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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-08-08

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 gaa ii larger circu
Ition    than   any
,wt*ftf~t la   »
^U-nav. Best ad-
gertipi"l5   n.idnm
4   :■•
Ji   4
n Mining Review
'llt.l'il'.l    ,
i 'I'hi* rep rout-
of tho rich Lardeau
. count ry. Sont t *
I any address for $2
I per an. in advon. * -
mmmmmmtmm m.olu ^V'UJM.<«ia, AA.   m AA.
pistrict of West Kootenay.
M nolice that Leslie Hill, of
n, B.O. Mining Engineer,
4n to apply for a special liin-
\ceaee over the following de-
1. Commencing at a post
ci ahout j mils cast from
W oorner of L71MI, thence
gO chains; Ihonce west 80
i< thenoe north 80 chains;
ttiit 80chains to point of
ancement and containing
cms, morn or less.
Leslie  Hill,
0 B. N. Wilkie,
|gus'. let.    1907.
2. Commencing at a post
ItiJ at the S.fe. corner of 1.74
trout Lake, tlience west 80
ik; thence south 80 chains;
|reen»t s0 chaini; thence nor-
I chains to point of commence
and containing 640 acres.
■ or less.
Leslie Hill.
O. B. N. Wilkie.
|3ist. 1S07.
TROUT LAKE CITY.   B.C. Aug. 8th  I907.
.No. Yi
Notice is hereby given that after
the expiration 'if thirty dnys from
lhe Snl publication hereof I intend to apply to the Hoard of Liens'. Commissioner! for the Dis-
tric!, for a tram-fur of   the   lieen..*
held by ne In respect of the Lennoxville Hotel, (ierriird- 11 ('. to
Lance Hillman and Percy Boyd
of the name plac.
Dated Ibis   Will   day   of   Jul
"Evening" ami "Reunion" Mineral
Situate in tlie Trout I.ake Mining Division of tlie Kootenay ilia-
.lit-lri *l.
Where locatedi     At die liead
ol Haley Creek, adjoining tlie King
William mineral clslm.
TAKE NOTICE that I, H.   Ab-
bott, Free Miner's Certificate No.
B12555, intend, sixty dayB from
B. Mobbs.
per Fred C. Klliott, hjg Attorney
3 Commencing at a iiost
ked st the S.E. corner of L.74
DutLkethence north 80 chain**
.•** cant 80 chains; thence t-.ni-
I chains; thence west 80 chain
Dint ol commencement and
lining 640 acres, more or leas.
Leslie Hill.
O. B. N. Wilke.
|iit ht. 1907.
tistriol of \\>«l Kootenay
ik< Notice that B. F. Reamy,
([.larCieek, B. C, l'ro»|M*c-
latands to apply for a special
*r heen*.--*. over the follow iii|!
fribed lands:
flog at a post plante-l
I 10 * ' l.-et north Irom the di-
betweeo Poplar and Cascade
BS, ibool 3 miles southerly
Lardo Kiver. them-e east BO
- i .nee north SO cliain-*:
I■•• «.-t SO chaina; theni*'* SOU**
.'liaina to point of eminence-
and containing 640 acres,
01 less
llth. 1007.       B. F. Resmv
Fv> 1 ~ 1»iK 1: t ANl» DISTRICT.
)ii-trict o| Went  Kootenav.
Me notice lhat B.  F. Raamy
|t>i'l»r Creek, B. C., Prospeotor,
nl» to apply for n special ti"'-
|iccnse over the  following  de*
Iiiiii , ncing at a   poat  planted
\i 1000 (,.,.• ,,,,,11, from the  di-
l.etu, en  Poplar ami Cascade
|k. about 3   miles  southerly
1 tin* Lardo River, thenee wesl
chains; thence (-outli PI cluiins
Iicfl ra«t   ldu   chaina;   tbsitce
I' -hi chains to point ol com-
oetnent  and   containing   64fl
•• more or leis.
I* lltn. 1007.       B. F. Reaiiiv.
JiMrict of Went Kootenay.
»l-~iioiice that B. K. Reamy,
'« Creak, It. 0„ Prospector,
101 to apply (or ,1 ..„ie\n,\ tlm-
license over the following de-
:,"»1 lii'idH.
"nmenclng at a post planted
1 Mtaldsol the second sou-
(,rk(|I I'oplar Creek, about   I
***** the f„rk,   thoiC"   wos
*»">•; Uii'iite south MO chsins
* »«»l 40 chains; thence nor*
''"''••'na lo point of eommen-
•Bl. an 1 containing 640 acres-,
'* <" leaa.
0 10th 1907
K.vVKI.sroKK     I.ANI)   1HSTHICT
District nl  Wci-Kootenay.
Take notice that Otto William
Abrahamson of Trout Lake, B. C,
Carpenter, Intends to apply for a
special limb :r license over the
following desribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted
on Ahrahsiiitoii Creek ahout half
n in lie from the lake, ma ktd "O.
W. Abrahamson'1 North East
comer post ' thence south 80
chains; thenco cast 40 chains;
tlience south 40 chains; thenct
weat 80 chains tlience north 120
chaina; thence east 40 chains to
point of commencement and containing 640 acreb more or less.
June 8th. I907.« <>Uo William A*
District of Weet Kootsner.
Take notice thit B. F. Reamy,
0l Poplar Creek, B. C, Prospector,
Intends t-> spply for a special timber license over the following dc-
scriln'd lands:
Commencing al a post planted
on the side of south the rijjht fork
of I'nplsr Creek, about b miles
above the lirat south fo. k of Pop-
lar Creek, thenc- east 160 chains;
(In nee nortii 40 chains; thence
west 160 chains; thence south 40
chains lo point of oommeaoement
ami coiilaiiiing (40 acres more or
June Sth. 1907. B. F.   Reamy
Drilling contests, Horse-races,
Log-rolling, Chopping, Caledon-
the date hereof, to  apply  to  the ian Sports etc., will be the order
I Mining Recorder for a Certificate in Trout Lake en Monday, Sep-
of Improvements, for thc  purpose tember 2nd.
of obtaining a  Crown  Graot of j    Good big cash prizes will be
the nbovo claims. j hung up for the winners.
And further take notice that I    Advertising matter will be out
action, under sect.on 37, roust he,next week wi*h W Particulars.
...     ... #     A citizen's meeting   wiil   be
commenced heforc the issuance of!-   -- °
such Certificate of Improvements
Dated this 14th. day of July,
A D. 1907.
held\>n Saturday night for the
purpose of appointing committees
Get in and drill. A big pull and
all together is what is wanted,
and "the time of your life" will
be the result.
District of West Kootenay.
NOTICE is hereby given that
TAKE notice that Fiedcrick the head and registered office in
William Leach of Gerrard, Store-1 British Columbia of "The Re-
keeper, intends to apply for per-[ward Gold and Silver Mining
mission to purchase the following Company, Limited," has been
desciihed land: changed from Ferguson to Trout
Commencing at a post planted Lake, and that Frederick Charl-
at tin* S.E. corner of Lot 4728. es Elliott, Banister of Trout
thence north 20 chains; thence (Lake, B. C. has been appointed
east <0 chains; thence south 20 the new attorney of said Com-
ebaina more or leu lo Trout Lake, pany in the place of John Mor-
thencn westerly along nortii shore j ton whose appointment has been
of Trout Lake to point of eommen
I'Hiicnt, aud containing 80 acrts,
more or less.
Frederick William Leach.
O B. N. Wilkie, Agent.
June llth. 1907.
District of   West   Kootenay.
TAKE notice that David Booth,
Dated the 2nd. day of August
1907. S. Y. Wootton.
Take notice thst Hillman and Dor
is of Beaton, Loggers,    intend   to
District of Wast Kootenay.
Tiike notice that II. P. Reamy,
of I'oplar Creek, 1!. C, Prospector
intends to apply f> r a special tim-
her license over the following den-riled lanl-:
Cotiiniencinu at a post planted
on tbo south hank of I'op'ar deck
ah.'ut 4\ miles above lhe first south fork of   Po| lar   Creek,   thenee
west 40 chaius; thi nee soulh 160
ohains; theaoe east -10 chains:
thence north lti.i ctia■ 11 h  to   poinl
of .■oiiiiiieii.'i'iiieiit and containing
i'.|i. aoreS, nioro or less.
fane sih. 1907,
B, F. Reamy.
District of West Kootenay,
Take in.l ice that lt    F,  Reamy,
..I Poplar t*r.-.ik, 11 1'., Prospector,
Intends to spply for a speolal tim-
hcr license over the  following   dose ihei I lands:
Commencing at a post planted
ou the smith hunk of Poplar Croi h
aboQt 1) miles ahnve thc first south fork of   Poplar   Creek,   thence
east 160ehains; thencc south -lo
chains;   thenee   WSSt   160  chains;
(hence north 40 chains t<* point ol
commencement   and   containing
640 acres, more or less.
June Bib, 1907-        H. t, Reamy.
of Nelson, "R a Miner, intends ,pply for a gpecial timber ,icence
to apply for a »pccisl timl-^r li- over tbe {,|iowing described lands
cense over the following described Commencing at a post planted a-
iende: I bout IJ milea from Camborne,   on
Commencing at a  post  planted  the   wegt   bank   of   Fj|h   Rjver)
on the west bask of Poplar Creek, ,narked "Hill-nan and Doris Sou-
[ahont 1| miles'from the Lardeau th East corner post" thencc 40
liner and adjoining Timber Lease chaing Borth fo*]owing boUndary
Lot 6381, also adjoiningT. L 135 of river. tlu>noe 1C0 chaing WMt.
(Won the south, tlience west 80 lhence ,0 c,)|ling gouth
chains; thence south 80 chains; sqq cj,ftjng eagt t0
thence east SO chains; thence north 80 chains to poinl of lommence
July 12tb. 1807 David Booth.
A. Hillman and W
July 24th. 1907.
of   com-
B. F. Reamy.
Mu.iy people fuss  and
funic  an.l fret over   tho
The others UH    "Rising
Sun" Flour.
Andy Craig  hns it for
Chlottes,    Cn-toniHs,    Linens
Victoria Lawn, S.itesns, Muslins, Laces & everything
everybody.    Ladies Corsets
and Covers, Silk Waists Hose
Mens' Shirts,  Collars,   Ties Ac
of which is guaranteed to give
the ii I most satisfaction both as
regards price and adaptability
Also good lines   ill  Stationery,
Tobaccos, Plpet, Cigars  A
Fancy Goods of all kinds
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Henry Magnu-
sor., of I'oplar, B.C. Miner, in.
tends lo apply for a special liceree
over the following described lands
Commencing at a post planted on
the west aide of I'oplar Creek, a-
l.out 20 feet from the bank of the
creek, and ahout 6 miles from the
mouth of the creek, thence east 80
chains; thenct south 80 chains;
thence west 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains to point of commencement and coutaiiiing 640
acres, more or less.
July 25th. 1W7.
Henry Magnuson.
Dinncl ot West Kootenay.
Take notice that Erie Strand,
of I'oplar, li. C. Miner, intends
to apply for a special timber licence orer thu following described
Commencing at a post plaiittd
on Uie wesl side of I'oplar Creek,
about b*Ji) tool fr-jin bank of the
) creek, and about 7 miles from its
mouth, thenoe soulb 80 chains;
thenco west 80 chains; theuce noi-
tii 80 chains; tbence east 80 chain
to poiut of cummeucement and
containing 640 acres, more or less
The value of the mineral pro
ducts of the Province grows steadily greater, each year showing a
material increase over tbe preceding year.
The production for the year
19*06 was $24,980,546, which ia
11.2 per ct. greater tban that of
905. 31 6 greater than in 1904,
and 42.8 greater thai, in 1903.
An analysis of the returns show
however, that the increase this
year is due chiefly to tho Bonn
dary and Coast districts, with a
slight increase in the Caesiar district.
The tonnage of oie mined in
the Province, exclusive of coal,
was this past year. 1,963,872 tons,
some 257,193 tons, or 15 per cent
greater than in 1905.
The number of mines from
which shipments were made in
1906 waa 154; aod of these only
77 shipped over 100 tons each,during the year,—practically no
change from the preceding year.
Some 41 mines shipped iu excess of 1000 tons each during the
year, of which 14 were in the
Boundary District, 8 in Nelson
Mining Division, 6 in Trail Min
ing Division and 5 on the Coast.
The "labor employed lo the ton
of ore mined" forms some criterion ot the total cost of mining in a
camp, since the cost of labor is in
a more or less constant proportion
to such total cost. In this respect
it is interesting to note in the var-
nus districts the number of tons of
ore mined to each man employed.
An analysis of the above table
shows, approximately, that, taking the Province as a whole, there
were 528 tons of ore mined for
aach man employed about the
mines. In tbis respect, however,
the districts vary very materially,
since in the Slocan District the
Azores show 44 tons mined to the
man in the year, in the Nelson
district 138 tens, in Trail Creek
(Rossland) District 373 tons, and
in the Boundary 1,064 too.
The metal gold, derived from
both placer and lode mining in
British Columbia ap to the end ol
1906, amounts to $109,736,800.
the greolest amount derived from
any one metal or mineral, the
next mosi important being copper,
of a total gross value of $35,546,-
578, followed by silver at $25,586,
008, and lead at $17,625,739.
The amount ol silver produced
this past vear was 2,990,262, ozs.
having a gross value of $1,897,$20,
a decrease from the preceding year
of 174 498, due chiefly to the production having decreased in the
Slocan district.
