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Ladysmith Standard Oct 14, 1908

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Array Ladysmith standard
. Hf-i+l-H'H'H+i-H'l+H H*
:;The Wet Weather
Men's Umbrellas from 7fic to $4.00.
With this issue the Standard has Naturally ho is oognizant of many
passod its first mile-stone on the ! short-comings, No ond realises more
rather rocky road of journalistic lifo. Ithttt b.,UT l,is 'a'*"™ "'' ''egrets
The first number came out on   Sat-
Ladies'   U-nihrelhis,   from
7,-,c to Sfi.OO I
I Our Special School |
|; Umbrella at 65 cents |
This has a Fast Black Gloria   (.'over, Steel Hod, and Extra Strong
Ribs, with a fine assortment of   Bandies.    Be sure und   soo   this \
^^i||.|'1'l<4*l''tt»t''H'*TJ4*H»M*l' H+H++++ M"M"K-
5 Romi or Royal -Household Flour $1.T5 per sack
6 paokages of Force ..„...., 35 cents
8 pounds ot extra good Creamery Butter $1.00
Other Reductions to Numerous to Mention.
urday, Oct. 12, 1(107. Tho editor
can at least suy thut it was an instantaneous success with its renders,
und that it still retains the popularity of Its initial issue. Its subscription list bus steadily Increased
during'tlie twelve months of its pub-
licatioil, nud it secures new patrons
ovory week. In its circulation
lonst. all things considered, the
Standard bus been a pronounced
All the same, tho paper lies had a
hard end strenuous strugglo fnr existence—just how hard and how
strenuous it hns boen only tho editor knows. To go back to that is
now almost ancient history it mny
ngiiin bo stilted Hint the Standard
was culled into existence by n few
of the more energetic nnd fnr-sight-
ed business men of the city. Owing
to a group of circumstances over
which tbey hnd no control the town
bnd been left without a nowspnper,
nnd wns bitterly fooling, if not seriously suffering from the lack of it.
mora than he does any mistakes, ho
tmay have made. He has nevor laid
any claim to infallibility. He knows
ho has given offence here, and caused
some littio soreness there. Uo has,
however, followed the principle thut
tlio feurloss expression of opinion is
not only a right, but u necessity, of
socioty, bocuuso he firmly believes in
tho old ullage that tolerant, rational
nt minds coii agree to differ. He is not
such a fool as to ever dream for a
moment thnt his views will bo acceptable to nil liis readers. Ho expresses what In- honestly boliovcs as
plainly ns liis^ur abilities wlll per
mlt. He has a rl(V_t to thut much
ut lonst; but ho can always respect
the opinions nnd convictions of those
who differ from him.
In the Inst few issues ho hus taken up a dollcnte question, nud discussed it on broad general linos. It
would have boon n very niiioh safer
course for him to have kept silent.
Hut no harm should como from thc
honost discussion of any question.
"G-rcnt Is truth, and it will prevail," is an    old   Latin axiom, 'the
The city, tbey realised, needed a ccr- tolerant truth-of which no force
tain amount of advertising, its in- circumstance enn destroy. In nny-
tcrests called for a homo advocate, thing ho hns ^nid he has intended no
Honco tho blrtK of tho Standard. offence to anyone, and at loast he is
The editor iu the first issue of the ontitled to tho credit of liis honesty,
pnper frankly declared its policy and Enough and to spnre of tho edi-
nrarked out the objects which it tor. howevor.* If ho has mado mis-
would seek to serve. Ho stnted takes and given unintentional offonco
thnt tho Standard would ninko its to n fow ho must sny that, the ma-
:first aim to servo nil the interests jorlty of tho people in town hnvo
vital to tho life nf tho city. nnd. in stood loyally by him. A short lifo,
i every wny. nssist nnd further the without even the Compensation of
I town's development    nnd expansion, boing merry, was prophesied for  the
Standard. A^nin nnd again hns it
been going out of business. In spite
of nil these spiteful and malicious
twelve months given to it the Stnn-
dnrd is still in thojeld, stronger In
every   sense , thnn it hns over boen.
YOU CAN GET      ■»
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc., Et;.
su Kir
I The advertising of the city, its
I turn] wealth,    its mineral resources,
ilts possibilities for the profitable in-
[vestment    of capital, its largo   and
i rich  agricultural   districts,  its   har-
.borage    facilities*!—it    was to  this
| thnt lho Standard would bond most. The future isi*hrighter and more hope
of its nttcntion and fix all its of- ful than it hns ever boon. Evon with
I forts. How fnr he hns lived up to such n faulty rocord ns the last
I his promises, redeemed his pledges, twelve months givon to it eho Stnn.
|nnd rcnliscd his Idcnls it Is for the dnrd enn rensonnbly nppenl for the
; readers to say. This much ho can continuance of thc support It is ro-
,honestly declare, nnd that is that ho ceiving. Tt is for the public to de-
,hns used his every endonvor. nog- cido whether in anothor year's time
; looted no opportunity, to push the tho Standard Is a prosperous daily
interests of tho city hnd advnncothe  or    a shadow    in the graveyard   of
welfare of its citizens. journalistic enterprises.
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ft. C. &oa|> Works, ^EHSfcS
Victoria fcJlovon Will Meet tho Local*
ou tho Sports Uroimd.
Large -lass Fruit dishes,
Only 30 cents eaoh
ljurgo Glass Water Jugs,
Only 35 oents each
a last Tumblers,
Only 45 oents a doz.
0 l'ioro Glass Table
Dish; Cream Jug;
Sugar Bowl,
Silts; Uutter
Spoon   Holder,
Only 50 cents a set
Now is the time to lay in your
stock of winter fuel.  Order ;
your wood right away.. _>
Tho local team will play its first
^IToiiio gamo of tho Pacific Coast League on Saturday, Victoria being tlie
visiting club. The boys from down
below have asked to havo the game
started at '2 o'clock p.m. so as to
mablo thom to catch the down train
home. As this hour will suit tho
town, and tho business men even bettor thun '2.HO, the gamo will lie start
od prompt at two o'clock.
Mr. A. E.   Bradshaw, of Nanaimo,
is down to referee the game.      The
charge to the grounds will he
cents each
mon nlike.
team    will ho picked
_   va
1 i«
H. Thornley
fLANNir..a to nu:i
HU0*> \\n r.-OiniUNl.,.."!'
MRU. f'Ttl ,,liv .if ,I, Vll'l..
llfllllVl III  IH.lO.II,
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fll'l  Hi   llll
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of Watches, Clocks. Jewelry of
all inscription. Some Special
lues in Diamonds', ranging in
ico from $18, *2fi, Sr>0 and
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following prices: SOc, Wo, SI,
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give us a call.
Watch Repairing givon Spoclal attention.
.». G. NOOT
Byes Tested Free of Charge.
Halifax, Oct. 18.—John Richardson, of Sable river, eighty years old,
While gathering firewood from the
underbrush, wos mistaken Ior a
moose hy John Chlvero, shot and almost instantly klllsd,
It is really astounding at this par-
ticulnr juncture,  with things as they
are, how very little heed is given to
the    instructions and notices issued
by tlie city authorities.     On the urgent    appeal of   Dr. Frost, tho city
medical ollicer, or rather, on the specific Instructions of lir. Frost, Mayor Nicholson publicly requested   parents tu keep their children in their
own lots.     How has tho order been
respected?     Any day nnd every day
__ I in tho week as many ns twonty, thir-
to all, ladies nnd gentle-1**' nnd ove" 4$ 'children, of    ull
Ladies    will be allowed j "B*-'8 "lul shaa, from overy street and
tho town, can he found
free to the grnnd    stand, gentlemen j8™1'011
will he taxed 25 cents extra.      The'JaDunod loset'ier In tho small room
on Thursday
I now used as
postoillce.     Clearly
NEW YORK, Oct. 10.—A tragic
mystery came to light todny when
tho bodies ol a well dressed man
and woman, bound securely together,
with wire, -were found floating in
Jamaica Day. The bodies have not
yet been identified. They were discovered by two fishermen. Their
little motor boat bumped into them
they were crossing the hay. Doth
victims had thoir valuables Intact.
The woman's chatelaln hngi wns even
wired to her wrist, hut there was
nothing in the possession of either
one to aid the police in idontillca-
tlon. The bodies are believed to
havo been In the wnter about six
hours, Tho man was apparently-I.*i
years old, hc was six feot tall and
weighs about 200 pounds. Tho woman was about 85 yenrs of uoo and
exceptionally good looking!.
From the manner In which tho bodies wore bound together and the
fact thnt money and Jowelry hnd nol
boon tgkon. tho polico nro Inclined lo
the hellof that the couple committed
these children aro being sont out by
thoir parents to seek the mall, ' and
they ciingregnto there twice a day
as many as twenty and thirty at i
Whnt is tho use of the authorities
worrying their lives out devising
measures of precautions when their
most specillc ordors and instructions
nro so flagrantly sot aside. Do tho
parents ovor think of tho dangers to
which tliey nre exposing thoir child
ron. themselves nnd everybody olso?
It dies not look liko it, nnd by their
criminal carelessness thoy arc roally
helping to defeat nil the measures
tho authorities nre taking to rid
the town of whnt nt nny time mny
develop Into n serious nml danger-
Tho Wisconsin supreme court hns
declared unconstitutional the Wisconsin eight-hour railroad telegraphers'
law, which was onnctod nt thc 1907
session of the legislature. The law
Is considered In conflict with tho fo3-
oral constitution.
Will Address Public Meoting Here on
Wednesday, 21st.
Mr. Frank Shepherd, the Conservative candidate went down tlie lino
on Monduy morning, bound for southern points. Mr. Shepherd has
covered thut part of tho ground
whore rig, launch aud automobile
woro required, lie is now winking
from the railroad and tan mako
much quicker progress. Mr. Shepherd
grows more confident every day and
is moro thnn satisfied with the ways
things ure going.
He luis hnd a wonderfully encouraging reception in tlio southern portion of the constituency. Nut only
hnvo hls meetings been well attended, but thero is n remarkable spirit
of enthusiasm and optimism prevalent on all sides. There has also
boon a mighty chnnge of sentiment
nnd opinion. Mr. Shepherd Is counting on a majority in places which
hnve hitherto been Liberal strongholds. There Is n Liberal slump, he
declares, nnd ho is going to Ottawa.
Arrangements hud been mndo lo
hold a big public meeting hero on
Woduesdny evening. Premier Mcliride
having promised to speak. 1'nfortu-
nntely the meeting hud to bo cancelled; but If it bo 'possiblo, Mr.
Shepherd will address the electors
hero on Wednesday the 21st, Premier Mcllrido will in all probability
iio presont. nnd, everything being favorable, the best meeting nf the e.l'n-
paign.wlll be hold on the 2ls*t.
On the 17th Mr. Shepherd will address a meeting nt Extension. Tie
will havo other speakers with hlm,
and expects to hnve n successful
Berlin, Oct. 12.—A. H. Forbes and
A. 0. P. Post, the two American
aoronutils who had such a narrow
escape from donth, whon their balloon, the Conqueror, burst In tho
air nt nn altitude of 1,000 feet, have
completely recovered this morning
from the effects of their thrilling experience. Mr. Forbes drove out this
morning nnd examined what was left
of lho balloon prior to having it
packed for transportation hack to
New York. The onvelope Is torn
Into flvo pieces nnd thero are also In
it many holes as a result of Its
contact with roofs.
CHICAGO, Oct.. 11.—Tlie Chicago
Cubs, fighting brill antly to win the
hardest game of the world's series
foil upon Wild Bill Donovan in tho
eighth inning today and won the
second game of tho series in a fierce
assault that gave them tno victory,
to 1-
Defore a big crowd Overal and
Donovan fought out the grandest
pitcher's duel of uny world series,
and whilo the crowd went wild, tliey
reeled oil' inning after inning of perfect pitching. Behind them, the two
teams played grandly. Evers, Tinker, steinfeld, Downs and Cobb making plays thut brought the crowd to
its feot with thunders of upl luuse.
