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Lardeau Mining Review 1905-05-05

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 Bl'vc *
fc 1805
as u larger otn-ii-
[iiiiiin     llian   nny
Icwspnpcr   in    N.
[ootenuy. Best advertising   medium.
The representative
of the rich Lardeau
country. Sent to
nny address for $2
per an. in advance.
TROUT LAKE CITY,  B.C.,   MAY 5. 1905.
No. 2C.
imous Nettie L. Mountain to
>e Tapped at Over I.OOO
•~eet Depth.
knvany Successfully Floated, Directors elected, and the First shot put
In the Crounl
[Ferguson   daring  the pant week
been a buntown] The Reward
liiiug ('<>..  belter known a- tin*
Tunnel"   proposition,   has
t v the main factor in the excitant.     Sonic  iimiitliH ago the pre*
hinary arrangements were start-
for the grouping together of 19
linns- situated  on the South Fork
the Lardeau abovo 5-Mile point.
I.N. gotwtionl  were  entered   into
|tw 'en J. C.  Kirktatrick, Harry
tcr. Dow Trornpitjo, W.Waller,
1 i.ivingston, (Jorge Yuill, and
Iters wlm owned the  claims, ami
tsars. Morton, Forbes and White
Minnesota, whereby tbe latter
httlciiii-u  were m finance the de-
■opmenl <if the proposition on
\.   I'.itisid. ration  of the property
hur- pulling up tln»ir claims for
interest  only.    These negotta-
i ,-   ire now   completed, aud a
pnpany organized t<> carry on the
brk.   The  first  general meeting
ihe company  was  held al Fcr-
haoo  I.1.-1  Saturday, and the foi-
(wing   eleoted   iJircctorat    I    C
k pa trick, H. t'a rler. and R. ii.
it ley, of Ferguson, and W. White,
|u!uth,   John   E.   Burehard, St
[an', Jani"- Lawrence,   and  1). i).
forbes, Marshall, and  John Mor-
t, ll.ivan.i. all;jol Minnesota
i'lie plan ol operaliVJn is to drive
jlong cross-cut   tunnel which will
\v.  the different leads  known to
ist, on which some  surface work
1- h en done, at di pth.  Survevor
'iikie has  already  laid  out the
ine "f w.ik, which has now begUP.
large amount  oi credit is due
.li.itor !•'. 0. Dllioit iu Ringing
lie many different  interests   in
lived togetffer and the succe.-sful
liiisuiiiiiiaiioii of a deal which will
• a hi;: faetor in the development
this district
immediately after the general
fleeting two of the promoters wre
iv.-ti an advantageous "Ifcr for
li ir hold ngs, wliicn was accepted,
,it 1 the Ivist.'in men Increased
loir holdings lorgc'y*.
The orinio.il Steel A Frcolaud
Roving  picture   and   illustrated
-nicert  0 'inpany   will appear and
live their high-class entertainment
in lhe Oddfellows' Hall on Mon-
.   the   loth  inst.     The   perfor-
1 nice collies will recommended Iiy
ic pre--, and a good crowd will
Indoubtedly turn up 011 this poca*.
lion.   The ifloving pictures Inclifoc
lhe lutest series of the Busso-Jap
|iar. ami will prove, very thrilling,
he entertainment lasts about 2\
Kev. 11. A. Solly was a visitor
[his  week.      During  his   visit he
pclil Divine service at the Anglit an
A. 0.  Prater, Mrs. Eraser and
arjorio  left Wednesday morning
r Nelson mi a   Co*fiiblTfatton biisi-
ness and pleasure trip.
Rev, A. K. Sharp left on Tuesday
fnorning for  Vancouver to attend
he   Methodist   I'unfereiice   there.
-iiviecR morning nml evening nt
the church here will  be conducted
lliy lay help.
Don'l  forget the public  etlng
l! Moinl'iy nighl
Poplar Creek.
E. L. Masterson, of Poplar,fame
upon Wednesday'** boat, ife reports matters in the gold camp
looking bright. A deal has been
consummated whereby Andrew
Christens!)!), of l.aelede, Idaho,
akes over the Mather Lode group
and will thoroughly exjiloit it. The
properly is a big concentrating
proposition, and wi|l require tome
kind of reduction works to be in-
Sta'led to handle the output in an
economic manner. This the new-
owners are preparing to do. Transportation facilities are good, the
property being only a little over a
mile from the C.P.R. track.
C. T. Porter and associates, who
arc Minnesota men of some moans,
are in looking over the Broken
Mill group and other claims controlled by them. They have also
taken nu option on thc Smith and
lingers property; After a thorough
test the Minnesota men expressed
themselves as being surprised at
tho values received, and stated tliat
they beat anything they had ever
seen in any of tlie mining states in
the big Republic.
Jack Chism hn» returned to camp
after putting in the winter on tin
Other side of the line. Jack has
some good ]>eople interested in his
properties, and is now cleaning out
his cuts and putting things iu good
shape for their expected arrival in
a week or two.
Pleased at Placerj
Card of Thanks.
Thd-officers and members of the
Front I.ak.- Lodge No. 41 I.O.o.F..
I have directed  me to express their
Sl'GKANK    CO.    MAS   AMPLEUincaij thanks to the  Kev. A. K.
FI'.VDS FOR   BROCRESSIVE Sharp for the excellent address de-
SEASON'S   WORK — OI'EHA-  livercdfJuuday  evening, April 28,
TI0N8 GOING ON STEADILY °n "b#f4ccasion of the celebration
-500 FEET MOKE FLUME.    I°_VM( X'llh Awnivonary of their
1 order ;  also to the members of the
liiircb and choi.-for their efforts j
Directors    Visit Ferguson Briefs.
■AriUIie   1YL1116, A   conundrum   banquet   will be
  beW in the  Eagle hall on Thurs-
ALL   PLEASED     WITH    THE  day  evening.   11th inst., coiiiincn-
8PLENDID   DEVELOPMENT l'ink'  at 8 I'"1-    Admittton free.
OF THE PAST WINTER, G«-ntes. music and shadow panlo-
:  ( "''me   will   be    tbe   entertaining
John     Morton,    president,   W. f'at,Uro9 of t,,e ewnIttft after which
White,  and  1).  I).   Forbes, all of ™ feaat w.ll l» spread.
Colonel  Brayton  has switched. 4100.C00.00 can  be  taken  out of
Instead of idling town lots he has
now stalled buying. Me has secured a good site in the town, and
will put up an office, which he intends to make 1__ lieadiju irter- for
Is Government to Blame ?
Wc believe in the exclusion of
Japanese and Chinese, and will
support any legitimate proposition
that will work towards that end
We, however, have no sympathy
wilh m.n who for political purposes play upon the feelings of any
pari of the voters simply for the
purpose of knifing a political
Wc believe that the introduction
of such labor will do incalculable
injury to the p. ..pi.- and retard the
development of the country. To
gain headway in the movement
now started and gain thc sympathy
of al', it must of a certainty he
oou-|Mili(icul ia ita nature, and
any attempt to carry it into |m!i-
ties will mean it- utter failure.
