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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-09-27

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• - •1 - • - **
Ilia* .1 larger ovulation    than   anv
Newspaper   in   N.
jKootanay. Best nd
vertiaing   medium.-
VOL. 2
ftie representative
of the lichLi r.eim
eo&rtry, Sent tc
any address for i-1
pev an. In advano •.
TROUT LAKE CITY, B.C..  ,Sept. 27 ico6
NO.    8
UM)   li)i,i-
I i -*  Noiic* that
ecu m.i.|i* |,i   ,,
\ t T
l*r,. T
IX    S.i I
I   'jiuly
Miners and Loggers
A boot that you tak-* no
chance with. *Q We
guarantee every pair.
t.: Made of French Kip
flock throughout. *5 Always keeps soft and
pliable. _ Made es-
penally for us by Leckie
& Co.
Miners - $7.00
Loggers   $7.50
.;i  < lu.r ps Ki ion   as  tbe utviu
..     ■ Simple,   ■
I l-'-il   '
.    I  . *., ^^^^^^^^
■      ■ i •
Elll'itt, I o* ilm 7i
f . Mie,    A,  I I.     19   .*.
lingular tin ie   ci rtaiu  parcel i r
tr.icl "f Ian.I in il  |'i. n.i ■
I.n g md I" Ing in U.e  I latri I nl
I-i "'. naj  ii. U.e I'm.iii'. .* of r.i i-
11■-11  Columbia, more particularly
known in 'I d. SCI id«d nr-—
I   ■ 3 Block 52,   Lot 47 Dlock 47
Matters Political.
Af; in  from   tbo "Vancouver
World " an I " Kelson Neivs " comes
I at Premier MoBrldB is at
-nl     to   tl.-
if iv ntn lhe
have v.*t anil .* cannot
why, i" al
■• iniit !-lioiilt|
\ i ording  i >
■ " going     i,
i . opla
In Hut , nini- count
■   '    ' ll'     1 - ■ I V. - T* I! 111 (■ 11 ■
car of life  ni
... unt      "l   n mon
■ tllCm  llll!   II   r,    1
it Mi in gjvo it tip,
The mailer of preparing for a
winters work in  fo far ns oul
work   11 '■ nt*. ''nol is about   c ni*l
two i .*i|..*i'i it Is a foregona
snclu-ioM  ili.it   t''o   conge-
wipB-J  out of. x-
nt i he inii;
develi ; ■ •   I     '■' *	
i" h ■ *,!. ■   lo give  a full rcpurl
tho intends 1 work.
Some good prf.ppecting work
lias I...!, il..ir.* on tbs Jumbo taine
up the Three Mile basin this fall.
■;i.*r.r nr.r tiro distinct leads on the
.Mr. Mn,nn ni ni''. < •■■,.,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—. ,   .,
^^m perty, one running   with the
n nn.l tl ih. r (nittitio i'.
.initt who  hn - I" en doing
:,  • confim il  bin
ihe junction ol the le d*.
did      '   wei I. nnd found
i'ii    nf un
Bilvei B
Lead, £18.10**!.
Mr«   .1. .),
Monday niuli
A11   ■ ■ ■;    rel ui
from a visit to I.
'       ■■ i   1     !."   Wlj'-'l
i-t* nco when it com ■• to another
v..!.* in,.I for thnt n a m only we
w-.uld   1,'H     . thii k   Unit  tIa«-_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
^^^^_ present   holders   uf office    would      i;  R. VipondN  iarolly are mov
and Lots L'B and 27  Block 51  all slay with it for the period of elect*
■  rowu of Trout Lake.               .i.   Su-*  u-.*  |..,*.•,      i, \ ]U-,i t(,^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^
Map (I !l...,.r „,,l «•,.  «, *_.i_.  i I    Astockofdry  goods notions  i
tag lo I'oplar fui tii.j Winter.
'I i.    a •.■. rage val*
in-   If! I  in   g ild, '17
nun. es in  -iiv r nn I 60 per **• nl
lead,    Tbo  properly  i-   well
lly unly m Few h
from !"■. n nn I by A. M.
t'niig i .1 •!   Schmitt.   S
nt work will be .1 me this fall.
Vi'i and each 'I   you that it will be immpossible for
< j vi i r.-<l t r ntest the claim of  I the Liberal   party lo v. in mit
(ax purchaser within fourteen < ... „*i*
fr..'ii lire 'i.r** ol ih   - r\ ice d tl
j being  put   in
inv** i.i  lake  the
  _     lie '  lime
notice uj you.ai din del ■  man who had to
•av.a' at.   of lis pi miens havi bis leg  taken off, they ^ ant
.  tl  be done with it.
it the Post   office I SILVER CUP.
^^^^^^^^^H There in li lie new about tl *
i   ■ i\.ir!;    is I" ;n_
N„. •   (;,,'l"'-h-.l Meitdily   and    tho  usual
iter the first
of on ' '*.• i out,
thu ii**"''
B.I •■ .  1
pply I     t|    Hon. 01    '
iner nf I Work*
Mr    McBi denied
thought of bringing ou nn election, j for a special  licence  lo cut and
•arry away limln from tbe foi-
owinc described Ian Is altuatul ii
Timber Claim No 3-
Commencing at a post planted
.. North side r,f Poplar creel
mi feet from the river hank about
6 milea from Poplar  marked N
v |  Han's  N    Bi   eemet   poat
\\ . ■  BO   .ion"-   I
- .   Chains   thence East   80
:!..;,.'.*   N**»rth     BO
•    point "I '   *i:ini*ii.*liieiit.
Located Bept 15,1906,
N. M, l.ellnn
locator. ,
being lil. .I u iinni snch peri,
will be forevei I  aid de*
I ' laim
to or in respect of the said  land.| He is right.   Why should the Pro
and   [shall   register    I. vince be put to lhat expense to eat
Charlea Elliott aa owner th isfy a small minority?   The Pro- j WcstKootenay Dislrit
Dated al Land Regletry Office ince is prosjrerous under Conser-
ICelson, Province ol British Colnm-jtivc rule and the people nre
Ida, this 28th day of Aug it, -i. D.|satisfied. If we had an election
■'•'''• ry litne these iwi repreai ntative
IL 1' Maeleod Liberal jnun a If wanted it there
District Reglstrai would be mighty little money lcfi
To Raymond and Vogeler A. 0 t. build roads and trails.
Smith,Wm Tbompson.F B.W.	
I ■.. b * Claim H.0 4.
John Al I
N* lice i^ hen
in two in •■       •       •     first   Pub*
[ in the Briiisl   I
unihia (.luetic. I Intend  toapply
to the   Hon.  Chief  l   I
^^ltttaaaaaaaaaaamm^^^^^^^^       "1 Lands an I Works   for
.   ■-.mi-icing at a i u*\ p'.autcd li,^.,,,.. .0 ,.„, ,„,| ,.urv ,,v lV
■ Ae of Poplar   rr.*, k   |l(.r   {nm   |he   •„-.„„■„., ,i. .
i the creek bar t« about     **,    iituat*<l in West  Kootenay:
7 miles Lorn Poplar mann-d  N       Timber Claim, No. 0.
N.    E.   corn, it    |   It Commencing al 0 p       ilanted
West 80   chains    tbenc.   0n the North aide of Poplar creak,
vi chains thenee   I I feat from the river bank
then-.*   North 80  chains 8 miles from Poplar, marked Cha
Sanson's N  li .  rner post, tl
I We«t B0 chaini, thei      E    tli 80
|chains,   thenoe   Ii.
I thenoe North SO ehains. back  to
poinl "f eonirn■•iiciiif nt.
I     ited Sept 15 1908
.   Hanson.
: ■ ■ it ir.
Timber Claim. No. 1.
Commencing at a post planted
nn ths Nortii side of Poplar creel
200 f' el frt'tti the river hank I
4 miles from Poplar, marked Chas
Ha neons V li. corner post, thonce
Weal so chain*, thence South 80
chains, thenee    Rati   SO chaiu*,
thence North  S.I chains,  back lo
point of commencement.
I     ited Sep!  18, IW6.
Chai Hi
buk tf> point of ennimencctmn;.
tied Sept. 15 1906.
N   McLcllan
Notice h hereby  given tUat 60
days after tha (fret publication of
. ;tice in the British Colombia Oatelte,  I int. nl i" -Ml'1)   ,{;
Ibe Hon. Chiel OommiMioner of
lands and Work* tor a ipecUl Li*
to cut and earry  nway  lim*
from tit*  following described
tmdi iltoated in Wert Kootenay.
C : mendii nt a'port plwwd
stHsrry Ungreh N   B   oorner-
tbont   I   mi!--.'    ir""1   !
;       on the Ueaton wagon road
n.aik I Ed   ftlllmaui N W
ner post.Jth.        i   *'  -' chaim
thence 8.   tli 80   ohaina   thenee
Wi t80 chaina thonea  North 80
.i to point ..f c .'.ni-ti*'scat i.
Located Sej.t 10, 1908
Kd Hillman,
local -r
E. A. Haggen.
Sto. -i 91 sre .ir..l FlnanoUl Broker
Real I
I I M I'll;   AND   MINKS
! *
Boll reoi
lea in
il 1 si •■  i ■ *       *       iton
>,1  to.
Sutv daya after data I Intend lo
apply to tl..* hon.  ChW Con
I   1.1 ids  nnd   Work-   In
perm    nn to parobaes the lollo
■uu d.   trlbed   lands   situate  ii
"* sna Hay, UppM  Arrow   Lake
IV K .. tcnay dtelrlcl    Commenc
Ins ut a post  marked t Wateon*!
N E, onrni r poet, thonce north 2T
chains,  ther,.-   «•>(   40  "
thence smith twenty ohaim.thenn
east forty ohaina to point  of com
Dcnceioent and containing eiylity
acrt'8 tnorr or less
FtttNK I. PAimos.
July IStli.lOOG.
Notice is hereby given ihnt pixty
dayi after dale   I   Intend lu npp*>
to the Ohlef Commissioner of Lai <!•■
»H'I Works for permisninn to pur-
fhase tlm following described In th
utuated at Trout Lnkn, West Knot
"my !>ii»trie.(,andconiiii<'iieing at
I'oct innrked K. L. Maalerson'
N.W. corner, thenco south '2-
ohaina, thunce «nnt   '20   chaini
mora or less lo nhnro of Trout Laki
tin in*.* northerly along lake ihot
to touth-t.! i corner poal ol !.■
'••o, th.-nco west along line ol I
• M\q post ot eoininnnCemi'iil.<"i
'•'lining -10 aeres more or lens*
*'»tcd '2nd Aug., lSurt
E. L. Ma9Tehpo>
Timber Claim N
i' mmencing nt .i posl planted
on il e North side ol Poplar i
.l> -ii .'. milea from Poplar marked
I'has. Ilnii-.ii-1  N    V.   c
thenn*    Wesl   SO   chnins.   ll
South 80 chains   thi ni     East I
* haini thenoe North SO ehains,
i. n-k in poinl of eommenci mi i t,
1     i'.*.l Sepl  18, 1906.
Clint.. Hanson,
Nolle- i« h.*r. i.y given thai with
in hi., months from the first pub-
..ti l'.er.*"f in the British Colombia Gatette, I Intend lo apply
lo the Hon. chief Commissions]
nf Lands nn.l Worki for a spe.-isl
licence to cut and carry away tini-
->i from the fol'owing described
lands pituat.d in  West Kootenay
Notice in hereby i*ivi*n that Ver-
ry Medeorpe, Mining Engineer of
Trout   Lake,   B, C,  hnn  been  op-
polnted the now  Attorney  of  Ihi
-CheitnutHUI Mining Company '
" Non Personal Liability " In Ihi
i| ice of Tl*..mm" K. El rehart,
Inted thii Filth dayol Seplei   er
Ainsworth Lice nco Pi sl
N Iii. - ■ r by givi n thai SO
- iflet tin* lir-t publication ol
this notice, I i' tend to apply for a
transfer of my been. .* for the King
hotel at Air.sivt nh to Eleanor
Bruce White of Nelson paid a
•'.tin' rip tj the district lirst part
of the week.   There  is evidently s
•'ei]on wi'!, ihe Winslow,although
Commeucing at a post  planted
nt Hurry Langreli Bouth-Kat*
in i | ■-t im rlieii Malcolm lh ntn ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Nt.iih-Kiist corner post ul.o.it i I tlie gentlemen would any nothing
miles from Tt>nt Lake on th. ■ '■' It. I' is. however a -i-.'ni1*.-
'. thence west I fact thath e went to Enderby
80 chains, tht i
lint    ■
Lot  ledSept  1st   '
:   •
Notice 'u hereby .
days nfter the pi
tl in  nol . .*   ui    ih    Britirh  * i
niiilti"   (Iri/.Me.  I i* •  ■      '     mn'ft.
a|»| Heal ion lo   thc   : •    ft
f  r i.
away limb, i for   the  fi I!. v\i
.   in    U i -•
1.    '
M.  I
..i I      •     1 * .     i*      • We nev*
iiinn    cretk  and UonMer | era busiuo.-a but
I ivh.*' i'i     ■• vii .rs is al
Wo    kn iw   thnt a
.1    ii.i   in.-   man   is
.I offer  bround   in
Iro ii   reliable men
I *.'.i •  prop -rty  in qu
:   ir •■• mirli'iR pro-
■ii and  if tne protect* '1 di sl
- through a  stamp mill will he
put up "ii  the   hike d '-■' I •   tOWO.
• been  m i Asta
:n.- hit   owing
ween the diff-
v. however that
lone   the;. their way
ropoaiti iu off*
We never hi.        s
it ii 11 li11j    i
A  goo 1   slril.*      |       ■■ has  been
in ido during this last week on the
U tck Diamond group up II. *
creek,   A shin.* oi nre between 18
*■' ide was ani it
and stiii ped fo   80 fl   ihowing tbe
ore to be continuous both  in f|uai
ity nn.l f-izn.   'I he    pn p. rty
owi i d by the  Seattle   u I r i
Mining Co  who have  their  head
quarters al Seattle.
The work on tho Impsrial Limit, d on Gold Ciui' 1. 1. *- * *
down   for  tbe    -    * The  l*»nd
waa struck and shows uy well being highly minora iscd When
struck it was about 170 from
th" portal and hu? a verti-
ial depth ol aboul 200 feet About*1
10,") fei-t more wo'k has to he done
before they u-H under the s-irf.ce
showing. The proeerly is owned
by a syn lic'il • * I Vane 'iver men.
A. J. • - rdon, of Ferg it in is also
interested and has bad charge of ]
bs  work.
IIS.    B33t   Boys    Boot   OTi
All    our     I.* ['"in   th •
smallest Youth's  lo i be larg-
gi  I Men's nisi s. contain noth-
i.at No.  1    leather nnd
I be cut rep   - •'- our Hoy's
H    i Cal Box Calf Bal. It ia
ui id -   witb   bellows tongue,
silver i v bets and stud book
r a foot form last.
J. Leckie Co
I. X. L.
Local and General.