Both teams realized that the game
meant the series. The Tigers had
pinned all their hopes upon Donovan. If Wild Dill with his semi-
civilized curies could stop the Cubs
there still' wus hope that the American Leaguo might reclaim its lost
prestige in the baseball world and
wrest tho proud title, and Cnptaiu
Chanco aud his baseball wonders,
knew that to lose meant a fierce
fight for the hunor, and that to win
meant in all probability they would
win four straight gomes and win thc
world's championship unsullied with
one defeat.
For seven and a half innings the
teams raced side by side, and net
ther could gain an inch. Both Uie
pitchers were giving a wonderful exhibition. Overall, using his terrific
speed, pitching underhand, overhand,
breaking his curves like a Dash over
the outside corner of tlie plate.
Three times in dilferent innings tho
Tigers managed to get men to first
When Donovan entered the pitcher's
box in the eighth. innings liis famous
smile was broader than evor. and
the crowd, that was hoping and pray
ing for.victory for the Cubs, arose
and cheered him with a frantic out
burst of applause, compelled by ad
miration by his great work. And
then suddenly Donovan, the hero
broke, and tho Cubs got him, Tlie
game hud reached its pyschological
crisis and something had to break
and lt was Wild Bill, and with bin
the hopos of Detroit, and the hearts
of the Tigers broko. Hoffman bat
ted a slow grounder to third base
which he bout out, and then Tinker
made himself the hero of Chicago;
with a terrific drive over to right
field fence, 'linker put nn ond to the
doubt und as long as baseball endures thut homo run hit of Tinkers
will remain. Thut settled the gamo
ond In all probability settled Detroit's holies for the championship.
Chicago, Oct. 12.—Chicago and Detroit will meet horo this afternoon,
ln the third battle for the world's
championship. According to tho an-
nouncoment mado by the managers
of    the   rival    teams, Pfelstor wlll
Ladysmitli    (Jets    Chuuge   of Dales
Willi Scuttle unit Victoria.
A meeting of tile Executive Cum-'
luittoe of tlie Pacific Const A.JSucla-
tiun Football iz-ugue wus held in
the Wilson Hotel un Sunday night.
Tlie business of thu mooting was tlie
appointing ui referees iur November
alid also tile question of Sunduy
gumes wus discussed. Uufort-unatoly
\ Ictoriu luul nu delegate present fu
explain the club's pusiiiuii. uiul 11
wus decided to postpone the final
settlement ui the question until October dist, when a meeting will be
held iu \ uucuuver ut which it 11,
liopud Viotorlu will Uo represented.
lu the meantime \ ictoriu will be instructed to play hore ou Suturduy,1
tlie 17fh, instead of tlio 18th, us
originally scheduled.
Othor ulteruliuns were made tu the
original schedule by which tho   lucal'
boys  will go direct from \ oncouver
to Scuttle.   Thoy pluy the men of the'
Teriuinul City on the il 1st, uud next!
day they will meet Scuttle thus pluy
iug twu gumes ou tlio one trip, Nunaimo   considerately   gave   up twu
dates in   order    tu make this re-arrangement    possible, und they   will
make     their    Victoria  .trip a week
The referee for the Vuucuuver-Lu-
dysiuith match, is A, E. Bradshaw,
Nunaimo, and lor the game with Seattle, Iluslett, of Vancouver.
City Authorities    Will Husk    Up   a
Building   ut One,.
Tho smuil-ijux situation iu town ia
nut ao goou toduy us it was ou
.Uuntiuy. jl i_ nut bud, however,
and it is only un tlm principle that
thu truth i„ boiler iur tao town th&u
tt crop ui wild and busoloss, yet
ruinuus rumors LJiut Uio Sluudurdia
motitiouiiiu  il ai ull.
ll was .nought thut thero woro go-
my to bo nu further dovolopnionts,
hut on J'uosduy casus wore iound ia
iho Andrew's rusiUuucu "ou l-'ourtU
.Uunuo. ui course Uio:u um aU
Kinds ui rumors bui thut is the
whole truth up - ...■ i mo uf writing.
The houso hus been placarded and
placed under surveillance. More than
that an Isolation hospital is to be
rushed up ut onco and suspects and
-unUcLs will immediately bo reinov-
eti. li the muusures udviseil by the
authorities uro followed by the public, tiie disease can easily be chocked. ,Su (av ut least there is no
grounds iur alarm und nothing on ■
which to build a scare.
The hospital will be built up to-
wurds tho cometory and a start will
be made with it right away. The
site litis boen kindly placod at the
disposul     of  tho city by the   com-
WAU FJ_.VI_B J.US.LS i_> Till_
MOATiiJ .Ni_U_.0, Oct. 12.-Tho
ilonte .Negro nationul assembly opeu
ed here yesterday in extraordiuury
session. The war fe\or arising irom
the annexation by Austria-Uuugaxy
of Bosnia aud iieiv-goviuu, which already is running high, hus been
strengthened by a bellicose message
to parliament from lJrinco .Nicholas
(vho declared that tlie unuexution oi
these two provinces hud affected a
crime upon the people of lUoute .Negro, und Unit the people ...re prepared to shed their iu: l drop of
blood, unless the peac.ft 1 end -avors
now on foot resulted in righting the
grievance. The message was received amid cheers and other demonstrations of approval.
Behirudc,  Oct.  .12.—At an extraor-
innry session of the Skupshtina this
morning.       The following resolution
wus unanimously passed:
"The Slvupshtinn, after hearing the
explnmnions nnd the steps taken by
it. e\pocts vigorous activity will be
displayed for the protection of the
nation's tlireatenod interests. With
this object, in view the Skupshtina
will support (he government to the
fullest extent."
The Skupshtina has sent an encouraging telegram of greeting to
the Montenetrrinn National Assembly
which assembled todny and voted an
extraordinary credit of S3.200,OOP
to the niinistrv of wnr.
Public Notice.
I have been requested by the City Medical Officer of
Health, Dr, Frost, to forbid all public gatherings of
any kind, such as Public Meetings, Church Services,
Dances, etc., for the space of two weeks. For the
same period parents are requested to keep their
ohildren iii their own lots
Ladysmith, October 7th, 1008.
pitch Ior Chicago against Mulliin of
the Detroit team. The National
Leaguo umpire, O'Day, will umpire
behind the hat and Sheridan of tlio
American League will take care of
affaire on the
Port Au Prlnco. Hayti, Oct. 12—
Mrs. Nord Alois, wife of tho ngod
president of Haivtl, dlod horo yoitor-
day after a short illness. The'frovern
mont Is preparing for a national funeral.
The ninth Provincial Smiday school
convention is to be hold in tho city
of New Westminster, Oct. '20 to 22
The principal speaker will be Mr.
W. C. Poarce, International superintendent of the adult dopurtment. Ur
Peurco is a very interesting and
practical spenker. He is the lendor
of tho ailult department, tile greatest movement of the twentieth cen
tury in Sunday school work. It is
principally through his efforts that
this department has become so prominent during the past fow yoars
Thousands of mon, through the wort
of tho department, have been gather
od into tho Sunday Bchools in all
parts of tlio North American continent. At tho recent International
convention held in Louisville, Ky
under Mr, Poarce's leadership, 1,200
■■ n ss mo.i belonging to the adult
classes marched through the streets
of that city, and demonstrated t
the public that the Sunday school is
no longer to lie regarded as simply
for little children, but thnt it is for
men also, and mon oi the highest
cnlibre. The Sunclnv school workers
ol the province should ni.ii e a special effort to hear Mr.  I <mi-c»'.
This promises to bo lhe great st
religious gathering over hold in lhe
province. Tho general theme is
"Tho Twentieth Contury Sunday
School organized for effectual work."
The different phases of the organization and work of the up-to-date
Sunday school should be the right
nrm of tho church In all lines of
Christian effort, honco this convention will endeavor to show thnt tho
Twontloth Contury Sunday School
do In training workers ln soul winning, |n character building, in moral
reform, In reaching the homes, in
ranching the noglected mosses, end
many othor llvo questions.
Each school con send tho pastor
and superintendent, nnd olio additional delegate for ohch fifty of tho
onrollmont or fraction thereof. The
1'rovlnclal Hoard hopes that all the
schools will send full delegations.
Nanaimo, Oct. 12.—
A Meeting of the l'acilic Coast Leaguo Held in City—Nanaimo   and
Ladysmith Will Waive Dates
With Victoria.
A meeting of the executive) of th*
Pacilic Const League waa held at
thu Hotel Wilson lust night, dole-
gates being present from all teams
in the league with tho exception ol
li'he meeting was called primarily
to discuss the objection made by
Victoria to playing league matohes
on Sunday, consequently it was a
surprise to the delegates io learn
that that club had sent no representatives to tho meeting.
The meeting at which the loague
schedule hnd boon drawn up wna at
Victoria some weeks ago, nnd     sev-
■al Victoria delegates were in attendance at thnt meoting and raised
no objection whatever tn tho Sunday games. Since thnt timo. however outside influence wob brought to
hour on tho Victoria football players and hence the resolution to havs
nothing to do with Sunday football.
In the meantime Ludysmith played
Victoria on tho understanding that
she would get a return Sunday
match. However Victoria i_uses to
piny this anil now Ladysmith is out
ho expenses of the trip to Victoria.
The meeting yesterday decided, for
the sake of the game, to hold Victoria In the league, tho delegates
torn Nanaimo and Ladysmith waiving the date for tho Sunday games,
which they offered to play on week
days, providing good dates enn be
arranged; both Ladysmith and Na-
uaiino will'then have a chance to
get some return for tho expense of
the trips to Victoria.
Another meeting" will be held in
Vancouver on tho 31st to permanently settle the dates. An endeavor
will also be made to get Victoria
delegates to attend this mooting.
When the C.P.lt. mechanics went
out on striko throughout tho system
about leu of the B, &> N, employees,
engaged ut the Wellington shops,
throw down thoir tools and have
since been idle. Seierul wero members oi the union and the remainder
followed tho courso indicated in sym-
puthy. As was the cuse in other
shops tho Island compuny brought
in a number of substitutes aud huve
been currying on the work in tha
liest maimer possiblo under the conditions. Now that the dilllcully has
bcon settled amicably to both parties
the E. & N. men have gone hack to
work ami, it is expected, they will
be kept busy tor several months wiping off the work which has accumulated during their voluntary holiday.—Colonist.
LULA, Miss., Oct. 12-Jlm and
Frank Davis, nogroos, charged with
having shot and probably fatally
wounded John C. Kendall, a conductor on tho Illinois Central railroad, woro taken from jail last night
hy a mob and hanged. The ahoot-
lng of Kendall occurred aboard a
passenger train last yostorday, when
tho conductor endeavored to qulst
| tho negroes, who It Is said, had baan
'drinking and created a dlsturbanoa.
.Another negro who participated    In
the shooting    ramped but ts being
pursued by a  posse.
Taho Iron Moulders' Union of Am-
srlca will oelsbrate lis fiftieth anal*
vtraary naxt y«ar,
The federal high court nt Sydney,
N.S.W., has declared that the registration of • trade union label is un-
By a referendum vote tha Postan
j Artists' Association of America haa
decidod to afflllote with tho American Federation of Labor. Tho union
has passed Its tenth anniversary and
hu locals ln evsry hnportalt labor
csnter of th* aouatrjr.
