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Ladysmith Standard May 2, 1908

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MAY 7-1908   "
22TORIA, e-j^
•M,.H.++^!rM*-r'HH+'HH H
s I Cowan's Celebrated Icings agd f
- £l)oeolates, &te,
2 packages for 23c.
2 packages for 23c,
2 packages for 25c,
2 pu-'l-agos for S?5c,
2 p.ckagos ' >r 26c:
2 packogos for Pfioi
2 packages for 2fic,
2 packages for 25c.
New and Fresh Stock Just from the East, consisting of
Chocolate  T,	
Whito ,	
Cocoaniit Cream  .... ■>.
Orungo  -..	
Eating Chocolates   2 cakes for 33c. •£*
Unswcotoned  Chocolates ,  Per Cako, 25c
Cream Hars   Per Coke, Be. X
i It). Tin  10c
Cowan's Candies [n Fancy boxes at 1.0c to 75 conts por   box. , J
Leavo Orders for SEVILLE OKANGES for
rive this   week.
Marmalade, to   ar- ;■ (
,   4t^^^444t4^f^
The annual meeting of the Vancouver Island Football Association was
hold in tho Nanaimo Athletic Club,
on Wednesday evening, April 29th.,
with President J. G. Jlrown presided, and thero were present Mr. E. M.
Whyte, sec.-Troasurer, Mr. V. Gray,
Victoria;    Mr.   C. Graham,, and   W.
Football Struggles
In the Years Pastil
 ; f 4 ,	
(By J.. G, Brown and Arthur Dayey)
Previous to the   autumn of   1803
Association footbull    was quite
Mossis. Jas. Adam and R. It. Hindmarch for Ladysmith.
Mr. Whyto in submitting his report, commented on the fact that
not a single gamo in the wholo series of the League engagements had
been protosted. In presenting his financial statement he said .that the
present year has been the most successful in the history of the Association. The figures will speak for
themselves.   They are as follows:
Receipts  $1,070.40
Disbursements .....7 ...... .rrr~ 792.70
1 AAAAi***iAiA.A.AiiiiAi.1liiAiAiAiAiAiAiAA —•-•"■* jJ
Makes a Speciality of
at Prices that suit your pocket, and A LITTLE LOWER THAN
nyi-yiyyi.f .*. *******.* ifiyifur'?'? ■•»■•»■ •yf»»'¥'¥'*"i
Graham, for Nanaimo    United,   and;known* and Indeed,  what is  known
to-day as tho Rugby gamo was also.
At thut time tho public schools wero
the exponents of football, and each
great school, such ns Harrow, Eton,
Rugby, Winchester and Westminster,
had its own laws and would play
none othor. In consoquonco tlio only
matches thoy could have were secured by selecting teams from amongst
thomsolves, or when a toam of "former pupils," or, as tliey wero then
knqwn, "Old Boys," visited tho
school for the purpose
Under such a system, progress or
dovolopmetit of any kind was impossible. In tho fall of 1803 a meeting of tho representatives of the
various schools and clubs was hold
in London for tho purpose of forming an Association und framing a
code of rules acceptable to all. After several meetings a code was
framed which was an honest attempt to incorporate tho laws of all
interested, but chiefly those of tho
Rugby, and what was afterwords
known as tho Dribbling;, game.
Shortly afterwards , a meeting of
tho representatives of«tho principal
schools was hold ut Cambridge with
similar object, to arrange rules
which should unite all undor one
common bend. Tho rt'les .then pro-
pared and agreed to, constituted the
first known code of what*-Is now
Rugby football. At .subsequent
meetings of the association, differences of opinion arose regarding the
now rules, and an endeavor was
mado to havo the mostjessential fea
Season J
Good Tackle
Is     more   annoying   than    a -f
watch which fails—fails to give t
X you accurate time.   Plenty   of X
.. peoplo can clean a watch, but
- ■ to    fully   adjust   aud time a
■ • watch is the work of an expert
.'    If your watch Is giving trou-
., hie, lot me examine   it,     and
■. quote prices for ropairing thoroughly, and timing it accurately.  All WORK GUARANTEED 4-
X    Prices    in   nccordanc?   with *f
+ first-class work—no botch work
.. Canadian Horological Instiluto '
Phone 7-0.
Politic* 1* an Interesting gamo, 11
one views It not too seriously. The
othor day Mr. Whltnoy announced
that the general election in Ontario
would be hold ln June or September, He was perfectly truthtul, hut
none of the Conservative henchmen
seemed to take the statement aeri-
oualy. They are nil preparing for
an election in June.
On Wednesday of laat week, the
Hon. Mr. Leblnnc, leader of the Quo-
bee opposition, asked Premier Oouin
when the general cloction in the
province would occur,
ed thnt it might be held inJuno or
October, or titer* might be another
wsslon. He Intimated that it
would be impolite for him to announce the dato without consulting
the .lieutenant-governor.
The Ontario government might do-
lay the general election until January,. 1010. Yet both are preparing
for an early appeal to the peoplo,
The reasons for an early appeal to
the people In Ontnrlo ore more apparent than ln Quebec. In the Int-
t*r province, the reason given In private * conversation is that Premier
structlvc. It sheds some light on
what ls likely to happen when the
Dominion parliament is dissolved in
the autumn.—Canadian Courier.
Balance  t   288.76
President Drown then read his address which may almost bo rogarded
valedictory so far as his official connection with the Association
is concorned. Pressure of work absolutely prohibits him from continuing in office and although urged to
stay with tho Association ho was
reluctantly compelled to decline. His
address, which is reported in full in
another column, referred in glowing
terms to the season just ended. The
revival of Nanaimo and tho groat
game the United had put up woro
fittingly alluded to, and attention
drawn to the sportsmanlike manner
in which the matches had been played, not a single protost having bejn
registered. Ho wont on to deal with
tho age limit in tho Intermediates,
favoring its abolition and suggesting
tho formation of a socond division.
He did not see any nocossity for the
B.C.F.A., and emphasized the necessity of tho various Associations
burying thoir constitutions into a
conformity the ono with tho othor.
All thrco reports were received and
Mr. Adam brought up tho quostion
of tho division of tho gate taken at
tho last gamo at Oak Bay botweon
Nanaimo and Lndysmith. Ho did
not seo that tho Association could
claim tho whole of it, and suggested
thnt, aftor all expenses had been
paid, tho balance be divided into
three equal shares. Aftor considerable discussion this was agreed to.
Tho noxt business was'the appointment of tho funds for tho purchase of
medals for winning teams in tho
threo series. It wns finally agreed
that Nanaimo United be presented
with 11 gold medals of the value of
S10 oach. Fifty-fivo dollars was in
like manner allotted to tho victorious Intermediate eloven, while the
North Ward Juniors are to receive
each a five dollar gold medal. The
models voted to the United eloven
aro the handsomest that have fever
boon bestowed by tho Association,
and will fittingly commemorato tho
team's sturdy and strenuous struggle
for supremacy.
It was also agreed to present two
gold lockets to President Brown and
Secretarv Whyte as a alight acknowledgment of the groat services they
have rendered the Association and
Island football. Mr. Brown makes
an able President and his opinion
outside tho Association always carried great weight and influence. It
is greatly to be regretted that ho
has found lt necessary to sever hia
official connection with tho Association but it mny bo taken for granted that he will always be ready to
give advice when culled upon and to
support Island football. As for Ed,
Whyte, ho haa put in a hard season's work. His heart is in tho
game and his association, and no
bettor man for tho position could be
found on the Island.
The officers   for   the ensuing year
are as follows :
Hon. President.—T. Oraham.
Vice President.—J. O. Brown.
Socond Vice-President.—A. Brydon.
President.—C. O. Duncans.
Vice-Prosidont.—Jas. Adam.
Sec-Treasurer.—E. M. Whyte.
The mooting concluded with
ol thanks all round,
tures of the Rugby gun'io introduced.
Strenuous objections   were mode   to vour against   tho   Rugby game
this, resulting finally'In'the    with- though In many places Rugby
could 1)0 soon youngsters who found
amusement in chasing*,the sphere.
In England this enthusiasm was
also marked and extraordinary- progress wus made, until nt lust it was
acknowledged that tho Association
gome had come to stay, and judging from tlie immense crowds who
watched tho games, it wus ovidont
that tho enthusiasm was not confined to the players.
Much of this success was duo to
tho inauguration of the challenge
cup contests, and although lately
exception has been taken to'these
contests on the ground that they
givo rise to excessive rivalry and
that the stimulus givon Is not conducive to tho host interests of the
game, whatever truth thoro may he
in theso arguments, tlie fact remains that wherever cup competitions havo .been established new
clubs havo arisen, and as a natural
consequence players have multiplied,
ond there is no doubt that the extraordinary development of tho Association gamo during the last 25
years is attributable in a largo measure to the influence of challenge
Nor has this development boon
confined to the British Isles. Australia, Africa, Canada. India 'and the
United States all havo clubs and associations. It is true that in—Aus-
trnlia, Africa and India the Rugby
gamo is moro popular, and in tho
United States, too, although In tho
Oreot Republic rugby differs in some
respects from that playod in fit-cat
Britain. In Canada the Association
.gamo has taken hold aad bids) fail-
to secure first position in public fn-
drnwal of tho oxponont* of tlio Rug- a largo measure of support from tho
by game from tho Association, and public.
from   thot    day   to Dils tho   two In tho moro thickly populated por-
gnmos havo been as wfile apart   as tions of   Eastern Canada the   game
the polos.                     e* flourishes because of tho moro easily
In   I860   tho   last *estigc  of   the .arranged   matches with neighboring
Rugby gamo    was    eliminated from clubs, but where tho towns urosit-
the Association cotle, nnd tho game unted long distances    apart, requir-
then became known ns tho Associu- ing a loss of timo of not less than
tion game.    Its popularity increased two    days,    and a    correspondingly
and clubs   multiplied    with extraor- largo oxpense. it is very difficult   to
dinary   rapidity    all over England, arrange a schedule of matches   that
and about this timo it mndo Its ap- will keep tho interest of non-players
ponranco also in Scotland undor tho alive, and it is detrimental to   tho
ausplcos of tho Queen's Park Club- interests of tho players to have   tb
that famous organization that   hos play week   after   week against   the
stood out   'against   professionalism Bamo.opponents-?such as is tho caso
liko a giant and has dono so much In this province,
for    Association   football in   Scot- In order to   '
ter a hard fought game, the scoro
being 2 to 1. The victorious Nanaimo team was: Uoal, Duffy; hacks,
English and Petticrew; half backs,
A. Thompson, Fagan, and Forros-
forwards,   Riley,   Fisher,    R.
hompson, Quinc and York.
1H9.J if a team was encode-1
t hud no further chance  for ,
the cup, but in that year the asso-|Side(1 ana tueru wer0 Present N. Ber-
ciation introduced the league system
under which    oach club playod    two
home    games.      A    win counted   2
points nnd a tio 1 point. The "Wanderers," Victoria; "Rangers," Nanaimo, and "Mapleleaves," Wellington,
ontored.      The   games and winners
wero as follows:
Wanderers vs. Wellington— Played
at Victoria, won by Wanderers.
Score, 0—0.
Wanderers vs. Wellington —Playod
at Wellington, won by Wanderers.
.Score 5—2.
Wanderers vs. Nanaimo—Playod at
Nanaimo, won by Wanderers, Scoro
-Nunaimo vs. Wellington—Played at
Nanaimo, tie.   Score 2—2.
Wanderers vs. Nanaimo—Played ut
Victoria, won by Wanderers. Score,
Nanaimo vs. Wellington—Played at
Wellington, won by Wellington.
Score o—0.
W  L 1)  Pt.
Wanderers ...,    4   0   0   8
Wellington   12    13
Nanuiuio   0   3    11
Tho Wanderers' 1805-96 team was
as follows:—Goal, Partridge;   backs,
and  Stewart;   naif-
A meeting was held in tho Orand
hotel, Nunaimo, oa Wednesday evening in connection with the B. 0.
oliailongo   cup.     Mr. R, Adam pr*-
geron, secretary, Messrs. W. Oraham
and It. Yates, representing the Nanaimo Club, and Messrs. Jus. Adam
and R. P.. 1-iiiidniarch, representing
It was decided that entries could
not be received after the 13th of
May, and that tho entrance fee
§10. It was also agr. cl that
case Nanaimo and Ladysmith
the only competinc, teams, and
lirst two games result in a tie, tho
teums shall draw for grounds for
the deciding match. Unless this
condition is observed the Ladysmith
representatives declared that their
club would not enter.
(Special Correspondent)
The Comox nine once mora went
down to defeat at the hands of th*
Union crack baseball team on Sunday last. The game wa* fast and
good ball played on both aidea. The
score stood 11 to 9. Thc Cumberland team play her* next Sunday.
