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Ladysmith Standard Jul 2, 1908

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t^ _________________
^■ia^4l'H'iil'l'ii>'i1|l':l<i"lf'l"»'lj''l'l''l"l*l"H'i'l''l'»"»-J: !
Dominion Day is Ovof
x and aftor the Holiday rush and Celebration, we are again settling
down to business, If we have missed your first of month Order,
we aro ready for you now.
Our Grocery Department is kept   exceptionally    clean and   wo ;
carry only the best of all linos.
Call and see us, and you will find our   clerks   attentive   and
Big Daj's Sports Carried Off Before Large Crowds in
Glorious Weather. -
h-i hi in in ih hiiih whi i r mmhiji ww
■ _■_■-._.-■-■S^sV.a-a'.lilli.i *ls>i»i*i*i*ia»lMis>i*».».rf
Straw Hats
Whito Canvaa Shoea, Whito Vests, and all Holiday Toggory,-
Spend your money where you got Dost Valuo,  and That's At-
YOU CAN GET1     ■*»
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc., Etc.
for White Swan Washing Powder Coiihon.
Send a Two-Cent Stamp for our Catalogue
B. C. 8-oa|> Works, HIM
♦»« «.a.»a.-«.'v»»»a
20 pap cent off
Pop Pay %k
A few Snaps in Stoves
and Ranges. Oome in
and see them. It will
pay you.
Phone 7-0,
____X___ a— _____—A■—_—i   .
and    Cloarod   out   Old Stock
i New Stock
[ ', Is now hore, and will bo open- _
.. oil up at onco.    Call and   soo
p. ua.
j-    We solicit your Repair Work, X
T snd Guariintt'o satisfaction.       \.
N. B.—Tents and ! [am-nooks t FirsTcia-Ttvorii
—complete stook.—CASH.
Hoope ^^
la Homo-Hade, Freeh Dally. Critics
pronounce it to b*   The Beat  ever
■old In Ladysmith.    Oome and  try
It,   Warranted absolutely pure.
Be, and 10c. Per Dish.
Picnic and Private Parties Supplied
by the Gallon.
■ Hooper's Parlors'
■Nt Mm* ft-Jot* la Tom.
Watchmaker and Jeweler.
Gatacre Street. .!
Oome and Make Tour
Soleotion-new stook
fresh in.
J. £. Smith,    Roberts Stree
The ilrst of July eolobration for
1908 must be voted a groat success. The committee were favored
with glorious weather und an admirable day's sport was admirably
carried through. From 0 in tho
morning until 8 o'clock at night,
when the final in the tug of war
tourney was being decided, there was
some event or othor In progress, and
overything passed oil without a.
Tho crowd, it may be said,
was not as large us hud
been counted on. The town itsoii
was en fete, with all tho banner..
Hying on the outer walls, and the.,
peopie turned out en musse. iiut tho
visitors wero not nearly so muuer-
ous as they have beon in.previous
years, and this fact wus very
ticeable on tho Spurts Uround. Still
evon in this respect the day
fairly successful und the committee
should be able to meot their liabili
ties, ^^^^^^^^^
The sports themselves wero to soma
extent spoiled by the thinness of tho
entries. It was only after considerable delay tlmt four teams-were
got together for tho tug-of-war, and
for the pushball, which tho committee had put on at considerable expense, only two sides could be got
together to take the field. It is certainly surprising thut with such valuable prizes put up for competition,
so few athletes should show themselves.
The part playod in tho days events by the home boys wns also a
little disappointing. F. Ingham secured a first In the 100 yards dash
but after that the locals could nevor
land another Ilrst. What would
have happened in the 200 yards ruco
had not Adam- failed to catch his
partner's handkerchief it is difficult
to say, but it is hardly likely that
the Indians would have got first
placo. McEwan and Hewitt made
the same mistake, und probably had
not these blunders occurred tho final
would have beon fought out lic-woen
Howlett and McEwan.
Still there Is no disposition to begrudge tho visitors their successes.
All the sports In town wero moro
than ploased when thoy loarnod that
P. Hewitt's team was coming. Paddy is a real sport, and is almost as
popular here as in Nunaiino. ' The
success of his team, ovon though it
-cry i-auu     using
uuu __.   luumn/j
o.o'uij   c-m.__Lu_.
iau luuiUg -ii u._ u\uiiu_ cj.a.iu-
ea ,v.m u tVilGoluftlTtM. r«u ■>t,
_vuuu._r.juu.- broChui'sj -, _,_>,<.. *.._..
..mi ivoi'r.
oi'UilTS OitU?:M)!
iug oi  war;    iuI    pri-e ^_d, _uiu
i*ri_e {>_.-—i-impsou ii team lii'itiuiuti
oiun-sun a   A tu-uu.     Jiuuuu,   loam
ueieuted the inuiuns.
-Uui.iiiL._i touni jH.nOfi rfiuipaoii s j_
luu yurds miners' race—1, F. Ingham; 2, isle- Vurdo.
i_auics   late, ov.r -u yours -.;■( age
—1, Mrs. JJ. Davis; 2, _£._. Uraveilo.
uirls    race, 1_   years, und under,
XUU yards,— 1, Mary Juhei'y; 2, bos-
siu Lunuuh.
Five aside Football, 1st prise $10
gol.L _ue_als; aimi pj._e, $0 inuduis—
xsl liuwitt s teum; 2nd Wynne s
l'ushbull, prizes valued ut 945 —1,
Adum's team; 2nd,  Simpsons teum.
ileluy    ruco (three   men in team)
200 yards, prize three $10 gold  medals— 1,     (jirards team; 2, Adam's
team; 3, Hewitt's team,
One mile double scull ruco fat   ladies over 10 years of ag*>—1,    Mi-s
Buines and Mrs. JJ. Davis.
Two-mile amateur double scull race
for ihcu—1st Walker and Uyaa.
One hundred yards swlnuning lace,
for boys under Iti years ot age—1,
Li). Lauderbaok, 2, W. RenwieJc,
Eleven puddle Indian canoe ruco—
1, Ku-por Islund; 2, Quamiehan.
One mile amateur single send race
for men— 1, Martin; 2, Hoggan.
One hundred yard amateur swimming race—1, Andrew Deans; 2, Job.
1, J, Duncan's team.
Fifty-yard swimming race .<
undor 10 years of age—let C
ilerlmck; 2, Johnson; 3, Fuldus;.
Walking greasy polo— 1, P. Wood-
burn; 2, Morell.
P. Cain Burned by Explosion ol
Gus Suturduy Afternoon.
Just on quitting time on Suturduy, Mr. Peter Cain, of Warren St.,
suliored u putmui accident in me
mliiu at Extension. It seems thut
Air. Cum had blasted u shot, uud ■ u
going buck to thu lace, fouucl the
roof "working." The roof uoxt began to cave iu, uud thu concussion
Drought tlbwu some gus on to Cain's
lamp. Thoro was instantly an vx.-
t.i»Nntii ami Lain was uuaulu altogo-
iij-.' to escape thu flumes. His
...ui._■>, neck and faces were ull severe
ti aUurciiBU; but (oriuiuttely the skin
waa not broken, and the injuries,
is expected, will soon heal. He
making all tbe progress that can bo
As it happened, Mrs. Cam wus
uwuy at'Vaiieuuvor. She was summoned home and got back on Mon
day morning.
New Lioensing By-Law Passed on Monday Night
Closes All Bar-Booms from 11 p. m. Saturdays
To 1 a, m. Mondays
The twenty fourth  mooting of the preamble wore adopted us read,
Oity Council wus hold in .the City
Hall on Monday evening, Muyor
Nicholson presided nnd thero were
present Aid. Itpberts, Haworth, llo-
Kinnel, Brown and Matheson.
A latter was read from tlie Canadian (Fairbanks Co., Vancouver,
stating thut they wero ablo to supply tho Council with u full equipment for their electric lighting plant
The communication was ordered bled
An application was received from
Mr. State, Toronto, for a position
in connection witli the electric lighting of the city. The application was
illed for future reference.
iV letter was received from Was-
cott Bros., stating thut they proposed putting up a doll stand for
the 1st of July, but that they
thought $10 for only ono duy was
too high. Five* dollars was all they
paid in Nunuimo, and thoy thought
it was enough.
It was found that thc by-law pro
.,    .ided for u    fee of   $10, but    Aid
tero-H in town wus brought up Lu.oru Cuml)bell prut(JsLl,a that thelr 8U0ty
-aagistratus -Outm-sou und -uenoison htirdly cuiuo into the list,
on Jaouday     evening.       patsy iiey-     The Muyor, however, retorted that
noius,   u    young lellow wen   .mown there wus no doubt it wus an urtili-
, '    __        ,     ■.,   ,u    .... r* uiul  curiosity,  and,  on motion,    the
m town, Wus charged with the thoit /'       '          .     . '...   .
*                <* commUulcatlou     was   ordered   bled,
of over thirty dollars ■ from tbe till tuo applicants to bo notified   of   tho
of the Jones hotel, whore lie stuys, Council's decision.
un i-Uuduy, June ___t. Accounts totalling i?tlit>_..15 were
The evidence     showed that     Key- r^n'ed to tbe Finance Committee to
it'll i-Uowu     loung    Man uhur^ou
vritn iheit .rom u Via.
A case wiucn created uuusual   ills
Uie by-law ucceptcd as a wholo
read u third time.
Aid. CnmpbeJI'a notice of motion,
regarding tiie letbering of horses oa
the streets was thou read and tho
Council adjournod.
be paid ii found correct,
Aid.  Haworth  reported  a   lot
Roberts Street to be overgrown with
brush which u spark might easily set
nolds bad in his possession when arrested a key which fitted the    barroom door leading from the hullway.
iiiso when taaeu to tbe lockup, Con-' on flre.
stuble Culluuder found $_._.o in ail-1   Aid. Campbell reported that    com-
in one of his pockets, and    al- ;,lui,lt1s **} bom "JJ"}" ,t0 Jlim °?*Ja
tuafusters !i:iiv!llg tlit'ir hursfs on tile
Lhough hs clonlDd having auy billo in'sll.Cots    without    weights   to   hold
hia possession,  MyhtwutcUifiuu    O'-'tliuui.    Thoro bus been a number   oi
(Jonuoll discovered *pll cuucouloU   on' rumnvuj-s     which the use ot    these
_is osi-son. iw^Bhts wuuK1 luivo i'mwM,
;., ,,        . ...    .. '   Mayor Nicholson replied tbat    the
Of these bill, thero was one    one mutler cou[ti    by romodjetl   it    Ald
dollar note which   wus identilied   by'cumpbell   would    bring in a-by-law
Air.  Walter Jones as having been in J amending the   Streets by-law.      Ac-
(From orrospondenb)
June 28.—The tug Iiormuda, whilo
coming through Cowichan Gap, lost
a large boom of cedar logs. ,The tug
was trying to get through with the
last of the ebb tide, and tho boom
swung onto a sunken rock in the
middle ot tbe Gup and thero It ,went
to pieces and the shore is strewn
with lurge cedar logs.
Sulmon Ushing is iu full swing aud
the Indians are getting large catches
There are lots of herring still at
the Gup, The Jups are getting
thein for codfish buit. The oldest
Indians here say they don't remember how long it is since they saw
herring ut the Gap in such large
quantities ut this souson of the year.
Archie McKinnon, of Ladysmith,
passed the Gup on the "fly" Sunday evening. Uut there is;an excuse for him this time, us he got
stuck on the mud in tlie passage between Thetic and Kuper Islands.
But don't do it again, Archie.
Uuite u few American yachts havo
passed this way and have enjoyed a
duy's ushing.
the till, and by anothor witness
having boen tendered at the bar
Saturday evening. '
Another witness testified thut while :l'use'
cordingly Aid. Campbell gave notice
of motion thut at the next meeting
oi tho Council he would beg leave
to introduce a by-law for this   pur
Tho big I wrestling match in Nunu i
mo on Suturduy night, wus won  by
_^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^___      Bruce AShuuin in two straight fulls,
invol.otl tho iinniliilution ol Wynn'a Tuis «lv,!a tno r-bbet to Ashmun, al-
rtv„   --.* i__i    „ „ , though It Is doubtful whothor it will
flvo, wus Immensely popular. 1|JQ Jmvled a8 a flmll eoui^.t   of
lho regatta, like the Hold sports, the question which was Ilrst rulsod
did not draw tho number of athletes! some four yours ugo. There iB, how-
It ought to have done. Howevor 0V(ir- no denying the fact that liruce
.t._      _ , .'• worked for and deserved the decision
there wcre some good ovonts,     nnd on Sllturdny night,
ulong tho spit, un tho bay, ond    a-|   Speaking broadly, tho match   w-as
long tho bnnks, wus scon the great- disappointing, particularly us un exeat croiwl of the day.     Thoro    wasMdbltion of wrestling.   Suit's    ono
u»j.     ,„.,A    „,u> |)llln at octjon H11S t0 cnus0 Ashman
happily a cool broozo blowing up to pluy himself out. Consequently
tho harbor, and this muile the    nf- ho wrestled entirely on,tho dofensive.
ternoon's   sport-thoroughly   onjoy- Nnvo1' ol"'° ''"''"'B tbo whole of   tho
I, first bout, which lasted ovor un hour
' 'did ho reach out for Ashman's  nock
There    was   ono novel and special or make a dive for a leg. Ashman,
feature of tho regatta which deserves ""It- all tho will In tho world  could
Individual mention.    This was    tho "ot, g.1 b?llintl'   a.".ly rif"'   .ga?
