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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-05-16

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,  f
BCI eircu
-Bl.ai.    .u.
Won\    1
v trtiair
U .nil 11*
TROUT LAKE CITY,   B.C.   Ma>   16ih. 1907.
• enuutry.     Sv-ui       1
I anv stiilies* fm  \i j
I par ah. in i*4v
mv.u. NOTICES.
■hereby m'wen thut 60
Kl.cliihi  publication nf
■ in the British Colum-
|, I intend to apply  to
jiiief Commissioner ..f
(irki for special liceiiB-
Picl carry awhj timber
lowing di'ici'ilicd landa
IweHt Kootenay.
jc.i uuiii tiling ni* post
In  tin*  < tt-t lmi>k of the
(of tne Duncan Kiver, a-
lili's up, marled M.   ('.
H^Duri   eu-u comer post;
Hat !?0 chaini*; theiict* imr*
^■ns; thenoe ea|t W) chains
Mlh co chai 1 a te 1 oi lit of
lated M.irch 29 !i. 1907.
Law lor,   Locntor.
I ConiniencivK at a post
Ion tin* east bank nf the
of ll.e Duncan Huer, a-
liiiilcs up inul marked a.
leon'i Noi tli weat coinei
jeiH-coas: 80 ohaina; ihenee
10 ciisitis; thanes weet 80
I thence north bo chairs  to
I coiiniienciiicnl.
iod Match *29th. 1907.
A. P. Dageon, i.o<*aior.
'j..   Commencing ntn;  •
hi   on   thc cast  aide  of   tin.'
nrk of the Illinium  Kiver,  a-
chains ta^i  of  river  am!
111 milcB from the f..rks, nt.tl
11 M  Bog-ton> 8. E.  corner
ibence   north   s"   chnins;
fe west I'M) chains; thence
•10 chaini, tl..-. i- eaet 80
, tiinci- eouili 40 ehains,
cut 40 cliaiiiH to point  '*•
! Located March 21iL 1907.
M. Beaton, Locator.
r 4 Commencing al a pent planted
ko east silk ol tl".* vtelt folk "I  lhe
fan Kiver'about S.liliiiis from llie
, about 11 miles u|i nn 1  i
coin) Ifiilnn'i *Tnrlh Weil i   I  ei
ttte^ice eait M ohaini; thenee ton
SO chaiim; ihenee t»c»t -in ebaiai;
La n irlh 80 cl.an.l i thenc* west  HI
ts; thenee north 40 chains to the
Iii nl coiniui-ntuieiil.
Located Match tilt. I
ilalrolin IWatmi. Locator.
lo. 6. Cemmaneing at a post planted
Ihe.enat aide of llie weil fork ol  the
can River, aboul 5 cbaina from the
t*r. about 11 link's tip,  marked   "V.
Stoo'l   N'ot'lb    Bait   .'"ner   put."
luce we-lt 80 chains;  thence soulb N)
lint; llntice cast H0chaina;    Iheuea
[th 80 chii in lo |«iiul ol c<.nin.line*
Located Match!)at. WOT.
M. leiinii, l.otat.r.
k»o.«. Oommeheiagn a ftm. planted
Ithe wast folk of the Unman Itlver,
ji.ul ■*•¥ tiiilei »ii on the smilli ««»l
Ink ami markeil "Kil. lliltii'.i- '*
, earner pull," thenee call M chains
knee sooth M> ehalm; thenee »*-si M>
l.iins ; thence nortii in eblial in | alnt
I t'ouiii.enceiiient.
United Match Mr.l. l'.'U7.
Kd. Hillman, l.tH*at-.r,
[No. 7. Commencing -at a pmt planted
i Ibe weit sitlu >.l Iho -set lork "' ll"'
■J.incan Biver, aboill"-, milea up Iron.
Inkl. ami 5 chaini west ot llvar, mar-
|i-'l "M.C. UiUi.i'i Noill. Bl" .-.'rner
foil;" tlunce west 80 cluiiis; thence
...ub 80 chains; ihonce Mil 80 cliaim :
llieiu-e norlh 80 chaina to point ol l 0m»
M.C. I.iivlor. locator.
No. 8.  Coiniiiciirini* It a poit planlert
j,n Uta ca«. lids ol Ihe -ml (oik ol Ihe
Bi.iiic.iii Hirer, aboul 7  miles rp  Irom
if.,rki. mnl marked "K.I. Ilillmanl ,B.
|\V , corner post," UieiiOl Berth SO cha-n
I thenci' i-aai 10 chaini; ih.-i.ee louth B
Ivhains; Ihenee writ 1-0 thaiii to poiul
i ui loinnieui sine ni ■
Uested Mireh |8rd. JH-J7-.
K.l. Ililiniiin, Locator.
No. II. CnniineliciiiR it a l"*t planted
on lhe west lork nl Hi* Dunci.n Biver
nt "Eil, lllllniaii'i 8. IV. comer port'
about 7 tnilti up Irom lorki nml mark-
i-d"Ktl. Hillniat.'i H. )'■■ corner port.'
thei.ee north 8'.) cluiins; ihenee tt'-' M
i-lmiiis *. thenc* smith 111 chnins*, thllici
east so chains lo point >.l commence
LoCSted Mard. Mnl.   J»07.
Ktl. llilinian, Locator.
;Cooliuntil In fi.lunin .1]
N'titlco is hereby given thai oft.*r
i two mouths from drat  publication
' bore i in   ths   Uritish   Coiumbiu
Notice i» hereby given lhat 80 Gnietie, I Intend to apply to tbe
dii-,t nficr date hereof,  1 Inleml non, chief Conimiai'lonorof Landi
io    make    application     lo   the ona Worke, for a speoial license tn
lion. Chief Coinniislloner of Landi Cat0nd carry awav  timber fnuii
it Works for a ipeclul  license tojtjju followinedescribed landslitu-
I'Kb AT 800 l'OOT LEVEL.
cut and cnny unity limber from
ilm following desci lb. ■! I mdi lituated in Well Koult-iiay ills'.ii-.l:
Oommineing ut a post planted
et tlie North Weil cormrol Ander
mn h pre-emption end 20 chains
ciui of tlie Kiuih WCet corner
ati -1 in Wesl Koot. uay distrb i
Lot 7491 nnd marked "l.eilie llilli-
N. K Burner posl' thenco west Iihi
chaini; thenee bouth 60 chains;
tlience east 100 i bains; thence
north W .*liuiiib io pint of commencement.
Dated 80th April, 10 '7
Leslie Hill.
tiio. H. Compboll, Agent.
Nni by given ilmt within
two month! frnmtbefirct imh'ica-
tion lu-ri-.f in the British Columbia (in'.viie. I intend to applj i--
tuc Hon. (Jhivf Cwntuiesioner .i
l.iiuds and Worki for a i-pecial Li-
eenee to cnl and carry sway tim-
ber fn.in Ua* folloaing described
lands situated in Weet Koolenay.
Nn. l.     Coimii iii-.iii ut .1 :■" -'
planted   Ij milee abeve I. n Mi'e,
on   the   south   fork  ol   Lai
Creek, adjoi i> i;  l.-.t 7047   '•>• lhe
north, matked 'A Gowi ■.'   - l
.■.■rner     |«bl *'        I 11 11   I.   till    ti''
chnins;   thmco   w.ri 80 chaini";
ih. nee   sonth fen  chains; Ihente
10 chains,   to   joint of commencement.
Nu. 2.  * 'i at .i i rn
planted IJ miles above Ten Mile,
on lhe aouth f-ik ot I .'•
G:rek, ad|o!nin*j Lot 7 'IT. o i Uu
S B innim 1 'A. (J .wing's B. W
corner poat," t ience north
h't vli.nf. ; hi i ce ..i-i B0 • beine;
thence south W diain«; thenoe
weal BOchalm to the point of o -m-
So   Z. Comnien ling  at  a post
plum. I 1-) milci nlwve Ten Mill.
on  the  math   i*.ik  of   Lnrdi-ni
It, marked 'A. Gowing'i N.W,
eorner |> it,"    thonce   i»uth   Ro
chains;    ti.<*n imi  *' ehaius;
Ihenro noJih -S'J chaini; ihencr
we«t BOchnlnei  'o point ol com*
Located   March 27th.    1807.
A. Qowioti Locator.
No   4    CuiiiiiKii. Ing   nt  it a il
phmtcil 2-^ iiiiliM   nb-ve   Pen Mile
Tht- cars and rails arrived,   a
No. i.    Commencing eiapo»t few days a-ijo, for the contimi-j
planted on Henley Creek,  ebont ance of work on the No. 4 level!
2 mi'.*-! from  the bead,   marked of the Broadview.
-".I T Laullier's south tvest e-ii.er      At the 300 foot level the drift',
; ■*••"*"' i . , handing these may he had when
posf   tlience   north   80  chaos; is hei n^ shoved ahead as fast as .
Mr. N. W. Emmeis returned
Sunday from a trip to the Silver
Dollar property at Camborne.
Ho reports the mortars well on
their way up the hill to the mill.
Some idea of the difficulty of
British Columbii
Mining Industry.
Interesting Review of thc  Mineral
Situation of B. Columbia.
(Continued from pn-viousiisue.)
i    . o-ji r.   it is stated that each one weighs
"830011* and has to be taken up
. I by block and tackle,
tically below the bottom of the i  ',    .. .
Thc Hume and water  pipe   is
80 ohains; Ihenea wesl 80 cbaius to drive yet topet to a point ver-
to ihe point of commencement.
. itnmencing st a i osl
shaft whore an up-raise will be
made to connect.
„„    VT .    ,   .     I iiressor plant will he ready   to
The No. 5  cross-cut is bemK'!       .,  H  ,. 4. , .
[ iieiiiu; put in shape and the com-
|.l..ii'i'il on Mealey Creel;, uliout
iiiilc*. troul the h.'iiil.  marked *J.     I'M ho. o
T.   Uotber's   north   ee*t  ,i,rni,  driven to the foot wall,  todevel-
s south   80  chiiiftsi   fnc^.opothe shute of copper ore ex-
«i.iH.i,|,,i:,-;  theuce north 80 posed in the No. 1 level.
No. 6 emss-cut was started a mollars Kct lherc,  lhe time for
few days ago, to  cut  through : lhe mjH tions gtart.
the vein    When in a few feet. I,   ffl fae short
a body of steel galena and cop-     The work in the mine ig pro.
perorewasopetuilup which is        ^ favoi-ablv    and
believed to be a continuance of ^^ m mcnt ever>. da>.
A oiisiilcriitiun nf the following
fuels must Inul nne irrcsiaiib'y to
lhat conclusion:
The relative nuictiitudc of British Colombia with reject lo many oilier divisions of uml ii quite j
as striking aa her oilier physical
Indeed, it ia so impressive that
one is   nurpri-id   when   leing   il
chains; thence east B0 chains   lo
lint oi commencement.
I.oc.iti .i the 23rd day of Apt il.
J   I
blow the whistle a week hence,   [compared   witii    other—perhaj*I
The   vanners,     rock-breakers'better-known—leiriiory.
and small  machinery  is all upj    Thus,   in point of area,   I5riii-h '
for the mill and as soon as the Columbia is in*rc than uo and
iine-third liini**. ai   (in-at   a» Jier,
parent jjovcrnment, Great Britain,!]
lowborn ihe pays   tribute.   It Is
more than  six  times as  larne III
Hart   b»ea   pronounced
hy    esperie
Best for the West!
•mm are made by mei
who know wesiern coi''.;-
tiotn anJ requir-ir
from ezperlenee, Thou«h
durability is their .
suit, inanv line.-i ennf. rn
to all ihe requirement- I
general drui.    ::
Leckie Specialties
fur LiR^er?, Miners, i1'
I ec ors, lioyi and YotiJhl
are m nearly  btdeitri
tihlc ai footw nr cat.   be
tn tie   Iubuyingboc- I r
ik-rvic-e.   ir.iiat on jell
LECKIE   11 O U i -
u .i  posl  plnni .1 theore shute  from  which  the
oulfealej Creek, al"»ut 2^  mites former owners shipped over 500
from the head marked 1. C. Kirk- ions of good pay ore.    Manager
Patrick's souih EmmenB, figured in tapping this
li tins; Ihenee wesl ,„-,. at about this point,   but pre-
80chaina; thenee i- mi; 80 chain*; fers doing some work to deter-
e easl -. chaim Ui  iwint'ol mine the matter before making
ciiniit * *  nn nt any definite statemnt.
f-fltated April23rd,  1907. Next week, however, we  will!
The present work consists of
driving the north and south
drifts and upraising at the end
of No. 2 level.
In the north drift a very fine
body of quartz-carrying iron
and lead sulphites—was opened
Up, which on being panned
showed uj) a considerable quan
Write for a Catalngi.
C. Klrkpatrick, i, ealor.    be able to give our readers more tjty of free gM     ThU is an en.
authoritive information  regard- L^y ^ ore gj^  and  is  of
;„,iL. , r. . - lnplt*        _ j the full width of the  drift.   It
■ -     Should this however,   be the. js being cross-cut  to  the  foot
ind marked    Mr. U« same shute of ore as exposed in \vau to determine its exact wid-
'■""•*■ I"-'*' Uk    aft, there is enough clean Ufa
; ore i n sight 1,'tv.een  the Wei |    In the north uP-raise.   a vein
, .„,, r to net the purchase price of the „f ore 12 inches wide came in on
property and  a'l   the  develop- thc foot wall running very high
lopment up-to-date. | in galena.
Tiie trails are   in   bad   shape.
but the company is putting forth
.*■! ..ii the v»^i f-.rk nl iin* hiiiiciii Uiv-
„   . .., fr..:.; ti..* i'..,).-. ,n ever>* effort to keep supplies go-
i .  nh bank ami       -        I   F. ing up and the work continuing.
il.iiiiii; tl * •    i.
No. : nif at a po»t ilnnicl
Located March !
M   t'   I.i sl
11.  Comnw bi ii .• *  ■• .  *.
ci April lat. I M7,
A. I. Pil-Ji-on.   I     »l  '.
Nn. It. Coniuienci $ at .*» i at i*.a..t-
11 mi tin* *'-i lork i,i tin 1'.!' ii        *
,t, ahmit 4 n  l« up "ii lhe north I
I "A. P.   I      * ii*i   South  W . it
Dome i j
e    ,. norlh *•" * hali.-; thei I
- t.
ntut SU cliaim to point ..i coma
I nested March JSlh. IW
A I  Du^eon,   L.icaior
No 18. Cotnincncfiif at a posl    lant-
rl on tl.e nesi bank ul tin- Puiicau Itiv-
,.    , arc floating about in the lake,
cr. about5 chain" north ol raylort revk
un.l marketl    .\.   I'-   Dogcoei   North;
Baal cornel post, thence -ioi BOcI ainl
ihonoo louth SO chains; theno  i-ait  80
liaitu; thei ce a rtli BOeltaim io i.oint
Lnrdo, May IS   John   Cody lefl
-  .   le,   Wash,   where l.e will
.rn expedition t" Alaska to
\ i-'i-mcand volcanic Condi-
W, K Cooke i^ having a hur.l
time keeping his !o?a in the boom
on account of the high water.
W out BOO0 h.ga Inoke loose and
indeed il is, with the  most favorable geological condition!, it must
very prn|ierly engage   the  attention t f the prospector,    the miner,
and now, perhaps more ihau c\er
before, the Capitalist.
In the south drift a cross-cut i    i»,0,.ccrs \n tu minine  indu-
was siarted from the face,   and
a body of fine milling ore opened up.
