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Ladysmith Standard Jan 29, 1908

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and you-will find our -Priees very oloso, und Goods of the  Highest
Royal Housoh'd Flour, per sk. 81.05
Moffots Best Flour, por sk  i.95
Best Pastry Flour, por sk  1.75
20 lb. Sack of Sugar   1.20
10 lb. Lard, pcr tin   1.66
Local Potatoes, per stick   1.50
Beet Ashcroft potatoes, iter sk. 1.75
Spanish Onions, per lb 06
10 It. crook Butter, per lb 85
flood Cook Butter, per lb 80
Cowichnn Butter, por lb ii
Gossagos English Soap, 21 bam 1.00
Clark's Pork and Beans, 8 tins    .25
English Marmalade; 8 tins  50
Climax .lolly in 1 lb. glasses,2
for  " 25
We have received tlie balance bf our WOOL AND EIDERDOWN
COMFOJtTBKK, unil this cold weather you will find these a necessity.    Prices light—from 81-50  to 818,50.
| pa a a a a a amm-n *Iffffll- — lTmmiia|
M*i vs     |w ——-.ft
Gibbona Case Settled at Last and Mayor'. Nichols-oil
Appoints Other Three Commit teen.
Tho socond incut ing ot tho City hands of tlie lawyers,
Council was hold in tho City Hall'was hud thoy tho j
on Monday evening. Mayor Nicholson pit's HI eel nnd thoro woro presont
Aldermen Haworth, Campbell, Browh
McKinnell and Muitheson.
Aid. Huberts Takes Seat
with Mr. (Hl-'bons out
vers'.   If they could lit
ftwnr of dorinl'tng Pi-',
Aid.   Ilnworth oaicl that Mr
rhe question
wer tu settle
do these law-
would bo in
tn Mr.   Ulu-
f a ll*
A oommiinicutlon    was   read from bons luid  undortakon     to withdraw
Mr. (J. Wilson, Socrelary of the Citizen's league, recommending that.Mr
G. Koberts be appointed go thc vacancy on the East Ward. On tho motion of Aid. Matheson, socondod by
AW. Haworth, Mr. Roberts was vo-'
ted to tho vacancy unanimously.
Mr. John Stewart then administered the oath of olllco to the alderman
tho ease in consideration of the sum
of 8120.
Mayor Nicholson said Mr. Gibbons
cou.'d withdraw the case,'and it
would ho perfectly safe fw trem Lo
donate tho morwy oh his undertaking to do so.
Aid Mntheson.said that they would
have to see that in consideration of
be   held    in Nanaimo on 3i\>b. littth.
The Secretary also asked that    any
~'~"~        ;   ——— -—-——~—--^———*—««__ jguggostions tho Council might    have
++-H+++-H4-H++i+-444-M4 LBaiSLATURB WS-POSES OPDE-'*0 mnko    t0 a,nond    tho Municipal
oloct, after which Aid. Roberts took this    sum     Mr. Gibbons waived   all
his sunt ut tho Council Board, claims against tho city;   Thoy could
Municipal Convention. not be taxed witli any lo^al expenses
■A communication    was road   from os no papers    had been served upon
the secretary 0f tho Union of B.   C.  them.
Municipalities, in which tho Council 'Aftor a little further discussion,
was usked to send n full represontu. Mayor Nicholson nnd Aid. McKinnell
tion to tho Municipal Con von tion to wero appointed a committee to interview Mr, Gibbons, and, if possible
arrange a settlement with him 01
theso linos.
Tills is The ago of.
Specialist's. Wo nro
Speolnllsts li, tlio nrt
of 'Watchmaking, ami
enn repair ony Time-,
keeping instrument,—
be it Watch, Clock,
or Chronometer. Give
us a call.
(Lute   ol    Toronto- School  of
Watch .   nnd       Chronometer
"t;    Makers,')
(From Our Own Correspondent)
The Legislature today disposed of
the debate on the address   from the
Lieutenant Governor, and proceeded
to ordinary business.
The proceedings were opened by
Parker Williams, who spoke on the
motion of the lender of the Opposition, censuring the ministry for thoir
action ln connection with Ris Honor's non-assent to the Immigration
Bill of last session.
Mr. Williams attacked the Liberal
party, singling out Ralph Smith as
the most perfidious of them all. He
contended that Mr. Smith had   been
satisfied with . a restriction of   the
Japanose   Immigration Into   British
Columbia and had admonished    the
province to deal with conditions aa
they found them.
**»y The Dominion Government had al-
^S 1^ 51 Y\ C lowed fishing companies to get ma-
]Tj J J Q^ \mj ^ uopolles and then employ practlcal-
1 !y none but Japanese    This had oc-
—y cm-rod in   Mr, Smith's constituency
^C 16i Q 1T\ Cm  at Cowic,lan Bov where a monopoly
Ij I  IfdLJr) was   glven   Mnda   of    t*a party.
•Na* *- * *~ f* '■' Friends   of the party also    secured
the sole right to the whaling ln the
Wo nre Stocktaking, ami ns there straita o( Georgia.
will.be lota of I   Ho a(lv,se(1 tho adoptlon of amlll.
imum wage aa a means of checking
tho difficulty encountered. Thore had
never been a real scarcity of labor
in tho province, although the government had allowed Itself to be Induced to believe there was by listening to one side only. Instead of
spending money on a university he
would prefer to sea the money spont
ln giving a common school education to the maasaa,
On the motion of Mr. Macdonald
being put, it was lost'In a straight
party vote, the Socialists voting
with the liberals..
Continuing the debate on the address Itself, John Oliver was the
principal speaker. He reviewed th*
criticisms of the government which
have been mad* session after session and on the conclusion of hia
■peach, the motion to prevent an
address In reply to Hia Honor's address wa* carried.
The house then proceeded to general business and a number of bill*
were given their Brat reading*.
H. 0. Brtwater wanted information on the subject of the flaherles
of the Pacific Const, claiming -that
it waa necessary for those ln the
industry to know where the authority resident of the Dominion or
the province. ne Introduced the
following resolution which was carried:
That an Order of the House bo
granted for a Return of copies ol
te.) correspondence, (b) documents,
shewing the contentions and claims
df. the Province against the Dominion, or vice versa, In regard to—
(1) Fisheries, whether sea or inland?
(2) Hatcheries; •
(8)   Foreshore*.
SAN FRANCISCO, Oal., Jan. 35
—The Examiner today say* that E.
H, Harrlman and Oeorge J, Gould,
hav* ended their war over th* rival
interest* ln the Southern Paclflo and
Western Paclflo Railroads.
It la laid that under the
agreement the two road* will
I fighting each other and that
Ing law suit* will be settled,
It 1* aald, wa.
which   we   ore going to clean out,
thoy will be sold ns SNAPS.
Phone 7t0.
Clauses Act he forwarded to him
"early as possible.
Mayor Nicholson said the   Convention    was to    bo hold in Nanaimo,
A communication wns read from
Rowland •Council, inv ting the Mayor nnd Aldermen to thoir winter carnival. The letter was ordered (lied,
nnd the Clerk instructed to forward
which would mako it very convenient a suitable acknowledgment.
i.     ,,    ■ •    , ,, .-I      i i   Accounts    totalling   $299.05  weir
tho Municipal Convent on to   ho gov-'nivi™nfn.t „_,, ,. ,,   '7, , *    '     '. "uru
„™m..«f nLu ™,* u*..."*»w ..,, i.   Presented nnd referred to the Finance-
for thom to attond.    He pointed out]
that any recommendations mado   by
ernmont carried great influence as it
represented the whole province. Mayor Nicholson said that one point
they might make would bo to have
the property qualification for Mayor
and Aldermen reduced, say to tho
figure obtaining in Nannimo.
Aid. Matheson thought they should
certainly send their representatives.
Tho question of reducing the proper1
ty qualification ought to bo taken up
at tho convention oven if it wns
thrown out.
On the motion of Aid. Campbell,
socondod hy Aid. Haworth, it was
agreed to send two delegates to tho
convention. Mayor Nicholson and
Aid, Matheson were appointed to attend thc convention ns the Council's
The Gibbons' Cnso.
A communication was road from
MuBsre. McNeill & Bird, solicitors,
Vancouver, respecting Mr. Walter
Gibbons claim against the city. Thoy
stated thnt thoy had advised their
client to accept a moderate sum. hy
way of damages rather than take
thc oase into the law courts. Five
hundred dollars would, thoy thought,
be sufficient to meet the caso, .end
thoy had advised thoir client io accept that sum .|f It was offered to
him by tho Council.
The Mayor said that this vns eno
of the things thnt had boon l.tfttvet'
by tho last Council. Ho believed lho
Council hnd tried their best to settle It, hut without success. Th.\v had
taken tho ground that Mr. GihboiiB
had no claim against tho city, nn<\
he himself was satisfied that ho could
not collect damages in 0 law ■■'iiirt.
Ho and Aid. Haworth had soon Mr.
Gibbons on their way to the Council
meeting. Mr. Gibbons hnd told thom
that he would bo satisfied with SI 2.").
Mayor Nicholson had got this figure
from Mr. Gibbons by asking him to
stnte his expenses. Something like
$125 wns whnt Mr. Gibbons reckoned his expenses to be, and ho would
be satisfied with Mint nmount. Mayor Nicholson,was convinced that ho
had no legal claim iipon the city;
but they could donate that amount
to him.
•Aid. Haworth thought it would bo
better to mate Mr. Gibbons a donation of $125 than to pay that    am-
Mayor Nicholson then appointed
the following committees:
Sanitary—Aid. Campbell, Matheson
nnd Brown.
Fire Wardens—Aid. Haworth, McKinnell nnd Roberts.
Cemetery—Aid. McKinnell, Roberts
and Haworth,
The Flnnnco Committee reported
that thoy had not been able to draw
up their estimates for the year because they had not yet heard from
the School Trustees.
The Mnyor reported thnt tlio rock
Whito Street had been removed nnd
that thc road ut the foot of H-i'Ien-
Powcll street would bo attended to
n't once.
(ribbons' Cnso Settled.
Thu meeting then adjourned for a
fow minutes to allow "layor Nicholson and Aid. McKinnell to interview
Mr. Gibbons. On their return, His
Honor reported that Mr. Gibbons
had consented to accept a cl- ■■ 1 tion
of $115 in full settlem-mt cf his
claim. This sum would coyer ad his
expenses und ho would sign any papers they thought proper ti the ci.se,
and withdraw all legal 1 i-octodiiigs,
His Worship still held Unit Vr. Gibbons had no legal claim nt-nlnst Ue
city, but he d d not tl tnk that there
woro many in the city win. -Multi
kick about them donating t-1.; nmount.
1 Aid. Matheson moved nnd Aid. Haworth seconded that the report be
received and the sum of Si 15 donated to Mr. Gibbons in full settlement
of his claim. Tho motion carried
Chairs For The Hall.
Under tho head' of now business,
Aid. Matheson said they should provide some seats for the hall. People
attended meetings in the hall and
had to sit round on the floor. The
Council">ught really to provide some
chairs, and he would move thnt two
do'/cn/sirong chairs he bought. The
motion was agreed to.
Aid. Matheson also referred to the
tables in the hall which were brought
thore in the way of evidence during
tho hen ring of a city case. They were
of no earthly use and couldn't be regarded as ornamental. They would
mnke fuel ond help keep their    coal
ountover to a lawyer in 0 law suit
Aid. Brown  said it seemed to him hill down.
that the matter wns already in    the     The meeting then adjourned
TOKIO, -fan. 25.—Tho programme
of today's session of tho Diet, which
PARIS, Jon. 25,—There was a sen- includes tho speech of Foreign Min-
Hatioaal development last1 night in ister Viscount Halshi; regarding tho
the caso of Henri Lemorne, the "dia- immigration question, was suddenly
mond maker," which was boing postponed until. Jan. 30th, when it
heard before an examine magistrate, is expected that thr Viscount will
Mr. Dohnn, a diamond merchant, outline definitely tho plans of the
testified that several of the diamonds government for tho restriction of im-
which Lemorne gave to Sir Julius migration to tho United States and
Welrhr, of the Debries Mining Com- Canada, lt is understood that the
pany, all claiming them to have postponement was duo to tho fact
been manufactured, had been ..old to that a reply from tho United Suites
Madame Lemorne by Dehan. Tho govornmont to tho memorandum 'of
witness has selected theso stonos Japan was expected to bo handed to
from some of which wero produced in the Japanese Foreign office1 this .^\f-
court last night. jternoon.      Sinco tho delivery of its
Immediately following the disolos-.lust memorandum, tho Japanese gov-
uro last night the president of tho eminent has issued tho most string-
jewels laid a complaint of fraud ag-enl instructions to all governors nnd
ainat-Lemorne. Tho morning news- other oillclnls concerned in tho re-
papers say that tho diamond mys- gulations of future Immigration
tory has been proved to be a com- along the linos of tho futuro definite
medity, and stated the idontiflca- policy of restriction, which includes
ttcn of the stones by Mr. Dohnn, as the prevention of emigration of lab-
an exposure of Lomorno. [orors to the United States and Can-
Interviewed by ono of tho nowspa- n<la except under glvon conditions
pers, Dehan said: "The amusing which will bo satisfactory to the
point is that the diamonds I sold governments of both these countries.
Mme 'Lfimorne    came   from Weihr's No     laborers   will bo permitted to
own mint at Jaguors Fontein.'