We regret to I"Arn that Mr,
Shannon has handed in bis resig*
nation as sch roi teacher. While
hero and at Ferguson Mr. Shannon
has provctl a capable and
-■akiiiz instructor an i ivt
fear that it«iii 1* roma time bo-
ore we can W  un*
We look toe. . early next
north 80 chains,   them*,
chaii      '    ■
Dat. Mi::.   .
M.D  ■
Notice - Iv   i II
I j      ■'-'■■r    thfl    pu       uion
; this nol eo   in   tl.
, umbia Gazetts, I intend  -    m !*.*
ap,'lie iii ni t.< the 11 •:• Ch
ini'siii.iir of !. in 1-nn.l Works An
John   Munro
t meeting of ihe   Board nf  Li-| a spe.iul lioonsa to cul und onrri
Cnromisioners will be  held
at thc Mining  Recorder's oili.-e al
Troul Lako, on Tuesilny 2nd  •
. even o'clock in tho
naldur tbe above sp
W il  Bnllock-Websl r,
i hi* f Licence Inr]
August, 1906.
tw.iy tm i -r f •> ii   the foil   ■
de«oribe I  lands  --is nate l in We |
Ko t'o iay Uis't   eiiinui<>ncing
I   KI. IfiI    .
oi • .*
p M .  ■ ■■! ii   He tl   .'-SI
' ' *' :riin«,
on ti. r properties
■  producing mu   i more
than i  i* al thc present time.
The work on the I.X.I, ia be*  derstand  Mr.  Shannon
Ing pushed steadily m d is purely about the first of tbe year.
..f a prospecting   and   leveloping
nature.   We understand the foree;    Taith without   works is of Rule
will be increased shortly. \tvre\l.   This bibli*.
 —,  ^ been plow-1 ti:..c*>  « i      at i
ber.    We might have r:il I Inr- faith
 jpoiieible  in or   .*•.■!-;,•!"•   ifr.e
A fori     of men  arc at work on don't  get  in   and ..   won't
the   dir- count for roach.   Wc- bave a
.-cti-.n i-t"  Mr.  Wagner putting in known that tie  Abrahamson boys
the u.per - ction   of thi   flume, and A, G. Fwser
This will  1*    completed  in   a few  in Trout Lake and are now prov-
.1.1 vs when the water will he turned lng it by clearing off a large part
.nt.. ii and  w irk  commenced on of the Andrew  Abrahamson
the bottom of tbe creek bed.    Torn Uim lo   the to„n,j;t,    Go   t0 it
Levall in lhe meat gentlemen  the -  that   hav*
the pnmp and  elevator in  shape.  bwa hovering 'over us  for
tiiin.* last  are now  clearing  away
and prosperity for ths town is  aa
Died;—Al m Hos ita! o"
the St6th inai . Joseph Henry  Mc
I .tr'. i d a .t d 78 yeara.   The inter
ment took place at the Trout I iki
eernetary on  Thursday '.'7 h inst.
Serrioee were  conducted  by Rev.
Ven. Ar hdeao. n Beer wi 1 I    I
Bcrvi.   - -■ ■      '.   : '.em ehun
Fr»d. U. Elliot left for Revel-]
stoke on Monday morning to get Oswald Woods lift Monday
matters in ehapeforthe opening morning for Arrowhead where be
up of hia office which will be un- takes one atep up the ladder which
der the Care of C. E.Gillian into leads to the presidency of the Imper
..f Rossland with whom be has en* lal Hank of Canada. Oswald has
tered into partnership.   We wi-d. crown up in  Trout Lake trom his
the new firm nil pr... |ierity.
It inst. both
B0 eha i.i     wi ,i
The nave
Dated 28rd of Aug,   I i
1    !     i i , 1 1  1   1 S
IV H. McLennan returned M n-
dav ni^-ir from the i oast whi
: ir two iii eks Dan informs us that he came home entirely setiade I with - Its  of
his 'rip for which we are all thankful.
infancy and has been with the bank
since   it   started   lure.     He    was
by everybody which   was
evidenced  by  I i ■■   number
who turned out at a farewell dance
given Iiim Satu . i.t.
v   ■■•
Gents Furnishings
] m. mifj^fjfmm* mmrtSWmm
"■ "■*•'' "
Alt!., ii-h our lo:al Agricnltural
ty did nut r. cl. \e ai y of iinni. gi intent prii : I ■ ■
table exhibits at the Kelson 1
the man passed on
• • •! exhibit wa- vi rv encouraging
..: i| the advertising » ■ i-*>i B .-
well worthy of the time and trouble taken to prepare it-
The I..'.-is s.n! bj lident
Hunt were n >i 61 the •-. I
variety but one< well kuow
him, he having raised ihem from
their inf.i *. iy, Preai lent Andrew
Abranamson sent some \ ry Bnc
spud* which for r ii in are informed were noi equalled ... d
which were raised on the ground
lately  cover.. I by the old   Queeni
Hot. i. The only peculiarity obout
this part <>f the exl.il.it \\-*» the
fuel lhat owing to tin-opcneis ol
th** ground and its easy scttess il
.visa strange thin*; thai hn wai
iii.'c to fin I nny to lend Be
t iry Treasurer, A. Q Fn ir
some carrot*-, turnips and fsbbage
which he thought for -liz,. would in
a way eh w the magnitude of bi*
eu in Trout Lnkn Well, he
Ii. R. Vipond
teaming outfit ..t I'oplar where he
has taken .. for tho cl Br
ing ol   all  iii'-r hantabls   t
Irom Ibe  I : *r the  Cana
dian Pacific l'u. ' er V.., Tl e only
thing Kd sa>-: i- troubling Imu
i*. in. scarcity of ui
Mr i.. n - Levall of Spokane
mpanied by Mra.]
t.imi y ai,-iie.l in town Fiiday
nighl. Tbey have taken np their
in Norris Bmitb,s I i i
on Park Avenue. Mr, Levall is
heavily interested iu the placer
works and intends putting lu the
r. inti: bore.
New ton W. Emmens, E. M, of
Pittsburg, Pa., i.Mis. Emmens and
hi Ugh ter arrived on Monday
nights boat. Mr. Euiniens along
with Mr. J. K. Bottoiofi are tho
gentlemen who nre swinging tho
Broadview deal. It is Mr. Em*
mens Inl. i tion to permanently
i ike up liU residence at Trout
Lake He -il---') lias tho Silver Doi*
lar property nt Camborne for th.i
Klwood Tin Workers Co. of El-
wikkI, Indiana.
R. S me up from
borne during thu tvwit
H es mm* esse ^♦♦♦^^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<
in: * om miliary sent for by si.
Fauvel soon made bis appearance. A short mnn dress-
ed In n full suit of black,
wblcb was slightly relieved L.v n crumpled collar, followed blm. The banker,
scarce!; bowing to blm, said:
"Doubtless, monsieur, you have lieen
apprised t,r th,. painful circumstance
m iii.'ii compels in..- to imve recourse to
3..in- assistance?"
•it is iiiiniii u robbery, I believe."
"Yes; nn Infamous snd mysterious
robbery committed In tbis office, fr,..n
the safe ymi mi* open there, of which
my eaahler"—-be pointed to Proeper-—
'alone possesses thu key urn! the
'tills   ileelarntlon   seemed   te   nronse
the unfortunate cashier from his stu-
'i'ar.lon me, monsieur," lie sal.1 ta
the commissary In a low tune.   "My
chief also has the word nn.l the key."
••I should hsve said so."
The commissary Rt nnre understood
that these two men accused each other.
•Well." ho said, "n robbery has l.een
■perpetrated,  hut  by  whom?    Did the
robber enter from without?"
The hanker hesitated a moment
"1 think not," be said at last
"And I nm certain he did not," said
Tbe   commissary   was  prepared   for
tin.se answers, hut it did not suit his
purjiosc to follow them up Immediately.
"However," said hc, "we must mnke
On selves sure of It" Turning toward
his companion. "M. Fanferlot," he said,
"go nnrl see If you cannot discover
some traces that may have escaped
the attention of these gentlemen."
M. Fanferlot, nicknamed "The Squirrel." was Indebted to bis prodigious
agility for this title, of which he was
not a little proud. Slim ainl Insignificant tn appearance, he might In spite
of his Iron muscles, be taken for a bailiff's under clerk ns he walked along
ned up to the oli 1 n In his thin
black overcoat lie ha.l ..ne of those
faces that impress us disagreeably—an
odiously turned up nose, thin lips and
little restless black eyes. Fanferlot,
who had been on the police force for
five years, burned to distinguish himself, to make for himself a name. He
was nmliiilinis. Alas hs was utisuc-
..--fnl, lacking opportunity or genius.
A1 r.*:i.i.i, before the commissary s|mke
to him, he had ferreted everywhere—
studied the doors, sounded the parti-
t ons, examined the wicket and stirred
up the ashes In the Ore]
"It would be very difficult," paid be,
"f.tr B stranger to enter here."
He walked art'iin 1 the office.
"Is this door closed at nightV" he Inquire*].
"It is always locked."
"At *1 who k.t ps the kl J':"
"The dlllce boy, to whom I nlways
give  It  In  charge   before  leaving   lhe
bank," said Prosper.
"This boy," said M. Fauvel. "sleeps
In the outer room on a sofa bedstead,
■winch be unfolds at night and folds up
In the morning."
"Is he bert-V" Inquired tlie commissary.
"Yes, monsieur," answered the banker.
He op. ii.-.1 tbe door and called:
Thi-* boy had been a confidential servant of M. I'auvel for ten years. He
knew   ihat he would not be suspected
imt tb.- hlin of being connected -. m a
robber) is terrible, and be entered the
room trembling like a lesf.
"Did .uu sleep in tl.*- next room lsst
night?" usked the commissary of poll..*.
"Yea monsieur; as usual."
"At whst hour did yon go to bed?"
"About half pas! 10.   1 bad spent the
even ng at a cafe near by with monsieur's valet"
"Did you hear no noise .luring tbe
night '.•"
"NO,  nni]  Mill   I   Sleep so lightly  that
if mi ■ mes down lo the cash
room when I nm asleep I am Instantly
awakened by tbe sound of his foot
steps "
'i>'..*-. M.   I'niiM 1 often ."ine to the
eaahrooD al night?"
"No  d DOslem . i. ty si lh .in."
"i'ii I"* • * mi lait night?"
".Vi. monsieur; I nm very certain he
did not, for l -.ins kepi swsks nearly
nil night by tl offee i had
drunk «ni. tbe valet"
"That will d..." said the commissary.
"Vou may retln."
Mil* n Anselme bsd left the room,
Fanferlot resumed his search.
"'■ "I '1 the door of ths banker's
Iprivate italrcaai
"Where do U.es.* stairs lend to?" be
"To my private office," replied M.
"I" not that the room," nsked the
commissary, "to which l wus conducted when 1 first came?"
"liv i-i lv."
"I would like to see It." said Fanferlot, "iiiiii examine tbs entrances to it"
"Nothing is mors easy," aald M. Fau-
re) eagerly. "Come, gentlemen, and
jon come too. Prosper."
If. Fauvel'a private office consisted of
two rooms the wetting room, sumptu*
.iii-i.v decorated, snd tbs study, where
h« transacted business. Tbe furniture
in this room wss composed of u large
office desk, several leather covered
chairs ami on either side of ths Hre-
'■ eecretarj and a bookshelf.
These two rooms bsd three doors,
""• opened on ths private stairway,
minii!. r into tbs banker's bedroom, and
lb. third Into tbs main vestibule, it
WSS through this Inst door that the
banker's clients and visitors were ad-
milled, m. Fanferlot examined the
studj lie seemed puzzled like s mnn
iiim inni Bettered himself with tbs
booe of discovering something and had
U \wmwmTm) • WmJmm% • ©
loiitid notning.
"Let us see the adjoining room," he
lie passed Into the waiting room, followed by the banker and tbe commissary of police.
Prosper remained nlnne In the study.
Notwithstanding tbe disordered state
of his mind, be could tint but perceive
llial his situation was every minute
becoming more serious, Beating himself on a sofa near tbe fireplace, be was
absorbed In the most gloomy forebodings when the banker's chamber door
suddenly opened nn.l n beautiful girl
appeared upon the threshold, she wns
tail un.l slender, a looss morning
gown, confined at tbe waist by a sim
pie black ribbon, betrayed to advantage u.e graceful elegance of her figure.    Her hlnck  cy.s   wen* large nnd
soft, her complexion bad tbe creamy
pallor of u while camellia, and h.-r
beautiful dark hair, carelessly held to
gi iini* by a tortoise shell comb, fell it.
a profusion of soft curls upon ber e.v
qulsita   lick.      She    WUS    XI.    I ".111 vol's
iii  Madeleine, nf whom be bad -im
ken not long before,    Beelng Prosper
l'.eili'iny lu lhe simly, where probably
she expected to lind her uncle alone,
she could imt refrain from 1111 exclamation of surprise,
I'rosper started up ns If he had re-
Celved an electric shock.    His eyes, a
n nt before SO dull ami heavy, nil
at nine sparkled with joy si if be hud
caught a glimpse of a messenger of
"Madeleine." lie cried; "Madeleine!"
The young girl blushed crimson. She
seemed about to hastily retreat and
stepped back; inn. Prosper having advanced toward ber, sin* wns overcome
by something stronger thnn her will
ainl extended her band, which be seized nm! pressed eagerly. They stood
thus face to face, but with bowed
Finally Madeleine said In a scarcely
audible voice:
"Y"u. Prosper—yon!"
These words l-j-oke the spell. Prosper
dropped tbe white bund which be held
un.l sniwOTed bitterly:
"Yes, this l- Prosper, the companion
of your childhood—suspected, accused
of the most disgraceful theft—Prosper,
whom your uncle has Just delivered up
t.i Justice and who. In fore the day Is
over, will be arrested and thrown inte
Madeleine, with a terrified gesture,
cried in a tone of profound sympathy:
"Good heavens! i'rosper, what ure
you saying?"
"Whut! Do you not know? Have
ii"t your aunt and cousins told von?"
"ii.i*- Imve toltl me nothing.   1 have
* ly    seell    lll.V    COaSillS    this    III'.Ill-
Ing. nnd my aunt Is bo III that 1  felt
uneasy and came to tell uncle. But for
ake speak.    Tell me  what
Prosper hesitated.   Perhaps It occur-
t'*tl to tjiin to open his heart to Madeleine, of revealing to h-*r his most secret thoughts   a remembrance of the
past com ng up .hilled his confidence.
He -icily shook his bead and replied:
"Thanks, mn.len,',:-! lie. for this proof
of Interest, the last, doubtless, that I
shall cr receive frnm you. Hut Sllow
ine. I.y being silent, to spare you distress anil myself tbs mortification of
blushing before you."
Madeleine interrupted blm with nn
Imperious gesture:
"1 Insist upon knowing." she said.
"Alas,     mademoiselle!"     answered
Pr   per.  "1  learn
mj misfortune and my d igrace. Then,
yes. then you will applaud yourself for
whut juu have done."
run -in i.e. rune more urgent in
it'ri'i Hiding  she entreated
but Prosper wns Inflexible.
