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Lardeau Mining Review 1905-01-13

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IJ II,-.- n larger circu-
il i hi m than any
j ,\. u i] aper in N,
I Koqtenay. Besl (id-
I vcrtising   medium.
rdeau Mini
VOL. i
The representative
of the rich Lardeau
country, Sent to
any address for $2
pi-run. in advance.
TROUT LAKE CJ?Y, B.   C,   JAN. 13th   1905.
JAN U 1905
No. 10.
Ppplar Creek
Will Boom.
rill'. COMING sl'M.MKi: WILL
-. /;. I'y. /s
-:- -•/• <;• -> fj; Houston Wins by Small Majority
Ferguson Items.
'.     .   :".r -t/ \ir «v» vt?   i■ .;.' -.;.■ ■.
ow /.('I'd is   the best effort of I
,Vill  bo at Onci Installed by Th
Ureal  N.irtln-ru  Mines,
John Houston won out in the.
mayoralty election at Nelson yes-
terday (Thursday), by a majority
1 if 15, There were over 1,000 votes
Lake Localets.
Malcolm is Unlucky
king Frost  thus far.     Several indicators verrtud it on Friday.
Mrs, Patton returned from New
Denver on Monday night.
Don't fail to attend the ' Service
of Bono " on Sunday rtlght.
rhanku to Andy Danoythe Trout
Lake-Ferguson wagon road is in
superb condition for sleighing. A
1 wejity-inuiiite dash now separates, from the nop of a goose from then.'
>• (Jold h Where You Find It."
Somewhere down in the Rainy
River district, ncur the head of
Luke Superior, the poultry is pick*
lng up coarse gold in fairly large
quantities) if the amount secured
I the twin cities, and there are -<>iin
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Malcolm Beaton, fruin whom tin
■'"•        "*'■..'.• ••.   . town of Beaton aenveB its name, is
Dad Lk-ngstaff i.; around a^ain deddedly unlucky as far ns meet
after being confined at home i»th tag with minor accidents is con-
an attack of grippe. cemed.     Hardly has lie recovered
Frank T. and  Mrs. Abey intend]'rom u"' ill-effects of a poisoned
leaving shortly for a  holiday trip hand which laid him .on the Bhelf
to the coast. '"' several months when he obtains
... „       anotherishaktag up.   Whilst leav-
JOO Athertou   iihiv      -'■--- <■——1 ^^"
FergUSOO   on    Tuesday.      He  wi
reside in D. L. (link's mansion.
JlSlfvity in the
wiiu profess to have beaten that.--
To those whose nervous systems
1 will not permit the risk of ventur-
:ii promises to be one of the , [ng „„ t|1(. i(.(. jt wuj )m. g00j pew8
busiesl mining camps in British tolearn that Sid Baskett" is giving
Columbia this next summer.   Fol- v_S(m, in Bpeed ,ll)(1 fancy Hk.ltin^
{owing the rich discoveries there a
,   ,.       ,;,■   .• I'lie Miners   union   held their
year aiiq a naif ago, litigation over
..    .    .    tit ,   .1    usual lneetiiiL'on Saturday night.
'le- Luckv Jack   location  as to tlie; K J   —a
, ■  ,,        1 ,1     1      .■        f   Iherc was a L'.Hjd niusUr.
location rights and the locating of |
placer c]aims put a damper on de-1 Alec. Cummins has a sp'endid
,vcl .juneiit, not only mi the pro-. assortment of skates at the store
perty in question, but on many Alec .is determined that everybody
others. i" town slujll BUpporf the rink and
The settlement of   (fee  trouble I participate in the exhilarating pas-
over the lode rights, and the pro-  time, for he lias  skates for sal.-at
inise "f the Government to amend factory prices,
the Placer Act so as to prevenl:    |,.w Thompson made a business
trouble  in the future  has livened J trip to the Lake this morning.
mailers up, and all who own claims .„,                  ,    ,
,      ,  '          .     . ,    ,. mere was  B   liockev practice at
in that fahul>iu-!v rich distrct  are .     ....        _,        ,        ,,.     , . ,
, .. .' , the IlniK ihi lhtirs-lav night, which
looking forward to getting to work
si boom as spring opt ns up
It  is announced that the Qreal
Nor; horn Mite-will  instaj a mill- _^^^^_^_^^_^^^^_^^^_
ing plant  immediately for the re- J-   Flelschman,   the   Ravelling
duction  nf ores fromthe  Lucky jeweller, Vancouver, was a visitor
.la k and Bwi de groups.     Enough 1**1 Saturday.
' v li'pmeiit   work   has he.-n done Frank Schulse,  the well-known
large quantities** ol . La.eli g sanjpliugihe iceon M..11.
The development of the Mother day niglit.
I nd.',   which  is under bond to Al. <     ...       ,   ,.. , , ,
,.,.,,,. B1188 Su hvan   l.-tt   town   f'>r  a
Ho'istoii   and   .lit olO   ha?  pi.»-    ,        ,    ,. , ...   ,       ,
.. ,.     slmrt holidav on U ednesdiiv.
\  11 ii to I.   the 10 'l;ii!_-  oi  a big
i»n   this   property   work      Jack   Atkinson,   who ha*  been
hod all winter. i visiting Sand.ni  and other points.
, - ,v Gilbert property returned to town Wednesday.
is any indication.    Mr.  W.   Allen| business.
i|nv\ 11 iroin 1.       ., rp,
ing   tin   steamer  at   inompsoni
Landing   on   Monday   lie    slipped
       oil the scow, and in falling injured
.1. B, Henderson  and E. L. Kin- his side somewhat.   1$ was reported
man  an-  both  in   Revelstoke .on | that  several hones were   broken,
I but on enqniry we learn that be
of New Westminster purchased al   /;,.,,,<,,. \   Tavlor is fittins iin 1 yond some extendi bruises he is
fine Urge bird  for his New Year's, ,h(1 v.mh  in   ,,„.  rcco,der-8  ofn<
dinner  from a  local grocery, and i..   ,i
on having it cleaned a quantity of ,,.,,,,.,.0 y
coarse gold amounting to II "a"J  in
Hugh   Brown   and   family leav*
I accident.
lg no serious results from the
reception   <.f hooks   and Is   	
Will. Boyd is a Benedict
Hucrhl    ''"' popular proprietor of  the
for     California   shortly.       __^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
win nave charge „f some property Hotel J5,:,t"" la,L'1-v r,'turnt'(l froni
on a ranch on the Rainy River.
Local   Conditions Point to  an Era
of 'Prosperity for the
Twin Cities.
value   was found And   extracted
Mr. Allen stfll has the gold.     The
bird was one of  a shipment which                                               .    .     . CaUfornia,  and  it now
was   received   from   a   Winnipeg *»*™»B  operated   b3   M„„a- ^^              ^„^           „
wholesale linn  durng the   10! <av "l"'"   I' "I'1'- ... .      I   ■     v.,.,.n„      	
0                   • whilst   mi 0:111111'.'there,    ixaivaii;   ...            ,             , ..
trade, and which had been mined     Magazines galore at the Review . . ..       '        ,  ,;   ,-   .   ,,  ",,,.. with a producerand its accompany-
'                       ° inking  escaped   nia lips,  imt   the .                  ,,        ■„. .    .,
„il„.,, h         '          ....           me    pavroll.       But   the   iiresent
",|1U whisper has reached us.    B   v was    -.     ,       ,          , „     /     -4,
1 • • winter has advanced thus far with
EiJ. l'aillie came up from Poplarlin town on thursdav.and mi beinjr
during the first of   the«week
Mining operations locally are
proceeding very satisfactorily.
