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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-06-20

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Hcrtisiiig   n <dn n
Lardeau Mining Review
FfTtir  ip'.<^tlii.i;,.'-'r
-oi-l.l'u.ri.ili.iir l'.*t.i
country.      Sent  1 .
any address for $2
per iin. in advance.
VOL  3
TROUT LAKE CITY,   B.C. June  20th. 1907.
Noi ice is hereby given that wi.1i
In IWO months from the tint publication heieof in the   Urili.-h  Col
nubia Qasette, I intend to apply
Ito tho   Hon.   Chiel  ('.mini--,* io r
|of Lands  it Works   for   n   special
-n-i* tO cut ami carry auay tim-
|ln r from   the  following  described
l&ndssituate in Weat Kootenay.
No. 1. Commenting at   a  posl
planted on tlie west   side   "I  Pop-
[lar Oeek.   80 I* et from the Creek,
and about 5} mibs from i's month
marked   'Henry Magnumn*! N W,
[corner poat," tlience east 80 ohaina
[thenoe smith   80   chains;   ihenc
Vest SO chains;   ihenee   noith 80
[chaini to point nf commencement
Located this 2Sttl day of April,
Henry Ifagnusnn,
Eric Strand, Agent.
I.i cator.
No. 2. Commencing nt a post
planted on lha weet side of Poplar
Creek, 600 Let from tbe -reek, a-
botit C-J tnilei from its mouth,
marked "Km* Strand's N. E. corner post," thenoe louth HO chain*;
ihenee west 80 chains; thence north 80 ehains; ibence eait 80 cbaim
to point of eoinmencment.
Located this 25th. day ot April
Eric StrHtid .Locator.
Henry Miignmon, Agent.
No. S. ('.niii..em-iHi at a post planted
on tin*, .'iin |kla ul tlm nest loik of the
liiinciin Kiver. about 7 miles ip Irom
f* .i k«, nnd nmi ked "Kd. llillinan's H.
IV . ii.rner |>o*>t," thonre north 80 chain
thenee east R0 ehains ; tb '" ■"■■'•<■■  s"
i-linim; Ihenea west HO chains to lioiiii
ul commencement.
Located Marefi WrU. HK>7.
K.l. II.Iiiuiiu,  IxHiiilor.
No. P. Co.iiinen.'inK nt n poll planted
on tho west lork ol the Dumau Rlw.
at "Kd. IlilliiianH B. W. cornel posl
iil.oiil 7 rnilcH ii|> Irom lork*. and mn I* -
e.l"K.I. Hillmai.'sH. E. cmor poll,'
tlieiii-e imrili B0*jli|lii|| thenoe well 80
chaini) then*** south RO ehalni! 'I"'1"'"
ca i
Leoi»ed March
i..i   Kllimai    '
[Continued In solutna *ii
Notice is hereby given that 30
dayi niter date hereof, I intend
o make application to I lull.m. Chief Commissioner of Lands
A Works for ft special license to
cut and carry away timber frum
the following described lands situ-
ated in Wesl Koulenay district:
Commencing at a post planted
at the Noi lh West corner of An.ler
sons pre-emption and 20 cliuini
eait ot the south west corner of
Lot 7491 and marked "Leslie Hills
N. E corner post- thence weit 100
chains; thence louth 60 chains;
thence eait 100 chains; thence
north 00 chains to point ot com*
Dated 20th April, 1007.
Leslie Hill.
(ito. IJ. Campbell, Agent
Notice is hereby given that within
tno in.ui ti.*- from the first publics
tion thereof in the British Columbia Uaxettc, I intcud to apply to
tne Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works lor a special Licence to cut and carry away lim
bur  from the  follo.viii(*. described
nude situated in Weit Kouleney.
N<>. 1. Commencing at a post
planted 1-J miles above Ten Mile,
on the south fork of Lardeau
Creek, adjoining i^.t 7047 on the
north, maiked 'A. Gowing's 8. E.
corner poal" thei.ee north HO
chains; thence wesl 80 chains;
thence south 80 ch-dns; t'l-act*
ensl 80 ehains, to point el cum-
No. 2. Commencing at a posl
planted 1-J miles above Ten Mi'e.
on the south fork of Lardeau
Creek, adjoining Lot T.i-17. on the
N K. marked 'A, Qowing'i S. VV
comer post," tbence north
80 chains; ft ce east 80 chains;
thence south 80 chains; theuce
went SO chains to the point of commencement.
No. 3. Commencing at a post
planted 1-} milea tahoet Ten Mile,
mi the siuiih lurk ..f Lardean
Creek, marked 'A. Qowing'i N.W,
oorner thenee    south   R0
ehains; thenco east 80 chains;
tbence noJtli 80 cluiins; Ihenee
west 80 chains; to point oi commencement.
Located   March 27th.    1007.
A. Cowing, Locator.
Diiratcr or Wmt Kootbxav.
TAKE notice that Arthur Gow- MEETS    WITH    A     LARGE
ing, of Trout Lake, occupation-
Logger, intends to apply (or a
speolal timber licence over tbe
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
almut 1 mile iron Beaton, on
Fish Kiver on Easl Boundary of
T.L. 8635, marked "Arthur Gow-
ing'a North-west corner poll,"
tlience loulb 40 chains; tlience
east 160 chains; thence norih 40
The Hon. R, McBride, Premier nf British Columbia, has
achieved a signal fucoess In his
attempt to secure bitter terms
for B. a
The amendment io the B. N. A.
AM, made at Ottawa, respecting
provincial   subsidies   and which
chains; thence west 100 chains   to came up before the Imperial Gov
ernment for endorsation, carried
wilh it the words "final and mini.
terrible." This would have forever barred British Columbia
from securing better terms irom
the Dominion Government.
Winston Churchill, Under 3ec-
CKKTIF1CATK OF IMPROVEMENTS "Ury for the Colonies, introduced an   amendment striking   out
paint of commencement, and containing 040 acres, more or less.
Arthur Gowir.g.
Dated June 17th.  1007.
"Uaiama" Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Trout Luke Mining
Diviiion ol Wut Kuoteuar iliurict
Where  located:      On .livide be
tween 8 Mile Creek (Trout Lake)
md Brown   Cr.-.-k   (South Pork   of
l.lirli-iin Rlvar)
X. Wilkie, acting as agent for Edward Ilaillie, V. M. C. B8S886,
J.in.i*- llislop,    ,,    „
J.l). McDonald,    B86998,
Gordon Logan, „ „ „ 5190,
intend, sixty days from date here
of. to apply to the Mining Iiecoid-
•r-f.-r a Oarllflcate of ImprovemenU, for the purpose of obtaining a ('....ru Grant cl,*.hs above
And further take notice that
action, under section 37, must be
commenced before the issuance, of
such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 22nd. dav of May
A. I). 1907.
O. B. N. Wii.kik,
Trout Lake,   B.C
23 5 07
these words, and la his speech
said: "Hon. Mr. McBride, Prime
Minister of British Columbia, has
stated his case very fully to us.
He has, with great frankness and
much force, placed us in possession of the views, and grievances
of British Columbia. White we
are unable to accept bis opinion
entirely, we have endeavored as
I;.,._!;-,; lur as fai as postiblo to make the
legislation agreeable to him, and
we have not introduced into the
legislation the words "final and
unalterable," which it had been
proposed to intioduce, and which
would have prejudiced British Columbia's 'banc* of making some
othei li ieiidly arrangement iu the
future with the Dominion and
with  the  other   provinces.''
This leaves the matters still o-
pen between Victoria and Ottawa,
and if the "Solid Five'' who re-
present British Columbia at Ot-
laiva will do their duty thero is
ni doubt but that we shall secure
justice in part if not in whole.
"W I L D
The Canadian Mining Journal
of Toronlo gives the following viv
id portraiture of a "wildcat'' company. We wonder il tho Lardeau
ever had anythingofa like nature?
This is it.—
"The directors of thii company
expect to make ten times their
money ont of the public, as they
do not contemplate putting their
hard-earned money into any mining enterprise. 8o far, the company has ttvo mining properties,
for which they paid a total of
"Property No, 1 cost them $100,
and properly No, 2 $30, besides
two bottles of whiskey for the em-
barassed prospector from whom
they bought the claims. Already
about $37 worth of work baa been
done on property No. 1, at all expenditure of $480. Tho directors
have also paid $5 to the mining
expert for bis report, and have
promised to print 6,000 copies of
the prospectus as an advertisement for him.
"No veius have as yet been discovered on tbe property, but one
lino wall has been found to which
a small stringer cf smaltite wus
attached, which one mining expert   pronounced    calcite,       and
which, heaaid, would undoubtediyet been  done.    It has been de-
No 4 Commencing nt a post
planted 2-J miles above Ten Mile
on the south fork of Lardeau
Creek, nnd marked 'A. Qowing'i
8. W. corner post,'' thence north,
80 chains, thence east 80 chaina;
thenceiouth 80chains, thence west;
80 chains; to the point of commencement.
No. n. Commencing at a |«»el
planted S| miles nbove Ten Mile,
on the south fork ot Lntdeuu
Creik, marked "A. Gowiug's N.
W corner post," thence south SO
chains; thence «»aat 80 chains;
thenco nortii 80 chains; thenee
we*! NO chnins; lo point ol com
Notice is hereby given that 30
thva after the first publication of
this notice in the British Colum
bia Qaxette, I intend to apply to
the Hon, Chief Commissioner of
Land:, li* Works for special licenses In aut and carry away timber
from the following described lands
situate in West Kootenay.
No. 1. Commencing at a post
planted 2, miles up Thompson
Creek on the louth bank nf the
creek, marked "A   (iowing's P.W.
(corner posl" thence norlh 80
attaint; thence east 80 chains;
thenee south  8') chains;    Ihcnce
| weit 80 chains to pqint of com.
No. 2. Commencing at a post
planted 2-} miles up Thompson
Creek on the south bank of the
creek, marked "A. Gowing's N.W.
corner post," thence south 80
chains; thence east 80 chains;
thence north 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
No. IL Commencing at a post
planted 3} miles above Ten Mile,
on the south fork of Lardeau
Creek, marked "A. (Iowing's B,
W. comer poat,'. thence nortii 80
chnins; thenee east 80 ohains;
thenee south 80 chains; thence i
west 80 ohains; to point of
N;i. 7.   Commencing at   a  pn«t
planted 3-J miles above Ten   Mile, I
on   the   south   fork   ol   Limb-nti;
Creek, nun ked   "A. (Iowing's   N. j
W. comer po-t;" thencn Kinih 80
ohalni;     thence  eftfct   80   chai"!-;
Ihefico  north   80   chain-;   thenee
SO chains  to point of  cm-
n   menl
ntcd March ■ '■"Hi  '907.
A. Cowing, Loeator.
No. 3. Commencing at a post
planted 3, miles up Thompson
Creek, on th" south bank of thc
creek, marked "A Gowing'i S.W
corner posl." thence nortii 80
chnins; Ihei ce east 80 chnins;
thenco south 80 chains: Ihenoo
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
No. 4 Commencing nl a poit
planted 3| miles lip Thompson
Cre.k, on the ninth hank ol the
creek, marked "A. Gowing'a N.W
corner posl," thenee smith 80
chains; thence east 80 chains;
thence norlh 80 ohains; tbence
-.vest 80 chains to poinl of com-
T, e;i!cd June Rth...1907.   .
A. (lowing, Loeiior.
We had an interview with
Charles L. Copp, who has lately
covered the northern part of B. C.
In which he gave us some valuable information. It was, bow-
ever,  too late for this issue.
Look for it next week.
Win. Rogers, of Montreal, agent
for the Little Giant Type-setter,
visited us this week.
\Y/' *"** •',,,, "*'  '*
* *      Inrge i-o.nlci.in rnt
in-   Good*, wiil.ii will on.
•bl* jrou tu uve your **•
p*lli1IIur» OO frvlKlit ».nl •■ l
Iiri-M charge*, «..**> nt Uie
whii Ilm* cn»bl.' you lo
I1UY1MO.       ittl
.■In.ice  line   of LADIES''
HITE WAISTS at priceij
that will surely
y lead to rich silver values at
depth. The property tl only 6.559
feet 3 1-4 in. from the Woolly
Wonder mine, whose vein onr
expert has traced over on our
"The compmy has spared no
expense in securing the services
ot Mr. Lie.iweil, the mining expert, who graduate'! with honors
at Fakerburg in 1S37 and who
haa hnd 102 years and three
months' experience (we resp.ct-
fu 11v sugaest that the worthy gentleman must he becoming a little
hit ancient, aficr Ibis long spell,
Ed, L.M.U.) in this branch of
"We quote tho following from
our expert's report- ''Thi country rock is a greeniih pray calcer-
eous peroxiditc, heavily mineralised with hornaceous, schmisai!
magaphone granite, and is cut by
violent intrusions of pink fels-nap*
thic andorite. \ilih rhyolusic inclusions. This ci ves an abundance of contacts in the property,
which will increase ia value ns
they go down. Only one contaol
is still lacking, and your director:-
must arrange for that.'
"In conclusion onr expert n'hls:
'This is undoubtedly the fnie.it
property I Save seen in the cam;-.'
"We want it dually understood
that we aro not reapotisible for
any statements mado by our ox-
pert; also that m>ne oi the directors are putting any of their moi.c.*.
into tho eniorpriie, hut aro relying on lhe public's money entin 1.-*
to make it a lueoess,"
Krcd Klliott returned pn Friday last from Bt, Paul, where le-
atiendid the annual meeting of
thu Reward Mining Company.
He reports the meeting as being
largely atiended and harmony pre
vailing all along the line.
Tbe directorate remains the
Baine, witb thc exception of John
Morton, who resigued, and whose
place was filled by the election of
Mr. Elliott.
The finances of thc company
was reported in good shape and
the ] redominale opinion was to
"push work,"
To this end it was decided to
let u contract for 500 feet, nnd Director Elliott was instructed to
get the work under way as quickly as possible.
This proposition is one of bin
mining. The com;.any own some
2d claims, situate on the soulh
fork of the Lardeau.
A number of leails have been
opened upon the surface in which
there are good ore showings, both
in high as well as low-grade and
the preient workings will cut them
all at good depth. The tunnul
is now in 13C0 feet, and sum.
