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Ladysmith Standard Sep 23, 1908

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Array ER 251908
e* .V
-t" 1 "i"I Ml "M" j"§
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Grape-Nuts   ,..  	
Shredded Whole Wheat .
Fostum Cereal Coffee ....
Malta Vita  ij	
Quaker Oats	
Ald. McKinnell Deplores the Fact of a Library, and
Boldly Asserts There is No Harm in
jjFrequenting Billiard Rooms
Mayor     Nicholson Making Arrange- j
meats to Install Plant at
the Opera House. '
1        BLAIR & ADAM.
I""" - ~      '—rf-
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8 packages of Force  ,-.  ,  25 cents.
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B. C. Soa|> Works, victoria, b.c.
There wns an interesting discussion ot the meeting of tho Council
on Monduy evening on the question
of tho observance of tho Sabbath,
or to lie more correct, the Lord's
Day. Tho discussion was started
while the council in committee was
dealing with Aid. Haworth's by-law
for tho regulation of places of amuse
mont. According to the now bylaw,
all places of amusement, billiard rooms and bowling alleys, aro
to be closed on Sundays.
Aid. McKinnoll objected to the
inclusion of billiard rooms in tho
list. A billiard room was as good a
placo nsafootlmll field, and it would
be more to the credit of the town
to stop Sunday football than tho
playing of billi-nrds. There was no
library in the town nnd thore was
no harm in going to a billiard room.
Aid. Campbell did not think it was
right thnt billiard rooms should be
opon in the centro of thetown on
Sundays. Tf thoy were going to respect the Sundny they should respect
it in the right wny. Sundny billinrds
looked too conrse. Plnyers had till
12 o'clock on Snturdny night, and
ihnd ovory night of the week. They
should respect Sunday ir it wns
worth respecting nt nil.
Mnyor Nicholson said he did ot
know, but he would like to see the
section stand as it was. If they
mudo tho exception favored by Aid.
McKinnell, thoy would he encouraging Sunday footbnli. If they adopted the clause as. it stood they might
perhnps Inter be told to do nwny
with footbnli nlso. So fnr as ho
could see, it would be n benofit to
nil concerned to close up these billiard rooms. Ho wns surprised nt
Aid. McKinnell. They had the welfare of ithe hoys of the town to consider.
Aid. MoKinnel said he spoke just
ns ho felt on those things. He wns
surprised nt the Mnyor. Thore were:
saloons stnnding open nil dny on
Sundays and His Worship wns to,
tblnme for it. Tf thoy closod up tho
jbilHnrd rooms. whero were their
i boys going? Billiards wns a harmless njmiscment. nnd ho did not see
|nny hnrm in nny one being in abil-
liard room oven on n Sundny,     Tie
was a churchman nnd believed in
the Sabbath being observed as much
us nny of them.
Aid. Matheson said thero wus certainly a danger in closing theso
places up tight. If tliey drove out
tho young fellows from the billiard
room where were they going? That
was his only (vn.- In passing the
clause as it stood—tho danger of
driving peoplo to wo ml  places.
Aid. Campbell wnnted to know
where they would drive the boys?
The churches wero open, lot themi go
to church. Close up the hotels nlso,
nnd then ihey c'ouldn'1 got into
thom. Ho wns surprised al the way
in which the hotels \\t:m nia. Thoro
were more drunks nn Sundny than
nny other dny nnd where wns the
linuor got? Why in the back rooms
of tho hotels.
Aid. Hrown mi irked that if the
billiard room nun bowling alley were
allowed to renin In open on Sunday,
the council wns ronlly granting a
licence permitting play on Sundays,
and was helping to break tho Sabbath.
•Aid. Haworth siild (hat without a
doubt there wns n lot of gambling
going on in tho Millar ' rooms, and
where wns thoro u wo
Aid. McKinnoll: "Th
wo paying a pol idem i
gambling is going o
doors? What ore our oolico commissioners doing in not seeing that the
policeman does l.oi do his duty?
Whnt nro our license commissioners
doing in not seeing thnt the hotels
aro run according to the laws of
tho city? So fnr as the billiard
rooms are concerned, thero should
bo something to put in their place
boforo thoy ore closed. For myself,
T have a boy, ond T would far sooner see him in n billinrd room thnn
in n. saloon or in other places in
This ended tho discussion so fnr ns
the queslion of Sundny observnnce
is concerned, nnd as stated in tho
report of tho council mooting, tho
Aldermen, Mr. McKinnoll alone accepted, took upon themselves to net
the roles of n father nnd nn earthly
providence towards all the boys in
The    thirty-sixth meeting of
Mayor Nicholson is making preparations to provide good entertainment at tho opera houso for tho winter months. HiB Worship hos for
some months been contemplating o-
curing     a   regular   moving    picture' city Council Wflg held hs the     n,v
show.     His difficulty  was  tho     old   ,.   ,. ,»    .                         ,,
y                            Hail    on Monday   evening,  Mayor
one of     getting enough light.      To
_,.     ,   .    ,    ,     .       ,,        Nicholson presided, and there     were
overcome this obstacle he is getting !        DU' "^u
u   powerful gasoline    ongine     which -iresont     Aldermen   Cami-bell,     Ha-
will generate enough power to    run worth,, Roberts,   Brown,     McKiunell
a   dynamo to give tho necessary elec and Matheson.
trical voltage. Hans and specifications for a   cot-
i   The engine will' soon he here,    und tage to bo built on Third avenue for
he will set. about its installation at M*. Jas.  Weir by Mr.  W. R.  Smith
Mayor's Request For Oity Levels Granted and the
Question of First Avenue Settled for a Time
i evil thnn
whnt are
or, if tho
with open
♦%-%»♦ -.*•«.*.*«-%« *
Tea Sets and
Dinner Sets
AU going at 25 to 50 per Milt.
Reduction. Stock must be cleared
out to make room for Fall Goods.
Now is the time to lay iojour
stock of winter fuel. Order
•your wood right away.._^
H. Thernley
Poll CHOICE Cl"! •
HAM AND llAi '
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pt%* m %■- --»%—__**
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■ fiiil.v t lit .<"iiWlHi.tr,
"I'miunv mil i-i'il i'ii
,'lliHMOV (,|li ,l(    " -""
1 ItiK. viiluiili'i' mul p'U' t
onl Inf'.rm'fttliiii for fn* •
*.'» otri'iorw. ■
t -TAKUY WIT-H, A-WWTEOT, VM.0 UP, t. % f
in our business sinco coming
to Ladysmith Is due to the
satisfaction given our customers. Excellency of quality md
good vulvio for money rocoivod.
That Is our motto.
Our stock Is larger and moro
fully assorted than ever ".nil
you are cordially Invited to
Inspect It—got our prices on
watchos, rings, gold brooches,
bracolets, ladies and gents
chains, etc, otc.
Watch work a specialty and
all work thoroughly guaranteed.
"The   Jowoler   and   Optica-."
Miss Maude Undcrhill, who is described as the ".premier reciter of the
Coast," will appear in tho Mission
Hal) of St. John's Church on Friday evening. Tho proceeds of tho
entertainment aro to go towards
paying off tlio debt on tho vicarage,
and In addition to Miss Underbill,
there will bo vocal nnd instrumental
selections by local singers nnd players. Miss Under-ill is a mine of
amusement and entertainment in
herself, and hns been a great success wherever she hns appeared. No
doubt there will be a packed houso
to henr her on Friday evening.
Mr. Hy. Pollard, of Second avenue
desires to express his sincere thanks
to Doctors Frost and Williams for
tho skilfull and unremitting nttentlon he has received at tholr hands.
An operation was necessary, and Mr.
Pollard fs pleased to state that It
was entirely siiccessfv.: and that he
is now quite recovered.
To tho Editor, Standard:—
Slr:—Through tho medium of your
pnper, Mrs. 'Jnincs Hill! of Third
Avonuo would liko to thnnk Mr.
.lames Hill of tho Cecil Hotol for
his honesty nnd kindness in returning to hor— ton dollars ($10.00)
which ho rocoivod through mlstako
through the post.
Lndysmith,  Sept.  28rd,  1908.
_L PASO, Tex., Sept. 22.- Oeo.
Clarke, a negro (hot Constable W,
11. Taylor, who attempted to arrest
him at Shoro, Tex., lust night, and
a mob hanged the negro to a tree,
leaving him for dead. This morning he was found to be still alive,
and was taken to Jail whore a second mob is now threatening to take
him and finish the work of the flrst.
I HEREBY give notlco that 1 Intend to make application to the
Board of Licensing Commissioners of.
tho Olty of Lndysmith, at tholr
next regular meeting, for a transfor
ol tho retail liquor license now hold
by me In respoct to tho Portland
Hotel, Xjadysintth, from myself to
John Barclny nnd John Conlin.
Ladysmith, B. 0., Sept. 9th, 08.
SEATTLE, Sept. 22,-The littio
daughter of David Chlsholm, of Eagle Nest Co., Alaska, was carried a-
way by-a hug* American eagle the
middle of July and three weoks la-
tor its torn and mangled body was
found In the eagle's nest and the
bird enptured.
John Kalein of Sonttlo, bought the
bird nnd shipped It to this city,
whore It has been on exhibition ln
hls store for „ fow days past. This
morning state game worden Henry
Rlcf ordered the release of tho captive bird.
OTTAWA, Sept. 22.-Aocording to
the statement of F. O'Hara, ...commissioner of Chinese Immigration,
the Dominion haa beon defrauded to
the extent of 8150,000 by Chinoso
arriving at Halifax and Montreal
from Mexico City in possession of
lortllicntes signed by the Chinese legation at Mexico City, describing
them as merchants who wero entitled to enter.
I When tho present season opened at
!Montreal, Chinese with similar certificates commenced to arrive at the
city. Investigation shows that tho
fraud has beon quite extensive and a
number of arrests have been made.
On Saturday the Elder Dempster
Hneer Bomu arrived nt Montreal
with ovor twonty Chinese and somo
Japanese all of which claimed to
be merchants on their way to Hong
Kong via Vancouvor. Commissioner
O'Hara found ten of these nre Chinese laborers and ordered them deported, while tho remainder wcre nl-
lowotl to land nnd will be sont to
Vancouver In bond.
