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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-11-01

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 I Uima.arWT circu
latlon    than   any
i ^cwsimpor in   N
enay. Boitart*
I l'|   iMditli
VOL. 6
,Vi I,..tit d.rU tic |rcat-
-■ i'i our City.
Bt th* FOOT, the
nd ih. POCKET.
ilar -itt-ntion given to
NML wmwi
ANDREWS 4. Co Prop, .
.'    FOB,
tttetont,   Slaters  Bell
: h) glvi I. Hi .t with
from il ■ li"*'- | ub*
. the British  Col*
••■    ; intend   t»   apply
Hon   .    ■ I Oomtniaaioni i
- .m.i    '    :..   f"r   fe   ipe. isl
. al .■ irry aw-iy Urn*
i       a  * •  .!• -.-lil.-.l
, , .   Wee) K > »ti* 11 v
■ '.i,,..    iv B
ing al ■' l-"-' l 'anted
,.f r*.plnr frJ*k
inni: ah ml
1* ;,l.u-   matted  N
-   N     E,   comet    |'..r-i
g i   ohaina   thenc*
iiu t!,.*.'..*. East   BO
.   North   80 cbatni
,f •■ ,i..n'".i  ment.
I Sept 15,18 -6.
. Mcl.tlian
I..C ..'or.
< [aim N.o 4.
ing nt a r>>-t p'au'ul
side «f Poplar ■' *"*■
. reek ...   ' *
.'..j.lar   iiiaiK.d   N
L.    .-..iin r    | OSI
- .   chain's     thenc.
I   tlietK'0   lo it   81
, •   {forth Hi chaini
i ,'iiiiiinnci■ini'iit.
1 Bept  15- 1906.
. Mcl-.dlnn
hereby givon t! * f» t G(
he fui-t pnb'lcatlon ot
i in tin-  British Ciluni
1 inteud to apply "
.   iief  Commissioner  ol
Worku for r. sp.ci.il I.i-
i 'i cm ry   BWtt   ill} '
I ■ .,* following dea< tllnti
ted in West K lolonny,
1 ; ig  nt n \>n»t  ii'nni.''
■' n ingroli N. 1*. corner
l  miles   from Trou
I.* it.ni  wagon roa<
■   Ili.liiiiiiis 8 W. ... -
"" i in*.. East 8.) . balm
i   BO   el.tins    thenc.
.ins thenee   S'Uth   8<
ini ..(.•iiiiinifMiccmeiit
ipl 10, 1006.
Kd Hillman,
■by riven thntsi\lv
l  intend to appll
 ii,-r:i.iii.-rof I und
f.n   permission to pui
''"' ' viitgdosorlbed ln-d
,;1'"1 I     ll   l.nk.-, West K.'ol
''""•■•' ttui commencing ati
fi?« n       '   ••".   I,.   Mniterson't
,   .    ' .lu-iiou    soti'.h   2
ctu'ns*    .-.;,       Mtt   20   chains
!'.',ri i.rshoroof rr'ut I.iik.
J   •'"' v nlong lako flint'.
» Bouth-i.*,     iiornnr post of Lot
I  along lfnn of l,n'
more or less.
•.i-t, iiii.c,
K. L. Mastbiisun
Minnie P. mlnornl ilalm s1tnnt«
In tha Trout Uke Mining divi-ion
ol west Koo'enay disftlel
Whero located: On South Fork
■•' Cnnyi-n Creek.
Take do Ice that r, r,,*,! <* -jh
lo^ F.M.C. No. B88107 acting a-
ag< nt f, r G m.i Grace Westfall   id*
'•'•nUtrBtrix of ihe . t'ole of John
W. w.s fall,   deceased,     (•'.,-
Mlmr's    Certificate, No, D88I 01
i'-t*ii'l, mx'.v days fmm date hen
of. Ui apply t. iho Mii,,,'L. |-„    , •
'■t   lor a Cartiiicato of Improvi
menls, for the purpose ofobtainlnj
i Clown Oraut „f ihe above clain
Ai.d fnr'l.i'r take notice thut si
ti n under sccilon 87, must he .**
nni' need   before  lhe Isi mn ■•■ nl
iuch Certificate ol Improvement
Dated this 18th day ol Octob
\. 1). 1006
Htlil) 0. Klliott.
Notice la hereby given that 30
lays Iro... date hereof I  intend  to
ipply to the Chiel C ira .i i-i iner of
Lands & Works  for a  t\ • i iai  li*
 '   t snd i airy  Bway lira
be* from  the   following d rcrlbcd
.ti.'!-;- -
Comma idng nt  a  posl planted
''•   ll ,';! * -        ih of M      Kin-
noii creek   . n n e w. st  bank ol
i ish liver, West   Koot.   iy i
thei.ee »• st SO ehai      I noi
lli i Iel iin
11. •     * 'iili 80 chains, to poinl 11
comroancenn nl,
t.  li. Norlhev.
Local d ddobet 6lh. lCOO.
Notice la hereby uii in tl. t'
in t«o months fr .r.i the Brat   1
lication hereol In the British I
un.l.ia il 'f ti>*. 1 intend  t<> apph
io the  Hon   Colef i • em t
..f Lands and W i ipecial
lioence lo cul an I . irry iw iy  lim
l„*r frnm  ih'* fol'owi
nini-. Hiuni'd in \\ ■ -•   K   it. na*.:
I uiil.cr Claim, No. 0.
t onini-i ring al :. poi I planted
on the North side ol Poplar creek,
Jmi f,*.*t from the ri\.-r bank about
: miles from I', plar, mark d Ch -
Hanson's N'. B. con -1 |* it, tbi
Wesl 80 cbaina, thi  •    B    th 80
chains,   thenoe  Best   80 chains
thenee North 80 ch sii -   back to
point ol oommencmt nt.
Lot-..tul S.|t. 16 1906
('has Hanson.
Timber Olaim, No. 1.
Commencing at a poal i lanted
„, the North side ol Poplar ■
.'.)»feel fr*"i. the river bank sl
I miles Irom Poplar, marked Chai
Hansom N. B, oorner poet, then©
Vest 80 ehains, thence Bouth v-
ihsit.s, tbence   East   £0 chi
thenc N* rtl.  SO chains,  Lack  In
Located 8ept. 15. l'°;*
- Hanson,
Timb-r Claim N»- -'-
Commencing al ■ I"1?- planted
,n iho North M.I.- .( Poplar creek
,h..u5mil*s from Pnpl" m:,rk'"1
•hi*,. Hansons N  F.   corner post,
hence   Welt B0   chains,  ihem
k>mh80 rutins  thence E"'   '
.hains thence North SO chaina,
mck to point ofcommancement,
Located Sept. 15, 1006.
Ch»» Hanson,
E. A. Haggen.
atock. Miart and Flnanelsl Drake r
Rssl Estate snd InWrsnee.
T1MLWBR "and mines
Kiro. f.U«. A_.ri".i<*i t. lli-alth.
Liability Insnrsitcs^
Bols reoresenUtlvs lorKon*
TroUt |*ke, Kerati*wn, I) ston
nn.l panib irne.
At tho Review officn
•! l« mm.y ycnis fine* thu mar-
price of sflvor touched   tho
hiuli level of October 17, wh.u G9J
•'.ml.*, p r fin.. ..liner wns 'iiiotud in
New Y.,rk, nml 82 .ri|il6 pence (-.-r
standard ounce in London. Compared wit', tin* biltom i'ri**i*H this
Vear, the lite-tt  New  York quota*
  ihovs mi alvitia-j ot  7\ .*ent»
I'cr ounce,   and  L nd...., 3 - 5516
Ti n yeara have elapsed iluro
'I'" "ilvor quotations wero on so
l 'iiiiiii.iiitvi- a basis nr th.-y are
now In  18% the London quota*
Pedro Minaral Claim, situat'- in
the Trout Lake Minini; division of
W.'hi Kootenay Dit=tr ct.
When- located: On South Fork
of (.'any.... t.'nrek.
laic* tt»tlce thut I, Fred. O. Ell
iott, F. M. C.  No.   B88107,  acting
an agent for t'hua Urai*i* Westfall,
administratrix   of the estate <.f
John VV. Wei fall, deceased F, M.
U, No. B880B3, J. M. Miller, f. M
C. N... H8!jl67,..i..I M. V. Chestnut
P. M. C. No. L8-<153, intend sixty
days from dale hereuf, In apply to
lhe Mining   K.'iirder  for a C'ei tifi
'ion nan as high .ih31 lijir, pence r*16 °' I'"l roveiinritu, 'for the pur-
'Iii- rise being due to the large
"i'ui.": of silver hy Russia, lhe
vear'i sr, ra.** pri e in N.w York
_s 67.06 cen's, Tlm shlpuienta
from London lo Ihe Far East in
18(ir, amounted (.. £(i,8*,-)7.0l5 (|33,
819,498), equivalent t„ 55,1139.785
ounces, it..,luco«l principally in
lli- Di it-] BtalfS, and which was
over one-third of the a-nrldHi pr.-
dt.ction nf 167.061,870 ounces.
