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The Ladysmith Chronicle Apr 24, 1909

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Array With Which Is Amalgamated the Ladysmith Standard.
Vol. I. -
Ladysmith, B. C, Saiuiiiay, April 24, 1909.
Victoria's Gift of 4
Points to Nanaimo
Tlie fine (sic) football sports lit
Victoria have again showed tbeir
sportsmanlike qualities by making a
handsome gilt to Nanaimo United of
four points in the Island League. It
seems strange that the Victoria team
should refuse a home game, as Nanaimo United nre booked to play there
to-day, and the matter ot rotusal to
. fill dates will be thoroughly thrashed out by the Vancouver Island Foot'
ball Association meeting at Victoria
to-night, to which Manager Eno of
the Ladysmith Football Club will be
a delegate. In the Pacific Coast series Victoria was a drawback, either
defaulting games or wanting new
dates, and now that this has cropped up it shows thc Victoria sports
in their true light. Esquimau, with
no chance ot winning the league, filled their dates, and as sports are
held in high esteem by the footballers on this end of the island. It
was hardly probable that Nanaimo
could have put a winning team in
the field to-day, as Victoria United
are composed of mostly Victoaii,
West playerB—who are playing great
ba'.l, and tho Nanaimo team is In
an unsettled state. One thing is
sure-elther Victoria United will havo
to drop ouc of the Island League
next year or Ladysmith will remain
on the Bhell. It is certainly a turndown to the local club—going to a
big expense travelling to Victoria,
filling all their dates—and let the
bunch of quitters at Victoria forfeit
two ot their bCBt games at the last
moment. Victoria were always
knackers, but the locnl supporters
claim this to be the limit. Since Nanaimo have been presented with
th**e points the standing of the
League is as follows:
P W li U Pts
Lndysmith      ..;.-J> I »'l  '
Nanaimo   '<• 6  4  1  1  II
Victoria   ''....:•*  14   13
Esqulmalt i„... 6  L  5   0   \
With Lt^etgftli leading by ?one
point and Nanaimo second, the final
game which will he played on May
2 on the Sports Grounds, should he
Mood one. It is rumored tbat Nanaimo i* pcouring the country lor!
plnyers and intend turning the trick
on tbe locnlB. They will have to go
some as the team here to-day is
playing great ball, and atter they
get through with Nanaimo and New
Westminster Intend going to Calgary
atter thc People's Shield, tlie emblem of tho championship of Canada.
To-morrow l,adysmlth B travel to
Nanaimo to play one. ol the closing,
If not the closing; games for the 2nd
division championship ol the Island
Victoria West and Ladysmith havt.
nine points each, and a draw or a
win brings the championship to Lav
dysmith. The game is called for
J:80. and the noon train will stop
at South Nanaimo to allow the play-'
era and supporters to drop oft convenient to th* crlckot grounds, and
will stop on the return and pick
them up. A good crowd in expected to make the trip, and a little encouragement on the field goes a.long
way In helping a team out. The following 1* the line-up ol the Lndy-
Goal—A. Hailstones.
Backs—Christian, Hewlett.
Hnlves—Grainger,  McKlnlcy, Main.
Forwards—Simpson,  Uraham,  Adam, Sanderson, Provlns.
ment accorded to them off the field.
He said, however, that the locals did
not get any the best of lt on the
Held,some of .the referees who handled the games being too highly flavored with British Columbia sentiment. In tho all-star British Columbia game played at Vancouver on
Good Friday tha referee was decidedly off color, allowing tho homesters
a goal from a corner kick, though
the ball did not touch a second play'
Vancouver World Teds
"Why SmithLeft Home"
The Vancouver World, of April 22,
contains the following account of
tha recent unpleasantness between
the guardians of the peace and the
law-breakers. It Is not altogether
according to fact, but it la decidedly Interesting, * and for thla reason
Is reproduced:
Ladysmith, the hustling mining mi.-
trcpolis on Vancouver Isl,itii, hit*
just, completed its annual house
cleaning.   This year the may or, and!
er, and disallowing a point scored aldermen decided to Import a pfW
by Donohue from the forty-yard ^tor, because last year after the I
range for oft-side, though at ,east houee cleaning was eiv.r the people
four players were between the Call- who were sentenced all got of! ofli
fornia and the goaL when the ball appeal. The-gentleman secured to
Goodman says that the Vancou-1 look after matters this year was
ver press took the referee to task, wna;clty prosecutor Kennedy, of Vat»!
was Inst played. Icouver.   Mr. Kennedy returned from
after this game and conceeded that Ladysmith' this morning and reports1
the better team had received the navmiJ had a very Interesting time,
worst of it Irom that official. He cven had the distinction of ha*H
The Callfprnians were highly clat-,ing haa his'lite threatened and feels!
ed with the record made on their |that he is now almost entitled to
trip, having three victories to their; g0 jnt0 the Frank J. Heney class, 1
credit as.against two losseB, both: The man who threatened his lite
ot tlte latter being against represen- was Mr. j, x. Smith, better known
tative teamB. Two ot the wearers In Ladysmith as "Nigger" Smith,
of the poppy, Perkins and Mimroe, Mr, Smith run a combination of a
remained In Seattle, but both of rostaurant, a gambling .den and a
them will return to Son Francisco | house of ill-tame. JuBt belore his
before the commencement of the next; triai 0n tho charge of running a,
soccer season. - | gambling joint Mr. Smith approach-
Harry Billot,    tho skipper of the eit  Mr. Kennedy and requested htm
team, received a painful injury in
the fourth game and was unable to
take the field in   the later games,
to tell the magistrate that as this
was Mr. Smith's first offence be
should get oft with a light fine. Mr
Manager Eno and James Adam left
tbil morning to attend the meeting
of tbe Vancouver Island Football As>
soclntion. They have a sors spot,
and when the question comes up of
the gift to Nanaimo of four points,
there frill be some strong talk.
San Francisco, April 21.—The All-
CalKorhta soccer player* who have
been touring British Columbia with
signal success, arrived in the city
yesterdny mowing on the steamer
Ptesldeht and were welcomed home
by a goodly number of soccer fnns.
They were favored with pleason*,
weather and ' smooth seas on the
southern voyage and every one en-
jcyetl thc passage.