: HOT SPRINGS, Ark„ Sept. 21. -
In a light with ordinary pocket
knives, Chas Dunfleld, of Pennsylvania, was killed this morning by Sam
Wrno, of Tennessee, as the culmination of a quarrel. The men wero
employed on the Hot Spring Western Hallway and camo to the city
last night. Thoy quarrelled, fought
at first with their lists, and thon
with knives. Wrne was cut about
the faco nnd Dunfleld was slashed on
tho right arm, a vein being severed,
which caused him to bleed to death.
Wrno escuped.
!    Soattlo,  Wash.,  Sept.    22.—Boliov-
, ing thoro is no chance of a settlement of tho rate war troubles with
tho Canadian  Pacific,  tho    Interna-
Itlonnl steamship company today announced n cut in tho Vancouvor rato
from   $2 tho round    trip to $1.25.
.Tho rato of 5(1 conts tho -wind trip
botween Seattle and Victoria on the
Amorlcnn boats is effective today
being tho samo rato as offorod by
tho Canadian line.
Ottawa, Ont., Sopt. '21.—Canada
Central fair opened horo thts morning under favorable auspices.
once. lu has already hud a visit
from Mr. L. Kllliok, the gentleman
who has run tlie picture shows in
Nanaimo opera houso with sucn unqualified success. Mr. KelUck was
able to satisfy himself that tho machinery would work all right, and he
is prepared to show down here.
Just how muny nights a   week* the
show will be on has not yet beon determined,     liut it will at least
twice a  week and perhnps threo.
The shows will be a great boom
during tho winter when time hangs
so heavily during the long dark
nights, and thero is not the slightest doubt that thoy will bo greatly
appreciated, and that a generous pa
tronage will reward the enterprise of
Mayor Nicholson.
were submitted to the Council.
Constable Cassidy went up to Nanaimo on the noon train to take
possession of an Italian arrested in
Nanaimo on suspicion of having
broken into a Chinaman's cabin at
the smelter and stolen $15. The
housebreaking; is alleged lo have
taken place on Monday evening.
Constable; Cassidy was only notified on Tuesday and at once instituted inquiries. From what he
could learn he was led to believe
that tlie susiwct had gone to Extension, nnd a cabin thoro was robbed
of over SOO. Constable Cassidy
phoned the Nanaimo police and tho
man was arrested.
He will bo up for trial tonight.
the owner of auy horse or other u_in_-
adiieh cuuscs damage to trees, ihrube
or saplings planted in the cty's
streets. The amendment was adopt
ed without alteration, Aid. AlcTlu-
nell alone dissenting on thu giound
that trees for shade purposes snould
be planted on private grrund, and
not on tho public streets.
lho question of the date for tha
sitting of tho Court of Revision to
go over the assessment roll, was
Mayor Nicholson points I out that next taken up. Aldermen Matheson,,
'1x8 chimney was very small. Ho McKranell, Hrown and Hnworth, and
not know whether thoro was the Mayor, constitute the court, and
anything in the by-laws covering the Nov, 1, at 7 p.m., in tbe city hall,
point, and if there were not tliey wero agreed on us the data, hour
wouhl just have to accept the i ians.  atld place.
None of the other aldermen knew of it was decided to call for appl__-
any provision in tho by-laws bearing tjons f01. the position of auditor fo»
on the question, although they wero the city books,
all of the opinion that the chimney; The request of His Worship for
was small enough, an.l tho plans the city levels for the lot on ihli-
were accordingly approved.'. 'ovenue,     between the Europe    hotel
Accounts totalling! S43 wero pre- ,md Mr. Scott's premises, which haa
sented and referred to the- Fia> vce ;,een before the Council im over a
Committee to be paid if found cor- month, again came up for considera*
rect. tion.     His Worship explained    tha*
Mayor Nicholson for tb" Streets his occupation of the Mayoral nfflco
Committee, reported that during the [>lac_tl him in rather a delicate pos-
past week the steps on the sidewalk
on Uatacre street had bear, removed,
and tlie sidowalk put down almost to
official grade.     The owners of     the
itio.i. He hud however, derided
that bo would not commtneo huild-
iag until ufter the new year. Mean-
property were willing to make any
alterations tn their buildings necessitated by the clterut'ou ol the "ide
walk; but the city would have to fay
for Hie work that bad been done.
Tho Council then went into committee of the whole for the consideration of Mr. Haworth's by-law to
regulnte the conduct rf places of
amusement. The by-law was then
taken up clause by clause and after
some discussion v - - .opted without amendiii ard read a third
me he cculd go on with the ni«es-
sai'y excavation. He mide the pro-
posil to Eink the trench.- Ior _-
wullB down to the offlct tl level, and
to put iu his door to ;>uit the trade
uf the present sidewalk. Then, if at
any time if the city lowered the sidewalk, it" could ,ower his floor 'v'th-
out touching tho muin walls.
Tho proposal seemed rai to most
of tho aldori nn, but Aid. McKinnsll
thought thnt if they mirely granted
Hit- Worship's requjst they would bs
ji ig ell that could be nsked of
theiu.      this started a  lc) githy di»-
NEW YORK, Sept. 22,-Following
the death In a Brooklyn hospital
yestorday of Mrs. Francis R. ,_fc-
Cnbe, tho 25-year-old wlfo of a manufacturer of building material, a
charge of homicide wns lodged a-
galnst Sam Mann, 20 years old, who
is alleged to have shot her.
When the polico notified tho Raymond street jail, where tho man hnd
been confined, of this fact, they wero
mot by the unexpected news that
Mnnn had Iieen released on bail of
8500, a magistrate having accepted
bail whon told the man was held
only on a charge of attempted suicide. The charge of lelonous assault was dismissed, tho magistrate
said ho was informed.
A general alarm wns then sent out
for Mann but no trace of him has
yot been found.
Mrs. McCabe was shot In her father's homo on Aug. 29 Inst. She
wns married and tho police chnrge
that Mann during ber husband's absence annoyed hor with his attentions and finally shot her when sho
refused to elopo with him.
Bogota, Columbia, Sept. 22.— Dr.
J. M. Mnrquln, ox-presldent of Columbia, died hore on Saturday.
I Vancouver, B. C, Sept. 22.—Rsv.
IVthor Welsh rocelvod a cnhlo from
Rome yestorday to tho effort that
Bishop Dontonwlll has beon olected
Superior Gonoral of the Ophites of
mnny Immaculates. In futuro Bishop
Dontonwlll will reside in Rome.
Millian and a   Half People Are   Out
of Work and Funds.—John Burns
Wants $5,000,000 for Relief.
London, Sept. 21.—With a million
and a halt people out of work in
England and Scotland, the authorities are looking around for means
with which to coi* with the situation.
Riots occur in tho largo centres of
population almost daily, and valuable public buildings have bden destroyed in sevoral places. Services
in various churches were broken up I
Sunday by unruly mobs. Attacks
wero made on the Canterbury cathedral and on great churches in Glasgow and Manchester.
A great army of tho unemployed
ls being made up from recruits from
Liverpool, Newcastle, Hull and other
cltios, and ie now marching on Northampton, whero it is proposed that
all will throw themsolves on tho
hands of the authorities and demand
military assistance, and have glvon
relief.     The police have called    for
The amendment to the by-la* for cussion in which Aid 'Ttmibell fig-
the protection of shade trees, as in- ured eery pron '.ently. Finally the
troduced by Aid. Campbell was then 'Middle Wurd epresentati ,s found en-
taken up in committee, liie amend- ough of cr .rage to second Aid. Moment simply provides for the :inpo- Kinnell's motion and it curried,
sition of a   penalty of S25 upon the     Th    Council then adjourned.
distress wll
ask for    an appro:
lion pounds sterling for the carrying
out of relle; work.     It is estimated
thut thore arc 92S.G71 paupers     in  ~T
England todny, ono person in over ' A good practice _amo hus been ar-
HS of tho population. The perceni- ranged for tomorrow night. Two
age in London s even greater than good teams have been picked, and
this. all the players have been uotilied tn
 *  fjrii out in gooo time.     The    gams
will be starteu at 5.30 p.m., and as
uuctiially the men will be play*ng
. r i-osition on Saturday s gams
against Victoria, play ought to •
fast enough. The opposing elevens
are as follows :
Backs—Christian and Struthers.
Halves— Grainger,     Strang     and
AS Result of    Unpleasant    Incident
Which Occurred  ut Canton
Canton, China, Sopt. 22.—There is
Intense indignation among the Chinese against the French over ait incident which occurred here yostorday.
The Chinese aiithorities tried to arrest some supposed native pirates
who were on the Steamer Houto Ny*116-
Ilemi of the Mosstgnles Muratine Co.
but tho Captain backed up by the
French Consul refused to permit it
contending tbat the suspected men
should be arrested ou their landing.
During the wrangle wbich ensued the
supposed pirates escaped. The Captain of the Chinese guard on thc
steamer was recontly removed by tho
Chinese authorities on the ground
that he was too friendly with tho
foreigners. Tlie native press today
advocates a boycott of the French
and the French Consul is severely
criticized by it.
Thirty-Bight    Passengers and   Throo
Trainmen Aro Injured in Head-
on Collision in Nebraska.
Forwards—McMillan,    Graham, AdT
am, Warburton, Sanderson.
Goal— D. Morrison.
Backs— O'Connell and Parsons.
Halves—  Simpson,  Mnin and Leahy.
Forwards— Wright, Michie, Provin,
M. O'Connoll, Cosier.
22.—In a head-on collision last evening In thc yards at this place, botween a Missouri Pacific passenger .
train and a freight, 88 passengers,
and 8 trninaion wero injured. The
engineer of the passenger train in
rounding n hill was unablo to check
his train bofore the crash.
Of the 49 passengers, fow escaped
injuries of some kind, but only a few
wcre severely hurt.
Many of the passengers wero Methodist preachers on tho way to Lincoln from the Nebraska Methodist
conference K'hich concluded its work
yestorday nt Auburn.
EL PASO, Tex., bept. 22.—As the
result of injuries received in an encounter in the renl estate office of
Loomls llros., yestorday, Roxle C.
Loomls, a prominent real estate
dealer of this city, died last evening.
His brother, C. M. Uoomis, sustain-
i-il serial s injuries. The police ar-
rosted C. M. Karboer, southwestern
agent for an auto company, who il
said to have attacked both brothers
I and to have indicted the fatal Injur-
: ies with his fist.