^ uii um li i- Itt tbe adjoining room,
msdemolnelle, with the commissar; of
police snd ■ detective.   They will - i
return. I entreat you to retire tbsl
tbej ii.n.i imi find you here."
a- hi ipoke be gently pushed her
through the door, -lie resisting, nnd
closed ll upon ber it was time, for
th* next momenl Ibe commissary nn.l
M I' i ii* i eiii. red. i hi) bad visited
the mala entrance and wa Ing ro m
and bad beard nothing of what bad
passed in ibe study. But Psoferlot
bsd hear.i for tbem. Tbli excellent
bloodhound bsd nol lost sight of I ie
easbl. r, Hs said to himself "if be
believes himself to be «i me, hi- (Si •■
«ill betray blm. I ahull detect a
smile or u wink Unit will mean something."
Leaving M Fauvel and the commissary to pursue ii„ i Investigations, be
posted himself to natch. He saw the
doer open und Madeleine appear upon
the threshold. He lost not a single
word   or   gesture   of   the   rapid   scene
which had passed betwc n Prosper and
the young girl. It mini, red little that
every word of this scene was an enigma. M. Fanferlot was skillful enough
lo complete the sentences he did not
understand. As yet be only had a
suspicion, but u suspicion ll a point to
start from. He was prompt In building n plan upon tbe slightest incident,
thinking he saw In  the past of these
people whom he did not kpow glimpses
of a domestic drama. If the commissary of police is a skeptic, the detective hns faith.    He believes In evil.
"This Is the situation," suld he to
himself. "'J'hls mnn lows the young
lady, who Is really very pretty, and as
he Is quits handsome I suppose his
love Is returned. This love ritfalr vexes
the banker, who, not knowing how lo
get rid of (he luiportunnle lover by fair
means, has to resort to foul and plans
this pretended robbery, which Is very
'Jims to M. liinferlot'B mind the
bunker hnd simply robbed himself, and
the Innocent cashier was the victim of
an odious machination.
Ueanwblle, the search up stairs com-
plctcil. lhe searcher! returned to Prosper1!* otllce. Tbe commissary, who had
seemed  so culm  when  he  UfBt came.
now looked rifflouK ITIe moment for
taking n decisive part having come, be
"You see, gentlemen," be began, "our
search has only confirmed our first
M. Fauvel and I'rosper assented.
"Aud what do you think. M. Fanferlot?" continued the commissary.
The detective did not answer. Occupied lu studying the safe luck, he manifested signs of surprise. Evidently he
had Just made an important discovery,
Noticing this, M. Fauvel, Prosper umi
the commissary rose and surrounded
"Have you discovered any trace?"
asked the bunker eagerly.
Fanferlot turned around With a dissatisfied air. He reproached himself
for not having concealed his linpivs
"Oh," snld be carelessly, "I have discovered nothing of Importance!"
"But we should like to knuw," sold
"I have merely convinced myself
that this safe has been recently opened
or shut, I know not which, wilh gnat
violence and haste."
"Why so?" usked the commissary,
becoming attentive.
"Do you see this scratch near the
The commissary took a magnifying
glass that the detective had used,
stooped down and carefully examined
the safe. He saw n light scratch on
the outer coat of varnish.
"I see It." said he. "Hut whut dues
thai prove?"
"Ob, nothing at nil," said Fanferlot
"as I said before."
Fanferlot said thia, but l.e did not
think lt This scratch recently made
had for lilm ii signification that escaped the others. He hnd discovered a
corilirnintii.il of his suspicions. If the
cashier had stolen millions, there wus
no occasion for his Iielng In a hurry.
The banker, creeping down In the dead
of the night softly for fear of awaken-
Ing the boy in the anteroom lu order
to ride his own money safe, had every
reason to tremble, to hurry, to hastily
withdraw the key, which, slipping
along the lock, scratched the varnish.
Resolved to unravel hy himself the
tangled thread of this affair, the detective determined to keep his conjectures to himself. For the sume reason he was silent as to the Interview
which he had overheard between
Madeleine and I'rosper. He hastened
to withdraw attention from the
"To conclude," he said, addressing
the commlsssry, "I am convinced that
no one outside of the bank could have
obtained access here. The safe Is Intact No suspicious pressure lias been
used on the movable buttons. I can
affirm that the lock has not been tampered with by burglar's tools or lalsc
keys. Those who opened the safe
knew the word and had the key."
This formal affirmation of a man
whom he knew to be skillful ended the
hesitation of tl.e commissary.
"That lielng the case," he replied. "1
must request a few moments' conver-
satioti with M. Fuuvel."
"1 am nt your service." said the
Prosper foresaw the result. He
quietly placed his hat on the table to !
show that he had no Intention of nt
tempting to escape and passed Into tbi
adjoining office, Fanferlot also weni
out. but not before the commissar)
had made him a sign uml received u
response. Tbe sign signified, "Y..u an
responsible for this man." Tin* detec
tlve needed no admonition 10 mul..
bin keep an attentive watch. Ills )
suspicions were too vague, his desln
for success wus t,,o ardent, f ■■ '
lose sight of Prosper an instant Therefore following the cashier Into the office he scuted himself !n a .lurk corner
of the room, and, pretending to be
sleepy, he filed himself In a comforts-
I le i"sltlon for taking a nap, gaped
until his Jawbone seemed about to be
dislocated and finally closed his eyes
Prosper seated himself at the desk of
an ultseiit clerk. Tbe others were
burning to know the result of the Inquiry. Their eyes shone with curiosity, hut they dared not ask a question.
Unable to restrain himself any longer.
little Cavailloti, Prospers defender,
"Well, who is the robber?"
Ii"-I"*r shrugi:.-.! his shoulders.
"Nobody knows," be ri plied.
(To be Continued i
Why None or Ti.i-m I. Mentioned Iii
the  Anuals ut  the Uauie.
Ladles' chess clubs me belug established lu various parts of the country!
special Inducements ure held out for
Iheir patronage by the promoters of
national and International tournaments,
nud articles ou the game appear regu
larly lu Journals which cuter specially
to them.  Women have always plsyed
luid  tuken  part  lu   the gain.-,   though
probably never to tbe earns .-stent as
uow. It Is, therefore, remarkable thut
in the whole of Its enormous literature
there does not appear the nuuie of
uuy woman among the stars of tlm
first, second or third magnitude, One
may go through  volume after volume
containing thousands of games and aot
find tt slugle om* played by women
«inch any editor thought worthy of a
permanent record.
When the iitieritlou hns been raised
before, ll has been involved  with  lhat
of tbe Intellectual superiority of one
sex over the other. Today the answer
to   this   would   be   totally   InsdeqUStO
und Inconsequential   There ars men in
the front rank of players ut the pros-
cut moment who by no stretch of tbs
Imagination or tbe term can bs sni.l to
occupy their position on account of exceptionally intellectual endowments.
While the gams always sppeala to ba
tellectual men and women. Intellect l»
not the only factor which makes the
great player.
A careful examination of the games
of players whom the world recognises
as great reveals the fact thai lhe r.i,
uities and qualities of concentration,
comprehensiveness, Impartiality and.
above ull, a spark of originality, are
to be found Iu combination uud In varying degrees, ihe absence of these
qualities lu wouu.ii explains why i...
member of the feminine sex has occupied any high position as a chess
There are many women who are cur
nest students of chess whose knowledge of tbe theory, principles nnd nil
tlie uccouterinenis of ibe game Is phenomenal Hut mere knowledge t.i i.
mnke notiody great. Taking results,
good Judgment is much superior to
knowledge Imperfectly applied.—London Saturday Review,
U llll., m.i.,., ,.   Observatory,
The lir-t observatory  wus located at
Wllllamitown, M.iss.. in 1888.
Th.  Kitnr    tic***   Krum   th.-    I heoa. >l>h -
leal  i*..i...  uf  Slew.
There Is nothing more wonderful In
tbe chronological and time keeping Iras
thun th.* Iii,*,,sophi,nl Calendar, According to the Secret I .".trine." From I
the theosophicul point of view Ihe four
ages are as follows: Sata yuga (goldeu
age), 1,738,000 yeara; treats yuga (sliver agei, 1.2U-U.."." years; dwapara
yuga (copi-er age., 884,000 years; kail
yuga (Iron agei. i82,000 yeara The I
total of these four ages uiiikes one
m.iha yuga. or great age, of iJtSDfiOO
years, One thousand maba yogas
make oue   kalpa,  or day  of  iirahuia, ;
e.iual to i..h«i times ♦JBOjff'W yeara.
After the expiration of that uiitliink- ,
able period of time the uight of lira lima, c.inul In duration lo tl.e length of
the day. comes ou, and the earth vanishes from the plane of sxlstencs
Three hundred aud sixty days ani
nights of Brahma make oue year of
Brahma, and 100 years of llrabina :
make the great kalpa, a period of 311.- I
040,000,000,000 years, after which the
sun am] the entire solur system plunge
Into Impenetrable ulgbt aud everything ou the "objective plane" Is de
stroyed. Then comes the period known
as the great ulgbt. which la equal In
length to the great kalpa. After the
great night haa lifted Its sable mantle
a tiew solar system ia formed aud evolution begins anew.
According to the doctrlue of the the-
osophlsts, we are now living lu the
kali yuga, the lust of the four ages,
and It began nearly 5,000 years ago,
with the deuth of Krishna, who died
3.1.C years before our era began. The
firsl unuor cycle of kull yuga ended
lit the yenrs 1807-08, but we still have
something like 427,000 before wa arrive Bt the end of the present nge.
Kali yuga Is also known to the the-
osopblsta ns tin* blink age. It Is an
age of spiritual darkness, In which the
human race pays for the misdeeds
Which are recorded against them lu the
previous ages.
Klemeu.a  of   Ub'll.
Wheat in  100 parts contains 14 4 of
water;  mineral  elements,  2;  albuminoids,  13; carbohydrates, 87.6; crude
fiber, 3; futs. If,.
Greenland's Glory.
The largest nia.ss of Ice In the world
is probably the one which fills up near
ly the whole of tht Interior of (Jreen
land, where It has accumulated since <
before  'he  dawn  of  history.  It  Is  be
lleved now to form a block about Con,- ;
000 square inlleB and a half ln  thick  j
noun. According to these statistics, the '
lump of Ice is larger In  volume thai
the whole body of water In the Medl
tarraneaa, and there Is enough of it ti
cover the whole of the  I'n ited  King |
dom of Qreat Britain and Ireland with
a layer ahout seven inMes thick
Aa 'i|.|i"riin, I. y.
There Is an opportunity In many
towns to grow peaches to supply tlie
bome trade that is uow supplied from
the city dealers or from large orchards
at a distance. To make a success of ■
this, high und well drained ground
must be taken aud the same grade of
care glveu that our best large growers
give. Then If tl.e fruit la first duns
profitable prices will be received. It Is
surprising to Hud the number of baskets of peaches that can be sold right
at home in some of tbe towns outside
of   tbe  large  pea. h  districts,   says  a
NeW EuglSIld mrnaimr
Ilia  I'rrai-rlplloa.
Boerhaave, tbs greatest) Sector of hla
time, was nniious that It should go
forth thut even the most eminent doctor la Hoiuewhat of a "humbug." Hc
carefully banded the key of a small
diary to bis USCUtOT, bade bin. open it
Immediately after bis decease und let
tlie contents go forth to the world at
large. When tbe notebook wiih opened
all lis pages but the lust were l,|nnk.
Slid on thut liini] one there wus written lu huge letters "Directions to pn-
tlentH: Keep inur feet warm und your
bend   cool   nnd   trust   for  the   rest   to
Xrry   I.lkt.  11.
Ills mother tin ke.I four year-old Johnny awuy In the top berth of the sleep
lug car, Buys ■ writer iu Tooth.   Bear
Ing blm stirring lu the middle of tbe
night, she called softly:
"Johnny, do you know where you
"Tourse I do," he returned sturdily.
"I'm lu the top drawer!"
A   HI..-   Man.
Hewitt—How did you come to marry
your typewriter? Jewetl Well, you
Bee, I got a good wife und got rid of a
poor stenographer,
A Plague of Frogs.
An Australian town near Melbourne
had a strange visitation, An urmy of
frogs probably from u nearby murasa
swarmed Into the town. They oovered
the roads and got Into the houses,
whence the householders had to sweep
thorn  or shovel them.     Ths  splsods
OSttSed someivhut of a scare In tht
minds of Ihe superstitions, and sum.
of the uld folk declared the end of th.
world was at hand. The Invasion, liow-
evr, finally pussed on lo some mure congenial limn-* 'o sing lis chorus of "Hnk-
kok-kek-kek koax," which Aristophanes
has piit Into tin u mouths.
I .■•    I iiaafe   M„„.
The ninn   who knows belter how In
(lo another man's work than l.e doss
bis own Is not Hiife for uny klud of
work.—LuuiavUii) Herald.
Hill,*- and Milk.
Dr   I,   H    Jenkins,   director  of the
Connecticut   experiment   station   at
New Haven, says: "There Is absolutely
nothing on record tbut I ..... find to lu
dlcnte Hint milk from cows fed ou
sound silage in in the lenst Inferior to
thnt of cows fed on other approved
feeds. Our best dairymen are using
silage largely ..nd the number is on
stunlly Increasing. Ullage Improperly
mu.I. and stored will Impart flavor to
the milk, but this Is egually true of
bay or any other feed for cows auil Is
SUllli Hliulhel  aloiy-
Description   of   Quaint   Old   Church   in
Wh.ch  It Family Vault of H.ro
of Qu.b.o—Monom.nt Talk.
Willi   ths   growth   In   national   I't'ld-J.
■uvs The I'anado proralneni Canadians
havi again and again durlni lbs last
year or two expressed u hopi ihai the
memori ot ths hero ot Qui bee should
be perpstuatsd in some mors Bttini
umi sinking form than at prssent,
ni..ii only ii memorial window, prt*
irately lubsoribed tur, m irks lhe pis
whera, afler a bard fought life, be wai
lathered to his raiheis Tha m iti i
has .'i'i".* mi" speolal promlnenos dur
ing iin* last tea weeks owing lo an
offer m...ie by a wealth) Canadian io
hear a substantial  portion   ol   the  tost
of u permanent mi moHal,
Wolfe's Shrin..
A speolal i-i.' * ntatlvs of Ths Can
ada, lu describing .. visit paid to Wolfe'i
Shrine, says : i.ut Ihs Church ol 81    I
phage, Greenwich,  lies within    i
minutes' wuik of ths greal naval bos
j'linl.   which  is  ». often  credlti d
Neil Owynni '• " bought,
and not far from the M '-Ship."    lo
which t'.illtci.uis iu (Ol ■" "'
lenaiar i sourel w« i   • s  fam ii*. white
ball ti.nm r* and, li ildentally, ui mak«
«i>eei-ties ..ri the ovarii
i. ei   Btrui turall r beautiful,   b *'.i.   «
regards    Interior    sad    saterlor,    ths
ohureh, which la two hundred fears
old.   attracts   many   visitors,   mnl    II *
vaults nr,- tl :, ,1  with ths as     f Uis
Illustrious .icj'i who lived and died In
. . Inlly.