Portland, Ore., Jan, 25.— Former
United States Senator J. N. J3earm
and other men of prominence are announced to speak at a mass meeting ■ ^^emgnti
of citlitns to be held tonight    'or^., weok Jn j-jew Yop?c ftt     	
the purpose of •onuiderihg the  sub- |nff hetwwtl MeMra  aouW ai,a Haf*L
Ject of Asiatic exclusion.    Tha meet- riman<
toff has been arranged by the Asia-. *)
tio Exclusion    League, an organlza-,
tlon recently    formed by the    local     EVERETT,    Mass.,    Jan.  95. —
trades unions and having • for    its i Nearly an entire block of buildings,
chief object the exclusion from ' the including the Masonic Hall, was des-
United States of the brown and yel- troyed by flre early today  with   a
low laborers from th* Orient. loss of about $75,000.
.emigrate to Moxico. Evidence of tho
dotermination of the Japanese government is shown by an official order
j issued to emigration companies today, wherein all emigration to tho
Hawaiian Islands is absolutely pro-
— — hibitod except in caso of relatives of
Toronto, Ont., Jan. 25.—Owing to Japanese already residing there. The
great distress in Toronto, conforen- (hrdor bearing on immigration to the
Co between board of control und ro- Hawaiian Islands has created oon-
presentntives ol charitablo institu- sternntion among the immigration
tions was held in tho mayors ofllco companies who expected to institute
yesterday when tho situation with a virultent attempt upon the foreign
reference to tho unusual number p of ofllco policy in this respect. Viscount
men out of work and thc result of Hnishi, however, Is detormined not
distress therefrom was discussed at to yield ond snys thnt the Japanese
length. The city will Increase grants government, having glvon a promise
to thoso Institutions if necessary. will not recced from it regardless of
■>Mi 11 political pressure.
The football club held a most successful concert und dance in the Opera House on Saturday evening. A
strong programme had been arranged, and the hall was comfortably filled, whon Mr. W. 0, Simpson opened
the proceedings. Mr. J, Curtwright
was called on first, and his rendering
of "The Harp that Once Through
Tarn's Halls," on the English concertina, was deservedly encored. Mr,
•Allester followed witli tlounod's Ave
Maria, on the violin, which also was
enthusiastically received. Mr. Joseph
Sanderson noxt sang in his usual
pleasing manner and. Mr. Molyneaux,
in his best vein, gave a robust rendering of ••When Other Lips." Mi's.
K. White sung prettily, and a song
from Mr. Gunner .lacobson wus also
heartily greeted, Miss McMillan sang
"Caller IJerrin," in charming style,
and, being encored, responded w th
"Coming Thro' the Rye." Mr. J. Q.
Brown met with a merited encore
for thc first song, nnd replied with a
Scotch dialect to the tune of "John
Peel." Mr. H. Thornley pleased everybody with u recitation, and Alex.
Strung made his debut us a singer.
With '.'Drinking.';* Mr. T. Lewis
brought the programme \0 nn    end.
In winding up this part of the proceedings, Mr; Simpson touched upon
the question of Mainland players
competing in the island League. Tlie
game us ho understood it was intended to develop local talent. That
was why he was associated with it,
But Nanaimo aud Y.M.C.A. were
now playing men who had already
played in the first rounds of tho B.
C. ohampionship on the Mainland.
Ho believed that the players now appearing for the Y.M.C.A. had gone
to Victoria in the legitimate way of
business, to earn their bread and'bnt
ter. But he wus not se. sure uibout
tho men playing for Nanaimo. The
question would be taken up on February 8th, nnd they would learn who-
ther or not these men were eligible
in Island games, if they were, then
Ladysmith would have lo go after
men. They wero willing to play
home talent; but if their competitors
adopted other methods, they would
have to do all they could to secure
The floor was then cleared for
dnnc ng, and for two hours, from ten
till close on midnight, thc dancers
footed it merrily. The entertainment
was a great success and the chili's
finances are much tho healthier for
what was takvn at thc game and
tho Opera House.
Delays   occasioned   by   Overflow  of
Australian Coal' Cause Actions
For i'omurrago.
The block of the coal fleet at San
Francisco is growing and owners of
tlie steamers, which are unable to
lischnrge their cargoes brought from
Newcastle, are commencing suits for
demurrage. For being delayed thirteen days ln gotting a berth to discharge cargo, $2,52(i is being asked
in the courts at San Francisco on
behalf of the British steamer Bank-
lelyh, whose charter provided for
the discharge of COO tons a day
following her arrival. The German
ship R. C. Rlckmers Is also suing
for demurrage, suit being brought
against Evan C, Evans against
whom the action of the Banklclgh Is
also brought, for $1,096 for seven
days demurrage. At the present
time twenty-two vessels, with over
100,000 tons of coal, aro in San
Francisco Bay. Nine of them are
discharging 37,000 tons of coal nt
various bunkers and thirteen are lying out in the stream awaiting a
chance to land their cargoes. Sixty
five vessels with coal' ure either land
ing at Newcastle, Australia or are
on their way from that place with
coal in addition lo vessels almost
daily arriving from other places.
The purchasers of the Australian
coal are reported to have lost heavily on this business. When the
shortage occurred last winter a large
number of contracts wero mode for
Australian coal, too many for the
requirements of the coast and the
result has beon that tho market has
beon seriously glutted nnd tho Australian coal is being sold at San
Francisco for less than it cost to
lay tho enrgoos down at the Bay
Another effect of the block hns
been to bring into sorvico some dis-
ongagod vessels which have beon lying Idle at Oakland. The Algoa,
which has been ls*ing idlo for a year
was brought into service to take
tho cargo brought from South America by the Kosmos liner Dendcrnh,
for which space is not available on
BALTIMORE, Md., Jan. 25, - It
is ofllcinlly announced today that
hereafter employees of the Baltimore aud Ohio Railroad having anything to do with the direction of
running trains will not be permit,
ted to use intoxicants at any time,
either when on. or off duty. Any
persons using such beverages will
not be employed. This action hns
been taken by the officials of tho
railroad in nn effort to reduce tho
number of nccidonts.
LONDON, Jan. 25.—The Druce case
Which has been so prolific of sensations today offered still another.
Tho solicitor for George Hollanby
Druce, who claimed to be the son
of tho Duke of Portland, in the lat-
ter's dual personality pf Thomas C.
Druce, and as such to be heir to the
title and estate, today mado public
the correspondence he has had with
the prosecution in which ho asks
that official to assist him in locating the offer by Miss Mary Patterson of Now York, but which has
fa!Ion into tho hands of a man purposing to be his representative In a
letter to George Hollanby Druce,
Miss Patterson said she had a nura-|
ber of letters by T. C. Druce to her
mother in which he referred to himself as the Duke of Portland.
Geo. M. Druce sent Miss Fatteraon
money to come to England, but, according to her later lettors, a man
representing himself as an agent of
George H. Druce's solicitor, called
on her and got tho letters.
The solicitor is anxious now to
flnd the letters as he says they are
necessary to the defence of MIbs Robinson,
Miss Mary Robinson is said to be
an American woman, the daughter of
a soutnern planter. She recently
testified during the progress of the
Druce case that she knew Druce as
the Duke of Portland; that Charles
Dickens told her that Druce was the
Duke of Portland, and that Druce
himself afterwards confirmed the
Miss Robinson was arrested Jan.
17 on a warrant charging her with
House Yesterday Entered Upon   the
Ordinary Business   of tho Session—Many Matters Introduced.
(From Our Own Correspondent)
VICTORIA, Jan. 28.-In the Legislature yesterday the ordinary business of the session was entered upon. The longest discussion on any
une subject was that on the second
reading of the bill to provide, for the
government exempting from taxation
for a period not exceeding ten years,
railways in tho province.
In introducing the second reading,
Hon. fi. G. Tat low explained that
the question had been brought to his
mind first ' J. Hill at St. Paul.
The latter had stated that while he
believed tho time was past for the
bonusing of railway lines in the province yet he thought something might
be dono in this way to permit of the
new lines getting in a position to
pay their way. Tho proposition had
been made for a portion of tho V.V.
& E., in view of the fact that early
construction would be gone on with.
The E. & N. extension had also been
brought before them and exemption
asked. It had been agreed by the
compdur to begin work at once in
view W provisions being made to
grant exemption.
It might, he suggested, be found
advisable to do something along this
line with tho G.T.P., provided immediate construction waa proceeded
J. A. Macdonald took exception to
the bill. He could not see why the
companies should not come to the
Legislature if they had any propos
tion to make. He disapproved of
putting the government into the
hands of the Lieut. Governor in Government.
Premier McBride pointed out that
it was impossible to place before the
Legislature the proposals of the
companies.    These were not in shape.
The debate was adjourned on mo*
tlon of Parker Williams.
The decision of the speaker on the
resolution Impeaching the Lieutenant
Governor, introduced by Mr. Hawthornthwaite, was not given, in the
absence from tho Houso of the member for Nanaimo.
A bill introduced by Dr. Halt, passed its second reading. This seekB to
amend the Masters and Servants Act
so as to give employees the right to
select their own doctor.
A bill was presented from Thos.
Patterson and others, asking for a
bill to incorporate the Alberni Light
and Power Company.
The private bills committee reported recommending an extension of
time for the presentation of petitions
for private bills until Feb. 10th. The
committee also reported tho bill to
incorporate tho Ladysmith Lumber
Company, Ltd.
Hon. Dr. Young introduced tho bill
to incorporate tho university for thc
province in which nre set forth the
regulations governing the formation
of such a central body as shall have
charge of the higher education in tho
Premier McBride introduced a bill
to provide for a ohange in the number of ministers. He proposes to divide the Lands and Works department, making a Chief Commissioner
of Lands, and a Minister of Public
The bill to provide for a civil service system was introdueied   by   the
Provincial Secretary.
...John Oliver asked in the House:
1.   What colliers are operated   in
Two league game* will be played
here uu Saturday afternoon. Toe
lirst will be between the Nanaimo
aud home Junior elevens. The local
youngsters have played with hard
luciy so far this season, for in both
the matches they have played they
at least deserved a draw. It ia expected tbat on Saturday they will
turn the tables on their Nanaimo rivals. They are all in line shape,
and they should clap on pressure
from tho lirst toot of the whistle.
Tho seniors are down to meet the
J.B.A.A. boys. The latter won out
in the Victoria city league and never suffered delcat until they met
Xanaiino on Jan. 4. Two weeks
later the Nanaimo boys went down
to Victoria and administered a more
severe trouncing to the Capital favorites- on their own ground^ Of
course it Would be loolish to underrate the visitors on account of these
performances. It is the team which
is desperate after points that puts
up the surprises in football. The
boys are therefore making efforts to
keep in shape, and -with McKinley
back in his old place, the champions
sliould easily annex tho two points
at stake.
The kick-off will tako place at 2.46
The teams will line up as follows:
Goal— Delcourt.
Dncks— Fagan and Beattie.
Halves— Kerr, Wright, and Wilkinson.
Forwnrds — T. Ashmoro, Lauder-
back, Beattie, Wilkinson and Lauder-
Goal— McMillan.
Backs— O'Connell and Howlett.
Halves— Simpson, Morrison and
Forwards— Graincw, Strang, Adam,
Graham and Sanderson.
_______ m
Toronto, Jan. 28.— Mrs. Mat*- •
tha Anna Boswick, relict ol th* *
lat* James P. Boswick, Is dead •
bf     pneumonia    after    several *
weeks' illness.     She waa  born *
in 1829.     When a child     tlie *
deceased     carried     despatches *
sewed in her dress from    head- *
quarters    in   Toronto to    tha •
"lookout quarters"  of Colonel •
Wells during tho rebellion     of *
1867. •
• *ooooo*.t,oooooooo
« # *
■-*■■ —
Charles Henry, an Old-Timer of New
Westminster, Victim of Contaminated Food.
New Westminster, Jan. 25.— Chaa.
Henry, for twenty years an employee
of tho Boyal City Mills, died yesterday afternoon, presumably from ptomaine poisoning, following a meal
of canned food, which ho had taken
while in company with his son, Bert
Henry, one of the forward Un* ot
the New Westminster lacrosse team.
The supposed contaminated food .was
eaten two weeits ago, and since tbat
time Mr. Henry had been under medical treatment at St. Mary'* hoc-
pi tal.
Toronto, Jan. 28— Leaving hia
home, Ontario Place, shortly before
midnight last night, Jas. Edward
Harris, sweeper tn tho post office,
was arrested at six o'clock thi* morning and later waa sentenced to five
years ln Kingston penitentiary. At
the timo of his arrest there were
found on Harris four letter* addressed to Ryer Bros., jewelers, three of
thom being decoy letters sent by the
postal authorities.
In the police court Harris pleaded
guilty of robbing the malls, and
wns immediately sentenced.
B. 0.7
2. Are any of these optratlng colliers reatr cted as to the price they
may charge for coal or coke?
8. If so what collieries are bo restricted?
Hon. Mr. McBride replied a* follow* :
"1, Cumberland, Extension, Nanaimo, Middleboro, Carbonado, Ooal
Creek*, Michel.
"2.  Yes; aa to coal only.
"8. Carbonado, Ooal Cr*ok, and
"i.   i2 per ton."
I   St. John's, Quo., Jan. 25.—Arthur
—— Logern,    accountant    Cortlcelli Silk
San Francisco, Jan. 25.—Tack I/m Co's works hore    committed suicide
don and his wifo arrived hero today yesterday by    shooting blmsolf.   No
on the steamer Mariposa from Tali- reason can bo assigned for the rash
iti. act.  He was 41 years old.
