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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-06-06

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 t/y^   eUym 2   ^^^htM^       fc+^*/)
:ie  rr irese i; itjee
i| tli * .-:■• i I. ii* lea i
oo intry.     * • .■
•>...   iddi sa i *i- ^.'
p ■ r ii. in al. , .
TROUT LAKE CITY,   B.C. Juin*;6tli.   I907.
The development ai the Broad-
...... .       ,,     view is   proving  up   more  a nd
Notioe is hereby given lhat after :,   ,
,   ,       .. , .. more satisfactory an it progress-
ivn months from first puhlicutioii
given tli.it :;n
i-reul in   the   British   Columbia
^^^^^^ iiuotte. I Intend to apply to the
Ink- hereof,  I Inleud  Hon. Chinf QoraiuisHinnerof Laiidg
ind Works, for 0 special liconso to
cut and  '-irry iiiviiy  limber from
Notice ib
dayi aftoi
1.1    make    application     to   the
lion Chief * lommissioiior of Landi
.v Works I'..r n ipeciul  license loi i|10 -followinu described lands eltu
cui iiiiii ciuiv awuy  timber  from
iln* following ilcsciil..'.I huids situ-1
.iii'l in \\ est Kowicniii dial 1 Let:
.iu.I in Wei 1 K""t.'iiiiy di.-iilet,
:. '"'■ ''
.** '.»»     ms    ^ta
fi toe;
it hereby glvi n that wit 1
(ninths froin the fust  pub-
len .f in the   British Col
iiiictte, I intend to apply
Hon.   Chief   <' 'iiinii--i'i|i' 1
.v Works for ■ special
in cut ami carry away tim-
ihe following described
liaic iu Went Kootot
Commencing at   »  post
111 tht West    Hide   nf   Pop
80 f.-et from tbe Creek,
lm .Vi nulls from its mouth
Id 11 rv Usgnuson's N.W,
'i.st," thence e.i»-t 80 ohnlni
ll til XO chains; tltnc-
li .im, tin in '■ not lh 80
point of cotiiiiiinti mint
1 ihia 26th day oi April,
I., cator.
Commencing ;it a post plan led*
nt the North Weit corner ol Andei
son i pn -omption   and 20 chnins
.•iist of lhe south went comer of
Lot 7491 "nd marked ''Leslie Hills
N'. K curiit-r poat thonce west 100
cluiins. theuce snmh 00 chain*
Ihenee esbt 100 ehains; thence
north 60 chaina t-. point of cum
Dined Wtli April, 1007.
Leslie Hill
(ii... il Campbell, Agent
Notice is hereby given that within
'...i. ••iniilli- frnm l!n. lirst publication 'in. I in H •• British Columbia Qatette, I Inteud to apply to
tm* Hon. Chid Commissioner of
Lands and Works fnr n speeial Licence to cut snd 'irry iiivny tin,-
ber from tlm following described
landi lituated in Weil Koolenay.
No i.      Commencing at a posl
planted    1 j imi.- above T. n Miv.
■ ii   the   south   fork ol  Lardeau
Creek, adjoining  Lot 7047   on ti.e
north, maikod ''A. Gowii    - E  I
...rner    |-obt "      Ihei n   noi ih    v|1
chaii -.   thence   i\e.-i 80 chaina;
tht lire    lOUtll   80    ch..in-:   thence
■ .i-i 80 chains,   to  i einl < f commence meal.
No.  2.   i..iiii.ii neing nt a post
|.i.*iiiii. 1 i-l ....; * '!   .
on tin.* louth fork ..( Lai
Creek, adjoining laot 7047, on thc
S E. marked 'A. Qoaing'i B. W
connr po-l." thonce north
80 chain-1; c tm ■ ■•! 80 chains;
thence si.iitn 80 chains; thence
west 60 chains tu tin |Kiinl of com.
No. •>■ Commencing al ■ post
planted 1-J miles above Ten Mile,
nn the south fork «.f l.atdeau
tnnrkod "A. Gowing'i N.W,
conn r p si.'' thenee Sonth 80
chains; thence east 80 chains;
theme no-Ufa 80 chains; Ihenctp
WCSt 80 chnins;   to point   of   .' D
111- IH'ClllCllt.
Located   March 27th.    1007.
Loon tor.
In the No. 3 level, the main
work is shoving thc drift to a
point under the shaft, and to
up-ntise to make connections so
as to thoroughly ventilate the
Mr. Perry, of the Crawford
No, l. Commencing at a post Ariel Tram Co. was up this week
planted on Henley Creek, ubout sizing-up the situation for a tram
2 miles from Iho bend, marked from the mine to the. North Fork
".I T. Lauther's south wesl corner" Ho expressed his opinion as to
post" then. ,* north 80 .-hains it being an easy proposition.
Ihenee east 80 chains; tlience south He and Mr. Emmens left on
su clmins; ihci...' wist 80 chains Wednesday morning for Nelson
!,. iin* poinl   d commencement.      *n connection with the matter.
Nn 2. Commencing al » post
planted on Uealoy Creek, about 3
miles trom the head,  marked "J.
T. Lautlier'a north <*.-»st corner
thence ninth so chains; ih- nee
wesl sn chains; ihencs north 60
ehains;.thence east SO ehains to
the point ..f commencement,
Located tbe 'J:'r<l day of Apri),
J. T. I.aut her*-. Locator.
At the Silver Cup, everything
js moving along as though it was
greased. The sinking from the
700 foot level is being pushed as
fast as possible.
The   ore production  is being
kept up to thc normal.
The big mortars have at  last
C. P. R.
at the Broadview—returned
home last week, accompanied hy
his mother. He has been undergoing treatment at Spokane,
where he had the best "specialist' treatment that could be procured. He has however, lost
the sight of one eye completely,
while tlie sight of the other is
greatly impaired.
Jim—in his optimistic way,
however—says that he might
have been blind altogether.
We are glad t° see Jim again,
and while we deplore  his  loss.
I we are pleased lhat some sight
n ,,,,  i arrived at the mil , and   are   be- . , . 6
.  -mmencing at a  post   .lunt.1 . .      . ,, has been left.
the best prospects on   Canyon
^^^^^^^^ Creek and a nice bunch   of ore
Ko, 10. Commencing at i posl planted '" sight for the boys to work on-
•boat 7 miles op ths wett fork "I liun-i	
tee Kiv, r, sbout L0cliaim well ol river CfcUTlKIi/A 1i:   01' [MTOOVEMENTB
and marked   "M. (*.   Uwlor'l N.   VV,
March 27th.
A. Gowing,
corner post,"   thence en-i so chaini;
11 ii-n.-e -muli 80 iliiiin*- j tin* i. i- treat BO
eliaini; thonce north su chaini t*> I-,int
oi commencement.
Located March Wli   1W7.
M. -v'. l.suii.r. Loeator.
So 11. Comment-in.; It s |>olt planted on Uu* Ktsl lurk i.i tin* li.iii.*..n Hilar, about I' miles iii> (run. tbe forks, on
tl.s sonth hank and marked "A. i'.
liiij.on a    North   Went   c..riit*r   i   il   '
s loath 80 chaini; thenee o.-tst 80
rhaflii; ilieiit*.- north '-.| ebsini.
M cbaius :•. i>oiiit  of ooramence
I   cited April Ilt. 1
A. F. Dufeon, Lswator,
N.. il'. Commencing at a ynti plant-
el mi the weal lork ..I iln* Dnni in  Hi-'
er. sbout 4 mil. - up ,.n till north hunk,
iiiii'krd "A. F. Iiuii**..!.**. s,,iilli Wesl
mmer post,
llieuco north 80 chains; tiiiac.  east so
iini thencesoutli80 chaini; thence aotion, under lection 87, must be
treat 80 chaini to puint o( oommence- oommenced before the issuance of
"i.-iii. ' gtich Ccniticatc of Improvement!.
Dated this 22nd. day of May
A. D. 1907.
"Maaama"   Mineral Claim.
Kitusto in thu Tr..iil I. ake Mining
Division of Wt.t K'i'len it district
Where   located:       On divide be
tween 8 Mile Creek (Trout l.ake)
an<) Brown   Creek   (Sei-th Fork   of
Lardean liner)
TAKE notice that i,   o. B
S. Wilkie, acting as agent for Edward Baillie, P. M. C. BSSSS5,,
James His lop,    ,,    „    „    159277 6
J.l). McDonald,     BMi'J03,
Gordon Logan,,, „ ,, 5l9ti,
intend, sixty days from dale here
of, to apply to the Mining Recorder lor a Certificate of Improvement-., for the purpose of obtaining n 1'rnwH tirant of tbe above
And further take   notice  that
Spokane, who sends his regards
to all his old friends in the Lar
;::tcttt;";. a at S£ s Xmi\. tt i *■—»•—- *
Patrick's sonth easl corner post; tratI0ns*
■ north Q0 chains; thenco weit I —0—
SO chains; thence south 80 chains;     „        ,,  . , ., ,    _
., ...   i   i     .    .      .   i     P. A. Lindgren and Nels Bo-
tlienco east so chains to   point of   ,.      , . , ,
dine left   during the week  for
commencement.                             .,    ,.         „■ m, ■   ■
, .    .    „ ,   .„__          the Linson view. This is one of
1-i-ealed April28rd,  1907.
.! i' Kirkpatriok, I.* cator
Located March Ml, 1007
\ i Dugeon,   Locator
So. IS. Comniencfng nt a post
Mr. and Mrs. J. Caig came up I    INDUSTRIES  MAKING
the Lake on Tuesday in a gas>
ine launch and took a number of I        GOOD PROGRESS.
local young ladies to Gerrard to
attend a dance given there.      M ^^^^^^_^^^^^^«™
The ''Review" during laal week
| t.-.ok up thc niaitcr of I he rei-oiirces
Jim Scott—who, it will  be re- along the line of the Lardo bfanc
numbered, met with an accident of ihe ('. I' I:
One of ihe most prominent wai
tho proposed extension of the line
to Arrowhead, on which all the
people seem lo think thu hi-jr corporation wag not actiiiL' justly to
tho people. We understand, how-
c-rcr,—oa the best authority—that
this road will hc commenced thi-
year nnd ive all say ''Hurrah!''
We found all along ihe line—we
walked a good bit   of it -a good ,
area nf fruit and email vegetable 1
land, all tf which is nearly   tak**:  '
At Lardo ihcte is tslk of a re-|
sumption  of  work on  the  <ln*.n
Ilritain group, which will  en
a goodly  number nl   men.    li i>
however, too early to get  to  the
property. ,
At (ioid Hill, Geo. \V. Stead
• turned and is now so far
satisfied with the t«sts mada on
the placer ground, lhat a dr. .
plant will be put in as quickly as
August Buffalo bas a couple of
gentlemen now iookinp over his
property at Second Cr rsing. ami
from what we learned, there is
very little doubt of thc deal not
going through. The proposition
is a tree milling one and ibe ti -'.-
so far. nave l.ceu verv s itsfactoi v.
The llvin Bros, have a!-.o some
g.iod properly located iu ihis vic-
■ i .. •        -l ■!.    *.t-j:» ,.!. .    cr.   "
W Glen, who holds a contrail
with the Canadian Pacific I.umber Company, is putting in toinc
good work on Trout Creek.
The cleaning-out part of the
work, under the able supervision
of A. Bigger, is about through,
and some !og> have been fent
down to the Lake, but the great
difficulty has been—so far— the
scat city of labor, then- being only
7 or 8 men at present employed,
but more men have been sent for
from ArroAl.<.jd and Kevel-:
and it is fullv expected that nliout
'20 men wiil shortly be on the job.
Commencing at .i posl
Ion lhe wesl side of  Poplar
pOO fuel fn.ni the creek, a-
liiiles   from   its   mouth,
"Erie Strand's N. K cor-
}." thenoe south yi* chain*-;
'i-i 80 chain.-: thence nor*
[mins; tliencecaii WJ chaini
of coiumencment,
1 thii 85th, day of   April
Ki ic* Strand ,I*ocatar.
[MiigniiM'ii. Agent,
C iiii'iirinj nt n poll plintetl
• (nh- ot lhe mil f.,ik   ul  the
Itlver, iii.i.nt ; imii 9 i p from
1 marked "I'.l.   Ililln.aii's S.
r post," (hence north mi chain
■Ml |Q iliainH ; llmnco mhill.  Rtl
■ i.t-iiec wot *.u cliniln t" poinl
I* iiciment.
No   -i
e.l on ll.e west hank ..( Ihe I'lincaii Uiv-
| er, nlKittt "i rhaiii" north ol Taylor Creek I
I und marked    A.   F.   Ihi^ion s    North
Commencing   it  » p:,^t   Kaitcerner poat, thence weit 80 chaini
p 1,,1'Jluiilc   above  Ten Ml|eli!'<"»coiootli80cl.ainijthonce call   B0
chaini; thence nnith BO . liains lo point
nf ciiiiiineiH'iiient.
Located April 5th, iy07.
A. K. Dugeou, I * cator.
mi   the   ninth   fork    of   Larthau
Creek,  nnd marked 'A   Gowing'i
6  \V. corner post,'   Ihenee north,
B0 chains, thence east  80 ohains; I    s„ u. Commencing st a post planted
llienceioiith 80chains, tbence west;jaboat 1  mill up Booklet Oreek (r»m
80 chains;   to tho point   of
O  H N'. Wii-kii,
Treut l.nke.   B,
Amid dense clouds of dust ainl
reminding the beholder very forcibly of a famous cavalry charge,
a strnuy mounted contingent oi'
visitors from Beaton galloped Into
Trout Lake on Sunday mornins
The party, which included Mi*---
Bcaion, .Mi?s Short, Ed. Hillman nnd other well-known personages, spent the day visiting
friends here, and departed about
G p.m. on their li! mile return
The weather was all that c, uld
be deaired, and—judging from a]
ibowi co. 'usivcly that they—;l e
owners, have ercry confidence in
the ultimate result.
Walking up the line from Second Crossing, we ran into Kd.
Vipoad's logging camp. Aa we
were coining up we noticed—a long
way ahead of us-^a man itanding
wilh arms akimbo and chest out,
we said—"That's Jack Body,"
and bun enough we were right.
ivl is doing well on hii contract
and keeping the C. I*. li. hu.-v
heeling it tn Gerrard.