There is nothing in the nature of a
sensational new strike to report, as
the prospectors have long since
either holed themselves up for the
winter  or    associated   themselves
A party of ho lie were conveyed
down the lake on the a.s. 1'rocUir
Thursday last to fitness th<> icelway matte
breaking operations at the lower j summer.
reach,     ('apt.   Fitzsinmions enter-1      .   ^-   y
tained the ladies.
, was witnessed by s crowd ol s]«-c-
tators. Some very fast and pjgan
work was witnessed.
The Ice King has arrived at last
after a long delay. The patience
of leasee L. Hjllman and curlers
mid skatera generally   was   well
roups" to   demonstrate J L^deau" goalie""was up {ram MSf^tl^J   ^ T?'Ut U
A Spell of Frost.
^^^^^^^^^^     ^^ f, gratifying  results  to both   heavy
^^^^^ VIr. j irraigned by us. pleaded •■ guilty   , an(J sm;iM shi      ^    Goch,        u
on I Bailee feels highly .dated over the, and set »«n up.   We congra'ulate r(Jach M from ^ ^^^
■ok   for the coming  Mr.  Boyd   on  joining   the   noble 1
'.  ,, 1    ■ 1 i-    i    The LuekvBov will ship another
army ol  Benedicts, and wi-h him ,,.,*, .      .
,",,     T,     1   i, , •   1    t  ,,„    ,    car ot high-grade ore 111 a few days.
« came  over on from , l|)d Mrs. Boyd ajl kinds of success | ^ ^^ wofk bdng ^
Camborne on Wednesday on busi-1 ' is proving very satisfactory to the
ss ponnei
With  the   i)i.i|ili>ll<
Charlie Beck, an old-timer, paid
the camp n visit this w 1 k.
Change your gram-o-phone re-
coi It at the Rbvjkw offi
The Waterworks Company have
bomrht   the   old   Saw   Mill   offic
froin Frank A!»• v. and have moved
Minaand "No. 3'Vi,auagement'
Tlie Horse Shoe  lessees are get-
)•:!- Im en pi
The Man
is also of great  merit, and  will no Sal|1  shannon  has some tickets
doubt  bo worked to advantage at r0r sale for fj. which permits of ad.
a" ,;ir'.v '1;|'"- mission for live skating spells. This
On   llapid Creek, a little above arrangement should suit those who
poplar, the showings an  equally wiH not be in town all season.
as good     Rogers'and Smith's pro-'     , ,.         .         ,.     .,
,         '    , ,      . Steve slinger  is nothing if not
perty has proimnlv  the most w.-ik ,         ,.    ,      ,,,-,■
,       ,. up to-date.   He has lately laid in
ni   this
is practi
cally honeycombed with leads, car
other   large   stock   of  the latest
■1^11^^^^^      , ,     .„,     gramophone records.
tying big values ii) free gmtl.    lhe '
Spyglass Co. operating tlie Spyglass     Dave Robertson (" Irish") writes
group, which is a remarkably rich "s from Sandy, Utah, to say that
Bilver and   gold  prpposition, has he is still on this planet and get*
bonded two groups of claims from ting his three squares and a night*
.lack  Ne.-hit. George Munro, Jack cap.   He is working for the Rib'etj lurn^
( hi-im and .lack Simpson (by the Co^-who are ercoting live miles ..f
way, thi "  will h" a lol of million-  tramway there.
aire Jacks ehortly) for good figures,     xhe jail is now all but completed,
.", 1       r     1        1 u.lil  si>posite the Trout  Lake  City
rink was opened on lue-dav nidi •« •
• \ ■ ■ mi. I lion !. where thev have established
amid great rejoicing.    llieie<was|, .   _    •
great nj
good, and  the  Imys  and girls felt
Trout Lake now lioaits of one of
the best and most substantial rinks
in the interior. The main building has an ice area of 150 x 60,
with dressing rooms in an annex
In the fore part On the side a 25
foot annea is built for curling purposes, running the full length 1 f
the main building.
The total cost will run close to
13,000. There is a small debt of
about $400 on the building, which
will be wiped out during the
It is the intention of the management to use the building in the
summer time as » bowling green,
rifle  gallery  mid  general   amuse*
'tiieir le .. I uilies^^^^^^^^^^^
Georgi   Forddred  has  returned
to the   Lake after putting in two
Tha <aofd  Belt Syndicate
Thi-  (iold   Belt   Svndicate. wdio
ha^e'been operating th.   No. .-. and! ,K'f(,re   hc  eome8  to town a*ftin
!     .      11-      *^l_        —3     k . T\  1
ting out some fine ore that will
average over $150 tier ton. A shipment will he made shortly.
The Mohiesn is being worke.1
steadily. The long tunnel is now
in SOU feet. About 200 feet has
yet to Ik- driven before getting under the big ore showing in the
upper workings.
Frank Landriau is l»ek at the
Silver Plate. A erase cot tunnel
is lieing driven to tap the lead. He
is satisfied with the way this first-
class property is looking, and expects to have a  big body of ore
Will  als.'  Develop Severnl  Other
Gold    Properties    in
^^^^—^^       ^k_-I the District
Mr. Mi\. superintendent of the
Placer works, left far home during
the week.      Ii'ii'";>'   '• ■: 1 \ in-   a test     	
clean-up was made, and the result I ifljna claims on Silver Cup slope, j ^ ^' ^8* "^ Andy Daneyhave
found highly satisfactory.  Mr. Mix!],.lVl. i„„,,;,.,] these claims to Chas. a 'ea8e aiul boml °° thc P^lX'ty.
will return   in   Shout  tWO  months. ; l.-     namnatpr    tvhn i* r«nrnannHn<r       ti     o        l i <
1..  uempster,  who 1.-it pn.-1.1111114,     The >pvglass people are starting
\\ . N. Iliintihv   has   charge  111 the   i.-,,..,.,.,, .,.,,.;,„i .    .     ,     *,      .,    „ . ,
■   • I eastern capi'ai. n to d.-v.-lop the Hotnestake group
meantime. The above  syndicate i- made up] :lt Rnpid creek.
Services of an evangelical nature mostly of Rossland people, and are
will   be   held   in   the   Methodist j working on the plan of develop-
Church n.xt Sunday, morning and Intent and sale.    About Io.imhi has
evening, conducted  by the pastor, been spent on thc above property
All are cordially invited. | with very good results.    A good
body of ore  has been opened up,
litiring the quiet season what's
the matter will arranging a billiiird
tournament. We have lots of good
play.;-, and—better counters
The personnel of this company is a I And the Hotel de Kirk will be
guarantee of good mining and ul ready for the reception of gjicsts in
tiliiate   ncei ■•• about     two    weeks.       Contractor
Tin-   Brokin   Hill   Mining Com- Skinner  and   his merry men   are
panv   of  Spokane have  also some , making a good job of it.
good  ground   in  the   Broken Hill j    Several charges .if "conviviality"
and combine claims, purchased a ^y l|(, neard before the magis-
ypar   ago  from   Jack   N.shit   and  lr.lU.s „„'l u, .day.