Hut to Canadian visitors thi hiil.'lliu-
\.t ot special Interest, Inasmuch na In
th- family vault, with tr.
f Lther and in illi-r, Ile thi
M.ij..r-.;<-n    Wolfe.   »n i,   l
on Abraham "■■■• tl i In 1 ■ ild thi
r   nidations of the Imperishable Brit-
;     ii. I   111   t '.Ul oil
Perhaps It Is In keeping wi'h the
gnat   commander's  desires   lhat   there
is no in .nu.iKsnt over his stlerir tomb
Kor   years    fa-Slrtlln    vtsltori    have
often    remarked   upon   this   apparent
and on their departure '
i tha: the deficiency sh mid b.
remedied: hut jrw-wn hav.* passed and
nothing luui tx-en done. There is, however, a reporr  n ■»   current that I
in re nr rail den I of Toronto in   taking
the matter ur. and It Is hoped that b.--
f *r.* long tiie  Interior   beauty   ■'
Aipiwg,* wi.i ."• furthei t      I by a
fltilng monument to the Illustrious
There has. however, Within the la*t
tea    yivsr-t    beeB    erected    a   beautiful
stained window ln memory of the hero
of  Quebec.      This  consists of a figure
of  St.   Of.-rge.   under   which   Is  a   line
which Wolf, is known to have i
under the heights of AbraJiam       Th.
paths of glory  lead but  to th« crave"
UiultT this la a email representation or
tlie  d«-aU.   tcrne.   with   Uie   words.—"1
tiuuik iKhI and die oontantod."
An Old Church.
The  present   Church  ef  Bt   Al-»h>*xc
was   completed    in    ITM    to   lak»   the
place of tho old one, the roof of which
collapsed   In   1710.       The   body    f   rtw
rhurch    was    deigned     -by     N.oiiolas
liMT-ksmorr.   and    the   tower   by   Jo-tni
James,   both   architects   who   had   b.eti
pupild of the ceMirated Sir Oir.alopher
Wren.   The exterior Is casod   li.   I'  rl
land etoi.f, and the architecture la en
ureiy Roman.
The Interior Is rich with dark oak
nttinas. high:y   carved   an.l    polished
The altar .taiida ln an ar bad IMSM
or.iamcuted with ansle pilasters un
the walls are [tainted the emblems of
u«- .'ruciflxLin and the Sacraments, as
ue.! aj, the oak I-if and BMCO, Those
paintings are reputed lo have b*- n
erc-cuted by Sir Jnrivs Th/irnhl.l, and
much of the ran imr Is said to be th.
w..rk  of (Muling Giblema.
Though Wolf.* was b .rn at Wester-
h i.i,. in K'-tii. a f. i ini;,-» from Green-
with, he lh"! i.t"** it .'ti- -if* in the
town, *!..*:• sis f *' ly o. cupied a rest-
da-aoe in tbe neighborhood, k» >«rn a«
M ' artney 11 ,_■, Miilch is still stand-
An Honor to Canada.
The distinction of being elected a fellow of the B >.i . Os.grapJ.lcal S.-c.ety
has recently been achieved by Mr. C. T.
Currel.y, B. A. of Toronto University,
ln recognition of the work acconipnsheil
In c -nnectlun wilh his book ou ".Suva. '
lie lias also received an appointment, lu
connection with the New York Art Mu-
seam     Ivl      . In regard to Egyptian
antiquities, saya a contemporary. BOSBS
time ago he was uwarded a dewruti n
by Uie Khedive, being made an ommt
of the Imperial order of lhe Mejedleh.
This latter was In consequence of in-
great work he undertook ln removing,
at the request ot the Itgyptlan Government, great tablets of stone from the
fiM of tlm cliffs where tiie old Turquoise miners ransacked the treasures
of the rocks. These tablets dated tw. k
to the time of Cheopa ab>ut 2.UO0 11 I
and contained not only archaic Inscriptions, valuable from a historical
point of view, but also represet.tatl*'ii.s
of the Phara»ha, wbo built tiie pyramids.
Mr ."urr.lly is also a Joint editor of
"Abydos." the last f utilisation of the
Kgyptlan Kiplorn:. ". Society The
chaplars written hy him on Hi. tomb
of S. nusert III. and of Aai.mes I (who
was U.e founder At the eighteenth dynasty, and the OOOqUSfOr of lh. ll/k-
Ml, and also thut part of the bonk devoted le the Shrine .f T* ta Hhera. "Th*
Oroal yueen ami lloyal Mother." are
particularly Inler.istlng Mr l.'urrelly
has Uius l,een made ill*, re- Ipl. lit or
English, American and Kgyptlon h"ti
ore. and brings much learning and ei-
perlenoe. to hla new ponltl *n relative
to the Museum of the Uulveralty of
Torkl.b   flolera.
Mohammed, the founder of Islam, Is
uot reckoned among the caliphs, lt.*ing
the prophet. The find caliph was dinar
I , who us. ended (he thr.....* by  virtue
of election in t'tit. Prom that time until the defeat uud deuth of Al Mosta-
wm, lu llllll, lifly live caliphs ni-od.
Will Prove Most Refreshing
Lead     Psokets    Only,    40c,     50c,    snd    60c.     per     lb.   At   an   r    6
Highest Award  st St. Louis 1904.
Knoogt,   Vow  l.lfe.
"So you think It would lie Impossible
for you ever to get the big head? What
makes you so sure of IIV"
"I onco learned to play the cornet
while living iu a crowded apartment
bouse, and I overheard ull the remurks
tl.e BetgbbOn made about me." De-
trolt 1'ree i'ress.
j„,„i,i„;: ■>. Oeaelaslaae,
"I  we Uml  lhe   li.iiiti,r, ostrich' Is no
in ue. h.-'s tin* ciuip »ho swallowed
nulls, needles ami hatpins, And he
shewed glass too."
"1    see       lb*   CbeWed    so    h   ghiNB
llmi be gol a pun " Detroit lie.*
Hev.   Hugh  Black.
Th.. Rev   Hugh BlacK h is decided ti
go to America,   and   Edinburgh   ba
*, ideally pul  on m lurnlng,  sajr.
m   \   i*   i* ii al ii isl ..> -Slffl ull i" I-"
in Edinburgh wlthoul Hugh Blsck
,s  H iii..in   Arthur's   Baal   or   Bcott'i
nent.   Holyrood   or   tha   Castle
\.,,i yel '." hi* i., .ii in Edinburgh f >i
, ,i.   , I.    u hen I  was In tha
ii oapltal eight .tr alas yenrs sco
(writes soon    P ndenl > II waa ss much
the ti   -   n to go io ''  *s'   '■•
.* Hugh B aek pr. ach as li i« In
, r.i i-i.it u.e . ipera on a Ifelba
Even uie ».*n!, svsa «■ ca
r     tn Cat hollo I      Lord Ro
l.eri   « u  ir *    i lung   pr, i
si.uin irs, snd bad bbn   at
BJ    na   un    h oi tretl   guest       When
i  sat at  the  board    No one rx-
. pi   , k ib.   k    *r ..   Paderewakl  en-r
irons. ,i ni.ir.* fervent admiration in ih.
'ic.iris "f • ■■'■ tn!      t    He «a» not un-
, iii isl -al gen us In   appearance,
sum. mil of n ■ gre it te Ight, with
*.* [SOS    f an enthusiast snd abiinl i   I
hair   Uke m .si at the Boots elerics who
have achieved tame,  Mr   Hack spring
and bs has never beea
ashamed 01 bis humble beginnings In
It. .itittful Rolbaay As ln the oass al
the celebrated father iiurke .who was
find of gaily declaring that he belong-
ed • * the ' i    ' bread" nurk.-s in .;..i-
.. .t .. Hugh B -i* '- « father was a baker
still at c dl. ge in Ula."g"w  bla
r* putatloo aa a preacher was made, and
i  r.- Igloiis w ar when
Bl   .J-orge's .rled to v. '>.. h m trom
his   first   congregation   In   I'ali-ley     lir
■ t a Palate), girl, ami hu Edinburgh une out nobly in
I iv of furnishing his house for him
vol    ires, ntlng    a    handsome    BheQtte
'•iiiniiif.it was aroused by tr ■ '
that In hla early daya aa a b' n- '■ I
Mr. Blank used to anii'ture'e his wife'i
"At Heme" day. fr rn Hie polpit, bul
it mdj, done wilh the kindliest and best
>f   motives.    The   gf*,,l   pastor   wrllea
. as he speaks, and ht la I
to All wilh distinction his professional
chair In a New  York iheol gleal seminary.
A  Courag.ou, Civil 8,rvln,
Sir  Charles   A    I ..   ,'
It.', who died ul 1,1, r. ,   ,..*"*.
walk. Chelsea, ■
In  the public sen
riot In Alexaiiiln, .""''"'l
...   try   to   quel;   „ "'»««l
authority of his , ." "» Ua
oualy drove In an "Ml-
head office of  thi   : - ,h    "*
he was attack,,! , ,' **■*
the   ground   hy   ,, , ,*■ '•>
escape,, with hU III
Hir Charles ua.d
luminous   o sl,  b il
he Ignited by pip,
aseta-j with ths oi ,
Minard's   Liniment   Curfh  Diphther*
1,300 Applic mli To. One p0lt.
Tor th» pft«!    I
the   Wool* leh   Di
eleiy. m r.i b b M |
aepolniiiieni   of   Mr ||
If.  L   As.   Uier.   wtr.   LIM «ei!uuia
Hard  mnl  soft  ■
stand  Hollows) ■ .
I* ■ • ' -   *
onc,. nnd  I,., bapp)
Boom   |„r   ,|,r   fcr,|(i
In the iiri.-oMh   • ,„
lou  tii.-asure of  |.. . , , f     '
larger than  th,*  *,.
for the froth.
More   l*l.-iii.j,,ii.
(iiiiin...  Vuu iiiii, i attempt to come
out  uud   weulhci   the  Storm   UM  other
Hubbubs No, i preferred to amy
"o ufortably ul home uml slorm al tin
w.talb.T.    1'L.iloil.l* ..i,,  I ,,ieer
ll,e I n-Jer-sroand  I »•
A   aubterranciin   ag>-,   when   thenteni
will be built DDdSIgfOUBd "I"I the busy
hum of factories win remwinil from far
beneath th>* stdewalk, was fun-vast by
BnglnsST John M    Kwen In an atlilrena
before tbe Mens etab of st i-.-t.-r'a
Episcopal chur'h Bweu's sntajeet »aa
i.n-t img sChicago Bkyserapsr " While
he   [H.iiileil   out    that   the   RWCti if
iiiniiliiigs Hfty stones high is perfectly
.,*. he sai.l It Is nlso probable Ihnt
iu future u..ire intention will be pun!
to digging habitable holes bSOSatt tl.e
str.i-t level. i:w,*n llo. IS led th.it the
Sun i'rainiiK-o earllitiuuke prov,s| the
superiority of modern fireproof stael
construction out all other methods of
building, ile advocated the Ma of
wire glass with in. tul frame umi sash
In plan- of plate glass and woodeo
frame aud sash  as a  m.'usure of fin-
protection. Ba outin..*d a new rn.iii.«i
of construction.   Stated briefly, it con
templatea leaving the earth uneiiavnt
lil until tile superstructure Is well
along,   the exact   reverse  of tl.e  Other
method Bsrea said Ihs sdvaatage of
the method Uee ta ih<* fact that it in
stiren against lhe sinking of strevts uud
adjoining bulldlugs. - Sin 1 raneisco
Stste of Ohio.  City  of   :
l.lltlU,    l'"l.t:ll
Frank   J     c.ier.. .
ia    aenlnr    Bartnei    tal
* ii. nei  A Co    ti"ii i
and   .Iimi   aal.l   Ilm,   a
im    HUNDRED  I.
• i ery     tan.-     ,.r     t   .
Sworn   to  (
nn   preeawce  u,ia  Itb
A     ll       ••'. A
(Seal   I
Hall a Catarrh Cur.    '-
an.l   a.-.e  ,!!,»■■ tl\   ..,.   •
.in.   mm fa *» »     '
.eatlt.'onlala fie-t-
I-   J   CHENEY    '.
Soli   l.v   all    letiirt   •'-
Tak. Hall a Psmll)   Pllla f
OSnntlf   l"e  la   Iili  l.liaS.
"So you have leai ned a g    t iW! 1?
living In the fill *
"I should aay I bad     I've 1      '    <
I flnest bit! of n,ml \..'! ever Ml .
dowu aud  «ee tile "    I'
nrllealelr   l-a-,laaa.eS.
"la It hot eimngh for i
"Ye*, but tb. re's ■ * '■•■
rnoiigh for tin* inrin thai thi
• question."—l'hiiadelp'.
Iili.I*.a   ll.tim,   la  aa  Apple Tree.
An Ingenious family of Rssl *■■•- ra,
n. Y. certainly deserves honors bis
mention in s "keep cool" pynipirri-rcm
by the booss Is a wide branching
apple tr,-o. uud In this, with the nld of
simple carpentry, has boon constructed
r. novel dining n~,in. A roomy platform, easily reached by a short Bight
or steps, bus beea boltl smong tha ap-
lie bOOghS and Biirrouii.led by a low
railing.    When the round dining tulde
is placed on this platform tbsrs ia ample spaea for the chairs nnd tii.-ir seen*
pants and 1.1*0 for the passing to and
fro of the 11.11 Id. A pulley Hue la run
from the pantry window to one of the
ii|M'le boughs, and by this ineniis linen,
dishes uml food nre trolleved bad and
forth In a huge bnsket, thus simplify.
ing and hastening the getting and
charing   awuy   of   tn.eils      li„|er   the
leaf) canopy with the spicy rn. gre ure
■'f ripening apples every where >...■;.
time Ihsiiiui^ 11 delight even on the
'1 litest ihn   ';..i»i Hones!sailing
it -air. mttt.   ia   trtfm.w..
Most leaves contain some nourishing
properties,  lu   particular  those of  the
acacia tree   it would be quits possible
to subsist on lesves If the supply were
not Stinted, am] the Shipwrecked mariner will keep In very fair condition If
he .hew them aa lie would hia quid of
Chameleons slways CbsngS their rol-
or on (he iipproa.*h of u slorm und assume 11 neutral bus, darker Ihnu their
customary tint
Wncn   Remitting  b>   I'   it   -11
Dominion Express Monf*. Ofddl
and Foreign Chequ«
The   Beat and Chuptit
Syatem    of    Sending    Mont/   to   »")
Place In the Worid
Absolutely Sale
purchaser is gives 1
order    or    thi que    ts
1 mn r;i». th- ssooutal *
y   ItKKl NUKIJ        No
rull     information    uu.l
(jocal agents.
