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Lardeau Mining Review 1905-04-21

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'   V
' -V«*V*fc. ' ^***"
Ins ii larger circu.
tjon than any
•,'i''vx|ia|M'i' in N.
K.iiiti'ii.'iy. Best ad*
K-irtisiiiK  medium.
APR 28 im—£
hi' representative
_nf ©re neb Lardeau
Country.     Si'iit to
any address for $2
per nn. in advance.
TROUT LAKE CITY,  B.C.,   APRIL ai, 1905.
Railway   Policy-
Is Good.
[Ona Victoria Lhttbb.]
In view of i)it« decidedly favor*
nl.' prospeota for definite railway
delation which obtained during
i' curly jinrt niul middle of the
■ inn just Closed, it limy lie ns
nil tu onquiie Into the reasons
liv those prospects did not mat-
ri.ili/c into something more tan-
Such an enquiry in all tbe
lore desirable, now that the smoke
Ind dust of parliamentary strife
[as somewhat cleared, In order
ii.it the general public may de-
anilely comprehend the exact print statu.* of their province ill re-
|anl to railway development a
bing most imperfectly understood
)\ the average citizen, who rarely
«"iks outside the need of his own
istrict—and in order that the
I.im.' of inaction, where blame
liere is. may be, by impartial judgment, j.Inccd ii|.oii those shoulders
ili.'i'- it most properly belongs,
Willi the first sharp feeling of
lisappointment at the failure of
lhe negotiations looking towards
lailway legislation) there arose I
(position natural, perhaps, hut
no way justified by tbe tacts of
e case—to bla no tbegoveromonl
ir th" deadlock between the high
Ion trading parties.   Unprejudiced
fv.iiiiiiiiti.m   of    the    facts   of  the
taae,  however,   docs  not  warrant
ihi- oondemiiation.
It ia to h.   remembered! in con
s'llcring lhe IcrWlB '.'. r-1 by the
itrioua railway/1 promoters who
l» iicil up negotiations with the
• '.. nun' nt   dating   the   |>a-t  SOS-
It-ion, thnt these promoters regarded
It he country from a very different
standpoint to that occupied by the
lad ministration    Briefly, their different points of view may be defin*
led   in   this way; the promoter re-
Igarded the country ns a  desert,
which   bit   projected   line  was   t.>
ipen up t.. >■ ttl.nn nt ami consequent commerce ; Ihe government,
mi the other hand, better informed
a- t.. the r. ROUro - of the 'anil,
knew thnt it wns no dea it, hut an
immensely rich storehousi needing
only n door of communication with
the  outer  world.    That .lour once
opened, enormous wealth, not to he
extravagantly thing away or unwisely encumbered by ilie administrator! of the people's heritage,
would Hew steadily from this reservoir to enrich the people. I'.ut
it would bo by no means the part
or wisdom for the government to
give   tWO-thirda   of   this  wealth to
ih.se who opened the door. Tin
price wan I.... high.
In other wor«ls. the promoter re-
garded hi" railway as n speculation, nut uf which he was (jet all he
could, uhile the government re*
garded that same railway merely
as  a   menus  to develop, in the In*
tercets of the community, a most
valuable asset.
A moment's reflection will show
how widely apart Were these two
points  of   view—the one  thnt of a
gambler taking a chance, the other
that of a Statesman entrusted with
a grave responsibility. And it was
the   impossibility   of  reconciling
these two points of view which  WHS
a large factor in breaking off the
negotiations. The government
could not, in honor to the people
<>f this province, recede from its
position ; nml the promoter iliil
not know enough to moderate his
The fact is that the government
realized what the promoter did not
—namely, that conditions have
vmtly changed from what they
were twenty, or Oven tun years ago.
li former dnys this, country was
undeveloped ant] practically nothing was known of the resources of
those undeveloped areas. To-day
two-thirds of it is still undeveloped, hut its resources   nre   very
direct benefits in thc shape of revenue in return.
The other railway propositions
before the government were in
practically the name strain. Each
ami all of ihem were colored by
the same erroneous idea, so indue*
well known and appreciated—atItriousjy fostered by the opposition,
all events hy the present govern- that the governmedt could not live
ment Thus, then, while it might'unless it yielded to them,
have been excusable to hand over It may be well to remark in con-
to a railway company millions of Ielusion that while the opposition,
ilollars nnd millions of ncres of their friends and newspapers, are
land as a bribe to go Into a cou^- [making a great outcry about the
try out of which, for all anyone | absence <,f railway legislation,
could say, they might never bejthose outside of partisan polities
able to make enough to pay fmjare in a position to prophesy, with
axle grease, it would be perfectlyia great probability of accuracy,
indefensible to do the same thing J that the earning season will sec
to-day, when it iB known that more railway construction than has
every district is immensely rich mi been done in the past three years
natural wealth of nil kinds, and ! put together.—-Tub Man in 1111.
that, the moment a railwny is es- Qal__Y.
tablished   through  il, that railway —-
will   h.'gin   to  make  money hand ; I_OC8.1  Z'TSWS
Hut, in commending the government for their foresight and prudence in refusing to sacrifice the
country, it is not fair to unduly
blame the railwny folk for their ex*
horhitant demands The innss of
the people are very prone to forget that n railway company is not
strange though this truth may
seem—an   aggregation   of   philnn
The Mill Difficulty.
The local Trades Committee met
Leslie il ill, who has the management of the Canadian Timber and
Sawmills, Ltd.. last Saturday night
at the office of Deputy Sheriff Yuill.
The object of tbe meeting was to
find out it there was a probability
of the early resumption of the mill. I
It   was   stated   thnt  the  demand  tervening  centuries  hv   all.     By
locally for llimber was such that if'many  who  have  accepted him as
Good Friday.
The tragedy enacted on the hill
of Golgotha about one thousand
eight hundred and seventy two years
ago is to-day commemorated over
all portions of th" civilized WOlld.
The man, Jesus, who on that day
suffered tleath hy crucifixion has
been   revered  through  all the In*
Oddfellows' anniversary service
nt the M.E. Church Sunday night.
With the closing down of the
reduction plant for 11 few days,
owing to a broken shaft, there were
a number of nun down to town
this week taking in the sights.
