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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-11-21

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 Hits a larger circu
lation tlm" »ny
Viuspupcr m N
Kiiutenuy* Heat ad*
Vi-.lini.g   i. nlivii.
VOL. fl
{'Jrn^l   i-Y-t- 0—1
The represent ativi
of the rich \a . ■
any address fur |2_
per an. in advance
No. 4
■A  ' J  .  ,
Without doi,lit   the groat-
iety i.i onr City.
We fit  the  FOOT, lhe
EYE and the POCKET.
< : '..'•.! ular attention given lo
'    Orders,
R ANDREWS It CoPiep. .
: - FOB,
Nritlctons,   Slaters   [Ml
fast   ©ffte
Minnie V. mineral ?l»im «iiuate
In the Trout Lake Minini; division
uf Went Kootenay dlsirioi
When- locatedi   On Bouth Fork
of Canyon Creek.
Take notice that I. Kr-.l C Klliott, F. M.C. No. 1188167 acting a*
agent for Cam Grace Westfall, sd*
ininistrntrlx of the cs'ale ol Julm
W. We* finl, dooessed, Free
Miner's Certificate, No. B88098
intend, nitv dayi from dut.* here
of, t" apply 1. ihe Mii.inn Record*
ci for .1 Certificate of Improv.
mrnts, lor the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of ihe above claim
And furl her take nol ice tlmt nc
lion under lection 37, must be commenced before the lesuance ..f
such Certificate ol Improvement!
Dated thii 18th day of October,
v 11 1906
FRED C. Elliott.
Eastern   Capita]    in evident!j
taking a band In the development
.1 the  lower .nd ol Trout  Lake
FUEI)     C.     ELL I OT
Trout Like. It. C.
diviiion, While el Oold Hii
early part of the week, ihe "Review" met Mr C, Robert patch*
ner, wh", In company with Mr.
Qeorgo VV, Stead are interesting
ilieiiist'lv* s in soma properties nt
'hnt point. In conversation with
Mr. liii-cliner. who roprosouti
nmirvfiy In v) mining men of
Philadelphia, le expressed him
' self a* highly pl>*asid with what
ic had seen in Ihe Lardeau.
"The  gveni   draw-hack   to   the
Lard-fat*-,'1 he said,   '*was the past
I ojieiaii. ns <>f coni| nni. h who lack-
and Ferguson . e(1 praclicftl .„„, ,„„ ^^^
■       I agt menl, -i. d a-..  natural  conse-
.|'i. nee. filled. The eoilll'ry R8
far at he l.nd Ken of it wns very
rich, snd ven'urcs gone into  with
Celebrated Suit of Star
Mining Company vs.
Byron White 4, Co.
I    Noah   Aliiai'aniHon    has lease!
■iln* Skating   ttink   for lire B'-hk'.ii
and  jh   working hard g-*tting the
ice in lha pe.
Dr. Rol.iiiB ni had a hurried enll
Ul lb"'Silver Cup'   011   Well e*-.lay
night,    Fiank II lib   being lelei
very 111.    II. it rep uie 1 a- being
i iniic-li belt'*,* today.
Patent Medicines
School Supplies,
Dry   Goods,
(.rani Sail
Christmas Eve
B. C.
TICKETS,     (Including
Supper,' $2.50
The full court today in K'ltii u
on a cis'! which rjemlndi the spectator! of tho fir.it meeting ..f Mark
Twain and Aricniis Ward VVbon
Clementa wn* a repotler on a Ben
Francisco paper, lie nut Waul
and explained to him ile oon*
BtrUClion of n mine and tlm uiui-
ner of mining far valuable ore*
Ward, after lislcning to the description, asked lo have it r. pealed. Clements frpeated Lis description, dealing extensively in
conglomerate and fissure ur.*, ai.d
niter the further description Ward
said, 'fine me that again Clem
eiitu.     I'll comprehend or perish •'
Tl.e complicated case in lb..- eel-
serta'ive man* ,  ,     „.        ...   .
el.raied   suit   of tl.e "Star   Hilling
and MilliiiL' Uo., against Byron N
I White & Co,   which was  tri. I     -
Nelaon in   1004.     Th» ■'*
The Ven. Ar.-li-di*.i.*'.ri H *.-r will
li V.. bold services in the A. glicai
Church on Sun lay next, Nov '.!*>,
at 11 a.m.  and  7 80. p.m
A merry party assembled at Ul-
vin'a cosy hotel at Gold Hill, lait
Saturday night, und enjoved hem
ml-.es tripping t is "light fanta-itiu
until tl.e 'iiiyr-t c hour ' A ip o*
iai train went down from "Luin-
beropoita," tak ng with- it nearly
the entire population. A large
number also went Irom I'oplar.
the''City of Gold." Ja'k No-bit,
w.th his liarmonioon, was the lead*
.t oi the orchestra, nnd lhe music
produced was beyond criticism.
good conservative nnn al the head
■•hould prove,    beyond a doubt,   n
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ t!( f. I ' ;; i |
owned the   "Sl. eun    Star"   min
Sevoral important Changes have
b.ciima.le in the telephone system ihis fe, k. The hue hag been
extended from Arrowhead to   Re»-
A not he.* matter which Mr. Bus*
..r wni ture would be of benefit
to tbe district nae'a thorough examination and  report   by   s.-mc
giving  in
well known geologivt,
de'ail the format ona,
and tbe "Star Mining Co ."oan-d 0•'l,,kc•• a»*d a central office open-
two claims, the «<Rabbit Paw and  td "' Arrow-bead    in    Wallucoe
Heber FraetfoU," which abut* ,,r"* *l ,M-   v*itM* "f iUv l"u-'
on   the   defendant's    eni.. s
original  action   was  brought
by the Star Minini; Co.," sgalnst
Ihe R. >•'. White Co, for nn in*
junei i. n and for damage* arisii g
clat-se-. of! from th" taking if * re away fr. m
sizes of leads, costs of trans* I the plaintiffs' claimi by the <V-
portotioti and treatment, nnd any' rendanls
.•ll-er matter which would be <rf
interest to thc investing public.
He  SUggaeted   along   this   Ine
can iow cull up cit.ier if these
iwo pace*, and be in direct coin-
mnn chiton with those who lav.*
1 list rumen sin tai-ir rcsi Iences ii
p. ,*. a of .1 r.»i- e s.
The H. N While Co.,
admitted lhal ihey took the ore a-
wav fiom the limits of lhe two
claims,   but held  that  lh< y were
The Ferguson Ska'in.' Rink ir.
being put into good thapc aud
will,—If the weaibor prove favor
sblc—be open to thu public ... xt
Tobaccos.        Pipes.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty
daya after data 1 intend to apply
to thr Chief Commissioner of Landi
and Works f..r permission to pur-
chase the following described landi
situated at Trmit Luke, Weat Koot
i enay I>i.-tncl, and commencing at a
P'.<t marked K. L. Maileraon'*"
X W oorner, Ihenee south 2"
chains,  Ihonce  <'n.-<t   20   chaini,
  more or If?*. In shore of Front I.ake
thence northerly along  lako shore
Ito   SOUth-Mat   cmer   post   uf  Lot
190, thence west along line ol Lot
•fojriitti fur (Snurlau   ftf-Rlffi 180 to post of commencement, con-
9 "\ tain ing *ll) acres more or le.'*.
Dated 25 tb, Oci.WolV
NoC.ce is hereby given lhat within one months from thc first publication hereof in the Hritish Columbia OatettO, I intend to apply
to th-* Hon. Chiel Commissionet
ol l.and« and Work* for a ipecill
licence to cut and carry away ti tn -
der Irom the following described
lands t-iluati.l in W.st Kootcnnv
Cotnmeiiciii st a post marked A K
Ev.ii"*' south ' a-t cortu r po*', ....
the. north side of Staubr.-r Lak.
on lhe Trout Lako wagon road, m-
l.oul lbro'< chains wis' ••! the north west corner of Adams' pre-t*ni| -
ti..,i. ihci.co wcH along lake ahon
SO .1.nin*. thence north 80 chaini
thot ce ca«l 80 chains, tbeiicc south HO chain*,   to point of com men-
cement f
Paled Nov   5th, 1900
that It would be a paying  propo* i°8,ined undw ,hc 1b»' Rovernlog HQM E AGAIN FROM
sition for  the  buetnru  men  aid   lheir c,t,m,i     "'e "Slocan   Star" "OLD SOD "
prop-rty owners to lake it up, nnd |a»d'-Siivcrsmith."   by which they • M fc     WLU 8UU'
secure the --ervices of a n-nn whoae  wer* entitled lo oie In-'ong ig to a Arthur Cowing  returned Mon--
name would carry weight with the «*?•  ,l,,,« i,irx( "J,****'™ ,la-v "'R'" ,rom  Kn**"*< ~h^' fine" ,rafflne„.. to find a rest on the
their chum, and   which extended behas b*en visitios his nrlatiec '"  , -, ..
■  ,   ,i    c.      \t ,.   , i .. , im  , tins - 000 feet below. The smooth
into thc Star .Mining Co'sgrouid f0 nh<* imr-t 3 n,i nil *.     \Vl*ili* a . ,   ,.
■ri!   i . ;  ,,    ,,,,„   , '   '   „     ,       ... , rnnndpil in..uniaiii top  was half a
Tins law was amended in 1892. In way, Mr   (>>win,' d.,1 some good
contradiction  In tlr* .laim,   the missionary work fur the  lardeau
'p'nii.tilTs  claim..1   lhat    the   vein   by inteltating   < n .■< !' l.i> lllll dl
which   r.n   (rem  ihe defendants1 there in our mineral*clslme.    Ow
properly   to   iho   'Rabbit   raw" j„gi however, io tho latenest nl
clam w a.- cut . ff  by  a  fault   tis-  the season,  they were  u iah!*) t-i
lure. 'come out until the i-pring-    In t'*"-'
Tie action wa*  tried   by  Chief' m-antim-. aomo promising claimi
Justice Hun'er and wns dismiiwed bave been tied up aw«l r.i th t
with coals, and Hie '"Star M'ning imp • Ion.
Anolhc-r ma'ter be said he had
noticed was the failure of prospector* and prop, rty owner* t.. .., .n
tip bodi' * -*f low grade ore. "ll
seemingly wa* only the small
veins of high grade stuff that had
been at all deve'ope.l. whereas, it
was the larg- bodies of low grade
ore that made nrne* lhat paid tl.e
laru>.-'. profit, created Ihe large
demand for labor, arid built
..ur lo.vns and cities."
Huti Gill
By VV, V. K-i .x,
'lticre ition
(Coktixuxd )
Bitting   tin r.*   in   the warm sun- i
ligl t   .f   an   Auuutt  day,    in   thei
clear end bracing air,   wiih  hun-
L"-r  Intensified  by*the hour*   .f
climbing  and  I.y the thin,   pure
atmosphere,   we were surely to be
envied.    Were not the two women
triumphant tint tbey   were   the
first one* evor on that rreet?     To
perpetuate that  victory  our  hort
loudly proclaimed thst bene -forth
that    peak,     nameless    1 ith.-rto |
ahould be known as ''Knox Mour.-i
Ai wc te) divrurii p rur dinner
a long black train, carrying pro- n
visions and materials tn the 'Black
Warrior" mine, over n paF* to the
Duncan river *lr,pe, slowly climbed the trail 2,000 feet be-ow us
and a mib'away. Fifteen or 2'1
tonics with two or thr. e drivir*
•si.d with one of tbe mine own-is
crawl* d np the steep path, a mo-*t
iotere-tieg sight in that solitude.
The strong lunged b-ader ol our
party, making a trumpet of hi*
hands, hallooed to the train snd
succeeded in attracting attention,
with shouts in reply. Hats were
swing, snd wraps nnd handker-
cbiefs shaken   In answer to their
cheer ^^^__ ^———————————^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Lewis DeKenonki was  a'res'ed
After dinner each rongl.t plras- here on Tuesday, 00 a charge of
ure as h-would. The men ol h<* s'ealing $45000 from one of the
IMiv l'osen.d blocks of rock, ••,]pnr.-u.oi.de"' at Comaplix. Con*
poshing llum over the edge of tl.e. stable Dodds look lh) ptioner
cliff, then   peerinir ov.r  into  'he j bai k to Comaplix where he will be
LECKIE BOOTS fill a h>: g
felt want, and that want iu
better boots for the tame
money, The Logger, the
I'rospccirr, the Miner, an.l
the msn w ho work* out of
door-., will find these All
I. LA'I HER Boots the best
that money can buy.
Every pair have the Trade
Mark stamped un tne sole.
Alf dealers.
J. Leckie Co
B. C
Local arl Crura'..
dizzy depths to see  tl em   -nat-e a tried.
sheer drop of several hundred feet, 	
where,   as ihey struck   the led*, Au-jy  Crn,R- h,,.   bfen   yUJlinR
ihey would break snd become only RtTeUloke  fluHng tbe week,  o» a
ousinesi trip.
Agents   for Steam  Laundry.
^•^   GOODS
Don't forget:-
TEe Post
— Office
Trout  Lake,
B. C.
Mr. Iiiisehner will return   ah ut
the lirft oi March next.
Co at on.*.- pave notice of appeal.
Tha costs l.ave already amounted
to 118,000 and Ihe full courl room
this morning was crowded wi'h
mine mod. 1". bags of ore and minim: paraphernalia? Mr. E. V.
i Bo.lwdl, K. C, appears f.>r the I.
from I N. While Co..   nnd Messrs. V. P
Davis K.C id  ft 8. Taylor K.
bore—two I (\, for lhe "Star Mini
ITu-^li   liii.wn   cim-*.
Longville,, California, on Thursday i Davis K <
ni^l.t. ^^^^^^
der ilmt n.l.iiti
on   the
o net. leaving nero iwo C, for the "8iDr Mining Co., Mr.
yonrsago—Hugh hns bad charge Davis today is applying |r*r an or-
ui tome mining . peratioi s t-onirol*, fi(.r that n.l.iiti. na] \«. ik  he .1 >ne
Monn-   ,,n   the   rein    in   dirpllte,   hi?    lie
"''I cluiins thai Ihis will show i
Ins now a 3 mile contract for rail
mad wnrk for the Gould system, thing whaler,.
ittld is taking a abort holiday be [vein owned by  the It.  N.   Whlto
imc •t.-.|,ir :' aoilveoperatli n".      I Co ,
led by the promoters..:' t'.•
tain Li., i t'i..  of the Lardean.
