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Lardeau Mining Review Jun 14, 1906

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Full Text

Array •*'•*
j Hit-, a
1 iiitmii
1 Newt]
in    IV
1   K-itole
j i/<.i Iln
. lllll...
I'l.c r. or tentative
of t
ic rich Lur.l
cuintrv.     Sent
address loi
an. in advance.
TWO UT LAKE CITY, B.C., Jun* 14, 1006
Provincial 1 hi..1 Sm w j* r,
Mineral Claims Surveyed
ami Crown < Irani* llhtul. . I
•■»""'•" N'"K "•"!•::,. ir
(ltd   M  Hot urti-r. J    t   I Unci
A   M   rlN'Kll.lM
HOlilClTOfiS, bti.
RtvfcLsTOKt ra c
■aUolni** lorlmparisl Dank nicauada,
Kl'h'l)     0,     ELLIOTT,
pl III,If. Kit'..
Trout Lake, 11. ('.     and I .rguson
= JUsa?i!tfl *
Notice    ll   hereby   givftil    ||m|   tv|||||||
i l*o n lli. from He ii.>i  |i.n.lic.iiii,ii
ic i' "I In llie llibiah Cuinn.biH (.axeim
1     llll I   to   .i|.|*ly   I"    il..*     1	
1 I,nt    (Vimmlnloner   nf   Lands  h.i.I
U..ika Im   11 aneclul llceiiHc lu cm and
imi iimii   1111, bur f.  tl c full ihIdb
it. ►. rib. ti lands alliialoil in   i en Kiwi
■ »a<
No   I    Coniniencii.t* m ■ |iosl i limit .1
'  ll   ll"-  *Ulll||  tl  ,,!,- |,|    l,,.|,|    |   ;|k
i lu.lea Iron, i mul I tku in.
"A i. I in . . V north eaal. mm
Ibei 11 - nib -i. ebalns Ibei - .■
Ibence nortti  im
. |H.at."
Wesl Ml
Iiiii .-. lllCIII
six I V
' ' I'liuii . tu .in- ; lim ,,;	
n "'ni
N't   2      (    .lull,ct,t ||,c nt .,
nu ilie sonlli sliure nl Trnul I. .k.-„i„,iii
H ii.ilia liuin li,, il l.il., i ni , ,,
"A t". I raid's north-emu cor. si
cat," il,ci.ee h,i,in Kii el in.-, Ibence
neal tin chains, thsties norlli MJ rlndim,
.iience  m.i   M) 11,.,i,a  io  ibe [mini til
i ouunci,,cii i. 1.11, I I, \ -1 11.
I„*i ii   W, Abrshainaon, .,, i , i
l>ute.l Ai ril 17th, UK...
N r
iMi,     In,
hereof in il
I  iii. i.i  t.
herein   cd> n  tl m   niilib
t  (rtiei   tin* lii.t i lim
i* H.llisl   i llluilll i , i.ii-..-!i«-
, apply io  iln-  Hon, Cl.lel
nlil ti **ili»r
old and ""liver
iltreranil l**)*d
| I   ',n
(ft* a
2 ,u
I  '"
11 .'in
«  SHANNON, fcgwytr
Tioiit I..-.1.-. i: I
'11 scan   I.ODUE,
S . ::;.
A 1     ft A M
:trd   'II.iukIi'i  ciui.
t.ii.rning Hrethnui enrdlalh luvlletl.
l„rl,l.e.l. **.-    I '   Camp *ll.WM
f) I.....1.I-I nl Lands snd Wot ki  Im
n special liuenss lo  Mil snd .....i awn,
limber    I'tnii    tin*  f,,il..uine  de,
Im 'I- ailuuled In VI esl Kootni m
Nn. I     t','inln..ir.nc nt i, |"-i planted]
on tin t.t,i.iii -l.ttie of i inul l,.ikc alaau
'• ii.ilea l**nn  ! out I.Ac  I'ili,   marked
" I    ,\'i ah.,>.i*..ii'*   north e -t   •
ii,*.." ihenee south 80 .-Imi a, the
u, a| -■■, I .ui,-  then, • ■ iiorll.  - I eh .ins,,
llienc*   seat  HO chains t*. tie point ol
" "in n"....* ni.
Ne. 2.   i itiiiineiicliit.' si ii i-i-. planted
until, Icrili al.ttte ,,('Irieit  I .ike. ii'miit j
i.... miles from front I.akeCitr. marked
" \    tbrabauii   ■ '-    - • 111, .i*-*i  **,*uei i
|Hta',   ■ mIi  Imi rlnriiis, ihe,.-,-
i a*' -In .'l.....**-llit't.f'e t-oulli  IHUcI
tlience we,i  in chains  lolhe i I „l
colliliiciierllielit.      A   ABU AII ANtSOJt,
i„-t ii  VV, ai. aliaftiauii, a*tint.
I.ate.l Ai til iril.   19 ■
Notice is berebv '.riven Hint
■ InI'm after date  I   intend to
to tbi Chief ('..11■.t,i.--i<>i.> r of I amis
iiii.I  VV in ki- lor   |. • ■ r.., i - -. * 111 In  11 it i -
iibase tin* i..linn ui'.* described landa
silimted .it (lei'i.ir.l, \\ t..l K.iiten-
ny I lists' n i. nn.I i»o in tt 11 neiug nl u
p..ft marked Leslie Hill's south-
weal Corner, tlience north '.! t
<'I.nin-. thence nast 21) cbaius,
ilicm-e -i.nib io Lardo riveriilM.nl
20 chains, ll.ei.oe along I.m.i,.
rival iil.i.ui  20 cbaii.s lu  point ol
■ "nn.,. .icincut.    in .1    con lai
aboul ID acts mure or li ■■-
I la ..I Kin. May, IU 'I
l.t.-t ii Ilu t
/^_3_K1__I Ciir.k
Ginger Ale
Ginger Beer
Cream Soda
Le m o r* a d _
Champagne Cldcr
C!ub Soda Wate:
Liih'a Mineral Water
tl.eii.'.' innib lo cbaina, tlience
east 100 cii.iinri. to tbe p.tin*, nl
i oniiiicnceiii i -
I, i. alcd May 28th, 1906.
<)   VV. tt brnhnmson, locator.
pi i.tnd  nl.i
Be.itoi  ar.ipi
milt h   fi om
ut  one
in   run
La I* i
ii,ml, ol
lib..II' .".
um iked
Triune   Mine   Stockholders
M:(St Dacids.
11    VV, A I. nb i m-"i '•   south-west
ii   VV. ,\ lii:,1 iniii-.nl*, locator, corner poet, tliencenortlr80cbains,
No x    Commencing nl  n  posl  tbe i»t 80 chains, thence sou'li
p'linit .1 nlniu 80 chains ivci t from
a post in.uk"! i). VV. Abraham*
Hon'a   noi th "• i-t  corner pn i, and
nl o ll    I   in'le-'   from   Ibe   bend  of
Troul I iki 6.i   lhe south snore, of
lake in .. in  iif I 11  KV. A l.ii.b.ini-
SOli'« lini'liit ..st corner   pOSt, ill.-lie
mi iiiii   - i . ..niii-,  then
ciui in.-.    , • •   i'   i   it;    80   efutin.?,
ibence ensl 96 • liaina  lo the poinl
. f colt.I..en.•'in.nl.
I...cnt.-(i Mav -Mli, 1908.
I). \\. Abrabamaon, locator.
No, '.I    Co'mn.onciiiK  at  a i*n.-t
P anted about one and a b if miles
80 chain*; thonce wesl 8 ' chains t*>
i nini nf commencement,
I ..id June .".ib, 190(1.
0 \V. Abrahamson, laealor.
oi i.ocai Interest
A large crowd nl mill man wire
up from Gerrard this week.
l'l-teus'iii's proxraui for Dominion l>ny ni I be announced nest
Nollce i. Iierel.t   f.,'
mni.tl.a from lli. ti"t iHiblicaiioi
,   .lie   linn*I, I ubi.nl c. '■ iselle   I
[,AtCI    l.i'l'i'K    l.i.-l'-l     iuieicl '" ai   1. '■■ il"- H "" ' luel i  .m
sn   || miaa ■ ...nl. snd t-orka I".   ■
,    ,,, I -,  , ■ ,   | ie, •       .. •     i
llr(iirtii ic" u> a> I
I l.int.il   nb ni!   one   mil
1; ston wagon road, m.d about
wesl B' •'! miles fmai Trout Lako, marked
<i. \V. Ab in,.1 i- - - ill:i easl
corner post, thence north 81
ehains, tbSnee west 80 ebains
thence south .*tn chains, thence
..i-t 80 chains to tl.e point of
Located June 5th, 1906 .
nill l'"ei_u.-it|i mi Hi r-t   .- tie  i.f   N 0. W. All rub inn-, .ii,  locator,,
Kurk of Lardeau creek and marked I     No ll    Commencing al  ..   post
<i.   VV,   AbrAbumson's   nnrlh east planted  about one  and  a quarter
corner post, t|ence south 80 chains miles north ol Beaton wagon r..n.i
ti,.ii.e ue-t HO cbnii.-.. tn,-ti.*■ north jiinil   about   one   and   a   quarter
_ii chains, ibence east 80 cbaina to miles   from   Trout   Like marked
lhe |Hiint of commencement. O.   W.   Abrahamaon's   south-essl
I.,,en.-.I May '.".lib, 1906 (corner     post,    thence    iinrlii    80
i)  W  Abrahamson, locator   chains,   tlience    »ist   KO   cb ins,
No. in    Commencing -i  a p--t thence   south   80  eh.in-, tlience
planted abonl one and a half miles eaal 80 chains to tbe point of com-
,,' lci_ii-'.n on the weal   side ol me i.emaut.
North i ork ol LardeaU creek and      Located June Itb, 1906.
marked O W* Abrahamson'a ji>uth 0. W. Abrahamsou. loo'lor
treat corner poht,  thence  north 80     N„tice ia  hereby given tbat two
ehAtins,   n.ci'.e   -aest   80  chains   _ (hg flfterdate I intend tc make
,l!''"''"   -nplic-iii,.,,   to    >be   Hon.   Chief
There i- a poss l.ility of tin*
Triune mine r.-ni.t,nin-_ idle tin-
summer unless the stockholders
en tn il.c companv's assistauce al
.,,.,.    We ,I,',,,•.   mean U> infer .  ,',""|,f Johnson brought near
ll, . sre in straitened circura- ',"' •»»««'• :""1  hai» "' fr<"
mr -: ,,.,   lhe   , r.rv,   a   Un ««»««» d«Htlg the Week.
Commencing nt  a  poat following will  bI iw:  rhe Triuni A  cur nf are his baen shipped
north oi mine ia f.tlly  paid  for, ae is also fr<i*n the 5-Mile and 9-Mile dumpa
-  if qxoel cut   timber near by \V'a||ler and Thoinpson,
tl..* mine,   Crown grants .              , ,    , ,  ..   -,     ,
been secured.    Tbe trouble with ,  p« Stt«d»y. July l»t    be local
C. W. McCroasan   is  v ,.*lj ,-■ I u'!"  "f  ll,a   ''l.O.I-. will hold a
to the satisfaction ol the company
and ns e en ihing
woi k ii iih i
,\|' ni.iri il Service at the cemetery,
in aha'pe to     The fine residence nnd  two lota
work" with the exoepti i ,,*   p.., ,,, .,,„   belonging  to   II. M,
n  small  indebtedness of $9. ifl, il Carter are to'r aale.  A snap. Apply
in in.a that unl-s- tie in 11 v  ia al in J  .1   Vhcrton
i i   i ..   . i .. . i_..i.f.. i i .
the point
i'.--   in r ■ f Lauds ami Works
n   -|i,-,"il   license   ii
We regret to lenrn of the death
of Mi-s Alex noli i, daughter ol Q.
X Alexander ol tha Silver Cup
mine.     <kir   sympathies are   ex-
Billy McLean says if you drink
Thorpe's Ginger Ale you'll never
Thorpe (ib Co.
^rlflim. £i. €.
Notice- I. hereby given ihatwitb-
l"l    ll    -p'-eru    iii-eitt-    cm    i.ii'i ) -------  .
carry awav  timlmr from the fob erationa.and theaami vearemoller
,-rii. d   lands   situated retumaamounted ki#IO,000.    lhe
, , „i ., mi ,-:,•,,.„ tier.id on ib.- fmelter retorns bi ce thenareaa
-       : IVout I..-.... W Koot- IW3'   *»' Wl;     .l"l
,-. ,v   ' intrict,  i immenciug   at   a *
pi,   I      lllll     {. 'I      l.*'s|ie     Ilill'.S     soiltll
-i    c, ■ nlniu   i       .-   (-	
i_M_. **    ,';.','..  '.-•'.";," I in two motiihelrom the fiist-pub-
k^ '■**-^5l\;     .,.-.-» "i-i"' a.  •    ; i,„,i, ,i!„n*i i i-i i'.-; !-.- iie.'i'i.ii. hereof in   the" British Col-
Vjy^T'.;. ftJWaSH.25 , .' f£j ™>*» <**%. i i...e»d... app.y
.       **-* ll.ll,     , '"""'  '     '   l1"'      -rl.'I,. 1.1
..   .. -_n..\ ii ;     I' m •«i..-i'ii*i'i. *"''   Uke i.-.-,* I "<l. W. n,u'.  I mds   nml   Works     fur    -i ml
\VllOl>.'Ml.:.    Al.l*    MTAII*.
|i.a,l,r»iii all kMila oC Kre-b Slu.l
F. B. Wells
CA5H    PRICKS   l^l^-
I,, lhe In,n. I li. I   l fn* ntt-r ioiier nf
i   111.Is     nml      \\ 01 k-        for       -peel*.
-• -   lo out  and   carry   awa\
lilnber Irom   the   followil H   dl
lu-.l lands situated iu   Wc.-t  K....I-
e 11 ill'
Hall,    . '      I     ll*"l
laake,   ie.C' ..'.*'
Illirlll-I'll't    I    •ne.    I"-
noi lli - ■ . *       -
lo lhe point ni coi rut.
,\.,   •    i ■  i n 'jt-.i.' I
al-.nl   eai   net i'....i i ..f the I.n.-kv 11
t trail.  al»*n
inarkel '* O. W ■    ■ '   no.
*,.,   ,,.,   :'   '■"•   |,"i   "'    '"•'"   '"
,.I,„,„.   - , ,i out, ihenee  lie south side  nod about oi .- mile
ti..r.ii a*. * l.il.-. ii'*-.'.*' ii*-i 80 chain* from shore,  marked  (».   W  Abra-
'•llre|-in' ...e... 11,1 II,-. ,|,'s    |,, ir ! li -I'll - I     collier    |"-t.
1   I'llllll .    .      — 	
,1   i, ri i'n.,1 , ,,f tt.- I.m-k-  I            N.,,1 ,' mui' nimt   nt   n   !'"-l
'"it   -"-,   n '-  *■"   !'   -    '              t ,;,,,-',"', :*1„,if. ,„i,■ ■ ,. ! a b.ttf miles
i»   vv                  "i.i a not ill J' .     .   . . ,
.mei   post, in nee weal   '"
ii   . •   mn i i  160 chains,
ih. nee eaal  I'1 chain*;, ibence si.ulii
In p  int   "t   CO nu ei.t't -
loll dull
ment     ii.ii. ii M. v 1 Ith   1
... -  ii. iln.i.