As a whole, the property—as
it stands todav -justifies the
large   expenditure   which   has
iht Orange Free  Suite and  three
tiims iis lame hi- Or. goii.
lis aria is a irlflc larcer than
tiie: aggregate nf Maine. New
Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York
Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and
The German Empire, wi:h her*
45,000,000 people,   is only  tao-1
thirds as large as British Colum-1 K^a£a£aB®:-Q£«:aS.«E JESS3E.;.;
bia,.with her  less than l.Ooo.OooS      ■        •       j r.       -i        &
people. j»     Local and General.
Wilh a  territ.-ry  so  large antl I •cTj^-^jaBBSKasaS •X.-aS-QE'-KCrJ
so  completely   characterized,   ns
been made by the company, and
they can congratulate themselves on receiving good returns for
their money in the near future.
The Canadian Rand Drill compressor installed lately at the
Eva mine, is doing good work
and running without a hitch.
A serious trouble however,
both at the Eva and the Silver
Dollar, is the scarcity of good
machine men.
Timber Notices not a i
on this yoz.e wi'l be found
-t, and iu the S-appleaei *.  icsusu
with thia edition.
E. L. MaslerK.n and fan    •
nn Monday morning tor fc-,   -■ v.
im their way to the eo-mt,
ihcv will lake up pertuanei •     i -
Mr. Masterson wis one    '   I
eailv buiinris w.en of Tr... *    - •
and through shrewd deal
fortunate   investments   has   lev
able to accumulate a tidy  sum  of
the "long gr. en."
A.   J.  Gordon  paid   a •
I'oplar thi* week lo look s
mineral in'.eresti there.
„n   tbe   -.niii   fork    of   Lnrdi-an', c,)llllllC,, -:,„.M
(reel.-,  and marked 'A. Gowing'aJ .   -.-.il April 6th. Iu07.
S. \V. i-i-rni-r p.-i.'    Ihcnce north,] A. i. I-.._ ••    I   ator.
sn ch .ins, thenc I Ko, H • ■ ■      . Unted
thciices.nith SUchain-, llnliic west;  ahout 1   mill  up  I'- l   '   «
Duncan hivtr, marked M. II
A gasoline launch has arrived
for the train crew, which ihey intend patting on '1 roul Lake for
moonlight excursions.
80 chains;   io the point   ol com*
No. •') Coiumooclng at a post
planted 2) miles above Ten M-le,
on the m.ii'li fork nf Lai den tl
Creek, marked "A. Gowh g's iv
W corWr ; 0ft," thence s*uiili B0
i-habii; ih. in-.' ea»l v|> olia
iiiiii'-.- uorUi 80 ciiains; thenci
ive.it Ml chains; lo point of com
No C. ('oniiii.-iu-ing al a post
planted 8*} miletuhoioTen Mile,
on iii" n mil fork nf l.u:
Click, marked "A. Oowlng's S,
\V. ...'ner post,'. Ihenee nortii 80
chaina; thence oast 8*i chains;
thence south <s0 chahilj lh »c«
ivosl 80 cluiins lo p"int of
No, 7   Comihenclng .t' a po»i
planted .".j mllei above Ten  Mile.
on   llie   south   fork   of   l/ir-l. nuj
iit'k, maiked   "A- Qoiiflng'i  N
W. corner po-t;" lliiiiC'* nnili  SO
There 1ms been n quiet I
ar.'Uii.l   l.ardo   thii    Spring    for
\V. ,       ■ *, i ,*i,r.  ,.i>:
ll.ciiti* ii".' li ID '".an I . Ill-UK •
th oi.*. i av    li  -UJ .hiiiiis   to |oinl -I "Oil lain.*,
ii'iiiiuci.i menl
i    ited April Wlh  '.'
M. ic**.. i
So. 16,   Coi . lent*
cd aboul J mill       II   ihler Creek from' Weftfall,   getting it judgment iu
li.iiican lliyer, ni.iiku.1  M. Duauni I   S,1
\\   ,   i.
Ihenee north 10 ■■'■.• ns, I *i IU0
Fred BUI tt returned from Nil-
sen Wednesday nighl,
He   reports    Ins   client,    Mrs.
ilii'iice noi
e e:ii>i  ci)  ohali b;
chain-', tl • i" -' -" ttli 40 chaini lo ji'int
0| cnlll.lii'll.lliclll.
I.,*ia't'l  -ipril 10th 1007,
M, l.i tor.
*N., ig Coiiui' iiein-J ni ii i* ' planted
iiiii.iu : ii.*,',,- north * I Hall Crei k. ae
liiiiic.'.ii liiMi. on (I i* Ninth VVell cr-
ncr nl Tiinher Iinni No 7:1-. n irked
i: 1. llilinian « Sortli Kail cornel i-m,
thenco weit 80 chaini; thence lonlh 80
cliui: b, Ihelit-C I Ml B0 chains, thence
inn :li Ml iiiiii. u I" point "I c.iiiitiicnc-
■    nod April 10th l '*:
l*;,i lijic mi. ij oiii.i-
Ko t; Commt • lag at a post planted
iihuiii io ehains south of Hall Crock on
lliinciiu River, and vest of K4 8 lino,
marked  A I Dugcou a South 1: ill cor.
ber favor in the action ;i(;;iiii->t J.
Stewart, assignee for J. A, Orif-
iili. This judgment sustains the
validity of a mortgage given on
curtain properly ui Troul l.nke
os security for a ndto endorsed
by the Liu- J. W. Westfall.
Mr.   Perry,    of   tho  Crawford
Tramway Co iiim... up frum  Nelson OD Wednesday'* boat.
The Canadian Paoliic Timber Co
lire slarting n logging ennip on
lh   HO   chain":   thence ner i>»st. ihen
ll.*ll 'll.liilil.l-, Ilii'llt'C
vest 80 chnina   to point  ot   c i
tu ncement.
Located March 30lh 1907,
A. Boning, Locator,
rtli s.i chains, ihi'iii .* easl i" lhe K ,*t
I g line theme foHowtag Jogs ol K A H
Trout Creek.
\\ .  (Hen   is
0"H1I1(;    hlr.    pre
llll ul fill..nu in menl .
l.,f.iu*.l April llih 1007.
A  T'   tKifiMi,   'tt.i'.er
cinptioii for the satno coiiipti
The  services  in the Anglican
Church on Sunday last, Wi ro   «•( 11
the excellent iiiintu* ren
ilcrt-il by tha cl oir being  greatly
To preach the gospel ol Christ
i.« a holy calling, and we honor the
men who follow it in it- purity.
Wc Imve no ua«* tor in n or miii-
islt-t*- -demagogues we mav call
them- who are agitating along thc
line of Sundav Observance. We
be i.-vo in consistency nnd will
^iie a reward of a }cara' subscription to anyone who cm discover
any particle of thie jewel in the
action of Rev. Bi.csrer or his ur-
iive associates. We would o.i
the gentlemen who aro cllin*.'
down ihe cu ici of heaven ou Attorney-gei oral Pa to n how the)
aci towards thi-ii domestic help-
<)f cuune, lhe law framed by
them doc-i not interfere along lhat
line, nor docs it prohibit them go-
In-j to or from Ihilr bard Sunday
labor in a nice oasy-running automobile or electric car.
The World's darkest pel iod WAI
lhe result of intnlorai ce iuch aa
now exlilb tod by these 'gentlomon'
1 ii* pir.-tculioii nf mi II and women who sought io worship lheir
Creator according to t lie dictates
of ilirir own conscience, wns lhe
result of Minilnr grbl'ary action ..n
lhe pari of men who fought their
own glorification mid n determination to force all mankind to ice
with their eyes,    nml think *eith
iry. iu o'.kcr parts of the countiy
have curved out rcc«-rdi in production, ami eailicr mining engineers have achieved success in
the face of apparently insurmountable obstacles, but their greates*
success was to cry stnlise and perfect economic metln ds which, in
different improved forms an- for
us-- in Hie mining induatry on nil
parts of the globe today.
Supplied as it is with timber.
coal and water power in nbund-
aticc lo produce creative wealth
from "Old Mother Earth," to
which ndd thc improved economic
methods used in mining lo-day to
which she basaCC-rBf, British Columbia in assured of a future lhat Mrs. A. E. Fowler <■
is enviable, [spending a few davs at lha  Lake
Other scli-ms of country hive j ^8 t|,e cue!,t of Mri». A Pie Va
come to the fort front with great
discoveries uf precious metal und
then receded lo the background*,
to be followed by long periods of
(To be continued.)
Andy Craig   returned  frcir
.uitside the |att< r end of lift e
bringing with him one of tl •
looking teams of   heavy   tlr.
horses wc have S'**n in the i
Arthur Gondii
in   con.
pany wllh several other gentlemen have,organised it I25*000.0(*
company for the purpose of opor.
uting a brewing plant at Colvillo,
lt A. Deihuno has been appointed manager of ihe Imperial Hank
ut Arrowhead.
Wo have not "touched" the
gentleman yet, so nc cannol ad-
vis* our readers whether be u
.-.in. cpil.ic lu the ' con taik'' usually put Up by Ihoie who would like
lo "lly a kite'' unco iu it while.
Wo iire Advised lhat A. Vi 1'hipp
ot the Imperial 11.ink, Roveliloke.
hits been Appointed g ti.-ral iiidp.-t-
tor for 11. C. end that W. Macdon-
nld —whoestablished the branches in Ferguson and Trout Lake-
will assume  tho  manager-ship ol
tlmt branch,
'"Mho"—as ho was fnmiliarW
culled In tho Lardeau   en  find a
Koah  Abrnhnmson left   ;
day morning for Uevelstoke
busim s« ttip.
We   tnkc   this   t'ppoHUi il ■
•=avine a few wotds relative  lo   1
It,  linker,   who for some tn  *
•n tn»:*r of th*  ba >k hers   ami
afterwards al Arrowhead.
T. H , was an id.al  bunk  n   •
genir), coiicmis and always ici i ■
■o    push    alone   nny   entes-j
•ahich had for its aim   ihe  np< i
ing-U|i of lhe disitict.
Ah the custodian  nf  th • fundi
of a large ha-Aing Instlintfcm,
was careful in planing loans.
Satisfy him,' owevcr, first
I the   honesty   of   your  pn ,    •
then the miindness of your  |
homo   any   tunc   he    visits  this ; position and T. B.. would see  :   U
••neck of the woods" thfOOgh.
  All the information the I.anl' -in
people have, is thai number l
Advices from  the  cast indicate'
iho anivnl  Ibis  spin
.f li. 11.
Paliy,   formerly manager -f the
taken his place, hut We fed *• *   -
fled lhat his new aphtic will !-■■ '•!
w ... will In'crrst himself
In iho development of sonis of the
pronlslng p ( parlies up tho S uth
e importance 'n-d  hie um
and    rcsponsibilitiis    of   tr
Pucccss   to
to  h-m   wUciev
The Two Vanrevels
Hmm laSluu** oat **M«
tnontimied From  Last Week.)
Aimoat running, she entered thc house
nnd hurried to a aeat by Mra. Tanberry, neitllng to ber like a young aapllag
OB a blllald*. instantaneously several
gentlemea who had hastily acquitted
themielv*! of various obligations ln
order to eeek her aprang forward with
eager greetings, ee tbat when tbe
stricken Tem, dazed and confounded
hy hla evil luck, followed ber at about
fire paces be found bluiself confronted
by an Impenetrable abatis formed by
tbe spiked talis of the coats of General Trumble, Madrlllon, Tapplngham
Harsh, t'ummlngs and Jefferson lia-
reaud. Within this fortification rang
out laughter and sally from Mlas Carewe. Her color was high, and her
egrea sparkled never more brightly.
Flourish and alarms sounded for a
euadrllle. Each of tbe semicircle, firmly elbowlag hla neighbor, begged tbe
dance of iliis Betty, but Tom wss himself again and laid a long, strong hand
on Madrllloa'e shoulder, pressed blm
gently aaldo aad said:
"Forgive me. Miss Carewe bas honored me by the promise of thia quadrille."
He bowed, offering his arm, aud none
•f them was too Tain to envy tbat bow
and gesture.
For a moment be remained waiting,
allss Carewe rose slowly and, directly
facing blm, said ln composed and even
Tolce, "You force me to beg you never
to address tne agulu."
Sbe placed ber band on tbe general's
arm, turning her back aquarely upon
In addition to tbose who heard, many
persons ln tbat part of tbe room saw
the affront and paused In arretted attitudes, others, observing these, turn-
ad inquiringly, so that sudden silence
fell, broken only by the voice of Miss
Betty as she moved away, talking
cheerily to tbe general. Tom wai left
atandlng alone In the broken aeml-
All tbe eyes swept from ber to him
and back. Then every one began to
talk hastily about nothing. Thi young
man'a humiliation waa public.
He went te the door under cover of
the movement of tbe various couples
to find place! ln the quadrille, yet every sidelong glance ln tbe room still
rested upon blm, and he knew It. He
remained In the ball alone through tbat
dance and at Ita conclusion walked
■lowly through the rooms, speaking to
people hero and there as tbougb nothing bad happened, but when tbe music
aounded again he went to tbe dressing
room, found bis bat and cloak and left
"1'ou fore* tim to ht, i/nu ntoer lo address me uaaln."
the bouse. For awhile lie stood on tbe
opposite aide of tbe street, watching
tbe lighted windows, and twice be
caught Night of the lilac and white brocade, ih>* dark bnir and tbe wreath of
marguerites. 'Then, with a bot pain
In bis breast and tbe atvp of a grenadier, he marched down tbe street,
• ••«•••
In the carriage Mra. Tanberry took
Betty's hand lu hers. "I'll do as you
wl'li. child," sbe said, "aud never
Hi-el. lo vou of liiin again aa long as
I live except this once. I think It waa
best for hlu own sake as well as yours.
"He   needed   a   lesson,"   Interrupted
ants Betty wearily,   Hhe had danced
I.n.K in..I hard, and -he was very tired
Mrs. Tiinberry's staccato li.in.-li cam*
out Irniureaslbly.    "All the ragiilioud*
So, princess!" sbe cried. "And I think
tbey are getting it."
"So, no; I dou't mean"—
"We've tamed their heada, my dear,
between ua, you aud I. and we'll have
to turn 'eut again, or they'll break their
necks looking over their shoulders at
ua, tbe owls!" (ihe pressed tb* girl's
hand affectionately. "Uut you'll let m*
aay something Jait *ace and forgive ate
because we're the same foolish age,
you knew. It's only this: Th* neit
young man you suppress, tak* him off
In a corner. Lead blm away from tb*
crowd where be won't bar* to stand
and let them look at him afterward.
Tint's all, my dear, md you muif-Tt
"I'm not lorry!" said Miss Bitty hotly.   "I'm not aorry!"
"No, no," said Mn. Tanberry soothingly, "lt was better this time to d*
Just wbat you -lid. I'd bar* don* it
myself, to make quite sur* be would
keep away—because I like him."
"I'm aot lorry!" said Mill Betty
"I'm not sorry!" she repeated and
(•Iterated t* herielf after Mrs. Ts*
berry hid gone to bed. 8b* bad sunk
Into a chair in th* library with a book,
and "I'm net aorry!" sbo whispered 11
tbe open unread page blurred before
ber; "I'd not sorry!" lie bad needed
bil leason, but lha bad to bear th* reo-
ollactlon ef bow whit* bil fac* went
arben h* received It.   Her etTr*et had
put about blm a strung* loneliness
the Ion* tlguro with tb* stilled crowd
staring, it had made a picture from
wbleb her mind's cy* bad been unable
to escape, danced sbe never ia hard
and late. L'nconiciouily Robert Ca
rewe's daughter bad avenged the other
lonely figure which had stood In lonely
humiliation before the staring eyes.