Elkhorn,    Man., Sopt. 22.—Michael
Sugar,    munnger of    Lambert     and
I F.nrto'8     storo here, wos shot     nnd
warning   thnt    trouble of a  sorlous WM by n  burglar early thos mor-
ratjy be expected If there    Is
nlng.     Sagor entered the store  . at
White Plains, Sept. 21.—Argument
on Harry K. Thaw's application for
a jury trial as to his sanity In Habeas Corpus proceedings bofore Supreme Court Justice Mills was adi
journed today until next Saturday!
nt tho request of District Attorney;
Jerome w-ho had been umiblo to pre-
puro his return to thc writ In timo
for today's hearing. Charles Mors-
chnusor, attorney for Thaw agroed
to tho adjournment. In tho moan-
time Thaw will remain in White
Konora, Ont., Sopt. 21.—Saturday
night a hold-up occurred at Vermillion when N. Schoinmnn, a merchant wns robbed to tho extent of
$2400. Whilo ono of tho desporadoos
hold Mr. Schlonmnn up with a re*
volvor tho othor man rlflod tho cnihl
register. The men then mndo their
escape ofter firing two shots     at a
.... n.~..t~nA ..»-t.,„      ,  .t I - escape after f r ng two snots     t
any organized uprising of Ihe poor. 8.80 this morning for the purpose of grou'p of t £oon]o who fcart   a.
All ovor the country bodies of sol- securing a gun for a hunting party onco responded to the nlnrm given
diors are heing posted at convenient BnA Wns shot down by a burglar, by Mr. Sholnmnn nnd started In pur-
nlncM \   t '    ,j   _    ,    —      ..    '.       suit. The police suspect that tho two
■*_,!,_ f r v   „    •     .th     ,     , wh0 wns ovidcnt,v l00tinB t,,estoro mon responsible for this hold-up are
President John Burns of tho    local am* wns surprised In the act,     Tho tho samo who committed the sorlos
relief board, fearing that widespread man escaped. of burglaries recently in Winnipeg. \
ii   .on Require Any
Or If You Require Any
Or K You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell One;   or If You   Want
Beta ty
Pabllc, Conveyancer
Ladysmith   Standard
Published on Wednesdays ana -«tur-
days Afternoons by the
Robt. R, Hindmarch,
One Year  $1.40
Ki> Months       75
Advertising Rates on Application.
The announceu -it oi thu date   of
the Dominion elections    has created
no very greul stir locally,    lt    hail
been generull/ taken fur granted that
the tight would begin about the lust
week in October, so that there   was
no element of surprise in the official
declaration of the date.       Wo   have
had no campaign oratory since the
announcement.     .None of tho   candidates has taken to the hustings; but
.we beliove that, quietly, a good deal
of work Is     being    pushed through.
The SocioHsts uro always an active
.'political  party, and their machinery
is always     in good working   order.
Thc uie for  Hawthornthwaite   will
be    polled     practically     at its full
strength.     Smith also hns not wasted a moment since his return   from
Ottawa.    His first point was to announce   himself ns the Liberal   candidate,    so that later he might   go
through the formality of a nomination.    The procedure was rathor unusual; but, so tar as the business of
ship the Mayor aaked for the official,
'street level*. His request has been
'granted. That is all that hoe been
'done, and the old difficulty bus nav-
'er been touched. As the thing now
stands, Messrs. Johnson's and Fraser's buildings havo been put up
since the city was incorporated, and
it is probable that, if the city at
nny time puts the sidowalk down to
proper grade, these gentlemen would
be responsible for whatever alterations were necessary to their buildings. For the remainder of the
houses and business premises, the
city would be liable. Now it is
very unlikely that the sidewalk wll.
over be put down lower than it is.
If the city does grow Co such an
extentas to make the lowering of
the sidewalk a necessity the funds
would bo there to do it with. The*
point at present Is that there is no
immediate need to meddle any further with the sidewalk, and that, if
there wore, the city is not in a position to do it, nor will it be for
years to come. Moro even than
that, the property owners seem to
be sat slled with it as lt is; and yet
for some reason or othor only Aid.
Matheson hail courage enough to
declare himself in favor of adopting
the present sidewalk as the official
elty level for that side of the streot
Aid. Campbell, who has no more
interest in the question than Aid.
Matheson, declared such a courss
would nover do. Ho could see that
the sidowalk was good enough aa it
is for tho present, but would
hear tell of it being established
the official grade. The result
that builders . that side of
avenu' are either placed on the two
horns oi ,__ling dilemma.
Either the,) nst jake a very costly excavation, or else they put up
their building and run the risk of
having to lower it at any time that
the city decides to put tha sidewalk
down to tho street level. It is po0r
encouri gement    to buitdfntr and
lifting Causerfe.
ClfY LEAGUE OPENS. „„d even     then only    one of then,  out to a draw, and was fairly ov,,,
-fllie city league wan successfully
Opened on Sunday afternoon. YrV
attendance, however, was c t as
good as was expected; but tho club,
to some extent can blame Ustilf for
that. It is always afoad blow to
nny sporting; organization to put up
a fake or a fizzle, and it tbkes tiin-3
to recover tho confidence -if the -public. 'There was certainly no J'ako
about the last game previous to
Sunday which tho club advertised
and charged for, but all the same it
was an awful fizzle.
The Standard explained all the circumstances at the time and there is
no necessity to say anything more
about it. The games on Sunday
ternobn mark the beginning of the ! son
league in earnest. Already interest
and speculation have been lavit •pul,
and tho next game will alm.ist certainly 'be better attended. Thore may
be nothing very "classy"- about the
matches; but they are contested in
real earnest, and feeling and favjrit-
sin nro bound to increase with (-\ei'y
Two games wero played on Sunday
and  only  three    goals  woro scored,
should    have
counted.   This   fact   is ly contested.  Captain Hewlett   made
evidence enough    that the executive a  bud mistake by keeping T   M.m\-
has   picked   evenly   matched    teams, Jun    ut     outside left  in   the sexual
and a good struggle for tho leading hull',   lie should have put Ton  "
position   is  inevitable,   llesides      the his regular position
Wesson Cup    -•--'-- •---'-- - ■    ■
. . possibly badges or valises or something of the kind will
go to tho winning team, and thus
an additional incentive is given to
the playors to get in and do their
Tho  matches  yestorday   were    be
lli t-o
__^^____ ■ and would have
had a much more elective forward
line. Dunbar is all right in goal and
Hewlett has the makings of a strong
learn.Tho Nationals hardly played
up to expectations, They have a
strong forward lino, and endeavored
to make it stronger at tho   evpeMsej
. ..„   ...........a   juEvbui-uay   were     ue-   io  inilKO  it  stronger at  the   cvjuVifee
tween the Heavers and Nationals ami of their halves. The experiment v us
Nationals and Thistles. Jn thc latter not a success, and Captain Christum
match,  which  was arranged at   the who  played a  Blrong game  Himself
last    moment,     Struthers,     who   Is will  have  to reshuirio some of    the
working in the country nnd hail not players.
'      '         The socond gamo, that between tbe
,1)0011 notified, failed ' to turn uj
j Joo 8011(10115011 of the Corinthians
j was put on in his place. D. Morri-
tho Canuck goal-keeper, was also an absentee, and Hartley also of
the Corinthians, took his place.
•What tho committee will do with
the game has yet to he decided
but the arrangement was as fair for
one side ns the other. If there is nnj
dissatisfaction it can be counted as
a friendly mntch and playod ovcr
again. •  ■
The first game that betweon    tho
Beuvers and  Nationals,  was  fought
■ery short-eighted policy.
Venerable Statesman Addresses Open
Letter    on the Isiues    to
Sir Wilfrid  La irier.
ii     Y
and Canada, of September 19, 1007,
wero Sir Francis llortlo, II. "_. Ambassador at Paris, the Hon. W. S.
Fielding, and the Hon. L. P. Brod-
tur. They were not appointed by
letters patent, but were furnished
with full powers under the Royal
Sibn Manual, similar 'mutatis mutandis' to those furnished to the
late Marquis of Dufferin nnd Ava
and to Sir Charles Tupper in 1898."
Nor must It be forgotten thnt by
boasting of what you had accomplished for Canada, you hnve prevented the adoption of your treaty
tip to the presont time, and that tho
only treaty In existence today Is
that negotiated by mc In 1803.
claim great credit (or
  „ . ...
JclTorts to secure the All-Red
whereas you should    apologize
killing that enterprise after I
secured from the British Government
subeidy of £75,000 a year     for        _     ,. .„., „„.„...„.,.„   „,
ten years, and made a contract with J Europe, Asia and the United States.
Whon all your efforts to obstruct the
National     Policy   and the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway
ended in failure, you as leader, joined with Ernstus Wymnn, whoso avowed policy was to    induce Canada
to abandon allegiance to Groat Britain nnd become part of tho United
States, in advocating unrestricted reciprocity with tho United Stntes, although    you   knew that it involved
the adoption by Canada of tho Amorlean tariff against England.      Tho
Liberal Conservative party saved Canada und secured to us the priceless
continuation of   British   institutions
In that   crisis,     which wns so grave
that tho Hon. Edward Blake refused
to go Into tho battlo with you, because ho would not fight undor false
pretences nnd imperil  Rritish   institutions.       You know ns well ns   I
thnt Republicans   nnd Democrats a-
like agreed In the desire to possess
Oannda, ns they were well aware of
Its potentialities.   Tho Hon. William
A.  Seward, tho Secretary of   Stato,
under President Lincoln, penned   the
following prophetic words:   "Having
Its Atlantic sonport at Halifax   and
its rnciflc depot near Vancouver Island,  British America would  inevitably draw to     it the commerce   of
Canucks and Thistles, was also fairly oven, although there were somo
pretty dry and tamo streaks. Still it.
was fast enough for Some of l>" I
men who were phi.vi,;: . '1 .' (' '
forward line settled down to ,:..;...
but roally good movements. Mike O'Con-
' 'noil and Punch Simpson played tho
best wing game of the day, nnd if
Jininiy had been in tlie humor, he
could have improved on the score
from1 some of the work thc hoys did,
However, he got through twice, nnd
cinched the game. Cello played a
whale of a game, and with a little
coaching will develop senior form,
.limmy Shnng plays a "heady" back
game, and his play has all the oar-
murks of class. He is light for tho
position; but it w
Why have an oven
sufficient only for three
pies when "Sask-alta"
Range oven will take
four pies and other
cooking? The more
baking space you have
—the less fuel you use—the less work you do.
Fuel and work are just about the main items
of expense in the kitchen.    "Sask-alta".
