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Ladysmith Standard Jun 3, 1908

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Eiffel Ton-er Lomo-nade, por tin......... ■•■ ......... 25c,
Persian* Sherbert,. per, :tln , „ ..'    25c,
Lime Juice, pure, per bottle',-.,,',.......     25c.
Fancy Fldvonla. Syrup, p*  bot"tio  ','    50c:
Raspberry.Vinegar, large bottle,     75c.
Finest Olives, per bottle....';...-...:   ;  50c. T
Davies' Pickled Relish, per' bottlo ,  25c. X
Guidon's Prepared Mustard with spoon  25c
Tobasco Sauce, por bottle -..'..'.'...A,....' -.,.....,.  75c. 4*
Lazenby's Chef Sauce, -per bottle .........  75c,
Anchovy Sauce, por bottlo   50c «^
Oillard'a.-Saiff-o, por bottle.,,,..... ,  25c.
Lea & Perrins Sauce, por bottle           ......... 85c ami OTic. I
■French*''Caporer' por bottlo  25c. X
Horseradish, por bottlo    50c. £
Durkoo's Sulad Dressing   ,  50c. *p
Pickles   ol  all   kinds.
qiLLA'RD'S PICKLE, per bottlo  40c. £
For' Choice  Ashcroft Potatoes.
Engineer Engaged to Complete Oiiy Survey So
That bewer Eatim Ue Can be Completed.
* '
The twentieth meeting of the City  ado.
Council was held In the City    Hull and
on Monday evening.    Mayor Nicholson presided, and there were present
Aid. Roberts, Haworth, Drown, McKinnell and -Matheson.
A letter was read from a Toronto firm regarding tho proposed electric lighting system, advocating a
gas motive power. The communication was ordered filed for future
Accounts totalling $84,9.10,
This would figure in his work,
the   -whole   cost and expenses
Local Company    iieiug Floated    to
Secure all Local Trade.
A company, has been formed i.i Nanaimo to establish a laundry which
will be known as the Imperial Laundry Co., Ltd. The scheme should
at least prove a very prolitaule one
As things are, waggon loads oi
clothes for the laundry are ihippud
to Victcria or Vancouver, and alter
would not oxceed 170.	
Mr. King would bo unable to como
betore the 2nd ol next month, as ho many days, if you have enough
was   already    engaged up to     that faith, and your luck holda good, you
time. get some of thom hack, or you  get
On motion of - Akl^Mc^l|pjL<.Jje- iwae.. belonging to    somebody   elso.
condod    by Aid. MoTiiesdn, it     waa The     inconvenience- ia always there
agreed to engage Mr. King at   this' as woll as (iho uncertainty In the return ot tbe goods.
Coinmitteos   Submit Their List
Events Ior First of July.
of |    Cheery optimism has been the key,
note of all that tbe Standard    has
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       published oi    the town aud its    fu-.
A general mooting of the Celebra-' ture. These last few week* portic-
tion Committee was- hold in the city ulurly, prospects havo brightened
hall last night, and the genernl considerably, and the town ho* gain-
outline of tho programme for July somo valuable ussetB. The opera-
lst was agreed upon. Of course,' tions of the C.P.R. Company fol-
thero may yet have to be some al-! lowed by tho purchase of a lot byj
terutions mudo in the ovonts, und' the Canudiun Dank of Commerce on
the estimates may havo to be re-! which to erect its ov n promises are
duced.   lt     all    depends upon     the already having thoir elk-it.
indeed, prior to these events thore
Mayor Nicholson also stated that
Mr. Mohun had made a start   with
The idea of the promoters of
new company ia to start up u
Is selling somo nobby Shoes for Mon, at $2.00 por pair.
Also Ladies' and Children's, at prices that can't ho reached
by tho other fellow.
YOU CAN GET      ■**>
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc, Etc.
for White Swan Washing Powder Coupons
Send a Two-Cent stamp for our Catalogue
B. C. »oo|> Work*, *«!»£i
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     were his Work, and hud got quite a niiin>'dry in    Nanaimo,       It will almost
referred    to the Finance Committee, toer ot the profiles finished. certainly secure oil the locnl trade,
to be paid if found correct. I   HIb   Worship   had nothing further' ^d can handle
The letter from Mr. B. Mohun mid to roport ln regard to the site   for
ovor from last week, was again tak- the power house.     Mr. -Little    had
on up, paid a  visit to the town since   tho
Mayor Nicholson said that he bad last meeting of the Council, but   he
l*hn    11...—I     t-A    1.--5.       —-
visited Victoria In connection   with (the Mayor) had boon away.    How-
thls question.     While at Chemainus -over, Mr. Little was, expected to be
on     Wednesday    last    week, he hod up on Tuesday, and they--might    be
fallen In with a Mr. King. He know able-to catch him this time.
Mr. King to be a surveyor and   he Mayor Nicholson had also seen Mr.
had asked him it he could do    the Lindsay about the coal for the boil-
work that thoy wanted done    from er fires, and ho bad quoted $2.50 a
Fourth to Sixth avenues. Mr. King ton for the claes of coal they would
had replied that ho could after    a require.
certain    date, and ho had arranged.   Aid. Koberts called attention     to
for an interview in Victoria on   tho the   blocks   and bricks and general
Friday.    On that day he (tho May- debris lying In front   ot Mr.   Bow-
or) had soon Mr. Mohun, and     tho land's building next to Blair     and
latter had signified that he we* sat- Adam's'  store.     The rubbish     had
lslk.il to mako tbo profiles from Mr. lain    thero for''   winks, snd it was
King's survey. time It was cleaned up.
Mr. King had then told him   that This view was generally expressed
he thought the survoy could be done and'   Constable Callander was    .iu-
for nbout $70.    In addition to that structed to notify Mr. Rowland    to
he thought he could take throe lines, attend to the matter.
from tho    salt water to the Espton-
Load Standard  corres 	
Mr. Pnrfltt Oivos   His Side of   the
Dispute with the Laborers.
Ladysmith, Juno 2nd.
Editor Standard:
Tho Council then adjourned.
LONDON, Juno 3.—The Derby waa
won by E. (Jinetrelles Signorinetta,
by Chaleurux, out ol Signorina.
Tho Duke of Portland's Premier
wes second, and Llungwn, owned by
Door Sir,-In your issue of the 80th Barclay Walker, was third. Eigh-
ult., I notice a paragraph in refer- teen horses ran. The betting on
once to tho new Post Ofllco which wo Sig-nitorra waa 100 to 1 against, on
are erecting for the Government,'promier 40 to 1 against and Llan-
whlch makes a    complaint on behalf. "*\
ot    tho    mon, as to tho rate   paid *™"> 10° to 8 against,
thom by tho contractor, so, probab-1   London,     June 3.—Lured by    the
ly an explanation of the affair,   by fact that    at   least half the horses
the man In charge, will not be amiss. whlch „„„ fe run  to tho    hi,toric
Tho schedulo of rates to bo paid to • _   , ,. ., ,
tho different branches, says: P°rby an «0«»><leiwi Possible    win-
Ordinary laborers,   $3.75 per  day'n8r8'     tn8   ""*-"•«   crowd tnat ""»
ot 0 hours.
Building laborers, $8.00 per   day.
of 8 hours.
Screen Doos,
Window Screens
The difference in the ruto clearly
showing there is a difference In tho
value of tho two classes of luborers.
Everyone in tho building trndo
know that a qualified building laborer is worth two bits per day moro
than the ordinary laborer, hence the
difference in the rate.
Now, what is the difference? It Is
this: A building laborer has been
ut work on buildings long onough
to get acquainted with all tho terms
used by builders. Ho knows how to
make up different materials; how to
put up scaffolds; got stool beams iu
position, also heavy stones, and un
onilleBs amount ol things that has to
bo done certain ways- It is a distinct line of laboring.
Now, ti man does not go to bed
an ordinary laborer and got
$3.75 per  .i..v'ners,,
been seen in mnny years found its
way to Epsom Downs. Special trains
from different points ln the provinces landed scores of thousands of
persons at the Downs early while
one hundred special trains left the
various terminals in London, all
crammed to suffocation, for tbe famous race course. The procession
by tho highways made its start during tho night, and by sunrise the
inotly throng was stretched out for
miles along tho thoroughfares leading to Epsom. The early starter*
were Joined a few hours later by
fashionable race goers In coaches. A
loature of the day waa the unusual
preponderance of women whose light
summer costumes gave a brightness
to the road procession which     has
Complete Stock in above lines
Ice Cream
1* Rome-Made, Fresh Dally. Critics
pronounce it to bo The Beat ever
•old ln Ladysmith. Come and try
lt. Warranted absolutely pure.
Sc, and 10c. Per Dish,   .
'Hooper's Parlors'
, ,Ho*t Select Parlor* In Town. ■*
■ * Just arrived—Imported Irom
] " England—a fine nssortmont ol +
',! the Dost English Silverware, *'
.. Sterling and Plate. ;'.
• • All Cased Quods, Including— ..
- - Cream' hnd Sugars, Don-Ilons, ,.
■ - Four-pieced - Sets, Mustard, ■ ■
' * Salt and Pepper, Fish Sets,
''. with Pearl Handles, Fruit
.. Knives, etc., etc., all In case T
.. at a coat from $2 to $20.00. £
■ > At
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
Up *.*.sBmHtiM*Ml>*sMHI**lH*MHIH^HH
building laborer.    It cannot be dono'lMNI 'W^ng in r^m^ y*""8-
that way.    And you cannot take an |   King    Edward and Queen Alexan-
ordinary    laborer   and     put him to dra, tbo Prince and Princess of Wal-
wait    on    a   mason and make him.       the Duke am] DuohoM ^     Con.
that moment a building laborer uny <    '. k    . , ...
moro than you   can     tako him umi ;nau*hlond     otter members    of the
put him at, say,   carpentering,   ami royal family wont down by train
say    he   is a    carpenter,   for1
with despatch all
the work in Ladysinith, Uiun.pii ls,
Duncans, tha WelUngt • is, uud i-ou.d
even get the business of Alberni and
Comox ahead of either Vancouver or
Victoria Arms,
The promoters are anxious to get
Ladysmith people Interested In the
scheme. Ail orders down here could
be attended to at a day's .notice.
The work would go up on the noon
train and come down on the train
the next morning. In fact, if the
business went as well as it is expected a waggon would be put on
hero tho same as In Nunaimo.
As regards the financial side, it
has been estimated tbat the total
cost of putting up a buikllng and
installing machinery capable of
denting with $2,500 worth of business a month would be about $20,-
500. , On this figure a monthly business of $1,200 would yield 10} per
cent, profit on the total investment.
Towards this amount of business
Mr. Dickinson, who has represented
the Pioneer steam laundry in Nanaimo for years, and who is at ihe
head of tbe new company, has secured the Nanaimo trade from his
old company which in itself amounts
to between $700 and $900. There
should not therefore be much difficulty In securing from $1,200 to
$1,500 worth of business in the
Only    white    labor would be employed, and Mr. Dickinson has been
fortunate enough to secure the services of an    experienced and competent foreman.     A site has been ob-.
tained near Dobeeon's foundry,   and!
everything     Is going well.     Shares I
have been    -bought by almost every
business    man and hotel keeper    in
Nanaimo, and the provisional board
of directors includes two miners.
In order to give Ladysmith a financial Interest in the business, the
promoters are offering a limited
number of shares down here. The
shares are being offered at $50. The,
li-mit to one subscriber is 10 shares,
25 per cent to be paid on application, 25 per cent, on allotment, and
tho remainder in 60 days. Further
particulars may be had on application to It. R. Hindmarch who Is
acting temporarily as the agent of
the company here.
