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Ladysmith Standard Mar 21, 1908

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H>>»>>»»>»»»-»^^*-»^»<^gB»*f>**»at.-**-*-»*»*'fc »»««»al
— ■
Free Golden WestSoap
and Washing Powder
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with every 50 cent Purchase of
Golden West Soap and Golden
West WashiDg Powder
To obtain this Silverware nil you have to do is to
purchase 50 cents worth of Golden West Soap, 12 bars,
or Washing Powder, or '25 cents worth of each, and
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f I
111 Cl
PLYMOUTH, Bag., Mar. 30- Ths
British steamer Accers, from 3yo
man, with 156 man and womsn, In
cludlBf a dstachmont ol an Indian
regiment, is thraa day. overdue.
Much anxiety ls expressed for her
safety. Oa her voyage up from
Sierra Leon ah. put lu st ths Canary Islands from which plac. .he
ullsd oa Mar. 10.
the jeweler;
Seo Our Window.
MrHtHT+H H 4 ♦ 44 M
Job Lot Snaps
J. E Smith,    Roberts Stree
Ladysmith, Mur, 20.—
Editor Standard :—
Dear Sir,—In lust Wednesday's issue, Mr. McMillan hus a letter in
which ho states hia reasons for not
Joining thu Socialist Party, Our
present system of "civilisation" is
abhorrent to hi
solution of thu mutter
aryj"'   JJ our   solution
U. (Javin   Will    Opeii Out   Now
Business in (Jill Post Ofllco
Next Muntu,
The Oitlzon'fl Leuguo hold their ro-'Mr
gulur. meoting on    Thursday   night, I
nnd the llvoliost discussions thut has
been Indulged In for some time made _ 	
the meoting most Interesting and   a     Thoro will shortly bo another
      .    very proiltnble   evening- i-us   spent, 'place of business in town.    Mr
but the Socialist ahe. League ls getting down to sumo Nicholson is
is "vision-  real l)"si"ess, mill tho Sot-rotitry has uld post oiliuo for 111-. 0, Cu
is "vision- instructions to write no lower   than  is going Lu run a    Bh.
usy now fitting up tlio
nry" compared with his, then the thirteen otters on matters of inipor- Mr. (Javin wus with Simon Leiser
adjectives "visionary" uiul "practl- ta,,t DU8»i0ss which wns brought up. Do., and is woll known,
cal" have oxohungou thoir meanings. Instead, therefore, of the League Tne Store Will bo lilted uut in
Lot him go to tho owners of the cot- twcomlng n dead Issue, ns was pre- first oluss stylo, aud will havo two
ton mills in tho Southern States, dieted hy some of the pessimistic lino display windows and overy uio-
'Whoro babies 7 tu U years ol age are croakers when It was first organized doi-u convenience inside, Air, Ottvin
employed on 12 hour shifts for 22 '* ls becoming a roul live, rwl-hot will probably open about the begiu-
conts a day, sumo of them for 10 'actor, and In fact so far hus done ning pi April, uud us ho knows the
cents per duy, and preach bis plttti- a lot °f vory useful work (or tho business tnuruugnly, aud is well and
tudos- Thoy puy peoplo oi Mr. Mc- citv and has saved considerable inou- i'uvoruuly known, is suro ui' a good
Miilun'B cloth well to preach tho cy which tho Council would have had business.
Ooldon Rule, and listen to overy t0 expend for the work which it uu-
Sunduy, and it would bo tt pretty dertook to do und has successfully
sul'o assertion to make, that they carried out. .That nmoui.t of mon-
ui-o tho pillurs of religion iu their ey can now bo spent on sidewalks or
own localities. some,othor   way, but it is a   clear
To use Mr. McMillan's own words; e"'" t0 tho city,
"tu my mind it is not possible." Thoro nre still quito a number   of
Tho sneer —"a sense of duty- to business mon who do not nttempt
thoir neighbor which is involved in to render uny assistance to the Loathe Socialist ideal, but which tho Ku0- lllld ]t is iust as well to Jog
Socialist himself doos not now pos- thoil' SaxsAaatos-y of the fact that tho
soss," seems to me to como with vory majority of them hnve more ut stake
I bad grace from a minister of tho '" a business way than tho most of
Christian religion. thoso who aro    doing the work   In
if tho ministers of the religious or- connection with the League, and it
'ganiztttions of tho day were to show B08ms strange that thoy persist in
tho widsom and sincerity oxhibitod overlooking their own interests. Tho
by thoso "would-be champions of tho League has boon soliciting thoir as-
working man," tho Socialist repro- sistanco from the beginning, and it
sontatlves in all countries, thoy,«», "'ncei-ely to be hoped that thoy
would retain and augment that which I , l- "" bo on lw"d at the noxt rog-
thoy confess thoy are rapldlv losing, I _T J^ting tho 2nd of April to
viz.' "Tho confidence" of tho   work- hoil! *hos?   '*vh0 an   aa,olae  them.
Other plucos havo thoir 20th   Con-
Phone 7-0.
tho work,
lug class *-ih their wisdom and intentions."
•As one -who is doing his best to
got the 'Working class to do Its own
thinking, in'order to accomplish its
own emancipation, by the spreading
of tho principles of Revoluntury
I remain, otc,
J. H. B.
P.S.—I havo not doalt fully with
Mr. McMillan's letter. His "points"
woro either covered In my previous
lettet, -which he has seen fit to ignore, or tho nnswors wero so obvious
thut it wns not necessary.
Items from the
Big Gitj
NlilW 1011K, Mar. il'l- 'tho waiter you tip iu uny of tho fashionable
restaurants along Fifth avenue or
Broadway is a club member. Thut
is, hu is u club member if ho is u
goud waiter, otherwise tho Ueneva
Association won t elect hiiu to mem
botship. lu order to be considered
eligible to this exclusive organization a waiter must know several
languages and the whole gamut of
pen-eying line tood ln a superflue
way. l-'ur the past week the members havo been on their best behavior fur the association has been looking for the Ideal waiter to .represent
the American branch ol the organisation at tho coming annual convention which is to take placo at Dresden, (ioruifiity, noxt month. Only tho
real beau ideal ls to be chosen, snd
tury clubs and othor schemes to
boost tholr home city nnd why
should not ovoryono be willing to
ronder overy assistance to make our
surroundings more plousnnt and on-
lnrge tho profits by holding out somo
inducements lo those who cuine hero
to inspect conditions. Look at tho
large outlays that are being made
by tho companies hole, und ask your
self if all that capital Is boinir spent
to simply got rid of It. Peoplo aro
here ulmost overy duy looking for
locations, but thoy see nu signs uf
progress and thoy go-somewhere else,
and this year the ball has boon started rolling and it is up to every
business man in Ladysmith, if ho values his business, to got right ln mid
make a lively little place of Ladysmith from now on. His efforts will
be best spent ut tho Leuguo mooting.
18.—A despatch to the Express
from (liildulajara, Mex., says:
Hoporls hero state that Joso
Maria Motono, owner of tho
Ssa Pedro ranch in *omposi-
tal, Yn., committed suicide boforo hundreds of pcoplo hy go-
lag Into a cattle pon and allowing a bull to gore him to
death. He had Issued invitations to the exhibition.
Legislature Passes Law Providing a
Heavy Penalty for Operating a
Pool lioom. Strict Measures.
FBANKFOIIT, Ky„ Mar. 18.-Wlth
tho passing of the anti-pool law that
provides a heavy penalty for operating a pool rodlu except as book-
making on the race track during tho
race meeting, the l'J08 session of the
Kentucky legislature adjourned to-
all of the waiters in Manhuttan have'day. Only by the most harsh mo-
been closely inspected. The ussuclu- thods were triends of tho bill able
tlon Is international in Its scope, It0 bring it out to be voted on. Tho
and has for its object the betterment Precedent of years was overthrown
of tho serving class. It conducts ■when »n unfavorable committee on
an    ompluyment bureau, and.rule" *v"i ousted from control of tho
holds    lectures on cooking and ser- floor-    Tho bm    wos I'M««1 by
vie, voto of 58 to a.
The "Merry Widow" has been
great theatrical success ln New York
this winter, and now the waltz that
haa made    that comie opera famous
Is all tho rage among-society folks.
The dance Is such a strenuous affair that when one accomplishes all
of its intricacies,    he will have   no
further use for a gymnasium. Al-'havo decided that unless there is a
though they don't advortise tho fact, 'rapid settlement of tho present cri-
somo of the membors of the    "four'si. they     will formulate a  demand ,
hundred"     have taken up tho dnnco (or tho resignation of President Nord bassador to the United States
It Alexis and the formation of a  pro-
'- visional government, to he followed
PABIS, Mnr. 18— A special despatch received here from Port Au
Princo states . that the representatives    of    the foreign powers there
CALDWlaLL, Idaho, Mar. 18.— orchard was sentenced    to death here
Ontario elettions.
TORONTO, March 12.-TI10 Globe
says unit 1110 Legislature .will probably bo prorogued before Easier,
and tile general olectiuns will be held
tno second week in Juno, it declares that this is the desire uf Premier Whitney.
HKliLLN, Mar. iO.-'lhe government published a cablegram I'ruw
south Africa reporting a battle between tho (Jcrniuu oxpeuitiunury forces aud a body of Uut lento ls in tho
jfdiulury district. Tho Gorman soldiers had been uut tu Uud Simon
ivoppers, tho lust uf Uio ilottoutut
chieis, who is still hostile.
The ongugeuient wus a very severe
one. The enemy lost 08 killed.
Seven men and several women were
captured but Koppers escaped. The
Germuu losses were also heavy, Lap-
tain Von Erckert, couuuauder oi the
expeditionary force, Lt. Ebinger aud
twelve privates being killed and 17
wounded of whom nine were serious.
The German force loft Cocoas uu
Mar. li, 430 strong, with iour machine guns and 70U camels. They
mado forced marches into the water-
loss dessert for four days before stop
ping long enough to cook a fresh
supply of tood. The only water
found was a dirty pool, which was
insullicieut to quench tbo thirst oi
the camels. (Japt. Erckert dually
located the Hottentots' camp on
Mur. 17. He began tbo attack next
morning at daybreak and soon there
was lierce dghtiug all along tho lino.
The German commander fell in the
lirst of tho attack and the second of
licer in command took charge of ths
forces, wbich drove the Ilottontuts
from one position to another, until
linally they lied in all directions.
Unlet Kopper's power has been bad
ly weakened by this defeat, but it
will be necessary for the,Germans to
continue a vigilant watch over the
approaches to the desert.
A collision between tho German
troops accompanying an expedition
which Is engaged in deliiulnating ol
the Camerons and natives, also was
reported yesterday. The Germans
defeated the natives, but Captain
Glaunlng was killed.
Junius Buy J-OJS  it'll! i'luy Uie Seniors un tno sports uiuuuu.
iilOlO    Will        00   A    U.UUU   £IU110        UI
luuiouii ou the biiurts biuuud lu-
ulorrpw ulleruoou. jlio iiuys iruni
v iclui'iu are coining, and will uriug
up a siruug luiun. luo Hays ure
suod spurts, and Willi me weather
us lino us it hus boon all week a
pleusuut game will be seeu. The
visitors ure returuiuii by tho ufter
nuun train, so that tno kiotv-ou' will
Luivu place at 2.15 prompt.
L-NiTi'.i) ilij.vE    l>OltluiittS
in order to reduce thoir weight.
Is more effective than dieting
treatment, and much plensnnter.
Donald llrlnn. who takes the part
of tho prince in the "Morry Widow,"
wns invited to tho Vsnderbllt homo
rccontly, where alter the tea was
over, thoy all trlod tho waltz. Drlan
showed them some of the difficult
steps In the dance that they had not
acquired. A little later Mrs. Henry
P. Whitney gavo a tea, to which
llrlnn was Invited, and another
waltz rehonrsal took placo.
Tho crusade against unnecessary
noises In tho city haa been properly
enough under tho leadership of Mrs.
liico, wife of Prof. I. W. Bice, the
noted chess player. The Bices havo
their homo on the fashionable Hlvor-
slde drive and one of the greatest
sources of complaint has been against the unnecessary tooting ot whistles on the boats that ply up and
down tho Hudson all night long.
However, so sensitive to noises aro
both Prof, and Mrs. nice thnt the
professor had an absolutely soundproof chess room constructed underneath his house.
TOHONTO, Mur. 18— Addressing
the local branch of the Ancient Order of Hibernians last night, Andrew Cummings of Huston, National
President of the order iu America,
strongly upposed uny alliance between Grout Britain ami the United
Cummings said since the Spauish-
Americun war, Dritain und British
influence has l-oon trying anxiously
to bring ni|out an alliance with tho
United States.     Britain todny,     ho
Id, had seat Jimmy Bryco as   ain-
l lis
purticulnr mission is to effect un
alliance. Tho freedom of the union
wns bought with tlio blood of tho
Irish race, und as president of tbo
groau-st Irish organization iu itho
world, Cummings said he would use
all his influence to mako lt Impossl
com-1 bio for this to bs done.
and     This sentiment was applauded
immediately by the elections.
In tho meantime, the despatch
states, no further executions wlH be
Arrangements have been made, continues the despatch, with ths
mnndor of the German cruiser    andj   This sentiment was applauded   by
the British cruiser Indefatigable    to .the audience thnt almost filled Mas
land    marines at a signal from the sey Hall
legations.    Tho minister of war has
brought reinforcements from Oeonlev
by order of tho president, and he Is
managing    the town defences.     Th.
presence of tho    warships seems to
havs a   sulutory effect.
NEW YORK, Mar. 18- Tho' big
trans-Atlantic steamer Known Prince
Wllholm, which arrived today from
Europe, was in collision with an unknown stoamer while going up the
bay! Sho Is now lying at anchor
off St. George's with a large    gash
XBNIA,   III., Mnr. I8.-Catharlne '» h°r •*•">■
No direct report from the stonniet-
has beon received and the extent of
tho dnmago sho sustained Is not yet
known. It is believed the collision
occurred after the stonmor had cloar-
od at quarantine and wns woll under
trainer, the girl who killed Sam Roberts, hor lover on tho public square
here Monday night was convicted of
murder In tho circuit yesterday   and
sent to ths Jollst penttontlary. The
proceedings wore concluded In'   less ,
than Sfl hours aftor the killing.   She W to her d,,ck.     A steamer ,-hlch
It was hewn out!received 2S years sentence todny.     |« M has not boen Identified is ly
of the solid roek, and wns nn ideal |   The young girl during the   whole j'jw*-' "ncbor nonr •■*• K*°"?f.r'^
placo tor    n  chess match,    A num- ,.,,
berof the International chess tourna- saying she was glad she killed   Bo- ■■ «o thick that It Is Impossible  to 110M   ftnd
meats were hold than.                       bests and did not mind ths sentsnes. -ake out the vessel's name. recovory
■ - ■ •       ... ■■•    ■ : J',       ... .. .    1	
ui hiily Cents   uer    Moutii uu All
•Uouaburo 01' urgouiicaUon    ior
Assistance ol ldlu Members.
l*NMAAATULia# lnd.# Mar. 2Q —
Tiie naUuual convention ol the United Aline Workers ot America completed a discussion of the report oi
the scale committee by sections.