George Munro.   It is probable that
The property lies convenient for
■hipping purposes, and if properly
^^^^^^^^^^^^ levoloped should prove a profitable
The hotel men  and merchants I investment.   The I.X.L. group was
are putting in their season'slsftppiy I bonded to Colonel   Braytoa   last
of ice. \v,'k
ci     u i.     » y%      r-      -j     j '    Mr.   Dempster, who has taken
■ ShocM be at Once Considered    ...       ,     , r ,
Everybody attended the formal -. , ;1,!" bond- ha9 '"" " v,1-v "»ccessful
opening of the Rink here on Mon.     Qp-to^ete Troul Lake has Wen  '" ,,!> "P***™* i""1 ™ }»«*"}
day last,    A merry crowd indeed|Very fortunate in   its  exefiip'ion|8omc *>{"1 ""rk "" ,hc b,U ,1,1S
was   soon   grae -fully pirouettir.g| fr0m   any   serious   conflagration
and gyrating on the excellent ice
and the management wore anelab
a day, howeve
, 0 ne, an.I   " Leu   1
.ii turn  may
it does wo regret
1     Rev   Sharp conducted his usual: "rate iinile.     Small wond. r. when  ,„.,„   Tiout  lake   will he found
a mill will he put in at this point,     *. ' .() ^ cnftpei on Sunday bouquets and eulogiums fell on the waning unless protection  is not
iff. ni. d in the interim.    The fire
which will he able tohandlothe|w«,vl.w '" u."'. l"".1'"  ' Y,\].~L ...^..„„.,.\ Ii,„„.t  "','/'..', ""1 :"".V..V :.'.'.*."."•.!."■' "\Z. n..Jwil1 ,|" Ill,,,v development during]    Aeontraot tunnel is being driven
ores from all of these different pro- "'veiling.     Although  a   very  cold [ear in unreserved abundance
perties.    With mining o1ierationsni-1"'  :l fair  Blwd  congregation
in full blast  and numeroits1ndi-lMMmb,ct1'  and   ""'   sorvlce W1,s
vidual owners doing  their  share, j",U('h enjoyed.
great activity will prevail all along,     Will Archibald has lost an Odd.
summer.   C, M. Oliver is engineering   tho  deal   on behalf   of   tho
Iii Gold I'clt Syn licato has
several other claims in sijjht, and
the summer,
Hockey Team  After Scalps
The latest adyices from the
Triune are encouraging. The
lower level is being extended, and
mi upraise made to connect with
the upper levels. The ore strikes
reported a few weeks ago are proving continuous.
The development of the Nettie L
is proving Up to the expectations of
the management.
The Silver Cup is holding its reputation for producing high-grade
ore. A big force of men is employed steadily.
Work at the Five-Mil.- plant
giH-s along merrily. The bullion
and concentrates come down to
the Lake regularly bv the Haney
transfer system, where the 0.P.R,
takes hold and does the rest.
the Lardo branch of thoC p.1L during the coming siiiniin 1.
fellow's badge. It has two diamond
studs on it. Will, would suitably
reward and profusely thank the
finder, as  the  jewel   has  its   own
A splendid rink  is the outcome I brigade   as a body  is dead, and j
of the notion conceived har My a ready  for a post-mortem bxamina-1
month ago.    Easy of access from tion.    The water suppYy  i- good,1
all quarters of the town, the sit.   i„n   without the proper appliances
-f the rink was well chosen, and would h ofsmall account   if onv     Tho hookey boys mean businesL
,„. ,„„,.,; ovidently,   ,s thev intend to boVc tunnel of the John L, the adjoli
fra-blelevyjn "bol ai  big en..".    If it is at all to*pK>l»rtJ.
|i   [lossiblc for .: really rejwesentative     The Mother Lode has been.stead-
1,.. ,„,.■, .i,,i„, ,,f hnui.   team to leave business lor a day or I ily  worked all  winter,  and soul
j return to W. A. at the " Lardeau.'
A    grand   skatipg  carnival and 1     Rob,   Kirkpatrick   apprised   his
masquerade in the afternoon, and £a!ent?,a J".' ■ftw.friva' at the
, 1     1    11 •   1.    •   Itollllllllia   t ollege.    New Westipill-
fancy masquerade ball at night, «L^ RJ|d a|S(M/his moeting uith
tho pi'tigraiu for St. Valentino's a surprise in the person of young
Day. Handsome presents will be Hay Wilson, son of Ur: Wilson, an
given for the different slvles of I 'dd-tiiucr in the camp, who will he
QOStUlilOS at both events. Make Up ' a l'l!,ss mate ,,f }{iM^'»-
your  mind  to  come  early  in the      The 5-Mile  bovs  patronised the
r • • I
morning, and  have a good day's rink  last   night,  ami some  good
sport, hockey practise was put in.
tho thanks of the p..j ulace are due' 0j ,|1(, husino
the owners of the lownsiti for their wcro in datii
gpnefous donation of the two lots - •,. • ■■ -" I bi   inai
an which the edifice has b en i  n   in  town  for 1
on the Handy mine. This pro.
perty is located on the line of railway, audits -hipping facilities cannot   he  equalled.     A contract lias
also 1 11 given for  driving a long
11 1 very frojie
purchase of h
For St.   Valentine's J particularehim,^^ ||fe„  18|ftnd other „iw;rv appliances for  nt.. .1,,,, they inlenl   to enter the! progress made.
very capacious, and  is well built I flghting tire,
there Iming 1-0 x 60 feel of
nd carnival
This   is as it
ave the material
Developinent   Work   is   still   the
prograi...ue  at   the   Suri>rise.     A
Two dressing rooms are construe*Ijack Frost vs   Water Pipes, to make things extremely intorest-|cro~ 0j8jx j8 gj^dlly employed
ted at the entrance end, and a sub-   ingfor-all and sundry who throw
stantlal   gallery   is   Burmounting     A good llghi h'ai been ni during downorlifl the gauntlet.    With a
this. I the   pnsl  few  days   between   tin little more practice the hoys will
A program of sport is being ar- abovo two contestants, thc former h, in very good condition,
ranged for  the season, and        px-lsofarl ivin   the best of it,  A large ■	
cellent time is promised h ug n k. ni intj 1. -       Bill Baty  returned to town this     Thc tramway for tho Triune mine
promoters,  to whom the RnviEWlin   hi    > ■ ,.j. .« I I   Ihfc  pluttibei   1 ivcok  from  Calgary, where he hasI to be erected bj the Itihlet Co. will
extends congratulations. I taking the gate r< cciptfl been for the past two months [arrive in a (ew weeks.
