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Lardeau Mining Review 1906-04-19

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linn ii larger circulation tni.il any
Newspaper in N.
K,ioli nay. Besl advertising   irii'.liniii.
PR 2
I? Ul III JO-% 1\ w V IC w
The representative
ol tiie rich Lardeau
country. Sent to
any address for 42
per an. iu advance.
TROUT LAKE CITY,  B.C.. April 19, 1006
No. 25.
<l H WlLKfE, PLS.
I>,, 1 i, , iii I.nml Surveyor,
Mineral Claims .surveyed
mnl Crown Uranta Obtained
,,      WM  II ,1 .HI!,'".
I'runl l,,l.'-. ti ' .
..,,,, .1    l, llarvi'j
l    M   I'ISI-. II \M
tlLICITOKfl   In
m     ■,      .   ■    1 OKE   B. O
,i I   ,... ,.' •' III. 11.
K I* 11     ''      ELLIOTT,
|-.\i  ,   ,- I     li   NOTARY
geological report.
Prom iln- 1 Icologlcn 1 Survey I "
I'-irtnicni   ni  Ottawa  will shortly
!'■ i -ii' 1   Mr,  ll. W. rn-' ek'- preliminary   report  on   the I: 1      , ,1
''   '1 ict,    li is now in the print
I     -     mnl ii will :i-     >,::i 11   1
■ ible I." di'spatclit'il  free .,1 . "-1   n
any   bonn-fidc   applii m.i   in   ll -
[{osslnnd  .iihtiiei   i,l. ,  ■  mi    iii..  x^.Jm
name nnd address lo tho  librarian  ****'* 1'jr
■ of tlif Department      A full report
Is bi i".' 1 1.1 ared and   will  be | ui
[ through  the pn n  as Bonn as iln
' nm ps and plans are reccivi .1 fro
•wept by Fire.   Earthquake
llills Thousands.
• Lake, n c.
Fit ni ...n
the ' ii 111 11.1.
I..1.- I lai ci ' - netl 'I hursday,
V '      ' -1 ti, A| ril 18 —A iIii.ur-
ind   in es  I u"  b. en  li •> In an
* jassajnng =
POHSALE.—CotUge and 2h
111.ki.I localion.    Apply.
.1.   K.   II AM-:II
„l Silver
,   1 1 pari
V   1.
<-■ in
3 .','i
ril 6(1
«   SM VNNON,   * ssnyer
Troul I nl."- B 1
ft il    CAN    LODGE,
So   30
f        * K   *  A M
-"   \    3rd   Thursday   each
,       v lli.
- i'-'i.   . I
p.C.l '   IV ll
il    ;
\.i   u
I.n 0.1
,.-, Iiallj  - •
■   ill-  , ke in .''.in   Francisco y< s-
I'-r.l.'i     lire- have broken out all
over ti.-  city.     Market street is
nblnzi from end lo end.   Buildings
are eollajising everywhere.
I heedful desolation  prevails all
Gourlay Pianos are high priced, 01  r ti    i-ily ami district,
but worth their prioe.     What if 11     Too wa'tr nwinshavc been dis*
Gourlay piano does *ost a few doi-  , nd wi   '.vi all over the
more?    \'on get your mon  ■ :, ,   waler  i.   iiv.iil.ihlc, un
worth      Vou obtain   il  in  extra   1 - ,  ,   ,... mn ,,1  fighting the
durability—yi ws mow of sen : .   .-   broken out.
provided for by the cosl iness of     Th . V1.|V ;,
itsconatruction ; snd  you obta 11  ,,      lVU  ae  ,- ,. ....  *M   ,,
il  i"  its daily   1 where tra 1 .  '    '" t,,at three miles if railway
■■' -1  phasure  in  its 1 „ have been  swallowed up as
'"'' ' I  Ilea ut        M , 1   ,. ,       ' ,1    .    . i,   /  ,1 ,1       11.
I      telegraph  lines   nr,- down  Uiereeultof the r.-utlojimke liet-
1 'iui lay ii,, , .,..,,...
and  trucked I rancisco      ■ 1 S usinc and uctuci 1.
ul   off froi il ._^.
'V   ''■''       ^     "   '   "°'A- T      _        i.
}™Mee .   , 8tcr ig lta B I_atesc.
I"  l.n.i-t   Aii. - 1 1    .1    1
■ li 111 III • I
Bakei    I '• id, II. C.
thai  a plain!  haa
11 1 a e vi
li.n-n 1 ii'i r.'l'.l.'l i.    ti'-rti ,' • , ,.   , ,„ ..:. ,,ii„   ,1     ,,,,1   ,,,!„„,.„„
rly/or further news and can* "   pwlica"1  doomed  todestruc*
The end »ii! !•'- ivhen 1!.,:.
is notlii' g left 10 bnrn.
New Voik, April 18—The Wis.
torn Union Telegraph pffioe at
PVes 11, rata il ct it is tl.e most
severe shock ever known.
The   fir*  is  now   within a block
of tin* Palace Hotel.
Fight business blocks have now
been totally destroyed in the main
and wholesale oentres of the city.
Tho Call ami Examiner blocks
two of tli" highest Imil.lings oi the
city hnve been totally dottroyed,
A   telegram   from    Sacramento
vs. Mill Co.
A sensational defence against
the 1 Iniiiiift in ihe action of J. li.
II. inii i-oii vs. Ilie Ciiiin.linn Timber ami Sa«mills, Ltd., tii. 'I before Judge I.cainy ;,t K.velr-toke
last fall, is being heard by the full
court at Vancouver. The Bppeal
waa   hiiuii he.I   by the Canadian
Timber   ami   Sawmills,   Ltd ,  and
Mr. Henderson is the plaintiff respondent.
Plaintiff's claim in the original
action was to recover $280.86, for
wanes ns manager of the defendant
company's sawmill at Trout Luke.
Wrongful  dismissal   was allege.!,
^^fi^^i^^fi^tAO^^^^'^t^fi^',    The  last car of ore shipped by
I    Local end General.     § the Broad riewga/ve better returns
&fiiwtwm<*wmwm<m, ,l,il"ai,y preyi0Ufl >b'-p wmta-
A local syndicate bus taken up     J. 0, Piper returned from Cam*
a large number of timber limits borne first of tho week,
during the pssl week.    The limits
contain the pick of the tin,ber, and
arrangements are being made toi8Urve*yin« for   ll'° watcr  Bi'slum
put in a plant.
I'mI C, Elliott left for Victoria
•11 Wednesday ou .1 business trip.
Mrs. Newman Taylor arrived
home Tuesday from Honolulu,
where she has been visiting her
sister during the winter.
An association was formed during the week to see that Trout
Lake City gets what is coming.
John W. Chism, the great and
only, is one of the migratory birds
that fly south in the fall, and north
when   ihe   gentle   breezes   blow.
and tfi<X) was claimed for such dis*r**0** D*ew '" °" Wednesday night
April   19.—A high
wind Iiion.. c   and  the whole city
. in  the above County
1  e,ii   l.v    0.''lcn    Clemens,   of
' -' H'">'-•■' -     N.,k.i-j>. B i'   for the wm of 1807.
\am , _ , 1   , \aocouver,   Anr.i   1*     Reports
'H,, for cash lent, and  lor m. 1
One of the points set up by tlie
defence in the original action was
lhat while the plaintiff wns manager for Le- defendants he " at-
1. in led to duiiaud the customs of
1 m, da i,'. "ii |. esdlig invoices of
macbiiiei j. and by entering other
linery on false in voices at a
fraudulent    uuderva uati n ;   the
• r ..f customs thereupon I ua»R*t man will be in to examine
Beized the mill and plant of ,!,.(.,,.I't as soon as con Jitions will permit.
.lam,, who were  compelled   to de- Ti>e property in question   is onr" of
and is full of the bright prospects
in store for the Lardeau. In the
extended liouthern trip lie has just
returned from lie says the Lardeau
is the place every hotly is talking
about, and intinates that many
mining men he met with will he in
at an early date.    Regarding bis
<i. li, N, Wilki.; is at Arrowhead
•ing   for   the   w
ning installed there.
K. (I. ILidow writes us from
London, England, and wishes to
be remembered to all bis old l.ar-
.l.rau friends.
Camborne is organizing a
" llonster " club. It's a good
move.   Keen it up.
We are being complimented
everv day on tlie improvement of
thc Review. Ten new local oub-
scriber* shows appreciation of our
" Boss Printer " Joe got stuck
on the beauties of Gerard on Good
Friday and repealed the visit on
Kaster Monday. This was his first
visit to Mobb's metropolis, and on
his return was full—of enthusiasm
—both as to the extensive mill
operations, the ship canal, and the
natural beauty of the burg. He
was royally entertained by that
prince of hotel men, Edwd. Mobbs,
Esquire,   who   thoroughly  apprc-
owii   properly  on   Lake  creek  he ,-i,,t,-s the work dono by newspaper
say-  that  Fernau,  the  Pilot Bay I incn jn advertising the'district.
T*\ f)    /N ... r.'.-      .1      1   /       - from Null     I" l.m I CO   KBVSlbeiitv
■-vvtl   Ac.it  '/".  paid by Hie plain tin for thi ■ • ., • ., .
"if'-IiV      ill  ',     ', 1 ie|racticaly destroyed snd fires   l"
X< I Kj'i       'f Unl. u: .1 an  order bas  been   made ,       ' ,
.t.A.*.^ %so   _   ./ ...   .. , are raging en everv side. work.
Thieves   are   being shot down
I  in   li.. ir nefarious
AM'    U
1 ill kinds rif 1 re»l
. Me.-.l
AKE, i:t.
1  Bt the publication ol a notici ofi"     ' k
t)ie entry ol such  p-ainl   in  tho     ''"*   *lfto    '''l!:"'-*••,    OtA I be I*i.i«.-.l States Muh-Treasurv
Lardcau'Minin-r Review, a news-' «i««theliay     11. 1 building burned.   Tl..- vaults are
i,,,,,   published  at  Twit  Lake. doUar city ha'l is in ruins left intact and are being guarded
"•'    • --*• ♦»•■««" -'      F '" 'r'":'  ^0U,« ry| by Federal tw.p_
Cilive  wocks  shall  he deemed  t., ilreetloUii waterfront.
1 _nd HtfHcie.it   rorvii I TbeJ' '    " ,,,,i"- UP ■"•••*••••«■     Banks and flnandal institutions
tbe snmnons upon yon '•,i'11 d' 'luv" oordoni of soldiers protecting
Van   arc   required   to   enter a ■ »  **'al r ;" ,i;:i,t lir^ them.
dispute   note within   nighl   .lays Wl1'
■lay "f   April,   I *
... ,    . , Imp. s-ible to sav nuiiiher fatal-
lr.ii,- mon Ih - 1
: , '"■"   ''"J   r'-"*   UP   ■«••»   tl,c
It   in  in.u 1  thousands.
. 1   •
|l 1    1
D        1A/__11«   '-  '■-■ '!•■' .I.n.'.dih.*la-t   p
0«     VV  -Slid tion of thisnotiee, at the  K
tr..*'   Office al l>.-it Lak. .  B   ' . I'1'""-
and if yc-u do noti «an  Frai
dispute   note, jndgmenl  nnv   be •■	
lagaiusl you and the  ,   1 k°'
.'■.v.. ■ I
V    1   PRICES   PAin
Asa Billman waa in tn .liv    He
will  reopen  bis Ten-Stile  li
D li day of   Mai '  ■'«in   ,
,,- c.CAMPBKLL San Francisco, whi'e anotliei says   'f"fn>"". n    "•"   dispenainj   si
I       ,r,,. bui dn di of   1 eo|
•\pproved  T.M B    \       11 ;
•     mi, I! ' beds.
That seraphic mixologist, Kenny
forrison, 1-    1 on  d
1 ii,  I'M!
1 loon bi n \
is coming.
SEEDS =====
===__^ SEEDS
Garden and   Vegetable
Onion Setts
Trout Lake
pusil in ..isli the .-uiii oi f-V_72 in
order i" 1 btuin the -'-'I'i-r of the
machinery under ueiz.ir.; the government ut Canada retained 11315,
oS, part of the said *f"r.,72. as a
penalty, and the defendants were
further obliged lo pay $519 Bi
c.-ts of the solicitors in Montreal
in connection wilh the seisure and
The defence further alleges that
the plaintiff voluntarily left his
The a.'tion was tried on November 80, HHM. at Revelstoke, before Judge l.eaniv and a jury, ai.d
the jury hniii.g found a verdict
foi 'he plaintiff for |426, judgment
was given for that amount will
■.ostsol *'.M 55
lu tl.e none, ol appeal it is set
forth tbat there waa no evidence
al the trial that the plaintiff waa
en itiid to three months' notice.
K   l\ Davis. K (' .  ap| eared  for
the detcndani  appellant company,
and s S   I ,;   ir K.C . 11 Nelson,
-   for the plain-
VaKOorvKR,   April  18—In  the
suit of  II. inlers in  vs. Tl.e Canadian   Timber   and Sawmills Co..
tb. ir lordships have reserved de-
si -n
i.nl.lil'INt'1!   i.» It ESC ME.
Tbe Camborne Mlnins Co. will
sh< rtly commence opi rati 11 •
tin Goldfinch. Tbe financial
aft isra nl the company arc in good
shape, and a managi r fm the propel I V   I-    I,  >t\     i Mil.       I In
tram, lei mini i-. ami Ininli houses
of tb. (inl,I Fin.li which weri*
■ I imaged bi lit. In luO-l wi,i have
to be repaired and slight alterations make io tlie stampmill before
ore nan br treated, ami it is anticipated th it tl.is work »ili be com.
ins I within tin* next four iteek*
Camborne Miner.
the biggest zinc propositions in
tbe Kootenay country, and will he
able to make good tonnage for the
zinc furnace at Pilot _av.
Fred Mills and Geo. Yuill have
applied to the U.S. and Canadian
authorities for a patent on a
mulligan they have been entertaining their friends with.
Road Superintendent McPherson
Andrew Abrahamson is cleaning j intends to gravel the road between
up tlie ground  on  the site ni  the  Kellie and Victoria streets as soou
Queen's hotel.
Ed. Vipond ai.d Bert Fowler are
at Gerard with their horses working for the mill company.
■ as the ground dries up.
Arthur 1 lowing, of Camborne,
is expected in onj Monday. He
has secured a good hig contract
to cut timber for tlie Gerard mill.