Noah     Abrahamson     returned
the " hi " plant was not to resume
at an early date, other parties were
willing to put in a small plant to
satisfy thc local demand. Mr. Hill
stated that as far as he knew there
wns no hope of an amicable settlement and thnt as the mntter wns
in the courts, it would he itopoa-
sihle for him to say when operations would he resumed. lie said,
however, that if the selling of the
lumber now on hand would lill the
demand, he would on his return to
i Nelson arrange to put it on the
Placer Operations.
The 180 feet of flume work or-
! tiered by the Placer Co. is being
built as rapidly as lumber can be
had. It ia the intention of the
company to build all told another
half-mile, and work all the more
possible spots on the lied of the
river.    Good   values are being ub-
from Uevelstoke on Monday, where
Ihroplsts, but simply and solely nn ''ne lms •****•• for -**0 P*8* two weeks
association of husincss men out to looking after the palatial Centraljtained, and the shareholders   are
make as much money as they can I "0,e'  '"  "*9 absence of brother feeling jubilant over the near spin return   for  the goods they sup-! Charlie, who has been recuperating  proach of dividends.
ply,   F.,r the needs of tbe country :lt thc' liot Springe-
they do not care a rap, except in I    It is evidently not the intention
so far as those needs facilitate tin   of Will Abrahamson to let bis fine
attainment of their own ends.    All  addition to the townsite stand idle
they desire   is  to  get ns mu.'li the   For   the   past two week
best of the bargain a? thy pa
can. fn order to make 11 good show- ing nnd fencing about two .icns of | Kowlan.3 exchSnges that he has
ing, a good bsjancasheeL and good it. This has now been plowed, it been doing some good missionary
dividends for their shareholders.      heing the  owner's intention to put
*se gentlemen,   holding   this the Und under cultivation.   Spud" 'towni
Interested in Coal.
Fred Elliott  returned from Nel*
...,i(r,,,- 'son   and   Rossland   last Monday
me*- have beet. |mrd at work clear- {'''Jf1'1-    W" Ka -V ,,,lr Nel80n i,^•,1
'work   for   the   Lardeau in  those
While away he attended
poi t..f vi.-w, came before the leg-j will form tbe principal feature, we a ' tin8 <"' tbe North-Western
(stature t.lis session  to   make as are    told,   whilst    bsnanas,   figs, Coal Co. at .Nelson.
good   a   bargain   for themselves as  lemons   and   pineapples   may   be      The company has large tracts of
they   could.     Traditions  were all  confidently anticipated the follow
in  their favor.     Previous legisla- iotf year.
ttires, elected from the same con-j Telephone communication wns
stitueneies. sitting in the same j this week established between the
building, representing the BOme hospital and town. The instru-
good people of British Columbia, | ,m.nt at tllis eil(* nM be in installed
had never refused ngenerous * hnn.l in t|„, outt.r 0,lip,. ,,{ .),,. ](l,s, (l(li(,,
out'of hind or money to anyone A more central lot ation could not
who would promise themn railroad, |,nvo j^.,, gel-jcted, and it goes
anywhere. Why should this pre- ,vjti,out 8avj11(, that the innovation
sent government behave otherwise I wjjj he in\\y appreciated by the j
than its predecessors ? ! townspeople."     Dr.   Robinson   can
As Instancing the  exhorbitant now be communicated with at any
nature of the demands made by I hour of the day or night
the railway   promoters, the ease of)     ■fnm^t window-front   has   this      W*. H. Aldrldge, manager of the
week been groaning under an abun* Canadian Smelter at Trail, states
fair example.   In the ^^ o( toothsome comestibles in "'"  the capacity of the lead re
coal land in the North-west, ami
have arranged with British capitalists to finance the proposition.
The arrangements which were
completed al the Nelson meeting
provide for a "ash working capital
of tf7.")0,CKK").0O. A branch railroad
will be put in from the line of the
C.P.R., a distance of about 16
miles. The government analysis
report   shows   that  the company
ive an excellent   coking coal, for
which   there   is  always a good de
ma ml.
the Qrand Trunk Pacific may be |
taken   ns  B
straitened financial  condition of
the  green   line.    These   have now
finery at  Trail  ia  to be trebled tn
the province, conditions of  which 1 gIve"pla<J8 ^ „ ,,iV(lv assi,rtm,.llt  .net thc demands  mode  for  the
they  were well aware,  it  might 0f e^.* notbouae exotics, pig lead and silver which are being
have been supposed that such de- ,.,.,,     produced   there      Iu the post a
mandi would have been Incredible. I    M N 'I"""1 roturned w ^neaday, ^^ ^ ^^  ^ ^
Let us suppose for .1 moment that bringing in a string of cayeusesfor| h Jb(jen ^ fmm „„. Wl,rkf
it hod been  possible to give this P-w-Mng purposes.
company the hind grants it re- The Spring rush is on. Monday
quired. Then, not content with night eight commercial men ar-
that, ami knowing full well that rived on lhe boat, and the demand
the government hud been forced to I for sample room was such that the
increase taxation on the individual Oddfellows' hall had to he put to
in order to meet the increased bur-  use.
dons.of administrations, the Grand]    ,,. Bft.*,le) of popiar( went over
to the   Mammoth  group on Wed-
Trunk Pacific people had tho immaculate nerve to demand in addition that  these Immense   lnml
nosday to start a crew on development work. This property is now
grants, if given, should be exempt L_nod by the Bdwarrj Baillie Co.,
from taxation for a period of thiriy ' •*j
years !
This is a fact.   Mr. Morse, on behalf of his company, practically
demanded that section ._ of the
of Mr. J. Henderson, late manager
and have, to all indications, a
prosperous career ahead of it.
Judge  Leamy  has  given judgment on the jury's verdict in favor
Land   Act  should   he repealed   in
their favor; that is to sav that the
government should have no inter-1
for the Canadian Timber and 8aw-
ests iii anv of the townsites of   the
company  for wrongful   dismissal.
'The action wns tried   here before 11
company in British Columbia.   In . v       . . .,  ,
, '    •   ,    „ ...       , „ jury in  November last and judg*
other words,  the  position   of   the J    ' J
,   ,,   ..; .,   , ,, ment was reserved. Mr. Henderson
(Irani  Trunk Pacific was that thev ..      ... .   ..
