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Ladysmith Standard May 27, 1908

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r I t t r , \ t      ■ ^_
Whito Swan Soap  ,. (i Cakos for -25 coins y
Pels Napth'a Soap   75 conts a Cartoon V
B. & A. Soap    -lllai-s for  90 cents ,.
Oold Dust  -5 conts a paokago J>
Golden West Wash Powder ",.. 25 cents a package ,,
Whito Swim Wash Powder  2,*i conts a pao.ltago ••
Gloss Starch   2 packages lor !1D conts ,',
Dyola (Now Rluo)  ' 1,0 cents a, -package <•
Ammonia  '-•"> cents n   fioUln j,
Liquid llliio  2.1 cents a  Bottle •>
Ponrline y  2 piu-kagos tor 25 i-ants J
Lyo (Poiiilry's and (llllets's) ...A. :! Tins I r 25 coats T.
Hope Clothes Linos  25 cents
Wire Clothes Linos  ' 50 feci ior .".5 cents
Who Olotiios Lines   W full i'or   05 cents
Wash ltoilers  •.  ti.'i and $2.00 each
Wash Ilonnls  25c, 115c. mill 50 cents
Olotiios Plus   4 Dozon fur 15 cts.
Wood Talis     ®  ,.75 ™ntB t° t%iO
Gnlvo'iilzod Tulis   81.00 eac
| was adopted as a  last resource with
Large Crowds Attend the
Gbal.0it)'s Victoria Day
eh ami up T
For Brooms and Brushes. 4*
Is soiling somo nobby Shoos for Men, at S2.00 per pair.
Also Ladies' and Childron's, nt prices that can't lie reached
by tho othor follow.
T.a;,a;iTiTiajn,ijiajiflf m if if   UHiT'T'T'f'T'T'T'T't'l
YOU CAN GET "■—•«*•»■
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc., Etc.
for White Swan Washing Powder Coubons
Send a Two-Cent Slauip for our Catalogue
B. C. Soa|j Works, V«CT0RIA-M
Sc.een Doo 8,
Window Soieene
Wickloss Oil St.vos
Complete Stoek in above lines
•»•».%. **.-*> •»••.««*«>%-* »-**>«. %**•».)*
♦ T-»-fT-f-f-f+*-f+-T-f-f-fTT4-fT|
Just arrived—Imported   from •
England—a fine assortment of -
tho    Host   English Silverware,
Sterling und Plato.
All Cased Goods, including—
Cream and Sugars, Hou-Bons,
Fimr-piored Sets, Mustiiril,
Salt and Popper, Fish Sets,
with Pearl Handles, Fruit •
Knives, otc, etc., all in cnso '
nt a.cost from (2 to $20.00.
Wntehm nkor and Jowoler.
Is 'IIomo-Mudo, Freeh Dally. Critics
pronounce It to be The Dost ever
sold in Ladysmith. Camo nnd try
It.    Warranted nlisuliitely pure.
5c, and 10c. Per Dish, .
'Hooper's Parlors'
Gome and  Make Tour
Seleotion—new stook
fresh ic.
Host Select Parlors in Town.    J. E. Smith,    Roberts Street
Nanaimo hns milled another to thu
list of her celebrations. Her great
lay is over, atiii, from every point
if view, It ivns an unequivocal success. The first and must important
factor nn Monday, as 111 every other
public holiday, wos the weather.
The hearts of . thu committees must
have- been pretty near their months
on Sunday for the outlook wns in
all conscience ominous. However the
nigrrtr-wrought n change lu tho heavens, although there wus still flying
cloudB and throatenings of rain. Indeed, thoro wore a few thin showers
and that so late as twelve o'clock,
but after that hour tho weather
grew brighter us tlie day w-oro on.
Fortune wreathed hoi'solf in her rosiest hue and tho 1008 Celebration
was an assured success.
The town hus often looked more
crowded in a morning, especially
when there were children's sports on
tho Green. But tho Cricket Field
has novor been bettor patronized than
It was In tho afternoon, and the
crowd along the water front in tho
evening was something to be remembered, Nunaimo has on unrivallod
place for hor aquatic sports.    Thoro
not only a famous stretch of wator, but tlie bank itself forms a natural grandstand, from which it is
easy to follow tho courso of ovory
event on the water;
Hero was tho groat sport of tho
duy winding up with a magnificent
display of fireworks. There was sonic
disappointment expressed at tlio quality of tho sports on tho Cricket
Grounds, mul there is no doubt that
time lagged and excitement was conspicuously absent. Ilut this was not
tho Committee's fuiilt. It is impossible to change a carefully arranged
programme at a day's notlco, tho
more particularly if it happens lo bo
tho piece do insistence for which a
substitute lias to bo found. Tho committee hit upon a happy idea and a
good scheme if only it had boon properly carried out. Thoro is no ond
of amusement to masquerade football In good hands, and if only tho
masked bouutles had tried to piny
tho game in en most for ton minutes
thero would havu been no ond of a
laugh coming. Howovor, tho committee did its btst, the boys woro
out to please, and if it lucked the
florco excitement which a meeting bo
tween the rival teams .always produces, tho exhibition was nt least
always amusing.
Thero was no kick coming at tho
regatta anil tho grand flnolo on the
water -wus tlio best over. Fireworks
uro a popular institution, and of all
the crowd from hero linrdly a linker's dozen left without seeing tho
Illuminations, They were nil more
than satisfied with what they saw
■And so in general satisfaction ended
tho great day. Splendid weather,
splendid crowds, n splendid programme splendidly carried through.
Such is the brief opitomo of the
day's proceedings.
Tho only ovonts In which Lady
smith took part was tho trap shoot
Ing. In this sport. Geo. Hepple
took the first prizo for tho highest
aggregate and T. White tied with 0
Trnwford for second place. Howovor
the local men did not do so well In
the team shoot, although, taking
tho day right through thoy more
than held their own.
Tho following account of tho various ovonts, Is taken from the Freo
Press :
A good deal of it, in fact, all of
It, in yesterday's celobratlon, depends on the point of .view,
A big husky man, a single man
who paid 25 cents at the gate at
tiio cricket grounds to seo u masquerade footbnli match, of wldcli
moro mention will follow, came out
before tho so-called game wns over,
and "booted strong and loud." Ho did
not like being held up for 25 cents
for such an exhibition and ho said
so. In the morning ho didn't liko
tho parade- he had seen somothlng
hotter iu Liverpool or some other
place, whero they spent $25,000 for
pageant parado, or somothlng of
that sort, The Indian races wero
good. Who cared to seo a lot
of Indians pnddlo a canoe, anyway? And tho fireworks wero rotten.     Altogether,    the whole 	
shooting match was tho rottonest
thing he had ovor seen, and tho
Celebration Committee nothing but
highway robbers.
Tho aforosald whole   shooting match cost him 25 cents, and
aftor having delivered himself of his
sentiments he walked Into a bar,
laid down SI.(15 nnd ginned up the
admiring crowd who listened to his
pictures jiie roast,
Au old lndy wont to bed Inst niglil
tlroil—dead lirod—but liappy. Sho
had had a splondid time. She had
not been down town for over so
tong, and it wus Just a year ago
whon s'io had seen so many pcoplo.
Why everybody she know was out
at the crlckot grounds, ' All tho
young folks woro thero, nnd there
was Simon John going with Saman-
(ha Ann now, Mrs. Jones wns thero
'with the now   Jones baby, thoro wns
old Mrs,  , she hadn't soon hor
since she (Mrs. ) hnd boon sick,
thero wns tills, that nnd a hundred
other tlrinci she noticed nt tho
-rounds, and  Inst, but by no moons
least, her sou Julin was i-.ui* from
Vancouver. Iter .lolin, uiiuiu shu
had not seen suicc lust i-itli oi May.
How line no looked tin.i nun all the
girls turned round tu ..iok at him.
Ho wus just the lines, boy. How
she told him ull tho Kanainto news,
who wero married, who wus going
with this and that girl, how tho
town had a roller skating rink
now, two thoatros going overy evening, a great football team, a hurdy
gurdy slide, and all tho rest of lt.
Why it was just the finest day sho
over had and to-morrow, the next
and tho noxt day, sho will tell her
many neighbors all about John, the
fine job he has in Vi-jDcouverj now,
the nice girl he is going withi that
ho told her all aboulj. and hpw everybody was glad to ooe her John
when ho came over cn the "24th."
She had a good time, so it all depends on how   you look ut things.
Tho pnpa.-- of five honlfhy young Nannimo. kids—tlio real article— wos
awakened at five o'clock yesterday
morning by the youngstere, who had
slopt with their pants on all-night,
for four thoy would waken up late,
and miss some of tho fun. The kiddies made so much noiso that papa
couldn't sleep, and long beforo the
parade started in the .morning, tlie
kids, with ma and pa' In tow, were
down Commercial stroot. Ma and
pa smiled tolerantly at the pnrudo—
tho kiddles wcre all excitement, and
with ma and pa still in grip saw
the purade from four places along
the line of march. Jerry Sullivan
and his dog wero just too' funny for
anything thoy thought.' The wholo
family hustled home. 'The kids got
so excited they wero afraid that they
would miss'the funny football game;
tht. ,-uc -ma all In a flurry. How-
over thoy got dinner, and fully nn
hour beforo the match, were at the
grounds. Ma and pa didn't seo anything partlculnrly funny" about tho
football matoh, nolther did tho kiddles, hut still thoy would have cried
all day If they hnd not seen it.
Then another rush for tea and oil
to soo tlio regntto, which was simply grout, followed by the fireworks,
which also plonsod thom. Nothing
would do then but thev should havo
n ride on Baxter's slide, buy five
rents worth of peanuts nnd soo two
mo,ing picture shows. Flnalty the
family got home. Tho kids fell
asleep before pa and ma could got
them undressed. Thc latter hadn't
had timo nil day to think whether
Ihey were having a good time
not. Well, the kids seemed happy
anyway, nnd Ihon before they know
lt thoy wcro so dead tlroil that
they fell asleep too.
That's about tho way the day
wont all through. Tlioro wore no-
parados of tho Unltod States fleet,
no 55,000 fireworks, no ton thousand men in parade, no balloon ascension, no a wholo lot of other-
things, but the weather was lino, everybody saw everybody's friends, and
how tliey wero dressed, a few of the
ovcryl oillis hud a quiet drink with
a fow other ovorybodlos, the whole
town had an outing, for which appetites will bo keener the next day or
so, and while in some waystho celebration was a grout disappointment, an unavoidable one, yot everything passed off about tho samo
wny mnny anothor celebration did,
of tho samo kind throughout tho
longth und bremlth of the broad Dominion yesterday.
Tho miiaquorude fuotbull match
was not a very attractive drawing
card. In connection with that affair howovor, some explanation is
noccssary. Hud the l.adysiiiith foot
ball teum taken purt in the celebration as advertised thore is no question but what the afternoon at the
rlcket grounds would have been well
spent "by ovcrybody watching an ox-
i-iting match. However, through a
combination of circumstances that lt
is licit necessary to detail hero, for
everyone in the town is familiar
with thom, tho Ladysinith team at
the last moment had to give up the
idea of coming, lt was up to the
committee then to do1 something.
Efforts were made to bring over a
Vancouver or Victoria toam, but
they were unsuccessful. No other
attraction could ba secured, and finally it waa a caso on Friday night
of getting up something on the
spur of the moment o'r call the entire celebration off, because monoy
has to be raised in aome way to
pay for Indian races, lire works and
parade prizes. The masquerade loot
ball match, the snme thing that
waa   held    In Vancouver yesterday,
the disappointing result above mentioned. However the football boys
did the best they could on such a
short notice and under thc circumstances, the goto was large— about
$050—the weather fine, and even if
the football was hot enjoyed, everybody had a fairly good time renewing old acquaintances at' the
grounds, and all knowing how things
were, no ono raised much complaint,
Ladysmith people turned out large
ly as usual to patronize Nnnalmo
I'or tho day. The Ladysmith people
the majority of them, regrcitod as
much as Naiitiimoites did, the fact
that Choir toam was not to oo' hero.
However thoy did the next best
thing they could. They came to
town nnd endured tlio session at tho
cricket grounds with fortitude. Nanaimo. people should boar this in
mind nnd patronize Ladysmith on
the 1st of July. Tho Jonn did not
bring as large a crowd as usual ow-
Ingto the counter nttraetlons of the
fleet at Seattle, many who usually
patronise Nnnalmo on the 24th going there instead,
The parade in the morning was
quite entertaining, there being a
larger number uf entries than last
year. Spencer's entered a well-
gotten up float in the industrial parade, which woll merited lirst prize.