Three men ave now at work on
tho liig Five, but no news has come
down since the heavy snows put in
an appearance, t'Jfi
The   LARDEAU   MINING! ^-'.i is tin
w : I     i
ai<e it   possible
in • quickly,    Wo lint e oritic-hied  Ii r liiniWd capital to attain success,
e  mttnageinout   of the concern,  which   is  impossible,  in   districts
Is l'l-liileil at Tiimi l.nli'M iiy, anaPubllahci )
ul K.'i-'r.iiKHi niiil 1 rout l.i.a. every Friday,  j as    we    bo.iuvcd    that   it   WAS   line   WllCl'e lOW-gl'udo OI'OS   pl'CVUi
Tni'iviitiir .!.>,.- not iieui iiii.,9,.!it-<.;i|i..iislli„,,„  ou, if ihoy can get in and doI ■   -■• 	
111.' Ii"' lie' opinions nl  .'ori'i-siiuinl.-i.lM'X-i
presaud in iu coii is basinets iilon
jiisiiic.i, i.ncs, we
All loeals will tie charged nt   tuerotu of 15
We hope now that tha skating is
cols win be cmirffetl nt   the lute nl r>       ''i   1       ii r      i f     r
eanta per lino, Ami Inaertinn.awt lOoonwpoi   w.ii no an we can   lor t.10 Iu11 ioi-   ln |,|]|   swing- and   that tho curlors
lino en.<ti Rubaoquent Insertlou
the com pony's  interests. ,Ul. unB„ w;;ll
be3on an siane,
T< i-I'm' im,i ii'iii nn.i other advertising   ,,.   .
win bo niudo itnovru on appiioation at otticc  \ve know that the timber fisottrutH    i.,(.  ii„, enthusiasm  arising will
Hnli-"'i'.|.liiiii if-.'.ll.i n mill'. In ii.lvnii i-. 1    o.i ■ o.i      j.   i   , i   I
MURRAY a ATHERTON Publishers ot ,l "H P«jt"f the division "!! ", "      ' '  "" '" * ***** ^ ioVWVX* ,
uablo. mid if handled right shotihl gi.ato(i U0„8Pjei.    \y„ know that if
pay handsomely.    There is no get-j, no  idea is  acted upon it will bo
ushed along by every good eiti-
ting away from  the fact that the
For some months past there has town of Tioot  Lake will largely   .
been an agitation  to apply to the benefit'ironi  the successful opors*   t,|n
Proviodial Government fur an ap- tion of tho plant, and there ie'iio
iii'opiiation t i build a wagon road Idoubi   that  tho citizens generally   rj. n<afl o      /*w
up   the   Ninth   Fork  to Surprise will do all Iheycau   lo assist the   .3 111 11 ffi     (w£    vOi
Oioek during  the coining summer, j project in lhe way of granting per-
Wo believe the move to he a good  niission  for  the closing of i-tieets
one, a ml have several times point-   nail other coi ccsi-ii is     The Caiia-
ed out its advantages to the north Minn Timber and Saw Mil-. Ltd.        HIGH CLASS TAILORS
end of the division. | hnj.  however,   insi i he ion lid nee   h a FILL
A pnii together—and   the
I  dure-.
45 Bleury Street, MONTREAL.
c   i1
i:..' |
it must u. m ii
iiy and   il
noiiaroly before i
The estimated cost of the under    and  n
taking   is   $10,000.     The  mines     • , .   .
which would be benefitted Urgelj   strutc
by this rdad are many, the pi in. i-  tod   I
pal ones bsing those belongiog  to Uamhiz thai confidence.
the    Metropolitan,   Consolidated,
Surprise and  Guinea  G ild com-!
pauies, each of whom claim they
Lave  huge  bodies of ore lo ship
tl  is  nur opinion,  however, thai
any governing  body ought to satisfy themselves beyond doubt lhal j
the  expenditure  uecessary to the
building of tlie road would be warranted.
We know of many cases v\ ierc
large expenditures linvob en made
along similar liin'S, and uol enough
ore hauhd lo cover tho cost of the
im. nee   « ifII.I. be rep
V, ami    W      ;'■'•"«    »<
repn    -ited  in the  l.ar
regular    intervals
through, ut tlie year.   Orders
lothing will receive close attention,
lentath o, R,  A. Scott, is a
ilor, nn I «ill a ako clothes
11 J :. w.i 'ders f >r him.
,v i     look   the   milling1 (111 ' ;
Tn ut i. I . Topic, which litis ri- .
b en mo . e,i -,, i i | h   !.    V  if Fer-1
jnso i iiml      I hi i atuc i i the 1
th an Mining '!    iew,   to  giv   i
1 '.,'
gn roe.   I-.
du    !
11 f I
:: ation v '
■ .'! 1 I oil i'
,-tl'l' -.       1      .:.
wh :ro
litiduals   1
■iV •
•   legit  u   itC   1
. i. our pr.
1 lltlt >'  p    lYC'l I
'one t.
,v. -
. i on       •        • '..'liiiiif nt  7.1.0
\ iaitors   flfra   eofflrally  wel-
l,!.V. I!. .\  SOLI V,
Hardware,  Miners' Supplies, Stoves
ml feu     -
4sf I &JU&
K   ,1
Wore all shipped in Last
Fell, and are the
tools us. .1 in buildi
•It has i ,.,
always been cans d by h ck of ore,
but in many cases by internal
troubles of companies operating.
Many of us are prone to think that
if ve get a grant for a sum of
money from the Government that
it is i hut much f.-util, no matter
whello r lie e.\j ciidittiro it ol lasting in unfit or not: but,as a matter
of fact, each one of us as indiyid-
u lis I as to ] ay the piper in I
Ion; rt.w. Th r i can I) i only -o
miic'i money spent in public mi-
pr> vvr.euts. and if we gel more
thai our just shnro this year, we
have to go without next, or someone else \\ ill. We belie ■>•. ' ow-
ever, that the prop, s id r >a.l is an
absolute me ssity, and basing the
oo-t at 810,000 we would sugg sl
thai the different companies in crested put up one-half of the cost
iind apply to t e Government for
the balance, al the same time asking that etch company c intribut-
ing toward- the c -; bIiou! 11 eci ive
■ Mile Mil!, Triu c 1.
11.. -,- s oe. are . il
: ■>.    IV:,:.  o P,   .:.'-I   UtllHl ul
re ill ', lope«l   to the cj .
■ . '  ore aro   i i
i i  . aw .it    In .. ■   .
: . . • imakethom 1 ...
' i i i oiher prop . i-
u-ii .- a the " 1> g Tunnel
,1,. nwi II, Great Northern
I , ■ s, !. ak\ .I'm, Wins-
' lity, Silver I, af. Silver
:: ii ibier,   Bie   Five,   aud
: 1
o bi i nn tlio inspi ciio:; • I
ing  man, a "1 nil have •   ; -
n nine3.
T.joi '. .i- i c ■ ;; i Iter time in
ihe history of tho Lnrdi in tl i
il. ■  • re • nl  f r I he iuvei
.I,    For > <iii ■ isity of metuls
it  c ii, -ii   Ii • i'i.'i die 1.   Th   >i h
l ■■: ,.'..: r SUMMON9.
t) CourtotKootenay.Iiolden
.    i Lake, between Robert Mn.i.len
;   ,        ■. doing bttsinan ns
,   ;ii.-,  ..I Trout Lake.
ra,    plaintiffs,    ami
Valter B.  Curtis, ol Trout Lake, II.C,
iborer, tlefenilant,
ih>K '    t iii.losa   within
i  the personal service
you return t<>
I ni   ' ,m" .-.l Trout
,.- note below, .lntcil
■ »n     i  (or your aoli-
eini    and stating briefly yourgroondu
of defence to the action, you will not
iwed to make any
.!       . aim which the plain-
lifl j       as |»r niargin, the
i which are hereunto an-
14 but ihe  plaintiff may, with-
iht I  .'i  support of
I   n: ■ I'l-l'.l   to   lilllll
ii 11  yon iv
no >• ' • the '..-Ki--!
