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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-12-27

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 n a tarter drat
(&ti*-i tba a aay
Newsp-fper in M
KootMiay. Btstad-
V ertieifig   widi' m
—- J...-
VOL. 6
Tij II., V Oar'.tr, or to wlnjimo-tt,-
tliry   mnv  hnve Inniferrtd tl.tir lu
i.ut.1' in the Hill.mire snd   Ur-joklyn
minurel cl»l o*».
V.: ..* i...i 11 u uut  I, ths-lnderal-med,
c.-owutr will.   \uu   In tlm   bstllmor*
und      liu-okl.*.**.       mlasial claimi
,!ul..:.. nUnaieot, North folk of Lsrdttu
river IJjj mllei froro Kera'oon
in tht Tront !.»».« Mining Division of
Wesl Kcotthty, have ;«rfori:ied tht
necessary wnrk tnd mtd« tha atcuiary
ctpenditnra on the tb'ir mentioned
.Imn,    lor  tba yrtr      1 e *j n in
onler tn hold tht lama un >tr ««.-'inn '.1
nl tht Mlnvrtl Act, snl tht  tears Ior
n hich Mid work was ',-eiIurr el mid ss*l
... i.'liTurn made having esplr*.), 1 | ,r„
lv *>.ve yon nollct llitl ll wiili.ntMJ.layt
(ruin  Iht   llitl   j*nhiir*Mi -ri  lentof yon
Uii or rtfut* to contribute ynur prapor*
tionstt thart of torli txptniliturt and
uty tha Costs ol thii aditrttttrnoot your
iuttrttt in the laid  miutrtl  claim will
lirrnine tht propnrty of tht illilrrii|o*d I
on.ler tnd by virtu* of teciiou 4 el ii,«'
Mini-mi Act Amtndmtnt Ait, IPOO
i 'nt-*.* t-t Trout   i.t>k-v thia  t\.,  ,.„ „.
1.   IHOMPSO."* ami   W. WALUEj
Mining Review
The repreeentaMv'.
of tht nob Larcit.-tn
ountry. Stnt t-»
my address fer 12
per an. in advasiot.
TROUT LAKE CITY, B.C.Dec 27th.    ,906.
noual  Ohriitma, tree en<
-ertalnmrtt   t*.k   r,inr,; in  tl)(
M'thndi.t Church on Chrlstma
•fi*v.*. Tbe church wai nicely de
corated, and there was a largo at
No. 9.
"oil   M Carter otto »hcmaoaver hc
uiny Imve trsntltrrad   hit interest 11.
tht I'.irriI»oro 1'ady tod  Ctntdian Hut.
1'aS.r rittice that we. the andtrtlintti
. • ow imr" ail h yon  lo tht    Ptrrflwto
!   ly       and    the     Oanadlan    Boy
mineral claim, tilaate  tr, lomh era*
ol l.srdeiu rreek, near btvrn Milt
11 tli*   1 rout   Lakt  nm.uv dlvitioa 0!
W, Kootenay, htvt perfcinr.ej the nee*
. .-try »0.k sud n.a.le the bccassarvei
1 ..'iiiliturt. on    above-mentioned   claim
or the yrtra 190*5 41906, ... oidrr to hold
.   i* .ime under trction 24 ol the Miner-
tl Act,  tnd  tht  vear  for   which saM
• ork wn* performed having expired, ars
rreby give you notiet that if within 9o
.'.it li.'iu the first peUlaatlon hsreo
■   i Imi or ref'isr to contribute your \n
*:'.ntfe'"jhtre uf lurh et|ienditu "
tnd pty lhe .oat of thit tdtertittnla''
tout intereet in th* iti.l miuaral slain-
»   I become the UfoportV of   the uod-.ni
sd under and  by virtu* o' SSCtloe-l
* '.ha  Mineral  Aet  Amendm-ant  Actt
i ainl thit  -ith day   of  IVrtmber, t.b
i  •   I C.KtMeata rs
I. Iie_»aos. '       UvOwaeri
The early part til tbe piogritn
consisted ol a minimal selection by
ihs c'linr, readings by Min Scott
and Min Mcl'herion, a *u\i'm and
reoitatijo by Mins Alice Hrff-rnon
a solo by Mi«s Ifoe dt Lotus Grill-
ilhi, snl recitations by little Wet*
I ley Smith, E»rl Stattereon, Mie*.
L Uefferiiun se.d others, til
which were glvi. in a hig'ily
isf-ic'ory manner.
Everybody enjoy* I    tbemselve*
o'pecinlly the youngsters, wbod-*-
part-'i   I.'*. ffiK   (lolis    end   oil,, r
preHen's which had been  IvMowrd
upon them by good o'd ''Sanla "
Greal praise is due losllcn-
rerned, for lhe exot-ileie.* of tic
Notice ie hereby given that 60
-lays after tiio publication of
this notice in lbs British Columbia Qsietto, I intend to make
application to the Ciref Commis-
liiiner of Lund* und Works for u
specisl license to cut und carry
away timber from thc following dc-
cribed land* situitaJ in Weit
Koutenny District.
No.   1.    f.'nmnii'nciiig   at  a potstj
planted on tho west tide nf the nor]
th fork of Lirdeaa deck, about 1-j'
uiiIeK from Ferguson,  marked "0.
W Abrahamson'i tou'b .w corner poat"   thenoe nortb 80 chain-;
thenco actt 80 chaina; thence tou-
h 80 chaln*J thenco east 80 chains
to ibe point of commencement.
Located December 7th. 1006
0   W   Abraham-urn, Lorstor
A fcru GUjrtHimas,
A * HAPPY " ii - f
iff «. TEAR
Minnie Y. xintra! rltini lltoat'
in th" Trout I-Ake kfloing diviiion
of Weat Kootenay ditinct
Where locatfd.   On South Kork
of Canvn Creek.
Take r.olice that I, Fred C Elliott, t. M.C. No. B88167 acting st
agent f jr Clara Grac* Westfall, -td-
ininistmtrix of tht eststs of John
W. Wesifall, dtcetttd, Free
Miotr's Certifies'.*, No. B88003.
ntend, sixtv dari from date here-
..,,,, »nlof lo apply t > the Mining Kecord
Notice ie hereby .'.tru that «0>r ,i)f t C.rlific.ti nf Improve
vt titer the fitit   r-ublicalion   of-
No 2 C-mmeming at a pott
plnnted on the welt side oi the nor J*,t_iet and bo-i
lh lorkof Lnrdcsu (.'reek, about IJ
milea horn Ferpueon, marked "0.
W Abri'.gintnn's south weat corner po*-i," tberce n<>r'h 80 chains;
lhen6e cunt SO chsine; thence south
80 chains; thence w. it SO chaini to
iir- po nt of c.jmmeoi*em*.*nt
Loc»'e-i D.ceml-er 7th  1906
0.  W  Abrahauao-'i, Locator.,
atage linn,   'and
' Us dng lhe old yeur cut, and
lhe new ye .!' In, is a cuetom tlm
hat b.rcii in vogue for mnny centuries, and om tbut wilt survive
many more. Tu-h ancient custom
a-ili be followed cut in Camborne
on thc 31-t int, on which ditie a
dai.Cfj will be given by lbs Cam*
i»or..o Orchestra. I: is not necessary for ut to  ?ny   that   iho   very
  of u.usio   will   b*
rendered ut this function, at the
reptitaiion of the Orchesira en-
.tures that th-gt thc ph«ii'esl of lhe
lat'St produ ifou--" wiil In* given id
piea.'ing style, K.-freiliment-, will
bo serv, d during tbo evening, aud
ti.keti sro IL ty), ii" charge being made for the Is lie-.
Kedtic-ed fares will bi ..ff rod by
it will   l.e W...1
'I'r-.-.ii  Lakeitei will  b
io   hear   ibat  the Skatipg Rink il
now   ocii,   uml   in   inn*..ub   (jood
(.-in,   thanks   io the skill und energy of the !ei< ec. Noaii Abraham.
sou ^^^^^^_
AH lhat now remaioajlbr ihose;HON.  R
who indulge in U e exhilarating
und bea thy exercisu, is lo polish
up tl e r "s,idiiii:| iroie,1' "pay
tieir footin-;,'' - and ' get lo it."
We |.resume there will be no extra ohnrge for Hating ace .m..d
tion when tireJ of.-tanding, but
we venture to suggest to our male
novicr't, (of course, there's not many in 'irout Like,) —at a precautionary m.rasure if ihey feel
disposed In adopt u ' Weary Willie'' at'.itu'e -to bc.tr in mind
that tbe ice''in <y  strike.co!d_and
your *wbile   to   atlen-i i;,,-  •■ "d wien Miide.ly squa't.'d   up'/,
inii_i*iv it,.. h,,,.ln    ..t   .     ..in,      an.l  i k   m.i  ,l    . i..
' dsnee and enjoy the music
four-pipoe orobettra
of   t ,n
is Osteite,   I mttud tu apply  to
ie   Hon. Cliiel Commit«iora-r of
".audi and Works for a special Licence to cut anil carry  away  lim-
mtuti. for tbe purpose oloblsininc
. s Crown Grant ol the above cliim
And fnrther take notice thst ac
tion under   lec'ion 37, must bs co-
rarornced   before   ibe  Ittusnce of
•___i     l,  a ••    .       m      ■,   .-iuch Certificate of  Imprnvementi.
ir   from the   following  described       ,,  .   ....   ,-.    , ,  /v .  .
,     . „,      ,, Del*) toil loth day of  October
..i li -utuated lu West Koytemy. _
No   1    Commenclni st s • of. FRtft. C  Elliott
t linted on tba north tide   of  Pop- .' 	
lar CraaC about three imiai Irooij    Ko!icf( if hfrM)T giv„ tll.u ^.i,;,
.'..r-loriter m.rksd 0 E. KavelPa in ,Wo „|on(h, ,nm ti„. firit pub
N E. .orner poet; tbence-tit IKO |lic,,ion her§of in ,|,0 British  ro!
is;    thence south  -10 chains; umbjt Glt,.Uo   , inU)nH  ,„ ^
:    . ce tail 160 chsint; tb.r.cs no/. | ffl (ht} Hnn  Chi-f CnmmU!li„ner of
11 cbaina b«ck to plan of com-: Undg and Work(1 ,or |p8da, liC(.n.
Diencemeni - toco» aod carry awaj timb.-r
**?=*■ ■-' '    '
on,   arid lh rifure tbe most adv-s- .
.ibe course  for tiiem to pursue,   is i
to b-i sure ami uii-e r-oine nioe, soft
uush o.n in—but Gie'e, 'enuf sed.'
The news of the  retirement of
he  II. n  R   P. Green,  from the
s   nnd   Works    D*>psrtment,
i'irpri=e  io  bin many
Cansds contains 1-3 of
British Empire.
Cm,min   has    19,000   miles
coa-t line.
a-ca  uf
arc   n>w  free
! xtled No».38'.h !90«
NVrman Mc!.»!!»n, A*#nl
jfroni ibe followinu described landk
eitnaled in Wnt K.'Olensv.
Nr. 2.    Con.meni.in.? it  a  iott      "c   1      Commend..r a' a post
p0,,.' planted on ib* weal »id»  nf Cam]
Lar-,Cre*k,    about  half  mile  from its
led ->n the n-rtn fdr cf
■ir  'r.-ek aboul .In ilm fepnr,   ^	
'!. rner marked •*-.''. Rcvell'a N. K tnonth, mtrkixl "Arthur Rowing's
■ <r post* Ihenee wett 160 ehains North East corner poit" theno.*
'•' "Ol rouih 40 chnim; ihenee we»l 80 efcaJna; tlvnoe south 80
Mit 150 ehains; thencs north 40 chains; thencn e.ist 80 cb.iint;
eltnii lack to jilacs of-.oianieucs-.thenee  north  •/> chnins,    to  the
|point of romtnsr.cemn"!.
Located Nov.  38'.h. 1906
Locstsd December Uth.   190fl
Arihnr fiowing,   Lecstor
Norman MeLellan, Acant i H	
No 3. Coaiiuanc'.ni st a post]
plant.,i . a thw north ride of Pop-: Nn. S Comrneneinir st s pot
lar Creek shout 100 last Irom lbs planted on the wett tide 'of C.-itr-n
Cl sk and about seven miles from Creek, sbnat hOf mile fr-m it«
■••'■if-'iver, marked O B. Uevell't motith. marked "Arthur Oowing't
■* ■*- oirne.-posi; ihsnce wutt hO gnmh Ea«t enrner post" thence
•; ihenee south W chain*; mttt *\<> ehnint; t> tnrt nnrth HO
'• "it 80 chains; thence oor*:0htin«; ihtnee eart RO rhalnt;
lh 80 chains back lo place of rota* th.nce south 80 ehsint; to th"
ineneemenf. ' jW-nl ,,f fommenrvment
Located Nov  Jllh. \¥)A Treated D-cmbet I3'h    I9M
Normiiu MoLslUc.    Atc.af ArUisr Oowine,   Locator.
Fr-ie Miner, Dec seed,   Intvstatc.
N.'tice it hereby iiieco lhat I
have taken poet ition of the Estate of theanid Deoeaeed,
Every personindebttd lo tbe.
•a' Deoeaaed I* **oq:iired to  make!
pn vm.-i forthwith to P. C. Camp lli""°» l0° ""lo- '
b;ll. Mini.-g het-tdi-r, Trout Lake * m,lUon ■ milft
y. ^ Cunada's canalt
I of tolls.