BERLIN, Jan. 2S.— The imperial
Bank of Germany today reduced Its
rate ot discount from fl| to 6 per
VANCOUVER, B.C., Jan. 25.—(Special)—Attorney General Bow- *
ser today issued a challenge to Duncan Rose, to meet htm in-Van- '
couver at any time to discuss the charges and course of the Foder- *
al and Provincial Governments regarding the Asiatic question. Bow *
ser says If Ross does not moct him within reasonable time, ho, *
(Bowser) will go to Greenwood, where Rosa lives, and deliver a *
1 speech. If Ross runs again iu Yale, he will follow him through the *
district, and repeat his donlals ol Thursday. *
• As Attorney General Bowser Is arranging to put the Natal Act ln- *
• to force tho moment It becomes law, special    constables are befog •
' appointed all over the country. * CONSULT ME
It You Require Any
Or If You Require Auy
Or If You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Bell One;   or If You   Want
Notary Pvblic, Conveyancer.
Ladysmith   Standard1
Saml- Weekly.
Published on Wednesdays and Saturdays Afternoons by the
Robt. H. Hindmarch,
One Year  $1.50
Six Months  75
Advertising Kates on Application.
It Is    one of the most surprising
things in titerature that, while the
cult of Burns is universal, so  little
should be heard of his message     to
mankind.     There are Burns'   lovers,
and Burns' clubs in every corner    of
the globe,       They have their meetings and celebrations, and there     <s
no denying the enthusiasm display-id
at these latter functions.     But    tho
question may well be asked whether
all thiB furious and noisy demonstra
tion is advancing tho proper study of
Burna, or according him the homage
which is his duo.     There is, indeed,
some     danger of    these celebrations
fastoning attention upon that feature
of Burns' life and work which     1ms
always been grossly exaggerated.  Me
was     in truth  thc poet of good-fellows, and no singer could more happily enshrine in verse tho very spirit
of wanton    mirth and abandon gaiety.     It is true also that tho     post
did not always tread the path of sobriety.    But all the same this part
o! his work, as well as this side   of
his life, has been grossly and     maliciously exaggerated.     Burns     was
never a  toper.     He never had   thc
means to be one.     The whole question can be reckoned up in pense. The
chnrgea    of   drunkenness originated
with a careless biographer, who never thoroughly appreciated the great
genius    of tho poet, and who never
even took tho trouble to investigate
tho statements ho mado.     Burns was
was after all only a   peasant farmer
and it was not necessary to observe
the     usual proprieties of biography.
The     leading literary  lights of the
time made the fundamental mistake
of regarding thc favor as being   all
on their side.       Not one of    them
perceived    the     poet's transcendant
genius, or ever dreamt that glorious
immortality awaited Mm: while they
themselves remain mere names in a
literary    period,  living only becauso
of thoir connection with Burns.   The
poet still requires a   biographer,   a
wrltor from his own class., to   properly appraise    tho mon    and     his
work.     Meantime,  as -wo have said,
the   tendency    of these celebrations
and anniversaries Is to perpetuate a
phase of the poet's work, and a weak
ness in his character which, for tho
most part, always havo been,     and
still are, grossly exaggerated.
Mr. Hugh Fulton In his brief   ad
dress on Friday  night,  administered
a  strong corrective to this mistaken     view     of  the    poet.      Hut,     of
course, the worthy president did not
take near time enough for his    purpose.     About  Burns'  place in literature it would  be difficult indeed    to
say anything new.     It has been discussed by such wizards of the pen as
Cnrlylo     and    Kosebery.       Also     it
would  he impossible  to add  nn original word to all that has been said
of the poet's rhyme, bis mastery   of
his instrument,  his passion  for     nature, the     immortal  beauty of     his
songs.      Equally  as surprising as his
poetic powers is     his advanced philosophy.       In considering t his    part
of the poet's character full  consideration must he given to tbe period in
which he  lived.      Mis life lay In tlld
closing     years  of the l-3th century,
and     flic worker    today    can hardly
realize  the dilleiences   thnt  one hundred years have produced. The democratic ediicutoi-H,   the morning paper
and    the     'weekly magazine hnd not
then been  introduced.     News travelled     slowly, and tho workers in one
part of the country knew  little     n-
boilt  their  fellows  in  another   part.
Again lhe poet's reading was naturally very restricted.     Even 1. he hnd
leisure time, he had access to     very
few hooks, and it can only  lie
eluded  thnt ho formed  his own judgments.     And first and last ho represented his clas.s.     His voice was also raised against oppression and tho
bigotry of    the churches of the day
called forth some of the most stinging    epistles  ever  penned.      Liberty
for all and  independence for the individual   were  his  watchwords,    and
underlying it all was the basic    be-
fief in human brotherhood.  The mistake     should    nover    be made that
Burns did not realize his own great
genius.     He was always conscious of
it,     and  he    was a   better business
man than many of his admirers give
him     credit  for.       But he did not
write for money.      He considered   it
prostitution of art,     Nor   could j
ho seo how, if ail wore.brothers, one
could    profit at the other's expense.
Burns was a   failure at nothing, not
even at farming.     It was his principles, openly     avowed in his  poems,
that stood between him and worldly
success.     Of course thero were     indiscretions, too.     But he never shifted his    anchorage in man's inherent
equality,   his  right to independence,
and  his obligations in  fraternity.
London, Jan, 27— Tho medical inspector of the local government board has recommended the prohibition of imports
of boneless frozen moats, on the
ground that its unchecked admission might constitute a danger to public honlth.
FORT FRANCIS, Ont., Jan, 27.-
Jchn Stevenson, a shoemaker, and
James McKinnon, a tailor were Buf-
focated from smoke in tho former's
shop opposite tho post office as the
result of a flro which broke out yesterday morning.
NEW YORK, Jan. 26'. -* Edward
Alexander MaoDowell, who has been
[recognized as America's fciremost
[Composer, riled at the Westminster
Hotel at 8 o'clock last night. Ho
wns forty-six years of age.
Chicago, Jan. 25.—That freight
traffic conditions are recovering from
financial stringency was the statement of several traffic managers and
other railway officials yesterday.
The improvement Is said to be particularly noticoablo in the traffic of
the railrouris of the middle: west.
London, Jan. 25.— Three valuable
miniatures of the Duchess of Nofte,
the Queen of Norway and Princess
Victoria, all belonging to Queen Alexandra have beon Btolen by burglars from the studio of an engraver
in London, to which they had been
tent for reproduction.
Washington, Jan. 25.—H.. W. Reed
the proprietor of a saloon at Mas
sachusetts avenue was stabbed to
death at his place of business early
today by an unknown man, who ea-
The Stove Mounters' International!
Union has won a general strike for
the nine-hour day. Cleveland, Cincinnati and other cities were the
principal centres of the strike, but
the result extends the shorter workday genera My to members of the
craft throughout tbe country.
I stood the Christmas all right,
I furnished money right along;
I made no kick though things   were
And     they wero touching     rather
But now    they're working ms    to
As    though     my bank  roll  nover
The latest things upon tho card
Are January linen sales.
find     sur-
Heretofore the Carpenters' unions
South Dakota have had a total
membership of but a few hundred
men. A campaign of organization
has been under way, however, with
the result that new unions are being formed in Aberdeen and Pierre.
Flourishing locals already exist in
Sious Falls and Yankton.
Toronto, Ont. Jan. 25.—Officials of
the Sovoi-ign Bank are besieged with
lettors from shareholders from all
ovor tbo country anxious as to the
fate of capitail invested in the bank.
They ask for infermatton ns to tho
ultimate value of their Btock holdings, but the reply sent back is that
it is impossible at present to state
with nny degree of accuracy to say
whnt dividends will be paid when, the
assets are liquidated.
New Partnership
Cartwright & Barclay
City Bakery
U Doing  Basin***.
Alt   Kind*   al   Brad.
_^      Vint Ola**.
~W    OUR    OAKES.
Flrat Avenue.
I'd  hoped  that  I  should
from graft for just a   littio while;
I'd hoped tho girls would'glvo     mo
"   pence,
Rut no. Tiic moment that I smile,
Thoy Jump on mo lor cash, and tell
Tho most outlandish kind of tnlos,
About lho stuff tliey havo to sell
At .January linen sales.
They outline whnt a   saving It
Will ho for mo to buy today;
Tho arguments that they submit
V Judgo nnd Jury would dismay.
So, whnt is there for ino to do,
But    lot     thom    buy  tho stuff in
And meet tlio bills ns thoy nccruo
For January linen sales.
Ah, mo! For man there is no rest,
No pence of mind ho ovor knows;
His troublos lino up four abreast.
Ono enters when nnothcr goes.
His stud is always Bora perplexed.
For bills arrive In nil thc mails;
I wonder whnt they'll think ot next,
When    they nre dono   with     Hncn
Hook of Holland, Jan. 24.—A stea.
mor which is 'onterlng tho harbor, is
Hying signals to the effect that she
has tiie stcamor Amsterdam's missing passengers aboard.
Japanese Inhorers woro presont as
recognized dolognlcs nt a convention
of District No. 22, United Mine
Workors, recently hold In Denvor. It
was the first instance of its kind in
tho history of organizod labor In the
United States.
COBOU1W, Ont., Jan. 27.- West
Northumborlnnd Conservatives nominated a. A. Manson for tho Commons, and F. D. Boggs for t'- Legislature, • i
"""*-"■ *
Shanghai,   Jan. 37— A Jap- •
ansae launch ha* bean fired up- *
on and robbed by Chinese    pi- *
rates at Kea Klrea Halng Fu. •
The pirates also attached sever- •
al Chinese launches en rout* to •
Shanghai, killing lour   Chine**
and wounding nine.    The Jap- *
nneso consul has taken the mat- *
ter lip. •
thawCasb goes to juiHiy on'
•                             [   0H1CAO0,    Jan. 24,-Bravlng   an
Sou Francisco, Jan. 27- The   or- attack ol 200 policemen, who    bad
ange crop    harvest   of California is Instruction* to prevent the proposed Called to *rtteDd the boy vht*
now    in full season.       In quantity' demonstration,   3.000    of Chicago'* """" "" """" ""      '" "'"'
und quality It promises.to break all
previous records. The fruit exchanges of the state say that tlie total output of oranges will reach 30,-
ouo car loads.
St. Paul, Jan. 27— A special from
Marshlletd, Wis., to the Pioneer
Press says that Rev. Joseph Brown,
a Sunday school missionary, has
found among the Indians ln Oconto
county, Wis., a llible given to tho
Oneida tribe ln 1754 by the secretary of tho Prince of Wales. Tho
present was on behalf of the Church
of England. At that time the tribe
was living in Massachusetts. Tbe
historical Bible Is In two volumes,
onch weighing twenty pounds. The
Biblo in now tn the possession of
tho Indian with whom Rev. Dr.
Brown stayed while organizing o
church among tho red men.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Jan. 27. -
The constitutionality of 'che act of
congress of June 1, 1898, prohibiting railroad companies engaged in
inter-state commerce from discriminating against members of labor organizations in the matter of employment, was called into question by
the case of William Adair vs. the
United States, today, favorable to
Adair. The opinion was by Justice
Harlan, and held the law to be repugnant to tho constitution.
Humboldt, Sask., Jan, 27— J, S,
Chuster, a man about fifty years
of age, was found dead on the trail
leading to Fulda early this morning.
His head has a large bruise on the
left temple, and there may have been
foul piny. The police and coronor
are investigating,
LISBON, Jan. 27- Tho polka arrested last night on tho charge of
conspiracy, a woman friend of tho
merchant Sousa, who was imprisoned recently on account of tho discovery of a stock of rovolvors ln
his house.
Oranito Cutters of tho Twin Cities
have completed the formation of e
union that embraces practically every member of the craft In both St.
Paul and Minneapolis.
Houston, Tex., Jan. 25.—Tho first
shipment through tho Sabine Lake
canal, the last cut In which was
made by th* government yesterday,
wns of export lumber for England by
a lumber company.
Montreal, Jan. 25.—Tho shareholders of tho Boll Tolophono, Company
of Canada mot at the head olllcos of
the company in this city today to
take tho necessary stops in regard to
the proposed salo of tho property
and business of the company in Man
ltoba to tho government ot that province. As heretofore announcod tho
government Is to pay the company
$8,800,000 for tho business nnd an
additional $100,000 for tho equipment.
BELLINQIIA-M, Jan. 25.— Capt.
Hanson, of tho schooner Olympic, estimate* that three rats that have
been killed on his boat since the bubonic plagne quarantine was established on tho const, havo cost the
owners of the vessel *.1„200, at the
rate of $400 apiece. IWhen tho Olympic wns first fumlgatod at Port
Townsond throo of tho rodents thnt
nro supposed to carry tho germs of
tho plague wore killed by thc sulphur
fumes In tho hold of tho vessel, "but
sinco thnt time not a single
has boen on tho ship.
Capt.  Hansen figures tho big cost
of killing the rats by tho long     de
lays nt tho quarantine station
In getting certificates In
showing thnt he had not boon ln|to Scott tlmt Dunsmuir Intended to
San Francisco port. Tho wages of' wltl'h0|d "le nasont to the bill. Scott
tho men on the boat and the costol <,8ko(l Ul"">raulr If ha could rely on
Census reports show that wages
atnong tho shoemaker* of the Unltod
States havo boon steadily (nerval-
Ing. Tho shoemakers in the Brook-
Mass., factories are aald to be
the best paid in the world.
Ilitltimore. Jan. 27.—The now por-
nfllno works of    the Standard    Oil
Co., nt     Canto, a  southern suburb
or Bnltlmoro are on'fire.