The lirst section adopted today
woe the one which levies an assessment of fifty cents pel' month on all
members of the organization, xhia
assessment as explained by Secretary Wilson, is for the assistance of
members of the union wbo by failure to secure contracts by. April 1,
may be. forced to idleness.
Other sections adapted authorized
the National Executive Board to increase, decrease, or discontinue tbe
assessment, order miners to proceed
to work where contracts wero sign-
ed or joint conferences are being held
on April 1, and ordered all miners to I was the legend: "Still with us." The
cease work on that date in districts sisnt of lt WttS. a*1 together too much
where no contracts have been signed,
Concerning Roosters, Cups, and the
I-'tuue of Uuptuin Adam.
The jj'rco fross iiooster was not
the only one that failed to put 111
uu appearance on Saturday. A gentleman uf iiio name of Hiley, und
cluei of jNaimmio rooters brought a
speciai rooster ui ma own broeaing
to town witn hini. itiiey, a seems,
led tho visiting footers vu U.e Nana-
iino depot, auu it wus pat; of his
echeino to head tne parade down
First Avenue alter the match hore.
So lie hud uu "lliguni" rooster
worked uu the buck 01 a silk shirt,
aud it was to shine out in all its
glory ufter me match wus won. lt
was ou view at hali-iime. He took
u JLudyBiuitu friend to a quiet soelu-
ueu place and snowed it tu him, uud
explained its purpose,
Ten minutes after tho second half
had started you would have sworn
liiiey-haun t a shirt oi auy kind so
closely wus he buttoned up. And he
never opened uut in Ludysmith. He
was too ueud stared the secret leaked out. Hu be buried tno bird, and
went home iu crepe,   poor Itileyl
There were other roosters, however
who did cunio out, one iu Knight's
window and the othor in Morrison's.
They were uoth dandy birds, too,
aud they were crowing as lustily as
any bird on paper ever did crow.
More than that, tlio reason of their
crowing was plainly set forth. JLa-
dysmith li; xNuuuimo 1, was their
perch, aud now ISunaimo people will
understand why tho boys took the
disallowance of thut third goal so.
calmly. Ihey know the roosters
were coming out, and they just hated to spoil the picture. Adam knew
us soon ns he did it that he had
nutdo u mistake in putting that third
ono through. Happily, Thompson
did not iusist on tho boys taking tho
There wus u cup in Ladysmith,
tou. it was uu exhibition in the
Big Store window, und at tho   foot
or where joint conferences are not
in progress. ^ y
Ail additional details were left to
the Autionul Executive Board. After the report of the scale committee
had been adopted by sections' without change, it was adopted as a
whole, and tho committee was discharged. (
The action of President Mitchell in
sending national board members, W.
It. Farley of Alabama, and Thomas
Hagerty of    Pennsylvania, to Wash-'
lor some of the Nanaimo folk. They
couldn't believe tbat Ladysmith over
possessed such a thing us u footbull
cup. They regarded it as a pure
fake. It's so long since thoy saw
ono that thoy couldn't leavo it. They
poured into the shop and neither the
manager nor any of his assistants
could convince them that it had any
right to bo there. They wanted to '
lift it right uwuy, connecting it with
tho game tu bo ployed; Of course,
they wero told they couldn't do that
but they assured thc manager thoy
would be right after it after the
gamo. They never called. They were
never seen on thut side of the street
Ington to join othor labor leaders ,» J^a%^'a\m\t% TturSay*
sec- Thoy aro believed to huve come from;
ig«< Nanaimo.     One    of    them at least
know smoothing of tho town.    Thoy"
were going    along towards   Hoborts
Alas, Jii-.fuy,    aud
ir,    urging them to st-md by
>re:ontzation nnd Its officers.
TiiNiiiNo cauitcii.
Prominent    Business
urging congress tp repeal the
tion of the Sherman antl-ti'ust
relating to labor contracts, was approved by the convention. Street, and had Just cleared tho La-
A motion urging all miners to sup- dysmith Hotel. Said tho one who
port ror legislature offices thoso In kllew tl,'u tow"' Indicating the Car-
„„„,..,,,,, ...tt , , , ,, lisle block: "Bore's that damned
sympathy    with labor organizations Allwu-B storu!.
was adopted. '. SUCh is fame.
The. delegates sang, "My Countrv, ituny people are asking where the
•Tls of Thee" In chorus, and the C"* baua *"? °" Saturday. -They
„„„ __.,■ _, _ , ' „ , missed a glorious opportunity. Kil-
conventlon adjourned sino dl. Pros!- 0y's rooster wus laid to rest without
dont Mitchell bade the delegates faro- a funcrul note, and surely it deserv-
woll on bis rdtlremon't ns their load- ed Handel's Dead Murch in Saul. All
( Jesting apart the baud did miss a
,tu, splendid' chance of advertising itself
. and ol serving the town, and many
citizens who have liberally supported
thom are usking the why and the
AT,- wherefore.
-    |   Kno also was a    dismal croak on
Saturday.    He got tangled up in  a
Man Murders uioguphouo and whoa ho got through
Wife (•oauuits Suicide, lnfutual-      "*? " cuuld"'t T1?" a ^T'   .A
younger   man     with    moro (h) air,
ed With Another Woman. (.both ways, please) is   wanted    for
—— his job, and l!*d. Louhy's    name has
MILWAUKEE, Wis., Mm\ 20-Geo. a,n-'au'' been mentioned.   Eddio   wus
uiiii ,.—.,..  . .. °ne of the "specials"    ou Saturday,
Willoughby,   manager of ths J.wstt tt„d lhe wa„ £ turnod th0 p<!0pie.Ji
und Sherman Company, early today the Held when that second goal   was
shot and    killed    his wife at their s<;om|. was a   trout in novony  and
homo on    Herr street.     Willoughby U"i """""J" hair and hot air,
thon fired two shots into his breast,'
and is not expected to recover. 'uiiEAT 11ISHOP   FOWLE-K DEAD.
It is said he confessed to the po- ——
lice that he had committed the mur- MEW Vultk, Mur. 20.—Bight lt«v.
dor because ho was Infatuated with Uhus. H. Fowler, bishop of ths Moth
another whom he bad boon support- odist church, died at bis home here
ing for four years. I today.
Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby last eve-. Uishop Fowler's long Uio was mining hnd attended a social at tbo ed with activity ior the church and
Park Placo M.E, church where both'the cause of education. Horn In
wero prominent woikeis Mrs. Wil-'llurford, Out., In 1837, he early
iiuglih.v. also tnuglii a Sunday evinced deep interest in his studies,
school class, 'ihey returned home aud graduated from (ienateo college,
und a  quarrel followed after     both now     Syracuse University, lu 1859,
tired; 'While .Mrs. Willoughby was as vuldktor ol his class. Hs also
itstcop he chloroformed hor mid thon' headed his class at graduation from
shot hot- boblnd tho loft oar, causing/ the Garrett lilblical, which he en-
instant death. Uo then shot hlm-'tored soon tutor leaving college, and
sslf. wus the drst man ta receive the hoa-
Wllloiighby at lirst denied ho had orary degree of D.D. trom that in-
shot his wife, but later admitted it. 'stitutlon.
Willoughby is 30 years,old. His wife! Alter completing his education hs
was throe years InTjunlor and was moved to Chicago    where he studied
tut tie of Michigan.
The many irlonds ol Mr. Tally
lloycc, ono of the bost known citizens of the town, will bo pleased to
loam that ho is in a fair way to
rocovory from tho effects Of the serious- accident he met with this morn-
Mr. Boycc had boon visiting his
two sons who work on the S.S. City
ol JViinaiiuo, and nt an early hour
hour this morning left them to return homo. Whilo rounding tho corner of Johnston's wharf, where the
loan is tied up, he stumbled and fell
between tho dock and tho boat into
tho wator, In fulling striking tho
railing of tho Joan.
Night Watchman Newman, ol tho
Joan saw Mr. lloycc full, and with
a boat hook, managed to got a hold
on his clothing, keeping him from
sinking until ho cried out and
cured holp,
Ho was removed   to the hospital,
and a nasty wound on.tho back
his head stitched.      Ho lay
law, but never practised that pro-
lession. Entering the ministry at
the conclusion of his law studies, he
served as pastor of several churches
in Chicago during the next twelve
years and in 1873 was sleeted president of the Northwestern University.
He remained at the hoad ol that Institution four years when hs became
editor ol the Christian Advocate. Us
was made general missionary secretary of the church In 1880, and four
years later became bishop.
proceedings" „.s q„.te"ca,m, coollyI.JfflhsJm off Stnten Island.    The fog ^£^i^>*&£
. . . o a ff . « .f. t . «, .... . . .
• EDMONTON, Mar, 18— Hud- •
• sun  Hay officials confirm     the *
' story of a groat gold strike la •
• FIndlay    rlvor district.    Hun- •
:* drods of    people aro gathering *
.u"c"?"l* hore ,or tae ■"■"lag rush. Stor- •
les of fabulous strikes ars    re- •
now iii a fair way   to *  ported. s
Nanaimo Froo Press. eeeeeessssssssesss CONSULT ME
It You Require Any
Or If You Require Any .
•   -•     * lTh»tb.r.
Or II You Want to Buy a BOUM.
sr toll One;   or II Yo»   Wast
Nassar rasas, Omreraaeer.
bor, Whlggism is more repellent than mile, and were to be encompassed
the newly tslcsn-on Toryism of,Cham with a ..strong wall, and ditch, so
bsrlefa. The w'arriag.lactiqni '. in that no.tonly, should ws bs.safe from
ths 'party,-, the snbderate Liberals, invasion of a foreign enemy;but we
the Whigs,..: the Radicals, the Labor should bs able to lord It over the
men and the Socialists, are bound rest of ths country. This coufeder-
to twist apart, and la spite of the ation within ths walls would easily
terrific turn-over of the lost general govern those' without. So' there
election, the forces of Conservatism- would have been no coming in of the
have their opportunity coming. Tholr tatterdemalions led by the gentry
weakness ln going to the people lies who love only those that, do nut
in the advocacy of tariff reform, but work.—London Standard,
they have now a  binding force     in 4 ■  '   ■
the menace of Socialism,     . .
bly some working compromise     —
be agreed on which will unite    the    Ths slag has    conferred a kaight-
whole party.  hood won Mr. Charles O. li.
»»»*»»%»»■» ays/si »y%»%%^%^%^»%<
the importation of Mainland  playors     Vancouver rugby men have shown UrtL"    it   it !^SB COntre for" I
by Island teams.   The News-Advertl- a «"»' example to Nanaimo and In- 'ment    adeuuntoiv     „„ *i i
ser reached tho   limit In last    Sun- fWsntally to the wholo Province   in 'ItmL ,     , '" ™ .both sides out „n  " Z """ "'"
oay's    Issue.      In a lino Pharasalt *lue,, sportsmanship.     Tho Hornets        >ng aa    'ar from decency    and *__,'    0es put UB a  bard fight. The
  Ulen   "'0','zy '* went ror everything and ev- tnmbb, with Hcforoo Talt woro tak- =ooi- niannors as the Free Pressman I      ?     Work of tl,e Shnmrocks wus
Meanwhile the eyes'of all men, Ir- ol ths'indian civil service, chairman ?he Mataloi,.. no??,UP, ^ Shorting wio?^dVifi?*wSi!? th°.  BUV?by ,*"* "tmjetl frow truth-     '^ -an G il"? ttan that of  °">    win-
respective of party, are fastened up-,'of the ^oration of Calcutta lor^tlo^on'^h "Zu^d. % In^ti^sSSS.'wa* ™ WhoB Jta"" ^ * ™t men-1"'   f T* ^ "" *°"«
■"--    writer     condemned tho Island _'_J___a;_ Iuld. tbo.   host Interest   of I   °n<i   *° there is ao "cod to, go onL,,..,,   _";? g     of    tllelr Indivldu
and possl-
the    The slag has
hoed anon Mr. Charles U,
this year, the former winning hy
score of 12 to 7.
The game was fast and clean, and
hard fight.
work of the Shamrocks
on the   sickbed of the aged premier
and statesman, who has found    his
meeting, honp contempt and contum-
!   Ths rullham boroush council oro- club? ,Qr st00P'ng to such practices, "Port demanded' that tho whole incl-
greatest weakness In tho hour of his'posss to aZt a Z_d6n^T,.    m ?n??maai 'J'6, matt who subn*ltt°d st™™i^ltm'   Iu thes0 d"»*"'-
f.n.atn.1 _i,~ .i.      T      V ".i*^ *" graBt "■ P*-*0* "I '■    ' to them, and denounced tho -Assocla- stan«!s the Vancouver men hold
greatest strength.     Loved and hon-  week to an old road sweeper,     who tion 'or permitting them,
orod by his followers, respected'    by --■'•• ""- •--■■
h|s    opponents, another great actor borough.
on the stage of Imperial politics
making his lost exit.
 »-   —   —.— .vw«   mn—tn,.,       nuu      „"7 *        *""—"IS   mum, o>    -i-   —.*-w.„j,v unil   ooillUlll-   u,,,.  , . 	
has gtvsn thirty years' work to  the    Thel'e w»re some grains of common- ^   UDOn    tho   tmlou officials, and iy notl    lYot the statement
. .. ^f   or7-ir,    ny...  »v     *«»  npnnn   In   lh.   ..i.ji:. ...;...    .....     .. IH'm-nort   In   1.I....L-li..t    XT ,_.   _       .... tlw.,.a i   .....   _.       ..    .
[with that part.     As for thesecond,
does the Free     Press man seriously
'state lhat     Jimmy struck Johnnie?
1860. —Born   lu    Salem,    Marlon
County, Illinois. \,
1881—Oraduatod from Illinois College, Jacksonville, 111.