Mr. and    Mrs. Huggin, of Bolton,
are visiting   Mr. and    Mr*. T.     S»
A curloua and interesting aide-
light (write* a Montreal correspondent of the Toronto Saturday
Night) ia thrown cn tho legal fraternity in the province of Quobeo by
the criminal proceeding* which have
been inatltutcd against the Dominion
Mercantile Protective Association «y
Be answer- tho Montreal Bur Aesoclatlon. A
year or ao ago this Mercantile Protective Aaaoclation wn« organized for
the purpose of debt collecting, chasing after bad debtors, etc. The work
waa efficiently and reasonably done,
and largo wholesale morchunts freely praise the work done. Now, however Ihey are brought up short by
th* Bar Association on the grounds
thnt they are Illegally engaged In
the practise of law. It appears that
the association engaged the services
of * lawyer, at presumably a given
rato per year, to do tholr business
for them, thus doing away with the
Oouin would like to go to tbocoun-.excessive charges that would other-
try before Premier Laurier makes his wise accrue. Now the Bar Assocla-
qulnauennlal appeal. He thinks, so tlon steps In and demands that lelt I* aald, that the Liberal roprc-'gol restraint bo placed upon the
Mutation Irom Quebec 1* not likely j dobt collector*. In -other word*,
to be ao unaulmoua after the next they are Interfering with th* law
f*d*ral election a* it ha* been dur- "trade" by cutting price*.   The law
II. A. Goward,
backs, liaiin, Petticrew and Falconer; forwards, Podon, A. T. Goward,
JlcCunu, Fall and Fall.
The Wanderers ut the last fall carnival at Vancouvor won from tho Roy and Mr. and Mm. Biley.
Mainland in competition for tho provincial Championship. The officers
of tho association for 1895-90 were;
Presldont, T. -Crossan; Secretary, E,
11. Drummond; Treasurer, L. Cump-
boll. The senior teams entered for
the cup this souson were: "Wanderers," Victoria; "Rangers," Nannimo,
and "Barracks," Victoria. The
standing of the clubs at this writing is: "Wanderers," Victoria, two
wins; "Barracks," Victoria, ono win,
and "Rangers," Nanaimo, nil.
Tho intermediate Association   was
organized in     the   spring, of 1895. Ogilvey was given a royal wnd-off,
a^^loJpSol iTTen- --»,«."-. «- •* «--«--
glblo to pluy for tho intermediate in the plac0 wore blo**'n' The P01"*
cup. Mr. McGregor was elected uxr •kipper and officer* of th* Shtela
president;    R. Hutchison, secretary,  will alway* be remembered and   will
r,^„Ss:.''v;:S;^,;n*lr-bo °°rdi*ny we,«"Md v*»*™ *<*
Nunaimoj- and "Junior Mapleleaves-' conW baok °8ain'
Wellington, entered tho association.   '  »
Tlio first game was played at Wei- DISAPPEARANCE OF MINISTERS
lington when tho Swifts defeated tho' WIFE.
Wellington tonm.    In the final gamo ' 	
at Victoria    tlio   Junior Wanderers  —' Still    Unexplained and DeUctlvee
inci-cnso the   interest  w°n from tho Swifts by 6 goals'to
Mr, Joseph Hunter is in town to.
day, proceeding north by the tug
ilr.s. Blacksted entertained tb*
Whist Club on Tuesday laat, a plea*-
ant evening being spent by all.
The Str. Shiela, which has been
ing here for the last month awaiting
orders, sailed for Portland ior 'a
cargo for the Orient. The citizen*
were all    aware of it, and Captain
lim(l in   tne   Association game, interna-'n" tn.s   Ruining   the .Championship
About 1871 a challenge cup   com- tlonal matches wore urrangod-Eng- J0'' tbat .™r.    The victorious team
potltion wns   established in  connec- land vs. Scotland, Scotland vs. Tho "•«";• ,Ooul, Wrigglosworth;   bucks,
tion with the association, and    six- World-nnd   wcro   exceedingly   well Daiku* and Podon.(A); half backs,
teen clubs   ontcred.    including    tho contested and oxcitcd much Interest, iwms'y- Wilson, (t,), and Songster;
Queen's Park,   Olasgow,    Scotland, both    in    thoso particular matches '"rwtt™f.   JM»p    Wilson.    (O),
Owing   to   tho   distance this   club and in tho gamo itself.    For   some (-"»l,l»».Hto'is and Johnson,
would havo to travel, they wcro ol- reason,    during the last two   years, 'f,r ,18U".'„   ", fame officers woro
lowed to be drawn in the semi-fin- these    Important events have   been eMed, and five c ubs entered: ".I u.i-
ul game, their opponents being   tho dropped, much to the regret of those-,'»'.. Wanderers,    Victoria;    "Y.M-C
celobrated    Wanderers,     of London, who were interested lu tho Ramo and
Tho game ended    In a draw.    Very had the ploasuro   of    wutchlng the
great Interest   was excited in   this matches,
contest,  as it was looked upon   os The Senior Association in
i I   For 1895-96 the same officers
:tod, aud fli
A."   Victoria;   "Swifts,"   Nanaimo ,
"Athletics," Nnnnimo, and "Violots'
Northfleld.       Tho   first    game uns
British Ployed at     Victoria   botweon     the
an International match, Scotland vs. Columbia wns formed in Nanaimo ln
England, and it was this game that 1890. During the first few yoars.
brought forth the suggestion of In- teams from Nannimo. Wellington,
ternntional matches botweon tho two and tho Mainland entered in tho
countries. For some timo previous, competition for tho valuable cup
so-called international games had which was subscribed for, and which
beon played in London between teams Nantimo won until tho year 1893,
sqjectod'as Scotchmon and English, when tho "Wanderers," of Victoria,
mon, but the tonm representing Scot formerly the "Albions," entered tho
land In many cases would havo had association, putting au exceptionally hut on plajing half an hour longer
their strong team in the field. In the first tho Junior Wanderers    won,   again cupcratlng.
Swifts and Y.M.C.A., nnd resulted
in a tio. Tho Y.M.C.A.'s then travelled to Nanaimo and wore defeated 2-0. Tho "Athletics" withdrew,
-and the Junior Wanderers defeated
Northfleld nt Victoria aftor a close
game. In the final gamo between
tho Junior Wanderers and the
Swifts the score nt timo was 2—J
somo   difficulty    in   proving
claims to .Scottish birth match of tho series in that year the fM"rlng the Championship.      Their
Next vearaaw the Institution of a Wanderers   defeated Wellington with <"-";>» >™«'. Ooal, Wrlglesworth; full
of 5    to 3,    after a hard
Havo not Been Able to Throw,
Any Light on th* Matter.
WINNIPEG, May, 1.—Th* disappearance of Mrs. Adam*, wile oi the
Rev. W. Adorns, president of the British Columbia Seventh Day Advent-
1st church, and ex-presldent of th*
church In Manitoba, remains a* much
a mystery as ovor. Not the slightest trace ot her can be found by the
detectives who have worked on th*
caae and her distracted husband and
relatives have practically given up
the search in despair believing that
she haa either been murdered or kidnapped.
The Rev. Mr. Adams ha* completely broken down in health and Is now.
in a sanitarium in California. re-
Mrs. Adam* ho*    not
Washington, April SO.-Indlvidual
newepnper publiahers were present
today before the house special committee which ia investigating th*
price of news print paper, prepared
to give testimony In the cue. Before they were heard, however, John
Norris, of New York, representing
the    American Newspaper*' Aseocia-
puroly international match   botweon a score   of 5   to
Scotland   and     England.      It wns game   ami    In tho final   won   from
ployed at Glasgow on November 30, Nanaimo   0   to 1, taking the cup,
on tho    spacious   grounds    of tho Tho championship team was:   Goal.
West of Scotland Ci'icket Club, and Donaldson;    hacks,    Glen and Hook:
some flvo    or six    thousand   pooplo half-hacks,    Blackburn, Deckers   and
witnessed it.      Contrast this   with Koamey; forwards,  Podon, Goward,
tho   International   match    hotwoon (A.T.),   right   whig,   JlcCann   and
England nnd Scotland   played   last Begg, loft wing, and Johnstone, cen-
yoar, whon 70,000 pcoplo woro pros- tre,
eat on the grounds   of the   Celtic
■Football Club at Parkh'oad,     Glas- Championship   and the trophy
votes gow. the first gamo tho "Barracks,"
From 1872 tho Association game defeated at Victoria by tho Nanaimo
grow nnd flourished npaco in Scot- Rangors. The Wanderers travelled
land, completely obscuring thc Rug- to Wellington and defeated tho team
by game. New Clubs woro formed, of that town by I goals to 2—but
and on evory available open space I" the final match played at Nana-
 [ imp wero defeated by tho Rangers af-
asking an expression
Ex-Mayor Morley's nnswor to do- ( tuition to bo taken seriously into nc-
count—the constant friction between
privato companies and a city as to
of opinion on the prevailing topic: , the use and abuse of thoroughfares.
865 Haywood Avenue, | Victoria has practically lost con-
Vlctorla. B.C., April 30. ,trol of Its streets from this cause.
Dear Sir,—You ask mo to express, causing o large additional expense
an opinion, based on my experience, to the City and there is the further
ten which had been laaued at differ- as to tho advisability of tho City of danger at all times of expensive liti-
cnt times by the aaaoclation on tho Lndysmith owning its own .light and gntlon,
subject of the price of paper,.,copiee l'0*01' P*mlt '.'"'. "" P'»'posos. |   Company   promoters put, forth
tion,  wa. permitted to' continue hi*'nututlmi from the Citizen's League,
... , .   ,      ., . ,    .which met him ul tlie depot on Wed-
presentntlon of fact* which we* b*- no.jav „ignti
gun early laat session.
In rcaponse to a romieet by Chairman Mann, Mr. Norris laid before
the committee varloua circular   let-
backs, Podon, (A), and Tucker; I alf
backs, Winsby, Wilson, (C), and Howard; forwards, Shandlcy, Wilson,'
(G), Gadsby, Jackson and Johnston
The officers for tho present season
nre: President, J. G. Brown; Vice-
President, L. Campbell; and Secretary-Treasurer, W. Pcden. Oflblnl
referees:. At Victoria, 11. Livingstone: at Northflold, J, Dunsmuir,
In 1894-95 Nanaimo recovered the "ml E- B- Drummond.
ln Tlio following teams entered: "An..
wore ior Wanderers," Victoria; "Violots"
Northfleld; "Y.M.C.A." Victoria, nnd
"Columbians," Victoria. Tho final
game was played at Caledonian
Park, Victoria, between Y.M.C.A.
and tho Northfleld Violots on Mar.
6th, tho latter winning the match
by a scoro of 2 to 1, and beaming the holders of the CHampI > isliip
and the cup for 1897.
On the whole the future of the
Association game in British Columbia is oxti-cmely bright, tho youngor
generation having taken to it much
moro than to Rugby. Thoro aro
numerous junior clubs springing up
in all the towns, while tho schools
havo also taken hold and no doubt
n time wc will have a flourishing
association, and many more competitors than at presont. A Junior
Cup is spoken of for next season.	
Ing the   past twolv* year*;
for* he desires to make hla
there- business le the only one on earth In
abaolutcly certain the Laurier
Thl* Jockeying for position on the
which competition I* not allowable.
.   „       FORT WILLIAM, Ont., April 80—
part of the Oonwrvativea ln Ontario p»u' P°'baum, aged aa, a  membor
nnn   .ha  I ll*,,.,,!.   .1   n,,n,«,   I.   1.I-1.I.   ™  ™   Cr"W   "I  the   StOnillOr     DuildCo,
a«Ithe-Liberal, of Quebec ia highly WM MM tod     „   faU,     down ,'
interesting aa well a* politically In-1 hatch on board the ateamer.
of which had been mailed to Predd
ont KooMvalt and other*.
PARIS, Moy. 1. - A despatch
tho Matin from Lisbon says thnt tho
police arrested 7- dangerous revolutionists during the 3 days previous
to the opening of tho parliament.
Tho revolutionists wero found In a
house on Avenue Dom Carlos,
through which the royal procession
waa due to paaa.
been heard from since the boglnnlng
of February laat when ahe waa viait-
ing a slater In Boulder, Col.
BUFFALO, May 1.—Seven inches
of snow fell bore yesterday and laat
night. At Jamestown this morning
the enow waa ten inches deep. Today opened with the sun shining and
the anow soon disappeared.
SHANGHAI, Moy 1, -Sir Robert
Hurt, chief of the Maritime Customs service of China left hero today for Europe on a year's leave of
obsonce. He has received tho highest honors from the government and
was given a hearty seiul-olT today by
tho foreign as well as tho native
WINNIPEG, Man., Slay. l.-D. W.
Bole, M.P. for Winnipeg, has writ-
ton J. H. Johnson, M.P.P., president of the Liberal Association here,
that owing to his removal from
Winnipeg to Montreal, he will not bo
n i-iiii,iidate for re-election   in   this
eity, ■ jjjJJ;l»
I have carefully considered thc By- strong argument that'll' city  owned
law enclosed,  covering tlio question utility always costs ni'oro than   one
jat Issue and    consider It admirably  owned liy a private Ooinpany. "I'liis
drawn for the purposo. has been clearly proved Hint to    be
"     With tho lamentable experience of tho case with a cepabjo. honest mini
Victoria ond othor older cities of the in chargo.