TORONTO. Jan. 25.— Jos. Pnlot,
25 years old, is dead, nnd his brother Willlnm, aged 15:, is dying, as
tho result nf luhnling coal gas at
New Yotk, Jab. 37.—It waa aald
this afternoon that the case .would
go to the Jury Wednesday night, the
defence will conclude this evening.
The prosecution will occupy but a
day ou rebuttal and argument* will
finish during Wednesday, whan Justice Bowling will Immediately charge
ths Jury.
I The morning session of tha trial
-began at 10,10 o'clock with Dr. 0.
F. Blngem, the Thaw family physician, of Pittsburg, on ths witness
stand. Br. Blngeman told of tbe
early symptom* of nervousness . ln
Harry Thaw, saying he wa* flrit
wa* three year* old. At that .time
his nervousness often bordered     on
unemployed, under the leaderahlp of , ,
Ben Reltman, self-styled "King    of f0"™1"™'. that attack. usually fol
Tramps," marched for a short dls-
Lenmlngton, Ont., Jan. 27.— The
most productive gns woll In Ontario
has been sunk near Glenwood ln
Romne township. Tt has a pressure
of six hundred pounds and will produce over seven million cubic feet of
gas in 24 hours.
St. Catherines, Ont., Jan. 28.—Iu
a   freight wreck here Conductor W
Campbell was killed.
Declared That Fear of Disturbing International Relation* Actuated ills Decision.
OTTAWA,    Jan. 27.-At the opening of the House last Friday afternoon   Sir   Wilfrid Laurier read   tbe
correspondence which last spring had
pussed between    Secretary of State
rit Scott and l*-*aov- Dunamuir regarding the Natal Act passed by the British Columbia Leglalature.
Ono telegram, addressed by   Scott
and'to DunBmulr on April 28, related  to
California, iht """Be1     declaration of McBride
tanco today from the lake front    to
the city hall.
Tbe parade proceeded but a ahort
distance when Reltman, in the midst
of thousands who were Jammed in
the streets along the line of march,
blocking all traffic, was taken Into
custody by tho pollc*.
The arrest of their leader seemed
te give the marchers new Ufa rather
than discourage them, and while he
was being escorted to the city ball
his followers marched on.
When the crowds of unemployed
gathered on the lake front this morning they formed a long line and
waited for the "King of Hobo**" to
give the signal to start.
Several hundred were In Un* whan
Reltman, standing out In front of
the column, gave the word. Then the
police charged the mob, scattering lt
In all directions. Despite ths attack Reltman quickly and boldly
formed another line with 3,000 men
and marched triumphantly through
the crowded street* until he waa
nabbed by Chief Shlppy's men. The
general attack threatened by the
chief of police failed to materialize,
This was probably due to the fact
that the marchers were orderly,
HoltMan succeeded in leading the
Jobless man south ln State street,
thence in Jackson boulevard to the
federal building, before he waa stopped by a dozen detectives, who rush
ed upon him from the sidewalk,
Chlel of Police Shlppy personally
led a squad of policemen to the federal building, where Reitmnn and
hla tatterdemalions were gathered.
Reltman refused to obey an order to
stop marching. Several policemen
flew at him, struck him savagely ln
the lace and clubbed him over ths
head. While Reltman waa being
hammered, other policemen were
wielding their night sticks right
and left ln tbe crowds. Every street
leading to the scene was choked by
at least 25,000 people.      ,
Chief of Polio* Shlppy mad* preparations to call out the entire police force If *uch action waa necessary to prevent the demonstration.
Realizing that Ita plans would be
interfered with by tho police, the
leaders of the Socialist Party thi*
morning made an effort to call the
march off, but failed. The unemployed would not listen to" any
change in the original plans and declared that they would show their
strength ln spits of the police.
When ths idle nun took thla stand
Ben Reltman Issued a general order
for the parade*.
"We will inarch, and the police
will not terrorize u*," declared Reltman. "I will lead svsry man that
will Join me. If tne police ar* d*;
termlned to shoot us down let them
do It. My mind is made up. I
would sooner bo dead than living ln
a country whore brutal authority
trample* on th* right* of citizen*,
This condition of affairs ha* gone
too far.     If the police daro to club
us thore will be hell."
 » „   ..
lowed various diseases, that he slept
badly a* a child, requiring a relay
of nurses most of the time.
Dr. Blngeman said that ln the fall
of 1003 ha waa called to attend
Harry Thaw In Pittsburg and treated him for nervousness and melancholy, after Thaw's first trip abroad
with Evalyn Nesblt. Tha witness
saw Thaw several times ln the
Tomba after his arrest and defendant
alway* referred to the Madison Garden tragedy as an act of providence.
Thaw'* acts and appearance in the
prison Impressed the witness a* Irrational. It waa of Dr. Blngeman
that District Attorney Jerome laid
at the last trial whan Thaw's mental condition was under investigation:
"I would rather have the testimony
of an old family practitioner like
this man than all ths expert* you
could put on tbe stand.
The prosecutor's cross examination
today was very brief and courteous,
After Br. Blngeman came the first
of the foreign witnesses, Dr. S. R,
Wells, of London, who was called to
attend Thaw ln the British capital
In the early part of 1899.
Mr. Thaw was ln a very nervoua
condition," said Dr. Wells, "His
pulse was exceedingly rapid and he
complained of pain* ln his head, I
diagnosed his case as one of mental
On one of his visits hs said
found hia patient in a highly excitable state despite the fact that his
temperature was only 99 degrees. He
feared that Thaw might harm himself. Thaw did not respond to
treatment, even opiates falling, and
Dr. Wells said he decided to Bend
the young man to tho nursing association.
On another visit he said he found
Thaw dancing around the room Hks
a mad man. He reported hi* case
at the hospital as acute mania. Mr.
Thaw at the hospital had an snor-
inous room, continued Dr. Wells, but
he complained that ho did not have
room to breathe. He alio complain
ed of the terrific heat and demanded
that twenty ton* ot lc* be placed ln
the room. He did not like the nurse
assigned to him, and wanted ma to
employ a whole (tail of nurses so he
might flnd one he liked. Whan he
wa* ln bad the patient's eyes glared
Into vacancy. Tha acute attack at
the hospital continued six day*. Hs
had no fever at anv time. HI* talk
waa largely incoherent.
Steel Is Iron free from dirt, air
or foreign substance fused with
carbon. .Carbon gives toughness
stcngth, keeness and life.    < >"•
Thirty year's study of the razor
sltualion has shown a way tor-
add the highest per cent of
carbon to a Carbo Magnetic
raior Made throng ■ secret
■roccssofrLCCTSIC TCflPr-B.
INO giving It a uniform dl*.
mond like hardness-something absolutely Impossible ,
with fire tempered - razors. A
and they are Hamburg ground.V
home-or have your barber use I
0, Wagner, of Binghsmpton, N. Y.,
and Britten D. Evans, of Morris
Plains, N.Y., at the same time.
Mr. Littleton began to read tho
questions to the experts and to the
jury at 12:30 p.m. The questions
covered all the testimony ln the
ease.    Mr. Littleton bad read for a
NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 27- A United State* mail wagon loaded with
incoming mail which had Just arrived from Cincinnati and other northern point* wa* robbed last night.
Th* thieves were reported to hav*
secured Ave hundred dollars. The
wagon    which was heavily screened,
ind on which rod* Barney OUmmons
a railway mall clerk), and S. J.
Smith, a negro driver, wa* attacked near soma freight car* ln the
down town section of the city. Simmons and Smith, who are held by
th* polls*, gay that two men armed
with revolver*, stopped the horses,
and Jumped Into th* wagon whlcft
they drove to a dark spot about a
hundred yards from a postal station. There the robbers examined
ths wagon |and after forcing the mall
employees Into a box car, returned
to rifle the mail.
Rome,    Jan. 37.—It Is    an- •
nounced hare that the Emperor *
of Germany will make a cruise *
on the Mediterranean In the lat *
tar part of March and that King *
Edward    will make a similar •
cruise In April, both monarehs •
visiting Slcllly and Florence. •
Very little mining ta going on this
winter ln ths dry ore belt at the
foot .of Slocan Lake. A small gang
ot man Is employed at the Howard
fraction on Lemon Creek, a few men
are employed at ths Ottawa, on development work, which Is being done
on contract.
On Ten-Mile Creek outside parties
have taken a lease and bond on the
Nospawa, and fair success is b*lng
met. Across the creek, the West-
mount, on which Frank Griffiths
mad* a marvollou* strike some time
ago, Is being operand by Toronto
Thar* wna prrllea.    Some aplandld ore I* being
provisions, insurance nnd othor expenses run on Just the snme whether
the boat la running or not.
thnt assurance.
Dunamuir'* reply to Scott under
date of April 24, stating that the
Natal Act would not receive bis
sont was also read by Laurier, and
this was followed by tho reading of
the letter of explanation written by
Dunsmuir to Scott on April 39. Tbe
lettor was as follows:
"I have the honor to Inform you
that I prorogued the legislature on
the 28th Inst., at which timo I assented to a number of bills. I have
thought It advisable to reserve for
.... , tho plensure of    his oxcellenoy    the
and „   number    of spectators,     the four MILLIONS FOR FARMERS., Oovernor-In-Councll bill No. 80.   an
act    to    regulate Immigration Into
MONTREAL.  Jan.  2.'.-An  nctlon
for »5n,noo   damages for libol   hn»:
been    tnkon   against    tho Montreal
Standard b- George Bysonnette who,
according to tho Standard, wns   alleged to havo conspired -tn defeat nn
San Francisco,  Jan. 27.-The   ar- i1'1™"'0 enndldnto In one of    the
,      ,      .   u'^'    i   , I North end words nf the city In    tho
mourod cruiser South Dakota became Municipal elections to bo held In Feb-
a part of the active strength of tho runry for a stated sum. Bysonnette
American navy at Mare Island todny ,™„ ""°^1,*^,1^c..^^ls<><1 tn de-
when,     In tho presence of her crew,
liver throo hundred votes.-
Unltod States flag wns raised at her ottnwn, Jan. 37.-T.«e Dominion-,
slern nnd the vessel was formnlly government hns decidod to loan suf-
placcd In commission. The South fldont funds for farmers In tho new.
Dakota Is of 18,080 tons, nnd wa* provinces whoso crops nave resulted:
built ot tho Union Iron Works nt a In a fnlluro, to purchase seod grain,
cost of 18,700,000. She will boat- Th„ scr,ome In alt wit' 'itvolve four
Inched to the second division of the millions.
British Columbia.     My roasons   for
'doing so nre that It appears to be
a modified form of othor acts  dealing with the samo subject which have
been disallowed by his excellency and
Advances will bo payable-' which, If they became law,    might
Pacific fleet In command of Roar Ad-  ,„ throe years at the usual govern-' seriously Interfere with out Interna-
mlrnl Sabres, ment rate of Interest. clonal relations."
...       O   ."'! i. v      , !      !i  )!i
WORTH 3500.
Captain of Flu Claranc* Will    Oat
Refund of *500 for Body ol
Chinaman Found at Union Bay,
UNION BAY, Jan. 37. — Wong
Kwal, a Chines* cook who waa employed on th* sunnier Fit* Clarence,
Capt. McLennan, and auppoMd to
have bean drowned at 1,15 a.m. on
Sunday, Dec. 8, wa* found In tbe
harbor by A, Anderson thla morning.
The Fltzclarence before clearing,
had to pay a tax of $1100 of which
fifty dollars will go for reward in
finding him. Th* coroner haa bean
wired to at* If an Inquest la
Police Raid Room Today and   Find
Dice and    Other Gambling Devices. Thug* Abroad In th*
Terminal City.
VANCOUVER, Jan. 37.-Thlrte*n
hold-up* and robberies occurred In
Vancouver on Saturday.
Thla afternoon the police raided a
room in the Sturmln apartment on
Heatings street and nrre*t*d four
men and three women. A number of
dice as wsll as other gambling effects were secured. Th* mm are
alleged to be hold-up thugs.
•     li
no evidence of alcoholism. in'-n out.
•During your entire attendance <-n i „0|ow ^ iom y,, who,e va„ „
Thaw In 1899, doctor, what conclu-..  .      . __ . .    __,_        _?
slon did you reach?" askad Mr. Lit-\Mo* turn,t' 0T«f to ■*«'* ranchers,
tleton. who*e ranch** m*y b* seen all   the
"I diagnosed hi* ea** aa acuta> rs> way to Slocan Junction. Even ln
current insanity," Dr. Well* aald.       „,„ , .,„. a,„.. ««_—i *..,. „_
He sow Thaw In 1901. 1903, and the UMto 81ocMI mnv"i f"" ***'
in 1908 or 1904. He treated him at ebtn hav* gons In. Th* Slocan
Uioao times, but thore were no acute country, with It* fertile valleys     Is
'^eTaXuon'by9' Attorney   Jer- -**• ~ "• — *<*- »
omo, Dr. Wells said that at the time '""> th»n from mining,
he had treated Thaw In 1899 he had ■ ■ '     ■   »
made no particular study of mental PLAN MISSIONARY WORK.
diseases and   had but little  expert-, „__
ence along that line. The witness „ v ^ . „ —.__,*_—, „
said Thaw remembered aome of th* »•*_»«*.» 3", M.-L»ader» a-
thlnga that happened during hi* out- mong Episcopal Church laymen from
break, and waa anxioua to apologize thlrty-flv* or forty cltisa throughout
^    country aawembled at    Christ
and to nurse   those'whom he    had
felt he offended.