Sam Goodman, the manager of the
team, was In a talkative mood yesterdny and described graphically th*
different games played on the tour
and also spoke highly ot the treat
and his absence was a serious loss j Kennedy said that he would try and
to the tourists. He was kicked in nI it so that Mr. Smith would not
the hack by McLean, who also ren-! have to pay any fine at all. Mr.
dered Walters hors de, combat in thc [smith was correspondingly grateful,
first game of the tour. He changed hi* demeanor,  however,
Of the players met in British Col-! when Mr. Kennedy fixed it no that
umbla, Goodman Is of the opinion'he got six months' imprisonment
lhat Jim Adams, of Ladysinith, and without the option of a fine. Mr,
Crulckshanks, of Nanaimo, showed Smith, who is an ex-preacher, was
the most class, both of them being j brought up later on a charge of Bel-
very clever forwards. ling liquor without a license     For
The California Football Associa- this he was fined *7.r>, but his ad-
tion, according to Goodman, is mi- dress to the court will never be for-
der an obligation to Con Jones, tbe | gotten by those who heard it, and
president of the Pacific coast league the only people ln Ladysmith whoj
cf Vancouver, who made their cn- did not hear it were those who nr-
tlre trip a round of enjoyment and rived after tho court room was pat k-
dipped deep into his pocket when an ed to overflowing, !
adverse balance was reported after! Mr. Smith in part said:, "On attalat
two of thc matches. I obsquatitlous   occasion,   when I,   a'
—— .leading citizen, who was itnportuna-
In the above report from San Fran- j ted ovory diapholous opportunity tw
Cisco the California player* seem to1 advance the prosperity ot this com-;
forgot tbat there wa"s such a team' muntty appear before thl* court at;
as Ladysmith. They admit they, the instigation of those who have
were beaten twice by representative the diametric concluslnations that1
teams. Perhaps they were, but It j lead to tho fulfilment of our highest I
must not be forgotten that the La-1 hope*, I entrusts your worship to|
dysmith team is thoroughly repre-jnot disremembor my high standing]
sentattve, composed of players who as a progressionist and a builder up.
have been representing the town all of vlrtuouB mentality and as an cn-
scason. It was a hard pill for Cal- «my of turpltudlnous baseness. But,
itornla to swallow^- to be beaten Judge, I'm going to swat that lawny the Ladysmith team-and it was Iyer with a multltudlnoslty of mus-j
the only    town   on the coast that culnr Prowess tl,at W*W cal* Ior tne
could turn the trick.
Chemainus People
in Litigation
As a.result of the accident to Mr.
Gilbert and Miss McC.ee ob tbo evening of April Uh while driving along
the road to Chemainus there is likely, to be a couple of lawsuits. It
will be remembered that Mr. Gilbert
nnd Miss McGee had attended tho
concert given that evening by tne
Jubilee singers, and while on their
way home to Chemainus ns the
horse was going down tho hill son.c
of the harness came undom, and thc
rig following too closely on tho animal frightened him. T'.J occupa'U ;,
carriage and hnr lc went over tiic
embankment, and Mr. Gilbert anl
Miss McGee barely esci.Vi «,;!i their
lives. They were taken to the house
ofMr, Stewart and cared tor while
Br, Williams was stunni'ii'id luiined-
Th* owntr ot tht hi.rtvl and car-
ring* entered an action ftgutort 5!>.
Gilbert for dam*.;•'* 1 > property,
and the latter ha* entered a r.oM.'ei
duim against Mr. Hogan, the liveryman, for glvlnij him, ts •'.V.if»;«'«!, a
hor.o that «n c.is'ly frigMcmd,
and under certain ciuiTti'** unmanageable. The caso will tome up in
the eourt* sho*ti.-and tli* ju.lge v.ill
rive some difficult? in 'lecu'.iug the
right* ot thc ittlgti'n unler the clr-
attentions of tho coroner.'
While in Ladysmith Mr. Kennedy
hae} Chief of Police Callender swear
in Provincial Constable Cassidy as
his deputy so that two gambling
raids could be carried on simultaneously. One was on Smith's place
and the other on a place run by a
man named Klein. There were only
four men at Klein's place playing
black-jack. They were easily captured. Smith's place was crowded with
"leading citizens." In this place
two members of a Vancouver detective agency. had been posted as players. When tlie alarm was Bounded
thc players made a rush tor the rear
exit, but on* of thp detectives hud
his bapk against it, and when the
leading citizens threatened to teat)
him to pieces if lie did not get out
ol the way he drew his revolver and
held them at bay. The raid was!
timed for five minutes past twelve
onMonduy morning, so that there
could be no, question raised as to
the enforcement ot n gambling raid
warrant, on Sunday.   The 29 people
Telephones on
the Railways
" There seems to be every probability of the telephone coming In and
replacing the telegraph ln nearly all
the roads as an Instrument for. dls-
dispatchlng trains," said W. W. Ash-
ald, superintendent of telegraphs and
telephones af tbe Grand Trunk railway to the Toronto News in discussing the probable adoption ot the
telephone by his company.
"lt is only a little over two years
since the first sending of train orders was done by telephone, and already there are five thousand three
hundred and sixty miles in use on
the continent and twelve thousand
six hundred miles have been authorized, The Chicago, Burlington &
Quincy railway have Ey all means
the largest system of telephone dispatching in the -world," said Mr.
Ashald, "and they are extending the
system over their entire line because
they find tbat It takes only about
CO per cent of the time which is
needed to dispatch trains by telegraph.
"The telephone system is meeting
with approval everywhere and we see
the American Railway Association
and the Interstate Commerce Commission coming forward and support/
ing its Introduction."
"But what will become ol tbe telegraph operators?" Mr. Ashald was
"They will all be ratained by any
railway that installs the telephone,
tor the railway will have to have
men who understand the moving of
trains, and tbey will have to have
men to send those messages which
do not concern the train movements.
"The telephone," said Mr. Ashald,
"has been tried on the Canadian Pacific from Montreal to Newport, and
has given good results, and at present wc have tenders In tor the installation of telephone systems over
a considerable portion of our own
system, and it is now only a question ot financing the proposition betore these lines will be put in operation.
"One ot the greatest advantages of
this system is that if a railway
wants it can equip every train
with an Instrument and then in tho
event of ltd becoming necessary to
communicate with a station tu Inform them of a wreck or blockade,
the conductor or engineer can simply
hook on their instrument to a wire
and open communications. This will
result ln the bringing ot help in it
much shorter period of time.
"Of course, the cost of this new
system will bo tremendous as compared with tbe cost of thc telegraph
system, for where one iron wire at a
cost ot perhaps forty or fifty dollars
per mile is now required, two copper wires at n combined cost ot
about two hundred dollars per mile,
will.have to be put up. In addition,
the number of instruments required
per mile, will be large, and they will
add to the cost ot installation. Although this may not look big tq the
outsider, when you think of the size
ot the system you will see what an
amount will be required to properly
finance this scheme. It will be an
Important undertaking for the strongest corporation.
Word has been received trom Geo.
Stimson • & Co., of Toronto,, that
they will not accept the present bylaw, and that another by-lgw will
have to be submitted to thc pcptilc.
The objection is raised that the bylaw conflicts with the Municipal
Clauses' Act in several sections.
It may be however, that anoth;"
hy-law will not have IS be s.ibniit-
George Stimson & Co.'s
Pinal Answer
ted to the people. When Mr. Burg-
ess, Mr. Brent's representative, wea
'.ere, he expressed the belief that
tDc ty'-iaw would be "■alk'tat'lorv to
h'S people, and thc city ihiKh lilies
are now in communication with Mr.
