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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-07-12

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Full Text

Hat H larger utrou* j
intlou iiian Buy J
NJewipapi*.   ii.    .\. I
BeJt aii-
.■ii...... i
': fi '*      *   '
^ ' J JUL
. I, i  i ., —, n, lm.
Tho' representative
of the rich Lardeau
country. Sent to
any ttrlrlrPHS for $2
Di r an. in : i dv it nee
VOL. 2
TROUT LAKE CITV, 0.C., July 12, IQo6
No. ri;
liners an*-] Loggers
A i>< <'. li*-**' y iu '•*'■" no
chance   with,      t_ We
ptnrnr'rr    ever-'    p*'*■*.
fl Made of French Kin
stock throughout ("Always flaflpt rn'\ aPf|
•■liable,        -i"   Made   '••
prcially form by Let'.. •
Miners: $7.00
Loggers $7.50
P. ANDREWS I ''.. I'.-.-
a m a - nm, b,c.
: *csK_wiJxr"':
..',.[■ wl.cad, FioOt Lake6tNakusp     \*c, ..,    , ,,
f .ural School District
i    i ■ - mKi  '-    -••;■ •■•; - isr .'rr.
Ink- Noll * ih I I   al all hold a
,     | ft    ..|     li* - '.  ■   r:     und     Al'| - -nl
lhe   ' l-ii'r \.-,
for   till     A-r.m lie...I    Tr.'il
•iiul   > -i'*.- •.    Rural   5-ri **'.!
]i    rlete, bti W 1 Sth
i ■ ■•-.   in b
i' ■■!. ii. ihe aflet ni m . at 11.*
Iliiilee.   \rr.m i-.n.i
.-.I  ai   I* evelatoke,
. * .*! Jew, IB B.   0. JU.K1
. i i    ■     • ••( l'.cvi-.**!.
I A I*| '* i '.       Il.ll'*       \
1 rnl I heti **'t ol W    K.  ill '.v.
•     .-I .*r.*i.'.   *.*ll ' '   •':■*•-. - ■
•!",i"-   "est,    thence    HI)    ehnln«
" '""   Iht'tii •  H) ohaina .-, t   t,,
'"'   "I   Of  <-. .1' .IH-.M-.-lli.ll I .
....Clileil    Muy   2St||,   111    f(.
0,   W .   Al.liilrii'i,-   i'i,  ',,,,
1'"' ,1. U   IIh.Iv, HflCllt.
••" '-'■   Con n ;i ii  ni  ii |,o-t
;l"nted   i.I.iii.    |wo   miles   f,,,,,,
trout  Lake nmi  lihnm  one him*
"''I and til'lv ynrl-   ti,,ril, ,,f   rhe
"ill.i'i r.e,,|, marked   . |    ..     \i,
lamaiin'ii smitl -weal   corner  post,
,l"' -i BO phnlne, the-m tt north
120 chaini.  .     ,,,,..
'*""" I'    chllll,-,      |||	
,v'" '       '  '    I '       " '     ■ •     ..,11   .,    -')
ham i • , ' ,   i  ,.
• •' ■ T"   May IT. 19011
11 W   ,\hinhami.... lorat. r
....'(    i'. i t at a tio-,1
' I "i  nn.  nn.l u - .,:, ,M- ...
 -.f   I'mnt   ,
'■"■ _ N*"t i   -i j     \...    ,.
'teelt    :**,,,    .,, „.<;,..,   ii     1",      .,.„.,
'   irt   i •    •*!    c •t-.i'i-    i, ,   -.
,'tHli   RO  J
■ • -■   R. chain *.   thenne   ni   i
'     "I,re     ..'I-I     fi   I
MIS    |  . lllll    |,f   em,!    I..
I  .,.:,",, |    M,,v   261 i'1      .
1 '   W'. All.   i. iin-itii. Ii • i| if
*•..   i    i 'emu i neing nt
• d ahonl  .".'i eli -i'.- f -
Hli .re  ..f  Tr .ul   1. '.
nl""it   II   miles   frnm   it* i    m
 i!.*-.l O, VV   Ah'
art >i .* irner poat,  ll   tu e   north *•'*
■hum-,   ti.* ii •!•   eaal   80   ohaina,
'tn  south   '(|   .'ini"", tht i..***
• *  ti,.*   p. int n(
I ■ rait , Mar . '■■'■■    V
< '     VV,   Al'. r. I.*
mm ■■
■ ■I    .ii   ihe   nonh   ah,
i : nut    I.i.iit .    nl**iiit    seven    mile*,
from   ita   head,    mn rl • ■ i   0    V\
All  i    Ml ||
lost, thei ■ *.cli • in* tl   ■
west   , *   l   ini    them     i crl
chain,    t
11iu >■•   i' nth   120 cbaii -.   i' • i -
\u -i II lo tl.e pt.i.t ol
rm in*, im i i
No 6    i uu -1"!......   i
I nn. '    !.'   i        , fr. in
i t In i'i marked O. W, ...
ttl-t     - -.     i'n•■III*.* .    9
No   13.    ' ....i'ii*-* nin** -it u post
I'll hi'.**1 ahlilil ,i   h      fniii,  Km-
■"-" . "i. llie w*   i .;,;•■ ,,i t .e north
tn hci .. '.. ine ij'.ii. , i.n i > •'
'""< '"  I'linll'iill   RH       ,   uml   Hl.ntltniiMini.ei  ul    I iih.Ih   Rllll World   for
10 lllll. ll.H   IVeJi    nf   a   pimt  |iliinlcil j.-|.**cii.l   In-nn*   ...  en!   mnl .-nni im*n
ii.iii   lhe iveat   1 k  ..f  the .nni.!'1""1'"1" '"• "  u"   ("lloalng   i—e.n*. •
 ^.■"■;.M„.rk...ii..w.A.;r,.i.,.,„ ;"'<::vr.1 :.?;■:,.:;■■■:■; ,	
'"'' " in. tin I poat, marked <>. \\. I.,,, ti, ,..,.-i .;,i.. „■ n.,|,.y ,.,,.,.i, B1U-M,,
Ahrnhnmenn'i wmiili west corner bit Into tl.e l-arrto nvor, ehnut it».
north   r\(\   elii'ii-  milea from  ii« aiouth. marlt.,.1 .'. I,
ni ni'ii. i.,,i.-i, r,,i,i,,,i,:, i,,,..ir,.. i   iuil-JW  NVluiJIi-UVV;       Local a
Good Surplus,
I . I  "|I|i'h -iiiillieili-t cm in.i  ii m|,' t ii-,- M
onati a,    Hn nee ,.i.., ,   ,,.   „.,
I mat,
II eiic,
''"'";i    s''    ehnina,    thenee   we- ,. ..., ■'„. ,.|, ,•, .. n,,.,„■,. ..„„„ -.,,,
W)   chain!   Ui   ll..* point   ..f   coiicj.'heiiii, i.. lb.* ih.i.ii ..i t-on.monciinei.l.
Ilielicciliclll. j      I'.'HlC'l J.llle  ij.ll,   Inn ..
I nc* I   V iv •" •','"•■, I    I   '   ''■■   ■'-■'   '
 ""      '  •    "  '   "r-   oil lne.r*,M ml     ll iil.imt
So. 14     Coi ncltlg   nt  a p'»«t   I'd uulei (r„iu ileiunuiti,  merkej c   .
,'....,    I     ...      .1,,.     ......     „,.*,.   ,,f    I.',,,..    •   *i*l-r.    •".!!     **l*'l   .*     I.ei     *.,..' IhO
•"ni. al...iii  :".   milea from
:     '' ' "' •■   marked   fl. \\    Vbrn     „i, ( ,-■.—.,. i„,.„t
i«*■*.     ni rih   it eat * ■■ i      • ■  •      i •• i ■• il lune
ii <*|i iim, thei ci aouth
• ■■*..,
'"'" "*" "" ' ' ti,,*:,..,  .-.I   ,-iiUi„t-    iieit,    iheuce   Ml
I..*<■'•*   i Mnv 17 'i.  '.'     '• Icl.lll.!  i-.'itli.   .hence   M.   ch.iu.-
li. \\   Abrahainann, locator.  ''■■"-■■ -*"' * ■• lo tba polot ol
...... . ei     • i    i.nent.
1        '    '  ■ lit    I   !•'.-! I   ., ,,le U„  ..* 'I.   lOOtl
in-i au rl **i' *. il*.*,.,,.   ihiuiIi
..'•■* iti  .'ii.'  nn , I,,., -, SOcheiui lo t..e
L    rnpl"    Ir.i-.ilnr.
let,,, Iii noe    ii.-i    -il cbnil *N*'"  :t*    ''"'".'""H'-inu ni n |.".-t |.li.n-.-.l
I" HO chain, to, ,  .!;«*   |       l$&\\\\^*$ft
Local and General.
i \\*'t>u^AX]^\>i^Mvm'^iht^iwU
What  dn yon  intend to do fnr
Trout Lake to help  ipake  ith oelc-
1 Another Ore Vein
On Noble Five.
or   More to the G
Re ver tie from Chinese Head
Tax Is   Wiped Out.
thru ion on La bo I   Day a lurceaa '.' r\ _    ■-      /~. ... .
:   over,  iben   offer   e0arf9vfmt  S,dm8  0rP  " Mm,n«
Notes of Interest to those-Who
In in   iilt.*r*/i*nv   Mill;   the  Vic*
■   i   Ti iic,   llmi    It   <!. Tutlnw,
.'*;.I.,- or "f  !• it aneo f'*r the I'ro-
laid :
•■ li -'. ul .if Mu* Hinnll deficit nn-
ti'i', ated, 'li'-rc   « ill   I'.*   n "nrnlm
..I Irom 180,000 to 150,000    The
anticipated revenni f  .m the lum*
her    ii .1 -r- -•     1400,000,    nill   he
full* ♦•*> 10,000, :in iiicrPisenf nearly -Jti per ,* nl    Tl .■ revenue frnm
Chin ia   hi mi  tnx  in   IS04-S, war
b.Tl ICl *-
We unntler u hat br. u^lit Hill
the 1*. down nn Tueatlaj '.' Poultry
ui'i**.' be (retting -i.e in th1; I'ay
roll cenlre,
Are Watching Progress.
A  ilirteovery wbh  made   during
: the week on Ihe Noble Five group
Mr. and   Mrs.   A.  0. Fraaer are al ll)B ,^H(l „f c,nm Cre(jk| wM|J.
vialtini*   friends    at   Heat....   and  wji| b(. ft factor   |„ thfl   pi0(Juctio|l
• me.
The local   rnnilicrri   have   fine
."i.*.nl,-l HI Vflr.l*, eil-l    nf     llie    I*.r- C   ..   OOFP, lne.il.,r
• i-e.i *■ |. in road fl nnt COO j*arili     So i Comniendlag at a port planted  12-18.050    Thii   it-   r,..tv   entirely
nor' h of 1 mil.' ■■'. 1  mifafrom ;,";';' . ' wiped ou*, wh>cb he eaya,iaa mat
• ii   '•    VV.   AI, i i-l
* !   i.   •*-  (run.  ii-    uin  in.., ■ i.
f the Trout Lake Mining uivlaion,
Thia l.r..|ii*rty had been (.taked a
cropa of luac ui atrawberriea thia! number of yeara agonn theatreerih
year. John Pullman. ..re the j of flndini* ebme big biuldera of gain -■ ' n*-k him. v., U-t >u a*veet Icon lying at the has,- of an almost
life, limp ! Yea, no. [perpendicular   cliff.    It was  not.
Twenty five  years n-o   ti,.,  KI-  however, until last   yeur   that  tho
mon I ui But -iiii iv is boosting for
a twice a month imil service fnr
Kdmonton.     Look  tit it to-day—
ore in place was f.uiinj by Sid (jra-
hnin anil Jim Snell, Who prospected the face of the cliff wilh the
,*  *   .i ita   1   intend tu apply chah -.   thence   •
i hi f'  .nm.*--' nerof I       - I    uoo south    I * haina ti  ihi ,    i *
i   .. vYurlcl for   t   I | cominei iL
.       ;.   ...   1;.,     |,
Bid    -t,i .    ■          --..  i i <i   .\   A bnihaniaou, locator
ill' No. 7.   fn              < at a poll
tuarlual   I.i_lii   Hill'eeouth- planted on Un   « -'   hide of Kiye
: . .•   ,*,,.|.        ibence    nortl     2 I ;      '         ind ab .ut   ? ol *
•    *j,i   chaini from tin wuth -     eol i roul Laki
a aouth lo   I...r.|.i rit            l marked O \\   Abrnhumeon'e north
.n: .     t  .. .          • .   I.,. ! , i eat ifin* i poat,  I            wmh  -l'1
>.,;.'.- t chaina.   il i uce   went   |fl0 cl -
■ t*. in. .:    nnd    ■ nn aiuing  ii.* i    nortii   40   chai  -
■ it. i ■■ - rm ru oi
Ha ..I J Kill May, 19 .*
Ll    ti Ilm.
ua ot
jA Leckie CootR
Prospectors .-.nd Miners.
n   »_
■....   100 i hains   te t.-i
■ • nt
i ■-: iv 28th, ;
N i E     '
' '
.,   |   -;   niiirked   0   \V.  A
noi .ii    i-t  corner po I, and
i   mile   from  ! -     ■ ■■ • • ■ :
Uke and m  if I O  W. Ab iui
,,   '. i , i:: ■ .,  I coi ner   | "-t. tin nee
I. .-..j,   go i Imii *.  tl • i • •   h  -i  S*'J
north   B0   chnins,
ioa  i .■ i oini
i.f ci.i.•in.-i in,*i '
i   .   *,,i M 1008
ii \\   Abri Immi m, 1 caloi        ,   Ml   ~n"w
,,,.. . eornei n.-,„*.'•  ter for eongratu'ation      The Inai.?
' ■; "■   "'   '"'"'I'"-'*   Mm -v.*.,   „.,  „   „f   l876   anJ   ,897 on   „l,ic'i, th-
"   iniiin   s*i   chaina,   thonce  lonili.   i-** iel  Ml .innn-, ilniu*.    . .
*. ....      f|      ..   north 80 i"*'*-1'-   lu i|ie jhuuI ot eommen   fixed chargee of IM.l.iJiO  per an
.  t'i-. -iat   B0 rhaina to '''','"     M    .« u_i lnuni  nM 1o '"'  provided, will be
. , I.      ,t.i*tl «l 111 It*  If,   I '*«),
llie point nl  ie"tn**nt. c* l. ct-p. inrstor.     retired   in   1907,   thui I. . v i• ir a
I.t-.ii.*d May 18th, l'-i fi h'o.8.   Contmeaeimtat a poet planted  large em unl  available for public
ii  \\'  A '"•*.'". •u-..n, lopator. nn ti   •• -••     ■   i  llpier * ■ _it,   •.
\-        ,|*        /*, "'•   ll'li.'i-   I   "Hi   it*    lltnlllll,    ."in.    it'cl
M ' "   :'''"' • ne. ,<_!   .1.,    •■      | heaaid: ' Ilhink
1 •"":■■    1   ' s,,,     	
"" '      "' I rovmee  <nn  _,.   y.    nj imualod    -   f a fewlone m*n °**ton proapectitifj, una
k" h *"!1"; ',i!"n,;:,r,'',;..'.i-ii:,, iti.;ike*.,»o»-oT«. h6"5801'of -»*««t-*-«-
the Iwterment of many hneaof . .    other body of ore of even more im*
■    government effort in opening up     Pred MorHaon ia eb,.nl   to t.ke
, .i.i'i-i *■•>, l'l   *•* I Ull"*C    I llilll    I I ] C    111 "*; I.
« {""rP'    U "'" 'he C  P  llmher ' ° S b0ard-|    The Uud .bow.  fr  6 tol6 ine.
the proeneroua capital of a ri«li aaaistan;e of rope ladders held in
new province, and *">.n to be the plaee by ateel driven tha rock. The
moat im nrtant | «.i t on Ibe line|"wnera, Ed. Vipond, Afcx, McLean
of three tranwoutinenUl railways. Bid Graham,and Bert F.nvlerex-
Ti out Lni e has | an;-. J the I .* ice n ti acted and Hhi].|.ed nearly a car
month, twice a week and 11 i-tv,-, _- of ore during tbe latter part i.f the
ly mail   > 11        - inclusion{eeawm, which gave high values.
ie obvious    Slay with the Lardeau.     Some three weeks ago work wm
A  ialunl.hr  hora»  belonging   to ™*,"''«'d at the old workings,  sn-1
f 1 mile hoard, 1 mile fr   '' icemeni
V.      **■— -     ""•""' J"'"-'*'* II *
• ,   •
.   i   en*. I.
•  .
i   -.
ihcnce   ii  -1'.   I'i"  ' Froi ■ •     Brel    pul
,-■  I i •   line   ihenie  Muth   160 ' "' '" ' ■*
....   W   mains tn!,.' '] ^»^\\ ' ' '    ^   ^T'Z
l-  mt of cmilltl nent, ii|ierial licenae tn   *n. mid ceir;    t.,j   m»\ be re. I,   e-   tl.e ci.tHiniie.l
ited Mnv I8lh. nl»i ■■■■n.*. .i**- • ... iune,    we   have
0. W. Abrahamson. locator.  : '     en[ l:'-"
s*.   1     I'm inch, iniial j |kwi    ..  U-.l   ' ' ' '■ '  ' '-■*' '" ' xl"
that ■■* r. ii •'• ^.ii inori as.
No. 17.   Commi i 2 -    < ■   -      . , ■ ' .   j
.   •   . ■ 1 i. nl iti.-t i
it    li   in.'11. .In* 1.1   '.. . v. ,. '.,:,r !..-•' <  1    .       -   ■•■   -   ly-	
""r:"il : " Quit and Get Paid
O   \\.   Abri ham    u's »uth <^u:, and UU 1 a.d
ll -    .
warrant the
ing house -it lierrard.
