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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-08-22

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1,inn      '
* .*
\*. Besl ad-
n . <
«• -
w^W-i^v  6/U-v^j
I Sue reprem-intatii.;
nl tins r.ou L&rdetU
country. Scut t"
any ad dross for -$2
por aa. in advance.',
TROUT LAKI: CITY,   B.C.  Aug. 22.J.  1997.
No. 44
Nll,i" '«l"»rehy.givan that after
'piruti .11 of thirty days from
(he first   publication   hereol I
LO. Sep4 24thdfc25t*i1907|teud to0Pply loth* Board oi Li
fora transfer (.f th.*  lir,,,,,
►V me in respect ol lh*   I -i,
I: < .
orcy   Boyd
tyD   *    HIBH ' THE
jit, Flowers and
d|, 11 to Iho World f..r
[00.00  Cash Prize.
Icial Contests for LOGGERS
[t dul1 mirute for two daya
-te   and   Entry   Forma
I be bad from tb* Secretary.
J CURLE,   President
day    of  July
trii '.
•  Uol      Gen irrj
Lance 11 i 1 lm in and   I'.
ol ii,,* same pl
Dated I        I5ih
J-:. Mobbs.
per !•. C.   Klliott, bis Attorney.
District oi Weat Kootenay.
Tal thai    Kri.   Mr in.l.
■f ■' 'plar, 11. C.    Miner,   iir
l*lv for a   special   timber   ii-
• otcr ih* following described
*    Iriot   i      West £00
'■':'k* ' 1 Hial fl*nry Magnu.
"on. "' Poplar, B. C. Miner, in-
tends lo apply for n special Iii
the foil wing described Is
Commencing ai a > osl planted on
the weal aide ol Poplar Creek, a*
bout 20 feet from lhe bank of the
Oieek, and ubout G miles from tl.e
mouth of ih> creek, tlience easl 50
ohaina; theuce south BO chains;
thence west «0 chaini.; thenee
north 80 ehains to point of commencement and containing G10
acres, more or less
I. 0. O. F.
July 25lb. 1907.
Henry Magnuson.
mhikict * 1 wn .  1..     (may.
Commencing at a poat  pi.nt.-d Tak,*,
..bout 600 feel  fi *in   hunk  of   tho
on the west side oi Poplar   Creek,:   !)f  Ueaton, Loggers,   intend   to!0r*
Th* "i Rossland,
Grand 1 1 independent
Older  of .r rived   in
town Monday uigbt ami was warm
, ly reoeiTed by the local brethren.
On Tuesday   < -.-••nin^   »t    the
handsome hall owned by lli- local
lodge he was given   "Grand Honors" and addressed the Inrge nam
bor present on the  growth of  the
Ordei and itf solidity,both  financially and  numerically.    Ho   demonstrated by  the masterly  way
in v.hich  l>* handled   liis  SU
thnt ha was fiimiliar   with   every
: pltaao of Oddiellowism, both as lo
its ra»t, present and   its  falure
(needs and requirements.
The pret-ent membership of  tin*
As we go to press we learn
that the accident to Mr; Fowler
was caused by a hard-car.
She was severely bruised and
shaken,  but the doctor hopes  tO
Many   peopl*   aye    wondering
, and writing,    enquiring   why   rc-
piill her round in alwut a couple i.,
of weeks turns do not materialize on   min
ing   properties   thoy   hold    stock
George W. Stead is working
hard on bis big placer dredge at
(juld Hill. At present he has 7
men working and will increase
bis force to 25 or 30 when the
machinery arrives.
and about 7 miles from
mouth, thenco sonti.
IV    Nl U   LINKS IN  Al,!.
sa &     ■
i\.   1 .
••   Bilk Waists   I1
: I,   Collar*,   'I".
-  -.1 iranb .*.!  to
I itiaiaotion lo'.h as
».        priee ami adaplabiHi y
* ■   ul Unas   In  Stal ionery,
T *. Pipes. Cigars A
ids ol all '•■
Rout lam;, a.
_er in British Columbia is 1017
apply for a special timber licence a net increase daring the last six
over tl e f .Mowing described lands months of 208.
• Commencing at a poat plantrd  a-i    Afler  the matters serious had
IIU'IICC Wesl OU Cl UlllH      hei.ie l-..r-    ...hi. #»       .
,, •       '   ', b   'l li m,,M ,rom Ca'nbon..-,   on  been attended to, an adjournment
"""'!"ll:'   lhe   weat   hank   of   i*i-h   Rivar,lw„   made    to   the   "grill room"
™*meno*ment  1 irked ..„mioan „„,, „ , . ^ 1 retreihmenl, wer, „erTed,
conU.nmg 040 acm more or less   ,-„ K„ ,-.„„.   ,„ intermingle(1    wilh   ipiecb    a„d
lran<i'       cbaina north  following  boundary'song     Visit-jrs were present irom
ofrivci   thenc  160 chaini   v.- ".Cranbrook, Rsvelatokc, Camborne
""'  10   eliaini   M.uth;    tbence Beaton and Gerrard.
1-90 chaina east to point  of con;-     lu a few minutes chat witb the
iit   ol
James Cronin came down from
his Cooper Creek claims Sunday
last, where he is baring some development work done. He is
highly pleased witb the showing.
The Canadian mint will be iu
operation in ab.*ut six or seven
weeks time. Tho metal that ia
to be UB»d for the copper coin, ge
will be ootained from th* JTreii
in. The explanation is an easy
one. If any person or (arsons
start lo establish a manufacturing business, tbey leadily rsoog.
nize that before any dividends
or profits accruo, th*y must first
put up their money; Uuy laud,
erect a plant; purchase raw material and very often spend a
large sum in establishing a market
When they go into the mining business however, they imagine thai
all lhat there is to be done is to
purchase a mineral claim and
start "blowing oof $20 gold p«ic-
e-i. They do not go into the miu-
ing business on thc same basis af
i they would any other.
July 25.1907.
,:i" Mineral
. Ij
.-•..laic ,11 tbe ir* 'it !    I ■   M n*
inj Division ..(  tbe 1 1
• ■ \t ths      . 1
of lis '.       ■
T'i'*' ^< Ti   i: that I. 11.   A
Ixjtt, Free Mia      w 1 No.
1*'.. *• .*, intei ) In in
1 ■ ■   to   ti.e
Mining Ki corder lor a I
ol Imp
oi ol.t..
A. Hillman and W
July 24th. 19-iT.
District of Weal Kootenay.
Tske notice that  Benjamin  F.
Reamr, of Poplar, B C.  Prospect-
James  1    I ii (
1                 I'.. O. Hotel!      ■ '. in-
•• follow,I
Canadian banks  bare, it  is  estimated, ninety millions  ol   dollars loaned ou Wa:l   .Street,   New
The result is that good   legisla-
Mr.  Bmbleton expres-  jal ve Canadian enterprises suffer
led   himself   88   being delisted
with hi* vi.it.
Our    town—he    said—had   tl.e
most I eau'if ul situation
of any that be bad come across
an.l as a rest rt for the susm.r
tourist, would in a few years become equal to anything in Can-
1   .
ing .i'. a
feet   -ii   the
ar the
...       HI.             Comn                                     B      .   M| *,       ,..
rder lor a Cei                                    . ,,f   y..        ■ ■ "ir "■')
rcTeieents, for the  purpose'*!                    .   from   creek    itidl'                   I °]   ;,c   ' •l!"'",rnp
a   Crown   Granl                                                     mark Townaita, oiai •     '•"•»»
,   1      I U.I..   I
," corner posl
l]      ctol Waat Kootenay,
I*1,     lice that Leslie   Hi
B.C     Mil.11,   .
Mus lo apply (or a special lun-
h«no* ovor tbi following de-
' lands:
f*' 1     Commenoing at a i>osi
"•wl about J   mil*   vast   from
s u  corner of 1.70*11,   thence
M ohains; thenee   west   80
|"*v   ilii*urc north   HO   chains:
f"' '•■i-t H) chains   to  point  of
r,,cn«ement    and   containing
"'". mora or less.
Leslie Hill.
O. II. N. Wilkie,
lvm\ ut.  1907.
'       I' .
1 'iiiiinencing at a poi'
"'''ilal lb,* S.K. corner of 1,74
.lr""'- Luke,    tlience weet    80
1 "«; thence south 80 chains;
"'''"' s»' ohains; iheno* nor
chains to point of common, c
N and  eontalnlnR  6-10  nOrei
f"' or les*,.
Uslie Hill
O. B. N. Wilkie.
^8!s». 1807.
■   lhal
. -
, ite ol Improvement*.
;     day of Ju y.
\ I), I
! -XND DH rRlCT,
liiii'.rl.'t oi Weal K- tenay.
TA1 i-   1 • tiee   iii.it   Fuderick
Willlai . Leach ..f Qerrard, Store-
ks. pei ipply (»r  per.
uon to pur(     ■• following
1 ■-,! land:
>t a post pl
1 ner   of   Lot   I7J**.
1, irth   20       tins; tin n< *•
Un dcs -iouth   20
chains more ..r less lo Trout l.nke,
I them   1 '2 north shore
ol ] rout I ake lo point ol eommen
:.t, an.l containing 80 acres,
nu re or li
Frederick William Leaoh.
0   D   N   Wilkie. Agent.
June I Uli    1907.
No .'l. Commenclne al a ims
planted al iheS.E. corm 1 ol 1- 71
DITroutLki tbencs north 80ehainB|
tbeiuc ea I BO ohains; thenco sou.
1I1 80 i*lii.ins; thence wesl s,; chain
io point ol oommencetnenl and
coiiUining 010 acrt S, more or 1*8*.
I., slit)  Hill.
0. It. N. Wilk '■•
■iu 11st im. 1807
*. .   is ■ 1    po ■;
lo'weat .
ou'.h   ll -'■    •■•	
bains;   tl
;o point  ol c :i ii ei ■
iin:in F   I
Jan.. 1 1
By li. )■'. Reamy. Agent!
Jul)  '..'■;!>.  1807.
Bei   '■■■■ in F. Kearny
-    I!     l.ilid-ley.
By U. V. Reamy, Agent.
for the want of it.
Shackleton and Simpson are
working seven men at their marble (juarry at La Blanche, aud
shipping their product as fast as
the cars can be shoved into them.
The dark clomis that have been
hovering over us are being dispel*
led, and thc silver lining is show-
Now is lhe time to show loyalty
and "dig.'' I-et "boost'' be ibe
.lud^e Forin says   that   one   *f
the treaf-st   -assets   tlie   Lardeau
has, i.-i   its    magnificent   scenery
unequalled    attractions   for
the tourist.
We are alright and those who
have waited and toiled are iegin-
ning to see their reward.
When a man goes into any business Capital is the firat thing look
ed for and if the proposed exp**.
diture is 10, 20 or 100,000 the
money is in sight belore anything
'•1«.- is dune. Tin eame men, however, est turned around when a
mining deal comes up and go at
i' other end to,
Buy a mineral claim and then
go to work and raise mnney to pay
for it and develope.
In our own district we know of
people acquiring mining proper-
lies for good round sums; doiug
vome surface work and quitting.
What would be thought of men
'i i.o would build and equip a slier
factory, then jiv» up und saj
tliere was no money in making
••hoes. It is ju.t exactly the
same proposition.
('...into mining on a buaineai
basis an.) your chances of succe?-
nre good; if yc-.i do not, then you
had better go np against a "blackjack"' game with a buncn of "tin
hui 11s."
Wednesday,  Thursday and
Friday, September l&h.
lath. 20th.,  1907
Free Shows   Twice  Daily.
Cheap Excursion   Rates   on
all Transportation Lines.
For   Information   or   Priie Ii*t
P. O.Bor &,
C.   W. BUSK,   Pres.
'.7 .'fa "
s •e-tf*5=-*s=£J' *-* *•■** *■* °
M.i.iy people lusi and
ftiniu and Iret o»er tho
The othera um   "RIsinR
f-..il"  l-'Ioili.
An.iv Craig has it fo.
Trout  Lake
\     tuners,
D   C*
SEP. 2,1907
Double—1st 180.
Bingle—1st. fib.
I.-0*? Rolling
& Chopping
Horse Races.
A GRAND BALL '"the evening
The men who "make good" s
country or * district are those
who, .lay after day, and y.ar aft-
er year, express and show thii
Utmost coiili.i-.ncj in the ultimate
On the other hand, the pessimist it, the one who is the cre*te*-i
fact-T in retai'.iing its progress
All districts have both, but thaul
th" Almighty that in the Lardean
the optimistic fact*r puJomin-
For years the men of th* Lar-
deau have—in season and out Ol
season —talked of iis resourcefulness in mineral and timber, keep-
ng ii|. tlie agitation for tranf-
portation, which vojld enabh
them to market their products,
Slowly, but surely Ihey hav.
gain-d ground, taking what «i
could get and looking for more.
At last we see the one big factor iu the development of tin
country coining, in the shape 0
steel ''ribbous" running througl
the heart i.f the country.
It is now an established fac
that tho O.P.R, will build througl
as quickly as the mateiiiil can b«
procured. This will be followe
by elect, ic feeders as the country
progresses and its resources de*.
It mesns cheap transportatloi
and cheaper methods ol handlu.*
our raw material,   It means tb*
the prevalent opinion on the oul
sid*. that tho Lardeau is a closeii
district during six months in tin
year, will be 'kill-ail.'
It maam thai thousands ol
people wil! vlftlt thedistiiot dur-
thcyear, many of whom will see,
be convini-jd nnd invest.
A trial ol Rising Sun Flour
is all that i? necessary. After
that you'll use no other.
II. Murphy of Endcrby. and
Bruce White of Kelson, part *wn-
irs of the Winslow group, were in
:his week, looking over the season's work.