The table shows an output of
lead in !90<i amounting to 52.408,-
2l7tbs, valued at $2,667,578,
which, although a decrease from
ths production of the previous
year of 4 178486 the of lead, is
still creator than that of any other year since 1900, but owing to
the greatly increased market value
of the metal, and in spite of the
materially decreased amount produced, the vuluo of tho product
this yeai shows an  incresss over
Superintendent Coleman of the
Canadian Pacific ruilway, speaking to a representa.'ive of the
Daily News iu reference to the
proposed line between Arrowhead
and Gerrard said that Vicc-prcsi-
d> nt McNicoll would likely take
up the matter with second Vice-
president Whyte on his return
lhe matter would then be gone
into by the general manager of
the western lince, Mr, Bury, and
also by General Superintendent
Bustied of the Pacific division, in
the hands of these three gentlemen the decision finally rested.
Speaking of the freight situation, Mr. Colemau said that from
scenic and other reasons it was
not at all likely tbat the company
would like to alter its route over
tbe Rockies by Field. On the oth
er hand the grades over that route
were difficult and as the freigl t
bosiness was ever increasing it
cams to be a question how much
freight could be bandied over tbe
main line.
Because of these grades the
freight to a large extent was now-
being handled via Slocan l.aki*.
The freight, coming east, left Ihe
main line at Revelstoke, and ran
dowu to Nakusp. From Nakusp
it went to Rosebery, at the head
of Slecan Lake by rail.
Now this piece of railroading
was also difficult. Midway between the two places was a nili.
Up this steep grade approaching
•*&  Local and Cent
*$$4hMk$ ■ ■ ■  ■ :'.{4i
A trial of Rising Sun Flour
is nil tlmt is necessary. Afin*
that you'll  u»e no other.
Col. ILL- Archer, ol the C i
solidated   Co,    accompanied   hy
Mr.  Lowden, both of  Minni ipnl
is,  Minn, vi - i • «••!   the   < '11   Gold
and Primrose during the weekt
Judge Miller, accompanied by
Mrs. Miller ind Miss Lillian Miller, came up from Nelson ( n Friday's boat to put in a few weeks
in the Lardean, be-fore returii
to their home on the Coast
Accordii p tn r.i. , * ;' om ' i( r-
rrrd, the local a Ir n n i r predicts a .-ti. i r., .- i ■ n of
great beauty, 11■-i; - - onli from,
the Walmaley Observatory, shout
the loth, inst.
The   Ferguson   Mines  received
two spools of  cable,    a;*,
about 10 tons, ior the bilv.i Cip
Lance Hillman, the ''dispenser"
an 1 Bob Walmsley, the "candttct-
or" of Gerrard. were visitors lo
Trout I.ake this week.
Arthur Gowing lelt mi M
morning for a tiip to Kaslo.
sou and Rossland.
N el-
it from either side,   the train had
to come in two sections, the locomotive,   after   having   talen   up
one half of   the train,   returning
for the other half.    This caused
delay and wns not economical in
operation.    After  reaching Rosebery the freight had again   to   he
transhipped   in  barges  down the
lake to Slocan where it was again
put upon steel and taken to Nelson or Procter where a third  transhipment on barges was  necessary
to convey it to Kootenay Landing'
for tbe remainder of   its   journey
eaat.    Coming the other way,   exactly the same route   had   to   bs
traversed.     It can readily be seen
that    this   method   of   handling
transcontinental   freight    is   not
economical.    The p 'oposed change
is to complete the line between Arrowhead   and   Qerrurd,       Thin
freight   twitched   at    Revelstoke
could be sent cliar to the  head of
Kootenay Lake and one  transhipment would take it   lo   Kooletiay
Landing instead of three transhipments to attain the sume point.
Mis3 Alma   Thomas,      oni      :
Trout l.ake'.- favorite yi ung
returned home last week   attei  Su
'absunce of some months.
Dan McLennan returned fl m
Reve'stoke on Friday luri whera
he attended a meeting of the
Trout I.ake Water Supply Co.
One of thc pleasing   featun      I
the meeting was the
the first dividend.
The slock of tin* company
held  by   Revelstoke   .-.nd
Lake people.
ia i 11
Henry Magnnsoo took   a  c i
of men up the   *s   mi s   I
week,     to   do   Bome   at ess
Tiio Canadian Pacific Timber
: iiiy Intend to Btart wi . I. on
Trout t'reek shortly.
Tin- impi. vemenl   , I will
allow lo^*- to be mu almost il o
emir.- year,
tbe preceding year of $268,556.
Eric Strand,
Henry Magnuson, Agent.
July 25,1907.
Sheriff Yuill was agreably surprised by a yisit from his nephew
Harry H. Yuill, this week.
Hsrry is a graduate of "McGill'
where he has taken a course in
Mining and Civil engineering.
He has been for some time with
the "White Bear" people at Rossland, and is now returning to finish his course at Canada's famous
J, Schmiti with a crew of men
is opening up the Fidelity group,
wliicli consists of 10 claims, lyins
on Lako slope near Gerrnrd.
The work beinj; done at present
consists mainly of stripping the
lead wnich inns with the formation across the properties. Th *
showing as far as work has been
done, is a remarkably fine one.
The lead i.*. about 10 feet wide,
containing values throughout ol
gold, silver and lead. It is opened up for about 500 feet and carries the values at every point.
The situation of the proper'y
is oxtrc-oely favorable. It is close
to lite Lake, and can bo worked
twelve months in tbe year.
As a milling proposition, from
present indications, it would hu
ono wliicli would pay
Tho property is owned hy thc
J. W. Westfall estato-F. C. Elliott and Abercrombie A* Voung.
Mis.   iiml   Misi   Fuirman
'MO,. I'n.  .
N. \\. 1 in in. ns.
Both ol the   I
delighted a ith I
nf Trout Lake uml  Its  surroundings.
See another column for Labor
Day announcement.
Mis. Bonce ami family, ol New
Westminster, Is vl Ring 111 m< t'i
er, Mrs. Burrell.
Aloe Bipg.ir and 0 c ir J
left on  Wednesday morning   for
t in-   I. X. I., to d"  some do*.
m 'nt work.
aav. A. *. srm*iu.\-'s.
(Alternnt.* Sundays oal .)
Sunday  School	
Regular Berl lee	
Service al Ferguson,
A  cordial   invitation
,i ni.
7 BO  | ni.
:! p.m.
cxtt-i il I
Copyright (UCH) by G. 1". Putnam'1 Sonn.
For some minutes the pair walked
ln silence, as if each wuu still brooding
on the mysterious cipher whose
treachery to Fiance hail brought them
together. But presently Statliam touched Onslow on the arm. Tell nie," he
said, "Something of this enchantress. 1
am equally curious ubout her."
"And I know very little," Onslow replied. "'Her mother, If you believe scandal, was a famous Paris Dower sb*l,
who was mistress ln turn to half the
young rakes of the noblesse;   her fa-1
ther ls supposed to huve been un Eng-1
lish geutlemun. Your eyes will (ell you
she Is gifted with a singular   bounty. I
which Is her only dowry. Gossip suys |
that she makes that dowry go a long j
way, for she has two passions, flowers
and jewels."
"And she resides In London?"
"She resides nowhere." Onslow an
swered wltli his slow smile; "she ls
here to-duy uud awuy to-morrow. I
have met her ln Pails, in Brussels.
Viennn, Rome. She talks French us
easily as she talks English, and where-
ever she ls her apartments are always
haunted by the men of pleustire, and by
the grand monde. Women you never
meet there, tor she is not a favorite
with her ow* ««_. which is not sur
"Pardon," fHillniii asked, "but ls she
—is Bhe, too. h» the Secret Service?"
"God bless mj soul! No; we don't
employ ladles with u passion for jew
els. It would expose them and us to too
many temptations. And. besides, poll
tlt-B are the one thing this goddess ab
i .-I*.*,. Eating, drinking, the pleasures
of the body, poetry, philosophy, ro
inauci:, the arts, aud the pleasures of
tbe mind she adores; luxury and jewels
she covets, but politics, uo! They are a
forbidden topic. For me her friendship
Is convenient, for the politicians nr
always in her compuny. When will
ututesmen learn," be added, "that muk
lug love to a ludy such us she is is more
powerful ln unlocking ihe heurt and
unsealing tbe lips than wine?" "And
her name?"
"She has not got one. 'Princess' we
call her nnd she deserves it, for she Is
fit to adorn the Puluce of Versuilles.
"Perhaps," suld Stutbam, "she will
some day."
"Not a doubt of it—If Louis will
only pay enough."
They had reached the house. Stu:
ham noticed that Onslow neither guve
his own nor usked for his hostess's
mime. He showed the footman a card,
which wss returned, and Immediately
they were ushered Into two handsome
upartments with door leading the one
into the other, und In the Inner of the
two (hey found some half-dozen gentle
men talking. Three of them wore sturs
and ribbons, but ull unmistakably be
longed to thut grand monde of which
Onslow hud spoken. From behind the
group the ludy quietly walked forward
nnd curtsied deferential!*/ to Stuthuni,
who felt her eyes resting on his with
no small Interest us his companion
kissed her hund. The secret ugent hud
not e»uggeruti'd. This woman wus In
deed strikingly impressive. About the
middle height, with u slight but exquisitely shuped llgure, ut flrst sight
she seemed to Hash ou you a vision
composed of dark musses of black hair,
lurge and liquid blue eyes, and a dazzling skin, i-r.'i.ui tinted. Dressed In s
flowing robe of dark-red, sin- wore In
her hair blood-red roses, while blood-red
roses twined along her corsage, which
was cut, not without justification
daringly open. Her bare arms, her
theatrical manner, and the profusion of
jewels which glittered in the candlelight suggested a curious vulgarity,
which was emphasized by her speech,
for her English, spoken with the ease
of a native, betrayed In Its accent rather than Its words evidence of low
birth. Yet all this wus forgotten In the
mysterious charm which clung about
her like a subtle and lntcxicutlng perfume, nnd as Stutlinm In turn kissed
her jewelled buiiil, s fleeting something
In her eyes, at once pathetic and vindictive, shot with a thrill through him.
"An English officer und a friend of
ilr Onslow," she remarked, "Ib alwuys
among*,: my most welcome guests,"
snd then she I in-ed to the elderly fop
ln the star and riot) u and resumed her
Stathinii studied her cu.-efully Superb health, s superb body, aiu' u reckless disregard of convention Bh, certainly had. but the more he observed
her the more Certain he felt thut thn(
wonderful skin ns well ns those his-
trims blue eyes and ullurlng eyebrows
owed more to hrt than to nature In
fact every pose of her head, every Mnn
ia hor tlaure, the scanduluua freedom
of her nttlre were obviously intended
to puzzle as much us to attract—and
they succeeded She was the incurna-
tion of u fiiMClnati'in und of a puzzle.
Two more gi*nll.;nion had arrived,
nnd Sluthum was an Interested Bpecta
tor of what followed.
"Princess," tin* newcomer said, "I
present lo you my very good frleud the
Vlcomte dc Nerac."
The iudy turned sharply. Wiib It the
visitor's dam. or fiu.i; which for the
moment disturbed her equanimity?—
.v.*l apparently neither the Vlcomte
nor she hail mei before.
"Welcome, Vlcomte," she said, so
swiftly 1-eCOVerlQg herself thut Stilt-
ham alone noticed her surprise, If It
was surprise. "And muy I usk how a
Caiiltuiiu-I.iciileiiant of    the    Ctievau*
lagers de la Qarde de lu Maison du Roi
happens to he In lOngland when his
country Is at win'.'"
"You know me, Madame!" the  vi
comic stammered looking al her In r
confusion he could not conceal
The lady laughed.   'Kvery one  win
has heen m Paris," she retorted,
"knows the (iiiiiui lagers da in Garde,
und  the must  famous of (heir olller-rs
is Monsieur tin* Vlcomte de Nerac,
famous, i would have these gentlemen
be aware, for hla swordsmanship, for
bis gallantries -and for Ins military ex
plolls which won hint the Croix dc St
"You do me too iiimii honor, M.i-
dnme," the Vlcomte replied,
"As ii woman I fear yon. as a lover of
gallant deeds and us a fencer myself
I   uii.ne   you.  iis  do    ull     (he    luil.es
whether al Versailles or in Les Mullen," sin* laughed again, "Bot you have
not answered my question, Why are
you In Knglaud, Monsieur le Vlcomte?"
"Nine nu ui I liti ago I hud the until.n
tune  to  be  liil.uu   prisoner,    Ma.Ii.iii, .
but In three weeks 1 return to my duty
as u, soldier aud a noble of Frudue."
tit bowed to tlie compuny'wltlt that
incomparable air of self-confidence
tempered by the dulcet courtesy which
wus tlie pride of Versuilles und the
despair of the rest of the world.
"Aud here," the ludy answered, "Ib
another gentleman who also shortly returns to his duty. Captain Stuthum of
(he First Foot Guurds, Monsieur le
Vlcomte de Nernc of the Chevuu-legers
de la Gurde. Perhaps before long you
will meet again, and this time not in u
woman':, union "
"When Cuptuln Stutham is takeu
prisoner," the Vlcomte remarked, smll
ing, "1 cun usBure him Paris Is not
less pleasant than Loudon, but tin thea
he inul 1 must agree to cross swords in
u friendly manner for the fuvors of
yourself, Princess."
"And vou think you will win, Vlcomte?"
"It Is Impossible we cun lose," the
Vlcomte replied. "Not even the gal-
liintry of the First Foot Guards cu-i
save the allies from the genius of Mon*
selgneur the Murechul de Suxe."
"We will see," Stuthum responded
"Without a doubt, sir." The Vlcomte
Stathura stared at him stolidly. He
could hardly huve guessed thst this
exquisitely dressed gentleman with
the slight figure and the innocently grand air was really a soldier, and above all an officer In
perhaps the most famous cavalry regiment of all Europe, every trooper in
which, like the Vlcomte himself, was
a noble of at least u hundred years'
standing, but he was reluctantly compelled to confess that the stranger
was undeniably handsome, und his
manner spoke of an ease and a distinction beyond criticism. His smile, too,
wus singularly seductive in Its Bweet-
ness and strength, and his brown eyes
could glitter with marvellous and unspeakable thoughts. From that minute
he M'eu.ei! to Imagine that his hostess
belong to him: he placed himself next
her at supper, he abBorbed her conversation, and still more annoying, she
willingly consented. Stutham ln high
dudgeon had to listen to the ]io]l:e
small talk of his English neighbor,
conscious all the while thut ut his el
bow the Vlcomte wus chnttering uwuy
to "the princess" iu the guyest French.