Arriving at I'oplar we visited
the property now being operated
upon by Norman McI.hhi.mi an.l
Jack Chism. 'I he hoys have ii
good showing and will undoubted-
are   mainif.ve.tiir. d   fur mi n
,'■ l:   require   boo4.!   for  «r-
iice  ainl   m ugh-and-tumble
par.nti    fled
it    almoit    impoiwble    lo
keep    the i     f.   I     ooi ered
Th y arc all    No.  1   leather'
honestly   mode,    and   »Hl
r;vc-     ii finite    satii fai
Thousands    who   have   Worn
them   Sty    tba*    Ihey     arc
B almost ironclad,
Ask your drain to sii.-.v
tin-in to you. If be fiiouid
not have ihem. inid iii.c
name to
j, nan co. ltd.
C'aJali -.'lie P"ree.
near. *Vill sell for 160.00 to quick
buyer. Owner needing room, the
cause of sel.ii.g. For particulars
apply l'osl Office Store, i
Timber Notices nut ap).curing
, n U.:e jr.pc will be found on pi re
1. mi t in the .-'ippl*. jii.*ii*f is- .
wilh this edition.
2.1 o 07
uteil \liinii (3rd, r.'07.
I*;*!, llilinian, Locator,
Hi' viiiiieii.'iiii; at n po      planted
l.'-i fork ni the li.iin.in  Itivi i
■ M  11■,it      s. W. eornei post1
Bnilrn nji from f..i i. - nml inark-
■ lliiliinii.'v s. E. ci
B-Hlli HO chnillB I lh.'in'.' We«l  BO
■li*. in* i,lli Rn . hiiiiin ; then. 0
Bcluiiis to  iiuiiii iii con mence
■.-•int.il Marcl. ■-•-•.i'i    1007.
Ed,  Ulllrain, Locator,
I,1 im: quid in f"Uiiiin .1]
No •'. Commencing st a poal
planted 2j miles nbovo Ten Mile,
on thi.- south fork of Lniduau
Creek, marked   "A. Qowing'i   N.
W  Cornor |'.>.-l."   Ihcnce  JOlllh   so
chll ini;     thcnCO   .*:i-I   sll   . hailis;
llii ic i* north 80   chains;   thence
in* t  SO chnins;   lo point of com
(III III .111011*..
No u. Commencing al a post
planted 3 J mil.*n nbovo Ti n Mile,]
on tht- t-iiiiih fork ..f Lardeau
Crcok, marked "A. u..wing's 8,
W. corner post,',   thenco north *i>
com-  Duncan Itlvir, marked M. Ueaton i K
\v. corner poal i tliene^ sail I60 chaini
I thenco nnrlh 10 chains . thent-o » •   ' Inn
iliiinsi  su.illi   4U cliaim   t'i  I unit   of
cotnmem menl.
Located April 10th  I
M   Qeaion, l.ut mor.
So. 15. Oommencing at a pmt planted nliniit 2 niilns ti|i Bonldii Creek Irom
Dancan River, marked  M. Beaton •   s,
VV  corner i i. tl once enst IM chaini,
11,.'in e nnrlh lu chains, thenco H.i-l 160
chains, thonce south 40 chaini to point
nf I'olllllK'lll'IIICIlt.
Located April 10th vm;,
M. Bsaton, Ij cator.
t hiiins;    th nee   cast.   80
thonce ibuth   80  ohniuaj   ih 'nee
mil  »Stl   iii.*,in-;       I*,     p. int    of
N'n hi Commencing nt n posl nlanted
iiliniii S milui north .•( llnll Crock, on
Duncan Itlver, nn tho North West cor-
.'huins'   ner of Timber limit No 7L'Is,
Ed, llilliiiiui i. Nnrlh Kn-t corner post,
iln*mi- Weil sn .'Inline, thence lOttUl BO
chains, tlience cost 80 chsiiic, thence
norlh 80 chaini lo poinl nl commeno-
N i 7 Commencing a' n po-*l
planted 3A mile* above Ten Mile
on tho south fork of Lnrdenn
('ick, maikod   "A. Gowing's  N.
W coiner |..i-(;" th< nc* sonth *■>
* i.i11. . Hi* i.e . asl 80 chin' ,
iln nc.   north   80
i.nrnle.l  April HHli   1007.
Kd    IlilllllHIl,    I * 0 it.ir
No  IT Ciiiniiicni-un nl * pn.-l   planted
nlmnl 10 eliaini south ol llnll Crook on
l'im*,ui River, and west ol K & 8 line,
marked   \ i Dugoon • Bottlh Must oor>
chains;   thence nor posh thenco weit Mchalni, thence
-visl 80 ci.niiis   lo   | "inl   ni   c 'in*
Located \farch aOth  190
A. Gowing, Leo Uor.
norlh 80 chains, llioncc eni 16 Ibe  K A
g line t: ence following |ogi nf K A S
i poinl of eommen* mint.
ited Apri'   llth  1007.
A  F   D Ig 'ii i,   i out ir
*.i s3«*f4»r*-4is aoost-
\Vp' a»».* jml iv, i'ii,"i a
*v    Itrneontlgnmenl of
i A
Itife c-omlgnti
Pry   il,imii,  nhloll will Ml-
■tlili* you In  nim*  ymir ii'
ptnditan on (riiiiiii nmt i'x-
prssi Dbais-M, .....! ui tbe
rams lime ensbto  vmi to
UlVINll.        iiii
pearances—the wisitora were well
pleased with their days outii
"I lv make nunc nion-ey out of it.
11 *
Tho Ahra'timicn Bros, have
nude a great improvement nn
their land across the bridge.
Over 20 lots have been cleared
and planted ..ith all kinds of veg-
etablis—from the iplcy   onion  to
A vitit was nlso made to Ihi
N'esbitproperties at Itapid t*;m k
These c'ainis have very rich _
showings, ami ii ciiiiipany—heath tl
by Mr. E Mobl i, of Got rard—-an
preparing to put in a .-mall 5 ton
■tamp mill.
Gerrard is al present ..ne of thi
livuliist places in Ihe Province
Tlie Canadian Pacific Timber Uo,
aro employing u lii.ge number .•!
IA   choice  line   of LADIES'J
\\ IIITK WAISTS  nt   priccsj
that will surely
t,        |
the    luicioui  ivatcr-mclon.    The
hoys figure on getting enough oul! min putting np new building! ntnl
of the lirst crop to pay for the!adding new machinery wliluh nil;
clearing, . I give them—when all completed
Jim Hunt   i-i   doing   Icrcti'.-an one of tho m it complete and up-
work in lifting out the stuiiips(ivith  to-date | hintf in Canada,
powder.) Jim   Jenkins,   Walter   Phnlen
an d John Stauber have some prop.
ciii.s   practically   at    Gerrard
which, in   the   ni ar   future  «i I
make profitable shippers,
iy O'Reilly who  was undergoing,    Th0   gcril)e   covor,d   KtM   ofi
During the battle.  Private I'at-
.    Local and General.
•;.::: :■;.-?■ 1"-:
Mrs. (iowing l and  l*r- -
ther lift on l-'i-dav   inornii,^   last,
on their return to   their   I.o:
. .nd.
Mrf   o n N. Wilkie i»ea
ed leino about the Iiiii i: *•• fi< >_a
an extciidti] Visit t.. rc'a'i, ■ si.d
friends in the old Conn Iry
A, U    Fraser    and    d.ii..
■rie. returned hi me ir n<
Coast oil K-'dny last.
N. W. Sratoens, returned frees
the I'oast last week. Mn l"m-
iiK-ns and Kay will return l.n-r
Malcolm   M.nthieson    lift
week for the Silver Cup.
Butcher Johnson received a
Ian;.' consignment of hug*, ihia
woi k
his "baptism of lire" wan looking
around him for n shelter from the
incessant rain of blllletl which
whistled and shrieked in uncomfortably close I roximitv to his
hearing apparatus, nnd kid worried expression of countenance
soon Attracted lhe al ten tion of
liin .illicer who evidently did not
appreciate pnsr Pat's discretionary
powers, and promptly and indignantly accused him of cowardice,
adding thut the battle would bti
over in another live minutes,
I';it,  Iniriiing under I hi* officer's
scornful denunciation cf blm,
immediate]) repli. .1 "Phwnt,l and
jt'gn ooward Oi am?   Bhure, thin
<>i'd rayiher he a cownrd foive
iiiinuU**- tl nn dead ail nie loite,"
these properties and was Burprlsoil
at tlu- work done by the individual owners.
Summing Up the   whole   silua-l
tion, theshowlllffBoil timber, min
era! an.l finit lends, from Gerrard j
to Lardo Is remarknblu and  in  a
.        .        .   ■ ,     •      i
very short time lheir  production* |
will swell thht of the province to il
very large degn '-.
Mr. Harris, chief engineer on
lhe a.s. Proctor, came in limi'g
tin* week, bringing in JIrs Harris and family.
Mr. and Mrs. If h rr is had n   very
sad bereavement   he/ore   e< .•
down from Revels'ok e, in the J-.**
! of one of their boys. The f.nt
that the little  fillott   w.is well   nt
, six o'clock in the evening and tic.il
at nine, mokes I. more dietrcsiing
ly siiil.
We cxii-inl to both parents snd
i liiaiii'lcr of thu family t.-ir sin-
eeri syrnpnthy,
 — ,    .«■ .mc iinignificeni  cedar  i- l«'-
ing ent nl (lien's ranch, clear es a
Walter Phelan, who has been «'hi«tle, wlthoul a knot mid tix
manageratthe Big Tunnel ali,feot "hrnn-gh.
winter, came down first of the
week ami went to Gerrard to
look after his mining interests
Tommy Pearson came in Wednesday, to look after his -.uried
Interests on Mum) Cr iek.
Autbw ot "TO* bentlcnuui From Indiana" and "Maiuieur Inunln'
(Oontinued From Last Week.)
Beatfciir"1B'tiIIine3, ' hang-Jawed with
lespnlr, he returned her long, tluiu-
fouinletl gaze hopelessly and told tha
truth like an Inspired dunce.
"I came—I came—to hrlug another
man   away,"   he   whispered   brokenly;
face to face with Crailey Gray.
■nd, at the very moment, several
heavy, half suppressed voices broke into eager talk overhead.
The white hand tbut held tlie candle
wavered, aud thu Hhadows glided lu a
huge, grotesque dance. Twice she es-
sai.*,l to speak before she could do so,
at (be same moment motioning him
back, for be had made a vague gesture
toward her.
"I am uot faint. Do you mean, away
from up there)" She pointed to the
cupola stairs.
"Have—have you seen my father?"
The .iu. sii,,n euine out of such a
depth of lucredulousness that It was
more an articulation of the lips thau
s sound, but he caught lt, and, with lt,
not li 'i'e, but the shadow of s shadow
of hope, a hand wai lug from tbe far
shore to the swiu.iuer who hss beeu
down twice. Did she fear for his
"Xo—I have not seen him." He was
(Toplm; hlludly.
"You did not come from tbat room?"
"How did you enter tho house?"
The draft through the hall was blowing upon lilm; the double doors upon
the veranda had been left open for coolness. "Tbere," be said, pointing to
"But—I beard you come from the
other direction."
He wus lireulliltitr quickly. He saw
Ins ehnnee—If Jefferson Bareaud did
not come now.
"Y'ou did not bear me come down the
stairs." He leaned toward ber, risking
It all on that
"Ab:" A sigh too like a gasp burst
from Cralley. Ills head lifted a little,
and bla eye.* were luminous wltb an
engeruess thut wns almost anguish.
He set his utmost will at work to collect himself un.l to think bard aud fast.
"I came here resolved to tuke a uiuu
away, come what vould!" ho said. "I
found the door opeu. went to tbe foot
of Unit stairway, tbeu I stopped. I re-
uieiiiliereil soiuct-iilng. I turned and
wuh going away wben you opened tb*
"Y'ou remembered what?"
llie dicker of bopo ln bis breast Increased prodigiously, and the rush of lt
look the breuth from his throut and
choked him. Good God! Was she
going to believe him?
"I remembered—you!"
"Whnt?" she snld wonderlngly.
Art returned with u splendid bound,
full pinioned, his beautiful and treach-
ironi familiar who had deserted him
st the crucial Instant, but sbe made up
for It now, folding blm ln protective
Wlttgl uud hreutblng through bil spirit.
In riipld aud vehement whispers he
Imii red out the words upon the girl In
the doorway.
"I huve n friend, and I would lly
down my life to make him what be
could he. Hc has always thrown cv-
er.iMiliig niiny, bis life, bis talents, all
bis money uud all of mine, for tbe sake
of throwing tbem awuy! Some other
must tell you ubout tbut room, but lt
bas nnn.sl my friend. Tonight I discovered Unit lie bud been summoned
here, mul I mude up my mind to come
• nd take hlin awuy. Your futber has
mv.,in to shoot mc If I set foot In his
Douse or on ground of bis. Well, my
duty wus clear, and I entne to do It
And yet 1 slopped at the foot of the
itulr because-because I remembered
thut y..u wen* Uobert Carcwe's daughter. Whut of you if I went up and
barm euine to me from your father?
for I sweur I would not have touched
blm! You nsk.-d me not to speak of
'personal' things, nud I hnve obeyed
fou. but you sec I must tell you one
thing now. I have cared for this friend
»f mini mON thnn for all else under
beiiveii, but 1 turned and left blm to
bis inlu aud would a thuusuud times
rather thnn bring trouble upon youi
'A thousand times?' Ah, I sweur It
should be a thuusuud times a thousand!"
He bad purn.led lu one speech from
tbe prisoner's dock to Gapulet's garden, ond her eyes were sblulng luto
bis like a great light wben be Unbilled.
"Go qulcklyl" she whispered. "Ua
quickly!    Go quickly!"
"But do you understand?"
"Not yet, but I shall. Will you go?
They might come- my father might
come- at any moment"
"l)i.i you want to drive me quit*
(iiadf    1'leu ,u **.£'   ahe lull I a trem
bling, urgent Iiu lid'upon Ills sleeve.
"Never, uutll you tell me tbut you
understand," replied Cralley firmly, listening keenly for the slightest souud
from overhead.   "Never -uutll then!"
