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Lardeau Mining Review 1904-11-25

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 DEC 2 _ 1904     £ I
~— - -      '—■■ ''    —- > y    \r y   M*-M^~*r \.
lileer  eil'ell-
8 limn any  Wei kly
LNews] , ia N.
l- ioti nay, l>"st ud-
vertising   medium,
VOL, 1
. -.
The re
:! alive 1
he rich
!:t,   to
i ny .i.l
for $2
)" r an.
ROUT LAKri CITY,  B.   C, NOV. 25th 1904.
To tic Editor of the Lardeau Mining 1;. \ iew.
Nov. '2\, 1904.
lir    !'. has come to my knowledge
thai certain members of the Canadian Timhei a- Sawmills Ltd., ami
th. i" 1 ttolliti a have circulated v.iri-
-   iu   Nclsoq   and oilier
. '     points to   Ihe   effect that 1
ha. trying li» hoUl them up
ind  it was through
• 'hey had bei n unto i" pay their wages.
■   ■ ty say that  reports
nutated  locally that
thi i arrangements made
i  Bank for a loan
it ll      •  pay tie w.i -.
1  I "I blocked thorn and
ponsihle for everyone
a ait so long.     Such  role, ulated  here  (where the
i)   do nie no harm,
.f the people know
■  to bo fall •     Hut there are
tie         i   :-   i.    that    do not   know
i i- we kit iw tli-iii, and for
•   .   i:  I   would like i.. give
f   i wine, facts in  connection
with   the  Canadian   Timber ami
8 a       -  Ltd.
Ti ..•   al. ; any   was regis-
i' r 1 .1 n 1 v '.'3,  1903, us a private
limited  ooinpany  with n nominal
' .livid-d  int .  il
vendor company was
'   - Ai   [,,i ition.Ltd, who
! to i aaw mill andcer-
.. timber   li isea   nt
!        I' C., from whom the
I        ■        pany have ptu        .1
.-.mi",    ih-    .onsiderntiou    be og
in i 64(5,000 in shares
fully pal I. two thirds <>f the capital
Cai el .in Timber and
Mil]      Ltd,     In  connection
interest ing to not"
I, th.    ■ i ■ r il man-
I H        Bart  ii. .■!.airmail
. .  .       npany,«. .u the Cm ..li ti
•    Ltd., or  n1 U'Jst the
pirits in  it.    The high
;■.: i  the Canadian Assoc i-
.-   i o doubt dti. to this
f.  •    1 i.   in ice paid by the Cans-
lion, I am credibly in-
■ 1 500 in  cash and
- ..f the new com] i
i pro tit of £1*8,000 in
id VI tlni-i leav
1.0 ,    the I'all.l-
.   |        . ion, Ltd., 16-80 of tho
. nf 'li- Canadian Tim-
i ^a« Mi Is. Ltd., as wi II as
fit    C   -ll.      ('ill   r   e\|" i
•  .  - '   g DC4 II    aid"   to   liII*I
■   roughly,   -51,421',  thus
. median Timlier mid
bn ii.'" d £8,n78,
nnd unsoldstock. With this bul
they  creato    £S,0()0   d bentures
chargeable   on   all    the company's
land-, plant, etc. These debentures wore taken up by the directors, who as promoters held lii-:j>n
of tho stock. Ah a further cinch
ili.r.-is a clause in the mortgage
to the - ffect that if tho company
-hould fail or th" mill dose down
the debenture holders were entitled
to at one" fofclose. This moi
wa- created onJJuly 22nd, 1904, and
registered    ill     Nel.-' .11     on     ItlgUSl
12th,and was, I believe, created for
the express purpose f swindling
their creditors and probably the
inin irity Btockhold1 rs Thus
H'.ud .V Co are in a position to
ruin the business, thon foi
the mortgage, taking the whole
thing for £8,000, £4JXXJ of which
tin;, had already received ,v, vendors. Tii" ri'.'iemc was beautiful,
and one ealc.ll.it  d to  BCpOp all the
■Ui kors In     ighi      Now   for   my
connection with the Canadian
Timber and Saw MilU Ltd.
In October, 1908. the company's
manager, .Mr. II. rj lerson, duly ad
■d both here and at .'■
calling for tenders for a log
tract. 1 dil not I.id at that time
bul a little later outline,1 a propo-
rition to Mr. Hen lers n to do the
Company's logging, tho price to he
$4.50 | ei ti. iu 'ana, ,h. Ing thi I iw-
.■ it tender.
My proposition was as follows:
That I would cut in a steam plant
sufficiently large to keep their mill
supplied, and would      "       to p ll
in 100,000,000 feet at 14.60 , r
thousand on  the   condition  that
they I..moi themselves to take at
[east 15,000,000 feel during the
first two y. ar-. ;.' er n hioh they
were to take  10,000,000 per year
After the see "iid year, if for any
n -on tic >• impany became un-
i.blc to tak    that   amount, Ihey
Were U> pay III" any dan,
could sit iw 1 had been put to
About October ".Joth this proposition was submitted through Mr
Henderson to Mr. Ward at the
London office, a .! on I ho 13 li
Nov. I received a, messastfiy '■'
Henderson   thai   it   had  been
ee|,;. .1       |;, f, '•■   the   drawing 0 > ' I
the papers I requested Mr. Hen-
1< i n io show me his authority t •
enter into such a 0 'iitr.ict He
produced a cable from I.
"Kinman con tea i
ceptc I subject i > arrangement of
detail with yotir-cf." -■ •• • I' 8aw-
pits," (tho official codo signature
of the Company).     11-' also   pr
Ward us a clerical i rroi but I have
always be n undi e the impression
thai it was meant to deceive.
The cablo also said, ''directors
leaving for Ll. C. at once." This
wa I prior to .July 17th and to my
certain knowledge the London
office knew tho Bbnpe things were
in at thai time, yet on the 22nd
July just prior to their leaving
Loudon they ox- cute this deben-
tuie mortgage an I bring itout and
register it in Nelson on August ,.„.,,,
12th or thereabout, showing that|'UM(|
instructions were   to Like it by lot
aid blrck, and iii consequence th
land that Mm mill is on   was pi-,.;
ol up.    T.iis is a fair example of
ilie business ability of Mr. Ward
and Ms advisor.-.
As a further example of the
ability of the persona just referred
to, tho mill was built aerws Victoria street withflut that said
sue -t first being closed, aud it re
mains lu that position io-day, a
>e til ion baring been circulated
partially sigued for el s'ngit,
Chief Commissioner had till the
Cat t! before him and refused positively to {.'rant tho licenses until
thoy had paid tic wages, and 1
believa the judgments as well.
After being forced lo pny a per-,
tion ol'their liouo^t debts ihey sny
they had already  made arrange-
Mr. I'-. I'- Smith writes usa» follows:'
I ■• ase be good enough to explain in the
leixt issue that the  laaco   held   l:""n on
1' ..nksgiviug Day v. as in no  way inteflS
lei  to antagonise ihe daneo at  I'rout-.
Lakoi     .'.rri::..euiei.ta  had   been   made"
...: a l*i.'" pa iy to  leave hern to participate in tho dance with tlit-i- friends at
the Lake, but at the last moment owing
to the wretched ronditlon of the roads
nents to pay and   wore not forced   and the hall  here being unreserved by
o do so by ih" government
The judgments other (ban wages
have not ben paid, aud the licences have not been renewed, and I
aavo it on   the highest authority
my^ere trv.n'.Moiintl,'. proper.  1)lllorlii(.Mim- q|. ,„„ „(;;; s~rv   U.at they   will   not   bo   until the i """»• etc
r ;h'1:'  '■ . ■ ' • V"  ''"' 1hu  nam-shave be,.;, withdrawn, audi juderoont i an. paid.       . i    Mr. Edmund
',-'rn"   'li""'."^ {]r:cr'"h{- ™   **V  ™«»  <^k*n  if tlmtj     M-.HIII  hid  only  7;M,1Si„lrts«°"1"
ors ttpm getting their rights. ktreet will ever h, closod so long »b" dollar aud yet ho can purchase     Dnvid Muw
reason of the political mealing being
abandoned, it '.vas decided rather than
be diaappointed altogether to hold an
'iin.romptu dance here, Truating this
be Piid'-rstood by our many frienda
nl Trout Lnke, and liiankint» you, I ro-
Bell has  taken  up Ida
toria Ave. fortheseaion.