. „ .... i.i'i :.:i,iJ If YoU Soqiiire s\hj
Or if You  Ilequlre Any
Wl atli.-i
f)r II You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell One;   or If You   Want
Notary FubUo, Conveywwr
■   LADYSMITH,  B.0.
uttered. For the moat part, how-'
ever, the reporter ia more concerned
to have you understand what a very
enthusiastic meetin« it wag, what a
solid liberal vote the candidate had,
present, and how Sinith shrivelled!
up Hawthornthwaite and petrified
Shepherd. Ii the reporter would!
only take down the speech we could
J|i$tai %>_■%' Gawk
|   Seattle,   the    only American   club Since  "Jack"   Johnson  talked    of
tost his blatant assertions. But thut competing in the Pacific Coast   Lea- going to Australia to fight a   long
is not his    game.    Ho is there    to gue hnd rather a humiliating  exper- promised  bout  with Tommy Burns,
boost    for Smith,    and if he cannot lu"ce-     Vancouvor rubbed it in   on the cracklors who predict that Burns
fthrt  ,nai„rini  in the suoeches   he  Is Saturday to tho extent of ilvofeoals never would go Into the ring   with
imd material in the speeches,  he is lo ^ and on Smidav aftornoP tb_ the big nogro have maintained     nn
equal to making it, 01* as wo said in provincial champions" played alt over undignified sllonco, says a Now York
the country in which Ralph now de- thom nnd run up tho score oi 8 Paper. In justice to tho whito champion, ho was born in, ho "makes it goo's to ono. There was hardly any P"°"'they should have maHo open
,, necessity for such rough and dis- confession thnt when thoy assorted
up. And we must say wo rathor courugiug treatment. Goal average the champion wns afraid of tho neg-
pity Ralph. Ho enn do that kind does not count in the competition, ro they did not know what thoy
of, thing     so much better thnn    the und 1 to    nil or 2 to 1 is as good were    talking about.  Thoy     should
us 8 to 0 so fur ns the determining 'rankly admit thoy had on entirely
TOMMY BURNS ALWAYS WILLING base, left field and_catcher; Motcalf,
pitcher; McCarthy, shortstop; Frank*
of the championship goes.
Ladysmith   Standard
Published on Wodnosdays ana .stur-
dnys Afternoons by tho
Robt. 11. Hindmarch,
One Year  91.50
ma  Jluiitl.s       76
,iiIutIisii_ Hntc-s on Application.
A slang phrase very much in vogue
in tho old country somo years ago,
wns that "there aro different kinds
of whistling." It was only a new
Betting to one ol Mollors's epigrams
which has taken every variety of
form in literature nnd oven in current speech. For instance, there are
politicians and politicians, and most
assuredly thoro are dillorent kinds of
reporting. The present campaign is
developing an entirely new brand a-
da|*ted to suit tho peculiar conditions of the Liberal canvas. It was
generally concoded, long before lhe
dato of tho election was announced,
that Smith hnd the light of bis life
coming. In every camp and township in the constituency there had
grown up strife and schism as tho
result of Smith's own jwculiur notions. Ho hns not only had to face
nnd to fight strong political opponents, but he has had to pacify, ot.
at all events, to silence a burning
hostility among tho local Liberal associations. It is no wonder then
that his meetings have not beon ov.
erything thnt could have boen de
sirod. It is certainty dosconcsrting,
■to even ns hardy a campaigner ns
Ralph to face mooting after meeting
in which he dared not call'for & test
of strength. It has accordingly
been necessary to cover up the weakness of tho Liberal campaign and to
hide the waning popularity of the
Liberal candidate hy a ne* species
of nowspni>er reporting.
In our last ssue wo called nttentlon to one or two samples for tho
correction of which the majority of
our readers had their own knowledge
of tho facts in question. As a mat-
tor of fnct those accounts cannot
ftrictly be called reports. We havo
seen reports that have -been termed
descriptive, others thnt have beon
called commontntive, and still others
thnt have been dubbed impressionist.
The reports which we nre describing
nro meant to be commentntive in
manner; but in substance thoy are
strictly Impressionist. You como
across hero nnd there a sentence or
two which purport to bo a   verbatim
usual purtiou. So wo are told that
the mysterious "band of eight" which
has followed Smith, appeared "mysteriously from lhe dopths of nowhere. ' What intolerable rut; The
samo eight, we are told, hine boon
present at Nanaimo, Ladysinith—
other pluces uro given, but we need
go no further. Tho "band of eight"
was uut in Ladysmith. Williams
and Hawthorn 111 U'liito were the only
interrupters, but Smith did not euro
to hove the rest of the band counted. What purposo is lo bo served
by such silly inventions is only
known to providence. It is rather
strange, though, that the purty
which claims to bo loaded down with
honesty and integrity, should be such
strangers to truth. Judged bj
their tactics, weighed by their devices, thoir pretensions to honest and
honorable governniont, to competent
imd elllciont' administration aro a
hollow mockery. Surely their ways
aro crooked and dovious, and the
truth is not in them.
Billiards and Pool ^
Best Liquors and Cigirs.
average reporter, aud Liberal reporters are novor above the average. 0f C0U|.SQ __dysmlth did some-
There is no tuct to thoir work, no thing liko the same last season. The
art to thoir invention, no verisimili- circumstances were dilVoront, how-
,   ,,,,., ,* ■      ,, evor.    Esquimau had ulwuys    been
tuuo to thoir stories,     it is all     so ,.     ,', .,      ,
u...    ou considered dangerous.   Nunuimo went
crude und all so painfully obvious, down prepared to do or die and
Why it oven throws a  thick     frost pulled it oil by 3 or i goals to   1.
of dulbt upon any Utile crystals   of Tbv'\ ™'"<> ««•«■ ,stu,™8 '"' Uteris-
* ed strength until  in the uyes   ol tho
truth thu account muy contain. locll| payors und thoir manager, Ks-
Tho inst creation of the olllcial Liu quimalt loomed us largo as Nowcas-
oral reporter is a mysterious "baud tie Unitod. Then emtio tho gumo
,.. _.,.,,,, A   a a   -,.i. u'11'  the record scoro of tho souson.
oi eight.     It seem that smith w.s nm wo|||d |U|V0 bocn „0 natjm ,n
addressing a meeting at Boleskin on thut oven; but somo of Nanaimo's
Friday ei ening and mot with tho sturdy playors had beon contending
mixed reception     which is now     his **?_ t!,° championship should he do-
icidod  by goal averugo.     Ihey   took
it all buck after that gumo and thon
Smith must have boen in tremendous I'urin at Boleskin. A Socialist
interjected the remark that Ralph's
supporters in Nanaimo were "a
bunch of hangers on." Tho Socialist was very wrong to make such a
remark, of course, and must have
been vory badly provoked to so far
forget his manners. Wo all know
there is not a hanger-on in the
whole bunch. But the wary and
subtle Ralph never loses un opening.
Just road "What happened tu
"The candidate Immediately iinred
liko fury and rounded ou tho men in
the rem- of tho hall. Mr. Smith turned loose a flow ol language which
curried such sarcasm und sling with
it that the assailants of Mr. Smith's
supporters and personal friends
writhed undor its power squirmed
their seats, made two ungry interjections, which drew u still'smile
Irom Mr. Smith, nnd finally as the
stury came frum the platform of tho
friendship betweon Mr. Smith and
the truly friendly minors who had
twice roturnod hlm a3 their representative to tho Dominion parliament, three of the tirod band, nt the
rear, unablo to listen longer, left
their seats abashed, and left tho
"It reads like a pane of tho "Inferno," a„d Ha|ph ns a "flaring
fury" is distinctly good—about
good as the assumption that tho remark was mennt to apply to the
miners of Nannimo, or that Rnlph
was returned at the Inst election by
tho votes of the miners.
Steel is Iron free from dirt, air
or foreign substance fused with
carbon. ; Car hon gives toughness
stength, keeness and life.   . *.
Thirty year's study of the raior
situation has shown a way to
add the highest per cent of
carbon to a Carbo Magnetic '
razor blade throug a secret
INQ giving It a uniform diamond  like hardness-something absolutely Impossible
with flre tempered-razors,
and theyare Hamburg ground.
_?.UtT„?,„i._"NCONOITION. .
home-or have yourbarber use /
It on you-for thirty days WITH.
ladysmitli Hardware Co.
Smith has always claimed to be n
clean fighter, and it is at lenst
certain that no combatant has ever
appealed for moro fouls. There has
never been a campaign yet In which
he hasn't complained of tactics of
his opponents, or lodged a iirotest
against tho nbuso ho was receiving.
Of course it Is only ono of Ralph's
little dodges. Thero is not
nor a point in tho gamo of
he will not avail himself nt need
respective of whether it Is allowed or
specifically barred by the, code. For
instance, at this somo wondrous
meeting at Moleskin In which a mysterious "band of oight" sprung into
boing from tlio dopths of nowhere,
Smith accuses. Shepherd of boing
"thc tool of tho C'.P.R." This from
honest lialph tool Just a hint'of
Smith having boon a tool of Robins, or tho agent of Dunsmuir, and
thore is a deafening clamorous cry
of "shame." Apparently when
lialph turns loose and goes to put
hls opponent out In any old shape it
Is still clonn lighting. Rnlph ll
very clearly in a  very tight corner.
 ——--4 ,	
Amoy, Oct. 12-Gon. Swoon with
1500 soldlors and two hundred military cadets havo arrived hero from
Foo Chow to tako pnrt In the rocop
tlon to tho American battloshlp Chicago
"oet' Detroit  , 7
were mean onough to tako tho championship w'ith it.
Thoro wore none of theso consider-
utions at work on Sunday. Four to
one wus a good enough score ami
can ,bo lived down. Eight to' one is
simply annihilation and is enough to
drive a club out of a competition.
Howovor,' tho Seattle hoys uro in tho
gamo for the sport. Thoy havo had
no practice, no training this season,
and the gamo on Sunday was utily
their second gamo together. Thoy
will improve and givo a much more
creditnble exhibition bofore tho league is wound up.
It is hardly necessary to add that
they woro nevor in the game on
Saturday. The United forward line
vvasable to do as it pleased and put
In some really pretty work. Still
the Nnnnimo toiun is hardly as
strong as it was last soason. The
half back, lino is none too strong.
CJraham has not yot come to his
bost form, nnd Hewitt is no longer
reliable. A quick turn on Sunduy,
with nu one near him, caused him to
bo carried o(T thc field, and a back
who ploys the rush and dash style
of Paddy is as good as out of the
game onco a joint gives out. Rogers also is developing a habit of
holding lho ball which will get him
into trouble. l'lo tried it against
Vancouver, and was ofton guilty of
it on Sunday and it looked to the
spectator the result of a monetary
loss of verve rather than nny trick
the gatifc or gallery play. Stronger United undoubtedly Is In tho for-
ward line; but thc tonm is wonker In
nil othor respects.
The Free Press gives tho following
nccnunt of tho game:
The Seattle football team came
and law yestorday, hut did not
conquer. They were no match lor
the Nanaimo United at any stage „f
the game. A large good natured
trowd saw the match and while nol
ther side put up any classy ball thoy
seemed to enjoy the game. The Seattle team has been travelling under
hard luck this season. Up to the
present they have been unable to get
any grounds to play on and their
match with Vancouver on Saturday,
when thoy also suffered defeat, was
the first time they even played together. Under the circumstances it
must be admitted they did very well.
The arrangements of the team havo
also beon poorly handled hitherto.
However last week a new. executive
took hold of them and at the present moment they are financed tor the
whole soason and will no doubt have
a strong team before the season is
over. Seattle has hnd a good team
in the past, playing close ond draw
games with Ladysmith and the all-
mainland teams, so despite their
poor showing yesterday, it would not
l>o surprising lo seo them developo
considerable strength.
Judged un their play of yesterday
they have material for a good team.
A little practise and some experience
will do a lot to strengthen the team
and the Seattloites went back this
morning determined to give Nanaimo a harder proposition on the return match.