,   ., , - it    . * single chanco nnd Bruco's best  of-
soleotions    glvon by tho Ladysmith (nrts ,vwu ollher stallod oft -or coun-
niale voice party.     The local    sing- tored.
ers     wero    strongly   reinforced   by    ''"'' 8n tno ,u",t wei,t on u"'"ove"
friends from Nonalnio, and Mr. Jesse rof(,m' °!; n*' ,w]'.° wns n,°* t0,  "l"
' "u mv-m gumc  exhorted the men to go to It.
-vans, of \ Icturlu, once more cblm- pirst Suiuly and thon Bruce hnd a
ed In with hia friends. Tho party brief spell on lop; but during tho
aung from tho whurf, and the broozo whol° hm"' ,h<TC wns not fl''J  ml""
reuohlng to tho crowda on tho shore.
utes wrestling on tbo mnt.
| Spectators got nn inkling of what
wus rather against their voices n wearisome exhibition thnt of;
But overy piece was enthusiastically 'Ootch, and Baokonschmldt must hnvo
received and those ln tho Immediate he<"1'   Bru™ ma ,onoa io do "" tho
.tninit      , .,      ,    , . . ileudlng, nil tho work
iolnlty of tho singing pronounced lt!(0ni ,,„ kjpt ut |t v,i(n Aoggai
tho bost feature of tho roguttn.
rendition of the choruses was
least a remarkable tribute to
progress the choir hus mudo in
und truth   to
short     a time undor Air.
experienced tuition.
The sistonce. _^^^^^_^^^^___
at' Of courso, tho theorist won nt tho
.    mntch.   According to    him if Swan-
lne son hold Bruco off for 80 minutes tho
so match was coming his wny and    If
Mui'gnn'a ho hold    his     own for nn hour, the
match was ns good us won.  Tho ns-
_ ,.     ,.     ,   .        l At   a sumption wns thut Bruce Is wonk   in
Inking lt all through the day waa stnmlnn.    It did not appear on Snt-
greut    auccess, an honor to    tho. unluj-   sight.     Cortainly he looked
city, and a credit to the ability and »ioro"fnggod thnn did Sandy, but ho
had .done all the forcing, nil the
hurdest of tho. work, nnd was bound
to bo tho most niTected.    But as for
of the Celebration Commltteo.
The following Is a Hat ot the ovonts with tlie names of the prise
Glrla' race, 10 yeara and under—1,
Mary Bambeno; 2, Caroline OulTeny;
)l, Char. O'Connell.
Boys' race, 10 yeara and under—1,
Ian McMurtrie: 3, J, Lsuderhack; 8,
if, Pollock,
Three-lBirged race for boys 10 years
and under, too yards—1, McMurtrie
and I.amlorhnck; 2, Robinson and
McKay: 8, Simpson and Pollock.
Girl*' race, 14 years and under—1,
Mary flnffeny; a, B. Jonos; 8, Annie
Bo.va' raco, 14 and under—1, P.
Weir; 2, R. Robertaon; 3, R. lauiler-
Conaolntlnn prlum were then put
tip by Mean*, Trsabath, J. E.Krolth
the theorist, tho men wore still go.
ing after tho hour hnd cxpirod, and
Bruco got both tho fulls.
Snmly's waiting, tnctlcs woro Justified, no doubt, nnd he hadn't turnod
n bnlr when it wns nil ovor.- Ho
gifted with simply wonderful staying
powor, and it was his gumo to rely
on thnt strength, especially as ho
had reason to believe that this wns
his antagonist's weakest point.'
All the same Sainiy is showing no
Improvement. Few matches can bo
won by purely dofonslvo tactics, A
wrestler must bo nble to load, to
show some Initiative, lo cniiecnl his
purpose from his nntngonlst and,
generally, npnrt from tho sclenco
nnd art of the gnmc, nilnpt himself
and his style to Ills mnn. The lack
of theso qualities hns always been
Sandy's weakness. -Ashman In .the
course of tho first bout gavo Sandy
many nn opening, simply becauso he
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staying at the J onus hotol he had
very often gone to Reynold's room.
The latter nearly always had some
drink in the room and on one occasion had four or five bottles of whiskey all Ot the same brand. Prisoner
also made a statement to witness
that he had a key which would ad
mit him to the bar room, and that
he could' got anything he wanted.
Witness took no notice of this at
the time as he regarded lt us a Joke.
After hearing.nll the evidence the
prisoner' was committed for trial.
Ho was next charged with the theft
of a pair of Hold glasses from Mr.
Jesup's store, the cnso boing adjourned'until tonight.
  *  ;	
Tho victory which the local nine
secured on Sunday afternoon over
thoir old rivals from Nnnalmo, mny
glvo the game a spurt hero of which
it stands greatly In need. In tho
two previous matches this season,
the bnsebnll boys hnvo met with withering defeat nnd In their former
meetings with Nnnnimo annihilation
was usually tholr portion. Their victory on Sundny nfternoon was on
tlmt account nit tho moro welcome,
und should put heart into tho players. Thore Is no renson why there
should not be a strong bnsebnll club
hore. There nro lots of native mn-
terlnl, and this could lie strengthened by outside assistance. Tbe players need to practice. Arthur Morrl-'
son Is un active, energetic mnnagor,
nnd if the boys will turn out they
would, bofore the senson ends, mnke
a respectable showing which, In turn
would command respectable gates.
The boys are admonished to got out
nnd practice for tho return mntch
with Nanaimo.
Tbe score on Sunday wns 0—8. nnd
tho gome wns good to watch. Nnnnimo had a now mnn In Wngner wbo
ccrtninly mado good. For tho homo
boys, Joe Sanderson pitched good
hull, and Mike (logo fielded brilliantly nt short, stop.
All nrcounls ugninst the Celebrn-
tlon Committee, should be rendered
to tho Socretary, Mr. S. Weaving, on
or before Monday,. July 6th.
A   specinl
Lodge, No,
meeting of • Harmony
, I.O.O.F., will bo hold
on Saturday evening at 7 o'clocjc in
tho Oddfollows' Hall lor tho pUrposo
of Installing the new "officers.' Every
member is requested.to nttencl.
* A Convontldn of tho Con*wrva-
* tive Party of the Newcastle Dls-
* trlct will be hold   in the Opora
* House, Ladysmith, on Tuesday,
* July 7th, at 7:80 o'clock.
* Business nf the utmost import-
* nnce is to bo transacted, ana ev-
* ory member of tho party ls  ex-
* portal to be present.
The Council then went into committee on the new licensing by-law
which was read a lirst and second
time ut the last meeting of the
Clause one was adopted as read.
Clause 2 provided that an application for a transfer of license should
be ucconjpunied by a fee of $25 for
retail and §15 for a wholesale Ii'
Mayor Nicholson expressed the opinion that this clause more properly
belonged to a revenue by-luw, and
he thought they hud better incorporate it in their revenue by-laws in the
form of an amendment.
Aid, McKinnell said lie wus of thc
same opinion. lie could not find
any nuthority for including what
wns a revenue provision in a licensing by-law. Ho would like very woll
to see tho clause pass if they could
let it go. He was afraid, however,
it had no place in the by-law thoy
were considering,
Aid. M'n theso ii said that there was
similar by-low oporating in Vancouver. Ho did not see that it was
out of plnco. It was all right in
tho proposed by-law and it would
be porfuctly safe to pass it right
Aftor some further consideration,
this clause was struck out.
The next clause which provided
that tho windows of all hnr-rootus
should bo darkened to a height of 5
foot from the floor, was opposed by
Aid. Brown. Ho thought it was a
shame to impose such n condition on
a man who was paying for a license.
Hc argued that a license was issued
in rospect of tho whole premises and
that all the windows in tho house
would have to bo darkened.
Mayor Nicholson dessenleil from
this opinion and declared that most
of the windows in tho barrooms worn
already darkened. The provision
would cause ii great inconvenience to
any one.
Aid. Matheson wns of the same op-
nion. and tho clatl-0 was adopted,
ns was also tho next specifying tlie
time by which tho necessary altera-
tions won- to bo effected.
Clause ■!, providing that n person
under tho influence of drink wns not
to be served and that no femnle customer was to. be allowed in tho bar-
rtiom was ulso adopted without amendment.
Clause fl was adopted without discussion and clause six. specifying the
hours oh which licensed promisos
should bo closed, was ronchod.
Aid. Mntheson thought thnt tho
proposal to close on Mondoy, Tuesday*. Wednosdny, Thursday nnd Friday nights nt 12 o'clock mldnlghfe
wnsja1 little drnslic und he moved
thut'.'tJds- section'of the clause be
struck out.
Mayor Nicholson went a step fur-1
Ther'. He thought'they should not
bo'too hard on those mon. They
paid for their" itnnhos even if tho
latter wore lower thnn In nny other
city round about. Ho did not soo
that thoy wero gulled upon to do
further than the provincial law, and
If a saloon keeper wished to open
hls plnco at 1 o'clock on a Mon dny
morning, ho would ba in favor of
allowing, him to do so.
t Tho suggestion of his worship was
*[nccoptod and tho clause mndo to
•.road     that    nil   licensed    promisos
* should close at 11 oVttck on    flht-
* urday night to 1 o'clock on Monthly
* .morning.
OlauBos 7 and 8, togethor with the
The following is a copy of the now
licensing by-law which wus adopted
and read a third time at the City
Council on Monday evening,
s 1. From and after the 15th July,
1908, till licenses in the City of .ladysmith, whether in force prior to
that date or whether new or renewals, shall lie hold subject to the regulations herein contained.
All retail license holders still
havo the windows of the promisos in
respect of which their license is
granted, darkened to the height of
live foot from the floor of the interior ot such premises and the remaining or upper portion of Buch windows of clear glass so that tlie interior of said premises can easily ho
seen through the aforesaid upper portion of such windows.
3. All existing licensed premises
aforesaid shall make bofore 31st July
1908, the nocessury alterations to
conform with the uforesaid regulations.
4. No person, obviously under tho
influence of liquor, shall be permitted to remain in any bur room in the
City of Ladysmith. and no female
customer shall be pcrmittod to come
upon or remain in any bar-room aforesaid.
Any.female supplied with drink or
drinking shall bo deemed a customer
All licensed promises shall le
situated on tho ground floor.
Save in pursuance of any sta-
tuto, ull bur-rooms shall bo 'closed
from 11 o'clock p.m. on Saturdays,
to 1 o'clock a.m. ou Mondays.
7. Evory holder of a license for
yio sale of liquor shall permit entry
upon the licensed premises at all
times when anyone is upon the premises, of nny appointed officer of the
corporation, police officer, or con-
stuble in order to enable him to ascertain whether the regulations governing the licensed premises are obeyed, and no person shall refuse entry to such ofllcor or constable lu so
8. Any person guilty of a breach
of any provision contained in this
by-law (where no other penalty is
prescribed by law for tho spoclal offence), sbull, on conviction, forfeit
aud pay a penally not exceeding fifty (960.00),
This tly-law may     bo cited ua
the "Liquor License  Uegulatlon By-
, 1908."
SEiVrri_bJ, July -..-Frank Hotcb,
ot Humboldt* la., maintained his
right to the world's chainplouimip
last night when he outclassed Ur. U.
Holler, of Seattle, winning two consecutive falls in 15 minutes and 25
seconds, and 25 minutes and ot seconds.
The men entered the ring weighing
close to 200 pounds each, jolch
workod his toe hokl six times -n succession in the first bout. Roller
broke away each time, but it wore
him and Anally Gotch downed him)
with a  crotch and half nelson.
Holler did better work In the   seo-
nd bout, but Gotch went from hold
to hold with startling rapidity. Roller's best work In thl* bout was to
break n half nelson and crotch after
he was seemingly lost. He wns
finally put to his shoulders by    the
some hold,
 ♦ ■    ■
i North Bey, Ont., June 80.—Victor
Donnlson ot the North Bay Imperial
bank, wns found In his room over
the bank yesterday with a bullet
wound In the bond, and died half an
hour Inter, The cause of the shooting I* hot known.    He was n neph- CONSULT ME
If You Require Ana
Or II You Raqulr* Any
Or II You Want to Buy s HOUSE*,
or Moll One;   or H You   Wu*
FA KM or  .'HU IT fcANDS.
down a lighted match, cigar ktub or
other flaming object; moke sure that
the flams has been thoroughly extinguished before throwing it away.