,0'now world. Lndysmith should not The difference of cost to tho City
hesitate about retaining her giorl- under city ownership, asagtiiiist prions freedom by owning her public vote, would no doubt give you your
utilities (particularly for nil light- street lighting freo ns well as meet
Ing and power purposes) which have the Interest and sinking fund on the
so   great an     influence   on    future plant. r
growth and prosperity. i   You    nre pifrtlculnrly  fortunately
From a dollar-and-ceilt standpoint situated for auch a plmit, having
alono it can be readily understood what appears to bo an unlimited
thnt a private company plans to supply of cheap fuel on the spot.
mako a sufllclont profit, on Its In-, By all moans own your own plant
vostmont to moot all charges that ond follow It up by owning and con-
would havo to bo,met undor a city trolling all your public utilities   as
not occasion arises, and while on    this thnt is necessary to prove that  my
ad-!subject lose no time in safeguarding |„vontlo,n    la »ciontlflcnlly nnd com-
1dl"on' ,- „ a        ,    ai,   ""'" /"''"', "'V,   *,""'"•.   f""",0' "f ".oiclnlly     correct, and tho complc-
I   Thoro Is a further' nnd greater dif- any large bodies of water and wn- J '
Fort de Franco, Island of Martin- foronco, howovor, In thnt, undor your tor power In your vicinity, or   like tlon »'    tho plant which is to begin
i ,,„   A...11 nn    a.   ,.\ ™a».i   '       By-lnw nt the ond of 25 yours   tho other cities    Hint   are past having at onco, will make tho boglnnlng   of
-\\,a     a   BO'~8*vor°l P™*™* were city will own its plant, whereas un- your opportunities you will later re- a „OTV „,,och in tho commercial his
killed and a number wounded |n  a der „ pr|Vuto owned systom tho city gret It; .        f L     MA ,.
political   disturbance here yesterday will havo paid a higher rato for its |   Wishing you every success   In " -1 "
afternoon.    One ct those killed  wa* service, and own nothing. 'good nnd righteous enuso.
Thore Is anothor phaso of tho sit-' A. J. MORLEY
CHICAGO, April 80.-Tho Rocord Herald *aye:
"Eighteen months hence R. W. Hunter says he will be manuiac
turlng 21-carut gold at lho rato of ,>no hundred million dollars annually'. Transmutation of silver und baser metals Into gold 1*
his secret, and hc declare* he can produce tho finer metal in quality
that will defy tho government experts as to it* origin, and In a
quantity to keep tho Philadelphia mint busy tho yoar round.
"Mr. Hunter I* In Chicago attending tu the final details of getting a huge plant at Philadelphia Into operation. Behind rock
walls, without window* and with a single door to the turrelted
nnd fuednl liko rustle which la to have half a million dollar*
worth of delicately tuned machinery, thla modern wizard promisee
to revolutionize the gold crop of th* world.
"We aro et tho point of putting
Into commercial execution tho result
of yoars of toil, thought and oxiwrl-
monting," said Mr. Hunter. "The
Inst    demonstration hns been glvon
Did Not    like tho
Place, and ao Killed Him.
« t n,_,   owned system nnd   o. gonorous
Mayor nt Thla pront 011 t|lcll.   investment   in
th* mayor of Fort de France.
Mr. Huntor Is an Inventor and engineer    of standing In the scientific
world. Hla patents cover the trolley conduit and electric accumulator
system ot traction now in use.
Tho Inventor como to Chicago, he
said to submit hls building plan* to
select coterie of Chicago buslnoss mon, two of whom aro bank
presidents, who with Now York and
Philadelphia financiers, are furnishing tho money for the erection of
thc building and apparatus which la
to turn a flood of gold Into the
government mint at an original coat
of ten cont* oa the dollar. dOiNtiULTME ;
It You Require Any
"'■    'MORTGAGES,
Or If You Require Any
I TfJKIO, April SO.-Admlral Yo»bi-
. oatsu, ' commander of th* training
■' J squadron, -reports that an explosion
occurred in the stock magazine of
the cruiser .Matsuhitoa at four a.m.
today, while anchoring at Makaniga
a harbor In the Peskadores islands.
The vesael immediately sank until
only tbe bridge was visible. Boats
were at once lowered from the other
vessel* and efforts at rescue were con
tlnued until 9 a.m., laving the lives
of 42 men, including some officers.
The majority of the officers were not
At the time of   the Admiral'* re-
[port the cadet* aboard numberjd 58
,.JOEW. JfpRK,,.April ,29.^Th» Cunard Line steamer Campania, which
arrived today from Queenstown was
detained at the quarantine station
until detectives front this city, at
tb* request of the Royal Irish con-
stab«t5?y; found and questioned Mrs
Margaret Bqwen and Mrs. Ctalru, of
Clearmost county, Ire.
The constabulary had sent p, mes-.J- °
sag* to th* New York, police, asking
the detention of the two ladies, and
stated that Mr*. Claris' husband,   a
farmer, died of poisoning sluce    the
out of   a complement of 800, It ia
'feared all are lost.
PLATE GLASS!   Tbe Pescadores    Islands, the scene
'of the catastrophe, are a low island
Ur If You Want to Buy a HOUSE,' group between   Formosa and China,
I They belonged to China until 1895,
.when they were acceded to Japan,
j   The   Matsuhima   la    a protected
Cruiser.       She    was built in 1900.
; Hor displacement is 4,237 tons, her
length 395 feet.    She has two decks
and twelve gun positions.   Her   armament consisted of one 12.6   Inoh
gun, 20 quick firing gun* and    six
machine guns.     She had alao    four
torpedo tube*.     Her complement   la
given in the books of record aa 350
men.    If thc cruiser had 300    n
on board at the time of the accident
1159 men lost their Uvea.
The Matsuhima took part in    the
Russo-Japanese    war, she was    lain sending some Russian
or Sell One;   or If Yo«   Waal
HaUiT mite, Onveyaaear.
smith   Standard
Published on Wednesday! aau uatur
days Afternoons by tha
Dobt. H. Hindmarch,
'Oiu. Vear UM atnirnental
bin atoati.s     T* torpedo boats that were attempting
,iu.u,b'[iliia   ftufve
..,,j,..wuiiui..    to escape from Port Arthur to   the
-.   ••,.    bottom.
TILE BALLOT. |   Accidents in     the Japanese   navy
have beon rare,    There waa an    ax-
Before tho noxt issue of the Stan- ploBl(m of powdw on b0_rA %b_ Kt_
dard gets into the hands of its b,ub- shlma ,ast Septomber ln ^yd, 27
scribers tho futu of the new electric mm wn kliMi „,. ,n SeptamMr,
light by-law will hate been decidod. 1005i the i^ttleshlp Mlkjasa, which
lho approaching 'ballot, if it is wa, A<imiml Togo,, f.^,^ ,„ the
causing no excittuuont. ls at least Russo-Japanese war, wa* partially
the subject of a great deal' of uni-'dejtroyed by fire, and the explosion
mated discussion by interested citi-'of Ber magazine at Saasbo. No men
zons, and on the whole there Is a'i09t their'live* ln this accident,
more optimistic feeling a* to the fate | Baron Takahlra, the Japanese am-
ol the by-law. Without displaying bassador, was about to leave for
any cock-surenes* the men who havo the state department today when
worked hardest for a lighting »ys- J reporter of the Associated Press
tern and have been mainly inatru- showed him a despatch from Toklo
mental In forcing the question to tolling of the loss of life by the exits present position, are quit* sat- plosion of the cruiser Matsuhima, It
istiod tbat the decision of previous was tbs first new* the ambassador
years will be reversed. Ihad received of the tragedy, and he
There is one    thing certain,    and | expressed deep regret over the    oc-
Wlth the usual caution,
Brown, President of V.I.F.A.,
Retires Aftor 20 Years of Active'
Service—President's Rqport.
be confessed that    en diute and Junior grades, have
the occasion of the tie game on the won the championship of the    pro-
11th Inst, they redeemed themselves, vince.      In the    intermediate grade
for while there was a  large contin- the Viotoria West team won    with-
gent from Ladysmith and a consid- out even having to kick the boll, tho
crttble sprinkling from Nanaimo, tho Celtics of Vancouver, champions   of
After   faithfully    and consistently ,ar<fe majority of the 1,600 apecta- the mainland not having even    the
serving    Vancouver Island and Bri- tors   wtt8   fr°m   Victoria   and    the courage to go up against them    on
111 !^?- ""-I?,™.!™ "     7! tish   Columbia football    for twenty s"™> may be said of the five    hun- their   own ground.
„.. a...   — ,....„       . ...        . yearS) ti,0   . votera,, official, J.    G. m*"1" People who    turned out on    a grade tlie North Ward Juniors from
Brown,     president of the Vancouver mid-week afternoon    for the re-play. Victoria met and defeated the Sham-
Island Football    Association, is    a- Td**8 *w0 game* Were an object les- rods Juniors   of Vancouver   at Van-
bout to retire, son '" tl,e Pe°P'0 ot Victoria,    and couver on Good Friday, by a score
Ever since    a  football was kicked wi"    "° doubt    lu tlm8 b8ar Sood of 5 to 1 and defaulted tho gamo at
>-%+ t-*^*«.«^-k.-»««*«.t«.f.*«{jB]
two women were registered on the
passenger list as Marguerite and
Catherine McCormlck. While the
steamer lay at quarantine the detective* identified the two women.
They were taken to a cabin and
Mra. Clarla waa questioned concerning the death of her husband. She
declared that he wa* ln good health,
and that ahe came to visit a brother In Brooklyn and that her mother and huaband wero to have followed, Whon ahe was Informed of the
action of the Constabulary she Instated upon ber right to land, and
waa taken with Mra. Bowcn beforo
the emigration officials still under
the survcliance of the detectives.
TORONTO, April '^.'-Starting in
a pll* of ruTuish, a fire broke out
In the Royal Academy of Art    thla
morning.    Exhibition painting* were
opened out laat week and tbe walls
were lined with valuable work*    of
art.    Molt of th* picture* wero badly damaged.    Thsy wer* insured for
US.OOO, although valued by artist*
at $150,000.       Moderate  estimate*
plac* th* damage at 16,000.
♦ .■■.. ■
on this Island Mr. Brown has active- fruit" ManJ' Pe°Ple wora present at j Victoria on the 25th inst., evidently taken part in the good old game. tnofle Sames who had never seen an ly the coming players of mainland
He assisted Victoria teams on tho Association football game before, are not too well supplied withcour-
playing fields in tho early days of Bnd who expressed themselves as do- age. There is no reason to doubt
football, but gave most of his time "ghted.     Unfortunately on both oc- that the    aonior ohampionshlp    will
as on official of the clubs and asso- ca8ions tl10 wlnd Interfered consider,
ciatlons. He was founder of the ably wlth tho P1"*' and C0UPled
first club ln Victoria, perhaps the wlth tba lntf,nso excitement under
first in tho provlnce-tho Victoria «*'<* tlM P^""1 labored' dld not
Thistles, and since that time has conduce to a «ood exhibition of tho
beon energetic In his desire to see K0"10' tho result J"™ kn°w' N«na'-
the game flourish. That It has m0 Unlted eventually winning the
reached the high standard of today championship by 2 goals to nil.
is due largely to the efforts of this' In tho l»tormedlato series Victoria
zealous official. |Wost' laat >'oar's ehanipions,    wero
Mr. Brown has been president of eaay wl"""18. whereas in tho Junior
the V.I.F.A. since that institution •8erios the North v"'"i' last y8ar's
waa formed some three 0r four years champions and Nanaimo Juniors tied
ago, and his decision to retire from r°r flr8t Place' th0 North Wards win-
active service from the game be haa ning tbe dooidlnK «Rm by a «ood
bo strongly helped foster, sup- matgia-
port and    advance, will meet    with
I have aeon n good many of    tbe
regret among every football circle in 8Cliedul° gAmea thls soa8011 and have
British Columbia. Press of business, however, is too great. At tha
same tlm* It must be remembered
that the work of a football official
come to the conclusion that the-qual
liy of   play baa Improved considerably.
Last year your delegates to the B.
law would be the worst aet-back the (the naval officials at Toklo evident-
town has ever received. Times are ly are obtaining all the Information
improving. The town ia busier than possible before giving out a full rait has beon for years.    The    iound;Port of the disaster.     No report of
of the builder's hammer ia ringing ln
the ears all day.     There la a possibility, a  very great probability of
further building activity. Every day
brings visitors to the town looking
for a suitable investment.    Soma ot
tbem are   stopping, and it ta    tha
part ol the city to Induce them   all
to stay.    lights are a flrst condition of development.     As    an    advertisement they ore Invaluable, and
it Is Impossible to    calculate    how
much they contribute to the growth
of a young town.
The great point to be renumbered
on Wednesday ia that the town is
busier today than it ha* been for
years. There ars proof* on , all
hands that it is attracting* the at-
tentlon of investors. Every citizen
who has a vote con help to quicken
thi* progress, or he can line up with
the iorcca ol pessimism and stagnation. There is no middle way,
neutral ground. Either a citizen j*-
for progress, believes in the olty'*
futuro, and I* convinced that value*
will increase, or ho Is against expansion, denies the city'* proapecta,
and ia satisfied that property haa
reached its limit. Surely thore are
none who knowingly entertain such
ehortslghted and suicidal viowa as1
these. There are aome who uncon-
aclously hold opinions which ultimately land them into this portion of
dreary negation.
At present happily, there is proof
on all sides that the town can attract capital and I* capable of Infinite development. The passage of the
electrlo light by-lew will Inevitably
tond to quicken the building trades,
to enhance tho attractions of th*
city to tho Investor, and generally
to bring about a greater period of
Industry than the town has ever en-
Lot all remember that "For" la
not only for tho by-law but for the
city and for the general prosperity
of the whole community.