1887—Removed to Lincoln, Neb.
.   1888 —Declined■• the nomination for
Pml.Umk—l ,m v/adnaui.v. .. .    Mum. Lieutenant Govoraor.
^.nAKo^by"h. I   1890-Eleoted to Fifty second Con-
~ * gross.
|   1892-Elected   to Fifty third Congress. .  v
I   1894—Declined a third nomination
for Congress.
I   18i>d—Nominated for President   in
$1.50 the National Democratic Convention.
TS    1900—Second nomination for l>re-
AdnrtlslBf Rates on Application.   ,!!*-»£  „.„   , , .. ,-_    ,,_
■ - - '   190o—Mode tour ct tho world with
Mrs. Bryan "   ■
THE PASSING OF "O.B." CHICAGO,    111.,.March 19. —Wil
liam J. Bryan,    twice the candidate
mlth   Standard
Msbt. R. Hindmarch,
Oas Year  i
■as Mosths 	
sense in the philippic; but such ox- P^eed to blacklist Nanaimo. What jt[uita' und for charity's sake we must,
tremlsm is genorally most absurd. It ft Borgeous .lot of sports theso Van- suppose that what on tho ,„ ,,,
mav bo a nlti, that <t,„ r«i i       couvcritos must hn I.    . ™M' oa tno face of it,
may bo a pity that tho Island  asso- co|,vcritos must bo.
[looks like a  deliberate
IW u% years Mr. James Farrow elation is affiliated with thatof
has ban in the
lord, _ 	
of R9 h.~iA „.in    At,"','   "","*"" """ mainiaim authorities could stop    In the Standard    published     It
ol 89 hsis still actively employed,    and dictate to the officers ofthe Is- tries to work an admiss on   ,„,„ JB „ ^^ earllor   ,,(
land League, and unless their    duty that football   was dead In Nanaimo l„ I       ^!,^' b?' ovon    that
tho way open it is ot   tho time Ladysmith   boat    their >        n0 justi,lcation, although it    is
But  it    won't go with us. |*ome Pal'iatlon, for what he did   It
Mr. James Farrow elation is affiliated with that of  tho     Tho   Freo Press    is     still kicking' i - , "'"■erate    untruth,   is
employ of a Hart- Mainland; but It Is a fact noverthe- against tho pricks.    It won't   stand,      ply a  m'stako in terminology.
bootmaker.     At the age Sni.ni",??0*!!,-40 T ;whoro the [T ^at corrected goal rocord  which     Jimmy dld foul JohnnIe.    Ho hud
"     »   Mainland authorities could stop    in the Standard    published.    It    even baa Johnnie's foot in hi. t-,i„    "
iZt, ''■'*.?„ to„-t.!w..0.mc<ira. «?.-*-. ^ ™* }°_a7# 4 admission from ™'few minutesPearlier *
According to the latest despatches 0,.th! Den,oc™'ic party for Presld-
at the time of writing sir ii»n^ °. th,° Unitod s'ate» ond- ln
Cam.,h.n« writing, sir Henry race track parlance,,  "the one-best
Campbsll-Bannerman, the premier of bet" for the nomination a-min thi,
*-ngiand, i8 slowly passing away yenr'„'Dmt his forty-oighth birthday
Even if he Bhould rally from hi. lit L" ?hicaSO today. Mr. Bryaii Is
ness which ev.rvh , J. ™m **• '!'• h"™ to speak at a meeting in the
^ss, waich everybody is hoping   he Seventh Regiment. Armory to-night,
Claim to be the    oldest teetotaler was plain .._„     „. .
,, , .    ,     „     , __ ldlo and foolish to denounce them
In ths world Is made by Mr. Junes    mdy^ith was dragged Into    ....  - -■>"  -r\ " *"* ""° "U1JU,S0 0I tba mo'
Thomas, of Southport, Eng., aged orticlo by tho heels. Tho writer was dysmith could never have, scored 16 ment and regretted as soon as it
88. who slimed the pledge whsn a surprised that we should have fol- f01«ls to thoir four. Thero was no ' wa8 (■„„„, It was Jimmy's one and
hoi nl IB low<,d th0 ca-nPles °< "ther   Island team   when   Gilmour   and   Blundell      ,     „       d
boy ot 16. t Thera would hnvo bM„ mof„ helpod Ladysmith.   And by tho way, °„ y     ™ .    . "° "l   ,    ,«.
■■ ♦   - room for surprise had wo not.    The these players were only returning   a same, yet ho ls charged with    con-
Allsgsd to have cut off ths tails of club formally raised tho* point of in- ,av0, th°y had had from Adam and t tlnually resorting to foul play and
nlns sows for the ourooss ot netting eligibility against , theso players on Morrison in another competition. We wltn belng unable to 0iimlnate his
Sa^'Ktffi 22l-«?£^^                 mptm^ffa^^^ » nhuymt,
man wu remanded at Clonmel, Ire- ed to consider   the    whole nuoittAn    kick as nnii-h ni,n..i .. -...-.i 1 .
work, getting many more shots
tho ffoal than their opponents.
I** do, it is safe to assume that which "J" mark tho formal opening
his active political career is over of tho Domoc,'atic campaign ih Chi-
Sir Henry is we]j .HV.n„„, , ' ""to-   ?hc demonstration has   been
Hs bolons. J th ° mrS' al??8?d by "*• Bryan-Lsagus,    of
. oeiongs to the same group     as wl»ch former Mayor Carter H, Hor.
fowler, Chamberlain aud Morloy, nnd r'"°n is the he"d-    i>u«lng the    day
the cares and responsibilitlo. _'.   u-    word was passed around that    this
high olllce hav. ,L»L . " WM   Mr' BrJ,a"-'s birthday   and   for
ujn omce have proved too much for several hours the distinguished   Neb-
,   "'""ced age.     it takes a man ra8kan wns. kept busy,receiving   the
of strong physique and    exceDtinnoi good wishes °' Wends nnd admirers.
Physical powers to discharge at   -~   -'?--0U?-- " is "°K .n^t,y- t*relTO
ed to consider   the    wliolo question., k'ck as much about a compliment be- as though the Free Press
Tho decision of    that meeting   wont inK returnod.   Oh, yos, Nanaimo haslto fasten a  bad name on
against tho viows held and urged by f"11 something to crow about, ovon
.        . the homo club,    and tho players   in though their rooster did havo an at-
Blood poisoning through    chapped qUo8tion doclnrod ollgiblo to compoto tack of lock-jaw-on Saturday nlo-ht
hands wss stated at a city of Lon- in Island League games.    Tho   club	
thrn   ''Inquest, to     have caused the had no    alternative    but to   follow  itttjit   im
Rosstta Ltney. ( club doos should got misrepresented
-   -■ -■l ♦    ■ from Vancouvor stated that the cham
The-king has been pleased to- ap- P1™8 wore playing live MalnlandorB
_i_„ _,   ■„„'••., •'_,»- „, ti»,.   in tho local press.    -A report coming
prove of the appointment of Rev. in thoil. n,^,, with ajaaalmo. u was
Canon Wm. Barker, B.A., rector ot on tho strength of that report that
St. M&rylebone, London, to the tho wrltor in tho Nows-Advortlsor
,.,.„_ „. p-.ii.i. ' started his scoring exercise.   Tho ro-
desaery of Carlisle. port   _.m   __pm   lnib_   victoria
(   '   • .,  ,      press also, and no amount of corroc-
Postage stamps to the value of a- tion now will ever remove tho    im- _^^^_^^^—_—-
bout'three hundred thousand dollsrs P'ossion that Ladysmith has set    ap comment as the Freo Press account,otner'8     offense.
.....       ...... in business as wholesale importers of of the groat gamo on Suturdny  has Struthors.
Mainland football stars. Hmw   in,- "-—'-* -    ■   -•
*on Saturday night.
TORONTO, Mar. 18.-President
Flanagan of tbe Irish Athletic Club,
says provided the Canadian Olympic
Games Committee Is willing, he will
onter Tome Longboat in the ten and
live mile events as well as in the
Marathon. The two shorter races
ore to be held earlier than the Mara
thon and he thinks the shorter distances will put the Indian on edge
for the 25 mile race.
NEW YORK,  March 19,
Hummell,   '"
man wants
bad name on Jimmy, so
that he can be hanged out of hand..|a| uummell> th„ lawyer> wh"o"    was
There is no doubt of it.    Ho says sentenced to serve a year in the pen-
jthat "several players were ruled   oil Kentinry for conspiracy in tho Dodgo
the Victoria football    field for fouls Mor80   divorce    case,    was released
. ,,. ..       ,.,„,   ,, from prison today.    His term    was
!not    a  whit   worse than Adams,    reduced to ton months by the illow-
Again he says, "though open to    be anco made for good conduct. Ho had
ruled off Adam    was merely penaliz- been notified that ne could lonvo   on
ed."    He ought   to    carry a  note tho workhouse boat at 7 o'clock this
_^^_______ I.     ,       . ,,       , ,a morning, but ho choso to valt i.mll
— book;     for no man can ^wrlte rabid tno regulttr bMt wo„,d liaka „ spe_
Freo Press Man Gives Full Vent to P™"""*169 oul <" bata "*cts'     Adam cial trin -"*•""■ "	
HIS Soreness Over Satur- I was never oven penalized.
day's   Defeat.
".duties of the p^SSS'&IS "EiS'nC? ^ ^^ "i8 ""'• "<'
actve leadership 0, the go'-ernment '	
in the House of Commons.     --C B "
.".b0en "•i"n« r"P,dU- these     last qualified
cial trip across tlie ri.-or for lib-
-     F«flher, I   Dressed in dark .-loth.-s in i 1 ',„.
  li?^01,1" Play°r* »«• »»»«l and »st stylo, which ho ^ordered   t
Ills   seldom    that a report of  .1*T"*'    both of    Na«aimo.    Tho 1^*" «J .**•. "•■»*.   Huinmol.
-- »~ *»•-- -o.»™ r—- " —»—» "as sot    ap    ommont^h ^ll*^ * raUCh '11- *"»'""' **" Si"">rm tor "»-,^ Show! tB2    "'"'
will bs exhibited at a  postage slump J !>usi-.css ns wholesale importers 0Pf TZgreat taI\Z ^T^T1' Tr .a     ""'^        mmM1 struck _g nt tho W-on, .to    K' v^
exhibition to he opened by Mr      S   M"lnlBnd '00t»f« stars. done   ThTlioSd tola  XW   7 ,^s, Struthors.    Even tho Free Press man *oro-   Thoy made a quick  r.-sh    tr
Buxtd. at Caxton "hal,,' Weltm'n.tcr.' th^it   s SS.   o Era Z7 ^ 1°/ ^ '^SS^ '" ^™^- tTb f »? ^ » a  ^, ^^-^ »d W *.«
than the    loco      IgM °    TM,   I.H il__f'_S__^T^'      Not so 'ho V°°" St'""ng and foulinS ««'q«Ulon to Hummell      C°        PUt a
hasn't dawned on tto NanaTmo spo     toa^o^«^ttt U^-T "S TiT'    Th°    inco"s""«»™   with i >t Is saTd tha™" rangoinont,   hnve
train %£l ^ " *'" ln tlm0'    Tho   ho««= elWZ proved* the l^?n l^8™ £ ""' "e Cb"m Mr- Thompson and'tf™ mn"° by Hummelfs"Si   ","■
Journey to Wi^ He^vasTot n^pT'w tT l^t'lcs' ^n^P ^ & "^ 'iablToT    Tl^ ^    S i^^sV^fhTb^
l.H. Forse, ths     well- »»d ''«•"»«'■   « Place wUh the  S tto Nan«l™nVi"f adm,1Med "° rauch' * «   .? "abiWty to mako    the lntely. "^ h,S bmn v
prim, of vigorous manhood .„d wei.>own Bristol M6. m-'   before ft*,^^^
on for the liighcst office in the
land, Mr, Bryan is still a comparatively    young   man.      Hs is in the
tho end of this month.
Becoming suddenly ill on a
when on a
Mare. Mr, A.' H. Forse, the
ii few
'ory poor
ivo had more mon; but it has nnv7 7tZ"Z~" "»l'-"a <■•><> penonnamoo of' ,'r'10 wholo trouble lies in tho fni-t
_ needed thom-yot: "°V   S^^'..?"!1.0 PO*"»My at- JJat Ada,,, ,8 pl„y|„g for Ladysmith
eightaan months, andZ_a"Znid'Z 5*T - fV£& 1%r£\*' ""* »"'»°° ?s resched. „,„„,.,„.. ^ ..   ..  ,.„„ .„, _y8mlln
recover from his present serious l!   Twelve years <" almosttonstant Sa-                         '^                            There is    another   point.   Are the     if .^Tm''Z™'            ,     ^ to wnui^T' ap.,leorl,lg for N»''«'mo
«Ution,    it is   ln-Zhi^H          V?\??a sP«ch,naUng have made no     ^r .Savthg a  boy from drowning,' ^r^V'',1'8   a bit batu>r   "■»» en wL^ N«natoo°Z-**ata- ^ without tnnT '"T", 'l horn' a °"d-
^ohabl.   tha^rw^^sourt^-8   " »• *-    ^{^^^,^ IJ^^^
"•tune his official duties.          W       » he is nominated at tho   Denver'""T''"' ^ "** «*-,tt"»«* '^*<{"rtta, man?   CaS Vancou- ZSyainUh llLvo^W "bU8? f.tho dm aVibi? «" .''lBht' and    "»>"
Sir Henry has alwavs i-.               convention next July, Mr. Bryan in- *" »   '"» Pan to the baths'for life vw P"«>«cb a team of Canucks? Aro ot,odToiL' ,J,l , ?"? """l"*01  thcm Tho..L    H oirurts > damn   '
"^W of a mystery £  « .»■     °m6" t0nd8 t0 8ta,t ot <™* co a^stre\i- by th. Southwark borough Counbll.     ^..P1"*"™ locals in tho strict sons] Sea^v took? as     ttt'LlS'   " edI on him7no H°°r ^oo;;*n"W ™U"t
ttAAT.     * "Wstery in politics. Unt. uous camnaiirn. thnt ...ill ~,,,«i u «„. i      . .           i          .""     •   f-ouucn.     „, the word?    And fnp )hn lnln____    ""fiiy looks as if tho Free Pressman ™ ?"„n!m °s tho soltost of
of the word?    And for thq informp- has not
e wrltor   on the News-Ad-
wantii'^ in •""•"""anou    in    tnia mreciion.     Mr.' "- *"  •"" *yjm.  ...au . » m"v -*" *u-*   *---* -•'
courage to express them       ™ ^yJn„il*l!? wi«ihator o( *ho whirl- constobhlarjr were severely mauled at ^J,""™,
that he ot-... , „ a        *»»<"-• «ot uous campaign that will equal it not
convict! tc "tand i* ni« 21 utrl' wonderful record. already
convictions or was ,0und
this direction.    Mr.'