Iu speaking iu bu trip generally, Arthur ■*■*.>.■••■» tint while I e
hud a good time, addcl 25 lbs.
and bad a period nf sea-siokucss,
he never had anything so pleasing IO I.i- c>c, or hu.k more lovely than the old ' Proctor' at Get-
i .nl. which was io cany him to
the   only plaoe, Trout Lake City,
Mr. W. Gowiu; of Birmttiffhml,
--his nephew—accompanied bim
h nne.
at 0
r   to   .li,   with    thc
vein is a fault Qssure.  an.l has no
E.L Graham had an operation
oerformed for appendicitis at the
Revelstoke hospital. He came
•Hic.'fsrfu'iy tlnoujih ih» ordeal,
and is on the wav to recover?
A. E- Evans.
£. A. Haggen.
Htock. Hhtro nii.t Kinunciil P.rokcr
Real Estate and tnaumnrc.
Fire, Mie, Accident, Health,
liiianinle.) an.l Kmplnyors
l.iuiiilll.y Innnraiicc.
Sole reorsientatlva (or Hon-
Combinelii-riiramo fmnnaniesin
Trout Ln   •  I'eruiiaoa, uuaton
ai.d Camborns.
Correajondence promptly
A. G. FRASER,   ]
Gents Furnishings GentsFurnishings
»**——N^Jr \J*J
rounded mountain top  wns half a
mile I' np, gently doping on  the
one side to the crest of iho  gorge,
d-'wn which are rolled s'oires,  ai d
which hur.g over Mie miners' cabin where Jwa slaved niRhts.     On
Uie other aide, tastwartl,   the high
winds of win'er  had  carri-d   the
snow in vast  quantities,   creating
a fie'd of it, from thc foo» ot which
far below     a beautiful placier emerged       Down lhe snow-fields and
glacier also we rolled great  blocks
ol stone.     Btllljbolnw  the glacirr
«-. a  mass  ol  limber, the  wild-
ness ol the crge attract ine grizzly
I.ens, so the place was known  a*-
'Grizzly (ior*;-*."      Down into  its
silent ilepths we longingly  looked
wishing we micht sec  a  silvcrtip.
bnt none showed up.     A few days
after   on the other  side of  Trout
Luke, ss Dr. and 1 were saun
tering along the trail alone, thi
guide having gone ahead to pro
pare supper for ns at tbe cabin, w.
heard, a hundred yards or two n-
bove us in lhe 'hick bushes, a deep
guttural "Gna-r-r, gna-r-r," u
sound which made us quick.n our
footsteps for hall aa hour. The
guide said it was undoubtedly ..
Hereon the mountain top w<
were told we might hee mountair.
gials. since Ihe "est end of it wai
a place of their resort. but i
tramp far out that •any did no
ieward us with a view > f one. Bill!
we not Wholly denird n sight ■ f
them, for while at tin* cimp of th.
'Mo untaiii Lion'' mine a whit,
goat lay in sight fur two lioirs
basking in the sunlight less th",
a mile away, nfford-'ng, wi'l. our
licld glasses   .: delightful    view   0<
the h.iiuty.    And again, an.
I one day alone canto across on.
opposite us on the mountain sid'
not more than 500 yards distant
the goit miking iis way hvstireli
along tbo Indies und tbe-i ovei
them o-.it of s'ght. "R-.ll.er e
bloodless trip,'1 son cone muy "b
serve     Aye, but Ihe hunter's  fir.
ill becomoa the bosom >.f the sport*
mnu in mids'.iniim-r, while in the
Canadian Selkirks.
Before bis departure, Mr. Shannon intends lo La v« an entertain
ii ci't given, lit th« "Od-lfellowa*1
Hall, by the cLildicn attending
tlm school. The dale will be an
iwmnoad later on, and wc tra I i
good turn out wiil be given the
Tiie i.a.ii. ■•' Guild sre leaving
nothing undone to make their entertainment next Saturday evening a slice-ss in every way.
Ladies, don't forget tour bas.
kcts, and the "boys'1 will do the
Sandy I,.iu_*li'..i..    the popular
hit-it mm" ol Ferguson,    was n
visitor to 1n>ut Lake this week.
Miss Rrowu arrived at Ferguson
on Tues lay night, tu  lake charge
>f the school.
Ed. Vipond han about 15 men
wurkinif.ii I'oplar, logging off il e
town-.situ ior the Canadian Pacific
Timber Co.
Mr. Cjok who baa a I0/5 ng
tonlrnct at 'Le Blanche' < n lhe
Lardeau, hid to destroy threj valuable teams of horses last week,
on account cf thorn being attacked
by glamhrs.
Alto O'Ciire I on Wednesday
.<t tlu pr tii'e *• of th« lt ••.*•... in
I, imber C ., at Comaplix* T.ie
..fliee and ttore were burnt out .
Mabl Enrrcll hns   ^er brother
from Alberta paving bor a visit.
Ons Frisor ii receiving OMftit
nl.iii ms thi-i wiiek on becoming—
for tbo first time in his life—an
imc'c, thi "stork"   having made a
visit to t be I i.ue of Mr unity Mm
I M   Silli-rrn, wbo visited Trot*
L<U last fall.
Aiot'icr virtue of the Larl.i'.i
c'imatc. Wh.tsay Gu.i, "Lot Via
all uorno"! what bo.
i   -t.i
*> SfoSoo 8 5?«SSeo a *&$©«««o3h§«© ®
"Find the tiilrd rogue, or, rawer, tlie
reul rogue—the one who opened the
Kill* nn.l si..I>* tl.e notes .mil who Is
Mill nt large, while others are suspected."
"Impossible! '.,1. Fauvel and Ills
cashier onl; hnd keys, and they al-
w.i.vs kept them on tbelr persons."
"Pardon me. Oo the evening of the
robber; the banker left his Ley in ti.e
"Tea, but the key nloue was not snt*
tlrient t» open the safe. The word also
wns aeceeaary."
M. Lecoq shrugged his shoulders Iiu-
"Whnt wns the word?" he asked.
"Which is the name of tho cashier's
grlsette, The day you Hnd a mnn sufficiently intimate with Prosper to be
aware of nil the circumstances connected with this name, and at tho
same time on a footing with the Fauvel family which would give 111 in lhe
privilege of entering 51. Fauvel's
dumber, then you will discover the
real thief; then tho problem will be
Egotistical, like all great artists, M.
Leco.i had never bad a pupil and never
wished to have one. Ho hated assistants, wishing to share neither the
pleasure of success nor the pain of defeat Thus Fanferlot, who knew his
patron's character, wus surprised to
bear lilm giving advice who heretofore
had only given orders.
"Chief," he ventured to gay, "you
seem to take a great personal Interest
In this affair—you bave so deeply stud-
led IL"
M. Lecoq started nervously and replied, frowning:
"Don't be too curious. Master Squirrel. Be careful that you do uot go too
far.   Do you understand?"
Fanferlot began to apologize.
"That will do," Interrupted M. Lecoq. "If I choose to lend you a helping band, lt Is because it suits me to
do so. lt pleases ma to be tbe bead
while you are the limbs. Unassisted,
with your preconceived Ideas, yow
would never have found the culprit.
If we two don't hnd him, my name Is
not Lecoq."
"We shall certainly succeed since
you are Interested In the case."
"Tea, I nil) Interested In It, and during tbe Inst four dnys I have discover-
etl many Important facts. But I hnve
re tons for aot appearing In this affair. No matter whnt happens, I for-
bid your mentioning my nnme. If we
succeed, all the success must be nt-
tribiited to you. And. sbove all. don't
try to find out too much. Be sat—fled
with what explanations 1 give you."
These conditions seamed quite to
ault Fanferlot
"I will bs dlacreet," be snld.
"I shall rely upon you. Now, to be-
fdn, you moat carry this photograph to
tba fudge ol Instruction I know U.
l'ntrigeiit is mucb perplexed abont
this case. Explain to him ns if it
ciime from ynu all '.'• wlmt I have Just
shown yon. Repeat what I bave demonstrated, nn.l  i am  ivineed tbat
this avldeai e will determine him to re*
lesss tl..* cashier. Prosper must be nt
liberty before 1 can commence my operations."
"Of course, chief. But must I let
hlin know thnt I suspect nny oue besides tbs hunker or caahlerf
"Certainly.  Justice must not be kept
in Ignorance ,.f your Intention of ful
lowing up this affair.    M. Pal
will tell you to watcb Prosper.   Vou
will r.*|.lj* tbat y.m will nol lose sight
of blm.   I myself wiil answer for bis
being in good bands."
"And if he aaka me about Gipsy?"
M. 1,.*.*.. i hesitated n moment
"Tell i. *.i." be said, "thst you per
sunde.l her, in the Interest ..f Prosper,
to ll.e in n house Where sin* ran watch
boiiie iiiii* whom ynu suspe. t"
Fanferlot rolled np tbo photogrspb
and was joi.hi-Ij . bat to
go when M. Le. "q cb. i :..*.l imn with
a gesture.
"I have not finished    Do yon know
bow to drive s carriage and manage
"Why ran you ask this of S man who
iis.il to be a rider In tbs Boutbor dr
"Very well. As BOOO ns the judge
dismisses i.,u relurii home Immediate
ly, make yourself S Wig and the com
plete .iiess of n  valet and, having
dressed   yourself,   lake  this  letter  to
tin* agent on Delorme street"
"There   must   |„,   no  but   sir.     The
ngeiit will semi yon to m. ii.* Clameran,
wim  Is  looking   for  .1   valet,  his  man
inning i.*n him yesterday.'1
"Excuse in.* if i venture t.. suggest
lhal yoa sre making a mistake This
Clameran does noi coma Into the matter,   lie Is not tbe cashier's friend."
"Do what I tell you nnd don't dis
turl. your mind about ths rest Cln-
iiierun Is not n Mend of I'rosper, 1
know, but he Is the friend nml pro
lector of Ilnoul de I.ngors. Why so?
When.*., the Intimacy of these two men
of such different sgsal I must find
out 1 must alao lind out who this
forge muster Is who lives In I'nrls nn.l
never goes to attend t" his furnaces;
li high liver, win, takes It Into his bond
to live nt the Motel du I.ouvie In the
midst of a tumultuous, ever chnnglng
CTOWd, where It Is hind to Match him
Through you I will hnve an eye upon
him. He linn n carriage, Vou nre to
drive It, and you will soon be nl.le to
give mo an account of his inniiner of
life and of the sort of people with
whom he nssoelntes."
"You shall l.e obeyed."
"One word noi*'.. SI. de Clnmcrim Is
Irritable   nnd,   still   more,   suspicious.
Vou win i.e presented to bim under ths
name of Joseph Dubois. Ile will de
iiianil your eertlfloiite of good churn.*
ler. Here nre three which stale lhat
yon linie lived with the Slnrquls da
BtalrmeUSe snd the Count de Column-
(ln aud that you have lust left lh.
Baron de Wortscben, who has gone to
Germany. Be careful of your dress
und manners, Watcb the marquis'
movements. Above nil. don't overdo
your part   It might arouse suspicion.'
"Don't worry aa to that. Where
shall I report to ynu?"
"1 will cull on yon every dny. I'ntll
I Change your orders don't step foot In
this house.    Vou might l.e followed.   If
anything  Important   should   happen,
send ii note to your wife, nn.l she will
inform me.   Oo un.l be prudent"
The door closed on fanferlot ns SI.
I.. | passed Into his bedroom.
In tha twinkling of iiii eye lie hnd
divested himself of chief of tlie secret
service. He took off his stiff cravat
.■.'ni gold spectacles and removed the
i lose wig from his thick black linlr
The official Lecoq had disappeared.
leaving In his place the Lecoq whom
nobody knew—ii handsome mnn with
a dear eye and resolute bearing     Bill
he remained only for nn Instant Sent
ed  before n  dressing table, covered
with more cosmetics, paints, perfumes
fillse hair nnd olher unnientioii.ihli
shams thnn the toilet tables of a mod
ern belle, Ile began to undo the work
of nature and mnke himself n new
face. He worked slowly, bundling his
brushes with grent cure. But In an
hour be bnd accomplished one of his
dally masterpieces. When he bnd tin
lshed. he wns no longer Lecoq He
wns the Inrge mnn with red whiskers
whom fanferlot fulled to recognise.
"Well." he sni.l. casting n Inst look
In the mirror, "I have forgotten noth
Ing. I hnve left nothing to chance
All my plans are tlxed, and I shull
mnke progress, provided tbe Squirrel
does not waste time."
But Fanferlot was too happy to
waste a minute. Ile did not run. be
flew, toward the Piilnis do Justice. At
Inst he whs able to convince some one
of his wonderful shrewdness. As to
acknowledging that be wus about to
obtnln a triumph with the ideas of an
other mnn, he never thought of It. It
Is generally ln perfect good faith that
the Jackdaw struts In the peacock's
feathers. His hopes were realized. If
the Judge was not absolutely olivine
ed, he ndmlred tbe lugeuuity of the
whole proceeding.
"This decides me." he said, dismiss
Ing FnufcrloL "I will file a favorable
report today, nnd it la highly probable
tbat the uccused will be released to
Be began nt one,- to write ont one of
those terrible decisions of "Not prov
ed" wblcb restores liberty, but not
honor, to tbe accused man; wbleh says
Hint he Is tint guilty, but does not suy
he Is Innocent;
ll.ir*,.   tbtrt   Aa   n, I   -»;«1   M_-ri.nl   fhartft»»
■nlMI    lli*   . 1*1        '    l!i.   nn.    ,n   pur
. •   f riminal   Cod.   m.
I.iitt..   dr, ..:r  11,41   kc bui.   "-   ...yult'll   lur   prut?
iinio-i »*fiit,-t .he tfori^ai.l prtKinfr it tl.li pr,*i-
,nl timr, imi rn or-lrr thu  ne llllll lie relea-krd
In.m Hi- prina •'....* in* .. lonflotd ind wl it
■  I) llie jailer, ate,
When It was finished. "Well." he
Mid to tbe clerk,  "here is another of
those .-limes wblcb Justice cannot
clear  jp—another  Die  to  be  stowed
away among tbe iir.-l.i-.,s of the record
And llll own band wrote 00 the cover of tbe bundle of papers relating to
Prosper*! case the uuiul-er of the pack-
sge, "Caae 113."