' -*—	
Rochester, N. Y., April 98. - Th*
eteamer Alexandria wa* the flrat
passenger boat to croaa lake Ontario
and dock thl* season. She arrived
from IMcton, Ont. thl* morning. Ths
Alexandria, which I* In the Hepburn
feet, carried about 85 passengers.
the explosion reached the navy department during the morning from
the American naval attache at Toklo,
Speculation among naval expert*
leads to the conclusion that the ex-
ploalon occurred ln the main magazine, and wa* caused by either a defective electric wire, an electric fun,
deteriorating In the smokeless
powder, affected by heat. That th*
explosion could hav* been caused
from without th* ship I* given not
the slightest credence here.
A despatch to the naval attache of
the Japanese embassy from Toklo
say* that those saved Include three
officers, 24 cadets, 7 non-commlselon
ed officers and 141 of the crew.
ia no easy or enviable taak. The re- CFA* mn   compelled to fight
tiring president    ia, however,   when «alnst P™P08ed amendments to the
at leisure, willing to lend hia advice constitution of that Association and
toward the advancement of the game the   Mason   Just end<ld ha* Ju'Uflod
Fcr his servicea tho Island Associa- our obJee«on to the main proposals
tlon haa decided to present him with of the Vancouver and District Aseo-
a fine gold locket. elation that tho competition and not
Perhaps, though, the hardest work-'"" a ,ea*ue 01* home and home com,
ed official thla season, and certainly P6""011'    In lho '""*"' tho lnterest
ST. PETERSBURG,    April   30.-
Th* preparation* for ths wedding at
T»arkoe-selo   naxt    week of  Prince
Wllhelm of Sweden and the   Grand
Duchess Harla Pavlona, daughter of
Grand Duk* Paul Alexandrovitchare   ■    .   kMrt ,„. .   Ih. ..„.. ,..t     ,,,   ,
practically complete     Th* King of om °' tho mo,t 'alth,ul "nd """"«•   l im      I
inwusati)   compiem.     .ue n.iug u.  -°   tta        competition thevery reverse.
Sweden, who la coming to attend the|ls ur* m- *• w">te-
wedding, I. due to .rrtv. tatr^irraw. j2«^^!!r,l,2S!: fj^^^T'.J^.^ »— «*a* -*"»« «**» ■» ♦**«
He will be escorted    by a Swedish glV9n more    than ««> «*ual amount    s_, „'     _
squadron from Stockholm." The de-!0' ti,n8   in **» lntere*t* <>'
tall, of the programme are not -*b-|**"*.'""*    t h".t'T,^   <*"• own copstltutlon developed
ll*hed In Kuasla for fear they might\Fnm ar8t *° last •» hM •bo°"> '«•*'
b* used by the terrorist* to makeaH tegrlty and a *eP awnta t0    holP
attempt on the lives of the emperor,forward the game*    The amomt «•
and hi* guests. correspondence    he haa carried
The coincidence that the marriage wltl1 the v"'°™ elubs, etc., has
occur* at the same date aa the can- meant n0 «*' »' m<"> and trying
tennlal of the fall of Sveborg    Haa work' "h* «•» a»soclatlon did noth-, •*.„..„.
b*n much commented upan.    On the ia* •* than right when they    do-."T^a^I^.
day of the wedding there will be  a clded last "'f*1 at the annual meet-'
gathering at    H.Wngfor. to    com- *«to|pmsent the secretary, in    »»
msmorat. the *urrendw of Sberbo, -£>«• ^"'X™^*'\that a conf^c,   of th. active
come to tbe Island too. Vancouver
Island again proved its superiority
over the mainland In no uncertain
While I am compelled to sever my
connection with the association, my
place will easily be filled, but it
would be nothing short of disaster
if Mr. Whyte ie not persuaded to
keep the position of Secretary-Treasurer for the ensuing year,
In taking leave ot the Vancouver
Island Football Aasociution I wish
to say that I am very much gratified at the great progress the game
has made In the past threo or four
years,, but particularly the present
year, and I trust tbat each succeeding year will show a* much progress
a* the laat one, and that the grand
old game will go on producing men
both in mind and body, enabling
them to go out ln the battle of this
world ready to give and take bard
knock, (you are .ure to get them)
in the lame sportsmanlike spirit that
Is manifested on the field.
Yours faithfully,
J. G. BY*'"''i'N.
President v'.l.F.A.
the secretary t'1"0 cup competition thevery reverse.
Mr. Whyte has ,a    tho   caM'    ond *  would rocora'
amount . ,      .  ,.
Island       8       amendment If proposed
ha* at heart fga'11*
'weakness In connection---with the
transfer of players from other associations to oura, resulting in a good
deal of bitterness and recrimination
j for a time, between thc clubs concerned, this Is a matter that will
to b
At the time the discussion on tht.
i point took place at a meeting    in
of the B.C.F.A., Vancouver and Die
j suspension of the firm.    Mr. Knnpp
The following report was read  by iSi™ '^ution"7rals7 max. |VICTOBU LAST BUT NOT LEAST 8ald that the Ios8M would '•"   al"
new constitutions, ao aa not tocon-
trict, and our own be held for    tbe Nanaimo
purpose of   drawing up a new con- Ladysmith
_     . stitution for the B.C.F.A., and tbe
NEW YORK, April 30,-TheWorld'   "        '
today   *aya:       Mr*, Norman Walla, tbg President at the meeting:
the English auffragiat ha* complain-1 ~~~
ed to the polie* about ths treatment' Victoria, April 39, 1008.
she and a companion hav* received Oentlemen,— written to asking that at their   an-
ln Harlem when they attempted to At tbe annual meeting of thla as- nual meeting* soon to ba held no
address a street crowd a night or •oelaUon laat year I very reluctant- amendment* be made, but to wait
two ago. ,ly' at your urgent request consented until   the   suggested conference    1*
Mr*. Well* demands police protec-'0 hold the office of president for an- held, with this end In view, no
Bolow Is given thc standing of all
the teams, senior, intermediate, nnd
Juniors that took part in the Island
loaguo matches this season. Tho table Includes tho number of matches
played, won, lost, drawn, the num-
bor of goals scored for and against
p w 1 d
Nanaimo United 10 8 1 1
Ladysmith   10 7 2 1
Esq. United      8 4 4 0
Y. M.,0. A     8 17 0
J. B. A. A    8 17 0
p w 1 d ptg.fg.a
0 5 0 1 11 23 7
... 0 8 2 1 7 10 11
... 6 3 8 1 6 20 14
... 6 0 5 1 1 8 36
p w 1 d ptg.fg.a
...    5 4 1 0 '8 17   8
NEW YORK, April 29,-Followlng
tho suicide last night of Chas. Coster, a prominent broker and so-,
ciety man, the Stock Exchange firm
of Coster, Knapp and Co., of whioh
. . .Mr. Coster wa* a member, announc-
".jf^J^Jed its suspension today on the floor
of the Now York Stock Exchange.
The firm had dono an extensive business.
Announcement at the time of tho
suspension said that tho action was
directly due to the death of Mr. Coster. This formal statement was issued by a momber of tho firm.
Owing to tho death of Mr. Coster,
and the consequent condition of tho
firm's affairs, it has been doornod^ advisable to make a general assignment for the benefit of all creditors.
This stop was takon at the suggestion of most of the. creditors, and
Mr. Werner, of tho law firm of Simpson, Werner & Gardner. The assignee has already started in to stralgh
ten out accounts, so as to make a
correct statement to all parties interested -as early as possible.
No intimation of the firm's assets
or liabilities was given and it was
not thought that anything like definite figures could bo given ponding
the completion of tho assignee's investigation.
Coster was well known in amateur
athletic circle* and was a member
of many clubs and social organizations. He was rated as a millionaire and a successful business man.
He had prepared for his voluntary
death with a coolness and thoroughness which proved beyond any doubt
that the act was premeditated. He
selected a time when Mrs. Coster
was at a reception, and, preparing
himself for bed, telephoned for his
family physician. He told the physician that Mrs, Coster had a severe
cold nnd is ed liim to como to thc
hots, t ,i n ■•. Soon after the doc-.
tor it ed t stor retired to his
roo:;i nd s ,.t a bullet through his
head. i'he shot rang through the
house    just as Mrs. Coster entered,
17 29 11
15 29 12
8 10 25
2 18 21
2 10 28
Victoria West .
Ladysmith ... .
Y. M. 0. A.
North Ward .
returning from tho reception, and
she rushed to her husband's room.
At tho door of the room she met the
family physician who had found her
husband dead with the smoking revolver ln his hand.
Tho relatives of Coster said last
night thoy were at a loss to account for his act. Today, however,
J. M. Knapp, of the failed firm, la-
sued a formal statoment In which
hc declared that Mr. Coster had been
speculating heavily    and It waa this
4 0 4 0   0 " ]4 ^Peculation whloh brought about the
filet with the B.O.F.A. constitution.
I believe that both these bodies were
MONTREAL, Que., April 20.-1110
Gazette's Ottawa correspondent says
that a sensation was created tn parliamentary circles today by a rumor
current which reached Ottawa yesterday that a writ had been Issued
agalnat J. J. Hughea, M. P. for
Kings, P.E.I., (or $13,000, accumulated penalty for breach of Independence of the Parliament Act.
Hughea ia a merchant at Sourla,
and It la alleged that for some time
hc has been furnishing supplies to
tbe government, which, if true clearly render* him liable for penalties
which the statute providea,
        ♦ .	
HONGKONG, April 29,-Th* viceroy of Canton, fearing local diaturb-
ahould th* Japan*** fleet visit
th* city, hu advised tb* Japanese
consul that he think* th* coming of
th* warship* would, be Inexpedient.
Ia raply th* consul    explains that
Cartwright & Barclay
tion at her next Harlem meeting set f
for the coming Monday night,   -
"Th* way we wen treated In Harlem 1* a disgrace to tbt elty. A
dozen times, while I wa* moving a-
bout In th* crowd, I wa* tripped or
knocked down and kicked, W* appealed, to aevcral man to protect us,
but the only anaww I received waa
I hav* addressed meeting* ln th*
worst part* of London, but t never
had auch an experience. We don't
mind how much fun la made of ua,
but it t. a dlagrace to manhood
when a Woman I. permitted to b*
knocked down In a public (treat."
IN B. 0.
VANCOUVER, April 80.-Action
for divorce ha* been started by Ed.
Dupont against bla wife whom he
married sixteen year* ago at Revelstoke. The couple have not been
living together for aix years.     The
thi. I. merely a routine oov«»nt, rM,,on<lef'"up,,0*f,'- "*'nV;,n-
It had b»n arranged for tha larg^TT. "* r^Trf*. I ."
--_,. . ,     . „     ir     t!? .<l*«ghter of Ed. Corning, proprietor
A f*. Japan- nurlne. -1^^ tt£jA
.most entirely upon Coster and    hla
true brother and to a email extent upon
Besides having   exercised
sport spirit this season, Victoria has himself,
also begun a wise move.    The Ca- •
r, ™i       .     a ih-.. t..~. in .ha'  STIRRING TIMES IN MOROCCO
pitaL City entered three team* in the # 	
Island    League for the sake of en- „_____„   ',    „ „„   „ , ,   „
_,  ^^   . •        .,      ... „„„„ MOROCCO,   April 29.—Mulal   Ha-
couragdng    nnd spreading the gamo /             '    A                            -
th^n        Tf  nltn f,,..™.  .... no-O ho~ UgUb* «">*"<>*   8*"tan »'  th* BOUth,
K em-
loop*, W. A. Oalliher, M.P. for
Kootonay, haa been aerved with a
summons a. co-re*pondcnt. At least
two other alleged eo-respondent* ln
Eastern Canada hav* been aerved
likewise, but It ia stated that in caae
of one the action will be dropped.
It le alleged.   Mra. Dupont ha* been
mm important mc****. to Wall '^ "* °^wa BUC" dUr"«    th*
Street, retired from buHneas today., . 7,
Th* retirement of the firm ta    du*
primarily to th* death laat Jus* of. 	
laldor Wonneer, th. last of tb* aur- .     „.„__.     . „_,, ..    _,.    ._,
viv,., broth*    who founded    th. ^^T^.J^
N*w York, April ao.-Th* . old
Stock) Exchange bout* of, I. A 8,
Wormier, which for mora than quarter of a osntury wa* Identified with
, Toronto, April. 30,-One of tb*
baft! known bulla*** men of th* city
died unexnectedly u*t night In th*
peraou of John Taylor, head of tht
tht crap It broken. Th* rain* ar*
now becoming general throughout
tbt island.