Malcolm Mathieton came up on
Monday night from Gerard to see
bis old   friends "' hit me again''
The sidewalk is now completed
through from the dock to school-
house. Residents on Vancouver
street are putting one down through
to Denver street.
There is   quite a   lemand   in
Nelson for Great Northern shares.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn are building
a resilience at Gerard.
Jack Staubcr came up on Wed*
m .-.lay from llaskin's point, where
be bas been improving his land
there. Jim Jenkins ia building a
residence 00 the property.
Barney Bodenburg left on Wednesday's boat for a trip to Vancouver. On Sunday night Mrs.
Jowett of tba Trout Lake City
Hotel entertained the genial Harney and a few of his friends to a
little supper. The bill of fare was
a tempting one and was thoroughly enjoyed. Barney is small—but
we will miss him.
Frank   Abey  will   return
Mn East about thu -7th Inst.
Dune Stewart and Pred Mummery are two princes when it comes
to running a 6rst*class hostelry,
i I , \   ar.- now in  charge <>i the
Windsor in friend Dan's absence.
A lar^e number of limber locations have been made on Canyon
creek during ths week.
The o! i song say- : " There's a
story banded down from Irish
bistort " Match the Review, and
we will tell you one that will make
it look like a white chip in a week
or two.
A force of miners are now working at the Beatrice under tli stip-
I srviaion d Harry Anderson. A
crosscut tunnel is being driven to
tap the ore in the intermediate
i;.v. Fr. Jcannotte will hold
services on Saturday and Sunday
next at tho residence of Mrs.
Early vegetables I Jim Hunt
dug a line lot of spuds 011 his
ranch across the river on Wednesday,    They assayed ;i to a [tound.
K. Mobbs of Gerard is authority
for the information that the
asbestos deposits at the foot oi the
lake «ili be worked this summer,
The water power of tin
Falls  at   the
I win
Service in tbe Methodist church
Sunday morning, with sermon
from the pastor, D. W. Scott, and
in the evening at 7.30 by Rev. D.B.
Scott. Subject of moi ning sermon,
' The Empty Grave." Service at
Ferguson conducted by Rev. D. W.
Scott at 7 30 p.m.
The Ladi.»s' Basket fall Ciui*.
hold their first dance oa Thursday
next Good music, *;eod: floor and.
good management.
Ed. Hillman Mnl Jim LaoV,
were visitors Uow, Camborne cm
Camborne Miner 1 A me.'ting
was held in the store last Salurd ty
for lhe purpose ..f taking in consideration tl.e c plot ion of dredg
ing the channel lo Beaton thai
nn- discontinued two yens ago.
E .1. Uranford was in the chair
and .1  W. Tb.'ins.in secretary.
Aftm considerable discussion n
res..lu1 ion was in..veil by W. Dick*
Inson seconded by T. V. Downing li is sai.l tbat a power plant wi 1'purpose of   establishing a   local
and carried unanimously thai Iho be put in on Jack Btatiber's town* board,
secretary be Instructed lo write to site , "■
Mi Galliher oi the urgent neccs- , ..—~ ,, , - : FrMel hM -**"* ,n t,li9 Wt'l'k
.ity f,.r the completion ol tins' rhe I.OO.F. will celebrae l.eir!oniotl MUi, vegetable and garde,,
work and the benefits It will con   >;" ^tnry m . ..■ .ml, . U.-e.ls,    dowering   bulbs,    clover,
. .     •   1. 1.1 III Al'lll       Sen I. ''■ Will  be belli oil I lie   'l'l,, .,,1,.,     alu|    f_a___n   ("ite   Inwn
fer on freighters and the travelling     ! .,    ,    ,. nii.ouij,  ami   uuruin v it-y  i.awn
,,.,.,       , .   . J!Mb al the \ I, llin.lint church. (iri-ss
public of the Lardeau and district,
[We trust Ihe above will receive
more Consideration than our application re A. A K. Railway
.•li uter J
Di  Malcolm,   representing tlm
Great West  Permanent  Loan and
fool of the Lake has Savings Co. of Winnipeg and Van-
iy the mill company, cotiver was in  ihis week  for tho
Don'l forgel the big dance to ho
Dr.   Robinson  was  able   to  re-
given by tha   Ladies'  Basket  Bali sume duty again  to-day for  the
Club on Thursday next. , first time since his illness, LARDEAU MINING REVIEW,TROUT LAKE CITY, ILC.
Her Guardian
Oopi/rlgM, tfM,l*y ,*>'.-. Itm. [''ili'llpsAO0,
"Tlien you think you hnve everything
you will need, may need?"
"Everything? Oh, Mr, Barclay!"
The girl's eyes w.re mist,. ivlU) tears,
"What makes you so thou ;li ful of mei
Al school there was ao other girl who
lin.l such beautiful nml dalutj tilings,
And it tens not money, for many <>f
them "ere wealthy.   Tliej Bald 1 had
Biieh SXqulSlte taste, nml  it  IVHS not   I
nt nil. I.ui y.ni who procured tliom and
win. Influenced mo Into the waj of
wan I inii such tiling, nml it used to be
the same before I went to Bcbool and
lias  1 11 so since 1  graduated  and
cnine inline. You nre always Influencing me toward what is  si beautiful
in life nnd then liestowing It on me, BO
Mr. Barclay's Imnd moved uneasily
among *he papers.
•'I promised your father" be began,
when nlie Interrupted him with an imperious motion of her band.
"Yes, yes, I know, but most Biinril-
lnns would have been satisfied with
keeping a general oversight and paying
the hills. Vim have he, n my most in
tlnint* frien.l from the time my father
died, when I wns only twelve. Why."
laughing, nml her voice quavering n little, "I linve told you my secrets and
lovo nffnlrs ns few of the girls I know
tell their own mothers. It has seemed
perfectly natural,  Y'ou were Interested
In them, or appeared to be, and never
requested me to keep away from the
boys. Indeed, I th'.uk you always favored my going with them, only you
were careful to Inquire uliout their
Slio wns In ft reminiscent mood, nml.
though her eyes were still moist nnd
teu.ler, her lips were hnlf parted in
amused recollection.
"WLmt a lot of hoys 1 must hnve told
you about, Mr. Barclay," she went on,
"all those of my early school .lays,
tlien the ones I met nt college nn.l now
the young men who have been calling
on me during my six months here. You
know about the oues I like best and
those I Just tolerate."
'I urn afraid you nre a snd flirf, Elinor," ho snld.
"Yes, 1 am afraid I nm." she agreed
readily, her face becoming clouded.
"But what can I do? The boys seem
nice, nnd I like them, but some way
when I come to know them better they
all fall a little short, nnd I have to let
them go. I have felt awfully sorry for
some of tliem, but there was uo other
way.    Two or three wl re "oiniiig
here now nre really talented nnd will
mnke successful men, I nm sure, bul I
hnve a premonition what my verdict
will lie. They almost res b my Ideal,"
the lurking mischief again returning to
her eyes, "but not quite."
"Perhaps your Ideal is too high."
"I'erhnps," demurely, "but you fixed
it for me, nnd you have i . de it so
much of my being that I
to a lower one now."
"Well, I nm glad. The Ideal will
como along some day, and then there
will be no mistake. Are j .ur trunks
all packed?"
"Yes. I can get rendy in a few minutes, nnd there Is over nu hour. That
Is why I came down I n Inst
tulk with you, Mr. Barclay."
He winced ever s.. slightly. She li.nl
always culled him uncle until the past
few months. Now It wns Mr. Barclay.
She wns older, of course, and was
growing away from him. And she
would l.e nlisent for two whole years.
What would It be like when she returned!
"Yes," ho snld, his voice ft little
dreary wiih the thought, "I was waiting for you to come down II will be u
long, delightful two years for you, nn.l
I bops y..u will enjoy them thoroughly.
Mrs. Carruth has the reputation "i being the ticst chaperon in the country.
She will take you every where, mnl you
will meet nice people. 1 will give you
letters to some I wish you to know.
Dr. Laurens Is going abroad on the
Mine steamer, I hear, so you will hnve
a chance to meet him after all, 1 was
sorry for his peremptory summons to
the hospital that day I invited blm
here, but of course his professional duties should come lirst. I slnill nsk him
to look you up nnd request Mrs. t'ar-
rulh to present him. Dr. Laurens Is
one of the most brilliant and noble men
I know and is making himself an enviable reputation, and be li only three
years older thnii you nre, I...nor."
"Don't, Mr. Barclay I" she Implored,
With sinliieii pain lu her voice. "Plea a
do ic.t talk that way,   You mean well
but I 1 do nut like it Just now. This
Is the only home I remember miii-li
uliout, and 1 nin going sway fur a
long, lonft time. Let us not talk of
other people. When I left college 1
looked forwnrd to coming home nn.l
living quietly, ns we dill before I went
away, when we read hooks ami played
chess ami talked over things.    But y,m
thought I should go inn. Boeiety and
meet people, so you left your books nml
took me everywhere nn.l introduced mc
to everybody. I think I must have met
nil the noted people, especially tlie
young men, in the whole eily and surrounding country. An.l now I am to
ro nbrond to meet peonlp nnd people
nnd people! I suppose it Is fur Uie best
nn.l my good, hut I nm aot brilliant
enough to appreciate It. i-i should
hnve liked the chess and books so inueli
Ills face was turned sway .from her
now, but his voice was steady.
"Yes, it is for tlie best. Elinor, It Is
right   for   a   girl   to   many,   and   she
shuiid know men before sim is ready
_ make a choice. Some girls are in-
qualnted with only n few, nmt the best
of these Is her standard of manliness,
Perhaps Just outside her limited area
there are a hundred who aro Stronger
and nobler lu every way. This girl has
been cheated. I do not want your life
like that. I have done ths best for
you In the way of nn education. As a
conscientious guardian cr.ul.l I do less
for the rest of your life? It Is not that
I want you to go, Elinor; It is not tbat
I have any Inclination to be a match-
muker. It Is because—because 1 can
do nothing else, being myself." lie
looked nt Ids watch abruptly. "Twenty minutes," ho suggested.
"So late?    Well.  I  will go and get
ai the door she paused, looking back,
"You must excuse mi- talk aii.on your
liberality, Mr, Barclay," alio said wist-
I fully.   "But    inn  I could not go away
without, saying something."
Halfway   up   Ihe   stairs   she  paused
' again,   she had forgotten the letters of
introduction, anil it would be inure eon
lenient tu put them iii her bag before
When she re-entered the library Mr
Rnrclny's face wns burled in his arms
Upon   lhe   ilesk.     lie   was   lireil.   she
thought, iiiiii perhaps grieving a little
nt her going away.
II was mil until she reached the desk
nnd was about lo pick up the letters
(hat he noticed her presence and raised
his head with n quick, surprised ino-
lion.   His eyes were frank, unguarded,
his lips trembling.
She giizeil at him a moment; then her
Womanly Inslinet In a Hash cuinpre-
"Oh, Mr. Barclay—Robert—do you"—
But he Iiiiii  controlled himself by a
great effort
"Forget this. Elinor, forever," he Interrupted harshly. "1 was weak for a
moment    I thought I was alone, nnd
you inisunileisl I "
But her face .ins radiant
"i have been misunderstanding you
for months, Robert," shs aald softly,
"but not now. It was all In your eyes.
Hnve you never thought why I was unable to iiml my Meal'. I didn't know
my own heart then, but I always com
Prominent Playwriylits In England Disclose    Their    Modus    Soribendi—
Many Ways of Building Plays.
There is generally an air of mystery
surrounding the Workshop and methods
of the successful dramatist Thai a certain fortunate band of men should be
constantly turning out .plays which
in, ei with the favor ,>f the public en-
■ hatu'es iii,. popular Idea that there musl
' bo some royal road to success in play*
writing, though ns a matter of fact
every playwright haa his own particular method, unlike that of nny other.
Mr. K. .". Carton, the author of "Mr,
Hopklnson," for Instance, has a method
quite his own. in- keeps whal he terms
ii pickle- tub, or, iii other words, a b ok
In which he jois down Ideas which oo*
inr to Inl in nt different limes when
walking ur riding In trains and omnibuses, when lie deoldea to writs a play
he refers iii nils book, ploks oul whal
eharaoti rs ha prefers and begins to
: ue.ive his romance around them. But
even bet re h" ins iii" story properly
llxeil in his mind ti" christens them.
ll,- is v,ry particular ns t., his choloe of
names, and admits thai ninny or tha
names "f his oharacters are 11
while looking in shop windows.
Grundy's Method.
Mr Sydney Qrundy works In quite a
different fashion, liis ilrst Idea is to
get his story oomplete, which im doos
■ut ef doors or while sitting In his garden,   'rn, n he s.'ts m work to conquer
hll   , iilrniii'is nn,I , \:ls. nml II Is [nt. '
esiing to know in t he does ..n his work
through   lhe  me,limn    of   n   draught-
And How Serious   Results  Can  be  Avoided
by Use of
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
pared the boys and the young men with   board, moving the pieces from i
you, and Ihey fell short. 1 know now
that I have loved you for years, since I
tirst went In college, but I have not
fully realized it until within the past
few months, and, Robert, 1 have been
so—so unhnppy at your—tli'iughtfuliiess
of me."
"It wns the only thing I could do,"
he groaned, "I was afraid of myself,
aud—and I nm so old. Kllnor."
place, according to the movements t
his characters In the piny. Then he begins to actually compose his piny, and,
wiih the draught 1..nr,l still before blm
writes steadily day by day, with few
corrections, till n is finished.
Mr. Cecil Raleigh, the author of ■ i
many  Drury  Lane  successes,
that  the  majority of  his  plays  ll ish
his mind nt once, and be w rib -
tralght ahead what  i...s   •curie,1 to
There is one way in which tin* niv
vnges of consumption can iie very
materially lessened ami thai Is I.y the
prompt and thorough cure of coughs
aud c.l.ls.
While  weak   lungs llll Inul.le.lly   pre
iiispnse in lung trouble and oonsump-
nnn, the begluntng must always bo
nith a neglected cold,
ii.\ directing your attention to Dr.
L'hnse'a Syrup ..i Linseed and Turpen
nne. ne tun Ui- known to you the moBi
certain and effective menus of curing
coughs and colds and preventing such
iiis, uses as bronchitis, consumption
ntiii pneumonia.