(per A   Higgai   A_* nl |
irail, ui".,'  !'-  ...it. *t-t "I   ''""t
lal,.-,   msrke-1 " 0   W    tbrahanwiu'a
 It rt.. enn.'i  i" st." tlience
IIU   rlialna.   Ibei es   north   W  ehains,
ihenee •••-' I " • ham*, il enoai aouih 10
cbaina, to the MOIIII "' i on ."• . * .in**iil.
i.   tl.  l.l: VIIAM-.iN,
l.atr-.l A   r.l 17th. 1 ■•*'
cbaina   west,   thence   80   i
north.   Ihi nee >*" chains cast   to
poinl cf commencement-
Located Muy 28tb, in 6.
t». VV. Abrabniii8on, loctjlor
.1  t'  Kady. :.-■   '
No •_*.   ( ommencing  at  a i" t
planted   about    hi ilea   from
,\.i'c a hereby givn that two Trout   Ijike  :u<\   sIhiuI    bun-
montbaafter dale! inlemlio make dred nnd HI j  rai .-   nm h of !;••■
,,,ilc:,t,ii   I.,   fie    il .-I    I'b.-i   p.-;,(,,n r,,.,,,. i   ,,;,,,i  0. VV. Abrii*
.- ii'sab-m refill ndaai'd Works |,ami ith-west  comer  ;■■■■
i, r a r-pcti,!   license  lo  oul  and   ibei r.», tlienec
c rn awe*,   'im-'cr  U in   the I       120cbaius, Ibvuee  «  -   iOi
,1 Units .0 .Hied on '
, n-i 80 chains t.
llicll.-em* lit.
Located -May 29th, 1906.
i. \i i bi shamson, locator
\u 11 ( ,nm,,en ting -it u
, Ian led aboul o e and n ball miles
from e'ergutjon ... the »ect h tu
of ib- N. rtn Pork ol L.ii.lt ..ti
.•reek :i d m.uk I <>. VV. Abra*
hamson's  s,.utti  * . -I  corn -. po.l
: i .-i c ru. *.'! chains, the. .-• ea»i
80 .linii t tl.,.ic south SU chain
. *fi -; v,i chains t" tbe  puini
..I c,,ii,in.-.ic. menl
Luc tied Mat 29th, l!_6
... VV. A bra 11 'iii-oii. locatoi
No    12       < • lltllienelll 4    Sl   ll  |„ -•
planted  ubi'iit   lj miles from I ei -
uiis.iii  on   the  west   bank  of   the W'e are pleased to see the Kelson
North Fork of Larueau creek, and Sens lake up the matter ol better
marked O. VV.Abrahamson'anorth reiuuncHitioi. to l'o«imisrer8,     Ii
,\,.-t    collier   P/'st.    thence    foutb , |ias i.,H-n ii,..   I„,:t.l of   lie*  |»es.'tll
s.i .1, .in-,  tin nee ensl   80 chaii -.-
thenc •  north   8 '   cii ii .-.   tb nee
n. -•   -.. , hains lu i oint ol coj>*
iiiencemi nt
Located May 29tb, 1906.
i. \\   A bnihamson, locator j
Vi, 18 Cnmrooncing al s p *-t
plante 1 about -* miles from Per j
i-uso.i on tbe wer-i -iii*- ol t e north .
fork ol Lardeau .-;.<■ . nnd ab. ill
40 chains west ul s | ml pl ml d
in,ir tin* nest bank *.f tbe - d
. .in.! in irk il (i VV. A irnham
11 * ■(-•  loaned  hy  the staekln
mining operations  iiaunot  b    re
Hiiiucl.    lni.-  i-  ini ii  to b. deplored, a- with  ri -•■ ison'a ii.-
tbu*   buildings   nud   tunnels   »iii ■■
suffer Irom tl.e ooneequeni i lend«*" lo the bere,*V8d l,:lrent-
The company has excellent cabina      Serviee at Fergnaon on Sunday
bunk houses roads io I I  ducted by   Rev. I). B. Scott, at
libit is in*.!*• in   tfie Triune  they 3  |M11      *j_v<  [>,   t\,  Scott,will
have ri rich ore prod l|.reach  at  Camborne at  11 'a.m.,
In 19C0 .1  lease was securt Ion   Beatou^t 3 p-tn, and Comaplix at
tlm Triune by the lade Bros, and  7 3^
■iniii * Ini- ..pc.'iii   1- ,1   i"-i profit
ol |22,0 <i re,n ted.    In  1901 the
.01 mrs, Ferguson I'ros, mined
... _ Ui ,       &loi „u( .,,»-.„i.il...' oanuonedoff the
In 1902 the preset own. "'"   /l*««ny McLean aa**a if jrou
M     . „. I Silver Milt- dr-.k Lurl. m. .Vr., ,   vou U never
cut and j ing Co. of Lardeau, B.C.,     . ■ 1 op   - ' » ''"" '"«^ -r ""* J^keJ-
What at first sight appeared
•o be a bouse Boating down tbo
bike turned out lu ba the office
building ol tbe tana liau Pa
H in ber Co being towed «n tbo
.tar.e I*. Geiraid—a novel ei^bt.
A verv p'eaaant dance was held
at the ball Inst Saturday night,
which waa well attended. VV.
Thomas and J. Kadv looked after
the arranj. 1 - The muaio
11- sup.lied by a mammoth Aui-
L'overnm.'nt tbat the Postal De-
par nn in Im- -.I'liin .-i surplus for
n niiiiila'rof years, bul as the Sows
points out, tl.it   BlirplUS   bus  been
used for the extent, on "i the service. We be ieve in tho better
menl of the present service aa well
ns the extension, a .1 believe tlmt
a more jus: remuneration to employes and post-..nsters would resu t in such, Wl..[ necomm .datum en    the   'ii'   i '   eX| t from .1
.■nan whorec**ivi*a.for handling Ihi
.,,'.-  initial   post,  marked  O. V\ .-,,,..,j|  for 8(HJ days iu tbe year the
.iiiiuiliccni sum ' f from if.'.n lof300
Abraban.sou'a  B.tuth   w. -1  c. nu r
pint,     iii      north   81   chains
il, ui •    80   .-I. -ii■-.    ib* nee
mn th
is   hereby   it.ven   ll
 ti - sfierdaie I Inla   I lo »i i-'1  '
ii.w 'nn da ."-i1
I || go . Vie* 'rm and ■' oul U rei
mil s fr 10  Uerrerd
,i   «   p.,.i   inarkod   I.--lie   IMI ■
■ , ,*1, ii, .1     i- *rner     I'i'-t.    ibeiiee
„.i  mi chili..s. ibence south 80
1 ol iiii a.   tl. in•■   w'-'  80 chains,
„.. i- nb   80  •• u.iu*   "' "»«
! 1," ii' "f feiiuii.-i"■elln-i t
1 ii,.,. 1 nm M v. 19 ;
t   - I'.hii 1 1 ■ nn.i   --    -.* r *.(   I ai.'la
.. i.,-,., -.,.: lieen. s  lo >■'.,
«   I 'inii'iii tin.her  from   'he    I"-
■„,i lauds situated "< lha
U ■ -i k.tolerrajr rllsiri. 1
'a . .1 I, a_i ,i,r*iii.   ael a. .    '
• its, ibeneeraei **n eliains, Ihanee
mil. -r cl.ama thence *■'" ""' bain"
|t I "I   .'..,,,,.".-1 . elt.e ll
*•■ la.in I'.' I. .I.....', I90H
Ibence   south   I • cbaina,   I
•vest  20 ohains, Ihenee south 80
1 i.miii ncing cbaina to point ui commencement.
Located May 17, 1900
11 VV. Abrahamson, local.
No ■'! ('"inii.■ .' ■- 11 ■' I' wl
planted about one nr. I a half miles
from the -Imr.* ol 1 roul Lake on
ib,* North side >.i Alu ihoinson
creek    :iu<l   tn.irkc.l   O.   VV.  Aiu.i
I.i sin. lint.       hamson's north cast o'rner posl,
Per A   It'ituitr. Aicni  11,010       r-oiith   80   chains, tlience
11,.    -,, chainif,  ihenoe  north "-i1
Pay the Printer. '„""
...neiaeaia ."•-< marled I*»lle » -***^
1, it li a cal  cit' or,   Ml ai 1
u.a: ".tiner nl   I ".   IHT,  Ihenee
"ititn.   ta   heel i    Kiici    thai    lw,,|
ni nili. alter 'lule I    Intend    In   1
1     the   linn   Ohiel ' "'." '■   ■
I o.'laatid Worka lor s special I """
mil .-aru a»a> llmbei Iron, lhe
I ll.wing i|,.,cr,ii>.l land", aiiiiii,-.| In
in. 11,... Keatanaj* dfatriet
(*« ....■-.1.k m a |.oat  iia.lie,.' IsBsJIl
lli'l's "iciih i>ii-i I'liini'i   ad   11I   ii'it'li  >
• i.t(Minerol l."i '.;i, 1 banes annhwj
. ll u.a, aeal 1(1,1 ao.a. licit.-" SOUlll   W'|
• t...ina, thence eaal  SU rhalus to point 1
N'elaon, I I'll. June, moil.
i.i.  I'ili.
1 Notice ii heiel., given H.ai land
l.'ttiiil.a alter d ,ie I Intend lu a.'I'll 'li
'he lion, 1 linl 1-,,1111111..ii.in 1 "I I nn.l"
" I « t.ika in-a «|M-cal lira nse ." . Ill ,
-. 'I .-t.rri BWat tin her (01.1. lhe ful-'
loMlua ile-rrm. .I landa Mllialed In lhe
■' cal KtH.lenai <1i.lr.cl
I'..nn eliciiiii a. a la'al loi.tkeil Leah."
lllll'*. .iiilb-ciial corner p"-., ant a',
l.'.rih-eaal corner ..I Lot 75H2, Ihei.tf,
iierili K) chains, thanre neai 160chains,
ilisi.ee snath 111 shams, il. *ee»i mtlj
chains to poinl e| (■oni...cneeuiflil,
N.-laon, l.ltli Jiiiie.lllPil.
I'I A Not*. -Tho Ian ii.ua Gourlaj
i«   the   one   (o   buy     II   is   In'l  t
'h.-ap piano when you Imy, but
you Iiml you bavn pract'ffd e.-oti-
"inv when yni have lasted ann
'ned it     When   you   waul   an In
e' rut it      hi 1,    tin.   loci   nit.nt,
Murray. He ran lit you oul with
any style and  at any price an,,
^'rnis.   J. 0. Murray, local age**
Leckie Boots
il„* 1 ..ini nl commencement.
, .,1 Mm 23th. 19 16
ii w . Abr..buiuson, I- i-.t n
No   l    <■ ommencing at s i"-i
, -,  *,,; ib   it  80 chains from the
north  sb..re ..f Trout   Lake   am
lis,    thence
so   chains  to   Iho , niut   of
ii.cl,. fneut.
; 0 'iic.l May 29th, 1906
11 VV  AHrs   ' 11 - n, locator.
No. It. Commei eiu-- at a imsl
plant, il .ti the east Bide ol Fer-
cusoii ri'iil. abrltil 2' miles Irom
. Lake, mi r :ed <)- VV. Ahrn-
1 .'.ii,-,.iiV north west '"'1 ner 1 ind,
,. . mi -:i .li iias, Ihenee fouth
.•-.ii chains, tin nee west sO 1 li ins,
ihenee im!' h -s,i chains to point ol
t'tiriinicn.'.-iii "I-
Located May 17:'*. '*"   '■
tt, VV, Ab n;. linson, locatoi
No, 15. Co unicncing at 1 inisl
planted 8 1 yar ir eaal of ll ■ F 1
^'is."i w.11 on road ti "-it '-' ' y.irils
north ol 1 mile bmtini.1 mi e irom
h'erguso *. mai ked ' • VV A r -
liamson's north east cornet
Ibence   south   80   chains,   th.   •
nf 168.281
I mu su in'teii high-grade ore li is
been taken out witb nomparativelv
1 - n ill amount ol development
speake volumes for the wealth uf
I 1 inn.*.   Lust seii-.'i: » 1 r*  I
nl development   was .   and
we have the authority  ■ 1  M1   I
Copp,underground bi I nt jpi'fhone.
in these .iperiitioi.s. 1 r saying that] Service in the Metb "i'.r't Church
in No 4 tiiuiie. at the siiiC down Igunday m..mini; at }l, and even-
lai  tail, there were . idi-jjng   al 5,   cuuluqU'l  by   Lev. I).
cations that a big bud      1 on s  -1. -'*...■.:.     M01   in_ " Do
about to i in'..nil'   • M,  • :'. -t works," R..iV. --"'•     Kee*.-
Ibtr utile is .....»t  npportunnl . , 1 * _• -■,!.j.-<-t: '* Wimise tutbeOYer-
tbe st", ^   .Id. ;-   i"   |t mi'   their comt      B *   - 7.
b.vri ty.     Wuh   a direatorate   of. . ,
good l.u-inessn i.,...s ti,,,'.,..-   . An importantnptothe court de*
pa,,v  I,- -I- we ha     1 oonfi- c'".-'" '■■■- ''V ' ■» '."": ty y,r
;,c„v Ior ur*' fi.tuie. an i feel -u.- Juaiica D.rff at Victoria, wherein
.im, 1.,-■.-:,.ckie.ldeis:,. no dia-aiit l»*« mnLhip upbu • - the oight-
d.ie .v.ll be rewarded witb big\bwr Taw and the interpwUtwn
,i,u_i„.'S. J, l,i*e,    upon   it  some ruonthsago
— —»- I by police magistrate \\  J. Nelaon
Mi*v^w-*i^^ f.1 ly*u":>1 «," .-^ w,i>,"'i-
ijf"nw«»***v^w.  **•*■ *.-.     ^ hoed the ColisoUd.itid t_lliingand
5    Lccal and General.    § "-meiti g Company for employing
J*..tt,q^"1^rt«U-i«(Wl»^ ■"' "*&oeet at the War Kacle 1 nine
*^ for more  than  eight  hours 111 the
Coming and ii.iinic
nn i p  i  i is 'iv 11 rent
per m 1.11 in
he New- is .. strong BUppoii*'- ol
of  the government,  an i it 1  tii:.-;
its I'lili-'i-n■*. « t;l '"• tr fruit,
Mrs  H. Madilen   rctnn
n visit t>. No .-"ti on Kii.iiiv-
Sid Graham   leaves   lo*day   to
aboul   '.»  miles   fii.m   ite h
arc   manufactured
nb.. require boots fn
ami  rough and luml
I* .Hire".
Will K'ivi
SiitaciM for TR Review.
II nice
tvlit.-c pareitN Iiml il a'most
ImpoMible to keep iheir led
covered. Tliey are all No 1
Innciil) n. "le, nm
ii.limic satisfaction.
TJmuiapds wim Imve worn
them iajr Uml tbey are almoal
Ask vour da-ilM b> »how
Iheni i» you. If In* »Hou1d
n0) 1,,^,. iliiiii.Hciitlbisii,'."*''
J. Leckie Co.
M.\.M'IA.rUllHII*1 OF
lead nt"
marked 0 VV Ahral amaon'a south
r,est eornei p'ist,  th -.*   north 80
hums,   Ibence    east    8J   ohnii -.
thence  " ':"!t   W   oliai ia,   thei	
u,,.i   8»   chains   to  lhe  point of
Located May 25th, 1900
I)   VV   Abral1.1111s.u1, locator
No 6.   1 iimmenciug al  a  00 t
l  ivesi  80 chains, thence  muth
oh.tins,  thence  east  8 1 • ha
the point n| i- .miiion sum ntt.
Ltic.ited Mav IS:!,, 19 0
(1. VV  Abrahamson, locator,
Nn. 18.   Commencing al a pos!
planted ,'it>  yards cist ol liv* I.t
cii-"ii wagon road, about
north of 1 mile board, 1 mile from
!■', rguson,  marked t)    VV.   Abra*
Tiie r.i .nl .i> ll fluros in tin
nu .t packing imi istrv of the
United States exposes a condition
o| affairs that is not on v ilisi'i-.m -
ful Imi criminal It 1- stated by
ibo-c high up in Ihe Meat 11 usi
llmi   it   i.i-s  |,|  one Im idrcd and
nv million dollars will be the
result   of   the    exposure.     Good
cmuii;1. !       Men    woo   iio.li.l ill mv
,i -uch methods in works under
iln ir control should  go broke and
-ci ve lhe resl ol 1 ' days behind
the ler -   I., ada, however, sbonjd
• .■"til  i.y Im* le-llll.       Let ll be de*
mi,||sirnl.l    tli.it-    our     at    and
oiler   f.'icl   pr"'.|iti ts   ai"'   put    U|'
u .Ic- strict sanitary methods nnd
under nn ii*,Inm. .1 government in*
• p'. lion, and  the  nunVJtt ol ibe
u,n nl are ours.