Wc can readily understand when
we Pec the li-t of names of the
speakers nt the Nelson mass meeting, that the meeting was not called
With sincerity of purpose for the
object of assisting the people of
Salmo, but for tin- purpose of
knocking the McBride govctnment.
What position would John Houston, S. S. Taylor and the others
have taken hud the !• gitimute request of the Kootenay Shingle Co.
been refused and serious results
had been the outcome ?
Where arc these same gentlemen
on lhe question of employing
Chinese labor iu their hoini s or for
domestic purposes ? It is a well-
known fact that Nelson is one of
the greatest " oriental " towns in
tbe interior. Have these gentlemen attempted to clean out their
own   stables  before  attacking the
Government for nol oleoning out
the alniond-eycd Orientals from
Salmo ? The question must be
handled, and the movement must
have the sympathy of ull socts,
daises and creeds, who arc white,
nml any ut tern pi to array onnobifw
ug_ii»t another is bound l" ■"''■""'t
disastroiwlv to the niovciiuint.
Mr.Thos, Leviill, promote! of the
Spokane Kills Placer Mining Co,
who art- operating Lardeau river
on the outskirts of tho town, came
in from Spokane early in the week.
Mr. Eovall expressed himself as>
being well satisfied with the result
of the |*K'rat'ions so far. The early
spriifjf, which bus naturally carried high water in its wake, is
hampering the work at the present
time to s.:ue extent, but- Mi. Levall
hojH's to overcome the dfflcultjr by
installing a pump, which will be
run by power supplied by flame,
which is now in course of construction. The style of pump to be put
in is after the pattern of one which
Wn*? put in by Mr. Levall some six
years ago on practically the same
ground, and which gave excellent
- He informs us ilul his company
have ample funds on hand for Unsuccessful carrying out of proposed
work. Mr. Levall is an old-timer
in placer work, and knows this
ground thoroughly, and after careful sampling oyer *40<l feet of the
creek     bed    he   estimates     that
in conpection with tlie same.
MuMMtKY, Secretary.
that number of feet. it will be
ny-cvssury, however, fir the proper
working of the ground to extend
the Hume at least oOO feet furthei
than at present.
Pal Huffman is soniiiiung o| a
bird in bis migrations. Whim tin-
chilly hr-ozes of full arrive. Pat
folds his blankets and hies himself
southward, to re appear when the
balinv spring zephyrs begin to waft
through our .whiskers, lie is at
present making arrangements to
have the Morning and Evening
claims on tbe lower Lardeau turi
vej'itl. Another *7..r>'l for the
IIkview !
Malcolm Mathieson (with sword)
arrived iu town from the Triune
early iu tbe week. Male dm came
into the " piiuteries " first crack
and pot-hitched his 12.00. (io
thou ami do likewi-e |
Fred Jacobs arrived on Wednesday's lioat. Fred is anotherouc of
those migratory birds which lly
south in the winter, work hard,
and return to the best mining
country on earth to plant ilu- seeds
that will iu lhe future return unto
them a hundredfold—aye, even a
li. L Mcllride, of the Wood Val-
hincc Hardware Co of Nelson, came
in 011 u business trip Ibis week.
Ed. Millnian calm in from Ar
rowhead during the week to look
after his different investments in
the town.
K. E. Chipman. the genial gold
commissioner of the Slocan. came
in from Ka.-lo on Wednesday. The
rapid growth of the North end of
the riding is such that it is on'y a
matter of time when it will be
necessary for tin*government head*
quarters to be removed to where
lhe business is, vis., Trout Lake
or Ferguson.
Cur old friend Sbaughnessy (nee
Mullins) relumed to his old stamping grounds Friday night. Since
closing of navigation he has been
taking up the shekels from the ranchers over on the Okauagan country. When be arrived at Troul
Lake lie remarked ''It's good to
live again.''
Good Showing at Poplar.
Quite a Hurry was raised by a
Creek named Socrates this week
uncovering a lead on Meadow
creek of gold copper ore, assays
running between 1(1:300 and $100
per ton. The lead is a good one,
shnwinc* two feet of clean ore.
Commencing Good.
Joe fVerschoyle and partners
started work on the Willow Grouse
lea— a f.*w days ago. Work was
commenced on the ore showing exposed by the last work done, which
consisted of a narrow vein of carbonates and galena. This has
widened out to four inches of solid
ore carrying high values in grey
Hon. R. F. Grsen Touring
The lion. R. V. Green, chief
Coinmi-sioncr of Land and Works.
arrived in town ou Wednesday
night. The bun. gentleman in
conversation with the scribe intimated ttat he was merely taking a
run over the Kootenay country to
l.rcoiroe acquainted with the requirements for the coming year.
In speaking of the failure of the
Government to introduce tomi
railway legislation in tbe session
ju-t passed, the lion, gentleman
said it was just a matter of terms.
The railway promoters wanted
more than the government thought
they were entitled to. Coder past
rid ministrations promoters could
gel anything they asked for, no
matter whether the road was an
actual possibility or only a paper
scheme, and aa yet they had not
come to realize that they bad (if
they wanted assistance), to come
to the present government witb a
clear-cut business proposition, and
one in which tho interests ..f the
people were conserved to the greatest I'X'cnt.
Speaking of conditions as a
whole throughout the province, the
lion, commissioner expressed him-
self as highly pleased with the generally prosperous condition of
affairs. Confidence in the minds
of the people both boon ami abroad
had been strengthened. Tho financial   condition of the province
was g..o,l, and the future bright.
Beaton Bits.
Minnesota,  and   3irectors  of   the
.Metropolitan Co.,  have been visit-
Lew Thompson and Will Waller
went  on   Tuesday   to    the   Hot
J. C. Tunstall. of Kaniloops, has
taken the position as bookkeeper
for A. Crawford, succeeding L. C.
Park, who is leaving shortly for
Nova Scotia in connection with
some mining deals.
Dickenson ifc Urantford have
started a logging camp on the
Mcatoii-Ciiniborno road.
Arthur Evans has applied for a
club license for his hotel at Hcaton.
George Lux lias left for Lytton,
where he intends purchasing apack
ouifit preparatory to goiug up lo
Hulklcy Valley.
W. (!. Gerard, of Comaplix, had
three of his lingers taken off during
the   week   while  working   in   the
Business, at the Landing has
been brisk for the past few weeks.
i:.\   the expenditun
1  a •  their 1 xperim
a   plant
its would
ing  the  Lardaau  the   past  week., Springs.
