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Lardeau Mining Review 1907-06-27

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 ■■■■■■■ UN
•      u__s____l
.\J[fy^^     \JJ/\<\^
(jIiis tt larger circu
ration than any
iNewspaper in N
[Kootenay. Bestad-
>v ertising   midii m
ining Review
'G At, >■
( the rich Lii-'f^u'
'OL 3
p ■.'■ nn. in uXf/atice*}
TROUT LAKE CITY,   B.C. Juiie  27th. 1907.
Notice ii hereby given thai wi h
I, Iwo months Irom the lin-t pul>-
licatimi hereof in the Drillsh Col
umhia Gaiette. I intend to apply
to the Hon. Chief Cummltslonri
ol Lauds 4i Works for a special
license to cut and carry sway timber from the follow-in, described
audi situate in West Kin-tcii.iv.
No 1. Commencing at a |io»t
planted on the Wesl llda <>f Pop-
ar Creek, HO f.-et from tlte Creek,
and ab.iut 5-} miles from iis mouth
marked 'Henry's N.W.
corner post," Ihenee ea»t BO chain;
tlience sniilh Ril chains; thenc
west HO chnins; thence noith 80
chains lo |oint nf loiuint ncc:nint
Located this'Jfitll day   of   A pi i 1.
lli-ury Maguusoii,   L- i.ator.
Krio Strand, Agent.
No. 2. Commencing al a poal
planted on lha errat side ol Poplar
Creek, .100 Let from the crick, a-
b'liit il-J miles from iis mouth,
iiiarketl 'F.i ic Ht.aud's N K coiner post," Ihenc.- sonlli mi chaini*;
Ihcnce west MO chains; lln-nce north SO chains; Ihenee Mil BO cialn"
to point of coiuiiieucineiit,
Located thlaSSth. dav oi April
Krin Strsnd .Looetui
Henry Miignnson, Ageul.
No. 8. Oomminelng st a poat planted
on the aai-> liile of ths weit fotk ol tha
Diiiicmii ltiver, iihiuil 7   mllll   i I1   I'"1"
torki, and marked "Kd, Hlllman'i s.
W. corner \nO," thence mull. BOclinhl
Ihi-ncu easl Melinius| tMtllli W
Vhalni) theme went SO t-hiunl In pollil
ul Culiiineiit'euiMit.
l.oeiitc.l  March Mrd. 1OT.
I..I. lliiiiiiiin, Locator.
No. lh Oomminelng nt a i>..«t [denial
on Ilu* wesl lurk nl tl.e   Hiiiihiii   ltiver
ai "Etl, Hillman's B. W. cornet port"
nliniit 7 milea Dp Iroin forks mi<l nut k-
ml "Ed. Hlllmar.'lH. R. eornei poit,"
Ihei.eo north Rftrliniim; il."."'" well sn
rbiins; thciiro south w> clmbiij Ihenee
east 80 chains tu |.niui ..f commence
Located March Hrd    ' Oi
I'.il.   Ililluitii..  I
[Ciiniiiiiu-.i in column -"ll
l.lHIHIl'l' OK \Vl;af KoOTKNAY,
TAKE notice that Arthur Uow.
ing ..f Trout Luke, occupation—
|..gger   intends   to   apply   for   a
special    limber    licence     out  the
following described htiidi;
Commencing at a post planted
about j mile from 'I'rout Lake to
liaaton wagon load nn the wesl
line nf A. (ioiviiig's' limit,
marked "A. (iowing's Norlh Last
.•..rtif-r post," thence west 80
chains; thence smith SO chains;
thence east MJ chain.-; ihcnce noith 80 chains; to point of commencement ami containing 640 acres,
more or less.
Arthur Cowing.
Dated   May 27th  1907,
, bl..g
TAKI' notice that Arthur Cowing, of Trout Lako,  occupation
Logger—inlendi   to   apply  fur a
Special   limber   licence   over the
following described lands;
Commencing ;it a post planted
about 1J miie-- Irom Beaton nnd 1
mile from Trout l.ake wagon road
maiked "A. (iowing's Booth-weal
oorner post." thence north SO
chains: ihcnce east -SO chains:
thenee south 80 chains; thonce
west 80 chains to point of commencement and continuing G40
acres, more or h*s«.
Arthur Cowing.
Dated May 27th. 1307.
Notice is hereby given that 3o
daya alter lha first publication ol
this notice in lhe British Colum
bia 'iiiiettc, I intend to apply to
the Hun. Chief Commissioner ol
Land-, dr Works for spoeial licetis-
el tn 'lit and carry away timber
from the following described laml-
altuato iu West K.. itenay.
No. I. Commencing ata post
planted 2| miles up Thompson
('reek on the south hank ot the
creek, marked "A (iowing's S W
comer post" lh ii '• north 80
eh.ii. s; tlience tail si) chains;
thenoe south 80 chains; thenee
«e t mi ohniui iii point «-f commencement,
No, 2. Commencing «i a poal
planted '.'| miles up Thompson
Creek on the lolltll Lank of Iho
creek, marked''A Qowlng'a N.W.
corner  p.-st."   iheuce  louth  80
chnins;    llii*n.*.-   cut-l    80   chain-:
tin nee not ih   so  .-I nina;   tin ni.
west SO chains In  point   of    OOUl-
No, 'i Commencing at a posl
planted 3j   miloa  np   Thompson
Creek, on th.- ninth bank of the
creek, marked "A (i..wing's S W
cm it< r poal." iheni'i- north t*)
chains]   thei ce  end   80  chains;
thence   south   SU   chains;    theme
ivosl 80 ohaina lu point of commencement.
Nn. •! Commencing nl n p-st
planted   !l|  mllci up Thompson
Cre.k, on lhe louth   hunk   ol lhe
iT'.k, marked "A", (iowing's N W
corner posl,'' Ihenee south 80
nhaini; Ihcnce r:c-t so chains;
ll .it. .■ inulli SO chains; thence
west SO chillis lo point of coin-
itienceiii. nl
Lie.l'e.1 June ('.lh    1007,
Work on this property is demon
stealing every day the Increasing
value of tho properly. About two
cars of oie have been rawhided to
the foot of lhe trail, which will he
shipped al an early date to determine ths hist method of treatment ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
preparatory to the establishment I
..f reduction works. MW Mil- Dan McLem)an*s dining room
haw and Bottoiff, tha Eastern : was th.e scene 0f great festivi-
managen, will visit the property tjes on Monday night, the occa-
■arly in July. sion being a supper tendered  to
the visiting members.of the Liberal Conservative   Executive of
the Riding,   by the Trout Lake
Fred C.   Elliott,   president of
 the Riding, filled the position of
TAKB notice that Aithur Cow- chairman in his own happy Irish
ing, of Trout Lake, occupation—j way, while Robert Scctt, pres-
i/Ogger, intends to apply for ardent of the "Local" occupied
special timber licence over the ] the vice chair. To the right of
following described landi: I the chairman sat Neil F  Mackay
Commencing at a post planted M.P.P. C. H. Bonner, secretary;
ahout 1 mile from Beaton, on ; L. Hannah and Eric Johnson and
Fish Kiver on Boundary of on the left S. H. Green, Mayor
T.L.853S, marked 'Arthur Cow- j of Kaslo; Magistrate James An-
ing's North-west corner post," .derson; J. Canning and Edward
tlience south 40 chains; thence | Mobbs, Mayor of Gerrard.
east 160 chains; tbence nor.h 40 After the onslaught en things
chains; thence went ICO chaini to'material, for which, by the way.
p.,int of commencement, and con-1 congratulations are hereby ex-
taining C40 «crci, mora or less.      j tended, not to Dan, but to Mrs.
McLennan; Miss Nellie O'Brien;
and Johnny Hickman, and we
speak without fear of contradiction when we say it was GREAT.
Chairman Elliott welcomed the
visitors to and presented them
with the freedom of the city,
(he afterwards presented them
with the keys of the gaol.)
The first call wa3 made on N.
F. Mackay, who in response,
spoke for some time on the progress and present prosperous conditions of British Columbia. He
also spoke very highly of the
work accomplished   by Premier
Arthur Cowing.
Dated June 17th.  1007.
"Uasama" Mineral Claim.
Simile in the Tronl l.ak.- Minini
Diviiion uf Wan Kootenay ilisirict
Where located: On iliviile be
tween S Mile Creek (Trout l.ake)
in.l Ilii.-in    Creek   (Soiuh Fork   ol
Lardeau ltiver)
TAKI'.  NOTICE that I.     O. B
!S". Wilkie, acting as agent for Edward Baillie,     P. M.   C. B8S886, 'McBride in London on'the "Bet
James Ili-h.p, .,    B82776 ter Terms
.1 l>. McDonald     B88W8,
Gordon Logan,,.   .,   ,,     6196,
intend,   sixty days fiom dule here
of. to apply to the Mining Heeorder for a   Certilicate   of   Improve-
Mr. McKay was followed by
Mayor S. H. Green who after
paying some very flattering compliments, floated off into the
realms of bliss by talking Kas'.o
ments, for the purpose of obtain-, fruit Fair. He was followed by
Ing a Crown Grant of the above Magistrate Anderson, who found
olaim. . it hard to keep from saying "Five
And further take notice that dollars or 30 days." He how-
acti'ui. und.r lection H7, must be'ever poured forth his eloquence
commenced before the isauinoe ol in Scotch and brought down the
noh Certificate ol Improvements,   house when he  mentioned Bob
Green's name for next Domin
Dated this 22nd. day of May ion Member.   The "flea in his
A. "   1U0"* bonnet"   however, was  to get
0. B. N.,      ! money spent on roads, especially
Trout Lake.   B. C UP the ^"^ Fork   and  h*   the
way he is after it,    "Mac"   will
The arrangements for the football match and tug-of-war between the boys of Lumberopolis
(Gerrard,) and Terminal City,
(Trout Lake) are all made and
a hot time may be expected.
Lastly, but not "leastly," the
Ladies of Trout Lake are arranging for a social "hop" in the
evening, at which refreshments
will be served.
Camborne will celebrate in
royal style. According to the
posters $600.00 is to be distributed in prizes. The day's festivities will conclude with a grand
ball. Music by the famous Camborne orchestra.
The Ven. Archdeacon Beer
will visit us again on July 14th.
and conduct the services in the
Anglican Church.
Captain Gore, Harry Macdnn-
ell and F. Coleman, C.P.R. officials
made a flying trip through the
town lust Friday. Mr. Coleman
is the new divisional superintending succeeding Mr. J. Lawrence.
In lhe few minutes talk tho "Be.
view" had with hiin hi -evidenced
his willinsnets to do all in his
power to meet tlie wants and requirements of this end of thc division.
Cap. and Mac wanted a game
of sluff badly, but a message received, put them on the road to
Beaton, "money-saved boys."
P. A. Lindgn-n and Martin
Nelson aro hard at work on tho
Linson View up Canyon Creek.
Noil O'Doniiell and J. T. Lau-
thera are getting out timber at
Five Mile for the Silver Cup people.
Preparations an coing ahead
for the resumption of work on the
Big Tunnel. The end of the week
ought to se.* the drill punching.
:i:. or
Chas. I.. Copp returned a  few
dnys ago, from the  Coast,   where!
ho bus beeu lince last March.
While awav.    Mr. Oopp went i'^1
far as lhe northern boundary   line I
of Britiah Columbia,   visiting nil.
the poind of any importance,   including   tho   n.w town,    Prince
Kupert, Port Simpson and Easing
In an interview   with   the   "Re
view"  he staled that the   town   ol
I'riuco liupert was somewhat of aj
di.-siipointnii nt    to   him,    as   he!
fudged—from the amount of campaign talk during tin last   provin- !
cial elections—that it was  *  piece
ul ground   pre-eminently   snituli
for agricultural  purposes and an
j.leal  town-site.     Ho found  however,   that  for agricultural   par
poses a  man  could   uot "raise   a
disturbance''    on  it;    as  for   tbi
terminal for the <L T. It.  he slated Ilia belief that when  the town
was buill, it would ba over on tim
Indian   Reservation,   whieh  is alM
that eon Id be wished   for.     Kaienj
Island would—he believed -be   to
the  new town what   North   Van.
cquvi-r is to Vancouver City.
On the Queen Charlotte Islao.l
where Mi. Copp spent quite a long
time,  be found large copjer dc
The o.ip will he liontii
ami reliable. Tl.e other
.liicstioinihle. Ho wilh
Iwols. /ll Itfi.ita (hat
look well are net hmiest.
Let Lie's I.. *'.*■ are all
leather ind made to meet
ire*tern require in end.
The logger, ihi proipactor
an.l the miner can depend
un them when far from the
buy haunts ol men.
Ask your dealer for
"1 stkie Boots" nni tak<*
I.n (DbstitBta.
V rite for a Catah.pie.
J. Leckie Co.,   Ltd#
Vancouver      -     -     B. C.
:.'-rri: £ & I'I I'i &&&$. $ ^ #
v.   Local and Ceneral.    .'.
I i*
The following is an extract ftora
the ISritiih Columbia
dated June 20th. 1907:
' James   Cakfom  Mi*kbav.     nf
p-isi Is which have been discovered j Trout Lake. E>quire, to be   Sii-j-
dtiring Ihe past year and in which iuiidiary Magistrate fnr the County
of Kootenay, and to ha-rc juii"-
dietioii under the email Llebls Act
in the Territory sitnalid within a
radius of twenty miles from tha
Posl Office at Trout Laki Cit v."
Mr.   and Mn.   Si-lson retimed
laet week from Revelstoke.
Will Skinner  got  n good-
.lack bear  on   t'.ie  first  sii I
^^^^^^^^^^_   .   up
(ho Noith Fork,  n few days ago
laigi oomlffntucnt
Drj   Uootfii whleli win m-
nlilr you I" wtvc Jtwf * i-
pcndllun "n ffplgbl mnl n-
prta ohargMi  Mid it tin*
mine Uin* rnnliU* you to
lU'VlML      :      :      :     :
BII1UT8, 1K»SK, CAI'8,
BELTS   Kiv,
t *j
I" \  oholce  line  of LADIES J
liWIUTI-: WAISTS  at   prices]
A. (,  Lou
Unit will   lUM
ou i
cither have to "pot-latch.' or go
Charlie Bonner, the hardest-
worked man of the Association.
spoke words of wisdom and good
advice, but following his chief,
the mayor, struck the blazed
line of Kaslo Fruit Fair.
L. Hannah, who assumes the
position of "nurse and general
care-taker of the crowd," referred t.i the hard work he had
had in keeping them in order on
the way up.
Eric Johnson, J. Canning and
Ed Mobbs all followed enthusiastically over the lxissibilities of
the Conservative party in general, and of thc candidature of
Hob Greet] for this constituency.
J. H. Young, of Vancouver,
who pronounced himself to be
an old Toronto Conservative,
was called uiwn to say a few
words, which he did in a way
that was appreciated by all present.
Many of the local men made
short addresses, each emphasizing the welcome extended by
tin- Chairman.
During tho evening Messrs.
Cowing and Cheeseman enlivened the proceeding with songs, executed in first-class style.
A new gold discovery has been
made on Oaieado deck by Jack
Chiim and partners.
bTROUT laki:. ij. cfl
th aa-e-u ticoiXKi
Fied Mummery and Prank liar-
her an- punching a hole in tb«
rock on their property on Canyon
Creek. The b.-ys have a good
ihuwing >.f ore.
large capital is aheady bt ginning
to take an interest. Considerable
development work is going on and
so far. proving highly satisfactory.
Values run from I40 0O to IGO.'.'O
per ton, which—taken in conjunction with the eaiy methods of
handling and cheap tidi nater
transportation makes it lb ideal
mining country.
Ike Thompson, an old Lardeau-
ite, -was one of tha fortunate discoverers of ihrse deposit! and as a
result, is now living on "Easy
While on his trip, esery camp
gone into, Mr. Copp w.t-i greetid
by 'old boys' from the Lauleeau
many of whom are on the high|
way lo affluence.
In 0. mparing the new discoveries] Ak.x gjg^, Cuid* it hard wo-k
'n the north with tho Lardean, (0 MCU1C ,ll0l, ue •„ i„ iTer?
Mr. Cpp itatctl lhat while iome L^, nu.rlil.^ tha boat to i-i.k
very rich discover!- s have been ]a„y |in|} lml finili ,„,„,.
made, il is us ivl confined l.< a
very small area, but the number
of  prospectors   heading   for   theie
Otto Oiion, Ahi. Underwood
and a few more of the boyi wei«
duivn Irom the Cup this week f. r
a couple of da vi.
Glen's ranch i-. a Mono of .idiv.
itv Rt jire-eiit. llillv hai logn '.)
feet thick, clear, which he is put-
ling into the cieek.
He Ii li.impice I soinctvhat by
lack ol iiiiii.
Tlie big I.eKnv people   of   Ro|.--
land, have voluntarily increased
the   wages  all   round.     Muckers
now receive $;',. -J5 per day,
Labor ihortage the came.
Nori. r.
Talk ahiut bard liui'-sl   As  sn
Illustration of wbat wo nre mffer-
ing there nre more pianos coming
into the lung than at any time
in its history and conseqiientli
oi every hand can now be hoard
chirdii nnd discords, selections
from Uiind.-I, Meildolaohni Ceneral lliiolli nnd nthcr ureal milters,
the general favorite seining to be
■ "Tutkey In Ihe Sltaw"   but  nl1
ii.-uid    uud* uhtediy    widen     the
Held lo a c iniidorable extent,
lie eou lid trod ihis diitrlct how-
aver, t'i bo equally ns good and
as far ai development went—tn
he proven. IL* found , however,
thiil 'be coast country was ii,uch
l.eii* r ki.nwii, and men who held
proper' lea ware disposing ol Ilium
on good, easy terms, in* eling cap.
iiul a litllo more than half waj
thereby g.*itii'g ther properties
opened np much quickei than l\
holding fer bin cash prices, whieh
haa been one of the draw-hacki
o this country.
I. com lusion, wc might s.iy
lhat Mr. Copp il one of mil 'o'd
lim- rs' and a "In. llioroi gili
undefi-lnndi proipeeiing and mU-
ing and »ho by hard work ind
study has ma.le himsell familiai
with every plmie of iho subje-i
uid nc aio glad to give uur n 'tiers his opinions tbrongh om col
Lob   Madden   of  the   L.ikeiieiv
Hotel, assist)d by Ihe oolebrated
artist, Alex MeLoaii. have been
beautifying the walls of thai famous hostelry dining the pist iv.-ek.
I'.rcy lloyd and Lance 11 II-
niiin havo purchased the Len not-
i ill.' Hod I,   at tiei raid, from I'd.
Mobbl, the |irn*.*    we ui.deist.inl -•
The new proprietors will lako
poainilon In a lew da*.•■>.
Mr. Mobbs will in lhe future,
devote his entire eueuiis lo ihn
o| rning-up of Ins   mineral  in'er-
Fred Klliott and Qao,   Vuill re-
Iturned  fiom    Nelson,     Monday
night, coming   up   Kootenay ll .1
I'rout Lake in the l.-iuneh rteenlly
I'U.-ehascd I.y Mr. Elliott.
The tiip was iniiile iu good  tin ii
unl the Uunch is a beau'y
'.     Allot this,   pK'iise:    Commndo a
Elliot land Cap. Yuill,       "Chug,
Denton Is f.isi eotniflg in lhe
front ns an Idea! fruit camp,
Apple*, peers, plums and small
fruits nro tho*ing np splendidly
nin)   lh -   JM ai's  production   wid
N.w Library coming in.    A '•: in,lit-Ai ivi* of t'ie t»ifntej fMr eeitpeeeny prevloiu reoord,
o!.l  volumes  must In
returned   at
of the com minity
Still they come! What? Why
everything for the ladies and
ehildrens wear, also mens goods,
corsets-all sizes and shapes, a
nice line of table oil-cloth 45 ins.
v. ide at 30 cents a yard etc. etc.
'at F.  Murray's  ttore.
D _
■> utter •* *Th« Cenrlewan from Inaiana" .ot "Menalaur a«u«.ir.-
froutinued From  Last Week.)
Fair WSMWo uouSe o? the iMiVpro-
teutluus sort that illil uot unuirii la
prospect Uu* golug of sou or brother
or close frleud. Mothers already wept
not In secret, fathers (ullu-d with husky
bravado, aud every one was very kind
to those who were tu go, gpuaklug tu
tbem gently aud brluglng ihem llttl*
foolish preteutt. \*.<r could the hearts
of girls uow longer mask as blocks of
les to Uis prospective coui|Ul*tsdoret.
Eugene Msdrllloa's young brother,
Jesu, after u two years' Beatrice un.l
Benedict wooiug uf Trlxle C'heuowetb,
thst notable ipltflre, uuuuuuced his en
g.igetueut upon (be day ufter his en
listmeut aud recounted to all v*bo
would listen bow his termagant fell
upou hla u'.'k Iu tears wben sbe heurd
the news. "Aud sow sbe cries about
me all the time," finished tbe frauk
Jean blithely.
But there was little spirit for tbs old
merriments. Fanchon, Virginia and
five or six others spent their after
oimiis mourufully, mid yet proudly,
sawing aud cutting large pieces of ml
ored allk, faahlonlng a great (lag fur
their sweethearts and hrudiers to bear
southward aud plant where at uud tht
palace of tbe Monti'iumss.
