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Ladysmith Standard Oct 21, 1908

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X>r*.    JPagaja,
iYi-ooi*    of    llci
utuixlay    a ml
t-_v       l).vJ »r.     Fr
i Conservative  Co
dent of Heiiitf Ktocted.
LdlduLo  Feels Confl-
I 'rovincij.il   Medicul
was in to \\n ori
shown a found tho
jiuI   Mayor   Nichol-
i'l"'. I, tin- c
■ tn n<in r«l'' man had a few
hii-i on tht' station plat-
he le Pt, iii i (i is j»lea sed to
state 1 hut Dr, Fagan
•    rcas-suri tijuly   of  the   sit-
»n.    T!fcie   "i
_>_r< Ik     w i t It.
IFo3r_cx__   befo/e
.I»0 tlljlo       tO
I »<) I-tO       1*41 thi"
I «  • f i ^^^^^^^^^^
Dr. UPtxtga ii was most eunpha tic in
i ss cooxi iiii»ti(li» tion of tho measures
__t_xt hail heen taken by Dr. Frost
titl t hi- ei i y iint horit i-f.s. There was
othini^; iurthi'r In- could suggest and
g evas del ij»*h • «*< I with the prompt
ti<! oiYofti ve        step       that    liad      been
*.l<o_ i .
I f     theiv    wns    nnythfng   .Owe     tp   '**
llone     it.    wa«    bhe   com;. .i isar.v   vaccina-
on     <>f    everybodv    in   the   town.      He
as    sorry    i 1    had   not   l'.<'«*n   done,   and
icci ri4i t tOri,      he     di'clari'il,      OUfflvt        to
s   on ror*c©ci.   11-**   would   leave  it  to thn
by authorities, ind    if   thoy   did
ithiiiy    in    the   mtitter   (h-'ti   l he     pro-
acial author i tries    would    sri ep      in;
ovided    it    was   rleemerl   nero»9ar,Y.
f**t • i-     t He    rest     ho    ha ,1    m .thinp;      but
aise     f«»t"    the      active   measures       of
recnntioti       nnd        prevention     taken.
Inilo    airare   of   oH    r' ■ ssililo      de-
»lopmont s. he was inclined to he-
?ve thit v : • ** t1 e :'-'• *nnnto pro
sio'rts i hat had been made, the
•eak would ho checked. Th
» ca uso for alnnn*. j> nd fcfi'e hnsiness
the to wi i would noi ho -» terfercd
Mv. Frank tth ^^^^^^
tive candidate was m town this
morning. Mr. Shepluycl has practically completed the speech-making
part of his cqmpulgn, His only regret is that hu hits been unable tu
address a Ladysmith audience and to
get better i.e.\ua inted ■xvith 1 he Lu-
dysmith people. Ho is satlsiled tlmt
in all the other places he has visited that his chances of being elected
are of the brightest,
His last meet tag was ut (hilinohi.
Smith had been thero before hfimand
the story got abroad thai his chairman, Mr. Lewis, had roundly denounced tha Laurier govornmont and
declariM that he would not vote for
Smith. Of courso, h wns all a mistake, said ihe Herald. Ilui ft is
not a (mistake, Mr. Lewis tot.U tltp
chair Pop Shepherd and repeated
what be had said at Smith's meet-
He Is done with Smith ond
are a      whole    lot  more   liko
game of
Kills Bringing Over a Cumljinud
Tenia frum Vaueouver for
a l'Viendly Mutch.
There   is  nn  longer any reason   to
doubt that the fighl _s between She]
herd  nnd  Smith, and the nd ils
the   former..   Tbilph  i<= putting up a
great   fight,  the kind of fight thnt iye
expected   of   him:   but   it   is   a forlorn
hope.    Shepherd  is confident    f
result  and has every reason to I
• nn
|M:^VT>:Fti;r>, Oct. SO.—All Spain is
cited over the adventures of a
ndsome, plausible young man who,
trho stylo of the JConpenick 9hoe-
fcer. has carried out a remarkable
iposture. The adventurer, Fmite
ix Pedro, is now being* trie! for ilea.! Iy wearing a military uniform
3.      inilitary    decorations    to       which
is     not    entitled.
•oclr-o     a,    year    ago    wos^living      at
>raltar   where   he   passed  himself off
■the    son     of   a    general   who   fought
Cuba.        He   became  engaged to the
|ughter    of   one    of   t_ie'"oVT.cur.*  of the
risen,     '>\it    hefore   the   marriage  he
Is     arrested    on    a    chai>*«   of      fraud
|i    taken        to      l3aroeV>r»a,   hut there
F> r-oe»e<l i ngs    were0 tc_ronpe-*1.     Then.
1*0   • turned     up    in    Tjon^lon,      ivhere
pJO»e<l    as   tho    son   of   a   me.-nber  or
Spanish   cabinet.   and   u'ai   receiv-
11 to    the   best   society,
tavi ng     England        he    crossed    the
nnel .     aceonmanied    oy   a   mnn said
t>e     an     Englishman,    and     >n   land-
in        France       ca-lle* *  himself   tlie
[■nee     of    Battenberg,       and    pjf-oud-
|announceil    himself   as   a       brother
tie     Queen  "of   Spain,      Before leav-
for    Paris    Pedro   sent   a   telegram
|t"he     Spanish   and    "British   am.ha.9Sr
r-s5    iri    T*a.ris.    announcing1 that   the
r-e     of     Battenb^rg   and   tyis   secre-
woulrl    arrive   in   tl
tit     a,     eertn i n    hour
HmorrypiECE on the
R. P. Pettipiece, tho Trad«e and
JLabor iuuu am well known Socialist
of Vancouver, v ho is not unknown
in Nanaimo, sa:d in part ia aa interview ia Vancouver on the U~th, on
his return from tha east:
"In  Winnipeg they a*e having" probably the     hottest    campaign    ever
known  iu     tho political history     of
Canada.      The  Socialist candidate is
being supported  by the labor organizations,  and    is the third candidate
in  the field.      The government forces
spending     money liberally, and!
the committee     rooms are well sup- j
plied  witu     liquid refreshments.     In
the sections of the city where     foreign  workingmen live, free booze    is
the order  of the day.     In this way
conditions are being made to     look
brighter to the minds of the new citizens of the east end.     Industrially
Winnipeg is very quiet, and the only
plants      working     overtime nre the
breweries.        There     are more campaign     heelers   in Winnipeg to    the
square mile than any place in
_ executive of Lho football   club
1 1^ iur a  strong series of
frieudli games at home. Until the
Islund League start- home mutches
ure few and far between, and in order tu keep Lhe game going, Ueop thi1
boys in shape, and maintain tho enthusiasm pf thu club's supporters, the
executive are getting in visiting
The first of the series will lie played on Sunday afternoon whan", Will
J'JIlis is producing a combined team
from outside points round Vancouver. Kllis declares the team ho has
got together is stronger than the
alI-\ uncouver team, und after what
the Celtics hid to Nunaimo last
Sunduy this means a whole lot. The
game should bo as fast as they are
seen round about, and the team will
be given a fair tryout.
The following)    eleven were picked
last night by the executive to represent Ladysmith;
Goal— Hougun.
BoOks— Christian, Struthers.
Grainger, Adam, Wynn.
Forwards — McDowell,     McGuire,
Brass, Graham, Warburton.
Reserves—O'Connoll,  Strang,     and
. The kick-off will take place at 2.HO
sharp, and the charges will be the
same ns usual, 25 cents to lho
grounds, ladies free to the grand
tand, gentlemen 25 cents extra.
r   sue
I   frank Shepherd held anmi
(cessfui     meeting Monday,
ing a   Northfleld nudience.   h
ing wns a   most attentive oi
Mr.    Shepherd     received
Air. Quenuell,    after   having    been
elected    chairman    of    the meeting,
sta tod that this meeting was called,
they were probably all aware,   in
tlie interests of Air.  Shepherd,    and
he trusted thut tliey would give him
quiet hearing,  while lie endeavor-
the'ed to tell them why
French  can-I    *   ,7,   """   """ "° ™ tu "u" inani wn3' t,,ere dunUd be
Whon      thelwo™   •   ever saw-*-*th iust one ex- a   change of government at Ottawa
reached     T» iris;    the    two     ndvrn- . oePWon' ,;He stntml  iin.(   tw.n  ._, ..«,..   _..__
rrs    found    waiting   to   receive them ""i t-A^upnun is nranaon.   From oartl-w  timf  nmiw  i,„ M*. j     ,   jwwubu nun nsifeti ior uu good   men
to help him in this great cause, ond
"This exception is Brandon.   From parties  that  could  be returned     to
my sixteen years' experience in west- power,     Conservative and    Liberal,
ern  politics,  my thorough knowledge nnd if Mr,  Hawthornthwaite   should
of   Yukon  affairs and a   fairly intri- bo elected he     would only be single
irotest   'against them coming here,
t is true they raised a   head tax to
1500 oh   Chinamen, but still    they
came.     Mr.  Smith's reason for   not
protesting against this treaty     was
thnt lie had received no signed petition from his people in British Col*
itnbJa, so thia large immigration of
Orientate wns simply due to the Bri-
Columbian'fl failure to send     a
petition to Ralph Sin th at Ottawa.
also pointed out thnt they     did
put u   head tax on the Japanese
the same a^ on the    Chinese.    Hero
s Mr.  lkeda, who had staked     a
tiera] claim on Queen Charlotte Is-
d     worth half n   million dollars,
nnd was enjoying all     the privileges
White citizen.     In reference to
the G.T.P. it wns snld that     those
Orientals     were   employed     because'
llure wns not sufficient whito labor.
This wns not true, as there were 25-
000 young    men jr Scotland,     that
juld have been brought out nt   the
snme    expense    that it was costing
them to bring the yellow men,   and
we would have had a   clenner country nnd laller work,
On vhe     question of better terms,
Mr.  Shepherd did not intend to sny
much, but it wasn't exactly a   question of better terms, but one of fair-
terms to the people inBritish Columbia.     In every other province   in
Canada     the people were taxed     to
tin.' extent of §3.07 per head,   while
iu British Columbia they had to pay.
the enormous tax of $12.61, thereby
bearing a   burden uf $9.5.0 per head
just because    they lived in a  rough
country, and were paying into     the
Doibiuion treasury 3 to 1.   We were
perhaps the richest province iu Canada, and it was costing two thous-
a»4 dollars   per   mile   to buiM.railroads   iu   parts of the province     a-
gainst three hundred  dollars in   every other part of the Dominion.
. I   He also s.iJd that if it werebribery
to ui'ier a   man a  drink of beer and
a   sandwich at   thesu election times,
how     much    more Is it bribery     to
build    wharves, remove rocks    from
! harbors and install   telephone     systems  all  over the islands,  at     this
Mute hour, a   death-bed repentance as
it were.
Me had also seen pictures of Sir
Wilfrid Laurier placarded ail over
Victoria, with the words ''My country is my love" (laughter) but that
he (Mr. Shepherd) was inclined to
think Sir Wilfrid was a hit of ' a
flirt (more laughter).
lie concluded by stating that    Mr.
Borden had asked  fur 60 good
esentatives ol* tho. two emoass
fxrxci thc French government, nnd
rtiixi-rf    of    Honor.