_________ ~.a .. .. ■ .*.., IT
,.V''' "'  fl-■■'  '8th of -July i firs' as the present  outfit or anyone|V»e bnlkof the company's ass-tH
Mr   E C. Krbs'i.h otmnsotod witii them have control, *°'d by the Bhoriff.     He oau pay
'■Vl    ";     "?  the   directors of 'ihe for.'irtthe   arliest possible momont   iOOcention  the dollar aud costs
company and reputa-* an notion  w  I  be  taken to move °n the wngos c'aim  and still offer
ttoninthia country was not very them off the cud of the street. »oenl   toother creditors.   \\rhy
ivory I immediately took steps lo|    I have bee;: accuaetl of trying to ^■'i Mr.Leslie ilill and Mr. Wheel-
blaekmail tii.ni. Now, I wish to \°ri tha company's attoriioy, let
say I have . il'1 ■ 1 at all times to approximately SjOO.OOO feet of logs
settle with them, only charging ' "' 100 boom-chiilos, all at tiie
t'litii I ..r ihe la. ii what I bad ho- mill, be sold for $300—about two-
niitly paid H r, which up to a third* of the value if th«> boom-
few gays ago '..as Slid. :n,l any chains a Ion.—and this aft r thoy
ass, r. i. i to the contrary is a de- had paid the government royalt'ei
to  trout Lake and I liberate lie,   As a  matter of fact "^ -bout   W ,; .••tier  the
asked me to meet them to discuss  Erb'foh and myg 1 . I into an company has paid in caah or note*,
matters,     I  did  lo  in  company [agreement whereby  the mill coin   more than $4,600 for properly thai
collect thi various amounts owin4
me. and on .Inly 22nd issued writ:'
in t!.- aui r no court for she
amount of the notes then overdue
iml lor damages on die contrac,
no amount being spool Hod.
I. iter on   Wardj    Erbsloh  atol
laced   a   letter aigti'd   by   Cecil
A'anl as general  manager stating
that .1.  I!    Henderson   was
manager for B C.   This was afier-
■ 1' . lied   by   V. I
Whe.ler.  and   Ward  bin.
Henderson   bad   no   authority to
..■ii contra '     W heeler even sn:
pun    1 • and en-:met
|. up limber licenses,
• n . .. an 1 boa d of diroo-
.• ■ ■' ', .- w. II as a gem nil
1 knew  nothing of  llie
■ manager and offioe
1 ike,
.-. 11  w s 01 lied on
for   8   in w. mill.
at about ♦i>7.<K»: i for
rote y   mill, on   which
 ipauy proceeded to
Lai 1  another proposi-
initted for a band mill,
and Mr  11     I r-o 1   was ordered to
i  p.el    it   and report
II" reporting fav-
a.c rdingly purohaa
i lo Tioiii   Lake and installed ll   de son slates tl at
..I for a new estitn
I   tho band mill
but sup, ■    -I .. • the 1 ompany was
E 10,0 K) there would
ill    'aoney    to   carry   it
through,  not  kt,owing   that   two-
th I'd.- of  the  capital   >.f   li c coin-
puny b id b ■< n  paid lo the vo dor
iters, thus leriv—
in .' ll:    ' 'i    PI lib  r and Saw
Ltd   with  le.-s  1 loin 160,000
.,  with  which to
■ '. .1 band mill, build
;        imbor  in' 11 oa and
1   ■,   •   thus rol -
., i   . I' a I I'liaii. 1
In its cerj inception ami
1!."  business  in a |."
where > vni inon 1 f experioni fl tt d
ah   it v «. uld  have h'.'M aled.    And
yel «lib n general manager and a
mil -man both "f   wlmni   knew ab
[y nothing of the buslnoss,
rush blindly mi, provin..' again
<b oi   the  old saying, thai
.H win r" angels lea** to .^^^
il   be reincin- cable read "no rtgago whatever"
il„ wlian as i.ein- and was meant to convoy tho idea
1 '■    hnl il
ijuontly  in control, of tie   nunpn     J p        .     i'"-1
irthi    mom y was ncoossMylwas
gi  ti d repudiation  of the coatracl
to Henderson, as i; bad neither
Ward'- signature nor the -
the eomp my.     In negotiating for
a  loan  with   tho  Imperiii
they    were    i.'k.l     by   ail    official
what they intended  lo d 1 w ith my
stiil for dam ig -     Thoy replied to
to the e.l'ecl   tltal ...-   1   had tl
L could have 1,0 dan
il, r tol'lcd that the ovidi
the ' "nl aci w.re p led up on tha
company's wharf, logs in thi booms,
and their dishonor. .1 notes in tho
bank, and that before lie would do
btisini s- tie > tnusl lir I so tie
wjth mo.       •
Accordiuj to Iho terms of the
contract the company held a
chattel in.ii • -1 • .m my entire
pla 'i .■ s si eiiniy f ir its fulfilment,
and wore ' ' retain 5 per conl ..;'
m moya 1 n il Ih e id of Iho season.
S 'ttleinenl to b • ma lo on d dive )
of each booin by 30-day note pay-
libit) .:' lb" Imp'i'ial bank. Sill ill
amounts were paid on Ihe first two
and r." owed, nnd~when d^w the
second lini" ab'"t l-t duly were
di leu Did. \iiotber not • fulling
due abaci ii," 10th July I gave
th m until ili.it da'o to pay all the
Inn duo.    This  I'.a.  cabled
0 th   Loud in office nnd about i he
I lib July Mr. Kolfc brought n code
to M     I a:, I my
a If from tie   I kin
iheiu   (Hend      I   n d    Itdlfe) to
, , n,      lo    n lit,   and   : iyiii'4  "no
 : |   a:'e   wit lt( VPT,   llllaber. float"
liould be sufficient, or-
i i i 1 Hank Cnniiuerco f r loan."
The cxiici wording as Mr. Rolfs
bad ii translated I do nol remom
her bni boil, myself and Mr, Boult-
l  were led to believe thai ihe
very mbmenl I had an abstract of
. : my p>ek"t show-
it I., have bo . created on July
22nd and registered oil Xugusl
12th. Mr. Ward inuss have known
the facts and deliberately m srep*
resen'..k1 t '•■1.1. Brbsloh slated
repeatedly I .'. he h id atippose<l
.lu up 11 w.re paid every week
and did not know to the contrary
until Ms '.nival here. Th la coming ft a in a director of the company
-tml one who had b'OU SOBl o it Ol
"inie for tho avowed purpose nl
atraighlontug things out a id who
111 travelled in 0 uipauy with
. .-. t,-'r,.l mauftg r looks as
th  Ugh Mr. Ward Ind oilhe. mis
I presented matters to  Mr. Kib*
loh  or that gentlem'in lad  lied,
II d 111  either   ov.iit   it  w k« i|Ui'.e
.  at ■ ■ j , life  I ieir cie litois
for 1 . hi in with suspicion.
Ti. Q days which 1
refiiM'l. Then Mr, Ward said, "give
us 10 1!') a." 1 .need me of
thuir   i   -     -1 ity,  and   1   r. p lad
lint it was .jii 1   e. olmt that ihsj
did mil   1; i.w   wlat  lhrty Wanted,
■ at w. i" -imply cutting about and
1 time   would  Le   a   gutd
i    y then tried   li 1 s"p "f offer-
in": me tlio manage neat    1 told
tl em   frankly   that   I    would   nol
lo ai j arrangement whereby   I   would   have   to   lake orders
from a bond of directors iu Loudon.    Mr. Krhs|"h  then made the
pro] " il on   to   -ive  1110  solo and
ilo e introl for a term of five
lids convince I  me that
he Wii.i in' 1 nly a knave bill 11 fool
A'! tho. w is t.   ualn tunc
until   ih y    could   foreclose   |h<
1; c iiiorigagi   iird   'ak • poisi ps'o i
of lb--   pr '|e '   .      This   ih iy   did
about ib ■ -'.Mi .1 >y  of August.   1
.' i.e.- i.-sucd 11 w lit lo ^e! aside
Ihu morlgago as frauditli nt.
About 1 liis time] found '.hut tho
ground the mill rl - . d on was pot
pari ol the graul fr m the lowitslte
en e|, ml .    all I    Up. II     I'lll' ll.O'    ill
vostigatiou found that tha mill
company did iu>t 1 wit the grouud
in .pi. t  n. a nl at once prnoeedo '
to get an 0,0 Ion Oil Ihe said lands
'r 111 ihu lownsi;.- 1 0 ii| 111 y I r
!   1    sain  of   13,1)00, 1'iie   mill
ciupiny pit - tt[> the claim thai
di • logisleied 11 m <d tb • low ■ 1 le
s'.i'Weii that the lots giautod In
t en r.n down to and abutted on
Ihe wat is of Tr 'Ul Like. Although  tne I.lie ol \0g lla lull   was
200 I'.ct I inn. r out ttiaii the
line of Hie r 1 us and 11 itivit island-
irgan was down from the
surprise group this week, lie reports
levelopment work in being rajddly
proceeded with.