Ho surprised
Hs wind campaign.
„». - ,. .       . tid" ->■ th» writer   on the News-Ad- n^.UiT'k, tak»"  . i*e ttoma to ac- fh°     le" Sl N«"aln"'-    ™ .urprtsen
Thras members 01 ths Rdyal Irlsh'^rtiser, 1 may suy that  laidysmiUi' 2.™?    n™"" With the rule8 ot th» ni m ,°" Sntul"aJ*, and because    he
instobillary Wen severely mauled at ""J ,,"or0 tha" -nee this season boon fwZ whoYnToL  d'st1ln?ulsl'    be- om. l,f.S ^°!yboayba'a knows    he
Naas   tniinti KitMiS  i    fZu,    ■r-Wkod to send a man to Vancouver     i^ .*„'"' Aaa **,,,at is "«t, le- ca" ,,lu>'. ho Is roundly nbusod.
  _ «*ss. County Klldars, by thirty dls- a„d some of hor plovers have   X f,*lm,to*    Ho °an on|y »<» tho mis-    Thoro are othor points |„ tho    re-
Oiadstonlan    schD'ol""^ MM'Tasted" "aror^in^Jely"""^ «ul^ m™* *»»■» they'sttemptsd to registered    all season by Vaneouvo? ^^..S   "" ^"y""'"! players, and Ip°ft,*'hl,*:h ""S"* bo touched   upon;
fair or d.7k        *,   '  ""' montl'» and there were on an aver   »"""-*■ '"><" cattis driving. clul's. y  Vancouver Ca„ fi»d excuses for his own sldo as »"' '»' »>e presont they cannot    bo
°» hold tnTnci'J "i  WettW,°''    *» "S". 25 campaigning days   In    eTch' -^sj-ia *. -    .^"onslly I think thi. poaching of „!"£"*£ h° ' flmla   al,uso   tot    th« t,™. t0 B";    " is ""'-V »«™s.,ry
creed      h}' t0 llu P0«tical ■»»"».    In this campaign ho   made     It Is     uadoratooH"■____••     "   t. F^rs "•°m two af«li«tod Sues     C m™' .      , JanuS, xT.m""' mmrU-    A-tl"-
***«•     Me openly scouts idea.   „, mo™ than 2,100 speocheS, shortand __7_       .**"*_ "■*'. * SD9cla, is a bad breau, and have always said ...»^,     u    f*?1*    ?'    s«tl"'day.'s WWW «• t ho Free Press man told
«P«u«ncy, and,    wh.„ V^.„        "' I™".    During tho lost threeI mono™, •c,""ne °'    naiisuvrsB'willi"a  royal "«o.*     Indeed    that    it can |7^id™     TJ.^' ,"? ^ln«llJS ou' t>™ men tor „" ""/"V111.".1 tako " llck"W-    Ma
Regina, Sask., Mar. 19.—The Synod of the diocese of Qu'Appello op-
fencil hero today. Over one hundred
lay and clerical delegates were present.
was one ol the radical tadnds trained    Mr. Bryan's speaking campaign   ot g^
in     ths
when times
the hardeHt censure;
blackast for hie nort.   77^    W" "' the campaign it was nothing un- ™vl»W "I" bs arranged for ths'ter^ p,rovos **»» there is a glarlag omlsl und«5«i?^»?.T: Cann<>t' '" 'act'
against comor „ ,     *' Mt U'     'aco ,UI",al ,f" Mm t0 raako 20 sp^ches' ritorlal forces w-lwrli ttsi■'_Z_ 6r"?"i"' a' f,tal ••'"akness. In their   ar- iofStt    Sl   Z,i?"" Z™ H mSm-
«j™»st compromise and refused     to in a    single   day.     Sometluies the ...i,«i ..TL.W.T_a    T T" °*   tM°?. and constitution.    But.    oven ft..,...}-3., *?M'      Adam, he says,
jianoar to the public prejudices   But nUm"er. r,ul as hl«h as 33   '01,   "is
io Ws cabinet novitiate he w "* """ " ""    ~"~
bo not,   but ho    is surely sotting ii
mighty poor example.
ways overshadowed
al- pniirn,
But at the end of the    	
Mr. Bryan apparently was in j
..~.vw uuu LuiiMiituuon.    But,    even
gnnized and equipped under tbs new so, there are men on tho Island,
by his moro bril- * good physical condition as at tho
wm j   uy
j   Ths   vtcar of Offlsy. hear Hltchsn, that the
-«, ...»™ are men on tho Island and , mal1nt»fnod W« reputation as adii^
their fellows won't be far to seek nn ty S,ayor' aJld Safxloraon was a
tho Mainland,    who suy that it   "« ?,?-0d_?w''(md'      Naturally one reads
       ., • iH ?. —__..- ««^«i«iij   uiiu  ruaos
on'yby the importation uf   players .Wa "Hiti0I.p!00,'.,,Lthe? oharK™ "f ?' Professional bnaTbnTT playors
tlio    l«rirnc.f    ........     ...      ..    '      r.        '
ll*" "ollsaguss.        True   <ii^i.,"„   start. I    ""—, .  *" —■»• •"" *"■*"». mat tno game can bo mado
fought    a good deal of hi.       ?.      Four yean latef ''« ""terod his sec- icon">1»,M '»     hl» Parish magatlns, i" tne Provinco.   Tho g„,„o
ti«s,     but these were novr    ,      .    ?,m .whlrlw??d """Pa'gn and, aspu-."*' •» only one wedding In thirty ^a,t„u,rday,    wa8    •■'    illustruuon in wh,K, ".Ad„i„ r.nn.(„..„,i„    —J~."'.    r. ~ •—,-""""' "'-■nnisning to
Uaa that exalt . °'     the giUsts would say, ho was in the pink ,celebrated at his church are bsrents' i"'"^."S ro';ord "owl1 '" the Hold Cl „l.v "    -um ft ?80rto'1 to '"'iL «<"'ditlon for the campaign
sstimajZ.fi,* "^ *« th. public »» condition        His   first big  effort present to see tteTTildZ     ™     ■"" ^.diK.ct.."»"»' «' the superior-"T^:...   I?1" " a nba P*T«'.and 1B°8.    The powers that bo in
"TT,0"'    ui» observation of men Ta, Ma aDfeb ot acceptance mado ln TT *"    .      cWWren    •"*■
and things was »!„„, ^"      ™* ""ilanapolls on a day so hot   that/'"1'
judmuant n       .      """wu.   nia many persons were overcomn in   «.„ I
  CHICAGO, Ill7 March 20.-An
nlnvers T^i ■JT'i""*" 1"' ,""u,"°ui i.nH» enarges my ot professional basoball i
■ ^"St't'r <md'' °"' flnd8 *^««os' -""bor Ineotho' mrt,
horo in nfTii, ' Nam\mo mcn. every ono of the natlonul game, is now onirulr
ratio,, „ "'J^'. a |,Iay(xl cl("ul 'ootball," ed in ■preliminary sklrmlsE ° K Ki
the flefd ?'h ta    Ada'»,''o>'tinually resorto.1 to Into cSnditTon f?r the 2ta BU
_...  th0 SEsSof  V"1 P'ay'     -n,l,, l8 a llu»' Pa™ and 1908.    The powers that ^n    .."'
kind o» football that was^to tanll^   ?Lm|>i?' and    "   Mn •" ■»"»-"-  ■■«"'»■» •■--■'°        •    •■    ° '"    tho
od-    Had tho alsWsi. ZU"*!r_T. 'he F™ Press
Judgment ever ,
many persons were-overcomo in   tho
Ity bavond-.i,*!'"*'' 1""1 hi# *"'««- S'<>wd'    W|th-such.a bsginning",. m7-I   Mrs. John    Gordon hu died     at
was nevT. Pr'""**    Uut    he iSkS Pr(":«ded to.break his, speech- Ballynahlnch, Ire.,-.-at the age of 107
was nevar » g making „,,„,,, 0, tn8 flrat M   ^, • « "" •*« oi ioh.
od to catch the nui.iin '*"" ^ one occasion    working westward  7,      ' ™ ffi" who1*' ^
the public oye M »  U01|. from St, Louis, he   mode h™. tat <«■««*    whsx. shs ws. bora,     and
can bo proved from baseball world are looking   forward
„n . .,,„,,,, So to the    greatest    souson on record
yor was Tho season will upon with more or-
 ~ .~ ,.....>- tne Freo Press man's own report. So K> the    groutost    souson on record
ed. Had the elevens been composed |8 tho remark that "Sawyer was Tho season will opon with
exclusively of homo men, tho inter- twice put out by Adam and severely ganlzed louguos than havo
-"*" not   have been so groat, used up." i*f—f .-»---
t oye as a
' her life in the
tical debater,
Un-ouT "f "",,U-"U»«"» ol others, ,&*Wj» S&Mj^,_«    mid-  her birth.
. ._ ...—, thO' interest would    not   havo been st ______* mmm_——————m —B .-»n-«= mm  intio
and   nothing   like  tho crowd   would    Lot us tako tho nccusor's own   re- leagues stretch from tho Atluntic   to
hnvo boon present.                                port as to the fouls committed. Tho tho Pacific and from tho lakes to tho
Thoro is something in thc argument first he mentions Is "a treo kick   on «■""•_ There will bo moro playors ln
but not so mhch os tho persons hold w»«-i— "   "--   --*" "        '•'  '
Isted before! "Blg""loag'u"os°uml' littio
lot from the shad- ,£?^i0',U» "W at five o'clock. ln.<Ued st Forthttl farm, the place    of Th.» "* vIo*» "".inclined to think. ^n£,j?*'"Johnnl. fouled," the flold and moro money paid   out
  d-WKi-u ' T',8re were more cli-cuinstancos   thai  °„-    v   Sawy*-re back charged Ail- In salaries   than   in   anv    ..™„i„..:
the fact that outsiders were figuring)ln\_A y*?- Sawyers did that,    anil
In tho gamo contributed towards a* nut        ^ *       l" ck" "oforothut.
Pwioa of storm , .",'**'!  wb!oh meant an Bln,ost con-l
"ui storm     and tmun   i«.r(or.,.„,,,■,. „» ,o t„„_,   ._a'
and tinuul performanco of 19 hours. And
through    a
•tress which snapped the bonds
"•an* » Political uesociatioiirTc fi
ZT^0Jniga "' »"- which r.pt±^S^^",^ ™Uwayi;-r« tTui,  to
a --   chargod Ail-
Yes, Sawyers did that,    and year,   ,
I trlod a fow tricks boforo that.     More than 5,000
according    to    tho Free Press their     livelihood
than   in   any    previous
men    will earn
on tho diamond,
wono*™ w     "?    bshum.de
2_^&XrmT *
admitted.    ~ *
0/ his midnight speech was said to haw,'   "ul,am,    Jonnlngs Bryan declared '™o«ng a rocord gate.  Tho  fact   Is m»» "iY" ".   ",",    -Ti "m i-am -■•-•■      ..v«...ioou    on tho diamond
been made   with alt the.vlgpr. of   a **•'     "intarssts    representing    th. that the Province    is „ot popu,ou18 ITIf"^ J.V?!?^a.sh°Sm ,*",ll° and ahak'! .Whl.ch do*a not 'nclude tho oindals
J       '   t. enouob, to support profession^I foot- rt^.T™'*?9 ol!e"d<"--      " wms  a trainers, and otlidfs connected    with
n.»n,».i  ".>',     ■.--.-: to ball,    Until It is thoro is the   mo^ro ?iSy ,p,e^t°L p,a-v a^d "tends    ns the gamo.    When tho weeding    out
paraonnsl of delegates la  the reason for keeping tho game as ___] tbai; btt'Ju,e Flw p"ss "mn has al- Process Is completed the two
GROWTH OF GREAT CITIES.      """""'PP1     v»»»y states unfriendly .»■ Possible and boosting It for "he        y "" "      ""
appearance during the day.
get a
Mi-t-tppt    va.isy'.Uta.unMe.d.y-P—^.^
to Us nomination. ■-    ■■'
_. - —.    Ths growth    ot the capital ot ths
■ne claim has been made Austro-Hungarlan monarchy has not
A __-___7\Z\* glng    and   *w0PPl's o   Plavers h^s" SJL**" *"** "»>n »°-"uliy   sighs whsn the fact Is bor,e InTtodthat
          , ™. u„v WA •te»P!,J»<a[ n»ni«l Adam Buters now g0„„ so fnr [bl*   ' W»™ bas for? *     there are but sixteen clubs an"
popularity in the Commons been as steady during the nineteenth hM    'aUeB a iiatuu* »» 18<>    '«t ^,'„0B i?.bou„d t„ bo passed at the trfnl!^ "°."y8. .'.'°.™i<:!'shBB!1?   WM Slf .n?ne.n!!". are mbired to
us that tho "Nanaimo leagues will stnrt tho souson with
no of thom, played clean, not less than 400 players on thoir
Where is the consistency PW roll.    Largo as this figure seems
  when the fact Is homo i„ mind that
there .ro but sixteen clubs and that
One thing ,s oerlain lhat the Can. ^"^ ^--^W^* * ^^ *" »B   their
that hi. „nn. ■" iT— """ ""* ll""1« ""•""■•Hungarian monarchy has not ..   "T'T"— """"" "—"»»»■ now'gone so fur that repressive log-  °\L. fc
exceedT* ,POpularl'i' I" the Commons bean - rteady during tbe nlnotesnth T    'aUeB a  <UstBB«' B' "6    teet i*lB"0B 'a bound to bo passed at the Jn_t_ n°: ..        --, •--   ™ th.  ;-•• — .«...™» fo    piay
•«*" that of any of his predeces- century a. that olTttar prow^u. 'rom B CB,mB*,y    »op at a  wasvtog \X2Sff&*,$ tho Associations, the'reforoo*%,$_2"f P.?? that with8??.0' V  V" n0t!"nS c<"nparod
Susnoa3 I'"™'     C6rtainly   «- t0W-     ln **•    «WSr: g*J7 kl?,a?g°W'     * ""   5 ?ch "'»-kc     InTpo^hrfttn-o f"' ^^^ th.*^^ Si? Mil we^l.S °l» "t'ho'mfno'r
oTaT ' "aVe boen «"«Ptional. cbangs for th. brtter was, howsver, ftantly "'W* ^.ry bone In bis body Player to leavo „ club w-Tthout    the wxlS'lS,'0, t^?,° .tact'c"' and    tho "T"'..
l_.?„.h,UnondMcr,pt   fo,- Uca, ^    .!,...„    yta,    In the upp^l^;, the province aUg^'~
S:t.fel E'fel^ SSftSTS SaiarfS ^^?»S » ^^anff^ort
lowins- a. it h.. 7 °~"1"   ,01" "~~ "■""■•     ■"«■ «w new    ysar
now "at thL?  T ""olde"lmperlBl "'y •» ^"OP* ••
'o.t Io the iil^r iflrSOMlity ia9ntoring "" ""' *** *« """on
-m-__b^, Party' " ,vi" *• «ia,,u' For by •*• -& oVm-nbir
more than  nteresing to watch    re- th. numbar of inhabitants was stat-
It ,. doubtlu, wfesthVr- th.. - a^Z^^raaT Z t ^ 'h° PUb,te't,0B °' S^'M ^'™'y «»*« »? ^ W33 ^ 2L? W°'"'8 "»^-d» Vhe' pro.
tn" ,,layerP ttCCd ?BfcS!,^h,ld. SH! ?.f grasping «-»,«]«*s_*UI employ a tofaf-
the heterogeneous
hitherto voted
mass which has will by now show a  population
't is certain that Asqulth
He Is a
cannot,  altogether six cities with mors than .,„/.!!