Brent with that end in view. Should
thc latter accept the present by-law,
tbe money for the debentures will be
forthcoming  at once.
Dan Kehoe's Letter
to His Friend Jerry
the court was started  on
They    nil got the usual
taken in the raid     had to stay (n
gaol till
Nine hotels were lined (25 tor selling liquor on Sunday.
One woman who ran a questionable resort was fined tftS tor illegally selling Intoxicants, The charge
against her of running a house of
assignation failed for lack of evidence.
The members of the A ft B lund
have unanimously adopted the resolution to establish a hospital ln Ladysmith, and will support the undertaking on the condition* laid
down in the resolution.
Mr. J. B. Green, P. L. S., haa
been surveying a portion ol Ladysmith the Past lew d*>y«..M>d as! have'engaged Mr. Bob Greaves, who
Good crowd* attendod the Opera
House this week and if "laugh and
grow tat" is a true proverb, the
patrons must have gained quite a
number of pound* a* the programme
include* torn* ot the funniest of all
funny     pictures,   The management
a result he finds serious detects in a
survey made a few months ago   by
together  with  Mr.   Lewis,  sings    a
Mr. King.   According to Mr. Green's I *ong-.   His singing Is much appreciates several of the buildings on First, ted.   On Thursday night the $10 or-
Shipping Intelligence
The past week—or for the matter
of business the past few weeks have
witnessed very busy times at the
wharves. Today the bark "Isaac
Reed" is finishing her cargo tor Al- j
aska, the revenue cutter Manning Is
taking on fuel and proceed* to Bremerton tor an overhaul preparatory
to proceeding to Bering Sea for the
summer. The big Alaska packer*
tug "Chllkat" is taking on fuel on
her way from San Francisco to Alaska. Waiting their turn are the
"L P. Burgess" Barge, "Quatslno"
and the "Wellington." With the
coal sacking soon to commence th*
prospects are exceedingly bright for
a busy sumitiei'i assuring 'Cue majority ot our residents steady work
at th* time when moat of tbe coal
mtnlngcamp* are (lack,
Judging from thc conversation on
the street* there Is a very hopeful
view taken ot Ladysmith's prospect*,
and anticipation of good •time*
Shipping at the local wharves during
week: Flyer and Scow, Mystery. Richard Holyoke, Jennie, Queen city, Princess Beatrice, Trlnc'css May, Belfast
Stetson nnd Scow, Otter, Imp and
Scow, Beatrice, Etta White, Chleltaln,
Hope, Bhamrnck, Wm. .lollllte and
Scow, Lome, Erin, Nonooso, Crar end
Scow, Meteor. Celtic. Selkirk, Owen,
Hustler, Dola and Scowl, Vadso, Henrietta, Bute and Scow, Canadian.
avenue nre too far hack, and others1
tier on Blair & Adam was won   by
Mr*. Armstrong,     and the J!> order
encroach upon tlie street lines,
store building recently erected by.
Mr. Campbell, and now occupied by on Cavin's by Mr. Thos. O'Connell
Walters ft AkVnhcad, runs over a| To-night a $[i gold piece will lie gtv-|
foot on the lot owned by tho Ma- en away free to the person holding
sons, on Gatacre street. Tho chan-it-he lucky ticket. To-night Is the
ges will lead to considerable confun-' liwt night ol the present comic pro-
ion and will be hard to rectify,        'gramme, so go early to secure a seat,
Mr. Geo. A. Morphy, the well-
known Victoria Barrister, has been
Instructed by J. X, Smith to prepare
a petition for his release trom tlie
Provincial Gaol, where he is now
serving six months' for keeping a
common gamine houH, No dc
hi* lawyer will do everything he can
to secure Smith'* release, but there
may be some difficulty in getting
the cltirtits ot Ladysmith to sign
th* petition.
Ladtsmith, B. C, April 23,1909.
Dear Jerry:—According to the pro-
mis I made ye when I left owld
Ballyragget 1 drop ye a few lines to
let ye know that I am well, at laste I
feel that way now. Well, Jerry, I
landed In Ladysmith some weeks
ago, an sure a toine place It is entirely. But let me warn ye, lt ye
come this way, for the love ye bear
me, don't come over on the tbrans-
fcr; if ye do, ye'll rue lt. When I
got to Vancouver they towld mc the
thransfcr would lave In a few hours,
and be the long gun of Athlone If
tbat same owld boat left till thc
next night and thin I thought it
would nlvir lund mc sate at me des-
But I got here, and the first man
I met -was the mair of tbe town.
Hcspokc to me in Irish, and I, not
to be uncivil, answered bim in the
same langwldge. Be mc sowl, scz I
to myself, here is a countryman of
me own, but'I found out that tbe
mair was Scotch by ancesthry and
British Columbyan by choice. However, the man meant well, and 1
said no more.
They've awl kinds of langwldge*
and people here, and to tell ye thc
truth I don't know where they nil
came from. They're Ilalylans, Finns,
Belgians and naygroes.
And let me spake a word about
the lather, a* our old schoolmaster
used to say. Two of thlm kept places wl^re thc byes played cards, and
Cassidy, aft owld Cork man, got wind
of it. He towld another Cork man
named O'Connell, the same man wr
used to sec at thc fairs.
"Be me word," said O'Connell,
this is a dhreadful shame, and IM'll
tell Callendar, the policeman, to see
if it can't be stopped."
When Callendar beard the word he
told the mair to supply him with
men, and he'd make it a dacent
"AU right," sez the mair, "that's
what yere there tor." Then the
mair gathered up the bravest men in
the town and ntflier administering
the oath av allayglancc he handed
thim over to Callender.
Av coorse, Callander addressed his
men. He sez: "Now me brave hay-
roes, as Nelson said on Che eve of.
Traflalgir, 'Knglan' expects every
man to do his duty.' Now I say to
ye Ladysmith expect* every man to
do hi* beat. You will not be long!
away from yure home*, and when ye
return, ye will bo rewarded with the
nowlidge that ye did yure duty."
Then he armed the men and the
band struck up "The Girl I Lett Behind Me." They proceeded in two division* to attack the houses. The
right division was under Cassidy,
and Callendar lead the roln ot the
left. Well, to make a long story
short, the inlmytwa* surprized and
were court-marshaled the next day
they were all taken prlalners. They
and the leaders were exiled to Victoria, and the rest were let oft with
a toine.
I've met a good many here from
tbe owld sod. Pat Malone, a* dacent
a man as ye'd foind any place, Is
now living' here, anu whin he was
towld that a couhthryman ol his was
looking for a job, he hunted me up,
and extended the right hand ot felo-
He sez: "Dan, what can ye do?"
"Well," set I, "I think I'd make a
good policeman."