Every peraon bavinf in their     Thiee times a creator tonnage
poesctsion effects hclonj/ing   to the' p;1SseB through  lhe  S....H  caniil-
Deoeaaad nre required to f-rihwith ;•-.,„„ through the Suei
notify t.C Campbell, Mining Re-■    Canada't fishery  industry   pro-
cjrder, Trout l.nke, B. C. Idueed in 1904, 23 railli..i.H
Every creditor  or other  per*|    Csnada   has   100,OtH)   men   em-
son hsvinj any  claim  u;.o",   or jployetfln the Ashing Industry;
mt..re-t in tba dittribution  of  Ihei    Canada lus onoui:h land to ui*e
Estate of tho tai.l Demand, is re-[each individnui i00aer.t
quired wiihin si«ty days  of  th:s:    Bti iih     Columbia
date, to lend  by  reentered letter, niibs of coait line,
addressed to F. C. Campbell, Mining Recorder, Trout Late,    B.   C.
hii name and addrett, and the full
particulars nl hli claim and   inter-
eat and i. t-tatenient of bis ac-ounl,
and the nature of tbe security   (if
toy) held by bim.
D.Hed   al   Trout   Lnkc.   B 0.
'.his  twiiity ninth day of   Novt-m-
Canada   it  S.fiOO  x   1,400 miles!    The childrens' concert on Satur-
'n *iu. jdav evening laat,    wat largely at
Canada it 39  years  ».!d,  dating  tended
from Confederation. j    The program put ap by the little ,     ^^^^^^^m—   K...-»..k,
Canada Is 147 yeara old.   dating "nes  wm excellent, snd reflected.0' the season, (signed) R. F Green
from British c-.n.]uet.l of 17o'j.
C.iii.ul.i lia? -pent ever   100  mi|-
I  c iiihIh—over
came as     ^^^^^^
f'ien.ls in Trout Luke
Attliepqu.pt .f h number <f
bis tuiiporters, the "R»vicw" wired
as follows: — "Trout Lake regrets.
AH anxious to know if you will
e'ill stay in tho House si our representative," io which fhe follow
ing reply was rec ived:— "Thanks
for kind me.-s»g". Sorry csnn-.t
complv, but business srrange*
ments prevent. Consti'uency must
remain loyu! ' lu Government.
Leave for Kailo, 2nd. Hope to
i e   you  all.    With  Compliments
Write «s a Poet Card say*
ins you saw thia advert*-
isement. aad we win mail
you FREE,   a 30 page
;lLj*...-w Una* uf
Of Intarttt to every
MAN who wears
J. Leckie Co
B. C
Local and General.    M
great credu,   not  only on   them-j    Since the honourable gentleman
lelvct, but on their teachers ! -0"k charge of the big spending de-
A number  of  calrgth.-nic  exer-:partmenl of the   government,  ilt
cities,  drill*  and   inarches—all  of.bu-ineis    hss  increased   by   leaps
hich wer' given with fmarinem
and preW.'ion—was a pleading feature of ti e entertainment.
On   the  conclusion  of  lhe  pro-
and bounds. N.-twiihstinding
this fact, a good grip was kept on
all matters, and we are sure of
our ground when we tsy   that un
uram,    Lotus   Griffith,   on   behalf der hia direction the affairs of  the
of the ehiidre ..   made a neat little i d**partment hav,-been   handled in
at .the •'■ way jibat   reflects credil on   the
his    T.OiO
ie   C.in.idii'-
btr, 1900
Gold Commissioner!
Biiiish    Columbia
lur^ett Province.
British C..!umb:a is equal to 24
British Columbia exports UO
million f> et of lumber a year.
British Columbia has pMduced
nearly   100  millio.n in g 11.  sll
Briiiih C'.luinh a produces ov. r
over 1 million tons of coal a ye ir.
Britiah (Jolumbia produces 200-
000 tons of coke a var.
secern,    expr.ssii-g  regret
de] arture of tbeir teacher,   Mr.  S.
Shannon, and  wishing him   prosperity in Ins new home.
At the beginning of the school
term, teacher Shannon [.-ffered
pr.t'-s to ll.e scholars making the
most improvement in writing aud
Mesr-rs. Crnig,   Van nnd Camp-
b-ll were selected  as
made Ihe awards us follows.- —
Writing;—     Edith    Abrahamson,
L-.tu-i Griffi'li, Miriun Kllit^t.
Drawing:- Tom Johnson, Mar*
jori.r Fraser, Gcorj:.* H.uiB'on.
A special pri*.- wuii awarded to
Edith l.cavell for lhe unifoim
neatness and qunlity of her wotk
in ili.'S'* i«o lludios.
C*^mTnir,e'rc it  a notl
Noii*o n hereby given tbsl tixtv
<i»vi after date  I   intend to »pp]y'    «fl   « . .    _    . _   .
toih* Chief Commissioner of I.snds plsr.'ed oi <h« north bmk nf Tool
and Worki lor  jiermtition to pur. Creek,   sbout   3   miles from  Ul
fn»R* the following described la.-di _r„,-h   mlrVed "Arthur Onwlng's
2XSM™*W**II Honlh',„t   e,rnrr>st."   thence
""»y l>:Rtnot. andoomraei.cingata .   ..   .   .        ,.    .   _... ua
WW marko.1   E.   L.   M.s'srson's n.%tlh 80 chai"i;   Ihsnaa wett Hn
chslf tl
OOraor,    thsnes    south   .0 chains;   tbeine tooth 80 e1
fh*>'u«,   tb.mca   east   30   ohains, |>,«n-M o»t\ 80 eh nm, (0 tb-) point
■Mnwlw lOlbapol Trout Lske of enmm„ie-msnl
hence norihsrly along lake shore    T
j*>, thenes west along line of Lot
'7 ,0 Poit of conmenofuasnt.eoo*
Ulmng 40 seres more or lea.
D»ied 25 tb. Oci.l90A.
rRED    C.     ELLIOT
[r^ "• f-tV'i, B, C.     and ferg*-*»B
;-"r»on, Mining Recorder
01 ?°P**r, ia here for 1 few Jiyt,
• v|s|»
VteA'ed D-eombst 13th. 1906.
Arthur Cowing,   Locator.
Ko. t. Commmclng sl a roil
planted on tha north hsnk ol Po»'
Cree*. ahont 8 ntllre I'om Hi
month, marked "Arthur flowing
Booth wist oorner post," «henre
north 80 ehslns; thenr* aa»l W
Chains; thenee sonth '80 *»•«•)
then«-eiart8BcLalnsi to point or
•Located Decsmher 13th, 19M.
Artb*:r Qt?win8- UetVa.
adininistr.iti-rii    ^^^^^^^^^
Wc rejret to lav, however,   thst
some >.| tne leading Libural pvpers
the Melton  Xews in    partioular,
have thr ugh petsonal   animosity,
kept up a tirade of abuse  and   v.ie
insinuations  against   the    retiring
minister.    Tbe  "Review"   b-alieyes
in -quare fighting,    but has no use
iudees  and ' '',r lnen or I uhlica'ions  who   have
1 not the courage  to  ba-k  up  their
Itritementa.     i.i our  isnue of  tbe
13th. it.at., no challenged tiio N'el-
son .Vwu to ' make good'' one par-
t eillar cl aege they   made  ag inst
Mr. Green in their issue of the llth
>o 1.11, Ihey 1.a c- failed lo come
to llie  "tcrntch,''  but continue- to
mak.- broadcast assertions ag.iust
thu integrity and  honor   ol   the
member for Ketlo Rblim-f.     Such
cuitemptible "rel p.uia 1IU.1,"  li
o-ly   evolv.d  li'.uu   the   disenied
1 mind of a soured  and  "ft-defeHted
'politician, uud is hardly worthy of
Tbe honorable —in every respect
—member for Kaslo, his seen fit
lo re ire. His constituents regret
tha fact, but Iheir confidence in
jbim wi'l be shown in no uncertain mmner on   Feb 2nd , by th.
election ol bis Mirc-ii on ^h« wi'
bo a supporter ,..I   he beat  govern
of Csiitds,
Was cloned Nov. 27,th.
For any   informat.on    relative
to the business uf the above
Drench, spply tn the
Manager  of the
Arrowhead   Branch.
The ''Review" hss been "house
cleaning' this week. On that account, our reader? hsve partly*
repetition of Isst week s paper.
We have 11 keep our I eg i! ads.
good by publishing them every
•VL-oU, otherwise there would bo no.
is-iuc this weik, and our readers
would not get any, and **th*t 1 all
therea to ut "
The   Miners'  Union ball ot Fer*
guion, was a h'rilliint suceesa.
It is a sure thing when th e 'boya
go after anything, they get it.
Tnis lime they upheld iheir reputation. A large crowd came
in from the neighbouring towns
and camps. Ibe music by Mesers
Grillith and Parisian was excel*
lent, the floor in good ihape, snd
the suppei provided by Steve
-Slinger, of the 'Baimoral," was.
a feast 'fit for the gods.'
CenU Furnishings
ment ever known in British Ou
umbia, and which h .s f >r ns le.d
er tho Hon. Ric.uiJ McBride
Kmlo Libirtlj have a ranged to
1 hiivn tl.o:r annual m -eling >n Ja'<
3rJ. Arrangements will be mad
for it eon vou tion to nominate 1
aun lor t'10 Riding, ut lhe coming
1  ;  ,*i
Mm. D. Mer*!oi,h. ol Camboine'
15 tj endnif Cbrs msu weak witb
her parents, Mr und Mre. L-
Tbe end of January a ill «<-e a
big celebration. The Ladies are
arranging for a hockey m ucli sod
a grand m.itrquerade ball.
'fetter late th*n never" Geo.
Johnson received a lirgi consign*
.nent of turkevi, geese and chu-k*
ens, or. Monday's boat.
If you d d not get one for Christ
mas   d iy,    "doubls *ip"   on Ne**
Dave Cowwa rcceivf.l word tbis
wc.-k cf ibe d a'hofhis father io
Ontario, The -'Review" extends
ympaihy to hia two ions—Dave,
•f I tout Lake, aad William, of
..»,, art. 1
Ur. a"d Mrs. John Haner nnd
family- vpent theii* Chri.itniss at
Trout bake,' viiifllrg old friends.
Mrs.    Phs.ier et-4 vb||dff*), &
New    Woetmintter,    are fisitine
By... j*
Cmile      ii®
Gaboriau ':%
LjBAVING tbo llltlo station of
I Veslnet we come upou two
rotuls. One, to tiio left, uine-
udninizcd nud ki'|.t In perfect
, lends to the village, of which
are glimpses here and there
tliroucli the tn-os. The other, newly
Inlil out nnd Just covered with gravel,
leads through the woods.   At the June-
li.ui of these two roads Prosper stopped the enb. Tho driver hnd gained
His hundred francs. The horses were
completely worn out. imt before long
M Verduret could distinguish the
lamps of a cab similar to tbs ono he
occupied about fifty yards ahead of
i. ;n Alighting from the cub, he bund-
<*il (he driver a bunk note.
"Here," he said, "Is What I promised
you <io to the iirst tavern ynu iii.J on
ihe night Iin ml side of the rood as
you enter the village. If we are not
there, you ure at liberty to return to
The driver wns profuse In his thanks,
but neither Prosper nor his companion
beard them.  They inni already started
up the.new road, lhe weather, which
had been Inclement when they set out,
was DOW worse. The rain fell ln torrents, nnd a furious wind howled dismally through the branches of the
trees. M. Verduret and Prosper had
been walking along the muddy road
for about live minutes when suddenly
the latter stopped.
"This Is K.ioul's house," he said.
Hefore the gate of an Isolated bouse
stood the oab which they hnd followed Reclining on his sent, wrapped In
a thick cloak, was the driver, who, ln
epite of the pouring rain, was already
.asleep, evidently waiting fnr tbe person whom lie bad brought to this
M. Verduret went to lilm. pulled his
clonk nnd snid Iu a low voice:
"Hello, my mnn."
The driver starled and. mechanically
gathering bis reins, yawned out. "All
But when by the light of the carriage
Inmps he saw two mon In this lonely
spot he Imagined tbat they wanted bis
purse nnd perhaps his life.
"1 am encaged.'" be cried out at ha
cracked his whip In the sir. "1 am
wnltlng here for some one."
"I know thut, you fool," replied M.
Verduret, "and only wish to ask you a
question which you can gain live
Cranes by answering. Hid you not
bring a middle aged lady here?"
This question, this promise of five
frillies, lustea.l at reassuring the coachman, Increased bis alarm.
•■I bave already told you I nm waiting for some one," he said. "Move on
or I will call for help."
M. Verduret drew buck quickly.
'. nine ..way," he whispered to Prosper. "Tbe lieiist will do ns he snys and,
the alarm once given, farewell to our
projects We must Hnd some other entrance than b.v this gate."
Tl.ey went along the wall surrounding the garden In search of a place
where it was possible to climb.
This wns difficult to discover ln the
dark, tbe wall being twelve feet high.
Fortunately M. Verduret was very
agile, and, Inning decided upon the
spot to be sealed, he drew back and,
making a sodden spring remarkable
I big B Uian. seised one of llie pro
jecting .stones above hlin, drawing himself up by the aid of his bunds un.l
feel to the top of the wall. It wns now
Prosper's (urn to climb up; but, though
much younger than his companion, he
i.ii.l imt his agility, and M. Verduret
was obliged to pull blm up, then help.
. i ',:.* down on the other side. Once
in the garden, si. Verduret took in tbs
situation.  The boose occupied by _.
de Lagors was built 111 lhe. middle of u
Isrge garden. It was narrow, two stories high and with garrets
Only one window, In the second story, was lighted.
"You have often been here nnd know
ii..* bouse?" sni.l si. Verduret "What
room Is that whi re we tee tht light V"
"Raoul's bed. hamber."
"V. ry good. What rooms arc on the
Oral Boor?"
"Tin' kii.l..ii. pantry, billiard room
iiiiiI .lining room."
"And on Hi.- floor SbOVSf
"Two parlors, leparated by folding
doors, mi.i ii study."
"Wben do lbs ■ ervants slsepf
"Raoul bss none now. Ht Is served
bj ■ ... in an-1 bli wir.., «iio come lu
tbo morning and go after dinner."
.m. Verduret rubbed his hands gleefully.