Tbe football club are giviijj a
lanco at Cierrar.l on Saturday
light to which a kind invitation
laabean extended to the people
■f the north end.
Arrangements have been made
.) run the "Praetor" and an agree-
ble time is promised.
Come and see the fresh consignment of goodl which arrived
in Wednesday night at F. Mur-
•av's store.
Mrs. Fowler aict with an acci-
lent below Pop'ar on Monday-
Pstails arc not y.it to hand, but
tc trust no serious injuries were
Ferguson is busy getlng every.
Iiing   into  shape  for their Labor
lay's sports, for which a substan-
<lal program is arranged.
ST. A. A. mniiMiiiv i-ihT.ii
(Alternate Sundays onl •.)
Sunday   School 10.30 a m.
Regular Service 7.80 p.m.
Service at Ferguson, 3 p.m.
* *-•,■*.
X   Local and Ceneral.   $
Mr. McPhail   the   new   sciioi
teacher, came iu last week  from
Midway, where   he  has  been for
the laht seven yiars,
School will re-open on  Mun lay
Aug. -• .'..
Rev. Pnfessor Rurwash,   ni the
Columbian College,     X*w   Westminster, occupied   the   pulpit   at
he Methodist Church on Sund ay
The March sun was setting on the
hiunlet of La Riviere, In the pleasant
land of Toiirulne—Touraliie the tit
home of so ninny nohle chateaux, the
eraille of so (liun.i of the proudest traditions and the mosl Inspiring memories of the romance of love and oblvulry
In the history of France.
Audit- was atundlug ln the churchyard of the hamlet, hut It was not at
the landscape that he knew so well
thut he wan looking, nor even up tlie
slope beyond, where the grent Chateau
ile Beau Sejour shot us towers and
pointed turrets through its enclrcliug
domain of wood. Ten leagues away iu
the dim distance lay Nerac, the poverty-stricken home from which he took
his title, und whose meagre patrimony
encumbered with the debts of his ancestors and his own barely sufficed to
provide a living for the widowed
mother to whom thut morning he hud
suld good-bye and whom the English In
the Low Countries might decide he
should nevei see again.
Yet it was not of his mother that he
was thinking, still less of the enchant-
tress of the forest whose identity he
had discovered—one Mademoiselle
d'Etiolles she hnd proved to be. "Iji
Petite d'Etiolles," as thnt gay Lothario
the Due de Richelieu called her. the
daughter of n Farmer-General, a bourgeoisie notorious for her beauty, her
wit, and her friendship with the wits.
Indeed he hnd forgotten the rose-pink
divinity in the azure phaeton entirely.
N'o, he waB striving to pluck up courage to face Denlse and receive her answer. For if that unswer was not what
he desired it would be better to ride
straight down Into the Loire and let
the lust male of the Utilise of Nerac
put nn end to It for ever.
Twinkling lights begun to shine In
the greut chateau; its towers and gables Insolent In the majesty of their
beauty, strong in the might of their
antiquity, challenged and defied,him la
the dusk. That was the chateauVif *,!#
Denlse, the Marquise de Beau Sejour
whom he, gnllant fool, rich only In his
noble pedigree, dared to love and hoped
to win, Denlse the richest heiress In
France. Yet It hnd not been hers so
long; Its broad selgnorles were a thing
of yesterduy for her. Fifteen years ago
she, as he, had heen ouly the child of
a vlcomte as poor if as noble as himself. And Beau Sejour lay not here,
but ten leagues away, a mile from Nerac, where that church spire bung its
cross above the horizon.
The soft gloom of the growing dusk
Imnged for Andre at that moment the
sombre pull  of tragedy which  twelve
years ugo had fallen on the great chateau.   An auelent house, a venerated
name had been Its owner's; were not
their   achievements   written   ln   the
chronicleR  of  France?  wus  not  their
origin lost In the twiligh. of dim uges
far, ao far away? Capets and  Vulois
and Bourbons that house had seen coming  and  going ou   the  throne,  honor
and  fame and  weulth und  high    endeavor  bad  been   theirs,    and    tben
shame and doom, swift, unexpected, Irreversible. The   story of their downfall
had  been   his  first  lesson  learned  in
budding manhood of the harshness of
the world and the mystery   of   fate.
Such a simple story, too. The wife of
the Marquis had run away with a lover,
a buseborn stranger gossip culled him.
The lover hud deserted her, why und
where no one knew, uud disowned by
her liusbund she hud died miserably.
Her husband, u soldier and ambassador of the great Louis Quatorze, bad
In despair or madness   plunged    Into
treason, and had paid the traitor's penalty on tbe scaffold. His only son and
heir, from remorse or consciousness of
guilt, had  perished  by his own  hand
In  Poland, whither he hud    gone    to
tight lu the war. And here to-day at his
feet   n  rough  und   stained   tombstone
murked the neglected gruve of the only
duughler who hud remained. Had Bhe
lived she would tn-nlght have been just
two yeurs older than Denlse; had there
been no treason, she and not Denlse
would have been mistress of that chateau now called De Beau Sejour.
Denise's futber for service to the
stute hud been awarded thc lands of
the traitor; the old name for centuries
noted In this soil hud been annulled In
Infancy; Its blood was corrupted by
tin* decree of the law, and by the
Klng'B will the new Murqtils hud carried to his new possessions the title
of his old, thut Beau Sejour yonder so
near to his own Nerac. Tbe law and
the King so far as In them lay had determined that tbe very name and memory of the ancient house should be
blotted out for ever. But blot out the
chateau they could not. There It stood
haughty as of old, to tell to all what
hud ouce lieen, and the curious could
still reud here und there ln Its storied
wulls Ihe arms and emblems, the
scutcheons and shields of a family
which hud given nine Marshals to
France, and In whose veins royal blood
hud flowed Ml...* did tbut matter now''
To-day It belonged to Denlse, onco poor
as he wus, und destined to be bis
bride before (his sudden swoop upward on the ruins of another to tba
high pluces of France.
As Andre paced to nnd fro In    th*
dusk the ghostly memories thickened.
Twenty years ago as a boy he had ridden with his father to thut chateau. He
reminemberi'd  but two things, but he
remembered them ns vividly as yesterday. Over the chief gateway a splendid
coat of arms bud caught his    boyish
funcy and he hud asked what the motto "Dleu Le Vcngeiir"    might    mean.
"Why, futher, there It Is again," he had
cried, for In the noble hall, above the
lain..11    sculptured  chlmney-plece,  the
first  thing that  cuught the boy's eye
was the scroll with those thrcu words
"Den  Le  Vengour." And  tho  second
memory was of a little girl    playing
with a huge wnii i....nni In the dancing
firelight under that motto, a little girl
with blue ayaa nn.l fair huir, Innocent
of the evil to con..*, pluylng In her hall
which hod seen  kings and queens for
■guests. "Dleu Le "engetir" she hud re
peuted—"(Iod   will   protect  mo," and
they hnd nil laughed. But hud (Iod poi
lected her? Here was her gruve at his
feet  Andre now recalled his dying father's  remurk  live  yenrs  Inter,  when
he  Inul  beard  how  his neighbor    the
('..niii* (|, Bean Sejour hud been reward
ed with the 11... on tainted niarqulsate.
"That would hnve been yours, Andre,
my son," he hud said. And no one hud
understood, und he hnd died before he
could  expluin,  If  expluln    he    could.
Thut.. tmi bud beeu onclher i.V'n*-
ei.it in tne crUelt**** of flirt, IB He Weak
bitter tragedy of baffled and unfulfilled
Smitten with a sudden pity, a sharp
anguish, Audre kneeled In tbe damp,
tangled grass and peered at the tomb
stone which marked the humble resting-place of the deud, worse than dead,
dishonored and infamous. "Marie An-
gellque Jeanne Gubrlelle   ..." the
rest was eaten away. But in the church
j close by lay the coffins of her ancestors,  tbe crusaders and  nobles,    and
[ Marshals of France.    The names had
beea    obliterated.    But   not   even    a ;
wronged king hud dured to remove the j
tombs with which thut church was elo- |
que nt of tbe glories that had once been
theirs. Yea. they luy there of right, but
she, little Marie, cradled in splendor,
Who had prattled of "Dleu Le   Ven- I
geur," she, the daughter of a wanton |
and a traitor, lay here ln the rain, and
the sheep and the goats browsed over
her, and the sabots of those once her
serfs and tenants made an Insulting
path over her grave.    And up   there
another reigned ln her place.
A traitor! Yes, his daughter deserved her fate. There should be no mercy
for traitors.
"What seek you. Monsieur le Vlcomte?"
He started at the question. It was
the Chevalier de St. Amant. boyish, Insolent, though his tone was strangely
"I was finding a lesson," Andr* replied quietly.
"In a tombstone?"
Andre explained. The Chevalier
•eemed Impressed, for he went down
on his knees and peered for some
minutes at the weather-beaten stone.
"Poor child I" he muttered. "Poor
Andre waa thinking the Chevalier
was better tban he had supposed, but
his next action Jarred harshly. Standing carelessly on the stone he gathered his cloak about him. "Ah, well," he
remarked, with his dare-devil lightness, "lt ls perhaps more fortunate for
you or me that little Marie ls where
sbe Is."
"For you or me?" Andre questioned,
peering into his young face.
"The Marquise awaits you, Vlcomte,"
he twitched his thumb towards the chateau, "perhaps you will understand better when you have seen ber," and with
a careless tip of his .-.nicy hat he
strode uway.
For one minute Andre burned to
seize tbat cloak aud speak to him very
stralghtly. "Pah!" he muttered, "It
will do later. Perhaps tt will not be
necessary at all."
But it was with Increased misgiving
that he rode up to the chateau.
Denlse received him in tbe great
hull, unconsciously reproducing the
picture which wus burnt Into Andre's
memory, for she stood with a certain
aweet stulellness by the sculptured
chimney-piece and a huge hound lay at
her feet. Above her head the emblaz
oned scutcheon of the old house still
adorned the noble curving—Indeed you
could not huve destroyed the one with
out destroying the other—and the glad
firelight which threw such subtly entrancing shadows on tbe dreas and
girlish figure of the young    Marquise
Seemed   tO   poilll   With  tongues  Of  tl_ III.
to that sublime motlo, "Dleu Le Ven
geur!" above her head.
Andre bowed and halted. Ambition,
passion, and hope conspired to choke
him for the moment. How fair and noble ahe was! yes, surpassingly fair and
Denlse said nothing. She stared at
the buckle of her slipper.
"I bave come for my answer," be
said, In a low voice.
She met bis pleading eyes fearlessly  "The answer la 'No,'" sbe replied,
and her voice, too, was low, aa If abe
could not trust It.
"No?" he repeated, half stunned.
Sbe simply bowed ber head.
"You mean It? Oh, Denlse, you cannot mean It?"
"1 bave reflected and I mean It."
"For always?"
Andre stepped nearer. "I do not remind you, Denis.*," he said, speaking
with a composure won by   a   mighty
mastery of himself, "that I love you,
tbat I have loved you since I could love
any woman. If you would not believe
it before 1 wa:. taken prisoner, wben I
epoke In the woods of Versailles, you
would not believe It now. Nor do I remind you that twelve month--- i ,;., you
■poke very differently. A loi n and *
gentleman  does not  speik    o.      »».T"
things when the answer bus been 'No.'
But 1 do ask you, before you say 'No,'
alwuys to remember tbal lt waa the
wish of your deud father and of mine
that tbe answer abould be 'Yes'"
"My father died five years ago,
yours even longer," she answered.
"Do the yeara alter tbeir wish?" he
asked, with a touch of pusslon, "do tbey
make a promiac, good faith, honor, less
a promise, |.*ss "
"There was no promise," she Interrupted.
He bowed calmly. The gesture was
better than speech.
"And your reason, Denlse?"
"I said I would give you an answer,
I did not undertake to give reasons."
"Certainly. May 1 plead,    however,
that perhaps,  remembering the past,
wbat you and 1 have beeu to each otber
slace childhood, I bave some right t*
She placed her fan on the shelf of
the chimney with sharp decision. The
firelight flashed In her grey eyes. "I
refuse," ahe said, very distinctly, "to
marry a man who doea not love me."
"Then you do not believe my
words?" be questioned quickly.
"You are a noble, Andre," ahe answered; "tbe courtesy of a noble and
a gentleman reaulres that when he
demands a woman's hand In marriage
he should profess to love her. For the
honor you have done me I thank you,
but a woman finds tbe proof not In
words but in deeds. You are a bravo
soldier, but you do not love me. Tbat
is enough."
"No, lt Is not enough for me," be answered.
"Very well" She took a step forward. "I bad uo desire to discuss
things not flt for k girl to speak of to a
man who bas done her tbe hi-mor to ask
her hand In marriage, and I would huve
spared both myself and you unnecessary pain. Plainly then and briefly,
when I take a husband I do not choos*
to share what he professes ls his lov*
with any other woman. Tbat 1* my
reason and my answer In one."
A flush darkened bis sallow cheek.
"It Is not true," be protested passion-(
r*|ljC "It llJioUcue." -    __
Easier ironing frfves
better finish on things
starched with Celluloid
Starch, the only no-
boil cold-water starch
that can't stick. You
will like it best, once
you try it Buy it by
name. Any good dealer.
v e •
T i
m   e -
•vou would deuy it'.'" she cried, passion too leaping Into her lolee. "Is
that letter to the Comtesse des Forges, one of my friends—my friends,
mon Dleu'— yours, or Is it not"" She
handed it to him with hot scorn.
"It wus written tw«tv« mouths ago,"
be suld, somewhat lamely.