This is nm a ii"w medicine, nol an
experiment, bul n preparation which
' iiccessfull} stood the leal of time
and haa to-day bj far the largesl sale
ui am Blmllar treatment,
if we can only help you to realise
Hi,- danger ot neglecting coughs and
iui.is. we know linn .ion will nm run
ni,, risk ui depending on any "cough
mixture" ilm druggist  may choose to
lian.I  you OUt,  hill   will  Insist  on  gel
hug   a   medicine   with a reputation,
riueli as Dr. Chase's Syrup of l.insee.l
and Turpentine,
Mr. John Clark, coachman, Port
ll..i.e. Ont., wrttesi "Being exposed to
all sorts of weather I Frequent I) catch
cold,   Lasl winter i was su bad with a
COld I COUld m>t speali nhiiie a wills
per, ami had greal   pains ir. lhe chesl.
At lasl I feared ii would develop Into
consumption If I did nol succeed In
geiiing proper treatment.     A  in.mi
advised   to try Dr, Chase's Syrup
rn' Linseed ami Turpentine nml i be
inn i,i improve before I bad taken
halt n bottle, nne buttle cured my
.ui,i which I believe would have prov
.-ii  i.i.  serious If I  had mil  used ihls
ii |s Impossible for t doctor to pre
ei ii.,, im n man more effective troal
iiieni i.n croup, bronchitis win...ping
cough, asthma, coughs ami colds than
in i'huso's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine. 25 cents a bottle, at all
"Only fifteen years older than I am," ! him In that moment   Plnero once gavi
she said happily.   "I shall unpack my
Once more lie tried to command himself, to summon the mask to his face,
but lie was too weak. He held out bis
( ru-li.-.l   the   1,1111,'r.
Some years ago in Alabama one of
the most talented lawyers practicing
In the smith was lhe Into Colonel Hrngg,
but he had n pepper; temper.
Not only did Colonel Braggs disposition Involve him from time to time In
serious differences with his colleagues,
but it also led him to break off ninlea-
bis relations with a Judge Robinson, s
most estimable jurist, who while presiding over a suit in which Itragg was
him a t.p which h" hns borne In mind
' ever since, and Ibis wns:   "A piny Is a
■  ■ or a failure from tha momeni
ilm Idea is in-vt bum in the mind ol
Ilm  author,"    It  Is  s.ii,l  that  his
'ii, arts are Trumps," wns oompleted
In two months from the day he began
although he never writes for more than
•Iii,-,- h urs al  n  time.
How Barrie Works.
Mr. .1. M. Barrie writes his plays
whenever the mood takes him. With
thi a hols plan ot the pi iy mappe i al
In his mind he sits down to write, ami
,i", s not li ave his t sk till tha play Is
finished. The Idea of his first play.
"Walker. London," which made htm famous, occurred to him ne nin.n
he mi- walking roun I Notl ,. ■ im Castle, and It is interesting to know thai
"l", ter Pan" was evolvt I In n's
party    n,- works oul all his seen
Interested bad by his decision Incurred
the  resentment  of  the advocate,    So | his head, bul Insists ,,n having his play
for a lung time thi lonel declined   com; pen to pars
even to speak to the Judge save when i w"1' ,h<* r ire few i
ii   was   al    lately   necessary   In  the   re''""ns ln the manuscript   when
Symbol of  Majesty  tor Saskatchewan
Legislative  Chamber.
i ne mace tor the pro\ in. inl legis
laiure has reached Regina, and ex
coi -is all expectations in iis beauty ui
workmanship,   li is   Btrikingly   Can
n linn  ill   il"Sir;!l.  iiml  c.insisieiil ly  full
n.ii.m in lis manufacture, being the
product ui ih" Insignia Department ol
Ryrie Urns.  Limited, Toronto's lead
Ing    jewelers    an.l    unl.l null lis.      The
richly chased and heavllj appllqued
lecorattons Include such national mnl
Imperial symbols as the maple I. al
beaver, wheal sheaf, rose, thistle and
shamrock. The r...l with its sur
mounting crown measures four feet,
nml is ui massive brass, heavily gold
plated. The seal at the top of the
crown is an especially elaborate and
mi specimen of the metal art-
[fleer's skill,
A Sour Stomach    snd   a   Sour   Temper
ti..-.. I hand In hand and    an    the    pre
cursors  of mental  mul    physical    wrack
Mn.    Iiun.lr, .1   .ml   nin, ii   nine   linns   In
a thousand t I ferment   llndlftstlon) Is
Ih. cause Dr V..ri Stnn'B riii,ii|.i.le
■ keep tin- stoma.li sweat sld _|.
T-stlon keep the nerve centers w,n
islanced they're nature's panacea —
pi< ns.nit and  harmless.   36   ,iii.   a
Sen mn < oi
I 1 ill , -   l"l    _Ule   lull e   been
'    •    ,l|     llllll.     ll lei
course of bus
Finally, however, his better nature
gelling lhe upper hand, Colonel Hragp"
determined to apologize to Judge Hob-
ins m and endeavor to effect a renewal
of their former comparatively pleasant
relations Meeting the judge one afternoon on the steps of the statehouse,
lie Impulsively thrust out his hand nnd
"See here, judge: lei's be friends
again. This thing lias gone on long
. li."
"Why—er—Bragg," asked tlie judge
In the meekest and way Imag
inable, "what's the matter';"
"Simply this. Judge," continued the
fiery  Bragg—"I  admire you so lm-
mensely tbat I cannot for my life be
t to remain on bad terms any
1 felt that  I  must speak to
'"Why—er—Bragg," piped tlie judge
in the thinnest Of vol. es, a well feigned
look of astonishment on his face —
why — er — Bragg, haven't you been
speaking to me?"
At  this the lawyer wilted. — Llppln-
got s  I , Hi,, typl
Mr. Haddon Chambi I      he be
gins a piny  mal
of every In - d. nt, and then
he Is r | n the first set I
.1 'im and revlsi ■ thi tutting
out everything which he thinks might
tted from the i lay so ns to mnke
ihe story more ompact.   He   ays that
It  is 11
write i tie firsl two i i res of s new p > ■
but v - , the work
It  runs  .sm,, ■   , .       \     i  •
"i"   ■ difficult   to
nnd   if It  ,1 •"   nol   run as    he
wishes he will throw the play aside for
i  months and  let  li simmer In
min durlnir I finally re
turning to it sufflclt nily ■ nihuslaatlc l ■
continue to the end.   1'
mostly when walking, and the In
play, , to him sudd, nly while w.lik
ing In Fifth avenue. New York.
t un i iii,.-il.
It Is said that, altli,uigh the celebrated advocate, Lord Ersklne, was sonie-
t.-s jocular and occasionally a little
unfair In his treatment of witnesses,
no man was better nhle than lie to
make them real:/" the foolishness or
inter irrelevance of their replies without giving offense, ai one time n witness obstinately refused m be sworn
in the usual manner, but siata.l that,
although ho would imi -kiss the bunk."
lie would ■ i 1 up his band" and swear.
Ersklne asked blm what reason be had
for preferr i • iuch an e. i entrlc way to
tin- irdlnary method.
"it is written in the book of Revelation," replied tbe obstinate man, "that
tbe angel standing on ths sea 'held up | key.
his band.'"
"That   la   very   true,"   snld   Krskine,
with u smile, "but I ..in bardly see
how that applies to your ease. In the
lirst pi if:iin!v nre not nn nn-
gel. and, in ih" second place, you cannot tell you hnve no means of knowing how the angel would have sworn
If he had stood "U ilrv ground as you
There wns no flippancy or Irreverence in Brsklne's tone, snd after n moment's reflection the stubborn witness
yielded ths point, Impressed by the advocate's Common sense view of the
matter, und took the oath in the usual
Prof. Dewar on Whiikey.
At  North   I.n, <',iurt  re
cently   Mr.    Ford ham    continued   Hie
hearing of the under the
i ".I and  Drugs  A. •  again I   M
Wells an.l David traders, of
..ty.  fur soiling bs   Scotch   ami
Irish whiskey lhe pi",loot ,,f the ; i*
r ni still, "r silent "r neutral spirit.
Prof, sir .1 imcs ned whls-
OWSl   "ll   I* a _i n, ri,'
, to the vai etles i.f ardent spirit
ii I   and   Ireland
fr un  • • on    f ilm ferment. .1
.n     t   ei iln   '■ clinically   called
ilm wash."   At ihe present time li was
,!,'•• to set up a standard
nini whiskey should really contain In
Ih"   way   of  by-1 roducts,     II
i tin,   howi ver,   thai   the   by pi
w.re in greater proportion In the poi
still ii hi key, yel i hi ml ts had n I y t
I",I   li ll.it   gave   lis.-   to   lhe  bouquet and il.,.  r ,,f the spirit,
in , i ,  i-examln I on Sir J imes De*
ii I   th it  if i
to i. "i Ion ..ml in x- .1 wiih silent spirit
•h" mixture would nol be B ot. h whls-
. n ii ii I.... ■ ,*.,,,   i.t    v«.„   ..un,,-,,.
I'.iiiiui.nii- in has ii a yet bet u quits
stamped ...it In British Sow Qulnes,
Tl.e niiiiies have well cultivated gardens,  Ihe.V eiellp.l   1 lUg se|l|",|  Villnges,
ami tbelr relations with Kuropeai
ally barn lous,   in each village
.me of the mn.i Influential chiefs is selected ns village "un iiii.i". given a uniform,  a  pair "f handcuffs,  s  brass
badge and So a year uml is kept under
eiiiisiiini personal supervision by ths
ill white magistrates, .'rime is com
piiraiiveiy rare owing apparently 11 lbs
fact tbat the nalives are not allowed to
niitnin unv Intoxicating Honor.
Aliriiya  ItnInInar.
There  Is  a  group  of  islands  to ths
south of New Zealand called the Sis-
ters, nr Seven Sisters, which nre reputed to be subjected to a practically constant rainfall. _be same may be said
of the Islands and mainland of Tlerra
del Puego, saving for the difference
tbat the rain often takes the form 0f
sl.-et sod snow On a line running
round the world from four to eight or
nine  degrees   there   nre   patches  over
which rain seldom censes to fall, This
Is called the "zone of constant precipitation," imi at the same Urns there are
several localities along it uitb very
little rainfall	
Cows At Calving Time.
Never feed a COW heavily just beforo
dropping u  calf.   Heavy  feeding then,
.illy  if it Is healing food,    may
Inflammation, or garget, In tha
Udder,  'I'h..ugh  a  c.iw  shOUid  not  bo
f.-il heavily just h.-foro calving, Sho
should bo well fed.
Breeding to Type.
The foundation <>f successful herd
development rests primarily on breeding to proper type, A HUlliIble buU In
typo ami breeding will yield results
of an uncertain character tf mated to
cows approaching the deep bodied, full
u.lilere.l dairy type,
We Trust
If you ore suffering from
impure blood, thin blood, debility, nervousness, exhaustion, you should begin at once
with Ayer's Sarsaparilla, the
Sarsaparilla you have known
all your life. Your doctor
knows it,too. Askhimaboutit.
T"ti men |m_ wcii nftffr i\\* eondtUn if
four liver ami bowali, l'iii*»*i% th«rt In lUiir
ictlono| iii** bowtli,MMotiuai prvdaeu tr«
ftbtnrh«d, cftuilni huouhi! MIIomdmi, Btw
•n'ii,iK.|ei.«i4, mihI Km. |i .'vi'l.tli.K tlm Har
n-iimrfiU from lining Ha l>»>**t W'trlr Ajnt'n
fills :■!■■ liv rr i>l Is      Art ,!■■■. t I y. hII vai«t*l>l*.
Tlie -lose In only ono pill Rt Ix'-Hline.
Alio m.niir.oturtr. cf
_. hair vinos.
am i cute.
nm. niii'in ;  li   L'l ■ 00,000.
Bunllghi Soap ..< better than othei
inn  is besl when  ur-., i iii the
Bunllghi    way.   Buy    Sunlight   Sosp
Phe Ami 1st    ,,tli, lain ..r.
i.i in : the looting ol n Standard
tbi launch by Chinese pil itea,
oy   lot...  n; ,i..     it,. ,     cannot
•• r   ; anion   of  He-   nr.
Is onl)  one »..i  la cur. J.-.,
thai   I*   i-i   cunstltutloiu
■ i In   nn  Inflame I
dlli.in of the muoous llnlns of the K-.*'-
I'ul,.-    V, li. ti  this lube la Inflnin. 1
- iken  nut  mul thi.
i  when  it  l. ,-ntii, :v
tin-   i. Mill    an.l   unl.-.*   ih.
•nit  mi'   this
l   to    ll*    n..rm,il    rendition
r    f .irv.r;   nin.
'-   in.tliiiur   but   nn   InflniTHMl   eon-
IV. | f„r
*■ ' b.   ' 'atarrhl
ih-.' ft   in   Hall', ("niniih
.   '.er.
I- .1 ,iii:v.-y a CO   Toledo  •>.
■    WrlStS     "S"
T..k" Hall's Family I'lll* for enn»tl|.ntlon
Two Japanese n ercliants    sere    nr
I   idirostoi k   i  i     p,    .
' iii- ui th,. 'ortincati ins.
An  Kliiiiuriil  . r.ii. i.m.
Theodore Thomas, lu conducting sn
Orchestra, seemed Impassive. Imperturbable. A writer lu the Outlook commenting upon thii says Hint be nits apparently without passion or feeling,
yet the appearance was not reality,
and st one of Mr   'llioniss' reheiirsals
it was fully contradicted.
At s certain point In the symphony
the orchestra wns playing ln perfect
time snd tuno, but with a certain me-
Cbanlcal effect which no one had noticed until Mr. Thornss suddenly
rapped the music stand before lilm.
The orchestra stopped. Then with
his linii'l he Imitated tbe action of sn
organ grinder.
With only s word to Indicate the
hnr st which the orchestra wns to take
up the mimic, he Struck the rack before lilm for nit. i.n,,n. snd with a
movement of bin baton gns,. the slgnnL
The OtehSStrS repented the pn.nuge
lie hud criticised by dumb shovr, uml
this time it '..l.iiml with spirit aud
A  SlUal l.nnrt.
