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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-05-17

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Full Text

 IIus a liifg er cu'cu-
lation tluui any
Newspaper in N.
Kootonuy, Beet ad*
yertising  medium.
UAlt^^vL    -<^t*£-W.'    **-******
ming Review
»*».■* t«T*we»***.fi:."j.*Mfc
The representative I
ol thp rich Lardean I
cQun,tr1y. Sent to, •
AM tpidr.ss for $2
»fjij-if.n, ip advance.
VOL.. a
Provincial,Land Kui'ieji.r.
ii*iii-..'I Claims Sm. eyed
■ inl Crown (Irants Dm .I.i. J
*,.ii,.-   N»xl Rsoord U8I. •
I  LiikCi u .'
TROUT UAK3 CITY, B.C..  Hay 17, u>o_
No. 29.
■*-*• m tmt^m* ~ *+,
•**''•>"•*<    11   Li* Ly  in ui   Unit   u
*•'" ' ■,|" i" in iii" lii-t hiibllvailr.il
,    ."'.'"I   ...  ll,"   I'.lili.b  r,,i,|,„l,l;l   .Ij,/, |,„
J     intend   i"   ni'ply   in    ilm    i,|,i,.i
••"innii--:,.,,,.,-,,, 1 „,„', tt|M| u-,„. „ (ii|
1 """'-I In-ciic,. I,, i'u| ,,,,,! nUl, .,„„,
J"i.'"i'i (mui Hui fplbmli,.. ,1,., ,,i„.,|
I101.lt. sii.1,11,.,1 i„'\*, ,.M ■<„„,
' "   I.    r.tiniiii'i
liin I ivesl mi (jlinliii   1! ci ci  unrih mi clistftii
'.-Cl."   I'M:-'    hi'   ,-1,1,1,       |„   (be, pi.lntoflB . .    ^ [_
.,*•! (I    IV,
I April I7lb,
I!   1 K.W 1:
l.lil.siill, nguiit,
Kaslo Celebration.
%     Local end General. Thiirfdt***;  ncxl   Victori*   Day,
X*ty\X-$yV&M%<#$M^bMw^>.$v t! • 1 "i1"'' i l-isip "ill ■ .-;i-i.,-..if
A first-class program of -:„,:tsh,i-
pins .0 11 ■   ■ i-li.i,., ,1
■-nill -I..,." i.i Tr.,nt I al;,. i,l„,|.t
ii-   bcii'lii
Ilm   In,ci   I
f in I l.e llir,-1
,     a  M.mru-i. 1    •*   ll.in,)
i   m  PlN.ll 11 iv
■ HOLlCITOriH, l-u.
hevulitokc  to, c
,    . ;,., Impl 1.11I limit . I     .'
Ut Kl>    C      ELLIOTT,
1'fiii.it:, in' .
■ 1 ake, D C.     and i". r ;uaon.
* Rdsacfng «■
t    Hill,in
lliil  |,,,l,lic:ll 1,1,1
■ . ilimnl .ii . In-, r-,-
J,1'".  V'"". ''"''■' ' •*1*-« .'i. n nii.t.1 1 .'lien! n. ainr<ly '" Iln* Hoi. . i- .-
1  '    ■**»*«>«   *   1 ii* '. ■ 1 1  1' * 1." I'iini:iiis« -1  ii r.anils nn.l Wmi
' •''''" smith HO rhaiiis, Hi i,cv.,-i sn 1 i-itcciul iiciM.ii,. tn  rnt nnd t'sin   u
'"■. 'In-,,,,.  i„.,:i,  .„, , |, , 1       1 ,. ,. ,,.1,.    ,.,,, ,   ,| ..  foUbuiiifi ,1.--  nl„ :
BU  I'liaittl   ,(i   |«iiu| .,1
Tin*  1 ittiadian   l'ntiiii*   Lumber
Co ,    Ltd ,    is llll* I (IV Ilu'l.e of   tl.e
old  Canadian  Timber nnd   Sawmills,   Lid.     Ii   ii* reported   they
,1111,11 in 1
■ ill* iti  . ,    \\'.-,.i Ko.otei m ■
1 1 11       1 .  .,.    I n p -1 i-l. 11.1.-, 1
t ic 1
11,, 11,
Nn   .',    1 . 1, ;, . ,        j    ■ ,  j
II III!     n ■   ll   -1 ■■!,   .  !   I .     . |, ,1,1
- "  1   .. 1 11,. umi
11," tlipiico 11 cil.  BU ilm 1 , -, r.
■'< I'm lib ilium ..1 I'r,.nt I.,.I.,-. nl„,i.t
1 n 'le- tr. m 11. ni l„n;c ("in    marked
"A    .1 li ,i'   1, '-    iifirtl  fi   r  - timer
will    put
in   11   tr. Ireful   Eton)   nt
bi n arranged and nothing bjl
royi I v..!.ilui is i., i di,1, to make
ilic duv 11 memorable one in ibe
history ..j Kaslo.    'lhe f P.R. will
Hci .   ,
i'i sin.   Ib. ,-i.,,
- I.",, .- lu ilc 1 (ilm . 1
Wiil .l'l,,,
I • ' (I.   '|\ .   \ I'i., S ..., 1,.
IliM I, ,,: |7|
■■I  .
;   ni.I PUrsr ...
1      1
la 0.
2 ..
.   1 00.
ti Ml
SHANNON,  f.ss.iver
Tronl i.   .•   (1
i l:\il-l;'. \l.
N'*     II
A I'   ft A U
lr>l    'lli.."'       rut 1
1111   1 *
• . -. * ,1   n      1 r.ii'i invited
i -..     I   ■    '
1    I Mi I     1 '
'•"    11
1 b.o.r
1, i.e..in,
.     .    Ii.n   »i. r-
■ ■     .
•    '**>
)•   M . fl.. I I.   .
'ioliec in I       I.y |
in.. 1.1. mh* ii in. 1 l.e tn.-i . .;
!"•'  UtliWl I'',lun I
I    i11111111    t,1 11
-l-l.lll.ll III
' • «l L" ' 1 nins, tl tli  -n di in
• 1 -1..in..-  it, il •• 1 - ,  ■ .
S«.      . - 1. 11.-,. M i- st,. 1   -1 |'anted
i.n ii,. ■ -, ...-:  ,. if i
: -,! ,-( ity, ti,.
1 ". ,-• corner
ll ■ -   ibenci
s»i   (.il.aliie, 1 'li 1 OU
' \. *>'- l , in, Minrl
, . : 1. I
li. - .     ;    .,,  t   ,   1
nuiniciiccineni \   il     \ha\1mi\
1       ' '    '•' . :,'.■:
1.  - Ai ri| ITil ' • -
,- ,- . -
: in ' .    1  ,   ■ - 1       io, :
Hoi I'hlel Com
■   ,
issue tickets for the
sinale fsje, tii.' s .*   I'm tyr \
Milll'ili    Llll'dill    'ir.l   l'l,-    .'I...-   '"'■■    poi   I    pf)   U'cdt,*-ilil_V next nt
Jund made r. trip over the stinimit
I., the IJtini .rn     , ;
b)g ":111c last week     Tli
a silvei'-tip,  bul   Mr   Hr   in
r.iUtid   I rip nt
The foil.,uii:_  is  tin
Lead Situation
'•■;.•■  ii, genrch ..{. pi'ot'iiun
yp|tir.,  :       I   ,i-.tliiii!i. inti !•,..(•< i-sinii: I'liriid"
•0I teJ   wi ! ri.i.' from   I' ":,'ti.   BjreN I i.i.il
pn ■• ed utt Front j (reel, forming ns
■ '•• loi:owa,Calathump\anlUnd,noilti,
characters,   etc,    barktown   fin-
Iowa the »   1 *   iff}tQ the riyer nnd
droit ning liimnglf.
I'lll'.r.m l.LAI) STILL RISING
Thi •■ ■*■! mi  laing d inln,1 for
sports,   jriy   yitrdn lend i*1 indicative of an ern of proi
fhe  annual   V'eatry   Meeting nfjopeu footrace. Ilfft pfijp ifl'i;" _n'd jserlty through nil the Lardeau ind
l i   England  will   bejpri?"  I|      Boy's race,  under  |8|Slocan.     Fo/ ma,ny yes,ra the lead
In Id  n       .   irday  next at 8 p m
\ 11 n •   ro invited in be ] re*
■ I'tior. of officer! [or
1)iat 1;,: were prac-
y»n..ftrel'Ptijg M ; ircnm) priie| ,f . ,
11 ;  >■> yards  lion3   race, ooen 'q ,,
br.v* linger lo yejjre, :.i-i | risef2■  1'ce.Hjr neglected unle|i  tb • silver
sei   nd prize  |1.     Baseba/1 lesma| values were   u   .  lal     lygli,    In
.*. Cnral aril Oinifral. .*.   .
$1*3 00 HKWAHD.
I will pay fifteen dollars reward
io any person who will give information wLi. li will cause the arrest
and conviction of the party, o*-
parlies who shot dog belonging to
me on Saturday night or Sunday
morning lu|.    0 B. N. WILKIE.
Ttin   lSrtiiMlvicw  trail   is  nearly
. leur of Snow.   Two cars of ore. is ,
out sacked atul ready for shipment
as soon a' horses enn   gat oyer the
Ed, Morgan will leave about thu
1st nf June fur tbe Yukon to prospect for a -yii.li' nl./ of Kaslo and
Nelaon men.
■     ,t   a
un. . .     .-ne
• i ■■   ' i nml cnri
-   ■ them      It
. . ■    ; nt nl thc present time to
:.  nan shoqt i.k
Inll ■      • t ':..." :     '   1
r    let and worrying
„   ,,. ,. ...  the stock   is
trail, nUiiu oivned   by   the
marki -i ' c   .i     . owner of the d
lhe ei   .. •   i   ir nnd *.tli», !,'.-i-. f on; > •. •-.!., i r.vi  spd Kaalo will 1900 t'ie producer o] lpa.il wns sub-
;,.,:..*.*_•.    ' r-tapsliooiingop, Water iect   *,,   n  ,*,, ,M »nd tr, . ,,,..,
Street,    beliii,d     ,\.     I     Uarliind'i. ,       ,   *,,.,-a   i          ,i                   .
,,                i    .,             i ri'" .1  IzZ.ftO  finiii  the   nearest
\  | , ,-an) ||  ,|   .,- ' Ran !  | iradc  t*. geminds.
.     " g .,,,,,  point of liansporlnlign, whieh was
n*j ..   :   down   hole, nt tlmt time  Thon    n i  Landing,
4II>. lis miners  f in   > '* ■ I. duration   tvhil
■   | lim
\   '* i ■ l I \ v
i • i ii. \\ .  ".I.i. il.,in .--.ii. agent.
i drilling }0 minjllef, prize |50
iliuril piir.ide from recreation
ground.-* Jdg-o£-war on A avenni .
prize $50. Gran I ball in Eagle
Opera honee in evening.
Dated.*, ril i.n.   II*
aa i
i   t i njt.li   In Ibe   I
ti. -t   is,, nei   i   .-'.'.,
•   -•  ,,
norll let 80
'*. tic   'mint
ut 900 fe. t i i   •   .
' ;■'■"""
Inl:.-. 11.  \\
■.     . ■     .
0   V. . \   |; mi .', i|.t).N,
"  '•:>■(   r    n >-• .,*' wilfully si
I I '.-.'.'■'
STuraj aub OJrarral.   .'.
iad i's natal .Inv ip not fur off,
ol n :- uii ih t" him but
125.00. When the c *t of packing
n d freighting waa added to the
f.tijilit nnd treatment it imih a
charge on ihe .silver values of ir..in
$5 i.. f2U per ton.
Ur-'duallv.  however,  the   table
hn* been turning.    Ill the summer
Wc have repentcdly asked all
those who had book.*, from the
(ioveriiment library to return
tin in. There are some slill out.
We say once more : PLEASE
oring them back.
The liret social function si the
rapidly growing town of lierrard
ivrs a dunce which took place at
" Fairview " one night last week.
Mrs. tiieiin had Iho floor of the
dining room in very good shape,
and a pleasant lima waa passed.
The drchestra was .eonducled by
Js.k  1'. in.btirdt, whilst Jim Craig
,\ _ K il,lttde ttn  lfficient m"9lct  0f cere-
L'  • ingha*!  been done terminal poinrat Trout Uke City,
-  .
KC ;■     i'-Ob
your hat
i I    irrsnging s pruj:*aiii of which cut off tlie expensive freight*      ,.    j_    j|rUgb   left   Wednesday
it I uke is the central
I t thi   Who's  district, and
toi   the SUC-
■  il   h!1  take  n
t~\ n r* ' ■■"•''■• __-____-_{,_ *Jt'tttr. ____ia
r   lIVTI    .   t\P\    Tl "' {j?¥.~*.TZtw ._!__»_
i J J Li L LLO V. Ai \J\J |    _ _' f *r i. t* 11 'A i"
w *>1 i* + J.' X XI
.it.-_.tr.     .in     i-i-i ill '_ > T.	
'i in re will   ■ *.   sefvioe
1    .        oi    -
,    ■ Vi I
  ,i -       et that the
il   lhe    i ':.•'•'       •''"    ' •*' '•■■•  * ■ '  Trout Lake
i-.i.uii   Ik-er,  nf Kajdq,   will  take  ihe  matter  in hand and
the    ro o*.eratiou    ol    Ferguson
\1.L    AM'    RETA1
-,        in all kinds •■' Pi osh Mi r.l
1 i:ul  I  I \KI    l: I
IF. B. We!
Rl vil RTOKE, D i
k   *
■      *
- ... ibe
ui i;i:*.\
... ;.;:■'-.:
Ginyer Ale
Girj-ytr Desi'
Cream Soda
ij        Lerrior,r»de
GhanipaqriQ Cider
I Club Soda Water
'..id Mineral V_atsr
-  •
Thorpe (^ Co. |
•X'rliuut. S
I   .     .    ■. becauae   u   i. ws-
yery scrap of
no |
-... IVe
■.. i ih
..   we  maki
5     * ■    ■    . i tuie
B of rj
I en -.:.'
1 reader, I
p    : iv lhe
I l*\ pump
g I _.
i.-KM Th.niiHoir. lni.li"'B a nd n-   mf,riling  to  do aome work on hie
duced  the £r**i,_ht  and   treatment ,.| ,inig
rate to *17 .'o     Shorjly  after thi   ' -*1	
Dominion gp veil) men I   i rovi li I a      Waller and Thompson are mak-
lionand   bounty of   flo  per  !-"  on lead,   hil-_**.»l progress on their lease ou
whie_   wan.    ofoonrm,   so   much , V'ne and Nine mite dumps,
found for thu bad miners. "
The call ..r demand   'or lead.'    Tin Stlvor Cup has a smsll crew
however,   continued    about    the »• **"rk (."■it'"1*** *he «>'•>*•in 8h"*Pr-
mi ne,  and    notwith '     ling   the 	
•c     granted     there    v. h*      T.  E.  Ehrehart eipeots to get
Is toi thi      il fti •-, lu^-nf WHr.
g  contest   log rolling, foot
racing   and    horse-racing   i*.   i I
Ian   i-he enterlain'ng capacity t..
i in-t tii^etiicr and
map out linns i.iitl there can '.. no
doubl as t*. ii- success
materially no iotetfease in lbs Lnr-  matters  in  sha|*e to resume work
dean's   prodii'tioii.     11.     .!• iiiand    in the l.inkv Hoy next Week.