"Oh," sc3 te, "there are two Ir
ishman on the foorce already, and
maybe it wouldn't look well to put
on another so soon.".
"All right," sez I, "anything ye
"Weil,'' sez he, "come down to the
moine, and I'll see what can be done
ior ye."
Pat and me had a toine toime av it
that night.   He asked me if I could
sing a song, and I struck up:
"Owld   Paddy   McCarty was hand-
Bome and fat,
And the hair of his head hung down
by his bat,
He had bat one son, and he christened him Pat,
So   hurrah   for     owld   Paddy McCarty."
TEls put all the boys In good humor and faith we hail a great night
av It.
I'm towld that they are going to
have grate improvements this year.
The mair sez he will give me a con-
thraet on the soors, and if that
doesn't suit me, he'll give me a job
on the light plant. I don't know
what he manes, but I think maybe it
will be a ligbt job.
Now I will not write any more
at present, as I have to go on a
shift, but in mc next I will tell yo
more about the town. So convey
me regards to me owld friends in
Ballyragget, and write me as soon
as yc get this letter, II not sooner.
Your old lriend,
Lord Kitchener
Makes a Speech
Prominent among tlie speeches in
Budget debate in the Council of tho
Governor General of India, nt Calcutta, was the exhaustive and important deliverance made by Lord
Kitchener on the Indian Army. Tbe
speech made nppnrcnt thc fact thnt
the great soldier whose term as commander-in-chief of the Indian army
has expired, nnd who, lt is reported,
will return borne by way of Van-
oouver, knows the business end ot
soldiering ns well as thc practical
work. Said be, in the course ot his
"This is the only military budget
framed since I have arrived in India
under conditions ot financial stringency. My sole' aim throughout my
tenure ot-offlcc has been to place the
administration, ol the army on a
sound" business footing. Tbe modern
army is no ossttlj- t*y for display or
instrument ot aggression, it is simply Insurance against national disafl-
ter. The first business conditions necessary to justify military expenditure Is thc maintaining of the army
In a thoroughly efficient state. Atter
study I concluded that the army
consisted of splendid niAieii.il from
which the best economical value was
uot being obtained. I felt that tho
first essential step was lo Improve
the organization, training and distribution of tbe army. We are now-
able to mobilize nine, infantry divisions and eight cavalry brigades with
a rapidity hitherto impossible. By
Introducing a test of training wo
have rectified many weak points in
the regiments. The divisional system has been introduced and tbe
Quetta Staff College is proving of
the greatest value. The re-arming of
the artillery with quick-firers and
of troops with new rifles is now
practically complete. We are also
able to procure in India guns, rifle*
and ammunition on a scale to meet
all needs ln tbe field."
Lord Kitchener vigorously denied
the allegation repeatedly made ot
late that his policy meant the massing ot troops on the frontier. The
army at present, he said, received
higher pay and cost less than before.
This he ascribed in part to the creation of a Finance Department to]
deal with i military questions. He
wa* convinced, he said, that real
economy in military expenditure
must be the work ot the officers
themselves. This year the army estimates' bad been newly framed on
the "division" basis, each general bo-
Ing provided with a -finance adviser.
Finally, be alluded to tbe old dual
system.of advice being given to the
Viceroy by two separate member* ot.
the Council, and strongly urged Wii-'
turning the present system, tfberrtf
the Commander-in-chief Vould ensure
an efficient army. THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
There Is Money Being Made in Lots
in   Hast'ngs   Townsite, Vancouver
I have several for sale at ruling prices.
Notary Public Conveyancer
Mead Office  •  ■  Toronto
CAPITAL $19,000,000: REST $6,000,000
Aro a most convenient way in which to carry
mun«y when travelling abroad.   They are issued
denominations of
$10, $20, $50, $100 and $200
and tlie exact amount payable in Austria. Belgium,
Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland,
Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland is
Ktated on the face of each cheque, while in other
countrlea they are payable at current rates.
The cheque and all information regarding them
may be obtained ai every office of the Bank,
Dr. R. B. Dier
Surgeon Dentist
FOUND—A Watch. Owner can have
same by proving property and applying at Cecil Hotel and paying
Ior advertisement.
Novelty Theatre
Masonic Building, Ladysmitli   i
New Programme
"The Promise," "The Little Magician," "In the Hands of the Enemy," a story ol the war, "Jim Is
Fond ol Garlic," "Little Jules
Verne," "The Miller, His Son and
tho Ass."
SONGS: "Santiago Flynn," and
and "Take a Trip Down to Lima
with Me," by J.  Sanderson.
Admission: IOc and 15c
Matinee Prices Sc snd IOc
FOR SALE—149 acres next to Chemainus mill. Large water frontage, good land, will cut up well.
Price, $50 pcr acre. Terms. Apply E. A. Harris, Fort St., Victoria.
LADYSMITH BRANCH   L. M. de Gex, Manager
PuBilahed by Carley & Carley at Latlyamlth, B. C.
every Wednesday and Saturday.
$1.50 a Yeir in Advance, 25c Per Month
Advertising; Rateson application.
do likewise before the snow has disappeared. Cabin* are being erected
on tour and five above. Bedrock*, on
the Madison ground 1* forty feet
deep and were there sufficient water
during tbe season lt would furnish
an ideal summer proposition, but owing to the lack of such litele will be
done in the way of taking out
dumpsexcopt in the winter.
KOH SALE.—Bedroom Suite and
extu 'bed and sundry household turn
ishmgi. Apply A, Ladysmith Cbron
lcle office. *
It is not probable thnt the seizure
of the Seattle fishing schooner in
Canadian waters will result to anything more than an investigation by
the United States authorities. Tbe
Government of the great republic
has more important matters to at
ri'Amtimi flaamiaal I tend to than protecting United   Sta-
Editorial Comment,    l, 1)oaol,erg'
In thc last issue of Tbo Chronicle
a correspondent complained < t   the
growth  ol    profanity  on the pullic
streets, and this week a well-known DrenJnauglrt or two or three Dread-
cltl?.en informs   The Chronicle   that. noughts to Great Britain need   not
on his way home with r./omig lady  conflict    with   Canada's   lccltlmato
one night this week be was forced to ambition to build and maintain     a
listen    to several young men    who  navy ot her own.    By serving  Brl-
v.ere using the vilest language   that j tain, Cnnada will serve bersell."
can possibly escape from the foulest ________
trutc's filthy mouth.    A resident ol I   To aC(.ommoaate the Increased i.aa-
one of the upper avenues -supplements | ^ ^ ^ Q   p   _. ^ ^
Tbo Toronto News deals with the
situation   thus:     "Tbe   oiler    of a
patch three trains daily from Vancouver beginning June to.li. , It looks
as if there would be a great movement in population from thc east
to tho west this year.   .