"When I do I shall tell you; uow I
only know thut you must to."
"But tell ine"-
"You must go!"
There was a shunting of chairs on ths
floor overhead,fad Cralley went. He
went even more hastily than might
have been expected from the adamantine atUtude he bud Just previously us-
sumed. Keallxlug tills as he reached
the wet path, he risked stealing rouud
to ber window.
"For your sake!" be breatbed, and,
having thus forestalled uuy trilling Imperfection which might arise ln her recollection of his exit from the house, he
disappeared, kissing his baud to the
rain as he ran down tbe street
Miss Betty locked her door and pulled
close tbe curtains of her window, A
numerous but careful sound of footsteps came from the hall, went by her
door and out acros3 the veranda. Silently she waited until sbe heard her
father go alone to his room.
She took the candle and went ln to
Mrs. Tanberry. She set tbe light upon
a table, pulled a chair close to the bedside and placed her cool hand lightly
on the great lady's forehead.
"Isn't lt very late, -child? Why are
you not asleep?"
"Mra, Tanberry, I want to know why
there was a light in the cupola room
"What?" Mrs. Tanberry rolled herself as upright ss possible and sat wllh
blinking eyes.
"I want to know what I am sure you
know and what I am sure everybody
knows except me. Wbat were they doing there tonight, snd what was the
quarrel between Mr. Vaurevel and my
father that bud to do wltb Mr. Gray ?"
Mra. Tanberry gazed earnestly Into
the girl's face. After a long time shi
said ln a gentle voice:
"Child, bus lt come to matter that
"Yes," said Miss Betty.
TOM VANKEVEI. always went
to tbe postofflce eoon after the
morning distribution of the
mall; tbal la to say, ahout 10
o'clock, and returned wltb the lettera
for the firm of Gray A Vaurevel, both
personal and offlclul. Cralley uud he
shared everything, even a box at the
postofflce, and ln front of this box oue
moruiug, nfter a night of rulu, Tom
stood atarlng at A white envelope henrlng a smull black seal. The uddress
wus lu u writing be hud never seen before, but the lustunt lt fell uuder bis
eye be wns struck wltb a distinctly
pleasurable excitement
Suddenly aud without rcitsou hi
kuew thut It came from Elizabeth Carewe.
Ue walked back quickly to his olllce
with tho letter lu the left pocket of his
cont, threw lhe buudle of general correspondence upon his desk, weut up to
Uie floor uliovtt uud paused at his own
door to listen. Deep hreatblug from
across the hull ludlcuted that Mr.
Gray's soul was still Incased lu slumber.
Vaurevel went to bis own room, locked the door and took tbe letter from
bis pocket At lust, after examining all
tbe blades of his poeketknlfe, be selected oue brighter thun tbe others uud
loosened the flup of the envelope as
gently and carefully as If It hud heen
the petal of • rosebud thut he wus
Dear Mr. Vanrevel-I believed you last
night, though 1 did not underatund. Cut
I understand now • everythlns and, bitter
to me aa the truth la, I must aliow you
plainly that I know all of It. nor can I
rest until I do ahow you. I want you to
answer this letter-though I must not see
you again for a long tlme-antl In your
answer you must set me right If I am
anywhere mistaken In what I have learned.
At nmt. and until after the second time
we met, I did not believe In your heart,
though I did In your mind and humor.
Even since then there have come strange,
amall. Inexplicable inlstrustlnga of you,
but now I throw them all away and ttual
you wholly, Monsieur Citizen Ueorgca
Mcllliac* I ahull always think of you In
those Impossible garnlahments of my poor
great-uncle, and I periuade myself that
he must huve been a little like you.
I trust you because I have heard the
story of your profound goodness. The
Aral reason for my father'a dlallke was
your belief In freedom as the right of ull
men. Ah. It Is not your pretty exaggerations and flatteries (1 laugh at thorn') thut
apeak for you, but your career Itself and
the brave things you have done! My father's dislike flared in, hatred becuuae
you worsted him when he discovered that
he could not successfully defend ths
wrong agnlnst you und fell back upon
sheer Insult.
lie ls a man whom I do nut know-
strange us thut seems us I write It. II
Is only lo you, who huve taught mc so
much, thst I could write It. I have tried
to know lilm and (o realise that I am his
daughter, but wc aro the coldest acquaintances, that Is all, antl I cannot ace bow a
change could come. I do not understand
him; least of all do I understand why he
Is a gambler, lt hns been explained to ma
that It la his great passion, but all I comprehend In thess words Is that they ars
full of shams for his daughter.
This Is what was tt.1,1 mc: He has always played heavily antl nklllfully, adding
much to his estate In Ihut wuy, and tn
liouen always wllh a certain coterie,
Which was Joined several years ago by
the man you came to save last i.iidil.
Your devotion to Mr. Oruy h.is been
the most beautiful thing tn your life. I
know all thnt the Own knows of that, ex-
Mat U«  lliomeii,'   hidden  sacrllUes  you
havs mtt.lo for him. those tilings which
no ons will ever know. (And yet. you see,
1 know tliein after ull.) Kor your saks,
because you love hlin, 1 will net even call
lilm unworthy.
I have In*.ii,i from ons who told unwlll-
Ingly-tlie story of the night two yeara
ago when the play ran so terribly high,
and how In the morning when they went
away all were poorer except one-thelr
host; how Mr. Oruy lad nolhlni lefl In
the world und owed my futlier a great
sum. which was to be paid In twenty.four
hours; how you took everything you had
saved In tlie yenrs of hard work ut your
profession and burrowed ths rest on your
word und brought It to my fitll.tr that
SfUmoOn; how, when you hud paid your
friend s debt, yuu asked my father nut to
Dlay Will)  Mr   {Lev <j train   oni  i»v  r-.i...
ninae flntf hli'eicusS to "send you' n challenge. You laughed at tiio challenge—
and you could afford (o Iuuk>i at It.
But tills, is all shunie, shuine for ltoberl
Csriwa'l daughter. It seems to mo that I
should hide and not lift my heudi thut I,
being of my father's blood, could never
look you In the face again. It ls so unspeakably painful and ugly. 1 thluk of
my father's stiff pride and his look of the
eagle-and he still plays wltli your friend,
almost always "successfully!" And yuur
friend still comes to play! But I will uot
apeak of lhat side of lt.
Mr. iii.iv has made you poor, but I
know It was not that which made you
noma seeking him lust nlulit, Whin 1
found yuu thero In tho hall. It wus for
his suko you euine- and you went uwity
for mine. Now that 1 know, ut lusi now
that I huve heard what your life has been
(and, uh, I heard bo much mora than 1
have wrlttenll-now that my eyes huve
been opened lo see you as you are, I um
proud und glad und humble (hut 1 e.in
believe thut you felt a friendship for in*
strong enouRll lu have made you no "I ir
niy sake." Vou will write to me Just once
—won't youT—and tell mo If there was any
error In whut 1 listened lo, but sou musl
not come tu the garden, Now that 1
know you I cannot meet you clandestine
ly again, lt would hurt the dignity which
1 feel in you now unit niy own poor dig-
nliy—such us li lal 1 have been earnest .,*
warned of thu danger to vou. lie-i... I,
you must Isl tne test myself. 1 am all
Buttering und frightened and ex. lied
Vou wiil obey me. won't yuu? !>o not
come until 1 semi for you,
Mr. Gray, occupied with his I illol
ubout noon, beard his partner descend
lug in the olllce with u heavy step, uud
Issued from his room to cull a henrly
greeting.    Tom   looked  buck   otcr  his
shoulder uud replied cheerily, though
witb a certain embarrassment, but
Crulley, catching sight of bis face, uttered a shnrp ejaculation lin.l came
doe u to blm.
"Why, what's the matter, Tom?
You're not going to he sick?"
"I'm all right, never four!" Tom
laughed, evading tbe other's eye. "I'm
going out In tbe country on suuie business, ami 1 dure sny 1 shtill ut.t be buck
for u couple of dnys. lt will be ull up
und dowu the couuty."
"I'nu't 1 go for you? Y'ou dju't lojk
"No, no. It's something I'll have to
attcutl to myself."
"Ah, I suppose," suld Cralley gently,
"I suppose It's Important and you
couldn't trust tne to bundle It. Well -
Ood knows you're right! I've showu
you often enough bow Incompetent I
iuu to do anything but write Jingles!"
"You do some more of them—with >ut
tbe whisky, Ctelt*J. They're worth
more than all the lawlug that Gray A
Vuurevel bave ever douo or ever will
do. Goodby—and be kind to yourself."
He descended to the first landing; nud
then. "Oh. Crnlley." be culled with the
nir of having forgotten something be
bail ineiiiit to say.
"Yes, Tom?"
"Thin moruiug nt tbe postofflce I
fouud n letter addressed to tne. I opened It and"— Ho hesitated, ami uu-
enslly shifted his weight from one foot
to tbe other with a feeble, deprecatory
"Yes. whut of It?"
"Well, there seemed to be a mistake.
I think It must have been meant for
yon. Somehow, she—she's picked up a
i; .".I muny wrong Impressions, nn.l.
Lord knows bow. but she's mixed our
mimes up nud—nnd I've left the letter
for you.   It's on my table."
He tuned nml, culling n tli.nl goodby over his shoulder, went cluttering
noisily down lo tbe street and vnulsb-
ed from Crullei^s. ^i*.ht.    .
(To  be continued.)
Key West.
The Bpanlnnls culled Key West Cayo
lliicscu.   or   Hone   Islands,   aome   aay
from tbelr coral origin.
Chinee* Trades Union,.
Trades unions have existed In China
for 4.01*1 yenrs. Tbe Celestlnl workman levins toll ou every transaction according to bins h.lil dowu by his trn.lea
onion nnd without for u momeut taking Into consideration wbat his employer mny consider proper.
Raleigh's Jeweled 8hoes.
The most splendid pair of shoes on
record were those worn by Sir Walter
Raleigh nn grent court occaBlons. They
were of huff leather, covered with precious stones nnd valued ut $35,000.
Bungalows may Ik.- built of stud
wuli. nn a brick foundation, covered
externally either with tiles, wonther-
bonrtlliig crcosoted or stained nnd varnished, wltb rough cast or hnlf timbered work. Inside tbe nulls should
be plastered.
Pliigynng, In northern Keren, wns
the Urst "literary center" In the I'eu-
In-e'iii* Kingdom. Its chief nuth >r wus
nn ancestor »f Confucius named Klshl,
who. gathering up his  writing iniiterl-
i-.is ami leaving Cblaa in 1121 it ('.,
emigrated eaatward int.. Kt.reun regions. Ills mime Is greatly vt'iieiiiteil,
and mnny tablets still exist In bis honor In the northern parts ef Korea
Young Mothers,
Offspring   Is.ru   nf   nu.titers   under
twenty yenrs old do Dot lllll.. us g,,.m|
chnuce nf healthy life as those burn of
mothers over thirty.
A Formidable D.un .
John Zltka. the one eyed chief of the
Hussites, ordered In bis will thnt his
skin should be tunned and mnde Inlo a
drum. "Tlie noise which my skin will
mnke," snld he. "will frighten nivuy nil
our enemies nn.l put them to flight"
Painting the Forth Bridge.
The forth bridge receives a new out
of paint every three years, and one-
third Is done Bach yeur, so thnt the
painters nr« ci.nllniiiilly at work. Besides the piiliitlug every part of (he
structure Is curefully exninlued and
loose or defective rivets removed uud
new ones put In their place.
Names For Queen Elizabeth.
Queen Kllziibe'll wns cnlle.l Good
Queen Hess hy her rrlends nud Blisitly
Bess hy her eneinlcs. Hhe wns ills., ties-
(glinted the Maiden Queen, the Queen
of Virgins, the I'ulnme.l Heifer, fortune's Bmpren, the Glory >.f Her s.-x,
the Mlriule of Time, Aalrnen, Orliiua,
the True I.lima, (llnrluiin un.l odicr
uani'-s respectful nml (he contrary.
Earring Shaped  Lake.
The   I'end  d'Orellle   luke,  III  Idaho,
took Its name from Its abiipc, which resembles thnt of uu earring
Does fit
liua  the   soft'
' warm     fecT
the skin enjoys.
 iDiiemi't    itch.
A7     Made   for   men,  women and   little    folks,
ln   a    variety   of   styles,
fabrics      und      prices.
' Weauthoritt rmy dealer in Pen- Angll
Underwear lo replare, at ' ut coit, anJ
garment iaulty in nutenul ri tuikuig
l-illliei*   l,ou*   I'ny   tir   li»   i'n*    la   tl.e
Hull-   Kor   I nu iinil,,*i*».
The Norwegian member of parliament gels little Iiinl*!' than $11 ll day for
bis public services, nn.l even then wben
be takes n dny ..IT he loses his pay, The
Biiinc Is the eiise wllb the ineiiiliers of
tin- Swiss diet   Tbey are rewarded
with $1 il duy ou condition thnt th.')'
do not ul.seiit themselves from work.
To go farther east, it is found tbal
id.un..min thinks her lawmakers worth
$5 il dny. I'.uir dollars Is the dally
wages of ttlOSI who cniiipit.se tlie Iiul
gari.in sohriinjc. hut members who live
In the capital get only .*■':'. dully.
Denmark is aboul tbe stingiest of all
European countries s.. far as reneiiner-
ntlng her legislators is concerned. Dun
Ish members of parliament get only
Sl .hi ii dny, but on the other band,
they  hnve the odd privilege of n  free
scut lu tho ltc-yni theater ut Copenhagen.
While the members of the Qerman
reh-hstng nre not salaried, the lawmakers of the various Qerman states
do not work for nothing.   Baxe-Coburg
members of parliament ure paid about
13.23, those of Bavaria fi..*) aad of
Hesse fi.'iTi.
At first sight Hungary seems to th)
ber lawmaking on the cheap plan, for
ber members get $I.ikki a year in cash
But they are nol sn badly o!T alter all.
for a liberal allowance is made into
the bargain for house rent. Austria
Hungary's two legislative as-MmbllM
cost the country abOUl 1900,000 I year
In nil. Both In Austria and Hungary
legislators can travel lirst class with
second clnss tickets.