.    .       I    I      1 .'.  '
'.      •..-.•  now
E    H.   Vipond   in   putting his
I acking outfit  in  shaj.e to com
i.i.•nf.- ll    - ilii 1!   .-
... g  ii,  n   ; i - .r mithiug
■    •
: •:.-  " i ■;
.    -  ■  . by .'un   '
r.l   iln   I   plai   Nuggel    Jin
.:. uteat
.. ;.  i . ..    i  i   -: v   ., t       IL     - ■ •'   nnd
■I   iff li     efforts nre
• 1   to   gr ita Hit*! . .i nth
iln j,';.-i' in rretised. sn i  :
- :- !.. gel the ..re fir I I    I r:.|.
from H7 60 id #1.1 ti. n t.i |I3 |.or
ton     Several  lime*, during 19015
tl •• I runs f!6 on the
latioi   CIS la   Ad. to
-   , •    ii-   10   dii -i'i" i red.
thus  placing  the induatry on  n
i   basis.      i
bevel, r.   is   not  tl.   , NS ilia'
ti. ■ seme to
Jnck Nesbit is doing some goot
work on the Morning and Evening
at Rapid Creek.
K R Vipond and imrtners are
preparing to re-open tho Nobln
Five at the bead of Rnwn Creek.
PIANOS.—-The famous Gourlay
is   ihe one to buy.    It is not a
cheap piano whin  you  buy, but
the p  • iu-.-r .-.!. n.tv was j you find you have practised econ-
„■! ,.■.!•*.:: ':.• f*ei tb*.' lead itseltjomy  when  you  have tested  and
h In si of
\our i id* rs
Sl ] ii B.
Bring in
i| pi cia
fi el i "i.i. leut of bi?
Watch this space. Something you will profit
by will appear shortly.
The 1 ri* ■• * i isiul o:. ibe I." d •!
:. .i.i. Hill  rising,   lues    i -
i . ■   i n b i" 17 ! ■ "• i   a t..ii
Silycr declined tn on bo I.
markets,   bul   ii- etijl  yerv high
I'i i A ii.i ii.ii u price   r**esday was
.',,',;     C   nlS    .Ul    Ollll) . !■( I ft     Is
iii_b mid unchai g< *>
Malcolm  Mathieeon  an I   Bill)
Tii.iiiis, ,i|1( up fr.tin lli rrard f *i
n vitnl Mnl* "'in intends ' • open
up tbe t .*|i|. r Chief as ftB.in »r
conditions will permit
W.     Md can,    i I    ibe     1 rub rill
Drewiug • '••■  ""I  Tljorpo'e  Hods
\\ ati i   M orks, i»ald a dying visit
to the dlsll cl lbir* «■   '.
Tin* only Hilly Miillin Is expected back from Npw Vork on or
about the *ir_ * of June.
You wiil be greatly Interested and Pleased,
John J..bu* i.n lift on Tueed ij
morning for tlje Kva mine,
t'ounly f'< nit will bo held at
In.ut l.nl.e i Tuesdav, ".'"th inst
Among (lie I NBi - un the docket are
a couple of I'anudiuu I inibir mid
Sawmill pases, which will <•
Mime of the celebrated chirecten
nf that defunct company to come
iu and view the result of their
huge mismanagement.
Owing to several of OUI football
players arriving tj:o late on Monday's boat, the p'oposid match at
Ferguson wstj temporarily abandoned.
\i being i" ked for ec i the d* mand
ever   increasing,   and   from   the
- • \; reesed by ihnse who
ii r * in ii position lo know, it is not
rhis d ii       I u  I "f .i ne •■ isiti
upon Up t:
of the Lardeau by men who want
rmiiiet uti.l will make mines
to gat it. and ti e era i f stildi itting
wlnn pr*ipcrti*s were | si lly openi .1
up for tl..' pur use ot sellings! '^
inly will < ■ ■-•■ l'eii.iiu. oi lhe
Pilol H.i> smelter, and the Canadian Bmelting Works at Tr.iil are
already looking nf'. r properties
in this d.ivi->i**n They want !"ad
..re and io *k on ihe Lardeau as a
gOfld    p| ic-    t..   c* I    it.     We   f el.
therefore, Uml ».• oan claim con-
tilt.ntlv thnt ths I ardeau iu the
i.-ii fuliir-' bv virtue of hcrlirge
depnsils of thai liiiufial will be a
hive of imiustry
T II Haker, lute niSUSgl r ol the
b.mk here, osine. in on Ssturdav
i.inbl to r. new old frieudsbipr.
I Ii is nlwavM a welcome visitor,
nnd uc trust it will nut be long
bed.re We see Lijii again.
.Ise. A. (iritbth mid family re-
icrned from Midmtv on Monday
4U4jl\Jr (iriUjth has cb»s<'d out his
business there snd wi'l herenflcr
di vote hie entire eiienji-s lo '1 rout
tried it. When you want an in*
strutnent see the loc.il agent,
Murray. He can At you out with
any stylo and at sny price and
terms.    J. C\ Murray, local agent.
Miner's licenses expire 31st May.
Don't forget it.
W. Me Lend, assistant inspector
Dominion Fisheries, wilh P.C-
Simpioii visited Uerrard on Monday to look into the matter of
-|,eating fish at thnt |>oint.
Frauk Landrian cume in from
tbe Eva on Wednesday in do bis
aseesiments on the lloiuestake
group on Lucky Doy hill.
Mr. Dan Williams left for his
home in Montreal on Monday.
Mi. Williams has been in poor
health for MM time and hopeithe
trip east will pi..ye lienetkial. Wa
hti s rry lo lone him from our community, bul tiust ere long he will
return with renewed health and
lieo Alexander, of the Ferguson
Mines, Ltd , is expected in Monday.
.lack Staubet vinited   Revelstoke
during tbe week on business.
The foundation of the new mill
nt Gerund is ueariug completion.
bout BO men are smployed on
construction work. Arthur (Jow ing,
who bas the contract for logging,
will pul in a second camp thia
coming week.
Andy Ctaig and Arthur Gowing
are visiting the Okanagan country this wcok purchasing horses.
book-binding department had their
Mrs. < Mother) Uurroll paid a annual i ictiic on Monday last,
visit to the Lumhe'ropolis st the (ierrsrd wae lhe venue, where a
foot of the Lake on Wednrsd.y       hsppv day wai •.fnl
Hugh   McPherson   and   Robert
t*cott are installing the waterworks
The Review rtaff and  job snd ,vl(f|_ ,t Arrowhead.
Vines Lade,   Jim   Lade, {Have
McLconan and Hugh McDonald,
'd Cstsborno, were * -inters lo-dav LARDEAU MINING REVIEW, TROUT LAKE CITY, B.C.
■By  FR.tMi   HARRIS
C'oi.yr.'.t, MiW, bl/ !'■ <"-  Emtnunl
Meager as wns Jenny's salary, one
half or it had paid for the tiny room on
Mrs. t'ady'a third floor ainl furnished
Jenny's Inadequate supply of food snd
clothing, and the oilier Imil' until the
la«t two months had none regularly to
her mother on the little unproductive
Rhode Island farm.
But these Inst two months Iiml made
a new division in tin* stipend Nmi' It
was In three parts, and the ttllrd went
to the fourth floor of Mrs .'mil's apart-
munt house to a room even more tiny
and bare than her own. She bad beard
a low mouninc one day, apparently
from the room above, and bad gone up
and tapped snxioasly on 1 iif door Sot
eral minutes bad passed before she
heard a feeble step screes tlie Boor, nnd
then Ul* door had opened, ami she I.ml
looted Into the tweetest. most refined
old face ihe ua.l ever seen, but, oh, ho
wan and patient and hop
No, nothing was wonted, lbs old wc*
man said. She bad only lost coutrol of
herself for a moment; that wn mi,I. And
■be imlled with pitiful cheerfulness as
she closed the door.
But Jenny bad seen enough. 11i.it
face and one brief glimpse into the
room beyond lent ber hurrying down
stairs after her own bowl of soup und
bit of bread and butter. And in spite of
Ihe old womun'a protests and entreaties
obe had literally forced her to ent.
laughing, but unyielding and firm. An.l
■with ths first spoonful of soup there
had come ■ light Into tin* woman's
which made Jenny turn abruptly am!
walk to the one small window, choking
back something In her throat It wns
as she bad SOSpSCted, only worse. Tin*
eld woman bad been literally starving.
Sine*   tlien   they   had   been   good
friends, Jenny, tender and Imp."
bringing her own oil stov* und provl
slona to tbe fourth Boor room, so that
ther* should be no more question of
hunger, snd tho old woman depn
nr, but yielding.   It mean) less fur lhe
hardworking mother on tl.e farm nn.l
less   for   herself,   but  Jei ■
thought of these tl, ago,    Her mother
would have it so, she knew    Tl.
woman was In fn than tli.-jr
and should be looked ufi* ■
And now had come a pi r. 1U00, and
with It she would have t„ lonve the
apartment house nnd board la lli* family of her employer. Uut tli- old trom
an should have the oil stove and the
small supply of provisions on band,
and—yes, slit should have the bit of
carpet the bad bought. It would be
worm for the poor old '.
So when she went up io the fourth
Boor to any goodhy she carried tin*
bit of can""t snd s teapot snd some
books she thought Uie old woman might
like to read. An hour was spent In
talking and planning, and then she
turned to leave, tlie old woman follow
Ing ber to the door.
"I wlU not try to thank you, dear,"
she said softly "Words nre so Insde
(juste. Hut yon know' (bs removed
a quaintly wrought elrelet of gold from
her finger and slipped It on one of ,|,n
ny'o— "I want you to wear tli'* ',. rt
member me by It Is not valuable er.
cept for association and tradition, Mi
father brought It from India an.l gme
It to me long, long ng... nl.cn I WSS n
hUlt girl He said the • i. setting
waa a juck stone and thai lbs ring
would be a talisman to gnud fortune."
Rht smiled lustfully and tdded, "'
hop* the fortune will t>* better for TOO
than It has been for me, di
An hour later Jenny was in a si reel
car on the wny to the new boarding
place.    Opposlle  her snt   s   man   ni.
teemed to be looking through thi
dow  st her  back,  lint  fr,,m  tll
time, when her gSBS rose suddenly. sl.<*
found lilm looking straight »• her,   lie
hid been on the sidewalk when she left
the apartment house and bed boarded
tiit same car and changed at the same
trUafcr.  but  of  that  she  would  nol
hart   though'    for   inch   r., ncidcnce*
tonld  easily happen  In  a -ity.    Onl/
Vhan she vain slighted tad tin •»*•
e,e|.|,*si ir*.      r lu iii>. udewu h 	
tiijutuiy lamed to inm. ber ci*** flash
"Are   yoa   following   nie?"   sue   de-
'I lie man smiled assenting!,*,.
"Why, yes,  I   mm   us  -> knowl
edge i imve been," be replied, "I
wanted tn i.e perfectly sure first, imt
It's all right. Vim m | gmt along
wiih me to iln* police station, yon
know." at the Incredulity and horror
In her face.   "I am it detective."
"itut what for'/" indignantly,
"Oh, Just for tbe ring on your Iln
gut," easily, "though nf course you
know    It's been in tbe BOOHS tb* lust
<en any8—only ring llko il in the i n-
iry, big reward nud nil that,   What
puzzles   me,   though,   is   you   being  so
simple ns to pin il on openly.    We were
given ii  iiim   i.y yuiii'  landlady  this
nnn'iiing   Hint   a   ring   s Billing   like
I the mie advertised mis in her house,
Inn trom whet sin* said we had nn Idea
I it was worn i.y an old woman.   I've
I lien iiii the watch several hours.  Now
''..un* iili.ng.     If yoll don'l liinke n fuss
we can walk quietly nnd nobody will
i Jenny's bead was iu a whirl, The
ring mis evidently Btolen, but she did
noI  for il I neiil lliinli of lhe old woman ns a llilef, anil yet she claimed lo
have owned  the ring -since she was il
young girl.
"There's snnie mistake," she faltered.
"ur course there is." cheerfully, "and
it's im. bad in put you in so much Inconvenience, Um you'll Imve lo go nml
explain to the Judge ami to lhe owner
of lhe ring, who will l.e telephoned for.
Vim ,:in dn iiim easily enough." Ami
iii.* officer grinned sarcastically.
When ihe owner came he proved to
l.e a young man, tbe s.-i.t of whom
brougbl a quick ii'isii in Jenny's face,
lie was the son of He man lor uli,.in
she wmked.
"Wim11    Y.iu'r" lie cicliilnied, then In
tin* officer "You have made u mistake
This young lady"
"Goods found on her." Interrupted
tlie officer laconically.   "Look at inr
"l don'l care," vehemently. "She isn't
the one." lie glanced at lie circlet on
Jenny's Bnger, and an odd look came
lo blS face ns he ail,led, '■Besides. Hie
ling Isn't in Iln* least like mine not iu
the least."
"Exactly like your description," dryly, "nn.l i believe ynur advertisement
added tbat the name 'Elolse Kevins'
wns Inside. Suppose we lnnk mnl se,*."
"No. no." hastily "It isn't worth
while    The ring is entirely different"
But Jenny was slipping tbe run.' from
her linger hurriedly.
"It  is "Helolse,1 not  'Klol.se,'  Inside,"
she cried.
"Wliail"    The  young   man   took   the
ring and examined it eagerly, Incredu
"It must he Aunt HelotSe'S." he sni.l
at lust in nn swed voice, "Qrondfstber
gave a ring in each of his daughters
bllt    Alint    BelOlSe'S    WSS    I'.st    nr   Slip
posed in be when her vessel went dnivn
in mldocean twenty years ago."
"Your Aunt Helolsa is alive In nn
eu^t sub* apartment honse," exclaimed
Jenny, "or nt least l saw tbe name
'Hclnise .Sm ins' in some bunks, and
their owner gave nn- this ring."
"Case dismissed," said the Judge
briskly. "Officer, bring up the next"
sanitary advantage <>f the paper towels
for public wash rooms, school mid Institution use is rea.iiiy apparent   why
nre  they   not  Just   Ihe   thing   for  the
kitchen?  Purchased in quantities, ihey
est uliout an eighth of a cent apiece,
nnd the siiiing in laundering is even
greater than the cost of buying. New
York l'ost.
Our  nf  .li.    I lever  Arllsla  of  llir  Helm rt men I   nf  Aurlenll in-.'.