P1R08PEB IIERTOMY bad been
I languishing In his private
cell for nine days when one
Thursday morning the Jailer
'•ami* to Inform him Hint his .as.* had
m.i i.eeii proved. Be waa conducted
before tbe officer who bad seirebed
him when he arrived, nnd the contents
of his pocket ins watch, penknife and
several little pieces of Jewelry were
restored to blm. Then bs was told
to sign n Isrge sh.-.*t <.f paper, which
In- did. He was then led across s dark
passage and a door opened and shut
behind blm witb a bang. Bs found
himself on the qual.   He was alone.
lie Mas free.
Free! Justice had confessed her Inability to e,.ini.-t him of the Crime of
which  in* was accused     Preel    He
could walk sbont I. Id breathe the
pure   nlr.   bnt   every   door   would   be
closed sgslnst blm, a decision of
"Not proved" iimi left him covered
with suspicion. Al tba moment of his
restoration to liberty Prosper ho cruelly suffered from tbe horror of his situation that he COUld not repress a cry of
ruge nnd despair.
"I nm InOOCSntr be cried out "1
am Innocent.'"
Two strangers who arers passing stop.
pet] to look ut him. 'Ihey look hlin for
8 lunatic.
The Seine wns at his feet. A thought
of suicide crossed his mind.
"No," he snld, "no! I have not even
the right to kill myself. No, I will not
.In* until I hnve Vindicated my Inuo-
On entering riinptnl street he stood
before his own door, but hesitated to
enier It. He suffered from the timidity wbleb nu honest mnn always fecli
when be knows he Is viewed with suspicion. He drended to remain In the
street. Mo entered. At seeing hlin
the purler uttered nn eielumnllon of
gln.l surprise.
"Ah, you here, monsieur? I told every one you would coma out ns white
ss snow, and when I read In tlie pa*
pcrs that you were arrested for rob*
bery, I snld: 'My third floor lodger a
thief?    Never!' "
The congratulations of this mnn, maladroit but sincere. Impressed I'rosper
pal ii fully, nnd he cut them short by
abruptly unking:
"And where nro my servants?"
"'lone, monsieur. Your father paid
and discharged them."
"1 suppose you hnve my keys?"
"No, monsieur. When your fnther
left this morning nt 8 o'clock, he told
US Hint u friend of 1.1s would take
charge of your rooms until you should
re.urn.    ur course you Know who be
is*—a stout gentleman with red whiskers."
I'rosper was astonished. Whnt could
be the meaning Of one of his father's
friends being In his rooms? He did
uot, however, betmy his surprise.
"Yes, I know who he Is," be said.
He mu up the stnlrs mul knocked nt
his door. It wos opened by his father's friend. He hud beeu accurately
described by the porter. A fnt innn
with a red face, scnsunl lips, brllllunt
eyes and of rather course manners
stood bowing. I'rosper hnd never seen
him before.
"Delighted to mnke your acquaintance, monsieur," he snld.
He seemed to bo perfectly nt home.
On the table Iny a book which he bad
taken from the bookcase, and he up-
peared ready to do tba bonora of the
"1 must confess, monsieur"— begun
"Thnt you are surprised to find me
here? So I Suppose, Your father Intended Introducing me to you, but he
was compelled to return this morning
to Bf.'iu.'iilrc. ainl I must mid that he
departed thoroughly convinced, as I
myself am. that you never took n cent
from M. Fauvel."
At this unexpected good news Pros
per could uot restruiu an exclamation
of Joy.
"II.ro Is a letter from your fnther
which I wns charged to give you. 1
hope It will serve ns un Introduction
Let ween us."
I'rosper took the letter, opened lt.
and ns ho rend his eyes grew brighter
and the color returned to his pnle
cheeks. Wticn he hnd finished, he
held out his bund to the large mini nnd
"Sly fnther, monsieur, tells me you
are his best friend. Ho advises me to
hnve absolute confidence ln you and
follow your counsel."
"Kxactly. This morning your father
snld to me: 'Verduret'—that Is my
name— 'Vcrduret. my son Is ln great
trouble. He must be helped out' I
replied. 'I am ready,' nnd here 1 nm.
Now the Ice is broken, is It not? Then
let us go to work. What do you Intend to do?"
This question revived Prosper's slumbering rage,   nis eyes flashed.
"What do I Intend to do?" he snld
angrily. "I wish to seek tbe villain
who hns ruined me!"
"Naturally. But have you any means
of attaining thnt end?"
"None. Yet I shall succeed, because
when n man devotes his whole life to
an object he Is certain to achieve It."
"Well said. Si. Prosper, and, to be
frank, I fully expected that this would
be your purpose. 1 have therefore already begun to think und act for you.
I have a plan. In the first place, you
will sell this furniture, quit this bouse
aud disappear."
"Dlsappeor*** cried Prosper Indignantly. "Disappear! Why, monsieur'.
Do you not see that such a step would
be a confession of guilt—would authorize the world to say that I am
hiding so as to enjoy undisturbed the
stolen fortune?"
"Well, whnt then?" snld the mnn
with the red whiskers coldly. "Did yon
not suy Just now that the sacrifice of
your life Is made? The skillful swimmer thrown Into the river by miilefnc-
tors Is cureful not to rise to the sur-
fuce Immediately. On the contrary,
he dives und remains below as long as
his breath holds out. He comes up
again nt a great distance and lands
out of sight Then, when he is su|>-
Imscd to l.e dead. lost forever to the
sight of man, he rises up and bus
his vengeance. You hnve nn enemy?
Some petty Impendence will betray
blm. But while he sees you on the
watch be will be on his gunrd."
It wns with n sort of amazed submission thnt Prosper listened to tbis mnn
who, though n friend of his father, was
an utter stranger to himself.
He submitted to tbo ascendency of a
nature more energetic than his own.
In 'iis helpless condition he wus grateful to Dud a friend.
"I will follow your advice, monsieur,"
be suld.
"I was sure you would. Let us decide upon the course you shall pursue.
And remember that the proceeds of
the sale will be needed. Have you nny
ready money? No, but yon must hnve
some. Knowing Hint you would uccil
It at once. I brought hero n furniture
denier, nnd he will glvo 12.000 frnncs
for everything except the pictures."
The cashier could not refrain from
shrugging his shoulders, which Sl. Verduret ..(.served.
"Yes," said he, "It Is hard, I will admit, l.ut lt Is necessary. Listen. You
nre the Invalid, ond I nm the doctor
charged to euro you. if I cut to the
quick, you will hnve to endure it It
Is the only way to save you."
"Cut away, then, monal.ur," answered i'rosper, submitting.
"Well, me will hurry, for time pnss-
e*.   You have a friend, SI. de Lagors?"
"It.iout?   Yes, monsieur, au Intimate
"Now tell me, who Is this fellow?"
The term "fellow" seemed to wound
"SI. de Lagors, monsieur," he said,
piqued, "Is SI. Fauvel's nephew.   He Is
a rich young mun, handsome, Intelligent, cultured and the best friend  I  i
"Hum!" snld SI. Verduret. "I shnll
be delighted to mnke the acquaintance
of one adorned hy so mnny good quail-
tics. I must let you know Hint I wrote j
him a note In your name asking blm
to come here, and he sent word Hint i
he would be here directly."
"Whnt!" cried the nstonlshcd Prosper.   "Do you suppose"—
"Oh. I Biippose nothing. Only I must
see this young mnn. Also I hnve arranged and will submit to you a little
plan of conversation"—
A ring at tho bell Interrupted SI. Ver- |
n'o In* continued.)
' Before you get
garments   all
the :■ 111 i n Is
is   t a k e ni
Tty as  well as
"warm,because the 1
I's h o r t  fibres  that
i make some under-
kwear itch are tuken ^
out of  Pen-
Angle wool.
"Ah, Cupid, you mn suit!'' I sold.
"Fsrohanoe you've found a love untrue,
Wlmt iri.iiiiisiiiiiii* of unkind i ile
Can bring thin Uoltful pl.as,, to VleWT
riitii rm.i.i cllnobed hli little n»l
And Dereely itruek hli ohubby knee.
"Oh, some refonnere," he replied,
"Have i"-.'ii iiiM-siinaium mei
I "A widow and .. widower
My every an and charm dlsoutsed,
Ami subsequent!) both agreed
That l wae lust a oommon trust
l later met the little >*if.
win, cried al,.n.i in louulsli fun.
•*oii. gay, I married ihose freeh folks,
Ami ii*..*ir Investigation'! donel"
—periine   Lambert   In   Woman'i   Horn*
a Nu.o Joke.
ftmi.it f^tjnf
variety   of fabrics,   styles   and   prices,
all    sizes   for    women,   men   and
children,   and  guaianteed by   youi own   dealer.
ItOtel        I'r.il.llrli.r,        HeltCIIF        .IllUrl
"SuuvritlrN"   i.i. tt^,*i ..mi.
Hotel men  in New  V,.il, ure greatly
amused ut the way iii which ous ol
Uieir uptown brethren  ,    viiily check
muted u  "souvenir  lleud," as the pel-
sons wbo maks ii practice or abstract
. lug   small   though   valuable   articles
from hotels are familiarly known. This
proprietor had lu former years suf
fen-d so much from the depredations
of this class of kleptomaniacs that he
hud devliied a pluu to protect himself
ii.i.i prevent further losses so fur a-
Before placing the order for the
manufacture of his silver plats be en
gaged u designer to mnke u Special
pattern which wus of suell a liiilure ns
to be iustnutly recognised i-y himself
or his agents wherever It might be
seen. Owning the dies himself, he
made it Impossible for anybody else to
produce thc pattern, lie then so arranged mutters that not a single piece
could be given nway or sold without
bis knowledge, making use of n secret
murk known ouly to himself and his
steward and n system of checking
which enabled him ut once to trace
when aud from what table lu his dining room any article went astray. Besides this he appointed agents In every
silverware repair shop, to whom he
promised a reward for every case re
ported of any person bringing his prop
erty to be altered to conceal Its true
Tbe result of all this was that wheh
a woman after erasing the name toot
a spoon to a Certain establishment to
have It gilded the hotel man was a*
once apprised of the fact   A few dayi
after the woman wus surprised to r»
eelve a note from the hotel steward r.-
questing her to Inform him where slip
obtained the article.
A reply eume from a business mar
that he hud purchased the spoon st th,
hotel a yeur before and requestlnj
that all further COmmUOICStlOUS ulwul
the mutter should be n l.lressed to him.
T)i» management Informed hlin that
the purchase could not possibly hnve
been made In the milliner be said ni d
desired him to call nnd Identify the
person from whom he 1< night the
spoon. At the same time h. eun nd
vised .o return the spoon, so that uu
pleasant eoneequencea might be avoided. He did return It. and the Incident
wns closed.
The woman however, after burin*
the spoon gild d bill presented it lo a
friend and no v had to undergo ti.e
humiliation of having to usk for Ite
While the hotel mnn inny not be nl.le
to prevent stealing, he nt least SUCCCedS
In compelling the kleptomaniacs to
keep their booty locked up, as they
dare not Show It to nny one. 'lhe
success of this system hits been io
grent In restraining the light lingered
souvenir hunters that otber hotel pro
prletors and caterers ure adopting It
end profiting thereby.-New York Trib-
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Ills, , , .,,, , I...,    ot    ''■■I." ." I I'-".
Of every l,(*i<l inhabitants of the
Jlobe 558 live In Asia, 243 In llurope,
.'1 in Africa, 22 lu America, & In
Oceania and thc polar regions und
only 2 in Australia. Asia coutains
more thnn one-half of tbe total population of the eiirth nnd Europe ueurly
II Tr.t. llir llenlus of llir Arlor ■■«!
(.-*    Aelrt'MM.
The  singe  kiss  is  Important    Then-
Is nothing which so tests the genius of
an actor nn.l an Bctreaa iis ih.- ability
under just such circumstances to produce the Hills,on ..I love. On the stags
it is necessary tor ihem to forget their
own personalities, to smother tbdr
own feelings, ous for the othor, and In
the place of the warped though genu
Ine kiss we SOS ut tin* railroad station
nud the steamship wharf present to
our eyes by the magic »f their acting a
highly artificial product.
And this highly artificial product, lie-
cause lt Is art and because It Is proline.al by art, Impresses us ns real un.l
genuine where the actually real un.l
genuine would haw* tilled us only with
derision nud contempt. Just as real
tears on the stage noul.l fail lo move
us. Indeed, the Is'st stage kisses, the
kisses Hint ure most convincing in ths
wuy of realism, are usually given uml
received I.y BCtOCS uud Heiresses whose
feeling for each other In prlvule life is.
to suy the least, indifferent Frequently, if audiences unly knew, tbey watch
loveniaking on the slage between iner.
nn.l in.men who nre literally at .luggers' points wilh each other.
I ivoiild mil go so fur ns lo sny that
such a state of feeling nlwnys coutill.
ules to good singe lov.-making und to
realistic stage kissing, hut I do know
that  It  is   uu   axiomatic   tmtb,   re.og
niz.'.i by theatrical managers ..-very
where, uot lo engage plnyf.ilk lovers
to enact similar roles In n drama If It
Is nt ull possible to gel any 00S else. -
Blanche King lo "The Psychology of
lhe Singe Kiss."
"Now, boys," said the teacher, "enn
you tell mc the most dlillcult thing to
acquire lu uiilolngV'
'The uuto!" came n chorus of yella.—
Milwaukee rieutlucl.
A   Still   < ...ttilr..
"These moonshiners nre very quiet
while they nre giving the alarm about
Hie approach of  tba revenue olllcers."
"Sort of u still ulurm. eh'/"—Chicago
oieep well, cut welt uml forget well.
It may he hard to do at first, but life
will l.e pleasunter und your disposition
Hla  inn,,.-,,.-.-.
"Do you think n man's Influence lasts
nfter ho is gone?" asked tl.e philosopher.
"Well, I nlioiil.1 say!" crl.nl tho young
woman. "My husband tied my property up go thut 1 east ever marry
Servant Jus, Colonel Footle, i
caughl  thia 'ere boy picking nuts lo
youi* iv.i ..is. au.i be said bs a .*• pick
ing '.in  for the col .pel.
ii .y   well. «i lid yer Hunk i wa«
picking Ihem for    111* Bhfil!
Compared with oysters, malls contain aboul 100 per cent more nutritious
"in. . ,i  Baalish Wise.
The king's footmen wear WigS which
have eight rows of curia, whereas thoaa
of Uie Prince of Wales nre allowed bnt
seven rows nnd those of iho lord mayor
of London have only sii.
Nothing can cause more pain and
more distress than pil.
i nutment.- and local treatment*, ma)
relieve bul cannol . ure
Dl      I.e. Ilii IL ll'-    llelll-lti.l.l    I -   l-UIll
anieed to cure any case ol piles
II lleiii-li.u.l ti.~-.-ut cure you, you
.ei your money baca.