While here  they went  thoroughly,    (;reat  cmJit  *, du(?  tJjc  ,«
into the affairs of thc company, and  ,v)l(1  ))aV(.  K tastefully decorated
made arrangements for a compre- tbe interior of the chapel
hensive  plan   of   operations.     In
conversation with a representative   v , ' A'   'Sklnner   returned   from
Of the Review thev expressed them-,, "' *"" ,U **fl"*-*  »•*■>*.   "here
selves as well pleased with their in- ]lie ,md U'on °" a baatae"» triP'
vestment   in   the Triune.     When !    J*1" Livingston  is putting so-masked   what  steps had been taken  S°«> licks on   his South Fork prc-
towards the installation of a reiluc-'p'-i'ty  and   getting out  some nice
tion plant, they said that the mat-|or<?-
ter   wonld   he   gone  into   and  a      n i8 reported on  L'ood authority
thi rotut.i test made of the different' *.h_t the Electric Light owners will
da tea of tlie low  gre.de ore in the eatablith their power at a point
Tr:un". nnd ns amm^a sufficient-J new Halfway ereek  and operate
ore tt,-d    bad    pen  opened up to] both  Ferguson and   Trout  Lake
We   trust    this   proposition   will
materialize, as   between   the two
pr.ee would  be tht b_t adapted j towns there would be a sufficient
for  the   treatment of  thei? ores demandtojrarrant tbeinstallation
would be ii.sialled     The matter of ,,f ., tirst-clast plant,
trainwnvs  would  be held in abey-]    ,, ..
.1 .11"        McKinnon & Sutherland report
anc until arrangements had been I    ,■_,-.    . ....... .rpm
mil,.   , ,   . .   ,    -,t ,.   „   I splendid husin_s with lhe Slater
fullv completed with respect to the   ' ,    ,  .     .   .
1    .- 1       T   .u .-      Ishoes,  and   their clerks  are  kent
reduction works.    In the meantime , . J
.11 .   ij   1      ou'sv   wrapping   up   this   article,
a contract has been given to Packer „,    _.       '    .,        ' "
v       1   «      .1 ut      j ,   -ne firm attribute  the  big sale to
\ ijiond  for  the  getting down  of . ***
1 t   1 • 1 .1 1       I superior quality and Apveiitisixi;.
Clean ore. of which there is a lame     r
quantity bloeked'out. The crew from the  Surprise are
This property is fully sustaining,•*'• down, having run out of pro-
its early reput+lion as a producer'visions. It is expected the trail
of high-grade ore. and we feel sat-1wil* be in shajie to dliow of pack-
iefied with such men controlling ing UP to thc property in about two
the affairs of the company there is j weeks. Dave Morgan has gone up
no fear of its ultimate success. LthefBrow claim on Nettie L. bill
,_^_    to do'the assessment on  the pro-
Bert Northey, the rustling editor f ■1,',',*v'
of the Camborne Miner, came in! With the prosperous conditions
on Thursday, It Is rumored that Iprevailing in town, tbe business
Brer' Northey had an encounter; heads have this week made a move
with an animal of the goat BpooiesJ to beautify the town. For a long
and came oat second best [time the want of a side-walk thc
The blackboards for the new!wl,ule ,e"gth of Victoria Avenue
school came in a few days ago, and ha8 bee* ■■-** needed- and this
have been put i.i position. The I,veek nearl-v over-v man ln town
scats will be transferred from the!!,,,lj bcen «-™dn>g the sidewalk
old school   at   once, when the new  from   tl,e   IiaIn,oral  hotel  to the
liuilding  will  be
ready for occu*
Windsor   hotel,   a distance of   a
furlong.     The job was completed
A  sad  occurience took place at T ,,    , ,  ,       ,.
,. ,       ,',.,'    A. J. Gordon  returned  from his
(oniapltx oil  Sunday  last, which ,winU.r*s S((jurn  in   Vancouver on
has   resulted   in   tbe death of  Mr.  Thursday.
George Blaney.    Ho was working!    Srottie 0,Nei, ,mg k,ft for a trip
a  ranch   near   the   town, and had  to the Old Country.
ploughed up some wild parsnips, .
and not being a wire of their pois-i      A Narrow Escape.
•ui.iii- nature look some home ami   "
had   them   cooked.     The   .vl.olej    NVhik' Boin* fa (-'"""-l>lix   la^
family partook of them, and shortly Is
afterwards the   poisonous   matter|
began to tnk I effect     Mrs.  Illanev
and the children wi re fortunate in
being ablo lo^voffiitjfreoly, but Mr.
Illaney was not so fortunate, and a
message was sent to Trout Lake
for Dr. llobinson.   Druggist Abey.
Robinson hud a narrow escape
from drowning. Tbe night was
very dark, and the doctor was
standing on t _ bow of the bout
when it struck the barge ut tbo
dock. The sudden jar sent the
M.D. into thc water, where he remained for about five minutes and
who received the message, gave in
struotions for temporary relief un- «--■«■ •" was hauled out by the
The   doctor is very
feels somewhat aggrieved.
Drowned at Comaplix.
til the doctor could gel there.    Dr. I ",ml   l"rew-      *™
llobinson made a record trip, get- »-"*••<*»»• -" ■»» h(ablt". *™ f il
ting from tbe Lake to Beaton in 80 «
minutes. There the tug Archer
was in readiness to take him across
the arm After a long uphill fight
against grim death, the doctor
seemingly gained th. victory, and
left for home lhe next day at noon,
leaving the patient evidently well
on the road to recovery. During
Monday night, however, a relapse j
took place, and nil efforts to revive
the unfortunate man were futile,
he passing over the grout divide on
Tuesday morning.
Sam Green, late post-master at
A fatal drowning accident took
I place   at   Comaplix   early in the
week.    Sigurd Birgh had been, im*
I bibing a little too freely, and sat
I down on the bow of tho tug to take
In   rest.    The   captain   and  crew
missed   him  on  their return from
dinner, and a search wns made and
his body found.    All   attempts  at
resuscitation      were     unavailing
(' ironer Newcombc held nn inquest,
Katlo, came up with Commissioner! the jury returning a verdict of
Chipman und Hon. It. F. Green j Accidental death by drowning
on Wednesday's bout. 1 while under the Influence of liquor. j_._ _-..--■»: -
■ _r.--.- ■•_•.-* ?'. ■'
£]jl#t$iJ Exajiis. at
Trput Ljak©,
Tl c Ea6ter Examinations of the
pupils at Ihfi publicachool resulted
as follows. The names of puj ils
in each clues read iu their order of
merit : —
A'ilium-tie, 3rd (Glass.—Naojpi
Vi.ond, Lillian Cornelius, Edna
p.illeubc.ok. Alios Munuy, Caison
Murray, Charles Ilauer, J.ntns
litiiliihs, Minim Johnstou, William Jolin-toii.