And ufter supper he along with the
others wus driven off tn play cards
while the pair sat iu the other room
alone und babbled ceaselessly In Ihut lu
fernul foreign tongue.
"The Vleonile." Onslow suld coolly,
"has made auother conquest."
"is lt true, then, that he is a fine
swordsman as well as a ruke?"
"Quite true. His victims amongst
(he ludles ure as numerous us his victims of the Bword. It is almost as greut
un honor for u man to be run through
by Andre de Nerac as it is for u woman to succumb to his wooing. Do nol
forget he ls a Chevauleger de la Garde
and u Croix de St. Louis."
Stuthum grunted.
"It Is not full.'1 Onslow pursued,
throwing down the dice box "You are
not enjoying yourself," und he rose und
went into the other room. "Gentlemen,"
he said, on his return, "I have persuad
i-d our princess to add to our pleasure
by dan. ing. In ten minutes she will be
ut your service."
The curds were Instantly abandoned
nnd while they waited the Vlcomte
strolled lu and walked up to Onslow.
"That is a strange lady," he remarked, "a very strange ludy. She knows
Purls and all my friends as well as I
do; yet 1 bave never so much as seen
her there."
"Yes," Onslow answered, looking bim
all over, "she Is very strange."
"And the English of Mudame is, I
think, not the EngliBh of the quality?"
Onslow nodded. "That, too, Ib curious,
for her French Is our French, the
French of the noblesse. She says her
father wus un English gentleman, and
her mother a Pans flower girl, which
ls still more curious, for the flower
girls of Purls do not tulk as we talk
on the staircaBe Des Arbassadeurs at
Versailles, or as m.v mother and the
women of my ruce tulk. Mon Dieu!" he
broke off suddenly, for the princesB
hud (ripped Into the room, turning It
by the magic of her saucy costume into
a flower booth In the market of Paris,
and without udo she began to sing a
gay chnnsonnette, waving gently to
and fro her basket of flowers:
"Quand on a Bu toucher
l.e eoein  d'une bergere
On  peut   Men   : 'assure!
Du plalslr de lul fairs.
Et zon. zou. zon,
I.lsette, ma 1.is.*,•(.■;
Et zon, zon, zon,
1.,; •■';•    ma i.is.iii."
And the dance Into which without a
word of warning she broke waa something to stir the blood of both English
and French by its liivlncll.le mixture of
coquetry, lithe grncc, uud aud.:eV>u«
abandon, lis swift transitions from a
mocking Slatallas*) ami a tempting reserve lo lu Intoxicating, almoBt devilish roveliitlon of uncontrolled passion;
and ull the while thut beurtless, airy
Song twined Itself Into every pirouotte,
every pose, und was translated Into tho
wickedest provocntlon by the twinkling
flutter of her short skirl und the (lushes
of the Jewelled buckles In her saucy
shoes. To Stutham us to Andre de Nerac tho princess hud vanished, und all
that remained was a witch In woman's
form, u witch with black hair crowned
with crimson roses und a cream-tinted
skin gleaming while against those
roses at her breast
"To the victor," she cried, picking a
iioseguy from her basket, and kissing
It, "In the Viator of tin* spring!" und
Andre and Htuthani found themselves
I lu the fuee by the flowers The su-
■ii rung with "Hrnvos" and "Huzzas"
until every one woke to the discovery
thai   the dancer  hail  disappeared.
When she returned she was osce
more in her splendid robes and frigidly
cynical nn before.
"I um Und, gentlemen," she said;
"I musl beg you to suy goodnight."
Hhe lii'ltl oui her hand to (lie Vlcomte.
"Au ruvolr!" she suld, permitting her
'•ves lo sillily his olive-tinted checks
nnd the homage of Ills gaze.
"Your prisoner, Madame," he Bald,
"your prisoner for alwuys!"
"Or I yours?" she flushed buck,
And now she wns speuklng to Stutham. "We shull meet again,"' sne-'4hldV
"Yes, wc shull meel again, Captain."-
"Not In Loudon, Mudame," he answered.
"Oh, no! But I trust our mooting will
be us pieiityiiil for you us to night hu
been lor me."
"It cannot full to be."
"Ah, you never know. Women are
ever fickle and cruel," she answered,
aud once ugulti as he kissed the jeweled fingers Stuthum was conscious of
that pathetic, piintherish light in her
great eyes, which mude him ut once
joyous, sud, and feurful.
When they hud all gone the woman
stood guzlng nt her bare shoulders in
the long mirror. "FI, done!" she muttered with a shrug of disgust, and she
tore In two one of the cards with which
the gamblers hud been playing, ullow
Ing the fragments to trickle carelessly
down ub though the gust of pussion
which hud moved her wag already
spent. Then Bhe drew tbe curtains
across the door between the two rooms,
and remained Rturlng luto space. "Andre Pierre Augusle Marie, Vlcomte de
Nerac," she murmured, "Seigneur des
Flours de Lys, Vlcomte de—" . she
•melted one of her roses, (he lingers of
her other hand tapping contemplatively on her breast A fatal sigh crept into the stillness of the empty, glittering room.
Then she Hung herself on the low
di von. put her anus behind her bead,
and luy guzlng lu froni of ber. The
door wiib opening gently, but she did
not stir. A mun walked In noiselessly,
baited on the threshold, and looked ut
ner for fully two  in.niites.   She never
moved, li was Oeorge Onslow, lie
walked forward and stood beside her.
She let her eyes rest on him wllh absolute indifference
"There Is your puss." he suld, In a
low vo.ee lu which amotion vibrated.
"1 thank you." She made no effort to
take It, bin simply turned her head as
If to see Inm tne better.
"Is that ull my reward'"' he demanded, "lt wus not eusy to get that puss."
"No?" She pulled u rose from her
breast and sniffed It. "1 believe you. I
can only thank you nguln."
He dropped the puper into her lap,
where she let lt lie.
"By God!" he broke out, "1 wish I
knew whether you are more adorable
as you are now on thut sofa, or us you
were dancing In thut flower girl's costume."
"Most men In London prefer the
short petticoats." she remarked, moving the diamond buckle on ber shoe
Into the light, "but In Paris they have
better taste, for only a real woman cun
muke herself adorable In this."—she
gave a little kick to Indicate the Ion-
full robe. "Think about It, mon ami.
and let me know tomorrow which you
really like the better."
"Aud to-night?"
She stooped forward to adjust her
si pper. "To nighl." she repealed. "I
must decide wheiher I dislike yon more
as the lover of this afternoon, the man
of pleasure of this evening, or the BP)
of tomorrow
He put n strong hund on her shoulder, In un lustaui she had sprung to
her feet.
"No!" she cried. Imperiously, "I have
had enough for one day of men who
would Storm a citadel by Insolence.
Leuve me!"
•'You are expecting some one?"
"And if I am""
"Don't .torture me. Tell me who It
"Perhups you will have to wa t till
dawn or longer before vou see Ii.iii"
"I will kill him. thai is all. -kill him
when lie leuves this house."
"I huve no objection to that," was
the smiling answer, '•one rake less in
the world Is u blessing for all women,
honest or—" she tlnegeied ber rose
"Is It one of those who were here to
nighl!" he demanded "Perhaps thut
Infernal libertine of a Vicomte de "
"Pray, whal have my secrets lo do
With youf" She faced him seornfullv
This " He came close to her. "You
flatter yourself, ma mignonne. tbut you
guurd youi secrets very well, so you do
fr.un all men but me. But I fake leuve
to tell you that three fourths of those
seorets are already mine." She Bnlffed
at the rose ln the most provoking wav
"Yes, I have discovered three-fourths,
and "
"The onefoiirlh that remains yoa
will never discover until 1 choose."
"Do not be too suie."
"And then ?"
"You. ma mignonne. you the guest
of many men. w 11 be In my power,
and vim will he glad to do what I wish
Oh, I will not be your cur, your lackey,
then, but you will "
She dropped him a curtsey, and
walked away to an escritoire, from a
drawer In wh.ch she took out u piece
of paper.
"The one-fourth thai remains." she
snld. holding It up, and offering It to
him. "I g ve It to you. my cur and
She watched him take It. nnfold It.
read  't  His  hand  shook,  the    paper
dropped from Ills fingers, und while he
passed his hnndkercmef over his lore
heud she put the fragment In the Arc.
They faced euch other in dead silence. She wiib perfectly calm, but bis
moulh iwii.li.il und his eyes gleamed
with un unhallowed fire und with fear.
"Are you mud?" he usked ut last,
"thut you confess such u thing to me
"Better to you." Bhe retorted, "than
to ilm' infernal libertine, the Vicomte
de Nerac, or that infernal simpleton,
Captain Stathum, eh? No, mon ami,
my reason Is this: Now, you, George
Onslow, who profess to love me. who
would make mc your sluve, are In my
power, and the proof In thut I order
you to leuve this room at once."
"I shull return."
"Then you certulnly will be mad."
"Ah!" Hc sprung forward "Can you
not believe that I love you more than
ever? I "
The door.had slammed. Onslow was
For n minute in- stood, clenching his
hands, frustrated passion glowing In
his eyes, "Ab!" in* exclaimed In a cry
Of pent up anguish, ami then the door
slammed again as be strode out.
(To He Continued,)
[Does fit
has the soft'
warm     feel
the skin  enjoys.
Doesn't    itch.
Made  for   men.  women  and   llttl'.   folks,
a   variety   of   styles,
brics     snd     prices.
.    aiahoriieererycleelerinPeivAiigb
Underwear lo repW, »t out sotf. Uf
I faulty in m..tenel ot
Growing N.w Plants For Setting In
the  Field.
A New Jersey grower who Hnd-*1 >•
profitable to pot liis struii bairy plant*
explains in Hural New Yorker the
■method used  as follows:
1 Imve found that about the onlj
objection to using potted plants is tbs
price Ihey will cost to bu;* or the ex-
peuBO of polling them ourselves. Hart
is an otisiiicle uiudy sameoiM. io ■"'
giu with, evcy market gardener or.
in fact, any ona who is thinking ol
engaging In the growing of - ■ raw Her
t>ugat,iii».   • ■ ,
nes  should   linve  av  tvnio. •'
inch  pots.  These  cnn   U-  haa  in*  ■
trifling cost and  will  lasl  lor years
When the knack of potting I'n' I*'""**
is   once   u.Minred   lt   will   I';'   »*»f-U>
understood that the only dlfferei  In
the expense of the potted system and
the usual way of Betting them*»is the
difference in time it will taks Ul <Hg
ping and trimming the plant* as com
Exaggerated Descriptions ol Canada to
Intending Emigrants Do  Injury.
A  recent issue of the  weakly  |.ii|M-r
"Canada," which is published in Kng-
I laud, contained u number ol pictuies
of residences ol farmers and niei'liii tea
in tliiu country, whieh, on ihe unnd
I of au Englishman, would tend to leave
the   impress.on   Unit   in   tins   laud   ol
I plenty anybody and everybody can
prosper and occupy beautiful homes.
In fuct. those picture! were not at all
| representative of the dwelliugs of our
farmers and mechanics, but were quite
: out of the ordinary The average mechanic in tins country does not live
in  a mansion,  and   while  we  have  a
| greut. muny  wealthy  farmers in older
I Canada,   their   wealth   usually   repre-
| sents the hard-scraping and close lig-
uring of ubout three generations of
laud-Lil I ers
A Foolish Principle.
Even at that, however, iu our runU
population lire many families who,
afler three generations of hard, if un-
iiileilii-.-iii work, are fur from having
any such rsaidenos to live in as tl.e
I (KXirest of those shown in tlie pictures referred to. Tliere is no use
bragging in tin* literature about tins
country  published  in   i'.nglainj     It is
tu-uliab to load new-comers with explanations  11 mt  cannot  be  realised,
Here is a country where there is a
clianc of suoeeas for every mun who
has in him lha trie! >.f winning sue-
eeas. but here, t* everywhere else,
then* is slippery going and plenty •>!
opportunity for u hiird-worker to spend
all   lie   can     possibly    earn   without
building n  fiiinih   reside]   that   will
solipss  that  of the squire  at  home, !
People leaving tha old world lor the
new   should  nol  linve their beads   dii   j
ed with  Ilu* foolish   notion  Unit   theii
trouble-   and   when   their   feet    touch I
our   soil     'I'1"'*,   troubles   begin    n. u*
on.*.- that nothing in their experianos
tits  them  for.