_ _    _„. , ,   ,        of go.ei.a iin.i from 16 to20  iiit-hea
rrcl    C.   T- ll lot t   returned   last    ,-1...     _     ...    ,      .,, ,
.,..,, ,       "I drv oie.    U ors will be   pushed
niclit from \ i.'tona, win-re   he has     .  1   ,1   i„   1 ,
on both leads, and is much ore   ua
been interviewing the govern menl    „., 1     ..   * .    .i . ,    ,
1 an Ikj ft.n.ietenlly got out l.v leci-
• - *
mm * ; '*,1:1m, .   ■
**>'        "        ."■■!•   .1  <*.  • HIM   '*    t  I    --'.|
' !>.
d -■ • iu 11.  ui ,„.,,*.,■•
I). VV. Ah - ...        1   , ..
 .   . - -I..      : I..**...■ 80 ciiuii -
...     -.   lie   ■  • ••   '
t-   i-   I hv     given   that  rl  .»- ' i*i.tnniencenie«i
i-.iii Ihe I     •      • ■'■      '    '
\Vi'i« n,   eniin'T   conrl
Knsi    Koot. nay,   has
r.st'ectiui*  our  tin.i.er resource*.
His ijuesl wan inn-t IllCceSsful. I
I mule 11111111112 iii.iiti.'is sn |'|e*u
cope. I.- ...nr.
ni.ii quit* oi :-.!■- i'.'i-;. • ■! In* mnn
N ti
1*. ithin
ition  hi      . '      !
"       I     ■   '   '   '    '"   ..„   U,e  en*   -e**   .1   le.i.l*   :..**i
to  the  Inn   Chief Conni , *.,■■.     1  ,  labor, and that  l.e   need   not
si r  ..1   Lands  1 1 !   V, - *•■ • , ,     ...  a      tn
. --.-      . s ,.   tint uj
Iiml   r 1 ' - a,e* ,"   " ' '-'""'•
. i.iili.cti.ein  nl,
'• -.* ilitd Ini •!-  situated   111   \» , ,.1 .t„.„ *.,
Ivootcnav: ,.,..•
No. 1." Cm -     >   1   •      ' '  '  '
■ Inni 1 re. k
idantod  r.l   d       n irth ol „,„„, j..,,,,,.,  mtM
Benton wh ,   .                                 •     |m*i.
mil. -  from   Trout Lal e marked            -           -    -
0   W. Ali -   -    "                      "             '  '        '   '   ,:,':v'
-< ci,-,n.-      ,
...   - nee sou hj                         c   1   .        '
The uroup haa in nil five claime,
The little daughter of L. Godsul anj is BllUated about   six mliea
fell  from  a  log whilst playing at from the 10 mile  terminal of ths
Gmard. yeaterrlay. and cnt   her wagoa roaj . or it   can l)e ,.Heilv
bend   badly.    The   lillle   one was  ,t-HCl.-*d  by   tl.e   Eigirt   Mile   trail
; brought to town in a  rowb '.at and ovtr ,i_e ■,*_■_,„,;, frnm 1 r. t,t 1 .k-,
handed down a written "1  nion   in           r,   ,      _      T1  ,. „,          uver me nummii. irom   iiouuis,
,    ..       -       treated  hv D.-.   K.ibu.»..n. She is                    ————
;    vx. the I rows   x"-t   tais .     ™e   Thermo   left   on Wed need >•
progreasing favorably. '     *trmu   1PI1  9n "cancsnay
<V*,l.,*',i*ir..y   i-.hi.hi-o  imi-ort-, morning  for  bu claims  on Kun-
anee.., l-.'hth*. lahor.-rnii.l tn the
cinpl.iyer   01  lal,-, thai   wl*.*-n  a                                           _ ~            partner* mill endeavoi to loeatc at
utu, old  iriende. df'1'' ,he FpUnd"1 0re 9howinK •*'
.... f'-.r-ed  on   the  surface.      Already
M's-: i-inntli, of O'ltarni,   is visit- , ,n  .__... , ,       ,
_   _,   ' al.ntit ;.0  feet   of   tunnel has been
wit In r cousin, A. r.   .\..nle. , . _/•*., . .,
driven,  and  Ole  expects to strike
W. .1. Holmes,   T.i S , of Kaslo, ,, . ,,.,,. slrU,. before anotht.r firu.
who  bas been  surveying   timber haa been  driven.   Ti.e ore show*
limit! BlOOg the l.nke for   the P.P.   j_g ^ ^   KUrfdc.    ^.^  h-ea dpi_.
T.C   -r-:.*t"h'l operationa during P1,s:r.i ed by a series of open cut,
the early part of the week. anfj   ±\uth^   ailli   al.ptar9  ^   u
Well Ivised Lhe Daily growinK strmiger  as  itgoesdowr*,
St. :i  r<nmm*"*riiia ai a i-cihi nlenleil   ,
"  .1 ,-i.-ek    '"  paid ai Uiit 'nit" if tvnrl.li ( I*.
\   .. mh li r   fr.*m    Ferguson :
vr.u ai   thi ni '1 >■ •', yoc
limb,        1   ' mont,   >i m't   f*Tget
.v* .1-.1 rclur.i i • 1:* ,.i I   I
hdvOsigis  tryi.ig in domes.   Sewa of NeUon t» quit politic**.   It Once   tho ore  is ene untered   at
. . -.u.e 1. r.i ■• _.-...,.-e is too good   1  1    '•-;*.   1  '   '   ive dei'th Ole says thai he "will have
ill  In*   Wa 'ts   .m   this  fide of tl;j
rncr    |..-t.    then It    8D   hereof in the I!    .-'■ 1 '•• "**   a liamtte
t   80   /'.im-   I    intend   1 I
chain-.   Hn nee     tvcsl
. .    1 .
*   south   80   chnins,   then,    i™J . \
lo  llie  1 oint  of
11. VV. Abrahanis
1. 1-7
V did   leather 9 in    Mil
11 I        !
No   it    .  mimcnciiig   al   .-. .*■ I
I* '-ui' tl '  ■'"' " l|,!l '""';*      1 oca ted June .'ih.   '
1 .   . ii-.tii on in -'   •    •     "I   •* ■
, j   I I  •     'li-etl
11    \, .    Abi ili.tin-* n'l-   iHirihi        ,.*...,
1   about       and   a    quarter  ••^•J ,  ;
ui.iv   ii.i.ln'1   Iii 111   ir
,1  .. *  !.. .1  1 , . :- - In 1 • '    -.     .
1 *      *    .
.   I        (  tip   I      ,' ,   .  1, 1    .'I* ■
orous literature it will  he well re* clp»»y   of  a   levcloplng   nature,
• ,. is !...-,i,..!i. ■_"'■••" !  U"1  •  -r :"  ,vn''>'  "i^1''  >'r "";i'!:v,hp on'y o« being ax
■ ncn ■*'
Nn 3    C0111111 :      ig   al   11   |".--i  |..,.. :1 ,,,,i   ■ II
• 1   .'    1    .
•     -
..i'ili .    .,,.1    .
c    -I'   l'l.....    tl.     11.**
to brighten
• lone, and
it is 01 ly :i matter of n shot t lime
ni -il thi: en 1  assumes its foi m ri
take   it
nli.it  is  the matter
I „„   rrout   Lake marked
:..-; ■• -o 1," ' 0 is ;  11 a
'iiw, i.*  0 i  let-.  water,
•■1.1   limine gialn   li .■   h it
*   kip, V v.iiir.miel full le 1
Vi   Im gue   to  the   lop ;   a
i'lied   toe    l*.«t    i' ith d">ubls
- de and »lip, Klondlkaeveh is
ami ho"ks     Piacllcally indc
"^ itruolible    Fnr   sale by all
D iod dealera.
manu.AoruaidJ bv
J. Leckie Co.
Niitic- ii herehy given thai ni thin im. months from Ibe h'>i pub*
licalion hereol in tlm BritUh Col-
nmhiii Gatettn,  I  Intend i<> hi«i''.*
in.* |Kiin1   if.       llienc.       'i
Located Mat '-*   '    '■' "
11   \i    \ 11. In i'.-i
N . l'l    '" ■
, mi   I . ,.  t ..- n-cal      1   nl
v ni. I ...1.   i I irdes 1 en
marked fl W   Abral -"*'-
vi,-t corner |w**t, ihenee north 80
,:,., ns, ihenee "■■ -1 W '''*■'"■-
thenee south s" chains, Iheuce
. ir| 80 ohsine lu 1 , ol»t nt ouiu*
Located   .Iii-* 29th, 1*908.
ti   \i    iht.ilm'* wn, I   -1"'
No. 11.    tomnm! 'ins al n 1 ■ '
I t.lanted aboutwne and a half miles
from Ferguson  on  the west bank
„f   the   North   P-'rk of   Lardeau
,r,.,.k and  marked O.  VV.   Abra.
il,,.,.,-..,,'*   smith easl  c r|.ost
thei north 80 chains, thonce easl
80 chaine tl '   south 80 chnins,
thenee wes! 80 cbaius lo the point
ol.'.1111111.* 'menl
Loctled Mnv'J'.ith, li-OC
inae*_'!.-.. I" 'i
I   C. COpp, i -' ll   '
..    \',     A I  •'-■-'•
cut ner      1     '.     1.    .    ■ I    80
.    I         Witt    nV   chai
:.     ::... *   '*.' . •,!:,; ■
.*;,,,.,-1.,;...* |in.nl ..*! ■"... ,",,,,    1   ,,,.,,..      f    1 .,„ ..    „i, ,   ...
!,,,■  ,,i,i , 1 linn,, mi   |»"i mtisl .11   '■■   poi ' '■ 1 il
1   „ ii.,, June -ill.. 19 '!■ -    -   ''-' '" ' ," '•! altnale In W,
11.  W.  Ahi..hal.iM„..io.'....r K...re '..encieiiii:,,*.,.
,,   Cilrne#t  and   mn'or traeted   is thnt   which  has  to lo
It'a  in ihe taken out     It i< cnrrtH t'y rejor -
issue .f the  llth ins'.—I.*,'; ii,-,- "1. al'hough  the management  ia
it.    Wi too long f *f n   to reprint very reticent, that there i« enough
Billy O)   mcutliisk ee  rather ore In eight to put tha company on
severely   whilst   lu-rking   in   the *'-*',l't-	
1,11,1. tins ivc.k r..u.*,' While came np fr**in Nel-
ll.i|nd |.rogrcM  is being  made .,„,   ,,„   Monday  night,  and   on
mh the cous.ru. tion ni  the saw* Tueadayin ."in my wi'h Jimmy
V :
i* pul   ..•■   t.i   w| al   ii *-   thi
.  I  0 yards   !■' n
v   n •"•   1   t *  I t a v
While  the query
'' "! "'," "-"'",''" ■ put ..,, paw-, a ft
 nn ion on lhe norili eule ol   i.n ■!••              '   -i it,
s  hemby given lhal two  river,nhn i one • ..     mile   est nl the  i\ I.o had nverlu irtl   the  argument
|.    | ,.  .. t   ,i ,  • .    .      * * every
t   i - t, ns tli- foi-
lent pr,   • -     r** n ' ical
:ly hn ! . v. rv spirited  „ ill ni lierrard.    The frame work (;rnMt *|intd s visit to thc Winslow,
and   rooting   ia   wall  nigh   com- Neil O'Donnell   has  put  in a fen*
|. 'ti.i. week's work nn   the property, ami
Jack Brown rslurntd from Ne'* reports it  better than  ever    It ia
s -ii \. .-!<■! .11 v.    He haa been work- rumored  that  a  .h-.|   will bo put
ing or, his properly on   l-'orty-nine through *tlan  early data whereby
oreok. capll .1 "-ill be put up  to work tin)
tl  \V. AbrahamsouJi
No 12    OomniBiioina ™
,. limit    lil Illih'S
south side of Trout l.ii^p. VV. Kootenay ilirtii.'l. eoiiinn-lu-iii-: 'll a
po-t marked Leslie Hill's smith
. nin   corner  |iost, tlvnoe west   in
,.  ains,   ll    north   180 .-hains,
ilic.i,*.■ .n-t *|i) chnins. thence south   Hrlftitli  ..( Proiil ink.*.  In the Pn.fli ce;
180 chains to p inl  ..f commence* >*f Rrlileh IVtlumhla, trading si . ue
men.    Dated May Uth. 101 C.
Lm.tft Iln i
dash   hi   the -lun
CREDITOR'S TRUST  DKKi 8 lime of 10 sl*o surondi."' and lhat,
At T,   lOu ." i   '. go . aa ill might remark," ir
NOTICK l« hereby given that J   A    goiu'  some."    It   pans
, loih- iii  20 .-.-.*>...Is.   'I
ica I nili  pti-t
emi marehant, undnr lhe name, itvlo  ing to the   pnrogrnpli   «.is
nn.l U.-.n..f   N'i.-te.l..,i'-.,Mill.•'. ...I..-   ,),,.     .,,.,,    rnnnnig." VV
|,SMV   ili.l hv Det-I nf A-*i'»',ii,.'"i *1n'.'l
OonUnuation of Eight Precious w# WlMlta„ h ,nU.,,.,tPli.
Things to  Humanity.       Evening 	
nt >.   i.bject : " ihe A arm ■'.";■ of Eight men ..re employed .-.i ihe
n.e   tfolj   Spirit   nvor   a   living Lucky Bo) uu n .*h, tu.in'i work.
i in ii ci."     Ine ..1".   nill reiilor Some  uro  is  being ukeu out, I ..
i"ott  appropriate music, the poiivy of thorough   dovelo,*
u*      A meeting nf citizens  is called ment is  being carried out rather
 rr.-'-    ~   ■   enisle   six)  elle
fnr lhe l.enrli' nl hit
'0 the lion. Chief   <'oniii.intioner <.f
L'lmls   and   Workn     fnr    sp-cinll     sua i_       """.V *,',,ii,.s fimii i'er* I                                                                tfreHlinr! lo James L. Utewart. of Vao-Jv'
iloansei  to cut  and   carry   »way planted  about  1*1 mil PI W'OS.- Tlm fnnioiip I Iiiiii lay ,.„„Vei   B 0 , Accountant.
'iinher from the   following  deseri-* guson  on  the  «.>'•l __||_   ,i,.,  ,„,„  u,  Imv.           8  not a     A lid take «n»ii*e tlmt the flrsl[meeting
i iu., fnr   i,i  o'clock   Sitntdiv morning than thu I'Air.iciiou ul oie.
(per A. Uiggar. Agent)      the 17th day nf June, l«W, assign all his should aay 1    Needless  tn add the|
I   la    lhe   one   to   buy.    it   is   lint a      Ami inke ii«i.,-»* tlmt tlie fir-' ig
i|,c„.*e   smith I.VOU find ymi have  pract'scl _ econ-  m)(J (i)|1i(||.  ,,,„,  r.ffr,.u wi|, u  |,„t,| „„
| Canadian wou't have a show to de*| rt the Scboolhouse, foi  the pur-
i.i.M' of electing  one   trustee lu Iill
mc place "i II.   Mi-i'ii.-is n, a hose
i   i a  vv   ilirithnini-'Ui s in.i
tii.iv: msrked o, »». unroiiu, ,
No 1.   <\,n.n,cnr,ng ...  a post ^.^{^^ 80 chains, j
Senco norin   80  chai «.   thence
u,.n, 80 chains to i-J'"lul l"""
Located May 29 b, 1900.    	
0. W. Abrabamsou, looawi j
planted sbout <m<* and a hn If miles
from   the   head   of   Ttout   l.all-' oil
ii smith side and about one mile
" in shore, ma iked 0. VV Abra*
'amron's north-east, corner post,
thence 80 chains south,   thenco 80
y   when   ym   have  letted   and Thursday Ihe 10th Aey ol July. 1WW »i
il     When   VOU   want   un in- the hour of 4»'clnck1n the afternoon st
',     „.„   ic,.   i l   „,,,.,,! the office of Kllii* Brown, Davis Chaw
strument    see   the   locil   a»..., ,,_Mtlilv_ .,,.„.,, vinooover.
Murray.    He can ht vou out with u_teJ tlli( lllt|, ,tliv ,„• ,iu,^. 190,1.
_,,y   siyle. and  st  any price and
terms.   J- C. .Mu.-iay. local ajjeaf
Dry Firwood.
\V. Mi'PTVKI'. 1.1- itM-iir,li- ,.f the bee!
iti,* Onrdwootl lor snle ilS ami IU inch)
l'-ici t.l.fi'i ci."-d. Wood in mi Ferguson
wagco -OfiJ.       A.-;-'; Ae 1^ Rjaejf
lels    II
term  expires.     An   auditor
ui-.. be elected al the same meeting.
It is expected the water has now
reached itt I Igheat for this seas n
Tl e   ore   in   the   Linson   View
shaft   is   im, roving   as  depth   ia
I   filled      Four iiicn are at isork on
ihe property,
At    the   present   time   there   is
gent uctivity on ihe hills.  Nearly
The l'la er Co will opemteas soon every   man   who  has  a  claim is
(H;y»iible. , Wjprkinjt on i)
By   Louiie  J.   Strong
t'opyriglit,  1«"J,  by
1»   i*.   I'li-iint nt
Mrs. Spencer was banging up Uer
suiil.oniiet as ber s..n came into tlie
kitchen with the milk,
"You're out culling early, mother,"
he laughed.
"l wanted to see Mr. Wilson before
he left home." she replied evasively.
"Won't the tramp come In t.. breakfast?" Indicating a gray haired man,
win, stiintl ii.v tin* pump drying his fact
mi a red cotton handkerchief.
"No; salil he'il take it uii the porct
as in* .ini iii**. supper."
"MOSt   of  tin-in   are   lint   so   ino.lest,
sleeping in tin* barn mnl eating on the
porch when they could have Inni a bed
nml come to the table."   '11.ere was u
sneer in her tone, unusual i" ber kindly
nature,   "And it isn't always safe to
put them in the liarn," she added,
■nh, he seem- a pretty decent old
fellow"* - Her short Itscordant laugh
Interrupted him an Instant John star
i'.l. then went uii. "ii<- doesn't uae tobacco, ami he wanted to ilo something
for his meals."