"And the duel which it caused Is
twelve months ago. too, I siipik.se* T!ie
right arm of her husbaud tbe Comte
des Forges Is healed, but the wound —
my God! tbe wound In his heart and
mine, that you can never heal Aud she
Is not alone Does not Paris ring with
the gallantries of the Vlcomte de Nerac* Kor aught 1 know there may be a
dozen husbands in England who huve
lost their sword arm because Andre
de Nerac professed to love their
wives." She checked herself and was
calm again "I [hank you for the honor
you have done me, but—" she offered
bim the stateliest, coldest curtesy,
"Vicomte, 1 am your servant."
She would have escaped by the door
behind her, but Andre intercepted her.
"No," he said, "you do no( leave me
yet. I, too, have something to say and
you, Mapquise, will be pleased to heari
Their eyes met and then Denlse
walked back to her place by the flre-j
place. She was trembling now, and sbe,'
no longer looked him in the face.
"As to the past," he suid in a low
voice.  "I  say nothing, for I    deserve
yonr reproaches. 1 have been foolish, i
wicked, unworthy of you. But there is t
no noble to-day at Versailles of whom i
the same could not be said. Men are,
men. and I have never concealed from
you what I have been. But such things
do not destroy love. They cannot an.l I
they never will, and    every    women
knows it. My past, I assert, Is not your
reason "
"What then ls?" she asked proudly.
"I am  poor, you are rich, but  that
is not (he reason, either. Do not think
I would dishonor you by supposing that
1 believed that, though some whom you
call your friends suy It Is. No, the reu-
son Is (hat while 1 huve been uway, a
prisoner, defenceless, silent, some one
—"  he  paused, "some one has    been
poisoning  your mind,  some  oue  who
hopes to take the place       "
"Take care " she Interrupted.
"You speak of the gossip of Purls. I
will not tell you what the gossip of
Puris and Versuilles says, for you will
hear It und more fitly from other lips
than mine. Bin I aay, that poisoner will
answer to nie "
She wus ubout to speak, but checked herself.
"And 1 will tell you why. First be
cause I love you und 1 love no one else
You do not believe tt. You usk for
deeds, not words. In the future you
snail have (hem. And second, becauae
you, Denise, love me, yea, love me."
"Have done, have done wllb this
mockery!" she cried.
"Tell me," was his answer, "on your
word of honor, that It Ib not ao, tell
me dial you do not love me and never
will, tell ine that you love another and
on my word us a gentleman 1 will
never speak of love to you again."
Deud silence. Andre waited quietly.
"I refuse," she suld, slowly, picking
the words, "to be questioned In this
manner. But us you insist, 1 repeut—I
do uot love you.
Andre bowed. "One word more, Denlse, If you please," he said, "one word
and I leave your presence for ever."
She drew herself up. "Yes," she suld,
"leave me for ever." But for all that
she, us he, seemed spellbound lo the
Andre deliberately drew from his
po.l,.*! the letter that she had thrown
iu his teeth uud faced her. "Thank
you," he said, very calmly. "Now thut
I know you mean what you suld, I, too,
know whut 1 must do." He walked
"olve me that letter," she said with
a swift Dash of commaud. "lt belongs
to me."
"Pardon," he answered, quletl/,
"yesterday the Comte des Forges waa
killed by a friend of his whose honor
he had betrayed. The letter belongs lo
the lady to whom lt wus written, the
ludy who will be the Vicomtesse du
A faint cry escaped from Denlse'a
lips. For the moment ahe leaned faint
agulnst the chimney-plecc, white and
Andre looked at her, hut he mude no
effort to offer her either sympathy or
help Then he walked back, Denlse
watching him, and Hung the lotlar Into
the tire. Denlse started, but sbe said
nothing, though her great grey eyes
were eloquent witb bslf a dozen ques
"The letter has served Its purpose,"
Andre said. "Adieu, Marquise!"
"What does this—mis trickery
mean?" she demanded, hotly.
"You must forgive one who loves
you," waa the calm reply, "for love
laughs at tricks. The Comte des Forges Is alive and well: he has a wound
In his shoulder which Is only a scratch,
for the poor Comte ls always believing
that aome one Is betraying his honor
and Madame the Comtesse hns a fickle
heart. Yesterduy 1 was his second, so
I know."
"Then—then—" she cried nnd stopped.
Andre bowed most courteously. "You
refused to believe me. Mademoiselle: 1
returned the compliment nnd refused
to believe you—and I proved It by a
lover's trick, If you choose to call K 1
such. That Is all, but It Is enough."
"Ah!" She crumpled  up thu fun  In I
speechless Indlgnntlon.
"No, Denlse," he suld aoftly. "I shall
not trouble you now or soon, but—" he •
bad caught her hand—"you shall yet'
be mine, I swear It. You think you do j
not love me, but .you shall   be   convinced—you shall."
He kissed her fingers with n tender
revorenee. "Adieu, Marquise! I go to
my duty and revenge," lie said, and ho
left ber there under the spell of bin
feet, and the Humes of lire pointing lo
tbe motlo "Dleu Le Vengeilr!"
(To Be Continued)
A   Professor,   Hii   Lobsters   and   8om»
Casks of Son Water.
l^ist year n professor In one of thc
I'urls universities resolved to study the
habits of lobsters in ins laboratory, as
tbey live In salt water, the firat care
of the professor was. ot course, to procure it supply of this medium. The
con.mon mortal will probably consider
It ti moat simple task   to provide n few
barrels >.f sen wuter.   Thla, however,
Is nol so In I'rnnee. Sen water contains salt, nml (lie production Of sail is
n sonic* >.f revenue.   This mada II
necessary for the professor tu lirst oli
tutu tin* permlMlon of tbe minister of
finance before b* could trawl nml
transport th* water. When his application reaehed tin- ministry, n sui.
ordinal* otiiciui waa directed to Inquire
into (Me standing of the petitioner,
'Piis Involved considerable correspondence, which paaaed through numerous
channel* nnd finally reached tbe chief
of the department, who now  Initiated
another investigation in order to as-
..'.tiilu    why    a    I'urisiiiu    professor
slio.il.l   lie   so   anxious   (..   loner   (he
level of the Aliunde ocean     After several  weeks the Inspector made  fiivor- |
aide report    HMDS days later (!ie patt '
tloner   was   notified   of   the  favorable
coiixldercttiou   of   tils   request   In   the
usual   Siabarst*  .-ttlclal   language,   nc
eotnpanleU I.y circulars gli Ing eitmcts
froji   the  penal   code   relative  to  In-
filagiieuat* <.f the salt nsnswiailj
Finally, after Months of watting, the
professor mus t untiled to have some
♦hsLs UM »::ti salt water at a ilea
l-riuited in.liit nn thc seashore, of
conn* uuder tl.e super-. Ision of uuoth-
er official, who duly issued a permit
for the tr.ins|n.nation of the liquid Into
tbe interior.
Soma Gold Handled That Sell For $50.
Handles of Silver and of Ivory.
If u uian wer* content to shave him
I seir with a razor bavlug a bard rubber
bundle, us  indeed  most  men  nre.   be
I could buy one wltli a blade of very ex
.*.*i!e,.'t quality for a dollar, hut  then
are   ruzo.-s   fur  more  expensive   thun
Thus tbere ure sold razors witb bundles of IS carat gold and of plain
smooth finish tbat bring *.">(» each. A
pair ot' wh razors lu a plain silver
hor can lie bought for a hundred dollars.
Hut *'■" Is not the limit of whut one
tuay pay for n gold handled razor If
the Iui-idle were elaborately chased lis
cost might mount up to twice tbut. or
j.:.Mii fur n pair.
T liere   are   also   sold,   nmolig   those
iiiii!-*' expensive, silver handled razors
which   niiii-'e  lu   price  from  WLCO  to !
$:'... Mob  HUSO Ix'lug the prlii- for oue ■
With it plain silver handle, while those
more C0*ily have (heir handles more or
less elaborately chaaed or carted.
A inm. who iliil not altogether like a
hard robber handled razor might lind
h's fancy suited wltb one having ;
handle of hnn. and au Ivory handled
raaor nee.) aot necessarily be cx|ien
-.ive. A razor with a plain Ivory lum
die chii l.e bought for t'i. Of courst*
any carving would add to the cost.
Costlv razors are usually sold fot
Result   of   One   Partner*!   Hunger   and
the  Other Partner's Thirit.
A giant iii stature, be wns ns awkward a* in* wm strong   His rustic np-
peeranee was enhanced by an in fitting J
suit of homespun.   Tims nt the Ileiiii of
the ox tenni he inailc his debut iu the '
outer  world,   without   means,   without
education, without Influence. This may
seem n sorry beginning,  but  let  It  be
remembered tbat if on tlmt day be hnd
graduated from Harvard in n fashionable coat the gates of history would
probably luu-e is-cn closed against blm,
Mr. Lincoln's tirst busline* venture
rosulieil In downright failure lie
formed a partnership with one Berry,
miller the firm iiiiine of Berry & Lincoln, to carry on n grocery, for the pur-
chaw, price of wlileh the linn note was
given. Berry wns n Jolly. IrreaponsllHe
soul, who was I...rn thirsty nnd who
guve his undivided attention to that
pnrt of the stock known iin "wet gm
cerles."     Mr.   Lincoln,   on   the   other
iiiin.i. having a keen appetite, devoted
himself t>. the .-nickers mid cheese
smoked herrings nnd other edibles al
the dry end of lhe shop. This happy
adjustment rlvnli-il the fniiillliir ease
nf Jack Sprat mul Ills Congenial spoils..
but tiie meager stock could not long
withstand the Inroads of hunger nt the
nne end nnd thirst nt the oilier, uml n
crisis cams which required tin- sal* of
the remnant of stock   The porcbaaer
defaulted, mnl Mr Lincoln wus left tn
pay nil the liabilities n tnsk which
plngueil lilm foi several yeurs. There
by he h.i.I Impressed upon hlin n legal
proposition Uml n partner Is liable In
It Is related tbal Mr. Lincoln Isiuglit
s barrel of n customer, In the bottom
of which, among other rubbjsb. wns
found n copy of "RUokstnflp's Com
inentnrleH." This wns n great Ilm) fnr
the Inw Student bol lis the l.iinl. there
nftor engrossed his attention the gm
c<u*y business collapsed. Thus ended
the flrst lesson.-J. V. Quarts* ill l'ul-
Radium's Part In Salving an Important
"The discovery of radium lias gone
n long way toward solving un linpor
tunt controversy between ninllieiniitl
chilis and geologists." suld Sir Robert
Ball nt tin* Blahopgate Institute not
loug ago In  Loudon     The contioietsi
referred to concerned the (line required
for i...>i>ii.i: (he earth, nml it appears
thnt radium has com* to tb* relief o(
] the geologists und given them the vie
tory.   Sir Robert explaining Ibe con
I tl-ovetsy,  dealt   With   llglires of   hewll
j dering magnitude
Lord Kelvin hud Calculated tlmt uot
more thnn 80,000,000 years ago (In
enrth's surface waa so hot Unit water
could not rest on It. und the ...eiius
were   vapors      lie   luiseil   his   enlciilii
1 tious on ivh.it  was then known eon
earning tin- Internal heat of ths cooled
rocks of the earth's crust
'The geologists," suld Sir Robert
Bull, "complain.sl that they could not
nuike their discoveries and deductions
accord with that miserable allowance
of time,    llut tin* mathematicians, go
i lug over their calculation* attain. WOUld
not give tlwm S week longer "
It seem-, that i-t-.iloi.-lst.*. lVllllt.il II
modest -V«...««'..ft years, and the ills
crepnncy of 7M0.(KHi,(i(Ki yenrs wus ills
concerting,   for it   linked its  If Hclcnee
wus contradicting herself.   The geoio-
gists knew  Ihey must  l.e uhout  right.
nud the mathematicians knew thm tig
urea could not lie.
"The Hon. Mr. Strutt, BOB of Lord
Raylelgh," suld Hlr Robert, "has shoivn
that in the rocks lu tin- crust of the
earth there Is n considerable quantity
of radium which is forever pouring oul
lieai nt n gleet rate.
"This being the ense, the date nt
which the earth flrst became cool
enough for life must huve l.is-n far
more remote than L'o.ooo.k*.. yenr-.
ago. lt must Iinm been sufficiently
remote to give tin* geologists nil tin*
800,000.000 yenrs they demanded to account for the phenomena they had
found "
No Coloring Matter.
No Adulteration.
Absolutely pu„
The tame character as Japan, but infn.it. ■
delicious.    Sold In the   same form  as "ft \ ***
"SALADA" Black Tea, In Sealed LeadIPsditJtS
At     All     Qrocara   40c,   50c,   and     80,      lv,     Lb
When the Scat Began.
Professor <*. M Woodward In til"
presidential address to the American
Assochillon Wet the A.lviiiieeuient of
Science lust December remarked thnt
recent pendulum observations wlileh
Indicate the variations of gravity ban*
Justified the conclusions "f professor
Duna concerning the permanence o.'
the continents and oceans Tin* earth's
crust Is found t.. lie more dan** Is*
neoth the ocean* than l-eiientli the C *n
tineiit.s. uud it is believed thut tin- dis
tin.tn.ti between s>-a nud lum! has Its
basis Iii the heterogeneity of the mate
rial composing (be Interior of the
eurth. Tbe determining conditions
nrose ln the original aggregation of
thut part of the primitive nebula which
format the eurth    The  mi  basins
afterward gnul'iully sulwlde.1. nn.l the
continental musses gradually ros... with
muny fluctuiitiotis. but upon the whole
they   hnve   never  exchanged   plan**
Youth's I oinoaiili.n.
If   tha   Animal   Haa   Mental   Trouble*,
Try to Remedy Them.