Fortunes the Exception,
llut if thei I*.* resolute, industrious
and adaptable, tbey mav do very well.
vid ut uny rate, establish their children in a country where they will
Imve excellent OppOrunitiai M.n-h
n< heard about the poor boys who
soma OOt ben and mak.* large fortunes,    hut   the   fact    mn.    Im*    world
mentioning tbal meet i r boym who
'•i'ili'*   mit   hen*   from   Kurnp.-   do   imt
make fortune while many of them
potter about In a very poor fashion
snd barely contrive to make n living
Men   ii*lin   eon ut   here   and   Spend
their .inv- Baaing bow little i*.">-k thev
cm, do without h.-iiig their j,,t,-. and
spend their earnings seeing how n.ueh
lioii'.t they fin drink* without drowning themselves are not lil.ei*. to admire tl      ii trj  nor make much of
n fortune her,- Kv.*n a oawoomer
of  the   verj   besl   type   mav   knock
around qoite n while without luippen-
inc mi tht r'lntiee tlmt nil] enable
bim tn attnin luoe-n. Hut nothing
could  injurs Hii-*  country  more than
to briii** ,.• *t   i Iploadi of | pis who,
nftiT graft ng here, will feel (hat thev
hnve !„.,.,, .*o|,|.bricked Mack, in
fiiiturdnv   N
Good Sight and flood Health Returned Wh
the Liver wae eat Right by
To personi who havs nol < sldei
,1 the relationship of eyesight to
•aneral health ibis letter will prove
upeciallj   int.*-.* (mg-
MrK. \ li r  Nose Creek, -Salary, Alta . writes "I writs to toll
mi  bow   higlllj     we    Hunk     ol     Di
ha , Kidn. i Livei Pills, foi they
l(.   in,.iii-i.i   i*.i   foi   torpid   liver,
mstipul     and    kidnej    trouble
[j   I,,, band    derived    great   benefit
loni  in   . in..*-.*'.-  Ridne) Livei   1'ills;
i oouple ot years ago when be was
.,.|,,,i* jepi—e.l nini   regularly   oul
lh    eyesight   was   failing
unl the lamplight  hurl  hi    •
„■ could noi  read   al   all and bad
.,,.,,i,   in   hii nniiil to ms im oculist
I adi i led Iiim i" trj   Iii   < 'haae'a
Cidnej Livei   !'• I-   thinking  ns was
uttering  Innn  torpid  livei      H*   did
,.. ami after    using    I. is than  two
ighl  en ti rel j   returned
uel he [ell   'nni**   well   again     We
rould nevei be without th.*.-..* pill    In
Hi,*  house and   I
highly oi iliain
"'   ' 'b* ■     I i n„,
marvelouslj  pi * .„„■
OUr*   lor  Sluggi   ll   lietnil, gl ,,"'
While awakening - ,,  |jve.   "«,
regulate lha   bin
the kidnej aetioi
lu this  wai   th.
tory systems sre tl it*i,|. V
ol "II poisoi  ;'
oause of pain
In   .*i.;n    famili    there
Ual   BUOh   i hcim. .,    ],.  , •'
Ki.ln.-yl.lv,.,   Pi||    ,,
lion,  backache
Uon    and    pi,.. '
filial   ,11*..*,i .
bowels     I lm   | ,   ,   .,(^
box,  ul   all  des ;
iini.- a Co..
you against  im
and   figiiiilui. n   _
il,.*  I *in,.ii-  reel
oo everi  bol
Elephant Life la the Jungle*.
Without elephants jungles would be
virtually Impassable. Tbe great bcusts
are a mixture of strength and weak
ness, of craft and simplicity. Tbe
paths through the Jungle from village
to village are merely tracks from wliicli
fhe Interlacing foliage bas been ent
nnd thrust ushle and the virgin soil
trodden Into n black mud. After s
rain this mud Is many feet deep, nud
no living creature except au elepnnut,
a buffalo or a rhinoceros could labor
through It. tlie elephant mnkei, his
way by lifting one foot at a time and
Inserting It deep luto tbe slough In
froni, withdrawing another with a
sound* like the popping of a huge cork.
Nothing but a ride oo an earthquake
could lie compared wltb the sensation
of being run away with by au elephant. As for stopping lilm. some oue
lun- we|l said that you might as well
try lo stop a runaway locomotive by
pulling with your walking stick on tb*
funnel as sock to check au elephant at
such a moment with a goad.
Th*** Sensitive Organs Are • Relio ot
Jungle Days.
It Is perhaps not generally known
that a eafa power of dis.-eniment. es-
peclally at night, is due almost as
niiicb to his whiskers as to bin eyes.
To any one win. goes to a menagerie
and looks ut the glui.t cats of the forest—the lion and his like—tlie purpose
of these vlbrisHiie. us science nnmes
the halm thut project from the muzule
ami from above tbe eyes, ls evldei.1
Tbey are delkate organs of touch,
wonderful nu*. Illiniums of warning.
Bach one grows from a follicle, or
(finnd. nerved to ei.|iilslte sensibility.
Its slightest einitaet with any obstacle
la distinctly fall by the animal, though
the hair Itself is tough und luseusiblo.
Those exaggerated whiskers on tli*
mm.zle often project to each side of
the animal so far that from point to
point Ihey atreieh to Just the width of
h'** iniii.
Iiiisglue. now. a lion stealing through
a Jungle at night, tracking his prey,
where the stir of a twig gives alarm.
Ills long hairs Indleiite through the
nicest nerves uny object that may be
ln his velvet path, A touch stops bim
short before pushing through some
close thicket where the rustling leaves
and isnigiiH would toll aloud his presence. Wherever his bead may lie
thrust without a warning from the
vlbrlnsne tliere his body mny pass
noiselessly, and It ia their aid, In conjunction with the aoft cushions of bis
feet, that enn hies blm to travel aa alien tlv ns the snake	
"Woll. how ia your love affair progressing?"
"I've been told that I may hope"
_Indeed?   That's   everything."
"Wof-«r   «he    ioean't    seem    to
think it -uuu-thiac bnt hm* "
*^V •  \   \
iJi, PILLS  -
r*TT«n rraAWSKKsr plant
pared to putting them. When a lot ol
plants are wanted for the new bed
all thut it is ueceaaary to do is t» fill
those small pots with soil tbe Miine
as where tlie plants are growing
Plunge or plant them just to tin* sur
face level, place rooted runii'i- in
the pots as other plants are potted
leaving the runner attaohed lo th.
old plunt. and the unrooted runnei
mui bs placed on the soil in the little
jKit, laying u Binoll stone or clod on
it to keep it in place. The young run
ners so treated will make nioa i-laiit.-
U. two or three weeks Wh. ii the little
pots ure well filled with tt Ota, they
are taken up and placed close to
gather In n frame, where tiny ran tie
watered freely After remainiiir in
the frame for a lew days tbey an* in
good condition to be plant.*.! where
they ure to fruit. It sin.uld I
men.tiered, however, that if the plant*
are left in the pots too long tbej will
baoOBM pot bound. They ure then
not so good a.- if set about the Unit*
the pot is well filled with the young
risits This condition of the |ilaiil-
will not affect thom in th* frnm.* n-
quicklv aa if left attached t,. tl-
plant tn tb* bed
When the planta are in the propel
condition I..i *..Uniting, tin* ground
should lie harrowed several tunes and
made perfeetlj level bv using a level
ing board, for no soil is ever ton firm
for the roots of the straw U-rry to |s*ih*
trate ff moist and cool below  the sur
hat Tin* plants may !». set either l.>
line or the rows can tie markisi nut
tlie desired width After the plants
have bem thoroughly watered Umj
are knocked out of Uie pate, curried
to the Bald and placed on tin* low
aboul   lhe   distance   they   nre   to   I*
plunt.**!   \ skillful workman can sal
the plants ns fast as thev can Ia
brought to Inm and with litd- of no
risk Tin* plants will scarcely i-.-ii.-e
ling   Climbed   the   Tr*«.
"Can u dug .'lm b a 're.*'" asks The
ChieagO   N.w-     In   answer   lt   prints
the following from   a  oorraapondeut
"Whii   :i  wiiik  on snowshoM  in
New Hampshire W* trncknd ii porcupine to a liiil.-uii. fir in which it had
token   refuge      My   -Scottish   terrier
cliiiils-.i the tr.*.*.. polling herself up
Irom brunch to branch te a height of
IllK.Ut    sel*i*ll    feet,    where    11    spll' *      -f
bare trunk separated her from th*
porcupine, wlncli hud wntched her
progress with evident alarm The t. r
ner made several ineffectual attempts
to scale the smooth bark, and finally
jumped down into thr Rno-r." And
ot another ruru.ii- trait the same writ-
er continues "This little dog and her
mate, now dead, though enthusiastic
fire worshippers at home, never sat
near the bonfires built at luncheon or
lea time on winter walks, but dug
holes in the snow at a little distance,
in which they curled themselves up,
after the manner of tlie primitive ar>
ocslors " 	
It Was Too Much.
Brigadier (Jenerol Andrew 8. Burt of
the United States iirmy Is an enthusiastic sportsman, suys the Iictrult I ree
Press. Ills bobby Is basebull. 1'rlor to
IMW, when he became a brigadier, he
was tbe couimuuiliiig officer of a negro
seglment of regular Infautry. Ku. h
compuny bud Its ball team, uud the
colonel wns un enthusiastic router at
the games.
One day a contest wns on which wu»
marred by tbe pour playing of a meiii
ber of one of the company teuins.
Burt, disgusted, volunteered to lake
tlie place of Ihe IwmnpeteSt So one
objected At the but the colonel wus
given a base ou bulls. Ile noted Ihut
the men on the couching Hue* kept
silent while lie wa* on tbe bases, aud
arter he lmd uiudo tlie circuit he re
"See here," be exclaimed, slipping
out of his eout, "I've takeu off my
•boulder straps now, und you fellows
want to treut DM Just us If I wus u
Again Burt wua at the bat. Ue hit
tho bull nnd sturted for tirst.
"Hun. you gimpy legged, suwed ojf
mud turde! Km,, mo, run, run!" howled one of the concliers.
Burt reached (lrs( safely, turned nud
regarded the coueher fur un lustnnt,
then   left   the   base,   walked   over   t-j
"I  b's discarded blouse luy und put
II OB He snld nothing, but the negro,.)
understood,  ll wus loo much.
Zulus   Degenerate
Lecturing in London i ntiy, <i.*ti
laden Powell said the Zulu- and Hu
ut..- wars n-'t the men their lathers
.*•       The   Stilus   of  today   were   the
„•■! Bghton among tbe black tribe ,
hui the) were not the Zulus of Im7»
Ml the black*, with ths inoraaaa ol
•omforta,  were    becoming   !i ss  wm
Worms   cause   feveriahnaaa,  moan-
tig    and    lc-.tli--l.c--      . luring       sleep
Motbel  iiniv.*-    Worm   Bxterminatoi
pleasant,   -in.*  ami effectual     ll
.our druggist   lias  none  in  -took,  get
iim to procure it f..t y..u
"Too huve sonic stock m a gold
nine out we-i. haven 1 you! i ll
'iiNttig  anv   iln i.lends-'
Not    iionn        Vm!   SM,   ll>o\  v.*   had
ni-tiil a lot of new nu.I expansive
I ii.*N --nick ii vain ol water that
looded    (in*    mine   and  bad  te ba
••limped nut, di,In'l they'-    But tben
•lenty <*f  fi.-.*  l*,*ld   111 sight,  an
*ll     IIS "
U  in .   bow   did   loll   kic.w'-"
v.   deal   b*'N.  I  duin'i  knon   H
i hi t .■!>•■ .1 .i nni I •..* paid
..-(.ihui to I, ani in I,.- a good eaet et
•n  mining nnd    1    y.-n
inllv   lm    •      Chit sgo  'I ni.un,
Haven't   you   and   v.,in   lieu.I   g,,t
through   thai    aigiiii.
i  lit    of    111-    ) ..Hlu*. - t       , I,
Ii  i-ii t aiu   argument,'   anawert •!
"I nm in-i*■!■■ i. Iling .Inn
tne  Uie  facts   in   the  ease    an I   It.*   i-
u    i,. *   be  w.,i,'i
•■mil "   (Tiniii-
Energy  th,  Motivi P0„,
The     lollfcl      |
lllll      I     colivillc.   I       tlm'      ll,,)   J
II.like- III'* '
man  and   iiii**:   * I
uud powerful, tin M
caul    i-    enorgj r
liiilin!i..li    a     pu  ,
and tl.cn death
Hv   will   do   in.   *
<b  in ib.* woi Id h, i,i.|,
cieadiio   .iui   I...
ii    Buxton
All     so-called
and   iu.M.1   of   th. j
i'   ours obildho  I ■
|Miisonous  opiau
may kill the child   w
II-.-    lllll,V        . , ,,"]
cumin.' I    '•
tl nt   tins   in- i
Hi.      ot     Illlliot. .   |
illli   bIi.~i.Iii1.    tali
baby    Tin-v euri
pillion,     aoli.
othei   iniiioi   inni:. .,l   rhi
Ml        i.      ('.iiim- n
moal  sh(.-!.o -
.1,1    lls,*d    loi    tl.. .i/J
children     I alum
III     tile     bolls.*   "       H 1
SI -   ..I    lil    ii . ij
Iron    lh.    In      Vi Mh
00 .   Itris-kvill,
Mr    Shape    11
men ih.* men w *|
laugh   ilt
Mn   Bbapp   II
nn ii ihs  mt •■
thing  Ul  Is..i I
like   laugh.in
Duri ip   ..   man   d ■■ in I j   Thi     Pari      i
realise bou .!• ai .. woman t ■ to him I -a*.
but   when     lu*    iM'gin,   ii,  pay   her, lm-   complete!)    '
biUi   aftei   until ". I
hicago  Hem The condit	
Where Sin Lost  Interest.
"-Utomoblllng does tousle ones hall
so!" suld (l„. liealKiful young eiealurs
ns  they   descended   fru|„  „„.  „„„.■,„„,
umi started Dp the dark walk toward
the house when* they were ti, cull.
"II does'/" be luipilred politely.
"V«B| It gives lt (he Hume elTect g|
though one hud been struggling tu
mold being kissed." she gurgled.
"Indeed' | tgucy you should carry
a small band minor and some bnir.
pins when y„„ K0 automiibllliig," |,«
suggested, mortal right ou up the dark
Some way or other, by one of those
unexpluliiahli.  psychological  Impulses
ill Ihut very timi,,  Hh). U,K8U ,0 r(m|
Ue be wus nut the mun sbe would a*
hict aa au ullluliy    Judge.