Hem-Roid i- a table) taken intern
ally, t iiii— remov ing the ce
|| 00 ni all dealers, oi   Iln* Wilson.
Fj Is   i '** .   I.nmi. .1.   Niagara    I
loath   < mroll„),«„a.
South Caroliolsni ara "weasels,1
"sum! blllen" and "rlceb rda," u..'
iir-t an allusion i" ths thinness of thi
early natives, tbe second i i ibelr place
of residence, tlie third to a CommOB
crop uud bird which i.*.*,l- on it
...i'ii"".   In    -,„.,,:,lit..
There sre oo orphanages  iii  Austre
.la.   Every child nol supported by par
•nts  becomes   a   ward  "f  the  state.  Is
placed in « private family und pro
rided wilh board and cl.iil.es uutll the
'uurteei.tl. blrthdi l
Sunlight Soap is better than olher
siiatss. hm is h.-M when us.*.i ,n tin*
Sunlight wav Buy Sunlight Soap
and follow directions.
Th*   Hainan", h'.
Tlie malngauche, a .lugger In common use iu th.* middle ages, having its
name from iln* feci .li.it il was held in
the left hand while fencing, was modeled almost exactly after the sting of a
.!,,..r   llrlnLa.
Some peasants in Russia will pledge
their friends In o got.let of unrelined
oil. and uot so long ago dwellers on the
American prairies esteemed a glass of
buffalo's   blood   -be   richest   driuk   on
timon    M.I.  Not    il
Mil.aid'-   l.iiiimeiii    i .,      I
Sll-     I    * iiiii.*   ie i.. a      bottle   t.[
.'•     MINARD'S   I IMMI Al    ii,   lh,-
ii.m.I • enta ai  the
tJniversitj   ol  Maryland, and  bs being   .. kind ss to let in.* ii— il
verj  bad sprain, which I obtained In
training I...  loot  races, and   to   s.*n
thai  ii li.lp.*.I me would bs putting
it  v,*i*v  mi!,Hi, and   I   tlien
you would let me knou of on.* ,,i
youi agents that clos. • to Haiti
mors -" thai I may obtain some ol
it. Thanking you in advanoe I rs
main, ioui • trulj.
14 Bl   I'., il Btreel
Care  i Uii ei   I j pea ritei   Co .
r .-    Kindly answei  sl ■
M.„,l,-,l   I).
"I hava never given yon credit f.n
knowing  v.iv   mu, b.   ma,lam,"  said  s
blunt ohl bachelor, "but"
••Sir!" she Interrupted.   "Do you wish
I.i IiisiiH"
"llut." he Continued, "I hnve always
admired your grnee and beauty."
"I accept your apology," said the
.......   She   Wua   I'rrl.j.
Llllls ii.. ii- tori Do .'t you mink
that I look j.i-i iii..< my mammal
Mother—Hush .h Id I   Don't ba vain!
Why Refer
to Doctors
Because we make medicines
for them. We give them the
formula for Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral, and they prescribe It
for couclis, colds, bronchitis,
consumption. They trust ll.
Then you can afford to trust
it.   Sold for over CO years.
" A/or-l Charrr r."r..,.i I. a ranadr that
• h-raM ba ll, ***,, lion.. I luva .iirtil a great
daal of II fnr Itarrl f"tu*-*bi and . ..l.l, ant. f
know what a iplap*..! marilfltna li u. I ran
tint wommMil li ..... l,i». ir." Maa« A
(Vim,, 11,A. I'ara*. Maaa.
Urntim bT J. O. A/-r Oo.. I.nwf II,
Alto manu-fkotarvri %f
Over Japan Teas is so pronounceil lhat ♦«,,
ciitlcs liavo nothing but praise f U). it onG*
teapot infusion
cevi_o«>* g»«b:eim -tea.
Everv Leaf is unoo'ored, and undoctored
J        and of Vlrflin Purity.
Lead     Packets    Only,    40c,    50c,   end    60c    per     tb.   At   aM   Gr0Mrt
Dat..* K.llt...
Wh.u  .....  I* ' int SOOSgl
. hi .;.....:   .1   I       '"I
I ... , i i. I leva il. il   i.m r.-Krot
. nil iham it* k  igaln.
m,   tort. 1.1 -'" admit
l i •
BUI   p| i   harp '" *' point of wit,
lako ■   1* 'K-r 7
I;.*],   ifully,
l  ,    .S i KI Itt'TOlt,
M        .. I   ■
Hints For Killing It In Small Pitch**
Or Larfler Areas—Idea of
Wallace's Farmer.
We have hnd but one |.at. h of Canada thistle on onr land, perhapa »
fourth of un ... re Ws Ki! ..I this In
the dry year "f 189*1 bj hoeinf " off
every Saturday Ths operatioa win be
effective much mora Quickly if ntter
mowing It off (he farmer Will pour Into
the stub from S Common OU can a very
little of a mixture of ons part ot crude
carbolic SOld snd four parts of water,
shah af the can before c^t-h application so as to koi>p tho Ingredients well
mixed. This is perhaps the eaaiesl way
to leal «i:h s small patch ..f thistles
Where ii farmer has ■ small patch
of th sties In a Bald intended for corn
he should under no clrcuiii.-tiincea cultivate thin   patch   with  the  corn,    e»
|l,  Flower -talk.   I, r«.i Main* a, alngla
Bow n*t with snd i
peclnlly with any of the common cul
lhat..rs. In doing SO In- will inevitably
distribute the plul .....1 tt will he but *
short time until lis entire He'd Is la
tested. A stttgts plant if Klveii enough
lime and opportunity will spread over
a ten acre Held Knch rootlet that
starts out from the plant sends up »>'p
i.rare  stalks   everj   tl    or  four  lu
mid il la only a question ot tlm*
wheu it will oceup] th* whole field;
•f locating these
patches ... : SI all hazards und at any
Cost getting rid of th. in ut the earliest
opportunity 111 the way above mentioned.
Where there ts n larger area we su*?-
je>t letting tha thlsl r   until
they are well In !..-om. then mowing
and for security burning Too must at-
■I".,,,..*   |„   trri.-a.
Among African tribes ll    ■n*\»mn
io torture prisoners ol « u   .. ,  ,„
logs of ii prisoner Is push... ,,lrll*
hole in n heavy log mid
through to hold It in p|,,,.
Sllinl   Metaphor,
The bur fiimi-i,,*., ■  h:ill[,r
nmi.i.-s i.r mixed ii..*i :
aquatic opening;    *n„
Imve Dlhed iilioul um | tbi I
n  mures nent, uud on  I
their bill "    'lhe Intel I
class ..f mixed Dtteran
a   d.li*. live   sgen. iv, .   .
Itn   olibera   "thought   th. |
clew, bui it exploded"
A Sweet Breath
in whal all should hav.
he ensured I.y the judi.      i uie ol
Hrecham's   I'illr.      A   •
.len.'tc*. llut everythti .*        ell, to
at the slightest indiciti in       lhe digestive   organs   not   »
erly, do nol  forget 1
Sold Bveiywhtsr*.    In I   ,
tack the plant sl tbe Int be
fore  it has stored   ii; li In
the  routs.  Aft.-r  plowing  the    uround
should be   r barrowsd,   the
roots uaUier. I   up,  dried   .md  burned.
This will nr- ths vitality of I
the prant. It I*, doubtful, howsvor, If
one \ear'» U *  *.f Ihis kn.1 will
prove effec- .uiy so If ther*
should   l"' S    ■ MO  .*f abundant  ralo-'
fall.—Wallace i Farmer
r,■ilk-all),  all   n..k- ,    '   .
Clelllra    In    Cant,.la    ll.t     I 4
T« HHI.S.   L.«,k   t. ,  Hi-
guaiaulna Pl kit Wool,        r*
Beauty and  Utility.
Tho hlnhc-; art In bn • ding animal*
Is t<> oombli si I Bt llty,   in
I with
out utlilti. In -..ii .    'i |* not
soOdeot;; In all, th. * ..n i*
tbe mos* valuable. Bfflnn* National
Stockman. The ; lu tr* ■ mtr
Is very raluabls for -. gentleman's .lrir-
er atier his turf usefulness Is past;
Without   It   he   Is   not   worth   half    ••*.
much. The dairy eow which mm-
b in-., beauty and utility Is ao,i*-ht after
by breeders who reallas th* valna of
appeal    ■ well  :. i <.f perform.
ana   one of tiii< kind Brought m.rioo
...r ...r
quality ftjisent cnubl not have commanded a tenth of that s'im. An.l the
tame princlpla holds good n other
things Beauty baa a money value
when combined with utility whether
in nn animal a farm or a marketable
J,f**' I
_j Jtoo-i  for the bt JT
dunnj    Jcvtnfj. year; :f
tncreaiinf J*'r.
Rfwmbtr thu when/ou wart ■*.*'•••'
proof oiled coat* iuU hati c
food) for all Kindi of wet n "
wnuAtAHttt itttt (.Aiemo ,,
Tontua.puNco.iaauttnoNio ua
Beet Pulp For Dairy Cattle.
The new feed, new at leasi In soma
sections, cal ed  dry beel  pulp,    was
tried  al   Hie  N'*w   jersey  •.tntlon  with
two i.es of cows daring two periods of
fifteen days each, but the pulp proved
profitable  'ban  corn  sii.in-v on
the f lag* rail .n Ihe coo ,,f inn pounds
of milk was | I ,*, al    ll     , and the cost
nf ons p.tun'! of butter  11 cms less
1han whi ii tha pu I- ration wan fed  The
pulp ration,  however, Increased    the
yield aboul m per cent, aa compared
wilh   the  f. Sd   of  sllaj;.*.  slthOUgb  the
cost s The results, bow
ever, do BOl prove bal tbSl pulp would
make aii economical feed oo   farmi
where there Is no coin ■ lags,
*.*.'.   HhiI   One.
"Why, Tommy." exeialmed the Hun
day school teacher reproachfully, "yog
don't even BSem to know what the III-
l.le Ih'"
' "b. yes. 1 .loi'' replied Tommy, "if*
Un- thing you press sm a leaves in."
-Uiuut-upoll.* Journal.
Aymr'm Pills greatly aid thw Charry
reotorai in bewailing  up a cold.
ai....,,.i |a coi* Weather,
A scientist thus explains why it is *o
dnug.-roi.il to use alcohol In Ihe polar
reglous: A moderate use of alcohol
causes a deposit of fat Alcohol Is not
turned Inlo fuel In tha miisclo nml
nerve cell*, hut serves us a pure fuel
In II.u organism and replace* the com
biistlou  of  fat     Alcohol  I*  therefor*
dangerous In tha extreme cold bees	
It assists the throwing off of heat lu a
Creut degree. The effect la ns If a
"love In a room should bo heated r.il
hot nnd tbeo all the door*, nml windows
thrown open. Beat produced by muscular work in the bo.iy is best obtained
from carbohydrates m ti.e food; bnt,
besides this, the In.llHpensalilo production of heat Is  best obtained by  fnta.
i i.n explains th.. Instinctive eholcs >.f
Ihe food of men. In th„ tropics Ihey
sal little fill and much fruit, while (he
polar dweller requires Immense qUSntt-
ties of fut to keep up the bodily combustion.
(Tama i* tba Inheritance not of the
dead, but of the living, ll Is we who
look  buck  Willi  lofty pride lo the grenl
names ..r antiquity, wbo drink of (bal
flood Of glory as of n river and refresh
our wings In n fur f„,,lre fUl.u,_
" I'..minion
brand" Stockings are made
for real !».v*.   -
tony mothers
most of their
"Dominion Brand"
aie knut,d,,f the strongest, '*
estIIritishYs.ua    i
are strongest   a I
toU^llr-d     wi'l'
w, I. is bsrdest.
We  guarantee  ll *
wriu ol . *.' r    j
ing this lal * I
"T* Ti| Hot
MO-lt   MIU.J
Uvll spread* ss nece»aarily ss dl*
sees mint.
After Labor, Recreation
Traval   is   lhe   Acme  ol
When   you   travel   secure   '
best  in  squipmsnt,  c. in
and safety, ...ul  use UlO
Kxcursioii l_Us this wiiil.'i
in  every  dlraoUon I
•South nml West. Main* youi
Wants   known   to   anv   C'ailB.I
iuii Northern agent, who will
be glad to (iiiiii .h lha lull' ■'
Information, or writs
GEO.  H. 8HAW,
Trefflc   Manager,      Winnip'K
W    N    U    No.    606
Lt Pr.»a««»Je3"-yC«ne.uA8e.on.ad..y  Ob-
L ,,. re|iurti ol tha New York
J-'"' | ii,,,!!!, prove Uml the iin.rt-
f. irom kidney disease Is greatly
.  ,. as  well UK  III.' olh-
tinful lorms erf kidnej
ii nriily bs prevented and
' ',    attention  to
'.'"'l,,,, im l i" 'he nciiviiy ..I ih.-
er uml kidue;
„i eating and the uae 11
lnnk*  must    I"*    avoided,
It, jng organs can besl be
rorking order I.y tho
n,    chase's    Kldnsy-Livei
able I.>  Iin,I
> ''■■•".'.-•lit llllll »„
I  i"
l",""11", and effective  in  ,lmil..'   ,,"'
11 ,,  Al   '"" 'l'll-"-iii  time    „,  „,
'''■■   l»l«    preparation    |,„.
"'■""I [ns ..I this trouble   ,
mr* I have  ound ll „,„„,,
"■""  '"■>'   Heine   whatevei    I   i, .|
!   "IV '''">' '" «dd thi     ..„,,,„,,. :„
lh" '""">  othei    which  I   ...   |,	
conimendal ( n,,   excelleni n.,*,|.
M™,    •'     C    Join, ton   Carman
Man ■ write        i i , ,   \mi
fufferei    ',    kidnej   ti
,,i,i   whloh   lead   '•>
n mill.,  have   theii
, torpid livei and there
m headaches,   bilious
tion bei  ths kid
,. I, symptoms appeal
. -.my.    high colored
.iil.liiu;   nnn..' ,
...  etc
K      | I    .li'ii-oii.   OldS,   Alia ,
I ii troubled eon
lams  back,   whloh   I
In in derangement - • I
md  I  have novel   |...
have  uaed   |„    , ,,,, ,/    ,
I HI     with   verj   um,  .