The Hospital float idea was also a
good cue, and though hardly an industrial entry, certainly deserved a
prize, and was given second place a-
mong the industrial floats. Tho idea
of the big Merry Widow Hat, entered by tho Elite millinery store whs
vory good one.
in tho five people comic float, the
German band of course captured first
prize. The characters were well
gotten up and woll sustained. They
helped enliven the day*s proceedings
throughout the dny.
The "Coal Diggers" from Brechin
secured second prize running the German band closely, Tho coal diggers
exhibit "Just from Brechin" was
all right.
In the comic float, two characters,
the Farmer's automobile was a
screaming success, with a horse
pushing tho rig. There was no
question about it securing the prize.
Thc Inst white man on Vancouver
Island, enptured at Quallcum, taken
from tho Province's famous cartoon,
deserved and    secured second prize.
fn the comic one-charactor— that
rare old Irish humorist. Jerry Sulll
van, got first prlzo. No parado Is
complete In Nanaimo without Jerry.
"Driven from Home." "The Old
Man." "The Coons." ami other -entries, although not taking prizes.
are all deserving of speclnl mention.
The great feature of the day were
the Indian races, lt Is a pity that
uot enough money wus subscribed
every year to enable the Celebration
Committee to give a complete afternoon's rogutta on tho beautiful
stretch of water in front of the
court house without having to bother with a gate ut tho crlckot field.
The fireworks fulfilled thoir. purpose, thut of amusing tho little oues.
They wero perhaps not as lavish as
somo expected, hut, considering that
it takes $500 to lire (MI only ono
ot' the small guns of a warship, it
is readily understood that not much
of n flro works display can be purchased fur $1150, During the pro-
gross of the regatta Dick Sklrvlng,
who had boen engaged lor tbo ovent,
created soma excitement by leaping
olf tho top of Johnston's wharf
huililiii" twico into tho wator with'
nil liis clothes on. As mnny thought
Dick was doing his best to commit
suicide, ho created moro than tho
usual interest.
Taking the whole, day, whilo It
cannot be said to bo a howling success, nt least everybody got a quarter's worth of bin, lots of monoy
was left In lho city, nnd several hun-
droduld Nun liniiiti-s hud tho pleas-
ro of shaking hands with their old
frionds, who were glad to soo them.
Honest, now, didn't you have . a
cood time yesterday, everything considered?
INDIAN RACES.       ,„ j
The following are the results of
the Indian races yesterday evening:
11 Paddles— lst Kuper Island, 2nd
Valdez Island, -,
2 Paddles—lst Moses, 2nd Sunny
5 paddles— lst Nanaimo; 2nd Kuper Island.
Klnotchmon, 11 paddles—lst Nana!
mo, 2nd Kuper Island, 8rd Nanaimo
8 poddies— 1st Kuper Island, 2nd
Nnnalmo River, 8rd Sunny James.
I'psot H ace— lst Sunny James,
2nd Kuper Island,
Tug of Wnr—1st Nanaimo river,
2nd Sunny James.
Meeting Last Night Decided to Go Ahead and Appointed
Committees and Collectors.
Tho meeting called last night by
Mayor Nicholson fur the purpose of
considering thu advisability of celebrating-on ihe First of July.-wtw
not ns well attended as it ought to
hove been. However, the Council
stayed for the meeting and a fow
interested citizens put in an appour-
On tho meeting being called to order, Mayor Nicholson was appointed
to the chair. To bo or not to be
was tho next question and It was
unanimously decided that there
should he a celebration.
A strong general    committee   was
appointed aid also two collectors.
Thu appointment of the remainder of
tlie committoos was luft over until
the next mpoting .which will ho hold
on Friday ovoning first nt 6 o'clock.
It should be borne in mind that
there is no time tu spare. Thore it-
only a hure month to work in, and
it is up to everyone who has an in-
torostin tho city's celebration to got
in and hustle. Ladysmith has made
a name for itsolf in its celebration,
and it must livo up to its reputation. It is to be expected that the
meoting on Friday night will be well
attended and that some strong energetic committees may be appointed.
Toronto, Mny 22.—Mrs. Mary
Coxwoll, f>3 years old, one ol    tin
oldest residents of upper Canada, Is
Exciting Incident    on the Bay    oa
Thore were a few who preferred to
picnic across the bi*v on Monday to
the attractions either of Nanaimo or
.Victoria and the American fleet.
Threo of these select few had cold
and watery reasons to regret their
choice and came perilously near finding: a  watery grave.
The cause of the accident, aa in
the majority of these sea tragedies,
was as much carelessness as anything else. Win, wealth and wisdom set out to cress 'the bay in a
sail boat, wit in tho bow, wisdom
on the thwarts, and wealth at One
helm. And not ull their wit, nor
all their wisdom, nor all their
wealth could make that to go. So,
being too lazy to work, they lay to,
waiting for a tow. What thay did
not bargain for was the undertow.
The launch came along with another bont in tow. The three In the
boat threw a rope which a man on
tho launch caught and held. Their
boat swinging around, the other
boat crashed Into lt, and overladen
as It was, over lt wont.' Then Ior
two minutes there wns more than
enough excitement.
Council   Confronted    With   Another
Difficulty in Its Sewerage
-• ■       Proposals.
Tho ninotecnth meeting of the Oity
Council wus held in thc city hall on
Tuesday evening. Mayor Nicholson
presided and there were present .Aldermen Campbell, Haworth, Roberts,
itrown and Matheson.
A letter was -received from the B.
C. Anti-Tuberculosis Society thank-
' ing the Council for its donation of
A letter from a Vancouver lirm
tduching thc proposed electric plant
wus ordered filed.
A communication was rend from
Mr. E. Mohun dealing with the city
survoy from Fourth to Sixth avenues. Mr. Mohun expressed tho opinion that that port of the city had
never been surveyed, and tho cost of
doing so would all depend upon the
nature ol tho ground to be covered.
Ho himsell had ceased to do o.utside
A letter was also road from Mr.
Harvey In' which ho stated that his
survoy only extondod to Fourth avenue.
Aldermen Haworth and Matheson
thought it    best to lot  this survey
lay over. They would havo to on- Radford from the thwarts,
gage an engineer to put In the sewer Blair from the etern, camo up again
nnd ho could then complete tho sur- all right. Indeed Albert, who had
vey. Thoy could still obtain an es- been smoking a pipe, as ls the part
timnto of tho cost of tho system to 0f wisdom when thore ls nothing
within a' few dollars. olse to do but look wise, bobbed up
Aldermen Brown and Cnmpbell again piiie in mouth, and he was
thought it would bo better to have pulled in—water, wisdom, pipe and
tho survey completed so thnt thoy nil. Blair's rescue also waa eom-
cnuld have an exact estimate. 'psrltlvely     easy.      Friend  William
Mayer Nicholson - said once they was in a different fix. His long
started-they would have to finish logs wore shoved underneath a seat
tho whole city. Tho difficulty was' and hc hnd to extricate himself while
thot to complete the survoy would under the'water. It took him some
tako away about S2O0 that thoy'time, naturally and his friends on
had sot aside for street work. top    wero mightily concerned.      So
On motion of Aid. Brown, sccood- w-as William down below and be
ed by Aid. Campbell, tho communl- jabbers it was too long to be below,
cation wos laid over for ono week.    However, after what seemed an age,
Accounts   amounting     to 1390.04 he did come up, and with hie   first
wcro presontod and referred to    tho breath came his best Dublin smile.
Financo    Committoo to bo paid    if    Unfortunately besides   experiencing
found corroot. an   unpleasant    Incident, Dunwoodle
Mayor Nicholson reported thut ho j lost hls camora. This was the on-
hnd seen Mr. F. Little with refer- ly Ill-result of the accident; and, on
onco to a sito for tho powor house.' tho whole, the lMfrty got oil pretty
Air. Little had boon unablo to     on- lucky.
tertain tlio proposal for a sito below the bunkors, but had said that ^ J(ttimimo Uun club held a
there should not be much difficulty VMy lullcu-tui ^ot ut the crista.
In getting a place somewhere round grouml, ^.^^ .jtcraoon. aome
tho Pavilion or the foundry. Mr. lhlrtj.flVB gun _____ from Nanaimo
Little hail promised to go over the aud j^dyyniih taking, part. The
ground himself, and so soon ns it Uidym_lb club ___ twelve men en-
could bo arranged, ho (the Mayor) ^^ Jn M contests. Owing to th»
would got ns many of the aldermen wJnd whj(jh wM vay gusty ..Urnse,
ns possible to accompany Mr. Littio.  bul /ftir ^^j, wa, out,.
Mayor Nicholson olso reported he
had scon Mr. Mai-pole witli reference' In the team shoot the Nanaimo
to tho city's dobontures. Mr. Mnr- Oun Club toam, captained by 0.
pole had taken kindly to the idea, Martin, won first prize the Ladjr-
and had askod for a lottor to bo smith team winning socond priie. I
sent to Montreal when ho would go The grand aggregate prtae waa
Into the quostion with tbo vlcc-pre- won by George Hepple of Lady,
sfdunt of tho company. They might •mith. Ths Uggett trap was used
oxpoct a letter stating the decision at tho shoot yesterday and proved
of tho company vory shortly. very satisfactory.
Tho plans for Mr. Pnrrott's bowl-1 ———♦——-
ing alloy woro received and ordorod    WOMEN FAVORED FOR PRESI-
Tho Council then adjourned.
NEW .YORK,   May Bil.-That Mrs.
Tho choir and a largo numbor of Roosevelt would make a better Pre-
frionds of tlio Methodist Church, sldent than her distinguished hus-
spont Monday nt tho homo of Mr. oand ,„ the opinion expressed by
Ward ami    family.      Mr   and   Mrs Elngsnull, author    and
Reid, -Mrs. Soutliin, and   Mr.   and ^        ^^
Mrs. Ward actoil us hostesses.   Thoy woman sum-sgist agitator,
provided all   refreshments and    left     "Many women    can till that poei*
nothing    undone    to   onsuro    tholr tion» ^ m-A,     "A woman aa co-
frlonds an enjoyable time. ^ t     t    th   president would »„„
Tho company   wns delighted   with "*" ""  "" K
tholr outing, and hearty in tholr treato an ideal situation. I men-
prnlso of thoir entertainment. Tho tlon Jane Addams of Chicago, May
day was spent In gnnics, Jokos and Wright Sowcll of Indianapolis, and
songs    Ilotoro leaving tho party ga- Elimbeth    Ca(I   stltnton „. w0m8n
thoreil togothor and passod   a hearty / ""     	
vote of thanks to tho frionds   who who would make either good presi-
hnd workod so hard to glvo thom a dents or coadjutors."
pleasant timo.    By the request    of|   Mr8    Klngsmlll    says   tho United
Mr. Ward and family, tho entire proceeds of tho day wus handed ovor to
States will never havo good govern-
tiro treasurer of thTTrUBt Fund of!ment until women are put Into the
tho Methodist Parsonage. 'cahlnet to aolve the big pro-Hems. mmamamomi          UJ     |i,>.|B,|H!M!VB1|ieja>siaa*aJlBaMiSSS
fl You Require Any
Or if You Require Any
»r II You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Bell One;   or If You   Want
The batting of Jake Stahl ls helping the New .York Americans to keep
an even keel,
All the major league ulubs havs
suffered a flatness of tho purse this
spring on account of rain.
Harry Baker, the Callfornian featherweight, who has been living In'
New York for several months, has
changed his headquarters to Philadelphia.
As usual the Cleveland team ia doing great work lo the early part ol
the season,  Many are hoping    that
* .      JJIANY LIVF* ,,UST. •
* - a
* Brussels, May 33.—A despatch *
* received    here from   the   west *
* coast of Africa announces that *
* the steamer Villo de Bruges has *
* been sunk by a tornado on the *
p •  lippef■ Congo. - i Six Europeans •
and 48 blacks Were drowned. *
Sixty Striking    Moulders at Brant-
ford Appear in Court—Elect
tobe Triea Dy Jury.