To begin With, dOO* Jour horse suffer
from nostalgia or bom**lokn***1 Most
horses do, and many really pine iiwni
nu.i die trom no otber cutis.*.   We oan
at  least,   I.y  making  the |ssir creature
thoroughly ...iiiiniiniii.*, ii.. ull in our
POWer to "glie Ills pain surcease" and
I., in.ilo* Iiiiii happy mnl cm.tented, for
Hi hi homesickness i.r the mule mul
chronic   form   men   knows   few   more
wearing ailment*, is your horses disposition sociable or misanthropic? Yotl
don't know?    Well, why not find out?
I  It   irritate hl'ii  I., have his yoke
unite or neighbors Mtlng noisily uud
visibly while be dis-s? Is privacy evi
dentil bis preference] Very well. then.
by ii.in.-ii-. or /.nn- or tin or canvas shut
nlf both sides of Ills (Stall at the bead
si. that  lie mny cat  In  peace and  live
the isolated life wblcb be prefer*.
If In lavs back Ills ears or snaps nt
l.ls in'lghlK.ru ur ll.lgetu nnd kicks at
tl.e partitions, etc.  be does not  fancy
company at least nt meallliiiea nml
in- -u ill is- better, do better ami there
the IxM'ket c.iuies Iiii keep more clieaply
If yon cuter to his  fancy.     If. on  the
contrary, a "shy feeder," let him na
Others mt; even iel blm by a simple
nrraugeiiieiit fe..,l from the same man
ger as nmi of his iiclghlsirs. which Is
to Ik* tied up short until Muster Dainty
hits ei.l.ii nil  be will.   when.  ii|Min  ul
l.u hm iin. neighbor to partake, tee tea*
tali, u*< one will reiln.ilde his efforts to
eat Just to spile the lute coiner nt the
feast Tbe writer hns used this plan
with tunny p.sir feeders from rai*e
hones down mid always wllh (be U-.I
results- 1'. M. Ware In Outing Mugs
Wonderful Cft,cl,
Mrs.  Moncv   l:.,.,.     ■  ,
"i"'"  n   great denl „f .    t"" Si
Italy!    Mrs    Parvo, ,
dear;   we're   quit
ton Tiger.
The   tenrs   nf
•he   nlghj
' - '   A
"""."!' °f ****"    Boo***-*!*'
». Cruel.
Percy-Po ,„„ *.„„„   „
always had a hum,, I
W being imn..., ,,„ ,   '
k'.»«:'      All,,.
TtlUt'M  Impossible
"li.. you roll
"Immensely "
"•■ II   Ihen I'll t
1 rule in Uie oountrj i„ „lv ,
Philadelphia Inqu
Baby's <'»n    Tabl.      ham m
lllote    lllllll    mil*      othei       ||
make  weak, sickly
m..I  stroni     \'"i   tin
n •   th.'in   wuh   nl,.,,im,. connJ
ll        III*   IlltS   the   i* .
menl   iiiiah■-t   thai   tl
t"1" > l.ui*.    i,....nini e*
Hi     Laurent Cyr, I
N it.   aays     "I   inn.   „.„| ^
Own    Tablets    lm .,..,'
troubles   and    ind . mii I
mor* then pl.*..- •
-..It        Nl..ii,. i
cme   will   nut   regret
llle.llellie     .l.'llle. j
o*nt*  u  box  Iron
Medietas r,,    Br.
Two |>er...iii.-  were I
i.*y ooiliaion at i
A       I'len   un!
.-.tne   pills   which   hav.*
In  a   Decoration  .lay   ..• i■ ir. —  at
linliiiiiiipi.il    Preaidenl   RooaeveH d*>
flared   that   there   noi-t   b*   lm     vniv
ini.- lioni  tb.* iH.-111.ui  ink.*ii  regard*
tttj   railwny   regulation
He Hadn't Changed a Bit.
The Smiths had Invited the minister
to   dinner.     As   the   lust   COOT**   was
reached little wiuie,  win. ii.-i.i  been
closely wilt, ullil: tbe guest almost eun
tlnuully tin*.iin-li the meal, looked "'-''
ut bim once more mid snld:
"You bn ven'I Changed a bit since
yon 8(urted eutlng. have you. Mr. Cur-
tut r
"Why. no." laughed the minister
"Why do you usk tlmt i|iiestl..n?"
"I-tecuuse." blurted Willie, confused
by the pulrs of eyes focused 00 llllll.
"Iiecinise I heard O* tell ma you'd make
a I'ii: hog ot yourself ns s<mii as you
got your eye on the corned   Isi-f nud
cabbage."- Bohemian Uagaatn*.
all li.ril. »ii(l or WAmfttti tump* ami blHelabw
frnm It..mm. blood .|n*.iii. rurba. .pllnli
riii|(l,<>ti«>, .mnrtiey. atlflff.. .praina. a.ir. end
.« .li.l, liir ■ il i-i.tig.,, ele ha»» •'.»' by UM
of one 1,.till- Warra l-.1 11.. ninat Wouilarful
lii.-i.,,.*-   Cure  ever kuo-.ro.
Ring Edward's m-w  turbine yaeh .
DuCheCS ol A.cle. *J.I«III UM*, Willi.Ull.'I.e.l   ni   Qlaago*
Minard't  Liniment,  Lumberman*!
He Had Had  Some  Help.
The   uiau   Wbo  applied   Ilt   I.el.do.inr-
ters for n "little help" from the charitable   assochitii.il   set   forth   his   ense
with so much ia.*t umi moderation that
tin* secretary was beginning to be favorably liiipreMs.il.
"I cant usk them ta de too mnch,"
tin* applicant said modestly. -Y'ou
see," he continued. In mi outburst of
delicacy mui Ingrononan***, "they
paid for my wedding Inst month, nml
'twas 11 reul swell one."-Youth's Com-
Pain of a Wooden Le*.
"Harney's WOOdeo leg has Is-en paining 'lm   of  lute,"  suld  BobOl**  lo  bis
"How   cnn   thnt   Is*?"   asked   Mra
s. -mil    Irritably.
"Mrs   Harney linn lieen thrashing 'lm
with It," wus t.,<- explanation.
The Twins.
("Iiolin.u lelj You uud your sister
arc twins. 3D- you not?   Marjorlbmiks
We were when we were children
Now. however, sl.e Is live yenrs yiiuiig
er  thnn   I.- ('leveliinil   Lender.
He Knew.
"By    whnt    iiieiins,"    shouted    the
preacher, "do our society lams* cross
the   river   that   cuiiuccta   eurth   and
•iiiiii".-!" anawered the lean faced
iuu whose wife hud stayed home to
igtirs lip Su I unlay's losses uud who
.us silll roeoslng.- liroudwny.
The police (He.itlnmll report lor
IINNI recommends the provision of
vans in large townd tor conveying
policemen to or from distant beat*
nnd ior bringing in prisoners.
norm's '
The Sarcastic 'Cabby.
Tbe London bobby is notorious fm
OVergtOWO feet mul lunula. Likewise
(he London Cabby Is generally nc
credited wltb never being at a Ions for
a reply. Dor dny a bobby lifted up
his Iinni' miij.-st'eally to halt 11 cubby,
but the latter crowded Ills horse nhc.nl
"Dldp'l you aee BM raise my 'and?"
den.an.I.sl the hobby.
"I did nee the sky darken a moment,
hut my 'on* wus shyln' nt your teat."
retorted tlie cubby nu he whlpiied up
nm) went on.—U.ndon (Jrnphic.
The Dane* and the Raven.
Perhaps ibe Dana* selected the raven
for   their  stain lin.l   out   of   feelings  nf
gratitude, tar is-rore the Invention of
(he mariners compel* they must have
found him extremely useful.  The «uiy
method  of determining  whether  laud
wns hear wns to hM loose a raven,  if
the IiiiiI saw Inn.I he hiiII.nI nwuy for
ever; If he did not, he returned tu th,.
ship,   l.uul,..1 Chronicle.
Equally Culpable.
"I cnn any for myself that  I never
hnve been menu eiu.ugh In gel miolliei*
woman's cook away from her."
"Neither have I, but I  must confess
thut once or twice I hnve Irled to work
om* cook off on Home of my neighbors."
Bliut  Him Off.
"What nre you taking for your cold?"
"Nothing?   But, my dear fellow"—
"Nothing,   I  sny,   not  even  advice.
Fine duy, isn't It?"- Illustrated UU"
1'ow They Are Formed —Treee' Curious
Blunt  H.n-u
Tlie cypress kn.v Is n fmnllinr »I.J.s*t
In nil the low land forests of tin- south,
but   there  un*   thousands   of   northern
paopl* who have neier ».s*n Ihem. nn.l
then-  nre   many   southern   people,   too.
who   hive    nut    si-en    tliein    Iill    Ihey
Ktiiuibl.st  .11 er them  some dark   night
The kn.*.* is of solid Weed, has Uo lllllb*.
ur leii.es. it any where from sll In. I.. -
to six fi-et  lu height, mid  Its  rounded
top   mid   BattetMd   sides   give   It   veiy
much the Bbap* of 11 I111111.111 leg In-lit at
the knee till thigh and .-nlf lire brought
together; bane* the appropriate name
of "knee."
Por a iiuinls-r of years I nan curious
as to whut part the knees played lu
the life of n cypress tree, writes a <*or
reapoiulcut of Forest nnd Stream, for
tliei mc part of Its root system nnd do
not grow Independently.   They wees
not sprouts, trying to grow Into treea,
for they never developed liruiichca. uud
the llnal .011' lusi..11 was Unit tbelr only
use was for |s-ople to m i mn l.l. over.
How mul why such useless appendages
to t(h- tr.-.* were formed was u inys
tery until one day when drifting down
a deep channel which lmd been wusb.si
tbroQgh  11   cypress   swmiip   the  secret
was expos.*.!.
The earth bad been iviislietl away
from the roots of some of lhe trees,
mid roots In nil stages of growth were
In sight. None of tbeae roots huh less
than two uml one bnir India* tin.i. and
of uniform sl»- clear lo their lips oi
rather clear to their i.iuui ends, for
(here WflO  li" tip.
Nature Intended these nsits to grow
In soft inuil. mul Ihey were ull right
for that  purpose   but   when  the I1I1111I
etui of 11 nmi encountered something
too   hmil   to push   through   11   bettl   or
buckled In lhe II if least resistance,
ami this was generally toward the top
uf   Ihe   ground,   and    lhe   continuing
growth of tb.- root pushing iin* bead
further upward mads tb* Im-iuI closer.
until Dually the two nruiH of the l.einl
were close logelher inul they grew to-
gi'thor, With one sheet of Imrk Indus
pa** evident])  t.
internal diaturbai
ii'liiin*.- t.. bis trouble   ii
tier    lather    llimi   .iiiinii.
.in.   might ii- v*
reaiv*    materia]     P
table    I'llls    Iiiii.
abi*  mul   iiijuii
lire   •**)    t.i   tilk.
in tin* teate. and I
mid soothing     *■
prove    1*
Teething: Babie&J
Iare saved suffering—end nocfcai
given mit—when our uses
Nirses'-wd Mothers' Treasm
Qnickly   relieves-rrgtdate-i te
bowels —  prevent*,    cunruiaess
Used jo years.    Ahaoluielr silt.
Al druj-ai.,,., Stk*.   B helll.i 11 *
Nellonel  tl.tij ft Cheral-al (       Unset
Sole Prupitel.xe, M, nt.rai       .!
A "Jumble Bird."
)- (he West Indies Is found u bird
mded the sunset bird, liecnuse half nn
hour before sunset and hnlf an hour
iH'f.ue sunrise It niters Us peculiar cry
of "Holell couched" The natives cull
It (( "Jumble bird" (n bird possessed of
the devil) iiiiiI suy that lo kill II would
bring deuth to lis slayer Another bird
found In the sume region Is the "Sou
frier* bird." which make* lis home
near the volcmin of Noiifrlere, nnd
among the native* there Is (i strong he
lief thnt the Ilmt Individual to see this
Iiinl will die, while the most horrible
torture by evil spirits nwiilts the mini
win. kills it.  Minneapolis Journal.
Call F.trl, For Good Oneo.
At the end of n  big hull one of the
gliosis  went   Into  Ihe cloakroom  nt il
In  the  momlng to  PUI  on  his things.
nmi the attendant cam* forward with
a cont
"Tlmt Isn't m.v emit," snld the guest.
"Mine Is a perfectly new one "
"A ..«   ■
I,   S  '   I lUl'IT.CiNOI  .'
;.  it'  ..    t*.»JSI
Prom fhe
Ovens to You
We bridpe ditfanc*
with our moisture-proof.
dun-proof packages. Halifax and Vancouver aft
brought to the ovens'
doori Farms and mul
towns are put on the same
plane with the big cities
[Mooney's Perfection j
Cream Sodas
packed In hya1-""- - •'"n*'>
fresK eriip. deltuat—
and rasdi you in ihs urn* ten-
*«*Oa no metier where yO* *"*
AT AU. Qltocsaa
Ui aafee tr.,,, ,„ r«-11. „ „,,
•HI. an InvnatutMitl 11/. . .-ill       I*
**■".«• ...la,   Inr our pni|.-a.li."
Sl".. lir Ilia H.i,   .a,I Sen,	
m. will ,,,.,] ,,,„ r,,H  „,, i ,.,. , ^^
t..  i,.— ..... iuimiM.^jh
"A lleiv on,
1""lH left ti '.