Mis* Lillian MacBrlds, of London,
professional nurso, as she described herself, followed Dr. Wells. She
wa* called In to attend Thaw aa a
nurse in hi* room* In London in July
1899. Thnw area very restless and
oxcited and talked incoherent.
'What was ths apiwarance of  his
face," aaked Mr. Littleton.
"Oh, very -wild, Indeed," replied
the youn<- women,
Did hi* acta and appearance dur- jjj
ing your attendance impress you  ar
rational or Irrational,"
"Oh, moat Irrational."
The third of the foreign witnesses
to be called wes Dr. Frederick J.
Burton-Browne, of London, formerly
of the Indian Medical sorvice, end
for a time practising phydciaj phy-
sion In Rome.
Dr. Burton-Browne constantly referred to himself aa a "Medical
man" rather than a doctor. It waa,
in March, 1903,    that   tbe witness1
Church In thla city today to prepare
a Plan of work that will fit th*
new missionary bnr of their church,
and provs hatpM to mm In various
eitlss. Th* Law in question waa
enacted at the general convention In
Richmond but Ml and divides ttpl*-
eopal diocese* Into department* and
craatss (or *ach a missionary coun-
Th« purposes sought to b*
gained by th* lay leaders are chiefly
matter* of strategy, with ths ids* of
giving to tha church batter methods
and methods that are mora burinsss-
Uk* than th* plans heretofore fpL-
Jowed. It ia (ought to provide annual miaalonary rallies in every principal city, tn order to interest and
reach man of tho** cities, and not
to have, aa heretofore, rallies   cov-
wa» called to attend Thaw in Rome. I— h , t_-._t-—_tm __ _.,_,. _
Ho diagnosed ths *ass a* one of aim- j*1"* wBo»» «eparln»tati, so arid* a
pie or mild mania. Ther* area no, field that th* attendance of buslnea*
evidence r» alcoholism. man cannot be aenissd.
Mr. Jerom* on   cross examination' *
aaksd witness how long Thaw's ma. LONGBOAT MAY RUN FOB PRIZE
nla lasted, replied "About SO hours; OIVRN BY BJMSEVELT
that'* all." |   NEW YORK, Jaa, IS. - If  Long-
The next witness called wa* Mail- boat oan gat relnstaitsd In time ho
rice Gauja, of Pari*, who gave hla will be seen at the big game* of the
testimony through th* official court Spanish war vstarans, which will he
Interpreter. He attended thaw ln held in tbe Armory of the Twenty-
Paris ln the spring of 1904, when b* second Regiment Saturday evening,
attempted sitlcldo by *w»llowing lau- KHruary 39th. The presence of the
danum. Dr. Gajua described Thaw'a great redskin will be enough to fill
condition but aald ha had not dlag- tha armory to its capacity on th*
nosed it a* laudanum poisoning. At night of th* matt,
first be thought it wss ptomaine Th* management of the meet to-
poiaonlnr. day   announced    that H wa*   vary
Mr. Littleton here announced that probable that President Roosevelt
with the exception of the testimony would oontribut* on* of tbe price*
of the foreign witnesses who had just for the game*. If the President do-
tostlfled, the hypothetical condition, net** . prise It will b* for the main
the export* testimony was complete, (rant of the night,' with Longboat as
Dr. Smith-Ely Jelllffe, of Oolum- a contestant. Major D. J. Murphy,
bla University, wss sworn, and It chairman of game*, , announosdTto-
waa agreed that the oueetlens should day that Admiral Jo*. D. Doghlan,
ba read to him, and Doctors ObvU* bad donated on* of th* trophlm rr^^rr^
af* «4V*^^**^^s>*^%^*^^***»^*^**'*******^k'%'*'%'^^%»*%%
Tho Champions placed another
to thoir credit on Saturday when
ihey defeated the Y.M.C.A. team
Victoria. The Y.M.C.A. boys wore
fancied in Victoria for tlio championship, but their chances of gaining the
coveted honor are now mlghi-y slim.
Thoy began their League seliaon by
losing to ESqulmaK, tlie cloven which
tho home boiVfl defeated by 8 to 0,
and which the. Nanaimo club on Saturday turned down by 4 to 1. Tlio
J.B.A.A. also have lost two matehes
both to. Nanaimo, and it now. looks
ns though nil throe'clubs aro outclassed by lho tiWO local teams.
The Y.M.C.A, boys on Saturday,
mado a creditable showing in spite
of tho fact that thoy were short of
throe of thoir regular players. However, two of the substitutes ployed
up finely and the only weak place in
tho team was at right half. Tho
game, on tho \vhllo, was very evenly
contested and up to luilt timo honors wore even. The champions, perhaps hnd most of tlio play, and thero
should at least have boon cue goal
scored, llu-t tho visitors have a, couple of fine sprinters in thoir vanguard, and several times the
goal was in danger.
In tho second half tlio champions
had certainly tho best of matters,
■and on the play they deserved more
than their lead, Not that the via.
tors over slackened up or for a moment relaxed their efforts. Thero
was always the chance of a breakaway, and with such sjieody forwards
thero was always danger,
It was on ono of those occasions,
that a littio trouble arose. Mr. J. G.
Brown, on the request of tho homo
placers, was refereeing the game. Ho
had discharged his duties in an impartial manner and to tho satisfaction of all except thoso who can never see their side in tho wrong. Tho
second half had boon in progress over
half an hour -when. Sherritt raced
away with tho ball. Ho was clear
away and was just approaching the
penalty lino when A. Morrison back
char-red him. The charge was delivered, as near as the Standard man
could Judgo about 4 foot from tho
penalty line, and naturally the player camo down partly inside the lino
Mr. Brown at onco awarded a penalty kick. It was a grave mlstako,
and it was aggravated by tho fact
that Mr. Brown consulted neither
his Hnesmon, who wero both in
bettor position to judge than himself. In the end ho hail no cither
alternative but to stand by his decision. H should always be recognized thut the referee is the final arbiter in tho gamo, and many a referee, even if ho hat) lilundored as
badly as Mr. Brown, would havo ad-
nptoil drastic measures under tho pro
vocation ho received. He gave his
decision too hastily; hut no referee
of any bacbhono will buckle down to
an angry demonstration either from
players or spectators.
■For acme minutes there was pandemonium on tlie field and it really
looked, as if what had been as clean
, and interesting a game as anyone
ecu Id wish to seo, would be broken
up. However, tho field" wns cleared,
tho kick taken, a goul scored, and
tho Tame opened again. For somo
minutes the hoano players wero obviously rattled, hut gradually they,
sottlod down to their work again and
secured another, and a. whining goal.
It was about a quarter to three
when play was commenced. Tho
champions were first of all subjected to the camera oriiool by Mr.
Knight, and then to tho toot of Mr.
Brown's whistle, the teams lined up
as follows:
Goal—1>. Morrison.
Backs—O'Connell and Howlett,
Halves —. Simpson, Morrison
Forwards —Grainger,  Strang,
am, Graham and Sanderson.
Y. M. C. A.
Backs—Ferrio and Struthors.
Halves—Hill, Johnson, Thaclwray.
Forwards—Morton. Young, Sheritt
W. Sheritt, J. Worwold.
Adam kicked oil and tho ball was
takon down on the left, Strang sending in an easy shot which Whyto
cleared. Tho visitors in turn raced
up field and Wonnald sent over.
Graham and Sanderson were- next
busy, but Struthors relieved, Victoria cam« up from the tho kick, Arthur Morrison heading out of the
press. Jimmy got tho ball and sent
out to Sanderson, tho latter
Ing over.
Then came a narrow escapo of tho
home goal. Tho visitors from a rush
up field sent In an easy shot. Don
fum-bled in clearing nnd was tackled
■before ho could got the ball away.
It was a near go. The Victorians
pressed fur somo minutes, the ball
being twice sent over by the right
wing and onco by the* left. Tlio homo
boys at length broke away, Sanderson receiving a fine pass from Graham. Whyto cloared an easy shot,
and then Jimmy banged over. A
foul against Hailstone lot Ihe Victorians In again ami Hewlett kicked
out to savo from a rush by the right
wing. From a free kick for hands
against Ferris, Hewlett placed finely
ln front of goal, but Whyto -was all
thero and play drifted again Into
mid field.
Alter some oven exchanges the
home boys broke away again. Grainger got down on the right and centered with his usual precision. Thore
was an oxcltlng rally tu front ofthe
goal, Jimmy, Joo and Sandy nil hav
ing a chip in; but Whyto nnd his
backs kopt their colors flying. Tho
ball was lost ovor the goal line, and
-ndwne!! S !*!? **_?_ acor?    would     lmiicat°; until Harley intercepted and relieved
l.a, that t«r.r.» ^a,    oc- *. .,     tl        Th   Unltcd ,orwards
soon got settled    down,  and    after
pod a promising movement,
■the ball wus run over the _	
whl had for the time settled in the Y.M,. casions    playod   in hard luck;    that
(J.A. territory and once Joo Sander- they woro defeated by a better team f?™ Siff   n-iS^. !,.
son missed from a fine pass by Ad- -one   that     has long experience to Sitff«.n5^T^
am.   Grainger.nnd Sandy also   took back it up; that the referee ghvo the ?IoM.1°*.™. *°.aI llno-   Bluntio11
a hand, hut the latter took a   long benefit of the doubt on two occasion!-
shot whon his play was a pass    to to the attacking Bide which happen- g     .    who   with an ohui irnaf
Adam.      The    Victorians    suddenly ed to be the homo team.   Tho    boys S£J n^*5„ ^Kdg?1
broke away and got right round the tool fully confident of coming but  on I°£Ln,™» s.ccrea. an oafly Polwt-
goal.    The outside left got in a fast top whon tho return comes oft1   hore,
ball went   to
^  The locals put up some* very prot-
which Don was lucky-to  save.'and will practice hard with that ond ty Pieces. of P^y 'after    this, and
Half time came shortly afterwards,    [in view. e-gain and    afiain closed on tho    Es-
LadysmiUi    took    up    the running |   'Such tactics    as holding   a player ?maIt g0al-    The visitors twe full-
when about to    shoot, hooking tho bac,ks, and tle huIv,of in front    were
foot from behind, , and warding   off ?OVorInff their citadel by close bunch-
an opponent by the use of   the arms
was all in the Victoria North Ward's r'"v"M7 IO' aimottL ntt"
gamo on Saturday.    Tho referee    is „?," Hanaim° scored again
not well up in    the rules, and    tho Clever bIt                   "u-i
Yesterday's Colonist in part, says:
The junioi****. gamo     between   these
from tlio kick-off, Thon came a spell
of mid-field play, following which
Sanderson sent over. 'Adam next had
a shy on his own, but sent over,
Again tho champions camo up, and
this timo Adam passed out to tho
right, but thero wus nobody thoro
to tako the pass. The Victorians
got down on the left, aided bv a foul
against Simpson, who wus unable to
sat sfy the referee with his throws-ln.
Struthors und O'Connell noxt took to
exchanging kicks, the visitors eventually getting down and forcing n corner. They continued to press, a foul
for handling bringing relief to th"
homo defence. J-oo Sanderson
pulled up for off-Hide, but came again
and got tangled up with Ferris. Gra,
ham get tlie ball and put in a fine
shot which Whyto cleverly saved.
There followed a grout scrimmage in
front of goal, during which tho excitement ran at fever height. Thrco
corners In succession, all of which
wore finely placed by Grainger, came
to tho home players, and it looked
odds on a goal. Once the ball
struck the Inside of the post, but
still Whyte managed to clear. Finally the ball was sent over, but
there came another rally, without,
however, any score coming.
After a run down by Victoria, Adam got going in the centre. Ho got
round the bacljs with tho assistance
of Grainger, but In the end shot
weakly. Whyto throw away, and tho
Victorians ran straight dawn tho
field. 'Hewlett tackled, but banged
the ball up again the inside right.
Tlie ball bounced back and Martin
raced away with it. He centred well
and Bun was unable to clear. Arthur
got in just in the nick of time, and
kicked out.
Tho locals again came away, Adam going up on the right. Struthers
fell in tackling and'Adam raced away
He was unable to get through himself; hut Graham got the hall, and
scored with a lino shot.
The visitors wero in no way disheartened, and after play hod beer
going a minute or two, Sheritt, the
contre, got -through. He had the
heels of both O'Connell und Hewlett,
and could pretty near have dribbled
through. However, ho was obviously afraid of being overtaken, with
the result that ho shot too early and
missed. Then the locals went up
again, twice, losing tho ball ovor.
The Victorians next caine down,
through a misunderstanding between
Sanderson and Hewlett, Sheritt got
through. Arthur Morrison brought
him down close to the penalty line,
and thore followed the Incident of
tho ijenalty goal already referred to.
Thoro was now only twenty minutes to go, and for a minute or two
tho visitors had things pretty much
their own way, on ono occasion, the
outside loft missing an easy chance i
of scoring. Gradually, however, tho
home boys settled down and made
desperate olTorts to draw ahead.
Thoro elforts were scon rewarded.
Adam started un his own and got
right up.      He overran the ball
Ing, and by   steady work   held   off
the pressure for almost half an hour.
"      ■ " It was
        of play that   brought
' S.T1  uu,£ ttbout the point.    Tho Esquimalt for-
boys   knowing   this, hold wapds had aflcurou a COrner, and Hewitt—the vigilant,     the sturdy   fullback with the terrific    charge—whlp-
         et-ween   tnese .___,. *.,„ „„u —      *        * °w   *■
two teams resulted in anothor win ^JL, P!?re out and H went to
for the Victoria boys, thoy getting „ . ,i°- xt was with * cleverness
the long end     of the score of three "ot ofJen. seon ontho Jocal field that
goals to none for the boys  from the
Coal City.