Rood ground ha- been passed
through,  but no erose-cutiing has
The OtlO will be lioneit
ami reliable. 'Hie other
HinviiKinah'.i*. Bo wiih
boolB. All Boots that
look well are not  honest.
Leckie's Boots are all
leather ntnl mnde to meet
western requi re menu.
The logger, ibe pro*i«ctor
and the miner can ilapeud
on tlieei when lar Irom the
bu'y haunts ol iiiiii.
Ask your .1 <* :, I • r (or
"Leckie Boots" uml take
Write for a Catilojrue.
J. Leckie Co.,   Ltd.
Vancouver      -     -     B. C.
-;.   Local and Ceneral.    -.
^r-tis....--. :■-. :■: • •>-;■•; ■-;
E.   H.i !   V.  ;.*'tf:, id   oil    i
night IrOm ilri-enwn-.il.    win n      e
nionstrated,    however,   thnt   the 11, -j boen i ir al. ml 4 month
surin*-' indications'nre provin-r m.	
at dej.lh and it is fully expected
that tll« present proposed work
will cut through a couple of good
sized ore slums which has been
op-nc.l ii]i I y surface work.
The directorate  is  composed  of
Labor Day belongs lo Trout
Like as far as celebrations are
Last year's sports proved.a Imps
sue -ess,  and thia year the  pe ■; lo
Rood, so'id business iiiiii  wl. - will I of the town intend  '. > Burp*v-n   it.
see that the funds of the organizi-  in every r. sped.    Don't forget it.
tien are judiciously and economi
cally expended.
Ul   .
A challenge was received by iho
"Review■" this week from the
boys at (ierrard to play Trout
Lake n game of football ou July
1st.   Dominion Day.
NeetHesi to say, the challenge
was accepted und a great game
may be expected.
A tug nl war will be arranged
between Ihe heavy-weights of the
two toivm.
An entertainment will also Lo
arranged for tho evening and the
day's festivities will c-include
with a dance.
Graphite po-.-essei such unusual clmracturistics us to make it of
treat industrial importance. Ill
refractory character makes it of
exceptional value in the steel and
olher industries;   il -  and
black streak makes ill use in Cray.
ons and pencils universal: its perfect oieavoge, pnrlly and softness,
l?ives it nn extended application
in iubricant manufacture, and its:
iiighcleclro-conductivily uives itj
avaluo for electrical apparatus
and supplies.
Mine Ruby and Mies Ella Kennedy came .n from Arronii....
the lat'er end of the week.
Statistics show thnt more than
1*800,000,000 of North American
(United states and Cauad-a) capital is in vest i .1 in banking, railroading, mining and olliir ii.dus
trial enterprises of Mcxic-..
(ioo. M. Yuill and Fred  Elliott
left on Mun.lav's bout fur Ni       U
The a ii t ii' r  nf   " i'i,. r •'   a
that is ftin-r than day," ev id  uth
i had his eye on Trout l.nke m .i
its posiilnlilies for a summei ri-
soit and tourist travel.
A. O Frater left for a business trip to Winnipeg OB Mm.dny
inoruing'i boat.
A uiiiiilh r i f ... ir citiztfiig li ft
early Bnnday morning for a trip
lontilcyon.   Thejr returned abi .:
Dp.in.   tired,   but   pleased   *■'■'■■
their day's outing.
Tbe Kev. Stevenson, who takes
Mr. Scott's place as pastor of thc
Me bodist Church, is unable lu
.iko up his du<ies at |>rcseitt, owing lo sickness, but we trust his iry
recovery will Iespeedy und coin
Mrs. O. B. N   Wilkie and ebi
reu rettiittid on Knd.iv   lasl   ir.
a prolonged i itit t.. thi 0
E. N. Hiilleck.   W.   A.   Mniidy|
and .lames  l.nife,   of   lhe   MtinJy
Lumber do. Three Valley,   oameJ
in,  the end ot last week    for   the
purpose   of   sizing-up   the   town,
the mill site ulc,,
The Dominion Geological .<ur-
tey party arc now nt l^ril... and
wiil work their way up through
the Trout Luke division.
1).   .Stephens. ('. P, R, boiler inspector,   II.  ('.   Bri(*i?s i.f Nelsoi
and Nat   Darling   of   V-tncotiver,
were in, this week.
New and seasonable goods art
itil! ar iving at f. Murray's -store
and "still there's more to fol-
.)«•." Everything at lowest
possible prices.
Five vinri from dale, Ilesti n
will be able lo supply lhe in'ci or
; innrket with n large pr. portion oi
iis nccissities in tie fruit line.
I -idiiplability along lhat I n is
lielng denioiistrati il inoie nini
nore eiicli succeeding ii-nr.
soil is right, the climate Is
tnd the fruit -produced, io lar
I-' c. Campboll  lefl on M
for Vi\iicinii  ".   lo     i ".   i
nijic di aud I   due.
The Two Vanrevels
Imtm* tt ~ 1 Im fintlmu Irom Indiana" and "Meueleiu- aaauaalrt"
fOnatlmild From  Last Week.)
"1 BlippoefJ'flu tlieiiii null 1 ought to
oiler uiy explnuntlou Brat?" aiild tho
other, still atundlug. "Well, there Isn't
any." lie clUt not a|iuuk doggedly or
Biilleiily, us out In fuult, hut more with
the ..li* of a iuuu curiously ready to
throw all i«.*-siiiie light iii'iui u cloudy
lihtnuuieu.iu. "It's very Blmple—nil
that I kuow about It. I went there
li iht  ou the ei ening ol' the Minlrlll.ni
niaiqneradi umi played u little come
tiy tor her, vo thst noun* of uiy then I
rieiii iiiiuHioim - thev weren't vary illi>-
t-jlnatlag—to Bay engagement to Function mad* lift* btllevt I waa Vanrevel
whfii ber fatbtr told ber about the
pair •( ua. I dlaeovfred tbut tba night
bla wurahouaea burned -uud I aaw
aouiadniif mora, because I cau't help
eeelng aueb thing* that youra wua just
th* cbaraetar lo appeal to a young girl
truth from tba convent and full of
boceaty und tlu* dreams uml lire. Nobody could arraug* u more futul fnacl-
nutloo for a girl of nineteen than to
bar* a deadly quarrel with bur father.
And tbat'a aapaclully true wheu tbo fn
tliar'u Ilka tbut mad brute of a Bob
Carewe! Tben. too. you're more or
Uii. tbt town model of virtue and popular Uero, In aplte of the abolltlonlam.
Ju.it at I am tbe towu m-uu-v Ho I let
It go on and pluyed a little ft being
you, Buying tbe things thut you ouly
think -that waa all. It lau't atrange
tbat Ifa laated until now, not nioro
tban three waeka, after nil. She's ouly
aeon you four or tire times and mn not
much of tenet No oue apeuka of you to
bar, and I'vo kept out of tight when
othera ware about. Mra. Tanberry la
liar only cloae friend and. naturully,
wouldn't ba apt to mention tbut you
are dark and I am fair or to daacrlbe
ua ptnonully any more tban you and
I would mention tbo ganerul appeur-
anco of people wo both meat about
town. But you needn't tall ma that It
can't laat mucb longer. Some petty,
unexpected trifle will turn up, of
course All tbat 1 want to know la
what you mean to do."
"To do?" repeated Tom aoftly anil
blew a long acarf of tmoke out of tba
"Ab!" cralley'a voice grew abarp
ind loud. "There are many tblnga you
needn't tall ma. You uaed not tell me
what I've dono to you uor what you
think of me. You nt-ud not tell me tbat
you hnv« othera to • 'insider, tbut you
bava Mlaa Carewe to think of. Don't
you auppoav I kuow that? And yuu
need not tell uie that you have u duty
to Kauchou"-
"Tet," Tom broke lu, bla tone uot
quite ataudy — "yea, I'vo thought of
"Have you—did you"— He hesitated,
but Cralley uml.thi,mil Immediately.
"No; I haven't aueu ber again."
"But you"—
"Yea, I wrote. 1 anawered tbe latter."
"Yea; I aigned your name. I told you
tbat I had Juat let things go on," Crul-
'iVic.t uiututiknii until thi, looked at
CUI.II  liliill
ley answered, with uu Impatient movt-
Lieiit of hu bunds. "Whut uu- you going to du?"
"I'm going over to aea tho governor
lu the morning, I'll bv uwuy two or
three days, I Imagine."
"Vaarevil,*1 acclaimed ci-niley hotly,
"will you give ine uu uuawer aud uot
be.it .ii.iiin the linsli nnv longer, or do
you utv.io thut you refuse to answer?"
Ton. dmppod his cigar upou tbo brick
Window ledge wltb uu abyamul algh.
"Oh, uu; it lan't tbat," he answered
mildly "I've been thinking It all over
for three daya ln the country, and
when I got back toulght I found thnt
I bud eomo to a deelaion without knowing It and thut I bad come to It even
before I atarted. Jdy leaving the letter
for you proved It. It'e a little like thia
Mexican war a mixed up problem.
The thing Is huuud to happen, and you
can't atop It. I believe tb* men wbo
make thia wur for their own uaea will
tuff er for It. But It la made, and tbere'a
only oue thing I eau aee ua the thing
for me to do. They've culled we evory
name ou earth and tbe eanie with you,
too, Cralley liecituee I'm an abolition
lat, but now. whether the country baa
Sinned or not, a good muny tbouaaud
men have got to do tbe bleeding for
her, nud I want to lie oue of them.
That's the one thing that la plain to
"Yea," returned Cralley. "You know
I'm with you, and I think you're nl
waya right. Yes, we'll all he on tbo
wny lu a fortnight or ao. Do you mean
you won't <|.i.ii i.'t wltb me beeauae of
thut? Do you menu It would he ll poor
time now, when we're all golug out to
take our chaiiees together?"
"Quarrel with you!" Totu rose and
euine to tbe deak, lo'.klug across It at
bla frfceud.   "Did you think I might do
thatT'     '            -      .
"Yaa-I thought io."
"Orallay!" Anil now Tom'i eipres-
alou ihowed daaperatlon. It wua that
of a man whose upprehenslous huv*
culminated and wbo Is forced to fuee
a i rials long expected, loug averted,
but Imminent at laat. Hla eyea fell
from Cralley'a clear gaze, und his bund
fidgeted among the papers on the desk.
"No," he began with a puluful lameness aud hesitation. "I did not menu
It—uo. I meant that, ln tbe sume wuy,
only ou* tblug In thia other—this other
affair that teems so confused and !■
»"uh  a  uroblein-only   oue  thing  haa
grown clear, tt doesn't item to m*
tbat — tbat" — bin he draw a deep
breath before lit went on with lucreaalng atrvoututtt— "that If you like a
matt and hav* lived wltb him a good
many yeara—tbat la to aay, If you're
really much of a friend to blm, I don't
believe you alt on a high eeut and
Judge blm. Judging and all thut
haven't mucb part In It, and It seems to
me tbat you've got youraelf Into I pretty bad inliii|i. Cralley."
"Yea," aald Cralley. "Ifi pretty
"Will," Tom looked up now with an
almost tremulous amlle, "I belt*v* tbat
la about all I can mike of It. Do you
think It's tbe part of your boat friend
to expo** you? It eeemt to mc tbat If
ther* ever waa a time wben I ougbt to
atand by you It'a now."
There wa* a alltncc while tbey looked
at each other acroae the deak in tbs
faint light. Tom's eyea fell again as
Cralley optntd bla lipa.
"And In spite of overythlng," Cralley
said breathlessly, "you mean that you
won't tell?"
"How could I, Cralley?" laid Tom
Vanrevwl aa h* turned away.
"Mtthouglit I nn a Uamati fair,    T
And ttars wt rt In har tytt; V*
Htr htad and arm* wtrt bar*;
1 h*ard her bursting tight.
"I tlopptd and looked h*r In th* fac*.
'Twat then *h« twtttly tmlltd.
Htr ftaturet thone wllh mournful grao*
Far more than naturt'a child.
"With diffident and downcast tyt.
In modtet loi.ea tht tpoku.
flht wiped a ttar and gave a sigh
And ilitii htr filiate brokt"—
who^ll rub like sheep from too flrst
greaser—eleetod blui Captain yeatur-
duy. und toduy he received un appoint*
meut us miijor! It dries the blood In
my wins to thluk uf It tbut hlnek dog
a uiujor! Heuveua, am I never to
heur tho lust of him? Ciiuiinliigs wrote
It, the fool, the lying, fuwuiug, slobbering fool. Ho ougbt to lm shot for ltl
Neither he nor his puper ever enters
my il..ms again! And I took tho dirty
sheet from her hands and tore It to
"Y'es," Interposed Mrs. Tanberry, "It
looks us If you hud doue lt with your
—"aud slumped it lutu the ground!"
"Ob, I beard you!" ibe said.
Carewe came clono to her and gave
ber a loug look fiom such bitter ive..
that her own foil before tliein. "If
you've been treacherous to me, Jinn-
Tuuberry," he laid, "then God punish
you! If they've met—niy duugbter uud
thut iuuu-while I was away, It Is on
your bead."
H* turned and walked to tbe door,
while the Indomitable Mrs. Tanberry,
.-'lii'iiieii for once, sank lutu the elutli-
he had vneuted. Before he disappeared
wlllnii Ihe Iinni.* he paused.
"if Mr. Vanrevel has mot my daughter," he said lu u Ihiek volee. Stretch
log out both Iiiiiui i lu u strange, incline
lug gesture tOWUd the (own lhal luy
darkling In the growing dusk, "If bo
hut addressed mie word to her or ao
inii.'h as allowed his eyes to rest on her
overlotig, let hlui take ears of himself!"
"Ob,  Uobert. Hubert:" Mrs. Tuuberry cried lu ii frlglitcued whisper lo bor-
self.   "All the fun uud brightness went
out   of   tho   world   wheu   yuu   came
I home!"
But there were other reasons than
the return of Robert Carewe why
llouen hud lost the Joy uud mirth that
belonged to It. -Nay. the merry town
had ebuuged beyond ull eredenee. It
wus husli.il like u sickroom upd dolefully imn nun.ms with foreboding! of
farewell uud sorrow.