, .        '. ,-, recovers   the   full amount of   his
should   get  everything they could (.1.um     (,    s    MeCarter appeared
from the government, and shut off f,„. Henderson and A. VVheafler for
tbe province  from obtaining any the Company.
' t.. the < Irient, and when the output
i-   increased   this   trade will grow
It is currently reported at ViC
toria that W. C. Wells, M.P.IV for
Columbia district, will succeed Sir
Henri July as lieutenant-governor
of British Columbia. Mr Wells
has been  a member of tbe local
legislature for  a   nuiiiher of years.
and was chief commissioner of
hinds.and works in both the Duns*
m.uir and Prior governments. Sir
Henri Joly's term has expired, and
he is only retained oj lieutenant-
governor pending the selection
of his Buccesa >r.
K. S. Motand and Henry Mag*
nusoii. both of Poplar, were visitors
this week.
Little Willie Laugstaffe received
nasty injuries on Thursday from
one of thocayeiises running around.
The little fellow's face is badly cut,
bill BO far OS Ifl klioiiii is not of ,1
serious nature.
the Redeemer of the world, the Son
of (lod, by all who revere him as a
Man whose teachings have been
accepted as a guide to the best and
highest type of citizenship, His lift-
is a noble example, and His cruel
death to save .mankind will be
mourned as long as this world shall
last. __ __
Mrs Baldwin, of Ferguson, was
a visitor this week.
Charlie Billiard and Dave M'\-
Lennati were in from Camborne on
Thursday. These gentlemen are
thoroughly imbued with the fact
that their burg is to bo tiik mining
camp '.;' the I. irdeau. Of course it
is. next to	
Charlie Dulmnge cam? down to
s|)L'iid his Faster holidays from
the Nettie L.
A special from ltcvl-toke reports the murder ol n Japanese
woman ('• red-light''). She was
literally hacked to pieces, her head
being almost severed from the
body. Two Japs are nrrested, and
the police nre searching for a desperate white who it is thought had
a hand in the liorrible affair.
From a letter received, the Hon.
R. F. Green, Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works Department
will pay us a visit about the 1st. of
Mrs. Harry Qodsoe left on
Friday morning for her home at
The latest reports from the
Triune gives a nice body of concentrating ore in the lower tunnel,
This is .'."inclusive evidence that
the ore li .1" - opened up in the
upper levels are going down.
Service will be hold on Easter
Sunday morning at the Methodist
Church at 11 o'olock. In the evening at 7 .'50 an anniversary service
of the Oddfellows. Both services
conducted by the pastor. Special
Frank Ion, an old-timer in the
Lardeau, returned on Monday from
a three months' visit to Nelson.
Stanley Menhiiinick and Steve
Woods leave Mondav for the new
northern country. Both of these
gentlemen are old-timers in Trout
Lake, but the alluring prospec's of
the north have decided them to try
their fortunes along the line of the
proposed (i.T.P. route They will
go from here to Vancouver, thence
by   b.at   to  Bella Coola, and from
there l-">" ml'es north-east to the
Oosta country, where it is their intention to locate and take up land.
We arc soiiv to ! Be two nich good
citizens. Since their arrival in
the town of Trout Lake in it* curliest davs every movement which
would   be  of   benefit has met with
tb.ir assistance ami support. They
take with them the best wishes ol
the  whole community   for their
Andy Craig i- eleir ng his ranch
on the outskirts ol t'ie town. He
will build stables for the accommodation of his ever increasing stock.
When  completed,  everything will
be up to all the latest sanitary requirements.
Tim Licensing board had a siting on Wednesday.   H. Magnuson
applied   for   an.l   was   granted   a
license for the Dominion Hotel at
Ferguson Items.
Don't forget the service Sunday.
Tommy Russell, from the Nettie
L. mine, went out yesterday to
spend Easter at Calgary.
Asa Ilillni.in of the South Fork
hotel was down to the lake on business to-day.
Rob Hargreaves and Asiinyer
Mncfarlane, both of the silver mill,
were holidaying in Trout Lake today.
Ohummie Johnson has returned
from a trip to Banff, where he has
been for the benefit of his health.
A fine Easter entertainment will
be given at the Eagle hall Sunday
evening, April 23rd. Zealous
efforts have lieen put forth in preparing the program, and all who
nre privileged to attend will be
highly grntified with the interpre-
tation of the Enster thought and
spirit. While there will be no ad-
mittanc charged, don't forget your
Easter offering.
A case of assault was brought ou
before the magistrates on Thursday. The contes'ing parties faced
the magistrates a month ago on a
similar errand, and the result then
was against the defendant. The
latter objected to one of the magistrates in this instance, and an ad*
journment was made until Saturday next.
Andy Daney has his six-horse
teams drawing the freight wagons
again on the Ferguson-Trout Lake
R. II. Battey, jun.. returned from
a trip to Nelson, where he hai
been having his ivories attended to,
on Friday.
We have a lovely assortment of
stationery at the Review oflice
suitable for Easter.
There is no doubt but that Ferguson will see a very satisfactory
growth this summer.
Mrs. (Dr.) Newcorubr Mrs. A.
.'. Cummins, and Miss E. Batho
•antercd down to the lake on
Dave    Robertson returned   to
town   on    Monday from  Sandy,
Utah, where he  has been stacking
'em for th'- winter.
O. B. Batho returned from a
trip to Nelson on Monday.
Harry I'orteous has been to Nelson this week.
Fred Little (" Kid") pens us nn
epistle from "his home in Mount
Forest, Onfc, and his friends will
he pleased to learn he has improved wonderfully in health. He
hopes to lie back in tlie Payroll
Centre uIhuU May let
The main shaft leading to the
motor room i.t the reduction works
at 5 Mile broke on Tuesday nnd
the mill has shut down fur a few
days. Most of the employes have
be n engaged during the week in
clearing away brush iu the vicinity
of the mill.
Th.* store of McKinnon nnd
Sutherland is a veritable hive of
industry nt present. The early
Opening of the roads and trails is
giving business nn impetus thnt
bus not been equalled in years.
Jink Luiuly. of Innisfnil, Alta.,
who with his father is interested
heavily in some inining properties
around Ferguson, was in on Tuesday looking after his interests.