Miss Louise Uoueiislciii Is one nf Ilu*
staff of clever women artists employed
I.y the United Slates government. Mis.
llniveiislcin's work is lhal nf milking
line drawings for scientific purposes,
and she Is engaged lu the eutomologlcal
dlvlsloQ of ihe department of agriculture,   Her enlarged pen snd ink uml
tine brush sketches of in..Hi mnl butterfly, beetle mnl worm, are nothing short
of exquisite in their handling of tba
delicate feathery wing, Ibe si ler antennae ami Hn* liny head purls.
Miss    I li.iveiislein   deserves   especial
credit  fnr the excellence nf her  work,
since the has accomplished it purely
through ber own bard work nmi perse
Terence.    She has never hud am   teach
Tlila    Dllllcull     Work     l»    I'rrf.irinr4
Wry    A, ll».l.'.ill.i.
Kiigi'iivlng nn diamonds can be l"'i'
formed ill n very effective manner It
is iriie a feu m.i icry arlislicall.i en
grin oil   stones   were   found   in    India.
an,i a iiiuiiii.ii.i mi which ihe portrait
nt  the king nf  II..linn.I   was engraved
WHS   -Imii n  ul   Hie  I'niis exhibition   in
isis    iiiii iiie inul, mis I in perfectly
executed,  and   the stOliea  looked  as   il
ihey  hmi i n deadened rather Ibao
Itecenily,  however,  accord
Serving  Frnlf.
The Ideal housewife Is the one who
can serve plain food In u perfect manner.   Keen Water can look so iinilttrilc-
tlve Unit one does not care lo drink it polished
unless   ft.reed   by  extreme llilrst.    Ten lug  In   lhe   I'l.leluienlall   ln.llislrie.   lhe
and  coffee lire Simple beverages,  very Paris jeweler,  llnnlliiol,  has produced
easy   to  make  In   lhe  right   way,   but some  very   beautiful specimens nf en
quite ns often  spoiled.   Fruit can  be gnu inns mi diamonds.    Aiming Other
served so attractively  that one really things, he bus iniiile a yataghan hauiig
wants to eat II, or ,t can he placed up- S  Hun  diamond   for  lhe  I.hide  mul  a
ou the table in a manner to repel.   An ruby  I'm'  the handle,    Worthy ,.f  iiii
orange with u clean skin placed on a IC also me a  large circular stOI II
spotless plate with a silver knife and ivblch a  pansy  wilh leaves is cut  uml
spoon us  bright ns  band can  make a knife  made of two dlamoudi    A
them ami flanked by a bowl contain—g very artistic pice nf work is s blcj
tepid water, also placed in a piste, but de baying two diamonds for Its wheels,
with ii dainty dolly between them  is tbe spokes of which are represented i>*
appetising,  whether you can* for or- lines cut In tbe diamonds snd the axles
Up  t-.  her  chamber  window
A sHkih  wire in Ills .mc*.
Ami   up   llns   K 'S   Isddi r
l'l rs  u   bold   IVhltS   ruse.
I lounue Iii Ihe Ilex ihsdOWSI
I att Hit lady It *"
Unelusplll       101       -I" II   i:'"1 S,
Tlm cm lain   folds   b   IWti tl
sii« smiles mi Ii.t « hltt rost loveri
sn,- i, a, in s ,,ni her i.-""I
A-S.l  lull's him   In  ul   iht   iilndniv
i ite ii when I standi
To her scarlel Up shs holds blm
And kisses him many u llmi
Ah.   in.-.  'I   mis In-  Ihttl   "  '..  her
Hei suit in* darti 'I"'1''
Th,,mi.-i   B  i    Aid.Id..
^mr**^    vfv_____:*____■______
lw*_     v____R__ ____T_B__r
T__-     ____r
-____•*»'"             ___l   Ht
unges or not. And that is the way
dainty women serve fruit in the natural    Minneapolis Tribune.
Ilecnnllone  Vr-rana  duller.
Do have harmonious colors iiiiii tones
In the furnishings and picliir.*s ou the
i..i nm boles bored through ihe ecu
ters    Another diamond i- i in in ths
shape "f  u   Bsh, and a  very  beautiful
brooch consists ..r a icarabaeus stu
rounded i.y sapphires and brilliants
The mosl remarkable of nil is ■ ring
ii nn I <- of a diamond    'ihe Inner lur
walls, biit do "eliminate clutter" iu the   (ace Is polished ami tin ter surface
She   lit..-,*.
A  young   lawyer   had   become   very
much attached t" a certain young wo
man who was lomewbal celebrated
among Iht friends for her repartee
The only obstacle In ihe pathway nf
tin* young man wai bis exceeding ihy
nsss, for, while slwsys In command nf
himself jn the courtroom, he became
almost   speechless   lu   lhe   presence  of
Us  mi.nill  one.    As one  method of
showing In- devotion, it was bis ens
t<.in lo shower his iiiaiimrata with presents.
lhe young lady's mother, being far
from satlsBed witb ihe status of the
ease, broached the subject
•My dear," she said, "you have let
iiiss Mirisi: iiowksstein.
lug ai uii beyond some guidance given
ber by her mint, lo whose position in
tin* ilit isi.tn she has recently sue led,
uml tbe fad that  she is a  very young
woman imi 1 guns added Internet to
ber laurels,
After tin* death, some two years ago,
of Miss IPuvi'iistcin's mint she was up
pointed to the position, which she bas
filled wilh increasing success.   Not only
is -in* busily ai hi ok making these
delicate drawings .if the Insects, hut
is also experimenting In mounting
them, for ber ..wn satisfaction, umi is
Incidentally gaining mucb scientific Information about both the Injurious uml
beneficial specimens    Washington Post
linine.   Children  will naturally despISS
these adornments, which are continual
ly entrapping their unwary feet or be
lug turned topsy turvy by their small
hands even when they don't mean l<>.
Encourage children and young people
Hi iniike collections *.f objects from nature—ferns, wild flowers, si..lies, lichens
nnd curious growths. Provide suitable places  for these, stimulate the
wish  to arrange artistically and  then
insist upon elimination the moment
these decorations degenerate luto "clutter." In this way there "ill be change
wilh.nil decay.   Mothers' Magaslne,
Trim Parlors.
artistically engraved, There ars also
brooches in tbe form ..f files, tbe wings
being represented by thin eugraved
diamonds; also .11.1111111111- witb armorial
bearings e, g. shin stmis umi sleeve
links with the Russian -inns engraved
ou them,   i-'orineri.i only iiu. surfaces
 l.l   In*   polished,    bul    II..nini,,I    has
succeeded   In   polishing  concave   pails,
ns. for Instance, the body ..mi tall • f k
Bob .unl u.e iiinei surface *.r 1. ring
Willi  his  tools  be can   not   only   in.ike
straight lines, bul slso model freeU
These tools are ins min Invention, ..mi
il Is -luted that only his soil is allowed
lo  use  ihen..     They   arc   the  retail of
many yeara' labor, of line workman
"Too prim uml inn r..rmal" Is the pro-    ship and very diitl.nli 1., handle    Only
within ihe last fen- years bas ,1 1.."
possible i" bore boles In diamonds and
arrange ihem alternately null pearls
..11 a string This wnrk 1- mm regular
ly done In diamond cutting eatabllab*
noiinceiueut of Cardinal  Qibbons «.u
the homes of many American women.
He snys such places make a visitor feel
uncomfortable.  The cardinal has noted
that  the  average   American  parlor  is
too "company-like."   Everything la set   Bents   Scientific American
nt rights, nnd it is obviously a show 	
place.   He says every room In 11 bsppy •"•*• Wa****es nf Gallia*.
home sin,uld lime the air of being oc
copied und enjoyed. Honks should be
lying around, and flowers and music
should be seen. Honks are the index of
the life of every household, s.iys lhe
prelate, and they should be chosen
A  VVomnn'a   Plea   I'nr  I'neketa.'
Today petticoat pockets or safely
suspended pockets or. In fact pockets
nt ull. would sp til our entire scheme nf
decoration; therefore we women urerc-
duced to ilm handbag. The handbag,
whether "f gold studded with pjpclous
gems nt- nf Imitation leather, with a
turquoise blue giu-s clasp, is the most
•iieiitly lost Btolen, .'polled l,v-
thieves in the-sireet. b-ft mi a counter.
dropped in the-tbeat. r or slipped be-
I i-i "ic in church and sllogetber-de-
tacbed from Its-owner contrtvoi ce ever
Invented.   Is this to continue?   .'an no
Florence 1- excited over the fingers
i.f USllleO.     II  appears thai   w bmi   the
greal astronomer's body  «..- a,limited
to sepulture m tbe Florentine Cburcb
of the iit.iy Cross it. it.'.7  Vlncensio
. apponl, a prelate, i ul off witb bis on..
baud   "lhe two lingers ivhi. h h.nl will
it ii s.i many beautiful thug-       In mh
er words, be stole tbe rlgbl thumb ami
forefinger, while soother admirer iu<b
nne among "nr **" n sex arise, Bolve the
"'■    Bi      . ;■ .     nill iii,iiii.i problem   and   gain   ilm  gratitude  nf
f,,r   u    year    and    m.w   have    millions?     nr   must   we   Struggle   on,
pocket less nn.l forlorn, until s,,me
smart young man wins nn,lying fame
with ii purmis plaster purs,-, warranted never to leave ihe owner, nr. if
torn asunder by the madding en.ud,
ready to know its nun particular lady
ami walk up nnd slip Its band  into
bl rs.  just   lll.c   Hie   little .-llll 1   -lie   Wollid
imt in* bothered bringing slongt— Leslie s Weekly.
scarcely any oilier callers, lias he
ever given you to understand that bis
Intentions are serious?"
".No. Ile hasii i said anything, but I
know they are"
"How can you know It If he has said
'I be girl smiled.
"Well," she said, "you know he 1, s
lawyer, nml lawyers always corns
a   contract   with   'Know   nil    men   by
these   pre lit-.' '      111, i pel's   Weekly.
K. . e   SHU.
Keep  still.     When   trouble la  bre
lug keep still.    Win ii slander is getting    'si U.e h'fl thumb   Will. I.   .1 lasl e BOH
on ita legs keep still.   When your feel- " Ibe Florentine aiuaeum,  while Ibe
ings me wounded keep st.n until you '"" Cepponl  lingers, passing on Ibe
recover from yonr excitement   Things migration >.f Ibe bead of the famllj
look different through nu unagltated   '" |r  '" bis iteward  are mm  la
eye    Time Is n greal healing agent   ''"' i '-sum nf bis daughter, nu old
Wait until you speak calmly, and then    *V0man nf eighty four. ul... seek- I,, te
maybe there win in* no  esslty for   lleve herself from poverty by selling
speaking at ail.   Silence is tbe most   ll"'1"    s|"' had  bad offers  r. in   i i
inassne thing conceivable sometimes.   American, but. having the IndU
It Is strength in very grandeur   New   'u publish them, Florentine pal
Orleans Times-Democrat ' ''"-'' '" ;"'"'s 1""1 now demands lhal
  i u.e fingers shonld Join thai slreadj lu
old Embroider** BuSktreklcfi,    I the museum,   Worse still, payment f,>r
The next time mi embroidered bun,!    them i- refuted, snd proceedings bare
kerchief wears out take a sharp  pair    been taken I" compel ihe p,„,r ni,I  u->
of     isors and cut the embrokjery core- man to hand them over,
fully out of tbe linen ns close to the ' 	
embroidery  as possible,    it will not1 v.e_rin.t gammas Ctetboa.
ravel   if  i's   edge   is   linnly   wrought, i A   !,.g  retail  clothing  bouse  ni  .New
Tl —broidery  can  be returned'to   fork li sorelj  pestered i.y customers
snotber handkerchief if you wish, side   who order clothes, weai  them si an
stit.heil on with tiny stitches.    If It is   evening reception rn  t„ the theulci   n
an Initial letter baste it securely first.   I'"ii them next day and demand then
so it  will not be drawn out of shape   money   lnnk   ou   iln* ground   thai   tbe
J.... Whal  in. ,  limn.*.
As the Confederate  Uenerai   Harry
llcih was paaalng tbi "uniry
nfter hn adi inn e scouts on One ■
lion be came up wilh a eoilp.e of them
.- .ui green persimmons up la a   •* ""' K:"u" whichever sugar Is used,
persimmon tree     lhe fruit  bad Just   end It can be flavored to suit tbe tastes
(unity  l-"nr children.
This Is ii deli, inns candy for children, it cun be made with brown,
lump or granulated sugar, when made
with brown it becomes very hut.I; with
lamp sugar It is crisp, nn.l with grauu-
luted sugar slightly sticky, Tin- method
while being sewed.
begun io blush  from  tbe sun uml to
sh*.iv   ihe  fullness  of   being  slmosl
• for the finishing t bee of tbe
General Heth was one of
Virginia's old school gentlemen and
never forgot the courteous train,ng he
bad received evea when smong Ins
soldiers,   who.   though  only   privates,
were  y,-t,   ni.iiiy  nr  'hem.  of   as  good
• s us was the general himself, j
Seeing bis  men  feasting ,,*i  11,• - green
1 s. ti,,. general tb.night of th* \
condition II • rd im i.-n
lu nml _lled, ■ Boyi what mc yon do
Ing up there:" ' j. . ng persimmons
I," came ba. k the answer, "Thej
will draw your stomachs nil up. bo.ij' |
returned the general. "That's Jo*-!
wbsl we want general s,,metii ,,K t»
ns up I,, -ii i tin* rations we p*.
ceiie." came bs. k II..* ready answer.
nf lies,, win. are going lo eat it. Lemon Juice, vanilla and peppermint ei-
' in all he ii-.-.I to flavor ,1.
for I,town nr granulated sn_ur take
n breakfast cup full "f sugsr and tbe
same quantity of milk.   Put tbe milk
nml the sugar in an enameled pan,
bring to the boil nml boil fir twenty
minutes, when tbe candy should set.
Pour it Into a greased tin. and score it
ueii with the point of a knife before It
is coi,i nr it will ii"! in   ik Into I   ■
When using lump sugar use half a
p ni of milk to e pound of sug ii and
treat exactly ss shove described. 'Ilu*
flavoring shonld be added jual before
tl.e candy Is poured Into tin* tin.
imineiiis do not s.nt   rin- management
i uiiy  adopted  a device like thai
Harble Mnniria. Which seals ihe doors ..' freight ean> Iii
A  marble  mantel  that  is discolored transit  a  leaden  pellet  pressisl  on  I*.
may   be  painted   with  oil colors  like    "'r'' "r twins fast i*    lhe removal
the woodwork to make it less notice- of ihe pellet Indicates ih.it the package
able in the room.   Sometimes a mantel '"is been tampered with   Tins notici is
"f tbis kind is bronzed in dull green, printed on tbe clothing tag
A  straight length of embroidery may "To   insure   our  customers    against
be laid on the lop of a mnutel of this PUrchoalng clothes thai may ban- been
kind, but no rutlle should be added. ""'" l,v others ws hui.* sppeoded ih*
  'ng umi seal   No clothing sill be <-i
Thr F.yr.. changed  nor  credit  alien  If  tbis  gur
When wiping the fine never rub the ment   is   returned   without   the   UmltS
eyes. Pat them gently. Avoid anything that will bring the blood to the
surface.   Do everything that win make
the lids thin lit the edges and white, for
then   Ihey   become   beautiful,  nnd   tbe
iin I..-I seal "    New York Press.