1'or all the very flower of lioueu's
youih hud promised to follow Turn
Vuurevel on the long uud arduous j.nir
ney to Mexico, (o niiireh burning miles
uuder the tropical sun, to fuee strange
fevers aud the BUni of Suii'.u Anna
i f>*   He   Conlllllllld.)
fii!'iff^o/^bl* cold-water itarch
k*^ *'.*"■) ygota ironing-day ovor
H-Vn&i/quicker, with leas wear on
t'i^tr/the ironor's muscles and far
J&'iyleie on tho starched pieces.
■Vi/Givos a beautiful gloss.
rt-,'/N eedn 't bo boiled.. yet cannot
kfstick.   It's astarchyou'll like.
Trr  '• ws
The On* tnd   ths  Naught.
Oliver Wendell Holmes one* sen! two
poetical letters to the "poitofflee" of uu
GplSCOplll   tilil*   ul   I'lllslield,   Mass.    In
■un* of them lhe tirst slum*.!! WOI:
"■ iir in.l v. whomever thou art,
Turn ihi*, poor leaf with lender**! oars
.\i„t liu*ti  ..li. Irish, ihy beating heart
'llir ona il..... lovaal will ba Hon*
nn turning the "poor loaf" there ml**.
...nni  a dollar  bill,  with s.inu*  venae
i'illr i.iiii. ii rt thine tyee and tall
if mis i» not n truthful latter.
lib Is Iln' om. ('.'  ...ot.  loi.*lli null.
Anil   naught   nn   i'iiii   nuike   tin*.,   love  It
batter um
II  is noteworthy  that  lopernatural
ism prevailed Jusi us ttrouglj at the
Itber side of Iln* globe among the al.
original of tbe new world. The coming
if the Spaniards had t*M0 |ii*o|.l..*sii*.l
lo the Me.iii-iins I.y lheir cucl.pit's, and
lhe i.r.ipheeies were snug aiiiiil lolld
liiiiieiitutii.iis   at   theh*   festivals,    l.oii
.ion Onlooker.
The Hot Wind From the Otttrt.
•'lv Iui ills ill' Is Hi,* hot u unl froni the
desert which blown ...n of il..- Sahara
'l-on  Hgypt    Tha  word  iinans  llfiy.
    the   Idea   that   il   lusts  for  Ilfly
ii.vs.    The •'khamsin"   In terribly  hot
nd  dry.   .unl   someliiues   brings   pe..
i lence with It.
SO auug Mrs. Tanberry at th*
pluuu, relieving the melun
ilioly which possessed her,
but Nelson, puuslug lu the
buii iu listen uud exceedingly euriuua
concerning tbe promised utterance of
tht- damsel fulr, was to suffer dlsup-
polutuient. as the bullsd wus broken
off abruptly aud tbe songstress closed
the pluuo wllh u muust-ous clatter.
Little doubt may lie euieiluiued tbat
the noise wss dMlgued to disturb Mr.
Carewe. who sut upou the veruudu con
sultlug a stroug ctgar, and leas thut
the Intruded Insult was accomplished.
Kor au vxpresslou of u vindictive ua
inn- was precipitated lu that quarter
io simultaneously that tbe bung of tbe
piano hd aud the curse were even us
Uie report of .. musket aud th* Immc-
dltilo cry of tbe wounded ,
Mrs. Tuuberry at ouce debouched
upon the piazza, showing u vast, clouded countenance. "And I hope to beav.
eu you ulready had a headache"' sbe
•The courtesy or your wlah. madam,"
' 'alew* replied, with an angry Hath
of hu eye, "is ouly equaled by tbe
mildness of beuveu In answering It. I
huve, ln fact, u headache. I always
huve nowadays."
"That's good uew*," returned the
ludy heartily.
"I thuuk you." retorted her host.
"I'erbups If you treated your duugbter wltli even a deceut Indian's kind of
politeness you'd eujoy better'health."
"Ah! And ln wbat failure to perform
my duty toward ber have I lueurred
your displeasure?"
"Where Is aho nowf exclaimed th*
other excitably.   "Wbere la aba now?"
"I euuuot aay."
"Yob, you can, Hubert Carewe!" Mr*.
Tanberry retorted, with a wrathful
gesture. "You kuow well enough she's
lu her owu room, and ao do I. for I
tried to get In to comfort her when I
beard ber crying. Bhe'* ln tbere with
tbo door bolted, where you drove hor!"
"I drove ber!" he sneered.
"Ye*, yuu did. uud I beard you. Do
you thluk I couldn't bear you raglug
aud storming ut her Ilk* a crazy man?
Why euu'i you be a good father to
ber 7"
"Perhaps you might ftegln by asking
ber lo be a good duugbter to me."
"Wbut bus she done.?"
'The ulgbt before I want away sh*
ran to a lire and bchuvi-d tbere like a
common street boldru Tbe indies of
tho Carewe family have aot formerly
acquired a notoriety of that kind."
"Bah!" aald Mrs. Tunberry.
"Tbe uext morning, when I taxed her
with It. sbe dutifully defied and lu
aulted me."
"I can Imagine tb* dillcacy wltb
which you 'taxed' her. What has tbat
to do with your devilish tantrums of
thia afternoon, Uobert Carewe?"
"I am obliged to you for the expression," he returned. "When I came
homo thia afternoon I found her reading that thing." Ile p..lined to many
very anion fragments of Mr Cum-
niliigt' newspaper, which were scattered ubout tbe lawn near the veranda.
"Do yon kuow what thnt article wus.
madam, do you know what it was?"
Although breathing heavily, Mr. i'n
rowe had compelled himself to a certain outward calmness, but uow, Iu the
iiiieontrollublc agitation of bis atig*r,
ho sprung to his feet und struck oue of
the wooden plllurs of the porch u shocking blow with the bun. knuckles of his
Clinched bund. "Do you know whul It
was? It wus u eulogy of tbat Vanrevel! It pretended to be an account
of e enrollment of his infernal company, but It wus nothing more tbuu a
gloi in.iiii'.ii    of   that   ulgger    loving
kO~«M>   J*' .m^-". m. y~lolVt tUmliAt
How Fortunes Lie In tht Sweeping! of
Sheffield Factorial.
The average person would hardly expect to Hud a fortune in mere dust,
and yet large fortunes have beeu made
out of the Mings swept up from the
workrooms uf the Sheffield factories
Wbere all kluds uf silver goods are
Many thousands of pountla bave been
made during tbe past few years out of
this  dust,   which  at   one  time   wus
thought  nothing of,   but was  thrown
1 out on to tbe rubbish heap In the uaqul
I     It ls hard to say how many men are
Indebted to this dust for tbe good for-
tuue   they  enjoy  at   the   present   Uiuu
owing to tbe general disregard of the
■weepings, us tbey ure termed, lu tbo
past, but there is uo doubt tbut several
very   rich   families   in  Sheffield  huv*
town made, liuanciully speaking, out of
the sweepings of fuctory floors.
I     Tbere   Is   oue   family   In   particular
wbo keep their carriage and pair uud j
■taff of servants on the Income derived
from the large volume of capital uiiulu
out of dust.   The founder of tbe fuin
lly fortunes used to gu rouud  wltb u
Back aud beg tbe dust, wbleb be gave
to  bis   fowls,   according   to   his  own
I showing.    In reality, however, be ex- i
j traded the sliver from  lt and sold lt
| back  to   the  mnuiifuetururs  In   clean
Ingots ut the market price.
This  be did  for years and  was en- '
abled  by   means  of  working  secretly !
' and  industriously  to  pile  up  u  huge
fortune which the preaeut generation
enjoys.     Ultimately,  however,   It  oc !
furred to oue manufacturer-that wbere
men   were   constantly   chipping   uml
chasing there must of necessity be a '
greut waste of silver upou the llisir.
|     Kor a long time he suld nothing, hut
I gave orders for tbe sweepings of the
) wnrkrootus to be shot lu n particular
i place    He then started a small smelt
Ing  plant   and  pun-bused  other dust. ;
j from which be extracted the silver, but *
his  nnxlety  respecting the dust soon '
aroused tlie suspicions of other people.
I aud   today   nn  average  firm  of silver |
manufacturers    nets    something    like
{ 1600   a   yeur   from   their   sweepings. <
] which   not   so   long   ugo   they   threw j
; awuy us of no consequence.
|     The floors of tlie workshops nre now
■wept regularly  uud   with  cure.    The I
dust Is put into sueks und sold to the
anielters, wbo put it through the smelt
lug process and extract the silver Unit
has  been  wasted.    Tbe  aggregate In- !
I come from  tlie sweepings of Sheffield
workshop floors amounts to many thou
■unds ll year     I-ondoii Tit Hits
Nature   Needs   Assistance   in   Making
New  Health-Giving Blood.
Spring    la    tie*    season     Whan    nuir
tysteni in "I.- toning up. in the tprlni
.imi uiiisi hav* new blood jusi as the
tree, musl hava aea np Natun
demands it Wlthoul no* blood ><'"
will ioi weak ami languid; you maj
im. e twinges of rheumatism or neuralgia, i.e. asiolial Inmliiclies, variable
appetite, pimples or eruptions oi  the
ski...  or  i.   pala    poat)     complex	
I'll-*-.* ar,* sure s.gu.- Hun the blood i-
out of order. A ionic is ne. il. ,i m
give new energ) Dr Wllliama Pink
rills arc tha heal tonli In all the
..orM. They make new, rich bl
your greateal   need  In   ipiing     The]
tear  the skm.  dm it   dlaeaai    I
nakc tired, deprei -.-.I men and women
i.right   .i tl. •   and ttrong.    Mr-   John
McAuley,   Pougluatown,   ...m* .   i	
tin* great value "f Dr   Wllliama Pink
rills in  building up i pie wl... lun,
weakened anil  run   down     sin
.ai-    "lir.   Wllllami  Pink   Pllla  have
i n or great  help to me     Mj   bl I
waa weak and water** and i waa badl>
run down, llut throught the uae of
ih" pills mv health was full) restored
r .-ii.i.i* ra * iiineiiii them i" m-
frtonda  who  m;.\   le   ullluc."
Ther.. nre fraudulent Imlthltona ..'
lir Wllliama Pink I'llls. ai.rt to protect vieir-. ■ tee thai in* full name
"in Willi.no Pink Pills r... Pale
People** la printed nn tin* wrapper
around en<*h l...x I... nol take any
■ - to-called pint pills if vour
dealer has nni ani the genuine, tend
io the Dr William H< rtl Ine '••■
Brockville. (u.t. and get the plll« hv
mall al SO cents a box or six boxes
for UM.
The Oldett Scot
James Orieve, who was iiorn in hor-
chilly i;ieiu|iiiilcb, iu (jleugarry. ou
New Year's day, 18U0, Is tin- oldest liv.
lug Scotsman lie wus u shepherd up
to a few years ago    Ile citu remember
incideiiis of nearly s uegturj ago.   He
lives very simply arid seldom eats
meat, lie married in 1823; uud tbrel
of bis fourteen children survlve.-
(ireeuock (His.tbnuli Herald
Tli* Pacific Squadron.
Secretno Meicalf suya that tbe general navy board does uot intend tbal
tbe Aiuerlcuu fleet in tbe Pacific shall
be weaker tbuu that of any poaalbM
eneaiy. and ten Is reason tu bellevt
that before mug two divisions of bal
tie-ships, numbering eight of the moal
modern vessel.*. Hying the stars uud
stripes, will be stationed ln tbe Pacific
Systematic Yawning.
Systematic yawning seems to huvo
proved highly successful iu Austria us
a method uf vocal uud health culture.
Dr Naegll advises deep yawning, wllh
arms outstretched, thus Insuring con.
plete change uf air in tbe lungs, und
at each treatment he has hla patients
muke six to eight yawns, each being
followed by swallowing, lie regards
the cxerelae, with deep br.-athln ■ us
the best mentis of strengthening the
respiratory organs and muscles, while
It gives astonishing relief In catarrh
of tbe throat. For singers a like practice causes the tonsllu and uvula to re
tract and harden, and tbe clear pus*
sage given the voice greater volume
aud Improved tjiiullty.
.—<-v "™"*
Tanned Human Skin.
In nor. tbe French Booyolopedlac
gave a recipe for tanning human skin
aud sii.ied that M tine, a surgeon lu
Purls, hud presented the king with a
pair of slippers mude uf human skill
according to this prescription.
A   lr„   Sail  ta.e.
The latest l.npmvenicut In ladles'
stilt eases is Ihut they nre made oa
nlumlniuin "bodies" that Is to say,
with an aluminium frame covered
Wllh leutber. weight being thus rm
pOCSd und strength Increased, wh.ll!
It Is Impossible for the case to be cul
with a knife, ua has sometimes happened when a robbery haa beeu commit.
I.lszi smoked large black cigars
When giving lessons he walked up and
down Uie room, muttering to himself
and emitting volumes of smoke by wuy
of accompaniment to his remarks. Ile
smoked Constantly while hc worked.
Win- was lirst beaten out by a ham
iner. but the artisans of Nuretiils-rg hi
I35n began lo draw it. which was the
gTeiil slop forward In that art
Gtorgia Countiaa.
Nine counties of (Jeorglu were given
the mimes of distinguished South Cnr-
ollnlan*. Tbey are llrooks, after Preston S Brooks; Calhoun, after John C.
Calhoun; Jus|ier, after Sergeant William .lasper; Laurens, after Colonel
John Laurent* l>jwnden, afler William
Lowndes; McDufflo. after Ui-orge .Mc-
Duffie; Marion, after General I'mmis
Mnrlon; Pickens, after (Jeneral Andrew
Pickens* lUffiter, after General Thomas.
V/i,        r»     *
\      \\\\NXS*>
The Way It Wa. First Di.clo.td    Jo
George Brandts, Who Lived Almost
Entirely Lilt of  Inttlltct.
in   ins   youni   manhood   Ueorg**
Brands! lived almoal entirely "> ■■•■'
um of ih.* Intelleot. Onoe ba mlsssd
ksepini un engagement »■•■>" •* '.'
because he wai abiorbed to -Hegel s
philosophy ui the time when •-""";'
t„ hnv,* been al the tryiUngplaoe  He
tells uliout ii in Ull ''Reoollaotioni
-With a passionate deaire to reaon
comprehension ol truth, I   grappled
with the system, began with the ■"
oyolonadia. read the three volume*) ol
•Aesthetics.' the 'Philosophy <>',*•"«'
Um   Thiloiophy   o    HWow.,   ll'
•Phenome lology ol the Mind,  then
the 'Philosophy ..I Law'   again   and
linallv the 'LogiO,' the 'Nalinul I l.tl-
iciiipliv'   and   the   'Phlloiophj   Ol    UJS
Mind'' iii ii voi liable Intoxioatlon M
oomprehemion and delight, cue .Inv
uhen ii  young Kill  toward  whom
ie!t attraoted bad aaked  to so and
s„v goodby to hei before her depart-
„,;. i forgo! lhe time, her |ourney and
n,v pi se I., hai ovi mv Hegel  M
I walked up and down my room i
chanced to pull mi watoh out ol ms
pookel and realised thai l had mta*
,.,| my ap| ittnenl and tlmt tl"
mui! hnve atarted long ago.
