot blm down,
and he knows, nnd they all kuow, I
shall keep my word! Elsewhere I told
him that for the mke of public peace 1
should ignore him. I do. You will lee
him everywhere, hut It will not be difficult. Nu one will have the hardihood
to present him to my daughter. The
quarrel between us"— Mr. Carewe
broke off for a moment, his hands
clinching the arms of bis chair, while
he swallowed with difficulty, as though
he choked upon some ucrid bolus, and
he wus so struugly agitated hy bis owu
mention of bis enemy that he controlled
himself by a pulnful effort of bis will.
"Tbe quarrel between us Is political—
and porsoual.   You will remember."
"I shall remember," she answered iu
a rather frightened voice.
It wus loug before sbe fell asleep, "I
nloue must hover uliout the gutes or
steul luto your gardeu like u thief." the
in,-nival.le had said. "The lust time I
spoke to him It waa to tell him thut If
be ever set foot on ground of mine I'd
shoot blm dowu!" bun beeu her futher's
declurutlon. And Mr. Carewe had spoken with tbe most tindeuiable air of
meaning whut he suld. Yet sbe knew
that the iucroyable would come again.
Also, with hot cheeks pressed Intu
her pillow, Miss Hetty had Identified
the young mini lu tbe white hat, thnt
dark person whose hand she bad far
too Impetuously seized in hut!, of hers.
Abu! It was tbis geutlemau who looked into people's eyes and stammered so
sincerely over a pretty speech that you
almost believed him: it wus he wbo
was to marry Funcbou Bureaud, "if he
remembers!" No wonder l-'unrhou had
been In iuch a hurry to get him away.
"If be remembers!" Such was that
young man's character, wai It? Min
Carewe laughed aloud to ber pillow,
for wai one to guess the reason alio
of hli not having come to ber ball?
Had the poor man been commanded to
be "out of town?"
Then, remembering the piquant and
generoui face of Fanchon, Betty clinched her fingers tightly and crushed tbe
Imp who had auggested tbe unworthy
thought, crushed him to a wretched
pulp and threw him out of the window.
He Immediately sneaked In by the
bark way, for, In spite of her victory,
■be still felt a little lorry for poor
(To Be Continued.)
New Zealand'! Wonderland.
New Zealand la a kind of Utopian
colony where women vote and p .verty
la unknown. It la first a pastoral, and.
aeciiil, an agricultural, country. But
It Is mainly remarkable to the outsider
for Ita most curious aboriginal raea,
whose origin has been I *st In obscurity; and for the thermal "wonderland"
of North Island, where a vast
has been set apart by the Government
for all time aa a tranliorium for Invalids. This region abounds In volcanoes, many of them ..ver l,ii.i.i feet high,
whose crater lips emit ateam, vapors,
and poisonous gases. In nne of the
mountains a hot, steaming lake Ilea at
the bottom uf a funnel ahaped orater
whose perpendicular sides are mantled
with snow and Ice. The land aeetlies
with hot aprlnga. geysers, "porridge
pots." minlii ,;.-* that forever boll, and
exploding poola. Mr. I**]li( :•*...11 gives
un Interesting account of this wonderland and the article la Illustrated with
many striking pictures of the geysers,
voioanoea, etc.—Technical World Muga-
Little Boy—'That lady gave ine some
Mother—"I   hope   you   were   polite
about tt?"
Little Boy—"Yes. mamma."
Mother—"What did you say?"
Little Boy—"I said I wished pa had
met her before he got acquainted with
Miss nigh -"I thought you had been
thinking seriously of getting married,
Mr. Slayde7*-'
Mr. Stayde—"Yel. I thought seriously about lt. That's why I'm going te
remain single."—Sketchy Bits.
Skim Milk and Meil For Pigs.
One ot the eastern experiment station! ia authority lor this little pig
feeding formula: Pigs weighing twenty to seventy pounds, two miners of
eornmeal per quart nl skim milk; plgi
weighing seventy to 130 pounds, lour
...incus of eornmeal per quart of skim
milk; pigs weighing 130 to 900
pounds, ilx ouncei of eornmeal per
auart of iklm  milk
Says They Cured Him ol Pain Alter
Food, Belching, Constipation and
Weakness — He Was Gradually
Losing Weight but has Now Regained   It.
Une of the most Impressive ourea
of indigestion and allied ailments
ever reported him jn>t been effected
by ltileaiw in Toronto, lhe subject
is Mr. Arthur R, Hand, a prominent
teaehsr ot ij>iiiitiii^jr on ohina, leather,
glass, etc., residing in 2 Woniljiivon I
Place, Toronto,
A.s ii teacher ol painting, Mr, Hand '
hai made lor himself a wide reputation,   hut   his   work   mis   Interfered j
itith considerably    by acute attaolts
,.( digestive disorder.   He says:
"I suffered agonies for months previous to taking liileiuis. resorted to
ill kinds of remedies, hm found onlj
emporary relief. The Indigestion
■nine on quite suddenly, soon aftei
lating, 'nml oaused me terrible pain.
There   wit.-,  u  constant  feeling  of  un-j
•I'liii.iriiihle fullness in the stomach,
mills  iii  the dies!  and    under the
boulder hla.les and rifting and fielding of gas.
1 had constipation so b idly thai no
iii'diciiies seemed lo have any effeel
ui the bowels, I dieted a greal deal,
hut the slightest food brought the
ante distress, After taking a tew
.ileans I experienced easi and com
mi after meals, so I purchased a
upply of this vegetable remedy and
■ii all .dii. r ii" 'l clnea alone, Bi*
sans ciiicl in.*. Now my food diesis  very  nicely  nn.l   my act
luite naturally.
"Before I t.».!i Bileana my f.»»l did
ne no good, un.l I nas losing weight
ap.'dly,     In   a   fen   months,   through
ie use of this remedy, m;
eight Increased irom 125 to 168 Ib
his Increase, too, ts not useless fat,
■ .i sound, healthy flesh."
Nol only for indigestion,   but fo
Mii.stipntii.ii, piles,   general debility,
iii'inia. fern.tie ailments,rheumatism,
>!..,.<! impurities, liver and kidnej
tomplaint, headache, diasiness, wind,
-tc, iiilemis nro widely recommend-
*d. They arc purely herbal and do
lot merely relieve these ailments
ihey cure them permanently. All
Iruggiata sell Bileana at SOc a h..x,
jr post free from the Bilean Co . To-
onto, .rn receipt of price. Six boxes
for $2.50.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
11 j, erst..inuil t.. cm.-i.ler paralysis, insanity and other diseases oi Uie
uervei as sflllctiona whloh aoma upon
- mul which
ii person without warning
ms, therefore, unavoidable.
\i a matter of (net such results ars
..needed hv inoiitlis, if not years, of
m linns which poinl i" an exhaust-
led , ,Iiii..ii ..( ths nervous system
uch,  however,
by us not ba
ricture»»i>ir Scenes Hi lhe Madeleine,
illstorle  Krrnrli  I'laurcli.
Tbey drove to tbe Madeleine through
streets already full of life uud movement of hurrying crowds, darling tig
urea uow* plunged lu the black shad
owe aud now slipping out Into tbe full
glare of the clustered lights, 'llie hig
perspective of the Place de la t'ou
corde, thickly sowu with lumps, was
shot through with glistening reflections
from the tops of carriuges. the arcuile
of the Hue dc Hlvoll wus brilliant us
a stage letting, tbe hotels In the broad
Bne Roynle were ubln/.e with light, uml
far at the end of the street, where Ihe
lofty portico of tlie Madeleine allowed
clear ngaluit the starry sky, a hundred
■parks twinkled from tlie cubs Hitting
along tbe boulevard.
The steady roll of wheels merged
with the varying notes of horns In
motors and the sound of talk aud
laughter from the sidewalks, uud till
I ided In u great humming symphony,
Struck through witb tbe rattling, syncopated clack-clack of hoofs upon tbe
asphalt, like tlie itaccatl of sharp
Tbe crowd at tbe Madeleine was al
moat Impassable, but aomehow tbey
gained tbe steps, tbe vestibule, and
were swept lo the solid pack of men
and women >ii rough the door at the
right T-e great floor was filled wllh
a throng as varied as Paris Itself.
Piety and the Idlest curiosity, youth
and age, came together. As the pro*
cession came In sight Its long wai
Joined by tbe organ In tlie sanctuary,
and tbo mualc rose louder and fuller
In a single godlike voice ranging down
from the dazzling altar.
Suddenly, like artillery, the greet organ overhead crushed out In a volume
of sound that flooded the whole vast
Interior like a wave, sweeping over
tbe heada of the kneeling crowd and
mounting to the shadowy arches of
the roof. The very concuialon took
the listeners' br,*.ilh away, and In tbe
recoil men aud women burst Into
tears, aud billows of emotional excitement rolled back aud forth through the
church. - Wlnfleld Scott Moody tn
I.orrt and I „,l.
Lord and ludy nre tbe modern formi
of blafdlun and hlnford, bread giver
and breadwinner. The term icarlet ia
a modillcntion of thc Persian word for
n bright red, applied to the
garmuz, or cochineal, from whose dried
body a vivid red dye li obtained.
llir, I !.,„■.
The earliest election of which ths
numbers polled bave heen preserved Is
that ut Lincoln, England, In 1547. At
tbis eighty-four "voices" were cast
Where  Poverty  la   Inknoera.
There is only one lunatic asylum la
tlie (iold Coast colony, and there are
no poorbonses or reformatories,   The
colony's blue hook, Just Issued, states
that poverty In the strict sense of tbe
term li hardly known.—London Express.	