•ith Chits: Willie Atherton,
MiUl Ifooker, Ethel Johnston,
Mabel Burn 11, Marjorie Fraser,
C .r.loii McPhrjrsoii.
."*,li Clt/t: Alex. Mcl'berson,
.Grace Mcl'lierson, Lulu _6llen*
_(jk, Florence Woods.
Mental Aiiilnuetic 3rd Class :
^lina Jioileubeck and Alice Mnr-
rny iqutl, Lilia'i Cornelius, Chas.
had George JIaner equal, Naomi
Vipt nd, Martha Johnston, Carson
Murray, Lotus Griffith aud William J.hustoii equal.
4th Class: Ethel Johnston, Willie Atherton, Mtbel Hooker, Mar-
ji ri« Eri'rcr aud Gordon McPher-
M 11 equal. Mabel Burrell.
■   '■_ ^'WJ'; j.__..' ' ■**.
__BB—W *
Grammar—3rd (lass : Lilian
Cornelias. Edna Hollenbeck and
ilu. Haner equal, Louis Qriffi b.
Alice and Carson Murray equal,
Maitha Johnston, William Johnston, Geo, Ilaner, Naomi Vipord.
4:h Class ; Marjorie Eraser, Willie Atherton, Gordon Mcl'berson,
Mabel Burrell, Mabel Hooker.
ftth Class; Alex. McPheraon,
Gnice MoPherson, Lnlu Hollenbeck.
Dictation and Broiling — 3rd
Class : Edna Hollenbeck, Lilian
Cornelius, Lotus Griffith, Charles
Funer, Alice Murray, Geo. Hsner,
Cm- ui Murray, Marthu Johnston,
Naomi Vipond, William Johnston.
4th Class : Willie Atherton,
Gordon McPherson, Mabel Burrell,
Marjorie Fraser, Mabel Hooker,
K'hrl Johnstou.
oth Ulaf-s: fir-ice McPhersoii,
Al x. McPberson, LuUi Hollenbeck, FI. rence Wood*.
Composition—3rd Class : Lilian
C'.melius, Lotus (Jiiftith, Edna
Hollenbick and Willie Johnston
eiina1, Alice Murray, Naomi VI*
I'ond and Charles J Inner equal,
Carson Murray, George Haner,
Man ha Johnston,
•4th Class : Mabel Ho ker, Willie Atherton, Ethel Johr.ston and
Marjorie Fra>ereqnal, Mabel Burrell, Gordou Mel'liers. n.
5tb Class : Lulu Hollenbeck and
Grace McPheraon equal, Alex. Mc-
I'hi raon.
History — 3rd   Cass :   Carson
Murray, Alice Murray. Cliarbs
Haner, Willie Johnston, Edna
Hollenbeck and Lotus Griffith
equa'. Naou.i Vipond and Martha
Johnston equal, Ccorge Haner.
4ih Claus : Marjorie Eraser,
Willie Atbertou, Gordon MoPherson,
5th Class : Alex. Mcl'berson,
Grace MoPberson, Lulu Hollen-
lieck, Florence Woods.
Geography — 3rd Class : Edna
Hollenbeck, Naonii Vipond, Willie Johnston and Carson Murray
equal, Lilian Cornelina and Chas.
Ilaner equal, Lotus Griffith.
•4th Class : Marjorie Fraser,Gordon McPheraon uml Mabel Hooker
equal, Willie Athorton, Mabel
Burrell, Ethel Johnston.
5th Class: Alix. Mcl'berson,
Lulu Hollenbeck, Grace Mcl'her-
Physiology — 3rd Class : Edna
j Hollenbeck,  All's* Murray, Lilian
Cornelius,   Lotus Griffith, Charles
I Hai er,   Naomi    Vipond,    Carson
Murray ami Willie Johnston equal,
(ieorge Ilaner, Martha Johnston.
4-tl) Class : Gordon MoPherson,
Ethel J'.hnston, Willie Atherton,
Marjorie Eraser, Mabel Burrell,
1 Mabel Hooker.
Euclid—Alex. McPberson, Lulu
Hollenbeck, Grace McPherson.
Algebra.—Lulu Hollenbeck, A.
McPberson, Grncn Mcl'berson.
Latin.—Alex. McPberson, Lulu
i Hollenbeck, Grace McPherson,
Florence Woods.
,-1.   >
TT swings from over our shop now!    Sp*1
•"■ It means more comfort for you, better shoes.
surer value, safer buying.
It is the symbol of the "Slater Shoe," and a
duplicate of the trade-mrj-k on the lining of
each pair where the Makers' price is also
"The Slater Shoe," is the only Canadian
shoe made in a factory which makes no other
grade, price, nor land.
It ia the result of specialism, of making
but one thing at its very best, and at its lowest pozsibb cost, quality
This means selecting leathers, months ahead, so ac to be sure of
uniformly good grade.
It means hiring, and keeping, the best shoe workmen in thc
market,   because,   only  a  very   good  worlonan is quick enough
on such critical work to get profitable results for us out of
using our costly machinery.
It means charging against the salary of each workman
any pair of shoes he makes which is not up to Inspectors'
standard, so as to maintain uniform quality.
•ie* ■_■-*        vWP
Then, the Makers' own price being1 stamped, with his
trade-mark, en thc lining cf each shoe putj responsibility
for the hidden T7C_r, ..vA comfort, directly upon the shoulders
of the manufacturer.
When a genuine "Slater Shoe" goc3 wrong, you know
that: thc Makers ctand ready to make ii good, up to the price
they themselves valued it at
Isn't this shoc-inL-urance cf a tangible. land?
There isn't a shoe on this market v. _tli so much style
combined  with  zi  much - Tear,   comfort and  fit, as  the
Slater    Shcc," which i_ stamped on thc lining with  thc
Makers'   price,   viz. $4.00
ox $5.00.  Wc want you
'•  v ^_ li_J i." ^______ra>' i4«i*_.-____f/ ^a x .
t-T   ^I'^WP^ff^-f^V^rW come in and see
V^^^^^SrSUSu^^mv^-;        cur ncw s,ock of
_*3       l'3*$M&Mffi.  Wm      "The Slater Shoe,"
W7    and let us  prove
this statement.
later Shoe
.-■.' mmammmlmmmwmmmmm
Masterson, Griffith
■ i. ■  ■ ■■       a I   »~
(_. Co.
_l£ !____ ^-S__? 4V_L<
& Sutherland, Ferguson, B.C.
Kept a Stove in
our warehouse all
Winter, and our
Canned Fruit is not
Masterson,   Griffith
and Co.
Trout Lake
• •    • ft
• •    • •
• •     • •
• •    • •
• •   • •
• ft    ft ft
Ull. Mil I.OY kni'W 1"
rmlnl lu Nelson a» MM*
i-> km .r to I *r  Ml. .il ilu rt al
_* Aberdeen Nock
rileiila from   the   Lar-
denti BMJ r»-ly on rtnil-
claaa trealmenl.