Toronto,   April
other year, in view of the important mendments to our own constitution
developments that were expected to ha* been submitted. Should thla
take place In football circles during attempt to aecure uniformity b* un-
th* 1907-8 semon. Very Important successful, w* can then re-draft, a-
developments have taken place, aome mend or make a new constitution
of which you will doubtless have to to ault ourselves. My own person-
deal with, and whloh I will speak al opinion la that the B.C.F.A. It
of later cn. unwieldy and unnecessary, all that la
One of these was the entry of needed to settle the question of the
teams from Nanaimo ln the three B.C. championship is for the club*
grades, Senior, Intermediate, and winning th* respective league* to
Junior. A Junior team wa* en- mutually arrange home and, home
tared from Ladysmith tor the first .games, each home team taking charge
tune, bealde* the Senior and Inter- of th. arrangement, and gate, tha
mchlalo teams. Victoria United, some aa 1* done in the inter-league
with whom Ladysmith In former game*; but if there I* to be a B.C.
year* have had aome glorious bat- F.A., lt* constitution and tbe con-
ties, having dlabandod, and the Eg- stitution cf our aaaoclation and
•rla having a new crew, necessitate other associations in British Colum-
ed Victoria, with commendable zeal bla muat conform to lt. One altor-
and to some people, poor judgement, ation in our constitution I think is
entered three team* In the senior badly needed, I refer to th* ag*
grade. The J.B.A.A. unbeaten win- limit ln the Intermediate grade. I
ner* of th* Victoria City League, would respectfully recommend that
Esquimalt United, a combination ot the Intermediate grade be eliminated
the military, naval and civilian*, and and a second dlviaion eatabltahed.
tbs Y.M.C.A. | Thl* became evident during the aoa-
In the Intermediate grado Victoria son by the frequency with which the
West, laat year'* champion*, aad the player* well over the ag* of 31 were
Y.M.C.A. entered, white the North playing on Intermediate team*, and
Ward Junior*, champion* of laat aa it was expected that thla would
year, won alao entered. The entry be tha laat Mason tor aa ag* limit,
of the teams front Nanaimo waa no action wa* taken,
heartily welcomed because of their It I* a matter of , much gratiflca-
well-known prowess in Aaaoclation tlon to myaelf that the season haa
football, and during my twenty paaeed without a single protest bo-
yeara' connection with tbe game on Ing madt In any of the grades, thl.
Vancouver Iriand, many pleasant ex- (peak* well for the conduct of the
perlenee* and some of the hardeat clubt, apectatora, player* and re-
battles on the football flsldi wer* tore**, at wall at the offloiala,
obtained at Nanaimo and Wellington The thank* ot th* aaaoclation ar*
long before Ladyimith waa thought du* to th* official* of Ladyamlth F.
of. Our anticipations wer* Justified 0, for the arrangement* tor the in-
a» th* season progressed and the in- ter-leagu* game played on their
tercet that ha* been evoked ln con- ground*—and for the assistance ran-
nectlon with Aaaoclation football on dared by th* horn* team In ordinary
Vancouver Island, in the aonior league matches at the gat*,
grado wo* greater than on any pre- I cannot clow thl. rather lengthy
vioua season *nd boa exceeded our report of th* yaar'a proceedings with
expectation* ln evory way culmlnat- out axprtaalng my deep pareonal
ing ln the tie gam* and re-play game thankfulneaa la having associated me
at Victoria on the 11 and 16th, be- with to onthualaatlc, energetic and
tween Ladyamlth aad Nanaimo. It palnataklng a tsoretary as Mr, E.
cannot be said that tho team* from K. Whyte. Thi*, gentlemen, I* no
Victoria contributed very much to mar* formal statement; I mean »v-
tbl* end, none of thom managing to 'ry word of It, aad lt would be hard
there. It also helped the game here
and at Ladyamlth. Victorian* generally felt that their teams would
not-stand a* good a chance had a
United team only, aa ln yeara before, been entered, but they wanted
to see nil the boy* tbat could do so,
playing football. They sacrificed
their chances for gaining premier
honor* this season, but by doing
as they have done, their chances for
future years arc much better than
those of any other city on the Island.
The Vancouvor Island Football As-
aociation is to be congratulated on
having so successfully carried out
thoir work of this season, which ia
now almost at. an end, as far aa it
ia concerned. From the first of tho
season to the last the olllcers ot
tho association have pulled evory
match off, and handled all business
that I* connected with the association in a crodltafilo and workmanlike manner. There has not been a
protest registered throughout the
season, nor has thero been a match
postponed, and tho fow players who
woro auapended woro dealt with firmly and justly and with satisfaction
to everyone concerned. The manner
In which the crowd*, attending the
matches have boen hnndlod I* also
worthy of notice, particularly on
tho occasion of the Nanalmo-Lady-
smith match nt Victoria on April
11, There was a great crowd presont and the order was of the best.
For the splendid modal* that they
ore to roceK* from th* V.I.F.A. ln
token of winning tho Island championship, the Nonalmo Unltod men
have to thank their old rtvala of
Ladyamlth, far at tho meoting ol
the Island Aaaoclation on Wednes-
day night, both the Lady*mlth delegate* voted that th* Nannimo team
bo presented with tho costliest models the association could afford.
ls reported here to have suffered disaster and to havo fled to Tadla, a
town 128 miles southwest of Fez,
where he ha* taken refuge with the
Sldi Bcndaculu tribes. The news of
his reverse was followed immediately
by the departure tor Fez of Sultan
Abdul Azizs' army, 5,000 strong,
with five cannon, under the command
of Oen. Bagdeni, chief of the Sultan's army. Two French and somo
Algerian     officers accompanied Gen.
Now Haven, Conn., April 29. •
Tho committee on resolutions of •
the Democratic' stato convention *
today refused to adopt a plat- *
form to placo tho convention *
on rocord ln favor of Bryan, *
and also refused to accept a re *
solution expressing continued *
confidence In Mr. Bryan'* lead- *
crshlp. •
VANCOUVER, April 20.-W. A.
Giilllher Is coming to Vancouver to
he parliamentary agent of the Grand
Trunk Pacific,
80— Rev. Silcox win a game against the team* from to find a man to fill bit plac*.
firm of John Taylor A Co., menu- haa reslgnod tht. pastorate of th* Ladyamlth or Nanaimo. The peo- Itmuat 'bt a matter of gratiflca-
faetunrt of aoap* and jairfumee, on Congregational church to become, tt pi* of Victoria nave alway* been tlon to all footballer* on Vancouver
Front street (ait, Mr. Taylor wat I* understood, superintendent of the charged with being apathetic tn eon- Itland to know at thl. tlm* that
08 year* oM. Toronto Jtwtth mlaalon. I section   with   Association football', our champion teami In tbt tottnae-
LONDON, April 80,-The Bank of
England's rate of discount remained
unchanged today at 8 por cont. Tho
stock exchange will be closed to.
Steel Is Iron free from dirt, tlr I
or foreign substance fused wlthl
carbon. .Carbon gives toughncssl
stength, keeness and life.    ,
Thirty year's study ofthe r
sllutllon his shown i way tor
tdd Ihe highest per cent of I
carbon to a Carbo Magnetic
razor blade throug « secret
INQ giving It a uniform dls.
mono like hardness-something absolutely impossible
wllh flre tempered - razors, ,
and theyare Hamburg ground.V
Bui Test this UNCONDITION. .
home-or hive your barber use f
lion you-for thirty days WITH.I
Ladysmith Hardware Go.
THE WEST. '    -
Mother   and     Threo Littio Children Diroct Lino of Railway from Wlnni-
llurnod to Death, it is Suspected by Repulsed Hired Man
peg to Duluth—First Train
Ran Yesterday,
TODAY.   "
Nanaimo, April 29.
R. Marpole, general executive   as-
NEW -YORK, April 30.-Tho "Social Equality     und    Intermarriage"
slstant ol the Canadian Pacific rail- banquet given lust night by tho pds-
LAPORTE,     Ind.,    April 29,-The'   TO™ FRANCIS, Ont., April 29.-1,*,^ greater   Now
removal ol four charred bodies,   the Tlui first     train to outer this town'engineer     and R  il  Pal   ' '" th6 ta'k °' th° tUwn lodu'v'
blackened forms of threo children, over the Duluth, Rainy Lake & Win-'tary of'the provincial hur ' i Th° Whitl) S'''|S ^at aUm,iLHi are
huddled about their mother, as lor nlpog railway pulled into tho Cana-'formation and Immoral In °n i makiBg n0 °n'0rt to COm:<!al that faot
protection, the arrest of R. Lamplior alnn Northern Station lost evening. 't(i iu Ule clt t\ *' ^ " " but while advocating social equality
formerly employed by A, Kunues, the On board was a party of thirty pro- 'inspection of the E ftV line1"" At '""' ""•""•"'"H*1 °' 'vhites l*"a "e*
vlctlm, and the collapse of Maniphor minent citizens of Duluth, Minnesota'Ladysmith tho Dart t ' nt V fk BAI™, they docllM t0 my whethor
at tho Jail last night, hns caused ex- and St. Paul. 'proposed   'land    I   rln     P th0 °r n"' th«y    «">ul" Permit a  negro
alternant that    may at any moment    Tl"* Oomlng of this train into Fort there. "^     """V" court t~em outright,
break into violence. - I'Voncis was made possible by     tho    From tho fact that R   vt Th<S UlIqu6t    was siven at Peok'8
Mi's, (i mines livod at her farm near completion of tlio bridge ovor    tho |s accompanvln      lh '      i      *    ,   F«ncn- rcataurant. and was attended
.re <* * «,e children.    At .**^Xr jg*      ^ «> «V'5 ^*«!!« '
and si^iflcance    with the early clearingLtner ta proprlotm, of ^ *; ™
opens     up a diroa lino of railway ^~ ^.Tf! ^w    l?* *°"W !«• HoteI In Brooklyn, was tho only
o'clock yestorday nicd-nlng Joseph
Maxwell, an employee on tho pluco
was awakened by smoke. He mado
overy effort to rescue the family but
'Late in the afternoon the bodies
of Mrs. aunties and hor threo child-
iv n, Myrtle, Lucy and Phillip, were
removed from the smouldering ruins
Thoro was a rumor that the homo
had been fired because of malice and
es tho day advanced tho police took
up the story nnd begun to invest!
gate the report, which resulted In
the arrest of Lamphar last evening
Lamplusr had been employed on tho
Ounces farm, and was infatuated
with Mrs. Giinnes, who wns a bountiful woman. She declared the mnn
annoyed her and fllod proceedings to
havo him declared insane, but a jury
found, him sane.
A By-Law of tbo Corporation of tlie
City of Ladysmith'; i
A By-law for tlie purpose of borrowing money to construct an electric plant to supply electric light
und power to   tho said City of Liuily-
smi:h and   tbe   inhabitants   thereof ALEX. LAIKD, General Ma offer
and vicinity. I .   _, Tr,,-,T ....,,   _        .   .     ,    ,
Whereas a   petition   under Section  A- & IRELAND. Superintendent
of Branches,
Council of
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
B. E. WALKER, President.
Canadian west with tho smith
east on* the new r    *    This road 0f"some     large areas    which would
a direct line of railway moBt rca(U]y be taken
BOULDER, Ool., April 29.- Tho
see* nd trial of F. E. Kiser for murder, growing out of the destruction
of the Colorado & Southern station here by dynamite during the
switchmen's strike in which several
people wore killed, ended yestorday
when tho jury returned a verdict of
second degree murder.
The minimum penalty is ten years
in the penitentiary. The flrst trial
resulted in a disagreement of tho
jury. Kiser is tho second person to
be convicted on thiB charge.
from Winnipeg to Duluth.
Aftor Three- Years' Work Look* as if
Mew Hymn Book Would uut
be Acceptable.
\lne"777,"i7~ ""'.'""    "P        'arm-,white girl to occupy a  seat by thc
Wh„„ fvT;*,      . »Pe»ker'a table.    Negro men, proud'
When soen „t victorla 1)eforo ,mv. Q( thdr
'ng Monday night Mr. Marpole  aald
ErSON, April 21>.-The City and
Suburban handicap, 2,000 sovereigns, (or thrce-yenr-olds and upwards was won by J. B. Joels' Doan
Swift. A. Stoall's Slmonson was
second, and Baron Rothschilds' Leopold was third.    Sixteen horses ran.
The betting an Dean Swift was 2!)
to 2 agalnat.
London, April 29.—Tha American
Lino has subscribed $2,500 to the
relief (und to the families of the
men of the cruiser Gladiator, who
lost their lives In the collision with
the Str. St. Paul laat Saturday.
o                        —— .
* New York, April 20.—Fassen-  •
* gers     who    arrived   yesterday  *
* from   Bluoflclds, Nicaragua, re- *
* ported   that    the fighting be-
■ tween   Mosquito Indians     and
* Nicaraguans haa ended with the
* killing of the Indion chief.   Tho
* fighting    l-e.'on     about   two
* mentha ago, and a large num-
* her of poraons woro reported to
* have    heen killed.     Yeaterday
* however, lt wa* reported that
* not moro    than a dozen lives '
* wero lost.
TOUONTO, Aprll 2u.-Aflor a committee ol 21 i-opruseuttug ull shade*
ol high and low church ia Anglican
communication had labored Ior throe
yoars In tho production of a book
oi conuiion praiso, therco-re sign*
thut in certain sections of the church
ut least tlio book Ib not acceptable,
lho objection conies Irom tho uuti-
ltuallstic party, who claim that the
wording of somo of the hymns is
"They started out," soys Hon. S.
11. Ulake, "to make a book, of common praise to be used as a companion to the book of common prayer,
but thoy have made a book of uncommon praiso which teaches a different doctrine from that oi the
prayer book. Thore are tens of
thousands of our pooplo who will never uso it, and 1 don't think the
bishops will authorize It. The book
in question has been printed in England and will be presented to the
Synod in Soptomber whon the question of adoption will be discussed.
An Anti-llitiialistic League has beon
formed with headquarters hero for
the purpose of attacking what is at
ieged to be Romanian doctrines.
OTTAWA, April 2>.—In the Houae
of Commons yesterday Ralph Smith
was informed that on March 28, the
late Charles Drinkwater, on behalf
of tho C.P.R., applied to the govern
mont for permission to import from
the Philippines two hundred Japanese immigrants for work ln the O.F.