_pcuir    left     the    tiny    afterwards _________________k*'   	
±?*£-%*^ ^T^r1? *„***? Ihnm,ei1 nt ™** ™«- -" «*
the    losxciin.--   hotel   and   were  enter- '   .       thouB™     l   r<*Hy     knew be expected    to accomplish anything
o*_l    t>y   the   governor  and the may- -thing-  of how politics are     run single handed.     He also  naked them
X^i-orn     Saragossa   they    travelled   from the inside.     But it was only a after    the   explanation   and details
*2S?P».     ^^   they   were  <*l»»ny   Pbanftasy.       Sifton   has  beaten     by that Mr   Shepherd would .i™       ,
i-s-fxi!     iti    Imposing   upon   the    a-i-   fh-  }an„tu     t ■_.,,. y      . ^nepnera would give m his
l-itios. In    the   course   of   a   round'1™~  ienffth of a   Clty bIock anything address  to seriously consider     whe-
festivities    g-iven     in    their     lionor, j that      I   have ever seen in  Canada, ther it would not be to their     host
the  United   States or anywhere else, interests to cast their vote in     Mr ! ____________
Hordes  of campaign heelers-   swarm- Shepherd^, favor at the election-next ^ „^     !'resi(!ed. ll> muny meetings,
around    the central  Sifton camnalcrn Mondav      iu th^ _-ViiJ .._—     „  illoth I^lititml- and otherwise, 'but* he
-^^———^^^—^^^^^^^^^ m - _„ M lllLWt./     iluul never hud the Pleasure 6l   .'con-
cant hr ise  is labelled  "Sifton   com-    Mr. Shepherd had'two* u'u^tinns in!duCtlng s,lch an ord«»y one, it had
1>oth ''©on a  pleasure and very easy.
rrt inal
__rr_. -A.S
ty    t he
tho   course   of   a   round
given     i n    their     lionor,
made    tlie   aequo i n ta nee
Sajjchn,    tho   Prim ite    of
he    was    a bout     to     q.tit
_ suddenly    dis-
red thot he was short of ready
■e>". so he borrowed 5,000 !>eso-
Jfrom t ho C7 ar-cJ inal. liu t 1 >ei nff of
|meroi]S disposition. he handed
1 ,<">*>0 pesetas for tho >o >r c»f
IcSro     was    finally   arrested   in   this
-while    passing   himself   :is   a can-
of     art illory.       IJis   downfall     was
^1 y    due    to    his    overweenincr   van-
FTe        ptirchnsed       a   number    of
ish decorations nnd      pinned
to    his    uniform.        Xhe   first   duy
|ore     them    tho    fraud   was   dotoct-
ncW     Pedro    wns    arrested,   flit   hy
.Vlg     pol ice    have    pi oced    t ojxethor
i f>&     »t oi*>*.     wh ich    is    one     nf     tho
T-em arknble   to    ho    found   in   the
records     of    Continental      Euo-
-t\ fter     T"*ecii*o*s    arrest    his   com-
i     rl isappoa rerl    and    has   not   vet
Ii-t.. T*>»txar_9hurgf. Oct. 20— The
ex*ty—four* hours ending at
n today saw 18 new cholera
ss brought into th» munici-
Jl hospitals. There were also
lenty-one   deaths   from   the    di-
|shurtr, Oct.   20—Judge    Young
ed     tlie    wrf*   of   habeas  corpus
|* T^hnw cose. *Thf» monns that
-will    not   h«   hrouclit   here       at
!\!r.Shej)lierd stuted thnt. lie thought
he possessed tho qimUlicntions de-
sirod, nnd would nsk the people of
North-Old to give his words carefjil
consideration) nnd hoped that thoy
wotdd help to send him back as
their representa-\*e to Ottawa. He
jilsn thanked the chairman for con-,
ducting such an orderly meeting, •
whereupon the chairman stated that
During the ovonlng  one gentleman
around    the central  Sifton campaign Monday.     Ho then called upon
rooms, evory block and formor    vtt- Shepherd to address the meettui
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       com-
mitteo  rooms;"  in short, if ever     a his mind,     whether to address
mun owned  a   constituency that man "leoting;    on   the    regular campaign I ~?   """ "'" s  """ ^""oman
is Sifton und the place is Brandon. Topic or to tali to them about niin iSt"tWl "'"' °"1 ■'" "ritiah Columb'a
To say that money is being spent, ing, as they being mostly mining peo"i''° "aS "" ''ettor thna n ^'""man.
like water is putting it mildly. The pic, and he himself a mining engin-1'1 ('"in"mnn' co,,ld S'o end stake a
swash of gold is like a roaring tor- eer, he could tell them soinetliingK'"'"' f"r *6 anrl hnveit recorded for
rent. They have up army of men that might interest thom, but ho J, '"Bt th° snn,c as he could- He
sending   out  campuign  literature.   A ally decided    to give theiu the regu-' f*"1*"'  th"1 wh"e worklnS     In
prominsut member of the trades and lar campaign speech. Uo hoped that1"'" Y"''™ "" a r"ilroad «P there
labor council of Brandon informed they would give him a patient hear-1 that'a,thoufh P'«"ty of men could
me that paid huoksters are going ing and ho would be very pleased to!'° SK'""'] to w'"rk for P-SO aday,
I'ronf house to house throughout the answer any questions that thoy wish- *!"? SC,lt '" SeatUe' n,,d secured
farming; district around the city buy- ed to usk after ho had finished speak-''''""a'"°" to c"mo "P and work for
in« _t highest i.rkes everything that im?. he had always mado it a point]     'lm'j______
tho farmers have to sell.     Xhey pay In all his meetings in the oonstitucu-i       ' "~*~	
a dollfu- each for spring pullets, CO cy, to allow the Socialists and Lib-'' H<U|
cents a dozen for eggs, and hero, as orals all tho freedom they wanted iu txnft,
i"   Winnipeg,   wino  flows continually, regard     to    asking questions,  while nichto
If  lhor«  is  a   voter  left in Brandon lialph Smith had made a  great mis- "ll0n' r ,n'
out  of tf    Sifton Job, he is not   any- M<e In keeping his halls guarded by !',„C"|",!f,illv  .ull|  |,
where  in  sight.      Automobiles     are policeiucn. address a raeoflng I:
hired  nt forty dollars a   day to tour     In dealing    with the Asiatic   ques- trlct.  Mr.  Smith  0
tho   district     in aid     of the. govsm.  li»nS, Mr. Shepherd strongly appeal- !'"">' h™^	
ment. The some authority that I e'l to the young men, as tho people'
have quoted r.bove told me that $25 «ho had tho futuro development of
is the minim in price for votes lu Canada in their hands, and,thoy
Brandon. Thero is nn utter dlsi'o- surely wuuld not want to enter into
card for al ything Hie decency nnd oonuietllion with these little yellow
ria-ht. Th' casual visitor would nion, and this undoubtedly would
think   thnt  the peoplo won
to    Vic-
mornlng. He    will
meetings ut Saa-
rk up lo  Duncans
lit  town horo
veiling     will
fodar   DIs-
will  necom-
ployed   wuuld
thqy     sook.
wouUI   corroborate nny statement n- that     many
orninst  Sifton that  wns ever made in '"> Placed on
print  or  from  a   public platform
Altona,     l>a„     Oct.  19,—An ovsr.
cato.l stove set    lire to a   dwelling
,ld become happen, if them was noV'a" sto'tTto t!"*,?*     ^^'u  *  ^^ t0Wn'
ctlcs,    I. their    con, in,     ,„,„ ZL*?T   ~ t0n n"U'9 WMl »' '«'ra V«U>rday, and
and   that the tactics    an- their    coming     Into  Canada  in the four    chiIdr,n lost the,r „
defeat the ends    which h»rdos     and     hordes     that      woro ,,„.      tu
.,., .,    . , „„,_,•„    ,       ,   , ■ ' °     lw» o'h«r persons were probably fa-
1 he methods employed coming in     toduy.     The suggestion tally injured
hundreds     of      them
traot of land in  tho
Northwest,     would never meet   with
success as thoy wero not looking for:
unproductive    rocks,    but tho very!
—— best in the land, and thoy would get
New  Vork,      Oct.    20— Hojielessly it, in fact they wero gotting it now.
t-v .Medical Officer of
piiljlic gatherings of
'ga;s,   Chureh Services,
|oe. Parents are re-
tlieii- own lots
k^HOLSON, Mayor.
•c*>oscec««*ov« o<
Pnronto, Oct. 30—Dr. 8. May, formerly Inspector of public libraries,
, f>ew .otk, oet. 20- Hopelessly it, in fact they were getting it now. I""1 wh» nt ™rio"» tln,« ,n hl» <*■
lost in a den* for far ont noar tho In. -New Zealand, Australia and the ™' "a* " <*MW 0 Dominion and
Sandv Hook Hght.hlp, exhausted and other colonies, those little yeliow l^^ mMhlU at world s fairs,
almost overcome by exposure, four people wore not employed in any cn-,'"0'1 todny after a lingering Illness.
Brooklyn men were rescued from . a P'^'ty whatover, not even to dig In
Httlo motor boat late last night Just the gardens    or    work by tho day. RAN ON OAS BUOY.
in    time     to s»ve   Ihem from boing with the    result thnt thoy loft    the    Montreal, Oct. 20.- The Allan Un-
driven  out to sea.     They were pick- country for greener fields, nnd     this W Virginian rnn on a   gas buoy   as
ed  up by the pilot boat New Jersey is exactly what    should have     boon (she wns nppronchlng the hnrbor this
and     given food and warm clothing, done with thom In Canada, and     if | morning and is now nnchored In the
nnd with their motor boat In    tow, Canada had availed horsolf of.   the stream with ono of tho ohalns of tho
were brought hero today. treaty    that    excluded theso peoplo,buoy   twisted nround hor propellers.
Thoy     started    out on a  pleasure from a  country, at tho time    whon:rP"Ks and lighters, and two    divers
trip yesterday, got lost nnd wcre be- other countries did, this would have .nre now working on the vessel   try-
ii'ngr rapidly driven to sea when   they b<w>    the cnso.     But no, oven tholr jlng to rclense tho ohaln.    Tho buoy
J wero picked up by the New Jersey,    own member, Mr. Smith, raised    no i» snld to havs bsmi out of posHlosj. I stronger    than    that, but McBride's'
I phase carried a shrewd sting    with
j it. In 1900 Ralph told his friends he
was no Liberal. He was a labor nmn
absolutely independent,  seeking only
: the advancement of tho interests of
labor. There hns surely been a great
change of heart, and every indication
will be falsified if the^e is not also
a great change in the vote    on   the
AGREEMENTS Drawn!26th.
If You Require Any
WW3IA9$Ka 9.0WW.O.O/WW\?£# a&£
m^lM fforii^g (fouserk
THE SECOND VICTORY.   '        played    cleverly    und     with   sound
Or If You llequlre Auy
<Ji   II You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell One;   or 11 You   Want
It came out at tho Council meeting
on Monduy evening that thore , has
been some trouble with tho men employed as watchmen around the
quarantined houses in tho city. i/Kbe
cause of the whole difficulty f Was
nothing moro serious than a matter
of fifty cents a day. The wisest thing
to do, it seems to us is to let: the
matter drop. Thore may bo nothing
very, much to-do; but watching IS a
decidedly dull antl monotonous job.
More than that, in the present case,
it is not altogether too pleasant or
attractive and the shifts are twelve
hours long. The council nre to be
I commended on their cure and caution
10HM    ^TFWAhT ln handling the public money;   , but
JVJ11I.1    Jl_linivi |_,_ no provision wns mudo in their
ostimntes for trouble such ns this.
I It. should also be remembered that
tho bush fires entailed unoxpected exf-
penditures. and the Fornlo disaster
'wbeorbed threo .hundred dollars. After all fow councils anywhere,, and
none in Lndysmith. oon point to
such results for tho amount of money
^^^^^^^^^ oxponded, and. if in the present un
published on Wednesdays auu _*tur- looked for emergency, it becomes ne-
jcessnry to raise n little extra revenue, surely the people will raise no
Very lolid objeclion. We feel pretty
confident they won't.
N ota 17  Pttblie,
judgment  throughout.    Provins,    up-
away so fust that nobody could stay
Tbe home team played its   socond   parently is taster than over aiid hus  witl> him    excoPt Fred Meadows    of
League game on Saturday afternoon mora vim In his play,    He wus   no-   the    West End, but Longboat killed
and won out by a score of 5 goals  "' ' *    "~    " '	
to 2.    Ex-champions and champions
are   therefore    neck.and neck in tho
race, and all tho indications aro thut that Beaney knows
thing short    on Saturday.      .1 iuuny   the Wost Ender off in the first five
didn't play all   the time;  but he wus                  d      lloped bMk ^ th E_.
easily the most dangerous nuiu    on
the held whenovor ho out loose, and , hibition grounds more than a mile
Ladysmith   Standard
days Afternoons by the
Robt. R. Hindmarch,
One Year  S1.60
Six  Montis       75
Advertising Rules on Application.
