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Ladysmith Standard Feb 5, 1908

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Array ■
JAS. ADA_t.l|
At IOc A Yard
We. have S2 pieces of those Goods
In light and dark Patterns and strict
ly Now 'Designs, suitable for Ladies'
Waists, Wrappers, Morning Jackets,
Klmonas, anil tor Girls' Drosses.
Mind you, at thiB Price wo will sell
onty on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Another Lighting Proposition Received and Laid Over
Mayor Nicholson Would Like to Commence Stieet
Work as Early as Possible.
Select Two     Iteprosoutative Kluvtjna
For Trial Uame ou tho
Sports Ground.
1    Thu teams fur the trial game liuru
ou Saturday havo been selected, und,
Wo will    clear out Uhe bnlnnce   of -
our    MKN'S   &PF.CJA.L  NEC1LK.KF.
SHIRTS, cheap at $1.00.    For   tho
noxt three days we will sell at
SO Cents Each
All sizes;   see our Window.
First Ladysmith   Newspaper'Sad ^ah-.^rtPo0^' Lad*''
. Mau Dm in Scotknu.     j SlulnajS  *"%£* wer0 cmM
|    t . iuto many homes and hearts ou tiua-
' day afternoon by the sorrowful uew§
ISows litu    reached British Coluiu-' uJ>V^th °? *»• J- -Dunbar.  A*
ou the whole, little fault is to     be'hia ol the death oi Thomas u O^.^^a^^itoa^tS
found with It.     Of course, it would ham, thu    well known correspondent   to     Wellington.    And wherever   the
..  be possible    to    mako   the A leum 0f the Loudon Duily Muil, and   who 'WUB known sho was liked, iwr  good
hovo to bd guldod by last year's cash  ^""^ h* *"* Interchange of play- ttt various times wa. euiployed     oai-"*1"' S* s-jWt8' auU 'JttWrJr
statemelit,   They could not vory woll wa; but un tho wholo
Incrousu    taxation   and    tho Street  havo got liold of two good reprosou-
SJ_Hrj^_*!T-£ St."'""*tiva'—• i—••*«"• ■» «* «<-••-><•**•<>m *•■'-«»i^-i
Aid.   Uainpholl  thought  Lho  Stt'oot   se011» contributes eight out ui the 22 Ue
Ccauiuittee should go all ground  the  and Ladysmith four which leaves Lho
three Victoria teams  with only leu ua    editor.     He also was employed
altogether.       This    is ut least BUitt* ou the     Vancouver World, uud Vic
elent to prove JJjat the selection com toria Colonist, and founded and ior
were only desirous of lindiug u  time     conducted  tbe    Ladysmith
the best twenty-two men playing in Leader.     Ue was a  remarkably rapid worker, and had a  literary stylo j
Try'our Asheroft Potatoes
Watch This Space
Is Slashing Prices
layia. ly If is.ia/.«y»f nsf.sj is.,.. ia.lf'1 V if '»■»'«■'»■'»■»"'¥''»''«* »1
Iiadysmith Opera House
SATURDAY. KMLWABY 3th,- at 7.301). m.
"Welcomo I
We -dfe'Stock taking,
will Im Iota of
which   -wo   are going to clean out,
they will be sold na SNAPS.     .
^ Big Redueticn |
25 Tor  font.  Discount  Pining .
February on
Ladles'  I [and   Hags,
Purses,  fctc,,
LJut Olnsc,
Ten Sots, Etc',1, fete,
P. G. N00T
Tho third meeting in' tiio Ludwsmith
City Council wus hold lu the Cil}'
Hull on Mommy evening. Mayor Nicholson prosified ami there were present Aids. (Junipuoll, Haworth, Honoris, Brown, McKluuell and Mutlie-
After the minutes of the lust meet town beloru submitting then- ostlm-
ing had been rend and approved, a ales. This question of garbage in
communicatiou irom  Messrs. tt.   M.  the hack alleys should also be .look-
Moore, Vancouver, was read.      The eU'ittO;      ■ ' >-'■'      	
letter wae as follows: AM. Matheson did not seo that it mitt^
To His Worship, the Mayor: Would be of much use ut present   to
Sir.—Our Mr. Mooro   hns boon   in go ovor tho streets,
your town during oho week and has     Aid. Haworth thought it would bo Island football,
made a very fair exhibition of what «■ waste    of time.   It wus not      the     ..
effect cur "Sunbeam ' lamp would timo ol dear to. lix the streets, audit tl)at every futiow(,,. oi the game will
have upon your streets.    He exhibit- would be soon enough for them to go h surprising
ml .inn ninn- llin m lwav station   and round    the   streets    two    or     three      * ,  -. * ;       7
liT,^ as e.,Scy "o °lighta» — hone, - omission is surely that of "Shorty'
your darkness, and wore most favor- Mayor N cnolum said ho was going G-.-_ham. It has never been report-
again at the Opera Houso, each ol «<; I'^noac aa soon as they had pass- , down here that he hus it ,h
ifhlv commented unoii bv vour   citi- ed thoir revenue    hy-luw, and     the .,,,,.
obh  commentLd upon by  youi   citi   ^^ ^ jmpr0ml n ml_. ^ ge___Bi and u h8 is stm ,)laJ.ing then
Ho understands you have an clec tlwi' borrow ii im the bunk on their he is the best buck on tho Island,
trie power plant under consideration Uxwa- Xht* would bo utile to get He mtty Bot he s0. ■•_iD£ay" j„ his
but wo would ask leave to point  out tlw money lor two or three months        . struthers or as si.ectu-
that rc-nllv what your Council is re- »' a very low rate of interest Thoy ^b°^ as St,1 utters o. as spec u
quired to do is to light your streets w"ula tnus '"• ttbl° lu I'usl> ahoud cular as Hewitt, but he is every bit
lirst and all the time. with their   street    work, ami get it as good ns eit|10r of thom.     Uo    is
An ..ift..i,.n. i,iunt win i,n v,.,.,. ..pi»i- liuishoil lor the summer.   Iihis would       ,      ...       ,   , ,.,
Aneicunc plunt win bo feiy fOst- 0001 an[| steady,     faster than either
ly, and    tho income derivable   vory B1-" the "ew work timo lo got hard- •*
small, so thut any venture can onlv med bol,oro u,° *$±f wuvthereome of the other men, nnd ns quick a-
prove a flnanelal loss. Ueiore thoy proceetlod witl, tlio work, gain in recovery.        Why he doosu't
The majority    of your   merchant* ''"wover,, it would lie necessary   for
have lighting plants which   are    so "f"- '" S° a"""'1' tho dtl' alK* »M
cheap that    they would nit readily "J*-""0 Imi'i'ovemonts wore mout need-
discard thom for electric light which     -,,,„,, ,, .,
costs moro.                                                , A1(i- Matheson said there wus    uo backs
Tho majority   of      your    citizens ,ubt ihii ,&l"'"'t' wus tho best time
would be but backwards in  adopting t0 ,"x, "'* ft"^," ",'"' U'" l,'"" "V?"'       ,   ,.        .,    ,   „ ,    l- ..       , „
the olei-tric light iu their homes gostod by Ins Worship would enable nro both on tho half back lino of the
Thus leaving you only tho lighting th°'" l" do thi,8'
nf vnnr Ktn*>*K Aid. Brown di*ow attention to   ...~ .. .   ,,      ... .,
The «?„ exhibited sells at ™"llitlun <" Klt«"*"10r •J1™**       ".'""^ colltre htt"'     ,,f cours0', thcre
Sil^lch     We have   X a    st,™!; «*»Jh a disgraceful condition,    and'will bo some shifting of pos lions
lamp of lessor candle power wo  can Mv',0li d'telies cut to curry oil    tho she flnul oloven, and probably   both
sell at S20, (this Is always less   the w'.'f10 w»t-"r '''om tho houses. I Farmer and McKinley will take their
posts.)' ' ■X»jW. Nicholson said ho would like '„„,„    Iaccl(,     certainly thore Is   no
l-'slininllnir snvR   12   tti-n   biimis  iV.i-   l0 "O" "  "ttlo  work couuuenced right
•35 two hundred candle power    for   ,, tho t,°1w" *iut *? vvurk' "1nd    thu ,mIf- nnd J,,«"nor «»«° ** entitled   to
(residential portion, «(K)0.0U. ™% cou V as    *    , m a llU °       by his place us right half.     The other
b" Cost ^excepting post)  to tool op- miH   th,om  omploymont   on - mm- • •
eratlnir $090 00 mvy   Wurk*   However,    thty    could, tmo° ,u,me    men naye oeen lavorea.
OperaHng —Each     lamn say  -^OiH) not alIord to B|,ulltl vm'y uiucn' us il 'lhe*v ftro Pln.v,nE ult together, Grnir
■  " would h0 Homi) thllU i'01 ,)t,fo,v  their'    ,. com|U(f in to inside right,   with
tuxes came in. ...     , „ ;.     „ „„,    .    ,,
ituud Foreman Callander said Uiutl"lundoU on the llne- Th,s is the
n regard to kitelioner Stiwt ho had
si'iil stMiio tllinbor Lo a resident on
that street last yoar for Lho purpose
of laying u sldoivalk. it lav there
tuonths and thon ho took it away
again, ile hud taken it hack some
weeks ago, aud it was still lying
there. So that if the : jsidents thore
had not gut a sideuUk il was their
own inn 11.
Aid. Urowh said ho was talking
about dili'hes aud nut ahout sidewalks.     Thero was stagnant    water
woll known locally, having beeu
was lirst associated with     the
Times as telegraph editor and lattr
hours per year  with gasoline at  I
cents por gallon (this price is     tho
price In San   Francisco; there is uo
12 Arc Lamps, 2000 hrs each
25 Boulevards, 20(H) hrs each
Kopairs, mantles and glasses
Cost of   ea rota king say    914)
per month to night watch man
Cost of ojHirating   37  lamps
2000 hours per year 	
Any lamp wc sell wc will guarantee, will send an expert to hiatal on
your posts aud start running, und
will moreover make all repairs caused from defects in lamps (not indud-
It is not of courso to be expected  distinctively his own,
"  Mr.    Qrahaiu was with the    Free
I'resa for one year and his versatile,
trenchant style of writing is well remembered by subscribers of this paper at   that time    of his connection
with tbe Free Press,        	
Tne Victoria Times in an apprecia
tion of him, says:
The late AU'. Uraham was a man
of wonderful energy and vitality, and
and{ up to the last entertained strong
hopes of returning to his duties in
London, where he was a valuable
member of the stall of the Daily-
Mail. Ha went to the old land two
or three years ago with the intention of taking the editorship oi s
weekly in the metropolis, but he gravitated unerringly to that department of journalism where his peculiar talents had the widest sway —
special' writing on the daily press.
He came under notice of the Mail
people and was placed on assign*
ment on the big Harmsworth Daily.
Sir Alfred Harmsworth was immediately attracted by his style, and
personally selected him lor a number of special assignments in which
he was particularly interested. The
wreck of the British warship on
Lundy island In the English channel,
about two years ago, called up his
spirit of enterprise, and he crossed
the Channel with an ugly sea running, in a lishing smack on which
the other journalists detailed for the
wreck refused to embark.
When Sir Alfred Harmsworth start
flguro in either team is a standing
puzzlo. Lorimer does not deserve
his placo against cither of the local
McKinley and Farmer, of Nanaimo,
iro hot!
Ui team, and tho former is down to
it I'lny centr
place that flrninger favors, nnd
Thackeray will have abundant o]H
portunii.y to distinguish himself n-
gninsl this wing. Indeed all throe
men should ostnblish their claims lo
inclusion on thc host Island oloven.
The teams are as follows:.
Bradshaw (Nanaimo)  Gonl
Ro'vitt (Nnnalmo)   B.F.IJ,
ing glassware 'SiTmiuitifNO ''luring t0 hoff;!,md L,ieru !,tf,1"J dr^ "J*
the flrst year freo of ehargoT ■£     ' \V'°l. 7' ^2?   '1™
Hoping to ho a.lowed to hoar from jg «#»- ^ was?ln^   to.
Wc am health ami a ditch ought to ho cat.
Your olwdient ecrvnnto I. -""J™ »l"ll»"l'"»" ^,»oul,a
-Iloht.   M.   Mooro & Co.    JSjoSSr1 tU """ t"U" th" L0U" "
Mayor Nicholson snld ho hnd met t ___\ -	
tho agent of the company on tho'.... ., nraont-ninMo im vivit
streets, nnd the latter hnd Informed LAIlt>"Mn ^^' Vvn f{,v T
him that ta was going to mako    n' MO 1-OU .IANUAK\.
lighting proposition to the Council. A. E. II. Spencer, local correspou-
Ho had explained to tho agent thut _eat l0r tn0 r^bor tin/otto, publish-
all thoy would ho able to <lo with it ,,..,,, ,
would ho to receive It, and lay It ov- «-• "» "» D<*n>!"'e« government, ro-
or for future reference, un they ports as follows on conditions of tho
thinking about going in for somo- |oca| i„bur uiurltot for tho month of
thing hotter. If they fulled with the .„„..„.
larger undertaking, thon they could  ' '*
discuss his proposition. Prom whnt The .labor markot hus been much
ho h msulf hud been able to gather depressed during December, there be-
from talking    with tlie people of the , , bor o( t   „,
town, It they could got a i-oasonablo     *•   .
proposition for un electric    1 ghtlng . «'<irk. especially ln the lumber cuiups
system, tho-- would have no difficulty  and saw mills, with poor prospects
In sccurng Its adoption.  -Even those I of m mrl    iln|)rovom(mt,     uusiness
who wero using thc gasoline    lights |
would discord them in fuvor of electric lamps.    More than that, in tho
II. 11.11.
Lorimer (.I.ll.A.A.)
Dully or Dhimks 	
.lohns-tone  (y.M.O.A.)  ,,.
Hnrley (Nanaimo) 	
Illilndcll (NTunaiiun) 	
tlrnintrer (Ladysmith) ...
Adnm (ladysmith)  	
(,'rnhnm  (Fjidysmith)  ....
Wlllinius (Esq.  United)  .
IVdon (.I.ll.A.A.)    Oonl
Dunn (lUst). I'nltml)   K.F.B.
Struthors (Y.M.C.A.)   L.F.B.
Pnrmor (Xnnnlino)   R.H.B,
McKllllev (Llldvsillilh)   C.H.n.
Thackeray (Y.M.C.A.)   L.H.n
Telfoi-d (l-*so. United)    O.It.F.
Johnnie '(Nannlmo)   I.It.F.