Inl„ur   Atlirnl.lnf   StbtOt*.
a Brooklyn business man concaved
nnd   tiled  to  carry  Into SXeCUtlOS   tb»
sumo    treatment    will    heighten    the    "''"'r ''•'•v   ■   "iihiue  and   brilliant  a.l
brightness of the pupil. vertlslng scbeme   llsbsd bb. sdvsrtls
  ' ing sign sfflxed in raised lettsrs i.< ti.e
Malmgany bat the preference among    '"''' "r "" autoiii'ihi!*-, so Unit when the
u Is   for   drawing,   reception,   miltiC
letters   were
over   wuh  white
Ills   I.real   I .nil.
"Bilkitis has no v."
"What makes yoa think- sor"
"lie Instructed bis i ttls bqy alu-av*.
to tell the truth, mil  then lie" u lipped ,   ','.  '",    ,"', ' " "     ' '"
. ,       ,        ,   ... uiilinod  armlu.I.■,  as  In cotton   waists
thr urchin for telling rum Hint he locked almost foolish."   Sim I'ianci,scoCall.
A Mini in Drtttmakera,
One "i tbe mosl Impoimnl things for
mi borne dressmakers to remember Is]
iln- cutting of the armhole snd tbe ad
Justing of tbe sleeve material around It,
Always keep Ih*' uruilmle us small as is
consistent n Itb i omfort.
it Is nice to pin  tbe sleeve inlo nn
Don't,expect a girl who has never
Washed dishes to  be overjoy el  ut the
prospect of love In n .•,,'
His Long Suit*
It* didn't uivc la '.id;
.It mads l nn - li
/■'i'i rk ht wiuuri food;
ai sjgbt pr it i
Bin u hen It earn,  lo'l iiim* how
A hard Jm dons
Ihtn he   « . . n brow,   '
' •■   'i outahlnt an
11" *  *>il,ln'i p Ina wlft
Amuse i,is rrhljdrtri .i
V ' utmil mil when I irt w«re rift,
Tlii-n he ,i i
It pleastd I ■   i ., i-hiid
, on
' 1 skip when wild
Ai  I  huntr>- n.i, I,     brood
' take hla time and strength
Tn nsure nut just how
Ti" nailont a      - ■ ,r Isngtb
tt ,, ,i,i kttp thi t| tndld piow
Of eiirh f.iIr ship nf sgvtrtlfn slstt
And ui Ihett problems ht mis sresi;
Such tiiinss could he ptrfonn.
I ■ • -1 in    i   ,,.. from him
dttt linn s Jel;
lb 'I  ..ilk  uiilil lli« i-iiiis  iirr, dim
Ami lun -T,• i moon had sat
At 1 nothing worth—
■ n it.
At .     Ins . •   o   'I beat lbs sixth;
Jli wis i pt-nt.li it tint
with a Hiiniii cording,   Tbe fullness of
i lal should be kept "high"   that i«,
it should fall as much as possible In a
straight line ihnvii from tbe center ..f
tbe top of the sleeve, ai esch'slde of
flu. gathering across ths top of lbs
sleeve try to tit your kleeve Into tbe
srmbole with ns mile, fullness ns possible. If fullness will come, take It out
by using ii smnll V shaped dart, which,
If properly pressed, ii ill imi show. All
fullness should be kept to the center
of the nnn lit the elbow, tOO, us well
ns nt the top.    I.allies' Home .lournnl.
r«r>er To—rela  Kor  the  K lichen.
Kvery one knows the value of paper
napkins, and In many households the
useful tnd Ineiuenslve little sgunres
bave been substituted for linen napkins
for breakfast and luncheon. A few in
dependent soula use lhe paper napkins
altogether for dollies ns well us napkins. It remained for ii school to Introduce a new use for paper. The towels used In this school are nil paper.
'Ihey nre about twice the size of the
napkins and are no heavier, ('.rent
btinchSS Ot them hang In lhe toilet
rooms of the schools attached to books
something nue those on letter flies.
About two of the towels unr needed lo '
dry  the bunds mid  fuc*.    After using
they nre simply Crumpled und thrown '
lutp q waste ouper busket si baaid   ItiA
and bedroom furniture.   It divides boa*   l''"'" ""' "i:" h  pntotsd bis a.ivr
•us   with  handsome ipiarlered oak  fur    "semen!   on   lhe   SSpboll    wherever   it
libraries,  ami  it  is  liked for dining   wa* driven,   itut ths Brooklyn street
rooms when It ciui l.e obtained. Clssnlng   commissioner,   being   i i
 . responsIVS soul who did not lipprec'ule
To   remove   grease   from   S   papered    "    ""'"k"   Of   genltU   like   this   on   the
wall, dip s pic- of iiii iiiii j in spirits   p..'"ii..ni. threatened   the sdvsrtiser
of  win.-, gently  nib the soii.si part   ""'' ''"' i'"11"' snd promptly tqaelcbed
over   once   or   twice   and   the   grsaSS ''"' wllll|e Sebsms    Leslie's Weekly.
will disappear. —————____
  a Haaloaa i ...,,,
it is claimed that if silverware, nml Don i.uis Terraosaa, a grssl friend
especially knives, forks and spoons, are   of President   Um*.. has n  farm  in rbi
liiiuliila of iibo.it B.000,000 uie*      lion
I.ills   Is   thought   to   ..wn   more   than
1,000,000 csttle.   ins itable consists ,.r
home   100,000   horses,  his  si pfold   of
TirO.fSsi sheep,    l'rom '.'UtMKiO to .IISIIKki
■ lives nre branded wilh bis brand ev
l ery spring    More i tin ii i.uoii cowboys
keep his cullle.    At his slaughter i.n,I
pinking   houses   near   Chihuahua   .lly
' 200,000 cattle, ns many sheep and h igs
Innumerable sre billed, umi sway ihey
go In his own refrigerator cars.    Some
1 -I'l.'MHI   persons   dwell   uu   his   eslate.-
Kansas I 'lly .loiirnal.
packed in dry Hour they win remain
dry nnd untarnished.
There Is nothing more soothing In s
case of nerimis restlessness than a hot
salt bath Just befort retlrlno.
Four (inarchlst plotters In llrum
tnvtnttd a in -,v kind of bomb.
They   Iui.I   Just   |Ol   It   Inuil*ll
V, lit li    I,.ing'    |t  tXPlOdtd
And strut k the conspirators dumb.
i'i I    In   I'll.
The mayor of Yarmouth recently In
fining un Italian who assault.si a man
by biting blm on the leg and arm sev-
•rai  times  said  thnt  if it occurred
again some of tils teeth would have to
be extracted.-Loudon Kxurett.
A  Mailer ol Montr.
"Would you marry a wouiuu who had
tiled un..liter inuil for breach of prom
".Tell, It would dipend largely oo
luw much tilt Jury bud compelled Imi:
lo pay ber."
How Their Comfort  Is Looked Alter at
the  Hotels.
"Traveling   man   In   England
-.,„-, .ii dining rooms si Is   i iti   snd
■pe. lal   lots  of   iiiiiik*-''    wld    i-    K
simn  , of Warn bi ti r  England
Whin y,,i. K" Into Iht lobby ,*f sn
Rngitth hotel v u may bt sm pi i '■•! t.
n.ni .i grtai open flit burning In oat ■ nd
,,t thi room I irtal ■ omfoi tabli
will I" found aboui iht lobbj j*i,i you
ne.-,t  nol  sat laim  if ■ varal
salesmen smoklna   ons pl|
posing iii.-ir tl -.■!, agi d ' tl ue in largt
foflttl io ■    Empty sh.,. - i -rn bt found
In many i   ,!'- ,,r Iht >
"The Bngllth lobby i- i pai or or sii-
tina room, s pl ict ,f oomfort tnd p.
no Inatanot   boors ihe stirr. ytmlshed
.-■ni, as I "ei" srani s of }        ' '•"..
iiian hotttlrlts     W bi n  | ou go to Iht
dlnlng-room you may be turprl
h. ii the clerk ask If you art s travel
ing min.    If you art you are uthi r.')
un . a sim|.iy imi  homely    furnlahi ,i
nxim containing on ng  I ib ■     The
llpni till, lit    I-    11."!,     l  kt     i    pi   '■ -tie    lllll
Ing room, and tverj body i- tvtryb idy
ilia's fiieiiti
"The ru. .ii is  • -i selall)   served
walttrt sht.iv  e-i lal   deference,   and
eieryihlng ^.■ar-   a   tOBt   *.f hmne  life
«.   ■ ,  n man i, ,u • ■ the table hi
lo  drnp  k   halfpenny   In  a   lllll*-   bos
This    *  ,in   un« ntl. ..   '.■.«      f  Iht
and the money thut .    toted | ws   i
pay foi sobooli H.nl orplunagM for the
chll'lr  n nf I r,iv,-lloi  eerie* n'li   Klio  ill"
Without    >.nin»    sulll   len!    rm.i.i      '   I
their support    Several of these sch •
and       "'plumages       art       main
througtioul  Kugland.
"English iravelliia salesmen lake life
• men following t stiti
llsrnccupat.ui. in i'..ne,1.1     Tht)  nevel
think "f entcrmg a man's itore witb s
lighted   clgsr.   Slid   ttiey    ».e,
forgel  to wear « oollai .is t •
tape, t .,. ,1" business *ilth a insn wltb-
nut   hulnu  their  ihoes   carefiill
All hottls look In thia ami
i h,i"t«' iter, \oiir shies each ntarii..
marks ihem with chall them
snd rctiinis 'hem .'•>.,
the  nest  tl.iv   '
Mumcipll   Socill.sm   In   Eng'and.
Our   -ininlclp.il   ant!.- • Ilea   evidently
have d*rermlnej tn act tin* pari **f unl
verse.1   |iro\ Ider*.    The   ii.-n   edtl
tht "Municipal  Tear  H • k '  rivet    an
• rnniina roooi i   f their actlvltltt, *n i
The London Ds  y Mall.
In many 1n*lanee« the local tul
ties ire  now  the  largest   e
labor.    Thus  tht I ml) ' loun- '
ell,   In  one  department   alone,  tn
not far ihort of too..
The scorw of the activity *f the boroughs is aniailng     Menhir 'I'i II
only miiiiagei a n
ports thai   n i    I psol
i ,-ur ■•  Brighton sn,i * ■
me ■  ,:•«,.. to the htncfli of Iht
(Int biirounh d e* a SO*id trade In muni- '
clpal Mill iiian,ut
Lincoln proudly boasts that It la part
owner of a lunatic asylum     .',1. heater
disposes of over 1
from lis munlrlpa! Ashing
Ston   ui-Thiunes   the  indent   borough,
Ii willing ta Instruct li ren tn
swimming at a  penny a Itaton     Hull
0WTU l largt share ..f s  r..
eral bnr.iuirhs  beat! of their mm
Turkish bathe.
The up-to-date workman to-day lives
In a municipal house, lit by lhe •
In  th**  slot  inunlcip.il  tlaotrio  tuppl)
Ills wlft cooks her meals on iniii,
Sis. and maket her lea with municipal
water    The baby Is reared ..r m
pal   sterilised   milk   tnd   nur-,,1   In   I
municipal creche     Tin*  Children  go  '
a  iiiunlrlinl   ichool.    The  fulher
to hit municipal tmplojrmtn.l In s inunl-
Olpal electric car     He ipetl '.
unlays on a munlolpal ract
has  his  weekly   kh Iiii  In    a   nini
bath, tht wife at  the same ilm,
her weekly   laundry  lu   the    mir.
WIlhhotUM      When   tha}   .He   they   are
but ltd iii i municipal * ■ 11
Doas til this municipal activity psyt
An tnalyils of the fl^iiie, .h.,n» _  re. i
■ hit variation of I oal f,,r thi
wnrk   In   different   b iroUghl      London
'"Ses   henvlly   by   l'l     council      1
bonsesi   (lla.sg.iw.    with    lower
makes Ihem  jrltld ■  rtltonibll t
Man, heater  )*syi  over   il fiO.OOO  a year
from us trimuav profits for relief of
rates, and placet t itlll larger imounl
f ,r depreciation    Oldham, deaplii
fact .let it tiiowi nothing foi lepra
'I   shows  l   l...a   ,.f  "i , i    1, 	
London cuiiei oul badly in oompari*
f.n eiiii the gieiit northern ami ml I
laml boroughs    The ettlmattd "muni-'
clpal irading' balanot   sheel   of   tht
County Council for tht oomlng ysar re
i"i.*   a   l.isi   „f   „|„,„|    _ aj.iinn        Thi
Thamtt   steamboats   are   largely   so-
■ ountablt lei n.i*    Uaab ..f tht in,us
lint   l«,il*-y   of   tba   County   C  ..mil   lm<
b.'.-n. to iav ilm leott, unfortunate The
Wt f"r lhe lust veur .... Iht l.ulld- j
Ing schemes of tin council Is given ss
Ilia   I,lit   Prop   Hi It'll   Oil.
"Ignorance of lbs luw, you know,".
suiii tbe justice of the peace, "is no de-
feilsc." j
"In tbat ease," replied the prisoner,
She  Vila   It.
"Whin a loud pcul iimt It at tht door
"Yes;   Mr.   Cotehem   It   coming   thii
"you  Wouldn't   have a leg lo stnnil on     evening.    I rather think Uut It uiy tu
If   they   •»or   _:r'.:!i"!   yo\i   tip,   TTOUld     gageuiebt ring."
f»u?"-_hlu«o Utsord-Uersld.
A   Littl* Diplomat.
Prime Kdwairt. ilia lldtll son of lhe
Prlnos  Of   Wale..   Ia   a   hi tl,,   ,| ,
Upon  'mi occaiion  the young princt
was   asked   h>    n   lllll*   «lrl   m   „   ,.hn
dren's party where he lived,    "Wa live
near     WhlMey,.-    added     tht    child.
proudly   "Ah," replied Prlnot Edward
with Interest, "that's curious Wt Hie
near . inn Inge's "    AnrKhtr tim**s gen
Demon wn telling a long and dull
antadots io Prlnot Edward ..nd hit
younger brother, Piinct Alberl After
«. tlmt i'i luce Albtrt began tc show an<
mlstakabls signs nf weariness nmi lm>
poll * «i whloh Princt Edward an
lously nuiiged him, tdtllng i. l„ * . „,
'bllilli-.   milli."
A lllrldeil  Senllmenl.
Mflle Agues Is twelve yems old. She
Is I poetess, si,., bus, maybe, „ sense
of humor and, positively,  she did   not
like b.*r stspmotber.   On tbs letter's
blrtbdsy Hit yonthful rhymer put forth
til her powers to pinnae the lady who
had usurped h,*r own mothers phtCS
Iht quatrain ran at follows:
1 thank you fnr your kindness,
I iliuiik in,, for your lovt
An.l hop* (i0,i win rtword you
By liklnt you above.