Of yesterday's gamo littio need be
said. The local boys scored.at will
nnd got In a good practice, which
latter thing they require ln copious
quantities. Roth Vancouver and Ladysmith are going to have strong
teams, the strongest teams thsy
have over put In the field, snd Nanaimo will hnve to do her prettiest
to hold them down. McGuire, lull
back and father confessor to the
Seattle men, was the stellar attraction on the visiting team. He played well and hla constant exhortations to Kelly and the rest of them
to "go into them" waa a foaturo
that caught on with the crowd. A
man with a pair of feet and a voice
like Fathor McGuire Is a tower ol
strength to any team.
It's almost a shame to say it, but
the score was 0-1. Hy the victory
Nanaimo United Is now leading thc
Pacific Coast League.
Chicago, Oct. 12.—Tn the world's
championship series    In baseball Detroit hent Chicago.    The series now
stands Chicago 2 and Detroit 1.
The score today resulted as follows
R. H. E.
 „    7  1
ia s
wrong ostimnte of tbo Canadian nnd
that whon he said he would fight
Johnson in his own time ho meant
exactly what ho snid.
Whon Burns refused tho Bia.oOO
purse offered In England for a bout
with Johnson, tho enemies of the
champion laughed boisterously nnd
said that wns exactly whnt the-- ox-
pectod. And when Burns, still in
quest of gold, hiked to Australia, It
wns declared thnt ho had run away
again from his black Nomosis.
Burn's speedy victories ovor Bill
Squires and Lang, and the accumulation of much more currency,
brought forth derisive laughter from
the Incredulous Johnson boomers
and It wns intltnnled that, Hums
would make a tour of all tho foreign
countries, fighting tho nllegcd champion of ench, nnd postponing the
promised bout with Johnson till
such timo as tho blnck follow hnd become un Inmate of the Homo for
Aged Zulus.
But just nt thnt interesting period
Burns scraped up in Australia exactly the sort of purse he wanted nnd
sent for Johnson to sail.Whilo the
details of tho match nro not yet, at
hand, tho chances are that Burns
will win or draw in a twenty-round
bout. If it. is n longer bout, Burns
doubtlessly will outgame tho nogro
nnd win by a knock-out. In any
ovent, Burns hns shown ho is not
ufruid of tho negro nnd nlso that
whon ho says ho wants a purso of a
certain size he will hnve it, even .'I
ho has to go to Australia I'or it.
lin, pitcher; Harrington, pitcher; Or-
iet, third base an- shortstop; llurt-
mnn, right field; Stnndridgo, pitcher
nnd right field; Waters, third Iras.-
nnd shortstop; Lo Core, pitcher ,
Oray, inflolder; Friodlien, pitcher;
Schnfleld, Ilrst bnsc; Ross, right Held
ami McKune, shortstop.
Tho Toronto Telegram soys: —
"Whowl Don't thoso Pacilic coast
clubs take their lacrosse seriously V
Just think of it! Some fights, a
shot fired, two attempted lync-hlngs,
and Archie ftlcnaughton hit' on the
eyo with nn ogg, nil for ono price <,
admission. Of course there w s
somo excuse. The guflftT was one
sided, and lightning changes of
scenery wero In ordor to keep peoplo from thinking the Hugby season
hnd arrived, and thut tho old scrim-
mngo gumo wns still being playod.
But from horo It looks as if tho westerners wero going a littio too far
in their efforts to arouse n now Interest in tho gamo.
"How, might wo nsk, do they expect tbo custom toums to challenge
for tho Minto cup If they nre going
to turn tho gumo into n wild wost
entertainment that ninkes Hill Cody
host efforts look liko n mild imitation? Will the next bunch to challenge for the cup hnvo to bo picked
from tho Hisloy team, Tommy Hums,
and the moro aggressive contingent
of lho Ottnwa Rough Riders? If so,
wo must sadly conclude that the national gamo is degenerating and give
voico to n fervent hopo thnt our
western contemporaries will turn
thoir attention to Marathons or six-
day grinds, or in fact anything that
will hnvo a soothing effect on thoir
too exuberant spirits."
Capitals   Manage    to Win a  Game
From Winnipeg—Winnipoggers
Were Penalized.
Winnipeg, Oct. 12.—Tho lacrosse
match played horo yesterday between
the Capitals af Ottawa and Shamrocks of Winnipeg, resulted in favor
of tho Capitals by a scoro of live lo
As a result of playing the gamo,
the local men were professionalized
by tho Manitoba Athletic Association.
The Ilrst ol the series ol games botween Chicago and Detroit for the
baseball championship of the world,
was pluyod today in Detroit, Chicago winning.    Score:
Chicago  10
Detroit  ti
Detroit's Team.
Mclntyre, left field.
0'l.eary, short stop.
Crawford, contro Hold
Cobb, right field,
Rossninn, first base.
Schuefer, third base.
Schmidt, catcher.
'Downs, second base.
Chicago Teom,
Scheckard, left field.
Evers, second base.
Schultz, right field.
Chance, first base,
Stelnfeld, third base.
Hoffman, centre field.
Tinker, short stop.
Rculobach, pitcher.
SEATTLE, Oct. 10.— Manager
Dugdalo of theSeuttlo Bnsobnll club
lost heavily this souson. His teum
cost actually S-Kl,08-1.2fi, other items
make this over $50,000 and tho receipts fell fur short of this. Tho
facts of tho case uro that thc So
ottle tonm In tho Northwestern lea
guo this yenr wus tho most oxpen
sive basoball team on tho const.
Seattlo loaguo salaries woro in ii
largo percentage ol cases equal to
thoso paid in tho American nssocin
Hon and ovon to those paid in tho
big leagues.
Tho release of half a dozen men
brought from Eastern tennis cost
Dugdalo enough to pay the salaries
for tho entire soason of some basoball toams.
Ilonnott was a National league
Plnyor. His release cost Dugdalo
$1500. Emil Frisk's rolonso cost
hlm anothor $8,*i00. Ho paid $1000
for tho release of McKune, and at
equal amount for thnt of Rowan
There iff $5,000 In a lump. All of
thoso men nro drawing high salaries
higher thnn any othor tonm on tho
const pays Its mon. Honnott, ns a
matter of fact, is tho highest paid
ball plnyor In tho wost.
Thon Dugdalo paid Tncotna $500
for Ernlo Franklin nnd paid $400 for
Cahlll. Frank Allon last yenr cost
him $350.
During the season Dugdalo used
sixty-five playors. Thoy woro Bonnett, second base; Frisk, loft field ;
Stanley, catcher; Arbogast, catchor;
Meets, catcher; Bunstlne, catcher;
Coy, pitcher nnd right field; Gordon
pitcher; Bruyotto, shortstoh; W. G.
Boyle, pitcher; Gambia, pitcher; frd-
wolotti shortstop; Allen, pltchor, Srd
base nnd outfield; Cahlll, contriflold;
Lussl, flrst hoso and right Hold;
H,lckoy, third hoso; Adams, third
base; G-rahnm, third hnso; Cnrnoy,
right Hold;; Bonder, cntchor; Qulg-
loy, first bnso, third hnso, and right
field; Thomas Doylo, pltchor; Galns-
kl, pitcher; Hbinrleh, pltchor; Soo-
ton, pitcher; Welch, pitcher; -tn-
mermnn, right flold; Andorson, pitcher; Rush, pltchor; Wilson, left field;
Dudley, third bnso nnd shortstop ;
Rowan,   flrst   base;    Fortior,   third
LAWTON, Okla, Oct. 10— This
city and vicinity is to bo the scene
during tho coining week of a nota-
ijo aud interesting gathering on tho
occasion of the annual meot of the
League of American sportsmen. Fur
eight days the sharp crack' of the
hunter's riflo and the deep hay of the
faithful hound will resound over hill
and vale whilo tho wolf nnd boar
and other boasts of prey are run to
Tho League of American sportsmen
numbors among its members hundreds of crnck shots scattered all over the country. Last yoar scores of
hunters participated in tho annual
moot and much gamo wos klllod. This
year tho hunt hns boen moro oxton-
sivoiy advertised, and oven a larger
number of sportsmen are expectod to
participate. Hundreds of sportsmen
will ho here from Oklahoma, Texas,
Kansas Arkansas nnd other statos.
Tho Lawton Chamber of Commerce
has completed elaborate plans Ior
tlie entertainment of the visitors.
The programme provides for sevcrnl
days of amusement of various sorts
immediately following the business
convention, including trap shooting
contests, quail hunting, wolf chases,
and rabbit drives, trips to Fort SHI
nnd tho Wichita national gamo pro-
servos. The game preserve In the
Wichita Mountains is well stockod
with buffalo and deer, ond it is plan
ned eventually to make tho preserve
ono of tho finest In tho country
Eight thousand ncres of tho park
have boon completely fenced In by
the government" at a cost of S15,-
000. The fence Us fourteen feot high
built of strongly woven wire, and
wos constructed with the vlow of retaining nny kind of game of valuable size, while the Immense tract of
land which it encloses gives ample
room for tho freedom of the anl
The proceedings of the convention
of tho League of American sportsmen
aro scheduled to bogin this morning.
The day will be devoted Ior tho most
part to tho welcoming of the visitors
and the completion of arrangements
for the events and festivities to be
hold during tho remainder of the
Tuesday "morning there will be n
pnrode and exhibition by the sol
(Hers from Fort Sill and In the evening thc sportsmen ate to be enter-
tabled with nn address hy Congressman John F. Lucoy of Iowa upon
tho preservation of tho nnturnl resources of the country.
A wolf chose on tho Fort SHI military reservation Is billed for Friday,
and on Saturday, tho Inst dny ot
the gnthorlng, the viators will bo
taken again to the ngtlonal game
Ono of tho most interesting fon-
turos of tho week's entertainment
will be a military camp, which is
boing arranged by Lt. Oeo. Purlng-
ton and Col. R. A. Sneed, to be established In tho Wichltns at tho foot
of Mount Sheridan. Tho camp wlll
be kept open for the entertainment
nnd accommodation of such of thc
visiting sportsmoo ns care to make
uso of it.
Whilo tho hunting nnd Bhootlng
■ontcsts will he the most important
fenturos of tho weok's programme,
there will bo an abundance of other
ontortainmont for tho visiting sportsmen. . The Indians wlll do tholr
share towards the ontortainmont of
the guests, ns will olso the officers
and soldiers stationed at Fort Sill.
Each dav and evening there will be
Indian dunces, pow-wows, parades
and military manoeuvres.    The eteb-
How a Sask-alta
earns ifr money.
By indicating when oven is ready for
baking. By cutting out the "peeping"
into oven. By showing on its face what
is going on in the oven. By saving
"door-opening" heat. By substituting
certainty for chance
in baking results.
"Sask-alta" range
thermometer was
tested for six months
before one range was
sold. "Sask-alta"
thermometer is to
the housewife what
/** the compass is to the
ship captain.
tendon Toronto, MontreaLWInnlpel, Vancouver, St. John, Hamilton, Calgary
Ladysmith Hardware Co.
oa&wxi-a^^ Transfer Notices
KG PISH SR       6
[J'eacher of Music]    g
Studio in Williams' Blocks
Excellent Boarding
J. m. mo^GAN
Teachor ol Voice Production and
Engagements may be lelt at tho
Standard Ofllco.
Sealed tenders, superscribed "Tender Ior School house," will bo received by tho Hon. the Chiel Commissioner up to noon on Tuesday,
tho 19th October, 1908, Ior the erection and completion of a large one-
room iramo school-house at Courtenay, Comox Eloctornl District.
Flans, specifications, contract and
lorms of tender may be seen on and
after tho Sth day of October, 1908,
at the offices of tho Govornmont
Agont, Cumberland, of R. Carter,
Esq., Secretory of tho School Board,
Courtenay, and a ttho Lands and
Works Departmont, Victoria, B. 0.