Mis. Spencer sniffed and added to
the truy of food she Iiml fixed a cup of
coffee, Into which she dropped two
lumps of sugar,
"Uot to take it as you firs It whether
lie likes il or not, heyV" John comment-
ed, smiling.
The tramp seated himself ou the edge
of the porch In front uf the open door,
whence be glanced furtively and frequently st Mrs. Spencer iu her place
opposite lilm. She ate little, with au
absent, perturbed manner, nud returned the glances with a curious expression in her eyes
John nnd his wife chatted Vivaciously, endeavoring to dissipate tbe paiu-
ful thoughts It was* evident the sight
of the old tramp bad aroused in their
mother's  miud.   She scarcely  noticed
U.UtltlED   THIS
tbem and presently, with little Bam-
my in her anil-, went out on to the
front porch.
"TOO Inid we t'.' I. II *  "Id fellow In,"
John muttered. r tbiuU of"—
Lizzie nodded understanding!;,
As ler mui enu-" 0 It "i. Ii.s way to
tin*   Mule   Mr-    S put   the   boy
th.ii n and took a mil o( bills frum her
bofloni nnn banded it tu blm, saying,
"Here Is the money fur the Interest
•why. mother, i it to you?
i couldn't borrow it:" His eyes glow-
ad « nh relief.
"I   didn't  burrow  It.    I've  sold   the
tombstone."   si..* pm op a band us be
WOUld   hnve  spt.l.e;,      "1*00  kin.IV.   Mr.
Wilson wanted it when I - father died.
I sold it tn i • fur three
quarters whs! It co I as it stands.
1 never ought tn have pot it up witb uo
certainty tbat In- was dead.   It comes
U 1   now,   though,   for   the   interest,
what 1 got f..r It."
'■Why. it'll put me right nn my feet.'
.Inhn criei).   "lint jn * ••. have
done it. mother,   Vou I so much
of father's st"
"I    tin-   a   fn.il   Sbout   it   when   be
t  Ik* alive for ull I  knew,"  she
aald, win. self I* i made wy-
self  tii'1 laugh >.. ■ I W bal   mors
On >"u want':" she demanded suddenly
nf Iln* tramp a I iim.inil the
bouae and pauaed aa if to speak.
"I I thought I might net a Jul.. Vou
sal. yon bad s grocer** store," h-okini:
Ut John.    "I'd llulk foi  li.l   keep till"—
"It   Isn't   likely   he'd   want   un   old
tramp about" Mrs spencer Interposed
".Nn. l suppose imi," the nid fellow
assented nnd scuffled dejectedly duwu
the path.
Mrs. Spencer watched hun n few mn
Incuts, her fine pale and lips twitching!   then   si "ii mended   barahly:
"Snilillcl    S| r,    . nini*    back    lieff!
You knew if imi got iti mi'.* I couldn't
let you  go "IT Unit  mi !    I'm  ;
fn".. Johnny, l suppose, imt I can't
i.c.r tn inn.* jrour r.*iin-r straggling
aboul u.e country like that sleeping
anywheres nnd eating any old thing.
It Isn't fair to you, smj. Imt we'll have
In try tu keep Iiim."
"I*ather!H John nnd Lizzie cried together
'1 used tn exped It nt first," Mrs.
Ipencer hurried ou, "but v'ler I put
up tin* stum* I really thought lie was
dead.   It   had   I    .-,,   long.     And   I
might have married nml been u hi**-
iiinisi"' sii,. Bared at tin* tramp, wi*o
Sl I in a downcast silence.    "1 mlgut
inn.* been married this inluuta. l could
have been,   What then?"
"If you'd been iiiii tried again, Harriet   I didn't think .nm would, though-
but If you bad I'd never let  i mi liiiuw
I wns alive, Ami i don't in.'im in burden vn.i. There's luts of work iu uie
jet." in* quavered,
"Vou ih.n't look It, and there wns
never any loo minii nl you bent, bul
l>, course vou ie got to star,    1 cues*
be can do erriinds and mlud the boy,
Jobu shook bunds heartily with bla
unfnuilllur father, whom he could uot
remember. Introduced his wife and exhibited the child tunned for bis supposed defunct grandfather,
"You've got to clean up and shave
nnd have that shag of hulr clipped.
There's some of your old duds upstairs,
decent ones." Mrs. Spencer laid down
lhe law, then turned to John again. "I
expect It'll raise a great racket, selling
the tombstone and all, uud 1 couldn't
have sold It If I hadn't recognized lilm
last night, Johnny. Dear knows what
folks'll say." She flashed scorn at the
prodigal, who drooped shamefacedly,
but with a twinkle In his eyes.
"I've got some tilings nt the depot."
lie explained meekly wheu she stopped.
"Things! 1 didn't know tramps curried baggage," she snorted.
"I'm not a professional tramp; only
In the way of running from Hun to
Ilcei-shi'lia. That was always my fall.
Ing, you know, Harriet But I'm get*
"Yon're getting too old nnd worn out
to stand It, else you likely wouldn't
have come home now," she Interrupted
u little bitterly.
"Vou uhvnys had n good heart, Harriet," he said gratefully, "l would go
that lust time, but 1 tin.light I was in
for a good thing In mining out there,
and when everything failed— Yes, 1
know,  everything always  seemed to
fail wiih me," he Interjected In answer
to a look on her face. "When everything failed 1 was ashamed even to
write, nnd I kept going from one thing
to another, thinking I'd do better, till
the first 1 knew I was getting old and
gray und realized that I'd left you to
tug along nnd raise Johnny alone. I'd
never eomo back only"—
"Only you couldn't do anything else."
she put lu again, unable Immediately
to forgive tin- lung desertion.
"And to think of your slaving nnd
putting up a tombstone fur me and giving the little shaver my name! I've
treated you dog mean, Harriet." his
voice trailed, shakily. Into silence,
"Well, what's dune's done," she said,
regarding hiiu more kindly. "I don't
know as we can help the way we're
made, nud I don't suppose It's always
been easy for you any mure than fnr
us. We'll make the best of It, won't
we, Johnny? Your father cun Job
about enough for his keep."
"Yes, that's so, father." John laid
his baud on the old man's shoulder,
"We'll   soun   be   jugging   ulntig   us   if
you'd never been away "
"Bless your hearts, so you will take
in the poor old good fur nothing
tramp!" The bent shoulders straightened, be sprang nimbly up the steps,
seized Mrs. Spencer and kissed her
souudly in spite of her shocked r.s stance, then grasp.-l John's hand. "You
didn't let me finish about coining back,
Harriet. I got over being a failure. I
went up to the Klondike und caught up
with the luck I'd always been chasing,
nnd—and Johnny, hoy, you can buy out
llnr whole little town if you want to,
aud Mrs. Bpencer, ma'am, let's begin
over again with the wedding trip we
missed the tirst time."
A Southern Exposure It. the l.e-i For
All   Houses.
Sunlight Is nature's most health giving scavenger, A house without sunlight Is unhealthy and unsafe for human occupancy, uud It is necessary
not ouly to hnve some sunlight, but
to have as uiuob of It us possible. It
is, of course, uot feasible to admit the
direct ruys of the run to every room
of a house. The typical pluu of ull
bouses is square or rectangular, uud at
least oue side of the house Is entirely
beyond tbs reach of the sun. The other three sides, however, can receive
more or less direct sunlight, und tbo
problem of the pluu is thus reduced to
arranging tlie various rooms so that
the amount of sunlight Is adjusted to
their uses. Aud It must be sunlight, for
niero light Itself is not sulticleut. Tho
rays of tbo sun have curative uud
cleansing properties that iiutblng else
It Is generally admitted that a smith-
em exposure Is the best fur all In.nses
and should bo obtained whenever pos-
I Bible. It Is immaterial whether the entrance bo placed uu this side or not, so
long as the rooms most In use open
ou to the house, in dwellings of average size the entrance front will also bo
the frout ou which any Important room
opeus, but In large country bouses the
old distinction of u front nud back to a
houso has disappeared, and Instead ws
have tbe entrauce front and the garden
frout. Tbe service and servants' quartan, so long regarded as characteristic
of the back of a house, muy bo relegated to a side end or placed ln a wing
that abuts directly on the entrance
front. In snch cases it must l.e well
screened and Its purpose thoroughly
subordinated. — American Home aud
And Anyone Can Use Iron, As It Is Combined
With Other Ingredients In
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Anaemia ...* bloodlessness is indies!
ed In*  paleness ol  tne lip-,  the gums
nml tlie eyelids, ..ml is most frequently
found in ;*,n l- mnl young nomsn.
Other symptoms nre deficient appe
uie. impairod digestion, irritable temper, shortness ol I,rent 1,, dissiness,
fainting, I:.*,el.nlie.-. easily fatigued,
depression and despondency,
The iilniiil i- lacking in i lie life nil
tinning power uliieli is tiece nary to tin
|itn|iei*  working ol  the limlilv organs
.. nl can ...ilv In* real .1 bj    the   ..hi
it nnn. ss any qualified pl..i u i.m ii.11
tell   ynii
Itut iron alone cannot be taken in
t.i a  uuakened ntninaeli,   In I>■   (liasi
Nel l e    I*',i,ill    imn    I-   t tillilillieil    U It ll I el
tni  nerve  r.  : irativcs in  mil h -i  it.'.
a-    In    In*    en   lit     ll s-1 in*.'., I ,'.l    tilt,i     thi
bio i I  .in I  t In,    nil,,nl  immediate  uu
l.i-i in *  bonet!1   I ii tin    iyst. in.
An I  nit..,,   iImn   .In-.   In    Chas.
Nei'vi' Kood, t hrough it - n.'  ■ n i In
nerves, sharpens tin* appetite snuaids
digextion, so tlmt help is slso afforded
in deriving tho Full nourishment  from
I In* Inisl lnlicn  into tin* Iin.lv.
tin account ol   these  two   ways  in
uliieli  Hi. Chase's Nerve I'ihmI em lilies
tin- blood ami builds up tin* system, it
i- beyond   doubt    ilu*   mosl    effective
t lent 111.'lit   Inl     nn.nn.in     slid     siinilnl
wasting diseases that un- evei com
pounded.  Nni.* your incrousoiu weight
it bile   Using   11
\li.   Allnii  Bauuier,  Willow   Bunch,
-vi   I.    .    ll i il.
"I received the two boxes ol lb
Chase's Nerve Koo.1 which I ordeiiKl
tn.in mn nml hare lountl il to be si
."uvllcui medicine. It has pun* n i
splendid treatment for hosdaehe and
a run down system, snd I Inn.* reoom
 ii le I ,i in many people.
lb t Ii.i.-i* - Nei ie Kood, ''ii i tut
bos .. ti *■■* • foi *■-' ■" ul all dealers
"i R in, in m Bate it . 'o To. onto
The portrait snd ii nslure of D \
\\ i Im-.-1 In* famous receipt book su
ilm.. are mi every bat.
lit n   the  Air la   I'm .H.-.l
Motiuti, mechanical and molecular,
tin* gnat law of the uuiver^e. Is a natural method for the purification of the
atmosphere, Its p..uer as a purifier of
the air Is showu mechanically In the
flow of rivers und iu tbe ocean cur
rents. Molecularly It serves the same
purpose ln tbe form of heat, light nnd
electricity. Wheu not ln motion air
Stagnates as water does and becomes
offensive and bad. bc.Htise It Is easily
Impregnated with line anluinl aud vegetable dust ns well as noxious gnses.
Certain physical conditions are always
necessary for the coutlnuul movement
of tho air. We know lhat the diurnal
motion of land and sen sir brings the
warm days and cool nights ns well us
the rain and wind.   Iu tbe tropical re-
k - .... .-■  . ... rises the beat of tbe
day increases, and tbe breeze sets In
from the sea tb'the land. As the sun
goes down the heat diminishes, and at
sunset tbe temperatures of sea and
land are eipial. At night again the
breeze Is from land to sea until morning, wheu the temperature may become cijual uud the sea breeze return.
Took   HI-   Gnporlunltj.
The visitor  was udmiriug the rare
.olle. tion of  curios  belonging  to his
uud his utteutiou had Just been
called to u superb Japanese curving ln
"lly Jove, what beautiful pieces!"
he sni.l, taking one down. And then
be started, for the curving bad been
broken nud awkwardly glued together
again. The kindly host noted the fact
the same moment and rang for bis
"Voles," be suld, "this 1vo*v Is broken."
"Yes. sir. I hud n scelaent," the
stTvn.it answered eonf.i.iedly.
"But it bus been glued together,"
said the master of tlie bouse.    "1 call
It unpardonable of you to glue it together—to concoul It. If you hud come
to me openly und ssld you bad broken
it I'd bine forgiven you"—
"Eicuse me, sir," snld Voles esgerly,
"lhe other's broke tool"—London Answers.
Price  and   liaaslnatlon.
Housewives are apt to Judge the
quality of groceries by the price paid
tor tbem. As uu Illustration of this u
* i tells the following stnrv: "1
bad two .|iisiltl.'H of flour -one line nnd
tbe other poor, one .lay i accidentally
si.id one for tba other, My cuatomere,
who paid a high price fnr the \xntr
quality,   Miid  Hint   it   bad  gneu entire
satisfaction, while those who hud re-
celred the line Dour for a low price
complained of It, and s few returned It
us unlit for use."
Talk lint of tin-ieil sffectlonl Af-
fectloD never wns wasted. If It en-
iieh DOt (lie heart of ati.ilher, lis wa-
i**rs, returning buck to tbelr springe
like tl.e ruin, nln.ll till them full of refreshing; Unit which the fountuln sends
forth returns agulu to the fountain.—
Ill*   A mfiliir,.
Jones — So  you  l.svu   succeeded   lt»
tracing buck my nn.estnrsV    What  I*
your feel Genealogist—One thousand
pounds, for keeping quiet sbout tbem.
--l.undoii Tit Bits.
Ha*rs yourself Looking Vour Brat at
All Times.
Look your best at all times. Don't
wear your best clothes nt all times, but
"look your best." Don't think, "Now,
I'll Just put ou this waist underneath
my coat; it's soiled, but it won't shuiv,"
etc. As sure as you do you will tuko
your cost oil or break your arm or lu
some way be shoivu the error of your
"What do you dress every evening
for lu those pretty light things when
you never go out'.'" was asked of u den
girl by her next door neighbor us she
Interestedly watched the proceedings,
"Why, because 1 feel better, 1 suppose. I have always done it, aud It
has become as much a mutter uf course
as having my breakfast iu the morning."
This same den girl, when she comes
from her work at night, slips out of ber
clothes Into a Completely fresh set, inexpensive and simple, but -till fresh.
and feels like a "uow woman." The
next sfteruoon she imiy don some uf
tbe suine things, hut the blouse will
be different because the variety, she
thinks, rests her, and then tbis I.ady <
Dainty, who works day by day. Is pre
pared uhvnys either to see ber friends
or enjoy an evening with ber books,
and she at least knows the Joy and
power of clothes and the blessing of
possessing the knack of wearing them.
-New York Mall.
olil  World  Bra   Wil*
Flavor   uf   It.iinniici*.
The old coaching dais, as far us convenience fur travel was concerned,
were the duwn of the gnat days of OUI
preseut rapid means of communication.
The seventy years or so in which mall
coaches waxed nud flourished and
finally died out before the lu.urslou of
railways and steam engines ban* a decided flavor of romance attached to
them, and no doubt the coining and
goiug of stagecoaches lent a certain
niuouut of color and interest und life
to the country places and towns
through which run the great nialu
ng   roads.    The   li.ith   ruinl,   the
Dover road, tbe York mad were huh
ways of communication uiong which
rulled tbe beuiy private coaches and
chariots of the country magnates, uud
the ita| es with their steaming
boraes passed the various stopping
; - with the regularity of clockwork.
These Stagecoaches,   With  their complement of  ichmen nnd guards, sf-
funie.1 endless subjects of int.ret and
Illustration to the srtlst und the literary inen of the day Imagine Charles
Dickens without stagecoa. bas and '!••
nuded of ail I..- rlvkl descriptions of
the scenes such as those lu the yard of
the White Hurt 1.   I    11 .1: street,  Hor-
ough.   In   "Pickwick,"  nr of  the
coach on the Dover road In "A Tal    t
Two Cities.'*   It Is d.tli, nit fur th.
em generation to realise tl
snd the wlutry cold Of such lung Jour-
oeys, ii ben fl * ■* a feet were i n -.
iu a littir straw, and « "abawr' folded
round u.e neck wan thought to be a flt
protection against u.e keen night air.—
Loudon Stan.I.ii.l.
The style and trlmnsaa of a woman
depend a lot upon ber but.
Never leave your veil tbsl aliout
your bat, for it will become limpy and
unmanageable and s.x.n prove ui
When altering a blouae It is a mis- ;
Uke to move Uie shoulder seam to the j
front.   A lietter plan is lu let It drop
bsckward instead of fur ward.
A collar lining of tuITetu should be
cut so thut the fruut part Is on tbe
"straight" of tbe material uud the
curved part ot thu collar will then
come on tbe bias.
It Is a good plan to 1-i-Lil steels or ,
whalebones  at  tl.e   waist   line  wheu
making a bodice before putting tbem
Into tbe cusiugs, as tbe bodlco will then
flt closer to tbe figure.
Tbe shine that shows a serge skirt
or Jacket to be no lunger new can
easily be removed by sponging the gar-
meiit with bluing water, nn 1. as Is
used to laundry clothes. While still
damp press tbe goods under a thin
Your friti,. rn.
All you bsd before your marriage Is
still yours, aud In most states you have
slso tbe sole Ownership of that nhnh
you acquire after marriage. Your right
minded husband will wish you to have
your property stand In your name,
that It may be free frnm the |H,aslble
attachment of bis creditors. If your
property or part of It l-e real estutc,
remember that the law of thu state lu
wblcb real estate Is situated governs
sll mutters con'-erulng It. All your
property Is subject to the laws of your
domicile. 6ome states require a man
to Join la s deed of his wlfes property
even though the property Is really hers.
Oft legal sdvlrv on such points. It Is
seldom ssfe to lie a party to tbe transfer of property without It.—Csrollue J.