BST atepuiolher hardly knew whether
thia  waa  to be tnL.-n  premntuiely   or
uut.     Hbt   tuuyotud   not.
'  o| ,
"The  Nistor of   Canidlin Jo
ll  Charlei   Lindtey
•The    N-slnr   „f   i •„,,:, .  , ,
lain"   Is   Hie   litis   applitd   i„   ,h,*'
Llndtty  Iht la glstrai    ■
, rn divlalon <.r Tor  in  i
Will Smith
For ni yttn ht has ,i
po ir Ion  fr ni   u hich  hi
lire.I.   Prior In lhal  ti	
us   Hie   ho*.!    I,.inline.   .,1  ,.,
.  ." ids    His much "ii can
ths was tu ignlflcenl     i   .
before tl Iffertnl  liou ■
his fingti     HI    arili I
magnlflcenl, us   llttraturi
strong, forceful ohara. itr   in .,
.I'm   ..*   i ilil I," ■   ul
i ,1,1. -   i ht leading m gun
strvath t parly In V\'.   tern .
\i Itlded an Influent s   lisi
He   came   to   'hi -   '"iiul ri   |
the   ;\gr   nf   ! ll fill i    |W0
Hut tints h" occupied   ii   i
thS   SdltOl .ui   ' ..iff  "f  on,
trv pai island    .rn i
he    WOS   SPPC
iiinliier. ihen publllhtd
ii*  amalgamation   In   lis
Lender  he  u ..     appointed  Iln
editor     in  rei ognll Ion of i
that position Bti
iht  heini  "i   ths   local
hit. appointed fi m to thi
Hon In lhe Kift ,,f the I
of i* (1stisi ol thi City of 'i
fact dei Ivtd from   ■
ii able, no maximum bi
in mo thi  i  b    ■
lu power   dl .   .
tht    ne ■     or
to   Petti   Hitin
Always a ipumaii i i • ,
n ruing  after   lils   s< ce
and snine ol thi   11
come oul  ivl.hiii  thi
Is   the oldtll   living  m *■ ■ i i|
Toronto     H
Tlmtt  of  wiiiiiirr.   i.v m
his   felli.T   111   l.m     u II h   I
the   i 'iinuil.un    r,-l I,  ,
\   trlts of
The * _   ids  *■' inth
Qoldwln   Snitrh.   gavt
i anadtan pollttct. »
rl   *l  i ,|        I [t I
l>. Bl    In    I '■! ' £    'i
■r   .   ■
I 'lie    -.!,!■ ■  '     e hich     ' .
well Informed on I* ■  ■
clerct H
a.la** created   i
when   lhe  Jttull
in   Paiilameal  about ei|
re re»r,ie the bo*ik
Among    othl '     bool,    M-
»    •-  were  "Pi
pri.'ilcil    operation     In
Bl I   ■ - 'mill   '■'.'    In    I -
r  .   i.-
■ ud  "In   Iii -. . Ill|
Ill Is one ,.f tht ' --•   '
lbs   National   1 '
founding    i
oal. a bleb  aftei *
■ 'in h ht hi
,   R
vita  aril   .
Filhnr   McWiUumi   of   Kmgiton   A.i
Pn»«nt   it  tht   E»«cu»,on.
ton. a pel
sldrriti   i
vi innlpeg *!• i
lllel   » ,.
under   su   I
Vei   , .ui   sav "   he
I  all   r,|ht   -■
in:   in liealnj   n   W
thert.   I  ».i*   '
I  knew   him   well    I '*
wilh htm In M"
he was ciiideiii' 1
his   aide   and   III   I '
: have In
fore he passed from eur'h   P
sells,,    to   sur.
fer Iht pel
I «.is ,,ii hand
Rev   Father MeWII   imt li
1   to   the   st iff   .'.'   Iht    '
pal   i ill s   ••   ii ■ . H
ind A
p  ."leiiry |J\ e  1.
■   ind retniln with  R
iner schoolmale   and give III
comfort during the f.-w weel
Hie     And  on  bis   r. I   rn
VVIlllaui* |Ule i '
'ns  *
H.e   l.fe   of   |b>.   •■
ailiuied aiiiliorlty
LifS   Hi  Cith   Vilui.
It li n , longi r iii ey» for t    - ■
•      ■ u r,,r a tooth smong u.e i
of norlhei..  Bi nsh Colon
ire OOffimtrclal days and ll Is c«*
a  life iu,e     Ticin,.<  Bro* n
wia shot  a   f. »   ,1 11 -   uu.,  b)   »
.    ,iu nsmed K ite Bro** n
plus ranch near Hi
■ honed thut tin* woman wn
nm for in,.ther woman, thi
ntt  twire it   was  :,*,,,i- ,i
ii      im* ,i i,, ,ien' i  )
fi len i i    i ittit      Phi   Inl
of   lli-   ItTelr   la   thai   tht   ft
Loinaii has agreed to i I
of   thS   ..nm   ItOS   In   c.tsh   i.tnl   1
goods    i        fusing to
debt i tea   years ax.. ■ s
wss  killed  by   Ibe  father    f  " '
In.Han    u ho   WM  d. >n m ,1   '
■ ellllll   ,,f   li    , -,||or   In    11 III. 'I
■ iiii iiii. ri,im.in i* • ie traveling.
Hints  of   Skit"*
Almost si * * ■■  i - *    n thsi
• t    ni.   t ommand    lev. ral
"trh-k*."  or  fin, i   lieu,, ..   -
fond **f executing.
,i ••• y twenty   I star - In e*. ■ u
urea  make  a   mistake   thai   10 '
pert JuiIk** i,  unforgivable snd
t o i 'i make .1 man .1 fallui ■
I nine  rompeMtliin.      This  f I
nf looking down and  10 ben.l '
head down while siia.iina.     1'
Inlllattd skat* r 1     0 fond of  '
his fe* 1 11 thai rn
li i« not in imp iislble lo bt' ';- l'l"1 "'
the habll      ir,,u 1   wat. ii
Don 1   band   yopr   head  foi n 1
donnmii,1    Keep thi  li ad snd
era   runt   ind   eyei   directed
■ head,   no   inatttr    bow    dlUKr"'1   ll*
■xoeillt   lur   llena.
Tests nt Hie llah Station Of ll"' vl11'"
of eier, 111 seem i,, iho"  thai Ibl
ciso   Ides   muy   be   ovsrdone.    I'1'"'
forced to scrstcb for svsrj kernel "'
gruln   by   lbs  use of deep slr.in   I   "
did nol lay ao well as those wbl. ll
fed part of ihe grain Hi lhe straw a"'1
part   In  the boi.     Ou  the OthSI
hens   which   were   given   no   Sierclj*
kept In 1 lions,, wiih n board floor, will
ae itmw or lllter, and never all""'''
Olllsldt of the h.HIHc   laid   fttj   P0°rl'
the general  reault allowing Ih*'1   '" '
erile eserelae  fuvort  iho higl",|*t eit
Ciphers and
_——  -v.
II hud all been very .simple and very
libsurd. Brian Id tbe stress of business
nui forgotten  tbsl  be hud proml led
I to take Madge i" tbe theater and bad
not even telegraphed her thai he bad
,,,, important interview ti ci   There
,,,, Min ('inline Inul very properly sent
„ i|,,- ring and hud refused to listen
i explanation, a proc Hug which
,i Brian io vow lhal he would seek
|l(,,i i re.    In inm Madge de
:   to   scutch   for   I'm getfuluuss   iu
:mei sbroad
lhe only person  who displayed com
tense was Howard (inline, who
ihed Madge and ber mother a uii
for  ilu-  trip  ami  encouraged
in ins manly  stand against u
10*1  whim-.    But  while his sym
had i n plentiful, bis allots ani s
-,,'  money  bad  been small Indeed,  ami
even   Madge  had   complained  of  tbe
leas "f ths sum.
i list's iiii right," b" said cheerfully
. u      "I'll   III   ii   code,   mnl   .1  HI   i .ill
i for more when this is gone"
i think " su id Mrs  Csrline, "1 bsd
tend it i.y wireless from N'an
• on tl..* way across    We shall
t     llllliust     US     sooll     IIS     ws    get
Something in her husband's laugh rs
,.i  ber, ami  nothing more  was
.,, i    Msdge looked lnnk on tbe city
where icr heart ley Burled, then sfter
. rdful iiiierv.ii of seaslckneaa, i .ok
ed forward to n winter on lbs ronti
•    while  lirlt.ti   ill   Ins  desk   in   imr
■i otllce tried  io persuade blm-
•   iht   was   nothing   at   all   to   bill it she had s,, clearly shown h.-r
if tolerance
But be did feel lonesome, sn.l he felt
o when Mr  Carllns inn        tl
!, j Intention of taking a trip weal    "1
■ n run ih" otllce n'i right
bi said to Brian as be st I on the
: n, iii the train shed ami nervous*
■  .-. -*-,i bis sleeper ticket
i e good care of  things  snd  for-
t     * any cablegram to me linuiedliile-
;: .n he had  pssssd through the
e ring Brisn very much alone.
He bsd taken a place iii Howard '  .r
:!  ■>• at a tune w hen b I ■ DgagS
«'»""'r.'a, I, him |„ „,„„ to keep blm
f" mulng, '
Brian could i,mc returned home next
*">  bJ another line, bul  I  .red
' ""M'lr  "•« «   tbat  he   was   m   l.uu.
""" "  "'""'I be well to Hay ,  ,
steamer and hav,*,, little rest after all
'"' bad Bone through with,   ii,. buns
"l"""1 ""' Cu* ■ catching a ,,,
sionul gumpia „f Ml„l(,„ M _be
B"»** Wont With II.,*,,mni;  ,ew	
-she knew In town,
If Madge fell any curiosity regarding
llls Prcic he did uoi betray li nfter
"  ■ln« iinineiii  upon  In.  preieuee
Hi* being in Loudon was s mattei of
utter Indifference to her. „,„i |.,„,.
Hubert Befton, inul h.. known ii hail
''""sl' to be grateful lu tbo strapping
young   Amen, an   ,01    the   gl'UC'loUMUe   -
Madge displayed toward Inm
Ton days bod passed before sin*
"■ de further eoiutuout, then ihe came
lB """  '  to iiml her iui : ei
 il"-' over n little red co
A cable blank lay ou the desk bef	
Inr, and  Madge paused  by   Ibe table
to kiss ihe placid I i, '
"Cabling, tntimse) •   ibe cried
il imi ".in. more money "
 i Mrs. Carllne
see, I cabled for some two weeks ago,
i"1' your father mis oul west, and I
guess Br id not read the cipher."
i code*" ibe , i .-.I    "How In.
terestlog!   Lei mo lee  •
I or a moment her eyes traveled over
lb.* paper, then she turned to h. r moth
er. "Is this tbe a me nne you sent
before?" sh" demanded. I l.-r mother
bowed Tbe g rl's i pi brushed her
mother's cheek   uml she weni on to
ward her room, pule md Shaken She
knew now
Thnt .'Veiling Iln.in. lingering over
his coffee, ii-I- surprised i * -•■*■ Midge
"lining toward him    He sprang I
feet as she , .ii,,,. t„ „ ijnu ia T bis ■ i
"He seine.]" she laid quietly; "I
don'l want to keep you itnndlng It
«..uld sttrai t mention " Brian glance.)
to where Lord p. ibi j ,., || - ning md
smiled quietly I , himself
"I   want   to   km,ii        ! ,*   1,, |
you received u cable from m 'her before you left Ndi YotU "
' Ye*," be ■ itented; "i cablegram
crime tbe day I left "
"And you came st om •■•••• -he -1 j
Brlso Bushed     ■■*,...    he edmltted.
"I  did  not  know  tbi n  that  it  w.is u
"Ii was not a trick," she pi
'It   wot  one  of   fatl es  to
tbow   me   what   S   foo |        1   hud
Ihsui "
*i our faiher'    be e. bo. d     "I
• d rhitt be «  - tun nest "
"It waa this    rs i       ed
■*ioii -ce father gare us u , ,sle by
whlcb ne were to .mm in ■ its a Itb
him if in- needed snytblog He knew
very  ■ * •■ should have to send
for   in, i ■ -       11-    . i.-ry    little
n h.-ii we left
m idge   *• .is  the  i .sic   ii ord   fir
'-.•nil ' •        -;.i' u ns tbe code for
"500* snd       'i   . ■■. ,-..  i for *.
ihe message read   'Madge dangerously    ill.      . nine    11, Willi I    It
meant  »us  'Send $500,   n
ton ' "
"Tlien It was Just a trick to get me
be asked *
"it ii..- .. dei ce to
the said softly
ii - bsnd caught hers on tbe I
'■.   "I   wish
■  for a
"Mother   Is   upstairs   In   our   sitt ng
"Let's  go up
ami tell ber that we bare read tbe new
j ol , bei "
>nu .nu SIii,.1, four /.oo Willi Anl-
iiii,!,, nmi ii,,,i,i „ Nat***,
Many odd playthings can he inndu
from peanuts und wooden toothpicks,
iiiiii iiiiii ii pint ot ti,,. former and a
bundle of tbe latter you can have a lot
of fun Iii the house lor u day when thc
weather will not permit Of play In the
Open air.
A tiny chicken Is made from u very
small peiiiiui    Make eyes with ink ..r
pencil ul the l.i.ik shaped end and put
in imi toothpick legs.
Neil a squirrel, Take s nm Ilk.* tbat
lu tin* picture The pointed end makes
tha head.   Draw tht two Byes    sii< k
A   nUll  I   B7I llllll I.
two short i m ot toothpick llrmly in
the peanut near tbe bottom for bind
it t, SO the squirrel can itsnd up; stick
in two farther Up for fore feet Last,
'ill u linl" strip Of paper sad clip It
IS fringe, fold it nud fasten it to th"
lower end of Ibe peanut, with a pill for
a busby m.i
To make two bunts split a peanut
ami Use each half shell     .'ut OUI paper
Sail*   like  tbOSS  loll  see In the piclnres
in papers md magazines of ships at
Sin und gum tbem on tOOtbpIck tni-t-
_• ih.- ihsrp ciiiIm stick out    I Ut
from a cork two little cubes and  gum
to the  bottom  of  ihe  bi.ats.   Inside,
Pn t tht mssts Into rl a-, ami tin
boats will sail in a washbowl s.-.i
"1 tiKT   TO   K*H*W    tr    V.lf    III   XIYEIl    A
' s..i.i. ri.itu norm:.
• Msdgs h.nl lirst i .1 snao i ic
mu no real necessity for
Ig   but   be  liked  to c IJ lldet
'   useful,   am)   In   two  years   be
*■ liiiaiuaiiie to bis employer.