Perm Hints.
The cheap scrub is the dearest animal on the farm in the long run.
It is not the farmer who works all
the time with hia hands and legs und
allows his brain to ruat who makea tho
most money.
It requires a vast deal more business
ability to successfully run a fnrm than
It does to manage a dry goods atore.
l them-
i. ladnches
Method ol Righting Wrongs li la- |
eonvenleat lo Legations.
In Persiu ihere is the strange custom
known as "bast" it simply means that
nnv one huving a grievance by taking
refuge on Uio premises ot ii ni.hleiii.ii.
may demand tbat tbe nobleman tain.,
up bis cause us tbougb tha bastee were j
one of bis own household.
There seems lo he no limit tO IheOUH
torn, for the petty criminal ol'leii takes
refuge, or bust, lu a inosipie. Where Ut)
is safe, if bin friends bm allowed to
feed blm, U tbe police want him tbey
must starve blm out. *. .
Thero wus a uian who Nat f..r eight   "i*|,,..,.   symptoms   are
years In one of lhe legations here po- i,*■„,,   ,„-„„■   paaa  Ihen.
tlently   awaiting   a   settlement   of   it   ing  ol
small claim Umi ho lmd against tbe
Persian government   Ministers came
and went, but he Stayed on.   Al  lust
Ills Claim was paid, and be died eel.-
bratlng bis victory!
I<*ew legations would have the courage to put a man out, SS It would bring
down no suntII amount of opprobrium
upon tbem.
Tbo other day every shop In the
great bazaar hi Teheriin closed, and be
tween 5,000 und 0.000 men merchants,
artisans and some priests went Into
the Kngiish legation and Informed the
acting minister that tbey wen- there
to remain until the English govern
ment took up tbelr case with Ibe Per
sinn government
Fortunately the grounds are large,
but at best great damage must be done
to the beautiful gardens by tbe 5,000
nnd more men camping ou tbem.
A short time ugn these people would i
have gone to the Itusslan legation, but |
today  It Is passed  by and  forgotten, |
whllo the streets surrounding the Hrlt-
Ish legation aro filled wllh crowds who
do not hesitate to say that England can
have the country If she wants It.
The whole city seems lo be en n
strike. Ouly tlie mulls, butcher and
baker have not been Interfered with.
• in
III'! 1 Ull
only  a
ilmt the)   "dl weal    •••■
si leples n       nervous
Indigestion, bodily weakness, fainting
Uvil ihi ' il'" nerves,   in-
.,*,.;„.,   to concentrate   tbs thoughts
 i  memory are am.nig the
,* nn.ii Indications ol s Pin-
, i, in     it is some*
tap from -such symp*
*,,„,. I,, prostration,   paralysis, loco-
ni.t.'i ataxia or Insani -
Bti Imn* and   uaieottea,   though
.uu,.inn, - affotding . iii|*orary relief,
beaten tl shau tion   "I   Ins
Di   Chaae'a Nerve I I, on
,„. other hand, rec m tracts and re*
:i„. wash ,l un.l depleted nerve
\ iturallj nm lualh und certainly
tin, greal medielne instils Into tbs
: ood and lhe nsrvo ••   system the
id  mstaining principles   wbiel	
., euish iin* nerve I s In ths body
nd   ,. . (feci lasting benefit
Mi-, W. It Sutherland, St. An-
Irewa, Man . writes
mi t i
"Iii February, idos, i u
with paralysis, fell hi ,|,.,',"'
Hour  nn.l  had  to  I.,.  ,.,,,„',',
Iln* dootoi pronounced it,
us I Inul no power in mv i    *
left  log.    I remained „, >;
lion   for  .ix   months  withoiu
in*.- benefit from   ilm ,!,„,,,..*
ioi Iptlona or othei in ,,|h ,,„,"'"
"My husband ad*.i oil
Dr. Chaae'a Nerve i    j
use of ihis treatment ,,,, ,
ni  ilia  'li '•..■ a  oi -i'i'i ,'iii,.,i ^
inii, plainly, tnj  ,
I can d" my Inni.. iM,,|(
ful   I   am   In he  cure !  |,v ...
tul ii ni ly
Miss  Emma  8   n,    \i\m
« i Ite      "Hi   i n.i .
done ni" a  world ol i*,,,,,*
troubled  with in itj      ,,.,,
weakness and ipwti n
nights     I (requcnil) had ni!
the   . Ii.iiia.'li    unl   until,|    -
come  entire!)   m .
ing w hm  tm   i'
Inlil   un*  illiri uai'l,
"I   (factored
nn.l tin*., told i' i
m illi pai llyaia 'I In
hut   ci.iihl not  '     '
' a iiiiiil ,
-.w-i il ^
ing im  th  v.*.ii    |
ui lo   i lhase'a Nei ve I
dona in.- nini,* good i ,-i, 'U||,11
dicines I svei  u ■
l>r    l'hits,■'..   Nei*,,'   | ,„„|
a   box,  ul  all de
lilltcs   Ai   Co .  To
All     I'.iit'lis'iiiiHi g
town," sitnl John Cm m
lamed aa s stoi   * »,
London Preacher of 70 Ysars Tells How  ,,j  |,,,  111• -1..I    ihowi
He   Kept  His  Health.
Pr.  John Clifford,  the great   ll.iptlst
Half a ton of bread dally Is required     mlnl-ier of London, who th.* nlhrr dav
to feed those within the legation compound. All duy long the Koran Is read
and Allah ls appealed to for help [0
Cork For Inealntln-c.
A new Insulating material has recently been Invented by n Portuguese
firm of cork merchants, it has for its
principal component granulated cork
nud I-i culled ortlclfe. Its sppllCStlon
Is unlimited, for It will resist the cold
of a Siberian winter un.l the ruys or
a tropical sum also the attacks uf In
■ects, even tbe white unt being power
less uguinst it.   As a nonconductor of
Sound It should he useful In city fluts.
On boiler tubes mid boilers It Is said to
reduce  the  temperature of  tho  boiler
room to nu agreeable one. it is aot
liitlummuble uud mny he generally
adopted fur partition* nud linings of
bouses, llrieks uud slabs of cortlclli.-
are made for this purpose uud can tie
Sawed and bored like wood.    It would
iccm to possess spe.iui advantages for
use on warships, taking the plnce of
Wood M fur us possible New Orleans
One I.raa<-<1 lilrl li»ui*.r.
In a combination couccrt garden ami
dance bull near tbo entrance to Pros
peel park, Brooklyn, may he seen ueur
ly every night a girl with one leg dntic
Ing merrily over the polished Hour
Her dexterity with a crutch Is almost
marvelous, and there Is never a break
In ber perfect time with the music.
Waltzes, twosteps and otber round
dances are Indulged lu. aud the girl
never lacks for partners. In fact,
many who have with her suy
ihe li lighter on her feet than most
girls with a full set uf limbs.
Ilie girl Is pretty and, for that sort
of plnce, very ladylike. In many re
spects she Is n mystery, as few know
her name or hlitory and why she re
tains ber love for dancing despite ber
handicap.—New York Press.
Cotton Paper.
Rome recent experiments have dem
onstrated tbat all grades of paper
can be manufactured from cotton
stalks and In uddltion to this a variety
of byproducts, Including nl.-ohol, cotton
fiber nnd smokeless powder, can be secured In commercial quantities. On
the estimate tbat an acre of land pro
duclng a field of cotton will nlso pro
duce one ton of stall.*, 10,000,000 or 12,-
000,000 torn of raw material can lie depended upon annually. Rome enthusiast claims that In addition to Increasing the value of the aoutb'a annual cot.
ton crop by $100,000,000 tbe removal of
the stalks from the fields early In the
fall will mean tbe extermination of the
boll weevil.—Farming.
Cltr   Will,,,,.,   I  Irr.
Cardiff, Walea, a city with 105.000
Inhabitants, bus iuch thorough protection  from  fires, according  to  United
States Consul Daniel w. Wllliama, tbat
there Is very little demand for nppll-
ancss to extinguish them. All tlie pub
lie buildings, mnny hotels and Inrge
residences nre supplied with appliances
for prevention and early discovery
which ure frequently tested, those at
the tlieateis being tested every night
In Consequence (if wholesome building
rules and the street fire regulations
thero were only I'ili fires In 190S, tif
theso only five were eerlous uud not
one was caused hy a defective Que.
celebrated bla Tilth birthday. Is of the
opinion tbal aotlvlty means longevity,
He certainly liar, beea uei active man
•II his  life and |a an  aetlVI   man it! 1
He li.ol,-  like tiling an SCttVi min for
a long time 11 oome. Bright, bra-say,
and looking the picture uf health, he
made a cbara tertatla r,*pi> t.. tea well
Wishes Of hi. friends at a birthday hail
quel bald In hoe il
"The asi-.n -hiug vitality you talk
about as ohsraetetielng me." he aaij.
"Is largely due to Ihe fit.l thai I ciutif
of Methodist Stock, M> grandmother
lived to he 99 1 I and could slug al lhal
age Yes. ainl the waa as atom as I
Thia humorous reference of thr .1 it
0>r lo his »IH.I figure caused nne h iner
"1 was told,'' ha* add*-,!. "•* h«*n I acnt
i   ni n in isi» laal i weald »•.! ik.*
two years, aad if I s trtted at tin, ran*
■ -".l.lug I ibould ni**-*edily ratio -
myself,    I ihlnk the fact  that I
I    witb   wh.u   was   . oualdered   a
poor machine hn,l mu. n I , do with mv
ii   for It, ami that Iberafora 1 am in
f.,'r UK., "ii inv Tuth hlrihday
"I had t. go te w.,ik when I was
I" 1 1 years nf age .My fa trior uaad to
gel   rn..   ,,i,i   ,,f  |,„1   nt   4  O'dOOb   111   ihe
morning; aad i •* • k.-d fiom i o'clock
In lh,- morning until 1.' at ulgbt and
■ometimea I weal right through rrtday
night until Saturday night at a Thfre-
fre. ti I,e«r IN yoke of toll aeoma l-
oo* I . ba quite natural.