In the rainless interior of Australia
there Is s sllenCS of the grave. This
deathlike .Heine has s peculiarly depressing effect. If two men are
Camped nml one of them goes to a distant township to got provisions while
the other reinniiis behind to look nfter
the camp, the man who Is to remitln
says to his mate lu forcible ({old fields
language, "Now, lllll, don't you be long
SWaj. You know what kind of a place
this Is to live in by yourself." If his
mute Is swsj for two or three dnys,
tlin silence gets upon the man's nerves,
sud lu the Snd lie shouts in order to
make a noise, nml then he Is afraid of
thu sound of his own voice.
It Pays to Select and Breed Carefully
For the Best Hens.
Many   years  ago  WS  were    content
with the hen that produced twenty-
Iii" or thirty eggs In a year. When the
statement was made that bens could
produce a hundred eggs, n was declared absurd. Thbn the suggestion was
made In tha columns ..f iins paper that
the SOO-egg heu was near at hand, ion-
stderable comment was caused bj this,
yet there Are many proofs st hand that
hens have produced In one year, under
perfectly K..0.1 management, as many
us 200 eggs.
There are not nearly so many of
these as there should be, nor lis th." '
could l.e, If people woiilil carefully
select   I heir  breeding  stock  for    that
particular purpose. We have before us
a Statement  Of several pens of fowls.
One produced sn average «.f 120 eggs,
two others sbont 150 >'ki;s. one pen im
okks.  an..1 Inr  pen  about     200.     Kilns
were hatch* d from each of these pens,
and the best Sgg-produclng pullets of
nil that were batched came from the
hens which laid the crkb in tho pen
that averaged 200 ixxx per year.
Wo know what a terrible strain it Is
upon the constitutional rigor ..f a hen
to produce as many iis l*m to 100 eggs
In a year This is most likely to bo
done by pullets In their first year, and
iv,. bi 11,-ve that If ttv s,. same pullets
would he properly car.-,I for and kept
Into tho sprlnp. of their second year
ns hens nn.l not worked too hard for
the egg production, the em's from
them would establish s line of ckk-
producing poultry that It would bo
hard to overcome
Much mure attention Is Riven to se.
lertliiK the stock from which tine milch
COWS nt" grown than wo reronini'iel
for producing a laying sirain of poultry When the time comes lo hntch the
chicks in tho spring, many of us are
much too anxious to place tho first
eggs we can lay our hpuds i.n under the
hen to ho hatched or Into the Incubator, as may be; but if we would select
In advance these hcavv egg producing
pullets of the year before and keep
them fur the express purpose of laying
the eggs from which io hatch our laying pullets for the next winter, wo
would be surprised ni the startling In-
crease of i-ug > i*-t■ t that wa would have
SS S result Of such selection.
Pullets hatched from eggs that come
from hens Ihat only produce thirty five
or forty eggs a yen. do not Inherit the
laving Inslinet. rather would they Inlni it the propenslt] Of ths mother hens
nol to lay so many eggs While, on the
other hand, eggs from the continuous
Snd large 'Hg producers would be pul.
l«-ts that would naturally become large
egg  producers  themselves
That like will produce like Is a verv
Old  Saying.  It  Is S saying worthy    of
consideration In the poultry business.
Hens that ar.. heavy egg producers are
more than likely to produce their own
kind, while hens that are poor egg pi"-
duoers are doubly certain to produci
those less prollllc than themselvos.
An..ther feature of vital Importance
Is the selection of male birds from tin.
lens that have I n line egg producers
in line for sereral  generations   If tho
proper amount of attention is given to
both nf these necessary requirements,
people will find that the Increased Sgg
production  lu  their  Hocks  will  be  so
marked as to be beyond all sxpecta.
lions. Hundreds of people complain
thnt their poultry d'H's nol produce any
eggs .lining the winter months, and
thai they lay ao lew eggs durlna lhe
.nlIre year ns to make them unprofl.
table SS Sgg producers; snd while complaining of ibis known fad ihey win
continue year after year to hatch their
pullets from the same hens Hint havn
never laid pntiiifth eggs lo pay for thu
corn they out. Then, again, many
people will read In their papers how
tioo'trir   slioi'l'l   bo  l/ont    fed  nml  rgrc*'
Quebec Man tells how the Great Con*
sumptive Preventative was
an all-round Benefit
Mori, Hold  In the Sea.
The subject Of gold iu sea water nnd
the possibility of profitably extracting
it Is n faselnallng one.   A professor In
tim University of Brussels, _. r. ds
Wilde, lias taken DP the subject nnd
proposes n new method of getting out
the preclOUl metal Sen water Is treated wltli n strung nehl solution of chloride  of  tin  nt   Ihe  rale of  live  CUtdS
csntimeters (about one-third cubic Inch)
to the Ion. Tbe gold forms with the tin
the compound known ss purple of caseins, nnd when luneiviiler Is mldeil
this Is fixed nn lhe tlnliy prerlpllnle uf
magnesium hydrate, which falls to Ilm
bottom,   truin this the gold Is set free
by the sdditlon ..f potassium cyanide
snd can then lie recovered by tbe usual
Well   known   methods.     Professor   tie
wii.ie considers thai much of the goiii
In sea water Is thrown down lo the hot- '
bun     Whether lhe gold c-iiu be prolltn- I
biy extracted by ii i ive method does
not yet nppenr.    London (Hobo. j
" My wife took li Grippe when .he was
In Ottawa,' say. K. N. Daloe of Northfield
Farm, y.ie., in an interview. "She got a
bottle of I'-.i i lone and after using it lor a
l.-w day. .he wan quite well. I took a cold
and am using it and am vetting all right.
I think I'.i, '"ii'- i. one of the beat i nn s
on the market to.day."
There you have the whole mailer In a
ntit.hell. Ia (.rippe and colds are among
the forerunners of consumption.
Thi. man had one, his wife had the other.
Psychlne nut only cured both but il buill
."-ui up so that their bodies are strung
enough lo resist disease. All aeed. of
,,,ne.n in pi,, n are killed by
(I'i,,„,,,,„, .,1  "li-hran)
for and pay no attentibn to it what
over 'ml vet expeel the '"'";i •" B've
them a profitable fl turn lu ogge.
Then, are just ihree absolute requirements for SUOOSBS In poultry
keeping    lhe first, to have a line of lay
Ing hens f'd (or producing eggs; sec-
,,,,',1   to properlj Imuse them during the
winter months so that they will be
comfortable, provide dry   floors   and
deep litter -over a foot deep for them
to scratch In; and. third, to properly
house, feed, water and care for  them
as heiis should be i<"pt for the prof!
table egg production  III    the    winter
months.  -Washington Feather.
50c. Per Bottle
Lar*ar .1... SI .nd SI-all dru__!.,«.
DR.  T.  A.  8L00UM, Limited, Toronto.
Ililllalieil.il llllllr.
"No," said u lecturer, "it doeBn't do
to get swelled head and think you're
Indispensable   to   the   welfare  of   this
"I was In tlie lobby of n big hotel In
Cincinnati when n bus load of traveling
salesmen es  fi  the station. Every man of them us be signed the register paused to shake bands wltli the
hotel clerk, il full..'fly Old fellow Who
had been there ninny years.
"'Ah.' sai.l one Of them to the clerk.
'It's n good thing you're nt ill on d.s-k.
I'm-ic Dave,   i don't think tba bouse
could run Without you.'
"'Couldn't It, Just!' snld I'nele Have
'You fellows would COmS In here, nini
If there was n strange clerk yuu'.l say.
"Where's I mie Dtvet"
"'And the clerk would sny: "Why.
didn't you hear? Ile died 1 month
"'And then you'd sayr "Well, I'll I"'
dnrnisl! That's too bad. Kuy, wheuVI
dinner be ready?" ' "
Nil   Judsr.
Rtbel—He's JUSl crasy over her since
they became engaged    Bs says she's
uu angel,
KNii-  Well, of course the poor fellow
never rnnr an angel      Ton n Topics.
THAT       LUMBAGO       IS      ALWAYS
Quebec Man Cured his Kidneys with
Oodd's Kidney Pills, and His Lum
bago Vanished.
Win'i   P.    _ .  April J        I Special)
John Ball, s bricklayer, resldln • at
.ri7 Little Champlain 8tn el this cltj
hns added ins statement lo the
Ol   plui't t toil   I.uml,n. o
ii>    disordered   kldni 11   snd   i
quentl]   , asllj   cun i  bj   Dotl i -  Kid
ll.'i    Tills.     Ml     Hall   -
'I was troubled wuh  Lumbago
two rears    I oouM nm «
to gel up al nights tu nini, '•   s.
thnt  mj   rest   v.. ■  broken    I   real  ...
.nre...    by    Holds    Kidney  Pill
made up m> mind to trj thi m     t'ftei
th"   firsl   iru\   I could !"• i and
change,    i hree boat - i ared me com
Lumbago,      lit-.-    Rheumall m,    i
.•an-.. I by uric add In the blood   i i li
add ci inn, it  stay  in the blood If iln-
Kldne) i  ui"  ii,ui.in    ii-,-       11
m Ini i  Pills make thi   I-.: li
Kin.i Lady i visiting the J.di i I an
lersiand il was vour love foi llquoi
thai brought you here?
.lim jam    .Ink.      Don'l    >mis"    I,.
It. ma am     Dia is de las' place oo
i d   iniii"   to if   i   srus   iiKikin
H.v.  you a  Skin   Dlxa..?    Tetter   Hull
llhi-um,   H, nil  Head    Ringworm    Kcsama.
li, li      ll.rl.ers    It, li      i 1 , ,-      lu
Chronic  Erysipelas   Llvei   Spots   I'mrlso
Psorlsla,  di   .tl,.i   eruption!  ,,f  in.-  .kin
- .lllll III Ann- w'h liliiliii.nl liis -Pm.
for other. It can do f"i i "ii cure >'"..
Ona application siw. relief   It
The debate on the budget In Pranct
► lions that    iiiiiiie.   is    the    w.
plunk in the administration ol tin   rt
publican regime
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches, Cub
an Itch on Human or animal, cured
n 30 minute, by Wolford's Sanitary
Lotion. It never fails. At all druggists.
Very few persons a.,|iiit themselves
nobly   In   their   uial.len   speech.    At   a
wedding feast recently the bridegroom
was cull,si upon, us usual, tu respond
to the given t'Uist, In spile nf t'c fint
that  lie had  previously   pie...led  tu   lie
excused.  Blushing to ths roots of ids
In. t. he rose to bis feet.   lie Intended
to imply tbat be was unprepared fir
speech milking, but, unfortunately,
placed bis band upon ths bride's shoulder snd looked down nt her as be
Stammered nut his opening (and coo*
eluding, words:
"This   er   thing hns been thrust tip-
•n ms.**—London Tit Hits.
To   further   encourage the u i   o
pure, ei.-.n. seed ■;1111n -. iln- Csosdl n
Pacific Railway Company baa an
aouni at] that ..a shipments ui »heal
Rai, whit.,   oats,   olovei    snd
i Is from bstween C   r  it    ini	
""'•t ut I'urt William, ball rati
be   applied,   This   concession    will,
however, only apply ..ii grain cli
weed s is of good quality, shipped
prior to May 16th and mi satlsfnctm i
evidence thai the shipment is for s i
lug  purposes only.
. I,,,.,,, i.r shi,,.,, iii Work.
A foolish person builds fooll lily, snd
a  wise  one  sensibly,   a   virtuous  one
1..-.11.11i'n;i.y  nnd  a   ridoui .me  badly
If  stonework   is  well   put  together   II
menus that s thoughtful man cut II
nn.l   no  honest   man  cemented  It.     If
it hns too much ornament it means tbat
its carver wns too greedy of pleasure
If too little that ho wns rude or lu
sensitive or stupid or the like. A mini
muy hide himself from ynu nr uiisrepte
sent himself to you every other way
but he cannot In his work. There bt
sure you have lilm to the utmost, nil
that he likes, all that he sees, all that
he can do—Ids Imagination, Ids alTee
Hon, his perserverniice, his Impatience
clumsiness, cleverness,  everything  is
there. If the Work Is a cobweb you
know It was nude by a spider, If a
honeycomb by a bee, a wormcast is
thrown up by a worm and a nesl
wrenthed by a bird, and a house Is
built by a mnn worthily If he Is worthy
nnd Ignobly If he i, ignnh',, Ar„, „]
ways, from the least to the greatest
as a thing made Is good or bud so I.
the maker of It
Are you a success  ns a _i    '.
maker/     Is  your cake  an !  |     „
complimented In your (ri nd
If not, whose fault i   -
or the miller's.   If you «r«
lul in other Inn'., youi r. :l
u a cok ii viiiilii'iitcl, .md d |,
plainly the fault of the II
I mil   up   the   good   I :, .i ;
pii ii v mitten . I j oui pi qu . ■
an I get their Hour esperien. i.
Von will lind tii.!;  moil
sre u>in_
Royal  Household Flour
gladly |■ i- ■:,-.- iUtilei
for ll | for tl ■ ,      •
s purer, Ix-ticr floor,     11 i
pastry, it hai ti" e.
OgQvic'i   Royal   II  :,'
repi.it   llir   nunc   t,,   youi    ,
v OqIIvIs Ilfiiir Mills Co., ltd.
"Ogllvte'i rtsiok for s
tnitii i'i
s     s never l      Lihcd 1 'T
?■ i  .oi nil yuulioa i
In Your Leisure Time
If you could stall nt once In
DAM  Which  WDIlUJ   a.hi  * g*0
kum to pour preionl tamii g
.MI      INVKSTINt.     A    VOU AK
you  tlo   it ?
UVil, WO arc willing  !■■  ||
■ profitable business and wo d *
you to put up any kind oi ■   :
Our propootUon li -His
ihlp \ou 'tie Chathaoi Ini ul
Brooder* fireifbt prepaid.
You   Puy   No   Cosh  Until
After 1006 Harvest,
I j payi.
People u ho tell ]
money in rail
to make memo) i'i the bueii - g
letting   bane .i-* hatchers, **
night a* wed h.i.-
nufcim'si of a hen 1
a hatcher end   broodei   ihi
cli ned.     Thut'i Uu  l"i*. ■ -• •*      thi
Che thaw Incubator and Bra
they do H perfectly an 1 tut   •
Thr-  pOU '■■ .   bul
ducted  paye fai b< ttoi thai
bueineei  Cor the amount ol ti I
money in-.111
Tbouee nd      I  i ■ "     • i
■mi m moo Caaade
United State* have proved to thru
•atiefai tion that it »*• profitable te i m
Chil k» with the
J<0 lU*
AND  BR001O.