Association.     It Ib tho first big re- PINt of qin-
gatta. of the year, and this fact ex-
pialna   tho large   number of entries    NEW WESTMINSTER, May'21. -
and the enthusiasm being manifested; Wl,ltll»g 'rom Hazelton, Jack    Hlb-
All the races today are for one mile '•Of'011, a  prospector, well known in
and 550 yards straightaway,
Montreal. May 28.—Word haa, been
thla city, reports that a largo number of people at present at that
point are preparing to leave for tho
     recently discovered gold fields   near
~— the Ingenica river,  thoir firm bellof
NEW YORK, May 22.—One by one that the locality is a  now El Dor-
BRANTFORD, May 23. - Sixty
striking moulders were before the
police magistrate on charges of pic-
kett-1 g i.nd    boycotting    the Buck
stove winks.    All chose to be tried      	
by Jury ut the session, second Tucs- New York's Iamous trees are dlsap- ado being iu no way affected by the
day in June.                                         peering either    to make room    for return     of stray    parties of disap-
The in-gist rate bound each man to new buildings in the city where ev- pointed prospectors who have failed
received,from    Rome that, it is the appear, but warned them II they con ery Inch ol ground Is valuable,    or to conneot with tlie yellow inotal af-
the Nape will stick for the big show j Intention of the .Pope to retjre sey^ t|nued   plokotting In   Uio meantime ure being    destroyed by vandalism, ter spending   considerable time    ot
-the world's championship games.     eral Conadlan bishops shortly.      A- arrests wauld be made and ball not Recently     tbe   last    of the famous the spot.
Wild Bill" Donovan koks to be.mong tho,s»aa^rMB» mentioned ere^thoBe^ accepted.                                               Hamilton   group     ol thirteen trees According    to reports from miners
Notary Public,
Ladysmith   Standard
Published on Wednesdays aau Saturdays Afternoons by ths
itoiit. ft. Hindmarch,
One Year *1.80
Six Months  ,..     75
Advoi-ti.sing Rates ou  Application.
tbs same clever twlrler aa ol yore,
and Detroit fans are happy.
If the    Cincinnati pitchers    could ,10
show some genuine goods the    Reds
would start to climb.
Not sinco the American League
placed a team In Boston has the
National league team worked so
hard as have the Doves ol 1608.
Sandy Ferguson, the erstwhile
"bad boy of Chelsea," seems to have
caught on ln Philadelphia, Lew
Bailey, the fight promoter ol that
city, has posted a forfeit to match
Sandy against any man In the world
for six rounds or more,
Manager Billy Murray of the Philadelphia    Nationals says his
is something of    an  "ln and
| |        p.	
of Bishop Orth, ot British Columbia,
and Archbishop O'Connor of forpn-
tiOfft.Di BEAf MILES.
. London; Kay 33.—In the Olympic
court tennis contest at Queen's Club
Jay Gould ol New York beat Miles,
the English player> In the first set,
6 games to II.
"——i—' a) —
T'ORONTO, May 20.-Three Toronto runners made an attempt yester-
North Portal, Sask, May 28.-1
mer Nelson, a seven year old boy,
was shot aad killed yesterday by J.'J
team' M. Hughes, traveller for the Peters
out-. Cartridge Company ol Milwaukee.
Hughes Is an expert trap shooter,
and after giving an exhibition at the
traps did some shooting with a 32
NEW YORK, May 30.-
-     IN ALASKA.
I day to lower the record made in a
blizzard laat January by Claude
'Pearec, in the run from Hamilton to
Toronto, a distance oi slightly ov-
•Senator TV or ib miles. Only ons runner, T.
0. Piatt went to the witness stand McAughey, was able to finish, and
today to give testimony in his own he was exhausted.     The record    a-
behalf in the   sensational  suit   ag-gainst which they started was 1.29.  ..   ...       .
ainst him brought by Mae 0. Woods M^ugiwy did ths distance In 7 31   a^, «■*■**   '""on* tuberculosis while
the Omaha   woman,     who is suing hll,  kl_ ,_„, _  _^J. practically all oi    the oh^idraa. are
mbo suffering from snme disease or other,
Forty Per Cent of Alaskan Indians
Suffer from Tuberculosis—Practically All Children Diseased.
SEATTLE, Wash,, May 38,-Forty
per cent of   the Indians of   Alaska
him for divorce    ou   the allegation,but "*• I«'onnaiice was not .lear-j P'*>u<*11!>r »"
that he   entered    into a   marriage'iy so good al that ol Pearce,
contract with her in 1901.
The i senator entered the courtroom leaning heavily on the arms of
two attendants. Ho seemed feeble,
and walked with difficulty. He was
accompanied by I his son Frank H.
Piatt, and a stylishly, dressed woman. The prospect that the Senator would be In court today, drew
large crowds to tho city building,
whore the hearing is in progress.
In opening his testimony the Senator said ho wus nearly 75 years
old. His lirst wife died in 1901.
He met Miss Wood in 1961. He testified that he never saw her ai the
Oriental Hotel iu his life.
"Do you remember asking her tn
the month of August, 1901, at' the
Oriental Hotel to become your wlfo?
"I never asked her.    It's .false."
ran in sero weather through a blind-1 o^oi-djng to . the report of Captain
ing blizzard which hones refused te
.. .,      a.  . 4 '      i   ■   ■.     ...
duel which had been arranged to
Jake place Thursday morning . between    M. Goupkon*   the Octoberlst	
leader, .and Prof, Paul MilukoU, lead- \ sanitation,
ar of the Constitutional Democrats,
has been called oil, thanks to Influential members of the Duma.
M. Goukofls' challenge was the af-
termath of   a quarrel . which took.
Button, assistant surgeon U.S.A.
who has arrived In Seattle from
Ft. Seward with a .detachment, oi
the Tenth Infantry.
Capt. Hutton, when he went north
had Instructions to make special investigation of tho health ol the Alaskan natives, Their only salvation lie says lies ln sanding medical
man north to Instruct the Indians In
'Did you talk to the plaintiff   in P'ace    between him aad Prol. MHu-
November, 1901 about marriage?"    Ikon", the latter branding as-falsa   a
"No." ' "•"■"•' ...  i     ...   ■
"Did   you   ever
place   marry    the    plaintiff in this
suit?", asked Mr. Stunchuold, counsel
at any time   or!*1^' >"* *»» Oc^artat Sad'i
for the Senator.
"I did not."      ■■______
"Did you ever promise   to   marry
the plaintiff?"
"I did not." H__
"Did    sho ever promise to   marry
"Not tbat I know of."
The lawyer handed    the    Senator
VANCOUVER, May 30- Prospect-
jors in Injsnika who have come out
I to Hazelton, say that a new Aad
of gold has been made in the .-district eighty miles northwest of In-
Srenlka and McConnell creaks, which
the alleged marriage certificate and promises better Hum th. fl~» m
the sonator said he never  saw    the iu.7^      7_ '    *'* *"*'
papor beforo In his life, although he|"™° "o""" been done onached seen a photo ol it.. The Sena-|couat ol the. prevalence of snow and
tor denied emphatically. that he had'about all    done so far ie the build-
given Miss Wood a photo ol himselt
on which he hud written: "To my
dear wife."
Mr. Lebardler. Miss Wood's .counsel, aaked Piatt if he ever addressed
Miss Wood in endearing terms.
Piatt said; "I may have foolishly
done s oaome times."
A number of tho lotters alleged to
have been written by the Senator
to Miss Wood were road, and ., he
denied thut he had written tbem.
The Senator today testified that be
paid tlO.OOO to his son Frank H,
Piatt to bring about a settlement
of a suit brought against him by
Miss Mao C. Wood through the law-
firm of Howe and llumuioll.
Leave Nanaimo Tomorrow Morning—
Will Sail from Quebec on Empress of Ireland, May 39th.
Ticket Agent McGirr has sold a
number of tickets this week to several Nannimoites who are leaving
tomorrow morning on a trip to
England, Some are making . their
flrat trip, others aro going back to
visit old scenes aad renew old acquaintances.   -
IB tht party are Mrs. Chaa. Wilson, wife ol Aid. Wilson, and her
son George, and little daughter;
Mrs. L. M. Duggan and daughter
Frances, ot Northfleld; Mr, J. H.
Hilla, ol the Hamilton Powder
Worka; Mr, Thos. Ketehen; and J.E..
Johnston and wife ol Cumberland.
The party will sail from Quebec on
the 39th on the palatial O.P.B. Str.
Empress of Ireland. Their many
Nanaimo Mends with them a pleasant and safe Journey.
ing of cabins.. Pans go from lour
io five.cents each according to proa
porting due.
The management announce a
change of programme for this evening, which will be as follows:. "Winter Scenes in the Alps,!' "Caught
with Mother-ln-Law," "Readham
Boys' Aquatic Sports," "Comrades'
Rations," "Mechanics hi Statues,'*
-'Deaf Mute's,Ball,'.'. ."Blacksmith's
Revenge," "Play First, Paddy Afterwards." The management aire Installing " electric fans In the house
for the convenience of patrons.
    *.i j .    .
Lalpsic, May 28.—The supreme *
court today set aside the ver- *
diet of the lower court under •
whioh Maximillen Harden, the,*
Berlin editor, waa found guilty •
of libelling Count Von Moltks, *
and ordered that tbe caae be *
re-tried by the lower court. *
Harden was cheered by the *
crowd as he went to the court.  ■
COLUMBUS, Miss., May 38.- Iks
Watson, the negro who killed a po
licomen while In Mercdan Thursday;
was- shot to death by a sheriff's
posse about eight miles west of Columbus yesterday. Watson was located near Waverly and chased into
the woods by a sheriff's posse, was
surrounded and "red on. Ths posse
then  riddlou nis hody with bullets.
a —
REGINA, Sack., May 38.- Provincial health officer Seymour' noted
very considerable Increase In the
number ol smallpox cases throughout-the west, due to the rising ol
the quarantine on the state ol Minnesota. The records ot the department; show that hardly a week goes
by that there aro not several cases
of smallpox: Efforts are being
made by a rigid Inspection ot * all
Immigrants at tha boundary Una to
keep out any who may be affected
by the disease.
FERNIE. May 38.—The miners at
Michel have agreed to go back to
work tomorrow morning.     They go
sck es thaey came, out, of tholr
own eeoord. No agreement haa been
reached . on the question in dispute,
via. that ot discriminating, A committee of miners will meet representatives of the company and endeavor
to come to an amicable settlement.
* Billiard! and Pool $
Beit Liquor* and Cigiirg.
Cartwright & Barclay
Toronto, May 33.—The spring meet
Ing ot ths Ontario Jockey Club.opened today at. Woodbine Park, and
the prospects are lor one ol the very
best race meetings over held in Toronto. The majority of, the horses
are fresh from a winter's rest, and
tho quality of the thoroughbreds
will make    tho contention ot    tha
I ni-os and puree* the. keenest oa record. The principal event of the
opening day ia the King's Plata,
with some {5,000 added.
 :—♦       ....   ■■  -
London, Oat., May IS.-Lon-. •
don district Methodists have •
adopted a resolution praying *
the Dominion government to *
prohibit the use of liquor in all •
cummer... militia encampments, •
aad In addition recommends to >••
th» 20,000 Methodists of Middlesex county that until conditions completely alter thay
should not permit sons to enlist.
LONDON, Mai- 38.-<Toim*ny Burns,
the. heavy weight pugilist, haa I
no reply from the cablegram he sent
to Jack Guerley, of Chicago, four
days ago, accepting an offer to
fight Jack Johnson, the colored heavyweight, In Nevada on tabor Day,
for a purse of P60,00o. Burns to
have 180,008 -win, loas or draw.
Burns t old the Associated Press
today that. In view oi thla silence
he. ban decided to accept an increased offer from Australia to fight the
Australian "boxer ' Lang at 'Sydney
during the visit of the American
neat. Burns says he will get' 130,
000, win, lose, or draw, In Austral
Ua, and thai he 'will 'start the 'end
of June.
-mmi .. »'...'     '
Hamilton, May 28.—Guleappe G-r
co, the Italian convicted of thorn
der of Antonio Rtroro at Dundee on
March 31, waa sentenced thla feaora-
Ing to be hanged Any. tt.