Range saves both for you.
surprise the
if be is not out in front of
Hartley' beforo the season is ovor.
ovor. The game was won by the
Canucks by two goals to one.
There is need for a word or two
about the refereoing of these games.
Of course thoy are friendly encounters and one docs not look for nny
harsh decisions. All the snme tbe
'.ory object for which the games nre
played would be defeated if tho
referee does not insist upon tlie
games being playod according to the
rules. It is not always an easy mutter to enforce the ollside law; but it
is not hard to spot the playor who
makes n practice of laying behind
the opposing backs.
Winnipeg, Sept. 14.—Sir Charles
Tupper has given to the public the
following open letter to Sir Wilfrid
Winnipeg, Man.,  Sept. 9, 1908.
To the Right Honorable Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, G.C.M.G.
Ottawa, Ont,
Dear Sir Wilfrid,—In your    ■—_*
 .^n _. jupjgch a{ sorel, I find the following
looking after himself and furthering I „,„„„„„ »„  „.  „-      ..
reference to myself: 'My old friend,
Sir Charles Tupper, who, after many
defeats, has withdrawn from tho
struggle, has como out from his re-
one this regularly since 1898."
I do not know what you mean by
:iy "many defeats," as I was elected
his own interests is concerned, Ralph
is „ past master. Moreover, ho is an
experienced campaigner, and nobody
is more alive to the necessity in ol- -troa_ t0 predlct our defeat. He
ectlons of perfecting the pnrty mach- A.
inery and    linking up tho party   organizations.    Wo may go further   in
this case, and say that nobody real-.m my native CouIlty of Cumberland
Izos more thnn Smith does that, in fourteen times and twice hi
the coming election, he is depending' Breton, being defeated only
upon the party machinery for sue-'there, owing to my having, devoted
cess. Anybody that known Ralph, 'practically all my efforts to other
therefore, will take it ns a foregone |constituencies. If you refer to the
conclusion that the machinery will' defeats of my party, which oarried
be in the very best possible condi-^y,, cou__y in .867, 1872, 1878,
Won. 1882, 188V and   1891, I   would re-
Tho guestion for good COnserva-'mind you that the Liberal party
tlvea to answer In all this is what|ha(1 on,y b^,, succca8lUi In the elects hie party doing? There is one tlonB o( 1874i 1896i 19oo and 1904-
thlng certain that, as things are Po- it la a matter of history that the
htlcally nowadays, elections can not Liberal party only bbtainod power in
be won from the platform. A n.an's|i873 by giving six of their oppon-
vote is determined by the party is-jrats ^a in the cabinet, and that
sues of the day, the personalities of _, 1896 you defeated the Conscrva-
the candidates, nnd by tho candl- tive party by denouncing the Gov-
tfates attitude towards local ques ornment for not having disallowed
tions, irrespective of his party affl- the Manitoba School Act, which
liations. Into all this platform ora- took away the rights of the Catho-
tory only enters to a minor degree, 'licg, and when the Government
'A good committoo can do mm- .nnnu ..
the Messrs. Allan, of Montreal and
Glasgow, which would have given
a 20-knot service to Montreal in
summer and Halifax in winter, on
the lst day of Hay, 1898.
Your ch>' that you have promoted harmony between different races
and religions, ie best answered by
your speech at Richmond, Nova
Scotia, when you were obliged to
admit that you found greater harmony between those of different
races and religions in Nova Scotia
than in any other part of Canada. I
read that admission with much ploas
ure, us from the first hour of my
public lifo I had made equal rights
Thus, from a. mere colonial depend
3ncy, it would assume a controlling
rnnk in the world. To her other nations would be tributary, and In
vain would the United States attempt to bo hor rival, for we could
never dispute with hcr the possession
of tho Asiatic commerce, nor the
powor which that commerce confers."
And the Into Mr. Chnrles Sumner, in
the Senate of tho United Statos, In
1867, In reference to the purchase
of Alnskn, snld: "The present treaty is a visible step in tbe occupation of tho wholo North Amoricnn
continent. As such it will bo recognized by the world and accepted by
the American pooplo. But thut treaty involves son-thing more. By it
we dismiss one more monarch from
this    continent.       One by one they
, more work brought in a measure declared neces-
town than „   platform   packed  Sary by the Judical Committee
with political notabilities.   There is the Prlvv
_________ °'
„„o t-nvy Council to restore those
not the slightest doubt that the or- [ rigbia you joined with yra Orange,
ganization of the Conservative par-',„,„, ln deteating that measure by
ty in this constituency is a way be- obstructing a large majority of ths
hind that of either the Socialists or House of Commons, and then secures Liberals. Thero is now no time m tb_ n _, auebec b declftr.
to be lort In marshalling the force. log the __t m „ot g0 f„ „nough_
for the battle. Victory will go to an(| ^ j( you obMneA pomti ym
the party which Is the best organic would ,f n^ea„y to SMuro their
ed and which has the best workers. .,tigkU ,„ t|,eir mtlrety..( brlag ia
•It is a question not of brilliant a _trm^_ meafur8 .
tneaoouvrlng or of pell-mell assaults, ,„ 1(l|10 vou j^,,,^,,^ ,,„„„„_ ■„
but of steady persistent work of loy-   -—
- -      I have    retired:      First Franco, thon
■or all, irrespective of race and'Spain, (hen France again, and now
creed, n cardinal principle. Russia, all g:vlng way to that    nb-
Allow mo now to tell you on what' a-0rbinf* Unity   ,vhlch ls doc'nrl"1   '
base tho opinion I expressed when
... Of course, such
a player with a good referee is nothing but a drawback to bis side, nml
the city league can bo used to ilpfvo
that lesson homo.
Again, the rules, are very strict,
id necessarily so, against holding
_.• handling an opponent. Yot pushing, barring nnd obstructing with
the arms are ail offences common to
a lot of playors.
Another wholesale fault is thc habit of jumping with the feet or boring
Willi the back into an opponent who
is clearing a ball. There are times
when two players get totbo ball so
nearly together that *n collision oi
mix-up of some kind is unavoidable.
There are other times, and the offender knows it, when thoro Is no
earthly chance of touching tho ball
Undon, Toronto, Montreal Wlnnlpefc Vancouver, St John, Hamilton, Calfary
Ladysmith Hardware Co.
Excellent Boarding
asked what I thought would be the
r-nult of the impending General-Election. The political history of Canada shows that all our great prosperity is due to the policy of the
Liberal Conservative party, carried
In the very teeth of the most bitter
and persistent opposition of the Lib
era. party.
No intelligent   man   can be found
who can question the fact that   our
the nationnl motto, 'E plurlbus un-
um.' " In reference to the Pacific
railway of tho United States, com
pleted May 10th, 18fi9, tho late Mr.
Asa Whitney assured his readers in
_845: "You will see that it will
change the whole world, allow us to
traverse the globe in thirty days, civilize and Christianize mankind, and
place ub in the centro ofthe world,
compelling Europe on the one side,
and Asia ofnd Africa on thc other,
to pass through us."
When,  at the request of lho   late
Hon. Mr. Bayard, Secretary of Stato
and so ho bumps into the man who
has cleared or attempts to kick him.
It is a bad fault nnd neods to he
broken olT, and tho surest way to
get it broken off is for the roforoo
to penalize every offence of tho
Andy Hailstones refereed both
gamos on Sunday, nnd got through
his thankless office without nny very
violent criticism. Andy is absolutely
impartial, and as good n sport, in
the highest sense of thut very much
abused word, as thoro is to he found
in tho town or in the Provinco. Still j
he is a little slack on tho offside
business, and ho should mako those
league gomes serve as practic^kfor
him in the big leuguo games in'lwiieh
he is down to ofiieinte.
might, wear Attoll out in a finish
fight. There is no doubt, ho says,
about Nelson being Can's master.
The terrible Dune never lost his grin
and allowed no truces of exhaustion,
boing as fresh hi the 21st as in the
first round, Cans, he says, has Nelson skinned ut long range but the
Dane won't stand at long range and
Guns can't keep him there.
Joe was all the time mightily
afraid of his ribs and stomach, with
'the result that he left his faco un
guarded and got his eye closed ir
the third round, And at his best
ho nevor could stop the rushes of
Nelson or cover up front the hitter's
Herco pummelling. The old muster
was nil in in tho 15th round, and
ho was helpless all through tho20th
round. Only the money nt stake kept
him on his feot, and evon at that
it was an uotn>f cruelty, so helpless
ho was, and so strong nnd vicious
was Nelson.
Barclay & Conlin,
En & JSLRy Co
Sept. 22, 23, 24, 25 and 2
Excursion Rates
from all stations.
Tickets   on   salo Sept. 26th Inclusive.
Final roturn limit Monday,
»! service    to    tho standard-bearer
and honest endeavor for the  ijsrty,
its causes and principles.
'   4
office by trampling under foot 11
the principles to which your party
■hud been pledged, and raiting upon
the support of your race and religion.
In 1004 you sustained hy fnsten-
^^^^^^_ _—__ ; ing upon the country     gigantic debt
Por a 'time at least the question for •*• Construction of ths Grand
of the grading of that part of the Trunk F*em" Hallway, which you
sidewalk on First avenue whloh lies d«*'iired would Involve a charge of
-  - and  «18,000,000 on the public exchequer,
In a  w'"?reoS '* nas now been proved tha* J
between Blair & Adam's store
(High street has been settled.
way that fact is    In Itself a  relief.
* Billiards and Pool %
Beat Liquors and Cigun.
the cost will be nearly 1200,000,000
Your statement that you had achieved something ln the negotiation
of treaties not previously obtained,
requires no notice from me, as it hai
already boon emphatically contradicted by ths declaration! of the Colonial secretary, Lord Crewe, in ths
House of Lords, and by Sir Edwsvd
Orey In the House of Commons,
who wss tlie under eecretary in the
Foreign office when I negotiated the
1 treaty with France in 18-8, and li
now Secretary of State for Foreign
affairs. He said ln the House of
Commons, thatv"The Plenipotentiaries for the conclusion of the Commercial convention between   France
n........ ....   v     t—   ■ .;"7-_,v ll vleited hlni nt Washington in 1887
KLP   "l°".tM T ?"oin*,by he said:   "Well, Sir Charles, tho Con
Confederation,   the   -dootlon   of  r1
protective policy, and the construe'
tion of an lnter-oceanic railway.
Some Political History.