"All right," he snld. "There Is nothing to prevent oui healing what Raoul
bai to lay lo this person who has come
from Pan- at 10 o'clock at night to see
hlin.  Lot us go In."
But unfortunately the heavy dak
door was locked. M. Verdtyyt shook It
In vain. •
"What an oversight." .be said, with
"under we-w;
t Keeps your body
warm,   yet   lets
your skin breathe
-knit, not_
r-lt ata,
k Guaranteed
Mi 11 iik age
7t«j, -yw*f
TTrado-markodin red. Ina^
fvariety of styles, fabrics and'
rprloes,  for women, men and
■/children,      a nd       guaranteed.
nation. "I ought to have brought my
Instruments With me. A common lock
which could be opened with a nail, ani
I hnve nol even a pl.ee of wire!"
Recognizing the UBelessness of an at
tempi to open the dour, be tried sue
cesslvely every win low on the grouni,
iinni*. Alas, every Mind was secut-el?
faatened ou the Inside,
m.  Verduret was exasperated,   Be
prowled around the house like a foi
around n hen coop, seeking nil entrance. Despairingly be came back to
the place lu front of ibe bouse wbeuco
he had the best view of tho lighted
"If I could only look In!" be cried.
"Iu Ihere." pointing lo the window,    is
the solution of tin* mystery, and we are
cut on" irom it by thirty or forty feel
of these (wo Btories. I must see, and I
vi ill see!"
Suddenly Prosper seemed to remember something.
"There Is a ladder here!" be cried.
"Why didn't you tell mc? Where Is
"At the end of the garden, under the
They ran to the spot, and In a few
minutes the ladder was np against the
house. Itut to their chagrin they found
that there were six good feet between
the top of the ladder and the lighted
"We caunot reach it," exclaimed
"We must reach lt!" cried M. Verduret
And he quickly placed himself a yard
off from the house and, seizing the
ladder, cautiously raised It, resting the
bottom round on his shoulders, nt the
same time holding the two uprights
(irmly and steadily with big buuds.
The obstacle wag overcome.
"N'ow mount," be said to bis companion.
The tltuatlon wns distressing for
Prosper, but be did not hesitate. lie
iii.'ide a Hidden spring and, seizing the
lower rounds, quickly climbed up the
ladder, which swayed and trembled
beneath bis weigiy. But bis bend had
scarcely pnsscd above tbe lighted window when bo uttered a cry which wag
drowned ln the roaring tempest and
dropped like a log down ou the wet
grass, crying:
"The villain!   Tbe Villainr
With wonderful promptness gnd vlg
or 11 Verduret laid the ladder on the
ground nnd ran toward Prosper, fearing ho was dead or dangerously Injured.
"What did you see? Are you hurt?"
be whispered.
But I'rosper had already risen. Although he bnd bad a violent fall, be
was unhurt
"1 saw." be answered In a hoarse
voice—"I saw Madeleine—do you understand, Madeleine?—ln tbat room
alone with Itaoul."
M. Verduret wae confounded. Wat
It possible tbut be. thc Infallible expert bnd been mistaken ln bis deductions?
He well knew that M. de Lagors' vis
Iter was u woman, but bis own conjectures und the note which Mine. Gipsy
lind sent to him nt the tavern had fully
assured lilm that this woman was
Mme. I'auvel.
"You must bo mistaken," be said to
"No, innn--.lp.ir; no. Never could I
mistake another for Madeleine Ab,
you who heard what she said to me
yesterday, answer ine. Was 1 to expect this infamous treachery? Ynu said
to me then, 'Sbe loves you, sbe loves
M. Verduret did not answer. He bad •
first been stupefied by his mistake end
was now nuking his bruin to discover
thc cause of It, which  wns soon dis*
cerned by bis penetrating mind.
"This is in,, secret discovered by :
Nina." continued Prosper. "Madeleine,
this pure and noble Madeleine, whom I
believed to be ns Immaculate us un
angel, is alone with ihis thief who baa
even stolen ths ni  bs bean, and l,
trusting fool thai i was, made blm my
best friend. I Confided to hlin llll my
hopes und fears, ii nel bs was h.r lover!
tit course they ridiculed my absurd de-
voii.ui and stupid confidence!"
"How do We know." sni.l M.  V.-rdil-
i.i. "ihnt Mile. Madeleine Im bare on
her own account? Did we not come to
iiu* .■.inclusion tlmt sh.* was sacrificing
lerself for tba hem ni of soi net
Thai superior wii: wblcb compelled ber
to your dismissal   m iy   have  brought
aboul tins step tonli lit"
That wblcb eolncld. ■ with our secret
wishes is always eagerly welcomed.
This supposition, apparently Improba
ble, nppeal.'.l to Pr..-p. i*
"That might In* the time," ho snld.
"Who knows'.-"
"1 would 1000 know." said M. Ver
Buret "if I could tee them together III
that room."
Prosper thought n moment
"Will you promise me, i si.*ur, to
tell ms the exact truth—all that ynn
tee and bear, DO matter how painful il
may be for met'
"I swear II, upon mv word of honor."
Then,   wilh  u   strength  of   which   n
few minutes before bs would not bars
believed    himself    PQSSOSSOd,    Prosper
raised the ladder and placed tin- inst
round on his shoulder.
"Mount," he said.
M,  Verduret rapidly ascended the
ladder without even shaking It till Ills
head wns on a level wilh the window.
PrOSPST lin.l HSC Mil (oo well. Thole
wns Madeleine at litis hour of tho
night   ..Ion.!   wilh   Raoul   de   Lag.us.
lbs stiii mors ber wraps, ghe was
Standing In the middle of the room,
talking with grent animation. Ber attitude, her lo'.i,, ber gestures, betrayed
Indignant scorn.    Raoul was sealed on
ii chair by tba Hn-, stirring up the
COSll with t pnlr of tongs. Every now
inul then bs would shrug his shoulders,
like a mini resigned to everything I.o
heard and hnd n0 unswet except, "I
cannot help It."
.M. veraurei wonui winrngi" nnv.
given the diamond ring he wore on his
linger to be able to hear ten words of
what wns snld. but the roaring wind
completely drowned Iheir voices, nnd
ho dared uot place his ear too close,
for fear of being seen.
"They nre evidently quarreling," he
thought, "but lt Is not u lover's ijiiar
Madeleine continued talking, and It
was by closely watching lhe face of
Lagors, clearly revealed by tbe lamp
on the mantel, that M, Verduret hoped
to discover the meaning Of the scene.
At times Lagors would siari and tremble in spile of ills apparent Indlffer*
enee; then he would strike at the lire
Willi tho tongs, doubtless giving vent
to his rage at some reproach Uttered
by Madeleine, Finally Madeleine, clasping her hands, knelt before lilm lie
turned nway his head and rel used to
answer save m monosyllables Several times she turned to leave, but each
time returned, as If asking u I'avor nnd
unable to go till she had obtained it
At lust she seemed to have uttered
something decisive, for Raoul suddenly
rose nnd opened u desk near the lire
place, from which he look a bundle of
papers and banded them to her
"lPm!" thought M, Verduret "Wbat
does it meant Is it a compromising
correspondence which she wants to re
claim V"
Madeleine took  the papers,  but did
not appeal satisfied,   sin* again en
(real.-.I hun to give licr soiuelliing else
Raoul refused, and Ihen she threw the
papers on the (aide The papers seen,
ed to puzzle M. Verduret.
"1 certainly nm not mistaken. Those
papers—red, green und yellow—are
pawnbrokers' tickets."
Madeleine turned  them over, ns If
looking for some particular ones    She
took three, which she put in her pock
et, pushing the others aside    She wns
evidently preparing to take  ber u.*
parture, for she suld a few words to
Raoul. who took up the lamp us if lo
light the way. There wns nothing
more for M. Verdure! to see li,* pure
fully descended the ladder.muttering to
blmselfl "Pawnbrokers' tickets.' What
InfamOUS mystery lies ill (he bottom
of all this?" The tirst thing be did was
to remove tlie ladder, Raoul, escort
Ing Madeleine, might take It Int.. big
head (o look around the garden, nud If
he did so the bidder might attract hig
attention. M. Verdure! nnd Prosper
hastily laid It on tbe ground i!,.*ii
concealed themselves among tbe trees,
whence they could watcb nt once Ibe
front door and tbe outer gate.
At the same time Madeleine and
Rnoul sppeared In the doorway Raoul
get the lump on tl.e bottom step nnd
offered his hand  to the girl,  but she
refused   It   with   haughty  contempt
This did not seem to move or surprise
I Raoul.     He  simply   answered   by   nn
' Ironical  gesture   which   Implied,   "As
; you please."    Up followed her to thp
gate. Wblcb he opened and closed nfter
ber; then he hurried buck lo the house.
while Madeleine's carriage drove nip
idly away.
"Now. monsieur." snld Prosper, "you
must tell me what you saw I'o.tloin
ber. you promised me tl.e truth no
matter what It might I.e. Speak; I can
bear It."
"Von will only have Joy to bear, my
friend.    Within n  month vou will bit
terly regret your suspicions »f tonight
; You will blush to think tln-t nm evei
imagined Mil**. Madeleine t" be imi*
mnie with ii man like Lagon "
i'h.- drive beck was siii-nt und seemed Interminably Ioi.lv Prosper tried
to draw bit strange companion Into
conversation, but ns be r 'Ived nothing but moiiosiUnities iii reply he held
his peace for the r.*-i of ll.e Journey.
lie wns again beginning to feel iiri
tilted Bt tin* absolute empire exercised
over him by Ihis innn.
On ihoir arrival at the city M, v.t
dun I snld:
"You will s.*e ms nt your room nl-uiit
ihis lim,* tomorrow night   Perhaps I
shall discover what I inn seeking ut
the .lainliiliers' ball."
Prosper was dumb with astonish- I
ment. Whnt: Would m. Verduret
think of appearing al s ball given i.y
the wealthiest and most fashionable
bankers nt the capital? This accounted for his sending i*> tbs costnmer.
"Then you are invited'-" he nsk.-d.
The expressive eyes Of M.  Verduret
danced wltli iimiiseiiieiit.
"Not yet," be snid. "but I shall be."
Oh. Uu* Inconsistency of the human
Pe-ru-na Strengthens
the Entire System.
Mr. Alfred Pleau, an expert machinist, IT.'l St. John Street, Qiifbeo
City, Canada, writes:
"Two years ago. nn accident neccs-
Bitatad   my   confinement   lor several
weeks. The good health 1 hnd enjoyed whs slipping away nnd there
developed s complication of disenses.
My physician laid my case wns one of
general debility.
"Among ths mnny ailments which
developed was a serious attack of ca-
taiiii, which annoyed ms considerably aiui kepi uu* nwnke whole nights.
"I decided to give Peruna a trial
and soon tumid it acting as a wonderful tonic to my system. The catarrh grew lest severe and shortly afterward disappeared, as did also the
various other maladies.
"I   attribute  my   prompt   relief and
ultimate cure entirely t.. the use of
Parana and gladly recommend it."
To-,1    Women   Slimlltl    Al>l>'>    '"
HiTiy   Arllel.-  of Cl.itl.l.'Bj
"Heaven help Ibe woman «'bo lull ka
ll doesn'l matter «linl sbe wear
is not only ruin, but Idiotic." la ii..* cry
of a contributor to tbe London Ud es1
field.   This writer dilates  be ab
surdity of any woman fancying she
can afford to be Indepeude ■' her
* clothes or Unit -men ""never kno-n what
a woman has on," whatever tliej may
say to the contrary.
"There is UO doubt," as she uekUOVt I
edges, "thai men nre genuinely sincere
in making Ibis assertion ami really ilu
believe   in   their   own   llldlffei -0   I"
such   paltry   accessories   lo  fembilue
I charms ns inils and ehlffoiig. Bul every
* w..uian knows in her boarl lhe great
pari clothes piny in her life, and a i I
* as men   persist  in  fulling in I IV6 0
■•'willi well dressed women it is uselei •
fur tbem to proclaim the relative, uu
Importance of such mutters.
"A well dressed woman need not
necessarily be expensively dresged at
any rate, from the male poinl of view,"
sagaciously continues the author, "and
where women iiinl.t* Iheir inislal.e is In
assuming ih.it It is enough for clothes
to be merely beautiful or merely
smart The really i Ital question I .r
every woman lu refereuco to every hat,
gown, cat or fur the buyt Is or ought
to be, is ii becoming?'
**l.iiv, imi i. for a woman musl ol
wnys in* mora or less a ipiestlou of ap
pea ranee, nnd none is so (rood or to
beautiful or so Intellectual thai she can
afford to he dowdy. Tin* an of dressing and of making tbe mosl of her ..wu
appearance, far from being n i tu of
supreme feminine foHy, .is mnny people would bave us believe, is in reality
•one of the most Important arts n wo
man   can   master,      The   really   foolish
woman Is the one wbo neglects her
iippcai'iiuce. who Is too 11 *.. or loo conceited to take  any  trouble  with her
cloilics and uli.t thinks il ilo.'s noi mailer vv li.it sh,* wears."
Mis. McKay of ioronto Junction
has been riven a verdicl for $10,000
damages against the Wabash railway
at St. Thomas
for  the death  of
Happiness i,- a sign of   health   In
Nearly    nil    then    trouble!
vanish when they digest   f I   well
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Baby's Own Tablets brings bappinesr
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constipation, feveriahness, diarrhoea
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in every dose and the mothei haa a
solemn guarantee thai thia medicin.
contain! no opiate or liuimf.il drag
Mi.- James Jewel i, Beaver ll.-ubor
N S., sayi "I bave given my Baby
..iu. Tablets as occasion re-
■ uired since sin* was a day old. Thej
l sve always helped her, and now si
.*. year and a hall old the is s fine,
healthy child I think ever] m
should olwayi keep these I
hand." Vm. can get Baby's Own
i ablets Irom any medicine dealei ■
In mail ut 26 cents s box by writinj
The In* Williams' Medicine Co
Brockville, Ont.