...This warning waa Ignored and last was cut down.    At the northern ax- returning, in    many
night a  dozen ol tho strikers found treiuity of tbe oity in Westchester, have bei i sunk to
picketing were placed under arrest.
places tunnols
depth af     25
stands the huge Pell oak, under the feet without touching bod rock.
branches ct which Thomas Pell, tbe fabulous linds are reported by
first lord of Polhaui manor, la   said ol the returning prospectors.
to have signed his treaty with the    Fred K. Stogg, a  miner with long
 __ Indiana   in 16(14,    Although it    ls experience in mining camps and who
LISBON, May 38.—Former Minis- surrounded by an Iron fanes, lt la recently made a brief stay in Hazier of Finance' Martinez Oarvallo, not f"-00' a^alnat vandalism, for the elton, is of tho opinion that thore
who on Wodnesday lost challenged ""J* ot #"> neighborhood have built la an abundance of platinum on tho
Alfonso Costa, one of the Republl- •° m«W 'oaring bonfires within the Ingenica, declaring that ho has soon
can leaders in the Chamber 61 Dopu- hollow trunk •*»* lt wil1 «°°n ■» <- """V - 10° ""'ore in one pan.
ties to a dueU Because Costa, ln a "*»»»«y »» out It down, before it His theory ls supported by several
speech   declared tho liYancoiat mm- !am "' lte °™ accord- otilm oliw 0llllers ttt fresmt ia the
Inters had abandoned every shred ol S,<"M»' *"• h',torlc »""■ *"***>• n0BthOTn *■>*"■
political honor when they signed the ""■£ "»«»*• lua°a* them • **• H"*>lt°'- " <-* , *•*> f"-* «™
decree of Jan. 1, yesterday met Ooe- *" EgyP«aa cypresses presented to oa the verge of becoming a "dry-
to in the lobby oil the chamber and the «"■* 1**I">'->on l-y the Khedive town, not owing to the activity of
the two men immediately exchanged £"■*»»• ^y,"8" **»** ">' tompern-nce people, but because of
blows They pummelled each other ^^ but Napoleon was busy at the scarcity ot liquid stimulants, the
vigorously Ior several minutes, and Waterl0° »* -^ time and they were supply having almost entirely run
vigorously ior several "niuuw., ^ 8t0pheil Juin#]       wealtty out     at    the time    Mr.  Hibberson
the spectacle wos only ended by the ^   ^^   ^ ^ ^^  ^ ^     ^    ^^^ ^ ^ ^
She—Yes, dear.
He—You sat for ono hour and you
never op"ned your mouth. _
She—Yes, I  remember, dear.
He—Ah,     that    was   the happiest
hour of my life.
. _ •
"Italian Brigand ' Kidnaps Woman," read Mrs. Wyes, who was
: cauninj- the paper. "Poof, I'd Just
liko to see tho brigand carry me
"Yes," obsorved Mr. Wyss quietly,
without looking up from his book,
"So would I."
"But,     Tommy," said his mother,
you asked    for two cakos, and    I
navi| ibom to you.    Aren't you satisfied) "
"No, I  ain't,"    growled   Tommy,
you was  so easy I'm klckln'    my-;
self now   'cuuso    I   didn't ask    fur
four." ,
Mrs. Pnourltch—Do you mean to
say you would allow your daughter
to marry a  conductor?
Mrs. Higgins—Why not, madam?
He ls a  musical conductor.
Mrs. Pneurltch— Ohl
intervention of tbe other deputies.
Both men bore numerous marks ot
the tray.
Later Senor Costa had another altercation in the lobby of the chamber with Senor Charges, editor    of I
the Dlarlo Illustratlo.
■   '   '        «—'	
CLEVELAND, May 33.- Marked
by' a night of absolute quiet in contrast with the violence ol the preceding twenty-four hours, negotiations for peace in the street car trou
bio, traffic were continued this morning. The declination of Glenn K.
Shurtlefl to act aa third arbitrator
brought with it the necessity ol further discussion of a name to complete the proposed arbitration board.
Only the   matter ot the disposition
these trees will have to be cut down terable law of supply and demand,
aocn to make room for new bulid- the price of "hootch" of various
lugs. Two trees planted by King brands has taken an upward hoist
Edward, when aa Prince ol Wales he that puts the luxury beyond the
visited America ln I860, still re- reach of many at that point. A
main in Central Park, and it is half bottle of cheap gin sold thero a
wholly probable that these will with few daya ago for ?25, and othor li-
stand both vandalism and the march quori bring prices ln proportion.
ot progress for many years to come. There appears to be   no chance    of
increasing the stock ond Incidentally
decreasing prices foi s mil weols to
SEATTLE, May 31,-Franlc Hart,
under sentence ol seven yeara' im-
prlsonmsnt in Walla Walla penitentiary, who walked out of the King
County Jail oh the evening ol Mar.
17, 1895 on the occasion of a Jail
delivery engineered by Tom Blanck,
WASHINGTON, D. C, May 25. -
Gaston P. Philip, a wealthy young
clubman of New York and Washington, was today placed on trial before Justice Barnard in Criminal
Court No, 2, to answer an   indict-
returned to Jail yesterday, after an' mont"fo'r first degree murder.    Phil-
.aqsence bf over thirteen yean,     in ip is alleged to have shot to doath
ot the men pending the arbitration [charge ot    Deputy Sheriff Williams, \ f_ra^_ Ma,c,ab_°y- a.l0.cal cab  atlmr-
proceedlnge prevented a vote on the
arbitration articles being taken last
night. President Dupi nt refused to
accept the sugges.iou that during
arbitration the men take their old
positions. An alternative suggestion that the arbitration board at
once decide,the position of the men
during arbitration, was also rejected by President Dupont.
Th« company formulated arUclea of
submission to arbitration to go to
them today, together with a counter
proposal that, pending arbitration,
enough man to complete the service
will be taken back, those hired losing their seniority. It ia the opinion of Vice-President Behnre and
President Farrasy ol the local union that the men will emphatically
vote down the arbitration proposal of the company. The vote will
be taken today. The men will vote
yes or no* upon a proposition to
submit to full arbitration, their
seniority rights and the binding
force of the Cleveland Electric Railway Company's labor agreement upon the new company.
CHICAGO, May 38—The Catholic
.Order of Foresters will be 25 years
old tomorrow. The silver jubilee
will be celebrated by a monster
demonstration in the Coliseum. A
male chorus of 1,000 voices will furnish the music ol tho occasion, and
among the prominent speakers will
be Archbishop Qulgley, Bishop Mul-
doon, and T. X. DUodsau ol Montreal.
Chicago waa the birthplace of tbe
Catholic Order ol Foresters. The
order was organized here May 34,
1888. After several years of hard
effort courts were started ln other
states and Canada. It has about
180,000 members now, and its yearly beneficiary payments exceed (1,-
380,000. The membership is increasing ten thousand a year. Illinois has the largest membership,
with the province of Quebec next,
and .Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio and
Ontario following in the order named; Chicago has one court composed exclusively of negroes, snd Canada has a court of Indians.
Philadelphia, May 28,-When the
flrst race in the annual regatta of
the American Bowing Association-,
popularly known as the American
Henley, was begun this morning over Ua national course on the Sohuyl
kill .river a largo crowd of rowing!;
enthusiasts lined the banks and occupied every place of vantage on the)
cliffs aud at ths finish line.
The entry list warn record break
er,- especially in the matter of Milage crewe. Among the big institutions represented are Yale, Bar-
Georgetown, Pennsylvania and
New York University,
Every Indication pointed to the
contests, being tho finest of the year
in this country. Without queiition,
liim schedule contains the names of
the best rowing talent In this country, and It Is certain that the    re-
Seattle    police,   brought hlm back I
from Alma. Kan.
Hart greeted Head Jailor Smith ,
effusively aad told him that if he '
had another chance to escape he'
would not stand on ceremony.
who, with Capt. Laubscher, ol   the
i in tho Arlington Hotel a yoar ago.
Toronto, Mar «6.-vrhe flfUso-mOs!
trial Masathoa rasas ytasardfay '*as-j
Itm.frr fcnwaoo   d West Ena Ch*.
Saocxed, Simpson, Peterbono Ind:ka,
•Iwlth Goldeboro.   of Centralla third.	
• laweon's    time. 1 hr. 80 mis**-, a«r«ry, and It Is certain that the    re-      * ™" MOW »» °' "»"»."  an-    He-Do you remember the night I
*Sm%£% Jiiia^
Tho alleged crime occurred    during
1 ', early   hours of   the morning.
During the previous night Philip is
said.to   have boon out   "seeing tho
town" under the pilotago of tho cab
, driver.    Both men are said to havo
been badly undor tho influence of 11-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     quor when they returned to tho   ho-
Hart has been spending the inter-  tcl-      A dispute occurred and    the
vening time since the Jay delivery In ' ab°?\!ng °' Macaboy .followod.
.. .        ....      ...■«_.■■-...      Philip has   boon     at liborty sinco
th* east, and this is hla flrst visit last Julyi on a b(Jnd of *35.000,
to the atate of Washington in thir- furnished by his brother nnd sisters,
teen years. Be says hs haa been and has been residing at Clovorncck,
leading an honest lite and was con- lN'Y- ui,s '>tt0*'»<>'''*; '"tend to inter
A...ii. -   , a ..,, _,a    .po™ a plea of solf-dofonse to tho ul-
ducting a pool room at Wlchltn, | fogatlonJ of tho mdictinoift. Thoy ex-
Kan., when Detective Boulter, of pect to prove that Macaboy had
ths Chicago, Rock Island and Pact- j threatened Mr, Philip and when ho
ne railroad picked him UP on sue-, 'ollowed tho clubman to his room in
ni.in. a ,i -a ,a .,. a t, th* hotel tho lutlor was lapprejien-
plclon and afterwards   Identified his slv0 thftt tho tnl.oats wou,d '„'„  eM.
picture in    the rogue's gallery    atcutcd and shot to save himself.
Kansas City.    The King county authorities were then notified.
Hart was sentenced to seven years
in the penitentiary   by Judge Thos. |   WASHINGTON, D. C, May 25. -
Humes, of the superior court,     and  Brigadier Goneral Aloxandor McKen-
wes prosecuted     hy the then prose- zio, chief of engineers of tho United
cutlng attorney, John F. Miller, now statos arI"y' woa |,lace(1 on ibMa'
n,...n. -I a..it,       oi      i I tired list today on nccount of   ago.
mayor of Seattle. His crime con- Qeuwtll McKonzIo is a native of Wis
slstod in fleecing two Swedish wo- 'consln and graduated from the Mill-
men from Victoria, B.C., out of tary Academy In 1804. Ho took
*000 through steering them into a Part ln som0 °' the closlnS engage
ahaii Mm- - tu- _. i . 1 numts of the Civil War and after the
shell game on tho water front. They .„„ o( thttt connl(!t was M8,gnea t0
were on their way to Europe and the engineering corps and in later
felt the Iocs of their money keen- 'years haa scon servico in many parts
|y, I of tho country
Bo has been chief of engineers
since 1904 and in that position has
been charged with tho disbursement
of the many millions of dollars ap
aniAiivm r. „ n. ., a .. propriated for rlvor and harbor im-
, SEATTLE, May 38,-Today tbe provements. For many yenrs those
Atlantic battleship fleet enters upon expenditures havo avoraged J50.000,-
tho second period of its Pacific coast 0l)0 alHl '" 8ume recent years,   havo
welcome, a demonstration tbat pro- rlM? a8 bigb as  -8,0-000/00-- ,.R ls
„,„.',      _   "*"uu """- X"" an Interesting fact that In spite   of
mlses to rival    that of the Oalllor- th0 enormous nmount of monoy that
nion cities in the liberal hospitality has boen paid out under the superadd unbroken entertainment    of tha vision of tho engineer officers of tho
officers and men     Tha atnv nt tha army' on^y ono 8Candn' has occurred
a una. moil.       no stay of the ,„ th|„ ^partim-nt of tho public sor-
lleet in    Seattle la intended to    be vice sinco the foundation of tho
uutdo the greatest celebration in the public.    That one was the notorious
history ol the city, and the citizens Carter case,     Captain Carter    was
have for waa-.. iJIT-ik!       7^ convicted   by court-martial, dismiss
have for weeks been busily engaged ^ from thoVmy and sentenced   to
in planning the details ol tbe rocep- a term of Imprisonment at Loaven-
tion. worth, while Greene and Qaynor tho
All business will be impended and millionaire contractors who are   alia. ....   .       a a   i   av*raaM "" leged to have profited by Mb frauds
the streets and docke will see thou- ,* now „„„„,£,, in the federal pri-
sands of people assembled to witness son at Atlanta,
ths great    fighting machines swing ♦
into the bay, accompanied by    the *
Sound   flotilla,    which will number *
oyer one hundred steamers and sevoral hundred launches.    Orders have *
been given by the mayor to have tbs *
the throttle ol every locomotive and
* nlng.    Ths refinery occupies
* seven story building near   the *
* Orleans railway depot. *
Paris, May 33.—Two person*
lost their lives and 43 ware ln-
,,.       , t ™™.„„ 'ur,d u    ib* r,"u'* of •" ""'
factory on .tho water front tied down* * p,**loB    to the grln*Un« room
for thirty minute*. * of the Say sugar refinery short-
When the vessels are anchored the * ly *"*r work "tartod th'" mor"
mayor and reception committee ol
the Chamber of Commerce will visit
the flagship and extend the welcome
of the city to the visitor*. A great
golden key, , containing $250 worth
ol virgin gold from Alaska will be
presented to Admiral Sperry to signify that the freedom of the city
1*. oflered the men and officers.