In n letter i.-ceivel during tht
week firm, tb ■   llmi    IL !'. <ii.(i.
he .-'.ite.-11 ith  refer, nc • to the re-
poi 1 in n recelil is-ie of llie N    -  -
IX    T' *Kewa that he  intended '« transfei
u> .VIII'US    , - , . • „%J .     ,,,„ a,.   .1.1 j„ ,
Arrangements ara being made
to have a  big ce'obratiou  for tho
children on   Dominion   Day.    A
join his j at t'ie Nobl   five.  ,.._.   j,,*,.   Hj|i    be    raised,   and
Mr  and  Mrs   Jamea Craig are. through tbe kindness ol Hon. R,
up from Gerrard spe-ding a few F. Grpen, a auitable flag haa been
,,1V. [Viecur tl, w liicl. "ill be  raised over
'    ,  ,        , ,,.     ,, ,     ..       the   schoolhouse     The  children
Ms-..I  D. and Mise Unbv Ken-irB   1>r,..,a> ioK   suiir.bl.*  exercieea
ne.ly are visiting fnemls at Arrow* ._d ,,„ v,„,lt.r, ,,i:... ,... sddrea*
head, J ses for lha occasion.   'Jamea uml
Mrs.  A   ilowing   and children j spuria ara being proyided for the
aid a visit t.. Ln upolii this youngsters for which prizes will bo
The  time honored chivari bestowed usually upon s  newly wed
dcil   coupe  did   not  prevail   on
VV. 1li1csd.1v night tiler ..ur worthy
-clio rlinnsl. r bad brought lionic ilia
bonnie eastern bi ni<- Tin reason
tt by may be gathered from the tol-
loiving Olivers i'i..*. between a
citizen and a sol boy :
Sa tl the cltiseil : " Say, kid ;
why didn't ymi all lin*can iln*
-cb.'"In: 1 -ler Inal night ? "
Snld the kid : '• -A Imi! And uet
licked at s"btiol bu it next morning ; wa'eh iny siiiukt*- nol for
mine !
I  11  M.-Kiiin ni  and  .-'nl-
f u- a
planted   011   tl.e   nor.h   Bhore nl 1 hamson's
Troul   Lake,   about   seven   miles thenco   north  lb)
from   ii»   licnd,    marked   0    «'   cast 40 chains,  then
A1,nu .in.s.m's   s.iiib-i. st   corner ohtiins, thenco  west  40
1 o.| ibence north 80chnin« Ihcnce iininl of a mini *in-• nent.
I,',,,   .),   i,„„s,    thence    I. 401     Lri-alc.lM..' IS,b, mill
cbaii..      t  '-'li c     .art    80   clan -.
ibe ne  soiitb   120 tin.nu-.   ihcnce
weal in chains tu lhe point of com*
n,cm 1 ment.
Located Mav 20th, 1906.
0 VV. Abrahamson   locnb r
N„. il. i amninnciiig at a i"''sl
planted nu the souili shore of
Trout I.ake. nl.1.ut. 12 miles from
its bead marked 0. VV, Abraham
son's south cast eornei post, thenco
west 80 .'Inline, thence north 80
ohailiS,    thonce    easl     80   cbaina,
thenco south so chuina lo lhe point
of comnieiicciili'lil.
Located May 20th, 1006.
II, VV. Abrabanifon, locator.
No. 7. Commencing at n post
pliiute.l on the went side nl i'ive-
Milo trail and about | of a mile
from the wiulh shore of Tronl 1-nkn
marked O. W. Abrahaoiion's porth
east comor post, rlinnoc south 40
chains,   tbepec  west   JG0 cbuiiir,
n   100
ihains to -
bis r, ff.-ci toil-, lo I l.e Dlocaii 1 Idiug 1
• As regards the report  tint I am
,les riin;". Kaalo ; I  can  tell  y«u
west ciiier post. u ilu,.lllv   ,j,.»t  the announce
bImiiiss Jl-'l*«;|l0l,!1t |,i tha pa er was iht. firs IJ
heard .1 il hi .1 ib'at Kaslo Isquite
good unoiigb  lor m>* "    The iSewe
is bard to beat as a dUsemlnn'or of
. uciis, but when ii gelatfllklng B.C
t). W. Abrahamson, locator,      , .u,,,.«   1,, 1.,,., hi-
.. ,      loltllL'S    111* Cli .1*1   .-" 'ill ■ l'l lo-'*   His
No. 1 (      I "'on (HOB   at   a 1 1 s|   1   ,
pin ile.l. aimut   .un-   li.ile north ol —:—	
Beaton wagon road, and about  1. j    It wva oet.-o our pr.u I boast thai
miles  from  Trout  Lake,   marked  f,,r   hnucstv   the districl was pre
O   VV.  Abrahnniaoti'a Bmiiii  west ,*m nent.   Now,  however, such it*
oomar post, thence ilorlh80 chitins j not lhe cse.    I'd y  thieving har
thenco cast 80 chain.*, ihcnce south  been   going   on   lor   some   time
80 cbajuSi thence woat 80 chnliiB to There arc only two or three en
point ol commencement. gaged  in  it,  hut lew as they nn
Located June lat, 1906.
ti VV. Abrabamaon, loca'or
it. ek.
i-i n are leaving iu a
trip easl
Frank and Mrs. Alievj of Cam-
born . spent a few days in town
tbis «'•' k.
11,,,, j Porddrcil .' ime doe. n
Irom I'i I'** Mile oil Mo .day to - B
bis old fi iends,
11 ii'iilt-n Byres, 1 v cnting
lhe  As,, I "V n   Hardware Co . was
in ,11 a h isi 11 ss tri|t tbis week.
Messrs    Baker and   I'hipps,  1 i
li.e   linperiai    Hank pai I  a   flying
visit to ibe t .un on Fi '\*y nigh'.
Dan Mcl.tiiiiii'i Is representing
I'n.ut Lake I- d- 1.0OF, at lhe
neetiug of lha Grand Lodge at
Tom Leavell is expected in from
Spokane wiihin ilm nexl (■•«■ days
to pa mailers in shape lor tlm
I'lacer ('.>.
Fred   t'lillipbl'l
I'n. Filz-
N line is hereby given thai
within two mouths from the lirtd
publication horeol in the liiiiisb
Columbia Huaelto, I Intend to
apply lo ibe hon, Chief Commissioner of Lands and Woiks for
Sped a I lloenies lo cut and cari-v
away timbai' from tho fo,lowing
described lands situated in West
Kootenay :
No. J.   Commencing at a post'at U*rd labor
I ii makes it impossil. >• lo leave
iiuyiliini' where it cm bs picked
up, If there ia any lave on
earth where people should b*
honest, it in in  a mining country
j Here wn have no safely dep sn
Vaults. I'l.isi.ecioih and minors
arc forced to leave their tqpls and
supplier, un, rotec ed, and thu un*
priiicip'ed 1-ulliiiiin who take ad-
vanl ige of the Situation have lost
all sense of honor nnd sh. uld be
rounded lib and given a few yeais
Simmons are IcaviiiK for Victoria
mul other c inst points about the
.•nd of the week. Mr."Campbell
will attend lhe Grand Lodge • F
,v A. M. as repieacntnliva ol thu
local lodge,
WeJJh.K Ueils
A .pllet Wed'lin;' W is    cclel.ru (ed
.it thu Methodist I'arr mage, Itav
elstoke, .... I llesdny. 12th IllSt , by
ibe Rev, Sutherland, the contrast-
iiifj ! aiii.'--* bei k Samuel dhahiio,.,
li.A, of rrout Ian b, B.C., ami
Miss I i.t 11 i<* Cli ille ■- 1. "I Mount
Forest, Out Tne I nippy couple
arrived on >V. ilu - h y night, and
iieic the recipii nt-. . 1 many eo»*
cr.iiul.ilio 11
Increase id Population
HoitN. -On Sitmlav, the  ID li inst
t,*. the 1' if.' t f A   K  Noble, a son.
I  • Wo extend our cnngrattiliitioii*.
As indicative "f the push of local
people, the opetnti. us of tbo
Broadview syndicate is a jron-J example. Late in 1905 n i reposition «as lakeu up with the Kng*
lish ow ua of the Broadview group
on ilre.it Northern bill for its purchase by n few of our local uu 11
I'll,; deal wns   inailc and a crew of
men started at work. After some
exploration, a go,id body of galena
mis ope 1.cl up and shipment -
began. I rom the beginning of
January t.. the end ol March 10,
cars nf nre were taken out of r.n
average smelter value of #800 each.
Tlm ('.I-t iitiiiual statement of
lha Imperial ll.ink is a sure indication of lhe Satisfactory condition
of financial affairs throughout lhe
Dominion, I'roflts fortheeleven
month, e ding April MOili smoun-
t d in over ba f a million dollar*,
,.f wbi.-b 1886406.28 was divided
among the shareholder!!. During
the year the Rest, account was in-
oreaaed by nearly a miiiion nml
#100,000 written off nn 1-n.nk pre
:ii-st-s and furnitureaecoui 1. There
nc .".7 I. -I -!.i ■ scattered thn
out tic- different provincesfrvm il.u
it It II tic la the I _i< ifi-*.     The total
atftta iiinomit to ♦ _'J,77i»,-fl.J.u/. LARDEAU MINING REVIEW, TROUT LAKE CITY, B.C
Oue of tho habitues of Skinner's «ro-
eery. "t the village of Sklnnersvllle,
was Abe Langford, He became a "sitter" when In* wns twenty years old,
suil for twelve years In- never missed
but oue night. That wa-. the nl. it of
his marriage to the Widow Durham,
tsiio wns ins senior hy ten years, nnd
she married him mostly that lie might
bnve a mother, Every night, rnlu or
shine, summer or winter, Abe was
During the first year the old veterans
crowded lilm uroniul somewhat, but
after that ono of ths cracker barrels
was marked with his Initials nud duly
recognised as his throne.
As for occupation, Abe was most
anything, Se did n ilay'a work here
and there, but tba wife mainly supported the tivo of tbem by sewing for the
neighbor*, ai*.* was mild mannered
nnd easy going, and lie was uot much
of a talker.
But Abo Longford's wife knew him
better than his fellow sitters. They
had often remarked nmong themselves
that he hud no ambition. She knew
better. Under that quiet and lnimblo
demeanor was hidden away nn ambition that longed to soar aud Impatiently waited Its opportunity. Almost
every night wheu Abe reached home he
"Doggone It, I don't amount to
shucks and never will. Why hnln't I
as big a man as Deacon White?"
"What's the deacou heeu doln'?"
"A horse thief tried to git Into his
barn last night, and the dog woke the
deacou up, and he went out and yelled
at the fellow that If he didu't git out
BOW rooms sh.ai_.ii.
nilghty sudden he'd let (0 s bull bushel of buckshot at blm    He's s her...
tie* deacou ts.    When lie got through
tellin' tho story Bklnner offer,-,l to
trust lilm for teu pounds of sugar all
to once."
"Kveryhody can't be n hero," answered die wife, with S I _li.
"What do you s'posa happened to
EHJnti Snmlltuan two or three years
"I can't say. I don't remember of
his telling that anything .Inl."
"No, ho never told s tinman being
about it Op*«j|lght. and tbi a lx,WMds
us all \..jm,*« never to breathe a word
to a soul, l/mly, but tbs chills we*M
up and down my buck while he was
tellin' it!"
"What was It?"
"He saw a murderer, n i dog harked
aliout midnight, and lm got up nnd
looked ont of the win,br and MW a
murderer anm-pin' BTOUl 1 Hie feller
even c.'.me up untl rattled on the kitchen door. The dog put bis tall down
and made a sneak and didn't come
h.me for two days, l.ijnli suld he got
s<. weak In the knees that he emild
l.nrdly get back In bed, ni.d he cover.-,!
up his head for more'u au hour lifter-
"II..w did he know It was a murderer':"
"Because tl.e feller had on a SlOUCh
at polled down over his eyes and wns
reached over.   That's tl.e way tbey
"fillus dn. Yes. be «m ii regular murderer, a w.-ck inter n tm peddler come
along and told I.i.lali tlmt ■ hull family
had been Bordered about lifty miles
away the very next night If tin* iln."
hadn't harked the Bmsllman family
would have been W ] • I onl Im I ever
aee a murderer anoopln' around T
"Land »' massy, bat i i >•„ notr
"Hut I nrter see one, sjii.e as other
folks.    If I ever do I   I   won't
stand and Iran hie and shake No, sir.
I won't. I'll just go rlgbl ..ut (.. Iiiii:
and tell I, in n, I,.;,, .  .,,,, „f
that or he'll bare in.* ,:i | balr, but I
shan't never s™ .u,„. Then . ,,- sl|, |,
food buk fnr ms "
"But ynu  hain't done sn  l,ml,"  nl,
Atrtti tin win in luniuing tones
"Too   fell lo  the  rlvor once,  didn't
"Aud you had a fight with a light-
oil.' rod man?"
"And a mad dog chased you up a
"But what does all them tilings
atnouut to agin Injuns und muni.
I want to be a hero, sumo as other
folks. If I'd ask (skinner to trust me
for teu pounds of sugar all to ones
he'd drop dead."
"Waal" said tbs wife as she rase op
to prepare for bed, "you ore doin- an
you can, and nobody can't do any
better. If you live long 'null mebbe
your chance will conio."
It was on the road and only two
week ■ nway. A millinualre had his summer home on the hank of the river running through tho village. His elghteen-
i eni old daughter wus foud of rowing,
and it was an almost everyday sight to
sec her sklmmlug along lu her bout.
There had been heavy midsummer
ruins, nud the river hud gradually risen
until the water poured over the dun.
like a Niagara, There wus a drop of
twelve feet, with three or four waves
at the bottom rising up and curling
over In a menacing way, Due ikiy, at
the highest stage of the water, three
youug ludles appeared ou the pond In
a bout. Tho rich man's daughter w-us
taking company out for a row. Two
hundred feet above the dam, as she
attempted to turn und go back, one of
tha oars snapped, and Iu her sudden
panic she lost the other, while the
boat turned broadside to the stream.
To go over the dam lu that fasblou
meant death to all.
Abe Langford bad been salvaging
sawlogs aud boards from the river
with rope uud hook und stood ou the
bauk when the disaster to the boat occurred. There were others higher up
aud lower down who were startled hy
the screams of the girls, but uot oue
of them grasped the situatlou. It wus
left for Abe. Off came his coat, vest
aud shoes, and In he plunged. A score
of men called to him that he could
never hope to tow the boat ashore, hut
that wasn't his plan. There wus Just
a chance that If the girls kept quiet
and the boat wns guided over the dnin
bow first she wouldu't fill or be upset.
Abe caught It when It wus yet fifty
feet from the plunge, nnd, whirling It
about, he hung on to the stern uud got
the bow pointed straight. Then be said
to the girls:
"We have got to go over the dnm.
All of you crouch down and bang on
for your lives. If you muke oue move
we shall all be drowned."
There was screaming und yelling nnd
shouting ull along the bunks, but Abe
Langford was uot rattled. Two of the
girls had fainted away, nnd the other
wus dumb with fright. The boat half
filled, but flouted through to safety,
aud, guiding and swimming, Abe
brought her to the batik. He had done
s brave deed, aud his fellow townsmen were unstinted in their pruise.
He took It all lu his bumble way, aud
as soon as he could escape them he
went shivering home.
"Good lands, Abe Langford, but
wli.it's the matter?" exclaimed the
wife on beholding his saturated condition.
•Just saved three gals from drownd-
ln\" he replied.
"Then you are a hero nt last?"
"I'uru tho luck, nol Io all the stories I've ever read the hero marries the
pal whose life he saves. There was
three of 'em, and what am I goln' to
do about It? Bealdea, If there wasn't
but oue I'd be married to you Just the
same, wouldn't 1? I tell you luck is
agin me, uud I shall never have a fair
"Wiial, git off your wet clothes an.l
mcbhe you'll lie cfaaaed by a mud bull
tomorrer," said the mother)-' wife as
she began drying bis wet hair with a
Ill.n_.ra   In   I Irt t.Ialli.E   I Ibrarlra.
