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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-10-18

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 ".:       I
.mt.'t   -<*t ■ •**,--**' . •• .... ..   , .
•U,t»a.   „.
. +*,. _ Ktjtt*-*   i     «.«V',
{tJn^y   r^j
m« turgor circu-
tliiii.   any
iapet  i«   N
nay, BeiUd*
• t.,, jjug   ii ndi i in
g Revie
The representative
ol the rich Lardeau
country. Bent to
any address for {2
per an. in advance*.
TROUT LAKE CITY, B.C.,  ,Oct.i8. too6
No. 51.
al doubt   the great**
. In our C iy.
.  II.I'KKN.
• fit   the   FOOT, llir
; and the POCKET,
rtjcula! otter.tion civen to
Andrews e< Co Ptmjt
.si's FOB,
-ttlelons. Sla'crs.   Cell
The present quotation   for'lead
in the London market £20. is the
highest known  for   years,    Thi*.
gives the British Columbia producer I85.0S per ton  fiom whloh
the smelter deducts 10 per c*nt
leaving Uf the producer a nel prici
ol 168.66 per Ion.   Silver around
70 cent- is uis i the li gbest  price
tlmt metal has   reached nine.* i| i
days ■ f iln* bie excitement  m ihi
si.i'iiiin, 1898.
when -v.* take into <•*. s 'dsrsti. n
the lael lhal ih.**.* prices constitute
an advanoe during ihe past liv.
year-, ol Wi pi r can! In lead si <1
•I' i ar cent In illvi r we begin i
n-nlir. • the opportunities f..r In-
vast ment In the immense silver
and lead .!••. ositi found in ib<
I in.lean. Nol only ii lhe i: .■■ *
iiicta'a^aii induced ent to U.e in*
■ -'"r,m(ls comp in .1   In   vv I.I.I   bar-
been (or tome yeai *, but the ■..«• r
Ing ol the     cite    ind li
is nl*.. a (actor  w hich   mi am big-
;er profit* lo Iht mil ■• owner.   In
Im il..*.- -t (r in Trout Lake < itv
fur   Irni**).'.:* litem an I   l|<* ilni.*iii
wa-187 50 i'<r tm . In 1902 when
iln- C.PR c * up 11 d ihe Lardo
l.rnncl.it vwii- reduced t 117 60
i cr t.ni » hich rate | revai ed till
ibis year a I. n it wss i
118 60. '1 his means s reduction in
live year- ol ovei 100 \<et et
:*,ie tni* situ i i m up (or y.ur-
l A . iif. im- in the value <'l
.ir product o( early 60 p- r c nt
md a reduction in tl..- coal "!
marks -. .■ il ol ovei i'i'i per
W   it do y.m  ihink  of i '.'    N  it
,.fCt... I intend  to apply'not a protty good iin invaati.
in., lea I  a   i silver mint - nf th'
is berehj giv-n that with
•i„.   . months from tba fust pub*
to ,     cr«of in Ibe Britiah Colli i
toU. !i ,„  Chief Onmmieeloner
o(|.   Is and Works (..r a ipedel  [**rdMn
■nt »n.
! rt:rv away Uni-
Jy .;.,- following   .1" •"•nl-'d
,     lituated la  West Kootenay:
•\, . si Claim No. 3.
.villi! at a fxist planted
side  of Poplar creek
tha river bank nbvit
'   m  I'npUr   marked   N
.   N      IC,    .-.-.rner    p*»t
Weet 90   cbaina   tbanoa
(The following is a part of an
article Ly Dennis H. Stoval in the
Mining Recorder.)
,l >•■• » pit-able truth that very
few men ever get rich pr ipeoting.
1 he great in ijowty of ihe noble
f dlowerj <,f lhe Ir.iil du littla better than win o grubstake; not a
ew cl ihem die In poverty, Yet
pros* eel fog di ipite its poor pn -
mile <.f rev. aid, keeps an army of
n.ui Bt work, and upon ihia am y
1.1 rnds the mn. n .,f ilc mining
ndnduelry It is tbis army of patient
ui t ui nin !i i Elimuliu*b
imt k-eps moving (he mining
■u.inen > f tho w. rid.      'I ha gu-nt.
»l     I I '    ,'.1* . \. I  (. 1 (.1 I    ,'IIC  till le in
■l.ich    thi-.  army   (.1 nun   engage,
it  ihi j sre li)*! ting tin m unknown
'o the world.   J   is an   army composed ol t*. dii n ol I'l.i-: u il, bui
of iii rty rs and pioneers, inarching
Q-zb the unrei lb ■! wi sl li>;hii11^
tains md making  sl raight lhe
way f'.r ot lt i :*- in follow, unlocking
■ be lies sure vaults ol nature to in>
r, . le th    r. '   en    1 trie world.
While ouly one   in ten of the
■i-l I" come   producers
it is  the proep. ctor who find* that
0 i.e.      ,\  region    is   never more
i horoughly explor. d thai  a ben it
in tramped over by   an  army of
prospector', Thisarmy iscom| 1
ol men who wl 1 not turn back
There are uo orags  too strep for
them '.. climb, no mountain range
111. ruggi '1 io be scaled.
Prospecting lias in later years
: ■ t n robbed  of   much  * f   the  ro-
■ • tii .1 chai icteriaed gold
hunting in pioneer days. It has
•j-1 i rt •! ici *l •,, a 1.1 r,-. cos. r stive
business. The pros ...ctor of today
I..!*.*. the prospector nf .r.o
yeara ago only in hat he is
hour expecting lo stumble ac -- i
forin..*.    a  veritable glory   hole
Canadian mineral claim, iltuate in tlie
Trout l.nk.- inining division ol West
Kootenay district,
Where located l On S'ovcn Mils creek
■Vmtli Fork ..i Lardeau.
take notico tl sl 1, <) 11 N Wilkis,
acting    ai    agent  for   David    Co-ash
i tl C. No Iis8iu,-i, and John. II.
Hickman I".   M .   ('. No.
BS8102, intend, sixty dors from u,.
ilste hereof, to g-,|,iy to t)„.
Mn ai g Recorder for s < erllfleste ol
Improvements, for tlm purpose of obtaining  u  Crown ilri.nl ol  ll,,,   RU0ve
Ami further lake notice tbat notion
Blldei MCtlOl, .57, milll !..-..,„,,,e,„,.,i
oelors tin- issuance of Certilicate of iin.
Hated tills BOtbdsVof Aue.,i o.l!)06
Notice i- hereby niv* i thai with
in two mouths fr..... the tirst Publication hereof in the British Col*
un'■i-i  '-l-relte. I  intend   "'^l-I'lyj fiil.d lo ibe brim wnii |*nre co,*l
Though few msn yet rich in..s
*.r '.:.
Ami t
t.> ibe  Hon   0 i.f Cororaissionei
. f I....I- ae i W  irks    I If .-. -p-cial
iieen i **. ral an I carry iway Um
h r  from  the  foHowii c de*
ends titrated in Waal   Kootonay:
Timber Claim, So 0
Commencing at a post planted
rbiim. Ihenoa North   80 eba|M>[on tha North side <•( r..p!ar
back t       nt of a-am-menc went.
Located Bepl ifc.iWS.
' Sanson's N  B *   rnai poat, tl
\\. -t mj chains, tbence B tuth h"
Pnnlh *    tii ut."  lhanea Fait   80
•Jul I.. -.  from the river bank -
3 miles fn.in I'oplar, marked < bas.
Timber I Uim N o 4
Oommancini at a poat p'auled
ccthe Forth lido of Pop*** ''■•'*
Jttlsst from tha creek ba'^ab^nl
.miles from  Poplar  inaui'd   N,
ileUUani   N    B.   ewnw   port
tines   West 80   chains    thenee
fjuthoM   iirfins  thenoe   Ka»t  50
chains thenoe   North 80 ebaini
Urk to point ul commencement.
Iocs'. 1 Sept   IS, 10OC.
N. McLellan
Notice is hereby given thst 00
diyiafter ihe ftrat vubiiost'011 °'
tl.-r notice in the British Colum-
UaOatetta, I inieud to apply to
tin Hon Chid t'ommisiioncr of
Tends and Works for s ipeoial I4«
cnri to cal and carry awsy tlm*
b« fmtatlic following dcs-.ril.ed
1-t.Ji litoaU '. iu Wesl Kootenay.
''ommenihg its poll plsnted
•'•HirrTLst.grels N. E. comer-
I'ftt sbont -t milei from Tr.ni'
Uke oa tk.r lieaton   wagon road
""ksdEd. Ilillmaua y. VV, rof-
n" peat, ihi r.ce Beat 81 cbalm
•bence North 80   chains   thencs
^Vfii SO chaini tbence   B.»Uth  80
f"*ht to point ..f cninnieiicsment:
••ocstsd Sept 10, 1006.
l.J Hillman,
N'otlcs la harehv given thnt sixli
«»vi after date 1 intend to spply
■'■ Oie Chief Commissioner ol l.snd*
•"'l Works (or permission to ptir-
wan the following described binds
•iluatsd nt Trout l.ake, \\ est Koot
•WJ "iitricl,and commencing ata
!*'« marked K. L. Mailereon'i
"\"- turner, thence soulh 2"
tnains,  thence   east   20   cliiiii-."
chains,     thence    K.ist     HII   chain!
thent-e Korth 80 chains, hack to
point of oommencn • i I
Located Bept. ir> 1906
Chss  Hanson.
Tiiulxr Cla.m. No 1.
Commencing at a p-.-t ilanted
..ii the North ride ol   Poplar   cr. ek
200 feet fr-'in the rivet bank aboul
I miles from Poplar, marked Chai
Hansons N B, corner poat, thenci
.Vest 80 .liaiiii.   tl"'* '   B   Ith  80
ibaioe, tbeno    Kaet   w"      '
* I., ,..,*.- N«rth 80 cbaina, hack to
point of commencement.
Located Sept. 15, r*^*
diss Hanson.
Timber Clsim No 2
Commennug al a poal planted
an ue North side ol Poplaf creel
,!,,„, 5 miles from Poplar mark.-1
*-us Hansons N B oorner poet
,|„.„(.r   west HO   chiit.s,   Ihenc.
South SH  cliainc   tb«'"r«   KhM
ehaini thence North >0 chains,
lMCk lo point of i « mencement,
LooatedSept 18,1906.
Chas Hanson,
(fotioe la hereby given that Per*
oy MoOeorge, Mining -Sngineerol
rrout Lake, B C. hai been appointed tbo new Attorney ol lh;
lOhMtnotllin Mining Oonpany
- NOD Personal Liability     '"
„Ueb oi ThomaeB. Khrehart,
Dated IbliPlHh day olflcptetnhe.
gc y  \v,v, tton
Joint Stock Horn
p. eiiiu,   di    i is no deny ing the
i.1(.t   huttl -1 buainess f *r
the man w ofo ■ •■ busiceis
n ,*s     I lie   ':i   - -ra'   -v • Bt." SO
:■ sii)  all of that
territ. ry weet i *t the N" •*• Bng and
and «1"' e raatern  border
the   Atlantic,   affords a   B|
li. 1,1 f,.r the real proapector.   The
districts   thai  were   t-»■> ped ami
,     ed nvi r.: I' w j ears ago still
tu   i i s.
E. A. Haggen. ;
Stock. t-b*rt an-t Kinincial Itrnker    .
Ileal Kstai-s ai.d Imtir'ance.
Fire. Uie, Acciilmt. Health,
Ues'sntssand Employers
UaOility Inaoranes
Pols reoresentatlvs for Hon*
Combine Insunnes Pemnanlee In
lro.it 1-akc. rsiynion, B aton
and ('u.i.lwrne.
Correison.leiici promptly
attended to.
A. K. Fraction, B.-II Boy, Florence
Forbes I ii*i*ii' n, .'Ii,"i-'i|i (ilooscau
No. !.'.,<.." -...,. Ko, 3.. ll imsRi . Lode
.1 .unl... Independent, Kootenay No, I.
Kootenay No. -' , KoJt. n..> .s.,. 3 .Frae ■
tion, Lai.li>, Morning S. ,r, Hay, .way
So I. Mnv No. 2.. May No. 3, May No.
•t. May No.* , Pilot Fraction, Pilot, Reward Fraclio , Rattler, Rattler No. 1 ..
Union Jack Mineral Claimi lituated iu
ll.e i i.inil.ak.- Mining division of U en
Kootenay dial net.
Where located:—pn ^i* and Seven
Mile cre.-ka tribiStoriss ol ti.e South
Fork .,(I.■.mean Creek.
'i.i '• Notice that I, F. i . Elliott,
I I..* linen - '• ii lilioate. No, U88IB7
n- Uji.i.l for The Reward
'".i and Sjlver Mining (,'oii|j.v
Limited, Non-Personal Ida
l*r.*,. Miners Certificate No. B882IH, iii
iei.il, *..nv tiny.- tram Ihe dale In ieol,
toapply lo tbe Mining Recorder f'.r
' '* ii.iii ales of Improvement!, lur the
I irpon ol obtaining Crown Urania ol
llie above claims.
And furl her lake notice tbut action,
under lection ::7, must be commenced
before tha issuaoceol such Cortifleaie
ol In.provemenis.
l'.i "I  inia nh    daj  of Oct.,   a.n
l\.:ii \i:-hm« DIVISION.
Tbo work done on llie Morning
Blarclaloi this sutiiiner ban denion-
itrated that il is a property of
tn rit aud should with some more
work, prove a good profitable
shipper, Ii is limited over the
divide from the Silver Cup and
owned by the Abrahamson Bros.
There are three diijiincl leads
within a dis nice of 35 feet all of
which sceui to bo converging to
one point. At one point on lhe
lead a tunnel is driven m for 40
i t*i and shows highly mineralised
matter 2 feet wide with a .5 inch
streak of hij>h grade ore, an assay
of which gave the fallowing values,
Gold, $44.00, Silver, 715.8 ounces
and Copper 5.8 per cent a total
value per ton of $55000.
The owners intend to drive a
cross cut tunnel which will tap the
i'n.*.* leads at a depth of about 200
md better determine the value of
he property.
Tho   "Review''  paid a  visit   to
Camborne   the   end  of last   week
aud found  conditions   there to be
va-tly  improved by ih-*  deve'op-
met.t   work   done    tbis   sun,ner
The business men, who by tne w-iy
are as progressive a bunch of men
as will be found anywhere, are all
enthused  with the p-issibiliiies  of
the oamp not only in thc   uiining
industry but also in   the lumber
business. We were  sorry howevei
to find the local  newspaper closed
down and trust Brer Northey   will
be able to take enough time  from
his  other businer-s enterprizea   tc
once more get   into   harness   and
keep '.elline the outside world  the
opportunities to   be found   in   the
Lardeau for the investment of cap
—^AmlBl^mCrjA |
FRED     C.     ELLIOTT,
Trout Lake, B. C.      and Ferguson
Notice is hereby given lhat CO
.1 iv- alter the fir.*t publication ol
iiu* notice in the B C. Gaxetts, 1
intend io apply to ibe Hon. Chiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a s|iecial licence to cut and
carry away limber from tier fol-
i'.wiiig described lands situated in
West Kootenay District;
Commeucing at a post planted
at Harry Langrela South-East cor-
iii: | osl marked Malcolm lieatons
North-East corner post about four
miles Irom Tronl Lake on the
Beaton wagon road, thence weat
SO .■hains. ti.* nee South 80 chains
tl     r ist    80   ohains   I
North 80 cbaina to point ol commencement.
Located Sept. 1st   1906
Malcom Beaton.
Andy Dane? and John Moigan
have uncovered a big ledge of cop-
per ..:<• on the May Flower, Copper
Cliff, B <8'on and Blizzard claims
at tlie head of lla-kins creek.
Samples sonl to the Trail smelter
in which t ere was in. mineral
visible gave 3 per cent copper.
This is no indication of tiie values io be had from lhe ledge whion
averages over 10 feet in widih but
was simply t > ascertain what the
least likely looking rock would
run. Tlie properly is well situated
lor shipping purposes.