4 ■
There will bo no spcciul feature In
the sports this year, iloth baseball and football have been cut
out, and other athletic events Introduced. The children's sports will be
the same as in previous yoars, and
the tug-of-war will again he a groat
drawing cord. There wilt bo afive-
a-side contest with which will go
tho championship of the province,
and a big relay race for teams of
three men. Tho distance to be run
will be 200 yards, and an effort will
be made to got somo outside entries. Possibly also thoro nifty be
push ball. If the ball used in Vancouver for the hospital sports can
bo hired' this event will be Btagod;
and can be depended on to furnish
enough of amusement and excite-
ment. Probably ulso there will be
some jumping and a quarter mile
In any case tho athletic programme will be exceptionally strong.
The regatta will follow along the
lines of previous years. Some of the
loss attractive events havo boen cut
out, and in their placo the committee is trying to urrange a water
polo competition. If clubs can be
induced to come In from Nanaimo
and Victoria, the contest should pro
vido tho feature of the regatta. It
is also probable that during the progress of tho regatta tho Ladysmith
male voice party .will be engaged to
render selections under the leadership of Mr. J. M. Morgan, of Victoria.
The Oun Club also has received a
handsome appropriation and will be
able to arrange a big day's sport
with their friends nnd rivals from
Altogether the appropriations will
in  to    over one  thousand dollars,
hod heen a l'ittle stir in the real
estate business. Quite a number of
houses had changed hands and lots
were being utilized for building purposes.
There is a bigger deal to record
this week. A Victoria gentleman,
casting round for a good investment, had his attention drawn to
Ladysmith. After reflecting upon.
the conditions and the work being
done by tho big railway company,
ho came to the conclusion that the
city offered opportunities for the Investment of capital as good as could
bo found anywhere else.
Accordingly he made Inquiries as
to what property was on the market, and ascertained that possibly
Mayor Nicholson might part with
tho Dank block. Thero was no time
lost in striking a bargain. Mayor
Nicholson got: his figure, and the
deal was put straight through.
It ..-, long since a deal of such
magnitude was put through in the
town. Mayor Nicholson is himself
now. looking for another site ont
whicn to hulid, and one transaction
of this kind begets another. It
spealis volumes for the financial outlook of thc town that it con attract
foreign capital to this extent.
ond the committee will see thnt the
city and citizens got tho very best
vnlue possible for tho money. "A
Great Day's Sport" is the working
motto of all concerned.
Ur. W. E. Akenhoad is Married
Miss Isabell Urquhart at
Comox Today.
Union Brewing Co.  Will Put     New
Bottled Boer on the Market.
dome aad Mike Tour
Selection—new atook
fresh in.
J.-E Smith,    Roberta Street
then       ——_———.—__.	
-while a man would wait on a mason in. somo sort of fashion, so    ho
could also do tho corpontorlng. Tho.   ._„_,,„   ,       „   „__   „.   „
positions aro alike. I   "»«>». >""» »•-<>«»■ Sir Henry
Tho men who mode tho complaint lledvara liuiler, who haa been ill for
workod from   tho commencement   of soms weeks, la dead.
tho Job up to   tho time of masons.   Uen_ jjttUel. entered the army    In'
commencing, lor $2.78 por day of B ,-.«    ,H ,. 10Q, k. »„. -i„n
hours   (which was nearly a iilonth).:1888 0Bd "■ 18M ta.,",d *»*
They gave satisfaction and wns  ap-.ths rank of lleutenaat-gaaeral.     Ha
pat-entry satisfied.     Whon  the   mas- saw active service 10/many parts of
ons commenced, I   put tho laborers fj,, world.     Ha served la I860,   ln
to wait on them, and without oxag-l..    . . _.. . __     ,   ,.. Vmm, ____
goratlng a bit, on some of tho work!**" 'A'h»l,M *«'    ln *"• *•** W
we lost quite 60 por cent.,   to  say> 18.4, in the Zulu, 1878-78.    He
nothing of inv own time In instruct-1 waa la South Africa In 1881, and la
ing thom, when I might have   been '__tn>t ln 18M, nd waa present  at
trth?ugTtPK'we should haveV bat* of T^I-HeMr. H. alao
to bring in some building laborers, Jfought In the Soudan In 1884, and
but on second thought, and lining [was under secretary for Ireland ln
advised by the Clerk of Works,   weJisjB7.     Ha haaana .ail im—.   j—
i 1887.     He became wall known
Tht great event in the sporting
world is ths meoting ol Uuns and
Kelson which is booked lor July 4,
There is quite a lot of speculation
now, and ring followers are engaged
in the dimoult task of reckoning up
the chances ln tbe struggle. Nelson,
as usual, is as confident aa ever, Ho
has consistently asserted that liana
quit ln their last meeting, and that
never a foul blow waa struck, Two
yeart have olapsed since then, and
now tho question is tg be decidod.
On the ring engagement, of the
two men during theso two years the
light looks to belong nil to thc coon.
.. Nelson has novor made a good show
ing since he lost to Gans, while the
latter has put everybody away with
whom he has come In contact. Still,
clevor as he le, .Too is getting old
and his staying powers are bound to
have diminished. Nelson has never
licen knocked out and unless Joe can
accomplish this, the Dane Is liable
to tire him out. Tho Battler Is
willing to bet that Gang cannot
make him break ground in fifteen
rounds, end if Nelson le still up at
that stage o'f tho fight hc may win
A popular young business man
made quietly away on Saturday evening and hla disappearance has occasioned much comment. There will
bo fuller comment once this issue of
the Standard hus circulated, and
Mr. Wilfrid's return will not be accomplished with the same case, coin-
fort and quiet.
The fact is that Mr. W. E. Akenhoad stole away to take unto himself a wife. Hls bride is Miss Isn-
liell Urquhart, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Alex. Urqdhnrt, of Courtenay
Tho ceremony took place today, and
after spending tholr honoymoon In
tour of the Sound cities, Mr. and
Mrs. Akenhcad will return and tako
up resilience on lfoborts street.
■Mr. Ak-nliond, or Will, as ho is
more generally cnlled, is immensely
popular in the city, and lie nnd hie
fair lirlilo have the very boat wishes
of a host of frlcntls in lho city.
The Union Brewing Co., with its
characteristic business courage and
foresight, is going to challenge tha
trade in exported bottle beer. l*b»
light beers from the other side are
finding an ever greater consumption,,
and advertising cards flaunt the virtues ol Lamps, 1'ubst, and Sehlita
beers on evory vantage ipoint up
and down the lino and in scores of
the local hotels. The Unlca Brewing Company is going into this
"Bohemian" cards and notices will
tie out shortly. The beer has been
brewed for months and is now almost ready to be put on the market.
It is a light, a very light beer, Just
the bevcrngo for the summer months.
Its base constituent is rice, and the
beer will retain its sparkle and flavor for any length ot time.
The company haa hit upon a good
name for its new product, and with
the plant it has, and its specialised
skill and experience in brewing,
Bohemian" should, and no dottbti
will, rapidly become a popular call.
At Fairbanks,   -Ala., Mrs. L. Lewis,
Formerly of This City, Died
Yosterday Morning.
thought   it   best to    employ   locali,      ,..   „ ..
mon.    So I made the men an offer"* tto Bo*r w" ™ tho roan
to reduce their hours from ii to. 8 relieved Ladysmith, whloh waa
hours per   day   and   still pay the'cesiful aftor an investment of    188 ,h. „.M■     „„ .. ... ...
same money, until such time as they '^ „„,, .ni^quonuy h, conducted *    " *     *," "     "
should bo qualified    build ng   labor-'I.,/ „       ._ a        u-a i-    _%J' .
ers. But, thinking, apparently, they.the operatlona that resulted ta the
had the whlphand, thoy objected to««Pu'*lon of the Boer army Irom
this and thus quit. I Natal.
We are quite willing to pay »8.00 t„ April Duller contracted a chill
to a bujlding laborer, b.ut we don't',, r^»j„. n-7<-—_nn_ioit-. —*.'•
Intend 'to pay it to an ordinary. 'n Lo^OB' tM* .'«N><>a1tloo was
laborer.     We have got to run   our1'oHow,d    hy *  ■ovor*   attack    of
buslnoss on buelnees'linos, and while!Jaundice and other compllcatlona.
wo aro quite prepared to deal fair Early In May a hopeful view of hla1
with all men (as can be proved from _.„„_,_.. —i~m.i.m» km hia nh>.
our past records) we are not to bolncoV,!ry *"•■ o"tert,*",« *>* M» •*»■
imposed upon. Islolnna    and the turn for the worse
Trusting you   will give thla   tho was unexpected,
same publicity na the paragraph   to} General    Duller married Lady As>i|
^ncereir^lltJ, oT^nttK.^ ** 'TTt^T °'^
I fourth Marquis of Townsend.
Following Is the standing of    the
Northwestom Baseball League clubs:
"'Won. LU. Pet.
. ..,, 80  14
Spokane   ...
 ...16  18
Aberdeen ...... ..
,.. 17  lfi
Seattle „
.. ..„ 1«  17
 18  18
Butte ............
 iv.ll ie
NEW YOHK, June S.-Following
the grand performances by athletes
In the inter-collogiatg championship
contest, college athletes aro expecting that the Olympic toam which is
to represent tho Unitixl Statos in
London next month will havo more
collegians than ever. While the
general opinion that thc big athletic clubs, tho New York Athletic and
lho Irish American, will bo repre
sentctl on tho team, the athletic experts sny that they will have to be
at their best In ordor to Win any
events nt the t remits at Philadelphia.
•TEXARKAN, Ark,, Juno 8.- Sov-
oral persons wcro reported to have
boen drowned and hundreds of others
are marooned and thousands of
acres of cultivated lands under water as a result of oh almost unprecedented rise ln tho Rod river. The
cn of the flood should pass today,
until thon an nccurato estimate of
the monetary lorn, and the number
of doad cannot be had. the latter Is
not, however, believed to be very
large, I
The sad news of the death of a
former Nanaimo lady at Fairbanks,
in Mrs. L. L. Lewis, daughter ot
Mr. Alex. Uslluway, of llobaon
street, this city, waa received yesterday afternoon. The deceased lady
succumbed curly yesterday morning
to an illness which hod continued
almost without cessation since the
third wook in April, but the nows ol
hor death come as a shock to the
family in this city ae her condition
was not believed to be so low aa to
bring tlio result it did,.
Being a native daughter of this
city, for she was born here 85 yeara
ago, thc deceased was well known
to, nnd was held In high esteem by
almost all old NunnimoiU'S to whom
she was acquainted.
To survlvo her tho deceased leaves
a husband and child at Fairbanks,
Alaska, and In this elty her father-
Mr. Atex. Galloway; two sisters—
Mrs. Chas. Hardy and Miss Tena
Galloway; and four brothers—Messrs
Alex., Robert, James and John Galloway.
The funeral will be held ln Fairbanks.
e —— e
• Khalicars, Asiatic Russia, Jn. *
• 2.—A barge laden with Chinese *
• prisoners capsized In the Amur *
• river   and    89 persons    war* •
• drowned. . • esse
If You Require Any
Or if You Require Any
.r It You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell One;   or If You   Waal
Notary Pablic, Conveyancer.
Nanaimo, .June 1.—"
Marriage of Miss Keddy. Former Nanaimo Girl to Mr. M. D. Morrison, Well Known Traveller.
NEW YORK, June 1. —Summer
plans and racing now engage society's attention almost: to the exclusion of everything else. The fashionable folk   can   De   Been in   large
'numbers at Belmont Park and a-
mong them it is considered the correct thing to be able to talk about
{the horse races intelligently. Incidentally to know how to dress   ap-
jpropriately   at    the race, and    to Fl£tcta. ta A
make attendance there more or less
NEW YORK'S SUMMER PLANS.    KEDDY-^JJMSON^ NUPTIALS ON .truggk to g0,ng on ^ Turkey    j,  STRAY   TOPICS   FROM THE BIG work.     They wanted a chance   . to
to Hussla-the educated part ol   the ■       ■<__[__l_ .earn a living,   to give tholr    boys
,-:¥-—•« opportunities denlod them In tho old     Tho rumpus at Chinatown on Sat-
people on one side, a tyranny rest-    NEW YORK, June li- New  York country. -urday nigb\ wh0,.eby mvmteen chjna.
lag   on    bureaucracy and obscuran- is now called the "Billionaire City" |   When we compare   this treatment   m0„ woro arrested, promisos to    as-
maT which has    become   the   slogan   of °(,^nglis,hJ.T..1.!™.'1™.!' „J;lie °?,.l mm* <"! intoiBBtiiifr phase.   The Chi.
ijj.' those who are lighting to have more
subways constructed at once. Comptroller Metz, who has been opposing
Ladysmith   Standard
Published on Wednesdays ana Saturdays Afternoons by tbe
Hobt. R. Hindmarch,
One Yew 81.60
sn-f UuHttit       tt
Advertising Rates on Application.