An epidemic of drummers struck
the burg on Tuesday. All ro|>ort
business lively.
The Snyder joke was against us,
but we will get even with th >r-
: respon, lent IB
5fcu'ht_ & Co.jSmifh & eo,
45 Bleury Street, MONTREAL.
Efl*-.,    Clieee,    Produce    am!    Fruit.
Houston Bk„ Josephine St,Nelson,B.O,
w:od  valla:
ware co- ltd-
Hardware, Miners' Supplies, Stoves
imtl Ranges,
nelson, b. c.
"6 °" HAflLI-he representeil ie. the Lar I
WW'      ileiiii    at    regular    intervals
\CE     HARD- Ihrooghous iho your.   Or.W
iii in
TitUU'l   LAKE   LODGE    I. O.O.F,
NO, 41
t •**•?"*_, j. R*SUM>r meetings h.'lil
\ ,>-**'» M« OiMlt'llnw's Hull .-v.
\ '  ' .•*»»      Tuesday nighl nt   S
Vl  :a,--^:wr>    o'ch't'l..   Visiting l.r.itli-
^_.s>,-jr.. j^»-    era .'.mtlully welcome.
3. II,Scott, N...i. Prod Mi,.,,.,, tv. i: it I'-.s..,-
A V   &  AM.
3rd   Thursday each
X/ month.
. Visitors Welcome
c Ford lie I. Sec, I!  M i I   nwn, W.al
| for ololhing will receive close attention
Our representati' a will lie InTHOUl
LAKE and FERGUSON Iu a few weeks
We have a great i-sputa**
tion for Style and Fit.
Save vou.rt Qifjers.
The IJ C. ASSAY and (li SfllCAL
SUPPLY Co., Ltd.
Vaxcouvbb, D, C.
Ueadquariera for Assoyera, Wining aid
.Mill 8ii|i|.l.es. Sole agents in B. t'. for
Mo rgau Crucible Co., Undersea, England; I'. W. Brant) ttCo.'s PatentCary
Furnaoes, Burners, etc : Win, Alns*
wmtli i>c Oo.'s Fiue Balances, etc, etc,
. o • •
• • • .
• • • .
a • « .
• • • «
We Nelson
Brewers of
Fzi_e   Lager  Beer
end Porter
R. Reisterer <_> Co.    -   Props.
tut. mii.i.oy Isnowlo.
eul.'il in Nelson us suc-
tH'ssor to Or. Stodtliirtnt
Tee Aberdeen Block
t'lieiits fi'inii the Lar*
ileiiii may rely on tlrst-
i-li.su irriiiiii.nl     :   ;   :
A. Mffloy
• • • •
• * • •
• • • •
« • t •
1 i'
-1 ■_.J \
believe in " The Slater Shoe!"   Otherwise the sign pictured here would never
swing" from our store.
Our faith in Slater Shoes is based upon full
Imov/lsclge and personal wear of them.
We had to sign a rigid contract in order to
securo thp exclusive control for this town.
Naturally wc "went clow," and investigated
thoroughly before wc signed it
We bought several pairs cf Slater Shoes
and wore them personalty,
j        We knew a score cf-people who had worn Slater Shoes regularly, and we consulted them coriidontialiy, on tho fit and sendee
Then wc visited the factory to see just how carefully they were
! made, and what sort ci" materials were put under the finish.
After wc were convinced that no other chocs in Canada, at the
price, were co carefully and uniformly well-made, we signed the contract which gave us contrcL
&   -0   &
Then we placed a lar^e order fcr a full range of Slater Shoe
shapes, sizes and widths.
It had to be a large crdcr for v/e must sell a raft of Slater Shoes
in order to make a fair profit out cf the line.
Because, the Makers' stamp their own retail price on the lining
of every Slater Shoe, and that price doesn't leave any fancy margin
for the Retailer.
But, we have seen that tho actual difference m profit
has been put into the shoes, and that what we lose in profit
the Wearer gci.3 in extra service, style and comfort.
We rely upo. i that extra value to increase our sales,
so that the volume will _____ up for thc small profit per
Our new Slater Slices are now in stock, and we are
proud of them.
Come and tell us what you think cf the new styles,
and cf our judgement in making this radical "move" in our
Look them over, and try them on, even if you don't
want to buy 3t once.
If you are hard f o fit, better choose while the stock is
fresh-— while sizes and widths arc complete, and perhaps
we'll lay aside for you the
pair you select, till  you
want them.
i-   r
.. ti
c -■•**
Now don't defer—
Como alon^ today,
f or terncrrow, and
7 sco what we've
> got fcr you in—
\&r3JC-^s Liid^ksLJ \_^
sole Local Ajc^z MeFirmon & Sutherland, Ferguson, B.C.
!,-•-_.M**"."* *-•***•»   i«11 *ajfJ»a-*-k*U»» •*
dsterson, Crifi
•m -   •    * "       <       •#-   ' ,. -.      ..
• i i is jiiwM»»swst-swar-*-a-r.a*ftt--
zEz WE
Kept a Stove in
Our Store all the
Winter, and our
Canned Fruit is not
Masterson,   Griffith
and Co.
i, i»
rout Lake
By Gilbert Parker, elotb, $1.50
By H. S. Mcrrimsn, cloth, 1.50
By I». W. Biggins. \ i.'t..ria.!.50
Cloth, 1.50
Build'ng Trad'a Pocket Book
Business Man's Pocket Hi»>k
Mechdnic's Pocket Mem< riimlum
Three vols. 1,50
Pul by  tlie   LitiTiihtioiiul  ('i.rr.'-i ".i.l-
i'ii.i' Bcboo) at *1 i*ni'li onr price 1140
J. Y. Griffin & Co.
Celebrated Brandt of   Hum, Beooti
mill li'L'*,
NELSON,      -       -       B   C.
In, .mi I'H'ii a .-'iiiioiiii!.;.' ha-mf If •«> tr>
! .  Mi..1.1. n   II.'ii-.-.   \1'..|| rnri.ti>tft**.|  r..i>iii%
IgbUd I.y . I.i-I rlrli.v, il.t. i_aa Imartl, In
li- l...r'.iii Mill fln.l all Un bM llllllllajl III i.inl
lin|Hiilri| II.|ii..mini.I ilfiir-.