Besides tin- United Kingdom, Italy
and Bpaln are the only countries which
pay nothing to the meiiilH-rs of parliament
Iii Portugal also the state ib.es not
remunerate legislators, but they receive free railway passes, nml their
constituencies are legally permitted to
pay those who represent then, n sum
of ubout $.1.7.". for eucb day's session.—
New York llernltl.
Frnicakln  For llrnrtlit-t.
In a letter to Hit*  I.niicct.  Hr.  Ranking of Oxford (eiis of tbe nae of frogskin for grafting    "For mors than
twenty year-.'' says the physlc'au,
"the frog has furnlsbeil me wllh gratis
In nil cases requiring su. b treatment.
Sly lirst use of It was In tny own case.
I bail suffered for nearly three yeuri
from obstinate ulceration of the skin
of the foot, which bad reslstisl all
treatment and steadily refused t.i hc.il.
I began using gratis of frogskin in
tin* middle of January, MB, aad In
less than six weeks Iiml a sound covering of skill. At the present time, more
than twenty yenrs hui Ing elapsed, the
cicatrix Is perfectly Sound uud hns
none of the puckering nud stiffness a»
often seen hi clcutrl.es wlur.' human
grafts hnve been used." Iir. Banking
wns so encouraged by this result tlmt
be used frogskin In every ense of the
kind after that ami nt a rough estlmnte
must have used it In'some ■',UU or *l."i
Keeping Pace Wilh the Service.
Patron (angrily. — llrlng ine some
lunch. Hestuiiraiit Walter-I'.ut you've
already ordered n breakfast, sir! Patron—Yes, but ll wits breakfast time
If you get n Job the lirst day you look
for It dou't he discouraged.   Yuu muy
loss lt Saturday.    Atlanta Journal.
The   litalep'a   tone.
A high Instep Is supposed to be S
mark of aristocratic descent, and possessors of tbe Atidaliisluii mark believe
It a sign that lheir anc-Mtors never here
When  nil  otiter e.irn preparations
fail, try Hollow-it's Corn cure.    No
pall]    uh.'lt.-Vcl    uli>l    III.   Iliculivelllelict.
ill   using  it.
After all,  the   (arm   mil   nlnav     l»
the fountain ioui f irealtii.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured In 30 minutei
by Wollord's Sanitary Lotion.
Ill a recent netiiin the plaintiff hail
-taicil lhat his financial position S 11
alwayi latlifactorv, In cross-examination in* wa- aaked if he had ivei
h.-eii bankrupt.
"No,"   mis   th|  answer.
The   next   .|iicsti..ii    nils.    "Now,  he
careful: did y<.u ever itop payment?"
"v -." it.*..- tin* npiy.
" \h I" exclaimed  tl ouniel,  "I
'h»i.gilt   we    In,ul,I   get   ilt   it   lit   lusi.
When .li.l thai  Iiiii.pen'-"
"After  ( lm.1 pin.I nil  I OWed,"  was
ilu- answer,
Veronese's  Big Painting.
Veronals loved to represent festive
fathering! on a colossnl icale, Ills
-Miuiiiig.' ..f Dana" is so feci long and
(.1 feet high uud contulim   130 l-gnres.
The most remarkable feature "i the
•minting ll the group of musicians hi
'rout around n table. Among this parly Veronese represents Tltltin. Tli.to-
letto, himself nml other celebrated
As an After  Effect of Pneumonla-NotJ
Proved Effective Until We  Used
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpenti
A Big Family.
Dentils   Kooroheu,  who  died   In  ln*-
niiil lu the curly pnrt of 1809. bad  18
■hildrcn,  230 grandeblldreu  nnd D-H
The Camel's Foot.
The cuinel's fool Is il soft cushion piv
lullarly well adapted to the itonei aud
travel over which it Ii constantly walk-
ng.   During ti single .1 -ney through
In- Sahara horses have iv..rn out three
lets of shoes, while thi camel's foot nro
nil even sore.
The   Roman  Catacombs.
The Kiiiniiii cut.i bi are ,'>*<0 miles
in extent, and It ll esllinaleil thnt from
D.00Q.OO0 l» 18.000,000 dead nre there
Dice are SI 111   bj   some  to have had
lheir origin lu OCCItlt sources, but more
reasonably tbey are iscrlbed to 1'sni-
medoa nf On i B, C 13+4,   Those ex.
burned al Thobai are Identical wltb
(huso used today, ond the gamos played
With them are tin* simplest ami unmt
widely kin.ivn games of chance In ths
world. -*
Miinv   a   in* ther  can   miy,   as    iiuen
Mi     Harker in Die following letter,
lhal   In.   Chase'..  Syrup    ol   I.m eed
mnl Turpentine lias proved a trlend
to her in lime nf ooldl with  till little
Mis. Walter llailvei. Sydenham,
Prontonac country,   . writei
"Hi, Chase's Syrup ol Linseed and
Turpentine has proven B friend lo
,,„. in times .-I ooldi with mj llttl •
one      I have tried many others, bul
lia*. *   I nl   n    JUSI   as   good.     M.v
Iiul.* buy.   aboul ii rem' old,   had
pneumonia, and waa len wltli a nasty
bronchial    cough,    but Dr.    Cha  •
Byrup ol Uitseed and Turpentine is
helping Iiim wonderfully, and I   am
sure  n   will cure  him.
"We have  also   ised    Dr. I Iho e'a
KiiIii, v-l.ivei   Tills with splendid     *■
llll      .hi,I   have   cieal   failh   in  all   I I
iii   i ii:i .*'. medicm ■
li imn nut hav,' occurred to you
thai both bronchiti and asthma are
;  , .i tes ul the in-i .'•- -a tha branch
nil  tubes ami   limes,  ami  that thi    i-
nhy severe utlicki   oi c mghing   ai •
in.uight on whenovei ihau
Irritated by   ohaiighi«   , '""i
the breathing   ol ,i„ , ^Jf
. xcil'inelil
li ll by its remarkable !*_»
toothing ths nerves ami ,i„„,,;:
delioate ooatlnt that n, s
Syrup of Unseed nn i r,,,,.,.,,,'
proven io thorough!) ..n,, ,Mh
ll   cun* (OI  bl.'llclilli . ,i:.,| i,.,,'
puuer   iu   th.
Relief from cum.*1,,,,
i" i 'litem
Immediately mnl  bj
cure   is   gradual!
brought about
When   Un*   ij
down it li adi' . I
Chase's  Nerve  Pood
-isl iii reilorlng ,
nei Villi. Ohaae'a Syrup »i LuyJ
Turpentine, 2:, a nl   a Iwith'
'/•'    'Uis,   III    iili
iiiiin-uii,   Hilton   A   I ■■
pul trail iiiiiI * al 11
Chase, tin lamou
ih.u, me mi avert
Spring Blood Troubles
Iiiuiiuis     uml     impurities    in     the
i.i. ...I force their way to the surface
in iho ipringtima andoauaa eruptions
and unsightly sure.-. Nature hai provided a leni.slv in Bileans, which are
pleasant to take, m.i unpleasant in
operation, and are purely vegetable
111 composition. Women with i-km
blotches and eruptions should pn ..
imn speedily Bileani retnovi them.
in 1   i»"   Bileani taken Jusi  be
toi ral nni; I"i the mull! thai i- all!
M01 ning 1 [ckm debility, indigestion, biliu; sm -. heartbuin, headache
constipation, piles and female ailments all disapptai before .1 ihort
■ ol Bill ani Ml druggists and
tores al B0 cents a box, 01 bata Hil-
isn •'".. Toronto loi prioi ii boxes
.-.•ni fur   $•.'.'*...     Send I.   stamp loi
nee   -ample.
"My ion." sai.1 th.* millionaire, "is
a  prolific inventoi
'■|ui|,*e I !"    ii ne,I   il 11   man
and ence "   ' v\ hai has happened?"
tl 1 3,000 reasons whj   I  -hi,uld
give him monej." replied tlie lathei
I'tl   P..her   Be   De-nt   ilea   -uffer   ftsniti
ih.*   tortures    ,,f   Insomnia,    palpitation
un,!   nerviui.,  liiinliuuf of  l"v   luu-el.*-   in
'I *,l    'iv    silt,[i!i    lic'Tei t   ..(   tt    little     in
il.tre-t  These   are   the   for. ef ill   ntnl
*.*.11 iiimr wiiril. ui a lad)   who proel  li
thai   her  ewe  by   Bouth   anerlcaa   Rei
vine   .alien    eMivthinir  else    li;**l   failed
mi-   a   modern   unreele.     A   few   ,i->-,-
.rile,    relief      H
11   lii.tam,  iiM    mnl   Makes    New
!• 1 iend      I Imi waa « hen Dr, Thorn*
I lectin* 1 111 bad bul a small
Held ol distribution, but imw it- lei
n't.iy || widespread Thoie wbo first
recognised its curative qua
value 11 ia .1 ipecific, and while ll
retains Its old friends ll 1- evei making ncu     Ii 1- oertain that «! vei
,,in■■• 11-, - ii ii ill not be without it.
s, iber   Speaking  ol  eo itly  menu
«h::i   la tin*   Inch" il   pi ice  you  •■'■• 1
had '" nn  l"i a partrid*.
Wright   Twenty-five dollan    I had
ihol  ,t "ut   *i   ei "i,
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Distemper
ll.*   Bo tlev cut married and weni
1 iff in then new iiiiiui 1 H
she   \ni|   when   did   tney
lheir  In*ueii*
ll-   Iii the hospital    Taller.
In 11 Imt.-I near the
lhe  tallowing caul   i-
" \ii iters   and   rem
are advertised that
him   rise a  In.in  mil
Thai       11111., ni in-.-i 11.
prepares tha visitoi
cutty   >n   ths   u ill.-  li
"Iii this hotel tlie
traveller   nothing   b
Ti mperanoa  Caterer
"I l!l.|
', I
1'- leevrj
Kltln.r  Search   Llfhti    II,
.1. he I      Iln    ynt    fast    .1
Inuil-   feel  hes.v *    II.i
III-    Ion- '      Hsve    Imii   il.t.i.i,
■.uu   r   lireil   iltitrri.i*.*   '
Ki- 11      • t   Ihe   b l.l 11. ,
Indicate kidoei   ti
Ainrritsn   Kiiltu-v   Core
nei    -!■•'iili    and   werk.
in     ne -t    OOmptlt uleil     - I
Merchant (to   appl
called   in reaponn
lllellt     lot    a     l.ll-ll'
l**i  iis i-.-t I., buaini
begin with, whnt I warn
in thii sntsrprii>• 1
Applicant   1 •* nli   al
nesa)   Oh, you a i   1 |
that;  I oould "■•• II  i
A     M(s,jtt.ler..liin*Jl,.-sr.
At  tb* luciilili'tl  tabu* ii  of thc
mining towns the landlady gave Mr
Ungglv " *""■ ir* look iiml m d:
••Mr. .Mu:.--!iis 1 understand that yon
have 1 n circulating injurious reporti
about mj   b ui-, "
"lloiv. luaihi'iiV"
"I uml. .-IM1.1 tbat yon said you hnd
<e.*tl l.et'. .   I.inter than 1 have here to
itmzzz wagons with."
"I iibi s.iy si. madam, bnt not to in
lure   tour  house.     I   have  used  better
in.ti.-.-, mn.lam. to grease wagons, i^it
I arouldn't *! • it ag-aln    I'd sell it to
»-OU."*    I'h'l:. ! mm'  '.eilcr
Weak,   Tired   and     Depressed   People
Need   a  Tonic  to  Put   the
Blood Ri;ht.
Spiinc blood i- iini blood    Indoor
life   .Iiiiiui;   lm*   winter  niOIltbl   i-   ie
sponsible for  weak,  wiiieiv.    Impure
blood.   Vim need a tonic i<> I.mid up
Hi,*   blood   iu   -pllli*.- J.i.-l  us  much  us
the uees need new tap te give them
vitality lm    tl..*  summer.      Ill    the
spring   bu.l     blood     Show!     it-elf    III
many way-. In some it breeds pun-
pies and eruptions, In othan it may
be through occasional headaoliea, a
variable appetite, perhaps twingaa "I
neuralgia or rheumatism, or ■ way
feeling In tlu* morning mul u desire
ii avoid exertion. Kor ihaea spring
ailments II li ■ tonic yuu need, and
Mn* greateil blood-making, health-
giving tunic in all Iln* w<uM is lir
Williams' I'mk 1'ills. Every do i
helps (•■ make new, neb, n*.l. health-
giving blood, which reaches every
nerva and every organ In the body,
bringing health, itrength ami energy
to v..*nk. deapondent, ailing men and
women. Here ii proel Mra. Geo.
Miunti, Bandy Cove. K.8., says: "I
wa- weak, belinc miserable and terribly nm down. Th.- doctoi whom l
eoii-ulieil sm,I the trobule waa anaemia, hut In* iiul nut help im* A f.n inl
advised me to lake Hr. William-'
i'mk i'ili- and ii is simply Impoail
hi.* fm in.- to over-estimate ths i-mxi
ibev huve done me,   l shall alwayi
i mi.iei.il  il.em  tu ailing friendi."
Hui if you want new health you
mu t gel tht genuine Dr. Wllliama'
Pink 1'ills f.n Pale People, manufactured in Canada kl Brockville, Oni
Other ,, '* died pink pill m.* fraudulent imitations. Thi genuine Dr. William-' Pink Tills are --old by nil reputable medicine dealin or aenl by
mail   al   :.( nl-   u   box  ..r six   boxes
[oi *•'-• :.u by writing tha l»r. Williams
Medicine  Co.,   Itruokvilh,  ()n(.
Company laW
Steel Shingles
There'i Truest Economy
In chooilnj!
Thay lilt indefinitely
Ara lira, lightning, ru»t »"*|
leak proof.
Pit together perfectly by "'""■
of  their   ipocial   patanttd   t*|
lock, can't posaibly work tpsrl.
And   ara   mora   quickly  «*:|
j   eas.'y laid tnan any other -,'..*l'l
on tha market
Galvanixed "Eaallnkn'l
are heavily coated on BOTH -. "I
with all tha galvanizing i. .'•*'-I
that will adhere to them.
Painted " Ea-itlakes ■ fi
thoroughly covered on both •")*■
wilh reliable paint.