Cook ln Hood Housekeeping.
Cation  For  >...*   Teeth.
Antiseptic absorbent cotton Is said
to be far superior to any toothbrush
for cleansing the teeth. "Take n piece
of cotton tbe size of a walnut." run
tbe directions. "Soak It In fresh water,
roll It Into a wad, sprinkle your tooth
powder over It and then, holding It between thumb snd forefinger, cleni.se
tbe teeth with It. The advantage of
cotton over lhe brush Is that one tuny
have a surgically i-lenii piece ef colim.
every time. Again. Ihe cotton Is so
soft that there Is never any abrasion of
the mucous membrane of tbe mouth or
soreness ef the gums."
Sin li    ii     Vlu-I.  '
"I wonder," said tl.e innn of a statistical turn, "I wonder how much powder Is destroyed dully lu useless salutes V"
"There must be a lot," suld the frivolous girl, "but I suppose women will
go on kissing each other Just tbe
Itebukeil  III- si.l.rrl.tr llBlerr aad 1 .-
r,|irtl   < unri   Martial.
Charles Bndlaogfa when in the llrlt
Uli army was ord rly ru-iin clerk, nn.l s
newly uii,  • ■ nb-r.sl tlie
rut.iu  where  be   •■••us  sitting  r.t  vmrk
:■! .-! to blm *urte-
i u. i llaugh took ao
notice The order was repeated with
au oath. Still do movement Then it
again, wiih some foul words added. Tb,- yonng 10I. • i rose, drew himself to bis full height and. walking up
to tl.e ..tli* er, bads blm leave the room
or l.e would throw inm out    ii.* went
but It. a few im.incuts the
grounding of muskets was beard out
side, tbe door opened nnd tba colonel
walked In, accompanied by tba officer.
it was clear that tba private soldlet
bad committed an act fur wblcb be
might be ...urt martlaled, nml as be
I  fell  myself in a tight
• bis ncctisa-
Hun, and Private Hriidlnugli wns bid
to explain.    He asked that the of-
Deer should state tba aza t worda in
which be bad addressed blm, and tin*
other, who bad, after all. s touch of
honor In blm, gave u.e offensive ten-
i   f*>r   word     Then   Pl
Bradlaugb said, addreaatng the colonel, that tbe o ary oral
surely ba al fault lo Uie whole matter.
i.k lie COUld ..nt hnve need I.i in.-.luge so
unbecoming to aa oflleer umi a gen
ti.*..uu.    Tbe colonel turned t.i tin* »f
te.l    with   the  dry   r**nn.ik     "1   think
Private  I'.raiiiiiugii  in  right.    There
mii-t be some mistake."    And he left
the room.
Bill Collector   Tiny say they'll send
j a check when they get around to It.
Employer—When  they  get srout.d  to
Itt   Tbey  must be traveling in the
j wrong direction.
A leeleh in..
All" lit.-ru..i. hli    is   tbe   hnppy   town
which • '   proud nf his unpro
nounceable   tongue,   user,  us   n  sbll.li*">
letli te lest ibe llngulatte skill of the
southron, if you cannot say "Auditor
muchiy" you are *tiii uii uneducated
barbarian. Tbe meaning of (bs word
happens tu be as monstrous ss its
sound,  "The high ground of the wild
suiv" is imt ii Dams nne would . home
for a garden city, People, however, are
found t'i Do. k in it us a summer re
sort, and ..- It baa s lover's pool, u.e
...ii ii baa probably attractions more
real tbaO   It*, inline    In the early port
of last century Aucbtermucbty went
bankrupt and was deprived of all lis
property ex. rpt tbe Ju.i ..ml <>...■ or •we
..ther ii- ci- of un equally oeceeaary
Character.   It Is DOW ml., peaceful and
m....i. .ii. . i.iii.i Naeeet.
Weighing 'JI i;i ounces, a gold nugget
winch measures Bra und a half tncbea
In length ami three Incbee in width
was ren' i f .1 near llulnwiiyo.  It
Is believed to ba U.e larg'-st yet found
In Rbodesla, nnd Is uow it. the Itrlllsb
Kniiih Africa company's museum st 2
London Wall buildings, K. O.-LoDdao
Tb* \v„„,aa •« II.
Mother (Impatiently)—YOfl have been
very naughty today, Juntilta. I shall
bsvs to tell your father when he cmns
Imti/e. J.iniilln (agist seven) That's
Uis woman of Iti You never van keep
suytblng to yourself!
Hard   Work  Sayi  One  of  the   In. iated
—The Outfit Needed—Get to Work
Drily  st  Daybreak.
This coming nimitu r will   *■   ons ol
the « lldesl - aft. r mining pr t
perty .ver witnessed.    In other coun
irie- there have t> en districts opened
king ni n i* it n hour, .. in . '•
■    iken place, s f.*« d iy ■ • *•
was over
a*  Cobalt  the disappearance   if  ths
sn «' rn i be the signal, but owing to u
rrn.i h ing necessary bi rore a els
be  he d, and  lhal  .i ti*ni  m ij   n
made without the i ip nd tur. al i gi ■ sl
'■       if in.ik. His *  - i "-mi bun-
.   i • .1 ,in 'ii*  •
itse" l»
■ni : iy ...i largely by |
i m mon. .* Into ■ I 'ob ill -.
irking "! -i "■•■ '  *
..ti   man lo pul up th, tn in. i.
f. il •« to <1" the -
ln the : iv .
Th.  * a-- ,if men ihei were sent Into
the Cobalt i
I f..r fi"in being
About   ou
: ill.>ii  st   Umi   tin     imi-   m .
f        ng f. nd old I
T . prospect In i I I
the in * In -*i.
,    be    n
| .:.»   HI 11
play a I
' sue-
nl.   til"   .
niim  ami   .*
wnrk ar
S * ll   ugh  the  i
bush Is a daj a who
.:   In   a
lint, l in Cobalt and  -
.    ii(T.
I'r •       ■ kind
. >n'> the I p.
- anything  to  a
■ •  ■
eove bl
.unl   a.l   that   !■   tils     n   hlr,   Lick      Tu
• r   thus   hamper d   through   the
tiuet.  r . -I. II!  ,.f llie tent-
lull e tender i
make T v>lial he did with, his
Tbe   lu.til   -. li   .   ShOUld ■    '.   t   .  l.e
a iiii .i K*..id re*
ehancaa ".it ..f ten .he man »h.i
!..* reed bis n and baa a boel
* rms i   "■ '. win
np -ei   i  I r.--' v     |.   t   I"
■ nni who thinks that iiiu.-*s an
Tn.   tiit finds ... tba 0 l .it ragtoa
l* ni, but out*
of tbat all have be. a    eon i only
•■I  iit.rk.
I        - <*   quixotic   attempt   at
ig his min* .-.un »l
.'"!•   .: -r   lati   nu.I.   |,r.t-E
all th. f 'M and Inlo May of
.1  i-i.n  then It  was  his  father,
wim had I -   I   **e.| hint, who -.
find      Ile  started   lo
amuse htm^.if  -liming before  break-
bloom rlsht
mp mis pr
If r DtO lhe C  bait dls-
t iiniSe a S" rl"U» eff.trt
It.   t. -.n..-ibIng,   nnd   ,
|    In |!i-.lr», what th.y
• :ii— blankets uji'I
■•  ' . -. nn ate, etc   All
i I-    ■ i possible make,
 I   un  tlielr  b.»< li*.
• •   liny an- lo bl       ■ I
If '.)■• Id. |    Berth t!i«-n a b..g
•   ,iiriit u f quired.
>. with s stove.
Mere II maj b,    . *i um tba ooramon
f after tietng
Bel    Up     lie! l    tllll.-B.      del   I'll'*
Tske ge "i «i nb mnl eook it well.
Caught at His Own Game.
Tin > were drummers, and had landed
frJW<i request to ba MowedI to eree
ouest was smphatlcell* refuaed by   he
r,!":,"M^       I     »i» Vrrbb' Una ihesiile
. „ .,1 i I*,  the Qovernment at the
""  ' -il,,. Q   T   It* utile.nis v.ere
Uninformed lhat the company oould
%„. sii.s. ■ certain oondltlone. for
Ita motion ut two hotels if  hey de*
.,,,, ,,,i building two. but thnt they
I  not  be licensed to sell  liquors,
Inifmuat be run on atrlotly tamperanes
,m^8 ,mpresshn was gathered that tin.
,. puny  will aocept  this deetslon of
,*„,;,, i ,.,-„„, en. mm. ••»»•' tu huiid
■   immediately   one  hotel   In   the
under the conditions laid down
•i'i1,?',* inpiinv expects to   carry   many
tourists iu ih* park thU summer,
A   COld   lu   the   head   can   often   lie
speedily cured by Inhaling burnt .-aui*
Alum water for burns ur cuts Is a
quick uud pleasant remedy. Keep u
bottle ou the medicine shelf.
Union Juice In good fur Ilu* crimp
Men   onions   wuh  sugar   iiiiii  il   very
little water until it forma u simp.
Btraln uud give u tableapoonful ut u
Tu Inhale steam from u bowl of Ik.ii
Ing water Is very goud fur a soro
thruut. The sufferer should lean u\cr
thu Steam, diaiung It lu Uith throat
uml n.wtrlls.
A New  York  im.mini recnuneiids u
novel remedy fur cinder iu tba eye
namely. .. loop of horsehair run up under the lid    nf cuiirse the hair should
In* thoroughly   Sterilised  before  belug
To ...uke s poultice uullseptlc will
keep  u  part  free  from   gangrene  und
similar complication* Dleaolva In tbe
boiling water with wblcb tin- puuitiei*
Is made as much boric acid us It will
take up.
Ml.  ...111. „     .'.  ,luuu-
'lhe   blending   uf   perfumes   will   Iw
found delightful fur sachet bnga   The
tmi .slurs that mis must perfectly are
i inlet and heliotrope, and U.e addition
of a little Sandalwood ta these u ill pro*
dine an c\.|insite odol that will buf-
tle tlmse who sna-ll It us to thu ideiiti
ly      White   ruse   nml   hcli..|ro|H>   blend
very sweetly, and blue uml violet mak**,
n dainty combination, a little suiidui
wood i.r nn,- root added to almost any
Combination of odnrs Will increase Ibe
pungency and make tin* result muru
lusting. Carnation is u delightful aud
spicy odor in itself, but the addition nf
white roaa makes it tweeter nml a lit
tie daintier,    A  number of <»lurs cum
blood  iii Various  ways and -
through   Otw'S   e(Ti-cts   In   tiny   sachet
or envelopee a III produce un udnr
thut Is altogether fas. lasting, dehcato
aud difficult uf detect!.
Can  Obtain  New   Health Through the
Use   of    Dr.    Williams'
Pink   Pills.
Anaemia means bloodlessneaa       I>.
Williams'   Pink   I'.ii*   set,.all,   mak,
'nb.     led    bliHtil    ini'l    thus    etui
anaemia.    When tbe blu-d i- pool .in
neiie- ale slari.il  ami  irritable    Tl.- i
bi-t'i.a,    neuralgia,    -b*-*pl.*--
ind u.I.e.  n.-i ie disord, i-   I.*
schee,  backache*   and   -nl,;u 1,» -   seal
, it t .it
I).    William*'   I'iok   I'.II-   soon   brinj
ruddy  health ami  livelj   via 11 i
sooth th,* jaugli-l nerves snd gut   a.
strength to ever) organ     Miss Winni.
.Uen,   M"ii....*hI. ' 1    .*
.....I run down tbat mj in,*...!■
iiiu'igbt that I »a- going into cun
-iimp.int.      1 un- a- pete  *
..i'i- .ii.  end did not -b,*p well
i  .   i n * , \, 11,.,!,-ii. and il
I    n.ilk.'I    11    I"..     1.1..ek-    I    « "lllll    In*    III
mosl    breathless \l i   listel    advise,
III..   I,,   lake   lb      Will -     I'mk    I'llb
end after u»...g Ihem lot .. fee  neeki
I   >"     ■ -.it,   .■ ii ..*!   I,,i,l.b    an*
hsve .i goodoolol I it.ink even m*al
girl  should 't'i    Di     Wil iao       I'.i.l
Di    Vi ti;, in -    Pink   I'ili-  will   en,,
i-e   ill    liltMMlle—In ' -     -Uli
lv   ,i-   lhe,   cun.I   Mi--    Mien       Tb.   pal,
anaemic heeds only one thing nee
Mood     lb    Williams'  I'mk  Pill
* ub  hltm-i]   ,1 it li ever)  .In-*     1
I-   slu    the)   i are   nil   c.iuilimii   .li  I
bke   nini".una,   indigestion,   neuralgia
|t.il|t|ll»l I'i',    nt    , I ■ ids. I " -  .tie
Ht    Vitus    dance     p.i.t.ul
p.llnllsl-    lllld    tlie    -tilt'    tltnil.lt -    tlm!
• 1"   lire* "I  i liiiii-.i.ul- nl ii mi et
D     Williams    Pink    Pilli
Id tn in. 'tu nu* ile.ili i - nt iii mail
ni un i. ni -i\ im,.
Innn tbe Dr   Williams' Medicine ("o
llrockville, Out.
The Rise ol Maarlre Harree.
Maurice itum-a. recently elected lo
the Krem 1. academy at tbv age uf
twenty-fuur, begun bis lllemry career
will, a magazine of his own. Ins
'I... !.* - d'lln. re .Spots of Ink), chlelly
notable, perhaps, fur Uie audacity with
win. b the young u.agszliilrt advertised
Ills wares. Kvcu In this magazine.
however, tl.e future novelist and cm
eaylst showed signs of promise, and
Jules t'laretle, director of tbo Trench
.Nnli.iiml theater, wrote to a friend: "I
bare Just received a paper called I.<*s
In a rurul hotel t*.. f."... ..ny place olJT-K-be, d'Encre, bearing'U.e signatiu
"""" , , lof Msurlce Harres.    Tbo num., mean
■  eptaaaaa   „„.-,,     to      ,   -,.,     ,      ,  , ,
b .,,r inkng each olher questions, bul   , "      *     ' " "r"' "■      "iui„,
should I nu.   • on b.  c.uld   for ll » Bohigtobecoms celebrated."
id   in t  be  bad  to slund s| 	
Ills Hand a Saadlal.
Waller   Nusmi.   living   lu   Newport.
su|"|>   r  t*.  Hi.   etiiiipul.y,
A  I • i, 11 > i,, k   ftll't.v  |.rt.|..tsed  that  I he | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
in w mini, Un  novice on the r .ad, should   Me., lain the mysterious ublllly of being
bugm I able lo  tell  the accurate time nf day
-_. _ .... ^
.     ... No one bits been able to learn
••Very well." said the novice. "You'vs' by simply looking In tl.e palm of h
all aeen ■ that a squirrel makes i|U,,d us another would look at I.
in the ground**" I „„,_.    _ ■—■■__     ..   .
t in* .1    tha    ilium.... rs,
| watch, 	
bis Method, nnd in fact he himself can
eliurus. ____■ _________s i it.,   sar****m " 	
"Too havs i"   Ibly ob erved there li   no* -Wtete the source of bis power.
n.v.r nny em tli at llie mouth uf It?" I kl»"y of the peuple of the village who
"Im.* | duubled   bla   power   and   who   looked
"|.. y u  kdba   why?" proceeded  ths   upon   It ss  a   "fulry   story"  hnve   I.y
ii.tviee. "No." i ii.eir owu obsenuiimi .md azperlmeuta
-Well.   It   I,  this.      Tbe s-iulr.el,    In   iHieiime convinced of Its truth    TIiiiim
diKRing in* hole, ■ "...in. nc s at the i>ut-   ,ou (Mc , jHnmai
t'<m , nt scrapes alt lbs earth Inside."
"Ah. my mnn," -.aid lhe bullying nne,
"but  low  dues l.e Set at the buKu.n to
b. K.n "•
"Thai's a questl m ..f your own asking,1 nalil Ihe nttvlee "Setter answel
II  "i    pay f*ir tin* SUPp. r "
.... Kirine Mntblas,
Knntos l.iimunt bus Constructed s fly-
In*; ui.i'hln.r with will, h he etpects to
win  the Deutscli Arcbdeacoa  110,000
prlr.e   for  DSChlOM  lieniler  U.S..   tl.e
-'-     This
is better than other Soap,
used in
but is best when used fc
the Sunlight v\ay
ll» paid.    The novlOS Is called "nov-   air.     ims  new   DSChlDS  Is  to   bo  a
lee" no longer.  I •"bellcoptere," or screw flier, an ap-
| paratua wblcb wr"
to    bt    W.I.ll'*!     Ill   ft   tub   l.l
lukf wirm WMicr, tli-* it
out un h wK.tiL.iuii binl rub
ilu »«p llihtly 0'*-i it
I*.* j..nu . -t not to n ut
ftonpiiitt aH >"" '1 HI N
roll il in ii lighl t'.ll, t.ty
in the lut> tiniln tb« tr>t*i,
ind nu i'» UM ***ine wmy
Ulllll «H lll« ine. rs I,eve ll,.-
W 114)1   rill't'ftU    Ull,    Ulil    ftie
■"'I-' "'1-
lhen s° sw.iv tur
thirty minute* lu uiu-
hour snrl Ir. thr "Sun-
lishl" surti, du il-, work.
NhXT.     An-
lllll lllll lllll* >ll!l ..if ll .llir,
lit Inly ..ul eosonulibosi >
mi. I  in.   dirt   will   di-itu
Out I iii.n the ^.tt tur.n |i
* e - .......
but ilini'1   um* nit, Mrs
...4,. ,   U. ti I Hit
k liyl*    pir. ...    .n.I    don'l
•Kill iiii ... sees
lb*  wslti   g.i. i
i-.ui . lull* ..ui sad ■ -1
'mil. ii a street.. i .- .
lo wstli. rub ...nil nturt
.. ,l* on 11. and Hiiiim.
thr ,iU . r .i.n It inln ll..
SL'di for ■ fr*** iitittui..
IAMIY tl.MIS llll
RINSING. »b *..... i.