Ci-iilckslinnks (Nnnalmo)   Oohtre
Tlicniiis CEsq. United)   I.L.P.
Deters (Nunniiuo)  0.L.F,
sure making her always welc-i-mo  in .
any company,    only about a   year
' hus sped since she was married, nap-
'p ly murried, and she was Icckiug to
the. still greater happiness ol maternity. Ilut the ordeal of chitd.bear-
lug proved too grout lor her Mrungth
and thu cheery spirit sped forth into
tlie unknown.
Aeedless to say, the widest and
deepest sympathy is lelt for the
heurt-broken husband. Jack lui* ol-'
ways been one ct the most popular
boys in town, and everybody's heart
will go out to him in his terribly
sod bereavement. Deceased's mother,
Mrs. Eustun, was with her daughter
and naturally she is prostrated with
The baby lives and is doing well.
The lunoral    took place today   at
NEW YOBK, Feb. l.-On» ol the
latest organizations in N«w York is
the Janitors' Society, Heretofore
tbe Janitor of an apartment house
has been the most independent man
in the world. Hs bad to be tipped
to get ths sllghest favor from him.
But according to the plan of ths new
society the Janitor is to be educated
and besides being a licensed engineer, he is to be a carpenter, plumber, and expert on hygiene, and a-
bovs all else, a diplomat. To use
the words of the lirst president of
tbe society, "Janltoring la an art."
However, New Yorkers hays become
so accustomed to obeying the Janitor
that it will probably tak* soma
time for them to adjust themselves
to the new relation.
New York's four-footed "cops'' an
now on dut}-, nnd while than are
only live of them on the force at
present, still it is Ukely that all
dogs will bs given a wider berth,
and more carelui consideration, lor
lear they may be the police dogs.
For the last lew months these ttvs
Belgian hounds hava been carefully,
trained, with the result that ths
only person they will obey la a pe
ed his war on the Soap Trust, he ae- jUceauul to v^'otn- Fu«*tarn«''».
lected Mr. Graham to handle this ""* nave >•«■«».•" «» *•**• **•»
big assignment; which he did so ef-!"* known to th. best football plajr-
fectlvely that the Mall had the big I" or *'",tor' -ni can asm a mxan
'6*.K Isoap men about Its oars in short „r-,'ia »« dozen m"*at ™*»*   «■ *P
.. I.H.F.
. Centra
. I.L.F.
a) »»»»»»»«>««*»»«>»•»«'''
-  —and—
estimate of cost submitted jbv Moore
& Co., gasolino was quoted' at 16 cts
a gallon,, whereas ho was paying 52
cents a gallon.
On the motion of Aid. Matheson,
seconded by Aid. Campbell, it was
decided to lay ovor the communication for future reference.
The estliuutes of the School Trustees totalling $10,140 woro rcud und
cn motion -hondod over to the Finance Committee.
A communication from Mr. 11. C.
Lowe giving notice of un application
thut is to be mado tu the Dominion
Purliuincnt for u charter to o|>crute
a railroad from Victoria eonnoctlnn
with a i-oint on Seymour Narrows
-wus reud
LONDON, Jan. SJl.-Particlpatlng
in the debute iu the house of Commons last night on the question    of
no unemployed, John Burns, president of ths local government board
and Labor leader in the house, denounced ths unsclohtlQc distribution
of religious, philanthropic and private charity, which hs declared, was
unusually misapplied and diverted to J and thence''to Edmonton,
ths wrong persons.    He told one of !and '"'dorel, niou-  '    '
hi. ««.« —-,  ii '        . A letter from tho Vancouver Rub-
his own experiences rscrotly,    when'^ 0oninaBy>   containing   a tender
after an   official   function hs Joined j for 1000 feet of flro hoso, was order-
two thousand of the unemployed   at ed filed.
the Victoria Embankment. I   Accounts   aggregating   SHM.-l.-i of
"I >n.  In  n>» >n,,i4   Hno., "  k. m_,A    WhlOh   tho  Ohlof   ItOlllS     WOTO   $115   to
. I was in my court dress,   hs said Mr  (Hb|)0M and |577 m {m xbooX
but pulled my bowler hat over my' salaries, wore referred to tho Financo
eyes and looked miserable, and I got Committee to   lw |ntld if found cor-
my bowl   of soup and hunch otdrjr."*-,^^ Wll8 road (roni tho   Flre
Dr*t0' Wardens, which ostlmatod tlmt   tho
Mr. Burns moved ths rejection of cost of painting the inside ct the
an amendment ♦. ths address regret- "J* Jail and fixing the brackets for
fi     i7, i    i. i _. _ _T    _ the flro hoso would total *»8.00.Tlio
ting that the King s speech had not repprt „.„„   ,.„[0|.rot| to tho Financo
recommended legislation dealing with Committee.	
.the unemployed    question) and    tht    RoaiT"Foremen Callander reported
amendment,was defeated by 195   to "•"* in. I'"} "" lhf„s',*0,f.,ivri?*
I.. * tho u«ek hud cost »12.S0.   Ho   also
j    "' asked what he was to do with     tho
I   An Incidental remark made by Mr. italics snd refuse which littered somo
Burns during his speech   that    the ">' th» bock "ll',-v" ln tho tm"1'
,,,,._.   . __„k__t n   »„„i.w      »v    ' Mayor Nicholson sold his duty was
scheme of Herbert H. Asqulth,    the t() ^.^ lo tbB Banltory conmilttoo
chancellor of ths exchequer, for  rid Tho latter wore thoro to sec thnt tho
»»«>*%%«>.»>. ai;e pension would provide for a mil- sanitary,   by-laws      were   observed.
nsi>l*SBlBB-a<sa^a«e<aass*BBs*nH linn „„„„!„   _,,--„,tA --n-i,     .....   These laws wen- for the roihI of all,
....         -t-u.   . .     mV  ' MneM n"lch    *-tUn- If onlv the people would look ut It
Toronto, Jan. M.-As a  result of slon afterward.       Nothing hitherto ]„ S ,||Vht.
a dispute over the transection    in leaked out with reference to the In-    The report was received and     tho
800,000   Shares    of Cobalt mining tentlons of the government, but    It.Sanitary Comimttec Instructotl      to
.t.      t  ii   a.tki.,.H   .   .iti»n nl .             ..        .     . it t...       ,.   ook Into, tho condition of the   back
stock,    J. H, 8^ethlund, a e|tUsDOf „„, generally assumed that It would „,,„,,„ nnQ t0 „,,„,„, tho bv.tawN<
men reported a fair month, but tho
outlook Is not favorable. Thore
have beon no definite changes in wages, but there is a downward ten
denoy in rates among unskilled laborers.
Agriculture— Thore hns been no
nctlvity among farmers, except for a
little plowing.
Fishing— Herring fishing is fully
under way on a more extensive
scale than lust year. The whaling
station near here Is very busy, and
catching plenty of whales.
Lumbering— There Is hardly any
work going on in the lumbar camps.
Tho local saw mill wns Idle for the
flrst part of tho month, but has resumed work for a short time, but
not to Its full extent.
Mining— Tho coal mining industry
hns shown a fulling off, thore having been some Idle timo during the
month, with more men thnn aro required waiting lor work. Thero was.
little activity In the quarts: mines in
tills district. i
Plumbers were active, but tho oth
er branches
were dull. Tho mctnl and wood
working trades wcro quiet, as wcre
ths UnlUd States, at present living propose a penelon of five shillings
In Toronto, ll suing 0. A. Foster weakly In certain eesos. If so, Mr.
for 170,000 and 30,000 shares of Asqulth'i scheme would entail the
ftoek, , ',  .       , | i.i annual expenditure of 968,000,000.   '
Aid. Matheson gave notlco that at
tho noxt re-ruler meeting of thc Coun
cil he would Introduce n revenue tux
Government Will Receive Support on
Condition ull Political Prisoners Aro Fned.
LISBON, Feb. 4.—The condition of
King Manuel, who was shot In the
nrms and fuco nt the time his father
nnd brother were killed last Saturday, is improving. Tho official organ in its issue today declares that
the funeral of the late king and
prince will bo held on Feb. 8, at 10
o'clock in the morning with all - the
solemnity possible nt the Royal Pan-
Material changes In tho now cabln-
ot havo beon made, only three members of tho first ministry, us announced yesterday, being retained In tho
cabinet garotted today.
Tho Progressives toduy voted to
support tho now government en condition thnt all poHtlcnl prisoners lie
freed, that the exiles be permitted to
return to Portugnl and thoir political rights bo rostored, and nil existing uutocratlc measures contrary to
liberty be repealed.
Madrid, Feb. 4.—King Alfonso nnd
of the building trades Queo" Vlct0,'ln °ro at presont ot Se-
vlllc.     Thoy    will return to Madrid
only in caso the situation ln Portu-
leamstcrs    anil expressmon.      Thoro gnl h8C0mM v""tM-
was littio    employment for unskilled I   In a,WHl011 t0 the ,lron« '"m "'
labor, and a  number of men    were s'"*"lsh tr<m|'a ke|,t n,ons th" tron-
ldl0 .tlor,    heavy delnchinents of soldiers
4  I nro stntlonod In all the    Importnnt
der are to be used in Brooklyn first and
His assignments took him through-'" "^ "tow »"• •""*" **»*    "^
out the United Kingdom and aero- hav» » Bru,,,*• -••» «*■•» «**•-
the continent,    nnd Ms letters    to ed imm^atoly to the fore.,
friends in Victoria were full of hum-1
SEBASTArOL, Fob. 4.-Tho out
points of    Spain but especially
Bnrcolons whero the ntinrchlsts
como of tho recent nttneks by rcvolu' revolutionists nro said to bo show-
tionlsts upon tho sentries on duty Is |„ff .i^,,, ot rostloss activity,
that orders wero given today for nil j ,__ 4
sentlnols to flro without challenging     Boston, Fob. 4.—During a porlod cf
upon all suspects found In tho vlcln- mental depression   Mrs. Francos Mil
orous touches.
Last winter his health began to
fail and Mr. Wofney, the foreign endj^j" ^^ *,™
managing editor of the Mail, saw'
that unless he conserved his energy
he would soon exhaust his limited
store of strength. Under pretext of
Watching Hon. Joseph Chamberlain,
who had been ordered abroad for his
health, Mr. Grahauie was sent by
tho Mail to tho south of France,
where he epent several montha in Its
congenial air. Returning to his
desk he plunged again Into his work
with the enthusiasm and disregard
of his physical limitations which always distinguished him, and in the
spring it became necessary for him
to leave his I work and seek health in
the north of Scotland. For a time,
whilo summering at Kllchattan Bay,
he entertained strong hopes of getting back to his work on the Mail,
but later In the year his declining
strength Indicated to him too clearly that his hopo was vain.
In a letter written on the 7th of
January and received in Victoria a
few daya ago, hc stated that he tyas
reduced to eighty-eight pounds and
that his doctors told him,that unless he got out of Scotland his tenure ' f life would not be for long. He
was then preparing to return to his
beloved British Columbia and waa
Intending to take up a small fruit
ranch In ths vicinity of Victoria nnd
seek In this form of activity a res
titration of health.
He was always passionately attached to that city and was looking
forward to a return to it with plea
sent anticipations. He was 44
yours of age.
The cause of his death Is not stated ln tho cable, but It Is boMeved to
have been tubercular In character.
Mayor Nicholson   said they would tempted to escape.
if.. «# .1 .......      ..      .      %.       lors of TMrchi-slet*. killed hei-BOlf end
Ity of the arsenals or the store hous two ,,„,„ kI,.1h  „,,„, „ nnd n _van
hetweon tho hours of n p.m. nnd , respectively, by means of lllumlnat-
Potrols nre also Instructed , 'wr gns Inst    night.   Sho loft n note I   Berlin. Feb. 4.—Prlnco I'mest.   tho
mylng   "Oifl forgive mo for what J reigning Duko of    Sachsun litenlmrg
have done,    lt wus n cause of    In- Is gradually sinking.   Ho Is suffering
6 a.m.
to flre volleys nt nny person who at-
Vancouvor, Fob. 4—Harry Bnlrd a
telephone lineman was fatally injured in n spectacular manner this
morning. He wns nsslstlng a gang
In removing n telophono polo on
Hastings Street when the pole
crashed to the ground. Bnlrd was
thrown from tho top of tho polo to
tho trolley wire whore he hunp- for
an Instant and then fell to the
from asthma and a complication
Ths new public autos, ths taxicabs
hav. usurped the Jaded nag and battered cab. The taxicab has a dafi-
dennito distance,
and a big register on ths cab tails
the exact distance that has bean travailed and the charge that is to ba
paid for it. Consequently the cabbies, who have had New Yorkers at
their mercy tor years will no longer
dare to overcharge the man who is
afraid to protest lest his best girl
think him.a "chsap sport." Ths advent of the taxicab, which will carry four persons for the same price aa
one and in a much shorter time
hansom, has been a hard
blow for the cabbies. Many of them
have already disposed of their cabs...
and are ,.j.v learning to lv- 'chnuf-
'Don't loan money to your friends
or you'll lose them," was the warning that John D. Rockefeller Jr.,
son of the oil magnate, handed out
to his Sunday School class at tho
Fifth Avenue f"' K last week. Mr.
Rockefeller ceased his active work
with the class last year, but has
been persuaded to give an occasional talk, because after he gavo up the
leadership the attendance dwindled
to almost nothing. Mr. Rockefeller's
talk was most timely and highly appreciated by the two hundred young
men in tho class for probably not
one of them had escaped being
-■touched" for a little loan during
the financial stringency. But the
millionaire leader handed out a few
more "Don'ts" that combined religion with good sound business. "Dont
loan money to anybody," he -went on
to suy "without taking a note charging interest. It is a rollgious duty
not to loan ti or 110 to a man promising to repay it at ince and nev-
erlntending to do so. Such a man
has got to take his medicine. If you
want to lend a man money, do lt in .
a business way; take his not. with
ALBANY, N. Y., Fev. 4. — The
Orand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons began its annual convocation
here today with delegates present
from all part, of the State. The
Grand Chapter haa accumulated a
large surplus fund ln Its treasury and
as a consequonco It is expecte-l the
convocation will act favorably 1 n a
proposlt on to reduce the pur cejiita
tax of the chapters.
 *- ■■ ":        . .
Winnipeg, Man., Feb. 4.-Mlchale
Saunders, engineer in Rlohard King's
sawmill at Ransack, met his death
by being caught In the driv t g wheel
H. was badly crushed >--il his right
leg was torn out at the thigh. 1'eeth
was instant.