"I'm not lorryI" Ab, did they think
It was lo her to hurt any living thing
In the world? Tbv book dropped from
ber lap, and she bowed ber head upon
her bauds. "I'm uot lorry!" —and
tears upou the small lace gauntlets!
She Haw them aud with au incoherent
exclamation, half self pitying, bait impatient, ran out to tbe stars above ber
Sbe was there for perhaps half aa
hour, and just before sbe returned to
the bouse she did a singular thing.
Handing where all waa clear to th*
ak.v. where she had stood after her tu!'.:
wltb the Inc.*..-ui'ie when be bad bid
ber look to the stars, sbe raised her
arms to tbem again, her face, pal* wltb
a great tenderness, uplifted.
"Vou, you, you!" lb* whispered. "I
love you!"
And yet It was to nothing definite,
to no man nor outline of a man. to no
phanaom nor dream lover, that ah*
spoke; neither tu biro sbe had affronted nor to him who bad bidden ber
look to the star*. Nor was lt to the
stars themselves.
Sbe returned slowly and thoughtfully to the house, wondering what lb*
had meant.
        CHAPTER  XI.
C1RAILEY came bome th* next
I   day witb a new poem, but no
m_m*A   flab. He lounged up tbe stairs
2£K*| late In tbe afternoon humming cheerfully to himself aud. drop
ping hla rod ln n corner of Tom's office, laid tbe poem ou tbe desk before
bia partner, chuckled aoftly and requested Mr. Vaurevel to set tb* rhymes
to music immediately.
"Try tt on youi instrument," be aald.
"It's a simple verse about nothing but
stars, aud you can work It out ln twenty minutes with tbe guitar."
"It la broken," aald Tom, not looking
up from hla work.
"Broken!  When?"
"Last night."
"Who brok* Itr
"It fell from tbe table ln my room."
"How?  Eaally meuded. Isn't if/"
"I think I shall not play lt sooa
Cralley awung hla long legs off tb*
aofa aud abruptly eat up. "What's
this?" b* asked gravely.
Tom pnahed his paper* away from
blm, rose and went to th* dusty window that looked to tbe weat, where, nt
the end of tbe long street, tbe iuu wai
setting behind tbe tuln of charred tim
hers on the bank of tbe shining river.
"It seems that I played once too often," he said.
Cralley was thoroughly aatonlshed.
He weut to his friend and dropped a
band tightly on hla shoulder. "Wbat
made you break the guitar? Tell me."
"Wbat makes you think I broke Itr"
asked bla partner sharply.
"Tell me why you did lt," uld t Valley.
And Tom, pacing th* room, told him,
while Crailey stood in silence looking
him eagerly in the eye whenever Tom
turned hla way. The listener Interrupted eeldom. Once it waa to exclaim:
"But you haven't aald why you broke
the guitar?"
" 'If thine eye offend thee, pluck lt
out!' I ought to have cut off the bandi
that played to ber."
"And cut your throat for singing to
"She waa right!" tbe otber anawered,
(triding up and down the room. "Ulgbt
—a thousand times- In everything sh*
did. Tbat I should even approach ber
waa an unspeakable Inaolenee. I bad
forgotten, and ao, posalbly, bad abe,
but I bad not even been properly Introduced to ber."
"No. you hadn't; that's true," observed Cralley reflectively. "You don't
■e*m to hav* much to reproach bar
with. Tom."
"Hepruiuh her!" cried the other.
"That I should dream sbe would speak
to nie or have anything to do with uie
was to east a doubt upon her loyalty as
a daughter. She was right, I say! And
she did the only thing abe could do—
rebuked tne before them all. No one
ever merited what In- got more roundly
thnn I deserved that. Who was I. In
ber eves, thut 1 should besiege her wltb
ny Importunities, wbo but ber fslber**
worat enemy?"
D*ep anxiety knitted Cnlley'i brow.
"I understood she knew of tbe quarrel," be ssld thoughtfully. "I saw that
tbe other evening when 1 helped her
out of the crowd. She ipoke of It on
tht way home, I remember. But bow
did she know that you were Vanrovel?
No one In town would b* apt to mention you to ber."
"No, but ibe did know, you aee."
"Tes," returned Mr. (Iray ilowly, "ao
It serins Probably ber father told b*r
to avoid you and described you so tbat
she recognized you aa tbe man wbo
caught the kitten "
He paused and looted at Tom, wb»
continued to pace up and down the
floor. After a time Crailey, fumbling
In his coat, found a long cheroot and
ai hc lit It lie*.lire I * as'],illy .
"Do you remember if she addressed
yen by name?"
"I think not," Tom answered, halting.
"What does It mittir?"
Cralley drew a deep breath.
"It doesn't," he returned.
"Sbe knew me well enougb," laid
Tom sadly *a he resumed hli sentry-
"Yes," repeated Cralley deliberately.
"So It seems! So It seems!" He blew
a long stream of smoke out Into tbe
air before bim and aoftly murmured
again;   "So It seems!   Ho It scums',"  .
Mi' Mice fall, broiTtn only by (u~e aound
of 'rum's footsteps, until, presently,
; i.i.nitj on* informally shouted bla name
■ from tbe street below. It was only Will
. t 'nuiuiings passing tb* time of day, but
j when Tom turned from tbe wludow
I after answering him Cralley and his
i poem were gone.
That evening Vanrevel iat In the
dmty office, driving himself to bil
work wltb a ibarp goad, for tbere was
; a face that came between him and nil
! elso la tb* world aud a voice that
Hounded always In his ears, but tbe
work wa* don* before he rose from
his chair, though he showed a haggard
vlsagu aa he bent above his cuudles to
blow tlieni out ■
"It in i ... (hill / .i.''i.Vtd nil.v I'.n      li ll."
rt waa 11 o'clock. Cralley bad not
come back, and loin knew thut hla
light hearted frleud would not return
for many hours, and so, having no
mind to read and no belief that he
could If be tried, he went out to walk
tho streets. He went dowu to tbe river
first, aud stood for a little while gazing at the ruins of tbe two warehouses,
and tbat wua like a mau wltb a head
ache beating bla skull against a wall.
As he stood ou the blackened wha-f
he saw how the charred beams teas
above him against the sky like a g'll-
Iowa, aud lt seemed to him that nothing could hav* been a better symbol,
for here he had banged his self respect
"Reproach her!" He, wbo had ao displayed bla imbecility before ber! Had
be been ber father's best friend he
•bould bave bad too great a sense of
shame to dare to speak to her after
that night, wben ber quiet Intelligence
bad exhibited blm to himself and to all
tbe world ai niught elso than a fool—
and a noisy one at that!
Suddenly a shudder convulsed him.
H* struck hi* open palm acroas hla
forehead and spoke aloud, while, from
horizon to horizon, th* night air grew
thick with tbe whispered laughter of
observing hobgoblins:
"And even If then bad been no stairway, we could hav* slid down tbe
boae line!"
He retraced bla steps, a tall, gray figure moving alowly through the blue
darkness, and bis lips formed the heartsick abadow of a smile wben be found
tbat be had unconsciously turned Into
Carewe street. Presently he came to
• gap In a hedge, through wblcb he
bad sometimes stolen to bear tbe sound
of a harp und a girl's voice singing.
but b* did not enter there tonlgbt,
though be paused a moment, his bead
bowed on bis breast
11" Be Continued.)
A tits or Cartava-aa.
Tho first of November Is the official
beginning of winter In Paris. Then, nc
matter what the temperature be. fl re-
are lit ln the schools and public build
lugs, and tlie Janitor turns on the heal
for tlie and nice of flat dwellers. Then
all the smaller shows which caunot
pay for a "stand" In tbe streets ot
squares go Into winter quarters
Where? I found a city of them out lu
the waste lands by tbe great gate ol
Montrougc. Iu nn empty lot were
■cores of caravans drawn up behind
the wooden palisades, ranged so as to
form veritable streets, numed after
thia slum man or that. Dogs, chickens,
rabbits, children, swarmed everywhere.
Corkacrewa of smoke roae from the
chimneys of the wagona. Untidy rags
were drying ou lines. Will you look In
one of tbe vatia? lt has two rooms. In
one are tlie beds, Tbe other Is for eating. On all sides the walls are lined
with closets and drawera. A little stove
glows near the door. Here they are
born, here tbey live and die, the enter
nal dynasties of tbe voyagers.—Vance
Thompson In Outing Magazine.
The  liub    llretillrul.
Tbere la, It has heen said, no fixed
standard of art criticism. What Is
lauded today la discarded tomorrow,
and even coiumlsaeura disagree l.e-
wll.Ierlngly; but, glancing back over
tbe ages, It will be found that tbe dis
cord has been caused by technical divergence and that lu every land and
among all peoplea tbe truly beautiful
haa been generally recogulzed and correctly esteemed. No oue questlona today the I..-.-. uiy of the Oreek temple or
the charm of the Hubyloulan pottery.
It does not require trained eye* to recognize tbe merit of an oriental flower
painting or to Hnd delight In one of
Whistler's nocturnes. The fundamentals In each Instance are tbe same—
rhythmical line, fair proportions and
harmonious coloring. We have to he
led ofttltnes up the ascent of art and
there Is mucb discussion concerning
the byways, but once on tbe height nil
dissension ends, ond we no longer need
a guide.—Leila Mechlin In Century.
"lilies',    11 nse.
The story li told that Dryden, flnlah
Ing his translation of "Virgil," sent It
to Jacob Tonaun for publication for n
sum specified upon tho manuscript.
Iiiiisiin was desirous of obtaining tho
book, but determined to tak* advantage of Dryden's need of money. He
therefore Informed the poet tbat he
could not pay the sum Dryden aaked.
In reply Dryden sent the following
lines In description of tbe publisher:
With leering look, bull faced and freckled
With  two left  lege,  with Judaa colored
And frowsy pores that taint th* ambient
When this was delivered to Tonson
lie asked If Dryden bad said anything
more. "Yea," replied tbe bearer, "(ie
said to tell the dog that be who wrote
these lines could wrlto more like them."
Tonson sent the money at oaom
Farmer* anil liirniers wives say that
liin*.in. art* the liiiinlii'Hl and most eltec-
ttvi fatally maim-inc ever discovered.
Von have indigestion Had f Two liileunn
lak.ii utter en n ini'iil will rid yon ol
lhe inillis like liittgn* ! liiltstliiillnni. per-
Iini". is your trouble I lilleans cure il
without t'liiisiiig a ilngls ining ot grip
lag I Headache, uilitmsiifss, heart trouble,
lines, .nm all disorders arising ii.nn
i.iiiiii liver and dumac'i action, are
titled  iiniri.lv   and surely   by   Uilcans.
Mrs. V. bavuntltl-i', til lleuuttiont, Al-
herlu, says: ' (?or over ten years 1 was
ailing could ici sleep, had pains attar
food, constipation, heailitt-he. uml name*
without energy. A tew boxes ot lilleans
gavi  me   i.a.'K   my   ht-ailu.
All druggists and mured sell lilleans
at We per box, or from Uiieaii I'n., in
rniito, lor price,    b  box  lor »U.ju.
The Dad My sun. i want to tell
yuu Ihnt the secret til niy success,
us il musl he of any man's, is hard
work.    I——
Sun- Sll! Diul. 1 don't cure to
hear other peoples seoreta, and I am
iuu much ui n gentleman to take ad-
vnni.'ige ul Information gained that
way. Say no more, Cleveland Leader,
Health     and   Strength     Regained   by
Taking Dr.  Williams'  Pink  Pills.
The niter effects ol hi grippe are
nunc  seliotU  thnn  the  disease   Itself
Its victims are lefl lov. spirited and
depressed; thei are tortured with
headaoiies and backaches; lever   nml
chills.     It  leaves tile sufferer nil cum
inc.! to bronchitis, pneumonia, rheumatism and Often inai must tlreiiiled
oi nil discuses, consumption. Km
the niter effects ol ht grippe Ihen
is absolutely uu medicine can equal
tii. Williams fink Pilla.   Every dose
Helps  nuike  new, rich,  led  1.1..ml tli.lt
drives disease iimn tin* system,   and
makes aeak deapondent men nn.l wc-
ueii bright, ci.i-i ml mnl strung   M -
1 uv. nie   Donaldson,     of   St.   Jerome
, , inlilid il cure tin inich UlSM
,,...> niter other remedies hail failed
to Help her din* says: "1 took la
rripps   and     did   not   seem     able   tc
,.aiM- it off. It developed int.. br.ui
'hills, 1 coughed duy und night and
„n'M so weak that I could hard!)
move about I tried remedy aftei
remedy, but as notning seemed U
Help ine I begun to dread thut consumption was developing umi thin
my eaaa   was    incurable     A Mend
urged me to try Dr. Williams' Pink
I'lils und foil..ning thut advice I took
Uii pllla faithfully, following the directions given for their use. I uin
thankful I did so lor they fully tailored my strength und I hnve since
enjoyed perfect health. I will -il-
wayi advise sick and ailing people
" give Iii. Williams' I'mk 1'ills n
trial lor I firmly believe they will
Iiml greal  benefit  from  their  use "
Rich, rel blood is the one thinp
nettled to maintain health uml
strength.       Dr    Williams'   I'mk   Pilli
actually make rich, red blood.   Thai
.8 the rensoii of their greut popularity in every country iu the world
Thnt  is  why  they cure anaemia, gen
Bra] weakness, rheumatism, neuralgia
indigestion. Bl Vitus daiiee. partial
paralysis uml the ills of girlhood und
womanhood, with nil its .listressim.
headaches    Bee   thai   yon   get   the
genuine pills with the full nnme "Dr
Williams' Pink Pills for Pall People" on the wrapper nr..iin.l each hot
Sold l.v all medicine dealers or hy
mail nt Sll cents a box or six hoxe-
f»r $250 fr- m the Dr. Williams'
Medicine (' .   illCCkvilli, Ont.
D-i Baniat had two teeth that
caused Inm dreadful pain, sn he repaired to the dentist and bargained
about the price of pulling them out
The dentist agreed to three francs for
the lii-t and two f'.r the second.
"Well, then." said Du Knpi.-it.
"pull oul the second one now. I'll
come tomorrow ubout the hrfit "—Hon
Minard's Liniment Corn  Diphtheria
t.ii-,r.„,i aa Cook.
Be a cook-some sort of cook, even a
ship's cook. Ib-i.n-iiiiii i* Talleyrand.
Tbe Ilrltlab nutbiritiea gnve bim twenty-four hours' notice to quit Loudon,
antl lie embarked on a Ilaniah vessel
for America. The vessel was held up
at sea by an English frigate. A
searching party was sent on board.
Talleyrand pleaded wllh the captnln
not to declare him, ns he bad no liking
for th<> Tower of l...i..!..n. "1 will pass
you off as the ship's conk," sai.l the
officer. "There Is nothing else." After
some wry faces the prince consented
•nd with a very III grace assumed tbo
cotton cap, kitchen apron, carving
knife and otber nppendngea In keeping
with his new office. When the Kngllsh
officer il.'iiiiiiiili.il |f there were any
Wrench passengers on board the cap-
UJn replied, "Yea, one poor devil of a
limping French cook." Being Immediately called up for Inspection, Talleyrand made bis nppearance, saucepan In
band and with sucb a piteous countenance thnt the Englishman laughed
heartily and consented not to make a
captive of blm.
■ he lltiuea   i......... ..  Year and Makes
U   .....Ml    I  llll,M   Hi    II.
a woman In Kanias Cltj makes i
living, inul ti guild one, too, by honing
razors. She Is the only woman riizor
Sharpener In this city. She declares
she Is lhe only one In this country
Bliu sits at a whitlow in n little ibOP
With her hones upon ll lOW aland beside
ber und works. She sharpens between
fifteen nud thirty ritsors eueli dny. She
gets 25 cents apiece, . The day sbe
Bhurpens thirty razors she makes IT.60.