I   —.—.a      Iton    n,llll™    ,-u_tlt__t_      :.,_  »fUU,ll
there ar. vL.°rd HOtart" *»'"">Ba» th<"    the 'The first" result of Nn°„aimo'»'   nn. "i P,B»»r's"ahlrt-a habit thornTono '""* 4,566"pra'yers'. „^„_
  JZ™^ V°Unn*      B"l,ef Fund BB» "ach«l '-at Inst Saturday was to set    th^ lln*"!*.. °*>so,l;v«d-     "Adam    fouled , With most of the ieaguos tho play-
tfe  j: ? n° Pe— •—: 'wo-mi-llon .nh'aoTtanuTvZ   ^ «^°?»- "J '■/'» «.«■* ^aTlLlW^ ^    " ^'"to^n'.1.;    „°t W^ SMITaSJI ^*MS
IT? S ■°',My P8r"»»'y* H. don. New York. P„|., Chicago. Bar- x^Z     T*      i™ "" '" W l'" __W^*m JoCnli^ X T"^ that a ,reo klck ™   5-' aml    "»' •««»»? nnUltt.   wS
W a  reciter   of brilliant and biting Un and Vienna.     Which will hi  th. ?             """" "*""*> and    will bas won two, it   not three   »at^    i PT ttgaln8t Adam ,or   ,0«""« P.art °' s"Ptonibor or the tat week
Phraass beaten out In the privacy „f -vanth,     w. wonder     fconthLu? henC"orth     *» -"-"-"alnsd by ' the £""« tsam iLjsJbaVfiBjWBftB    Th","'^.*   .        ,        ,                   °' °Ctobor'
hl. stud.     Cold. unomot|opal  wyt»' Oo^.^o-a»r.-, Contra. ,„„,.    ^ w|„ ^ ^^    ^ then, becaus;, ho,,, suppgg jja^STtal^ ^X^n'  '	
ft ^7»'rfi^^5^ Ma"
Moreover he Is a  Whig, nnd to La-
Ms study.    <^oia, unomotional, with- Corresponosncs
** bywe^-s ol distant towns to   follow
him hlthor. Our London would hav.
bean built as a city that ia at unity within Itself, but Into which no
outsider could penetrate. Ths danger waa that by 1802 w. should havs
s  population of 8,859,000, and   hs
was, thon
 20— Geo
HackeaschmiiH, tho Russian wrestler
All but on. thing, sir.1
"What's that?!'
"What ths
go without horses.
right winiror h»«'".;."„ """" ",un    Ul° niust havo only boon so in the   Free \ "' "™ """s'an wrostioi
,. „ fgalnst E h,Thfte'",act tlTb^ilf fT "'""'fioi,inlon' and ho seo,^   » "^"l b°a*    b»" last night,
the halves    playing against each   wtaS „„'„eV°7 tlm0 ™e °' Hls nion  goes mttm    Emll Slegemuellor, the  Ger-
a »"'"' ~ J   " S   °Wn'    t^Ti^'i."! ^I'-i!!1"-.!* *?*■ ?»>'•■■. Carl Darschu of Cam-
Paulson,    of
BERLIN, Mar. 10.-A total of 47
nrresls wore mado in Berlin yesterday in connection with the suffragists' demonstration. Nine policemen received injuries in tho encounter with the people. It Is estimated that fifty of tho manifestants are
wounded, but It la probable that
mnny others wore hurt,
WINNIPEG, Mnr. 19- Advices received from St. Paul aro to the
effect that largo numbers of iloslra-
blo American sottlors are leaving for
SasV'nlch.wi n and Alberta to take
up Intnl. Every train crossing the
border Is crowded with American
farmers and their families.
TORONTO, Mar. 19.-A man, part
of whose body, guarded by a
faithful bull terrier, was found on
the Grand Trunk tracks near Greenwood avenuo early this morning, has
beon ldentilied us Arthur Johnston,
a bricklayer. It is supposed, he
was walking along the track to his
lonely shack on Reid avenue, when
struck by a train. Johnston was
about fifty years ot age, married,
bis wife being In England.
Montreal, Mar. 19.—It wss stated
In financial circles this morning* that
the Canadian Pacific Railway author
itlea havo decided to commence work
at the Angus shops, taking back all
the employees laid off temporarily,
and will also increase the staff and
rush work all year.
yOU S!L!*5,a go.od mm' "nd  these
forwards got
sa .attK x up.n^»tenS^"?i *y ~__X£
upon Adam in the beginning of   his
Albert also   fallod   to   sntlafv   hi. "j?0*'' J°.r 8Bwy»rs" wast'ibe ""manT Mini>sapoll«-
orst-whllo worshippers.    He,    did"^ vervTlnd"^.Sa*ff.r* "P' and    h,»    ^    I*u,alan "oored stegemtwller
d.vil makes the thing,P'ay his gamo,    and was guilty    of offence .»„i* '" wri.ton a°wn "" an '■ B ■*". 24
mZ^t-SHSS*-"1*'-*1-** -
i inn ii has prov- .
24 sees., and
Darschu In 8
Paulson In'   5
..    _ —..      tvty    snort
The first   goal when he has to attribute
■'■~   . ...on   imiiii   nu.   JtrilV-      ",
vory   Bhort of ovldoncs ml1"- 85 sacs.     Hackenschmidt used
bar and neck to secure a fall In overy case and showed wonderful
  —» ,,,.*   Bu*i wnen ne has to attribute a single of-
was the direct result    of a nils-kick fonco which a referee, whom he hlm-
^^^^^^^^ by Graham.    The socond time,    Al- self says Is hard to boat, failed    to
G-anano, Que., Mar. 20— Join  t>. bort, according to his critics should note, to two men.
suggested that It ought to be kept SsstmU. sa old tarmsr of laid.,   « ^^^u^^tf.S!,! "AdB*'»* ,B»<hB„  **£«> a dirty
down to 4,890,000.     Such a popu- dead ifrom    Injuries rscelvsd by faU- Albort, especially when there is a big 0M on the n0K-      Dld h<" *">""• 	
he ssld, would require    a Ing. from a  toad ot hay,'     . fellow right on yoiir chest.    Drad-when, at    what stage of the gamo,, ——
.n.«. nf    in*nn .«.   ™ .   rim. « »l>aw   went   to stop    the ball; hut snd on what part of ths field?    The     NEW YOBK, Mar. 18— The Wan-
^mSm °o »r»*unt ^n».ohn^^rr/rcCto'g «™$A4m^ y  "- -^ *•"— ■""•*•At ™ ^cup-ond tho Bhurroa"
vtrtWnf At« OarClfty  ,^ bor(hr of «u^usrt»r.Vt"arlfhro7^^^
Steel Is Iron free from dirt, slrl
Ior foreign substance fused with I
carbon. -Carbon gives toughness|
stength, keeness and life.   ,
Thirty vesfs study of the r«
sltuallon has shown a way tor
add the highest per cent off,
csrfoonto ■ arbo lisgnetlc
razor blade throng • secret
IND giving It a uniform dla.
mono like hardness-somc.
thing absolutely Impossible
with flre tempered - mors,
and they are Hamburg ground-
But Test this tlNCONDITIOr.
home^M- have yourbsrber use
It on you.for thirty days WITH. |
Of cnurao     fUn ..,™.. a , t   —""—• "" mnom, „gm.  many  Htan ev cup, a
Of pourse,   the suggested Improve-rat.  ho    can see what _*_,_*„ „M Montr9|U( J^
night played the fin- WANTED F,OR THEFT OF JEW- 'ing after the pupils had retired, flre DEMANDS OF   BTIYISH   SOCIAL CONSERVATIVES^ACCEPT
EfjRY-. hroke out in the Indian school here.
™ The fire started in Nurse Cameron's
SAN FRANCISCO, Mor. 19— The room ami mnde considerable    head-     Wo demand work for every man in
man arrested here yesterday by de- way wneil jjrst noticed.     Tho child- the community.   It doos not   matter
tectives on the strength of a "photo- ,.en were a|| removed in safety.   Tbe
graph,     J. Edward    Burke, a  New damage will be light.
York jewelry merchant, wanted for
theft ol $105,000 worth ol peuris
and diamonds, is J. E. Jloeck,. and
for the past year has been in Nevada, where hewas supposed to be a lMi.ue utta ueom!a uu ur^out iiispec-
wealthy mine owner. He hecamo in- llUU u; liuvtti y0[Ui u„u (ortresiieu,
terasted    in    a mine in connection liu!iuuuut     nebusiopui, jjuuu,   U'ou-
InSl'liHJT Foili'S.
at. 1'otorsuurg, Mai-. Iii—'lhe Jiiu-
w-hether such work would be ''profitable',' or . not under the present
system, -which' produced for profit
and not for use. We demand, aud
will take steps through Parliamentary action to enforce our demand,
thut not a single man shall need employment when wining to work, Under anarchic capitalism, the peuple
starve through what is euphemistically termed "overproduction"; ln
other words,  when  there Is a pleth-
with J. II. Seamen of Rono and BlaUl_ _^ai, Liuu, B«eUuga uud ora of food und clothing In tho
Goldfield and visited this country | btt i-yiurauui-g _y AUuurai SU-y- stores of tho nation, tho worker .vho
frequently with Seamen
On two
occasions Seaman reported to the
police of this city the loss of jewel
ry from his apartments which llocck
shared with him. Once in Reno,
Seamen permitted jloeck to have tho
key to his safe deposit box on the
pretext that he wished to deposit
mining stock therein. It has been
dlscovored by Seamen that $20,000
worth of Jowolry belonging to his
wlfo, Is missing from the box.
Seamnn last night Identified Ilurke
as Boeck, and when pawn tickets aggregating $2,000 were found on
Boeck's person by the detectives and
the Jewelry represented by them traced to a pawn shot*, lt was found to
be Soamon's Jewelry.
Boeck says ho Is willing to go
back to New York to foco tho charges against him there without extradition papers.
Toronto, Mar. 10—The annual meot
ing of the committee of the Home
Mission Board of the Presbyterian
church concluded yesterday. The gathering is said to have been the
most successful in the history of
the board.
Rsv. Or. Patterson, ot Quebec was
appointed immigration chaplain and
will bs stationed at Halifax and St.
John ln tbs winter.
Rev. Mr. Headman, superintendent
ot missions of Alberta, was granted
leave ot absence on account'of Ill-
health. He will go to Boston.
, Rev, Carmlchoel, superintendent ol
missions in Sasketcbewan and Manitoba, was granted leave of absence,
and will go to Montreal.
Rev. O. A. Wilson, of Vancouver,
superintendent of missions in British
Columbia, was asked to visit the
Yukon to report on the depopulation of that district by removals,
and acquaint th. board with Information concerning the number of
missionaries, etc., needed there. Rev
Br. Carmlchoel will soon leave tor
the new field.
,   ,        , .  , , ,,   producetl them has nothing,
atoll and otiier    nigh naval oiuoeiu     Wo dcman(1 BubBtantdaI _l__age „„„.
iho inspection is lo be completed ui s|0ns for every man over 05, and for
a  fortnight. overy   crippled    man.   It can be in-
, contestahly shown that the    annual
I,, , in,,   .„, v,„ u,,u income of this country would    pro-
1ULLMJ  Al   NELSOJM. vlde £200 pcr unnum for each   falu-
  Ily of five.   This Income is produced
iNe.son,    B.C.,    Mar. 19.—William' even under the present rotten econo-
lloss, an employee of the .West Ivoo- mic systom.   Under a system of pro-
... ...     ....   i ,    .    .,    , ,,, a ductlon   for use It might easily    uo
tenay 1-. h, U, was instantly killed quBdrupleI|. mi, u.Umately, we do-
tnis aitornoon by touching, a live niand that £200 per annum, but at
wire at tho switch board whilo show- the moment    wo are not determined
that tho     maximum    pension to be
lug some visitors ovor tho r'um- De-
won In the immediate future shall bo
ceasou camo here some years ago ^.^^ fol. t„„ worker, tho wages of,
from Montreal where his brother re- whom average throughout the coun-
sidos.    Ituss wus married and leaves try under    Hi pcr week, so far    as
-   „„„„ ,,„ manual labor Is concerned.
u  joung wile. ,   We dQmttnd that lt Bhall bo illegal
* to employ any Roman or child toi tho
STEAMER A   WRECK. industrial and     agricultural arenas.
This means    that   the manufacturer
19— The steamer w*" bavo his labor market tremendously restricted; that the wages    of
men will lie immeasurably increased.
Victoria, Mar.
Pomona, of the Pacific Coast
Co., operated between Eureka    and lt moans that tho wholo uf tho mo.