Soas in iu.»».*iti ..it
luktuS   ,|**> i»l   .«"   ' ' I •
sll iht .liny >u.l, sn,,
llieo wrins uut ami bsag
lor Woolen, snd tl.n-
acts .-' lessd si I
Slt-baih-i simicii." .'   *.
• .it     . ,ii    .
Sl Ml It.MI     SOAP     il *
t.l.lll.,1-. l"'tt. .'■'.• «* '
ulboiline "»•>»,.     -     -
ii.t ■ •  .••!.-!        *A I.M.  |.  I
U.tt.iitu. ***"l. in   -.   .
tiit Ulbrt -eitbout rub-
bine-     -^1"*'"
• •is,    without    Iw.i.ttti
•ml liuta Ihoruuillri) »■■
iiUr* ut lulu***."!   *-**
V|utrrs out eSIS. wltht.u.
I- nl ing   ." I   L*" «   *
sss ..*
|fV-Thr mini dcllnlr
colors m»» b« ,*«,'l>
washrd    l«   Um       '"-"
lit hi " w .r.
_ . 000-,r',*,'r'     '"••*•
r?J,\J\J\J   u „ »._
Er* i ■. *i.»: -        .
Jit.  any   Injure. -.,
SS a..j lurm ef sdalls
>   _r   Hit*,,   Rrfundid ' •
ila-ier   fritni   trban 1
Siihl.slit  rl**«p il  jt'i  1. ■ /
OSU-e  t'i
Samoles   of   Ctiurchitl't   .'. •
\\ ..*  *    -     '
1,-it in Lib. ■..
UttOa   l"l     -r..'i H H
to s wonSae ''i
let.     It-      In li|'* .1**1 .
..I the rei set n •
imi.mi: H  He
being  take .  into dinn.
.1...^     IMll.t.c.l.li Ml       '
-nni. I like  *
Ilk"*    V..Ill i*
hill      Hi-
M ,-i.,in.  i" i
*i contact   aril
liin,*      to      lien-
Parmol. ■ -     \.  . ■     .    I'i
reaoll ol scii»nti_.
nl extraets ol pertain • '
.>Imu. .he digestiv.
hs. demonstrated  .».    >
i bal   they r.
nni a ri. I . I.r kidtn
i.linel end t ui 11 "ti .»!
■iletions ti.nn tin*    I i.
.   :...   ..n.i   tl
neI benefit ial
Bdward W   Oat. '
porl    Sun nl.     i Inl.
port, inn . is suing I'e '
slleg. i that in   ii Ifi
Ash  for   Minard's  and   taks  no ot>»
Fun for the  Hr
Tba little  ueekh. -
t.tatralia   sre  liveliel   -.ml
in  ni em h nt in i t haa
.in.l   ' I in <i IO. la-l-       ..it
in*.  ...it ns      Th.   edit  ■
j'tiii inil.       .iin-f       J-.1-.
iplllllll. sl mil      I lie      1.1,ill" 1
' In   Dppoail em  nap.'   •
•**l  «..li  ..       Township
! in   ... ..I t Iiim*. t.i ih
.Inii...*..    nml pi .ti ele   ii
Inn nml   llilliiiu-irii'i
' ii    t.i tIn   papei  in ■ *
ipabl.   ni  -nil-tin
|'"'.i' -        Sen     Nn.k     I '  ^
Quebec Man tells how the Great Cc*
lumptive Preventative was
an all-round Benefit
" My -wife look !_. Gri,T** »". "';'*"
in Ottawa, says R. N. Dsloe cl V'"^,
Ksrm, Oue., in ae ieler-Ziew.    * sl'')|[),r,
, Oue., i
r of Psjre
holtle of Pnychins anil alter usi. i " -JJy
few days she wat quile well.    I
snd sm using it and am grit..',: "   n^
I think Psycblas is one of lbs besl '"
on the ...srket tu-dsy.'' <  ,
There yeu hsve Ihe wh.-lc "'"'„.
nutshell.    U lirmpe an.l I oldi nr. *•""
tha forerunners ul c.i.inun.i'i'.'"* .ff
ThUnisn had one, bit w.fe I....I '•" "(u(||
P-.ych.ne not only cured bold ''' ' '     ,,
them  up  so tbst their bodlea are l£ Jj
enough  lo resist  disease.    A-1   '""
romsumption are killed by _
(Fronnunt-Kl Si-krt-n)
Dler,   aa
^^^^^^^^^       ruise, support and
propel ItBiir tlnuiiith the nlr solely by
in. - ...... *
Government  Is  Firm.  __, ,„„ „|r Bu(ely UJ
Revt-ral ..tn.luls ..f ihe Hiiitnl Trunk ibe power of horizontal aud  vertical
Railway »'..■ la consultation win. tin nromlUea.
<iuveri)...<iiii r.*ii*".iiv in retard iu ti/
plltpl   111  IK
50c. Per Bottle
IsvgM. ataM ot ••>« o« *•• ""L""*
OR.  T.  A.  8L00UM. Limited, Toro^
W    N    U    No.   585 MR, HEUBACH'S PLANS
lhe     Advantages   and    Beauties    of
luxedo   Hark   Described   by  the  Originator of  the   Enterprise.
Winnipeg    as the work of develop
ins | uxedo Park in being pushed for
ii.mi. ;. thoroughly  modern   i irb
.,,11 he evolved, Combine the layoul
„i ,|M. city of Washington, D.C., with
ii„. pieaaurea, comforts and conveti
„ ,'„., ., .,1 the famous Tuxa lo Park,
., v Bnd you have a fair Idea *>i
„'i,,lt' Winnipeg's Tuxedo Park Ih to
, mbrace and t" he
I-*. sv. il. iiim.*h, of Lhe linn of
ileiii.i.ci..  Ltd., and  father ol
iixedo I'm li enterpi lao, waa      n
iiiiciK iii the ynloo bans bull.l
te 1
*  Im
in I   what   his
development  "i
in. ■     amI     »;''*
v,.ie      lur   111.
,.'    ,,, w suburb.
i mil  would ba a long * toi
.,,     Heubacb,    "bul    perhapa  I can
,,„,   g   general   Idea in a fi a
,,, know, the proporty which
, uinprlsei 'I'.ive lo I'm I. wa   tl
|l|        l.illll        11    llil'll.     'll *      I'I'I
>i led 'nni of -'"'■   odd acrei
I    u|„,,|   (.he    V   milium.
In.III.    Ite      I' ■   ill unl    1
I*   mil   l„-  t-.i-.ili   an-,   quli i 1}
,i  in the  Port  Avenue irnl
 I    eaten lont     tl   nu  h     Fori
In addition lo tbi    ■• •* havi
.   null..*   ilm'    aa  both thi
,,    Northern    snd    Cana.ll.in
.   Rallwa      ' un tllr. cllj  Hi
,,.., rtj  ., suburban    tatt. i
, ncieii    and   cororautora' trains
,,,,„, i„„i, .iiv depota.   Thi   wil
i uxedo the moal  aoceaalble ol
. nntpeg auburl
In planning Tnxedo Park our Idea
..., nol onl) to provide  b
,,,.,.,,,  bomesltea,  bul  to
dent   all tbe i if	
nni amuaementa ..r metro
,   life,   Tuxedana  will   b.
a Lli  water II.i.nnili nnr nun  oi
,,   ,i.    and   vim alao
,,,   . J. ctrlc   light
their  leisure hours  wi
;i    speedway,   lhe  I.
r8y *i    ill" world
links,   teants   oourU
irmonloui beauty ..f Tuxed.
I    the    Intereata   of   Pari
..i. ,   i„   pn *-• rved   bj   ou
.  irlcUona which  will  pi**
 structlon of an) un
eslrable boll I i
nmieiciiillsiii       thai     Ih.  all
.,,   ,.      butchei
.nil be confined to ;. small
wblcb we inn.  k ' apart and
lie 111. •*
leaturoa,     the    d
ivenuea and boulevard
iptng  lawn.
io make Tuxedo one
hi Investment  in
I,, prove moal profltab ■
tying        II'"-   '■'
•   the Gov.
.nni mi tbe w.
. ,. Dew Cit) Park.   An
.       ■
iti io prop.
■  inking tn*
Mr    lieu '    •'
Me Is sincere in h
Park la
|,      l.'lile   nf   all    \\ ll
bi    - ■'
Ibe man ol
lid. .    will
a. iiu. in tba ecqolren ■
nn,I tint without
. conons)
each porcl '      '"'  '*
. .ni be in
mm i    '  ■ "■"'• "
| .    ,,l    tl,.*    lul.    II*.linn.
I borne   mi   ibe    \
I ■  going to appeal   to
nil    H   ...lir'
i,ai.* that oul of our pro
i   splendid   • ■
M,     It    .1    M.n Kl Il'l'    Bl   Sun
i.l,...1   to   .".'   admiring
.    ,,l    In- m..l it loU - '!' ' a       **'
,   mull, i man who knee hin
srked   in   a   friend   '
. , . ,.. certain knowledgi
..   i|„* 'I,mj**    •   h "I
\. lid   il"
i.ini    .   Im.
    .m.i let  Ibi ■ '""I * •
*  al  .,  i.  I"   i I
. ,   .,,   '   answered    lb.
that   ...-.   n    ol .• ■•In..."
* portent.   '    1'""' ''''
■ *t Inm
'    "It L.nlment lumberman's friend
*..-. ... '. i   '"  " ■  '
pli H i
*    Itut th.* .iimi.'"   then
•     llllll    nnn     lllll
It   in,nl.in t   dan '    Pbila
I *
■ h.   past  i. ■"   nil • '■ ■ " i *'
,   ,. , i   ,.,   (lifts   Britisi
i    u|  t'i.. imn n i* si
" you are suffering from
impure blood, thin blood, debility, nervousness, exhaustion, you should begin at once
with Ayer's Sarsaparilla, the
Sarsaparilla you have known
sll your life. Your doctor
knows it,too. Askhlmaboutlt.
T'.ii mn,. .null wall a.tar ths t-nn-HUnn nf
,  'I,*, s.i.l tttiw.li.   i'nlaaa llii-r* I. ".all*.
*'.I'm n. ih,   In,wai,. |...l ti,   |i,udnrla art
SbtnrMd,   .,.,,,, bssssshs, l.l na,a, ..«..
***..*1,lp«-Mla. ami Hum |.ia»«,illiit tlia Sal
• aiiatl'la frnm il..luK lu ht-a, worS Ayai ,
nil, ara llvar allli. Ai-tpanll; all »«t«lali.a
Ttia .I..., la ..ul, una pin al ss-ttliu*
StaSa S*r 1. o. Ir.r On . 1 ..wall. Haaa
Alao ■aaufaaturert sl
9   BAta viooe.
w C- f O casuv PBCTQSAL.
Ths First Air Brake. I
,     '''," '    •'ll"   bould Inn.* knownbal
'"'   ^e)   were toltTthathe prop, led
t« itop ti train by ai.   Nobody J
'■■""-*(  to let  ia.,, try hu plan
I"" :'    bui  they did ,U,V.
u'"■ " '"' l'"'1''"'  do nm   i ,    ,„.',
L„     !, ' •■ ■ in expenss       II,
 "   ",'"   h_     "then*    Iltl   -we I.    but
 '   ""'  ">"k'  anyone d i belie*,**.
1     B°  ' "■ '**   sll        ini,...
t»n foi  leplacin    derailed oai    on tin
,""l>-  •""l  I Ik  ..i t  liia brake te
nm    railroad
Iii i.n
"Well,      I,.lie
lllll I llllll till,
Hi'*! would ask
. N '    '"   ooiildii i       ,i     thai   ho bad
o ■   "   Nobodj  would let imn trj it
'"'  " train ..i dump cars
"'"■ da)  li«  arrived   in   I'm i I
Selling  his nlliei   i,,i, ni,,, ,|  tailkssifi
sbo.il   In     i.i..:,.    i ,,,   I,,  „   lmlh
' ""'....*' '"-I   with   ,i   railroad  oul   there.
' That - ,i  ureal     ni. ,    ,,i
- '"I 'l"   man   wu a .11   in   il    ,,
S.i the official
mitt, i  Vt'i
llicll -ll.lll I,),
I,lllll     I',I
yOU      elel
llll     lllll,)'
■topped   i
,i   \, ,i   -
'I t li tm raili I
i *   in   pni   In.
|„ ,
I   then    <i .ni,
all)   lusseac  mlwy  i nilh i   i nil
road  nn  nm ,|,t,i,,,i ,   tin.)   might    In
i    lhe ri   nil .tl iln
I * .   .. nn  im-   . .,in|.|.. ij      ..,
thi' 'I t. 'I da)   Iln .-nt    n,
lent,,I     ,il, 1 . ,,!,, .,|     ,,,,1
"■ti   * .'train  mi  tiln. li
' ■ tii  l.rak.   n.i    in. -I   nil u. ni
'In*  train di trip    Ilu   ■
pul nn lull   |,. ed, and jusl as In
h.i I round. I
i (n  i .,
,    ll.lll, 1     l(,.l    • I  '.     .  ■:   *ll,i i  .
*   ■ '     topped       -     in.
pull. .1 up   it   ,     .,.,,- i,,i    eveiul   I.. >
■  - ion
l lirst trial, the Wi
house   ail   brake savod lilt and pi •
. .1  tl.,..,.,.*.   lo prupel tj     I   ,   •.
■   done was to mak. I   i
inipiiiMi!nm to the   railroad   toi
sod In Hi-  ne' tine
ti .nn   i hi'   tl.ii      ll.   ti .t    • In i 1)
M     nine
A I • ..ll  Al.il'.ti
I iidren.
In •    a
\\ * •
vi      i:
\\   .
old . -null   il
h   •  -Abut
....   Iii-  ita   •
Keep MinarcTs Liniment in the house
CURE    AT    LAST     IN     DODD'S
KIDrrtY   PILL8.
The  Direct  Cause of All  His Trouble
was   a   Strain   in   the   Back   Which
Affected   His   Kidneys—Dodd's   Kidney Pills Cured Him.
AltiMM'll, Onl     Maj   ll    (Spools] l
Mi    Ann .l.-ain,, i. i,  ,,l  t In- pint e inns
,i  nn   interesting acoounl nl  his   ex
I ni '• with H'i'l'1     knliici Pills, II.
*'il.1 .
"I Inm in*, Inuil mnl strained mi
kidneys and loi 18 vein*- I suffered on
slid nil intense sgony.    I was subject
in sttscks t.i Itlii'illi.iiti.iii nn.l Lumbago il. joints were stiff,my tnusclei
orainpu I I lost m.i appetite, my Hc-li
bl     .'I  ...   Fall  mm!.   mv     lie. ver,    lien
■ -I     I   could mn i. i oi   ileep m
in.'i I I was unking into a deploi
able t i du ion a hen I e aa sdl ised 11
.11 Dodd - hnliiei IMI*. 1 used sii
.imi I lun nnn a- .rong mn'
lieiiliin ,, .iei | uss, I ..in .eitain
I 'tin* nu i un ii holly to li...Iti'. Kid
ne)   I'ii
\n   I i, 'I. I.   i lei •! ii,.in   had   ii   i ii It
pari in,,,t i    I .n.i v 111.ink. iiim dictated
t  hectored  liilu   ,    * .  ,        .    At
.   declined to put up n it li ' hii
kind ..i  treat nt  uml told her lad)
.hip -,, Thereafter'she refused to pul
.in. i Im, * in t he nil- 11 i.t i, n tick lnnk
■ t'i !\     nel ' Inn mil    t lie phitl*
I ' lien etl    nil    eliiel    In ll 1.    III    hei
lieai in \*. .Id H it li l(      ol  hei
.1 - nini  more ol  ln*t cash      Th.
in.in.   dining  ai   s   Inni -   tsble
..ti.i i *       ■        ., I* i, ,.*i. .tt   - I.,     on.
.leiiiii;:    The hn*' isid   with i frown
In imi swan     ii   ' list  I,.el. Itluiil
i    i relative ol nunc P    The i lerin man
No     I*.   -nni.  ■  I
iiii-.ni    but  in Minn- when  I tell the
I II nin. ii    ..  . ,;, ■  ii., mention
■ whip       Bpi ingfield  ftepub
S       . .    nil,
ill tin
.    .,,11   k.ll    When   «   .
,, .- ih.
lhal   '
lhat   11 ■'"'
.  worth  n
..I  hei   lit
\t      Charl,     M.I
I.. ll. *•• - '
(I I loi    roll.
I and Bnd ' "able
thai  I   Id not  Im   aithoul Ih.
*.     .I   l.l    llicll,
v   I......   II."
|1.      M \l.       . . I
lllle    >.   '
thai  she did .*..'  'lnnk murh ..i work
mi I
th.    in ).. A    ap| *
.n.i,'.  .t|.|"' In " ''"
■   "   '
Ihinkn e..".l'
^ \t    •   ,    blush
s,,.   11 .,*    \ . ,n*   I. loe   " I •■   I '
Ve«'m, I       '   	
* Iln.   i..
lea  days
I .   Ttiurwla]    '■•'
in, ,.„, think "I il •• I
tn   k.
lie's '
 1*                            I
I    . • N|
Two hi iti """" ■ ■	
■ he    \\   ■
'"      '" M
»|,ieli will Im   plain t«
I.,,,.'.,   ,.  with ymii I,"Ic h...
i *'. m •',	
Istei   ■• up ■'   "'•'' "J*1!"* , ,     i
Ms .   ''"'" ""
, ,u me iiiii  Italians
Wi i.t     'In-'      "•''   "l"   '"""""
Win      pxplaim
|j m   .I**.* t i
lv, vou  mean '
Im.   live I ." '
foi  len i' ii
Dial     " '''
I'm   nrprised      ' "'" '
sou Mid lo I"'t	
l     ,*, t    I sn
I      like     .1 Ml Ml..'