If Bhe ibarpeua twenty raaon she
mnkes $5 for the iliiy'a work.
Sbo uses two hones, a "hickory" hOM
to cut the raaor down fail nud nu lm
purled Qerman water hiine with which
to put on the Untitling touches.
"How do ynu know when the razor Is
Juat right'/" she wiih Hiked.
"Well, sir," she nnsivered, "a mini
went one time to n grent painter and
asked blm how he mixed his colon, nud
he told lilm, 'With bruins.' 1 might
make you tho sume nnswer. It tnkea
brains In this business ns well ns In
any other. And I've been doing it for
eleven years too. You hunt' up llftc.-ii
to thirty ruzoi-H a day for eleven yenrs.
tliat'a, let'a see thut'H something like
10,0011 razors a year -dint's something
like 110,000 razors In eleven years-you
do Hint, mid 1 -,'uess you'll know a	
thing about It If you've got bruins
enough to go In out Of the wet.
"Then look at tlmt thumb null of
mine." She showed a null all lined
with razor etita.
"Tliut's one wuy I tell. I try Its odge
ou my thumb mill. I can tell In u JIITy
by that."
"In boning a raaor what art la ro
quired?" she was naked.
"Simply put a straight bevel edge on
your ruzor antl quit when you've got II
sharp," shu anawered.
"Hut uot every one can do that." wu*
"No, I guess not If they could I'd
have tn go out of this business."-Kim
bus City Star.
III. I.   Old   I tide  Sam.
Some Kuropeiui uutlona which are
Obliged to face huge detlclts In the ua
tlotial exchequer must look with eu
vlous eyes upon the bursting condition
of L'ticle Sam's treasury. So plethoric
la tbe situation at Washington that It
now seems probable 1117.000,000 of
public debt will he wiped off tbe hooks
uext July. That It can be erased with
euse there now appears to lie no doubt
It Is estimated  thut allowing for an
other Panama canal i>..i.<i issue of t'.m
OOO.OOll, the l'ulte.1 Btatei trensury can
l.a.i off the maturing 4 |s*r cent bond*,
and still have left a working l.alaues
of more than 180,000,000, To cancel a
ninth of the entire funded debt of the
nation at one clip would be a notable
achievement It would he the more
gratifying to the country when It I*
remembered thut the money has been
accumulated out of ordinary revenue
after making outlay! In a broad spirited fashion— Philadelphia Tress.
t iiithr. I ... bea lint.
The newest hotel In New York's Tenderloin bun-is one feature which the
aophlsth'iitcd guests regnrtl with suspicion, ln every room there Is n smnll
rltiset with two doors. One opens Into
the room und tl." other on the hall. To
tills outside door the valet ihisbcsscs
the key. The Inside door Is lucked Lithe guest after he has put his clothes
Into the little cliwet In order to bave
them pressed and cleaned In-fore the
next m •rmiig "1 know thc house Is
rea|K>uslhle for the clothes If they nre
lost." snld one guest who hint refused
to nvull himself of Ihe new- convenience, "but It mnkes a mini very nn
comfortable to feel that lie has licked
bis clothes uut nn.l thnt another haa a
key to them. Then the fellow with
only oue ault would have to wnlt a
long time before the proprietor sent
out to buy hlin another."—New York
si. ll,*» Orlaands.
How strong Is tbe Influence of the
i.r,gaud hi Sicily Is shown In recent
proceedings nt the Caltiinlsettii nsslzes,
where four of the Imi ml of the notorious chief Kallla Molone were to he
tried. Tin- Jurymen and witnesses Instead of appearing sent a Joint petition to tin- court praying to be excused
so long lis the chleftnlii. who bus al
reatlv a dozen assusHliiiitlons to an
IWer 'or, rc-...alii« uiicuuturuiL
Tba Keen  lijnl Camera.
A woman wltb an exceptionally clear
complexion recently sat for her photo*
graph. On receiving the proof she took
It back to the artist anil complained nf
a number nf small spots on the face
which marred an otherwise perfect picture. The photographer waa at a loss
to account for thia, nn examination of
the negative falling to give the slight
est clew to the source of trouble. A
fortnight  later   an   eruption   of  spots
broke out on the woman'i face, which
proved to he the tint outward sytnp
tums uf a very severe attack of smallpox.
Cornelias Vanderbllt.
Cornelius Yamlerhilt ts alowly bul
surely earning bis way to tbe front In
the national guard of New Y'ork. In
Hail he wns elected a second lieuten
ant In the Twelfth regiment ami Is
uow senior first lieutenant In the or
giiiilziitlon. He has been detailed to
the cnptnltiey of oue of the companies
Iiml will soon become a regular cap
tuln. The members of the regiment
show no jealousy over this promotion,
as they say It wus earned hy good
work as a soldlta*.
< riM-Miiira and lha (are.
One does uot usually connect crocodiles with a health reaort-rathor tli*
reverse—but tho creatures are quite s
feature of the Indian Imthlug plnce of
Manghaplr, about nine tulles from Karachi. This town la a place of pilgrimage for pious Hindoos, but It I* chiefly
famous for the value of Its waters In
the cure of the dread scourge of leprosy. The waters are boL and more
than 00 |i«r cent of Uie sufferers who
hnthe there annually, It ls ssld, are
cured. The crocodiles are rather noteworthy In that they live In the hot
water, apparently suffering no Inconvenience from Its temperature or medicinal qualltles.-Wlde World Maga-
No. 826.
Terror lilm,. I..-. ii„ir.
It has been repeatedly affirmed lhat
Queeu Marie Antoinette'* auburn hair
turned white In the dayi of the reign
of terror, says the -Caledonian, nnd an
Kngllsh surgeon nnmed Parry states
that Just after the Indian mutiny be
aetunlly saw the Jet black bnir of a
rebel Kepoy, who waa tindor examination and feared a dreadful death, turn
whlto In the course of half an hour.
In the time of the commune In I'arls
tho dark hnlr of Baron Alpbonse de
i Rothichlld wss blanched In a few
It Is Wise to Keep the Mervoli
Full Health and Vigor b\
Dr. Chase's Nerv<
The   leiuliiiB  arum   Ol  I  greal   Now
Y.uk  newspaper  committed    suicide
icivntlv   because  on   llll   return   I II
in*   I..uin]   hli  apartments  111  dlsoltlei.
iln* painten and deooratori being In
This is an iiiiiainition ol overwrought nerves leading to Insanity,
unl, whatever may bi Uie laat itraw
,o unbalance tha mind, there cun i.e
io   iinuiii   thai exhaustion   <d tlie
 vi" ii niitnys a cnusc oi mental
Uiieaaei ..i the nervei are common
,u nil wnlks ol life, nnd .in- curlier
lymptoilll   III.    sleeplessness,    lleivulls
teadaohei, loss ol memory, inability
u concentrate tm mind, indigestion,
ueii. languid leelingi, discourage-
tii'iii ami despondency.
Hi    l nuse s  Nerve   KOOd   cures  .us
iat ol tm ives iii tin- only natural way, bj nciiiniiy Inorsaaing tnt
iinouiit oi nerve puce m in.- body,
ity ii- regular and peniateni use
hi iii>>.-1 scv.'ie i.n ms ui asrvoui es-
tauition, such aa partial paralyiii,
prostration, and loooinotor ataxia, an
thoroughly   and   completely   filled.
Mn    J     Milchel.     tit   Mieibii.uke
struct,   I't.te i* I .li.
husliiiiiil   is ii   iiiuiii
ton foundry,   tab
"I   hnd   nn   alii.i ,.   ..I
riii.uiiiiilisin,  iiimii |ei| ln
IUII.I..IVH  stnle ul   11...11111   in,,,'
111, **j
mill ta
v" v imj i
''   lo llll
my   whole  IlirVQUt  aysU m
hauated uml worn oui    i
■leen, and nt Uinci   in* ,,.„,,
hean were alinoi I  i   i..,,, ,i„!.',!
[Ullil    ol    tllCM      ) llipluins   I J
abb* iu attend to m   housetiiM
lelt   liilseiiible   ui" I   "I   Hie I,,,
the  uilvice ul n   li lend   I  |„,W|"
III      ( 'llll.-l* I    Net \.     I    ,. ,|
inai ii bus proved   i
tit to me     I um .iiii,  |
work now, and   h-.-i    n Uf,;
iieui.i.,.*!  than  i   have ioi i,,,
cun  trutii.uUy  stati   .  al u,l. ,
lu ilie use ui  in
which   I   cun ni* i    a
i. mid. *i
II  you  would   b*.      Irani tn,
iiinl  iiv<Hil  nil   lb*    .ii    ma] i
■ ii common  at tl        ...   h
\ uin b i and revita
by    Un*    Use    ul       ,u     i
I'lilill.     Mi     l-elll .     ,i     lm,       i,
18.60,    al   all  .I
Hull's    iV    I i< .     I "l"li!
I" I
Plant   Trsss   to   Prolact Ships.
State  Forester U    II.  Lull bai  Ih*.*ii
experimenting with ihe planting   ..(
•UOalyptUI   tiees     in..iiinl     the     hills
baok of the bitiiiui ui Fort Braggi In
Mendocino county, ao ns to afford i
windbreak  loi  tni -hips    thai entei
lhe   harbor.     The   tree*     grow     very
rapidly, and In the two monthi have
[rown  several   inches      Hundreds    ol
u  will DOW Is* planted
The big lumber companies have de-
'i.id iu plant thousands ot treei uu
he vast areas Iroin which the lumber  Inn-   Imsii  cut     The  planting    ol
 I   |0   prOtaCt   alllpH   IH   tied, lei lly   uu-
..■I, and li au experiment that will
te watched with considerable interest
everywhere    Beeramonto  Bei
HmlSi.l      I'tulil.     Dr     A it iii »  •     .'un
fut the limit is a heart tonic that
lleier falls tu dire   la  swift   ill  It* .-IT.. I.
g.n-. el***i t" Uo* i-criirr i ,iei aad
laaU he- from ,i.uin- gni> more suffer
an ili.ui any other rrinuly for uttv
(ainlly if iliseaw. and alltie-nl- in iht*
rateeon "I human suffrniij» (lues re
ilei  lu   si   minute*'    ■*'
Thought  it Was Something N*w.
Tin* bartendei »:i> from Boaton
"Ii  thi- niv   whiskey  "   enouired
lhe   patron,   at,   he   InplM-il   the   bottle
be whiie-iip:..ned ixpert had pushed
luiiiinl  hun
Th,. bartandei untied
"Thai i- >"Ui alcoholic diatillati
trom tormented grain." hi replied
The patron frowned," hi wld, "but
it you  n iiiiueii.l this  new  -tufl  I'll
iai..* i chance ami it> it " Cleveland
Plain Dealei
Minard'i   Linimtnt   Curat   Ditttmptr.
"So youi servant girl has left yuu
H* i n  " -*ii I Mr-   Nm boi
"Ye-."   replied   Ml -    Silhllhs.
"What wa- tin* Blatter
"Bhe didn'l like the wuy I .lul the
work."—Philadelphia I'
"S *.* heic     Thut  hoi      ■
runs away, kick.-, bib        .. ]
tm*. I,, laal down tli
Ymi told me timi ii I ,
wouldn't part w itb h |
"Well,   you   won't     Phil*
.MlllUld s    I.IIIUIlelll    I  " ,    I.Illi
I >'-111 l.-Iti.-li.    Mv   iiiiii,''.      |J
old,   wns   i.iruwii   Irom .  I
injured  bei   ilbo-a   -.*  bad     |
inallied   .-Iill     and   verj   i |
llllee    lellls,      KOUl     I
nl. >   i.i vl.MI'.N I   i * i!.|.,.*, .
bil   and   sbe   bai   let   i> ,n tn
[01   two  lenrs.
"lours truli. i
J    i:   i i-i.'v-j
Ht    Joseph,   I' ll .  Aug     1900
'lim-   Babin "i Kglinton, says*   "i
have removed    ten coins    Irom my
(eel   with     IlolluwuvV   turn     ( uie
Header, go tbuu ami do likewi .*
Hen Franklin   wai   experimenting
with  In-  kite and  key
"Wonderful I" exelaii I  Ihe  ouri-
• ii- throng, when thev siiw tin* el.-c
trie   -piirk   "il   the   key      "Hut   could
-..ti perform the sane experiment nt
drill -"
"(lh. yes," replied Kninkliii. "hut
I suppose I would hnve to use u
night   key."
Poi even In thou dayi Poor Rich-
inl wns known ns the in in who wrote
jokea lor his almanac    Chicago Ne»-
Iteh, Msngt, P-airi* Scratchti and
•very form ol conlagiout Itch on hum
in sr animals curtd in 30 minuttt bi
Wollord't Sanitary Lotion.
liin Bkreecber- What sort of iongi
lu eu like besl, Mr   Bupbrer}
Mr Suphrer — lhe songs ..f the
Mventeenui oentury.
Mi-- 8 How odd I Why do ynu
prefer them ;
Ml-   B    lleeniise  iiohu.lv  ever  sings
'em  nowadays    Philadelphia  Inquirer.
The men who have achieved success
are  the  lueii  who  hnve   worked,   rend,
thought more   than wa     absolutely
iiece•■niv, who have Dot heen content with knowledge sullicient for the
..nsetit need, hut wbo have sought
additional knowledge und stoied it
awuy lor the emergency reserve 11
is tiio superfluous labor thnt <*.|.n|is
a inai. for everything that .omits
most   III  life     Iii-Iuii ui   K    linn.
Iler.dil)    i-    whit    a   mil
Ills iiiotltei nml  lathei   :
.'inneiii whal he blame        -   j
children for,
it   is aaalsi  lo  prevei • |
to  cine       I illlamiiial ii i
i- ii.c companion ol nei
nn.l  one*  it   Imds  I   b-li* |
s)st,*m    It   I-   dllti* ull   '
Treatment   with    Hicki.
-i.mptive   Byrup     will   .
sold and prevent  tnllai
■citing m    ii  t- little
-uti-lit'-toi)   a-   it   1-
\I      Qriggs   Bo you I
get p. th.. bargain couni I
Did yuu   >••■ anything I
there . «
(ingg-    Y.-s, I caughl - I
myself   in   •   nun.        B I
cup! J
Take two Rcecham's Tills mm
tiring and avoid any ill ttmm
trom a late meal. Then j j««
t'.eep loundly. awaken ■>•*■"■
clear head and a high < ; ' m
ot the great itomach reir.r-J-.l
Pills 1
Sold Evarywbare.
I a boats 23 twM
— -m
only logical mtthod lor tht ■
ol Stammtring. It trtttt 1 >
CAUSE, not m.rtly th* HAE
and intunt natural n •
Pamphlet, particular* and N
ttittt ttnt on rtquttl.
Berlin,  Ont.,   Can.
Prookt*   Appllanrt.    Sew
dlfWVTtrr       Wiil.ilrrflll      No
iili.i,l..ii. •prtugt "t f..'la
Aiiuanftlic Air • i.,li|..i,t.
Bind, in* Iran Iht krokta
M'li ttettktt tl nu oauid
I krtl.it limb N" (tlm.
Ko irmphol. Nolle, purl
ttile,r-ti*M*. I'.i Mr.., in ui.
ett.ioaui -ail.
