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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-04-05

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j Una a larger olrou*
lutimi    than   nny
, Ni'WHpiip.'r in N.
Kootenay. Bent ad-
J vortlslng   ni.'iliiiii).
Tin' representative
ol thi* ricb Lardeau
I'uiintry. Sent to
any address for $2
per an. in advance.
VOL.  2
I it iFES9IONAI.ii
li N WILKIE, P.L.S..
ProylnClal I.nnd Rilrvpyor,
.Mlnef.il Claims Surveyed
an J Crown Urania Obtained
' ,   •    '.'i ll HI
rn 111in.-.-.
T.iinl  I.
. H, \t,i i.i i > .. I
\. M. l'l M. II IM
A. Il.lni-s
SOT.lCfTptlB,  I.n.
I,'    VELSTOKIT.   13.  C
loi limierlel I ahk nl Itan   ' i
/I'I'I)     0,      1.I.I.IOTT.
i;\i:i:l' tl'.li. M'T.UiY
I UflUC, li'
■ Lake, B. D.     an.l Ferguson
I    r ';ilv.'r       |1 VI
1 ind Silver  J! 0:
I l.i'inl   3 60
"•I       i no
... .     ii.V.i
9   SHANNON,  ».=s.iycr
Tiniit Lako, Ii C.
N- :i!i.
r     >7      A V.  A A.M.
y  3rd   'l'l lUrsdaj oacli
* inoi.il..
ng r.iclliri'ii .....lial'v InVitod.
Idred.Sec   P.C Camp'.-II.W.M ,
Mi. 41
1. O.O. P
III HUlur Ili-elllH* In'il 111
.i.r.Ii Una .   linn
■ Ui  nUbl ai   i.
k '.: as '"•v-ii-
. I..' II llll.. I  .1 .'..-
'.   tl, .       r. 14 n.rj.li-rd, s.r.
• _    AM'    Hl'TAIL
li n i'i .ill kin la of fresh Mi 11
iKurr i.aKF. B(,
.. B. Wells
RKVKi.sToKi:, i: 0.
CA3H   PRICKS   PA in.
In From Mid way.
Jat. Ai (ii iill Ui, ul tin- fu tu i f
Maslersn •, Griffith mil Co , e urie
In from Midway latter end ..f him
wi ek.    Mr, Griffith  reports husi-
heM in tlmt  part bl tin- count 17
good,   Tlie building of railroad
1   making matters lively,     lie re
|..'i'i.s 11 brother iii Tom  EldiId] 1
v.Im I.'li.  horn   hilt   full, its  lit-in;:
held ii|i aiui -Imi bv 11 highway*
in,in, nnd n Im now lloi hi a p'n •
carious Condition,   lie also rn| 1 1
I loo  Neivc. tube,  Newman Taylo
i 1.1 Saundei . all old Lardeatl hot •
■ 1 i Ing wel I.
. ^*.
Korria ^'inilh Is about lo open
.l.iiry businest .it Arrowhead.
FORBALE -"..tu • • snd -'I ol ■
.     .I I'icntion     A in lv.
J. R  II«m:ii
Gotli! iy Pianos arc Irgh priced,
Imi u..ith tin ir price U Imi if..
< loin lay piano doel cosl a feW doi.
■ ibore ' Vou gel your mono*/'
w.rtli Yin obtain it in extra
durability—years more of Mrvici
provided for by the co»1 iricas 11
uruction 1 nn'1 you obtain
il i 1 Its dally use—your delighl
ui..I i>l< nMiri- in iln exceptional
ion I beauty. Wo want you lo
ie< .i • I."'.! lay
_ar«a Times
TROUT LAKE CITY, B.C., April 5, 1306
***j. --I.
Extension       j Building
at G<e
Large gathering maki
lllii!': BUOOBBS.
isuw 11 uHeu towards
liA/.i.ini'::.' ri;i -1 :
Mi: I'l'llCIlABlrfO OF1
To lloif«K 0     1
;i ii .LP
Illli:   HOSE.
0]   <' P 1
the   County
K«K> ' '1 iv   li"
CoUrl   of Weal
den   at   Trout
I.ake      To Ernes! An.
Iluk.r. of Arnm lier.it. B. C.