The game was a fine exhibition
the    dusky     centre   transferred   to
Crooky,"    who   sent out to Blun-
 of deI,>    -Plioso two by a  series of pret-
how soccer should be played and cor- £n?° ^l^V"8808 r?n on *° the
tainly filled the spectators with en- ^'^J\T> Pa^d *? Johnnio-
thusiasm and kept thom on edge for K ^1 *ho aeoond Polnt"
the entire hour of playing. When the fn™ j°cal *eam continued generally
teams came on the field it certainly iLtP7?'p52l°M ,tim* thQ bal1 was
looked bad for the hoys of tho North f£llt^L Jvho dro™ a H®htn"
Ward as their opponents stripped Srif rfJlf ? -^ U\Q bar- The
much heavier than the champions. *M'* **&* aIso «"«> the goal by
Both teams certainly played gilt- £v SL^X™?^ S,I0,U xvere 8aved
Igodball and the Victoria boys ^j^^f™™*1**0111
earned their victory. The boys at- ■ ■ lninuA° Provious to the half
tended strictly to business and
excellent and impartial referee, Sergt nTouth
time whistle, Nanaimo secured a cor-
the ner ^lU jvas worked into the   goal
Major Wardner, "had little to correct
or complain of.
The    ball   was practically
across the goal line and Dunn made
Peden,    the     reliable contre of the' ?J^^?*?* to J?1? lt out owMl
North-Ward team, scored the   only j Mi J?* ?°Z\ Jt In,to Lthe uet'   To
goal of the flrst half from a skirmish *m„   „?rte belon«ed the honor   of
,n front of the Nanaimo poles.   Had
lt not been for the excellent work of
the Nanaimo goalkeeper the score
would certainly have been considerably larger, In the second half, by
good combination the North Ward
right wing scored twice, McGregor
and McBonald scoring one apiece.
Talt and Taylor on the left wing
wore fast and effective and always
dangerous. 'Pcden In contre prevented his team mate Tait from scoring
a couple of times. The half backs,
Agnow, Sedger and Hall, playod unselfishly, feeding their forwards well.
The full backs, Brynoldson and
Brown, wero sure and quick and
broke up tho rushes of the fast Nanaimo forwards tlmn after time,
Htimbcr in goal was cool and made
several pretty saves.
Tho Nanaimos are a splondld team
and on a strange ground put up a
great game, and wcro always dangerous right to tho last minute. Their
forwards are fast and combine well,
while their half back lino and fullbacks played in such form that the
fast North Ward forwards had thoir
hands full to pass thom at any time.
Their goalkeeper is a star and will
make a name for himself.
♦ ■
If the Ladysmith seconds continue
to show tho form they displayed against the local Wanderers yesterday,
their chances for once again carrying
off the Vancouvor Island championship honors In tho intermediate division look vory promising. Yesterday thoy deleatod tho Wanderers by
4 goals to 8 on tho cricket field. Bet
_. ter co-operative play and thrustful-
in ness wore chief factors in their
,.o ,,.        „    .„             win.
lodging Ferris, but Grainger prompt Their forwards playod an aggressive
ly tipped It ovcr to tho centre, whero game and when the hall was sent to
Jock Graham transferred it to tho them they were all on the local backs
not.    Thoro was now only fivo  min- with a rush.    Tho Nanaimo custod
ies to go, and the champions hold
thc up)ior hand all tho time, tho
gamo closing with tho score unaltered.
Final Score:
Ladysmith   2
-Y. M. 0. A  1
Ian disappointed the local people.
Ills piny was much below its usual
standard and though tho Ladysiualth
team won out as a result of one of
their forwards deliberately pulling
Walker away from the goal, the Na.
naimo custodian seldom handled tho
ball as he has been Been to do in
past matches. Tho Wanderers played
streaky gamo at times being brll-
The only satisfactory thing about hint and as often showing woaknsss-
tho game was the final score. Tho The Wanderers also had several chan-
play was disappointing. Thero wero ges in thoir positions which was
Hashes of championship form, but more of a try-out than otherwise.
they wero very rare, and thero   will *>
have to bo considerable Improvement
if the championship is to be retained
this season. There was no vim ln
tho play of tho forwards during tho
first half, and sometimes both blocking, stopping and passing were
Says tho Free Press:—
Nanaimo's victory over Esquimalt
—^^——^-i,—- do- on Saturday at tho Cricket field was
Again, there are two wings not unexpected. It was a decisive
im a forward lino, and for the flrst victory, for tho class of football
20 minutes on Saturday Grainger played by the invincible Nanaimo
send- 1 hardly ever got a ball. Chiefly this team was clearly considerably sup-
\vo8 tho centros fault, but Strang erior to that of the visiting eleven.
was not altogether blameless. There It was a clean game, almost as
certainly will have to 1«) somo sharp clean as it is possiblo to have a foot
oiling up if tho lino is to retain its ball match played, and, of course,
effectiveness. 'The half-back line also football Is no parlour game. And
was awny below par. Simpson was yet it was not a gamo free from
off color; Arthur has not yet tumbl- fouls, rather than that, the whistle
od entirely to his position, and -Andy was constantly tooting for lnfringo-
a I though ho worked hard enough did monU. Hore it may bo said that ro-
not kick ns woll as Tie usually does, 'ores Skilling, of Ladysmith, ruled
und was outpaced by his wing. Tho with a firm and vory Impartial hand.
backs, luckily woro both in good Judging by Saturday's handling of
trim. There was little to choose bo- the gamo, Mr. Skilling Is tho sort of
tween them, and thov roally saved roferoe who will, In time, rid foot-
tho day. Don was slow in some of ball of muoh of tho foul play and
his clearances; but his bocks nhoiild roughness that crecpB into it. Not
cover him moro when ho is rushed, .that the play on Saturday was
Of tho visitors. Struthers was moro' rouffh. as was said before, and cases
particularly watched than env of tho of vicious louling wero low and far
others. Ho Is a fine back, clean and between; « memory serves aright,
sure In his tackling, and sound in his there waB not one, but the chlof roa-
klcklng. Ferris who playod back for Hon ^at tho refsreo had a busy timo
tho first time, did woll alBO, more with his whistle was because ho
particularly considering that most <-*»» down promptly on every case
of the homo play was on his   Blde..°* tt Dlttyer   Jumping for the   ball,
this goal,
A few minutes after the interval,
the Esquimalt goal had a close call
as tho home vanguard forced and
was dangerous, Farmer putting his
head under the ball' for a fine attempt at goal. Tho play was now
almost always In tho visitors' territory with their defense all working
hard keeping their opponents out.
Nanaimo forwards passed back and
forth, sfg-eagged this way and that
shot over the bar half a dozen
times, and finally secured an opening
and Johnnie drove the ball through,
following 28 minutes' play.
Esquimalt renewed the contest as
though they were top dogs and with
about ten minutes to go, made their,
only point though it was not the re-.
suit of good play, being rather i
fault of the Nanaimo back Hewitt,
who was whistled on for jumping for
once seen that tho local man had
no chance against Howell, who looked anywhere from 10 to 16 pounds
heavier than his opponent. Jones
fought gamely, and took "the count
from a stinging blow in the head
in the eighth round.
Jones has a peculiar style of fighting, is game, and has a   wicked   up- »   .«
perciit.    Against a man of his own  fi. E. WALKER, President.
weight, the mill would be worth see-   AT-,V _ ,_, w '           . _.
Howell    was not tried out at ALUX LAIRD, Oeneral Manager
He looks likely enough  but is A< fi IRELAND, Superintendent
a little slow In his movements. , _ ' wut'*'s'1','""-'u""u
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
Jones' right was   practically   useless after the first round, when    he
of Brar dies.
Rest     5000,000
TeiU Assets.. 113000-000
put that member out of business by Branches throughout Canada and in the United States and England
a hard blow. j &   *
Tho great gome between the two
rival boarding houses, tho Temperance and Now Western, was played
on Sunday afternoon. A respectable
crowd turned out to witness the
match,, and everybody was satisfied
that such on exhibition of football
has never been seen on the new
grounds. The Temperance men won
out by four clear goals, 'hut they
hardly deserved such a lead. It wob
their defence that saved thom. Fulton showed them how the Rangers
touch a man to chop, block and tackle. His fearless tackling cost him
two heavy falls, but he always got
the hall oven if he didn't always
know whero. Bloomer of Derby was
also a noticeable filgure, being as
sHppory os an eel, especially whon
his cap dropped off. Also the Carlisle United man was all thero when
the ball struck him, and the goal
keeping on both sides was a feature
of the pluy. The Belfast man was
as bulky as any man that has ever
been on tho ground, but he is rather
short in his powers of locomotion.
Thero were only two men hurt, which
was perhaps the most 'surprising
thing of all, considering how fearlessly evory man played, and how little
somo of thom know of the game. The
Temperance men were naturally elated at their victory, and half a doz-
of thom wore observed to proceed direct to Rumming's or thereabouts to celebrate. i
Farmer*,'   Paper  Discounted.
I Deposits of St and upwards received, and iuterei-t allowed ai
current, rates.   Tbe depositor is subject to no delay whatever in
tbe withdrawal of the whole or any part of the deposit
HIKI  INKS ON MY DAY   9:80 ^ ^ ^»*t0 «J*j
UtoYSMI'llJ  BRANCH 3t. M.
>- to I p,
DaOEX, KaaagH
President and Managing Director.
(1190. C   PICKARD.
Spct ft.n ry-Treasurer.
Tho Standard man must raise his
hot to tho brilliant genius who sparkles through the sporting columns
of the Free Press. The latter was
taken with a very spasm of smartness on Friday, and all on his own
poor humble account. Roally we'are
quite bewildered by his literary fireworks, and are all too conscious of
p.ur utter inability to reply in kind.
We confess that smartness is above
we hate to deal in sarcasm, and
humor ■we cannot achieve.    But    we '
claim to understand a plain    argu- Clam Chowder and Oysters
Heali Btrved at all Uoun.
First Class
Acccmmodati >
Private Rooms
For Ladles,
ment, to know fmct from figment and
to possoss an elementary knowledge
of football. Thero is nothing
'showy" in nil   this we aro obliged
the hall on tho pennltylino. Hewitts *rtT*-fvyu '" a*lJ     ,
foul did not   appear a bad oneTbu? to admit'   and-   of C0Ur8». f°r  that
i.e.home   -   rrwieiir.
was in tho penalty area, and . so   a
very reason the
sonrs above it.
Freo 'Press    genius
penalty kick    was glvon, and boing," However, with nil becoming   hum-   a   ripr-AT rn ATCf1,?
woll plocod by Towers In tho corner mty, wo would Hko to venture a tow A WSHiAl   l^ilAJM^Jl
of tho goal out of rench ct tho   w~-
naimo    goal    keeper,   thnt socuroci ^ji,,,     An(1 m.st| lct us 90y OTne.
thom thoir single point. veP rosentod tlio Tree Press account
It was a narrow squeak for    Es- o( tll0 gamc.      Tn0 report   „,    the
qulmalt a    few    minutes lator   for game   ,wna a!1 r|ght.    it ww,    the
Illundoll all but scored.   Thoy  play- comment thnt   wns wrong,  and   it
ed gamo to tho fmlsh, and both sides ,„,„   wrong   bocauso it was   biased,
wore showing    no    signs of fatigue Bvon th0    ,Pra)   ?,.__.„ admits that
'tfit'SaSS £Xrks inBHree/Lth^^:-22 TO MUSIC LOVERS
when the end came   with   Nanaimo
the winners by 4 to 1.
Foster tho Esquimalt goal keeper.
was tried protty frequently with hot
shots. Some he cleared -well, but
others again   ho boat back in  front
...   ',    «*=■*»»
much for no attempt Is made to reply to our stntenit-nts on thc game.
The k*jrnol of tho whole business is
of his way nnd outside all the facts
that the Freo Press artist went out
of him and on dangerous groundTarn- °mith° "'"^ ^^ "iZeoo^y VIOLIN, MANDOLIN AND
ong thei   ocal forwards.    Both Dunn r0„Knncs^ „„d thc „,,optlon o( _<._.._
and Sullivan   proved rellablobacks   mctho(is.   He makes no attempt   to
Thoir kicking    was well Judged and juBtify tho nssorllon.    whllt hc ^
clenn ond thoy would tako tho   eye t||on ,j,0
as tho most prominent of tho    visiters.    Greenwood, Dufty and Mallon and   t)lcso   ..,   c^,d   ir   ,
only mode moderate   halves, though woul<r Btotomcntll nrc t00 honry to
wording hard from start   to   flhlsh. bUirf ovon   tho   "Standard bearer."
Thomas at   centre forward, showed.Poor ghol.t   muBt navo blushcd   for
.ra-t, .*a ..-~.in.t-~.. .- .t..   early;the   paternal   caro with -which   tho
says   now,   and could say
more.   Of course.   Wo've .road Shake-
of Victoria
Will Give Lesson* on
At R. McMillan's Resident-*,
Flrat   Avenue.
The Jones Hotel
Oatacre Street.