R. Irrigation district in Alberta. The
Japanese government had declined to
issue the necessary passports without the consent of the Canadian authorities.
Replying two days later the Minister of the Interior said if the Intend
ing J a pa nose Immigrants were under
contract for labor the government
could not consent, but that there
was room ln Canada for a limited
number of Japanese domestic servants and farm laborers. No other
application of this sort had been received.
that up to date there have been no
tenders accepted for clearing at Quel
icham, for which work several bids
havo boen tendered, all of which
wero considered too high.
A contract for clearing 125 acres
at Ladysmith had, however, been let
to G. S. Lawrence, of Ladysmith,
who, undor the terms of tlie contract, ls to commence work at once
and to finish the undertaking^within
fow month*.
It is Ukely however that the clear-
lug at Qualicbam will be commenced
within a very short time. In the
Vancouver Island land* th* O. P. R.
recognize that they have rich holding*. While it Will take considerable expense to clear these-lands, they
will have a ready sale lor them.
The land is particularly well adapted tor thoao of the prairie provinces
who do not wish' to cultivate too
large on area, but who, having considerable means, are ready to buy
property on the Island for the reason that they like the ideal climate
and environs, and con yet make a
comfortable competency out of tho
email tracts they would have to keep
under cultivation, as compared with
prairie lands. It ia to (rult growing, however, that no doubt many
ol the settler* who come to the Island in the next few years wiilturn
their attention mostly. The best
experts have stated that Vancouver
Paid-Dp capital $10000.000
**..''     5,000,000
Total Assets.. 113,000,000
Bra; c'es throughout Canada and in the United States iv d England
Farmers'  Paper  Di.counted.
Deposits ot* $1 und upwards received, ond i .tere-t all wed  at >
current rates.   The depwiior ia subject lo no delay whatever in
the withdrawal of the who'e or auy part of the deposit.
Siit around hur.
Two white girls, claiming to bo from
Mississippi, tlie Misses Poolittle. sat
on either side of J. II. Thompson,
former adjutant of the Eighth Illinois (negro) regiment. lie regaled
his companions with stories of the
campulgn in Cuba. The girls chatted happily and laughed and made
much of their entertainer.
Mrs. J. W. Gates and her lG-year-
old daughter Bessie, who were introduced as prominent social leaders,
occupied seats at one of the tables, i
Opposite the younger woman sat)
Edward Walker, president of an organization that preaches polygamy.
Whenever the speakers mentioned socialism, social equality or intermarriage, they wcre frantically applauded, but groans greeted the names of
Roosevelt, Taft and Bfynn.
Hamilton Holt, cdlto* of the Independent, was the principal speaker.
He said in part:
'.Intermarriage, if continued long
enough, will solve the race problem.
I don't believe the white man would
I e bo anxious to marry a negro woman as would be a negro man to
wed the white girl, and vice vorSa,
but this would continue, the negro
man marrying the white girl until
they would gradually grow bleached
or until the race wouW run out."
Referring to the presont conditions
in the south, Holt sald^^^^^^^
"Conditions are going to got  even
09 of thu Municipal Clauses Act has
bcon presented to tho Municipal
thu City of Ladysmith,
signed by the owners of more Lhan
one-tenth of tho value of the Real
property in tha*-Clty of Ljadysmlth,
as shown by the last revised assessment Roll, requesting the said Cpun-
il to raise a sum of money sufficient for the aforesaid purposes
■And whereas thu Council desire to
give effect to tho said petition in the
manner hereinafter sot forth
And whereas the wholo ratable
land of tho said City of Ladysmith
according to tho last revised assessment roll is 9818,830.00
And whereas the wholo ratable im-
mont,roll ta $288,075.00 |g J0H» w. MHUIW. nBO. 0. PHK.VHD. &
UtDYSHJ'l'B   UlUNCn  	
9:30 ,
„ to 12.    4 p.m., to 5 p.
C p.m., to 8:110 p.m.
 L. II. DaUl'A, Manager
And whoroas Uiu total amount
quiruil to bo raised annually liy rato \
for imyiiifr tho    delft which will   ho
tholr social equals.
recognize them as
Toronto, April 20.—Flvo hundred settlers lett tho Unltod
Stntes for Western Canada yesterday afternoon. This wns
the last of the home-seekers'
excursions of the sonsnn. About
5,000 have left during the two
months past.
London, Aprll 20.-A. F. Wilding,
of New Zealand, who with N. E.
Ilrooka of Australia, won thn Davis
cup at Wimbloton laat year, has decidod to go to America to compete
Jn tho lawn tennis championship contest. If Mr. Brooks can do so, ho
will prolinlily accompany Mr. Wilding.
OTTAWA, Out., April 29.-A deputation from Frodorlckton, N.B., was
yestorday promised consideration oi
a request for tho Dominion government's annual grant of $50,000 towards holding a Dominion F.xhibi-
tlon In that city noxt year. A similar request hns been recolvod from
Saskatchewan to wh'-h consideration has also boon p.omisod.
Norfolk, ya^ April 2D.- Flro of
unknown origin on tbe Jamestown
exposition grounds late last night
destroyed tho several colonial bulld-
InxB, the arts and crafta village; "Ye
Old Timo Tavern," and the Philippine reservation, and was checked
within fifty feet of the largo states
exhibit palace. The financial loss
Is not giront ns the buildings wore
of Inexpensive construction.
, worse tn the south bofore they  get
Island land is capablo of growing as better.     When the negro people get
good fruit as any portico of British | better educated the whites In
Columbia, which means as any part south will have to
of the world.
. No doubt    Mr. Palmer   will gain         	
much   Information    on   his present'   SAFE BJOWER ON TRIM
trip that will later    be used to the' CALGARY,
advantage of thla portion of the Is- CALQARYi Mta^ Apr„ 30 _ T,le
land.       aaaatasa1 trial of Mason, ono of the men   ac
cused of blowing open the safe   at
nnv.lt nt-uK nv p.vAivt tq.qiriT' tho Albort Laundry on tho night of
ROYAL J™"™* ISSUE ,April 6th| was collti„uod yesterday,
AiNNUAL RBI-OUT an(1 ovWonce waa brought out   tlmt
t     ,       _   ,        . „,       . . tho -suit case was found by the po-
Comprehensive   Review  of Financial Iic0 in tho c p R   ch  k r(£        „„
Gotten Up Booklet. accused.    $1.15 In silver was  found
t» ,.„,;„„ ihni*   thi...., aiirhth   an   hidden In the ice houso and near by
ada has almost succeeded In "paint- *ri™%{?" '*'* caf8n _*_» n
ing the Illy." No institution has "wore that ho h«d soon both prison-
ever placed before the public L.uch an f*. ttt. «™°* m ™™ ?8t V?**-
e.xtruvagantly gotten up booklet, de- ^nd *?°ni" I™ * ™n*\*nViT
scriptivo oi their own progress dur- "J*" js the ^Mon the robing the past decade, togethor with bei?\ In ,lh° "J1* «■•*«• six
such a striking tribute to the flnan- "**?"%* ^ r» "r co"*' f?Ieto"
cial development of the great Domln- kW*> fufe■ amI ««». and ,coat ««J
ion of Canada as the pimphlet just "* matching pants worn by one of
rccQived bv tho Freo Press the   Prisoners,   and pants matching
Tot * ^£%£35lbrancM f* and ve8t ffi^*     The
of the bank, from   Nova Scotia   tb CttS0 was remanded till tomorrow.
Victoria pictured, but also statistics •
dealing with   such dlversiaed topics PILGRIMAGE   TO   POPE'S JUBI-
as the population, area, public debt, I liWt,
'mports,   coal,    minerals, railways,'   NEW YORK, April 80.-Amid   the
croatud horejn nnd thu interest thereon and for creating nu annual   sin]
ing fund for   thu repayment of   the
said debt within    twenty live   years
according to Law is $1,800.80.
And whereas it will require an annual rntu al' 5.50 mills un thu dollar
for paying this dobt and Interest
And whoreas this By-Jaw may not
bo ropoalod except with tbo consent
of tho Lieutenant Governor in Council.
Therefore thu Municipal Council of
tho Corporation of thu City of 'Lndysmith, enacts ns follows :
1. Jt shall be lawful for thc Muy
or of the Corporation of tho City of
Ladysmith to borrow on the credit
of tlie suid Corporation liy way of
dobontures hereinafter mentioned,
from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who miiy be willing to advance tho same ns a Joan,
a sum of money not excoeding in tlio
wholo Uio sum of §25,000 currency
or sterling money at tho rate of
■1.80 and 2-8rds dollars to tho ono
pound sterling, and to cause ull such
sums so raised or received to bo pafd
Into tho hands of the Treasurer of
tho said Corporation for tho purpose and with the object hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall bo lawful for Uio said
Mayor to cause any num'ier of debentures to bo made, executed and
issued for such sums as may be required not exceeding, howovor, tho
sum of $25,000.00 oitlior in currency
or sterling money (at thu aforesaid
rate) oncii of said dobontures being
of tlio amount of $100.00 or its sterling equivalent (at tho aforesaid
rato) and all such dobontures shall be
sealed with the seal of tho said Cor
poration and signed by the Mayor
8, The said debentures shall bear
dato of thu day after the final passing of this By-law ond shall be made
payable in twenty-five years from tho
said date, at such placo, cither in
tho Dominion of Canada, Great Britain or the United States of America, as may lie designated thereon,
und shall have attached to thom
coupons for the payment of interest,
and tho signatures to tho interest
coupons mny be either written,
stamped, printed or lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at tho rato of flvo per cent,
por annum from tho dato thereof,
which intorost shall be payable half
yearly at such place, eltlier in tho
Dominion of Canada,
President aud Managing Director.
Hm fi-t-irv-Trensuror.
_f. T.Itt_XT_.Xj
All Home Curtd
Roberts St. Butcher
NEW YORK. April. 27. -Scientists
|are today  discussing the Important j
operation performed    in the   Bronx .
zoo, whore Curator RnymoL.   L. Dit-j
mars, challenging death in the   performance, took from tho fangs of a
snako     seventeen    and three-fourths
grains of deadly   fluid which is   believed invaluable in tho treatment of
insanity, epilepsy and kindred    diseases—the    amount    obtained   being ] .
sufficient for    more than 17.000.000 ■_
doses. I
It is agreed by the scientists   who 'm,
witnessed    tho operations   t'hat   tho Sal-
be Jones Hotel
Gata-'ie - trett.
1 P.O. Box 51 'I'hona 11
'Dealer In All Kind* ol
Veata Delivered free of clmrga on tha
Shortest Notice.
slightest slip of tho curator'a hand j
would have caused his deuth. Alienists suy it has heen shown thut the
poison whon properly diluted is instantly edectivo in the treatment of
mental diseases, hut they have boen
Great Britainjunablo to get enough of it.
Dr. Munro, federal Immigration Inspector, waa today mado defendant
on behalf of the government in test
caae* of aeventy writ* of Hindus who
vera detained on ordor ln council,
which wa* declared valid by Judge
- PEKIN, April 20,-Tho Mukdon Incident arising out of nn nssautt committed recently by n .Tn|)nncso post-
' man and othor ' Japanese upon tho
native servants of tho Unltod States
consul general Willlnrd. is regarded
a* being satisfactorily closed.
M. Koto, the Japanese consul general at Mukden haa writton a letter
of apology to Mr. Straight.     ■
Tho postman haa beon sentenced to
ono month's imprisonment and his
two accomplices havo also beon punished.
Hongkong, May 1.—It wa*
learned horo that Admiral Evans has accepted an Invitation
for tho fleet to visit Hongkong
on It* way round the world.
OTTAWA, April 20.- Cloud Mac-
Donald, M.P. for Toronto, has given
notlco of a series of questions In
order to obtain tho truo status of
tho Yukon Gold Company, sovera!
thousand shares of which wero placed
upon tho market a month ago aftor
some spectacular advertising by Tho.
mas W. Lawsou, of Boston.
MacDonald Is anxious to know If
tho statements mado by tho company's prospoctus woro corroct as to
their holdings in tho Yukon territory, and If any wero Incorrect oi
misleading whnt stops the government took to warn or protect the
Investing public.
From a roturn brought down yes
terday it appears that the Southern
Alberta Land Co., of which J. I),
McGregor, of Brandon, is managing
director, hns expended to March 1st
somo IGSI.OOO in its undertakings.
Assignment of franchise to the South
orn Alberta Land Co., was approved
liy an Order-ln-Councll. Tho expenditure sums up as follows: 'Surveys,
{16,400; drilling and equlpmont,
825,0001 management oxponses, |12-
 ,.t    t)„,        ......    ~v****,   np.ii   av.—ffiniU     LUC
Immigration, y'lold of crop in the dif- cheers from a largo crowd and much
foront provinces, customs, mr.ala; in embracing and othor tokens of faro-
fact an encyclopaedia of evory im- woll, the Cunard steamship Slavonia
port and oxport throughout tho Do- having on board a largo number of
minion. I Catholic pilgrims bound from Rome,
. ' sailed at noon    today.   Tho dolega-
r.'Vn.AnmMii'W'r. aWKniivrmn      ltion numbors sovoral hundred, inclu-
ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED.     Id|ng mBny   prom|nont pi.lostap   lny.
mon and women of tho faith, and is
London, April 20.—Tho ongagoment headed     by   Bishop   .McConnoll  of
of Miss Jean Held, daughter of Mr. Brooklyn, who officiates as the spir-
Whltelaw Reid,     the   United States I""1'    director   of   tho pilgrimage.