Once before In larlloi dayi had ni
missed another engagemenl witl
another young lady, .no* Henrietta
Foi ih.* lake ..I Henrietta'i beautiful
eves iiiiiI nnder thaw* eyei hi had
•oundlv ilnii-li".l another Uttle boy.
Then lleii'i""'. aaked lilm il hi wouhi
meet    her    |l,c *Ve|llllC   limlel    tin
old   bay   tree      III       llraiules     utile-
"When we mei ihi had two loni
straps with her and al once iikad mi
aomewhal     mool Ingly     and    drylj
whether I had th* i rage lo Iel my
tell |„. bound nl i"-ui-- I laid 1 had
whereupon very earetully and tnoi
oughly the laatened my nnn- togethei
with one strut. Co-Ud 1 movi m
srtii-'- No Then with aagei haate in<
iwung the other itrap and lal it !»'
on mv back again and again
"M. i'h i '-'wi jacket   was « well
thritSlnd ope Sin* Ihoronclily inJoyK
exertint*   her   itrength     S'atnrullv   OW
boytah Ideal "I honor would not per
mil   mi   to   scream   or     complain      I
merely stard at her with th» pro
loundesl aslonlihmenl she gave m.
no axplani    rnleaaed  my   hands
w id,  wont onr own   wnv.    nnd    I
.,,.,„,I,.,I I,. .' ,. the rest of inv lav '
Then Henrietta went n»ny ami torn
people    "Thii "   mh*   llnili'l"*-    "wai
niv f'.r*.! experieni f woman'i pei
lldv   This wa- no* firil real experience
of (eininiiie natun
Costline^i of  London  Strttti.
From sev.'ial malntOMI  points ei
view it is. in many eaaes, oheapei and
bi'ltei   in   the  long  run   tu  pave   witl
Ciiitline-   Bs    ""in i" la) granolithh
even with the Bral eoal ..I Calt
Hues Bimllarlj there might Is* uii
slmiivs making It desiiiilue   Mt*l ' I I
gtneering," to discard the maeadamit
ad siirim-e of i roadwaj and pave with
aaimewaj --■'■ sven with granite ra
th.-r than with whinatone and tips
notwithstanding tin- very great diflei
enw in the respective eoata.
eonaidaration ..( lhe price ol paving
lead   one   lo  moralize,  and   wonder   if
the laving of wood paving bloe
'he street- of  London eaatae wilh'i
the eternal Htneea ol thine*. In roapeei
of   aeon y   in   malntenanoi    Tbi
amount ol mooay annually spent i.
the malntenam .' tbe London itreel
nin-ii b<* "beyond Um dreami «l afai
ICe "
ti m»al I*** reckoned In    millions
fnr the street- •!'.• iilmiv*. ut>   Ami In
Ola row, with it- granite eaaseway
»hile tl.e first co«f of street  paling l»
n-ohiihh* (Tinoh the *>sme as In London, tl..- lil- "I granite sets will at
least be live timet longer than that .•)
Wood   bl»c''«     and   ytntiit,'   ciiusewnv
 Mitinnal  virtue    of    being
mare sanitary than wood paving Hut
wood blnok paving i- less notay, un.l
.,« (Mo i* (be r.*i.-on it i.- baing need
in London, who will sav that much
T>onev  in  maintenance i«  no*    well
roenl if it l"s-.ens the inlernnl din nl
ihe trem-*»ndo"i trnfllc of nil kinds Ir
the st-eet: i' o*"* rreat cities, and
.... (f, dlwilnlah the tnentnl apniiv
»n,t phytletl lortun which the nnis**
*l (h.. nnmhorleei street vehicles In
(trtollllgly  Infllctl on the  people.
Dtnerti"; the Land.
There   l«   00   mistaking   the   su-inli
•••nice of the report 00 the exodus Iron
•he    CO'ltltrv     into    tl.e    loWIIS    jllSt    IS
sued bj lh.* BrltiSfl Board of Agricul
.or.* The Bguna an startling u IW
there w.i.* nearly a million agricul
lord laborers nnd furm servants in
("ileal Britain: in Iimi there were less
than seven liiindrcd thousand In the
lame period two million acrea of
irablf land ivern laid down to grass
\i'd sinii.ltiiiieously there has lieen a
ivnlespre.nl Introduction of labur-nnv
my iiiaehinery. nnd eonsistent effnrtji
in the pari of landowners and farm
•r«    to    redo.    i.oii,es.    save,    of
•icirse. in the cn.c nl r|r*h ni**n, wheal
•^t*i(.*' s •• tie ii hobUes from which
th v do nut erp.-et dividends and to
whieh they (to nol look for maintenance Thu- then- has not only lieen a
marked diminution of the demand lot
aeririilturnl   III rs owing  to ec.no
inn- eanaea, bul (here has al«o been an
squally marked de-ire on the part of
Hie n.rnl population to get away
from the fields inln the ci'lea.
M.P.'t Hta.ty Eaters.
The report of the kitchen committee
of tin* British House of Commons show
Hint from Ml. 13 to Dec 84. l«M.r.l
tunals were served in tlm House. Of
tin.".* I'Ji. were breakfasts, 30,8*20 lun
clioons, 47,!M1H dinners, 70S etippera,
7.'..21.'I teas and .*.,t."><) moult at bare.
The cost nf the in.nils reach a totnl of
$!V1.44.r. or an average of 68 cents This
includes fill 4*i:. (or spirits, wines
beers and mineral waters and 15,4811
lor cigars.
Tar and Ftathera.
Tar and feathers are nol a peculiarly American punishment Iti.-lnird the
I.nu. 11*mi i**il first proclaimed this
punishment It was wimp ho was sotting out for the third crusade that
In* gave warning that "a robber who
shall be convicted of theft shall liavt
his head cropped after tho fashion ol
a champion, nnd boiling pitch shall
b' ponied thereon, and the feathers
of a cushion shall be shaken out or
hun. so that he ehall  tw known."
i   j.'
W    N.    U.   No.   631
Tritd to Stsal a Crown.
Tim mosl barefaced attempt to steal
tin* royal crown of Bngland was in
Thomas   Blood   III   .May,   1(171     Blood
disguised himself us a clergyman ami
waa actually making mr with tba orb
tnd scepter when arrested,
MM  i.i I'rnolT-
IMgga—Your friend llrlght has an
Idea thnt he knows a whole lot.
IIIgg»-Oh, I don't know, lie Is al
ways lumeiitlug thu fact thut be kuowt
so little.
Dlgga—Well, that provea my state
ment    Chicago Newi.
Good Sight and Good Health Returned J
the Liver wae Set Right by
•p., person   w hu have mil i oiialdered
ilm rahitionahh yealghl  lu general
|lBul,|,   I,,,     |,.||,.,   Will   PBJVe   especlllllv
Inter. .Him. .     ,    ,. ,
Vt,        *,    it    price,   No-*   .'lecl,.   . I.I
gory, Aim. writes       "1  wrlta to tell
v,,„ i„,vi  hlghl.  i*.'* thlnl "  ' bases
Klilmis   Livei   Pllla,   for  the)   are   ull-
.„rp„ i foi i ii.iii liver.eoiiitlpal ,
,„(*    |,„inc.      I .M ^       huslilllld
I, r|veil   i'i* »l   I in   fr "   ''bases
Kl  *   lo"    l''ll-   ■'   couple  "i    *•*..'
i„ni   when   I"    was   feeling   depressed
und regulnrlj     of sons.    Ill-* eyi
I,M,   ,  ,    falllni    ond  ti.*   lampllghl
hurt i i Id ""I read al
ii i had  di   "i* hi id to   *-
*  I ....
i   ndi laud        ."   trj   Dr   < base n
Kliiiu i  Livei   Pllla,    thlnklni  hi   wai
.mi,.nni*   ir rpi.I   livei      ll.    did
... nmi after uaiui leas lhal   two boxet
ins   evetlghl   eiitlrols     returned
fell   nun.    well   UK.im      Wl   im.uld
v..i    |„    wilh.ml    in    ■    pill     In    the
house   llllll    I    ,   ,;,
nl     llicll, **
In*   Chase's Klil
illllll elolislv   pi',,Ml
clllc    Inr    sill,;,;! ||
While iiwi.i1.1
regulate the bowi
kidno)   nciioii
In   lids   will   lli,
lory syatem
• •I'   all    polsoiion
Cllllse    ol     |... i r.
ill   ever',    l.l In I
suell    II    lileill, in.
IOI    UlVer     I'ili
l.u. I.acli,       I,III., |
prevent  dangei
Of   ll.e   kolli.
li'llllllllSOII        |i,||.
pinle,  |      1 .in      ,|,
porn-nil   iin.i
I 'l.i.Se,   III,    1,1	
i.r.*   ....   even    I
"  "I ki.l
"•■-l.il.., k|
Hi and ,,,.*■
action ni ,/■
i imi J
""■""ij ej
m   .
I]   theft I,
A little girl three years old should
SSTI h"l* lull,   u.islnsl  every  Heel.
An III icntlliinsl uursery is a fre
ciueiit ci use of buiees being resllees
and fretful at night
When bread Is given to children un
dei a year aud a half old. II should
be lUosd very thinly, buttered llgblly
aud given 111 siiiull -luantltles
A baby should be kept out Of the
wind and in the sunshine as much us
possible Pl-Ofted the eyes (rotn the
sun always with u dark umbrella
i-IVTY ONR   t M.l-.i.i, ,
Milwaukee   hoi .
iiia.li'    iiii.Iii    ,,, || a
lljilel   IS   bl   vrm . ,,,
lhal    he    lis	
wiiiiiau,   ion   I,.,,:
IUU*. Ile     Has     «     tiUtl
-Alien*  a  nleou
disorderly   hon,.       ,
Iiml    Held    ha.i    hugpd
young   woman   |n„ ,.      (,,,,',
the     llllpuUlloli,      .,,   .     ,
P hip and   lla.ln  ;
"I have nevei ti
lile. and in. aromau i iti u,M
ii-.i'i   will.  «..  hel|    a,,   .,
wtuker   lntpai.li    t
II  iall
, I
I  tm cured  oi  A. ate  Bronehll
11, i. ,    i        I. M. I AMI-llKI.I.
I  »n-  i ii. i   ol   l. fla  li)
B|  iughlll,   s -        w M    DANIBI
I  «.i. oured  ol .'li..*. I.   RbeuiaaUam
b    IMN u;.' •   i.immi  ■ I
..     ....    s ii      ..h..   I is..1.1 -l
ol      Sietl
beaut] *     *i  uielerlyi.ig
Hire,     ol    Iln     pilie Ipal    -"• III    ■*'
atantinc,  Algeria.
A      I., ■.nn. Ill      I."       ll..        I ogK'el
■ nl a ble whloh      i them lo
Wound       ita and I
ciint 't    he   all"K* led    in   pn-
pAiiiiK  timber    lot    tht  drive   .ml   m
it.er   ........   arhoie   wm   ami   • ..l.l   cum
■  dally  »*\|., 1.1,. i.
an i  * old    and   i< lar  | ilna  i .moot
kul  rain      I',    i !••" ml,
ipplitd lo lilt injur.. 1 ••!  admin
t>.   Llll     .llllll*.-.   S....K.    W..n,|.l-
The Flagging Kntrfa
(.'ouataiit appie ,*
ta\ ii|miii llie en-
li * lelaxalu.ii, laaal j i. i
are ure lo intern io fhwi
stomachic troiilo.* ...
cite   bringt    uu    ,
aad  me atiiuiaei.     ....
(u.i.1   piop,oli.     In   noi
melee „  VogOtabli
I-. npe.all n*     ol     ra
(In*  organs  lo hoall     .   .      \
IIIK    depreaooo.    .,,.
gllig    eueigl.*.
The    Itiliai
in/ up tie   work *
■  iluieuill.
Minard't   Linimtnt   Cum i
The   famine   am I
.     ciaclicllig
ma  where  the diltirat li bm*I
Su    Mini i| ll     Italiol -    iii.
I..  i..   . itablithi i  in   Al i
Minard'i  Limn   .it  Curat  Oiphthtrla
P.." dtathi .•.■lurid among Um
5.5>4 whii. laborer! la tha eo_u /..io*
diinii/    I   i. u II .        : i.,      li i.    tale   »a«
24 in avet] l.eun peraum foi the month.
I...    mu iai   il.ai'i    iai.*    baa   I  lien   ta
t.'i   |»*.   i.OOJ
IK   Y'll'K OWN  li"--   *A>b'.
qu.lcd       Will   moo   ,.n.       *   I    *      I
la.   ai».l      l*r,H...-.       ■■*..•!  pnr. i
I any one  ot   which may  null yoi il
tul***    Many art f»p*.mil   .ilmbe .%
Mirrai    u..   .
Uir...r-      arigSll .* «'
iiii:   Imilati.o.   - .
Paint   Iui   about mt  itm   , |
t'wm|h.aili.iti  l-.r   ll. ....     Hat
:.-i •   attttl   i
i"   • *i Mag   i ,.*      i
(a.  loi.j,-    rial      .Ir.l.i.*    i '.irai    I
II..i.r-    Many   VtKtina.y  Fcrtnaa
b    rvriy   horaa   and  Hock  owatr
"i i   imms   I atai   I >-.i mi,
k .11   i.n    11:'.-... ■ ■   HUt
I.nlinlo*a,l   , onr* DWI
gOVenWH III  -    I.""'    I'll.l*,*   "T
(Ititltag    -oliiliiai
rul .ll eilala    and    othtll   »•'
o.   'a*    .Lima     and
Company L^rn
Still Shingles
There's Troest liconoa'
■=ss-la caooiin*,'
They laat indefinitely
Are fire, lightning, rull I
leak proof
Fit together perfeetly by <
of their apacial patented
lock, can't poeaibly work ai» |
And ore mora quicklr '
tat.iy laid than tny other •iui
on the morkat.