"Eastlakea" have been t.-.*f|
by yeara of service In all clim^'M
everywhere giving thorough, *«i'|
Ing aatlifaction.
Write and let us give you V
ther information.
Thr  hi.mi.
T * orlffliial hume of the blaon
In lue Urcnt Bull lake valley.
4. PILLS /
i..... i iii,,,,i.
aii Iccti treatises nmi doenmeoti
during the  twelfth nml  tivo  followl-.ig
centuries wore Written In a  very et.IT,
-affected and nodeclpbirabli hand can'
ed "court bnnd." it wnn Intentionally
Illegible Hint the knowledge »f lhe law
might be kept from Uie common poo-
I Pie. 	
The in,iin,, Alphabet.
The   I tn linn   alphabet   oonalati  of
twenty-two lettera almllnr to tbe Kng-
lluli, omitting k, W, ij and y.
Tcnnuts am hni-veated In October.
The roota aro first intinencl Iiy i uniting
a plow IlgbU, through tiIB rows. Then
the vliii-a nre stacked much aa Iho N. T
Eiighinil fnrmer Itackl Oeiitia. Tbe
atnekH nro thilclu-il wilh Htraw to keep
tbo water out. l-eaiiut* gathered ln
Wet weather Imve dlaooloied abelli.
W.    N.    li.    No.   «•»
So ilmpli ii it to hindli, anv
woman can decorate hir own homi
with Alabastiee. Write to-day for our
book "Hom«». Healthful ar.d Biautiful."
It Kplaini how Alabaaliaa u thi chaapeit,
most healthful and mott liuirioui wall-
lend ten eenti,for a eonr ef "Hoium. Healthful anJ Beautiful -
many dainty, na* idtai lor the decoration of your home.'
Alabaaliaa is eold by hardware and paint dealer! evirywhirl-
, a 6 pound package for 60 cents,
ilk your dialtr for lint oaid. HEVta  aotO IN  BULB.
' wilh
Inatead of muahy, uncooked Pan hie* fry
8hredded Whole Wheat
Bltt.ult, terved (teaming
hot. More eaally dlgeat-
ed. Qlvee (rraater nour-
lahment. Leu trouble to
BISCUIT fur llrcnkfaat and Trlacult for Luncheon eniurca health and i..m*ll't|
All  Groceri— 13c   a carton, or 2 for 26c,
mk is iiiiii*.* unpleasant lo iln*
^■puie  painful  lu Hn* siilTcici
m ainl ulcers, At this period
^■t many tfdulti suffer aoute-
I these palnlul outbreaks,
lis, ulcers, sto, ooour mi
It is pitiful tu •*..'.• Hm little
Holmes, ul 80 Qulaa   Bt.,
in grateful for what /.muffin  ner tittle boy wl  in
bl plight, Bhe says: "lie
'i .iti Spring eruptions ami
l broke out mi Ins neck. I
ul purifying  remedial,    Imt
Beellie.l   lu   ilu   llllll   Hie     licit     'lhe  hulls got  WOI  '■  mil
bui send inm i"   ci i,   \\e
Implc ui  X.iiin-ll.il*. ami it did
itiie good, si. I  bought n r.i
'llie   re-nil    iias     leallj
Inside a week's time   tin
begun  i" 'in   up.   nel   u
Bunt  i  Indeed everj  um
■ ii ■   healed."
*;.   .
,j Him I      ehionie     uli-ei       .Imp
., i   ban
^^^B el upt lull - iiinl   pustule.
■)>:,„„i  pm  etc     ii  st..pi
j,   Willi,I    Cllle-    pilea,    li -llllll.    eli
I.i aui'*1
Every  h-
.,,, ^K hnv   "I /.iim-lluk      Ml   ill ic*
iti    ton al    '"'■   a   box,   "
in Hui, Co.    Toronto,    (oi
boxi loi   (3.00     Bend   li
trial box.
A Ph'l
. ublie n
A   New   Danger
idelphi i physician sraia   thi
lain     ilttlng  v.nh   one   let
■  the other
iparently   harmlet   habit,'
,. likely to oause aoiatica
cln,nilc   llllllll  !
cramps, vaiIco e •.• ini
i i \ [la. Including app. ndi
be reaeon li simple Thi
Ihe knee, as well ■ the dun
Inm ami wrist, the groin an.
upit. , .ii'.un - nei ve - am
-••■l• which are less |
in    othei    nni-  ol   il..
pace   behind the line.
tWO   li.tiv   nerve-,    a    larg.
ami    numerous    vein
li   i. the prei mre on thee
and v 1- which   ii   apt U
a   to   ihe   van,.a-   trouble
which I civ,* warning
-mil.,   iii'licnti .   Ilm!    be   i
Id happy.    It ll unly tne liel
kbu ia cross nu,I i.*-tle       \,
ki1!, i can depend upon it tha*
ei babj eri ee he ii not . rj n.i
to bi  unly   timi  i-  nol  bii
,u -■ ha li ii
io i  probably In* llttl.
oul "f uriler.    I h.* mothei nil
lb)'   i... ii l ibli' ■ a nevei (ail
I     Ioi   all   the   inlil.ir   mil
In the homes when
Bjlel ■ ara u ,1 there an ni
I,     ng b lines       nothing    bin
ami playful i
el   lhal   nie   I  j*       to  the   li'lne
eph Lagree, Caraquet, N   B
■ \i iln- tim.- I -.-ni foi  Bab] '.-
fableta my little one
^iliin-   il.* would cry nighl and
■ I  I did ii"' teem abi'* I
|n*.- to help Inm    Altai    t-1v1111.
lehlei- there    *
ami he lm- linos thrived tin.-
I he   I abb -    ■ M bj  'ii ug
,r  by  mail   at j..  oenti   ■   box
I'be in. Wllliama' Hi di( In
I'llle.  i int.
A   Precaution
|rhman   (di covei ing   a   Lur-slur
■ a opening i bank    ife)
ut'   \\ bai in* there
1 ini  make    uch   a   ron
I iianl tu   il iu> deposit
iit'lii      V l, d\   can   11 ti -1   hi*
ki - nowadaya    Til
■ Bi dentai j ' Iceupation
who follow seib uian cupa
which deprive them   ol (rash
■ ' exei    ■    are   prone U
• •I the liver    an,I kidneyi
| uli,i lend active, outdooi
I he former will Snd In Parma-
Vegetable    Pill
Int     queation     tbe   moal     ef-
un    ine market.    Thev  are
prot arable,   i Bail]  taken
ll -ly. ami the]   in   lurpria-
cheap conaidering  their excel
The Crvatal   Palace Show
hhe forty eighth  Ore il   National
Show,  hel.l   tin    yeai   al   the
ni    Palace,   In    I •■ idon,   •-*-'«
transformed that  place Into i
I' hall ol long    Twelve hnn,lie,I
Bit]   canariea    were   exhibited,
'"'•I- "I thai iiiiinbei  beii
Icolored    Tbe pre Idenl   ol   the
[  OJ   nay   ol   i ilini*   bo   tin
ply  "I   orai I   canaries,
icy ar,* becoming more snd
"     The method ol turning i
p i    (eathei *    orange    la    verj
Wuh   ita   feiil   ia   mixed   ■
quantity   ,,(   cayenne pepper,
in a  ie«   week niiiiih-  ilu*
[-■'    ohangi oolor,    If peppi i  i
'" thi bird whan  It  is young
ie i ivi.l color « ill I btalned
Mji.itifiii orange linl "f the sing
binl'- plumagi [| effected by un*
h'l dial "   Neu  Viuk Tribune.
\ot needed
rer's Sarsaparilla is not a
"S drink. As now made,
re Is not a drop of alcohol
It is a non-alcoholic tonic
•Iterative. Ask your own
tor about your taking this
dicine for thin, Impure
■>od. Follow his advice
ry time.   He knows.
W-t publlah imr for inula*
,      W* banlih  alcohol
w_   trom our in+diolna*
Wh urga jvu to
conuilt your
Thi. Deadly Diae... I. , pu„,, to th.
Medical World.
Ahout cancer we must admit tlmt
we know next to nothing, \\\. don't
know tbe cause of the disease. Except
IB a small proportion of very early
casas, in* don'l know how to curs It
Wwiim.'i know whether lt la hereditary
Wu don'l know If It in Induced by pe'
euiiuiiii,.s of diet We don't know to
whal exteut H depend! upon climate
we don't know whether it is conta-
gloui or lui'eeiiutis. We don't know
Why II reserves lis attacks for oldish
I I'1''*    We dim'l   know   why   il   is  in
creating, ah wi may do si proient li
to keep a  Hlmrp  lookout for Incipient
canceri and cut them out ruthleiily,
In brief, ne must try to kill the can
'"■  before It really exbitN.  The prelim
inary ipol or pea ill;.- growth mun ba
removed m once,   We muit  i n n
weather eye upon Inflamed places ami
hai.* iliini looked after wlthoul delay,
No ..in* reus ii,,. removal .,r aueb tiny
growth! then dayi. Not even children
me scar, ,| by small operations
II is nol lufflclent that a family pby-
.i'liiii remove tbi impacted growth
with lancet or canitlc   lie haa done bla
share If be merely so Is the warnln,'
In time The cutting out ibould bo
dona by a thoroughly competent surgeon, ..ne who bits served an sppren
HCOShip inni, i  a  master nf Ilu* nn an 1
nol one who has merel] dabbled In
■urgery while attending cnan of pneti*
".'.Hla. typhoid and measles.
a good lurgeon of ibis aort doea .mi
temporise with a cancer lie kn in i
that the operation must bi perform **l
Immediately ami that there must i...
no (atuoui endeavor to conaer a
healthy tlasue li ,t far better 11 re
ami" two Indies of Hoiiml flest] Uiuu
lo err on tbe cautious si.i.* and leave
bebilnl one mlci nscuplc caliier cell      It
• onlj by ' uch radical aad inorcllcm
surgery tbal w ay combat cancer,
We moal take It In time, anil Wl UlUal
•ul deep ami ii ble.
AUd  even  then   va* are liflef sure
Katun   Indeed   li   tbe  onl]   doctor
ib '•!• skill is capable "f coiubntlti:
'inner     Bhrlicb nmt otberi bave o
' tbal of a given numbei "i mice
ii i'i i] Ing -i mptoma of cancer  r
tain  portion   * ver     Tin- same  Dili.,-
Ii true of bnmio belli*,*.
[.UCklly    lln-if   Is   no   illseil-e     I,.,   ||,n|.
ter Inm   virulent that nature li
cannot CUra, Ihd so even In Hi- ivorat
eases of cancel   It la well not I*, aban
■ lun hope    I b.ne myself seen irreral
• •r sucb ipontanaotu curs   One
was  l   wealthy   Baltlmoreau,
wbeee malady  was diagnosed by au
in as cancer of the itomach
Three promlneol American surgeon-i
■aa tie- .in,cer, wblcb was Inoperable
beea uae ol .u location.   Be tubmltteJ
to a serum treatment and three
later ii -eo.uii operation revealed the
fact Ibat Ins cancer Intel entirely ili-n,,
pear. 1   leaving a  atar.    Here was an
undoubted .use ..r cure. Bul did the
aerum do the work? Its advocatea
uinlntaiu thnt It .11.1. hut a -.-rent many
lery learned aad identlflc physicians
buiii thai it .h.i not. Ons com, it Is
uin luiis, by no menus establish*! r
ipedflc'a efficacy.    i,r   Hlrsbberg '•<
Johns BOOklns lu American Mlgsslos,
Tht   Emter   Designer
April was   choien   toi  the  I    tei
numbei  ol  the  Rs lei    Designer   bu
eau- itumei appropriate l.u   Eai
i'i are more uitaole for April than
nu March. And the designs ol tin*
new ipring dresses are verj attract
ive Tin* grace and practicability ol
The Deaignei models are winning
many new friends among well.
• lie e.i women becau a .■[ the b •
,,i making and correc .-.- in the Iii
The Action in the April numb
"i more than ordinarj   Intereal    The
continued story begun in the March
number, "Economy  Farm," by Milea
Bradford, authoi    ol    "Carlotta  and
I," haa the tecond inatal nl in thi
April number. There is alao mi in-
icie-iine article on "Mi Three la.
ten in the I'm Eaat," by Alexandei
ll .in** Ford, a man a ho has covered
the world in travel and lm- had
iiiiiui mien* nm.- expeiiences An
i .i tei pl i\ foi little ("Ik- mil provi
t"  b"  aiiu'ln i    poaaibility   Ioi   home
entertain nl      \mi    beside     Iheai
there are many more ;1111 < ■ i. •
and  Intereal   smong  the  regulai   de
partmenta    ol    The   Designei   which
I.•  inner ii-a,lei-  know and  I o    loi
Irom month tu month,
A shrewd trainer once remark- ■! tha*
he had often mm a fll¥>00 h-rs,, in
trusted to a groom whom tbe owner ol
the bona weald not have trusted with
a ten dollar bin. rayi tbe Boeton Transcript     llrnft   lu.rnea   nre   now   very
costly, a n's-i pair eoetlng fron
to fit.i ami even tuore. according i •
tbelr weight, beauty mnl m forth, iod
yd   He   olleii   see   (hem   ilrlven   by   ■
man win. is not ilt to handle ■ mule
a Mbool fu: ,hiving has lately been
started In Parle, especially for tin- ben-
e'-.t of .ab driven, and in Chicago i
litni usiin; sums hundred* of bi.t-.s is
K-viiu; a aeries of  lectures "r  liisiin
to Its  (eamaters.    Tin* tiiickinen
ud contracton of Beaton would Bnd
It b. th.-ir iiiluiiitage to ail..|it KM I
rimllar   plan.     Kven   the  cnrele-.ii.--
aboul blanketing homes In tbe itreel is
■yrobablj tlm* n« much to Ignorance
iiml tboogbtleesaeei aa to downright
by   toy.i   apiilicaiiimH,    aa   uny    cannol
?-.' li me ,ii.i*it.i*,i purtion ut tOu car.
im,' i- "illy "ii,* way lu cum a, si.,..-.
aud n.ut ia by cuntiituuunai remedies.