Hy. Anderson piloted a party of
American .api'.aliiti. over the Iteatrice
mines this week, and veiterdav the
party visited the splendid mill of the
Silvnr Cap Mines, Ltd. In eonveraa
tioii with J. C. Kirkpatriek, the party
arprstsed thsir intention of erectiiiK a
mi ..t 1 uson to to at ore from the
What a  programme for Christinas !
24th ah •   ' meat hy the children,
!5tli a sp. ially prepaiod Sacied cod-
■■:• 36th masqnerailo ball, LTth Con-
cei. lA aid of the hospital.
1'rom 5-Mile come glowing reports of
centrator. Since the installation
of the new machinery everything has
(oing in Al ahape, There is 1.0
lou t thai ere many years speed tho
c .tiiitry will contain many of the eame
with my solicitor, George 8 Mc- painy^waa lo have  my opti h on "."ent for 8200.   is it 10 be expect
Cirier.      lJuring   tha   dircus>ioii I the land for    raatly  whu  it cost ed that such meti can or will make
Mr. Ward assured  n< that tho do-j me, $100.    By  the terms of th:s a success of any business?
Iienture mortgage ha I been crea'• I agre^menl   they  were to pay me      Now, Mr. Editor, just  one more
ed on F.-hnary 13lh and register-! virnci- amounts due  and all costs proposition.    Can you tell 11. ■
ed on  March  20th, while ai ihat |and a certain amunnt for damages '■■ -    people did  not 1
which was agreed on.   Thi . an  a»si for the benefii "I
imi.t was d '. •■'! Sept. 27ib uml by their creditors.   They .- .v that the
it I gave them 30 days, all the time properly would  not    bring ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
iheyrtakctl.    At tho  expiration of than enough  to  pay   ">'i cent- on     J.W> Bennett, who had the misfortuae
that  timo  Mi.   I   -1    Hill  ca'mo the   dollar.     According    to   Mr.   to saver two of the fingers of his right
All the lumber is on the ground for
tho new Jail, «:. I the {building will be
utonoS pr. ' I with by W. Skinner.
The lumber ii | liad bj l-'rank
I.i 1 .an, of the Ferg is ■ Saw Mills.
up and offend tne  70 cents on the Hill's  Btaiemei      I  eii   li
hand Whilst woikiug on the tram at 6-
_ -n—       «__■■       - .,nrwi ii-      1 Milt, last week is progressing favorably.
dollar,which I  refused.     He r- »,000,    including JWi wri,c, n ro'1m1 lla. _.fth ,lig,of-t>
inaik-d that the aaselfof tho^om- debentures and coats, which amount anyhow, so tho many letters of aym-
pany'would not 1 ay more than 50U '»'"   prepared   to  pay   for   the  i«'!.y have been legibly acknowledged.
■all's on tii" dollar.    I   told him ]   property.    But to S man Up a tree .Mackinnon & Sutherland have a fine
was willing to tako  my chanoc of it lo-kB as though  they did nol as- rangssof heavy Overooata.
-hakl'g loO cents out. f il.em and B'Bn   because   they thouirht  Ihey iii« reada would he almost iatpassaUe
it nnv ruie 1  wmld  rather have could   squoete J" or -2.">  en:-  on ..tiiepr.—nt juncture were it not tor
-o.i i .- .       ■      Minrv ilnllar     „ ,»    nnlu    frnTM   .l.,i, '     1 l.in.V> ti-borse freight sleds and
.,0 cents   from   tho sale   uf their ^ ■■   f.-'1 ""'',• u,i. bird's" dai-v roota.
rtR-ciB than 73 ceuu in settlement ordinary but   from  ti:" ■ /
fioin   him      Ho went  on   to say men who earned it bv the sweat oi '   t>; R>f'l w aasisimg the Crag-
nun. o.i.i. iii ».n. wi (w mv, . brook Herald in comp ling a gorgeon*
fia- l>o would .it onoa   roturn tbej their brows,     farther, these smne XniM ^itioa.    a-i.eit-rwnu>upwill
hnmioy to  the  old  eonntryune-e   poopla allowcil   •    I ; water harp 1-, >i.t !< .ait of n!*c«froin the pen ofJoe.
fh" could g««l rms   bo aaked. au'1    !   buckets "tb foe fold for ■  -   ■  ■,■ —
lint a   Utile later  bo eameupti      uui of $2.50, thtu leaving  be mill •   :•-:•■•- - ■:   . •:•- ■:■:■?. s>5^^r«
the a*U of the company's property without fire protection, not ev n n -,-   ■   _|__ l  ^--1*4-      4
and inv.                            • 13.800 bucket to carry water in in c»i a_/CUkw L/OCulsSIS.    ^s
.V -it.rii \1: :.   ■•'.' rf» Kit\4txhjl
Newman    Taylor   left   for   the
in lumber, etc., and y t n  little fire put ting in jeopardy their right
later puis  up another $10,000 or to collect on  their   insuranc« poli-
112,000 fo bu   not anlil he dee.    Incouclu-ion  1   wish to say  ,., „,,-      ..assBBBBBsa    u
badbeeni t the faeU aa given her pkiuiagaa on Thurwlay nxAL  He
* , "..     uuness trip for the firm
inv was.- nveyid tooue Edward are p blished not with any idea of   '   r"l'" >ents.
Holt bv a deed of tru*t, he being injuring    the   com] i credit.     I>v. Gilbert Cook will conduct sat
- * * *  r nn 1 ran    be.r.i • b.-v 1, . v.- ' * •''''" ">  tbe   An.bcan  I iiiirch on I
Oo or ab ut Sept. I2ih the prop
iy was" .i.eyid tooue Ed Man
uolt by a deed   i  tm*t, he being ...j-....B    »•■    v.....,„. ,.       ...... ,     .-—-. — -. ~zr- -•--.—■-———.
. , .     .[,.,,,    |     . |wv,    - ■••- in  ll."    \:eiea„  I iiurcli on hun
>lr  "o      '    '   ,  ,      "'I •■">••'' ii  j j nsxt.    li■-.■- i   inn. linon at If. and
trustee for  Ui re bolder-, none.    Hut in rell defence, and I dnitervice7JO.
Who are tne directors. I may
also -ay thai Brba o'i was try 1 ig
to pel a loan mi tho properly or in
tho security of the company after
ih" ISth > i Bi ptember, which date
ia given  as the  dati  oftholiU'*!
-    who ca;e to know I....       .,,,   ,, ..   .... „,     ,   „    .  .
..      .                  ,     ,                             , -\i the Methodist Church, hund.iv at
the  facts  a-   I    know   them,     li elavea,mown by the pastor, "ftmetl.
I have wronged   the   company or i firation." Kteniug ut/.30, service con-
any member of jt I am wi; Inctsarby Miss Cook.
ample amends, as  1 hai ■ no i>.j. McKeill, late snperlntsndent of
desire to do  more  thai Silver Cup, died at 8ilt Lake City a
deed to Holt, and furthermore that fa0*8-   Trusting that   1   lave  not  f"v,1«»»nK».
tho  agreement   he   entered into taken too much of your valuable
with ii,e ou behalf of the c unpai 'i'1-
waa dated   Bopt   27th.     Now If Vbur truly,
this tn.i si  i   Ui   Hull   was  a b na fcl. L. KlKUAS.
fide mic, why should   lie le try. ;       I Lake. B. C
lo gel a ■ e'll, meat   with mu till  In- 	
Im fof thoc iinpuny ? and t-> sli   v
Hint it was for ilm tHuupany,       • ^^^^^^^^^^^
iho clauses «as lo .      ■ :.   it thai J  PergUSOQ ItOHlft.  '
\ gang of men are grading the skatinfe
| rink    preparatory   to   Hooding.    Fred
Elliott has secured a large number of
subscriptions towards building an addi-
n for the curlers.    This, of course,
I will not  Interfere with  the main rink,
I but will allow skating and curling to go
.a linuiltansously.   All we want now ia
1 hard weather
i was   lo    have
Th ir-lar overling to i-pe id a I oli
day here.
Hargreaves  m I   with   an
nl on Thursday last which
m i i •       .'.   - . or .; while.
'■'■. .mi. .    rirul .
and I' ib allowe 1 him; df to b
i- ii il lormal for However,
n; i c i'i.'i   ilui   thoy   I. id had m
.- nrvcy.   ill i.'e,   c.' i ill   s'i .« ed i mil
i '.cie wa i app oxlipat lv two
between iho line of the lots
ami the nctui'l watci',' odgo, This
►urvi v whs in nie prior lo the t line
Ihey aeipiiii d tin s • cei lain lots
r ui ib • townsite company, mid
win ii \lr. llmider.-oii went to
ItovelBti ko in get the titles t" tho
six Bores  that   the  townsite com
pany bad   agi I   lo  give them, it
« as | oiiilcd out to him that llie.io
lots did not abut on the waters of
Trout I,.l;e aa,there was a point of
land (hare that had naver been
I   ind it   wu    m '{rests i tb.it
'    toll as a | ail of the
But hn. slated ti •
^^^^^^^^^^^ I.. W eoniritcl
ilbuig the lim-s of i lie old mi'.