".My theory la that activity Is longa
.> v <'i ,'«<■ has ita I(Ivantages ani
It la Important that we should recognise
them. Instead ef a man apprehending
old age he Dgght to be delighted that
he could cany with him the treaaun»a
if hla past experience and at Ihe aama
•In., think of the over-* helming advantage, which b-slong to maturity and
rip. ii... f being. I certainly feel aa
young as I did forty year, ae
I feel I hnve many years of harl
work b, f ire me still.-'
ioi   I.,-  lm,I  |, . i,  very
in  London,   Tl i **0
He B
in., in ..I.
, leiyliillie I
they    I,,..k   Iiiiii     to
. i,., ,i       i
an 'lmpalemen
woman stood again
mini  three   su...
net   on  lhe   i
■ i be   i
few   iiiiniii,'      Then  in
.unl   'Well, old chap
"Whut"     hi
'don'l >.*.i like thai ,i •
"  Deuced burn,   I
;he Englishman     'I
all   a   •! '/.. ii  lun*
•:i, ■■ ' "   New  V"iK  W
Something Mm* u.
,„ purge i- Uis oi y
.ul. i.,,* on tn,* , I
., getable Pills an- it I
itive      The) strei.
•   othei   pills   ai
i. .in-.* uie blood  i
,vi*i  inul  kidnej
ate   while   otliil   pill
Nt thing • •
..!■  .1 led lor niei.-ii i
utera Into theii ■
"Who  is   lour   :
l|.|ill.e<l   I i,    ill*.
"I   cun i   -.i> |     :   at tln-
ii, *.i. i. I   Mi    i  .i
...•iiiitig gtanoa al hi idy   wl." •
III'IIiIhO    llll'l   wi	
lolllll-e Wa.llllil
.Vlinird'i Lirtrnent Com Dip*:***
The northwt it pn M
• I hu.   lun,   .1 < ii-    ■
Sciatica   put   him   o*
smlih.     da.i-/man. I
antra        M/   lonha   »■ I
from eatati.a and rh.
eirh-laiidoia ..,>  • -••
uiuat gi.c (he • redll  **
an.  a  cured   man  t" *! *
ere an Klicunialn  I no
credit     Ilia  mar.rl    )
Wben Denn Swift win ctllti to
living of Ixiracor be Inaugurif*!
Divining   Rod   Finde  Treaaurs.
.Mr John Hirur-. the fa-n.uia V*.rk-
ahlre water diviner, looatsd the nulk of
•he Bpaalab tr. aaure iblp In T do rm'.rv
Hay recently by the aid of ihe divining   euatom of reading prayers to Wi-i-l
r''' day and Krklay.  At tbe find »«a*
He found Ihe hull split In two right   day eervlce be waited In v»Id tam
from the b.,w lo the at, rn, md Ihe cannons  »hl<h  hai  been   thrown  out  al
the tlm.* of cleavage ranged In two rows
lb*   has  also  distinctly   located   twi
^ata   ,,f   specie,  one  containing  gold
Ibe   ground   or  lUelf  IS 0BS of tt^
myaterles of nature that can be t*m
•tiled than lolved.
An Old lent.
A Massachusetts cent dated 1788 was
found on a mountain lu Helton, V't., a
abort time ago by a driver of a team
belonging to W. II. Ktevem of tlmt-
town, The coin win uncovered by ono I
of tlie horses' feet. No road has ever j
been In lha place where It was found. I The Consul-riennral concludes: "The
so the ciroutnitancC of Ita discovery * froduelng Industries are In a very
WA* very peculiar. Besides the ditto ' !)?u.rl!lh'"* r*-*n«"tlon. An .(her pnatoral
ou il..* back of tbe cent la the word
"Msssacbasstts" In n circle, wllh tho
day aervico be welted In v«id n*m
one to appear eicept tils CSS_ *<tW
At length be Ir-egan. "Dearly b*J
Koger. the Scriptures moretb fWaJ
me In sundry pla.Ti." and ao pf****
rhesia  ,,f  specie, one containing gold   sd to the end of tbe aervic*
and silver colni mixed, and  haa n»ed ,	
the positions of no fewer than f..urte-.*i' •* TTrr *+**•**• ■
br.,n»e gum. all of one type, and 4 feel How s tree can take mg«r <*■
9 Incbes in length He la satisfied that the ground on ■ alngl.* spot f'tr*9
when these are recovered the ren of ty-Qve yeara without et!ui.i«tlnlrm
th., ..|.il|mienl of fifiy-iwo guna and
thu bullion  will be easily reached.
Mr. flteara* method of divining,
which he exp'aln.-d fully in our representative ut Tobermory, i. as followa:
II- h his divining rod over th«
• l-rn of the boat aa It proceeds, and
Immediately on coming over a man of
metal Ihe forked twig ml.*, upward
like a llvln-c thing In hla hand, making
a anund that la easily audible.
The present li lhe third attempt In
recent yean to recover Ihe (reaaure tf
the sunken galleon Admiral
of H .rence. which had treasure of over
a million on board when she waj sunk
Australia Buys From the Empire.
The caie for Imperialism could not
be more effectively pleaded by an a,l-
i"' nt- thnn It bai been by the American Coniul-Oeneral at Melbourne, In a plain statement of the trad*
of Aii-.iiai:h f r 19uri
The    following    table    ahuwa    what
Australia purchased from (he principal
counlrl-i  during   1906:
final   llrilum   and   posses-
.,"lon"  C2-t.IH.290
United States	
Japan  ,,
Italy    f
Spnln    ,,   ,,„,.,"]
♦ .H71.7-10
^ Answered *p
. i
year Is assured with an Increased wool j
clip.    Dairying and kindred  Industries
ent of en e„«.e and tb. word, "one    fftffSWWSLi!^ '
cent   in tb. ceutca. j latlon,.   firaln-growing continue. U,.
filable,   end   generally
Smoking In England,
Strenuous efforts have boen made tn
times past to stamp out imuklng.
Among lha rul.'i of an Kngllah school
In 1629 11 was laid down that "a mm
t»r inuat be a mnn of grave behavior,
neither papist  nor Puritan, no haunt
lea i."
■peaking   the
wealth of Auitralla !• quickly Increasing."
At Ihe meeting of the institute of
•Journalists of Qraat Hritnin and Ireland, recently held In Dublin, the retiring president. Major Uratwleke, con-
»r of alehousei and no puff.r of tobae* J clu(,c<*  his address  by  discussing  tba
oo."  In Turkey, whore the pipe la now | b'ntl of n.wi that  ncwi.pnp.-rs might
omnlpreient, former Sultana mad-
smoking a crime, and orfendera weie
i,niiish"d by having their ptpei thruat
Into their noses, while- In Russia a royu'
edict onie. ml the aoiaa uf the imokert)
to 4>t out off.
with propriety publish and, disclaiming
all prudlshnesa, enunciated the dictum
tbat "a man ihould not writ, for the
coluinni of a newspaper that wblcb b.
would not like hli wire or bla child,
bis mother or bis siite/ to read."
A Series ef Articles Describ-     m
[at their Llvei, their Alma       •
and their Influence.
mtrttrnlTm*** .........     al.,.,
Editor   Dauphin   Herald
The present nli',,. ,.f ti,,. Dauphin
Herald  is  one   ol   lhe   nrnm*   j,r.,(.-,. -
live and imii      • • >11(,<j ru.-u   win
nave lett tin*   I. i ,,.
to seek  lam>>   un<l    i...t■    m    the
"Last West."      Ver m I,,  m  i,,.   ,„-
complitdiment    an,I   (,:•.. mr    >,,   i,
address, it i-   in*   v.i>:i.;.*i   i1 at   ! ,.  ,
finding Weni.       f.n,a in   .     .,   i. ,.
(or ambition    ,*n,|.nvor all that  iniii.!
be desired, m *i  , a  i,.
markable  de* •■ . n,,,,
that awaits all yumi*.- men ol hia
itamp iu tin* in* , town ni thi- i,,«
and vigoron    .   m.t
Mr. Moore mi-  I...111 at   Mi.inn,,uth.
Illinois,  in   l-l'o        II      nil.-lull   I   |n,1,,,,
school till li .'in- of ng,*. uml aft. 1
Ihia   WBI  vn' * u-ly   i*ii'*iiivd,   workini
first on the 1 ■.-.... \ ■ - 'in i-
follow the pi
years, then in a railroad office for a
similar ten* t .  ■■!  Mme     II* '""k up
iditoralwoi.    i*.   1-"J  m   I   .in.   r-..,t..
Dakota, au<l  |..i   n    ■■■   '   •     ■   in Sl
Paul, Minn     1 .
appointed to a clerkship in the .■••n-
iu. office at VYu.-hiiigton, Uf . wliicli
he filled (01 three >,-,.i- up *.,, |.m,*i
Ur. Moore 1 a I rending law in
ISM,  and  niter     limine   the   .
blireaU,    Weill      Hlin     pine  l.e     .-I     lllll
in Iowa. I' was while a' Washington he tool. ■. 1 "i-t-grndiiate course at
th>   National   ,,l   Law   111
1U02.    He    • ■ 1  a  *l*   0 ■*  .'