Tonight a great reception I* to
be given to ths officers in the New
Washington hotel. Tomorrow there
.will be automobile rides and a variety of other entertainment Ior both
the officer* and th* enlisted men.
Political mnnagor—You don't seem1,
to like the looks of the crowd at
our ward caucua.
The Other Man—Oh, I don't know.
1  suppose they're
always bought.
the kind you've
Small ls the flat.   One scarce    cam
turn about.
To wish we now begin ■
Thut wo could move the radiator out-
And put an ico chest  in.
Hess—lie said my lace wa* a per-
tl poem.
.ess—It     Is—like   one   ol Brownings.
Bess— What do you  mean?
.less— Some    of  the lines are  so
Will you ploaso drive off the
track?" asked tho motorman. The
truck driver promptly reined to one
,  "Thank you ever so much," added'
tho motormon, with  a  smtlo.
"You're very welcome," responded'
Iho truck driver, "but you must
pardon my seeming carelessness. I
had no idea your car was bo near."
Ho—But why did you lead mo onto proposo If you had no Intention
of nccopting me?
Sho— Oh, Clara told mo how funny you looked whon you proposed
tn her, and I wanted to see for myself.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Dally at 9 a. m.
Wsdneadny,   Saturday   and   Sunday
At 9:00 and 15:68.
For Victoria.
Trains Arrive at ladysmith
Dally at 11:57.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
At 11:57 and"l7.55.
From Victoria,
CEO.  I. COuriTtj,.\Y
District Passenger Agent.
108 Government St., Victoria
* Washington,    Hay 36.-A* a •
* result of several conference* be- •
* tween President Roosevelt, *e- *
* cretary ol war Taft aad Gen, *
* Bell, chief of staff of the army, •
* It ha* been decided not to with •
* drawany of ths Unltod State* •
* troop* from Cuba at tho pre*- '
* ant time. •
What are the lost art*?", Ipqulri
ed the student.
I don't know all  of them,"
Steel Is Iron free from dirt, air
lor foreign substance fused with
carbon. .Carbon gives toughness
stenglh, keeness and life.    -
Thirty- year's study of the razor
situation lus shown • way to,
add the highest per cent of|
carbon to • Carbo Magnetic
razor Male throug • secret
INC. giving II a uniform dls.
mond like h*rdncss«some.
thing absolutely Impossible
with tire tempered < razors,
snd they are Hamburg around
But Test this UNCONDITIONALLY oubrantecd razor at
home-or have vour barber use
It on you-for thirty-days WITH-
Ladysmith Hardwai 8 Co, —■I. .m; I
FOREST, May 19.—Tho tragedy
which curried off Montague A. Smith
the private banker of Forest, Liberal candidate in East Lamb-ton' was
the result of forcing a man into a
position unsuited to his temperament. For sixteen years he had occupied tho some seat at tbo table of
tho Franklin Houso, ond come and
gono between his rooms, with littio
to disturb his daily routine of successful business life. Wealth camo
to him easily, and accumulated near
the hundred thousund mark. At
times ho took trips to England-and
the continent, at other times ho
went on fishing and shooting trips
with friends.
Many positions ho filled with acceptance in connection with local
institutions. Ho was treasurer of
the fair, chairman of the band, president of tlie l.iboral Association for
tho riding, but had novel- boon a candidate for any municipal or other,
position, He acted on tho Ontario
Came Commission ln Hon. Frank
Latchfoid's timo for two years. Ho
was frequently spoken of tor parliamentary honors, but never consented
to run until in February the Liboral
nominoo, II. J, Pettyplece, announced his retirement from tho Hold for
business reasons, end Mr. Smith was
Induced to take tho. nomination.
He wos easily discouraged with tho
work of canvassing, and took the
discouragements so Borlously thai
his friends at the table, Mr. Maylor,
manager of tho canning company,
and- cithers, noticod tho loss of his
usual good spirits.
Ho sut In tho olflco of the Forest
Freo Press for three hours discuss-
in" the campaign the night boforo,
nnd preparing for a series of meetings to commence ln tho morning
with n twonty-mllo drlvo to Eu-
Ihomta township, followed by three
successive meetings nt rural points.
Dr. Chas. Fairbanks, of Petroloa,
was to have met Pottypiece and Mr.
Smith en route. In the morning ho
went to the bank and shot himself.
The contents of the letter ho loft bo-
hind are known to several, and contain references to his intended act,
which would be distressing to his
frionds to publish.
H. J. Pettypiece stntes that it
briefly alluded to the comments that
might he made by tho public as to
possible financial difficulties of which
thore were none.
Continuing tho lottor dealt with
the election campaign, with which ho
was not satisfied, and snid that ho
could stand tho strain of It noloug-
er. In conversation with a press
representative, tho bank manager
said his chief did not find fault with
any person, nor shrink from tho outcome, but found himself unsuited to
the lnbor upon which he had "entered.
Wm.    Marshall,     Wealthy. Inventor,
Dying ol Rabbles,    Put Under
Influence of Opiates.
VANCOUVER, May 21.—Tho 'boycott Instituted in China against J a-     CLEVELAND,    May 20-Contlnua-
panese goods will not only have    a tion °* lh° •"""•t-J«i conditions    on
serious   and     lusting effect   on the  ""> loml elr^ 'a"-vny strike    for
trade between these far eastern coun- «* luttSt twenty-four hours Is the re- —-
tries, but will also I.o materially »«'* °< •»» nlMilght .meeting of tho NEW YORK, May 20- lo ease
felt by Japan III tlio present Hnan- members of tho stato board of urbi- tho lust hours of a viollm of re-bowl crisis is the opinion ol Mr. T. Nation and tho officials of tho Mu- bios, Win. Marshall, a wealthy in-
l'etrio, assistant! editor of the South "'cil»l Sl-rcef. Railway Company, to- vontor and manufacturer of Brook-
China Morning I'ost, published at K041"-'1' Mb "» lol-ul!''8 «' ""> union >?•'■ «*•> wa» told ye8'61'11"*' »■» the
Hong Kong.     Mr. Petrio is in    the lttst BlBnt- rastair institute that ho hail hydro-
city on lis way to the old country.     Th°   ™ntenn_e    adjourned shortly phobia, and would, live a   few   days
"The boycott is a very suilura n'tor thre0 o'clock thiB morning with only, tho physicians about his bod-
thing," Mr. i'otrio remarked yester- out namiogf an hour for renssemb- side put him under tlio Influence of
day. "As your renders will doubt- linB- lN° announcement was made opiates early, today, and ho will be
loss remember it was started because on bolmlt ot oltller 8ldo oI the con-
of the indignity Imposed upon tho trovorsy,
Chinese. There hits boen considerali
lo Importations of iti-ius into China
that condition until     his
kopt in
After a night marked by the most Mr. Marshall was perfectly con-
violont conditions sinco tho striko scious anil apparently did not suffer
for the alii of Uio revolutionaries .unil 'vns inaugurated five days ago, the except whoa seized witli Cnn u-sion,
thoro wns not Uio slightest doubt Police and county olllcers began pre- Tho nttacl.s became liion- Iroauont
thnt the atonnicr 1'iitsii Vara No. 2 Paring to protect tho non-union men lost night, cich being more violent,
was i!nu,a;od In tho I'r.ule. Sho was on tho cal'8 and the publlc that had than tlie pro ious one. lie physl-
soizeil    by'thu     Chin ■ se,    and whon tbe courage to ride. ciani} feared that ho would begin to
tliey hud to give I.i up, tlio Japan-1 Wnat w"8 reported ne the final rave and determined to- relieve any
oso insisted upon a saluto which conference for peace began in tho sintering that might ensue,
took pluce at Canton. Where the company's offices at ono o'clock nf- Between the paroxysms Mr, Mar-
Chinese mado tholr mlstako was in 'or tho stuto board and labor ofH- shall bode farewell to liis family,
luiuling down the Japanese ling. The "'a'8 hutl sl)1'nt two hours going ov- which had gathered at his homo in
indignity of the saluto thoy have not er tho matters that dovoloped at tho Brooklyn, and' arranged his business
forgotten, and the boycott was pro- enrlior meeting. , affairs.  	
looted by tho Boll'-Uovornuiciit    As-     It   was hoped    that an agreement; 	
sedation, which might bo called tho might bo reached, but the points of. T,.]E wojuj) m mlKK
Reform    party of China.   Thoy tele- difference,    however were too great. M1TED.
graphed     to    Chinese   communities The    discussion was extraordinarily 	
throughout tho world, and tho effect animated, tho cruix of tho strikers' | NEW YORK, May 20-A wealthy
of thoir action could be seen in tho P°int of view being the quostion of Italian physician's i-efusal to comply
ships leaving Sydney, Aus., with ex- seniority of position ln the event, witli the demnnds of Black Hand
coodingly light cargoes, and evon that tho strikers should roturn to criminals resulted in grave dangor to
nono at all.     Chinoso publicly burn- work. jthe  lives of hundreds ot persons to
ed their Btocks of Japaneso books in llecauso of the riotous actions 'of day when a bomb was ecplodod in
the streets, so strong was the feel- last night wherein eighteen persona , the tenement house at 3.18 East loth
ing and though tho Japanese gov- wore Injured, some perhaps fatally, street. As lt was four were injured
crmnont immediately took action, the care early this morning wero illy t and the other occupants of tho
through diplomatic channels, littio patronized. Busses and other vehi- house rushed into tho street in a
can be done to offset the boycott.      cles continued to ply on the various Panic,   whilo doors and beams that
It is much more virulent thun the  lines and wero liberally used.   Day-j bad bcon twisted out by  the oxplo-
boycott on American goods.      Whon light brought with it, however, cour eion     tumbled around   thom.     Tho
that took place a  couple of    years ago, and • as    tbo police force was lower Part of tho house wos    com--
ago, tho Americans soon realized its strengthened tho people began to uso Pletely wrecked,
effect und granted the principal con- the cars. |   Nemo of    tho victims were danger-
cessions   demanded.     Tlio    boycott     Tho majority of tho violence     su' ously     hurt with tho exception     of
wns practically bought off. But even far has boon done during tho night Tony Lambarro, who was crashed by
then a  flour trade was started with hours, and consequently It is boiler- n  fulling timber and internally   In-
Aiistroliu which will never be    dls- cd by   tho    authorities that unless'lured;
placod. something is dono today to roach   a     Tho explosion occurred whilo most
Tho result of the boycott Is bono- settlement of tlio dispute tonight °' 'bo occupants of tho house wcre
liclal to China herself, in that with may witness a repetition of the dy- nt breakfast. Or. Attillo Caccini,
tho Japanese goods unbought, .-ime- naniiting outrages. wl>0 had     an    office on thc ground
tiling muBt tako their placo. und A patrolman found fully a nun-,"001' of tho tenement told the polico
the Chinoso aro awakening io ilieii- dred big caps scattered along the ne bad received a number of threat
own possibilities,     steamship   c-iiu-, ear    tracks between   Brldgo avenue ' ening letters     of tho Mack     Hand
Weven Prominent Young Society Peo
pie Drowned when   Launch
Tank Exploded.
LITTLE ROOK, Ark., May 20. —
A Uesputch to tlio Gazette says lhat
seven prominent young society peuple .were drowned last night when
the tank of a gasoline launch, In
which they wero going for a moonlight excursion exploded, wrecking
the boat.
Other momberfl of the party were
rescued with difficulty. The drowned aro:
Miss Lillian Winlleld of Clarendon.
Miss Bessie rainier, of Kansas
Miss Aline Burton, Helena, Ark.
Jus. McManus, of Clarendon.
Dr. A. L. Houston, of Clarendon.
Ono of thjse rescued, Aliss Mary
Cavett, bf Clarendon, was severely
The boat left Clarendon early ln
the ovening bearing a motor party,
who had plunnod to co sevoral miles
down tho river. When about flve
miles below Clarendon tho tank of
the launch exploded, wrecking tho
boat and hurling the occupants into
the stream. Fow could swim and
Borne wore stunned by the force of
the explosion and went down before
swimmers in the party could make
an effort at rescue.
The survivors wore found on the
river bank by runners from here de-
flpntched from here because of tho
prolonged absenco of the party.
None of tlie bodies have beon recovered.
From prize winning Stock. Barrel'
Hocks, Black Laiigshans, Mack Mil"
orcas, Huff, Whito, and Brown Log
horns, Blue Anilnlusluns and Blaci
Orpingtuns, Burt and White Cochiii
llantnms, and Golden Soabrlirhts.