Shepherds    meeting at
The Herald     stntes    that it holds
87(>O.UO to hot on  Smith's election.
;It is advertising the fact und  never
- ' a line bus appeal-oil from -Mr.  Skin
ner's pen.   A  family newspaper,    re-
Nannltno presenting the' party of, purity   and
_^B_nsnB_Binm_i ,, reform,  inciting nnd encouraging tho
10 Friday night was altogether too DVil     of   garabi|ng,    Th(!    organ of
successful to bs at all pleasant    for Smith,  churchman and- preacher   do-
_,,      ,,,','. .      ,4.     liborntoly    rntoring    to the greatest
our Liberal    friends to contemplate. mK.M scourg9 „f    thc Co„tury, and,
dust how splendidly encouruging the not    even    the still   small' voice Is
gathering was may bo inferred from ™isc,ri   in Protest.   Why It te awful,
„     .,,       ., ,      . .    simply awful,  und  even more awful
the Heralds rather crude, clumsy at- ,„ it t() thi„k ,,,„, ,„ „„ In.obab|Hty
tempt to belittle its importance and  tt is only a Hornld bluff   run as  an
to rehabilitate   poor Ralph's     shat- electioneering dodge!
lered political     character.     Premier ' • ~~~     ,  .
McBride,    declared the Herald,   had  FOUR CUMBERLAND MINERS IN-
uothing fresh or original to say, and J Ul"1'0'
indulged in the usual platitudes. Let     UUMUERLAN^;c.v Qct."i7.-In
it be plainly     understood that     for an explosion which occurred   yester-
pl-atituiles Premier     McBride's argu- duy morning In thu rear of McNIven's
msnts carried    an intolerable    sting boarding houso,  four men wen bad-,
...   .. .,   ...    ' ■     , j    ly hurt.       Somo minors   who    wore
with them.     Smith hns always made Btaying &t m hmnVmg house   hM
rather freo with the Premier, and been using nu outhouse to store
hnd almost iwrsuaded himself and their powder in, nnd whilo filling
the Herald  that McBride dare     not  their powder    cans before going   on
0 clock   yesterday
shift    at    seven
visit Nunuimo. All   this   politicnli nloniingi     it    is surmised    that" a
bravado must he vory pninful to re- match wns dropped from ,the pocket
call In the light of what happened of one of the men, this being   step-
T.-,-      -t u* a-.i.w    - ii*i-«i  Ped upon set firo to loose powder ly-
on  Friday night. Smith s political ^ J_  ^ ^ un(, ^ £___ q„4
record has nover suffered such a dam- |y spread to the nearby kegs, caus-
aging exposure. There was first of ing u terrific explosion. Tho board-
all the Columbian Land Grant con- lnS house was completely wrecked as
corning which Honest John, of the w«™ «lso Severn 1 dwelling houses be-
" longing to (Irtint and Mounce.     All
Delta has so much to say. It is tho pinte glass windows up tho stores
noticenble that Rtflph himself has on ono side of tho mnin street were
fought     rather shy of the question,  broken.
. „ ., „ , , ,    ., Four men    wore badly hurt, they
and rremier McBride made the rea- „re. ,r „„,„, vlox Armstrong, D.
son nil too plain. There was the Hamilton nnd John Latham. Mr.
Kalen Island   deal the very thought  Daird received the worst injury, hav-
of which raises up such a boiling pas- !"R hi? jnw, '",'okon  U\ lt° . p.lacf?'
, ,   .,        ' * "     his wrist    broken   and chest   badly
-slon of indignation in John of the bruised. Tbo injured men are do-
Delta's honest soul. Premier Mc- ing well this afternoon nt the local
Bride    wos able to   show on Friday hospital,  nnd  it  is believed all will,
night that from start to finish    his rerovcr'	
government wns fighting thc Domln-| i
ion authorities who
rough   shod
tho strugglo of last year will bo repeated and that the coveted trophy
and the proud title it carries with it
will lie between the two local tennis.
The game on Saturday was never
very exciting and on the whole wns
rather slow. Victoria had a stronger team than when they last played
■Ladysmith and started oil with a
fierce burst. Hartley was onrly called upon, and local rooters began in
stridant yells to tell thoir favorites
what to do. As a result tho boys
quickened up and fojreod a corner,
Adam got his hoad to tho Jiall, but
punted tho leather up aguinst tho
crossbar, and then, following a pretty piece of play by Jock and Grainger the former shot past. Victoria-
in turn got up and earned a fruitless corner, and then by a pretty
dribble hy Warburton, Graham received and shot hard into Boaney's
hands. Viotoria broko away and ;
Struthers chooked on tho penalty
line, but prolorrod to try a littio
fancy work rather than to kick clear
As a result he was forced Into tho
touch line boaten thoro, and thc ball
was centred. Somo one tipped it
up and Hartley took a left half arm
swing. Tho bnll never appeared to
duck, but Hartley all the samo missed his lead and the sphere sailed
into the net. A soft goal—the softest ever Hartley loft past him. This
was fifteen minutes from tho start,
and the homo boys now put n Jittle;
life into the game. Provins ran ovor
and then Victoria ran over and then
Victoria forced a cornor.
The equaliser came ten minutes later, Adam putting the finishing touches to a pretty piece of combined
play initiated by Muin. A minute
or two lntor there was a rally in the
Victoria penalty area, and tho defending right half deliberately handled
tho ball. Referee Hailstones awarded a penalty and Adam easily boat
Beaney. Struthers at the other retrieved a dangerous situutiun and
Lorimer just managed to boat
Grainger when a goal looked certain. Beaney next saved two clinking shots; but the ond wus again
beaten. 'Grainger tipped the ball up
from the goal line, and Jock got to
it with his head, lloaney wus only
able to partially clear und Provins
tipped bock. Grainger aguin caught
the bull with his head; antl Adam
headed in. Altogether it was a pretty piece of work chiof credit for
which Is due to Gruinger.
Hartley was first called on in the
second half and tho goal wos lucky
to escape from a rally in front of
goal. The homo boys thon rushed
away and Provins was clear away
when Deakin brought ' him down.
Jimmy next took a bang, but miss-J
ed. Tho gamo at this period wus
prettyfslow, but in response to tlie
yells of the hooters tho home hoys
livened up some. Jimmy got number four and thon Provins, after Adam had tricked Lorimer and mado
the position, smashed the hall into
the, not for tho fifth timo. It didn't
look as if there would bo any more
scoring, but Hartley furablod in front
of his charge and tho Victorians got
Victoi-ia Ltne-Up.
I    Tho Victoria    eleven    was as   follows :        ".
Bucks—Lorimor and Deakin.
Halves— Johnston, O'Connor, Petticrew.
Forwards— Huxton, Findlay, Sod-
ger, Sherrit, and Tait.
The game culled for Sunduy afternoon between A. and B. Tennis was
again something of a fizzle. The A
teum were short Hartley and Gruinger and the B. team only mustered
eight mon. Don took Hartley's placo
and tho gamo wont on with 18 men.
Tho writer got his flrst glimpse   ol
ahead of the second man, Jack Roe
of the Wert End Y.M.C.A. The early
pace told on Meadows and he was
third, three minutes behind Roe.
Twenty thousand people gathered
in and around the Exhibition ground
nnd Impatiently watched the schoolboy races while the long distance
grinders were preparing for their
struggle. Finally the Marathoners
paraded down the track behind tho
18th Highlander' band. When Mayor
Oliver flred tho starting'gun tho runners set off   for    two turns of    the
Urass and Co.    Of course'it is  dim- ] track before taking to the road. Af-
cult to size up a mian's form in   such . ter a  mile had been covered on  tho
a scrambling    exhibition;    but     the ' trnck the fleld _a(J stretched out ov-
mon promise    to   make good.     Mc-!       ....       .      .    .        .       -
Quire is a master of tricks and dod- \..r about tw0 hundred ***•**■ Lodges, hut-it remains to be seen how | boat wus well up in ths buneh, close-
it will work out against the robust lv intended bv his olub mates, Hil-
 ' "-   ■-""*      It looks, how-
methods of tlie  west,
over, ns if tho forward line wiil
materially strengthened by their
elusion.     Dnugnn  also is no   slouch
j,in goal.     Ho picks up clearly   and
(llcicks strongly and is both cool and
•gritty.*   Thero is not the   slightest
doubt thnt     tho    team wlll give u
-good account of itself this senson.
tan Green, Claude Pearce and Percy
Sullen of the Irish Canadians. Fred
Meadows of West End and Jack Near
of Central kept a watchful eys on
the Onondaga and Meadows swun_
in behind him, running with Long-
I boat, stride for stride,
I This pair soon opened up two hundred yards. The Indian used a
shorter stride than usual, but    ran
  j with no apparent exertion.    A great
The Free  Press    has the following automobiles, bicycles    and
account  of   thc  exhibition  game    on ,,,.,.„.
Sunday between lho Vancouver   pel- "thor    vehicles followed the runners,
tics und Nanaimo  United : nnd kept closo to the leaders, snvel-
The Vancouver Celtics, one of the oping the runners in clouds of ohok-
best association football teams     in ing dust.
Vancouver, met tho local team yes- At Sunnyslde Longboat 'began to
terday afternoon at the oricket Hold, draw away from Meadows and in-
and took their measure to the tune creased his lead Irom that point to
of 3 to I. The spectators who brav the end. Green, Pearee aad Sellen
ed the elements saw a good game, of the Irish Canadians, were running
despite the big score. In fairness third, fourth and fifth, respectively,
to ths local team, it may be statotl \ w'th Near ot Central, next.
that vein tew o* the seniors wero At O'Brien's hotel Longboat had
playing. The team picked by the gained such a lead on _leadows that
executive did not all show up and it was apparent that he would win
herein Is where many of the follows ™«"y. barring accidents. The liters and supporters ol the local team dian batted with his attendants,
are askingswhat is the matter. When aml acknowledged the cheers of en-
a team is announced to play ,they couragement with which he was
naturally expect it to put in an ap- Br<*tetl *" •««• the course. He
rearance. Members of the executive suc!t«1 a water-soaked sponge and
seen aftor |the match, state thut hbiu showed not the least sign of dls-
after thoro will be no further trouble: ,ri-'»a »t any stage of the long trip,
on that some. Quito a number oi 1|8 lol,od the three milo loop at the
lien are now signed and n couple eml of the course and passed somo
more good men wcre signed on yes- of the competitors on his return
-erduy, that aro said to lie ablo to'wlli,e thoy were on their way out.
iiold down a   place on nny tenm,   so 'George Anderson, Bobby Kerr's train
their second point.
Final Score
Victoria  ;;  ..
Comment.   «I^____M
The gamo does not call for    much
wished to   ride'WIIALK HUNTING HAD FOR TIER-'t™"^      n.°   K"™8 lXom lu wbich
.    .    1
Vuncouver Province.
That the whaling business has ruin-
over every provincial
right. On the question of the Japanese treaty, he proved conclusively, by written statements from    the
Uritish Hansard, that tho Liberal ed the herring nshcrics of Vancouver
Plea of Imperial considerations was Is tho statement made by the fisher-
n Pure fabrication. The Laurier' men who operate from this port sv-
government wns never Interfered w th' ory fall and supply the'market with
n any way by the Imperial govern- (herring. This season the catch has
hTvo' i„s!L,taC' " in itS pmver to dwindled to very small proportion.,
have   inserted   „   prospective  clause, ^nnd the men and curers estimate the
but it did not choose to
insert   any  loss at twelve thousand dollars.
elector „T ™T" ^ eVCTy Up to test ye" * was *» «****-•
elector w,l, answer for himself. 'sight to seo a   number of whales out
«__ t"',h "!'• "h0n th° Pre"*ior,i* the eult maintaining a ceaseless
_£_. *w I " °f the ***_.• Patrol across the mouth of Englleh
Rights that Ralph's reputation part- 'flay to
„,, ,„.     .     ,  -..,— »   —,   —    the Fraser.     These whales,
Tag with /tc , i'"'"0 WaS deal-!drove the h^'"K ">*pre and big
ing with a loci 8„|)ject, know„ i„ catches were made off the Point Ony
n" Its     phases    to nil   his hearers. ! banks.