(.alranlzed "Eaatlake
are heavily coaled on BOTH %*
with all tha galyaniiing IMH
thai will adhere to them.
1'oliilrd 'EnUlakei'
thoroughly covered on both **\
with reliable palnL
''Eaatlak.a " have been ttij
by yeara of aervice in all >: ml*
everywhere giving thorough,'
Ing tallitacti.ii,
Write and let ut give i».
ther Information.
For Broakfaat. or Lunohoon, la
8trvad with butter, oheeee, or pretervea, It  le more  NounaW"! **,
bread, and more  Tootheomt  than  white flour toaet.    UntqutlM r
indltptneablt for light, qulok lunohea in winter weather.
TRI8CUIT  ia  tha   wafer   of   the  equally   wholaaome  thitdd*'' •"*
All Qrooara.     Sand for tha "Vital Uu.it,ona Cook Boek," pr»P»"|
"' "■--
»       WHAT   ZAM  OUK    DID    FOR    HER
"If thin nmi.'in. oi   i     i io   in. i,	
lending eon I*   no'Ho     n. mi i    ...
I        lluk l» her i     l    n.,11 i..    ,.i     , I.i.i
tin saya Mt     !••    w nit ., ,   ,-
avenue, M
boy, 'Wallet     I *'i     1    Inl'     .111.  I.n.!., ii   ,.,,
coBtract«ii   ...i i'        'i to  *    in■ in
and becHi.i m 'noi    mn.    ,i    ,	
00 the h*.'1  '""i i.m.i.   in.on   ii   iininsi
Imposalbl.    i.o   i ,.   ,..,!, ,   ,, ,
varloua oiniment     i,,,i   in,     ,,i,     |,, ,
aisled,    tun  .in   •'■■nn i.in, ....    ii
iimndud,  umi   i*. *    ii"l     ii       ni io - I!
aeenittd lo ink.    in     ,,i, ,, ,,,     ,
plUiB    tO    I'- lm I       I!      i'. il        .ipplo ,,     I n.;,.
away, aim  	
In about i. '*'■- '       -""' "' ■     -i.ei
Inni delleii .,i... i  i. ■ . ■ in, i i        i
trac of si" "u   '"     i"
SSaiu-Buk i      in.
When ii     "tin i  nil.    .ui  i       ;
...  ugln   ,, .     I,.,
ahe nee. I
o   glvmi;   ii   i hll.l   nn   liiteriiiil    ii
iiieily. Im i "i      '" ■        in all
Ullil..I.I  In -
muy be .
Nt even .
i:,illl-iJUl.       I..-.UH      NOl'CK,       iill'*.      l  ,   /llll.I
tprlug   Hi I
Your Doctor
UM   lml
odyl      i h.-ii.-i
beat   halm
ivurm. It'
bod leg.
,ea, cut
_ind drun
Huk Co
for ISM"
lelea Him
in   . • i• i■ i. -ii      nii <i        nni
.   hnrPer'H lio.lt,  lilooil  |
nn iileum, abraalonf, ub   ■
burnt,  tcalda,  ami till  akin
ml   dlaeoaef      i n   .ill     ion
Min ui im cents, or irnio /.liin
Toronto,  i.o   prh a, •• '.oxi
llusebiill   pllllers     and   nili-
ti boil embrocation,
Crown i
chief •" i
over I*
bring ii
rltlah Monarchy Maintained by Rtv-
Hhuc From Nation't Land.
I'rofl   \i ii ■lermiin.  of   Birmingham,
haa pOll'ied out that we get OUI  imm
^P conaidorably under cost price.
i   hundred   yean.    a-jo.    t|„.
id.-., winch then formed the
 f   revenue,   wore   laken
tin*  nation,   and th.**, now
Ulier more than it BOcta the
* maintain lha monarch;
Aa to the ouriooa majiini in Bngllah
law tha'    ih.   Kine cnn do no wrong,"
^Jiinteriniin   explain.-,   that     tin-.
tli nt   the   law   courts   ciui   take
_ani f what tin*  Kinc doee,
■litiriilly    every    nction   of    the
oal be lanetloned by eotae per.
o can do wrong, uml wbo oan
lulled lor doing wrong The
a.- to act through ivrliun defl
iintiel.i. nml the whole ol Kntr-
istitutioiuil hiHtory he. round
^ntest U> limit thooe I'liiiniiels
po ition  ol  the  Bngllah   Kim-
Iui   differ! Irom  Unit  ..f the pant
ubatltution   of   iiitliieiu*.    for I
tlie c.
Thei I'luipl.*.    Ann      A     lai •  i
covert,    wuh   plmpaM  la   unaightl;      i.
lellt    nt    inlernal    irregulaiitu-t
^^^B   1.mi:   ..in..*
"i unl   lh.*   kidneys  an    not   | I
tii.* (heir fnnotiona in the ' -
il.ey    should,   and    Iheae    pil
i ou kioivi  thai the blood pn   '
.    I'arni. 1- . '*.   \ ( gel ibll     Will    -ai!1 I
[lie  II.    all    a».H .    .linl    Will    I' .l.e    llie
■oi   and  .1. .in      f **.   them,  .mo ,
ill   be  anolliel    Willi, m   •■•   iheii
|i..'io .imiii   waa   made   al   tl
lh    mooting   "I   tll<    linti-l,
al   ata,1.-1.111011   thii   tbt    ileal    re
ni Ballejr'a oomel might be looked
!,     M ..     1-c    1 *1
|rd's   Linimtnt   Curat   U.ilen.pt-
I.-,.     i tun. bad    bj
ins   iliiiiug   Jmiii.it*.    .Unl    I'h
thii  yi ar  ility-Wri     ■ - i
::. ill-    i..    .  i-.l\    lilt*    Inrgent
i.n    n*. o>.|      for      tin*    llr-i    t» I
,.l   tin* year.
you think you need a tonic,
Ik your doctor.   If you think
iu need something for your
lood, ask your doctor. If you
link you would like to try
Tver's non-alcoholic Sarssps-
llls, ask your doctor. Con-
jIi him often. Keep in close
"nidi wiih him.
Wa pubUab .ur roratulaa
_  W      I, Jl" on
yers w~
W« ui|* 7011 to
mull your
your doctor lo name some of the
lulls of constipation. Hia long htt will
Sin with nck-headachc, biliouaneaa,
iprpiia, thin blood, bad akin. Then
him if he would recommend your
Iiir Ayer'a Pllla.
> br tb.i.V.AjmO... bawlU. Wmm	
Von have heard o( biscuits—and
I lead ol 1 in una—and etten biscuits—
Ibut you don't know biscuits—until
[you try Mooney'1 Perfection Cream
[Sodas. Tbey are everything that
\ the ideal bucuiu ihould be.
The air-tight, mouture - proof
I package bringi them to you Iresh,
i ciiip, inviting.
Hrtctically every grocer in Canada
I hu MOONEY'S. V.mn will get
them li you ask.   In I & 3 tb. pkgt.
Heal Struggle For Exlittnco Starta
Whan tha Traet Art Large Enough
tor "Crownt" to Touch—Than Bt-
gins the Race Upward to tht Light
—Eventually Only Faattst Grow.r. '
It iH.iiiipurtaiitr-in (act, eaacntuil
im anyone who iuu, to do with pianw
mi "i lending fort'Ht trc-ca to uuder-
Iiiiiui   miiiieUiing   o(   thu   hmtory   „m|
natural development ol u loruat.
lake the cuhc ol ii lort-m where the
t'". in.* but u luw -ovon tin, or three
—yean old. Tina .-un lomelimei Im
plwerved in nature wlmr.i a ore hm
burned   all   the  timber on 11  tract  or I
where  all  treca on a tracf have   been
blown down, and Ihia truci baa  mb
ei-nui-iilly |*,.,.|, »eeded up ami ,*,,., ,,,,
with 11 thick growth ot young tin
KOI I few  yearn each little aeedlilll I
bl     ii   elllllice   (0  grow  U   11   Will       III
wl hun* iniiny hardahip*- 1., contend
«Hh diingera,   lor   Inatanee    1.0111
Iroat, drought or excewiivo m,n tm,.
- and naturally many ol the young
tree*, will die from auch rnu.v... When
them* are overcome, however, each little tree oun grim at ita beat rale („r
aoinu time, enjoying aa much 11* it
want.*, of soil, apuou and light
Ah time goea on, however, and the
little trees InorsOSS III Hi/e. theie
ci me*, n tune when thc Browns of thi
treea the term "crown" meaning the
ltliuge o( the truoa oa a whole le-itm
to lunch kiu'.Ii othar. Tin,, ha., a
beiiehciul .-fleet on the Boil, much ol
which hu« hitherto been more 01 leal
expoaed to aun and wind, mm evaporation i« hindered, and. moreover,
tile noil i.- enriched hy the leave, and
Win.,  whieh  lull from the treat and
which,  by  their decay, form new   hu
The  efleot  on   the   trees  thomaelvei
I*. 1 remarkable one    Now bogini a
itnigglfl  fur existence     Now  Hint  tho
erowni ..I the trees have touohed and
even begun to interlace than 1- ol.
viouniy   110   more   room   lot   them   to
grow in a horizontal direetion     'I in.
greal need o| the plant Unit pari ,,|
it. at loaat, above the ground ii light,
Ai- there 11- m, chance Ior lhe tret
to gel mon light hy growing horizon*
tally,   ao   it   ajwnda   it.-,   itrengtli    in
growing upward   Eventually the last
eat and atrongeat grower:- are ti,.
vivora An growUi in blight got
tba light m cut ofl from tbe lowei
briinche.i. and thoy become an-klv nml
finally die In time th. dee I
branohei are blown off by the wind
o- knocked ofl Ui rough being •truck
by olher hranehee, or are broken oil
in  Minn*  other  way.
Meanwhile the faateat-grnwmg tree
arc getting tlie most light, and K
Uiey have the t>eat chance tor develop
ment Having got above tlm othe
treea. they gut the chance tn spread
oul anlewaya, and eo to hinder b
tlnir ibada    finally, probably, to  kill
- their     alowur-growing    coinpanion
Thia proeass will go on Ior yoara and
lens W years, and  111 the end only   .*■
amall   prn|Mirtion  of  th.   tr    whicl
originally aturtiil m tha rn.*.* will l>.
alive A.j an actual inalam-e ihe ,,■
suit ol work done in the Turtle Moun
lain iorest Keaerve, 111 Manitoba, h*
tin Dominion Forestry llrain-h. nun
b.* (died; there it was found thai
while the nverage number ol popiai
treea |ier acre when the treea are bit
ten year*, old la four thousand M.H.I..
when the trees have reached Ml year..
of age, their number haa been redu.
ed lo three hutidreil (300) Al .0 >ear-
of age, there had been 860 lelt, and
ai 6(1 yeara 42*i had remained In at.
other study made by Uie United Slui* -
Kore-t Service in New Knglaud, the
White fine was the tree under in
ve.itn.Mti.in Where there were tw.
thousand two hundred ('i^oni white
pine trees |ier acre al ten yeara ol
age. at tm yeani ol age there were hut
two hundred and aixty (!260) remain
Ing At 30 years of age the ntiiiile*r
hnd been just about halved, being
1,09(1. nt 40 yeara of age 6!H1 had been
left   and iit 60 yeara of age -100
I* lone! tt**-- planting a hint is
Ink* from nature, and Un. trees arc
planted oloep together-a tree ever.
lour to mix leet. T^ie crown*, of lh.*-.*
Beet in n low yeara—aay. aix or eight
- and mo the ground is ehad.-d II."
great majority ot the trees die. o(
eoaree; the loreeter knew Uiis would
happen, when he planted tbe trees
llut the clone planUng ia much tha
cheapest way ol preserving the 11101s
lure in lhe anil and further enrichiiig
it by tin* funning ol new humus.
The tiees which go under altopetliet
In the slniggle arc known as "sup
pressed" treea. while those that towi
gbovi tho rest are known as "ilonnn
ant" Item Those betwixt nn.l be-:
tween theae two extreme*-, thnt manage to live on. though Ihey do not
k.-ep pace with the dominant tree-*
arc known aa "aubdominnnt" trees
Finally, however, growth m height
oeuses, tlie cluol reason for tins 11
that the tree la no longer able to pump
ton waler an as to give a proper supply to their crowns. The tree continues U> grow 111 diameter, however, loi
aome years alter the main growth in
height cciuiefl; and that. Umi. at a
prcttv rapid rale. Kventually, even
this growth in diamotor tails oft largely though it eontiiiuee—at a lens rate,
ol Sonne   to a very old age
Trees often live to a very great
age. From a forestry standpoint.
howevor. it i» an error to allow this
Very old trees, when cut down, are
fre.itinntlv found to be more or lesa
rotten at the butt; and the best utilization of the timber ia secured by cutting the tree down before this age ia
F. W. H  Jacombe
Ottawn, Feb   28, 1S07.
Some  Definitions.
Argumontc A device generally employed to convince ourselves thnt we
are right. .
Holiday—A thing happily conceived
to mnke u*» appreciate the reatlulneae
ol work.        	
What Cauatt Snow.
Rnotv Is the condensed vnimr of tlie
air fraeen and precipitated to the earth.
When the nir Is nearly saturated with
lapor mid Is iidiil on by 11 current of
air below the freezing point some of
the vapor Is rondensi-d llllll fro..cn inlo
IHO* The largest Hakes lire formed
when IhS ui' abounds w|Jli vapor.
Can cure your Cough or Cold,
no question about that, but
why go to all the trouble and
inconvenience 0/ looking him up,
and then of having hia prescript i«n
filled, when you can step into any
drug store in Canada and obtain
a bottle of SIlll.OH'S CUKE
for a quarter.
Why  pay two to five ilolluni
when a twenty-fivo cent,
bottle of SHILOH will cure you
as quickly T
Why not do aa hundreds of
thouaanda of Canadians have
done for the past thirty-four
yiiars : lot SHILOH be your doctor whenever a Cough or Cold
SHILOH will cure you, and all
druRicists hack up this atatement
with a positive guarantee.