A foreign medical journal has been
publishing facts about the dissemination of disease through books from
public libraries. It Is, of course. Impossible for librarians to ascertain where
books have been or to know the conditions of families Into which they go. A
large number of books were eTi. dned
und were found to contain tie bacilli
of pneumonia, diphtheria and many
other sorts, some of which were barui-
leaa. Even new books fresh from the
publisher's hands were fouud to contain germs. There are very many persons who practice wetting the fingers
with thc tips or tongue wheu turning
the pages of hooks. This Is an exceedingly dangerous thiug to do, not only
to the person who does It, but to nil
others who mny use the book afterward, especially If the person so doing
has any form of disease In the system.
Invalids of all kinds are likely to be
gnat nadirs, und the consumptive or
thoaa suffering with cancer may unwittingly deposit on the pages of the
volumes tiny pertiRc the deadly germs
of tbelr own malady.
a.,-. a Lie.
"I once," suld the colonel solemnly—
"I once, nnd only once, had all thirteen
trumps dealt me."
"Er    '■ .-.oil wire tlie dealer,"
suggested a candid friend.
No. Mr:" roared tbe colonel.   "No,
sir!    I was not the dealer:"
"Then may I ask what happened to
the trump which tlie dealer turned
Aud a terrible silence ensued.
II'-"  "l.e  r,i.lii. .
Visitor (to convict)—! suppose, you
find your life here very tiresome, my
Mend, do you not? Convict—Ob, no,
sir. I have been a burglar for a good
many years and have worked bard and
conscientiously at tbe business, and as
I'm only In for three years I feel that
th* rest is doing me good.
( tiii.-ttlii  (o Onr li.liii.,.
w<- shall never trample on the United
suites. We shall respect their rights
und protect tbem from foes abroad, if
the republic needa help, a letter to tho
government of (inn,in will bring it,
and neither Emperor William nor I'rcs-
Idenl < laatro dull ba permitted to bully
our neighbors nr Invade their Intereata.
aii tbeee servle i will be performi*d
free <.r charge, became we recognize
that S happy mnl prosperous nation beside us Is i. necessity, nnd that In order
to secure tbis no oppreaalon win be
practiced with our consent. — Toronto
Men a
Afler  in-   *,.(.ir  Ratal**.
Abler Emery of Lewiaton, Okla., declares II Is bis Intention to get poHses-
slmi of .flso.iKSi.iKKi, half of the present furl line of the Astnrs John Emery, be asserts, wns s partner of the
original John Jacob Astor. John Em-
ery's will, leaving his share of the
I SS to his heirs, was not discovered for seventy five years. Aimer Emery says tbat he has been hunting the
other heirs and that ho haa found 480
of them, .   ,
Wonderful    Manner    In    Which    Sh*
1'roi Idea   For   Her  Vonnff.
The manner In which the mother antelope protects her young uutil they
are old and strong enough to joiu the
full grown builds iu their wanderings is
an Interesting and wonderful Instance
of nature's (>' ■*•' ' C These beautiful creatures ,..v in an open country
Infested by all kinds of euemles and
especially prowled over by the coyote,
the gray wolf and the timber wolf,
which   subsist  upon   the young of all
kinds of animals, yet the mother can
easily protect her babies from the
fiercest of these marauders, The enemy most dreaded is ths soaring eagle.
There Is a variety of cactus, a prickly plant which grows in great abundance all .ner the western plains,
which furnishes her the means for this
protection. Horses, cattle, buffalo and,
lu fact, all animals know the danger of
treading on this plant. It grows In
large patches some four or six Inches
In height above the ground ami forms
a thick mat varying In breadth from
the size of the top of a man's lint to
many feet. It Is lu the center of one of
theso patches that the female antelope
prepares n place of safety for her
young. The thorns of this CactUB,
while very poisonous and terribly painful to every other animal, for some
reason are almost harmless to the antelope. The cactus may lacerate her
legs, mnklng them bleed freely, but
neither the stickers nor their poison
remains, while other animals seldom
bleed, but retain the poisonous stickers In their wounds until tbey become
mnlignnnt sores, causing excessive
swelling of the limbs and very great
and long continued suffering.
Wheu the antelope has .elected her
patch of cactus, bucking nway n few-
feet, she will mnke a running jump,
bounding high ln the air and alighting
ln the middle of the patch, with all
four feet close together, the hoofs
pointing downward. Then, springing
out again and repeating this operation
until she hns chopped the roots of the
cactus plnnt to pieces, she loosens nnd
clears a space large enough for stau '
Ing room. She then will enlarge It
pawing and digging with her sharp
hoofs. Here she gives birth to her
young 1.1 undisturbed security, knowing that she can leave them in comparative safety during the day and return to tbem ut night to give them
suck. Should It be lu n locality where
eagles abound, however, the mother
does not venture far away, as the souring eagle often swoops down on the
young, taking them away If she Is uot
there to do battle for ttelr lives.—IL
H. Cross ln Century.
Lincoln and thr Old \ lrnl.il.u.
Washington wns a strong man and n
famous wrestler. lie wns never
thrown, which meant much, for wres
tling was a favorite amusement with
Virginians, many of win.in were us
nearly Invincible aa the ancient ilreeks.
Lincoln, too, could boast classic excellence in the same sport. "It is a curious thing," Lincoln said, when Washington's prowess wa.*. first brought to
bis attention—"It Is  a   curious  thing,
but that is Just precisely my r nl
when I was a youth. I could outlift
auy njau In Illinois, an.l I never was
thrown. If (ienrge wus round now, I
should be pleased to have a tussle
with him, and I rather believe that oue
of the plain people of Illinois would be
able to keep up his eud ugalust the old
Matrimony  and   Patience.
Matrimony and patience! It Is not
always a perfect combination, Is it?
In South Africa the savage tribes have
a peculiar ceremony which they put
the matrimonial candidate through previous to his entering tbe holy state.
Ills bauds are tied up In a bag containing five ants for two hours. If he
bears unmoved the tortures of their
stings be Is considered qualified to cope
with the nagging nnd dally Jar nud fret
of married life. Such a man would
make an admirable husband. He
would not be upset by the thoughts of
a spring bouuet or grow irritable every
time the steak wns overdone. The Idea
of bavlug a pntience trial for those
uhout to marry Is one that civilized people might adopt.
The l'irct',1 Ilea, ril., .1 Snake.
Speke, In his narrative of tba Journey
to the source of the Nile, describes the
lurgi.t snake that has ever been sen
hy man. "I shuddered," lie Bays, "as
I looked upon the effects of his tremendous dying strength. For yards
around where he lay grass, bushes nnd
saplings—in fnct, everything except
full grown trees-were cut clean off as
If they bnd been trimmed with nu Immense scythe. The monster when
measured was Bl feel nnd _ u Inebea
In extreme length, while around the
thickest portions of Its body the girth
wus nearly three feet."
If It were not fnr labor men could
neither eat so much nor relish so pleui
antly nor sleep so soundly nor he
healthful nor bo useful, ho strong nor
so patient, so noble or so unt.iiipied.
S so
l'l,ran,-   .lie   I'ti/'l.  a.
Tie—It's Impossible for any one to understand you women. You're all puzzles. She--Which proves that V"U men
are all stubborn. He—Why? She Sun
ply  wou't  give  us  up.
"What sort of a man Is .Tlmson?"
"Oh, lie's one of those fellows who
send their washwoman a check for t'2
and spell it 'cheque!'"
It takes a wise man to discover a
wise mnn.—THo»pn"«
Joy Is the mainspring In the wbols
round of everlasting nature; Joy moves
the wheels of the great timepiece of the
world; nlie It la that looacua flowers
from their buds, suns from tbelr flrinu-
mentS, tolling spheres In distant spue*
seen not by the glass of the astnuio-
Too Smooth.
The Fiancee There's Just one thing
that worries me a little. The ITuuce—
What Is that? Ths Fiancee — Thers
semis to be no opposition on the part
of any of our relatives.
Tliey IVlaac a New Woman of Her and
Sue Blesses the Day She First Heard
of Them.
Newmarket, imt. May
I'he case reported below Is uu...her
of the many thousands of Instances
rn Dodd's Kidney Pills coming to the
rcscii,, ui weak, suffering women, Mrs
,\i. Donor, of this place. Bays:
"For more than three years I suf*
i.iitl from Meukness an I female
trouble brought on though my kidneys
railing to acl properl) I was bothered whii a pain in the sm.ill of my
back, headaches, diss) spells, hearl
iiuiiciin.'s, depression, loss of sleep,
poor appetite and a let rible dragging
sensation as If a weight was fasten, d
round my loins, I tried doctors ami
took nil kinds ot medicines, bul nothing seemed to do me any good Then
:i neighbor told me of Dodd's Kidney
Pills and adt lae I me to try them I
did so nml after taking six boxes I
um entirely cure I.
American Homes of Foreigners.
Kadi year witnesses secessions to
ths number of titled foreigners who
establish their homes iu this oountcy.
Ilio Auiurlctiu home of lhe Earl Of
Caithness 1s Berrledale Farm. North
li.iMitn     that   ol   Sir ilenii'c  I'nmpt.ui
Reads, ninth baronet of bis line, ii at
Howell, Livingston County, Mich
and recent!) Sir Frederick Robinson
,,i in vi rly House. Toronto, Canada,
bus transferred his abode from tha
Province   of   Ontario    to 804  WjmI
Eightieth   St reel,    Nell    "lurk.        He   is
(Special)  the third  baronet of his lim*.     The
fa.nili   was founded by John  ltol.llist.il
iiiiii mi.-, prssldenl of the Council of
Virginia In the reign of King William
lie  Tied Miss Katherine Bet
erley, whose fat her bad balled from
Beverley, In Vm kshre, and rrom thai
time forth the name ol Beverl) lun
always been associated witb the fam
iiy. Hue oi Its members wns John
Robinson, Lord BlBhop of London In
the reign of Queen Anne, another
commanded the Queen's Rangers dur
Ing tho American  War of tndepende
once,    nml     il     ii.is his son  u In.  Was
. rested u  In ie( foi   his sei t lees ns
i lilel    Justice    for   Canada    and ss
elm il.ir   of  Trlnlt)   i "lie ie    Mai
qulae da H'ontonoy, In Washing on
To  Honor Slierring.
Hamilton    The citizens are prepai
ng in honor All' Sherrlng.   The cltj
will likely granl fl, t . the testlmon
lal inn I. which may be made to total
ji".    A deputation will wall on the
provincial   government   to   gel   assis
tnnco an I a suggestion Is made lo
Sheri ,u.;  n  government   position.    \
in mi c monument in Dundurn park li
another suggestion,
Coercion   Methods.
Fernie, It   C.   Becauae tbe citizens
rn   Pernio  ictus., to give  the Crow -
Nisi  Pass Coal company a ten yem
Franchise, the water rates have been
The  excitement   is   Inten -
iii   ordinary consumer now  pays ICU
i  year,   The cltisens are thorough!)
roused    nml   talk    of an Indignation
Change   in   Lumber  Rates.
St. Pi il     i.." (licit  Northern and
oiher lines   in   tin*   transcontinental
freight  bureau,  Issued a  supplement
trom Itiiiish Columbia eaatbound, ti\
my   tariff   on    lumber, Bhlngl.
ing   n   graduated   minimum    wi
Itng in the cubical  capacity  oi
Not  Amenable  to Taxation.
ionium-  The legislative municipal
committee has  changed   lha  wording
,,.' the assessment acl making tl i
thai  the funds ol 'rat. rnal  socl. ties
are nol amenabl. on.   li wns
Bhown    Hint    the Welland judge bad
mi of each of the fra
lein.ii societies' i ting In tbe sam.
ball, to *,."" as a tax.
■n\ rate will i„- is';, mills
dollar, th" loweal In a .me j ■
l.'llrr,   In   I n_l,ii.l   Nol   rrliat.
You cannot regard any letter you
may send through tlie poal a» being
private. The government has a legal
rinbt to open any letter or parcel passing through tbe post uud Is also entitled, of course, to Use any iufornia-
tlon thus obtained la furtherance of
the Interests of the law. At one time
tbe otliiial and secret opening of "pri-
vute'' letters wns of such common "•
currenc tbat postofflce employees were
sent lo Franca to take lemons frum ao
expert lu tbe art of opening and re-
seallng letters. Id 1812 the postmasters   of  Manchester,   Nottingham   and
Glasgow were Instructed to "open all
sin h letters as should appear to lie of
a suspicious nature and likely to con*
vey seditious luformutiuu," aud to recently as fifty years ago there was au
agitation to deprive the government
of the right to open letters passing
through the post Tbe agitation failed,
however, so tbat your letters ure still
liable to be opened, and the law would
be on tbe side of the official opener.—
Loudon A ntw.i'"    	
1   ..ii.ii   l.lr.llun  l.ili.l.Ira.
if a peraon'a oama gets on the Kng-
lish registry of votes, however im-
properly, he bus an Indefeasible right
lo vote,   'Hois it bappe I in tbe re
cut election that .. woman voted fur
a member of parliament, in another
case, nt Uaylelgh, lu Essex, a k. ii.„,i
boy James Orlgga, eleven years old,
re Idlng al Tbnndendey found himself legally entitled to claim a vote.   At
the Raylelgfa polling station the lad
presented himself on tbe day of the
election and. satisfying the officials III    »'''l""
Pro!   .Itilin Si ii.ii i  lll.ii hi.-. ..I  lv. ii ti
burgh, being inildi nl) i slled su s)  b)
nil    llll|it'I tn  it     slllllllll.il-   "III"'    lll.l .  pest
.-,!     tblS     le,I lee    ,,11     111-    1 l.l--   1 i,,'III    tlm  I
lor   Ills   sl 11 • It'll I s :
"Prol    Blackie   will   lie   unable   lo
meet   In-  i l.isse-  in ilm "   Koine  wag
i nit ni  c one along  anil   ml.bed
1 he      V        ll 0111    I lie    l. t'l'l    t l.i-ses i lie
I'i oft    ,,.   reaching home i liul  ei •
, ,      i l.e     eras      . buckled,     ami
promptly  erased  the lettei     I Ilia
student    ovei    afterward*,   bad
■   for i hci   teacher,
One ni the State legislators entered
...i  All,mu   ici,mi.mi   In-t  eve.ill
ordered   ■   porterhouse   steak.    When
I In- poi n in .on e,l i. did rn,' unite ij'
poal  ta Inm us being i.ifficiently  coos
ed.    Hc called the waitei
"Would  you kindly take this   back to
I he  t t,,,k   nil.I   tell   Inm  In  liloll   ll   ii   III
tie nunc
Sure,    replied he ol the a bite 11 al
I'ius   is   Inm    th,.   polite   request    i*.i-
Saj      Bill,   thai
mm   from  tin-   piece ol Hi
n  little  more I in  it.  oi   it ■
ill   lip   mill   mil     ...el   ■
I" -1     il  llftile oil III   lllll   ||     liiHe     |ljm     lull
nne;  in  here uml calling you   b)
real nan •    v* ■ Album  Jo
Dropsy    and    Heart   Dueate.      lor
■ ara I suffered great!) from ll. .nt
Fluttei Ing ui the Heart and
I erlng Spells mad. my life a toi
ops)   s.i   in.    Mi   phj
told mc to prepare for the woral    i
Ui    \-.ic -i    .  ire Lu th.   Heart
ni - ti"s    um*' ni,• relli t. one bottle
I  lire.I . pl(  I,  ll M|SJ      ,|.Hues
\,i,iius.   Sum- is..  ,\ *!     107
I     this   cal    pel le. .iskeil
-    '     "I    the   en.llllll Inl
It   is  ciiii-i,!, red   i"  be.   madam,"
te reply,
H.ne   there   nevei   been   tun   si
None 'tt s|te.,k of, roadan
Th.   lu.lv   ijghed,   un* i
wondering,"    sh«    observed,    ' what
iioiilil    become   .ti   dm   n    the   ,»i,l>
i break s !,<*n «,- were j..*' I
top ,*f tin* mountain "
I   ,.r   would depend upon boa   jn u
sp.-nl    nnn    paal   llie.   iii.i,la,
r"|i|lei|       tin.      , .,
■ ■■
Keep Minard'i  Liniment in the house
canning   factor)    win Im-
i/.n ion, ..in
i ii, ';,,,• iieu Ceneral ■ Pool Ouarda
Will no I , New York foi Labor D
\ Small I'm. but Powerful Thei
ihni Judge ni the powers of s pill b)
ita else,   would   consider   Parmelee'i
ble rills to I..* lacking.   II
little won lei   among pills      Whal p
in si '.• ii makea up in potent >
i hi rem. dl. i which ii carrt. s ara pul
up iu these small dos.     I the)
■ powerful Hun mill small
 i     . be mu   trengtb of th*
extra. ■ r.i  in  mis form and
n work thoroughly
111 .hop        He,ill, ul        Mh.,1,1 ll |,,  -,
work towards the abolition of tbe dl
• iii i- sn «i.|| known, paused foi
.i  in.,:i., ic  in un i .ti ic-1 diactuaioa ol
divorce to nai rate s pel s dote
The motive ol  tties*' people,"  be
s till     Iti      tie     t * inkling,        is   like     the
1   .,    in,,tin-   (||   n   Se.,1    lilm    mi-     tinonl
• I.n      1,1    In
charge of bis Identity with tba person
named In  the reglater, was given a
paper   ami   allowed   to   vote.     Muster
Orlgga has surely established a record
("linear   „,,.|    I  „,l,,_
The chief care of tbe Cblneec is to
eat nothing cold. Warm or hot food
they absorb In abundance, but rightly
they maintain that cool foo*i lowers
the temperature of the stomal h beyond
tl.e point where digestion inn continue,
and so U.e health of the body U eo-
in.!•,. ti.ttli
Kh   vein It i     i      nid ii  i •
I.*n    peeping  in  ,,t   die open doi i
".... '•■ I   l,i   11,,    ioiiikI  i,I   m,,-,    i, h.it
n. I in'   -■
'i deal oh. dear,' sobb'-il
Saunders Donald Mackintosh's nit.
i-  dead
i • i ' laid the neighbor, 'what
• • . Imi - sn, \ in, relation .. Km., n
I., ii
"I  know si,, s  ,, i| , ,|  Si. 11 ii
ibis I    ki ion     ib.  -    .,,.       Ilu.    i.
l'l -'      , t   i-       I-   ll   tie. llmili     I   eeltin' i,
change bul  mi \. ,   *i...,, I, ibun.