The Ottawa cnrres|ioiidcnt of
the Victoria Colonist says that
I'rcniier McBride won lhe prelitn-
We n.Hkeagre.t Boot for
I)..;, s— " Strong ss a hone,'
as the lil tie chap would |.<y.
A   bit siyl'sh  too—just si
tylioli is a I'oj cares for.
When a Mother piiks ui
one <f our Boys' Boo's sha
uows ii a glance that s. e
has .-truck her ideal at last.
-he'd 1* willing lo pay n.ore
money lb-.ii she'd been paying for Ear-ten. made Boots-
i ut she doe-i.'t have to.
All reliable dealers have
J. Leckie Co
The strike of tho season was
probably ihe one male by Stan-
ey Mcnhinni.ik on Scott creek.
The large sample, about two feel
across, is literally covered with
gold. Not satisfied however, Stanley horn'ed out some which had
nothing vi-ible and the colors
found were simply marvelous. A
deal is on for the purchase of this
Local and General.
Commencing   at   a  posl
M.   Beaton's S  I",     corner posl
planted ab ml one mile North-East
of 1 roul    Lake  waggon   R.i.d be
tween Glenn    creek and Boulder
er**. I-, Iln 'i.e.- N) chains Wef! tl.rn* .*
north 80 chains,   thonce   esst 80
.li,mis,  thenco south80 -'haiiis t.i
l UHit  ill I*  I ll 11 ' 1 ' '.11     it
Dated, Aug.Mrd,  I'JOti
Apparently there wai a stron-j:
effort made by g>-iue of ihe eastern members ' f -lhe confeien.s to
deprive British Columbia of an
opportunity to present her specie
claim?, and there !.-■ too much reaa-
on tO believe th.lt polittoial pe.r
t'sinship had i-oiiietliiirg lo dfl
with their attitude. But Mr. McBride stood firm, and although he
i-, only one among many, and
mosl of those with whom he is
marked|confronted are older ard more experienced m.n than be, bis pluok
and sagacity met with theirpropo"
reward, and ibe czc ptinnai con
ditions rx siinc In British Columbia have been recognized by tl.e
conference. This is the lirst utep
l wards succu**b, and wc congrat-
u ate the Premier and the Province
upon it.
The Fva aa shown by their last
report is making Rood monev.
Tbe intention we b<-lieve is to
double llie capacity of their stamp
mill early in the spring which will
reduce the cost of production and
increase their net profits. Last
yeara profit of this C>mrany was
The Silver Dollar people have
matters in good shape. The compressor, tram and mill) have been
In-tailed. A contract Is being let
to drive 800 feet, 200 feet of a cross
cut hiuI 6*X) feet nf drifting.
To-day is Thanksgiving day.
\ll over this fair Dominion of
nirs tlesnng of praise and thanksgiving is being offered up to the
Creator of the Universe. From
the Atlantic to the Pacific prosperity ■ xiets. Our laws and the
-ay they are administered, our
•ej'iurcrii, mineral, timber snd ag-
iculture, our climstic conditions
ire inducemnts th it a'.tracts the
beat class of immigration. Like
the Pharisee of old who thanked
God that he was not as olher men
we can thank God tbat our country
is no* as some other ountriee are,
full of anarchy and dissension.
Mr. Goriner of Portland, Oregon
was in during the week looking
after the Kingston ur >up- In con
versiitton with the "Review" Mr
Gortner said that he had fixed
everything up in good shape and
that Ihe operating company would
get in earlv in the spring and
start active work.
eaut   20
joorsoi lem loikoreof Trout Lakt
Jwi-M- northerly along  lake ihorc
,a m-mtheast- corner   post of Lot
»\ then, o we,t a]onK ijn8 0i Lot
iW> i-> pint ..} commencement, con-
'*»"ni' 10 acres'more-nr less.
1 "fl I ■'•- i Atijfl WOO
" V't. L. MAsrattso.''.
Regisirsr of
At tha Review office
Gents Furnishings
Mr. Ouimette has had a few men
working on the J.ardo King and
intends getting out a small shipment this fall.
Four men constitute the working
force at tbe Mammoth for the winter. The properly ha-t R record as
a high grade producer and the
development of the winter will on*
doubledly open up the property so
as io enable ibe owners lo have an
increased production next summer.
The Del Key and Gold Finch
properties are bo h showing up
well. They are being worked
Steadily and have nil tho cat
marks of being nood puducers.
Messrs. A. K. Stuart, W. B. Rob
erteon and E. C. Fromey of Revel*
stoke, were in on mining business
the early part ot the week.
H. N. Cnursier, Im-urunce Agent
d ftevels'oke, was in visiting his
many patrons at Trnut Lake, Ferguson and G*-rrard.
The continued wet spell is keep*
Ing the water in La.de .u creek too
high to allow the Placer Co; to get
to sluicing. Eerything is in readiness to start as soon as conditions
T. B. Baker, manager of the Imperial Bank at Arrowhead, aud
Oswald Woods were visitors last
Mr- snd Mis. P. M. Shepherd
came up from Lumberopolis on
Monday night,  to renew old ee-
\V E Emmenj. manager of the
Broadview mine, went to Revel*
.toke on a business trip this week.
Mm O. B. X. Wilkie is leaving
shortly for a trip to the Old Conn*
try-   '     ________
Put tbis down in vur memory:
The Post Office etore is getting in
a full suj.ply of Christum goods.
Sam Sutherland of Ferguion,
left last week for a trip to the
coast. He a'so intends to spy out
the land around the new terminal
town, Prince Rnpsrt.
The littln town of Beaton is going to be tamous as a fruit procluo*
cr. The soil is aood. climatic con
ditions sre perfect, and the men
are there who understand the business.
An  encouraging  fcaturo is  lha
Minimum   enquiries   coming    in
from all over  the  United  States
and Easiern Canada for propenius
This it no doubt  earned   hy the
ever advancing   price of silver and
lead.     The    Lardeau is going to
reap its harvest snd  the  lime is
not far distant when   th*»e  whrt■P»tr0D,
have stayed with  the country,  en*
,1 ured the hardship', livlnu on sow
belly and beans (sometimes beans
alone) will get what is coming to
lhem (bringing anything in the *mWfi
Mrs. R. Madden intends visiting
her old home in tbe lar east, in the
near future.
Bob Madden hss put in a new
-a.'e for the benefit of hie many
Al) tha rancher* along the lea**
on road are clearing off mere land.
Boon there will be no ne-recelty for
lias from n-ataido point* LARDEAU MINING REVIEW, TROUT LAKE CITY. B. C
■ *WX,J *****%*••••+*+*+•»* "»g
^s-^ss*****^-*****: j
By... !••
Cmile      !:•
Gaboriau ::*
<^^*i^--V5_^ J
bis office, a fare favor on h**k pnru lOt*  33    iCSfS
Five o'clock struck before the list of i «.«,.„ ,-.
Sh.lol. » ConiunipUon   <~urr
-d «« &* &«*t>'J * # 6» • o * a •»» a « « * 9 e • e s -e
answer v"
"That I am Innocent, monsieur: I
swear that I am innocent"
"I hope you are." said M. Palrlgent,
"ami you may count upon me to assist
ycu to tbe extent nf my iil.illiy In proving your lunoe, nee. Have you anything to say in your defense-.'"
"All. monsieur, wliat eau 1 sny wlien
1 cannot understand tills dreadful business myself? 1 eau only refer you to
my past life."
Tlie Judge Interrupted lilm with an
Impatient gesture
"l.et us he specific. Tt-e rolitiery
was committed under circumstances
tu.it prevent suspicion from falling
U[."ii any one Imt M. I'auv.l and yourself.   Do you suspect any one else?"
"No. monsieur."
"Ton declare yourself tc l.e Innocent;
therefore the guilty party must be *>l
cnArrEn in.
ST the same hour that Mme.
Nina Gipsy went to find refuge st the Archangel, to
li gfaly recommended by Fan-
feilot tbe S.iuirrel. I'rosper Bertouiy
was twlng entered on the Juiler's book
at the police office. There he had to
wait two hours while tbe commissary
went to receive orders from higher authorities. When It was announce,l to
him that a coach was wilting for hlui
at the door, he got up. bnt In fore going
out requested permission to light i cigar, which was granted.   It was tuag-
n :. eat weather, a bright spring mora-
ng.    As the coach went aloug Mont-
uiirtre  itrcet  Prosper  kept  his  head
out of tbe window, smilingly complain-
lax at being Imprisoned on iuch a love- j  EJ^jJ
ly day when everything outside was so |     Prosper did not nnswr.
suuuy and pleasant.
"It Is singular." he said. "I never
f It SO <::• nt a desire to take a walk."
To the court clerk while he was going through the formalities of the com-
i • t Prosper replied with haughty
brevity to Um iadispeusable questions
■eked him.
Hut when lie was ordered to empty
his i>uckets on the table and tbey began to search him his eyes flashed
with Indignation, and a single tear
<lr.ipj.ied open his flushed cheek. In an
Instant he had recovered his calmness
and st"",l up motiniil.'ss, with his anus
! iu the nir so that the rough creatures about bim o.uld more conveniently search bim from bead to foot to assure th. :iis,*lv,*s that he had no suspl-
«i-.u*- obje. t bi.l under bis clothes.
■tlgatloa would have, perhaps. 1h-.ii carried to the most lguo-
nilni" gtha but for the Interven
tion of a middle aged man of dlstln-
-** - appearance, who wore a white
cravat snd gold spectacles and was
alttiug by the Are. At sight of I'rosper
he started  with surprise and seemed
uiii.'li agitated.    11.* stepped  forward
and seemed about  to s|icak  to him,
then suddenly changed his mind and
«n again.    In spite of his own
troubles,  tin*  cashier could not help
seeing that this mau kept bis eyes fastened  up,n  bin..    Did he know him?
Vainly .li.l be try to recollect havlug
ni"t   hlin   l.if'ire.    This  man,  treated
with all tin* deference due to a chief,
was no less a personage than a celebrated member of thi detective corps,
M. Ir |.    Wh.u the men who were
searching Prosper w.re ubout to take
off his I ts, laying that a knife might
be concealed lo them, It, Lecoq waved
then   uside.   saying.   "That   Is   sutll-
He was olK-yed. All the formalltlei
being ended, the unfortunate cashier
Was taken to a narrow cell. The heavily barrel door was swung to and locked upou him. He l.reaibed freely. At
laat I..- was alone. les, he 1-elieved
himself to be elans, ll> was Ignorant
that a prison Is made of glass; that the
accused Is like a miserable Insect under the microscope of nn entomologist
lie did Dot know that the walls have
stretched ems and eyes always watchful. He was so sur. of lielng alone
tlmt be at ones fans rent to his sup-
pressed feeling snd, dro* ping his mask
of Impassibility, burst into a flood of
tears. His wrath long pent up, now
Dashed nut like a iiin'1'1' ring Are. Id a
paroxysm of raje be uttered Imprecations nnd curses, lie .lashed himself
against the prison walls like a wild
beast in a cage.
In the evening When the Jailer
brought him bis supper he found him
lying .hi bis pullet, witii his teee buried
In the pillow, weeping bitter tears.
He wns not hungry. Now thnt he was
nl,ne, I,,* fed Upon bis owu bitter
thoughts lie sunk frotr a state of
frenzy Into une of stupefying despair.
The night was lo-.g and terrible, and
for the first time he had nothing to
count the hours by ns th>y slowly
drugged ...i but llir measured tread of
the nnn*,,I who ."line to relieve the
sentinels     He sufT *r.*.l agony.    In the
morning bs dropprt into u deep, from
which ba was se ikensd by the rough
.       *   of the Jllll.T.
".'.tin. monsieur." he an Id. "to the
judge cf Instruction.''
"l.et  us  go,"   sn.il   I'r.is|K'r,   without
stopping i" repair his disordered toilet
During the passage the Jailer said,
"You are very fortunate In having
your ease brought before ao Inmost
The Jailer was right   Endowed with
remarkable p itratlon, firm, unbiased,
equally free fiom false pity au.l ei-
'* . .,. severity, 31. Patrlgeot jK.ss.-as-
ed in an eminent degree nil tbs quail'
i necessary for the delicate and difficult ..til.*.- Of Jlldfilr of lnsii-ueiii.il.
Prosper was escorted along a corridor, through u i.om full of policemen,
down ii lllght uf nl.ps, across a kind of
cellar and then u(i a steep staircase
which seemed to bars DO end. Finally
he reached a l.ui.*}. narrow gallery, upon
which opened moy doors bearing different numbers Summoning nil bis
courage, bs planed l.is hand ou the
doorknob und wns about to enter when
the Jailer stupp.il blm.
"Don'l be lu b.Hi haste," be laid.
"sit down here, snd when your turn
Oomes .vou will be called."
The wretched msn obeyed, and his
keeper took a seat beside bim.
Presently u little ..hi man dressed in
black, wearing tbs insignia of his of.
lice, n steel chain, cried out:
"Prosper Bertomyl"
Prosper arose and, without knowing
bow, found himself In the olllce of the
judge i.r Instruction.
M. Pstrtgent'S I omely face, with lis
lingular outline and sli.ni red whiskers, lit up I.y a jnlr of bright, Intelligent eyes and a kindly expression, was
calculated to impress one favorably at
first *
".Well," lie niiin abruptly, "you are
accused of having n,lilted M. Fauvel
nf XxinoO frun.-i.     What have you ta
witnesses summoned for the day was
exhausted, but tbe task of M. Petri-
gent was not yet finished. He rang
for bis bailiff, who instantly appeared,
aud said to bim:
"Go at once and bring Fanferlot
lt was some time before the detective auswered the summons. Having
, met a colleague on the gallery, he
thought It his duty to treat him to a
drink, nnd tbe bailiff bad found It necessary to bring him from the little luu
at the corner.
"Uow is It that you keep people
waiting?" snid tbe Judge.
Fauferlot bowed almsst to the floor.
Despite his smiling face, he was very
uneasy. To follow the Bertouiy case
Sloni ll required a double play that
might be discovered at any moment
To manage at once the cause of Justice and his own awbltiuu be took
great risks, the least of which was the
loslug hli place.
"I have had a grent deal to do," he
■aid to excuse himself, "aud hsve not
lost any time."
And he began to give a detailed account of his movements.    He was era-
1'iiiiiissed. for he spoke with all sorts  i
uf restrictions, picking uut what was
to be snld and avoiding what was tu be |
i left unsaid.    Thus he gave tbe history   :
Tmmrnl kll Uae'tobn'-Tooblic. m9    Amusing   Blond--.*.   Ms*   by   Member.
thu, together with the fact that Its ulea
have iteadily incr-eated year by yeai, is tba
best proof of ths ment of
•■ • em lar CoufV Coldi, tul «11
die-a.r, of the lung, ind aii pauaget.
Thoie who have used Shiloh would no.
be without it. Thote who have nevw
uaed it ahould know that every bottle u
•old with a poaitivf guarantee lhat. if il
doc.n't cuie'you, the dealer will rallied
whal you paid lor it.    Shiloh
of   Britiah   Parliament.
Preouentan of the House in authority write! io The Dally Mall   h»ve for
n long lime rem  rked I »* : :   **"l "" '
Stion   in   the   an   of   Parliamentary
■peaking.      Notable     eKi l*'*; M
Mr.    Hulfour.    Mr.    Chan.bi I •■ n,
Henry  Ca-mpbell-Bannei man,
Has Cured
thouundt of the moat oUtinate cam ol
Coughi, Colda and Lung troubles. Let it
cure you.
"I sii winter I eouthad for thr** no-nthi aad
thought I w as 6oiug inlo Conaunptioa. I took all
aottt ol OMthcinee. but nothing did me any good
untrl I utad Stuluni CuBaumi.tK>n Cure, Four
bottle* curad me. This wtnw I had a vary bad
cold, wns aot ftble hi speak, my lungs wera sort
ca ths sidt ud Lack. Sii bottles .4 Shiloh made
ne well again 1 have given it lo sevcial people
ami every ona of them have basa mied — D.
ioseph. St Hyauntha, Qua." Ooi
25c.   wid>    guaiaatoe   al   all   druggMb
^^^^^^ Mr As-
uultr.. Mr. John Redmond ..ml Mr T
Besijr: the last-named, during an l"*
land debate last seeilOD, delivered onl
of the tlnest speechei it has been my
pleasure  to  hear.
ftblv   the   best   g
lucid    and    finished    lentencei    ."";•
from   the  Lab-r   .l.l*-   In   the   ixsmpH
Thi* l«  *he   Pn**amoun*   f»atlir* o*
This 18 wo  rM.»	