During hm; tl, • nbipmente frorn
L i.'lo - to In* i>, China and the
S raits, from January 1 to Ootober
I. amounted lo ,£12,911,018 ($62,-
747,623), equivalent approximate*
* 100,880 -i'ii ounces, whicn <* m*
pan ii wilh K) year-. hk<. shows a
far great r increase than can b-
reported in tl .■ world's prod notion
In bot, d iring the lasl 6 >.r 6 ye-
irs ihe output in couiitf es other
u the Dnited Btatei hasss a
rule f.ill-n .,ff to a notable extent,
hi d tl:.- prospects for 1906 aa*
equally discouraging It ii. believed that thi* year's world'- product*
. n will be nol far fr.un 193,000,-
000 (ii.. .I'm.*.., .,f which the Dili*
I'd States may .*..• tr.l■■ t i.c.rlv
...<• third. .T ny sbout •; »,0 K).00.)
..iinc,*:-' Ii, 1906 the w..r..!'- <mt-
put was in round nun I*!- IS9000
000 ounces, nl which the Dnilod
tai.*p .. ported 68,918 889 a inoes,
ih,. h< ix.ii.l largeat producer
jKise   ol obtaining ii Cr wn Grm t
of the .hnve .lairn.
And fnrther take notice 'hat notion, under section 37,tuti8l be commenced before the issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated Ihis lSth day October. A.
D. 1906.
FRED     C.     ELLIOTT,
I'rout Lake, Ii. C.      and Ferguson
A. K.  Fraction, B>*ll   Boy. Fl..r "
Forbes Frscll    Glooacap. Rl.   -■
N,i. 2.,..!'.* scap No- 3.- Home Rin l-".l<"
Jumbo, Independent, Kootenay No. 1.,
Kootenay No -'., Kootenay No. 3 .Frae.
tion, Lardo, Morning Star, May. ....
>., I. Muy No. ... Hay No. n, Ma) Ko
I. May Nu it I'.lol I nulion, I'il.rf, Bt-
irard Fraetio .Battler, Rattler No   1..
tin..li Jack  Mineral Claims   aitiiaieil i,.
tbe 1 rout'Lake Mining division ©I ««<
Ko. tens) .Uelrut.
Whera loeateJ:—Qn six and Ravas*
Mila creeks tfil...t..rir.» of tl.e Soalli
Pork "i l^irwau Creek.
'r»ke  N-.ti.*,-   ilmt I,   F.  C  Klliott,
l'r,*.*   Miners'  CerttBeate   No. IJ88W7
a.-l i iik'   a»    agant     for    The     Kew«r.l
.,(,1,1 ai.t S.:..-r Mining Compan)
Limited, NomParaonal Liability,
Ir..* MinersCsrti^eOUi No. B88S04, in-
l.-ii.l, h.xiy.laya tram tl.e dale l.er.-of,
loapi.l) io tl»* Mining Heeorder i'.i
Mi \* p .■■•' ■ 11-i- - lirsi j*!:..*'*  smong Ceiiincales .-i  Improwmants, lor the
Ihe silver   milling c.ui.tri.s, and
Manager M.-rry of The Ferguson
Mines re urned ast Fiiday from a
visit to the Slocan. In speaking
of the Silver Cup, Mi. Merrv expressed himself as being well pleas
cl wi h the result of th-- work now
being carried nn. As many men
were employed as there could be
room found for. An average output oi 100 tons per month is kept
op as well us the development
The accident at the Broadview
last week upset matters for a couple of days but matteri have now
resumed their usual sway.
The work of driving on the 300
foot level is b-dng pushed through
as rapidly as possib'e. As the driving progresses the lead will be
cross cut from wall to wall at diffi
erent |H.ints, so as to determine
the value*) to be obtained.
The continued high waler,
which is s..mewl.at unusual at this
time ol the vear, is preventing the
starling of sluicing i.|-erations on
Lard'-au creek.
Neil O'Donneli and Charlie
Green oa me down from the Wins-
0*4 Mnnd iy night! A cross cut
lias l»-.-ii driven for a distance of
110 feet, which will tap the lead
under tho surface showing at a
depth of about 100 feet.
it- output In i year was approximate! v 70,000.000 ..lines, while
lib C may show a marked i*. rease
l.v reason of the energetic di velop*
nnnt 'I its min* -, notably copper
nlt.l gVd.
All indications point   to a higher mark, t price, ainl not forgetllns
purpose ol obtaining Crown t. ranis, if
ti ,* hIhim- ,-lai.iis.
And further take notice lhal action,
under section ",r. must be commenced
liefore ii" Issoaoceol suchOerUflcmts
ui I inprovotneata.
Dated iui* -nl.    day ol Oct.,   *.u.
Notice is hereby   given  that
lays after the lir-t  publication
that th.* Amor can smeller trust isj ,j,,'. notice in the  B. C. Gusctti
in practical oontrolol ihe situation
..ic,  and thai I ondnn is   tl.e feat
,.( lhe .n"Sl active sjeculati  n. sii-   fnr
ver miners  should  not  delay to
t .k" advantage ol the present l>ui!-
sh situation.
N„t lea than 970,000,000 pound*
,.f c .pper " ire »-ere In uae on ih.-
numerous i.*l<*| l."iie lines of fhe
Bell i"iii| an '■ lasl year. In 11*0(5
I here is  expected  an   iner. .-•
intend io apply lo lhe lion. Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works
a special lie. nee to cut and
.•Trv ,*.vnv limber from lha following described lands situated in
\\. st KtM'cnav I'istiict;
C.'inin. li- ing at il |>nsl plat.led
at Harry l.aiignl- BouUl-Enst <oi-
n.*r |tost inarke.i Malcolm Hen tons
North-Easl corner post about four
miles Irom T*ont Lake on the
'  Beat, n wagon  road,  thenc  west
.V-joi 10.000 pounda.    In   addition 80 chains, Ihcnce South 80 chains
to wire, cmaiderable quantilloa of Lj,enee   jr,,gl   go  ohains. thence
copp, r .ir.* n-e.l in the  m imii.i.t-   *xorti, ;;o ehains to point of com*
nro of brass for b 1 phone instru- mencemetit
menfa nnd for alloys  required in!    Located Sep{. 1st. 1906
athcr bra. • hi s ol tele] boua sorv- Malcom Ueaton.
A number of hxai men met »t
the .ffice • f Fred C. Elliott, a few
nights ago, and formed " The
Trout I,ake Mining anJ ^>ovel.»p-
ment Syndicate; Limited with a
capita! #.y),0a*').00.       It is the
intention to incorporate the Syndicate under the act governing Joint
Stock companies. The ptir|-oses
for which the company is "reams
ed, is to take up properties nf mer-
ii, and open them up sufficiently
to demon-I rite iheir va'uc, and
then pl ice tliem nn the market,
iho promoters of the company
have subscribed for suffie ent of
thc stock to iusure its capability
of doing business.
The contractors on ihe Big Tunnel will resume operations this
week, after a close down of a few
The organiiation ,-f thc Develop
menl Syndicato by local men id a
ii'cp in the opening up of the rich
resources of ihe division.
Thc value of this " homo effon '
has alrcaiy been demonstrated in
the p a**ing in good stro* g hands I
ihe properly know., as the Broadview group. This iropert* had;
lain idle for years, a'.d was likely
to remain so had it nut been for a
few of the enterprising citizens of
the town taking hold of it a> d de*
monstiati.ig iti value sufficient to
induce foreign capital to <*ome in
and tuke over the proposition.
There are m.-iny g >od showing-,
ii t e d.vision, but capital requires
something more thtn a surface
snowing. Work must be done,
sod the continuity and va'uo of
tho ore bodies must be determined
before the "fickle jade" will unloose her purse strings. It is tut
this purpose the Syndicate is formed, and as they succeed, so will!
the interests of the country be advanced.
O.-orgc Chcesman operates the
tonsoriiil parlors at Fergu-ton, on
Wednesday and Sunday of each
« oek.
Jim Scott  is doing as well a
could be cxpcc'c 1.   He is receiving
the best  of care nt lhe hospital at
As a newspaper, "The Nelson
News" is hard to beat, but when
its versatile editor drops into politics, he gets lost. As an instance
we quote fnim its n< ws items on
the front page of the issue of 27th.
relative to Mr. Vc Bril- s addre3°
oa hi= return from Ottawa to Vic
" It ia doubtful if the Prime
Minister ever before so carefully
avoided even the appearance of
parly pandering, or created 8"
strong a respect for himself as a
sincere public man working in
Briti-h Columbia's interest. Ht
made no appeal, even indirectly,
lo prejudice or feeling, and completely div.'Sted his remarks of circumlocutory character. Stating
the provincial case briefly, he gave
all credit for sincerity to even bis
opponents, and summed up a
st: .ng and concise provincial case
with dignity, force and moderation
"in no public ad.in.-.- in this
city, has Hon. Mr. McBride shown
himself so large-miaded a public
man, and Liberals as well as par.
ty friends are prompt to give him
his du *, and congratulate him sincerely upon the evidein.es given of
maturing judgment, toleration
fairness and good temper".
In the issue of the 28tb. its editorial comments ou the same sub
ject ends as follows:—
"Premier McBride is only trifling with tbe question when he
even suggest--, such a possibility
And it is this attitude of the premier's that calls for severest rebuke. He ia attempting to create
an entirely false impression, and
in su doing risks the possibility of
stirring up wholly unnecessary
aud inevitably hurtful factional
Can our readers reconcile the
Alex. Macrae and J. A. Knox of
Revelstoke, were visitors to Ferguson and Trout Lake, this we. k.
Gents Furnishings
It is an enigma what has become of the millions on millions ol
cents that are minted annually
(the production varies from 85,0tX
000 a year), they simply vani-l.
from sight and ato gone forever
The phenomenon seoms strange,
and is not easily accounted for.