•Hi I hnv
llllll pll
'"'I tun* new
a   .       ■ *'-     in
ton err uut wlui i>4li
U» Kraia ene bslhe r«" •»*"*" *'!'' fa,
■ster, «lpe drr, then aoeh ('"'f,«
Ai..i.1rn. ml. .mil. Tlni"""!;:,
•"aw. 11 .Stood ilottbl. I';" 25
j----. .-Mlin.ni atnl double '■'■-'":„
W oaiila il,,,, ta,,.. ea mini' '" TZ
I. S. JOilNaON * (l(l.,Ilnrteu. "*"
W.   N.    U.   No RENTED AT COURT
mce of an American at
English Royal Levee.
In snd Through nnd Out  lie
. RunNy   in* .li-i-.l   What   Had
„„*_Tho   Way    His   Di.liculty
a Costume   Wss   Overcome.
fool American who had se
.-,,„,, I"  tO one Of the Km;
ll(i icvees recently found bim
i |,i,.ii) predicament
„,iiii, ailoii   paper   was   the
,,,< dress wns Indlaponaa
guileless Innocence of his
ii,. soul ihe American took this
I    ||m|   t k   .'..at   uml   shiny
,,niii lie called for.
. |n in, nel of looking over his
tin nl tha' niiluic when li moN
friend called uml caught
. i, i   i he friend made beats
un* misguided } ankea tbal
Involved   silk   stockings,
iiimii ......ni mu! othei
Shrewd   Barber.
Tlmt harbor seams to bs
great business "
"Ves; be bus Invented n hair tonic
tht    H,„c„s e,„e„y   ,„;,.  whMZ"
Why, i don't see the Ideal"
|l2"",', y'"' *""' H"« Patrons
'inln* un odor which enables th.-t
give the Impression that u„
'"'""I ,"- riilladelplila It
.  tu
own uu
I let-ill
The  Motor Face.
A few .lays i,g„ ,, well known ner
nonage was motoring In Derbyshire
"' " policeman stopped hli
",\""'tt ,l,m' <" "ii it thut mast-
HnM   " ">'"■■    "Ifa   frlghteulna
e.ery out* wbu sees It."
"But    I'm    not    wearing   one!"   si
n'ntoed tbe unfortunate offender   i„„
dun Tail,-r
"Why arc .mi
Baked lh.* Iiimii ,i
"Becauae," anawered th.
"I need it In tuj huslr
minii. is merely n
tm advertising."   Wnablngton Btar.
enger r..r fni	
active uian.
leas    I'liine now
ij inni. m for success
^l ^f only one, lit, right*.
^botm**^ wean oul doweel, snd >aia>
be.' ynu Irom llie dey y„u
...v_i i    l    -. - bur "' ,Th" k,ad " *e*m
f"     ~! (*I ,bovp) ln "»• """1 SusrsiUeed lo you
by Ooie, lll.l „|| ii 10<| Uie neopl. wko make k
Made in nuny hbria emi -Kyle,, ,t „,jou,
pncei. u lomi-Iiitiin ui*, lot women.
meu sud ehildicn.    l^„k |0, the
ill,,11   en sued.     It   eulltllllleil
, nli,>u uu Ing l<> his hi'btlil ami
, imrrownblo suit  was  ills.*...
I Iku ...ui.l I"' found !*• ho
i      ,n.   before the next lifter
\! insl .. stage levee dross wa*.
1 fpiin   in-   Majesty's   theater,
in* duly lu '•The lain
liin* levee Wtt over tlie Amerl
..'  that  in*  baldly  kne*
(ni happened   *A ben he reached
in .* ii tirst surrounded bj
ths guard, who started
\> Ufa greal dispatch    in
- prograsa upsmirs the
■ mil.    nml    he    found
in a iniie of (in  plated  HI*
i.   •■banged, says Town
snd then* was a Iiim* of
nni next n large room
arflnwlng  with  admirals
diplomats,   pee re.  chamber
iiml   sullors   of   nil   il,*
lotted   rank   nud   n
■ ult.rv.l  like himself
■ nn* to one tbey were
ushered into the royal
iiiioining room, wben
..iiiili'il by Ills suit
'  praeenlalhiu   was «•■
■    \ii.-rl.-itii found himself
■ ilt.-r   riHim    Irinn*   In-
happened Bis over
is tank in do* seme
IIS fashion, nml the
new lu* huh outside hi
Hui   be   was   iKiiuill.
I is now forever lloi
• tor pvaeantatkm at
world, prm.il.tl be be
-• Ilmlnnry to (In* pr.*s
■ men's «if.* ami daujrti
' '..III     Men are pre
...i.- a   lcie.-s.   and   tin
the same ocdeel at tin
*   dl   a ni*.'   r.Miiii-.    a hn-ti   ar.
III||H1S|.'1,    fill.I   tl*UIS       ll
*i> i inggaraUoo to say thai
i.i.wiiig   roots   Is   l	
* i.- bj the jx-opi.* a hn go
■■■   ui.1   lialillne  uf  tli.
ii. i- in u*r be hia tie*
\v ..lll.l   .Ire.M.i   Ol
'irt   In n  cnHtuii..*  Ii.iii
lli.-l.*    la-fore        I III*    It,-1*
••lie   of   Hist   llll|M,r
• nui fur tin* ilniwiiin
ilirists COUM not exist
a im is prescnieil goei
 juel.   w hoaS   *- aloe  Is
► I   anil SMna of th. in ar.*
I thai "um   Tin*.i then
ibookmaker*aad thu boaters nu..
I .i  iler. to suy t."I!illii-
I people v In, lend carriages
ars n( a iuw taatlmate
■   the piaasiilalhni lati   Of
nioiiiiTs daughter bats her
Jlmi..*.- tithed   In   b.*r   court   COS
l.u"! i i ui eonrt phetegnphan
hrtooa lor tbelr Ht IIT prices
|.   ut.   the   night   of   a
V . -nil i> sited with London
> wander up uml ilowu the d»u
"f * an laces stalle.1 lu the mull
mil* iin* »tii.iows iiiiii crlticta
'lines of the matrons nn.l
lebui    ilimglit.Ts.     II   Is   ii
ITtvttsgS  of  th"*  IKlpllln.S'  to
I *   a Siting fur pii<si*iitati.in
■■'■    ml.rest.   Ullil    (here    (he
I '"    Ml.   sume   uf   (belli   oler
i'ii to the gnas of  I."li
\i>u   sec  half  n   tlo/en
ri- Battening tbelr noeea agalnei
-ii <>f i. motet brougham and
"i.  a   rapid   lire   iuinersatli.il
Of   milmly    iiiiiI   her
Miss Ouch   11 waa su funny | (bought
I'd die I
Mr. Oronch  Why did ron change
vour mind?   din elm,.] Leader.
ile roe,, nt dawn and vtawa-9 tin* sky
And ,*rl,.,|, **n ,,,,,,1 „„, rilln i,„i,,,i*,
in» Bean with hops «*,,i baatlns high
"l ..'  sure,"   I.,*  siiiii,   ••tlmt
ii..y mu
MeKislrs(e   Cured   by   Zsm-Buk
W »(■'. il rah   Perrj  „i doldflold    •■
lilies to the wonderful merita ol Zam-
'•"'■•  'he i*'-i.i  herbal  balm   a    loi
"Oantlemen   I   hnv.*   proved  /.am
Bu*   eminenti)   satisfactory     lu  mj
"   cured   a   skin   rash   ..I   Bve
'•■ si    stun iimi*  whloh no doctor I.H.I
1 n   al.l.*   t.. .lu   nm  good  lot     It
duly doev even more than you claim
tor it     I'*'  my  own part I  would
now  I..* without   it   in   th,    i
^ mil-   verj   truly.
(Signed) "Rogoi K Perry, J P "
/..m Hui. i a sun* cure lui iiii skin
•'.!■* feet, Insect bites, .-,ui,l.uni.
blisters, heal rashes, sosema, iiloars,
itch, abeceaa, .*t.* Believes piles
quickly .Ml stores nn.l druggists at
We  a   bOS    "i   bj   mail    /.nm.Huh  Co ,
'1 oronti    i   i   ■*    fur $*j :,ii
Patient   Whan   you're   ill,   d
.1" yuu traal youi
I .-sll in   one   ui   my   eol-
"Than can'l I call in ona .>i them
tl in* that cured youf"
Di J I1 Kellogg's Dysenterj Coi
dial ia prepared Irom .Imy- known
t'    thi II   a*-   thoroughly   n*li
lllil.    lm   the   curi    o|   eholt
ton. diarrhoea     griping   pain- and
■umniei   eonipl tints     It    has    been
 I lo*   medical
titionei    iui  a  numbei ..f
II suffering Irom
nm suinmei complaint it i- jusi
tin medicine that *.* ill cure you Try
ii   bottle     It  sell    loi   - ■
in   Paris    awarded    tl.
in.'dal  .,1 Iiiii.o.   i'   Henri   '*'
painter,    who   ezihibte   two   landi
Is   Uo
Iter ll>.i,I,.
"   li-sa.tiful.  Mary Ann''" ■
'inni. of this uu?  dl .bint
| al all"
Illn-  lias I,,  |„,  |„,rtie  wllb
>niiu,|,.  H  |„ll(.  ,,„  |i,,.r..
|"B1    I'UI.   strange   to  suy,
""-I   .iiiiio   people   starve   tbem
'"'   iths so ibat  tbey and
ij hnn* tin* monej to
to gn In court.    There are
•uloiiels   who   lhe   lu
-li'-se   one   object    Is   tO
"' ii .hawing ruuni
Hi* i   huve Inlluenthil  nm'
"in. make it aw fm
Iiu tin.
r'n.i th
1 iin'in
•-r.il I*.
lie  ti
I" tl-illllt
tea nWt (inr llunilri-J l.nilsrs It-ward
for  en*     ....   nt   Catarrh  ilmt  .-uniu,i   be
. I    Ii.ii. s   t'uluirli   luir
r j otam a co.. Tuiedo. o
\\»   ll.e uuii<*.e.(.o'J. bars knows K J
Cheney (nr lllf lasl li ynu. nn.l believe
Mn, perfectly ho.iumtile In all ni.auo-ee
t.eiia-a.'tliina   s.nl Onsnclsllv elili- t.. i-arry
out run (ssllaallews n.e.u i.>  nt. Bra
wsMins   Kiiinaii a Harvtn,
Wholesale   Iliusslata    T.,|.*,l.      O
list: a i etsrrli  i'ure la takvn  inii ,.utlly.
s.-llns  dlrri*tlv   Jl»o"   the  blood snd   niuf-
ou«   autfa.re   of   the    ejal.ni     Teetlinoll-
lela   seal   tier       Prtre.   7lc.     per    bodle.
nil   f>ru«glsts
leke linll's Family Pills for Constliiatluo
The Crick In the Back One touch
ol niitiit.* makes the whole world
Km '      in*.      the    poet     Hut    "hai
ni t the touch "i  rl. nnti-iii and
lumbago, which nunon  uon
l here i   n.   poetrj  in that touch, loi
r   t, i,,i. i    hn   miaerebli      ". el   boa
.|i*liL*lit.-ii i* the sense ol reliei when
an application ••! Di   1 hoi
tm* i >.i drives pnm av/aj     1 hi
nothing equals it
•   i
im ■
tin- de
1 1,
granl  >•■
a   Nova
iiiiili! al
v ii youth    ol    intu*
toon,       V\ in i        lued    Kate    Pink
ham, iii'-*'l seventeen, loi engagement
*. iiu, ,i at  **ii
Keep  Minard's  Linimsnt in ths  House
BranUord mil    itribute 16.000 to
ih.   Bell  me rail  scheme,  bringing
the l.in.l up io 138,000
Itch, Msnge, Prniris Scratrhss and
svsry lorm of contagiout Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes
by    Woltord't   Ssnilary    Lodon.
Bev   .lanni  Charlton,
luperannualed  Ifetlindisl
lead   aged sixtj Bve
Ask   for  M.nsrd's  snd  Ts'<s  ne  Othe.
A Br.ck Well lloate Aaaey Intsrl
Tin* g.en( strmnrtb bo times esnlb
itsd i.i brick ma r> well laid m m-ti
ceineiit   mortal   Is shown  hj   ■   '■
• 1st, tn seen f.i'l  In dlnn.elei   In   I  S
teei ii.-ep. which, according to the Bo
g ring It-word,  was in 'ie I W
„ good al lerr.* Haute, Imt, aud mail
o,l   itiiiii    for   some   dlstan.e    Wil	
IWMkaga ..f  ani   part of the llinsonrj
„r ,• nie. -Mining access to   Intarti*
matter of lodging In town
'in tholr horses, cnrtiogei
"   ..Iherwls.. M would be Ilu
•I."in to go.    There seems
-ii that If 11 man's tlmigl.   j
lieen presented nl court I
11 '' ' "ticceaaful marriage will I
 'I.     That or course Is I 1
1,111 lhe tradition never dies. ;
1 Pie sflllt   themselves  at
lul ell
icrlflces that thej nnn
1,1 mark ou themselvos aud
1 Wns observed to lie mill
« 1,11",'"""  '"  ""'   n""r ""ll  r*-
fr,„,   „ '" r""1"*-' Ping und .lilm.
'"  kit,.	
"""I g, ilt.cler
" ■"   the   old   uian
In ii,,,,, v Un'aatohm."
bos '     ''''"'h'lerstoriii?"
(||  '    "iinh den  ,|,„.     ,  „,,, M.
Il.r:,,,,  ..J*0"""   tO  tab  tine of
I,,,,,,  . '""IH Jo'   hen I, sti   much
tent to i*  ,vl < ,'"»ll"<
|,l,,     (."' " '"He kway, knsc .*( s
A Good
Ayer'g Hair Vigor, new Improved formula, is a eenulne
hair-food. It feeds, nourishes,
builds up, gtrengthens, iBvlfc-w-
ates. The hair grows more
rapidly, keeps soft and smooth,
and all dandruff disappears.