If You Require Any
Or If You Require Any
Or If You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell On.;   or If You   Want
sratai* Psbllo, Conveyancer
Gibraltar,-    Feb. -8.- The British MORE IlESOLUTIONS RE LT.-
crulser Meet sailed     from here early'
this morning for Lisbon.
Paris,    Fob.    8.~- Prices  on     the)   VICTORIA,  Feb
Bourse   were affected today   by   the, j"*""3 -wf e''day
._ ,,      ,    „   .      i   ,   ,  ■             . M1-" introduced  by the At-t-
agitation in Portugal, liut unproved!,,,, —-- -■     •'
on the announcement of the resignation of Premier Franco and tho formation of a   new collective cabinet.
DEADLIEST   i-uJouiN in position without moving he directed
-a.    ,    .T100 mlU',' ,   his thinking to the arm, with tlie re-
Phe deadliest poison known to sci-     ; j- ■ ..
, . ■    .       „'      _,       „ _        , suit that the blood entered the arm
ence is hate,    Prof. Elmer dates, of . . ,,.,
..,_.._■■       . ,   , j in such quantities as to enlarge   it,
tho laboratory of    psychology    and      . ..       -.     .     .    ,
immigration | psychurgy, Washington, D.O., is the *nd ™W tht W"ter ,n the J"
*at'tornt?v-tleu- overflow,
eral passed through"Committee with"""1 who has found " out* Anger Has Color.
one slight umentliueht - Many     othor scientific sagos, how-
wus proposed by the Attorn-lover. h»vn „,,,...,.-i...... -'--' ----     •       "ban
L—In the Logis-
the   *       -
NEW YpRK, Jan. 31—.The Orien- In Uncle Remus' Magazlnetfor Jan-
tal bunk, on which a run of depos- uary is a  letter from one of the mu-
itors started yesterday, did not op- gazine's subscribers telling of a uiar-
- en for business today.     Notice   was veious   vocalist,     a  singing mouse,
posted on the door announcing   the Here    is the   tale, be it true or na-
bttnk     was    closed  bv nrrffli- nt ff."   *  - -
London, Feb.'a,
has received a   telegram from
ilritlsh charge do affaire lit Tangier, si0n from Canada has    been
Mor., to thc effect that Ralsull, the hy any act
bandit chief, hus promised to bring ada-
of the purlinment of Can
Harry MncLean, this eve'_J*_*, ^ft?' the Opposition con-
. „„„„ ___    ,        .,     tended that this courso 'was; but nn,,..*
"<"* tto ing disallowance at Ottawa
nrlsniii.r'    lho Attornov    -n..,,,.,... i      L
in Oaid Sir n,„uou -uiax, uiis courso -was but court
nlng, exactly seven months from the ing disallowance nt Ottawa,
time when he wns taken a  prisoner'   T|»> {"tor"0''   General,     however,
_ contended otherwise, and tho nmond-
ment passed.
J. H. Haw-thornthwaite    moved
by Ralsull.
Now York, Feb. 8.- The trial   of "6W wction to bo added to The bill'
Raymond    Hitchcoc'-   tho comedian, I V™°! |ol,lo*™:
on charges preferred by the children'feet nt t? ent'-'coSloTaT af^ap
society,    has    been postponed until """so Immigrants are concerned Z
Ladysmith  Standard
Semi- Weekly.
Published on Wednesdays and Saturdays Afternoons by ths
RObt. R. Hindmarch,
Ons Year 11.50
•Ix Montba  7
Advertising Rates on Application.
_w  aro concerned provided that an effective agreement has
next month. The postponmont wns been ontered into and is boing car-
made nt the request of Henry Suv- ried out between the governments of
age, tho actor's manager, who said Jal""1 and Canada to exclude Jap-
,,,,,. anose artizans and laborers from tho
he would suffer flnanclnlly If ho wns nrnv)„„ „, *.  « >.
all been
M. Crane in    his studios in "Right
dorodiaBa Wrong Thinking."     They serve
to introduce    us to   Dates' greater
work, says the Chicago Tribune,
President Hall of Clark University
has said that there can be.no change
of thought without a change of
musclo. He also suggests the
sibillty that the right course of
thinking might develop muscle as
well as tho right course in physical
Prof. Baldwin
s "~—
* Ottawa, iOnt., Feb. 3.—A copy
* of   the act recently passed by
* the   British    Columbia leglsla-
* ture for the regulation of immi-  '
* gratlon Into that province has  '
z  bean received here. '
WINNIPEG, Feb. 8.-There was
closed shop on all the skating rinks
and concert halls yesterday. Police
commissioners instructed the police
to visit tbs.places of amusement and
all restaurants and cigar stands, to
forced lo nbandon his route
Ottawa, Feb, a. -Tho transcontinental railway commlsslan will receive tenders up to noon of March
10 for six additional sections of lino.
Four sections, covering 189 miles,
nro in New Brunswick, and two sections for 197 miles are in Ontario.
provinco of B. C.
j The Attorney General would not
approve of this amendment.
} The leader of the Opposition contended that such an amendment was
but courting disallowance. The Socialists as well as tho Conservoii-
were apparently trying to put tho
bill in such shape that it would be
Mr. Hawthornthwaite said the So-
cialists were not. If constitutional
ways of keeping tho Japanese out did
not effect it the working people of
the province would some day rise in
their might and do it in other ways.
Tho Liberals were but trying to help,
their friends at Ottawa.
Mr. Hawthornth-wa te further said
that thore wero 20,000 Japanese in
the Province and he had reason to
bolieve these   were trained   soldiers.
few notes Sweet and
yet low and faltering as if tho
  """■y   . otnor scientific sagos, how- „ ,   ,  l«ii    was    closed by order of the ture fake: ..
e/Jlel.ZaS^t^rt^:,emr' haV° aWJreclatud tl,at thero la subject was nas^ed   through a tuTe °tate ■»»«*•«'-•»• of banks. I   Suddsnly in the night, asl lay a-
o^ir'the'secUon^^bi8 tne   '  »»"?« «*•*   ^dlly opera |££*«££«£^dle" s     Tto "-" * ' **» >**    •*>*• '  *—      '
1 classes to which the Act should   not  tion3- a"" they ena their works have, constituents      a colorless 18i Broa<-way' eapitMltad 4760,000. clear 	
The government apply, the following:   "Any   person,  all been    remembered by one Aaron <..,,„.«. According to its last statement    It singer were    uncertain of his power
j   _, ''-ii        ,    .      .   570,811 a-.-I to banks, bankers  and  '••"      "
made him angry, and five minutes af- „,._r """*•> "■"»»'»  ""u
terward. a sediment   appeared    in b™k<n's; ^*"'f*     * "" a"'
the tube,   which Indicated th. pros- "lu"    'und °' W.912-'"'0. "» "*
ence there of a new substance which vluod pr°m ot »808'M7-
had been   produced   by the changod     Q' S* ^'^ • Btato btak  f
Physical action caused by a chang. »»,';;»-J'"11 ia ctarB° °' **•
in the mental emotion.    Anger gave •"■"•"'"on this morning.    A branch
a  brownish substance, sorrow gray. °' *"• Oriental bankj at 122 Bowery
remorae pink, etc., showing, as    In,w" »lB0 f "sed*
the experiments    with th. perspirJ, A 'lM, •' "^ositors was formed in
tlon, that each kind of thinking had 'ront <" the 01ain offlce<ss in ^°'d-
produced Its own peculiar substance.way    "* "   "** ho>" ioi*? and
which the system was trying to  M-,"te»^houL'or ope,llng arrived -
, . j bout 75 depositors were ln line some
p'rof. Gates undertook to discover'0' w*|om had bM" BtandlBS 'of S8V"
the character of the substances which,6.™1 hour8 in the cold' As aooa M
he obtained by condensation of tbe
breath of his subjects. The brownish substance when administered either to men or animals caused stlm-
This is true of de- j elation and excitement of the nerves,
of emotions of pleasures and |Another substance produced by another kind of discordant thinking,,
whon injected into the veins of a
guinea pig or a hen killed it outright.
of Trlnceton says
that evory state of consciousness
tends to realize itself in an appropriate muscular movement.
Mental and Bodily Changes.
Prof, 'C. A. Strong assures us tbat
all mental states' is followed by bod-
""   * that all consciousness
ily changes,
pains, and even of such seemingly
non-impulsive states as sensations
and ideas. It Is truo ln a word,
of the entire range of our mental
life. The bodily effects nro not 11m-
-i-d to our voluntary muscles, but
consists In large part of less patent
changes In the action of the heart,
lungs, stomach and other viscera, tn
the calibre of blood vessels and the
Columbus, 0.,  Feb. l.-Dennis O'    u„lltJvlJ mem   ,vw
Sullivan, tho Irish actor and singer, and ready to take up arms and seizolsecretion glands. .
died today nt Crant Hospital, after the country. ■      ...      p   ,   Jam s   , Harvar(i University
,,      , „„„  „„,.,.    „„      The omendmont was lost only Mr. I
an oporation for   appendicitis    per- Hawthornthwaite voting for it,    the 	
formed Thursday.     Ho wns born in other two Socialists being absent,
San Francisco In IKfiG.     Ills wlfo is     The     bill    was reported complete
here.     His greatest success was   In  "£r^ytT'uuest.c™   of    John
'Teggy Machcroo-"     The body will  Oliver as to what amounts   of   tax
be takon to San Francisco. or royalty woro paid last year by the
t different collieries.    Hon. H,'G. Trt-
WEATHEH UUREAU lo,-? roPH«1 »» Wows:
Cumberland and Extcnsi
FINDS EARTHQUAKE 183,451.08.        ■ •"-•"■*"■■   tax—
  Nanaimo, tax.—$18,858.90
Washington, Dec, 8.- The weather     ?Sd?!10bo.!'0~
weather     Cnrbonado   Coal Creek and Michel,
iT-isnonoc.    roJ.aU    g21o08'
bureau today nnnounccs tho follow-  tax.—$33,908.81
ing earthquake bulletin: Tote'
An earthquake of slight Intensity  $:
wns recorded at tho weather bureau' 	
on the    afternoon of Fob. 1, begin- V* ^.j)?. wiU
^evidence o, any v.atlon' I, g^™****  ^^ °S
Tax-?88,21B.-9:    royalty,
J. H. Hawthornthwaite gives   no-
w> it—* *-- —:" move on    Monday
the Lord's    Day Act.     For several
Sundays concerts have boen given in
the Walker theatre, nnd the skating    ___ „M,,iu
rinks have been open, but tho police abnut 3.R00
yesterday found    everything    closed
  -. .vnereas, during tho last Session
lhe bulletin     adds that pcrceptl I. of this House, a Bill was Introduced
tremors wero recurdod for nearly an intituled 'An Act to Regulate Immi-
.             „,.     ., ,           ,   ...       , , grution into British Columbia," with
hour.       ihe distance of    the origin tho objoct and lntont 0, „rovunt4„K a
from Washington is estimated to be further Influx into this Province    ol
ratios nnd the masked 'bacfewurd races," notably certain of
iio.l,,,ii„,.;.,- ,,„,„.„„_ .t« ■„„.     -„a tho subjects of His Imperial Majesty
llsslmllarlty between tho east    and tb_ mkad_ Q. Japan.   and
west and the north and south    ■ "Whereas the said Bill, as umend-
ponents of meridian suggest the lino ed. successfully passed through    the
of propogatlon at Washington    was varloU8 ^f0?   ,ln   ibi,s Legislature,
'.      ° * was supported   by    the members of
tho Executive Council ut that   time
present, and wub'enucted, so   fur as
it lay In the power    of toe members
of this Legislature;   and
"Whereus    tho Honourable   James
DunBmuir,    Lieutenant  Guvtcrnor
Tho this province,
nearly or about east and west.
" ♦	
Hamilton, Ont., Feb. 3,-w   Kirk '
Patriot has been committed for trial
on the charge of manslaughter. Kirk-1
Patrick I, the youth Who, during    J ___
fight with Joe il. Oummlna-s In    th.'    ST. PET-GHSBUIK!   Fob   .1 _ 	
-W factory a coupl^Tee'; * ** - U*i b™ «« . *Z ff .sSft tS^.ff*" fi
stabbed the latter In tho aids In- i"""'ossl'o" 'mro and the newspapers r,'i'W*"-'ra"i tho Hon.'Richard Mc-
fllctlng a- wohnd which caused     his  todny Cu»»"ont gravely upon the ov- S! ^,l?fm\ °! I*rl,tiah   Cotombln,
^tb-      , icnts, **,ed "'•tu«»•">«"» - «a,t, ti %jtt
 »—  .snsslnation.    The Hues, in a  .lorln    «'» Oovernment to refuse to give hta
M~,J™BI1 ~<S5Srt -ng
1 LISBON.   Feb^lportugn, today i^' """ ^ '" "-'"   an" nl ^TKr? MacK^^g^t
»»w th. establishment of a  ,,.„    '•**'arn8 the government In almost   so "f .<""!«•   nstruclions from tho   Do-
one. «d within 48 hour. „, the as-:" Th' """' °V'nt b™' »*««« cl Japanese la^orer^ !„"?„
•esmnntlon of King Carlos, his die '.. °™ Vcmtya Placra econnoc- \*is Province, that tho Hon.   Juroes
tator^Hp „ al - ,„„, at .^ «™ ^WCTpth° Crim° a"d th° '"- -^^oW1^^
both n ?anC°' Wh'Ch mCi With P^na,• had' <"> °r a"o"t thettao
uocn open and secret resistance from ?' t"0 fnaaage ot said Bill, entered
all political parties. i?,to a contract with tho   Canadian
 4  Nippon Company, of Vancouvor.   to
JAP MET   DEATH   IN attempt   Proc,ure «vo hundrod Japanese   cool-
niyiiti 1- iosi for exploitation in his coal mines
  IVhorons the flossage of tho afore.
th..     .___. — "fioai    VANCOUVER, Feb   3-Four     T.   !2 S'iBUJ *°U,d havo had tho   ""eel
«»t    arrangements haw been made1 •>»■-»-     ...•----.e0'. a*  Four   Ja%<*.delaying
—i «*v itjuHL for
th. prwt, Franco resigned for
war his continuance In office would
P'»nge ttacountry Into wballion.
N.w York,    Feb. S.-It „   .tated
for a wrestling match to take place
in America between George Hncken-
achmtdt and Frank Gotch. Ths n-
greonient calls for $10,000 a aide,
and to ta»» pi^- in New York. OM-
eago, St. Paul or Kansas City, not
later than April 5.