Take notice, thai  t plaint  has
been 1 nti re.1 and a t-itiniiions i--1   '
aj_jitiit-t yon in   the  above County •
Court   by    Osden   ( lemens,   of
Kskusp, ll i'. for the sum of $:'.ii7
B7, for cash lent, and  for mom \
paid Iiy the plaintiff foi Iho defend-1
ant, ami :m order haa been  madi
t  ni Ihe publication of n notice ol
the 1 '.itry ol iuch  p'aint   in the'
Lardean Mining  Review, a' newspaper published   at  Trout  LajkeJ
II. (' once a week f'.r 1..111  oonse
cutlve ne. •■§. shall iK-aleeinifl  1..
■••I and  sufllcient   rervice of,
•||."ll   Mill ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
•,  a   .,„.   re<,ulred   lo  enter s :l  "' '! '       ,;'<  gathering broki
dispute   note within   cljdjl   days "P •■■ K.   "' ,Ia.v-   A8 1 «"»
from th" aTthdayol  April,  1906 »«-»•***••' tl Im thepurp. I pur*
(wing the date of the lasl publics c****«inK *■« h<**-
I tion "f this notice, nt iho  Regis* ~***~"
trar's Office st Trout Lake,  B. C,      Silver snd  lead  both declined
and ii jrou .1" nol so enter Buch ""  Thursday's   markets.    Silver
dispute   note,, judgment may   be fell one point in London and New
signed against you and the plain- Vork.   '-*-*•• declined two point?
'I Hard    'I imei    Miif'pl''i',".iie
Hall held on Thtti'i duV night was a
1 ii.i' auccess 'I li • Initsid hy Miss
litis nr.il Jack  Pnrisiali  Was all
th ■< <  uld  In- di sired:    Pdrk ami
!.' "ii.s was i! ■■ hi "f f:iic and waa
heartily partaken of
Tl    loll,  ring are  a  tow bf the
.  ISttt r. •
.:.   Dill  ''1   I'Toll.
I ed Mil     Viil .ri mn Bum.
y. Uiil iah I.!11,
Vi. Kerf, Ii :.'•:;. member of
I i.v.ile ('lull
M ',--   lv Ken.  ni'.'   /,-.,,
,,■    ,       •    Kitchen k"' b
\\ nods .
P, Mumin.r. Boa oar Frod.
Mr. Jowett, Bedouin iheph'rd t
II Christie
W, Crawford  ' Troul l.nke
11  Woods       , Brass Band
.1   McLean
M    '   Viiioud / ,,      ,■        .
...     .. ' , Mendicant
Fowler j
M   i.in.lttren. Sheeney.
A t.raig, Sawmill Magnate.
.). Hawkins. Bob McCord.
M   - Thomas, Parlor maid.
S  Slinger, Railroad linen
,1   Hickman, Calamity l)i.-k.
Mi -• Cuniiiiin-', Flower girl.
W  ,!. Walker, Stock rustU-r.
\V  dl'ii. Weary Willie.
Miss Hun. 11. Schoolgirl,
L. llilliii.in. Tinhorn.
j*,  Edwards, Milkmaid.
Jack Radv, Lcalie Hill.
M m Kdwards, Queen of lle.-ntr.
J. liiiriinr.l, tirrranl Lumberjack.
F. Vipond, Uiil Sykoa,
\V. .1. .1 cobs, Al'ofatwist,
W.   Kel!' . Sll.rW-rll.'Velier.
Titers v. re hobos an I lown at-
lie.l  ladii -   and gffots    ilore, and
A. .(• K.   UAM.VAY   BILL  11." I   "J
l'lHi'lir   I
Otfawa, A] rtl :    tlallihi r'l i:.::
for e Jt tonsil rn of tirao for construe-
ion of  KOot' 1   -.   nnd A r row head
Railway pa     i  the  1 lilwsy join-
inittii' yesterday,
lion Mr. i:,.r. in ( Minister of
Railways) fi nd pro 1 -■• from Revelstoke nnd Trull! !. ike !''rrinl? of
l ..ul" agali s. ' .•;.' nsion unless
.work i.« procei 1 on  section
f.om Arron bend to 1      I Lake.
The .oil... tlie com-
muy three ye ira in which to begin
the lino nnd it inn.::   be 0 mpletcl
in live years
Appointment s.