I      ll'.t       I'
,   tell   me   tl
, ,t ,,i iln .i.n placi
.l.i-t    tee
s,.    whsl
i ..    Sentl
 rd il ■■"'   ''"''
llll.el    Will   Ol
nh, I   I''     Wi
ni   sail
'" . ii
Tl, ,t      i* *  Ulil
"lllll. ll    u.il
y,     ,. the .( IU) "'   ■
|      ,n,, ienl to di •»" v""
phi i I . 'h'ci
Minard's Liniment used by physicians
\  Hanover  fanner,    whose   sheep
lighting baa pro
■niiinil wuh ,. lesthei
inm .i collar armed with large splkea
There n.  mors catarrh in this section
*:•   11.an    sll    ullni    illseaaus
pul losether. and u.ull tin? last few Years
-■-■I   to  ns  Incurable.      Kur   a
-  .: .iiuuueed It
■ I local rero-
• -l*..ii|i*   rulllr.tr   t"      in*
aent pronoui   ed 11 Incur-
* * hi i h   to   be
• .t.tutlonal dlteaae an ! therefore re-
■ ii.nini,al   11• utii.. r,t        Hall's
re.    manufsi rur-,1   by   F.   J.
■•*.   • il. il     Ohio,  li- the only
tutlonal curs on th- mHik-t    it is
Internally  In  il..»ea tram 10 drops
to s t,ui*i nful     It sets directly nn the
**,u,t,u* "Uira-ei, ,,? tbe svalem.
hundred       ...a  for any
* sat   it   fella  .n i un-     Bead f*».  .Ii.-ulara
■   -tiin..nlslt
I    J   CHENEY 4 To   Toledo. O.
i..  sjisu   ■■
Tsk.   lulls  Ksnilly  litis for conttlpa-
... nown
lumberman .,r. I ex-M.P
Minn*, building in the vil
rt .
\      , eating p        I  ■   ex. ipi
it  .i  pill  .- the shich
I !'       ele.
■  .   P        it io i,tii,|.",iin!t-i
■ ir  moisture, snd th. *
sn)   latitude    uitliniit
impaii - pills
... ur them I tiering
lied in    powders.    «hi. h    prove
-,. the   ... *
.he, - *   i '    deli-
Rtadmg   Biographies   as   a   Stimulus.
\\. cannot   help living in some degree
iee ii ho me constantl)
in nn* Oui
-tsnili   being    modified,    shsped,    ami
,        .        , «incli sn
lllll-   llebl.
•  helpful life it i foi thi
ith   ....*   nol   the   metoorio
* "in'..1*1 n -    Ihe ...
rn-. like tl     Napoleon
i.    .    i     a well, and Juliui Csesai
• -  ..I  Ihe  i  daaal.
I   . i  admire, but the)  di
nni   I.-, l  t li.."   tie \  i .rn  imitate them
i ike i'i ."ii'l th'-..   livea, bul the)
■  • li.   helpfulness snd .he "n
.   t   from Ihem the!  ll ■
nailing tin*   livea  nt   those   whi
I art led Ihe world so much
|| Ih.    If. pl.    "I    I' I'll.nil!
ahtlit*.  ul,.. I. .. im.-t helpful si .... in
, ...    .nni   I'm -..■• "....        'I I"
hi,  nt  Lincoln ha    bee .   an   infinit. K
inspiration  la the  world than
.   ...   Sapol   thai  ol Julius
ii    -.     Marsden   in     B	
\l .
A   Modern  Bow  Street   Runner.
i ■ '. porta :i p.*.nc.ic .   ,n
iimiin,...   In   .i
ll.   did m,t  pn  open the dooi
the  iiimlmi      lie hired  .1
nit,"  nn.I donned it   with
,    ol  spperel    thst    the
i„, down ss correct t>. un with
. .,1 Kill.*.no;  tin  al.t.U.n.
i„l,.   ||, h   op    Ihe    l.ak.     H
|)nri en I.,   reachetl the nnn.
,    . i     li.   slighted,   *.* *
i Spring  overcoat   	
,,,,,   ....|.|.el lightly  up to the pal....
touched tl I.fli.e  bell,  hend
.   sttendanl his   eard,   « ■■    ad
Mllii, ,1 ... ii.   ..-,. |.H".i inn.... im- re
.    lad)    iipnn   whom   I..
*   'I..*    mn ..-     wax
i„',„,. |  ,,,,.        Tl.e  delights **l  'In.'...
hance I it .mil  ih**   papel      n ..>
,,,i    .|>   Mill.    H-mmI    ntllll Ni
^lllk Tribune.
K.I mon ton ..', i cil Is endesvoring
,,,  „ ijte im    .i   o.n    isolstiol
\  other eargo ..I 3,000 tm.. nf irteel
r,[|, ,,,,  ti,,- .; T r   ii... unloaded »t
I  .     w illiera linin  It..Hal...
,. an la nowadays spoken l.v al i
,  , i«Hl.l«NI  | pie.
*-*,, |.  rm rl.  haa "fi. ,*
il„. Royal  ^cadeni)   Mh
11„ lal ' acholorahlps.
tm   He
A Model City Government.
TJ.e i_ mn iiinetii  ol  Manchester ir*. ..
bllnllicr. III,     l.ublli'ie-.       M i,,      uhoiit
$l£ti.OUU.UUU, itt aasel. me about
ij. 147.UOO.OOU nnd tl,_ deficient)
ahout    *y.iM)U00      represents    ths
_irnju.il     which     iln.'     iniepajeia  hsve
lu     contribute     eaoh     seal Thi
figures     null.nte     llmi     il     is   a    big
bnsines Ths msnsgemenl ol tin-
hi*4 business is sbsolu.Ul) in tin*
ban.I. ill the olty enuiieil intuit
through its committees. An I Imve
Maid, the -vsteni is simple, nini the
responsibility cannol  In* evaded   as   it
can   he   in   a   muddled up    iitinplit iile'l
■ystem like /Hint ot N.-.i Vork oi
Chioago ni Newark, 1 in* people know
what Ine- ... I..* done, ami ilu-y  know
who has to .in  it.    But,  even   nl   that
I.ii4 figures are oonfusiug to tli** svter-
sge mind. Ami then. too. it is s*ell
In submit the figures nlii.fi a cit)
council publishes to su unsympathetic
aye    And so, beoause  iln*   j pl**  ol
.Manchester pronose to titniii wna! ii
done nitli their money, 'ini have in
tiitii service tii" men whose business
it i- to investigate and publish at
regulai intervals, every tendency ol
t he council toward ca. ele - m i i
esti.nt.I*.ene Nevei t"i a mom. t.|
sre i In* councillors permitted to foi
tiet ii huse intiiit! ii i-i Imt i h. i nn
managing with iuch Ilm ni eaae
'rhe-'* iiiii men arc known ns elec
i.i.   suditoi I he)   ,.!'   t let|etl  .I.
n-t 11\ i,i the people, nini 'In* more
in. 11 iit - . l,t it it' i ..■ i , ■ tl.e council
. In   I,.-, n-i   . In i    plea t     I In*    people
I   '   . .ill-     Itet-     ll lllll     t lie        llglll t Ml   '"till
:*.ii i ,n in i In* cun. .1     Tlm)   hat n •"
i,t all  lad-  ami   figure.     [ol    . h.
jn- ,|,i,-  iii   Manchester  find   ii   difficult
11    understand   iiln   bin ii        ■• i nmenl
llllll..tecI    in     I hell     pel .■ I     I .  |,| .     I   1.1   i
H il ll      I hell       linilli  I I.n,ihi      In,I
.in.k  iihttlli   iii  'he  lignl     'I b. e   n
.rn     published    weekly    ...    'In
Mandieste.       City   News."       Kamuel
\|el ll 111    III        *■   I. I • \l ■
A cough i- often the forerunner ol
serious  pulmonary  afflictions, yet then
I        ..      simple      cue      uillilli    the   roach
nt iill 111 Itiekl. - Aci i onanmptiv.
Syrup, an old-tinie remedy, which
ii i.-. ,i iel t,, ,,! t be incept mi ni n
<<,|i|. mil invariably give nni. nmi in
overcoming  ilm   trouble,    guard   the
-i stem   I. ...n   anv   -in-, *   ,   tines
I'i ice -'' cents nt all dealers.
Hy ilm new bill being drafted b)
the Guernsey legislative nss.-ini.iy ao
barmaids under 26 years nt ..■-■•• sill
in* allowed In tin* laland.
siniiiT'it Boap is i" t'.r 'inni other
-•  when »s* ii in the
Siiiiiiulit way.   liny Snnliiilii Boap an.l
loilnw directions.
Slightly   Mixed.
Ts,, i ii "  i Ienl - H rote to s country  • ■ litoi  t-i ktiuii   resp.• ■ in I.*.      Thi
he.!      .!,,!     •  * te Ills tl.lin,
teething period,"and     How  to 1 id sn
..     -*i*i	
Tl ilnni   answered  both  question,
illy. Imt ,intuitu.niteii i_'t th.
initial- mixed, -*. 'In.' the fono fathei
nl tin* i. .'lun.- t aim ii .*- thunder
-.iin*^ .cli ii.
* It you an ni Fortunate enough to
he plagued In tin*..* unwelcome little
pests   * ' "i   settling
then,   with   stialt   ami
s.i   ll,. rue '
While   'In     1.1..II   lilm     iv a-      I.'-'
with grasshoppers m.- equally .'
"Tl e best method ol
ith   tii.ee   n
.I.n ami tub   then    gtin s Ulth   I.n. •   ■
To    know     i- i* "vent. — ll
who ...uk    iii    ...l.l
'   ■
. ^s  uilh   Dr.    Tiem.a-      I.*
i.    ■  , , would . scape   inns, ular   rheu-
■  . ii   t.i tin t  limbs
proof against the ill ettecta ol expi sun
,,, ,|„, e,,i,|.      ih.,.,.   setting   mit   im
mining regions would 'In mil to   pro
nl,* themselves sritu ..   supply
'   Dg<
1  i,.,*..   her.        egai      i.   pot '
.lent iineui which 1 wrote on   Nisgsrs
KalK      My  in.-.nl. ...ink  it  quit.
I  should imagine  it   mis''  replied
isticall) .     how did yon
num.i i"Ui   papel   frol
ting »•''      Philadelphia   Preas
M .1. whii.*... Cleveland millionaire,
snd ui- Miieii.i.n gum kinn  has been
tun.le the .1. fendant In a dlvon *
I cured . hoi e   . Man ■•  s il li MIN
l lllll-l..I'lll 11   SAI  NUI'.ltS
I cured ..   hoi •■    badly   lorn   by   ■
pitch  fork    with    MIN Vitus    I.IM
*,.    Peter's       <     If   Rde    l.l M.I KI'
I , ured  i Im e ol a Imil swelling mth
Uathurst, \ ll     IM'iS   W   PAYNK
v   curious   i hum   nb,...i women ia
ii ithei tin-i runt fault with ih**
.,,.  , i,. i|, , men tn the i
h the bi j .mu traata .". i t
I.,   ti..    ,,i.    pleasant  and effectual
worm   killer,    Mother   (Jrsvee     Wi	
Kv.eiiu.i.Htm . nothing canals it    I'm
I'lllc  s   bottle    tiitl   'like   It   Inline
-I,-    I  believe I did sai   vou wen
alwsyri  lying •.' '   yourself.'
"I'll   have   \iill     tO    mule, .ta Ii. I.    sii
lhat I nin not used to this km.I ol
talk     I  an. a gentleman,  -n
■ The..' vou «... t'an'1 keen from it
oan  .vm''   Milwaukee  Sentinel.
Paul  Pelliot.   tho   French   explorer,
illet  |.  at   the  I.en.I  ol   ....   i-xpeilll lull Ic
Chinese Turkestsn. In.s passed several
i. ns in China and can .peak Chinese
Officials ui tin* German ..ml Rnssisn
health departments mil combine in ..
fight against abolera.
i,, nn.in socialists arestrei.tioi.aly ob
■...ti ig in tin* expulsion nl Itussiati iiii   ■ ,     I   Ilei many.
Archbishop Irelsnd has depsrted
Inc.i tin* Vatican and will visit Paris
before returning t.. Amerios.
The Duke ol .bi nasi has arrived at
Mombasa, Britiah Baal Afrioa, and will
start un .... expedition in olimb Mount
Hull ell/.lll'i.
(-,,1 Bah. I. ".tl* ciiiniiuiiulini'. Hu*
t i,„.|is ui the garrison at Virtak, Itus
sm. un- stshlmtl snd mortally wound
,,l hi nn unknown man,
r,,l     Saiteii mil.    c snding   Hu
troops ni the garrison at Virtak, Itus
Ism   mis stabbed and mortally wound
ed In an unknown ma...
Over 1000 Elevators in the West.
N«ru in importanos to the ginning
"t good 'riupn is tbe piupur storing ol
Ilium al'ul   tbey  have been grown.     1L
the  I aj.iid 111 ii   Wert   p.upw   stoiagu  ul .
wheat  has  .jiiK.mud the attenti'jti and
capita] nl imiig ol ths strongest finan*
'ml   man and is yearly attracting man
ami ospHsl from the smith snd east
'I'h.* rapid handlilag ot nheai i- n*.
iluced to a science   in   the   Canadian
West. To any u heat growing ana -i
Inl   inland   SI   tha  ('una.Inm   West,   the
cheapest roots to the sea is a mattei
nt primary importance m thai terminal elevatoi storage on a Isrge icale
began   almost   before   interior storage
* ns   i ,.n -niei ,|
Tn.. i iiimili.in  Pacific railway erect
cl then  first elevator s1  Fori William
t In-   heat!   u!   mtei ior      mil igal ion,    ii-
tnilv ss 1884, when elevatoi A" mu
begun     It   received the crop ol   1886
anl  un- eiiti-i-lt 1 ii i*;innt    in    thoa.
ila.!.s,   having a   capacity ..!   1.260,000
h.l-hels.        ll    is    Still    <lui.ll*;    lilisilit
the nl.l stand, snd hai been joined b)
II. (', l. ami 1*1. all n. modern construe-
t mn and squipmenl ami h it li a total
uapacit] ol -. ',< h i 000, snd in addition
there sre located nt Fori \\ illi.nn the
I'luipiie elevator uitlt a capacity «.i
1,700 '""i bushela, and tin* Ogilt ie with
n capacil i ol 600,000 Tins give Kurt
William n -'..i sgi cspai il | ol I" ,80,
Porl Irthur, the adjoining town
• * , largest .*. heal sletfstoi in the
mul ! 'I in i- . in ii... nifi. • nl tile
tank elevatoi ol the (nnn.Imn North
i ii I..iln.ii « it I. .. cape, il • "i 8 500,
niKi I,i.-h.-l*.      The   King   elevatoi    in
r ii.      nine   lull n   hn     n   i SpSI it)    ut    _J0
n.hi Im he] I lie . ei niiiinl
Porl Arthui n*..-1 I*mi William, twit,
oa I. ii.. Bupei in reai he. thi
in,iii.ii . i,.inl ni 1- 600,000 bushels
I , bow - n -t i iking growth lor tbi
past  -I  ■■• sn
The operation ol thii immense ele
veto, plant is ol the must modern
type. AM the elevators can be reache.
In freighters dI I- foot draught
snd the total loading capacil j at I bi
ol the Ink.- i- 136,000 bushel
pel hour. i In- unloading from can
t.ike. longer than to   load   into   vea
s.i-.    let     I |.",.IMHI   hush,.'.,   or    I I",   calculi be unloaded hourly, snd .. highe.
rate than iln- has been made  during
he . u-li  before   I he   do •■   '.i   nai igs
ti ui
Like sll plain.* countries,  «hen
in.iy put in a hundred a.
ivhe.it    before he builds   a    hou
-.nlil.*. the need ol  storage »..- earl)
rl,.* Canadian wesl,    For s lim.
mei by -mall elevators and Bat
warel sea,    and   considerable   « heal,
iade i direct  from the tin.
i , the * ii the rapid increaa.
.i crops this »;.> soon outgrown
elevator panics with ..  large cap
its!  were   formed.       Larg,    • ■
nere erected all ..v.*r the country   st
every  wheel  centre, their tall,  .
Te I    limine-    hellie    -t ell    till     lllll,-.    I
the level prairie.
In  1900, just   six yean then
*, ,,      1' . I. ..,*..i*. at   mit um    point,
in the Canadian Wesl   with    s    tots
capacity    oi    15,379,000 bushels.    I
i. ai   there  were   1,018  elevators  mu
°a  cap... ity  nt  28,708,030  bushels    n
prese .ting sn  investment  ol  cl. se oi
i, i...in.   ■„,   slight   imiicalnili   in it
sell  ni   ' * •■    pel man. n    oharai *•
wheat  growing a- sn industry   in iln
1,111    West.
All  tln-se elevators are  under   got
eminent     .npervisiu.i.      each    elevatt
being  under  license  ami   its  capacit;
duly a"* -'**'I. I" ing ..ti file in the offi. t
ol   tbe       wan bouse    i ommissi. i.
. Iquarters nre in  \\ ihnipeg
All grain is subji d  to got i • nn •
.,'    \\ innip..;   snd   ia   th.  *
graded through I -; the chiel
oi   the   Dominion   ...
i.i.    All grain weighed into tei
iniiial elevators is weighed  uud.
i tspecti >n ui  the   government
i. mnl ti.e cms must -! ri, tl) com
ply with the conditions in the certifi
cite ni inspection made at Winnipeg
All  grain weighed into resseli  n
ed under the eye ol s govei n
menl   wetghiuaater.      In   fact   every
thing is ih  t" safeguard tbe inter
,..i   ut  the  farmer snd to ra lintsin thi
standard  ol   Western   Canadian
Hi Ini.* years there has been s mark
■*1 increase in the milling capacit)   -•
W.  . Large   mills are  mm   ii
progress ol building oi are being plen
nei foi K.iiatin. Winnipeg and othei
|,,nii,- Theae added in the larg.
...ill. already in opera ti . i at variou
centres   and   numeroui   smaller   mill-
.ii  e my  plants    vull    increase    th,
total , icit,  ..'  Weatern Can
ads to over 30,000 barrels dail)
Iti.--.an  1.ih.*.ais propose  iii take .
free hand in soli ing tho sgi si ian proh
No  Adulteration. No Impurities*, No Coloring  Matter
Lead     Packets    Only,     40c,     50c,    and    60c    per    Ib.        At    all    grocers.