A. MiHoy
• • • •
• • • •
• • • •
• • • •
• • ■ •>
• • • •
ri'M I i ii rrrr.n i rrr(
is the time fir yon i©
lo Buy Ixitt. Ner»*r w»>ro
lhe Prospect! of Ferguson
sit bright.
The Town of KERCUSON
will be one of the (rreatent
Ore Producing Campn in the
World. The high degree of
succeea achieved by Ihi-
nonieroue WKALTllY anil
COM PA NIKS iow operating
there in « tribute to the
tr*-ii'i ml..ii- w ulth of the bills
J. Y. Griffin & Co. __LL_?   MMU!
Olebrated  Brandt of   Ham, Bacon
and Eg*-*.
NELSON,      -       -       m, C.
Smith & Co.
45 Bleary Street, MONTREAL.
WILL lie  repreeented  in the I_r
ili-.-ui    nt    regnlar     interval*
throagtuOt the year.    Orileri
fur rlutliing will rc.'i'ive I'luae attention.
Onr   n |.i-,..i.'atii .■ will he in Till H'T
l.AKK amlKKKUUSOM in a lew weekn.
We have a great reputation for Style and Fit.
Save your Orders.
Lands and Works.
HI/TICK i- hereby Klven that .he rmerva
Hon mialiil-.lii'il In |>unraann> "I iiir pp.Ti-
ilonaof Ih. "ColuinWa and Wtalrni llalltray
-lulialilT act lf*»." oMIera of which wrn- |.nh-
H..I.I-.I In id. Iirtu-h i i.l'inilila ilaiiltr and
■ i.iii-ii /ii. May. IHW. anil .".in Jan. IIM, n «;.. i
lively, bit hrreb.v '-ani-.ll.il.
CrOMTn land- ailiiHlfil within Ilu- iirmriii-
nrni-i il l>y Ihr *"il'l rrifrvattoii will In* opened
|/| -nl -, .i-lllrliimt. li n . Hlidolll.r dlKpoaltloi,
iinik-r III* pmTl.lona <>f tin- " l_nd Art,"
i in... ni..ni ni. nfl.r tli. date of tha ftrat pni.
Ilcull'in •./1 In. ni.i In- In Hi. Hrlllali I iiiiinii.il.
i iumi, . pnivldrd, however, thai In all rnae.
• In-™ landa are no toll', prr-einplrd, lraat.1 or
nilierwlar alli-inili d Iiy Inr llov-niroenl. and
un-n.ii-..|i:..i.:ii found, upon W>e »«rv»y af
tli* Oiliiinbla ami Weatern Hallway I'lim-
pany'a lilot-ka, to II* wholly or In part wiih
In aucli liloeka, then Ihe penona an acquiring
.uch landa ahall ari|iilr* their un. fh*rrto
from tli* Kallwny i.'otniinny, who haveaur-nl
u- deal will, audi |iiiri-lina.ra, pr»»*npl<ira,
leHaeea, elr..on the aame t*riiiaande«.ndllli,ii«
an the ' lo-.rinni-iii would nnder Ihe penvl-
.Ion* nfth*'* Land Art," exe.pt In reapert In
tlmlier lai.da on th. Company*. Mork*, whlrh
.hull In- miliji-.-i lo tin- regulation*. In.nril l,y
the Company n-letlve to tho rutflnaof llrobtr
on lhe Coliiiiihla nnd Weatern Hallway l«nd
W. M  11. IKK.
lie pill y Coinmlaaloner ol l_nda A Work!
Landa and Worka Department,
Victoria, L.O., Urd K.hniary, 1V05.        *,»
Public School, Hospital, and
other iiiMiiimioiiH. Excellmi
Wfuerwnrks syslem. Streele,
Hlores ao<) Reeideiices illumined by Klectriciiy. Daily
mail str»ice. The towaaite
Is admirably laid out-. G«t ia
NOW oo tlm ground finer.
U>\* can  now  be  inircliaer-d
KR i>«-a>*u _*ooo->!>__,->o-rvoORODDOO
...  TLhc t)otel Beaton  ...
-— BEATON. B. c.	
YISITOKH arrivlnr at Realm ahn threehoM of the Unlean)
via Arrowhead, will Iiml ilu. Hotel lo be fully e*|iiii>p<*d
for liiuh-rliiM trado.    Kn-ellet.t aci*oininialation.     A well
ap*wint*Hl and ei-wnmi* .lining hall.    The (MM o» Winea, Hpiiiti
and Cigars.   1 erwmal iiinerrieion hi giren lo the rnqnireinenl. of
patrona   \ iiiton to tha I ar,|e,n ran rely oa comfort .1 thiehotel
*    •'
;»v   " :-
|ifti»   ■  |PWWWRftW^t**^t***-R*We*RFl'P'.! W"
The noted home for traveller! flatting
Ferguson, B.C.
A well atockcd Bar of the choicest Liqouri, Wines, etc.
MoDonnell A BlaaoK -        Proprlatora.
Legal Notices.
1*0 1'nti ip Kinu and J.  W. Smith or to
whomsoever    the?   thoy   may   have
tranilerrol    their    interest    in   the
•' Vaple 1-iuf " mineral claim, iituatcd
on lhe tou' h east ai«le of Poplar cresk
an<l ahoiit two and a half milee (rem
thu mouth of tin*  rrrek, in the Trout
Xak«  Mining  Division of West Kootenay.
Hsu are hereby nolifieJ  that I, Arthur
|K Johnhton, co-owner with you in the
#>la,il*>   Uaf"   mineral  claim   above
iJef-rilii-l    have   performed   labor  ami
f_a<l<- i-iiien.liiiire mi flu* aaid claim to
the ,-itent .if |l(Ki Oil, 'iindtf  the pro-
Hiiniie af section 2*1 of the Mineral Art,
Hor-ler to  hold   Haul  claim,  and the
(War for which said labor was performed
jKil expenditure made having ei pired,
Hdo hereby give you notice to contribute
jKiir  proportion of such expenditnre,
Mil \<m  are   further notified  that if at
tbe aspiration of 90 das* of publication
hereof   vnii   tail  or refuse to contribute
£air   |iro|Mirtion  of  the expenditure so
-fie<l*', li-^ether  with ail coats of adver-
Hing, yniir  interests in the laid claim
(Kill  become  mated  in  me under and
far virtue of  provisions of Section 4 of
U*  Mineral Act, amended Act 1800.
5>ate.latl'oplarC*eek,lX., Dee. 31.'04.
N0T1CK      0 CO-OWNERS.
To T. It. 1 invey, or to any person or
persons to whom he may have trans-
lerred bis interests.