■ -.,. i.-l.ii. -i;.- !
.   . n, av ," it, notice ol
ntwt.i I. tlio action will be '
When you want the
Gall on
r SaKJSlLiJi'Dww op Words.
iMfct and costs.      By Gilbert Parker el.-th. $1.50
!-'..... *;.l0;Toial
:-'.'tM.IlM>r,l'.k>l i    j{y ii s Merrfn, ,.;,. 1,50
rai "i the Court,
a bonus of, say, iiM eei ts p*r ton ;
on ore hauled, until tha amount 01
of ibeir subscription hud been r<-
turned to them.
Taking 850 per Ion as a low estimate of the \ slue 1 f the ore, tho
2 per CMit.  tax   would on the first
10,000 toiiR of oie hauled not on!;.   ;
pay (he subacribrrs to the project,
but wtiulJ also reimburse the Gov-
iru.iient   in   full   for their outlay.
Wo aro asured that such a prnpo-
alt'on would meet with favor from
tl e G ne'-nnient, RS it would show
them that the compinies had con
lidei.ee and Mere willing to back i
up with money.
San.''/ Lanxhton
11ES  »iaiting  Ferguson you
Itl  th    La 1 ilea!i
Hi  I,     Here   tin-   visitor
w H   !••   Btirrounded   with
h in"    oid' nts.   iSxcelleul
cuisin ■.     iM'il   ventilated
:,•■ !   n arm   room»,   well
• ■ icked bar,  and  everything vilicli
lei c- lo       Ii   in ikiiig your \ i it a
plerthrtnt ,■ : 1111111 rrttbl ■ one.
Rnl  - fn in .f 1  ihty upward-.
\'.'e strive to j V.i-i! our patrons.
The littcrntsa existing al om
time b"i«e n lhe twin citi s 0
Ferguson and Trout Like is n « 1
tiling of tiic past. A renliZHti' n 0
the fact t!, il   tho  I11I1     -     if. tin
IWO tow is  ,iie idei.i III I  ,
I |.. good   fellowship and lis
which   1 ow   . lists.    I •■   "i   hi hit
the mines at its dooi   .,,,
Lake 11 i' g the 1.1 mini I of tia -
p. r'a'hi'i. with  hank ai d Govern
in 11 t   ofllc I,   will   naiit'al'y   In
lo k'.l on  ns the < omnit r id •• 11
tie.   We believe both towns Iism
futures seoond to nono in ihe >i
terior, and   it will be Ihroiigh   lit.
oi-.peratiou of both  plaeei tha
grestness  can be  achieved     Tie
amount of business now done, nm
in si^iit,  wairants  lhe prcdictloi
that    hi fore    another   year   haa
jia-Hi'd   these   (WO towns will   he
brought elisor togolher by electric
train* or some other modi 0  cl
It Is learned thai a setth tn ml nf
the troubles « hlch ha - c mm d the
shtif-down <f the S iw Mill pi im
h. re   is   in   sight.    We trust  thai
io U .1XXJUXIIJJ   .'
ipythlng ®*- C^J,,
that   you t.
-1 ',."
Finds us at th i Stand
striving to please you AM
with QUALITY and PR5CE
By I). W.Hijrgins. Victoria, 1.50
"Cloth, 1.50
fiuildiiafe Trad -  Poekel Book
: Business Man's Pocket I"«»■ »k
l-Mociptnic's Pocket Menvrnndum
Three vol-.  1.50
jl'uil.v the International t'..n-|i>n,l
.'..., .'-♦•Iiik.I st |1 each oor prk-i (1/0
J. Y. Griffin & Co.
Celebrated Brands <>f   Ham, llacon
iiinl t'vu-,
NELSON,      -        -       B   C.
madden nous;: s
Ik. Vi.-l lll.il 1. i-"lll|.iil.ll.;r   l,,,in,"    Ir     ,11.
Ill* Mil''-..,   Unites.   W.I!  r.iml-li. .1  rontna
lll-lll.il    l>>    .'I'.'llll-ll..   IS I -I.-!.. —   II   i.-'l.      Ill
iiD'i.,1 -.... \yiii iimi ii'i iii  I---: .1...a.. -'.,- i.ikI
1,1.1 "i i- .1 II.ni..r- nn.I clgaia.
Thorn s Madden- Proo-
E.Ferguson &(:
) i
ID    IM)   I
to Buy Lot'
th- r  -i
BO  hi I;.' ■'
The    I   1     of   M. Kill?    J
will Ii   .   - • ■■   ...
, .  ■
World     I
i Ulliel   o-    \\ |{ \!||! ,
PR UTI< Al.  BRI1 l-il n
A M 1; II I (' A S   M i :■ I \ •,
I In ie    h   a     tlibutfl    lo    t
In ni '■ lo is u   . th ..fih" hi
fe      ft*      t%      Sat
f^'1 :- ''^W ff
*   iis7»^a»^BJS
Public Si h . d. Hospital, and
oil er iiiKtitutions.    Excellent
U .iiei «• 1 ks .-»stein. Streets,
Store? nud Bcsidouces Mlu-
1111 m .1 h_\ I.', itricilj 11 h
11 nl m rvice. I he town-He
1- ndmirably laid 001 c
SOW mi thi rroiliid 11,...,
I..I.- can  now  00  nurch.ired
Wl.oleMile deali
iiinl Ci|tan    \
I Iqitora
: Deer.
townsite Adii.Mr
RI;Vi:!.STOKI:, \i. C
Ilogntar sod Kpeeia) A ml ha.   I! fi r
enee:   ('aiiiuluui Hank of Comineree.
Prospectors' Excl
Lion Brewing Co.
ftEA ION. 1$ c.
Brewers of Boer & Porter.
I rOpfl atfiviie- nl llealon ,tl,,. thfaal
l- '   uwhead, will Iiml tl,i„ ||,,i,| ■
.   : j liish-elssa liatln,   i.veeii..,. .
a|i|».iiiii .1 imil h|uipioiih die.., ■  1 .,        ,
and ''it',..-    l'ei«.iinil attpflrviahii
patrons   Visiters tuilie Laiden'u, ,.. rdyoi 1
■ H aaaaas^Wlalw >!*■>■ ■■-* —T
.. i W. BOYD -:- -:- P.,
U. C. Marie-Marilla  Property.
inqilli ies luive reached
lately   legiU'dlug the
In /. Gordon Goldberg and to 1„ Gold.
berg or lo any person or persona to
whom they   amy  liave  transferred
their Interests.
Take Notice,   I   the underdone 1 oo-
\| irillii ir iperty on (-'u. \on  ',nvn,ur"')!1'v"' '" iln' Little Uobortaud
'      .     '     ' , .Utile Kober! No. 2 mineral dahlia al u-
l.,is coin;,any has a 0011(1  ated at tho extreme bead of the nn-th
I' ■ pound Miiinio F. claims P°fk,0' Lardeau creek in the Trout Laki
mining division of West Koolenay dl»-
tnei giid provinee of British Columbia
have .lone the required  work on the
above- minimi mineral elaima for tlie
year 1903 in order to hold thosame under section 21 of the minoiai act, ami i'
ttitliiijOOdayfl nf line notice you fail oi
.ii untu   a:    lie  I end  i f   Canyon
V ,     \ ,   \y   l I;    I, IS   beoil  done
fi i Iwo ;. c.is.