''""""'    ■»)   '"'*  '  ,|j.
cm**   ai   II    eenied   •     i     ...
treatment thai
hi      i Ihs .        i    . u
"'"■'l   •»'•	
"'""'    lei\    b I,,,,,,
and  combined   acl   .,   . ,.   *
and kidii, ri      has I,       ,...,,,,,
in iht.,i in
oornpli. :,r. .   |
One pill  a  do ■    26 cenl    n  hoi, ul
all  de ih *     ...   i i. ||
Company, Toronto
Icelandic traveler describes
our great northland.
■ It, Fertile and Opulent Baaln—A Qr*it
Agricultural Country—Strawbarriss
R pa Jun* 115—Th* Immense River*
Which Drsm It—Coal, Copptr and
Prtcoui Metal — T.mbir, Oraiing
and Farming  Landa.
- .               "American   Desert"   haa
I (1 -   color   scheme   of  our
L trotlo Jrsert of I'ai.ad.i
* all but the geogrrphl-
„ I. Mill stretches wblrr
I , i ivrll south towards Ilia
| | , 1*1    In 1-tJO ll was be-
1 - .me of lhe Inhabitant*
,. i' trosi yesu tf would
. ,. •      r .:-inic in, in   WUU.J
,   , ,■• ui    Knee ihen Red
■    .*iii- ss rec-ognla-d
,.     i Manitoba b*g»n to
j!,,, t f. •* -  sway  from  North
. sp ..Iiii.ns.   and  a  few
,    . i market;   now   it
■ will hav« to ntfht atlf-
• * - in *  iiiiii B -uthern Al*
mU. « .,v   the  l'*ar* River
U»r *      mth*  It  a thre*-cornorod
■ •• •  ir nf agricultural em- .
t •- • ited from Ita oourae and
and even p*rhep*
I   111 rii      ntrth-northweat. I
w,i   r.   I  s in the Peac* country Is
, - .r*d aa not only po»-
, irntn Dakota waa In th*
I development of tha
'lir.   which   cut*  tha
■Any  frotn   Edmonton   le
'.   PaaS  an.l   lh*  Farin *.
I*  the  logical  cure* of
• for Japan and  lh* eaat-
t                 I of the Asiatic continent.
The Opul*nt Wackenil* B**in.
* t'i* enortn'Hia M»r-
bail* I '. ■ »,) fur well In pr >■
I i "in lias led le th* as
• i .i pr-ad-ao* notl.-
-   - '■•iii.r..a hnve broushi
It iini .md lh* *m*U of
-« of th* Alhabasca ara
S   «llh   the    stuff    f r
■ sl has always been used
'     •                 ■ posts fnr blacksmith-
t*r 1 thr Yellow Knife In'l tks were so named be-
' '■ p*r knives—for aU
I   *                        lis* 1 ,ii*  be>-n  known
ii wsalih in lha nt>i<li.
It li recently people cam* to
COld*M winter daya oa
. .uld    be    duplicated
•*.* r In Manitoba and North Dakota,
1 I -  Catholic  Mission  that
f ■ garden produce could
k* woo i   gr '«n   In    th*   north
aouvry   i       ,     11 .lays potatoes W«r*
Bel sr.wn even at  Tort <»erry.  wh»re
v    Blpag no-a    «randa;    the   missions
mm. ;,  •   •   !r cultivation io Frt
i Hi* Msckensle. 14 miles
•'■     ■ * • Ar.-iic -Steels,
A Great  Agricultural  Country.
r Mope I* called 1.S70 mile*
.   mostly  nirih.   Ihougli
'•isslng Ihe aone of poi-
' n  one has to  travel  al-
*' *" I lies us he covers ln go-
V  Ik t . Cb cam" and back
ii .■!» .if Hits slrlp would
■>   Of   life be   harder  than
rtala long-sellled (.arts nf
"r» ■'■■'   and    ltussla.     Ther*    I*    an
1 Kiine In lh* foreala and
'. *;. .iiit'i lli- gain* would,
'   ' long survive sattlsmsuL
sntlrs course  of lh*  Atha-
" 'i's av* rivets the soil rang"'
' 10 fair;  In the Peace Valley
".".I Ui* condition* ara said
towards the Ruckle* fr in
jay* l.ske th, condition* ar*   not   ao
■til l
few   T i    Peaci
- Ml lourl si .I ir     'i
ths  Ml ... I.  ,. i     I,
than an]
i uhai  >.f  v.
■ i   among   .1. ■*   l*,   *        Mhaba
which haa numtroua rai  i-  an i -
then   tr* two n
an.l   a   ih.r.i  bulldlns Peace  li
i, tvta ii.'-  Into  th    very R   kl*i   f •
lh*     -* •     River  ttf-
l *    ng i" lha li Bay <
this  auinrn, r  a*   fir   up II   .1
Hop*.  I.sr. sr. di .-•  .     ',*    I,. n   111 -1
v.'      i » i      rin    lhe
lo« <t   r*a<- Ihn ■ -n
serl.      ' .1   nn I w *    ■
i        has a tram* v    • .* with
iteamer Qrahame,    *,. .
I i'i Landing,   ami   then   up    lh.
II l* k*••• -   '. n.tnut. - .'-'   11
mlnul. i W. I
n.-cti fr >m Smith's Las » * i
*r Wi-tgla* pile* til Ib* way * tha
delta of tha Mackenst* a tllltaae* nt
USeO miles   ii • i atvi
,li-.l  ri    ..-■ .,•  •
'   , Trsve.llia   *
Arctic by rtvei I
tlm iat) *
.   from Bl   Louis *    '-• ■• 0
If    in-  I r.i*. ■ -
gr.at oompany which
th* North *
111 le   ih--y   t .        under tbe
charter of 1170.
Th* Wider  Northsnd.
Bvea a shirt and ordlaanr trip usu-
s  v  in.i'r»i«*s the   traveler   with   the
|l   previous
I ry ba
■ a   wou .1    l■■■ <    uncanny
efeaei .h. .«"». ... * **■. ****** ""*"
vtiom   *  trip  do..n   Hi*  Maeatntl*
m  * ■*!* And If be be a Canadian It Is net •*..->*   .. >• » bow IN
,- inch .1*. ■ bi ..- lb* mi y Am-
erti'sn travelers may bave fallen Into
* rrosslnir  i "• of
iti- Loulal in . Pui    ■ ."■*■   Ther* Ir. un
* I fuel In lh    I
.    ,   tha*
summer and    wlnur   aiong   ihe
\    ,* .- ■   and   lb* coal  mines
hav* imouldei ttt alnc* th*
days  of   '•' ' n« lhe r'ymT h*
.   t.1-,1 hsve
heen   living   sines   llll   on   th*    west
►    -» of l.ake Winnipeg hav*
ed there with * poorer f real  yet ful',/
IBOttll  m clear, and with 1**1 »
brneaih.   Wit*   l« ' BPI  as  full  of bull
fr .f*. black flit * and ss any
and with as .    la* Th*
r.   will  be
. ■■• e.i  in s  few  yeara. »nd th» entlr*
. «e of the rivers t I Slave Lab* ue
...my  d.    .'■ ■     Fl   ii  I
Boston •'   V     ...Irn.ir
Btafanson    of   I *awd   *'or'
Sniiih, Slav* Rival   July I
S'rawbarrl*, Rip, jun, 10.
Slanting that the northern half
' J*1' l»*ll -J land la doubtful and
nat Ihs oountry tun ..f th* Alhstiasoa
* - II!vers Is erf uncertain value.
* Mill  lift  liet«e,-n  th*>ea rivals
, ...rains to lh* w**t a tract
1 contain Texas several times
*'   ahoa*  iiualliles  of   cllmat*   *nd
make It a country of donnll* pro
tl   ivery   post   sn,l   «etllemrnt
'.  »« hnva toUOhSd on th* way
'   gar dens   Imve   been   In   a
.million,   nud   only   SOtM
. behind giir.lens of a Stall*
In   \.w   Knglanil.    Spring   Is
 I   fall   earlier,   than   one
!   :"**l lo In the North Ailnnllo
b ii iiie i ,ng days with snnshlaa
"aty   out   of   th*   twenty-four
f .rres vegeiahlo growth with a
"l'l.Il'y,  ta that  by  lhe mid-
. *Ugus| Hie stage of growlh Is as
.',   '   "".*.l h.*r.. ns In Mnssiichusetts.
;';°"..i.**< rlpsn as sails as Jon* 10
„;,' M-^Murr-v
*" ■*.  irom  I'eaoe  River  nnd  aDO.n
*' !'i  lIn-  not lli Sowing rlv.-rr.,
■ inuil*!,- lan.i averaging som*
In width, and extending all
' . Qreal Slav,* Lake On eiih.*r
''"   it "1I1 BTS timber lun.ls with Iok"
nerohU value, were there nn Bt*
'1""1      market,     There   Is   some  pine
""" '".......rk,   while   the   supply   <>f
I '  ' nsed ipnm* Is practically  limit-
n       "l!"   (rasing lands of the prulrlo
r said t,y ,hg stootanen, who are be-
.,,'. .1" ,0 0<*cupy It, to fa* aa g.'od a*
1,11 they have ever s.**n.
Th* Immense Rivers.
Ths extent   and   Importance   of   th*
,u,r* of   Mil.   eo„.,i-..
Ilia. o.rasing   qura.   I*,.r  lepllel.
Ona of Pittsburg - bank presidents U
s fri.-i.ii an.l m.'-i onsssnmlng benefae-
tor of ntnt.ltlous youn-j men. lie Is
sympstbetic -niien Ustoilng t.>
which merit encouragement, but can
also dismiss au Interviewer Witt admirable abruptness
A youth on one occasion entered the
banker'.*. OfllC* nn.l Jovially announced
Hint be Internled golag to college. Ile
Intimated that a Utile assistance In the
nutter of obtaining a scholarship would
be a most convenient asset with which
to start on his career
"And to what profession do you aspire?" questioned lhe president graciously.
"I won't Rive up." n«»erted the youiin
man bohlly, -until I SO privileged to
place after my uutne the letter* D. I'LL. D."
The banker turned In his chair and
Intimated that tbe Interview was at
an end by snylnc tersely:
"A capital Idea, sir, but one entirely
beyond the resources of thi* bauk."-
llarper'* Weekly.
Wnile Oats For Horse*.
A writer In nn  Rag I'll PI r "*>',:
••Some diversity of oplnloa prevalla *•
„•,  whether   It   Is  fleslrsbls  to    erusl,
ont» ln feeding horse* ... ao    " «■
frcnuentlv held  thai Crushed  oatS are
EX nmi more djneUM. for horsei
than whole ones. Bpeaklng inn gsn*
era) wav. practical siperlenee d."*a >"
Kroort this opinion, sad ss a I
rX^oisoataa™ to be preferred to
ornahed ones for horss feeding   pur
puses."  ___
No Gain In Use of Salt.
it I, iuppi 1 bv msn?   .i.-iry""*'
• imi the uVe ,.f sail i" liberal quantJ
uee Idds... .h" pronto.;r'';;;™;;„
In*   hut   r 1.1   tests  Bl  tb" „"'"'""
gSli tadloat- that «hn'nl lalj
„„t water lakes ths plans of the »ai
butter Is salted.
Wher. They   Meet-L.gitf,t|v«   Buildings on th* Prslrl, Described.
"" nn tha pra rle to the nnrthwesi
' sre  'i id, hlstorlo. lagli
Jel'lings   wh   ,*,„  nr.,  \)t.
'■  "•" terrltorl ,„i,iy war*
held, and whenoa the n. 1 Parllamonl I
',r ' " '"■•*' Provln. * ■: 8as*katoh*wan '
IMS yea. met In leasi ,„. |, |, a ,ollg
1:'1'"'1 "!" to Hu- buildings fully a mil*
and 11 h., f from (he centr* „f Die n.v,*n.
ai ih,. doae „f the day when the freal
[   I sinking below the prairie's
" 1 luchlng up with the bright-
'••' Lm*. the tew itray clouds, 11 is a
"       onjoyabla walk.
The building la u long, low structure,
b ' In height ami built of
!,!   '*, now gl my and gray from
"*    '"' .'■' .'. of ,1. my a summer rain-
sl" '". ."ci  tha assaults ,,f   many   a
■ ird,     Tha wing In which
itori gather Is a
 ', >Ul of an ordln-
*■•  aohool,    One lady  visitor
des.     .1   11   in   the   feminine   way   .<*
■' th*  sen* "n   the  work  nt Ih*
11     ■■ la v.ry Inttrutlng,   ti has al*
• i :   tying ai law mak
ing       'I ' *   I. I     .1 tors'  dt-aks   imiii, .   11
litis ov,.r hall •!,.* room, s.i.i in.* real
1 for llie pre... i,i„i th* vih.1 -
Al  'he au..U~*»d li a amall gat*
up near the celling   and
1 1   narrow a.sii •
■ dignity, how*v«r, of lh* K ■ 1
eral Pari anient la conaclentlously preserved, and th* oust ins ami obstrv-
* ta whloh have for gweratlons t.-*'*n
with  tha  Britiah  House ,,f
..re  rigidly  followsd.      Mr
• r   wars  an   unclent   c,„-ked  hai
-   am, while rin- sergeant-at-arvui
' Is  garhed   ln    most    dignified   costume
hli  plumed  hss, military  trap
•    and    trailing   aword.       As    he
,  > y   marches In   with   the got
, new im-., not even Black Rod
In all his glory, could b* mor* solemnly Impressive.
Ths desks et the   twenty Ave   member*   are ranged   around a long   tab'.j
whloh Is oc.iipled by the clerk dress-
e.l in the traditional garb.    The   I
hai nn   Interesting   hls*ory,   for   It   is
•hs identical tshie   aruund   which   the
Fathera  of   Confederation   eat   wh.n
tl.ey drafted    the   c.natltutlon   of   tbe
nl n     Its   Ink-statned   top   a!'«ie
■ es Its age. The tab'.e after Con-
fed mrlon was Stored away  In one   of
th* back rooms   of   lh*   Ottawa   Parliament    buildings   for   a   nuiiilii*r    of
«     S .rr...  enterprising and  economical   '.fllclal  finally   unearthed  It.     It
• as decided It should be put to use, so
was shipped we«l 1,-f .re lhe days even
"f the iron h .r-e t . Regtna for the Indian    Department       When    the    first
• .. ,     f th*  N .rthwest
" irles was ca.l^l  Into rtHtenc* It
became lh* clerk's tabs, and baa baan
s • u-o-'d ever slp> e.
Seeding Down to Grass.