The next time you have a
Cough or Cold cure It with
"n a [arnotn nil.   range then was uu
' Important   team   matah   one   uay,   ami
tli.* men  win  Bring In  pairs, out  lor
e.l   ll   t.-illli.   lllll*    ill*    -.l.le.    I lie   tl. Ml   -till,1
in ilu* inline t..in, wn.. given 'n aiming
so   lnuvt    Hm'    beta    wen*    mada    1 ti
-Ail' Un I    01    not    lie    int.I    goln*    to     lit 'I
at   the   tiring   point.     Presently   In    with
|in .   in.  head  Irom  ilu*  stock  ol Ins
mie.  lo.i. 1, i| the lianet, ami aakeil  in*
I llppiiiicul   In   .1   low   loin*
"111,I   I   Int*  or did  yout"—forest  and
SI ream.
"Wiih  ii   box  of  Itaby's    own  Tab-
leti on iiiiiui 1 Cael jusi us aate .1-  11
I bail ii ilo. lor In the Iiuusc." I nils the experience of Mrs. John Young,
Auburn,   Ont.       Mrs     Young     mills; —
"I      llUVe   Used    the   Tlllilels    loi*      toolll-
Ing   ami   oiher   troubles   of   childhood
and have never known them to   fall'
Hundreds of   other mothera   ar.
.1 1 enthusiastic In ih.-ir praise,   Colic,
[Indlgeatlon.   diarrhoea,     worms,
Miipiiti iiii    oiher    llttl.*   ill-    are
-i Illy   cured   lo   thia   medlclni      It
: im absolutely    tmt alwaya doea good
cannot poostbl) do harm, and you
have the guarantee •-( a government
iiiiiii.si thai the Tal.lets contain in-
opiate or poisonous toothlns shut
Bold io medicine dealera or by mall
iit ''■ rente a box from The l>r
\\ iiluims Medicine i'o.. Hr... ,
. mt
How Pitcairn laland Became a Britiah Poattsaion.
Then* recently died in u London
workhouae iiillrmury. poor and forgoW
ten, a mini whose one-time atluch-
ineiii to a young nnd high-spirited girl
hud the mult of adding a whole
I'i..up of lalanda to the British K111-
John Ktrncliun, the individual in
question, wus one of the pioneer Aua-
triilian     gold-miners,     and     having
: "made Ilia pile" he went to Melbourne
Bl was the well-nigh universal
praetiue umongflt the "diggers" 111
those daya- in order to spend it.
There ho fell in love with l.ily Ambrose,.the protty daughter of a well-
I to-do innkeeper. He would have married   her   forthwith,   but   her   parents
] obleoted,   whereupon   he   nml   she   set
: anil for the Southern Sens in a forty-
fool cutler, ami eventually lettled on
what i.s now known as Marion Island.
,   Constituted  "Effective Occupation."
lien* they lived many years and be-
?[0t aoni mnl daughter:., uml this wan
lehl     lo    constitute    "efleclive    ooeilp.l
Uon," when, some time afterwards,
the queation of tin* ownership of the
Croiet and adjaoenl groups (to one of
which   Marion   Island     belong!)     (MS
raised in a scmi-iicut, hum between
the Q-overmnent   ol Pranoe and Hnt-
I'licairn i.-iiimi beoame an appanage of the llrilish Croun aftei I -nine
what   siinilai    fashion     I on    John
Ailiiins, 11 mutinous sailor    belonging
I to  the  lloiiiil*.   man-of-war,   ran  imav
from  Tahiti   with  the  wife oi .1  local
ohlef,  and  others  0f  his   maaamatai
. '.ollowed  his example. Togethei  thoy
I sailed Into the mutnown, until they
lighted "au  island    mountain   that
r...-e like 11 great sugar-loaf out of the
lea," ami thereon they settled, burning their ship after having looted hor
of all available slores The mutineers
remained unknown in Bngland until
Imh, when the island was accidental
ly rediscovered The Dillon limk wi
then hoisted, but it was not until 18311
that Pi tool rn wan fnrmallv annexed.
Really Worth Reading.
At  certain   time.,   lu   tile   year,   and
particularly   u   monlh   or   two   before
I tlie   Christmas   holidays,   new   books
! come luto newspaper othces for review
faster tbuu uuy oue man cun possibly
\ read uud review tbem with Justice el-
I Ihei    to   himself   or   the   books.     He
glances   through   them   hastily,   unless
I they   nre   hy   noted   authors,   gets   a
j lullent point here und there uud "u rites
I them   up"   us  best   hu  cun.     Then  he
forgets ull ubout tbem.
"A friend cume to uie .one day and
expressed his gratification nt tlie way
1 had written up a new novel by n
Comparatively unknown author," suld
the literary editor of a Chicago paper.
" 'You expressed uiy Idcn of lt exactly,' he snld. "It Is ouo of tlie remarkable books of the year. The plot is absolutely unique, tlm treatment of It Is
bold nnd original nnd the ■dialogue
crisp and delightful. It Will make 11
great hit.'
"'Well,'   I  sal.I,  'If It  Is us good us
nil   that   I'll   rend  It.'"
The buildings tea the forthcoming
(i eat Irish InWruational Exhibition
are  pra> in ally completed.
Stale af Ohio. City of Toledo.
Luces I'.mntv,
Frank J. Ctiene) titan.-*, oath lhat ha
la aenlur partner of Ihe firm ol F. 3.
Chtiiey A Co.. doles tiii.iii-s. In the city
of Toi«*lo County ,m : Si.u.- aforeaata,
and that -wild (Irm will pay tht torn at
OHU lit'NUKED IKILI.AIIH for itch and
tv.-ry raat of Calurrh dial cannol tie
cuml by tin ua* . • Huii'a Catarrh .'int.
KltANK   J    CHEN I  V
Bworn to bifor* me and n*i*.s,*nie*,i in
mv pr^fence Uilt Ith day of I>.*i**iiifier.
A   t>    ISM. A    W    'It.EAH'.N
(Siti 1 Notary   tiihlle.
Hall a Ctltrrh Cun ti liken no. " . tr
and tcl» .lire, lly on the hl.sid an,I lllll.■-
OUI    turfaeia   of    Iht   tvalelli Rrnd    'or
tlttlillonlala   fr**
t   J   CHK.NET   A   CO.   Ti.led.i    I).
Pold  hv all   Ilium.-..   "
Taki lltlli  Kanaly   PlUa for conatlpallun
Lou 11 <        ...ont-  a  1 11
, 1 tout   living   selling  cut   tlic,\.rs  al   tlie
atreet      corner-,    llnll       I-i,\e   tn. 11
day's credit  lyitem, which  -imt i;. ■ 1 • ■ *
alio* tin in. aboliahed.
How thi Gtrns  Rank.
Ill   the  gem   kingduin   Uie  ruby,   tlie
diamond,  tin* imerald  uud  the .ap
pbiri   constlttitu   "the   big   four"   nn.l
1 tuke precedence—and 111 lh* order 11:1111-
J ed—of all other precious stones.    The
, pearl is of course not 11 stone.    It bus a
, standard of Its own.    Tbe expert test
' of the gem  ls  Ita color,  Its degree of
eleuruess and Its perfection of cutting.
I t'pon  the  lust  depends   Its   brilliancy
1 In the .li.mn.ml the "brilliant" cutting
holds lirst place.    Tile other stones uro
cut    altogether    differently—they    are
crystallised    In   different   systems—In
fact, tbey differ in another respect, the
diamonds belug a mineral carbon, the
finer  ruby  (the orlentali   a  variety  of
corundum,   the   etnenild   a   variety   of
beryl  uud  the  sappln.'e  I  colored  va
rleiy of corundum.    Wbut Is technically   known as  the "Step cut" is nn es-
seniiiil to briug out the lire of the lust
II    !..*i    .naves'    Worm   Bxtermil ll  1
.1" - n *  require the beln ol  .uo.  pur
gatlv.    no .licine   10   . otnph I.    'I..    , in.
'■1   .    il    I   1.1 ,1   ..Inl   lie   eoliMii, . a.
Hi it J Campbell, the well known
< n-.-regain..laliai minister, made 1.1-
tiisi up* mn e on a Booialial platfotm
at  Liverpo >l a f.«  days
Minard's   Liniment   Ourt«   Colds,  etc.
Tht Wonderful Carp.
People murvel at the mechunlsni of
Uie human Isuly, with IU 1I1.S Ismea
and sixty arleiies llut man ls simple
In this reaped compared wltb tbe carp.
Thut remarkable tlsh moves no fewer
than 4.;iHU U.nes and muscles every
time It breathes,   lt haa 4,.1lti veins
New Haven.
Tbe name of yulnuiplac was changed
to New Haven by order of the Connecticut court tn HMO.
Frog and Snake Egga.
The fr-og deposits lis eggs iu shallow
water, where the warmth of the sun
promotes speedy hutching The common snake often selects n bed of .1.-
composing vegetable mutter. The crocodile ami the clumay ecu tortoise go
ashore to luy tbeir eggs.
Robinson Crueee.
Tlie first story ever published serially
wus "ltoblusou Crusoe."   It ran tor a
year lu tbe U.111I011 rout
For Dandruff,
rut B cento' worth of flowers of aol-
phnr and a qoart of soft water In a
clean glaoa bottle big enough to admit
of violent shaking Shake several
times a day for a week, then let stand
until the water Is clear. Poar lt off.
strain and bottle Rob well Into tbe
scalp wltb the ttpe of tbe flngera TWe
Is a aure core for dandruff, and lt aloe
glvae the hair a beautiful gloaa.
"My wife Is 11 most orlglnnl woman,"
iniii Brown.   "Why, when 1 proposer]
to her li.Hl.-n.l of saying, 'Tills Is so
lUdden,' she snld, 'Wall, 1 thluk It's
about tiuie.'"
A Horse with a
Strained Shoulder
is sound as a dollar in 14 hours
titer you rub the aore tpot with
I-'ellowa' Leemlng's Ksteuce.
It gives Instant relief io all
cases of Strains, Bruises and
Swellings — draws tire pain
right out —- atrengthena the
wcuk hack, shoulder or  knee.
Whether you have one horee
or twenty, accidenta are liable
to h.M'i'i'ii any tunc. Keep a
bottle of
huiidv ao you can have it when
joe. a bottle.    At dealera.
pocsosa of ths aasosu pouhost.
Reproduced above, is a portrait of the late
Mr. (J. B. Record, the founder and original
head of the Record Foundry & Machine
Co., of Moncton,   N.U.,   and  Montreal,
Previous lo Mr. Record going 111(0 the
manufacture ol Kovtt, Ihose used in
iv anada were almoal wholly ot American
manufacture. The character of the work
turned out by the Record Foundry It
Machine Co., at ouce gave their ttoves a
Handing, and as a result a very large
business soon grew up, largely owing to
Mr. Record a untiring industry and perseverance against many obstacles.
Although Mr. Record retired from active
business aa far back as 1879, the aolid
h.isis on which he bad established the industry, has resulted in its growth from a
aturdy pioneer into one ol the largest atuve
manufacturing plants on the northern half
of the American continent. With two
large plants, one in Moncton and one in
Montreal, the Record Foundry & Machine
Co. are known from Halifax to Vancouver,
and their "Calorific" and " Admiral"
furnaces and " I'enn Esther " ranges
^cognized as the standard of Canadian
A Meat of Locusts
•n the  West   Indies  the  negroes eat
freely of the hig gnib found  in palm
trees.    The   fut,   white   morsel,   which
they   call   * grugru."   ls  uot  cooked   or
I salted.     The   aborigines   of   Australia
I live   almost   entirely   on   11    butterlly
known  ns  the  bugong.    The  files np-
peur lu hutches on the rocks, and the
I uutives mother Umi with smoke from
, tires built belOW     It is snid that a Ilot-
, teutot,   with   U   appetite   mude  sharp
by the simple life, can devour ;:im (nt
locusts at n sitting and feel better snt
Istled than If he hud paid $S for u ten
course dinner.    The Arabs dry tin- lo*
' custs   nml   pulverize   them   luto   Hour
for breaduiakm^' purposes.   The Moors
make u stew of them, nud after boiling
In water for a few minutee tlu-y are
eaten   with   salt,   pepper and   vinegar.
The   locusts   found   In   Central   Africs
nre enormous, and the native Oegroea
cut  them  In two nnd fry them  In  fit
■ ml tlml them not only appetising, hut
nourishing.     A   filght  of  these   big  locusts is a  mutter of tribal thanksgiving. 	
Snakes With Two Heads
I hnve liitely been nsaured by more
thai, om* of my friends thnt they have
seen In northern India sniikrs Witt two
heads I e. withoul 11 tall, but wldi 11
•eeOnd lad perfectly formed beud In
Ihe plnce where tlie tall  ought  tO I"'
Tbey   SSSON  mc  that   there  are  s| 1
mens In northern India museums and
that these freaks of nature are frequently found by the natives. The rid
»r Is iiililisl that the natives declare
tbat each bend lives und performs active service for six months In the year
III turn The sunk.-s are said to grow
to nl.ntit three feet In length. I myself have killed 11 small slinke wltb
two heads, hut these were both at the
Mme end of the reptile. I very different matter, which Is, 1 believe, a well
known freak nnd In tlie same entt'Kory
with two headed calves.— Pioneer.
How thi Pulst Vanes.
Tl-f lllllllll 11  pulse bus  rattier n  wide
range, bnt tbe general average muy be
put about us follows: At birth. 14"; at
two years. 100; nt from sixteen to
tiiimtivii year-.. BO; ut iiiuiiIioihI. ".".;
old age, 00. There are. however, great
variations .*onslsteut with health. Napoleon s puis.* is aald to have been only
forty-four in the minute A case n
also related of a healthy man of eighty
■even wbooe pulse woi seldom oiei
thirty during the tail two yean of his
life   und   soinoti -    not    more   than
twenty-eight     Another uiuu of elglity-
lereu yean of age enjoyed good health
nml spirits with  n  pulse of twenty
nine, 1111.1 then* il also on record the
curious instance of a man whose pulse
in health WOI never more tbuu forty
live, and, to be consistent in bis incoo
■latency, when be had fever Ills puis.