Deelne-m It. , aii-itl tiy an iniliiined cuntll-
liun ut the uiueuua llinna ul the l ii.miii-
iiiii   lube.     When   tbi-   tube    in   inilauifd
t,,ii hav« a riinu,una nuund ur liuiierleil
earinf. and wacn it ia •tii.i-i.v , i.,-,,i.
UeattietiM is Uir result, and unless tne
inUnuimatiun can be taken uut and this
tube raittured tu Its uurmal cun.littuii.
liraritig will be deslruyed lot-ever] nine
rases uut ol ten are caused hy i atarm.
.ii.ii is notaina but an lntlatned con
ditt"li   "f   Iht.   mu'-ouH   surfaces.
Ws will (ive una Hundred Uullars to.
any ease ul Deafness .caused bv i-atarrh,
tbat i linnet be uured by Hall s Catarrh
Cure.    Hend   fur  circulars,   free.
r. j   i ni-.M'.i  a 00.. luiedo. u.
,    Huld  by   Druacists.  (be.
Take Hall s r siiiily I'llls tur cunsupa-
A Miuilii's Monopuly.
When the Bunk of Kimhui.l waa established hy charter In 10M It alone
wus allowed to do baiil.liii.- business In
the kingdom, and It was not until tbe
passim; of tbe banks lull of 18M that
Joint atock banks bfgan to Iw t-~t.it.
Barmuda'a Qovernment.
Tiie Bermudana govern tbemielvea
llnihi* ii  fetO power which In practical
ij- never alerted, saya World'i w..rk
Tbelr    c institlltloii    la    illniust    I.leal
Mere is n utile world »>f '<" own, with
a population of I7..«m a*.uis. Tbe k.-u-i
'lttiena rlccl tbelr cepneeetatlvra to
„ hoi f i .-eiiibly. nnd tbey ntlmlnl*-
ter tbi affairs ui tbe colony with mm
inny. Justice nn.l success. Here, na In
every Bl ~   lb Colony, nn*' is   i.ipiess.sl
wltb tbe vii-iii leaped for the law.
IJkc in in. of th" We-st Iii.llan Ishtiiils.
lh,,  Bern lldU  hnvo aim wt  no crime.
il„. two lalli at Bt Oeorge and Hamilton i  like aui mar boarding bouses,
and i barb • Dudley Warner tried i"
become a "paying gu-..t" wltb tba
Jall.-r It si i lem *.-.-, !-> ihani hie pl.-us
uut tropical horn.* ml !•'' ere M* lone-
somwesa i *ii nn I
P.t Soup an ( Electee Bathe.
iuu Mvinta hft.e.ttisi announced the
discovery et a  mi of prolonging
life Indefinitely, A ITreecbman layi i
certain lort of electric bath ioI'ii th-J
problem, and n Maaaaebnaetti mu di
elan",   lhal   pea   suup   Is   tl Illlr  to
long senrcbed   far.     the   1'iciich  pby-
ilclin in ii comparatively young mnn.
Who amployi tbe brigbl voeabolaiy of
youth, In which. It Is Mid, men. Is uo
iiurii wi.r.1 as "can't" Tbi New Bng
lander li alnetj throe yean «>n and
has been growing young, w he naerts.
lines im dl-KOT i the rej ivinatlng
qualltlei cf pen suup and Mcbewad ill
,.,i„. meal and drink with n view t'i
turulug back Ibi bandi of ""-' d.-ck.-
Loiilsvllls Ooorioi Journal.
I'rt.irn Siberia.
The soil of Kllieria at the close of
the summer Is fnuii.l Rt 111 frozen for
flfty-sli liicti.*s beiiciilb the surface.
and tbe dead that have lain In lheir
coffins for IW years have is-eu taken
up unchanged In (he lenat
If  a cough    mak-M    your    nlghti
aleepleai  and  weary,    il   "ill  worry
*, m  :i  |.*,,..,i  deal,    and   with    go -d
To dispel the worrj and cue
. !!   rest     try   Bickle'l   Ai.-i-r.ui-
sumptive Byrup;    li  exerts a  iooth-
Ing influence ra thi aii pasaagea and
iilliiN- the irritation that leads to in-
flammation    It will subdue the moal
itubborn cough "i  cold,    and even-
I innllv eradicate it fr.-m the >j item,
, inai ot n will prove to you,
The s.-ri,,-,,t*s   slulit
There Is n tradition In many parts
of Europe that when s sei-p'-nr's slghl
grows iiim with sge he eats fennel nnd
thus ragalna hia vision.
Sudden   Deaths   On     the   tncreaie     I',..
pie    III'lilllillllv     ueii     ail,I    SaPPI     '",1.1V.
t., borrow   art*    striken    down,     ntnl     in
inm i. inm* ■ n-i* i  of aver;  hundred
tin- bearl .- the ■....*•>• The king ol
heart remadlee, Dr. *enew - fare (ur
tli,. Heart, i" wnlnn reach of nil II
relieves ... w ailnutaa, an.l enret    ...'*-'
,b.'".ui*   irt-es.   91
Temple or sfrpsats.
Thj small town of Werdn, In Daho-
aicy, Is celebrated fof a loathsome den
called the temple of ser|s*u(s. It Is a
long building dedicated tn the priests
and mystery men of the kingdom, lad
In It they keep thousands Of snakes of
all kinds nud sizes In Werdn to kill a
serpent Is a crime punishable by deatlL
Vlinard'a  tiniment  Cure:.  Coldf.  etc.
Dana-era Thut Basel Hie i-in...,.*.- of
Thia   si.eiin.  uf  ii.iii.,
The Columbia does not merely threat,
sn, bul performs No one can tell how
many men have been lost on the Hig
Bend, Tbe Surprise rapids, far up ilt
the bea.I ..r the baud, are about as hiul
as any. Seventeen men are known to
have been drowned here, LeoDavlswas
.-upilsed on these rapids while Wl
were  at   Tlmbnsket   lake.     We  found
bis bunt crushed and Rung aibora n
hundred miles down itream and twen*
ty miles below tin.- bead of tbe bend
anil  so tbOUgbl   I.eo was gone.     Later
we learned that be not out alive,
though losing nil his supplies. I navy
another broken boat <>n the Twenty-sly
Mile rapl.ls, whose we never knew
ur what became of Its owner, We
saw nn a big bowlder near shore tbe
n.'iiii.' of ii Sweile wbo was .Iruwm-d II
few yeara back.   The body of couru
was nut recovered, fnr the Columbia
never gives np Its dead, Now, below
Ul were Iln* I .luuu icit of iill these waters, the Death rapids, where. In the
mining stampedes soon after the Call*
d.ruin   gold   rushes,   su   many   miners
were drowned sume say 163 in what
was called the Frenchmen'! stampede
Tbeae men wore mostly draw I from
raris. on which Ihey foolishly tried to
get down river to avoid Ibe awful
walking, Seieii Chinamen once started down on a raft One got through
nllve. hanging fast by a rope, and he
waa so icared be lofl America without
ever laying ■ word. One mnn wns
call Up a few feet from shore on a
rock from which he did not dare Jump.
Ills companion was swept down In
their boat for n mile before he could
get labors and coma hack to rescue
hlin. Three men went over In n boat,
nnd only one, n duffer who could not
swim n stroke, got out. Farther down
the river, In the Uevelstoke ennyon,
wns where Tom Home, as go.xl a river
man as there was In the northwest,
was drowned With Jnck Boyd, the mull
carrier, a man who was In deathly terror of  tbo Columbia  aud  who  would
imi even go on the ice in the winter,
preferring to wallow through the snow
piled trails up iiii the mountains.—Outing Magaetne,
* I lie    I'lii-rn,,,
Mike   Kn   yel  tell   we  phwat'a  th'
difference betwane humor an' wit, Pat?
rat-Well, It's lolke th' difference betwane whin jure wolfe tickles ye un-
dher tli* chin wld a abtruw from th'
broom an whin she bit.) yo ner th'
beud wld th' handle av ut.—Jui)"e.
Rheumatism — What's the Cause 7
Wherei the C ,rt ? -Tin- active irritntllic
■ i *', ,* m i palafnl "I dleeaaei
laononi arlc ecld Ie the blood
Sooth American Rheumatic Cure aeotra
Ii/ch the acid i'"i-' .. l.'i :..,.*- In '. h "irand   cure-   in   ',   t,,   3   days.-90
Ilea   7   FrMt.
Knlght-Ilow did your new comedy
Wright—OV you menu my tragedy?
Knight—Hilt I thought it waa a comedy. •
Wright—I thought ao. too. until I saw
the box office receipts.—Chicago Newa
Spring  Cutting  Is  Deeirable  For Tender Varietiea.
In it general way It may he said Unit
the   best  time  for  pruning  Is  lu  the
spring,   just   before   growth   stans.
Wounds mini.* ill lhal time will not dry
OUt as iiiiiiIi as when mode In Hit- fall
or winter, and when the ends o.f the
branches  are  lo  be CUt   back   there  Is
often danger that tbey will be killed
hack still more by tbe winter, whereas
there  Is  uo danger  of  this  wheu  the
trees an* pruned iii (larch or April, us
soon as severe freezing weather is
over. Spring pruning In especially desirable for ten.ler varieties, ns It not
only lessens the tendency to winter
killing, but at that time it" will be *, *.
Sible to tell how much the (roes or
plants have been killed back and ti>
cut below Iln* injured portion.
The Time For Trimming.
The rule, however, ls not an Infli tl-
hle one, and in sections where there Is
little trouble from winter killing Iho
pruning may be done at uny tune nfter
the leaves drop lu the fall and before
growth slarlH In the spring.
It used to be Mid that fall ami whiter pruning Induced leaf growth, while
lummer pruning promoted fruitfulneas.
It Is not strange that If we remove .1
portion of the branches during the B inter, the full vigor of the tree being
turned Into those that remain, n
per growth should be secure I than
with the trees unpruned. We enn then
ray that ninth of the work can be il un'
w-ith  hand  shears.     Pruning UV
needed for large branches, nnd :'ir
6ome purposes some of the level shears
may hi used.
To Secure Best Results.
To secure the best results it || Important that th.* cuts ibould be n 'e
nt Un- right point If cul t.s. lone i
' ul -mh will be form.*!, while If t
too close beneath the bud it will dry
ont Tin* proper way Is to have the
cut start on the side opposite the bnd,
about even with Its tip ami. wltb a
aiant of ab" il 80 degrees from n eni .'t
right anglca, come out Just above tha
Cutting  Off  Large  Branches.
Kven greater care ihould be i . i
iii cuiiiiii,' off large branches fi >m the
trunk or ullier branches. Sum, * I
the cut Is made at right angles to tbo
branch lhal is cut This leaves B bud
stub, which will l.e unsightly and the
Bnd Of which will heal uier very s] nc
ly If at all. As n rule, the Inter II of
ihe -mil decaya, and a cavity Is form-
ed iii Ihe tree. On the other band tiie
cut is often made parallel with the
main trunk or branch. This is toine-
- all right, but generally there la ■
inrge  ihouklet  sl   tbe   baas  of  t e
branch, and a  wound  of considerable
s  - produced    By cutting at an angle of Often or twenty degrees frun
the  last  mime,I  cut   the   wound  would
• ifiei: bi reduced lu size fully one-half,
and it wntiiii not project so far but
that  the beating  WOUld  be even  mire
rapid thnn with u parallel cut—Practical Gardening.
A Refreshing Stimulant
That is   Perfectly   Harmless   Beoause  It Is
Free   From  Adulteration.
A Perfect Luxury for Japan Tea Drinkers
Lead    Packets    Only,    40c, 60c,  and     60c    Per    Lb.    At    All    Qrocara.
Snl   Sentiment.
Ue—Oh. please. Mile. Jeanne, do not
call me Mr. Diirnnd!
She (coylyl-oh, but our acquaint
ance Is ao short. Why ahould 1 nol
call you that?
lie—Well, chiefly because my name
Is Dupout.-Noi l.olslra.
lafetr   lu   Sllenc-*.
Mra. Gajtiion-Ycs, auntie, now that
I am Herbeifa wife, be ls another
Aunt Martha-Well, don't you go tell
ing people you're another mau'a wife
or you'll be getting tried for bigamy.-
New York LlfeL
-riintrd's   Liniment   Cures   Garget   In
Tbeae   I *. I.--   Qneallona.
How many of our words nre absolutely superfluous, serving uo end but
tlie wnste of time.
A man stood before ft mirror, his fnca
well lathered and his raaor in band.
In came his wife. Sbo looked at hlni
nnd inquired, "Are you shaving?"
"No." he replied fiercely; "I'm blnck-
liiB the kitchen range. Where are you
— out driving or nt the matinee?" —
Woman's Hume Companion.
•r.itn-m. *••* r *-»miil-».'
In f'hlna when a wedding Is about tu
take place the calendar Is rouiulted,
nnd If the signs are not good the wedding Is postponed. Sometimes II Is nee
essary to postpone the data several
times, and when tin* signs are auspl
clous It generally turns out well.    Thi   _
ceremony coniliti In drinking together ■» IX^-*-**-.^♦*»»■*•
„ cup of iiiinahoo In tho nuptial chum  j X OUl    lyOClOl
ll..|u*   Ahead.
"His paper," said Weary Wulkcr,
"sez dey's tpilte n few people dat
t'lnks It's unlucky to begin work ou
"Well, <l;it's 11 good beglniiln'," re-
marked Itagson Tatters. "Mel.be n't.-r
awhile people 'II l.e dat sensible about
ev'ry day in de week."—Itostou Transcript.
IIU  (lltarrvRllota.
"We're glad to weh II you Into our
little family, Mr. Sllnim," said Mrs
Staivem. 'Our bourders nluioat Invariably get fnt "
"Yes," replied tho new boarder, "I've
noticed the same thing In most board
ing houses. It's chca-pcr than lean
meat. Isn't ItV'-l'hllji.hJpl'iJ ,1'tcss
Mulching  Plays an   Important  Part  In
Various Ways.
Bome growers defer mulching strawberries until early  spring.    As to the
sdvantages of mulching, au authority
saya that it plays an Important part
during the blooming period.    When a
heavy rain falls, if It wen* inl fur the
mulching thi drops ..f rain would i sat
sand anil dirt Into the bluum. or l1 livers, destroying the Influenc.