The (lerman ambassador in London
has "I.*. I a red  that   Oortaany    will   nol
Stippol I     111 in .1    III   l nse   'il   1 hi"*   » l'l
i.i. st  Itiitian over the Kgyptian boun
\li VerogradoS, profeaaor "i i.m-
|u ntlei, • .,. Oxford univerait) hai
(,,. ii ini ited i" un up! n i hail in tin
Moacou  tiniveraity bul  has declined.
Tin   general  memorandum ol   Lor.
fselsiin tu his i upturn- .in the   evi    ol
the battle .u Trsfstgar, haa been pui
< 'ia-.* I   Iiii    pit -elilnl    tn     I he      III il
|h museum.
The     Coatl     tinea.I     iiuinnlai tulinj
i- uu ei n  nl   I'a.sh i     Soot Is ..I.   ha.   .1.
citlod   tu   build   nl....nil   nil   me..uut     ..I
lo sl  interference   b. tween   then,   ana
their employee.
Diplomats are predii ting ■ mir   In*
tween Coliimhis and Veneaiiela.
The gross expenditure on the I'gands
railws*. since it- commencement hs,
I   t*i,4fl0,000
King Alfonso hss returned to Span
aftei  making  i i isit tc Pi incess Kits'.
imothOT  ...   lain.Intl.
t luiu. has established a polioy i I
forbidding  further  foreign  scquisitioi
..I   I,i'ui   ii ithin  her  huiilei
The Vi.anii hotel in Keoto Japan
tins been burned and two American wo
jiien pel ished in the Barnes
Who Makes
Liver Pills?
We do. For over 60 yesrs we hsve
been making tbem — tbe best liver pills
ever msde. Tbey are used in every
civilized land on the fsce of the globe.
All vegetable, sugar-coated, gently
laxative.   Ayer's Pills.   Ayer's Pills.
WaSat, SSMSHSSl   Wt aaSllsl      j r i,,,r,
IS, la-ailM al all aer waldsas.
r  -.ran
•all. Ml
On   Sun.lay momln's  years  agu.   when
hut  a lltlll   lit,
I   ,     I to nnili* lo salt   ths cuws In this
..in.   fl.,1 »nh dad.
Tbe  iltll.r   cl ,udn  lhal   floated   mund   1
thuuKiit were bits of wool;
Tlie  sky   was   blus  as   'Uu   tu-duy  and
' a in and beautiful.
How dad i   is'"iu* and mother, tu*.; they
lie up on ths hill.
lust hy that clump „f p i,;_r trees, he-
y*ni,l tbe old .■ *i mill.
Kor time  has  kept  a-creepln' on.  and
you  mil  1 are men,
And Utile Bobble thinks the thoughts,
that I was thinkin  thin.
And ninv I come out h.*re ai.d set mo
duwn a Spell,
\Vh> r.* rustlln' leaves and wavln' g-raJn,
■ wblsperln', "All Is well."
I wish that all who'd like to feel their
tf--  frurn   harm
Could come out h**n   ,*.i ipen4 with me
a Sunday on the farm.
Kmporior  Willism hss receivetl Couni
I'iiiiI   llaizicl.lt \\ ildenberg     the   nc*
e ui it iiim ui tin* Herman  eml )    li
A iiumliei  ui the cadets ol thi   St i
Mexican   academy   ol   It..senII. N M
were plac*.I under arrest as tin* result
..I u meeting.
The   Spanish   club   st    Cieiifuegos,
('nini. Im. announced its intention t.
elect    a    sain.tul nnn     tn    cnlllinelnul lit t
Ki Fig   Alt'Utsn's   nun i in   I
After recovering the sheet snchoi ol
the British battleship Cumberlsnd   In
tlm   Meilltel I iineall   a   diver   .use   tu   III.'
snrfi.ee tun ipiiclily nml "Inii after two
.Inv*, In.in ihe effects ol the pressure.
Prof. Le.-*ock of McGill and His Opinions   on   the   Empire.
'Tm Inclined to think that the period
In which we now live will be in the future looked upon a.s a period of Imperial crisis." began Prof. Leacock ef M.*-
'• II University in an address before .he
riailinn CtUb recently. Proceeding, he pointed uu; that the eom-
Inir years would be the years of great
empires. It will no lunger be a Utile
Knghind, a little Holland, a little
France. In th.* vast extent ot the British Umpire there were divisions which
might bec.m*- dangerous, divisions In
commerce, divisions ln military ar-
r ing, men's an*l In other ways. In ths
i- were a severance
and a sumP-rance In the tariffs—one
tariff in Canada, another in Newfoundland, another In the Leeward Islands,
and so on. In military and naval defence, too, there were the same dlver-
SB, and ln control of the seas lay
th» safety of the Kmplre. yet the whole
burdin of the navy, totalling 1184.000.-
000 was laid on the shoulders of the
people of Britain, and that burden had
reached Its high-level mark and could
nut be increased, yet Canada rracticai-
ly subscribed n ihing towards the cost
of thc. navy. The traditions and tha
necessities of Britain required a fleet
equal to the combined fleets of any tare
European, but now Japan and the
t'nitcd States wire entering on a
course of military and especially "I
naval expansion, which might Changs
the balance of naval power.
What was neoeeaaiy wa* really a re*
construction of Imperial relations. He
was aware that many people were opposed to the very Idea of any Imperial
reconstruction, and they were urged to
allow the ordinary evolution of affairs
to work out a settlement f the difhcul
jrrounding ihe peoples of the Empire. After a playful reference to the
doctrine of evolution, which had given
so mm h tr ubls to theorists, he I
realized that the Idea of Imperial federation, with the n ssary creation of
local Parliaments for all parts of ths
Empire, would not be readily a.
by the British l* i le He thought the,
c nservallsm of the British people
would be slow to adopt these proposals.
If, however, such i*. plan WM not ft '
feasible, he thought that to the pre*, nt
670 members of the British House t
Commons,   there   might   be  added   16S
representatives from the white populations of the ci.;,.nies. Comparing ths
populatl in of Canada with that of Ireland, he urged that the Dominion
■hould hav,. its representatives at Weat-
minister to maka or unmake Imperial
."ablnets as did the Irish aaenit.. r,.
Without direct representation, Canada
could not directly Influence the British
imperial Parliament
With such a representation the tariff
tion, and that   f Imperial defence
WOUld be dealt with ln u proper manner. Canada and the other colonies
w.Hiid thus be represented in an im-
perl ii Parliament which would have the
power to snfoi . ■iviti.ii for imperial
purposes Bs mu aware that such a
proposal would be I «ki .1 upon as quixotic by many. There were, h -wev-i r.
many Who would talk and rave
Heir willingness t . pay HO cents or 11
annually to ths Britiah Bzehaqn
Wards the cost of defence, but bow
many Inul sou their money il*i*"*.'t 'n
ltrltaln. It required s iffle fOIOS or authority 10 c..i.i—i such payments.
Our safety lay in union with the Empire, We could not exist o.*. an Independent nation Ths forces ef sectionalism wars at work, and it »...**. ttans ta
have d ne with the Canada Urat cry
and unite for the Empire,
A hamcTus Prtytt Hook.
At the Cornwall Spring Assizes, Miss
Joasphlns Smith of Ottav/a, formerly "t
Uerrickvllle, was acquitted if i charge
of retaining ami inverting to h.-r own
use a Roman Catholic prayer boo*
printed In Parta, Franca, In IWie, and
bi i .•vei io have been at one tlma the
pi pi ity of Mary Queen of Bcota. Ul I
Stuiih Is a well-known ....ilquarlan, and
has been compiling facta of eaatern On
tirlo his;,.iv     Thi   I k mi. entrusted
to her in 1901 by A. Q. P. itch of M r*
ri long   for  the  purpose  of  having   Its
i , rtatned As It was aol r. -
turned, although asked for. Mas Smith
„ i   ,,.,, ,-tcd nt Vanklssk um In Di
oember   I90S  and i imltted r.«r trial
by  Mr   i-'.i.iiiiger and  Mr.  McDonald,
livo   M itTlsburg  Justices  of  Ihe   Psac.
u .1 nm,..!   A     ie     .In nice Anglln
..   ,1,,. eaaa  was sent ovi i   la
this oourt, to glvs Miss Bmlth a chuncs
,,, ,, mi n ths i k    Bhs hss since be. n
ou. on ball    Bhe conducted her own
,.,,.,. and add i thi lurj    Bhe alsc
testified thai shs believed tin* t k m
ba anion:  * •'»'   >'■■"u  Mn'   !" '  '""'"'
In phlUdelphla, which «re st.it In poa
I ,„ 0f um express oompany.   she
denied any tntantl in of retaining th»
book, sad the lury evidently believed
I    of
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
Mooney's Biscuits are an evenly
b*Janced, wholesome, nourishing
food, equally good for young and
old. Made from Canada's finest
wheat flour, rich cream and pure
buner. Baked by the Mooney
baker in the Mooney way.
Sav ' Mooney's' to your grocer.
and consider
nu AU
Is madr allhr but
TSlr.i. r atl » ullca
\r- JatioiiWa. wt. V
•rt*-*' ***>n rtrymet
After I'.les have existed for a time
Bering i- intena,    pain, Baling,
throbbing.tumots foi m   BOing to I
ing ii .th black blood
I'lll-   I.   llhel.    I).      I.e.ililuir.lt  .   Hem
It ml. the   iitiiv    absolute    1'ile
- the .cult, that   i i-   made   its
Mem H'.ul uill cure tl.    -t  stab-
born   .-n-i   in ,-\i--.              : ■ bonded
■ *t •  ta ih.it effect . * es with sai h
packa •
il OU VII dealers, oi the Wilson-
Kile i o United, Sis irs hall.
Ont. r,
Canada's Proud   Moment.
The (lr,*,*k. in th. u   noble effort  t,,
regain Iheii  encienl   preatige   ss   the
champion athletes ol  Ih.   world   bare
i 11 that   imt alone haee the hero's
harp snd the lover's lute found th.-
I.nn.* then shines refused in... -.. Ilea
thai eel.u farther weat than their aires'
ialanda ol the bleat. Th. n old sth-
,. ',, pn .. tleiii,. has ill-1 1,11 them,
ami nut eieii iest,.,i on Kuropeaa «,il
Nnrtll Alii, ll. ii WOUhl seclll In |M. tola] the borne ol the higheal rirility,
snd in North Ann rica i anada Imi.I.
her own.. We have nol ui .een ...
paratel)  rtated what fanada'aproaeaa
tins    II    eeiieml    |.\eli|-,~    „l     t|„,    ()|vill-
i ne- at   \ili>*n-   She waa grouped
i iiii th.* lest  oi th,.  empire,   snd   the
il hull*     elllpll' li       look       llllll!   -I\
point! .i.rii.nsi   ..i,nu tm*    taken    bj
(he   I int.,I   Slate.      Thia   i.a-   |...
tn   he   looked   In. Tin     I   lll.nl   Bl
hi im*   r.l.OOO.OtX)   .,1   the   p.. k   ol
Kuropean population! Ine Britiah
empire   has      .a •       * 000,000   » hitea,
imi the uiiiil.ei en..... ii Iui- m-hi much
oi  Ini  beet  blood serosa tbe ..*a    The
lllll.I   ullil   Won   Inl   I he I   lilt,h! Slii.t*. tl.e
third in the   Marathon   race   waa   sn
li ish An ei i l    pliu "■ in   lhal
mprei lent   im- taken  lor Canatla
'ti Will.am Shcitn.L*; "ii Hamilton.who
ii ill In* acclaimed bj s I n-tli
world than any of the old Olympic win-
nei - ei 11 eon. eii ed ol t anada n .11
I.. Iiiiii liitnti. beoauae I..* has aronher
the higheel  honor in the ens ol the
WOrUl, a llleli lias nut lull -etl vet he-
mmI the stai;e ii hen physical prowess
inn- more sttention and clniv than
e.thei intellectual or moral eminence!
But, further than that, Canada owes
thanks for the best advertisement that
ileiiii hale been given her a- tha
land in   which    phvslcal    health    .....I
  tl. ine capable <>t    the    higheel
liieliipiiieut. ..ml therefore ths beat ..f
lalel-   tO   In.     Ill        The   Value   set    upim
this Riicceas is slumn by tbe congratulations ol   the     llllllsh     nuilins.mini   .it
Athens telegraphed to Ihe    Row
general.   Canads hsn I....I In*.  Hanlon
.111.1 hei lie.ll"llll llllll Sell,.les ill
IMputties She has in cnsuili«ll V llelil
the    Knllll Hip   With    In*,    lilies,   mnl
has mi .uu occasions, in... the blue
ul,hun oi nile shooting tlm king's
prise, and mm .In*  has  gained   from
the     pick     ul      the     11, it Ill's     utilities      11
prise the  moe!   int..unite    i   widely
sdverti ted ol  ..ll     Montreal  Witm s,
The old street hydranta in Kdinburgfa
nr,* in l.e replaced l.v nee appliances
ami tha total est mil I..* $30,008,
W    N    U    No.    585 ■
1  Printed itTrm.i I-o .   UTi ana Ptthltaheil
it    srgita in ar.it I'l'oiit UtSasvariTomnt.iii
■I   i     , , ||t ir    to -lit'    I ell    lll'llsel :    11*,|M1
l be to in   ,*,*..-'.' 0")rr»sin,i..l«,.i. * i
| I    -sel ll!   lis   i* ,,,ilil.i.
Ml l,n**il.  t, eli   i- il at   I'"* un 1*.
cent! perllm       ,' ' ■"*■ an i ....■■•..*.* ;••*.
hai • soli «....   **  *      ■   -''"""
if, ,.,,, ,,,i* Irani       , ml I    HI S.   Hit.'*
« lit 11 till. 1,     . ■ , .,    ,. p    .1 tt.
H    merit Un    * . «t.l ienr.1       .I' n'l'!'
K011 5E
A ic* .'.im ml   i i ii    nit.in'*'   in    t!
11'tiit I. te , ,i on laion nl V •■
1 ,.. i"  a ■ tlisti ict
l\ In •'*.• luc iti*. .'   -iiiuii.il nf  -tilvt'
Clip " nunlflill 11    ll   n I ''I  Hi  ■" II C'-eeli
Ink * nol  lit' I    I.    I     -lll.lr. i!   ■ h*..|ll-l!l
a.,11  P MO     l*-i W     i ■'".  .'••    J.-ll
U. 1'ip. ., I*', u I \u i fi fl, I. nil
Th   • cr.       '■' ,       ,i .      I'll'.      ."**.'
IMS ,70,    |ni(i   ,|,   pixt V    .In.s   fulfil   I
in o       lie*.',,*'.       In      re 1 li       t'i       tl*
^ .iiinjt   Hei*,, rl. •   ful    11   I'.*.**,lien*.■   1
Im r >■,-,*'m"i'>    1     the  pin    .. * oi *>l -
In .uu*.'  h   i'i rn 1   ' ni,it  nf the   !■     1
. mini,
/in.l  further 1 ik** notice that n 1 in
iri'ilcr a.,-,-11.. ,17, r-oiHt l.e cnni'i . ci 1
l.e'nre lhe 1.-11:1 . ■ uf l.iiilniir* nl In-
p nvenipii -.
lmiel lets 5' *   'Ini  nf .loi c   ,1  i.   !   1 ,
j I S. DANEY, Prop.    Fer?;
Le^al Noticee.
tTlHOATM   l'l'   IMI'IK'VKMI'.NI'-
c.   t'kmi.. 1 , n*   -inr mineral dn'ms
, ... ,1,.,,, ,  ,,   Innn I nil* Minini: Plvl*
-1..,, „t !, ,* ' K . :c 11) riialrii'i.
*.,*  .      I |, 11 1     I   1 l.'*c ■■  ed*
I'  '.,. ,: ,t|,-e  •:  .'1 1    ■    " * ' ■''■""• '"'
■      ..    iliriH     I*"'. "-*"1'   ''" '">'
,   ,1 .,-   ,1      .. -'.  A    Hlltllerl   '"I   I
* ,      ;,,..■»     I",   I '»*'
-    7,' '.-i   A   I)   Ids, in '■■ N ' *'-1"" ■ '■
.    .   ; tva .        'I i'a heri'iif, I • ap| ') I
,  he Umli •  nrtlnrtiti. t<
nrov. *:..'  tl iu   lhe 1.ui,'..*" iiimu-j
•r.,1, ti (rants "i the ,'hu.e claims       j
,,„| 1 irlhel    hike   lint 111    •■ *"    "'"""   [
.. ■•   s •-    ll''     *  I1SI     he   .' oun.e	
u.e     -11.    .- ■   Ii.   la
>rove  if ii.        i'i** 'i ' he   I I  ••■•>'< ":
M *      t, P.. 11,00 llt.„
,1.   IV, i'lll**M
E. R. VIFOty
Trout Uke uVery
Freighting      1
A Hi'l-CUl.Tyl
Stables at   Titit [f'«
| *-*\np |—i
r     •
N 'i i. .* u- h •     v   fiv   .  > ■ .    t v<
 th. if ■*. '.. * I   .. en 11   ii
1 ,.   I 0   tl.'.l  '     til * ll'in I  ll     I  I ,.
I    I   »l  ll'et     f   I  *. '"I -H.nl   \\ ,.. t  ■   I
I   |  flu  |i     '.*•   I      in     ** (1 .*        *
,* iv ni   Iiiii ii i    f nn.   r   .    t,n    i,
, o erilie.l   I.i, ..  .it . ite    ..'* n    ,
<•! a ii,il ■ I "in 'li     * *iiln  *    .ie
'('.* ml   I. ik    ..ml    ii o .*  i'  mil »
t*p ii tl -rr >r I   .* "ii      " •       ;i
]   K   li    r •" i .1   !»   K  iin.'lv'.-. N
<.. t    p    | ....:    .  ■ ■ •,. i •   i e      *• * i i ' i it 11 -,
1   em ,  .until vl) i-|,p n-  t '!■  i* •   a •
*-*0  e-t.H111 •*. the   ce    in r  I. Mil nlie..
li.   I     i  il   ■  I  I "llllll    . einii.  pl.