Thomas Madden. P.*or.*
is   ili«   limn   f,r   y,,u
t" Hny I.-it-*.    Never *v
'pjj    I ^ ^>*r   ww      tlie Protipects of Fei
H'i bii_hr.
Tho  Town   of FERGUSON
will  bfl one of   III-    <in';i|ibt
Ore Producing Cam pa in the
World. Tin* high ilrgree nf
ancoeaa a ilileved by ilu-
iiirii.-r. ns WEALTHY mul
COMPANIES now ODerating
there i- u iribnte lo H e
tremendous sn-altb oftlis bilh
u s
Public School, Hospital, nml
other iiiMitiitioiiH. K-jcMent
Waierr«iks system. Streets,
S'..ii"i nml Besldeiicea ill_-
mined by E'eotrleity, Daily
mill i.i rvice. The' toWfttlla
is mliairiilily laid nut <im in
NOW on ih,. grouud floor.
Lots urn now be pureittsed
• tRon
Lands and Works.
N'i.TI''KI< Iii'r.li.v Klvrn Uml Ilu- rc«i>rm
lion i.1-iiii-ln'il in pursuant*-, of the provl-
■Inn* "f ili.' "i'"Imml.In mul .Vaalr-rn llnil-.vujr
Hlllatl.lv let IMi. " i..ili.i-»'if .vi.lrl. u-.'ic ii.ii.
Ii-ini| In ut linilatl 11.1-iinl.i.i "'iiz'li.' hi .1
ii ii 'i Tin Mm-, lasa, unit Mn J una im*.;, it»pfi
lively,are liereh-. .■..' win rl.
Crown Hilda alluatoil nii.ilu tin- him . ■■>
i.r.i..il in |he anld n-- ■ r- nll'.ii \. ill Ih' . -| »-..■-•■
i" - i|c, " til. ii" i I. I. ii ■ iiiii|..iliir..|.| . "■!
under the pwvlalniia nf Hi" "l_nd Act,"
Ihreo iiimilha Blttr Ilia date nf ihe llr-i imh
letillnii nf ihl« in. I..- in tin' llriil-h c.i.i i. i
in/.'iir; provided, liwwever, thai In all en**-*
vl.ii'i' inn.'*, i.n' «> anld, pn emplrt, lew i "i
■IIn riv. nltenaU'd by tha 'Jovernmenl, niul
n -iii. "iii. 'illy f.mii'l, iii'iii Hi" »ur." .v nf
tin C.iiini.i In nml WMtrm IlilllWnj Liim*
nil!)'. iil,."l(«, (ll HO Wholly  nr  In  |mll  will..
ii i.ii ii bloeka, I hen ihe pertwni *" >«.-.i-.ilrliiu
mi.'Ii landa -hull ooquln Ihe'r lllln therein
from I In- lliiih.u.- i .uiii'iiiiy, who Im i.'i.nr.'.'il
to deal wiih fiieli I'liniiiiK. r«, pre emptor*,
I.---., ., el.'.,.in tli.- -..inieffriii* i.ti«l<-.iii<lltli>i>N
ua lhe ll.iveriiMi.iil would under Hi-' pruvl-
Ml.iiiH.ifih*'-Land tct,"exeepl in rea|*t*el lo
timber iin.il* on the L'./inpany'abliieka, whleh
»liiill In' Kiihjiri In the reniilatlnna lamed by
ih.' i "in | nn. r. in 11 vi- i»l h.'...I Una of timber
..I. tho Columbia ni.'1 western iti.iiw.iy i...n'i
W. h. iioiii;.
Pepuly Commissioner ol tswidtS Works,
l.ui iInhihI Works In I'Hiiiii'ni,
VlslOlla, I..«'.,:' il I'.hr liny, ll«i"..       (Md
**. Zbe TDotel JSeaton  ...
BEAION. b c.
- I
W. BOYD -:- ,■- Prop
-   -
ffftfgi  ■-■■   i :   i i USON K9TE
The noted homi for Iravi lit i
l ■ rguson, B.C.
A well stocked Bar oi i he cholc
IvIcDonnoll &  BlacU
iqou      \\ , ■
Pr ipriotora.
Legal Notices.
IT1CK   I"   Ml     ...       M     0-0WNE11H.
I'jiii.ii- Kin., nnd .1. VV. Burnt or to
u liomm ever i hey t h.-y may have
transferred their intercat In tin
■■ > apl< Leaf " mineral claim,situated
, i, i lie south east lide ol Poplar ere I
and al oui two aud a hall wilea from
tin mouth ol the creek, in the Troul
Lake Mining Division of West Kootenay.
'.mi are hen bj nol ifled that I, At ilmr
I, I.il.i - • in, co ■ -.- ii'i with vou in the
'I I.imI "   mineral claim   above
J         bed   i ni .■   i -i formed  laboi   and
I ,..;..■■   I ■   • | t|||      aj(|    r'.ii in  In
[lie exti nl of (100.00, 'under the pro-
i iaions if seel      "I "I tli" Mineral Act,
I In oi '■ r i" i"'1 i  ■ ni<] claii i, and tho
lid i.iii'.i w:i- i"-:: ■   ed
e having i
| : I m lice I" '-mil i .!,i:I.•
i'.i   |'i"i - ■ tpenditnre,
i  are  furthei  notified that il at
; tion ol    0 lays of | uh
|'        ■  you  fail or refuse to co I  ib t.
proporl lie expcndil
■r  n iili all costs "i mlver-
.i.i.i   interests i'i il"- Baid claim
•■"I  in  in.■
|.   i Mil eral tel   amended  \cl I
! gl I'm lai ( leek, n . . Dec 31,'04.
ARTHUIl '.. JOHNSTON, Co-owni r
: I'.H'-,
To T.  If.  Davey, oi   to any pi r- >n o
■ ■ to « horn he may  h»ve trans
ii i ii ii in- iiiten -i.-.