'Ihis villi make many blank Minns nt
well as knotty and undeveloped berries.   It alao keeps down tba dual In .1
dry  blooming.    And there is the w etsl
problem    Mulching Is tin- beat ■
iu  weed! ever discovered.    Mulching
'onus a carpel not only for the b ■-.
jut for the plckerl And then when
foil go to ix.mr.ct with your fruit your
tustomen welc nni yiu with 1 gla 1
land uud cheerfully pay tbe prico for
I lirst  class  product    Another   (Teat
idvantage of mulching is that after tb*
.'mil  Is  picked  you  are  able to  burn
,he mulching off, which will destroy
beecta ind fungous spores and will
'urnish eniuich nshes to aid materially
II growing ■ second crop of choice
"rult.— Strawberry.
A Sweet Potato Grower's Experience.
I bave grown about 'i.Otm bushels of
sweet potatoes for several yenrs. and
I have never hail soil rot or brown rot
or whatever you muy call it very badly
on tbe iKitali.es.    Sometimes it Is much
worse when* we use itable manure,
hut one of lhe great secrets ill "ontrol-
llng It Is not to plant seed that Is af-
fi-. tod by it a neighbor of mine who
Is 11 heavy grower has retained his own
seed for years. He grows the red
variety, antl nearly all of tbem became black. It waa In his seed, and
It was transmitted from one generation tO another The best way for a
man  to get clear of  It  Is  to gel  - I
which is perfectly dean ami then plant
It ou soil where he has not planted
sweet potatOM for a few yeara.—
Charles Black, New Jersey.
Klder HcNabb I'm not denying
iimi the Iiul.e of Argyle ia a great
man and a learned man, but whai I
contend is thii he's not a popular
man.   lie'- not a 11111:1 that lm- many
fin Inl-
Audra I-'ergusson Weel, ye see,
the Duke ia in a verra deeficult po-
hi pride o1 birth prevents
him aaaociatin' with men n' hii sin
intelleck, an' hii pride 0' Intellect
prevent him a Boclotin' «ith men ..'
nil nin birth    Weekly Telegraph,
Tested by 'I ime. In Ins juatly-cele-
brab ,i im. Di Parmelee haa given
to il"* world one ol the most unique
medicinal offered to the public in
lata years, Prepared to meet the
wan! foi a pill which could be taken
without nausea, and that would purge
without pain, it hai mei all requirement - in tbal direction, and it 1- in
cemml use ii"' onlj because ol these
two qualities, bui because 11 1- known
to possess alterative and curative
powers which place it in the front
rank ol medicines
A criminal whose day oi execution
had in ' iyed a a ■• iked by the jailei
if lie had an)   laat lavoi  to request.
"I bave, iir," laid the condemned
man, "and it i- a very slight lavoi
w     , if it ii 1. lily 11 alight favor
I 1.ui granl il     Whal la n-"
I       ■ .'Ill    il    b*W     I
1 * timed  the  jailer;
"whi. they won't be 11|»* foi  jevera!
months >et "
"Well." said the condemned man,
"that il n't  matter   I'll
Marion  Bridge, C B . Mi*   90   IH
!      v.*  i.m, lied  MINABD'S  l.IN'I-
Mi vr during tne  paal year.    It  ia
ahuti-   the   lii-l   l.itiiint'uit   a.-kei|   fur
here,    and  unquestionably    the  beat
:  n!l  the different km.I-    1 I
Liniment I handle.
M -.*' 1 Wilh. im bad greal difficulty  *.i ith  lu- probb ms.
1 in vain to make
hun understand.    Finally,   to   ■
bome, he said:
"If 1  ihould c" Into youi father'!
: :         1 wanted two poundi
ui  meat, and  he unly had 1  1 oun I
and a half, whal would he do?"
ight  profoundly h.r a
nt and then 1
"He   would   inul"* up   t'n*   weight
iii- thumb!"— Mu.-l,' ■
The   Right   Word
Ivlib.r    I   notice  that you  say  that
the wo 11 at the ball tonight were
"elegantly gowned." Do you think
that "gowned" li a good word?
Reporter Well, you couldn't call
theiii iln* -,,|    Bomerville Juuinal.
i'lies.' two ile-inilile qualification!,
pleasant to the taste and at ths same
time effectual, ara to be found in
Mother Gravel' Worm Exterminator.
Cliihlieti  like  it.
Dobbins 1 don't know what'- tbe
matter  with  my funu.ee;  it doetn't
bent  the huuse iit all."
Beibei    H",*- it draw all right!
Dobbins I ihould lay ll dues, it
drawi about nine-tenthi ol my salary
every week Seattle Post-Intelligencer,
Minard's Liniment Cures  Diphtheria.
"nh: I'm so glad you called* Mr.
Quacher," raid Miei Kitaiach, "I've
111-t baked a cake for Tommy*! birth-
lay      Wuii'l  yui  have a piece of it'-"
"Ei really," replied Mr. Quscher,
"I'm afraid Tommy might object."
"Nnu "' Kiunteil tin- younger brother.    "Yuu  ain't  nu friend  of null.'.
I don'l * rare w'al happens to yer."—
Philadelphia  Pr,
Oas Hera Added to tke Long List if
Curat Effected by Psychine.
llro-.ki' Api'MMir... Sow
dl.,* irry. w.'tijfrful. Ko
uhQ.illotit) iprti gt or pttU.
Antoaiftllc Air 1 u.tit'.fii.
Binds and draws the broken
pi'ti log»th->r as you would
s broken limb- Nu .."«:«
S., irttipboi. Nnitft Imp,
able,, tir*p t'»t.s,, li
S.E.BROOKS. *ai Bi»A.*ilJ«.
The  Inrnaiiut   Tree.
A large COCOinUl tree yields ns many
aa  Id" mils a  year     Native* use the
mils fur dishes as well as fur food.
■»our doctor, "What la Ihe rlrst ureal
|of health?" Nine doctori out of
rl" quickly reply, "Keep thr bowels
l'1r* Then ask him another quea-
I what do you think of Ayer's
'• bjr Ike S. O. Ajar Co., Low.11. Haaa.—
It   li.rlr.l.
'llie into Judge launders of North
Carolina i-rai noted as in angler, but
he had a poor nn* y as tO (he weight
of (he iish he iimi taken,  On one occasion n friend, trying to intrap him,
said, "Say, Juiluc what was the Weight
t.r lhal big catflib ymi caughl the other
day '.'"
The Judge turned to his waiter nn.l
Mid, "Bob, "'lint did I any that ealllsh
"What tlino yesterday, boss In do
luavvnln', nt dinner or nfter aiiiipah'/"—
SI    Lun' • Kt'llllbllc.
NnrrtMT   Vxlrlla.
Very narrow nostrils nre unsiirhtly;
nlso ihey lire dlngiroua, as they unlikely in dlacouragi tbelr owner from
breathing  cor lly  that   is.   through
; ib,. nuse.   Thi recognleed lurgicol way
! ,,f treating (hem Is tO wear lu each mis-
ti il fur 11 slmrt time dally n small piece
of iponge,    ^	
l.niiKitaar  I hanue».
1    sn rapid has 1 n tba change in the
Bngllah language that the Bngllib of
today   bears  no  0101*1  resemblance   In
1  (he EnglUb nf l.(KK) years n«.i than 11
tines tn lieiinan.
Tlie  Sl-arflah.
The tOUimon atarllah hns Ave p..hits
- sc.inelline.i six    Specimens wltb luori
OC tan nn*. c».tri.'UU,'lv. raro.
Can euro your Cough or Cold,
no queation nhout that, but—
why go lo all tho trouble and
inconvenience of looking him up,
and then of having hiaprcBcript ion
filled, when you can step into any
drug store in Canada and obtain
1. bottle of SHILOH'S CURB
for a quarter.
Why pay two to five dollars
when a twenty-five ccnta
bottle of Sill Mill will cure you
as quickly?
Why not do as hundreds of
thousands of Canadiana have
done for the past thirty-four
yeara: let .SHII.OH bo your doctor whenever a Cough or Cold
Sll 11.OH will cure you, and all
dnmiristK hnck up this statement
with a punitive guarantee.
The next time you have a
Cough or Cold cure It with
A Great Game Bird.
Tbe fame of the China pheasant,
which was first mituiuli/cil In thia
country about twenty-live yenrs ago lu
Oregon, appears to he spreading. Skillful hunters like It became It Is "Bniny,"
artful and furnishes K-sid spurt. The
epicure finds It remarkably toothsome.
Oregon Is us yet the only slate having
a considerable number of tlu-ac birds,
but it is reported that tbi state of
Kansas has lately ncriuired nnd propagated 11 MUnbK fur distribution In various parts uf the state, while, either
by atate hatcheries or private enterprise, the pheasant Itlieliig Introduced
Inln Illinois and Miuncsuta In tin*
north. New York In the east, Colorado
-ind ..ther mlltllr- waUtWU states, nnd
Mississippi and Alabama In the aouth.
i'lir UoMen  t*'l»-<*.*.*.
tt is m.t generally known that tin- insignia of the Holder i'i.*.*.*.* conferred
111 >< 111 the iirst Duke of Wellington was
that actually Worn by Columbus, nud
iis 11 special mark Of Spain's gratitude
the Insignia was niiiile hereditary, so
that the present duke Is the proud pus.
sessur of Hu* -lar m.rn hy the discoverer uf America.
Thii young lady, w ho livea tn Browne
Tile, near Woodstock, Ont., telle her own
■tory in a few effective worda of how the
obtained deliverance from the terrible
;:.;* of weakness and diseaie.
1 darn to think Piychine lor my present health,
Tso Teats ago 1 wailolnf Into.ilMlina.   loouid
hic.tly ilria mvsaU -ureas the Soar.   I eoaM ao>
sweep ibe rat-pet.
II I   west lor a
Into I bad to Ile
a,* -a whan I
MBS back.   II I
we ,t tor a mile
en  two on nif
wh-el I waa too
weak  to lift It
tareofh ike sale
war. a iiii last
t'.ii-.t I came In
from harlot a
spin I ilrop^sl
GtlerlT helpless
from fatigue Hy
fsthrr would |tre
&e no peace until
1 prnrured tiy.
chine, knowtus'it
*e*fti "icellent tor
deell-it or weak-
pi-w I moil my
tho retulls are
wun.lrrtui, an!
peo-i.t retaarked
div Itr.pro.ewienL Instead of a little pate, holltw
chAfked. llsUttt. r»eiauchoir girl. 1 am to-day
full ol Ufa. reedy (or « ■I'.lgn.rlda. a akaun|
rnstrh. or aa evening party with anyone, and a
lew moDihs ago I cooid not itruggle to churrh,
•0 n»di (mm ray h,-tae. I hare never had the
■1 (Liest cauae to (ear any rtt'.rn e( the fltittti
ELLA Ml'aitt. WOOD.
BrownaTllle. Oni
""^•-.uian.li of women ara utlng P8Y-
CHl>K. 1-ecause they know from exper-
ience that In it ther bare a aafa friend
and deliverer. Ptychine Is a wonderful
tunic, purifying the blood, driving out
disease aerina. gives a ravenous appetite,
aids digestion and assimilation of food,
and ia a poaitiva and abe. lute cure for
disease of throat, cheat, lungs, stomach
and other organa. It quickly builds up
the entire system, making sick people
well and weak people strong.
a_*_—, ana.   for tale at all drnggitta at 80c and 11 00
    per botde, or at Pr T. A. Slocum. Limited,
Laboratory, 179 King St. West, Toronto.
Dr. Root'i Kidney Pills ara a sure and
permanent cure forbheumallgm, Bright'!
tlisesM, Pain In the Back and all forma
of Kidney Trouble. 16c per box, at all
Fare  and  One-Third
For the round trip
between ttationa on tha
A Surprise Ih Biscuits
Every box ot Mooney's Perlection
Cream Sodas you oj'cn—you will
find a new delight in these dainty
When you want to surprise yourteH
give your appetite a treat with
Mooney's     «
Perfection Cream Sodas
Tickatt  good  to  go  March  27th to
April   1st,  inclusive.
Return  until  April 2nd,   1907.
tlrrrlnsta  mill   . •>•!.
It takes 11 111IIII1.11 banal! Of herrings
tlnll.v to supply the lirin.l.fiist ot the
cod off the Norwegian i-o.isu
Send 10 Cents
Will iitid 700 1 r ••*•"
_ Mir B«n>.ri,ui.ri....,l
111. llnll.,      1     1  ll**   "","«
vlnt.l OiiIIiiIki 100 ill£-
frtrnl kin.lioflK.b, Ani-A
ci*** , itcii, in, 1 *. ii"a
1'. .,'., I'M unit., rhk.i,
Alien, Stock!, r»"t
Pr.«, r, '•"", Pil..m-,
Ni.lut1i„m.,Mi,nii' f .lli>-
llM,Vetlin.M. I'-'"iili.*«.
Tblt Una t.illcc.i,,!. ot
■rr.la an.l Hull,. I. I lu.. la
Silver or Hr. Sumpi.
American Nursery
Any Canadian Northern Ry. Agent
will be more than pleased to furnish
fullest  information.
or Sor* Mu»cl<* duo to Coldf,
Strain-* or Rheumatism
will h*T« tho infUmtnatmn that r» **•• th*
Uinsiirmi (juirkljr Tftmovixl 1»t Aral bathing
with  bot  «at«r, thau   nibbing  uo  briskly
Johnson's A
lu eonilartul powsr lo doilror P^n "*aa
mml. It lamoui m„ « 1S10.
lie., Ikraa times M nurb XV*.   All imlata.
1. 1. joasaoK a co., nostoa, u**.
W.   N.   U.   No.   629 THE LAR.DEAU MINING
is rrlnt.nl ul Tiout iMkat Ity, anq Published
tit KurgmuN ana Trout l-aln. everv Tburaaay
Tne Kil.lor aoo* aut hold tinmen raspoo.
sibia (,»'* iti-' tipluiona uf sarreapuadeuu i'k-
preeted iu Us column*.
All hiflnle will be ctuirsed ut  tb." i»U. »fli
c«.it« per line, llitl Insertion, mnl lUoeuu |w.