The    Best     Protection    Against   Disease*
Obtained by Using
it you i ini nn-  mto  tin-  cauae uf
n.i suffering, you win
inni nun rullj nine tenths ot II results
from derangi mi nta of the river, kidneys uml   bowels.
This wus ih,- truth arrived a' bj Dr,
Chase when    In-    begun    experiments
which   i* i   to   ih.* discovery of Dr.
I'lll.He's    Kldm  '    I.IM'I     Tills
ih* liver nn i kidneys are Intimate
ly related as filters >.i ihe blood, and
the regularltj ol tba bowels dependa
*.u ihe in .i'n,mi action of ih" river,
Hence ii huppens that win n the In
• i     are made healthy and
vigor..im by lhe liilluence nr Ur
chases   Ki'lncy I.iver   IMIIh   hiicIi   dln-
eaaea ss biliousness, liver oomplalnt,
kidney iiis.*.*.Ke, indlgeatlon and eon
sllpatlon H'Min , miiciy dlsappeai.
Willi    the    llvr    and    kidneys    In
healthful working order, tbe purity of,piled
the Id.mil is ensured mil inn an
tected agalnai colds, levers and
taglOU -   u.nl   int. .11.nis   ills. |
As a family medicine to promptly
(in., the must common nis of life
there is no preparation tbat can be
compared win, i>r Chase's Kidney
Pills, in every neighborhood
Hull' an- people win, have proven iln*
nn rn ol .In-, ji, i,i m<. In in< A i
Mi     Win    Cook,    MiKiHim.ln,    Hank.
writes i i have been taking Dr.
Ubaae'a Kldnej Liver Mils and  moat
sill Ihei hnve ill.lie in.- u lot of gOOd.
I   have     I ti    u     great   suffer, i   liom
diabetes umi i can sa) to nil who are
nini.'ted with thia dlseaae tba Di
Ubaae'a Kidney Liver I'MIh win do
tn. in good i cannot say that i an
entirely cured but i hnve been greatly
be.ieiittci i,y thiH medicine."
in   Ubaae'a Kidney Liver 1'iiin, on.*
pill     II     dose.     LT.     celltH  u   box,   ill   iill
ii- iii. is. t,i iMiiiuiiHoii. Betas * Oo.
Toronto, Pain cannot exiat where
in. ...use's Backache  Pleater i" an
IMPROVED   machi
1   will nut  of itself, pn>.
duce good flour.
rou mty be an excellent
cook, but you cannot produce light, wholesom,
baking unless the flour y,.u
use be the kind that permit,
audi results.
So in the milling; machin*
ery alone cannot produce
Royal Household Flour
out of the wrong kind of wheat any riore than you
can make the right kind of bread or pastry out of
the wrung kind ot flour.
Ogilv-ie'i Royal Household Flour is madi from
haul Bpring wheal a wheat that is ri.h in nutriment
that grinds fine and white, ami produces bread and
pastry that are wholesome and nourishing as well u
light and crisp—it's a flour that begins to be good in
the wheat fields, not in the mills.
\ our grocer  pre!      • >
sell   you   Ogilvie'i   I!     |
Household  Flour bi
bt   knows   the   i/alue ol a
pleased customer,
Ogllvle Hour Mills Co.. IM.
""in'- ii- i &>i n i,. ,
I.e,o I.m |„i,-t -    ,1 ,
tOta*    ll*'!' I    |"lhll-l„,|    I , I....
Practicing  lor Duels.
Pai 1--1IIII- have been i nable I by tin-
Invent  ol s holloa bullet lo "train'
Cor duels mnl,! the realistic condition
ol -lux"i 1.114 ai nini beini shot al by,
ii living in-hi instead ol practicing at
nn inanimate target, which doec nol
■ act
in   I. ui Inventor, and in-
haa "i
lit   un   Platolel      Km ti   ol  tin-
■hots   in r in pairs al
one another one morning lasl week in
. .1     ...    Shots     lilt ,1   10]  hit s were
..f. lanl r*. rana and
Mr \\ ii,.hi- . H h made full soores and
iu ib. tiniii round shol • it h ol at i ov»i
the    In .Ul While     1.11     Hole     (-.'.KalleS
nlnl   i M ■
Wlnans   shot   li frock
coal lie bullet la harmless and can
i„ us.-1 Beveral limes, bul ths blow
mi in.- ball >.f I... thumb ol one ol lhe
irgtcal iie.ii
i be training Is ol ae tor
.lild        M.|,    »!,.,   liciel     fl
.i   "itcaii     tarsi'    > dlaooa-
i..  thi  t .iniiu; of their oppon
111   to   fire.
An  Unhappy Comuiriion.
Sir    L'hal • II   when  be  w.ia
, lag   al    ihe   bur ».,!. ,i noted
-   esamla ■ shn «,i
ttltllti-s    It...I    DOUld    elr. Ullilellt    till..
On '...• occasion, at   laaat,   however,
lhe   lattgh   ».ia   mine,I   iiii   Inm   In    lal.
inn.m iniii   Intended niis».-r    It
*     loing ii witin■-,> in  i
in-s left in a boras
in mm h mui iio» larga arete the
print". the learns I c<mnael
...   mi   t
holding Up l.U  lia.nl  for Ihe  will,
. ni   i. .    -..ni iti.   altaaas hon-
catly.      It win, Jim! an ordinal*]   hoof
11...     examination    waa    temporarily
suspended 'ill order could be *.
In   the  court   room      l.ut    ,S
R"*ft*rciioni of j Bachelor.
Neil to clothe    ■ ■rotuaa ceis tba
II,,,si   Mlllsln. lloi.   OUI   of   "Iti   loi.     !•'
ifi .in. nevei borrow an) mooej
from a man you ii-.i.  tried to argue
■ US   it   Inn ' ni-   an   haul
n    bei -   i.t your «Ife *  r,*l«
-  * <!	
if n policeman  win, stationed at a
door   lo   try   in   keep   blm   ...it.
In   tl   l.e   ill mc   |,i  (;,.(   linn,,    c.Hli    .
iii   ht
Tin- mor.   men   lull  in  love  wlib a
girl the biKn.-i ber danger <>f becom
old inai t while she ih trying t"
..ini,.. bei eholt.'    N v. Press.
lw<*. ta ll.
Ill" automobile hi.I bniki-il. as auto
mobile win. nml even ir _„ «,,« jc«_t>-
crt I...- Worrell, chairman ef tba Ao
i..im.i.lie n.s.H |g| on, be ...ui.in't i«*r
auutie it t„ go   fiiillleaaly be labored
with oil can nml monkey wrench until
be Win hot, dirty mid dlagOatad, and
only  Ibe  pre-eiu r H  crowd  of  chll
dree, mean tod i.iu. from aipi peeing
blmaeu as tin" sltiiatkm ii.-niuiuieii
Hut at Ism! ho ti.uat H|a'nk or eiplud.*
Near l.lm w-ua » sweet little maiden
with Rohleu hair mul deep blue eyea.
"Huu away, Utile alrl." be aald
"Ihere sre a few thluga 1 would like
to say."
"»'(* rluht nheml." aald the child
"My pa hus an auto loo."-Womsn»
Home Companion.
H.r.  Ill,I*  la.lai,  Stall  t ..
If s parent depooita II at tbe birth ef
tbi child and adds at each succeeding
annlrersary ef the birthday a number
of dollars equal to tin- number nf years,
tha amount by tl.e time th» «oa»r daughter la tweaty one yean old. computed al
4 per rent latere-.!, compounded tool
annually, will equal Ho. Thlt would be
a substantial neat egg .„ begin life with.
'Ilia man who depoalta only 29 cents
s week, drnnrlng 4 per cent, compounded ••eiilaiiiiui.ll.r. Mill bare tn bis credit at tbe end of Are years }7I, st the
end of tea years tl.l'i, at tin end ef
twenty roan tio-t ...ui at tin nd ef
forty yearn |1,_M, 'Iho mm. wbosaree
15 a week at this rule would be worth
at tbe end of forty yiara the snug for-
(uue of *.:•.>*••,
r   NU  (•■•rleaee.
Ii id ordluiry reatatuaiil, Recording
tn the London i hi unl, l». a waiter was
■urprlied it IwIuk ggfeOd ,,,.. frlday
wiUi   Ireland's   luiiniiabii   imiii   fer
'dlflled wIihIc" 'Ti it Alliud ah.rain at yi ban, tblnV puiiuid tbe Irlib-
mnn on being rafuar.l tbli delicacy.
Agila reoilrl.ig a riply in tin aegstlvs,
be tried once more "Thin ye can brlag
mi lorue routed potpolae," bi ml.
Tbi wilier .".owed n_„, 0f becoming
reitlre, and I'odd) *.ank bark In his
seat and has red s «i_h ef ronleotraeat.
"I'll lake some roitit beif .nd regeU-
bin," be said cheerfully, "aud sure
ye'll not be for any lug tbat I didu't
ssk ye for flab."
RlWkln »nd Hn Mother.
Mi   Klngalej I. IU ol
kin once,   wh.,,   th,    ,
ee.i in nn argument  «
from bl -I, iti
Kuafcln rot  in,  brain
ini'ii.i ih" artist ii
inni.  .....I  some i„,
on ..   lively    deb t.     in   ut,trh Hn
Ruakln  join.,*      h
I   think .   hut     wh.-n* i*
I I    Imil I    I,,    •
fears t getting ths «
mem.  Mo-   alwayi  ■
Kttui i.v   saying    n...:
John!      i..in,i. •   \
A  Hurt »nd  C.rtjtn  Way tc Curt tM
Terrible   Torture
I hole   Ik   Jail   one
• ur.   I.,,   sciatica
go, neuralgia
"iriie the p.t
mill in   \*.
i..ii.iii.-i -   •
I" -,*,
Mi*lk..   ktl *»fia»f
III.'   blood    11 -
I'    I — Ml      - --en    '•'
pain     v •
Williams   Pink  Pills  I   I
wnik   ff i
t.i u,i tight leg st.
I could on I>
oi a «uck    The pale
'• nili!.      . lal]    "•
I.ftllCted   Wilt.
the   Biliary   I   »us mi
n.r;ht   I look alt, I-
I'mk I'll Ik .'Ion   the)
alter that   even   dm   I l»
teen   lev
ha i dtaappeara I I ba,
ii pronouncing In '■'
I'liim in.- best  medk to.
bu ». ii.tira '
Ki* 11   doss   ,*f   Dl    W
Inni  It, I
ltlta.,1 I I,.if    |a    Kill    11 -
,*,d backaches li
n.i .in i |tt*i ttiiuiii. ■ ,
palpitation,   and   the
women onl}     lim Im  sun
<• aulas puis wuh ths ful   ■
\, mums  i'mk fun foi >
Il.ltlo.la    lie    "A.nil,,-
* 'i*    mi medicine deal* i <
I'lll*, in   vm  can   |e|   <'..■■:,
..ii cents s b"v ot     • '
in writing ihe in umi,
r.i, llr.a i i ||le, Onl
Oetpotlim of Jewel*
i .apteii> an i ths faahlon
, .,1,11*1   explain   Ih,
..at.ion liini  precious ston.
over  • —      Tien   ' ■
powei im*. reiei esaasd
jugaiu an,I snalavs   evsa
s and m ni eat. • m
ths charm ..t theli >"!>■     *■
t.i    ili-cmer     tirlKlnal     redu.
• i" ale  mii;i»  enthualaami
wuh new tremors the subt
on.  Helmut lour,   but  without  bt
i,    in i.e h   ti*. from it
i jewels
iniut d
t 1. Mumford tells how Psuhinc
cured him after the Doctors
gave him up
" ll ia twelve ycaia aim e Piyrhine cnrel
I   el    gaPewns    conamapllon     ^w
krr waa Mr. A. E. Mumtertl. -U Wj
'.,11, ami lirffbltlg jual what lie ll « bl«SJ
iialll.y faiinci. Ilc Miukl Ilia o*0 <*'<*
,*-,o M.iKiict.iiiaii, Ont.
" I caaghl mv i nl,l mirkinic a.n du""'
•n lhe t   I'.K      hr .ont ad.    "I   ,1*'1
■IK In sweats, chilli ami fever and ira-.j"rn*"
f coagbad up pasees ef my lan*fs,   ' **
• u.k.tlK   laal   and   llir   doiteia   ".H"! ,lr'*
".'•, no hope for oie.    Two BHWlhi '"
ii...I el payi h.ne pul ine right °" '"'     ,
....I I have l.od no trlurn of lung- irsslas
• ini r."
II Mr. Mumford hail alarte.1 Ifl ,•'k,
I'ay, limp when lie lust riughl ('"' M
•mild have saved himaelf a Inl of ai" rl)
ind MlffWIng, l\ti hi.ia intra »H '""j
roubles by killing IhlKrr.na lbs ri'"!""
hc thacaie.
i I'i,an,mn, r«l Si kern)
50c. Per Bottle
Larger alaaa SI and 11   all -J'ue*.,,,"v
DR.  T. A. 810CUM. limited. Toronto.
W    N    U    No.    584 The Overflow of Trade.
advertiser's  magazine  tells an
IStlng Story Ot the axpurltucu of
udrymaD   who didn't   believe  lu
'■'."' 11,1 cist of B dull season he was
I   I,,   experiment   with   small
»ads"   Business began to
,;!    He increased his space, inl
led more regularly, and presently
his    plum running lo  lis  lull
In a month or two nun '■ In
bilged '" decline the work ol ae«
ilh.rs    because    be    lacked the
i,, handle It,
,  ,,,, ,,. I,,,  hint  to em  "IT bis ml
M11. ,,, stop tl"' overflow . bul be
inverted,     His  laundi >   I
I c enlarged, an i when  he is
,,.,!   i,,   accommodate   a largei
mice he proposes I.i turn on the
power again.
,,i,u  umll  to Intolllgenl news
advertising is th*- limll ol caput
i' iransacl    the   reaultltani  bui
Philadelphia Record.
Htvel.it.on   in   Tea.