C. I. laOOU. mi;
when decorated with
~ Alabastine have a lustrous
richness. Our illustrated
book, "Homes, Healthful and Beautiful."
tells why Alabastine is the most durable
of all wall-coverings-how it destroys
disease germs, and how you can decorate your home with Alabastine at much
less cost than with any other material.
S*nd t*n c*nti for a copy of " Homn. Hialthfu.
and Biautiful." with inny dainty, n*v» id*ai
for th* decoration of your hom*.
Alabaatine ia told by hardware ami paint dealers
everywhere - a 5 pound packiiae for 50 ci-nla.
ttk your ttMltr lor lint card. NEVER 8OL0 IN BULK
rs. Cora B. Miller
Makes a Fortune
m*   Few   Years    Ago   with   No
apltll,   antl   Now  Etnpluys   Nnur-
^Bna Hundred Clerka and
Until  *   '-w    v.'ui'i.   nun   Mm.   llnra   U
lid   ^■etl   it.   it   in.......'.'  miiiiliir  ti.  iiiiii
■kli.l-.   "I   iiilicr   very   pour   w. n
^■fl'imfi*   Binilll   I.mn    nn.l   viIIuko
aa* a** " "''" "-   '"■'   """   '"''"""i
-atoin*   r**td*Q0*i  ami   tu  ct.iiHitiured
f Ulf     lll'l.,t      SIHTI-Hnllll      lllll.lllrhil     WO
,. ia un* i ....ci Mm'*.
Iir, t    N.w   Rctlilenrn.    Earnad   In
| I ...     I i    On.    Yttr.
nm.    UU"    ll'-*     Milll'l     learned
 la mill Muupi.. pnparatioo   iimi
Hat-.U    mill   ttrii'titl tili-Jtil-.   til   to.
^Bttiilii'*".    iiml    I'll" «       Mn*    wn.    In
gttt  *y    '"'   'n'liii    ..'iii.ii In i   Iiiii;   Ileal
n.i it  Wi'*          *'  'I    '" >■" "'-ll    ■■    In
^K*>  iniL'ii'   tail  il it     i-.ii.'  'imt
^^■olili     II     lew    llllllll,'.     <ll|illlll.    nil,I
lae tm/t'ii   po*****ioi ten* ami aondsr
f j| merit    pi..tin, ing  mini,   ear**    -Alien
loetori  "".   "'ini   Miiiiiii.H   luiii-a.    thu
naad ,-" .,    ■■  min m   -tie ...     • > •...
tttt eoniiii.li '" --•'i.  iiirui-r quarter*
a wow uooupi** .im* nt ui.* ciiy . mr-gem
^fcii'iiii.:-    wim li  »ia   nun.   iiml  al
^Ht*  tiiiiiili'eil t'lt-rk*. and   ■ i. ie ki ii in
re aV*  i*'i.iircd   lu  aaai.i  tn   llut ,11*111
■ Million   Wotnin   U>t   It
HoitMl1.11.  11   nullum ai.nicn  liave   n-.i
Hm. lBll.'t f     ii-ini'tly.    a-id   11..     itintu-r
iMOIiii     i.e.   Kill'   1 no   rider   yuu   In   la
alesJH'l'iir   imn   Im-ultty   who   inn   and
ul ten    ni Bufferar teat "..** marvelous
rtttmly     "'l''      •UM-    WellH'll UC.-lH'e     llll-
•a. il^'-flla'    *•'' -     Mill.i i.   1, u-1 ti.-^-   1-    very
t-ataaatv.-   -in* m aiwai*. * tiling to giva
^H mt. ei*   t<> ...cry  -.tittering  woman
who -ern•*-*  t"  iter    hat- i» a generous,
^Tbiiiiin   ami   ha.   tlerltled     tu    give
^A women whi. till.' Barer .»-'*'i aer
tiu.uuuuu     wuria     autKiiuiei-/
woman tuttrnua alia pain, in
. iiatk and boweli. bearing down
iiiTii,ii.tie.N, rreeping avu.a-
^■l Uu- ••l.ii..*. inelani'htily. .i.-it. to
efT, hot iiu-iicH. v.• tirin.— nr pile, frnm
*-*-*^n-t-. .hould tu in/hi down md
pr name and addrt*.. lo Mr, Cure
Ir Hut ai. hi.k.'ii. 1 Ind.. and re
UM mail 'tree ol marge in plain
-*reap*r '• ■'.•tn in., "I tur mani-l.iu.
gmliala .'.° ti**r vtltiaiile t.uut. wiiuD
•»___"■■"an   ihuuld  have
■Bi.i.-r   thin etli*.  win nut laat long.
le* te-auiatiii-   and   ihuu.audt   ot   wumea
ab  ^p tulerinf will taki advantage i.f
.•r.,11, meant uf felling cured   no
■ ire   ailing,   do  nut  lUBer   an.,ther
It -.end  v.itr name and  addreu to
filler   tur   tbt   ..••'.   and   medic, rr
■ the • lO.UUU.UI wurtb  11 all gont
aar *»<-
ttmi At'
WH A-nintt wm.
A eortnln prosy profi-aHtir of physics
ll ao uruut u mlianthropi tii„t ba de
llbenitt'ly announcM Ins |wtur,.s for
tho daya wheu he baa reaion to think
that UIh students will least want to lit*
tend, iiu coinuianiii'd tU-air preienot
on nu election day oncu mul ,irovt. t-l(mi
nearly wild hy delivering a tidloui M-
any mi will power.
"If ho wllla It, a man may nrt-oin-
pllah anything," ha droned. "|,,.t |,|n,
mnke up IiIh iiilinl not tn ale, and lie
will live In aplto of dlsenae; let him
deride that llfu ia nut worth living, aad
he will drop peacefully out of It. 1
eballengo any itudint to cite nu tn- i
Itanci hi which the power of the will
has nut triumphed over ivarytblng."
l-'p ahot the reprohato of the clail, a
youth beloved i.y all hi* companion!
for hla dorlug hiiinor.
"Sir, 1 accept your challenge. Vou
are wrong." lie aald.
"Pray mention nn example," retorted the profeuor dryly.
"Wllh pliamre, air. An hour ago I
willed tlmt thia lecture ahould he
hrt.uis'lit Io a apeedy conelUlOD. I've
wlllett tlie niiine thing alxty tlmea alnce.
but up to now it hain't coma .iff."
"Nor will It." aaltl tlie profi-aaor, "for
I have nut only willed tlmt thia lecture
ihould hint another hour, hut am per
fectly willing that It ahould do ao."
And It did.
A   Mint  nnd  a   1 Ind,
It wim tbi liulilt or the Rev. Jiuiif.
Bpurgoon, grandfather of the great
preacher of thai name, to pray ndi
evening under i certalu oak tree in a
■ecluded wood in Boneywood park,
1 due ulgbl in- dreamed, the mnry goee,
that  Satan appeared ami  threatened
I  to tear lilm In plecea If lie followed III.
I  a.-i-UHloiueil   rout!  to  (lie  tree      There
j >vn* another pith i.y whieh he mlgbi
' no in aufety. Remembering hi. dream,
Bpurgeou felt aurely tempted the ni-xl
night tu take llie route lu Which Satan
•van not Hut Hits would be to caplt
'llate Trembling In every limb, he
made hi. wny by the path In which the
lancer   luy      lie  reached  hla  gi.nl   In
safety and iu prayer ami aong returned
ihiuikH for delivery from peril. When
uis prayer hud ended he roae lo re
'.mu. lu hi. path lay a piece of aoll.l
-(Old "aa large aa a curtain ring" All
inquiry fulling to discover an owner
:n- retained H and when he married bail
hia wife's wadding rlug iiuiile from hi.
1 nili.ii. lind
A •!'■■: known New Y"ik lawyei
aay* iln.t 11. hii earliei profeaaional
dayi De un- glad to expand hii len
der to i' hi hill collect 1 n*.- iin
one oc* 1-1 .it In* had 11 lull againat 1
man<*ii". incidentally, hai Inc.
achiev 1 -.ice-- which puta hun
beyond il.** neoaaait] oi men un In-
deflnit* -'.iieineiii 11- hi mada mi thai
occaalt i> ihe yi'inik' Iuu,ci (ound
him villi Iiik feet propped up on In
desk, I..* gaaed dreamil) at the
eeil%  through   a cloud   of tobacco
"Bu*    really,  -ir.  I must  inailt Ihnt
ytqjl   gl ..*    un     -..|||e   ilelllillc   l,|e,*|   U   to
whan >".i   will    act tie,"  th.*    lawyei
•aid, nit**!   having   been gently   rebuffed
B author eonaented to lower hia
nel tu wave hn pips languidly
I ■ Hi.inly, .-u though there
10 nn* t.. he a ruilicr unneoea-
'iiiiiiotiiui about tins iniii*." he
(will pay the lull nr toon ai I
of it after receiving the money
a   |..il.l 1 -h.i   uill   pay   me     in
ic aeeepta the novel which   I
rite inni  sand hun ju-t  a- goon
•I in nn enargetia mood aftei
■)>*> good idea (oi i plot I
l" nn* |"    Harper's   Weekly.
I-  Known    Everywhere    There
a city,    town   ..r   hamlet in
*lu   .ihen*   Iir.  Thomas'   K.lectin*
not   known   wherever    uitro-
it made ■ Foothold  for Itaali
baintained it.   -jome merchant!
■uggeat    --on iiier    remedy
bally beneficial. Such rooom-
ainiiis hIioiiIiI in* received with
Then* i« only ene  Bclectrlc
I   lhat   is   Dr.  Thulium'    Take
big   i-Ne.
ire   Coin    in   Colliction   Box.
Idon    A gold  n   one-third >.f
|tleil     Isiliilig   the  data   1808,   nils
in a collection bea in Petei
Igl. Cathedral, wuh a requeat
lit slu uld he sold inul He   pro
given to tbi* Cathedral Heater-
Tirror.     8wepl     Away     lir
Ointment    Htmnli.   ut   tl.e   >..-a
|ieier.   hcnlcr.     and   sure   cure     (nr
11 all ("rm. On* appll*atloB will
niuturi in a lew niiuuii'-. uml
in .it day.' application according
TlliiliH will cure chrnltic case, ll
■ all Hilling anil luirnuig iltnen..*.
dav      lh   cul.    79.
ing HiihIiiiiiiI   Don'l  you iinni*..
||ii*   that   tjv   smoke  is  likely    h>
the curtains }
liiig Wile    Vmi nre the  beat  mul
considerate  husband   that    ever
dear,   of course it would.
mil'   llii.-hinil    Well,    then.    VOU
better   take    th hiwn.    III11--
ingerout cou(hi. Extremely
rllous coughs. Coughs that
IP and tear the throat and
kgs. Coughs thst shake the
lolebody. You need • regu-
| medicine, a doctor's medi-
pe, for such ■ cough. Ask
ir doctor aboet Ayer's
kerry Pectoral.
W* fublleh iur formulae
m     W. t.nl.h tltohel
¥_   IVam tur ni*4l.lti«.
W. art* y.n ta
ton.nl, your
I good doctor will tell you that a mcdi-
| Tike Ayer'a Cherry I'cctoral cannot
1 ben work If th* bowel* ir* coned. Aik your doctor If he know*
bint better thin Ayer'i J'illifor cor-
" I fall ilugglihneil of the liver.
• balk* J. O. Ar.ro... Loa.ll. mm.. •
Hern Ins.
There baa been  no nation, no mat
ter how uncivilized, ilmt nt tm,. tun,
or another bus imt made uml u~.il 111
tOXtcatiUg  llquora.     The  art   of   lir.*w
Ing was practiced i.y tbe laden) Bgyp
thins nn.l later by the Ureeks. It.iiinin,
and Haul.
Minard'i   Linimtnt   Cum   Garget   in
No   Ont   Suited.
"IT-   li...   hid   about     loiing   liold-
roeka mul tin* girl he ii engaged to
Neilliai  ol thun  1- good enough  Ior
il ther."    "Why    do    you    think
that '-" "I've been talking the in.tl-
tci    ov.r   nun    both     families."     Mil*
uiinkee Sentinel
Hot  Shot.
With   our   foreman   at   home     -Imt
three time*, ■ printer in the Blount-
villi* jail hiilf-shnt. another 111 the office imt worth shooting, tin- Comet 1-
Iaaued undai gnat dtfflcuitie* iln-
vveek.   Johnaon City 'Tenn 1   Cntnel
Tha Pol.oned Iprlng -A. in naliirc -<•
in man pollute tb" »pruig an! d_taat
und   na.te   are   ImuuiiI   tu   fulluw thi*
Btomaoh un.l ncries "..I nt killer iiichii-
li.ii-nii 111 the .{.ring South Anicncan
Neriine is a greal inintler cur.- In
ilige-ti.iu. I'. -|n-i'-i.i. and luue- tin*
mtn- 'Ilie U'«l evlilell.e uf u- c'ti
, .,, , 1- the .ilo-oll- .led l.-l.m..ll>* ul
1h1.11-1.n1l-   nl   cured   mie.    To
"iiiii p.'-iniiiu." iayi » Philadelphia
Inisiiie-.- in.ui. "itlwav- iing- oui doorbell g.*...l and hard when u- l-wvei
anv mail.   He s along regularly
a. cloekvvoik at - n in . hut doea not
ilvviiv-   leave  uuiii   h.r  ine.   and.   i'."i-
iequently, the doorbell .1".-  uol al-
ui.v- ruig. When I want to gel up
early I just buy a poatcard in the
aiiein  and mini it I" myself "
Uood     lliceslion   Mlioulil     Walt   On
\|.peiii-    I., have tin* itomaeh wall
is   t..  have  the   nervoti-  sv-tcm   well
v.iv delicate are the iiigcsiive organ! Ill sum.* so sensitive ale they
Unit iitmii-plieric changes affect tli.1.1
When   they   l.'i      disarranged   no
iH*tter regulator is procurable than
fiirnieiei 11 Vegetable fllla. They win
.1-1-1 tin* 1i1gest11.11 s.. tlmt lha heartj
eatei   will   suiter    no  Inoonvenlenoi
ami   mil   ilcilvc   all   the   heiielits     Ol
ins food.
Tht Gambltr-t   Handt.
••Thai man is a 'nighl worker,'
probably .. laro dealer, sni.l a detective to -*i friend, as the i«.. itood
,„,   a   it I    ''    ,l"'   ",1"'1   ",'
1,0011. while the person alluded tp hv
the    delecliv-     passetl     l.v.       "hnou
I,,,,, •"   usked     Hu-   Wind        Nol
vet "   replied   the   detect ive.      hut     1
may later."   "How do you know he i
a (aro dealer, then t" "I don 1 know
It " was Ihe reply, "hut that he 1-*
m' -nine such business is evident    roll!
,!„■ peculiar pallor ol his lace, which
v..,, may have  iced.   Vou wot,hint
get timi' particular shade if you wora-
ed   iu  a   hunk   or   nl   a   desk   nil  aay
long It'i lha artificial light mid the
l,.nl ventilation thai docs it. I gueaa.
Keeping In the noise ol Un* rattling
cliiua keeps ...it lh.* mr 111 most Mae*,
and those dealers work as iteadll)
and   as   icgiihul.v   'I-   anybody     >* se.
Perhapa you noticed, too. tlmt nu
handi wan smooth ami clean, In lai
better condition thnn yours or mine,
or th.* average business mani. rn*
tiri.fcssi..iiul gambler mny not like his
• ,11.11. hm he takes areal pride in
his hands."   Philadelphia Record.
"You nn- a liar." declared 11 member of the Constitutional  1 veiilmn.