P.O. Box ae 'Plums 44
Dealer In All Kinds of
Heats Delivered free of charge est tea
Shortest Notlc*.
tho Victorians got going again, Tom |bl,t ^ey "r'' 5*°"t"' y°,i,,«' <l1"1 '?cl<
O'Connell'stopplng a concerted rush joxporlenco nnd the confidence    that
by a fine kick.   Struthors and Grain-'comos.of ll:. wh.lto P.1?>'od »   ft™*
gei* next hnd a tussle, the hall    going out.    Tho loft wing novt    camo
down and Whyto saved from Strang.
flrahdm and   Joo ngnln came awny,
tho   latter    putting tho ball across.
Oralnger got it and returned lt   in
front of goal whero Adnm wos waiting.    He tricked tho backs and tried
.lohnson Is a good centre half    and Bnd tnere woro mttny ca*ra-    Takon (and the    majority of the   forwards
Thackeray looks after   his mon    In altogether he made an ideal reforoo, '— '—" J-' '-*   '   —
good shnpo. Of the forwards, Mttrt-, ■nd " ™B mon »' tho 28 ln»ldo lh<>
in has a fine turn of speed, and Wor- Playing area came In for pralso
mnld on the othor oxtromo, has plcn-' •,r0*"ld tho ddo llnos- '' wn» tho "•
ty of hustle.   Shorolt also is speedy, lliW*- .   .   .
lack I   Tlie finie, though fast, was not as
.),„. faat a* some of the league  matches
^__^__,^__^__^_____^___________ 'hat   hav*    boon contested here for
game In goal and could not bo*)lBm-|tne ma'n reason that tho home team
ed for neither of the goals that was wn" m,lch   too superior, tho visitors
scored against him.
Monday's Freo Press says:—
.   Tho Nnnalmo Juniors returned Inst
to shoot but could not turn tho hall night from Victoria where they play-
In.    It was Grainger's Bhot and hadjed thoir flrst outside gnmo, and were
not being often dnngorous, or    oven j far from a satisfactory one.
very brilliant,   and the contestants
had no grudge againse ono anothor.
It appears   somowhat strange,   but
nevertheless true, that the nearer th*
homes   of the teams be to ono nuo-
sher, the keener the rivalry.
The united service mon started llvo-      _   _.    ._
- — — r, . —.» "-»,l.v and early mndo Incursions into tho 'case of being over weight. Of course,
It boon loft to him a goal would havo Idofentcd by the ohnmplon team—the' local's territory.   Their forwards ad- he never Intended to como down   to
boon certain. '   •'*;   .■.-      _     North Ward, of Victoria. opted tho wise plan of laying   close tho weight, and whon it camo down
A defeated team, it Is often  said, on the opposing backs and ss a ro- to weighing ln, readily forfeited, not,
always hns  oxcuscs   to offer for Its; suit of this Thomas, tho  Esquimalt howsver, before    trying   to steal  a
failure.    It Is only fair to hear both i centra, who, hy the way, was former march on Jones by trying to  Juggle
sides of the   question.      The local ,ly of this city, dashed In and had it tho scales with tho aid of a piece of
up tho  running,    without, however, hoys havo this to say as the  cause not been for Graham's speed, would cork,    The  surfeit  waa  discovered,
speed and unsolflshness in tho
stages, but like M- ™«t of the forwards did not appoar to be in tho
game in a dangerous way in tho second period.
Considering thnt Conner, their star
little centre half; Clarkson, tho regular back, and Finlay, their best inside right man woro absent, Esquimalt put up a creditable fight. All
these three men are among the best
In thoir positions on the Island, and
only those who have experienced it.
know full woll how such men are
missed. The task seems a double
cue, and on a strango ground, is
more difficult still. Tho Esquimau
team has experienced unusual hard
luck in both thoir games away from
home, for at Ladysmith in the early
part of the month tho team was.in
a crippled state.
The home team, from goal to vanguard put up an effective game.
Bradshaw had a pension in goal. Gra
ham's work on tho back line ia improving every game, and on Saturday he and Hewitt were as safe as
the rock of Gibralta. The former
ahowod to better advantage, perhaps, as he wns called upon to relievo more, but in justice to. Hewitt
it must be stated that ho is playing
out of his position. Right back ia
his plnco. Harloy tho former Thls-
tlo player made good at half, and
Gilmour nnd Farmer woro In the
thick of the fight afways whon needed. Farmer was disabled right at
the start by an accidental kick
which hindered his play to some extent. Blundell's deft touches, Crulck
shank's splendid control and Judgement, Johnnie's clovor footwork,
Steele's puzzling zig-zag runs, and
Peters' unequalled drives, all went
towards registering a decisive vie.
tory for the local eleven, Johnnie
and Crulckshanks put In soma inaccurate shooting   in the second   half,
were often found doing a lot of
necessary dodging about with the
ball, but lt Is presumed the players
were not on thoir mettle.
Soys tho Froo Press:—
The battlo on Saturday night   between Kid Howell   and Jones,    was
Howell    is a    travelling pug,   who
makea his   money at the game, and
the long end of the purse   evidently
appeals moro to him than tho sporting   instinct,      He  had the match
cleverly arranged    so that he  only
had to   forfolt    a small amount In
Somo quiet nnd uninteresting piny
followed, tho homo forwards    showing poor work.    Don cleared from
centre and then tho homo boys took
threatening much danger to Whyte's 'of their defeat] '  -. '. ;,.     {have had tho Nnnalmo goal at   his however.
ohor-re.   Offsjdp against Adam  stop-|   The game was moro closely contest jmoroy.    Graham stalled Thomas  off    Whon the fight started it was
Freo Press man looks after his
health. And dear little Howltt. It's
too bad that ill boded for him from
such strapping players as Grainger
and Simpson.
"As to Jumping clear of the ground
—Is that fair charging?" Really that
ends it all! The referee, no moro
than the Standard man saw no
jump. It was only tho argus-cyed
Free Press man that saw it and the
rough play, and tho intimidating
methods, and, according to his invincible logic, it follows that all was
as hc saw It, or as he chooses to say
ho saw it. It does not follow that
because the Standard man saw no
rough play that thoro was nono. Oh
no. It Is only whnt the Free Press
man sees that follows. Ho is tho
man with the facts. Only his eyes
aro straight: onlv his Judgment in-
In conclusion wc would only say
that no excuse is necessary for a
charge. Wo would nover have thought
of giving such an elementary piece of
information had not tho Free Press
man asked for it. We still say that
tlio players cherish no hard feelings,
and our defeat is not to bitter a pill
to swallow. Wc can take defeat better than tho ^Freo Press man can apparently tnk*e victory. And alf
though we never tendered any advice (for scriptural reasons my dear
boy), wo certainly think the Free
Press artist',
been sadly neglected,
of our business
TIas received the agency of
one of the best American
Picture Enlarging Firms,
Call in and see Specimens.
Stove Wood
Ovt by White Labor Oaly.
Union Brewing Co.
Lad/smith, B. 0.
's football education has
eglectod. Dut it Is nono
ess to Improve it. i
The B.C. rugby championship, for
which the old rivals Vancouver and
Nanaimo will contest for on Saturday at the cricket field, has been
won eight timee by Vancouver, five
All Home Oared
    fl. flOCUE'S
TZV^rT^^oZRoberts St. Butcher
Table shows:
Vancouver ....
Nanaimo ......
Nanaimo ......
Vancouver ....
Vancouvor ....
Vancouvor ....
Vancouvor ....
Vancouver ....
Vancouver ....
Vancouver ....
aqd Pastry
Always Freeh on Hand.
Wedding and Party Cakes Hade to
Fruits and Candles of All Kinds
Prices are   very   reoaonable.    AU
Customers treated alike.
On the Esplanade.
Ladysmith, B. 0.
Year.      jj0 championship    matches    were
"^TJU played last season, though Vancou-I
ver claims tho championship for that
year and also have the gall to claim
this season's championship already.
If the Hornets do not spike their
guns on Saturday Vancouver    will
"189B"?? have littio to crow about.
Thistles Defeat Wostham Id.
After three etubborn draws, the
Thistles have at last defeated Wost-
.1899-00 ham Island in the final for the B.C.
..1900-01 cup tie on the Mainland. The Scots
won by 3 to nil.
Victoria West won their second league match over the Y.M.C.A. Intermediates by 8 to 0 on Saturday.
The "Y.M.'e" put a weak team in the
full Stock of Miners' Toole.
Ship Repairing Work J
A Specialty
AU kinds of Blaekenlthlaf     I
Sons at Short atottes. I
»»S>»%»»»«iSj%»»%a»a>a»a»s^»*»%Sj) .   IiADYajsllTH STANDARD.JEDNE SDAY, JANUARY 29th, 1908.
+ %*»%■»%'»% '->■%■»-%■»■%-■'»■%-■»■■»■'%• ^«+e^<%*.'*V*
Stocktaking j
Clearance Sale
Only a few more days to go—Now is your opportunity to secure    *
A few Ladles' Raincoats to clear at  $0.00
About 12 Girls' Coats to go at  HALF PRICE
50 White Bed Quilts to go ot   SI.25
3 Dozen Ladies' Corsets values up to $2.fill, for   85c.
' fore curtail.
And come right at once to the daz-
i zling scone,
Prcsonted to view on the shores of
| Lachlne,
Paris, Jan. 28.«^-Franco Mam Benjamin Richard, cardinal priest ofthe
Holy Roman Church, and archbishop
of Paris, died hors today of congestion of the lungs, after a short ill-
Cardinal Richard waa born
Where thousands and thousands wore ^^ x> 7819,'and. was made ear-
wedged in a
! Impatiently waiting the moments to
| pass.
At last tho news came, "They're go>
ing .to start,"
Which quickened the throbblngs
many a  heart,
dinal in 1889.
Brockton, Jan. aSS-tt. violin to be
the property of King l-fflward has
just been completed by Archibald
Mcintosh, a violin maker. The in-
°' t strument is made of curly maple, the
wood having been taken from an an-
For thousands were bet on the meh^t tlfble^once"ths property ot ths
The Rev. li. S. Magco, of Toronto,
associate Secretary oi the Moral Reform Department of the Methodist
Church, will deliver an address in
the Methodist Church on Friday evening, Jan. 81st. All ure cordially
nvlted.   A collection will be taken.
Mr. Robt
the late E. Mulholland's interest
the Ladysmith   Bar    and   has gone
Rev. Mr. Robson tying the nuptial
knot. Mr. Wesley Mills supported
the groom and Miss Elizabeth Bow-
en tho bride.
The young couple loft on tbe morning train for Victoria and other
pluces on thoir honeymoon trip.
Evontual-ly they will take up thoir
residence    in    Ladysmith. Many
friends of the .bride and groom unite
Barclay has bought out'in extending heartiest congratulations.
Charlie was very quiet with thc
wedding.     One oi his friends did all
into partnership     with Mr.  .Joseph
1 •     ■ [another chanco when Mr. and    Mrs.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. A Mains return.     They have the    best
Bryden wns buried in the local come- Vlshos of their ninny frionds hero
tery on Sunday afternoon.   Tho Rev.
Mr. Heath officiated.
Notice ia hereby given that I intend to apply to tho Board of Licensing commissioners of the Municipality of Ladysmith at their noxt
regular meeting for a transfer of the
wholesale Liquor License now held
by me for the premises occupied by
me and situate on Lot 9, Block 91,
in the said City of Lndysmith, from
myself to Augast Fina.
Ladysmith,    B. C, 24 th January,
At unce, First-class general tailor.
Wages 11) per cent, higher than Vancouver rates. Apply, A. Saario,
Box 241, Lndysmith, B.C.
The rempernnoo House is not to be
allowed tu rest easy on its victory
of lust Sunday. True it was a smash
ing defeat they administered to tho
Western men; but It has put no fear
into thc scout hearts of the men
who i-esido in tho Abbotsford. Tho
lutfor claim Ihey always could lick
tho water men, they always have
licked them, and that they nlwoys
will lick then], Fulton is not tho
man ho is thought to be if ho will
swallow an assertion of this kind.
Still it is there. The Abbotsford
of men solemnly challenge last Sunday's victors, and only await Captain Fulton's reply to fix a date and
publish their team.
The death occurred at the Chemainus hospital on Sunday of Mrs.
Shaw, wife ot Mr. Edward Shaw
Ladysmith, and a lady well known
to many in Ibis district. She had
been 111 for tho past seven weeks.
The funeral took 'place this afternoon in Nanaimo from the house
of Mrs. Ckirk, Irwin Street, tlio Rev,
Mr. Wilkinson officiating.
The deceased had been a resident
of tho Island for tho past sixteen
years.     She was a  native of Brail- ____
ford. Yorkshire, Eng., and leaves to    Tho fo,lmvi„g dosc,.iptlon o(     ^
mourn her loss a  husband and four ,,anlan-Courtnoy    raM at    Lnohl
children, her mother and three bro- „Mw   ,n Octobor_ lg7g   t__
Toronto Poot    Tolls   in Verso How
Old Champion Defeated   His
Opponent ln Boat Raco.
Toronto Telegram, is reproduced:
_^ Hurrah,    Billy    boy,  are you back
Ssys the Nanaimo Free Press   oi 'rom Machine?
Monday's date: Como, sit     down and toll us     the
The marriage took place at   7.80 sights you have seen.
this morning ot    two popular    and 1 will, sir, with pleasure; so fur as I
well known residents ot the district,'        can;
in tha persons   of Mr. Chas. Mains, As good luck would havo it, I back
shop at Ladysmith, and Miss  Rose
Duncan,    daughter of Mra. Barbara Ilut how to doscrlbs the ovonts
Duncan, ol Franklin St., and former ____________________
ly ot the city publle school stag.      i' roa,ly "eltevo It's beyond    mortal
The happy event took place at ths
home   of    the bride's mother.
tho hour
, I really believe it's beyond
the ^or mQn oxc'*-od to sucn a  dogrec,
,You could not beliovo It unless   you
".| did
cl Ceylon Percalina Shirts in
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White and Fawn. Just the
thing for wearing after work;
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newest patterns.