Eggs $2.00 per 13; others at $1
por 13.
.1.  T.  PAliGETER,
Mount View i'oultry Yards
Five-Acre Lots, Nanaimo, B.C
panics have been established, coal and West 21th street at 2 o'clock
measures are being opened up, and this morning. The caps wero plac-
miitchcs, ono ol the lending I ap iris ed so closely together that they
from Japan, will le niannl-.etured. would hnvo completely wrecked tho
Tho trode with Japnn amounts to lirst car that struck them. Fifteen
millions ol dollars annually. Just minutes later ho found a bottle of WINNIPEG, May 20— The Cana-
now, when Japan Is suffering from nitro. glycerins lying in the gutter Idlan Northern flyer, which loft hero
a iiniincial crislB, following tho boa- nt Bridge avenue und iJrd streets, j last night for Minneapolis and St.
vy taxation of the lato war, she will Leaders of tho stroct railway men's ' Paul, was wrecked at Courtier staled the boycott very much. . strike, opened thoir campaign of pub- tion, fifteen miles south of hero. Tho
Since tho Tatsu Maru No. 2 was liolty last- night whon they threw tender of the ongino left the rails
taken, there hnve beon sevoral selz- thoir mooting rooms open to tho pub first, throwing the engino on its Bide
TORONTO, May 20.-llognriling tho
roport that sho hod boon nominated
for East Toronto, Miss Clnra Brett
Martin, says tho roport is premature
but if she seos a prospect of got-
tlng onough votes and money to run
hor campaign sho may enter tbo contest.
If Miss Martin Is nominated she
will run against Thomas Whiteside,
a Consorvativo, Joseph Russell, Independent; nnd A. 11. Bryan, Liberal. Thore is no provision In the
statutes against women being elected but womon have no vote in provincial elections. Miss Martin says
thoro may bo dangor in hor election
boing upset on the ground that the
law implies that' a womun should
not bo elected whon It provontod her
from voting.
urcs of arms, showing that tho   Importations were taking place on    a
largo scale.
Just betore I  left for Vancouver,
cons.durable interest was arous?d ovor
MONTREAL, May 20.- Robertson
McAulay, whilo retaining tho presidency of tho Sun Life Assurance
Company, bus relinquished tho managing directorship nnd Is succeeded
by Mr. T. B. McAulny, who will act
ns managing director and socretury.
Mr. A. B. Wood, assistant actuary,
becomes actuary, and is succcedod hy
Mr. Ar G. Capo, superintendent of
 « L_
TORONTO, Moy 20,-Tho Court of
Appeal today squashed tho conviction against John Wolff und suven
others who were fined S100 and costs
each for hotting at tho Fort" Erie
Jockey Club last foil.
Memphis, Tenn., May 21.- Tho
warehouse and grain elevator ol
Jones & Rogers, the building occupied a* a warehouse by the Orgll
Bros, & Co., a hardware concern,
were destroyed by flre last night.
The flre.was got undor control after
several hours' battling by the entire flre department of tho city. Tho
loss ls estimated at $335,000. The
origin ol the flre Is unknown.
lie. Those meetings aro to be hold Threo coaches left the rails, the ex-
lor several -tights in all parts of tho press, mall and baggage cars and
city and the public Is to hear thoir second clusn coach. Fireman Mosaic of the controversy. Bride wus injured about tho shoul-
Mr. Bishop of tho state board of dors and back. The passengers es-
r tho determined suicide of Mr.   A.  arbitration mot  with Vice-President caped with only a  bad Blinking up.
S. Ronnie, who originally camo from pohnr of tbe international union and  »
Hamilton, Ont., and an Invostiga- other members of the strikers execution is now boing made into tho liu- tive committee to confer on the new
siness that he conducted.   "'Twenty proposition    drawn     lip by    Harry
yoars ago     Mr. Ronnie arrived     iu  Thomns,  president of the Clovoland
Hong Kong aud Btarted iu the gov- Labor   Council, and President    Du-
eminent service.       Later he became pont of   the Municipal Traction Co.
agent in     Southern China for    tho This meoting
leading flour mills of Portland, Ore,,  this morning,
a  lucrative   position.     About oigh-
teen months ago he   gave this    up 0f violence havo occurred, sympathizers having been remaining quiet,
j * '
Baltimore, May 21.—Rov. Wm.   F.
SAN FRANCISCO,    May 20— The
Jury ln,tho    case of Abraham Kucff,
former political boss    of San Fran-
began at ten o'clock cisco, who has been on trial' for tho
past year on Indictments brought a-
Sinco daybreak no additional acts gainst hlm,     will come Into Justice
llowling's court today and oithor
render aVordlct or announce that
nn ngrccn-ent is Impossible.
! At n .Into hour luBt night the
jiiry\^yn's locked up, being unable to
agree, nod the foreman has announc
,    T"   ",.' ',',     I Anderson of Now York   and Rov llr 0|1 tl,nt il Is.probable no agreement
per day.     Everything was working i "naerson oi now ior*, ana iiov. ur hl.
....... .   _         '.I.   T. Nual.nn   nl   Knot   »l..„ln„l..,,l    '""   OfOrbehad.
and promoted the Hung Kong Milling Company. Boing a prominent
business man of tho city, ho was
successful, and huge mills were erected, und wcre in operation in n short
time producing 8,000 sacks of flour
J. L.     Nuelson of Nast theological
seminary, Berroau,    O., wero elected
woll, the flrst shares of 8100 being
snapped up at 50 pcr cent, premium.
lmmcnso orders were secured for the
flour, and at the ond of 11 months,
the lirst     annua] meeting wns held.
There was a  profit of $170,000, but ;sion °< tho S<*nori11 conference    held
no dividend was declared, loans be- iat Loorlo.     Tho result ol the ballot
ing paid    off,     and S80.00.0 reserve ! *'as announced at the beginning   of
fund established.     Enormous stocks
today's meeting.
ol wheat wcro bought in Australia,
America and India, but with the decline in tlie murkef, immense sums
ol money wore lost. Tbe flrst intimation the public had of the over-
speculutlon wns the suicide of Mr.
Rcnnlo,  who Jumped overboard from
TORONTO, Ont., Mny 20.-A review of fields under tho euro of foreign mission'.cominittee of the Presbyterian Chinch, which began Its
Spring meoting yesterday contained
, tho fnet that at least fourteen inoro
launch ono day while returning j missionaries wcro neoded immodmV
Jfrom the mills. He tiod a heavy ly to mnn tho work In India, China
despatch to hls nock nnd refused to and Korea. The feeling of tho com-
I. ....    ,       ...   , ,       ., A i mitteo is    that thoy can got   money
take hold of a  life buoy, and would  )f thcy bm_ a>_   mm_   ,n_   AMt
not let a  man    who   had followed   0| iftSt y0or   amounting to 813,000
Ruefi Is specifically nccused of giv-
bishops" of thc Methodist Episcopal'!inR " '"'"'° to fonncr ' Sunorvlaor
church upon the socond ballot taken' ",0'"''" '"r his favo,'a'''« vote In
late yesterday afternoon at tho sos- i*'irant""* "  tro"°y ""nchlse to   tho
United Hallways    to construct tholr
lino to the Pnrksldo track,
RUSSELL, Man., May 20.—A serious flre occurred last night, doing
much damage to properly. The west
side of Main Streot for half a block
Is wiped out. Tho buildings hurnoil
nro: G. W. Glevers. general store;
J. W. Eraser, general storo, and J.
Mathoson's store, the Odd Fellows'
Hall and Rogers and A. E. Oallins'
ofllco. Loss 350.000. Insurance is
carried in hnlf Hint amount.
Washington, May 21.—Announcement was made at tho
White House yestorday that
President Roosevelt had signed
tho bill directing the restoration to gold and silver coins
tho motto "In Qcd We Trust"
ordorod by him to be stricken
from the gold coins some time
ago on tho ground that the
law did not authorize Its use.
him overboard offect a rescue.
China Developing.
"China as    a country, is de.volop.-J-
Ing rapidly," Mr. Potrlo stated further, "and It Is a  different country
since I   landed there eight years ago
The national sp rlt lias been aroused
nd this was given a fillip by    tho
outcome of the into war botweon Ja-
s not entirely-   wiped out yot,   but
prospoc'ts nro exceedingly bright.
TORONTO, Out., Moy 20.- Premier Whltnoy is confined to his resld-
once with a bad attack of rheumatism. Ho passod a bad night, .and
-is unablo to walk, and unless thore
comes considerable Improvement he
will bo unablo to take an active part
In the election campaign.
a pan and Russia.    The peoplo are boil ginning to realize their power,    al-
• though   a  Combined notional movo-
• ment     Is hnndlcnppoil by the diver-
• slty of languages.    The Monchus nro
Houston, Tex., May 21.—Tho 10th
(Special to the Free Press.).
gathering of tho provincial Conserva
tive executive Is In session horo this
afternoon. E. S. Barnard, of Victoria, nnd Mayor Planta, of .Nanai- annual convention ol tho Intcrna-
mo, aro amongst the visitors. The .tlonal Sunshlno Society, and the
provincial loaders will got down   to j first convention ever hold by     that
"J-  -n—n—     -- .———-..j. ,   t, , ,t     „way, figuring,organization outsido of tho stato of
the governing power, but when   tho ^J ^ ^J, ___ ^^   ■ ,K„ York convon(!d ,„ „,,. clty  to.
October/ rtny.       Presldont    Goneral Cynthia
I jWostovor Alden of Now York,     pre-
OTTAWA NEWS. j sided ovor tho opening session.   The
Notice of Exaniinutiona.
NOTICE ia horoby given that examinations   will    bo held for lst, 2nd,
and 3rd   Class    Certificates of Competency   under tho provisions of the
Coal    Minos Hcgulution Act,"    at,
Nanaimo, Fornio and Cumberland, on
tho 10th,    17th and   18th days    of
June,    1008,    and for 2nd and 3rd
Class Certificates of Competency, at
Coutlee, on tlio 10th and 17th days
of Juno, 1008,    commencing at nine
o'clock in tho forenoon.
The Subjects will bo as follows:—
First Class Candidates-
Mining Act and Special Hules.
Mino Oases.
General Work.
Mine Machinery.
Second Class Candidates-
Mining Act and Special Knles.
Mine Oases.
Goneral Work.
Third Class Candidates-
Mining Act and Special Kules
Mino Gases and General Work.
Application must bo mado    to   the
undersigned   not   later than Friday,
Juno 5th, 1008, accompanied  by the
statutory feo, as follows :—
By an applicant   for   First    Cluss
Examination §10.00
By an applicant   for Socond Class
Examination   $10.00
By   nn applicant for   Third   Class
ExnminaWon   $5.00
Tho applications must bo accompanied by testimonials and ovidonce
stating that :—
(a). If a caudidnto for First Class
that he is a British subject and has
had at least flvo years' experienco in
or about the practical working of a
coal mine, and is at least twenty-
five years of age :
(li). If a candidate for Second
Class, that lie has had nt least flve
years' experience in or about the
practical working of a conl mine.
(c). If a enndiduto for Third Class
that ho has had at least threo yoars'
experience in or about tho practical
working of a coal mino :
(d). A candittato for a Certificate
of Cituiputoncy as Manager, Overman
Shifth*6ss, Firoboss or Shotlighter,
shall produce a certificate from a
duly qualified medieal practitioner
showing that ho has taken a courso
in nmbulnnco work fitting him, tho
said candidate, to give first aid to
porsons injured In coal mining operations.
By ordor of the Board.
Nanaimo.B.C..April -1th, 1008.
OEO.  0   PTCKARD. 3
Hp< i <■( fi ry-Treasurer.      ^
W John'w. coburn.
£■    President and Managing Director.
£ . THE  -"-j
1,1 Hi IT hi:d
jtulit-ator shall ructiivo a premium of
$700, and tho cue placod second, a
pi-omlum- of SyOO.
The Government is not liouml to
erect the building from any m' tho
designs submitted.
If the design awarded first place is
accepted, the proinium i-efen-od tn
above shall lie included in tho professional fee paid to tne architect.
Printed conditions governing tlio
competition can bo obtained by bona
fide competitors upon application to
tho undersigned.
F. 0. Q AMBLE,
Public Works Engineer.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 7th Moy, 1008. td
Regulations    for   the    Uucking
Mooring of All Vessels Arriving at
British Columbia Ports from Plague-Infected Ports.
(Approved by Order of- His Honour
tho   Atlministriitor-iii-Uouticil,   dated
8th April, 1908).