Ths Issl "f A ths Hrst ot
■ rnl.er  is  tbs  bl 11   time    in    ths
whole year for seeding down land  to
11.1    American     C dl       «
• iand Is too wet to admit of
., !,,,, i i rop || may be plow-
Hi... n the
■ >.:. if the b
ful :**,. horses 10
: li> working two
or tiuee horses tandem, keeping
i'.i the time on tha sod It srtll aot i.e
to earl manure on to such
.ing. but a dr. ■■' r
• . . . -I., s or other uikk! far-
■ i i and Bar*
i in with the **•• I. and there wl I
•rouble In top *! '■ land
r isaure In winter when fr i
A New Potato.
\ i. rs'. by tha D, s. d»
psrtmenl   I *' bom
*   ii,,* consul    Bl    B
K:.,i* that  lhe cultivation  In
.i new  potato brought  from
L Inter, il   \ ■■ i
• ; tha Bolanum com-
is said to possess es-
i- well a? a nu
li equal to tha beai
variety Is dis
.*   lo  frost,
,- .,:   ■ tn lii-oasc, and its one great ad-
.•e Is that It pii.-i*....  .,-.. I  -•  S
or   swampy   soil   and.   whether
1  for  It*  culture,  pro-
, It is .lamp.
Water Alway* Wanted.
'e the theory that sheep require
or BO water  has  been    ex-
.,i..   itill   some   who
.   oi Ignoranei
||   There Is In reality noth ng
. require for genera] health
md dev. lopmeot more than water   M
sll ths food provided th-ni is dry
nature, snd aa sss wai.-r is fur-
. quantity tha food I*
: ...i.. -. i  : .i-- Dilated,
The Horse of Real Class.
The horss of real elaas in his class
la ths n .1 mooej maker for hli
er whether that class is the race bores
the   saddle
*, *   . IsSI   or   ll.c   plow
*   ill) hinh elaas horse ol
... bs ag mor* daslrabla
,„,i lenersli] worth more money than
Infi :   ,r   i.i. .*  hoi se.  -Western
One   ..reel   Advantage.
"Of what b -in '" society will the
il the north p lis ber
■•Well," an-iicie.i ib.- scientist "foi
,,,„ ,, ,iH it may  poi s et-p to the
att   .'   life   nml   I'lopei l.v   Smong  the
jp ,,    .  .* I,., waul  to bs tbe tirst
,„.,,. *  \\'t i. i-i".. Btar
M |i    ioseph Baaudoin, 69 Roe Bt, 01
r.i. i, Quebec, P. Q., Can*, write*
"Paruna is wonderful for Indigestion,
i . r whstovoi I   .-..uii   snd   no   longei
lei an) oppression.
"Having had tly'.,n*p*.'..i for a long
time and having tried various other
remedies, I decided to try Peruna
and with the lourth bottle of it I was
perfectly cured.
"Foi  ilu-  reason   I   i imend  it  "■
all  th'>se who ni.* suffering  with thai
■ psia.
"I hope that all who are  afflicted  ll
■rill   r ,, .    1*. r ii,a  as   I  did."
Tba   . ii u <    ol   Md..    Beaudoii
ought i" I*-   suffli lent pi
I'er.ii.a iu rasev <■(    al.irih
ni dyspepsia.   If you suffer from Hon
itarrfa in suy ..i nr. various lorn ■
glv.   P.   in*  . ft ding In thi
,i mi i. India r* tions in diel
I4td   I   i un*,   an.)
•    rewarded   by   normal
appetite and healthy digestion,
Prairie Farmer Hao Something to Say j
On Its Utility As Well.
Sum,, farmers do not believe .n ring* I
lug bogs, claiming the practice lm- j
pairs im- growing .piallty of the ani- .
main. This Impression Is erroneous. I
Tli.. best nn.l cheapeat pork is pro (
iiiK.'ii above u.e surface boI below and |
ao Iiok can grass upon good forage sad i
at tha same time tear upon tbe earth .
'or several .iicli. S. Ws want OUT hogs to
eut ami sleep and therefore endeavor
lo supply them with sufficient green
'orugu and grain ir. maintain them
without rooting upon the pasture lots.
Mole farmers WOUld ling their Inn;.)
could tbey accomplish the work without so much wrestling with the animals, Tho cut herewith shows a
handy nn.l effective ringing device thut
can be uiiiiz.-.i to great adi The
diagram fully Illustrates the nal * I
lis construct.on. When desired to ring
a few hogs confine them to s small triangular li.-ii, place the ringing .levies
at on.! oorner puking a pari of Uie in-
closure.    Have one mnn    Stand    with
band upon tha levi r while another gets
into iin* pen and drives the hogs towards ths opening, .lust as a Log at*
tempts io g.. iiu..ugh the opening
quickly press the lever forward catch*
ing the animal about tlm neck. Ono
loud squeal ami lunge backward and
all Is over.   Insert ;V rings, throw the
ii nr bsck while the man In the pen
ass.sts the animal through the opening
and the work Is complete. This is one
of the easiest, and most labor saving
devices for the purpose i havs ever
seen ln operation—Prairie Farmer.
C_ 1 fi I I If     Wash oilcloths
Aj|VlX iLlUn    8       and linoleums wuh
^AaW warm water and
Sunlight Soap, rinse clean and wipe
dry. The colors will be preserved
and the surface unharmed.
Common soaps fade the colors and
injure the surface. Sunlight Soap cleans, freshens and preserves
oilcloths end linoleums.
Sunlight Soap washes clothes white without injury to the most
delicate fabrics, or to the hands, for it contains nothing that can
injure cither clothes or hands.
Sunlight Soap is better
than other soaps, but is best
when used in the Sunlight
way (follow directions).
Equally good  with   hard
or soit water.
The   ll.itlrat   Spot.
Tl.e hottest pl:..*.* in tbe world Is the
southwestern coast of Persia, on the
Persian gulf. Here In July nml August
the thermometer Climbs to 180 in the
afternoon and never, day or night
fulls below UiO.
Bht-Oh.'Wher i ' ■
He-The  striiln   was
too gvnt and
jou fainted. ,      „,e high
Slso   It   IT "ins   h.u    I h„,
Sllltinle.     Did    ■'*''  >'"»  UiSS
1 BESSES* m. <"-»«
ono'    r,   i  wm- l count."' seven b.
,:vSSv., hi, oo-
Minard's Liniment Kelicvcs Neuralgia.
First   Mrlmlrnnia.
The first ineloilriiiua ..as produced nt
Hn* COVent .iar.len theater, London,
nu N..v   11,  I**"-, nnd was called "Tbe
ThIc of My-l'Tv "	
•llie  "iMoriiaali.
The weapon of lhe awordflsb probo
t.iv served as Uis model for om* of ths
■artiest forms of the sword. Mam
,.,,,!,* swords, particularly among th'-
marine nations, were .-.l^cl will, tin*
tecii. of sliarM
Dear Mother
*. our little onri ate a conttsnl eal» «
i'all snd Winls. wealhw. TTljr will
cslrh cold. Do you Inow about Shiloh .
( „n,uml*on Cute, lha Lunf Tonic, and
whal ll ha. .lone loi » nuay ) ll w aald
to be Ihe only reliable remedy lo' •"
iliream ol llie sir pauagea ui children
It ii ahaoluiely harmlfu and plaaunl lo
ukr l.ugu*rsnl*edlocuieo.yourmonay
■■ ,«u,ned. Th* piire i, th, P«' bottle,
ami all Irairii in inrd.un*- kII yt
Xliii irm-dy alwulil he in evwy houiehold,
Spanish • • urt no  longer  aaki
ni I., impose a ■ i. .itI. sentenc.
on 8< not Ferrer, directoi ol the mod
• *ii. nn.  foi   hii
nectinn a ill   the attempt on tl •
ol Kim All ■ M       but   * Ul b.
tem ; - Isonmenl loi sixteei
11  in.*   thou      '     oi   mdthen
througl     ' ■     -.'lu who have no hi -
ituii.ui ir,   saying   that    the   good
health enjoyed I.y their littl tes Is
ius nse ol
Baby's Own Tul • Is     tnd there an
man) mothei - who do nol heaital   I
■   ■ ■   ul  periods ilu
,   saved a babj  iii**   Mrs
\*.        i ,ii,i.    st   Genevieve,   Que
• ! feel mho that Baby's   i»«i,
I .ilii. i- -uicil my babj'- lift*.   Whei
I Ural began giving them to him   he
,. I.a.lly i t'lii'.   the
bowels .** uld onl]   ba moved  by inii, and I.-* .-.nicrcl terribly.  If-
i   |  saw    a    marked
ind  in  less than  a  week tie*
entirely r. mow d, and he
nee enjoyed tine b< st ol health
r, ..wn    Tablets
trom •.'•in druggist oi by mail at "■"'
i  j , I,, .ii.. Dr. William*'
M, ny,  Broekville, Ont.
itious Politician I don'l think
I'll hav.* a i.n ,.f trouble in getting
i.tiuii.-.i ag.iii      Look h"» easily I
•■in  when the i pie
hardly knew ms at nil
Trust)  ll"i'.■Iiiiiiii.*  But that*   the
i'ii- i pie    h'm
*,oll   ll'll
We offer OM  Hundred  Hollar*  Keward
fm  nny  , n—    .f  .•.minii that  cannot  be
cured   bj    Halls  ratsnh  t'lit,*
K.J CUBNK1 ,-i  CO., Toledo. O
w,-. Uu* un.l. i-iKn.il   have known F.J.
I"i   llie last IS years,  and believe
him   p*rf*cU**   li.*n..inlil'*   In   all   business
transactions   and tlnan, lallv aide lo.iiii
oul any ..t'llsailons made by bis flriu.
Walitlng.   Klilllail A  Mum In.
WlioUaulc   KlUfglata.   Toledo.  O.
Halls Catarili Cun* Is t»U«n Internally,
actln* dlrecllv upon the Plo.td and tnuc-
,.u, sumuMS uf the s>sfem l'eailmon-
lals sent frre l'tl.r. T5c. pel bottle.
H.,i,l l.v all l.n.galsts.
Take Hall s Family 1*111* for Constipation
\  juror,   I .   hoi.Inn:  oul   foi   .-lit*.
hours  seei I ■ mistrial in the case
,.|   n   man   charged   With   cun.nml   Bl
-null    ll.* explained hia sttitud* on
in,.I that tha p..- i  was ..
, mar.-tie   tici-i.   rriel   there!    ii"t   Ie-
sponsible, and that ths governn t
,i cigan ii-   '*. ba sold
i     Inflammation .*f the Ey*i    Uu-
ong the many good  qualities  which
Pills po
besides regulating ths digestive org-
in-, i- their cili.-a.y in reducing In-
tlit.niii.it,• -ii ..I the eyea. It bas called
■ ,un;, letters ol recommendation
from il ,* - who w. rs afflicted with
iin- complain! and lonnd n cure In
Mn* pill- Thai i.fi-ct the nen
centres and U..* blood In a surprising
I) active way, and the reaull Is al-
MIO.-I    llllll.e.lllltel*,    sen
"Alas I"   .*• i leased    the    penitent
man, "in   i  momenl  <*I areakness  I
load ol Ions- lillini's "    "In
o in,,ii -iii ui weakue -1" ssclslmed
ih- judge. "Goodness, man I whal
iioiilii >ou I av,* taken if you had
yielded in n momeiii when you t.-lt
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
The  New  M.lk  Cow.
In nn address before the Connecticut
Dairy aasoclatlon   1'rofcssor   T.   1*
Hi.ccKci* saldi
"In the Hist place cows should rum*
fresh In the full. If tho rnlf Is dropped
in ib.- spring, greal shortage in the
ii,tw of uiiiii w.1 follow daring   the
summer. ..lieu unfavorable conditions
prevail over which  we have little con
tri.i Files, short pastures and press of
farm irork Invariably ia.se havoc with
iiu* now of milk, and i.y full you win
li.iu* a lot of iinpiolllnblo strippers lo
"If Rood winter quartern are pro
vi.I.'.l nn.l n liberal supply of roiiKhau*
and sonic tin in grains uie grown, with
cons fresh in ths Ml, n better »nd
DOrs  profltSMS   yield  can   be  s.i-ured.
With oowa in full How during stall
(leading, there is profit during iho winter,  aVOn  If feed   It  expensive.    Then
iv,. not better prieee, and ibis is nn »,i
iltl.ii.nl reason that the largest yield
should be at tills BOBBOU
II lines >«.( Iliimpen the -el,l,« ol
Ihr Frenchman.
The sole effect ruin seems to have
on French spirit la to bring out its
brightness by contrast with clouds.
Tlensl il pleutl" ("Ah. it ran-: i
Ami monsieur,dressed with scrupulous
.■are. ready to sally forth, .iocs not stop
for uu umbrella, probably, but steps
out Jauntily into the Street uud mal.es
no more unfriendly comment on the
weather than "II ne fait pas beau CS
inutiii." cit Is noi im.- this morning")
'Ihis is tin* French point of view
Discomfort of nny sort is for them
only the negative "i something dealr-
sble, and so they keep their minds on
whut .- pleaalng naming it io define
the absence of It,   La petite Beleneand
ber little brother Henri, who no to
school iu the 11ei_.lt11l10.t1l. 'rot nlou::
ln  the rain, tl.e  bonne  at  then* heels
carrying their school baga. Henri
wears s capucbon, a caps with the
bOOd drawn np over his hea.l. Helena
holds over her head B minuscule umbrella, which she lilts In such fashion
«s to make tbs mosi of Ihs raiu. I'n-
rebnked hy sny threat of something
awful   to   result  if   ;.  drop  of  water
falls ou theui. both children dance
along in the wet, letting tbe .imps full
mi iheir upturned faces and laughing
iii glee as If the r.i iu were another
playfellow*     Even   his   royal   lllghnSSB
.he baby does noi miss bis accustomed
outing  ou   nc .unit  of  ihe   weather,
Nunc, the nurse, will shorten the great
ribbon streamer* "f tba white cap she
-. and sh" pus up her dress t*. i -
..[.,* the muddj streets.   Le bebe himself is resplendent  In ths laces nud
featiiers which arc nu Inseparable feature of th,- magnlflcenl .levoiion which
the French bestow upon an Infant; be
ii snugly tucked In ins gocart, th* I. l
Is raised if it is a heavy downp
anything leas is thought to be good for
bim—mul off be rm -
Havs   \.*u   tried   Holloway'i   Com
.'■it.--   l> has no equal i"i removing
these   troublesome    exert lenc
man)   have i>**-titie>i who hnve tried
l have nothing but praise f ui
new n.iiii-'*
B ■ I ii"'i ••'.! when the plate came
In .1 li Kellogg's Dysentery Cord-
its] i- prepared Irom drugs known to
the profession as thoroughly reliable
i.,i th,. run* of cholera, dysentery,
liarrhoea, griping pain- and summei
complaints. It has been used sue • --*
fully   by    the    medical    prai I
* a number ol years with puti-
lying result-, if suffering from an)
summer complaint it i- jus) the men
ieine that will cine you. Try a bottle,   It aells f**i -•"' cents.