More Lumber
Wanted in the West
this charge by thc statement that on
a recent Sunday his wife and children were subjected to tbe same annoyance, and when the offenders were
reprimanded they became most abusive in their language. It docs not
require tho testimony of those three
witnesses to convince thc public generally tbat there are filthy, foul
wretches ln this city who need
to be gagged, and that the sooner
the operation is performed the better It will be for all concerned, Tbo
man who uses tho language .complain
ed of should be retired trom the public gaze for six months twice a yaer.'' "Conditions In the prairie provin
People have been throwing up their, ces are better than they havo been
hands in holy horror because J. X. tor the past two years. It tbo crop
Smith punctured holes in the moral is only an average one the demand
codo hut his oflence was nothing: for .timber this ful, will bo the larg-
compnred with the loi:l-mouthed est since 1906. The demand at prcs-
fiend who uses obscene language tn out Is excellent, but prices are at a
the presence of women and children, figure which loaves no profit for tha
lt 1* up to the police commissioners coast mills. The acreage under cul-
to say lt this offence in to lo con-' tivatlon ln Saskatchewan will be
tlnued.   One arrest and a heavy fine double   that    of lost year."    Such
FOR SALE—White Leghorn eggs ior
setting. Buff Leghorns and Black
Minorca*. (2.50 a setting. Apply
Mrs.  Laird.
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Live lady or gentleman with little
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Vacuum Cleaner. Good profits,
easy and'clean work. Apply tor
particulars to Frank Frank,
Guelph, Ont.
Paperhangier and Art Decorator.
High Street.
Box 173
Phone 43
lo Let—Furnii'lied front room,
ly Mrs. Harry Lee. Esphinado.
WANTED,—Table loarders. Apply
to Mrs. Jas. Gilchrist, Baden-Powell
street. •
WANTED—Two respectable young
men as boarders. Apply Mrs. A.
Wright, Methuen street.
Ice  Cream
Carter's Store
Ice Croatia 10c a plate.
A. Litt
Charges moderate.
All work    left at   McCallum's 2nd
avenue, near Fire Hall, will receive
prompt atcention.
E. Panneli
Meats and Vegetables
P. O. tSua 54.
rhone 11
Chong Kee
Washing and Ironing promptly attended
P. O. Box 81.
Uth Avenue.
or Imprisonment  would have a. bene
licinl  effect.
lt looks in if some ol thc former
glory ol the lUniulyke might be if
stored. The recent discoveries by
Madison and Brontbicr nre equal to
expectations, and since tho first report ot the find was made the dia- ■ panics he organized with a paid up
covcrers have run a crosscut ot twen- capital of $200,000 will own three
ty-flve feet nnd are still In tde same! "•""nltl* In British Columbia.    One
■ ot the new corporations 1* the Pitt
was the opinion-expressed at Vancouver by Mr. J. C. Shields ol Regina this week:
Mr. Shields Is manager- ot various
lumber companies, including the Independent Lumber company, which
are the largest distributors ol lumber In the new provinces. Recently
lie has branched out and the corn-
pay na at the. bottom of (he stinlt,
River Lumber company whose mill
wit,h, no sJign ol th* outer edges »«-*„...,. w.ot-jn,.*..   "i  '\,
.     .     . ^    -.    „ . i        Westminster    junction will   be
ing in flight;..   Tho discovery has had
a,  very  stimulating  cii'cct upon the
miners of tbat section, many of those
owning claims ln the vicinity ol
three above, where the strike was
made, ihnklng preparations at once
to prospect their ground. On Pin
eovery a quantity i.l wood *in being
hauled to the claim and a shaft I*
to he put ikwu - at once. Other*
have arrived on the ground aud will
completed in lea* than two months.
It will have a capacity ot 70,000 feet
daily. The Sovereign Lumber company, another of the corporations
controlled by Mr. Shields, is building a sawmill at Sicamous. It will
have a capacity of 60,000 teet per
day. The third one Is the Monarch
Lumber company whose plant at
Savona recently went Into commission. It is cutting 70,000 teet dallyt
The output of the three mill* will
be shipped to the prairies.
I Sell T. I. Trepp & Ge's
Celebrated Wagons
During thc iwanon w*> have Bold a large number
of wagons, implement! and logging truckf.
Everything carries a guarantee
Duller Street
Dissolution of Partnership.
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Geo. Roberts'
Meat Market
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Nicholson & Weaving
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In the Opera House en Roberts St
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Oysters   and   Clam   Chowder a
Wc lia'c engaged a first-class bar
;bcr and thc wants of our customer
will he promptly attended to..
Thc only  Shoe Blacking stand    in
the city.
John VV.  Coburn, Geo. C. Pic'.'ard,
President and Managing Director. . Secretary-Treasurer.
The Ladysmith Lumber Co.,
Rough and Dressed Fir Lumber,
Red Cedar, Shingles and Lath
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Ryan's Meat Market
We have the largest assortment of
Spring and
fancy Suitings
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D. I. Matheson
Oatarrc st.,   Ladysmith, D. C,
Ladysmith Opera House
$5.00 Gold Piece
Big Programme
Including 4 Comics
Two Shows 7:45 and 9:00.
ADMISSION  10c and 15c.
♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*»♦»♦♦»♦♦♦«» •>♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦«
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For Tortus tpply to
C. H1NE, Plasterer, etc., Ludjsmitli, P. 0.
Cement Sifiewalks a specialty.
F. C. Fisher
Studio in Williams' Block.
i«*>«*>«f>«fV«>*fV<»'>*>*>« •>'
The partnership heretofore exiling
betwiien thc undersigned carrying on
but.ine.ss as Hutolkeepers at vlw City'
ol Lailysmlth is this day dissolved ly
mutual consent.
JrnH'ph Teiis?. '■/Ill pay all.debts .ind
[receive all moneys due to the ••nit-
R. i., WOO"),
V Ladysmith, B. C, 23 Fib., IVOil,
for Sale
Valuable rented proi    „
for sale, cheap.   Clear Title,
No Incumbrance. -Immediate  possession.   Applv to
owner on premises.   Next
Opera House,
W. F. McLean.
Excellent Boarding
Eastertide Luxuries
comprising the very best and purest in food products that the grocery trad*
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Scott's Building, First Avenue. THE LADYSMITH CHRONICLE
Baby Carts
Now Arrived
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es. Linoleum from 50c to
$1.00 per yard.
Furniture Store
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J. J. Thomas
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Children's, in White and Brown.
Also a lot of very Pretty Socks tor Men
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A few lines in Men's Hats to clear.
The Truth
It has been said that it takes a rich man
to draw a ohcok, Ahorse to draw a cut,
A pretty girl to draw attention, A toper to
draw a cork, A free lunch to draw a crowd
and Olobe Suspenders to draw your trousers up.   TRY TUHM.
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Fruit ot all kinds. Fresh bread ever
Reasonable prices. Come, and se
our lines and leave your orders. W
give careful  attention.
Hop Lee, Prop.