Take Notice, I the nude-signed co-
owner with vou in the i'»n and Davey
mineral claims situate about four miles
above Ferguson on South Fork
creek in the Trout Lake mining
division of West Kootenay district and
province of British Columbia have done
the required work on the above-mentioned mineral claims for the years 1908
and 1904 in order to hold the same under section 24 of the mineral act, and i'
withiu 90days of this notice you fail or
refuse to contribute your portion of
•uch expenditure (or work done, together with the coat of this advertisement,
your interest in the said mineral claims
will become the property of the sub-
■cribed under section 4 of the Mineral
Act Amendment Act of 1900. Dated at
Trout Lake this 24th day of March '05.
24 3'05. Co-owner
Revenge mineral claim, situate in the
Trout lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay district.
Where located:—On Triune Mountain
a north-westerly extension of the Morn
log Star mineral claim.
Take Notice that I, George fi MeCarter, acting aa agent for Andrew Ferguson, free miner's certificate No. H88663
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
Ui apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Ceuificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further takt notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this lHth day of March, a.d.
11105. GEO. 8. McCARTKR.
It pay to use the Telephone. A
lengthv trip can often he saved. Offices
at Ferguson: Cummins' Store , Trout
Lake, Post Office; also at Beaton, Comaplix and Arrowhead.
Mo John I'arisian  or to whomsoever he
ma) have transferred his  interest  in
¥ the Ih moelake. Ibex and Charlotten-
S t.n-R n.inei-.I i luinis
lane  Notice that I   the   undersigned
ajkn-.iwner with   you   ii.   the Homestake.
II- i andCharlolteiiburg mineral claims
«itiinie alinnt 3  mile, in a souib-wea
due.'urn tram Trout lake in what is
I i   '•> n ax the I h ii ii—take  Jiaain  in  the
Tr-'iil   lake   mining  division  of   West
Kootenay, have performed the necessary
»<.rl. ami made the necessary expendi-
tii re on the above-mentioned mineral
Elaiins lor the years 1900,  1901, 1903, in
©Mei- i'i hold tlie tame under section 24
Hf the Mineral   Art. and the years (or
nn. i. saiil work was perf.  ned and ex-
MHn.iitnre made bavin? expired, I here-
Kv give you  not ni* that if within 90 j
■day* from *he first publication hereof!
Iji ii fail or refuse to contribute your pro
||*ortii'i'aleshait.-of »iirlici|«-_litureand
||iay  the   costs of this advertisement, j
I your interest in the said mineral claims j
i. will become ll.i-  property of the under-1
'•igned under arid by virtue of action 4
'of    tlie   mineral     act   amendment  act
l-atiil at Trout  I ..ke this 7th day of
March. 1906. la.hi La-maun.
Mar. 10,06 Co-Owner.
Sunset, Joseph, Maud and Anna Mineral Claims, situate in  the  Trout Lake
Miniug Division, West Kootenay District.     Where   located :—Situate on
the North Fork of  I_rdean creek in
tbe  Province of British   Columbia,
about one mile above Circle City.
Take Notice that I, Charles W. Mr -
Croesan, o( the City of Los  Angeles,
California, Free Miner's Certificate No.
FU17793, intend sixty days from the date
hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements for
tbe purpose of obtaining a Crown grant
of the above claims.
And further take nntice that action
under lection 37 must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 3rd day April, a.d. It05.
L II.. Bluejav, Doubtlul.C.D., C.II.and
X.Y.Z., mineral claims situate in the
Trout lake Mining Division of  West
Kootenay district.
Where located:—Near Trout Creek,
about .'f'•» miles from Trout lake.
Take notice that I, OB. R. Wilkie,
acting as agent for Jaa. J. McGlone, free
miner's certificate No. BS3127, intend
sixtv davs afterdate hereof, to apply to
Uie Mining Recorder lor Certificates of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining crown grant* of the above claims.
And further take notice that action
nnder section 37 must be commenced
before the issuance ol such certificate of
Improvements. Dated this 30th day of
March. A. I)., 1905
Mar.3'06. O. B. N. WILKIE.
Sandy Laughton
WHKN  visiting  Ferguson jou
should stay at the Lardeau
__.     Hotel.    Here  the   visitor
**y4*-»y|      will   be   surrounded   with
MM        liunie comforts.    Excellent
SSj    cuisine,     well   ventilated
and    warm   rooms,    well
Blocked bar,  and  everything which
tenia towards  making your visit a
pleasant and memorable one.
Ratea from 11 day upwards.
We atrive to plum oar patrons.
the arrival
of Spring a Young
Man's Fancy lightly turns
to Love and Summer Raiment,
We havereceived a Huge
Stock of Up-to-Date
Prices from $10.00 up.
AD kinds of New Records.
Sole Ageat for the Lardeaa:
J. C. Murray
Trout Lake B. C.
Grand Hotel
FinST-CLASS ban,:
Balmoral HoteL
-m ■
Visitors  to Ferguson may  rely .upon tlie vary best of
accommodation  at thi.  well-known hotel     Room* are
well  furnished thioughuut.    The  Bar issu__*4jr,ith
a choice assortment of palatable quenchers.
Under the Management of S. Slinger
1 Rl
Royal   Hotel
Fancy Bar,
Mualcal Entertalaiaveat
Bulletin   BearS, World'.*
Mining Newa.
Abrahamson   Bros., Proprietors
il  . Till*,   "fit    AltU    KIll.-ir-UI.AHH   IN   ALU   BJCSI
Fire  Proof Safe
Thaaeaat la ttaakM with vn« rn«a» Wlaas ul Olfara e   tin ■,rt>t.
Trout    Lake,
Dominion Hotel! The CENTRAL HOTEL Revelstoke
The BEST Always I
U what you will aellf Tim <1n your buylnf
witb ua.   Mo don't foigrt. when wanting am -
Ihlnf In i h. way ot loot wear lo rail on ua, or
drop a line.
First-Class in every respect.
The Travelling public carefully
taken care of.
N.lsoa, B. C.
R.    ANDREW    A    CO.
Mail orders carefully an>l promptly
attended to. Agent for Slater and Net-
tleton Shoes.
Running between Arrowhead, Beaton and Comaplix, commencing; Oct**-
ber 14tb, IV03, will tall aa follows,
weather permitting.
Leaving Arrowhead for Beaton and
Comaplix, twice daily-lOlc and 5k.
Leaving Beaton and Comaplix for
Arrowhead, twice daily— 7:15k and
12;45k. Making close connections
with all C. P. It. Steamers and trains.
Tbe owners reserve the right to
change times ot sailings without
The li-plr. I.u saber Co., limited.
lhe Review
is the best
in the
It Has the
Is I'.a.r tha aaraa afaaacaraa.t.
TrouL Lake Livery
Stables at TrouL Lake.
Excellent   Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   a
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
i •<*•
THERE have been fortunes
iiiinli' by judicious Invest-
ment in Real Estate, and
more fortunes will be made than
ever tha next two or three years.