Free from dust, dirt and all torelgn substances.
^"usM^Uthefsiittnatprob;! pioket,   0n,y,   40e.   Ho,  a n«   l^ie    »•   At   m   Qr0Mri
ly tho best grammar .""' "'• m0
0niyi     40c,     50e,    a no     euo.     per
HlQheit Awird at 8t. Louie 1904.
set  by  Mr.   Kelr  Hardia.  Onlr   an  U»*      irvlTunMeE    REPAIR    SHOP.
fortunate b»t   no   ioubt   e luersbli   LIG>HTHOUt>t   ntr«.n
The mixed metaphor r'v**' m,,n>' \m
euspectlne  mambers  n, fall     Ur,
of Ilu* ll(,'btliou»e
Oeorga,   Kt..t.'n
qtiith not Ion*? ago amuied the Houm   buU(JUlJ of liri
Search For Folk-Song.
The rontofrart Board of Guanltnni
^^^ has  assent-**  to a  propositi from  the
of Cavutllun's letter, wbhh he nunded local Musical Competitlou Committee
to the Judge, hut he dhl not breathe a t that the old nien ln the workhouse
word of Madeleine.  On the other blind.  ! should be Interviewed with a view to
Jerhliiess of delivery  preventl  the l-»- |
bor leader trom belns numbered ... thi   ,.„„, uuii. Ui « hmw*,
rront   rxnk   of  modern   Par«amentanr^ eklneri  U «•«•■■
in the roservstlou
deiiiirtiiii-nt    at    St.
a'"'     mer. Is an  unly  thr.* m-ry
,k tlmt m tne "depart
t.ii.Kiies   ara    •»«       -   -
wed,' our h__. are fettered, snd ws   "rt-^-J ih r„r,*„:.i possas
are really beating  the air to  no  pur-    J^^-g^ .., ,.rvt),l..K 1" tl
"Z. John Burn. Imprvved on thi. br ture of a .,»*.hta leal ^0."^ J J
declarlns. In refarsaoi to .he Children . „.n|,e. from the bl gsst I.n f« <■* •
Employment BUI, "1 wW now repeat ,mi,,i,.s, or,ler of light "'"*' "ll """ ■
what I wae about to say »hrn the ' .,|(, u|l,,.inllu> f„r btowtng rog ilgums
hon.-.rable   msmber   Interrupted    me     ^^   mtkam  ,i,e  l^hta   Hal's  oo  gas
111.1   um
luiovs.   Ill till
the discovery and preservation of York-
\ shire folksoncs.
"Have   yuu."   pei>i.>'j.S  tbe   Judg»
any cause for betlerlog tbat M. Fuu
vei robbetl himself;    If you bave, say
The prltsoner preserved a rigid sl
"I see. monsieur," sai.l the Judge.
"that yon need time for reflection.
Listen to the reading of your examine*
liuii, an.l after signing it you will re
turn to prison."
The unhappy man was overcome.
The Inst ray of hope was gone. II.
Signed the palter without looking at it. •
He tottered as he left the Judge's of
flee so that the keeper was forced lo
support him.
If Prosper had remained an hour longer In the gallery, he would have seen
the same bailiff wbo had called him
come out of the Judge's office ami cry
"Number three!"
Witness No. 8, who was awaiting his
turn and answered the call, was M
Although he had very slightly ei
amine,i Prosper, the Judge was now
scrupulously attentive and partieulai
In having every question answered.
"Did you ever suspect your cashier
of lioing dlshonestf be asked.
"Certainly not. Yet there were a
thousand reasons which should have
made me distrustful."
"Whnt reasons?"
"M. Bertouiy gambled. 1 have known
of Ills spending whole nights at the
gaming table ai.d losing Immense sums
of money. lie was Intimate with a
bad set. Once he was mixed up with
one of my clleuts, M. de -"huncran, lu
u scandalous gambling affair."
"You must '■•nifi-.s. monsieur," interrupted the JuCge, "ibrit you were very
Imprudent, nol to sny culpable, to have
Intrusted your safe t., such a man."
"Ah, monsieur. I'rosper was uot always thus. I'ntll tl.e past year be was
a model of goodness. He was received
into my house as one of my family.
lie spent all of his evenings with us
ami was the bosom friend of my eldest
son. I.uclen. Then euddenly l.e left
us and never came to the house again.
Vet I bnd every reason to believe him
attached to uiy niece Madeleine."
"Then   y..u   can   see  no  motive  for
your cashier's conduct?"
The banker paused to reflect
"It Is Impoeslbls fur me to account
for It.    I  have, however, always sup-
poaed that Prosper was led astray by a
young man whom he met at my bouse
m... t.ii this in..,*, M. .,i,..i,, de Lugorx."
"Ah!    And who is this young inanV"
"A relative of uiy wife, a charming
f.-lh.w,   but   somewhat   wild,   though
rl.h enough to pay his way."
The Judge listened attentively to
this, then wrote tbe name l.agors at
ih, bottom of an already long list of
his un>m..ran.la.
"Now," he snld. "we nre coming to
the point You are sure that the rob
I., ry   was  not  committed  by  auy   in
Jour house?"
"ijtille sure, monsieur."
"You always kept your key?"
"t sually   1  carrtsd   It about on  my
person, and whenever I left It at hom.
I put It In the H.-crt'lary drawer In mj
bed chamber."
"Where wus It the evening of the
robbery I"
"In my secretary."
"Itut then"—
"Pardon me fnr Interrupting yon."
sni.l M. 1'aiiv.l, 'anil permit me to tell
you that to n safe III,.- nunc the key
II of no imp...*.nn, f. In .In* lirst pine*.
one must knots tl..* word upon Which
the Ave movable buttons turn. With
thc word one cut. open It without the
key. but wlrhuut the word"—
"And this word you never told to any
be gave biographical details, very minute Indeed, of Prosper und Mme. Gipsy, which be bad collected from varl- | llfJ   ~. ..„.
ous iiuarters.   As be heard the storv M. I     e.,.a,„, . I* ,    ,,,.. C',, -    «
,,.'.. J   , Several   first aid   cab.nets, contain-
Patrlgenfs convictions were etrength- j*^ a„ of the necessarv appliances for
Then there was rhe wealthy manufacturer  member  who,  dealing  with   the
legal position of trade onloni. e"™*-1 *jrVT£^, iomlrOet Porto Klco. but
ated   that "lhe   Interests   of   the   em     dstrl.l. w"• ,
same    also as far away as Aiasau,
u,.,„ .. .__ued out  in this plnee, and
not only sent to all the stations lu this
The   Orlelnel   1 .r  of  , „„,,
Homebody   has   been   lool .
«  "P tin
"The youug man Is evidently guilty,"
he said.
Fanferlot .li.l not reply, nis opinion
was different, but he was delighted
thnt the judge was on the wrong track,
thinking that his own glory would
thereby be the greater when he discovered the real culprit. The fact was
that this grand discovery was as far
off as It bad ever been.
After hearing nil he had to tell, the
Judge dismissed Fanferlot, telling him
to return In the mom Ing.
"Above all," be sard as Fanferlot left
the room, "do not lose sight of the girl
Gipsy. She must know where the
money Is and can put us on the
Fanferlot smiled knowingly.
"You may rest easy about lhat, monsieur.   Tbe lady Is lu good bauds."
Left to himself, although the evening was far advanced, M. Patrigent
continued to busy himself with the
case and to arrange that the rest of tbe
depositions should be made. This case
had actually taken possession of his
mind. It was at tbe same time puzzling and attractive. It seemed to be
surrounded by a cloud of mystery,
which be determined to penetrate.
The neit morning he was lu bis office much earlier thnn usual. On this
day he examined Mme, Gipsy, called
•JnMillion nnd sent agnlu for M. Fauvel. For several days he displayed the
same activity. Of all the witnesses
subpoenaed only two failed to apis-ar.
, The first was tbe onVe boy sent by
Prosper to bring the money from the
bank.    He was HI from a full.   The
s ml was M. Iliiniil de I.ngurs.    But
th. ir absence did not prevent the file
of pa|>ers relating to Prosper'! case
from growing, and on tbe ensuing
Monday, live dnys lifter tbe robbery,
M Patrigent thought be held In his
bands enough moral proof to crush the
(To be Continued.)
"first aid" treatment ln case of accidents, have been erected on the electric car standards ln various parts ol
Dr.  J.D.   Kellogg's  Dysentery Cordial  is a s]M'e.ly cue    ior   dysentery,
diarrhoea, cholera, summer complaint.
sen sickness and complaints incidental
To children teething. It gives immediate relief to those infferTUg from
the effects of indiscretion in
Unripe fruit, cucumbers, ntc.
with wonilerf.il rapidity and never
fails to oonquer the disease. No on
need fear cholera it tbey have a bottle of this medicine convenient.
ployers   and   ejnpl iyed   are   the        ^^^
nine times out  of ten—nay. I  will  go t t0 the Philippines
rurther,    and    say    ninety-nine   times
out of ten "
A member of the present Opposition.
observing elgns of dissent from ■
Liberal, exclaimed: "Ah, the bonorabll
member opposite may shake hU head^
but ne cannot shake mine" "Si." —i«
Mr. Walter Long on education
ters   'we are told  that by thu legls-
The mechanics employed ire m men
of the highest grade, for the objects
they are ut work on are too d.*:
is a rut*, to allow of much machlue
labor, and In addltlun to thii the government has uever seen flt tn spend
lutflclent money on the plant ro flt lt
out  with inch machinery    In a stroll
latlon the heart of the cuntry Will be   through   tbe   workroo.ni   one   can   lee
men turning out the delicate brasiwork
that   k.-cp!.   the   flashlights  on   a   pl
shaken to Itt foundationa."
The House of Commons Is too hurried, too strenuous, tuo utilitarian In
these times to encourage the orn.v
.nental ln oratory. Moreover, irerj
eating member In th* chamber arpean m*
lt acts loue to have hrs say I'p to lhe present »ome 400 legUIat-'l-s out of 6T0 have
delivered  epeechee  during  the  Bl I
history of .the original use •[ rsnnia
this country and Audi thai
formerly « pan of the rep. rtorj ..r n„
leaders   of   the   .hui'ii    1 i    .   „| 0|||
time the principal badge ol    . ■: ull
The don. 'S OBOS was r'1"  | ■   ,. j,,^
long, one end being smb. i*d Wtfc
a big knob, tl.e olher with fVii!*„.ri
When  tbe Small  bo)   got  I M „r
rebelled sgalnst the powen
lie was given a  rap un 1   -
llie  uiielinrllnble end Of  •
the  ben,I  of the  l.ui. Ij   I .. f
while   listening   to   Ihe   nx.ruli .
Iln>ii und  lapsed Into ll  h ,
of ..i.i times lu men*] >
key plumes ot, tl..- descon'i ,..>
erod bun into life again.
buoy going for three months it a time,
tlie curioui brass cylinder* that make
Uie walling cry of a fog siren, tu."
floating stops that serve to keep the
oil from overflowing In lhe lamps after
the manner of a student lamp, and the
Denver, _   B|'prviir.   „u....to    ...-     - _..,_
These   are   regar.le.1   as   rhe    principal    clockwork  that  keeps  revolving  lifchtl
Thorne were originally used ln fas-
cuuses   of   the   decadence   of    Parlla-
mentary  style.
Mr.  Charles Seymour,   the elocutionist,  who coaches mam*  Parliamentary
tening garments together.   Pins did not    candidate* and before whom not a few
immediately succeed thorns as fasteners, but different appHa.nces were used,
such as hooks, buckles and laces. It
was the latter half of the Sfteenth century before pins were used ln Greal
Britain. When flrst manufactured In
Kngland the Iron wire, of the proper
length, was filed to a point and the other extremity twisted Into a head. This
was a slow process, and 100 or LOO plus
was a good da/« work for an expert
members  renearse   the   speeches    the;
hope to deliver bef -re the H    . •    I *
nounced  the suggestion  vf a  i a s f".
politicians impossible.
"Members  who  honor m, with   t-hel,
patronage."  he said,   "creeps stealthily
turning around hour after hour through
tlie loug nights.
The only thing they don't mske In
tills department Hue are tbe 100000,
which are lini>orted from Paris or I-ot>-
don These are "assembler- In the**
•hops, however, aud one can s.-e lanterns of all »i7.ei lu the COWSO of prep
• ration, from the imall.-st size used In
the Sell ice to one* of lhe POWOC sultl-
The   Coal   ol   Fraata   lm   ....   |*,„
In 1688 tin* open og of 1
bsw theater was celebrat. I
orate banquet stteoded by th.    • . |
the council  an.I  Hie bill  .
IM ft*.   4.I..  exclusive i.f  v ,
end |.lnl«- were L't, d, II ' ,,f |,„
fur meg was broken sad I
for,   w<* here Um detalli
Mrs tn l'"'7.1.    A leg of n .lnj*
4d . a sirloin of b,*,*f 9 •
ehiekeoo  •"<!  three i      ts t
eight  srttebokes  I sl
cnelltUiwers 1*. ,",d     I    ■
tin- Ingredients of which wer. u tun*.
ir.sl eggs, eight gail«.i.« ' . l»o
i*>uiids of batter, eight i* ■■'. nicer end one ounce of Dl •
charge    wa»    10*.    lid. — '.■:'•. uuu'l
It Waa ('•Dftlderrd  t.  I.rfrltlmale Par*
ault   In   lui't  Oowe  lly.
A book by J. c. Wright entitled "in
Ibe Good Old Tunes" throws some In
tore-ting light on the ways of dnys
gone by: "(if every three pounds of tea
it was snid tbat two were contraband.
In fnet. Kii.iigL-liug wns considered a
perfectly legitimate pursuit. Everybody was ready to profit by It, from
the Squire, who tilled his cellars with
cheap wine, aud bis wire, wbo adorued
herself ln cheap silks, to the shopksep*
er. who got cheap groceries, or the la
lior.-r, who got high wages fur work
that was secret, unlawful and i-erllous.
Bred AUnm Bmltfa eonfessed to a weakness for smuggling uud nobody was
ubuve bargaining lo have a pipe or s
hogshead put lu his cellar at a low tig
ure. But smuggling on a large scale
was  uot   carried   ou   without   bribery.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
Whrat   la   fblaa.
Chinese writers claim lhat the cuftl*
ration of wbeat was Introduced inte
the Olestial empire I.y tbe limperor
Shlnuung 2,700 yenrs before Christ
Into my studio Tbey n uld not bevi ^ent to go In llghtbooees of tbe Brat or
their mission known nni*.   any dr    d,.r of course the departmert baa to bs
cumstan.es.      It  1.  not shame*    lt   ll .     emerg-iie,-. In  tbe  way  of
•hynesi." .«.   ;  , ... „ .
  bnaadowas of ligh's. as wen •• of
-D.vi.ion" In P.rli.ment. llgbt.sb:ps.  and  lo tbey  not  only  keep
1 two light vesseli at the wharf alwnvn
When a divlalon Is cal ed a t-*:i ring.    rea(1    fof ln(.,lim oogottyt, .,„t they ti.o
to eii.hie  all  M.  P..  to ooUeet  Inm   m     u ^ „t„r,.tll)1I„ .,, rmPr(.,nr,
the  •looking    r«Jin.    the   library,    etc;      . »
Then th. outer door 1* closed, and thi "kM "", can U' >'ut "P »«rwbete and
Speaker put. the que*,: a There Is • Bt,,'d '° t1ik* ■***• >'"" e of *,n-f 1;'■'1,, of
shout of "AyeV' and ul "No"' on wti.cn , any description, whether It be filed or
revolving, red .nd white or all red.
he declare, that either the on. or the
other "has  It."    If  thi.  b. chal'.eng.*!