New Partnership
Cartwright & Barclay
, -.._...._; or preventing the coming
who arrivod from Mexico'into this Provinco of the laborers
by the Str. Lonsdale on her l»t "^SSJitor.. b. it Resolved, That
trip, and wero denied admission into this Houso appeal to the Governor-
Canada, attempted to escape (rom General of this Dominion to invcstl-
the vcsssrW oight. The Lonsdale Batethese matters and should It be
um. ■ , T      .,„,,. . ascertained   that   ths   Hon.    James
peas lying at Westminster and the Dunsmuir had acted unconstltutlonal-
Japs Jumped Into tho Icy Freser. ly. that he be dismissed forthwith
Three were recaptured and the othor ,r0™ "m™;
„„_ ,,,.„„..,„, John Oliver gives notice
one """vied. N ^ ro0V9 m ^onday
' ' resolution: jHaflsHaassssSBSSSSsaBaaai
STRANGE DEATH. Whereas, at tho last session of this
that   he
the following
avers that all mental states are followed bv bodily activity of some
sort. The fact Is, he says, that
thoro is no sort of consclousnes
whatever, be it sensation, feeling,
which does not directly and of
itself tend to discharge into some
motor effect. It may be only
alteration of the heart beats or tbe
breathing, or a modification of the
distribution of the blood, such as
flushing or turning pale, or else a
secretion of tears, or what not. But
in any case, it is there in some
shape, when any consciousness is
Prof. Munsterberg, of Harvard,
gues that tha slightest thought influences the whole body, and that
thero Is nover a particle of en idea
In our mind which is not the starting point of some bodily action. He
says thinking Increases the activity
of the minute perspiration glands of
the skin. This has been measure
so accurately by the proper apparatus that it is possible to determine
the activity or intensity of a person's thinking by its effects upon
these glands.
Blood and Emotion.
Angolo Masso, nf the University of
Turin, constcucted nn apparatus   by
which tho body of a  man could   bs|
balanced     ln a  horizontal position.
'his -was made so sensitive that    It
oscllatcd according to the thythm ofj
respiration.     If one speaks to a person while he Is lying In the bnlr.nce
horizontally. In equilibrium and perfectly quiet,    it Inclines immediately
towards tho head.    The legs become
lighter and the head heavier.     This;
phenomena    Is   constant,   -whatever
pains tho person may take not    to
move, hbwovor ho may endeavor not
to alter his breathing, to suspend It
temporarily,    not to speak, to    do
nothing which may produce a more
copious    flow of blood to the brain.
The experiment was once tried on o
sleeping man.     Someone was about
to enter tho room, and scarcely had
turned the handle of the door  than
the balance Inclined toward the head,
remaining Immovable for four or five
minutes without the sleeper noticing,
anything or waking.    It was proved
hy    the balance that   tho slightest
emotion causes the blood to rush to
the head.
San Francisco, Cal., Jan. 31.—The
sale of seats for the Attell-Nell fight
tonight Indicates that a large crowd
will see   the battle for the feather-,
weight   championship.    The articles'
call for a  twenty-round go at    122
pounds, the featherweight limit. Neil
is impatient for the battle to begin,
as he wishes to wipe out the    blot
placed    on his'record by his recent
defeat at the hands of Owen Moran.
All reports show that both fighters
are ln excellent trim and a fast and
lively buttle Is expected.
the closing was announced this
melted away.
The recent troubles of the Oriental bank date from the failure of the
Borough bank of Brooklyn and th.
National Trust Co. The Oriental was
a depository for the capital stock
of ths trust company, when lt was
organized* by Wm. Gowand ana others last fall. When the Borough
bank closed It was discovered that
the Oriental bank had loaned lt
2250,000, and it was assorted that
this was returned to the Oriental as
part of the capital stook of the International Trust Co.
 : ♦—
For the Making of Christians is the
Startling Statement of Well
Known Bishop.
Tis very kind Indeed of you
To offer to become my wits;
To say you lovs me as you do
But do not grieve at what I say,
And wish to share my slmpls life.
Dear Maud, I really lov* another;
In anger do not go away,
I will consent to be your brothsr.
That you hav. learned to lov. ma
I'm sorry, Maud, I really am,
For me you should not care a—darn,
For   I never   mean to bs    your
J-hls work with the sleeping    man
Chicago.     Feb. 8,-Wm. Brace, a to"*.^
mwyer,     was found frown to doath [Z. ?i&_^_,__"nanlmousiy passedl'" °S   cortain to affect his condition
City Bakery
—   "" uoi"-n the third reeding, but tho King's ns-
yesterday, within fifty yards of his sent thereto was withheld by His
resldenco    In Highland park, a au- Honor the Lioutenant Governor, and
hurh      Tt     I. »i.„„„i,» »!...     n the said bill wns reserved for tho sig
burb. It Is thought that Brace mltctaon Qf the pleasure of His
slipped on the Icy walk and was Excellency thc Govornor-Gcnornl of
stunned by tho fall, succumbing    to Canada.
tho cold   before he recovered consci- „And' Whereas, It appears that His
.. .,„ ,«v    . ™ w.„»..   Honor fjgofvo,! the said bill without
Instructions from His Excellency the
Governor-General to do so, and at a
(Special to the Free Press.)
Vancouver,    ~ -
os the thought which ho knows.
I"*- W.  G. Anderson, director     of
tho Yale g.vmnnslum, has made aim-
liar observations    «pon the athletes
of thot university with like results.
A man perfectly bolnnces on a  tnhlo
would find his foot sinking If he went,... „„,„.     . t
through   mental    leg gymnastics - '* BOU*d not Abetter to send emi-
time when it appoara"that'the" Wol" I th,Mntt a-'out moving his legs with-18™- Meiy to Korw •nd M«chu-
m» nl™ "i0ry   C°ml?a,,y- of which P"t ™«Hng the movements.      This
Jl. ™J°r Wa! an.d 9tUI is President shows that It Is thlnkl™ ft,..      1
?i".unde!! contract to civo   employ- \th„ ,.,--., ....    . 5 t,lat "en<'"
Your husband, Maud, I cannot be,
My heart belongs unto another;
I'm sorry youve proposed to me,
But I can only bs your brother.
If you should ever want a friend,
I trust that you will send lor mi
On me you always may depend;
I'll come to you where'er I be
Surely there Is some better man
Who'll   gladly    take you for
So find him—I am sure you con—
I'll be your brother all    througl
-   . t	
Guelph, Fab. 1.—Rev. Robt. Torrance, D.D., on. of the foremost
Presbyterian minister, of Canada,
died suddenly at his home here yesterday aged 86 yttars.
i         ..  *
TOKTO, Feb. 1.—At a sectional
committee meeting of representative,
today. Baron Chlnda, vice fortlgn
minister. In reply to. a question on
the foreign emigration policy of the
government, pointed out that South
America was a favorable ground for
Japanese emigrants. A legation will
p. established in Chill to promote
better relations in both countries in
tha matter of trade, and emigration.
Ths government had been making
careful investigations which show
that Chili and ths Argentine Republic are favorable to emigration, and
wherever .aid emigrants are welcomed, the government will not prevent
going there.
It Is believed it will not be
sary to conclude any special treaty
for emigration, an   that existing stipulations   an    sufficient to protect,
Japanese subjects.
To another question as to whether
than 500 delegates and many more
visitors attended the first Inter-denominational missionary conference, ever held on this coast at tho Calvary
Presbyterian Church yesterday. Bishop John Waldon, of New York, secretary of the Board of Bishops of tho
Methodist t'liuroli, was the principal
speaker yesterday.
"That the condition of tho city is
bettor for tho making of Christian
than rural life," was tho startling
statement mado by tho bishop. "I
trust the interests of this country to
the peoplo of tho cities sooner than
to any othor section of our country's
population," ho said. The bishop
paid a high tribute to tho Roman
Catholic Church. "Aside from any
consideration of tho religious value
of the Roman Church," he said, "its
priests aro a mighty police power
for the preservation of order and decency among the alien population in
its cities.
      It was vory like the song  of
a bird—a caged bird, that, dreaming
of sky and stream and forest, slag,
in his sleep with head tucked1 beneath
a  wing, thus muffling the sound.
Like a flash the truth came to me,
I was being serenaded by that rarely    heard   musician,    the "singing
mouse!"    -Long ago I  bad read   of
aim, but had never before hoped  to
be honored by a serenade from   the
shyest of singers; be surs that I lay
I found his song Just what    it bad
perfectly quiet and listened intently,
been    described a. being, very much
like the canary's, only more soft and
sweet, altogether unmarred by harsh
shrill notes.    Ths writer of the    interesting   account of    the    singing
mouse, claimed that the creature  is
no strangs species, but only the common house mouse that has either inherited the gift   of   song or Kerned
tbe art    from older members of bis
race.     It is supposed that originally the   accomplishment was learned -
from canaries, and this seems    probable, as singing mice ore more  often found in bouses where ther. ore
canaries.    That they do learn    the
song from each other, and also that
it is   hereditary, is    proved by the
fact that if one is heard in a house
others are likely to moke themselves
known from time to time, even unto
many generations.
As for my own pet, he came every
night for several weeks, invariably;
between one and two o'clock. Always he faltered a little at first, '
but afterwards, becoming more surs
of himself, would let his voice out
fully, singing with ths pure abandon
of enjoyment.
The first few nights I wss afraid
to arouse my mother, who slept in
the same room but ln another bed,
lest the little fellow should cease If I
should speak. But after the first
two or three solos I ventured to call
her, and he was not startled In the
least, but sang on without pause as
If his ears were closed to all save
his own musical notes. After that,
at her request, I would always call
mother when the entertainment began, and never onco* did the mouse
become   silent
at the sound of my
VANCOUVER, Jan. 81- J, G.
Hurd, general manager of the Crow.
Nest Pass Cool Co., said today that
he expected the strike at Coal Creek
would soon be settled. The men
claim that the management has altered conditions of timbering lu such
- way that it means a reduction in
wages, and they demand an investigation.
The Company declined to allow th
old method of timbering to continue
and refused permission for the m.-n
to go to work unless tbey timbered
under the new arrangement, which]
they refused to do.
Other minor grievances were settled at last night's conference with
the management and the question of
timbering    will be discussed at    a
Joint meeting bo the operators   and
employees on Feb. 10.
It is not believed tbe strike    will
spread to the other properties of the
same company.
In the   Dominion    house Tuesday,
Messrs. Ralph Smith, Duncan Ross,
R. G. Macphoison, GalMhor and Kennedy all mado speeches In support of
giving a trial to the    Lemieux  arrangements.      If it were a  fgllure,
then the treaty could be ujrjgatod.
MacPhcrson said the government did
hat    British Columbia wonted  in
passing the order ln council to shut
out tho Japanese from Honolulu and
the Hindoos.    It was their duty  to
support ths    administration ln this
work.    The vote of 55 for the government was the largest this session.
The vote stood    45 for amendment,
100    against.      Sir Wilfrid Laurier
spoks of    the   Jnpan.-so fleet going
out alongside   tho British ships   to
meet a common enemy and  perhaps
son the Japanese    fleet anchored   In
Vancouver harbor to protect Canada
-ind British interests.   All' independents and labor voted with the  government.
a. atoing Bnslnsss
*f  Bread.
'.    Feb   a_A .I—... .1        M "naer contract to Bivo   omnlnv-l.t.   ,.    . """""» ™at *
l«f lumbermen wTt teI vttori       °n IT!'  -S aiW nUmbe" °' ^Zr8Ihood in th».'<*" -4* they
'day to nZ,       1 a    t0- 1-   ° b.TOU?ft •nto thl8 P*-0^"™ by|«"«rol3r at rest.
<my to press on tho government the ?n 'mm gratlon company contranyto
matter of extension of the length of ^.."".'Ih " "?' to tho "tt". of our
time of timber leases   nnd a.. i*Hi a"d COBt""y   to tho   almost
™,*„i ..      1 '    nd nx[ng    a unan|mous    sentiment of tho   doodIo
rental from the government at    an •£»■«* Columbia against oZtal
amount to stand for a  definite Per-   ?!?ntion iato th° provinco.
lod of time. .,*■*•■ ..whcroas»   by "Mson   of    the
fw. J°, con,,Wo"?0 o' «"> I»opleof
this provinco in His Hon. the Lleut-
Effect of Pleasure.
Experiments comparing agreeable
exercise with those that are not so
agreeable showed that tbe movements ln which man took pleasure,
•st   < *•-    a richer supply    of
^■Hjtt Cl.,..
*sW    OC»   CAKBS.
STEAMER FLOATED. "»"' '■ovornor Is"groaltiy bnpalreXl"00? tnan d,d **•»• which wer. not Ipeae.
.,? not who.lv destroyed. thorefore> „,,*. their ..king.     P,^^,,   1(Ua, 1^,^ m ^ .-^ ^-^
Mochias, Mo.
rla. Baron Chlnda replied that It
was not necessary to limit their destination wherever an opportunity of-j
ferad for th. promotion of Japanese
interests, Japanese energy would be
directed ther..
At another sectional meeting Oeshl
asked Minister of War Torauchl why
Japan should maintain a large mill
tary force, and continue military preparations In the presence of ossured
     Ilk. th.    present.    H. also
Do you load It at th. muzzle
When you want a shot or two?
Do you wind It with a  watch key
Like your father used todo?
How's you Ilk. to hop a horse-car
Like you did long years ago?
Don't the auto beat the ox cart?
Well, I  rather reckon so.
Do you argue that an hour-glass
Beats a  Waltham all to smash?
Do you use tho same old system
Keeping books and counting cash?
Do you trim a goose quill neatly
Whan you want ths ink to flow?
Don't you    think there's bean    im
In th. last decade or so?
Tell us, are you advertising
IB th. same old foolish way
That your grand-dad did before you,
And persist, "It doesn't pay"?
changed In
"t   in motion a richer sunnlv    j.-lm.^_il_Z7~lv ",,"™r'""*I™,,.,, ,.'    „ ,       V    ...     .