Hi? honor tlm Lieutenant-Governor in Coin,'-ii hat h n pleased
to appoint t'.v undi 1 mentioned
persons to 1." Commissioners for
taking affidavits iu Ihe Supreme
Curt, for lhe purpose •! acting
under the " Pmvincial elections
A't " in the K.i 1 1 I'■'■•■ 1 ral Di*>-
triet.    Such appointmentmenttto
Rumor following rumor relative
lo the programme of the Canadian
Timber and Ban mills,  Ltd . has
in 1 -i rife -inr''' the cessation of
operations ..j the sawmill fiere last
full.     The  average man on  t' e
BANI ':i:   a.:;::;:   GOE I  To
\M> BOl D SI i CE88FUL
A  highlr  suocesi ful   social    in
honor oi Ut. T. B. ii tker n
in the Oddfellow's Hall on Monday
■ .1; ing last.   Mr.  Baker boa
lbs  |iujiiion   ..f   manager at the
lirantli of the Imperial Bank  hero
%    Local and General.    %
B, IL Tretliewtv, who has held
Iho ponlion- of station agent hero
|ainc6 the flpparttire of F, T. Abey,
left 011 Wed'neH.l.iv for Nelaon.
He has boon relieved by If. J, 11icku.
It will ho noticed that this issue
- 'oin.'ivlint larger Ihan our ii=iial
et,    We hope  our patrons will
like tho change, which nill  be the
aize of thu paper in future.
N':..lio —all smile*—is not in it
with Mayor Mobbs.of Cerard, those
ii.-. With the mill moving to
his town, the Lennoxville Hotel
will be light in it—fairly in it.
■treel " knew il ell," as ll e saying for some 11 months, and was leav-
bu( there appeared  to be nojing the following .lay tn Iill a sim
f un.l.'iti.iii for the various conjee
tores afloat Tbe company has
been extremely reticent on the
subject, but "coming events cast
th.-ir ^liadowa before," anil speculation as to the company's future
actions  will cease, at leastaafar
liar position at  Arrowhead.   Dur-
inr_ bis stay in Trout l.nke, Mr.
Baker bs 1 proved bimsi If a man
anong men. Hi^ relati ■ «i' b
the business element have always
been most sati-faetury am! cordial,
and he lias won  the  rcspeet  and
More trouble in Zion city. Doitio-
has r.t  the bounce and general
overseer Voliva has got his job.
Shamrock IV. was sui-ceesfully
launched last Satu.-day on Trout
lake by Walter l'behin.
tiff m y proceed to execution.
I».ii.'l ih;* 29th  >lay of  March,
Approved, T M I!. Ant. Registrar,
on the London market and is now
.(iiot.il oi i'i') 10s.. increasing the
bounty 'o nearly ?- a ton.
Advertisers are  Reminded that
Nelson, It. C,     our books sre open for inspection.
expire on lb'  Slet   day of   December, 1906.
0. W. Abrah
P. .M.Shei.I.eril
F. Mi'.ini   11
J. C, Murray
.1. FitzaifwJnns
K. Mobbr. Gerard
1. Banna, Kaslo
A Fa: .
At a re. em   •: smii   lion 11 '.i t
pupil- at Troul Lake public
nn amusing  thing occurred.     It
was a .li' lati
well-known   sentenci
woiill's io. m wei   slowl   rei
to the pupil- :
•• Ty es "f th    wise who soar, but
in mm roa
Afur ihe ps|   r  wen all banded
in. .'iir worthy -1 hoolm it
had :i lit win 11 lie n ...1 the  1
one     It was n- fo'loiVS :
" Ty,. s .ti   the V. i\. >■ n 1,, >.-..
but never."—Rome.
Tiie Lardeau is the ri ■!•■ -• mineral seotioii of tl.r' l'ro\ incc.
aslronl 1 ncerned.     For {admiration of all with whom be
lie- past iin'ii h a   i.iin.lrer of men
have I"-' n . ng im d in dismantling
ire here
and  ] the 1      hinery, and
here again ihe popular impression
was  at  faith, f -   it   <..i- thought
thnt the 11,   . insd 'iii.ile
and an up-to-date p.an: would bo
put down in ito pine,..
It   i- . n'. iv   arranged
thai ,:■•• mi! v '..1 be r. 1 >ns rnctid
si 'I "i« raietl it Gi 1 ird, a village
at the f" il pf rrout Lake. Already
pr 'parationi for the building of the
new mill are in piojress.
A representatiVd ol this paper
tried to interview Mr. Leslie Hill,
managing .liree^o- ol the company,
Who Was   at   1  erir.i    hist Weill:.r-
■ I-   your   company  about  to
i .1 n.ii'iit Qerard, Mr. Hill 7'
a.-k.il tl..- scribe.