The proposal to complete the confederation of British North America
by the Inclusion of British Columbia
on\ the only terms by which that
could be obtained, giving; that province railway communication with
tho rest of Canada, was fiercely denounced by the Liberal party as ruinous. Tho result of,this opposition
wal a large reduction ot tho Conservative majority in the election of
1872 and the party thus weakened,
was defeated in 1878 by the notion
of six of its supporters, wh> thus
obtained seats In the Liberal Cabinet.
The Liberal Government then formed, dissolved the House and obtained a large'majority.    They pursued
a Free Trade policy, which  brought
the country   to a deplorable   condition.    The Opposition propounded a
protective  policy   and   carried  the1
country ln 1878 by an overwhelming
majority.    That    policy was established ln the face ot the most determined  opposition.      The* Increasing
prosperity enabled    the Government
to vigorously prosecute the construction   ofthe  railway to the  Pacific
ocean.    In April, 1880..  Mr. Blake,
the leader dt the Liberal Party, moved a resolution ln the House of Commons to compel the Government'  to
suspend all construction beyond   the
eastern side of the Rocky Mountains
and Implored the' Hotiss not to  ruin
Canada for the sake of 12.000 wh'to
people in Brltlah Columbia.   He was
supported on that motion by the entire Liberal Party, including   yourself.    In October of that year   the
Government entered Into a contract |
with the Pacific   Railway syndicate,
for the   completion of the   railway,
and it wae opened for traffic    from
ocean to ocean in 1886.    Tbat  contract was strenuously opposed by the
Liberal party, although no man can
deny that It has resulted tn  untold
benefit tb Canada.   The company   Is
now     operating    more than 13,000
miles of railway, and has provided a
fleet of steamers affording the most
rapid Communication between Canada
and Great Britain.       Who, then   I
ask, will dare to aay that without
tliese great measures which you and
your party have so bitterly opposed,
Canada  could    have   attained   the
great position it now occupies?
Unrestricted Reciprocity.
But that Is not all.    It will never
be forgotten that our position as an
important part of the British  Empire was imperilled by your  party.
federation of British North Amorlca
and tho construction of the Cnnad-
lan Pacific Railway havo brought us
face to face with a nation, and wo
must now ilonl with international
matters from that point of view."
No ono can read these opinions "I
the public men of thc United Stat.'a
without seeing tho vital Importance
of those great measures from u national standpoint.
Boaten on every issuo betwwn tlio
two pnrtles, you owed your success
In 1896 to a ■lanus-fnceil policy when
the interests of your French co-rell
glonlsts were nt stake, and I think
you will agree with mo that undor
the circumstances I had reason to expect a fair share of support from
Tho bye-eloctlons in Brockville nnd
Huron proved that In Ontario most
disgraceful frauds woro resorted to
by Liberals In 1896. In theelctinn
of 1900 in Ontario I was opposed liy
two Oovotnmonts, with all tholr pnt-
ronnge and unlimited moans, while
thore was but a small subscription
made by the Conservative party I y
a few friends In Toronto, which only
admitted of a slight contribution to
aid tn meeting the legal oxponses
howevor, although you hartva major
ity of twelvo In Ontario whon tho
Dissolution took place, at the closo
of tho election I had a majority of
eighteen, and my defeat was secured
by a solid French voto and tho Influence of tho Govornmont In tho
smaller provinces, all of which woro
supporting you except Manitoba. Am
I not warranted, under theso circumstances, when your opponents are in
powor In Ontario, Manitoba British
Columbia, nnd Now Brunswick, In
expecting that the great party »ho
have dosplt all tho obstruction of
these so-called Liberals, mado Canada what It is, wlll recoivo from tho
electorate the support to which tiny
are entitled 7
If further evidence is vantlng to
show that yours is a lost cans?, It
is to be found In a Session wi-ted
by the frantic offorts of your Government to conconl the Information
on public matters to which tho
House and public nre entitled, and
to pass an Act to onablo the samo
frauds to be perpetrated ln connection with tho electoral lists in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario,
and Quebec as wero used In your
support nt the last Dominion election in Manitoba.
Hoping that I havo satisfied ;ou
that I have sufficient reason for the
confidence I feel In the triumph of
my able successor, Mr. R. L. Bordon,
in the coming contest, I remain,
Yours faithfully.
Among thc interesting tilings which
Steve Docker suvv (luring his trip to
California were tho two championship battles between Nelson und
Guns nnd Attell und Moraii. Steve's
opinion of the two latter, Is that
Attell is much the cleverer; but that
the Britisher is the    stronger    and
Sain Jordan, tho new manager of
llilletor, the Toledo wrestler, writes
a forcible letter to the Nanaimo Freo
Press, in which ho issues a challenge
lo Tommy Gay to wrestle Billeter in
Nunaiino for an.v"_mount from $500
up to 81,000. He nlso stntes tlmt
nftor getting through with Gay he
is willing to tako on Ashman at 183
or 184, mntside, for nny part of II,-
000 a side and the winner to take
the Bate roceliits.	
will be in  eflect
Double Dally Train servico on September 28rd, 34th, 25th, 26th and
Trains leavo Wellington at 8 a.m.,
and 3 p.m. Arriving at Victoria.
12:05 p.m., and 0:55 p.m.
L. V. CHETHAM,    '
Aotlng District Passenger ..gent,
Victoria, 11. 0,
WINDSOR, Ont., Sept. 21. — A
ai—a giving the name of Kilos John-
nun Is under arrest for passing counterfeit American half dollars. A number of peoplo were victimized.
•isiwifn 11» i
Sale of Land for Unp.id Taxes in South Nanaimo, North Nanaimo
and Nan iimo City Assessment Districts, Province of British Columbia
ft,*', her0by gi™ notico that on "ri'ilay. tho ninth dny of October, A.D.,  1908, at the hour of tnn „.„, -i. ■
the forenoon   nt the Court House, Nnnnimo, I shall sell at. public auction   the   lands, i_° thei list"i,_2,0Ck»te
sot out of the persons In the said list hereinafter set out for tho delinquent taxes unpaid hvth„7jn','ter
sons on the'Slst day of December,   1907, nnd for interest, costs and expense,,   lnoludC the en»t "}* -^
tislng suid snlo, if the total amount   is not sooner   „„iH '   "'0,ualnS ™> cost of adve
Nnmo of Person
i j'j      ' i ,   |   ,
Raven  Copper
Gold Co	
Spratt Copper
Gold Co	
Tncoma Steol Oo...
Tacoma Stool Co...
Tacoma Stool Co...
Treat, H. W	
Van   Anda   Copper
& Gold Co	
Von   Andu   Copperl
Al Gold Co.
Vancouver     Island
Building -Resource!
MoQufllo,  Estnto of
Patterson, Mnrgaret
Beck, Estato of Robert. ....
Bock, Estnto of Tlo.|
Reck, Estato of Ho-|
Bock, Estnto of Ro.
Barnes, Snrnh .Tnno
Pacific Whaling f;o
Rich. P.
Rich. P,
not soonor   paid.
E   Ti-Tj
Part of Lot tl,
111 acres, Texada Island
Part oi Lot 1,  261 acros, Texada Island 	
I,ot9 1, 2, 8, 4,  nnd 5, 971 acres, Toxada Island.,
Part of Lot 16,   520 acres, Toxada Island 	
Lot 23,  220 acres, Toxnda Island	
Lots 11, 1% and 13, 518 acres, Texada Island .;..
Lots 7 and 8. 185 acres, Toxada Island
Lot 14, 381   fcros, Toxada Island	
Lot 20,  155 ucrcs, Toxnda Island
Delinquent Taxes.
|f-torost up to
date of  Sale.
£     I
lU-M      t .53      $2.00      118.99
N.W. } Section 23, 11 ncrcs, Onliriola Island 	
E pt. Sect. 2 nnd 3, Rnngo C, 147 ncres, Codar Dist.
E pt. Sect. 9, Rango 5, 57 acres Cranberry District,
W pt. Sect. 9, Rnngo 6, 18 acres, Cranberry District.
E pt. Sect.  13, Rnngo 0, 40 ncres, Cranberry Dlstrlct|
W pt. Sect. 18, Range 7, 50 acres, Crnnborry District]
Lot 25, 100 acres, Wellington District	
Lot 41,  20'.* lures, Wellington DlBtrlct	
I I I ! I '■
Pnrt of Lot M. 20 ncros, Nnnooso District 	
Lots 7, 8, 11, 30, and 78, 2008 acros, Nanooso Di'Jt
Lot. 82. Ion ncrres, Nanooso District 	
Galnos,  Stophon
Part of Lots 15 and 16, Rango XL, 8 87-100   acres,
Nanaimo City District.	
45.75 '
i     ]
15.52 ;
- 56.43
-!-■ !i
M. 14'
Nanaimo, 17th Sept., 1008.
U. BATE, Collector. Telegraph News ofthe
World in General,
MONTREAL, Sept. 19.— The   fol-
wing nominations for the Commons
nre made yesterday;     South   Sim.
oe, Huughton Lennox,  Con.       Con'
re York, Dr, McLean,' Lib.   Quebec
I'entre, „. Lachance, Lib,
the surface and the (lames were communicated to several hundred gallons of the inflammable fluid which
had been pumped out of the tanks
of the submarines S. Peuke and
Grampus, which were moored alongside the float.
MONTBEAL, Sept. 19.-TJio Oita-
ra correspondent of "Canada" says
Mr Wilfrid Laurier    will nut   have
Manchester,    Eng.,    Sept.    18.—A
lockout of 200,000 workers engaged
In the Lancashire cotton    trado     is
,ime to go west of Winnipeg boforo threatened by   tho   proposal of tho
Mae election*.
OTTAWA, Out., Sept. 19.- E.
ivlin,  M.P.,  liberal candidate
right    -ounty    Is seriously ill
Terrebonne, Quebec.
St. John, N. i)„ Sept. 19.—The
Newfoundland legislature was dissolved yesterday and Monday, Nov.
21 was named as the date of the
general uleci.ons. Premier Robert
Bond will be tho Government Leader
■luring the campaign and the Opposition will be headed by Sir Edward
tf orris, who until last year was at-
orney general for the Bond Cabinet,
The elections occur Just one week alter the general elections In Canada.
Master Cotton Spinners' Federation
to reduce wagos by 5 por cent. With
tho view of enforcing this demand,
"' tho omployers sent out notices to
in the operatives stating that the rout duction would como into forco on
Sept. 21. At a meeting of the general committee of tho Operative
Spinners' Amalgamation in this flity
it was decided to tako a ballot on
the question. Tho operatives will bo
asked whether thoy will accept or
resist tho reduction, and it is believed that tho returns will show an
overwhelming majority in favor of
the latter course.