Each proposal must ho accompanied by nn nccopted bank cheque or
certificate of deposit on a chartered bank of Canada, mado payable
to the Honourable the Chiof Commissioner for a sum equivalent to
ton per cent, of tho amount of the
tondor, which shall bo forfeited If
tho party tendering docllno to ontor
Into contract when called upon tc
do so, or If ho fall to completo the
work contracted for. The cheque or
certificates of doposlt of unsuccessful tondorors will ho roturnod to
thom upon tho execution of tho contro ct.
Tondors will not bo considered unless mndo out on tho forms supplied
signed with tho actual slgnnturo of
tho tondorer, and enclosed in tho envelopes furnished.
Tho lowest of any tender not necessarily acccptod.
P. 6'. GAMBLE,
Publlo Works Englnoor.
Lnnds and Works Popartmont,
Victoria, B. 0„ Srd October, 1908.
I HEREBY givo notlco that i iu-
tend to make application to the
Board of Licensing Commissioners ol
tho City of Ladysmith, at thoir
next regular mooting, Ior a transfer
of the rotail liquor llcenso now hold
by mo in respect to tho Portland
Hotel, Ludysmith, from myself to
John Barclay and John Conlin.
Ladysmith, B. C, Sopt. Oth, 08.
I hereby give notice that I intend
to make application to the Board
of Licensing Commissioners of the
City of Ladysmith, at their noxt
rogular meoting, for a transfer of
the rotail liquor liconso now held by
mo In  respect    tho Queen's    Hotel,
! Ladysmith, from myself to Bornard
Ladysmith, II. C, Oct. 1, 1908.
Notlco Is hereby glvon thut wo Intend to apply to tho Liconso Com.
misslonors of tho City of Lbdvsmith
at thoir noxt regular meeting, for a
'transfer of tho retail liquor license
i now hold by us for    the    promises
known    ns tho    Ludysmith    Hotel,
ILadyflmith, B. C.Mrom ourselves to
[Joseph Cartwright.
Lndysmith, B. C, Sept. 5, 1908,
I horoby give notice that I intend
to mako application to the Board of
Licensing Commissioners of the City
of Ladysmith at thoir noxt rogular
mooting, lor a transfer of tho rotail
liquor license held by me In respect
to tho promisos known os tho Extension Hotel, .Lndysmith, B. 0.,
from myself to .fames Lenine and
Pnsln Berto.
Ladysmith, B. 0„ October 1, 1908
u'ato ohteitnlniiicnt programme and
lho large attendance of sportsmen
nro expectod to combine In making
tho gnthorlng tho most notablo and
successful of Its kind that has ever
taken j-luce In tho country.
When a woman doclaros
Sho hns nothing to wear,
Whnt sho ronlly moans Is
Sho has nothing to air.
-      ♦	
Tho Trade Union Congress of Eng-
Innd pnssed a  resolution asking parliament to enact a  law under whloh
the     organizers   of   strike-breaking j
movements, a* well na tha men them-1
solves, could he prosecuted.
PURSUANT to thc "Creditors'
Trust Deeds Act 1901" nil I amending Acts, notioo is hereby givon that
Gus Hill, of tho City of Ladysmith,
In tho Provinco of British Columbia,
general merchant, did on tho 28rd
day of Soptombor, A. D. 1908 mako
an assignment unto Albert E. Planta of tho City ofNonnimo, in tho
Provinco aforesaid, of all his personal property, real ostato, credits and
effects, which moy Iio seized and sold
under oxocutlon for the benefit of his
And further toko notlco that a
meeting of the creditors of the said
Gun Hill will ho held at the AWboWs-
ford Hotel. Lndysmith, B. C. on tho
19th dny of Octobor,' 1908 at two
o'clock In tho afternoon, for the purposo of giving direction with reference to tho disposal of tho estato;
and further take notlco that all persons having clnims ngninst tho said
Gus Hill uro required to forward
particulars of tho samo, duly verified, and the nature of tho securities,
If nny, held by thom, to the said
Albert E. Plnntn, at his office, Nnnalmo, B. C. on or boforo the 10th.
dny of Novembor 1908, aftor which
date the Assignee will proceed to
distributor tho proceeds of tho ostato
among tho parties ontitlod thereto,
having regard only to tho claims or
thoso of which he shall thon havo
notice, nnd all persons indebted to
tho said Ous Hill aro required to
pay tho nmount of tholr Indebtedness
to the snld Albert E. Planta forthwith.
Assignee of tho ostato of Gus Hill.
Dotod tho 7th day of October, 1908.
Will be In Ladysmith evory Wodnos-
ilay at the Abbotsford Hotel, Room
6. Headings and treatments wlll ba
n. Beat of references given na
to work done In Nanaimo. World in General.
Hong Kong, Oct. 10.—It la learned
•I'lacontia,     Spain,  Oct.    10.—The
Spanish Royal auto was ditched horo
here from a  reliable source that the yesterday as tho    result    of u tire
real reason ol Sir Robert Part's re- bursting, King Alfonso wns unlnjur-
cent visit to England was to bring
about an alliance between China, tho
United States and Great Britain to
conserve the Interests of nations in
the far oast.
 1 ■   —
Liatowel, Oct. 10—Flre thla morning completely deatroyed Morris Com
pony's piano factory. Thu loss is
estimated at fi 5,000 mostly covered
by Insurance. Eighty-live men are
thrown out of employment.
ed, but two of his aides woro
Sudbury, Oet. 10—R. L. Borden,
the Conservative leader, addressed a
large meeting ln the rink here last
night. Every seat was takon and
many people stood up. '
;»  * r
eign office indicate that tiio excitement among the population of Mon-
teneg.ro nlso Is at fever heat, but
there is no confirmation of mnny n-
larming rumors published in tho papers of Paris this morning.
,  4	
NEW YORK, Oct. 10—American
"Society," especially the "select"
cuterie of milliouaire-ridden New
York, hua received a severe scoring
by Ethel Burrymoro, the popular A-
merican actress, and the exclusive
society women of the metropolis are
consequently furious, lt may not
have been good policy from a linan-
ciul point of view, on the part of
Miss Barrymore to make so frank a
statement of her views, but that
does uot make her remarks less true.
"The most useless, brainless, selfish,
Philadelphia, Oct. 9.—The climax
of tho Founder's Weok celebration in
Philadelphia was reached today in
tho great historical pageant, the
first of its kind to be presented in
any city of the United States. Sevoral scoro of elaborate and costly
floats  and  about  5,000  characters,
In costumes, woro used to Illustrate and purposeless ordor of beings
tho history of Philadelphia from the t, „ ,     Barrymore,
time of tho first Swedish and Dutch , .
settlements to the present time. ' constitutes tho society of this coun-
—    m.  try." ' That is fruity strong     lnn-
EVEN OFFICIALS  UhlUEViC WAR yuage from a  woman who has boon
—fMWWWfWIWW^MWWWMw ■—_—_,— —. ■.. i mAA*—tt—m—m
EXCLUSION POLICY AT RtJPSfiT uciana, who hold today tho pick   of
KCSH1NO TH_ 'TROOPS the western lands, Hc- did some smal
  ler  business fur himself also.     and
PRINCE RUPERT,     Oot. 9— The haa just been sued for a division of
,  ,   , ,. ,  ,,     .    tbo profits.  On  one    deal  where be
largest Indoor meeting ever held     In got "tlmhet  lulKl  ,,.„„,  the goven„.
Prince Rupert wae held on Thursday ment for $4,000 he sold it for S100,
night iu the hall over tho Christina- 000.  It    Is not surprising if    theso
sen-Brandt Company store on Rupert <*eillf?, !mvo »"l,de, Mr' Fraser   "" lm"
^   ' possible candidate,
road,     lt may be asserted that not -],,, _|g Four.
less than 125 men    were in the hall     But how about the  larger dealers
or on the landing and steps in front '» «'" same   line, men    with whom
,   ,,      ,„. „,. _     „   Mr. Fraser was connected, uiul whom
ol the hall.     The meoting was call- |)(, nssist0,i t0 ,lmkl, millions,   while
ed for the purpose of taking action he mudo only hundreds of thousands?
thut would result in 'making   Princo What about Sifton and Turin,    who
,,     : ,        , .       , . ,      , ..        as  Minister   anil   chief   commissioner
Rupert a   town in winch  white men ™.  ,!        ,   ' .    .       „,,.    ,„,,„
1 - put through these deals,    and    who
and women would not bo forced to httVe themselves become suddenly
compete with ot work alongside Asia rich? What about Burrows, Siflon's
tic coolies. brother-in-lnw,    with     his scoro   of
,.., .   '     , timber limits in his own mime,   and
Alter an expression from those pre-  a doMn ,„ other „„„,„„_ tho Jn0ralw,.
rent the chairman was requested to of parliament concerned in more
read tho    membership onth of    tho than 1,000 squaro miles of the bost
Socioty of White Pioneers, a society timbe'' '" **«J""*' ,ollt"i"«l for "™
,..-__, per cent,   of its value,   nnd     worth
organized in     Prlnco Rupert a  year lm,ny millions? What about AdiUni-
ago.     The outh was rend, and    tho son of the Saskatchewan  land deal
chairman then asked how many     of Gnlway Jnnri den
President a
I Managing Director.
% RED CEDAR SHINGLES and LATH          3
E   3
Head Office - ■ • Toronto
m   n
potted, and dinod 1>y Now York socioty and apparently has no cause
for a  grouch on that account.
"There's no occasion for brains in
uur society," she declared, "at lonst
In New York—that which 1 have seen
—and consequently girls do not pre-
Boston, Mass., Oct, 12.—Capt. Mun
roe und five ot the crew ol the British schooner Sorlcco, who were supposed to have been lost when their
vessel wae wrecked oil the Florida
coast on Oot. 10, were landed here
today by the fruit steamer Hora-
tius. u    i||'
Lyon, Oct. 10—Willie I. Norton, a
farmer, son of L. M. Norton, formerly Judge of Wayne county, was killed
by a New York Central railway
train last night. The engineer knew
nothing of the fatality until he discovered Mr. Norton's body on the
cow catcher of the locomotive. Mr
Nortoo waa 38 years of age.
Buda Pest, Oct. 10-Servia has replied to the Austro-IIungurlnn demand for an explanation of her purpose in summoning the reserves to
the colors, by declaring that this
step has not an aggressive character.
Speaking at today's session of the
Austria-Hungary delegation, Foreign
Minister Von Archethnl presented
the heller that hc would he able to
carry through the annexation of
Bosnia peacefully.
Sopzla, Italy, Oct. 10—The Italian
fleet which haa Just completed its
regular fall manoeuvre*, has receiv
ed orders to remain concentrated
Philadelphia, Pa„ Oct. 10.- The
two hundred mile auto race in Fair
mont waa atarted promptly at 7 a.
m., with a tremendous attendance.
Car No. 5 (Thomas) with Oeorge
Salzman driving made the Ilrst lap
of eight mllea ln 8.57. Cor No. 15
(Lozler) with Horry MIchener driving, upaet after tha Brat lap and waa
wracked. The occuponta were not
Injured, Robertson won the race in
4 hours 30 mins. SO sees.
Ottawa, Oct. 10— Representatives
of South African veterani throughout the Dominion will assemble at
Ottawa on Monday next for the pur.
pose of forming a Dominion Association and discussing matters of interest to volunteers who served in
the late war,
Chicago, III., Oct. D.-Tho Grand
Nest of tho llluo Goose, n fraternal
organization with a membership con-
fir.ed to insurance men, hold Its soc-
, ond annual meeting today at tho
Auditorium, following the annual
convention of tho Flro Underwriters'
Association of tho Northwest. The
annuals reports presented nt the
mooting showed thnt tho Bluo Goose
now has twonty-flvo state ponds,
with a total membership of 1,718.