2. Don't build your camp flre larger than is necessary.
3. Don't under any circumstances,
leave your flro unguarded, even for a
comparatively short time; see that it
is dead out before you go away.
4. Don't build your fire in leaves,
rotten wood or othor inflamable material.
5. Don't build your flre against
Kouri Public,
Ladysmith   Standard
I'uuHsI.ulI on Wednesdays ana s-stur-
d.-iyh Aftui'noons by tbo
Huijt. lt. Hindmarch,
SUUBCK1PT10-4 P1110B.
linu Year  *)1._U
b'U  __uUl.ll         Tft
Au.cilittiiiy  Itutet. ua ..pphcutiou.
The Uounuil woro well advised
the action they touk on. the licensing
by-law on    Monduy o\ ening.      Ihoi-o
is  no  question    that   tho proposals
contained  in     the  by-law  as  introduced    were     altogether too drastic
The by-law inarms tho first ellort  of1
.the Council to assume control uf the
liyuor     trade    in thc city.     At the
very     lirst    stop they have secured
Sunday closing,      lhe citizens   have
not been   consul tod    in tho matter.
lNo one can tell whether it is by the
wish oa' the majority of the peuple of
the town thut   the hotels are   lo be
closed    at 11    o'clock 0n Saturday
nights aud all day on Sunday.     Of
course the council have the provincial law behind them, and it is hardly likely that there will be any   organized or actau hostility   to   this
enactment.     It might, however, have
been entirely different hud the Council endorsed the original proposal of
the by-law to close every night    at
12 o'clock.        Wherefore as we have
•aid,  the  Council wero  well  advised
in dropping this part of the by-law
by    which   they   secured legislation
iwhich will effectually close up every
bar-room in tho town on a   Sunday.
(Continued from page One.)
had concluded that Sandy would not
go in. Sandy failed, cither in nerve
or initiative, or in both, to tako the
openings lu wrestling, as in everything ~isc, the man who risks nothing, wins nothing.      'Down on   the
large or hollow log. where it is hard »«*, either above or below, he Is iin-
.      ..  ,       ... _ proving all tho    time; ' und  he hus
to bo sure when it Is entirely    put £nlunl)fon8nip physique*,   whit ho »
out. quires is if    little more light, ii.iro
To these "don'ts" it may be added aggroSBivoness, and tho Judgment lo
that In windy weather, or in a dan- ?i*li!!SJ^ei?..cl,.aS'
gerous place, lt ia woll to confine the
Shortly alter thla in a rush to the
ropes Sandy shoved hla man through
and both   went to the floor outside     Ingwio|1( Junf ^^^ mA
1,1,     *\h   M,       ,reatUr° "'    the McQra" «•"• brousrht unhe, arreat,
le.   was th. tall itself.    Both    men cnargwl   wlth ,J»     cattI.    Z-
got a  leg and in tho mixup on  the Dereham tanner*,
mat by    a  hall nelson and crotch, | ,
Bruc* forced Sandy'a shoulders to
the 'mat. although he hung out bravely for about twenty seconds.
■ ♦ .-
Comparing tho two men ,.n ; Saturday night, Sandy looked the
lire in a holo dug clean down to the stronger at a slow strain, and has
mineral soil.      A lire may smoulder undoubtedly superior stamina.    Ilut
i     *u     t .„..=     . ..a,.h" i . a..,.   Bruce hus mora speed, is Instlnctlva-
in   the   humus, or "dull   lor days,      ^ and ,„ J^. l|w >(,,,lu,.
only waiting lor a  strong breeze to er on a snap.
(an it Into   a  flame that may burn'   Of the stage proceedings, the Free
over miles of timber. j I"'88" «iv°» tno following account:
Sunnier tourlete and campers   un-'   "N-     Swanaon-Ashman   wrestling
fortunately     havo a  bad reputation n>»tcn    mU<~ tnB    wrestling crunks
among th8 owners of timber limits ■*"• hm aiwculeting on sver   Binco j   a now stiletto to be used in    em-
ns being a  frequent cause of    fifes:, *-* *—*'bout I****** tb» two shout ■ forridorlng Is mad* faith a  gauge ao
Such flies could be prevented, almost *wo years ago, now takes an honor-1that the eyelets may he uniform   In
without exception, by a  little extra «° **-* •» *-* ".'his Date in   Hi*- she.
care on the part of the campers who tory" colunai ol th* athletic annals
have been tho unintentional' cause of of the storied past ol    the Athletio
much forest    destruction, and    who 01ub- tot <"* Saturday night in   th*
have Just as real an Interest In   tho <-luD ««• ***» A'ba~' •--- the
preservation of tho forests aa     the ««*•" *»* ni» old rlval «"• w00 .•**
owners of the timber themselves.      itw« straight tails of one hour    and
The rules given above are the    re, "v» ■"to"'**. <">d "-ht 4nlnm__,.
suit of long experience and observa-'   Io anticipation ol a great match,
tlon on the part, of many woodsmen f" •*-« wa* w*ll _ll*d wit-    sup-
ami lumbermen aa to the origin   of Bort#ra °'    •*• lwo ""a 'or ahuo»t
Ore* from this cause, and are ear- «*»-_ in attendanc* took dde* KESHT. Persia, June 29,-Flght-
nestlv commended to the attention' **-* •ither °M «* tba other of the ln» occurred here yesterday between
of conflicts, sportsmen and others. f"»* 0reat dU_)ulty was expor- Cossacks and bodies of tbe populate need of observing them ia em- ivKei **• K*"1"- B nten* ™ltaDlo tion while the former were engaged
phualzed by thc occurrence recently to both ***** «"» <- th* hut mo- in closing a political •tab.. Several
of serious firca In the Lake St. John m"'t **• arant' mmaaget ol th* wero wounded on both sides. The
district In Quebec, one village being Niu*_mo-Vaj_ouv«r Coal Company, Kusslan warship Krasnovodsk has
wiped out; the flres are thought to -»»"nt<>d to act. Mr. Grant, who arrived ot Enzeli, a small P*r»l*n
have originated from fires left K" '* not
~"_ :    iWfimWMSi
PORTLAND, Mo., June 30.— Tlio
liquor question is again to the front
in Maine and will be the chiel issuo
in the contest for the Republican
nomination for governur, which will
be decided by the state convention
.The Republican party,is divided on
tho prohibition question. Thero hue
been for some years o demand for
the resubmission to popular vote of
the fifth amendment to the state constitution, by which prohibition of
the manufacture or sale of liquor became part of the organic law of
Maine. Those who favor re-submission say that in the first place it is
a   x,    t       07    .^.'leaving here about three years   ago,  UoutJ-nv-'    ymra   *l«ce the people
Sask., June -T.-a-m..^ ^    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^   hav0 hnd a„ opportunity of express-
Swede, was found hong-i Partlland    Swttl9   ^ othei. tag themsolves upon the subject, and
In the police|iuiiit n_.nt_ that In   that   time conditions have
Mlnnedoaa, Mon., June 27.—B. 0.
S»woll, a Jfflung lad, was drowned
while bathing! yesterday.
 —4-  I
Stlllmnn, a
ing   dead    In a coll ^^^^^^^
court this morning. He was brought
from Mortlako today to answer to
chargo of raising a check.        \
Bottled grape Juice made into Jelly
with gelatin and served very cold ls
the Invention of    a girl who    has
elderly invalids to consider.
'  * !	
"Jack" urquhurt, o Former   Resident ol This Oity, Died at Vancouver Yesterday Noon.
Newa has Just been received in the
city of the death in Vancouver yesterday at noon of Mr. Jack, Uii|U-
hart, who will be rOiiiembored u<
many Nonolmoites, having bean a
resident of this city for some v*»rs,
the advantage (ovei' me in weight,
and strength and reputation, yet
lie quit cold to me simply because he
could not slain mo around as he
hud done others.
'Hack is the most over-rated man
in the buslnoss. I felt In my heart
iiltiii" that I could beat him, but
Farmer Burns made me work carefully and kopt me away from Hack
long. Had I gone in and mix-
It with him hard alter the Ilrst
hour, I would have shown him
fur the big bluffer he is.     But I
>;uoss making a  man quit cold when
ho is face dowh on the mat Is    disgrace onough—nt least I  would nev-
want tn look a friend in the faco
turned a trick of    that
by t» -n   an expert at tbe game, had seaport on the Caspian sea six mile*
,the confidence ol both (Idea that he from here.
would give impartial 'ruling and hia,	
work Saturday night Justified th* CITY OF MEXICO, June 29.- Intrust. To simplify the referee's ternatlonal troubles in Mexico which
work tt was agreed by both princi- developed several days ago, along
pal* that it they went off tha mat th* northern border of th* republic,
th* wrestling both should hav* developed serious features. Ten
day the storm center* around the
Both man expressed themselves   aa clty of    Torron and ln the country
The government, it ls suid, will at
tho reuaseinhling of parliament, introduce a measure for compulsory
vaccination of all school children.
This is ra_her.^ an interesting announcement. In the old country
there took place a slow revolt a-
galnat this very principle which ended. In the Vaccination Act being o-
memled so as to exempt the conscientious objector. The revolt, of
course, sprang chiefly from a difference of opinion ns to the olllclency of
vaccination in tho prevention of
small pox. A ; is always the case,
scientists were lined up on either
side, and the statisticians demon,
nt rated one again thut figures can
be made to prove anything. How
pver, the result of tho mavomeut was
the admission of the right of the
conscientious objectors to exemption.
Now, lt seems, we are to go bock
to the position from which the home
land has just' broken away, after
y*ars uf controversy and agitation.
Ot course the government is only discharging It* flrit duty In taking ev
cry means in its power to safeguard
th* health of the people. Ilut it Ib
doubtful whether o little more attention to drainage and sewerage,
and general sanitation would not do
more even as a preventive against
■mall pox than all the vaccination
in tho world. Thero Is, It seems,
case* of small pox In Vancouver.
Well, thero may bo. Thnt som» of
ths Chinatowns ln Urltish Columbia
cities are not jilngiie HPots la simply
a miracle of nature.
WASHINGTON,    June 29._Th* A-
mericona in Panama have had causa ivtlB*
for heated protest* recently, not on conw to their test again.
account of the Panama elections, but' ^	
because of on    incident which called *>•■__ At, and certainly both looked brtween that place and Jaral   where
into action a portion of the Pnna- in the pink ol condition, Swanson, if bandit bands are operating  in   con-
moian army.                                       anything, looking    to be In    better Junction with the insurrectioniata.
A foreign commercial house xn Co- *ba*1* than hi* opponent. Both the Government troop* are rushing to
lon insulted ths United State* flag wi*»tler« were exceedingly ceutioua the scene. Already 1,800 federal
by ualng it to waah th* window* of ud 'rom * apectacular standpoint, soldiers have reached Torreon to re-
establishment. Ways* Adam*, •*• match wa* not exciting. During •hJorc* the gurrlaon there, 200 more
of the canal zone, a* the story goes, ths Hart go, what little aggressive have reached Juarez and in Chlhua.
witnessed the deatcration of the work °_r* w»», was done by Ash- ■oldler* are patrolling the streets,
•tors ond ■trip**, and engaged in a "a"- Swanaon being nearly alwaye and the publlc Souses and Jails ar*
hard fought battle for th* losses 0B th* defenaiv*. evidently hoping heavily guarded.
-Hon ol one ol th* flag* which y,ete to duplieaU hi* work of hi* last In vu>w of the development* Am-
being used to clean window*. He n*tch with hi* opponent, when h* -"-idor Creel, the Mexican repre-
waa pursued, according to reports, Ptay*d him out and then threw him. *entatlve at Washington, who ho*
but o section of the army of Pa- ""V were on their teet aimoM the 'nam on what promlaed to be olong
nnmo, consisting ot two policemen <—**r* time. When they cams to the 'cave of absence, has-been Instruct-
and a lieutenant general in full re- "** Aehman seemed th* quicker, and "d to return to the American capl-
galia came to U* rescue.                     iakb-g it all through, it is th* gen- to' without delay.    He will leave at
Aa    a  result   of    ths    disrespect a**1 opinion on the showing made by 0I,e> '°i Washington.     It is th* be-
shown the   flag by   th* commercial *■» •»> Saturday that Ashman waa "•' of tho Mexican government  that
house, the canal zone from one end th* _««_•. the revolutionary movement now In
to the other    la hung with boycott    l»»Dman waa hooted by the crowd Progress    was fomonted by a  band
signs and the offendera hove    found •* time* for introducing what    was of agitators    who long   have mad*
le»» expensive waah rag*.                 ^»»_------
caltad by thun rough work and in tholr .headquarter* In -th* United
tact was scored at time* when ther* Stotesi On this ground It is bs-
woa no provocation from their stand "eved Amlmsaador Creel will appeal
Point, According to th* way th* to thc Washington authorities to as-
game ia played now, however, Judg- 8I»' in npprohondlng aome of the ro-
 _( __,# '** Dy. r*coht matches between    the volutlanlets, particularly those   who
ditionol detail* ot th* torosdo'that btg 'clluw8' these things ore legitlm- wwo concerned in the nttaok on Las
struck Clinton, a  in-m .t #„„. i.._ ato, and are "all in th* gamo," 'J*b*re ^aco*.