The solution of the problem
seems to be that cents are subjee
to more accident** than any other
coins; they change hands ten
im.-*. as di'..es. for ei.ui,'!.-, and
being of sm ill value, they aro not
cared for. Thus it is th it the min t
in Philadelphia is obliged to keep
turuiog out p.-nnies at nn average
rate of about 4,000,0*00 a month in
order to keep up the supply.
Nelson is bragging about i<s 3 lb.
" spuds " . T'otit Lake can go
them h.tter. Abrah imson Bros,
weighed nut 5 and 7 pound "nug-
;els" from their patch of 'Irish
range*." a few days ago.
The li.*iei men are feeling good
over the fact that uo change will
>e made in the C. P. K. time ta*
o'e this winter.
li.*.ting out at one, two and
three in tho morning to ineut the
host was not appreciated bfthem.
This boot is waterproof and
the greatest wear resiFter you
ever saw. A word of de.
BOOT;   round   toe  last  with
heavy single sole and s'ip
Ask yonr dealer to show it to
J. Leckie Co
Local and General.
After this we»k the Post Office
will be located at the "Review"
office, across the road from its
present location.
C. W. Mc Ann nf Kaslo, who is
.veil known around the Lardeau as
.ine of the brightest Iswycrs of llie
Province, has had in be taken to
St. Paul, to undergo an operation.
Charlie was in very bad shipe
when he left, but we tru-t the proposed treatment will restore him to
-;ood health.   Dr. iiarton of Ksslo
accompanied bim,
i —
Robert Madden and 0. B. Wilkie
returned from Nelson oo Monday
night, aftrir Eeeing their " better
halves " off fur a trip East. Mra.
Madden to Quebec and Mrs. Wilkie to England.
The local lodge of "Odd PVHowtf
intend giving their annual ball in
tbe near future.
Frank Abey and son Frank,
were in from Camborne to shako
hands with their old neighbors.
In Trout Lake on Halloweven,
There was the best ball ever given,
The girla of the Basket Ball team
were there,
Admission v;as free,   eo there was
no kick there,
Bnt,   in  order  to "raise'' a dollar
for food,
The swells were taxed,   who wore
clothes that were  good.
There were fines for everybody,
[f you flir'ed you were fined, if
you did not, you got'hit' just the
-aino. If the color of your hose did
not meet the approbation of the
vigiianco commit tee, you "got it'
heavy. Harry Necdham's costume
for a long time defied the inqui«i-
torial piwcrs of the atoresaid lynx
eyed committee, but they finally
discovered- -how ii is not known,
that he worr fl ere dined andetwear
and "soaked'' him strong.
To sum the whole matter up, ii
if you did nol, you were fined, and
if you did it was all tho same.
If you wore anything, you hid
lo "pony up", if you did not, it
was "dig up" However, notwith
standing the 'iit me again" po'icy
followed to the bitter end, all enjoyed theniselvott thoroughly. Tha
Ladies served a delicious repain,
consisting of baked leans, breed
and batter, snd cold "spuds'* and
It was good fun -BD-i thst wss
the intention, and the lsdies nf
the Basket Ball Club are to be con*
gratulated on the success of the
entertainment. ■
fit** ?M^y t«VM«fcic» *fWyty    Xt »***
I to to***! •*H>(y.'<v«yvl * *wtS**-«**Me n-vS-at
:•   Id vo'«\*«v«*'* auvr.-rtr.
-.'■' vt.v >**&**'■« Jss»«i* ywi'P*
ft ibmi <» «.* rn'me*.   -ft* at** t-WWy
-..  • -■>•
J >■-> i.    sn-s?. Vt  Vi-M-pre*.   ~*t «*!*«
.       •  .    ---v.• •■*,,-< .sv  tl* VM* <<
■  ■ • >.* IB -fv-iix* \isefc*
1 bUtt*-* n* mm «**. 1 Ml •**'-'*
.->•'•*   ,.-..*•
'tlH>Mti|  <<  -«<hM T*** *0B.   -^mcvM
•a-.n   ..     •,   ^.   v*v4 »-*)rA O-DNfclte tN
ir*** ~*tr.
n*# «j*. *.* k-ry*} *» ke *-E -wc •**•
v-j**il» •*« **f «_• *«_*i-A Hv*-*** <ta$*-
ata.   _.-A*<M»eA»  -Bs*. .toaii*_*S *»-*f«.
**i t?-**_ _*t _»«<« ta s& *w i
.••liU-iX**-*.  .1 tot-ais*    ft IDs -«Sl lit tt*
I   *«^ -a* -a-pry -_*aptf tfus*.
IbM vlx •£•< «**^-**>.
i-Mk«M MMa
•«* ■fin-it hB_Wt ."'U. w a-****-*-* s-n-a fes
V*-* *v* tt ** ti**-4-*w*v<*.«*i '.■♦i.-rrcj   Ttvjj
■  (Hei -K v'Wt* ****.*»1M*- H-Wx&K *V*
«■.■**«« h i-i.v>m'4 Batfet ihnm*st 1..M-
*,•„    s.   i\ . ...»    ,      <>,*   *\   -om  M -
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Hair TonicI
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meretaainz   ^l^-m-raz   it\:.iiZ noi mrrag-
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Ib tai*- »v*ir«l Irs lhe dmotrt. sue
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-afi im-sdiowf -our lattt
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and aun Ti*_*-L _.«! taaameTrm*
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•»    tir.  BBR
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te- tofcj a:  attjri .-.' •rt-vu, •■
IBS B»u amnajr
**«rr- <i- -nta»Bd
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fomr- t TnKSnsS*
ffc** i.tiMia    Tl»- -rtcno' enasv
ona* - ■*■■' -A', -te* «aahl asi
;■.,..- ,r* ,.     •-- .      -• * *      -  .**"
StteBt  mc anac Ste Ulte dr' -emmet
l     .*   -•       "Tao
m»nmu *   ■**,  «K   -»«r*
Bal -h ta.* tal   nnsr   i.  aart. Sbe
il.:.T~ -KJH-J    —I
«t*W*T rumtwoirr*..   «.    ^   n—
pr-te- 'B|w.i.*a.   ... »    mast tvUtioi
■J taasaar- «   i
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..I ■ ■■.w^.
"W*w * , »-.-w»d,   wcanax: «w *»"
ar   ra.   t,   tiuu   paa  fei-t.   ro
*wit< "
'■teu*  t   -a-Tfe    "Wfcr   tna^   -ror j»**»
»" Ma. e* Br- fea. m»B..     Wbe:  I wai
•*-.*»» Tae    Mr    Brr Bull: Ut 6. Almaf
An.>   Ooo.-   rj*it.f
I.    "      l)B ■*.:**-
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my t. dot-as*
prat,    b u eKtnuK.
fa-  bpifw
On.  I"-:.
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i-mieiii   rroB.
I»«*n»n» n     4-^
tmi ahtp
ante to %m**t-
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mvidi on the
t    saATrs »•  laniM
•ste-ant- . *.. ...-1, ifflrtrmm:       roll"*   BT.a*mPtht., nrsalisilbi
y*_ *"'   T**  1SBBSSU   1   <»».■  tni,    rr'     ▼•«     t      -...      ,..,:;,.    nnh   »     hi
fSBS«» BSf   i laiame.. «• on-,      Wbai    tt>^ nollpu l»r
ftt *ror tl.;_ . ' T*a: fo- *d__BB>'
1-, -.*,
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f .« ffSMpBr ISBSe lar S?BBf**^V*».
"KM tWf V tb* *'«Mi aitesi) ^SB
IB^^ WBOe .'rsai.'   l'(IUJ|MU>ln-<L   Tb*.*  WHIi--
' at-HHli Tf.*' te^s*-*OBnsMte-t.' *-
 ^    **i.!!jr*t,: ati as the
• - *«*BP» *B-
m: m' th.
ttter tm£
aa*- slac
•*•** SMi    _B     ttii-  rlr    "
•rti-   --.-oa.   B»t
- -BBoaBBSIPBBOt,: ---*:". we*
*n,» »*»t:   •»« stmt*.-    • . tb»*llP»
^n -a^," an
■- »u* «i'"---
rj;> -BarBalBa Jwo a* 0*!, ***■>
wreBBp   the
*■*« ttta; uMBistei. tea
■ft     «:      **-* -awiS-SHl
naaasMM ■•»
r  ef Wt*   **w*»«   ««!  tw»l
: ywnr i*»aDiiiFf *:  .«nu mm-
— -   - - -   ■ ^iv, <tr«c *i>,-,* «,» rat:. "*
"Ttel    • —-<    (rnrt-Wil..
- *    ; .*
be Il^fey *teac> aac BBMBMflBr *ii**-»•
■ ■ asm ■ TBfl**r f • •flam*. Ir- bai.
[ !■     •*«* *      -  •
' Teal** Mff-BBred Vrmtfter- a> a t laitites
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-  *
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tea  bM
tt»t ran! ter
»»-    K
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i..' tiff-mC mm
For Thin
Poor Blood
>ou cs: rru«t a medicine
testei tx< vetrs ' Sixrv vesrs
c' e; thmt r' ths:!
Ly-vr-cr,;: witt Avc-'s. Ss*-
tensril.i thr origins SarBs-
ns-ilu tnrsr-onfes: S-trun*-
n'lta thr ssrsartarilis the om -
tors eaoriTK* fr- thi: Wonc,
vtat nrTei., fenpTB' eebfltn.