I*   fitted   Miih    the   improve^   Record
Triangular Grate—(he mo*'   |"-.lrct furnace grate on  the market.    Of lhe loir
triaiifiulsr grale bars, each Lar is . pc.-ilej
l-> the us* of a handle applied  (    eiiher
ol  the two centre bars.    To rn:. we lim
bundle afler shaking ia impos.-nii-*   Ml
tbe  grate  bar   haa  been   returned   lo in
original   poailion, flat   md id
place, without any of thr rop
sticking up.   Tbe result ii tw
tbe bar* are always flat under
thr fire and lhat il u impaeSM
(or lump* of coal to drop liiruu|B
and be wasted.    The Kecurd
Triangular Grate OM  ba entirely   removed   (roni   mniiott
without   lying on  iltnusch or
bothering witb • light       IM
Write for Catalogue.
lnr.Tnr'n^rl 'tJfSNCrON' NB'     MONTREAL,      PQl1
Rheumatism Cured
"Oo you know why you are
•offering with Rheumatism?
Because your kidneys are sick.
They are too weak to filter uric
acid from the blood. Thta acid
is poisoning your system, aud
inflaming every nerve in your
Ixxly. Those excruciating pains
in hands, shoulders, back, kncea
and feet—are the result of kidney
trouble. Stop the uric
from poisoning the bloo-1
there will be no Rbcuiustta"-1
as IknulUt. be-aw ■*■*■ *1
kldse-re. Tbey reptoc* Ul«»*>»"' ""'
*■*, h-Mllky Ita-we-*™**"*"- ""'J
■MuWU* arte e«»d-»o.l >*"~" "
be I .if pare aad rich
Try 0» nUI ao our po.111*-*****"
laal tmoy tauel «•« you •' ""•'T **T
tm t bot-* tot a. y,. Atthtmmmm
■ol-x onuo CO., wiHNirs*. **l
Human Ingenuity will
never devii* a procent
that will mak* con or
oati ni digcttible or *•
notritloui at the whole
wheat, tetrttn tt*am-
"oked, «hr*-id*d and
bakad.    Try   It.
BISCUIT  for  Breakfatt  give,   energy for day'* work.
All Qrocere—lie  - r.,rt»«; a for 26c. Celluloid Starchneeda
no cooking juat
c„]d water and tls
ready. 'Twon't stick,
vet gives a better
gluss, with less iron-
rubbing, than any
starch you know.
In price is little.
Your de-»lor *ei\e it.
Iry It this week,   tn*
I Celluloid
Not   Ready   Yel
11 in tin* Sunday school
■'nn'   restless, uud the
Tu,r, tn divert   them    asi sd   all
to j .1 to Heaven to stand
hole elaas rose eacept one
jou i yuu wanl to i-o i" Heaven
|i aaked the teaehei
iin*  rsapaoae,   ' bul   I
i doesn't »unt me la go
I fhioago Tribune.
Discredits Suicide Stoiy [in I..res Sir
Hector Miicdonald In In China—■
Asserts He Saw Soldiei Whu Was
Believed to Havs Killed Himsell In
Parts—Is Now Organizing Powerful
Chinese  Army.
A gingulai story that lum both as*
imn bed snd amused Bngland und
Bootland was published io Tin* Mnn
.•In** i.*t Sunday Chronicle Iimi week,
It relate* to the lata renowned il
cl i.t . Majoi I .I ii -in Heotoi Mucdun-
'I li.* i" inuil. ii m ill In* rememb. red,
  iiim* oommitted
ciile iii un ol.-"*"** Paris botel, March
"' I eejt not a bom, „, the mansions
,.    "'  pi'iile,
Nothing I Ate
Atgreed With Me.
'_;;■ J'larble hIiUibb out in the pillar*
of   gold,
was reported to liavs oommitted
in an ol. curt;  ** __^_
1909   while en routs from I lejjlon
where he ha.I bean i" command   II"
wiiii .li (taction  in  Afghani
tan, in ih.* Boei uar of i->-i and al*o
r itt   I'.o.i   ll .ii    in   w liicli   he
tl..*   Highland   Brigade,
 figured oon picuouslj   in
the  Bghting against  Arabi  Pasha in
Egypt   anil   Iln*   Mnh'l
tan. ii
in  the 	
nn.l   h*  nl.-
in    tbs    Soii-
Hospital   Treatment   Failed   Dr
llliami'   Pink   Pills   Cured   Him
tii.*    I'teui.-t    aaonj
iin      Lending     |ihy,i
• *d    ninny    medicine
nitii   inihiiti.-fii.t'itv  result      i
,►1  to jr.. to  an  boapital,
I treatment  then- tail, d
1  took    Hr     -A'illiam*'   I'n.i.
i i,    I   am   a   will   uuiii
were spoken  by Clil
I    ii.     when Interviewed  ai
Port   Miiitlaii.t.   N S
a   h-h.'iiiiiui    ami   lm I
|».,*i,  i.'iv  healthy, uuiii some
Sgo      while      li'lnnr   ii
lie   mi>   beiii.l   wnli   ii
n   attack     of     rheiiiniiii
,,wn   word*   he  Hay*-      "I   mi*
Qrand Bank*   In   tl.
jii* IMS   when    I    Un-   it*
rlieumatiam.    I  onl.I  not   wort
e|i.  ami   the   pain    un-    nliu -
M ■        a ■•      Uoaitie     -,
■ I imil lo Ih* landed   and
.1.     1   lay   ill    ii    l'ii|n*   llieli.t
• Iplaa*   an   a    oripplt
doctors  proscribed  *lu
I.nt    ih. i    .inI   not
a..      I    tban  left   the  I,., pltal
• *,   home   w .ih   rheutna
oompletel]   I
he.  nml night  I Buffered
'   IOI   the   tlollhle   -. ■
and I lieeniii" daapondeni
■■.it".I      Then     a
tTJ      "i       William
I  wai skeptieal, l.ui mj
"I    Ihe    |illli.      »o      hlt'lil*
I determined t., in  tbem, with
to.liii       I     am
.nel     have     not     -iin
leven       ti  I,,,    ,,f   that   dreaded
Wlliaina' Pink rill- and
malic *-.iffei.-i
Pink I'ili- "ni".! Hi
tim"   -t.mi.
1  . ni--   .■( hi" crippl
The.   don'l
tmtomi    like    ordinal
••_ Thev  don't    net
Claims He Still Lives.
Tbs publication n   ths Hanchs hn
'"'i'"' «  to il Reel that ■ Fighting
■■e ' as Bil II* ctoi aai I nown In
miliiaiv and Booitish olrclei ia Mill
very mii"ii alive, and it
Imr a powerful iitiny for China.
The in i* t circumstantial • torj bear
mr mi Bit Hectors' alleged lurvival
emanates from Johannesburg Irom a
man who r.-.-.-ntly arrived there Irom
tht Par l.u. t 11. il .I* that he taw
"Fighting Mae" at Nanking china.
hint year, putting hi- aatoni*hin( de-
claration in thc following form
"I   knew   Hector   Maodonald   verv
well, botfa in Egypt and Smith Africa. I wu* iii Nanking in Deoembei
Iuht I hiiw i. battalion ol Cl in •
■oldiars being drilled In European
style on .. .pace In tbe centn of the
"Hv unl feeling i-urI'.iir.. I •
up to whei, thrn tffieera wert stand-
tag (u.e of ih.-in wai Bii Hector
Maodonald He wee claan-ahaven,
Imi otherwise hs had altered verj lit
tie lino* Ua meet*
inir Imn  in   Pretoria
"1  wa" alma I  breathless  with a.--
boot '" speak to
llllll     when    hi-    eve"    tliet    mine II*
turned   rapidl)   round   to   one   of   the.
..thei   officer*    ani    h«i*l   something
quickly in Chinee*
Ordered   (o   Leave   et   Once.
•Th.*   olio*, r    almost  springing   e\
me.  shouted    'Leava  this ground  itj
onee, or w.* will put yu whera your
I    won't  find you  In  s  hnrrj
I   lefl    '
and  I  found thai  the (aet  tha   - >
Hoetoi   MacdonaW  win. in tbal eoun-
(r>   was   believed   by  «  great   many
l.ni.*li h   people "
A*, strengthening   ll '   **
*.* I ..ni that in. inquest wa- Im Id
,   bndj   iiiiIi.   ioi  Mandonal I   but in official nmi
attention    bai
boon | matt.-r    Thi  paperi
j i| ■ irmant, offieia
.   in I.i    uiuu
.    and wuiu
l"0,'«h   the   roof   be
brilliantly oold
™   >;■]   •"'"■    ""i   b*   found
„„/..'<■ lll"ht,*,l   bulla.
ti!;;   '"' a bo»0n> 'll1 Uon8 I and
Wl,:,"ii;;;„, •«*• «.*»«**
''"il,"'":,",,'"  lUl   bre«S l^e
lnd rgn'U -W'theWi no home
"  bom,. i„  ,|l(. beftrt
"    ! "'  ll"1 ""-   mi-it thatfi warmly
" "■ heiehten your pleasure nnd
BOlBOS von,  Bare.
'""    ''«""!   v""   ""'I'   t"»t   as
kind and the |ust,
""' '"'   "" the "nl.* world hold
treasure  ho  rare.
""■". ":" frowns of misfortune mav
-hinlolv  onr  lot,
"'  "'- teardrops  or norma mav jtari
l;,!,"   ,"ir  nevei   dim ihedj a  bnir
I'll  llllll
Who can turn for rapo-jfl to „ home in
tbe heart
Is the  Book of Exodus. According to
a   Learned   Bishop.
Preaching al the Manchester Cathedral, tli" Hi-bop of Manohester (Or.
Knox) took as Ins subject ths Book
of Exodui peaking Brart ..I Its main
••niport, -"* mdlj of it" relation to
th* othei Bool of the Bible, and
thirdly about it" historical import.
II- .lul not fe.-l it any exaggeration to mh thai without tin- Hook of
ih.* New Testament wai dim
snd nlmoi unintelligible, Iui tbs true
oantral Bgure of tin* luti.-r wn- tbs
i.him nl (i.«l laorifioed on Calvary
tablish communion between (i.>d
mankind     That  great  aaeriflcs
.* 'tiii"i".*il   ti"   closely   a.-   possible
tb.   Peaal et tl.e Passover, m-
itituted in Kxudiii. The book wu*
'b" key 1" the rest of the Bible, excepting onlj the Hook of Genesis The
ons great (ruth of all religion, if there
sny truth in religion al all, wnt»
'• " ii"||i mi with tur) Where i*n'H
thai   t'ti'l one  basis of fnet  mi  which
** r...t thai glorious truth'- They
found it in the H**"!*. of Exodus Tboae
,..,,, regarded the Incarnation of 'he
t.ord I i.   -iirre.'tioii a- absolute
feels   and therefore miraculous fact*.
I'M  I  i' Mv   wonder   that   tbey   were
heralded  br Ihe mlraoulou* (act* of
the   Be        'I - ..Ins     The   fact*   1."
*. ii I «-• 1   nol    .niy
'f   l-rael,  bul the  I
Mi-    l.etioiii   Bodenha i.   It K.U.
I , Box 98, Ken."i-ull.*. N.C . writei
'I   suffered    Witb   stomach   trouble
and indigestion for son..* time, and
nothing that I ata agreed with ms
I was eery nervous and experienc .1
a continual feeling of uneasiness and
fear,   i took medicine from tbs doo-
tOI     but   It   did   III.*   lio  good.
"I   found    ne   of    youi    1
books ii description   of   my
torn*.    I  then  wrote to Dr.  Hart
• ■fnlia
mun I
for adviea,    Hu said  I  had  catarrh
o*   the stomach,     I   took   I'eniiia  and
Manalin and followed hi- direction
and can now say that 1 f.-el as well
a-   1   ever did.
"I hope that all who an* uflli.'ti '
with tin* sain.* svuiptnins will take
Peruna, Bt it bas certainly cured
'lli.* above i- only one oi hundreds
wh**  have written  similar  letters  to
lh     Hartiiian.     Just    one    sin-h   i*as*
bi i In- entitles Peruna to the candid
deration of everj   on* similarly
afflicted    If thla be true ol th<  I
ini.nv of om* person  whal  ought  to
le*  the  testimony    of    hundreds,  yes
thouaanda, of honest, Bineere i pie
We   have  in   our   files   ii   neat   many
ithei  testimonials.
I*   I*   Best to   Examine Clothes  Going
to Wash.
Accumulations IK pockets abould be
ifi | looked for.   Tobacco allowed to reuifltn
'ft | ln a mun'* wulxtroat pocket may cause
■ fl  a stain In the proc.tis of washing wlil.li
Irretrievably damages tbe waistcoat.
All pins should he carefully removed
before clothes ure sent to the laundry.
Failure to do this muy quite easily
bring ubout blood poisoning, from
whieh fniui conseqoenccs ure not lu-
Hooks sboiild nlivays be rust proof,
or the blouse or otber article upou
whieh (In-y ure seived ls ,|Uitc likely to
be spoiled.
Mnny delicately tinted nnd daintily
trimmed blouses, usually sent to a
cleaner, can be laundered to perfection, imi ii behoove* iln* customer to
nnileisliiiiil thut in sueli eases the iron-
em who take this dillleiilt and te.lli.us
,'iti. in iiiniii require proper compensation
If Ktalns iiiused by tea and coffee,
wine. el... ure lo he removed, It is always host to mention ihis fart In tbe
h.Hik. for in, self respecting laundry
uses chemical* unless specially usked
In do sii.    Tbe needful process Will lie
undertaken al tbe customer's own risk
Luce curtnlus might never lo he kept
up till  very illrty.    If sent  after long
exposure to strong annllgbt, it Is quite
likely   (bat   (bey   will   almost   fall   to
pieces when stanlied.
Nor Blinukl needful mending lie for-
Kntten. for it Is Inconsiderate to send a
tuttered  mirment  to tbe  laundry  und
Refreshing Stimulant
 QREEN TEA ^^mmmm——
Perfect Luxury to Japan Tea Drinkers*
Packets    Only,     40c,   60c,   *nd     80c     Per     Lb.     At     All     Grocers
Not Ready Yet
The children m tbe Sunday school
elusr- were getting restless, and Un*
teacher, to divert tbem, asked ail
wim wi lu-il to go to Heaven to itand
up,   The whole c except one
illli.*  boy.