Esplanade street,   Ladysmith.
T. E. ullivan
Planking, G» and Steimfitting.
Pricss Reasonable1.
First Avenue, near New Vfcst-i'ii hole!
We carry a    large stock ol Fancy
The City Market
Wholesale .aad Retail. ■'
Ladystolth,. B; C.
Star Orchestra
Open tot engagements from     Two
Pieces up.
Gives Dance Every Two Weeks.
For lull' particulars, apply
The Greatest Siege
in History
The tendency ofton to consider the
latest disaster, storm, etc., as thc
greatost In, history is revealed in the
giving to the siege of Port Arthur
by thc Japanese in the Manchurlan
war thc first place among seiges for
the desperation of the besiegers and
defenders, the extent 01 mining and
counter-mining, and in thc bloodiness
of the assaults. But a study of tho
sclgc of Gandln, the seaport capital
of Candin, or Crete, one of the largest islands In the Mediterranean, at
the entrance of the archipelago,'
makes the Port Arthur investment
appear insignificant in some details.'
On August 30, 1C49, the Turks sat
down before Candia and never again
quitted their camp till the city fell I
more than twenty years later. In the
conquest of the island more thun
200,000 Turks perished. The garrison of Venetians made ninety-six
sorties, and sustained nfty-sii n?-
s-ii:its, and filty-flvt subteva:*(. 11 u.
tacks. They sprang 1,172 mines
while 3,516 mines were sprung by thc
Turks. The Venetians threw more
than 48,000 shells and more than
100,800 grenades, besides 5,800 made
ot glass.    Lieutenant-General F. H.
The firstsale of Prince Rupert lots will be held at
Vancouver, British-Columbia, May 25th to 29th,
1909. Prince Rupert is the Western terminus of
the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. The sale will
be held in the interests of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company and the Government of
British Columbia; nali of the lots offered being
owned by each party. From 2,000 to 2,400 lots
will be offered.
The sale will be heid by auction and the terms
of payment will be one-quarter cash and the balance
in one, two and three years, with interest'at six per
cent. Agreements will ba executed immediately
on payment of the first installment, and purchasers may enter into pD33e33ion at once.
Titles are absolutely indefeasible, which
means that the government of British Columbia
. guarantees all titles.
For maps and further particulars, write,
Agent for Government and Railway,
Vancouver, B. C.
Urges Nation Not
To Be Foolish
Tyroll, British army, said of this
siege in a recent issuo of the Journal ol the Royal United States institution: , , ,. .,-.   —   —
•Fierce encounter,, trw* ,„„,„ , ,1 J°f "aVal <MOnC° W" 'mS ^ Stained no ships now on the sea that
rierce encountes took place dull,    tiUf, thc wholo mtm cmplrc   to, '   ^                       ^
, 1err"ncttnlt!io past few weeks '■—*■—■**—-*1
Every mail   from   England brings
further light on the great   question
done, the unworthy panic info
which this country seemed inclinedta
fall. He should rather have said two
panics, because there was the territorial army panic recently, when they
heard nothing about the fleet. The
two seemed to him rather inconsistent panics.
The whole question was, Were wc
safe? The point of view he wished to
I put was that the German fleet con-
truth to say that the God ol heaven
withholds his sanction from the use
of arms. From that night in which,
in the valley of Bctliulia, he nerved
tlie arm of the Jewish girl to smite
the drunken tyrant in his tent down
to the hour in which he blessed that
insurgent chivalry of thc Belgian
priests, his almighty hand hath ever
been stretched forth from his throne
of light, to consecrate the flag ot
freedom—to bless the patriot sword.
Be it for the dclcncc, or be it for the
assertion ot a nation's liberty, I loos)
upon the sword as a sacred weapon.
And if, my lord, it has sometimes
reddened the shroud of the oppressor
—like the anointed rod of the high
priest, it has often blossoixied into
flowers to deck the free man'r, brow.
Abhor the sword? Stigmatize the
sword? No, my lord, for in the passes of the Tyrol it cut to pieces the
banner of the Bavarian, and through
those cragged passes cut a path to
fame for the peasant insurrectionist
of Innsbruck. Abhor tne sword? Stigmatize the sword?
No, my lord, for at its blow, and
in the quivering of its crimson light,
a giant nation sprang up from the
waters of tho Atlantic, and by its
redeeming magic the fettered colony
became a daring, free republic. Abhor
the sword? Stigmatize the sword? No
my lord, for It swept tne Dutch marauders out ot the fine old towns of
Belgium—swept them back to their
phlegmatic swamps and knocked their
flag and sceptre, their laws and bayonets into the sluggish waters of.thsj
Scheldt.—Thos. F. Meagher, lUNGon*
cilation hall, Dublin,  July 28, 1840. j
under ground   in   tbe
""""."■J   '"    •""•   nnDwrranean-th0 paat few weeks.   London papers'm"nmon7a;a"|naj. whntwas"called our
galleries, Mussulmans and Christians|cont,lin verbatim reports   of an lm-|^L*
toiled   nnd strove for mnstory in  a[po,tant debnto in thc British house
gigantic   ■-'—'-■"■       —
older fleet.
lithm-inth   ....ki.1*.. i.l*7     ""  " "   "~ the Royal United Service institution
labyilntli rabbit-warren." L, commona on the subject. In that: Last w|nter there was b debate at
Assaulting columns of Turks would' de,,ate atr Charles Dllke one of the.1 \, ! \ , , a ncDate at
™t inoirto thn ,w..n„<.„ „„i , i i fle''6le alr "••'"J™ U,,KB> 0,U! OI vuc i on the standard of naval strength,
bown  skvwar!l  in T„o       \   ? "V^etest   and most   highly respected | T„crc w0„ „ gencra, Mt t,mt
wll   ntThe   ort-r,       ?T 7'j**-****   ™   im*°rM   Mnira "* the  two-power   standa d    was    well
while   at   thc  critical moment  cf a defence in particular, declared   that'
sortie the Turks would set off mines; the prCflent panic in England was ab-!        namlttC(,
to the confusion of the beBeiged. Thc mi  ami counselled  tho   people   to'
Orand Vizier, Ahmed Kuputi, wi.ii a'caim themselves. Premier Asqulth nl-
feareT'thl' mMf"'   ^    V S° UMd W' Btr°D6 ^^ """^now. v™ «™ aanger xo wmc
feared there might be a shor^e pf|lns tho panic, wnlcll he assorted was I       ^ of Mr   Bal(o„r rc,cmd
artificial nnd tho result of nn unpat- Lro3ncct*VOi m UmeS 0f panic
rlotlc and unprincipled political agitation. A Liberal momber who followed, while he did not think that the
naval programme of his party was
sufficient, admitted that the panic
was tho result  ol exaggeration  for
ammunition, he set up a cmnon
foundry ns pnrt of his vamp equipment and cast guns pf the sume calibre as tho Venetian pieces, jn orJer
to utilize the thousands oi < ttnhon
shot which tbe garrison bad lln'd nt
him and which he caused to he carefully collected. Tho difficulty ol reducing tho place lay in ihc wn-iKnesa
of tho Turks at sea. \ Relief expeditions with troops, food nnd am.i<u.ii
tion could enter *hc port at-twist nt
■will, but not enough foreign v. cops
were landed to make much of nn impression npon the hugs Ui'niy of the
Turks. The latter were excellent
at sapping and mining, but Knew little of the nrt of the engiTsor. The
siege took place at a period af transition, when the old system of firtl-
flcfltlou and the old school oi military engineering were being modified
hy new ideas and the lessons learned
in the bastions and dcmi-i'::..'n ot
Candia were soon to bo put it to
practice by Vauban nnd Goohurn;
Needlework Material anl Stamping
Costumes, Waists,
Centre-pieces, Etc.,
political party purposes.