*■   'v   h<i  found  Mune   refuge  from  his
Igliil  in hard  work,  ami  until the
■ s announcing the safe arrival
I  and  Imr  mother he hid  al
need himself Umi bs bsd
Ile !   '. forwarded the cablegram to
Mr . it .... rejoicing 111 their lafe ar
I «hen a MCOnd cable came
-    iter his hands shook so that
hardly open tbe envelope, Ten
* ■ iter be bsd sent a telegram
Mr* Csrllnt dangerously ill;
■      |   en   tod IJ S   ste .-,  "   lifter
' ■• give the chief bookkeeper In
one uliout running tbe office snd
Irtven to tin pier of the liner nil
n 'hat noon.
I ii "i later n four wheeler dn.vc up
*• entrance of ths Csriston hotel In
'■"i,'hui and a ynung man StTOdS  I
'•' " sidewalk Just In time to BOtlce tiio
I whisk past in n bsnsom,    He
i have got Into the call again had
1 lhe elder lady pushed up the trap
i d.red   her  driver  to stop.     She
'• bis across the sidewalk lo Ilrliin.
"ll there anything tbe matter?" she
i      i eagerly    "is Howard III?"
Not at all," he assured her.   "How
1 ■ne you been?"
Never   belter."   she   said,    with   S
'* Ifb     "I hnve not seen Madge looking
"" Well  In a  long time.   What  brings
i"ii over?"
"Nothing   much,"   he  snld.   with   no
' .borate assumption of Indifference;
"just a customer I thought il would be
best to talk with instead of cabling."
1   nne and sec tne Hns evening after
dinner," she urged. "Madge is going to
[be (beater  With   friends,  und   we cull
h.ne i, long, quiet chill."
Tbey hud their chat, but Brian was III
"' east, The more Mrs. Carllne questioned blm regnr.llng his presence lu
Is.udon the more uneasy he becam*>
"'id he wua glad when ul last he cuui.l
n'.d an excuse I., retire,
Ue   had   the   unpleasant   knowledge
thai he hud blundered somehow, in
"ouie way  thai  cablegram bud  ben
misread. I'robubl*, Ihere hud been uu
"TOr   III   It,   but    he   COUld    linl    iinug-
'"" a message which would admit of
■uch ii mistake,   ai nny rate, it would
never do to confess thai he hud crossed
the oeeuu to ,.,„,„, ,„ (||(, ,v„ll,.|n f0,
Whom be professed nil utter linlilTci-
""". and be blindly hoped tliul the
"blegram he bad sent i„ Mr. Carllne
immediately nfter having seen Mrs.
"•"Si'llnt   md   Aladgo   tu   guuU   lutlih
The   TorWIali    i„,,i, ,,i, •
The Turkish
new io id ler)  i\- ' 'a
■es,   who   In   the   middle   "f   Hie
b century were trained to be
■ tin* bodyguard of s.iitun Amurnth I.
Orlg . tin y nun bered '. A"" hit
sfter 300 yours they hud In. reased a
ild, and under Bolyman ihe
Magnlflcenl they formed a force highly
1 ami noted  for tl.e «    I
p,' :    ■-.   if tbelr ntn., k   '11,,* b
of   these   Jiiiii7.il es   nhoumis   In   conspiracies .ind uu     itn's of every  k ml.
ao that at last lhev  became inure dan
geroua to lbs sultan than bis foreign
etn ii.ics     Tbe   lowest   ..Ulcers   of   this
for..* were ibe i ks. n im were held lu
iln* greatest esteem.  They wore wood*
en s|„i.,iis in their turbans ami on great
■ -inns mustered round their kettle*,
which  tiny  tiirnisl   upside down   as  I
token  of  revolt     I n  lo tie ,,f  these
s in I,attic wns us nnn li uf a dis
gi ice us ihe loss of a regiment -
.    -    ■ -ii in I.iii r :
T»*„    lllls    ol    Inl.irmallon    Iht    llore
l.ol   Iron,   ths   l.r.teer.
Hsif a dosen scl Iboys were pass
Ing a grocerj ita * « ben tbelr
■ in «..s h*. *i i,.i a barrel of
be,uis Handing near tht door    One "f
th.'ln    .Iske.l   the    others    If   they    could
guest i "ii many beans of that kind It
■A,'Uld  lake to tn:.,,e ii   l,il,ln |
\ at les were made, all the
n   i   from •"•""" In 50,000, lhe l"*y  who
I , , ,| -wooo being laughed sl bj ins
compsnlons To decide ihe matter they
i in ms|> tbe grocer,
"Well, boyi i s said "you ..re all
sway off.    Let u.e show you."
And  be went  out   md  brought  In I
lot of the beana ami began Iui Ing th.-ni.
two or three at a time, in ihe pun of
i  ilea    ii wis found tbsl ii took
sixty bean*, t-tken at random, lo w< _ ■
nn ounce,  and  the boys Ihen  penciled
cut  a   calculation   showing that   It   re
quired spproximately 119,000 to make
a bushel.
'-.ni.   then,"  said  the grocer.  "I'll
ask i.m i.oys one   li,w many dollar
lulls will It take to weigh as much as a
siher dollnr':"
S'OOl "f  the boys guessed  ns* than
':■ (i.e. at which the grocer smiled,
und then, putting a silver dollsr in nne
f Ills at ales, he begun Iiiii: g ■
lur  bills   in  the  other      When   he bud
ini down twentj two the scales bal
Could   Nol    Iril.I    Mini.
After a wordy srgumenl in which
neither scored ni*. Irishmen decided io
tight it out it "us agreed, says thr
Washington I ost, thai when *■ tl "i
.., d "i'n* enough" tbe Dghl should
cease   After the) had been ut ii aboul
ten minutes one of Ihem fell ami hni	
d. ir.iv yelled: "Enough! Ive enough!"
Hut Ins opponent kept on pounding
Mm uitlil a man who was watching
I'n ra said:
"Why  don't   yon   let  lilm
lays he's got enough."
"I knoii   he sriys so." said  the rlctOl
between punches, "but he's such n Ilai
you can't believe t word he lays!"
up 7
Html, •   In   llie  Sen.
Fights between sharks nml porpoises
are said  lo he  common   ii.  lhe   Millers
aro.md the Florida keys, uml  the  Ash
crinen thereabout declare thnt ilm porpoise always wins ami semis tbe shark,
which usually begins the light.  SI
Ing away.   The slunk has to turn on iis
side 1..'bite,   nn.l   the  nimble   porpoISS
easily  keeps out  of reach  of  i'4 »USp
ping Jaws and then Jlimps In ami deals
th,. shaii,  tremendous slaps with lis
WOVSl   Kver.
"Yes, Indeed: he's (he homeliest t	
i„ public life lodny.   Hsven'l you ever
ieen him';"
"So,   but   I've   sen   caricatures   of
him" ,     ,,
"(Hi.  they  flutter  blm,     Vou  should
see   lilm."
A  Ureal Detective,
"YOU suy he has grown whisker!
since Inst you saw him'/"
"Ilniv did von roCOgnlSS hlinV" I
"lly my urn"-'slla."-**-'"•*""*"'' *""■'
,  nrlen,    Inillnn    Cnaloni.
m.i: •    strangs   Indlsn   tribes   live
sround   11.nlsun   bay      The  .     . •
KsSCOpple Indians are timoiig these
till,,-,   Wb0  him* a   pe.illi.ir  * list,.111   in
regard to tbelr .lead. As soon as one of
their number  is deed  the surviving
relatives place the dead one in u  \<o\
. tbey beg from the Hudson Hay
compsny    Tbe stsa is uf no sccount.
In this box are placed,  with a loaded
gun u powderborn u tobacco pouch, a
Biol Stone fur sinking lire, the snow-
.       . for truicl and all SX.
This hn Is then carri.sl to the top Of
the nearest bill and set Ihere with
Stones upon the top of It.   I'nr len dais
it is ivft undisturbed, snd then the rel-
stiics remove ihe gun and other rslu-
il |i i, believing that by tbsl time ihe
dc.nl one bus reached Ihe nippy bunting grounds and lias uu further use for
( nnonilruni*.
ROW tli bees dltpost of tbelr honey''
The* cell It
What gams do the waves play?
1'it, h uml t ,s-
\\ Imt Is the oldest lunatic un record?
Tims "Ut of mind.
When is a clock on the stair dangerous? When It runs down mid strikes
What Is It that you can put up a
Stovepipe don ii. but ynii cant put
down a stovepipe up?   An umbrella.
A   lleaerl   l.lghlhnnae.
There Is one lighthouse In the world
that   Is   not  placed   on   any   mariner's
chart,   n is in tbe Arisous desert nmi
mark! tbe Spot where a well supplies
pure fresh water In tiavelers.
The  Child   In   lhe  Ulnae
The child who Uvea In the tonkins |!iss
Is alwiys ii lilting lo see int. pin,
S'ie ntvei ■ - - in* to run and piny,
Hut null lies there tor me nil day,
For ei *'' V   I line   1   gn  Hint  ItS
1 in-i hei i pins round al rue
l   11 hrn   I   ivus  CrOIS nil.I  erlsd
Hue Itretehtd her mouth sn letv wills
I  had  to laugh   Ihen she tlitl ton.
Slit* Uke* to ilo ,iisl whnt I da
Mar)  Slashes Kerr in SI   Nicholas
Pst Laughed  Last.
An Irishman on seeing s notlos In n
i, ,i,,.i,i ii her'i ii imi"" cue day nin h
ran, "Evtrythlng sold hers by ihe
iird,"  enlertd  and  asked  the man  of
hop if he sold biitleitnllk
"Yet," was the sniwtr.
"Then give me a yard." said Pat.
"All right." said the man, and. dipping his linger into a dish of milk at
lus side, he drew it S yard In length on
llie c  Hilt er.
"Anything else:"' ht queried triumphantly of Pat.
"No," said Pat. "Just rowl It up lu
a ploct of paper, and I'll take It wilh
int."—Llmorick  Ntws.
There Is a  1  ,lir,-  ft .t'i  may Join—
Tht rich, lhe high, ths low;
Tile grainiest   thai   WOI   ' icr  formed
i''or mortalt here below.
There llie  I,"   bill ll   Luis,  linen  nur dUtS,
With Adam It bSgOni
The greatetl  lodgt then is on eurtli—
Tht Broth, rhood of Min.
its un ,rs are op.-n t>, mankind,
lis  in* niheri-hip   Is  frtti
'Ihen   < in  and   make   lhe   ties   mon
That bind* th yo . snd me.
Extend your hand In fetlowablp,
And  Join   il   n Mit   '."ii  cull;
Tht "i.ii in ng that's atked of you
Is simply  be u  Mum
ie. ..-11 your ntlghbor you have Joined,
.Jo grasp him by ilu- hand!
Do tell  him  you  have fund  ihe  truth
• -r the land:
'I uii all men an  "ur brothers—
The white,  the  black, tht ian—
Thut  ill are  well omt in our cause—
Thi Brotherho d i f Hon,
.loin. C. Wright.
Supply   of   Precious   Element   Almost
Cetted—Prohibitive   Priest.
Tin  Load n Bxpre       iy    Tht sup-
il  radium  I
and tha prici of this wondtrful »ub-
Itanct  has  bl. ni..   ,i r.ltlie.
"We   i gold very m u h Ilka to obtain
mon for our experiments, but wt
nm   utTcrd   It."   I lilting  sur
ge*,!, ui u hug,- | tntly. "The
discovery n( radium I- nt and
revolutionary   thai   efforts  are   being
both In Ai i this coun
try to obtain .it,' rob*
s'iii,,-- fi -in othei     .urces than pitch*
bh   title   "
\  i-ni  Iclst who '-   many
Institutions   with   radium   of   various
qualities suhl in I ii .iv unable
'o obtain any m  re fr,,m the-gre.it centre In Bl
"it waa from  tha B
that Prof t;i- „. ,, \,,,,
obtain ,.   Here,   ,ti
re tha
,ri   the I'urle  ra-
nus obtained   md  Bruntwlck.
"Tht fact t:, , ;.,v. in-
menl , r radium It,
n of i's pr
"Aboul   this e   y. ur     ug.,  it   M-
t i.b'a.n tin- highly active radium
■ it   £fi  for *■ ri  mllllgrammea, oi
hfrv  thouiondth  ; , ,und
• i '     ■; I
£11,   £11,   £ J', und  : prli *,
•   the     element
'    extracting   these
a is so
it tt only pi
•m.1, —t  und most ac-
•   rin.   In this
I difficulty.
1 Advantiget Over Hotbed—Plan For a
Cheap Structure—Intectt Subdued
—8tocky  Plant! a  Certainty.
A greenhouse has many advantages
over ih,. botbed   Him .an put  ill many
i pleooant hour caring for growing
plants In the tormy days of early
spring, when it would be very disagreeable in do tbe same work if hot-
in ii   were to be m-mi  Another advan*
tuge Is Unit We can  control  the  beat,
which is so essential to tbe growth ..f
early plains. Insect pasts can be subdued by fumigation or otberwisi The
dangei from drawing planti from tbe
lack of ventilation Is reduced. Stocky
snd vigor..us plants are almost » certainty it ;. real onable amount of attention is paid to wm. ling and vi mil i
It Is of sonic advantage to bave ",.,1
frames in connection with   s   ■
hoiiHc for transplanting   sari]    reg -
The Balky Hone.
Nine tiim s out of ten a bulky horse
It th'- - balky driver, declares
an • i, ..01-• man   Many Ugh
strung and nervous horses are complement    .ui
  wm king them, if
'h,. sttentlon of .1 balking bone can
1  bait ot tin trouble Is over.
ret !w tew men will   icfraln   from
beating blm   •
Winn a  horse  is    inclined    to   be
balk;. :   !.,.  pul   in  char.
bout tha    ,
and not  driven  1     .- •       on. on    the
f. 11 iu.
If h<- is ll say "whoa!"
sharply. 'Ihen be "ill not think be Is
bis .cm free will. Get down
anil walk sbout him, liftliie' up one foot
and then soother; tapping them with a
r-   pn tend to tlx his collar; i„ r-
hnps bis inane  is  nnder It  and     .
attention There are many w.ns of di-
vertlng 1 I a lion   to   make
him forge) his bad habits, like pouring
• 1   in  Ins cars or rubbing
sand In his mouth. Then. If ion
to the quiet ho. !,. of   htm
tbi y
may not In am p cool. One
.. may  work Ihis time and may
never work on the sum,, boras again,
Tbe only alternative is to be   Ingen*
nt, long suffering, an :
until you Bnd some . th. r fellow tbat
wants to take* a  haul at    dining    a
balky horse.
EAN TO  t.l!EK\_(irSk\
table  idanlt when th. s    far
tnouKh advanced that there li ao dan-
gar  from  heuii   frosts.    It  Is a    well
known fact thai, moat vegetable planta
ar,- benefited by transplanting, »;.
It be in a cold frame In the open ground
or In pots. After the- vegetable plants
are removed to the cold frames s cup
of   lettuce,   radishes,   cucumtx 1
melons can be grown with  very  little
cost for fuel.
The cosi of heating li the stumbling
block that prevents many amateurs
from venturing In greenhouse building
To _row early v* .