"Von mv another," retored the Boomed. ,, , 1
"iieiitleinen. gentlemen, expoatuia-
led the t"liin iiiii.Hy. "jusi pair, ann
let   us   have   peace." Philadelphia
Ledger. „_^__
l.iltle Johnll Mu'ther. It'll me how
, ni 11:1 gol  |o kiu.w  you
Mother (hie day I 'ell Into the
waler. mid he jumped m mid fetched
Little Johnny H'mi ihai's funny;
1„.  won't h-I nu- learn  to swim.- I • * -
•' . „
"What's w..innn » riL'hts ?
"Everything they want. Rmi away.
Cleveland Leader.
e.Ant our. saveij  his 1 in..ti:
Mr.    wm.   1.'.    iu.*.nni      I'.u.i; l( a.d.k ,
l'u M.   I0.0.V,    and   I'.i'ii.A.    MMplard*
nne ut Iht* musl ultlcly knnwn men In
Iricti'liv society circles and wnu live, un
Peter street, say.* "1 cut the middle
tinier ol my (ef(  1 ami blood pouon
M*l or .Nut unly Ihe linger I.tll Ine whule
liaiul   in.nine   Mviilifti   und   uiiiin,,,ii     In
II tew   ucckH   line   ot   lhe   leu.l.tu   Uui'tiirs
III Toronto suitl un- only way in lav* my
hun.l mum lu have lhe linger li.tl|iiltiileil
A Hcciiiiil itiirliit 1 '.iilirmed this. 1 linn
In fao* 1111 iiiierilllua. Al that .tllgu /.uin
link wits l.ruugat lu in*, not!** and I
gut  a  supply.
11 sei-lue.1 I'i snntlle it and draw the
■orsneaa oomplstaly away. -Aithin a lew
dayi 1 cniild du away with the sling 111
which   I   Inul   .urrif-d   Hie   ham!,   ami   in
., tew weeks time there wit. nut lilracc
,,|    tlie   win.ml   lu   lie   seen 'loility   my
tm.■• * 1. as ."ini 1 uh a hell, wherean
had ( nut used /.nu, link, I should have
tiecn it linger lei.. 1 paid over t'tti 111
di'iturs tees, nnd when 1 think nt the
trilling ensl ul /.um lluk 1 am atimted ut
■     w underfill   vuliie.
lur ull j... 1 ■■■,,■ ■ 1 m "imi- chrunic .nreH,
ulcer, and aliscehde.. /.um Bilk 1. especial
ly Htlllu.ile lie, utile ol its High ailllsep
in*   power*.
/um lluk al-.. ear** ecr.-tl.n. Itch, scalp
.ore-, ringwuritiH, intt-neu un uie lace
uml body, .hupped place., spring eruption., piles uii 1 eulurged vein.. A. an
embrocation 11 cure, rheumatism ami
.1 tattcn, and ratified over the 1 lu - re
ll.-ie.  tht-  ligliliies. due  tu severe culds.
All .lure, tnd druggist* nil at bil uenti
It    Iiiii.    nr    punt     11 ■ e    !•• in    thu    /.am loo
1 ...   lurnnlu.    •*   hute.  tor  t'l'Ji.
1*111 I* Kill * **etid une cent .lamp and
IIU.I. DtlA . ti.ittie and date ut tins
papef nnd dai-ity .ample bol will lie
tnuiled   ynu.
Tht Earthly Explanation.
"My dear," mum ured the .-ick 111:111
I. in- wife. "I am Hearing the golden street*. I heir itraim oi iweet-
••-1 muaie, unearthly in its beauty.
I " "John," said In* wile, "whal
tfvheai 1- a phonograph in th- next
iln ' ".-" it 1- Darn thoie people,
un,,'".', .v.. comideration f"i ihen
neighbon Uo and tell 'em to slop
tlmt infernal racket nt once" Cleve-
Ian 1 1 * lulei.
Minard't  Liniment  Curt* Culds,  Etc
The    Boy      l'lell-e.    lir,    I've   colli,,   for
the job ol errand hoy at thii shop
The |to.-s illlt I don't VV.illl iill lllllllll   boy.     I've  got   one  already.
The Boy No, you ain't, -ir II,'.-
just hm 1.111 over hy that cab over
there    Pick-Me-Up.
Wt tfftr "••- llunlrtd Dolltn K.*.ii fnr an,
ra, or ( ftUrrb  that  .kdoiH b. curt.! li. Haifa i'»i
•nh Otna  T. J. UUUUI * (XX, ioi»i... u
Wt,  tbt  un .'.• ,'i-!    ht.t ki. i»n   I     J.   Chniie,
(or Ito lt.1 IS .. •!■ .1,, bol 10.0 bla, i.rtr ti. bon
ortblo  la  oil  bu.looo,  trmaotcioa, olnl flatarioll,
oblo taoarrj oat 00, obUgatioa* aitdo t>, biaBrtu.
w.ieisii   Eiaaaa * MatTia.
Wbolaoalo tirouitta. T0I0J0. O
llai! . CaUrrb Cur* .. takan iiiteroaii.. ortlat
rtuo. tl; B|M3o tbo tiluod ani tuirou. nrfacoa of tbo
...too, Toatitnoolat, MOt fit*. Prico '.'. par
l-.itia     Sold   ll   til   Itum .tl.
lako Hall*. I .mil. Pill, for enait.oal oa
"Why. William'" .■x.litiincl Mi*-
Joikin- the other morning early. Bl
she  met  Joikms  at   tl.e door.     "II..w
l.ii.' you cme home in this condition
ui tin.- outrageoui hour- You proni-
i-ed (iiithfiilly that at New  Year a you
would   .-lop   your   loose     coiiiluct   ami
turn ..vei a new"—
Catching at mi extenuating suggestion li,. thought he saw 111 these words
Jorkin- hastened t" explain: "Thilsh
jusi  1!. Man'     I  dut turn over .1 new
.•ne. iiiii it belonged t*. the looah-
leal lyahtem."  -Chicago Kewi
Every day we get letters Ii*uii mo-
lheri  telling .-I the benefit    Baby'i
Own   Tablets  have   been  to   their   lit-
ile ones Bome praise them (or constipation,  Itomach and    bowel  tn.11-
li! - . others fur breaking up colds and
simple levers; some ns a great help
lo teething bullies, while othcis go
10 Iiu us i * say that the Tablets
have saved their little one's lit.* \\ 1
have thousands ol lelt.-is all praising   lhe   Tablets,   for   they     never    do
limin always good. Mrs. Robert
Pierce,    Bell'i ttapldi, Ont.. write.
I would not he without Hahy'sllwn
Tablets in lhe house for a day. When
iinylliing nils my little mie I give her
.1 Inl,let iiiiii she is soon nllright. I
am sure other mothers  will find Ihem
i|iiiie ii.- latlsfactory." Sold by druggists or bj Itm 11 at 86 cellls a box.
Irom 'llie 11 r Williams' Med.cine Co.
Brockville, Oni
Small   Willie  was  playing  Willi   two
nifL-oil urchins 111 froni >.f 'he lion-.*.
when Ins mothei called him in.
"Willie," she said, "don'l. you know
ihat  thoaa liovs   are bud aiiociatai
(or vmi •"
"Yes. mamma," replied the little
philosopher, "but I'm I l!onil associate   for   them."    I'e-eret   News.
Tow in* She lays you're "nn impel I men! cad " What have vou sin.I
or done ?
Browne- Nothing; that's   the tion
ble. When we were out walking yesterday the wind blew her hair about
iiei (ice most becomingly, and she
-.iini. "I liiimv I'm a perfect flight
I didn't sny it word. Philadelphia
Mother  Uravea'  Worm  Kxtermlnh-
tor has no ei|iinl lor destroying
worms in .-Ini.lien an.1 adults. Bee
ilmt ymi get tin* genuine when pur-
A   iminhei   of   railway     men     were
on IllOUIlIng  the  .|iiesti..n  of  ncci-
"The   roads   in  Scotland,    said   one
official, "used to have n bad name,
indeed.   111   rei/jiecl   lo   accidents.     No
..ne th..light <>( embarking on n rail-
way Journey unless he hnd provided
himsell   with   1111   accident   policy     of
Iniurnnc i,
"The famous Dr. Norman Hfaoleod
was once Bboul lo set off on 11 loin.'
journey   through   the  Scotch   count,•
Jusi as the train waa pulling out the
clergyman's servaiil put his head in
through the window ami said
"lino ye In'cn 1111 insurance ticket,
sir ?' ,
" 'I   have.'   replied   the   doctor.
"'Then,' replied the servant, 'write
ye'er iiainc 1.11 it anil gi'e if to inc.
They Ini'e an aw ful habit of rabbin'
tho corpses on thia line."
Monitllaht, bat Tl„ Moon.
Dion BoUClceOlt seem, to have been
forover rusblng breathlessly from one
lasl. to another. This nuiuslng lucldeufi
of the busy dramntlst'a career la told
lu "I-'amous Actor Families lu America," by Montrose J. Muses:
"Bouclcault wua never to he outdone, whatever the clrcuinataiicea. Bo
Intent was he durliiK the rehearsals of
The Bhaughraun1 regarding the other
Character! In the cast that on the opening ulgbt when he rem lied tbe tbeater
he suddenly realized that he had whol
.y forgotten to pick himself out a costume for Con. Ho he rushed to tho
property room and on with au old cout
Unit hail done service for Tony Lumpkin and on with an old cap belonging
to thnt same Individual. (Irahblug an
odd pair of Loots from a dlacarded
chest—aud he was ready! Hut dlaas-
tamcams thick mul fust on this occasion. The second net culled for a
uiu'iii Just as the scene was about to
begin the stage orb exploded, and
when the curtain rose the audience
was iiiniize.l to (hid 11 black hole where
the moon •■houiii lmv c beeu. A burst
of laughter allowed their further appreciation of a slip lu stage management, for silver ripples quivered on
the wuter, a case of moonlight wltb
tbo moon left out."
I l.l.01*.   I  lun.l   Peril.     ,
TlioiisHiiils of men work all their
lives al securing the hanks of tho
great Yellow river III China. Yet every
now uml then the tide sweeps away
till opposition, and the loss lu human
life Is greater than any war ever
caused. In IHUT the river burst Its
bonds. Day after tiny the torrent flowed twenty milea an hour, thirty inilos
wide and teu feet deep. Tbe flood bus
been daicrlbld as (hat of five llauubes
pouring from a height fur two mouths
on end. For 2,U0U years the Chluena
have le-eii embanking this river. Tbe
Kilt Wbleb the waters bring dowu from
(he mountains builds up the bed aud
raises tbe surface of the water. Tho
banks are raised higher and higher to
keep lu the wuter, and for lnlle after
mile the river runs over a bed whose
level Is far above that of the fields
through which ll takes Its way. llut
the weak part of the embankment la
always found out. The river always
breaks through. And then a province
Is swept out of existence, and people
tile hy millions. The death roll lu 1887
was estimated at from 2,0UQ,0U0 to
When   llatht   Were   Scarre.
Iii a guide to elltjuette published early In the last century the writer aaya
that "soap does uot Irritate the complexion. Some uf the finest complexions
we have known have been regularly
washed with aoap every day." The
same authority remarks that "tbe dally
bath is now the rule rather than the
exception, and common sense bas triumphed over the decision that washing
wns Injurious." Aud then tbe writer
bus n dig at her great-grandmother.
"whose ouly ul.luti.iu* consisted In wetting h.-r cheeks with a cambric handkerchief dlptied lu rosewater." "In all
onr directions with regard to tbe bath,"
adds this early Victorian dictator, "lt
must he borne In mind that we only refer to those lu sound atate of health."
li.*.nu. il..- Sheliath.
In the tropics rock boring and wood
I. .ring shellfish are among tbe greot-
e-i natural agents of destruction lu tbe
shallow waters of the aea. It waa not
until the builders of Iron ships launch-
oil the present navies of peace or war
Upon the deep that the hulls of vessels
moored for auy time In harbor were
sale from their attacks. Tbe shells of
these mollusks are elegant and beautiful. They are often uot nt all obviously adapted for Itorlug. Frequently tbey
are very thin, looking almost like hardened paper. Yet they bore through teak
or oak, hardened clay, cbalk, rock aud
concrete breakwaters.
Shoe   Itlguette   In   India.
Indi.in. take off their aboes wben
there Is n farash upon which they have
to sutint. Tha mud from the shoes
would spoil tbe sheet. A native vis
Itor to n European should on no account draw his shoes, there being no
farash. If any deputy magistrate does
so be ls a cringing slave. Imitating tbe
sahib's chnprasce and showing that he
Is as humble ns Hum Ilukhsh before
the snh!li If his sock, are torn and
the toes are out It Is n regular Insult to
the sahib.-Ijihore Tribune.
»ro and   Bla  Noses.
Nero never liked 11 persou with a
large nose. He tllppautly told the sor
rowing relatives of l'luutus-whoui. II
Is alleged, be killed-Unit It wus ouly
on Inspecting the ivn.se thut he ills
Covered that PllUtUI had sii large I
nose, and If It hntl beeu pointed out
before he would huve certainly spinel
his life. "Life with such 11 nose." cool
ly added Nero, "would hove been am
pie penanee for any crime."
A I'roprr 1*1,11 lalimetal.
"Y'ou're not going to bur tne out, arc
you?" the newly arrived spirit pleaded
"1 guess not." replied St. Peter
"You're thc street railway uiiignute
aren't you?'
"Why- er—yes, sir."
"Well. Just hung on to 0110 of those
straps over there for eternity or so."-
l'lillittlelphlu Press.
More  lllreel.
Little Beea—Mamma, I wish we had
a  piano,     Muniniii — We can't nfford
one, dear.   You should wish for a gooae
that  lays  golden eggs.    Little  ltess
Hut why nut Wish for 11 hen that would
lay n piano 1
11..Iiik Them Ip,
"I  wonder  what   that  Chinaman  ts
doing nti an late."
"Shirts,   1   suppose."—New   Orleans
Imltt Savings Bunks.
Switzerland has 5.17 savings banks, In
which 1,100,648 persons, or more thnn
a third of the total population, ore de
IIuiikI. nn Abdnl Asls.
Wheu Abdul Ar.ln. sultan of Turkey,
was deposed QUMO Victoria telegraph
ed to his captors In French, "Solguci
lo bleu," or "Tnke good caro of hlin."
The wires snld. "Sulguez le bleu."
which menus something very different
—namely, "Bleed him well," an erroi
of tiio wires which rends grcwsomelj
In the light of the fate which befell
that unhappy iiiomir<.*b.
Before vou get
Sarmenti   all
ie (brink
ii   titkeni
-keeps you com"
fty as  well as
'warm,because the 1.
-ihort fibres that
1 make some und.-r-
\wear itch are taken ^
out of  Pen-
Angle wool.
In a variety ol Itbrici, stylet tad pricea,
„ til lllll (or women, men ana
duldiea,  tad gutitnteed by  your own
Amends Honorable.
"We want to do the square thing,'
wrote the editui nf the Hickory Hi.Ig,
\| 1 oiirian, "to old Spike Tliuiidci
biush, ol the McKinstry neighborhood
Our readers will remember that wi
huve spoken ol him hometiiu..- it
the ragtag uud bobtail of all crea
"That old scalawag has played mor.
mean tricks on us thnn he hai wartt
on liis hands, and we've given it tt
liun 'not mid heavy every time W<
don't allow no (nan to get the blllgl
ui Ul without coining hack at bim.