^^^^^^^^^^ tie .ays.  "The  'aye.'  lo th.  right,  tha
'n ter**   to   th.   lefl"    This  mean,   lha.1
„  ,      , .     , , th* "aye." and   lh. "i,„c»" go Into re
link those who have had experience    ,j,e.-*ive 1.1.1,1*.
Thi. takes eome ll-ne, for they go
leisurely. When at length they ar.
both within their respective pen. all
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the door, leading to th.m ar* closed,
and after a minute or t-wo the one d ,or I
through which the prisoner* ln eachl
Tree. Id  ( bureliea. P,bby art lo  makp ,hei.r pxit ), „..,..,. .
Two English churches possess trees    Before reaching the exit they have to
••-.Ui«',>ll'  MltAL SASMa.fS|M|
Improved   and   tinln pi - *i
having farm* for ■■!«• ran Bi ' ***i(!y
l.urrhii»er*   by   I ately,
Itatlng full part:
58  Tribune   Bldg.. Wnnipeg   Mia.
■an tell the torture corn oause. Pain
with your booti on, pain with -then
off—pain night and day: but relief ii
sine to those win, use fiolloway'i Corn
growing within their walls. Oue Is at
I: -s. the other at Ken.psey, In Worcester. The latter tree Is well developed
nud grows from the tomb of Sir Edmund Wilde, Which stands on the left
side of the chancel.
Minimi's Liniment Co., Limit*,
Deur Bin I bad « bleeding tumoi
on my la.*.* for a long time un.l tried
a number ol remediei without any
good resutta, ami I wai advised ti, in
MINAItDS   I.IMMKNT.     and     alt.*,
llSing    --eVetjil     hill lit-S    it     Ilill'l,-    11       Complete   cure,   and   it    healed   all   up   an.l
disappeared altogether.
lt.ll.ir.le Station,    Kings Co.,    Nil.
S.*|.i.  17, 1904.
"ommer   lomfrtrl   For  Calrea.
Calres Will do better If kept In .lean.
airy   box   stalls   during   the   summer
than  If allowed  to run out  and light
flies ln the hot  sun.    Thev should  t>e
perjury, informing, violence aud niur-   civ(,u  a (lrillk  of „.„„,. „  ,„„,„  aai
■""* I should   hnve   SCOees   to   salt   nt   will.
Of the old time London  watchmnn:
wide skirled
They  should also have some grass or
"He  wai   wrapped   ui   ..   ».u. .a...™ , j^,, oaU ,,„, „,„, glvPn  ,,„,,„ evPry
heavy coat, a useful garment for pro- j dllv     Tll(,v  Rh„„1(1 „,„ ,„. KiV(.n V(.ry
tectlng him from the cold, but not
•dapted to enable lilm to cope with the
bullies who ussaulled the weak and unprotected, lie wore low shoes and I
big broud brimmed hat, which could tie
turned up or down, worn forward or
backward. The only means of defense
which the wut.-hmun seem* to have
possessed was a stuff something like
■ beadle's. In bis left bund he carried
his lautern."
In those primitive times plus were
manufactured    by    hand    and    went
j day.     	
much Rt a  time,   not  more than  ther
; will eat up clean before the mit Qui
at r-wdlnr
,,_ .. ,, thro|"»h several stages of manufacture:
"To no one In the world, mons cur, tP„Ji'    v.   ,  r..... , ., ...   ..„   .,
. .        , , , Worker No. 1 form.u tho wire, to. 2
nnd sometimes I would have been puz- .... „ ...    ,„. ,.,, „   ..     ...       .,, . ..
1 cut It Into lengths, .No   J smootlicd lt,
the  fourth   mini  made  tbe  bead,  the
fifth (_jick lt on, the sixth ground the
point, the seventh washed aud dried It,
and It bad to go through three more
bands sfter that: hence lt used te be
I familiar proverb, "lt takes teu men
to make a pin."
tied to know myself with what word
the safe had been shut "
"Hud you forgotten It on tbe day of
the theft?"
"No; the word had been changed the
dny before, and Its peculiarity struck
"What wus lt?"
"Gipsy—O-l-p-s-y." snld tbe banker,
spelling the Ilium
M. I'ntrlgent wrote down the tin me.
"One more question, monsieur. Were
you at home the evening before the
robbery V"
"It Is possible to ...uke echoes," in'.d
an urcliltcct. "It Is, Indeed, eusler to
make thau to destroy tbem. In the
past man bUllt their great temples nn.l
cathedruls   with   no thought  ol   neons
ti.-s; bancs when tbe preacher preached
"No; I dined and spent the evening , ,.,.|„„.s rolled freely nn.1,1 the grolnlugs
with a friend. Minn I returned boms
about 1 o'clock, my wife was lu bed,
end I went to bed Immediately."
"Aud you were Ignorant of whst
Hum there was In the safeV"
"Absolutely. After my jkisIUvc orders I ...uld only suppose that a small
of the  roof,   down tl.e rows of «eul|
lured   ig In-* us   nud   round  and  round
the nave.    With wires strung here nud
with tapestries spread there, many of
(he celioes of the old world buildings
have been Obliterated.    There are echo
experts-builders acquainted will, the
sun. had been left Ihere over night.    I  ' science of ...ouslics whose Hpe.li.lty Is
stated this fact to tl.e comuilssury In
M. lieriouiy'H presence, and be acknowledged It to be tin- case."
"Ihnt will du, monsieur."
M. I'ntrlgent was well Informed of
the high standing of (hc bunker and
knew i,im..si us much of bis affairs as
did M   mure! himself.
He usked him to sign bli testimony
imii I  Ikiiii escurt'td  1.iiu .lo ,'ai., (ii.or Of
eoi....*B' destruction,   Bo nines their
tusks ur.- hard. Today uu architect
tnaes thought of the echo, His building Is constructed so ns lo exclude this
intruder. Ami. knowing how to ei-
elude it, he knows how to welcome II
nis,..   i buvi* frequently in landscape
work put up Summer houses nud ur
ranged locks ho us to create ao echo
there."-* Kicbuuge.
pas. on either side of • desk at which
two clerki sit and cheek off on a
printed Hat of men.bert those who
1 ' After this they pas. In .Ingl.
file through the exit d.,.,r. which 1. •
few yards from thi* desk. Just outside thi. exit door stand two teller*,
one representing the "uyei" and one
the "noes'' Their business Is to call
alound one. two, three, fuur, and so on.
a. the members pass, t'onseguently
for each divlalon four tellers are necessary two for the ""aye" lobby and
twu tur th. "no" lobby.—Londou Truth.
■ ow   Oa.   May   H.   Aeaalrrd    For   a
Un.lU't.il"!,   lu   Kngland.
The practice of granting arms la still
In vogue In England, Ireland, Bcotland,
Austria, Spalu, I'ortugal, Italy, tier
many, etc., aud at times tlie pope, ai
•overelgn pontiff, exercise! the power.
Indeed, lt la by patent or grant ulone
that a uew family eau legitimately uc-
qulre a coat uf aru.i.
Tbe modua operandi In Lngliind. for
example. Is is follows: The upplica.it
for a patent of arms .from tbe .Town)
may employ any member he pleases of
the heralds' college aud through l.iiu
present a memorial to the earl marshal
of Eugland, who acta for thc crown lu
these matters, setting forth that be.
the memorialist, Is uot entitled to aruia
or cannot prove his right to such aud
praying tent his grace the earl marshal
will Issue hla warrant (o tbe kings of
arms, luthorlzliig them to grant tud
confirm tu hlin due and propor aruio
v,..„,i.,B    \\ ......
<">ur incest,-is ," ur-.l tb.-!r wool Is
tubs, mueh n. our WtVSS and ilnugte
ters . y.    In the
Iiriiirl WSI      -' ■ ' Wool I till, wns filled
wiih the rods, in which ooeor two men
with long |m,!cs stirred the wool
clean, when tbey lifted It U|«,n n traveling llpr"ii *        • n * ■ r
a p.nlr of roller* whn-l, tqoeeeed ".it
tl,"* wnler The n.irie priie pis Is ap
piled III the automatic scouring BOW lo
llre.it forks or rake* setaS the wod
•■ lt li carried by rollers from n feed'
ing iipr.'ii into tl..- iron teaks «nd by
altematlag motions i f tin ;r teeth gi.»
it a thorough sc -or rig Thus cleaneed
tl.,* wool 1. delivered by rollers t" tbs
drying mschlnes,  where  bot .-ir snd
great far;* ine DOW utilised I" extract
ril tbe moisture without tearing Uie
It   Needs  No Testimonial    It   is a
giiariiut.ee  in   its.-lt.       It     testimoirtals
an-  required  tl.ey   oould  bs  furnished   rial ensigns, to be borne according to
the laws of heraldry  by him md  tils
descendnuta.    This   memorial   la   presented and a warrant Is Issued by lh*
earl marshal, under which a patent of
arms is made out, exhlbltiug a painting of  tbe   armor.ul  ensigns   granted,
the royal arms of lOngland, the anna of
  the earl marshal md ihose of the college and describing lu official termi the
proceedings that bare taken place nud
Fresh Eggs and Storage Eggi. • correct blar.ou of the arms.   This petit. W DaviHon says there Is aB much   ent li registered  In lhe  books of the
ll thousands from all sorts and conditions »l men in widely different
places.   Many   modiotnei  aie   put   lorth
every year which bave but sn ephemeral eaisteno.   and  then are he.r.l of
no more. Dr. Thomas' Kclecl. ic Oil
has   grown   in   reputation    every    day
sue.* it made its first sppesranos,
difference between a fresh aud a pre
served or cold storage egg as there Is
between cow butter and manufactured
butter, The manufactured butter Is
con: dereil clean and, In a measure,
healthy, while a stale egg ls-nelthcr
clean   nor   healthy     Bggs   absorb   Im
beraldi' college Hnd receives the signa-
ture» of tbo gnrt.r snd one or both of
the provincial kings of arms.
A grant or patent or urtni is made to
l man aud his mule descendants. This
glvei bim a fee simple of tbem—that 1.
purltleR and certainty must be affected t0 '**• t0 L"n ontl ,0 li:» ■nule descend-
by the sun...Hidings necesRiiry ln el* •Dti equally and altogether nnd to hli
ther preserving or storage. female deaepudanti In a qualified man
ner—1. e„ for life, to bear the arms In
— - r    s Io_uge or Impaled  with their bus
bands' arms (If the husbuuda hare
aruisi. aa arms can only be brought ln
by arms, or, If they be heiresses or (•&•
helrew.es, on an escutcheon of pretense
upon their husbands' shields, and la
tb* Inst case their descendants Inherit
sudi maternal nrms, but only as s
quartering    Nineteenth Century.
m pills A
Iin.... n. ia  <„ura»e.
There Is a Story of n bul lying colonel
who turned on one of his nidi during
a batik* nnd cried: "ClptalD —, you
are frightened! You are, sir. You are
ernred I"
"You're right." replied the captain,
"and If you were hair ni •cared ai I
em yoo'd be all milea lu tL. rear."—
Richard Harding Imvla In Everybody'* Mavkzlua.
»hr   Ike   llrill   Haa  (..,«   Ila^ra.
Legemli of tbe derll srs quite 'um
Don in Ireland but ti,,* one which u>
iiio-t Intereetlng and leeel known per
hi.|.s Is that  which tells nlil   the |
of Ue iiifernai regions baa split I
llks those „f ii coe  beest   M • rs sl
lodes i. .in* legend In his story >>f st
Kevin and  Kathleen at Qleodatoogh
lu that story   tjOOTS DUkCS  M    KeVtS
(brow bis former ladylovs o,«*r the
cli fr in order t" be rid "f b'-r iui|".nn
niiies, but ti..- peaaants "f the Olends
lough district g   e tbe itorj • morepo
.■tn al  tOUCfa     Tbey   insist   that   it   WIU
•.ot Kathleen thai  was thrown ovsi
the ' liff, Imt that it » - BatU :■ win
hnd iissiini.il  ll.e form of Hie  lady  ll.
order to tempt tbeealnt   Tbe momenl
the priie*.* of evil topi led over ti Ig.
ef the yawning abyss bs spread h
like wings nnd SSlled nway In safety
Iini' h to the surpr.se of Hie bnly saiut
Ijiler on the devil again atl.-tiipied \»
lay n siiar,* for Sl   Ive. ,n. hut the ki.Int
managed to get tbe arch Dead on holy
ground, where. ..( course, l.e wns help
less Wh'l. tbs 'Ic I wns In tins help
less condition Kevin siiw.-il off bis lags
inul    iil'iiili.-d     COWS'    I fs    lo    the
slumps   Sin.*.* that day Siitiin has been
cloven tooted and will be until the end
of time.
Very  I.Ike  II.
Ull mother tucked foOl year-old John
ny away In the top berth of tl.e sleep
ing car, lays a writer In To-nth.   Dear
Ing him stilling li. the middle of the
night, the called Softly:
"Johuuy, do you know where you
sre 7"
"Toune I do," he returned ilurdlly
"I'm io tli* top di.iv.ci ■■■
A   "i.r   Man.
Hewitt—How did yi ne to marry
your typewriter 1   Jewetl   Well,   yon
nee, I got u good wife nnd gut rid of •
poor stenographer.
Northwest Wear.
Stanfleld'a I'n-AnrA..' - ' e-
derwear u planned an    .
eaj-eciaily I<» Nortliwrat I -.i'i.
It defie* the wont 1 iui-        m
comes down Inm th» 1 "
keeps yofl ****!*£ '"' «**'"■ n°
matur bow low the Uirnn nr'.a
ii notl, *ilky Nora Scot., wool
—with the ihrink taken out.
It U knitted in .11 •"• ,0
com/ortably fit everv
•nd hold* it. »h.p*. no nmum
bow often washed.
KTerr j.nnent I. ■rj»r.n<*«**'
abaolntelj nnahruikahle.
All Women
lWiH Sisist  N'at.
when the avstem n opiet. 'hr
ciui  t<ne low ind a  '■
preisioa or languor r, *
perienes "I ovei p ■■■
the     Malemrnt     that
givea auch prompt relief ti
■old Everywhere,     ta boaei M   "l"
The  t'n.af.   -.let..
The man  wbo knows belter how to
do mother man's  work   than  he does
hli own Is not safe for my kind of
work. -Louisville Herald.
Kanaen  oa  Sailor*.
br. Niiisci. Is fond of Nullum II*
sny* there Is u brotherhood Of the sen
which slumps sailors nml singles Ihem
out from all other callings. I'1' bas
found more thoughtful fesrnestuess
among snllors hi..I u belter spirit thun
among members of nny other profession. Sailors, be DSUSVOS, bear all "heir
hardships and sufferings with enliuueii
and fortitude.
-   No iluubt you'll need »       ■*
thl»r»a»on. .
th*fig*ar_twdtofcwi I '"
n.ul   i lofUbla   I" "■•-
il.nn,     M«H« in Illll.-k'" V
low.   h.,1.1 hy all laliabk-daalaia.
I   J- **
ort, and Condition* of  M*n  and
wlen to  Be Ob.erv.d  In  World'.
, n. — Th*   Official   and   th*
. iym*n. the N"» »nd 8pry ,nd th*
T,«dry ."d «•• Hom4|y * An A"y
gl.per Crowd Th.t  Surflad.
,„,.   vei   decided   who   I*   the
J '"'V,,   ;   ,n I'lnsh '  King Kdwuid
'"";',;„ Man* I.. ll.ass-llul.on. who
pr        *.,.;..'i al   the POI*alS of London
'"»"** 'rhe polloeman might well be
"im'''H,  „,   th.   , petition   for greul-
'■"'"" . wh0 ,-.,ri measure lhe power
11 "'■ ... ,..,,, of ihis Stern controller or
Wld,"..,,,, ,i,'" British law and wdSl
U.«' ,,„.,,   hy   his   uplifted
l™    • , li ',.* 1 rathe of 1 don I. there-
t,1"J''..,,,   im. even this pillar of Ho*
Ij^muit tailback before the "o -
,,,,,er"    Though not born .to be a
,    rt, i,„ ii satisfied wim
''""'   ,,„, , run, of purler at the door,
re !■  •"■» gentlcm..
noliy   little
In I
gl    "'   ""
and brass button*. will.