II la v,u|iii> nini Convent-em „■ Well
it*. Atti-notlv-t.
The accompanying cut of a thun
iio-.*i i> presented as one of the most
convenient nrraugeiuents thai ,.,.'. he
devised. Tho whole closel maj have
a door or a curtain to shut li In from
ilie outside, bul p ohably tbe mosl al
tractive and eonvenlenl plan would be
.i dainty curtain gliding on a brass rod
and . ovei in.  ouly   tbe  frouts uf tlm
\ new boat foi the department ..
I canals -.--ill be buill in
orough ilii- winter, and will be
next lesson, li i- stated, on the
i rent canal.
\      "             -Jr*
s'                               ■    '
" ^
-          -J    mr        ..
.**"                                   V
•- ■
■ .-vi*
>tv      -jj^   V
Tin*  Orel   iblp   h .-   brougbl   from
Egypt  to Oi .* : i   |..in.ms in   1480
lt. c.  Tbs Oral dou ile decked iblp was
built i.y Tyriani :-.. B I
sl.n, lit*;.
Pew natloni :. re i ii ted sinning to
the dignity of n rel gloua ceremony, -in
the Koran tl It u i meutlou of shaving ai all. let the M .h iiiiine.inns shaved their beads In tbs tame manner ns
llie Ilii.
Two Yeart Abed.-VKnr clitht rean I
t-nff.rnl hm ti.. ..nn cvsr dii! »ith rheum-
H.i-iti for .-*" v.-«r*i I la. in iM-di could
ii. . -,. inn. h nt tmi my** if A friend re-
i ummtadtd Huulli Am.*. :■ un ltli<Mi.natlo
Cure. After .hri*** done I could nil up.
'Jo day I an. a. itrn.ig a. rvrr I wae"
Mrt .Iihn .link. 217 CliutoD «trefl. Tur
mind.'    Prosper «as loriuenli'il by the    „nt„    2
most serious preoccupations. He looked sadly around i.is chamber mul hi
he thought of m. Verdurefi projected
pleeeure st ths ball exclaimed!
"Ab, how fortunate be is! Tomorrow
be will have lhe privilege of s.i u.g
Madeleine In her costume of uiulil of
.To in. continui i
"...    In   I'uropr.
Peanuts groa in large tManUtlss oa
(he mutinies! coatl ut Africa, J.ul ure
known then* as ground uuu.   Tbey are
dug up i.y tin* n.it.ves nmi bartered
i.iih iiu- European traders r..r m.-r
cluiii.il.-.*, tobacco, etc . nf many plaSOS
on   the   Qsmbla   rner   and   nflerwuiil
shipped in stesmer leads to European
ports, prindpSlly lo Marseilles.
A Pttre.s nnd a Carpenter.
Lad)   Amii.r it,   ol  ll■  tni -    England, i- very -killiui tn uli kin.
ornamental wi • Iwork, and i- s member ol ths Carpi. pan]
Minard't Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
Can .. in   cattle   trade   St
■ hi ad . to-day 700,000
cattle,   hoi i    and  sheep  ara   I
i red.
Thr   Moal   An ful    \..l,lr,,i
'Hie most uwriii accident la history
was the fail of n Roman amphitheater
lu the time of Tib.*rius. l-*if(y ibou-
s.iBd people were crushed.
I.ipton i- sure i*. race f... Ann"I. .
cup iii nm- || the di deration made l>*.
S... i.i in. ii in New Y..ik.
Mada In Cauda and Said ky all
Or uf iltle
Thlt ooun-yn la (rood for ona t«h
nam (tOo ) Tn*. Bottla uf tha cala
bra tad
Dr. Leonhardt's Anti-Pill
a tqst en. toy buill-,*.io... Blllott-
lit-... |,y»|,,rpll», CiiinUpiili.ni und
a.! ■iluj-i... arUInf 11.-. ■ f.-.u.
Mt. Uiil fr,*.. I'» pit, in p.rltMnr. un
rtoalet uf mm* nel .aArn. l,il
In , In n*minp,l no*! . fr.tr h.[Hi...
on-totlM Hnn  ant -.-on (•
Mi|irt rails, Onl.
Tbe   lllr.l*.   Silt I   «■*••.   I l . ..
A eurious bird tragedy 11 told about
In the London I  cl,|    A mnn found ii
yellow hammer dead in his ynni ut
lha loot ol" a wall The bird hud flown
against It wilh such force as to be
siiuincd.   Nol only that, but the upper
mandible bad i n henl back, nnd In
ti..* straightening oul ti..- iharp point
huh driven down through the lower
'jlll nnd locked. Hum dooming the bird
to denth by stnlliitloli.     The mnn si-nt
ll.e bead lo the field, A good many
similar nccldeats have been recorded,
bin   i mi.s it I *.*, in h ll heavier bird, Whots
weight mada tbe springing ..r tbe bill
A is-"".i many ..r tba blrdi were
found in a starved condition, sbowtng
lhal tbey died linucriiijf deaths frnm
"ant of (00d.    Ilirds that  lly SgSlOSl
ibe lighthouses havs the skull bonss
eroabed nnd du* Initantly, but oihert
me stunned only,
Dear Mother
Your little onn ire
comltnl ct. m
Fill ind Winln WMlh«r. ' Tht/ will
• •tl, ,',l.|.- Da you know. «boul SMIoh'i
t -0,1*1 nn I -hnn Curr, lh* f.unM. lomiL.4n.'.
v.* I nl it (iai done lm io nuny r iMIaa. I
to h« the only reliable ramody for all
diMMtat of tlie air paiaage*. in children.
ll u aliwiliiti-ly liarmleu and pleaianl la i
lake. Ilii|uaianteadlocunoiyoiit money
ii returned. Tht price it 25c. per bottle,
aad all dealer, in medicine toll ],, '
Thia nmmiy alioulj be in eirary houtfhold.
-    e^W-firry   .-_     \~_     \m^
..pen ibelvcs Tbe lop shelf bss glass
doors i" shut ll In, sines en this shelf
arc placed lhe dishes least commonly
used Tbe open sbelres bare different
.heights to accommodate all slses nnd
sbapi.-, of dishes. I..,- two email draw
era sre line I and are r*n- table tlleer,
napkins in their rings, ste Tbe lame
drawers contain laundered table linen.
if tin- whoi,. ,,|h.h,s im,, ii„. kitchen
ona tide and Into ths dining room on
tu.* oiher. wiiii draweri pulling both
ways, it  w ill be found slfll tin,: -
ven lea tt
A  Ten   Table   * i in pn t, I m, „,,
A woman wboae afternoon i.n is ni.'
ways terred witb .•\.,piioii.,f dalbtl-
iiess has iu addition to ber ten table s
tiny banging cupboard in wblrii the tea
table furnishings sre kept, This '-up
board, «iii.*ii matches the jai.i.* n-eir.
is   ill   mlasl ui   -|\ It*   nn.|   is   riirnl-li,..|
iiiiii  glsss doora    Behind  these tbe
iini.- cups,  saueen and otber
series ar.- kepi tree "f tbs dusl d
win. ii is so often r, mi,- ,„, *j,a |a.s,
liilfiitliuiisl bn tablea 'Hn* |Hjs»es«|oii«
srs safer, loo, less subject t>. sccbl. ul
from   the   brusliin*,.   „r   „„   ,,„..,, ,H
skirt or lbs i ,.r tbs household
pet Across tbs table lies .. preiij
runner embroidered in mt nourean
style on wbkh Is placed tin* beaUngap*
paratua, ele, trl. 1.1 j tha wsy. mui n„.
kettle, nothing else, The little cup
i."..r.l is neung where u will be a/ltbUi
reel, of ll.e boateas' band as -i,,. ||ja t„
pour ihe beverage, the cups being
reached for one by one ns needed -
Philadelphia I'i*
IIU  Lemon.
A woman who bad divorced barbae*
band met him aTpr many yean,
"Have   ynu   married   again f   she
Ti..* man shook bis brad,
"Ah!" sighed tbe woman. "You still
lOVS inc." "    *
"No,'1 iilld il..- man. "J Jove myself."
Hi* was aaked le explain,
"bondage taughi me the' rilus .,r
freedom," be replied.   ••! iim answer
nl'i iv only i .vs. ir   i con,,. „■„.,,
I please, go wben i njesse, ilo whal i
please and  i i  n.,t  mnfcs legplani
tion. i ii . longer divide m) plessuros
by iw., .,r inuilipiv my worries by thn
tarns number, w...i i earn is mine
nr.d. iij.en i contemplate lis possible
rein.Hon,--i need f.*ar r...- mysolf slons.
I here no greal Joys,'but then J bate
no great*korgpiw.*I/J,    ,
'Ami loi*.*'/" Inquired*-ffie*irotun.
"I hnv.* been married," answered the"
man.-Cliaiiiiii'i,' I'ollock lu Show.
Are You a Japan Tea Drinker ?
Load     Packet.    Only,    40c,    50c,     t nd    60o    per    Ib.      At   sll   srocin
Ilia   Onlcr.
"Waiter, bring ms soms Iodoform
soup, ii germ proof si.uk uml Some
nterlllsed potnluet "
»yei, ^.ih Wbst'll ynu have to
lirink. tab?"
•■I guess I'll have ii cap Of antiseptic
lea.     And.   by   Ihi-   way,   tell   tbi   bnl'-
i p to liv me a Hi lei Ine cocktail fur
n,>!,!>>'« i:-.|,ii,tiii.i(in.
t'eacber   (tterulyj   Wbat   were   you
IK nl,  Robei: 1
Bobbj i watn't laugbtn', imi'mu.
My complexion puckered, Hint's all.
'»."« iiim.
Mrs. Hon*lng-lmngliniilon! What It
Mr. Boreing it is timi (scnlty, my
deur,   which   makes  men   believe thut
nu.rrluge li bliss.-Judge.
This brand on a suit or
piece of tweed guarantees
Womanly Weakness
i« promptly relieved !>y Dcrcham't
Pills. 'I Irry tint i lad Speeisl di-
rrctii.ni (•, lemslet with each box.
Depression, lick hesdsche, !.a,k-
sche, pslenett and nervoutneti all
disappear aitcr using
Sold Ever) -Alice,     lu boxes 23 ienl-,.
No doubt you'll n-^ i a fw
'       Iili, «flV .1.
Mjltt no mimki, — it', the kind
' .rtuble  In Ih* I ,.!.,i
•n..n..   Mads la HI ,. k ,., Vei.
WW Uirillltr.uliMiWkll.
to keep the'fekt stngly war»,-^
no matter bow old llie weather.
felt Shoes
Stole   „   i:,,|,
'Bow on earth did you got into thi>
awful state?" ""
"Don'l  tell Un- rullrond nuUiorlttei
ma'Hiu, but I came ou a I; iignt ,U11J;
He ltd In r '..      ■   ..Itnr;
"I'.v.i*. t*.-i * * ,,
11»  ltd   In .   lo
Hint ltd lm
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neunhri.
Thr   ««.,,*.    u„|„
Tht Waist  ..I   a   a lt|l
both in natural hlslor*
sllgbtness.    No In*  I  *
...nne. tion between tho thorn
Fireplace In a Pew.
In t'.e sneleni | . ,*...
toaforooke   Noi
s-*.*n  an  old   f.ui...y  n»    \. n » ft-,.
Gold CufF
Links, $5. '
Beginning at J 4 T i
Hall has a vast array ot solid
gold CufF Links   made by
the store's own stillc
Notable value is fcmJ in
our $5.50 ^irof Ilk Gold,
dumb » bell shac**
for monogram, and a
slogue  pages   ihov*.    i ...y
Articles are seni i -  t free,
of course.
/>»*0 m. m r.*':.... .   J .- -
wn. ... t.tr .' . ...ft ... ..'t9 i-..n
tratrd .mtm Ufmi
For Northwest
Winter Wear
there is   no other Undo
wear like
W'irm enoygh to defy '•'■'
tatxe\ severe T)li//uni
yet not too heavy foi
Ma.Je in all weights and
•-i/cs lor all climates ami
figures. »
Inskl an having M.inllrlilV
After Labor, Recrcalioi
Travel   li   Iht   Acmt   ol
When     \,,i|     llliv.l     ti       in*    ll"
besl   in  equipment,  ■  mloit,
llll.I  Hl.fety, l.ll.l  umi  the
Kuciir but    rate*    thlt    «r '
in sverj   direction I
Bouth   ntl.l   Weni.     Make  JTOUJ
wnntn   known   to   an)   I   '
inn  ,\..iiliein ngelit, wh". «'"
I... slml to (urnith the lulh-tt
uilormatlon, or wiii**
TrafT.c   Msnaftor,       Winnl(iet
W    N    U    No.   610 I  H_9
Blleans. that great gift *P
Which Canada has received
from her alitor colony across
tbe Pacific, is being more and
more keenly appro iated here-
Th.. fact that Bileani are
being looked up to as tht
safest and surest and most
perfect family medicine of tho
day is duo to tht many dis
tln-tiona existing between
Bileani and eld fashioned
medicinfB Bileani. oc.upy the
forem.it place at a cure for
biliouiness con-tlpatlon.piles,
,,*,.,■,'• nn<*ft. li.dlgett.on, hsadarhs, dlxtinass, aud all itomach m..i
bowtl compls'nts-
F.rst. B,lt»ns are purtly rsgetable. Thoy contain none of tho
ra „,.r.l p> t,nsim»r tUf,ctlomsl.bismuth, etc ,)su.h at are found iu
v,, 0i er pills- They ars ireptred from a formula altogether unique.
an(t poi.es ng a strictly natural atfilon on the system. Th«y do not
, nken or purgs- Thsy mit young ai.d old They promote
digest on give tons to tht walls of tht st. much and boweli
true up the tirad nerves and st m-i ate the l.v.-r Equally
to tho honiswifs in tht home, th* duii'hter .ngaged in the
o9c* or ttore, snd tht farmer. B.l an* sre an indis entable bron
nve not sirs idy tried thii successfu m dicin* the piopritt.n
want you to do so at tl sir expenss.   Read ihe > oupon below.