While if iho ira Bf r In Ib.lt w s
i ill bona ti le tin n i: is ffau biliut,'
slid e oryono . >>im olod nib ii
si.i. il i be in tb ' p.-i.iu miai \ f r
V 1,   li   Mr   I. s'ie   11. I|    was in re
' If rn u* •' i' oenl a on t ho do''ar and
pulling up 'I"   ll   lll'tl III  .1  Was all
Hint   'a   ...   '"I    '..;      III!   WftS sellli   .;
:' Mil.   . I    ill      . I   I a -    for   100
I submit ii t.i ymi, .Nie E>l i r.
1- ti i 11 i action of in b u.esl in in.
Is il f e | a I of an b n '-t III ill Ui
iiuike lb • at iteineiil hnl is peopls
Won] i pill up ihu in-iie y I
m • for vein.- i... nil     I   .   itcd ihe
ii  v '.a"'-   th      i   had [mi I mil
f    th'.!,.v   W ij did Mr. Mill bull
Into i l.is   thing?    V, ih il b    >   •
j. I.ml g''.\. ii  ic .  di'tv   for Ward
nnd lvb-io i  in gi fmtii"." Vi ibV
Pi ■   o       .   ,   a 11   he   al. e (..
, Xpbl li,    I ■' I
If t na.' peopb .r^ til   rigt I   i   i
i mils    iu ■ i i I,'  i a 1 • I  and a
petition olrculnl d  and  signed by     IWt (orgel the  maaipie'itde ball al
iiiiii'e'ban',Hl per ceni of I'm people <»prr,. iloiiaeon the SlHI.Dncsiuber.
T ii ie is talk of a skating rink for Ferguson.     Don't  let it  drop.     I'nsh  il
A luggestion  has  been  mad.' to the
Raviaw that we have a three day's Carle   ■     mstime in January.   This
•    -.   •■'•.'-.    . ...    capital idea, as with saowsh'oe races,
.,   , ,      ,        , ,,    ,   ! ho-ksy matches, enrling Ixumpiel, the
Reg. Hi low. a brother of L. (»., I townisjnid be filled to overflowing.   All
arrived  from  Bnderbv,   B.C.,  on  d ''eeds to make itahugi success is thi
uiiilivlded sup,., rt of all citizens.    Gol.ft
 Me.- apimiated thut will   work,
'   .rout   Lake  will  have a tunu that
children's children will talk about.
feu sliowm
iy   positive   that   the  bora
■■ral gentlemen have called asking
I   «  Itavinw  to thank  Ihe  ladies   who
■ff their bonnets at the concert on
'lay iii-^ht 10 na to give those behind
a   unobstructed view of the atage.
Harrison is suffering rominflam-
did nol   throw  liim, bo the  infer-
;     :    ff
"••a i■..•.■   ia the   Aase nl l.i
•   la-'   Hlinda.l   ni>rlil   was a ..re il
•a ■ ■ 'SS      A   lar;.,.  ij-,w I tho
I  e.-raa lie aiibii.Itled, as tin)
■   II   il  llatn
!. i   ■ will eon.lui; his usual
!,   w ■  '       ■   '
,' a- I I        ..,'. : ii •
i . -lay.
OI   Trollt   1 B'.e, praving  Cieihif
enininii-ioner of  lands  ami works
to hold  the  timber lloeniei  nnd
force them to pay the wages t >
the men who  had   worked   for almost  .1 monlhy without a murmur,
i      Ion day the town bussed with ev
oitoment,   Agood number ol men came
.town fioin the mines to use thslr votes
^^^^^^^^^ and  Influence in favor otJlm Bakef, and
an I have  wailed   for   I  eir money  although their candidate was snowed
since ihu IBt'i of .lane. | under, theyhavo eoiifldoncs enough lo
rhev secu.ed   Mivr Hirimrlof •««'-.. i|..n«  that   Boolalism   will lurely
- ,. ,      .   come     As it»wa« ,hcv put .In i top to
■ -     . - I ■ ■ "IC,
!y rheumatism.   He"was taken to
Bob "   r'*rgnson hospital Friday.   Wehope
'    -an-of his recovery soon,
■ r| Winn,  of   Yinir.   11 ('., sends to
'■■■» efaon,   Uriffllh   i'c  Co. for ono of
Ltklua cross-cut saws,    liort saya
>o't beat them.
•    1   neck      we     have   to   extend
'lu'iiitulatiods to   Mra.   and   Mr.
Madden on the arrival of a son
i   I   'ir.   Hob is strutting around fseh
it a fool higher and extending
' id   hand   10  all   his fiien.ls      lie
■ will certainly have to get that
teacher at oner.
* a| lain   ("'re and   Superintendent
'".ti.e ..I  ih« C.l'K. rame up on
\\ > 'Iniaiilavs boat ou n tour ol inspection.
■ "conceit given "I. Tuesday night
Isgtican Sunday school was sde-
eidi'.l success. The perl..liners were,
with llirse exceptions, little on. - and
the lafge audience thoroughly apprecla-
l > inieie t ng ami varied program,
tl '  Hisses    uonderion,   Viponu  and
^      '   line who bad it ill charge .le—ne
great Vedit for ihu win   hi  a hloh the
lilt •'  Viii-s    rendered   their   uieCOS,     A
'.•   ■   »uin «as raised i"i  the purpose
,. an latat t'briat-
' I
■jsjjvsec.iKwr ' -i*-' i" '■'■'■
;• Printed At front Cak.-niy, an.i l'ul.llalicl
nt K.-rmis'.n nail Trout Lake every Friday.
'I'm- I'Mipir itoes not nokl  IpmsHI reapona
,jle for ll;c opinions of i..n,-<i>..intentsex
preswe.l In tie'column:, el the TOPIC,
All locals will le i'liut-Ht'il ill  tlie ipli. of I '
omits MrUllb, lii-vt Insertion, aud 111 cenis l"'.
iln.eaob aaoaequsnl insertion.
T.-rnisfor Transient and ..tier aivertlalna
Will t'f niiirto known on application at onto
Muiisc.nile.il fj.utiij >eui', lu inlvioici'.
The result of the yotc in Kootenay riding has given \V. A. Qtllli-
}ier. liberal, a larirc majority. Tin
why's and wherefore's arc immaterial, and we extend to the hoi.
pr&ble g■ nllemiin our heartiest
We to-day publish a Utter from
E. L. Kioman relative to the Saw
Mill Co.'a affairs. -Mr. Kinman
makos  some   Btropg  allegations,
and wc extend to the Canadian
Timbei and Saw Mills, Ltd. tho
fame opportunity to refute as wo
)iave given to him to make bin
Now that the election excitement
is over, local affairs should be
looked into, The school building
js about completed, so if ire are '.o
have the educational facilities to
which we are entitled, no time
should be lost in putting our
claims before the educational
authorities. An extra timber is
needed badly, and we feel sati-ti sj
that   the   average   attendance   at
the present entitles us to it.
The advertisements in this issue
of seizure and sale of two Saw Mill
outfits would naturally convey to
those unacquainted with the situation the Impression that the lumber
Industry in this district is not in a
flourishing condition, and that the
business! is not a pood one. There
js no doubt, however, had these
propositions been run on u business-
like basis that both would have
been good paying investments.
This is instanced conclusively in
flie case of the Trout Lake mill,
v.hose owners wore offered by one 1
of the largest lumbering eon© rns
pn the continent a price wbioh
wold have given them a good
profit. Other leading mill men
who have gone over both propositions stat" that with conservative
management there were no letter
opportunities for making money on
the continent. The trouble is not
with the propositions, but thi way
}n which they have been conduced.
Tbc Eiujle-Topic feud is as dead
as good (Jtieen Anne.    The lintohet
is buried doepor than the water
mains, ami the "bird " and the
" pick " rub shoulders with but an
occasional parting sigh for the good
old halcyon days when bullets
would fly on sight, Tito J'a do-
olare they will never leave the
country until the last ounce of ore
is rawbided down the mountains
and they are in a position to regale
gaping Ontarioviti's with stories of
the epoch when the twin cities of
Ferguson and Trout Lake were but
thriving hamlets.
Help us produce a newspaper
to ib) justice to this wonderful
mineral zone. Your $2 subscription "ill help UB attain thi.-end.