Iron    Duke,    the
ta Napoleon, and th,
... i Bhertoeh Holmea
I    ■ .,,-    ur,,*,,   lh.    BUI
i i   a hen tbi B .'
a   small    eliding
landtng and demands,
,   ur name, address, but.1-
L,rv\o      belief. political tendenol*i
me last »erv,-d In prison.
eyes say: "Are you a
; irer, er s mere oompany
y,,u   certainly  look   like
1 man or a peddler   "I
t-ongsst   mun   wiil
I  penetrating saxe and
m* imaller than ever in hi* own eeti*
Lumi   ui*    .glslng at   last  for  living,
thai the sentry will al*
, ..,        ,     a;-   unscathed.   If »ub-
( •„    autocrat   of     the
•fcallo'iy mav '-insider your application
r or  the  inaniu*
f \\ ur or the  railway mug
. .
..-.I   in   his  den   up
of  time—I.Hig
many *'-
,)1Mi  |r   I"** . '   SUSS   fr".n   th.
■   ,n interview Is granted,!
§ .  ll siilnmolied lo act I
, lie r   Is  kn *
njio!]--ui■! one Is ushered Into Ui* rr*
!    liapi" ns
*   hands In a hti-
lM *,, -....! -by the gods, |
have a .eat!    He 11.-
,eM u if*  tale, and   at   th<*
, - -   Mm   with  a cord, i
,. rl   I.  uplifted by  th"
.1--acrndlng the Stair,
•ne* of passing the
•.*.*.   who   I.  oru**-M-
l *r poor victim.
■ l..i.d'>n   want,   i
, ii   ,f In.inrMne*., law-
:- | all uniidlnes., be only n* I •'.
1 * .   1, ■'. loa  ■ r '»,!  to th*
Icr-niil I - * ea a bank holiday an I
I pi«a»ure-»eek< *r»
||aW.ig Into thai great Britiah Inslttu-
,g ,,f f *r, Igner*. wh.
..:„! broad Iln -
nana, homely 8wl*s or
I...*  ' posseoooa certain i
■ BK-jof • -lue. but the bank
] i .-nighty ltahylon dc
It *. I BMOI race:  tliry
!c good models for artl»t«
• iiilhu («l teeth, gix>d
.        * . ; uera
ty £.7.S6« of na. ac-
•lle r«s*.,rd. forming
. Uiy Kb.per crowd
, waves over the  I ■
And   w> re.rt   we   a
- Such   hugging,   that j
toi  strong ribs    ar.1
stand   the   pressure
■ t»o •Arrl.t.   was   I
..ailing f..r the houl
** .'■  a-, lhal I ,\e-miik-
rrted on privately, bul
v   in  a delirium ct bank
and   leer -bad   both'
• .1   In   encircling   two   big-1
haired damsel*,  th*
I welt to make way,
tress.   And  such
I I   a day  of ll.   Indeed;
I only be had In thai
• *r  i,f  I.',nJ..n  Iowa.
.r area] of attrneWoai
|ugi era and ao*
* .md harnessed fleaa.
• .-...I   '.. i ,.i,,^   «n   t,
uiuslc.   tl„-   flrvwork.,!
■ i. *    i .h, the un
tie n leaorlh
...• vei- to-be. forgotten
* .*• .1 ii others; and, n..-,
* for life on the h «..--
- the little- m.d JYench
, '   r.*,|    Into   the    Hrlll'li
■■it.   butt.,net
hi-  thin  Utl •   '
< .t Its original gloss, a
las, swaying to and fn
.. US Own account.   A
w. Q ,-• ■ 'me l. Is not
* »Inn   he  Igtioiuln-
■ I >■• n   two   ata
i    1Kb    frenchman
t ,*   -.     ROOT  und .ne
•frayed   fn.m   Um
i Mm I into this un-
■*- i • uaiK'Snic. kicking,
■ a« much of his urms
- the worst Bed*
'•-•■ ■ ..le of lhe river'
■-■■ rant queettom
ii irk.it.le one wa.
ll.e    dirly,
"''   '  "1nl"'1 to the uttermost   „„',',"
•pace,   Psisengeri hugged  the imoke
•iaoli and blooked the gangway.   i,|.
iOW-lraveltTB    Wftra    nnmi , ..
5* ««S - u:,;"';:,;l;i.:,;-
...  the  rdlculous crur,   who  wai ah
»■*'"• hla awns around without oZ
-n» a human being into th. rtv.r
"•'" t"" "' ***»oni  spot ,,:: ,i„.   ,
from Watarloo Bridge to Kew. ^d IZ\
'"',l1 K,,a"c  '" ause of their aSenu
' "   '""  '""" •'ere thin to ,,„.  ,„
rflianspareiM-yif their frame had been
trcrna from tbs rusty cloth,* thut hung
imply fr,,,,, ,i,e,r bony framework, ti*
short man was ns Inslgnldoant Ln l.s.ka
-" In size, and so 1 puj, |,lm by Uut
*j e"1"!"1"! ■ wus the in .*t romark-
i.bie apselmaa of u„. ra,,. lliat *, hluJ
■•een In all London Por verllv here waj
i green  man   |,y  „:,v „, , ,.,,.„„„.   Ar
ler all tba varied ttnu observah n
•he human oountenanoe, fr ,m thi brome
t un Indian to the pallor ot u seush-k
•ornan, this picture In green wus a fu*.
■mating horror.     All th. other pussen- I
,-er. ware forgotten; the green one
meomerised me True, ihe ha,i wae as
Pitifully  faded  a-  1,1,  Ion,  f,,„.k  cua,_ :
IU   which   you   '  ,,.   mrtei.'ii
•Ion made hy y,.*lr, ,,, bruahlng in the
•■ffort to rub respeetablllty into it*
ihreads: ths ahoes wart poverty-attiidt*
••n. and a. for the unalomy of tlu
wretehed oreatun *    i   in  a*  if
"tnpiy f,r all  Us years of anything in1
hi*   nature   of   food.     But   that   gT.r.*n '
face, the gre.-n eyes, shading ofT Into a
discolored mai-bli brow I    And I .peak
ihe truth thai  thii nightmare in oolor
laughed—repeatedly laughed, a note*-
loss, shrinking proceu thai spread over
the whole wrinkled surface of the green
visage,   dlaoloilng  teeth   so   dlaoolore.1 |
IS to take the shade of green a. well. I
They boLh laiigh-sl as (he abort one f.ss. ;
ed   a   remark   up   Into the   car of  the
long one.  and   when thnt  smile would
fade  away* |nt0  the  green   again   th*
tall one would dr..;, a Jest d  wn to the
ShOM   one.      Thus,   In   spite   of   onr'i
donbtl,  there was occasional  evidence '<
(hat the green passenger wea alive.
The Inmates of liast I.'.nd .n as a rule
keep to their own world of sordid
atreet*. Two. however, strayed up '
Fleet street way one night, looking llkj
■tarring animals I was wreaillng with
m disc. ...cerring Ilrirlsh chip In a dingy
restaurant the only rusromer, it so >
happened, welted on by a surly brute
vhe looked   a.-   touch  na  the  meat  he
terved. Bran lit* pangs or a deep-
■I hunger failed before the unap-
Bg meal, the last mouthful had
ie** n raken, lhe napkin (long aside and
rhe bill picked up. when my eye caught
•Ight of a wild-looking face at U.e wln-
low.   A in ,m. n* afterword a tali, gaunt
n wl.h diahevelled hair   and   an '
.;•    tgy  1 r  a  dre«* opened  fhe door,
ruahed t*. the table and fairly hissed In ,
nn* ear: "I'lease. Htr, won't -far give me ,
" and as she flung the
■n   at   me  her  long   thin   finger.
grasped the remnant, of the meal.   Al
the apparition   hurrl"d   frr«n  the room
the Walter rushed a*er h. r with a tor-
-f abuse, lt only took up the brlet-
snenS of time, but  like a finsh-
tbere had been produced a picture !
of the underworld life In old Ix>ndon.
• .gg<_.  bent.  *hrlvelled. the woman was starving!    Passing out a mono nt afterward. Ihe wretched creature
eras  dividing   her poor  .polls   with   a
derelict   rf a man who hnd been waiting
on the curb—Frank Telgh ln Toronto
: *
I fata* Mr
".'»s    ll..«klns*   auusi.g'
kins' sau.age Shop!"
rvlng   straggler   from
'     berty, llvo.My'noi'rta-
t asking such a ques-
I i   saai and    funereal
oil   places.  Hint   n-
was haled away
I DOSS "f death again
f the corridors   and
: i. .ndon's ourln *-.	
M.n Eater'. Fh*nd Pleads Bcfor* Britiah Houit of Common-*.
To the  long  list  of  pro-Zulus,  pro-
pro -Mol.dla.   and   pro-Leopold. ,
mm! be added the pro-tiger, lay* L/>n-
■I  r. Kiprean.
Mr R.ee ha* appeared In the House
of (*,n.moia In the ro'.e ct "the tiger's friend" He cause «„rn<* oinur- * '
by asking the Secrelary for India to |
r-fer to the Government of India the'
queattea of the Indleerlmlnat* ..ffer of
• is to gain »M ii pruf«*llnnil
slaughterers destroyed these animals
Mr Race mentioned that man-eaten
.     . . iii.*.-rs. and
other,   of  the  species   cauaed  no
loss and danger to human  lir>*.
"Pity tb. 1* • .1 tiger." Is the cry which
1!  is ■■ never be property ap
ed by tho oatlT. -    I tnd—. Kvn
...   .,  .   ,. ™,iid n». deeide le chain- .
., the • gi'    "I * ana •' imagine." he
"to  add-»sj  th-  C 'vcrturient    of
India  In   lhe  sense  SUggeetOd  by    Mr
nor do I eiperl  lhat  thry would
.hare hla vlewa as to the preservation
of tbe tiger."
Mr Beoa howerer, explained tearep-
resentattve Of The Kxpress that "no
well-o.ndi.cted tiger ever think* of at-
iiu king a man."
"The native. Just *>hno' nbem ofT," he
continued with the air of a man who
had froquui.tiy taken part In the "«hoo-
Ing" ,    ,
"Man raters are comparatively very
rare, and their habits, their lolra. and
all iheir m   ■ ''■ known to ev
ery villager.    A. I have m -re tlian BUi •
Insisted, the tiger In India la the Bgl
eulturU.fi fried    Thi tiger elay. th*
d..- and  wild  pigs   that   d'H'.roy   th"
cropi    i-rvvidiv..** belinoee oil  thes*
•Whnt I wish tn .ee put down I* tne
•1 tying of tigers f-.r reward! The *ys-
'. -ii "f paying thirty rup-es for an or-
, d.iid tiger and 100 for * man-
eatef ims rrsuKed In the wringing un
,.f a ci*J«* of professional slaughtcre,*
On* ordinary dead n.-r will keep a
Whole family for a year"
Mr lle.s did n"t nienilon the poest-
blllly tbat an ordinary live tiger might
also possibly wipe out t-he cattl* »f •
whol* family In » »-nS** n,|!,lt*
]• -dkea In the cradle of tl.e d.-p
I lay m,. down lu p.ac, lo »lB*..p;
oei uie I re*,  Bpor,  (h, way|
'■or thou, U Lord, hut powir to *ava
I know thou wilt no*, alight my call,
ror thou dual mark thu -tparrow'a foU.
;" I        in und peaceful is my slmiy
Rooked in the cradle of the deop.
And such the trust that still were mine.
lOOUgh   atonny   winds  snapt   o'er   th.
Or tin,ugh the tempest's fiery breath
■loused   itie   from   sleep   iu   Wrcck  and
In ocean's caves .till ,af0 with the*.    \
l h.* germ of Immortality.
And calm and peaceful I. my alee*.
Hocked iu U»e c.udle of the deep.
 —Emma Wlllard.
A   Torpedo   Flotilla   to   B.   Formed—
Locjiiing  Defence.
The lung-diacusscd project of a local
navy for lhe Aualrallau Cuuiinoiiwaallli
Is Ob. ill t*j materialise.
'up'. W. H. t'reeswell, director ol
nr.' U foroes (o thi Ausir»llan Oovern-
ni* ■    na.*, been spending turtnt Umi Is
'*'"' and, Obtaining provlsiuual leudurl
for torpedo craft.
He has made the round, nf th* Important naval building yard* on tha
Tyn. and Clyde, and ha. now for-
warded ipeolflcatiOBs and istlmatas f,.i
th* oonatruotioe of four desiroyer»
and four torpedo h ars to Senator
Thomas 1'layford, with whom resta th.
responafblllty of d»n.iiieiy placing tin
It u not »ugR**ste*1 that thi. force
should In any way be a .ubstitutu foi
thu llrlllsh Australian squadron. II
will   be  merely   supplementary   lo  It.
' 'apt. Creeewell, In the c ,urae of an
Interview, wry clearly explained the
views of the AustraJlan auUiorltle. upon the aubject of tli. propo.ed local
". .ur ld«.o." he said. "I» to assist lh.
Imperial tie, t, and nut to .upersede H-
Our little navy will stand In thc same
light to thi Britiah Beet that a aoblary
watchman doe. to tin orgonlxed polic.
"We propose to b»gtn by building up a
torpedo flotilla. I am du** back in Melbourne by the middle of June. The
astitmiiei will th-n rami on for discussion, and I think I may nay that thi
aohnne 1 pr pose will be adopted. Tin
additional expenditure Incumbent upon
the Commonwealth win be about £. loo..
000 per annum."
Sir .ieorgc s Clarke of the Imp. rial
Defence Council, with whom ('apt
Cnvo-med ha. been In consult ition. U
understood to fuvor the BOheme
At the Admiralty, however, tl.e Id".
of a looal Aus:r.,.'.,iii navy is not re.
gord-,1 wirh a very friendl) eye,
'The   clonlal   author.ti.*s    would  At
mui*h belter  to spend  into y Hiey  vl-.li
io  lay  out   upon   iiuvh!  d'*f**n^e   in   tr
form of a c .ninbutlun to the Imperta
fl**er."   said   a   »e:ikn"-*n   flag   ofle ei
"Au-'.ra *.» nail b» d' fe' d d In Euro-
p*«n   wu'ers.      Tt.e  A'. th et   anrl
U.e M'sii'erranei.n ^'**-t f trm the real
bulwarks of those far-off etiores lv t
these f .p'.1 t.# defeated end what Is
a lo.-ol fie.-', going to do against an
•nwny* Any aggression against Du
OmnmonwcalUi ...u**.  have con,* froi*
1 •* ;e_ The colonists iheaeelvei
M ■    .e-m   lo   r* nl r.-   this
"Their naval reeerree arc n v*ry use.
ful for i trained un-.er -ne iintlsli Ad-
m -sir. bul a few torpedo craft, w^nc-.
they may wn by  right   ol
pur ' ,<*• -'nil'-.,; render them la. dependent upon our battle equadrons than
they .re at present.
"Nor can Imperial naval defence evet
b» Inni tiled, f W it means the mastery
of ail tbe ai**** "
In 1890.
Thi. couple quarreled In 'W,
And Ibis the reason why:
ahe wished a Viking in. .*. • le.
And only Burn.' he'd buy.
In 1WM.
Again thi. yeur they .quabbleS,
And now thetr trouble, ar.:
Bin want, a Ktter auto;
21. buya a different cart
In 1111.
Ten years from now undoubtedly
Aguln we'll hear the... .lush.
He'll buy an Arrow airship.
While Hli,- will want a Dush!
Fr«t.LII» ob .„,,...,.« relS.
It ll well known, Hays the New York
Eveuing l'ost, that l'runkllii mude a
purlieu lar study of colds aud had llll
owu theory about the.u, which we believe 1* pretty much the theory of to-
duy. Oue of hi* assertions was that
catching cold does not cu.ne from mere
rold, but from  unequal temperature
•ver the body and fron. undistributed
B.oisiiiie. To prove this he made a
number of observations ou occasluui
when he did uud did uot suffer. A few
ef these follow:
lly pulling uu a dump shirt uu a dry
Hy putting on a dry shirt on a wet
body, though this tveti tbe body ten
times mure—no.