I* much difference of opinion on thla Tho re-iucst will lie made also that
quMtlon *fcw, especially sinco th* " "n.v "' tn0 ringleaders In lho move
lIa<-<f__chmldt-Gotch match and un- m0"t ere captured In the United
til hard and fast rule* are laid down stnte«.the,v nre to lie tried In    th*
ST. PAUL, Minn,
cial* from Gravelh,
Jun* aS.-Spa-
Uuh., giv* ad-
struck Clinton, a town ot four hundred Inhabitants, In th* western part
of Minnesota laat Saturday afternoon, killing aevan parson*. 'Ik* despatches sny that ov«r (tity   war*	
Injured but    that only 11 seriously *bout It. there will always be more courts of that country on charges of
or lew    criticism attached to thon violating the neutrality laws,
who u*s th* tactics in matches whero' —
feeling run* high oa both side*.        '   0BTTINJB, Jun* 29,-Tho trlol ol
hurt. Thirty-three hous** in Clinton were destroyed and 25 were
practically ruined. Two hundred
people ore homeless sad scores are
destitute ol clothing and outside aid
I* needed.
Swanaon lost his second fall,
it seemed to tha crowd la losing his
hnd, while Ashman wa* using some
of this work which bordered on th*
thin edg*. Aehman low hi* advantage and    whan thty want to    the
8fl iprlsonera charged with revolutionary activity in connection with th*
discovery of a score of bomb* here
lelt year, and at which sensational
testimony was Inlucod Involving
Crown Prince George of Scrvla in a
Fe" "?.^r..-..8t!!et. c.ar M,cl **«** irot* "his"
ma't h. put on a ~_-on buttock -nd !g_£_*_!-T_'_T*™^'*™. .*"
Separated Head Completely
Prom th* Body.
men.     In th* second go
Swanaon waa much mor* on th* ag
NEW YORK;. Jun. 20,-WHhln th. wt muoh „ the flrit ,,,,.
view of nveral hundred men, women ,..„..  , ,.-. ..-,... ~	
and children near th* entrance tn
Prospect park, B. CaMmier, of th*
Order ot St. Francl*, and principal
of St. Ann'* school,
suited In six of the accused    being
condemned   to death, threo to    life
TT" "TT ■""""" "*.     "?. """."•" Imprleonment and 27, Including five
v* and it looked a* if    there      ' ... .       ,,' .   "
former cabinet    ministers, to term*
Of Imprisonment ranging from     *lx
to twenty year*.
wouhi   b* some    fait work,    Thar*
bout oiened last with Swanaon trying a crotch and Ashman o cross-
buttock from on* ahoulder, Ths former went to tha mot with Ashman
a mm—rn        TVWHH      (U       I ll_      IllUt       Wl-U      a.a|_lllUH    I
Brooklyn,   wa* bMlA Um M    to||I      t t     h   I
afternoon a* h* ^     n . ,^__\ ...."...i   _-._ '
th* ear, .
A little r.loan_;therbBnt
ing of these com pools would reduce „„d h|, head tell under the car. Tn*
tho necessity for   ony drastic m*a*-!front wheel passed over ht* peek and
th* headless body wa* left lyir-g In
the street while th* cor went ahead
for alntoat a block. Hla nan* for-
ly was Stephen    Moor*.     He
beheaded ynterday afternoon .. h. T^" ™m tim 9U,ol"y «°* »»    »»,'   UNION BAY. Jun. 29,-Robt. Hun
leailed from the Mat of . cor to g*t _T    *™" "*• the buttook *•*"• ter, a nllor «nploy«i on th.    tug
hls hat brushed off by . woman.       J*"!" . m^*?fc "*J»* «■• ™ot, while engaged .» ralalng    th.
The hat had fallen into th. „lp ot *?*L Tat "** bV\M U,U,",B •**»■ •* «• Str. Wellington,   wa.
th. psrtly ralnd running board    of £^£ **Kf*o T^rt * !? "™k >y   »• 6hl"»' ^' "-«—
and..th.l*>.nol«|.nbro->"1TP"ty"0*    Tl» »»«'•'-. internal   Injurle*.    He wa.    imnu>
t down to get It h. allPPrt T__!l""tl0,''1ry„?r ' l°f tl""' dl.t.ly.rem.v«l to Cumberland ho*
ure such as compulsory vaccination
1. Don't, when In the woods throw
$ Billiard, and Pool $
Best Liquors and Cigiin.
being slightly th* aggressor pitol, where he I* doing a* wall
tryiag an arm and bar which Sandy'
counteracted prettily.
At 45 minutes Bruc* got behind on
th* mat but amidst cheer* from hi*
*upport*r» Sandy    got away In
coast point*. I inall l»l III ■nm»™aaa»—aT»»
For tho past year „r more he has chan'Se*1 ""d vlow* may olso
been one of tho foremen on the new """as011-
post olllco building In Vancouver. Ho "I'l'™""*" of ro-subn»lsslon declare
was o mem ot about 40 years of ibat « is but a device of the one-
og. and well liked by all who know mio8 of the ltt*v to brMk llown *h*1
him. While resident horo lie was a constitutional barrier that now pro-
neighbor of Sheriff Drake and a warm "*»" " fr"m <""»tont assaults in
Trlendshlp grew up l«tweon the two <■"« l«gW*tur., and that tho present
families. He was an old army man «-»~tlon '■ """"y "i* Ilrst step to-
having seen service In the Nile   and warils llcl'nS8- lnsPirod by "'luordoal
if I  i
'lho big follow has talked a  lot
about mo gouging liis oyes.     That's
lie.    Up si.vk iny body was greas-
Anothor lie.     I lo says I   used
ilting lanirungo to him.    Lie No.
I did kid hlm, and tell hlm   he
a  s;irry looking champion, and
travelled     a   long way to get
oil, but    I did not say anything
hlm I   would not say before   my
othor expeditions.
He    loaves    a   wlfo and a
. ,717"-m~m7' ™, *™._v_y inta-up ot abort duration. A
born i„ Dubl n ohm h. «. •duc*t.,rrttar humorou. Incident occurred at
ed by   «. Jeault. opt than Joined ^ ^ ^ ^^     ^^ m
the Franciscan.. ^ JWow ^ ,«,„, to y,, ropaa   -Ml*
I*. Boot ud She* Wor**.' tour- ibott **• •«««,'•^ *-*-***. •»«
national Union makes claim thatM.,**"1 •» "at* • *'"k. ■>«* *•
sy*t«n of 25 cent, par wnk dun ■* '» «■ 80™r we" u3m »"*
*ove* It from th. fear of itrlkn and | **'*■■ Md w,w I10t PWarid tot
In such energtney don away with ,""* «* «<*» m* to ~-m up. Th.
th* necessity of celling upon »_t«r,B«• tlms, however, they were then
craft, for financial old. HHA dun,*'»B *»• "<** "* wh» U.f»™-
*l*o enable th* tmlol to i*onwit*Ir->,,nd to hta M,^,,, °* ****•- •
more successfully It* eampsjgh fotjDe**1* of wat,r aI,<, h*d «»•*•*•*•
th* imica atamp. |hli Ur_yWdre Sandy got *rt*r Win.
COLUMBUS, 0„ June 80.— Tbe
prohibition notional convention
the nomination of candidates for
president and vice-president of the
United States ia to assemble in this
city two weeks hence and prepara-
slone for the event are about completed. The party managers expect
tbe convention to be a record-break
er In the matter of attendance. Interest in the prohibition movement,
they declare, wa* never ao keen oa
at the. present time, and a* a conee-
quesce there will ba a full attendance of delegain and visitor* at th*
convention from every state and territory.
Tbe field of candidates for th. presidential nomination is broadening
daily and the proapecta are for a
lively contest when the convention
mnt*. Among thon mentioned a*
possible nominees for president are
Alfred Manlerre, an attorney of New
York; Dr. W. B. Pelmore, editor of
th* St. Louis Chrlatlon Advocate,
and Fred F, Wheeler, a wealthy
real estate dealer of Los Angeles. Dr
J. B. Cranfield, a Baptist minister
of, Dnllna, Tex., who wa* a candidate for vice-president In 1892, ia
alao mentioned oa a posalble choice
for th* hud of th* ticket.
Some ol the leader* believe that it
would be wise to take a candidate
from either of the older parties, selecting a man who has don* something for the nntl-saloonists, even
though he may not have been officially Identified with tb* Prohibition
party. In thl* clas* 1* Seaborn W.
Wright, a Democrat, who I* regarded as the lather of the prohibition
law now in fore* ln Georgia.
For permanent chairman of th*
convention W. T. Ward-well, formerly
connected with th* Standard Oil
Company, and W. W. Smith, a New
Yorker, who haa become wealthy and
more or loss famou* a* a manufacturer of cough drop*, are th* two
man who are moat prominently mentioned ao far.
<        —-
The laat report* presented to tt*
Oa* Worker*' Union were to the
feet that all the members of th* Jurisdiction, which include* the unions
In Sun Francisco, Son Jon, Oakland
and Sacramento, are at work, and
thnt this craft has been particularly
fortunate In having work for tha
membership during the lost ten
CALGARY, Alta., Juno 20.—Aftor
months of preparation and a liberal
expenditure of money, tho Dominion
Exhibition was opened In this city
toduy undor most auspicious conditions. Tho opening was attended by
Hon. Sydney Fisher, Minister of, Agriculture, und a number of other notables.
The exhibition Is tho largest and
most comprehensive enterprise of Its
kind ovor attempted in Woatorn Canada, The fair grounds occupy nearly 100 acres, and are located convenient to the centre of tho city, on
tho bank of tho Elbow Rlvor. Tho
grounds contain moro than a score
of substantial and attractive buildings, tn which are to bo seen exhibits illustrating tho Industries ond
I resources of Canada, as woll ns  her
ers and selfish politician*.
The Democrats are practically a
unit In demanding resubmission, but
tbe Rebublicans aro divided, and upon this question, moro than on that
of tax reform or any other issue, depends the party's choice of a cantor Idjdoto.
Thore are throo aspirants in tho
Held to head tho Republican ticket.
They are William T. Haines, of Wa-
tervillo; B. M. Fernold of West Poland; and I*. E. Boothby, of Portland. Mr. Haines and Mr. Fernald
are both wealthy. MOJ^oothby is
the general passenger agent of tho
Maine Central railroad.
Upon one side or the other are arrayed individuals, societies, churches, newspapers, and almost every
other interest and influence that exists in Maine. The churches and
kindred organizations have passed
resolutions endorsing Mr. Fornnld's
position, while many business men
throughout the stato are believed to
favor the candidacy of Mr. Haines.
can be expected, _M __________________—_——————___________,
The Dominion Government dl_lg«'!"0"dorlul Pr0?re«»'<• all _>Ma of ac-
—. a t i ^, t _ . _ » tlvlty. A splendid race programme
MUd Lark, which ho* been here for.tt.m ^ pu)Ied 0(I i„ connection with
th* loot   week dredging th* harbor, jtho exhibition, which is to continue
until July 9th,
wlll leave for Victoria today,
♦     '
DR. SHEARER ILL.     ^ ^^_______^_^^_
Organised labor  I* soon  to  hove
Toronto, June 27.—Bev. Dr. Shear-'a Mwipapar »y*tem covering the oner la at the Wntern hospital whsn tire country,    A syndicate ho* been
he ha* been operated upon for    In- formed and th* anterprin capltallz-
ternal trouble. ...Th* operation glvn *d, It I* *old, to th* extent of lreu-
evwy proml»o of aueoen. ,"•*    a paper   in th* cltin ot New
—— *  .York, Philadelphia, Wanhmgton, Ohi-
STRUCK BY LIGHTNING.        cago, St. Louie,    Denver and    San
—— Francisco,       Publication will begin
Hapl* Creek, Soak., June 27.- B.'sept. 1, and th. policy will b* for
H-ron, an Engllahman, white ptow-juntra conservation, th* object being
Ing here today, was struck by light- to restrain tlie labor movement from
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ nf*fg during a hwvy electrical j merging with th* mor* radical 8o-
A •ever* spasm ot (oaghlag n_y! Lay a rug out straight and bruah j*torra. Little hop* I* entertained'cloMstlo •lemeot that ho* b*cn m»k-
I* rall*v*ri by drinking a twipoon-1 ****** a ttiff, dry scrubbing brush,j for ll* recovery. Two other men'ing great Inroad* on th. member-
ful of glycerin* In a witMglaaaful of and ne tt* dirt com* off. Thl* I* rounding up cattle, wer* also struck,'aMp of th* union* coinpcaing tt*
hot milk. better thla shaking or bnttog. but not nrim-ly hurt. ,■-. -tilted craft*
mother. He bnd simply buffaloed.
nil his other opponents nnd when I
■lid not fall down, pluy dead, and
roll ovor at the Ilrst glimpse of tho
llussliin Hon, his little heart shrlvol-
up nnd he became a tabby cat.