We have ambition enough todesire
the Revikw to become the spokesman of tin  West.
There ig to bo a grand manifU: r-
ado ball at the Ferguson Opera
Hull: 11  P. i ell blT 26th.
We shall have to cut out politics
for some time to come, and in retiring a- gracefully as possible
under the circumstances, we con«
gratulat" the voters of the harden.i
on the perfectly clean tight put up,
The Liberals outside have seen lit
to put W. A. Galliher in office for a
four year term. Now watch them
take their medicine.
Jim Baker, tho Socialist candidate, has good cause to feel proud
of the support of the miners voting
at Ferguson.
Twm   easy  to tell the color of a i
man after last Tuesday'- tight, and
" mony a richt gudo willie wacht "
was taken in honor of Muck by
the local cons, after the poll wa-
deolarod. Hut the morrow eaine,
and with it headaches and election
returns from other divisions. Truly
an alteration was discernible in
not a few dials Several of our
most prominent cons, have letircd
to the fastnesses of their mansions
to partake of complete rest and a
course of soothing syrups.
It is nearly time that our hockey
j layers should make ii move, un-
ess it is they're anxious to sink Into
oblivion. Now, I oys, mix for the
winter.     Let's have sonic fun.
A  amusing  incident in connection   with   the  elections happened
locally this week, a good Frenchman was summing up the situation
with a compatriot, and as aeon-
vincor,   advanced    that   Loryay
would never give the Pope's job to
any jumped up protectant,
A story is going the rounds, about
a man who proclaimed his ability]
to spot a tory "on sight." Enter-
ing a saloon last Tuesday afternoon
he pointed to an individual who
was isolating himself in a corner,
and whose face showed traces of
pain. " Look, there,'' be shouted,
" there's a conservative.'' " No,
no, my good man." replied th ■ one
addressed, " It's not Conservatism •
it's—(groan) its (oh, dear, oh,
ileal)- -its gripe-."
IN theCount) C >urt of K. otenny, hidden
at l'ront Lake, between Robert Madden
and Louis l.evf-'pi", .: .ing busineaa aa
.Madden & Leveaqno, of Tio.U Lake,
B.C., hetelkespers, plaintiffs, and
Walter B. Curtis, ol Trout Lake, B.C.-,
lahoret. defendant.
I'AKK NOTICE, that unleii within
eight days after tho personal service
ofthU summons on j m ron return to
the Registrar of this Court at Trout
Lake the dispute note I >lc w lated
ud ignod by yours. I j mr .-oli -
citor), and stating briefly your grounds
of defence to the action, yoo will not
afterwards bo allowed to make a..,
defence to the claim which the plaintiff makes on you, us per margin, the
particular* of which are hereunto an
iiezed : lot lbs plaintiff may, without giving any proof in support ol
such claim, herein proceed to final
Judgment and execution. If yon re
turn aoeh dispute note n. the Registrar within the time specified, the Heir-
istrar wall nnd you, by post, uo:li I ■
the day upon which the action will be
tried. "
Claim,   $8.1.75;    Kee   for  plaint  ami
service. t.'t.OO :   Costa,   solicitors, etc..
110.00 : Torn! ai louut of deb: an I
ita'..7o ; Coils "i garnishee, (-3.10 ; Total
including garnishee, 109.85.
Dated thij IBtli dav of September, IP04.
Registrar .>f the Court.
asterson, Griffith
iave up
Your Cash
On and afterthe 1st
day of Decemberwe
will have all of our
goods in the Store
marked down to
Rockbottom Prices,
and4 from that time
on will sell for Cash
Lroken Hill mineral claim, situate in
Trout Lake alining Division of West
Kootenay district.
Where located:—On Rapid Orask, a.l-
olning the Coronation,
Take N.o e that I, 0, li. .V. Wilkift,
acting aa agent for Culler T. Porter,
free miner's certificate Ro. K8S331, intend, sixty days from ihsdatt hereof,
to apply lo ihs Mining Recorder for a
Ceitinoata of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the al>0Te claim
And further take notice lhat action.
under section ."'<'. mual he commenci-d
before the Issnsnce of luch Certifloats
of fmprovemsnts,
Dated this 2i;h dm of November, t.n,
1904 0'. B. R. W ILK IK.
Trout Lake
There Is talk of adding a curling
course to the rink. This ii good
news, as it will give 01 old ■ 11)
excuse to band wifey for late Loin.-
Notice of Seizure and Sale.
Notice ir hereby gives lhat ui. «r ami
by virtue of a warrant of execution Issued out of the county court of Kooto-
nay holden at Trout Lake iii ii aelion
« herein E. L. Masterson ib plai off and
H 1-. McKay in detsndanl an : to Die
directed against the goodi and chattels
nl the raid clefenilnut 1 have f. ""I Snd
laki n in execution Hie loliow nir lie
scribed goodi and chattels, naii.ily :
•j wheelbarrows,, pieces ahaftinj.
One quantity aquaretimber,
2 iron planks, one saw-leg roller
Qne saw carriage and fittings.
3 boxing, iron, one ladling shall,
fine coil wire cable,
fine belt tie.hl.ier,
8 -loiltinns and pulley attsi h(
pne cast  wheel, one  cog-whael  and
One box belting, 2 iron pulleyi,
Pnec.il belting, one bell pill if,
pne box ensling,
Two rqiiare pieces raftirc,
Two ruii.ll  pulleys, ono quantity saw*
pne r.lvrr table, 2 plectl watei J'lpe,
One planer complete with liili ga
Two iron planks, i east whoeli
One piece ten-inrh pipe,
4 plecei ra'lin.i,
line quantity square hi... 1 •■
Pne wood rl.ovel, 'I circular Sana,
Pne plscfl angle iron, one haii'l-Wiw,
Pne coil aprocksl chain,
Pne wa'.er bucket, one convey •',
Pne gi> devil, S iron acrsper*   nequan-
lit v raw-dust, ono  port. il.io online
Pne raw- mill building,
One quantity idab-wood,  ono -o/'re ti*»"
line tnol-hauas and contend,
One wood hopper, our lodgil    liOUSO.
(un/ qcantily IudiU'i.
One hi.eel ItSSl.
And I gi\c iipliee thai I ill ,!i offer the
laid gOopS ami (battels fin ..ill) bv pub-
jlc auction at the lawn ul Loafer, 6. C.
pi. Wi'd.iisday tbe7lb day ,,'Dcceuiber
100-1 mi ihe hour pf eleven ii jock in Ihe
an.    pair.)  tl<iw n:!i     tv of Nov.
GEO. M, . I
ti. putv Bherifl  Noi'   Kootenay,
'I'lem I itkh
&urty L-aughton
WI UEN visa ling Ferguson you
-biiild sia\ at the Lard, ui
... —i Hotel. Here the visitor
mm|    will   he   Bur rounded  with
home comforts,    Bxcolleitl
eni-iue,    well   ventilated
ami     warm    rooins,    well
stocked bar, and everything which
lei iln towards  making yonr \i-n a
plcasanl ai ■' inoniorable one,
Kales from t\  day upwards.
Wu atrivo to please our patrons,
A LADDER OP swords.
By Gilbert Parker, cloth, $1.50
By 11. S. Mcrriman, cloth. 1.50
By 1>. \V. Iliggins, Victoria,1.50
Cloth, 1.50
Building Tradaa Pocket iw»ik
Business Man's Pocket Ib»>k
aleohanio'i Pocket Men.' random
Three VOl8.   1.50
I'nt hv the International Correspond
ants Bohool ai I' each mil price 11.80
TJib Ganatla Diua & BookC o.
NELSON,  13   C.
J. Y. Griffin & Co.
cj    sj_ f >S|__as» m ■    jH   ,),„   ,j„H.   (,r   -oa ,,,
IMl    I W       In   llnv  I^.f       Nev.'rw.T.'
i ^ ^/  f f      the Prospects of I
so bright.
•ergur. n
The Town of FERGU80N
will  he ono of   tho   (JreateMt
Ore Producing Camps in the
World. The high degro" uf
biicwbh     achieved     by     the
numeroui WEALTHY and
COMPANIES now oixraling
there   is   a    liibuto   to    [be
tremendous* wealth of tha bill*
\     \     \\     \\
1     1
Suits for the
We ean'l be beat for PRICE, QUALITY audSljl
We me ngenli lor all tho BEST  IH»l 8E8.
WI a'   yon   are   looking   for   in Iho way of Wlntiq
(iaruint      yu  inn   obtain   nl   oi,r Sliee.  and   w.
g.iir once lo e.i.(. yon nub niiliid sa'i f tci ion.
Jii-t received 1   A large  consignment .i'  Men
Wo. 1  Vests and  I'.inta.