Tlio Illinois pond Is tho Inrgost, with
165 members, followed bv tho Wisconsin pond, with 124 and Texas
and Minnesota with 118 each.
Hamburg, Oct. 50—The Gorman
steamer Pretoria and tho Nipponia
have heen in collision In the tog oil
Schevcnlngen. Thirteen of the Nlp-
ponius crow including the captain,
were drowned. Tho Preeorla was
not damaged. Tha Pretoria belonga
to tho Hamburg-American line and
la under . the command ol Capt.
Sohrotter. She left New York on
Sept. 2U for Hamburg. Th* Nipponia la owned In Stettin.
"Hostilities Can Hardly bo Averted"
is the Opinion ot One uf thu
Ministers    ol    Servla—
Situation Critical.
BELGRA'^_, Oct.  10—Even in official circles it is now believed thut
war is unavoidable. M. Pasias, in pare themselves to cultivate tholr ca-
on Interview with the Associate.! pabilities. They havo enough ior
Press, declared the situation most what is demnnded of them nod they
critical, adding, "Hostilities can' d0 not attempt anything moro .difll-
hardly bo avcrtod." A. big muss cult. If you Join gracefully in tho
mooting was hold this morning nftor' Inaities of an ordinary dinner table
which tho demonstrators marched to you'll pass, but if you should hap-
tho Skuptchina, the meinbera of'pen to touch on anything that the
which aro assembling, clamoring for "real men of tho country are doing—
The    feoling among the mom- the    men   who   are    accomplishing
things—or if you venture into an intellectual dlscussioo on any subject,
you will be shunned as an intolerable bore. Society men and women
nre merely selfish, piggish, and contented with creaturo comforts. If a
plague woro to wipe out the entire
society element of Now York, neither the city nor the country at lareo
would be the worse for the loss, for
it would not be missed."
It is a long time since American
society has been hauled over the
coals as strenuously as by Miss Barrymore. The other "roasts" camo
from foreigners who had boen disappointed by society. But this latest
criticism from nn American woman,
who has enjoyed (?) the privilege of
associating with tho exclusive circles of New York and other large
American cities for a number of
years. Miss Barrymoro is a bright
and talented woman and hcr Judgement hus substantial weight. Even
the most fanatic Amcrlcomaninc m^y
stop and give thought to the remarks of Miss Barrymore. Judgln;
from past and recent performances of
.Now York society, in the line of mon
key- ond bulldogdlnners, pnjumu-par-
ties, etc., tho snobbish action of certain members of the exclusive set on
public occasions and the various vagaries of more or loss ombiclle nature with which New York society
loves to" entertain itself, one cannot
help feeling that Miss Barrymore's
criticism comes nearer to being Justified than Is flntloring to the crust
of Now York's society.
hers    of   the assembly is apparently
The news that Austrian monitors,
which are coming down the Danube,
have reached the Servian frontier, is
already designing to alarm tho people.
The extraordinary session of tho
Skuptchina, or National Assembly,
summoned to deul with th* existing
crisia, waa opened this morning timid
scenes ol great excitement. The warlike sentiment of the delegates was
noticeable and the spirit was given
over the expression by the prompt
election lo the presidency of the assembly of Prof. Jovanovitz, one of
the most prominent agitators, in favor of wnr with Austria-Hungary.
Two Austrian flags wcre burned by
a mob in the theatre square    this
Cettlnje, Montenegro, Oct. 10. —
Prince Nicholas yesterday issued a
manifesto stating that, "As today
the terms of tho treaty of Berlin are
Infringed on one side by the ennoxa-
tion of Bosnia and Herzegovina, obligation on our pnrt to observe Article 20 of this treaty fails. Tho
trouty being forced upon ua und our
maritime rights being cruelly limited, Montenegro considers herself no
longer bound by these fetters.
Constantinople, Oct. 10.— Baron
Marshall von Berberstoin, the Herman ambassador, in a conversation
with Kelm„l Pasha the Grand Visor,
denied the supposition thnt recent
event* in Turkey were the result ol
understandings with Austria, or any
other country. The ambassador
adds: "I am commanded by the
Emperor of Germany to protest energetically against such a supposition.
Ths events in question occurred without conaultation with Germany."
The city today is posted with bills
advising the public on patriotic
grounds, to purchase no Austrian,
Bulgarian or German products.
Vienna, Oct. 10.—.Austrian newspapers have been informed that the
publication of reports concerning the
mobilization movements is not desirable at tho present timo and that
papers disregarding this intimation
will be confiscated.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 10- Russia
has decided not to oppose the annexation Of Bosnia and Herzgovina by
Austria-Hungary. Without in any
way ' approving the action ot Baron
Von Achrenthal the Austria-Hungarian ininiste* of foreign affairs, alio
will bow to the accomplished fact,
and her answer in this senso will bo
delivered to Count Berehtold, tho
Austrian ambassador, here today,
Tho Russian Black Sea fleot wos
mobilized somo time ago fur tho rogular autumn manoeuvres. - S|ieclnl
orders will not be necessary to prepare to an eventuality, but no occasion for the employment of the fleet
i* foreseen horo. Considerable work
haa heen done ln bringing up to date
the equipment and mechanical devices of the larger vessels, but this
w«* ordered beforo the proeent Balkan crisis developed.
'M'ttris, Oct. 10.—Ofllciul advices received hore present the situation between Servla and Austria Hungary
as extremely critical. Austria-Hungary has served notlco that she will Tl|e man-killing folding bed, that
not tolrrnte further "provocation*", imoat dangerous of nil devilish lnv0n-
and that ahe I* prepared lor eventu-1 tions, has again demanded a   victim.
An amusing illustration of tlie fact
that gns bills have in reality little
concern with tho actual amount consumed, was furnished tho other day
by a suit in the ninth municipal
court. At the beginning of last
year Jacob nnd Herman Baun had a
music hall on Broome street. Tho
building wns completely destroyed by
Uro on Fob. 2*i, 1907. Notwithstanding the fact that tho owners of
the destroyed building received from
the New Amsterdam On* Company a
bill for gas consumed In their build
Ing between February 20 and July 5,
1007. The amount charged was
$71.80. The Bndm brothers refiiRcd
to pay this claim of the gas company, hut declared themsolves willing to pay o reasonable amount for
tho amount of gns which they consumed In tholr building In tho flvo
days before it was destroyed by lire.
Tlio gas company, however insisted
upon full pnymont of tho claim, although It offcroil no explanation con
cerrJng tho strange allegation Hint
gas had boon consumed In tho build
that was not in oxlstonco during the
period in which it Is alleged, tho gns
was conaumed. The case was decidod against the gas company unil
lodgment entered In favor of Baiini
Brothers. All the attornoy of the
gns company had to say was, that
mistakes were liable to happen. Numerous consumers of gns In New
York hnve made the discovery long
ago, thnt mistakes of this kind nro
liable to and really do happen with
Iho figure and accounting exports of
Iho gns company.
and many timber
,, .... ,     limits, the mnn who has tho nflviin-
thoso present wero willing to tako j. „ of boIng |,rotber-in-luw of tho
the membership oath of tho society, Ioto Commissioner of Lands? Are
und every man in the hall stood up.  tnesD desirable candidates. ?
Within an hour the oath had   been'   If"™nt Abm!t l>'")(l'm™'™>1;'" ~
" If tho   mon to    whom' tho govern-nlnit. *in flflfl find
taken and subscribed to by over 100,' ment gave those lands In such scan- UPltai.JIU.UUU.UUU
and today    Prince Rupert has   ilose dnlous disregard of public     interest '   	
and of morality nnd decency,    have   c. I\ \/1 ftl r*Cf   O A IU IV
.,    ,  ,     ,,    , ,,     , .become "undesirable,"     whnt   about   SAVIl'iWO   t5AI\l\
scribed to the following onth: the B0VeramGnt that gave the lands! n C* n /•   n T I.It tr _i T :
That I   am opposed to the     ad-'away? If it is not right to take tho Utrrtil  I  1V1 t, IN  1   BES
mission of Asiatic coolie laborers in-1PUbHo domain for a fraction of Its'      A s„vin     Bnnk n,.p.„„,K.nl win be j
to Candda, and that I   will not em- J?"10' ,''.is." s,,nl f™'-"' "-'7° tor-1 found at the branches of the Dank in Can-'
plov Asiatic coolio laborers as lon* L     .'■        f   ''"'l        ," B,W*°,      """"X ada.    Deposits of $1 and upwards aro
Ploy   ASlnttc  coolio  laborers as   long  to   their   friends   nml   relations       «   .eceived and interest is-lUv.-Ul current
as I   am    a  resident or doing busi-'Mr.  Fraser is an "undesirable" can-' .,ites      ihe depositor is subject to no
noss in Comox-Atlin district; Ididatc, the Laurier government is an   7„y -m u,e willidmwnl of the wholo er
I undesirable       administration.      Pho   lny po,.lion of th.~depo.sit.    Accounts mav
.,„,,, ,   ,. ,,;'.ministers must be got out of     tho ', ho opened in Iho names oil -c or mora nor
cnndMate    for nn elective municipal, I way too. Remember thnt every deal 	
provincial or Dominion ofllco in said which hns been exposed has been de-
district  who employs Asiatic coolio I fo"'',c'' b¥ttho government and     its
wholo pnrty. Even to this day ministers nre declaring that nothing
wrong hns boon shown. Yot the bend
of the government has been obliged
to contest Ottawa, just bocause the
Rest $5,1
he Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.,
; nv oil
laborers, and who will not openly declare that ho is opposed to the immigration of Asiatic coolies, nnd
that, if elected, ho will on overy occasion vote lor their exclusion from
Canada end oppose their employment on nny c|- !c, provincial or Dominion work within said district."
The Society of Whito Ploneors has
no olllcers; has no expense whatever,
holds no meetings, makes no noise,
makes no threats. Its mombors slm
ply live up to tho oath they have
tnkon, and in doing so quietly and
effectually work ns a unit to accomplish the object for which the- so-
ject for which tho society wos organized.
Ottawa, Oct. 10.—The (innncial
statement of the Dominion for tho
first hnlf current fiscal year shows
a revenue of $10,727,632 and expenditure on ordinary accounts of ?32,-
002,728 nnd capital account of $14,-
016,645, Thoro hns boon a shrinkage
of over 88,000,000 in customs collections as compared with tho corresponding period of a yoar ago.
Other sources of public revenue also
show u decline with the exception of
that from tho post-office, which
shows an Increase of J200.000 a
head of last year, despite tho reduction of postal rates. Total revenue
from all sources for six months to
the end of Sept. shows a decronse of
$9,807,176 while n total exi onuifire
on consolidated funds incrcusod by
$3,931,210 and expenditure on cupi-
tol accuunt by $-1,000,7-11.
Timber     Grabbers     "Undersirablo"
Thon Whnt About Burrows,
Sifton, Turriff and
tho Rost.
Withdraw,!; to Iio itud) I.
i ol the numbor or by ih) uir.lior
L. M. de GEX"  Manager
people will not stand for thc timber
deals. Tho change floes not meot tho
case. Sir Wilfrid made himself res-;
ponslble for the vory donl that makes;
Fraser an undesirable candidate.
An Undesirable Minister
A biggor mnh than Mr. Fraser is
in trouble, and is found undesirable.
Hon. William Pugsley, minister of
public works, hus been utterly discredited by tho exposure of his exploits with the treusury of Now
Brunswick. Mr. Pugsley wa* Attor-
ney-Goneral with a salary of $2,100
and sessional indemnity of three hundred a year, afterwards increased to
$500. Yet from 1901 to 1908, n
little ovor six yours, Dr. Pugsley
presented, and was paid, bill for services nnd expenses amounting to
ovor $22,5"i1, or more thnn $3,500
a year.