Ths mutilated and Irosen bod
i.-ii Alpine tourists have been found
■ ui   Plan  Ne s glacier near Geneva
Siiit/.eiliiiiil        After   slnliii*;   .Ml   (,*■■!
down an Icy slope, the party tell '.M|hl
iner p. th.* glacier, aver)  bom
in tin* bodies being broken.
I'm* the safe, pleasant and sfle. i-
inil worm killei Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator; nothing equali
it Procure a bottle and ink.* it
a Baall'a i*e<*e.
A  nall'S  rale of  Havel  was ascer
taineii  by   experiments   In   Florence.
Half .1 dozen snails were permitted to
crawl between two points ten feet
spnrt. BxaCt time was kept from the
start to the llnlsh. nml thus (be average pace was learned. The llpires
were then put Into tables of feet,
yards and furlongs, nml It was found
that lt would take a snnil exactly four
teen days to Havel a mile.
The    A.l,iiii.t   ^    IliiM-tlllloua   to    lhe
Ksrtta  Pole.
"With the expedition beaded by Walter Weliniiiu from Bpltzbergen, that of
Uyllua Brlchsen from Greenland and
that of Mikkelsen from Alaska, ull ud-
Taneln;: upon the pole this summer, interest in Pesry who went north lust
summer and thus has a year's start nf
them, is becoming greater," writes P.
T. alcGrath in tbs . blcago News from
Kt. .lolin's, N. F. "Peary went north j
from Newfoundland In July, 1905, in
his splendid new steamer Boosevelt
and hoped to b. Bble to work his way
up Into the polar basin west of tlreeu-
land before navigation closed a feat
almost accomplished by Captain Hall
In the I'olaris In 18T1. An open season
ln the seaway there, wli.li occurs occasionally,   enables   an   extreme  uorth-
ing to be made, snd if Peary were so
favored he would P.- able to shorten by
soUie hundreds uf miles tbe distance be
would haw to cover ou foot in sdvanc
lug toward tbe pole its-lf Peary's in
tet.tioiis were to send Eskimo* south
from his ship to .'up.* Bab ne this summer with news of bis progress, 'lhe
Scotch whalers which left limine* In
May for Davis strait took lettera f ■■
hlin in case their cruise cam»l then
so far north. Tbey w.re also author
Ued to take aboard and couvej -
any dispatches which might ba lodged
there from him.
"Cape SubIne Is. so to speak, the
last accessible outpost in tbe n irth. Ii
addition to tbe Bcotcb whalers, t1..,*
Newfoundland sealer Adventure, which
has been chartered by the dominion
government for patrol service in Bnd
sou bay and will proceed there in July,
will nlso go to Cape Sabine ami should
reach  there about  the middle of  Au
gust.   Peary's friends have requested
that the Adventure make n specie]
search there Tar records from him.
and ns these are always de| «ited beneath a cairn In Lifeboat . ive. the
scene of the Greely tragedy • IS84, it
Is certain that any papers w i'h may
be sent south by him will be recovered and the fact probably communicated to the world from the Marconi
station on Labra lor. It Is thus high
ly probable thai toward the end of that
month some news of bim will Ik- learned by the world.
"It Is barely posalbla that with extreme good fortune he may have forced
ins Mop eo .'.tt up that ba haa achieved
Ins aim nnd got. if not to the pole itself, ut any rate beyond ths farthest
point- Bfi degree* ?2i minutes resitted
by any previous explorer the tnike of
Ai.ruz7.i, who advanced tbat far In
1800, On the other hand, the prospect Is that be limy have to spend a
second year there, working Into the
polar baaln this summer and pushing
poleward u.-xt winter nnd spring over
fie ti.ltrl.ty floes which stretch to the
npex if the globe Peary's most formidable oppoueut will be Wellman, witb
bis aJraliUv*'
Men   and   Women.
"Men." she sai.l. "are continually
ssking in thc newspapers  ths qus*
"'Why does n woman always want
to know if her hat is on Straight?
" *\vhy docs sic* sbsrpen pencils w-ith
ber husband's razor';'
" 'Why will she ruin a fifty dollar
gown in n struggle to save J ccuts ut s
bargain counter?
•1 think ll Is soon) time we women
should retaliate on the tn.-u with some
questions like these:
" 'Why does a man when he finishes
wiih a newspaper always throw it in
a heap ou tin- Iloor instead uf folding
it np neatly?
" 'Why when Bent to look for something In bureau or closet does he always return nn.l say it Isn't there';'
"'Why is his Sunday morning headache always due to whs! he at.-, not to
what be drank, on Saturday nighi '•'
■"Why us he ISUgbS at women docs
be (BU to perceive that women find
much of lhe ludicrous iu him?"* Minneapolis Journal.
Tlie Abyssinian peasant is batbed bnt
thrice lu bis life- at birth, ut marrlaga
and ut death.
Eastern Cattle  Fattening.
The old method of confining fatten
Ing steers In stanchion- or fastening
by the horns, one.' universally practiced, Is practically a th ng of the pasC
Instead cattle are now dehorned, turned loose and have f'ee range nf feed
Ing pens containing a convenient Bum-
iier, a long manger st one File serves
for feeding ens Inge. hay. etc, sa\s a.i
Ainfi-ican Culttvatpj writer. The absence of horns creates . dspci imn an
quiet and docile as that of the same
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
Knr.h.lueLe   downs.
In 1750 there was ■ great earthquake
;n England, and Horace Walpole re-
cords lhal "aeveral women have made
•earthquake gowns' thst is. warm
..,wns to sit out of doors nil night."
Walpole also tells that "Turner, a
crent china mini at tbe corner of tb*
mxt atreet hud a lur cracked by the
shock. He originally n.-k,sl IO guineas
'or the Jar. lie now asks 'jn. beeaus*
t ts tbe only jar lu  Europe tbat bad
heen cracked by aa earthquake.''
Trial Proves I'- Ex« Hence - The
*-i testimonial ons can havs .*i th*
ntn.* ol   in    Tic .ii. ii-    i       trie  ml
i th.- treatment ol b dii) pains,
lughs, . olds mul disafi. lions ol ths
-pinr, r) organs, is a trial ol it   If
ot [ound the sovereign remedy it ii
i to be, limn it may  b.   r.
■ I ii- useless, and nil thai haa been
aid in ii- praise *i**:. un-
A   I  on,,'    1-lftBl*.
A Itussl.iu granl dttks was once ths
guest of a German prince, lt was
esrly In the last cenliiry. In liussis
the Imperial double beaded eagle Is tu
be seen everywhere and ou everything
throughout the empire — stamped,
painted, embroidered or sculptured. At
that period tbS clu Cation Of grand
dukes   was   somewhat   limited.     This
gram! duke went out sin...ling In Cer
many ami, among olher things, shot a
large bird,     lie rsked an evpci iemcl
huntsman wbo accompanied blm whal
tho bird wus. "An eagle, your highness," was the answer. The grand
duke turned .... bin. In an Irrilated
way. "How MO It be an eagle," he
Baked, "wheu it bus only oue bead,"
To Escape it All.
Nurse (to patient leaving the beaut)—-Have >ou got  all  your  tl
..» -   Isn't thi ra something you lefl -
Patient- Well, I've  | thing
scepl my appendix, my tonsils, -
denoids, s polypus,  ons  toe  and  s
iece oi my I scknoni, so I . -— I'm
uckv—1',,. ..     M.'iithh
\   Clear   Healthy   Skin    Erupt    *
J the .-kin and the  bl. I    * -  which
blemish beauty ara the result of nu-
uire   l.l I
ion ol the liver   an*l    kidneys.   In
ling this unhealthy action an.l
..in- to theii normal
•oadition, Parmelee - Pills
nil st lhe -nun-   tin the
.;.,..;. „.,.    ie bl
...ni- will disappear without leaving
•ny  ti
Wlir   lie  111,1   Hot  Reslsa.
Sir William Wi.litmun held otlice In
the old Court of Queen's Ih-ii.-Ii far beyond Uie prescribed time, and at last,
on the eve of the "long vacation"  h*
took a sort of farewell of his brothel
Judges.    However, when "thc morrow
of All Souls'" came around he turned
up smiling nt Westminster hall.  "Why,
Brother Wlghtmun." suld Sir Alexander Cockburu, "you told us that you
Intended  to send  in your resignation
• i the  lord  cliuii. ellor before  the end
.f August"    "So I did." suld Sr Wil-
l.ut when 1  went home and told
By wife she snld. 'Why, William, what
■n earth do you think that we can do
*h you messing about the house all
lay?    So. you  see.  1  was obliged to
*.:ne down  to court again."- Ouudna
SOLITAIRE and Three-
Stone Diamond Rings are
the most favored of all finger
adornments - especially as
engagement tokens.
In both styles DiamonJ
Hall has particularly attract'
ive values at $25.00, $50.00
and $100 00.
These would cost you
considerably more were we
not Canada's largest importing gcm-dcalers.
* ■ t M, a fctrfti/ <•,-•/ ... *t mill
m.t ,mu frrr of ,nrtgr .ur Uu* ,..a#-
 I.I   li,*.   One.
ill..Mis-] iiiii all run dowu.
s: ibbS   Why don't you get an auto-
no*.He yourself!   l'lnluUelybia Koi*ord.
W    N    U    No.    608
r   mrnitt* ■•■IF
tatt ► ■fcijflUtiti -Sit 4 ItliLUt MltM lAel'V'fiilintU-fcy
t ir f, iit.»r i,i«s *-ti)i aald  bttttivit •'t^pati*
rmM^t t.)" V\m   lQ"|i')l*   if  C JI rti«,mu-*J-<riiU VX
^jr«M-alu ll« cw^uuiim
All iitcHl" will -br ei) urged «l   rh*r *-hU* nf U
,0-ftfltA ;»0'*i' if. first Inni'iliiMi, uud lUivni-Kpt.
. tUIf ftAK'U •illiitUjlu-lt;   lilt-Hi. Umi
[Yinm fni   Intriplftji' Hlld   nLl «T  mlvfH ifltM
will ha mu t-f Rimiffii un   ■■ i    ■ mion ut tifiiit
■Hi")H(*rifiiiMi fci.eo m n*r. In wiivunot.
Pedr - Minersl CUi on.  fitn.ile ii
!h ■ .'.•. ui Lak*.* Mitiing division ol
Wen K■ iDteiioy Diatr c .
Where locntedt On  S-uth  Fi rl
of (Janyou ('teak
rt    Jake n tk*e that I, Fred  (.'. Ell
■ioit, K. M. C. Ko.  B88187, H-ciiiii
.nu a-ont fivr t'laia Qruoe U'estfull
rid tni ti i^trtit rix    uf  the  estate  ol
John W. Westfall, d-joeased F M
U. No. Ji8sij.H, J. 81. Miller, K. .M
•C. No. B88157, and M. F. Qbeetniu
F. M. C. No. B881M, intend   sixt*.
days frum dan- hereof,  to apply t>
th.* Mining Reorder fori. t.Vt li
caie uf Improvements, 'tor the pu ■
po? •    ..I obtaining u (Jr»Wll Gr*i. '.
.of the ■ l,o*,*e claim.
Ami further take notice that in*
lion, under section 37.must bo cm.
menced before the issuance of such
Certiflcaie ..f Improvements
I'atp.l ihis ISth dav October, A.
m*j„iea^.'u^ .si as.i.
•On ilrscts fii'i"i .1 lino ior puekie,!: „; \Mtitr*c Pui pll. * <	
m sn- p..i"i iii lie iliitrlet
tio.i.i, |iri"npi in*i\ a*.*. H.i.t any imrk uiniiirtiiki'D ffuars iii ceil
S. DANEY, Prop.     Ferguson.
Legal Notices.
. .......I.an ii ine.al i-la        "  st. In lh
I .mil   Ink..   Illillil
l\ ..... i'i IV   ills! 1.1*1 .
■A i ere bienti-il     I u Seven >li
1 n F..| ■■ ij i.ai'-l uu
mi •*,-.     ,       il ii .N
Bl'til.ll       ;l-       . '     ■ WH
i     n. ;	
Iljekinnn I o
l.-rnl U, .in 1
1 mprovi n ,ii'-    :
mining a I'r.oi n I i ran
Anil further Ink.* notire that nCllon,
un.lt-r section iT, mil al be commenced
hclor.i the issnaiice of Csrtiftcale ol Iiu*
Pined tins 30th daj ol Aug,, a.P.1900
.  .
•   ■
Stables r.t Tl   :
I VCiata-
! Supplv (So.
TROUT 1 \ K I> B C
Bar well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars!
Largo Comfortable Uooins.   Excellent Cuisine and Attendance.
*yf*l     . Iiy us nu Water supplied by lliu
imfllCfc ® Company you are assured of abso-
•_• lute pun I y.    Go\ .tiiii.i nt Analysis
K/^    © t.. bach ii)> statements. :::::;:
pj. Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
W.     «.    JOIie_( WARECO.L-D-
A. K.   Km, lion, B-ll   Hoy.  Flnrene.
Forbes Fraction,    lilooscap. tiloosrai
No. *J.,Lllo iscap No, 3.. Home Run l.oih
Jnmb .. In 1 •;* "i I nit, lv*. itonsy No, 1
Km i.i.ny No - , Koot. nn* .No. 3 .Frae
tion,Lardo, Morning Star,  May. M.i
No. I. Mny  N. !., Mny S ), S, May N,
4, May No 0 , Pilot Fraction, 1'iloi. he
vard Fraction, Rattler, Rattler Kn. 1
Union Jack Mineral Claims sltostod I.
(hi Irout'I-akc Mining division ol We.
Kootenay district.