Celebrated Brands <>f
and K.pifs,
Ham,  Ilacoii
E3    C.
Nslaoa, B.C.
(I'les   ale
carry an Immtuae Rlo;k,      Miners' iir
our Specially,        Von  want  the Boat.    Von ..
invited lo   itianeet our Immense Btook  and compare prices,
AV> have something ipr-ola] in  Winter Ovoruoati.
t iv.rtiassdaeonitortahls homo? ir».>trv
ti..' Madden u.».>*<.. wxi tnrnlshsd n....n<
iiitiiit-ii i.v ,.|,■. iri.iiv, nrat-elaaa iH.nr.1. in
O" nn ..hi win iiiei ail in. bast domestlouna
linpurted llqnors and ' ,m ■.
Thomas Madden, Prop-
IE. Ferguson &Co.
Wliolessls dealers In Wines, Lk)uora
and Olgsrs.    Agents lor I'alwl Leer.
it. B.
Mem. OKA
Regular and Special Audits,   Refer-
mi ■   Canadian Hank of Commerce,
NEt-SOlM, B. O.
Public School, Hospital, and
other institutions:.    Excellent
Waterworks system,  Btreeta,
JJ.v Stores   nmi   Betldencea iliu-
^ mined by Klectrieity.    Daily
mail turvlce.    Tho townsite
r* # iH admirably laid out     Gel in
}J5 NOW   on   the   ground    floor.
fV. Loin can now be porohased
9       : ,R°n $75 up :
M RRVRI.5TOKE, li. c.
I ,"■'.' tv •'* ** •■■ '-.-ru ; r. j;
Lion Brewing Co.
J aft- I -    I ■    : .   J  ■   J;. ., ■   .f,; - t,., u ,   ,       '        -j
Prospectors' Exchange'
BBAT0N, B.c.
Brewers of Beer & Porter.
ROSSLAND,    -    -    B. C,
YI'rTOM arriving atBaston (the threshold of the fard i)
a ArrotshasHl, will flnal tlila Hotel i„ he fully equipped
uo.win.'T i'.U "c"      '^"b-i't  a- nmoda.io,,.      A »
_«.li-iA"''""'"I'"'1""'-d..,u.K ball.    Thebssi of Winss,8ph
oi h    iai. mT"m "V"-'^1"1' '" -,v«n 1'"1'" wiulrs .ih
patrons  \ laitora to tha Urdanu can rely on comfort al |  A
A well
> W. BOYD -:- -:- Prop.
«**-.*-?.*• *j > •
***s ./;
4?,b- Printing of every description will be faithfully executed at the Review Job Dept.
Artintr (.itiiin and Kd. (iraliuin
are bagging big game,    The ab*
i. e ol Wal, Edwards' breaks a
" three musketeer" Hindi.
Camb me is to revel in a Turk-
! b bath ;   so that Buperfluity of
aiii; osc tissue now troubling not a
fi w in the golden city will evaporate cbinookwi.se. We have heard
of no company Btopoing in to treat
•i - tailing*
Bob Ciitin in now permanently
established in th popular Coronation hotel.    We wish him the good
rtune thai  i.ij management dc-
J Branford returned from
ll •• ither c untry on Friday last
Ai cording t>> the Minkk ho wan expected to return with a fair type oi
lir li h bt aiity. However, the
inference is that E. J. ia acting
' (1 although they are
no   ilussed by hi" return alone, the
COngl allllat,oin. ; re being tendered.
J, l> Mel I met with a nasty
a..! nt last Saturday week whilst
splitting some wood at 16-Mile
cabin, He had the misfortune to
drive   an   axe   into the calf of his
leg, inflicting a natty gash,   C. 0.
■ ii   who WSJ out   mi a hunting
in with him, made a Hying
trip to town for surgical assistance,
and returned with J. It. Cainplndl,
the druggist, who promptly stopped
ii.-tlow of hi ml and stitched the
wound.    The patient war terribly
Wi ak through loss of blood, but we
are pleased to state be in progress)
in ■ I a irably.
Jat k Etinest, who iiaa la-en visit-
' of the   towns  ill  the I.aril, .u. returned to Camborne laat
1. !' P..  i visited Ferguson and
'J roul Lake last Monday.
.VI  the  tramway towen which
.. ed in the recent blase
1 y' , have   lloW been
I        It IB I .peeled the tram
will  b       mpleted  in a couple ol
irvcy ii being made
[ from the   coiii-
the   mine,   and all the
| S Spot. A. H. (irac.'V
\ ilie tins week.
Beaton Paragraphs
At   the  Burr A   Mush   logging
j men are now being em-
i    .1      ■ ■ dam ia just completed
i b at this ixiilit is of excellent |uality, consequently g I
r. tun -   ■ ■   airicipaled.
.lay   passed   Off   with
- to chronicle.  Some
I       Bakcl    nun "   made a inid-
i i: ip from   Ihe Silver Cup to
i r.l tin ir votes here.     It has us
i ro aa to the merits of
jjoci iii m when men will face a '2.1
miles trudgt  through  the  snow to
support  tin II  candidate.
Al. o • rawford  returned from a
trip   to   Trout Lake on
I- inlay
lin: Dimtnock left town last week
J     ■     N''l 1011,
Jim Or gg  Iuih returned  with
1111 cents to tbc I fioin the Lake.
Arthur Evana bar his new hotel
well nigh constructed,
The guesti   at  the Prospector's
i, a, l  an   now  able to dine under
i i.. ;. and there it joy accordingly,
Liquors and Sigars
Largo Comfortable Rooms
Firat Class Board.
Madden & Levesque
Livery and Dray Stables
Saddle, Pack and Cartage Horace Always for Hire
Freighting, Packing and
Teaming a Specialty
Dally rtne,e leaves   Denton at 12 o'clock for Trout Lake Ferguron and Camborne
Leaven Ferguson, via Trout Lake for Beaton at 7 a.m.
llranch Stablea at Trout Lake, Beaton, Ferguson and Camborne
Trout Lake, B, C.     and Ferguson.
Ijeo. 8. Mcl'artar, J.A.Harvey
A. M.   I'lnkliam.
Ilranrh OUi'ii ul Cjolden, I'ornlo anFort
Steele. 11. C.
cltnmror Imperial Hank of Cnmidn.
City   Drug    Store
A Full Line  of Choice Stationery
Just Received.
School supplies, proprietary medicines,
toilet articles, etc. prescription work
Best Hotel in Town,
B. A., L..L..B.
R. velstoka Station.
n. c.
HfefpAB for Mini ami Commercial M
d. r. Mclennan, proprietor
Capital Authorized, tLOuO.OiH)
Capital [paid up] - 3.(100.000
11.-st   ...    2,H5O,0O0
Head Office:
Branches la the Northwest Territories, Provinces of British Coltimhia, Manitoba,
Ontario and Quelx-c.
... n. m! s..,r.'. Kull I.In*
of Canned Goods. Prints
in season. Illir assortment
oi Bjnokers1 .Supptlca.
nffleoofthe Rl| Bend (telephone Co.
T. R   MERRITT, President.
E. HAY, Asiiitant lien. Manager.
D. R. WILKIE, Vlce-Prti. and Gen. Man.
\v. MOFFAT, Chief Inspector
Tr„w,     Lea*.    B.    0. Ilranch   A    Oencral    Uaaklaf    SailnMt    Transacted.
Bavingi Department—Deposits received and interest allowed.
Orafts s.,1,1 «t«iinl.ic In all parti of Cuna.la.
I'nlleil Sluir* Hii'l BefDpO.
H|»<-lnl nilrn.l.iu. uiien lo mluv-tliin* anil
aflnlai Bonds.
W.  Abrahamson
And Builder.
Owner of the Abraham-
son Addition to the
Job Printing at Th*
Mining Review	
AccninUiit,      ....       Auditor.    | ^. ___ ___
*iS2S-« !& B. Batho ,:
Outside company'  Interests carefully
loosed after.
Again for Uelntsroao'l I'lanoa
Get a Home
For   Yourself.
Don't Pay
V.M. Westfall & Co.
Mining llrokera,
Mining Properties ll*i«,rti>.1 On.
Mines and Proa pacta noofbtand Sold,
Mining Pni|« i lli« l^^.krj Aiior r.»r N..nlti»l-
Trout Lake, B. 0.
Post Office  Block,
Main Street.
Ij.r.lr.i.1 Hl.,n|.|..
llMNir.lli.g ' 'lit' •
Hold or Silver...
Oold sad silver
Silver and Lead
.$'.'00   "S
.2 50   A
1 00!   :
.♦I 50    V
Ji.- v^ •:.• •:.• •.:.• rfi •:• ■..■ •..• ■'.' o- •.:- ■'.■: »4» -At <;• -.- ..• •:• iti •:• •:• *:.•
Ferguson   packing
Freighting Transfer   Outfit.