San Francisco,    struck a rock    off dcrn   capitalistic    system of produc-
l-'ort Ross, 25 miles south of Point J'on wi", tie th'own out of gear,   for
' "" f" the employer depends upon tho rosl-
Arena, Cal., at 8.80 p.m. Tuesday, duum ot unemployed to depress vva-
while on her way to Eureka,     and ges,  -and     employment   is    largely
alter being [Mated, struck again. She muBea   tb_auZb    tho utilisation   of
...in       .... * t . , « women and children.    It means that
will probably be a total loss.      No „ot   a lltt|0 uay or gir, throughout
lives wero lost.     It is expected that the country would Ijo expected to on^
tho vessel will be washed from where gage In tho serious business of   life
she is held about half a mile    Irom U"TV' Ul? ""fLf 1* loa8t W J*?™*,,
..,„,, It means that tho woman shall   be
shore and will sink,        • qUeen of her homo, freo to rear  hor
"    • little ones, froo to develop tho   best
that Is ia her—morally, intellectually
THE BILLIAJRD CRACKS. and    physically.  , It moans  healthy
___ boys and girls.    It means the foun-
New York. Mar. 10- Willie Hmi^g To "'nT^tThat we
and George Slosso-. the local bU- know exactly whero to got the nioii-
liard experts, played excellently    in ey fur all those    reforms, and    for
tholr   respective games of 18.2 balk many. "10rc llko thci,n-   Chiozza Mon-
.        ,   a    , tt a ey, M.l\, has recently shown us that
> here last night.     Hoppe played in the tmlve months    ended' March
against    Schaoner ol Chicago,    and 31, 1907, out of 700,000 who   died
ran out a  game of 400 points    to in 'bo   United Kingdom,    "(I1B,17S
Schuefier's 300 In ten innings, l""1 "JS, "Ji'-i"!?' °-r "f t0 ,n-9th'"
b ing; 1704 died bankrupts, and 50,-
Hoppes highest runs were IBB, 87 885 died leaving on nn average only
nnd 78, whilo SchaelTer's best in- £200 each." That amounts to 008-
ning netted him 57. The French ex-, 21i "ut "f tl10 ™n.000.
port Casslgnie p.nyed Geo. S.osson nlf \g~£g g!'ln ^g
In tho afternoon and Slosson won by yenr Is left by only 21,000 persons
a  score of 800 to 259.    Last night lM|t of 700,000."    Wo are going   to
O'l'Tawtt, Mar. 19- Coniuee (Lib.)
M.P. of Port Arthur*" and Henderson
(Com- M.P. ior llulton, had an uu
gry altercation in tho railwuy com-
initteo of the Commons this morning over terminal railway company's
bill. Conraeo shook his list under
Ileudersonjs nose and accused the
member for llultuu ol uttering i
cowardly lie and Insulting language
Henderson said that to show ho was
not a coward he would repeat his
statement tomorrow, which had reference to the Croat J-ul.es Dredging.
Company and the water front at
Fort William.
Paris, Mar. 17— Tho correspondent of the Temps at Fort Au Prince
says In a despatch that tlio government has decided to arrest all persons implicated in the conspiracy a-
gutnst It and to execute ull those
caught with arms in their hands.
Why the Army Will uut Help tho Unemployed in tho City of*
TORONTO! Mar. 19- Lt. Col.
Howell,'who is In goUoi-al charge ot
tho Salvation Army iu Canudu, aud
who has just completed the work, ul
settling 500 British peuple in British
Columbia, replying to a criticism oi
tho Army's immigration work, said:
"We repeatedly have been aaked
why it is that when there is so muny
unemployed People ln Toronto wo
should bring pcoplo all the way Irom
Ureal Jjritain to British Columbia,
and should leave these people in To
runto unemployed. Our roply is
that thoro nro constant applications
at tho ollices of the Salvation Army
In Toronto [ur [arm hands, thoso
applying for assistance ottering good
wages. Tho unemployed people ul
Toronto will not accept this employment. Peoplo whum we aro bringing out from Grout Britain to tho
west aro to go to work on theland.
If tho unemployed of Toronto will
not go to work for farmers in On-
turlo thoy would prubably not go to
work for farmers iu British Columbia. It may also be said that the
unemployed of Toronto are not Sal-
army peoplo. We are prepared to accept tlio responsibility
for all the people whom we bring to
Canada, but not for those with
whom we have had no connection."
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
B. E. WALKED, President.
ALEX LAIRD, General Ma »ger
A. E IRELAND. Superintendent
of Brut dies.
i                         -—— o
Ottawn, Mar. 19.—The   Com- •
'  nions railway committee today *
reported     on the bill granting •
'  extension ol Mmo to tho Trims *
Canadian Rnilivny Company to •
start and complete its proposed •
lino from Qito'oc to #lho Pacific *
const. •
000   0000*000000*00
New .York, Mar. 19— All grades ol
sugur were advanced 20 cants a hundred pounds today.
♦    ■
London, Mar. 19.—The rate of discount of ths Bunk of England was
reduced today from 31 to 11 per
London, Ont., Mar. 19,— Gladys
Vernon ten years old, a cripple, was
burned to death ln her home yesterday.
Fort William, Ont., Mar. 19-Ital-
lan aad Russians at the coal docks
got' Into a row this morning, two
or three of the participants being
badly cut about the head.
doctor Out on bail.
Slosson played a 500 point game
wllh Geo. Sutton of Chicago, who
Is to meot Hoppe for the world's
championship 18.2 here tonight.
Slosson was in fine form.
'     ♦
CHICAGO, Mar. 19— Tomorrow is
the day llxod tor the execution of
Herman Blllik, whose alleged crimes
■re without parallel in the criminal
records ol Chicago, unless lt bs in
the cases of "Bluebeard" Boon or
the urchinurderer U. H. Holmes.
Notwithstanding the fact tbat the
Illinois Supreme court has affirmed
the verdict of tbe trial court, the
friends of Blllik are still hopeful he
may escape tbe noose. Pleas lor
executive clemency hav. been made,
based on the alleged confession ot
ono of the principal witnesses against Blllik that he had lied on the
stand snd had been coached In his
story by ths police.
The crime for   which Blllik
tap, and to tap generously, tho incomes of that 21,000-through the
medium of a graduated income tax.
Tlio arena is wailing, the Socialist
hosts are marshalling for the Armn-
goddon of the world.—Charles N. L.
Shaw, In London Express.
It was announced on the ice.
"But how on earth," said the girl
ln the whit, skating suit, "did you
got htm to propose, dear?"
The girl ln sables smiled slightly.
"Oh, saslly enough," she retorted.
I told    him that you wero    crazy
about him and reminded him    that
it was leap year."
Husband Sent to Get Doctor to Aid
at Child Birth, Got Drunk and
Neglected to Call Doctor.
BELLEVILLE, Mar. 19— Robert
Lindsay, ot Elsevlr, Out., was In
was'court today, ou a charge of negli-
glven the death penalty was the ul- ffsnee, contributing to the death of
Inged murder of Mrs. Mary Vrzal. I his wife whi dlod In giving birth to
Martin Vrzul, husband of tbs woman B child. Lindsay was sent to bring
was a milk vendor, living with his u doctor to attend his wife but he
family   on     West Nineteenth street. [combined    thut errand with anothor
on West Nineteenth streot. j
When he met Blllik in the summer of which was to sail a cow, and being
1D01 Blllik informed Vrzal thut a 'successful in the lutter, proceeded to
rival milk vendor was his enemy and get drunk, and neglected to get the
offered to cast a spell that would, doctor, or come home until thirty-
protect Vrzal from harm. Vrzal 8|X hours after his wife was dead,
agreed, nnd a potion of white fluid Mr- Richards testified to having
was brswed on the Vrzal stov. and taken seven children away from Llnd-
itrewn across the gateway of the *~H *■><■ his wile and sending them
Donosky home across ths way. For to the Children's Aid Society, To-
this service Blllik accepted a, loan, 'onto, on account ol them not hav-
Shortly afterward Vrzal became 111 '"»" sulllclont cars. He said the
snd 111111k, administered medicine to children had to sleep on pile ol
him, Vrzal suffered from symptoms cushes under ths floor,
resembling the effects of arsenic pol-' Coroner and Mrs. Sedore told of
soalng and died In a fow days. Tho having found Mrs. Lindsay dud with
following July Mary Vrzal, the old- " atlll- born Infant, and that Ltnd
WINNIPEG, Mar. 19.-Dr. Margol- est daughtor, visited llllllk and told ">»■ «">■ 'till away at ths time.
sea, on trial for tho murder ol Ber- him she was 111.    He gave her   mo-! """~"
tha Edwards by lllogal operation, ls diclno and she died from arsenic pol-'   Bo"evm*>' °Bt- Mar' 10~ Tho cose
out on bail again, tho Jury disagree- sonlng.     In    rapid succession    the w" "~umaa thl» morning. Evidence
doaths of other members of ths fain- ,howod M™' L'nd»»y <"«1 »' convul-
ily followed.     All had been Insured sl0M*    wltnaM<!» ™'°™ Urn-say did
Ottawa, Mar. 17—The Private
Bills Committee ot the Houss of
Commons today favorably reported
on a bill for the incorporation of
an institute of architecture of Canada, with several amendments, one of
which prevents tho Institute from'^y^
becoming a  close corporation.
Hamilton, Mar. 17— At the police
court this morning Mrs. Gertrude
Baatodo, was fined twenty dollars or
a mouth in jail for assaulting John
Llttlehull, sheriff's officer. The officer' went to the house with a dls- Parlii| Uat. 18_ omclnl advices re.
tress warrant tornake a seizure for colvod h(Jro from Hftyt, ,ndjcat8 t)mt
Port Au Prince    of
foreign warships have produced   the
    ,,.,,-     ,„,,..,,   desired effect    upon President   Nord
Ottawa, Mar. 17— Fielding s bud- ju^g
get speech thts afternoon is expected '  ^	
largely to    review national finances, THIRTY FIVE
the tariff revision of last winter having left very little to be done in the
matter of tariff changes.  Complicated turiff    arrungomonts now in forco *** N"3 Empress of India by the Fe-
wlth maximum and intermediate Brl-        dertt' Authorities un Account
tish and Gorman surety however in- "' •"cgular Entry,
volves so many details that     some
features may call for iurther consid- VANCOUVER, Mar. 18— Thirty-
oration on this occasion. The de- uv0 Hindus, deported because oi phy-
bate on the tariff is not oxpectcd to Bi,:al or financial disability, left to-
rent duo, when Mrs. Bastode poured th0 arrivai at
hot water over htm.
Pald-tp capital $ 10 000,000
tea 5,000000
TOisUsseis.. 113,000000
Brat c' es throughout Canada and ju the United States a d England
Farmer.'   Paper  Placountod.
SAVINGS BANK de, artmbnt
Jleposits of $1 und upwards received, and intere t allowed at
run-en rotes. 1'he riepWtor is sulject to na delay whatever ia
the witl diawal of ihe whole or uny part of the deposit
ON PAV  DAV   9:80n'
., to 12.    4 p.m., to 5 p.
f p.m., to 8:80 p.m..
BTIANCH L. M. DsGEX, Manager
ii ,     JOHN  tv.  00BUHN, (lioo. 0   PICKAKD. §53
-Jl    President and Managing Director. Sci t.-tirv-Trcasuror.     QJ
12 JP
jg  THE  gfi
last long.
A northerner riding through
West Virginia mountains came
with a mountaineer    leisurely driving a herd of pigs.
day by tho Empress of Japan     for
Hong Kong.     Representatives ot the
. remainder, one hundred and eighty-
three, woro in court tills morning on
hiibaes corpus proceedings in an at-
the tempt to sot nsitlo deportation order
up made yesterday liy Dr. Monroe,   lie-
cause the Hindus did hot como    directly from thoir native land.
'•Where ore ysu driving, the
to?" asked the rider.
"Out to pasture 'em a bit."
"WTiat for?" 	
'To fatten 'em." st   p0torsuurg, March 18.  - Tho
'Isnt it pretty slow work to fat- Novoo Vroinyn pu'bllsnod     nn inter-
ten them on grass?     Up where     I view witl' a h's'1 olllcial uf the for-
come'frora we pon thom up and feed fl8",,"1","0 Jjif °tMf? ^ B,riti,sh
...                         ;.             r     " proposal  with regard  to Macedonia,
them on corn.     It saves a  lot    ol m bound to produce discord   among
Meals Served at all 'lours.
First Class
Ace. mmodation
11 Ivate Rcoms
For Ladies
Clam Chowder and Oysters
Specialty. /
W.E.M0OKE    -     Proprietor.
In  Itussia'a  view,   says
tho appointment of   a
mounUlBMr.        "But,     . what's ^^ «?X9W ^lieml for Mace'
the powers.
I   suppose io," drawled the *Jle. official,
time to a hawg?"
would bo absolutely impossible, as it would destroy Turkish sovereignty. Kussiu bus communicated to the powers a counter proposul
looking to judicial and other reforms
adopted to local conditions and uv-
uiding a radical solution of thc
Tuscan  question.
Spooking    generally,    the
peasant is not a very "hearty eater1
us   compared    with   those of other
lands.    His prime standby is a thick
■Xn'S!.! bSi*«iT? °f ibPBadi U,Ul     NELSON, March 17.   - Machinery
green ■tuff.   Broadens pin- a largo houses ftnd businc,ss m.m8 ^port t|m*
orders  were  never  larger  than  tliey
'Pheso   mny
part,,   suvorod    with    oil-     Ton he
knows not; coffee Ho rarelv testes at have "been this spring
^J„?i. M h°"S    S"       'd78. ,° I"?,y "o taken for Indications of
permit himself u cup of what ho calls
coffee at   some   of    the local a
Tho tax on coffee    Is very hhrh   "In
Italy, oh it is also on salt, which ac
Cnnat," '". i!'10 ACt -"I .b°th T ™'un"'V. A new directory lately is
and boast often do not get  enough. sued shmva „ neavy lllcl. Jsc ln    the
.ntik I o h .,i l'™(,"l;t..T nl"ch population If the present rate of
milk for himself or his children, Nor increases is kept up, Nelson, which
does     ho   mako    much use of oggs.  slx ymrs Bg0
summer and full unless thero should
happen to bo an unexpected drop In
the price of metals. Tlie hotels are
full of new settlers coming into    tho
for small amounts, which had   been hl* bMt to cloth8 •""I feed hla  wife
collected by Mrs. Vrzal.    The police a,1<1 cmana w0"-     <"ouncll for  tho
learned that through "charms"   and ')rl,oner contondod nothing criminal
other    methods Blllik had obtained bui l,een    ntovai "«"lll8t hl" clie!!t'
Wm. Hunt, a prominent more    thgB ,0i000 #,„„, ^ Vml while crown counsel lnlo stross    on
(Specisl to the Free Press.)