A   *.f».*-J   -•   .mm.e.    tmm..    ■■in.
■ f»-     »1K
*    V. Ine*.   b*-H»|,-»
•sn. rat*
•wmi   ro: is, f^ap
-ihs* mm   •
ti,. i,,-?,. v-.        ,..
* --
wat: a
BiMttl,     th,     *   ,,.;
m __
•*    -*oni
il     II
u        ms.   nn*   tw-pan..   thr
n_liiT»'.'     SB]   l»:t.     -ht;      ..
*    at   #*»n,!>: ••-. m
*     »n.-
th.   ... w .
*    hi,-,,,,
nn, u.
!**«*,. »t.Mtirl,  *hM   n
•o .
•».r.   fr.
mmt- *    -
■     mm-   mm.  tmrtmlm.
•HtFt-  fN*l
ft-uuna-M m
r*.  -wag TRY SMILING.
„„,„ th. wee fer sulU jrou not,
w"e Try imlllns,
ri . ' ' ,  ooftss lan't hot,
W'en./    r„„lll..S* „ ,     ...
-«,«. your neighbors don't do right,
*"",, , reletIv.m ull fight.
2S™T.hitrd, but in-n >'ou ...ls.it
Bur   ,,*,.v smiling.
,  whangs ths thing**, of course,
l)oe!" „V, siiiIIUik;
„„.,,',,,. t maks ihem *»«-»-
Bu    j„,i willing.
ua It ••"■"» to help your oassi
BrifbWBi up a gloomy i-i ..*.*;
,, ii :'"> "' rests your taos -
"'    ,ul| smiling*.
hence* •• • R"b»' ln ,r"l,nd ,nd
, Cit.x.n of United State..
An gddrsss »f rara feeling and elo-
I, | yen d i" fore tha Toron*
rlZlrTtZn by Dr. J. K. I**,ran of
w „  •ii,.,,,,:.. i.'A.-y MoOee e*
";*u;,' ,:under.'  He might, tha apaak
■      i i, ol i.n.. a* s i.i torlan,
:, in thr nr,- nn. .....ii. ths
'"lu.  iithesurfi ofblellt.   Iream,
i,,i*..i i* i i oturesqueneea psrhapa and
conni to a oartaln degree thu deep,
brDUd   '"'"
nt uinliTiieulli of prophetlu
„„,,t„....-l.'I'*       "'      1"'r:"'    "a"'    '"'
r undertake to lift a sorner
".';.. v,*r,*,l thai	
»        (,   ,,,  uf..    u<.;..,. m*A .. nun
1 .',   ,,   '    got trom ......   who sraa
,,  : * *    inetltutlonaJ authority to
•' "    "•-■'■<■■*  •■" I
...   , .;      mpaaldnahlp of Duffy,
Derli »nd ■ .nn.» ."..I othars In tha
, . Bars counted ur t-ti-.t
la Ireland ed by bis ai
,,ar. later In Canada, arhars ha foun l
' 0l..j | , tali ii - and Joined in tha
*urk "f ' onfederatlon. la till, "•*
taring in Toronto, bs said: "Mow doss
,, oomt that a mini who span) hu
,,uth   m   lighting   Ihs4   Government
»liou.'l '     la) 1"' tba r-tn.ng.-Hi ail*.
o( „. *i*iiti"iiui rule In   Ibis
Domii.i i. My answar le this; Wars ".y
eesstrj l    * raad "' ""' """' u" '
uii u t   day, I would fears b. sb   h>«
•troageel    oonaarvatlra    eoMtltutlonal
-i.t:   Itriialn."
Hal Dg   epanl   lOWS    year*    In    lh*
VnlifJ •      • '■   ■**■' me  i BBld    * on
ti,eir, |       •.- British constitution   Ua
Idltred    e formsr lacked atabUlt) .   I
^4 • ,..,.i.i   treated   » nothing
,hll , •• tying aad Ubarty-lm.
partlas I ''f stabUlly, and that
nd a,one In tt»* Britlab
HcOee beltsrad lhal  nothing   better
; tl I  t   "   .'anada than the
1 |l   >n    but   li.
: r,tc iii.iny af hi
• thai ™ ihe only »>
, ■ | .   1   1 ■
i huekla in n
Uaai il •' girdled lbs worM  w •■
».r, ret too near hlin to truly S|
bul  he b,
*,   cf  tl.** future    WOUld  b.
, ga to him hie proper ,
* .'anadlan »  ■ *■
aip   ii » propbacy Unit beta* in.
OililJ AB     ' ■    '    WOttM    be   gl    i •
nl ei •  in i Hat Una Docalaioa wonld
aii. H Mt.tCt   people   wae  In   a  .u I
»ey lo be fkifllled.
The Breed* Which Produce Them and
Breeds Which Do Not.
v.\. notlos iii ons nt oui .*.,! bai
ssys il..' Feather, tbs tor In-
formation ua t.i whloh bri *
tl...* brown ihsllod eggs and If there Ib
nny feed or mannei ul feeding that will
Influent a the color of the • [gi belli
The color ..r sggi bell i li a natural
ohara. tsrlsttc of tbe bn ed Every
breed or varlel    that i oi any of
the Ani;.ti.* blood    be bl. od ol   I ■■
Brahma, the Co. bin or the Lang
product s the bn i he
Influence ..r tho .\  atlc bloud on the
Pl! i.i.i.iiii iin'*.... tho Wyondott.    and
tlm Orpingtons si well glv.   thi •
of color I*, ths :     I   Bv.    the in ill
portion of this i oi I iln. i In tbe   Pa
tsrolls I si tinted the shell of thii * *
maiiy French f..wi it la tho Inll
uf lbs Asiatic blood I lial .* *.   i    the
tings of '*i".ini '"i'ii to ti:*
on ths otber ban I, tbs I. Iropean
fowls, tin* Houdans, tbe Dor! lugs, Pol*
lata, Hamburgi. ind  tl mean
fowls produce ivlng wl
Bven some of the D . have   a
tinge ..f yellow in ths * halt, said   to
bs ii-" * * blood
Introiiui ed man)
ths   '•■*■ of tbe ci
Bon ■■ strait i   it   B
fowls with the Browi
of the Main I     I hi
i eaal a the shell
Ths Unl of tbo
thp vei brown, col    ol
ii of 1 •■  ■
|v   |||   '' * Il"Xt
the Coch n a III . I we
bave the • t the
Hamburg an «
conn. '   ' •i^'-
ami tli-  Pol
i      ly all of I ng ol
:.li | of a cl I
* snd *> •   * ' nnd
... * •     ■
shape inul rolor.
Red Pyle Leghorn.
Red : bad ".inr
- bard-
ion. wkk
Wolfe—Neglected Hero.
Vr  I '•'■ .'■    I.   C . "f Vnni-ouver.
i yinnlpec Canadian CWb
• , i. ta WettVi i
t. . :   pleaded     f*>r   a nati n»l
sckaee nt uf tb* '•» -f
■ » COB. luJlng h:» ad-
'-    V. ..Jr   SBM     "Ii.   •
ing lhe gi iv* nf Wolfe at the ol.t .
f St. Al|th»g«- In On
r     , .   hie   mirv.        i
and brilliant  grurralnhli
he attack at Ihe A.,*
the rapturr of Q
■ laeai le ibe
, ..i race.   The flr»l ImpulM le
,i. or. la >!' -
,*. seme ineiniilal window,
mural tablet, BBBM iBd
■ >r  and   eyii.pathy  or  at   ISM
l*u: .     -   :un of gratliu.lt* ..n lb* pal i
llul   ll.
•   .] , k.   iiiyetrrlou-.
a. le the Imn grating   -
j | • .   u*.   in.ll.a.ing   the   • I
'  she tomb     Th* ■«■ ar,
iu *      ■     .■ enough  i».t m*.
nc.  Kew I
Ued  an I   lie   llnrul    • lb*
>. have don» BOtkiag   He I
It »ut L^rn fur the rfTorte  "f  pl
. n *,t,.ri>.in.. by w I. MB » I
: ,1  vlii.! ...   w.ie  I'I i  Sd     In
. In ldl-S. nearly a i-.niu.y ani
• iti. r.iii ot Qasfese,  i'"i
* Iblttg nt St. Alphage te in
Meati to Wolfs the a_gte s»i n
'i- . oontlnanl ni.,,*'-*t i"«ee it«
" l>o not the people of (*»n
»-i» *    r to tb-Mnaehrea, ..» met) am n>
v p| ni*- greal WoU* to lah.
•um--»      ;. wbleb will fittingly em
tli'ir a; ;   -latlon of thr feeSOlBIB Of lh*
peer t-. whom thi* oBBtlaeBl
T-       lb, after hearing the Bddrea*
••• . aommlttea to i»-t wh<*
' • ...1. . SBoaitsd actios   by
' ubi In SfSSting a lultable
«. i.
mi i r* soss
The Pvle
th>* BtUlt] ■
'■ rrtng
iiy. Uw   .
. f
A  Dry Feed-nj  Experience.
K.I" .    . rlrsn
Fort)   of tli* in  I f    ihe
*    ['.'IIS.
i awn
About tli" ' truct-
eordlag I,, the n I ' > i.e In the
i i«t«,
oqual   parte;    a
••   .
then mix tl i thorough
ly and fill i' '   • in llil-
ci! all •
an.l corn nt ti .
with an ... '  w heat et
• t!ir.*.'    time    a
ever galhei ■ I -
many rent a ith an) i iod of
fecdlug '"
8treet Tree*.