Altogether 80,000 members of tho
union will participate in tho ballot,
and if a lockout takes place there is
a possibility of 500,000 operatives
becoming involved. As one way out
of the difficulty, it is suggested in
some quarters that the operatives
should be asked to accept a reduction of 24 per cent.
Cleveland, Ohio, Sept. 19—Jan.
McGuire, former catcher! Wtd manager for the Boston American Lea-
jue Baseball team signed with the
Cleveland aggregation for the remainder of the season.
TORONTO, Ont., Sept. 19.-   The
laymen ot Sydney, N.S., have pledg
ed (10,000 for mission work as against $4,000 lost year.
•■■    ♦   '
QUEBEC, Sept. 19.- The steamer
Montrose la reported ln the gull.
■ihe ia due at Quebec early Monday
WILLEMSTAD, Curacoa, Sept. 19
Tha Netherlands, Commander
iesland, arrived   here from  home
-tars this morning. She exchang-
aalutes with the forts as ah*
into the harbor.
SHERBROOKE, Que., Sept. 10.-
Allan Steam, living two miles from
rlQ-, Que., has been found dead
a well near his houso. Ho is
itippoaed to ' have fallen into the
well while drawing water.
MONTREAL, Sept. 19,-As a re-
ult of the rain laat night, amok*
tad fog which completely tied up
hipping In the harbor yesterday,
I almost disappeared today and
__ big ocean liners were able to
■all tor, *en thi* morning.
WINNIPEG, Man., Sept. 19,-Earl
3ray, governor general ot Canada,
arrived ln Winnipeg, early this morning and will remain here till thiB
afternoon. He then proceed- west
on a hunting trip. _arl Grey will
no the guest ot Senator Klrchholtor,
ol Brandon while ln the West.
ALBANY, N.Y., Sept. 19. - The
luthoritles wer* advised today from
Glens Falls of a nre extending down
Ut* west aide of the Hudson from
Stone Croak. In appeals tor assistance, assistant Chief Forester Woodruff telegraphed the nearest Or* wae-
den to get to the Are a* many men
ea possible. It ia understood that
Vthe fire* in the Catskill are under
London, Ont., Sept. 19 — Percy
I-Hon, of Toronto, who registered
aa merchant and dealer in bankrupt
stocks, ia arrested on charge ot misappropriating |750, preferred ez-
against him by George Head,' also of
Toronto, Head claims that they
wer* partner* in disposing of bankrupt stook*. At Ripley a (took realized (1.500, whieh should hav*
been divided between the two, but
Hoad charge* that Patton made
•wax with the whole proceeds.
OTTAWA, Oat., Sept. lO.-An or-
(tar in council provide* tbat thi*
yaar'a Juvenile Delinquent* act can
li* enforced only in cities wh*r*
than ar* proper    detention  homss,
' conducted oa the  line* of a  family
residence, situated a distance   Irom
I) tha jail, that there be aa industrial
•ohool to which dellnhusnU may  be
court or county court Judg* to offl-
I date In juvenile court*, that there
Is * municipally supported *tau* or
probation officers and some society
or committee to act a* juvenile
court committee.
VALLBJO, Oal„ Sept. 19.-A gasoline Ure ia the navy yard yesterday, wherein Theodore May, chief
machinist lost hi* Ml*, aad ntvaral
nun were Injured, la now believed
to have coat three live* Id all. Fred,
Martin, a bunboat boy aad an Italian laborer, whoa* nam* I* not
known, are mining, and there 1* every reason to believe that thsy perished In the water lato which they
plunged when the flams* surrounded
th* floating workahop containing
nearly thirty men. It la generally
believed that a lighted match wae1*
thrown Into th* wator ignited at
Quantity ol refuse gasoline afloat oa I.
__>. . . t
MANILA, Sept. 19, — During the
eleven hours between 8 o'clock, this
morning and 1 o'clock this afternoon
3d cases of cholera and 17 deaths
from lhe disease have been reported
tn this city. The increase to-day
does not <\»courago the local oillciais who ore conlldent that the outbreak, is not serious and that it
will be speedily controlled.
St. Petersburg, Seit. 19. — The
percentage of mortality of cholera
cases has increased nnd is now over
fifty per cont.. Betweon 400 and
500 new cases wore reported betweon noon yesterday and noon today. The figures do not show any
material increase from those for
the previous 24 hours.
Ottawa, Sopt. 19.—Eight thousand
Canadian war veterans who aro entitled to land in tho Canadian Wost
under bounty act of last season,
hnvo decided .to organize themselves
into a Federation to be l.nown as
tho Dominion veterans association,
with the object of advancing and
protecting their interests in many
Victoria, B. C, Sept. 19.—Enquiries by Salvage Companies regarding
the possibility of salving tho Steamer Aeon, wrecked on Christmas Island, havo disclosed the fact that
tho engines have broken away and
tho hull is breaking up. No hopo of
salvage is entertained. The Canadian
Australian line agonts say the Steum
cr Manuka will undoubtedly call at
Christmas Island ns instructions to
that effect will bo cabled from Sydney to which port tho survivors of
tho Aoon will bo taken.
The H. M. S. Algerino, now at
Esquimalt is preparing for a cruiso
to Christmas Island, tho scono of tho
wreck of the Aeon, and other Islands
of the South Pacific. Until a fow
years ago a cruiso was made annually to the Islands of tho South Pbci-
flc to investigate tho possibility of
castaways being found on uninhabited islands nnd to renovate graves,
otc. With tho addition of the Algerino to tho Esqllllunlt station tho
practico is being revived.
NEW YORK, Sept. 19.—A special to tlie World Irom Mlddletown
N.Y., says: "An employee of au ice company here wus delivering!
a cake of ico to a customer on Orchard Street today when he
discovered a irog in the centre of the cake. The ico was melted
and tlie frog taken out. After it had been exposed to tho sun for
about ten minutes, the frog commenced to hop around apparently
none the worse for its ice imprisonment. It is a remarkable fact
that the ice from which the frog had been taken was in storage
for two years. Tlie frog was exhibited about the city for some
NEW YORK, Sopt. 19.—A Trlluno special from Nowport, 11,1;,
says. In accordance with figures that havo leaked out bore there
appears to be a shortage of torpedoes in the navy, especially tlio
Whitehead variety, as compared with those on hand in the navies oi
other countries, lt is said the Unitod titutes is fur behind Great
Britain, Germany or Japan,
It is understood that this country has less than 5,000 submarine torpedoes on hand, while Great Britain has ton thousand stored away, Germany and Japan are each said to have four thousand. The government supply has hoe]1 increased one hundred during the yoar and will go up moro whon tho torpedo factory hero
is started about tho Ilrst of tho year.
m. mo^GAN, .wsmrnmrnm
Teacher of Voice Production and
Engagements may be left at the
Standard  Olllce.
Telephone, 1 2-4.
li 0.
Toronto     Magistrate     Unmercifully
Criticises Methods of City
Legal    Department. i
When a Street    Car   Attempted
Pass Through its Lines. Crew
Is Injured.
Toronto, Sept. 18,-0olonel Joh_ OHI-AOO, 111., Sept. 21.1HA street
Knox Leslie, former treasurer of the car waB dO'™11"'"*1 ind its crow in-
Canadian National exhibition,    was  jUI'od J'68**"1^ «'hen a religious pa
committed for trial in a sensational
judgment by Magistrate Dennison
yesterday on the charge ot stealing
$18,940 of the exhibition funds.
The city's legal department comes
in for unmerciful criticism in the
judgment because of the alleged
squeezing as tho result of which
Leslie's wife gave her name to a
note for (11,000 and gave also
rade of 12,000 persons led by Bishop Paul Rhode became a maddened
mob in Chicago Heights, lt was
with difficulty that the Bishop, who
was on his way to dedicate a new
cemetery, prevailed upon the march,
ers to rostoro order. The riot took
place noar the City Hall of a suburb, when the motorman of the car
ntte      ••    i,i imss through ths    line
*25,000 inotrgage to make good her ot the parade'   The nmrohers ]M,am
husband's shortage.    The magistrate offon(""1 whon thcir ra"1's "lv   ,,is
characterized the proceedings as improper, illegal and discreditable   use
of tho police force to squeeze money
from a lady who had done no wrong on""""*1.  tho woodwork broken and
turbed and in an instant the
wns filled with flying stonos anil
siles.    The windows of the car
,-. ore
the crow hurt. The passengers in
the car fled in terror and sovoral suffered slight wounds from broken
glass and crowding.
LYONS, Sept. 19.—The Lyons pos
tal authorities aro about to test a
new telephonic apparatus which Is to
abolish the telephone girl. The device enables subscribers to communicate with eaoh other by means of
an apparatus Installed ln their own
homes. The system will be in working order by Monday when 200 subscribers selected by the administration will, by turning a handle and
arranging in order the numbers on
a dial attached to the transmitter,
te able to obtain communication
within nine seconds.
NEW YORK, Sept. 18.-Two mino
planters will be sent to the Pacific
aoast .to augment the coast defences
there, according to the present plans
of the war department. The mine
planters tentatively selected are Gen.
Henry J. Hunt, now nt Fort Wads-
worth, and Col. George Armlstond,
at Fort Hancock, Sandy nooi. Brig
Gen. Arthur Murray, chief of coast
artillery is here to arrange for their
departure. They may leavo with the
fleet ot the lighthouse tomorrow.
VANCOUVER, Sopt. 18.m Goorgl-
sa Ross, daughter of Donald    Ross,
chairman of tho Central school board
had a    narrow    escape from being
'burned to death yesterday.  Her dress
caught fire   while   she was lighting
the stove.     She   rushed out of tho'
house, where fortunately she encoun-'
tered Mr. John Moon,    one of  the
pioneers ot the   district, who   with ]
great pluck and presence    of  mind, i
who owed the city nothing, and who
was not responsible either for the
defective auditing which made possible defalcations extending ovcr a
year and a half,
His Worship warned the public
against tlio dangerous idea that city REGINA, Saak., Sept. 21.—Twen-
money may bo stolen and the offence ty-0ne laborers employed on the par-
be changed Into a civil liability by ilament buildings went on striko to-
the aid of rich relatives. uoy and 6ometlilng in the nature of
a free fight took place. One man
was thrown off the works by a fore-
<mnn, and all   strikers allege    they
were forced from the grounds at tho
84th Annual session of   the   Sover- point o( . revolvor     TMs story   ,a
oign  (irand Lodge,  Independent Or- considered unlu_ly>  however.      The
mon claimed they wero getting twenty cents an horn-, but whon paid   oil
DENVER, Col., Sopt, 21.— Fully
5,000 delegates and visitors of the
order are. in ihe city to attend   tlie
Talks all
the time
Give you the
Best there is
We guarantee all our
goods — Everything
Fresh and Clean
President anil Managing Director.
rv Treasurer.