In by 10 .an bi heated with one ton of
pea co -.: about $i     it would
take at  |easl  four loads of man
hotbeds baying the same area to fur-
nlab 'im h.-at Th. cost of handling the
j manure added to tbe ."■-, of the
manure Its. I would b
up to possibly $R or |10. Then, again,
the hotbeds would require more
tion, a- w,. lreipieiniy have days in
spriiii; when  than hour or t»u   which would 1, 1
tale  the ventilation and,  if
■ might draw the plant
I while   in   the  ur*- nb. is  ol-
1 ways suff.i .    I
'       ime time, evi n though the
became quite «
.n a climate as mild as
1 idelpbla rouid be bi ati d by a
email hot t ter,   such
u>' 1  for brooder houses  b)
men, costine from $17 to $:S5  Secondhand pipe can be uaed to goo.1
would   run   the   flow    .:. :• ■
ncti •
I the north wall, as shown  in diagram.
The south bent h should li-
north bench to be solid, which
boot 1     crowing letl ' e
bench «111 be found I ■
foctua; for itortlng seeding planta, as
. bottom h* ■'   v        hould be dug
'deep enough so that the return pipes
can '■• w the walk  coo.
a writer In Rural New Yorker.
How He Wit Elected.
11 • •, • v i 1    uchert ■  ' ■ n 1 *
1 nt    in
Plain tbe 1
how 'hey would 1 oli.   ' ni lbs day    f
the elect,,,11 , 1. r vtrdng turn,
half ..  i ,i  tern, mber ona
Tory wnr   iui to fish in a punt, and
the boatman who icoomptnli 1
Induced la i.*** p him »* II    ul in *hs
ver until the    1   .
hour  had  patied     Another  am,!  snd
pit Tori   iias kept in his ho
'   ,:ti   his  tithe  I-i be ru is   WOO   tht   i
Raising  1  Few Chickens.
Following is 1 summary of suggestions from the Connecticut Btorrs ex-
Onl Station of value to the '
people who ruise a few chickens for
j their own use or for local market
Much depends upon • .on of
eggs for hutching.  BggS for thi
pose should be of uniform thai
tnd thickness of shell. Rough
shelled, dirty and mottb-d eggs with
thin shells should be excluded. "Thi re
bl s,imp doubt as to tbe advisability
of setting small eggs. While ii >s
poaalblt that they may be as fertile
aiui produce as many chicks ai
it Is probable that pullets from
ths former will have a tendency •
small eggs." Small eggs should '
fore be avoided.
Kens  which  are  over five days  old
should nol bs used "Bverj .en should
be carefully dated when taken from
th,. nest in order to avoid error on this
point. While good hutches have been
- ,1 fium egts that were three
weeks old when placed m the Incubator, as a rule they canine
ed to hut. h well after thej a
daj s old."
Buried  Boer Treasure.
While playing In the 1 - of a
Dutch church m Kroonttad, Bouth .\f-
II,-.1,  two  Boer children  made an In
(trailing disc uii    wirii .-mi ; spades
they ii, re digging .1  ho,*', and Jil-t  he-
low th- lurfaot teveral gold ■ o ns rrera
unearthed,   Tiny   oontlnuad   to   dig,
gradually    a,lili..«    lo    their    pr.
■tore.   The youngi ters soon had a pile
of Bngltih giihi sovi reigns    Ths
i n ihen Joined tht search, nmi it waa
nol long iief"!-e treaaurs to ths va
marly 15,000 In imbi and sliver coins
imis brougbl  to Unlit     Inning (he war
tl hutch iias u-eil as a hospital and
for   housing   refugees,   nud   It   Is   sur-
i that the treaaurs must have been
bin led by Bicne ont who Is 0 IW dc»d.
Keep Fertility In tht Land.
Good farming today    Is    inv
terming   Raise  all  it  is  possible    to
but put back into the soil -
yaai aa much fertility   as   tbe   crop
takes out. or moie  New land Will Stand
' a lot of abuse, but  ll will go back on
fOU  In lime. You can depend on  thut.
Kunu even  >'''ir s° that you   leave
your land In bettor shape al ths close
thi.it  at  the beginning of the y
Kimball's Puny Fanner
Improving the Wood  Lot.
if a utile ears snd forethought are
taken when cutting the year's supply
Of fuel 10 thin nut lu the thicker ;
saving tbe young snd thrifty trees, isl
ting in ilm sunshlns occasionally   to
start   u   vigorous  growth  nnd   perhaps
trimming ths trunks to gel smoother
gn.mli for timber, II will bs surprising
to -■ i  how much the slump value is In-
cressed    American Cultivator,
The ( nuae,  Sy lil|lli,iiia mi,I   I rel, I menl
of   Tills   I'laeiia...
Qargct is an Inflammation of the ud
dcr ami maj affect one quarter or more
ut n inm*. writes II. 0, Mum he-ier in
Rural  New   Vurker.    Sometimes  II  is
coiili 1 In the Itut     There are a mini
her of causes, such us Injuries ss by
kicking, being stepped upon by other
eons being booked by other cattle, lying on cold ami w.-i Boors or frosen
ground, 'Hies,* latter more often occur
when the cow is fresh and udder distended The more common csuse in
uiy opinion Is Injudicious feeding e
ther too much of a one si.ieii ration   too
nun h t-oriiiiiniil. In .in. n v. gluten or cotton- I meal will cause garget
There is ulao iiii Infectious g irgel be
ginning usually with s tllght swelling
at ilm teal opening, A scab forms nnd
it is iiiinusi Impossible to draw tbe
milk; then il is clotted, ihe quartet be
comes bard and is ruined, Ordinary
garget caused by Improper feeding can
usually be detected before it has done
ninth barm, 'ihe quarter will feel
warm and perhaps bot The test will
have a smooth, velvety feeling tbsl is
unnatural. Aa soon aa these symptoms
are dlocorered itop grain feed fur a
d..v oi two and baths th« udder in bot
wuier     imi,  the quarter  gently  but
tlrinlv uml v. ipi- very dry nfter bathing
to prevent * old, Uilk out the quarter
thoroughly. These directions followed
hsve often caused cure In twelve to
t«,'i'i four hours. Aft.-r it baa run
Severn! days It is much more tiirti'-uit
re, bul I know *.f nothing better
than   ho!   water,   rubbing  on   vast ine
after drj
The best Hung we have found fnr the
Infectious garget is to k.**p end of tear
well greased with carbonated rat.
work ng s little Into tbe teat <>;,•
Ordinary garget is not contagious and
generally only one quarter i- affected
and, if cured, this  quarter   -
to came trouble ugaiu. Preventive measures ire best, and if you ure
having lols of it Bnd tbe cause,  which
I   itllllg lie   1-   the   feed   tie-V   1, Ic   getting,
and .huiige tins to a more healthful
Successfully Used in Colorado In Top
Working Old Orcharc's—Commended By Farm and Fireside.
\t the r ti' me ting of lhe American Pomologlcal society the following
mi-Hi.ni of greftln i b. d by
a gentleman from I olorado, who state i
that it was the most successful method that he had cir ploj ed n top working old orchards and thai ll could bo
unci on branch's us large as four Inches In diameter with great mcceas, it
Impressed me as being fur better than
( orrv   tlie   I ow.
On some farms where the men folks
hurry consider iblj  thi
curry n Ilk ■ OWS twice a day or even
>**t  to do
f irt and nu additional flow of milk.
The  brush  and  curry  comb  start  up
and remove u lot of .last
ih.it i- standing In
■   well
groomed etter for it; she .s
Worthy of BUCb cure    Farm Journal
A Silent Author.
J M Barrie, tht author, is not at ill
r,ui i f talking, but Is silent and reserved mlh strangers. It Is related ol
lilm thai ul a public dinner he turned
In his neighbor and remarked, "Do you
feel Ilka talklngT"   "Xn." mu ihe brief
rep i       us   11,nne  I'hat.
"Neither do I," said Barrie, and
forthwith they gavt ont mothtt* tht
oold iho"'*""'
For Dairymen to Consider.
The fad is beginning to dawn upon
tbe dairymen thai it costs no more to
sluiicr and but little nnue tO keep the
cow thai mil gin* from 800   to
I pounds  of  buttsr  fat   a   .war  than     it
'does the average oow of today   lhal
only gives ISO pounds and that it is
possible for ths average dairymen With
a little care in breeding and in studv-
ing the true type of the dairy cow tn
become possessed of.. herd ..f them.
Select Good Seed.
This Is the time of year to    select
seel   not in the spring, when you mav
haic sohi the bost   always havs the
host for : I    lhe best win«t, ih" bi it
(Hits, the best potatoes and ths besl
corn I.Ike produces like" If you
want the best you must sow the best.
Bal....a   Boi'lil   Wilh   ■   Hen.
It Is a mistake to try to ruise du-k
lings wilh I common ben.    Hens mnk«
good duck Incubators, but pour brood
ers. The ducklings cannot stand th*
violent exercise the hen would give
tbem. Tbey nre 100 WSSb on their legs
to k.-cp up with the sctlvlty of tliv
mother ben **•...* rb-au Poultry Jour
i  i„llln*  Vermin.
A little straw burned In Ihe eonfis'
three or four times each SSSSon kills
vermin nnd .leaves the coops fresh and
c_e_n for ibe lieu aatl cbickeua
The Sing'e Womtn.
"There   Is   lu   man's   ttOtUIt  a   StCrel
Inclination  and   motion   limard  love of
Others,  which,  if il  be  not spen'
eoine one nr a    few,    does     nalurullv
■prtad liseif toward many." said
lim ui. thrtt centuriss ug"-     The remark  might  h„ applied with good r.-.i
eon    tn    ibe    unmarried    iioinau.    Who
Within   the   last   half  einturv   has   he
conic a moving imiver In the world, ss
su. h nsmts us Plortnct .vighting.i;,'.
Hnsan it Anthony. Pranoos Wlllard,
Clara Barton, Harrltl Martlntau
  I'tnittr i',tl.l.e. Mm   Lyon, ami Jans
Adams—to quott a few   will show.
1 li-- I ■    • tbiuk that you
■ ow anything under the Sun
and hui,- the milk and butter of I -
flavor.    Don't  let  that notion  get into
your bead    1 •••- g ""1 sweet things if
i"i want your butter to have a nice
l'.i mpklna  aa   ......   IVed.
It Is an old notion that a cow will
fail in her tuilk when fed on pumpkins,
but '.: ti nth .a this theory.
Aeitle r.iniare.
From Bfteen M thirty pounds of ap-
pIs pomace hsve been fed daily to
in r> animals st ths Connecticut sta-
tl ,n ii Itb s.i- ifect. -i results, w ben
f.sl In a balanced ration it is sstimst-
>sl  that  four pounds of  Spple pomace
llVSlent   to   one   pouud   of   good
ba] Feeders sre cautioned against
feeding too lurge quantities of apple
pomace at Brat Judging trom all the
data available, i: red tbat fann
ers living lu the I if culer mills
will riud it good economy to utiii?..* the
pomace us u food for their duiry stock.
Feed  l.ilirrally.
What to feed ami how much to feed
Is oflen a hard question for the fanner
to  misii er     a   i    ■   ii •■ gb ng   L000
pounds ami kept In a i i barn most
of the time  will  need  about  seven
tenths of a pound of digestible pre
,| seven pounds of carbohydrates
for body maintenance.   And it is what
ne feci in excess of this thut WO get
mr   profits    from.      Kimball's    lbilry
!•• ...I... ...»   Milk  In   Winter.
Silage, tuner buy nnd a proper grain
ration   nre  ull   good   for  tlie  purpose.
a feed a day also of oat bay is found
to bs relished. Tbe tows should have
what they will eat clean, but not to
wasie. and tbe more s good cow can
est ami properly digest the better shl
should da
Feeillufr  I.nrRi* nnd  Stnitll  Cows.
To feed mosl  nomlcally each cow
must be Individually fed nud the .plan-
tity of fed she Is given governed by
■ • and the .pi.unity of milk she
produces, says Kimball's Dairy Farm
er. Four pounds of grain daily may
uu* cows nun protitnhly
i*c given, while others win maks most
profitable returns from ten or twelve
pounds    Other things being equal, a
large C IW reqU ics more feed tluiti ii
small one and a COW giving a large
quantity "f milk more than oue glvlua
n smaller quantity.
The only good thing about a mem
■nan is tlie fact that lit will die some
When n girl meets her Ideal she should
b, ,iiii imt to g*'i too well acquaint*
id nin. blm.
When you look for trouble wilh blood
In your eye, trouble is upt t.. tsks the
bint mui disappear.
I       in.- uoiilil be more enjoyable If
It were nol su h bard work to become
acquainted will* ihe Hsb.
CLEFT 610. K
ordinary cleft graft in.- ■   for
large stocks, from  th, the
of thi ■■  •■ all smooth
and the scions b. The
Dd uf pn..- - billows:
After determining where   the   giaft
hod better go. tbe t off with
a Hue saw and  t!.'   t the
side of the stock, as shown at A  This
Is then cleaned out  with a  I :, ■•
shown at B   A saddler's knife is used
for th: which
Is shown at E ir, D I cut.    Th
is cut as is   i   ,,,', in cleft |
ing and is driven w • r Ittle
be groove in   h.  ito k, us ibowo
I in th" ' at Ii
I4 will be found rim' after this graft
has been driven in it can only be pull
ed out by usine ecu and
It is held much more Brad) tbun iu the
U't".   of   I dder  Trouble.
The more highly developed 'h'- dairy
cow becomes th" m ire Important is it
to give her more conaid. it tbe
,,f   ber   lactation   pel
Hoard's Dairyman,   frequently a con
i  in l,e thoroughly dry aud
turned out int.. the dry pasture when
sh<* should be kept I*    i, th us tbat
ire g i    | nd until ah
III   the  Udder hull*  -lopped.      It   is I   tills-
■ • permit the uddi
(sjly many cases of odder ti
_•  •
stance trom the odder.   SItn■
not well for lhe animal to absorb
• ..1 into her system.
ORiFT   >1D   KSlFl.
ordinary cleft graft.   This method of
■g is undoubtedly  wi
to take tbe place uf ng for
all stocks over thn-
n   diameter.     If  you  try
will be surpr ■-■   . :,e firmness
. the scion •■
All  wounds  should   1- with
WOI  as  in ordin.
S. B  Green In Farm a: .
About the Stable.
The stable should have some means
by which the foul air can
away, but not by letting tl
tly  down  Ul s.    In
the middle of bi I a door or
w may be open. ■    :th de-
g on the   temperature   o -
Nothing gives the animals more
furt or is more economical than  -
ipply of 1 -
ne Bhavtogs
handled, good absorb. I
manurial vain. iw nr.
8, however, add much of value to
ompost pile when s.."'iiated more
- with the moisture of the -
on I will be needed for the garden or
shrubs  and  lawn   next  spring
my to blanket the horses, wheth
>!..'"!•• bv cold or nol   tn
a thick bl
.  warm one a thin
other like material will sufflc-.
from th« warmth ll .
blanket keeps the   coat   smooth   and
-S  T.   Maynard   in   Suburban
I.i i e.
Hones  Overfed.