" I guess s...' replied Mr. Hill.
1  1-  i:   ii." com pa 1
' 1
replied, and
b" added. " For furllier p
v. .1 are l "'.t. 1 win   l^md n, England."
Garden and   Vegetable
Onion Setts
Trout Lake
came in contact. He was a prime
mover in anything appertaining
t" the welfare of tiie town, anil he
oceupicd the position of President
ot the Trades Commitee. Lie baa
worked assiduously for any ami
every object where the sccinl and
financial success of the town was
concerned, duriiift his too short
among us,'&nd therefore it as? not
lobe wondered at tbat the LO.G F.
large ball   was   full   of   friends
wl ame to   extend   their  be-:
wishes f..r his future euccrss.
The Review joins with the
people in their good wishes, foi he
was a jolly p'ml fellow, and one
whom the town could ill affor.l to
lot •■ lisme-. mu-ie. etc., wer" lie
order of tne evening, and at 10 30
the whole assembly adjourned to
the hknquet cl i nb. r, where a I
most suuiptu. . repast was laid
Dancing was k. pt op until .I. a.m.
the fcllowing irrorning.
I luring liv   . vening. Mr. F. C.
Elliott made 11 ni.-e little speech in
'1   he   bade the   bauquettcd
•   -•. •• Good-bye and tii .1 sj.ee. 1"
.•■I I- islf < f the town.
Mr. linker responded, and as*
sun .1 1 rerybody presenl "f \u-
sorrow at leaving so manv friends
behind, but he wou'd carry away
wilh him many tokens of th.-ir
kindness t>. him during bis stay
hi re.
1.   K     Lollltbee.  v ho   sinrp bis
di S'Uiuue from Trout Lake has
been managing the Arrowhead
branch ol the Imperial Bank, has
been transit rred lo Banff, where a
new branch is being opened up.
Mr. H.L.ReaJ.lati of thc Nelai 1
bi in. h an iv. .I Saturday to lake
charge of the Troul Lake branch.
Fraser   has   got   in   this week
oni.ni   setts,  vegetable and garden
flowering   bulbs,    clover,
Timothy, and Garden City lawn
Ven. Archdeacon Beer, cf Kaslo,
condueteil services in the Anglican
church last Sunday. The service*
were choral and some exceedingly
good music was rendered.
Rev. Howard Crosby gave a lecture in the Methodist cliurch last
Saturday night entitled ''Among
our Northern li. C. Indians." The
lecture wna illustrated by lantern
views. There was a very poor
attendance. The rev. gentleman
also conducted services in thc
Methodist church on Sunday.
Those who have books from the
lib'ary are earnestly requested trr
return them without delay.
The Trades Committee will meet
on Monday night at 8 o'clock. A
full attendance is requested.
_. L. Masterson. Secretary,
F. C. Merry, of tbe Silver Cup,
left on Wednesday's Doat for a
-h.irt holiday trip.
Local anil General.
Clubs of every description are
very fashionable just now, -.. it is
not i" lw wondered  that   the eldei
ol  the town  should imitate   their   -, niors.   A  < lub  was
Car.ycr. Crcrk Properties
I'  A. Lindgren  and  1 - ai
.rt-- are  preparing  Vi do a ■
sidera de am iuiiI 1 f work on t! 1
Linson   View,   Grand  Solo  and
Black lack groups Bi'tuated at thin .to ol ' ..1 j on ' 1.. k.
The Liu.- r'i View c 1
claiuit ■' '1 bas four distinct leads
running with the formation. No
1 vein is four feel in width ai d
bni 1 paj streak of 1'. m 2\ in
A shaft has l>,, n Mink for :i 1I1--
tance of 60 fe< t shewing galena
y . .j'i 11 for the n hols dis
m 11 i.i 3 width.
Several   te t   shipments have been
made giving the fol'owiug results :
867 Ibi  from -haft. $1651
2000        110
"    drill    137.00  "
A    .eeeiit   .1-1.   1 ...■;, frnni   the
'.• ttmii of the -..ail (rave 640oss formed last  night  and all officers
m ver and 9 [ per ct nl copper,
N... J i'i in . .    \ nltli as
So * md m - 1      Ilei with it.   It
■ -   ',1 ni ■! up 1 •   a t< n fool "pen
eut exposi itreak of 8 In*
Mays i   I       tilver.