Bir Chns. Dilko said many honorable members would bo glad to have
the opportunity, before the navy
was drawn,into the whirlpool ol party discussion by the vote of censure,
two-power standard was
maintained at this date, though it
that a great "deal ol
building would he necessary this year
or next. It wns admitted then, as
now, that the danger to which the
it wns
difficult even for reasonable pooplc to
kcop their heads. There was a precedent for this debate. In a certain
j year a certain power begnn to build
large cruisers and Mr. Goschen, who
was then first lord of the admiralty,
came down to the house with a programme for large cruisers. In July
no asked for a supplementary esti
he asked for a supplementary estl-
ing to enable the department to my
down four large ships.   There was a
to state more calmly than woulcl be! speculative or" hypothetical element
then possible, what was ln their
minds. Looking at the newspapers
and listening to public meetings one
might suppose that the navy was being starved, and the army too. He
saw no cause for alarm. There was
no reason to think that things had
grown worse .than they were expect-!
ed to be. He was afraid the country |
wns alnrmed, and ho did not wonu'ci'i
but 11 there wns no cause lor alarm
there could be no barm in pointing
out reasons lor not indulging in a
scare which in sonic of ils mnnlUnj
tations must be contrary to the dignity and interest ol the country, and
not calculated to so.ldlfy or strength
cn our position,
There waB a grand naval panic in
1859—for which there was good
ground, because as has since been
shown, we had for a few months lost
command of thc sea against a single
power. Surely wo could do without
panic of this kind now, when .wo had
a much grcntor naval preponderance
than at any moment ol our history.
There was no extraordinary new dls
covory which nlfcctod it. The grave
circumstances which might a:;cct It
in four or five years timo wcro pretty well ln view last year.
Ho wished to do anything he could
to allay,   If   It could be reasonably
in that programme which was not oja.
spnt in thc present Instance. Cur
iously enough, too, three out ot
four of those cruisers were now on
tho actlvo fist ot the Japanese navy.
to the Sword
The mini that will listen to reason,
let htm be reasoned with; but it is
the weaponcd arm of tho patriot
that can alone prevail against bat-
talioned despotism. Then, my lord,
I do not disclaim thc use of arms as
Immoral, nor  do I believe it is the
First Class   Photos,
Gallery on First Avenue.
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Vancouver Real Estate
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Henry's Nurseries j
Spring Trade
Tested stock, seeds fur farm,
garden, lawu cr conscrvatoiy,
from best growers in Kngland,
Holland, Fiance, United States
and local growers.
Fi'illli/ers, lire Supplies, Spray
Pumps,Spraying Materials, Wire
Fenoing tnd Gates, Cut Flowers,
1.17 page catalog free.
Office, Greenhouses and Seed-
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Walters &
For Empress Shoes
Time Table No. 7
Trains leave Nanaliao 5:15 Daily
Trains arrive Nanaimo 12:35 Daily
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday,
Trains leave   Nanaimo 15:15
Trains arrive Nanaimo 18:25.
Dist. Pass. Agt.
U02 Govt. st.
Victoria, B. C.
| DRINK        |
I U. B. C. I
T **•
4     AND BOHEMIAN    j;
.{. ♦:-
* *J**I**J**J* *■•*♦♦* ****** •*• *•* *♦* *** *** *2* *I* *** *♦* *♦• *•* *J* ******
Hote! *
•*•♦*• •*• ■**♦ •<**•*•**• «,*•**•> «>** •*,**•* **• ****** **>• ***•**♦***♦* *T**5*i
Portland Hotel
Barclay  &  Conlin,
All nccotints' due me will be banded
over to Mr.' Joaoph Onrpontcr, nt
the Cooil Hotel; uUo any bill against
mo must be presented to the samo
Ladytmlth, April 23rd, 1909,
1, lhc umlcrsljcrcl, J, w. Wallace Intend lo
apply in tinny ,ls;;. l<> thf Oimniislunci- of taints
for tin' prtvilcfto to Ic.irp tie Mlowintr ('escribe1!
land*, (or oyster nilttmi: Stiutinir cloven
chains from 1). Puac's B. w. corner pout, running
twelve chains from a p,».t niarkcil .1. W. Willacc's
s, c. corner In a northerly direction, thonco in a
westerly direction eighteen chains, thence in a
southerly direction t welvc e> "Ins, thence in nn
easterly direction elght-wi cl h .* to r.c I it of commencement, containing twenty acres.
t % WalUCB.
Ladysmith, B. 13., Marc,, .„;... .*"".
Shoe Repairing
I tun randy to reptilr Boots   mid
Hlnifu.     Stttisliiflitin   Uuiirnntcetl.
Cental' Third nve. mid tll|*li street,
hoar ljucen'u Hotel,
Imperial Laundry
Hugh Thornley has secured the Agency
for the above Laundry.
Laundry shipped every Monday.
Terms Cub.
Down Town Office, H. Hughes' Store*.
I, 3 and S,Bastion SI.,Nan3imi
Phone 124     P. 0. Box ]
Express and Teaming
Wood tor Sale.   u
n   lajKCTBn '   AU I*-**** ci OkMtk and Watt*. ito»
V. INIs3 I UK, PHONE GC --Mr."     «•»»!••••*»*
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In pliin Cotton from 15c
In Silk striped and fancy
striped, from 35c to $1.00.
In plain Cashmere, all
colors as:Green, Plum, Wine,
Fawn and Brown at 50c a
Men's Clothing
We still have a good
assortment of sizes left.
Call and see our Clothing
before it is to-, late.
W. E. Morrison
Hats, Caps and Shoes
Williams Block
Local and General
News Notes
l>c S'a Dru Herb Tablets.    At the
Lndysmith Pharmacy. •
Try Na Dru Chavcqal Tablets lor
•)ysp»*rsii.   At tbe Drug Store.   •
A.  IU. Planta, ex-Mayor ot Nanaimo,  is in tlie city to-day.
! Simon Leiser &Co.9Ltd i
Local and
Finest Chocolates    and Confection
erv in the city at Hooper's. *
Mr.  and     Mrs.   Steve Decker
visiting at Vancouver.