Packing and
••• r'
CoatraclH euteitol into  lor parking of Mining RuppliSS, • t.\
to any point in the district.
tiood, prompt aervloe, and iiny work undertaken guaranteed
«   SHANNON.  ».«sayer
I 'URQU50N 11. C
, v *>-xw^vi^. S. Daney, Prop, i
&r_j_ nyt i;: i;i aat iarsaraaraav <;.  ;. ••   .-.   • .;..•..•. /^-/^
0. B. N WILKIE, P.L.8.,
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Mineral Claims Snrveyed
and Crown Orants Obtained
Hotel and
General Store
(>«• a C$^*4*=0"OM
I SSarber Sbop
— ron a—-
Good Shave or Hair Cut
William Schnell,
TROUT   LAKE   -    ■ C.
Hot and Cold Baths
Realdsoee—Nesl Kniird onioc,
rruutLakc.il C.
\. R. I1KYLAM),
Mineral Ulalma Surveyed
W. H. Jones,
leaf    Dindera,    Fine   Job
Thinks tie Window o Fine
Hi ,.ii W'liite, who for yearn luia
bi i ii i le "f Iho most BUcoeaafu)
iiiiiiinj; tijiora'ors In the Slooan,
ivn i in i il i ■ week. While
hern lie visited thu Winslow group
on He Silver < i«p slope, and ox«
|ii ii ..•.ll in- highly pleaaod
ihiiwing.   "f course it i*
I lluit   Mr.   \\'hite id not
i    inn.  iround looking up proper*
i •    f.n ihu benefit of hi- health,
in. I judging from what ho niiil, il
i  nol unlikely tlmi a deal will bo
'." Ihpt  fitiioll I |.l'0|.c-tv.     In
i   :i      M I       \\ tllte
,' thai  he n :ifi very
I  v It)i   the pott
Get Ready
Wfitch-repairing,   etc.     All work
MifdlmBtt, Troot Laie, B.C.
Fort Ikvestmest akd Protectios.
TH08. TAYLOR, Agent.
Rkvklbtoke    akp     Tbout Lake.
Let us sell you a stove either for cooking or heating
or both. We have The kiftd that gives most heat
from least fuel and at Eastern Prices.
a. W. EDGE
Let Us Show Yon
We Have
Groceries, Underwear, Shirts,  Shoes, Rubbers,  &c, &c.
A big stock ®> a good stock to choose from
Best Goods, Prompt Service Lowest Prices
Correct Weight, Courteous Treatment
F. B. Wells,
F. A. Newton
Rossland,    . •    B. C.
M -r.hcr Roatlsnd Stork txdumfs '•
Additional Lak* Local
The Byron White tpeutioiu
another article should  '•end
Both liberal candidates Ros Iq
Qallihor won out liy good may ri-
t'es.    Tr nit   Luke,  however, .: ve
MackipLash  26 over Galliher thj  'iuufc u d out ol tho Supremo Ceurt of
\; i,.  n-   Urtii ii   Columbia    in   several   actions
WHS 11,
being Qatliher,  22,
47, Baker 3; in  Fergus*
11, nnd  32 in  the
Tho vault at the recording <
now complete,  Ge i.  Ti
putting in the Inside fixtmeB.
Herb Brown left for the coa
Thursday wh°ro he will rjh nil
The wn'"i' works  men  fini
their work on Thursday n id I
Lake has now :i  .-;-
far its. the purity of thi  wal
concerned is i eci i d to n
A. (.<. Fnisor hit    r, ■ .v.'.l hi
voiee of Christmas  go. di   i
pects to have th. in display
time :-i'M \v< ok.    Th< ro I
assortment so that   i
- i I ..nt . t town  to gi t tthat
want in that line.
' •■■.!
■ is
, x-
Don'l ' uv cheap Rubbers.    i\
have th   b..: brands that ar
In Canada.    Mai t. rsi n, G
Ainsworxh   Licecise Dlst.
'oied persona
cation M hotel  licenses at the
m        posil   toj
under the  provisions of the " J
License Act, lt'00 :
v. i'. OUon, Hot Bpring* I. itel, Aim
A. \\
Met, kins hotel, MnawarUi,
Ole i lv n, Ifiltl inn. li ■; I, I
Lcnnder lliinnii, Lardo hotel, I Brcl •
j. |i. Mi IjBChl hi. I'l.i.o.i- i.'i.u •! .1 .. ; irdo,
Die Ulvln, Mini rl hotol, Uoldlilll,
.1. A. Mel ■ >•   VI. lorlii lintel, WI
.\i,Mini, r Laugliton, Lardeau in,i   .1.:
» ii
McDonald d DuKuc Kerjusou l„ t
guso i,
, .    h. O'Connor/Windsor hotel, I',
. i, llHjini.nil
Ki nn. il, Morrison, I'n.k )•.■
1>. It.  M< ! i linnsr,   Wlndaoi    ■   I
.i   abawsoa r.ros,,   Queens hot.
Maildrn  and  LeVSSqne, I.nlio Vli .
Iroul I nl;.-.
John s.sr-i >i.n, 'In r.t   I.nkc   hrt.
I., ward Mobba, Li-nroxviiv
1-. i.. Sorand, Ho.miI li tel, IH p ir,
\\ IU!  i i Until,.... tra.
ron,Mn . ih hob I, I'.', I'ir.
Jarotauu    uuil    Auilcoon,    i:..
I..I '•..
► <•. •..!<:; nn J   llarr.Uy,   Domini,     bbt.
j..1... l ah.v. Qia&d Ci Blral I nt. I, I'. | Inr.
A meeting ol Ihe Bpard of 1 ieense
Commissioners of the ainse
Diatri.l n ill be In I.I lei neidi r sec!:
Explications, at theCotiithouaoa l'i ui
l.i.Le. ftn Thursday,tl -• fifteenth day ul
December, iH)l. at the Loin .f 1.1.
oiloi!. ;n ll.u furenoon.
w. il I'.Li.iiH'Kv.' n   i»n,
thief L.crti.-    '
N.'V   n. B. ('.. Sill. Nov     'POt,
■ j:iv "i that '
. a
. tor-
I ..!.,
d ill 11-
I hereby pw notice  tl ..
meeting of the Board  i»f
Cominisi ioQers of  tin
Li.-, rise «I;!-1r111, to b.
Mining lv oorder'a < >ffi
Lake .ui   I', o mber   •
shall upplj tor pel u •
for my license ifof the Con
Hotel, Poplar; to '
Dated Nov mber !■ ti
W. H
if ti..
HOTH E  'lo ci-' ■
To Z. fiord
Lcri! or I. ■cti ti
whom lliev   limy   ! I        'crrc .
Iheli lid' i
Take Notice,   I   tit. >ned . .
owner with wu u. lie Little l< leitio d
Little Kobeii Wa :' mineral
ated nt Ihe oitn tne   l.es 1
fork o( I ardei u . re. k i;. tl u
mining divleli    ol   rVcel
tri. i s;..l pn   li
lu... done the
above-mentioned mineral eh
.war 1903 m Order In
der e»cti'.n '.'I of Ihe
within P0 Js
rrfiir*   to   , i iiinl nU
cr, ih ex| •■ . lltun  I     aroi 1: •!
••r Sfitli ||,» cost   of   Ho" in! .•
your interest in the *a.! i
will become  the  pro]
scribed and.    i    lion   :  •
Act Aniei.'li. ' nl   \' t of    '.
Trout l-ak. this 7th da) "I i
.1. C. KII .
(i   T'04
• llUlllli.'.
on tl
i for tl
.one tin-
■i. and I'
.11 fail or
rtii ii ol
toe) I
,,l claims
Ihe anli
' Mineral
|iali«l at
'I    DlRE<   r) IV.
We are natch pi. . lo I   al of all
Wo iniike watcbew our p '«t upec
llllv.      We   lire   in   fni '   nn.
Wat. Ii |i;... Idl   . .     \. .       BSt of the
iir.-i   compn    I • •. ■ tick   m.<'
jiriuii|.!i  i  v r\ ioe.     i •  |.n!i."-
ngo  |.i'i ves our  ]o■ ... co   ;
ihe retail watch   irad       Ouo
jiHiron, always a pain
Buyliig Wul "lies in il • f|tiiir.t'l.\
tlillt  We do, We  lire   < |ei| 10 ao-
ctir<' ditcnilDtl Impoa .l-'tKlhr
srn-!lei' dealsr, in d we turn lion,
ni'"i t > >. oil ir ■< i i ipond us
i        nol. in | 11. • -itn us for
pi leer!