Ry sitting lu a room where tlie floor
has been newly washed   yes.
Hy going into u river uud staying
there un hour (no .beets so well—no.
B.v wetting the f.s*t only—yes.
By wettlug all tl.e dollies through
the body uud wearing them a whol*
Hy Hitting tn a room against a crevice
Hy sitting si lung ln th* open un*—
BOOT   kjewaed   Wea.
Do not revile thi bow legged man,
for he plays au Important purt In tb*
world. It Is eetluiuted thut 40 per cent
of mankind ere buw legged, io numerically this class Is entitled to greut
respect.    Buw   legs Invariably  auc-om-
1 puny a robust physique. We Hnd then)
oue   uf   tbe   conspicuous   features   ot
* .ililct.'H. I'uiii.'ilii.ns are almost always how legged. Of the bow legged
geuluse* to which humanity points
with pride tl.e most illustrious examples are ('iiesur. II..nice. Napoleon,
Wellington, Schopenhauer aud Cuvour,
i the celebrated Italian statesman.—Imo-
j duu Answers
Hew (, a,,»,.,• Waa l.l.,*,,.,,*, d
Bcheele In 17*C! laid the fuuiidiillone
for tlie manufaciu *e of cyanide of potassium. With pn sslate of I-ntash for
Its base, dried animal mutter of any
and sll kinds was .1.imped Into the superheated vessels containing the potash, together with Iron filliigs and borings, a itonellke black mess resulted
from the cooling, nnd ether processei
brought tl.e flnnl lemon colored cryi-
tula which resulted from evsporntlom
of the »olutlons. Krom these cryitnl*
prusslc acid was evolved, of which I
2 per cent lolutlun Is the pharmaceutical preparation, jet so |K>w.-rful that
four drop* will kill a large dog. A
chemist, putting I cyanide solution le
i gold lined dish In 1S-I4. dls.-overed
tbat tb* gold was dissolved In the
liquid. Hill was the Iteglnnlng of the
gold plating process by the use of cyanide and the further Involvement of
the [mlson came about In electroplating. In photography and In treating ra*
tractory gold area.—Technical World.
The  Uriah!   Side.
Words of cheer ure wurdi of help;
word, of gloom are wurds of harm.
There ts a bright side uud a dark side
to every phase of lift, and tu every
i."oi uf time. If we speuk of the
bright ltde, we bring the brightness
lutu prominence; If we speuk of (be
dark side, we deepen Its shadows. It
la lu our power to help ur to hinder by
a wurd any and every per.uu with
whuiu we come in contact
DrBnluB  Ilia   Hoara.
Patience-A  judge  lu Cleveland,  O
baa   decided   that   11   o'clock   Is   lute
enough fur any luuu to Bit u;> with bis
best girl.
Patrice—Thst, of course, Ii outside
ef the two hours allowed him to say
guodby at the duo-.—Youker* Btates
ui* a. 	
Hock   -Tal   Ten,plea.
The oldest architectural rulm ln the
world are believed to be the rock cut
temples ut lpsumboot. ou the left bank
of the Nile, In Nubia. The largest of
these ancient temple* contains fourteen apartments, hewn out uf solid
•tune. Tbe ruiui are supposed to be
1.000 year* eld.
And to Thousands  of Weak-,  Sickly People
Health  Is Restored by
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Arehblahop af Canterbarr.
The archbishop of Canterbury ll referred to as "bis grace." and be writes
himself archbishop, etc., "dlvina prov-
Identh.." Whereas other prelate* use
Ihe phrase "dlvina permissiouc." lie
is the hrst peer iu the realm. At coro-
natious be places the (Town on the
bead of the sovereign, aud the king and
i;.i"**ii are bis domestic parishioners.
The bishop uf I<uudun 1. his provincial
dean, the bishop uf Winchester bil
suliileau, tl.e bishop of Liucoln bll
chancellor and the bishop of ltocheiter
bl* chaplain.
You Miint to be stinnn ami healthy.
Kvo.ImmIv duos. Women a*- well as
There was a time when women prided thessselves ou looking pub* ..ml
Thut duy  has palled.
To-day robust  health i*- the ideal.
A wall-rounded form, Brm fleeh and
musolea, strength and elasticity ol
movement uud a heultlilul glow to ilu*
Domplexioo ilies.* are «hu( nil are
■triving for, end  many ara attaining
thell object I'V ill,* Use ol 1>1. ('Ilar-e'r*
Ner. e   i'tioi.
When the lood «liicli i- taken into
the ho.ly la.Is to supply the required
amount ol rich life-iustaining blood
external assistance must be sought
until ih.* lyetem ii fully restored.
Dr. Qhase'i Nerve K.mkI supplies
the very material which goei directly
to   the   formation   ol   blood,    pure,
li.-ulth-giving  blood.
Mi-    W.   R.   Suilieilaiid,     St.   And-
rewa, Han.,    write*:     In   February,
1908 I was stricken with paralysis,
loll hi.lplessly to the floor and hud to
be named to bed. The doctor pronounced  il   u  bad case as    I     had    no
power iu my tongue and lefl leg. I
remained in that condition for six
months without obtaining benefit
Irom the doctor's prescriptions or
ullil i   medicines.
"My husband advised me to try
Dr. Chase'■ Nerve i"".l and by the
ii*.,* oI this treatment all symptomi of
the diseaae disappeared, i can now
tulk plainly, my leg is ull right und
I can do my housework. How grateful I am to be cured by ro wonderful
u remedy.1*!
Weakness, ii regularities, hen.Inch.-
dizxy spells, leelings nl fatigue, dis-
oouragatnent and despondency soon
disappear before the splendid reetora-
tive   influence   ol   this   greal   medtoine,
un! for thii reason Di (hasev Nerve
1*00.1 has become so popular. BO oenti
a box, at ull dealers, or Kdiii.iii-.on,
Hates A  Co.. Toronto.
In Growing
Old Fast
An<l you know why, too. It's
thoie grgy h|irt| Don.t you
«ow that Ayer's Hair Vlfor
Js-ores color to gray hair?
W«H. It does. And It never
'»'», either. It stops falling
Jw «lso, snd keeps the scalp
clctn »nd healthy. Do not
«rowoliJ too rut|
,■*>»•''■ Hair Vigor Iw <a*nr
nil .„(>••-) i,. ,,,,,, ta be nis
'.'. I. It kaafi tu], hair froaa
.'. au,' hanua ,„« a„»lp olaaa
1 - 1 _,o„ Cl.f,
?.*•'■''*" hffi! ft'"'. "»" **H« f« --ft
«W CMC'. "V ,"■,''■■••f'
.IS: £* **!' Oo., Lo-anll. Mi
*m* uaalaatonra a~
'   SAsasrunju.
lalherlne  Dalll   >•.'   I*»l*e*.
The Petrovsky pslscs Is i cnarmtag
monument to the more picturesque side
„r csther tbs Great's character   it
was her vllln Without the walls of Moe-
,-„„    where she cul.l live Sl her ease,
.urronn.lcl    bl    her    brUoaM,    »•
Apruxlus. the Volkonskvs. tl.e l.olltslns,
,,;„ Ranimovs    Bbs would have no
-Midlers to guard bsr   Bhe aretenei ta
rest under the pn Hon other own
pwls. and the people ante «owtol
-about the palace, laying:    Make no
„„is.*'   Do not disturb our lltue mott*
,.,..••  sh.- loved tbs Balds and woods of
ivtrovHky. ss well she might   it w
I„ ibis neUbborb.  thsl she berselt
swsltedtbetpproacbofberi "   -
yiila, which so nitonlabed Lord »«roen
Md Willi  coi In  IW    toe bad
tb- palace built to com morale thi
,J, „ rlrtorlos over the Turks and
1 tha ta.* ;";;/;;:';:
who .new bow to adnpt 0*>ll,,c """ „"
wm.  comfort    Th.*   red   *•"*««■
,llHr „,,!.,. .tone facug. and round
t0„,.rH, H.-C.I n,......a ih;*   '•'•;■ • »•    „
cli'llKiiirnl ln.,..essl.i. of .*l-«-  '
Blim.   Sine" "thcrlnc's.hiyi.l .
pwws of Kuasls have awaited be flay
ufil.etriun ntry In ths PetrovsW
palace.-1.un-Juu  Siiiudurd.
Way to  Solve  Houa.  Problem.
K. ■» /.eaJand. the colony Ol Soelal-
l-'e*. ev> n radical, legislation, has
foul,J a T.-ioedy for th* housing problem in ihe snartmsnt of U>« Work-
ne rfl 11 mei A ■: According to Ur.
A A Brown of Dunedm New Zewland
who 1. vls|*.,ns In .'anada, the remedy
la proving a cur* for Ch* '••hl-fti-rent**
Vr irrown riplalned that undw this
Act a "workman* wa* a married man
ng U,.-i t'.'t * year, er 115 *
week. The Government d'alt in two
classes of hou.ea—fr&m* *tructures. al
£31.0. snd -brick houses, at £.10. Thesi
were leased to **»"rkin'-n** al rental
•qualm* I, per cent, on the Inveat-
ment IVial means aJtout 17.JO pee
'i nth tor ihe frame hotue* and $111
for the mor, nib.iantlal claaa. "Pan
.o.rrimenl Is secured by a twenty-
rur endowment policy on th* life •!
*,lie "» rkman." and If the Insured
dl-w within the twenty year* the Government reta th* proceeds of Ute policy.
Tht wid.w r-ceive. a rlear title deed t*
th* pr ftriy. It the workman lives till
rhr end oi that period th* proceeds of
. * iwment ko to the Government,
aad the man gela hi. deed The Gov-
ernmeal has alrendy c.-tnmenced th.
areetlon of hou.ea In Wellington and
Piinedln on thi. principle
New "/.roiand al»o ha* an "Adrano*
to Bettlerf Act," which provide* for
O \..rnrir..t i.'.b. of money to farmer*
end oth-rs. at I P'*r cent, to th* vala.
of *.wo fifthi of security.
The oolony*! "radical" leslslatl'.n al**
Includae » State Ir'ire l.^uranc* Co.
formed to Bghl the exortiltant rat*.
WBlah thi Bngttsh companie* propoMd
U   Impose..
w..*..,,«  L'arlyla.
A tidy WSS oue ity approaching tbe
modest boms of tbs Cariylss iu fheyue
Wnlk. l'oor, loim lufferiuK Jeaunle
Welsh Cnrlyle. up lu the balcouy, looked down it her. "Oh, do," she called
out "come Inl Mary Anu and 1 are so
tired of watering ("arlyle!" The lady
Tiered nnd wui escorted to the little
g-vden at the buck of the house. There
- It wai « hot day-sat the great mm
lu a pool of wuter. Kor houri the two
devoted women hnd been toklug turne
in deluging the flugBtone* arouud lilm
by means of u large watering pot. Ue
WSI very particular that not a drop
should touch his nicred person, which
uo doubt doubled th* difficulty uf the
operation, The inuie authority relate!
that Mn. Carlyle had a dog whlc-b ih*
loved. But It would come ln with dirty
feet, uud tbs splenetic philosopher objected. No one wai willing to wash
U.e creature, yet he had to be cleined
lomebow. dually there was an er-
ninp nt made with a local laundress und she washed hliu every week,
lend lug him home lu s basket with ths
eleiu clothes. |    _
In 1*41 Smyrna wus ylslted by a
coiidugratlon which destroyed lli.000
Lousl,4 The buildings destroyed were
„,,„ ff00den structurei, aud a Are
nice klmlled In a tuvvu of frame build-
lugs closely crowded together I* almost
Impoiilbl* to lUbdue.
A   Canadlaa   Paradise.
Temignml Is Shaped like an octopus,
with long Stretched out anm. ind Its
■bore* are Indented with deep circling
bays, lslaud strewn and culminating la
.harp points Slid curve, that add te
the beauty of this magical scene. "The
lake of deep waters" ll tl.e meaning
of the lu.llau word, und they lie very
deep and cool lu their bed uf granite, la
•tiiluesi a perfect mirror, In iturtn
darkly menacing, with foam edged
wave* ihuwiug fanglike teeth. Itelng
a hundred square unles lu area. Tenia*
gum! forms oue of ...na.la'i great nat*
wai reservuirs. Mighty rtveri frum
the height uf land tu tl.e nurlh flow
tntr> it, and It lu turn feeds tbe.treami
thi flow southward, carrying their
Uf i vlug waters through the forest!
lo e peopled hinds ls*lo\v. Thure are
MQU Islands lu the Ink.-, and the gov-
ei|uueiit has Included lhe whole urea
\tm a magnificent forest luosrro of s
Uiilliou und a half acres Kate Weat-
lake Yelgh lu Kour Truck News.
Bvery mother dreads that |K*riisl In
hei   baby s  life     known     as    teething
inn,* The little gums an* iwollen,
inflam.sl and tender; the child ratten
greatly, and is so cross and irritable
lhat iho whole household is on edge.
I All this is changed in home- where
Baby'l Own Tablets are used. Thii
molieine allsys the inflammation,
U     thi      -violleii.    tender    gums
brings the teeth through    piinlaealy.
In proof Mrs W. ('. M.-i ay, Denbigh,
Out., savsi      I   have   found   Baby's
Own Tablets a spietidnl mevlicine a*
teething  time      My     baby     was    ve.y
rieh at that tin..*. «a- erosi reetleoi
and had i... appetite? After giving he.
the Tablets then- was a marked   im-
provonetft, and in the course ol a lev,
.lay. she was nut  like the same child.
Th.* Tablets an* just the medicine -o
help I.otIf unes ovei the trying teething time" You can get Baby's Hurl
Tablets from any druggist or by mail
at   J'i  cent-   a   box   by   Hilling  the   Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Jammed   Klaaera.
F*w people have ■■-'■..pel jammed
fingers, uud as the pain caused when
tbe linger is jammed lu a door Is ex-
rruciutlug in lhe extreme for tbe flr»t
few miuuivs It la wall lu Luow uf some
menus uf relief. The tluger should he
pluuged tutu water us hut as cuu possibly be borne. Thi* uppllcatlou of
hot water cause* tbe l.ml to expand
and soften, and tl.e blood pouring uut
liei.eaih It has more room to flow. Thu*
tl.e pain ll lessened. The tluger should
then be wrapis-d lu a bread aud water
poultice. A Jammed tluger should never be neglected, us lt uiuy lead to mortification of tbe lK>ue If It hai beeu
badly crushed, aud amputation of tba
finger must follow. Jammed toei ar*
u.uully caused through tbe falling of
heavy weigbli a:..l should be treated
In the stun* way as a Jammed linger.
Women won't be happy In heaven
uules* the »t> ie*. iu bulua change ten
'Muen u year.
Obstluacy la an ugly quality ln our
Generally sj-euklng. we think that
our neighbor get* uu mure puulshmeut
than bs deserves.
It seems the height of hard luck to
have experience guld brick ua
«,, n.mi ua Irving.
The Dean of the liar of Ontario wa*
Knighted In Ihe King1. Hlrthday. Sir
Aeralllu. 1. an old man. but h* carrle*
hi. alahty-thr** years remarkably well
He ha* been a barrl.ter of t'pper Canada .Ince 1849, and aa Treasurer of tho
Lav Society ba* seen two generation* .
pa*, through Oagoode Hall. Kor many
yeara Mr. Irving had a place among
the o.unael ln all tbe big provincial
'■nvs. and bis service* In tl.e matter of I
acoount* in dl.pute between the Dom-
Itilon and Ontario have been Invaluable.