Vsnoouver, Mor, ID— License Corn-
died this morning.
On Use. 6, moil, Mrs. Vratl    was
  taken suddenly ill    and dlod.     The
r«-j.    u      ...    t.   .    . ^ a.     ■'•,l"1 nt first was pronounced    sui-
London, Mar. M— Earl of Dudley   .... .     .
.. t. . .  . uuuioy cJ(1#| but ^^ |n(lMlry ihowod thttt
the fact that the woman died with-
out medical care, while tho  husband
was awny drinking.
has been appointed governor general
of the Commonwealth ot Australia,
ln succession to Sir Ily. StWord ot
North Cotte, whose torm Is about to
mini, t.j i       i   .b iff. f.    I   WINNIPEG, Man,, March 10,-Tho
111111k had been in the room with hercontract wa,' Blgnod todoy   beWeeh
prior to her death and had    given Frank W. Morse, vico president of lho
her medicine. Grand Trunk Pacific,    tor tho   flrst
How..    arraatMl ami i.inmri     nn' hundred miles cast of Prince Rupert,
lie was    meetM and placed    on ^ flgupcI M     ,„ tho nol(rhborhood
trial    July 8.    The bodies of    tho of six million dollars.
Vrzal family had been exhumed, and    Foloy, Walsh and Stewart, tho big
all were    found to contain arsenic.
railroad contractors, wore tho   suc-
«• . —. /.i i.i     ..      ...    ...     i— i ,  .     t-    i      • ••,        „    . cessful tenderers and will start work
Valprsiso,    Chill,   Mar. 10— Tho Jsraolohat    Vrzal and Emma Vrzal nt „nci,
Brazilian cruiser Benjamin Constant Neimann,    children of   Mrs. Vrzal, ,
sailed    for Calo yesterday after    a were the principal witnesses  against
stay at this port of nine days, dur- Blllik,    He was convicted and-   tho
Ing which the officers and men   were death penalty fixed by the Jury    on     Orlllln,    Mar,   19— Grand Trunk
the objects of many attentions,    ~    July 18,     Ho was sentenced to be Conductor Moonsy of Lindsay,    was
' —♦— hanged    in October last, but twice killed In ths yards here whlla shlft-
wns reprieved.    The cass was carried ing.
These nre rognrded as orticles of'mer tlon of S imii
chnndiso.    In the morning the   pea- ''
sant, liko his betters, doos not
breakfast, as wo understand tlio
term. Tho children may get a drop
of milk und a bit uf bread. The adults will cut a huge "hunk" off tho
family loaf, and set oh* to thoir
work, munching It while thoy wnlk.
If thoro Is any fruit on tho trees,
fresh ripo figs or   grapes or   apples.
had barely a popula-
will,  with its   immediate neighborhood,     roach tho   10,-
000 murk boforo tlio end of tho year.
TORONTO, Ont., March 1S.-E.M.
Boilers & Co., dry gouds merchants,
of Guelph, hnvo assigned to Henry
Barber, with liabilities over $00,000
plums or ponchos, those help to wash ""* ^ "»d "f"5, ^'"'"f1 nt f5"-'
down tho bread that gets protty °°"' lho "n" l,n" ,M" in business
Btalo toward    tho ond of tho   week,  ^rt.y 5'™r8' "n0 9* tlw ll"'>>'ost' of lts
for, ns a rule, tho guild housewife
bakes but onco evory sevon days, tn
winter tho excellent sweet sun-dried
figs, or Bun-deslccatcd apples; which
the women proparo in the summer,
substitute for tho troshor varieties,
ln this wise, when the peasant has
bought salt, ho noods to got nothing
ol80 fur his tablo rcnufrcino-'ts from
any shop. Only on Suntlnyd and festivals ho may buy a bit of hoof from
forty years,
kind in Western Ontario
The failure is    attributed to    tho
ppor trade of tho winter and Spring.
Melbourne, Mar. 18— The suggestion that the Australian government
Invite President Roosevelt to come
the butcher when rabbits aro scarce, to the Island as the guest of the
Sometimes on Friday, which Is a commonwealth during the Melt ot
fast day, ho will buy from the gro- til_ ,.„„„,, cn.... , .,, .,,,., V. .
cor a bit of dried Scandinavian iod- tl", *jnited StatM ta"i<>s»iI' fleot
fish.—Holon Ziinnicrn In Youth's Com noxt »u"»nor, was trontod with en-
pnnlon. thuslasm    ln tho Australian   senate
* today.     Mr. Best vice-president    of
TAKEN FROM HIS MOUTH.        the   executive council had, however,
—~~' to .throw cold water on the project,
Pst had got hurt, not much mora Ho rogrottod to do this, he said, but
than a scratch, it Is truo, but his he sxplalned that it wns unusual for
employer hod visions of being com- a president of the United States to
pelted to keep him for life, and had leave the country, and that it was
adopt the wlss courso of sending therefore useless to extend the Invl-
htm at once to tho hospital. Aftor tation to Mr. Roosevelt,
the house surgeon had examined him Mr. Host added thnt doubtless tho
carefully, ho snld to tho nurse: British   Imperial authorities    would
"As subcutaneous abrasion Is not recognizo tho fitness of sending ade-
obsorvablo, I do not think there ls quato representation of the British
any reason to approhond tegumental navy to meot tho Amorlcan visitors.
Els-hom, Man., Mar, 10- Last evo- on Feb. 33 affirmed the vsnllct.
cicatrization of the wound.'
Then, turning to the patient,
added quizzically:
"What do you think, Pat?"
"Sure, sir," said Pst, "you're
wonderful   thought    reader,
I   LONDON, March 18,-Tho bulloMn
issued today regarding the condition
" of    Sir Henry Rnmpbell-Bnnnorman,
doctor, i the British premier, snys thnt    yes-
Stove Wood
Cut by White Labor Only.
Express*, an   ,
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
All Home Cured
fl. HO CUE'S
Roberts St. Butcher
Hamilton, Mar. 18.—The sixteenth
biennial convention of the Dominion
Council of Royal Templars ot Temperance, being held hero. An Import
ant matter to be dealt with will be
tbe consideration of Insurance rates.
With a vlow to popularizing that
branch of the order it Is proposed to
create a fund for members who
have reached the age of 6* or 70
years. The finances ot the order
arc tu good shape.
Montreal, Mar. 17— Local Irishmen celebrated Mt. Patrick's Day
with the usual procession to and
from St. Patrick's church whero a
mass was held.
Box SI 'Phone 44
Dealer In AH Kinds of
Vests Delivered tree ot charge on ths
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
Ural tod.
Lndysmith,  D. 0.
and Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding and Party Cakes Mado to
Fruits and Candies ot All Kinds
Prices are    very   reasonable.    All
Mnr. 17.—The Semite
committee on finance today voted Customers treated alike,
unanimously to amend the Aldrich
financial bill by eliminating railroad
bonds as securities for nutionul bank
note circulation.
Montreal, Mar, 17— It is definitely announced that tlie new Toronto-
Sudbury line of the Canadian Pacific
Railway will be opened for traffic on
June 15. Ths company will then
have a direct line of Its own
Toronto to tho Pacific coast.
On tho Esplanade.
Ladysmith, B. O,
Evelyn— Did Helen faint when the
footpad tried to grab her purse?
Myrtle— Yes, she feinted with hor'
right and Jabbed him under the ear'
with her left.
Vladivostok, Mar. 18.-,1no hundred flali contractors led by tho Japanese conBtil withdrew from the annual mictions of rights In ths fishing districts    on the Russian coast.
Ho wss 2S years old, and was You took tho very words out of my te^ay the patient was moro    „„„,-    .      d-monded nh <ml«rfmmonl    nf
l« «» sunn*,, court, which trlr,.., married ,„n.y about i mr .«, H. mouth.    That's Just what I, was go- ^wto SS "Si? ^."S^S \ ^IrlT rtl "gotXl „.h'
hns Improved slightly. I ing privileges.
leaves s widow and Infant child.      ing to say.'
full Stock of Miners' Tools.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kinds of Blacksmlthtng
Dons at Short Notlos.
**»«>«>»»»»»%■«»<%%»»»%»«, __m___pp___m_t____m
"'SI HillIflllllllll
'"'I  'i''l'l"llilTllill''i'llll
♦<.%»%»»»»«,»">> *■ ■«,»%»%»■ ■»,««4»»>ta,S>«ai^W^^'vav»-»«.->»»
., Ll
system of generous government sub- casts. . ^, , .
sidles was    established in 1«»8    to' - ■■♦ i
weourage tha building and running' .The. contract:system of work In
ol steamships. Larger vessels of'the sanitary department of Bosion
the most modern design and service-'is again being made an Issue. The
able power were built or purchased! Sanitary. Employes' Union has asked
and various new shipping companies the Finance ' Comiiiisslon to invsstl-
came Into existence. [gate, and Mayor Hlbbord has   also
Millinery Opening
A visit to this Department is an oducatlon in Millinerjs Art.
Space will not allow a sufficient description of tho Newest Creations in Head Wear.
f^* »*»%■.«»%%»
TORONTO, March 17.— Permanent
T f\r\ A T ATl?TI7'C! shareholders of the defunct York
X__\J\jJ\_\j     __y £j VV O Loaa Company, whose stock was not
fully paid, must contribute the   un-
  paid    portion of thoir shares.    Tho
total amount to bo thus paid in   is
There nro 27,405 permanent shareholders, but some of these had paid
up tho stock iu full.    The great ma-
Report has it that the smelter will jority of tho permanent shareholders
open out next week. lwlJ l,ai*' Iur unl^' lmlr 0l llleir stock
a ' Thoy will, therefore, have to pay  in
or bo debited    with, practically    50
The Nanaimo seniors and local in- por cent, of their subscribed stock.
torinodiutes went down the line this -Tho so*"™1 boaV <"' tho sharchol
morning on conquest bent.     Nanal
A girl for general housework.
ply R. B. Dior, Outacro Streot.
ino was nt full strength.
The shingle mill opened out    y
terday aguin, and it is expected
will go ahead steady for at least   a
Young    Bert Gill suffered a painful accident in    the mine oh Thursday.     A' loadod cur passed over his paid for four or live years,
big too, severely crushing it and ho 4-
ders will, it is thought, receive total dividends amounting to probably 50 per cent.
I   The lirst dividend can bo arranged
for as soon as Ucorge Kapello,   tho
,s" referee, has given his last   decision,
it which will bo noxt week.      lt   will
a take, however,     between six months
and a year   to    make out the
counts of the 120,000    shareholders
so that it will be about the end  of
the year before the shareholders get
The final dividend can   hardly
will be compelled to luy up for
(Toronto Telegram.;
As one trouble arising from    ths
unemployed situation is settled   an-
teuni, other one arrives.
This morning it .wss a race trou-
Johnnie is off the Nnnalmo
and so is Furmer.      Manson   comes
into the former's place, and   Snowdon ousts tho latter.    Manson   is  a "10.
good man, and    has shown ovidonco.    Tho Rev, Henry Singer
of much versatility; but it is   quos- deputation    ot Jews   who protested i st*t»» la*t y»ar for sick snd death
tionable    whether   he con pluy   tho...   . *' __     -.    JhanotUm
For    the I""1*    thV wtr4 being dsscrlnttnatsd """Its. ^
tl ~~"**
Hitherto Japanese shippers had
confined their services to ths Immediate waters of tbe lar sast, to
North China, to the ,Yungtse river,
to Manchuria and Vladlvostock, and
the ons service to Bombay, Further
extensions followed, and under contract with the Japanese government
the Nippon Yusen Kaisha established
a regular fortnightly mail service tp
Europe, London and Antwerp being
the ultimate ports, and calls being
mads at Hongkong, Singapore, Colombo, Suez and Marseilles.
Another conipany, the Toyo Klsen
Kaisha, maintains a regular line of
steamers between Yokohama and
San Francisco and also between Yokohama and South American ports.
Another regular Japanese service
across ths Pacific ls between Seattle,
British Columbia and Yokohama,
and s line of Japanese steamers
maintain a monthly service from
Yokohama to Brisbane and Sydney.
Tbs Atlantic is now, Indeed, the
only ocean not traversed by a line
of Japanese steamships, and in that
respect alone Is Incomplete the girdle
of ships by which Japan has.established and now maintains constant
communication with every point of
the world, from which, until forty
years ago, she had religiously and
rigorously seoluded herself.
Todsy the Japaneso mercantile marine approached 1,500,000 tons, She
has 185 private building yards, with
the capacity of turning out steamers of 10,000 tons burden.—Ex.
Twenty-two locals of the International Freight Handlers and Railway Clark*' Union are flourishing in
Governor Magoon haa ordered the
extension of road building in Cuba,
for the purpose of affording relief to
the unemployed.
lit* eight-hour rule will be one of
the chief questions discussed at the
national convention of the United
Garment Workers of America in Milwaukee next August.
Over six million dollars were paid
out by orbanieed labor in the United
centre forward    position.    _
rest, the team to play Esquimalt tn-1 against in the allotting ot work  at
day, ie the same   as appoaral    here | the Labor Bureau, I
last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Batemau wero "surprised" tho other night. Tho surprise party was organized by thi?
sisters of tho Druid Circle, and they
certainly gave the ttatomans a livoly
time. It was a kind of farewell gathering, but ns Tennyson has it thore
was no sndncss of farewell, and Mr.
and Mrs. Butoman will take up their
residence in South Wellington conscious that' they have left many
warm friends behind  thorn.
There was a very poor aadience at
the Opera House on Thursday evening to hear Signor Ouido Ciccotti in
his song recital from the great operas. Thoso who wero there were
given a rare musical treat. Signor
Ciccotl was In splendid voice, and
sang magnitViuilly. It is a groat
pity that tho concert should have
been so poorly advertised, else It is
certain that thero would have hoon a
bigger audience present, to hour tho
famous tenor.
Mr. John McMillan takes thts
means of expressing his sincere
thanks to the members of tho City
Band for their kindness and consideration in arranging a concert *oi
his benefit, and to alt those -who in
any way contributed to make it
appointed    a  committee to consider
ths question, " [
Labor unions of Minneapolis are
arranging to conduct a crusade a-
gainst all concerns which do a Sunday business in tbat city. The movo-
ment is aimed against all concerns
where labor is employed seven days
Tbe Typographical Union of Qsr-
inany, composed of printers, pressmen, feeders snd typefounders, has
membership ot 58,607 and a fund
ln its treasury amounting to nearly
Thos. A. Davis of Maysville, who
was recently appointed labor inspector for the state of Kentucky, is one
of the veteran members of the International Typographical Union. He
Joined the organisation at Louisville
more than fifty years ago.