Ni I veil ■ i'.'i ni >. idth ■ nd
h I., hi-1 In gr.pl.it.-. 11., li ilge
bus bei ii sti ipped for •')|1 feet,show-
to '.'I inch s In
n idth i\ ith valu -1 f 05 .'/■. silverI
an I .'.ll (■. r . .nl  '   id
About 5 ton* of ore has been
taken from the shaft ami s icki .1
Iii.: s    1 In Saturday,  March "1-t.'
nt rrout l...ke. to Mr   and Mi -
Wm. Ailams, a daughtei
We congratulate our esttcn   1
0 imuu^}*' Ail.iins. mi the arrival
of 11 Ti.TTrHjii;/ _ir 1. Hilly has now
ihiee .l.iug.ifViJ.io spur him mi to
better lucn mxt lime.
Thos. Parker, inspector of
weight! and measures, is around
on h'n annual inspection trip.
Louis Levesque is leaving shortly for a pleasure trip through the
N'urtli-west provinces.
elect* ■!
hue     or
Ne, 1 ess to say it is a
locii iy, .'Mnl neither h r
money   "ill   the   ki.ls
divulge lhe objects ol their ao
I'.iir I -   ami     mat! rs     nill     learn
shortly—when they are requested
to " 'li;;'-
Mrs, -I A. Griffith and .1 mgh er
Lotus came In last nighl I iin
Midway to icnew old .1 »*uain*
The father of the Rev. Mr Scott
arrived 011 Fridays boat     He wil
Keep your eye on the Lardeau.
Some big mining deals aro pend-
N..\v that the Provincial House
1- not Bitting, the Nelson News
1.1-'tit out the columns of politi-
. al -arbago which was nauseous to
every level-hea.le.l reader, and is
now giving us news—and that in a
iii .litable manner.
Steve Singer and J..e  Hawkins
wen down for a day's  fishing tin*
Tiny s trad   some   nice
silver salnou.
Jim Hums has  returned from a
holl lay trip to the eoa«t eities.
Kpeiul   some   time
visiting    the
i'""i ,""■■;. ' .txg
The monthly clean-up of tbe
Eva mill ut Camborne for March
was between 14500 and loOOO.
'I he Fire Brigade have at
to hold *|. ns on the : -1 "f July
Full ;mriiculars will be announced
I iter.
.1. II. Alexander, <xp.--* piano
inner and western represent ttive
i.f tne Gourlay Piano Brtn, will be
in Trout   Lake  at   the  end of the
Arthur Evans has secured a
club license for his 1. tel at Beaton,
over 100 members Imvo been enrolled and thc grand opening took
place laat Saturday We wiih tho
new elub success
OttO Olson began lis assessment
v.. k on the Aurora at 8-Mile this
On the 26th inst, the Ladies'
Club will give a L.tslcct Ball.
Active operations continue at
tho idaccr grounds. A clean-up
will be made in a few days.
A very successful dance waa
held in tho Alexandria hall, Ferguson last Monday night.
With  the uppeiirancc of spring
month.      Arrange to have your and the snow roads breaking, trav
jiiimo tuicd. «Uing is not all honey these days. ■ ■
nn   in
1,1 i-i .
il . .
, in    ,-. ,, ui i    , ■■  ■■   i    i (he rate
■ : i.nvii,
.   ■     ■   ■ .
I--..- fnr .
.    |;  |... ,.. .  | ■  iin.1 |l i    UV
l| . .......
l\v:  '■'• •■
son A^lasition to th<j
1 (   \  'GtilLCt
'fl i   i ::. union   i I
,    ii ■   Cl'.:!    on   (he    Ai
,: mn] [tootertay cl irter by
'■ iniinli ii •• ■. rhhi i     howi
'•■■ iv. ly  that   th.' wish ■  of
, [orate aio i ol ci i;   '■-■ rod v
[ions   such   ns
I l.l'.R, wen' C. '
-liimliii:: fli--*  tucl ll '
di Iricl tin i ppi        :: for I
thurl ir n posed* tli
her of this rid    i  pn boh i
■ bill '     lx*h   i • C I
ind had   thi   re. ii       • xien
ranted.    The. nn
:  i V. Galli
;  Ottawa  in lie of his
nstituenls, or do i ho draw l.i
!,500 p. :■ year from ll" people nnd
■ irvo the inlfireBts of lhe (MM;. '■'
■ wo.ild   liko  nu  explanation
from tl. ■ hon gi ntleman.