,,.,, trade ..r tbe world ha    n
,„    ',   ,,-n,nil.nlil'-   chilli!'-     in    thi
,,-«' years    Twent)   •• ai
„H ,,, ii... t.i, oi ih,   world
■ ,p|,  || d       bi     'Inni I    -la	
Tb; .ii ared an In
■ , , ii,,,,   which attacked ih.
M ..,',  . borl tlm.
[     .      , off. •   planl .tion
I   scotch  plantei
I   ,i„    planting  ol   tea   and
Idpmenl   made to the bm
i ..-I '   the     '   oxtra
developing n
, .  cup fa     'ti"  loi u
.   known   in '*'-.   I'revl
tpldlj made s t""1
! ,H,i   until loda)   lli.   • •
ounti;-  um.'uut ,
,,,i     twenty    five  million
s u, \i> \   -|■, .i Co commenced
.■.,!,    in   <      !. ■ in    .111,1   thi
. |  ag tie ii lea in nn
i, ci   pack, la,  i  I* ■"
,,,,,1 Hi* * it T"i.
a '"
I Dndlng  ibis  les  sup.
r green tes   of Cl
. .  utti '  sbsence ol i
fc .ii teas sa;
- : theli
Free Gifts of Toilet Soaps
'   ' P ,:     "'' the Mine us cash because they can be exchanged lur Toilet Soaps
fut which you have to pay out money every week.
Users of SUNLIGHT  and CHEERFUL  SOAPS can get their TOILET  SOAPS
for nothing.
Read circular in every package, or write ui for Premium List.
Apti, of It"1'-- vnl te ii  il com its Ol something you have no use for.
lor SinlicSt Sup t'onti-ins you can get something you need and uie
(i *ry nay.
-•var Drothan Llmltad, Toronto, Canada
[i, |< ads  inoi
',.-,,      1 ,   ! I,     Win  II    I'  '
|l i'.nli,I   bieli   r
- m   i. :
a unloi
■   ,,l all Ihi"
In , uni "on with tl
on i haa glm n *
memorial f.n. I to • red
• Brentford.
t   Ghoulish  Hope.
i.noi   mags
in.'..' i If
;  boys
Their Complete Home Cur**
tl   Tree  to  Readeri of  Th.g  Paper
for Limited Period Only.
baadaoma    lllaa
ns fnr ■
, i- scribing the
...  iful    trt   tmenl   in   lbs
.iniii* ii led bi  iln- Mlnlstrj
medical men    This
■■  - ■ •-•  i *    ten i'i
■, lal study ol tb. -
t,y :i graduate "f th.
ol Wurtsburg.    -  l
i,,u win receive th
■ nr.    addraaa,  Th,
.,.'.,   i Ring BUM Weal
I ,iu "
i-hii.ii, I
- ii   In 11
.   srorld tor cm
,,|    |. ■    minor
i    the heal  i" * su
ll       th.   i" -•
• r   lulls In i IT' . t
ind cur.	
I tion, ..'lie. dial'
) ll breaks up
ri.mi.   croup      t \i,. i
t, ethlug    ii Ithoul
mi   particle ol op
nothing     flufr   Is   m   this
Mrs     Hugh    It     Denton
n. n.H II
..,* ,u I have ii
I    Ill Ine
i. i    the Tablete rmm anj
 i oi in iu.ei al -' i '■' "'-
I'h.   Hi. Willi.,'
li   ii*,.
the Secret of Life.
smith   aald      i    tm   con
ll n    digestion   Is thi
If.    ,u,i iti.it  i b.nm tei   vli
■ ■it qualities nre i
"•, '• -i   i,i    beef  nc ■
rich soups   i  hav.
!     I ..III,|     f I     O.      ' '   ll''     III*  II
i.n i or i Icea, and effect them
■ rfuiij uni. my Inatiumenti
than Timoiiieti- could do
«uh hit, I.m.'
My Hair is
Oo you like It? Then why
h<: contented with It? Have
"Jbe? Oh, no! Just put on
Ayer'g Hair Vigor and have
lung, thick hair; soft, even
hair; beautiful hair, without a
single gray line in It. Have a
liitle pride. Keep young Just
•s long as you can.
" 1 am flfl. aaaan r*ara nlil. and tinlll r.
"•'till mi hali ... ,.,, ,,., Hn. Ill a I*"
*•••«> Aj.,'i IM, Vlntl railttiatl Ilia natural
_"nr lo n,, lialr ,'t i,,,w lliai* I. imt a f,a.
*"*l' tii hfn«.».-_J W. Ilaaaea, Buulilat
( '••I, lal.
.,, i. 0. Ayr O... I.„wall,
Alao manutaalurara of
casm racratii.
An   Oration  for the   Future.
ild    ibe      brilliant
111     ,,!,,   "    to   ;,,!
ole i,i
I'.li.-i   when
I do ice
.., i
mill   will   -
With    Wllt.'i    111 nn,I
mui.   :■■ 1,1
Shrill   wi       |i, ■ ',11,1,-
ii., i   nn !   II
ii.ili.li-. > which
whal waa on.
nm     noiii Ing   lhal il  the
i,uu    ha i    i.ill, n
oi bu I
pan lie- ti
lown ■ • Herald,
tciemj  Heieved in a Day.     D
inn nkiii  disease  w.'i
11 'HI.     '
to the
i    not i
- i.n,I d.ltj   -
*i , ,.,    ■   ,
"Me I l'.t-l
li., kle'i Antl-i -
"i. -
I i.   ■ -        •    i ben,
\ I'i
1 r.
than other
:i the
• Soap and
Itch. Mange. Prairie Scratches. Cub
*   -, on Human or inimall curt  I in
30  minutes by   Wolford't Sanitary  Lo
tion.   It  never falls.   At  all druggist*.
N.,   '
n   hi
could   in*.
loved i It olh. '
I i„    Rl ' '     h   '' :'  '""■
lull) ''"' h
.    , ..le ..'
■ nn no • ,i   I ss h*  I
look  lhe
u,,i -    |Imi    l    see   atwet n   your
,    I.Inn,Hi
i   Into aa
..Wn |i i| the other, In
lim        noil   n.t
,,  nml  slithl I thou-in  it   ■
,|„ I,       V   ill.     |.h I''   iphS VI
*,,, ii mi     i Inlmenl  L'o , Mmlle I
„ Vom   MIN IRI>8  I.IM
MrN |   |   ,,.,,  ,, mi it) t". son   iiitit.it
,, i ,,ii ,,i.in,.rn  ailments
,,   ,  Ileve and cur.
1 ' r     CHAR1.B8 WHOOTBN
Lawyer's Bit  of  Strategy.
lann    .-, u letl   the famous Eng-
beld that  verdlcti  could
be    -. ', .i    eloquence and  he
ij   ii  nine  in   his  own
111 in turning a rallun
wonderful    In  n
.  '■  ens,-  Iln- li.-lt-r,
,i  to have
■ i  into iiii • a ■ ai   I,..
in.,1 In i      Sh,
■  ol   hei  daughter, an i
olli|il"l' I,   hull],',I  Sen lott,  w ho '   "
bei      li n   in   his   ;n L-iini'-iii
dilblted   his  lad   by this  happy
Ol   iclmc.i' "You
-. t,|   iho juiy. Hun  I was bul n
nusl   my
Nothing   looks   I,,,. than to
, person whose
tt., i    wuh    warts.    Whi  nave
-ii   .nnn   pen ui  when
ire remo
i"    tound    in    Hollo
il,,. Duke of I is. before succeed
Ing lo bis tuie. was Brtlve In politics
Once  ii in ti can ':l  "'","'
,,„ Rngliah shoemaker, whoaa vote ns
solicited ,        ... ,,,
•Sorry,"  said the  shoemaker,    but
n„ „,, golm  to ii"" b" anj Moomln
,,„„ children I i bring up
ii... i,ii*.     replied the    pr<
,. ,„ uuke, 'I've not nve, snd the) an
ne up snd t *
,.,l  .,11,, ramlllnrli    "' •'""    . \'!
old ebap,   he said      VonataH
both m He samt    and wod hettei
sink togethei "
Don't    i ii"'    "'"' '   '
.„„'■    -, - «*■*•«*■■■' '""
In. I* "i spprwial  . ■■
It's n  fail  msiin.    '• r)   '     "    '
.cliiiittcl the suditoi
■ win  H  - nol .1 irord  ' '''
"• | mei i.i' it «■'    •
I,.||    In    lhe    mi"
Ktenehcti I sare i »J supplant-
R Bpanlab  roatiires In   Ihs cltj  ol
rerenl     "Why   don '    you   i
wuh hei '"
But,  - man!    If  you
Ij  willing for me lo mm rj
:    .    ■     I cann        e ai
ii 1   vm ■'      How   will   n    l.e   if   I
in ih*- wed*
Minard's Liniment lumberman's friend
"Well, sir," bi usq "-il  the
father, "whal can I do foi you?"
'.'in,I   suitoi
■  in..'  mn. r i..
Nature Revolts Against H13I1  Living
10   11   I'.*    c
Eminent   medical  men  until
but   South   Vi
.'.in- In.s knocked down their i»*t f:.l
II. I  11,   - 11"
F.do Went Astray.
Lad)     ' staunt h    let
-■-,  would  you mil
aiiily. mum     Which bai
-    ■■ i
Hall »
1     .1
Toledo   .1
ke lull's 1  ...ill,   1'illa  f ■
11:11   I'm •. 01 irninst  of Dominion
,. Ottawa, has   defln
it, h   derided   lo  accept  the   po
d inm b> the American Presb)
Minard's Liniment used by physicians
Man .  mimic|i..Im   will
option b) liiw   Ma) .':
11  ia sn Bllxli ol   Life    Bin
-   nm.    ne u have  i"' ■
,   Kllxir "i 1.ii.-  wim b tradition
are existed    In   Thomas  Bcle.
mc   ml 1   11. before s
, mn,*! live    11 is made up ..f sis
full)    blend.
'1 1 in one.   it haa no equal in
ni ot lumbago, rheum -
.ui,1 ,,,i bodil)   pallia
1 in   following  little sn. 1 dote halls
hum the  Highlands:   it  wns  Donald
1 iiim he Mui.
■ I,. mil di slgnntlon ol everj arlatocra
. He, .in 1     more-
knew how in address them, ns
umi nn .-.      im lord," ' t.
"Man,   said om  ol ins clonics, on
hearing him re. 1 off a llsi of till.
iitin,1,1 ion mind nil these nam.
i.m  11 \. 1   iu.no   any mistake  whal
.i.i ■
"No,' i* 1 li 1 Donald, wuh pride,
but, correcting himself, ' al leaat, nol
often;   bul   this  week, man,  I  real!)
think I linl in,  mistake    \ on
in, iv w.i   .rn English clergyman sta)
im;   with   us   .1   dean or blahop, us
, ail nu in      1   w. in  mu  lo the
s ting    with   bun iu tha m ng
ar. nl doe n the path s rab
Inl   ,M, 11 .   ]   it.   uml   I   lust   suhl   to   llllll.
'SIlOo!    III.      lie.   1 ll.    11.111     llolllieSS,'   llllll
do yon know  from the araj ha look, d
,,ni, inm  1 don'l tiiinii 1 gave
ti 1 in his right title."
Cities   Are   Said   to   Ba   Our   Biologies
"It hns been snM that the moden
city Is a biological furnaoa. M'-n ar,
nl y drifting to this furn tee.'
■ , I Dr ■ lea J 1 her f N. e Fork, in
b. ginning his addn m to tha 1
t'iinn.i in  , a     11.   thi 11  re-
feir, ,1 r,, the fad that the census showed   how   chll,I   Inlcr   In   ('hii nl. hi   t 1
.r ■ in 1  y decreasing   From
In  factories  In  the  Dominion   n  III]
1  fallen  a-
t'i-     Thi.  nras s k od thing, snd It
Ion oontlnued child la*
l„,r  ■■ ii.- regi   ■.
1 laboi
ii .is  y.t  rery , x ! '
In many oountrtea but nev. •
10 r  bual  ,unl vlKnruua as were Cana-
*.   but   tbe  d.ing.r  ahen.l   was   thf
In   s. ,..,!• ,■
In lhe"ie .lays m-n sat In their
■■'   es,  u-,-,1  tl...  ••■;• phone ami    1.1. -
graph ■ "  •
1  It by  Uia
.Ires result    t thi       ■•   saan In
th*.  Increase  in I   >m dlatetes
ea due to the lack of pr per
, 1  ■
11- ■     i-k men of thought to
sale* by the
ease of popu-
been DjO.ooo, but
I In rural dls-
In  the
r ciMit. of the
r.   Ht
•   ■
; artu       In  the
I- iv 1. '
li waa an
liealih   an I   well
1 -   fi 1 •
173 pounds     In I
' -
I  • feet flva
, ami the weight  Ul p   mda   so
that   there   v...*   .1   connection  b'tween
al  health and menta.
Thi .« and the return,
retail-- - I year
' 1.S00   frnm   typhoid
and the*,*
deaths from ncrv-.ua diseases, disease-
of the dlgci
paint.*, due to tha Pr< sent rush and hurry
.iy if,* w> i.
.■tie  well acquainted With tho ways of
y.tung  men,   ha 'o say  that
hi a rh matters
-      Id
thi* ■! birth r.ite.  \\ .
autTen J   In nd   the   time,   he
war. in ar at hand Whl i   ■
lid I 1 . Ileal men
■  BUC*
,: r- quired exei
in. n w ho »
rs  and better cl. rgy-
tni n
Our Marriage  Laws.
j* nl   to  the net  n*-
' marriage
ut tii.it n mnn -ii .1  not in iny 1.1-
■ r. gran Ifalh. i's «Ife,
mother, ..unt. uncle's wife, 1
t mother, d 1
-,     KI.lint,lai.
* granddaui
•    , nlec.', hi"
\ a -  nut mnrry her grand-
bbsband,   husband's grandfather, ..net', aunt's hue*
■    .ii-.li ml. uie -1.. falti. r, hi.sl.an,1',
fat hei band's father. Bona
iiu-i,ui 1, bi  -te 1. m inda rn.
husband,    tm '       >
grand *.   husband's  Bapbew,
husband's brother.
■I h. relatl p s. t forth In these ta-
Include all such relationships
by  it.e  wl. ball bl",*d, and
r legitimate   r lilt gin....ire
Hv ths l>"..rn Wc   C. 36.
1.   It   Is   enu, h,I   tha*   "All   laws
prohibiting  man iga   n* 1 sraaa •>
,, daughter ot hi I rtlti *
v. here  no  law    r, inline   t,
ngulnlty 1* violated  are hereby re-
imd future."
No One Knows the Cat's Speed.
Tin    ;i "f a trained runner run-
y, ry   f.-.-■> 1 >    **, nil    thai   "f   lUOSl
up. iis,     'l'l.,    iii al    ipt 1 1   of   a
■ ,,   led jr.11,la is 9 3.5 a* cutis, nr
:i 1 1 nnies an hour. in*, record for
., whole mils Is 1 minutes 111*1 see*
onds, ,,1 .1 rale ,.f h miles an l.,*ur.
In    11 I , ic 1   rutin* r 001
mils In  Ui'   ni" '       1 Is at Uie
t It mil     "'    mr.
Tina.,   eacellsni   performances  lnnk
, ne 11 h< n • ..-..let ti it. oenjuno*
Hon wi'ti • I t'l'.'s "f
ir.uiK 'I to  Ml   line st Th,,nips ,,1 Beton,
of    unlit...1
I      r    1 ■ 1 ,1 fur a
mile ui rats "f
ptrat"class tret hound II mill - in hour,
1 11	
Prong horni I
lop, M   -      "    "
'•   "      "    "
Foxhound M   "      "    ■
A curl.ni* fa. '  la ih...   BO "ii" s' rtns
,v,.r  |,,   hav. ''I   in   in.king  a
■ 1,,iie   f lha    11.1,1 .11 11 hi,*h
g cat cal -v Ithoul  .1 stop,
nut , 1. n 10 horl a top peed ran aa
in,, i.n,is !,, - pi ti>abl> ut ver been ao-
cu.uuly in... -I
a modal city to accommodate 100,
i  people will be built on ths thorw
of UiKe  MichlBiiu.