1. All vessols arriving at British
Columbia ports from ports infected
or suspected of being infected with
Bubonic Plague shall conform to the
following regulations:—
(a.) Vessels shall bo moored or
docked at a distance not less than
six foot from wharf or land:
(b.) Ropes or chains connecting
a vessel with wharf or land shall
be protected by funnels of size and
shape satisfactory to Local and
Provincial Boards of Health:
(c.) All gangways shall be lifted
when not in uso, Gangways when
in use shall bo guarded against the
exit of rats by a person specially
dotailed for this purpose:
- (d.) All vessols changing route
to solely British Columbia ports
shall givo satisfactory evidence oi
disinfection and extermination of
vermin to Provincial Board of
3. Every owner, agent, or captain
of any vessel, and overy other person violating or instructing, authorizing, ordering, pormitting, or otherwise suffering any person to violate
any of tho foregoing regulations
shall be liable, upon summary conviction before any two Justices ot
tho Poaco, for every such offence to
fine not exceeding ono hundrod
dollars, with or without costs, or to
imprisonment, with or without hard
labour, for a term not exceeding six
months, or to both flno and imprisonment in tho discretion of the convicting magistrates.
Dated at Victoria, 9th April, 1908.
(By Command).
Provincial Secretary.
Charles J. Fagan, M.D.,
Secretary Provincial Board of Health.
Dowager Empress dies there will bo
sorious trouble. Tho revolutionaries ard steadily active, nnd despite a
reward of $200,000 on tho hoad of
tho loader, Dr. Sun Yot Son, ho evidently cannot bo captured.
Mr. Woody—Music Is n most fac-
rlmitln-r study. Do you know I'd
I'lVo  to Ronu awfully.
Miss Illiint1 (w'lo has heard him) —
Oh, you do.
'exchnngo of greetings was followed
Ottawa, Ont., May 80.—Ths Son- j by tho roll call, committee appolnt-
nto hns given the third reading to j monts nnd tho work of formal or-
.fapan hns been tho hotbed for Im- tho govttnm<mt m ln th» OaBnod | ganlzntlon.
planting tho seeds of sodltlon a- aooda Att ftnd t[> amfnd the Moata . NonrIv five hundred visiter* nro
mong tho younir Chinoso. About 2- nnd Cnnnod Po()ds Aet of lut ^ \ „Uon(iIng th„ convention. Good slz-
000 students from China go to Toklo sl()n Tho third r*aill*« wns also »d delegations are on hand from
to attend tho universities, and thoro g)von to tho pao|fl0 Cmtt p,,., ,n. .MlnnonpoHll| st. Louis,. New York,
loan, many things.    Tho Chinese aro „„„,„„, 00i ,„„,, <yam o|tlc9 ,„ th„ {Mm 9tftt.
^ginning to flnd out thnt city Is no     A bm to i,,c01.p0rat8 th. Dominion es.  nnd from  Honolulu and various
Placo tor the    hoys, and they    will l^i,,,,.!,^ and PowOT company gave '■ points In Sofilh America and    Eu-
,now send them to other countries - „„ to dlseull.loI1 0, tho queati™ of rope.
I America aad Burnr*. ' ,     k
Notlco to Architects.—Oompotitivo
Designs.        '   •
The aovoriimont of British Qolum-
bla invito tho Architects of- British
Columbia to submit competitive designs of a Public Hospital for tho
Insane, which it is proposod to oroct
at Conuitlnm, situated your .Now
Westminster, B.C.
Tho designs, accompanied by specifications, roports and ostlmntos of
cost, end superscribed, "Design, Public Hospitnl for the ..Insane," and ad:
drossed to tho Hon. lho Chief Com
mlesloner of Lands and Works, will
bo received up to noon.of Tuesday,
tho 80th .luno,  1008.
The designs, specifications, reports
nnd estimates of cost shall havd no
distinguishing mark or motto, tho
author's nnmo being enclosed .in
blank envelope socuroiy attached to
the design submitted.
The design shall lo adjudicated up.
On .by nn Architect practising outside tho Province, to bo scloctod by
tho Government, aftor tho 80th Juno
The design placed flrst by tho Ad-
Fuel ior Public Buildings.
Wholo or separate sealed tenders
will be received by tho Hon. the
Chief Commissioner up to and including Monday, the first day ol
Juno noxt, for supplying and delivering best lump and washed nut coal
required at tho Provincial Government Buildings at Victoria, Vancouver ond New Westminstor, B.C., as
enumerated horeundor, during, tho
yoar ending 80th June, l!)09, to bo
delivered in such quantities and at
such timos ns may bo directed during the poriod above stated.
Tho approximate annual consumption of conl nt each    of tho   buildings named Is as follows:
Best lump conl—
Parliament     Buildings,     Victoria,
280 tons.
Government Houso, Victoria,   110
Court House, Victoria, 60 tons.
Jail, Victoria, 100 tons.
Court Houso, Vancouver, 88 tons.
Court House, New Wostminstor, 70
Provincial   Hospital    for   Insane,
Now-Westminster, 00 tons.
Jail, New Westminster, 40 tons.
Washed nut caal— .
Provincial   Hospital    for   Insnno
New Westminster,. 1,200 tons.
The aboyo^mentloned quantities aro
not guaranteed; the quantity actual-1
ly required may be under or   above
the figures stated.
While' tenders shall be accompanied
by a cheque in tho sum of (800,
and soparato tondors by a cheque in
tho sum of 5100 oh a chartered bank
of Canada, mndo payable to the Hon.
tho Chlof Commissioner, which will
be forfeited if the party tondorlng decline or noglect to enter into the
Contract when called upon io do so.
The chequeB- of unsuccessful tondor-
ers will be. rotucnod upon tho execution of' the contract.
The Depar'tmoVit is not bound   to
accopt the lowest or any. tonder.
Tenders-must be signed by the actual signature of t)io tondeiors.
Public tVorks'Engineer.
Lands hnd WorkB Dopnrtmont,
Victoria, B.C., Uth May, 1908.
lie Jones Hotel
Gatacre . treet.
P.O. Box 54 'Phone 44
Dealer ln All Kinds of
Meats Delivered freo of charge on the
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
Wllui,ESAU: ANll ItBTAlL
Ladysmith, 11. 0.
and Pastry
Always Fresh on Hend.
Wedding ond Pnrty Cakes Made to
Fruits and Candies ot All Kinds
Prices are    very   reasonable.     AU
Customers treated alike.
On the E'splanade.
Ladysmith, B. 0.
Full Stock ot Miners' Tools.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kinds o.' Blacksmlthlng
Done at Short Notice.
All Home Oured
Roberts St. Butcher
Tho attention of the Lands nnd
Works Popaftmont having boon dir-
octod to tho faot that .ty>wu lots In
a townslto namod Prince Rupert,
being ■ a subdivision of' Lot 042,
Range li, Coast District, situated' on
tho mainland between tho mouth of
tho Skeona River and Kalon Island,
are   being   offered   lor sale, lt has
been deemed necessary to warn the
public that the said townslto is not
situated at the terminus ol the
Orand Trunk Pacilic Railway, and Is
not the townslto which is owned
.Jointly by the Government of British Columbia and the Grand Trunk-
Pacific Railway Company.
Chlot   Commissioner   of Lands  nnd
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.O., Kay 1st, 1908. ta Ui
Our Millinery Department Is crowded with nil tho    Latost
in Ladles'  flats.
A  Visit   to  Our  Show  Room, will Pay You.
101 TO CO., IE
T r\C\ A T ATT?"il.7*C. have themselves. They're beastly
LiV/V AJj   ll -Ci VV tO    stubborn when they stick.
*— , The boxing contest on Saturday
Don't forget the meeting of the evening was something of a fiasco.
Celebration Committee on Friday ev- The two Smiths and P. Reynolds
oning in tho City Hall nt 8 o'clock. an(j Ct Thomas put up good prelim-
All those interested nro expected to inaries and tho first two rounds ,of
bo present. the main event were fast and fierce.
♦ Wynn aU but had Brady out in the
The funeral of Alex. Thurston who second round; but in the third    the
was killed at the    Chemainus   saw- latter quickened up and Wynn's logs
mill on Saturday took place to-day. cramping   he     was   forced to quit.
Deceased was a Mason and   quite a There was only a small attendance.
, number of the  order went  down  on ■    ^
the morning train from here and one of the gun men came home
Nanaimo. awfully disconsolate on Monday  ev-
♦ — ening,      He   had made   the   worst
The death is announced from   Na- shoot of his life, blamed himself for
naimo of His. Isabel Haggart, wife losing his team first place and gen-
of Mr. Jas. Haggart, who was for erally felt small and ^mean enough
many years superintendent of tho to creep through a crack. And,
Dunsmuir mines. And, worst blow of all, a fair lady
— .i +■ ■ — with whom he thought ho was mak-
D. Johnson is putting up two fine iiff fine progress, cut him dead. The
billiard cues for competition in his P°°r man vows he will yet convince
new billiard rooms.    Dave is   going that    fickle   lady   he can shoot
to run a handicap and names may
be given in at tho parlors until
Wednesday next. Twenty five cents
will bo cbargod for admission, but
no charge will be mado for tho table for the handicap game. Threo
entries is the limit for each player.
The conditions of tho handicap will
bo announced later.
This afternoon was Ludies' Duy
at the bowling alley.
Mr. Parrott's second alloy will soon
be ready for uso. The outside work
is finished and the floor should be
ready for use by the end of tho
A prizo of ono dollar is being offered this week at thc bowling alley
to tho highest scorer in each day's
bowling, .Mr. SSUick's scoro ot 235
last week, has not yet been touched
nnd it seems us though It would con
stitute a record for some time to
The latest Ladysmith fushion is
motoring. A party of young bloods
went out tho other night and had a
dollghtful run until thc car stopped
on a hill. Thnt was six miles from
home. Nothing thoy could do would
turn a wheel so they pushed tho
blame thing up the hill to give it
fuir start. It wouldn't run down
tho hill and the boys hiked it In
home with sore feelings and sorror
There is another automobile story
from Extension. The owner of tbe
car up thero took a party of lady
friends out for a drive. Everything
went well and they wcre scudding
along post Northfleld when tho car
stopped. No fixing was possible,
nnd rigs Imd to bo procurod to get
tho party homo. Theso old cars
are only good so long as  thoy   lie-
ar 66c and 76c. Spoclal... 85c
Regular 91.25.   Special — 76c
Grey and Black. Reg. 12.30
and 13.00.   Special   $1.00
BOYS' SUMMER CAPS. Rogular 76c.    Spoclal   26c
60c to $1.25.   Special   He
I f.
William's Block
straight as tho best of them.
Quite a crowd of Ladysinith people only got homo from Nanaimo on
Tiiosilnv morning.
No accidents were reported from
the Celebration on Monday. A Ladysmith man and his little girl had
a very narrow escape of being badly injurod, howevor. The man, Qustr
Knllio, was leading his little girl
across the street when he was knock
cd down by a horse. Gust, sustained a bad face scrape and the- little
girl was also scratched and bruised
about tho arm. That, howevor, was
all the injury they suffered and they
were able to return home all right:
man did with this mousy. It la believed that $760 which shs put In
ths bank shortly before her home
was consumed by flames, was all the
money that wee left. It Is likely
ahe Invested most of the mossy she
took from her victims ln real estate.
 '♦   ■ .
PARIS, May 23.-A woman knows
as Marie Giles, wbo wu arrested at
Nice on suspicion ol having murdered her employer, a beaker nan
Huimbault, has bees pat through a
terrible ordeal to make her confess.
She wss Informed that ahe must be
confronted with-the body which she
cut to pieces. The woman bees
livid with horror end desperately resisted the efforts of the gendarme to
drag her to the death room.
She was forced' to go however, end
when she passod through th* doorway another gendarme suddenly put
the decapitated head before her face.
The woman went Into hysterics and
wildly declared    that she had    i
; J    Another large consign- ', [
• ment of these celebrated - •
'•! hand-tailored garments.    <!
:!      Ltdies'^Outfitters.      ',',
ai ':„,'■ jiii-in' im Basss&3SBmmt*SBmBS2g*=&Baas&
killed her master, hut admitted tbat W*llllH"H''H''H"H''H"H'-tl'l''H-
ln a moment of panic had out  the f" *
body to pieces.   She declared that he .J UP-TO-DATE ! ''
stabbed himself tn tho !.oart     while   L
taking a  foot!-;- '
A letter -. tten by Ralmbault Just
before Ms death seems to bear out
the woman's version. As she cannot write, it is Impossible that she
could have forged this letter, which \ i i
contained Instructions as to the disposition ot the body.