•" .     '-       em        'i.   £' "
B   i	
fer        ;'1)1,lllll".
Trout Loke Livery
•      "a     »
i   • Ltmg
Paoki: i
Hawb ■:    • ;
vi.nNn'. ...i*  .-..ie.
Sicfcks at Trout Lal.
r    .   . • •     — ' I I"*"       "    '
Ear! Term:
1»   A
; ■ ■   ■ .:   .   .'/!;.' I
Mi          i    LL      UrlOUl     AAlKt- n     VVii.|ir-i,,|l!;i,,::,,y  „„.
TlVrJcjf^t* *«                  - bin       iredofahw
.,       ~; ©            k up statomentr..       .Mi.
""■-'•    V  W* i.3g_MdMiwioa •     Sap.
i i .   .   i ii   a ti ti A11 c n
__ince Vrihur of Connnught if
it, and is 1 timing boi i
• of i'.C 'a vn I resources.    Ti
his visit :i '■! mplcte m
■ .■ shi ll! d   |   ■'  n vi it lo ibis . i
'; .;i of tl, ■  Province with nil i is
ili'.i coterie, wherein the Lltrd nu
do could -     tome ol tho grandest
■ enerv in lhe World.
.- n     ii PI
■    .      . .        ..-      s.
'. •
[■ASTERSOM   and
.. .   ;_ .'
.ii   i
Speaking of Prince Arthur. Ilu
Victoria Qoloulst made a bad
I iho . thor day. Every/In dj
knows that lhe Prince is :i nepheii
f Hi- Majesty King Edward, buj
iho Colonist referred to the hi" g tit
>iis-' illuatriouagrandsire." Break
it off Mr ( olonist, it's too sh.
ilriul; Lardeau 11 er
The   liuib.,0  Creek   Byndioal
have announced tin ir intoni i i
organizing themselves into a join
Block  company.    The  syhdicat.
own tbp'Mobii'iin  group of ciui  u
on  0 liner creek and  have d i
considerable   development   work
At present a  long tunnel is b ii
drawn  to tap the ore body at i
depth of about 400 feet.   Todi
this it wi'.-  found   i    ..-ary to in
grease their 6           it ion'.     Tin
(property       -             1 showing!
is in  n gi .-.I  In i. and further di
velo!              ii*. i' show up guoi
L. • >. Armstrong, lourist ag n
nt Montreal for tho (MM! . i
seeking information from all iti
agents relative to desirable j
suitable for tourist travel. This i-
i matter that should be taken ti|
by theJTrades Coramitteo and ful
Information sent Mr, Armstrong
whose letters arc an follows :
" In order to be in a polition t.
give reliable information this sens
on to sportsmen and tourists, wi
'.■ire asking our agent- in the different sporting sections along oui
lines to give ns much information
us possible regarding guides n..
outfitters al nt' hear the respectivi
stations. Will you please givi
i.e names ..f any reliable goidi -
'•.mil mitiitt. r^ known lo von."
His second coramuuiaation1 is nr
" Wc are con I u tlj  retiulrio*
ii.foriiiaiion   and   illustrations ol
tiling   i'i  I a'"iig   out
pet.     If  you havi  gey photo
■graphs . 1     .ie iv.   especial I y .<
Ilshing un.I slum ing   we would In
• cry glad to get tli tn, They would
oe returned after ws had u*ed an*,
That might be suitable,    We Wou'd
"also like any itemt "f ihformatioi
such   as the killing ()f fish am
game ..nt  of Beai'.!.;,   Wi! arc al*
iVays glad to hear of any interest-
ing trips   you   may  know of nia.l.
uy cltplorors, surveyors ur others
In fact any Information that w.n .
'.c interesting ,.. m. n who wish i<
have some oul of door experience.'
General Merchaats.
mSh .v-m*    : : Trout Lake - - B. C.
V 1/     I I .       .       .      r I
Trout  *^"^e___.Oity_Tva
and St acre Line.
% Doily Stage v. |
I rei-Quson
9 Ts-outLckc
ntt'i  ■
1 Beaton
Kh ^mmmmmmmVmmmmmmvl
leave  Fef,-i"
7 a.m.
i Trout Lako ct 0 j?,
| V/OOD   YAf.D I
In eewMdloa.
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
Best Hi \ Towfi,
JOJIS^   wo:D   va'---/'n,c-   hard-
Loose    leaf    Hi inters.    Fine   Job
Prjutfng. Hsrd#are, Miners' •*>   pHes, BU*«
NEIJ-ON, B. C. snd Ranges.