Patent Law  111 I!".'l     II" wa- "  p'i.
examiner" **f all th<* achednlea relal
ing to "pr     *,l'. publishing and perl
odlcals" ill   ullil*'*,  an.I   Ine
to aupervi ><Miiiui>iiti<,ii    and
editing   ol   ll.e     schedules     ill     ovei
twenty-loui tlm..-ami copies   -uch it-
preparing . |,"i'- , 1 amounts Invest
ed in    pi    * '
paid, etc
In apite ..( the comfort .•( this position, the line "I lh- w> -I called Iiiiii
to Manitohi. m l*«.|. ami he .1 sum
sd charge 1 Ho* lluuplnn Herald in
October ol llint year In n.ldttion 1"
his editor il work Mi Moore travel
north nini we-t el Dauphin a- general agen' tor lhe Suwiei-M
con. pany
Mrs. M 1  o. charts    nt
manager and local editoi lor the
greater pot ol the 1 i.e*. and 1- to
be COmpi m.-tn.*.| "li the Incl tlmt the
paper. Hi nh .l.-j.«-i..l- --n * a ■ - s Ioi a
great pan 1 - -bowing
mperior    ■'••  mei  t\p .giaphienl excellence in keeping wuh ih.* progrs
live town 111 which it 1- pul.Nlied
It ia t. "*.l lhal Mr. and Mrs
Moore * I lone be spared to follow
•their Belli nt calling, and that thej
Ulll jHlielllll.llly ellilowe.l With tills
.WOrlll'S  r Is-   «s   a   ill-l   leru.lli.'iatl".
ior theii    < .1 ices   111 ii"*   >'
their town and country.
Worm- .use (cvoti-ht.e-s, moaning
and Mil.■ .- .luring sl.ep Mother Gti. . *-'  Worm  l*)xterminator 1-
' pleasant,    ure nn.l effectual,     II  >"'..
"AraejfgA has i.niic  111  stuck, get  hun
to protui.* it Ior you.
A Veriad Ration and Fresh Air.
At Mb central Dominion saperimi
tal t*SB> 11  has  appeared  that   in  t
■ (..wis kept in cold premii
iluig ol a varied ration hi g>*
luantity, in cinhiiintion «Hl
Ir, not onlv proved uiceti.i.
irodurtinn. but kept the vitalil
laying stock »o unimpaired a
tit (.( both a latislaetoiy ••►'
Iriug the winter months nnd 1
^tiling strong forms which <1*
velofH int., robust chickens   The ra
tion.jBi  1 ti*,| iit table un.l  kitehi
* i-*,.Wi.iu.*d with ground grnins
W Heat- und whole whent were nis.
I   '  Hd calihago or turnips were sup
^InSWt  Liniment   Cures  Colds,  etr
Io of Tobaeeo.
^^^^'oot or the leii'es of lettuce, being sHglitly iiarcoik, would form a
IS mnke believe for the good
,e nu, Him persuade themselves that
thr-yHuld not sleep ll wink were tbey
deprived ,,f their evening comfort
Ageelgo both t;reeks nnd Unmans, nc-
^^^^ to Dioscuri.les and I'llny,
*_^H^c.)iiifoi't In sin..King through i
pipe the dried leaves or ells
ilileli relieved them of old
and dlillcult breathing. Aad
'ttticc, It bus been fiimoili since
in of Q-atea ifiitu.iiiiM Oalenns).
werls thnt he found relief from
isiieita liv talilinr II. at ulgbt
Science of Milking Cowi Clean. "
It li well known that tbe average
milker gets Ions milk than he who
does a thorough Job, that Incomplete
nilllilng meuns not only direct but Indirect loss, not only an Immediate
lessening of llie fut yield, but lends
tnwurd drying llie cow, writes Prof.
lillls, lu Orungo Judd Farmer, A Dull-
lull scientist has recently developed "
Mpeciui sistiMu of udder manipulation,
a suit of iini.*Kin*..* of the mammary
gland, ns It were, which it. ls claimed
augments lhe tlow. The lli ,-. i mii
method, ns It Is called, Involves threi
iiiiiiilpiilalloiis, each thrice repented ni
until no mure milk Is Obtained. First.
the pieRfiiire of llie quarter on eaeli
side ugali'-st each otber thrice repeated, followed by removal of ti.e milk;
second, the pressure of the glands lo
getlmr on each clde, the fore quarter
being flrvt manipulated nnd then the
hind quarters, followed by removal of
the milk! and third, tho fnro quarters
are pressed between hand and body,
tbe hands holding the tenta looielv,
then tl.e hind quarters also, followed
by milking,
Trials of the scheme  mnrte  at   the
Wisconsin and New York stations af
forded  a dully average Increase    per
cow of a pound of tnlllt and two ounces
I of hutter. The of'er tnlllt wbb very rich
In fat, testing SbOVS 10 p«r cent. This
I nfter milking takes not to exceed flvn
' minutes' time, often only twn or three j
i nilniitni. Tho two ounces nf butter mnv j
I be held at u low estimate tn bn worth
2 remtR. This would be a fair pay fnr
five minutes'  wnrk, 24  cents nn  hour j
and the skim milk thrown In. Not onlv
Is more milk and butter mnde. but the j
secretion ts stimulated nnd the lacta*
Hon   period  prnlnngpi-*1.   It   miv   be   re* |
marked, however, that the .inferences j
In milk and butter yields between this j
method and careful stripping are not t
greit. This Danish method
more perhaps than haa hitherto been
done, the actual  and  potential losses
due to Incomplete milking.
A celenruted actress, fresh nnd
louiiiiiil looking, was lu tbe habit of
Invariably taking eighteen years from
her uge. She was called once In a law
case and gave the usual response.    Her
sou was called Immediately urter, uud.
Oil   being   usked   bis   uge,   he   replied
promptly, "Six mouths older thun my i
uiother."-ll Itlsn Medicine Tonti, one of thei
pioneers ol French Canada, lost a I
hand and  wore   an iron hook «« a i
-nh lilnt'       Me   wa-   ill   the    of j
boxing ine ems ol refractory Indiana
witli ihi- nnn hand, mil they have
remarked lhal h »us "great medicine." i-i Thomaa1 Electric Oil i.
'out medicine; it takes hold ol pan
with un iron hand un.l knocks it oul i
it the -y-i.'in.
Your Doctor
Cnn cure your CourIi or Cold,
no question about that, but*—
why go to all the trouble nnd
inconvenience of looking him up,
and then of having
rilled, when you can step inlo any
drug store in Cumuli, and obtain
a bottle of SHII.OH'S CURE
for a quarter.
Why pay two to five dollars
when a twenty-five cent
bottle of SHILOH will cure you
as quickly ?
why not do as hundreds of
thousands of Canadians have
done for the past thirty-four
yeara: let Sll 11.011 be your doctor whenever a Cough or Cold
SHILOH will cure you, and all
druggists back up this statement
with a positive guarantee.
The next time you have a
Cough or Cold cure it with
Variable   Indian   Voter.
"No paity  can  lately count  on  tin
vote  of  the   In,linn        The    .-u,alios
thing   can   cluing,•     his   view,"     sail
I<>liii Y i'loic. of Bartlesvllle, IT..
01 1   tho  olde.-t   liidiiin  tru.I..',s   ii
tin* territory.
"Some time ago tin* Osage  Indinii-
were called into council. The Pen."
urate prepared a least for them. Ihey
barbecued h.*ef and hid th.* Indiana
trail, And the Indians were 'for' tin
Democrats. Then the Bepublioans In
.•ited them to a barbecue, and lhe,
,ie.e   'foi'   the   Kepiibliciui.s.     After   il
waa all over the Indians met On.
..f them addressed the meeting.
"'Democrat, good; fed Indian,' ba
said.   'Republican, good; feed Indian
'Ihen  lie  concluded:    'Both  good.
Indian go home.'
"And thev   went "  —   Kaiisiib  City
Little Johnnie, having In hi*-) poa-
- i ion a eo rple ,,f bantam hem
■rhich laid v,*rv small ecu.-, auddsnl)
ii! a plan. Doing oi"* morning to
the fowl-nn. Johnnie's '"'' it was
itirprlaed to Bnd an ostrich egg tied
to ons "t the beame, and above it ■■
■lll.l    w Ith   lhe   11 oI  ll
"Keep youi eye on thia nud do you
Kldnev    Cry      Cnn    in    the   l.l.-:'.    ia   ill.
cry ul  tlitr kidney-  !■ r  he.p.    iu neglect
tin* -all is I,, de.ner the i.ody over lo a
.!.-   il  |   l I lil'l,    ti.tlllf--.      nil I    1111,11, v      ul,
dealr,,, log South Ami-man Kidney t',.re
hns power akin to mini, ul,",- in helping
th.* niH*dy 'i'lii, i - out of the mirr ef dis
>*..-,      lt   relieves   iu  ">*.   Injurs,   it.
Hamilton W   Mabte, in addressing
•he -tmi, nt- o| the university ol Chicago ai the convocation, hailed Oer-
uiiiiiv an,i Japan as the nations ..I
leetiny unless tmerioe draws on
scientific, commercial and >*du-
a.i. ni! methods
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Ditternper.