He aat for Hamtllnn In the Common,
frum 1174 to 1871 a. a Liberal. HI.
connection with the Liberal party wa.
by birth a* well a* Inclination. HI.
father, the Hon. Jacob Aemlllu* Irving,
served a. an officer of dragoon* during
Ow Napoleonic wars, and wa. present
at Waterloo. He cam. to Canada In
1*154, and after the union of 1140 sat In
the Legislative Council. He waa *
friend and ally of Baldwin and Lafon
talne, and It wa* ln the almo.phere ot
f-Uform that Aemlllu. Irving grew ua
A Pill for lie.ieroti. Katers —Th.i,
\ are  many   |h*isoiu ol   healthy   ap|«t.t,
and p.st. digeetion who. after a hearty
' meal,   are   subject   to   much   suffering
The lo.sl of which they have partake..
lo*- like l.*a.l iii their Itomacha. Head-
ache, deuieesion. a mothering feeling
| follow.    One so atflicte,!  is    unfit    foi
'business ur work ot any kind.     In thii
condition runnel.,', vegetable I'ill-*
!will brii.K relief.   They w.ll assist th.
ii-siu,ilatioii  of the  aliment,   and   Used
according to   direction    v-.ll    restort
healthy dige.-ti.m.
Ilia  llrdrrmlaa Trait.
"I'll say oue thing fur Soakleigh
geiiernlly kuuwa wheu he hui
••Hut then he's too far gone to know
anything els,*''   American Spectator.
For   . ,n,.ri,l   I'urposea.
••Tl.ey dou't have much baseball la
"Wonder why not?"
"Grandmothers are too plentiful, I
S'poae."—1'iltsburg Post.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Flab  Kralra,
Tragedy of * Lost Shall.
Th* Natal Mercury (South AlWca)
tells the *tory of a Boer farmer named
Mtolman. who found a 4 7 navel ehell
lying on Ihe veldt unexploded and took
It home to ht* lister. She wanted the
shell for deooratlon purpoae. and began to dig out the lyddile, and to *often
Fish scales can easily be removed by   !,t1.pour^ 001'd "a,er TV^,! m^A
..',..„ ,,..,   ,. ,,.,.. «... «,„.....    dlle and water began to effervesce, and
pouring hot wuter on the tlsh slowly
uutll the settles curl, then scraping
quickly. Wash In several waters, having the last cold and well sailed su nu
slime will be lelt.
lh* girl went Indoors and from the end
uf the passage watched the shell,
which lay upon the doorstep. Suddenly
there waa a terrific explosion, and Miss
Mum1iii.hi fell dead, struck ta the breast
by a piece of sh. ll. The whole house
lar of .1 unrrnaal. wa* wrecked, every pane of glass, ev-
The hideous tulcs of the car of Jug-   «*T window frame and every door be-
gernnut nud  tbs  hundreds of  victims   <ng caat to the ground and most of the
crushed beueath il* Wheels lu the an-   furniture being upiet and amaahed.
uual processions are lies.   Tlie car fe*
tivals lu lndlu attract each year 100,
Recorder of Satan's Sorrow. Has Trou-
bl.<  of  Her  Own—Po.tcard*
Libel  Her Feature*.
Marie Corelll, the well-known noTol-
1st, haa applied fur an Injunction to restrain A, and E. Wall, of Biru*.ford-on-
Avon, from publishing picture postcard,
purporting to depict scenes In her private life. Miss Corelll Is good looking
and It Is alleged that the cards libel her
features. The action again raises a
legal point tha.t has never yet been decided.
Miss Corelll resided at Stratford-on-
Avon. Mr. Eve, K. C. explained, and had
taken s>m* part in lhe socraJ life of
the district Early thi. month It wa*
arranged to hold a -Shakespearian festival to commemorate what was alleged
to be the birthday of one William
Shakespeare.  I Laughter.)
In anticipation of a large number of
visitors being attracted who would desire to become acquainted with the other notable people of Stralfurd-on-A''**!.,
the defendants produced sets of picture postcards, ent Hied "The Distinguished Authors Serbs. No. 1."
Miss Corelll at onre took objection to
the cards, and If his lordahlp would look
at them and at a reoent photograph of
the lady he would lee what a gross libel had been perpetrated on her features. (Laughter)
One of the cards was called "Shakespeare and his contemporaries," which
looked as if the d f.iidants wished to
suggest that Shakespeare was a contemporary of Mki Corelll. (Laughter.) The publication of the cards had
caused Mis* Corelll much annoyano!.
One of the cards complained of r r-
resented Miss Corelll presenting a cup
to the Stratford-on-Avon Boa* Club,
and rhe defendant said he wa* present
on the occasion and lt wes the best
representation he c.-uid gi»e from memory of the features of the la->y who wa*
eo gracefully presenting the cup. An
other card showed Miss CorelU ln i
gond >la. and lhe defendant said lt de
plctvd what had occurred last «umm.|
on th* Avon. A curd styled "Sweet, to
the Sweet" displayed a pony carrlag*
outside Miss Corelh'i house, and a further picture depleted the lady playing
with a p't dog on a lawn. The latter
was admitted to be purely Imaginary.
Ml*. Corelll had no dog.
dunsel said he thought there was a
case here which would have to be tried,
a* to the right of a person not only to
her own features, but to features which
dd not belong to her.   (Laughter )
Mr. Scott Thompson (with Mr   Eve)
contended that the curds were libellous
His Lords n.;     Bl   a use  the  portrait.
are unlike musl tbey n* cessalily be libellous?    (Laughter.) *
Mr. Thompson thought there could b.
no doubt about ll in this case. The
g"i.d *la plc'.ur* was ridlculuu* a* a
work of art.
His Lordship—The work of art I* sold
at a halfpenny. I suppose? (Ijiughirr.)
Mr. Percy Wheeler submitted that
the only question was whether Miss Corelll had suff, r. d any I'gul l.viury. It
must be a very sensitive an • II It was
to hold a person up to ridicule and 0 n-
t< mpt to «ay th .r she played with a
dog on a lawn.   .Laughter.)
HI. Lordship said the Inference wa.
that the picture was taken In the lady'*
garden, and that she waa * person who
lik.d to be advertlaed In tin. way.
Mr. Wheeler— It might have been taken over lhe garde, wall. (Laughter.)
The affidavit was read by ill-is Corelll, who stated that she went to
Siratf .rd on-Av.in for the purpose ol
obtaining privacy, and that tbe card,
were calcu.al'd to enp"«e her to ui.Jusi
contempt ln r, laiion to her private life,
and prejudice ber in her prufesaiun a.
an authoress.
Th* »econd defendant. Miss Edith
Wall. In reply, retorted In her affidavit
that so far from seeking privacy during
her seven years' residence at Stratford
Miss Corelll had cuurted publicity ln
every way.
Mr. Wheeler followed this up with
a declaration that had the portraits of
Miss Corelll been flattering nothing
would have been heard of this action.
I'ew ladles, he said, w-ou!d admit thnt
a portrait did them Justice and he assumed that Miss Corel.l wa. no exception to the rule.
If these card, were a libel, ever* eg-
hiblllon of the Royal Academy would
be a collection of libels. (Laughter.)
1'hotographers, too, would be liable
to be sued, for It wa. common knowledge that most people when they had
Iheir photographs taken looked positively hideous. (Laughter.)
Mr. Eve: Speak fur yourself, Mr.
Wheeler. (Laugher)
His lordship .aid he would oensldef
hi* decision.
Her Reference.
"I am not quite siitislh-d with your
references." said the lady of the house
to the cook applying fur work. "Nay-
ther am I. mum, but they're the best
I cuuld get."—Milwaukee SeutlneV.
Adversity borrows Its sbarpent sting
from our Imps tleuce.- Ilorue.
Tbr   Civil   War.
During the civil war the federal government enlisted u grand total of 2,771*,-
40S men.
with LOCAL APl-1-I'ATK.NB as they
7anot r«ch th. .eat of the dl.ea«,.
Catarrh la a hlood nr eon.tl utlonal disease and In order tn cure It you n*u«*-
tike Internal r.medl.s Hall s Catanft
Cur. la taken Internally and act. dlr-
eetlv ,m Ihe blood and mueoua surface..
Halla Catarrh Cura I. not a quack medicine lt wa. are.cribed by one of th*
best nhvplelan* In the oountrv for year*
and 1. . regular prescription^ It 1. com-
,aed of the b«*t tonic known, oom-
Ith thr  be*t  blood purlfl.rs^ »ot-
The perfect comt.lnatlon of the two In
gredlents 1. wh.t produce, such wonder
ful  re.ult.  ln   curing   Catarrh     Send   foi
f'j'T-HEVEtI'CO..  P-on*.   Toledo.  O
S&yiaffFgSr AS Z^eon**.-****
Tb*  Preaa   »*.->.',   Waterlo*.
"Tou eee," explained tbe advance
I2**ut for tbe Giddy Burlesquers, "I
thought If I could get them to talk ot
tup pressing tbe show It would be good
"Well, hang It all. they weren't content to talk about It but they actually
lid suppres* IL"—Chlcngn l'o*t.
Minards Liniment Cures Burns, etc,
an average child measures about
nineteen and a half inche* at birth tf
a boy and half an Inch less if a girl. A
child Increases more rapidly in length
during the first week than at any iub-
seqnent period, and should gala sn
Inch during th* first month of Its lite.
OW pilgrims, but uu uiie was ever killed
beueath the cur except by nccldeut.
In the mythology of Europe horses
huve alwiiys been considered bearers
of luck, nnd there wus u superstition
which once was current that tl.e pres-
ence of a horses hoof uuder the bed
would cuix-.icriuiu iouiplaluta
Barred Him.
"Why don't you buy au automobile?"
"Can't afford lt."
"I believe they do require the dollar
dowu In cash."
When Are They I
They call It single blesaedne.*.
But .till It keeps one guea.tng
In auch a very lonely Uf*
To Bud a ilugl* bltaalug.
The flaeet flour la not the most nutritious, for, while lt contains the moat
starch, the albuminoids aud other our
triuous elements are almost _c_n«.
One   ot   the   ureate-M      IlleOlingl    to
parents ii Mother Qraree1  Worm Exterminator,        lt    effectually    expeli
worm*  and   nives  health   in   a   ii.atv.-l-
ii-  manner to the little one.
Boala af  Hide.
Travelers lu Africa crosa lome rtr-
*r* ln small, round boats made ot
ante, lue buala arc push.-d SCTOSS by
KloKglng, In public and otherwise, le
not uf mediaeval origin, in tbe mi.bile
ages ridicule and not physical suffering
was the means employed fur the or-
r.i lion Of, wrongdoing; hence tbe pillory, the st.aks nud tl.e thoive .. chair
suspended blub over Ihe beads of th*
crowd,    lu    which    women,    uruernlly
scolds, were bruuirht to a sweet reasonableness but (he Whipping post l*e-
lunita to the Tudor Sgo, The Kllna-
bclliaii   servant  question  was  met   by
floKitiiiK girts for Idleness ou Sunday
morning Hut It was In tho Hanove
rin ti period that Hogging wus curried
to excess. As lute as 1.S04 six women
were publicly tJuuiteU lu Ulout-eater,
England, because they had been fouud
l.aertlag a l.eiuon.
A simple method of extracting Juice
from a lemon without the lee.ls li to
roll the lemon until .|Ulte soft, then
puncture one end with a silver fork,
.' iking the holes quite good ilze.
".ben the lemon is squeezed the Julea
> ill ,*.:..* out. but not a single seed.
(i.hmI Digestion should Walt on Ap-
.  it.     To hav,* the stomadh well    is
,i  have the   aeTTOOl  \V-tclu   well.   Very
lelicate arc the digestire organ-,    lu
i*ae -it -en-i'ive aie thev that utnios-
pheric changes affect them. When
tbey become disarranged no belter
regulator i- procurable iban    l'ariue-
t  es   Vegetable    I'lll-        Thev   will   as-
-i-t the digeetion eo that the   hearty
eater  will  sutler  no inu.iiveiuei.ee and
..ill derive all the benefit* ol his food.
Tbe Tlenna Fancy Dog club hss ee*
tabllibed e novel dog market. Persoaa
with dogi for sale are Invited to send
the animals to the clubrootns every
Wednesday, where they will be exhibited. Each animal will be examined by
a veterinary surgeon and alia appraised by experts. Purchasers can therefore be assured that the dogl are quite
free from disease and also worth tbe
price demanded. And all this lerrlce
will be performed entirely free of
charge; neither buyer nor seller will
be asked to contribute a penny. The
club will bear ell the expenses, ai Iti
only object In Instituting the market
ll to promote tbe breeding and traffl*
hi does ef good race.
Kor,.pen,,   JI"   Jll.l.
A French teacher of boxing points
out that un urt of self d.-feuse approximately equivalent to jiu Jiisu was
known lu Europe lu the seventeenth
century. Its principles ure expounded
IB u work by one Nicolas Peters, published at Aiuster.il.in iu 1074 aud bearing the lengthy explanatory title: "Th*
art uf wrestling and how one can protect oneself In all kinds of quarrels
that muy occur; how one can with ugll-
<ty and rapidity repel all unfair attacks aud meet one's adversary with
ecicuce." Tl.e work is Illustrated. Tbe
author apparently anticipated many uf
the characteristic grips of the Japa-
ncs* eUMuttuts uf today.
W    N    U    Nu.    601 lUCVZW
If ?r\   tt-4 il " *    •
111!     (      .'Ul.llj
T »■  r, I  i »r 1 .«•>   -.1' -\M
»:    • :..       •».,-■■
,      ••>.• -li     !.    -      .     . S
a     num.* «H! V cb*
:• .:•  i f   lira   'ii-     : *•■; (Mill* *
(l.l* t-m '*i tJtiM -Jl.-i,'   i. ■e-ri tlu'i
■b itwerii i
Legal Notices
is l..*.*, i )iit      tha   60
iv.    ol llllij
!,«■,     ,       Ulllllll.ll.il
tr .'rn..*.*i *
...... ,      ,
,.., I:.,., s . • ■  .      -       ,..
ir? I
. !
l.Hiil., ..,..     II.*.''
.I in We t !'•
., luiul-j
Notice is ben by .. * mi
duyn after   ti-i-    publication    i.   :
t   ii   •   *i   e    in      li    Urilioh   I
. (iiizctti*. ! inteml tn make '
ii il the Cb . f' (niiti.is-
sinrer of Land" nnd Works fore
Bpei ., licenHj t» tut snd carri
.a limber from tbe fol.'uwiuK tidier 11 d lautls situated in vVeei
i  y l'is'.ri. t.
S'o 1  Timber claim.
■• mencing at s |wst planted
2 Oi 0 fit*' SoWh of the South
. f  the    Lnrtle.iu  creek  and
' lit way between seven snd
n.i'e ar.d   n nrkc■'. 3. W. Lie's N-. 1 . *      er i o.-t. ibene*,
ehains tlience Sou h 40
chains  thence   cist   13)   c!i ins
*.*c north -t^  chains to p,.i -t   f
S, DANEY, Prop.
' a
Fpr**r**"' "i"
t%  KrX  --j niti *.<•*,.-
0 11:1      IK ii.-:   lit  n   |  ■-'
lid     iuili     ns S    W    inrnu     ;
,i uli ol
B na 8. IC oo ner p.-s', tl
in,nh 80 t*li ns tli i.'. '•s s'
tli • ,'■ s nit i 80 ci tins tl rate
v.. -sic nius to i" mt i.i *-■• m*
m.-nc ni' n
D.u-.l 28rk of An.'. 1006.
l-.il   lli ilium.
•     e   r
'.I Out'..   . -.'
-" I'
, i   I..,I.ilS
"« I idim
ii   .
Stab!-** tt Trcmt Lake.
rs nn LAKE* B.C.
I.,.. Isl 1906.
J. W. Livingston loca'.-j
' ti 2 Timber claim.
Commencing *i*. a post planted ■
the  s'.uth  bmk ..( t'ie  *.'ti;h !
..f  Lardeaa ereek and   aboot
qi-.nrt.-r of  a   mile above five
* mill aid   marked J. W. Liv
i's N. W. corner post thence
*.b  80 c'l.iini   them .■•*.'   M
bains   ther.-*--*   nort'.   B •  •
- '«,' i tc
L   sited Oct. lit 1906.
J. W. Livingston locator.
Notice is  b r*:.v  ■> ven that ' 0
■   fi : tlie first   |    ■      li in   id
ie tn the  IS. C. G.iz tie; 1
•    ap;. ly to the Iloti. Chief
Corel ml LiuJsni.lI W&rki
'       J|    -    tcial    l-i'-'lr.'r'    tn    Hit    n.'.t
carry away iiml* r fr *•■* the f..!!*.■■-
• - rib* •  Lands   -i uated  ir.