All the
Regular  11.35,
NOW  I .85
Tho flrst disappointment you know
I al) about—
The water was rough, thc boye could
not turn out.
You talk of a crowd; but, my dear
1 man alive,
The folks wero thicker than bees in
I a hivo.
Such pushing,     and Jamming,     and
si|Uozzlng, oh my!
I lost in tlio sculllo tho pin from my
My fancy plug hat, that I bought at
Was knocked into what pooplo   call
I felt Just as mod— as you would,
With thc rim of your hat on     the
bridge of your nose:
It did not Improve mo a  bit when I
The people wore quietly laughing all
round. . ,
But, bad as it    was, sir, li , might
havo beon worse;
Two men lost their watches, and one
lost his purse,
Anothor his coat tall, but were I to
Of all that I  saw, It would take me
a   weok.
by both sides.     _^^^^^^^^
And now they are come to the hour
that decides.
Tho whistles are blown for the men
to turn out,
First Hanlan appeare 'mid a thundering shout,
Impelling his bout like a perfect
As 'pretty a picture us over was
Next Courtenay comes out, the Ideal
of forco,
Saluted by cheers as he rowa down
the course;
At last all is ready. "They're offl"
"Hanlan leads!"
They cheer him, but no such incentive he needs.
They bend to their oars as thoy dip
in the wave,
And    pull with    a   will and     with
hearts that are bravo;
No child play is this,, and our Island
boy sees,
If he now wins at all, it will be    a
tight squeeze.
He husbands his strengith as ho kcops
even keel,
Determined at once his Opponent to
The half milo is past and his calm
Still gave him a lead, but as Courtney drew on.
He slackened two strokes, Courtney
spurted awhile
Putting In thirty-six in a  masterly
But true to his colors and true    to
his past,
Our hero kept, rowing a stroke that
would last.
Tho water wns lumpy, onward  thoy
Till loud rose the shout, "Seo    tho
Yankee ahead!"
Bravo    Hanlan now hnd him,     and
putting on steam
Onco more    showed In front,     with
thoir heads'to tho stream.
Again Hanlan slackonod to tost
Courtney's blado,
Who showed all his strength by the
efforts he made;
Again rise tho choers with donfoning
As turning tho buoy our brave Hanlan is first.
ilut Courtney is round, not a Half-
length behind
The picture of pluck and truo science
Now Hanlan is cheered as his boat
takes the lead,
"Courtnoy gains! "Thoy aro equal!"
by Jovo, what a spoedl
"He leads!" his frionds shout till
they're black in the face.
His spurt, thirty-six, Is a half-flying
Bnt Hanlan, unheeding the shouts of
Just opons tho valve, for he sees ho
San Francisco, Jan. 28— Dillon
Walsh, the explorer and writer who
carried tho dead body of tbo loader
of tho Hubbard expedition for a hundred miles on his shoulders, haa Just
returned from a jouruey through
Mexico. Ho leit last night for New.
York, and it Is his intention neat
spring to make further explorations
into Mexico.
Paris, Jan. 38— A despatch t > '
Maton from He Lisbon correspondent
says that Premier Franco declared
yesterday that the actuation Is now
well ln hand and that the conspirators probably would be banished until the country ii absolutely calm.
Continuing the premier snld, according to the correspondent, "The more
my adversaries labor, the more brilliant will be my trlumsh."
has cause.
Three miles are now past, and
rod flog has now told,
Onco moro he is first If his own
can hold;
His splendid condition kept him up
to that pace,
And when thoy had finished he   was
flrst In the race.
Some timo last night someone
threw a stone through thu nu-rth
window of tho Powers & Doyle Company's store. Whether done with
deliberate intention or not, is not
known. Thero scorns to bo considerable lawlessness abrond on tho
atreets at night, of a certain nature
and it is quito evident that nn add!
tion to the police forco would holp
tho administration of law ond order
considerable. The old offence of run-
nlng chalk markings, some of them
obsceno, is in evidence again. If tho
offenders aro over caught, they, will
got the extreme limit of the law.
Duke of Kent.
Toronto, Jan. 28.—Jos. Myers,
late general manager of ths Oope-
land Chatterson Co., haa taken action for (15,000 damages against
the firm, alleging that he has been
forced into giving up an agency
worth (8,000 a year and subjected
to indignity,     Insults aad ridicule.
Tho firm denies all charges,
 4 '
Ottawa,     Jan.    38
Commission has reserve
in the case of    thi
Westminster    and
Company for pom
a   branch Hiie ln 	
other requcat by the lisJunne/Ete Sawmill Company for order to change
the plan of location of same railway.
Boston, Jan. 28.—Cardinal Gibbons, who is in this city today, re-,
coived -word ot the death of Cardinal Richard at Paris through the Ae-
soolated Press despatches announcing the event.    The cardinal   said:
Cardinal Richard was the oldest of
the College of Cardinals. He waa a
very strong man, and hla death la
a distinct loss to, the church." Tho
death waa not unexpected, Card|eal
Gibbons said, on account of his eJd-
vnnced years.
Constantinople, Jan. 38.— Ths
porto has Just made Its reply to ths
representations mads by the Russian
ambassador here, M. Zellobeoff, to
the effect that Turkey has permitted
her troops to Invade and occupy the
town of Sujhulak. Ia peraulng Its
answer the government of the But-
tan denies that titers haa been any
violation of personal territory by
the Turkish troops, and Sir. A. R.
O'Connor, the British ambassador,
has counselled the porte to avoid
conflict tn posse.
Pekin, Jan. 28.— Pursuant to an
Imperial rescript iasuod yesterday,
Sir Robert Hart, Inspector general
of the Chinese customs service, has
begun the transport ot Ms duties to
Sir Robt. Bredd, the vice Inspector
general. The rescript, tn reeoejnV
tlon of Sir Robert Hart's long energetic and successful term of office,
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Miss Ramsay returned to town on
Mr. Russell Simpson came down
from Nana mo on Monday morning.
Mr. Jus. Sharp, late Mine boss at
No. 8, Extension MIno, was in Town
on Monday looking after tho purchase of a horse.
Mr. J. Mulr came down from
naimo on Monday morning.
Mr. Arnold, representing thc So-
oholt Brick &j Tilo Co., Ltd., was in
town on Monday.
■   0   ■
Mrs.' O. InUotoi- came down from
Nanaimo on Monday mornlhg.
Mr. G. Norris paid a short visit
to Ladysmith on Sunday.
Mr. J. W. Jemson visited some ladysmith friends on Sunday afternoon
Mr. D. Nicholson went down to Vic
toria yesterday morning.
Mr. D. Matheson returned from his
trip to Now Westminster yostoiday
morning. Mr. Matheson found his
brother much batter.
Mr. Brabander   boarded
torla train this morning.
thc  Vic-
Miss Knott camo down from Nnnalmo this morning.
Mr. Simpson, solicitor, of Nanaimo, passed through town this morning on his way to Victoria.
Mr. H. Burroughs wont down
Victoria this morning.
Mr. Wm. McEwan
smith today.
visited   Lady-
■ '■-	
Telephone, 1 2-4.
Nauaim i 11 C.
H|cli\tyre Foundry &
Stove Company, Ltd.
Ladysmith, B. O.
Dp. %& dll%
All Work Guaranteed.
Assortment ot Bamboo Goods.
Large Assortment of Fancy   China-
wars and Glassware, Etc.
6. Peterson
Phone 18.
First Avenue
Notice Is hereby given that an application will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of
British Columbia for an Act to In
corporate a Company with power to
equip, build, maintain and operate a
lino of railway of standard or other
gauge to be operated by steam,
sotrlclty or ooher power for the carrying of freight, uassengers and express from a point situated on Section Fourteen (14) or Fifteen (15) ln
Range Five (V.) Cranberry District.
or Section Fourteen (14) Range Six
(VI.), . Cranberry District; thence
the most feasible
-    high,
Bedrooms at
up to the sky,
nt   prices exceedingly
n premium, half    wayjl
London, Jan. as.-The three miniatures of the Duchess of Fife, ths
Queen of Norway and the Princess
Victoria, belonging to Queen Alexandra, which were stolen recently fromi
the studio of hor engraver la London to which they had beaa sent for
reproduction, have been resumed.
There is no tries of ths thiol.
Toronto,. Jan, 38,-It ta announced
that a new building ln connection
with ths legislature will ba built In
the next few months. The present
parliament buildings are too congested.
Hamilton, Ont., Jan. 38— Aa a
result of a rear end collision ot two
electric care near the drill hall con-
grants him a  year's elok lease, anal
confers upon him rank equal to that (south-easterly by"
of the president of tho foreign beard, route to a point situate on   Oyster
-.   « i _ ..   a, _.,—  _f._ja    .a   B»y '» Oyster District, a distance of
Sir Robert BreeM also reoeived    ad-ja))0ut u,|vo    ml)M mon __ lm_
dltlonal rssk. Sis Robert Halt Is with authority also to construct,
planning to leave China for England .equip, maintain and operate branches
in mtw from time   to time trom any  point
IB amy.   |or p0|„f# 0| the proposed  railway j
•' " ' iwith power also to construct and op-
..........'erete telegraph and telephone   linos
for the purpose of Its business and
• ,for tha public: with power to own,
fl use and operate water powers convenient to the road, railway and
I other purposes, and with such other
*; powers arid privileges aa are usually
a given to Railway Companies.
Solicitors for Applicant.
Dated at Victoria, B.C., thla 15th
day ot January, 1908.
Toronto, Jan. 88.—Ths new
directory gives the estimated
population of Toronto at over,
860,000. ■    \
 ■: • • • •• •«■•• • •
Hamilton,    Ont.,    Jan. 28.— The
coroners    Jury haa returned a ver- ,
diet of manslaaghtar against Wm. H.',
Kirkpntrlck in the caso of John   J.' •
Cummings, a lad    who was fatally
stabbed during a  row    at Mcpherson's shoe factory on Jan. 17.   The  t a a a a a a
Jury, however, added that the crime
was committed under great provocation.
St. John, N.B., Jan. 08.- A
strong Independent organisation has bean formed la New
Bsunswlck    to prevent corrup-
VANCOUVER,   Jan.    88- Mayor Vancouver, Jan. 38- Allan Purvis,
Bethune at the city council mooting cn|0. c|erk t0 Fi Pi Busteed, general
lost night suggested the employment superintendent of the Paclflo division
of a numbsr of special constables to of tnt C-PB h„ .^ .pp^t,,) M
counteraet the crime waw aad hold- superintendent of the Kootensy   dl
AM. McSpadden and MacMlllan demanded to know why the police commission had not taken action ln the _^_^^^^_^^^^_^_^^_
matter of armed Orientals* but the Calgary, Jan, 38.—A firs alarm
mayor declared the matter waa not bug waa caught In tha est of pulling'
yet officially before tha commission, a Are alarm Sunday morning    and
vision, with headquarters at Nelson.
Of nil the adventures by land,   Iwet'ductor Finck was injured nnd ssver- At any rate, the city solicitor    had. .was lined   a hundred    dollars sad
and rail, 'al passengers badly frightened.   The advised the disarming resolution to costs at the pollcs court this morn-
I cannot tell half, and must   there- slippery rails caused the aocldent.      bs a very delicate question. Ing.     It wee done as a Joke.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Dally at 9 a. in.
Wednesday,    Saturday   and   Sunday
At 9:00 and 15:58.
For Victoria.
Trains J\rrive at Ladysmit'
Daily at 11:57.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
At 11:57 and 17.55.
From Victoria.
District Passenger Agent.
103 Government St., Victoria
* New Store *
FVewly Stocked
All Kinds of Wall Paper.
Picture   Framing a Specialty.
%. l^ocddiijg I
High Street. C
B   <d
The Best Corner
in Town
Dent go by it,
And You will
Save Money!
Peter Inkster
Ready for all kind of
Leave Orders with Blair ft Adam.
Telephone 2-4.
Notlco is hereby given that I Intend to apply to tbe License Commissioners of the Olty of Ladysmith,
at their noxt regular mooting, for a
transfer of the Retail Liquor License
now held by me for the premises
known as tho Extension Hotel, Ladysmith, B.O., from myself to John
Lucca Domonlco Giovando.
Lndysmith, B.C., Nov. IS, 1907.
H. Thornley
Trenton, Ont., Jan. 38.-Gco. •
M. Alger, of Frankfort, waa •
convicted and flnod for offering *
for sale flfty-flvo barrels ol ap- •
pies packod contrary to lbs go- •
vernment standard. anaal
Instructions given ln all tha latest
Fancy Work at
Miss F. Uren
Hoberts Street, Ladvsmtth.
and overy reoulslto
For Stylish Hair Dressing.
Dslnty and Elaborate
Call round and see them, Ladles.
I a a a
Ton water spouts, encountered In the
gulf stream, Impeded tho progress of
the Norwegian steamship Cecilia.
which has arrived hero from Carte-
gena by way of Turks Island, Carolina laat Friday, when the hurricane
which brought death and destruction
swept up the coast. In thc waito of
ths hurricane came the water spouts.
From port to starboard, over a
course extending Ave miles the Cecilia wae steered until ten hugo
spout* were eluded,
Philpott's Restaurant
b the Plaee lor


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