'Somo of tho sport writers jn New
York don't liko me und for that reason they eagerly printed all the rot
thnt Hack told them, but I guess
tlie rest of the country knows the
truth ot tho matter and that I show-
lackenschmidt up tn his true
Puts up Deposit.
Gotch deposited with a local newspaper his S500 to bind the match
.vith Roller and he and Roller will
meet to sign articles nnd pick a ro-
feree', if possiblo, so as to get all
tho preliminary arrangements out of
the way. With theso details off
their   minds,    they can both devote
11 of their timo to training to give
Seattle one of the beat, If not    the
■est matches over pulled off ln    the
United Stntea.
Miss Stromgron, of Vlctorle, ls In
the city on a short visit to hor par-
ents, having como up to attend tho
Home-Heaps nuptials.
Dan McDonald, of Alberni, arrivod
on the noon train on his way homo.
0. A. Moorehead, who has ono of
lho contracts on tho E. & N, and S.
A. Froblstor, n C.P.R. onglnoer, arrived on -tho noon   train and   leavoj
today for E. & N. extension work.
. IT
./.   1, 1
Seattle, Juno 21.—Frank A. Gotch,
. hamplon catch-as-cntch-cun wrestler
nf the world, arrived in Soattlo last
night and will at once begin    active
■ ruining for his match with Dr. B.
V. Rollor, of Soattlo, to take place
i n July 1,
Tho champion was not expected in
; his bit- until tho latter ond of this
-veek, and ho explained his early ar-
iival by saying:
I was caught napping onco by
.'toiler, and it will not occur again.
I'lion I   wrestled Rollor that hnndi-
■ ap match in Soattlo about a year
imd a halt ago, I had not'trained
u lick, and ho gavo mo tho scare of
iny life.
"During a year I suppose I wres-
tlo a hundred men -who arc not
known outside thoir own towns, nnd
I thought Roller Wns ono of thnt
kind. I had been loafing all summer, and thought I would pick up
a little-easy money by exploding the
Holler boom.
"Joo Carroll told mo I would bo
up against a tmiirli proposition in
Roller, but I thought Joo was trying to kid mo, nnd I toll you honestly I   did not put cn my training
■ lothes onco for the match. I loafed along for tbe first part of tho
match, thinking to tiro Roller out,
but whon ho got his second wind and
got over his nervousness, he wns the
stronger man.
"I'll never forget tho last ten
minutes of that match. I brought
Into play all my defensive work, for
I knew that if Rollor ovcr got bo-
bind me ho would put me down, for
I was about all ir. and tired as a
Held hand in haying timo. Of courso
I know Roller Is a better wrestler
| now than ho wns then, so I am not
taking any chances on not being in
the best of condition to meet   him.
"I am In good shape right now. a*
I weigh about 200 pounds, but I
am going to put In a lot of hard
lick* for thla mntch and expect to
go on the mat weighing 195 pounds
—my best weight. Roller will meet
ihe. chnmpion ot hi* best the night
of July 1, and there will be no excuse* from my Bid* cf the house If I
am beaten."
Coll* Hack, "Yellow Dog."
Frank I* disgusted ot the babyish
way In which Hackenschmidt hna ta-
ton his defeat. "If I was aa big
and atrong as that follow," said ho,
"and had worked up such a .reputation as a man killer ond a bone-
breaker as he had, he would hove
had to kill me on the mat of Chicago before I would hove quit trying,
"But Hack Is a yellow dog. There
'1* no otter nam* for him.    Ho had
Ottawa, June 80.—CommlMioner
Donald McLean has concluded the
taking of evidence in the Yukon libel suit brought by Registrar Glr-
oimrd against Dr. Prlngie. Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Hon. Ollvor and Hon.
Foster testified as to letters received by them from Dr. Prlngie. Sir
Wilfrid and Foster stated that they
believed Dr. Prlngie was acting for
public weal, without spite or rancour, The evidence has been sent to
Dawson for un at the trial.
♦ -:.   '	
Will Speak on "Philosophy of Trado
HOST0N, Mass., Juno SO.—An attractive programme has been prepared for tho second minimi Sagamore
Sociological Conference which opened nt Sagamore Boach today for a
threo days' session. John Mitchell,
formor president of tho United Mlno-
Workors of America, will speak on-
"Tho Philosophy of Trade Unionism"; Bonn George Hodges of .the
Episcopal Theological School, Cambridge on "Tlio Trndo Union from
tho Point of Vlow of tho Church";
John Spnrgo on "Tho Spiritual Significance of Modern Socialism," nmt
tho Rov. Dr. Lolghtnii Williams on-
'Tbo Socialised Church."
City ot Mexico, June SO-It Is the
vlow of the Mexican government that
Mexican citizens who were concerned
In the recent raids, are committing
crimes and that their contention to
tho contrary on tho ground that
acta were committed In furtherance
of a revolutionary movement will
not hold.
I-  -i 4—.	
famous manor dying.
CopperBtown, June '■". -Blahop Pot
lor, of New York, la — I oxpoctod to
11 vo through tho day. ITo had a
very restless    night nnd Is reported
to Iio vory low tills morning.
 ' 4 .   "  i     '
St. Petersburg, June 80.— A
despatch from Teheran *oy* 12
members nf the National Council condemned by court martial
have been hanged.
Steel Is Iron free from dirt,
or foreign substance fused wild
carbon. .Carbon gives toughness
stcnfllh, heeness and life.   < »
Thirty year's study of Ihe rssor
sltusllon his shown a w*y to
add the highest per cent ofj
carbon to ■ Carbo Magnetic
rssor blade throug a secret
INO giving It a uniform diamond like hardnr.ss.somc-
thing absolutely Impossible
with flre tempered ..razors, i
and they are Hamburg ground.
1 But Test this UNCONDITrOI
home-or have yourbarper
1 It on you-for thirty day
Ladysii Hardware Co. WHERE MEN BATTLE AND MANY beU advised the sheriff that ths Fed-
'* ■■ i   die. eral authorities    alone had Jurlsdlc-
i    ■ tlon and instructed him to keep hi*
Time*' bands off.
LONDON, Jun* 87.-Th*
correspondent at Teheran states that
the Shah's proclamation claims that
Persia has now been under martial
law from June 82, and that it gives
Gen. Llakhoff, commander of the
Cossacks, a free bond to deal severely with the people.
The assembling ot the people, and
tli. carrying ol arms ia prohibited
on pain of death.
of the aaaembly are In chain* In th*
Royal camp.    The othera ore soat-
tered ond their whereabout* are un-■
known. '
The number    ol prisoners In    the!
camp    la Increasing hourly.     Those
detained ore being subjected to    the
worst ol     ordeals.     Messages Irom
  I   cftjSRO, Tex., June 28.—The story
PARIS, Juno 27.—The stir ln the „| 0B8 0f the moat sensational and
city over Butler Honiird, -charged dastardly crimes that ever stirred
with complicity in the murder of Texas will bo brought to a close to-
August Homy, a wealthy retired morrow, when Monk Gibson mounts
banker, who was    stabbed to death  the gallows    to pay the death pen-
with the turn affairs hove taken. He
made the fallowing statement:
"1 dread the thought of returning
to Mattewan   on    account of being
Several members Mi^ ^ auocMo thcr, with    in.
sane people. 1 would rather go to
prison. 1 have thought all along,
especially since Justice Morchauser
handed down his decision, that if I
could get my case to a Jury 1 would
be able to convince twelvo men of
my presont sanity, and secure thereby liberty. Having been In Pough-
the province ore belnr censored thus kee[isl0 0,ght wookS| ,  naVB fratjUont-
ly heard of Mr. Charles Morchauser
aa a successful trial lawyer, and
asked hlm to call on tne. He told
me ho could not take nny action until the Judge, his brother had finally
disposed of my case.
Now ho la In charge of my Interests anil will, If possiblo, procure for
me a trial by Jury. I am anxious
to take the stand and be examined
na to my mental condition, nnd am
confident that a Jury will agroo thnt
I  am n-'t inanne."
POUGHKEEPSIE, Juna 27—Harry on Juno (I In his homo In Pails, has
thaw   was    delighted this morning j revoalod the existence of an astounding stato   of affairs In tho banker's
household prior to tbo assassination.
alty for tho   murder
family   in    Jackson
three years ago.
The murder of Mrs. A. J
of tho Couditt
county nearly
preventing communication with    tho
lt iB difficult to pasa Judgment as
yet, the Tlm**' correspondent adds,
but undoubtedly popular feeling at
what la regarded here os the Inactivity of Great Britain and the activity
of Russia will probably restore the
Shah's authority.
stories concerning a lormldabl* and
serlou* revolutiouury outbreak In
the northern part of Mexico woro dla
credited by th* telegraphic reports
received by Oarden——s ol th. states
of Uohuilda.
According to th* telegraphic advices which were received by Vice-
Prwldent Corral, one ol the boldest
bandit raid* aver attempted In th*
history ol Mexico was successfully
carried out whsn the town ol Vies-
ca waa assaulted and looted Thursday. Tb* bandit* numbering fifty,
woll armed and mounted, awooped
down upon tbe town without warning, A feeble resistance wa* mad*
by the pollcs ot th* place, but alter
many of tbem were killed and a
great many wounded, tb* invader*
bad thing* practically their own
way. Tbey at flrst proceeded to tho
Jail, releasing all of the inmates,
some of whom Joined the robbers.
Th* bandit* next headed for the
bank ol Neuva Leon, ovarpowered
the employees then and robbed the
bank ot oil tb* money they could
gat. —saving there the robber* with
a hurrah went to th* government
■tamp offlos, looting it and doing
great damage to the post office. They,
then turned their attention to the
express off—*, robbing it.
By thl* tlm* the whol* ol th* people war. terrified. The bandits cut
th. telegraph wire* and tor. up (ome
railroad track*. However eommu-
nieotion wo* regained and word eent
to the atate capital of the assault.
Whan the bandit* got word that the
troop* were on th* way to the scene
they fled, passing by way of the
town of Motomorps de Legume.    At
NEW YORK, June 27.—Nourly all
the members of the Olympic team,
which will sail for England today,
gathered In the gymnasium ofytho N.
Y.A.C. lust night to receive linul instructions. 11. S. Weeks, representing the American Olympia committee, addressed tbem at some length,
telling them that they must remember thot ta the games they aro not
representing a college, a club'or
country, but are out to win for tho
entire United States. His speech
was loudly applauded, and then tbo
men drew lots for stato rooms on tho
Str. Philadelphia, on which thoy will
sail for England today.
Commissioner Bingham decided to
grant sixty days leave of absence tu
Now York's three policemen who
will sail with the American team.
They are Martin Sheridan, tho ull
round champion; John Flnnlgan, the'
champion hnmmor thrower; ond Mike
HcGrath, Flnnigun's pupil, and former champion with the Id pound
NEW YORK, June 2,,-When the
Str. Philadelphia sailed today it
carried the American team of athletes who aro to compote ta the
Olympic games. It was the strongest, and in many quarters regarded
as the most representative body of
athletes ever sent from the United
States to compete for medals and
glory In other, lunds.
Thousands of admirers crowdod the
nard's growing domination In bis
houso, but his wlfo do'ended tho butler, Tho clash came tho day beforo
the assassination, and when
banker discovered bis nophew and
Ronard together. Ho thon informed his wife tlmt ho would no longer
tolerate the Bltuatlon and that     ho higher Courts h"
Church In Canada will Arrange   for
Special Thanksgiving Services in
Connection with Tercentenary,
QUEBEC, June 29.—In coutmon
with the other religious bodies of
the country, it is understood that
the Methodist church of Canada will
arrange for special thanksgiving services in connection with the tercen-
tennary, and thut this religious body
will probably ba represented here at
such services by the Rov. Chancellor
Burwash, ul Toronto, liev, I, J.
Munscll, of Duudus, the Rov. W. Tim-,
berlake, president of the Montreal
conference and the Rev. G. Williams.
pastor of tho Methodist church of
Quebec. There is a suggestion that
representatives of Fraser'* Highlanders may bo specially invited to attend the thanksgiving services in St.
Andrew's church here und that possibly Rev. Dr. Teuval, Rev. Dr. Gor-
ili n iRalph Cuiinnrv/ofvWwnineg,
will tiTe purt in the Sarvlce*.