,'eli to forty Inatead of rising, us is
Wretthng   For  Exercise.
vTreetllnx, tbe "mleroeoamoi of gym
Hustles." is a  nne form of bodily exet*
cise for Ihose wl njoy hard inns, uin:
Work afler tbe tedloOl business hours
of tlie day uud imi.v lie pracllced-
■daptlng It to circumstances   i.y  the
1111 f S  rl|K' age ns  well as by   Un*
Is.y of ten or twelve, especially tin*
form known In this countrj H catch
*.s ■ ■:itoli-cnii (wbleb is nlxuit identical
to one form of Swiss wrestllngl.    I ex
changed the Qreco-Boman ior tier
mail gynitiiistii 1 style for this one
11U111I twelve years ago. and I was
then over forty yeurs old. and still enjoy lt much If my opponent is of my
own weight or a little lighter nnd If It
Is deprived of Its potent 1:11 roughness
b.v n gentlemanly spirit of the part
Precautions of Old Time Doctors-
It  »as formerly  the practice among
physicians   to  carry   ■   cane   having  11
hollow bead,  tbe top ..f which  wns
gold, pierced with holes like a peppei
box. The top contained a .small
amount of aromatic powder or of
snuff, nmi on entering tba house ur
riKiin where a disease trappoecd to be
infectious prevailed the doctor would
strike his cane 011 the Hour to agitate
the powder nnd then apply it to bis
nose; hence all the old prints of pbysi
cuius represent them with eases lo
their uoses.
Before you get
garments   ail
tlie 1 hi 111L
is   takei
r Underwear"^
Tkeepa you com-
Jty as  well  as
'warm, becaueo the I,
Flhort  fibrea that
^ make some under-
r Itch are taken1
out of  Pen-
Anglo wool.
$4*0-** 1
Mar snd  Hit Drttt.
The well dressed mnn wears clothes
timi  nu one ever notices; at  business.
eaeept in tho very warmest weather,
Usually dark. No one ever notices
clean linen, while linen soiled Sfef so
slightly Is very conspicuous. No 0110
ever undoes a lull unless It Is of ultra
shape, dlrly or shnbhy. No one ever
nollees shoes unless they nre loud or
need blacking or are run down nt the
heels or Shabby. No one ever notices
Clean finger nnlls. while those Deeding
attention ait always conspicuous. The
uian should not tie lost sight of b.v tbi
coinplcuoiisne.is of his clothe*, either
fmui   being   overdressed   or   shnbhlly
Irett front
la a vinctv of itbrict, styles tnd pnera,
bl til situ for women, men ana
children,  aad guaiaalee-d by   your owe dealer.
only logical method tor the cure
of 8tammtrlng. It trtats the
CAUSE, not manly tht HABIT,
and Inaurtt natural tpttch.
Pamphlet, particular! and rtttr-
tnett suit on rtqutst.
Berlin.  Ont.,   Can.     	
A ilijli. bum ll larts ana ta ottao
mum than . lite small eo. f*t tint
UiinR tii ilo !■ to •toliida tha ait* Cofar
ti,. turn wltb oottou batUii and a»Hi
rata tbat wllb tba alwara raadr i>«'.
Hamore tha notion In a few inlniiU.
an.l linear wllh .ualiue, an.l dual wl'.*-
talcum powdar or dour. Dwealnnallr
lay over tin. a rloth wat with Liniment
X.1 lanU, thro* tluiai aa much ilo cent..
I. B. JOHNSON 4 L'O , Uoetou, Mar-
W     N.    U.    No.    631
Test It as You Will
Is Guaranteed to be Absolutely Pure and of
Incomparable   Quality.
Ltad     Packet!    Only,    40c,  60c,   and      60c     Par     Lb.    At     All     Qrocara.
Plaattr of Paris Bananat.
Hum lies of   hunniuis  thut are iihao
lutely unlit for fOod hung out in front
uf the wholesale prodode commission
houaes.   S"in.' of them have remained
there until they bave grown ruHty with
"Couldn't  get 11  finer looking bunch
tban ihnt," iald oue of thu dealera
iin* otber .luy, "even if it is plaster of
peril, We used to put out the reul
article for 1 si*.'n. bul tin* peddlers who
came down hen.* bad 11 way of pulling
one or two out of the bunch thut hup
pened to Is.' hanging there otl the
book. The amall 1 lyi, too, hud n wny
of making 1 grab for s banana r.r two.
By tbe time tbe hunch wus on duty
under the awning for an hour It was
no longer preeaptabls to the aesthetic
■enoe Bo wi began bo cultivate tbe
make is*ii.*." article, which is not
quite so palatable, bot Just us good for
sdvertlalng. And even ut thut some
youngster lu his busle will grub plantar of purls fruit uud get uwuy  with
it before be i-ealiaei tbut be has mude
1 ill wiib nmethlng bud for hia digestion."
Thn   Oreek   word   translated   mnalt
meant sll the circle of lbs arta nnd acl-
euros-everything thai  wus  t,night  I.y
the muses.    Hebrew tradit ou aecrltwd
tiio art imw known n-* inn^* to .Illhul,
3S7S li   c.    Oreek  legeu'da made  It.
■gnls, h.i!.; n c, ii..* fouudei ni tht
Bl lnti-1 onaump*
ii*-' B ni*   rami dj  i ughi
and   •■'•l.l-.  are  atti ited   bj    who
almoil   in
lughing nml  th. 1  1I1	
I*    regio     ii — len
A  botl Byrup
1*111 ta * I 1 gn tl .I. il
ifferiug     i'.i, .*   ::..   ,*. *,
! dealers.
Woman ara to be api ointi 1 to the
|..iii •■    loro   ot Uhent,   B. Iglun 11
oordlng to ad irom that
The Coat of Armt.
The original  coat of  arius   was  tin
lurcoat, or sleeveless tunic, which the
iiiii'--iits ..f tin- middle ages won* ..v.*r
their iirnior for the purpose of distinctive murks.
Tha  never    failing    mediolne.   Hollo
•1 1      Com Cur.. remove! all kinds ol
corn-,   tt 11 I lli,    moil   dllll-
.-ult  t.. remove oannot   wlthatand   tins
wonderful  1* a
Tlie Income tax lull u  presented by
the     Frenoh     government     1-     being
amended  -•> much   in   *
that  it 1-  belli red  ii  will n.
Malting a Needle.
It takes eleven complete processes to
make 11 needle. The Unit is gauging
the wire, nud thj lust lire drilling the
eyes, finishing the poiuts aud papering.
Each needle will pass through the
hands of over n score of workmen.
College of Cardinals.
The snered college ls composed of all
cardinal  bishops.  Ii ("ty cardinal priests
aud fourteen card I nil deacona.
Iron   Production.
The leading technical puper of tier
mauy poiuts out that the United Sluic
ls striding forward ao fast In tbe pro
ductlon of Iron that now It not onl)
leads nil the other nations Individually.
but comes near to Burpasslug tbem all
combined.   Iu 1005 Qeminny produce
11,000.000 toua, England 8,000.000, tbe
others smaller nmounta down to IT..'"
tons produced by India, while the total
product of the world outside tke Dull
ed States was 31,000,00(3.    Yet in tbat
Biinie venr we produced 28,000,000 tone
more thun half the outside world's to
tal  product.   Figured  by  per	
the gains of Canada and Japan are
more remnrknble than ours. As eoni
pored with lix>4, Canada very nearl]
doubled and so did Japan.
Charlttton't 3  o'Clook  Dinner
Most of tbe people in  Waal)
dlue between 5 nud 7 o'clock.   Thia
culled au early dinner, but the W..-!
lugtoti people alwaya were 11 slon  ■
The usual hour of dining ln Charleeto
Is 3 o'clock.   It Is an old English cu-
torn, we believe.   At any rate, we fen
cy It Is something of that sort because
we cling to ll so tenaciously     It Is 11
very Inconvenient hour to moat 1 il
win. arc engaged lu business, but it i-
the bnhlt nnd very hard to break. We
have the advantage of from two (■
four hours over the people of Wool
liieton. at any rate, because ■• • 111 *
Jusi thai inucu ahead of there on tin
principal feast of the day.-Charlesto.i
News and Courier.-
A Marvellous and Triumphant Record
of Victory Over Diaeaoe.
No medicine has ever effected u huge
s number ol wonderful and almott marvellous curea aa Piychine. It haa had one
•iintiinious record of victories over diaeoe-
•>e ot the throat, cheat, lun, u.-.iletoinaoh.
Where ductule have pronounced eatea
incurable from coneumption and othei
waeting dieeaaee Pavehine atepa ln and
rescues numbei leas people even from the
very verge of the jfrave Cougbe, Colda,
Catarrh, BronchiUa, Chills, NlghtSweata,
LaUrippe, Pneumonia, end other like
troubles, all ol which are forerannera ol
Cnuaumption, vield quickly to the curative powera of hychine.
Mra. Campbell, one of the many eared,
makes the foiio-a ing atatement .*
I rannnt retrain (mm telling all who luUer
of my remarkable lecovery with Psychine In
April. IWB. Icaufhta heavy cold which settii*.!
on mj. luiias and -paduallr led to contumpUon
I could not sleep, waa subject to night iweata,
my lumrt were soil lataaed i.t doctor conalder«d
me Incurable, ker Mr JlahatTr. Port liiln
Preabttiriaii Church. Kromuieiiilid Dr llocum a
Hi.'hlne ti> tne when I wu living Ul Ontario
Slur using Pirchlne (or a short tlmt 1 tu aad
slept well the nighl iweata and cough ottttd
Months sgo I slopped latin" Psychine, as I wat
periecllr restored to heaiC and to-day 1 never
lelt heller Ui my Uie Pirchlne haa been s god
lend to mt Mas asdssw Caarsiii.
Couoawood, K.W.T.
PSYCHINE never diaappointa.
PSYCI1I5E has no substitute.
There ia no other medicine "Juataa
Al til dealin. SOc. tnd 11.00 per kottlt
II not write ta
Dt T. 1ILOCUU. Hailed, 1/8 llnj :t. W, T0R0STO
Dr. Root's Kidney Pills are a sure
and permanent cure for Rheumatism
Brlght's Disease, Pain In the Back and
all forms of Kidney I rouble.   25c per
box, at all dealera.
$200.00 IN CASH
and NUMBtae or
Not Om CmmW of Your Money Required.      Kud OrtfuUy ii You Vbh
* ' to Earn Part of thc Above Amount.
Can you imngc the acu ot muni letteri Mow, ialo the mimi of lix wall -koown wild _oi-
Bull; if k> you on ihaic in thc ditiribuii«« e( Um *bov« r'rtt-r : Try : It u do cast Uuk, but
by p-ah-tac* «od yet*e*ttern.* you cut prab«Uy &ad thrM or four, it omui auocy to you to
-do io.
T.. ihn panon who knit the -Urgeit nu-aber af-Bkmca, we will giv* tha iuin of One Hundred
DoIUm (SlUO-UO) id *. **•!. 'I o Um pcrton wbo ftoda tbe tecond largest number w« "ill give ihe
mm of Fifty lA»U_n tJ^'-OO) id Cuh. To Uj« ptnoo who liu:i tne thinl Urgeit number we
will give the turn of Thirty Do-tUn ($30 00) in Cwh. To UMpenon wh.* fi ndi the fourth largest
Dumber we wtli give the _m of Twenty UulUn ($20-00) in Cuh Should two pervmi eemi in
eijually correct -uiiwari (.** the fint prtcc. Um -Sill -two priie* wilt be equally divided between
then, each recemni the mm of Seventy-Five Italian (J.6 00) Should three peraoin »etid in
-equally nrir<. t aaawcrt the hm three pruei will be equally divided between then, e-ach receiving the mm tf Sixty 1 'oll*rel$A) 00) Should four pervtru -semi in equally i-ertect aniwen the
whole nmi of Two Mumlied l>o!lan ($20000H'<" be equilly divided -t«tween them (eatrh recciv-
lot Kid,  l.,.iljf. tl'.l III,       And   H  on In like   prnpwrtliMU.
hava put a marl. uikI«i iIm Ural Ittter of «a.h um.
iu ordet tu ii*.[ you a lilUt we
Ne. I
Ne. a
is. a
Nt. a
n a
We meu ciartU wlial we uv Wt do not require you to vend ua any of your atone v There
ia only uae atnple condition attached iu thia Compe-UUoa-iwhicli ia tot to icnd ui any of your
Buraev). Wben we receive your reply we will wnte yuu e*plaining what the linipie t ndiUun
ia Ifrou can ind ANV or Um namea wilte lu-day KNCI.OSING S I AM P KdK
REPt.V. Canadian Medidne Co.,       Montreal
nst^m^gno^-yot'mfo-    ■jt"
raaulta art obtainad from tha uta of
Alabaaliaa. "Homai. Healthful and
Baautiful." our iplandid new book, az-
7—-' plaint how Alabaaliaa hardana and im-
^c provat with age, will not rub off, and it
pure and fraa from dtcompoung matter.
Etnd Un ctnlt (or t copy ol "Hunts, llatllhlul tnd Bsttilllul." wuh
many dainty, ntw idtas lor thi dacoiat.oti of youi bomi.
Alabaaliaa ia aoid by hardware and paint daalara atirywhira—
a 6 pound packaga for 60 oanti.
Ask vour dtaltr lot lint card. NEVER IOLD IM BULK.
V  ^ .. V"W ,,j
l>it*4iu'tt In Uh column.
AU iocuIk will be ohurgsd at  tin* hu<< <>n.>
ffitu nr<-nnt\ IIimI Insertion,-tntlll) cents pi't
i . i.e 9*011 111I>IK>(1 UOlU   iPii llhlli,
rituforTrfttiMtnl nml otl.or Advprtlalnii
I  c  luliiU'  I, n.'iMi "tl    :i|)|i Ili-ilLliiM  ,tl   Oflk'
o rip Hail ■*.' ti ■ u ffnr, iii utivuiio-e.
rgr.,SON, B.C
911-iir 75 cent i
«.nlil,l.cad, Copper II each
unid-siiTer,..;' $i 5u.
*Silvtr-l..-ail 1160
line $2.00
(>oM-gjlver, with Lend or
Copper |2 50
Charges for other met uii on application
Samples arriving  by express  or  mail
receive prompt attention,   P.O. Drawer
Contracts   Entered into for Packing of Mining Supplies   Etc.
to any Point in the District.