Improved  nnd  unlmprnv*
having farms for Sals I SI
purrhaaera   by    writing
Stating   full   partlc.1l.1r-
■58 Tribune   Bldg., W.nniprg   Min
Tlie   Irlah    l>t.iu,|,
The Irish language bus only eighteen
letters.  Tbs chief difficulty iu learning
It Is that there are Innumerable abbreviations for wo.da and phruses. The
words, too. are rarely a key to the roi*>
rect mo...inflation
Tb. ........   That  Killed.
On the evening of the lirst Sunday
ufter their i.-moval from their house
In the Suburbs, which waa lhe only
home the chll,lien had ever known,
to the top tl„or of a SSVSntb
Story npurliiie.it house, th. family gathered around lhe piano for the
DSUal   hour of song,  en, I,   i„,.,,,|)er   •„
iiirn, ...■cording to time honored custom
requesting s bytnu ef his choice When
ten v....,1,1 Marjory's -urn cams she
aald,  "i  think  the most appropriate
I.y mi. Is:
"In. nearer my heavenly hum. today
Than evur lvu beea before.
•'I think of it every time 1 <*ouie uu la
tbe elevator."
'    V. WOT'S THE USEr
Wofi  the   Ul '   nielllcH
in  i ni ni night
y,'l,ti Hi. li  foolish twinkle?
They don't give no light.
■Wot'l tho u,e °' ravln'
.. ,   i      i In' loset
n-t git thali i"iula
M.ele UP Into . lo'a.
v„i„ tha *  ■ "' daisies,
pew) i.i"' ■'"' wet.
I . ti„ othei iinw. .s
.   ii,, y . mil be ctT
V, iii 'a ll.e ur"' o* inoonshlne,
:* 0n tha I'-W
•■I .,, ,i, i  I.i Inn  In .." money-
t tell j. tiameiii Ony.
■fl'ot'a the use ..' B.n.awkln*
tbi in noil v birds,
,.    v. '    I"   IllioUt   It,
11 ,. use o' words?
•f ilmse things have value,
'i  ,i,.-1 found ii"ill woi th.
,     t no ua. ll Hiiir
tl    . |,|,ii'iiilii*  * ..i th.
i. i  iiio.iihs in.* .... snxiom
uth, j:   Int else they sre thi
, rolls   im.liIII-   ol      the     hui
„ , lul.In n Stomach      nnn
. mi,H    quickly    during
. ii ioi   .ui*!    almost     I..ion
realise! that there is dan
.  one ."..I  be beyond aid
.       l ibleti ii .11 pi.*i * nl  hum
.,,  i    ii   given  occasional!)
.. p . in*    stomach    uml
From   offending   mattei
I sbli ta    »ill    cure    thi ra
ihej    suddenly   x on
,   , mu  chilli's life bj  k.s ptni
H.,i'\     (i« ti Tablet i on huml
ii pi ii    Mis   I-i nnk  Moon
\   S    is) -        I    do    not
ii ■ .1 •    i hai    oan    equal
I .,'. . '      I.n    t ui mo   itom
I ■   . .! troubles   I ul« >.    Ite. *,
..ni it. i -i i* ot i n «. *.** i.t i
■ ed I- .tin -    oi     i.i
i. his    ,   bos   I'mil   tlie   l'l
to.     Iiim Itville,
tur I
..ll-   Sprala.
; ankle i«..ir hot water
r   of  tWO  feet over Ihe
l be i.-peuted twice
i duy.
he in
i  - •
br  Wl
.1     I
•■ i. ..t.la   Hare.
• t     |e i blld born on 1'ulted
u ..*. the griindibuighter of
' BoBBOkS Island.
tened  by  the uame of
and her birtliduy waa
Mandraki   am
ire kiion n to exert  a    poa
.    mi     .he   lllel   ami     lei
. hem  to  it all bful  a.'
,      r.     *'l il.l      llo-A "I ! !'•
importing  to  lh.*  •*'*.
powei   to  perform  theii
■  •   ra liable  ingredient.
.    . omposil noi   ot   I'ain.t
Pitta,    and    -.'in   U
rhe agreeable snd aalut
. \       ale Thi '*
. ll.s live    u>    theV    ill    t tl* T,
*. *.«" »   Work.
.. ■  i yeara.   Ttla
Inl posed when he was
I II s of   age.   and   the
of Ua compositions
i r/ork ol the ■ | twen*
irt WTOtS forty on.
tuaases. ever thirty
i itlc compositions, for-
•   • '  .,:her  «:ib  an  lm-
sl ainl , ..iicerteS
I .   .     -      ■ • .-. .*rj Um of art.
I   q       f Bl erbrooke
*"i    .md   Sup.     ol   IIimIi.*,
'*•        H
I    MINARD'ri   UM
1    .        ., |       a       \.|i
. tu-tsl     I.i     a    lull
.i    Dobertj
■ I  ...
'.   Lows   I'otnerdy,   "I   de
. , on Ihs ' .i' nil with that
v. "
iderstOOd the backer had
la    money,"    remarked   HI
i •
rss the trouble. He has too
• trended near nt home and
to take ea all the way out
* " — Cu'hol.c   Standard sud
i   Mothoi   Uravea  Worn
.1   mil  convince   you  lhal
.ts   a   ii ol tli   lllisliuli,
•  •       it     It     lltM'S        Hot
•■ does i.nt ronsiat In great-
SSS ill goodness.
ir enemies  nre  our outward coo*
**"•   •■    blukeapears.
tVie hog SUPPLY.
M«hl Hug. »,.«„.. iTs»niw„, wb,m
Most   Hi,,,,. .,
The supply of lhe different kind, ol
bogs on u market changes with tbs isa-
-ou.     Most  pins  ure  furrowed   lu  the
spring, iiy tbs time winter sets m
many of then, „,,. ready to go to mar-
ket in n finished condition, un.l many
more ars sent i„ „„ unflnlshed condition for various reasons, -su. I, „, 1,,,-k
of feed, lack of room, luck „r tbriftl-
uess ami the need of money to u t
pressing obligations.  The result Is that
light hogs und pigs ure forced up,,,,
tbS market In undue proportion during
tho full uml winter. Uow Is it with
the heavy hog'; Pigs that were far
rowed In the spring Imve not us yet
had time to develop lulu heavy hogs,
and   fall   pigs   of   the   previous   year
which have not already been sold ara
not  numerous euough lo nil Ihis gup.
This causes a scarcity of heavy uogi,
lu Uie lai,, fsll und curly winter.
In summer th„ conditions are re
versed, giving mors besvy liog, ani
fewer light hogs,   ihe hog that in sent
to market lu ths lummsi usually is one
thut was farrowed in ths spring or tbe
fall or UtS p.. ling year uud In.s tie
veloped  Into n  bSSry  hog    Light bogs
ar. scarce at tins time because mosl ..r
the plga aia  farrowed In thi
Tbeae fuctora usually work together to
make a  narrow  range la prices bs
tween heavy uud light tlOgl during UtS
SUIuui.r   Uioutha   un.l   u    wider   i
during the winter months.
Ttiia variation in tin supply or hoc-,
from tbe normal demand ni«o ha* a
tendency to hover prices If Ihe hogs
on   the   market  of  ii   certain  clSM  XT*
uot suScii-ut to supply tbs demand tor
that class of bogs thia demand must
necesearlly lie filled by bogs of another
claas    Then,  will  not command tba
price that they would If they were soil
within their own claaa. provided the
different • lu»«e« sell ou the tonne le.. 1,
nor will they bring as much us tlie
huge   whoa*   places   they   ure  to   take
would aril for- \\' Dietrich, Illinois
De.e n«..!..« For Cera,
These  cuts  represent  two  hills  nf
corn with their routs.   No. 1 Is planted
ou   deep   plowing,   No    i  on   lha loo
Ton ie» the difference    Ko  - bss to
depvmt on surface moisture   I" i wts
cannot go down  because the ground
haa not lte.ii loosened    No   1 eni, ■
dowu  to  lower   levels,  ami   when   dry
weather   .onus   it   doe"   Dot   suffer  so
much.   Tha chances are that the roots
•i-d'a  Liniment   Cures   Dietemper
The Deepest WeU.
est well in the world la alt*
""'"I In the village of Sp.-remberc
l! • tt-lj   tnil.s   from   llerlla.    lt
us i depth of UM feet
Drowning  Season   Lesaone.
The drowning season la  now in full
swing.    In  every  paper yona  ploki  up,
oan h- found pitiful •torlea or accidents
tu  pleasure-seekers.      i.   ,     ,. „   ,„
sailing boats; they have riot the allght-
1 Mt   knowledge  of  the   art   of    aulling.
i Many of them cannot swim    of I
in case of an  aooldenl   few  of  them
•'■■ I me noma alive   Thi rs *
ii to bs learned,   don't go tailing until you can sull u bout     given  if
■ii aall a boat, ii la reckless un-
leas you  oan  swim.     s*,.,y  often,  of
oo use, an athlete who oan swim p..
f""iy well is taken wi ramps   and
losea his life, us easily us if ha had n i
knowledge    of    lha an  uf awimmlng
a   sad   aooldenl   happened   recently
when  young Twoiuhly  „f u  verj   v.,.
known  Boston   family,   lost   his   life   In
New  Y.rk. says ti,,. Montreal Stand
srd, In Illustration of lhe question discuss. *d.   His elders hsd don.* thtir full
duty 1*. iiim, foi i,,. „ u both an athli te
and a good swimmer,   Hui  even  |	
•wlmmara thould not presume upon
their knowledge it li said mui h.
u oramp Death from cram pa very of*
len rn..ms death from loan dlseaae, or
death from going Inlo fleadly peril In
inftdem *■
There are aeveral great truths to bi
1 ared at tl       eason of lh.
and ■■ ■> r them    Learn Io
swim, teach your children to swim, mid,
above all, teach Ihem i autlon In las
imt ■ ban ea wIth any of the ' ■
e.       Ilu   bold,   li  ys,   bul   lloi     to,
■trees r   A boa I "||7~
Housekeeper  Why don't you go to
wmi. |
Tramp—1 do, mum, when I can get a
chsnsl nt ms specialty,
Housekeeper  What la your specialty 1
i'ruu.p -Holding down plaasy .hairs
on   windy   afternoons    Hostou   Trail-
Aa   II   •* , l.l   Be.
"Tlie trusts in ihis country have
been pretty well sired, I understand,"
sail the English tourist
"X'.-s. fairly well." replied the American, ••imt  ihey  ought to be fumigated
also."—Chicago Newi.
"What  benefit  did   Bllggtns obtain
from his Journey abroad?"
"H,  managed to verify most of the
facts that an* Contained  iu the guide-
books."— XV'ashiliL-.mi Slur
Fire  Brisks,
The Drat lire bricks made In this
couutry were manufactured Id Haiti
more lu lsi'7 ihey were manufactured for the backs of the old fashioned fireplaces, the limestone proving
too friable.
!"hey ..■..,,... Clovee,
"otn  the   middle   of   the  aliteenth
lUtll   L8M  lhe  Dutch regulat-
• I
Bought   to   regulate   the  rlove
■I  lhe  puce  by   annually  dr-
* portion of the crop In order
'* ei h inc« ti„. prtCS of the remainder.
'""ning of cloves took place an-
a tiunrter to a hulf of the
■iii*- destroyed.   The laat
™*»_ '    '"ing wiih 111 1VJI.
—    oiufT Laaaoi a ruowisa.
of No 2 win be cut by the cultivator
shovels,  «hie  No   l  can be plowed
it Injur]    a strong Min.i  •  i
blow No '.' our much qui. k. r tln.u No
1   Oontlnu. - plowing forms a
floor or cruat at the bottom Of the fur
through   which   the   plant   •
ot penetrate to ths moisture thai
is imver iii" u in ths ground, concludes
bull's  Dairy   Tunnel     lt  is
to plow deeper .nine fSSTS lhau others
lu order to pre reul this
rialehles   llnrara.
Common! upon the finishing and a«-ii
ing of twentj draft aors. * for on avm
sue pries of »:*>*- :it by the 11      • ei
.•ut station
cago Dallj  I In   "•• k Wortd. aa foi
lows  ibe experiment requ red twenty
1, si af b * * Illinois and
lows bred sad wen p   ki i sp I
tl,.. count!*] b] buyers In Ihs ord
COUrSS of event*     All are nal.ve l.r.sl
I d Bh ■• -
'll.e   ..!.].•' I  of   the   te-t    nl."ll   tSStsd   a
hundred days, was to furnish au ■
laeeoa to fa ■•'• '
atta.hed to Boshing horses i**
fore aen.ling them to market Ths si
perlmeuters operated lu tbs belief that
in Skilled hauda fieshlag h"i*   •
profitable than feeding cattle    One 1 Ol
was   fid on e0«  aud   .lover  hay.   the
i u) on corn, oats and elovsr hsy
,.* i the third on corn, oata iiiiii tlmo
thy bs]     [hs MCond ration u.ii'l.r ths
best tains .
Healalaal  I.  Uroaahl  aad   Alkali.
ii...  popular  idea  that  sorghum  i*
■•Iinni on  ihe land'  Is .
mu. h to the |..*or mechanical
ti,.!, in which tbs a.,ii is i.ft ss •   ■
,   *,| of plant food by  th'* CTOP
.hum la mors ie.ist.nit to drought
Umn ...rn nud Is ISgsrdsd a. a  In-tter
nop for ulknll aolla.
Borgbum sbeuld be sows In a wen
 I bed wi"" "
thoroughly srarm   Ih« ':'"*' •"'1 """'
- sowing nud tbsqusutltj pei
run with the p-irpose f'-r »'■  a
sown   .t:a..i±mlv__-^t!L_i' " luu
PrrlO   >a»al  . us.em
A pretty little custom Is observed in
,i,',.  in,i ita  uavy whenever sn
nb msrrled    Two wreaths sre I
,.,i i„ the ■ .  " msunei md
Interlocked   with   tbem   snd   ii.nu.-ing
fn,,.. them srs colored ribbons    rhsse
I,,,,,,, from X a. in. till Wheel '•
lidding dav. Tbs cost of ibe Wl
Is generally subscribed by llie otlV-r'a
Oar  Klral  I keialeal  Kaelerr-
The firsl cbemlcsl fs. torj epsnsd a
this cum., .ni* In Balem, Mas*, io
1811 At first great objection amamads
to the Mtabllsnmenl of tbefsctory. tbs
,M living near clslmlng that the
fumes of the chemicals poisoned UN
sir snd made [if.* Intolerable,
Au   Hru|..t.•"   "I   Veau.lu..
The,.- was a great BTUptlUfl uf V.**.i
vlus in 177'...    "*? »? K SS 2_at
column ..f firs so high and so bm Uis
biuck .ion is passing through ti resti
ed th.*  | poinl snd fell In ■« ''''
n,g drops  innocent V *.
ten miles awaj
Tba water Ulfi
Peveral   s| liiica   ot   Wttet   HH*>-»
have   lhe   VSTy   CUriOUS   pr-nihility   of
blooming all day  and Sl SVenlUg CW-
lug their blossoms, uud by rstrscting
the Item,  drawing  Ibe  fiOWST Sntlrri/
under wut.r.   i * la B •»"■«*
lur fact lu lha history of flowers Utttit
this oddltl of lb. water Uie
Hew   la   the   Britiah   lalra.