       » .     -
SEATTLE, May 28. - Dr. B. F:
Roller, of Seattle, won his second
consecutive match from Fred Beell,
the little Hercules, last night at the
Dreamland rink beforo a crowd that
was scarcely smaller than that which
greeted them oni .their first appearance. It waa n hard strugglo moro
varied thon thc flrst, and showed
the Seattle man faster and bettor on
his feet than over bofore. Ho took
#ie flrst fall in forty-six minutes,
and flve seconds by clever leg work
followed by a half-Nelson. Tho second bout lasted thlrty-flvo minutes
and thirty-olght seconds, and was
the outcome of a series of looks,
, starting with chancery and going to
. a leg lock, and ending with the scissors. The total time for the two
falls iras ono hour and twenty-one
minutes and forty-three, seconds ai
compared with two hours -and fifty
seconds in the flrst match.
•Mors Then 100 Persons Afe in Prison as    Result of   Discovery of
Plot to Assassinate Sultan.
Two American women are thought
to have figured In a proposed plot
to assassinate the Sultan of Turkey,
capture his throne and establish a
parliamentary government here.
"Miss Mary Jameson," who speaks
English fluently, and who says she
is an American, is under arrest with
four other women, one of whom
also claims the United states as her
native land. All told almost 100
prisoners, mostly Armenians and
Turks, are In prison, charged with
participating in a plot to blow up
Yildiz Kiosu and other institutions.
It is said that the bombs with
which they -wore armed cost $200
There is much mystery surrounding
"Miss Jameson." Though sho claims
to be a naturalized American citizen, American Minister Leischman
has not appeared in her behalf.
Men Judge other womon by thoir
own wives. What kind of a wife are
We all know the man who peevishly asserts that every daughter of
Eve is a. shrew—when out of his
wife's hearing—and we aro not a bit
surprised when the woman noxt door
tells ua that Mrs. Blank makes
Blank's Ule a burden to him with
her shrewish tongue.
For how would Blank have reached
his never to-be-shaken conclusion on
woman's temper unless he had been
well drilled at home?
And when our bachelor brother
gravely quotes, "Inconstancy, thy
name Is woman I" Re put down the
family album and inquire solicitously, "Stung?"
Man is a transparent creature in a
clever woman's hands. He does not
realize it, but ehe can trace his
whole romaKti. history by his various theories about woman.
And consistent! It is really wonderful how consistent a man can be
when he begins to talk about women.
In one and the same breath he
will tell you that ho simply hates
a learned woman and praises to the
skies Prof. Madlo's wife because she
helps him to his work.
He condemns extravagance in dress
and passes the bost drossed woman
in the neighborhood ea a model.
He tells family secrets without realizing they are secrets. And that
is why ao many women wear an
anxious look while presumably en-
Joying themselves in society.
Not Jealous, oh, dear not But II
that sharp Mrs. Tattle keeps John
Henry In conversation another minute she will know the particular
brand of bloom of youth John Henry's wife uses.
In Just six minutes J. H. will be
severely    criticizing    women    who
Miss B. Uren is spending a day or
two with her parents.
Mr. de Gex returned home Tuesday morning after a few days' absence.
Mr. Wm. Boveridge was in town on
Tuesday morning.
Mr. E. M.
Yarwood was   in   town
Mr. J. H. Simpson wau in    town
thiB morning.
Miss McKay   returned   home from
her holidays this morning.
Mrs. Belle Guineas Believed to Have
Accumulated $56,900 by Alleged Carnival of Crime.
LAPORTE, Ind., May 3S.-In her
alleged campaign of murder Mrs.
I'elle Guiness is aald to have carried
very profitable "business,"
which, according to ths latest figures
obtainable," netted her $55,900. A
tabulation which follows showed how
she obtained sums of money from
these victims:
M. Sorenson, first husband, life insurance amounting to $8,000.
Peter Guiness, second husband, life
Insurance $4,000.
Charles Erdman,   Newcastle, Ind.,
Herman Konitzer, La Sails avenue,
Chicago, $5,000.
Ole Budsperg, low. Wis., $2,000.
John O. Moe, Elbow Lake, Minn.,
Geo. Berry, Tuscola, 111,, $1,500.
Henry Gtrfaalt, lola, Wis., $1,000.
From   fire    Insurance on Guineas
home ia Chicago, $8,600.
In addition to these sums, Mrs.
Gulnees Is supposed to have received
¥1,000 each from four, other
whose bodies were found on the
"murder" (arm, end $1,000
from the fifteen men with whom the
woman had been corresponding. This
makes a grand total of $64,900,
which Mrs. Guiness ls supposed to
have received.    The authorities have
failed so far to learn what ths  Wo-    •And mbm a few men gather toge-i a
ther, begin to hary on women's Int
end her life. No ono was disposed
to believe the young man's story,
and he was locked up while tho
search lor evidenco and motives proceeded.
Tbe physicians who conducted the
post-mortem invesfl.Ti-.tion diBcovor-
ed, as they afterwurd testified, unmistakable evidenco that the girl
had been criminally assaulted preceding the shot which ended her life.
This was not the only motive lor
ending tho girl's life. Lilllo Davis
was tho only eye witness to tho killing of hor brother, Irby Davis, who
was shot to doath, it is alleged, by
Roy Hale, a younger brother of Ack
Hale, a few months before her own
death. Upon her ovidenco might
have depended the fate of Roy Hale,
and from this standpoint hcr removal may have beon looked upon aa
one of the essentials to tho safety
of Roy Hale.
Ack Hale, too, was about to leave
for the west, and, had purchased
ticket for Colorado. Ho came horo
before starting on his intonded Journey, apparently for no other purpose than to meot tho Davis girl.
So far as is known, Lillle Davis
hadno motive ior taking hor own
life. She was to havo become tho
brido of John E. McRoberts, of
Wise County, Va., only a few days
later than tho dato of hor death.
All arrangements had boon mado lor
the -wedding, and tho girl talked
her nolghburs and frionds with
interest of the timo when sho
to become a bride.
school and waa admitted to the bar
in Connecticut and Illinois in 1908,
After completing hie college course
hs entered tbe First National bank
as assistant cashier. He was elected vice-president of the institution
in 1904 and president a year ago
last January,
—. -'.,- '.*) .      	
•Atlantic, N.Y., May-28,—The German tramp steamer Hornse, of 1000
tons, bound from Colon for St.'
John, haa gono ashore on Littio
a'bout five miles north ol here.
i$l| dm
All Work Guarantao.1.
TO LBT.-Mr. H. Pollard, of    Second Avenuo, has a front furnished
- bedroom to let, m20-3t
Just  received    at   CAVIN'S
SHOE STORE—A fine line   of
Misses'    and   Children's   Dark
Chocolate    Colored   -Shoes. —    \
"Good Stock."
Sizes 6 to 7j> ..,.„....,  $1.50 \
Sizes 8 to 101  i  $1.76 , \
Sizes 11 to 2  $2.25 . \
Ladies'     White    'Canvas
Oxfords,  $1.50    .
Cavin's Shoe Store
Every Convenience,   and Everything
ol the Best,
Jos. Nankivell, Prop.
Hotel Cecil
Clean Lodging and Hearty Boarding
White Cooking and White Service.
Joliot, 111., May 26,-Geo. Wood-
run, president of tbe First National
Bank of thla city, celebrated his
twenty-seventh birthday today. It
la claimed for Mr. Woodruff that ha
severely     criticizing    women    who u the youngest national bank nnaal.
rouge-end that's all that Is needed'„77*.JT^7. ", ', ,  ""^P""'
to put Mrs. Tattle wise.  She knows *"* in **» Vnitai stata»*    «• »"
that a   man   would never introduce graduate   of   Yale- • University law
the subject unless he had seen    the'
roses grow on   his wtfs's   dressing
Every married woman haa a chance { XT T
that   means €     1   |i|||*      I I ff ,\ I
strength and   Inspiration for  those J    X vUl       Li 11 kJ ll
about you.
It is not for yourself alone,   but    i
all    women,   the   shadowy, unseen'
hand of women that will live in the1  '
future, es well as   those you    can'
influence today. '
-    I
perfections    and   prey   weaknesses
there will be one man—your husband—to sal1, "I know one woman
who la good- and true and finel"—Ex
BRISTOL, 1-aun., May BS. - The
second trial of Ack Bale, vho Is
charged with having criminally assaulted and murdered Llllle Davis,
a pretty Bristol girl, eighteen years
old, ln Bast Hill cemetery here, I
March 37, 1907, le docketed to begin in the circuit court at Blount-
villa this week. Ths flrst trial was
held last September end resulted in
a disagreement. - Ths Jury ls said.
to have stood eight for hanging,'
three for a penitentiary sentence and
one for acquittal, . j
No other criminal cose of recent
years haa attracted ao much attention throughout this section of the
country ss has that of Ack Hals'.
On tha night of the alleged murder Lilllo Davis was Iound dying In
Bast Hill Cemetery with a bullet
wound In her breast. She nevor regained consciousness to tell
story of the tragedy.
Ack Hele, twenty-five years old,
who had spent the day with Mies
Davis, was arrested on the scene of
ths tragedy. He Insisted that the
girl had shot herself atter repeated
declarations that she was going to
By coming to the Foundry
you save commission, express-
age, and package, and make
your own choice.
We challenge comparison, either In Price or Quality of
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited
l%a>%«»>a>a>»«f»«>« »%«-»«■ %g|
Upholsterer and
Mattress Maker.
'■- ■•--j    *•*
Repairs promptly
attended to.
Leara Orders at Peterson's
Furniture Store. ml9
VtTTi 11 ll I il iHi'ill 111
on   Scrim   Tinted Linens,   or
Stamped on Wash Material*.     ',
Good Strong Linen and Tor-
I > chon Laces at
| Miss Uren j j
HW'W'I'HIHIIjllllwl [
A few on hand yet which aro
going Ht
$10.00 la
Iron Bod, full sizo electrical
Woollen tops and Bottom Mattresses at  ;  #13.50
Throo-Quarter size at .... 12.50
Ono Half size, at   11.50
The  Snow Flako Mattress,—
tho Mattress for Comfort.
Samples on hand for   inspection.
IS. Peterson
Phone 13.
First Avenue
Fop the ??ti Nad
Finest Cakes and
Pastry in Town
Orders Promptly Attended to
Post Cards
<7~ At 15c a dozen   ' *s>
First Avenue
Ladysmith, B.C.
<*>»> »»>%»»»«
j A.B. HILBERT     •
j Telephone, 1 2 4.
j Nnnnini >, II C
j. m. mo$GAN,
Teacher of Voico Production and
Engagements may bo loft nt tho
Standard Ofllco.
Canadian Bank
.   of Commerce
[Established 1*87]
Paid up Capital.. .Slt.OIMOO
Ml.............. I S.MMI0
Savings Bank Deposits of $1
and upwards received, and
interest allowed at current rates.
L. II. de GEX, Manager,
Setting Eggs
Full Setting for $1.00
Leave Orders at O. Roberts' Butcher
Shop, First Avonue.
David T. Davie j
Come and
Inspect ■
my Stock of Latest Styles in
Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Specialty.
af,*%ddii)g ;|
High Street. J
Yr*!^!*!*!!*! V-i%-a*i|--||-||"i>WWf|^*-l-|^
Pods and Lines
Flies and Tackle
For All Kinds of Fishing.
Ice Cream
10 Cents a Dish
Cigars   Tobaccos.   Soft Drinks
Excellent Boarding
HEPPLE &   m [TH,
Special Meal Tickets for
the Week
Mrs. 8. Decker.
THAN WOOD. . . .
H. Thornley
Notice Is hereby glvon that I shall
make application to the Board of
Licensing Commissioners of the Olty
of Ladysmith at tholr noxt regular
meeting for a transfer of tbe retail
liquor license now held by me for
the premises known as the Columbia Hotel, sltuuto on Lot 2, Block
80, Ladysmith, from myself to Clement Tebo.
Ladysmith, B.C., May 6, 1008.
The Committee   ol ths Ladysmith
Football   Club request that all  accounts sgalnst the Club be rendered
_..,,.,      ,       ,i  , r    in on or bofore Wednesday, May SOth,
Notice is hereby given that .I will |n „,,    ,h t th   01ub.,'b00Y,  „„;
not bo responsible for any debts cm- |M ^^ fof        mum v
tractoil in my nemo. 1 w __ .aiu nunv
JOSEPH BLAIR.   | W- •• "^"J*
Ladysmith, May 38, 1908. 8t oecretary.


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