The j popfily   is a   silver-load
propovdiion,   and   is  ootieiuerutl to  refuse   to  contribute your   portu
i„. . i,e. I the best lead nros'ieols ill  *»ch expenditure for work .lone, togeth
' 'r "tih the coat of thii advertisement
il worked system-j your Inlercsl in the said mineral claim*
' will Tie. e   lhe   i ro] . riv of   the sub
M'viliiiliin.lei- section   i of lha Mineral
1     A.i  tfehpimont or several  Act A ndnieni \.-i ..f  woo.  Huie.ii..
,.. the Trail Hinellei, j '""" UkeT ^'."il'ii fe °f October, 'in
,      ,, .1. I . MUKI'ATIIICK,
mlins  near lhe 9100 0e.7'(M Co-owner.
ii e it. tl "; ■ :
itieulh it ou] 1 make a mine of gooi
in i
11   -i-
i ii pk.    We have no infoi-
;, Inliro to future opi ru-
LeHvi -jlorchouse Seized
-.-    of    111'      I.
I  \
Broken Hill mineral claim, situate in
Troul   Lake  Mi  ing   Division ul   West
Kooi enay dial
Where I caied:- On Rapid Creek, ad-
i iovcrnn.ent lut-j oining the i
lake Noli a tl   I i. 0, I'.. N. Wilkie
i :th :  ai       em   for I        i   T  I'ortei
I  • .1,   In cause  ol   Ii     •■ ■    i '   rate No   1183331. .
lhe two p r cent, to ap'nl) to , • _,. ,.',,'.;
i $15,456.47. Ceitiiicate qf   In ,.   .    .   •„   the
purpoae i I ■ btainh if b Crown Granl i
1 i lie above claim.
And inrther take notice' Unit action,
'et* Satill   Advancing.    | under aection 37.  musl   be commi
lieforo tl «■ iaauance ol Bitch Certiti *ti
-~J]   «L-,
\t^_ j*- ***-+•*
'*■■'"■'      .. .     '  '■*-"*    •-.'——•    mi |
A'i kinds of New Records.
Sole Ajjcnt fcr thi Lardeaq:
J» C. Mim*®]?
Trout Lake B. C.
PUS (J AN    LODGE    V    I
A. F. & A. M.
3rd    Thnrsd        <■■
Il    |  :.' iieu   I
lit..-. bv ti i|> i nn often be at
ul I erguaon ■ Cummins' Si
I uke, 1' -. Offlc ■: al oat Bi
nplis a .! An   ■ hi ., I.
ISMENT Disr. :
ill   hold B I
,  under ihe \ ■
Abrahamson   Bros., Proprietors
IVt'.'IIYU   SJtW   AKII    I'lltsT.rn.isy,   im   ai,:,   ttissi       TS,
iii'.-  ■ i :
'   :       f the (
and ■• [.peal, Bevel
men! 1 listrh t oi W
Fiire  Proof Sale
Thebouaelattookad with ma e-.-^t Wiuu ai i fflfiH o   thamirkat.
Trout    Lake,
e CENTRAL HOTEL Revelstoke
i     !   ..'.■:
Uaaag. taout.
month   |   tr^
'?i.r,l HoSel
Fl ' ;.- aa~3 :ar,
. 1 Pt JOM3.
f| *: 5
■ i
■•"•; Dtiimfi
in yoa a
15 UrJon (gigar Factory
Mann I■; 'fi-.'k only Union goods, and beai.iei
they •■■■ the beil on the market.   They are
•   best   Havana tobacco, an I their
eaTcellei undiaputed.     Inaitton setting
"OUR  Sl'i:"! \i. " and   " THE   UNION'.'"
le He SfOWIl,   Proprietor.
Union ii;nr Kaotory, BEVEL8TOKB, n.c.
■ ■-, -
4. .-
-^*^IIMIMIW»MI.I   „■    . .«
o( I in proi
Dated tl
'i'. le. «   limn   lhe metal   p„i|
i , .-how that tilver in 25-11-w
.lav   f Kovemla r, a
0' il. N. Wll.KIK
il rtalnment
II t-:.   B »ard, World's
.. ' f..:m hoth,
•ll.MUIH l.li IN-
l .\!
I  I
. i
.i pluvious quotstiong,I
11 ice i>f bar silv. r h -
i   uiidor62«J.     Ttils is     NOTICE is hereby given that 30 da;
after date I inteed to annly lo thc Cliiei   t^s^r* r* if*/%a«f>A
ratifying,  SB It pofutt, c misekmer ol  Landa and Woikl        ^OOrCO!wFO
.1   |ii.->in ritv   in   local ««pecial iicenaeto cut and earrya   i
. '       "       ,    r     ! umber from  the following   deacril
l ■"' -•       A    lew   landa h. Weal Kootenay,commei cina al
.- i.- .1 oubted if il..''" I""1 "" il"-"'.i-i   aide ol Lardo Hiv.
. ',                    ...    i aboul v mile I-    a  Ii    it Lake, marked           f..
Id   be  reached in the e. L.Kinman •■ a   .  •• • • . ■ "." .
, Lui  ti ev now buve *)cl ■'■' -'■•■■ - -'•'"''
tin ii..- --.i chaini      I    ■
j ihe  " l.i^h !■ j o a   |n ,>i, .,, |„, :.• ,,• , n
Dated tliia ISUi day ol 1 1 er, \
: l«H. E. I.. KINMAN.
.   B-l-05
t  ft*
ND, -   PROP.
• * ^nfo
to To.
lutial geni ral meeting i
... ,i■.- and I'i.ii'. r Hiii,
Ltd.   i    .Ii ,   Mill I"'  liel.il
il   the    ('..in;.an.   Troul
i riiiav, 3rd dry ..( h'eb-l
■  lock, p.m., for iht
. k lirectori for the en-
uch other bnainen a.
•in- before the uieethig,
• , loted for Haunter.- from
i, until ah. r tli.' meeting
.'   i   ri.'i.siM'i,
il I. ike, B. {.'.,   oth .lau-
..-•••..•.I general m.eting
••■ i ol ! Mining iiompany,
I       ,   I .,t tbeoffl , ;.
i e nt  I ike,  l'. C . ....
ruarj 3rd, 1005, at 3.30 p.m.,
.  •■ • . el*-iii".' dlrectora for
' .•  r   an 1 eie-li     tl.fi buai
po | eily brought  I. -l'..n
Wi rriaaii i i   im m aaa—ai
AH the Latest
Magazines on
Sale at "The
Review." ::::::
!  fi
IS el
<    CO.
;  Accommodation
--■ ■ ~ 'I *r'ttf^v»a
I And Very fmtst Cigars   £2
.^9      Proprietor.
.     . ■       V.   - ._
JUL.; \u\j VJ
J 1
0 The Nelson
Brewins Co.
■"3 fO f-
<it* .1 J.
Brewers of
IS    I me   Lcgsr  Beer
'""'"I'.MTLAKrVr."        end Porter
===== ~- R. Reisterer ®»Co.    -   Preps.