It la estimated that the total annual
de;.,,«lt   of  dew   ou   the   British   Isles
amounts to aometbiiig llks live li
or   al-out    one aeventh   of    the    total
amount received from the atmosphere.
ih'.i mest.a rj,lt]1.337.S.Vi tons of dew
a vear 	
B.oae Rio..era.
Austiiaua use a atoue blotting pad
that practically never wears out. A
title at raping with a knife .leans 11
t'lah  . aaSlea.
In Alaska la found a knd of flab that
makes a capital candle wheu it Is dried.
The tail of tl.e fish is stuck Into a crack
of a wooden table tu bold it upright
and its nose Is light.-d. It gives a .
steady light of thr.-e eandlepowsr aud
-lerabie heal and will buru for
about lhre« hours.
Dairy  T_lk  of Today
Ownership of pure bred stock yields
n profit, r.nisei up ambition, stimulates
am! lifts tbe tutu out ot tbe rut
of SVSTSgS condltlous.
»b,i Sob. Halalelaer. Say.
•■When lu doubt put on a herd of
Holstelu Krieslaua. Tbey will do Uie
rest." remark! an euthualaat.
I .i.t mouths old aud weighing K<2
pounda Is the record of a llolateln calf
owned by Abuer Vau Hooser of i'ort
Ityron. N. V.. saya llolateluTie - SB
lleg'ster No other dairy row ran dig
ao g.-od s protlt out of average conditions aa ran Uie Holsteln. Iter vigorous ronatltutloa. greal staying quail-
tlea aud capacity for turulng rough-
uge Into dairy products eminently Ut
!,.*r for average conditions. — W. OL
Bis Farter la a Record.
It la well auld there are thrre Important factore leading to a great record
of s cow-first, the msn; second. U.e
row; third. Uie fed W« are not sure
but It may be safely aald tbat Uie man
l« tbe greatest factor of the three, says
Maine Parmer.
in.   h  mat.
I^-t the average man keep average
rows and make the average products
nnd profits Battel blteb your wagon
to a higher atar.
Ar. T.a la •»• WeedaT
No. you caul afford to run a dairy
Without knowing where you're at. an.l
you are probably In the woods If v.hi
don't weigh the feed and milk or.a-
SlOOSlly. l'o It. H'i Interesting aud
well worth wh.le A J. Mcllulre.
Fer Slakl !«•**.*.
The dairy fanner must be s far
sighted man Tb» ralvea of today are
the uiilkera of tomorrow. If these
milkers are going to be up to par. s|h>-
cl»l attention must be given to their
breeding and cure, remarks Kimball*
iiniry Parmer,
The M.kl.. •! • "'SU Seorla. Herd.
Cimmei'ling at a recent stock breed-
erg-   meeting  on   a   certain   Minnesota
Btrd W 1> Il'-nnl »al'*; **° f"r " w*
, ,„, p.,,,,,. this high scoring herd war.
,,„„„,„ id and brought to It. preset
„ good Judge of rows in purchaatng
„,,,  following that up by a  mOSl  Sl
.,  undo standing of n.iw  to  nW
for and f«*d a row after he got l.-r.
Of course, sddsd to this was tbs ir*.
..„ ,,f ell mtlon or weeding  OUl "f
i(,,r ,„„s. whl.b la one of the mo*
„„„„..int   of   all   -Processes   connected
Ther, nre a great many scrub row
kMl ,.,, ia then- sre scrub cows, and
,,!,',!, ali.'.nl.l I- » ceded out.
,i1H golf  man   who can  afford  to
, , „ rub la one who baa nothing
„ farmers today whose dairy
bui|neel Is a loslug proposltlo suae
|bfJ ,,,, ,„it renliie that some cows sre
heller Ihae others
It   M.i.iili.   Ile   Marked   Fnr  the  l.i.ll-
..,,..* lu  wi,.. i,  ii stands
In un old shop iu lower New  Vork a
man keeps up blS Hade of dial making.
The dials, square, octiigoin.i or circular, ara band chased. They do not receive a high polish, uud uuy accidental   effect   of   weather   Htain   or   other
"lone of time" is carefully preserved
il not Skillfully added. These dials,
fitted  Willi the gnomon, or stylus, ure
then artfully slipped Into tbs show
uin.lows   of   Uptown   curiosity   shops
among a selected debris of (Sheffield
plate prism candlesticks, iuiuid tes
caddies and old blue plates.
A visitor to one of tbess shops usked;
"HOW Old is that brass dial over there?
it's ail band work, isn't HV"
"It's nil hand work," sni.l the propria*
t..r, wh un we will call Truthful James.
*i can te tlfy to that, for 1 know the
man whose hands made it. it's about
ii month old, if you want to know
You're like lota of other people you
want an old Bcotch or English dial.
Don't you know li would be useless, If
you   found   il,   for print,tal   purpose  I
Kxcuse tne, but haven't you ever stud
led geography and heard of laUtudel
a dial ought to !"• marked oul scien
tIdeally for tin* exact laUtuda tn winch
It Is tn be sel up.    So unless you
tbs -nne parallel lu the .>tait*T tbat tbs
dial left in England it will tell ilea
from morning till night You'd i"* nil
1 how many people pick up a dial
thai strikes their fancy wblcb perhapa
stood iu tin* garden of an old Vln
estate, Intending to burry it off to ths
nig grounds of aoma place In Mlnneeo
iu. or they'll snatch al son,,, quaint
dial from New England, with tba Ides
of rigging it up lu Tei
' More people  would make the same
blunder,    except    that    many    haven't
i aught on t" dials   Too bsd.  Nothing
Is prettier than a simple dial ut the
crosswsys   of   garden   paths,  or   by   a
fountain or on a terrace or at the en-
trancs Of S pergola or near u rustic
seat or ail.oi     You don't hi'.e to hire
■ I I gardener snd two ssa stunts to
keep a sundial Marble platforms and
pedestals ars very grand, but unless
you re running a Ing Italian garden
with clipped hedges and yews un.l
statues . - what you
want. The d.-l wl l keep Just u good
time, om*.* it's engraved right, ir lfa
mounted on u tree stump, with ivy
planted round it, or on a bowlder, or on
tba '  iplng Ol an old disuse 1 well, or on
a column of cobbles mortared together,
or on top of the old bit b ■ post that
the family doesn't use in these uuto-
mobile 'lays, but doesn't want to root
ap aatl throw away.
"You'd be surprised st the Ingenuity
I    I in'!.ful  .1   :   ■ -.
who himself seemed of Ingenious bent
i   mean   people   who  haven't   much
- t" s| end and are fond of tin-.r
own   old   stuff   f 'oil's   sake.
>'.... get effects with
•• ,,f junk, ii lump of sentiment
bangs that * an't
'f   bought   with   a   blank  chock.    I've
known   i>is.ple   who  us.sl  au  old  mlll-
• the dial on. or who laid a
rer aa old stone garden urn. or
wi,., saved the capitals from plllsrs ou
s house N-iiig torn down, or who even
lard from the bricks
: bomestesd thst
had   meant   a   lot   to  them.    Kile   futlllly
itor bsd formed.
■ ■r l.s'k a Bag 1* .le for the gn
and I   . tial with pebbles lu the
round the pole
.   Skill  to set
up the dial   '"t tbe u I for the
k it on the
slab and then set tbe dial it. a bed of
cement   There you ars."
Strange   Disease Cauaaa An  Enormoua J
Development of the Bon.a.
Among the out-patients of the Manchester Royal Infirmary la a man who
afler attaining normal development
aiiiirt stop growing. He is suffering
from a disease known as acromegaly,
■v i.i.i. means an enlargement of tha
bones, and most obviously of the bonea
of the skuii, bands and f. et
Il Is an exceedingly rare disease, and
the case is particularly Interesting to
medical men, ami the patient has been
ihe subject -,t a clinical lecture at the
The man la t2 years of age, and the
disease was diagnosed about seven
yeara ago, dining which time he has
!■•*. ,"i enormously, in appearanoe
In- Is Dot a pleasant sight. His llguie is
bee .mlng somewhat curved and mis-
pen as the disease affects tin* long
• nea, Hla Jawi ar.* leonine In character. The lower i"'* has assume'!
v-ast proportions, the lower teeth
spreading out and projecting far In
front of those Of the upper Jaw. Hla
(aee is ihaped somewhat lik,. an egg
wiih the large end •! iwnward.
Ths nose has broadened considerably
* an.* marly ar- big as an or*
; • ■ in' • ■ I, and apparently
limes   it   is   difficult   to   dla-
■ - *i    ih.* eyes, too, >i«
mowing bigger,   lie has  *    * leva
i i ullar species  of bUiiinces known
is hemianopsia.
Ha hai  enormoua hands In comparison with an ordinary man.  The fingers
.viiiK in length, but Ihlcken-
og, ar.i the palm .- getting wider, ll"
II his lim,-' rs, and
andency la * md to
■ ble  a  r.umh'l   -; ads     The  upper
pari^ of tie* arms ar.* shrunken, as are
rhe upper parts of bla hgs.   So thick
: is (eel become that walking is a
Kidney Disease
on 'the Inorease
But  Prevention and  Cure  are  Readily Obtained by the Use of
lteee.lt   rop.ilts     ol     (lie     Neil    York
lioaid oi llealili prove that mortality
11 om kidney disease is greatly on tlie
Bright'B iliseiise  as   Itfl!   as till* other
dreadfully   painful   formi    ol    kidnej
disease   can   usually   he   prevented   iiii'l
cured by giving some attention to the
diet and to the activity ol tin* liver
and kidneya.
Bzoeaaei in eating and the use o!
alcoholic drink** tnuat be avoided, and
the lilteiing organs can host l.e kept
in good milking order by ihe ubc nl
Iii    Chaae'i   Kidney-Live.    Pills.
The derangements which lead to
Bright'! disease usually hnve ihen
■ mn,* in a iiii pill liver and then*
is suffering iron, headaches, bilious-
ness and indigestion before the kid-
fail and suiii -\u,pioii|s appeal
i ka< r • ' ani t, highly oolored
nini.* painful, scalding urination, *1»*
i'"-i'- in ni  etc.
M r Jaintu -I Jenaon, UM-. Aha .
ti 11*..-        I   hai t*  been  ' mul.led    oon-
i'iIv     it ll h     lame      liaek.   whiiii   I
suppose    (nine     tlolli     del a ii./. nielli -    ti
the   kidneva.   and   I   have   nevei   been
able to lin.l a treatment that was so
prompt ami effective iii curing ihis
ailment as Dr. Chaae'a Kidney-Liver
Pills. At two different times in my
life 'Ins preparation has entirely
cured me ..I this trouble, and of lutu
years   I   have  found   it   iiiuieeessarv   to
us.* any medicine whatever. 1
[eel it mv duty to add this statement
to the many others which 1 see m ie-
t'omuiendutlon ol this excellent medicine."
Mrs.J.C.Johnston, Carman, Man.,
um,- I Inn.* been a great auffer-
ei limn kidney trouble and have u-isi
Dr.  Chase's  Kidney-Liver   Pills   with
very  marked  i. hi.      I  cannot   suy
too much lor llns me.li' ine ;,*■ it
teemed to be tbe only treatment that
suited my ca a
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Livei IMK sue-
oeed where ordinary kidnej medicines
fail, because ol then direct and combined action on tin* liv.-i and kidneya
'Iin- has been proven in tl landa ol
.asei, oi  larioui an.l complicated    di
i of I In* kidneys.   One pill a doae
26 cents a box, al  nil dealers, oi  Ed-
malison,   Bates  A*  Company,  Toronto
Fine  Art   In  Short   Wlndowi,
It Is a common error for deulers te
put too muuy shoes lu their window.
In fuet, some wlLdows would lend the
impression that tlie stock was in the
window uud the samples on the shelves.
Kald a shoe munufueturer who bas
traveled extensively: "One of the most
Impressive windows I ever auvv contained l.ut one shoe in each winnow.
F.n.ii was a fine shoe, mourned on a
standard In the center of the window.
From this shoe red and white ribbons
were draped In various directions,
much like a sunburst. A small, neat
sign told the story. Everybody stopped to lock."—Shoe Retailer.
A raise itiuff.
Family Dog- Did the cook give you a
licking for eating up all of the whipped
cream 1
Family Cat—Na It got all over my
whiskers nini made me lo ik ns if I wus
frothing at the month. She thought I
was having a fit nud ran for her life.—
Detroit l'rec i'rei*.
A Merry Heart Goei ..II the Day
But one cannot have a int iiii he h.i- a pain in the hack or a cold
.uth a racking oou-gh. To in* merrj
one must be welt ami fre. fron
and pains. Dr. Thomas Eelectric tif
relieve all pains, muscular ".
otherwise, ami foi tin- s|„.,Hl\ treat
minis oi colda sod i ■. n* .i i- u
.['Vm! tl   medicine
nvi   rvoitr*.
This formula fur red nose haa been
rery successful. Mix tl.e Ingredients
thoroughly ut.d apply to the face with
a soft linen: Oue ounce of glycerin,
onehalf ounce of rosemary water,
twenty drops of carbolic acid.
How   Edi'.or  of  The   Haieyburisn   Enjoyed  Himnelf There.
The  .   ■ if 1 he   Hail, vhurlan haa
been telling lers of hi* visit to
.1    md in I      Oreeiy style   "Ws
I        tn'a    l   and,   and
tried   most   of   the     sennutlons    there
Amongst "■■ .1 the chute. We
ed   a tar,   wblcb,   after    reaching
.hie heights comes down with a
rush.   We mei tbe rush, cheerfully, for
we  have   run   worse   rapids   limn   lhat.
The descent of that d'cline might take
the   breath   of  an   Innocent,  but
we, be ne somewhat above proof, were
not dlsrurb-il iu the least   We saw rhe
*.- i-rouud' with cllng-
lnu enthusiasts   siru'k  hy  the tune of
■  I   Apple   Tree.'     We
*.*    .Id cut that  Old apple tree down It
we owned It. but I*  seems to i'    S public affair, and hence,  like little Washington,   we  dare  not do  lt and   tell  a
little   ile.       AVe   saw   many   games   of
chance, which If played  In HaJleybury
w uld draw down anathemas from the
representatives of a prurient press.  We
-t.i   semi-nude   figures   on   the  beach,
and we rejoiced In thai Halle/bury had
: Hi- human
f.rm divine to be i epos, i r.i view without  a vestige of clothing upon lt.      It
.   advanced we are • • •
We saw a ih'.ug where you slide on a
bag. and 11 aa. med to have an exhilarating   effect,   f'r   those   who   had   alld
down were ready t . go up again, provided that they were possessed of the
neoeasary live cents. We were sufficiently   ari  ass  t i  go  Into  the  chamber    ot
■rles,  whlrh.   by    experience,    we
insist of a 1 .1 of mirrors aet
■ urely, for thi   ; .*;■ ie of distorting features thai Na'.ure had made ugly
enough, without distort! n.   We watched   our   own   cadaverous   count-*
wilh curiosity, an.l wer* shocked by the
f th.        •   ive and con
Vl .V
W ,,„,J,*rf ,,l   liiipruirnir-        In  I'rUlns
la 11,.* I'aol Tio. Yeses.