Sir Thomas    Shaughnessy, Presld-
in the nature of a social event are
required of everyone who hopes to
be considered in the social whirl.
But racing has by no means absorbed entirely the attention of Gotham's aristocracy, for the week-end
visits to palatial country oomes either at Lenox or Taxedo have been
very popular, and to spend Sunday
in the city these delightful days is
decidedly bad form. Of course, too,
many society people are sailing for
Europe whore the majority will stay
for a short time and return in the
middle of tho summer tn time for
the fashionable season at Newport,
While the wealthy and aristocratic
sot of New Yorkers are busily engaged with fashionable doings, the
middle and lower classes In the metropolis are no loss busy and JoyJ
ous over the opening of the many
summer resorts ln and near tho city,
where they spend their week-ends or-
at least some part of every Saturday and Sunday from now until September. Of course, the chief interest centered in the opening of Coney Island, with all of Its old-time
features besides a host 9! new attractions to catch the nickels and
dimes of the working classes, The
Island is now in full swing and aa
in the post, the two big features of
tlsm on the other.    Whatever
be the faults ot Abdul-Hamld,
t " worse enemy must place him on  an
I   A quiet wedding took place in Vic- immensely   higher   lev:el than    the
toria Friday night ot    two    young ozar on any point of view, humanl-
people widely    known in thla city, tarlan or patriotic, personal or po-
They were    Miss Shirley Keddy,   of nttuxi.    But for England in    Tur-
..Vancouver,   sister    of Mrs. George uey the greatest danger Is that she
E. Hilbert, of b8 tempted to Germanize her policy
this    city, and Mr. M. D. Morrison, jrom expcl.ien<,e 0, the apparent Gci-
nny new subways for the present, because of the great debt of the city,
really furnished ammunition for his
opponents when he estimated that
the city's holdings in real estate
were worth close to two billion dollars', which is three* times greater
than tho city's net funded dobt.    Al-
the well known traveller for    John^ 8UMM8.    Her pollcyha-  been, « to^gT^'iTtltut some"
Plercy & 00. on the whole, wiser, but It has beon wftat sinco he issuod thiB statement,
The wedding took place at the re-1 carried out with an ignorance of still ho persists in his opposition to
sldence of Rev. D. McRae, ot Dun- Turkish facts that is appalling — mor0 8Ul*ways on tho ground ofpov-
das street, Victoria. -    Oriental!* ,n London Chronicle. :      &■    "J ^Vju-vtaafadd?
The young   couple are making    a1 » __j	
short stay In Nanaimo, receiving the |   POPE ADMIRES  PRESIDENT,
congratulations of their many friends
hare.    Tbey   leave for Los Angeles,
Cal,, on their honeymoon trip.
"p ' ' * '
LONDON, June 1^-Tbe difficulty
which threatened to deprive the rifle
shooting contest in the Olympic
games at Bisley, Eng., this year ol
the presence of United States marksmen has been overcome and representatives of the United States will
participate In the matches. Finding that the Olympic Association
waa unable to prolong tha date ol
entry the National -Rifle Association
of America cabled its list of names
and ln a reply the Olympic Association cabled It will accept the entries If they are mailed today.
4 1	
eat of the C.P.R., has returned from Coney   fsland    are   Dreamland and
his trip to England.       Sir Thomaa '-""a Tark.    But besides these there
 : ,m lore scenic railways, side shows    ol
is a  man who occupies a most im-l .......
.   I every deserl|ition, and different adap-
portant   pomtico    in Canada.     Aa' _r ^ monota|I ^   A
the hoad    of tbe greatest enterprise   ho ^ ,__tme_ Rf ^ Istand _^
in the country his movements    are
of more than ordinary interest, and
when he travels to England it is
looked upon as a littio more than
the ordinary vacation trip, for upon
him depends to a considerable
tent the impression Britishers will
receive of Canadian securities. That
this waa much in his mind when he
went to England was to be seenin
tlio many careful interviews he gave
while there and in what may besus-
picioned. the systematic carefully
planned campaign of advertising he
received from the English press.
The great need of Canada is capital to develop her resources.     What
should be the easiest source and the
best source for Canada to receive
this mosey trom ls England, In the
past the United States haa got much
of her sinews ot developments from
England. The resources ol that
country have been developed while
chose of Canada have been mostly
lying dormant. There are indications however that the tide haa
turned, and that in the future Canada will come in for more attention
than formerly from the mother Country.
It Is gratifying to see by the tenor
of Air. Shaughnessy's remarks that
he haa bad a most successful trip,
He ia optimistic with regard to Canada and everything Canadian. Ha
ia much   Impressed with the strong
. Position held ty Canada today in
England by reason ol the many good
Canadian Investments owned in
England and believes that there ore
ample suma of money there for any
good eound Canadian enterprises.
The position of the English investor
is that he wants to feel that he ls
reasonably certain to get a return,
even if but a moderate one, tor
money placed into Canadian companies. Your Englishman haa no
uae for tho wilder t apeeulstor, of
whom he has unfortunately had too
much experience in this country.
The most encouraging feature ot
Sir Thomas' whole trip,'apart from
the fact that C.P.R. stocks have advanced In England, despite a fall-
■ Ing off In earnings, j, that ho has
learned thot the jieople with money
In England have the same Implicit
faith fn Canada as those who thoroughly understand the situation.
From all of which it may be surmised thut lie haa beon successful in
raising more money for C.P.R. do-
vslopement in Oonada which may
be taken for granted was the malm
purpose for his visit to tho old
be women "barkers." Dreamland
will employ women instead of men
to lecture on their dlflerent shows,
and tbe Suffragettes, who brought
about this recognition of women's
rights are planning to hold a mammoth celebration In honor of the
- ♦	
Nanaimo, June 1.—
The    Owls-Eagles Hospital    Benefit
Match at Cricket Field Was Full
of Interest Throughout.
ROME, May 28.—Pope Pius today
expressed his admiration for Presld-
(ont Roosevelt for the fearless fight
he Is waging against predatory
wealth tn America and declared that
tho people of tho United States
should appreciate his efforts in this
The occasion of this briof address
was the visit of Brooklyn and New
York pilgrims to the Vatican. Tho
Pope received the and chatted with
tho visitors for several minutes. He
manifested a deep Interest In tho industrial and political conditions ln
tho United States by asking many
questions concerning thom.
I admire your president tor his
persistency and consistency ln fighting those in America who are seeking to amass wealth by means that
appear to be unjust," said the Popo
in addressing the piigroms. "I 0
admire the American President for
his respectful attitude toward' the
Roman Catholic Church."
BERLIN, June 1.—Emperor William ga"- viustav and Queen .Victoria bf Sweden a magnificent military show today, the occasion being
the annual spring parade ot the garrisons ol Berlin and neighboring
post. Thirty thousand men, about
8,000 of that number being cavalry,
manoouvered on two square alias ol
the Tomplchof field. The Emperor,
-with the King of Sweden,' reviewed
the troops on horseback. The Empress and the Queen bf Sweden were
at the reviewing stand, and many
distinguished visitors.
Many ot the soldiers were overcome by heat, notwithstanding the
severe training, consisting 61 dally
marches of 15 to 35 miles which
they underwent during the laat three
■ 0 1    1     ..
Owen Sound, June 1.—Mall Clerk
Robert Curren, who waa Injured yesterday hi*.* runaway engine, died
last night. This makes the second
victim, Engineer Boaktl dying ol
Injuries sustained.
tional borrowing capacity of $45,-
000,000 on the first of July, It Ie
argued that this amount will be required for the minor public improvements, and that it would be unwise
to expend any of it for new subway
dling of European scum and the lmm(m ln old Chinatown, who are
sloppy gush wo bestow upon tlio Jup k,10wll to bo removing to the new
It is enough to make Canadian" Chinatown, received notice from tho
blush for shame. Chinoso owners of tho old town some
Chatham itself takes pride in the ,,„,„ llg0 to move out b Saturday
great charity It conducted as- the n,ght .Anticipating trouble, at least
term nils of tho -underground rail- „no ownel. „r tho land on which „„„
way" in slavery days. No fleeing 0l- tho old buil(iin ,, s|tuated got
nigger but received welcome and sue- out „„ inimMm t ,.cstra|n »„„
cor (ti Chatham The result Is that from movi „,„ |JuiM| on the
a white woman is not ante on tho lond> Thl„ illJimctioni thJ s(xwdlag
streets of that town after night, chinamen say. was never served. At
Yot Chatham   treats   flvo    English ,      rat    „ -
r'^ui1!; ft "!* taa* twou'd T „ th°y stllrtod' as "•"■'"aa "> another
tho British lion's teeth to show In a     ,,„„„ of   thia   , t|Jnri
snarl were such treatment meted out tho building wlllch tho   had Kput up
by a foreign country to flvo families ,md remov|„g itt0 tho now rtow|T
of Canadians.-       .'■'..■';' ■   .'.',    lionco tholr arrost.
Chatham may hang hor hoad     in     Tho seventeen prlsonors who    had
8lmme- ' beon lot out on bail, and numeroue
1111'   '   "  +•""   " Jof their countrymen from both    the
warring   factions,   assembled   at the
THE ROYAL VISIT TO CANADA.'city police court this morning  when
  . .., ,    t   i Magistrate Yarwood arrivod to hear
The visit of the Princo of Wales to ■ tho ca8e j H Simpson appeared
Canada   will be followed   with   the ■ ,or the do[onco and jj,. 0 H  jjoy,,,.
keenest   possiblo   interest by all  in
Ida Conquest, the well known act-[England and the Empire.    Tho   Pa-
iss, who is now ploying in    "Tho'geant and tho other torcentonary ce-
Wolf" at the Lyric Theatre, was tho lebrations at Quebec are to be car-
principal figure in a unique christen-j ried out on    a   magnificent
The Owl-Eagle hospital benefit foot
ball match yesterday afternoon on
the cricket grounds waa as interest
ing and    exciting   an event aa haa'
been held this year, with purely lo-j IT DEPENDS,
cal teams    competing.    The amount      > —7
ef the gate wbich waa handed to the'   "y°" *cre operated oh for nppen-
hoapltal this    morning waa $43.50, dlcltls, were you not?"
although had all who saw the game.   "Yes."
paid admission    that amount would    "How    ,0"g aeea It take to    re
have been doubled.    Each game held cov*r from on operation?'"
Charlton H. Greene, son of E, C,
Greene, of 07 Pallister avenue, Detroit, Mich., lelt home Oct. 14 last
for the Central High School, since
when nothing has been heard of him,
much effort bas been made in various directions to locate him, but
without success.
He is described as being 18 years
of age, height 5 tt. 9 ins., weight a-
bout 118 pounds, sandy hair, light
complexion, blue eyes, slightly dimpled cldn and has a slight muscular twitch of the eyes and face. Ho
Is of slender build, ls active, stu-
dious.of good habits, quiet and retiring In manner. Whon he left
homo he wore a dark blue serge
suit and light golf cap, May have
taken an assumed name.
His unbroken silence ls most distressing to his family, who offer the
above rowjird in the hope that somo
ono may impart Information that
may lend to his sate return home,
where a most cordial welcome and
co-qperatlon In his plans for the tu-l
ture await him.