Sluggish Liver, Constipation and Indigestion Cured.
I. .      er rulea the b«tj    Illteein rule llie llrar.   *' A n ukkIkIi llrar in D} MM inl
allot tod in.llgeaii<»..".aieMra Pr-antta Onto*, of Karl si. Klnstton(Ont i
"I'. i dull and elee|iy, h-vl no rnnrgy whatever fur work. bu.I every now nn.l again
. * aira.-k of blllou-neaa. Tin, food I hi* Mtntd to Iiu heavy ou in, itomaoh
,;,d it*.I tn* ih> |ooil 1 liarl wind and cramp- In ihf •,rat *Ii an.l bowtll from .!,>•
, . pottng The lunetii At...■ waa an r,»,l tlmt in, bowtb ',.,' lo Im r ■ <-.' at
n.\. le.-rtire All kinda of niailirlnea I tried, bat ..utlili g did mt- an, lit-tlny KUO,t
untn I k"! H i-r-ana. I han navar loun-1 anything looij.ial tlir.-n f„r tootUprUlon,ttvtr
».-ti troublea. Thar aoon bagan Ui tin BM a"--<l and in Iht ami cured ine.
.ii t,: .1 I trot Ilka-a dnTeiei.t woman. 1 a... blight tad it.et, ant In tptriti, not iln 11
i.d ilaap) aa I naad m ba I ba.a goi my ene. a* j and ailmly t... . , „„,: ,,, r.
all un aiinianla have yielded lo Bllaatu.**
' 1 »*»ei''.n    butting   ia   Um   h*mtt,  .1 i     em
.r twtunt   MMtn.-a   lm W tmbtllo-n. film, ulctm,
nm   it.ntlm,   pimfilM,    l*d    Uettli    *rui>t on*,
■ riiatt|i»tl(>ei. ft-n-tue 4.1m*i.la ai. I || Iner a-■!
.Mere     (Mi-UirtaUt from dl -It   it* e a- *      #i,*s
a >. .     •    i-^n rv«tpt  tut  prk-w  |«**ti*>M]  from  tl.e  Mil-aut
■ ne Hteetei, Toronto.     Hii tola* for -fl.Jai.
S-..1    tl.l.   c.*i|->ii   and   a
ti- * ...1 ••am,, to lha lldatao
■   ni. "I   T. .mnlo.
at oaca ..r a Mutt baa ul
■total    I -oa'l n. ae u.ia.
W.  N.  U     No.    610
Proof   Potitivt.
, ,   boa '." \"i. km.-*
ttorh ilmt brought us
I •
mv .lent. I ji.t-t fi-i-*
\   II all's lit un.* l'..n.| .
ll ne  I'.ll     Tbs •
i   - tin" substance which
grediauta end makes up
That    nf    I'nrimli*'•-
•   li :- so compound, i ss
• i. moisture, and tbey
i ml., iti.y liititinli' Willi
theii strength    Mans
I to keep ti.. in finii. sd
Had in powders, wbleb
■   ■ 1., th,- teate    I'at
labia   I'lll-   iii>-   SO   pi'-
• |   arc agreeable to the
Bnydei took awes MO.-
:  ..li.nt in mi.- load from
William eieratort, ths  re*
• .• Thunder bay.  Tin*
.il. KtAO.WNi. and lbs
$100 REWARD $100.
..f Hale i .i -r will ba ,.l~—I to lea™
tMia**. ie. -a., eaee*ree4*d dieeaaathelertewee
MteNea . ■- enr. ira all Ua eta«e«, aa* tbat 1,
•x it     I .    .   i alarrh 't ra la tba owl,  prallLa
araiNl ...,.■ »,i,i r,au.,«it,. Ha.arrb
*».i, ...       waa. a,aaa»^. t^ti im a uraaiii»
.**•! ita.,-, .mt H. . I ata.Tti lit" la Uka* la.
a... - . ,,*-..,, ..n ,L» ..!.». aat taotroaa
•r*.* '* , amaa ibarab, iSm,,.., .aa »ha f.'ual
laaa^it, ^„. tKl, |IIIM %rm pat,ant a,,an«.b
77 . *,   t "a .,►»,.,",i,,.oa aai. aarfat'aa aa»*'»
;• >, *. .  .   u. a'vi'"..™ i«"r v
!•• *> . • i-a.r. ibal I. a, o»a, Caa B* a
"" li- tm ■„, .^, ,^» lhat ,t la.la to <ora    t-awa
a..«.lta* ■   ,, ,1,
•*""• r  J  < IISSIT « Co.  Tolado. a
•all b, i. „ Ma ■*«•.
r— ta   ■ turn I, r.lla for *■»•**,pallo-a.
A Gorkv Fable.
I...  iVilm.i 1 tgeblatl  in uu .. *
on   Gorky's   poverty,   ani*-     "Gorkj
unl Mu.i.nm* Am li* ■*.•«« tailed undei
tin-   I...* \lr      ,,!.|    Mr        Pl -ilk",.
II.• im- t   - proud '*   accept tin* iin-
,. m.i tlmt .in- offered Inm. nn.l
,u.nih   lived  in  Nee   Vrnk  In
pool '. t. II i ■ ir'i . i. * effort • ." ■*
ni olutely nni.■uiun.ii.iiv,* lit. imil
Mm, ■ besl
i -ui ih-* ii.
hhiIh Sl     H iniiii.-i
reaorl  n,*...   I!. lathlonable
•   .:-.i li\.*.|
Wh.  * i       ■      \\
\. ..  Vo.k Tribune
\ General I svorita    In every place
where introduced Ur I
::-ll   a
■ .in.ii. showing il.ui the sterling
qualities which il po.-i-.--t- nn* val
in*.I  everywhere  when  they    I-
bnowu I* i- in k-- ii'inl ii-<* in Canada   ...i*l   *•'!..u   ' ...ll'lli'-   »-   II   I
hold medi. ins and ths .i.n,nml i..r it
each ><*ni tbowt iimi it i- a lavoriU
wherever used
» ia the im.ii teek, n,a, c«OM |h,
l.lltle It-uks In the dairy are the
puiisc- of every (allure In the dairy.
J In- man who ruins his huslucss hy
Bonn- wild venture can justly iny ull
tne blame to a spirit or gambling; He
nai not ilm discus., called "get rich
quick," which has been the ruin or
thousands in this money made age and
has nothing lo do will, il,,. IniKincss lie
is regularly following. When It comes
to a lifelong occupation like that of
dairying wa must niako preparation
for stopping iill the leaks wc cun and
thus n.l.l to the profit of our work.
'rim trouble with most of us is thut
■"<■ overlook, don't see, tneso small
leaks   that   make   such   u   Iiii*(,'r   total
when added up at the end of the sou-
sons work, ssys Home and Farm. To
begin with, most uf our dairy men aro
not equipped for detecting these leaks,
lor Instance, one has often heard that
hay cut when too old hns lost u cou-
Slderable portion of Its feeding nutriment Unit is, wben the horses or cows
cut it tbey do not gat us much benefit
trom it as if it had been cut several
dais sooner,
Hut the farmer answers lt Is mucb
bsrd.-r to euro It In n half rlpo stage,
Willi risk or loss from ruin, and, aguln,
If he sills It Inr gels more because it
weighs more. This Hist excuse Is no
excuse at ull, for without trouble you
cannot nuike money, it is this dodging
trouble thut keeps many. If not most,
farmers |toor all their lives. If you
hi..* to feed your bay on the furm,
then iu order to get the greatest In-
cine frum It you should have It lu tho
very best condition, und tbo ouly way
to do that Is to tak*- more trouble witb
It, put It up In smaller cocks, so It will
cure more rapidly, work u little harder
nud faster to uvuld thc rain, and you
mauy times save a great deal more
money lu the outcome of the crop.
Milk  Ritally   i„i,,.,,I.
A dirty tin bucket will Injure the
quality of tho milk und affect Injuriously the butter made from that milk,
no matter how carefully thc work it
done subscpicnlly.
Do not let dirt get into it and keep
It cold enough to make good butter,
and then you huve mustered the situation. Oue thing about the milk room-
have the floor on the grottnd und
ma,le of cement, for you are sure to
tpill mme or less milk or cream that
will spoil and taint the air of the room,
but If the floor is made of cemcut uud
you Wipe It np before it dries uo dam
SgS is doue    If the Boor is Wood JoU
cannot wipe or waab the oil out of the
wood, though painting it will help.
If you have been in the habit of marketing your butter In long rolls or
packed lu jars or cans, you will be astonished koiv much better lt will sell
If you rauie It into pretty prints wrapped In parchment pa|t,*r. It will on on
average sell for ' cents more n pound
tnd sell faster If made to suit tbe
fancy of the buyer. Tbe grocer likes
to handle pretty looking puts aud will
recommend lt before a better article,
for he knows bow lady buyers judge
ly the looks ot things rather than the
Bave your own stamp, so that those
who like the butter will kuow how to
tell It when Ihey conic for more; then
It looks us if you were ready to guarantee the article and were therefore
euro it was good.
Tht Giddy Proltttor.
i   ..   I....* Bowlby, >.l Ibe
' . Washington, has bsen
I'.*-i.lent Boooevell lo
itioa   .. Dee ~ l"t ap*
.   n.i In•litem.nl in tl..'
.mi- .. i.rat yeai eedel
:'    v^     '   I      lit,     uml     «lt»     ill   :
im participation in
i.   beginning with Ihs
. I.itcull ..cross tl..* meet
,'*11   '•     '.  ik Tribune
• 'iniment lor talc everywhere.
'.in*     Hkngit,     nl     I'l'il
I ii   ..riven   iisluue   .*n
inn.I   const   ulllilli   a
.  where the Vaknde
uned   Ciipi    Boas   nml I
•   .|...wii,..|
■tttotl   I
■■>. twanty yaara and curat) In
'    'I'H.      in-one    .lann-a.    of
•ara      | have been a mar
Wir*-|„.  Whlaprra.
('lr" "-'"    .lust linnslnc. Hlrsm!
'it lusi told me that thlt
ii'M 1
Tl„   1 ranch cabinet hes decided t.*
. -!.*.  tin* property  ami  revenues
of tin- rebellious ch rgj <"i Dec   n
I! .   ui Curs i- a   .
(nr tin* removal "( .'"in- snd «nii-
\\.* havt i. d of ii* lailini to
remove even tin- worel kind
The Oeneral conference ..f Um  i
i.t,    American   Methodisi
. :i. lorbidd. n ii- clergy lo
marry divorced I" '-
Pale,   I, ki]    * hildrsn   ihould   " *
Moth.    • •'-        I •'
\\ ,.im- ,,i. . r. ol Hn* 1 ipal
,,,     ..*. riu hiWrei   ami ihould
i„ , ip. ;i, i .   ni 'i..' tysteni,
Ins I.n I ..ut and with-
■  ... .in- Prince ll.-.
Will   In*   lltlll.nl   l.\    .!■■•> ..It'll,.-   I   deral   I   ■    I •'"'"
, ml  large  buildings  I
during the yeai   IW       •'
\ -.m.ll IMI. I".i Powerful     Thej
lhal i'.H i il"  I'"""   '' ■ '
duW    -"I"    Panneleea
Vegetable  1'.!!- I" «•■   k""-'    "  ™
„ inii,* aoii.1.. among pnu    "h"' >■
l,„*ks in si/.* ii maket up In potencj
The remedies lhal  11 carriet   i"'i
,„, ,„ these .-...i.n dote*, because Uie;
„,,. so powerful Hint onlj smnll *i   •
„,,. required.   Th.* lull itrengtb ql the
,,xl,.,.                 tred  in Ihis nni" aim
.h, nu n mui. ii. tidy
siuuhiis   were    "    r..-i.i**"=«'''«-
lhe Bgypl • * "'"' aa»m tne
worn by women
,             *.isi inni ine inni uut   among Hie i.u.i"  .   	
ls "" *• ui .•i.iniiitinl.-nilnn with her ri.-br.-ws.   The| "• "' """' -- "''"'!'"
""'r "h"  ' woi r what the conver- of ti„. blgbetl rank, for we reed ..r tw
'    Mr Windfall   Humph! L„„,|„ls   w ■■   "»"   W   ^
.„""•■■•*.... i. is niktiig the other If which  n  besuUful  *toeeo bsbltusny
■"largo is on siraigbii L-0re when sbs was at borne,
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
For Coughs and Colds.
Ttto   . I..HI1H*   Thai   .ins   Coaaa   Slae*
I Ills   War   ll,-.„,*.*,.   tho   Sl-atea.
lief ore tbe civil win* we Americans
bad few outdoor pastimes. There wat
some fox bunting in thc south, some
shooting lu the north. There was considerable fishing, very little angling.
Tenuis and golf were unknown to us.
(roquet wus decorously played. Driving uud riding were restricted to tho
few who could afford the time and expense. One or two cricket elevens i
struggled for existence. 'Ihere were
no bicycles, no motors, of course, only
au uiisunl velocipede or two.   Kxtreme
1 youth "flew kites," played marbles and
whipped tops. Among their elders,
however, there was a mincing, artlfl- |
. iai attitude toward nil outdoor sport
which found Its fullest expression lu a
quadrille, at croquet or n seutimeutul
. sailing expedition under the calmest
of skies.
However, even Ihen we bad yachtsmen-nuturully corollary of our superb
commercial navy—and we bad good
horses nud were braiding better onet,
and we I.y Inheritance were a nation
I of men who bundled a rllle properly.