Tbat waa aad wurk for _ uucbou,
though lt was uot for ber brother's
sake tbst she wept, aluce, as every one
knew, Jefferson was already so full ef
malaria and quinine that the fevers of
the aouth and Mexico must find blm
Invulnerable, and even bis mother believed be would only thrive and gruw
hearty on hla suldierlug. But about
Cralley Fancbou bad a preaentiment
more vivid than any born of the natural feara for bis aafety. It came to
ber agalu aud again, reappearing ln
ber dreams. She shivered aud started
often as abe worked ou the flag. Iheu
bent ber fair bead low over tbe guy
sUks, while ths others glanced at ber
sympathetically. Aud wben the flag
was completed aave for sewing the
stars upon tbe blue ground sbe took It
away from the others snd insisted
upon finishing tbe work herself.
It was st this Juncture, wben the
weeping of women waa plentiful, when
old men pulled long faces and the very
urcblus of tbe street observed periods
of gravity Hnd even silence, tbat a notion entered the bead of Mrs. Tanberry—young Janey Tanberry—to the effect tbat such things were all wrong.
She declared energetically that thta
was no deeeut fushi jn of farewell; that
after the soldiers went away tbere
would be time enough to enact tbo
girls tbey had left behind them, and
Mrs. Tanberry came lit and wur.hltted 11.
thut uutll then the tuwu shuuld be
made enlivening. Mu she went about
preiii'blug u revival of eheerfuluesa.
Nor was ber rigor spent In vain. It
was decided that u hall shuuld be given
to the vuluuleers uf Itoueii two iilgbts
before their departure fur the state rendezvous, aud It should be made ths
noblest festival in ituueu's history.
The subscribers took tbelr oath to lt.
Miss Belly luld out her prettiest dn«s
that evening, uml Mrs. Tuuberry eauie
In ami -fronblped It as It rested, like
fuuui uf lavender nml white sud gray,
Open the bed, beside thu snowy gloves
with lheir tiny, stiff lace guunth-ts,
while two miniII while sandal slippers,
wllh Jeweled buckles where tbe straps
<Tin-iil li uiher, were being fuslened
ii|.*.i. Miss Betty's silken feut I.y Uie
Vain unit gluuUuir Minnie.
"It's a wicked cruelty, princess!" sidelined Mrs. Tunl.irry. "We want to
cheer the poor fellows and help tbem to
be guy, an.l here do you deliberately
plan lu ii.uke Ihem sick at the llmiignt
of leaving llie place Hint holds you! Or
have you discovered (hut there's one
pour vugalionii of lhe hand gelling off
without having his heart broken, nud
made up yuur mind to du It for him tonight?"
"Is fiiihir to go with ut?" aaked Betty. It was through Mrs. Tanberry that
she nuw derived all Information concerning Mr. Carewe, as bo had not directly addressed ber since tbe afternoon when be discovered her reading
the Journal's extra.
"No; we are to meet him tbere. He
seems rsther pleusanler tban usual this
evening," remarked Mrs. Tanberry
hopefully as ahe retired.
"Den we mus' glt ready to share big
trouble tomorrer!" commented tbi
kneeling Mamie, with s giggle.
Alas, pour adorlpg servltress, shi received a share unto herself thst very
evening, for her young mistress, usually ns uinliil.h- as s fair summer aky,
fidgeted, grumbled, found noUiing
well done and was never two ininutss
ln the same mind. After donning the
selected dress, she declared It a fright,
tried two others, abused each roundly,
dismissed her almost weeping hum!
maiden abruptly und again put* on tbo
•imt. Bitting dowu to the mirror, she
•Usui a CuiLLjur over Ibe arrangement
of her hair.""" •'
•Thea Mrs. Tanberry time In to tell
her that Nelson was at the block with
the carriage Miss Betty did not turn,
and tbe elder lady stopped on the
threshold und gave a quick, asthmatic
gasp of delight,
"Oh," said Mrs. Tanberry, "you muke
me wunt to be t. maul I'd pick you up
and ruu to tbe north pole, wbere no
one could ever follow. Aud I can tell
you thst lt hurts not to throw my
arms round you snd kiss you, but
you're so exquisite I don't wsnt to
touch you!"
"Dsnce wld de hsn'somdest," screamed Mamie, pursuing uproariously to
see tbe laat of her as she Jumped luto
the carriage, "bow to de wlttrlest an'
kiss de oue you love de bea'!"
"That will be youi" said Miss Betty
to Mrs. Tanberry aud kissed tbe good
lady agulu.
^T •Vr is a matter not uf notoriety.
•Sl J but uf the happiest celebrity,
■jae (but Mrs Tanberry duueed
■^T^ that night; and uot only ihut
•he danced, but tbat abe waltxed. To
tbe lot of Tappiughaui Marah (wbom
she pronounced the most wheedling
vagabond, uext to Cralley Oray, of ber
scquslntuueei lt fell to persuade her;
and, after walking a quadrille wltb tbe
elder Cbenoweth, sbe waltzed with
Tapplngbam. More extraordinary te
relate, she danced down both her partner and the music. Thereupon did Mr.
Bareaud, stung with envy, daro emulation and asssy s scbottlsebe with
Miss Trlxle Chennwetb, performing
msrvelously well for many delectable
turns before be unfortunately fell
down. It was a night wben a sculptured god would have danced oo hla
pedestal: June, but not orerwsrm,
balm In the sir snd rose leaves oa tbe
breeze; snd even Minerva's great heels
might bave marked the time thst orchestra kept. Be aure they waltxed
again to "Those Endearing Young
Oh, the heart that has truly loved never
Out as truly loves on to the close.
As the sunflower (urns on htr god wben
he sets
The same look that shs gave when he
Three of the volunteers were resplendent In tbelr regimentals—Mr.
Marsh (who bad been elected captain
of the new company to succeed Vun-
reveli and Will Cummlugs uud Jeuu
Mudrlllon, the lieiitenaula. This glory
was ' jiitliied to the officers, wbu had
ordered tbelr uniforms at home, fur the
prim les and uuucotuniissloued officers
were to receive theirs ut the State reu
dezvuus.   However, although tbis gala
adornment was limited to tbe three
geulleiuen mentioned, their uppcurunce
added "au indescribable uir uf splen
dor snd pathos to tbe occasion," to
quote Mr. Cummlugs ouce more. A
fourth citizen uf the towu wbo might
have aeized upmi this opportunity to
display himself us a soldier neglected
to take advantage of It and stole lu
UUletly toward tbe laat In hla ordinary
iittlre, leaving hla major's uniform
folded ou a chair ln hla owu room.
The Hag was to be presented to the
volunteers at the close of Ibe evening,
uud Turn came fur that—su he claimed
to his licensing soul.
lie enured uuobserved aud made his
way,* keeping clusu tu the wall, tu
where Mrs. Bureuud sat, taking a ebuir
at her side, hut Robert Carewe, gluuc-
Ing thither by chance, saw blm uud
changed eotiutenuuce for an lustaut.
Mr. Carewe composed bis features
swiftly, excused himself with elal...
rote courtesy from Miss Cheiiowetb.
wltb wbom he was tulklug, uud crossed
(hu r. .1 .in to a coi uer near his enemy
I'reseutly, as the music censed, tbe
vuluuleers were bidden to cutue for-
ward, whereupon Turn left Mrs. Bureuud uud beguu tu wurk bis way duwn
the room. Groups were forming uml
breaking up lu the general movement
uf the crowd, aud the dissolving uf uiie
brought him fuee to face wltb Elizabeth Centra, wbu was muting sluwly
In tlie uppusite direction, s small fluck
of sullurs lu ber train.
The confrontation came so suddenly
and su unexpectedly tbut befure either
wus aware titey looked squarely into
each uther's eyes full und straight, und
both stupped Instantly, us though (runs
llxed, Miss Betty leaving u sentence
forever hnlf complete, Tbere wus a
fierce, short voeiil Humid frum tlie crowd
i.elilinl Vanrevel. but no one uullced
Ur. Curette, uud then Tom bowed
giaveiy. as In apology for blocking tbo
way, and pussed un.
Miss Ilriiy began to tulk again, much
at minium, wllb a vlvuclty (uu greatly
exaggerated tu be genuine, nhlle Iho
high color weut from her checks ami
lefl ber pale. .Nothing could bave eu-
rugol her mure with herself thun the
consciousness, uow suddenly strong
within ber, thut the encounter hud a
perceptible effect upon her. What power bad this man to muke ber maimer
strained aud mrchiiuleal'/ What right
hnd his eyes always to stir ber aa tbey
Ah. that other should have come, If
only tu staud^eiwecn her and tills
tul{/bypoci-jM-nwhiiHo dark glance had
inch slreisjWi to disturb her. Whut
lies that gaze contained, all In the one
flush—the strange pretense of comprehending her gently, but completely-a
sad compassion, too, and wltb it a luuk
of farewell, aeemlng to say, "Ones
more 1 bave come for this and Just
'Ooodbyl' " For she knew ihut he was
going wllb the others, going perhaps
forever, only the day after tomorrow—
then sbe would see hlin uo more and be
frco of blm. I-et Ihe day ufter tomorrow come soon! Miss Betty bated lu-r-
sclf fur understanding tbe adieu, and
bated herself more because she could
not be sure that, In the stanlcd ino-
uupit of meeting before she collected
herself, she had let It go unanswered.
Hho had dono more than that, .Wltb.
i oat rfany
In a variety of styles.
fabrics snd prices, loi
women, ntn sad
children. Foim- filed.
Dealas ara authorized
la replace instantly and
al our coil any Pen-
Angle garment bully
ia material or making.
Pen-Angle Underwear ie form-knit
so it can't help
fitting your figure,
—it's made of
long - fibred wool
so it won't nli rink
-and it's guaranteed besides. The
whole idea Is to
make it so good
you can't afford
not to buy by the
trademark (in
red). 206
<ift knCtfflTg'fl, sbo biiu bent Tier head
to his bow, and Mr. Carewe had Been
both the salutation uml the luuk.
The young meu were gathered near
tlie orchestra, uud, to the hilarious
stralus of "Yankee Doodle," the flag
they were to receive fur their regiment was borne dowu the room I.y the
slaters and sweethearts wbo had made
lt, ull of whom were there except Pan.
ebon Bareaud. Cralley hut) persuaded
her to surrender the flag for the sake
of spending this evening, uext to his
last in Rouen, at home aluuu with lilm.
The elder Cbenoweth made tbe speech
of presentation-that Is. he mado part
of It before bo broke duwu, fur bis sou
stood In the ranks of the devoted bund.
Until thia Incident occurred all had
gone trippingly, for every oue bad tried
to put the duy nfter tomorrow from his
mind Perhaps there might uut have
beeu so many tears even uow If tbe
youug men bad not stood together so
smilingly to receive their gift. It was
seeing tbem so gay uud confident, so
stroug In their youth aud au
of purpose. It was this and the feeling
that all of tbem must suffer aud some
ot them die before they came back, so
thst wben Mr. Cbenoweth, choking in
bis loftiest flight, came to a full atop,
aud without disguise burled his face In
his handkerchief, Mrs. Tuuberry, the
apostle of gayety. opeuly sobbed.
Cbenoweth. without mora udo, carried
the flag over to Tapplngbam Marsh,
wbom Vanrevel directed to receive It,
snd Tapplngbam thanked th* donors
without many words becauae there
wore not then many at his commuud.
Miss Carewe had been chosen tu slug
"Ths Star Spangled Banuer," and sbe
stepped out a little from the crowd to
face tbe young mau as tbe orchestra
louuded th* first chord. She sang lu a
fall, clear voice, but when the volunteers saw that as she sang tbe tears
wer* streaming down her cheeks lo
spite of the brave voice they began to
choke with lhe others. If Miss Betty
Carewe found tbem worth weeping
for, they could afford io cry s little for
themselves. Vet they Joined the chorus
nobly and raised the roof with the
ringing song, sendlug the flamboyant,
proud old words thunderously to
hasv«l.a   .
, fo Be ('oiiiiiiiii it i
How Sentence  of  Death  Was Carried
Out on Streets of Hyderabad.
The decision ns tn whether the murderer should he executed nr inipiison-
e.l for life wns. -iy- Tl.e Civil nnd
Militsry Qaaatte In describing an execution nt Hyderabad .-I n Pathan wh"
had shot his brother-in-law, as i- usual, left to the murdered man'i relatives, and hii widow, thi sister ol the
murderer, voted for his death.
On the dny for Ull execution there
appealed ii) the - * . ■ t, | band , (
sweepers armed witl, leafy twigs, followed hv ii sound of the city Arab
pi In*** with fi _• <l bayonets. Thea came
the criminal, dressed in new white
garments, with n new linlter around
his neck and new ropes attached to
his amis. Tin- ends nl these ropes
were held by policemen. The ordinary thing is for the condemned innn
to walk, hut in this CMS be wns sn
overcome thut he lin.l to he conveyed
in a j.til ..
On arriving nt (he fntnl spot Ihe
m ir.ler.-r wus made to alight nnd
kneel down, while thi policemen
haiideil o-.-er oharge of the cordi to
the executioner's attendants, one of
whom, nixing thi end of the halter,
stood in front of the felon, while (rth
ers held tl.e cords pinioning the arm!
behind. The executioner, brandishing
a broad, heavy iword keen ■
razor, in a luggestivs fashion, nnd
prancing np towards his victim ask-
ed three times in n loud void   "Who
authorifai the mention?" Thi chief
of the city poll n duty lliri.-e replied   "The Amiii."
Then nu attendant irmed with a
long needle priokid the condemned
man in th.* buck, causing him lo iter)
forward. At the tame Initanl thoie
holding th.* cul- laid themielvei
back in opposite dinotloni ns in n
tug-of-war oonteit, with Uu re ull
that the wretch's neck wns itrotohed;
and. following tin* reply of the chief
of police. Uii ixecuUoner'i bladi di
■otnded f-iii and trui on the neck,
levering the hen.! completely.
trap ror" tne Burglar.
A phonographic device that will call
tho police by telephone nil.In u new
hazard to the duuger* of the burglar's
profession. When un attempt Ih made
to force a window or door with which
proper connections have been made,
an electric current operates n phonograph In thc garret. Thc mnehine cnlls
up central and asks for the police station. The phonograph then Informs
the ell).ers of tbe robbery, giving
Street and number, and repent.*, this
Information tin long ns tbe receiver is
down. Meantime the Intruder, all unconscious that un alarm has been ning
ln, virtually walks Into a trap snd If
the call is promptly responded to is
soon In tho lookup
Why Do Planta Grow Erect?
Exactly why trees uud olher plants
grow erect bus never us yet been dell
ultely determined. Some of the sel
enlists have given it as their opinion
that the phenomenon of erect growth
wus and Is In somo muiiiier reliiled in
thc action Of light. Thut (his hypoihe
sis is untenable was proved hy in*
Mux well H. Musters of Bngland, who
found thut sprouts on green posts thou
winds of feet underground In iht- mines
always assume the erect uttltude.
Quaint Verses On Tomb* of Mariner.
Tho destruction hy Are of the Ml-
toric nn.l beautiful Abbey of Selby nol
only deprives Yorkshire of its must
perfect monastic ohuroh, but robs tlm
oountry of u national relic of surpass-
ing interest. Few churches poimsthe
srohlteotural interest of Selby Abbey,
It owos its foundation in 1068 to William the Conqueror, whose ion Henry,
afterwardi Henry I., li traditionally
supposed to have been horn iii Selby,
One of the most ourloui epitaphs In
the Abbey of Selby was in the rere.los
on the east side. It read i
"Tho*   Boreas   wilh   his    Blustering
Hai toa't me to nn.l fro,
Vet by the handiwork of flod
I'm here enclosed below.
"And in this Silent Bay I lie
With mnny of our Fleet,
Until the dny thai I set sail
Mv Admiral Christ to meet."
John Johnson, Master  nnd    Mariner,
She Knew Him.
Benhain A fellow called me a liar
Mrs, Benham Well, you can make
good, all right.
Many   Peoplo   Weaken   Then-   Systems
by   Dosing   with   Purgative   Medicines
A   spring   uu .hi Ins  is  ■   a.
Nature d ends  11 tu an aid  to •*..-
ru lung ihe i.i.....I and * .HT- OIK Oil llll
Impurities that hate iccumulati il dui
Ing  tm*   winter  months    Tnuusund
■ i   i pie,   r gnlslng   the   n*c<
for a spring medicine, dose themselves
with griping purgatives. Tins
is ii mistake Ask an) doctor and hi
will tell you that in.- uae "( purgative medicines weaken the system and possibly i ure disease. In the
spring  iin*  systi leeds building up
■ purgatives weaken. The bi i should
be  made rli h,  red and  pure   purga
lives cannot do thta   Whal la t ded
is  n   Ionic,  uml   the  beal   tonic
. il - lam e has yel devised is Dr, \\ II
llama Pink Pills Bverj dose of thia
medicine actually makes new, rich
i.l.i.i.l. and this new blood strengthen!
every organ and every pari of tin
body. Thai is why theee Pills banish
pimples and unsightly skin eruptions
fnat Is why they .ure headaches
!.a. kaehes, rheumatism, neuralgia and
,i host of other troubles thai com.
from poor watery blood. Thai is wh)
the noli and women who use IT. Williams Pink Pills nil well ami sleep
well and feel active and strong. Mi-
Mabel S) nnott, lash*. . inl . sa) - J
was pule und weak ami suff. red
greatl) from headaches, and I found
nothing io help me until l began taking Dr. Williams Pink Pllli Th.-.
have complete!) restored my health
and l I.less ihe day I began taking
■Rut be *ure vnu get the isnulm
Pllla with the full name "Dr Williams Pink I'llls fnr Pale People" on
the wrapper around each box - ell
other so-called pink pills are fraudulent    Imitations.    Sold    bj    medlclm
dealera or by mall al •'• nts a  box
or   six   boxes   for  lint   from   Tie*   Hr
Williams    .Medicine    Po,    Bro *
Roof your Buildings with "EASTLAKE1
Metallic Shingles
Mads In Canada 21 years
Warranted made of better material, more accurately and scientifically constructed, ^,
longer and cost loss for labor in applying than any other metal shingles.
We are manufacturer*) of al! reliable kinds of SHEET Metal BtHLDINO,.*.
cheap trash.   Careful, thorough and prompt attention to all enquiries.   Prompt shipment
right prices.   Catalogue upon request.    Write for price*
"Tin- siicieiii (ir.ik no.I Rnti'iii
deiii.'s sai.l I., wage ternlili
battles am.nig themselves."
"Yes, I've often resd "f the mills ..'
the gods,*'—Washington   Herald.
fXook into this
roofing question
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*'Roof in g
Right" and
see how little
risk you take
when you
roof any
building with
> that keeps your roof good for 26
irs.   With decent care, an Oshawa-
Shingled roof Will last a CENTURY.
Western Canada Factory, 797 Notre Oama Ave., Winnlpog.  Head Office. Ton
ii I iiy   H] luster   Ah,    I    ought    to
lime  ii in id:   that's  »I" re    I    mads
the nu*-'.".
Kneii I    in.l    I   in.lined.     ind     lhat'l
where I  madi    the   mistake,   Iii
i irfa   Hi en. i
I on,..i Ic- MINARD'S l.lMMKM
th ■ MK.-cr liniment  In  use,
I gol in v fi .a ii.iii lammed lately.
I    bathed   u    well    with     Ml-VAUD.
I.IMMKSI,   nnd    il    was    us    well    u-
e.iT   Dl (I    'l.l.
v.uiis uiy truly,
I     Q     *.!, Ml  l.l IA
Thst the method of garbage diapoaa!
I. aim ii io be  ii volutlouli id   by   tin tu I   il, natun d   alcohol   u-
Ihs statement made lo lhe commoi
cun-ii ul Milwaukee bj Dr, IV. A
It i) I. oi Rookford, III.' Mllwaukt)
iio.v |.ivs $1.3i :i mn lur 111111111.,' it-
garbage ..i .1 municipal plant, ami Dr.
ii.. 1 baa "it.-r. .1 1.. jo tbs rlurk   •'  R
.' * 1   -    .1    t  >li.    Ill 1      at      lhe   ell.I    id   Iel
vi - give Ibe * ny bla plant. Mil
sraukee gele no  return  in  the
liyti.oinets  burning  us gi
Dr.  Boyd lays ha will gel grease,  lei
lilii'.    a...I   ill.-...'10I     h", t.     ihe   iia-ii
A...Im.I   WOUld    I'i*    ll.e   uu bt    llil|'..l Ull.-
01   tlu    h.i |iruduots,   N ..     *i.ik     l'u
1.1   III!'.
Qsorgta   'I Is  Thai   nasty   f mj
Tallin  Hilled  tne »  liar todsy,  ms.
Mniu'iiii   ilu*   ■• mus   villain I    Whal
untie   him   say   such   s   tiling!
liorgle Goods I lis Duels told blm
be might he president mnn d»>.—
Minard's  Llnimsnt Cures  Diphtheria.
Damascus Is lbs   Hist   my in  ihe
l'u k■ -li     . 0 pin*     in     adopt    "till 1 ti unl
Iiim'iiu;   and   street  ears.
"Could you do t
l.ady of Lyons? "
of a gctor
"Well.   I   ahuiil 1
hsro done 11 goml 1
II Migl
The   Artist   in,
grand teee 1 si> >.
likeness. lleii|H-. 1.
you ui-i-tln'i gu -..
"■ ludiad
asked it» (
Ihliik I ,
'in; laiij,
t Sptik.