First Collage Building Designed to Ba
Centra of Education For the New
Province — Contentions Interfered
and Provincial College Was Relegated to Corner of the Park—An Initial Mistake—Better Days Dawning.
The gnat cha"g<- that In being effected lu the constitution "f the University of Toronto iin-ans thut that In*
atltutlon la coming nearer than hal
hitherto been the case in ihe Irl.-nl nf
Its founders, When the university nn*
projected it was expected that 11 ■
.; y the site tl
ba in glslative buildings.    Ii
waa wiih a ven  to tha carrying oui
Of     ''Is   policy   ilnit   the   first   college
building—King's  College*—waa  erected
in that part of tha park which :ics im-
' iroavenor
ihe monument to the heroes of
tin, Northwest now stands.
The  First  College.
This   Bt!*U .-'i.-d   aa  the
ia of the ontveralty thai  a
bs     It was thought that, by gradually
• •.'••ruling    It.    Ir    WOU   -
rtl n*. iii,-! command the (.*'
r.irk avenue, where there would    rise*
around It other bui 1*1 lug- for. due,'
ea. Thua whe.1 we know n-- the
1'i.rk would become th. centri of education f r tha tc Tb.- t-liin-
as originally tboughl "ut were not del-
tlned ' ■ e» cutlon, The
unlver t of . onten-
tlon. ed. i 'tier
Institutions were opened. The vr ivta-
... ■ • i; tted to ii corni r
of the park, arnt there 11 remained until
t*.f dlfferei I eai ., daya had been
d. or unlit
'  '.he old  dispute*
,   situation   un<1er
ndow. il Institution can
liniurt knowledge In the subj.tr-
ar" n .1      ■   roveralal, while the
loua   i Ir   re-
- in ihe work thut is particular to
thems.-lv, I
An Initial Mistake.
Tl,, re can be no doubt that the eft-
1. i'n ated the long-drawn-
out educational quarrel was tht   •
en the
•. •- was f .muled the leu.Una in, n
t for  the  training
' ■•    ith In the higher bran
nor Slmcoe said on this
subject In his quaint style, that "a col-
t a higher class would be eminently useful, and would give a tone of
lnfli,I'e su| "rnment."    It la
en-y  m  understand  what  our  i-i
-  meant   by   this  remark,  although
few of us would put the  Idea ir-
language.    The grant In 1T»7 of '
acr.-s of land ln support of four gruui-
rnnr  schools  and   one  university   was
n f,*r higheredu.
gloua question*  Blm-
rhe call f ir a pr ndpal f *r the
nplated  university   in   1791   was
of   non-demonlnaUonaUam.
■  -        ... -,.t f.,r
t the propoaed lasl Itutl a, and
' the prinelpalahlp was glv-
! irst   to  the
., ami afterwards
in,  wh,. accepted
and af;< rwurda became the first Bl
Dalaya rnd Disputes.
ban reached   Canada.
■>■ wlMi bis Invitation to be-
the head of the new
■ f matters bad changed   Q  •
bad l. ft for England, ami
wa*  n>  university  to  direct.      Under
it . ,        the   blahop
turn.d to other educational enteri I
and     ulilin orders   ln   the
nd.    In  the  meantime
gn fr a university w.,-
tlnued, and araa crowned .i.-ti a meaa-
ure    ( rga iv.  In
r lor King's C  liege, making It, bowerer, sn exdualv. y Church
•nlng. Tills i.h.ir
s tha subject of i r •:. si on the
■   rt of 1      ' ' I the 1
,n lertook to ni lit]
it; but the changes were not such as
the in,iln, bi -i whole agreed to In
' .nies th,- charter "f .:■ u r IV
wa* in ci.. operative Blahop Bti
brought the university Into being
■ ..ii April Hit. i**i:. al ihe laying;
bi sir chai lea Bagot, ot the found
atone of th . the site In
Qui en'a r.irk «::. ,c I)
The Secularization Struggle,
When tn.  i ■ under
Church of England aui corn
ed, tin- m in meal f r secularise
tion b. came the stronger   The M
* -iv. f,r tr- part, bad commenoed
ii   rk    upon    tbelr   own    university   nt
org. which was chartered In 1838.
and II begun upon
Queen'i. which I charter In
imi Aa theas church Institutions sn-
Joyed no Btala lUbeldy, whii. King's
had i" sn grant. ,t - .mi res as
Its share ol thi in ml male f,,rly y< irS
r in the Int. ruts of higher ■
tl "ii. t'ie tight ft"
the in  re  Vigorous     In  ths  I/-gi-
the   II ' ,1 .i 11   Up,   Bad   Hi''   ''"!!-
t was poi ition ,,f iln
unly i   lly   in   1141 i Inclal   In-
I "i n . r, llgioua control nn.l
n . r. Il|   oi*   t, «ts   f r   thi   prof.
There can !"• 1,""'   i tub! thai  Bishop
Sr.i.ii,!'  had  looked  ui-'n  Klng'a   as
tba it for his dl
iWlVir,   sl. *w   that   he
d.i nol wi*h li to be exclusive, In thi
:i could i to i*y
none bul  members ol thi Chui
England   Whal hi aimed nr was Just
such  fhui ■       •     S| !'• ' • *in* ,1   ...
l,v | to Oaf rd .,n,l I '.unbtl.lgc
Trinity Eit.*bhshed.
■ elliuin.iJi"!.   ,f Church intend  th"  su f  'he  ih,.,
,!   |  ll     ,. : '    Wl     a   ievt re   ll
bishop     lie  however,   was   m •
gown    Tn  Knglsnd hi  went, and se*
I   i ohsrt. r ami endow mints toi
Xiiiniv i     .,'-.,'.    ihs  Bi H   itons "'
which waa laid in  IISI    it is ■
f .nn |i i of i" * men rattle w it liin ti n
,,,,,-. it waa thai
,,i Trinity In the W. t . nd ol tha
e^y wm. i' i"iiio in in- park. I*".
y. ara .he Ian li ni I h is beta towards a
a, ri. a ,*f denominational or Church
iiniv. • university
nl   of   .hem   weak   ami   Struggling   toi
nn , xi  eiice    Now tli" situation hai
changed,     it sssins to be r igniied
•ig nimcrsity, teaohlng th*
Subjects   Hint    ii"   0 inm ID   to  all. Burl
I. ,n ms i . bb* i;  ,f ths Church founda
•i.e ii logical Instruction that t"
distinctive, randan tha mors sn'
ti.ii isrvloi to in., paopls. This is whal
in* nr,- e.niiliig  10,  imi  It  IS  liir.iesllng
-   1-. lli-  i- n   Id.
- stertaln. ,1 a ban a   anti ii inttl*
tiiilon of learning win first daslgMd
Decide for Yourself
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i.ir  lor  cure     !!• ••  from
pcttini; In, _nJ it wul never lay ).,u
The safeguards apninit all Wltli
crimmrtn ills are: A Sound 5tomach,
Healthy Kidneys, Kcgular Bowels
ami Pure Blood.
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a  remedy that has  stood the test
lor half a century and is now
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A    LAB
There is rio iatisfoction keener
than beino dry Ami comfortable
when out in th* hardest storm.
A Timely Question.
Cities utitle    lime    is   arbitrarily
changed, •*- from central to mountain,
ne Minie,um - iiiii ni confused travelers.   Dodge City, Kas,, is one such
i'eii|.le are  c-i'.-cnilli   bothered there
aboul the time ol arrival and depai i
ui,, nt  ti.uii     Stun,• one   the  other
day asked s  railway offldal when s
n   train  started      Tbe  answer
In aboul  Bis   minutes."   "Well,
i ii." was the question, "Is that central or west   time?"—Cleveland  Plain
Are You Haunted Day and Night?—
Mm I iiinl  imtiy racked  and  tortured
,i   evil  liuebiitliims. ult...my and dull,
',iiu„-,i nt thai ' luiine restorer," sleep,
■ te mine,  nei ves shattt i• d, gen
,'.nili   debilitated '      Tins  is nunc  too
lark n :',.rule r..r greal South toner
lean Nervine to obliterate and sei up
i, iu it. ad the glowing tlnU ot the
.rn, ni i"'it* ci health    i">>
sn William P. Howland, ol Toronto,
iiiiiuiiuii ts years ..f age, underwent
 pi ration for appendicitis laat week
..n i i- rapidly recovering.
Ask  for  Minard'a  and   take  no   other
Kort  William'"! rate ul taxation thia
year is Iii mills.
,i \ m i.. i :. ■-1 .<>-. supreme secretary
il the iui'. is seriously Ul with
mucin.i and has retired from active
i in i are Carefully Prepared Pills
which dissipate themselves In tin-
stomach i annol bs expe. ted tt. have
effect  iii">.i the int.-s s, and
io un tciuii • co itlveness the medicine
administered   musl  Influence   tht   si
mui of   iti* se    canals,     Parmelee's
pill     re ao   made,   under
ipervlslon oi  experts,  thai   the
■ l,'■ in Intended to operate
,n ,h •      larded In at tion
until  ■ ' : n   'I"'   'min...'I'
.,   in,   inm
Montrt ,' council decided not to do
. ,1,11c money to tha  i
g|     c.,H„ 18    hOtel    llCel.S.'S
than nny other Ontario diy In
proportion to Its population,
Murdoch   Md.cumin.   B   Well   MU'Wli
,,: Ontario, died unes
Hy nini., <in a visit ti) Stratford
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5UU.U00 cures is our r* coil We
speak truly and say that failure to
obtain a cure by the Keeley Treat
ment Is a failure of the man and not
jur methods.   Send   for fads.
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Maypole Soap
Ease at Homo
Sure   Results
• Illaik
AU,ical.i-t'i I' I. in NKinirr
fv CO.,  M  iilttal.
Says Results are   " Truly Wonderful."
Mrs i. Hunter, ur
l n Raglan Road, King
ston, Out., i-iiys: —
I have suffered with
kidney and liver
trouble and chronic,
constipation  tor soma
, f |s*4^|'Sv. Iiim*.     I     was    subject
"   W   *        tO     dizziness,     liiliuu*.
Mrs. I. Hunter headache, nervousness,
drowslneaa, palna in tha bach and sine.
and a tired, weary feeling nearly all
th.  time,
"I  Med almost every  medicine, mis
treated by doctors and druggists with
utile or tm benefit,
"I   tried     Hi'    l.iiiiiliiii Its    Anil I'ili.
ami the results have been truly won-
ileiliil     I   am  SO  much   belter.    Anil-
i'iii is i. must wonderful remedy."
au dealers, or the Wilson Pyls Co^
Limited, Niagara Palla, out.
Moissan    Distils    Refractory    Metals.
ii,    mean)   ..r u lectrtc furnace
\i   Moissan has recentlj sm eded in
actually distilling tha refrai tor) mat
an  uf ihe p.atlnum g p, Including
iii Hum anil in..ilium.   Palladium, eui
lously cm..mh,  which  in.s a  malting
poinl considerably beloa thai nf plat
ti.um, appears to bare ijulte i.h I.IkI.
a boiiiiiK point
W    N    U    No.    584 ________
•—•*":*_ "'.':'  '
.. -
I 1'rl'ile.l t.t !•»' '. I-"i.f ' in. ui "I I'..ttll«l.""i
tal .   ..ii'ia.ili nan  .'(..it. ..iiKH .'icri  I'll... .I..'
|.| II,   ,!      It-.      llll     II     I       -el.     l'-t 111
II ,, liic'li'   , i   i   oi    -I  I'mTeH|,>iiiilt i.l- , n
| Mtt.l   111   llS    Ctllllltill-
I lllfllls .1|,. I, I'll ii-'-'l it. tin- 101. ". la
ft.- ..* |H"-ll'ie. .1' tir.,,1,,'1' ft,,.I III ill'...*- |ie.
1,11    f,tell .ii,,^e,,,,e,il   ill-elll*'lt
'■i-ina tut  I rn.is , -,l .nel  oil ei   Klvertlal.u
i*   ii li   aliij.    ,    .u*  • .         le   mo" ill Ilflll1
H ilwnrjllllli     ,-'.i»i . no. In iiiiv.i.ict
Mice mineral i imiii    -iiuute in   llie
1 nill I.:.Iii" mini _ 'HI fi.". uf It e I
hol.iCIIHV  ill- ti iei.
tt'hvre Ini'iilfil i On sutuiuii of mIuo
t'llj, '■ tilln'nil.  Ill   lllll" i i  •     til.I cli
lulu' in- ,ee ll.al I. All item   i i. •.Iihi.i
loo 1   M.I ,   S't.   B8M.I88  imeni t     .Id,
O.   I'i|t.ti-,    I-  .1 t:   ,N..    I tisii. I,  ami
I '.I'lm Aliinluinisnii. 1 "It'. N. .
1 ill"!!, in end. Mill .li*.s f'uin le
, e I '*it*i, , tt. iii'i I) lu ll e
1 illg I'l'fiicler Im il C t lilieiiie . i
1 . rur men'- f.n tl... |,ui, ,..-.,* I,, ni -
t • Hug .. l'l HI li .Ulliil ul llie hoc ,
l"l   i,tll,
■ ml further ink. milieu il.ai ai'tim
ii   ler -ecii :.   m.si   !.e • .on,i■ ■
I      ,i-e il.e isstla..it-"i (', Mil., u!i* ol  In
1    •ven.en n.
"Hied  lllia   r.  '    In, r .!,,- e.   ■   u. IUI  .
a id
f jcsing
* .•■ |.
S. DANEY, Prop.    F —^
ij>^4 Mot^e- *
.• unl.,-,.;" " '''■••■■•,w-.
i.e., r-u.ii, I .ct  >i... mineral ■ Ini..»
an,,, it.  In ,'ie Iit.ul I...I.C Minn,i  I'll-
M  U ci ■ !  m ilislu. I
\i    , ie    In, HI.'.I     II* ..I    i     iu '  •   ' ' '•■
I   ■■ lice   llllll   I    .1     U.I   cl-"  .  I'i"
 'a ,,.   I Mm i,   *- ,.   iS.HIl   (»r " ■
i| in ninnil   ,".  >,   \   Si.tl.i rl ml
,. ,    s,   , ,,-     Ilrui'e   It liiK'i   t '"-'
 s    1.    |lll I,Is, I III e. tin -..I-.
i  ml Ud .I.n n nfl *r 'I tic '  - I"  l     !'
in   |u<   I   .,,, - i, cm i   ... t'e.i.li* Sl   «
i in   iiim i- le- nm | " ulil.un*
,   .;   Coll .l.l      I-     0   -IU       .Unl'   '   I I"
V tit I until"!   i.i...*  .. • it"*   t' ul   hi     ■'
i|,,i  a,.,.i    i    ;     niial   I.,* i- umi    ■ '-''•
Im  „   ||„i    -.i,,,. nl    .ci,   ■ ' ■ ilii'   '' "'
I 1 4 |,        Dai. iHI.it   I ■■ dm "'
Mai. v   I'.. II -,;
,1    IV, l IIISM
E. R. ViPoij
Trout Lcke Livery
*►■". in.,, 8i
j       Stables at   Tioit like
St.lift* is li i i.y -.V iui* ItA
liiuntli- if ct tin t-1 hi tn t n. ■ ki
u|> i.r iliu.I '•* tli.* U„|. i I. it ii o
i i 'siuiier f I...ml- .te.l U ni li- I,
e s,,e.i<i' li.* n*- In .-.. Mi.d .- ,i. ■
l«i>i.)' lllll".er from ll.it loii « i
iK-ci ib il   Ian i-  sit i .le * iil.'iii
,'     l lUlic ti um  i li■•   h   til 'i    k   'iie
'J "ii't,  l.ak    and    a o-n  2   ml *
1 h*ii   (>  ' r ti    imiii 'I'll.-.' it   a
j   nt i.ior,..' i J   I). K  iiuclv '* N.
< mi .,(-1  lu.ei   ' ,.■ m*e ie - .sn I'iiHJn-,
1    -nee siuttii Ml .li;. n-   t ipoce   a
Ml Cl... itiM. llie ii*   in r.. 8U uhttlti,
1" |. i.i « I ......in iiieu.. >ii.
__.<d 1 lli ..I \|n. IMHi
J     I1.   kK.Wtl.V
I'.-r A   li.._.r   And.