T.il..' Notice, I tbe undersigned ■ o
owner with you In the C-jon and Davej
mineral 'i.i i - situate about four Billet
above I erguson on South l'..rl>
creek in the Trout Lake mining
llvision of West Kootenay liiciriii and
I'tii',iI..-, "i British ilolumuia have dom
the required work on the above-men
: i .i.i.l mineral claims for i he yeai - 1901
and i'"U mi order to hold ihe same nn-
li i ■--I'tinn l'4 nf the mineial acl, and I'
h itliin K) days of I hie nol ice you fail "i
refuse to contribute youi portion of.
uch expenditure for Mm k done, together with tbe cost <if this advertisement,
your interest in tbe naid roinoral claims
will become the propelty of the subscribed under section 1 of the Mineral
Act Amendment Act of 1900. Dated at
Tt   it Lake this •-'4th day "f March '05,
L'l 3't'5. .    owner
Hoveiigc mini ral clain   iltiin e in the
ll"";   l nke  Mining   Division nf   West
Ki "'nnaj district,
Where I-. it,.| ._On Triune Mountain
11 north westerly extension of th   Morn
ing Ktitr mil oral claim.
Take Noli..- thai I.i-, oi;i - m,-..
Cniter, itcting na ngi nt for At - |, • ,
nun,ti, frueminei 'scerllflcsil
intend, sixty days from il.- dniu hi n nl
Jj» «P] ly to the Mining Recorder foi n
'   ith catc of   linprovei unts,  for the
 I obtaiuiug a Crown i ii
the above claim.
And further take notice that at tion
anoi i " tion 87, must be commenced
'' ! "■ 'i ' ii ince of such Certilicati
'ii Improvements.
Dated this  16th day of  Man b. ai..
it  pays ■    ..-■- the   '■ lephone.    A
' fti .i    Offl - -
al   IVi-."i, ...    Cumii tore    Trout
Lake, Pi si OIHee; aUo at Beaton. Cum-
aplix and Arrov head,
Grand Hotel
A. NO. 1  ROOMS,
•_  as .    J      m
JaGobsofl&Msrson, PriijHi
•     t
Balmoral Hotel.
Visitors i"  l"ergU8on  may  rely upon the verybeatof
nccommoilntlon al thir well-known hotel     Rooms nre
well  furnished thtonghont,   Tl o Bar is Bl eked with
a cl        ■    irtment of pal itable quencln i
Under the Management of S. Siinget*
AW ki.vls of New Records.
£.1. Ajren. for the Lardeau :
J. C. Murray
TrcLtLckt B. C.
Roya!   Motel
I anc> Bar,
A1usic.il lintertainmcnt
Bulletin   Board, World's
Mining News.
Abrahamson   Bros., Proprietors
,:\V   AN ll    I Iu-I ' :.\   i   1ST   ALL   KKSI
Fire   Proof Safe
Tli. i. . .1 w.: ,
■ -t VI    -  .'ii Clears o   tbs m.rltet.
eph, Maud nnd Anna Miner-1
Sunset, J.„r     „  _  , .
al Claims, lituatc in  the Trout Lake   *-^ r i.\h !*>1J< U
Mining Division, Weal I tenay I'i-
trict.    Where   located:—Situate on
the North Fork "i   I nrl.-nu creek in
the  Province of British   Colombia,
about "ti'- mile ab ive Circle City.
Take Notice that I. Charles .V. Mc -
Cn --.in. of the City of Los An.-, lea,
California, Fioe Mi
The BES i Always !
Dominion Hotel Tl
i ■ i
'I he . ' refully
i 'arc nf.
ly & Nelson • Pip.
. ■-
Trout    Lake,
li Under the same Managriue.it.
SOTli i.i" DKLIS .UKNT no-oWNKlt  | u^^"'°\ F'J0.M.*ni'.r'*- Certificate No.
i '■■ ■ ' -. inti n I aixt} d ■-. - from the date
I nr to whomaoevei he   hereof to apply to the Mining Record
may have transferred his interest in   foi  a Certificate of  fmpro\. „  	
il,,- purran dug ii Crown Irani   "'"'k''"lb '"'•" i
"'-'aaBBBBBBBBi BBBBBBBBBi ■■■_____■    ___"l 'lr"|,|,
I he" H i hex and Charlotten
. tl .ii I  the   linden
SHom ptake,
i    ii |i tlenbui.
■    in   v. h.it :-
I lake  haain in the
i lion of   Wesl
■y • xuendi
ntioned  mineral
| lirOO    '.'"'I.  , ■
•    ;;. lei  -'   ti-iti 1'4
t ■   and : 11 • - i'.
was pi .-.■] ex
ist in" >-\| ir, il. I hen -
ti fail or rcfunj to contribut
I* \s nut   >"ii  will ij.t If vim ,Iii  vuiir l.uvina
for n Certificate of  Improvements f..r | .„,■."..",':.•.?.".'.'"" ' '""■"''  •"" " vl■"'""-: ■'
.'..ll ..I. ua, i
- aoove claims,
.nd further ta k<- notice that
the issua i Ccrtifi lati
of Improveuii
Dated this Srd day .ptil. i d  i" i.
8-4-05      CHARLES W. Md ROBS \ '•
I. B., Blui jav, Doubtful,CO , 0 ll   in I
X V.Z . mineral i laii in .'.•■
■ I '..   Mining  I iii isi u ol  ^ ei I
]\" li :
v . .ir Trout I
■ I, O. B   N   Wilkie
■ .I.i-   .I. v
u iner'a i • lifii ate No.  B83127,
•oort^iiateshnnTof sucbesrendilnVeaud ! six,v ,ln>K afterldate hereof, to apply t
the   c.*t» of this advertisement, | :"* Mining Recorder lor Certificates <
■ in tIn- said ii"
roperty of the under*
:   am by virtue i
. •    ■! in t   a mend mi nt  act
Itated •;.-.•    day ol
v I  .   -     I.   i   ■        ' I . v
'..t Co-c
!       - - ibtaiu-
■    -f the above claims.
And furthei t.ikc notice thai action
nnder Bei t ion .".." m isl
uch cenil
icuients. • dav of
, A. D.,
Mar.3'05 O. B. N. W ILKIE
Nelson, B. c.
Mail ordi '- car ifully and   |
nttende I to.   Agent ijr Bli u-r and ICei
lleton SI .-.
S.S. ARCHEP or S.S. LAW!;!   '.
RilDI .   I!'-..
t.'ii aim Comaplix, cumuionclou   < >.-1..
ber i.j!i.  IS03,   will  sail  u? I
Le i'. Ing   Arrow '    •■: foi   ::   itnn an.