Picture and full description sent
on request,
. Ho-I like thc English method
spoiling the bost.
Sho—Anil why, pray?
He—Woll, tako "parlour"   for
nraplo;   having "11" In It makes   ...
the difference in tho world.—Chicago Teague
on the cricket grounds demonstrates
that there are considerable number
of small-spirited, cheap sports (?) in
this city who will scheme by every
contrivance tbat ia small and mean,
to beat the gate and get out ot paying an admission fee when they are
able to do ao. Many who Indulge
In these small practises are known
to those who run the games at the
cricket grounds and a little advertisement ot their names would do
no harm.
Of the game itself there waa not
a dull moment. The Owls claimed
that they were handicapped by playing In tbe day time aa they see better at night, but at that they put
up a good game, and although the
score waa two all, they bad the better of the game throughout. Had
it not bean for the stellar work ol
Williams In goal, the Eagles would
have lost tbeir feathers. President
Hilbert tor the Eagles put up
thrilling gome. Had he hit the ball
every time he kicked at it, the sphere
would have had no cover left on It.
Bergeron in goal for the Owls, shut
his eyes and with a resigned air aa
of one going to execution, went out
on one occasion and taking his lite
in his hands stopped a sure goal
that Shorty Graham waa chasing ln,
Tho Owl forward line waa splendid.
Blundell played centra and played at
a mile a minute gait throughout,
ably supported by Morgan, the two
Wardells and Polkinghorne. The Ea
gle line-up Included several stalwarts
and ex-stalwarts from the Nanaimo
United to wit., Shorty Graham,
Farmer, GaHoway, Bobortson, Wll
of'kinson and Snowdon, and looked
j stronger on paper than the Owls,
(but failed to deliver the goods aa
^anticipated. Muyleart aad Tom
played a steady and enec-
"That depends."
"On the patient's vitality?"
"Nope, on bis Income."
' '   '   '' t   'I- -
Ing which took place at tho Bronx
2oo tho othor day. The director of
tho Zoo asked permission of Miss
Conquest to name tho baby Canadian
gray wolf aftor her. Miss Conquest
readily consented and immediately
sent1 a silver collar with a gold name
plate to adorn the shaggy neck of
tho baby wolf. At the christening,
tho wolf was formally presented to
the actress, and taking the animal
In hor arms sho pourod a glass of
wator over its hoad, saying "I
christen thee Ida, and may you have
many conquests." The actress wanted to take tho wolf home with her,
but it was Anally decided that it
would bo hotter to have it visit her
occasionally for a day at a timo. It
is now planned to have the little
animal visit Miss Conquest ln a fow
weeks at the Iroquois Hotel, whoro
the actress will hold a reception for
her professional and personal friends.
Joseph Bronchi, an Italian, took
up his stand on Filth Avenuo tho
other night and declared himself a
kissing bug of the flrst magnitude.
It was Just at tho timo whon tho big
stores wore closing for tho night and
the streets were lull with salegirls.
But as for Joseph, he kissed them
as they caine. First came a cunning
little blonde, in dark blue, with a
"Merry Widow" hat. Josoph kissed
hor. Thon came a magazine cover
girl. Joseph kissed her. Next in lino
was ono of those longthy effects tu
black and crimson. Josoph kissed
hor. Following tho long Rlrl was a
short, smiling ono. Joseph kissed
her. Then camo six more. Joseph
kissed 'cm all. Thon came two detectives who chldod tho human kissing
bug for working ovor time, and told
hlm ho was under arrost, "Vivo
rumour," said Josoph, as in the
night court ho was sentenced to throo
months In tho House of Refugo. "Yes
anil if wo got Moore wo'll lock him
up too," said tho detectives as one
New-Yorkers are now wondering if
anyone    will have  tho courage    to
startle tho Groat Whito Way by wearing one    of the new sheath gowns,
which sot Purls agog a fow   weeks
ago, whore ovory extremo In fashion
is supposed to. be oncouragod. Sooner
We think Surgeon General O'Reilly °T lat°r *hoM ,OIttrom« sty|os   raa?b
is acting a little hastily ln dlscour- J|.aw ^_^.ft1J■;w^0m»no_n■»1l*,
Jacques, the glftod wo-      "" '"'
Comparatively few poisons will bo
able to soo even a portion of those;
but both they and tho far greater
number not so privileged will welcome tho pictorial rocord which i»
to appear in "Tho Graphic," (London, Blxpenco wookly. Tho spoclal
artist and photographors of "Tho
Graphic" will furnish a.comploto pictorial rocord of tho colebratlons, and
there can bo no doubt that the illustrations will lorin a valuablo historical record of a notoworthy ovont
in British history.
VANCOUVER, June 1. —A. E.
Johnson, the first man to visit tho
lnjoika gold fields in northern Urltish Columbia, returned to Vancouver this morning. He brought saJm-
plos of gold wlllch had been obtained two feet bolow tho surface. In
phial ho hud two dollars' worth
of coarse gold which represented
threo pans, but pans run 7 to 8
cents each.
Johnson declares that while tho
gold is undoubtedly found In large
quantities mining conditions nre very
difficult. At faui- feet deep tho mini
ers invariably oncountor water and
tholr holes aro drowned out. Nobody has ovcr bocn to bedrock. Tho
country is flat and streams sluggish,
and there is no way of avoiding the
water except by largo workings that
require capital.
Johnson will leavo for the now
diggings again just as soon a .0
can mako arrangements to got in
machinery. It may be found later
that    bench   claims can   be worked
with profit.
I tlve game for tho Owls. One ot ths
[features of the game waa toe penalty goal that lUllert did not kick.
A roturn match la Inevitable*.
At the conclusion of the game the
Owls gave three hoote for the Eagles. President Hilbert waa ao
winded he hadn't a screech left to
give a return cry,
* Billiards and Pool $
Best Liquort and Cigars.
Cartwright & Barclay
Chatham, Oat, June 1.—Wm. Scot
colored, aged six ysars, waa Wiled
by lightning Saturday white ta •
bedroom. The mother and the other children la a room across the
hall were unhurt.    All tha wlextowf than compensated lor tbe fa»or
Tbe Sultan hates England with a
permanent and Ineradicable hatred.
Thla feeling dominates and colors his
whole policy. It ia only Ior that
reason that he tolerates Germany,
which otherwise he dislikes. Enijiand
baa, always been the friend or the
Reform Party la Turkey, end tha
Sultan ls the great reactionary who
baa trodden the Reform party In the
dust. But worse than that, England, pretending to ..help Turkey,
took possession of Cyprus, nominally lo enable her to guarantee Turkey against Russia, and Asia Minor,
but really (aa it seem* to the
Turk*) by pure theft, because all
pretense of using Cyprus sa .a.basis
of operations against Russia in Asia
Minor was abandoned in 1860, and
yet England kept Cyprus.
Now to the Sultan the sting lies
In this, that Cyprus waa his private
appanage, and not part of the state
and tha whole revenue of Cyprus
went to the Sultan's privy purse.
But, worse still, at flrat the English
paid oyer the Cypriote revenue — a-
bout £95,000 a year—to Constantinople, but attar tbe Qhdstoalaa
government come Into power in 18H0
thla revenue .was 'diverted to pay in-
tercet on the. Turkish debt, emptying
the Sultan's private purse Into tha
top of tbs European bondholders.
The Sultan therefore, welcomed'the
German intervention, for the Germans encouraged him to govern aa
he pleased. They wen persuaded
him that railways ware necessary for
military; efllclenoy, end showed tbat
tbe Hedju railway must lie the foun
dation of hit Khalifats. Yet the
railways be baa mads aad tbe Moslem schools that he has founded ore
tbs surest means ol educating / hla
people, and education la tbe inevitable enemy ot autocracy.
Tbt German policy haa seemed to
bt vary, successful h> promoting German Interests ia Turkey. But atter
aU tbt ground fact It tbat tbt Oef.
nwa policy wat on opportunist policy, and tbt English policy. Ignorant and 111 managed as it haa been,
wat founded on deeper prlMspJte.
Htttory. will record hereafter that
tbe former proved a failure, aid
tbat the hatred of a people mon
In tbe houtt
' brokea.
aa tvaaeacent tyrant.
aging Mmo,
man who haa Invented a corset for
men and ls anxious to havo it adopted by tho United Statos Army.
According to a service paper, Mme.
Jacques believes that the men's corset "is especially valuable lor officers as they got on in years and
become obese, and urgos that it
would be distinctly helpful for dfll-
cors who are obliged to take practice rides, reducing tho discomfort of
such active exorcise and tending .to
prolong their period of active service."
The corsets should be tested by all
means. Is not . Surgeon Genoral
O'Reilly aware that mon wore corsets bofore women did? Does he not
know that corsets were purely a mas
culino blessing, and were stolon by
women along with many other valuable properties belonging to men?
Not only was the corset a man's attribute, but it wos especially the
prized equipment of men of war.
The warrior of tho real old fighting
days would as soon have gone Into
battle without his corselet of steel.
The protection nf the corset and the
.sense of security It conveyed to
drooping spirits turned tho tido of
battle more than onco and made cowards hold. The map of Europe
would not be what it ls today tflt
had not been for the quiet but effective support of the corset.
Now that ninety-mile rides are ,to
be undortakon by the swivel chair
cavalry of the Army, lt ls fitting
that corsets should be provided as a
flrst aid and comfort. If tho corset
was mado of rigid steel plates, attached to the saddle, the ofllcor Immured within thom would bo certain
to stick on and comploto the rido.
But evon a modified corsot would bo
of great assistance ln barreling and
hooping the agitated spirits of the
unpracticod horsemen.
Surgeon' General O'Reilly is an officer of sympathetic temperament and
of u»ido. Knowledge. Nelthor his
warm hoart nor his professional experience can contomplato without alarm the'terrible danger incident to
cross-country riding on tho part of
obese and elderly warriors. Any
thing that , will alleviate suffering
and reduce mortality shou.d bo adopted by the medical department on
the ground of, humanity. If pillows
are barred, arid If officers aro not
to be,permitted to take anaesthetics
thoy should havo tho right to wear
corsets as a matter at dolf-defonse.
■ Jacques Is right.—Washington
thoir appearance 111 thom. So far,
one has emerged in tho now
gowns, which aro described as fitting
to the body tighter than the skin
to a grape. Tho gowns aro so classic and tight-fitting ns woll as so
transparent thut they cause onlookers to rub tholr eyes in amazement.
Tho most sensational of the shoath
gowns have a divided skirt showing
tho outlinos ol tho lower limbs. It
Is expected that somo of tho shoath
gowns will be worn by a fow actresses on the vaudeville stage in
New York very soon, but whether
anyone will venture out on Filth
Avenue or Broadway ln this startling garb Is decidedly doubtful.
TACOMA, Juno 1.—Tho refusal of
James Galnsford, special watchman
on board the British steamer 8u-
verlc, Capt. Wm. Shotton, loading
lumber here tor Manila, to allow the
crow of seventy Chinamen tu co a-
shore yesterday, so maddened tbem,
that they attacked him with hatchets, marline spikes, batch bars and
othor weapons, breaking one of his
ribs and otherwise injuring htm. But
for the' timoly arrival of the ship's
flrst officer and other white members of the crew the Chinese would
have succeeded In lynching Gains-
lord with a rope that some attempted to put around his neck.
The aged watchman lought them
off with his revolver and shot ono
of his assailants through tho wrist.
No arrests were made but the incipient mutiny may bo looked into
by immigration oillciais.
ROME, June 1.—The experiment ot
Leon de la Grange, the French oero-
plnnlst, here this morning, came to
nothing through a mishap to tho
machinery. M. De la Grange started magnificently and began to fly
rapidly, but alter going 800 yards,
the aeroplane suddenly fell from a
height ef 800 foot. M, De la Grange
was unhurt. lie was considerably
disappointed at tho incident, but
smilingly sold: "Those are tbs un-
certulntitles of thla profession."
The accident was caused by something going wrong with the motor.