Head On-ici-:
Grocery Store.
Capital $10,000,000  Rest $5,000,000
A Saving- Hank Department will be
found at tho branches of the Bank in Canada. Deposits of $1 and upwaifls are
received and Interest is allowed at current
rates. The depositor is subject to no
delay in thc withdrawal of the whole or
any portion of the deposit. Accounts may
bo opened in tho name:* of two or more persons. Withdraw, is. to ho mad.) by ;.ny one
ot tha number or by thn survivor.        ■-'-
L. M. do GEX,   Manager
der ol Odd-Follows. The convention began its deliberations this
morning ln the Auditorium and will
conclude Saturday morning.
WINNIPEG,  Man.,  Sept.   21.-The the"strike.
Manitoba Government have disposed __
of $313,000 phono debentures iu
Montreal and New York ot 98. This
is considered a good prico at this
wero given from thirteen to   seven-
teen cents for 12 hours. This caused
PROVIDENCE,  B.I., Stpt.  19. -
William J. Bryan,   the   Democratic
* " candidate for President, '.-day   was
TRIPLE Ml'I'DRUER IS ON TRIAL Iihod(J .^^ guMt    'A ,.„.{, _„,-
FREEHOLD, N..I., Sopt. 21.—Tho come was given him hore, tio puti-
case of Frank _ostoras, the solf-oon- clpants in tho domonstratl >n includ.
fessod triple murdoror, wa,i called for | ,-g Ioadi DemoCrats In in man,
tnnl today. That insanity s in bo, ° ,„-.,.
tho basis of tlie .Monro hocauw up- P""' °» New England.
parent In tho initial procnortliigfl in I Mr. Bryan returns to Nov York to-
court. A numbor of witnesses, am-■ n|ght. Tomorrow morning, after fce-
ong them soveral who formorly   (in-  , ,   .  .    .    .  .__.,■_.    -■_
ployed tho defendant, o ..«., ectu.11 "- entertained at breakfa.t l.yFier-
to testify to their bollof Uint tho \ -nan Rlddor, the Presldendil uiiili-
youthful murderer   is of unbalanced; date    will    Journey     to Esopus to
Sled Is Iron free from dirt, airi
or foreign substance fused with
carbon. ,Carbon gives toughness
stcngth, keeness and life.
Thirty year's study of the razor
situation has shown a way to
add the highest per cent of
carbon to a Carbo Magnetic
razor blade throng a secret
processof KLCCTRIC TEFIPEff.
IN, giving ii a uniform diamond like hardness-some.
filing absolutely Impossible
with flre tempered razors,
and they are Hamburg ground. „
Bui Test this UNCONDITIONALLY -U»RANT£_D razor atl
iiome-or haveyourbarbcru.se I
It on yoii-fbr thirty days V"~
Effective Juno Oth.
Trains Leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9:00 and 16:58.
j    Trains r\rrive at Ladysmith
I Dally at 11:57 and 17:(.-,
District Passenger Agent.
1102 Govornmont St., Vlotprld,
lhe Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
P.O. Box 54 'Phone 44
Dealer in All Kinds of
—oats Delivered free of charge on tbe
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
Tho crlmo for which Zostoras is to
stand trial was coniniittotl nt "Marlboro on- Mny 16 lust. His victims
were his employer, William I', sheppard, and his wlfo, Jos-jphlne ,al«'p-
pard, and thcir servant, Jl'lirJn Brady. Tho murders wore committed in
tho night nnd apparently were with,
out any definite motive. Tho first
victim was Mrs. Sheppard, who was
killed as she was warming milk f>r
hor baby. The murderer shot her
threo times and she died almost instantly. The husband ivns ll,*. t ns
ho was coming down stnirs to rescuo
Ills wife. Tho servant girl mot hor
doath ns she was trying to escape
from tho houso. After tho triple
crime tho youthful murdoror wont to
tho house of a neighbor and told
him that all woro dead In the Sheppard homo. Zesterns, tho sivno afternoon, was token into custody bo-
causo of his conflicting statements,
and after his arrest a confession
wns soon obtained. During tho period ho has spent In Jail ho has displayed no concern over his probnblo
fato and In court ho nppoarod smiling and unperturbed.
s|*nd the day with ox-Judge Alton
n. Parker, 1     11 f1H_i
Lad ysmith Hardware Co,
i       Bowling
.     Alley
And Billiard Saloon!
Pool and English
Billiard Tables.
MALVERNE, Pa„ Sopt. 19.- The
131st anniversary of tho Paoll mes-
sacro, where Oen. "Mad" Anthony
Wyne'e troops were slaughtered by
the British soldiers, was celebrated
with interesting exercises on the
battlefield noar here today. Sevoral
thousand people, Including many representatives of tho various patriotic societies, attended tho celebration
The speakers Included William H.
Berry, former State troasurorj William H. MacElree, district attorney
of Chester county, nnd sovoral othor
persons of prominence.
took htr ln his arms, with her dress
blazing as It was, and smothered tlie
flamee- Both the young girl, who
It 14 years old, and hor rescuer were
painfully, but not seriously Injured.
Berlin, Sept. 19.—Tho Interparliamentary Union which Is
now in session hore hns accepted the Invitation oxtondod from
Canada to moot In Quebec ln
NEW YORK, Sept. 21.—The steam
ship San Juan which arrived yostorday from Ponco, followed tho trail
of the hurricane all tho way up the
coast. Just before she left Ponce
on the 15th ono of the officers said
last night, a wireless message was
received, saying that 1)0 persons In
Mntthewtown, Oa., had lost their
lives there tn a hurricane. That Is
•early one-half ot the population ol
the Island, which Is nearly all negroes
 "i Daily Prize for Highest
kmt>M*i •*-**_*#*#m**_4**_«****_*«m^******_.       Bowling Score.
-    Exhibit'on
I LailyMi.lth. B. 0.
British Columbia's
Premier Fair 1
September 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26
Everything New, Modern and Up
_^-__>       The Minute       *--____
Dlsselulii.il oi pjrt.trsl.lp.
Tho p: rtnei'ship heretofore ex-
stinjr between the undersigned is
! this day dissolved by mutual con-
'sent.   All debts  due to and all
I debts by the uidersigned aro payable to n.:d by Joseph CartwrighL
Ladysmilh, B.C, Aug. 24th, 1908
aug. i!6th 1 m
New Grounds
New Buildings
New Attractions!
I 13? Horse Show Every Evening
| Cash Tombola Prizes Every Day^ES
| 4 Days' Great Horse Racing
* Trotting, Paoiug, Running, Steeplecliasing.
I '"■   '
.3< ^~mm*mm                       »-m——_—m_—_o^——_—_._,————_,——_—_
•j Excursion Rates  from Every Here,   For
1 Prize Lists or information, address
* J. E. SMART, Manager.
Hotel Cecil
Boat Liquors and Cigars,
[Teacher of Music]
|Studio in Williams' Block
.Will bo In Ladysmith ovory Wednesday at tho Abbotsford Hotol, Room
6. Readings and trootmonts will bo
given. Bost of reforoncos given as
to work dono In Nanaimo.
Full Stock of Minara' Tools.
Ship Kspulring Work
A Specialty
All  kinds (K  Blacksmithlng
Sons at Short Notlco.
and Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding  nnd  Party  Cake* Mai!.-  to
Order. ,
Fruits and Cuiiilics of All Kinii
Prions aro    vory   reasonable     All
Customers treated alike.
On lho fsplnnade.
Ladysmith,  B. O.
The Best Butcher Shop
in Town is
Joo. fl. 1-tyan
Roberts Street
JL tkmt)^
l hotogi apher
First Class Photos.
Gnllory on First Avonuo SUITS
We have just received a shipment
ofthe most stylish and up-to-date
Men's Clothing
ever shown in town. All the latest
styles and the newest and most
fashionable patterns,
We also make to measure and
our stock of samples in this line is
Unsurpassed. Your inspection
is invited, come and be convinced.
vented from carrying anything more  -J£ft___-_e«_-£g£-£££>M!
dangerous than a stick of candy,       m *
4—%•_«»—_-%♦*<--. ■
Tho value of advertising in the
Standard was fully realized by a
prominent business man this week.
Mr. Trembath, the manager of the
Big Store, advertised a^stove for
sale in Saturday's issue. Before noon
on Monday he had seven callers and
he had to tell tho last six that the
range was sold.
A. Portrey was kicked by a mulo
yesterday and so badly hurt that he
had to be brought home. I
Strenuous 11
Mr. John Thomas Is advertising
the solo of the Ahron boot for which
he has secured tho solo agency. Tho
Ahron is a famous boot, durability
being its chiof recommendation. That
there is nothing cheap or shoddy in
its make-up cnno be soon from the
purposely mutilated samples in Mr.
Thomas'' show window. Mr. Thomas
is asking for Inspection and guarantees that the boot will give satisfaction.
Mr. Alex. Dunslro landed In Ladysmith yesterday from thc Old Coun-_
try. Alex, was here a couplo of
years ago nnd is back again to take
up residence here.
OnSaturday tho Standard will
publish n very unique story which
cannot fail to attract tho attention
of overy render. Soveral promlnnnt
Ladysmith pooplo nro to figure conspicuously in n real live romance on
which account the story will ho of
particular interest. Don't miss it,
for If you do you'll miss a good
Miss Mary Bagattin got back from
a three weeks' visit to Scuttle on
Sundny evening.
The locnl story to be published in
tho Standard Saturday will bo nn
oye-openor to all bachelors and will
-y / \ /-m f f     % - f iTT-rz-N show very i*lnin|y  that' in somo
E   I   If     A   I .      \   hi VV X cases at least there need be no tor-
iJ\J\J£\ IJ     _^l-TTIO rors in matrimony.