Think the whole world knows
Saturday     afternoon,    after   being °overnor General of Canada prVng IPOet WM "to whm he wrote: Mlnl.fJT!.      .. rw™     ?!..*    ' "' ""* ,ogi0
'"trended In Cutler harbor for nearly 'Z^^"*.? U,° Ho"'    Ja«>™    "'"   whatever    you sw«t ndnl« sn^it.     TWt*M TtfiM that •* * b"W°*t *° *"""
a  month, and wa. blown eshorTa antTovirnTof^ 0mco ,°' Lleuten. your test." *        "* l'M"' ™ '" .*«**- countries whers there,. w ,      __,„
*a<"    yesterdey. was floated     on^ "* ^SSu    th° "r°VlnM "' H   Thl.   „„„„., „. ,„ Pn)f. «• «ot th. .l-gh^t poM.b...ty    „,'  £*» £*" " •» *» ca« for,
th.    revenue cutter Woorbury. J*? '*?   that    a Liberal should extraordinary experiment.     * bZ _7'JV^S ^rtr"0h•, ln *•■•*ilik. ins'o\Z .IT ". mn*'
-  y   ™ov" t*l.. resolution    In the faco of shown th. ..„- \-J0Tt... He h" Ur °» '■» national defence. Th. full-1   „ .."" ** upon * tombstono
■ ajmo uis sign upon a tombstono
.     .      tt. mo. ter or its national defence. Th. full-1  TuiiBg f0lka that you an dead.
.,. movo mi* resolution    In the face of shown the same motor Influence and nt military equipment was the best
—  Tho steamer's bottom was consider- the fact that tho Lieutenant Gover- effect of mind action In an entirely guarantee nf no-**    ,*.-——
A BRABANDFRfaP/OVMy <,amM*od  She wl"bo t<!mpt"' S"--—-'a-pol"??<'"'th0 '     ■"—
-,»£ oamagou.     She will bo temper "oris 'th. sppo.nteo of the   uSS* ** *" *•"■"■ "ction In an entirely guaranty of ooae.
'.arlly repaired and towed to    Port- 0ov»rnI>1«nt at Ottawa,  In regarded dllr"*nt way,     rr- .... . " *•■■"••"•« or peace.
Avenue. Innd,^^^^^ " " -"-■-*■"- J ^
as a wond«-ful,y drastic n,ov.~-"b7 Wo a ,.r maiZ.TlT " "m '"**}» »ot «»^*S.^ "BtrvoTKr1 *?" * t°"ta"
members of tho House. .... -_. .    .   ™ wlth wntw "P   to bodv liut th. n..i„. ._...?.,_._:;      Bu»cn your hits and moke adrlvo,
»n s page and change your copy,
Advertise and keep nllvei
— .*     »,    ..   ,H,   iinoa witn water un    ♦« .._.•   -i-. aa .-=»—■■"- »"j-     nunc
mm ^-^ti^f;^     0B mu" ,h"y' -ft
         -'•' '—,m,tBt .>li ,j:g( I __,,._,. -1*1 .   ■       ®
The Italian Congress of Workmen's
Organisations, meeting at Parma,
and claiming to represent 200,000
organised worker., passed a-resolution denouncing the General Federation of Labor because of It. dependence on the Socialist party.
No Honing—
No Grinding
Vw know from dally expe-
rlence, at home or in the barber,
■hop, that ths question Is—
•'Why doesn't-a rstor hold
Its edge uniformly from heel j ■ I
to head without honing and f //
grinding r"   Whether it is a   '*
safety, with the certain tax of
new blsdes, or the ordinary
open-bledcd rsxor does not
alter the question. You wsnt .
thc comfort and satisfaction of .
s clean, smooth shsve every I
morning with the confident \
knowledge that your rssor
will bs resdy for initant use
th. next time needed.
The Carbo Msgnetlc razor Is
the only rssor —oammlllom;
aUy asm i aafaa" to do this.
Thirty yesrs of study on th.
rstor situation has perfected
» new secret process of !
tUOTIUO I»w*nw/W that ,
yositlvely merges evety par-
Hclecf carbon (the life of steel) I
Into th* metal—giving a dls.
mond.llk* hsrdneis uniformly (.;
throughout the blade—some-
thing absolutely  Impossible
with Ar. tempered steel—ulsd
In making sll ether mors.
But test this rssor In your
own home—or If you prefer.
bavs your barber uss It on you.
Oiv. u. your nam.;1     '
or call and ... Ihe "Carbo
Msgnetlc" rsxor, and we will
state our proposition for testing these rasors without
o+Mgallomcn your part to
omroamn, together with our
free booklet" Hints on Smnr.
lag."   Thi. book lllustt-stss
ths comet riser position far
•having every put of thf fsc*.
ladysmitli Hardware Co, LADYSMITH STANDARD,   WEDNE SPAY, FEBRUARY 5th, 1908.
»v<Yi-rfiraB VIOTOBiY I   Backs—O'Connell and Hewlett. point,    was obtained
AH»i      n I   Halvm—Simpsonl Adam,   McKinlcy two minutes' pluy.
Forwards— Orulngei-,  Strang
Barring accidents, U.o I*"*^.^ Grahan,( Sumlorson
pionahlp will bo fought out here
pionamp win u« .*---,.-■- 	
March 14th. when Nanaimo pav La-
return vlBlt. ' Esquimalt,
and     J.B.A.A.   have all
dysmith a
..U.A.,,       W»s« 	
been here, -and cm the form they have
shown there ought to be no dlillculty
in the home team securing the   *ull
D. A. A.
Bucks—Law son and Lorimer.
Hoi ves—Shanks, Hughes, Kinlock.
Pcd'wards —Todd,   Willows, Gray,
Bright man, 'Lorimer.
numtor "^'points at TOrtortj.te
thore was only a goal d torence m
the scores -a week ago, but It is not,	
ihot from At-tluil', which was follow,
yd by an exciting rally in front    of
There was a brief spell uf midlield goal,     .loo was next left with only
pluy following the restart.   Then the yic goal keeper to bout, hut l.nwson
home boys got iluwn again.   Jimmy ran in und    cleared.    Then cunio
got the ball into the centre, drew Hio rully altogether but the ball   would,,,
half away from Urulngor and   pushed g0 anywhere but between tlie   sticks.-        0-vu'   ol'
tho hall     nliead.   Grainger   centered Arthur    received    right In front   of
beautifully,     and Peden could    only g,,,^ |,ut    SOnt    high over the   bar.
partially clear.   Adam secured,   and Another timo he swung round on the
L-.id.vsinith     hurst    awny from the put in again, and ono of tho defend- iJttn;  nut („i|c„| to get it  into     the.
More, nct _^^_^^_^^_^__
There were some more rallies in
which the home forwards simply surged pust the defence liut failed tu
llnd tho net. Ailnm went in on his
own to find out a roud, but Potlen
u stopi>od his shot. Joe iilso got in
-      „. - .   -,      ,   ,   , ,'° one,  but    Peden    had  little   trouble
but lost the bull over the lino. This tho hall too long, nnd then tailed to wjth it McKinley also took a race
two happened again and thon tho chain- clear and Don was pretty smart to illp 1)Ut ho uls„ flll'ie[| lo „0( though
slx pions did Uio some nt the either ond. B»t tho -ball away.    From the    goal Ana „„■  nftcr „irausl uri eui-m   nnu-
kick tho homo boys came away with hl)U1..s    (uti|0 ,|)9jnuni.4imont  of   the
w th
In Mck-olV, but lost the ball over    the ing players blocked the ball
line. A minute Inter Strang shot however, he could kick, Arthur
tne scores u »-«■- -=--..7 V(jr again!0™1", and from the kid,- tho J.B.A. pounced on the sphere, und scoi-ed
likely that the boys »m **»      ia.'s raced away.    The ball was cen- number two, four minutes after    tho
put up such a. P?™- "£,'lhav, iZw luTO' ««eiy, but'-Don listed away and first one.
formanoe. lhe "-h"*""™' .„,, month, 'ho ball was lost over tho goal line. The visitors hnd a look- In from tho
a rcBt until the iam "' onU! 0, A spell of midllold play followed nnd kick off, and t;c homo goal had a
-when they meet warn- "ii ht then the visiting   right broke away, narrow   squeak,    Jimmy hold on to
Saturday in \l<*t°11B; .„,,„ B . but lost the hall 	
to be no doubt of the Issue.
The result on Saturday -was        	
goals   to   nil-      »ut thore was &    ,A ^ ^^ M&m ^ ^   ^ 	
goals difference in' "u j^^^,,,    ana- tors up nnd Hewlett chipped in  Just a characteristic rush.    Grainger got vlslting soiil,    tho game ended
two tennis. J^ormi   , ex_ ,,vhen t.nlnRa wcro U(!g|nnl      t0 ,ook B fine pass irom Strang, but Lorimer tho im|,f.llme ,,„„, nnnl-tei-eil.
(Pedon wore responsibio va a k ^ dangerous. Tho Bays camo again, blocked his shot. Sanderson got thc
tent for keeping thet score us nnd ^^ Hew]ott ctar|!od the   ,,„,, ,mll|  uut 8hot   .bigh.    Tho visitors
it wns, but poor sn°*™''« . their down. Still tho visiters kopt up the broke away, but ran tho bnll ever
part ol the home rorwut tn preSsuro and    Morrison   saved what the lino. ■' Sanderson    secured   from
failure -to turn their »»» [ooked like a certain scorer. Ho con- tho goal kick, and raced away,   put-
account, weso also ^m"™u j? vor coded a corner and two others fol- ting tho ball over nicely. Arthur got
tore.    The champions fte-reis11 lmv()| gl, wi,thm|t re9U,t     The vjgi_ t0 ,t wlth. hi8    henl|| but   mM   it
the visitors in the sccomi ""■"-,_ tors kept up the     pressure, a   foul too high.   Grainger noxt got   away,
forwards pressed down on i u,         . bringing relief to the homo defence, but Lawson charged his shot  down,
mor and his partner    aim »      ■ prom tb_ ^^ th(J bom_   |oPwaK,g and ttlon primer was penalised   foi
round the goal.    Shots wore!■»' ri,gnwi „«}-, and got right   up   to handling.    Tho ball was nlcoly plac- cry department     of tho gn
In Irom all directions;- Mt»n u   v ^     Arthur lirougilt tho goal keep cd and again Arthur tipped it   just homo boys turned thcmeelv
■woro straight thov 1"cl™„s~a™' „ot er out, but could   not get tho   ball ovor the bar.                                       ,nnd In everything except their shoot-
Aen they -had stenm they were  . |n    Ql,ail)gor   howcveri gr,t tho ball    T|,0 nom0 boy8 stm continued    on 'ng the exhibition they put up   was
         Finnl Score        ^^^^
Ladysmith  2
J. B. A. A  0
Thoro is littio moro to add lo what
has already     been said about  ' the
gamo itself as a wholo.   Tho visitors
for -VGr0 outclasses and outplayed ln ev-
of the game.    Tho
It needed only the aggressive, and Lorimer conceded eminently satisfactory.    There is no
straight.      Over   the bar, past   .... and ^^ ^ ^^           =   ____
posts, Into tho bush flown   w a touch to find tho net, but Arthur a corner to stall off Arthur. Nothing'getting away from the fact that Ad
.oundry, all ways   ana »''*"'        «a led to connect,     chiefly owing tr, came of it, and thon Strang    shot »» in tak ng    tho place of   centrc-
travolled the ball, but novor ovy the bHmHng roys o( th(J mB      Qra_ ovor th(J har from n  |)ngs by Grain.|half strengthened the team both   in
the sticks.    And alter as rnji a  i^ ham col|ar()(1 U]o tan nnd manMuv_ ^^      The latter come again,   and attack    and    defence.    This is said
-' ' '        "      ' ■ who   ton- i without meaning any disparagement
to Morrison.     Arthur is a   forward,
has always played forward, and   to
And alter os
ofplav as ever a bae-_co         ■■"•- „„! for nn opting, uut his shot was transforroil to Sanderson,
to have,   «™l,.r„™°1„1,l.'   flvim. oharged down.    Again tho   forwards trod finely.     Grainger mot the ball,
proudly off thei nora,  coi. i»     j   o _mg(xl u,.ountl tho goa|| strtmg  giv. and   just   mlssc(i w,,.th a fl„e si,0t.
having dared all ana »""•          . ing Arthur a nicely Judged pass. Tho Half time camo agortly afterwards.
It -was J««t J*181 ™™ w   ' t    tho latter tipped    It ovor and   Grainger    It is hardly nocossary to go over In
-HcDougall caHort nt» mon on * Jugt MM to ^ tb<)__ by incheg        great (lctnll tho inci(tonts of the scc-
I'eld.      It was Mr. mctn t          _^_ sm tl)(J homo    ____ kep|. _p  ((|U on(J ha,f     ^ dMcr||)e it in a    sen.
handled tne «■"- "' •     »     novor steam.    Lorimer miskicked ln a rush tence, tho home forwards put   In
Nanaimo, and tno noys » _ arid 8tr„ng, rv|shca in    Ho had a fin0 golld i0 m)nlltcg- t„,.g0t practice
choose any other,    at is »f^    j   ^. chance -but shot wlkl.    Then the lat- never registered    -    "*    "-"'-
partial in all his fiecitiono »;■, j-_  ,„r „„t „„ „ „„„t„„,.Qi,in „.p.th   an. h«ri mnpo thnn
hit.    Sanderson
had more than ono fine opportunity
courso,    -that    ntteOM ^ thc gon|     Hewlett tcok   the    lrick. al) round there wero scores of
alike, and, on sawrnay » -«      ,     ^ nnd stl,ang m_-bt UlG ball ,,„    thc m|ssc(j," |)ut no points,
spectator or tho   P"**"' 'V 'nts  to "V, tipping-it finely over his    hend    Don was lirst called upon, the right
k-lcl. against his roiclei   h    ^^. ^ j)cdcn WQg tak()n ^ait_ unawares ,)Ut w)ng   getting   pnst Hewlett.    Then
nuit tho gnme.    tno te st(11 ln|g]lt bavo cleared had not  the Sanderson raced away and ought  to
as follows: bail glanced off    Lawson's arm Into havo scored if he had -taken a  little
Lnflysmui. th(j corner of tne not     ^^ the Rrst mot_ t|m0     p^e,, ncxt saved a hot
Gool—Morrison.       ___^__^__________^^_
ask him to stand ns tho pivot of the
toam, without having had any experience of the position, wus asking too
much, ln the writer's opinion, nt
least, ho is of more service to the
team in the forwnrd line.
Of courso, there remains the question as to which of the two positions
Adam best fills. There hns never
been any doubts in the wrltor's mind
So far ns his opinion goes, Jimmy is
the Iwst contre forward in B.C. football, and ho proves this by scoring
goals in spite of the fact that hc is
always the best marked ninn on tho
Hold. But ho cju fill thc centre-half
position ns creditably as any man go
inir. nnd in that place ho can at the
presont do the best servico  for   this
SYRACUSE, Feb. 3.-Early today
the police telephone rang and a man
wbo said that he waa Wm. H. Oray,'
Jr., called: "Come to 41W Burn'
avenue. I have killed my mother." j
Upon reaching the house tbe officers
tound Mrs. Clara Gray, lu years old,'
dead from strangulation.