Snl ^r™ th8PH ™* lum™r very fow whal* have
Trick an? ^hUK'meant *»'*" — «« the gulf, the whaHng
sltfh' , thoeI««""'ate.!ste1-ners having killed thom off, and
Z,,""1 '        inVnIvod "   costly.the result has been that the herring
InterTts of th "m'°rn ""    lh«,wh'",;s "™ ""»""«" '-> the gulf  the
.«   !,,::", " I*"1   !»,men ™ "'--v*    """red of a  good
*■*. of th co1 ie J" 1 'C°tCh ,°f h0rrlnB fW th° *"*" »*\
that Smith „    l ,emC ""'"" ln*ore t0 "«»!'« tholr
lint Smith pooh-poohed in his   own'pursuers.
mtSSZtfl S"|,0ri"rit'V    ™     A *««*» sl^lar'state of    *
Finally   McBride h^ n    m ?T"nd   ",an"8  "^ the wha'"«
•nv about a     '   I »,a "tle    '" lnd"8trv hos <ot^ th« %«*• «*
The    Herald     li ,   . r0COrd'  °rmen to «° *My mi,es *°
™    Herald,    Rolph Smith himself,  get a  haul.
a»l all his supporters all claim that
Smith     stands    whore   ho did, four
heart."  Some peoplo describe
flopping nnd others
Ralph Smith held a  political meeting on South Gahriola Island- last
as treachery   to |nlght      Quiu R  nmyb9r of UVm)t
attended    from Nanaimo    and were
there with liberal applause.
Mr. James Lewis occupied Ihe
chair and at the conclusion of' the
meeting told the audience in no'  un-
there is a clear margin of three
goals. Tho Victorians put up a better game than they did in Victoria,
and played pluckily and determinedly right through. The team, however, was nono too woll balanced and
had sevoral weak places, lk'uney is
a sharp custodian and with a littio
more experience will compare favorably with tho best. 'Lorimer -was as
good as ever; but was distinctly out
of humor and inclined to bo mean.
In this respect it may bo said that
it is always unsatisfactory when the
home club has to furnish tho referee.
Bradshaw was down to olllciutc but
failed to turn up. Hailstones, with
the approval of Lorimer, was glvon
the whistle, and no one could object
to his decisions. Handling in the
penalty area, as Lorimor knows,
means a penalty kick; but in the
writer's opinion tho only thing that
justifies such a decision is a particularly dirty or dangerous foul or ono
which stopped the scoring of a certain goal. It was an unfortunate
thing thnt thero should havo bcon
a penalty; but Hailstones wus not
to blamo for It and ho is ntaoluto-
ly impartial.
As regards tho home tonm tho one
outstanding feature wus tho display
of- Hartley. In justice to himself it
should bo snld ho did not want to
play, as his fingers are still troubling him and he is out of condition.
With this allowance It must bo snld
that he put up tho poorest gumo of
his life. On tho othor hnnd It i.
the flrst he has played for Lady
smith, and tho 'rcmombrnncc of the
many sterling exhibitions hc has gl
ven ought, to some extent, to discount criticism for ono failure. Thc
backs wcre all right and thc halves
lett little to be desired.
The only fault in Ned Wynne's ploy
is his feeding. There Isn't a halfback in tho   province can give   him
that hereafter tho executive say that er> ^ Tom in ""P"-1' condition, and
they will be able to put a very « "■"» h«d •«" "•J*1""* wltWn
strong tonm in the fleld, oven'should ^""l! di«tanco to him to make him
somo of their beet men be urmvold- run there surely would have been a
Sably delavcd from ptaylng nt the Br8,t record "*• A» !t "™» >•« "as
Inst moment. hom0 ^S*1    minut"    tSmd °' hto
It wns l'_ured In yesterday's game no"rost competitor after making all
to try ont . soveral of the younger his mvn Pnco- W*"11 he m"1» the
playws, nnd ns nothing depended on t"rn on thc track on hhr "*ura *°
tho result of the name the defeat is tho oxhiMtioh grounds he finished
not tn'.en to heart by anyone. For llk« a quarter miler and was reeeiv-j
hls first r-anie this season, without ed "**■•' *■ <"afenlng cheer from the!
practise; the work of Wallace was «front crowd of people In the big
pleasing. IDxter plays better at for- i8™"11
wurd thun on the back division, '	
In the    second   half when Graham!
left tho forward line and played his'
old game nt. back the locals held the \^^^^^^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^
visitors down.     At half back Thac-' Som_ j^^   From    HJg j^^
keray, the new man, is a   whirlwind.     1>rov,ug Thftt ,„ uta ^^ ^
Ho was aide to hold fast any    two ( Mne Wm   Dangerous.
of the visiting forwards.     With   the 	
addition of Mmckeray, Sutherland,
Locko, Russell and the others thnt
the Nanaimo Unitod now havo signed on, the senior team will be a very
hard aggregation to beat indeed.
The following are the teams
How a Sask-alta
earns its money.
By indicating when oven is ready for
baking. By cutting out the "peeping"
into ovea By showing on its face what
is going on in the oven. By saving
"door-opening" heat. By substituting
certainty for chance
in baking  results.
"Sask-alta" range
thermometer was
tested for six months
before one range was
sold. "Sask-alta"
thermometer is to
the housewife what
the compass is to the
ship captain.
lertea T«f»at«,Mwitrwl.WMlpi|.V«K»iiwr.«t Jtem tl—iHten, CeHary
Ladysmith Hardware Co.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
Billiards and Pool £,
Best Liquors and (%irs.
points tn tackling or in defence nnd
for a short man, ho Is mighty clover with his head. It only needs a
little conchlng to do away with wild
kicking. 1 At times on Saturday ho
played a perfect half-back game and
he wlll soon develop the habit and
faculty of plnolng. Main's strong
fait is his feeding of the forwards,
and he played a hnrd game on Saturday,    The writer has already said
,     —   what ho thinks of Strung on    prev-
certaln manner that he was not go-, Ious occasions.    Voung an he Ib,   he
Ing to vote for    Ralph Smith    this' •"»''« the   «*me' <"_<• ho   '"   ,>ound
.   a,      tt    , _. 1      .__   to    Improve,      Ho has been up ag-
electlon, Mr. I*wls severely arraign- ^^ nnih-ng yot that sh0U|dF p_t
ed the .Laurier administration     tori him out of hls position
tholr misdeeds In office. "" "
Mr. .Shepherd's part in the investigation, into the Fernie Mine disaster
has boen used by Mr. Hawthornthwaite in an effort to discredit the
Conservative candidate. The Socialist leader's argument, however, as
■so ably shown by Mr. Shepherd Fri-
dny night, does not hold water when
Vancouver 1 confronted with the facts.
Goal-Ross I    "^""""b- Mr. Shepherd's stand ln
n„„i,__ v . ■connection with that unfortunate af-
nacKS- &ear and Payne. fair, a fow extracts from his report
Halves- McKenzle, Strang and Will '"'ovln8 that in hla opinion the mine
son. : w"a dangerous will Won dispel   any
Forwawl_-K-.ii „ s misapprehension    on    the stand   he
derson   ^y'  S"m"°n' A"i t""*'      The80   «*■*<■•••■   <°1-
aerson,  Shnllcross and Nanson. lows:
Nanaimo. f   Tho combination ol daggers which
Goal- Rogers '■ '"''P01": to   hand   caused the   initial
nnntm-. - » |«ploslon Iii McDonald's level are-
_£-T      n" "nd Wa"aM' ! H,1,   The 'lty ftnd durty -ondltZot
Haitos - Royco,     Farmer, Thaokh**0 ro0""' off McDonald's level,   and
eroy. | particularly room 7.
Forwards - niundell   kih^t m, ' „,_ ,Th.°, ""covering' of a Mower ol
.hnii   -   t      "'unael1' KIKoen, Mlt-.gns in tlie roof of McDonald
choll, Graham, Isherwood.                   ' "' ' «o_onmia
■ * 1	
PURSUANT to tho "Creditors-
Trust Deeds Act 1901" and amending Acts, notiee Ib hereby given that
Gus Hill, of the City of Ladysmith,
ln the Province of British Columbia,
general merchant, did on the 28rd BEAU3D TENDBRS addressed to
day of September, A. D. 1908 make the undcrsignod and endorsed--Ten-
an ^t^AM&«£ der for Dredging Coal Harbor,"-will
iSSSSi roalvtatei»dredi? _3_ ^ito_^t*o«^H_^,v_S35_?
SrMrfLTlXT£nnmJh.. Evince of Uritish OolumbTaf-
__Uto« benefit of his    ^^^ _,„ no(. ^ coneiAoKA- „„.
And further take   notice that--a-*** -mall on the fdnn supplied  and
meeting of the creditors of the said __»H wilh the actaal-. signatures Rf
Gus Hill will be held at the Abbotts- ™™_|J?i   . 	
ford Hotel, Ladysmith, D. 0. on the Specification and form of tender
19th day of October, 1908 at two can be obtained on application to
o'clock in tho afternoon, for the pur- °- A' Reefer, Esq Resident, Engi-
pose of giving direction with refer- "J01-. New Westminster, and at the
ence to the dlspoBal of the estate; Department of Public Works Otta-
and further take notlco that all per- *tt- "Pen*" must included the tow-
sons having claims against tho said in*,»' the. plant.to and from the
Gus Hill are roqulrod to forward *<"*<>• On'y dredges can be employed
particulars of tho snme. duly verl- whi<* ■"> registered in Canada at
fled, ond tho nature of the securities, ths time of filing of tondors. -unit any, held bv thom, to the Bald tractors must ho roady to begin
Albert E. Planta, at his office, Na- *"°r*t -within twonty days aftor the
naimo, B. C, on or before the lfith. d«te they havo h)on notified ol the
dny of November 1908, after which acceptance of tholr tendor.
date the Assignee will proceed to An accepted cheque on a chartered
distribute the proceeds of the estate hank, poyahlo to the order of the
among tho parties entitled thereto, Honourable tho Ministor of Public
having regard only to the claims of Works, for one thousand dollars ($1-
thoso of which he shall then have 000.00,) must be deposited as secur-
notice, and all persons Indebted to lty. The cheque will bo returned in
the said Gus Hill are required to case of non-acceptance of tender,
pay tho nmount of their Indebtedness The Department doos not bind It-
to the snld Albert E. Planta forth- self to accept tho lowest or any ten-
miff, > •
Assignee of the estate of Ous Hill.
Dated the 7th day of October, 1908.
Excellent Boarding
 's   lev-
noar ths faco on the afternoon of
Mny 22.
The contributing agency    wu   no
._ , dou,ht ''"ft  and the   one of greatest
r      . violence, the working line of fina af
Longboat Wins Easily,  Bating HtoU>M*_i 2 an' a.
1   Tn referonco    to   the duet on   the
Nearest Opponent Over a Milo       lh,,ulin« roads tho contributed   cause
ai  j was the loose condition of   the roll-
The following account of tha w»M     ,   i."*' ""P601"11* the   end   door
Marathon race^ ToronC^
irom a Toronto exchange, and shows *thnn »"y other to the. explosive con-
that Tom Longboat, the great In- • V .171tho mlne " a **">•» ** th»
ai ,nrt that thoso mines were working- a.
dlan runner, has lost none of his double shift and tto durty'ond'tfoS
splendid form: naturally increased ail day. •  •  • •
Longboat is Longboat again     Ho fPod"clnK conditions which in a due-
won the Ward MarVn'£__ t_5 %Sa_lfflrfSt^
consecutive time Saturday and takes'    md dangerous conditions exist   In
possession   of    the beautiful trophv ™   ml™ on tho   »'t«nioon of  May
donated    by Controller J   J   Ward      i l)rov'<™» to the explosion?
three years »„„ ' '^.-Why certainly, or the   explo-
mree jears ago. slon would not have occurred.