500 Cords
..■. loaed fer Irani I ,k
■I,until after tl	
.1. M. Mill i:i:
Seev. Tn i
"I I Lake.  I!.l'.,:.l!i d
12;* .
fin- Umpire
rhfl U C.ASSAY -i.iJ ' 11
SUPPLY (' ... I, ■!.
.   KI I I.N.,"!  I.M' ( I ....V, N . IW
Lis., and .1. W. Smi i ii or t.
\ r tie ,- they may have
, .    Ibeir   hitereal    in   tl
I: '
t.   I    I
AppJy :
ai .1 a halt   mil"!- from
creek, in lhe Trout]	
Divli i.'ii of VVi -t Ko.it-
l'oii   Sale:    Lota   "•">    nnd   36
no'.ified thai I, Artlmi   alock 17.  Trout   Lake.     Apply to
■ .. nnei with you in the  \|:.. .1. ||  i,, rninn, 605 l*nivernitv
',' ■T-il 1TI  " , SI  <i.v,tle. Wash.
i   p. i tormeil labor ai .1
nits "ii the Midi claim to I .
1  II 00, !illi.|er   the pro
loftlioM ral Act, TR0U1    LAKE   I.ODGK    I. O.O.F,
'  '  '' ''■""'.  »'"' 'hi fiQ, il
•. .. .i- perf. in eil
.   ,i :. Ii   I...mi,j .'\| .i.'.l,l   ^   .       6N. *
i j licetoi   ■ '. but.
II   ol   Mlili   expeii'litllli
iitlier until!..I  llial il al
,|   '.II 'i;.\ - of pnlili. alioil
i in refute to conti Ibuti
•   .1  lhe . \pn. li'n.e ao  ii.-I \i   I. .1 i.. N..J.      j s.'ioi.m *
...t. ,,f adrei
- in tl i. -.,,.1 claim
in me umlM-siuj        NELSON    DiaECTOAY.
una .i!  s-ci i"ii i ..
. , ndi I Vet Ii' II
,  .    ek.ni    I .'.  ,;i.'.ii
,i HI \ -11 >\, i ,. u« nor
■ ©
'     ■-   •"
'...-     "_        ':
'   .?-
0    ©
Starfeep & Co.
ggf,    t    ••  e,    Pi due.    and   Fruit.
-■   , Bk.,JoaephinoSt.Nelion,B.C.
y Lots in- the
9 A
•:    "'  ■'    '"   "'
a B  ^9k B ^r^^Wi I
% IS
A *%nt wr
, \'^ y
j ':;'«
r'1     "
,     '
' '    >
... /.-i
iii.n   evi-ri
a*-       '■>
.   ..%j; Head of Naviga-
■ •■ : ".'■•. ' 3 Moii3y Order
^ools and churches.
;.,::.   :'u. ,V
;.. \ .■ .4. ..     ,
TO CQ-OW Mill.
ia  .1.    !.   l'1-.l.v. i '•••"   I
.Ne.i man or I.
We me v.ateh p. o|de fleet of nil.
We Ulllko w.i'ehe.". tmir |;,eiit ajirci-
ii 11 v.      We   nre   in   l.iel   Qlliversal
i?.'"; ■
■   to   whom thev   Wilteh prov i.lef.-.     Wo bOSSl  Oftlie
••.I iholri'lii'iv-i-    mi..-t   coinnrtdienaiv^   stock   nnd
iu i
,:Me Ranches, The Rich-
»Zone in IE* Province.
.i I,.!
'" |iroiu|ilCKt   s nice.     Our   pillroi
,e M8 ' )"'' v * "ul' |"'e-i'ininenc ■ !
■ mi,    ',,,|e    in  the Ihe   r.tnil    Wllttll    Ir.ide.       ( Ire
j division .-I  JVesi piitrnn, nlwitye ii pntroo.
1 ■■'', l'rovil ' l;"',       llm llii! w'il '... - in llin nt.a- lit-.
llnllO   the   leiillire.l ,,._.' i I    i i
i-o-mentioiied mineral ll,nl """"• "'" ""'  ' " ' ' "' '" ' '-
i  '.i-l in onier to hoi.I euro  rliacnuiita  luipoesihlo  in the
eel ion 24 of tho ml  linsller denl.-r, nnd   wc turn tin, m
within,90 dnya of this over to   VOtl   nt   » eorr. ppoiidinirl
■   I    i  or  iefin<e  to eotilriniite .,   , '. ii-..:. #    I -
ouo(«uchexponiliturotogolh' roilnotlou In price.    \\ run us fur |-
-;./", crr:Lz:*y, 60,000 feet per day,   shingle and lath mills.   All
TiT* Mines pay us Tribute.
i  j coat of thin advorinoniontI prices
ten at in ihe said mineral clalmi
II hi'i'titlii  lie   properly  of the under-;
i • .1 under aoetlon 4 ol lhe mineral |
nd i, tit .."i o( 'no    Dated nt
..i»k „ this ;.(i!'i day of November,
Jal,  U . I.IVimitTON     j "SISO
vl Co-< wi or
Ewert Bros.
and, 1,-iii. I
JcwcL'ii' and Lngravrr*.
TT. ■McPherson, fmmmmmmm ■
ting of every description will be faithfully S*&$yW(l Ut the Review Job Dept,
  ._ .  — — -■-..*.   -   . .......   MSMa»tM
^\       i ■  e-        -      -        U     ,   .   :■>      ■       ---
Cit»y   Drug    Store
the Inst few months at Nelson.
Zinc Mining in the Province
Liquors aisd Sigars
L-argG Coinfortahlo Rooms
First Class Hour,l.
It is alrn,ost certain that within
the next few years British Columbia will bo an important factor in
the production of zinc ores. Investigations are in progress in regard to the zine resources of the
Slocan country. Alreadyjt stems
possible   for   the   zine ores to be] ■■    j i 0     t
pined, as suoh.wii ., rc!yin,< '•» ! Rf!aOOSlI   QL    l£)IQ§£flQ
the precious metal contents. Wo
learn from private sources that an
important group of Chicago inves-
i.rs is seriously thinking of taking
h< Id of a property « hioh will al-
ni., t exclusively be worked for its
..   .• ,ahies.    Miniiit; Reporter.
FKE.D 0. $LLlQ?y}
Trout Luke, B. C.      mid Ferguson.
l-reak bet In Ontario.
Livery and Dray Stables
.„                             ,    .,        i   ' Saddle, Paok and Cartaite Horso* Always for Hiro
Pwo supporters  oi  theKo8sau-|
ministration   have    male   a   very Crtrtifalaiinrs      D^nl/inn    **nA
unique bet   on   the   forthcoming f reigiltlfig.    Il  aCKinO    311(1
Teaming a Specialty
provincial election. One is a merchant and Hhe other a contractor
and each lias deposited 110Q as a
guarantee to carry out his part of
the bet, ihe money to be given to ajriuily sta^eli ivea  Beaton at IS
charitable institution.   Shotjld Mr.
Whitney carry  the   province the
contractor will sit in the merchant's
window   from  8    o'clock   in   the
morning to s "'clock in the evi :.-
iiii: with two panes of glass out of
the window, and all the children
in town are expected to Bhool
anything at him that they can do
with pea shooters. In the event of
Mr. Ross winning, the merchant
suffer^ the like penalty.
Gesi'l Mining News.
Leavi - Furgnson, via Troul Lake 1 ir Benton at 7 u.m.