1 '    ■t'i'\fn\
>   Mb Ir 1
ir  «>n
far  u I
I'.ir    Inflammation   ol   tbe   Ky. ■•
Among to* 1..iuu good qualities wbloh
Parmelee'i Vegetabls  Pilla [messss.  bs
kldi *  regulating   tbe   digestive  organs
i. (hen  1 ilu.i> v   iu   reducing inflamina
t: ■     ol   -li 1.     It   has   ralhd   forth
mac.   haters  ol  recommendation  hon
tie..     wbO   *• rt   ..'lint'  I   With   (Ills   '   'li
I'lin it an I found a ours In the 1 nl..
i'h*. sffeol ilu* nerve centres and ilu
I>!>" I 11. a surprisingly sotlvs way, and
tbe  result   i.  aliiu'-.t   iii.nieiiiaiely  -»t'u
Holm Wimt is the tuatier. Hnniinrri
Y'ui   look llok.
Bu turner I lmd SO hard lo chop a.
li    I    Wtood as  I  OOUld  for  my  la-l  meal
iliat it sprained me.
Easy To Put On
With a hammer and a snips
(tinners' shears,
anybody can
put Oshawa,
Shingles on
Locked on
all   four
the side lock?
It drains the
Bhintfles  so th
W.   N.   U.    No.   632
water can't Beep
under. Top lock
(see below) makes
whole roof practically one piece and
sheds water quick.
Made in one grade
only   2H-guagH semi-toughened steel,
double-galvanized   (saves   painting).!
,-Thaf Cough""
makes your lifo a burden.
dropped on niftv mU\ rare it. tod tare At
well iv Id*, c-rimpi and »;i thmtt trouble*.
Pur 1 iiteriiai ma much m for EitarntI um.
23c., thr-M •.(,..-a m much 30c. AU d-Mlvr*.
I. S. JOHNSON t*t ro, Itoaton, U_m.
The Habit of Health
Many prnple have a hahit cl ailing. How much hriirr it wotiijkl
to learn to keep -well, lor health, after all, is largely t matin jl
habit, which all may acquire with a little praclite.
trach good habits to Stomach, Liver. Kidneys and Boweli. II yjl
are subject lo Bilious Attacks, suffer Irom C'on%ti|.jti a tni
troubled wuh Indigestion, Ncrvousnrts or Headache, Utrduail
I'.lii will reform all these bid habits and set an exam* - i ,*.^l
hashh. which the body will quickly follow Vou can break n; ill
sickly li hv occasionally using the health gaggcsUom tii»|
milled by Dcecbam's 1'ills.
Prtpersd only by Tboaus Beecha-a. SI. M»kes. UWatMrSi I i>|lwl.
Sold br all Druft-lst* '■ CaaeSa tm* i . B. Aawrica.    U bent II •«•»
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VALUABLE l-nismsi
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Cm yon tm-Aff tbt a*tg of   -anH  alien  tolow. mm tbt —I vi til v*U  I■»**•'** »*
lull I if to yv*. ca* th-ar* 111 tha dtunbwit-Mi ei tlko abo-vi fhM , Trf     Iiu*-  '••* ■***' ** I
by palnoco aad p-afM-varaaca  ymu (aa prubaUjr Aad   iK-ra-t or tout.      It  ******* ■*    »T '   ' - * I
do tu.
To lh* parson who fas-da tha largeai nu-sbrr ' f at wtt. «• will   f<v* lha tetm vi 1 ' « Hj
Dollar* t$]00<Q0) 10 l ash     'loth* pcrwn sin tmdt (ht tauand largtal msaihar me Hi (i*t iM I
turn of Fifty l)<4lan (tV'.OTI m l aah      1.. ttrf [«ff«Oa who fcodt   Iht   third lar*jr»i   aiuate M |
a-ilfiw lh* %»tm ai Thirty I <    ;mr* 1 »l it j   -i 1 teU.    1 ■ (h« f».w«t *ho And* tht 1    rk a
tiumWlsftiafiM  t».t lum    f   1 sti.ij -EMhil   (t?000)wCash      Should  la-rfw  •• "
•qaally corr-act »n»*»«i» Ut tl* f?»*i ytt* O* -Aitt ivn Mim will \m *<g ■-*' t J ■ -l *•*** I
thnn. -aach r««i«in« (ha «. m , I .**•» 1 t-, V •« |i.,!laia (f76 Ud> Should uWt* f**r**t tni • I
equally correct aaawtra tht hrtt 'tf* j^./rs w.ll bt *t)u*ily d vilad latatan lh*** •*'• '«•* I
ng t!.« turn 1 f Suty I' . an J* ■ «•* -', *. I (sir ponuot trnd >■ aqualir carrart trtevenm I
whul* sum of I mn Hundrad I'n at» ($2-10 i-Omil ba *<)u«tiy diaidad Iwrtmmn thaai lieiktetm*- I
ia« fifty Uollart iUH (*'>. Ai.-l tu on in hie frnpr^rttsMM. la ordar M h*l(i y*mt t' "
\\t\* put a -mark uo-dar lh* iru ItfM uf «a> h otaM
no. t
Na. s
Ns. S
Ho. 4
Na 1
Wa wit «■*-.. ( i * ' .1 •». m,      m . Ao ih.) tonoit. yoo iv .mn* u. >ay ofyomt mnear     ■
U only ob* ■impi* . .li**h«a lo ll... (.engmjtl. a(*hich u . ol to t.Dj  ... M.  • '
■..•..I      -A I ,,.,,..,...,..,...   I   wr,||    .. u   ..( '• lun* »h*l lh«   Arngt.
Is.    Itytm coo (Sod ANVof l_ n«m.. .. ll. loo...      I Ni  I "- I Si.   •- I A U t   I
BEPI.V. ri.illi 11 MiSklaa C...      mor
Wind - water • and -fire*
PROOF. Keep building*
•afe from
Coat only
4.50 a
ft x 10 ft)
Send for book-
<*t and learn
how little a RIGHT
roof costs.   Address
Of Oshawa
'Mnnlrtil     Ot tl w a
.121 3 I *r«ln St. W.     IX Kiisms Ht
Toronto London
a* Culboros HI. HO I In HI.
Winnipeg     Vancouver
11    WKI l/..nb«ril HI.      (11.1 I'm,,Inr HI,
Authored  Csp.tal  »1,000.000.
Shar.s.   Par  ValiiS. *t.03
Ontario=Quebec Cobalt Mining Cj
MERCER   OF   FOUR   VALUABLE   PROPERTIES.—113J Acres in tha Famous Bucks Township, tni
20 Acrss in rich Coleman.
F. X.  DUPUIS, Q.C.,  M.P Montreal. Out     OEOROE  S.  MAV, M.P.P 0Usv.->.
L.  J.  LABR08SE,   M.P.P St.  Eugsna, Ont.     JAS.  E. DAV, Barrister, Solicitor, ato        Ton ■ ■
GODFREV   LANGLOIS,   M.P.P Montreal,   Ous.    O.   MoAVOV,   K.C    V.ll.rl ■
Solicitors-DAY * FERGUSON, 34 Victoria St., Toronto  Fiscal Agents—QORMALY, TILT * CO., 36 Km., v
Toronto.       Working   Hssdquarters—HAILEYBURY,   COBALT, ONT.
Trsnsfer Agsntsl THE  TRUSTS a GUARANTEE  CO.   Toronto, Ont.
and   Ragi.trars   [  THE   8ECURITY   REGISTRAR  a  TRANSFER AGENCV, M Broadway, New Vork Cilr
t—Ths ".. W. 1-4, of ths N.I-2, Lot t, Con. 4, Bucka Township., 361 aoret.       2—Tha t.-E. 1*4, of th* N   ' ■' •
5, Con. 4, Buck* Tp., 37 acrat.       3—The N.-E.  1-4, of tha N.  1-2, Lot 8, Con. 2,  Buck* Tp., 40 sere*
4—Th* W. 1-2, of th* N. W. 14, of tht N. 1-2, Lot 20, Con. 4, Coleman Tp., 20 acres.
Sim.* Hi,, rli li  strlki. tli a lJln;<?lurs Iuu *,* iliililwl ur s<-lllii( only  200,000 sliarvs.    The lirst Milium i *
made In Sbout VU <Im>h un.l Ilm aimiunt ilmt  will i.m ri-nllxil  iln*i.ri..iii anil Uio slink *<ild up lu dial >;
tie sufficient  for all development puTPOSSe,    Tho  bslam*    of the  stock   will   remain    lu   thu  trsaaurv   iweurtl
larger Ulvldutidt un smull iiiii,iiiiii  of slock  Issued.
Ono Dollar pur sl.arf. Tho rich stillio uu property No. 1 continues to Improve anil the v*ln has t*A
larger, Ths n-ln llnot ths llrsl ussay piil.llsliml (|li,7JJ.«(l par tun) hus shown lilglii-r values iliirlna tht Issll
days. Report Jus( reoelved from Buperlntendent shows that th* ora received from proiierty No 2 un-iiili-S-f
aaaay as Well as our rich slrlke on clulm No. 1.
We have a mosl excellent proposition worthy of your Investigation. W. do not went you to wir* ui A
TnTVn'o" W" W"'" V"U to. ""."iu!' >■'""• "ubscrlptlon until afler tho mott thorough liivestl«atlon. SpieH
no,,   un,y,Z'" 1""l0"""m*"t »' th ' ■•«■* «• B'v* full .splen.tion*.    We  want   you   to  piircl'.e all   lhe J'*^
Th. SSLfl iim,.I.*i,iI„u»I>   curry   hut  not   until  you hav. satisfied your.tlf what a good proposition w* f
Th. stock is* in four tqual  monthly  payment* and our guarant.. glv.n below fully proUctt y°»-
a„T",r;',,rV, !"',"li,|',,V'! f"r. "'»"•';••< «o b«y b«k th.lrtlook at prica purehat.d from ut any time wltlii"'l>|
Inis If ths proposition on InvesUgatlon does nol prove lo he exactly hs r.-iireseiiteil Write ua todio M1
Information, maps, ooplas of assays, eto.   Thlt it an unptr.l.ll.d opportunity.
nt enri*^n wi™ _ „„*ii ■    ,.,„,, ^Z.        \OlF9__f um ■"   ^^■■ ■•■ ■*»      tmmW t mm -mm-
•J«k'-l"i'i 7/ff1 r*rbon y™.-»"1l Prove It lo yon. COH.KD not primped This
**«"..'•. It still stronger In wrvl™. lit slays taut I'aiuUxl Wlllljfjw besvr
Sslvsnl«(nit_ro«t nmnf.   Riperienoeil dealers to sreet It   Ir*".*. •
~t» in merit.    Get Illustrated booklet aud 1007 |.rl.»*s '"'"""
T»-oolo.   Mimlr«U  St.   Job".   w,°
AN   AWK.l Mill   . iiMJ'I.IMI y*
Uke to- si.
lead    my
rl     Ilu.
-. .ii     Nu:     iill     1,|
very    lii'iili.    llltiHlmli <i
iOiijH ,
Babies il ' '•"■ I' I  it.
^—\     illHUJS      Ili'lUllHi-     Iini
hungry,  u     .- un>   young   mothi
(dink.   Sit"   timet "ui .ii  ten  babj t
cry   Indlc* "
i» out ot . .11 nnd
Instant r. ■•<■ <
,,i   s^^Bui*.'*.   nmi   'I'ii        M.      \   |.
doses   wil ■■" im.ii.
cases   of      ' ipul Ion,   Indlge illon   oi
vumltlng. .*
ml     ■   Li   tin*   well   ehllil    nili   k. i-|,
:t   well. -1 "       l' " •    i .   '..*.,,
Ont.,   sa. i**ii-*       -..*..i     lubleti
have been i . m.i baby,
hav*   mada him happy, peai eful
end eont*
^^^Bio crg^B Iln' lime.    I have mure cum.
fort  wltli
, 1      '■'ablet* i ii     ,,*,..    ii,
IH   I"-    -*1*"        "'   l'l*'-4-1   :'lld    Inuglis   while
'    i      I do tm)        "ill      Whnt   gr.iiiir   pinis.
ill   I   ut    m*'   I'.'hv'.*.  1'iwi Tiihlets."    Kor
,       sale at      igglsts or  by  mall  at   IB
—««    |.    i-^Bli.ix   rrom   Th..   1 ir.   Wllliiiiii.,
Medicine ' '■•,  llrockvllle,  Ont
ii;-:.    I    In   ^B  Kylsiid't   library,   Muni,   *, i
■    ti..*    ul.]i     used     hv     (Jiictu
i*. ..".*4atfi    i"in    win, li    th.    lata    Mr
At   I-.ii  ■♦4Bi     .-. .I   in   read   the   lessons   n
P     Hswartpgli   . hurcli.
.   I
>« <l
-.. I
. ■ I
. KOhle. ntr of Toleao. • ■
■Luc Ci.un(y.
i.r-.Bj     Cbeney cutti thnt h.
^m   partner   ot   lh.   Sun of   f   J.
B  Co     .Joint   Oua(nt--M  In  lli*  city
.'ount*/   snd   Bt*t.   nt* -r. i.. .{.
mM   firm   will   pay  th. aum i>r
" ' RED  DOLLARS for .nil
uf     I'alsirti   11,hi   !>.   I
i  ua. of 11.11*. C'.l.r.-h l*ui«.   I
I In   [.. I   re   nl.   -Uld   .utim. rlU .1   ta
. • ■ e  iui.  Iin   day   of  1 i^.-.t'..-I.
II A.   W    '.I  IM.-    s i
Notary   Putilla.
[lutarrh Cur.  I.  (.km Internally
■ directly on  the  blood and muo-   I
wn. e.   nt   (h.   .yatera.       H. nl   for   '
(In .   tree
J   rilKNUT   a   OO.   Toledo.   O.
all   I "iiskI"I"    I "1
III s Family Tills for constipation  j
le   lu*   rn-ii.'
r i       Pabulously.      Why,     hi
r,      .in» ono* at  a  rlorldi
lomervitle  Journal.
aickly     t'liililr.n     ihould     usi
Qravel'     Wnriii    Kxttriiiinalor
ai i> i.f Ibe   | nm i|-al csiia*.
||riiig in children end ihould i*>
if in the system.
ARTIFICIAL MT.MK.i-   n.itn ec*.   are   iti   Bel
10     I*net r   a   manner   lhat   (he
1:  * i"Kiil^h. .I   (   gel
. * -i .*■ iiillv if rnlxed wi'h thi
A   i li. lineal  analysis  baa
"li-lSt    i.i    a    IllMi.i.
• I    i.'itinig    ifriun     • \tta.'t> <l    . .
' per oei
|eral  substanoea.    The  following
i.f   ii. t<. ti ti   are   !•■> ..nun.*:
are     I ill    tlie    -Aci'
. .     -iiu. tur,     .,,    i liar.ii
in  genuine  nutmeg  n  tl
I k. rm la  an*  trial.,I   (..r   three  01
b        *. *   o Ith    hnllln.   ••■•■•   - *
toft,  aii-i ran    In*    rubbed  u|
i.t  with the Angers* on he
Hi i.i'I   tin')'     leave     ai" nl   18   pel
t> tt,   while   true   until . g   . "i
unly   2  tu  J   |n r   et nl
tjly iiitnh !.<
Ihe   gl inline   arm le.
hanks    in    Brussels,    Belgium
Ons   In   Ibe   wall,   and   ll
m ilu- bourse.
A Thousand Ton. tf Coal Daily  Fe.d
th. 192 Furnaces.
One of the most impressive mart
fcstutlous of lhe power of the modem
steam engine |„ tlie sight of uu up lo
dale freight locomotive lUrtlng ii train
of forty or ilfly oars and gathering
way until tbe whole mass is thundering over the rails a( a speed of twenty.
Ova or thirty miles an hour, When wo
attempt by our unaided strength to
mose ii heavy piece of furniture we
understand very well what is meant
by mass uud Inertia. To move u llnglfl
loaded freight car on tho level by human power It Is necessary to crowd
around It us many mon u can lay t|„.|r
hands or Shoulders ugalnsl It in a u,lU.
eil propulsive effort And hence wh.u
we see not one, l.ut forty or fifty load-
ed cars, started from rest and swung
Into tbelr full stride by a single loco-
motivo tlie latter becomes symbolical
in the popular mind of majestic power.
It Is for this reason that to represent
the horsepower which win i_ necessary to drive (he new Cuniird liners at
twenty four uud one-fourth knots an
hour wc have taken the average sized
freight locomotive as our unit of comparison. The least aiiiuiiiit of power
which the designers of the I.iiHitiinla
and .Miiureliiiiiii found would he necessary to drive these ships at their contract  spaed   wu*  os,ooo horsepower.
Now, the hiirsc|Kiwcr of the average
freight locomotive la aliout 2,100, and
consequently (be total thrust on the
four pro|H-llers of each of tbeae ships
will lie i-quiil to the total pull exerted
by thirty-two modern Amerlcuu freight
englues. due of these locomotives
i-ould haul ou tbe level a tralu of tlfty
cars, whose total length would be Just
a third of a mile. Consequently tlie
whole (it-tOOU power of the Cunurder
expressed In terms of locomotive work
would be sufficient to haul a train of
l.fim cars, whose total length would lie
over (Ive milea.
To develop a minimum of (18,000
homc|Kiwer and a maximum that will
possibly nin up to 75.0011 or 80.000
honu*|»iwer calla for a boiler and engine plant of truly titanic proportions.
Steum will be supplied hy twenty live
cylindrical hollers, of which twenty-
throe are double ended snd two single
e/fded. the former being seionlecn teat
throe Inches In diameter and twenty-
one teat long Tbe coal will ha burned
lu these bolleri on lir.* furnaces, tbe
total area of whose grates wuuld ts»
represented I.y a square measuring
sixty f.uir fi*et on each side, containing atxuit 4.000 square feet of surface.
Night and day an army of several hun- ;
droil firemen will Is- continuously shoveling coal Into these furnaces, where
It will t* burned at lhe rate of atniut
1,000 (..ns every twenty four hours,
and to Insure ttiat the coal Is burned.
at a fierce while heat the air will tie
forced through the grates . i.iitinuously
by menus "f powerful electrically driven fans, (be nub *>f sir being also as-
slslcd by lhe f.-tir great Biiu.licstiicks.
through Which the products uf i ombus-
tl.ui will bs <Ii>. barged high np In tbe
air at about ISO feet above the level
of (he grate bars.   Scientific American.
Cold In the Chest Seemed to be Unmovable
But Cure was Soon Effeoted by
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
II Is watte ..( lime to use ordinary
cough mixtures tm* serious coldt on
tin* sheet, nmi time is of Infinite value when  the lungs are In danger
The risk It tou great, especially
when .mil wall lu ililnk that lir.
Chaae't Byrup of Linseed and Turpentine Is for tale ln nearly every
■tore that  keeps  medli Inet at all.
This letter elves yuu sum.* Idea ot
the  effectiveness of  this great  medl-
.Mrs. a. Barnum, Ingsrsoll, Ont,
u rites:     Mj    husband    had    a   ven
sever id on  his chesl and K"i    io
bad  im    could  nol    speak  abova     a
p. .* The cough medlclni ■ hs tried
i i" have no • Re. I and rending
iiii-iiii    Dr.  .'iiiis.s Byrup *.f Linseed
unl  Turpentine   l   ienl   f6r a   bottle.
in two • i.i cm ha .*.,!.. cured snd lavery
grab tul l.u  tuoh h medicine. H.     i
■ii  never in*  wIthoul   thta m. II
cine in the house."
The verj name "f Dr. Chase's Byrup of  i.tu.-*iil    umi    Turpentine    is
sufficient to explain the simple and
i.t powerful ami well known In*
gradients of which this great medicine  is  composed.
While Unseed theathes the mouth.
tongue and throat, with a protective
cuiiiiiig to prevent Injur} from har.l
coughing, turpentine disinfects and
stimulates the ulcerated parti '.r the
bronchial tubes and lungs ami —t al-
iii'isi   specific  for  bronchitis.
Other Ingredients which along with
these ii" t" milk.* up In*. Chase's Syrup of Linseed snd Turpentine, soothe
tin* nerves, loosen the cough, aid expectoration, and by thorough action
nn the i\ hole ii item compl. telj cun
coughi nmi i ..ills, bronchitis, asthma,
whooping   cough  and   sore   throat
hr. Chaae'a Byrup "i Linseed and
Turpentine, tt centa a bottle al all
iii-ni. rs, or Bdmanson, iint.*s \- Co.,
Toronto. To protect you against (mit-
atlona, the portrall and itgnature ol
i.r. A. W. Chase, the famoua receipt
t k   author,  arc uu  every  bottle."
Then* wjs unot h tporting parson at
Batttugton, s plaie mi the English
c ast wliti'h wss a favorite laniliiig
nlaos loi afoodoocka s( ths lime ol
th-ir 'mmlgrstlon tn uhen
Uu* birds arrived, txhsutted by tin ir
Iuu,- Bight, tverybody In tbe pariah.
Including the paison, ai um. turned
ou:. in juui iii the spurt of knocking
tii-iii dowu with sinks, liiic Miiulsy
tin-  ptopla  were   in   Bhurcb,  ami  ihe
pu*...It lu llie |.ul|.it, wllill lilt* chunh
dooi     vl;ia     eailiaiisly     ujiflilil,   and   »
bead   hi i-.-..»•■>i   wuli   a  beckoning  iin
g r. "Will, whal is itf" asked Ibe
pars.ui. ". .H'ks is ...oni!'' The par
son buriii'dlv -hut up his serinon case.
•Sinn ih.- door ami l...*k u. hs oried
t, ihe .1, rk. "Keep ihe people In
ohurch till  I've   *.".!    my lu^pllee on.
Lei *   all   hive   A   lair   Cham*'*.
Q.irer   Mental   Di.ord.r.
A singular mental dbiorder Is n*inirt
eil   of  a   patient   confined  at   llii-etre.