The Queen's mother, who had witnessed the trial, congratulated him
on the success ho hod mado and expressed regret tho accident had occurred.
Photograph ls Takon of tho Eyo  of
Woman Found Dead Which Ro-
vcals -Faco of Man and Characteristics That May Load
to Discovery ol tho
Potts for tho prosecuting rival faction. Mr, 0. Barker also arrivod beforo the court closed to act for one-
of the prosecution.
An interesting situation developed
whon tho mnglstrato opened tho case.
It sooms that whon the constables
mado the arrests a warrant had boen
sworn out for tho arrost of four
Chinamen whoso names wore known
and indicated In tlio warrant, and
"others." Tho "othors" who woro
IS Chinamen, and the four namod,
woro in court. The magistrate asked
on what charge tho mon woro arrested whon Chiof Crossan got up to explain. Mr. Potts objectod right
aWay, saying that us Chiof Crossan
did not mako the arrests and did. not
go out to Chinatown when tho arrests :woro, made, ho was not in a
position any moro than any one else-
present, to givo the necessary information.
As the magistrate could not find
out what lhe Chinuiuon woro arrested for, tho court utljouineil till S
o'clock to hear what the constables
who uiado tho arrest.' had to say.. In.
the uieiin'tlnio Mr. Potts got out another iiu'oritiiition afedinst the arrested Cliintinien for unlawfully touring down a houso on othor people's-
properl y.
Tho whole qilestlnn, which is:
wrought with legnl technicalities,,
sepms to bo whetlior the . Cinnamon
who had built tho houses In-old'Obi-
iialown■ had a light. 10 tear Uiom.
down.--and remove them, seeing, that
Lho proporty on which thoy woro situated belonged to other peoplo.
At, .'1 n'rlo'-k the court room was
packer!, Ine audtont-o boing composed
largely af Cliineso from both factions. . Nu'vor bofore -in Naur.imo-
Jiavo so many 'diiuese been scca tn
a public place.
Jir. Potts and Mr. jturker ■ withdrew the Information and ull tho
proceedings takon thereunder, including .ho nrrests, warm-its, etc., in
. not- to go on with the other in-
'nrmution that hail oeen laid by
them. Mr. Simpson at onco advised
tho prisoners to loavo court, whicli
advice thoy promptly actod upon. I*
was thon decidod that the other
charge laid against thc Cliiiuiwuv for
tearing-down tho'buildings, lam ' by
tlio old Chinatown faction. ..ould be
hoard a week from Wodneday nt 10
Outsido logal in -ice, as well as
local lawyors will 01 peal' for the
Chinamen, both side.- of whom are
louving nothing iinono to gain an
Tho wholo fight vill evolve around
the titlos of tho ' -ipei-ty in dispute,
whether the now owners ol old Chinatown .in buy-in-;- the land, also acquired tlio build i;rs or whether those
who ow'iod 'the Tilldings on tho leased land had u right to remove them.
(Saturday Sunset)
Chatham, Ontario, la agitated over
the deportation of a numbor ol English Immigrants from that city. The
matter was up for discussion in the
Sons of England Lodge and tho tacts
brought out aa reported In the local
newspapers, would indicate that the
affair is one which, had lt occurred
In a foreign country, would very
probably have challenged the attention of tho Foreign Olllce. No charge
appears to have been made against
these people other than that they
wore poorly off In this.world's goods.
Ono of thom has a Hi-year's record
as an employe ot tho Woolwich arsenal.
These people wore brought to Chatham apparently by an employment
agency which promised work, but
failed to provide It. After remaining
in tho city all winter thoy wero unceremoniously bundled up ond packed
bock to England on the report of the
government Inspoctor.
There were in all flve families
Whilo a British Immigrant may be
deported for having a criminal record or be prevented from landing
If ho is likely to become a public
charge, a Jap coolie may not be deported at all, undor our patriotic
We bring In hordes ol Doukhobors
who are an unmitigated nuisance,
running about the country naked, to
the scandal of decent folk, while to
prevent thom from doing so wo have
to support-them In Jail. Wo allow
the country to be overrun with atil
loto-carrylng Dagoes.   We permit the
murderous Galaclans to herd up In ' ALTOONA, ILL., Juno l.-Boliof in
Wlnnipog and monopolize tho greater the theory that tho last object seen
part of the time ol policemen, mag- by a murdored person may bo fixed
Jailors and sheriffs In   ap-[as a photograph nogatlvo In tho re-
TIME TABla**! NO. i.
Traint Leave Ladysmith
Dally ate a.m.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday
At- 9:00 and 18:88.
For Victoria.
Trains f\rrii*e at Udytmith
Dally it 11:87.
Wednesday,   Saturday  and  Sunday,
At 11:87 and 17.85.
- From Victoria.
CEO. I. Nn|Tf|H,V
District Paasenger Agent.
103 Government St., Victoria
Tipping is admitted to bo a bad
habit, but lt Is firmly ostabllshoil. A
young fellow who took hls beat girl
to supper felt that he. must conform
to custom, and handed out his coin
with liberality, ao that no one In
the restaurant was overlooked. After
thoy had boon swung through the revolving door, she said:
"DM you give that man at tho
door anything?"
"No.  Why?"
"He ought to have had the moat,
tt*    tame He Ut us out."—St. Louis Republic,
: ap;-      - - ■     	
istrates, .
prehending, trying, Immunlng and
hanging them, We encourage the
scum of the earth to come in and Inherit our land—and a fair modicum
of the whiskey of the land.
But the town of phatham, Itself
more than half nigger, takes ' flvo
English families by the scruff of tho
nook and .fires them out of the country, Put the beat face on the proceedings which may bo, the thing Is
scandalous;   It la outrageous.
If they all had criminal   records,
tlna caused Coronor Strooper to have
a photograph takon of 0110 eyo of a
Woman whoso body was takon on
Thursday from the Mississippi river
and who lt Is thought was murdored
and.thrown Into the river. Tho developed photograph handed to the
coronor, shows a faint outline of the
faco of a man with a hooked noso,
and boars other clues.
Tbe coronor says ho will try to
flnd a possiblo murdoror by tho use
, of this photograph.   A post mortem
Steel Is iron free from dirt, ah-
or foreign substance fused with
carbon. iCartwn gives toughness
steng th, kecness and life;   • »
Thirty year's study of the rator
situallon has shown a way to 1—
add thc highest pcr cent of
carbon to a Carbo Magnetic
tor blade throua a secret
whloh Is highly Improbable, they had'examination established the ubsonco
beon ln the country at lesst alx of water In tho lungs although the
months without sny chsrge having ■ body had evidently been in tho wa-
lieon brought against them. Their;tor several weeks and tho nook waa
only orb-no   wat that thty    wanted broken.
processor ELECTRIC TEliPCR-
INO giving it a uniform diamond like hardness-something absolutely Impossible
with lire tempered > raiors,
■nd they arc Hamburg ground,
But Test this UNCONDITION.
home-or have your barber l__
Hon you-for thirty days WITH.
Ladysmith Hardware Co.
minute hand ,.20   feet U8COH  ^-APPROACH
PETERBORP, June 1.—Word has Secretary ol
been received here of the terrible experience of Samuel Long, a Peter-'
tmi-ii man, who has been employed
in a lumber camp in Algoma. Leav-
ing camp on a fishing expedition he
lost his way, for sixteen days wan-
Agriculture Says Carcasses ol Tuberci.'     Oattle Are
Not Sold, but Bureau Chief
Declares They Are.
CHICAGO, May 29.—Socretary   ot
long and weighs a  third of a  ton
and tho   weight of the entire   clock
Is close to    six tons!     Red electric
REGINA, SASK., Hay 30.-Llquor
len of the     province presented
bulbs mark the hours at night   a ,d monster pBtltion to membors of tho
while     bulbs    indicate    the    mid-It. govel.nmont yeateraav uuu a(Jdreased
personal letters to each of the members of the legislature. The petition
asks for    continuance of the present
t--T*M.\ Snth7wn^w^it«^.A^l-T-W,to^^..'1^     Che^ou^NT^unoT-fbol.. . ,.       , ,       ,.    ,,
--- cattle    artier tube In the    engine rqom of the >yai*w ot Ucensiug and particularly
American lino stoamer St. Louis ex- sets itself against local option. It is
Tho usual crowd wns at tho opera
Houso last night and tho programme
was woll received, tho picture, "The
Shipowner's Daughter," drawliij-
forth an exceptionally warm recop-
tlon. The IV ..niid's Daughter and the
bunch of comics woro also woll received, although tho pictures were
not qulto up to the usual high stan
dnrd, Tho explanation that Messrs
Colo & Kllllck glvo is, they put In
now niiichino bend yostorday and
It was not qulto In flrst class run
nlng order, but It will be In shape
for tonight.
Tonight Is the last of this pr i
grammo as there will bo an entire
ehniigo on Mondny.
PHILADELPHIA, June l.-An entire-family, consisting of W, Eldel-
mnn, aged 37 yeara, his wife Elizabeth aged 32, and tholr two ohildren, Anna, agod 17, and William,
aged 7, were drowned in Fauken
Crook, near Rlmverton yesterday by
the capsizing of a small row-boat.
The family wes taking an outing In
celebration of the fact that tho father had cleared, off the mortgage on
their homo.
J> Floods have wrought great
jj damage In the neighborhood of
£ tho city of l'achliiuu. In the
# ast two days eighteen people
uro said to havo boen drowned, and tho village of Rathula
e.itireiy wl| ed out of oxlst-
4   ence,
™ The e;tont of tho property
loss is not given. Tho flood
was cuiiB.-d by a cloudburst,
« which caused tho Buranca, us-
Jj. unlly a dry bed, to. be trans-
2 f>rnifd Into a river.
Watertown, N.Y., June 1.- Miss
Orthe Iluphen, of Oxbox, shot her-
solf and sweetheart, Barn! Latdlaw.
Laldlaw's wounds will not prove total, but the young woman will die,
as the result of the self-inflicted injuries. The scene ot the shooting
waa ln Jefferson county on a farm,
Miss Iluphen is 22 yeara old.
Hamilton, Ont., June 1.—Fannera
trom Niagara peninsula predict that
the fruit crop this year will be the
greatest in history and claim there
Is- no oarlety ot fruit that will be an
exception. Cereals and hay are unusually heavy in the district.
London, June 1,—Despite the
fact that ahe waa using but
three propollors, tbe Meuratan-
la, w.iich left Liverpool May
27, la making a remarkable
trip to New York. She hat
already broken one ocean record, She covered 083 knota
Irom noon May SO to noon on
Hay 81, averaging 28.5 knota
an hour.
food. At the ond of the tenth day carcasses or tubercular
his gumboots gave out and he tore su,u 'or 'Poo),
off pieces of his shirt and trousers, whl*>* Informed that Dr. A, B. Mel-
and wrapped thom about Ids feet. "'"• <*lll<>' "' the Bureau of Animal
At tho end of the sixteenth day, Industry, stated they woro sold, Soon May 25, he came to a lunibor "etary Wilson declared that Molvln
camp and was looked aftor. was not familiar with his subject.
t         I   Molvln stated that his bureau had
BOYS HELD UP PASSENGER    'no authority to inspect or condemn
TRAIN, j meat sold In the stato in which tho
„ .»._-,  tt   t ■ ■ *■■_, 7"   _,      . slaughtering took place. His Jurls-
BUTTE, Mont., June 1.—Four boys rt,„,,°     ...    , _ ,_ ,      '. .
a a    t n-. i _, n   t a "lotion oxtendod ovor tho ntorstato
were arrested at Great Fall   today, ^  .
and   they confessed to participating
in a  holdup last night of passengers
on a Great Northern train.
Tho four boys are Albert Hnch
aged 16, Wm. Randall 17, H. Rhea-
mcys 15, and Geo. Crosawell 16.