Ihe groat Indian merely loped over!   Nclflon Nows next morning in   fufl
the nineteen and a  quarter miles of i]"^ .h.CI,dllne',• "aid: "Shepherd aeys
in 1.B1.2U, and was so far ahead atj'^tter tn the Colonist:
"Hoping you    -will give me spaco
V°"r valuable paper   In reference
mong _th. Sh^hord supporters Wm'^% * h^w^rc=]^ • StsS*' »*EE^ 9^ «* MOKE
der.     __________________________
By Ordor,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, October 7, 1908.
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement If they insert it
without authority from the Department.
 „ „„„„,„„, ■ I-*.   1 WM B0 tar ah8ttd ntj,etter tn the Colonist:
Oralnger cams back Into  the for.        end th"1 thc tMe 'or the trophy J 7'"ovin« ,»«    •"!» .1
'"  ~ ?.Tt^^.^. -   Cr0^ Expert Ccen-
 „_.   —Wj„u,  mi.,,   mc   mr-
There wns no little amusement   k> llfife-Jt..8!^.8*   -•)*• 1 lo.vo.l fr. ,.b- _
■ -- |ne nan an awkward customer Inner, nobody getting within hailing;
ont when tho chnirmnn delivered his .Lorimer, hut Joo kept tho big fcl- ,Mrt_ncB „«',,,_, „*,-. y,_ (f1M>„H«i hi*
strong denunciation pf the party Who '«w PKMSlng and got In lots of hls **"" "* "» after he ttnMM>:
k.   ii. ...nnnnt ni-tn   aJuw ,old time touches and centre*.    Jock way,through the crowd of 150,start-
has the support of Mr. Smith. I      vgwl   p|nyed ri_ht up. to   hlm   m    ag    thfly     m   ^ j^^.t,,,,,
Whnt the liberals, thought It when [»„_ the same may ho said of    War-
nlc, whore wo lost a son.
In tho report Mr. Shepherd's evidence was not given. Why? For he
ls tan experienced miner, tho only
one that was nmongit *him.   Would
a, , ,   . «—... —,« n»uR] may  no nnlri nf    w.r       — —.-.„..._...., --—  ......  ...... ...,„.,.K .,    ,, -,,,.    —uuiu
their own chairman denounced their barton.    Fred made a few mistakes grouwi*'    .«« took the lead     Just,, tho Ministor of Mines he honest   en-
.-      M •Wry mM " h°mA to d0' "ut he f*», thfSpsta entrance and *m**%&&^"J»& .^H  »'.
, lntlorm Is not roonrdeil
j. m. mot^GAN
Teacher ol Voice Production and
E-gegonients may be left st tho
Standard Office.
Shepherd!'sent him last July.    Why 'question
did he not do it? I now challenge
him to so so. . . . as it is very
interesting reading. Shepherd was
In tho witness box for hours as they
had no practical man to examine.
•   0 0 »  1
Mr. Shepherd has probably done
more than any ono man towards reducing the dangers incident to coal
mining in B, C, Mr. Shepherd has
several times been appointed Acting
Inspector of Mines, but aa Chief Ex,
amlner to the Board of Examiners,
he has, by raising tho standard of
the examinations contributed to the
tumoral safety of tho mines by providing efficient managers and other
Mr. Shepherd rial upon sovoral 00-
caslani urged tho Mines Department
to Increase and rc-nrganlto the Inspection system, and understands
that this Is now boing contemplated.
Of Mr. Shepherd's Integrity as   a
mining mnn and his standing
mining community, thore can
Transfer Notice*
I hereby give notice ihiit I intend
to make application to tho Board
of Licensing Commissioners of the
City of Ladysmith, at their next
regular meeting, for a transfer of
ths retail liquor license now held by
me in respect the Queen's Hotel,
Ladysmith, from myself to Bernard
Ladysmith, B. C.^Oct. 1, l!W3.
I hereby give notice thai I Intend
to make application to tho Hoard of
Licensing Commissioners of tho Oity
of Ladysmith at their next regular
meeting, for a transfer of the retail
liquor license held by me In respect
to the premises known as ths tit-
tension Hotel, Ladysmith, B. 0„
from myself to James Lenlne and
Pasln Berto.
Lndysmith, B. 0„ October 7, 1908
Steel U Iran free from dirt, air
or foreign aupstancc fused with
carbon. 1 Carbon gives toughness
•length, keeness and life.      a
Thirty veer's study of the raior
situation hss shown a way to
add the highest pcr cent ofl
carbon to a Carbo Magnetic
raior Made throug a secret,
INO giving It a uniform diamond Hhc hardness-something absolutely Impossible
with flre tempered mors. %
and they are Hamburg ground/
JU.Y OUARANTKD rotor atl
[jome^r have yourbarbcr use I
^ ^s 1 Ladysmith Hardware Co.
SLLL World in General.
BERLIN,   Oct. 17,-The Tagsblatt
today publishes    a  despatch
the Turkish capital which says:
ROME, Oct.  16.—II   18 denied
lying land si solid rook.
It Ti MfaWihsd. that for tends ri'	
quired at St Boniface for terminal n|8 ehief attention \p districts rep-
E!'"', tta goxerntnent V*M_fWr reaenm „ govenWnt supporters.
000    to   middlemen     who had Just >'  "    . ,   .      f. rj
bought the properties in the open His idea was not lo much to hold
market for $99,200. ' '    demonstrations as to reason the case
t It is admitted that the section out w;th the people- As it turned
from Quebec to Moncton will only be    u-t   h(J    argUelj   the case, and'1 had
-20 miles shorter than the Intereolon' .        °t:.,,„na „i„„
ial, though the government promised «*at ^SSS^S,^
to shorten the distance by 120 miles
Mi    party   wu   tuppsira to aavi win u&dMtrsMi people; aiiismation
iom» strength left, Mr. Vf**** I*™ .with then ww impoieible, sad inured as thsy    were to hardship,    they
could    starve    out the   white race.
__mmmmmflMTTTfTmwmW71TTiTT™ m m m ii! mm m m mi
and that tho cost of this road, par
al'lellng the government line, will he
in  $25,000,000.     whereas' the   govern
,        Catholic circles here that tho Pope mc„t promised to build It for   $10,-
'""" has    forbidden    tno    Catholics     of riOO.GOO.
France to attend the State Unlyer-
Wlranesehehlr have sitles.       Ills Holiness recommended |   If the original estimate of. $28,000 eighty-six.
Sir Wilfrid's'meetings seem to have
been altogether ineffective in jnaklng
converts. His friends admit that
the government has lost ground in
Ontario ever since tho provincial elections, and It is not certain that
they    will    carry     ten seats out of
"Armenians In
been   massacred   by Turkish troops, -~ to'oncoiraglng the "faculties of cost."'nearfv "tlTr«"t1mes" ks"'muoh, Is
The women and children wsre    iud- 0atholi(, institutions by the   prefer- jsusnlrlnusly high.    It is swelled   by
Jected td   'fearful treatment.      The ence given them over State instltu- ttu manner   of    bogus and corrupt
*r<>„n. ware sent to overawe the mu- tions.      It Is reported that   Father cia|ni» o( promoters and charges   by
troops were sent to overe*" m HomoIo m   ^^   Q(    th_ mm] increased by rake-off   in
tinoui towns people, two-thirds    oi Oathol|0 itemocrat,, will shortly be purchasing land and suplies, by false
[whom are Armenians, and they    at excommunicated, not for heresy, but classification and improper payments
on every cut, overy hrldge, every fill-
.     .     « rilMner     In      ,i      ciMlffir      rtf     fllnniim>rtt>nl     nt!
They are
once began to    murder and plunder, for dlsobedlenco In writing and   lec-
sald to    have completely J^_,*J a sP|rlt of disapproval on
overrun the city."
the policy of the Pope.
PARIS, Oct. 17.— The French government has Just received official confirmation of previous reports of the
mobilisation by Turkoy of the Anatolian Army Corps. This Is regarded in official circles as Turkey's ans'
awer to Bulgaria's refusal to accord
compensation for the Oriental railway and believed to make warprac-
cally (nevitabie. It ls expected that
Bulgaria will Immediately begin to
push troops across the Turkish frontier ln order to secure' an advantago
before Turkey can begin a general
___♦_ J
HARTFORD, Oona.. Oct. 18.- A
dispute over a dog, according to
the police, resulted in the murder by
stabbing at Olasonbury last night of
Michael Wlerdak, aged SB years. Two
men are in the local Jail charged
with the crime, aad two others are
held as witnesses. Wlerdak demanded. It Is said, payment ol damages,
and also that the animal bo dlipos-
ed of. A quarrel Is then said to
have occurred,' the outcome of which
Waa Wlerdak's death.
i i  *><
AmBy, Oot. 1,.—A typhoon
demolished yesterday all the
buildings erected for the reception to the officers and men of
the American fleet, with the
exception of the main reception
hall. Many stores ln the town
wore badly damaged and the
electric llirhtlnc; plant is under
six feot of wnter.
* LONDON, Oot. 15.-Oreat Brl- '
* tain, Russia   and   Franco,, have '
* reached an agreement on a pro- '
* gramme to be submitted , to the '
* other powers as a' basts for dls-
* cussion by the proposed   Euro- '
* pean conference to settle the Bal
* lean   sltiiatlon.     The proposals
* to be laid .before the powers are
* eight In number.
Oct. 10.—Albert V. Oray-
son, the Socialist member ot the
House of Commons from Yorkshire,
twho creeled a eeeas In the house
yesterday by denouncing the members lor not sucoorl«p|he starving
thousands on the streets'of London,
after which ha wa» obliged to leave
.the house amid the cries of disapproval from hla colleagues, was today suspended for the net of the
• 800 LIVES LOST. •
• . •
• AMOY, Oct. 17. - Native re- •
• ports received here from  Chang *
• Chow, are to the effect that more *
• than 800 lives were lost In that •
■ city as the result of Thursday's •
• typhoon. •
Frederleton, H.B., Oot U.-There
has been a asrious outbresi of
smallpox at Edmunston, on tha upper St. John river. In all there
are about forty eases. There have
beta no deaths.
WHITBY, , Oct. lfl.-S. W. Caw
ker, butcher, committed suicide last
night by hanging himself. He had
been drinking heavily for some time
and several times had threatened to
kill himself. He was 50 yean of
NEW YORK, Oct. 10.- After fight
Ing for three years a perjury charge
brought In connection with a ault
for damages against the Third Avenue Railway Company, Albert Brown
of Albany, today waa sentenced to
serve seven years In prison. Brown
sued the railway company three
years ago claiming through carelessness of a erew of a Brewery car,
hs sustained Injuries which crippled
him for life. The trial resulted In
a verdict for the defenoe which sub-
eequently brought criminal action
against Mm for perjury.
VANCOUVER. Oet. 17.-0.P.R.
train No. 90, going east Thuraday,
met with an accident Friday noon at
Beer Creak. A Split rail caused tbo
aeeldent, three sleeps™ going off the
track. Thcee oars fell on their sides
aad ware prevented by telegraph
poles aad awlteh stand from falling
dowa six hundred feet. Thipia-
seagers were reamed by being taken
tram windows. ' " Too were etverely
hurt, one* undaaaeloua,
Montreal, Oct. 19.—Nominations in
the Maritime provinces sees both par-
Uesin the field with complete tickets.
In the province of Quebec, ae far
as heard from, both parties have com
plate ticketa in nearly every one of
the sixty-five constituencies. In Richelieu and Port Nsuf counties there
are two Liberals and ons Conservative running. In Quebec east Sir
Wilfrid Laurier is opposed by Aid.
Michel Blest. In Lswis, L. A. Carrier, Liberal and B. Bourasts, Independent Liberal, were nominated.
In the province of Ontario, W.