{    ar .'"    1 11' '•• :-' '"'' 1;,':" "•
lU-UUiU :   .
1    * •   1
-    ■ 11 irr .i    I    HI i
,    ii fortH.     ICj   iT!   Iii
. • i. ne.     well   vei
: ■  !    wurm    rooms,    in 11 I
. I   .v. r 1 Id
lei d    ' im '. in.  j "••'.' ■ i. ■; a i
pleusniii  ii d im minniil" nm',
I;. . - Pi  iu ■'; l day upu i ids
\',    k*     •   . • '     .    nr | atnn s.
Stl.Vi.Cp      8.     CO.     It pays to ow the Talepboae.
*-• leoRlllV trip can • * I IT'"'    ""
,   |>r...,   in: Cm •     ■   .   i r.'iit
t\ IU.' Ks.M.i; DI '■ I Ell - in !'• li'ier.  f.t_e, p,_tcnBe»: »U0at Bestou.Com-
Krrs,   i'i .■>! v,   I'i doci    nml   K.uit  spHa uul Arrowl  . '
iBk.Jji phine8t.Kei*on,tJ.C   —_-^ — —
Imperial  Bank of Cana-
Head (llfIce:
I: . '*_R_ JAFI  tA>
CAPIT/L   . V.10   U?.   C3 900.000 GO
ncsEr.ve rvt<o     a.ooo.oooco
TOTAL   '33ETS       39,000 000 03
[. li  iiii Kit, President.
3FANCHC5   In thu  I'roftni   l ■' AUi
M.irni. i a, I'liini,'     •■ Qoi nee.
SAVINGS OEPARTMtNT.--!''•'"-"'' ..''•'•" I mei imer •••  ;
ii.-r, ..'   mie Ine.i 'liU** "f Opening of SCO   iill.
D.»m*.iU ■.••»ii«l.l»lnnll|»ri...ri-»iiii<U. T»,,itI.i,   "• •
M|*.'Rl mi-iilton ciui. to MillK-tlorn •*.« '•      '
Mr un llmi I. .
Review Job Dept*.
For High-Class Work.
■J       ©K       j
Sacber Sbofe
— ron a--
Oood Shave or Hair Cut     0
, , ii .. - ft
'  I
Lennoxville  G. M. YUILL
E. M0D3S- PRO?-
Hotel and
Watch-rcpairin;;,   etc     All  work
William Schnell,
Mlll.i **
Cenoral Store
~     b.c Mmi M Trout Late,B.C
Hot and Cold Batha
G»«*- -v_.»*-!U*-*»4* Or& '
......       Anitllii:.
J.C. Ml'ItUAV.
Tli'itT l.AKi:. a. 0.
... i ni. i.hih-'  Interests oerefollj
InnkS I after.
Akchi I". '.'...rlii\'. rime."
"■  " ■ . —~-" — ■ ■' .
Barber Shop.
i et i......I ii i
G. A. cheesj:
Tl Hi fl Al.
Hot ond   CoM   I'-ilv
p ck , j CMOKO   .     •-.      ' • ■    :- •■    •
": ftJM!!!!!!!!^^
...  tTbe f)otel 33eatcii  ...
BEATON, c.c.
\ •. :  ';.         riiliia st 1 : - -    '...r •', Unlean)
' i  '   ■ ■•■ ■'. -i  I!   rl io he f.illi sqnippni
' ■ '       I •            iiiiiin.li lim .     A well
■ '    ! ri   .' »|l.U' nns ill Ml nt Wi
I          nnd ' '■-.•., t- ,,i
, .             VI      i    .   ' • '           '       i H at t his hot ul
W. BOYD-:-  -:- Prop 1
'•■*•*_ r*«_ anca        . e>o_a«3K» — w>ssisw awmwc
The U. C. ASSAY and CHirilCAl
SUPPLY Co., Ltd.