1'nince    He profaaaaa to rsmanbsr
n*.iliiti*.- except the month and year In
which In- was liorn. l^st he Khuuld
forget the dale of each new day be
fills sheet after sheet of paper wllb
memoranda. It la not a case of (rue
amnesia or loss of memory, otherwise
he should Is.* tumble to epeak or w rite
It bi a ••fixed Idea" of forgetfulness a
delusion, not an Incapacity to reinciii
ber. lt has ln-cn argued by some that
all the delusions of tbe Insane are tbe
result Of the Imagination filling tho
gaps which exist iu an Impaired memory. But this Is tbe first rase wblcb
baa been described of um* Idee llie
If .mr read, rt could spend one morning looking through the letters ■■
,.,i from ,,ti ovei Canada b) the Zam-
Buk Co., ii would hring home to them
iv ith irr.sisill.l.* force the healing virtues "i tin- great household balm.   Old
iv n   young  women, wives, mothers
ami even \....i.k crls hnv romethlni
i.i sa> aboul how Zam-Buk did this *.r
thai n*"-.i "t'i- *• "i their home Man)
,,f  theaa   iviitera   give  permission    to
. rtracts from iii.-ir gratetu
ttmony. (torn tbeae tht folio
were taken al random
■I was troubled for some weeka
a,tu suit rheum In hands and urns
.in,i  era      -  ig s  lal-i•* whi. h did ms
little g 1    ) ui i*' el-i u<K -t luppl)  of
Zam-Buk   I   -applied   It,   and   ll   reallj
. i to a. t iik.* magi( '    The It. hlng
.m.i burning ceased, and in s few dayt
ih.  >k,n n.i- cleared and healthy."   Bo
.  mi-s B   A   Hud hard, "i  North
•Thr..' box. - of Zam-Buk cured m**
■ •i i:. /-inii. frnm which I had lutfered
a  lm |  |   ...       Bo  lays  Mn   Qladdi ..
of   Man-*.mill**.   Que.
"Zam-Buk  cured  ■    ease    ol
n   in   my   family,  and   I »Ith   to
thank   v-u  f .r  thi   nr *..i   hli laing   it
i-    the effect of .. letter
from   Mi-   Webb,  "f  Dovirconrt.
Ami       Uld   go   ■.'..        .'liliK  ex-
im. i after extract, ihowlnt hew 7...*u-
iinK    i ure.     i hronlc     »"   l     ulcers
bad  i-n     Itch,    and  blood
poison;  takes the toreneaa oul pf cuts
ami   burns,   and   gi-ows   new.   healthy
-km   over   Injured  or  diseased   places
and druggists sell sl  tift-.
,  box,  or    ihe    Zam-Buk    l  *
Toronto,  «ill mall f**r price.
■'   H
ronn Tonic Without Alcohol
ody Builder Without Alcohol
flood PuriAer      Without Alcohol
Irest AJfertiive    Wlthoul Alcohol
ctor't Medicine Without Alcohol
''» Ssrispirills    Wllhaul Alcohol
W. f.Sllah *ur t.,m..t.
We ...ta. itanli.:
tr.m ... mrtlal...
Wa ar.a 7<"» m
•ana.i'i y.or
[• 1'ills  ire liver pills.   They set |
itly on the liver, make more bile |
Ited.   Thii It why they srs so vslu-
in constipition, blliouineti, dvi-
Si, lick-heidiche.   Aik your doctor !
I knows ■ better liiltive pill.
> a, is. J, o. Ayr Ot., InSI, Maaa
Vsrrnnltd to Olom SmllmtmmUwm.
iaustic Balsam
ps Imitators But No Competitors.
|A Bate, Rjiewly and Foaltlve Cur. f»r
Cuib, Splint. Bwoosy, Cappa^ lloak,
ClralnaJ Tanlona, ytnindar, Wind
rulT., an! .11 lamrn.aa from Spavin,
Sinnhona and nlhar bony tumora.
Cum .11 akin dliaaaaa or raraaltaa.
Tliriirh, Iliihtliarl.. Kamnat all
Hn"i h.a from IIo'iiib or Cttla.
|tlA'-1,' Hitman Remady for ahaiimatlpm,
l"l"«li,., Lo-a Tbroal, .'1°-. U <a'...aliialila.
I .>.'. Im.u,, „r Oauallo Salaam a..M la
|'*.ii«.il,«| lo «lra aalufai'tloii.Tilr. ||.t0
I I'i iHilll.. Holil l,r dni.alala, oraonl I.y rail"'... 'tiarr.'l |.ata, Willi  rill I illnvllima for
III.  ii...    | ri- I   inr  t1..aorl|ill*a   cln'ulara,
F1".!' tilala. ele.   Aililraaa
Thr l.witnca- Williams Co.. Toronto, Ont.
Spokane*! Ambition.
Spokane has an houorablc ambition
tu be a itate capital. To achieve It
Spokane would make a new state, ta
be called Lincoln. To tbe eastern
counties of Washington It would add
tbe northeastern counties of Oregon
uud thc "panhandle" of Idaho. Sucb
would Iw the uew state. Tu round
things out nicely It would r-ecumpenae
Idaho with the southeastern cuuntlee
of Oregon. What Ls left of Washing*
bin aud Oregon lt would turn lutu I
single state. I'p to the preeent Spokane only hat contented to this re*
maklug uf tbe map.-New York Tribune.
Subm.nn. Auxiliary.
Wben a submarine boat becomes disabled beneath the surface of the watei
and cannot rise. Ita crew is In a bad
predicament To i-emedy tbe dllllculty
an Inventor has contrived an auxiliary
boat to be carried In tbe submarine
and to be s pari of It, practically, until needed. In time of accident tbe
crew of tbe Incapacitated submarine
would enter tbe little craft, aud when
tbe containing chamber had been
Hooded the bolta woold be withdrawn
and tbe vewiel with Its human freight
would clear Itself and rise to the tur
A  l(I*:\ BED  BD1TI0M
*i -'niii cltlsen "( Bpringfleld, Mass..
aa> -   Llpplnoott*!    Magii/in.*.   made   001
i ,.i the Ihlngi hs ho| sd i lm
lot i.i- ing birthday, snd Ihii
i. what  Ins  fond    mdnnna    found  rs
oorded a- lbs liisi  Item oi .11 ■
■Anew  testimunt,   revarsed   virglnP'
N.w York Uubw.y MltUket.
"There are four fool things that New
York has done tn Ita subway that are,
big mistakes sod tb* Cannes of mucb ,
nnnecceeary   delay   ta   operating   ths
llnea,'" said a man from London when
be made hla first trip from the brldgt
to Harlem In an boor.    The first ll
having stations on curves; eecond, making irtstlon platforms too short for In-
creaeed train lengths; thli-d. makingM»
trances and exlta of can at thc saml
point*,  snd,  fourth  and  wont of *u\
making   tracks   crosa   each  other   al
Nlnctj-tirh str-SBf—Hew York H*
II  'Mi:-,    HKAI.THKll.   ANI)    HKA.
Under ths .b".-* caption tin
tins '".  Limited,    ..t    Paris, 0
line put out probably o t tl»  band
•ok lets   on    honu
•rai muni in Canada. While d.ilgned
primarily .« . oatalogue, the book  It
nandiomi ly  illuitrati d  with  nm1
I thi Interiors of i i In sol
, 11.  ii   well  .s oontalnlng  c	
pl t- Information oa wall deoorstiou,
It filled null m.nv valual'h* luggea
Uone, both pictorial snd otheiWite, on
taitlful   Iiimii'   furnishing.     It   is  »   I k
whioh needi only i" be lien to be sp
pi... .1.
"Homes,   H.-iHl.Inl   snd   Besutlful"
i. gotta t in th.* lutu. of an adi	
de  luxe,  mm  i-  loo  expenilvi *  1 1.
i..  .li.iiiluiii* ly   in   evi 11
    ,.... > migbl write lot II merely oul
,it  i,li,   , uilusity.    I lu*   Alsb .-in *    - •
,1,    i   -.tno   making   t   ohsrgl   ..(   len
senti  i..r  it,  «hn h  miount,  -aIm	
nearly cnv.ii.ig III -.1 "I ihs book, ll
liit.iulej    in    dlsoourage    iii"-..*    »b.
mul I writs i"t hwIj i" gratify an
i,ll- niiim.
It i. well »*uth nailing. A eopj
will be mailed le nny sddiesi mi is
eeipi ut ten cents.
Making a Skirt
In making skirts be lure to have all
creases pn-m.e.1 out before arranging
pattern on material. If material hai a
nap, or, abould lt be a large design,
lay pattern on the nne way. If not, you
may reverse pattern up and down,
which would prevent Its mstchlng
when put together. Be lure thnt the
pattern ui arranged In the correct way.
"Tliey asy that he fell overboard as
the ship rolled on lis tide."
"You might suy that be len the ablp
lu tlie lurch."-Yale Itecord.
Cash or Credit
Women should not get credit Nel
ther should men. Cash Is tho cure.
Tradesmen maybe would have a had
time for six or twelve mouths, nnd
many a lady would have to "Ilo low,"
but In the end wc would get both out
trade aud our money, and she wuuld
get tier iln-..*) and it fur leas coat
London Oplulun.
r-IM-a  ■..■•una Tower.
The Leaning Tower of I'lsa ta ITS
feet In height ami leaus fuurteui feet
•Sit of plumb.
A SuUt'iit: For tha Fish Kettle and
Other Makeshifts.
If you have no fish kettle tie tbe
fish in a piece of coarse muslin before
cooking It, so that there may be no
delay In lifting it out when done.
Hub ll slightly with vinegar or mid t
little to the boiling water, as It whit
eus tbe Hah and makes It (Inner.
Small mustard Una make good spice
boxes if a neat label ls place.) on the
front of each tbi. An earthen pan ll
tbe beat receptacle for keeping bread
fresh, but if this cannot be obtained
■ large tin with a good lid makes a
capital substitute.
Kor tbe cutter wblcb ls used for
stamping out rounds of pastry uae
Uds of Una, topi of tumblers or wine-
glasses. A good let of weights aud
scales should find a place in every
kitchen. QuanUtfea may sometimes be
guessed pretty accurately, but there
are many things which must be weighed
A aalamander la used to Impart a
brown color to any preparation. Tbe
Instrument ls made red hot aud held
close to the preparation till It Is
browned. A fire shovel made red bot
will do as well. If yon hnve no tongs
for turning steaks and chopa, this can
be done with two spoona.
Every housekeeper knows tbat by
using a fork the Juice runs out and la
wasted, and the meat will look white
When plnnhed with the spoons It
ahould feel soft; If hard, lt ls too much
cooked; If spongy. It la underdone. A
chair placed upside down on another
chair makes a very good stand for a
Jelly bag. A tall mualc stool is still
better Cheeeecloth folded four times
makes a much better strainer than the
old fashioned flannel bag. hip It first
In boiling water and let the straining
be done before the Ore. If an egg
whisk Is not possessed, a plate and s
long handled knife will do as well.
Covering Furniture.
An original Idea for covering furniture has been tried snd proved successful by a woman who wished ta
have some unsightly chairs In her tor-
nlsheil flat Improved. Rhe tmught s
lot of Human blankets with wide dark
blue and red stripes and had an up-
bolstanr ever her sofa and chairs
with them. Just as though he were
using tnpestry or velours. These looked so well that she has had her bedroom chairs also covered with blankets
having alternate pink and floral stripes.
Sbe has had porttBTM and Inside cur-
tnlns made of blankets matching thnee
on the chairs, and tbe effect ls really
charming, nnd. as the blankets are
very cheap, they coet much less than
one would IMlUmBS She says thnt everything dci-ciuls upon the color of tba
blnnkets chosen. Of course very pronounced slrlpes would tie ugly upon
furniture, bin iho more sutalued or
delicate colors give s most satisfactory
appenranee to a room. Here Is an opportunity for the amateur upholsterer
to try her hand.
Rhubarb R.eipea.
Ithubarh aud Orange Marmalade
Rtrtng and cut In plccea one Inch long
two pounds of rtiuharb. Peel half a
dozen oranges and shred the yellow
rind. I'ut It Into a preserving kettle
with the oranges, rhubarb and a pound
nnd S half of granulated sugar and
place over a alow Are. Cook aud ttlr
until It la (be right consistency and
then i«uir Into Jan. but do not rover
until unite cold.
Ithutmrh Jam To each pound of cut
rhubarb allow one pound of sugar and
ono lemon. I'e-el the lemons as thin
as possible und slice them, removing
all Leeds i 'ul the rhubarb Into pieces
an Inch long uud Into the Is.wl on top
of the lemon and the peel, then pul
the sugar on top of the rhubarb, cover
and set away In a cool plane overnight
In tbe mornlii-g put the mliture Into a
preserving kettle and let It siininei
gently for three-quarters of nn hour.
Itemove lt from the stove, allow It ta
rool snd pock Into Jars, covering It
with paraffin or brandied pa|ier.
Drtssmaking Hints.
New cotton often cauaes needles ta
break l-ccausc of Ita exceeding harsh
uesa. This difficulty may be overcotne
by nibbing along the part to be sewa
with a dry piece of soap. The plan
answers equally well whether the wurk
he done by band or machine. Don't
hang skirts wrong side ont wben put
ting tbem awuy. They are bound te
crease, and n Itb light ones, bo a profaa
alonul dressmaker aaya, whatever dust
has I', eu collected by the lining and
clung In spite of your brushing Is
hound to lift through to the right ildt
and stick, lio over iklrt linings ev*
ery couple of months witb a cloth
wrung oot- as hard as yon can—of
water. Tbat cloth should ha Jaat one
Uny remove from perfectly dry. Hut
tbe amount of dust It win collect fron
what you proluibly thought waa a par
factly clean lining la aatontahlng.
A Government ta Kick About
"We kick about our own government," said a reformer, "and It Is
doubtless pretty bad, but whut would
we think If It took the taxpuyers' money to pay every year a pension of $50,-
000 to tbe Ooulds, another of Jiu.OOO to
Uie Astors und unotber still of f2.r,,ow
to the Vauderbllts? Tbat is what goes
ou in Kugland. Tbe English doctor,
the Kngllah druggist, the English carpenter, ull sorts of hardworking Englishmen, are taxed $200 or $300 a year,
and tbe money goes to pay Uie huge
pension of some ducal loafer wbo Is
already too rich. Charles II., for Instance, granted an eternal pension of
$95,000 a year to the Ouke of Richmond nnd Oordon. In all the years
since Charles I I's time that pension
has been paid out of tho taxpayers'
pockets. To this day It ls paid. The
present Duke of Richmond and Gordon
settles for his dinners at the Itltz in
London  or   ut  Clro'l   In   Monte  Carlo
with money earned by English butchers, bricklayers and blacksmiths."—Exchange.
Th. Lion's Mouth.
The use of the lion's  mouth  ns the
veut of a fountain Is so common Uint
it cannot be regarded ns accidental
As n matter of fact, the .-iist.iiii (like so
many customs-not forgatUng the fountain   pan)   came   from    Egypt,   which
adopted it because tbe annual inundation of the Nile takes phue when the
sun Is In the constellutlon I,eo— the
lion. Tlie allusion Is loo obvious to pointing out. Tbe oldest fixed
date (4*JI1 H. Ci ran be traced to
Egypt, wbere the calendar was Intro In Uie middle of the forty-third
-entury. And the history of modern
Shipbuilding began in Egypt, where it
••un be traced to about .'iisiu H. C. Tbe
most recent discoveries give to Uie
and o! Egypt a clean run of about
l.mtO years without uuy admixture of
sralgn races. "Egypt laud of hidden
>yst cries, great mother of science and
.rt, what thinking mind baa not dream
»d of thee!"
Husband  Would  Settle.
F*roin India comes a story of thc dis
i-omflture of a very distinguished soldier It happened at a big dinner,
where be had taken In a pretty American glob.* trotter, who asked bim to
pass a dish uf almonds aud raisins.
"With pleasure." replied the gallant
son of Mars, "but do you kuuw tbat
what yuu have asked for Is culled In
tbe vernacular klasmlsa ami tbat the
penalty of a kiss attaches to tbe re
"Is that so?" answered Uie woman
calmly. "I must consult my bushaud,"
and sbe called across the table tu him
and tuld him uf the fagnail.
"Quite to." be replied, "according to
the custom of the country it Is a Just
debt aud must be paid, but la the gen
eral aware of the arrangement made
when we married that I must settle
all my wife's liabilitiesV*
Submerged  Aristocrats.
Some cnrlOUS letters are quoted by
Mr. I'ercival Hlckerstntfe tbe pedigree
searcher, in an Interview with u repre
setitatlve of Uie London Tribune. Om-
"I am a plumber nnd gnstiter out of
work. My stnmmlck Is empty, but lu
my art Is the bin] of noble burlh. • • •
I claim the family title ami tenements
which I will not 1* deiiyed the same."
A city clerk wrote:
"I have long suspected that I am of
high birth. People tell me that I bave
manners above my nation uf life. My
photograph herewith shows that 1 huve
au aristocratic cast  of  face aud  will
* rluips le a clew to my ancestry. I
do not ask for fortune, but I aspire to
tba pride of race."
rot'sots or t.i. sscoso rovsoiv.
Reproduced above, is a portrall of ihe
Mr. C. IL Record, tho founder .ml original
h. Ail ot the Record Foundiy tt Maihint
Co.,   of Moncton,   N.ll.,   and   Montreal,
r v
PVcvioui to Mr. Record gcing into the
m.nulaciuie ol .(oven, lho.e uiid in
Canada wcie almoit wholly ol Aii.cik* in
nuurafastare.   The character ef the work
turned out by the Record Foundry At
Machine Co., at once gave llie.r sto\es a
si.inln g, and ai a remit a verv l.rg.
buslneel soon giew up, largely owing to
Mr. Record's untiring Industry and pap
severance ag.iiiNl ninny obs(scles.
Although Mr. Record retired from active
business as far back as 1879. the solid
baiilOO which he had established the in-
dustnr, baa re»ulted in its growdi from a
Sturdy pioneer inlo one of Ihel.rgrsl ItOVS
niainc.ii tiiniig plants on the northern h.ll
of llie Amenean continent. With two
lurire plinls, one in Moncion and one in
Montreal, lhe Record Foundry fc Machine
Co, j. r known from Halifax to Vancouver,
and their "Calorific" an.l " Admiral"
furnaces and " PeiW Esther " ranges
recognised as the standard of Can«di*n
You cannot possibly have
a batter Cocoa than
A delicious drink and a sustaining
food. Fragrant, nutritious and
economical. This excellent Cocoa
maintains the system In robust
health, and enables It to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers
In Mb. and 4-lb Tins.
Because  of ite  Purity and. Freedom
From Coloring Matter
Sold only in issled lead psokets st Wo,   |0a   sod  60o  ptr  lb.      At all grows.
In   an   Irish   court   recuiiily    in    old
man whs called mt'i liio  wltnesi  l"**i.
ami   being   ii.!iiiii   iiiiii     just     a     little
blind,  in-  weni  too ur  iii  more  than
oni   sense.     Intend   ul   keeping   up   tin
italn that led to tbs box, bt mounted
thoie tlmt ted to iin- bench, said the
j. i.***,  good  humored!) i
"I*, ll ii fudgi you want iii he, my
good   man I*
"Ah, .-ure, yuur honor," wai. the ie
ply,   'I i .1   man   HOW,   mnl   inch
I)     It s  all   In:   til   du ''
lie* |ndgt had uu ready retort, lit
•Ainsrd's   Linimeni   Cures   Colds,   ste
Cittimin   ' i,  iir.  didn't  you
warrani   Ihs   bom   you   told   nm jester
.la.   to  I*    sritboul  a  fault I
David    Ilu 'ini     Y + :    am I    ht I
' ittiiuaii    N",   sir.   bl   ij   UOt;   hi*   in
David II iiniii Wai, I don't • • it
yuu hev any reason fur complalnln'
shunt thai. He don't Interfere with
an.l.'.i.   but   himself,   doei   bei- Lip
pill' ■n't'.-.
A   Requisite    fnr   tbe    Banoher.—On
the o it l lo rall_'i*i "f Iln Wim, wlu-ii-
in. ii   in, I    -:*..,.    .1.*      tal      ft.-in   il'i.toi I
aii   apothecaries,   I>i.   Thomaa'   Bclei
tn,* (nl is ki pl mi band by tha Inti Hi
gem as a ready made medidne, not
ii ilv fir many human ills, but as s
born  and  cattle  medicine nf surpass
in*.-   ment.     A   lim ae  and   eat'le   ramlii t
will timi  matter! greatly simplified by
1-1 i |  this  mi.
"There'i one thing 1 will say," re
marked Mr. Millions, "and thai is thai
inv daughter. Arabella, has a Hue Its
pod tion.'
"Indeed I"
"Y'es. sir. The way she can listen
fur hours to hei own playing "ii thi
violin    sliuws    remarkable   telf-eontrot'
li' Bits.
Ill   its   initial   sl    , • -    , , I   is   :i   hi  i'
ailment    easily    .leall    Willi.      Hut
neglect li and ihe rusuli is ofUn tin
„I.*..-|., tin nt ul • ii-11• siing lelsun - ol
the bronchial lubes ami lungs thai
rend i   life  mlai i.hle  foi   lhe   uuhapi j
Asa hist lid thi r.* i- nothing
In the  han ly  medicine  Hue so oe *
m   , iiratlve  ri -uli-   a-   Bii Ue'i    \ iti
i  ,*.-iini.ii..*     Byrup,     the     fat lamed
: ,;   oc  I-  snd  ...i.c'lS.