"Von don'l   say!"   exclaimed   the
"Yea. l.e lefl b ihind blm a nob  •
the povemor ol the state beginning
'I ln.|s* you will pardon me Ioi lhe
liberty I'm inking.'"--The Catholic
stun,lmd and Turn**.
Stat* of Ohio. City ot Tol.-slo.
Lucas County.
Frank J Cliene, makes on tli thnt ha
Ip seiiloi parlnel of the hnn of T. J.
Chen, i It Co. doing buslnet.. lu the city
of Toledo. County and Stale ,ii,.i ■ s.e.i
and n,,<i am.I firm will pay the sum of
ONI HUNDRED l".|.l.w:s f.n en. h ani
om cast* of Catarrh that ennnot Is-
currd by the use of Hall's CrIhiiIi Cine
Fwnrn tn before me and sul.s.i ll»-*tl in
mv iilrsenre llila Glh dnv of I ».,,*..,i>l*>>
A    P    ISMi A    «     HI I'.l.soN
Itlral l N 't'O.    1'i.l'H '
Hull a Cnlarth Cure la taken Internally
and acts 'Ic-elly on the bio, d nn.l m.i,-
oua   nirfaeei 01   llie       Bend   foi
I.-stiii,,."Inl-  tirr
F.J CHENEY   *  CO.  Toledo,  c
Bold  liv  ull   hitigglsts.   ?.r
Take Hall a Kumlly Pllla for constipation
A  husband was  being iirriiit* I   n
-iniii in u suit brought I.y his wif.
lor cruelty.
"I understand, air," said the judge
addressing the husband, "that one 0
the indignities   you have   showered
upon your wife i- that you have ii"'
spoken   t"   her   fm   three   yeai * I
that   s" •"
"It   ia,  your  honor." quickly  iili-
wei.-ii ih.- husband.
"Well, -n," thundered   the*
"why didn't vou -peitk to her, maj
I oak »"
"S inply." replied the huaband
"becauae I didn't want to interrupt
bei "   Pittsburg Presa
I wa- cured of Rheumatic Qoul bj
Halifax. ANDBEW KIM;
1 whs cured of \cute Bronchitis l>\
l.T-coi.   c   CREWE READ.
Iwe.s cured of   Acute   Rheumatism
Miirklium, Ont.    C. S. BILLING
Pirsl Wait—Christmas i- comin'.
Becond Waif   Wot's Christmas)
ln-t   Win:    It's  when,  if  yet  rich,
yet gits new  do ea
Secopd Win.'-  Don't we pit mm '•
l'li.-l   Wail    Naw
Second Wail   Wl > !
I 11-1    Wail'     We -      Why.    we     le • dl
'em I—Judge.
Km Tin* Overworked—What me the
cause- of   despondency   ami   melon*
.holy - A disordered liver I- ona
cause and a prime one. A disordered
liver menu- a disordered stomach!
iiinl a disordered stomach means dis*
tin banc,- of tlie nervous system. This
bring- the whole body iiiio aubjec
inm and the victim l- -uk all over,
Parmelee'a Vegetable Pills ars s  re-
tognised remedy in this state uud re-
tel nill (ollnw  their use
', Curloua Ona Still Extant In Clouceeter-
', and Somo Others Obtain
In Yorkshire.
In theae daya tbe uae of agricultural
machinery baa driven almost ull manual lul,',i- from the hurvoet Held, und with
It have disappeared most of
quaint custom*, which endeared ibeaea-
aon to the farmer aa wall aa io his men.
One old-foahloncd Qlouoeatersnlra
farmer, however, at ill Keeps up as
many of the old ciintoni-i uh he can.
All hla wheat, barley and .nils are cut
by hand, Juat as in the days of half
a century afro. The first aheaf ln each
of hla -wheat fields he hius always cut
himself, and the bhidliiK. ur lying together, of It has always been done by
hla  wife.
It waa a nualnt Idea of bis own
When the reap.-ra, to tbe number of
three or four, ure ready to begin, lie
appears In the field, armed with a
bright alckle sacred to the occasion,
wllh which ho solemnly proceeds io
cut the first sheaf. Just us nolemnly
his spouie, who accompanies hhn,
takes up a handful of the newly-cut
wheat, and with it ties tho sheaf together.
Refreshments are then passed round
to the waiting reapers, and, bidding
them God-epeed In their work, the
farmer and his better-half leave them
to It. If they mnke it mat, even Hubble they always roc.elvn an extra ahlll-
ing or two for their palna.
Gleaners are rarely seen In Ihe harvest fields now, tut there ls ut least
one farm ln Herefordshire where the
wives and children of the harvesters
turn o%t after tho corn has been gathered In to pick up the scattered eara
J that have fallen.
It Is surprising how much wheat  a
i family   of   three   or   four   industrious
J children  can pick  up ear by ear.      Ii
| must be  back-aching work, and  cannot be very profitable, but tn  this Instance It la done more for keeping alive
an old custom than for unytblng else.
Every afternoon when there are any
gleaner!   at   work   the   farmers   wife
sends out tea and cake for all, which
la  much  appreciated  by  the  workers
When they have finished for the aea-
snii the farmer adds a bushel of -wheal
to  each   collection   and   pays  for  the
grinding of the grain at the flour mill
A Yorkshire farmer, ren'mined for his
genuine hospitality. Insists on all   his
helpers  attending  his   harvest supper
though  as a rule they do not require
much pressing. The tables groan under
the load of good things provided, and
the guests are Invited to eat to their
be.iris' oonlent.
Part of the meal Is the fruit of their
own Industry, for the bread on the tables la always a special -baking of loaves
made from tho flour of the recently-cut
wheat. Of this u Uiat ls given lu each
worker when he leaves for home
Drlffleld, In the east riding of York-
alilre, la one of the few places_ln the
country were tha undent custom of
ringing the harvest bell Is still oi>-
aerved. Tha ringing Is to notify the
Inhabitants of tbe district that tho
time has arrlvod for them to cut th"'.r
As soon as the grain has ripened, one
of the bells of the pariah church rin'.*-
out at t, o'cl ick In the tn'rnlng the
welcome intimation that reaping time
has come: the mme bell, throughout
the harvest, signalizing Hie fail of eventide by again lulling at 8 p. m. It is ar.
Interesting fact that for upward- of
fifty years the harvest bell ol Dl '.
field was rung by one and the - lit •
parish clerk, a record which s'.uil-
almost   unique.
In the t .wn of Richmond. In the
lame country, a very curious and an
dent harvest custom ts observed
Tlnre for many > • ir-*. 11
tho practice for the mayor of lhe borough to present a bottle of wine to the
person uin first tukes Into the market
a itunple of newly-thresh, d  a
Needless to say, the Competition for
the honor of first corner am! the coveted bottle of wine has always been
pretty keen, though the recipient haa
not always been tbe same.
A l.lnc Inshlre landlord used le
make a somewhat similar present, but
In this case the present went to that
one of this tenants who was the first
to start cutting his wheat. The gift,
too, was a great deal more valuable:
for, Instead of a single bottle, it consisted of a whole case of wine.
lt  is a (Tutsi thine to stick lo what
>oii say, but remember   that   whal
you say is very likely In stick to you
.or a  loll'.' tunc.
Money aavad is money made, but
ou always huve to make it lirst.
It looks ii- ii moot • wn Id -""" Is*
.■uiiict as the buffalo l. ■ the wny
they an* being slaughtered thia yen
6l"*"i. Worita ny a Ne* York Specialist
"After yeara of testing and comparison
I haie no he.itatlon in saying that lir
tittle*. - Cun- for the Heart is the quickest, safest, and , litest known le BMdleal
-. ten. ,* I es.* II In my own prorthe
lt the most Brute forma of heurt
nl" i nt Inside nf thirty minutes and
never falls. '   JS.
"And shall yon carry oul your plan
d visiting dis blue Kroitu ut Capri
in- vear, Fran Lammer'-"
" via-' no. l'niu Suits we are In
mourning ihia aummer, ao are are go-
ing to tin*  Itla.k  I -I "    I'miiio.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratchet and
• very form ol contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes by
Wolford'i laiiltary Lotion.
One Toot in th* Grave."—If the thous-
uiil- of people who rush to so worthy
■ remedy as Hi.ulh American Nervine lift last resort would get it as a lii-t resort, hoi* mm h misery and suffering
...mid Ih- spared If you have any nerve
disorder ynu needn't suffer a minute long
er. A thousand testimonials to print. It
It  i- now lieint* charged thai  Mi
Carnegie's gift   is pauperising   students nu.i tutors ami changing    hu
the worse the whole nature ni Aberdeen university.
No matter imw angry a man muy
ll"   he   I-   sllle   lo   choke  oil   lhe   hlil'l
of charity without the buttei of kind*
Dangera of Haate.
A physician In The I.anc't warns
hla readers against the hasty expression of opinion by doctors about Ihe
nature of tbelr patients' ailments Ai
a ollnlc was ■ sublect with a murmur
In hla heart and with one of his eyes
dilated. The peculiar appearanoe of
the eye eeetnod to have Born,- connection with the cardiac affection, but
various opinions were expressed by the.
dlfforent atudeiils as to what the pre-
die nature of this relnllon could be
The discussion was Just becoming Interesting when the patient lemarked
that hla itrungo looking eye was made
To discern ami deal immediately
with causes nn.l overcome them, rather than to haul.- with effects after
the disease has secured ii lodgomon,
is the chief aim of the medical uian.
ainl itickh-'s Anti-Consumptive Byrup
is the result ni patient study along
this particular line, Al the Brsl ap-
i.iun.i a most efficient remedy, m-
oearanoe <>( a cohl the Byrup will i>*
resting   development   mul   speedily
healing the infected purls, so that the
ailment   disappears.