Vaacorvtn, I). C.
itcatlqulrters lor Asss.rcrf, Mining ntn
Hill Supplies.   Sole sgoiita iii H. 0. for
,.M..ruHii Crucible t'.., Batterses, 1*iis
'.in.I; F. W, lim.ni & Co.'s Patent Car y
I'mimiefl, Burners, ele.  :   Win, Aiim-
iv.iili k Co.'s Fine U&lances'. etc., tic
When looking for a place to ipend
your hoiidava, hear in mind
that Trout   Luke   is   an
ideal  summer  resort.      Tho
Vconery and climate nrciuagniiiei'iit
fcirf*icil50 for 'Kb Review,
Ask   for nnd insist on  ■jet-
tinj* Maple Lfiif Rubbers
there nre no ..iliei-p just nn
The lines nnid" for durability possess n retharkable
degree of style, while lhe
sty'i-li lines are very durable,
Maple Leaf
. *
You cannot in,'ike a mistake
in  hiiying   Rubbers  if  the
I'liililcin of lhe Iioniinion in
branded on them   you may
il it is not.
r*elling Agents for the YVohI.
Tli KRE hstre hern f.rtnn is
in 1.1" in ju'lieipui in.i«'•
in."i.i   in   Krul   li-liite,  nnd
more forium* will i»* madt than
ever i'i- n ■ >.i I wool three years,
Tli" nnn who r. n j s i bo Iiii*. -i li
t'ie original i'.vet.iiii, for he han
iiis inniey ne n i. rlaiui j.
Now let ni point out I.. von Unit
t'l.'ie i» Iln lil'lti r -| nl mi .'lie ('in,.
tiii"iit to l.i.v ItmI rtstale tlntn
TPOUt Lake la tin' prettiest spot
in  tbe   I'.'i.ii iii.yt-; ns it pleasure
res .rt ii inl- . . . qitiil. Homing
innI lisiiih.; ini.v he ii.iliilge.l in
the ynr r. nn.l ! while bis g'tim
in a .nol mi o i- fo the fo'iml mi
the iii1'*. lis iliiiiile is Niiperh,
thore bi-lng no ({rent .iirciiies.ii
bt'ilig mil'I in V.ii.ier mil . ■ .,i in
ll ni'H'i'. Ii can In nst of Rome nf
' h" lin -t In Ids nnd i'sili'iii'i s in
Ulilihii ('(iluiuh'il.     ll*s|r.eiM  mi.
well Iii id mil mnl grad. A. Tl i o
ii" two i'*jcel|iMil t_ «*»••• i- * I sinren,
ii'.l ii c In lice III Ihi* iidveitiHi'ini'iilH
in this journal will alio* that nil
irmles mo r.iirly well te\i oscnti'8.
Wiito  wilh eonlidi'iiei! tn Ag.'iilH.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, BX.
•« r i
Lots can be
obtained on
Mfflkn yo^r
selection at
once.   ::  ::
Then call on
or   writ* to
IT hm i iv-i I ml n  ",ln ntn "    iln
giowii, tn. |,rr„ »tndy     ll l«
He  In ml i f  i svlgarton,   in!
IM luin'i nl i f  il |.   f nn'.. I mi il
P' 'he O.P.R,    All nsrli (In t»-
I.Rt.'rn.i)   I. ml tn Tl. ul  Lute      li
l» ilia i-iiii iiii n in) c mie , f ij,*
ii'l.'*t ii.ii..ml ,li.tii,( ,„, ,|„,
<"i iii ri.l. ni.il I ... I ni I,, B far*||.
tii* provldrd |,j i)„. In.|uisl
I'm.I ol I nrtln ; fliM iInm lel'Ool
hii'< ti n.i i'iiij, _ (ii.ll, r tlie rir-e
lion <f B SI,nm,in, H.A.; n pn-.d
wslir syMiin ; (-rviri nwnt (fTii*)c ;
C. umi Coon  .Itllhgsj Mnh. disl
1 I 'I'1'  nul Aiinltt'iu. (ht.r.'lrs
and i. tinge lici'pltol.
'I here nre initial |e rni ch bu lis
on iIn* nutaklrli analtfi _ uMler-.
lis liimler rriouroi'S are iii**-nl_
''• 11, and ii lend caw hiill will, n
ii'l'iii'i of60000 ft. per ilny l| hi
■''•  11 nd if the Inh'.   The n ii.s
till lllllly tire I n,Vlng llll l.ijreir
I roillie. ih eiiiy y<nr, win. liw
p'o'liits .'pelting MplKll liniie. if
There will in ., |,|g ,,,^1, ,)„•,
rrnr,    sn    if   3oil    would    know
more, write at once to iiil.fi of
the agents nt the 1nM1ef.es helow.
: )
F. B. Wells
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.O*
f-r-r    ."_-.;.-*.>'-


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