A  lady   returned  frum  tlie oounl
find bei tniiu garden denuded   ol   all
bulbs ami plants, ami . few tm.litti.-
l.tei a v,-ry worthy old woman lold
the lady*! fnrmer Imust maid that tin
had   taken   the   Hnwrj-.
"People  wa-   beginning to iteal
my   Tear,   ami   1   fell   sue   youi
srould   t.ther   thev   m.   i"..k   reaped
Nursing   I
HoII"way's    • "in    i ur-*   u   a   v
f"    the   teinoval    of    i"*: s   and   wsr'.s
We   have   nevei    heard   "f   Its   Mill i   •
*.-. "r-i  kind.
Tht Reward of Industry.
Sir William White, who till recently wa.- director of naval construction
u'l Great Britain, began life as a shipwright's apprentice, but his genius
<\irn.-.l him up the ladder with a
rapidity which startlcl his fellow-
workers He nearly lost hi.*> life once
through taking an experimental trip
with a submarine boat which on being submerge*! stuck in thc mud. It
wa.< only after furious work with the
pumps ths) 'ne wan roieu^J
Norses' & Mothers' Treasure
—mott ie.ll.blo mciiein. for baby.
Used over 50 ye.n. Pint eompoundai
by Dr. P. E. Picult in 1855.
Makes Baby Strong
Retforei the little organi to perfect
health.    Circa   -sound  sleep,   wtthout
retort lo opium of other injurious drugs.
44       At JrutiWts*. 25c. 6 booU$l 25.
NariwalDmt&OiwrucalCo ULMgggl _
. il'.KIM.   A  BQUASB
A    oorrespqndenl    ...    the    Listener
writ, h : I think you will tnjog lhe loi
lowing from out oooalni Ws
ha..- laughed ourselves weak "Mr It.
A barrel was tent lu London ... Chrtit
mas containing apples, a lint.haul
s-i laili,    lomt    rranherrie*    nnd    sw.el
potato.--.. This 19 frum ii..* reply
"The apples *were fine, hui the poia
toe., alas, had K"iie quite bad nnd yel
Low, Tin* - ranberrlei are very band
some, but teem eomewhal .u i.i to our
tssle. The .-*ii:asii wai I novelty, .nd
I daresay we didu't know * vactly bow
(j deal with il. We put it on the
table for denert, bui iaroei found II
extremely difficult t" cut. Later 1
stc-wel it with lemon and sugar, ami
we  sll  declared   it  delicious."
Minard's   Liniment   Cures  Garget   In
"I heard you giggling in the library
last   nighl,*    laid   I   *    Item   parent.    "I
think   yuu    mint     have     been     beside
vo irself."
■■nh! no," said the pretty girl,
blushing deeply, i waa* beside
Charlie.' —
A Clear, Healthy skin.- Eruption
oi    and   llie   blui. lies   wl.i. 1,
lui-ii  beaut]   iie  the  le-ult  ul  impute
bin ..I    < ail-ei     I.y     unhealthy    ai Hull    ul
th- liver and kidneys In ...iie.iu.g
tin- unbsaltb] toUou «nd restoring
ilo- organs to tlien normal oonditiou,
Permi iblt  fills will  at  ihe
. 1.   and   lhe
blut.'hes  and  eruptions   will   disappear
il  leaving  any   nace.
Ifisi   Pepprey—Mo,    h«    dldn*l    hk.
■ .* browi    ll. sai.l tbtj wei.
"black. "
'.Miss   Painter—The   ideal
Mi-.    Pe] ;:...   However.   I    .-• .m i
hi-.i   tbey   were   uui   as   black   a»  tli.v
were  painted - Philadelphia  Inquirer.
•Ainard's  Liniment  Cures  Distemper.
Grim Jok. In a  Blu.  Book.
A grim piece of humor appear* ln
tbe llritish blue book dealing with tbe
taxation of unimproved land values In
tbe colonies. The tax commissioner of
Adelaide, after referring to the Inaccurate returns, sayi:
"Side by side with these Inaccurate
returns lt baa been pleasing to note
the completeness with which others
have been prepared ln the minutest
particulars, and we cannot fall to recognize the thoroughness of the taxpayer wbo returned tbst piece of land
of bla. measuring nine feet by six feet,
ln the — cemetery, and under tbe
column 'Name of Occupier" gave tbat
a' his departed wife."
^1 Greatest ofTonic?
J^ „    (Pronounced Si-Keen.)
P fOCtUBLMS    mt
Mi iNKY can buy advertising space, bat It can't buy a
quarter .-ontu-v'i stiocemlul record of wonderful and
almost niiraciuooa curat of the most difficult and
liiln.ste caaie ut throat, lung and alomach troublea Such la
I'sychiiic'*. record Thoiiaaiuia ol nmi given up by leading
doctors at hopelen and incurable have been uuickly and | er-
manently cored by Pivcliine. lt ia an infallible remedy lor
coughs, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, oomnunpliun, indigestion,
lues ol appetite and all wasting dii
" My mn had t terrCil. oougti .ml
vy w-uud to . tl.ft.luw [',. toil
aak! be could not Ut. He nne.! P.)--
ehlne It cured blm."—Mr. ). Aong-
V,  Hns-k.iii-
•* * (i.t uki.i> •» 01 worth of rty
thine my \tmgt on wall .od Uf. Is
Pgychlne Never Falls      Psychine hns no Substitute
AT ALL DBADBRS.  I0< tod  Sl.00  A   BOTTU*.     »
DR. T. A. SLOCUM. Limited. 179 King St. \V.. Toronto
Main worth llvln. --Mia  L _c_
anla. Marriott. I on NA
"Mf lungs Arm now 101111(1 u . hell
after uaJ.1 l-ijt'IiiijcL ' 11 p-trM-l
Bnilaeburf. 1.111L
h.T_ln.>»»«l sir 1IAV--A.W^-
d-n, 1 Ouruwmll Sl. Taiuakx
W.    N.    U.    No.    632
As  s   food   It Is  fir  su*
p.rlor    In    mushy    por-
mine or  pssty corn pto-
ly     (itrfect     snd
duots.    It  Is hygienical-
whiltlollit     snd     nnlrl
tious  than  meat.
BI8CU1T snd  TRISCUIT are an  Ideal Combination.
All   Oroctn— 13c   a carton, or 2 for 26c. >*u
The Two Vanrevels
A^--5.y6j____r,H TARKINGTON.
'•••rrtfttl. IB02. Iril MtQur, c»
f/lontinued  From   Last Week.)
Few w*eH-Wt* uouSs of tbe iWIVpre-
tentious  sort  tbut  did  uot  mouru  lu
prospect tbe golug of sou  or brother
or close frleud.   Mothers ulready wept
not ln secret, fathers tulked Willi husky
bravado, and every one wus very kiud
to those who were (o tp, speaking to
them gently and  bringing ilmin  little
foolish presents.    Nor could (he hearts
of girls now longer mask as blocks of
Ice to the prospective couijulstadores.
Eugene   Madrlilous    young    brother,
Jean, after u two years' lleatrlce and
Benedict wooiug of Trixie Cbenoweth.
that notable spitfire, uuuouuced his engagement upou  thc day after bis en
listuii'Ut   uud   ic   .'ii.'cil   to   all   tiiho
would   listen  bow  his   termagant  fell
upon bis neck iu tSSTS when she beiird
the news.     "Aud now she cries ubout
me ull  tbe time,"  finished  tbe  frank
Jean blithely.
But there was little spirit for the old
merriments. Fancbou, Virginia and
five or sii others spent tbeir after
noous mourufully, nud yet proudly,
sewlug aud cutting l.irgo pieces of colored silk, fashioning a great (log (or
their sweethearts and brothers lo bear
southward aud plant where stood tbe
palace of tbo Moiiti'
Tbat   was   sad   work   for   Fiiucbou,
though  lt  was  nut  for  ber  brother's
take tbst sbe wept, slu.e, ss every one
ki.ew. Jefferson was already so full of
malaria aud ijululue thut the fevers of
the aouih and  Mexico mutt find him
lnvulnertble, and even bis mother believed be would only thrive aud grow
hearty  ou  bis  soldiering.    But   about
Crailey   Faucbou  bud  a  presentiment
more vivid thau any born of tbe nat
ural fears for his safety.   It came to
her  again  aud  again,  reappearing ln
her dreams.   She shivered aud sturted
often is she worked ou tbe Hug, Iheu
bent ber fair head low over the gay
silks, while tbe others glanced at her
sympathetically.   Aud  when  the  flag
was   completed   save   for   sewing   tbe
■tars upon tbe blue ground she took It
away   from   tbe  others   and   Insisted
upon finishing tbe work benelf.
It was at this juncture, wben the
weeping of women was plentiful, when
old meu nulled long faces and tht very
urchins of tbe street observed period!
of gravity and even silence, tbat a notion entered the head of Sirs. Tauber-
ry—young Janey Tanberry—to tbe ef
feet that tuch things were all wrong.
Bbe declared energetically tbat thta
was no decent fasbiju of farewell; that
after tbe soldiers weut away there
would be time enougb to tnact tbo
girla tbey bad  left  behind them, and
of her hair. *"*'
TTnea Mrs. Tanberry came ln to tell
ber thst Nelson was at the block with
tbe carriage Mils Betty did not turu,
sud tht elder lady stopped on the
threshold uud gave a Quick, asthmutlc
gasp of delight.
"Oh," said Mrs. Tanberry, "you make
me waut to be u maul I'd pick you up
and ruu to tbe north pule, wbere no
one could ever follow. Aud I can tell
you tbst lt hurts uot to throw mi
arms round you and kiss you, but
you're so exgulslte I don't want to
touch you!"
"Dance wid de bau'somdest," screamed Mamie, pursuing uproariously to
see the last of ber ai she Jumped luto
tbe carriage, "bow to de wlltrlest an'
kiss de one you love de bes'l"
"Tbst will be youi" laid Miss Betty
to Mrs Tanberry aud kissed tbv good
lady again.
IT Is s matter uot of notoriety,
but of tha happiest celebrity,
that   Mrs.   Tanberry   duueed
    that night; and not only tlmt
•he danced, but tbat ibe waltsed.   To
i In ■ varirty of styles,
j fabric* and prices, loi
women, an e n snd
children. Foim-Etted.
j Doalai are authorized
1 lo instantly aad
al our cost any Pen-
Angle gaimenl (.uity
in material or making.
Quaint  Versus On  Tomb' ot  Mariner.
Tho destruction by Bra of tbs bis-
 loric and beautiful tbbey of Salby not
Pen-Angle Under-' on!y deprives  Yorkshire oi Its most
wearia   f„™ *,„(. I Per(eci monastic clnii.'li. l.ut lobs the
wear is form-knit country of „ national relic of surpai -
so it can t help I ing Interest. Pew ch irehes poasessths
fitting your figure, j architectural Interest oi Selby Abbey
-it's made of' rt ow*'-s Its foundation In 1068 to William the Conqueror whose son Henry,
afterwards Henry I , lg traditionally
supposed to liiiic been horn In Selby,
One of the most curious epitaphs in
tha Abbey of Selby wns in the reredoa
on the east side. It rend:
long - fibred wool
so it won't shrink
-and it's guaranteed besides. The
whole idea is to
make it so good
you can't afford
not to buy by the
trademark (in
red). m
<ift knClffTgll', ebb hiiu In-'nt tier bead
to bis bow, and Mr. Carewe bad seen
ie -iithitatioit uud the look.
.     nMWW.       aU
the lot of Tapplngbam   Murth (whom
the   prououueed   the   most   wheedling
vagabond, next to Cralley Gray, of her
acyualiitsiicn it fell  to persuade ber;
aud, after walking a quadrille with the
elder   Cbenoweth.   she   waltzed   with
Tuppliigham.    More   extraordinary   to
relate, she dsneed down both her partner and the music   Tbertupou did Mr.
Bareaud, ttung with envy, date emu-  ^^^^^^
litlon  and  essay  a   ichottische  with i .*vo.n»   or   gayety,   openly    sobbed.
Miss   Trlxle   Chenoweth,   performing I Cbenoweth. without more udo, csrrii-d
marrelously well for many delectable ! the H"* over to Tapplngbam   Marsh,
turns   before   be    uuforiunately    fell ' ""*"      *"
down.   It was a o.'gbt wben a sculptured god  would have danced on hit
pedestal:   June,    but   not   orerwarm, In tbe tlr and rose leaves eo tbe
breexe; and even Minerva's great heels
might have marked tbe time that or
The young men were gathered near
the   orchestra,   uud,   to   the   liilnrioiis
strains of "Yankee Doodle,"  tin-  Bag
tbey   were  to  receive   Cor  tbelr  regiment was borne down the room by tin*
slsteri and sweethearts wbo bod made
It, ull of whom were there except Fan-
ebon Bareaud.   Crulley lmd persuaded
ber to surreuder tbe flag for the take
of spending this evening, next  to his
last In Rouen, it home aluue With blm.
Tbe elder Cbenoweth made the speech
of presentation- thut Is. be made part
of It before be broke dowu, fur bis sou
stood lu the ranks of the devoted band.
Uutll   thlt   lucldeut   occurred   all   bad
goue trippingly, for every one hud tried
to put the duy afler tomorrow rrom bis
U'lnd      Perhaps there might  uot have
been so mauy tears even uow If the
youug men hid uot stood together so
smilingly to receive their gift.    It wus
■eelug them so gsy aud contldeut.  so
ttroug In their youth and bo
of purpose.   It wis this ind the feeling
that ell of tbem ui •..*•( suffer and bouio
of them die before they came buck, so
that when Mr. Cbenoweth, choking In
bis loftiest flight, came to a full atop,
aud without disguise burled bis face In
his haudkerchlef,  Mrs.  Tuuberry,  tbe
apostle   of    gayety,    openly    sobbed.
"Tho'    Horeus
Han tos't me to and fro,
Vet by the handiwork of
I'm here enclosed bei' \
"And in this Silent Bay 1
With  mnny of our   I'lc
Until tlm day that r sd
My Admiral (*■ risl to i
John Johnson, Master  ai
with   his   Blustering
She Knew Hiir
llenlinin    A fellow calle
Mra.  licnliiiiii   Well, yo
|oo.l. nil right.
.............        ..I     L I  -ll
whom Vaurevel directed to receive lt,
and Tapplngbam thanked the donors
without many words, becuuie there
were not tben mauy at bit commuud.
Mill Carewe bad beeu chosen to siug
'The Star Spangled Banner," aud she
  „„s hj., ur. , stepped out a little from (he crowd to
chestra  kept.    Be  lure  they   waltsed I ttc* tb" young mau is the orcli.-stn
again   to   "Tboee   Kndeirlng   Young ! souuded the flret chord.  She tang lu a
Charms:" I tell, clear voice, but wben tbe volun-
Oh. th. heart that haa truly loved never ' t#,r' Mw ,hat "» tb° saD** ,be t'aT"
forgets. , were  streaming   down   her   cheeks   lo
But .. truly lov.a on to th. close, ' —.*^s__^^^^
As th. sunflower (urns on h.r god when
he se(a
The .am. look  that «h. g.v. when h.
Mrs. Ttitilurry cum. lu und wr.l.tynd It
tbut until tbeu the towu should be
made enlivening. So sbe went about
preaching u revival of cheerfuluess.
Nor was her vigor spent In valD.    It
was •!.■'-iii.ii that u bull sb
Three of th-» volunteers were resplendent ln their regimentals Mr.
MHrsb iwho had been elected captaiu
of the new company to succeed Van
revel, aud Will Cummliip aud Jeuu tbe lieutenants Tbis glory
was -'.iiitlucd to tbe officers, who hud
ordered their uniforms at home, for Ibe
privates and uoucommissioned oil), ci .-
were lo receive theirs ut tbe sLite reu
desevous.   However, although this gall
adornment  was limiiiii  to tbe three
gentlemen mentioned, their appearance
added "au Indescribable uir of splen
dor and pathos to the occasion," to
• ■note Mr. Cummlugs oucs more. A
fourth citizen of the towu wbo might
hate seized upon tbis opportunity to
display himself us a soldier neglected
to take advantage of It snd stole iu
■ luietly toward tbe last ln bis ordinary
.ittirc. leaving bis major's uniform
folded ou a cbalr lu his owu room.
I'l.i* (lug wss to be presented to the
volunteers ut the close of the evening,
nud Tom 1*11111.' for thst—su be claimed
to bis ii. ' ii.-ii.g soul.
Ile unobserved uud made bis
w ,i_i     kecplug   clusu   to   tbe   wall,   to
when. Mrs. Uareuud sat, taking n chair
at ber side, but Uobert Carewe. glancing  thither  by   chance,   law  him   aud J
chauged  couutenuu.-e  for  an   lustaut.
Mr.   Carewe   composed   bis   features
swiftly,   excused  himself   with   elaborate  courtesy   from   Miss   Cbenoweth,
with whom he wus tulklug. uud I HISHill
iln* rouui to s col Ler uear bis enemy
I'icaeiilly.   as   tbe   music   censed,   the
VuluuteerB   were  bidden   to  come  for
Watd,   whereupon   Tom   left   Mrs    Ba
. ... m*,      IU
iplte of the brave voice Ihey begau to
choke with lhe others. If Miss Betty
Carewe found tbem worth weeping
for, they could afford to cry a little for
themselves. Yet tl.ey Joined the chorus
nobly and raised lhe roof with tbe
ringing song, sending tbe flamboyant,
proud old words thunderously to
hssvgt^^   .
, [ti Be Coiidiiiii'd.l
Many   People   Weaken   Tl
by    Dosing   with   Purgai
A   spring   medb    is
Nature  demand.   II
rli hlng i.*i.* i.i.*
* nn s ha*. ■  .
.nil     1,,.      „ llitl l     in* mlis.
if  people,   I s   I
for n spring medb Ine, doi
n iiii   ii.irsn  griping  ,
is .i  in li :.ii..     Ask  -i i '   ii*
ivlll  tell  you  thai   thu  us
live medicines weaken thi
. .mn.ii    posslhl)    . lire   iliSl
the   system   in
pure-Atli at iv. sk. n   1 * a
be  made  ri. h,   red   and
■ annol *i • this Wl
is u tonic and thi hi i
cal s lem •* has - el *l* i ■
llama   Pink   Pills.    Every
Ine   actually   makes
blood, and this n**.\  I
evi ry    .rgan   and  e-i * .*>
bodj     Thai  li  ivh>   these
pimples   iiml   iinsiulitli    sk
I'uiit  ti   whi   thej     inr.*
*',i   K:i, In-. Iti    ii.   :i
.i   boat   of   other   trouble
from | i* water)   bl 1
the nnn ;nni women w bn
hums Pink Tills eat oc
.v.-n and feel active hn.i i
tlabel Synnott, I..-'* Ol
*,*. si    p ■ nd    in .ii.    .ii
*.* -
tlollliliK   to   help   Iln*   until
|    Dl     W I   Ilk   I
omplet. ii   r. itor. .1
snd  i   bless  the daj   l   i
,-lt Ml  "
Hut   be   sure   you   gel
P full   nam
k Pllli  foi   r ih
ih.*  n rappi r  around   * t  I
lo-i ailed pink p.lis
lent     itiiitniloiis.    Bol I     I
tt   .'.<.
-   for  $2 '■'I   fr
Wllliama     Medicine    ' "■..
"Th**    a. nt    Or. *«
deltle-       W. *.        laid       tO       W
battl ■ am
"Yes,   I - *   * .ftt n  lend  of
•th.* g" i-      w ishington   H
..,.«..    mill    it'll   Mrs.    Hi
ii bull shuuld be given I t'-uud and begau to work his way dowu
to tbe Volunteers Of two nights j the room.    Groups were forming ami
before their departure for the ststc ren- *      *~"~~
dezvous.  uud  It  should   be made  tbe
noble*! fesiliul In Itoueu't history
The sabecrlbers took their oath to it.
Miss Hetty lulil out her prettiest dn-ei
tbst evening and Mrs. Tuulierry cau.e
In ii ml worshiped It us It retted, like
fouln of lavender and while and gruy.
iiimii tl.e bed, beeUe tho snowy gloves
wllh   llnii   t'ti.i.   stiff   lace   gutiiitlcls.
whiie two mall iiiiii.* ssi.dii slippers,
•a llh Jeweled l.ihkli't where the sirups
croaeed sad* otber, being fastened
upon Miss item's -dikes feet by tbe
imu i,ml gluiiliuv Mamie.
-i. • s wicked cruelty, pfleeeear et-
•tainted Mrs. Tent-err]    "We want io
clui-i ll.e p in fellOWl slid help Ihem to
be gay, un I hen* de yuu dillboraiely
pluu t i mule i!o'in lick st the thought
of leai Ing the place thut holds you! Or
have you discovered tbal there'i one
prior vagabond of tht hand gelling off
wlthoul baling hit benrl broken, nnd
mude up your mind to do It for him tonight?"
"It father to go with ui?" atked Betty, lt wis through Mrs. Tanberry thlt
■ht now denied ill luforuiatlou concerning Mr. i iiim**. ii be bsd not directly addressed her since tbe if ler
noon when be discovered her reading
the journal's extra.
"No; we are to meet blm tbere. He
seems ruber plrasunter than uiuil this
evening." remarked Mrs Tauberry
hopefully ai she retired.
"Den we mus' glt ready to share big
trouble tomnrrer.'" commented the
kneeling Maude, wltb a giggle.