I   A iu. sting is shortly 'io, be hold .to
....        .   i   ,.        i ! arrange oil details.     For the    ser-
taken Into custody he made a  sensor    .     ,    ..     ,_,.,,,.,,, .    ,
tional escape from his captor,    and!v"*-'" «■ **1* ,UftUu!d''Bl to •"
wus not found for somo time.   Fear j«**_-,df   b", *"" ^ "" t0Hl
„,- 'of o  lynching lod to a  speedy trial. I:*** "' **" ta tu ha tam° ***}
which resulted in his conviction and i^1^'1'     ib» su,e"u» mass of   the
sentence to death.    A new trial was mus iH V**"™ '<• "• » "">8-' _f
obtained and thla and oppeola to the ^f* "^ ,^d " is uutostood it
delayed tlie car-
The banker's nophew named llaingo, and her four children occurred on tho
after a severe examination, told tho Conditt farm near the town of Ed-
nuigistriito that Ronurd had killed na early in October, 1D05. The hus-
hia undo. The* breaking down cum band und father was summoned from
pietely, Rnlngo explainod that alter hiB work in tho Held by Monk Qib-
yoars of service lo tills house Rcnnrd son, a negro youth, and told that
had become comploto ninstor of. tho something had occurred at his houso.
establishment, gaining ascendancy of When he arrived home he found the
the banker's wife to such a point terribly hacked bodies ol bis wife
thnt tho koys of hor monoy and Jew- und four young children lying about
cl boxes wero always in his posses- the house aud in the yard.
sion. Continuing tho revelations,! Monk GiliBon told a story ol hav-
the young mnn confessed that ho and taS seen a negro leave the place,
Renard had had rotations Bimilar to , end he hlmsolf waa not at first sus-
thoso which created .the recent bo- | P«>t.-d. He tailed to. stick to h's
called "round table" scandal- i„ ' story, however, and luvoBtigatiim I y
Germany. I—* authorities led to the loati'iitng
M. Heny    aften complained of Ro-'.0' suspicion on him.     Aftor he waa
President and Managing Director.
. ai'-O. 0. PTCKARD.
Keir.-t .try-Treasurer.
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
trying out    ol the sentence for more
intended to send his nophew to
disciplinary school and that he was',thau tw0 yea™'
going to discharge tho butler.    High!   Al'otnw W8™ ■">» execntejl
words   followed   this announcement.
than a year ago on the cuorge    of
Madame Remy refused to believe the .   aving bam   "n    »M01»1,11<:9 of the
stories told hor and finally, in couv-
pany with her maid, sho left the
house. That same night Raingo
haB declared, that Homy and Renard
hud a quurrol during the dinner and
Rcnnrd killed the banker by stabbing him with a  desert knife.
After killing the old man the butler arranged the house and dining
room in such a manner as to givo
support to tho theory that the crime
hnd beon committed by burglars.
Another nrrcst in tlie case is expected momentarily.
big pier long before the steamer was
thl* plac* thay encountered the first'   hcduled t0 eailr and „„„„.„, brM3
detachment    of troops sent to cap- blmds   aAdal    to tho gaiety ol ths
ture them.     A lively fight ensued ln,8l.4n0]
which one trooper wo* killed    ondl   Bot'h Monngor Hal,,|n and tmln(jr
„»v.r»l   ».,.W        Thn anlriler.  »->• | Mur„hv aaW  tb_ ,„„„ „,,,  ^    „„
the way ovor.     Thoy will use     tho
several wounded. .The. soldier* succeeded in capturing one of th* bandit*, but ths remainder mad* their
escap* and are now In th. wild, of
th. atate of Durango.
El Paso, Tax., Jun* 37.—Th* attack on I—I Vacua, Hex., yesterday
I* separate and distinct from th* affair at Vlesca Thursday. The towns
are more than one hundred miles dls
tnnt from each other end th* assaults were at least 34 hours apart.
El Paso, T*x„ Jun* 27.—In an encounter between revolutionists and
troop* ol th* Muxicon govern—sot at
th* town of La* Vacus in Cobuilo,
Mexico, near tb* border across Irom
IJeliio, Tex., early yesterday, between 10 and 60 war. killed, and tbe
commandant of tb* Mexican troops
wa* badly injured, according to a
despatch received here laat night
Th* atory ol the battle wo* received
hare aa follow*:
Th* quarters ol to Mexican ameer* and barracks were Ured upas by
th* attacking band and th* assault
centered upon tb* F*deral cust—us
housel where forty troops wars finally aaannblgd. In th* disorder following the Initial attack upon tbe
barracks, and th* discovery that
the quartan ol tha eoldlora w*r*
burning, the revolutionist* captured
about sixty hor—a belonging to th*
Mexican cavalry. At the suawm*
house tb* troop* made a determined
atond, and the fighting lasUd
morning without Intar—dwlon.
OTTAWA, Out., Qpno 27.— Correspondence hus been brought down in
tho house showing, that in April,
1906 the Deputy of Militia placod an
ordor for 80,000 Sutherland riflo
sights to be afflkbtl to tlio Lee-En-
field nnd Lce-Metford rifles. Tho
prico paid was SI each, but in January tills yenr the company was successful in procuring nn increase of 20
por cent, or n totnl of 87,200 over
the original prico on tho contract.
Tho ground upon which this in-
cronso was given by tho Govornmont
was thut tho company Inlendod. to
havo the 8(1,000 sights Hindu in tho
United States, but on representations mudo by tho Minister of Militia they decidod to establish a factory in Wostfiold, N.S., and this additional grunt would enable thom to
procure thoir machinery. Twcnty'livo
sights were delivered to thc department August last, but were found
unsatisfactory In practice, partly
from poor workmanship and partly
from defective materia] whon incrons-
cd cost nnd nitilied extension of
time for delivory was given, thoy
to commence    weekly   shipmonts   of
Gibson boy    in the murder ot
Conditt family.
PARIS, 111., June 20.—Mangled beneath the wheels of the Knickerbocker special yesterday, Lawrence w.
Friend, aged 23 years, a brakeinan,
gave his life ta preventing the fast
Big Four passenger train from crashing into a row of freight cars head
on and tho loss of scores of.lives
that might have followed the collision.
Friend wns working on a freight
train which was blocking the main
lino when the passenger' came along
at forty, miles nn hour. The brake-
man rah to a switch and turned it
Just in time to throw the passenger
train on a side track, but not quick
enough to avoid being struck down
nnd crushed by the Knickerbocker's
PaSvtuokot, R.I., June 20.— The
big thread works of the J. & F.
Coates Company shut down today
for a period of ten days temporarily throwing between two and throe
thousand operatives out of employment. The plant haa been running
short time for aeveral months,
owing, it Is said to ovcr production.
500 sights and wero to commence oh
poop deck for tho work and a board I March 15 last, and continue until
train will be    rigged up for ru^ng! s-iPtemb0,r, .10 noxfyonr,
,,«.... .....  .._.._.  _      Up to the    presont    no sights has
and Jumping. They will hove
apeclal training table and gymnasium with all the necessary apparatus on board.
Two members of the toam are so
anxious to compete In London that
today thoy began their trip as stokers. Ono of tho stokes on tho Philadelphia, the other man stokes on
the Minnehaha of tho Atlantic transport line,
LONDON, Jimo 27.—Thoro is littio
prospect of tho Harvard varsity
olght that vanquished Valo at Now
London Thursday, getting a raco in
Englnnd this year. Tho Harvard
crow cannot row in tho unnunl Henley rcgntto as tlio stewards havo determined not to accept foreign crows
to COmpoto in the regatta of 1U08.
and they aro too late to enter for
tho Olympic regatta to bo hold on
July 28th, entries for which aro
closod. An exception hns been made
In tho caso of somo countries, fur
example I'linndn, and a fow continental countries havo until June 30,
to enter, but It was dociilod that
tho nomas of United States and
somo othor crows must bo In the
hands of thc secretary of the Olym-
olc Association not later than June
Whon shown a despatch from New
Haven, Buying that tho Harvard
crow was to sail noxt woek with thc
Idoo of rowing horo on July 28th,
tho secretary of tho Urltish Associa
(tion Bald: "I am afraid thero is
all'some misapprehension, 'Wo have not
It'received tholr entry, and as tho timo
Is sold that llv* thousand shot* war*
Th* revolutionist* cut all tb* t*_-
phone aad telegraph wire* loading to
LuVosm* and thu* prevented    tn*
besieged town trom lending tor
expired June 1, I am certain tho association would not nccopt tbo ' en-
'try should it como lute.
been furnished, but tho company promises a shipment of a thousand next
week. Tho Company chnrges private individuals 85 for tbo sight,
and representations had been mndo
to tho Government not to soil nny of
tho 80,000 for $1.20 for uso on privately owned rifles bolonglng to
members of tho militia, but the department answered that the prico
had not boon fixed.
will b* attended by the Duke uf Norfolk, premier duke of Great Britain.
A great deal of very important business was transacted by the    Notional Battlefield Commission, which
closed its Bitting here at hall   past
on* o'clock    on Saturday aftei-noon.
Legal notarial and other business occupied much of the attention ot  the
commission   and much miscellaneous
correspondence was received and disposed of, including offers and    suggestions of vorlou* kinds.
NEW YORK, June 29.—A special
to tho World Irom Huntsville says.
J. Bogby, twenty years did, was
shot and instantly killed near here
last night when, .like Romeo of old,
he clung to a rope ladder and talk
ed to his sweetheart Nellie Carter,
17 years old, the daughter of a well
to-do farmer.
E. F. Carter, the girl's brother, is
held pending tho Inquest, and admits
the shooting, but says he thought
the victim was a .burglar, and he
did not know he had killed his sister* sweetheart.
The Carters ore neighbors of the
Bogbys and live south of Huutsvlllo.
Both families ore prominent and
wcre friendly until young Bngby begun to pay attention to his neighbor's daughter about six -. onths
ago. Her brother, It is snld, was
opposed to the match and Bngby
wns forbidden to see ber or enter the
Carter premises.
C.P.R.  OFFICIAL TO TRAVB5L.        Weston_     0nti    jUB, M.- jj^ph
Montreal, June    20.—Mr. D.    Mo-|Mayj ,on of B| j_ Mny> y,, lumbtr
Nlcoll, vice-president and general
mnnagor of the C.P.R., sailed this
alternoon from Quebec on the Empress of Ireland for Liverpool, He
intends to visit his old home in
Scotland. He will return to Montreal on Aug. 1, just bofore the big
traffic rush nf hnr.est timo descend*
upon the company.
MONTREAL, June 30,-A "Black
re-'Hand" scare has seized many Ital-
Attar fighting till *•,_-( in th* city owing to receipt ot
bout noon, th* atta——ig party was threatening missives by some ot
'repulsed aad communication was re- them.
•tond with -aa Vaaaa. Troop* | Henry Arlano. employed by Albert
Were rushed to th* plat* tad «xp*ct- Hodlna, ■hoemaker, received a tele-
ad to orriva ther* lab) laat night, phone message to be at the corner of
but odvlos* from Del Rio My that a Bloury ond Sherbrooke streets, and
second outbreak wa* fsared before hand ovor 8100. He went In fear
ih* arrival ot ««Jllt*f» and trembling but th* "black hand"
Th* ■htriff ot Vatvard* county   of canle not> Probably fearing the    po-
thle    state,   t*l*gr*ph*d   Governor He*.
Campbell of thi* Stat* that revolu-'   -oaato Raphano, alao employed by
tlonlsts had bain rapulaed aad  that Hodlna, wea ao terrified at receiving
a number ot them ware _*Mag - to »  'etter to tho sal,,e orfect tlwt hs
th* United Stntes.    Th* offlotr oak- took the flrat ahlp back to Italy.
•d   th* governor If he could appre.' *
hend tb*. fugitives for, violation of A tablmpoonful of black peppor
th* neutrality law*. Under advice "tlrred Into the first suds In which
of th* attorney gwaral, Oov. Camp- «ott-_ ar* wo»hed will prevent col- .
ore from running.
NEW YORK, Juno SO.-Flfth avenue golf is the latest game tu be
taken up by fashionable clubmen.
Tho late afternoon is the best time
for playing th* gam*. It is then
that the avenue 1* crowded with society folks taking their afternoon
ride, and it ia also a very popular
hour tor the mon obout town to
stroll up the avenuo to Central Park
(or a little constitutional beforo
dinner. Of course it is always a
matter of pride to be recognized by
prominent society woman, and
it waa from a bet that was mado
bstwaen two members of a well-
known club thnt ono would be bowed to mora than tho other during
■troll up the avenue that thc game
ot Fifth Avenue golf originated. Tho
counting I* simple. If a lady driving ber own turnout nods to you as
she posses, it counts one for tho person ahe recognizes. A womnn who
hos a coachman In livery counts tw„
for the man she bows to, ond If on.
passes who bos both a coachman
nnd footman it adds three to tho fortunate acquaintance's score who Is
greeted by her. Ala., the scoring
run* both way*, and- If «ithcr a
coachman or footman rccognlz.es yeu,
you lose all the points thot you have
• Ottawa,   Ont,, Jun* 30.- In •
* tb* houae this   morning, Hon. *
* Graham said the break in    the *
• Cornwall canal waa a vary «or- •
• loua mutter, ond thu* for tt la *
* Impossible to lay how long ln- *
* terruptlon to navigation would *
• last.    It hit* been found uoce»-
* lory to   excavate a new    cut.