I'mlcssui    I'riiiilcin.   tell     me   whnt
ynu know of some Important events
..I the i'n -i hull of tin* eighteenth
Khun Hooped skirts were the (ash-
bin.- Ueggendorfer Blaetter.
Talk mny be cheap, but the telephone companies Imve "ot mighty
rich handling it.
Minard's   Liniment   Curea  Garget   In
That Cough
■which ordinary remedies have not reached,
will quickly yield to ,
say's Syrup of Red Spruce
It   is  better  to  out   warm
tin n   few   folks  than   lo  talk
oeleatial garments lor mnny.
11 c-araa Iboae heavy, deejs-aealed roof ha-lske-* ••*•»
the eorantsa-heaU the Ihroal—Jtrenitbem lhe lungs.
Hone Ihe Uu tOecllvt becaune It (• pltaoant to Uke.
Jus! Iry one bottla and see how quickly you s*l "d
of Uut cough.   At your druggists.   Mc bottle.
Is there inntiiiiiR more annoying
Ihau having your eorn Stepped upon'
Is there anything more delightful
than ncttniK rid »f it'-   Hollovmy s
Corn I 'tire will do It.    Try it und  he
in the t'. l!  H. estimates f«r next
\om Is a sum of $20,(MK1 lor the enc-
tmt nf ii brick station at Wclaski-
Watering and Feeding.
Many horses are Injured by being
fed first and watered afterward, often
the last thing before hitching up for a
hard day's work. A horse ahould always be watered lirst and fed afterword, and thia ls a good rule to follow
when roniing In from work. Ii will
nol hurt a horse even If a I'.'.i'e warm
Housing Sheep
lly nil means have a Oomlortabli
hern thnt will afford itlfflcient warmth
from wintry weather, hut see Ihnt it i-
well ventilated b.v allow ing plenty ol
nir to get in. He careful about leaving windows and doors open in such s
wav as to cause drafts, ns the sheep.
and especially lambs, are very susceptible to colds, influents and kindred
alllirtions. Po n.-t eloSS nil the windows nf a barn for a tune until the
sheep nre nverheii'i"! nil.I then open
them all smMenlv, as such proceeding
wuuld very likely be followed with
bad results through the sheep contracting seven- oolui from tlie atidden
change ol tempcrutme.-■ Farm Prog-
Protittion From Mice.
The Minnesota expetimciit station
aays that some experienced tree growers recommend the following treatment ns protection tititiinst rabh.ts an.l
mice Make a thick whitewash, about
Iho consistency ol cream, to which add
enough blue Vitriol to give a "robin'*
ecg blue" colot i'i between two
rows nn.l apply with a brush, coaling
that side ol e.ic'. row which il next to
Ui* otteistor.
1  ,?.4GH«*C#
It li alto • specific for
Cough Pttl  Lien  tn tordunction with
AN Tl.Pill      "lha Oreat  (Syalam Treat.' - la • not.Has preventative of and
cure for La Qrlppa.
Bold by All Druggists er
lhe   WIlSON-mi   00.,   Limited
NIAGARA FALLS. ONT.        foi
'ludt efont
In a vati-ly ol styles.
luhriii and I'oni. lor
v, ■-'.:' a, in■■ ii and
(Inlilroi. I'orm-htlerl.
Dealeri are authorized
to t'l'l'i - instantly and
at our cost any Ptn-
Angle garment faulty
in n.itrrial or making.
Pen-Angle Underwear ie form-knit
so it can't help
fitting your figure,
- it'a made of
long - fibred w:>ol
so it won't shrink
- and it's guaranteed beaidea. The
whole idea is to
make it so good
you can't afford
not to buy hy tha
trademark (in
red). m
Precaution! to   Be   Taken   to   Prevent
General Infection.
Tho necessary precautions bbo'ild
be taken lu the early part of a hug
cholera iiur.lii•■ui. In order lo pn
a general Infection of the h"Ka In it..
neighborhood. The di eesed herd ei
herds ahould he quarantined and all
possible ways In which the germs can
In* distributed bj people, dogs., stray
i.oKa, etc., caret,illy guarded ufialiiBt.
Tnu very Important factor! li the
prevalence of bog cholera ure, the little Interest taken by some swlue
raisers lu the health of the herds and
the neglect of necessary precautions
for preventing the spread of Infection
to neighboring herds. It is advisable,
then, to place hog cholera under slate
and federal control and use police
sanitary measures ln the control of
this disease.
At the beginning of a bog cholera
outbreak, It Is best to move the herd
Into new yards. The yards ihould
be large enough to prevent crowding,
as In crowded (piarterB the opportunity for Infection la greater and ad
dlilonal care Is required ln order lo
keep the surroundings in a sanitary
condition. Sufficient shelter Is necea-
aary, for exposure tn the hot rays of
the sun, storms, chilling winds, etc.,
tends to lower the vitality of the sick
animals. The very sick hoga should
be removed from the herd and given
E.'iiarate yards, or destroyed. How-
evi r, the necessity of using this latter
precaution depends on the number of
hogs tbat are sick aud muy not be
practical when a large per cent, of the
herd becomes diseased.
The tar disinfectant should be used
dally about the feed troughs, floors,
sleeping quarters, etc. No less than a
2 per cent water solution of the disinfectant should be used end every
week, If tbe weather permits, the hoga
aboula be dipped or sprayed with a 1
per cent, solution.
The bogs abould not be fed on the
ground, or allowed to drink aurface
water. A aloppy diet of shorts, bran,
and corn or oat meal Is beat for the
sick and exposed animals. Tbe water
and slop must not be left ln the
troughs for the hoga to wallow ln,
and ln order to leasen tbe opportunity
for Infection through the food, powdered copper sulphate ahould be added to tbe slop and drinking water tu
the proportion of one ounce of the
copper sulphate to every tea gallons
of water; copper sulphate may be dla-
aolved In the alop.
The dead hogs abould be burned.
This la not a dlff.cult taak. If the
bodies are placed on top of a pile of'
wood that burrs quickly and makes ,
a hot fire. If disposed of by burying.
It should be well done and lhe bodlea
covered with lime.
At the end of the outbreak, the lota
houses, etc., ahould be cleaned and
disinfected. All litter ahould be
burned and the ya-ds wherever poa*;
alble. plowed. If the herd hue bee :
moved from old to new quarters. It Is.'
of courae. unnecessary to wait until
the end of the outVeak before giving
the old quartera a thorough cleaning
and dlalnfectlng— It. A. Craig, Purdue Experiment Station.
The "Autocrat" of Egypt.
Mustapha ICamel Pasha, the Egyptian
Nationalist leader, ln an Interview
with the l'urls conespondent of the
Pall Mull Qasette, declared that Lord
Cromer ls tho worst friend Oreat Britain could have. "He had un admirable
opportunity of winning our love, but
he has acted as an oppressor, as a tyrant.
"Tho dete-rtable fact ln the governance
of Egypt Is the hypocrisy which Is over
everything. An autocrat o- a tyrant,
recognized as suuh, slmpy impose-*) his
will. Lord Cromer Imposes his will Just
as surely, but through the forms of
law. He la an autocrat as great aa Abdul Hamld, the Czar, or the. Kaiser.
"We are constantly being made to
feel that we are an Inferior race. In
what way are we Inferior? 1 am sure
the Fellaheen are as Intelligent as the
lower diuaes ln England, and aa capable of self-government. We ask for a
constitution, for nn Egyptian Parliament, 'uch as was pr rniLscd to us wben
the regime of Khedtva Tewflk was suppressed. For 24 years we have waited
for that Parliament."
Kamel I'aaha denied that his following desired to come under Turkish,
German, or any other tutelage, "We
wish to remain Egyptians."
Guard of the Cows.
Out ln India one actually finds English soldiers steading aentry ever .rows.
The cow ls a sacred animal In thi eyes
of the Brahmins, and this, of course,
leads ll.e Mohammedan i«.rtion of the
pvoulmlnn to take a s.ivuije delight In
putting to the sw* r.l all lhe cows upon
which they can lay hands at Certain
nines of the year The remit is that
religious conflicts of the most sanguinary chara.rler frequently take plai-e between Hi*- memli* ra "f 'Me rival .needs.
It ls wiih the objeel "f i*r. in atlng riots
arising from eow-kllilng by lhe .Mohammedans that English sentries are
now appointed in certain p'.c.e- *•-;.--
dally in Bombay, ti aland guard over
that public  i factor whom "Tommy
Atkln. " deeply di-^jmiLd, has chrUt*o-
•kl "Sain: Cow."
Clirlyle on   lilsrn, 11
William Black, the novelist, In bia
reminiscences of '.'nrlyle, reports him
is saving. "There's that man Disraeli.
They tell me he is a eood speaker,
l'erhapa I do not know what a good
■speaker la. But I read a speech of hla
that be dellverisl iu Glasgow a year or
two ago, and It npiieured to me tbe
greatest Jurgon of uonsense that ever
got Into any i>oor creature's head."
Haitian   Ulplontaer.
Once upon a time a president of Belli, being lu doubt us to bow to deul
witb two Swiss subjects, Inquired of
bis foreign minister, "Una Switzerland any navy:" On being answered
In tbe negative tbe two Swiss were
cast luto prison forthwith.
The  Alabama.
The fumous Alabama was afloat
tweuty-two months. In that lime sbe
destroyed flftv-one vessela.
I'orai a.