Alas, fiuor ndorlrg icrvltrett, she received a liun* unto herself tbat very
evening. for her young mistress, usually as uu li.l.I.- as a fair summer sky,
fidgeted, grumbled, found nothing
well done and wus never two minutes
Id the mine mind Afler duiiulng the
selected dress, she declared it a fright,
tried two others, abused each roundly,
dismissed her almost weeping bund
maiden abruptly and again ] ou tbe
•.ml Hitting dowu to the mirror, the
ti'totii Whhett over the arrangement
breaking up lu tbe general movement
of the crowd, ami the dissolving of oue
brought blm face to fuee wltb Elizabeth Carewe, who was moving slowly
In the Opposite direction, a stiiull flock
of suitors lu ber tiulu
'Jim .oiifiniiiutloii came so rti.l 1. i, i
nml so uuexp-i-tediy tbut before either
wui aware tu>*.v squarely into
each oiler's eyes full and straight, uud
both stopped Instantly, M though trans
(lied. Miss Body leailng u sentence
forever  half complete.    There was a
fierce, sburi VOCOl SOQDd from (he.i.ivd
i.elm,,I Faiirevel, but uo one noticed
Mr. Curt*we. uud tbeu Tom bowed
gravely, nt In ipology for blocking the
wsy. sud pussi-d on
Miss Belly began lo talk sgsln, much
st rnudoni. wllb a Vivacity too greatly
exaggerated to be genuine, while tho
high color weut from her cheeks uud
lefl ber pile Nol li Ing could have SB-
rugi-d her more with herself thun the
consciousness, uow suddenly strong
within ber, thut tht em otintci* had a
percrptlhle effect upon her. Wbut power bud this man to muke ber manner
slrulued aud mn luiuii ui '* Whut rlgbl
hud his eyes always to stir ber as tbey
Ab. that otber should have come, If
til ^^
such   streuprii   to  disturb  her.     What
lies that gate contiilued. nil In the one
flusb—the strnnge pretense of comprehending ber geudy, but completely    s
tud compassion, loo, snd wllb II a look
of   farewell,   teeming   to   ssy.   "Ome
more  1  have come for this   aud Just
'Uoodby!'"    Kor sbe knew thut he was
going  with  tht others,  going  perhaps
forever, only the dsy tfter tomorrow—
then she would see him uo more uml l*e
free of hlin     I,et Ihe dsy afler tomorrow cotiic hoiiu!    Miss Belly hstisl her
■elf for  Understanding the adieu, and
bated   herself time  because sbe could
not   Im-  sure  lhal,  In Ihe startled   mo
inai.i of meeting before she collected
herself, she had let II go tiuanswered.
She bad ilunu mure Hum Cl:.'. .With-
mm, mat otber should bave come   if
".*• "> nufJkweea ber and this
'if-   ™3f~ <""*  «""''<* Had
How Sentence  of  Death  Was Carried
Out on Streets of Hyderabad.
The decision i- lo «   rthei the murderer ihould i-e executed oi impi
.*d  for  life a The Civil  und
Uilitary i.       * * ng an exe
cution al Hyil. rabs I .*f s Pathan «li"
had shot In.- brother in-ln w. Bl i- usual, left in tbe murd red man'i rela-
liv* - and his « Idoe tl •* -^i-iei of the
murderer, voted i**1   I      I
(in the day I. r tin there
appeared  in  the
• »" pen armed ••> Ith leafj 11 Iga fol-
lowed by s   id of the     I     \ rab
pi lice with fir* d bsyoi
the  criminal,  dresaed  in  m *..   white
gnnneiiN,  arith   a  ni
i ...
his  ir.ii-     The end    ol tl
wen* held bj   poi ihe ordin*
ary thing I* f".  t'i.   * >ndemned man
to walk.  Imi   in   •
overcome thai he had to b
in n jutka.
On   arrivinr  at   tha   fatal   ipol   the
murderer  > I     .:ii"iit  nnd
kneel   down,   while   the
Inm I.-!  ovei    -1 • ii
the exec ttionei'-  stl
wbom * •' •■ battel
stood in front ol * oth
.•is held the oordi -    * nl ' ■ arms
behind.   The ezecntionei   brai liahing
n   broad,   beav-.    iword   i * * *   ■
rn'or    in   n   sm-...   live   (a
prancing up towardi hii virtim
ed three times In a loud vi        "Wl
authorizoi the > - it Ion?"  'I he
of   tl |ty   |"*'i ■■    "ii   dut'.    tbi    •    '■
plied   "The  tmin."
Then  an  attendant armed  with  n
long needle   pricked   thi li mned
man iti tin* bad os i n| i to staii
forward    Al the • sn
holding   (lu id-   laid   them telve
buck   in opposite  directions  as   m  ■
t ii     ' '.iui    '■ .md.  t     u ith     tin*
timi the » "i' h'   i" ek »..- streb
and. follow nit- the .*i'ii "i " ■ '
of polloe, the ssecutioner'i blade de
■•sanded laii and true on the neck,
severing tba bead oompletely.
I rsp ror th. Burglar.
A phonographic device tlmt will call
the  police  hy   ti-li-|dinne   adds  a   new
hnrjinl (o fhe diingi-rs i.f (he burglar's
profession.    Whet, uu attempt l< mude
to force a window <>r door wllb wblcb
proiK-r   eonnectlOUS   hnve   been   mude,
an electric current iiperntes n  phonograph In the giir.-<(.   The iiiucblne calls
up central und links for tbe police station.     Tbe   phonograph   then   Informs
the   efflcers   of   (he*ry.    giving
Street  and   Dumber,   und   rcjieuts   this
Information tin lung ns the receiver Is
down.   Meantime Ibe Intruder, all un
conscious tbut un uluriu bus been ruin;
bn, virtually walks Inlo a trap and If
tbe  call   Is   promptly   responded   to  Is
Boon In tbe lockup.
fXook into
roofing qu<
Sold under a plainer
that keeps your roof
years    With decent care.
bhingled roof will last a (
Easy To Pu
With a hammer and
(tinners' shears.!
anybody can
put Oshawa
Shingles onj
Locked on
all   four
the side lock'.
It.  drains the
shingles   so  thi_.
water can't -Seep
under.    Top lock
(see below) makes
whole roof practically one piece and
sheds wati*r i-uick.
Made in one grade
only   & guage  s-mi-tourf
double-galvanized    (saves
Wind - water - an
PROOF.    Keep
I Lock,
Why Do Plants Grow Erect?
Kin.*tly  "hy  tfaaa and oilier plants
gR>W erect has never an iel  boon deli
iiiiei.v determined    some ..r the h.i
enlists have ghcii  l( us (heir opinion
ihnt tl..- phenomenon >.f erect growth
was ami is in Home manner related to
tin- action ..r tlgbt   Tbal this bypotbs
nin   in   untenable   ivas   proved   by   I >r
Maxwell s. Masters ..f Bngland, wbi |
found (hu( sprouta on green posts tbon  I
funds of feet underground In tha ininw
always ussuni* the ere. t attitude.
how little
roof costa,
The pE
Of Oshi
Roof your Buildings wilh "EASTLAKE
Metallic Shingles
Made In Canada 21 years
Warranted made of better material, more accurately and  scientifically constru
lonyc-r and cost loss for labor in applying than any other metal shiflglet,
We arc manufactun-rs of all  reliable kinds of SilKKT MBTAL BUILDING \U
Mon I reeI
321 3 Cinla HL W.
T o r o n t o
(' UulbornsHL
76ftt Ixiinbard HI.
f-t Russei HL
(Kl llund-MSl.
Vancou ver
UU l'1-.iiili.r m.
VV.    N.    U.    No.
1 ll
A Thousand  Tons ol Cosl Daily  Feed
the  193 Furnccei.
One  of   ihe  most   impressive  manifestations of tbe power of the modern
Steam engine Is the sight of an  up 10 '
dule freight locomotive starting n irulu j
of forty or (ifiy curs and gathering'
way until tlie whole man*! is tliutider-
lug over tbe Mils at a s| I of twenty-
five or thirty miles an bout     Wheu we'
attempt  by  onr  unaided  strength to
mote a heavy piece of furniture, we -
undersdiiid   very   well   what  is  meant
Cold In the Chest Seemed to be Unmovable
But Cure was Soon Effeoted by
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
It   Ih   u ii Bti
 -   ---'J   "<■■"  »'.ni im meant i    "  IH wesis di  time to use ordinary
by mass uud Inertia.   To move a aln-zia  cou«h   mixtures   tor  serious  colda  on
■> *—j_. *^.,_h, "*s,u   ii..* cheat, and time la or Indnlte val-
"" ,,,a l"v'*1 '■» '"'-   in* wii.-ii  u„. lungs nr.*  i>, Hanger
"tie    I lak       i       too       liri'lll.    esoei inlil
Supplement to the Lardeau Mining Review.
'U"  rlak    li   too    great,  especially
ou   winl   in     itiinli     Iiinl     Ur
mip   of   Iji..-- I   and   Tur-
for   sale     ill   nearly    i*\*.*ry
keeps medicines at all.
er nivi-H you  Mono* Id. ,*i  of
i. ii. ss of  ihis  great  medl-
Barnum,    Ingaraoll,    Ont.,
d>     hiisliii.i'l      Iiml      a    van
1 on hli chest ami iiot so
oiii.i not speak above a
he cough medicines in- tried
have I." . it.>t and reuding
i lhasu's  S- rii]i   *i(   l.u,* i . 'I
iii.n*    I   hi nt    t"t    i   bottle.
.*s to* wuh cured and is \. rj
r such a medicine.  He su -1
be  u Ithoul   this  in.* 11-
.*     ll'illSr."
.   name of i.r   Chase's Bv-
.is. ..I    and    TurpenUne     Is
N*. II i'urn m-ririnj; at a post
planted ioi ii. rtli cids ol Ki. ksnoz
Ore-k hiiiI al.iuit b miles frnm the
Hot Spring-, inivrkrd N. G. Krick-
so.i's ^-".t.'i !Cii«t rornci post
thence tun th Si) chains; tlience
west Stl elm in-; llience south SO
chains, llienoe east 80 chains to
poini nl < iiii.ti.eiifi-nicnt.
l.-i .i«-<. April 27th. 1907.
No I; ("..tiiiiiciir'ns at a posl
planted on nortii si-ie of Koskannx
Crt'»k. slnu.i .*i tnilrs from Uot
Springs, marked K, (i. Krickson's
South Wett oornttr poet, (Jtanw
north W ohaina;   Ibraoeutt 80,
chsins; theo«   -aouth   SO   rhuins; j v.nt..,M ,1B,eof in ,Ut. :.-rilU|,'a.l
ihenne weal ***<'i-hains to point of
Noti i»    ir   h'rtby    pven   ihs
•sithin two nionlhs from  th'*  first
| til.lie hereof in   the   British
Columbia (iareite, I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commission-
et et Lands   -4   Works for special
licenses   *.»   cut and carrv awav
limber from the f .|.o*in*j dt-scrih
ed lands situate  in   West Kootenav
So h Commeneinu at a post planted on north bank of Boulder Creek, ii-
h<"it 7 miles from Duncan River, marked Kd Hillninn s N. F. eo»ner post
thence south St)ehains; tlience west Rn
chsins; thence north SO chains, thence
east SO chains (o ixiinl of commenrmen
Located   April 27th I9O7.
Ed Hil'man.   locator
.Wnir* is lierchy givmi that with
in two months fr«-in thc fir-t pub-j»hence r.i.*, - 1
tii sn obaitis; thence v..
uiiihi.'i tiiizett.*. I tuiciid  to  spply
to Ihe   Hon-   Chief  ('.111011--
of Landa & Works   for  • sjiecial
licensu to cut and Oarry mvav tim-
co-iinipnc-iii.-nt. Apiil 27th.1907.
No. 4.    Coiiiiicncing at  a post
M'hii'p.1 .111 11 irthsd.. of K..skui...x    1   ,« .,.,,»        j.       ,.   ,
,.r   1     .        .     -,     , »»"«««   li^r from   the  following  di-.i-ri,.
Creek, a».o,i. fl miles from .i„-  ||.„   , ))mU . ,
Npruip miirked N. G.   Kncks.,,,' , ^ al a   yo.l   ^cd
BOOM) Ui>. ,-.„„„ potti ihmam a, l,„S(M1„t Wmt (.(ir||(,r of u,
north Ml, ha, „.. Uienit , „.. Ml .VI-.H. ,,isrke,l-A (i..**i:.Ur Norlh
Cham.; ibmttee MQtfe 80 chains; Wet* c.rni-r post,- H.entv .»m M
U»nee w«« 80cbaina to point „f chamr,   Umdcc  aootb sn ohains;
lriellc,.>, , , .   y...      , .
tli' lice weet SO ihans; Ibnc    n* 1-
ii. 80 i huins to thc point  ol .* **.i
N><   1 Commencing st    a  pist
\ planted about 11 milea from Brat
'on ami -li-.ut   half  a   milo   from
fmui »;.*»oii   road   or.   tin*
north, marked A. <•inning's Is   W.
coru-r post, tlience n*>rih 8fl chain
chains; thence roa-
ine <o p'int of cn.iiiiH-i.ciiicnt.
N..   8. Cm.ti.. nc t>2 wt   a   t-ost
pant'd   uh..*'!  oi*.* q usrter  rnih-
fr.oi  (i.e Iroiit Lake   wafui   run)
[1 n  tii.' w.-t line   of A.   tiowitiir's
.inul marked A. (•o-sin-.*-
ner pos': ihene  wst   Sii
oom mencement.
Locate! *\pn| 88U)    IW7.
No. 5.    C immeiii-ing at   a   pos
planted about 2   miles   north of
KoskanoX    (reck,       ii. I    :i*..o:t    7
miles from the Hot Bpringa, marked 1*1  (i    Kri'-kiLii'i.   Nortii   \\t«t
cornel post, them-e «o.ilh Wiehaiim
thence est-t 80 rh.iina; th»in*i*   imr
th 80 chain-: ihence eseei Ml chains
lo the point of • •»miii' iici-in.-nt.
Locsl.-d April 88th. 1UH7.
No. 6.   Coamtacini at a imst
plant.*.I mIh.-iI   '1    :iiil*s   .mill    of
Koiikaims l*u*.*k aid al" nl 7 mi|»-a
Irom the Hit ,*-j t nyg, is .i i *.|   N
G. Erickson's Soatfa   Wett corner
post,    thenoa   north   80   .'inn.
thence easl so chains;  thenoe so u
th Wlchfitis; thence «(*si 80chain*
to point of romrncii'*. inei.t.
Uicuteil April 2Hi|,    l!Hl7.
No. *.   Commencing at u pn-i
liliii.'rii  uliout 2 mil.-s   north  oi
Kohknm.x Crock and about 7nnle#
from the Hot Springs,   marked N
G.   Krickfiui's  north   enst corner
|K»st. theiiic west 80 chsins; ll.enii
soulh 80 chnins;   thence   eaet   ft
chains; tlience north 80 chnins  t.
point of c..||ili.Cliceiii|.|il.
I_<*iiinl April 28ih. Ktft.
No.S. < inm.'-t-ini: nt n post about 2 miles north n
Ko-k.ii i x <'ie<-k. nhout 7 niil'i
from tin- lint Springs, ma'k'd N
G. ICrieksotis Sniith Kttnl eornei
[Mi-t. 'liinco north 80 rliHii*.
Hieticc Weat 80 chains; then'i
south SO chaina; theuce esst Hn
chains to point of c inmenct-iiivnl
Located Ai ril 28th. 1007.
N.G  Kricksun,    Ltntw
ini-nceiiient,     ^^^^^^^
Located April 2iMb. 1907.
A.   liowinp. Locator.
N. E,
•'1111.-; tii* nee south M) chain-;
•'... 1 . ,i-t mi rrfcaine; il c et imr-
i' NO chaina lop-ait*! ol «* -i.itnenc-
VmhVei A. ri! S'n'i   19»7.
A   Qowtnga !<ocel r
Notice is herehv   given t at  •'!"
days after date I  ml* ml  1.1  ap(dj tte,  I
to   tlie   Hon   Chief   r,.iiin,t-. M -     '" 1
of Lands A  Works   f..r   a  special   !.ind» s"! W.
license io .-ut and '-any nwnv lim-   -*-t*-»- to rut at
b»rfrotn  th*. fnllowint!   de-cubed   ber f-om   ibe
■ 1   -I- - nitlein West Kool 11 iv and litneted
dm >n»nci.itt at a put pl.mic I.... i'e
•ouih liank of ijirdeau Kiver,    afaeel   1     \,, 1    r
mile (m*n I'opUr ('reek,   on  biun Urr
f Bl./ck stC and mark-,!    * J.  F. nio-
iiioii's Koiith West mrner  |»-»i r   ,      f
(ulloaing the north and  ea«i  l>utii.d«'.-r, Rttfr, 1.
ol u.i  VU nnd   lliti-i  ea-t  SO  ebain«,} „*' pnet,I   -
Ibence noith 10 rl.aiu-.. tbenre *e»t   iai
chains, thenee aouih ISU chaina to point
Notice i« herehi   •
' montba from the first pub'n
.,.?      *.    ihe     I       -
for a -special Ii-
arrv  away  time
.   d'-sc-ibe.'
\' • • 1    Kootenai
Notice ie hereby given that will,
in two months  from  the lirst pub
I lication hereol iu the  British   Col
I umi.ia Gazi-lte, 1 iuleuii   to apply
to tin* lion. Chief ('.Jinmibcioiier of
I.und-s and Works for sjiecial licenses,  to eu: ai d carry away   timber
from ibe foi lowing described landa.
situaied in West Kootenay.
No. 1 Comu.tnciiig ai a post
planted 'ii the north shore of I rout
l.ake about li mile-from its head
marked "" W. Abratiainson's
.- iulh VV est corner t o.-t," thence
,iorh 80 ehaios; thence east 80
chain!*: thence ninth 80 chains;
thence sreet BO chains to the j-oint
•f c -nimen ciit'ii'.
Located April23rd. 1907.
,   _ t
• 'ommencing at a  |*osl
.    .it :U nu c.» Troul
I; kci   in west -oie  id   I.nrdeau
.Ud   (1   W.   Abraham-
-    - Ba  I    .•.•rner   post,"
hence west 80 chain-, 'hence nor-
th 80 ohaina; iheao e.i-t so chain
-o:r it s . eaiiif to the  |Miint
• - men*
I   eo-lillielii- -iiieilt
nested Msvr.ih tno;
J Mliiiniiiiiiis,
|ier It F l..a . v, AB""'
Notice is lerebvuiven tha' wilh
in iw I'lri'ttiis fr.itn lhe flrst  pub-
ication   hereof in the British  C-.!-
1 nbia <i tMti -,      I  intend t" spply
•■•j the H-'ii. Chief Commiss oner of
I. mis and Works   for a si rcinl li*
eiiae to c t aii-l-i'rry   away tint
- • f   itfl   tho   l.illowin,'  .ie-' nb il
od *    1 it* i 1  V 14 • K  1...1...
.-asi n
.•   s "os-   t.)nn'.-.t
shunt   10 chains  ttma
. **r.  itm,.  Dee *;n*
!' I Ilii man's    S W c.-i
N    .sum;
1    •   fienre loath  80rhain«;
est so i hains to point of eom-
Aprii 24th   1J07
No   1      foiiiiiiHocing gi   a   po«|
I anted nn 'he 1 oiih Mile  I  K ■**.
1   iVnek   and  a'nit   I   Allies
kfro.11   he Um Spiing-i,   mi.tked N
G, Eriok-on'* r-..uth  West ourm-t
p mi' *' ence east 811 chsins; llienco
north 80 chains;   thence   we»t   M»
(•huins- ihonce aouth 80 chiins la
point of c-.inmeiiv.xiieii',
I..icnled April 29Ui   1907.
('11 imiediii 0 n -solan n )
•.' CoOMneoehfli al a nnut ptatntsl
ee tbe ensl h henkef thei-.-h (.,; ..'
Benhlei Cieeb, si*-it io ehelas  fron-
I lied irk. snd fi m ilea up. (mm Jimteai*
Riv.-- marked KJ Aillman'e \ R corner post. thenee aontli RO chains . thetm
awatM heins lb nnn twrtfa ii eealm;
-(  sast8>ehalaa to jwini of nm-
R * I (' oiimencinc at s l»-«! pl»nte»l
. ii ihe s • oli hank of (he no-lh f-.rk cf
'(..older Creek,  ah»nl   10 ehains  Imn
(he lork and t mttee «e. from I>.. s
Rirer. ...ei.'.i ' I Hillman's N M' e ■ ■
ner post   lheeees«aitsl(0eh«les:ll      -
ei«' UD •      ' -mi. in. th "-II  • I a-i ••
iiii-m- *• •   ■•      .     11 point 1 •*
em      'isnt
Vn4 C.-wmewing »t a poet eJaefed
on'I e i.o'l'i l.v I of r.o.tblei Crci •.    '
ii mi 7 11,i*.*« loo I' teeaa River, mark
ed   I'. I   lid' in..'»   B   'V   corner     |«>«t :
ll.e'iee 11 Tib ,->il I'liaii;-. ihenre eu«t   SO
-liaii" . 'I co v I .-'''. *-"" • ''Si'.-*,   the.'.-
..••nt S1 ihiiills III   petal    nl    Ci'll'll 11 re
c.-nin.eni'ii c nt a poet
;i'atit- ! mi the north cast cruet
•dTin  * . N    8188, on  \hr.i-,.*,..  1   ' I \1"      Ak>»
rahataaoa's - > s; •- mat ooran P1-'
I it -10 chain--, tliein-- nor-
th 10 ilia ins; ibewca east 80 chains
111 oc- tooth 1^*' chains; thence
west 4' chi.ti?; ence norlh 80
chains ; 1 i~iint ol •• unmanem-ant
located April 29th 1907.