The one whu reaps the harvest is
the original lavestor, for he has
bis tuouey oo a cettainly.
Now let us point nut to vou that
there in nn better spot on tbe 0oil«
tin-lit to buy Real Kntat** tbau
Trout Lake Is the prettie8tip.it
in tho Kootenaye; as a pleasure
resort it has no equal. Boating
and fishing may be indulged in
the year round ; while big game
In abundance is to tho found on
the hills. Its climate is superb,
there bung no great extremes, it
being mild in winter and cool io
sum titer. It can boast of some of
tho finest hotels and residences in
Hril iah Columbia. Its hU-hh are
well laid out And graded. There
are two excellent general stores,
and a glauce at the advertisements
in this journal will show that all
trades are fairly well represented.
Write  with confidence tu Ageuts.
H. McPberson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
..        aa
..        ..
jf »»
Then call on
or  write to
rhaa uever had a " boom "—Its
growth has been steady. It is
tbe h**ad of navigation, and
the termfna' of the Lardo braucfe
of the C.P.R. All roads (in the
Lardeau) lead to Trout Late. It
Is the comHtTcial centre of the
richeat mineral district on the
continent, and has banking facilities provided by the Imperial
Hank of Canada ; first-class school
accommodation under the direction of K. Shannon, B.A.; a good
water system ; government offices;
County Court sittings; Methodist
Episco|ial and Anglican churohaa
and cottage hospital.
There are valuable ranch lands
on the outskirts awaitine settlers.
Its lumber resources are magnifi
ceut, and a band saw mill witb a
capacity of 60.000 ft. per day is at
t'<e head of ths lake. The mines
tributary are proving out bigger
producers every year, with new
prospects opening up rich bodies of
There will be a big rush tbis
summer, so if you would know
more, write at onoe t'i either of
the agents at the addresses below.
F. B. Wells
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.
iuiuuiiwmuaiiiuiuwuwuuuuuwiiiw4wuu4iiwu»iuuiaki.uiuuii.uiiwiiiuuiiiw Job Printing of every desertion will be faithfully CXCMSMterf^at the R-aW&w Job Dept
City   Drug
Trades Committee IVIeet.
Tl I- regular monthly nH'etiiif; of
tin' Ti';ii|rs C'.iininitti'i' wns hi'lil on
Monday n/ght A resolution wns
presented towards the securing of
lioi-v ,'iinl the instill In tion of hydrants for lire iimlectioii. A cum
jiiunic.'itioii wns received from Fre<l
Stlrkcj'cf Nelson, who as stvn-
inry of the citizen's njoetjng called
for the purpose of profesxitrg
against ih<- employment of Japanese labor, asked for the co-operate ion of this board and requastod
nn endorsement of the action taken
hy Nels'ii people. It was agreed
thai ;i |uili ie meetjnjj be 9a J led for
Monday next to discuss these important matters.
A public juectiii'j will be held on
Monday nighl in the Oddfellows'
Hall ;ii 8 o'clock; The first qu«-
lion will be " Fire rroCoctlotf," and
the Be oini " What are we going to
do about tie' employOaftiI ol Jaii.-
and Clunks in th.'Sulnio country?"
These two questions vitally aneel
our town and Kootenay in pnr-
ii ula". Come and help elucidati
(he questions bi fore it i- too late.
Liquors and Slgars
Large Comfortable Rooms
Excellent Cuisine.
iadcbn &. Levesque
•*__■ *-■>•. 1 a •-* •' v
Wllsiler. \'nn<-iin-.'i'r. an.I Imperial
1 tin ti .1. mirtertfl clnnns sit late in Ike
.1 11 l.aki' Mining Division of Wei 1
Kim i-i ay 'ii.=trict.
when located:—*On Geiner CrreV.
Tyke notieo that 1. .1. A. Hall, free
miner's co.tiflcate No. I37Jo.il, intend
B i':- days after dale hereof, t» apply to
ilu* Slinlng Recorder tor CeVtlflcsVes uf
1 mprovements for the purpose ofohtain-
i 1 i-i crow 11 grants -if the alvovi* claims.
.*|nd further ink** notice thai acTloi
nuclei section 37 must be oemnionced
before tin' it'iuuncu of injeU cerjiflcate of
Improvements.   Dated this*./b day of
Aifii. \. i).. i_e.
M--   5'03. J.Z.HALL.
— — -_-_—_^-_-*_______________________
Tho Great Western Mines
Limited Liability.
I \KK NOTICi*. that a RpecialGen-
■ imI Mooting01 the Sliarebol.lere.of the
Ureal Weatern Mines, Limited l.Ulinity
will Ih- held at the office of the Com-
1 1 ' ■■ si I iu uoa, !'• C.j qji the I5t '1
day < f M:iy. 1905, si tlie hour of B |>."lii.,
ll.i |,ni|,-i' nl roin-iderinu oiid.iij
ili'iim il silt isable. passing the follow****!*
"Thai   the Com pan v be wound up
voluntarily . and thai rlrland <;. Hud iw
•    'i- nu H>n,  U C, in snd he ia herebt
.1. poiiited lii|ji(di:tm for tbo luirpOeesol
. Iiidiii j up
Hated this l.'tl- day of April. I!K).V
il-. order of the Dinjctors,
i:iil..\Mi (I.  HADOW,
1 tiny lo the Oonipany.
Fyou want to CcLL
you want to LUY
I'nrn-si;>ii|ii1 with the
TIIK    I'lONKI.lt
Livery and Dray Stables
S.uldh*. Pock and Carfare Horse" Always Tor Hiro
Freighting, Packing and
Teaming a Specialty
•f^"-**-**-* •*<♦••>
l_i!j state leaves   peaton .1! 12 o'clock forfrout Lake Ferguson and Camhorno
Leave.? Ferguson, via Trout bake fir Beaton nt 7 a.m.
Branch Btables ut Trout Lake, Beaton, Ferguson and Camborne.
F 11 K 1) 0. ELLIOTT,
public, ETC.,
Trout Lake. B. C.     and Fejguson.
Uco, H, MoCnrler, J   A. lUrvev
A. M.   I'lnlilinni.
Hollottora lor Imperial Bank of Canada
B    A., 1-.L..B.
Kovclstoke Station.
Imperial Bank of Canada.
f     £xchan;
Lardeau Mines
Wi. have -evcrnl Hood Pro|lor*
' 1.- listed i>u ii hull good ici in •
eftn hi* had.
Lardeau Mines Exchange,
I.'   le'n " Building.
Troiil Lake, B.C.
Starhc? & Co.
WIll'l.l.-.VI.I-.  HI   ILKR8 ,„ p.uili-r
I'.n^t.   Cheese,   Prodnee   ant)   I-run.
ILuMon IH.-.,.b,-(-pii,)i.. St, N, |..,,„, q.c.