Comaplix, twice dail]    10k and 5k.
I..-..i Ing  li'-.i:  ■ ix   f"i
Arrow bead, twici
l2:4Sk. Making
.villi all C P. It. Stea
Tbe  owners  i
i   salilngi     ..
Tne bmplre l.umbL'r Co., Limited.
The Review
is the best
in the
It Has the
Trout. Loke Livery
Stables at Trout. Luke.
I ExceDent   Accommodation
j Best* Liquors
; And Very finest Cigars   £3
ehm Simpson,      Proprietor.
Sandy Laughton
IIEN   vii-iiin|4   Pergnann you
Id stay at tli   Lardi an
II  '.I.     Here   the   vieitor
will   l>"   bui i.'in ded   \> i:h
li.'iii.- com foi; b,    I! ti t li.-ni
cuieine,     well   ventilati I
an l    wiiiin    rooms,    wrll
slocked bar. and everything which
lei ds towards  making your vi^it a
plfflsant and memorable ono.
Rates fn.iii *i day upwards.
Wi- strive to please our patrons.
the arrival
of Spring a Young
Man's Fancy lightly turns
to Love and Summer Raiment.
We have received a Huge
Stock of Up to-Date
Prices from $10.00 up.
FERGUSON - - B. 0.
ay TLA
■HERE   littve   bern   fortunes
rniide  Iiy judicious  luvost-
im-ni   in   Real   Eutatp,  nml
more fortum > will li • made than
i". er fi" ii- \t two ii ih ri i* _\ ■ art.
The one who reaps Hie hart i--t Is
the origin il im .'.-t'.r. for he lias
Ida in me*i on :t t ei lainty,
v,n\ let it- point out lo \on i! nt
t'o ir i • n.i i , i-i i r|,ni , N Hie Con-
til! nt to I !■ R 'ul Est ti u
Trout Lake le Hi ■ pretties) b| oi
i i lhe K'.oii'in.v-; ns u pleasure
ri a n'l ii has n i pqnal, l!'.,itiii(,'
nii'l liilii"^; mny I i Indulged in
tin- v. ar rutin I ; while bis game
in a'mnd mi e in to the found on
thu hills, 1' s din ite i- superb,
i hoi i- In ing no i:n\it \ It en es, it
b dug mild in wi ii t it and ci ol in
summer. It can l»<■ ■:»-t .if a me nf
iho liiif.-l initels  iiinl r- Bidenci - in
lit itisli Columbia,    h* ■ I ■ ■ '- 	
wi'll luiil nut and k'im.I, .I. Tin re
nr • two . welli ni geni nil Bton a,
and n glance al lhe adv t tisi mon -
in this journal will ahovv thai u! i
I mil. B in !• l.ui'y well r pie*n il d,
Wi Ite  wit h confl Uuicn i t Ag 'ills.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
_§>)M^ ;
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
\. ■•»
t.   ..
O . 0 .
Then call on
or   write   to
t -■-
8   !
hits nevpi ! ,ul a • boom " Its
^idwiii has been steady. It is
tin* lo'iid of cavigatioo, and
the lermii .i1 of the Lardo branch
of i lie C.P.R. All roads (in the
Lardea i) load to Trout Lake. It
in the commercial centre of the
il. in st minei:il Ji.-trii-t on tbe
ci iitineut, and has banking facili-
lii i providi (1 by ilif* Impel i;il
Hank of Canada : Qrst-class bcIio il
in i-'Mi,in. .'a' inn under the din c*
i io-. i f 8. Shannon, I!. A.: a good
water ByMem ; government offices ;
Count*, Court sittings; Methodist
EpiK'opn] and Anglican churches
and t'ottago hospital.
rhere nre valuable ranch lands
nn the nnUkirts awaiting selllera.
Its lumber resources are magniB*
r, i.i. and a liHinl ?.iw mill with a
capacity of 60,000 ft, per day is at
i.i' nl 11 ihe Ink.'. The mines
trihulaiy are proving out bigger
producers every year, with uew
pi i«| i els i petting up rich bodies of
oi •-.
Tl ere will be a big rush this
summer, so if von would know
more, write nl once t-. iUhei of
Hut tgi'itiri iii th" addresses u< lo nr,
F. B. Well:
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.
®; U4UtiUiUt4tit.U«iUUtUtU4^4iiiUUi;U*Ul*Ui^*iU4UlMiUiUM I
Jofo Printing of every
Amateur gardeners are all busy )
A largo ' onsignmenl of Bucket'
bail arrived on Monday's boat.
Oecar JacobBdn waB mentioned
in our last report of the Willow
.tii'.uisc as a " lessee." Les«or is
tlie word.
Three actions entered against
the Canadian Timber and Sawmill
Company by Messrs. Nicholson,
Scott and Johnson, for damages for
injuries sustained in the mill have
been settled by the company.
Those actions were to have'been
tried al the next a.-sizes at Revelstoke in May.
Pull Court at Vancouver lias
li ■■ -ii adjourned until June 5th.
Liquors and Sigars
II be faith^Hy_gx^^ £lR|
City   Drug
Large Comfortable Rooms
Excellent Cuisine.
I'r.uit Lake, B. C.     and Ferguson.
s Levesoue
Ueo.S.MoCartor, J   A. Harvey
A. M.   I'liikliain.
B0LI0IT0R8, Etc.
iii-o.i'ii 11,11.'i-i ni Solden, Ki-niii' unPori
Steele, U. i'.
oltorator Imperial Bank ofOanuda,
,:,::;;:;:,,:;;"::':;:;,::;;;;:,!i;;:;: Livery and Dray Stables
operations at the Mammoth. **^
B. Ferguson, of Nelson, was in
on .Monday taking orders for
bottled headaches and wheels;
.Mrs. Gauthier and daughter
Frances left this morning to take
up residence al Comaplix.
Fencing Ins been in operation a
good deal the past week. Will
Crawford's residence lias been Bur-
rounded, aa a'so are the dwellings
of Geo. Johnson, Herb. Christy and
the plot adjoining the City hotel.