Accosding to the confessions, the
holdup was planned end carried out
under the generalship ol Hacli, the
youngest, who is said to have turned the switch, ordered the engineer
to back up, and went through the
passengor coaches with the conductor at the point of the gun t0 collect
monoy from the passengers, According to tho older boys, It was
Hnch, who shot Wm. Dempsey, a
passenger, and narrowly missed
shooting the conductor,
THE building when the Grand Jury's re-
[port was presented, in readiness to
give bonds. Price is charged with
conspiracy to defraud. He was released on  $7,000 bail.
A second charge against Price is
bribery. It is reported, that other
pel-sons were Indicted with him.
LA PORTE, Ind., May 20.- In
making plans to assist in lhe defence.
of Ray I.nm,there, u.idur indictment
for tho inurc'er of Mis. Belle Guluoss
in whose burying t-i-oum1 'i-urtoon ol
her alleged victims were Interred,
Mayor Darrow, of Lo Porto, lust
night declared ho would prove that
tho charred body ol the woman discovered In the ashes ol tho G illness
home was not that of the alleged
murderess, but tho remains of a
young woman who disappeared a
year ago.
Further than thla Darrow would
make no statement.
ploded while tho vessel was entering 'ajgnod by 10,878 names, ol those 9,-
tho roads this nioi-iiinir.   Threo   fire- ......    ... . ._.,  ,    , .'.n
tho roads this- morning,
men woro badly scalded.
LONDON, May 80.—With the conclusion of the visit to England of
Ptesident railleries ol France, Increased attention Ib being presented
as to whether the conversation between King Edward and President
Fallierlos and the British foreign
ministers will lead to the developing
of. existing enclonto botweon Great
Britain and France into an alliance
ln which Russia will be a  party.
At a conleronco betwoon Sir Ed-
wurd Gray, British secretary ot
state for foreign affairs, and M. Pi-
chon, the French foreign minister,
the subject of a more formal agreement between their respective countries and the coming visit ol King
likhvard to Emporor Nicholas was
discussed, so that King Edward, as
well as Sir Charles Hardlnge, permanent undersecretary for foreign affairs ond formor British ambassador
to .Russia, who v.'i accompany His
Slid are farmers and ranchers, 4,15V
are business men and bankers, 827
are professional men, 2,li'7 are ar-
tizans and 300 are travellers. The
remaining fifteen are clergymen.
Licensed vlctuaiers point out that
vested interests of members of tho
association amount to uearly eight
million dollars and Unit tliey employ over two thousand hands.
When a malignant growth appeared on the eye ol her pot terrier Mrs
Jack Wade, of Boston, called in six
of that city's moBt prominent Burgeons to proscribe.
LONDON, Ont., May 80,-Exces-
sivo tiei.it in l-orriii's biscuit factory
caused a cat to go mud yesterday,
und in ita violence it attacked two
young women the Misses 1'oulter and
Klsliel, inflicting u number ot bad
scratches before It wns killed. The
wounds were immediately cauterised,
Hydrophobia boa nut .at developed,
although there is thought to be some
danger of lt.
Minneapolis, Minn., May 80.—Preparations ore completed lor the laying of the cornerstone tomorrow tor
Majesty, .rill be able to place betore the „„„ cathedril. t0 bo ^^ ln
the Russian n i ewe not only thi, cltv and jnd|cat0 tblA ^ „„„„,
of their own t ntry but those ot wU1 bo one 0, th„ ^^ uoUbU) „,
France also with respect to a closer thehiBt0Iiv of tie Roman Catholic
understanding between Great Britain chureh jn th. northw(!,t. rhau.
France and Russia. {anda of visitors are expected to  at-
Tho British government, it Is    be- j^
"Let me see some of your black
kid gloves," said the lady to a shopman. "These are not the latest
style, ere they?" she asked when the
-loves wero produced.
"Yes, madam," replied tho shopman: "we havo had them In stook
only two days.
■ Tied favors a military alliance and
the further Isolating of Germany hut
there is much opposition in this
country on the ground that It would
necessitate an increased military ex-
iwndlture and possibly conscription,
und also would lead Great Britain
Into continental quarrels in which
sho was not interested.
A majority of the press and of tho
public are saying that it would bo
bettor for Great Britain to leave
woll onough ulone and devote hor
efforts to ensuring the continuance
of tbe entente with France.
The latest Information about    the
steamer Lonsdale, which was In port' yunco in value,
this    week Is   that   Capt. Pcrctval
Shadlorth, of tho ataamer, bae    ten-
"I didn't think they were, because dered hla resignation to the owners
the fashion paper Bays black     kids „f the    vessel, Sir J. Lalng & Co.,
have tun stitches and vice versa.   I 0n account of friction botweon   him
"oo the tan stitches, tut not tho vice
The shopman explained that vice
'■I'l-sa was French for seven buttons,
o she bought threo pairs.
NEW YORK, Mny20.-"Tony Pastor, known to threo gonerntions as a
singer, minstrel ami theatrical maim
ger, was seventy-one years old today. As usual ha rocoivod a large
number ot birthday greetings Irom
those of the profession whom ho
helped to mako famous, among tho
numbor being Lillian Russell, May
Irwin, Lew Fields and Nat Goodwin
Mr. Pastor has beon a figure in
the theatrical world since ho was six
years old, when he made his first
appearance as a duet singer ln a
place on Dey streot, Sinco the close
of the -civil war ho has controlled a
playhouse of his own in this city.
For many years ho hud a theatre on
tho Bowery and once ho ventured
over on to Broadway, but this did
not prove very successful.
For the past- twenty years—it will
Jyst be twonty years noxt Octobor—
"Tony" Pastor's theatre has been a
landmark In East Fourteenth street.
Tho houso is part of tho Tammany
Hall building. When that famous
Democratic organization erects
new home farther uptown, as it has
practically decided to do, Mr. Pastor and his temple of vaudeville will
be obliged to vacate. But tho popular "Tony" Is not worried ovor tho
prospect. H will probably be somo
years boforo the change Is mado and
when lt -comes, bo it Boon or lato,
Mr. Pastor iB ready to retire with
an ample bank account and a magnificent home over on Long Island.
An Ohio lawyer tolls of a client
of his—a German larmer, a hardworking, plain, blunt man—who lost
hla wife not long ago. The lawyer
had sought him out to express his
sympathy; but to his consternation
the Teuton laconically observed: .
-"But I am again married."
' "You don't' tell me:" exclaimed the
legal light.'   "Why, it hat been but
a  week or    two   since you burled
your wile."
"Dot's.to, my front; but she ll as
dead as offer she vtll bt."
»      ' ■ i ■. : '
"What brought you here, my poor
fellow?'* the Chicago settlement
worker asked.
"I married a new woman,    air,
the prisoner groaned. ■    .
"Aha, and she was so domineering
ond extravagant that It drove you
to extravagant courses, eh?"
"No; the old woman turned up."
■     ' ♦       ;	
and Oaptl Woorsnop. manager of the
line and representative ot the charterers.
Capt. Worsnop, manager ol the
Canadian-Mexican Hue of steamers,
was this morning interviewed In regard to the seizure of cigars on the
Steamer Lonsdale, because of thoir
not boi■>,- declared until the ship arrived at Nanaimo, He stated that
the Intimation of the Colonist, as
reported' in yesterday's issue, that
the management had taken no steps
to prevent any such occurrence was
false. When he arrived Irom England, a week ago, he was notified
by the customs department that
smuggling was being carried on by
their ships. For thiB reason he had
written a letter to Capt. Shad-
forth, three days before the arrival
of the ship, telling him of the notlco ho had received. The management woro In no way connected with
the failure to notify the customs of-
'lier    or    ol    any false declaration
•I- do.
A Chinese tailor testifying in Vancouvor yostorday at the Claims Enquiry relatlvo to tho recent riots,
said, "If white people did not buy
their goods from me, I would hare
to go out of business."
The laying of the cornerstone will
be preceded by a big parade ol cadets, societies und othor members ot
the faith. The cominittee in charge
of this feature of tho demonstration
estimates that at least 85,000 persons will take part In the procession.
IN B.  0.
VICTORIA, Mny 80.—The report of
the Minister of Mines for tho year
1007 has Just appeared. It shows
tho valuo of mlnorol production $25,-
882,880 as compared with $24,980,-
51(1 last yea-- telng the largest In
tho history ui biio province. The heavy increase is attributed largely to
conl, which shows increased tonnage
ond with increased prico a large ad-
Well on to 300,000
tons moro coal and ovcr 22,000
tons ot coke was the increase over
the year 1906. The value of coal
and coke increased ovor two million
dollars. In gold thore was a falling
off ln both placer and lode. Silver,
copper and load also had falling off
both In tonnago and valuo. The report points out that tho coming
yoar should bo very radical in the
increase in coal production as several now companies will be producing.
PORTLAND, Ore., May 29.-Call
ing the members ol the Y. M. C. A
'east Christians," Dr. 0. E. S.Wood
of national reputation as a scientist
and philosophical anarchist, severely
arraigned tho directors of that organization tor refusing to rent their
public hall to Miss Goldman.
- Dr. Wood made hla remarks while
introducing Miss Goldman to an audience here yesterday. He said:
"I have no doubt that a majority
of the young men In the Y.M.C.A.
are Christians, because Christiana
are popular and because It's easy. I
also doubt seriously that the directors in this institution would have
enlisted in the cause of Christianity
at a former time, when Id- doing so
they would bo In danger of being
bound to the faggot pile."
NEW YORK, May 29.-When Mayor Wittpen, of Jersey City, pressed
a tiny button he set In motion tho
mechanism of tho largest clock ln
the world located on the top of
Colgate it Co.'s factory on the river
front of the latter .city.
New York, May [iO.-Declnrlng that A" tno Riant minute hond began to
Oohn '' Vara had committed an at-, mov° the boats on the river and tho
soult on her tlx-ytar-oM daughter,, factories on land Joined ln the chor-
Mrs. Philips thot aad Instantly kill- ut of whistles. The dial of the
ed Mara ' In Brooklyn today. She "look Is visible for miles along the
wat arrested. Hudson river. It It 88 feet In die.
 _-.i meter, with aa area ot 1,184 square
TORONTO, May 80.-According to
Ontario Agricultural departments,
crop bulletins for the middle or May,
the general tenor ot reports ere favorable regarding fall wheat, rye
wintered even better than fall wheat,
Reports ol clover range Irom excellent to poor, alslke doing better
than clover.
Vegetation—Spring promised to
open oarly but cold weather prevail
ed later and delayed growth, gross
la more advanced than tree growth.
All lortl of live stock enmo through
tht winter well, the general health
being good.
Fruit orchards came through well,
having suffered lets than usual Irom
severs cold.
Spring seeding In the Lake
district waa almost completed by tho
middle of May and In some other
western countries alto advaaed although hindered somewhat hy rain.
In the enatern half of the province,
mora particularly St. I iwrtai-o end
Ottawa counties heavy reins retarded seeding and much la yet tn be
'iSnroly you don't despise rdm because ho's a solf made man?"
Rome, May 80.—Delagroz tho
aeronaut, beat the world's aero
pluno record today, flying 12,-
750 meters, ond remaining In
the air 15 minutes ond 20 seconds.
Canadian Bank
of Commerce
[Established 1887]
Paid up Capital.. .$10,0*9,100
mi $.,ooo,«oo
Savings Bank Deposits of $1
and upwardi received, and
interest allowed at current rates.
L. M. do GEX,   Manager.
From prize winning Stock. Barred
Rocks, Black Langshans, Black Mir
orcas. Buff, White, and Brown Leg
horns, Blue Andulualuns and Blaci
Orpingtons, Buff and White Cochin
Bantams, and Golden Soabrlghts.
Eggs $2.00 por 13; others at $1
per 18.
Mount View Poultry Yards
live-Acre Lots, Nanaimo, B.C
LA PORTE, Ind., May 80.- The
auction sale of the personal property
left by Mrs. Belle Guiness yesterday
wus attended by between lour and
five thousand people. Some of tho
articles brought five and ten times
their coat price, lt is estimated the
total receipts were more than thtee
times what they would have been at
an ordinary sale. The post card
venders and fakers and refreshment
and luncheon stand owners did
thriving business.