* ue euclt ■ utmu.iuent linauliuu.
in «f».'I'rniiHlenl mnl titter aAvirllaini
it madekimwraon sppllealluna**l olWii
s*rl|i».iuii gl.-uu •» r-atar. Ill iidviiuce.
Silver     76 rents
(inld.l.i-ii*!, Coppot ffi each
(i,.Id-Silver tl  HI).
BUvir-Load »i*r>°
Zme    f-.OJ
Gold-Silver, with Lend or
Coppai      .  ...fi SO
Charges lor other metal| oa application
.Samples arriving by express oi mail
r.iceive prompt alteiitii.n. l'.O. Iir.m.i
| OS,
Contracts   Entefod Into for Packing of Mlnin g Supplies   Etc.
to any Point in the District.
«    GOOD,
prompt 1   S. DANEY, Prop.
servicer         FERGUSON.
Any Work
Satisfactory.  J
Beat Wine-, Mqnon and Cigars.
Rates fl a ilay.
Revelstoke, B C
l-'irit-elasi accommoilatioa fui traveller!
Rates Sl and$i* 50 per day
Poplar Livery.
Freighting,    -      -     -   Packing]
Rawhi ding
A Speciality.
Stables at  Poplrr.
(Utl "I Fctcui-- I Mine!    1-ld.'
A Mays nl all i*i i*-. Ten.-- moderate.
Vox ta
II.  C
IKliD C.   liLLIOTI,
lliirri«tt*r. Notary I'ublic Eta.,
*mamox. Uavsistoas, Ii. C-
P.  L. S.
.Vitieril CUiroi Sar\ eyed  end
Crown Grants Okdlntd
Residence—Nsxt Rioobd Offk r..
TTOUT   LAKE,    IB    O.
Notioe is hereby given tliat will,
in tun ibonths from tin* first pul)
liiiition hereof in tlie [British Columbia Gtm-tte, I intend t.> apply
lo tlie llmi. Chief Commissioner ol
Landa and Works lor special lieen*
ea ib pat eud cany away timber
frum the following described lands
Hunted in West Kootenay.
i ..uitneiiciiig ot a post planted
on the north eido of side of ;Treui
Lake, aboul 8 miles from from thi
hi-nil and about J J milts from the
J.uke, i,nuked "(>. VV, Abraham-"
son'e South Writ corner poet."
thenco north •'•0 chain-.; thence
e.-iat 80 chains; thenee south SO
chain.*-; thence woat BO chaius to
point of commencement.
r.'.'.ii.i May 8rd. 1007.
0. \\. Abrahnuieoii, Locator,
Bar w«ll Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Large Comfortable Rooms.   Excellent Cuiiioe and Attendance.
Excellent   Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   £3
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
TROUT  LAKE.   ■   C.
Best Hotel in Town,
fleadpfe for Midi and Commercial Hea.
Central Hotel
All  iiio.lt'rn cum niencei.
Firnt Class in overy rospeot.
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1  50 psr Day Special Weekly Rates
Grout Xaftc
Supply (So.
By uiitif; Water 9U|>|.licii bv the
Company you an asiureil ol absolute purity. Government Analysis
to back Up stalenienti.  :
Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
Trout   Lake   City  Transfer
and Stage Line.
Daily Stage will a
leave  Ferguson ii
7 a.m.
Trout Lake at a
ilk connect*,
Andrew M. Craig.
It pays to um- tlie  Telephone.    A
lengthy trip run often Ih* laved.   (illici*6
at Kentuson: Cummins' store; Trom
I ilk.*. I'i.m (iflicc; ul«o at Boston, Cutn-
ni ix un.l Arrowhead.
Starfeg & Co.
E|K»,    Cheeje,    I'rodui-e    ainl    Fruit
Houston Ilk..Josephine St. Nelson, B.C.
Notice ii hereby given that 00
days afar dale, I Intend to make
application to tin* Ch, if Commissioner i>H a mis A Works for permia
lion ti. purchase the following di -
-scribed lands, situated in Wet
K"ilei::iy  district,
< ommencing at a poal planted
di tin* north treat corner oi An-
dietr I'i it* . , t (in ..ni],tion in
the 1 r - - ti i Lake Uiuing Division,
and mirkt.i August Olson •- south
west corner ptsi, [hence east I"
(I ii«. Ihenee north 2'> chains
Ihenea west 4o ehains, tht hi
ih -*■ phaim .ni „f, #ni
■    • nt. con.piising Ml urn -
i.ocated May 6 h. 1Ch>7
Aiijimi Olsi i   i • calor.
Notica is hi ri l.v (Iron lhal within
2 iiiuiili,.*. frmn Ihs firsl publication
hereof in Hie British Colum
bit Qatette I iiiiinil in apply lo
tl..- Hun. Chief Cominiiiiom i
pl Lands (imi Works f.-r
licence lo eui anil carry away lim-
l*.r  Iroin the follow ing   describt .1
.i   i., •   .   inter!
i    ■• rner ot  Lot , |f»i
i *    ■ i   I ■   ■'
1      *  'I    • South U ,
per j....... '
E. A. HaggenJ
Watch-repairing,   etc.    All work
Oddfellows Block. Tront Lake, B.C;
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
II.nJ Illli. e
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
B   C
D. c.
Stock .Share ami Iiuiiratmo Brok er!
Rfttl Fflalo, 1: l irinii-e ainl
(ienetnl Conimiuloii A**ent      I
Bole Reproeeatative for
Non-Tarill liiauranre  llusiiie*.| in U
Trout i.ake I'ercimin Huaton M
anil C.iiiiliorne 2
r,irn>»[K)ni|ence<jii Iiiiiiranri mnl-5
ten will have prompt attention m
S®SBaBSB£_*_3S_»S_'3?SEB_B 3S
\*otiee i» hereby eiven that r,)
.laysafii-r date I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
r.nnds and Works for a special license to cut and carry avay timber from the following described
lands Hluato in West Kootenay.
N'. 1. 0 i.n iifincing uta posl i
planted about 2 miles south of A. |
UcOormicks pro-emption on Salmon Cr.-ek, marked "No. 1. John \
Crofts .South wesl corner," thence '
east 80 Chains;    theme   noitli   ft}
chaina;   thanes west   sti chains; *
■ hei.ee fouih  so chains io poin
"ii.nn iicnnciit.
"C  and   I"    mineral claim,  pitua
ta in Hit Trout I*ke Mining   Dhrision
ol Weai Kontanar I>i»Iri,*t
Where loeali.1:    »ar  bead of.Sil-
I ver Cup Creek.
TAKE  NOTICE that I.   A.   K.
[Juwett, Free M ;ner'» Certificate No,
HSSl'-'ti, inli-nd.   htxty days  from
ilnte hereof, to apply lo the Milling
Recorder for a Certificate of  Im
, provementa, for the purpose of ob.
j Inining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice tlmt ae
'■ tion.    under sect ion 37,   must be
Icommenced before the issuance of
j such Certificate ot Jmprornnents,
Dated thia C th. day of March
A.I). lyor.
A.E Jowrrr.
F. B. Wells
TISCAN   J.OllliK.
No. 89.
AF.  & A.M.
3rd   Thurnlay each
'   \/   x month.
lining Brethren cordially invited.
<i. Forddred.See. P.C.Campbell.W.ll
rr.otr i.aki*
KO. -ll
I. 0.0.F.
Rerrabif i.i.-i line, iniii ii,
0 in.   '.-*'-   Ii.iii   •*.. *i
Tuntlar ii.k-lil  nl   ^
a'rtuek     >'l>tiiii| i.r.illi-
."■:-,.,   ......
<).   J»*»l-*MIII.    >      U
r. it. ftbtehtrtl. lit*.
0.1I*IT«L PAID UP. 4.420.OCO.
aciT kiiom
I)  ft  WII.KIK, Prwident. Hon. KOIIKRT JAFFFtAY.IV t* ! *..
branches   m the Proviaeos of Aiu-rta. SaskatebewM, I"*.••
UsnltobS, niit.iiio and y.ie.*tc.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.— I»**|'.isit.« received an.l Interest alluw»d ai injl
curreiil rate from dulu of opening ol account.
'•iU.-<  of   i rr.Hl. iwu*l aoilablt ii.   HI
I-.'    of the worm
sptcial ItlWlBKI i«■ la rn.ml.omi u<l
Million ll'i.rte
Arrowhead Branch
T.li. HA KIR
Review Job Dept.
For High-Class Work.
. - a.c J i '.:  'Lt ^Ai-.r-lt -i*-«
Dealers in all kinds of Fresh Mist
4       OK
JSarber Shop
— run a - -
Hood Shave or Hair Cut
— (Al.I.O.N      -
J William Schnell,
Hot and Coid Bathe
-: «ii(liiirutiav«M>e<L
Barber Shop.
hi.1.1 in
.. lo
For liood I lai.
Het emti   CoM  Bathi
OM. ■, MoC'arur.
J   A. «....•
SOl.lflTdUS, F.tc.
■-" .«il,,ri fur Imi #»i»l \'..n. oil .L.ii
wwtwwwwfftwmwwwwmwmmmmwmwmmmmmmmwmwwff _
I.ui'iil.-.l M,iy ?2nd.  1907,
John Cro/l.  Local or.
"Index." "R..I Cliff,- "Royal
H'' and "iiiiiien Treaiara" Min-
eralclaimi, iltaata in the Trout
lake Mining Dfviaion of M*<*st Koot
••nay Dietri> t.
When I..ruled :    On Hold Gul-
>!..   (iainnr Cn-.-k ,
IAKK NOTICE thai I.  Ernest A
CIlTOiind, actiii-f a* igeal  l"t ■
Jniiiei    Dixon,      I-'. .M. c No.  t'.'i''t-
0, Miimli. U lekemlen,   ,,      ,,     BS580.
and C, 0, Wirkeiiden    ,.      ,,      i
intend.(hi   .lav. from tin itlto herlof,   li
apply lo ii..* Mining I'ecorder   d.r iVr
liOcatei of In.pi'i.n (i eiila for the pnr-
■'  obllinfnn 'roil li liranti of the
above rliinn
And   fiinlii-r  take notice  tli.it iiclnui
under Fcdion 87, musl be enaimeneed
No. .'.  C nu
before Ibe lesnanco of iuch Certificate!
• •.iini'  at  ii  posl   offinproveii la
planted abobt 2 tnllee south i.f A.       I'-""1 'lli" im. .!ny..i May, a. !•
rnieWpreemption on stt|-. m,T
in ni I-liI,    -„...l.    i   i.KI      i,     i-i l.in-l A.   Cl'-ieliilid.
in hi i reek,  iiiin;.*! '*.\o, 2.  John „,
Croft's .South east corner pout."     Notice is heroity givon that   50
thenoo   wi.-t so cii.iins;    thence days after dale i intend lo apply
north Ml chains;   thenco .nil 80 io lite lion  Chief  Coininis.'loiier
';- ""•        '! tli SO ohaina li
point i.f com men. enn nt.
Located May 2Sn«i.   18
John I'ri.ft,   I.oe.ilor.
'     '
ni Lands <V Works bo a •.p.ciiil
license lo nil and •u i \ away 'nn-
brrfroin tim following described
la -I- situ a tei ii Weal Kootenay
Ctfinmennin-a nt a imt planted
uiiunl 1-J la ilea south of  Fir/tnson,
',,"ih™l   n?\* """"' 1! J*Cti.nini,.,N. B. cor
•:.. r,',..        LliMchalMi
thenoe wi-si  I3«j chfiins;   Ihenee
iln'ne Iftlt   40
.'Imiii.:   linn'.* •..uth  ^(i clininsj
llienre sail >o chains to poinl   of
■ menceinenf.
■'    M 1807.    j        Located M.iv MH. 1907,
!,'  , P- J • or.
fomheast corner" Ihi i.. s ai
eliainsj Iln ti .   north '"   il.uinh:
thei r, easl go chs
chain   i" p .ii incur-
kHEKE hnre been fortunes
made by judicious investment iu Heal Kstnte, and
more fortunes will b«. made tban
ever the next two or Ihree yenrs.
The one who reapB the harvest is
the original Investor, for h« has
his money on a certainty.
Now hi tn point out to you that
there i* nu better spot on tbe Con-
tlnent  to  bay  Heal  Kstute than
Titorr lake,
Trout Lake i« the prett(eatspoi
in the Kootenays; as a pleasure
resort it baa no m-uhI. Iliiating
and ilHhii.g ituiy lo Indulged in
the year round ; while big gnnio
in ahuiiditnee is to the round on
tlie hills. Its climnli) in ntipcrb,
thorn being no great pxtremea, it
being mil.I in winter and col in
lummer. It can beast of some of
iho finest hotels nml residences in
Ilriiish Colombia, It- streets ars
well laid out and graded. There
are two excellent t'^'.erii] stores,
and a glanco nt tbe advertisements
in thta journal will show thai all
trades arc fairly well represented,
Wiito  with confiileiico tu Agents.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
««• •
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
Tben caB on
or   write to
T haa nertt had a ' boam "—ita
gro-arin has been ileadr. I» '•
the head of uafigatioM, aud
tin tirniinal of the Lardo biaack
of the C.P.R. All rnirli (ia tke
Lardean) lead to Trout Laki. Il
1* (in coBsiireial eentrs cf tbi
richest mineral district en the
coiiiiiient, and haa banking laslli-
lies provided by the Impel lal
Hank o( Caiiad.i ; fint elm icheel
accommodation under thi ilir<e-
tion of .S. Shaiiiioii, II.A.; s good
water system ; governnifiit ..tTjcei;
County Conrl *-itiing»; Methodist
Episcopal and Atigllcnn ehONb-M
ami cottage hospital,
There nre valonble ranch lands
on ihe i.utikirls nwaiiinc settlers,
ftS lumbar resources are magnifi
3<-i,i, and a band saw mill a ith a
capacity ofCO.OOO ft, per day ii at
ti • lieml of tho lake. Tho mines
Iril.uisiy «re proving out bigger
producers every year, with new
prospieti opening up uch kodiei of
There will he a hig rueli thii
year, ao If you would know
more, write al once to til bei of
the igenls nt the ail.iiesceh htlow.
F. B. Wells
Ccaeral Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.
,m-f"W'  ■■ mmrnmeeA..' mr-rr


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