84 of theso Coats, la drey,
Fawn, Urown and Navy.
Nowost Styles, 8-4 and 7-8
Traveller   Sot    of   Samples.
Regular   from    $10 to $15.00.
The International Hod Carriers and
In the course ot ths protest  there' Building Laborers' Union now boasts
wss   a scums,   a door wss forced, °' 292 branches scattered throughout
and   when the    smoke cleared away."1" lTn"cd States and Canada.
Isaac Uinsburg was locked up in No. I ♦
y police station. I   ^h*   -Actors'     National Protective
Ths protest wss then carried to Vb,ou "' America expects a record-
tke Uourd of Control, whers Com- breaking attendance at Its annual
mlssioner of Industries Thompson 'convention 'o bs held in Nsw York
was asked to eiplaiu. j1" "*»*■
Mr. Thompson—"The    troubls    is' •
that the man register in bunches, 10' Mta""aa 'or the better payment of
or 80 Jaws, then s number ot Kou- •eho°l teachers, the better reglstra-
uianians or Bulgarians, sad ao on. tioB "' tn* vital »tntl«tic» snd pro-
When we sand thirty or forty of v',,on toT old-age pensions are fore-
those foreigners to work on    River- eatM    la 0|8 Mova ScotUl h*aJlslo-
dalo Park the foreman reports that tur**
thay are no use at all for such  employment.
■•{Joniniiseiouar   Harris and myself
decided that it would bs better    tu
Detroit will entertain next August
ths general conventions ol ths International Glovo Workers'  Union    ol
divide ths men up and sandwich   in AamUM'   International Brotherhood
of Teamsters, International Brother-
hood ot Stationary Firemen, and the
some English, Irish or Scotch
with these foreigners, so that
work may not suffer."
Controller   Spencs — Well,    whilo'
that explains the reason, lt is  not'
International Typographical Union.
Ths    Industrial    Workers   of ths
chfav Spring and
Summer Goods
We con now drsss you up in
Up-top Fashion In all the Newest Styles and Shades.
Also the very latest In
Spring Hats.
Corns Early— No troubls
show Goods,
Orocsr and Furnisher.
William's Blook
right to pass over any mas whose W"ld *""""* W otvaiM *ywy
number is called unless you have branch ^ ** mllk iabMty- ,rom
other work to send him to st once **• nlen ™d voam wn0 m"k th*
Mr. Taompson-A lot of ths trou- cuw, to **» pM*>M whtt <Wiver ""'
bis is caused by tbs fact thst many aUk' U ta t>Uamai to mk* the
of ths Jaws ars Junk dealers and ols'«Bl*«u°B national In IU scops,
leave off their regular business to'
taks part in tbs work.
The demands of tbe English   pot-
Mr. J. Oardlner, who Is In charge *" to "• PrMented to °" mmV'M'
° tiniavs    r. 4     thif     fnf nt    AnnfASnnfin    sat    tr\a*
of ths bureau, told the controllers
hs was acting under instructions in
discriminating ln tbs allocation ol
ths work.
"It wss the presence of Mr. singer
up there this ' morning that caused
all ths troubls," hs said, j
Ths Board instructed Commissioner Thompson to' go according to the
numbers, snd to try and see that
Ginsberg is liberated.
—— s
Ths Chlno-Jspanese war of 1894-5
stimulated the development of Japan's merchant shipping. Some additional vessels were purchased Iron
abroad, and these with the country's way employee in service or In
existing     mercantile marine, accom- form.     Ths same act also fines
turera at the Joint conference set for
March 36 ars likely to most with
much opposition as the operators declare it would be impossible to grant
the asked for Increase of 15 par
T. L. Lewis, the successor ol Jobn
Mitchell ss president of ths United
Mine Workers of Americs, was born
in Northumberland county, Pennsylvania, in 1865, snd began his mining career at the age of seven ss a
slats picker on the breakers atNow-
W.-iJ. Bryan has a mild attack of
Brantford'8 tax rate is to be 22
J. E. Widdifleld is tho new postmaster at Newmarket.
Five Italians were deported to the
States from Winnipeg.
James Hamilton, of Watford, was
found dead in his stable.
London, in February had 86 deaths
84 births, and 20 marriages.
QroBvenor Square, London, is to
be paved with wood this year.
A shut down ot coal m.nes affecting 15,000 men, is threatened in
Tho Salvation Army has an extensive immigration schome for 1008.
Joseph Prontico, for 85 years, on
the Hamilton polico forco, has resigned.
At Quakortown, Pa., an owl waa
shot measuring 52 inches from tip
to tip.
A groat extension of the government telephone linos in Manitoba is
Influenza ls still raging in London,
and 120 deaths resulted from it last
Mrs, W. J, Biggins, an aged widow, of Clinton, was found dead in
her house.
Capt. David Hunter,  of Port Dal-
housie, light keeper for 28 voars,
Tho estimates of the Toronto board
of education for this your amount
to $1,397,004.
The salary ol tho' Westminster,
Eng., town clerk hns been raised by
$1,250 a i-enr.
Eleven bullocks wore roasted to
death In a farm fire at Edingthorpo,
Tho wifo of a restaurant keeper In
Pittsburg has inherited $60,000,000
from Swedon.
Flro did $800 damage to woodwork
In St. Thomas' Church, Hamilton,
on Sunday.
•Derbyshire churchmen hnve presented tho Bishop of Southoill with
a motor car.
Olothos-pins by the hundred millions aro turned out in Montpelier,
Vormont, every year.
Lord Brnssey will lie installed at
Dover as lord wardon of the Clinquo
ports-in May, ' '
Albert S. Black must pay Miss Annie Q. Kerone, of St. Louis, $500
for calling hcr an old-'cat. -
A miner   in    Bolllngham,    Wash
shipped east $3,400 In gold,   which
ho hnd stored lu a sock.
Among ninety six persons haled
into tho debtors' court in Chicago,
only ono watch was found.
A caso of small pox, tho first case
in several veurs, has beon discovered
at Walkorton, Ont,
The town of Eden, Bar Harbor,
Me., bas voted to keep automobiles
entirely out of its precincts.
A lire in Tampa swept 55 acres, destroying 808 buildings and causing a
loss of over $600,000.
The customs receipts at Moose
Jaw for Fobruary wore $1,848 aa
against $1,164.88 in February last
Thirty large pieces ol wood type
were carried by rats from a printing olllce at Hulmcville Pa.
The Belgium government has agreed to annox the Congo Free State
and pay King Loopold nine million
London's total supply of electricity
for the past year was 218,174,279
units. The cost was 2.889d a unit.
After sixteen days' continuous
sloop, Vails Eliu, u railroad laborer,
died in a Deadwood 9.D. hospital.
Charles de Cruelly, who claims to
be a descendant of Napoleon, waB
sontonced at Loods for begging.
Sarah Fisken, an old rag plckor,
died in destitution nt Bristol,    She
was found to huve a bond of $400.
Tho    congregation    ot   St. Paul's
Presbyterian church, Hamilton, celebrated tholr 75th anniversary.
Tho windmill    at   Terrlngton, St.
Clements, Norfolk, a famous landmark in tho Fens, ls being demolish-
Mr. J, W. Coburn was In town
Friday morning.
Mr. Owens arrived in town yesterday.
Mr. Meale. came down from Nanaimo yesterday morning.
Mayor -Nicholson   'went   down   to
Victoria yesterday morning.
Mr. B. Gibson was in town Thursday and Friday.
Mrs. Dunbar, of Wellington, was
visiting friends here on Thursday.
Mr. J. H. Hawthornthwaito passed through town ou the morning
train yesterday.
Judgo Young passed through town
on the morning train on Wednesday,
Fathor Nicolaye paid Nanaimo a
visit on Wednesday.
Mr. Russell Simpson took a run up
to town on' Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs, Jas. Bateman, and
family, removed to South Wellington
on Thursday.
|    Telephone, 1 24
i Naimimi li 0.
IVJclntyre Foundry &
Stove Conipany, Ltd.
Ladysmith, B. 0.
Dp. %& dm
All Work Guaranteed,
and STAND.
SrDBBOARDS.      '
Assortment of Bamboo Goods.
Largs Assortment of Fancy   China-
ware and Glassware, Etc.
S. Peterson
'Puons 18.
First Avenue
■il  \"<?
Mr. Jos. HcCullogh went down to
Victoria Friday morning.     He' ls suf
fering from a  kidney trouble     snd
has gone down to tho hospital,
Mr. and Mrs. John Musters came
up to town from Crofton yesterday
Mr. Macklln, formerly manager of
the big stiir'e here, was In town yes
torday and today.
Mr. Hodgson, the local mining
man, was ln Ladysmith yesterday,
I.t.-Gov. Dunsmuir cams up from
Victoria yesterday and went up to
Cumberland by water.
Messrs. J. Watson, W. Knston and
J. Cartwright are leaving tomorrow
for tho American side. Their objective is Butte, where conditions are
picking lip.
Mrs. J. Ryan and family left this
morning for tho Yakima Valley,
Wash., where she will Join her husband who preceded hor two weeks
Mr. Wlgmore was In town today In
connection with the Island supplement which tho Times is to issue in
Mr. A, Brydon wont down to Victoria this mornlnRi.
In Canada thero exists a law that|   Ffed_ McA|0tty was furiously   nt-
subjects the saloon keeper to a so- tacked   by a   woasol   in a  mine  at
vers Une for selling liquor to s rail- Shamokln, Paf, and had to coll  for
unl- helD- '
"   I   The church choir at Dulverton, So-
*"e merset, havo gono out on strike  ra
for     Indulging in lntoxl- thor than adopt    antlphonv singing.
I00|>r. sold already
Just 150 Pair of LECKIE'S FAMOUS
MINING SHOES   remaining to be.
sold at per pair  $3.00
New Store
Newly Stocked
All Kind! of Wall Paper.
Picture   Framing a Specialty.
High Street. i
Bods and Lines
Flies and Tackle
For All Ktnds of Fishing.-
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Dally at 9 a. m.
Wednesday,    Saturday   and   Sunday
At 9:00 and 16:88.
For Victoria.
Train r\rrive at Ladyimith
Daily at 11:87.
Wsdnwday,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
At 11:07 and 17.68.
From Victoria.
GEP. I. C0UI{Tf|«/\Y
District Passenger Agent.
10a Government St., Victoria
In the matter of an application tor
a duplicate certificate ot Title to
lots three and four (8 and 4) Block
twenty nine (29) Map 708a. Townsite
of Ladysmith.
Notice is hereby given that it is
my intention at the expiration of ons
month from ths first publication hers
of to lssus a Duplicate Certificate of
Title to the above land issued to
Mary Davies oa the 118th day of Julv
1902, and numbered 7948c.'
Registrar Oeneral.
Land Registry Olllce, Victoria, B. 0.
the 11 day of February, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that at the
next meeting of the Licensing Commissioners of the City of Ladysmith,
application will be mode for a transfer of the interests of Edward Mul-
holllund, now deceased, In the retail
liquor license issued ln respect to the
promises known as the' -Ladysmith
Hotel, to Robsrt Barclay.
Executrix of the estate of E. Mulholland, deceased.
Lndysmith, B.C., Feb. 25, 1908.
Toronto, Mar. 30—Magistrate
T. J. Woodcock, of Newmarket
hus been committed tor trial oh
the charge of perjury. The
Crown    alleged that Woodcock
pitched the transport of 120.000. employee
fighting men, with 100,000 porterage ——
coolies and stores trom Japan to'
the seat of war. In the main thsss
vessels were officered, as well as
manned, by Japanese, and this exhibition of seamanship by s nation i
whoso only vessel untH thirty years'
before had been tho sguat, square
native Junk, ranks equal with ths
courage snd lighting ability displayed by the Japanese Imperial navy at'
tha same time.    '     ' i
The conclusion of ths war and the
establishment by .Japan of h«r place
among the'great powers of the world
wsre marked ty | furthsr developments tn her merchant shipping.    A: fi^,^^,^,^,^^,^^,^^,^^^,^^^^^^^^,^^ ♦++♦♦♦♦»'
. ■ 6-Inch Fancy Ribbons 25c a yd * *
Shot Effect Ribbons 25c a yd '.'.
- ■ Good Quality Cashmere   Hose, • ■
46 cents a pair,
' \ Better Qualities at 85c and 60c T
Choicest Fru;t8
Cigars.  Tobaccos.   Soft Drinks
Excellent Boarding
THAN WOOD. . . .
mm*'     s
H. Thornley
;Miss Uren!!
♦ ■■
Special tie»l Tickets for
the Week
Mrs. 8. Decker,
Public notice Is hereby given to the
Electors of the'Municipality of Lady-
__________ smith, that I require the presence of
tho said electors at the City Hall,
, , Ladysmith, on tho 80th day of
20— Charles March, 1908, at the hour of 12
ons hundred o'clock, noon, lor tho purpose of ol-
thousand" dollar."worth of property ^•J^KTs^TSSL"
in Vancouver, was .sentenced today yae mode 0f nomination shall
to six    months' hard labor without as follows:
option of fine, for renting a build- . Tho fmndldata sholl be^nomirtutja
,      . '      ,„ , „   j.i.u. in writing and the writing shall   br
ing to women of 111 tame. Hondrloks SUDBcrU)ei, by two voters of tho Mu-
tried to start a new restricted sec- nlcipality as proposer and seconder,
tlon in the centre of ths east    end and shall bo delivered to the Return-
— i*a_-. Ai.,.iAi ..a ini* ih. wn. Ing Offlcor at any time between the
residence district, and tod the wo- ^ of m_ ^^ md „ pm  of^
men formerly of Shanghai snd Can- day „, nomination, and, If a poll be
ton streets, that he had squared ev- necessary, such poll    will be opened
orythlng    with tho mayor and chlel ortho   8rd dny of  April, 1B08,   of
... , , „  „,. i which overy    person ls required   to
of police for opening a new lininoinl tak(J nMa) ^ govorn hlm80„   „„.
Hendricks,   who owns
quarter.    He turned out regular ten- cordlngly.
ants and trebled rents td fast    wo-
Returning Officer.


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