A good ration for the horse of any
kind of feed is about a pound of gram
and one and a l .  ' I of ba)  to
I rniiired   pounds of  1
ibis would apply to alfalfa.   In
the horse should  do better on the al-
fu-lfa  than   wuh   the  other  hays  and
with less grain. This might he tl
portune time to say that tba majority
of  fanners feed  too  much hay  of all
10 lie ir  bo -• I    In fact,    the
barn It where one of the great-
eat wastes of the farm cuu be found. -
Manure Watted In Small Heaps.
A farmer oaked  Professor  W.    P.
be considered   the   loss   of   fertility
.ii the prai ne.' of taking m
to the Holds and leaving It In
heaps in thp fall to bs distributed in
the spring as compared with es
snd spreading It in tlie spring, ar
reply was that t \| ertments tali
liable had concluded   that   the   loss
was sbout -o p.r cent.—American Cultivator.
Removing Stumps.
A correspondent of American Cultl-
rotor states that he removed s trouble*
some tree stump from near his bouse
in the following manner: With sn iuch
uuger tie bored a hole iu tht centra "f
tin* stump ton inches deep and put Into
It about one-half pound of oil of vitriiU
and corked the liole up tight 111 Bin
months the whole .stump ami runts, extending through all their taiiiiiicati.'iis,
were so rotted ::.#*• Hum \w« eaoUr
Every girl feds in her secret heart
that lhe world missed a treat When
she decided not to go on the singe.
gome men go to war because It Is
more peaceful than StS] Ing St home,
The trouble about being sorry Is that
' It doesn't stem  to do the least bit of
A thing that we have regarded as not
of much value rises swiftly In our tt-
' tlmntlou   ui   loon   as   some   oue   tilt
' hankers sfter It. jjt.LARaDEAU MINING
. V
•• I'i ,-neil St l'.."l blktl'IK'. «    r I lll.llltltll
,, *i ..nici.w,r. on : i -   il   ski -.- i 1'Ihumo*
' Tu. K !':■"  I  - •   i ,'■       I "   ■   espou-
,     .■,-■,,        >i ,,| ■ i. uudnUM*
prtcttil In in cCiiiiiiii
AllIomIi will bl Bbarsed »*■  Hit rale of U
fn.i )ior ilne, tint buerllon, » ul I   OtnU 1"''
„  'ne «|filt llll IK i;
TerrniforVrinsltnl and oil" flven
•rill i c nm le kiuiwii -; ■'"■■ '
.Uiina -lull in Rl DO Bin"    11 til    ■     ■
'     ISTIfATlO'N ul-' AN
t , :. I anie.i Acl, 1
: \-
li'ower 1 i loi I ami  (
inn i'bmi nny. Mil
I'ei.ni.al   Maiii lily,"   Inn
been registered ns  m I* x\
ncinl i oinpni y nnder
; " •■,,  -   i
Root all or  nny of I
'the Company t   >■ I
live siHhority "I the I.e
Hi iii*-!. i 'olumbia e» I
Tho head offl to of tl-
is situate it tin Oily
in the Cm ril y  *■(  I
--tnie ..I South I '-•'-
The  anion, i   ol    •
Company  ia  nin    '
nml dollars; divided .
dred tfioiisund shar. a
The head i.fTice nf  tlm C
in this Proviii'ce is'sitti
l*iifon,  bipI   John    M  i   ni,   mi
manager, whose ml Irei
son, is the attorney for lhe Company.
The time of the en   e i*e of the
<' impany is twenty ye Irs fn
llth day of April, 14)05
■   The company is -;
* cl under section  56 ol  tin   r
(iiver undor my linn I   nnl ses
of .iili.'.* ui   Victori I,   !':
British C.luiiiliiii, this -''.-:  *  ij  i
April, one thousand nine I
and six, S  Y. Wt) >'l
Registrar ot Joinl
Comj   n
I'h.' objects f*.r iv hich   this ' 'uin
pany   hns   been   ealiihli ilied
. . stored ur.-:— ■
The aeciiiiri:i!_. manngi  .■  dcvd-i
oping  working   and -■
mineral claimi and    ■ i.i:,; j1-
perlii s, and the  « i n
treating, refining and uiarin
minerals therefrom
1 . t ■
('     I. i "► ,* I'e.e.I into  lor luickiriL'of Mi* !• ■.' -"    'lies   .
I i am  " " .1 III i lie 11 Th t r i.' I.
I.  i.'t tervicw, unl any work und«r*,»ktll i(uar»ir I
e> Us I.'loi •:.
W.   Abrahamson
And Builder.
Owner <<f tho Abraham-
ton Addition to tiie
i o'v.i -::-.'.
Gci  a  Homi
rut i in i o K.
Trout, Laic* Uvtry
Br, sliding
i i:." :." rv,
Sialics a*   1 tm ; _i„.
li Don t Pay Rent
5. DANEY, ?vo^.    Fergason,
En ay Terms.
L_J  LI\Lt.VlLaiV\       >. i .._-   i   !__.!_,    ^-^ l   ■      ■'-        ,.   UH-, . VVaui turn I •>? ■'■•
•Cfllatei*    e>
ti: ii : '- ■ '■■■ '■'
■ .
• . wi1 !i Liquon & Clgaw - • - \
^**i* *,*,.•
; .• ,.. i',,.:.," rtuL.li I;
Kicellent <_!.*■: ne and Attendance.
lUUVlVll    V*t     lavivyUi< J
,• yi ii :.re   » Hired ol l
'   *    * • ,.' .      Q. vi r'l\n   : I Al fi'V>
l,i bail* iii* stoten   nts
Hugh McPherson - - S'Jpt
(W^^^iW^ I
. ,AK& LvL..;.
-'I      "
Best Lis
And Very finest C igars   _5
ipson,      Proprieto'
-. ..
There ar.
ami  nin!..  .. -    -
none lo eij-ial tli •   ..
tlie Maple Le if Brand on
•.'•   - ile.     'I hi
liotli Tennis and I Ijfoi !
styles for Lodii        Qer-
tlemen,    Girls  or   B * »,
and the Boles of al    .
mad.'  from    pure   j. tra
putn rul
Best Hotel In Tcavv,
:        ....: [Bi   Ek .   |   ..       ..
G@ner«l Merchants.
Trout Lake - - B. 0.
%; Z2~ L_^».
Trouj; I^ake Pity ^Transfer
\{ Ferguson
35 d Stage Li n o.
I TroutLako
Oft ti*.-wW»-h ww \ \
Dtily Stt_c wi.i
l«ev.   Forgnon
7 •.;*•.
Trout Lc.Vc ot 0
Ir. coantrtlrn.
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
H,«,i office
W. H. Jones, w00° vali-a-v'ce hard-
tt     1'tl     Li.-Mtrt,     Fiiit    Job
ir..itiii|. Iltrlwtrt, Minsr*' ir plies, BtJte
NE150N, D. C. ... l Ranges.
CAPITAL 1**10  UP. $3.SoO,000    D
asarnvr funo      3,000,ooocn
TOTAL attCTO      3-5.Cc:* COC :■>
D. R. WI1.KIE, Proi ROBERT MFFKAV, v. ,- | -.,
BRANCHttit    n»  ti.e   I'r.vir.,-rs of Allierta, BaSkatC    ISTAO, luxt'ii,
Manlti ba, n.-ttri, tod I'uti re
SAVINGS DEPARTTflENT.     D «■ . its     dad St •,-«ii
iui rani t»'t f',.tn ,|,i!t ul 1 , sfiing ,,  1 coiinl.
DtaAl Sotd »•»"»''• la .11 pn rti a/. 1
I'l.llril rstatra nti.l i.irrt I r.
Hptettl tlttallon rlctn in taUtalJ .n tnd
iti.tlui Om,tii.
'111.1 t I * is Br 1 * 1:—
Review Job Dept.
For High*Clasi Work.
It    [ITt   10   OM   tl'S    Tflt|!l<Dt A
l,»« n-vj-c-r* •   -- n r*-r»
Starhev «_. Co.
'm.i'.T trip eon oftM bo saved.  Offlesi  ,',    B*4<_l*nl'M*   h  Vlh  P
j     ,_,,,,    .,.,..,    „   ,,       it",   rtrutiinn: I'miiniiill'   Mult ;  TrOBllj    ilWlU V>wl     iVlAv   f
WHOLESALE !   "'"f'    1 ,k.. r, •• ufliet; al... st i.tttou, 0U...-' "  1 rZ
, rT*_et.    .    --.    lr.-t    e    and    Krnil   aptls and Arro«ha44.   ' £ ran a t
I Hootlon Dk.,lustp .-lio'.,!t ('.   _
 foil A	
Ugo-J Shave or Hair Cut
jardeau li^nS/^ g. m. yuillhwim.majhiirti
W.ll   b«   1 ::ri.r,i:i|- '    •
In 1.." ■ ninfbrls     F.i ellei *
Well    \
tnd    rari.i   rooms,   w, 1!
tli   '.   d 1-ar,   »r.:l   "V. rytliil f> m
lei .!j Uiwards  rnakin** j,:; i*-,i s
|ili*ai*ant and inemor«l»le one.
Bates tt ... tl '!jt uj **sr.'i
Wp strive In please ntir j ■ a * - 11
Maple Leaf
Lacrosse,   Tennis :
t 0
-• O O-CJ 4S-r* CKK3-U O r>t> C- □ O-r-i-O C»-€.XK>C*'
«»♦ *^_   I^W        *3^/V'**^.. i      1WVIUV.  II 0.
tlbc ftotcl Kcaton
E. MOB3S. Pl^OP-
Hotel and
Cencrr.1 StGre
i'.V.     re] mr ng,   ...     All
l. . .-:    •-    ;
Hot and Cold fiat.
_ Cl Ofl - - „   d _I _j; i_
K.rk       ■*•'-'        ...        Anilltor
J  < .  Ml ItKAY,
Barber Shop. I
Tor t*.'»1 Ha 11 uliiitK tin!     ■
,., inn i" 1°
T   1 1'T I.A I   I  1 I- T
Hot  .i-i   Cold   Bulii
111: l I  I AKE, B. C.
H   C
jDafiHtat, MlaklC
it'll panes'  Intsri >it rartlully
lookad liter,
At.-.ii for liourltt't 1 Ui.. *
or Running Shoe:,  |
Look well,  i'n v.   I   ■*•
w ill and : -   - 1., ct
mnl .I in
For salt by t'i .
deal) rs.   .\.-_  for tli
J.LeckieCo Ld
Selling A( .
yisiTOliH tn:T:..| ti rirtio.i iti* threshold ol lbs I tfltSUl
tit Arrowhead-, trill i   .1 this 'I  "I 1    be fullr oqii'i-r***
Ior ' ;.:. c1, ■■ '.'.■!••    v 11     snt serorrimoilstinn,     A »t|l
i      luted snd sps      *       ir*    !■"•.    Ths heal ol Wlntt.RpMli
»-' Cigars    I'er     sis iglvtn I   !ht rsquirsmsnliel
pa r >ns: Vis in ti tiit I tnlctu can rely 011 comfort tl thllbolfl,
|W. BOYD -:•
•;- Prop
. I .-.> tT _» »;*-.• I-«a--.Ty    « -;, i . : . • r t- -    . .
: 7 me
i %
Legal Notices.
CUTiriOATU  Of  iUll:   , ikiSKT.
J.c    L'klsll.Loni  Rlsi minerslclaims
• iistit li. Hit Trout I akt Mining ln*i-
slon ol Wait Kootsnsr listrliet,
Wlitrt lo.-al*.! • Ilu ; * 1 ul.t creek.
Ttkt noli.t thlt I, J IV, Clilirn, free
miner'i rtrlillrttn No, r.l,>*,j, (,,r my-
self and as agent ior s, A. Sutherland,
l.in.r. tta BB7U0rH,   Iir.;,e   V. I,!.,,,   f ,,, ,.
fin 77078. A, Di rids, I tn r,  •   -,';*•,', |'p.
lei..l i,0 dtvt ntior <lii« btn   1. lo tpitly
to Ibt Ml 1. i.i' Recorder lor ('Srtiflca.ee ot\
Imiirctf 'i.tiiii for the puriioseolobtaln*
fas erown rrtti't o( the sb .<•• i iiimi.
1 And furllur like notM r r.,,i
unrltr leftioii 37 lonit be
hteOic* Ii:c ifiutnce ol ».;.-■ ,
Imp.-itsinenli. IislH tin
M .  A; p., l»f>i
IT ii i;i ri ii liing lhe time lo sisrt
..ut on votir i-iiiiitn. r va.'iiti.ni,
nn.!   «c wniit   ;.* 11   to  ci'i.riil* r the
It is the place whore nntun  can
bo seen  in til ita grandeur and
iiis^'ini',, en ■ ]>►- i i:.*^, rivers, anil
mountain streams ara _siI• tl with
the li* nv iril..', and disciples nl
Ik.' Wull.ui uie in tlieir glory. W W
It i*. U resort entirely free from the
ii to peat W ttf m **) m dj tj)
I u information, *_• rii*-t t.. iln* Boo*
r. Iui v of Trades t'oliiinitk'e or lo
iho llr.viEW.
lie si- .'t (Itimt.     I
r, w cuii m      rr ^  t»
i /
THERE   ! tre   }. n   . irtn -t
in. .I"  by j si lirlous  Invest*
nici.t   in   Heal   J'Htate, and
•  will  be n.,.> than
. t*-,. ot three v*art.
r««ir, :,,r   li*ir»en'.   •
ll"> • r ^ ■ il  I a veal or, for lie  hat
l.i« i r. cetiainty.
Nnn '-*. ,;« point .,ii| lu ton that
there •   *
t lo I   v   K  .:   iCatate than
Trout Lako la \he I'lettieti spot
in    Mie    K'.......iniya ;   AH  m   |,le,i.tiii,
rea»rl It ' »•* nn equal. Boating
and  Bailing  muy he  Indulged In
t!i« y.ni i und j while l.itf gsnie
in ah ii ndanre is to iho round nn
th* hills.     Its rlloiate la anporb,
tlrerr b i ig no iin-ut extremfs, It
1       |i I  in w1 nter and c^ol In
summer, Is nm boast of srine of
'li- fin»tt I'.'i.'s and regldencag In
Itrtlish Colombia. It« strreii aro
w"!l 1**.i.t i ..' and gradi i, Tlie- >■
ere (w > »ce,|,*nt gonera] sti.res,
ai I n j.if * <• 1' .l.e advrrliieintiiiu
i.t i J " ! will alio* that al
trades ui • ' ■■• y vr-il rcputnelit J.
Dfl l*,i..e t'. Agxiila,
Loctl Ar. i.u.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
* ■
Then cal! on
or  writ* to
I' list ireV»r l.sd a ' boom "--Us
growl ii in. ,„.,,, ,(rt)|, j, (i
tl«  head  .f  i.avlgstl.'ti,   aid
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the agents at (ha ai'dresns I slow
F* B. Wells
Cenerul /.g«tt
Revelstoke, BO.
 . M
_>P-.-.    -y/


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