Ewert Bros.
Nelson, Rosslaiu!. Trail
I nnjiSMit
<\..,t"T, T^
a -
Notice oi'Sci-we and Sale.
Notice ia hereby (riven that under and
by virtue of cortaln wJtnnnts of execn-
!     i..   Kirflriilh, ('.   C- Oleve-
laud and (i.   V,  Cleveland carrying on
POsIn ss as J. L. lioodhue ft Go', Bord.
Burns  and   Oerafltmy,    '.'..:: led    r .
■Vaucouver Engineering IV'orka, I imitod
Northern Miiehlnery Company, Albl m
"Iron rVorka Oompany,  Limited, are re
anecavely  nlaintiifa and  tho Oanadlai
rnnber and Baw JIili.«,   Limited, an
defendants and to me directed againa
Is and chattels ..f the said Canadian rilliher and  Saw  Mills, Limited, I
an I taken fn i ...■.•ction tin
1 goods mid chattoJs,
4 wood hnrso's.l in!..? expander,
1 |>«ir engine I ,
1 nanntit.} .,, '.ii a cups,
1 itibi ii.:' •. I angl ■ v«Ue,
1 qisanlit.v milli . miles,
':ti pipe .!•'•..
.   : large .'ie al
oi i, ! box \i. cc glasses,
ible hammer,
■ "       :    hiaela and punches.
,    iard,
1 piei . irl ,
1 cpiantity lire brick, 1 etc) ladder,
■ ,■■'•' '
for |
1 qu    ■ ■ ipa,
1 quai
ll.'1. im       ring,
I stean . lily i
;..-•. i.
1 rr,:, _      > 1 pipe cutter,
2 i is
Lsmall        ....
a   i   I ox rubl ei
.   '.   pii CO iron pipe.
I •• il   . tnb,
I jiovi. i iron,
6 • /ole,
: a
1 i..< i ■ Ir 11, ] qnantity point,
1  , ...
I" I   •      ires, 1   iniall pinions,
i • - ■ i.
1 |nan ity ati at
Ah -,
1 mandrel, 1 qnantity bolts and flt-
1 quantity Utli t.••.!»,
1 qnm tl metal,
• • II
:i nil cans y i        .•
; .  ....
1 i   ' iiaohlne,
.                     • ■   .
2 ho
1 quaulity colt.
\i lieSa bn
1 ush, 1 hack saw ,
I .;:-
iTo-.j.l buah-
I jack m :•.'•', I ;
I  ri.llcr door, '
, arlnga  I «!.■: anger,
1 sernl ■   •  ...
|i:a'.tlty iron   ■
' it       'i; '■ a
: .      .    ■ •
■ • ihafllng, IU l.eL'» nails,
•   I set
. i. r<
'■ •      ;    ; ■ .
.-   .
I i nveybr
lid fit'
1 J"
2 )■•■
I shafting bos
I i .
I quantl
I   •• o
'   -IT.
'     •
11 .
i   . i
I . ,n
• ■ I,
I shingle ;i ichl j, i.iuii,
" " STiiei .  | sea
i skid
, i
. wheels,
Oueli |( nter'| „,„ii
b nch,
I .... i larred
<>N  I Il.i.\«, i l .ihu.
. ,    2 j   io   paw! loili a
11 istings, Sin
H lirn • ■
Ono  levor. and  l debet,   ono abaft
....     „      ni,i     '       ...       " : ;■'
One water bu. ket, one i aw anvil,
■ i . i nine,
One i traighl edge atcel,
i',', car ''..   •■
h! .-ii'i'ii onicrj w lieola,
:•: boxes saw teeth, our.; Inion,
Onoquantitv saw iilcs,
And J give notice that  I will offer the
lodsi nd chattels fur Bale by pubic auction hi ih.'  pi ol. the said
I il ndfinti at il. ■ town of Trout Lake,
'..   c .  on  Tuesda ■-.   iho I5tb day of
iii.il,  al   the  hour of ten
i'clock iri" tli   I
Dated this 9th day of November, 18
This Bale i* adjourned until   Uie 2n !
ay of December,  H'Ot owing to inter-
leader procsedini   bein ■ taken.
GEO   v    ■ ' ILI,
Deputy Slioriff, North Kootonav,
Trout Lake, B. C.
A. F.  & A. M.
8rd    Thursday     eaoh     uior.th
Visll ;'., V   ', orue
leo Porddrod, Bee, G. N. Taylor, '".•..
It pays i" nan the Tolepboue. A
lengthv trip eon ofl itbeaavnd. Olliees
at earguaori! Climinln*' Store ; I'rout
I.:.'. i, Poal Offlcej iiImi.iI Lemon, Coin-
apllx and A now lie . !.
Take Notice that I shall hold u Court
of Revision and Appeal, under ihe A«-
nossment Act, 1903, for the Kevelstoke
... mi Disti .:. "M Monday the
twenty eighth day ol November, 1004,
ill tho hour of eleven o'clock lu the
■;•,. at the court house, Kevelstoke.
Dated at Reveistoke, this 1st day of
November, 1904.
c.  ';    Court of  Revision
and Appeal, Kevelstoke Assessment District oi West Kootenay.
KI?.3'.-CLAS3 BAfV.,
A. NO. 1  ROOMS.
AbraIiani5onv Bros., Proprietors
KVKItYTlliyil   NKW   ANI>    KnWr.CI.AHM   IN   ALL   U
Fire  Proof Safe
Tin. lionso Is stoeltod with Hio H'i«at Wtaos ant Oljt.tri 0   IBS
Trout Lake, £3-
li l iciir tha nine Managooteiat.
kn w a
Roya[  Hotel
Fancy Bar,
•   lent
.: ' itin  Board, World's
J! mini:;^ Nswa.
, -   PROP.
15, Union C?igar F
Manufactures only lTninn goods, an
thoy are the beal on the market,    i
i   i le of tl ■   besl  Havana tobacco,
. «ei Hence    i<   nn lispul   I.      Insist on
"OUB si'cAi.ii," and  "THE  r
.Ho Brown,
\y: iprletor.
t'nl'. i Clsar rii^n.r.v, EtEVUI/ri  ■
,:.'   laintincsa ai
-; I.   ni d tho aturdy it":;:  ..
Ncl-.>n, n. C.
R     ANDREW    Ci   CO.
S.S. ARCHER or S.S. LA':".'
Running betwc n Arr
ton and ■ ..   •
1. r  M       i
d I
Leaving Heaun '
■ J.,/,...     Making mi
'! li,     .• i -     ■        I       ':.      lighl    '
The empire I umber Co., Ll...
Dominion Hotel
Fin ■   respect.
ling  public carefully
HlMj & Mm • Props.
First-Oflss Accommodation
Best Finest Liquors
And Very Finest Cigars p
1 No '..' mineral
.      :: I  i ..• 'I...
ing P liatrict
■   o  . he mouth of
\. Rj
■     Ul  -I   1.  Curie.
•n, free
' 7.tin. intend
;', t>> -»>>s»ty |o
.   I    T|    ,1    ...  '•, ..[
• >• ..I ohtnin-
r* claims.
And ike   ■■■  •    •  ' ..il   i Dtl  n
befon the i s.m .. -ate of
28th diiv ol
J.i'    KI.K
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
""^^•~~"~**~~~~~ i~t i is w-sn aw
P.Burns & Co
Dealers In a1! ktuk- of Fresh Meat
TRoKi'I.Alxi: JIC
The U C. ASSAY an.l | It   HICAL
SUPPLY Co., Ltd.
ViftCOl u.i,   I!   ('
"     is slid
"^l • 11 Snpi has.    ■
'     . ■      . i
land; V. W. Rrann .v '■> i PatentCary
Knrtim • I ners, ,.|r. W,,,. \, .
worth & Co « Fin
Brew *\& O*
Brcwet a of
ine   L^^.     Bees
andP*     r
R.. Roisterer Gfi, ■
Starves & (Lo.
Ull.'l E8 tl
Houston Itk., J. -
I    '•.:■'.   ..  fey
wn In
-ots in   "•
Dtiily Mail service, Banking Facilities, Head of N;
tion, Good Hotels and stores, Express an*J Money C
Office, government offices, Fine s-iiools and cfeu
Wflter-works system now Being Snstaiied.
. ■. • -
t\:ht--: -
Magnifi       Timfesr, many Valuable Ranches, Ihe Richest GoM dnd Silver Zone in The Provinca.
ii band aaa
i ■
SS pCf u^rfbuS00 feet ^ day'   ShinSte and «-* ■*
F. B. Wells,
Gen'l Agt., Reveistoke.
H. McPherr^n,
Agt., Troqi
. ~


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