McLean, Con., South York, is the
only election by acclamation, nil the
other constituencies so las as heard
from, nominating either straight Liberal and Conservative, or independent ond Labor,
Regina, Oct. 19—Two nominations
were presented to Returning officer
Wessell thle alternoon, Wm. Melville
Martin, being named es standard-
bearer of the Liberals, and Thomas
Wilkinson, as standard bearer of the
Conservatives in Regina federal district.
Winnipeg, Oct. 10.—Nominations
here today were: D. C. Cameron,
Liberal; A. Haggart, Conservative;
Houston, Socialist.
In Mlsslqoa—G. E. Ford was nominated aa Independent, In opposition
to Melge, Liberal, and Plekle, Conservative.
Victoria— Hon. Wm. Templeman,
Liberal; G. H. Barnard, Conservative.
SOFIA, Oct. 17—The members of
the Bulgarian cabinet, who on Thurs
day accompanied Oiar Ferdinand to
hie Beitritza hunting lodge in the
Rllo mountains, returned here yesterday and announced the result of
their deliberations. The cabinet has
decided to reject the proposal emanating from London for the payment
of indemnity to Turkey, aa a condition of recognition of Bulgaria's independence. A note to that effect
will be sent by the Bulgarian administration to the powers. The
only question the government ii
willing to negotiate Is the purchase
rights of the Oriental Railway Company.
A member of the cabinet said that
there would be no mobilisation of
the troops for the present at least,
as Bulgaria was in a position to
know that ths Turkish movement of
Iroope to the frontier were purely of
local character.
Ottawa, Oct. 10,-
The Orand Trunk Pacilic
which was expected to pull tho government through this campaign,
proves to be the greatest load the
ministers have to carry. In overy
particular, respecting this enterprise, tho people find themselves deceived.
The cost is admitted by the  ministers to be more than throe   times
Ing, and by tho    employment of
host of useless officials and agents.
Four years ago the ministers argued that the net earnings of the
road would be sufficient after the
first ten years, to pay interest on the
supposed cost of $26,000 per mile.
But thoy do not now pretend to
these earnings will pay interest on
$75,000 per mile. The government
hns been paying four per cent, interest on money borrowed. To meet
the charge will require a net profit
of $8,000 per mile. This fixed
charge is a burden that no such
road can bear. The C.P.R. fixed
charges are $850 per mile. Those of
the Canadian Northern are $710. After 30 years the C.P.R. Is distributing In profits only $1,900 per mlle-
What, then, Is the chance for the
Grand TrunU* Pacific to pay $8,000?
The pledge of the government was
lhat the Grand Trunk Pacific would
open up entirely new country. Yet
for nearly the whole distance from
tho Red River to the Rocky Mountains it hugs tho two older systems;
while millions of acres of fertile
land in the north have no railway
at all.
The original programme was to
carry the road through the Poaco
River country, crossing the Rocky
Mountains far north, and reducing
the mountain section to 250 or 800
miles. By the route adopted, the
mountain section is increased to 900
"milos, leaving the 500 of prairie
through the Peace River district
without railway connection. Tlie
change is good for the grafter element, as the government guarantee
for the mountain section will be
*fi0,lWO to $70,000 per milo, while
for prairie It would have been only
It will require $10,000,000 a year
net earnings to enable the Grand
Trunk Pacific to meet its obllga
tlone. That is more than the present Grand Trunk makes today with
much greater mileage, most of it
in thickly-settled country. It is
more In proportion to mileage than
is paid by lines twenty-five to fifty
years old, running through long
sottled country, with traffic originating all along the route, and with
feeders and branches bringing business from all directions.
Tho contract has been so changed
that If the company falls to pay
the government cannot take the road
and try to sot back the" ^250,000,-
000 that the country will have Invested is it. All ths government
can do in case of default is to havo
an agent appointed to take the net
earnings of the road—if there are
any—and divide thom botween the
government and the private bondholders. The government preference was swept away by the supplementary agreement.
A Boston financial paper shows ths
annual fixed charges of the Panama
Canal over the cost of operation and
maintenance, as $6,000,000 a year,
and points out that ths like charges
on the Grand Trunk Pacific will be
double that sum. This critic wonders why the old Grand Trunk Company should have assumed such an
obligation. ne does not Mem to
understand that the old company
has carefully protected itself and
left all the obligation upon the people ot Canada.
The government press Is now claim
ing credit for Sir Wilfrid's course in
forcing the withdrawal ot A. W.
Fraser, the candidate In Ottawa,
who has been mixed up In timber
deale in the west. Unfortunately the
Premier did not interfere until he
found that Fraser could not he elected. And ho has not yot interfered
with 8lfton, Turriff and Burrows,
who were the principals in the timber operations. Another unhappy
circumstance hae arisen. Mr. Fra-
rnr'i friends, when canvassing for
his nomination, mado the most of
the charge that tho sitting liberal
member was interested In the govornmont dredging. When Frnsor succeeded in turning him down, it was
shown that Fraser was a good deal
worse mixed up with timber limits.
So ho was forced to give way to
Mr. MoGlvern. Now it appoars that
the new candidate got a commission
on tho price of a building bought by
the government. This shows how
common these operations are.
The   fmnous   Colchester tomatoes
and wills' >y case has proved a boom
,orang.    Bayno, who is charged with
i bribery, proves to havo heen a great
in-Jrlcnd of B. F. Pearson, M.P.P.. lo-
ALTENA, Mich, Oot. 17—With SO
persons known to have perished yesterday in Presque county, and with
forest fires still raging uncontrolled
throughout the counties of Cheboygan, Presque Isle and Alpena, as
well aa other scattered districts in
Michigan, diligent search was begun
today to determine the full extent of
the holocaust. It may take many
days to reveal tragedies that are
likely to have occurred on ieolsited
farms with familial fighting bravery
to the lost to save their 1 vss    and
Preeldent and Managing Director.
the amoupt   for which the  government promised to have the road con-'orang.
structed. '    ■•
The route Is so changed that
stead of opening up new wostern'"cnl Liberal member for Colchester,
country, the road cuts through fields proprietor of the government organs
already well occupied, and leaves the In St. John nnd Halifax, and party
undeveloped country still inacccssl- to the notorious Halifax land deal,
ble. He supported Pearson when the lat-
Tho grado Is not what wss promts ter ran his last, election, and has reed but includes climbs that require a celved somo legislative concessions at
pusher engine. Mr. Pearson's instance.   Boforo  tho
All tho safeguards contained ln the bribery ease came to trial the accus-
orlgtnal     contract under which   the oil had a conference with   Pearson,
i government could take over the road and when the   ease was called   tho
Qunesliiwn   Oot. 18.—Dieplte   tha on default of payment of interest on Crown counsel moved for  postpone-
Uoanm nf   the hour J«hn ft. Red- the   -government    lands   aro swept ment.   There were nrotests from, the
a   .a t_U HhMk_> __.» »iv. »w»y- . Oonaorvatlve lawyer defending,   and
Bond and John ruagmaon were giv     Tb_ Queh<l# hrld(te whlch ,, part 0, hgm l(ie cniervativj pilrty  „,„„■
ea an enthuslaaUe reception on land- the Transcontinental, and wns to be n|iy.  But they havo not availed; and
lag Irom the Str. Cadrle last night, constructed by private enterprise, haa now tho   inside   facta trill be  sup-
T—,,m.Hnm. .iiUk mat U_m nm_««>- collapsed, and the government ia  al- pressed until after the election*.
PepuUtloMirhleh met timnpreeane- ^^ „J[ponilb.e for more than  $6,- ^MR. BORDEN'S GREAT TOUR.
ed addreaaai.    <_». mamood, In    a ©on ono for this work, with only  a    The opposition leader has address
of ohanrai aald that the Boa- wreck tn show for it. od meetings nearly every day In On-1
Inaln       fns      t «■■#*       **>*__-_, «•*_,_. trl_i rm fmlH   "
Credit wae due ths Liberals for the
S5U0 head tax on Chinese, but this
does noi keep them out. Why not
grant the request of the Trades and
lAbor Council and make it $10,000?
As regards the Japanese phase of
tte question, the Liberal administration wae traitorous In its disregard
of tbe advantages of the special treaty with clause, restricting immigration, which had been proffered her,
and which Natal aad Queensland had
secured. The British Columbia contingent, save Mr. Kennedy, bad been
reoreaut to thcir trust in their program of silence in press and on the
platform. Why this servile silence,
the speaker demanded. By convincing argument it was disclosed that
cheap labor was wanted by the G.
T.P. But public sentiment had to
be satisfied with the Lemieux agreement. This allowed entry of 400
per year hut still there were far-
reaching immigration frauds. An
avenue was open from the Flowery
Kingdom to the road-bed of the G.
T.P. Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Rudolph
Lemieux and Mr. Fieher were referred to In rather denunciatory terms
for their pro-Japanese sentiments,
and In eloquent words the young
men of the country were appealed to
to keep this a white man's land.
•Mr. Hawthornthwr'"* came in for
■"—— a rather    severe arraignment anent
At a meeting held in the Pythian Ms (Mr- sbep]_~i.'g) ^port on the
Hall at Extension on Saturday night Fsn,ie ,_(„„ disaster, and, amid sus-
Frank Shepherd duplicated the brll- talned applause, the speaker estab-
Mant success whloh he achieved in h,^ hlg portion in the matter.
this city last Friday night. Al- si, Wilfrid's Janos-faced policy as
though the attendance did not ap- regards Imperial obligations in the
proaoh what it would have been had Oriental question, the speaker clase-
It not been pay night in __dy«n_th, M M iulcida|, !„ Beaton, he ex-
where an exciting game of football pressed one sentiment, in Ottawa an-
had drawn a large crowd; sUH the ether. Ho hinself had worked,
enthusiasm whloh prevailed and the when a youiuj num. un a shift of
warm reception the ipeaksra received X2 hours on and 13 hours off with
at the close were moat happy ail- a Chinaman on a pit head, and he
guries as to the extent of Uie major- knew, how he stood for the laat 80
lty which Frank Shepherd will roU y^, in ,_, mattsr. In support of
up in Extension on the 26th. this the speaker read a section of a
Mr, McLean Of Exttnslon very ably j^ter which he had written many
filled the chair for the evening, and JX,ars ago to a friend In New Zea-
fittingly introduced: the three apeak- ^-j ^pressing his disapproval of
crs, Mayor Planta, Frank Shepherd, the Immigration of yellow races Into
the Conservative candidato, and. J. British Columbia. (Applause).
W. Connell, ot Viotoria. Mr. Shepherd then made an     elo-
Mayor Planta in his opening re- <,„»_ appeal to the electors for the
marks, stated that he did not come overthrow, of the corrupt adminis-
prepared to make a epeech, butetlll tration and the granting of R. L.
waa very pleased to be with th«n Borden's appeal for 60 good men and
that evening in taking part in the true, of which,, he waa assured, they
campaign which waa rapidly ap- would make him one. (Continued
preaching    towards an end—ot-   the applause).