Viit Koo'en ■>• District
Timber claim So I.
Commencing at a post planted
on tl.e <--)r.th  bank of the sonih
f rlc of Lardeau ereek about half n
..*    west   (.1  t'*ti   nii'e   honsi.
-ked   B. J,  Ci.innii is'   Nortl •
■t oorner post th.*nco 80 chain*
- uth   thence   S)   chains   W
ace 80 ohains North tlience 80
tins l-m td point of commence-
Located Sept. 20:!i 1900.
B. J. > iiiiiiniiis locator
Timber claim No. 2.
Commencing nt n pn«t i lanted
n tho    south    bank     of      tin*
FOtlth fork       i.f ! nrd.-iiii
creek about half a mile West of
Ten mile hoti*»e mar's..1 11, J.<"llili
mins' 8. E. corner posl ihenee &
nhains north thence 80 clwii *
west thence 80 eliai'i" p.mitli them <•
S" chaini east to point nf com*
njene iment
Local-d Sept. 29il*.
H. J. Cummins locator.
Timber claim No. I.
•n. ncil z ut A post plai led
nn tbe North cidc of Souln Pork of
'.   rdcau   creek   about   IJ miles
esot of 10 mile house marked II. J
imiiiin-'   N.    IV,   corner    poit
ence B0 chaini mulh thence B0
tains east tbence SO elm ins north
enco h(l chains west to point of
Located Sept. 29th I9,*,fi.
Ii. J. Cummins locator.
•  Timber claim N». 2
Commencing ot a post planted
ii th** i ..ril.  side  <.f south  1-Vrk
f r.r.rde.iu  erc.k about ]•}  mfles
I  of   ten mile   hntiM  marked
J. Ctin p..is'  S. W. corner pi*
thenoe .SO eaal  tbence so nhains
rtb thence 80 chains weit ihen e
lobain- south to point of com-
n cement.
located .Sept  29 li 190(5
B. J. Cuminiris locator.
Timber claim No 3.
, Commencing nt a po«t planted
on northaldooi soutn fork of Lar-
•l..n creek about   1 j   milts cast of
10 mile houno marked  II. J. Cum-
.. .ns' 8. E. corner post ibence 80
.ne noi th thence 8» chains wc-i
•:o «0 chains fonth  tlience 80
.is cast to point of commence
Located Sept 29th 1901
B J. Cummins I ii
Timber claim No. 4.
Orcmencing at a pout planted
north tide of Bon'li fork of Lar*
i ; .r*<ck about IJ mi lei  east til
homo   marked II. J. Cum>
ni',      rtheast c.rn r poll Ihcnce
ini   eoutli thnnco 80   r:
«• fjonoc 80 chains north \hfit\et
Efll cast lo   poi^t of (om*
... (ited Sept. 29 190H
.jy.Cummins lojpator.
Supply 00.
Water sup) lied   bj
are  ssi ired ol abso
Bar well Supplied with Liquors <L Cirjars
Lnrge C.ir:if.iriubl« h" ...*>.   Excellent ''uiaiiit; snd Attendance.
l'v   US lll(
(   >11 J.;i 11 v you   .
lute purity,   Government Anslysil
to back Up Itatemeuts. :::::::
Hugh McPherson • - Supt.
WH        Int1__<     WOOD    VALLANCE    HARD*
* *    ° •' WARE CO* LTD
1 •*-»(    lliti.teri,    Fine   Jol. i
NELSON, ll. C.
Ilirdwir,.,   Mnipra'  B?   pli". Stofi
' iu,t tlsOgCS,
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   R
John Simpson,      Proprietor
Best Hotel in Town,
Hea_Qaarters for Mmisn ani tarcial Mei
It p»y« m use iI.o Teleplions.    A
. lenvtliy tri|! en olten bs taveJ.   tBTii-'fi
■*-,s.>1%r, .._ ••> yf» llenntl'iv trip can often be isrsd. cnTicfi
IDLlI. l\L X) t\ U tl «' rergnsun! Cm.mini' Store ; Trout
rv-vvtvitv, t^      \.\      WV. .Ukl,_,.„.,,,.,;,,.. sliostBeaton.Cum-
Imi.liv  aii.t   A r ri. _ t, ,.-*l, 1
Kegs.   Ci.cc.*.*,    l'rodacu   snd   1'r.iii
l^,,.ist,.ii llk.,1 isepl.ini* St  N.I ...ii, ll.t*.
Sandy Laughton
lir.N  wir-itiisfj  Ferguson you
i-hniild pluv nt tlm LRldl'Btl
Hotel.    Here the   visitor
will   be   surround.>.l   witb
b..in« coinfnrtH.    Ezrollciit
cuii*iiic,     well   ventilated
and    Miirm   moms,    well
Ftncki-'l bur,  nn.l  everything irhich
terds tuwarils inAking your visit a
plcsMilit ami inrnioral.lt- <>n»*.
Rstes fi'.'in $1 .Ihj* upwards.
We sir Ito to iiIi-asl* our |>utrune.
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
GERRARD        - E
Spill lll.l An   <**, .     I
Watch*rcpairing,   etc.    All wnrk-
.lows Block. Trout hti, B.C
F. B. Wells
N'o. 39.
Al'. A AM
•^  ,1r.l  Thursday ciui.
       * nn.nth.
Bojooraing Itrethren eordiallr iai
«.. Fonldred, -. *. F.C Csmpb.    '*V.M
Trout  Lake   City  Transfer j
and Stage Line.
Daily Stag* will
lovt FergtuoB
7 a.m.
Trout Ult* at &
in tenetc.Ici.
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
It.ad Office:
REST 4 110. OtO
D I. WILKtB, Preiidsnt. lion. ItOllERT JAFnUY.iw,Tni
BRANCHES    m  H"5   l'r ninrfi nl   Al'.i-rU. Siikstcl.eiisri,   Itrilnii L'olnbu,
Msnitoba, Oatarto snd Que.-rc.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.    Deposits received »nd intercit •'  i.i i it >. -pm
currvM rm t.o.u .Int.-..( opening ol sreouut.
bSttsn or rr»*Hl. iMiiril svsUsSI*la   »n/
■f»r   ot ll.-r world
BpielA] llUBUoa |lttn to eollMllooi ADS
iii.iii.K n.,udA.
Tki.'t r Laki Bka.ntr—
II. L. Ui '[>.
ritODT  LAKE   t.(i|i..i;
SO. -ll
I. O.O.F
tllngi 1..I11,,
"IIP    " ,'.    II.       •   M
iirsarar nirrimg. u»in it,
RAW FURS      |*S*g
jo. Issobson, "i .1.,
Review Job Dept.
For Hij-h-Class W
*OCKJ u'-'r? & O-e l-T-O *C *7]
OK       \
Savbec Sbop i
I*. M. BbrphcrS, rr.
]yg mlrti-tmi-tt tgyrOHOO OCHMH        . *■ *l*«S^S^*4»«»«3( »«r»v
• •♦
XLbc UDotcl Beaton
BEATON,  n.c
■ Jlssagino *
Hold or SI IV. r         II 80
Qoldsod Wlrer    |X00
silv.-rii.i,i Lead....    »50
Copper    I ic
Zinc     t
5   SHANNON, -\ssayer
Trout Likr. II. 0.
Dcstlerain all kinda of Froth M.i.t
-  - I ..ll  A —
O.m.J Shave or Heir Cut
i   M.I. UN 	
William Schnell,
Hot and Cold Baths
,,       , . - «.-r-4i' i
Barber Shop.
For (i<y»l IU,    IUiS| »* .
M'Aving  m to
THOft ..AKK. irv
.ifo  »  mcVmtltr. J   A. U-Arroj
A   M  ri.NKllW
-.itllrtlor. lit. Ini[«rlal    .   . olCsasSS.
Hob an«f   Cold   •.*_..
m        mwwwmmmmwmmwwmwmmwwtwnimwwwwwwffl
I v.
ISITORfl arriving it Beaton (tbs threshold of ths I.Ar.loaul
\ia Arrow liori.l, will find thii lloKl to Ih* fulK equipped
for IiIkIi*cIsii i.ikIc Bscellent secommodslion, A veil
spndnted snd ipaeiniii dluins hall. Tl.«* l-cit of Wines, Spirits
an,l Cigars, 1'ersoual supervision ii< siren to il.o raqoirements •■(
patroi.i Visitors to tb.. I a'.l.i.i can r.lv on comfort at thlsbotsl.
W. BOYD -:- -:- Prop
•*•*£> 0-iZt*Ct-Q£T-CJr*-t-e23r ,.- -J.'- v-. i   :.t ll    .   ...
ii i. rv» (-Sii. •. .
Nolle** ii hereby siren that two
months afi.-rdate I Intend lo apply to
.I,/-1 "ii. Oblel Onmtnissloner ol I ni.*!»
snd Works for » sperisl llccnee lo . ml
Slid rarry ..*..> tlii.ber from tin* f«il"
lowing deseribed Ibi.I* situated in the
(Vest Kootenay district:
Comoiencinji at n |w.-.t (narked liW.ll*
Hill's .oilll.--»-?*.t .-nr.i.*r,   iel at north*
».-■>. corner ol l/,t HIT, iln-n** nortii
HO ehslns. thence cast **" chains, thener
south 80 ehains, thonce wesl sncliaim., i    No
Itolnt of roii.iiirt,,*.t|ii*.|it. nil ||lt
<:. l. ccirr, locator,
No 3. Conimei.eini »i.. post i i..i.'.*ii
"i. tl.e .-a->t *.i.l" >il Tenderfoot .•r.'.'k,
ntrfi.it BJj milci frem it* mouth, markcl
c i. core's nortii east ooinei i».it.
Ihonru »ri*»i unchahii, llieneo RMth no
chains, thenee roil nu ehslns. thence
no chains to point uf commencement,
i.'iiii'il. I,in, • 20, IWM.
T i   *.    i'o|.p, locator
..,,.,., ,„.,„,...
i .nniii,-i.,'iii)i ai n |,<*t pl.inle.1
...  ,.,,,..-. ..,,,,,,„ ,„.•„,.-,,,. "....ic ea>.l li.l.: ul   r.ii'lirl'K'l  rrt-rk.
N-I.en I'J'li June. KKNi l.l 81 II". llll.I. about 6W miles Ir.:,... iti modth', n-i-lrr..!
Suilcs   ii   hsreby   i!i.«*ii  that   two 0 I.  r.ipp'n   louihweit   corner post,
months after dale I   Intend   lo apply thciice 80 chains east, Ihenrc 80 Jchalni
to    ll.e   lion. Oliief Commissi -r of north, ll.ciinr so cliaiiin w.*il, thenee
l.tii'l* and IN'otliK (or « »|>e.'i»l In,'.*" 80 chaini. to poinl of .'..iiiin.ii.fiiici.t.
In rut un.l curry  awav limher from tl.e l.i-caltil June !SI, 1000.
fotloirlni doscrlbed la.*..Is, situated in I C l«. Copp, locator,
the Wesl Kootenay districtl N„lice  is   hereby   siven ll.at  listv
romineiieiiigat a|K.it nmrked l.eihe ,|aj.g Iron, the fir-.t |>,ii.licatloh
llllll sonth* eiut corner, sot at north- |„.r, „| ,,, i|l0 British Uolnmbla liaaelle,
cul corner ol Lot 771, thenoe north 80 | ini,.ml to apply lo lha lion
rli-jiiis. il.ence went 80 chains, Ihenos chief Commissioner of Landi nnd
sooth180ehains, thenee emt so cbslnij Worki for n siieetsllieensetoeutand
lo point of oommincement. I carrv away tlmlK-r from Uio following
N'1-...n, l^th June, 19*1.    Lxsi.ir If n.i.. j jeteribed landi litnaled in Wt-it Koot-
Nolire ii hereby niven Hint I., ■ .'liny;
mom hi afi.*r .lit.• I Inland to Bj.ply i"! I'omn.eiicinir at a post t.lonled on the
the llmi. Cliiaj Commissioner of l.u'inU | south side of tho lar.lo rltror, slxmt
ami Work i for a *|i.*.*i:il lloenie to cot, halfawlio from the river and l)f mllsi
and carryaray timber fr*,n. tl.s fol-jlroni Oerrard. markcl i'. I. Copp'i
Inwlne described Isndi lituated lo tl northeast oorner post thence 80 chains'
'..--■»: K lotenay diitrlrl hrest, thence 80 chains south theno mi
Oommsnclngati poii s,srksd l-eslloIchains past, lhenco**80 chaini to  Iiu
J Ilill'i inuth-eait corner poll, sel Rl point "' c.iiiiii.'in'incnt.
norih-caft corner of Lot 7882, thence Located .luuCMit, Hli;.
north 40 ohnina, l hence* HeM KKjchiiini, I L.V- Copp, locator,
thonce louth -10 .lam,   thenes --hi 180'
chuini lo point of commencement.
mini lo point ol nomine
Nslion, 12tb Juas,l..ji)
kllKKK Imvp been f* rtnnes
nnide i.y jii'liciou*. Invest*
inrr*-*, in If.* il Estate, nml
more f<»ifiine-i -aiii bo made than
over tl.*- n-xi two ni llire* years,
Tin- .-in- wh * h*npa tho InirM'st ii
the nrigiiul Investor, for he bns
i.i.* in 'in*y ou a .'Ciiniiity.
Now Iel in point oui lo you that
there i* ti > i*. m. r spot nn !he Cun*
tiii'iit i" i in lt*.il BeUte t iniii
Trout Lake in the prettiestepm
in the Knoll nny!.; hh n pleasure
resort it Inm no • ijtuil. Honliiig
and fliliin*^ muy i.n n..l',i'*.*"i in
tlie year r- un.l; while bii* game
in nlnitidiiKi- in to ibti founil ..n
llie hills, li* climated niptrb,
thore being no great estrema, il
being mill in wmi' i* an.l nol in
lumnior. Ii can boasf nf some nf
I bo Bni'al In li li and n ildenci - In
Britiah Columbia, It* strict* are
well lui.l i.m in,.I graded. There
nr.- iw-. excrlleM general llorei,
in.l ii glance at ibe advertd-emi uu
in thii* journal nill >'.ow that ull
I rml.ti iin-  fairly well  reprriri.te.l.
Write with confidence t-. Agents,
H. McPherson
Trout Uke, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
Then call on
or  write to
[T I.n never hud a ' boom "—l*s
growth has been steady, ll is
the bend .f navigation, and
•be tern.ii-al nf il„. I,ar,|„ bianch
"f He C.P.R.    All roadi (in tl.s
I.ar.i-an) lend to Tr.*ut Lhke. It
i" lhe (•( ininereial Centre rf ths
ricbist muieinl district on ths
'•oi.tii.ci.t. ,■•..,! has banking fadli*
lie* | n.vi.l.d hy ||,n I„,,ef|»|
Lnnk <,f Canada ; Cut elnss scboel
R(T(.iiiiii<..laii.,n in,.ler tbs dlr-c-
Hon of h. Shannon, U.a.; « good
w.il.r c.Mtrm ; government «.flic»-a ;
''"unly Curt Sittings; M-ih. .lm
Epiwopnl aid AnnHcanchurjl.es
and (..tti^e l.i.M.iiiil.
There ..re valnahle ranch lands
"u tbe-'titskirti iinnitine seltlen.
Us lumber  rerotirees are  mapnifl
XM, aad a   band saw mill   with a
eapBcltj ..foo.iHicift. pfr ,)Ry (, m%
tie lend of ilm lake.   Tl o mines
"il iitmy  aie  proving cut bigjrrr
producers  every   yesr,  wilh   new
I'f"M-n*ts opening up rich buriiss of
Here will be a big mil, ihis
Vrnr, so if jou would know
more, write sl once to liibci nf
tbo sgt-nts nt the addresses below.
F* B. Wells
Cenerfll Agent
Revelstoke, B.O.
n  ' k


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