Linseed oil Is a sure remedy for both
bard and soft coma. If tbey nre Indurated and very painful the relief
It gives in a short time ls most grateful. Bind on u plts-e of soft rag eat
anted with the linseed oil and con
tluue to di.mpen It with oil every uiulil
and morning until tbe corn can be re
■ oi ...l jvlthout pala.
HRE proof™
NOHOW SMU T  Ml 101   S 4SH .'. I B4 M I
Cleansing tha Milk Pails.
Dairymen realize the importance cf
having milk pails, cans nnd pans thoroughly cleansed and know that one of
the best methods oi doinc tills is to ex-
p—•■ the veasel lo the rays of the nm
.n tho case of milk pans there is no
bettor way than bull.ling a rack lacing
thc south on which the puns inny te
set at such an angle as will    permit
a soon una can
the greatest number of raya to shine
in it. In the caae ol the regulation
milk can. minething like tlie follow
ing plan will be found ol benefit. A
aection ol a convenient tsnos muy U
preesed into service in thia manual
Sail a light board nt top ami bottom,
and, il many cans are to be cared tor
daily, arrange the bottom an
both sides ol the pots Inch holes are
bored in these boards at intervals of
about fifteen inches, ,1,'pcii.lnig upon
the size ol the cans, tho holes are
bored at an angle ol about forty-five
degrees, nn.l into each is placed n
stick of tough wood about twenty Inches long. On to this the cnn is placed
the cover being placed In the ground
nn.l the cross-pieces attached ht
shown In the cut A in the Illustration represents the cnn cover in pint-
lion, lt the cnn. nnd 0 the holes In
the cross bar. Willi this arrangement
iu operation there is little chance nf
the cans celling soiled or ol dust blowing in them
Whitewash the Hog House.
This is the season nl the year whoii
the hog quarters should  be  put Into
the beet kind «f shape by   cleaning
them out   thoroughly,   whitewashing
tl'.in Inside and Out wherever the
lugs touch them, Air slnkeil lime
sprinkled an.mul the floor cf the pens,
etpeciniiy in ths corners nn.l sidee, is
nn exc.lleiit method cl treating the
floor. Troughs should be whitewashed
inside   nml   out   nnd   nir  slnkeil   lime
.. uttered freely around where the pigs
ars In ihs hsbll ol sating.
If there is some Iiiiii* in the troughs
it doesn't hurt; it is an sdvsntags By
sxsroislng cut.- sickness may be pro*
vented   Cleanliness  is one ol the  <e-
■I'liliiils It ii ii t" ni preventive, and
the lime waah ti an excelleut diainfec
" Dominion
Brand" Stocking! are made
for real boys—
to save mothers
moat of iheir
"Dominion Brand
are knitted of the strongest, toughest llrr.c.h Yarns—and
air strongest and
toughest where the
wear u hardest.
We guarantee the
wear of every pair bearing this lali-rl.
For Strains
—of Back
—of Stifle
—of Whirlebone
—of Fetlock
—of Pastern
—of Shoulder
—of Hough
—of Knee
—of Coffin Joint
Two or three teaspoon
lulu in a liuli* Kiini or Brandy,
cures Sprains, Bruises and
Lameness in 34 hours—tskSS
out all the sorenesi—and puti
horses 'on their feet again."
50c. a bottle.    If your drug-
gijt doen not have it, send to
N'atleaal brig ■ Ok-bIciI Ce.
I Imiiel, MialreaL     ,7
The beautiful girl tiptoed Into the
library, where hei lathei wsa reading
th.* (porting page and nursing a gouty
"Hi in- im- coin,-, lathei," the lettered.
"Who lm- come •' roared the old
"Why. Claude
'What' Didn't In* prouiae nevei
•" cross my threshold sgaiu •"
"He he dl In'l eroaa your threshold, pe     He  stepped   through  the
trap-dOl   .     I'll     ill--     !'•  ■( Voll     See.     he
■nine    in    I 1-    1111 -I   1, " I'i It.-but £
A. E. Mumford tells how Psychine
cured him after the Doctors
gave him up
" It is twelve years since Psycbioe cured
me of galloping consumption." The
•peaker wns Mr. A. E. Slumlord, sis icel
Ull, and looking just what be ia a husky
healthy farmer. He works hia own tm»
oear Magnetawan, Ont.
" 1 caught my cold working aa a fireman
on Ibe C.P.R." be continued. *'1 bad
night sweats, chilis and fever and frequently coughed up pieces of my lungs. 1 waa
sinking fast and tbe doctors said there
was no hope for me. Two months treatment of Psychine put me nght on my feet
and 1 have bad 00 return of lung trouble
If Mr. Mumford had started lo lake
Psychine when be first caught cold he
would have saved himself a lot of anxiety
and suffering. Psychine curea all lung
troubles by killing the germs—tba roots of
tbe disease.
50c. Per Bottle
l_J-C»r aitea   01  ona  11    all  a-u»»i.t_
CR. T. A. SLOCUM, limited, Tsrsat*
Eastern Canada
Tickets on sale daily  November 2-tUt
until December Slit, l»06
Return limit three mouthi.
Fullest   information
Irom  any-
Canadian  Northern
Railway agent.
KMKiiriffl I     5 or 500
'. rcRrtrrioN
—they  ue all
Kach biscuit
at light ai if
made by tairy
Baled to a
golden russet
So tie.h,
and in-1 . and
tempting, that
just opening the
hoi it teuing
the ippetite.
And   you
fi nd   1   new
delight in every
one you eat.
Yon get perfection
when you get
Sodas   -
SBOOtoS'SOO a vear
liking Orders tor Mit'l
Made-te-onitr Clothes.
Work ia easy and pleasant. Sales
quickly made. Your commission!
promptly paid. Complete and up-
to-date assortment of samples.
Over one hundred kinds of
suiting! for vour customers'
•election. Oooua sent C. O. D.
mbject to examination. Union
label on every garment.
No previous eiperieuce required.
Splendid opening for
On Good Mas in every Tm.
Write ut now wti, get full parti.
cnlari of tbis excellent opportunity
before we i.p|»int someone else ia
youi town. \
W.    N.    U.    No   817 .-.*. — —..
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ai i i*ib'ii«mi and frout bakeivirrTbumuay
I'i* Editordoll ant niJ resnnu-
IllilSIOl in* "I-iiii'im il ,'jii*.*«;,'iuJiii.u .»
prwM'il 111 IU  iMliiiiiii.
All i<w»la will be ehnrieil at Ibo rratu of 16
euuU tier llmi, llrnl inii-iiii'lti. hhU i0 r«uis |it*.
Un.'Osotl Hlltmirqiii'lil Iniirtlotl.
•feriuafor I'ranslsnl ami otter alvertlllBI
will he undo li.ut.w-u uu applli'Utlott hi oH.rt
gubseripiiuii t: •■ u inr, in Klvaaee.
I.A.N 1) NOTK'l'.
da vs n
•rciiy i1
• i.i'.i*.  I in
a|i|iiii nr'..*. lo  the i
sioinT ni I. iini- .V Woi'■
sio'i to purol i*  ilu* f
S.'l'il'.l   'iK'n'r'.      sill'ii'.
K'lOleililV district,  "ii I
of Fish River:
v. ii   I linl   I'.i
nni  to  ij ink t
r. if ( 'nlllllii*—
!..-. for |»*r mir
mm *-— • ..a*,
•wing tin
in   \\ ,.-
..i-i -i li
r tnnii'iii ing ni *i l-.'r-t planle
at the 8. W. eun rrofA. I>. Ma knv
Pre 1*ni|.ti"ii: ilu n'v eaat £0 chain
thencei-oir'i40cluiins; ilnin. ivt-ei
40 elm Ins; thence south 20 chains;
thence wett 20olia'ns; tlience soutl
80ohains; wed 20 chains, tl..n ■,
south 20 chnins; ihenee west i
Jam."- I lu i I.i idge's east line; ihenc
north lo Fish Kiver; thence follow
ing river bank io point of commenc
Dated, Kcl.niiiry liMli. iflOT.
Alex.  H.Mii'.av.   Locator
Odntraotl   Entered Into fof Packing of Ml.iin g Supplies   Etc.
to any Point in thai District.
prompt jfcj   S. DANEY, Prop.
J5*| Any Work
£&      Undertaken
Kj Guaranteed
Bj Satisfactory.
1 /egai Notice*
Osnsdiia mineral elm" llkitale in Hi"
Trout Lake mining division ol Wu»i
K-.ii.-mv district
Witt-re liutic 1     I'n SstSO Mile cr—k
South I UK "I Lard-JSB. '
Take notice that I, O.H   N    Wilkli
acting    iui   agent tor  David    Co*'] n
I*' \i c   Sn    UBS 1 OSi   aud John, 11.
nlokinan '     M     « .
[uJgini,  i" ny  d :" n*1'
iini*-     lien*'        i*     "i l      ''
i Minhig  liiicoriiei  tor   a i
i | riivcmaiita   (■ -  tin   !* "i" s
| ts inns' ii Crown Grant ol  tin'  shovs
\nii  furtlisr i.k. i, itlce thst nelloit.
' under iscl on ■'.. must  l»« rtimmeiieed
before iln* liiusncs ol i srl     its of Im*
pro vein. -Ills.
Dated u.u SQtli dn ol Aug., * P.1W0
Poplar Livery.
Freighting,    -     -     -   Packin
Rawhi ding
A Speciality
dtables at Poplfr.
_ar well Supplied with Liquors &, Cigars
Large Comfortable Booms.   Excellent Cuisine and Attendance.