REVILSTOKE    13    C,
Besl Wnii", Liquors nnd Cijjnrs.
Kales  $1  ll ilnv.
J,A. STONE   -   -  Prop.
S. DANEY, Prop,
Any Work
Revelstoke, B C*
Zhc IDotel Beaton
YI8IT0KS arriving nt Bonlon (tiit tlm I    t
Mil     -.IT'lltll.-illl,   Hill   I'illll   ||,jM   Jl,,,,! "I   tl,,,,
i   hltfllfClHIl  Inul.*.      l*.\Ccllc|||   ,„.,.
ap|.oliiU'il anil apiii-lnili (llniiin  hall.    Tl,,*,       ,fl.\
■nil Cigari.   I'erionnl iiijierviiiou li givpii i
peiroui. Vliitori to III* IanltAii can n lv mi
Kirst-class ftceoiiinioilntioii f..r travellers
Rates $i and $i 50 per day*
(I.nie nl Fersniou Mince, Ltd.)
Akinva nl all inea. Tut tin- moilerate.
li x   48'i,    KASLO,   IJ. 0.
Tf      _■
Bar wall Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Large Comfortable Kooim.   Ezcellint Cuisine and Attendance.
Central Hotel
li.inistvi. Notary Public lite,
t LHuliON. IIiiH.ItJK.KK,   D. C*
First Class in every rospuct. All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1. 50 per Day. Special Weekly Rates
P. L. S.
Mineral Claims Surveyed  end
Crown Grants Obtained.
Residence -Nkxt Rkcokd Office,
TROUT   LAKE,   tt   C.
Excellent    Accommodation
Best* Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   _5
N.illi't- is hereliy given Unit witl
in two iin'iill.s from tlm fiist pub
li.-iition hereof in I lie British Col-
uml.i.*i (iaii-tte, J intend t.> apply
in lhe Uon. Chief Commi-jsitiricr uf
Lands and Works for special lieen-
I'M i.i iin nnd carry niv.iv timber
from iln* followingdescribed lands
itnate.l in Weil Knolenay.
Commencing ct a post |ilnnted
on tin* nortii bide of ri.le of Troul
Lake, about 8 miles from
bead nnd nli..lit 1$ miles from (he
Lake marked "O. W. Abraham-
ron'a South Wett corner post,'
thence north 80 chnins; tbence
cast SO cliaim; tbence eoutb 80
chain*; thenci west 80 chnins lo
poinl of commencement,
Lo-ntcd Mny 3rd. 1907.
O. \\'. Abrahamson, Locator.
John Simpson,      Proprietor,
Best Hotel in Town,
Eeaflprters for Minini and Commercial Mei.
gisB^B£Baejeas-2_>SBai_BSBg ckkiiTicatk ok lmphovkmkxts
jE. A.   Haggen,
li. C |
•i.o •'. Sii ir
Grout Xafee
Supplg 0o.
Trout  Lake   Oitv %■„..,
and Stage Lino.
Hy usiiis Water lllpplied by Iin-
Company you nre ait u red ol absolute purity. Governmenl Analysii
to baok up statements. :::::::
Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
Trout Lake
" Daily Slag,,
'eavc Fergtt
7 a.m.
Trout Lak««j
In coniieoiei
lt "pays to uie the  Telephone.    A
let-Killv trip can often lie snvcil.   Offlci
at nrgnaon: t'nmniinB' store; Tronl
i.ake, Post Olllce; also nt Ueaton, Cum
apllx nml Arrowhead.
5tarhe?_£ Co.
K*K'. Chee.-e, Produce anil Fruit
Ilomten Bk.,/o«epliinc St. Kelson, R.C.
I  work
Oddfellows Block, Tut Lais, B.C
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
Watch-repairing,   eta
Notice IB hereby given that 60
•days after date, I intend to make
application to the Cheif Commissioner of l.$ ndg A Worki for permiB
lion to purchase the following de-
■fcrlbed landi, situated in Wei
JKuotenay  district,
Commencing al a post planted
at the nniih iveit comer of An-
dinv Petersons pre-emption in
the 1 r Ql Luke Mining Division,
ami milked Au^ml OI«on a loutl.
Heel corner pO|l,   thenco caiit •!'»
clll.il.V,    llieiiCI    I,mill     20    cliaim*.
Iheia-K west 40 ehllini, thence so .:-
• h 2» chains to tl-c poinl of cam-
uienci-ment. compriting SO acrei
Located Mr,y 6-li, 1907
August Oh-on, Locator.
il lm ii  * it. •';••
Real Eltate, liiuraiii'. nnd
General Coinnnisiun Agent
T I il B E li AND M I N LS
Sole Representative for
|9 Non-Tariff Insurance  HimineM  i
-    Trout Lake Kergnion Denton
ami (stub
SCorreipomlenrc mi Iinur.inco mat
"   ten will have prompt attention
jjotice it hereby given that 6
dayi after date I intend to spply
to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
l.a in I - and Works for a special license to cut nndcarrv awny tim-
lier from the following described
lands situate III West Kootenay.
Xi. 1.   Uimmenoiiig al a post
planted about 'J milt-K south of A.
Mct'ormicks pre t-mpliuii  on Salmon Or-ek.  marked ''No, 1
Cri.Jti Son tli west .-..rner,"
"0 an.l I" itiinernl claim, s-itua
tn in the !'ri..n Lake Milling Olvliion
ol Wail Kootmiav liiftriet.
When- located:   Near bead Of Ml*
l er Cup I'li'.-I..
,    TAKE  NOTICE that T,  A.   K.
Ji.wett, Fret Miner'i Certificate Nik
B88I26, intend,   sixtv data from
j dule hereof, lo apply to the Minimr
I lieoordor for u Ceitificnte of  Im
; provemenis,  for this purpose of ob.
taining.i Crmvu Grant of the above
And further lake notice that ac
I tion,    under section 37.    musl  be
commene-f-d beforo the issuance of
, such Certificate nf improvements.
'     Dated this H th. day of March
A.D. 11107.
A.K Jowrrr.
S   C
F. B. Wells
A.V.  & A.M.
3rd   Thursday each
Sojourning JJrethrcn eonliullv invii. 1.
(i. I'or.lilreii, Sec. F.C.Campbell.W.M
Andrew M. Craig,
*       -     A     -_.   .
Imperial  Bank of Canad
M. ml (iffi..
TORON10,   (inh»J
cafit»l auTMonizro s.ooo ooo
•i.42e.o-M     "Am^mmM
D R, WILKIB, r.'- lai : II  ROW IT
branches   In tin- Prorfncn •<! Aii*.*rui. Baikal
Manitoba, Ontario and lv
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT    * !'* ,-.-iili r.*.en.l and
cirit'iii i.ni from lime 11 opening ol ■•
IaII'M   nf   CTT'llt. nisu«1 »»«ll«l.l» Ml   «u.
llll    (iflln liorl.l
H|«<:lnl niu-iiii.ii, g\,t% u ..inm,,, „ a
m.i.i.ik- ik...in.
Arruwli. ml Urii eo—
I.. A. ■
1. O.O.K
l. J.ICllllMlti, N    IJ
lOW'n     II.,!'
Ui iiiihi ,,t  a '
■      '*.*..iii-
erucor.lni'ij welconn
Review Job Dept.
Kor Hinh-Clasi Work.
Dealers in mil kinds of Frosh Mint
Barber Shop 1
I —
P.M.8h*ph-rrd. - „ *"''• A
Good Sha\e or Hair cut
. u i. •■**.
William Schnell,
11 in,.-.. *.
Hot and Cold Baths
... - f3~i'-'
«. 11 J    A    Hur.i.i
rlnllciliir*. lor Imiwrlnl llmik o-rrnimtli.
Barber Sl
Hot. and  CoM
"luAex." "RihI Cliff," "Royal
B" ind "Hlddm Treanuro" Mineral clnimi, liloalc in the Trout
Lake Mining Diriiion ol \\e*l Koot
.nay Uimrii t.
Where lorated:   Oa Gold Uul-
ih,   (iainer Creek.
TAKK NOTICE that I.   Knieit A-
Cleveland,  neling li.  iifeiit  tor;
j0*in!janiei    Kixnn,      F. M. C. Bo,  H»W«
„     1I2M0.
-   -,       tliente'0, *t-*de Uiikemloii,
enetm chaini;    thenee   north  SO ""'U' "'W'''k,"'",un     •
«»'»»«•;    thonce   weit    80   chain- ! i",e,"'lMll,l">*"""» ihe.lnle hereof
'Iwneo south   80 chain-  , ', "|,.'''> "' U'" Wnln' V'" "r''"r   '•" Cer
"    ""   eiiuiiitt   lo    tiotn ' lilii'.nl... r,M     .
Notice i>* hereby ^.iven thnt w ithin
'2 in..ntlif from ihe fioi pubjtcat'on
hereof in the British Colum
hia (iiizettt- J intend lo a|'|ily lo
ilu- Hon. Chief Commissioner
of I.iukJs and Worlm f..r a special
lioenOO lo cut and carry away timber Irom the folliiuing described
lands lituated in Wett Kootenay
Ciioitnencing at a tto«t p'antcd
r.l the S. lv. corner ot Lot 7-1511,
Trout l.nke, Wesl Knn-cnay. mar
ked "Loilie II ij I's South We-it corner |ii'.*i,' ili.nc... north SO chains;
ihencneasl 80<*1iainHj Ihoneesouth .SOclinitii=; tlience wos*t HO chain
to tiie poinl of cunitiicncnicnl..
onioiencetnenl, ^^^^^^
Located May 22nd. 1907.
John Croft,   Locator.
Xo. 2.  CuluineoCiilg  at h post
planted ubobl 2 miles sonth of A.
McCermlc't's pre-emption on Salmon (.'reek, rnnrkod "No, 2.  J..hn
Croft's So j tli   east  cuincc  post."
thenee   weft  80 chains
north SO chains;   thence east SO to tin
cbaius;  thenco soul!i SO chains to
point of commencement.
Located May 22nd.   1907.
John <'r..ft,   Locator.
liHrofpi of Improvement! for th
(wive nf olitinniiiK Cro» ii liraina of the
above ilaimi
And further lake notice V A -'■lion
under Section87, mint bo i mm need
before the i-.aii.incu of snell < erti *a(es
nl liii|iroveineiita
Haled  Huh  Illli .lay I* May, A. P
Ernest A, Cleveland.
l'hi«'Jlst.,lny  of  April
L--.li.* II.II
jn i 11.
No. 3. Commencing at a post
planted about ' mile west of No. 2
ininkel A MoCnrniick's No. 3.
Souiliciift corner" lliencc west 80
chnins; tlience  north  SO    „.
thonce ca-t 80 chains;  thence south 80 chains to puint of comment
Notico is hereliy given that 30
Ihenea I days lifter dole 1 inttnd lo Apply
lion Chief ('oiiiniis.-ioner
of i.ands A Works for a S|*eeial
koeiiH lo cut ond cnriyaway timber from thu fi.llowinj! du--cribod
lands i iiti.'tii in West Koot'-nay
CommcnniPK ata post planted
ab >nt l i miles south of Ferguton,
ii.urki-d U. J. CiiiiiiniiisN. K. cor
n r post, Ihonce south 20 chaini;
thence west 120 cllflitft; Ihenee
'•^•i| north 100 chains; thence east 40
chains; llielice lOUtli 80 chains;
theuce east SO chains lo  point   of
D     N.  Wilkie
^^^^^^^^^ I commencement.
Located May 22nd. 1907.     J        Located May Hl|, 1907.
A. McCormlei LieiKo B. J, Cummins.  Lowloi
iflBRE have been fnrtuneg
■nude hy judicious luteal-
meiit in Real Estate, and
more fortunes will In- nia.li* than
ever the next two ot three years.
The (inn wild leap.-] the harvest is
the original invimlor. for ho has
his money ou a coiiainty.
Now Iel us point out to you that
there in n.. L.-lter spot nn Iln- Continent  to   huv   lic.il   Kttnte  than
Trout Lake is Iho prettiest spot
in   the   K>.otemiys ; ns u pleasure
resort  it  las no npuil.     Boating
and  fishing  inny ho   Indulged in
thu year round; whilo big game
in   abundance  is  to lhe  found on
tho  hills.     Its  climate is superb,
there   being   no great extremes, it
being mild   in winter and c. ol in
summer.    It can I.. um of some of
the linnet hotels  anil resiliences in
Hiiii.-i. C'oliiinl.in.    It- streets are
well laid out and graded,   Tliore
are two excellent (jciieriil stores,
aud a glance at the ndvi-rlisoinonll
io tbis journal will show thai all
tradeiare fairly well represented.
Write  witli confidence tn AgeniH.
: ■       : ■','., I ■   i
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
selection at
Then call on
or  write to
T hi* never bad a   'boom"   It,
g'own, haa I,,,,,, ,,,Bjr    )( it
the In-.,] ,f Btrlfnthm,   Md
or • '• C.P.R.     All null (,„ u„
Urd«u)   l..d..Tr„u,  Uh.;     h
to lli, cojy.arrltl cenir, cf ihi
f'Ph-sl   mliifial   dlitrlft  «.,   ,s.
(^.", •"». «"dh«.; MnJiJli
:*;. "V;;1'111' -j u» in.,-..,..
' """ivila,,,,,   umler I hi   dim
'"'  i »«SI'« ,BA ;,,,„
,,;"" *   ,""" 'iM«B'l M.th.diM
t":1 '""tinge l.o.pimi.
]"""'  are i„,„„|,|,. rflll€|,  ||n(|I
'." wwitoklru awaiting iel I In
"»-"',il,.r reaourwifl„ WMnjJ
-'•"*. and,,   bmulnovv mill   vm|I,
™p««-il.v ofCd.,,.,,, f,   ,,„. ,,      *H pl(
•   lmd of lha lake.    The ,„„,*,
;"l|.,"u>' •" n-vinp „„i hip,
f"'l'"'<rH tu,i   v.nr.  wilh  i,.
P'n-p«*tii.pii,i|IK l;|ll|1.|, lodkf
.1. il
1 <•'•<• «iii ie n hig ri
),Hr'    v"     'I    JOU     VU.1,1.1     kn
""■<■.   Wlile   „,   ,„„.,.   ,„   ,,,,,.,
Ihengenlanl Ilw iddman Li I,
F. B. Wells
Ceneral Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.


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