Tho Pugsloy Over-Draft
In addition, ho continually drew
Irom tho treasury in over-drafts, so
that at tho end of tho first year
tho balance' against him wus $2,103;
second year, $1,766; third your, $6,-
227; fourth year, $7,314; fifth yoar,
$7,030; sixth year, $6,606. When ho
retired from the local government
and entered Dominion politics, the
balance reported against him wns
Nothing was known of thoso transactions. Thoy did not appear in anv
official returns. The uuditor wus not
permitted to sny anything about It
Just before the Provincial election
the govornmont was challenged on
the finances, and produced what purported to bo n speciol report of an
independent auditor, appointed to
disclose the whole situation. Thoro
wos not a word in his report about
tho Pugsley ovor-drnfts. It turned
out that other matters had been
concealed. No one knew until after
the chnnge of government thnt Dr.
Pugsley's leader and colleague had
returned to the Crown Land Department ovcr $13,000 which hod been
taken on "suspense account" with
out nny rocord of tho transaction.
A Mysterious Letter.
Dr. PagBiey also returned his overdraft. He restored $1,000 in January 1906, and another $1,000 in
February ol tho snme year. Thus the
overdraft    was reduced   to    $4,331
Effective June Oth.
Trains Leave Ladysinith
Daily at 9:00 and 15:5R.
Trains \rr'm at Ladysmith
Dally at 11:57 and  17;L*,
P.O. Box 54 'Phone 44
Dealer In All Kinds of
Meats Delivered free of charge on ths
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
District Passenger Agent.
$102 Government St., VI.
Ottawa, October 3rd., 11)08.—A remarkable sign of the times is the
forced retirement of Mr. A. W. Fraser., government candidate in Ottawa
city,    who was    nominated with    a
great    flourish    of trumpets a   few     , , ,. ,, ,   ,,   ,
weeks ago. In order to get him out when ho 'eHft tbo government. He be-
of the way it has beenfouud necess- camo a  federal ministor but the ac-
aryto withdraw his colleague   also, ?ount 8 °<"1' Tt „was tfM'*B"d'n«
and to drag Sir Wilfrid Laurier into *hn8 "c^*J?*JLh°Afw"ifS "tZ
tho Hold as n candidate with a fresh ?' oot1,0V™9 h_f„ tT M_,H»   S
English-sponking associate. Thls.was &w«* Dr. |Mg^ ^rs .were
-Id £ 'rrellh'or toTf Z ZZ *** *• S^-d^'Sie'ToUo?
in a constltutucncy which tho party bB'a"°he' "** S?-Sr?_^^_.   «!
& ST oHo ____£ ___? r SS dh;sChheqZ,Fh«trUS ffi waVs
£_l*&   ,x,n oJ   ,?,-,      ?™  m" not received unt 1 March Oth,   which
ried by tho Government in 1001, Ot- d ft    th    ,   „        n_
tawa gavo the largest majority, and ™! ,'__ ____ ...  „uhmlo.„ tho
And Billiard Saloon!
Pool and English
Billiard Tables.
Daily Prize for Highest
Bowling Score.
is tho plnco whloh the Premier himself must rescue It is doubtful
whether oven Sir Wilfrid  will    hold
queer feature wns thnt nlthough tho
letter was dated at Ottawa and mail
od thero, it was post-marked March
flth, moro than a   week   after   tho
Ladysmith. D. C.
ono of the seats,    and it is pretty V",!' "-\"i'A''it''a",",.,''*',",,a'"'™.., t,_
certain     that he cannot save thom dnto' Did the ministor "nit untl1 Ws
DissMutlm 01 parlitrs-ip.
"'""     "" ' "!,,„"'    '   Z7.i ,1 friends had beon dofontod, ni	
?■?*;»* £en?.i_?,S!_f,B MmscU "* write   hls*  letter dating It back a The p rtnership heretofore ex-
week, or did ho writo it on tho dnto ai\m between tho undersigned  is
,ri t-.-ttt      .t *\, 1      If .f 1.1      14      l.if ff I."       111,4,1      If, ,      _ if 11 ■ **                                                                                                             ^*
running in Quoiiec East,
In RUBSOll, Too.  -
Tho noxt largest Govornmont   majority in    Ontario wns obtained    in
Russell,   whoro  theUhornl   candidato        .        .  .,
was 940 ahead. This yoar desperate scnt "ml V'0, T".   . i ,   , ■ >■•
„i.i     ii.ia government had  not  been   defeated?
given and hold it linck until ho sow ,.   _\      ,,...,... , l„ ,.,,f„"^|   „rt„
how tho oloctions would go. In olth- this day ditto ved by mutual  cou-
er cnso would tho letter hnve    boon sent    All   deUs   due   to  and   ull
paid,    if   tho debts by the undersigned are piy-
moans nre nocossary to hold till
stronghold. First Sir Wilfrid had lo
call off tho regularly nominated candidate. Then he made Mr. Murphy a
Toronto, Ont, Oct. 8.—Wss Cum-
•mlngs, who was thrown under a
freight car as result ot a collision
yesterday botween a Itathurst Street
ear and a Orand Trunk freight train
on Front St. diamond, died from the vor at llelgrade to restrain King re-
shock and Internal Injuries In     the ter and tho Sorvlan government.
Further advices received nt As for-
ulltles should the Schupshion today
declare war or an aggressive move
be mad*, Tlie 16th Austro-llungnr-
inn army corn* occupied tho frontier
along the Danube and a fleet of riv..
er gunboats is concentrating at Som •
lln., a • town on the Danube opposite1
H*Igrndo and conncctod with the Sor
vlnn capital by a brldgo.
France I* using hor utmo*t ended-
-ospltnl last night.
....... I. l-f
A woman shut up one of those
nionstcrous thing* In the dark, not
knowing that her baby was peacefully slumbering under the cover.
When she began to March for the
child an hour Inter, she found It
.mothered beyond resuscitation In tho
relontlcss nml'murderous Jnw* of the
folding lied. It would lie wleo to
pass n stringent Inw agalnat the
manufacture, sale and use of those
dnm ernus pieces of furniture and to
suppress them as a publlc menace,
tho country. Flnnlly the premier has
got to go himself to hold a meeting
In tho constituency in ordor to
strengthen his colleague and glvo
hlm a chanco,
Tho Host of Ontario.
Hut what is to bOCOmo oV tho other three dozen Ontario constituencies. Ministers cntinot bo provided
for them nil, though Sir Wilfrid has
promised to create a new department for ono of the candidates. Thoy
cannot withdraw all lhe candidates
ond run Sir Wilfrid In their places.'
Tho fact Is tho best hope of tho gov- j
ernmont Is to hold u scattering few
of tho very strongest govornmont
Rents, where the candidato Ir personally strong. Tt seems certain thnt
tho provincial election swoop will bo
repeated,   and  that tho
able to iv d by Joseph Cartwright
uug. 26th 1 ni
government had  not
Would    not tho    whole nifi'air   been
kopt In tho dark, as It had beon for
tho previous six years? These     are
;;ii;;^;e,.,:;;;:;:;,rh;;;;;:;,nM;;:,,ii;id jhings ..«, p^u. m*, Ladysn.i<h,B.c,Aug.24th, m*
bhallongod to Explain,
Moanwhilo Mr. Hnzcn, tho present
premier of New Brunswick, hus chnl-
lonffotf tho Minister of Public Works
to moot him on thephitform and discuss thoso financial transactions.
This challenge hns heen mndo not
only in Now Brunswick, but in Ontario and Quebec, nnd it has not
bcon accepted.
Hotel Cecil
YORK, I'«„ Oct. 12.—Wm. Bennington shot nnd killed his wlfo
whilo lho wa* on hor way to church
Government at Delta yesterday, and then corn-
will bo practically driven out of tho mlttod lulclde. Bennington followed
provinco. This menus a loss of moro hls wito to _,__, .^ja, ft „„„„ ftml
than twenty seats, and a Oonsorva- . _        , .
tive gain of more than forty seats bu««y and flred » Io* of "h"1 lnl°
on a division. her body Just as she m about    to
Effect of tho Timbor Scandal.       onter the church.    He then whipped
But there Is anothor lesson in th)        h| d j th
Ottawa substitution. Thc government   , ,     „ ,       .       ,    . ..   ./  I
I press oxplnlns that Mr. Fraser's Btn" lln8 «™"*° »• reloaded the
'connection with westorn timber limit shot gun, placed the barrel against
deals mode him "on undesirable can- hi, stom«oh and pulled th* trigger,
dltlnto." That Ir true. Mr.     Fraser
Best Liquors and Cigars.
was nilxort up with Mr. Burrow's ond
The crlmo Is laid to hav* been nctu-
,tho Imperial Pulp Co.. In tho trim-  ated by Jealousy,
suctions pnrtly exposed last session, '   ♦ ■ —
and since explained by Mr. Amos   In     -jnm Montana Fw)erat|0n of
his campaign against the Land Oral-
tors. Mr. Feasor put In most of Ills
wlll make nn attempt ho have    the
Ii-i-. n,     mi.     c i noui      [mv    in     Miunu    ui     ni.-i
work on behalf of theso western poll- state law In regard to the liability
of smpfoyera <
Barclay & Conlin,
Full Stock of Miner*' Tools.
Ship Rtpalrlng Work
A Specialty
All  kinds o' Blacksmlthlng
Done at Short Notice.
• •%•* »»***%*.»
aqd Pasiry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding  nnd  Party  Cake* Mail,   to
Fruits and Candies of All Kinl i
Prices nre    very   reasonable      All
Customers treated alike.
On tho I splnnade.
Lailysiiitlli,  II. C.
Tlie Best Bu.ch.er Shop
in Town is
Jno. A. Ryan
Roberts Street
fl. 3awh)e_i)
First Class Photos.
Gallery on  First  Avonuo
For Pay
Boot and Shoe
Ladies' Dongola Bals, medium
heel, strong sole, sizes 3 to 7.
Special prico $1.95.
A specially strong school boot
for boys, guaranteed solid leather. Special price for Saturday
and Monday, $1.65.
lies'  Box Calf Bals., medium
stout  sole.      Special  price
er    li
's Box Calf Bluchor, loath-
ned, cronsod too, military
sewn sole.      Specinl   price
6 dozen Ludies' Felt Slippers,
which we nre offering at per pair
85 oonts.
t)ur foil stock of felt goods is
about all in, and is the most
complete ever shown in town.
Mixed Cnlies 15c per pound or
2 lbs, for 25 cents.
•Smoked TInin only
cti.  per
Empress Groom Sodas 30 cents
per tin.
Whito Wine   or   Malt   Vinegar,
15 cents per liottle.
Special prices on Glassware 'or
Pay Pay.
Visit our Millinery Department
and seo the Latest Models tit
strictly reasonable prices.
Dry Goods
Girls' Tweed Dressos for 2 to 4
years, mudo of a good, strong
Tweed.   Special 75 cents eaoh.
Girls' and Misses Coots. Out'
new stock Just to hand. A vory
large seH jction to choose from at
prices from 12.85 to S5.95.
11 pairs Hoal Ayrshire Blankets, largo size, 7 lh. blankets,
good vuluo for J8.00.
Bargain 11-ico »6.30.
Beautiful Dresden Ribbons, o
inches wide. Special price 25 c.
por 5*ard.
Silk TaiTota Ribbons, »'  inches
wide.    2 foi*   25 conts.
150 Mon's Folt Hats in greys,
drabs, and blacks. Regular $3.00
—a snap at $1.25.
mtmary «r ior«#6 fc«*lr» -nd m<
self already have stated In public, It
Is impossible lor this country In the
interests of existing treaties to recognize alterations made theroin by
individual states, and we hold to
this principle. We regard tho ovents
that have taken place in tlio near
east as necessitating consideration
by the powers with the view of arriving at a settlement which shall
show due regard to the Interest of
Turkey and nny other state which
may have been prejudiced by recent
changes, and we trust thnt a solution will h* found."