Liberal regime. tn Ur. Shepherd, __. j, w. Oonnell of Victoria, wae
they had a gentleman whose unim- the teat speaker, but certainly not
peachable integrity and unsullied re- the least. Mr. Connell has spent a
putatlon none could doubt'much less great pnrt ot his life ln Manitoba,
deny. As a man well acquainted and accordingly wae able to give his
with the needs of this district, I he bearers the benefit ol hia experience
would be one of the solid seven as to the administration of the Lib-
which this land, tired of the moled- «ral party, oa the broad aad rolling
ministration of the past admlnlstra- pralriee. The speaker very ably sup
tlon, would elect to Ottawa. The piemented Frank Shepherd's argu-
wave of popular sentiment -haa pre- menta on Better Terms, and, after
saged this; recent events, wholesale making a clever expose conoernlLg
defection among their ranks, have the Reciprocity Treaty, showed by
proved it. conclusive arguments that' the grand
The speaker pressed homo the doc- settlement of the prairies waa due
trine that "it's time tor a change," to the great transcontinental line
and continuing, proved to all that 11 put through by the Conservative ad-
the Liberal party was to be ousted ministration. The speaker
from power, they should all vote for *,_« very caustic references to the
the Conservative party. 'All for ridiculous manner in which the Lib-
Shepherd on the 26th, concluded the eral regime redeemed its promises
speaker, amid applause. - anent    the   reduction of    the tariff
Frank Shepherd then a_draeiHdthe rates on farming Impietnenta and
gathering, and after' assuring them machlnsry which the prairie farmers
of his pleasure at having this oPPor- had to purchase across the Une. Tha
tunity for addressing them, he mode bunch of millionaires which eompris-
a rather expeditious removal of cer- ed tha liberal machine at Ottawa
tain absurd rumors concerning an coma In for a good doae of irony
"unholy alliance" with tho Social- and sarcasm which drew forth the
ists and likewise ths C.P.R. Ralph laughter aad applause of ths aaeem-
Smith, no doubt, waa an exemplary bly. Mr. W. T. R. Preston wae a
citizen, he would attack only his pub subject for much comment and also
He career. Hie splendid Northwest {faa Valley land Company tran-
immigratlon policy, labor settle- soctlon whereby, the speaker aim ■
meats, and Asiatic exclusion legtela- ed trom preent knowledge, political
tion would be the eubjecte for die- heelers secured huge land holdings at
cussion. By reference to a report one dollar per acre aad sold the
of the Trades and Labor Congress, same a few .weeks following at' ten
he established the fact thalt the Le- times the price. A grilling expoeure
mieux Arbitration Act snd Japanese of the Arctic expedition, the Quebec
exclusion agreement were moat ua- bridge and Yukon scandals ensued,
satisfactory. The criminal policy of and n stirring appeal was made to
the Laurier government In bucking the young man to use their franchise
investigation into corruption in the aright. Upon them would devolve
civil service next came in for scath- the duty of guiding the nation's af-
tng denunciation and rather cauetic fairs, A servile adherence to party
relerencea were made concerning the must be replaced by non-partisanship
"eleventh hour promises" and "death and worthy citizenship. The atU-
bed repentances" in the matter ot tude of ths solid seven tram'British
Sooke's rock, Sidney wharf and Dun- Columbia wna iut tbe program of
can's experimental farm. deaf mutes nm hirelings.    Hon. Hm
The grand settlement of tha North- Templeman's position regarding the
wcet was not due, the speaker show- q.t.p. and 'tetter Terms was sub-
od, to the immigration policy of the Jected to s-reastic criticism: All
past government, but to the trans- honor to the sagacity of British Col-
continental line whloh confederation umbia in electing the McBride ad-
conferred on the west, and whieh the ministration to power. British Col-
Uberal party declared would ha rein- umbia waa tha diamond atud on the
ous to the country. The herding in shirt front ot confederation. Ilia cul-
of noted Doukhobors and barbarous pable action of the Minister of Ma-
Galacians waa a suicidal policy. Hns and Fisheries In the matter   ot
In dealing so very lucidly with the fisheries protection was absurd. (Ap-
queetion  of   better terms, *e sstab- plause).
ilshcd the fact that British Cohan- The speaker concluded by assuring
bla, owing to her tonognapMeal tea- all that in voting for Mr. Shepherd
tures and Infancy of development, they would elect a gentleman indeed
should receive further couoeasloni and by eloquently appealing to the
from the Dominion government than electors to use their best Judgement
those secured tn common with the' la a quoetion of auch vital import-
othec populoue provinces at conted- ance to Canada. By doing ao thay
eration. - All honor to t tto previa- wouM vote for Shepherd, Borden,
olal premier for attacking: this prob- pure, dacent and honest government,
hm which Hob. Templeman Sta- 'After the applause had subsided the
claimed was ae dead is Juliue Caa- chairman placed the masting open for
sar. '   ''    '''■''"     questions and replies, but all eesmsd
Head Office
Capital $10,000,000 Rest $5.000M
The Jones Hotel
Oatacre Street.
DEPARTMENT *BST accomodation,
A Savings Bank Department will be
found at the branches ol'tlie Bank in Canada. Deposits of $1 and upwards are
received and interest is allowed at current
rates. The depositor is subject to no
delay in the withdrawal of the whole or
any portion ofthe deposit. Accounts may
lie optntd In the names ol two or more persons. Withdrawals lo bo mad; by toy one
ol thl number or by iho survivor.        »"
L. M. de GEX  Manager
Trains leweUdyHnith
Daily at 9 a. ea.
Wednesday, Saturday and Sunt. iy.
at 9:00, and 15:58,
For Victoria.
Trains i\rriv« at ladysmith
Daily at 11:57.
Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
At 11:M and 17.55
From Victoria.
P.O. Box 64 'Phone U
Dealer In All Kinds ot
Meats Delivered free ol charge oa tae
Shf rteet Notice.
Union BrewingCo. \
NANAIMO, ,».£.
D. L Chatham        I
District Passenger Agent.
102 Government St., Victoria
And Billiard Saloon!
Fool and English
Billiard Tables.
Daily Prize for Highest
Bowling Score.
full Stock ol Miners' Toole.
8Mp Repairing Work
A Spedaltf
o! Blackamithlag
Bons at Short Notice.
LadrMnlth, D. C.
Hotel Cecil
Best Liquors and Cigars.
and Pastry
Always Freeh on Bend.
Wedding and Party Cakaa Made ta
Fruits and Candios of All Kint.l
Prices an    very   reasonable.     AU
Customers treated alike.
Barclay & Conlin,
On the Ehplaaade.
Ladyamlth.  B. 0.
The Best Butcher 8%
in Town is
Jno. fl. ttyan
Roberts Street
ton co-veetion area th. moot
ceafur oo-vsntton be bad .ve
i.i !...•. ..I i
Mr. Shepherd   dealt *ary eufceuat- to be aattefled and lueMly Joined  In
sue-    On   the   testimony   ot the Orand tario for two woeka, speakliur  fonr'iv,iy »__   the AslatIO t-snltratlon with three cheers aad a tiger    tor
,    mm  Trunk Pacific Company's own  engln- times somo days.   While the Premier „,„_..„_      m_,_ _—— .*..___ —_ium^ '•_,.. —    -    ■  *_. „-.,>.. i,nmm—
'    * esr. the   government is paying mil- who doarly   loves applause,   sought <H»a«on.   .l*"™ wore three reason* Frank Shepherd, t_a popular Coaasr-
llons of dollars too much by elaeel-out thl few Ontario   centres  where  «*y they should bo kept out.    1»ey,vetlve caodidato.
x-i—     ... i ' i      ', ,      ' ' •  '       j.\ ., i i_\,   u.uul  i.i '  '—   »   »•—    -~r      -■'.-
W,B,AIN8LBY    »
Will be In Ladysmitli every Wednesday at the Abbotsford Hotel, Room
i). Readings and treatments will be
given. Beet ol references given aa
to work done la Nanaimo.
First Class Photos.
on Find Avonuo
.0i3»SMWW<& Goods For The
Cold Weather
BLANKETO— At all Prices.
FURS — To suit everyone.
SWEATERS—For men and boys ns well as ladies.
BLOUSES—Woollen, In all Colors, at Reasonable Prices.
COMFORTERS-Froim 12.25 up to *16.00.
HOSE-The Very Best at Least Prices.
UNDERWEAR—For everybody, prices Right.
EIDERDOWN K1MONAS — In Crlmlon and Stripes.
Str. HesJeyaide, who neaped death1
when ths steamer was driven aehore
at Abacoa ii) the hurricane of Oct.
1, were brought here today on the
Str. Seneca, from Nassau. The
Heeleyaide was bound from St. Michaels In ballast when she encountered the storm which ended ber career.
She was a total loss. Her entire
crew escaped.'
their Utile /our months old daughter
nes Anne on Sunday. The little
one had always Ireon j„ delicate
health. Thc funeral took placc on
.Sunday afternoon, the Rev. Mr.
was Wilkinson officiating.
The Misses Zaccnrelli, of Old Wellington, were in town this morning.
MT. H. Kay returned from a   trip
to Victoria on Tuesday.
Mr. Robert Witlkinshnw came down
Irom Nnnalmo this morning.
Mr. T. Booth, of the Herald
on thc Victoria train this morning
John Pogorly has got his bowling
me    Rev    Mr and Mrs. Wilkinson *"W comfortably fixed up for    the
jnjSA Victoria train this morn ft*&r%U£&__!
tyre Foundry and there are chairs
and cards for his visitors with soft
drinks and cigars on thc side. Shortly he expects also to have a billiard
table. He is offering $8.00 and five
cigars and 12.00 and five cigars to
the bowler who makce the highest
scores at 10 and 5 pins respectively,
J?4"""" now and Pay dny. The man
that makes the biggest score gets
the prize. Last month the brothers
Popovitch got the money with the
scores of 214 at 10 pins and 42 at
5 pins.
all cleared awey; but ths smoke from
Winch's Grand Duke Cigars is gain.
Ing ln volume all the time. The more
you smoke them the more you like
theni. _
It is expected that Wm. McDowell
will arrive ln town this week from
Winnipeg. MeDowall comes with
great reputation ns a footballer and
if he makes good the locals, with
Adam in centre, will hnve an exceptionally strong forward line.
Mr. Al. Davis 'wns  in town on business this morning.
Father Nicolaye    was a passenger
on the Victoria train on Monday.
•Mr. John Muir returned from
naimo on Monday.
Mr. Gerard, of the Queen's
came hack on Monday from
trip to Nannimo.
i short
Mr. and Mrs. F. Hawes have
turned from their holidays.
Messrs. A. Crossan and J.
left on Monday morning on a
weeks' visit to Seattle.
Mayor Planta, of Nanaimo, was in
town on business connected with tho
nill Estate, on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tassin got back
on Monday from a threo months'
visit to Belgium.
Mr. John Kulai went down the line
on Monday.
Mr. Chris Stevens landed on yesterday morning's train out from Do-
lonle, Alaska. Mrs. Stevens hns been
In town a few weeks now. staying
with her daughters, Mrs. S. Decker
and Jos. Reid.
At a meoting of the executive of
the football club last night it was
decided to put up a temporary shower bath at tho ond of the dressing
room in order to holp out thc boys
ln their training.
Mr. D. 'Stephenson went down
Victoria yesterday morning.
Mr. S. Gough, of Nanaimo, was a
passenger on the Victoria train yesterday morning.
Mr. E. Pannell supplies fish every
Tuesday and Friday. At least Mr.
I'nnncll hns made arrangements to
secure a supply of fish nn these days
rr'd orders wlll he promptly attend-
,■• to.
Mr. and Mr;.  Chas. Leonard   lost
The Grand Duke    Clear cha  -
all brande.  It le made ln town, tnd
ie the best smoke in towa. Don't tori
get to call for lt. X
M. Barrasch, who, in a drunken
fury, struck nt and wounded two
companions with an nxo in a cabin
at Extension, has been sentenced to
fifteen months' imprisonment.
Andy Hailstones has been called
away to Roslyn, Washington by a
telegram which he received on Monday announcing that his brother Bob
had been hurt in the mines there.
The telegram gave no particulars
and Andy Ib quite in the dark as to
how things really are.
San Diego, Cal., ' Oct. 19.— The
bleached bones of two human skeletons on which were fragments of
clothing wore found by quail hunters yon Point Loroa yesterday. The
skeletons were found in canyons some
distance apart. By the side of one
was a heavy revolver and a box of
'cartridges. From the bones of these
men It is evident that they died
months ago. The fragments of
clothing found are too much weather
worn to be of much service for identification.
 p .
PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Oct. 20. -
From nearly every mountainous section of Pennsylvania come reports of
forest and brush fires. The prevailing drought has dried out the leaves
and branches of trees and made them
■fine fuel for flames fanned by a
strong wind. Near Williamsport, ln
the central part of tho stato tho citizens Of villages arc fighting fires.
At Leetonis, in SouthernTfoga Co.,
Trout Run, in Northern Lycoming
and Nordmont, in thc Eastern part
of Sullivan County. Tho fires on
the Alleghany Mountains are burning
with renewed vigor and all efforts
to check them have been unsuccessful. No rain has fallen in that
part of the state for two months.