\ .      . *. bI authority o i th ngs ("hi-
nis.. states tlmt during Um lust two
v.       . lima has mad. i ".i-
menl   than   in  tbe previous  m.i-
ihit ii.s Judgment Is sound
la apparent  tn those wbo enjoy ih.-
vantage |toint of a resilience in I'e-
kind,    't hits loin: be. I that
,haiiL***s would is* surprising In their
f] i  but th,* mosl sanguine had not
hoped for what la taking plact,
in passim: through Peking tbe streets
ss. in i" !"■ tbe most striking phenomenon.     Three  years   an..  there   seemed
little hope that  tl.e black  Ilill'l and tin-
■tin*,-   rights   nnd   sleu. lies   WOUld
net give place to snythlng better.
Th.* board tbat had boon appointed to
repair the sn.-.is  wss considered to
have an Au.*.*.in task and was lhe butt
of many tscotloua runuurka Now tba
bron.i thoroughfares sro tssl bs ng
converted into handsome avenuea, Tbs
centra] portion, s strip of sbout m rt ri
yards in width   Is bring sroU n
Smlsed  With the Bid "f steam   rollers.
This   is Hanked 00 SB. I. side  by sl.al-
l.ov   drains   of   brnknork.   u    low   of
in,  unpin. •!   su |p of  live jar.Is
in c'.si repair, then s curbed sidewalk
of varying width, cbonply csmsnted
will,   included   lm.'•   and   curt li      The
building  lm.- has  been  strstghteoed,
i       .latin*.- tbe rebuilding "f many
the rehabilitation of whi. h Is In
keeping «rtt_ lbs rari    Long forgotten
sewers have I n rsODOMd and places
„r i out inii'ii't*. erected tba use of
which Is m.oi mpuleory,  tnnumers*
ble  Unsightly  sheds which  have ii.iii*
pled half ti..- roadway nro being re-
inoMsi. (Braver, it Is hoped, gad the
■quatton line  SOUgbl  olher Orids In
Wblcb   to  ply   Iheir   Hades.     'Ibe   new
roadways are guardod hy uniformed
police In th.ir sentry isives uud kept
In order by numerous labtireis. line
li'lephone poles, strnng will. ... iiiiii. 'ss
copper Wires, i'i'i,ic Ihi- topsy tuny
line of  the last   few  years,    ihe  tals
phone is no longer s curiosity, but is
fasl Ins limine n  esslly lo progress
Ive    bUSihSSS    men    .loseph    l'runkllil
(Liuca iu Contuiy,
Hie   ■initio"   • s   iieie   struck   In
Neil  York nnd "in* so e.illeil from the
device employed ra the revsrae of ih<-
coin, tin* smong ths other things bring
„ .1111 w iiii lbs word "Fuglo" ...ul lu-
MTlpliol.  "Mind   \ "in   I'.ll-lll.'SS "
l.iia.nn.l  nn.l  MfSlM,
. if Ibe BU '•-' I square miles of Ki.kI.iii.1
nml  W.il.s H 183 srs under 'J."*n feet
III elelllli.ili lll'i'if IhS sea. lOkSOB BN
lietwee.l   '-'.'si   ami   il|MI   fast,   l'MT.',  an-
betwson ■•'"| snd I.OO0 foot, MM srs
between i 000 snd 2.000, MO ara ba
in,, ii 8,000 ii.el '■""" foot uud 4 are
more tl.au B.000 fsol
I'.ann   K>-*«.
Alcohol Is excellent to clean the piano
key., but can* must be taken that no
drop of It touches the woodwork. If
the alcohol should spill on the wood
wipe off Immediutely with a dry cloth
ind rut. with n bit of clean chamois,
'      •      and all sinnii.t.    complainti
ara -o qui. k in theii  action thai  thi
.nlil  hand  ol  death  ia  upon  tl*
tuns befon   il..  sre aware thai dan
^,*i  is near,    li attacked *io noi dt-laj
in  yettnii; the  pio|H'i   medic     Trj
i 'i I Di   -I    1.   Kellogg - livs, d-
*    i   i Dfd.al    ami   vim   «in   tei     unite   it Ini      It   ait'   v, ith   u o
.   and  never  fails to *   "
« nen the berries on a spike of tbe
pepper plant begin to turn red the
■plkS H CUt off and the berries gathered.     If   left   too   lone.   Until   perfect
ripeness is attained, there is a creat
loss occasioned by the U'rries falling
off. nml the quality of Ihe product is
l.v oo means so cood.
Minard's   Liniment   Cures  Colda, etc
"la Ilia the first chapter of M'-kene"
"Bleak House," which waa published
In is'..'. Uie phrase la to be found, and
la Inclosed la quotation marks, too, as
follows "Every chancellor wa» in it'
f,,r somebody or other when he waa
couubcI at Ibe bar."
Australia Has Deepest Gold Min*.
Australia now j, sm.-.ss"s lhe deepest
gold mine In the world. Within Uie a I
few weeks the shafts at the New Chum
Railway at Bendigo, Victoria, have
been aunk to a depth of over 4.300 feet,
and the quartz ther-- topped haa been
sampled and crushed, wilh the result
that a yield of gold equal to an ounce
per ton has been obtained.
The operuWons In the mine have been
tested by Government officials, In view
of the fact that never b»«for» ln tbe
worlda history has gold been obtained
from eo low a depth as three-quarters
of a mile.
Tha Victorian Director of Geology, a
J. Dunn, ln the course of an official report upon a sample fr *m the 4.3U0-foot
shaft of the New .'hum, wrltee:
"This remarkable specimen of aurl-
f»r"us quartz Is evidence ot the vast
atores of wealth in gold poaseased by
the State. It la a guarantee of lhe
stability and progressive pr-aperlty ot
Bendigo that such rich ore exlsla at
each great depths. The winning of auch
ore from a vertical depth of liv. r three-
quarters of a mile from lhe surface ta
an achievement of which H^nd.go uiln-
era may Justly feel pr.ud,**
im  Hla.
"Tommy," said tbe teacher reproachfully, "why didu't you take your hat
off to me wheu you passed me yesterday ;"
"I didn't have me bat on, ma'am,"
replied the boy.
"I-on't tell me that.   I aawyou"
"I kaow you seen me, but you didn't
see me hat Dut wui me brudder's
hat I had 00."—Catholic Standard aud
Minard's   Liniment  Cures   Garget   in
MeessBl Haas to Live,
A resnleiit of Moscow or St. rvtcre-
burg cannot receive the visit of a
friend who remains many hours without notifying tbs police,
To succeed these dsys you
must hsve plenty of grit, cour-
sge, strength. How Is it with
the children? Are they thin,
psle, delicste ? Do not forget
Ayer's Sarsaparilla. You
know it makes the blood pure
snd rich, and builds up the
genersl health in every way.
Tit*  f'*' *."•"   '»'"*"'   po-M.blr   -.*.«   i"-**.
*,..!,I. nni... !>,• ***'"«li .,. tii |'fo|*i rfttiH.
lion     A • 'iiu'ti' l.«.i an., i eoatrri  I' -
.,..! I-t. ll- ' "i .'ll',""! I-..1. I '.I1..I tl.
,1..,» I., .i.itil .iti.il laiall.. >t...»i ot A,.' t
nn.    All  *.*...tab.* .iota, coa.au
Umi. brJ.O Ar.r Co . I^wall.
w.Buraotui.ra a.
f      BAIS VI.H1I
Aour cute.
Mental Discoveries.
Dr.  A.  H.  Abbott   of  the  fnlverslty
ire *'ii "Expertmen-
* i.   Ir *.■■-• igatlon   of  Complex   Uental
DlS    '*.••::   I "    At  the outset  t; •    pl   I
sor suld that experimental Investigation
of tha I man'i existeo *
was iri ns youth, particularly In .'anada and lhe t'nlled Slates. The science
of experimental ; began aa a
•I.*.* only between the   years
i"     .n.i iito.   B the solencaa
wer.- ."iic. rued psychology was behind
tile   tl**
The  profeaa 'r dlseussed the complex
,  thinking.  . m  -
.1 n and volition     ll*   -    * :
I        erhowc implex
reall)   wen
Ii  ordei to do thta ..* ■■ — ntlal '
was tin he pictured on a
- me reeults from this method lie men-
•   im the
nenta It was   reason-
ably     ear 1 ■ ■ ••■   qualities.
-.   whloh   were   ti"l   dependent
on physical    r i      • lltlona
Every mental state was uot produced by
brain ; II.   u»-*d lllustl
lo show thai the tu.-k
-•  t * do with the
. -  experiences, and that   If   a
iask be set it would control the asm-
clatt. • aatlon.   tmaftn
gave the meaning to whal »a.n called
real  ohjt   ti
i.r. Abbott further ;'iiis-r:f.*.i bla tec
ture to show that as In the
I thinking, ■ i In ths i
nee, the laeh controlled :
.   -       . -   tion   in : • ni ■   su
were controlled b) *
W»l   • >*i«i .
Misa Romancle—lib. 1 Just adore music.
Old Baldie—You play. I believe?
Miss Ilomancie— Play aud aing both.
What sort of man ought a wouiul who
loves music to marry V
Old Kaldie—Well-er-really, I can't
say—a dent oue, I BUpiKiee.*—Ixmdoa
I lr*-al   Tlu*.
"Oh. aee. Tommy," said mamma,
"your little kaby brother can stand all
alone.    Aren't you glad'/"
"Yeh." replied Tommy. "Now I rah
get him to stand up against the feme
while I throw knives around him, cau't
I?"--Philadelphia Press.
. igsrette smoking in Kugiand dates
i.a.k to 18*4. Ths ureal Impetus te
their Increased uss was caussd by tbe
CrtmOBU war of 18M ''•''. when numbers
of military und naval others adopted
this method of smoking from the In*
habltsnts of Russia, Turkey, Malta, tbs
Levant und other parts of Buropo,
Oalrlrb   . «*..
The lamest egg Is that Of the ostrich,
lt weighs  three pounds nnd Is conald*
sred equal In amount to twenty four
lien's i*;-.
n,,Ki.. ... ii.,... rtres.
The  discovery   has   been   made  that
recent great buah m.-s iu New South
Wales ainl Victoria were eaiHi'd by
phosphorous paste Iii ill ont to kill rab-
blts As so ui as u.e mixture dried the
suu'a rays set  tire to it.
Snafl   Ki.r  ll.e   I'ommoas.
It I* not generally known, anys the
IiOlldon Express, thnt a geiier.ius country  supplies  members of the house Of
commons with grstultous snuff, "l'or-
inerlv." the Express says, "anuff was
described In tba sstlmstss as such, but
to ward ->ff ths objsctlon sroussd by
Improving habits tba (_srg* ..f i'-'110 a
:   WSS  miied up or COVSTsd In tbe
sstl—ataa us -lamp oil.'"
Tha Prairie i,..«
The prairls dog  i- one of the moat
dainty uf uiilmuls. lt miikes for Itself
i.  fi.sl.  bed of grass or atruw every
l*«l» i   Moir-r,
The first paper  money  used In  thia
country was issn,.,i by Pennsylvania
in 17'j.i.   iu tbs early pan or that yoai
tlo.-JUU wus Issued on the credit of the
.olouy, aud a i.-« mouths later . lo.isai
mors followed.
They  Wake  the Torpid   I   ■
Machinery    not    properli    auperviard
.nel left t,, run it-.lt   verj        *   ibows
ta.ilt   ,n   .Is   unrking      It   i
with  the digestive orgam       liit.-gii-
laittl from tiini* to time thes ..'•■ hk,-
|j  io become torpid
whole system <.nt  »'  g-*»t    Pun ■
Vegetable Pills un*    made    to
su, I, t i,-,s.   They   reetor.   •'• the  loll
the flagging faculties   and bring into
order all parts of the mechanism.
i* i.n lae Moat Oat et Ik* Chars.
Taking the barrel churn aa best for
tbe farm buttermaker. be should know
bow to get the most out of lt. In this
form of churn the concussion of tbe
cream necessary to do th* churning la
secured by tbe full of the cream aa the
churn Is revolved. The faater the
churn Is revolved the greater number
of concussions per minute will be secured. But If the chura ta whirled so
fast that the centrifugal force created
holds the cream from fulling no churning will take rale-ss
A Boon
to the Bilious
Are ynu compelled to d-jny yourself many wbcileiomc loodl hrrauie
y.tu think they mike you bilious?
Do you knuw that your condition
in more to blame than the foodsF
Y"..r livrr and stomach need attention more than thr dirt When
V"ii hnd yourself vutlering with a
bilious attack, take
and alt annoying lymptnms will
loon disappear. Thry srttle the
stomach, regulate thr liver and exercise the bowels. Tl.c.r good et*
Inn are felt immediately.
llrrilum'i i'llls mingle with the
contents oi thc stomach and nuke
easy work ol dig cit ion. Thc nourishing properties of the food are
thru readily assimilated an.l the
residue earned oil without irritating the intestines or clogging the
Urn-ham's Pills should be taken
whenever there is sick headache,
lurred tongue, COMtipStlon, sallow
akin or any lymptOSSS thai indi-
CStS au inactive liver.
Sold l-'.veiy where.     tn boxes ".*> vents.
\\      \     I      No     Mil W**tmmW£mmWwW*>
-t-VV/ *•_**■#* A .*»v *—
1rt£ LAS.D2AU MINING! J*"^"
Freights ag
,r* **rl-ie<! at Tra
at UrgU****   •   "
■ ' ska   ■*.•. ann f'iblul;i"i
is il :-.*.* ev«rv Thurnia;'
Tit* llll" lm sr.lO'i'1 blni"..|l'»«.'".-
•Ibl. i'< .- ... .i.i.i'f «.nr««pi.nil*...ars*
.presarJ lu IU cu.tiBl.n
A'l I'leil* win be chart** •> **• --an- of ,„
asntx o*r It"' Soil l'.* ' •■'. ■si"' Weenie •• .
|tnr ettrl. ...LaWJiien. Inxi.ll.,1.
T»rm«fnr lennairitl »n0  .itl.e.  a I .*«*.! r .1 na
. .r-      i"i>t • ar-**    ti ofllea
s     .     . •.* •   i imr. ii ...Haner
Notl • is  hereby rivs n lhat  I
.shall, on Wedfletdnr. the iSthday
.of   September,    1906, at   1 30 <»'»'
clock ,o  l.e aftornooo/>tter tot sale
bv t uhiic Auction, at tin   '•■ " _r* j
Comaplix: M numberedseven (7)
in  bl ck  numbered   twal-re  (12;
together  with   building   therwn
(formerly      Government    Record
office), said property being lit-oaU
in sai.l  town of OomapHf*   6ob*
ject to a reserved bid -.f 1825 00
tKt ,' '."
t'tOt   •-.
ti    , .    ,-    ■     ,'.     *
1   '   ' I
S. DANEY, Prop.    Ferguson.
Legal Notices.
ci i.tip: cates < f lurnw kmi *■ r.