"V.iimltil.Bllr-t Inetibatni 11
n.ci   .., i I  . h
uid •., . . |m      I litis  Mi '>»' -
. .    1: i
' Mi   Aral  Iii'  h rum" oft    I   .
ITU ' u
■O i   ■ I
i     . ,       i nl.   In- ul.4l..r.   mnl .1   I
i ■• i,ij ii Front ii '     '   ■ -    :
•It,,,i|,I I.ni,- ,i No. .1 ' hnlh-.ni i
lwlnr      1.   VV.   IUMSAT,   Dill
"Tho Inn:'-  Inl fill
wi.rk- .... I
.'.-.I,   nml   nill)    I,"
In      ,'.'-   ,il 1.-1,1!,,ii    <    ■   >    ,t-i      H.
Ui Oi v> is, M.1II..1 J ni. a
The Chatham Incubator and Bro
ii honestly constructed,   There .
hnmbuf about it. Every inchofmatn
ii thoroughly  tested, the machii
buill imi righl pun, ipirs Uie ll *
Is perfect,  thermometer n-i...1 ,r,
iho wiiiUin nisi.p the beet.
The Chatham Im abator and 11
it simple rt. «rll n» sclentifl.  ... ■
hi nn t mn    a woman or girl can ops    "'
■ lie- m«i bine iii ilnir leisare mot
Vou pay no no cash ....til ..ft. i i
Srml in your num*' *...! addresi o
a po»t cnril In-day.
***s eaa  supply  ttm qui..'.   I
ill.trtlnillritf   i.,i|.l .,-,.„'   t'slffsr]
■Inn. ltsslii*. <V'lnnl_ur, Ni-v, «,-'-
Iir.M.i.ill.'nl   llnllriit .I'linllimii.    .1
alt OortUB] I.i" i. In * lull linl...
""Mnnson (Innipliell Go^LWi**'
Fartiirlr.nl. iiiiiiist, <lr.T„ ami I 'KI I
Let   us  quote   you  prli r*
on a fjood I minimi  Mill
or liotitl Farm Scale.
i li.-  M,,,., r
"This li .t of mine," itormad tbe wife, i
"hns been ont »r date for ten solid
"i HiuniM esrtslrrly bars thought," ro-
spondsd bei ihsnwless husband, "thai
Ilm styli's Would Im vi' swuiiK luii'k to It
at ii-ast ones iii nmt length of timo."
" Fnr voar* 1 hava liorn
ImulilM with I'll,... Am. , .
I »Ould hav» lo lis down an,,
rn.nmn   porfsotiy    Quiet   fur
h'.iir, llfirli ntliv k i.»H roriw,
llian tha last I In,. I in mi
I'll* nsdlelass liui s"t n.»
bstlai nil I n .-I 11,,:, u,„,i,
an,I    ll,,.   eursd   ma   |rf.iinn
"'iui. Thanks lo n-m-
H ii,I. I nin nn* trm limn
■vary «yin|,l.,i„ „( |',|,., |,
M. ii. >»aoN," Asslslani Posl
Hsstsr, Orasnwood, Oat.
ThOIUSadl I'll  llir   .nm«   «l,.rv   of   llrrn MA
ws tlXnoOuaranlaed PlltOura,   All .Inun ■'*•
• 111*1.    "r     'In.     l\ I1J..IN 1- VLB    Cu.,     1 uiiii.l-
N"l«i. ialli.  Uu'. It
llvon   llnrara   lln.a   Pnrlnra.
Nowmlnys nlmosl pverj kind .*f biwl*
ui'ns i< onrrlod on lu "pnrlots." Aft-'i'™'
inn  to Mi.'  ndvorlisomouts,  tho onlf
proper pli  ii i or drink, t" buj
sell, Is a purl.ir.   BUt, hull."rolls tl  !l
tin' parlor fu.i hns become throiigl""1'
town,   It   ivnuil I   for   ii   1'iriy inntli
Hii'.'.i blnoksmlth t.. resch the eon ' •'
notch of absurdity. Hs brasenly ill*
plays the sign, "Horsesboolng Psrlor.'
-N.w Vork 1'rio.e.
W    N    U    No.    !)70 r,, „,»♦•♦♦♦♦♦••♦*••••••
A Series of Articles Descrlb-     £
ing their Lives, their Alms
and their Influence.
l.tor ol the Volksrellung,  Winnipeg
s ,  i„ tin   indication  ol   tbe  di li
■,  ,,i  il,,- (.ii man as s oil iaen ol
. i,, i ; In. mul nl t he imi|.<.i..ini
,,,,    timi      lu-    i-      I nuns    i
i .in.i,linn      life    could    In
ui   ,i   - k.'i.l.   ..i    tlie   .in
II   ll    N. nlil.I   nml i.i the | ro|
„|   tllO   I "•' nn.11   li.'l'li        |)»P
n |j   in-  ■ ,lit -  ii im I   publialies   in   th.
nl   \\ innipeg   tin   VoIIum il nnn
Id,i  ICurope mi Min<li  in.  1876,
. I,I came »itli bis parents in
,   :,  i"'.. .in,i mn li   in in.   hi
.1   I.n in      ii Iniii   Ins      llll in :
. ,i   M M.i nt ii i ii    l.ni.i, ii    thi
ul  Minnesota, those    habits ol
indual ry   and    sell rcliantt
,. I, has made him s leading meinbt.i
race in tl""  Province ol   Mani
,., .hi,I in tin- i ,ii, ni  \\ ret    \\ hi i
.in..I himsell nt tha atlvan
,i    he   studied    In    hi
irs  and  practised   his exei
... while walking afti i   the  plough
the i-i.iis.  mowing    raking
[the .I,,/.-.. and one rs. ii|is
. on I. farm,    Foi  thro.
i   ■    Ml li   "I    thoM    ii ml.
■ i the pulili.- school ni Mow
l hat ing  ni   tbe  sami
horst      ■  :  tm n' •
il ■ .   .1 Im I.  In   Inul  to let •
i,,iu ning mnl erciung
Ml      V   il,i,|      Inn,.   .
ii    ii.,i-ii  and    I"... tii'
.. ui  mtli tin  i imil ii iii
Un |0g     ii   lim       lull.- sang i .  i
, i ; -
in   man)   i
Mi    Si ui, 1,1,    yoai
ui se hi tin i,, i n,.in .ii.,
i    in      II ■        N   1
lUOO, liiii ing ni-<> taki i
■ ■ in i  ■
..i.i   \ii    Si   1. I.i I,
i the I ihi ulogii
ol  tlmt  city,   alt.
,    >iiiill„.i ii   Itap i   •
.iii   in     I..nn-. iili     hi
ni  In.    ooniiet in ,
 -:,i  in  ooutnbuting to .
Seoli      alaa gave    It si
.,i mh.I. ate in turn, i ii  Bapl i-i     11 • •_    -■
, JI,hI iii,in Louist.il,- bj 11,.
ol 1,.- mol i,,.. u n.i bad remoTw
"until i -1 in-i death
 pelted rn imniit. i. .,-,,ii- t.  i.
*•   ■•    ■     I .....  .'.i   n li,'..-  In
. yean and at tin
tbi   , .  '•■
oppununitit ■ lot ■ •>«•.
in    in,     prtivitii.
,   .       attracted   im.
ii.   ... , .hi  . l,.-   publi. ,iin ,
.,       |,,|M i       lu
i ■..-    .     . ■     iu     Km
| . ■ ,' ing     ., .... ii,in. ii., >.i.
- - it un    •!• i   ,n.i, ii -,i mn, i
| in nt  \l.
f uld  both    the     It.-*,
. Kiii.liil.latl        mul    il.i.. I..
f ■   > and im .... i  .it..i.i i  ..
1 .hi.I    editing    "i    Uu
11..   ,1,.. i mination ui
'     ■     \  ,:,...,-. ,    ,      |
ll     til,'     I...
.      .,|     •(.,      I., i
M    , Illli,|,|,     .,||,|     ||i.       I
■    M-    V  il. 1.1 i„ ■
ll   "    ..ml  a   ball   '<
1      •       • Iln-       \
..      .,       }< il '
Ml     Keuield
r, i   .m.i   i
' n  ■      i i'i   ii  i nl.
i i.in uu,rn I,...I in
,11  pai:    ol  tI-i- »r.
i, ,i.| I. - pi im i|,.>
in   M toi
\l •   '    ..ml   ll,.    publil
.i     lir»t-vlaa>    ailvt
.. .|  job    departmi n
•  i i in. -v . Iiroughoiil '
IVeel   in  in- ii  snd    >
ting i. In, li i he 11. ughlj  up
plant   .-  full)   able  to  bs	
 i il... i..
'. !».■ letting inn. I"
i  | .,|„ i   i,, 1,1, i   h .11  -in,.. In
■ ■, lion   mill   tin-     n.u -|,..| '■
,1 ,,  ..   I k   ...ul     -In' SI
,,i dimensions    proport '■
in.    Is ..I tin' i" init)
in iinii     mill    'I"
■ itling"    I*   llinili'lll   Hli.l   up I"
I ii iiii tin' energ)  uml sbilil!
Iii hi   i.ml  i i.i.-. i .Mi    Nl I]
1   \\ innipeg's Oei man newapap. i
■ high road to .. luooessful oarot t
Highwaymen In Russia.
Tlm  nld-faahloned "road agent,    oi
nn..in. i- practicall)  s    pereon
-   put, imt  there are -nil wmi
ol .In   in,i|,| jn » In, li he lliiiiin-li
'       Ilu-  presenl   troubled    conilitiom
1,1 Un i  inns metle .-.-it   i nin1' ■
["•ft* "i tlmt    r ii i exoellenl Relib
'I perationi ..i   srandeimi; Tsi
Quite    reoentlj   i  small
1   I" l'l up umn   u. ■ i nil. Transeain
1*1   1 nl   ilm ||    lit .       A-   ll 'in I
'     ml   n   In ml   in   Ilii"  Inlli
>i   mounted     figures   sppsan
1 ■"  »oei I in be im esuse toi  an
ion   i,ri tli,. riders looked quit.
■ iblo     linl  when the   oosch hsi
"pproohod within shout  thlrtj  foot <
J1""! they suddenly leveled ili.-n  ril
.""I revolver*,   nml    ordered    Ih
'. ""' lo stop    Ths iniin throe up 11
i.tin.is it, fright, nml several   p
11     wnndering si   the  sudden  stop
[""  Ihclr heada    from tha    wlndoen
'""" luilrlv   Ih nastee   of   ri'V.'li.i"
"'■I" Iiiiii..| in ti,, n faces snd then
werir> commended to step Into the road
"'"i" two ..t il... robbers guarded thi
"age driver nml wstohsd to iss thai
nun., of tlm passongori drew thoii
u-.'ii|i...i'.. tin. others wonl throt gh I he
i"»-,..'i. ..I ilm passengers and rifled
(he baggage and the mail bags, When
i,i <•[ 11 'n , - ni i nini. lim! been ' alien,
.In- In 'hummen ordered tbe oosch to
pro .i-i     11 -.'li there » si   quits u
party ol  them they seei I to disap-
,■;,, the moment tJ.<" stage started,
l'l\c.|it thai the ooach was really
robbed, the   whole   performance   u..h
i nn- like ii .-i.iiii.- opera Imi.I up nn.l
.in- done quite ns noally
i in- experience In AiiBtrla, where
tin- average manufacturer ruruiahea
Iwelllnga and fuel to his workmen
mi' ni charge, Ims le I to minimize
i im number of strikes.
A   Degraded Peasantry.
The   Itussiun    pensanl   i- controlled
'.i  tho ( luiiili, -iui \\..li \'nn Hchioi
linn,I in . In- I oi nm.   Hi. L.-.|i  t In- I'i'
liulv nml in-.i dm    in iIn. i,I,, enjoin
al to I  in  tlie holj  Hjnod, nml In
ii,urn .nn- n iili In    nil  rin     nml ilu. -
lie ■ nol i i- ii|i|iiii al in  nl i lie I Inn. d
I'Iiii- ill.- priest    I,in.ii    ,,i>  the    hull
itai i.-il  poasi v   di pi it ing i hem oi
pel'   ol   'inn    cunt     in,       \ml  tlm
i - bill   ' In   i   i,|, .ii  lost the  nn i jili
ull'-i I',n    :-i    ih.,   int. ii.-, t
mil nml moral lu     «hich in t his wa)
- inih tul mi hiu    , , • ping him in i list
liiroui in -    i uiulil nm  ii hich    ainasoi
ul1    1.1,,,    ii- il      become      u. quaiiitet]
.nihil' rin yii i'i    |" i
ol  i In   ii hole ni  i In     hluok . in. I.
bull     h i-    ., .nlil.    mil      I      i      mm
n  in mn   nihil    country   in
,'.'11 ,,;„ I I    I       foi    i  i   ' .im i-.   jn-l    ntn
'im I t kit  nl  t he .i. • i .i ■•   i,t I ,ii ihiini
.in I i ii  t lie    i.,", i    i,,i ■   1,1    ii.ii iii •
i ut hi ,   iin i   i     lim  tli.- Russiun
|,,.i-.,:ii   is ' inprogreaawe uml  un
.nilli 'i ni   tu iill  hi-  land    propel I)
snd 'oo i i '', ■, ,,i  ii 11ii
,/,i-l lint   r i . .   ,' .    r   ,it ,,u hui h     in   i
,-,'lt.il i       , i,  ,       ,       thai        I I ■        I1II--I1U
 iiii n:   has   helped   to   keep  ' hi
,t  in In- present degradod
[iidolenl   ..'.-I iinp'..iill.-ni  ii- u  n
ii   oent ,-,, ■   ,,i    ■■ i in,n,    ti,,   i., ,n-i ii
aent ■   him  nun." so:  (1) b)
., , hi   I.,. pine ' he  I"" holt
. ,,   u Iiii I.  t hi   ,
h enjoini polling I.in
..   pa)   In-  i..*.'
Ii-i i ,, 0 pei  i ■ i,'
,1 thi
est  is doni ime  »hen  prict i
rule I,, i
I"   • 1,..-ul
leall with.   Hut man)
I... lopment  i turea
■f in
m      in     i
med   t, in, i)    i , ;..|
Making  Horseshoe  Nails.