Da .ci ll h *if M ... l .'•!
.1    I '   Kl S'NBtif
P-r'A. M        r    Uo
TR««r r IjAKK" b.c.
'_ nlie
At*, wl. i _
1_Clatct     o
  ~— Supply Go, c
2ar well Supplied wiih Liquors & Cigar: -(  -t-s
,i, ,,  I.    n i.    Itxcell.nl (.. ■ nni AlU'iiUui ■
v .'■»l\.Vvv.^v,^v.^sir.k>V,>V».-V
I >- ui n_'  W    * r -tt| plied  bv  the
i nr/tj.i ni  y.ni  ir«   astiured til
,   -,   pnrit,      '.. i. 11 t ci t .'ii . r. -t-
I*. back U]   ..''.,. mullts :   i   :
H ijh MoPhanon - - Supt.
t'adJvH & !.evc?q'!3   -   -   Props.Ja
Notice i    In r l>j  given  i
mouths iii;.*]' .late I intend lo n i *
n..|.iicnti*     to   I ..*   Cli ■ t ' ■ ■ ■   --
>io or nf i ends   and   N o ki fur n
r-|n t*ia !    I    •    16   til   C '.t    i*      I    PS
iitiiiv tini.ei- for   the   f il    iv:
ic ib. *i  -   .i- nitti it ..1 on At> :.
t ri ere. k  iii til   J  >.l i.  i    '•   '
'I rotll   I.i    e rin     i|i    ii 4
Gerrard   <■ .mn en. mi'   ai   a    •.   -
i   ■ i feed    .'.     I. ...   t'-   .v. \   ■
I • -'. t  ■        B I
south   sii  chnins, tin '   a  -    S
rl. .li... th llll .* ic: tli   80 • ...i     -
| < int oi .* .iniii. i.e .nent.
Dated, Muy llth, 190(1
A. I'tii  Ah
Ni.tic i- I.ft I.   pi\ en   th i    .
<1 .yi iiiiei ilai   1   int . '   tu .....k
»pp'i"ition  in   'ii      11 n.    ■ i.iei
C«ii>...i*-eio .*. "i La ids n  'I W < k
f •!*     I.    C|t. I i  *1      M    .    l.e     |i.     Cl,       al
carry  ami   i i in .er luuu th   t-
...» mn  <lc-i*i ibe i    liil   «iiii iieu
aboili -J .*f a   mil    fr. .. the -
rip.re  nf  T.'i.ir  I.ike,  hi. I i L
■^  miles   I."in  i lunar I, nnd    .
II . -..'ii c    at    .1    |i '.I    ...i.'k. 'I .1    1
K< nne iv'.     .\ v\      <• i  * i    i   -
* ] n'i d '•raid*, a  p a   i>> rk .! J.
]).   Kl'.iue'l V '-  N   ].   | ..-I , ll-l     .•    *•
.■in. n- .ii-i, iln i c   - ml i SO f mi'.-
lUCII*-      Hi Bl   ' 0 , li.l      ■ ■■   ll". li
.'■it   <•ii.iiii .   Iii   i t    t  i* -iu'i.i :    .
in. in.    li.if.i. Mat 11   1906
.1   h Kfnkbuy.
I'e     A     ll      *    * .    Ig   I
■| i
..     -   vl l .In   *
tiler d ile I intend to apply lo lite Hot .
1 i I, I    ot till-. rtif I  *.;   :- nn I W '•• '•-
I t perniission to pur! ss  the lull,
rie-rnbed lands bilnaieil i.    V^est K ml-
• nnv :
t'uiiiii enci'/ nr   :• i  ,.! : la ll ted ■
llOrlb  sbureol lnr,!ur...*     all. lit ha f ii
..il.* up I'ii,i   l' , reek in 1 n a .  .1
J   liu-i.i mo -   ti I    eornei p st. r.iu-
ii.i.it   nor I. 10 chain,   Ib. ii s
irhsins, them • -■ in   W • bam
MX   v rn.*.   bunk   lo  U.e :.* i   I .1   con.
., eul .'   I I IZSlMAiO.*! -
li. t-"l .lune 20  |U B
£xcai2e u    * -.cccmmodatiori
Best- Liquors
Auu Very f.icst Cigars   &
General Merchants.
John Simpson,
■«,e^-••***. "rfti n't
&  itjrt** i*- in --*•
liuuli JLidiVu JJ. vj.
Trout Lake  City Tracefon I
and Stage Line.
j Fercjuson
I Trout La'r.c
| *'■*'
I Beaton        K
B 8
hfn ^vw*www&&
tUtV'Vrtjl,'.* v.*.,*.,
Jfi Dcily Star*'.* will
9 Im vi   Pergmo,
I Trout Luke at 6
t BU
in eeime, i«.n.     ?
■WAttTi tfttri.t. t. •, tutit^
A. M. Craig     Y7m. Crawford
Imperial   Pank of Canada.
II i,' IMI
U rr.
(.ni*-Ai   PAT*   UP.    $.- U27  f4t "51
.'■■irrRVE   .UtlD 3.0:7.74' so
TOTAL   At.*--! TS .->ii.779 012 HT
1'  i;  v. li KM'. i    - .        t . *   . i -i ■ - ■   ,
I  , BRANCHES    ...   '        f *   -  • ' -
A GI '*i'i: M. HAKKIN I  li -"IM-  i .: ' '
T ROUT   LAKE,   B   C
Best Hctci in Town,
k;:,;;.:.;.. foi .      mfl Cb__3mi_ M.
' .  n»U*wti*»n»  »»fl
VV.     H.     JOtieS,   W0JD     VAULA.CE     HARO-|
,  ,,.: ,    . Kme *ob        ware co-ro-        Review Job Dept,.
Printing. Hardware,  Miners' S*   plies, Biovs '••■'■  High*! in-- M  >rl
NB1 SON,  li. C.   ••   ; ■ .ii ..*■
'1 In.I I   l.aki    I l.
il    1    Vi   ll.
.Staitvjv  ^ Co
N'li.c   is herein  *. \  ii t n
in .Otl.8 .. • .  "ii ■ I l   I.    .1 ;<i .... k
:  ,I|.J  " et   "n      in     I   '•       iiim.     • 'll  • .
i '..,1,ini. -i-.ii. i r f 1. nni". « ..I Work>
Ith  e| n-i-i, I   In .•   In  oil   au.i
<■ rn ««-,>   Mm iei  fr in  t .<  fo-
li.M  nc i <• C* Hi  fl I imi* -'I   nel' I.
J.ingt.   Vie* 'imi i.p.J h1 o it i   r.
Inii..- fr in  ti. i. .r.l   <<ui.in n inp
at  ii  i' »'   n Hik...  I. s.i"   li ll'i
i ..ith-» bi    c .incr   1*0*1,   'hi i
<»-t   frO  uliaiue,   Hi* "<*e   Mill til   80
«i a nb.    th i.*e    weat t*0  Chain»,
iheno«   o.ttb   mj  n.Hiiii   iu llir
j.. n    i <■■ • 111 iii•-,11 ,-hjim
D_m 14..* Hay, 1908.
I-I--1.1K   lilt I.
I\r A  biggar, Aueut
Nntice   ir   1.. 1.1■•   given lhal 0
.*   * - nflUI   .1 ,.'•• I il !■ hi    In   iippn
in ilm hun. t in. i C .mini si .ner ol
1 ,.iin'-   in ti  Wiil.-   |n|   11 , im.elm,
In ptnrhaa. Ihe follow i  p ileacnh *.i
1 ird situated  i>. \\ > .i   K....'. nay
• "ii ii . lining   nl   a   iiual   plsni'.l
i.llf    II    tulle   III.   Vc     l'i.|i III     l.tvk
Sandy Laughton
I'mp. n-t .r.
HIS   - -. *.,^   !*•■ gn-.ii. j"..
t-!i -  *    nt il.   1.. fl. an
_,_.'       ll    '• i 11   .(■    lhe     i 18'Inr
N-jK/l        Will     I.      BUI I'l'IH "    '    "ill
rjto*    !   m   (i.mf • -    l    ."...i
,,,     ...     .*-.     well    v.-iiiilael
nn I      i' nl in      > "'.in..     ,' ■ 11
-i". K- ii in. .     i.i   <*i  ry i ing  >■   i«*li
hi de tin, •. 1-   ii. •*> Mnj  j .it'   i i.-n a
ill -,-.i i  I   hiil    11,. Ill'  iiinl*      ' • .
1      e«  r.t'lu  | i   "Int    npii n,,-
\\ i    t-i i ne  I..   |,t ,i-e   mil   | ;il*    ii-.
1 .       .   .      • ■;. ..        | ,     . ■   .. *,
■_______________________.     P'
11    11. 1 1    I        I .,     ,        •■!. • I        ..
Mil.    '■ » l II.   Ill* A I   i   I Ir.  I*    ,- ■*'■ r
IC-gge,    . *       I .  rliir-M    sn.l    1 run   .,    u . |
.1 inn In.., I .».■   ■     e Sl   '*..,.*   I'.. ,	
0 K       |
Sarbcc Shop;
t.*l    a
_ flood Shn\e or lliiir Cut
Lennoxville   G. M. YUILL  Wi,,iam Schne,i-
■ -c»-HofeI,
l vobss pao?'
llctel and
Cen.ra! Store    ^_^.^_^^_^^__
c OaHttOiiz BkMk. Troit Lake. B.O
Hot and Cold "atha
Barber Shop.
i... i
.. '■
C. A. CHELSL.-U..1
i *        '
SVatch-repairing,   etc.    All  work     A' ,     v|...'.    .-
Hot end   Cold   Bathl.
, I •  1   I   !  ', 1,1    '     ■
•■ . . (all.
■    .
...  Z\x Ibotcl JScaton  ...
—    BEATON,  ij. c
YISITOFP arriving al Beaton     d nf the l-iMea**)
i,,, i.    . ir] In  i thia  II"" I  lo  i •• I   l|      >.) •■ i.t e.l
;.,.   !■   l,i Ine-   I   lilt*        I   *   •        i.ljl i  n...l:.ti,.u t    ■■
fi.toii'ieci si.fl apsriniik'llnlt.s   l.sll      Ire 1       nf Wines.Ppt.lis
I     ,,  i      , ,    .        1*. 'I   i'i.'. '1 el  '- Ol
.   \ |i it..;, tn 'he ! srd. ■•'. ran r. in fort at 1 ill I oti l
W. BOIL -:■  -:- Prop
i -. •    i - • •
* *
*■    in    t.   hen hi   given   lust    i»»'
■ ■ Hi'.'*, dale I Intel *l ' pl)   '•■    >»j
he tion.'ililel O.....n.iseloi.er t.i   i ;..   n  &
u.,1 Wort it li.-eiic' to t-ti    a t**r f                          ♦
.. nl   t ,iii i   li.i.i.   In, I.. .    I   -.ui    I III                  J / I '    I *  |*lf *J* A* «\     .**» I
!••«.. J  .!• -.-'ii* ■' he J W *l Ll A  ll i     il \>
V.. ■ i   I I i till ■■                     •                 T   rt
Cnmn.eiicins si o i"*-t i.isrl • tl I • -I
Mill's ""..nh nt -i I*.
•• e ...icr ol   Loi   1H7,   Ihei ■
ni.nl  i-i. le.f I ,i,l   ,i\,.r  , I   I HU ehains, ihenee rest «0 rhalit"  Ihn
,.    . !   '•,"     !     "V    r   '""    l,    .,,,,1, Ml, lull.,.. 1,,,,..    u. -'   "uel..,!!.-
' I     A     , ". .1.    r- ■> \\ , o *r,ic|- |...s
ll,-.-..  . n-t sl.  i I mn.   nn,   ^    m et
I    ilk.     t   lit*.     In,till    •!()      cl am..
tlience   ureal    bll  <- 1,-hi• n.   tlienoe
goutll   4.J cliaiiiH   to   poiiit uf colli
llllll..'* 111. I.t
June .7. Ill 6_     A  No*" so
N.ltlc..    j.    Illl.lil*    gjvt II   til ll   BO
ilnya nf.cr u,.ic i intend lu make
. |u.|j,riitiii» in the Chief Uomiuia*
inner uf Lun I. nml Wmi:- f*.i
i eraieaion lo purchase tin folio**-
: *ii dscibed Iii dn situated nt
i uicna lit We i Kootenay dis*
t'.ct,  nml  described h*-   followi
I "tliiiiiciici.,*" at i.   poll   lunih.il 'I
Weta m'l N V. c.iiir posl, plu ted
iii Ih.- **) \\   i_r  o|   L6142    A . ...it
lead Luinl-er   Iu'b   in.,le.. Imiii),
ihence  \svtt  40   chaina,   Iheuce
. *,.' t' • i-'-n i ii •
.S 'I uu 12.1   I     e, 10. _  l.l 81,1 R 111 t.i
Noln,-    is    hen irtvei    run    i«i
months sH**r .Isle I    i.,     *'   I"   ip|,1 ■
...      the     Hon     .li.l1
1  nl- mnl U .uli.  fin   ii   - i ltoi.ll  It.
' . i *.t nn.l run i   it • i.  * r
I, ,11, .11 i||g     .les,*l|l.t    I     III   ■   I •       • Uii.i-
Ihe \\ eul   KOOI r     ll" ' ll
('■inmieiiring si n   nst n ii keil 1 ,-l,.
'Il'l | .until   e i-t .    ■ i er   sel     it    ' '•> 'h
i cot net t.i I ...i   f71.ll * . •■ i n I
C'.i_er Ale
Cin-jer Brer
Iron brew
r-jrsap.-. :• Ha
Cream   . )tia
Lemon*  J:
Champ.!.i.ic Cider
Club Soda Water
elnniiK. iheuce .it-i   *.i cl i.i..a, ihenee (■   i ... .      an:»._._^i   \".;-,,,,.
-...tiiHUci mi,       .,    » ,ii.jP Lithia Mineral Water
in | ..Ini .,1 i*,,u,'ti. in   men!
Nelaon, 131 It I , IH "i.     I.i.m ii Iln i.
Notica    II    I In    given   lli.i   i«..
.. mil ihs slier date I   Intend lo iplilj loi
1 In Hon, . hie! i    - ilu iel ol I nini-! I
ii .d Wink,, fora ***...* ...I  lloenae tn cot
I end c..r ri H ■ ,n H ub ri   from   lhe ful
| liming ih -.l.il.,'     in.!■■   .iiunle.l   ill (lie
M'eei Koutenay <l*-t ilcli
i "in   in.ing sis i"1"! uiHflte.l Leslie
,. —    | Hill'*- south essl   i .".   ii."-i,   *••■'   h
muni  _u cnsti.t,  tl.ei.ee .,, t  40 nortl phi pw  ..i  uot  i *2 tlien.**
<i". ii , ll.eiice   north   20 chain! to! north 40chains, thenre wesl HWcliaiiia,
)     Hit   Ul CO leluctlie,  .      ,,,„|   ,.,,„.    ""'nee lOUlll   HI il.ilil...   Ilu i,.„ .,,-1  IW
.,    :,,:,       Bll ana, *l    ',,* ' hlulu- In p"i.,l "I ciun nieu lilt,
ll illllng no scr.-s I    \\ Ale... • ,*i
,     .    , , r.     ,    ., ..i.,ao.i. Ixl ■   .' .it..    -
I •ll".    Itfud, IS 0 ^inwlllH
Thorpe (_>» Co.!
r ixd. I
Krlmin. Hi. «X.
:v- Crn
Pay the Printer.
m\"\ll\ 'III'    'r.Vi*     In • ti     f  rliin-i-
ti   de  bt  jii'liciooi  Inveal.
*     '      hi      i.c.l     i.r-ll.l",    M l'l
■ n   r>-   I   . 't:   . -   "iii   t* ■   ...n.i.   11. .fi
.■ii 1 .. r. xt two ..i iIt.t*•• \■ ui►.
The 'Mi,' ii li" r. ..pe I lie l.nr en1 ll
llie    nt   ^n:    '    ii'i .*-  "i      I'.     I.t     l...r-
1.1.   Ill   HI.  \    (..*   ll   . .'.    11 Ih    J .
N.. •   Iel ..*■ poinl .uu in t nil thai
I       i  i   in tit"I. i xpol .'ii Jim ('....■
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Trout Lake Is tli<- pn tt:. ai apoi
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I. ,.ilc- in ..  I iii ly wel]  r p <•-. i.t .1.
SV'lite     Vtilll    COIlliilell.'.*   tl,  Ag'-UtH.
I <.
Lots can be
obtained on
H. McPherson
Trout, Lake, B.C.
Make your
selection ct
9  V
Then call on
or   write  to
il     ll    **   '   " **• '    lu'fl   H       '   I | |||
I IO* ' I.   I   .-   I i . i     j, ||   l.
■  '   I" ad   'I   . u\ i    n, .1
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and   ■ i ng.  11..| |,;,i
11."   ....  ,., , .,, |   ,,,,,1,  |,,, ,ih
'  '    'll     '.lll.l-    .,W„l|l|,n   K. llll I
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1 " •'    hi ml run  n nl    v   li.  i,
'•"I'HI'ilJ   nl (1111,110 I      |.*i    . ,i,   i|   nl
1 .'■ I""1 "f III. llll.    'I  I
,Ml """v  »"■  i h.tlng mil I t( ;*..
1 '-   •'••'IJ     • *. I     Hi  I,    ,' \1
I' '"l"i- npi-niii|. up uth lirtJiei ..l
'"'"'    Will     1.      „    I,,,    ,,h|,    ,|,  „
'""     ►"    it    jou    would    k,..vt
" ""*   Tile   V   oi.ri   in  .iii.. i,
•be ll),". lite nl   (l,t   inMl,,.,,•„ li, l„W
P. B. Wells
Cer eral A^trtt
Revelstoke, B.C.
Im tu iuui iivuiai uuu aiiit Ua iii iuai ta ui ui m ui iUiAiluuiia a. ua iUiauiiiiiai^Amii
'. ***


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