A» noon ss a street ..r avenue   i*.
er, alwaj s
I ., Is •   <
planted will Baturally attain Trim th*
tl,*,. IU'.;*.
iii.it hav. tart. : li low !..wn so :*»
to ,*..**. e with thi
fnge ■ ' I pal
>    ■ ■   ,-.   t
this trimming s are
email nn.l and
heal rapidly    The ell ' <
until it be
Sdjudl lkri;e
llmbe, caui nt- h
may be seen In almost any town.
Don't Keep Mongrel*.
The Increaae In prices of fancy poai-
trv si ibll iy of u.e Industry,
 -      |, L  l '   U.e full."•   i-.-.ii
'''* •''   their brain.  on"ly"T.  ! -k    try bu   IK       IS S Wholi   ll STBI 00 tho
'  ae ran be  when'th.*v  a.      iBCrBBSB, SB]     V/uK W. Warner
he epoi  „nl>*  i,  ,cn  B ■        'I ■"■''"',  '•" n p ,1,"r0,-'';Ih'
^^^^^^^ ^^^^™    I hred  i«t...'k   than ' d    «'e
prollln nn well ss plessurs are much
i   it, ltd. * ler of it^r-
»iitlilin*.l fowl! r.in .it* po is of h     I
pirn, stock without tnkiiiK them to mar
iKI t The ti'-. i* look much better and
nn* really more beslthj than thoso of
neiiili birilti ■■■■■■■"-■
A Parrot's Little Joke.
Th* •  .,  hanging  f...:n  thr pOt
s i •   ,i ,„„ t .wn   h"iri   en iv
n Wbleb la li.n.er.l a paint.
rontoNews  Tbis bird seem*
"   • ■  , Beadtab delight in soraechlns
''■ r hl» vi,he ai.melhlng lhal
"Help." Pedeetrlaaa a m wk
wh*B Ihry hear the rry, haulm
- *,*.ii from wheaoe it oomee,
ile  of  a  hundred  dlffen  ll
-•".  in.,iiKnii or  a  hun.li.'.l  tin*"
* * ainl her.ile re»eue» tl.*
u,g •
 » »pm oniy  io tree a gnn,
1 '"ring away In lleelf an.l I**•--
l.L v           .....
"    nk- the Joke lle.lf
Working For th* Tribe.
1 nne South Afrlra    furnlehe*
»B nx.   [lent -Maniple of "rollei'ii-
*» H works out in a prlmitlvo society
1 the ohlea >.f   tbe
*-•' '  •    .m.i nf their MiuiiK men In U.e
Transvaal to earn the hot tas foi thi
tribe By this iirrnnKement the
■  of the trftM    live*    in
i imall portion of their Dumber
*'"* underground fnr   perhapa   nine
1 nt the end of whleh time thei
ne ....,i surrender to oi I
jfr ., nt  „f n,o|r earnings to the 09. • I
u»r tl... iis,.a „[ jj,, trlba
, Beeryear MlMelta.
'h.ilinnihet fed on hemp »»»d turn
null- liluk," aaid a nnturnllet. "Home*
■JJ l« .oal mlnen for »eversl years
*'«ine eovered with' eofl, thick fur
'«« « mole. The mnatlff of Tlliet. .bo
'" ,l1" Tibetan highland* hi* u heavy
°»l or wool, loee* bl* eoat completely
*'"'*1 b* I* brought dowu to Uie plain*.
"'" ermine In til* mow InfeMe-J bom*
TOM white In the winter, but If be I*
■MO f.ir the wlnier to a warm climate
"• Mee not turn while et all. Quite
•niMlng altogeiher are Ui* cbangee
1,1 wiih f-^i aud environment we
"" •""''I OU all Hvlug creature*, *V*B
Good Layer* Lay Fertile Egg*.
It le said Hint tlie fewer eegt. a lien
in.. the more they to   bs
Infertile At the Maine lal "n so sl
t.*miii wss made to breed downward
In  the sgg >l'*!il as well  I 1
t'niit.i.M ... thetr expectations, It -mn
nearly Impost bis to i en.:.
from tin* bans who laid   the  few. |
"Is "cooly" tl.e iiiui.r ef *  people!
It i* believed to be Ih* word belongs
to nn th* iiniinti Tr.iiiiini.li*.   Btymole-
'•t.e   have   been   tempted   tO   Bnd  It*
origin In lhe '1'n.iill "Lull." v.ln< I. nienn*
hire, payment for men sl odd lobe or
the hireling odd Job u.m. himself, but u
1* pointed out In t)r Hurray's dictionary that when tbe word ippsan rurly
la th* ii'vi i '...'iiiii ceiiliiry It refer* t*
s tni.* of Qnseret, In lbs nrsnl of todls,
far from the Tamil epeaklug loutb-
the Knit, or Koil. who seeffl t* bet*
been often employed by Kurop-wna aa
bearers sud carrier*.
A New Canadian Pacific Tunnel.
-" known .,    ,i„. ,..,:,, ,,. ,„„.
now in oour»e of oonstruotlon.
•"'" '""i   '   ' "    miles wut oli
'  on *• ''   P   k.   Th* tunnel
'   approximate!)   TOO   feet   long.
ed with a view
'    l-d. gree ourve with
'    rybodj    iravellng    between
id Qolden la familial*.   Con-
' '    '■■■■ *■'   In  the .-.uiy pait
'■  "ctober, ami  u   |» exi,,*i*..*il  to
'." hnlahed bj  the and of nsxl month,
1 i■■• " l« of nm men have b len employ. I
i'n iiion nighl and day.!
hen   c pleted   it   will   effect   a
™bl      i- n;; 0f time ami wear
'ik   s k.    Abnut   10,- I
• in. lit   will   he   used   In I
 n Uru ui ] th* ooei will be '
...      |  1150,090.
HI Ml him; WOMEN.
N'*-*l   .lusi   Hi*  Iti.l.  Red Blood
William*' Pink Pllli Actually M iil.f.
I'm      ii 11...... I to    mi,I.He    life    ....
.n.i happinesi ol every woman
upon    hei    blood.     II    he.
blood i   pool  nml watery ihe become*
languid,  pale :...•!  nervous,    11
hei  l.l.i.il supply i*. irregular the iuf*
li* ,rl,ii li.      uii'l   buck      lilhef-,
unspeakable distress  whi.-li
i. iiy u mm.n know      '.. every *.i.iii'* "I
lifi   Hi    Willisms'  Pink I'illr.
sre hei   bjit  friend, beeauae they set
make the n.li,  rod blood  which
liutp and strength and tone   t.
.* - .ii "l iln* bod].     They hel|
.. ....Minn just when nature makes the
•  .1. in.in.I ii|i.hi  her blood ■*-'!!»-
ply,    Mi -   II   Clagnon, who i".  (wen
',  \i .n - has been I    the    be it
known  resid nt    ol    Bl    Rochs, Qu**
hi.  Williams'   Pink  I'illr- have
I n a l>li**,--iiii; to me.     I was weak,
worn nut uu,I icarooli  able   to   drag
my eel I  aboul        I  suffered  (nun  head
scl.es snd diasinoss, mi appetite   was
and tn attempt  housework    left
in.* iii'i-.,K  ».,i i nut       I  slept   badlj
bl   ..nl uhat sleep I got did nol
l*'n   nearly .In.*.* yean
I     i   in iiu» condition, an.l wa. ...n
*.  i.tki.1^ medicine, but foufld no
In n lil inni, il    One "l my neighbor*
.. ho bad     ed Oi   \\ illiam*' Pink I'ille
..iili tuiioli . I vis,-, | me tn trj
I *li I so, and the whole storj
iu .he words   I nm well again.'
'1'ln-t,* .* ■,   timei  .,.t   ,i hen I 'ul,.* ' h.
pilli : in to nn* .. guarautei
iblee  Inuil    which    sc
man)  women inffei.
|.    Williiini-' Pink I'illr- don'l    ad
nn tin* bowels    The] . entain j isl t hi
n -    ili.it    actually    mak.*    n.w
blood    uml    slrengthen    ti *     nei 11 -
I '.*-., I IJ .    . un,, -una.   111.Iin-
i     i he iiiiutit, ii.   I.imi.
backach. ■ and    I earl
palpitation     snd    skin disessee    liki
pimpl. •  .in I  ,. /.• ma    Thai    i-    whj
thi        '"t help in the world
.* gii Is * I." need aea  blood
*  i * omen ,. I" are ' i oubled a ith
i.ir  In-altli      Sold  bv  nil   I*', i
•  dealers   oi by mail from tbe Dr.
William*'   Medicine    Co.,    Brockville,
..        ,*  50 senl - .. bos '-r   six    boxes
-.   'ni.
I..*-   Hal,..
"I begin to realise," sai.l yoong ^1 r
•■. "that i am no longer a mere
now tlmt 1 vs got 1. little balr
on my lip."
"Tea," mii'l Miss Knox, "nn.l I eup
I'-.-.- .ii a month nr t-.t you'll have un-
ether i "   I.^'r..it Pree Praaa
M.nard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
».„- .ui.ier.1 year conaiatsd of twelve
month... havlug each tweuty-ulne aud
thirty day. alternately, thus making
3.M days. Tin* being found too short, I
It wss lengthened to ;igu day* tnd aft*
erward to M5_
HBorl   lo  Be Had.  lo  0*1   II   Hmck  to
Orlglual I uurac.