At one time during the day more
than live hundred rigs were tied ar
bout the farm. The greatest Interest occurred in the sale ol the horse
driven by Mrs. Guiness, the pony
and cart driven by the Guiness children and a shepherd watch dog. AU
ol these were secured by local people and all brought fancy prices, the
dog alone selling for $170.
Coronor Mack last night filed another intjuest report on one of the
identified bodies. He is unable to
determine the cause of death, though
it is charged that tho man was mur
dered by poisons to the coroner unknown.
cording to an official telegram Irom
Athens, a mall steamer with 150
women and children, refugees from
the island ol Sumoas, bas arrivod
at Syra Island and reports tho continuation of a serious situation in
Samos. The refugees soy that a battalion of Turkish troops recontly arrived at Vutchy, the capital ot tho
island, and at once commenced tot
-fire indiscriminately. Muny peoplo
were killed or wounded. The story
ol the refugees Ib not believed here..
The Greek government Is urging the
three powers undor which Samoa ls
being protected, France, Great Britain and Russia, to send warships
to the Island. The porto is anxious for a settlement of the trouble with the least possible bloodshed,
there to use great moderation. There
Notlco ot Examinations.
NOTICE Is hereby givon that examinations   will    bo hold for lst, 2nd,
and 3rd   Class   Certificates ol Competency   under the provisions ol the
"Coal   Minos Regulation Act,"    at
Nanaimo, Fernie and Cumberland, on
the 16th,    17th and   18th days    of
June,    1008.    and for 2nd and 3rd
Class Certificates ot Competency, at
Coutlee, on tho 16th and 17th days
ol June, 1908,   commencing at nine
o'clock in the .forenoon.
The Subjects will be as follows:—
First Class Candidates-
Mining Act and Special Rules.
Mine Gases.
General Work.
Mine Machinery.
Second Class Candidates—
Mining Act aad Special Rules.
Mine Gases.
General Work.
Third Class Candidates-
Mining Act and Special Rules
Mine Gases and General Work.
Application must bo made   to  the
undersigned   not   later than Friday,
Juno 5th, 1908, accompanied  by the
statutory fee, as follows :—
- By an applicant  for  First    Class
I      Examination $10.00
By an applicant   for Second Class
Examination $10.00
By   an applicant lor  Third   Class
Examination   $5.00
Tho applications must be accompanied by testimonials and evidence
stating that :—
(a). If a candidate for First Class
that he is a British subject and has
had at least five yoars' expoilencein
or about the practical working of a
coal mine, and is at loast twonty-
five years of age :
(b). If a candidate for Second
Class, that ho has had at least flvo
years' experience in or about tho
practical working of a coal mino.
(c). If a candidate for Third Class
that he has had at loast three years'
experience in or about tho practical
working of a coal mino :
(d). A candidate lor a Certificate
of Competency as Manager, Overman
ShlftboBS, Firoboss or Shotlighter,
shall produce a certiflcato from a
duly qualified medical practitioner
showing that ho hns takon a courso
In ambulance work fitting hlm, tho
said candidate, to give first aid to
porsons Injured in coal mining op
By order of tbo Board.
Nahaimo,B.O.,April 4th, 1908.
. ,; -.  . JOHN W. POMURN.';
President and Managing Director.
(!EO.  0.
PTCKARS.    • ■
lhe Jones Hotel
Gatacre Strest
side tho Provinco, lo bo selected by
tho Government, after the 30th June
The design placed first by tbe Adjudicator shall receive a premium of
$700, and tho ono placed second, a
premium of S500.
The Government is not bound to
erect the building from'nuy of the
designs submitted.
If the design awarded first place is
accepted, tho premium referred to
above shall be included in tho professional foe paid to the architect,
Printed conditions governing tho
competition can bo obtained by bona
fide competitors upon application tn
the undersigned.
Public Works Engineer.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 7th May, 1908. td
Regulations for the Docking or
Mooring of All Vessels Arriving at
British Columbia Ports from Plague-Infected Ports.
(Approved by Order  of His Honour
the   Adinlnistrator-in-Council,   dated
8th April, 1908).
1. All vessels arriving at British
Columbia ports from ports infected
or suspected of being infected with
Bubonic Plague shall conform to the
following regulations:—
(a.)' Vessels shall ho moored
docked at a distance not less than
six feet from wharf or land:
(b.) Ropes or chains connecting
a vessel with wharf or land shall
be protected by funnels of size and
shape satisfactory to Local and
Provincial Boards of Health:
(c.) AU gangways shall be lifted
when not in use, Gangways when
in use shall be guarded against the
e*it of rats by a person specially
detailed for this purpose:
(d.) All vessels changing route
to solely British Columbia ports
shall give satisfactory evidence ol
disinfection and extermination of
vermin to Provincial Board ot
2. Every owner, agent, or captain
of any vessel, and every other person violating or instructing, authorizing, ordering, permitting, or otherwise suffering any person to violate
any of the foregoing regulations
•hall be liable, upon summary conviction before any two Justices of
the Peace, for every   such offence to
fine not exceeding one hundred
dollars, with or without costs, or to
imprisonment, with or without hard
labour, for a term not exceeding six
months, or to both fine and imprisonment in tho discrotion of the convicting magistrates.
Dated at Victoria, 9th April, 1908
(By Command).
Provincial Secretary.
Charles J. Fagan, M.D.,
Secretary Provincial Board of Health.
P.O. Box 54 'Phone 44
Dealer in All Kinds of
Keats Delivered free of charge on the
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
Ladysmith, B. O.
Notlco to Architects.—Competitive
The Government of British Command has Instructed the officials bla Invite the   Architects of British
Columbia.to submit competitive do-
•   ..... n   t      .       .t   a    Islsna of a Public Hospital   for   tlio
Is little sympathy hore for    the Sa- j^^ whlcn lt ,g proposod to orect
mos who are thought to have caus-; „(, Goqultlam,   situated   near   New
od the troubles by their own folly.
NEW.YORK. May 39. - Theodore
Price, for many ycare ono   of    tho
No.   I morolv roeret that when lie' moat prominent    operatives In    tho
mndo hls voico ho didn't pitch It   In
a lowor key."—Catholic Standard.
cotton exchange, was indicted by tho
Fodoral government Jury today on
chargos growing out of the sensational exposure of tho sale of government statistics as to the cotton
Mrs. Dashaway—And hos vovr hus- crop conditions In advance of tho ls-
liend learned to drive his own auto? suance of   thiB Information   to    tho,
Mrs. Nowrlch—Yen,  Indeed:   he can   public.      Tho Indictments were   not tho design submitted,
run It jlst as e-ood ns some o' thom  unexpected by Mr. Price, and he and|   The design shall be adjudicated up
Westminster, B.C,
The designs, accompanied by specifications, reports and estimates of
cost, and superscribed, "Doslgn, Public Hospital for the Insano," and addressed to the Hon. the Chiof Com
mlssionor of Lands and Works, will
be received up to noon of Tuesday,
tho 30th June, 1908.
The designs; specifications
Fuel for Public Buildings.
Whole or separate sealed tenders
will- be received by tho Hon. the
Chief - Commissioner up to and
eluding Monday, the first day ol
June next, for supplying and doliv.
ering bost lump and washed nut coal
required at the Provincial Government Buildings at Victoria, Vancouver and New Wostminstor, B.C.
enumerated hereunder, during the
year ending 80th Juno, 1909, to bo
dolivered in such quantities and at
such timos ob moy lie directed during the period above stated.
The approximate annual consumption of coal at oach    of tho   buildings named is as follows:
Best lump coal-
Parliament     Buildings,     Victoria,
230 tons,
Govornmont Houso,  Victoria,    110
Court Houso, Victoria, 00 tons.
Jail, Victoria, 100 tons.
Court House, Vancouvor, 88 tons.
Court Houso, Now Wostminstor, 70
Provincial   Hospital    (or   Insano,
New Westminstor, 00 tons. ,
Jail, New Wostminstor, 40 tons.
Washed nut caal—
Provincial    Hospital    for   Insane,
New Westminstor, 1,200 tons.
The above.mentionod quantities arc
not guaranteed; tho quantity actually required may bo under or   above
tho figures stated.
While tenders shall bo accompanied
by a cheque tn the eum of $300,
and separate .tenders by a. cheque in
the sum of $100 on a chartered bank
of Canada, made payable to tho Hon.
the Chief Commissioner, which will
be foriolted if tho party tendering decline or neglect to enter Into the
contract whon callod upon to do so.
The cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned upon the execution ol the contract.
The Department is not bound   to
accept tho lowest or any tonder.
Tenders must bo slgnod by the actual signature of tho topdorers.
F. C, GAMBLE,     I
Public Works Engineer,
Lends nnd Works Depertmont,
Victoria, B.C., 14th May, 1908.
and Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding  ond  Party  Cakes Mado to
Order. '
Fruits and Candies ot AU Kind*
Prices aro    very   reasonable.    AU
Customers treated alike.
On the £ esplanade.
Ladysmith, B.  O.
Full Btock of Miners' Tools.    '
Ship Repairing Work J
A Specialty +
All kinds 0.' Blacksmlthlng
Done at Short Notice.
%-%*^. va>«>-a>a>a>a.«avava>a>-aya>faa>av<a
Tip Best Butcher Shop
in Town is
Roberts St. Butcher
| The attention of tho Lands
reports.Works Department having been dlr-
and estimates ol cost shall have nolected to the fact thnt town lots In
distinguishing mark or motto, tho a townsite namod Princo Rupoi-t,
author's name being enclosed in a boing a subdivision of Lot 042,
blank envelope securely attached  to Range 6, ConBt District, situated r*
the mainland .botweon the mouth   'if
the Skeona River arid Kalon Island
autocrats.--Philadelphia Press.
hie attorneys   wore at the
Federal) on by an Architect practising
out- are   being   oflered   lor sale, tt has!
boon deemed necessary to warn the
public that the said townslto Is not
situated at tho terminus of the
Grand Trunk Pncific Hallway, and is
and j not the townslto which is owned
jointly by the Govornmont of British Columbia and tho Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway Company.
Chief   Commissioner    of Lands   nnd
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.O., May lit, 1908. Im
..,..:..... i.l, :-..'.. jU-A-a-t-M GIRL'S WASH SUITS in shades of Blue Duck and Whito, with
"   Sailor Collar, or Potor Pan    Shapo.    Trimmed   Insertion.
Largo Silk Bow.   $4.50 and $5.50.
LADIES' WHITE MUSLIN SUITS.   3 only,   made   very  full,
iinil beautifully Trim-nod with Val. Lace.    $9.50 each.
MUSLIN WAISTS. A very fine selection of beautifully Embroidered Waists at Prices to suit all.
■CRASH LINEN SKIRTS.   Special   linos   at   95c,   $1.75 and
$3.50.     Couldn't got a better Washing Skirt.
WHITE LUSTRE SKIRTS.   A good quality Lustre.    Vory serviceable.    Spocitil Prices, $4.SO to $6.50.
NECK FRILLING S.   About SO boxes,   with  a variety   ol   six
frills in oach box.   Pricos 25c and 35c. por box.
BLACK LACE HOSE. 10 dozon, all sh-os.   Only 25c. por pair.
soloction of theso Goods. ,
The Rev. Mr. Millar,'pastor of the
Presbyterian church in Nanaimo, was
in town on Monday.
Mr. John Muir returned from Na-
ngimo on Monday,
Mr. Chas. Mains returned to business on Monday.
Mr. John Dunbar returned on Monday from a  visit to old Wellington.
Mrs. D. Lewis, of Victoria, after
spending a few days in town with
friends, returned home yesterday
Mrs. John Oillman returned   home
yesterday morning.