Aid nature a Mttte Give your
hair a food hair-food.
Don not cAenge <■*<« ee/er e/ tk. holt.
yarmule with eeeS teetlle
sa.,w 11 «e yew
Vou need nol hesitate about using this
new Hair Vlgorfrom anyfesrotltsolisnf-
Ing tbe color of your balr. The new
Avar's Hslr Vigor prevents prsmaturs
graynnss, but does not chsnge ths colol
•T lhe hair even to the slightest degrse.
 fx*gmtmmt tsAjmO... IsmK *••■   "*
lie swept tin* offies elaan and naati
11 atad high  in- duslsd low.
Hie thoughts we  ii bleacher »^at
li.* hoped in.  u.aa would let him
yi.ur   grui.il.mi's
"Ainl   how
day r*
Ths smiling Ikiss Inquired ..r him,
Then added In hla marry way.
"Huii|s,ae w.  go together, Jimr*
Cleveland Plain Heater
Not Whst She Expected.
Dr.   Williams'   Pink    Pills    Cured
Severe Case  of Anaemia  and
Anaemia—poor,    watery    blood-
ths  cause    ot    most ol  tha
whioh  nfllicts muiikiiid.    The huust
wife especially lulls un eaay prey to
it      The   long   bourn   nml   close   con-
iiiienie.it necessary iu performing her
household duties sap hei strength.
She becomes run down aud often suf-
s extreme misery, lli Wllliama'
rink 1'ills m*e tin- housewile's friend.
Tl.ey   muke   new   blood    lots   ol   it—
and pun* liiiiiiii banishes nil women's
allmenl Mrs. 1:. Ht. Germain, wile
ui n well known larmei ol Bt, John
dei Cballlons, Que,, (ound new
strength through Dr, Williams' i'mk
i'ili* Kin* says; "A yeai ago I was
extremely ih*mI<. 1 oould not attend
to my work. I suffered Irom ditzy
spells; my li.iu.l aohed; my blood was
pooi,   I   bad  u  bad  oough  and  the
doctors feared  I  wan going Inl >n-
Bumption. I followed their treat
ment for some time but without relief, 1 grew discouraged and finally
i'ii'' 11 up ni despoil I im.*. strong-
ly advised to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, so prooured six boxes. Before
they wen* all gone I fell relief. The
headoohea and disslneas became lass
frequent and I tell n little stronger,
I continued the pills for a couple ol
months, at the end ol which time I
had gained In weight, the pains had
lelt me, my appetite wu good and I
i felt n- strniij.* and wall as evei I did.
1 cannot sny too muoh in tavoi ol
lo    Williams'   Pink Tills, for 1 <*ei-
tanily owe my gu.nl  health  tu tliein "
Tin* woman in tin* house, the man
in the office, the boy or i-irl in the
•-'■Iiix.l iiill always lin.l u friend in
Dr. Williams' I'mk Pilla.  These pills
actually  mak.* new,  rich,  re.i  hi I
and good blood banishes rheumatism, general debility, kidney troubles
un.l those uch.*- ainl pains caused by
overwoi *. oi overstudy. good blood
builds up the tired, unstrung nerves
and makes pale, thin cl ka may and
healthy. The pills ar.* sold al i*11
.•cut- a liu.-i or six boxes (or gti.wi
by ull medicine dealers ..r by mail
frum the Or Williams Medicine Co.,
Brockville. Out.
Klrst   Stout    Lady   (U>   second   stout
hnlyi- Well, dear. I've tried practically
everything ta r.siu.*.* mj sir..*, imt note
big sisnus tn make ma any thinner.
Marjory   (reflectively,   watching   her
kittens/-Bat some flies.-Kketch.
At   Kingston,   England,  one   of   a
Bock uf .-I p   passing   through the
town, seeing its reflection In u shop
window,  iiimii*  a  dash    (ot    it    and
jumped    clean    through   the   plute
■iii" the shop,
Feats of  Memory.
It was universal!] acknowledged thnt
Mr.    (ilaiMoiii. s    memory    wus   pr.sli
glnus. but there was a certain lunl chief
Jiistiis-   nf   Iji-daiid   who   thought   tht*
statesman's memory of tus  feats of
memory more prodigious Htm.
On one occasion after listening to
what sts'inisl  tu him u "(all story" of
hi in* happening of the great  man
earl.i  years tea I.inl chief Justice iletc!
mined to gn bun one better.
s. in* siiiii iimi is* remembered when
he wus only six months old. ami. lying
lu his cradle be saw ins mme sump
HUonsly   help   herself   to   a    glass   of
brandy and said te himself
' As si.iii as I can S|Hiik shan't I tell
mi   iiiiitlii'r'"
■•The thing is niisuiuti.h Impoaslble,'
was   Mr    Cla.lsliuic's  comment   111   hi-
grai est tone
Tin* lord chief Justice mid afterward
thnt be had b.s-n beaten becauae be
inni reckoned on Mr Gladstone's having ■'. gleam of humor.
■ I »*js mistaken.*' he said sadly.
may   Is-   removed   by
v. uter over tl.e urtl.-le
Fruit KtuMis
pouring iiiiili,*.
thou washing
Bo. I   maj   sasll.-l   ts> swept  (mm  car
is-ts  bi  sprinkling lavishly  win, sail
before sweeping
I .n.i lu tin* suullght articles tbat liov.
been scon-bed In In.ning aad tin
scoivb will 'li tup|-oar.
Book Ink stains In smir mill, nud
should a si.iiii remain rinse tn u weak
solution ui chloride of lime.
To prevent wooden palls or tubs
fp.tn shrinking when not In use, point
ii,i*ii. ovei i Itb glycerin.
UU wiih tout stole polish ii tea
spoonful ui polvortead alum t.. giie
your stove a brilliant und lasting lua
II remove mildew, soak the article
In a vi'iik solution ot chloride of lime
fur a lew liuuis. ii.eu rinse u, i-uld water.
Ito not  delay  in getting reliei (oi
th.'    little    loflu       Uothei    - ■
Worm Exterminator   ia   a   pleasant
and sure cure If you love yuu.
child why di, mh l.*t it suffei when
a remedy is so neai at liun.I-
i...r.l M..un! Stephen lm- given an
othei  110,000 to tin* Aberdeen Royal
Tliere i'..* a number "I varieties ol
flolll WS !   'I"*     Will
remove mo.  .>f them    Call on your
druggist uml t-.-t a bottle at onoe
A Purely Vegetable i'ili Panne
lee's Vegetable Pills are compounded
In.m mots,  herbs ami solid extracts
...    kin.llll    Virtue   ill    lhe   t teiltlliellt   of
livei ami kidney complaints ami in
giving tiiiie to the system whethei
enfeebled by overwork ur deranged
through excesses in living Thev re
quire no testimonial Then i
l.-nt   .nullities   are   well   known   to  all
thoaa who have used them, and they
cumin I   themselves   t"   djrspeptics
ainl those subject t" biliousness who
nn* in quae! ..f n beneficial medidne
(.. the  Must and to the Booth  Is via
the   Caiut.linn    Northern    Railway.
Through daily trains between F.il-
iii.iiitiin. Winnipeg and St. Paul.
Dining   ainl   Bleeping     I ar     services
are unexcelled Compartment Library. Observation car- between
Winnipeg and st Paul. Hnve ran
-.■.ii the poat Saskatchewan Valley
with it- Fertile (arm lands?   If not,
let ti- suggest a trip Onl tliere tins
-i ner      Anv   agent   will   Is*   pleased
t, furnish Information, or writ.* 0
W. Cooper, A-st Oeneral Passenger
Agent, Winnipeg.
It Impressed Her.
-I saw soiuethiiii.- In tbe paper the
otber day Unit pleased ue. I cut It out
autl i.an. It lioni.* and rend lt to my
wife. It was simple and direct, one
of those fugitive little bits that art
evoliisl by eoute sunuy minded philosopher."
"What wns Itr
" 'It b> better to hare a smile and a
kind word fur breakfast than mutto-n
"What did your wife think of Itr
"it seethed to Impress ber. All abe
gave me for breakfast the next mom
lug wus u smile, a kind word and a
con of coffee."   (Te.veland 1'UUi Dealer.
An   in-iiir.*
Imii   miles
thousand  an
■Uon    bus   broken   oul
until   ol   Aniui      Thirty
inni.*!   iiruis
Minard's Linimsnt  Used by Physicians
1    iiii-
V llilna
cured    uf    Bronchitis    and
MU>    A    1 l\ INOBTONK
I,,i i   I' I  I
l  was cured ol
Rheumatism   by
Mahone Ba;        .'"HN' MADEH
1 wus cored of n severelj  sprained
Bl id •eiiatei
s  severe ntiiu'k ol
Green Jade.
Js.le Is the  fniurll,-  gem among  the
Chinese and i- largel)  used by  Bore
tm -i.i.*nts though in Kugtaad it n
•mt vet in much .leiiiiiiil Nearly e»
•ri ' hiiies.* wo.ti.n ei en Iln- female
ilsiier. has earrings of green Jaile.
Nile Fish.
The Nile is not.st   fur 'In- variety of
it. tisii An expedition aonl i*y the
llrltlsh i.iiiseiiui brought home D.U00
••Some    | lie       -..nl    ''■"     Walla..
Wood "f tlie rniiersiii or Ne« Vori.
"carrj utlllinrloiilsm so fa.* tbui lb.
value of beanu |N i"ig'""'" ""d """'
lug    nppOnlS    10    lll.-m    hut    liselullics-
Thei are like the bnrber who wns cut
ting " young man's Imlr when his
ibeara made an imfortuiiote sulp
•ihs victim ieii|»si from ti hair
■nh.- in* cried in pain aud dismaj
■you've cul .. i '• of my enr off"
■ *siiu.' reiurnci the barbel soothing
|j   llon'l .i.i ry 0U so. la.ss.   Taln'1 nml i
l„ nlT.*.*' .rn' heariH'.'"- Wotniin's lloine ,
Long T.me Between Cells.
-You   used   in   wear   a   Vandyke
beard," ibe pouted   "I don't like you
wttlinut   It.     The  next  time .vou  collie
lu see ine wear imi* again "
He looked al her reproachfully
-i„, you i a hom long it takes to
grow   a   leepecteble   Vun.iykt-v"   he
itskisl her.
••No" said she    "llow longf
"AbOUl   all   months,"   he   answered
plaintively. I Itete Journal
For Strains
—of Back —of Shoulder
- of Stifle —of Hough
—ol Wtitrlcbone —of Knee
—of I'ctlock —of Coffin Joint
—of l'uslcrn
and all
li'-s*. in
Two or three teaspootv
fills in a little Kitin or Brandy,
cures Sprains, Bruises antl
Lameness In *4 hours—takee
out sll the soreness—and puts
horses "on their feet again."
50c. a bottle.   If your druggist does not have it, send to
Naaaaal brag a C__kal Ca.
Uabtd. MeatrtsL    xt
Not   Dangerous   Provided   One   Has   a
Nstivs Escort.
"In Abyssinia the natives kill White
men iu ordei to please their sweet
hearts," declared frank Itowrer, fur
merly   consul   generul   to  Adis   Al:til-:i
umi just upiKjinted ut Leghorn.
"lt Is  never dungerous for ti   white
man   U> trnvel  In  Abysslnlu  provide.]
be is accompanied by a native escort
becauae those who compose such un
eacori are ill nays trustworthy, but a
mun  til lies his lire in his bunds If he
st.li1..* abroad alone, not tlmt the nn
Urea ara ferocious, but thai ba could
not l«* sure that one of them hnd not
made n pact wltb his sweetheart to
kill a man Of White skin In order to
Win her Tor ills bride. The native who
wins sueli 11 distinction always wears 11
white feather In the buck of his hair.
"Among ail ih.* i.iki*i..mki of ihipuiu
lion iiiiii In the entire area equal to
New York, I'.-nnsylvniilii, Virginia uml
.New   England, there ure but tWO white
women In Abyaalnla. 'lli.-y ure tbe
wives of twocongularofflclala, Ktranu'i
to suy. tin* national game is bockoy,
but Caucasians cannot piny it very
nnn h hecanae of tbs climate The ua
fives work but little anil ent nnv menl
Ihey l;ll. an elk. peel off the skin Ilk**
you would peel a htinanii. drain oIT the
hiiMiii uml proceed with tbe feast. i;i
erv Abyssinian Is n gissl butcher.
"To the lovefyof nature Abyssinia Is
n paradlee. In my jnurney through tbe
Iuu.I   :  sun   tliiiusiiiiils i]|ion (hu-jsiiin!
of different apeelee ..f birds tlmt wove
beautiful In their plumage mul sweet
iii their Kun*;s   Occasionally 1 beard
the faraway ruar of Ikins. thbse
migbtj baaats tlmt promenade tba fur
esf:  and sehlun. molest  hiiinni,  Is- n ■
nnleas tbey ure attacked. Tbe Abywln
Inns ne*er use nny li ,ht at night, no
matter where they an*, uml sit lu tbe
dark   uud  convene.    Therefore   they
bave himhI eyes Ami tbey hnva won
tlerftilly while und even (oeth, mu-lt- se
by cleaning them with the spieaded
end of 11 small stick."—Washington
Batter to Guard Against Suoh Emergenoy by Keeping
Vitality at High-Water Mark by the use of
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
A Lsdy In the  House.