War cams nn.l left us witb itt  im-
in.-iise uccuiniibitloii of good and evil,
uud it seemed then tbut out of sheer
: weariness of silliness und trouble the
gerui of tbe old pluy spirit, so loug dormant, awoke amouj,' us to save us from
. <■*
$5,000 £*#£:»
Stflpt aho p,.,,M thai
unli|ht Snap caaiaina any
ml.it.m,, chamioala or aay
furm (ifaa-ultaratioo.
is equally good with hard or soft water.
If you use Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight way (follow directions)
you need not boil nor rub your clothes, and yet you will get better
results than with boiling and hard rubbing in the old-fashioned way.
As Sunlight Soap contains no injurious chemicals and is perfectly
pure, the most delicate fabrics and dainiy silks and laces may be
washed without the slightest injury.
Lovar Co,h.r.  Limit-ad, Toronto
Your money refunded
by iht dialer from whom you boy
iunlighi Soap if you find any
cm« for complaint.
Itrtti.tiiiiK'* Pren-wl,  Grammar.
It is not generally known that Hubert
ISrowuIng was the author of u French
grammar,   it appears thut even the
lute Dr. Ganielt, whose kuowledge of
literature wus encyclopedic, hud not
beurd of this early venture of tiie
poet's. His surprise wat therefore
greut wheu a reference to the work lu
question by browning himself was
poiuted out to blm. it occurs on page
IUXI ot the first volume of Browning's
letters to his wife. "Thus in more
than one of the reviews and magazines
that laughed my I'urucelsus' to scorn
ten years ago-in tbe same column
often of these reviews—would follow
a most laudatory notice of un elementary French book, ou a new plan,
which I 'did' for my old French master
and be publllbed lt—'that wat really s
useful work.'"
. onld  Trll  It  Aaotbrr  Way.
Many years ago .... old uud Well to
do farmer In   western  New  York   bad
something ot a reputation us a litigant.
He   had   il   pec-ullur   twist   about   hit
mouth  wben  be  talked, due to some
muscular affection, which gave a striking effect  (o  bis   utterances,    lilt uld
i.i*.nb.1.1is tell or a trip that be made
to see bis lawyers ou u certulu occasion when he had made up bis mmil to
bave a lawsuit.   He sat dowu with his
I lawyer  nn I  laid  out  his case before
him at length.  The lawyer suid, "Well,
| ou   tbat   statement   you   haven't   any
r rase."   Tbe old man hitched bis trou-
* sers nervously, twitched his face and
| hastily replied, "Well. 1 can tell It another way."
Skiletona  and   Necklicei   In  t   Mound
at Port Colborne.
A itaff at men, under W. C. P. Phil-
lips, assistant curator of the Provincial
Museum, Toronto, have been excavating the  flag  stalT  mound  at  Humber- ,
stone  Cluh.   Port   Colborne,   and   were
greatly surprised to disc iver one of the
richest finds of Indian rWlcs on record
there. Tha mound contained nine tkele.
tons, numerous bracelets, necklaces of \
beads, tomuhawks, pipes, a copper kel- ;
tie and three earthen pots.   The relics j
will be tent to the Provincial Museum |
at Toronto for permanent exhibition.
When the ateel Hag p ile was being
erected about fifteen years ago many
Indian bones were turned out in the excavation, and arrow heads were found
ln the pathway leading from the epo*.
to the lake thore. Among (lie relics
the most valutble were the three ear.h-
em vessels. Th.se are shaped much like
Ihn Jardinieres of to-day. They are
about seven Inches in dlamtttr and
about the same depth, and the ornamental design Is a simple one. Two of
Hi,* pott were chipped, but the other one
Is peiVect. it Is supposed that the vessels were used to hold water, as they
are too soft to have been used over
fires. One of the pipes ls perfect, but
the olher Is broken. The copper brace-
lets encircled lhe wrist bones and the
nt-cklaces the neck bones. Thr skeletons wt-re n>it placed In any order and
Weet about four feet rro.u the aurfare.
Mr. Phillips will continue his Investigation through lhe stealer pail of lhe
He   Waa   IlruirKed.
An ambulance surgeon had a curious experience tbs other night. He
was summoned to a police station to
examine uu unconscious prisoner. The
prisoner, very nnnlily uml disheveled,
lay on lha floor of ihe cell rooms. The
physician l»*u( over and examined him
und then, rising, said iu a loud stern
"This man's condition Is not due to
drink.   He has been drugged."
A policeman turned pale and said ln
a timid, hesitating voice:
"I'ln afraid jer right, sir. I drugged
bim all the way from Carney's suioou,
a mutter ..r u hundred yards or more."
Zam-Buk   Wins   Workers'   Praise.
Marvellous Cure  ul   Burnt.
The   Proniahle row.
Always have Uie l.i.ru and fastenings
arranged so Hint the COW will be com-
fortable, as the comfortable cow is the
profitable 00W,
Feeding  Milk Cattle
Root crops cost more to produce than
corn ensilage, but ure more convenient
r,.r n small herd. The cows like carrots best ami do not tire of rations of
roots if mixed with carrots, says a
t-iiiiisylvauia farmer in Amerlcau Cultivator.
I ...„i. That Talal  Milk.
Thc fer-d should be good and free
from aromatic substances. If these
aromatic foods arc used they should
bo employed according to those methods which will not cuuse odors or Ilu-
...rs In the milk.
Look lo Ike Paalare.
The all round foci for milk cows Is
grass. Therefore look well to the pastures und tee tbat their quality It Improved.
sni.l.   ike . ••«.'a Needa.
Bach Individual In the herd should
be -nidii-d aud given thc care that she
re.|iiiu*s   for   best   production,   says
ia rm Journal
Iho sisters stood tide by tide In a
bard. One required bulky, light food
to . nuse her to do be." best. Thc other
lequlred more concentrated food with
less bulk.
No herd of cows can ever be really
profitable uoleea they receive Just this
careful attention.
Ortad ih* Ba? ••* eto»»r.
Alfalfa menl Is a ttaudard commodity 00 the feed murket, yet I tee but
little in print us to the results of feed-
lug It. but the few dairymen, tuyt L.
W. I.lghly I" NiiHomil Stockman, I
heard speaking ubout the experience
Ihey had With It teemed very favorable. A prominent Pennsylvania dairyman a few days ngo told me ho It
about puttliiK I" grinding machinery
that will handle Hn* timothy and mixed
bay and reduce then to n fine ground,
crushed condition. Who ever tried this
practically 1 Is Umre nny available In-
formation lo the experiment station re-
portsl 1 would not like to commit my-
Mir but It seemt to mc theoretically
that we could do the rougher part of
the chetvlng cheaper with gasoline -ir
alcohol power than with cow power. It
l,ns been amply demonstrated that
reeding the cow estlly dlgetted feed
isvct feed-
II..    tlr.-nl   Cocker.
Glancing through a pile of ancient
copy liooks ainl letter writers, one dimly realizes what .in awful thing it u^ed
to be to compose and put upon paper
a thoroughly correct epistle, lt was
uot nu affair to be lightly taken in
band any more Ihun matrimony. N'o,
not even if one tad learned p.-nniau-
ship from tbe Immortal Cocker himself
In his house lu "Paul's Churchyard, betwixt the Signes of the Sugar-1.onf and
the Nak.-d Hoy and Shears." Cocker's
funic rests on his arithmetic; uow obsolete, bnt the worthy man, besides being a ready reckoner, was also a
mighty penman. Doubtless many a
seventeenth century youth toiled nlong
with Inky lingers under his direction.
Hearken to what thc master says to
lilm: "Let not your breast lie on the
desk you write on or your nose on
the paper, l.ut sit in ns majestical a
l>osturo as you can. With practice you
may do brave things."—London Mail.
lirraur   1 .*,,«ll>   of   •>..„.ruera.
"The English sentence grows shorter
and shorter," says nu essayist. "Spencer, Sir Th. is Mo.re, Lyle nnd Sydney used sentences of the avcrngo of
li rty live words. N'owa.luys the sentences of the average Journalist nre
ouly fifteen words long. Bucon Introduced the short sentence. At a time
when everybody else wns using tlfty
words be took to twenty two. Praise
be to Bacon. Macaulay used u very
short sentence. Its average length wilt
twenty three words. Dickens' averng.
was twenty eight. 'Puii-kerny's wat
thirty-one. Mallhew Arnold's sentencet
nn*   loug.   but   beautifully   balanced,
They     are    thirty set rs       Henry
James' nre longer and. though Inlrl
cntc, arc well worth puzzling out, for
In ouch of them a wonderful inclining
Is concealed. Tbey srs thirty nlners
Kipling's sentences are twenty-oners
(Its.rge Moore's nre twenty-fourers am1
II   l-.   U'ella- .ro t-went.-tbi
Zain-I'.iik has been culled "the work'
•.'.-  friend"  because it brings such
lelief mul healing to workers who
-offer fiom cub,, hums, bruises or
any skin injury or diseuse. Mr. All.
.1 Clark, ol Cavendish street, London, (Ont.), tells how Zam-Buk cured
him of severe hums He lays I
not my bands very severely burned
with lime. The burnt were so deep
that aa 1 plied my shovel the blood
.dually ran down the handle. The
I suffered you may «,*11 im-
iiiiii.■ I tried several different kinds
if salves but the burn.- were too -• v-
■re lm these preparations i" heal.
I obtained a supply ol Zam-Buk
and   the   very   first   application   gH\e
me saae. Thia pleased ms, you may
guess, bul as 1 applied the halm each
day 1 was more and more pleeaed
with ih" effect. The pain was re-
lieved completely.
"1 had often beard of Zam-Buk
but thought before 1 tried it thnt it
rat -iniilar to the ordihary salves
...ii -.*.* advertised. In S very .-holt
tunc Zam-Buk healed my wounds
completely, and my hands actually
[ell better — the muscles more tirm
nel the skin in hotter condition than
before 1 was burned."
Not only for burns, bui toi l uta,
bruises, sprains, etc., Zam-Buk is tin-
besl und surest cure. It alto caret
■.•7CII1H. ulcere, sbs pastes, ringworm,
boils, eruptions, poisoned wounds.
.*liii|i|tc.| rn cracke.i hands. OOld 101*08,
chilblains, bad leg,   piles,   etc.   All
Iruggiata sell at 50c a l.ox. ..i poet
free Irom tin- Zam-Buk Co., Toronto,
•ii receipt of price.   6 boxes for J2.50.
Manitoba Was-first settled in 1-11
by li'. Scotch settlers under Lord
"Thouihl It maant daath aura " Mra.
.lame- M.Kim. of Iniiiin ul.*. Ont. saya of
her nineis. miraculous cure from bean
lis.■!.-<■ by I.r Arnew's Cure for the
Heart I n-l1 I began taking thia remedy
I ,t.-rnin*.I of my life. I had htart fall-
on- and i-.rr.Mnt proatratioti. * One doaa
gave me gufck relief and one bottle oured
me. Thr .iitTiTing- of yeara ware dlapel*
led  like   ...agn*       3
Iron   In   Iht   tit.ily.
There ure iibpUl  100 cains of iron
|U u„. ii,  Inn* ilii I" i.i. und yd so
I,  ,, ,,..MI|   ii   ihi.   cMi'i'tllnily   small
I nuillffltj  Iftrtl 11" ,! hdinjllou ir< all.-uil-
sd wuh rorj lerletw results,
l-iiatlali  1V..I.H..B nln«a.
ii is iiiii general j  known tbat i>y
I an it.t of Hi-* i'*"-'*1' - perllanient pass-
e i |„ is.-,.-, it Is enacted lhat all w.-d-
Iding ring* ■"-1'*1 '"' "' tthDitti gold,
••„, ena.iii ehiR Intended more to
...,*„,, ti,.- iiinouni of gold duMes than
lo protect Um I'Uhlle from Imitations.
Stakliio-  Over a  Cloth  toll.
If you are making over an old cloth
suit n..thing freshens II up more than
to reaponge it and I horoughly press it,
!>>> not of course attempt to sponge
nny mud.' up garment or treat It in the
same way Hint you would the uncut
inai.-rial, but to renovate an old skirt
thoroughly and make it over it is best I
to rip It apart lu every seam and then
thoroughly cleanse and respunge. To .
; do this saturate n piece of muslin
In warm water, Ihen roll up the muslin
und the cloth together and allow them
to  remain   for  several   hours. The
.lamp musllu should be placed on the
wrong side of the miit.-rl.il.
- DODDS ';
li,, nut let a cold r-.'iii    >>""
lungs Resort i" Bfekle'i Anti-Con-
lumptivs Byrup at the Brsl intimation
..f Irritation in ths throat and prevent disease (loin lodging m the |*ul-
nionaiy   oigaiis     Neglected   Dolds   SIS
il nuse of untold suffering throughout   lhe   country,   all  of   Which   could
Imve been prevented I.y ths application ..f thia timpla bul powerful medicine,   The price. *r. cents, brings it
within  the  reach  of  nil.
A Town i Year Old.
A Utile over a yeur ago there was no
such place as (forth Battleford, but tn
the West towns grow so rapidly that
In lit Inst Issue The North Battltford
N'ewe Is able to look back In* a a iiue-
wiiat "lirst settler" fashion and tell of
the progress that hns i.cen made—
'■wiih thia issue of Ths News wa
oniiiiii'iici* i. new year, and In so doing
we are ltd to rellcci upon llie progress
of thc town dm ing the last tWtlVt
months, and als . upon th.* progress of
The News during thut time. When The
News was lirst published I he town was
practically in tiabryo, only a few business houses und dwellings btlng .llher
ere.led or cnmm.ni'.il    SI net lhat thnn
tiie town has attained wonderful pro-
gesa an.l has grown I., the sir..* and
dignity of .. town si.cli us In man.,* pans
of the  Dominion ll   hat taken years to
pro.li    Although al ihe present Ilmt
-building ll not su brisk, st 111 the progress continues, anil It Is nxpecltsl now
thai  we have   secured    Incorporation
iiiiii progr-SSI Will contlilUS and be.even
more marked.   Tht possibilities for tho
future of n.i*- town *.rc unlimited, and
we do nol think we art exaggerating
In predicting that In len years lime
North Hniu.'f.rd will lu.v,* attained ihe
size nnd dignity of a. huge and progressive city.'