"Don'l j "u want to go to Heaven,
my lm!.   boj      ;i Iced tbe teacher.
Y"-       was   the 	
In"., mother doesn't  want me to go
st."   i 'hicago 'I'i il.iiii"
Kaiser   Abolishes   Checkreins
In    IMS   lli"   use   of   tl Iieckrein
was   prohibited  in   the  German  am*
perori  itablei and aliuo.-t simultaneously with 'ins prohibition the new
police regulations of the city of Hei-
"t nnn'  public  cabs   .nine  into
effect      toeording   to   tin*   provisions
of tb.*-.* regulations, th.* use of blink-
"~. ~r~. -~n"".' .   ers in of the checkreta on imblic cab
response,     hut   I   , ,  ,   ,     ,    ;,
^^^^^^" liorses  was pui|iilnt.*'l.    In tin
..I   Berlin one now    seldn
cheokrein  or blinker
<*"|.t   on
Ioni     sees    u
^^^^^^^^     on   horses,   ex-
n  few   belonging to private
At tl..*  Yarmouth   VM r.l   Hoys'
ramp, beld ni Tuaket i'nlls iii An*.'
ust. I found MIMABD'8 LINIMENT
most beneficial for sunburn, an Immediate relief lor oolic and toothache
Gen.-nil Secretary
Ask  for   Minard's  and  Tak*  no  Other
I;, tot*,* tin* Norman oonQuect Win
chi ter, not London, was the capital
..f Bngland.
-.nli .mi. thing   I,
*  w.*ll   thev actually mi-ii*
In   thai    wa.
blood i|i-ea->
baa mei I'Hci
itica neuralgia
• - ei i
nn- peakahly   w hi •
I     refill.!'*'
l,-tlirl,...l In       \l
-    l*.ll«   are     BoM     1
' -'      U illiam*
Brockville, Onl
ne to i 'iin ,
*    and   wi,
• bahai 1**1 ull the tim*
11,     when     hi-    inn '
if he -eiiubl li) RM
*"- wu- speecblesi with
Li   . matter
t '• Hol.t
■ n»"
)*OU       like
W.       answered
curry   oon     w
hesitation   is   saying
i»   Keilogg-i   in .
«ltb"Ut    douhl        ,|„.
'    "'""'" I   foi   dysen-
'*«   cholera and
^^^^lll  sum
f-es    relief     and
Ii. v.
^^^^^    Moth
. ■»  witl t   a   bottl.
'"Idren an*  bi-thiug
l. '   »   positive   rut.
Phnul.1 never t
«"|"    liilkinj*     logethei
'"       "f       Ho.kelellel
"I-     "ne of them aald
HI.HIS    HI,',.III"    of    lh,
VOU    know    that    whelievet
i ting t,   a grand.
room     i "
ll    thou ami
u   r}"?k.     '"     ll
/'   "i'll-i   mak.
..  Iae( "
top   the   clock
**l Cherryr Peworal Is a
™*t couch medicine, a
°"« medlclae, a doctor's
d|c-oe. Good for easy
«w», hard coufhs, desper-
* couihs. If y0ur doctor
oorsei it f0r y0ur case, take
Passes   Night    In   Casual     Ward
Workhouse   As   *   T%st.
A    11     1.""    Ill"  nielli!-*!   of   lie    -
don. I.nc . hand of gaardiana, who.
. .     : it>.   night
m a .   wurd. bu.- related Ins
experiences    Ml    I.**-*  is  saoftaq   ol
il,,   i""iil brand    if tb,   >,,.*iui Demo-
i    and  kaid   that   hm
: a oonaul-
.  aiui built-
.  tal ward wen* not all
iiiiii the) ihould   -
In '*   1   the  conditions   lot
: as a bone-fid* work-
I ilt.iiic Irom town i*i
in   s-ine! maul    II •
* plaint t<- main
tnaiii. ; tion  and  ski,I the
h>..d which wa.- civ.*. *.. him was
wb..l"soin.. an,i Mrved in n cleanly
manner, but be did not think il suili*
cieni t,r a healthy man
Vr !.<•«• wa.- not so eulogistic ci.till-  the  ell   arrangement!   Th*
bedding and heating, ba remaikel,
left n cihmI deal to be desired    11.   •■
1   only   two  blankets    one   to  lion   and   one   as   a   rnverinr    The   ceil
was bi ii   meant ada^aataly warmed.
and if lieHtmr arrangamaota wan tu-
bettor  on  s  bittorly  aald  night the
tlentll.ent    would    1»*    III,*  t    erUOl
Mi    Ij-.. also thought that ll.e tnth-
ittr  arrangamanl    war*   nan  t"  lm*
pporemanl It »i< not richt I,. '
that thne man n.   ■ • *  with
f  and   two others)  ghould   hav,*
to bath* In one lal of wni.*. R< '
Intended h ita; kl Ih* bona* daring
Siuidiiv    and to l.nve performed the
usual   task   00   Mondu\   inorninr.   but
owing   lo   -'. "»di"!   ■ tut.*   "f     the
tianip   ward.,   he   wae  diaohargl  I
Three   Years'   Dry   Spell.
A three-year'* drought settled upou
H mm... .|._.U"s oi,  May   l.-t
Hi..-  in,oi illation  doe.-  not eii.ain.l.
Hum mr uietoorolufioaJ oflio* and win
imt   Im  sioetluled   aim Hi'  the     pi   :...
.i i, protangad   drj     pi ..
Ulg    tt    illlge    Ulea    ol       I Intui i.    -
,     ..ii.-,   I*   IleVellhel"       .:.• i .-.o
it s aii lil wmd. however, tbut blows
good   uml  Uie Bun."  predio-
wiib it Uie aaanranoa tbat
•    i these und di-t. "i- nUl
;   haadeohei uini ths
ban ' •!• i-i,.i..i plained  ibe  pbeno
ill     III"     1,  1-1       s.-Iil. In, . in
Ma> i • -;i bar-rooms iiium doa* tbaii
bul   a   small   pinporti
■   .Ma.   1 >a>.-  hai.   I .   ight
| ■ .ii. fm  -i.i*
Unit   a-   u   result   of
laigiiing  there  are.  all  toi*
.1       |l .'ities   in  the  pi.'.
■ result ol '!••■ v .tins "I. i", ui "i'ii'law- in January, license pnvi
were   "ut   off   in   the   following
in I township* on Mnv
I      Arran,      Asphodel,
I'lamiili"   '
Dyiuond, Fullarton, Bouth
•    Weal    Gwilllra-
•ii : Huntley,
.1 . *.■'• ■      V(
Marasa   *Mi
'.-. *at N Soutl
lata,   •oriliia    •Port
Portland. Biol inoiid.
- mil    Sherbrook"    sit    ,1,.-
.v   T.-eninseth. *T water,
p >. Walaingham, •Water-
; ■ i   *\\.  • •    "Winchester
I'oi,*.- .."i*k.*d •   are  looorporatod
lowni ..r village*
Energy the  Motive  Power
Tlie longei I In*.* the more deeply
am I convinced that that which
makes the difference between one
man and anothei between the weak
ami powerful, tin* great and ni-ii'iiiti-
•niit i- energ}. invincible detei
tniiiiitioit a t.nrtio... once formed,
and then death oi victory Thii quality will do anything thai i- to be
done in the world, and no two-legged
"."liini,* can beoome e man witnoul
n    Buxton
el|iect lt to be returned In no worse
One of the sorter's principal duties Is
to uote wltb u line of colored cotton
every teur an,I hole, hut after it little
thought lt la ol.violin thnt tbis task    an
only Ik» suiierlieliilly ranted out In the ^^^^^^^^^^-^^^B.~"" **"-*•""•
press of husiiii-ss. It follows, there- | u'l'° do >'"" imagine will look ufter
fore, tbut a vast nmount of mending Is    themr
If  you   nerlect    your    own   affairs
undertaken at the laiilulri which In
reality should lie done ut home. und.
however ngn'i-nble a method this mny
prove to customers. It makes the laliors
of the laundry mending unduly onerous.
Provide your own hamiier. which
will lusure Its exclusive use. ani If II
ll  scrubbed  now and  strain
Tbe Demon, Dyspepals In olden
times n waa a popular belief thai
demoni moved invfaiblj through the
ambient air, seeking to enter into
men und trouble tbem At tbe present day tlie demon, dyspepsia, i- al
large in the same way. .-,-ekiiic habitation  in  tin.se  who  by  oarw
limne I unwise  living  invite, him.    And  ono*
with water absolute cleanliness will l-e ' b'*, enter*- a  man   tTi difficult  I     •
Mwav-   a   Good    Kiii'iid    In   health
and     bappil    we   need   no   Ineml.-.
but when pain and pn.-liiilioii Dome
we look fm friendly ani from sympathetic bniid- The-e bands can
serve ui no better than in rubbing
li Th..nm-' i.. leetric ml. foi
when the "il i- in tb" pain is out
Il   ba-  brought    relief  to  thou
A Useful Contrivance Easily Made by
the Amateur.
Tbis little bolder ls ornamental as
well us useful uud Is quite easily made
by tbe amateur Vuu require a Frame,
und very pussi* ly there muy lie one
lying about so eivbere wliieb is not
required for n picture, wbi.li wouii
do admirably for the purpose If uot.
simple and pretty frame* can lie lioiiglil
for u trilling sum.
Take tlie woodeu panel wbleb lit< at
the buck of the frame.   If yon l.u\e to
lodge Inm     He tbal find- himsell io
poasesaed -hould know thai a valiant
friend   I,, do  battle lor   bim   with  the
unseen  (•»■  Is   Parmelee'i   Vegetable
I'ili-.  winch  are evei   t"i.*l>   fm  the
In   Nature*    Storehouse   Tliere   Are
Cures Medical   experiments   have
shown   Conclusively     tbut     there   are
medicinal  virtue*   m   even ordinary
plants growing np uiound us which
them a value that .-iiiiii.it be es-
Umated. It i.- held by some that
Nature providai ii cure for every dis-
which neglect and ignorance
huve riaited upon man. However
that may be, it ii well known thai
Parmelee'i Vegetable Pilla, distilled
from rool- and herbs, ure a sovereign
remedy in curing all disorders of the
Kugland  i- facing  a  railway strike,
ai  the   men demand   recognition  of
their   union.
Minard's   Liniment,    Lumberman'*
The   peasants   Of    tbe   Iternsk    dis-
■ •! K11--111 are in revolt and have
disarmed tl*.* local soldiery.
Keep Minard's  Liniment in the House
I'm   sun*,*   to   -■••   you
1    looking  umbrella as
who    without
1!    would   l.e   indeed
A  way
Town Sold At Auction.
The   viliugc   ol   Wilkinson,   in     tbe
1 pan ,,| Button, Muss . wae sold
ul  puli.ic nu, Imn recently. Hit*
: tin- moal Important
manufacturing villages un tbe lilach-
ttloiit-   Kiver,   but   ul   lute   leats     (lit*
tui.-iii" - i,a- gradually dwindled   Bali   iin* nulls, winch, whan iu opera
tion, had Nl Looma uml produced a
weekly    iiv.iage   ol     i!.l«»i     piae**    of
print cloth, (he estaw eonaiatod of
nineteen houeae and forty-two lane*
menu, a iter*, ball   and   boarding-
Iioiisi*    Iln- coil..11  mill lint  U-cii  idle
i-'.'T   The  principal part of the
nl "I tin  mniii mil,,
-mallei  mills. lout lion-..-, twent,.   [OUI
i.s   of   land   and   Uie   wntei   light*.
  leulel   III  second band machinery
Quick   Coder
to mime quick coital alwavs
I*   to   hsve   it   on   band   leielv
tor   heating     It   lakes   sin    hours     to
111.1k" it in this way la lh* first plao*,,
but  it  remain- treat] nml lull et flavor    **a» sold for U'.r±. to a
till the lll-t is inul 1'se the USIial
recipe foi drip ""floe. OM tllhle-P's'll-
fui   ,*'  fine i-,,ftee for e.."b cup o| wa-
•wr    I'lll  all  the  OOBoe  in  at   •■  and
nn 1.in.* tin water, which must be
sold   Pont the water 0.1 hall n cupful
ni n ilm.* snd let it paroolate thi h
Wlici! rea.h bottle and cok tighth
Heat Imt •(" m.i boil, as it is need
ed      New    foill   I'net
bn the fourth time in three years;
tbe  North   * bound  train  111
Montana has been beld up
We offer One Hundred pollers Reward
for anv caee of ratarrti that cannot  b*
cured by  Hall ► Catarrh Our*.
T.i CHENEY A  CO..  Toledo. O.
We. the undervlgned. have known F. J.
Cheney for the lost IS year*, and believe
him   perfectly   honorcl.l*  In   all   buelnesa
(raneartlnns. and financially able to carry
3U( any obllaatlone made by hta arm.
Welding. Klnnan A Mnrvin.
Wholeeale Pruagteta. Toledo. O.
H»H'e Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and tnuo-
ou.   eurfn*-ee  ot  (be   eystem.    Teetlmon-
ir.tr  eent  ftee       Price.   71c.     per    bottl*.
Bold  bv all  DniglOete
Take Hall e Family Pills far Conatlpattoa
If you happen lo haw n sincb on'
ng 11 1- a vi■• led ugbt, if any-
1    it it  is a special  privilege, slid iini.t unfair
Mmard'f Liniment Used by Physicians
He.*iui-,'   Ih*   |Ti",    of   iiiinlier   ba-
guni* up, 11 North I'nkotu hotel man
bas increased the puce ..( i
". .: I     II11.11
carry -ud.
"Why so. deal boj '■ 1 think it's
:i p< ul in 11 >- i.m* i.n.. and a credil to
anv imiii'- taste."