A lady appeared in the house of com-
mons tbe other night, and members
f.iireil fur n moment that the dreams
of th.* suffragists bad come true Tbe
tall, broad ami stalwart Bir John Ken-
mi way pushed his wuy tbrongh tbe
swinging doom and made toward tbe
bar.    Tbere  was  h gaap of surprise
Wben   In  his bulky   wuke  was sit'lite I
a demure little lady in a fawn coat
Instant visions of u sufTruL'lst plot f.n
11 woman to force entrance Into the par
liaiiieiitnri  bol) of bulies miller tbe - \
panaive sbadoa of sir John Senna-
Way's coat tall "Lady, lady!'' shouted
tn„ iiis.i guardlana, dashing In. A big
attendant, dosing In a corner, jun pad
forward t.> block tbe way. Mr. (h.s
set. the deputy sergeant nt urms, gripped his sword ami looked like bual
in-ss Pellmell wns tbe female intruder hustled lutu the lobby, looking ven
frightened, for she had been an un
Witting sinner Memliers smiled, settled themselves nml SOOU lupsed again
lutu stumbroos attitudes.—St. Jumes'
Illegible Signatures.
It Is n |Hiiut ot honor for nny one'
wh.. is anybody In France tu sipi nieci-
bly. llut the worm wbo ha9 to daclpb
er hieroglyphics is turning at lust, according te the Loudon Telegraph.
Tliere has beeu formed a League of
Protest agalnat all Illegible handwril
Ings and ilgnatnraa, chiefly tbeae ..f
government offldahv Tba motto of tbe
ne iv society is curious, "it behooves
only a pemou who Is inlirin or one who
<|iH*s not know his owu father to alga
Illegibly." Why should uu unwise .hi l.l
who   does   not   know    his   own   father
siu-n llleglbl]': The league does not
answer tbe conundrum. By tin* way,
It is Impoaalbte to decipher the name
of tin* gentleman or perhapa lady who
siKiis the league's manifesto.
Rubber Pavement.
Probably no substance Is iidnptfd to
a greater variety of uses than robber,
but Its BppliCattona ure restricted by
the    limited    supply    nud    Inirh    cost
Among ti..* purpoaea for which it has
gnat advantagea, but ts not likely to
be exteuslvilj employed, ls that of puv
Ing roadways,   a ruiiiM-r pavement lunl
nt a London railway station In 1881
wns lu I'.sr.' wiirn down to B»0 elgbtbs
of an Iuch in Its thinnest place.    Nut
withstanding tba scarcity of the ma
terial the cosl was less than three
times us i:rt*at ut that of wood, und IN
life has been more than twenty years
Instead of tbe four yenrs which the
Wood or usphalt would huve endured.   1
Indigo  Seeds.
One difficulty   In (be ralslni; of until
rn   nnili'.. Is that tlie -is-,I of the Jltv.i
I hint tlia'S not usually |»-ermliiiile satis
iin im iii owing in its poaaeasing n "ch
tieh*" wiiiih is hupei'iueebls te wnt.-t
To remedy this it has been found ad
rantegeous to soak the seeds tor bait
nn hum in concentrated sulpburlc acid
uml snbaequentl) to wash with watei
very thoroughly before sowing.  io»..i
seoil tie..led lu tills way has Is'.-n
found to germinate to the extent of imi
per tent.
A Definition.
The Society of Anti.tin.l.llc Kic-'lni-crs
hns recently .•Meiui.si its iiei.i of aetlv
Ity   hy   a.l.lln;!  tn  Its Constitution   (he
f.iiiow ine article IA:
"Definition  Tbe  term  -automobile,'
as use.I by  this society. Is Intended I"
cover nnv  self  propelled  vehicle o|M'i
atltiL' on of under  the surface of tin-
eurth or w'—■ •■*■ In the air."
Qerman Mustard.
Hen* is a recipe for ..i.i fashioned
Cetinan mustard: tint* half cup of Hour.
one-half enp of sugar, Bve tai.ies|...uii
fuls nf mustard, one scant tablespoon
ful jf turmeric, butter inr*.-.' us n wai
i*.it. one tabtcapoonfu! of salt vinegar
enough to mnke suits.th paste, then
mid oue eu,- Vinegar, llotl until it
teid us; then ml.I vinegar until a.
Unto us tlke-l	
Ths Britisl*. Parliamsnt.
The llrltlsh pnrlt uncut ls the British
people lu u sense In which the Amerl*
cun HinglS-aS Is uot the American 000
pie. Tbe parliament ls suprelue, even
to the extent of voting Itself out of existence.
Ths First Anthology.
The Orst nnilniluxy was a collection
of  111 ii-ti 1-1  Written  by  Ar.hili h us and
Qood health is the capital ..f persona who earn their 'ivelihood with
brain  and  muscle.
In these 'lays of strenuous life and
keen competition there is no place
for tired brains and weak bodies.
Success Is for the strong and alert
—for   thus.*   whose   liliiml   is   rich   mul
whose nerve cells un: filled with vigor iiiiii energy,
It   i,-   not   pleasant    to   1*111111*111111:111*
what nii*.'ht happen with (ailing
health and for tin- reason it 1 well
lo lined the liist symptoms of nervou
exhaustion, such aa brain fag,headache, nervous dyapepia, sleepless-
failure ul memory and  li
powei    t uiei'iitrati     the    iiiin.l.
While Dr. Chase's Nerve 1 1 ba
succeeded in curing man] cases ..f
partial paralysis, locomotoi ataxia,
nini the in" ' severe forms "f oer-
vnus prostration and exhaustion, it
1- not well i" delay treatment until
tbeae stubborn and dangerous 'lie-uses set  in,
At the slightest Indication of wan-
inn nerve force begin thu use of Dr.
Ohase'l Nerve Food, and with a few
weeks' treatment you will bu able to
restore the vitality of the body to
high-water murk, remove the cause
ol  nervous    disorders,  and    prevent
serious results.
Hiss Mi.iy I.i'iti*)., Cu11ls1.11, Bim-
e.s* County, Ont.,  writes;   "When  l
l i.n  the 11 *■ "i  Di   Cliuse's  Nerve
Pood my nervous system was nil run
.Innn. uml I nil.nil terribly with
nervous headache   and   sleeple
Sometimes I could not sleep for th	
ui four nights In succession.   Hi  the
11 ( several  boxes of  Hr.  Cb
s.i'.. 1 ood these troubles were sn
tneh overcome, and I consider this
preparation an excellent nerve
i '
Iir.   Chase's   Nerve   Pood,   60   cents
;. box, .. boxes fur IS 90, al all deal-
en, 01 Edmonson, Hates \ Co., Toronto.
Dick Turpin's Osk.
In lopping ..IT a branch of the old onk
known as Turptn'a oak, whieh stands
ut tin* eunier of :i lane leading Into tlie
• irent North road nearly oppoalte the
gates of I'm* hie; cemetery, severalpte*
toi ballets wer.* found imbedded In tbe
wood. In tbe records of Iil.k Turpin's trial at York It Is mentioned that
It was at tins spot that he. with Tom
King, robbed the royal mail lu 1T-*I of
£800    London Standard.
Greenland For Tuberculosis.
It la claimed tbe untie region Is an
Ideal locatli d ior tee treatment of tuberculosis ou account of tbe almost
perpetual sunshine, it is dustleaa, the
iiiire iiinl drj and tbe unusual
-.■■•lies stimulate the dealra for exercise. I tr I ii-'ei li Bohi ol Washing
ton is Inclined to believe that u Greenland sanitarium is not only n medical
possibility, but a practical business
■■I',l-e 1
The Stone WJJ Not tZTmsia.
dene', leu's lather occupied tee pulpit     "Let    Iiiiii    win.   Is   without   sin
among yon is* nrst to <*nst n stone." be
for ii t**-tt.    Uenevleve listened
earnestly to tbe enaulng dlscourae.   At
the .I'i*i* uf the service her in..ther
tiieil  In  nnn  tu dislodge her frum  lhe
ministerial is.*,*. Uenevleve Mood her
gronnd tin tbe rest >>f tbe congregation
had passeil oul. tben she looked up
ii Itb S Sigh of relief. "Well." she snld.
*l gueaa they've an sinned. Anyhow,
nobodj threw It"- n.-w Xork niobe.
A Thorough Optimist.
"Fatter." said the small boy, "what
i*- an optimist?"
• An optimist, my son. L-> n man who
believes tbe weather bureau when its
predictions are favorable and wbo eon-
gt-atulatea himself on its unreliability
when thej at*.- ooL"—Washington Star.
Just a Boy.
"Hold on'" said the learned chemist
"Didn't i give you n battle of my won
derftil tonic tbal would muke you look
twenty years younger?"
"You did," replied the patient, "an.l
I took it all i was then thirty-nine,
and now i am ouly nineteen."
"Wc'l.   then,   will   you   please   settle
ibis little bill you owa im* tbe treat
ment V"
••uh. no.   As I am only nineteen now
I am n minor, ami minora are nut bei
res|Hinsili|e   fur   tin*   bills   thei    incur
()00*j.Cl«  -i'.'     '.'trjel  I'|*i*>. l'r-ss.
Its  Hours.
'•This watcb Will last a lifetime." re-
marked tbe Jeweler as be bunded the
watch t.. tin- customer.
"Nonsense!" retorted tea other.
'•''nut I s.-e fm myself that Its houra
arc numbered}"
Not Inherited.
Pond i'ui a Hj baby says such
bright thiiiL--! Dyspeptic Docle And
jrel yon want me ta believe in this rot
Oarriek (ried to abolish prologues
and epilogues, hut Ihe audiences of his
day would Uot consent
fills the demand for a furnace possessing the largest amount of grate surface in proportion to the
diameter of the top of the
nre pot. It possesses all
the advantages of a return flue construction.
The "Admiral" has
the largest ash pit of any
furnace on the market,
thus permitting the free removal of ashes.
Wood or coal may be burned in the "Admiral' furnace.
Write for Catalogue    1M
ifcmjn-ao at M0NCT0H. M,B £ MOHTREAL. RQ.
Salss  Branches  al   MONCTON,  N B
MONTREAL,      P.O.;
As a food n Is tae
superior to mushy-
porridge er pasty corn
i ro.luots. It Is hygent-
oally perfect and mors
whol.somo aad nutritious thsn  msst.
BISCUIT and TRISCUIT aro an Ideal Combination.
All   Grocers—13c  a carton; 2 tor 26c.
A lame horse
is a dead loss.
It costs as much to keep s lame horse,
as it does a horse  In harness — and the
cripple hrlnp nothing in.    You can't tBara
to support Idle stock.    That's why you can't
afford to bs without
Kendall's Spavin Cure
It takes away the pain and stiffness from Sprains and Bruises—drsws
the soreness out of Strained Muscles and Tendons—CURES Spavins,
Soft Bunches snd Swellings.    Used fur two generations by two nationa.
'* I haw use Rendsll'i spavin One fot a lions Spavin of 4 years
•Iniltnf which haa eiitliely cured the lameness and gteslly reduced
lh. swelling. Another bottle of the Spavin Cure. I sin sure, will
compute the eu.e.** HOWAjtl) BROCL
(1 00 a bottle or S for M. Bold hy desists evsrywhare. Write for l«« copy of our
f4au.ua book—" TiesKae On The Horse."   Vou will Hui s uaed for 11 .wry day.
oa. B. j. k-iNoall CO., tt.ooauao fau-a. vaanowT, U.e.A.      ae
**-**•»* a; Trvin •.*>■* tin   *»
ml Fwjuitu »nJ I. j        - *v
Tn» R1lt»r 4w*%   -- ■   -. .
rb.-a for tbt o nulom of cgM'«kjitMi-UoiiU n-
.UMkttf iu in ADiuraiu
AU looftii will be charged nt lh« rotw of 1-5
^inu jit* Una, flmt InAtrltnn, ni;d 10 AMU* pr,
.infiim luo-tequtiit -laMilloii,
ri)l» fpi   TlKMSlf hi   ft-: ■' ■ ■  ; Ii-.ni-
!>• ui!. le k ik.wu o:i  »i,     •-•   mat  O-fllc
ni m ...mi J*.' i:* ft tht. in MUvnuc-f.
T'i ce
1*11 »er	
Go Id,I rail, Copper
Gnld-Wljrar ?:
liokl-Sllvrr, nit'*. I	
Copper ;  . i
Phnrgca (.jrollit-r iiu*taii . ll     plicifti.
Samples  srririn*,-  In   express  ..t   . . .
recelri prompt sttentiou,   P.O.. Di i
Contracts   Entered  into for Packing ot Mlnin g Supplies   Etc.
to any Point in the District.
REVCU&iTOKt.*    tA.  C,
Jl.-i Wim*-, !.ii|Mt)i-s,i-iii Clears,
Kill.*-*   $1  a dav.
J. A. STONE   -   -   Prop.
Gbc ftotel Beaton
Iili A ION.  u.e.
g3    GOOD, m
fc{       PROMPT jjj§
S. DANEY, Prop.
Bed    yts
Revelstoke, B- C
Pirst-clMs accommodation (or tra-tellem
W. BOYD -:- -:- prop
Ratci $i and Sl  50 per day-
JfiiS    A.    McFARLANE
(Lata oi Fergus, it Mim-o,   Lid.
•.** -
Assays ol »!i 0101, Term* luotlcrate.
Box   Wi,    KASl.O,   B. 0.
TIOUT 1.11V B.C.
Bar w-tll Supplied with Liquors A. Cigars
Large Comferlable Rooms.   Kxeal.tnt Caisin* and Attendance.
Central Hotel
District ui W'o-t hlootenny.
fake nptiae tlmt Arll.ur Cow-
ing &i.ij li> njatiiiii T. Reamy, nf
Trout Like nnd i'>-j'i;t.-, Ii. C, respectively, Logger jind i
res|iceiii**t*]y, inii i. to oj ; ly for n
special timber lioeoce over the foL
Jowing described lands!