Where located:—On Six ami Pevei
Mile oreek a tribntorits of the doutl
Fork of Lsroenn Creek,
Take Notice  ihnt I.   1. ,     I
Free  Miners'  Curtificntj,   S i. I saw;
acting   ii."    Pit.-ut    for    The     Re-ran
ii.,1'1   in..I    Sjlvet     .Mining   Compsn
Limited,      Non-Personal      l.ial.i.n.t
Free Miners Ceriifleat.i .So. !'.*>*AH   i
tend, sixty day* irom the date I
in ni i. •■ to tl * Mi ing ttecordi -  •'
-C'liiiiintes of  Imp ovements, for t
purpose ol obtaining Crown t.r..
the .m* ■'* •■ aims,
And further take notice that sellu
r.n.I.t section :;r. murt be commenc.
before the Issuance of sneh Certifivai
ol Improvements.
1* ited this Ith    day of Oct.,    s.i
l.ooe*     leal     Binders,    line   Juh
Hardware,  Minora'  hi   plies, Suie
! Printing.
< sud [tinges,
Excelleikt    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   R
It   pnys  lo  ut..*  tho   Telephone       V
.*•»< t * .-»        .m. lengthy trip can often bo saved
'irnr-Kf^Y)      <\      Llrt    »•  Ferguson: Cnmmins' Siors ;  lr,i,i
-VUI-VIIVI^       W^       V^V.   I j*k8l PostOfflce; al-o at i'.catoii, t'oin-
aphx and Arr*.«head
Trout   Lake   City  Tra
and Stage Line.
I Ferguson    9
| Trout Lake I
unto n
| Beaton        §
\ k ttWm1mWtmmih1mVmm^
| Daily SU7   •
| leave  Fer*
I 7 * ■'••
■ Trout Laki
ct •.
■ in ri nnecii.
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crav
Ifc.-,    Ohc- e,     I'ro.lucL-    anil    Fruit
Houston ftk.. I trephine St. Nel'on. B.C.
Notlee id hereby given  Hut  :.
.days from datu hereof I intend t.
"Pplyto the!      :    i.nmUionerol
Lands & Works for a sp   m   |
cense io cut and c urv mv i«   \\n
l.cr from  the   following described
lun Is:—
Timber claim No 1. Commen-
cinjfata post pUnted on the nortl
sldeofPoplar crock, 30 feet (ton
the creek bank, about 8 uii.-. fron,
Poplar marked Henry Msgnnson'.
S. E. t-.rncr po?;* ihet.oe wm: So
cbaina, theuof.north 80 ohaine
thenee eaet 80 chains, thence rontl.
80 chain* back to point of oommen
Located Nov 18th, <.$)&
Henry Magtineon, Locat.»r.
Eric Strand, Agent.
N°- 2.    Commencing ut n pos
P'anledon the north side or Poplar
Creek 80 feat from Me creek blnk
and »dj iniug No. ] po,ti  abnpl 8
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
Best Hotel in Town,
Headqoarters for Mining and CoiMrcia! M.
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
Watch-repairing,   etc    All w..rk!
Oddfellows Bloct Truut Lake. B.O I
Imperial  Eank of Cana
li ml Office
Ko. an.
A F.   & A M
.   ,",r.l   Thursday each
1 .-••;..ii llrethren cordiallv invited,
|(,  Forddrod.Uec. F.C.Campbetl.W.M
REST 442G.0C0
D. It. VV 11 KIK. President il       ROBERT J ATKItAY
BRANCHES    inl       '      ■ v 11 I
Msiiitr.ha  O snd Qui
..■!.. i tts '■ mi date ol ..|**i ml
utttn ,,, ... i.i-.i.;... ;, ;    — iAKK„.  ,
Mil.Ink' IMidn.
Sandy Laughton
11K.N  vistiint;   Fergnson you
i-hi.ul.l bIh>' ut ih.- I.unI.-an
Mulct.      Here   lh<-    «iJ|l..r
will  h<!  anrroundo.l  ».th
li..rn.* com for I a.   Excellent
 ciiiniue,      vri-ll    Vt-lililaled
.•tu I -»iirni rooms, »i-ll
Ht.icku.l bur, Hiid eviryihltig which
ir.-dri ti.wnr.le making yunt visit a
ploaaant ai..] nietnoral.le nne.
KhIcs fruiii II day upwards.
\V« strive t<> please our patrons.
rilDL'T   LAKK   I ODGE   I. 0.0 I'
Ni>. I!
■■.•ii.if* i..-i-i in
O'ltlfclli.w'j   Hull   ever*)
■ ^.^V;     : :'-''* ' .^'.i ..I  *
.i -..-.if Tr         '"" ' ■
^••"S^T.3 *      .1-. -r .i»ll*r itfi-lt'tin.e.
■*>* -w
O. Jaootwon. >  ..  ,       r. M. Shrphfru. t*rr. |
Review Job Dept.
For High-Clasa WorV.
F. B. Wells
CASH   PRICES  PAID. RBlffllS AGO    William Schnell,
* Bssavino * fw|i0,j9AL" ANI" UK
Barber Sbop
t in a —
-*.     (iooJ Slia\c or Hair Cut
lA'l Hot and Cold Baths
[Gold or Silver . tl 50
Kiol.lan.l Sil-ri-r  t2 00
I Silver in.l Load  2 BO
: Copper  I DO
i'/ioe                        ...... »1 60
5   SHANNON.  -Vssayer
Trout Lake. B. C.
|).-nl,*rs in all kinds of Fresh M.i t
Barber Bl
I ,r l.'-.l  li .
> I .     • i*
CA   che:m.
T. . ■: i * *. *
....   r.   Mi. i\r.-r, J    A. H»rt. j
I m riNi: ii iM.
Hot, end   Cold  tul'r
%f1ii*w-»NTrw—jy   »T'
•*Smt£.   J____- .* -■
TBOUT I. A I-i F-. R.L j n„lic.lt'>r„ lor Imperial Hunk nfCMlkila,
\pmtt i»-u•«*•<* essi-e-_>«_ *ts>4j=r*f frm^^n,jr?.jv^s^-t, -^ i} r*.^.
TLbc H^otcl Beaton
    BEATON,  b.c    —	
YI-JITOIIS srriung it K,-.,'<,n (thr threshold -I lhe l.ar.ieiiui
vis arrowhead, will And this ||.,i(| to be folly equipped
forhhth-elsss trail,-.   Kxcvllent arr modallou,     \ well
appointed and spscinui. dining hall. The Iwvi ,.( Wines Bpiiits
iuiIch fr„u, pop|ar •m-.u-j Hll„', 'f aa.1 ChtaVs. Personalanperylsl. n - siven to the requiremetilsol
Much u on'«    v V-'    ri£(1 """0    (5        l'»'rou»  Visitors to tha I a-dcao ran relv on comfort at lids hotel.
toons   a.s.   ewer   po»t;   B       	
heneeaonthSOchains', , aaeeZvt.  &
J80ohaiu«, Hi-noe ne9. 80chain,
thence north  80 chain*, the.,,,
fabt 80 L'11-"", hack lo point  „'
Located Nov. istls jyoe
"eiiry Msgonsoo   I,.,(.,ior.
Eric h'liond Agt-nl.
W. BOYD -:-  ■:- Prop j
Nn.  1
L*i mmencing   nt h I
_._> , I.... i      ,i .ii      ,     police  Is   hereliy   irlv»-n that  sisiy
poet plante-t on lh« north   aide  of days     from   the   Br»l     puonratlon
K.ipl.l Ci'tck I.'0J foci from  crci k I hevool In lhe Hriilsh Oolunibls <...y.-tic
N"'8. Commcnolng at n post
P'ftotedonthejnorth a.,i0 0f r..P.
I« Creek, 600 foot rr.m „10 crpCHk
J»nk. and .bout 8 mile, from Pop*
•"J. mmkeil Henry M.gnuso... N
W. coiner post; theooeo«.tch»b.
theoco^ontb 80 chain., ih«DOo
west 80 chain.,  thenco  north   0
• cliajus, bat!* in ,,. i,,   t
OM'-to point of coalmen-
Located  Nov, 18U, i9o6i
Veety Majpowjo, L-cHtor.    j
Brlc_^inu,(i) Agent.
Noiice is herebf giv~.^
.days afu-rthe first publicitio,, „,
«hle no.K*,.. ,n a* li. V, Oawtle- J
-JJ^P^'.U-  Hon.ChjJ|._^^
^mniasBioncrofLand,,,,!,, Woi.;F Clm, Hh„
2 mi|p3 from Lard > River murk'*.
Chas. Hanson's N K corner |maij
th.rnco wee' 80chnins, ihe-ico south 80rhsins tlience p.td *0 chains
tttenoe north 80 chaina bsck lo
nine- of romni»ncement.
'    ,'n'*" '   i ■    apply    in    lhe     lion
' ' i'f   Commiasioner   of   Lands  snd
*.t'...l;i (nr a specisl license to cut snd j
Parry awav timlM-r l.nm thr-f>.ll>.wing
IrFcribed laudi situated in West K.-.i-.
Comn '■-" lnj m n i. si planted on the
WSS I ban i. ui laiiinri creek, about '.lit'
ni'le* from .I*1 rnnuih iimrked CL.Coppi
No 2     Commf-ncine at a p ii-t i soothwesi eoruerposl of tin,her limn
j number nne ihi-nei-ao t.-hanie*
eaal, thefffO Ml chaina north. Hence80
rhaina weat   ili<*iirc   sii  chains south I
'..   th.r point of irniniiiciirf rrni.l.
plant-d on tU.- io* tli Jh'.iI° '-f Itapid creek 1000 ft-.-1 from ereek :t
tTi'l'-s from Lard. Iliver irarknd
Chun H'nai,ni iV J-; corner |iost|
ihimce tr-tst80ah.lns thenoe with 80 chains thenc" (M«t SO chflinr.
^r .o special Uotnce to ,ut a„d
^°,M^,in)^ Iron, the follow.
tt f^nbeil Lands ,i,uau„| in
^VeatJioo'enay Dielrict.
No 2 . C.'iniiinnrinii al a p.*t '(.limiel
on the weft side nl Canyon creek'
about   fl  miles from it« ini.Jth. i.'p-K.'.
^^^^^^^^^^^ ,C    L   Cnpp'a    s.,,rin,.* i    .n.iit-1   |.n»l,
tbence north 80Jcl.aina   hack Iii thenee (0chains east, thence 80 ehalnt
..r.:.. r.t .. ™...„„„... ,„ .» no-ih, tlien.-p 80 chaina ni-al, Ili.-n.-.. 80
point ofv-muieDceuieiit, clioil|ll louth t0 jK)im o( Ciu>lll;cl1ir.uil.lit.
No 3   Commencing at a poal I
planted oo the no. th sid« of I! ipid      "f"- 3 Commencing ni a postplantad
i    .t.n~.      .                i       l    .,r"'   the weal nd« of   Csnvnn rr.-ck,
.: e.'k 1000 f.et liom ire?k   nb 'i.t ai)mii   7   miles irom lis mnnlb, marked
■om La do River nmrk-sd I?. l  wee's   nprih weal   ooi   post,
.theuce iisft S0chains,   thence an.nh HO
.nuns   N   E corner post j chains, tlienn- weat   80 ohsins. lh"*"-
j tlience we.-it 80cl.ai.iu   ti.rtoo sutt* i80 r'h!,i"" nw,h '" r0'"1"' »«""•«"*
lh 80 ohains thence ensl 80 < hai-.a ' ra*w|'
tbence .north 80 chain,   buck  t'i
jiolut of commencement.
Ucated Oel. 28lh 1906.
'has Uiti'on footttt
toeato.10cl.18l Ik 1*008.
C I.   Copp, locator.
iHEBK Imve bc.-ii furtunea
ni.i'ie I.y judicious Invcsl-
ii.ent   in   Heal   Estate, nu.I
more  fortunes will be made iiian
over the rr r.t  two ..r I hre. yeara.
The one who rcapaiho harvest I.
the origin.il  investor, for he  hm,
his ni..ii.*v on n ceriainlj.
Now let hn point nut lo \ nu lhal
there i* no boiler spot ..n :he C,'..n-
t ii-i.t i . I uv K-.tl ICstite tluui
Trout Lake Is the prettiest spni
in lhe K"i'ii nny**.: hm u ploasura
I. Hint it I a- no .>|ii:il Boating
.ind lishing may be Indulged in
tl.e year round; while big game
in a'.iii.l ur"- is to tho round on
Ihn bills. Iin cllmnle i*. superb,
there I), i :; no great cxlreiiii*a, It
i.' ii u mil.I in winter nnd .' o' iii
Mirimi. r. I' cun beftst of ."inc "f
iho tim-ft liolels and ngldoncos In
Hi'lliadi Coluiiib'a, It-. Rtncix nro
well Ind out and graded. There
nr." two excellent gonerfll Muni-.,
au.i ,t glanca ni ihe odvertiaemcnli
in thin journal nill *i...*.i that nil
tr.idi'H n.n fairly well represented,
Write  wilh eonli.l.'iien to Ag.-nlM.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
once.   ::  ::
Then call on
or  write to
,   r
fT l.na never hat] ., - („ ,,,„ *• |(a
Kiowii: iia.H been at. ady ii Is
the Imad . f i -jvlgadun, and
lhe i.iiniiii! ol ile Lardo biaueh
"r lhe C.P.R. AH roada (i„ the
Lardeau) l. ml t„ Triml L«ke, Ii
"* ')..* commertial ovuiro ./ lhe
richeal   mineral   diatii.i  on   tho
' Uncut, and Ih.k l.nnkli *. f
\'\ provldid by Ihs Impel la I
i ank ol Canada ; firsl rlaar .cl oel
aecommi rial ii u ui dor llie din e
'"•" 'i 8. Shannon, ll A.; .. good
waler sjMenij gnvfrnhienl i Dloet •
Lountj f'l.nri strings; Melh'dist
Apt-cops] aid Anglican ehurjl.es
and ., tinge bosHial.
""•"• nn* valuable mncli land,
nn ilie outaklrts Hwaitlng aellltw.
"** li.ml.r rrti ,.i..,. „,,* ,-,„j.„iii
','1"-"»« n band m» mill \iitl, a
'■"V"i<> ofCO.OOOIi. per .!.,>■ is at
'•u lead .f i|„. !ft|„.. T,,. „,„ ,.H
•'ibuiiiiy are proving nn bipt-ir
iroduet-rs ever) yta", with i..w
prowpect* ..|<i.ii,g upiich lodiosof
There will be .. big msh I hi a
tJ-t,   hi   if   j0ll   Wlllill,   k|(iW
•>'<"<',  w.iln   „|   0I„., t0   {Uln „r
the agent, at thc addrrsao. below.
E* B. Wells
Ceneral Agent
Revelstoke, B.O.


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