"Iiul   we've forgiven  old  Spike.      A
ihort time ago he dropped Into oui
-nn.tiiin and aaked how much In
.vn- behind on lubscription.   W>* toi.
him eleven yi'.'iis, ami he dug tlowi
in his jeans, tished up a dirty wad
•( hills, and squared up, It's tin
lei'ellle-t    Hung   he   ever   done   silici
we've I n  running a i>,s►•-r In uur
"Thi old seine-row v 1- drunk whei
■ d .ne it, but we dou't lay that uj
1111 t bun. Old Spike Iuu- lomi
.od points, and we shan't -ay mi
other word about him until he trie.
to run lur office again. We'll shov
him up then in all his hideous de
fortuity, but in the meantime hiu
and us are good friends—Chicegi
A tteeogniied Kegulator--To brim
the digestive organi into symmetrica
working i- tin* aim ol physician:
when they bud 11 patient siilleiiiii
from stomach irregularities, and tm
un- purpose they nnn prescribe now
ing better than Parmelee'i regitabh
i'ui- un .ii win be found .. pleaaani
medicine ol surprising virtue ti
bringing thi refractory organs mt.
•ubjection and mtortng imn t.. nor
n. .1 action, in which condition onl)
can .iiev perform their duties proper
Von  Moltke's Taciturnitv.
Von Moltke's objection to the wast.
Of   wid.-    1-    llill-tliltcd      by   (iellnal
army  offlcera,  who tell  this    story
lust before the train pulled out ..
Ihe   station   a  I'tptain   of   hussars   en
tared the general's oompartment, ami
recognising hun. saluted with "Outei
morgan, m -t'lenz " Two hours latei
the tram slowed up nt a way station
The captain rOM, saluted, and witl
mother "Guten morgan, excellent,'
left tlie tram Turning to one o
In-   companion-     Von   Uoltkl     said
wuh an expresaion oi the greatei
lUguit.- "Intolerable gasbag.
"My   Kidntyt   Art   All   Wrong I ll-.v-
-hall I 111-iire best resultt in the -lint*
•--! time t" It -tiinl- tu ren-'ti thnt 1
li.ltl.d upeeifle of the untitle.!>> nuhlt
merit «.f South American Kidney Cur'
will go mure directly and nui.klv to lh.
seat nf the irnulile than the pill form'
treutment. nnd when 11 strike- the ipol
. lore s  h, alitor   in   an   instant.   "I.
All illinium- of Si. Stephen'- college
said .-( the lute Blahop   Oeorge   V
Hi-hop Beymour founded St. Staph
en's and  w.   treaiuri here many mice
,|"tes uliout hi- werdenahip.
The bishop was very (ond ..( tr.e-
iind on.* day, walking with a youni
lady,  he  pointed   OUl   t"   her  some  of
the   line   tree-   ill     tl.e   ti.-ighi.orh I
Sh.- proteased great Intereal and delight     She cued
"How the noble u^.ect ..( lie.iutiful
Ins's stirs up the keenest emotioill ol
the soul"' Then patting a greal
rough tree trunk, she went on. "Y<• 11
■uperb "ik. whal would ymi sny il
you   could  talk '■"
The blahop smiled.
"I believe 1 cnn be his interpreter." he murmured. "He would prob
ably say. 'I beg your pardon, miss
I am a beech.'    Rochester Herald.
A Marvalloui and Triumphant Record
of Victory Over Disease.
No wedirine haa ever effected ai large
I Dumber of wonderful and almost mar-
veil oi it cures as I'sychine. It hsa bad one
continuous record of victories over discs*-
ss of ths throat, chest, longs and stomach.
Whera doctors have pronounced cases
incurable from consumption and other
wasting diseases Psychine steps in toi
rescues nnml-ei less people even from Ull
very verge of the grave. Coughs, Oolds,
Catarrh, Bronchitis, Chills, Night8weats,
UOrippa, Pneumonia, and other like
troubles, ail ol which are forerunnsra ol
Consumption, yield quickly to thi curative powen of Psychine.
Mra Campbell, one of the many cured,
nit i tt the following itatemeat:
I cannot refrain fron telllna til who tnltr
ol mr remittal.le rtcoetry with l'u. hn.- in
April. IM, I ettlfhla h«v; cold whlrh -stile.!
on mt lunti tnd «r»dualle ltd to eontumpiion
1 oould aot tleen. wu lubjrei to nlfht >■>. «i«
57 Iun«t veer* to dlaeued. in; dtvtor mnuilrrM
Se Itii-iint.le ki. Mr. Mthtil, Putt llfln
Pretlyltrlin Churrh, rtoomniended Br Blueiim't
Piyi'hlnt in me. when I wtt living in Ontario
Aftei ui'.iif I'arrhlne for t ahort tlmt 1 ttt tnd
tlet't well. Iht nlf ht twtttt tnd couth cestui
Month! tan I Hopi-eil talnQi* 1',,,■Tine it 1 wtt
BtterUy rtttortd lo lieiiti. and Uitt.y I ntvtr
t Letter In my Uft.   l'u nine hit hten t sod-
teiulujuii Mas. Andiiw CtaraiiL.
Cottonwood, M.W.I
P8Y0HINE never disappoint*
PSYCHINE has no substitute.
There ia no other medicine "Justaa
At al dtaltrt. 10c, tad 11.00 mt kttU*.
ll not writt tt
RT.lt SIOCUM, lloitid, Ul I*| It W, rMMTt
Dr. Roofs Kidney Pllli are a sura
and permanent curl for Rheumatism
•right's Disease, Pain In the lack ami
all forms of Kidney Trouble. ZSc per
bo«. at all dealers.
Monster lalder Crabs.
"1 have collected specimens of crabs
III all parts of the world," aald u naturalist, "hut I shall uever forget thi
pleasure I experienced lu securing a
luuustrous specimen of the Japanese
iiplder crab, the lurgest ever found.
The combined length of the feeding
i, in is of this monster was mora thun
twelve feet, while the body portion
was ubout twenty Inches across. When
ullve, It weighed about seventy-live
pounds. One of the oddest things
ubout these creatures Is tbelr ability
to assume a dlsgulae. This feat they
ure able to perforin owing to the flexibility of their pinchers aud to tha
hooked hulrs and spines with which
thetr numerous arms are studded. lly
means of their pinchers they tear off
small fragments of sponges and seaweeds. After first putting these to
their months, which contain a glutinous
saliva, they place them on the aur-
faee of their limbs and bodies by
sticking them fast with a rubbing
movement By thia method thc crab
succeeds In completely changing Its
appeurance nnd rendering Itself Indistinguishable from the materials common to the bottom of tbe sea. Wh'in
crawling along It seems as though a
portion of the ocean lied was ln motion, so close Is thu resemblance."
I'i'"... of Stone.
Stone forests are found In various
parts of the world, ln many cusci
they are hardened by aome peculiarity
of the atmosphere and arc found standing Just aa they were when clothed
with green fullage thousands of years
ago. The Little Colorado river, In Arizona, haa lung been fumous as a locality for such duds. At oue place mora
than 1,5X10 curds of solid stouc, tree
trunks, sections, limbs aud logs, were
found by the government surveyors.
Most of them were slllclfled, muuy
seven to ten feet In diameter and from
twenty to eighty feet In height. Geologists say that the petrified trees ot
the Little Colorado were once covered
with marl over 1.000 feet In depth.
Some of tbe trees have been changed
to Jasper and have assumed various
hues; others resemble opal, and when
broken open the core Is ofteu found
lined wltb crystals of tbe most beautiful tlnta.
lie \v lm the l-alin.
Many stories have beeu told of menu
men, such as he who used a wart for
a collar button and be whose birthday
gift to his son consisted Iu washing the
windows so thut the lad might watch
tbe cars go Iiy. This man. however,
seems to have won the palm. There
was nu extremely meau ii.au lu New
Hampshire who was the proprietor of
a hotel. By his direction rules wera
posted lu the hostelry forbiddlug almost every conceivable privilege to
those not guests of the place. There
was absolutely no chance for the casual loafer to get uewspupera, pens, Ink,
stationery, etc. There were uot even
free seats In the office. Oue day he
chanced to observe a cbroule loafer
gazing at the old clock thut hung ou
the wall. The uext day a sigu waa
placed over the clock. It read, "This
clock ls for the use of tbe guests of tho
hotel only."-Success Magarlne.
rroaia-ale Speadthrlftt.
The wealth of many of the ancient
Romans was reckoned far Into tbe
millions. Mark Antony during bis
aomewhat checkered career •..plundered no less than $738,000,000. nud Tiberius left at bis death over eighteen
millions, which Caligula spent In less
thau a year. Kecords show that thia
spendthrift paid $1B0,00U for one supper. Horace tells us Uiat I'egellus, a
singer, could In five days spend f-R).-
.*-».. and Clodlus on a small wager
swallowed a p*arl worth nearly f40,-
""■• The estate of Craaaus was valued
at f8,400.t>00. Lucullus dined at the
rate of $8,000 a meal for several weeks.
Lentulus was worth not leas than aix-
teen millions, and Aplcus squandered
nearly five millions of dollirs In a few
lrrltatlna    1 merlon I.n,.
One of the moat Irritating of Americanisms Is the use of "limb" for
"branch." "Limb" for "leg" baa always been accepted as an American
prudery, but wbat ls tbe matter with
"branchr Careful Anglophile wrttera
are beginning now to reintroduce this
latter word, but "limb" has hitherto
been tbe transatlantic word wltb all
authors. If It ll also old English we
shall not mind so mucb. but ls lt? The
joke of the verse Is at least 1,300 years
old, but bow old ls tbe English version ?—London Chronicle.
Mtatt   D.   Good.
rialsaiitln offered In payment of a
bill a gold piece wblcb bad a suspicious ring. "Here, you've glreu ma
oue of those falae coins that lhe counterfeiters bave Juat been arrested for
making," said tbe merchant, "linpoe-
•Ible," anawered I'lulsantln. "It Is dated 1803. If It were false, curtly It
would bave beeu found out before
Thro* Wire*.
The Beggar-Please, sir, will yoa
kindly assist a poor man wbo baa
three wives to lupport? The I'edes-
triau Why. do you mean to say you
are a blgamiit? The Beggar—Ob, not
•Ir. Two of tbem ara the wives of
my sons-in-law.
Delart Aro D-angero-at.
"But tbis li io sudden! You had better give me a week to tbluk It ever!"
"Very well, desr. Aud, perhaps, It
would be as well If I thought It over
myself at tb* same time!"
■rotakltaa la.
Mother—Dear mi, the baby hn swallowed a piece of worsted. Pithar—
That's nothing to tbi yams she'll bar*
to swallow If sbo Ursa to cow ta_
Dear Mother
Your Iiul* ono sre a coattant cart ia
Fall and Winter weather. Ttitv will
catch cold. Do you know aboul Shiloh',
Con,umntion Cute, tho Lung Tonic, and
what il (in done loc ,o muy > k is mid
to be the onlv itlitbl* loaedy for ill
ditttitt nl the i.r ptuagtt in children.
It it absolutely htrmleu tnd plttitnl lo
Iske. It it gutrtnteed to curt oc your money
it rttumed. Tht pnee it 25c. per bottle,
and ill detler, in medicine mII 3i4
flat wady ihould b* ia wtmt bomthoU,
Ale.nii.i.p*. Epitaph.
A moit suggestive epitaph Ii that on
the tomb of Alexander the Great, "Suf
lb-It hulc tumulus, cul non siilHccral
orbls" (This tomb lufflces for lilm foi
whom tbe world did not suffice).     .
Galvanized Steel
They do shingle is the
coat leaa  '' Oshawa.'' Good
for a century's
weather-wear. Guaranteed
for 25 years without yeur
even painting—"Oshawa"
double-galvanized shingles
need no paint to outlast
any roofing thero is.
Make roofs fire-proof,
loo, —guaranteed in
every way you want.
Cheap in first cost as cumin on wood shingles, yet
more durable than slate.
Sold under a written guarantee that really means
something to the   buyer.
Caviare ts got from a Ilusslan (lab
wblcb Is caught by the niitlvca on thr
coast of Astrakhan. It Is the roe ol
tbe sterlet species of sturgeon, and II
Is put through a decomposing pmces,
before being shipped to civilized coun
tries to be eaten.
Ton can't
afford any
other kind
With a hammer,
Easy to B snips, and horse-
put on sense anybody
can roof buildings
right ".nth "Oshawa " Galvanized Steel Shingles.
They need no cleats. They
lock on all FOUR sides.
Made in only one grade—
of 28-guage semi-hardened
sheet steel in the patented "Oshawa" way
if bn
" Oshawa "
Shingles are
ea investment, rot an
More than 100 farm
Lightning    buildings     were
proof, too   damaged   in   Ontario alone last vear
by lightning.  Not one of them
would have been   harmed  if
they'd been "Oshawa"-roofed
These shingles insulate a building -make it safe against every
element.    Let us tell you what
it wiil cost you to roof the
Get our free'
book 'Roofing  Right'
before you
Roof a Thing
PI   The.      earn
Of Oshawa
Montreil       To-onto        Lordon
121-3 Vm g \V.      n t olburno        * Danda*
Ottawa       Winnipeg     Vancouver
I i su—ci TS bombard eu I'm,.,.-
■'■■' ■--■- -■- 1 ■-■-■..'-; -.-.- I   .*','-     emrm
ii       ii
You cannot possibly have
a better Cucoa ihau
A delicious drink and a sustaining
lood. Fragrant, nutritious and
ecc-iomical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains the system io robnit
health, and enables It to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeeper*
ia ;-!b. and -J-lb Tins.
for this strained muscle?
It  was arlftnateil  06  year, act la
lemove   lntl.min.il..,   aad   lake   Ihe
Mr«KM oul ol icon aad brtalMS.
IV , t.rm tune, tj hum h iat     All dealer*.
1. S.  Johnson a CO, Bd-Moo,  Uu.
War rmr,l,d to Ulwm Aotlototytlott.
Caustic Balsam
Ru Imitators Bot Ro Conpititors.
A Safe, Speedy tnd PmIUm Cur* for
Curb, iplinL Sweeny, CtpMd Ho-ok,
■trained Tendont, Founder, Wii}
MTt, end all timta-tta from Iptrla,
Ringbone ud other bony tumors.
Cut11 ell skin dteeihi or r&r-uiUw,
Thruah, Dlpbthtri*. Btmsvtt til
Bunches from Horses or Ctttls,
Af » Human Remedy for Rhftmnstisra,
■grains.   Sots   Throat, >(-&, II M_nW_K
> ver. bnttlt of Caustic Bala-am ■old It
Wtrrant-tHl to olr* lallefa.-tluti. Trlr-a gt.M
per bottls.   Bold t.y dninleu. or ssnt by *i<
firvsa, chartTM [*M, with full Jlrwotlone fur
ts  ni"    ITK I  r>r  d*seripU*«  circulars,
C -Uitlmonlals, ate.   Address
Tht Liwrcnce-WUHamtCo.. Toronto, Ont.
W.    N.     U.    No. 626. THI LARDEAU MINING
l. |-,|i,wdal Troul Uk.nt.Y. allHttbUlUsd
' !.i hargason and Trout Lake a-rar-r ruur.ita.-
r.t» Sdltor dues sol nuld l)iin»altra«|'uu-
»iLte (or iu« .ipinlom uf sorrsspundsnl-. •»•
|..|»i»ll III IU   llllllll."■
All locals will be charged al ilia rata of li
ti.nl, tier line. (Inl iiisevuoii. ami 10 earns pe.
linesaClisnlMsqueiil lanartloti.
fer a. for frans lent am! otter advent**! ii
1 a inii lun wo on uiiplifalioii al oni.
b» 1.1 j.id i woo a vear. la advaaes,
Silver 75 cents
Gold,Lead, Copper $1 each
(i.ia-Silvar IJ *0-
Hilvor-U-ad }160
7ine   ...t2.oo
liold-tfilver, witli L-i-iul or     ^
Copper a- -'•J
Charges lor other nieiais on application
' Humpies  arriving  hy  ixprilll ot   mail
receive prompt aitei.tioii.   P.P. Dream
(l.nu-ol FergUK a Mince,  Ltd.)