Two hundred mm nre at work
MONTREAL, June 27,-Tho C. P.
R. hns placed an order with the Lo-
coniotlvo ond Mnchino Co., of Montreal, for twonty now freight engines, to bo delivered by September
15th, nt a rato of five por week. Tho
engines aro (or use in Western Canada.
YALE. n.C, June 27.—The Fraser
river has fallen 0 Inches during tho
last 12 hours.
 —«       ^
CHICAGO, June 39,-In the United States District Attorney Sim'*
crusade against the trofllc lu alien
women and "underground" railroad,
similar to thot used before th* civil
war in smuggling negroes from th*
south into the north-am state*, has
been unearthed by mmlgrotioa inspectors nnd secret service men.
Tho system of bringing alien women into tho United Stnte* by way
of Oannd.i In spite of the vigilance
of the Immigration oinclal*. I* said
to have boon divulged liy on* ot th*
girls examined by the board ol Inquiry, According to bar atory girls
are brought trom Franc* and Ru»»ia
and other foreign countrie* to St.
Johns, Mid, and to Aotlcostl Island
near the mouth ol th* St. Lawrenca
river. From these place* they an
taken to Montreal in private,
up the Rlch*l*au rlvor to Rouse*
Point, N.Y.
Both Attorney Sim* and Dr. 0, 0.
Davl*,    Inspector in charge ol    tha
merchant, was   drowned while bath-
tag on Saturday.
 * .	
To can strawberries, allow two baa
keta to a quart jar. Put . pound
of granulated sugar and two table-
spoonfuls of water on to boll until
it begins to crystal!?*, then carelully drop In the fruit and let it boll
up once. Then carefully skim out
tbe fruit into the Jar* ond fill to overflowing with the boiling *yrup
seal as usual.
Washington, June 29.—Albert 11.
Brown, a negro 23 years oil, wh)
waa convicted several months ago of
killing hls younger brother llnrvoy
In a quarrel over o girl, was hanged In the Jail here today.
Noticu to Archituuts.—Cumpetitivf
Tho Government uf British Columbia .invito tho Arch'! toe ts of Britlijj
Columbia to submit competitive ile-
sign. of a Public Hospital for the
Insane, which it is proposed to erect
ut Coquitlam, siLuutod noar Now
Wostminstor, B.C.
The designs, accompanied by specifications, ..reports and estimates of
cost, and superscribed, "Design, Public Hospital for the insane," and addressed to the Hon. thc Chief Commissioner of jLnnds aiul Works, will
be received up to noon of Tuesdny,
the 30th June,  1908.
The designs, specifications, reports
and estimates of cost shall have no
distinguishing mark or motto, the
author's namo being enclosed in a
blank envelope securely attached to
the design submitted,
side the Province, to be selected by
tho Government, aftor tho 30th.June
The design placed first  by the Ad
judicator shall receive a premium of
8700, nnd tho one placed Becond,
premium of $500.
The Government is not bound to
erect the building from any of Che
designs submitted.
If tho design awarded first placo is
accept,-., tho premium referred to
above shall bo included in the professional fee paid to the architect,
Printed conditions governing the
competition can bo obtained by bona
fide competitors upon application to
tho undersigned,
Public Works Engineer.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 7th May, 1908. td
P.O. Hui 51 'Phone 44
Dealer in AH Kinds of
Moats Delivered free of charge on thi
Shortest Notice.
Notice is horoby givon thnt the
time lor receiving competitive fio-
signs for a Public Hospitnl for the
Insnno, which it is proposed to or-
ect nt Coquitlnm. situnted nenr New
Westminstor, B.C., hns beon extended up nnd including Monduy, tho Gth
day of July,. 1908.
Public Works Engineer.
Lnnds nnd Works Department,
Victoria, 22nd June, 1908.       J25.
Head Office • • • Toronto
Capital $10,000,000  Rest $5,000,000
(5 and under   3 cents
Over $5 and not exceeding $ 10,   6   "
" $!0       " " $30, 10   "
" $30       " " $50, 15   "
Thaw Order, are payable al par at any office in
Canada of a ChartercJ Hank, exrcpl in die *1 ukon,
and at the principal banking points in tht Unite.
States, ,     ,   ,   ,.     .
They nre ncgoUable at $f.oo to liie £ sterling in
Great Britain anil Ireland. They form an excellent
method of remitting Rtnall sums of money with safety
and lit .mall cost, nnd may he obtained without do.
lav nt any olbcc ot thc Bank. '_
L. M. do OEX  Manager
Morrickvllle, Juno 29.—A former
named John Ttiiffcrln, ot Montagu.)
township, while on his way home
Saturday night, fell or wns thrown
Irom hla buggy. Ths llfolcss body
was found on ths roadside.
Union Brewing Co.
Full Stock ol Ulnsra' Tools.
Ship RspsJrinff Work
A Specialty
All kinds o.' Blackamlthlng
Dons at Short Notice.
arid Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding nnd Party Cakoa Hade to
Fruits and Candies of All Kinda
Prioea aro    very   reasonable.    All
Customers treated alike.
MEDICINE HAT, Alta., June 2D.
—Tho plant of tlio Red CHITo Briutt
Co., was hurnoil laat night, entailing n loss of sixty thousand dollars
to tho company and an Indirect loss
to the city ot muny thousands more,
.ns building operntions will bo stop
ped for sonic months to come. The
'plant represented nn investment of
flSft.OOO, the stock being hold prin-
■clpally by Minneapolis nnd St. Pnnl
pert ii*. Thc works, hod nil output.
of 80,000 bricks per day.
The flro started in an nver-beutivl
dry kiln, which could not bo .novo.!,
but the firemen aucceodod in nvvlug
some machinery. The company expects to rebuild nt onco. '■
STRATFORD, Out., Juno 2D.-Mr.
Thos. llallantyno, former speaker of
tho Ontario legislature, died hero
this morning, nftor an illness cl
somo weeks.
Immigration    bureau,    acknowledged | " '	
.t.   f   ft,        h.A   LntnnA   nl  thl.  77.t   ' I"-0™* ™   ATTENDANCE.
that they had leal-nod ol thla under- CA,T/1A]tY, Alt„, ,Iuno 2n._Lleut.
ground railroad and that steps hav»l^|OV(,rnor jjuiyoa opened tho Domln-
been taken to break It up. I Ion Fnlr   horo    this morning.    Ton
         * 'thousand pooplo wore present.    Per
KILLS COMPANION. jjfoct wonthdr.
Torre Haute, Ind., Juno 28.—  Bo-' ']     ' *
Ing taunted    because he had   joined       KILLED BY FALLING TRHB.
On the Esplanade.
I-dysmith, II. O.
.'.the chnrMi. Hoy Leggatt last night j   .North Bay, June 39.-Allan    Ed-
. | shot and killed his eompanlon. IfanK momiton, 38 ysnw old, employed as
.„„ ,...„.„„. .,_  • Koo.    The young men were onthelr a   driver on ths Tdskamlng & Nor
i' day aad night • way home from eliuroh.   (LeggMt sun [them Ontario railway, waa killed on
.rendered to the poMee.
Sniturday by a falling tree.
SEATTLE, Juno 28.—A band ol
anarchists, whose movements nro
shrouded in mystery nnd whoso propaganda deals with the.overthrow till
all organized government, bus boeu
unearthed hore. The clique hulil.s >
cret meetings at night and discusses
the mutters under consideration in a
furelgn language.
In tho Imsonient of tho houso the
anarchists have installed a laboratory. Tho sholves on the walla ot
tho rooms are lillcd with bottles of
chemicals. Tooplo who llvo ln the
Immediate vicinity aro afraid that
this elaborate chemical laboratory
contains materials for tho uiauufae-
ture oi bombs.
The boys who pluy in tho vicinity
have beon warned by tho occupanls
ol the* building to keep away from
tbo basement and not to dischargo
Tiro crackers or light matches nenr
It has been noticed that the roar-
chists thomsolvos nro particularly
careful not to have matchea or   any
lamps nenr the basoment.
A man, formerly of New York, but
who is best known throughout    the
Northwest as    tho originator    and
leader   ot "Froelond", a  supposedly
Socialist oolontentlon scheme In this i
state, wbich wont Into tho hands   ot |
the court somo time ago, appoars to  :'•
be the lender of tho crowd.    The po- (   tjps AND DOWNS OF ERASER.
lice nre    Investigating.    It Is gener-     YALE, B.C., Juno 29.—Tho    Fra-
ally'reported about the neighborhood sor Rivor has risen six Inches.
thnt ono cl the women bolonglng  to '
the orgalilatTJon",    was the wife    of FATALLY INJUHBD.
Leon Czolgos--, the nnnrchlat who na-     Chnthnm, Ont.,  June 28.- BavM
ansslnaton*    President McifTlnley    In Bnrr, 36 years old, tell from n chei
Buffalo, and    who was later execut- ry tree Saturday and was latally Itf
td. <»"*■    -
...       . .'..      _.u ti I.T'.i.iJ
The Best Butcher SI]op
in Town is
Roberts St. Butcher
Ladyamlth, B. O. PERSONALS
Mra. T. X. Jones   went   down  to
Victoria Monday morning. <-.
■'• ♦ ■■
Mrs. F. Coin and   family returned
from Vancouver Monday morning.
<£M--r4-r-M--t-r-H--hr-H t-i-fftt
_   #
J. M.
train Monday.
Mr. Mike Cello
Morgan,    of   Victoria
. home on the morning
is   back   in town
Mr, P, a. Noot, the Oatacre street
Jeweler, la back, after a short trip
to Victoria.
A reduction of 20 Cents on the dollar ia offered on every
Skirt in tho store for ono week.
Our stock Is larger than it ought to be at thts time of the
year and wo nro determined to reduco it considerably before
tlio First of July
Panama Skirts, Tweed Skirts,    Lustro   Skirts,    In   Blacks,    M
Nnvys, Blues, Croum, Browns and Oroya.
Como early and have tho first choice.
Rumembcr, a Reduction of 20 por cent.
mora absolute than ever. Ths Royal entourage js part—'bed by tbs reported dieagr.._ne_t between Gen.
eral Llakhoff and Amir Bttiadure.
'.The Shah la hurrying reinforcements
to the aid ol defeated reaetlonaries,
and at Aorta a wholesale massacre
and looting ta feared.
  • ■ ■       ""'■i
More property is changing hands.
The large bouse ut the end of Kitchener Street, owned by Mr. Jackson, hns been bought by Mr. F. Oar-
The best Smoke in town is tho
Orand Duko Cigar. Remember, it is
mado in town and don't forget to
cull for   it. X.
Knight bus received some beautiful
souvenir books of Lndysmith, Call
nnd seo them.
The Inst meeting of the Celebrn
tion Cominittee, prior to the great
dny, was held Monday evening and
flnul drrnngomants made for enrry-
ing out the iluy's sports.
Thero is nothing liko it in the
smoking line. Tho Grand Duke Is a
smoking hot success. It is on sale
all ovor town. Try it and bo convinced. X
There nre some men for whom
Lord's Duy Observance legislation
has no terror, and not unfreqtiently
they arc professional men of good
position. There is n report thnt a
citizen up tho hill wus caught working nwny nt his profession so Into
as 2:30 on Sunday morning. And
nfter thnt he came down town nnd
entered a hotel during prohibited
hours. It would, of course, bo difficult to prove that hc hnd drink, but
of the work there is not tho slightest doubt, for ho left n stout boy'
baby behind, nnd Jim has not lost
his smile yot. Thorn is tho snme
proof on Third Avonue. for Mrs. R.
Reid is nursing „ bright nnd brand
now baby girl. There's no doubt
the town is livening up.
The Ornml Duko Clgnr ia on sale
in Victoria nt Westerndnlc's Hallway Cignr Store, opposito tho
E. & N. Station, nnd also nt tho
James' Bny Cignr Storo. opposito
the C.P.R. Hotel. Don't forget this
when in Victoria. X
Knight was busy with his camera
during the sports yostordny and ho
hns some fine views nnd snapshots on
snlo now In the form of post cards.
Call early.
LONDON, June 30.—Ths mobilisation of all the British warships ia
boras waters available for service
was completed today for ths annual
naval munoeuvers, and Admiral Lord
Ueresford tads himself in aupreme
commond of a total of .three hundred and ons ships with on aggregate complement of 08,000 olUcers
and men. With the exception ol the
coast guards all these men are
the active list of the navy.