~.  .. a .   i. ft. a.n    j„hn    T.   Duflng the voyage mass will be colo-
ambaasodor, to the Hon. John    H. bmtell dai|y ,n a cabln spec,a,ly 8ot
Ward, brother of the Earl of Dud- game tor tho purpose.
ley, waa announced by Mr, and Mrs. I The first stop will be at Gibraltar
Held. The announcement does not From thoro tho pilgrims will pro-
■ • rn.An- .. o*1^ to Naples. Thoy will visit
come a. a .urprlso to London »o- p ijCnp^ „„„ Monto Casino
clety. where the attachment of ttM^bewro going to Romo. Tho party
young people has boen known for ] will bo presont at tlio jubilee cole-
some time past to a large number bratlon of tho Popo nnd thon It will
ni .1..I- 1-t.nA. xi- w_,a i. . fn disband. Some women will visit the
of their frionds.    Mr. Ward is a  fa- _,   La||d> w|l,|o othmJ w,m g0   t0
vorlte with King Edward, to whom !»*—"-—  ■-
or tho United Statos of America-, asl   Tho last was secured in 1888. Tho
may   bo expressed   in the   debenture I scarcity of this virus is duo to the
Booth Boy, Mo., May 1.—Tho two-
tnasted schooner front Pnrrsboro, N.
S., Capt. W. W. Lamb, wa* wrecked
on Bantam ledges nt tho entrance to
thla harbor early today, nnd probacy will b* a total loas.
Ilffl»!'i:i'» l!*l»W!t!IIFSfflII
ho ls an equerry In waiting.   He is
popular nt the court and in tho exclusive social set, nnd la woll known
i a   racing man and sportsman.
-.     ■ '     ♦	
Woodstock. Ont. April 28.— John
Duko, proprietor of a harbor shop,
was arrested horo yestorday charged
with arson and nttompt to defraud
It Is charged that ho set flro to
tho block in which his shop was located on Sunday morning tn an endeavor to secure |.*»00 Insurance
money on his shop furnishings. Tho
flro causod about C2.000 damages to
various establishments ill the block
Northorn lluropo.
Winnipeg, April 20.—Sarah A.
doming, who Is conducting the money lending buslnoss of D. H. Tolman
& Co., here, was found guilty of
usary yoeterday by Judge Mclrr, she
wo* remandod for sentence as counsel for tho defence intimated that tho
case would bo appealed.
 . ♦
Dublin, April SO.—In a glov* contest hold here thl* afternoon Bill
Squires of Australia, knocked out
Jem Roche, the formor champion ln
the. fourth round.    The pureo    was
Port Colbeurne, Ont., Aprll 80. —
Reave Farm, of Humbertaton* township, died suddenly In his barn last
night of heart dlseneo.
WINNIPEG, Man., April 80.-Tho
mooting of the Provincial Cabinet
yostorday, His Grace Archbishop Matheson, of Ruports Land, was appointed Chancellor of tho University
of Manitoba.
LETHBRIDGE, Alta.. April SO -
The School Trustees of Pluchor Oily
were fined *2"> and costs for a prairie flre caused by a pupil emptying
ashes containing live coals.
11,760 and thoro was
Montreal, April 80— The Coralcan
of th* Allan line, Juat arrived from
Liverpool. She la the flrat arrival
of the'season.
Toronto, April 80.—0. J. Barrl*,
of Toronto, fears that hi* brother,
Albert Harris, 20 years old, Is a-
mong the drowned on the Gladiator,
a  aide bet of [which was sunk in collision with tho
American Mner St. Paul.
and coupon.
i. It shall bo lawful for thc said
Mayor to cause tho said debentures
and interest coupons, either or both,
to bo mado payable at such places,
either in the Dominion of Canuda,
Great Britain or tlio United States
of America, as may lie desired.
0. It shall ho lawful for tne Mayor of tho said Corporation, to dis-
poso of the said debentures at a
rato below par and to authorize tlio
Treasurer to pay out of thc said
sums so raised liy tho solo of tho
said dobenturos, all oxponses connected with tho preparation and lithographing of the said debentures and
coupons, or any discount of commission or othor charges incidental to
tho sal£ of the said debentures.
7. For. tho purpose of raising an
nuallv tho required sum for the pay
mont of tlio interest on tho suid dobontures during their currency, thore
shnll lie rnisod annually the sum of
$1250.00 and for tho purposo of
creating tho sinking fund aforesaid
for tho repayment of the said debt
there shall lie raised annually tiic
sum of *616.80.
For tho purpose of the payment
of tho suid sums in lho next preceding puragrapli mentioned there shall
bo raised and levied in ouch year n
rate of 6.T56 mills in the dollar on nit
tho 1-utnblo luud in tlio City of Ladysmitli and on fifty per cent, of tho
Improvements in tho said City of
Ladysmith during tlie coiitinuuneo of
the said debentures pr any of them.
0. It shell ho lawful tor tho Corporation of tlio City of Ladysmith
uforesuld, to redeem any or nil of
tho said dobontures ut pur at any
timo aftor the expiration of fivo
yoars from the dato thereof upon
giving six months' notice of their
intention so lo do, such notice shall
bo suflli'lently given by n publication thereof In tho British Cjilfiinbia
Cuzette four times and although tho
holders of thc debentures mentioned
in such notlco bo /not specifically
fiamed, after tho .expiration of the
said period of six months all Interest
on tho said debentures tho numbors
of which hnvo beon published us
uforesaid shall cease.
10. Tills By-Law, boforo the final
passing thereof, shall receive the assent of the Electors of thc suid Corporation in tho manner provided for
iu the Municipal Clauses Act, nnd
shall tako eltoct on tho day after the
final passing thereof.
11. This By-Law may bo cited ns
"Tho Ladysinith Electric Light nnd
Power By-Law, 1008."
Passed by tlio Municipal Council on
tho 21st. dny of April, 1008.
Tako notlco that tho ohovo is a
truo copy of tho proposed By-Low
upon which tho voto of tho Municipality, will bo taken at tho City Hall
Lndysmith, on Wodncsdny, May Oth,
1008, botweon tho hours of 9 a. m.
and 7 p, m.
0. M. 0.
fact that tho natives of Brazil whero
tho "lance head" roptilo lives, dare
not capture them.
Tho snako operated upon yesterday
is ono of tho fow over caught. After
attendants got tho four foot six
inch snako out of a glass, cage, tho
curator soizod it bo tho nock and
squeezed out seventeen nnd three-
fourths grains of the deadly poison
into a Jar. Thc poison wus mixed
with 00 por cent, sugar and milk
until It reached tho consistency of e
fine powdor. From this serum
which measures less than a third of
an ordinary teaspoonful. tho world's
supply will bo drawn
DUNDEE, May 1.—Winston Spencer Churchill, president of the board
of trade, whoso recent failure to be
elected to parliament Irom the north
west diviaion of Manchester ho* forced him to seek a "safe" seat, arrived hor* to contest the vacancy
causod by tlio elevation to the peer-
ago of Edmund Robertson. Churchill
lias a well organized opposition to
fight, but 'it will require an enormous turnover of votes to dofoat him.
Tho Unionist candidate, Sir George
Baxter, has a poworful local influence and the labor candidate, G. H.
Stuart, whilo a novelty ln this
country, la strung. Scrymgeour, of
the United Irish league, le urging
tho voters to give their complete aup
port towards Churchill on tho
grounds that Premier Asqulth has
adopted Mr. Churchill's pledges at
Manchester regarding homo rule lor
Ireland, as representing the policy ol
the govornment.
LETHBRIDGE,    May l.-Oorporal
Mason of the mounted police, had
an exciting time ycaterday at Tabor.
A bad man named Moshler drew a
gun on an old mnn named Fender.
He waa arrested liy Mason and gave
ball to appoar in court ln the afternoon, but stole a horse from Pier's livery stable and skipped, and
headed for tho boundary with the
constahlo In hot pursuit. It la not
known whether Moshler wo* caught
or not.
Union Brewing Co.
Lndysmith, B. O.
CALGARY, Altn., Mny 1. -Senator Jas. H. Ross, who Ib In Calgary, says tho Hon. Clifford Sifton
will rc-onter tho Dominion cabinet ln
the noar futuro.
aqd Pastry
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Full Stock ol Minora' Tool*.
Ship Repairing Work
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AU Und* of Blackainithlng
Don* at Short Notlos. About 2 dozen Tape Cirdlo Corsets, Special price, all sizes, 50c
36 pairs Corsots, in sizes 18 and 19 only.    Values from $1.25
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REGINA, May 1,—The telephone
bills war* consider ed In committee In
the legislature yesterday. In reply.
to a question by Dr. Elliott a* to
whether the government ware negotiating for the purchase of any system at the present time, the   Hon.
Mr. Colder asked that such ques-jterday morning well pl*a*ed with the
tions should be left until the general trip and laid lu tne afternoon that
discussion of the.bills, at the  same'upon tbe . report of it. M. Palmer.
that the government who accompanied him a* an expert,
two communication* and the report of H. J. Cambie, as
from two of the largest telephone elstant to Mr. Marpole, being pre-
companles, the Bell and the Saskat-1 sented, the improvement* and cicar-
ohowan company, operating at Moose ing work therein suggested would he
Jaw, to the eH?ct that they were pre carried out at once. This wo* will
pared    to sell   out their telephone embrace large    areas at Ladyamlth.
Thero was a big crowd at the depot ou Wednesday ovoning and their
nationality didn't need two guesses.
The occasion of the gathering was
the departure for Scotlund of Mr.
uud Mrs. li. Allan, Mr. and Mrs. J.
C. Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. Penman
and Messrs. J. Ford and A. Allan,.
Mr. Jas. Forsyth is also going somo
little way with the party and Mr.
D. Paterson accompanied tbem to
V'uncouver. It was a great send-
on the travellers had and thoir last
memory of Ladysmith will always
tie a pleasing one. However it is
a safe bet that a yoar will seo
them all back again. .'
longside the
walls of the Carlisle
After a week's strenuous work Mr.
Eli Rowland's shoo repairing parlors
lies stranded 0n a rising! shoal with
in sight and hail of port. From tho
livery stables to Cavin's shoe store
the streot is littered with the broken spars and splinters of runners of
tho derelict building. Eli himself
was forced to abandon tho ship, and
it is reported that Mayor Nicholson
ha* been entrusted with salvage operations. Meantime the building I*
left standing sheer across the
street and the curloue are calc.ule.t-
'ng exactly what would happen If ln
the night a flying motor car should
dash into it amidships.
" 4 .
Chief Calander is in Vancouver today, his place boing taken by Officer
These who took tho trip on tho
Joan to Vancouver this morning,
were bound thoy would not miss the
boat, for tho streets were olive at
half past seven with the enthusiastic
football boys' backers. It proved
none too pleasant for those who
awaited for the boat tc, arrive from
Nanaimo as the rain descended steadily the while—which waa fully an
hour and a half.
A grand reception for tho football
boys will be held on Tuesday night
at the Opora House. Win or lose
thoro will bo a royal time.
After a long and adventurous trip
which will go down as ono of the
chief events iu the eity's history, th*
now famous shoe-repairing parlor* of
Eli Rowland were moved safely    n-
Jack Russell returned this morning from a business trip to the
Tho big gamo does not commence
until*0 o'clock to-day.. An Intermediate match precedes it, hence tho
late hour of commencement. As tho
game progresses, news will be received at Dlair & -Adam's store.
The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
Afooney, who died yesterday was
laid to rest today at the local cemetery. Hilbert had charge of funeral arrangements.
The Joan pulled out from tho Provincial Government wharf this morning at 9:30 with 180 Ladysmith people aboard, all bound to Vancouver
to take in the great football game
there today.
are a Specialty here. What
will you have for thiB Season?
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William'* Bloak
Mistes Rose Lewis and Janet Simp
son,    were among   those who went
over decked in the good old red and
white, to. cheer for the local boys.
Fifty-four passengers were, abroad
the Joan from Nanaimo this morning! the majority going over to witness the great championship game
today at Vancouver.
The total coal shipments for tho
week ending May 2 amount to 1,089
planta. He did not believe th
would be any difficulty In making the
purchase or othor agreements satisfactory to all concerned.
I- « 	
Walking   Arsenal   Arrested   in   San
Francisco—Refuses to Say Anything Excopt that ho is
From Seattle.
Francisco detectives aro not opposed to arsenals Jn tho right places,
but when tt comes to thoso of the
walking variety thoy protest most
strenuously. John Williams, who
will admit Just ono' thing—that he
cams from Seattle on Friday — has
learned .at least this much to his
sorrow since he has beon horo. Armed with twenty ono revolvers of all
sizes and makes, ho was. arrestod,
and today occupies a cell at police
Just what he intended to do with
the weapons is not known. Ono of
the detectives suggested that Williams might havo been preparing to
glvo the Atlantic fleet a national salute, using a different revolver' for
each salute, making twenty ono, but
the prisoner has nothing to say on
the question. Williams will bo hold
until the polico learn moro about
■■■■ ♦	
LONDON, April 30-The Liberals
held a party lovo feast at the Bo-
form Club thla morning to welcome
their new chief, Premier Asqulth,
and give him an opportunity of publishing a declaration of his policy.