"So  it   ]-,  old   man:  so  it   1-      I'm
ivine 1:  beoause
11  look-  exa itly  lik,- one  I  used tc
carry   and   have   1" ■(   track
boa      • ■ Tribune
Ol    -nm.
sll herd, lull ur ratlinmed lutujis still M.'tiiintt-.
fn.ni Imr*,,- l.im.ii .icon., '*urln. ni.litiln.
ringbone,   •»-■■ 1*1*   and
.«..li, 11 Ihfnal    eB-agha   mr   Sere l.'iil  by  use
...litis    W*_*aM-l   tlie   ni.11   wondsrful
BIi.|iii.1i   Cun*  en-er  kn,....
Floor wa- iiilviii.ced 10 cents a suck
throughout  \\> (tain Canada.
wvniri   fouphici s
L 1 wi' t 1. n .
win rvi ipeo
1- iii.i.   anything   more   annoying
thnn having your corn stepped upon- I- there anything more delightful than gatting rid ol it? Hollo-
wav'i Corn Cm* will do it.
and 1 nvinced
Try  it
Whenevei   little Jobnni   fell  down
blimp* head, or had the smallest
s.'it of  mishap be  would  ety.    One
dav bis inoibet wai passing the win-
I, u   iiml   -aw   him   fall   "ii   the   pave-
.1 • ni       He   got    up    and   rubbed   bis
fn.*.*.   bul   didn't   cry      An   hour  later
1" in and .-li" -in*!
Why.  Johnny,    you    fell    down,
didn't   *
"Tea, I *Iid "
"Uidii't  it hurt yon?"
\.- -
U all,  why didn't  yon cry:"
nny,  beginning  to  sob        I*
"There wasn't anybody to ety  - ■'
11.11.1-Iill  WHEN  tIMslII.Ii
^ Colic
Itch, Mange, P-sirie Scratches arid
every lorm ol contagious Itch on hu
man or animals cured In 30 minutet
bv  Woliord's Sanitary Lotion.
The   philanthropic   Fifth    avenue
lu.lv was visiting a lower Baal  End
I '    lh"    llptlie-s       of       a
partieulai Indigent chiater ol   pupils
-lie   took   the   elas- in   haml   to   ,pie-
tion ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"(•liiidi.n.  Whioh I-  tin- gieat.st  of    uud   fasten  lliem  (ogethcr  w liere thei
all   vi rt cross by a stitch of llrm silk
\ - on* answered Now siip tin* panel lata tha frame
"Think   11   little      What   1     it   I   um    „,„i   fasten   lu   the  sume   win   uh   i.iii
doing   when   I   gave     up     lime   ami
get one. cut one of tbe eiuc( -.'.* n*
failing this, use stiff curdboanl     .'o.ei
tins wiiii wadding cut tin* exact <ir."
of the wii.nl anil lay it ti|«.n it   BMW
lug it witii 11 ioii"ii of gum ban and
Ihere to prevent its sllppiUC
Next cbuose u pretty piwe of liro.ul,
er silk anil lay tbi* over Iln* w.i,I line
Axing It In the same way Set it to
dry under a pile of books.
Now lay some strips of flrtn ribbon
or hruid across the panel to hoi I ihe
letter! or tarda, arranging (hem 11. in
(lie  skedh  or   111  uuy   oilier  win    1 oil
prefer. This is not un Unportanl de
tall. Curry the cuds of the stni|is ever
tu the wrong side and secure tliein lure
—snd sll  stomach
and bowel duorJeri.
Makes puny babies
plum;- snd roey.   Ploeed
by 50 vein' succettlul
use.    Ai» your diuggui
^^^^^^    tori-
Nurses' a*a Mothers" Treasure
—25c-6 bonk »I.:S
Dras A Cheemol Co . "  '1 if
The Honest Physician ta Anxious
to Cure and Uses thc Best
Available Remadlea.
An Infallible Cure
For  ftpralsu.   Rinflx>r)-r,   ftp.int.   t'nrh.
Rirrraer.   I^tneneM -sod  fia<ft   Btmcfa-rt,
fCendail's Spavin Cur* hu no«qi_.L
MotTTKIl^L. f y    ftept. ti. 'oft
"I hltvf fhe care cf ■ num'-et nf tiorae*
■ _d  Imt«   oatd  rtnir   remedies.  whKh
elmmytyfyirrHnttUibie 'i    BotUi+rt**"***-
Be pre [tare.-1, --keep Kendall'* alwVfl la
Che aubie     Our Ux>k    'TiesUae a* tbe
Bora* " frae from dealrn or
"oi.doB'ttakelt.  Never
^°ntr«ry to hia advice.
•• eusius o
Wa baala-a aleohal
freta uur m-Mllriaaa
PfQ       Wi lift yn I
\a* w O        **V_1'.' 90ur
Relics  of  Crime
JSro ItttaraaUni ailditions hnve lust
IsHMl    lllllde tO the tr.'lJllei-   |*lllhere,l   by
ih,. London polio* in the erin "Black
Museum"   iit   Bootland   Yard.
Tin*   int** 1  exhibit,  whieh  arrived
1 ntl>. t- lh* -mull tn"' 0 .••«-I
M • ooutalnltifl tw.> lum.. ,ii poal.
whieh led io ih,* le.vt.t conviction .-f
I,,,.,I    \V illinui    Neviil   eu   the   eliiuui*
of it.'iinud 1 nr 11 pawnbroker
(in 11 bench, [acini lh* door, ainoni
nn inni..11 nf iniiiibiert.' weapon*, t>
th.* ..thei addition th* revolvei with
arhicli Horao. Qaorf* Kuin,-. tnurdai
I'd    U lllllllll    lllnUle*,
A Use For His Hat.
\ funiii Incident ..f u drawini ri„.in
in,*, tiny wn   1, r, ntii noticed   \ |tav*
looking (.••■ntle.umi. with hii iiiiii-uiilly
lull  hut    inUred,  nnd   M'i'lli*.*  n.i  niek
111 ihe hull, plaaad hia bnt an the
fli.ni juat behind the duoi Prettj -,»iii
anothei   frav*  mnn  entered   aith  a
Inn-,    drippiai iiiubrella. slid. peermtJ
anaiouali   t..i   the  usual   raoiptaele,
su»   11.  (he kIix.iii  the   bill   le-Illil.- mi
tbe (l.i.ir Hi- ijraaighl wai probabl|
poor, I.-, be miitook it h.r mm ol the
new umbrella bolder*., uml in it be
deposited hi- dripping umbrella This
».u> hii exempli lof Inaae who tallow-
ad,  uml  in  11  - Iii.it  tune  the lOlamn
looking bnt wi tannehly holding a
dotel ■• 11I.1 .-Ilit- At tl* .*nl ,( |l*«
meeting Ui* watei In lh* hut was an
inch   in  depth     I "mind  Tit Hits
Nevei  undertake to stent anything
frnni   Ibe  •"'■
■lx'ihimey a* P"l, '• •«•». on»r
•hiriha!' V • ""•• X***M* do,€,
i,on "'n<;«hartlcdo*e*.   For con-
"nt, 2\MU' 'WW*: "ck-
lontn'n,. r c""ne* he excelled.
,'.«' doctor .b,u, ,hj,.
Lady Minto as a Tiler Shot
Lady  Hints .md  ber daughter* «r*
reiliarkiibl.    lot   the   seat    will,    whieh
thej   throe   th.im.elve* into nny  i>|».rl
tbat   offeif        While   in   ('ami.In   (he.
rained   th(    .••|.utnli.>li     ot   Im*iiu-   (hi*
is'st nml moil (.-rHrtdul women sknter*.
n. and  in   India
Bhoolmr sl
Knlnl.Hii 11 les  week* ago Lad} Mint..
killed    a    particularly     flue     animal.
whilt   Ladj K.b-en  KUiot aaaonnlN
 ^        -   , .  mm nhie,,   Ior  •  cub  and   a   full-grown   tijer   10
crickets hare a tendency to chin"   J^ ^^ of (>u# ^.1. §porl
Phonographic Watch**.
Tlie  llrat   |.li.uiii|;ra|itile   watch   was
made In   Purls  ln  ISI'7     It wns  Isiye
and   benvy    hut   wss   n-Kiirdist   as   s
gli'iit ilirliit-lll Ill'Veilheless    NoWthOU
ever. wnlcbiM thai *p«*»k the hour* In    ,"'"' """   ■"
place of chiming, them »re not at all     IUnB"  '""   ,ZmL,zL~j —___-.--
they   hme   eslublHihed   lometbinir
iiiu-oiiitiion. „  „., 1  ,u, tig,.,  ,hote     «-—"--
Criok-rt*.    ^^^^^^
Aciunlliig to * Kurernmcnt imlnrul
|,ien-uie t.i aoma down among yee
f,,l   yi,ut   in   *       .
\ grimy ti-i went np.
Well, whal   nm    1   doing, llttl*
"Buttin* in "   1 lie,
Opium baunti   In   Foochow hav<
h.-eii clowd by lh* Chinaae author!*
ivould a picture I'usli- sunn* hruwn nr
fumy paper on the buck iu u.ske nei.i
ii-i.l lie 11 limp of rttilHUi tlinntirh III,
ring! 111 the hiiek tu hum: II hy. an.l (In
post can! bolder Is complete.
synchn.iinusly. or ln time, with ench
Other, It la aald by thla naturalist thnt
they rhtrp mor* rapMly te w*rm than
to cold weather.
Heal   MMtasty.
"Wa* your mairiage a tailai*/"
"ma. bui m** wila'a mtm~"
A Dorse with a
Strained Shoulder
is sound aa * dollar In 14 bout*
after you rub tlie lore sput with
Felluwi' Learning*! ICsaence.
It give* insUnt relief in all
cases of Strains, llruises and
Swelling* — draws the pain
li)ibt out — »trein:tlien» th*
weak bu. k, sbuuldcr or knee.
Whether ycu have one hon*
or twentr, a. rldcnts are liable
to happen any time. Keep a
bottle uf
handy so you can have it wben
50c. a bottle.    At dealer*.
For T.red  Back.
liixline  et   11   eliinr  fuel*  diiwiiwnnl
the   ii|.|..r purl of  the  legs nnd   lea...
portion of fin* itmnarh resting on tbe
1 ilnilr. With the urius stretched oul ill
[ front nml the limbs held closely ta
gether III back, rsise urms 11 ml legs 11-
hlgb ns yuu enu. bowing the hitler a*
much ns pie.sil,|e Hold this position
for n moment, then touch the flour
with the lunula und feet unit lifter rest
lug n moment re-peat exercise until
11 red
Tills one Is bencflclnl fur strengthen
lug tin* .sinnll uf (he buck ntn! blp*. '■■ 1
iiiiiui women foiiipliiin el lire* back*
,*s|h*.hilly when (hey hnve Im-c.i on
(heir  fei*(   n  gii-nl   ilenl     Tins 1 •>
win relieve tin* attendant pals dial i
sometime*,   accompanied   by   a   dull
pressure.   .*.«   though   this   pari   of   tb*
uiiiitoiuy had Isvii uu a strtiln.
The blacksmith'* bellow* Is attrih
uted tu Auacliursls, tlie Seytblau wbu
ll snld also tu hnve beeu the luveutur
uf the potter's wheel, of ship nn, hois
aud other pieces of inechiiuisiii un.l
the discoverer uf the viilunble proiKT
tie* of tinder.
Von Bulow.
Von   Bulow,  tbe great plnnlit, once
sgld. "If 1  miss practicing out- day, I
know   It;   (wo  day*,  aud  (ny  frleud*
know It; three daya, and uiy
know It".
Th*   propoesd    legislation    _rough
th* Dominfon Parliament for th* regulation   of th*  manufacture and   aai*
of patent or proprietary  medicine* i*
of the  utmoct important)*, and  it  ia
receiving  a great  deal   of attention,
not only by th* proprietary medicine
manufacturers, but alao by th* leading
doctor* and  druggist*,     fcvery maca-
faoturar   of    reliable   and    high da**
remedies welcome* th*  bill a*  a step
ia th* right  direction. Th* di*cua*ioa
ha* brought out th* fact that tba hmt
physicians in Canada and oa tbe continent   approve of and  prescribe  Psychine   in   casus   of   tb*   moat   difficult
character.     In   a   recent    instance   of
eery aerioui   throat aad   lung   trouble
tb* patient had been using Piycbin*.
Two  leading  United  -State* specialist*
were   oonsuited,    in   addition   to   two
eminent   Canadian  physicians      I'poa
learning   what tb* patient wa*  using,
a *ampT* of   Psychin*   wa* taken ana
analysed,    with   th*   reault    that  Um
physicians    ad-rued    ite    oontinuano*.
Th*y pr-Mcrib-sd oo other medicine but
Piychlna, with tb* result that th* patient   ba*   fully   recovered   and   1*  a
splendid   walking   and   talking  adr-ar-
tlsement   for   th*   wonderful    ourativ*
pow*r  of   a   remedy   that   Will   "stand
up"    befor*   th*   keenest   prof***ioaal
criticism   aad  analysis      A* •  builder
ap of th* (Titeoi  and   restorer of  aB
wasted   is.mliiinns,   Psychin*   baa a*
•anal, and the b**t and most aaraait
physicians recognise thi* fact.
" At tbe age o( a mr lunp w-are tn a UnMa
staU. I had la Irtppe lbs year belnr* ; l« HIUll
on my lungs ano I sepi steedll/ amwing wosas
till I lot down so low I was lu bed foe ws weeea
lhal". st 	
coneultaUofi e( docftis, an* they
oould do ni'ittlng uore lor me    Tbea I started 10
nse Psychine Ttook the medicine lor more 0_s
• rear. Il oertaloly did wonder* lor me. t am
■ow ss stron* aa I waa before m. dcanaaa"
naa a. tore,
Morpeth. 0*t
Psychin*. pronounced 6l-k*«a, isth*
greatest of tonios, building up th* tyt-
tem, increasing tb* appetite, purify-
ipg tb* blood, aids digestion, and act*
wirootly upon th* throat and lung*,
giving ton* and vigor to th* entire
system (At all druggist*, SOc and 11,
or Pr. T. A._ Slocum, f,imited, 179
Kine Street Weat, Toronto.