I   ■ ■. uparati
e  smallei   lis. i,  2,001
.ni>hi,*l   ii, ,',   ex
port   workman mil i- .Ida in
ii i-    turning
i- poure i
un it     11 ■
• •I. ami sre   » hi n n movi rl Iron
i k "i
- .th an.uli,.i.    In thii   ooi
in i  i.-i .   Iittl.   !• ■• •   ii    required    t,
»In, ii I In \
ui ore, which i- in a pow-
sling    tuinn <
I    kill. II, in   thi-l       I,Mi,nil.   foi
iron  mil  i
litioii     I   •
ip u. -
Mmard's L.n.ment  Relieves Neuralgia
Bernhardt Kissed the Reporter.
I Sun-em XI .- i
In I H        Davis aiuil  tt
I'ar-uiti,    **i th.
mlitui ahip  ul  tin     ' n      \ | pt -.1
ii hi. li     bi r..i,    h.    " . ,,i    inln. I.    nil.
(...iii n -    n.,        ,'i    thi
ll I  I. 1 .      |,.,|a .        III     Ilu
haitlt Nt i sds  oi
hi't   ii,--l, i ii  t..iii.  I In      I iner,     .,'
Sun   |-   , ail.1   I'-ni-  .,i  -
Ihe      ini ■ train   si
in I esc.il    hei  into I latijoi uis    .. 1—.. It
. ' ,-,!     Ii.llt,' Nl
IIIS.il'    lilllnu'lt
in-i-i,',l  thai   tl,<
h. i       r i
\h       Kill
tm i,,. I San I upside .1"" I
. itertainmi
'ii ni  li
u   .
.       elt Han I
to Davis in the ;
.! ,; throng    ...i'i  kissed  lun
in eit In i cheek and on the lips
ii ii li ., naive loi   ol hei head,
un,i      un I   tl.,-      \|i|» ul .'   .'..   tin
lip.  i n  i	
i' :  '
hi- Iiii-   hlushed, bul    rt i overed I	
,,-lt in im,.  t . .. that there wen
i ii hole hit more up i ounti ■ pa|tei ■
he  ropreseiite I   .ill  .'t    whii li    woult'
hi,,    I,,   h.iu-   Inm    !■ tun.   In      Nl unl
niili -uiulil tokens,
\    l.llillii' in    lot     tin-     In.
lea i n I.''- « hi.'. • itposei then
',1 man) perils Wounds, . uta snd
bruises i-.mil...  nltogi thei  lie avoided
n preparing tlmboi foi lhe drive snd
in   river   woi It, nl" >•   wel mui cold
.mi,inti,.,i   iii.-   ,.i   ii.nii   expoi	
ougha and cold and mu i ulni palm
r,mn.it bul '-ii' ill Im Thomas Blot
trie Oil   when applied to the li
■i   administered to ths ailing, worki
ii i,ml.
An Enormous Seal.
Nol   tlm Ii'i.-i   iiiii'i.-t.n ■  thing  ii
.1 -ini    French    I're . lential eh r
mi n.,   the great mnl nl the Repiihli.
,    • ll      I  t Imi   it     i  i.,--  li
uuI from Versailles entails nmi I him
LK,' a i"n' nssinn ll dates ii om thi
Nation .1 *■ elnliii nl I-. I and . •
hllilti i. inl' aise Prance on hoi  fei I
■ i mounted on n a heel and requii, ■
three man to msnotivre it On tl..
Im   nl  Un- election  It   «..-  afflxi
In- tInn' regulsli ,n enpie   nl  the nl
'unl  record  nl  iln*    proeewliugi   	
i ,,    ' hi.   ni'.i    I'i i,-nl,-nt    un,!   i, >>•   in, I
im iL,  ..i.i.i.,    ,,i i he Senate and ol
tlin ciniinl..'., after «huh it  " ■
•-rii.il\. escorted bsoh to ii- domicile In
I'm ii.
T~r*,: = "* —	
Sunlight Soap is better than
other soaps, but is best when
used in the Sunlight way (follow
Hard rubbing and boilin*. are
things of the past in homes
where Sunlighi Soap is used as
Sunlight Soap will not injure
even the daintiest fabric or the
hands, and the clothes will be
perfectly white, woolens soft
and fluffy.
The reason for this is because
Sunlight Soap is absolutely pure,
contains no miurious chemicals
- indeed, nothing but the active,
cleansing, dirt-removing proper-
lies of soap that is nothing but
Equally good with hard or
soft water.
by ths dsalsr f.nin whom you
buy PunlUrht Snap If  you Bad   \
»ny cut.'.' for oomplalnt. 155
irvra brothcrs i-mittd, Toronto
Kites for Life  Savers.
I. Imi.     K   Cody oonsidera that s
boatload ol shipwreclced personi who
hui,- 11 kite to Hy ore fai more likely
in be rescued than a kiteless boatload.
II. argues that .1 kit.- 200 yards or no
up in tin" uli Im- n bettei chance ..I
bei ig -.'en tlinn n -mull huiii Inn down
in the water.
II.' Im- buill a hunt tn exemplify hi-
theory, It 1- an .'|h-u three-tonnei :
li hgth, 91 fi el . beam, fl feel. and is
driven by petrol. It was launched <>n
tal Palace Lake tL" other day an.l
christened Lela by Mrs. Cody.
Cody invited s number .,1 women to
■tip aboard im I piny the part ol ca I
..ii.11- An.,-, mnl' tlu- Lela up the
Ink... nn.l at the right moment Cody
ihiIoomxI a .1.111LI,. hii.1."I bst-shapeO
kite -i\ nr iniii feel long, a'hicti
-, in, 1 iritn the nil ta a height ol
yards,  and  it I<l  be i-u-ily  under-
-tun I  h.,11   auch  an objed  out  al   sea
iinuhl nttru,-t the attention ol a
,  -.'I, although inii.- away.
Cod)   intern!- to sail in the boat   from
- I-i.' ul Wight I.. Uri_rTi.,1, mnl fl)
the km' in -.•<• Inm it ui.racta the at
h ni u steamer Then he will
ink.' the Lela aboard aome vessel lail
ing tm South America and eftei t«,-
I.n- will In- .'n-i idrifl
He will haul the kite, k.-.'|i
flying until pii-tn-l up by some passing
ii---,-l The 1. after a day or 10, he
mil repeal the experiment, and ■
mi until he reaches Smith America,
ibjecl .- to prove tlmt -mull hi.-
cannot drift along foi an) length
ol turn- without lu-iii,; seen il the) have
u kit,- lying
A Dog's Affection.
New York. The -nnv ol s dog's affection for iti little mistress, from
11 linn it would nol Li' separated even
by death, a-ai brought hero In the
steamer Columbia, which arrived re
c-iitlv from Glasgow. The Columbis
In. 1 1. hard experience with iln- wintry gales which swept the Atlantic
during hei entire voyage and the tossing ami pitching nt the steamei
contributed largely t.. the pstheti.
trageiy "i the sea, Among the pas
era on the steamer waa Andrea
Mm Diiiiulil. who nu- bringing bit
four-year-old daughter Mm> to America, im the benefit tbe sea voyage
might be to her delicate health. The
little girl'i collie dogs, Daisy and Ben,
aocompanied them snd until she was
taken ill Mary spent all her uukm^
with her |h-i-.
When the stoi more seven
■he became violent!) seasick and during
the nighl she died. The dogs missed
theii littli- mistresa and n-hined con-
1 until the) were tuk.'.i to the
cabin where preparations were being
in.ul.- tu bury the 1 Inln - bod) si sea
When tbe bod) «u- taken on 'i'Tk thi
dogs were permitted to folloe snd 'lur-
. 11 ■ _i the reading ol the funersl servic.
' ■ ■ , .Hies 1 ngged a! tin* leashes u hi. L
held them. Winn the child's bod)
im- litr.-1 to the rail and slid over
hunt.I Daisy broke from the nun whi
held I.*-*  mul leaped into the sea ju-t
las the body ol her little mistresa rh-
appeared   beneath  tim  waves     In  an-
■  ■ snt the dog had disappeared
from 1 n-ii.
hundred  Macedonians have left
Belgrade for the I nited Statt
Si  enty persona were kill*-*l ami   in-
in n landslide si Pelropolii   Hi.
TL*' 11,-n 1..iniii 111 German   south.
1. -•   im* .1 Im- 1 n-t   Qermany |160
000 000 up I.* date.
The Ragging Energies Revived.—
Constant application to business Is s
in\ upon the em rgies, and If there be
not lassitude and deprea
.-i.m an -ni" to s 1 l - * - t vi n These
!•*.nn- from Btomoch troubles. The
warn rn exercise brings mi nervous
1 rr* 1 . •; 1 tha stomach ceases
-■-iiiiii.ii,' food properly. In 'his
- Hon Pnrmeh i 'a Vegetable Pills
will li" fomiii a recuperative i*f rare
power, restoring the organs to health
tul action, dispelling depression and
revii ■
Nature   Needs   Assistance   in   Making
New  Health Giving  Blood.
Bprtng i- rr,,-   season   when   your
toning    up    lu    ih"
you mii-i have new blood, jus.
in ti—r   have in-i'- .-..|i
V.till"    iL-lllull Is    it Wir limit     iii.»
blood you will feel weak and languid;
  ma] have twingea of rheumatism
i ni ui iii-i.i. occasional heada. I - -
, 1.111.iiii- appotlte pimples oi erup
i"us ut the skin, oi .1 psle, patty com
signs ilm'
the blood is oul ..f .ir,L'.- \ tonic la
11 • -.ii'.i to give new energ) Di Wll
1.nn- Pink Pills are the best l<4 le In
.11 tho world The) make new, rich
ilootl deal  need in  spring
-   the skin, ilrii.' OUI *lis"i.s"
snd make tired, depressed   men   snd
women bright, u.-tii," snd strong, Mrs
Yamachtche,    ijin-
prove 1 alue of Dr Williams'
rink Pills in building up 1 pla who
!.. route weakened and run do* 1.
In  Un- wint.-r ...  1905  I
.ti much mn   down   and   loal
rapidly.   My blood w.is  pool   1
luffered    from    Indlgeatlon,    severe
. li"-   nu I   u-*'in*rsl   debility.    In
Condition  I  decided  '.. give  Dr
wilh.un-     Pink   Pills   a   trial,   and
. iluabl.   in. .lu-iii.' I mn
11. un *iij,nin^ perfect health.
in   w llllama' rink   Pills   curs   all
the   ailments   dus   to poor blood **i
why  they
anaemia rhsumatlam, neuralgia,
„i,iii"i trouble Indlgeatlon and the sec
i.-t ailments "i women snd nlil* Bold
in medicine iinui"!- or b) mall al BO
, box 01 -'*• boxoi fnr %': r.n from
he nr Williams Medicine Co., Brock
nil,., nut
The (iuvi'i-iiuii'iii ..f Veneattels Lai
suapen Lil * able service from V'enea-
tela in way ol Trinidad,
Prince Arthur of Connaught, who
wuh. — d ,1 -lutn ti_tit by the garrl
sun of Hiroshima, haa been presented
by tin' town «iih some ancient armoi
and n sword In commemoration of his
M.nard's   Linimenl   Cures   Burns,   etc.
r   hteen   person     wpre hanged In
the Baltic provinces from Dec   11 to
l-'"h    11   lust.
The Boer war .-li.inis examined by
ompensatlon committee amount
to $310,	
British  families  ore leaving  North
*   .rr, as t ia) as possible in fear ..f a
i rising
To 11 1.in it may concern: This is
to i.-itui that I have used MINARD'S
LIMMKNT myself ns well aa
cribed it in my practice where a linl
mem wns required snd have ni vei
failed t*. gel the desire 1 .'tT.-.-t..
C   A. KINO, M   n
King Alfonso has reappointed the
Mon • mini ■ ■ •■ «ti.ch in.s consented
in continue in .iili.-.'.
Ilniliii.nl- mil protest againtd the
semi-quarantine imposed b) the I'nited
31 .it"- ni Havana.
sh'.'pii-sMU'ss When the nerves are
unstrung and the whola body given
up to wretchedness, when the mind
is filled with ciiM.in nmi iiisinni fore
bodinga, the result nf derangement of
the liin*..iv,. organs, sleeplessness
comes to add to ths distress, If only
the subject could sl.'.'p. there would
bt , blivlon tm a while and temporary
,.ii,i. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
wm 11..1 only Induce sleep, bul will
n-t sn beneficially thai tile subji cl
mu awake refreshed ami rest..mi t..
Ths members of ths new National
assembly will vote by pressing buttons
.11 their iii'sks.
Dropsy Is one Positive Sign of Kidney
Disease. Have vou nny uf IheSs unmls-
tskable mkh^* Purrm,'Hi, under ths syest
Swnllrn llmi,.'.' Smothsrlns feeling?
Chsnse "f tha charaotar -,f ths Urine?
_xhsuatlon after leasl exertion? if you
hsvi there's ilrnpHicni tendenoi and you
shouldn't delay sn hour in putuna your-
sell under in* great South American
Kidney Cure    M
The death is minnuiu-riT'iii Rome of
Benator Bdoardo Arblb, the historian
ni tbe ituiiiiii parliament.
The Csar and Premier Wltte, of
Kuaala, are si.hi to favor the proposed
railroad fom Siberia t.< Alaska.
(tussle in.s prepared n naval pro
.■ini which will mean the expenditure
of |100, '. in two years.
A  mull attark.'.l  the prison  nl   Wsi
-mi mnl after kill..in   three   warders
,•, 1 n political prisoner,
Iln—11111   ri'Viililliiiiuirint.     an*   asking
in inkiii for permission   to publish   s
imi,  urn spsper at Nagasaki,
1 he number of paupers In England
imi Wales nt the .'inl ..f January was
"ii:.>ri. n proportion of "i per thous
•md of population,
1 ho expenditure on lighthouses In
toe United Kingdom Ihhi year smoun-
led in C600 081 This expenditure is
borne b) shipowners,
in 1MB over 160, emigrants left
Snuili.tii Italy fur Ainerlfii.
Concerning Oranges.