N.i 1 C.inim.-ncinjt al » post
pliiite.l  on    Ahriiiinii.M.ii    Creek.
it. .tl half a mile irom the lake,
•narked tl. W. Al.r.iiiimsiiiis   lior-
1 ci-t c -rin-r p 1- theOOt south
Mli'am-; themr caM  40  i-baios;
In ".ii- south -ll. "..ill.-, theiircv.'st
iii •; id in v "." IhiS • .* 1 uns,
:,.i'li.-( mat -I" iliains .0 po lit ol
. 1 1 * ".- i.t
i.ocnte.1 April 2'.'tii H»-'7.
0   W, Ahrahaiiisoii. ineiiioi.
m Imitators But No Compitltort.
■* We, S[^ e.ijr and 1'iiiiHra Curs for
Curb, Splint Swims/, CimmS Bock,
fttunml tnlni, rsus-lsr, Win*
ruffi, ani all Iuh-jskm trom Sptrln,
is* tumorl,
Smilboii.   ml   a.h.r  -mill.
Otto. .0 sills -lluum or P.I.11..0,
nrsO,   lUpbtWIs.   ImnN   ail
Bunohti from Uoruw or CstUo.
I,*"i* a,'."*l»*i_S«iniKly  (St   f h.nni.ll.™.
■Pr»l*it,   Lo-s  TLro«t, '*'•* . II li ln.«lu«l.lo.
v.'.!'".':""*'" "f 0«uili« Btlum  soU   li
""""*-. 10 Biro if■'-**- —-•?""S&—  — —
le ll I.r d
-..—  of Osuitifl  Palum   K'l'l   li
gmjmjmmilf* '" *"* ••l.»I»*l(..n.~rle» Sl (a
si"*' .••mi.. n„n |,r aruifiri.u, or loni ny ...
SI*'**... 'U,,..., |*|rt   W|(ll  f,ill cltr.x-r!,...« r-.r
se.  u...    try,.,,,]  l..r   rieoorlpilfo   eirvulAr.,
**■ sm BUB
I.'. I»»,rni|. Wllll.miO'..,. Onl.
Cash or Credit
Women  sboulil not  Ret credit   Nel
ther   should   uu-n.    Cnsb   Is   (lie   cine
Tradeontn msj-iie would bate a bad
time for sii or twelve months, nnd
many a I111I7 WOUld lime to "lie low,"
but In tin- end m* would get bulb om
trade aud our money, and she would
get h.-r dri-.H and at far leas coat.
Ijomloa Opinion.
rts-s's Mssiif ToOT-rr,
The Leaning Tower of I'lsa Is ITS
feet In height suit leaus fourteei feet
-wit of plumb.
tiff Idem lo explain tin* simple and
i.t powerful and \\.*ll liiiown In
ci.'ii.nis ot which tills gr.-at nu-di-
1 Ine  is composed.
While Unseed shestbes the mouth,
tongue and iliroat. with a protective
costing to prevent Injury from hard
coughing, turpentine disinfects and
siiinulaies the ulcerated parts of the
bronchial tuln*. and lunge and mt  specific i.t brom hltls.
Otber Ingredlenta which along with
tin*.-.-* ko to make up lir. Chase'i Byrup oi' Linseed and Tui*pentlne. eootbe
the nerves, loosen the cough, aid ea-
poctoratl .n, and by thorough action
on ito* whole syatem completely cure
coughs and colds, bronchitis, asthma,
loping   cough  and   sore   throat.
i.r. 1 'hase'i 8; rup ol Llnaeed and
Turpentine, It cents ,1 bottl. at all
dealers, or Bdmanson, Bates -*.- Co.,
Toronto, 'i" protect you agalnat imit-
atlons, the portrait nnd signature el
1 ir. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt
hook   iiiiihor.   are   on   ever,,    bottl'
s noil* 11 sporting j.Hisi.ii .i.
a   plaos   on     ihe     English
ii    was    s     tavorlte    laii.nii|.'
v. I. oiks   at    llie   tune   ol 10 Kugland. ll In u
arrived, exhausted by lheir
t. everybody In lhe pariah,
tlie |aia.,ji, at oiks turned
1 in tin* sport "t knocking
1   wiili   sticks,    tine   Hunday
srers   In   i-hiiii-h,  and  the
the pulpit, when tiie iiiuiili
cautSBUidy o]>ei.ld, and a
Sred with a l.cikoiuiig Iin
11, what is ll '■'' asked lhe
I o.-ks    is   iiiiuit '."      'Ilie    pai
ll> shut up Ins sermon case,
door and look It," lie cried
rk.    "Keep    ihe    peopl
1 u    got     my   sul*pliri
,svc  s  (sir  chance.
mi. rs ..m.i spend one mnrn-
t ihri.i.Kli the i.f. 1 recelv-
11 our Canada t>> tin* Zam-
1 would bring home to them
1-1.t.i. fori •• the healing 1 Ir-
t great household halm. Old
ning women, wives mothers
>■uiuu  y\ iis hai•■ something
mt   Ii-i.i   /..un-liuk  ili-l   this  "I
iii their home.      Man)
v\ rlor-   give   1" t it   -Mon     to
acts from their grateful tea-
Prom   these   ih*-   following
0 nt random:
troubled    for    aome   weeks
11   in   hands   iind   nrois
u>;:iii   ;i   s.itie   whii li  did   me
1.    . in re. eli ing ..  supply of
I   applied   n.   and   it   realli
act ilk.- magti'    The n. hlng
*   ;i few daya
SHI   * le.u...|  nnd  health . B *
A   Iinti iii.rit. ..1   North
'*•'- l*:ii,    CUI
A, from  which I  had
1 B      ays Mra. Q
uk   i ureil   n     cis.-     of   blood
mv   t ,1    I  w isli   to
u   f r  ths  gr. nt   hi*
lb.   ■ ■*■   t of a letter
.   w ebb    "f   I >.'\' r. oiirt.
quoting ea-
r extract   showing how Zasa-
• • 1   • • ul. . r*-
bad  i.g     Iti 1.     and  blood
Ikes  -■• out  of cotis
is. and gi-ows new health]
- Injured or dlaeeaed ptacas
«  and  di   c^ its   -■ II
r    tbe    Eam-Buk    "
M ill  mall  for price.
1 .iii/.n nf Springfield, M»s«..
pin silt's   Mags trine,   mads  oui
the thing- he hoped t" reoei-n
/.proaching hlrthday, and this
ii*.  fond    mgtnma    found  ie
f all:
leminiunt,   rivers, d   virgin!''
ih.* above oapt  Ihs Aiabas     ol     Paris.   * '
..ui probably ons ol the hand
Mokleta   on    1    decoration
>.l iu Canada. Whlh
* tt a oatalogu.. :■
1 iy   Ulustrsted  with   inn >
ll.e ml. Ilo Is "( ..Hinui III col
, ss well as containing com
loriiisiion on wall decoration,
wuh insnv valuable auggei.
.lit pn tonal snd otbeiiwi *
home furnishing. It 1. 1 r
•>.is ..niy to he seen to be sp
t.   Heelthfel   and    Beautiful" 111 iln* loiin '•' aii edition
and is 0.0 espenalvs . I k
bate  promiscuously   to   svi rj
niight wine tm it to* rely oui
I hs'.istit.•■    . o
stors inakiug s oharge ol ten
r n, which amount,  while  nol
■lill'lg   the      out   of   the   hook,   1.
In     iii      mage     il ■     win
hi fat il i, in ii lo gialify sn
well Worth ii ailing. A * "I I
mailed lo any sdOiees on ie
len tents.
Making a Skirt.
ikhiR skirts be sure to hare all
preaaeil  out  before  arranging
on material. If material baa a
', should It be a  large design,
rrn on the one way.   If not, you
•verse   pattern   up   and   down,
would   prevent   Ita   matching
mt together.    Be sure that the
i la arranged In tbe correct way.
' aay thnt he fell overboard aa
) rolled ou Ha side."
might aay tbsl be left the ablp
urch."-Yale ltecord.
A SubitiUt- For the Fish Kettle and
Other Makeshifts.
If you have no fish kettle tie the
flsh in a piece of coarse muslin before
cooking It, so that there may be do
delay ln lifting it out when dona
Itub ll slightly with vinegar or mid s
little to tbe boiling water, us It whit
ens the tlsh and makes lt firmer.
btnall mustard Una make good spice
boxes if a neat label ls placed on the
front of each tbi. An earthen pan la
the beet receptacle for keeping bread
fresh, but If this cannot be obtained
a large tin with a good lid a
capital substitute.
Kor tbe cutter wblcb to used foe
stamping out rounds of pastry use
lids of Una, tops of tumblers or wine-
glasses. A good set of weights aud
scales should And a place in every
kitchen, (quantities may someUmes be
guessed pretty accurately, but there
are many things which must be welgbr
A salamander ta uaed to Impart a
brown color to any preparation. Tbe
Instrument to made ret] hot aud held
close to the preparation till It Is
browned. A flre shovel made red bot
will do as welL If yon have no tongs
for turning steaks and chops, this eaa
be done with two spoona.
Every housekeeper knows that by
using a fork tbe Juice runs out and la
wasted, and thc meat will look white
Wben pinched with the spoons It
ahould feel soft; If hard, lt ls too much
cooked; if spongy. It la underdone. A
chair placed upside down on another
ehalr makes a verj good stsod for a
Jelly bag. A tail music stool Is still
better Chee-seeloth folded four times
mutes a much better strainer than the
old fashioned flannel bag Dip It flrst
In boiling water and let the straining
tie done before the lire. If an egg
whisk Is not possessed, s plate and s
long bandied knife will do as well.
A Government to Kick About.
"We kick about our owu government," said a reformer, "and It Is
doubtless pretty bad, but what would
we think If it took the taxpayers' money to pay every year a pension of $50,-
000 to Uie Goulds, another of fio.'M to
tbe Astors und another.still of $25,000
to tbe VauderbllU? That Is what goes
on lu England. Tbe English doctor,
tbe Kngllsh druggist, the English carpenter, all sorts of hardworking Englishmen, are taxed $200 or $300 u year,
and tbe money goes to pay Uie huge
pension of some ducal loafer wbo Is
already too rich. Charles II., for Instance, graDted an eternal pension of
$95,000 a year to the Duke of Richmond and Oordon. In all the years
since Charles I I's time that pension
bus been paid out of the taxpayers'
pockets. To tills day It Is paid. Tbe
present Duke of Richmond and Gordon
setUes for bis dinners lit the Itltz In
London or tit Giro's In Monte Carlo
with money earned by English butchers, bricklayers und blacksmiths."—Exchange.
Beoause  of Ite Purity and. Freedom
From Coloring Matter
Bold only in sealed lead paokets st -Wo,   Ko  snd  60o  per  lb.      At  all groeeia.
The Lion's Mouth.
The use of tbe lion's  mouth  as the
veut of a fountain Is so common Unit
It  cannot   be  regarded   as  accidental.
As ii matter of fact, the custom (like so
iniuiy customs—net forgetting the fountain pen) came from Egypt, which
adopted it because tbe minimi Inundation of the Nile takes pluce uhen the
sun is In the constellation Leo— the
Hon. Tlie allusion Is too obvious to
need [Kiltitiug out. The oldest fix-sl
dote (4211 11. CO can be traced to
Egypt, where thc- calendar was Intro
dtieed In Uie middle of the forty-third
century. And the history of modern
shipbuilding begau lu Bgypt, where It
.-on be traced to ubout .'Sono B. C. The
most recent discoveries give to the
an o." Egypt tt clean run of about
LOOO years wiihout any admixture of races. "Egypt, land of bidden
ysterles, great mother of science and
rt. what thinking mind haa not dream
•*d of thee!"
in  an   Irish  court  recently   as
man  wai I'.iiU'l into the  .Mine*-.-  box,
and   being   infirm   ainl     just     a     little
Iiiiii 1.   li**   went   too   lai   ii>   mini'   than
one senaa.    Inatead "I keeping up ilu*
staifs   that   led   to  the   box,   In*   in
'Iuu   led  to  tiie bi ii* li.    Baid    tin*
ju Ige, g"*»-l  burnt n
"Is   ll   ii   jmlgij  you   want   to   be,   Q y
good    man '"
"Aii,  mra, youi honor,"  wa.- lbs re
pl..   ' I :.*■   .ii,   ould   inai.   no*.   iiii'i
I'n   in  .-m
lh*    fudge   had   no  ready   retort,     I II
ulinard't   Linimem  Cures  Colds,  etc
Cittli *.  sir.  didn't  yoa
wariaui   Ihs   bon
da,   10   b      .iiii"   t   ■   : :
" "    aln'l
not;   hu   in
David   I1.1IU11I    Y-f.
I  lUla.ii.,     \..,    sir,    he
David   lUriiiu - Wai,
I   don't    •'    ss
eauu iiji.iii. ...ii. i uon l see aa
you Lev any leason (ur < onipliiitiiir
about that. He don'l Interfere with
aii.l.o'l.   but   himself,   does    hel   Up
pill- oil's.
Covering Furniture.
An original Idea for covering furniture has been tried and proved successful b.v a woman who wished ta
have some unsightly chairs In her fur
nlshed flat Improved. Sbe bought a
lot of Human blankets with wide dark
blue an.l red strl|ies and had an upholsterer cover her sofa and chairs
with them. Just as though he were
using tnpestry or velours. These looked ao well that she has had her bedroom chairs olsn covered with blankets
having alternate pink and floral stripes.
She bas had |>>rtleres and Inside curtains made et blankets matching tboee
.•n thc chairs, nnd the effect to really
charming, and. as the blankets are
very cheap, tl.ey co«t much less than
one would suppose. She says that everything del-ends upon the color of tbe
blsnkets chosen. Of course very pronounced stripes would lie ugly upon
furniture, but the more euhdued or
delicate colors give a most eatiafartory
appearance to a room. Here Is an op*
portuulty for the amateur upholsterer
to try ber band.
Husband Would  Settle.
Erom Indiu comes a story of the dis
eoniflture of a very distinguished sol
dier It happened at a big dinner
where be had taken In a pretty Atuer
lean globe trotter, wbo asked him to
pass a dish of almonds uud raisins.
"With pleasure." replied the guilaut
son of Mars, "but do you kuow tbut
what yuu huve asked for to called In
tbe vermicular klssmiss und that tin*
penalty of a kiss attaches to tbe re
"le that so?" answered tlie woman
calmly "I must consult uiy bushuud."
and she called across the table to bun
and told him of the request.
"Quite so." he replied. "ai*eordlug to
the custom of tbe country it Is a Just
debt aud must be paid, but is Uie gen
eral aware of tbe arrangement made
when we married that I must settle
all my wife's liabil ties'"
A    Bequislte    for    (he    Rancher.—On
ih.*  * iiii**  nm..*.-- of  the  West,  where
tu. ii  and   -   * ■   are    la.    Irom  d
anil   apotheearies.   Dr.   Thomas'   E.
In* Hii is k. p' rn. Iiaii.l by the ihti ill
gem as a ready made nieili'-ine, not
o iiy for many human lilts, but as a
.iiul Battle in.iluno of surpass
in*.- merit. A hoise and cattle ratnlu t
will find matters greatl) simplified bj
■i-i i;  this Oil.
Nurses' & Mothers' Treasare
—motl reliable median* for baby.
Uaed over 50 yean. Firat compounded
by Dr. P. El Prcauh la 1655.
Makes Baby Strong
Reflores the little organi to perfect
health.    Gives  touod  lleep.   wuhoiS
r«orl to opium or other tniurioui drugi.
Ai ikimatt'. 25c 6 bo«U> SI -25.
N«lic«alDnn«iQiem«jlOi Lid.. MonM_
"There's one thing 1 will say.' re
marked Mr. IClllloOS. "and that is thai
my daughter, Atabella, haa a hue dis
position "
"Tea,   sir.    The   way    she   can   listen
loi hours lo hei own playing   an   iht
ii.'liu    shows    leinarkahle   self colli
-Tit Bus.
In  its inuial stages a * old  ■-  I
ailiu. lesll   with.    Hui   man)
1.1  •*..   reaull   Is  often  tm
rflevelo menl   ul  diatreaeini  seii o
th.-   bronchia]   and    lungi
reudei   lite   mie lat-ie  Cm   the   aahappj
• A- a firat aid th. re ii nothinf
ban ly  medicine  Ime  -,, eeitali
in   curative  results   a-   Biekls'i    tuti
nmptive     Syrup,     the     iai  .
remedy ior oolds and oougbs.
Submerged  Aristocrats.
Rome curious letters are ouoted by
Mr. Peren a I KIckerstiifTe tbe pedigree
searcher. In an interview with a repre
■tentative of tbe London Tribune. One
"I am a plumber and pistiter out of
work. My stummlck Is empty, but lu
my art is the bind of noble burth. • • •
I claim the family title and tenement!
wl.i'h I »III not l-e denyed the same."
A city clerk wrote:
"I have long stn-|iected tbat I am of
high birth People tell me thut I huve
iiiumiers atiove mj nation of life. II]
photograph herewith shows tbat I huve
uu aristocratic cast of face and will
perhaps le a clew to my am-estry. I
do uot ask for fortune, but I aspire to
the pride of race."
Rhubarb  Recipes.
Ithuberb aud Orange Marmalade
String and cut In pieces one lncb long
two pouoda of rhubarb. Peel half s
dozen oranges aud shred tlie yellow
rind. 1'ut It Into a preserving kettle
with tbe oranges, rhubarb and a pound
und a half of granulated sugar and
place over a alow fire. Took aud stir
until It to tbe right consistency and
then pour Into Jara. but do not cover
until quite cold.
Kbubarb Jam. To each pound of cul
rhubarb allow one pound of sugar and
one lemon. I'e-el the lemons as thin
as i-oaslble and slice them, removing
all seeds. Cut the rhubarb Intu pleeee
au Inch long uud Into tbe Isml on top
of the lem.ui and tbe peel, then put
tbe sugar on tup of the rhubarb, cover
and set away ln a cool place overnight
In the moriil.rv put tbe mliture Into a
preserving kettle and let It siiumet
gently for three-quarters of sn bout
ltemove It from the stove, allow It ta
rool aud pack Into Jara, covering U
with paraflln or bundled pa|ier.
Dressmsking Hints.
New cotton often causes needles ta
break because of Its exceeding harab
nuaa. This dllliculty may be overcome
by rubbing along the part to be aewa
with a dry piece of soap The plaa
answers equally well whether the wort
he done by band or machine. I>t>n't
hang skirts wrong aide ont wben put
ting them awuy. They are bound ta
crease, and with light onee, eo a profea
siotial dressmaker aaya, whatever dost
haa h.-eu collected by the lining and
clung In spite of your brushing Is
bound to alft through to tbe right aide
and stick. Co over skirt linings e-e*
cry couple of months with a cloth
wrung out as hard aa yoa can—ol
water. That cloth aboeld be laat on*
tiny remove from perfectly dry. But
the amouut of duat tt win collect from
what you probably thought waa a par
fectly clean Unity to aatontahlng.
A lady returned from the .*ou. *
find hei lottp garden denuded of all
liill.s and plants, and a few months
laiei a v.-ry woalhy old woman told
the lady i formal houseman! lhat sb.   laken   tbe   Honej-
p. .['le   na-   beginning to steal   a
my rn-ar. and  1  fell  rare youi
would    rather   tbe     Wai -      ...
able."—Nursing   Time-.
Boll ire   is   a   Specifil
fn    the   ie.ui..a!   ol   corns  snd  warts
We   have   never    heard    ..f   its   tailing   to
■oral  kind.
The Reward of Industry.
Sir William White, who till recently nib director of naval construction
ol Great Britain, began lile u a shipwright's apprentice, but his genius
carried turn up the ladder with a
[ity which startled his fellow-
workers He nearly lo I 'n** life onee
through t.-ikinj an experimental trip
with a submarine boat which on being submerged stuck in thc mud. It
was only after furious work with the
pumps thai Ue wen tueon^J
< '..'KIM, a  BQTJASB
A    correspondent    of    tba    Listener
wm. ■     l think you will en "■*.  tl ■   IOI
.*   from   oui   Kngllsh   oonslns.    We
aughed     irselves  weak   our  it.
A barrel was sent tu Loudon at Christ
mas   containing   apples,    a
squash, sunn ■ lanlieirie*- ttii<l IWeei
potatose. This is from the irply
"The  applet -were  fine,   hut  the  pom
loea, alas, had gone quite had and yel
low.     The   cranberries   are   very   hand
smiie.  hui  s,  somewhat  iu*ni t.. oai
taste. The squash was a novelty, an.l
i dareaay wi didn*l know exactly how
tj deal with it. We put it on the
tal'le fur des- rt, l.ui .lames found it
extremely difficult to cut. Later 1
Bi'Mcl it with lemon and sugar, and
we  sll  declared   it  delicious."
Minard's   Liniment   Cures   Garget   In
"I Ileal I iui giggling in lhe library
lasl nighl,' said tin* stern parent. "I
think have     been     l.esi I*
yo irself."
"(ih' to," said the pretty girt.
blushing deeply, "1 was1 beside
Charlie.'     I
A  Char,  Healihy  Skin.   Bnu-tiona >.t
S..U,  and  the blui. lies which  ble
lin-h    : .tie   .esull    ul    impute
blood    ai-* i   ii.   unhealthy  action  ui
lh •    livei    ainl    l.lili..**. -        ll,      . olie, lil.g
Ihii unhealthy actum aud restoring
lbs organs lo their normal condition,
I'-iitnri. ■ - Vagetabls I'dls will at the
lame time oleanse the blood, and the
blotches and * rupnoiiS will diiappoot
without  leaving  any   Ua
NL--    I', opr. *.    So,     he     didn't     like
■ bro a -    Bi  -aid thi)  wete t..<.
bis k. '
'Mis«   Painter—The  ideal
Miss    Pepprey- Bowever.   I    assured
him  they  were  aot   as   black ss they
w*eie   painied.—Philadelphia   Inquirer*.