Hardware, .Miaern' ffnppiiw, |tu*pi
an I bar,-
fSfEL-SOlM,  B   C
fboii  i.aki: Liu>(IFrT. 0.0. 7.
no. _
v. ^rf-Qh, *     »<'*iii»ri»ii'iiiiiysl»<l(tiii
k\-;tJt>-__      "iW&llcilrt   Mail   overj
t-t?...      .i_V?     ru.«,ii,v ni«i,i H« H
X ^rx'-^W "'"""•*■ vLiiuiK iiMiii-
^•ZntfirZis    ai-J cordially weloome
J. 11. Soolt, n.i;. Ki-i-ii Jfumrnay**, r: ,v i-.s,.r
, KoM.
W      A.F. & A.M.
/VvA  'Snl   Thnrsriaj eaeh
N/ mouth.
Visilors Welcome
<; I'orddred. Bee., H. MePhewoB. W.M
i'a]ii(nl Authorized. $1,000,000 Hiasl Office:
Capital ipaid up) -    S.000.000 TORONTO,    ONTARIO.
Host   -      -      -    3,000,0ou
Branches in the Northwest Territories, Provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba,
Ontario and Quebec.
r. fi. .MKIlRITT. President. I). K. WILkIe] Viee-Pres and Gen! >fnn.
E. II.W, Assijtantfien. Manager.       W. MO+TAT, Cliief Jhispector
Treui    Lake,    p.    I.'. flranc.VA    (K-:--ui    llaaklntt    I'u.lni-..    Traniaclcd.
BaTings U-asai Unont^-_u)0pi_ reci ived an I interest allottred.
Drnfta Bold available In all pnrti nf Cuiirnln.
I'llltoil Slates ami Knn.jM-.
Biipc ul iitli'ai.nii gi.i-n t-j i-olk-ctlona and
MIiiIiil' BoiuU.
i.i-ncnil st.iri'. K11II Miic
or 1101111*11 Uihi.Ii. Krinl-t
in Henaoti. Hie lurtortrrwnt
01 Sniuki-ii.' liappliaa.
cim.-c ortiic nit Brad 'ivii'pii'iin- r»
A full line  of Choke itationery
Just Received
»l   q/\    school Supplies, Proprietary Medicines
Best Hotel in Town,
for Iiii L.i tiirtal
Get your
Stationery and
Job Printing at T£»
Mining Review	
W,  Abrahamson Lennoxville
And Builder.
Owner of the Abraham-
son Addition to the
General Store
GERRARD       *      -      B C
•—';■■",—.::.: ,. ,r: ~_s——
Get a Home
•   ■■
For      uursilf.
0 K
J. Q
Aiiclllu.-.        ^_. , , _
0.  Mi:i_.AY, (1       n        KQinP    AGENT FOlt (WANT LOWDKK
il-OI'T i..\ki:.b. c.        ^ '    -^'    -UClUllU    FUSE AND   CAI'S.
Oiitfi.le colhuanys'  interests carefully
lookfi I  after.
Ai-imi! for Ilclnl/.ni.ni's finuna
V.M.Westfa.l&Co.     FERGUS0N,   B. Q.
Post Office Block,
Main 5treet.
Mil 'im Uriikurs, —
Minim; Prara-rtloa Hcihtipi' (in
M  1,      Slllll'rn  PO< •*■ l.'lllL-hl ...ml .-l|.|i:, ~j    •.;.•    .*--.'
I :■!.,,, rn-. 1.1...;.-.1 Alter for Non-liiji
[airdenii -1.. npp
rtacnrdlng OMIl-c
feirI,»_ii.c;i-Packina and   Fcrtruson packln^
Freighting Transfer  Outfit,   t
* Essaying *
Ciol'l or Silver. . ...
tlolil mill Silrer ..
Silvoi ami I - id ..
1 'oppei        	
$2 O'l
{ 60
.  1 no
..*J f>0
CoatracU entered into for packing ol Minini* Supplies, ctr.
to anv point in the district.
(iood, promptscrvicr, ;.ud anv work umli-rtakru -.: i:u.inii-i-i
5   SHANNON, Kwsttyer
FERGUSON.        S. Daney, Prop, i
/JSV,*i j.y. .-•
Don't Pay
Rent —
:;; Barber Sb op,
Provincial Land Survey.r,
Mineral Claims 5nrv«*y_l
and Crown Oraots Obtained
Rislil.-iiii    Nut Itivnrrt ditlr.,
I unit l.nk.. II 1
 HUt  A
(Jood Shave or Hair Cut
uooa :>nave or nair v.ui
■ William Schnel
Kl RMMOM nml Iiinl I I iki
Hot and Cold Eaths
ii»*»^ I
Minora! ClrtinJi Surveyeil
I'nri..U!, KASl.fi   '
W. H. Jones,
Lonso   leaf   Binders,   Pine  .lud
Print in)*.
Sash    Doors
At Cost for Cash
Poplar Creek.
 , L-	
F. B. Wells,
Buffer is a Conundrum.
- 111 OiiLiiio am near In the .'id.. mrtrk : snnifl in Winnipe'.'. At thu latter |j1W' fivsli ma.I,- l,rk_«
.'u-' - liiiffi '.vli..le-iil.' ni :;.".".. ami the starchy tiiakos it possible lor the tlsulers tnsill any kiml of trtttk
a() big prices.    -*liifrkcy's Weekly Report.
11. ■.■. ^ii*fni
. -. —..»*
White Burbank Potatoes    -   -
" The Best Ever.1
$2.26 per cwt.
*.•_■-. m-jr-v-T.*-.bs r_-__aa
.MmiIi- l.v the Nrw Kleetrical Process, Isackoowleclgetl In Is' lhe BEST.
We don't KEEP it I      We SELL it I
Van<(4ivkh, B. C,
lliiiiiijiiiirlers lor Assavcrs, ftfininfr ai.ib
Mill SllpnliSa. Bole .ii-i-iii.. iu 11. C. for
.MurKitii Cruclbls Co., Batttrssa. Kng-
*ai"l ; F. VV. Itrnnn & Co.'a Pnlcnt (111 v
Fiirnnces, Burners, ptc, VV'm. Alna-
aorth & Co.'s i'Lnc Balaui'cs, etc.. e)v.
A. G. ERASER'S Store %c^
«' »"r,   - •..   .
qv 00.0x^ j
Lat**^ **aTaTaaM__-
Dealers in all kinds of Prosit Meat
lhe Nelson
Brewing Co.
Brewers of
Fine   Lager  Beer
and Porter
R. Reistcrcr (_> Co.    -   Props.
B_B Sai.i-.: I-nl,-' 85 nml •"'''
••lock 17, Troul Liki'. Apply '"
Mi.-. ,|. II. Gorman, 60S Unlvorsiiy
H Sealtlr.   W'nsll.


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