Notice in  I* r.-li\   given   tlmt In**
months nfter .late I intend t>> inak*
li|i|iln**tt!,,    tu    Hit*   l.'l. .1 ('.iiniiilr--
si" er ..f Lands and Work* fm a
SJ-hcIhI lice,,.-!- tu t-iit nml r.ii r\
1....IV linili.-r for tin f.,1 i.ttir.u .le-
h * il.ed .tiM,i*- sitliatt-d mi All ai, ..
Soli creek about "■ >.t u mile from
'i rotii Lane u» ' ..1. in 4 mile*, from
Gerrard, coluiueucin); a' n posl
I.inrked A Higisar's S.VV corner
I  *nt, ti.eiu'i* Kn chains >*a-i.   thenne
l-.lllll    Sl)    Chains,   tliclice     tt-ral    til)
t-linins, thence north  80 chains  tu
) .ii.t of cot..in. tu*.- .in-i11
Dated, Mav l Ith, 1906.
Notice i- I.e.   I.    t_( \ ,-n   that   li,l
d  y    after t'at    I    mt  * *i  tt,  In   k
»*   (. it*..inn   in    ij,       II   li.     f'niel'
.1' ..i.ini-to..   ••. '.f l.a mlr* ni.! \\    rk-
l i i. sp. >i il H e .-.- io ci,' ami
curry ms *..i in. .er li.uu in t .-
"]i.wiii_  .I'*-, i ii"c i     1 t..|   nil ii .led
111...l.l  J nf   li    tulle   Ir .ii, Hie *.,. iili
i-l..,.••• uf Tf.'ii1 l..k". and ul. in
ii mile*. lr**ui Hoar*1, until* in
1. enet k .,t h [< -.1 marked J |.
]{ nne*!} 'a N VV. c r •••.• |„,ai
) I in< d '.raule r, p hi in nk 'I .1.
I). Ki*iii,.*dt V N K |..»i, '•*...*■ 8ii
ct nil". t'M.-t. 11 ■■•nr M.tltll SO ci i ni. ir.
tl eiic* nent Ml.'l.ii ii , I I.e..cm ii".l|.
•hi. uiiaiti    in  point   ic in iifii* e-
ini ui.    iJ.ictl, Mm 11. 1006
•J  l> Kknmkuv.
J'e. a   |< ggur, \g nl.
i •/ KFV! FW HOT'I
'1     *l !   l.\K!    B.C.
lar wall 3 ipp!ied with LLj'ic:';. 1 C'r~.r
l.il !■■.!•  * '  'li.l.,. t.i I  It    iu     li     .       I- ' • ( li' I   I   '   ... •  ....          1    .*•■
Tfrnnt klT ^]'<%
U*l Vlli •*       a...W
CT*!*»•*.-i'n    /"" *^
t '^t t T^rx tr-t-r m
i ,i iu '.• ii
i   . . ..ir'.'.,- ii
|     .   i.'i.     . ., .* . i t. . i :     i    •'     •
1     : soli  u,, -  ol*   , • I
Hugh VtcPn3-s>i - - Supt.
V \/<  ■a»^V'*****-.r**-.. s, y/s."   .     .    .
rs r%\ tt r / r"^ r7^"
EtXCdii&at    /■-cccmmc-iiticn
Bast L     :r^
And V.rv finest Cgan
- .• a
i   ***aS  " "*1t' *    ' -*"***.  '**    (T*     "   *****,
1- -s- r-
..    -V. 1   * •• u • _   *   •
Be*stHotel I.i Town,
Mp\m fer t m ' '•
r. R. i\ ci f .-** n r. prop
Trent Lake - - B.C.
Trout _Lake jT_ity ^Transfer
cnd Stage J ir,o.
[ f-' a n
T..mt i • 4    I     •*— -U -*»     LJ
I Eeat_!i        |
1 ,M M.*|
Iv  '    S,        ,,:
I..'..    I.*
.   ■  r..
Trou: La!.t;at8
in t onr.d . ii
i.   ' '.
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
Imperial   lank of Canada,
Head     •
CAPITAL   PAID   OP.    43 12' ,74l.*)l
vc  mjno *.r,i ao
TO-t -     '   • • .. 61i- 67
|i K. Wil I I'll
JRANCHE-b    ill '    *il!"*r i *   -     •
.     ' .        ,
A GEN'ER \l, l: .XKiNU Hi -     I
iAVINC J OCPAPTMGN r      • -   -   •
, , .   ■>
■ inl
'] I.. 1.
W< H. Jones,NJ ° *^-- h-^ «
|    -^ FjHe j u       ware cj t- o.       Review Job Dept.
Ita.   .       u *.*  ■   -   i '  -. -   . I -    '•
Slarhcv & Co.
e ii
ii .,*■
N"lii- * in In 1 I.y I" V ll lliHl
V i I III 11 two ii."iitli- t'riiin ti) lit t
Jul) ieaiiou In r... i tne Ilm vh
( Iu.i.i.'h OaZntie, i i.ci..I 11
•»(.|.ly lot'iti ll'ii. t'ln.l' (,' in. ii i -
hi.in-r of L.ndn nnd Works for i.
h| eci.ll lie-iiK,* tu cut nnd pnrn
a Way timber Ir .... its*- f .1 low in**
,I,••.!•. ii.ed landb b tuaii'ii in \\ »^t
K"'.t.u■ av :
No  1.    Cimmi'iicing at  a -...nr
J I...te.l    ..I.    Ill*    Hot.ill    sli'tr.'   nl
T.-uui l.ttke, about l.'i mil •-. Irom
i.e howl i.ii'l nin.in .'in* n.i •■ ft* o,
O "1*1
Sandy Laughtcn
.  j\A7   IJI*"N   »i**i i»a  I.  -<■-" *■ •'■
|t\ - .    .      i,r   . I       I. oil, .in
• |_.  „J    I* itfl      H *t*   it,**   i - •  •
tA\yl       " '     b     I   ■ ruin d   i
mm    ! ni- ' ■-   i ■ •
;   i .)*; .,',   '    i*iii   iu*       wi«l I    *   n-i    •
.,11  I       11   .1 III       . - ..le-.
j   morkc'l h ii      nd   * •   *    i ■  .-   i*   ii-li
• *.  .'   '. ,i •      m     ii    ..I.  iioi a
'     pl.'ll   .. '. I   llllll    o     III  il li l"l>-   ul.e.
, I -lin.;.    ..i i   u| ii   .it'-.
,,.,,.1,1,1,1 I •    "
HUM   i-.-U,    I*    i    1     ■ . *.,.    .  _.      (. .
.-.- l * li Hl"l       I* nill      „
1    ' _____________________________
JSarbec f.'K-.p ■
j     \\ e i- 1111   ii i ■ i
i -
Lennoxville   G. M. YUILI
-•v?*     HOtCl, JEWELLER,
et.*. All    Wf»l i.
(ill.ll.l i.lel tl.
General Z'.zrz
iMmM MlihlC
I.'clei and
Q   C
1 >'l!   A
<: .i ! St.iM- ,.r ll.ir Cut
. i i.i. or.
William Schnell,
Lot and Cold Hatha
•    ■
j. : . MURUA) .
'1 UOI l   I.AK1 . .'•   <'.
list* "II
■ iui.
A «   '
Barber ' '
i. *
G. A. ChT
Hot.  (.rtl   •-. ( ■-.   Bslhl
• _.L ■    -
i   i?m??Twm?^???wwf??tf??ttt?tfwmn^tn?!w?ft?t!fwu^
r'-_. <■
tl.e shorn marked (1 \\   Ahrahnii -
•JSTm-:-.:::: OT  'BOYD -'*   ■'- pv
HMil'a      Uorlll-Wlgt      e rt.er     !»ih .
iiiciK'.'  south  .'IO   ehains,   theixe
«!IMl    Ml   ."ll.lini,    ill   nee    Ii   rill   80
ithains, tli'uce  weat 8o chains  lo
tl.e |..ii..t ul .'..in.item tintrtit
No. 2.    Coiiinii licit j;   tit   ii   |hi.i
). Ihi. leil hi.ulli (.1 TiO.il Ln lie a'..'lit
It oi ile* from 'lie inn.I iiiiii „b*'iu
•mo mi e M ut . f um tin* rdiiire
lunik."(I 0. W.Abra * una .ts'-*, n r
« aSi (''"I llt'l' pus ,   t   c   .
elnliii-*,     ll ■c'lt'i*
*"i."'l.i-t"     Mil t.i       b
> ,i-l h l Chains lo llie j. .hit „|  ooiil*!
Nu. ,'{.    (' iiiiiiiei.ciiu* ni   „ |„,H| I
iilauted  on  I hei   H.nnli   sl.i.n. ..|! "
': roul Like  n'mnt i.'ij miles fr	
ita litatl mink .1 0. VV, Ali'rl.Hlll-
lon's s"iit,lieasl .iiiiii r |.og!, t .ono"
* t'H' ICO (tllfliIIS, tlience iiuiih '0
.   ui»n,  I house    i.iht    liin  rthaiiia
tll'IIO*    Mill   h      4<>      (la.MS    lo    llll*
l"*iiii nf t m.'iio ■lueiii.
Nu. 4. ('.llllll cncii.*_ h| „ pii^j
planted Oil the wot *»ltle nf Ami* -
'■••II Imi hIio.iI one ...lie from
. Tronl L-.ke, marked t). VV. Abm*
)i uiit-t.o'i. until I'Httt corner posl,
tlit*ii"i" mit. 80 uIihIiis, I hence
went bV nliflfns, iln-. ■-.' Miutii mi
chains, thence easl sn clmlns to
Ho poinl fl' .* .... nn- cement;
Nn   5.      I'ltiiiiii. icjug   Mt   H    p0||
jtlH.itntl ahutii ion \hiiI» enHi. ..}'
Ain*r.t:in tinil. and hb'.iit 4 mile
ftoin Trom I,nk", marked o \V.
A'ii'iiIihi.ih...,'* fun |j hihi, corner
pi.Hi, tlience nnrlh k<i chains,
ihcnce cum 80 cl'iiiti*, them e
south mi ctiiiii,h, th nee m. *-i 8ti
cliHiiiH lo the point of cuu.uiuuce-
II. ct.
llaied M«y Slal, IlifKI
0,   VV    AllItAII.\M.-..N.
When looking for u plana to upend
your holidays, hear in mind
tliAt  Trout   Lake   is  un
ideal   summer   report.      Ihe
•scner'.'.-intl ciimatr aremagniflci nt
"-tr>-5 * • ...   i -
_bc 'Dctcl Beaton
i-1 nuts si      t
--—— . -*—
■j ,,i li     .               lineal nM nf "I,.- I ni.leu* i
Ih a rn.viiie.^1 ■, ■ • . *  - 11 ■ •
ur lu rli cl.n-H ■  i*    ■ I * •        . I
i,     ■ |, led mill mi.it ion- tli I   ■  '■ -' "I  tt n es. r-i- i    -
ta i a     I ;..,..,.
■ .    Vlaihir*. .,, "lit- c .,*:    nil , .,,.
. ■ ... .
11' ii< approaching the lime to atari
■ .nl   ut.   v.. ir   summer   vacalion,
and  H'e wai.l  tun iu ii'i.-.il'i :!..
It is  t: e ], In,*,- i\ In re  11.-11 > -. r < • Ball
lie     -, I'll     III     ll   I     i|S   JJI llllilelir    llli'l
iiispiiifi'-cii■*i*. li.- hike", rivers, nnd
mountain streams are iill- 'I »ii I.
the li nv Iril.e, in .1 disciples nf
Ike W'afloii are in their glory, *> W
It iii .i resort cniirc'v free from the
mosquito pest ij) ty M tjl M tj) W
For information, write to the Secretin v of Trades Ciiniiiiittco or to
the Ubvikw.
Local A.iciit..
il IV
4 S
1?    A 1
**-TV!IKi:i:   have    I   • n   i .rlini *h
m lie   l.v    ;ii ii rinU*,   in . i -I -
III' I'     ill     l.'e.li    l.-'.-.t- .    ...ul
in  r>*   i  rn  ,. -   hui  he made it- ■ n
.       ■ ll"     11    M     I M.I   l.l    I |,lee   \,    ,i,
I lie wini   rt .iu- the   ii ii ■ est tn
t  'i<iii. il   inn- ....   Iu<   I,,     |,,,..
his iu oi   . m. ii i •■! .nn j
N.i • lei n* int.nl mn lu i i,., ll,,,|
I '.• i.i nt hei lei spol ■ li lie t .,..
t ■•   ■ '   I"   l»U»   I.  .u   I.St .t**   t mn
TROI i  I. U.I-.
Trout Lake Is Dm |.i.*ii:.**.i -,.,..
iu the Knot, ii * - . ■ o i'.'.imii e
.' h ut   n   has nu <i|.inl.     lt,n.ia -j
nil I    llal.il u    tuny   1.0    lttlllll*"Hll   in
I -t"   -. • ,i'    i   mil ;  v. nil."  hill  tt niie
III   il   ..   .1 III. .*   I-   t*. I ll 11.1 ,,.l
i lie   ni ! *.     |i s  dim..lu in mi pei I,
I I   el*e      li    j   IK     ||l,  |.|*,*|t |.    Ijttl elm S|   H
it i■ " mild iii lymcr in ■! i*< <>' i■.
hi nniei 11 en ii hi n-i of Mum,' , f
.|i * I ii** t In I* In  nml r* sutences In
|< llih.t 1 ..).....l.'.l, It-htl'l'l-. ll e
Kill     In  l|   lllll    inul  Ulll"|. ll.      Tl 	
it     lu *   ' He,   lent    t .•'■" ... I  -i..r S,
Mil.I  II  /'."i.e.*  ill   11,1* 11.lie I tl- ,    ,
in tli is imil unl ii ill -i ui Unit nil
I * n.leh in e   Toi.  y  ivel I   r   p1 fill   tl,
VV. itfl   Willi t niiii.lciif e I-. Ag *ui-.
H. McPherson
Trout* Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
Then cttll on
or   wi ite  to
I   I.   ■ i . \, i lun! i.    • i„ , .,        lis
||l 0« III  I ti-  hi ■ i,   ... |,.li Ill-
It      III nil     .  f     I ill   lllll,   e.      Ill  il
•I"' '•' II ■ I it   . I   III    i	
"•' He < .1 |, A i r. iHs (ii i .*
I "' ■ -'" i   h ml to Trotii  I   i *      It
"■      'l'l        Cli   III.  I'   l.il      Pl   ||l ic     ■    |      ll
'   I I" ft       ll  11 .III      dl, ti .1 |     |, li      tlie
cimlliiei.l   and has . . • I n i  f . -i
"' -   | " i ' i <l   In     il,,-    In,|ei al
I unl- I'   l ii.-i .l,-i .   I i -i  il,... st l in i
a no i n i. n   u. .'t i I he   	
lloi . I *-. Shin im n. I. A : n :.•■ il
»'1' ' " -it in , l" i. ii nn . i , ll.. • • ;
' ' UU*. < * nn nnn it- : Mi lli tliht
1 l"*""t *'l m .1 .Viiflicni . I,i.r. I . m
and i, i i,*.,,  |l(li. j,„|
I here i re < all H I h* mm It lai <'*■
"" 'I' ol I-I li.- fl Weill I \z mi i It i .
1 - I' " I or  i... nice nre  u hi i li
'''''. ' h   hi n.i Mm it i'i   u Hi n
cup , in uiciM i n f,  |,,, ,i, (   j .,,
t   0   I mil   , ( id,.   I„|,,.      f| ,.  ,, j, ,„
. '■' il iiimy   mc   | n\ii|' i ni  l.ijfjii r
I I". IC. IH ,,,.,, ,,„,._ vj,|, „, „
|.-.'-|l( tr-   I,| I |)j| (,   |,j,  n,.!,   I  , ,'j,,.   ,   i
,,, 11
II ore  will  I,,  n  i,',, ,|,,|, i|lf,
N'*".      tO      If     \ui,       t(,,|,|,|      I,, ,,u
more, write m once to . jtl. i of
■■"' eg. mi. .,), t|„. Bildresi.es hclow.
F. B. Wells
Ccncrtl A*jent
Revelstoke, B.O.


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