Comment iti*.'nt e poet planted
about 5 o( a *i.:)*.* Ei :n Getranl.
and about I ;i mil tn North-
East fiineof Trout Lake, marked!
''A. (lowing iinJ il. !■". Beauty's
South Hast power post" ihenee
norMi 160 chains; thence west 10
chains; Ibence south lli') chains;
thence ejgt-JOc'iaii'.s tn pp nt t.i
jfulj 17th.  jj 7.
Arthur Poping i
Benjamin V. Reamy      j
lly iiisAficnt, A. fJowin-:
Diserict of \Vt..-t lvoolejjay.
Take not*ce liiat B. F. Bcamv.  *.t
I'oplar Creek,   P.. C,  intends   t..
apply tor a special timber  licenai    ;.
pvor tiio following described lands | $
Iftf. 1.   Commencing at a poet |g
l.rH Class in every respect. All modern conveniences.
LatpL* .-'ample Booma.
Rates SI   50 oar Dey. Special Weekly Rates
Trout   Lake   City  Transfix
and Stage Line.
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   &
Croat Xafte
Mater    @
Supply Oo. ®
By usiun Water supplied br Ibe
Company you are asiured of absolute purity. Government Analysis
to back up t-tatementa. :::::::
Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
Daily Suf. will
le«v«   FerSU»0l|
7 e.ra.
Trout Lake at 8
ft. ceaasctioa
Andrew M.  Craig.
John Simpson,      Proprietor
Besl Hotel in Town,
Reafiqaarters for Milling ami Commercial Men.
plitiitpd on tlie  w■«^t bank of Ru
tv Cn-ek. abonl .1 miles notitli of
l.ar.lo   River,   (hence   treat    160
.,-lains: tlienep t.orili  40   ehaina;
ihrn.v mn   100   chains;   thence! J
■j*..nth.40 chains to   point  ot  cotn.l S
mehoetnenl   nnd   oontaining   tW"| g
erec (.Tire >.r lean.
June 19 Ii. 1801       B. r  n I
SE. A.   Haggen|
Reyiilsto'ce, 8
B. C,
stork Sham »•!•! I i-nraui*   Broker
!< strict ui \\'L.-,t  Ivooit na v.
.'to. 2.    (....in
';. 1". Rt am i
_^^^^^^^_  'niiticti*,' at  ii  post
p »u**il on   the \r .st bunk of  Rus
ty C.-tv^. in 1 a'i nil 3 mile* * 'U' b
:if the I. uii-i   l*;.i-i*:,    tUeuce  weal
160   ehains;     tli'-iu*.-    soulli   •■ -
chains; tbanoa   east }60    chains;
tbence north 10 chaii •
coniniciH.iiiiiit     a o-l    c
6*10 acri*s more oi I
T.fr.1 Estate, Iitaranct .in.l
General Commiarion Agent
Pul, I: |iresentattre for
li S .-1 -Tarift Iiniiranre  Hntiiiii-«s  in.
g    Tronl take Ferguson Bnatoo
and Camborne* .
June 19th   19   7
Diilrict of   Wi»t    ]\o'itetiay.
No. o.   Commencing at n
pirn ted t.n lhe tvrsl bank (f llu--
tr Creek, about .'l t.iiles s.   lh r' —	
tbr-l..-ii(li. RiM-r. tiit-i.c f   i   1-50 ot Nelaon, 'B. C,   Miner.    in:i;ii(ls
ohains; thence   north  40    1. iir-~;| toapply fur a   »in-eial   tiniber   li-
Takc notice that  B.  F.   Reamr,
lot I'oplar Creek,    11. C.(    Pl
J tor, intends to apply for a special
[timber license over ibe foUottiug
) described lands:
('•oniiiienciiic nt  a  yt-?t j lanted
on tbo nnrtb ei.ie of Poplar Cn
about 200 feet from tbe creek  and
i.ile above the fust soutli
fori of Poplar Creek, thei
I ■ 0chains; thei ce si 'i'i. ■* I c' •
tbence east £0 chainej thenc
i!i .'.o chaini lo point of o»n menci
ment and eonUinii :* 640 .
more or leu.
June 8tb. 1907. B. 1'  R.
I.LVKt.fili.Kl' I.AN'D DIS1 l:
District ol Went Kool may.
■     ■■•    laxd "i>ri:ior.
Take notioe tbat Jas. W, Living
, of Fi rguson, Prospeotor, iu-
to n|.;.l v .'" • a speeial tim-
l*«ii licence over tbe following de>
pciiiietl lands:
t'pj.nittiieiiii: at a yott planted
on nortii bank of Lardeaa Creeki
.1 qusi ter of a mile east of
   «.,J   maiked  "J,   W.
I ivingeli ii'a JNortii West C'-nier
I-osl" thenee soutli M) ehains*
(bene- east BO .l.ains; tbence nor-
ti. .*** ... .-. thence wtst 80
ehains lo point ot oommencaaient
snd oontaining 640 acres more or
July 8th 1907, J. V, Livingston,
P   L. S.
Iiiatrict of \' es; Kootenay.
Take notice lhat Charles Leslie
Copp,  of Treat l.ake ,B.C, Pros
1 pector,    i,.tends    to  spp!)'    for
'Special  timber  licenso   over tbe
following described lands-
Commenoing at a pott planted
on tbe s. uth hid*- of Canyon Creak
'nbotil 7   miles   from   its mouth,
murktdjC.  L. Copp'l s* u h-west
i corner  post"    thence   north   80
chains;    tlience   east   -SO   chiins;
thence  south   80 chains;    tbence
west SO chainR to point of ciimuen
! cement and containing G40   acrss,
. more or le.-s.
' June 20ih 1907.   Charles L. Copp.
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
ca-»iT»L AWTMOIIflm i   c.ooaeeo. Hea4Office
c*WT*LP*iour. aaio  ooo     TOUONTO,   OMARIO.
BUT <"   nO".
D  R. WII.KIK. Presileat. /l ....  UOi'.KKT JAFFK.U   * M.fm\
BRANCHES   >• *'>•  I'rosincee of AiLerta, Kaskatcbswsu,   BriluaCtfj
Ms*i i   .-.   . 'Dls.o and •WuS'-sc.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT      Intrrtsi sllt.-aedon tepnsiu   eon A.u otdtmei
tottm* of crplH.mteetemmmtm mor       Arrowbead i;r.prh_
, .•     <.l lllS -  .-. 1
I.i       H    I'll
Hp*rls( ..it, i in tttaa la •»•...•>•• s   a
Mininf Iw.i.ill.
Review Job Dept.
Kor High-Class Work.
©K    *1
"/intr^I dates Surveyed   -.nd
Crown CrtuCs CLt..;*ud.
Nun ::.    bo Offioi
TROUT    LAKE,    IS.  w.
Dealers in all k.-i is of Kiesh Me.-.t
IR0T7T I.AKe!b.C
aSavbec Shop
-^- ron a - -
(iood Sbave or Malr ml
— cai.I. OH —
William Schnell,
Hot and Cold Batha.
_H_> «*•»!'
(is*, a Mcfsrtcr. J    A. Bsttij
A   At  ri.*«KUAM
80L1C1TOK8, Ktc.
tSollclturs ler 1 is pens I Dank of fsr.«  •
Barber Shop.|
Far Uaa-1 Ms..   illla|-al
>    i     S|    o    .
C. A cheeseman|
TKOll nil' IIT
fi*t trnt   (sll   asthl.
• -fflliwwiwnitw^^
TAKE noti"e tbat David Hooth,
thelice we»t ICO, nni, - tbi n    i*-uth
4') chaini to point .*f con.,n. uc. -
in.'Bt,   ,1'id oontaining 640 acres
more or lets.
June 19th. 19f*6.        L  ft Reamy
N... 4.    Commenoing at  a  post
plant, d on ii..- a eel bank "f  K>.s
ly Creek, and about •'; mj'cs lotitb
of tbu I.nnl - Biver, ijienco cast BO
chains; ihcnce s..uili 80 chsins;
^bei.ce iveit 80 chains; Ihenee noi
fli 80 t'liiiiiiH lo point of cijiiiii. nc-
pient and   containing C!"
piore of birs
June IPtb. 1007.     J!. F.  i:
Take notice that B. F Beamy,]
..f Poplar Creek, H. ('., Pr »pe toi
intend* to apply fur a special timber license over the following tl..
scribed lands:
Commencing at a   p- ■st  planted
I on the norib sidd of I'oplar ' '■■■■'.
Cummirplny at a post planted . about 200 font from Ibe 'reek and
on tbe ive.it bank mt I'oplar Creek, ! about J mile above the Brat  I    .-
nin,nl   1 1   i-11— ' "i
■• n-i* over tin; following described
TKOUT   HKK   LODGE   t. fl o p
0. Jseobupii. t,  n
...l.ll^i    , *.   ,     /!,.
"I...   IJ. » »  ^
about 1 * miles from tbe Lardeau
Biver and adjoining Timber Lease
Lot 0281, also adjoining T, L 185
60 on tbe south, tbence west 80
chains; tbence rsouth 80 chains;
tbence east 80 chains; tbence norib 80 chains to poinl of ..ommenoe
July 12th. 1007 Da?id Booth,
foi k of Poplar Creek, tlience wetl
80 chains; thenco nortb BO chains;
tbence east 80 chains; thenee sou,
tli hO eniiiiis to p.iinl of commencement and C'.nlaining li-lb' nereis,
more or less.
June Rth. 191*7. B. i'
. .M.i-,.e!.|ie,.;. Htc,
fki-:d c. liLLiorr,
i      Barrlitei. N  lay lUiblic ■::*.,
Tl-;p'*-IT    LAKC
FusoesuK.        tiaytteroAt, ii, U
NOTICE in   hereby given  ti.a^
the head and registered office in
Lritish Columbia  of   "The  Re-
ui'd Gold  and  Silver  Mining
Company,   L'tpitcd,"   haa been
changed from Ferguson to Trout
Lake, and that Frederick Chart.
e»Elliott,    Barri.-iter   of  Trout
Lake, B. C. has been appointed
I the new attorney of said Com-
i pany in the place of John Mor-
j ton whos;e appointment has been
Dated the 2nd. day of August
1907. S. Y.  Wootton.  I r-
HEUIMHAH Of JPi«T BIOCK CO^.July 2&tb. l'J}7.
land   notici*;.
iii-:vj.:lstokk lam> iuhtkct
JJistricl of Witt Koolcnay.
TAKE notiee   !|iat Arthur  (it-v.
ing of Trout Lake,   ooenpatien—
Logger—i.iiendr.  to apply for per-
mission to purchase the following
described lauds:—
Ciiinine. 'linjj   at a poat planted
at tbo tt, W. corner   of   Lot   299 j
West Kootenay  district,   Iheuce]
theuce etiiU 40 chains; tbence nortii   40   ''  .ins;     (hence   Weet   401
chains; tben..'.' south Y) chains to
point of cniniiieiicemenl,  in all   a-1
bout 160 acres.
Arlhur Guv. ing.
per A..G. l''ia»ec, A Ity
T! ar« baen .'urtunes
ii -n by iadjeioue ir=vt*«t-
ii>.-nt iii l>al Estate, au-l
inure fortunes wiil b» in ide than
ever tlie neat two i,r three Tiars.
■ a reaps tba burvest is
• - ginal ineoetor, for hs bas
bis money on » certainty,
Now let us point out to von tbst
there is no hatter spot on lhe Con-
tfnent to 'uv Ueal hi-state than
Trout Lake is the prettiest spot
in tbe Kootenays; as a pleasure
reti'irt it las no ci;ual. lioatiiig
and lnl.itig may be induced io
the v<ar round ; while bij» game
in a1.'it ibiii. e is t'. the found an
the bills. Ill climate ia euperb,
ti.ers bring tu> great extremes, it
being mil.I in winter and oool in
summer, lt can boust «f «"ine of
the i'nect lintels ami residence**! in
British Columbia. Ittslrtels ars
well laid out ami graded. There
are two excellent ce'irrnl stores,
and a glance at the adrcrtifements
ia tbis journal will show that all
trades are fairly well repiesented.
Write  with coufiJenee to Ageuta.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
once.  ••  ••
••        ta
Then call oa
or writ* to
IT has never ltd a ■ boea "- its
f'owin kas beea steady. Il is
the I...j ,,f aavifatioa, aad
the reraiieal of the Larde kiaaek
•' 'be f.r.R. in ro,^ (j, ,k,
••»«eeu) IsadwTroat Uke. It
'• the CoasisercieJ eeatre ef it*
richest aimsral diaiticl ea tk*
•pDtlBOM, and baa banki.a fatili-
»•» prOTlded by the j«.«rial
leak of Canada ; Irst clsss scbesl
a<'e..inni,,lftij„n   ut)der th#   ,,ir,r
"*"> 'f 8. Shannon, 11.1 , , gaod
water system ; gtivernueal . JErrs ;
tounly („llr, ,it,il)({ Math' <tiat
Kpiecopal and Anglican churebss
ami cottage liospltal.
There ar» saluabje ranck lands
oa 'he muslin, awaiting Millers.
Ji» umber rssourcee are magnifl*
3">t,»ntl, band ,.w mill with a
«P«ciiy ofCU.OOOfi. per day is at
«•• l;«d ef the lake. The mie*.
.ui'ulaiy  ar.  proving nut bigp.r
otlucer. tttrj 7tit* mUk \tw
I'u'ytcl* epsniuj up uch bodies af
J'kere  will  ba  , i,if rngfc lhi|
I,?-'    "*, lf   Jom    would    k*»fw
■ore,  write st  ,„f. t0 dfk„ .,,
tk. kgeats at tk* addraeses below.
F. B. Wells
Cakcral Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.


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