A Surprise ii Biscuits
Every box ot Mooney's Pcrfet(ion
Crc-un Sodas yuu open - you will
find s new delighl ia these dainty
When you want to surprise yourself,
give your sppciuc a treat witb
Perfection Cream Sodas
oan I ever do my work
whan tut rauacl-M ara all
wmmmm mm wmtm
Rubbod on  Briskly
wffl earner* tha leHanimatlnn, limbec v* «hs
moaeles, sad inslla r<m good ss new
W.    N.    U.    No
I* Prlaeed al Trout Lag* ('Ity, ana Published
>t rerguaon and Trout Lake everv Thursday
Tne Idltor d**s not hold himsell responsible forth* opinions of oorrespuadenis oppressed lu IU oolumns
All loMls will b* charged at the rate nMS
santa per Una. flrst Insertion, and lOceuispe.
line each subsequent Insertion.
Tins for Transient and other advertising
be mads known on application at omc
• rlptlon 1*1.0(1 a ymi*. in advance.
Rilr*r T8 centi
Go Id,Lead, Copper tl each
Gn Id-Silver *1 5tb
Silvir-Lead *1 50
fine »2-00
Gold-Silver, with Lead or
Copper 12 50
Charge* fur other metaii on application
Samplei arriving by express  or  mail
racaiva prompt attention. P.O. Drawer
(Late ol Ferguson Mines,   Ltd.)
Assays of ill ores. Terms moderate.
Box  483,    KASLO.   B.C.
Contracts   Entered Into for Packing of Mining Suoplles  Etc
to any Point in the District.
.   Any Work
S.   DANEY,  PrOp.      §     Undertaken
■        IS   Guaranteed
FERGUSON. (JJ Satisfactory.
RCVCL.3TOKC.  m.  C.
boat Wines, Liquors and Clgitt.
Rates fl a day.
J.A.STONE   -   - Prop.
Revelstoke, BC
Kirst-class aecomnuHlation for travellers
Rates $i and $1*50 par day
Bar well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Large Comfortable Rooms.   Excellent Cuiiin* and Attendance.
District of Weet Kbotemiy.
Take notice lhat Arthur Gowing and Benjamin F. Reamy, of
Trout Lake and Popliir, B. C. respectively, Logger and Prospector
respectively, intend to apply for a
apecial timber licence over the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about-J of a mile from Gerrard.
and about j a mile from North-
East aide of Trout Lake, marked
"A. Gowing and 13. F. Reamy's
South East corner post" Ihenee
north 160 chains; thence west 40
chains; thence south 160 chains;
thence east 40chains to point ot
July 17th. 1907.
Arthur Gowing
Benjamin F, Reamy
By his Agent, A. Gowing.
Dlgerict of West Kootenay.
Take notice lhat B. F. Reamy. tl
Poplar Creek. B. C, intends to
apply for a special timber license
over tbe following described lands
No. 1. Commencing nt a post
planted on thc wust bank of Rns-
tv Creek, aboul 3 miles south of
Lardo River, theuce weat 160
chains; thence north 40 chains;
thenee east 160 chains; thence
south 40 chains to point of com-
mencement and containing 640
acres more or less.
June 19ih. 1907.       B. F, Reamy
No. 2. CommcIlcjng a(. a p0st
p'anted on the went bank of Rus
ty Creo'j.and abjiit 3 mile-"'south
of the Lardo River, tlience west
160 chains; thence eouth 40
coains; thenco eaat 160 chains;
thence north 40 chains to point of
commencement and containing
640 acres more or legs.
June 19th. 1907.       B. F. Reamy
No. 3. Commencing at a post
planted on the west bank of Rusty Creek, ahout 3 miles south of
the Lardo Riier, thence east 160
chains; thence north 40 chains;
thencc west 1GC hains thence vouth
40 chains to point of commencement, and containing 640 acres
more or less.
June 19th! 1906. B. F. Reamy
No. 4. Commeocing at a post
planted on the west bunk of Rns
ty Creek, and about 3 mi'es -south
of Ihe Lardo River, (hence east 80
chains; thence aouth SO chain*]
thei.ee west 80 chains; Ihcnce nor
th 80 chains lo point of eomnienc-
ment and containing 640 acres
more or lefs
June 19th. 1907.     li. F. Reamy
Excellent   Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   a
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
Best Hotel in Town,
Beaiiprters for Mini and Commercial Hei
!£. A.   Haggen,'
B. C.
Stock Share and Insurance Broker.
Real Estate, Ii snrancc an.l
General Commission Agent
Sole Representative lor
[Non-Tariff Insurance Himinoss in l
Trout i-ake Ferguson Mealon
an.l Camborne-
District of Weat  Kootenav.
Central Hotel
First Claaa tn every reaped. All modern conveniences.
Large Sample Rooms.
Ratea $1  50 per Day- Special Weekly Rate*
Ubc Ibotel Beaton
      BEATON,  B.C. '
YIS1TOKH arming hbmiod itnainreanoiii   „l  ..:, ,,,,
via Arrowhead, will find tin* Hotel to In r„nv<!,,
lor liiyli-rla**" trade,    I'.xc.lli'iil no*...hn,,  ,
oMlnted and ipaolouadlnlna hall.   The ben ,. ,.
ail Clgara.   l'*r*on* lupwvlslon m given tu tlm
patronir Visitors to tba iVdeau ran rely on com fori '.„ ,
W. BOYD -:-
(Trout Xafee
Supply <3o.
By using Water supplied by tho
Company you are aseured of absolute purity. Government Analysis
to back up statements. :::::::
Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
Take notice that Jas. W. Living
ston, of Ferguson, Prospector, intends to apply for a special timber licence over the following defended Ian.Ik
Commencing at a post planted
on north bank of Lardeau Creek,
about a quarter of a mile eaet of
5 mile mill and marked ''J, W.
Livingston's [North Weat corner
post" tbence south 80 chains;
thenee east 80 chains; thence north 80 chains, thence west 80
ehains lo point ni commencement
aod containing 640 acres more or
July Sth. 1907. J. W. Livingston.
Trout  Lake   City Trgnsfer
and Stage Liuo.
Trout Lake
' Drily Stage will |
leave Perfutog f
7 tn.
Trout Lckeatfl
r- ;-
In connection.
Andrew M.  Craig.
NO. 41
I. O.O.F.
O. JaeubMu. .-< a.
li' lil.'hi llieell.lg. Il.-lil III
O.l.lfclluw'n   llmi   every
1'uu.lur nielli ul   S
O'.-l,.rk .'lulllni;    1,1   ,!h.
• r-i ,*.,iij|nlly w»ji*oiii«
P. M. 8li.iiht.rd, Htv.
Hun-inter. Notary I'.i!.li.* Etc.,
Fa-viesoN. Kkvii.btokk, 11, 0<
\otice is hereby given that 6
days after date I intend to spply
to the Hnn. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a speciiil license to cut andcarrv away limber from the following described
lands situate iu West Kootenay.
Nj. 1. Unn-neiioing ata post
planted about 2 miles south of A.
McUormicks pre-emption on-Salmon Cr.ck, marked "No. 1. John
Crolts South west comer," thence
cast SO chains; tlience north 80
chains; thence west 80 chains;
thence south   80  chains to  poin
on.men cement.
Located June 29 th.1907.
John Croft,   Locator,
No. 2. Commencing at u post
planted nbobt 2 miles south of a.
MoCorniicVH pre-emption on Salmon Creel:, marked "No. 2. John
Croft's So.ith eiiHt corner post,"
thence west 80 chains; tlienco
north 80 chains; thence east 80
chains; thencc south 8U chains to
point of commencement.
Located June 29th   1907.
John Croft, Locator.
No. 3. Commencing at a post
planted about 1 mile west of Nn. 2
marked A McCnrmiek's No. .'i.
South east comer" thence west 80
chnins; tlience north 80 chums;
thence oust 80 chains; thence south 80 chains to point of e.oinmenc-
Locnted June 29th   1907.
Take notice that B. F. Reamy,
of Poplar Creek, li. C, Prospector, intends to apply for a special
timber license over lhe following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
on the north side of I'oplar Creek,
about 200 feet from the creek and
about 1 mile above tbe first sooth
fork of Poplar Creek, thenco west
80 chains; thence south 80 chains
thence east 80 chains; thence nortii 80 chaina to point of commence
ment and containing 640 acres,
more or lesa.
June Sth. 1907. B. F. Reamy.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that B. t\  Reamy,
of Poplar Creek, B. C,  Prospector
intends to apply for a special tim-j
her license over the following described lands:
Commencing nt a post planted
on the north side of Poplar Creek,
about 200 foet from tho creek and
about. 1 mile above the first south
foik of I'oplar Creok, thence west
80 chains; thence north 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains; thence south 80 ceains to point of commencement nnd containing 640 acres,
more or less.
luueSth. 1907. B. F. R.amy.
P. L. S.
Mineral Claims Surveyed  and
Crown Grand Obtained.
Residence—Nbxt Record Offke,
trout lake,  a  e.
District of t'est Kootenay.
Take notice that Charles Leslie
Copp,  of Trout Lake ,B.C, Pros
pector,    intends   to  apply  for
special  timber  license   over  the
following described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted
on the loutb side of Canyon Crcsk
about 7 miles from its mouth,
marked^C. L. Cspp'e aouth-west
corner post" thence morth 80
chains; thence east 80 chains;
thence south 80 chainB; thence
weat 80 chaina to point of eommen
cement and containing 640 acres,
more or lesa.
June 20th 1907.   Charles L. Copp.
Dealera in all kinda of Fresh Meat
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
capital auTHomzcD   io.oe«.eoo. ll itt ••
capital paid up. 4,e*e,«oo.       TORONIO,   ONTARIO.
BUT 4 625 OOO
BRANCHES   in  tha  I'rorinr-M ol Alberta, B-Mkatchewan
Manitoba, Ontario ami g.in*c.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.—De|«.»it« rewivcl and inli-r*-*.   .    .n-Jiitjj
current rat* from .'.at* ot opening of
I-tll-rf of rrrait. iMu*d aralUbl* In  »nr Arniw'i   id  '
par   ofm. world
Mptc-al alWoUoo fl?aa I* mIImOmi aud .     .
Mliitii-i Bond*.
Review Job Dept.
For High-Class Work.
JBatbcr- Shop f
— ron a - -
O-Md Shave or Hair Cut
— CAM. OR	
§ William Schnell,
ft rsMoaow.
L Hot
nnd Coid Bath*
Htm. t,  Met Alter.
J   A. «»-.,*,
A   M   1-INkllAM
(tolltluirt lar I_ff*f_l Hack of. on. ..
Barber Shop.
For (i».i*i lit
tri »>   . .*     * t»
TH' 'I   I      " • '
Het. mei c«M D«th«.
A; McCormick. Lomitc J,,1V a6,b- 19o7>
District of West Kootenay.
TAKE notice   lhat Arthur Honing of Trout Luke,    occupation—
Logger—intends to apply for permission to purchatc the following
described lands; —
Commencing at a post planted
at tho N. W. corner of Lot 299
West Ko. tunny district, iheuce
theuce east 40 chains; thence nor
tli 40 chains; thence west 40
chains; thence south 40 chains to
point of commencement, in all a-
bout 160 acres.
, Arthur Gowing.
per A. G. Eraser, AHv»
THERE have been fortunes
made bjr judicious inreat-
mei.i in Real Estate, and
more fortunea will be made tban
e»er the next two or three years.
The one who reaps th* harveat is
the original in-reator, for h* ba*
his money on * csrtainty.
Now let in point oot to you that
ther* is no better spot on tbe Continent to I .ny Real Estate tban
Trout Lake ia the prettiest apot
in the Kootenays; aa a pleasure
resort it has no eqn»l. Boating
•nd fialiing may be indulged in
the year round; while big gam*
in abundance is to the fouud o*
the hills. It* climate ia superb,
thor* being no great extremea, il
being mild in winter and cool in
summer. It can beast of some of
the finest lintels and residences iu
Britiah Columbia. Its streets ar*
well laid ont and graded. Ther*
ar« two excellent general stores,
and a glance at thtadrertiaetnenta
ie tbia journal will show tbat all
trades ar* fairly well represented.
Writ*  with confidents* to Agents.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
once.  ::
Thea can on
or  writ* to
IT haa ftttt l.ad a ' bn*m " - in
growin hai btta steady. Il "
tb* li«a.! if ntTigatiiia, aid
th* terminal of tk* Lardo biair*
ef th* r.f.R. All roal-i (ia t«»
Lard**u) Ui-i te Trull Lak*. I*
Is lb* coma.r.'ia! eentr* cf tk*
richest miuiral Ji-ati ici •■ tk*
continent, and hai banking farili-
tiei proTided by lh* [npeiial
Bank wf Canada , first elaas acl *»l
acoomnK dat Ion under th* tiir •
tion of B. Shannon, B.A.; • m .1
water ayetem ; guT*rnmenl (.fieri;
County Conr» sittings; M«ib dill
Episcopal ar.d Angllcaa churjUs
and Cottage hosnital,
Ther* ar* Taltmble rnicli lai.ds
on the outskirts awaiting Hitler*.
Ita lumbar resonreea are magnifl
:em, and a band saw mill with s
capacity of HOMO ft. per day >s st
ti* lead of the lak*. Tli* minea
tril.ulaiy are proving nut bigger
produeeia *T*ry year, wilh urw
prospect* opining up rich koiJiai ul
Th*r* will be t big Mich Iliia
year, ae if yoa would know
mor*, writ* at o>... to eilhsi of
th* ag*nia at tb. addirases below.
F. B. Wells
Central Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.


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