Branch Stables at Trout Lake. Beaton, Ferguson and Camborne,
rjej,B,MoCartar, J. A, Harvey
A. M.  VlnliliUiin.
SOLKTiOKt', Eu-.
.iiuu'ii Qfnoai at Uotiiun, Kerala anKurt
Steele, u. o.  '
ul tors for Imperial Btyik_.pl I'mnula,
B    A ,  U.L..B
A ffilj Jil»P  pf Choice Stationery
)n$L Received.
a | O/X School Supplies, Proprietary medicines
ALoU) Toilet Articles, Etc. PrtescmPTiON Womk
a specialty.   STRICTLY   cash.
Revelaloke station.
Ii. C.
Capital Authorised, ♦1,000,000
i':i| .- ,' paid npl • :; 000.000
Ki .-.   •      -      -    3,000,000
Head Office i
Branches in the Northwest Territories, 1 r ivinces of British Columbia, Manitoba,
Ontario and Quebec.
r. R. MERRITT, President. D R. WILKIE  Vice-Pres and Gen. Man.
K. HAY, Assistant Gen, Manager.      W. MOFFAT, Chief Inspector
Trnio    l.nhc.    II.    C. ilrancii-A    ...:..  ..I    lianklnn    Bualntas    Tran.tacte.1.
Savings Department-rDeposits receive.! and int. r >t allqwc I.
Draft* sni.t nvaltal.le In all partaofcai adit
Rumors are  prevalent  of labor ,-, ,BmI Ettrop0,
nttont.on given i.. oollccMom ai.J
Mil.OIL' II. ii I-.
Qu.tj.ido comnanys'  intpn   le carefully
lo ke.l after.
Al. in for HclnUrnan'i Pianos
troubles at Coleman.
The Frank coal tllillO liar- a daily
oiitp.it  of 650 tons.     About 200
pien ar>' employed.
Il is raid that the C.P.R. will develop its coal lands at Hosnn r,
eight mill a east of l-\ rnle.
Mining men predict an early re—
yival in the  lake camps, owing to
the higher prices of minerals.
m i\ i v  i i      .   i    ■ Miami  II
Monty JJavis, of ISelson, has tak- mrdon,
. l .'      -i        l- l-   l      '■'    ■   - ! ' Hold,
.■ii  a   lease  "ii  the   I'.nnly   tilitn  m..n,_-1>....^,i.. i.......: am,-. i,.rn.,...;
mine, on  Fqur Mile      He Btart
operations last we. I;
An increase of 500,000 shares i
to be made in  tin.  capital stock of
the Rambler Cariboo, at a meeting
to he hel.l nt   Kilslo,   .l.llitlarv  lit.
B. J.
Ueneral KU.re, Full Una
«.r ri.nn.'.l Gooda, t-'riiitn
In Heaion. Ilig ii--.irtni.iil
..I Smoker*' supplies.
OrfUoofUie mi,- Hui.i Telephone O
Job Printing at Thi
Mining Review	
0. MURRAY, CL     ~P      "RQf'hn   A(il'AT K<": ,ifANT p
TROUT LAKE, B.C. ^'     "L'a     J-*Cl UHU    FCSK AN1)C\\1\S.
V.M.WSatMltfe    FERGUSON,   B.Q.
Post Office Block.
Main Street.
..••:•:•-.:• .--.- .  -.-•.■ .-.■■.., ...vIaj^j
ima .mi.
= Hasavimj *
Packing and   Fer«i'son **¥***
rreflgniing Transfer   0Mtfit.   I
The   Nelson     New-    -tales   tha
Ferine coke is now delivered to thi   1
Northport  Bmelter for $2 a ton.
This   is   a   n.lncti..,,   ..I   .'*U  u'M:-
from the  price  before  thi   C.N.S.
wa.- opened
In 1904 the Ottawa, in the Slocan, shipped 13,000 tons of ore.
and gave employment to 30 men.
The mine has paid for its purchase
lefl a hnndsomi profit, and is preparing for big thin^-  tin- coining
v> ar.
The last iwuc >.f the tin tti i on-
tains the notice of incorporation of
iii>- Bnnnockbnrn Mine-. Ltd.,
with a capital of 1500,000 •
into 1,000,000 share* of of 50 cent*
i.e h Th. ii , i , ' ,,. iii, iom
pany i.- locati I al K.
The total ran of th. t on* ilidntcd
Cariboo Hydraulic Co, daring the
pa1 i   en son «a< .inly  mi days, owing, to the light fall  of  water rltn
in    tin   yeai   and    ihe ex<
evaporation     from     the    •'
ns. noire.    The total yield • i gold
amount! '1 to 195,939 |Q
i iold .>r Si,.. ,-	
I i..i.l ;ill.l  Silver
silvei anil Load ...
*1 50
...|2 00
'.' 60
.   1 a.)
...$1 50
i aatraots entered into for packing of Mining Supplies, etc.
to an'' point ni the .li-'nrt.
1 • rompt service, and any work undnrtakon guaranteed
S   SHANNON,   'ssayer
FERGUSON.        S. Daney, Prop. if.
Best Hotel in Tov^n,
Heaiprlers for Mniiiii a&i Curcial in.
W.  Abrahamson
Contract 3
And Builder.
Owner of thc Abraham-1
son Addition to thc
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
Get a Home
Hoi    Yourself.
Don't Pay
B    C
Barber Sborj
(Jood Shnic or Mair Cut
-   I'M.I. M-.
William Schnell,
I I ::. i      N       ill ..I I i.aKI .
Hot and Cold Baths
Provincial Land Surveyor, JEWELLfft,
Mineral Claims Surveyed
and Crown Orants Ofetnlncd
Rcaldenps   S'ni Record on
I.. I.. .  I'.   I
Watch-repairing,   i l<       A     «  i
In: .
.Min.-ral (Jinima Surveyed
I'ON.Ai:, KASl.O.
W. H. Jones,
, T^llate.B.C.
For Invkmthknt anu  PhoTEcrio.s
Loom   Ie»f   Binders,    Fine, Job rilOS. TAYLOR, Agent.
Printing. |;( , ,   ..,, Kl      ,.,„     xK0| , ( VK|.
Value should be your guide when buying
Notii s - hereby given, in a..
with lhe slatntes, thai  Provhieial ttcv-
enne Tmx 0::d all assosfed taxet ami in-
icme 'nt, messed ai il levied tinder 'he
"Asseasmenl Acl   i 03, ' foi the ki
elstoko   Aaaessmcnl   district, are due
and psyal la b i  tin) i ia"r  1005, at n.\
otli. e, kilunte ^i the i burl iion'se, Itev-
el.-t.le.   This notice,   n ti
i- equivalent to ., |iersonal demand bv
ii" ii;/• >11 .ill persona ieiiiir f.n laxes.
Ii.i'i-.l ill ' lievi-l-:.,.,      |t,   (' , t|,iu ;)r,)
lav of-Jaiiutify, I lift").
I-IM.H i I. >.   I.I
',. >■--■'- uml Collei        I      Ittoks '<
Vweai mi'iil   ''
Newest Goods.  :-: Best Values.
Entire Satisfaction.
Can Always be found at
I Yui)l 0>T
F. B. Wells,
F. A. Newton
Rossland,    - >t
Member Rossland Stock Exchange
\t you |yi\e l.aideiiiiSliKks Write u"


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