-Ainard's   Liniment  Cures   Distemper.
Grim Joke tn a  Blue  Book.
A c-iii. piece of humor appears ln
the British blue book dealing with the
tuxatluu of unimproved land values la
tbe colonies. Tbe tax commissioner of
Adelaide, ufter referring to the Inaccurate returni, says:
"Side by side with these Inaccurate
returns lt has been pleasing to note
the completeness with wblcb othera
have been prepared _ the mlnuteat
particulars, and we cannot fail to recognize the thoroughness of tbe taxpayer wbo returned tbst piece of land
of bla, measuring nine feet by six feet,
in tbe   cemetery,  and   under tbe
column 'Name of Occupier* gave tbat
a' Ills departed »ife."
Pr-,.. . ... e.l above, is a portrait of the lets
Mr, v . 11. Record, the founder and original
head of the Record Foundry Si Maihtne
tn,  of,I.oi, ,   and   Montreal,
1  r
Pit I WW to Mr. Record going inlo lh«
m*nur«cture i«l ntove«, tho»ft u»<d in
ChuJ-r Mri« almost wholly ol Anu-iu *n
manuUciurt. The ihariultr of thc Hoik
Itirnctl out by tUe KetorJ FiumJry &
Machine Co., at one* g.ite their ■tovrt a
-standing, and at a a very larga
lm hi nr vn noon grew up, largely owing io
Mi. -Racord'l untiring indu*»lry and pci-
aevrranre n^.t-n^i many ohfttaclei.
Although Mt. Record retired from active
business at far b.tck as 1870, the solid
Immi on which he had established the in»
iluMtv, bai rr-ntied in its growth from a pioneer into ona of the largest stove
manufacturing plants on the northern hall
of lhe American continent. With two
UrgO ptmtSi one In Moncton and one in
Monti ca', the Record Foundry Ac Machine
Co. -.are known fiom Halifax to Vancouver,
and their "Calorific" »nd "Admiral"
furnaces nnd " IVnn Esther " CAflfH
rtcognltod as the standard of Canadian
^T Greatest of Tonic?
W^    (Pronounced Si-Keen.)
t** /ontlRLFS     m\
Yon cannot possibly have
a better Cocoa than
A delicious drink and a sustaining
lood. Fragrant, antrltloas and
economical. This eictlltnt Cocoa
maintains the system In robust
health, and enablet It to resist
winter's extreme cold.
Sold by Grocers and Storekeepers
in ]-lb. and 4-1 h Tins.
MnNKY can boy ailvwtiaing sfaoa, bot It can't bay a
ij-oarb-r o-titiinr's suocemlul record of wonderful and
alinnet tinrmculooa cure* of tbe ainet dillicuit and
Intricate <_m ot tbroet, lane and stomach troublea Sucb ia
1'syrbiiM*'*. TLoiumnde ol rases given up by leading
doctors as hopelete and Incurable bave been ouirkly and | er-
uianeiitly cured by ]*svcliine. lt ia an Infallible remedy lor
oougtis, colda, broncbitls, pneumonia, cnumunplioa. Indignation,
loss ol appetite and all wasting die
-Ify vm tied . terrible oouf h and
was wuted to a afaedow. PocWiia
aal.1 hi* oould not live. He imri tny.
eMn.* 11 i*' onl tilui " Mr. J. SUiif-
er. Mmckrtlle
" After taktuf It 01 worth of Pit-
chine my iuufi an well and llie Is
In L Ulcbr
am»t.i worth llTln« "    Mn
anla. Uariioua I ure. NA.
ti. lungs am now aouisl aa a bell
after 'wl«« It).Mik. ll BoMSna,
Untilebuit. Unl
"PSTehlnesaved mr llK.--a.Wel-
den. 10oruwall si. Toioniu.
Paychlne Never Fella      Paychlne has no Substitute
AT ALL  DBADBKS,  I0e  end   Sl.00  A   BOTTLE      »
DR. T.A. SLOCUM, Limited, 179 king St. W.. Toronto
W.    N.   U.   No.   632
As a food It Is far su-
11 nor to .nindiy por-
...Ige or pasty corn products. It Is livsli life ally perfect and more
wbolesonis and nutritious   than   meat.
BISCUIT snd  TRISCl'lT  are sn  Ideal Combination.
All  Qrocsrs—13c  a carton, or 2 for 25c
v^ZTrw thZ" Cakdfau miming
aa PrtM*4 ** Itaut L*k«('Uf4 wattPublUbist
*\ >#-Hm*Vll fclt'.t  If-Wilt i-KK-» -*v«rv/'J'Om-»d»>"
Cat tfttivr A««« »v*. ii.i..'   tumult r«ttf>oiw>
-flWf foi ll.t Di'.L    Jiii'..'    .    iTUIl|MfU44IlU«K-
pHNwed in lu cuiurtnw
\     ;vi';»ki* vr..   ue   «**i   'i'l-.i   nl   the I'ftlv uf{«
fi'u insertion .4M 16 ««ai« jw*
I'.uii-Mb lofe-saf; -letJi *• son loft,
ni«foT t'fom .nl I ither adve-ttlrtng
r\* iiIaUc k!)'•■•» i. >-:. ..: ^Ilcut Ion At oflle
orlp-llott WlOoftTtAf  Lo udi'Mucc.
1    tV. WIOU-OWS-ON,
'. 'tr 75 cents
■odd, I ead, Ci j per tl en-ch
Gold-Silver $1 50.
Bitvsr-Lesd 11 50
tine  12.00
1 *   l-S Ivei. with i..'.id or
Copper     »250
Charge! loi :sis on application
bain plea  > riving  ■ •  express oi   mail
rs e *. .--   •       . •••ion.   P.O. Drawer
Contracts   Entered into for Packing of Mining Supplies  Etc.
to any Point in the District.
GOOD, rej     0    _ . _f__ _   _
prompt j§   S. DANEY, Prop.
servicer FERGUSON.    •
Any Work       ■$}
Guaranteed   K}
Satisfactory,   FW
- -^» *
It.-st Winn',' Liquors nn.l Cigars.
Rates fl ii il;iv.
hotel s ran
Revelstoke, B. C
TLbc fiotd Jficatoi,
====   BEA ION,  B.c.
YISITOI.'S arriving m Benton (tha thr_.i
via Arrowhead, will (Ind thi, n ,,     '"M m*.
ilirhk-ll-l-lHSHl.,.,!,..      l'.».*,llH,,     !     '''^'.tlj
appointed and spacious dining hall    ti,  /""   •
ami Cigars.   Personal supervision |a u\v". .'"Jj ol lvfl
patrons. \ nutum to the Iirdeau ran ,,i, ,„,    "'"•'»!
________ ___»______^__        """'"'■llll,
W. BOYD -:- .1
First-class accommodation lur travalleri
Rates $| and Si 50 per day*
(Late Mines,  Ltd.)
. erics moderate.
I :    ri-SI
I! x  .;:,'.:,    KASLO,   P. O.
LAKEVIEW HOTEL    Central Hotel
Bar wtll Supplied with Liquors & Cigars
Large Comfortable Kooius.   Kxcsllent Cuisiue and Attendance.
ry Public Ktc.,
1 naocso,*), Rsvoutojta, 1!. C-
First Class in every rupoot. All nio.k-rn conveniences.
Large Sample Rooms,
Rates $1. 50p»rDay Special Weekly Rates
P. I   S.
Excellent   Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   £_
Grout Xahc w<mwmmww
TlYfl ■>*•     . '!-v llsi|,f-' Water MppHed  l-y Iho
V^ltllCl**           @ Company you nre assured ot abeo-
• • lute purity.   Government Analysis
SHIMMY}     CB.* to back up atatetnanta.:
„ Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
Trout   Lake   City Tnj
and Stage Line
Trout Lake
Mineral Claim-. Surveyed and
Crown Gr.inOS Obtained.
Residence    .\ i XT KlC'OIU) OVPiOH
T.-tOUT   LAKE,   IB    C.
."■' ' .     y given tlial with
in i»    in ntin   I oni  tlm first imi.
Ilea tion lu-reol in the lirilisii  Co!-
nni'   . I intend   to apply
ii     Cliii   Comraiaaioner of
1.•;.■■■ '■'• for special liccn-
I eni ry nway timber
[ described lands
ited in Wesl Ivuolcnay.
.   . t a post plnntri!
i. tn-- i  'i iii hi.ic of »*ide of .Troul
os from
.'  .   i miles from  the
».   \V,  Abraham-*
■ ~t   corner   post,'
•)   cluiins;   thence
tlience south  SO
<  •vest 80 chaina lo
I      ... i M iy 3rd. 1907.
C   "    '        mison, fxicnlor.
1    N !' NOTICE.
John Simpson,      Proprietor,
BestHoteNn Town,
_ea_piere for Minimi and Comffiercial Men.
"£. A.   Haggen.f   ~
It pays to use tlie Telephone, A
lengthy (rip can often be in vial. Offices
nt Ferguson: Cummins' Store, Trout
l.:ik. ,T* i-i . Hlin*: :ii-u at liiatuii, Cuin-
a|.lix and Arrowlicsd.
Starftev 8* Co.
VVHOLB8AI.E PEAI.ER8 in lluttcr,
KfltS,    Clieo-'t-,    Produce    ami    Fruit
Houston Bk.Joaepbine Bt. Kelson, B.C.
Hotel and
Ceneral Store
Watch-repairing,   eta    AU work
(iiiaraiiti-i -I.
■sqe rrr
Doily St,,,
leave Fer]
Trout Uki]
Andrew M. Craig.
, Trent Lake. B.C
No. 88.
JT     A.l'. 8t AM.
3rd   Thursdajr each
J     month.
Rojourning Urethral cordially In-riled
li. l-'unMr.' I, ,-,.i*.   K.C. l'.ini|ili.*li.U   M
Imperial  Bank of Cana
CAPITAL aUTHORIZCO  8.000.000. II  .1,1 (Mli.e
CAPITAL PAID UP, 4.4J6.000. TOHO.M 0.     OMlJ
P. R. WILKIE Pna ll.m. Itdi'if r|
BRANCHES    In   tli"   I'ruvi*.,.-    .1    \ ■ «ji.. Um
Manitoba, Ontario ■
A QENERAt HANK I Nti lil slNI -       .','•- 1
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.    Dop( alta r. ■ •. ■
i iirrri t ra *,.■;.
■( wsdlt. iM.ur.1 a.
.'   .run* u mil] Arrowli .ul Iinni
atuuuoa i* — — •L,i I . k
t .eo  It Hllllllm Md
B   C
it. c.
I     , .
j-i-.o-; i ur- i i,| I hi ai*
n-by given  that  00
lays -, I intend to make
sj.|i     if the Cheif C'omiiiis-
. -.4 Work*for ('priiiis
e the following ds*
i.ri'i.11 lauds, sitnali'd in SVca
K- . :* rict,
i at a post I'liinti'i
n-st corner of An-
iiih pre-emption in
! . tq Mining Division,
nifiist Olaon s ton lh
t. isi.   theiicii easl -I"
t  north   'JO  ohsinf.
'    * *  ' . ' I'llllillS.   t!.ilii (   HI
o tl*e  point of rotn-
niiprislng 80 acres
rt        Ileal I'ltalo, I. and
General Commission A*.--»nt
ST IMH l-;i;  AND M IN Ks
8 *='.i«- RaproaenlatlTe for
IN-muTariff Insnraaco Bus!nets ioi
rj    Trout Laki. Perfnson Ileal on
nml Carah
jCrreapoiidenee..!, Ii.Siir.ii„.0 mat !
]   t.riwiii hava prompt attanttan.
\otire i« hereby iriven   that
days after dat-9 I inl
| "(' an.l I"   mineral claim, sitna
I      t« in tlm Tronl laki* Minini; Division
of Went Kootanar District.
Where located:   Near head of Silver Cup Crock.
|   TAKE NOTICI-; I, A.   B.
Junrclt, VrevMinor's Certilicate No,
HSSC'G, intend, sixty daya from
dale hereof, lot*apply t.. IheMiuing
Rocorder for n Corliflcntc of Imi
' provemonls, for thu |»urp *e ..I ob.
taininga Crown Qroul ..f lhe above
And further toko notice thai oc.
tion,    tiinler sc.' .'17,    must  bol
commenced before Iho iasunnoe of
such Certificate of Improvemonls,  |
Dated this ti lb, day of March
A.I). 1U07.
F. B. Wells
rROUT   LAKE   LODGE   I   0.0 h
NO. 41
Rrtular matttn-^i l.i-iii In
1-. H.abcphera, as.
i. iMobtoo, .V (J.
Dealers In all ofPraah Met
Review Job Dept.
 Fw HiRh-Clasa Work.
© K       f
Sarbcr Sbop.
— roa a- -
Oood Sha\e or Hair Cut      ':
I William Schnell,
KKlli.l .-.*'>
Hot and Coid Baths
-- mm.   -. *TJr»*Vf**-i^ il
aee i MeCarwr, .   a. tt.,,.}
■ouciTont, i.ii.
tSollalUin im Impartal Hank all aaada.
Far i>.        j
t    f     a
Het aad  Cod I
to{fa.B-dS! ! i,"Cn,I ,0!,,'»'IH ««n«0ATIfllOI   IMl'IIOVKMKNT
totUIlun. RbfefCommiaalonor of                  NOTICE.
Lands and Works for* ,,,„.;„, „.' '"--- -—
"Index." "Rcil Cliff," "Itoyal
K" mnl "Hidden Treaaure" Mineral claims, situalo in ili<* Trout
l.nke Mining Divlalon of Writ Knit
ii. ny 1'ipirn t.
Where located:   On <inM Unl-
ili,  <.aiin-i Creek.
TAKi: MUlCCliial I,   Krnclt A
May 6 h, 1*907
*  gtiat Olson, Locator.
-l.v given ilmt within
ihe first |Hil;licii'juii
in j. i . tli a IJiitish Coluri
bio ' i ■■ ■ '.' I in laud lo apply to
ii. Hon, Chief Commissioner
ol Lands and  A'orks for ii ipacial
.nd carry uwuy tim -
hoi following   described
'in West Ki-oteiioy
g'ftt a pn*.t p'nntcd
cornet ol Loi 7-11) l
Trout Lake, West Koo'enav. mni
Ned i , Hill's Bouth West rrr-
iiei ji '»*, iln nco i orth SOeln'i
Ihenc r,.,*. 80 chains; I hence aouth M li •; theuce we-t ISO chain
tn ii.-* poinl of eoinmeiicment..
I iiii.'.- 1 ihis 21st. day  of April.
.1 :)(•',
'.(li   iiiii.
iwr 0. B  N. WUkie.
omm to tmi and cam awav tfrn-
'"'■   ""•"    lhu  f"""«i.iK   .l,,e,il„,|
l*nda iituate In Waal Kootenay.
•v'* I.   (.''ii nenoing  ut a poal
planted about Sfmllea aouth of A
««^'»«^ pro-c-mpii s„:|c.ev;r;;^::;;t';^
•-ruiti »oiilb weat oornar,"  ibonce\0' Mau,,° Wickendan     i;*.-,mj
•MtW,,   t|ltnos  ,|orlb w amlC O.triekenden    „     „     n*.-,;.,
''bains;    thBnpe t  *i.-l.i"» ilii.sf,,,,, il,, ,i;1„. |„.r,„,   ,,
'hwwaouth   80 chain. .          ',"|,,,|-v "' "'■'x'"'i"« iv.-.-.i...   i,„*,-..,
.,,,„„, (,(Ut'"""S  ,0  '""","""7  <J*m >!> for tho rm.
'"'• K r°*"<" UCremiUrantaofthc
above claims
Ami  furl her lake notice I' •»'   .-i,,,,
under 8ecllon87, must be i  mot-need
Ko. 2. c.inme.icii.B ni   i",„ ,  b?f?r"U'8 ,MUa»"» o' «ocli   erti.atci
ii!.,i.i,..l   .1    (in      •, ' "I liii|'i'iivrni(.|||a
t> ailed abubt 2 miles  south Of  A. V-'«i  tills  Uthday.   May   A   I.
««Corinlot'a|»re.ompiJ0non 8ai- m i
mon Creek, mitrked "No. 2. J„|,n
Oroft'a So-jlh oast onrqor poal "
Ihcnce   *eit 80 chnins-     ihenea
Locnted May L'2i„l. 1007.
Ji'lin Croft,  Ucoior
in- i \. Cleveland.
,1     ...       ,  ■"«    ■■•..••■" ..nil   ll.'IK
nor I. MJ chains;    UlenJBo  ,aH  8()  ,„  „,„  J|()(|
Notice is hereby given t'.nt   Uh
dais nfter'inii- 1   inl. nd   In   npplj
.      . .an.     U./
chaina'  ihenc.. Hmiili 80 chnins (o
|M>iiil i*f ciiniineiiicin. nt.
Located Muy 22nd.  IU<)7.
.)..lui Croft, f/Ocntor,
hief   Ciiiiiinis.i,
^^^^^^^  ner
tifi.iinds it  Works   f..r   n   special
license io cut nml ennyaway lim-
bi'ifioni  th'i following   de-ci il..-.i
landa situntoin -IVeal Kooti'nny
No. 8.   C„.„m,.„ei.,Knt *    post „,,,„, ^ ^j,,^ ,,„,,, (lf   ,,,,.,„.„„.
mill' »"oi ..t ti~   >• i i,   i   /. •     v    i-
n.iul.. .1 IJ. J. ( iiininiiiF ,N.  I-,, cor
liii't.i e Kinili 2*1 chaini;
wi-m   120 chains;   Ilu nee
wmm o ■     ', ~ ZT   ""'""'' north  100 clmliis; ihoicoemt 4o
■w«w««wt80«li ; thence sou. (,|i,lil,r,  ,,„,,.,. „,„,, gQ c,infn|.
lb 80 chains to point ofoommenc ihenea Vast SO dmina lo joint  of
i omnit m * n.i nt.
Loottad Mny 22ml. 1007. I.o.'.ilcil May Mlh 1907
A, McCormick L^caU) "■ •'■ Cum urns.  Localor,
I'liinii <l .-ibuiit I mile wesl nf Xo, 21
in.uke I     A   MoCnrmh'k'a No. 3,
Bouth entt corner" ibence weal 60
ohnina) tlieuoc north Mi  chains;
THERE Imve linn fniltines
made l>y Judicious Invi it*
mem in Baal Eatatp, nud
more furtuues will bo made than
evi t tn.* i,. m two or Ihree yi are.
The one wlin naps ll.e hnrtest is
the origin,il invenlor, fur lm I.hh
his in..ney on u (edainiy.
Now let ns poi li I (.nt I.. VOU that
there Is ii i ii-it'T cpiii i.n 'hu Cuii-
t li-ni i * Ittty II* .ii K-t it. tlniii
Trout Lnkei- the prottlestapot
in  ibe  K"oii miyr.; ns u pleasure
result  it hns no equal.     Boating
nnd  flshlug mny b-J   Indulgnd in
tlm year  round; while Iii*.' gums
iu abundiiiice jh t.. tin.- found on
Iini  liill".     Its climiile i" supoi h,
(here being no irn-nt exlretiiea, it
being mild   in winter nml oool in
biiiniiicr.     Ii can bnaal "f "f
lhe finest lintels nml reahloiiccf In
British Columbia,   [taatreela mn
well laid "ut and graded.   Thero
are  Iw-i excellent general storfl,
ami a glnuoo nt tin- ndvcrllseinunls
in tbis j.iiriiiil  will show tlmt nil
Iradeani'o fairly well reproafnted,
Write  with coiiliileuii! t-i Agents.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Make your
selection at
••  •*
••  •*
Then call on
or   write  to
It hss i.sver a   ' hoem "   I*
glow in has heen steady.    I* *
the  bead  < f  navigation,   a--.
the isiii.iiial of  iho   I *■'!<* t ■ »■ « ,
nr ll.e C r lt.     AH road (ia i»i|
Lanleaii)   itmd te Trent Uke    II
is  the enasMsnial  ernire  if lk»j   mineral   district en   *f
riuitiiifiii. ami haa hank lag («•
lice   provided   hy    the   Impel ia'
rant oft armla ; firsl clail iel»S*' dm inn   miller the   dine
lion   id  H. Shanni'ii, MA.; a S*'"'
wiit'-r m Mi in ; giiverurornl <•flri<*«-» •
CoUlll J ('i.n rl   filling*;  Mflh'.l»l
Episcopal md Aufillcaii cbur->*hM
ami coil age hospilal,
There oro raluable inncli lamb
on i ht nu tak Irli nwallftnf leillvt*
lit- iiiml or irccuiees nre uuigm*
jelil, and a hand snw mill wi:l|1*
cnpncil.v ol 00,000 fl. per day is "'
U a head id the lake. Tl.e inln*
liiluiniy aie pruving mil blgf"
producers ever) year, with *""
pro»prcti upeitftig uji uch bodis> •>'
'I I ere will he a l.ig flifh l-,,il
ynir, sn if j ou Would I i' *
iiKie, write iii onco to i ill 'i ''
lhe SgeillS lit   the llilillCSM'H lieloW.
F. B. Wells
Ceneral Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.


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