Croat Xafte    ^mmm^    N
tyi./rt     a ■'■>' using Wan- •
ViviialtCr @   Company you ars s ':'•*'
• •   late |.inni.   (JovcrnwcutAnalysii
Supply 00. ® *** »**»***'l   c
r\    a Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
Tiout  Lake   Pity Tranafej
and Stage Line.
Trout Lake
WF-S Iflfl-P^     W00D    VALLANCE    HARD-
o    n.    JU31C_>V WARCCO* LTD
P atentMedicines
School Supplies
Dry   Goods,
I mi
.in i Raages.
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   ft
John Simpson,      Proprietor
•    TROUT LAKE,  B.C.
Best Hotel in Town,
Headquarters for Mining: ai Commercial Men,
IM£l.SOiM.  B C
<j Daily Stage wiil
" leave  Ferguwi
7 a.m.
Trout LakestJ
Lin connection.
It pays i" ii*-- the   Pi '• i none
*~j a » .•%       jm. Illv trip ran often be saved.
Craig     Wm. Crawfori
WIIOI l -All   DEALERS in Butte
tints,   Cli •• .-.    I . xluce   nn.l   ! r i
i     .   i      .i.r
.   inl Aii"
ni Beaton, Com
.1 'Ul :   :.
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
n   C
G. M. YU<
\\ atch-ropsiring,   etc.
MMm MM 1
^ I  1\\?      A ''   ,<v AM'
;\     /\  ?,uX   'tbatedtiy each
Imperial   B    k of Canada
-     PAID UP,
A i.
II. nil Offlcs
'   ii ■ t lAFrn
-   iksti liewsn
v' * ..*..*,
4.42 5.0C0,
4 42S.0G0
WILKIE   PreaUeal
-,   in the l'* n   ..*   ol
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT     !■•'■ ^lionets
••.in .late i,j . an.
F. B. Wells
Sandy Laughton
hi'iii • comforts.    Excellent
cuisine,    well   ventilated
II F.N visiting  Forgnaon you
sl,'mid slay ni tin. Lanlcaii
Hotel.    Here  Un*   mitor
•vl i     will   be   suriniiiiili"!   with
unci warm room*, mil
Btocked bar, Hnd-everything which
lords towards making yonr visit a
pleasant and .  bl • one.
Rates from ?1 day upwards.
I      We strive *, plcaso onr patrons.
RAW FURS      l^p.
• nil .* Itrethren cordially in
',.    I   .lll'lllMl.S,....      l*'.('.l'*,.|l|*ll.
. rt:ul I    LAKE    t.OI>01     I   0.0.1
NO. 11
K.'iiiilur IDMtlnsi held iii
lj.1'11.-il.«"    11
■"■i "I * .ilil« In   uuy
li itn to ru •
Revit ept.
© K
Barber Sbop
Arrowl   . .
0. Jasbbn    >  O.i
T. M. Sl,r| r
* Hssa*gino =
iolil or Silver .
told snd Silver
•iivernri'l l..*n.I
kipper .  .
$1 SO
fi OC
1 EO
     1 00
f J 50
S  shannon. Usayer
'i'rout l.ak.'. B. ( .
I ■•'
Uood Shave
; a
or Hair Cut
ok               ;.
11 *
Schnell, .
i not*
Hot and C
old Baths
itlJ   1 ;   ; /
Barber Sho:
Poi I,.-.i Hi
Bl'i .to
Hot ««<!   CoU  t-
■ •tu a Mel ».*• l   a. n»(u>
__ _ I.M   PINKUAM
Merchants   |r„rvbt hciarter & pinkhham
Dealers in all Idnda of Freeh Heal M,|!l ""1;-* *■■"
itiofri.AKi:. i,( .        ...
s fur ffiuuflaji JJiauo.
• s.-tst'ii TJ-.'»>- :-
I  ...  XLbc lftotei JBcaton   ...
.   BEATON,   b.c
Publishing Office of lhe
Lardeau    Mining
Y I BITOT? 8 arriving sl Be iloi    Iln llirprhold ol ths
via  \n,,'.ii.iii.!, iii1 Iiml 'i ia Holri ' * I*■* fully equipped
for lii'/h-ciai   in le    '*. ■ Ienl sn-nimnoitidioii.    A well
appointed ami spacioua iliiiiiig  Imi!.    The best ..f Wince,Spirits
nm! Cigsrs.   Personal snpervision i> piven lo the i ill ol
patrons. Visitors to the lardeau cnn relv on comfort st Iiiii hotel.
E. A. Haggen.
block, hliare nml Kinsneisl lirt.kcr
Heal Estate nn.l Insurance,
fire, Life, Accident, Health,
Oua'snlee and Kmploysra
Llsolltty I nan ranee.
Bole rsoressntstirs fur !.'<>n-
Combino IhSB/sneo'Cempsnlss in
Trout Lake, 'l-ersna-*«i, tlsslon
ami Camborne.
Corraaroiiilenrc promptly
W. BOYD -:-  -:- Prop
A small child in the Old Coun-I   Notice Is hereby given  thai  Si
try iv.i- sent tn i tiler si me coal nl l'i,vs afterdate,   I inl I ii spplj
the local cial sin |i. lo the II in. Chief Commiss'.
Arrived nt the t*m|.oriuiii of the !';,,"L" '" ! ''
mui. ;..:•. I * Mark dinmonds" -: •• '      " '" ' "    " '   ttWn.v
iinve him the ord. r and  tendered Attorn  tho f h    •     „
ihe tl        "ni!*.  ndvmiccd |irir. I;U"N Bituatc ia  West   Kootenai*
in  |..'.\ ■ eni   I  preof.    "Oh," eaid 'ilsl,ic :"
the ilea  t, "this won't d .   1 want     No. 1.     Commencing nt    p ill
hippo   se n >!.*. cosls ij coals m w, I'''11 '''' o:i the Routh-e isl i nmer
i ki
qaei I.
\I. Beatni
i •* pro - mplioii,   ii; *
child,   nnd thi n ns Bhe hnppi 1 A.E Evi i * 8outh-w
tn impart ih-   glad    tidings, theuce north   160 c    -  unci
di  "M.iili* r u* n t arf he glad ea*t 40 chains;   Ihonnn  f-otith 160
-ar ii. t'..r sin- foi! the last "en* chaii -:  thenco wo ' -t'i cluiins tn
I all slates " point, ol commencenynt.
Date.I. December 12<h. 190G.
A. E. Evans.
- No. 2    • ("nmincneinp at a post
U. Di  N    WILKIt,   r.L.O., 'planted nn the east line of   Local-
Provincial l.niid Surveyor,      I ion No. 1, and marked  A.   B.   Rv-
Mlnercl Cl.iims Anrveycd If I Soiith-ensi c truer post: I licnie
snd Crown llrants Obtained orth 160 chains,     tlien. .* ea ll   40
'■k"""" s,x,,t n:n,;,„,.„„,i,('i''''i"«.  thence soulh   i80.eli.ini,
hence west 4U chains    •  point of
1) rt ted, December 12 b,   1900
A.  E, Eva ii
[ERE drive been furlanea
made i.y jadielons Inrest-
ment in Reul Estate, and
more fortnnes will be made than
over the n**xt two of three years.
Tbe one who reaps ths harvest ia
the original investor, for he has
his mouey oo u certainty,
Now let ns point ..nt lu von that
there Is no better spol on iho Con*
t>t*-.-iit to buy Real Estate than
Trout Lake is the prettiest spot
he  K r   •'   yi ; a* u pie i- uro
.  - - ii . ..(iiiii. |i •
and iiii i>g may be indnlgi ' in
tho year roond : while I .- gHino
in abundance in to tho found on
tin* hills. Its climate Is superb,
there b.-iiiR no great extremes, it
being mild in winter and cool in
summer. It can boasi of some of
ilie fiii.--t hotels and residences in
Britiah Columbia, it- streets are
well laid oui and graded. Thero
nro two excellent genera] stores,
nod a glance at the advertisements
in this journal will show thai all
trades inn fairly well  represented.
Write with confidence tu Agents,
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
r */
■   —     '      -***(*   ^"mmm***^
Lots can be
obtain A on
Make your
'•election at
Then call on
r   writ*  to
I has never had a ' boom " In
growth lm- l.ern steady, li !'
tbe Ir-nd if ntvlgatioa, and
lha term!i nl i f iho Lardo Imn-b
nf lhe * P I!. All r»ali - •
Lardean) had to Trout Lake. H
i»   tin*  i.'iniiiin jal   ccnire    t ll.e
richest mineral district en ihe
continent, and Imt bunking iaelli*
ilei pn.vidid hy ihe In 11ii .'
I'nnk of Canada : fn»t ilnsri ichoel
arcommodailon under the dirrc
tion i f 8, Shannon, U.A.; t '
Wiilci SJ * h in ;  p vi II,in. nt 0*8    - -
County Court sitiiii^*-; Methodist
Episcopal md Anglican churjbes
snd cottage hospital.
There sru valuable ran th lands
on 'he outskirts BWiiting lettlvrs.
Lr- lun, resources am magnifl
.-i-i.t, and ;. hand caw nill with B
capacity of 60,000 ft. yer day is at
t' c lend of the luke. The mine*
tributary am proving out biggri
producers every yiar. aiih nev.
proaprcta opening up rich kotliub ol
Tliere -wiIt he a big rnMi thia
Vear. to if you would keen
more, wiile nt ouce to i il It i ol
the agents nt  (he addti-ssi-s Inlow.
F. B. Wells
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.


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