***-**-*-.. _,	
W    N    U    No.   610
-   the   best : —
■datthias Foley. Oil City, Out
foseph Bnow, Norway, Me.
'liarles  Whooten,  Mulgrave.  N,S
Etev  It  O, Armstrong, Mulgrave. N S
-i,*rn* Landry, sr . rokemouche, N B.
Thomas Wesson, Sheffield, X II.
A modern weapon In Ihe battle lor
health If diaeaae haa takeu yutir olte-
del of health, the eiuniach. and la turtur
lag you with ludlgeiilou, dyapepala and
nervuue prostration. South Amerlcaa Ner* :
vine ia the weapon to drive the enemy
from hie etrunghold "at the polut uf lha
iiaei.iiri. trench by trench. Uut iwlfl and
mui.  It alwaya wiue.  <t
Clly  Nolare.
We hope It is true, as reported, that
the   sntlnotte   move it   Is   making
headway In other cities, it certainly U
imi doing Hint iu Chicago, In this
town tin* notion always has ohtulucd
thai noise is Indispensable Ij activity
nnd that lhe noisiest man must necessarily le the most active one. It Is
going to take a long time to eradiedte
this fallacy. Iu the meantime the Interior o( lhe loop is about ns restful a
pirn i* a- a great battlefield.   Il Is n per-
fecl hell *.f nobwa, moat or tbem absolutely  wanton nnd unnecessary -Cb.
t-agu Chronicle.
War   ..f   llte   Kulurr,
It cannol be long before ihe torpedo
controlled and ulrected limn a ,i.-|...i
ship becomes un actual factor in modern warfare. The advantages of such
nn arrangement are so obvious that
progress lo lbl« direction will be watch*
ed with tin- greatest IntoreaL A machine made war, governed as all wars
inc. simply by th" t-piestinn of cost. Is
a consummation devoutly to lie wished.
—Lnglneering Timet
Manitoba Is ss large   ss   Bngland
and Scotland.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
The    New    York    supreme    court
knocked     out    seventy-three    Hearst
ticket candidal.- because nominating
petitions had been iUegallj prepared.
Mill,*.- of western and northern Min-
neeota are experiencing hard tunes
letting wheat to grind. They have
wheat bought, but tnough perhaps only two hundred milet away, are ..n-
i hie to get it. Some of them have
flour sold for certain delivery, and
, iiiinot get wheat to make* it from
-•Inny millers are greatly incensed.
: li.l a te« threaten t,. bring -Hit
rg-tinsl the (ir.*at Northern Railroad
,or damages.   Railroads sre n** doubt
I.'ing their utmost to move wheat.
I.nt taking int.. account urgency
liansportauon >*f live ttock eaatward
nnd the general trallic is enormous
they are seemingly overwhelmed with
'raffle.-From the Northwestern Miller.
Itch. Mangt, Prairie Scratches and
evtry form of conttgiout Itch on human or animals curtd in 30 minutes by
Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
In the Designer for Xoveinlier is t..
i.e found, iii addition to the many designs for winter apparel lor ladies and
young folks, n special article "For
Thoaa Who Wear Mourning": another
on Riding Habits" and still a third
on "Fashionable Fura"; all beautifully illustrated "Tin- Outdoor Baby
in Winter'' will please not only the
mothers l.ut the children, ami "Leather Treatment for the Library" offers
novel Suggestions for the u.-e of the
pyrographlc needle. There nie three
capital     Thanksgiving     ston,.-.     and
some excellent bits of Thanksgiving
\.*i-.*     Lesson-   in  sewing,   milliiieiy.
lace-work, etnb lery   and   knitting
an-  given,   and   there   aie   tw,.   pages
filled with designs i.n home-made
Christinas gifts. "Faahiona and Fab-
i lea," "Faahionable Frivolities," "Toil-
sl Tabic Chat,""Etiquette Hint.-".in.l
"Floriculture Talks" are among tin*
many other good things supplied I.y
authentic specialty writers, while the
departments edited bj The Designs)
readers   "What Women are Doing,"
"Helps Along the Way," ami tin-
"Mothers' Advisory ciui." are fairly
tingling wilh lively personal nit,n-'
Saved Just in Time by Dr. Williams'
Pink   Pilb.
"Before my daughter   Lena   l*-gan
inking   ll.    William*    I'mk   Pills  she
looked  i>* like ii corpse thun u Ine
girl,"  tayi   Mi-   Geo   A.   tfylss,  ol
South    W Islee, Ont      Her   blood
-petii^.l u- though it had all turned
to walel Then -lie l,.-taii to have
bed -ifllr with her heart At the
les r excitement hei  heart Would bt-at
-•* rapidly at lo almost smother ber.
Bhe grew very thin, and had no ap-
petite, and what little food she did
cal did not seem to nourish her. She
was l.eate.l by one of the best doctors  in tliis  part  oi the country, yet
sbs was daily glowing worse and her
heart got so bad that we were afraid
•bat she would die She slept but
verj little, and would frequently
i. wake with n start and -.cm linn-
wi .uld jump right up in bed. These
-tints it..uld alway... bring on a bad
-pell an I leave her weak aud ex-
hausted Wa had almost given up all
I ops ..i t*v.*i wslng her well again.
when we decided t" try Ur. Williams
I ink I'llls. After taking a couple of
boxes -he began to sleep better nt
night, and color began to return to
ler lip-     I'i.un    that    on    she    kept
I light  on gaining    Mid    after   taking
fight Ih.x 1 the pill- sle* was again
ui good health. Sin* i- now lilifcn
years ol age. the picture of health,
snd since beginning the pills has
-..lined about forty, pounds in weight.
Only those who saw  her when ill can
1 eppreeiste the mar*««lloui change Dr.
Williams' l*ntk i'llls have brought
aboul in her condition. I believe
that had it not been for the pills she
would be in her grave to-day, and it
U with feelings of deep gratitude that
I write you in the hope that it may
I enetit some other sufferer "
And Dr. Williams' Pink Pills can
do just as much for the weak, ailing,
I ale-fiii'eil young woman who is slip-
I ing from iiiiaiiiiin mtii a deadly de-
.line. Dr Williams' Pink Pills actually make new blood.    In that  way
' they .strike straight at the root
of all common diseases like an-
semia, hen.laches and backache-,
heart palpitation, indigestion, neur-
a'gia rheumatism and the secret ailments and irragnlartiiet of girls and
women. Sold hy nil dealers in medicine or by mail nt .Ml cents il box or
six boxes'foi 19.50 irom the Dr. William- Medicine Co., Brockviils, Out.
The savings deposits in Canada amount to $.jik..>ssi,iksi. or -film per head.
Bunlighl Soap is better than other
soaps, but is best when used in the
Sunlight way. Buy Sunlight Soap
and follow  directions.
With a capital    of    iti.0011 .(Km,    the
Trans Alssks" fllherla   Railway   oom-
pan) ha- ben in.-orp..rated. The
company will construct a railway be*
tween Alaska and Siberia, with ii tunnel Underneath the Behrmg straits.
By Analysis of tho Urlno that Chronic Kldnoy
Disease Is Positively Cured by
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
The Gaao oi Capt, Smith is unusually in! r.ling becattae it proves nb-l
trlutely I.y analysis of the urine thntl
Dr. Chase's Kiiliu-y-i.iver i'llls cured
him of kidney disease. The doctor
himsell could scarcely believe il until
lie had made the second analysis nnd
pronounced the c.g.tniu a well num.
Capt. Win. Smith is a veteran of
lh,* Ciiineiin war. living at Uevel-
. t.>U<*.   B.O.,   and   caincd   Ins   Illli*   in
the, British army.     Hs reported his
in   n   letter  us  follows:     "I   can
testify    to    the    benefit derived from
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills. r.»
years I was'a sufferer fiom kidney
disease, anil could get no relief for
it. The doctor cxnmiiie.l me and nn-
alysed my urine and told ms l hnd
chronic dlssass of the kidneys As
Ins medicine did me no good I
bought a box of Dr. Chase's Kidney-
| iver    Pills    nnd   was benefitted so.
much thnt I kept on taking them until I can say I nm perfectly cured.
1 fold th.* doctor thnt I wns cured,
hut he wuuld uut believe ine until he
examined my urine again. Allot doing so he stilted that I had n<> truce
of kidney disease left. 1 have recommended   Dr   Chase's Medicines tn
many people."
Should it nol be Miivenient foi you
to have n physician analyze the urine
you can make thi- tost yourself!—
Put mint urint in a bottlt or tumbltr
and Itt it stand for twenty-four hours;
if there it a ttdimtnt in tht bottom
at tht tnd oi that tlmt, or if it it
ditcolortd, milky, cloudy or ttringy
your kidntyt art out of ordtr and not
doing  their   work   properly.
Dr, Chess's Kidney-Liver Pills, ono
pill a dose, -J.r> cents a box, nt all
dealers or Kdmanson, Bates A Co.,
Toronto. *
-l~~ *"•-"■
XtM »L A* Ht AU M-tNlNfc
It M-tlttf at Tint: L-iktCflr. »»n PuhllMifS
1,0.., htigtuon tni ■ inai Uakt«verr?h.n«d*T
Vae R-tienr d.-we u.t onl't I, I re Ml I rta-aou-
* alhlo-'.r the.ii>...tont ol tariMpotiaeiuun-
pirwe-v4 lu lu eun.une
All locals will be t-btr-t-ed »l tbt >•»•« or li
a.nu |W. line, lira. l.iMrti.ti..M<J 10 -wrvi pr.
- Illir-Kuril tutiM-gui-il IKU.'Uuu.
Ttrmtot rraJltltnt-Atid iirer aSvcrtUti-f
will hr mt .le l.imwH .... ani'i.. J.l"" al unite
1 eoOjCrnjttail tH.no A vcur. Iti nflv.it.n.
.'I'   ,."C*   NOTICK.
Pedro Mineral Claim,  sitliulf hi
he Trj.i! L ake Mining diviiion of
West .Kootenay Dintr c*.
Where located: On Si/Utii Fori
of Onnyou Creek.
• Take notice lhal I, Pft*d. C, Ell
iott. F. M. C Ko. I'MUM, acfing
ae ngenf for tlma (irsc-e Wi-t-ifull
aduiniutrutiii uf the estate nf
-John W. Wee fall, deceased /'. M
0. No. B88091, J. M Miller, F M
C. No B88I67, an J M. F. Obeet-nui
F. M. C. No K881.53, iutenJ   e-ix*.*.
Ja)»from da:.r hereof,  In spply !••
tbe Mining  Reorder foraOertfl
cat* v-* Improvements, 'for tl - ; u.-
pose    ol obtaining n Crt'-wi Gr*. t
ul tbe rtlx.ro olaim.
A"fni farther take notice thut ac
Hon, i:r,iiir section 37,must hi ■• in •
menccd bcfuie i!i» isauance of >oc.u
■ Certitiea'e of [mprovementa.
Dated ibis lSth day October    A
D. lttW.
A. K. rrn.-tion, Bill   Boy. Florence
' Forbet Fraction, GI notes p. (iloosmi
No. ? .Clootctp So. S.. Homa Run Luc
JunbJ, independent, Kooit-nny So. 1
Kootenay No. 2., Kooten.vy So. S .Frae
lion, Lsrdo. Horning Stir, May. I .
No.I. May No. 2 , May No. 3, Mtv No
- *. May No. 5 . Pilot Friction, Pilot, Reward Fraction, (tattler, Rattler No. 1.,
Cuioii Jack Mineral Cltiuit sit dated ill
ihtlroal'Lako Mining division ol Writ
Kootenay district.
Where located:-On Six and Peren
Mile ereeki tribntorijt ol ln» |jM|tl<
Fork of Laroeau Creek.
Tate Notice   that I,   Y. C.  KHioll
Free   Minert'  Cc-riiricate.  No. It .IU!
acting   at    tgent    for    Tho    Reward
Gold   and   Silver    Mining   Compan.*.
Limited,      NonTersonil       Liability.
Fre«  Mintrt Certificate No. C83*:u4, iii
< ttnd,  mt; dayt from  the dsle hereol
toapply to the Mining Recorder  foi
• Ceiiitici'ct of  Improvemenit, lor  tli
purpota ol ohiainins; Cronu Brants <>
the above rliitni.
And furthtr take notice (hit  action
under trction 37.  mutt   ue eoinn.rneie
hetore the itsnsr.ee of snoh Cenificii'
of Improvement!.
Dated  (hit  4th    div  .-[ O '.       at-'
,ioe t
■'inTH-lT'-* f-|-',|-'
("ejus, la snl
to in* poinl i.
Good, prompt ee.iu
Legal Notices.
i th-
antttlii   ■ leoral elaiii   *•■■' *-«\
imiii   i •■'.- fining   divitiun ol »fi .
Kootenai district. ... ,.  j
tvhsrelocsted:  tin seven Mlleciee-t
-Vulli 1'orl; *.( hart-mi
, ti n ,N   ">■''«  I
foi    l-nv.!     C.wa
l.  .
. I
-Ite   Re
Trout, Lake Livery
'■■■ 3   •  ,
..' *   I  r |«. in-.* . •  Viet
' i.rl.i
an.l .1,1  WO,',  on 1 -
S. DANEY, Prop.    Ferguson.
■   v  i   i*:i>      f-.r  I
., i   i  rr. rn    ir...i
hii   ' ,   . .
-:..,..   Ill *      lie ''<*' "        .
|| II,   .'.,".   ... i"    '■'' ''''"," '
the issuance ol Certificate
b '
nrovouien -
Dated in ii 801 - dti
',.,.., a ..o.   ... I
SioJ.fe* at
• rot
il Aug., i
1    Heater
I Supply 0o.