.Mrs. .low, tt is making elaborate
preparations for dinner at the City
hotel on Easter Sunday. -The dining room will be profusely dec ira*
ted with Easter lillies, eta
Mr. Baker,of the Imperial Hank
has gone to Uevelstoke for hid
Ea ter holidays.
Warm days and cool nights
have predominated thin week.
Owing to the holidays this week.
and ns a resl to printer- is beneficial, we crave our readers ind ul-
L* lev for lack of reading matter.
300 Cords
Apply :
Jack QnH or iiiy Craig
8*d lie, Puck und Cartage Horse" Always for Hire
Freighting, Packing and
Teaming a Special!)
Dai I v stiiL.- leaves   Beaton at 12 o'clock f r Troul Lake Ferguson and Camborne
Leaves Ferguson, via Troul Lake for Beaton at " a.m.
Branch Stublos at Trout Lake, Beaton, Ferguson an 1 Camborne.
B    A., I.
A full line   of Choice stationery
Just Received
Best Hotel in Town,
Mptere for Mini ami Coiamercial la.
..-,-. x-*-ni. it ti -«-n_« trw-Tar
Imperial Bank of Canada.
Capital Authorised, i-1,1 I
Head Office:
Capltnl [paid u|   -   B.OOO.onO
p,e8t   -      -      -    8,000,000
Branches lu tbe Northwest Territories, Pr ivinci s of British Columbia, Manitoba,
Ontario and Qti
T. R. MERRITT, President, "■ R. WILKIE Vice-Pros, and Gen  Map.
E. HAY, Aasistaut Gen. Manager.      \V. MOF1 AT, Chief Inspeel ir
Trom    lake.    B.    C. ilratK-ti-A    IK-.u-ial    Ranking    BlWUMU    Tron.ia.lcd.
SaviugB " ipartmenl -D i| osite received and inti i  -i n lowed.
nriins Bold available In :ili pari "i Oonada.
LflilH i Btatea aud Euroj* .
Bpecl J atu :.i 'ii given '•• ■- iltecUoni and
m ■       Bond*.
T. ti. I1AKI:K,
General Bture. Knit Line
of Canned Oooda. Fruits
in Bonaon. Ulg Bfjtortnien.
.ii Braokora' Supplies.
..ttiiH'i.f ti.. Rig Bend Telephone Co
W.  Abrahamson
And Builder.
Owner of thc Abraham-
son Addition to the
Get a Home
For   Yourself.
Don't Pay
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
B  C
■ : --    ; -
'..ml,     ....      Auditor.   ,
Ootii'i tnt'.iin its carefully
to. I ■ :  after.
Ageul (in ItclnUman'a Planoi
Job Printing at The
Mining Review KClIt
G. B. Batho tsisr^r ""Wl":,i
Barber Shop
(loud Shave or Hair Cut
I    VI   1.   i'\
' Willia..-. Schnell,
II ki.i m is and I Kill I I iKI
Hot and Cold Baths
V.M  VV-istfall _ Co.
Post Office Block,
ain Mrest.
All the Latest
Magazines on
Sale at "The
Review." ::::::
Smokers' supplies in
great variety.
Minim- Urol
Mining Pi ip. rtl. ■ It. po led O
'1 -   . I'i...|" rtslttlUgl
MiningI'ropi rtl. - l-uoa   I All.   .  ,  ■
i.mi'1'i.ii^i....i.i..     Trou' Lake, I!. C.    ■
Recording Ofnce
-= Essavino =
 ;       .   .-.-:•-. -.-;.-•;■
Packing and   Ferguson ^k'n*
~ and
Freighting       Transfer outfit. ;
Gold oi Silver....
Gold and Silvei
.  .    |2 "u
Silver and l.ead ...
a so
Coppei        .    .
.     ...   1 00    ,
|] 50
5   SHAN -TON,
' ''   >'-''".
•<«1U_0\ ft. t
Coat racl - entered into f.>r pn.-kin^; ..f Mining Ruppli >s, etc,
in .in.- point in tlie 'li"tri.'t.
Good, prompt service, and any wr-li undertaken guaranteed
FERGUSON.        S. Daney, Prop.
.;   .
0. B,N WILKIE, P.L.sJft. W. EDGE
Provincial I.ami Surveyor,
Miner.il Claims Snrveyed
and Crown (irants Obtained
it. -I.:, in-.   Nexl ii. i "ri! i ifllei.
In.ill l-nk. . II C,
I'lioviM iai. LAND IURVKY08
Miii.'inl Claims Surveyed
W. H. Jones,
Loose   I>af   Binders,   Fine   -i"1
I 'airit-pr
Dc<*< >ra1 or
rjrnest Harrop
Sash    Doors
At Cost for Cash
Poplar Creek.
•     1
Butter is a Conundrum.
Price* in Ontario are near to the 30< mark; same in Winnipeg. At the latter place fresh made bricks
;irr bi King >i 11"I.-nl. i t 35c.. and thc scarcity make ll pomibic im- the dealers tn sell any kuul nf truck
nt Iml' prices.   Htarkey's We kly Repo I
We nre watch people rir.-l of all.
We imike watches our great specialty.    We are in fact on (versa'
Watcli providers.    We boast of the
inc-Ht  comprehensive   itoek   and
proinjiioKF service,    t'nr palron-i
ago proves mir pre-eminence !n[
ih.' retail watch   truile.    Oner a |
patron, always n patron.
linsiiil* Mull!.f> in tbe i>|iiiititil)
tli.-tl we do, we are enabled lo se-
euro discounti Impossible lo the
gmaiii'i' dcalsr, and wo turn tin in
over to you ut a corri-spondlug
reduction in prlee. Write n» for
Ewert Bros.
White Burbank Potatoes    -   -
" The Best Ev«?r."
$2.25 per cwt.
« .f-isl l.1 _ a.
Mad   ' y tin Sew Blectrical I'roccis, is acknowledged to be the BEST.
Wo don't KEEP it!      We SELL it!
Nejson, Kusslaitd, Trail
.lewelers and Lnaiaverj
A. G. ERASER'S Store *>*£*■
F. B. Wells,
To Contractors.
■*D'''I<'M. .YKH      tbstnini r)
■*--*   ft-nrk.   \\'i Ite, stating
.•.I to.l.w. .l<».\!..-, Fori H lllisn   "
Dealers In all kinds of Frosh M**"'


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