Resolution* of loyalty to the new
premier were adopted by acclamation, after which the premier, proceeded to outline hi* programme. He
nailed to the most the flags of free
trade and education, licensing and
old age pensions, but he fought shy
of home rule. This Is considered a*
confirmation of the rumors following the defeat of Winston Churchill
In the northwest division of Manchester that the premier had notified him of hla disapproval of Mr.
Churchill's pledge* to the Nationalist* regarding home nil*.
- *        i a.
The week ending today has    Beon
the busiest   ln many a season    at
Editor Standard. the   coaling    wharves.     Thore haa
Sir,-If you will permit on old Been no let up for the wharf hands
man to say a word or two in your as no fewer thon thirty vessels of
paper, you can accept hia thank* to j various sizes have take* on fuel dur-
begin with. I have beon in your j ing tho week. Tho boats taking on
city a little while, but I don't tra- fuel were, the Steamers Otter, Czar,
vel around much at night. You have j Amur, Flyer and mow, ahlp Alex,
no lights on your streets, and I *ee Gilwn, Tug Lome, Celtic, Delhi,
too many dangerous places ln     the Tyee, Datoy and scow, Spray    and
day time to venture out at night, scow, Marlon, Albatross, Ranger,
Now, I am not going to write you-Venture, Burrard, J. E. Boyden,
long letter, for I am lnexperlen-(Queen, Clayburn, Pioneer, Proaper,
ced and may moke blunders, but I Trader, Robert Dunsmuir, 8elk1rk,
ooe you are going to vote for or a-[Henrietta, Canadian and Thordla,
gainst lights an May 6th, and aa
one who haa been across the continent, I thought my experience and the Irelghter Ophlr arrived
might not be amiss to some who morning from Lndnor, and is
may be undecided aa to how to cast charging hay and feed,
their votes.    In travelling around II ♦
usually, when I  stay long enough In'   "Keno" Callander went down
[ The steamer Georgia also took on
fuel and cargo after unloading ore,
one place, learn how an incorporat- line on a fishing trip this morning,
ed place is   run,    etc., and I    have *>' ■ a
invariably    found that where a city |   A. E. Hilbert    wa* In   town thla
or town anywhere, from Nova Scotia morning,
to the Pacific coast borrow* monoy'
In readable amount, to put streets '^ wwl. w>. ....^^i
etc., in proper condition, they    are
the most prosperous and the people
are much better *ati*h*ed. The time
Wa* when all utilities, such as water
works, lighting plants, etc., were
owned by private corporations or
individual*, but that ia test going
out of faahlon aa the people realise
that they can make    more out    of    !
their own    systems than by depend- j '
Ing on   a company or    Individual    !
It ii Only Good for
We aro Making a
smith and District
(there   are    exceptional cases,     of
course).    But it *eem* to me if you
have    to jpay     |3,06fJ   a  year, for
•treet lighting    it  «rbuhl be better 11 Tn ,.      p.„„.„     . .    »
ami in paving * i -plant, .. that '   T° th(. ™°l»* .« ."V
alone    would soon pay for a good Bm,M' anA T*""1""*
j   I also   hear   that   the   Canadian
Bank of Commerce is going to build
\ a bank   this year, and    alao    tha
Bank of   Vancouver intends starting
buslnesa very   soon, and ther*    is
no getting around the fact that these
peoplo don't sink their monsy in    a
place that has no future before  lt,
and with the population you have, I
fully expect to hear when I     leave
here that Ladyamlth ha* had   th*'   Are Offered at Specially
good Judgement    to carry th* Bloc-'' ' KetJUCed Prices
trie Light    By-Law by a big    majority. 1
I    '       ■■■•'*
,> v J   ACTIVE BBTOPTION.       - *
• Messina,     April   80— Mount *
* Aetna I* now In acMv* eruption *
* and at night th* eontraet  b*> *
• tween th* flam** from Ka son* «
• and tin snow-capped mountain* *
* I* most picturesque. •
Don't Miss this Ohance
Qualicham and Duncans, which, it is
understood will be reported ns suitable for settlement by Mr. I'alinor. .
.. Mr, Marpole announced that the
double dally service between here
and Nanaimo will be put into operation about June 1.
Th* proposed Une from Cowichan
to Duncans will be proceeded with
in all probability at an early dato,
or as soon as labor conditl ins permit.
Mr. Marpole expressed hlmsjlf na
extremely pleaeed with his trip and
said that a* far aa ho could learn
there was very few idle, and that
everything looked in good shape ai.d
proaperou*. He will leave for Vai-
couver tonight en route for Montreal
and England, and will be absent for
three month*, meanwhile the recommendations of Mr. Cambie and Mr.
Palmer will Be put into effect at
♦ ■
DETROIT, Mich., May 1.- In hi*
address to the Wholesalers' Association after luncheon hore yesterday,
Gov, Johnson ol Minnesota, aald:
The problem ot the future is th*
government ol America by Americans. In tho working out of this
problem I believe we muat obliterate
the imaginary line between the United States ol America and the Canadian State* of America. I can see
no reason for ths division and I believe the flag bearing the atari and
•tripe* must finally Moat from th*
Bering sea, to tbe gulf of Mexico.
The Intellectual- energy of the coun
try must lie directed to th* commercial union ol th* countries; ll to
no other. I spoke in Sarnla, Ont.,
on tho *aiu* topic some Urn* ago,
and my word* wer* greeted wlthtv-
en greater enthusiasm than you an
now showing. It th* products of
tiuaincee men ot Detroit went Ira*
and unhampered into Canada por-
hap* th* flag would follow."
Working In    300-Foot Level    When
Cave-in Occurs— Buried .Under ton* ol Ore and Rock.
PHOENIX, B.C., April 80.- Two
miner* met a terrible death last
Sunday afternoon, tho result of a
cave-In at the Granby Co.'s mines.
Ths victims, Chris Martin, aged 46,
and Klngsley Smith, a young Englishman, were working on the 800-
foot level when' a cave-in occurred
Ton* and tons of ore and rock coma
down upon them without any warning. Martin leave* a widow of only 16 yean of age. Smith wa* unmarried.
Cm|» Dirtst to Foundry and
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
NEW YORK, April 80.-0hrlatlaa
League Woodyear, the negro girl
adopted by Mrs, Elizabeth Grannie,
president of tlie National Christian
League tor Purity, after fourteen
year* of white child treatment, goe*
back to her own race. Mr*, Gran-
ni» ha* arranged with Hooker T.
Washington for Christian's adinit-
tonco on July 1 to the celebrated negro Institution at Tuskegce, Alabama.
Thero la aome difference of opinion
aa to whether Chriatlan will take to
the proposed change in her surround
inga tor ahe has been reared by Mrs.
Grannie as a white child. Enemies
of Mrs. Grannls say ahe ha* -made
Christian's lot for harder than had
she raised ths child a* a negro With
tb* proper respect for her own race.
Mrs, Grannls' negro ward became
nationally famoua when her adopted
Parent waa arraigned before the
head* of her church upon th* following charga:
"That the said Elizabeth   Grannie)
ha* treated the official board of the
First   Church of    th* Disciple*    of
Christ with contempt, In that    she
refuted to heed th* requost of    the
ofllceM 0f the church that she either
loave hor young    child protege    at
(home, or else alt In the back part 0f
•   the church; sold request having been
made by the officer* after a formal
resolution   to thl* effect had    been
adopted by the official board, prompt
od by complaint* made by member*
of the church sitting in the vicinity
of the   pew,of    the aald Elizabeth!
Grannie to the effect that tha unre»
strained antics of the child won ab
J annoyance that prevented them from
property  enjoying   wonhlp in    th*
R. Marpole Stats* that New Order
Will go into Effect AbouV
JuM 1st.
VICTORIA, May 1.-R. Marpole,
general executive assistant of tht
C.P.B., returned from Nanaimo j-cs-
Now that tho fine weather
has como to stay you will
'" want something in tho way ot.
\ | a Summer Dress. Our nssorc-
,, ment of Summer Dress Muslins
, « was n-*"er more compio*.,. t*lian
■» It Is ut the promS.^ A look
' ' through will coavliiv? you'that
' ' wo havo tho Right Goods.
: • Eii)$r) Crasl)
*-=____> AND <^~^
Telephone, 1 2-4
Nannini) I) 0.
All Kinds of Wall Paper.
Picture   Framing a Specialty.
i. f-Joeddtyg
SL*2 »'• u dm
For Men and
jn any color, shape or Btyli
Just a fow of llwm wo aro
showing in the window; incio
to bo found lnsido.
Prices ranging from 50c.   up.
Mr, Ed, Whyto was in town
Mr.    J. G. Brown   spent
hours in town on Wednesday.
Mr. R. Gibson    was in town
MONTREAL, May l.-Slx hundred
bricklayer* struck work this morning aa a result of the decision of
ths builder* to adopt a sliding scale
which amount* to a declaration    of
i "open shop."
Some time ago the union won notified that on May 1 '-'open shop wo*
to be declared and that the rate of
wage* would range from 85 to 50
cent* an hour. For some yeara the
n have been paid 50 cent* an
hour, and expected the same rate*
thl* year.
A vory complete selection of
Whitney" mnko n* -.   It Stock,
I   Superior to any   Ver <n\f'.ii-t in
Stylo, Comfort in..: il :riiiiii:t,v.
I   Collapsible Gp-Carts, with Ailjust-
Iblo Tops, 10, 12 nnd 14 in.    Rub-'
bor Tires cun bo supplied. I
6. Peterson    ST0«
Ice Cream
10 Cents a Dish
Cigars   Tobaccos.   Soft Drinks
'Phone 18.
First Avenue
BOONE, la.. May l.-Th* Chicago
and Northwestern railway ha* issued
an order which practically close* tho
machine shops at Boone for an indefinite time, it is understood there
that thl* 1* part ot a general order
shutting down shops all over the
system with the exception ol those W,dM,da,r'
at Clinton and Chicago.
Trains leave Ladysmith
Dally at 9 a. m.
Saturday   and   Sunday
New York, May 1.—The ves- *
sel which ia aground at Zoachs *
Inlet, ten miles west ot Fire •
Island, was identified today a* *
the four-ma*ted German echoon- *
er. Dork Rikmers. The ship *
has all sails set. •
At 9:00 and 15:58.
For Victoria.
twrn wiv.'. I.T...J ....j i -..
Trains r\rri»e at Ladysmith
Dally at 11:57.
SASKATOON, May l.-Ths Safka-j
toon citizen* most emphatically de '
elded today In favor of ths forward
movement Inaugurated by the dty
council, carrying all th* money bylaw* by a large majority. Th* bylaw* carried provld* for a municipal hotel, fir* hall, and equipment,
and a traffic roadway on th* new
C.P.R. bridge, Involving an expenditure of over 1900,000.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
At 11:67 and 17.65.
From Viotoria.
GEO. l."cOUIlTf|lr\Y
District Passenger Agent.
103 Government St., Victoria
Setting Eggs;;
FullSettingfor$1.00]UliSS   Uren::
Leave Order* at G. Roberts' Butcher
Shop, First Avenuo..
David T. Davies   i::
Shadow   Embroidered    Corsot "j"
'Designs stamped for Einbroid- *)*
Handkerchief    Corset    Covors,
Drosdon Ribbon Corsot Covors. £
Excellent Boarding
Special Meal Tickets for
the Week
Mrs. S. Decker,
a a a ■ a a a ' ■ filftVlrVlrtlVUVvl,
of tho Bost.
Public notlco Is hereby glvon that
i the Esquimalt and Nnnalmo Railway Company will on Monday, tho
| fourth of May,   sell   at Ladysmith,
H. Thornley
A Girl to do houso.    Apply,
J. A. KNIGHT,       *•'•
First Avenue.'."
Notlco Ib horoby given that we intend to apply to the Llconslng Commissioners of the City of Ladysmith
  at tho'r noxt regular meeting for a
•Eejiry Convonlonco,   and Everything th0 wbo'0> <"* ■« ports, a carload of transfor of tho Retail Liquor Licence
  '  ,now   hold  by us for tho    premises
known as tho Now Western Bar, Ladysmith, B,  0„ from oursolvos    to
John Pouscbo and John Uunbnr.
Ladysmith, B.C., March 81, 1B08.
Jo s. Nankivell, Prop.
I — ♦ '
TO LET-A front furnished beitroont
N  to   rent.    Henry Pollard.  Second
'Avenue. n29-8t.
J. m. mo^Gflfl,
Toachor of Voico Production and
Engagements may be left at the
(Standard Office.
Ul' .... - -.1.,
hay now at Ladysinith, shipped
from Okotoks, Alta., by R. O. 'Children, consigned to Ordor advise Ladysmith Lumber Company. Tho carload of hay is said to contain twon-1
ty nlno thousand two hundred pounds
and is boing sold for unpnld charges
|» ji  •
'   Black Minorca and Plymouth Rock
eggs.   Full setting of oggs for (1.00.
All oggs guaranteed.    Leave ordors
at O. Roberta Butcher Store, First
Local agont for Liverpool * London ft Olobe Ins. Co. (Flro). Only
those who oan secure a share ot buslnoss need apply, to
JAMES S. RANKIN, Inspector
Box 632, Vancouver. *i,


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