Aaeitya of all ores. Ternw moderate.
A.lil rest-:
lt-.x   48A   K.ASLO,    11. 0.
Barrister, Notary Public Rto ,
FsioMoa. Kavaurroire, r>. C*
P. L. S.
Mineral Claims Surveyed   and
Crown -Grants Obtained
Contracts   Entered into for Packing of Mlnin g Supplies   Etc.
to any Point in tho District.
\%    GOOD, \%
[jn   Any Work        m
|  Prompt |   S. DANEY, Prop.    | jfcgujy-
ii       serviced FERGUSON. (§ Satisfactory.
___2K*3S-3Za _3K__sar_iB
H_V__STOK_   ta   c,
Beit Wine1, Liqaori anil Cigars.
Huu-8 ti u dav.
J. A. STONE   -   -  Prop.
'" Revelstoke, BC
Poplar Livery.
Freighting,   -     -     -   Packing,
A Speciality.
Stables at Poplrr.
Flnt-iliii aooommoilatloo loi traveller!
Rates $i and $i 50 per day
Bar well Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Large Comfortable Rooiui,   Excellent Cuiiini and Attendanoi,
Central Hotel
First Clan In every reipoct. All modern conveniences.
Large Bample Room*
Rates SI  50psrDay Special Weekly Rates
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   SS
Crout Xahc
Supply? (Bo.
IW using Water supplied by ilm
/» Company yuu an asmretl ol ahso-
r< lute pnrity. Goyernment Analyiii
©    tn back up itatementi. :::::::
Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
Trout  Lake   City  Transfer
and Stage Line.
Andrew M. Craig.
John Simpson,
It  piyt to nie ila*  Telephone.     \
Irli-jiln lri|. iuu ul'lt i. lifMiMil.   OIBcci
*.t   Korunsou i Cummins' Store i Trout
i »ke, I", sl Ollii ■■. i  " nt Ueaton, Com-
ii.il Arrow licad.
,etor* stactefi & Co.
Residence — Nsxt Record On
T.tOUT   LAKE.    IB    C
Besl Hotel in Town,
WHOI KsaI.i: DEALERS in Butter,
KjCgi,   Ciief.-r.    Produce    anJ   Frail
Houston Dk.Josepliini Bt Kelson,B.C.
Notice i-i lien-liy given tlmt with
in ti\ i nl lm  (nun  iln* fit st imi.
li iiimii hereof in llie British * ol
um.-in (luz.-tie. I intend to apply
in ii.t* llmi. Chief Commissioner of
Ixtudl ai.il Works for ipecial Hectics in tin ai.d curry nway timber
from iln- following described landi
iinali'il in West Ktotenay.
Commencing nt a post planted
on llir nortii aide ol ride ol Troul
Lako, iilioiii Smile* from fr..m Ihej
head and about IJ miles from the  '
l.nke.  marked "0,   W,  Abraham-
nin's South   Wist   corm r   post,'
Bcaflquarters for Minim anil Cuiisrcial Hei.
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
Watch-repairing,   etc.    All work
Offillofi Block. Traill Late, B.O
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
M-ad Office
A I*.  & A.M.
No. 1. Commencing Bt a |.o?t
|i!:inlnl on the south fork of Five
Mile Creek, about 6 mi'ca from
I'mut l.ak.-, marked "Ole. A.  Ler
tliein -rth   f-D  eliaini;   llimico
cast 80 ohains; thence South 80
thu in-; thctlOl weit 80 cllilllll lo
point if.- ii.lnciii*.nifni.
Located May .'Inl   ll'iiT.
0, vi. Abrahamson, Local or.
Notice ii hereby given that CO
-lays af|er dn'.e, 1 intend m make
application to the Cheif Commissioner nf I andsii- Works for permi*
sion to purchase tl.e following described 'aii.li, lituated in Wis
K'.i'ii-i a* district,
Commencing al a post planted
at the nnth well corn.-r of Audit"* relation prc-einpijon in
the 'I r u I. iki Minii •*• I',-, lion
ami in irked Auguil Olson s louth
went corner poii. thenc cut 40
tin ii•#•, ihenea north '•!•» cliaim,
thfi.c« wist 40 limine, thence li U
Hi 2 i c'i iiiii 11 t .*. |, ,i it „;,. 0 , .
liiciieement. eoiupriaii ■; sn ncroi
l.ocaled May 8th, 10U7
Auguil Olson, 11 (a.'or.
thenoo m.rih 80 chain.*; thenen
cut 80 chnins; thenco sout.i Kl
cliains; Ihcnce weit 80 chains lo
point i.f commencement.
"l" anil  I"   mineral claim, litua
ta in thu '.'roat l.nk.* Milling   I-ll
u[ \\>si Kontnnnr Dialrict.
Where lorated i   Near  hcail of Ril-
ror i'up Oreek.
J. writ. Frci -Miner's Certificate No,
No. -. Commencing at a post U8SI-G, intend, sixty i'.n>s from
plan led on the sonth fork nf rivu (] .vt •• hereof, lo apply lo ilu-Minii.*.'
Mile Creek, nboui 6 milea from Recorder for n Certificate of fm
Trout I.i.kc inaik'il ''Ole. A l.t-r- provemonts, for thu purpose of ob-
in.i's   North   I'ust   corner i"si."  mining a Crown Grant of the above
thei  south 80 chains:    tiieiic* claim.
aeit do chains;   thence north 80      And further take notice that oc-1
chains; iln-ncuca-l   80 chains  to   Hon,    under section 37,    mint  In*
point of commencement, commenced before iho issuance of
No. 8.   ('ommencing at a pogi  such Certificate of Improvement!,
planted on the south fork of Five      Dated thii 0 tb. day of March
Mile Creek,   ahout 7 miles from  A.l»   11)07.
Trout Lake, marked "Oie. A, I.r- A.EJowrrr.
mo's  -Sntiih   itf-i   corner   i"-st,",
thence eait BQehnins; thencu north m  chains;    tlience   wilt  801
B   C
F. B. Wells
,\-    ;*.    3rd   Thursday each
' \,'   x month.
I'.r.llirtti cr.) tall V inviletl.
'.  Forddred,8ee. F.C.Campball.W.M
nini "1    LAKE   LODGE   I. IM'. t
KO. 41
11- liill.tr lltl'ttl.tRI. Ill'lll lit
n.i ll.-i   'ii'-    Hull    ...tt
li.. -l.u nlflil ui   .*■
nViiH-k     i/taltlni  i.r.till-
of. tor Iiii.y wfleutne.
r. M.M»|liertl. MK-.
li  It. WU KIK, Prwidinl lion. ROIIEI'.T JAKHJAV.^ tt-ht
branches   in Om Profinen ol Ali»*r!.*i. Saakatebewu, DrltiikCiU
Manitoba, iimanu aii'l ij.if .*..
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.—I'.-l-'xiiti1 i--.-.i.-l and intereit aiiowMilt|
nirrt'iit ralo Iroin .lute of o|s-iiiii*{ ol account.
l-ctt.r, nl  t rulll. iuiim] a-rallabla In   ao*
l»r   ot lite world
Bpttlal atwuLoD c "aa la aal.aitiaaM aa.
Minim nt.iidt.
Review Job Dept.
Foi lli-li-t'hiss Work.
Arrowhead Iirancb—
-    ><.^-tlUt
i gfovber Sljop
i— suit a - -
Uood Shave or Hair Cut
RBMnS &C0 2 Wi...,m SchnalL
|ir«lera in all kinds of Fraib Mtrfct
Hot and Cold Baths
•■Seiiejs - » »-i u «J-a« Am-AAt i
Barber Shop
Far iioo-i Ut,.   Iltia|
t*l>aving  o tc
HM.  «a-l   OM
• iau  *.   atnrur J   A. etrs.y .
-<ollath.r« lor        •   ,   I .■■ .    *   aaala
hiiins; theuon s..u'h 80 chnins  to J
p dut of commencement.
Located tho20th, dn.* of Mann
Ole. A. l.-iin",   Locator,
N'.>. 1    Cnmmeuping at   »   prol
"Iii.l.'i." "Red Cliff," 'U-.val
B" and "IllddinTreaanre" Min-
lial rlahnl, aunal-s in tlie Iran
l.aka MiniuK Diviiion ol Welt KtK'l
rnav Iiiilrn t.
Where lorated    Oa (.old tiul-
<*li,  tiainirCreek,
TAKE NOTICK that 1.   Rrrteil i.
rieveiand, irtltig aa ifcenl  (■ i *
Notice ishercbj (.iton ilmt ulthin
* mmiiha In in the lirs-t publication
linof in the llii:i.-li Colum
Ida tiasello I ininnil io np|i|« In
the Hon. Cliiel Comu wiom i
ol Lands and Works f..r n -|n-.i,.i
lioetiQe to out and i bi ry airn.v lim-
iter 11 om iho fed loft-Ing dei'cribeil
(andi lituatedin Weil Kootenay
(Jomin-tifiiij* al a  i o-t p'antod
at tl*.o 8. E, corner ot I.m "r.M
Trout Luke, Wist KotMennv, niiu-
krd "Lcflie Hill's South W(«t enr
i,.*r po^i,''  Ibence no*fth 80c! n i
ihcncn e.int 80 cliuiii' j  il en..
Ihem ii
planted on Ihe-soulh fork  of Klve   Jin,.-*   Dixon,     F.M.C Ne   i ".'*
Mile In*, k. nl,.. i.t   7   miles  from   0 Miude Wickondin     L     ,
until   0. Wiekonden   .,     ,.     112570
mit*i.il.Mi dayi from Ihi
a; |'iv lo tho Mining I■•-<-•.:.i»-1    i
ul'i   P'1  tiflcalei efIinprnvemciiU  (or ll.t i   r-
ills   |i 'f nt oblniiiing t'ri.un Cirantiol tli
lUiVO liaiiii,'
And  (nn!,..   lak.* notica lhal i *
of commencement. ander SeCli     17, nnifi be mh
No.fi   Commencing   at   n  poii  i.rtmi- tho imintire of iuch Ceriiflcaioi
I'l.inli'.l on the aouih fork  of  l*'iv«   of linproyemoiili
Mil.' Cnck, iiIjiMH   .".   miles   fr.*in
I imn I, ii.*. nifirki d "Xel* Iiidii.'
South  EumI corner post." llienco •-—■'—------■
Nniii-.i i- lien-liy  ||ivon i iat    30
Troul Luke, marki-I ' Nel
Nnrih iit-t   coiner  ) o-t.
. nil Vi1 rlinlni;    Ihi nco i
cha ms: ii,- nee   «..- t   Kn   i Imi
Ihenee i.orth 80 chnins t..  t.oim:
I'.i ri   tins  llili .lai ol tit..  A, !>.
I ■   ■ ■*  A. Cllveliind.
ii"iiii 80 uli di (•;    ll.- in e   «i -i   so
chains;   thonec suulli  80 chain, dajsnfterdile I int.ml  li
thi nee esst 80 clnfini  In  poinl  of'" ,h"  "'" (j,,iel  t'«»initiia/li»ner
eommciicii.enl ofunda &  Works   fur   ,i  -:■
No   G    Commencin-a al a   p il   llcc»" 'o «'Ulniiif eariynwny lim-
plmitod on the south fork „f  Vlvt l,'lf,":" lh« ft llowinit   do-enbod
Mih* Cp ik,   a h- ui  5 iii.lt.- from
i lout Lake,  marked   ' N. is  Uu l«
Si iili   ttim   roiin r   post,
ihenee i-outh R0 cluiins th'iict cr\si
th SOchalni; Ihunoi we.t 80 ., chains; ihinc north -80 i
lo tbi point of oommenemmt*; ,,.  ,,,M 80 dliflltts to poinl
Loci (nl i|,i- 21st. dnv of April [i'»mmencmoiil
.mmm ' 1.0     lltUtl    I I I ■ *   '.!' I '■ 11   O.lV     '    '
130,. ,,,.
L<il)e HUI,
 ptr 0. B
Bodin, Lout r.
|il  .|« si'.l.il."In Well K in' 'imv
('.uiiiin ncOU'  -'it ii   I osl   pluiili d
nb 'Ul I \ miles s-nih ol   I'crfttiion.
n :n i. ii li .1 ilumiiiii   N   li  tor-j
ii i* pi   i.   ii,i*ii..* smith '.In 11 ,
i  . nco   wi si   l^.i chains;    Iln nco
tni p.Hnii       • ■ ■ I*** i ,i-i  -ll!'
RO   *
*  I     of ,
t-i mini in     e i
Located May 11
M. .1   I 'u ii u'i       I.i   ,i i
kHERE hare hrm furtnnei
iiiiule hy judicious iiiTeil-
ineiit in Kr.il lisluii-, nud
more furtuiiea will i>.- mode than
ner thi- ii-it two oi ihree yenrs,
The om-wiii. reapi the harvest Ii
the original investor, for h-*- liao
his luimev iiii a certainly.
Now I.*' us point out tn ion tlmt
t'i.*ie i- n • ''i'ii. r spot on the Con-
Unenl i ■ iv Real I'it.t- than
Trout ! ike li the pretth-il spot
in ihe i. ■tinny-.; us n pleasure
11 s .1; ii - ii- un . ijiihI. Hi.niii.p
Bnd liahinu inny 1 n ililluljiell in
the year round; while big ({hiiio
in a'liiiidiiii.I* i- t.. iltt* lo.unl mi
tin* hills, lis climate, i- superb,
there h. inp no (pent extremes, ft
being mild in Wllitf-J- nml cool in
juiniticr, li can In n*-r nf gome nf
ih- lini'at holelg imil righleiicoi In
lli ii ish C'oluinhin. It- sin cis are
well in .1 out mid graded. Tlieie
nr-* two excellent corn-nil storm,
and a glnnoc ui ihe advertisement!
in thia joi!rn;ii win s-ioiv that nil
I rath-sure fairly well represented.
Write wiih cm.lid. nee in Ar.m.ih.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
ic «•
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
• a
Then call on
or   write to
IT bai ur-f<r had a ' t- an "—Its
gtowiii liar, bean ita-sdy. Il ii
Hi* l-s.l if r.evigatioa, aad
tin itrmmal (>f tin Lardo breach
of tin C.P.R. All roatt (ie tki
Lardeau) Ind to Tmet Uke. Il
ia iln c<.r»»iriial e«ntri at ie*
richt.at mineral diitrirt es the
continent, and hai banking faiili-
lici* proTithd by tb»* Impanel
Hank of Canada ; firii rlaia icheel
aecoiumi del ion under thi direction of 8. Shannon, 11.A.; a good
water arMem ; govrrnmrnl i fficea;
County Cmiri sittii.-*,'-.; Mr th- dial
Episcopal m.i Anplicaii chur-'l.ii
and coil age hospital,
Ihere nre viiliial.le ranch landi
nn ihe outskirts awaiting irtlleri.
Its lumber resonreei arc mngnifi
-int, nml a hand inw mill with a
c»i>ncii% of (10.Iinti fi. per day il at
t'.' lend of th'* laki. Til- uiinii
IlihulSIJ sis |.roving nut l.ip^cr
producers eveiy yrer, wilh n*W
prospecU i.pining up uch ko-Jin of
'I I.ere will ho a l.ig tuch I bil
yiar, in il you would (t*OW
mote, write ni once to liilci of
tlie ic ni-. iii, On* Bildretsai i »iow.
F. B. Wells
Genera) Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.


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