An .niiin.'iit .111 pun om * bacteriologist
baa shown that the acids ol lemons,
applet an..l other fruits citric aii.l
uiulur acid -are oapable ol destroying
all kinda "i di esse   germs,    Cholera
norms urn killu I In fifteen minutes In
lemon juice ur apple jmi". and typhoid
fever norm- are killed iu Lull un boui
by these acids, even when oonsidorab
I)     'li.lltlrll It    you    '-i|i|t-'/.f    11    I.'Ili.it
into a irlass nl water containing chol
ern germs and let ii stun.I fifteen 01
twenty iiiiiiul.rK, ynii muy drink tin
ivatni' with impunity, as tl." germs will
be dead. Theae juices will kill othei
.li-oiiso norms. In-i.'iiil ol telling ii
man to na**e Li- stomach washed ..u'
we can now  tell him to drink orangi
juice, which will cleanse tl tomacl,
as thoroughly as a stomach tube, pro.
% nl,-1 it be nut a case "I gastric 1 al
in rli. If wo have to deal with gastric
catarrh, in which there i- a large
amount >.t tenacious muoua adhering
to the null- nl the stomach, a atomaob
tube 1- required to dislodge it, but in
ordinary .-a-"-- "l sick headache, bil
iouaneaa, foul tongue, l.a'l breath, and
nervous headache, a fruit diet i- s
wonderful purifier.
a violin made nf wood specially se]
acted and felled by the late Mr, Glad
stone ui Hawarden Castle, wns sold
for  CIS,
It is reported that the United States
win appoint Charles s. Proncis, ol
Trny, ns ambassador to Austria llun
Much distress and sickness In chll
ili.-n is caused by worms, Mothei
U raves' Worm Exterminator gives re
lief by removing the cause, Dive II
1 trial and be convinced,
The municipal authorities of Berlin
are about to make a s.'ii.ms trial ol
automobile fire engines.
Baby's   Own   Tablets   are   equally
good for little bableB ..r big children
if a child is suffering from any of thu
minor ills ot chll Ihood a tew
of the Tablets will cure ii.   And an
occasional .loan to the well child will
prevent  sickness.     Mrs. a. Mercler,
Riviere Ou"ii". Que., says:  - 'My baby
wns cross, Irritable, did nol  Bleep nr
night and did nol seem to thrive, but
since giving her Baby's  Own  Tnlil'-ts
an   this  is changed.   She  now
well, sleeps well and is growing
ih" Tablets have proved a blessing
in Loth myself and the child."   Si
all mothers who have us.ni (his medl
cine.   Baby's Own  Tablets ar.
by all druggists, or you can ri.-t them
irom the Ur. Williams Medicine Co
Brockvllle, Ont., at 25 cents a box.
1 be robbery of 1433,000 from the
l r*-,lit Mutual hank Bt Moscow haunt effected the solvency of the Lank
Charlea W. Watklne, a I'nit.-.i
States revenue collector, *li"*i "n
board the Steamer Tagus at Kingston
\ Mr. Low met wiih an accident
while climbing ihn New Zealand Alps
ami crawled for four .lays over brok
mi ice and moralnos.
Minard's    Liniment    Cures  .Dandruff.
Large numbers of Jewish and Rub
sian immigrants will Lav,. I)>rlln toi
tho United States an.l South Americ
Immediately after Blaster.
A stranger was arrested at Essen
Germany, who offered a soldier sevi 1
ai thousand marks if he obtained 1
plan of mobilisation in the Essen dla
The April  Designer is  full  ..f thi
tidings of spring's approach, nol onlj
«nb dainty apparel ior  womt ■
young  f'.lks. bul   with fiction,
and   Illustrations   particularly   a|
rtate for th" time of year.     r
i, 1 lea will   find  designs for  wedding
toilettes  an 1 for pretty lin_. 1
tiio trouaaeau,  and a  spi'.-ial  artlcli
shows how 111 arrange the bridal
Advance suggt Btiona and photo
of spring ..ars will also prove useful
"Easter  in  Moravia,"  by .lulu  D
1 handler; "Making Easter Novelties.'
b)   Winifred  Palee, and "Butterflies"
Li  Craig s. Thorns, are three charm
ingly Illustrated articles, and b Bhori
story, "The Milk of Human Kindness
Ly Ada Mali*- Peck, Las Easter for ite
lie) note,
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
Shipbuilding Booming.
"Business in all lines is booming it
and about Glasgow, and more * ape.
clallj in ih*- shipbuilding Industry."
Thus spoke Mr, George It. Mai
K,-n/.i" iL" Scotch distiller, at th.
\\ Indsor lust evening
iln.   shipyards   of   Glasgow   a*
taxed to their utmoal capacity In or
li 1    tu    turn   om the boats witliin a
sp.-.'iti.d time,
".in.-! before coming over 1 saa th.
in,, new steamships which the Pair
Holds Company aro building for th.
1 1' ii 1 hese steamers a ill beat an)
•ning of iho kind afloat, and are mag
nm. entl)     fitted    up  with nil  n
appliances.     The  lirst   trial  trip of
these boats win be made on April 11
win 11 the  Fairtiol'ls "\poot   in  tl
distinguished gathering from ail ovei
Great  Britain.
Tho French council ..! ministers havi
fixed iL" legislative elections for Ma)
The I'niti"! States battleship    W ia
onti-iii has Bailed to join the American
Squadron St  Shanghai.
The paymaster of the Vistula  rail
road was -Imt nt Warsaw and -r".'i.-"riv'i
ink.mi from In- Lirily
Wlul   Mikes   You   Despondent?  — Itns
ths  yluuini'li   gone    wrons?      llsio    the
nerve oentr,?*- grown tiri-d   ami   ii*,tio«.i»?
aii- vou threatened  wi.n nsrvoua  prostration!     .s,,inh    American    Nervine is
nature's corrector,  muk*-.    iln-    st
i-iKiii. (Was .. world of nsrva tores, keeps
ths  circulation   perftet   A  n-giii.ii
Btituilon builder for rundown bsopl.
laily says: "1 owe my  llf« lo It.      M
India's Horded Wealth.
India produces more than seven and
.. hull million .I..liars worth ol gnl.l
yearly, but the world ai large i- none
the better ..if. .Much gold i- also
-luppi d there, but little cornea bat :>
Once let u gold cum got into a netivi
hands nml there Is the end ol .t II.
noil Lor spends it nor puts it In the
bank, Centuriefl ol oppression have
taught liim in hoard, with the result
Umi all nt Lis gnhl except tlmt made
Into jewelry, is promptly buried. An
able until...ity oonsidera thai In the
Bombay Presidency alone i- buried BO
million dollars worth "i gold In
China, too, matters are no..rly as bad,
These t«.> countries, India snd China,
mo estimated to absorb between then
18 tons nl  gnhl n y.'iii    piiioticully ull
..I which is lost Forever.
There is a Treat in Store for Vou
Ceylon Breen Tea,  beoauee It Is  infinitely
superior to the finest Japan Tea.
Lead     Packets     Only,     40o,    SOo,    snd     SOe.    par     tb.    At   all    Grocers.
Highest Award st St. Louis 1904.
No More
Gray Hair
Un,ous you are 70 or 80 1 Then
ka«p it I But why look old at 8fi or
40F Why have an early old apfeF
Hall's Vs_«table Sicilian Hair Re-
newer always restores color to gTay
hair.   Stops falling hair, also.
P«r lh« wM««-.r« tad m.uiurli, ws Bl&k*
Sl'l'Sl.-IMBAM'B DTK. It ool„r. > rtch tir.wB
«r..»ri >_ »   K.r HA1.I « . " ,*<»._». HH
Imperial   IS/laple   Syrup
AI *_**•*■ y •_.   Sstls factory
Atk your dealer lor Imperial Maple Syrup.   Do not allow him to substitute
an Inferior artiole beoause it Is oheaper.
"  STRATraaO    tANaDS
From the
Ovens to You
We bridge rJirunce
with our moisture-proof,
dust-proof packages. Halifax and Vancouver are
brought to the evens'
doors. Farms and small
towns are put on the same
plane with the big cities.
Mooney's Perfection
Creem Sodos
are packed in hygienic, _ur-tig_t
p_ck_je4 fresK crisp, delicious—
snd reich ycu in the same con-
diDOJX no BMMr w*Serre >r**j live.
Like ql Top
Don't lie awake with the rente,!y st
your eltinw To banish wakefulness, nervous «tarts, bail dreams—
to sleep soundly anJ waken refreshed—take
Sold Everywhere.    In _,*<•*. 25 cent*.
and Counnlls who own
Municipal Telephones.
Per qwiii • -     ■ v-    BO B m fi
to 1<)ton ■    i ■ • r i> m
r\ |      Al l'l*
B. SHRAGOE.   W       >•-
l!iM|i. -- • M rat.
h_ Jtood  for the CiElT
tlurmj   jeven^f ytui of
Ir.crtssinj }&lev
Rttiembtr thii when vou »r-nt wMer-
proof oiled coa'.j. juris Katv or horse
joodi for til Kindt of wet work,
wi ojAiAHrte irtJtr CAit_rr <u
T0tt« («H1D!W CO.lA-u TOI0N10 CAN.
Blacksmith to Opera Singer.
M.     11
in n  fin 'ni i   nl   ,
been t ngaged tor t tour in the i
M. R i  rum
untie   mi      ii*
mil I.m,-. in ii |,mil,In  R| Si,|i Bel   V
in A-lglere I   ■ when M   I
ol the Pai:
go in,-! ',, - spend n lii'ii.i.n
M  Oailhard   « ni   ovi i to ■ -*' th.
Foundry, and al il"' door ..f one ..f thi
•hopi he .'iiiin' to :i r-tnii latlll, i
nt. ,i bj  the ii-1 'i*ii->■* nl voice ol ..in
of ih.- workmi n who waa sun::'
hi' piled   liin In.nini. r on 111*'  anvil.
"Whal la tii.ii mat
M   Oailhard of the proprietor, and on
being told, he naked to ace M, Rouaa
ellere prlvatt ',-■    The mull waa thai
in-   nndei looh   the workman ■ edui .1
nnn,  i   m   Rou ■ i. It. re h     now   i
larger Income than  nny othei  i
H Prance,
Plan to Empty London.
Tli.it  sun uinai i    .'. i,Il io mi i   pro
phi t, H. 0. Wells, ha *
i ■•,.,  ni
r   kinds   potlm!
birvrlists     horseback    inln-     trtirks
i,i    nmi,•'■-   i.i it    mot on
nil      in    ill.ii    p
p| ipos and I ■ H in
t,,   (III I)     'ml      llll limit
i 11,,n      Thj.    beaut i
ful    inm v     picture     will     probahl.i
nol      mi -      m      nnr       tiaj
■ i'i-    In,ni  ni  Hi.
now - road fnr tli.- exclus
Iro us. '      road fron
Lun,! ■ i      ! ' ■ i   i    n...I   t |, .
i,.,iiiv .Im ii on .unl 11,
dltional liigliwav    will  in.   doubt    bt
I  Iii i
►r  tl"   purpote  of
development   >f thu oomp&nj ■
* -see-
ury Stock At $1.00 per there. pa>«ble et
time   ef  subscription.
The  Gordon   cobalt    Mme,        ntinit   «'f
lu icie* In   ■ Cobalt   Min.
(ng   Olttrlct
I t,  in   'he famous-  ■
pri»«nt   .. vemro«nt   Tl ' *■
: ■   . ■   iu
and Um aasai)
aieav    may     Ik-  aei.n   at   tli-'   I I
The   capital   of   tha   Company   It   only
1200.000.       Tl
debta and no prtfa own
er   "f   thv   mine   ■ In  full
payment for hin (*-
fcx; arta    onaldtr    tin     Gordon    Cobalt
properties, one   "f   Uta ta in
the  District  nnd  many ■'• .  in
-  » la
within   10  i ' tin**   i ' ^udton
Bay  Mlnet and propertlet.
The    ompanv   *!'i      'tiwnenre work  at
the mlne^ m April lal
Tni* atoca win ahortly  be  wtthdimwn
fron the mai k« t.
F»**r   i    -;     tua *   for
stock  aditreaa
Suit.- 4    il 34 VI
W. A   Marth, John F. Lenox.
PreeHant 8«K*rt i*»ry.
Over a Quarter of a Century
11'  nurreaarully
llaeaaet  runscil by  Drink  .ui.l  Drugs.
."."".    ourea   la   our  record    we
ippuk truly ami n..v tliHt fallur." to
jlitalr n r* e by the Ketley Treat-
-ten1 !• it ;' llure of the mini mul BOt
jur    iptli'ili.   8end   fnr  facta.
\        -9 In confidence
1S3 Osborne  St.,  Winnipeg.
A11 a • ti • d  lo any   Carmdnl la a
Ouaranta*   al
and Qood Wear.ng Qualities
When Buying OVERALLS,
• as  that  •■oh arllola baar* a
labal Ilka ahuva
Inalal an Oalllng
-'King of the Road" Brand
And Taka ng Othar
W    N    U    No.    5?9 'Vtf£ LARDEAU MINING
.    I   i   1*4 Hi   li.Mif l.nlt't U v   ;i'..1 l-'iVliKilivl
11 ;■! fg&t ia u r_ fro a j Lal ■ > •■'*■"*' 'J'bkitUni
i"i • K lltT t'l-s -i *[ n_i t   i.nu-. It v \yv
»;i:t* : i    '  i •   ii   in''i.   tl   r.m lAiiHinK'i.i*. c\
.    '     hltl    It-.     .•Mll.ll.'l!,
AH IftailN uill :■!■   vi.-.u--.  I  vt   l+l<- Mil.- "I '
'■■ ml ■ I- i' line, fire I InaoH i.in.iitJ.I W-win*. \v
'•■   .1 . .■. h mU*ei u nl In ■ u. Ih
Ten .for (VunWenl ki.i ntl'W « ivr-r-i* ;t
«* ill I'** mtvlo i; .i.m ii i*<- ;. i.iii'. 11 km alOJlii
r>i   I'.vl ,i-, lull   ;.',,'.I ;,   w....   ..i | ini c.
. hi Q C.ASSAVflnd ( H  mJA   ,i
SU.PLYC.K, L'd, 3
v'.'., i'i \-uu. r. c
tlen ".quarters Ior Awnvoif, Mini
Mill Suppl e».    Sol
Mi,.- .  '■ '.   Ct. •  Iliitt.    ■ n. i'ii|
1 i'i,I; T. \V. llninii A Co.'*, r.in-iiii H
'I'liriiarea, Burners, ute. Win. li i*
' .mill A t'.i.'.'. Find Ualancca, trte , .■;,-.