Not only virgin timber, but fenoes
arid outlying buildings have been
destroyed. There is practically no
water in this vicinity and little progress is being made against fires.
Smoke hangs like a pall over miles
of territory.
In the Poono Mountains in the
eastern part of Pennsylvania, the
flames are swooping over a great
area in defiance of the fire fighters,
•Albany N.Y.. Oct. 20.-1*0 forest
fires raging in the adlrondacke appear to have been temporarily checked according to a telephone communication received this morning from
various points in the mountains. A
heavy frost last night aided the men
In fighting the flames. The heavy
gale which blew across the mountains yesterday has apparently subsided.' There appears to lie no indications of rain. Tho fires at Lake
Kushat which threatened to reach
the Stonywold sanitarium, Is re
ported as being under control.
It was roported from Lake Kush- j
aqua, which is within three-quarters
of a mile of Stonewold sanitarium,
which has about 84 patients. Tho
patients wcre prepared to leave, at a.
moment's notlco. These fires extend
for several miles betwoen Loon Lako
and Lake Kushaqua. Fire lines are
being maintained day and night.
The flre fighters were aided last
night by the arrival of several firemen from Utica who wero taken to
the scene on a special train. They
brought with them an engine, hose
cart, nnd several thousand feet of
hoeo. There ia plenty of water closo
to tho fires.
Word was received from Dannemorn
that the fires in that location were
at one time dangerously jjear thc
State Prison hut that thoy wore now
under control. Several prisoners
aided the flre fighters under instructions from Warden Colo. Considerable value hie timber land was destroyed.
Chief State Flro Warden Emmons,
who is at Lake Placid said that
while the fires in that vicinity, are
threatening, he believes they were un
der control. He snld tho dry leaves
are making excellent material for
the flames.
'   •      •    4 —
Ladies' and Children's Underwear in Wool, Flanneletto,
tind Cotton' and Wool mixed,
in any size you wish, from tho
smallest to tho extra out size,
at Prices to suit all.
Furs and
Never before have we shown
such n Large U'tuigu of theso
gootls. Wo huve coats in
Plain or Fancy, Long or Short
nnd almost nny style you wish
It will he no trouble for you
to pick . your Fur out This
Season after once look i n g
through our .Stock, nt Prices
we have never asked hefore.
For Paton's Alloa Wool.
thl quay her* and .It il believed wal
thrown into the lake by rowdies. The
inhabitants of the town ure indignant at the outrage. The statue
was made in 1851 for the country
home of an American resident, subsequently it was purchased by the
Dr. %& _>!«$
All Work Guaranteed.
Come and
The Last Week
I     Sale
AMOY, China, Oct. 20—The damage done iu Thursday's typhoon was
much greater than at Ilrst suppoied.
In Chang) Chow three thousand houses, including the prefects Yamen,
were destroyed aijd eleven hundred
persons killed. In Lam Cheng six
hundred houses were destroyed aad
twelve hundred persons killed.
Five years ago Lain Ch?ng was
flooded and three thousand parsons NOTIOE EXPIRES ON 00TOBEB 8
were drowned. Fifteen miles north
of Chang Chow three villages wero
entirely destroyed in Thursday's typhoon, four hundred persons belli'-?
killed. ,
WTLKESBARRE, Pa., Oct. 20. -
The roof ovor the round-house of
the Lehigh Valley Railroad company
collapsed this afternoon. It Is reported that a score of employees
were caught under lho dubrls and a
number ol thom klllod.
my Stock of Latest Styles In
ick of Latest St;
Wall Papers
Picture  Framing   a Specialty.
A ■fanutrasff'to look ufter the Oddfellows' Hull. Full particulars may
be had from ,1ns. Curry. 'Applications, stating terms, must be reeoiv- j
od on or before Saturday, Oct. 81.
Entire Stock to Go.
For bargains in watchos,chains,
brooches, pins and rings, you
have a choice of a life time.
For the next 80 days you can
get the highest quality .'Jewelry
at your own price—as everything
must go.
Jewelry Store
lst Avenue
B. 0.
Men's Fancy
Knitted Vests
In all colon and sizes    Just
ths thing for dressy people.
Woollen Su eaters in Honeycomb Knit with Buttoned Collar in all colors.
From 18.80 to (8.50 each.
Men's Golf
In White   or Khaki, with  red
or brown trimmings.
Men's Plain Sweaters In all
Colors and kinds.
Trom 75c to 18.50 each.
There is ons good thing to bs (ut
in Victoria. That la Wlnch'i Grand
Duke Cigar which is on sals at Wes.
terndale Railway Cigar Store, opposite the E. A N. station, at the
James' Bay Cigar Store, opposite
the C. P. R. Hotel and at tha Hub
Cigar Store on Government Street
run hy Lewis and Evans. X
The many friends of Sandy Michie
will bo sorry to learn that he is in
pretty poor condition. Ho Is suffering from a bnd strain and Is likely
to be off the D. & A. wagon for
some little time yet. Sandy nnd his
good lady havo had rather a hard
streak of luck this past fow months
and tholr mnny friends unite in the
wish thnt they have come to the
turning in tho In no.
New York,    Oct. 19— Twenty-two
members of the erew of the Brltleh
Toklo, Oet. 10 — Beer Admiral
Sperry, commander in chief of the
United States Atlantic battleship
fleet, accompanied by the squadron
commanders and the captains of ths
varloua ships, arrived in Toklo at
10 o'clock this morning coming by
special train from Yokohama, The
party wae received with unbounded
enthusiasm by great crowds that
thronged the station when the train
,_ -4	
OTTAWA. Oct. 20-The dead body
of an Infant child, carefully wrapped
in a panel, baa been received at the
Canadian express olllce here from
Pembroke, where it wae shipped by
a young man unknown at present,
it wae addressed to ths local Catholic institution with a request for
burial and 80 cents enclosed.
—        ♦	
Cedar District was the scene of'the
wedding of two of Nanaimo's moat
popular young people, in the persons of Mr. Jack Fresthy, of D.
Spencer's clerking staff, and Miss
Edith ______ daughter of Mr, Ed.
Quennell, of this city. The ceremony wal performed Friday night,
at the home of the bride's sister in
Cedar District,
Hev, J. M. Miliar, of this city was
the officiating clergyman, and the
mother, sisters and friends of the
bride were in attendance.
Alf ter the wedding supper the now-1
ly wedded pair left on their honey- ■
moon trip to Seattle and way j
points. They are expected home on •
Saturday when Jack will receive the!
congratulations of his host of friends
in this city. j
NEW YORK, Oct. 20-Spcaklng ofj
the charges made by W. J. Bryan, I
that the Republicans are preparing'
to buy tbe election, National Chairman Maek said today:
I think the letters of Mr. Harriman and President Roosevelt prove
pretty well what was done in 1804
in the purchase of votes and thero
is no question but thut the Republican organization is preparing to do
the satin this year. So long as they
do not print their campaign contributions they can do anything they
please and handle the money In any
way they see lit. Notwithstanding
the efforts that will be made to purchase the election I agree with Mr.
Bryan that hc will be elected, notwithstanding."
Mr. Mack said that tbe Democratic
campaign had colt so far about
Fresh Fruits and
Beady for Business
AU kinds of Stationery
Tobacco and Pipes
and Post Cards
Come and See Us
H. HUGHES, lst Avenue
canned by. the bost and most
reliable cannors in the country,
we are roceiving now for our
Fall and Winter trado. Pickod
fresh and put' up by tho best
process our canned fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, etc., are
as delicious as when thoy nre
in their season,
Just Glvo Them n Trial.
i. flocddiijg.
J ^^SrTWWs*t™l
High Street,
Furniture .
and Oilcloth
A Special
1 Offer to the f
I People of
I Ladysmith
Wcro *18.00
Now $15 00
How can we afford to be
without one of those large
roomy Chester Drawers'
or Chiffoniers when we
can get tbem right here
in our city for $12,(10,
$16.50 and $20.00, with:
or without Mirror at      ,'
G. Peterson's
Furniture Store
'Phone 1-8,
First Avsius.
Wall Papers
Oome and  Make Your
Selection—new stock
fresh in.
J. E. Smith,    Roberts Street
Wero $15.00 , #
Now $12 50
Notice is   hereby given    that ths
MANILA,     Oot.    20—Two    shnrp Ur«t meeting of tlie annual    court
-.■ti, „..__ ..... i.it h.h. tnA... in, , °' Revision on the assessment roll
earthquakes were felt here today fol-|a§ prepared by the aS8eMor of  tha
lowed by a third lees severe.      No  city of Ladysmith, ,will be held   in
damage was done in or about Man- the Council Chambers, Ladysmith on
Hi, and ss yet no report has    been • V**"***™ 4th November. 1008, at
t   (70 clock, p.m.
We Have Now on Hand a Complete
Stock of
Koh-i-nopr Pepcils
In all Grades
50c. and 85c Dolls
For 25 cents
f  i',,('
While They Last
Knight's Book Store
received from other places on the island.    The lirst shock came at 11.10
a.m., the second    at 1.40 and    the
third at 3.40 p.m.
— ♦
TOKIO, Oct. 20-The Emperor of
Japan, at Tiffin today,, received in
audience Rear Admiral Chas. H.
Sperry, commander ln chief of the
American battleship fleet, the three
rear admirals commanding divisions,
and a score of captains and tlie
chief of staff and flag lieutenants.
Tbe ceremony at the imperial pal
ace. which    occurred   shortly before
noon, was one of the most brilliant
fsaturas of the week's celebration,
CHEYENNE, Wyo., Oct. 20— A»
the result of an unprecedented accident on the Union Paciflc at Lone
Tree Creek, thirty miles west ofl
Ohsyeone, last night, six laborers
ore known to be dead and several
others probably met death while 25
or 30 were injured, many seriously.
A terrible gale picked up the caboose
of a work train, tore it away from
its couplings and carried It over thu
edge of a fill-in. It dropped thirty
lest with 4ta forty occupants, nearly
all of whom were section laborers,
and the terror stricken men were
packed in helploss confusion among
the wreckage when it landed. The
.work of rescue ls still in progress,
and only disconnected details have
come to headquarters here. Tlie
names of none of the dead can be
ascertained and only three of. the
,      ■.   .   i   ♦	
LUGANO, Switzerland, Oct. 19. —
During left night a bronn statue
of Oeorge Washington Ms removed
Irom the   top of • monument    on
Cl:y  Olei*.
Come in and get a Bargain,
"Miss Canada Shoes" for
"Borosford  Shoes" for Men.
None botter than these two
lines. They go ftt tho Prices
marked on the Sample Ticket.
Foot Wear Store
Just Ajtrived
Mclntyre foundry
[Company, Limited'j
John Thomas
Call and See Them
Terms to Suit all Buyers
Ladysmith P_»ey.
Just Arrived
A New Line
Fancy Goods at
Bight   Prices.
The Rev. R, A. Heath is leaving
town, and is selling off bis household effects. No reasonable offer
will be refused end the furniture nnd
goods enn be Inspected nt any time.,
' Blocks ot land, near Ladysmith,;
from 5 to 10 acres. For particulars
apply to C. Gardner. sl5-lin I
FOR SAUE—A house on ths corner
of Methuen nnd Third 'Ave.     Six
rooms and pantry, half a lot', cul-;
tlvated, with fruit tree*. Apply on.
premises. »
WU 11 H M'H H-l 1111 I'll' •
I NEW j!
TO-LET...A Furnished bed room. Ap
ply Km, Henry Pollard, Snd Ave.
'LA;   I
t'tl<l ■  ri
(ll'l'll ii'
nyf. *   ■ I    ' '
iiiyiuj   iii
(>«,'"*?   V'
ln""-f   'K
511"*.   !'
Iur ii.,n        '
.mi'.i r iron, miti t vm < no, \tx
Baby Pillow^overs
Tinted Lawn Cushion
Pin Cushion Covers
Whisk Holders
•' Brush and Comb Cases, \',
r      „,i!,i. ,. i >


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