Local pride In the record size of
this fleet is pronounced, and tbe
newspapers, while they proclaim that
the array ol such a force ln the
North Sea ta ln no manner connected with Germany, do not fail Incidentally to compare this, the greatest fleet ever assembled in Uu history of the world, with the fleet of
63 vessels with wbich Germany
cently carried out bar North Sea
Officially, all thought ol reproducing the sea operation* that might
be txpscted in the (vent of difficulties with Germany is repudiated, but
from ths general character of the instructions issued it appears that
Admiral Berssford with the Channel
fleet and the (rat cruiser squadron
based at Aalbeck bay ai tha extreme north of Denmark, ia to enact
the part of the enemy and assay
descent on the east coast ol Great
Britain which admiral' Brtdgeman,
commander in chiet of the Home
fleet with its base In the Firth of
Fourth, has to defend.
MONTREAL^ Jlfeftib.—Bert Taylor, 19 years old,' employed aa clerk
in tht Dominion Bridge Company's,
offline, was drowned In lake St. Louis
last night by the upsetting of a canoe.. He waa out with two companions and on the return journey
one of them mads a false stroke an*
the occupant- were capsized Into the
water. They clutched tbe bow and
started to get In when the boat a-
galn capsized and threw them baok
into the water. Taylor waa a poor
awimmer and disappeared. The body
has not been recovered.
Sarnla, Ont., Jun* 39.—Two women who were berry-picking on the
Indian reserve, stumbled across the
body of a dead man supposed to be
Alex. McAust, but whose place of
residence la unknown. A bottle at
the side of the body, half filled with
laudaneum told a atory of auiclde.
Tho Odd Fellows are installing
their nctv officers on Suturduy ovonlng, n specinl meeting having beon
cnlloil for 7 o'clock. It Is expoctod
thnt visiting members from both
Duncan and Nnnnimo will bo present
nnd nil tbo local members nro requested to be In attendance. Grand
Master Fulton will install Iho officers nnd nl tlio i-nurluMnri nf the ceremony there will bo n hnnqtiot, for
which the Debeknhs will be responsible.
Men's Light Gray, reg. »16.
NOW *13.B0.
Mon'B Groy Check, rog. $22.60.
FOR $18.00.
Mon's Cheap Summor Suits, reg,
$10 and $12.50.      FOR $8.60
Suits, rog. $18 and $18.50.
FOR $10.00.
Kennel Brand Hats,   in   Bronze,
Groy and Brown, reg. $8.00.
William's Block
NEW YORK, June 30.-Arrange-
meats ware completed hart last evening for what ta said will be tht
flrat public officially tatted flight
ever made in America for a prize
offered for successful navigation ol
tht air by a heavier thaa air machine. The test wll) be made next
Saturday at Hammond, .N.Y., " by
O. H. Curtlas, in his new machine,
the June Bug, which made Its notable flight of 1,140 yards last Thursday. It waa the success of this
light that ltd UT. Curtlst, to challenge for tht Sdeatiflo American cup
offered lost year for competition for
all types of heavler-thau „lr machines. A meeting of tht government of
the air Club end numbers of the contest committee wae held laat night,
at which Mr. Curttaa wat present.
The conditions stipulate that   tht
flrst flight shall be for a instance of
one kilometer, about 8,380 feet In
straight line.    Thla waa altered  to
that the distance may bt covered in
curved line which ls really    m
Mr. Curtlst' flight lest week was
Slightly over the required kilometer
tht distance having been 8,000 feet.
He expressed confidence lett night
that he could win the cup.
■   4	
MONTREAL, Juat 80.-A novel
feature of tht Chinese banquet laat
night waa tht presence of three biah-
ops and some 35 priests. The function took placeln Library Hall of
St. James Cathedral. Taking advantage of the fete of St. Paul, patron taint of Arch-bishop Bruchesl,
Catholic members of tha Chinese
colony chose that day to honor Mgr.
Mere], Bishop of Canton, at present
oa a visit to Montreal, and sat aa
gueati, betldta pr,uu ol their own
native land, Archbishop Bruchtsl,
Bishop Hacicot and others.
 -. »
LONDON, Juat 80.-A apodal despatch from Teheran to tho Timet
taye that Gen. Llakhoff, commissioner of troona la that city haa tatued
a proclamation    making hla
i I Bathing Wings I jj
Just in by Express—a large
assortment of Bathing Wings—
in Silk or Cotton. Just tho [ \
article to learn to swim with,
and everyone should know how
to   swim.
All Work Guaranteed.
MONTREAL, June 39.-A Lon *
• don cable saya:  Longboat's en- *
• try has been received in proper *
form and thero-Is absolutely no *
• doubt aa to the eligibility of the *
Canadian for the Olympic games *
He will be pitted against a hun- *
drcd and thirty competitors re- *
• presenting at least ten nations: *
Belgium, Bohemia, Finland, Ger- *
• many, France, Holland, Hungary •
" Italy, Norway, the Unltod King- •
dom and the United States.        *
Wt-W'W' K »♦« I MIM"W
A fow on hnnd yet which are
going at
Visit the Foundry and mako <
1 ' T your    own   choice.    You will
save time and monoy, and  get
better satisfaction.
Iron Bod, full slzo oloclrlcnl
Woollen tops and Bottom Mattresses at  $18.50
Three-Quarter size at .... 12.50
Ono Hnlf slzo, at   11.no
The  Snow  Flako Mattress,—
tho Mattress for Comfort.
Samples on hand for   Inspection.
There are Symptoms •
Be aure you are ready for it,
before it develops Into a full-
fledged reality.
We   can   fit   you with Cool   *
Footwear of evory description.    '
<]      Begin   at   your foot.    Dresa
If Up.
See  our   White Canvas
fords for lst of July.
CALGARY, Alta., June 80.— With
waving plumes and flying banners a
host of Knights of Pythias marched
Into Calgary today to assist ln the
institution of the grand lodge of Alberta.    The  visitors  include  mem- ™
bera of the order from varloua parts   r
of western Canada and also a degree   £
team of one hundred from Spokane,   E
Wash., which comes to assist in the a>
organizing    of    a    branch   of tho ♦
Knights of Khorassun.
The doath occurred Sunday at Comox of ono of' the party of five
prospectors who discovered tho Cumberland conl mines in tho person of
Samuel Clirfe. The deceased was
the proprietor of the Lome Hotel
and was one of the beet known residents in tho district. He was tn his
65th yoar, and was born In England. A prominent member of the
Masonic fraternity, the fusernl which
takes place today, will lie under
their auspices. He leaves a wife nnd
a grown up family, four girls and
six boys,
The battleship Mississippi left the
nevy yard hore today for Nowport,
R.I., where she Is to bo given hor
final trial in about two weeks. Tho
Mississippi will bo placed In commission early in tho fall and will be a
valuable addition to the navy.   Sho
Ox-   :
Tbe c_e fan.
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited']
G. Peterson
Come and
my Stock of Latest Styles In
Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Specialty.
High Street. '
'*'**'* * * * * *ri'iTir-'iiVaVeVVfMflga'
'Phone 18.
Flrat Avenue
One hundred acres of first class
land a mile and a half from Chemainus Station. For full particulars, apply to Geo. Tranfleld,   Blan-
PLANNir-G 13 e-r-i
Setul nvi '."a -tiniiiw. if ■
flltt*. Ini ii i-iiiiyf inybci...
ilfulirl hi.n.i L..|I,..,.H"
"t'niiutit- mul Mulmili i.
lliiinof." full nf i 111 oro - •
ItlX, Ylllllllbll- unil pi-H'-ll-
Rid iiil.iriiiiilliiii fur !m.> i<
A small piece of cold boiled potato rubbed on a piece of paper will
make an improvised glue which wiU
serve to stick pieces of fine card-
board or paper together. The ptv
toto should be rubbed for several
minutes, until the .friction makes it
Vinegar is useful'id reviving colors. Add one teaspoonful of common vinegar to each Quart of cold
Is a sister ship of tho Idaho, and rin9lne water. Thoroughly saturate
though not so large aa aome of the the article, wring tightly and dry
battleships recently completed sho rapidly,
will carry   a heavy armament,   and .
should he able to   give a good    ac-1   _      ' ' '    _     "
count of   herself    In an engagement I   To rl<l Planta of worms, place    a
with any   of   the fighting machines raw potato on tho earth beside  tbo
now afloat. pIlint    „„,, you wl|,    flnd tnnt tfce
worms oil como to tho eurfnee    a-
Montreal, June 39.—In a street
light lett night, John A. Mlnero, an
Italian, was thot in tht abdomen by
hit companions at the corner of St.
James and Mountain streets. Ths
victim who It .80 years old 1s ' now
dying In tbt hospital. 'No arrests
havt been madt.
round tho potato, whore thoy can be
easily removed.
In papering a room, remember
thnt large patterns and dark colors
will make it appear smaller, while
a plain or striped paper, if a light
hue, will give en Impression cf In-
created size.
* SAN ANTONIO, Tex., June 80.—By order ol    tht war depart- •
* meot, federal troops of the deportment of Texas, undtr command of *
* Brigadier General Meyer, havt been ordered to proceed without de- •
* lay to tbt Mexican border for the purpose    of ,prestrving the neu- "
* frailty haw between the United States and Mtxteo.    Practically all •
* of tha troops ln the department are on their way to Leon Springs, *
* where the manoeuvera are to be held    commencing   July 9.    The •
* troops will leave camp this morning.                                              . e
OTTAWA, June 80.-Ia anticipation of the dlacueefon of the
election act amendment Wll, whloh will commence oa Th—-tday, notice wu given yesterday by thl number for Prlnct Edward (Conservative) of amendments embodying Ma election bill which waa Intro-
ductd last March. Notice atao hat been given by Mr. McDonald,
providing that polling day for the general election shall be a general holiday.
All Conservative amendments art drastic In character. I Among
other provisions thty abeolutely prohibit hiring of any class of ton-
veyaaee for voters oa election day aad provide heavy penaniee for
oneness of thla nature.
ey's Crossing.
Launeh for Hire
Fastest Boat ln Harbor.
. Buna from the Dominion Wharf  to
Shell Beach every hour.
Thursdays, from 1 p. m.
Sundays, from 10 a. m.
Return Fare, 30 Cents.
Notice ia hereby given that at the
noxt regular sitting of the Board of
Licensing Commissioners for the City
of Ladysmith, B.C., we intend to apply for a transfer of the Retail Liquor -License held by us for the sale
of spirituous and fermented liquors
on the promises known ns the Now
Western Hotel, situate on Lots 4 A
5, Block 38, 'Ladysmith, B.C., Irom
ourselves to Alfred Mnhlo.
The City
For tha Best Bread
AND ^.e*
Finest Cakes and
Pastry in Town
Orders Promptly Attended to
LDDH8- for Sale
Will carry 15 persona.   Juat fitted
with new 10 h.p. engine.
For particulars, apply
Telephone, 1 2-4.
Nnnuiiii i
j. m. mo^GAH,
Toachor of Voice Production and
Engagements may be left at tho
.Standard Ofllco.
Flrat Class Photoa.
j Notice is hereby given that I intend to mako application to the
Board 'of Licensing Commissioners of
the City of Ladysmith at tholr next
regular meeting for a transfer of the
Wholesale liquor license now issued
to me in respect to the premises situate upon Lot 0, Block 01, In the
Oity of Ladysmith, from myself to
Nnpoloon Maneit.
Ladysmith, B.C., Oth June, 1008.
' • ii
< i < |
J!    CALL AND SEE   f
;   the dainty
!! Wash Collars, j
and Belts
< i
Effective Juno (lib.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Dally at 9:00 and 15:58.
T rains A/rive at Ladyimith.
Dally at 11:57 and 17'ir,
I        GEO. I. COUIlTfMY
District Passengor Agent.
1102 Government St., Victoria.
We have a good assortment of
English Squibs, Serpenta, YewTroos
Flower Pots, etc. Just the thing for
the First.
Rods and Lines
Flies and Tackle
For All Kinds of Fishing.
Excellent Boarding
H. Thornley
Every Convenience,   and Everything
of tho Rest,
Jos. NankheU. Prop.
If You Want
lu soo something-   nice  and   protty.
Just como nnd look in my   window
and soo.
No need   telling   you;   Just   como
and look.
_ <>
Knights ;
Boole Stora.   ..
•| Four-roomed house with kitchen,
e on High Street. Lot fenced and
a' cultivated.  Apply 0. Thompson.
Hotel Cecil
Best Liquors and Cigars.
lst Avenuo.
Ladysmith, II. 0,
A yacht, 39 feet ovor all.    Oan bo,Fvl!^ OUTFIT AND EVERYTHING
seen at Harrup'e Boat Houae.    Ap- NEW.   -
ply W. Oeorge, Box 881. Cigars and Soft Drinks.     -


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