Miss Robertson returned to Ladysinith yesterday morning,from a trip
back to the Old Country.
ft,^%ma-sm8Kes»»m««« immmrXffMsasssjamKKt
town, goes .to Nanaimo.    It's   fato
waa decided on Monday  night,    the
lucky number boing B15. Thoso kind
The Tyeo Gun Club had a  big day of things   are    beginning to   show
at the traps on Sunday.    Thoro was which is the lucky town.   Cups, me-
.,   *    '.    .. i.t. i a. ..—.   rvh,.   dais, or ponies—it is all the   same.
1 i-Bt of all a   match between   (.has.  ....   '        -     ,   .    , ,      .       ..
jubi ui un u .«. What wo want to know is where they
Allan and    T. White, the stakes be- got tholr mascot,
ing the     refreshments    for the day. I -fr
Both    shooters     were    away below i   Two young Ladysmith peoplo were
form, but Charlie got homo by    tho married In St. Paul's Church,   Nan-
,.ii.      t - fu -t   .,     ui...   aimo, on    Sunday evening,   in    the
odd bird.     In the cup shoot     Wm. I peMO'M o( Mr. /„. p&Jan(i ^
Kcsserich won out with 22, being |Ellon McCulloch. The happy couple
followed by Messrs. R. B. Dier and (returned to town yestorday morning.
J. Tassen     20. II. Parrott 19, and
J. Ruasby 18. In somo jack rabbit
sweeps Chas. Allan made tho best
scoro getting 10 in ono and 9 in the
Messrs. T. McMillan, G. Muir and
A. Fnnpjhar left town on Monday
for the Klondike. Mr. McMillan has
rather a unique record. He has
beon nn employee of the Wellington
Colliery Company uninterruptedly
for IS years,     Saturday being    the
first     time    in all that period     of
yoars that    he hod drawn his time.
All their    ninny friends wish    them
good luck on their trip.
A live ipigoon sweep is to lie shot
off nt tho Cranberry hotel cn June
21. The sweep has beon set at $10
a man, and names mny be given in
to W. G. Hepple of the Grand ho-
tel-.or to C. Martin of tho Identical
hotel, Nannimo. A deposit of $2.50
must he made on enirnnce so as to
ensure tho proprietors against loss
in purchasing the birds.
Mrs. M. A. H. Reid havo returned
from a visit to Seattle nnd Vnncou
ver ofter nttonding the session of the
Grand -Lodge of Pythian Sisters at
Victoria, os a delegate from tho local lodge hore.
Messrs. G. Beattie and J. P. Sharp
were in town on Tuosdny in connection with a brochure which they are
compiling to advortiso tho Island. It
is the intention of MoBsrs. Beattie
and Sharp to produce a handsome
booklet, finely and lavishly illustrated, and thoy should havo no difficulty in doing business.
Somo of our Nanaimo visitors havo
always a kick coming. On a previous occasion they roundly and
blankly declared that there was not
onough of Scotch in thoir water. On
Saturday thoro wus to much Scotch
for the water.
Tho Shetland pony which has for
so long been one of tho sights of
the Abbotsford   Hotel,  and  of    the
Big Range of
in Fawn, White
and Fancy
Colors, Etc, from
8100 to |4 00
This afternoon the bowling alley
was again reserved for the ladies,
and it was expected that the competition would be keener than on
former occasions.
_n_r8ee Window
and buy_>
For -Star' Brand Shirts * Shoes
William's Block
'A meeting of the Citizens' League
will be hold tomorrow evening. A
full attendance of members and others Interested in the woWare of Ladysmith is requested as special business will come up  for discussion.
Mr. Parrott is still giving a dollar prize to the bowlers who each
day make the highest scores on the
alloy. The competition goes merrily on, and is bringing out the fact
that quite a few of the bowlers
are very evenly matched. Mr. Parrott is also getting up a silver cup
competition for which a dollar entrance fee Is charged. There will
be ten gomes in all, and the highest aggregate score takes the cup.
The entrance money also pays for
the games, so that a contestant,
besides his chance for the cup, gets
ton games for the dollar.
Mr. D. Johnson Is taking names
for his billiard tournament and entries can be made in the billiard
parlors. A competitor is allowed
to make throe entries, at a charge
of 25 conts for eoch entry, this fee
to cover the coat of the table for
the games. All those who intend
to take part In the competition
should give their names in as early
as possible.
Double Train   Service on the E. is
Hallway Wilt Commence Next
Saturday— AA Important
The double train service over the
E. & N. railway will ^ inaugurated
next Saturday and win be continued
at least throughout the summer. It
was stated yesterday by J. Good-
fellow, superintendent of the road,
that the time table, with the alterations, had been issued and
available to the public on application.
It was explained that the Changs
would mean that the schedule now
in vogue twice a week,' namely, on
Wednesdays and Saturdays, would
apply at all times. In other words
there would be morning and afternoon trains leaving both Victoria
and Wellington. All officials were
ono ln tbe opinion that this arrange
ment would be satisfactory to tbe
large majority of those living in
Viotoria, Nanaimo, Wellington and
other points with which toe line
waa in communication.
Another change to what baa been
a rule of the summer In connection
[with the E. & N. heretofore is the
! time of the arrivals of tne trains ln
(theovenlng at Victoria. It has been
j the custom ln the past that tbey ar-
rive in Victoria un hour later during the warm weather thaa in tbe
winter; that ls, that Instead of
reaching the city at 7 o'clock, tbey
should arrive there at 8 o'clock. After considering the matter, tbs officials have come to the conclusion to
maintain tbs same time In this respect.
'"      .      'I. in"
An agreement hu  been  signed by
the Great    Lakes Towing Company K
and its employees    which .will settle!;
Miss B. Uron wont down the
this morning.
.   RIVER.
Makes a
is bright
;; Fop Strong Boys SI
We are selling more of  those >.
Garments ovory day. Tho boys [ |
ask for   thom.     Thoy havo   a i.
' ' stylo and fit particularly thoir J j
own.    Evofy Suit guarantood. ,,
14.50 to 17.50. •',, ,
New-. Sff.riH-tu.ijM^Over Chentalnus and
Nanaimo Rivers to be .Built
'.'.  by-Uie E;"v& N.
Steel bridges will be constructed
across the Nanaimo and Chemaintts
rivers by the E. & N. Railway Co.
without dekty- The initial work, already has started, the material has
been ordered for some time, and
when it arrives everything will be
ln roadlness for Installing the new
spans. Tbjs statement was made
yesterday ' by Of; Gdodfellow, superintendent of the: line.
Yesterday morning R. A. Baln-
bridge, divisional engineer, and A.
W. Wllby, resident engineer, left Viotoria for Chemainus and Nanaimo
for the purpose of laying out the
work at both points. As soon aa
they have formulated their plans,
gangs of men will be employed making the necessary preparations for
the contemplated Improvements.
. »   r     ■	
NEW YORK, June 2. - When the
big steamer Mauretania swung in at
her pier today she had two more
records to her credit. She had beaten by seven minutes the best previous record over tbe long courso
made by her sister ship JLusitania,
and ao had made the greatest instance in a day's run ever made by
a steamship. She passed Daunts'
Rock at 4:45; a.m., on May 28, at
record speed and maintained the pace
10?. ^RDK^
- *
. 44W4-M-H4444444-H444-
throughout tho voyage. Tho fastest
time of her voyage was mado in the
last day's run when sho rolled off
685 miles in 24 hours, a new record.
Hor run by days from noon, from
Daunts Rock to Sandy Hook, wore:
May 28, 202 knots; May 20, 021
knots; May 80th, 621 knots; May
81, 687 knots; June 1st, 605 knots,
and from noon yostorday until she
reached Sandy hook, 27 knots,
4 1	
PARIS, June 2.—A special despatch from Case Blanca to the Matin says that, another unpleasant in-
cdent has occurred between tbe
Spanish and French sold'ers there,
the Spaniards placing a Frenchman
under arrest despite the protests of
the French. The commander ofthe
French' forces in Morrqco was informed of tho affair and acted with
energy, telegraphing to Col. Delulg-
ine, the commandant of the elty end
instructing him to demand rigid observance of tho Algeciasat which
the Spaniards are violating.
Popular Prices-Adults, 15o, Ohildren, 10o
Twice Daily- 7-30 and 9 p. m.
I Come to Ladysmitli for
All Work Guaranteed,
Come and
my Stock of Latest Styles in
Wall Papers.
Picture  Framing   a Specialty.
High. Street.
A fow on hand yot which are
going at
Visit tho Foundry and make
your own choice You will-
save time and money, and get
bettor satisfaction.
Mclntyre foundry
\ Company, Limited
Iron -Bod, full slzo electrical
. springs.
Woollen tops and Bottom Mattresses at  SKI.50
Throo-Quartor size at .... 12.50
One Half sizo, at.   11.50
Tho Snow Flako Mattress,—
tho Mattress for Comfort.
Samples on hand for  inspection.
6. Petepson
'Phone 18.
First Avenue
Just received at CAVIN'S
SHOE STORE—A fine line ol
Misses' and Children's Dark
Chocolate Colored Shoos. —
"Good Stock."
M Sizes 5 to 7) 	
4J Sizes 8 to 10J   fl.75
Sizes 11 to 2   $2.25
Ladies'     White
Oxfords,   ..
.'•1.-50    .
j Gavin's Shoe Store
The City
Fop the Best Bread
Orders Promptly Attended to
; Great Field Day
arid Big Regatta
Athletic Sporte, Fi?e-a-Side Football,
Pushball, Tug-of-War and Relay Hace,
Indian Canoe Races, Water Polo, Sculling
Races, Greasy Pole and Championship
Swimming Contests _______________%,
Bipt aod Best One Day
-.. - a— -I, a*.„S.1.:M WPtlW   OB   titt   IsM I
1910,    The    emn_-mV'nnmn-& '' la 1 _..   M-    -. ■■_ 	
every lake port except Milwaukee.    fv^WMWWWrTWWWWWWWIWWw,
Every Convenience,   and Everything
of the Best.
Jos. Nankivell, Prop.
Hotel Cecil
Best Liquors and Cigars.
Cakes and
in Town
15 Foct Row Boat
Cushion nnd Carpet Comploto.
First Avenue Ladysmith, B.C.
Telephone, 1 2-4
Nnniiim i, li C.    j
j. m. mof?GAN,
Teacher of Voice Production and
Engagements mny bo left at the
Standard Ofllco. .
First Class Photos.
Upholsterer and
Mattress Maker.
Repairs promptly    ■
attended to.
Setting Eggs
Full Setting for $1.00
Leave Orders at G. Roberts' Butcher
Shop, First Avonue.
David T. Davie*
Fods and lines
Flies and Tackle
For All Kinds of Fishing.
Ice Cream
10 Cents a Dish
Cigars   Tobaooos.   Soft Drinks
Excellent Boarding
Special Meal Tickets fort
.  the Week
Mra, 8. Decker,
*"* ■ -ii u-.rvLvnji.
IA New Line
Of Ladies'White! —
ZfY     ATTENDED     TO,
THAN WOOD.   .   .   ,
H. Thornley
'PHONE fl,
; J    Notlco Is hereby glvon that I shall
< i make application   to the Board   of
, Licensing Commissioners of tho Olty
■ i of Lndysmith   at their next regular
Both dainty and i j >»^ «^ V^
serviceable at     , , **• premise"   known as the Oolum-
, , bla Hotel, situate on Lot a,   Block
•. VjT • TT i      ,80, Ladysmith, from myself to Ols.
; Miss Uren s;ra"°
> '     FANCY GOODS  STORE.     ! !
.   . A. DYER,
todysmlth, B.O., Hay a, 1008.
The Committee   of the Ladyamlth
Football   Club request that all  accounts against the Club be rendered,
on or before Wednesday, Hay 20th,
A store, on Roberts Street, adjoin
ing Blair il Adam's storo.    Will   lie in order that the Club's books
  altered   to suit tenant.    Immodlato bs audited for the season.
Leave Orders at Peterson's py**^0"' ^S™" re"sonil,*l(''   ap- w. o. smpson,
furniture Store.


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