When L--1 i.r i ir n plsc • t.> up i
your lr.iliii;n.-:, ! oar in mil '1
that   Trout   lr.'iko   i_  nn
ideal   Bummer   resort.      T ie
'-c n»rj and climate ari*ii.sp:i.:
Stdnc ifce for TEe EUview
W.  Abrahamson
And Bui!ior,
*  i
[Owner of thc Ab.*aliam-
son A'dJition to Uie
ei a  Home
Tor     . ours. If.
POND'I   Pftl
Trout Lake Livery
Stables at  Trout Lake.
j j j D.n't Pay RentJ
Easy Termr.
*™t lafte
Hy us ii-.; Water supplied  by tne
v.-ii nre itssiiri 'I "f "I'■-
, - „ n^,rm-.Jr_l7_ar_..
WrJl. for ma lute eating ' •"l- *" Irvwit*
•or*i"» K_!p" an! •' Ketr you arc sv.lm I ,d.»*t
Sc::.l u -. a rough .ketch f r mod* I of yourin-3
ti ■   •     *"**"**• e «* r •„*■'• ft       _*^V »
J .,-. L     \ j  _> : 3   -wi U|J|J11 -tr wl    ifHM      *■      j   14/i-J  w-Si  *—r 1 JJ CM «.
1,;.*;;(.■ Cut-fjftU (-ii-i;!*  I'im-i   t*.    J \mI!iI t ■ ElisiiK* tUifli AlUYulutlJG,
Supplg (So.
lute I'lii ni'-    iliivi mn tul Aun.lvhi*
[  |-t|,**|        U      III  I'll.-:,   Ilji st.llr.lll-lltr-
„ H«g_ McPharaon - - Supt.
~i{x        own
I   J J rt    J
ari.i -"* »v ! PUP _f?'!P
Props Jf
Trout  Lake  Pity Transfer
and Stage Line.
I Ferguson
.« »••*." »"vki.-.ii 11 nmutvi oi yourin-( .
■ Jveaiinu or improvement nnd we will tell ti at
Jlrren" laato whether It l<p'ul^!y/   *fn«rv   ^x,"7    ,**?&**        U '        ' ~*.        ^  f? /^\ /^.^T1^ Q
Wntabl,    Refected tppllcttjorahLvccftn, f    J.^'l    j * & * ■■-_'-*{      ,•';.¥
Jeoiirlii-t  fully equipped o«eea in MortrealH    <L»   i-v-» *^_iF   *o^-^    & <. >    - -. ul  fiW   tc*   _•___:*_
jQlltl Wa ;  i'i. ■ ■■.   t i ; ■- ■ :■ |J '
Sty di*patch work and Qutcklva core P tctitt. I
jQiitl Wa >Iifii] ti :i; thtsqununci umopror.it t-#
ity dlapatch work and quickly a core P tcuti
ia*. brotdaa the fctvention. Ufghwttefercncei(
\   i.i qu procured through ?!.-r:nn f; :'\ >
Jr   i r c Ivcrp-cidnoticewil
J over ioo newapapefa "littributcd i!..
J the I) miiHoa.
3   Spcdaltyi -Patent ooaineta o( Uenufao
Hureraand Kngiticera.
j   Pater.t Exr.erl-, and Solloltora.   (
}r!^'. 1.Atj ;:   :.'•'..-'.:  Mon I..i'.(
i/T* 3 Ii .    1     .   ;"
' - _ rf
i__l Li
eo YEAr.r.'
•.-   rs- is
'.-.' i
■ •j .-■ i.
,1 »; \ ',:
.._: '■ _'l_. ..'... .
,**  Tri*_r. Mauki
Cor'vr.ic.iiT   •' 8
/nTOnstcn •'-j; I*..*.'*. *'.,1 *.i'-:.-'      I  ■
,   sal. Ur i: •' 11 •* '■    '        '. i      '
1,11 .   ...     -    . 1 -'*..- '»   I
(I.H1..I::   ll*Pntlfi(l«».*lKl.  1U.:.U ^ 101' .',••"..*
Mill fras *   imi iimej for s«*tinne J
I'.."*.-. *mlir-r   tl.: 'ir'l  Iln, I   I CO. l..*l7C
tfidtt'«.-; ". will' *ul c ■ -.riro. II ths
*5a}/»«*5*{|* 7Jh»_v_
AVi.v'.n tnaly lllrctrnsted w»«.ilf.   I »:- -? ■*:-.
r.MU' ■! or any at •i-iifle Jnuirmi.  *i«*t   i 3;.
-'..•".' r .       -
■*■*-**■** New
..  .-.      ■ .  SI.. tTru'i^;Iuii. ....
. \_-*..... ^ -   j'o.iift
. uijjL
Cc_";;:-.'.'...   . :. T'got,
Bea  ii ,1 fur t_:::;;  .; Ccmmercia] Sea.
P. Ro HcUENN r-i   PROP
5»*L.'ii_VS ti.i     _  _vwfc W_CU._li_S
Trout Lake - - B. 0.
| Trout Lake
I Beaton
I ______________ ->
|Vtt>WitmfVrii Wotf IDM
Daily Stage will 5
leave  Fergrson
7 a.m.
Trout Lake at 8
In connection.
A. M. Craig     Wm. Crawford
Imperial  Bank of Canada.
II nil Office
CAPITAL   MID   UP.   t3 900.000 00
ptroenvt roiMD      s.eoo.ooooo
TOTAL   ASSfTS       30 000 000 00
lv l:  Ull kii , Preaidenl ROBERT JA1 I i:\\  :   . I
BRANCHES   ui Hi" I'r ni-.•.•» **t Ai','1'1  FUakalclietran,  Urilitli (V.lurabiai
Manitoba, On lari i m <J Qni
SAVINGS department.   DepoalUi lived and i'i'-t"*! allowed al higlMM
rn in i.i tan* from data of oponing ol aceoanl.
h .   , HnM available in ni  parta . r.
j lull,- ■'. -   .'• -   •... r,..-,|.
W. Ho Jones, w0-'D VALLA>gc 	
!..„.*, i-.I iiiudois, Fin« job 'Review Job Dept*.
Printing. Hardware, Miners' k,   (diet, Btove
NELSON,  B. C. aud Range*.
  rsiEUSorM. B c.
__      Dprelal attention glren V» aaHarllaaa and
I'or High-Olaae Work.
. .     ...     .........
Tn. i r r.AKK llitANni—
r. II. BAKI R,
i-*'lclL liV, V       C\       \mr\J*      It   paya  In  use tlie   Telepl.one      A J
i_                                 lenglbr trifi can often be fared, (ifflces |, |J»v*j l*|*J/**|*  Ck I _ i"*! 1 _   1
n 'iinririiii t* in. ti i !•< ,„ I-,,,,.,   I"  rantoaoa: Ci nin' State ; TfMl A JUcl I t'C I   iWUvw   <•
WUOLBSAI.h BEA I.EKS in Butler.) ukei P(lit office; alto at Beaton. Com- ' r   »
Eire»,   Ci.s.",.-.    Produce   nml   Froii  aplix aud Arroaliead. „ _                                {
Reduced to FIFTY
THIS li  I' ■ .  i t'ji
Fa»!ilon   l/igarlna  i   •
fjre ths American ;
New Id      In Fk
In Embrc Idi ry,    .
Wimaii'a Wor'-; ai d  In  i
beautiful .-
In black a d wl Ite.    Ab
sluwsthe very iuhi
Srrirj, made fr;m Nr«- '
TJSM3, which cr:t cr.ly Ic
Send Five Cents To-day
for a stat;! e
MaOa-UNI    i*      ;- •
lor iht Bi
itt  r.
f "S, A ?   II! N   lir-ii.ij.  Porgnaon you
V- ,'- . mill r-'ni   ;,l  i ii'- J.inilfail
[ llollrl.       Ilr-if    |Iih    v i r-i i t < * r
!, •      "-'il 11,111  ll-il      Tl ilii
!.< III     * lilllf' 1 18.      K.\. t llllll
•• . - !:••,     vvfll   i * ni ilai" i
un !    *ii.iiii    riiiiiim.    «• II
:.    in.   i-i .1  pv. ri'iliing «bicli
I."   ': ■   i . ■'       Ik    in..'.  |,_   i. .ir   i i.-li   p
1*1 .i-.ir i     ,ii mi nitirable nno,
I:    •••  fl • in  ? I   ilny   ii|>\vsii'.l.«.
U'l 113   III   pIlMhG   il r   1 lll".liP.
!i.bm, riipi iiiiiit ;  s..
ir.HL**-,   Ci.oir.-f.    Produce   nn.l   I nm   aplii aud Arrowiiead
j Bouatofl Bk.,f laepfiine St. Solum, [1 C. . „ la     flood Sliave or flair Cut
LennoxvilEe   G. M. YUILL Ij wi.iiam schneii,
<5**^H0teI, JSV/ELLER,
E. M0B3S   PP.OP
Watch-rrpairing,   etc.     AH work
Hot and Cold Bathe
Hotel and
Cer.srai Store
D   C     J   II
: Hows Bloet, Troot Lako, B.G
Ms     ... tanaceo**.
A. .luulalit.      ....       A..*Hl.*r.
J. C.  .Mt'lM.AY.
Barber Shop. \
ForQoo* llain-uiiing ami
aimviny ," • l>>
THOl'T I.AKK.rll *i
Hot, and   ColJ   B»!h«
Ouinit rotnnanya'  Inlereati .•ar.-lnt
looked nfi.t
\^. i . toi *.■ ,.i ,r. I'l«n*>«
MC  Ere.'vs*/.   Ki.   Tm:
Your Local ??.
a a necessity to you, final
and socially.   A NEWS?/-.
containing the latest news of thc
worlc.   -8  equally necessary lo
. ycu. The "up to date rran" will
provide himself with these tv.c
ncces:arics.        . i
be found the very latest newt cf
the wcr!d, its n-.atter including in-
fcnr.a.ion on politics, commerce,
agriculture, rr.inini*, liler?.'t!re, rs
ince of British Columbia.   In ad-
. aition, ita columns for women, it*
popular science articles, it-
end continued stories,  iis  "    -
ewers to Correfpondenta," and
rhUmm   Prcblcma" cc,
STJIri'horne rt'v8P8P" t; •
51.00 per year can nowhere be
' '    •■• rev ht.t ,
a turn.  •«■,. ,
■ ' i> . ■ si ,lni
i     I y   ir-    n
.Ur sm i... T'| ; i'^j*
1    '
■ turn,
"   '   ■
I "-J"  IS  III. .
•„*«. ...: _:,,i,   ^   .; .',        *
i -
4-3   vu.   *.^2J»'
IEI1E !. vp li**. n forliin h
in,-..In Iiy judicioun invent*
liieul   in   lli'ul   Entat***, nn.l
p. .rr !',,i lu 'i *•* i'i li" ii'ii.l.- Mian
over t;i- n ,\i !«.. ni three years.
Tin' min trlii i.i;.-, I In- huricsl in
tlm nr'({lii*l liireaiof, for lie lias
liis ni.in v tin n fin laili'J •
^^     Now let ui |».inl nut lo i nu ', «i
I     Mr ii* i. ii i inii. r «|*iit .ti Mie Con*
Mli'Mit    III    ln.V    K "ll    Kfttnt"   I.im
Trout Lake in the prettieal np..i
in Mn- K...,trin*y* j hh ii pledMiro
rn .it it ha*- ii , >i|iinl. Boating
un I HsIiiiiR mn)* be IihIuIjihiI In
Km y-ai" round; whllii \inj gmiio
in ,-i''ii'i|,iii'r in to Mm foiinil nn j
Mm lii'lt. [ta . liin.'iiii in superb, '((r(
I' "ir b'ing nn 1.1.m! • «ii."i.i'"s, it
ii i j' inil.I in iv.i ni' nnd ono' In
ni nuinr, I . .*, In n-f *.f h*.iho of
I. ■ ('ii---1 liii|i''i         Icnces in
',. ii Mn Cnl -nii'i'ii. h- :(r. pIh nn-
«.-ll l,r.| < ni i.n! isunl il. TliOie
I r ■ ItV'i 1'Xt'i I nl i'i- ,* nil Htoi'ra,
h'i I ii ,■,im iv «i tin- iiilvi-itisfinonis
in M.ir< joiirillll will I-' •• v tlmt llll
lia.li-K mi" f,ii|ly wi'il r> pfOWtlti d.
Wiil"  with c.inli I'-iifir tu A guilt a.
H. McPherson
Trout Lake, B.C.
Lots can be
obtained on
Mclr.e your
selection at
once.   :
Then call on
or   writ*  to
haa nr vei lunl'n   ' brotn"    ii»
i. i ■*.      has 11•• i> ill ','ljr      il ia
tl.e  i > i *|  if i BTigatlon,   aid
M.e tun,Ii nl < f  Mt<   I ni.ln Iner. li
..f Ilia (' P H      All n.xU (in tie
InuVniii   1.1 .1 In Triiil   l.iil,.       ll
ia   ilii.  ('.niii*-r. inl  crniie  <f M.e
rich*sl   Dilnetal   .lUttltt  on   the
I'onliiitiit   and baa l.nnkln** fa.ili-
llea   pi.,vi.I..I    by    ibe    Iin-Mial
J'ntil. of Canada , flrsl rlssa sclool
aicoii.iiH tlniii u  ucder ilie   dirir
Mm    <<f  B. Shannon, II.A.; a good
WSler at ali in ; ((i.vernmenl ( fllrra ;
County Court altiit>**«; Mi-lbuHsi
Episcopal   aid  Anjjli.-aii cliM  Lea
and roil age ho"Hl_l.
Ibi'ie nrn Tsliiatib* innrl. lai da
on the i.ntaliiris mie.' i _ arilliri*.
Ila lumber reaources me ii.*.*.'ii.fi
renl, and a band saw mill with a
capacity of 60.000 ft. per day is at
(I c I .u.l i.f ibe lake. Tbe miiea
•iiliiiii.iv er« | i.'»ii i* mil bigger
Irodnrera eeerjf ymr, wiib i < w
|iros|iet'U npeiiiiig up uch I ndlei of
Tl err will lie n lilg rush this
rrnr, ao if joil Wnilld know
in. i'". null" nl ..in i> to t,iil n if
the igenla nt tha niltlnana l.t'low.
F. B. Wells
General Agent
Revelstoke, B.O.


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