The son, IB yearB old, said he hnd'
been sitting reading when his mother <
called htm down stairs. When he
reached the lower floor, he says his
mother mode a lunge at him with a
razor, inflicting a deep wound on'
hit right arm. |
IB the struggls that followed, he
say. that in attempting to restrain
her he grabbed ber throat and choked her.
Young Gray said when he found
his mother was dead he was so
frightened that he did not glvo th
alarm lor an hour or more, when he
called up hit brother and the police.
To hit brother he telephoned, "Mother is dead, for I have killed-her."
The young man's story is believed
by the members ot bit family and
the neighborhood, who say that Mrs
man, prone to hysteria verging on
Insanity. Tbe police differ end regard the case as a foul murder.
Young Oray is a member ot a
prominent family, a stenographer,
land Ior a tew weeks was employed
by tbe city, where be was regarded
ns erratic.
  '    . *
PBTROIT, Mich., Feb. 8.-The Wabash passenger train east bound,
Irom Chicago to St. Louia, due bare
at 8.20 was wrecked near Bremen
station, it miles Irom Detroit last
night, probably by a broken rail.
Two women passengers were killed,
and 84 people were injured. The dead
an Un. Francis Vargo, Budapest,
Hungary, and Mrs. John Smith, Mil-
Monaca, Fa., Fab. 8.—Three lor-
•lgnsrt were kilted and alx others
seriously injured today whan the
boiler. In th. Welsh brick plant exploded, It is supposed frozen wa-
Ur pipe, canted the accident. Tho
damage it estimated at f 7,000.
Sundberry, Fa., F*b. 8. —Seven
men ware killed and half a dozen Injured today by the explosion of- a
boiler In tha rolling mill ot Van
Allan « Co., at Northumberland,
near bora, The dead are David
Clark, Sam Darvltt, Oeo. Kress, W.
Jonat, Grant Leader, Mills, John
Montreal, Feb, 8. —Engineer Mills
and Fireman Robt. Smith were kill-
ed lu a oolllslon in Turcott village
yards, a few miles west ot bar. on
Saturday night. Both roan wer. on
a double header express which clai.h
•d Into a light engine standing . on
th. main line. Failure of signals in
a blinding snow storm caused tbt'
collision.    Both an married men.
VANCOUVER, Feb, 8.—J. H. Hawthornthwaite, Socialist member of the legislature, who unsuccessfully introduced a motion to
impeach Lt.-Gov. Dunsmuir in respect to his attitude with regard to
Oriental immigration, ran out of oxpletives at a mass meeting held
ln the city hall last evening.
Hawthornthwaite declared Dunsmuir was an inhuman monster, a
human hyenna and brute, and added that as the legislature refused
to allow his impeachment, he intended to perform that operation
on the presont occasion. Hawtbornthwaito advocated a three-
days' strike In all the Industrial Institutions in tho country as a
protest, it his proposed bill prohibiting the employment of Orientals in British Columbia be not accepted by the legislature.
Referring to the impeachment resolution, Mr. Hawthornthwaite
"Heaven knows that Dunsmuir has been guilty of enough crimes. I had tho right to hold thc scalawag before the bar of tho
house. You should have seen your governor stuttering and stammering through the speech from the throne, his knees knocking together. He thought he had a bomb, but he was not sure whether
it would go off. Then I made a motion for impeachment. There wns
consternation all round, but I lost no opportunity of telling those
Victoria parasites and codfish aristocracy what I   thought.
"If his honor had any conception of honor, any sense of decency or manhood, aftor he knows what the people of the province
think of him, ho would domand investigation and have Judgement
pronounced. He has broken e-ery labor law ol the province working his mines. The Workmen's Compensation Act is a dead letter
In Ladysmith since any man claiming benefits is sure to be out of
employment should he recover. I know I am committing lese majesty and am In danger of being put in your lock-up. But they
won't let mo talk In Victoria where I would like to tell the honorable scalawag what I   think ot him."
I    ' FARMER.
VANCOUVER, Feb. 3.- Ulchard
Davis, a farmer of Chllliwack, will
probably die us tho result of an in-
i Jury received last night from a rifle
.fired by a Chinaman, On l.ce.
j Davis, accompanied by a friend
named Richard Hall -were going
home late In tho evening, when the
two men heard a rifle shot behind
them.     This was followed by    an-
t-lub. A hard ninn to pass, lie is
quick in recovery, never loses his
head., and always knows where to
pass the bnll. Centre and wings lie
fed judiciously und Impartially on
Saturday, and tlie difference in the
p.uy of thut day and a week ago,
was largely due to his efforts.
Graham nlsu is getting into form.
He shows improvement ever- game,
and he had a day out on Saturday.
Me is easily tlie best inside left nn
tho Island, nnd is besides, a tiro-
less worker. Ubiquitous he was on
Saturday, nnd the despair of the visiting right half. As a rule lie is
not the kind of player that catches
lie is a muster of deft
touches mid deceptive passes, a kind
of play that is never showy. On
Saturday, however, ho hud as much
of the piny as nny two mon on tho
field, and was frequently cheered for
his work.
Grainger also was in fine trim and
his ••!- - wns always crisp and effective. He centred with absolute precision, not ono of over a score of
shots fulling anywhere but in front
of ironl. Ho was well looked after
by Strang who fed him unselfishly.
Sandy is nover above tak ng a bang
himself, and the way he turned the
ball into tho net on Saturday, surprised his opponents. Apart from
this shot, however, his marknianship
was away lieluw [mr, and it will o
a lung timo before Sandy sends as
many begging again. Arthur playod
a hard hustling game, und had ho
been us dangerous In front of goal
as he was clover in the open, he
would pretty near havo established
an island scoring record. Joo, too,
was there with the goods, worked
hard and centred finely; but hie
shooting also wus sadly at fault, i-r
ho should at least have bagged a
brace of goals. Of the halves, McKinley played his usuul effective,
hustling gamo and Simpson played
steadily and reliably right through,
lioth O'Connell nnd Hewlett came
through with flying colors; but they
would do bettor if they had a bettor working understanding with their
hulves and with themselves. 'Don
was groat in goal. He never made
the appearance of a mistake and
once stopped a shoo that seemed a
certnin scorer. Indeed, if Don would
only clear to the wings instead of
to tho centre when pressed it would
he hard to find a better custodian
in locnl footbnll.
lluforc the big game commenced tho
local and Kanalmo Juniors met
their second league fixture uf the season, and once more the home boys
hud to admit dofeut, und to say
farewell to their hopes uf League
honors. Three games in succession
they have playod and lost, and yet,
on two occasion, they wore entitled
to a draw, and ou Suturduy fully deserved to win. They playod all over
and around their opponents, twice
netted the bull, and in the end wore
defeated by a single goal, scored
from a penally kick, it wus cruel
luck for the youngsters, und it must
be said that their present inglorious
pusition in the League is certainly
due more to bud luck ruther than to
uny superiority in the pluy of their
The guuie started evenly enough,
but the home boys always held their
bigger opponents. It wus from u
scriminuge in front of the home goal
that the first point came. Delcourt
scraped tho ball uwuy from two
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
B. E. WALKED, President,
|ALEX. LAIKD, General Ma ager
I A. E IRELAND, Superintendent
of Urat ohes.
NIMiCipiiil $10000.000
m     5,000.000
Torai Assets.. 113.000.000
BERLIN, Feb. 8.—Tbe Darstamder
bank has received the following private despatch from Lisbon)
The new king of Portugal Is    unusually popular.
oughly trustful.
be put at the disposal of the Spanish minister.
The Lisbon correspondent ot the
Imperial says that whon the Down
ger Queen Maria arrived at the arsenal the doctors were bathing the
Th. army Is thor- racos o( the king and p,.,,,.,,
a ministry ot   all (Queen threw herself on the body  of
the marnarchs will bs organized  to- ner B0I)|    tB0 kingr K_A the doctors
day or tomorrow and will receive the |wer, MigeA to remove her by forco.
support of the entire country.
The Portuguese legation has in
formed the German foreign office that
order prevails ln Portugal. The government Is still firmly supported by
tho army and the responsible class-
When the Queen rose her robes were
crimsoned with the blood, then she
All travellers    crossing the Portuguese frontier ere being subjected to
rigorous    examination.      On tho
es.    As a sign of^ mourning for the 9vcnlllg 0,    the m,,,,,.,..^!,,,,,,
King and Crown Prince of Portugal, fugles" were sounded In tho barrack.
various court entertainments have
been postponed.
PARIS, Feb. 3.—Despatches received here from Lisbon up to noon
today Jo not epsak ol any recurrence ol violence and It la generally
accepted that Lisbon It still tranquil.
There is no confirmation her. of
the reported attack on the house of
Premier   Franco, and It Is thought
of Lisbon for fear that their notes
would be taken as a signal that tho
government had been overthrown.
VICTORIA, Feb. 8.-It Is learned
on good authority that Tatlow pro-
other, and later by a third. By three visiting forwards, and it pass"-
tliis time tho men woro running for od out to the right. There ono of
the shots wore close nt hand,    and ""- home halves secured it and easily
cleared. But Fisher, had been run-
thoy were frightened. Dnvls was „i„g towards the bull and Uiittie do-
hit in the back by a bullet   which liberutuly    tripped him.    it   was   a
It le not boliov- *oo;i,sh    thi"1fi   t0 d°J»"a >"'"•'?»  tt
costly    mistake.       Heforee    takallmg
On Lee was or- coulll   ,,„   nothing else thun give   a
rested.        Ho   admitted firing    the penult-  kick uud Delcourt wol bout-
shots, and said he had been bother-
cd by boys stealing.
♦ ;	
pierced tho lungs,
ed he can recover.
NEW YORK, Fob. 3.- From evidence gathered today the polico    are
convinced     that    Martin    Krennun, j^'
whose body was found ln a 'derelict
-From this point on the home boys
had always the best of the exchanges. Once littio Wilkinson broke
through ond when tackled almost on
tho goul line, the ball went to the
centre aud wus promptly tipped into
tho net. For somo reason Kefereo
Skilling disallowed thc goal. Still
boys     continued to press, and
..:.,..     .    - .» .    t   from a free-kick iu tho penulty area
sloop ol North Beach. Long 'Island,  tho „„„ wns        ,„ lluttetl. Ul,t   tho
-.i Saturday, was a sulcldo. w,,]st|0 lmd „.,,„„ Ul(. Ml Kag
Murder wns suspected ot first, but ,n tl.nngit| am, 0f course, the   point
could nut be allowed.
In tho second half tho home    boyt
nothing could be discovered to boar
this theory out, while tho authorities learned todny thut- Krennun had
..„ .„ u .„u.v w,«. *tt.„..«,, ,,ut, gtpovo desperately to get
been a prosperous  New  York estate b||t tbm Ms a ,ack £f ,
broker, who recently lost his   entire m   „   t     T1      ,m(|    u t|      {
ortuno.      Ho    had    been separated a„d        t colly clcull0(1 up the Nana
from his wife nnd family for several ,_.  ,r   .    .. '. .   ..'   .
Montreal, Feb. 8.— It Is understood that .1. A. Dalrlmple, general
freight agent of the Grand Trunk
Hallway, will soon take up his residence at Winnipeg as chief freight of
(leer of the O.T.P.
imoites in their own hulf. But they
tailed to score, and although they
pegged away right up to tlio final
toot of the whistle they left the field
bcaton team.   The score was;
Nanaimo    1
Ladysmith ....:  0
jrtSRNIE, Fob. 8.—A sorlous
occurred horo yesterday afternoon In ^,,.ns_.
the old town whoro thoro nro a con-
New York, Feb. 4.—The Jocko- club
has issued a pamphlet entitled "The
truth about racing" which Is intended ns nn answer to the various criticism against    thc sport which have
been used by Governor Hughs      nnd
flro others who tidvocntc the nholish    of
nt tho race tracks in    Now
York    state.   The pamphlet   'defends
^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^__ racing us a sport and culls nttention
slderablo number of Chines,     lnun- to the (net that It has.caused great
dries.    Tho Chinese wore celebrating advanco in horse brooding nnd    has
fi,«i- —... ........   i.. ft.* iw a      i greatly incrensod the value of    Am-
tiioir new year, by the firing off    ol     ■        , ,., ,, i _
J      *    J s ericun horses.   Of those who go    to
Chlncso fire crackers whon by   somo the track, ninety por cent, tho pnm-
menns ono of    tho laundries caught phlot states does not go for betting
fire.    Tho blare quickly spread   and but, <?f,    the fmtL    "The question
, „       ' of betting on horse racing is ono of
soon two othor buildings caught fire morai   continues     the publication,"
and wero burned to tho ground. yot tho amendments, nskod for aim at
Gs. an act which is not thought to    bo
prevented ln other fields.    Thoro    is
no   more    element of immorality in
hotting upon a thoroughbred test of
BIO FIRE IN MONTREAL.       .siwed than Is collected with olcctlon
betting, wagers on poker and bridge,
Tho old town hnd a narrow
cape from boing wiped out.
4    '
MONTREAL,  Fob.  8.
Damage or s[ieculntlon upon the rli
thla mav   rater    to Saturday's at- 'Pos«« «n amondment to    the assess- ™rlously ostlmnted up to J885.000, of tho prices ot stocks.   To confiscate
this may   refer    to a»W">»y» « i' - , ,was caused this afternoon by    flro, the vast    Investment of tho various
task on his house at th. tin. of tht ,""»•«   a8a">-     """ wl11 ™luco which broko out In Molson's    ware- racing   associations    and terminate
assassination, .taxation undor personal, realty and houses,     Notre Dome Street   East,  tho     important    industries    all   to
LONDON   I*eb   3—The traa-edv at income by about one-third.    Tills Is Tho portion of tho building In which would be akin to tho abolishment of
,. v     i. 1 .   A..L..I.   J,Trf-^—'made nossible   it is claimed   hv In. tn0 un oriIIinat«1 «"* that    used playing cards   because wngcrs     arc
Lisbon bad a depressing effect upon,""""' pos'ible, it is de med, by in- by th0   Canild,an    1>aM.   Hallway \-mMy    c01  lcd   wUh^ho „„ 0,
several national    securities, Bpantah «e»«ed revonue   from other sourcos, rtorago, and contained flour tho pro- their products.
and Russian    shores weakening
well aa Portuguese.    Portuguese
per cent., which were quoted Satur- joutpiit.
aa'and Increased taxation on coal mln- Perty of    tho   Lake of tho    Woods
,;- by doubling the ro*ya,ty on    the Slt^n?haCimt£ereMwnsglo1,<;:
000 bggs of Hour stored in the ware
houso, all of which is probably a
total loss, being olthor burned or
, wet to such an extent ae being beyond all hope of salvage.
day at 68 slumped this morning to
60. A telegram received thos morning from Lisbon by the London and
the Brazilian bank declares the general situation to bo tranquil.   That
everything Is quiet and business    it ried one of my steady petlsnts.'
progressing. |   "So romantic." report that the elections Juat
MADRID, Feb. 8.—Tho despatch of    "Romantic, but foolish.    Formerly t<lera "'"Itwl In a  sweeping
the cruiser to Lisbon Is explainer- by I  got   good -wane.,
the statement that the warship    to Mm for my board,"
"Yes," admitted the nurse,
I mar'   SaB    Str*'*410'. J*a- 81.—Advice,
received here    today from Honduras
Bi-at.c'-BH throughout Canada and in the United States at'.d England
Farmers' Paper Dlacounted.