Kodaks and
We now have a lull stock
on hand.
Fo;' Garden Seeds go to tlie Drug
Store. •
Choice Hastings Townsite' Lots nt
MctCi-lvlc Bros. •
Draco McKelvIe nnd James Hugh-|
es were passengers trom Vancouver
this morning.
Mr. J. A. Knight returned ypstcr
day Irom a business trip to Victor
F. I.. Reynolds, o[ the Nanaimo
Herald, is in thc city to-day on a
business  trip.'
Hush Thornicy 1ms' secured thc
ngeney [or the Imperial Laundry ol
Nanaimo. Orders lelt at the store
ol Harry Hushes will receive prompt
A number ol Oddfellows will journey to Duncan tiPis evening to take,
part in the ceremony ol conferring
I    Tbe Government Agent  at Nanni-
i mo has been instructed to make repairs ln the road near Mr. Stewart's
residence,  where thc recent accident
took  place.
Thomas Keith, a lormcr member ol
thc  Provincial   Legislature   Ior    Nn-
I nnimo, is now mnnngcr of a colliery
' nt Tabor,  Attn.
Knights Book Store
Church Services.
To meet your Irlcnds and be right
at home, while at Victoria, stay at
the Rainier Hotel, George Durggy
II you w.nt a r.ood Comb or Brush
fall at the Drug Store. •
Fins Eiigliali I'urk Piss, lresh mads daily
Hooper's, Oataora street,   Tt y one.    *
I James D. Hill hns sold out bis in-
. terest in the  Cecil   Hotel,   and  lelt
with bis family this morning for
j Victoria.    Mr, Hill hits resided here
a number of years and his many
' friends regret his departure.
iXm   j
aula 'mii
SUITS . . .
We have just received
a   large  shipment   of
these suits and will be
pleased to have you call
and inspect them. Prices:
From $8.50 to $28.00
Mtn'i Furnishings, Clothing, Hats,
Caps, Bond and S.hotn.
The following is tlio result ol the
shoot ol the Tyee Gun Club Thure-
tlt.y evening:
Dr   Dier   21
J. Wargo 21,1
M.  Dultko 20
W   Kcserich    20]
Geo.   Hepple   17<
T.   White    16
M.  McKinley  16
J.   McDonald 15
J. Mcclt      12
The Novelty has enjoyed generous
patronage for the past two nights,
i and thc programme has been an exceedingly attractive one. "Old
Sleuth" is a thriller, and held the
attention ol the audience. Lett Ingham had     a couple  ol good songs
| that were heartily applauded. The
same programme will be repeated
this evening. Beginning Monday
night the following programme will
be presented: "The Promise," "Tne
Little Magician," "In the Hands ot
the Knemy," a story "ol the war,
"Jim Is Pond of Garlic,' "Little
Jules Verne," "The Miller, Hie Son,
and tbe Ass," and Joe Sanderson
will sing "Santiago Flynn" and
"Take a Trip Down to Luna with
Me." Thc programme Is a good one
and should attract large audiences.
Smlay services-: At 8 a. m., low
Jiass. At 10:30 a. ex., high mass
U 2 p. in., Ruiitlay school. At ')
p tn.. evening service and Denedic-
Morning   service 11 a. m., Svnday
stliaol 2 30 p. m., evening service 7
morninb service: "Lion of St. Mark;',
evening service, "Straight Talk."
Rev. Q. M. Ambrose, M. A. rector
Morning, 11 a. m ; evonlng, 7 p. m.;
-Sabbath  school, 2:30 p.   m.   Everybody welcome.   All scats tree.
Epwotth   league    meets    Tuesday
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening
Garden Hose
• ■
:;    Manufactured by the Gorham Rubber Co., New '•
• >
York.   Every length guaranteed for one season.;;
;; Inspection invited.   Pieces guaranteed.
The Ladysmith Hardware Co., un.
Hammocks!  Hammocks!
Our Stock -*s now complete
•H4****** •HH-H-M-
We Have Everything You Need j
|        JOHN   BICKLE
P. 0. NOOT
The Witch maker and Jeweler. Special Value for Cash. 2S pi r cent discount on all
Silver Plate, Case tloods and Lining* China in tea seta, Chocolate Scts.Bread and
butter Plates, Celery dishes Kte., Etc., must go to make room for new stock.
Special values in watches and high grade Swiss Precision watches.    Get our prices.
Full Stnt'k of Columbia (iiapbophones in stock. Call and sea them. Sol.lon easy
terms. Columbia Imliiti'itctable cylinder Records, also 10x12 inch Double Diao
We want your refiili- tvoit tiro optical well;.    Al'. woik guaiantccd.
Sunday Services at 11 a. m. and (I
; p. m.      Bible   Class   and   Suntl-ty
School at 2 p. m.   Prayei    meeting
Wednesday at " p. m  ■
Robert Evans, an old resident of
Nanaimo, and for many years a prominent hotelkeeper in tbat city, died
last night at the advanced age of
66 years. Ho reached Nanaimo in
1868, and lor a number ot years was
engaged tn mining, alter which he
bought the Nanaimo hotel. Hie
death was caused by asthma. Deceased Is survived by a wile and
two daughters.
We have just recel cd another shipment of those
Colorings in Wall Paper
Ca'.l and see them. They are going last.
A full line ol, Paints and Varnishes
,n stock.
Picture Framing done on shortest
notice. Bring your pictures and look
over our mouldings.
Painter and Papeiiunger.
Livery, Peed and Sale
First. Avenue.
Phone M.
Choice Hastings Townsite Lots at
McKelvIe Bros. •
The regular weekly meeting o! the,
hospital committee will Be held   la
.the city hall next Tueeday evening.;
'it le desirable tbat there inoutd be,
a good attendance, and that all tub-,
committees have their report* ready.
Notice is hereby given that lt tl
my Intention to make application to
the Board ol Licensing Commlielon-
ere at the City of Ladysmith (or a
transfer ol the retail liquor !>**"**
now held by me on bekall ol the, pre-
mleesknown as the Hotel Cecil Irom
myself to Arthur GamlH Carpenter.
Ladysmith, 19th April, 19M.
Don't Miss This-On Sale By All Grocers
Cuidian  Wheat  Flakes
E t ch package containing one of our New
White and Gold Chinaware Premiums
11111 > m O Unaware—the well known CLOVER LEAF PATTERN. Can be ussd
ii o*ery home—will grace any table. Besides—tbo Flakes are really DELICIOUS.
) rdor a paokagi from your GROCER.   You will be more than pleaattl with both the
li AKES and the CIl'lNAWARE.
The Brackman^i4 Milling Co., Ltd.
- - ■ >■■-■'" ■-■--■"


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