Bar well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
inrge Cutiin.riel-le Bdtiliit;   Eifeellent CiiiHine (tnd Attendaoce.
lly uaiiK Water supplied  by i1 -
Companv y. u sre assured   '-
lute purity,   Government Am  \ i ■
t.i baok up statements
Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
Excellent    Accommodation
Best* Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   SS
Notice ia hereby (liven, t' al  3l
days from dati hereof I .in'.ei,d   l-
apply to the Chief Commisioncr ol
Lends dt Work*  (or  a   special   !i-
in.a,     • 4i    do vi-..:    tin)
ber from  lbs   following described
lands: —
Titnbrr claim N'<- 1. Commen*
elnjj at s post piante.l on t'ie uor:i j
«ido of Poplar creok, 30 feel from
thecruen bank, about 8 milre f.< ni
PopUr marked Ilemy M*gbQ>on'i
H. E. corner poet; thence wrs' 8'i
chains, thence nortii 80 chsine,
thence eart 80 chuins, (heiice entill
80 chains b«c*k to point of o .rumen
I/-.catcd Nov 18th. JtWfl.
•Henry Magnosoi, Ljcst'»r.
£r>c Strand, Agent.
No. 2. Commencing at a |<os'
planted on the north ride of P. pUr
Creek, SO feet fron. the crreV b^nk
and H'ij initig No i po.it, about 8
miles from Poplitr, )mark>d Henry
M«cnuson's N. K. earner {.on;
thine, rout!.80 chiniK, thence -•cii-
th 80chxii.s. theore ucsi 80 rh-iit,,*
thco.ia north 80 cluiins, toei>o.*
• est 80 cluiiur, bark lo point of
Located Nov. 18ih 1906
Menry Magunson    Lccsior
Erio Strand   Agen'
John Simpson,      Proprietor,
Best Hotel hi Town,
Eeailprlm for Mm aafi Couunerai li.
d. b. Mclennan, prop
W. H. Jones,
leal    lim lots.    Fine   Job
wo:d   vallance   hard-
vvahe co i'o.
Hardware,  Miueta' Bi   plies, Stove
nn.l Ilaii*;tr8.
Stavfte? (X Co.
Ksur.   Clio...**-.    Prodace   snd   b'ruil
Hourton Bk.Joiephine SI  N.*l-.'.. B C.
lt  pays lo u».- Ihs   I-1. | I • '"•      1
lengthy trip can often li * pnv. il    •
,,i  i ,-i-.-.;- .     . uniii.ini' Btora .   I
Lake, P   I nflic.    .:•■ sl Ueatou, Cum-
i    I Arrow*I      ':
I W'atch-repniring,   etc.    All  work
Trout,Lake   City Transfer
and Stage Line.
f> Ferguson
I Trout Lake j
^Jj Daily Stajrc wi'! I
fi leave  Pergtuon
7 a.m.
| Trout L-\:t ,-t fl |
\ WOOD   Y
rrf        in ccnr.c**.'.-*,.
WWiX '■ l,    .
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford.
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
H nd Office
TOKON'IO.   OM \Plii.
Hotel, mmm ElBci, Trent Lale,B.0!
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
B   C
Sandy Laughton
ill'.S  flatting  FefRnrTin you
t\. "■•'•'. ata* hi tin. i.unl't:)
j     H"l.!.     H"ri<   Iht.   visitor
wil   h.i   g.irr..iiiiiif.|   -nillt
I.r mi* rotnf.irlii     E.t'cll.'iit
cuisine,     arell   v.-i.ulaieil
nml     nnrm    rnninn,     wt-H
i-inckd bur.   »n«l   f-v. ryihing which,
tt-. dw towards raakinu yonr iiiii a
(i    ;.-.lllt   tlliil    Illl'lnOt lll.l.-   Oil*'.
K.'.r I'. iii $1  .l.iy .i|ivr*trils.
We Pinvn tu  jiliaRC n.ir patrnns.
F. B. Wells
A F.  A A M
3rd   'liinrt-ih'.v each
in .1.ti>.
8       -   * -• Urethren cerilisllf ii i
;i.  Kor.) Ir-.l. gee. F.C Campball.W tl
i rROUT   I.AM'   LODGE   I. O.O.F
N.I. 41
ju. lareieeUnasbeldtn
*•, rriprij^
•r'-'m   ^"*   mAltX, .!     •
*_-*•< \r' •■
'^i~\~XT~~    .-racurJiully w.i,„.i,i*
.op? ^^
... J»cnt,«n.i. N  il  ,       r. V Shephtrd. *_e,
CAPITAL PH.D .'P, ■•..S'.CtC,
BtaT .1 42B.0C0
P I! nriLKIl Hon. ROBE Rt J AFFRAY  '
BRANCHES   n> lhe Provinces o( All-erta  -. ...
Uanltoba, Obtsrio »i.d Qui   -
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT reeelead s   I la eedsthi)
ciiirtil ..,,.* ' a. -n.iiit.
IMtnn it crsdlt.Msasda-Mlaaieta    ur
Int    , f mr worl i
,r aitani.nn [i,m lo eo'.'Mliona a-...
Hlnlaa li.'..'«
Review Job Dept.
!'..r Hijth-Claas Work.
© K
Barber Sbop
Arro.vluM.I Dranc'i—
l.l*. BAKER
.1*1*1 r
— ron a
Good Shave i.r ll.iir-.ut
P.BHrnS&CO * WiHlam'schnel.,
I 'iol.l or Silver...
| Gold mnl Silver,
Bilrerantl Leail.
(I 50
2 ,"
IJ 50
SHANNON.   Issnver
Trout Lake, li C.
Deulersia .i!i kinda of Freah M, i.t
ri.i'.i a. i.n
Hot and Cold Baths
■ n-  -  \i.    irter, J   a. ..a, . ■
A   M. PINKIl \M
si.i.n ITOR-S, Kite,
Solid...rt lorlmpeHsl Hank nr.'-niaua.
Barber Shop.
1 t r l..,t I   I l.v.
"rim ii n
C. A chees:
Tt OO! 1.4KI • in
Hot, tne   CcH  Lull
ep-Xr- *»*. -_■• %t OOOO O OOO <V**«0 0»QO tm**7l l*£*>
*   ,..   XLhc IDotel JGcaton  ...   I
.w»l "' ' — i-
VISITORS arrivinir »t Be»ion fth.- Ihrrihold nf the Lsrdesn)
via Arrotrhend, will imil Uii-. Hotel lu bo fully eqnippeil
(or hich-clH**-. ttarle. ICxeellei.t iieeommodatioo. a well
• ppo-nt.rt and apneinn*. .liiiitiR hall. 7!,ohe.»t oi (VinSS,Spirits
an.l CiK»r»- l'crrt&nitl supervision is given to lhe requirement! of
patrons. Vjeitora i.i tba 1 n'dn.m run relv On comfort at thin hotel.
IW. BOYD -:-  -:- Prop \
Ves tta-qaot>00«>«»<»ia a.-~»*.--n.<i.«v«it.« osca-ta-r1
No..3. Commfiio'ng at n rest
planted ou tho ^north ride of i'oj,-
Isr Creek, 600 feet from [the creek
: ban.'i. and abi.iit 8 milos from Top-
lar, Qkike 1 Henry M»gnu-'0»is N.
W, coiner post; tbence east chsins
Ibence s <nih £0 chains, ihen.-.
Wesl 80 chains, tl sneo north *i0
chnins,  back to point of ro.nnun-
. cameo L
Located  Nor. 18th l&Ofll
Herry Maenueoo, Lcuslor.
Erie  Strand, Agent.
No'ioo is beroby given thai 60
. darn alter t'.»u firnt  publiontloo   of
■ this notice in tho B. C. Gazette; I
ntend to aptly io the Hon, Chii I
ComonJasioner of Lands and Works
. tei a spticiiil Licence to cut md
. cvtytmAy limber from tiio/olk.w-,1 th £0 ohains tbence eaet 8o"r*hali"e
, log described Lands siluatcd In tbtnw^north 80 chains back lo
\ ^art Kqotenay Dulrid. f poltit oi oommenceroont.
t{Cr*ttW.I m nextfoliiini]     j " Ue*Ul- Cct' Mth im-
' Chas Uanson locita J
Nn.   1 Conimencinj;    si  a
post piimto^ on iii" north aide of
Rapid Crcok I/O!) feel trom (re.ik
2 miles from LarH . River maiki*.l
Char. H.= n-*on> N* E corner pot.' j
th«oce wes'SO^h'.ins, ihei.ceHO.i-
to SOibs'ns tiirnci. Prf»l 80 ohnina
tbrncQ nnrlh .^0 rbaii.s bocl; t>,
place of comui* ncem. ni.
No 3 Commencing ai n pot
planlrd on the . ortii eide cf Ra, .
Id^crot-k H'OO fo>'t from creek 'i
ta lie from Lard. River marked
Chss Hanson.. N Ji comer post)
•hoors wo^t80cll^llns tlionod io i
ih 80 ohaina tli-*-no.i o*n>t 80 c hjuh !
Ihenee north fcO ^chains beck to
point of ,>,mi.)enp,*ii)ciit.
No 3 Comnicnrlng at a post
planted on the north side of Rapid
ce-k 1000 Lot fiom creek ab. ut
4 miles from Lardo River mtirkod
Obae Hansons N E cornor post
tboooewe^t eOokaios   thenco. sou
K.tipolj horobygivou thai 80
daya after data, I Intend lu ?pply
to thu If .n. Chief Oommlss nn-r or
Lund*, and Works for a sr'0"'1'' Ha
i'yi'60 lo cut nii'l nntrv sivny timber from t ho following described
Innili uiiiiitc in West Koolenav
di*,t*ic S-
Nrt. 1. C'linmencing hI a poet
p'lii.t.-.l on tho Kiinili-iaisl corner of
li, Boston's prn omptinn, m»rke.l
A.E Evun g Snuth-west crncr post
thence north 100 o'ainc; thence
enst 40 chn'nti; th.*n."- roijtli IRQ
chii"!*: ihi.-nce went -10 chaina to
I .int of co'nmenr-.emcnt. j
Dated, December 12'h. 190ft.   I
->    I
A. E. Evans.
No. 2      I'ommBiicine «' - pout!
planted on tho eat*,' line of   Loen'-i
ion No. 1. and marked  A   K.  Ev ;
an's Souih-ens' corner po«l! ihccne t
north 1G0 chains,    thenco cast 40
chains,  thenon south   160ch>ins,
bunco weat 40 chaina   lo point ni
D " ted, December 12th.   1306
A. I,. Evane.
■vHERE have been fortunes
mndc I.y Judicious Invost-
incut in Rer,| Estate, nnd
in..re fnrlunea will h<- made than
over t'i* n* xt two oi ihreo years,
Tho ona ivli«. reaps n,.* bHrveal ia
the or-gln.-ri Investor, for be has
bis in c.*i ... a cariaintjp,
Now Iel us point out to ynu tbat
ih.-ie !•■ n*. n.-ii, i* spol .ii tho Cun.
tin1''.' '*. ; UV Real Kelate than
Trout Lake Is lhe prettiest spot
i'i ' I •* K'**..it nny-; as n pleasure
" i'»rl it l.as iii, equal, H'>ntit>K
•'n-l fishii:; may i <• Indulged m
tin. yror round ; wliire big game
in aliiitidauce it tn iho found nn
ilm hl'ls. Dn cliiiiiii.- i» superb,
tli.*rr* l. jug no i-r.-nf pxtretnea, It
I" i"i' mi I in winter nnd c-o' In
summer. I. can b. a-i uf some nf
'lv* fin.*-». hoti'la  nnd ngidencN In
lil'iliell ('..I.iiii.-a.     ft- Jtl". ell    run
well Iii d "iii nnd gradi .1. There
it" iw i t *..■. ! ni con eral store!,
ami n glm .*. m tl..* ndvertifwinonte
in fiil- j. in ii will show thill nil
trades arc fairly well represented.
Write  with confidence tu A gen I a.
•/ ' il
/ *•
"'-■■- "•
Cl    mm>
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
Then call on
or   witn to
T has never had a ; h< om "—its
groa 'I. has I. pn rv ndy. It i«
tl s I., ad . f i *. v gallon, s - .1
the tern.li al i f the Lardo biam h
nf He CP R. Ail ma It (.> the
I si dean) I....I t„ Tr. m Lake. It
i-. lha eon merrial <*.*n.ie < t Ibe
rich'Bt mineral llatrict en ibe
" ' in * i i. and Imr : n* 11>... t
Hc« i-.v..!,.i by il.,. tinretial
I'ank pl Cai ads , Orsl elaas bid owl
..." n i... .'a'., n uud. • lbs
Hon  - f 8 Sbai , i: a. , n .*.. d
Wnll-l i.lv'. ,i   ;   . .    • ti,it'll,I , flii-,- j
■"■ ii,.ii I', ti rt sittings; Methi dial
1 :   ro| i] in .1 Anglican cboruLes
and cottage lio*niiei,
There sre valoable ranch laniFs
on ihe outskirts awaiting set I ler*.
Ite luml cr r*»oiirc« ■ are mngnifl
' i '■ ai -I n  I: nd taw u ill  will a
1 |.' i'.i of (Id. II) ft. per tiny 'S at
t' e I end .1 Ibe lake. Tl .- mil cm
Hilnliiiy  nn..   |.r..\ing oul  hipjiir
i roducara every year, wilh i. w
prospttti < pening uji uch kodles >.f
Tier.-   »ili   \,m a  |,|g ,„*.!, ih's
I    '.   fi   if   mn   would   know
ii-nrc,   wrile  et   oiho I.o  .ill . i of
th" agi-nie .it the addrcases i glow.
F. B. Wells
Ceneral Agent
Revelstoke, B.O.


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