An army of men will shortly begin
Hit- titanic struggle with the ruahlng
Colorado river, attempting to check the
devastation wbleb the ehauge ln the
river's course haa brought to two
Hlates. Three hundred square miles
Hooded, 'J00 milea of railroad truck-*
washed out, u thriving Industry ruined
tills Ih tbe record Of tlie destruction
caused by the river bruuklug through
ita banks uud Hooding il... surrounding
Tbe Colorado river is the dividing
Hue between Arizona uud the southern
portion of California. Moat of tbe
water haa poured Into the i'uina bualn,
lu Arizona, but tbe flood has ul**,.,
brought destruction to tbe oue Indus
try ln the miles of the burning southern California desert. Thc Ballon sink,
once a purt of the Pacific's bed, but for
centuries past u level bottom of pure
suit harvested yeixr after year for the
markets, bas been Hooded, und the
unique salt farm has been wiped out of
existence, temporarily at least. Hopes
are held forth that the work wbi.h the
Southern Pat-Ilk* Kailroad company Is
to begin will make the salt industry
possible there again aud thut once
more tlie little village of Bulton, where
the salt workers lived, will be populated.
To operate this novel salt farm a
plow was designed, drawn by a ruble
attached to a small steam locomotive.
Tins locomotive pussed to aud fro on
■ miniature track, uud by mesne uf u
big grooved wheel, set horizontally In
Ihe fusblou of a street cable, tbe plow
-wus drawn at right angles to the engine. Plowed Into furrows, tbe salt
was heaped In great cones, placed In
curs and shipped to the market, the
greater part of it requiring uo refining
process, so pure was it.
The salt farm was a profitable Indus
try, and the operating company built a
little settlement at the foot of the
mountain. Here the salt was treated
when necessary, aud here were the
homes of the workmen and their fain
Hie*. But at the present tbe village Is
wrecked and tlie farm deserted, for it
bas become, literally, another Great
Suit lake.—.New York Tribune.
Explanation of Ibe l-rluelplro of Ihe
. ampbell s, ,,..■„».
Whut western people have become
accustomed to cull the "Campbell system of dry farming" consists simply In
tGe exercise of intelligence, care, patience aud tireless industry. It differ*
In detail from the good farming metli-
wis practiced and taught st tbs various
ugriciiiturai experiment stations, but
the underlying principles are the same.
These principles arc two lu nun,ber:
Klrst, to keep the surface of the land
under cultivation loose and finely pulverized. This forms a soil inul.-b tbat
permits the ruins iiiiiI melting snows to
percolate reudlly through to the compacted soli beneath und thut ut tb*
same time prevents lhe moisture stored
lu tbe ground from being brought to
the surface by capillary attraction, to
bo absorbed by the hot, dry air. 'ill*
second Is to keep tbe subsoil finely pulverized uud firmly compacted, in.Teasing its water holding capacity and It*
capillary attraction and placing It In
the best possible physical .*'.ii.litlon for
thc germination of seel and the develop.nent of plant root.. Tbe dry farmer thus stores wuter not In iliims and
artificial reservoirs, but right where lt
.un be reached by Ibe roots of growing
Through these principle* u rainfall of
twelve Inches .an be conserved so ef*
f.irtlvely that It will produce better results than are usually expected of an
annual precipitation of twenty-four
Inches In humid Amerl'ii. The discor-
enr und demonstrator of these principles deserves to rank among the
greatest of national benefactors. He
bas not merely made two blades of
grass grow where only one grew before,
but he has made it iwssible to cover
with wheat and corn, alfalfa und other
useful crops tens of thousands of square
miles of fertile laud ou which nothing
but sagebrush, cu.ii. Kuiimis sunflowers and buinh grass are now found-
John l. Cowan in Century Mugazine.
I ity
of Indigestion
Whloh Almost Invariably Arises from Liver
and  Kidney Disorders.
I'.:, ii Insurance reoordi it has ben
found tlmt ub..ui ;r, pei .■.•nt. ol ilu*
iiiiiih- of policyholder! me attributed
t., diiaaaei ol tbe digestive system.
To persons who hav* been soou*t«
oni.-'l to think lightly oi indigestion,
biliousne* snd liver derangemente
■■in inn-ill,*nt mil be lath.-, startling
but it .,.inn.t be n t.iied.
I., i i.n ge asteni ' he liver controls
tl..* .Iiu. v..* lystem by supplying th*
bile to insure the prompl pa**ag* oi
the in ..! sl ing the inte*l ine*, « ber*
th.* *l Di ill pan "i dig. ' i in taken
ll.-i'uiiM- ot iiiiii immediate un.l 'in-
..**. influence on the liver, Di   Cl
Ki I...*. I.i..'  i'lll- incur* *. r■«" 1 Bow
ol bile, ..1.1 by •-.» doing poaitively ovei  ''i-' ipati hi    .in I    inteetinal
Wm,I i.o the stomach, ii-mn ..l sour
-.1-*. in ... hi.iiih. smothering lena*
stiois iu ih.- chest, Irani*, about 'le
heart, hoadache* snd diaaineaa, .ln.ws-
inec* and dlaoomforl sfter roeali   and
sluggish action ol the liver, kidneys
,ii 1 i, twtlt sr* the symptoms ,1 this
serious snd dangerous form of .inlin-
Mr Duncan HcPhereon, Content,
Alt., ...it.--. I mi*, im* many year*
troubled with indigestion ami 1.,-a.l-
urlie uml derived no benefit from the
mum remedies used, A friend *d-
viaea the use ol Dr. Oheee'i Kidney*
Livel Pills uml ult,*, taking lour boxes
the  re-iilt   .-  'hut   I   um  oin-e  more  in
th* fill enjoy at ot tin- blessing. <>t
goo i health.
Mi   Henry Borgnardt, Hots,.   Hill*,
Alta.   wn',.-:       I     us,-1     Di    Cha.,. »
Hi.li.. > l.i.fi Pills im dyepepsia and
un satisfied that ther* u no better
medicine for tin-   i ilmsal   snd   liver
'o. il,,l lint
Iii Chaae'i Kidney-Iaver Pilli ».ll
promptly overcome theie    ■ympt-em*.
One pill a .los.*. *_'."i .-t-iiis a in,,, ut ull
dealer*,   ..t    Kdmanaon, iiutes i Co.,
Plke'a  Peak.
The birthday of a mountain peak has
seldom, If ever, been observed In
America, but lu September the birthday of Pike's peak, so far us history
Is concerned, will he observed by the
stata of Colorado, with President
ttooBBTBtt and some of tbe members
of his cabinet as guests. The occasion
will mark the one hundredth anniversary of the discovery of the mountain
by I.ieutenuut Zebulon I'ike und may
possibly be the occasion of an International event of some interest. When
Lieutenant I'ike was captured by
Spanish soldiers In February, 1807, be
was relieved of several maps aud
manuscripts, which were never recovered. They are supposed to have been
sent by the governor of Santa Fe to
the viceroy at the City of Mexico and
I.y him forwarded to Madrid. As the
spaulsh ar* careful al>out the preservation of historic documents and records, lt Is believed that Tike's paper*
nre still In existence. At tbe suggestion of Representative Brooks of Colorado Secretary Itoot has requested the
Spanish government to Institute a
search for them. If found they will
probably be returned.
Testel by Time—In his justly cele-
brated Pilli I'i    Pai n alee   hu-   given
in the world on* ol th* most  unique
n. i offered t" the publio In late
I'i t pared to meet    tbe    * snt
pill uhi h oould be 'Hkr.i with.
I    ihut    v, ..ui.1   purge
pain   ii hai met all   the    n
in that  direction, un.l   it
■   *   mh   becau I
■I  | ,     * I. -       lull    Ins*.tils,,    it     i-
•  . .,.-,•i.itn,■ and .*.nu
,v.,.f- ..Inch ph.,*** ii iii ih,. front
rank of medicines.
Where   lie   Waa,
"To what .in you attribute your good
health aud remarkably robust conditio:.':"
"To  regular habits and early  rctlr-
* Then you have been so situated thst
j ii could carry nut these excellent
rules for the preservation of the
ul*, yes I WB* In tl.e llllll .Is pent
teiitlnry for twentj three yeur*.** —
Cleveland Plain Dealer
H   foseph LawU, Jul) 14, 1008
Mm... I ""   l '"*   Vi1"",""!'   I   ,
,,    ,,'„.„„,„      I   m,s huill*.   knke.l  by
mv i, irH last  Maj  and   sftei    uaing
•ii my leg noth*
n.l.l ,l„    Mj leg «..-   black   us
I u ,- laid up in bed for a fort*
,..,il,|   no.   m alk      Alt .■.'..-
•„„ three  bottle* "t  >'""   MINARD 8
I i\imint I m.s perfectly oured, »
i si.,,1 on the road.
.ins   Dl Ul'.s
Commercial Traveler.
Korea! Klre«.
La*t year forest Area lu thi* country
burned over an area of 150.000 acres.
'P.... area Is great, yet tt Is less than
half of that which wus swept by tire
the year before. One reason for the
uifference Is the Increased efficiency of
tb* Are patrol under the I'ulted States
forest service. Its Jurisdiction Is limited to national reservations, but the
lufluence of the forestry service extends to many private wooded tracts.