Deposits of tl uud upwards received, and interest allowed at
current rates. The depositor ia.subject to no delay whatever in
the wit) dmwttl of the whole or uny part of the deposit
WflCt   HOLDS W Ml ©Alf   9:80 ^ ^t-Sfw? " *
UtOTSMim IinANCH X. M. DeOEa", afanagtt
pi]   President and Managing Director.
Sei irt:iry-Treasurer.
Will Retire from Public Life for
Year to Hunt Burs.
Chicago, Jan. 81—President Roose
vclt said today In seml-conselence to
a Washington correspondent that  he|
h0,n would retire absolutely from public
ltfo for
__________________________________________________________________________________   year after the next Inau-
Now I nurio *°ry 'or (ha. Miguel Davlla at pre- juration,    probably   taking a long
■Went ol tbt reptblle. bear hunt In Alaska.
Mealt Served at all Hours.
Flrat Ciasa
Private Rooms
For Ladles.
Clam Chowder and Oysters
w.LMttE   -   r-r.rfle.ir.
!'■* I. IS' I	
of Victoria
Will (live Lessons on'
- ! 1 r"'-:' • "I fr!
At K. McMillan's Residence,
First   Avenue.
The Jones Hotel
Oatacre Street
Has reeeived the agency of
one of the best American
Picture Enlarging Firms.
■   ♦
Gall in and seo Sptcin ens.
Stove Wood
Out by White Labor Only.
P.O. Box 54 ^L^^^^
Dealer ln All Kinds ot
Wests Delivered tree of charg. «st th.
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
Ladjrsmith, B, 0.
All Home Cured
fl. flOCUE'S
Roberts St. Butcher
"I    suppose,"   sold th. manager,
you are still determined to elevate
the stage?"
No," answered Mr. Stormlngton
Barnes. "I haven't been thinking
so much of elevating the stag, recently. What I would like now I.
someone to lower the railway fare.."
Patience— She's a wonderful woman.
Patrice— Why sof
"She tpenkt four language*. Just
think of keeping a secret la four
and Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding and Party Cakes Mads to
Fruits and Candies ot All Kindt
Priees are    vory   reesonabls.    All
Customers treated alike.
On the Esplanade.
Ladjrsmith, B. 0.
(Mil Stock ot Miners' Tools.
Ship Repairing Work
A Spedaltjr
All kind, ol Blaeksmlthlng
Don. at Short Notts..
»«»>%»a>a>%ai»«>a>«l.«y»%»»s>%4>%<l> !%*»*•»»•*•»»-»•■» fc*****.*.*.--*^^-^^.^.*.^.*.-* *.a^-».»..v*^i-*-<»--«f-*S><»-**»"S''
Our Now Wtock of   Spring Whitcivenr h
but and include
shown,     Untierneu
NO. I.—-Ladies'
Insertion,   with
NO. 2.—Women's Drawers, made of good cotton, doop Umbrollo
frill of line Lawn, finished with two clusters of throe narrow
tucks, and It} in. Hemstitched hum, 25 aud 111 inch, open
or closed.    SPECIAL PRICE  '  80u
NO. 3.—Women's Corset Cover, fine Nainsook, front has -nko of
three rows of Lace Insertion, with tjflco -Trimming to match,
(t i * ing with the
ock of   Spring Whitowonr has just bcon   opened     \\.'t* rjfle     mB ri
flomo of tho daintiest, designs mid loading sf^vIeH    j # .     '       .
eath nro four -Specials:                                                  J ! _ = ■
i | twed the hou
White 1'nderskirt,   full size,   two  rows of   I>ace     *" • fltreet J   0   1
th Lace to match.    SPECIAL PRICE ... $1.25     # # camfl ,,„[„,/,,,.
i DratfAt'D.   i»r.ii« «*...->
NO. 4.—Women's Night Gowns, good
mod embroidery and Insertion.
quality   Nainsook
SPECIAL .'.tli")-; 	
< aiUBitt,u.
Through the kindness of the    Hon
Ja». Dunsmuir, the City Band   have
now commodious Quarters lor   their
practices.   The old Loader   printing
office has been turned over to   them,
and admirably    suits their purpose.
Whey met there thc other night    for
(the purpose of electing their officers
for the present year, when tho   fo)'
lowing gentlemen wore appointed:
President—.Jas. Millar.
Vice-President—Geo. Prydo.
Treasurer—Arthur Howay.
Secretary—Alex. Wright.
Conductor—I. 0. Whit comb
Sub.—Jas. Millar.
librarian—Thos. C. Morgan.
After the 'business of the meeting
had been finished the bandsmen   hud
a little time.   A most enjoyable   evening was spent, tho proceedings end
ing with a vote of thanks io tho oi-
ficers for their     services during   the
part year.
bo heard. Ono of the special features of the programme will be an
address by Gov- Glenn of North Carolina.
VANCOUVER, l>eb. S.-Oscar iluiwi is in Jail un tne alutrge ol *
manslaughter which came about in the most reuuu-katiie nmanu-. *
Buice has tor two years lived at the home oi Henry Martin, Bur- *
utu-d street, and was in love with -Helens Martin, tho eldest Malign- *
ter. A rival in the girl's affections is August Ueiuolpoll, who as- '
conipanied the girl home at midnight, 'i'iiey were saying goodbye '
at the dout gate when Buice suddenly appeared and ordered Uei- '
belpoll away, threatening to blow his head oil ii be didn't run. '
Uelbelpoll invited Buice to light it out and still rainained talk;-  '
lug with the girl.    Buice entered  the house and reappeared -with a *
rival ran away at top speed and Buioe tired a  shot in-  *
o make him run faster.    Buice aod the girl then re-en- *
use and went to bed.     A quarter    of   a mile up the *
Musseuder, aged 45, who had retired early to bed, add •
come down stairs for a  drink of water.    He was just at th. loot *
of the stairs when the stray bullet hred by   Buice hit    him.    To. *
bullet went through the side of the house and struck Mossender in ,(
tho abdomen.     He died hull an hour later.     Two hours later Mr.  *
Buice was arrested.     He declares  he had no thought of shooting. •
anyone, but simply wanted to scare his rival.      He was not even
acquainted with Masscnder, who leaves a  widow and nine children.
Jti. & -N. EXliM-iniO-V    -AND 00-Ali 01. controllers of coal mines ol    tho
HOUiyhi province whereby an excessive   price
  is churged to consumers ol coal. The
(From our own Correspondent.)     preamble sets forth the various pric
lu tbe legislature yesterday Parker es charged for coal on Vancouver Is
iVillianis took exception to the pre- land and the statement that un uu-
euiplion of    railways from taxation derstanding is supposed to exist by
in the debate on the second reading' which the price is kept up,
to keep
For Raitiy Day,
you   dry as Well
Tho infant child of Mr. John Por-
konen was buried today.
Don't forget the dance and supper
which    will be given   by the K. off
of the bill. He argued that already
railways did not pay a full amount
of taxation.    The K, & N. was get-,
ting enosgh. he argued, for thc ex- JOHANNESBURG. Feb. ._ A
tension without exemption. Unless movement v™s """■«'"•*»«' 1>«" to-
white labor was to be employed he'du* at " lar«^ *.teadei meetinK'
did not approve of any further aid.    |to bo>'co" A8iatlc trade™ and     a"
P.'s on Friday, Feb. 21
now on sale.
li. C. Brewster moved the adjournment of the debato in order to allow the bringing down of the agreement entered into with the K., & N.
Tickets are
(for this exemption.
The local Pobekuhs are arranging
for a social dance on Friday evening, Feb. 11. Particulars will be
announced shortly.
Fine large   Navel     Oranges ut 30
cents a dozen at the.Pig Store.     X
NEW YORK, Feb. 8.—In nearly ev- j
ory Catholic Church of the city today there was celebrated a quaint
custom, which has been handed down
through many centuries, commemorating the miracles in healing throat
diseases,  wraug-hr by St. Blurius, or
I, BVuk, bishop and Martyr.
\     St. Bl&s.us was bishop of Sebasle,
1 a etty of Cappadociu, in Lesser Asia
{ and during his ret rement in the hills
net far from thc city ho attained
* such a degree of sanctity that h
j (was enabled to cure ailments of the
I throat merely by tho laying on of
I lUi hands.       He suffered murtyrdom
in the year 310 in the reign of Dio-
j cletiun, and at the instance of Agri-
1f coluus, the governor,
i    At the Council of Oxford in   1222,
j ear vile labor was prohibited on   the
j iSaint's day, and until qui to recently
[ Bt. IJiasius'    festival  was celebrated
BORN — In this city, Wednesday
morning, Feb. ">, to Mr. and Airs.
W. L. Carter, a daughter. Both
mother and child doing well.
In all probability Ladysmith will
have a visit from another new team
during the season. There is an ole-
'en coming down to the const from
the Okanagan Valley, nnd in their
behalf, Mr. Will Ellis, of Vancouver,
has writ.in for a   date hero.
The Eagles intend giving their annual dance on Wednesday evening,
Feb. 26, The members of tho locul
lodge have ostahlishod a reputation
for alt their entertainments, and
their dance is always the great so-,
ial event of the sonson. No effort
will ho spared this year to maintain
their roputntion, Arnold's orchestra hns been secured, nnd overythingi
will be carried .nut in first
SS. Lonsdale came into port
Monday, and brought tidings of the
gowning of   two Japanese in     th
■tairS on A&.^iKaf-SffiSS/SSSaf"    0im,e,i til0 L0nsdftl° " «
Hktwfore,    that    the    word '•Biaw"'Aroxfcan
I comae from the name ot the miracle-
RICHMOND, Va., Feb. 4.-Encour-
tngad by the gratifying progress made
by the prohibition movement in   the
..South,  a host of enthusiastic   dolo-
itet swarmed into ltlchmond today
■prepared to make the seventh annual
LBconventlon of the Virginia Anti-Sal-
loon league the most successful in the
HbJetory of the organization.   The pro
^Uminaries of     the convent inn    took
in the First Baptist Church to-
and the regular sessions   will he
to    the     same placo tomorrow
Thursday.       Prominent league
^—..rkers from Maryland, Georgia, N.
^Carolina, Ohio nnd other States will
Wo are having a special Sale of Men's
Natural Wool Underwear In nil sizes from
32 to 14. Regular
Sale Price *2.50 a
Suit. Clearing at
•1.50 a Suit.
Also have a line of
English Whitney Blan
»»U in Opey and
Just Received, ft nice
range of Shoes in Pn-
tent Leathers, Don-
ffolas   and   so forth.
Premier McBride denied there was
auy agreement. He was willing to
allow the adjournment however.
ln moving the second reading     of
the bill to amend the Coal Tax Act,
lion. P. Q. Tutlow pointed out that
it was not     unreasonable to     take
this step.     He said the Crows' Nest
Pass Coal Company had last    year
paid to the government $55,000 milder the new act the company would
pay about §00,000 on tho same production.     The report of the Crows'
Nest Coal Company for 1006 showed
that in     the seven    years preceding
their net earnings were $2,107,000.
in the preceding year $350,000   bad
'been paid in dividends, being 10 per.
eent of the capital stock.     Ho pointed out that the company had     been
ablo to raise its capital from $3,500-
1000 to $0,500,000 by taking money
'from r«st and putting it into thc undertakings.        It would not be     a
hardship he thought, to ask such   a
[company for an additional sum     in
the way of taxation,
On Vancouver Island thero     wero
|two companies working.     The production last year was 1,195,000'tons
of the above 130,000 wero used     in
[operating, of the production 581,000
[tons were sold in Canada and 448,-
'000 tons _ elsewhere.       This meant,
[that practically half  tho production
was sold locally and half went over
to tho  United States.     Taking   tho
sum of     $4.50 as tho average price,
tho companies got n   little over $9,-
1000.000 as tlie value of the output.
Tho tux collected amounted to hardly two    per   cent, on    the amount,
'coal was therefore practically on tho
I same basis as the precious minerals
'which paid two    per cent less     the
cost    of treatment,     The price     of
cool in Victoria and Vancouver was
about $7,50 a   ton of 2,000 pounds,
whereas the ton sold at the pithead
at Nanaimo was 2,210 pounds making the   local price to the consumer
great    deal   more    in proportion
than appeared from the actual'    figures.       Coal at present    was being
sold lu San Francisco from $6.50 to
Uw„v ,„!,,■( t,u.*7 a  ton with charffes against It of
The committee met lastlabout ?2'25 for fre!?ht and duty lr"
selected    tho following |rospecth'0 of the cost of 1°adlnK* and
'employers of Asiatics.     A     "White
League" commiitee was appointed to
'further tbe movement throughout tho
,. 'IU7BRBRS, in Children's, Ladies' and Men's, all sizes and
different grades.
GUM  BOOTS,   nono but the
Best to be found here. Sizes
are complete at present, so If
you are wanting anything in
the Gum Bocft line it will pay
you io look us up.
Children's, Girls' nnd Ladies'
Leggings in all sizes, large nr
small, the clear article for the
cold and rainy weather.
UNBERWEAP. Our lines are
too numerous to mention   any
particular    ones, they are   all
good.     Something special   we
are handling Jn Men's   Heavy '
Underwear,    double seats   and j
knees and elbows.   Every Oar- -
ment guaranteed.
CHICAGO, III., Fob. a.—A. particularly active campaign is to be   car-
riod on this your by the Prohibition
party,    according    to   an announce-
[meat of plans made by1 the party of-
| tibials.       It is intended  to raise   a
fund of at least $100,000   for    the
fight,  on which nearly $20,000   has
already been subscribed.