Mon's Raincoats in   dark
Special Price $8.95.
Simon Leiser & Co,
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Michnux and
family came down from Nutiuinio
this morning.
so the Standard is deprived
chief Wednesday feature.
Mr. Warwickshire, who has bcon in
charge of the temporary post office
in the Opera House, returned to hi*
homo in Victoria this morning.
Tho Orand Duke Clear cha • .s
all brand*. It I* made in town, tlnl
is the beet smoke In town. Don't forget to call tor it. X
ot its There .will lie a special meoting of
the Football Club tonight In tho
Standard office ot 7:80 o'clock.
Mr. Mark Bates was in town ythis
Mr. Chas. Peterson went down to
Victoria yesterday on a business
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Adam paid a
visit to Nunaimo on Sunday.
Mrs. Jos. Roid visited her husband
who is at presont in the Nunaimo
hospital, on Sundny. Mr. Roid's
many friends will bo glad to hear he
is now on the road to recovery.
Mr. J. M. Morgan returned to Victoria on Monday morning.
Mr. A. ,1. Wuskett, was up in Nanaimo on Monday.
Mr. F. Pocvor was a .isscngor on
tho Victoria train yi ,-l inlay morning.
Miss Boyle boarded tho Victoria
train this morning.
Mr. Jus. Sharp got back to town
on Sunday morning uccompnnicd by
his wife and throo children, out from
Glasgow per thc S.S. Grampian. Mr
and Mrs. Sharp will Jjegin housekeep
ing on Fifth Avonuo.
All the senior plnyurs will turn
out for running practice on Thurs-
dny evening. Trainer Morrison will
be on tho ground ut 7 o'clock, with
several rubbing assistants, and evory player who desires to catch a
placo on Saturday's team, will turn
out. No exception will be made unless a satisfactory excuse is forthcoming.
-Thero was no meeting of the Council on Monday evening. The civic
authorities having forbidden the
holding of public meetings decided
to set n good example and live up
to the letter of thoir decree. Lawmakers cannot be lnw-breakora   and
Men's Fancy
Knitted Vests
in all colors and sizes.     Just
the thing for drossy people.
Woollen Sweaters in Honeycomb Knit with Buttoned Collar In all colors.
Prom $2.50 to $3.50 each.
Hen's Golf
In White   or Khaki, with   red
or brown trimmings.
Men's Plain Sweaters in all
Colors and kinds.
From 75c to $8.50 oach.
There is one good ining to be got
In Victoria. That is Winch's Grand
Duke Cigar which is on sale at Wes-
lerndale Railway Cigar Store, opposite tho E. & N. station, at the
James' Bay Cigar Store, opposite
the C, P. R. Hotel and at the Hub
Cigar Store on Government Streot
run by Lewis and Evans. X
Little business was transacted at
tho meeting of tho executive of the
football club at Its meeting last
night. Manager Hindmarch put in
his report of the meeting of the Pacific Coast Loague in Nanaimo and
his action in respect to the alteration of dates were endorsed. Accounts nmounting to $32.00 were
presented and passed while receipts
were entered os nil.
Mr. V, B. Harrison roturnod on
Monday from a short hunting trip;
Mr. Harrison was up among tho
Sooko Hills, and had rathor an unusual experience. Ho nnd his brother hit right Into a pack of wolves.
The tracks of the- puck arc all
around the shack where the brothers
stayed and thore must bo a big number of them. Mr. Harrison brought
down a timbor wolf which he declares
to be the biggest ho hus ever seen.
Standing much higher than a panther, It measures 5 feet 10 inches
from nose to tail, an unusual length
for a timber wolf.
As Qeorgo Smith, a driver boy,
wae ridibg down the hill at Extension, to the born on Monday, his
mule stumbled and fell, Goorgo was
unablo to throw himself cloar, and
as the result of thc accident, sustained a broken leg. Tho boy wns
attended to and taken homo in the
ambulance wagon nnd I* reported to
be doing all right.
SORANTON, Pa., Oct. 12.- Tho
convention of mine workers from the
anthracite district of the United
Mine Workers of America began horo
today for tho purpose of formulating demands to be presented to the
cool operators shortly before tho expiration of the present threo-year a-
greemenl, The agreement which Is
almost identical with the award
made by the strike commission in
lflOa, expires ln April noxt yenr. The
executive hoards of threo districts
were ln session here last week, and
it is understood thnt they practically agreed. upon the demands that
would he laid before the mine owners. These demands win be placed
before tho convention now in session
for ratification, after which the scfllo
committee wlll deal with the operator*.
The convention will be held 1-ehlncl
closed doors and little information
will reach the public. Thero are
many disputes over the interpretation of the present agreement which
the miners desire adjusted and the
executive boards will have considerable difficulty in sifting thom and In
eliminating the unimportant ones.
While there has been no official information given out, it is believed
the miners will not ask for a general increase in wages, but will do-
mand adjustment whereby claims to
the present agreement was violated
and wages reduced.
Tho miners in the southern conl
fields desire to have an understanding as to what constitutes a car of
coal. .... miners say the bosses demand that they put fifteen Inches of
coal above the water level of tho
cars. Th"e""men insist that it ls Impossible to keep fifteen inches of top-
Ping on the cars, as it Is shaken
down wh le on the way to the breakers. ,m eight hour day for nil employees will, It Is said, lie one of
the principal demand*.
all cleared away; but the smoke Irom
Winch's Grand Duke Cigars is gain.
Ing in volume all the time. The more
you smoke them the moro you like
them. X
Mr. D. Dougnn has got his first
acclimatiser in thc shape of a real
wild west cold.
Miss Aggie McMillan has lost a
gold, hoart-shupod looket with tho
lotter "M" inscribed on the front of
it. Will the finder please roturn to
Roeddlng's Storo, High Street.
Mr. Robt. Gear has a renl curio In
the way ot a stick In his window.
It is a fir branch, with a corkscrew
twist right In tho middle. Tho twist
ha* clearly boon caused by a vino
parasite and the natural effect is
really curious.
LONDON, Oct. 12.—Tin autumn
•anion ot the British parliament 1*
opened. The entire ten week* ol tb*
•itting will qe taken up ln consideration of government measures, th*
molt important of whloh 1* the licensing bill. Th* moaaur* will pas*
the House of Commons, but In the
Houi* of Lord* it will be either
thrown out or amended and the controversy of lost ytar between the
houae* will be renewed. It is believed that on agreement will b*
r**ch*d with re*p*ct to the education bill and that this measure being quickly passed will make way
for the introduction of another Irlih
Land Bill a* well a* measure* denizing with the problem of tbe unemployed.
As aoon as th* business session was
opened Premier Asquith wa* questioned regarding the situation In the
Balkans and in reply *ald.     "A* the
Use A
The Pen with the Clip Cap
Knight's Book Store
The Rov, R. A. Heath is leaving
town, nnd is selling olf his household ell'ects. No rensonublo offer
1 be refused nnd the furniture nnd
goods can bo inspected at any timo.
Blocks of land,    near Ladysmith,
from 5 to 10 ncres.   For particulars
apply to 0. Gardner. slS-lin
John Thomas
Fresh Fruits aid
canned by tho bost and most
reliable dinners in tho country,
we are receiving now for our
Fall and Winter trado. Picked
fresh and put up by the bost
process our canned fruits, vegetables, fish, moats, etc., aro
o* delicious os whon thoy aro
in their season,
Just Givo Theni a Trial.
Rainy Day
Ladies', Misses' und Children's Rubbers. 'Also Men's nnd
Boys,   in a   full  runtfe ol' sizes.
Gum Boots for Men, Womt'ii,
and Children.
Wo enn givo you anything
you wish in tlio way of Umbrellas to koop the rain ulT.
Soo our leader thnt wo aro
Rolling at 81.00—for Mon and
For Men, Women and Children.
Wo havo them at. present in nil
sizes, nil styles nnd prices.
For Comforters nnd Blankets.
dt.-%& dm
All Work Guaranteed,
Tho Last Wook
Entire Stock to <Jo.
For bargains in watchos.chains,
brooches, pins and rings, you
hnvo a choice of a life time.
For tho noxt 80 days you can
get tho highest quality Jowolry
nt your own prico—as everything
must go.
Jewelry Store lst Avenue
Ladysmith,   B.   0.
Beady for Business
AU kinds of Stationery
Tobacco and Pipes
and Post Cards
Come and    |
ray Stock of Latent Styles In  W
Wall Papers
Picture  Framinf   a Specialty.
High Street. '
* ___»._a__l______^__
C. Peterson's
Furniture Store
And Buy a Ball-Boarlng New
Century Washing Machine,
with Wringer Attachment—tho
only Perfect Washing Machine
11   :
Come and See Us
H. HUGHES, lst Avenue :
Visit tho Foundry anil mako
your own choice, you will
save time and money, ond got
hotter satisfr 3M011.
| Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
FOR SALE—A houso on the corner
of Mothuon and Third Avo. Six
rooms and pantry, half n lot, cultivated, with fruit trees. Apply on
T0-LET...A Furnished hed room. Ap
ply Mrs. Honry Pollard, 2nd Avo.
Como in ond get a Bargain,
"Miss Canada Shoos" for
"Borosford   Shoos" for Mon.
Nono bettor than thoso two
lines. Thoy go at the Prices
marked . on tho Sample Ticket.
Foot Wear Store
Thursday Evening
a UGH THORNLEY, Floor Mahtkk'
Gents $1.00 '  Ladies Free
Spectators SO Cents Each
Exceptionally Strong and Attractive
In Tapestry Covering  $16.00
In Velour Covering 7„,\ $18.00
gr   ,",   • .   *""""
A Few Bargains in Furniture
Combination Dregsers at   $8.00 .
Lounges, made up neat and substantial, for  ,  $6.50
Baby Carriages, now going at 10
per cent discount.
C. Peterson
Furniture Store
'Phone 1-3, First Avenue.
$3.00 Reward
Lost a gum 11 gold locket bttween
Ladysmith and head of tho hoy on
tho road. Roturn to A. J. M.Mui-
trle, Abbotsforf Hotel. 2t
K Word with
We havo just finished tho Bale
oi some snap five acre lota ln
the South Fraser Valloy. The
value oi thjs land is increasing
evory day. There has been a
great influx of settlers. The
now B. C. Electric tram line
to Ohllliwacb and the Gteat
Northern Railroads aro already
operating between Abbottsford
and Vancouver. These lines
place tho Vancouver market
within dally reach of tho farm
es, and In consequence the valuo of the rich fertile lands
has boon enormously enhanced.
Tho next lot wo place on tho
market from this district will
bo sold at $100.00 an acre.
Wo hnve three choice blocks
loft yot nt tho original price
of $05.00 an ncro.
nny now nnd reap tho bono-
flt of rising prices.
Moist Rtpilrlij «r Mwc
Carpulcr !•«.___>
&   J_. O'BRIAN   $j
Just Arrived
Oall and See Them
Terms to Suit all Buyers
Ladysmith Plumy.
Just Arrived
A New Line of
Novelties and
Fancy Goods at
Eight   Prices.   '
N|cKelvie Bros.
Oome aad Make Your
Selection—oew stook
fresh in.
.'.->.   ■
J. E. Smith,    Roberts Streitj;
... _ M.,| ,,| ,_,|, H» | f |.| | |H4
Notice is i hereby.given "that, tht |
first meeting of the annual court j
of Revision on the assessment roll]
nl prepared by the assessor of the!
Oity of Ladysmith, will be held in'
the Council Chambers, Ladysn-th on J
Wednesday, 4th Novombor, IMS, at ;
7 o'clock, pirn. ,
JJlti; Cl*-,
ii   BELTS


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