The professions! foresters are teaching
the |>eo|>le how to care for the tr.*.s.
line -siu.pl* rule, which the owner of a
few trees can easily follow and the
owner of many trees cauuot afford to
neglect, la to keep the underbrush
cleared. Most forest flres start ln
brush. A wood clear of brush has, so
to speak, no kindling in which a lire
can start
We Like Frail.
Kor strictly orchard product* which
found market* and presumably were
cousumed during the year ending June
B0, 1800, the American farmer received
$*vi.7r,l,S10, and we raised In American
vineyards l.fjOO.000,000 pounds ot
grapes, which crop brought our American vineyardlsls over $15,000,000
more. American subtropical fruits
brought the producers nearly $10,000,-
000, and we Imported from thc West
Indies aud southern Europe $'J.">,000,-
000 worth of tropical fruits.—Ernest
C. Howe lu Leslie's Weekly.
The I'wn,.) of Katare by 1\ hi. h II
la   l'r„itn,.r,l.
Rain Is, as we nil know, the molstur*
of tbe atmoepber* condensad Into
drops large enough to full with perceptible velocity to the earth. The va
rlatlon In the Bizes of the drops Is de
pendent upon the difference In the
height from wlihl. tl.ey have fallen
nnd to the amount of atmospheric dis
turbance present St the time If thej
fall from great heights the drops suf
fer gradual divlalon Into smaller and
smaller parts unr;l they ure at SSl
converted Into mi-is. in culm ereatber
with the domis near the earth'* sur
fit'-e, the drop* are apt to Ik- large
and heavy.    The formation of rain is
' in general a continuation or an en
targement of the processes by which
cloud* snd f"..'s sre formed.   The dep
| osillon of moisture depend* upon .ne
cooling of the atuiosph.-ie, but concern
Ing the pre.-ise process by wblcb the
cooling is effected various opinions are
entertalued even among ilmse uhc
have made meteorology a life study
lu considering the mailer we have de
din-ed our reckoning* from what ll
considered the beet authority on the
Subject Prom this It up|>eiirs tlmt th*
temperature of a given mass Of warm
air la lowered in the ordinary cours*
of atmospheric phenomena by one or
tbe other of the pro, fail * mentioned
iu the following: Hy radiation to tb*
cold sky, by radiation to the neighbor
lug masses of clouds or the cold
ground, by mixture with cool air or by
the absorption of beat in the expan
si,ni of ascending columns of air.
Whatever the process may be. on*
thing Is sure-the cooling must take
place before the moisture will collect
Into drops of mi Hi. .. m size to caus*
tbem to fall from lhe mass uf vapor
ln which the constituent parts bave
beeu flouting.
A Csaay WH.
A cop temporary stales thut while a
weddiug breakfast wus being held in a
restaurant at Fresno* les Uuugis a naval officer in uniform entered the room
sud was invited to preside over th*
feast. He made himself very agreeable, sang songs and delivered speeches.
He was proposing the bride's health
when two policemen rushed In nnd ar
rested him ns au secaped lunatic from
A neighboring asylum, lt Is further
asserted that he thereupon politely
turned to the officers and said: "I think
you have made a mistake, gentlemea
There*'—pointing to the bridegroom—
•Is the nmu you want."—London Tribune.
An inspector upon "is regular rounds
rung a bell St the door of u small dwell
|Dg ii Utile lot. acting as maid, opened
H„.  floor and the  following colloquy .
■ 1,11 your mother tbat the water In-
■Doctor wonld like to see her."
• V,-,, -sir    But "HI you pleas* turn
your I.m k '•"
• 'What!   Will I please do what?'
•Just turn vour back n moment, air;
f„r" I do not want t" shut the door in
,„„,  fn.e"   l.lni.menu's Mneozln*.
a. pillsA
A Devrloplna Empire.
The cutting up of the large land
holdings lu the Sacramento valley Into
small farms simultaneously with the
completion of great systems of Irrigation has brought on an era of development ln the northern pnrt of the
state thc Importance of which Is
scarcely realized us yet outside the Immediate vicinity of thc undertakings.
Itut tho developments are big witb Importance not only for the Sncramento
valley, but for the entire state and particularly for San Francisco.—San Frau-
clsco CaM.
The  Mn*-. of Tope Plaa.
When the pope gave a dinner to cel-
ebrnte his elevation to ths cardlnalate
he remarked to one of the guests that
ho had been nine yenrs ut the seminary, nine years curate ut Tombolo.
nine years rector of Sulzann and nine
yenrs bishop of Mantua, l'lus X. was
also patriarch of Venice and cardinal
for iiim- year*.
EneoDraire,!  Id  Slna  al   \\ <>-**.
At the works of a firm of soap makers In Bngland tbe girl employees ar*
encouraged to sing part songs while at
work.     The   object   Is   to   relievo   th*
monotony,    in the departments that
number more than thirty girls and
havo not noisy machinery they are encouraged to slug during the last hour
of work in tlie morning und iu tbi
A  Jake.
The olher duy a benevolent old gentleman was stii|i|ie,i by n tramp, who
asked for money for a night's lodging.
"Well look here, my man," the old
gentleman said, "whnt would you say
If I offered you work:" "ltless yet
life, sir," Cams lhe reply, "I wouldn't
mind a bit. I cun take a Joke sume al
most people."
The   Inrr.
Patient -Doctor, 1 frequently exoert
nice S hissing sound In tny ears.   What
WOUld yon udvlse me to do?    Doctor-
What la your occupation! Patient—rn
an actor.    Doctor -Then I'd ...lvlse jo*
to get some other kind of a Job.
Conscience warns ...» ns a friend be
fore punishing  us as a Judge.—Stso
Habit  li Growing and Afternoon Wine
Is Very Fashionable In the Old
Country Now.
The  dictum lent of  the
Divorce Co irt, that U th,- dnnk .
'ould bt- ,-■ I* vorce Court
might   close  lis  door*,   lu*n.«  at',. *
lo lh- I I.ether the drink habit
arvon-t women is really Increasing   oi
•   L/indmi Halt
• divorce* is certainly
i-ing,  and   i.V  Police  Court  and
Cor •iers' records Fhnw Increases in the
number of convictions for druiikenneE*
and of deaths accelerated by lniemp' r-
Thea* facts, however, relate to only
a pan of the population, and the striking poinl remain! whether. In spit* of
al! the efforts of temperanot advocatee
and the growing public opinion against
alcoholic drinking, the habit Is growing among the mass of women.
Tempera:. grit be ex
pected bo gli . orabie re
port of Iheir work, yet an official o.'
the Church   ' | Teivperaao* I ■
ciety.    at    I .* .nster.
says there is B0 AouM lb* drink habit
Is Increasing, and not diminishing
among women.
"It se-sms that women are not sn sue
eeptuble a.s men lo Ibe appeals of temperance worker.,  to  Ih-ir   •
mJ.    "In tb.   laal  two or three yea:.*
probably ik  ; .ent againsl th
us* ol alool a marked
effect as 81. 1 ■ .- .. Tr* v'-s d*-clara-
lion that alcohol i- u  : ' n pay
ll attention to such a statement
fr..m such a luuri • ndO. »0
to put a curb o*.
Frederick Treves tell* then
hoi is aj.*. to lead to u ph/alcal bank-
Women Unimpr»t»ed.
"But women do i ■ ■ be lm
pr* ned In the same niinn-r The well-
to-do woman who had a .ound of calls
to make, and Bad - • ing llted.
I* ap: noi to act on I f that alco
hol is poison. Bhe I* offered a glass
of wine, and she takes It. saying to h-r*-
seif .'I must keep myself a 'ing for the
afternoon' Thai Is one of the
of the drink habit an, *ng bet'ler-class
''Much is being d me to establish the
belief ln total absiinence among the
younger women, and that phase of temperance work .- m It .nccuraglng; but
lt Is undoubted lha: In spite of the
greater af.eml n paid to the Question
in rec-nt years Intemperance Is lncreaa-
. I :. •: d- • .-.ng. among women. "
Nearly all  th doctor* ar*
temperance advocate* tv-day. and such
eminent men as S.r Thomas Barlow,
one of the King's physicians, and Sir
Victor Horsley. have given their epecuu
attention tt ihe habit ot drinking
among women. Sir Thomas Barlow not
long ago said that Uw special feutur*
am *ng women is "seer*; drinking." and that relative;..- It Is
m -re common un*. ng a .men than men.
one of  the ohlef meant of secret
drinking among mlddle-clus* women Is
the   groc. r*»   Uoenee,    A   t.mpeiunce
worker tn'.,! an Kxpr.ss representative
yesterday thai  thousand*    of middle-
.:ii"s are hr -ken up through lh*
facility which th. shop  offers
women  to procu i    .nt*   whlcn
ihey secretly drink at home   The drink
■ -." with tha
*   that  the  husband of the secret
drinker Is often unaware of his wife's
Indulgence until it Is too late.
Secret   Drinking.