C. Ukiali, Lone Ptsr mi ri
situate u .'  ■ rt    tl       Mining Pivi*
tion of .Vei i Ki ■ tensydi-stiict.
IVIioro  I I   Hes I of I a     * • i '-•
Tele,, noti ■ I  J   '•      l.i'in. I "■
'  nitu r't* eo     ...'■'*.'        '    '■ r " v
t *n ■*. N ' ■    '  "■
-.;;■■   -.  |...':-. I n
.* '•:        :: «   ■
. .       ...      ...      t.i ji:,-
■'   '■
ler sect \.vo\\
..... .        .       : ., e "I
i „tvi ll.e   Iti dai ul
Mav, A. l> . ■ " ■■
.1   VV, CHISM
Trout Loko I .ivory
i »l'ICUl.Tt
ll       Stable j rt Troa*, u*t<
-.■ssB-ii-n.   ■L---mMu,*mm,,^.m^
listed at Revtlftoke. 11  <-
2-lth day ol August, 19'*S
Fred Krautr,
Quvelument A*t«*nt
Canadian ml ensl«MW»'"""
Trou: * '""  ,J'      CT
Kootena) "• .....   .  ,
When       Hi '    On Seven -  *     "
South lorkol IB*deau.
|-ake .   I ce inai l,«>. «  ••'
actios     ss    sgerit    *   Das  1
KM ('.   No    I Ml - •■ ""JI"
aj,*k.Man F.    M •   C.
W102,   intend, sixty   lists from  the
date        hereof,        to      Spply      tO       tl-
Mining Recorder tor  s CertlBcate of
ImproTements, I ■■- the i ur|  m "I ob-
. tal ning a Crown Grant of ...e   aboie
.t„.l further take notice that action,
unlet sactioi. J", must bs commenced
.before the issuance uf Certificate of Improvement!.
Datcl tins TO h day of Aug , \.B. 1808
L\KE« I -  kilt I
-—■'■ — Supply
Bar well Supplied wltli Liquors 6. Cigars
l.n-i*. ('••" ' -rial ]    1:   *• ■      ! \ client ft   -
r rup]   • i
W. I-L Jones,
r.v ii~;iru Wi
i    inj.aiiy you red    I
;   •. ■ •    • \     ii.'.'i
Hugh McPherson - - Supt.
1! ir.ls plies
.Greater N■■•■•- ?ork M -' * **'oa
te-l :
. On I ' rer,  o.-ie I:.*. '
nor*.*. rfoot creek.    	
that I,   F. C. 1
Free W ' x
•    *     .   .*,.•■:,•   f, r   1 udger   ifitT.
1.. ■■ V tiers I
tend, sixty .iav-
to apply :'i ii- '
Ce.tirlc'ate of Imorow
purpoae oi obtaining a Crown Grant.
the above claim.
And further take notice *
under -■      in 37, must
before  the il '   -        '    '
ol Improvements.
Dated thia USrl .lay ot J-ily., »i-
Solics i« 1 srebj giren that sixty
afie' late I intond to apply I '
Cr ief Commissioner ol ■ nd Works
(or permission to pur     irlhefollowinii
describ..l lands situal*. I :i.  Wei" K.** ••
. * raenclneai a post | Isnted nn tin.
nnrth abore of Lsr,lo river sbout half a
mile up it maraud
J. Fit * posl
nt, tlience a
rr bunk  to I tof con
Dated June SO, -
Noticn i? hereby ■.■iven thai |'-1
duy? after date I intend  to apply
I,, tbi ! ou. I   ief C   n nissi 'iit-r >.f
Lan.i» and Works :■*:■ j"*ni
to purrhase the follotrmsdeacribed
land situated in Weat Kootenay:
Coraroencing  at  ;i post   pl
half a  mile nb-ive   i'oplar   •
nn north ti.lenf Lardo river, maik
ed ' A. '.I'jwiti.-'-i S.W, <•• rn--r poat,'
thence east 80 oliain-* along river
b ink,   tin i.  *  .   rth   10   cl
thence   west ins, tl
sontli  40 chai: -  i : com
June 2~. 19 6       A Oowii
Notice :- ren lh it 60
.lay-, afli r dnto   1 intend to make
application to tho I
sioner uf  Landa nnd  Wnrk-   foi
pormif.'ir.n to purchase the following  described   lai
Galena  Ilnv.  Went Kootenay tii-
trict, and  described  ar.   follows ■
Commeucing ut a po t ii.,iri<..1 I
H'.it*. m's N I*. ■ orm r post, pl
»t the8 W, <•. i*. of !.•'.: 12   Arrowhead Luml er I        limber limit).
them ■•  weel   •!"   •      ,-,   tbi net
■snutli 20 cliai.-if, tl      ■   east 40
- ball  ... 20 chaina t>*
i oinl * I and con
icrea.       T. W
■ .
Excellent    Accommodation
Best Liquors
And Very finest Cigars   __
John Simpson,      Proprietor.
:hcv> & Co.
WH0LB8ALR 1*! tl KUS in Butter,
I':.--,    .'.    •    . nml   Fruit
o Bk.,1   * .1' C,
INI rlLGON,   B C.
1:  : n tin Ti
.' :
: Cummins' More ; '1 mnl
' ■
I - 	
gTm. yuill
All   wnrk
Trout JLafce  City Trap sfer
and Stage Lino.
I*3 I
hj Ferfjuson    D
E    '""     8
■ Trout Lake 8
tfiM**¥i Wl>MI
I Doily Sttfa will
^ luava
7 a.m.
Trot t I iki
:■ -on
in   oi
[. Craig
Win. Crawford !
Imperial  Bank of Qana< •..
Best Motel in Town,
Hotel, loifcii    _t Lale, B.G
Wat. b re]    -
ll   -rJOIfWr
Hotel and
Ceneral Storo
capital paid up,.        /..rsoxro,
RC6T .*    -■   •
R,Pi r   ■
.   *
i.. r n
Q   C
HfliptR if Mn *& dheru ii      F. B. Wells
Tl sca:
Ni*. 39.
A F.  & A.M.
.ir'l   '11 iin-day fin I.
iron il..
.jonrning Hrethren •
.,  1' rddred.Sec. F.C.I * I.W.Jl
i .**.--■ r i.lv
|X1'      < f
.  ' :: —
It. L. Rl  D,
• I
Review Job Dept.
I or 1 irk.
I   LAKE   I.ODG1     I. O.O. F
Lardeau I
Hotel '
Sandy Laughton
! i I N  T:
it the J. i .I- su
Lintel.    Here  tb    rlsil
will   lif   Burroiind *1  with
'..'■:■ '    ' ' - Elt   ' -lll'lll
well   v
anil   wsnn   rooms,   well
ii   an.l everything whi ii
te.cds towards raakiug yoor vi-ii a
pleuaol ruul memorable one.
Rritfin from $1 .1.1}  uiiu:ir.l9.
Wi   -iiivc- hi ple.ise > ur latrons.
•- •■;
•    ■ ■
as N WILKIE, P.L.S.,
Provincial Land s.in'*\.*r,
Mlnernl Claims Snrvi-.vetl
And Crown Orants Obtalne-J
Rest 1. see -:•'. il Reeord Office,
i...ji i.uiu,n o
FRED     C.     KLLIOTT,
Trout Lake, B. C.     and Ferguson
ArccBr.liirit.     ....       A.iilltor.
Onl.i'jo eompsnys' Interelti carefully
looked sfter,
AUCUt for tioui'lHl'i ll.ll,oa
ITANOP.-Vriir famous Gourlay
js lhe one to buy It is not ii
cheap piano when y.m buy, bul
you find you hav.* practised economy when y-.u have tested nml
tried it. When yo-i want on instrument seo tlie too il agent,
Muir.iy Ho •■■in fit v.m out with
any fctylo and at nny price nml
terms     J. L\ Murray.'local agent
JP-Siy the Printer.
tbe "Cotcl Beaton
    BEATON,  u.e    =_
- assaying =
Gold or!       r, '
. t'tl.li-.n.l HiTvei j2 Of
  2 50
r  i oo
Zinc (.1 50
S   SHANNON,  -\ssayer
Trout Luke, li 11,
* ■ •
.i -
as &Co
Sarbev Shop
OooJ Slinve or Hair Cut
Wiiiiam Schnell,      \ Q A r
sia-WU 4
Dealers in ail kinds of Fresh Meet
Hot and C
.1    A   11 .ar  rj
Hot SOal  Cell
VISITORS srrivii .■ st 1 • ... Ijinlrau)
m.i Aii'f.i hes'.               Ihis Hotel i   :
lot                                     i    ■•••.■■ :   i."  ' iflon,      A «•■!!
spiioiii'ii'l and (| of \Vines,Sn
nn.l t',.-.        r ■   • .
.  . '. .                 ■ iotel
W. BOYD -:- -:- Prop
.:    -   .
t     I
till- I"
■     .
n tl ,■
West  K.K'ti'i,.
Ron ti ;
sr, *-.*' ..- r
wi *i oorner ol Lot  1H7. thi
Mi ri...
»nnth 80 rluiiii.., n   nee wesl
In i-i'iiit ol rnmuieneemsnt.
Nelron 13th Jnne, 1906. I I si IK III l.l,
Notice   li   here *.   given  •
t. :   ■
. sl a |kirI j
.    ■
■ I
■ i   ••■■ ■ ' .. nt.
■   '
l ■     '   i ;•■ locator.
N.i.. Commencing sl ■ im.-i planted
un ti..- oast side of  Penderfoot .*r.-.k.
;.l«iui :>\j ii.ii „ (r jr. mouth, ipe'Ec*!
i.io '• I. t*'i'j.'.   sonthwest   corner post,
months slier dste I   lnie.nl   lo spply Ihenee W ehains east, thonce 10 ^chains
lo   the   Hon, Ohlel Coniniirsinner t,f north, thence 80 chains we«t, tlience
Lands sud Worki I •  .i ineclal IU SO chains I    nt of commencement.
to cut snd carry swsytimber from the Located June 80.1900,
(ollowing described la 0. L. Copp locator,
theWmi'Kortmaydistrlcli Notice  in  hereby   uii,.. that  sixty
Cpmmenclngst a poet marked Ur.e ,\.y.     ■>„,„   tho   _F_t     pnollcation
Hii r-r-.i'.-ii .*,-,,;_,,. r -             - hereof In tbo British ColumHa Gasette,
771. thenco north 90 i    intend   to   spply   to    lbs    HonM
^"f.T'i,"!61 V" s'' " ' '■•''"•••i"- n...*f   Oommissiooer   of  i.nndr, snd
Moth 80 chains, thence * *            sins Works for s special license to cut and
m j..,iiii ..I ,•,,:,..,,,,,*.,,.,.ni carryawai timhei Irom the following
Nelson, 18th June, 1900,    Lsslis Hm.. dssoribwl lands situated lo Weet Koot-
Notics   i»   hereby   uiv.'ii ihal |wo ene) *,
months sftei ■! I li lend to slply to Commaneing at n posl planted ut> Ih. '
the Hon, Chief Co              cofi.ai i south side ..f ths lardo river, sbontl
»'   Works fora special license to cot half a mile (ram the riser and lWmllei
snd carry asray liiuher  from  iho foi- Iron   lierrard. marked  C.  L,  Cniri.'i
lowing describ lliiii.lt situated In ths northe»»t oorner post, thonc-e 80 chsini
west Kootei.sy district; west, thence 80 chains south, theno h.i
Comtnenelngats posl ».-iri,t',| Leslie chslns east, theno.   N chaini to  U.h
Ill's south-east   corner post, not  nt point of Commencement.
•T "ti .-~-mm~-m—  mm —m~—~—  —...,.. .—i..,^.... w , ,^>-_.„,. _.  .--J
nonli-t n-i oorner ol i. i  *5s2, ll
north 40 .'limim, thenos ur*->t 160chains.
ilirnrc a.nitii 4ii chains, thsnes east ICO
eliaini to point oi commencement)
Nelson, 18th, June,   *
i......u Hiu
bocated June 21st,
Li 0 Copp, i.„
*m§m*li T- ill-"   'rn*.*   I,,-, n   fnrtdnee
I      IH...I.' I.y judicious  invi  •-
inct.t  in   Real  Ketntp, and
will be made than
t I      oi ■ I i ■ ■ years,
raps Ihe  Imr..
••''.■'    hns
.   ■ i       I y,
■• let ti- i■■ .   ' . you that
•  * . ■     e Cun*
l.uv  li i'   K
Tro'it. Lr.ka Is the prettlestsp.il
,.     .1. i
i • Boating
;ui i Qahii;: 111113 I e Indulged in
the j ■ .rr   i. un i: wl ile i is i: mie
ill   a!iili*'l .     ■    i ■   In irrn   Imiii.l iiii
lha i i1!-. It* climate is snpi rb,
there ij. i***.- nn |;rent cxtremi s, ii
i' ii r mild in winter and cool in
summer.     I   can bi asi n( some nf
:i *-t I    tell   Iiiiii I. nill'iif - in
ll  l!!|l':.l.      It. Hlr. clH   lire
Well    In'.i  tint   lir, I ;,-|:i.|. il.     'I'I no
nr*  two  excellent  -general Moris,
■ ■ ni tt..- advertisements
will show that nil
■ ly well r.'pi.--"*!'! .1.
Wiit'i  *. .t!, . onfl ' lien t'> Agents.
«> • •
I-ots can Ibe
■ V'-lI:. a o«:
H. McPherson
Trout, Lake, B.C.
selection at
once.  :
a ■>
a n
Then caH on
or   write  to
I   i never I ..-I a'l
growih lm- ! ,   . |y,    |i ||
•■ ■■  hi sd  ■ f  ■
' '             • '          ' rn< .-I.
'i  tin   i'ii:      All '      *  the
; p.   Ii
t   m ir. wn I
i    ' •'. <l   I.i
■   ■       ■
e   ii—!.-,
V     ''      '        '■!..* •     I    . I   ■   .   f
I licai. chin
(Mill fl II .; .    ||    .j ,.,
1' ■  "  nre ■.. i..-I ;.. rai • L lai di
i-i. the nut .     .
.* ill.*   ii p-l-i   ll
'   ' '    '     i   hnn       « mill   v. |    .
VOl  ,      H    Hi
l'f ' c«d "i tin ..'.. Tl - nili en
ti'll-Olnrj* ore (riiving nut ! .;■■ i
I rodiieiri i..*v   ,,,,,-   W|n,  ,,.,
!"""l"l-   '  l'l   il,"   '.;    Ud     I  ',   il '
'I! i-i.    Will
Villi,     •
1 ■       wriii
l'« ii l-ifi riihh ikit
*...    would    l . • v
oiii-e t.
'    *
F. B. Wells
Genera) Agent
Revelstoke, B.C.
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