1   Speakers will be sent into    every
state of the  Union to make   formal
| addresses and stump speeches on the
cause of total prohibition,-   Tho pro
gramme    will be carried "into    the
[enemy's country" in every locality.
'   A keen campaign is to be inaugurated in tho South,    Headquarters al-
I ready havo been established at Dallas, Texas, and preparations are   being made by thc local committee   to
force thc battle in ull Southern territory,   ln Texas a fight is also   to
be made to submit to the voters   in,
1009   a    constitutional    amendment
J prohibiting tho sale of liquor in   the
I State.    It Is feu red that a prohibition statute might be declared    unconstitutional under the present con-
'siiiution, so thc fight will bo made
for an amendment to the document.
derby Shoe house.
|  A. iti. HUBERT
I  KliiffafUii fiiRfiCToR  |
|    Telephone, 1 24
1 Naimiin) I). C.
Njclntyre Foundry &
Stove Cornpany, Ltd.
Ladysmith, B. 0.
V New Store
r ew I y stocked
All Kinds of Wall Papar.
Picture   Fl-amlng'a Spsolalt>.
>. %ddit)g
High Strsst.
Pefcr Inkster
Ready for all kind of
All Work Guarantawl.
Mr, C. Stevens has returned from
[a short trip to Washington.
Mr. C. Mains returned to business
on Monday morning from his honeymoon trip.
Miss Ramsay returned to town on
[Monday after spending tho week ond
[in Nanaimo.
Mr. Parker Williams. M.P.P., went
(down to Victoria on Monday morn-
ling to resume bis parliamentary duties.
X.avs ordsr. with Blair * Ad(llB,
Telephone 3-4,
Assortment of Bamboo Ooods.
Largs Assortment of Fancy   China-
ware and Glassware, Etc.
Notice is hereby given that I Intend to. apply to the License Commissioners of the City of Ladysmith,
at their next regular meeting, (or a
transfer of ths Retail Liquor license
now held by me for the premises
known as the Extension Hotel, Ladysmitli, II.0., from myself to John
Lucca Domenico Giovando.
Ladysmith, B.C., Nov. 10, 1907.
 *     .    -  -i i..i...
Mr. Hawthornthwaite wont down
the line yesterday morning.
Mr. A. Hamilton passed through
town on Monday morning cn his way
to Victoria.
Mr. .Jim. Muir came down from Na-
[nuiino on Monday morning.
Mr. It. Harrup went down the lino
|yesterday morning.
port and were refused a
[Mexican port and wore refused a
landing at Nuw Westminster. Determined to gain an entrance Into tho
country if they could, four of the
Japanese jumped into the river, T.wo
of them wcre picked up, but the other two paid for thoir foolhardy
terprise with their lives.
The local intermediates go to Nanaimo on Saturday for their second
League match of the season,   In the
Wanderers   they   will    meet a  fast
[powerful combination, nnd they will
need to show their very best form to
pull even.
night    and
Goal— R. Greaves.
Backs— Jackson and Kerr.
Halves— Morgan, Saunders, O'Connell.
Forwards— Orde. Hughes, Callander. Cloke, Simpson.
Reserves — B. Williams and W.
Tho funerul of the late Mrs.   John
Dunbar took place    from Ladysmith
this morning.    Tho Row Air. Heath,
I pustor of the Anglican church,   conducted a  service in the Dunbar residence, and the    cortege loft in time
I to catch the noon train to Nanaimo.
Tbe remains were followed to tho do-
pot by a  large numbor of sorrowing
relatives and     sympathizing friends.
the majority of whom took tho trnin
to Nanaimo.
At the     Nanaimo depot cnrrlnires
IV      '"MlllKeS   I       ---  (-•-xg-VBUU       I.U      J'1-(J\1U<J
»ere i„     waiting ami tho procession meant by which young men in
transhipping. There was therefore
a profit of from $2 to $2.25 a ton
for all raised from tho Nanaimo
mines. Ho thought lt was only fair
to increase thc burden so that next
lyear they m.ght decrease the rate on
personal and realty taxes.
On the second reading of the University Bill Hon. Dr. Young explained that he had had the question up
with tho leading educationalists in
the universities of '"ui-outo and Mc-
Uill, and other eastern institutions,
lie had takon pains to prollt by the
lessons of tho universities and believed the bill was a well balanced
one. The intention was to havo a
local university endowod iocully for
[the local situation. The intention
at first was to give attention to tho
practical departments. For that
reason one of the lirst moves would
be to establish an agricultural college and mining school in the interior.     Ho proposed to provide     the
The United -Guild of St. John's
mission will hold a Musical Social
in the Church of England Mission
Room on Tuesday, Fob. Uth. Ad
mission 25c. The proceeds will be
devoted to the Sunday School.
MONTREAL, Jan. 81,-AI special
London cable lay.:
Sir Wilfrid Laurier 'a speech iu th.
|Commons at Ottawa aa reported
'her., creates much astonlahment In
political sum! diplomatic circle..
| Whan a raspactablt statesman like
Sir Wilfrid Laurier talk, in parliament of th. fleets of Jupan and Eng
1 land riding th. wave* together a-
| gainst a common enemy, tbe insvi-
tabl. question is asked, "What is th.
[common enemy, and what extraordinary combination ot Influences
could bring Sir Wilfrid's dread contingency within the terms ■ of tht
Japanese treaty?"
As Mr. Archibald Colquhoun, th.
wall known writer and war correspondent, explain. In th. Morning
Post today, ths Japanese treaty, as
[published, Is concorned alone with
the maintenance of th. Integrity of
th. far eastern countries and of th.
"opsn door" there, . .Politicians her.
ask:    "Does Sir Wilfrid Laurier Im-
Iaglne the United State., for instance
Is sending a battle fleet Into the Pacific    aa an act   of aggression upon
G. Peterson
Phone 18. First Avsnuo
Uill introduced in Senate to Eliminate the 2-Cent Rate Between
Montreal and Ottawa.
OTTAWA, Feb. 4.—Hon. Gibson
has introuced a bill in the Senate
which proposes to eliminate from
the Grand Trunk charter provision
requiring the company to carry third
class passengers between Montreal
and Ottawa at 2 .cents a mile.
The city Council last night unanimously passed a by-law reducing the
hotel licenses from 71 to 67 and
shop licenses from 81 to 2(1.
Experts Will Soon Find Some    Ex
cuss for Declaring liim Sane
to Get' Ills Release.
ALBANY, N.Y., Feb. 4,-Dr. Allan, president of the state lunacy
[commission who visited Harry K,
'Thaw yesterday at Mattewan, said
today that Thaw appeared very nervous and excitable but thut with
such a short notice it would be im*
[possible to come to any conclusion
to his permanent mental condition.     Dr. Ferris believed he would
have to be observed for some   time 	
before this can be done. .vine    as an act   of aggression upon
Drs, Jfllin and Evans, medical ex-llndla or China, and that.Canadian
ports, are now observing Thaw, and (shores may be sndaogered In the re-
•.(.. ....._ j^a^efn*." -aw
Train* Leave Ladyimith
Daily at 0 a. in.
Wednesday,    Saturday   ami    Sunday
At 9:00 and 15:58.   •
For Victoria.
Instructions given in all tha latttt
| Fancy Work at
Miss F. Uren
Roberts Street, Lady-smith.
Traint Arrive at Ladyimith
Dally at, 11:67.
[Wednesday,    Saturday   and   Sunday,
•At 11:67 nnd 17.55.
i       From Victoria.
, District Passenger Agent. .
1102 -Government St., Victoria!
COMBS       *
,        . °  " i""K-osion.«.«»"» Uy wmen young men in    the
■ r.ten. ""C" "T*"   '"    t"° U       ""ght get a *°od training ftt-
cometery,    Father Nicola    of Lady- ting themselves at night schools and
BH nt. t.hn   in  ths     hiirh   .elinn|D   f«-      _a      .
smith, performs-'Che services" at the
Notice Is hereby given that at the
next meeting of tho L censing Com.
mlssioners of tho Cltyof Tjailysmlth
application will ho mode for a transfer of the Interest of Kdwatd Mill-
hollnnd, now deceased, In tho   retail
high schools for     advanced
_-—....B   iiim
Ibis wife and lawyers, O'llielly and
Russell Peaboily are In constant attendance. _:    4 -
The Failure of ths Winter Crops  In
Russia Demand That Relief
be Forthcoming
bill appropriating 13,582,000 for
famine relief in addition to the sum
already voted by the Duma for this
purpose, has been submitted to the
[cabinet and soon will be Introduced
to the Duma.
The estimates of the amounts need
m ____t_______mmmK_^mmmatmmmmammm__mam_mm0________^_m_______
and ovory rcaulslto
For Stylish Hair Dressing.
Dainty anil Elaborate.
Call round and see them, Ladles.
Iflex action of resulting hostilities?'
I As one woll known Englishman re-
ma.rk«. jt is amazing oratory. If. In
'some unthinkable -way, ths United,
States did attack British interests or.
| the Pacific coast of Canada there Is
|nothing In ths Anglo-Japanese trea-.
ty to call the Japanese -to Britain
and Caaada't aid, unless there It a
secret clause In the treaty of which
Sir Wilfrid knows, but of which ths
public Is in Ignorance.
1 I
H. Thornley
•nirnvw n
Into an    Attack m Callfonat, Upon
Seventy Hindu, by a Call
— .......« 0, lne amounts neiSH I                     .               r        """ I.—A~~~t™ —\-~,-ar given mat I   toed for the relief    d„,i„„ iu'     .        ...            '•",l* "»•>• ,  J*"!to »»"» *° tho Board   of   Lt-
year are lJl   ,          g    * com,ng    "ARVSVILLE,  Oal    J«   «, 'T^!? «o">»>l«loner. of the   Muni-
„ u     ,       NOTICE.
U-S'.     1"',b,,">l>y given that I  In-
|^"£*° •PP'y, to tho Board   of   Ll-
Fhiipotfs Restaurant
b the Plat, for
^^^       NOTICE. ^^^
Notlco is horsby given that an application will bo made to the ]Vt
British Columbia for an Aot to In-
13?,*to..5 0omP""y "'th power to
•quip, build, maintain and operate a
lino of railway of standard or other
SfTi. l° b0 <!p,r»t«! -»y •t««in,   el-
»;„- L or oebm powor ,or „,,
rylng of freight, uassongers and  tt-
!lm*Jrom • P°ia* situated en Section Fourtesn (14) or Fifteen (lo) In
in the
work     ^^^^^^^^^^^^P^p—
The debato was adjourned on  motion of Stuart Henderson.
Dr. McGuire has given notice of
motion that he will move a resolution that an address bs presented to
the Lieutenant Governor praying him _.t „ „.0.riui
 „»«., <n tho  retail  to rK",est tho Domlnlon tSov°™n°at    rond"    _L a 1a, "'H
liquor license Issued In respect to the  through the proper channels to cause J^"^' Sked tron. under      tha
premises known-as •tl.o UdyMilth gn inquiry l* the Dominion Depart- K^'th^Sa^®
Hotel, to Robert nniclny t of T   „e nnit Con)lnBrce to  do. ter     in-choicery    digmlsmd '-fl
JANE MULHOLLAND.   I   .,       ..... , . .,      Drum's r'-"  —"
Executrix of tho Estate of E. Mul-  cl,l° whethur there exists a  comblns '_,"$]_''
hollnnd, dec-ensed. or understanding between the owners Portland
Ladysmith, B.C., Fobruary Sth, 1008
count of the unfavorable, new.    re-'Hindu7"b7"a" ZT ""«"■■" •»• 10,"Jj«" »»""» for ja transfer oflh.|««*W ?*• (V.) Oranb.rry WrtVlc't.'
gnrding the condition at ih. .1.1    C T   y      mob "l Uv* Oak, lMt*holesa]. Liquor Llcenso now    hold ?r Seetlon Fourteen (14) Bange Six
crop, which n,!!.?...0.' *he whl",a-"-<l«y Brltlah    Oon.«l H«o.     « m.^'".itu., Vma'r occu"'«-   "IVll'   FT*?*    »"»CTht5S
nv».i      . ™"™a    a.im. and situate on Lot. a   tu«.t, n. Isxiutli-easrteslv hv   th. »,„.. . ...."
[crop, which are reported" ^^"^[X^   T^ H"°''    -,»-"^'"« El V.
!mo.t a total loss.       Th„ admInl^ 0„^ W'.     " """"^ 0or'  	
.... nuiumia- uinet to make a full Investigation
tration ot relief funds by the govern- of the affair and to cause protection
ment is most difficult as under the to be given to the Hindoo* residents
present system the granting of relief of Live Oak, Gov. Glllet hat In
and assistance to the neediest of the ttructed the district attorney to pr.
population entails distribution of pars a comprehensive report for th.
grain to vast'number, of the people British government. ■
In widely separate districts "'
ihs lMt'Oc^nT°d.yl»;ysr']S-,Dt;-/12» >"i»r-
pr undorst^idlng between the „„„„.. °! "?«    "tote    of th.",K .." \_\__*,1mi <« •«■» U. CMeago
hollnnd, rleraasod.        3________________________________________________\____wmmam\mma% "  —"""■■■" ■-—-—	
0J tne Mtote m the>^™ STOiffSSnAS
. . .a rii "i, ,i7 sciutii'-eaaterly by the most feasible
,n tH^JlTcuvZ^:Jlh°V± ro"1" t« » point situate on Oyster
In the wld.Olty of Ladysmith, from J,     ,„ g^ D|rtrlct  , AMance „f
myself — ...
, Ladysmith,
D. 0„ 24th January,
'wiLTn' Fl™t-Cla8» K««i»rnl tailor.
«SG1'10 p.er ""•'' hlsher than Van^
box 341, Ladysmith, B.C.
WfiQrn he was employed.
Western Fuel Co.,'.M. A. Rowe. A.
Henderson, Nanaimo'Gas Co., W.'M.t
Langton, J, Sampson,'w; H-.'Mor-1
*<>n, C. Rawllnton, L. Manson', C.
*\ Bryant, A.. J. Smith, B. -Quen-
"•11. J. Remans, 0. Dickinson.
about tw.lv. mile, more of- less—
with authority also to construct,
squlp, maintain and opeiate branche.
from time' to time from any point
or point, of th. proposed rail-way;
trlth power also to construct and operate telegraph and telephone line,
fcr the purpose of its business and
for the public; with power to own, '
use and operate water power, convenient tp the road, railway and
other purposes, and with such other
Jpaw-ars snd privileges as are usually
given to Hallway Compassst.".-' -'<
, Solicitors for Applicant.
Dated at Victoria, B.C., thit 15th
day of January, 1908,


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