Once c tr ru,'..,1.  (he habit of *ecret
drinking   Is   so   bard   for   a   woman   to
break thai when daprlVBd Of cveiy ordinary form of alcohol woman will re*
■ stimulant
■*. w hich  ha* 'he certain effect of producing madness,
A west "i.t doctor sapieeud the belief thai tlie c awing habit at drinking
among woi r cl* H   in
London i< largely due to the "restaurant life'
••lii-t. i,l   of  lunching  and  dining al
h'ine,  many  women   no-a   t..k.*   their
maeli In public n  taurant*," ha said,
.  th* habit .1.' drinking
like iii i'ii. taking* greal di .  m ire wine
than ll K"."l for llie.n, and finishing up
wiih liqueur* r brand/, as if it (rare
th,- natural ihlng i ir ;. woman I
"The after-theatre .upper leads to
similar   Indulgence,   and    1   often   see
women of my acquaintance aft*T supper quit* visibly affected  by the  wine
ito y havs o '...nni' 'i.
"Drinking   among   women   Is   much
more pronounced than It was mi
ago. and  honibl* us  It   may **em  the
■eerel drink In which many well to-do
women ludulg* is brandy,   a whtaky-
and soda Is a Common  request among
wvinrn a> afternoon call*."
Salphar Baths Far Rheaaaallaaa.
Bulphur hath* are of value In rheumatism. Take on* tableepoonful of
bin nt lime. Mix Into a paste with on*
wlneglnssf.il of cold water, and lei It
remain for ten minute*. Then stir Into
one gallon of wuter. To this ndd on*
ounce of milk of sulphur. Raise to
the boiling point In a lUltabl* vessel
aud keep bulling for teu minute*. Now
transfer to th* bath, tnd add two gsl-
lons of bot water. Use when pleasantly warm. Keep from th* face, aa the
particles of sulphur, etc., are intensely
Irritating to tbe «|«*.
Dear Mother
Your bile ones are a ce-Hanl care M
Fall and Wnlw weather. rhev w.ll
ealehcold. Do you know about Shtloh.
Coowmplion Cure, tU Ui-»gTo.„c aed
wUHL.loa.to.w~ny) ll»«»l
to be th. only leliabl. -en«r<ly tg •»
«Wan ot Ihe air pa-ag" in duklren-
ll U nl-aolulely harmle-a »nd P-"-*-""* -°
lake. ha. guaranteed to rufeo. you. money
i. returned The price i. I'tc- per bon\r.
and all dealaii in medicine tell )"
•f-fr naedy ibould be 'n «y»r faHMS
To the ancients for wisdom! Dr.
Pinches st the Cnlveraity collage la
I ond.'ii brought out tn a lecture some
u.lvlce of general lutereit given by s
certain little known king of tb* A*-
s> ilu ns. On one uf the monument* In
the British museum 1* th* following
Inscription: "The egg* of an owl given
for three day* In wlue bring ou a
drunkard'* weariness Tbo dried luug
of sheep taken beforehand drives away
druukenuea*. Tb* a*he* af * (wallow's beak ground up with mj nli aud
sprinkled lu the win* which Is drunk
will mak* *ecuru from drunkenness.
Mortis, klug of th* Assyrians, found
this out" The convivial mouircb did
uot drink tn vslu If be "fouud thee*
tiillwa oul" , .        .
K.I,   , U.U..    I  M»»    Uo.
A Michigan man tell* u grimly bu
morons story of u i.iu.bermuu wbo.
Hfi.*r a hard winter in tbe lumber
cempe, appeared in the streets of one
„f ihe larger towns reudy uud anxious
"to have s good time." This lumberman hnd with hini the sum of fMO, the
i's labor—a sum
for wbi.h he l.u.l tolled uud slaved and
'i-l-.il Ins Ufe In the lumber Jams, en-
lurlng lhe while all tbe discomfort*
ind tribulations of the rigorous winter.
With the $."i"-i thus painfully amassed
!n* lumberman sought the comparative
■i\ ilii'.uiion of a Inm Imt town. He first
uin bused himself a big drink aud an
rive .mar, ihen hied him to a
faro joint, where he staked his entire
fortune on s sh - •  play,   iu another
r   be   b ii lees   Shifting
gar from one comer of bis mouth
to the other, the lumberman cheerfully
.beerred, "Oh, well; ,-u-y come, easy
"Our <asl ■ vacation thi*
summer." said n. -  lent of the
bank, ' He'd like to get away, be says,
for abool three a
"Good," replied the president. "That
remoi SS u w eight from my mind. I
wu- lailnnlag io be ufraid bis account*
might be In such -hupe that he wouldn't
dare to go BWSJ "—i. bicago Kecord-
M i* •   dist  ■ -.ckness in    chil-
iltei.   i-    caused    hy    worms     Mother
V, t: in  Krtern.inatoi   giv«-s  ie-
iit'i  by removing th.* cans.     die* it
ii trie] J.uvinceJ.
v   •   was i«-a 1>   io sink through    the
floor.    Sh* 'in!  noi   ip*eh    bat   Iw had
only to look  into hei  great      ' *.     aye*
i it* h**r mind.
g dosrnl     ii.   yelled     accordingly l,ov — l'uck.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
LOt111 U.
She- Would you reelli >ii>* tor me'
He   N"  d»-ui. I wouitl nni
-                -       1   • \uu   wouM
not. ami \*1*   vou talk ol love—
He    My dear.  m>   ho, il    1 ihe nu-
*:t —Philadelphia Ledger.
It i- a Liver I'ili Many ni the ailment* that man has In .-onl,nil with
hav.  their orijzin in m disordered liver,
which i- a delicate organ,  particularly
ihie   In   tie .ru-es     thai
cone  tioin   irregular   habit*   oi   eating
and drinking.   Ti...- ..
great     many     liver     legulutm s       BOB
i on the attention ol   aaaTaieha.
Oi thea* there ar,. icn.* npHior to
I'arinel,.*'s Va-getable IMU Their op*
•ration though gentle i- effeotiva, and
the most delicate can um* them.
!»,-<! „. I l.o.
"That new lurni hand of yours UTs-d
to In* a bookkeeper."
"How do you know '•"
"Every time be stops work for a minute be tries t, put the pitchfork behind
h.s eur."—l-'liegi-nde Blatter.
A  Krlend  In  Bee*.
Janson (aententhmal]    Mi. my boy.
there's nothing like a friend In feed!
Sniuson—I don't agree with you Ilei
generally a thundering nuisance, fnr
he's sure to warn to borrow aomethlng.
$ 1 2 Brooches
At S 12.00 Diamond Htll it ihow-
ing an especially altractive lin« of
Broochca. An odd price perhaps
but you will scarcely object to thetr
not beink marked $15.00.
Tlie one illustrated (Catalogue No.
31685) ii of solid I4k Gold set with
46 Pearls. It has a pendant *tt»Jv
ment for wearing on necklet.
A Sunburst Brooch (Na 51679)
made up of 65 lustrous Pearls ia -US'
other at the same pric*.
If# tfrt.iHfms* ewquett ft~*w of ikarjw
mttw Imtge iHttei-*/-rJ ■ miming **
W   N    L'    No,   DM A
Legal Notices.
1:1 :.**- eazoi <■ ■■
•«.,<ir~ .:>< taumn
to .    ti.ftir-
. •■..'■■.    -   ■ *    '   '
I   j* ,   ■'
a—.   .       *.
rpi    rvv^i ? -*.    rt^rcw^^
QQatcr     §
- - > >    -     w -.rt H*^rtm« - -  S«K-
Trout   Lake   City  Transfe*
and Stage Line.
*'.*---   ^   Z «TS
I far*.**   Tf^viu J
5 rergyson    2
— £
Trout Lake I
W. H. Jones. •
.-■I* v
I Beaton
*h    -      **
i    i\>
A     lilJ   ajhar-
Trcv. A^LLt itig
BEE |j
»-OOD   YAW)!
"*-".".   .\\Vyi
V, E-i
i V-* :■£'■::
• *_.       „   sa
■*     .   .  *	
^:3IKCT    „\
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
* _
— *
-— Hotel.
5      ; : s s   ::: •
.T"**»T- . I:
Imperial   Bank of Canada.
:.*»*—*. mm. :      >
m JH
•   »1  :   t
Ees: Ho;c   :.~ Town,
»-**r      N    r,m.r
>   -*J   **
=.. ■ *-:s :;*i*~wv
-a.  aunirn   «""*«  a,   v,.'.metMwm *a-aB
.     .-
ILS,fcu.ifcl.--      :'r
F. B. Wells
Review Job Dep*U
e k
Barber Stop
iau S»u   t  ..-   "j»i: min
—   -•  -\   -   -   - -
7 '  ...
-*• *-*^ *"*-x ■*-4V*—- v^ *■•» ^
B&rbe: Shop.
c.a chuihahI
_m Lj    **»>    •*•   •***. *m*  1
-.nr srnr Ssir Bath*
ultOL ^ C A.
- . .        - .
•«;»* M* mbbm H*eM-M»ausa>|
1PUPP! •»* •»♦ m m w m w m rtt w ro w jnrt: :••«•.►« wWlf
'.'.    ■-  ■- Pre
n>ut wata
• ■
u . . .
It..-    1 . •
H. McPberson
Tr^ir:. Lake, HC.
Lots cm be
obtained on
Moke your
selection at
once.   ::   -
T_e» c_t r,:
***'   writr  tr
ri.." ■ * • -   1*1
-I   ml
-    ■ s
1 . ......
.... : «   1 1
■ r
1 ** f«t I If.,*-.    1 <talua     ,    .-      »
*   !    iw   a   i.it
» 1
*    ,   .
F. B. Wi*
CtUkcraJ Artrcic
Re>el&toLc B.C.
-  -.    M -Ms sh*. •«   BSt-


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