N.Y., Sept. 22-
Tlie Orand Duke    Cigar cha  •    •»
all brands.   It is made ln town, ind
•                              is tho best smoko in town. Don't for- _„„„__ „,_
Mrs. Annie Stevens came up   from »et t0 call for it.                           X OYSTER BAii
Victoria on  Sunday evening.     Mrs.                               ' Theodore    Roosevelt's final summor
Stevens is just    out    from Dolomi,                        , „.„»*i™, durlnir hia Dreaent term   of
Alaska, where she has spont tho win-    There will be a  practlso gam.  on vacation during hisprese" wrm
tor and spring.                                   ' Thursday    eveningi commencing    at office as president of the United -ta
 ♦                        'fi.30.    Ab many of the players    as M can-    to an end this morniog.
Mr. mid Mrs.    Steve    Decker got CB_ m r-^tf to turn out.    The when he and Ws family, who    havo
buck on Sunday ovonlng after a most .                       ,.   , hnc-, at    tne summer White House,
enjoyable holiday In California.        ,team °Pens UP ltM leaSue «e«son  oa he™  ,      te  ,T   *»„„._.
4                            I Saturday egainat Victoria, and lt is and his    executive, departed
Dr. Perry, once assistant    to Dr. the men who train who will get the
Wesson, and well-known in this dis- places,
trict, passed through town on Mon-,
day on tha morning train. Dr. Perry
has    been  back  to  Europe and has
We  do not  care how  strenuous boys are,
Clothing is built to stand
tho tost of time and tho playground—it's cut niul shaped
with care—double seats and (>
knees on tho trousers—double W
olbows on tho sleeves—hand- k
shaped collars, etc. 9
That's why "LION BRAND"
lasts so long nnd gives complete sntisfaction.
The now fail styles nro ronily
now, nnd a prettier lot of colors and patterns nover graced
our tables. Besides, there's tho
durable serges and homespuns
—genuine wonr-rosistcrs.
&i O, DISK «^^
—.      - f Come and    J
• Inspect    v
All Work Qunrantwd.
Visit the Foundry nnd make 1
your    own    choice.     You  will
snvo timo nnd monoy, and   got
better stitlsh Hlon.
Wall Papers
Gome and  Make Your
Selection—new stook
fresh in.
J. E. Smith,    Roberts Street
Gasoline launch, 20 foot by 5 It.,
with 8 h.p. Adam's motor. Harlow
adjustable canopy top, cork filled
[ < cushions, two anchors, wrenches,
tools, etc. Scats ten peoplo. A lino
son boat. Speed 6 knots, Cost ?-150
villi take SS00 cash. Apply Box
281, Nnnalmo. s!9-2
my Stock of Latest Styles ln
Wall Papers ;
Picture  Framing   a Specialty,
High Street.
Mclntyre foundry
Company, Limited',
!**»_*.%-•»__ _-____*»_»'('!
FOR .SALE—A steel range, six holes"
good as now. Cost Sfi0.no. Will sell
for $85.00. Apply Simon I.iilncr &
Co., Ltd.
C. Peterson's
Furniture Store
And Buy a Bali-Boarlng Now
Cpntury Washing Machine,
with Wringer Attachment—the
only Porfect Washing Machine
Blocks of land,    near'  Ladysmith,
from 5 to 10 acres.   For  particulars
apply to C. Gardner. slfi-lm
taken the hospitnl honors in his profession.
Miss  B_.   Jackson   left   on   Monday
morning for a  week's holiday.
from a  throng of residents,
for the White House at Washington.
I   At the same time Oyster Bay ceaS-
Don't forget the dramatic recital  ed to be the summer capital of  the
by Miss Underhill nt St. John's Mis-   __|tod     States,    a  title it proudly
sion Church on Friday ovoning. ,     „„„„„ „_„r.
You can holp a worthy cause and Md lor 66Vcn ymta-  ....  ,       ...
at the samo time, spend a very do-     Thero is   not a  resident in    this
lightful evening,  by attending     the little village from, the youngest,    in
dramatic recital to bo givon in tho wbom ihe president has always been
Mission Hall  of St.    John's church . ,,__,,„,   l_ u,- tnnhu. white
Mr. J. W. Coburn was ln town on on Friday evening,  by Miss Under- 8f*>tly interested, to the feeble white
Monday morning. hill, tho celebrated reciter. haired old men who have known tho
-  ■■»    . I ♦ president for years, that does    not
Dr.    Davis    of    Nanaimo    passed.   jf any  standard subscriber     who look with regret upon the close    of
through town this morning. ^^ ^ have ^^ ^  Mpy |()r |thg ,a<t     Tiresidontial sum.nor vnca-
Mr. R.  SmitTXnTthrough town'*"** 2B w"» eithor *"• or *>» ll '" "°n ■Utti «» <'«*'rtu»> °< thoir
this morning.
I: Is the Boot that Wears
FOR SALE—A house on tho cornor
of Motbuon nnd Third Ave. Six
rooms and -pantry, half a lot, cultivated, with fruit trees. App/y on
Notico is hereby given that the
first meoting of tlio annual court
of Revision on tho assessment roll
as prepared hy the assessor of tlio
City of Ladysmitli,1 will be hold 111
the Council Chambers, Ladysmith on
Wednesday, 4th November, 1908, at
7 o'clock, p.m.
* ,      City Clerk.
Mr. Bainbridgo tho resident engineer of the C. P. U. went down to
Victoria this morning.
the editor ho would be greatly oblig teemed citizen to his last term
«!. the duty of guiding the nation.
I 4 In several respects this has    been
I   There is one good thing to be  jot „„ exceptional vacation for the Pre-
In Victoria.    That Is Winch's  Grand  „,.„,      „„ .„„ „„,„„t„i„~i  „»  s«-
'Duke Cigar which is on sale at Wes- 8idmt'     Ha has a"**""811 at Sa'
MIbs Tongue is visiting hcr sister torndnlo Railway Cigar Storo, oppo- gs-more Hill more visitors than   be-
Mrs. H. Ward. site    the   E. & N. station, at the fure and at tho Bauio timo has done
 ♦— 'James'  Bay  Cigar Storo,    opposite much more    work y^ on preVj0Us
Mr.   F   Shepherd    pa**, through ^C. P.B. H-Wjjdrt^^b vacati0M        Th„ present ^^
town yesterday morning on his way run ljy lx!wls BIld _vailB, x  t0th national and state, has made a
to Victoria. j 4 tremendous amount of work Ior him
~~* I   The   Nanaimo    Athletic Club has ond kept the    stall of the executive
Mr. D. Stephenson was n   passen- |lm|]o a sp|W(|id doa] w!tl) tho Crl. 0nice busy day and night.
ger on the morning train „o Victoria ckot grounds.     xj,, club has «,,„.,.. t
cd the grounds which run to   loms-
thinn like eight acres, fro.n the Wes-
on Tui
S. Penman andihild tei-n Fuel Company for *1,S00, $300
visit to Scotland ,,„„.„ and t|)e W|1M ,„ four
Mr, and Mrs
returned from
on Monday.    The Ponmans left < it If
VANCOUVER, Sept. 22,-^The Wal-
pay- !;__   (ase   developed no sensational
ments of *8O0 a year.    The    rlub features    this morning.    Miss Bond
the Allans and Davidson, last April. „„ bem „,, „<lv|sed ,„ mMaf) lh, ^ ^
nnd were procedod on the return ,ur- deal, and d_»rves every succ», for  ___   _t th.    Ume of the previous
ney by Johnny Ford and S. Allan.    its enterprise.
Mr. Jos. Vlpond, of Narulnu was
in town on Monday.
trial. She brok? down once and
sobbed violently but soon regained
her comiosure.    Her testimony was
all cleared away; but tho smoke from
Winch's Orand Duko Cigars is gain. ,.    a, . .,   .     ......
 .  Ing in volume all the timo. The more a  ««lt_-_on of that related at tho
Mr. T. Morgan left vi'stsrday i.ior- you smoke them tho moro you   like last   trial. The only new feature
Applications for the position of
Auditor for tho Corporation of
Lndysmith, stilting terms, will he
received by the undersigned up till
8 p.m. on Monday, 28th Sept. 1008.
City Clork
Try a pair
Yon will
Nothing else
John Thomas
Exceptionally Strong and Attractive
In Tapestry Covoring   $16.00
In Velour Covering ,..  $18.00
A Few Bargains in Furniture
Combination Dressers at  $8.00
Lounges, mndo up noat and substantial, for   $6.50
Baby Carriages,   now   going at   10
por cont discount.
C. Peterson
Furniture Store
'Phono 1-3, First Avenue.
Po;orly Bowling Ailey
was peculiar ho should hunt deer
with a gun and dgg. A flno of $25
was imposed for shooting a hon
pheasant and another lino of $25 for Pins,
shoating a cock pheasant. Costs
of $8.20 will also have to be paid
by Mr. Gould, making in nil $58.20.
$8.00 Prize  for highest,  score    at
10 pins in ton days. $2.(10 for Five
nlng on a  trip to Seattle.
Edwin    J.  Higgins a  t'umhe land
The long expected  music  for   the
Lndysmith Male Voice Pnrty has nt man,
last arrived and all members     are ,    ^     carbollc    ,,,
requested to bo present tonlgnt    to .
get  their copies.    There is onlv    n     T, , * ,   .
month to go now till the concert, Kipporol Herring nnd smokod
nnd it Is tho duty of ovory inombor hut nt tho "•»' Ow-ory Store,
to got ns nearly as possiblo letter-
perfect with his scoro.
committed suicide on Sunday
Just arrived a large shipment of Negligee shirts, with
or without collar.
The very latest designs and
colorings in checks, stripes,
Fancy flgurod and silk fronts.
Prices ranging from $1.00 to
$1.76 oach. Como and get
(irst choice.
Mr. nml Mrs. Lowo and family aftor severn 1 months' nhsnnco In tho
Crow's Nest Puss country, roturnod
to town yestordny.
Freeh Orocorlos «ro arriving
at Gear's Ideal Store.
was ths statement that she had
broken off her engagement with a
youngi man named Frank Bigelow at
the suggestion of Walkem.
A hunting accident is rari rted >'Om
Cumlierlnnd. It seems that a mint-
or sniv a hnish move and fired Into
It. tho shot bndly Injured Wm. Uol-|
pits, n Northumbrian-, who Is well-
known In Lndysmith. Suely it Is
time that the man who mil firs at
every waving tree or bus'i wss prs-
William    Gould Pays in All $58.20
for Shooting Cock and Hen
Pheasants on Sunday.
The case of Wm. Gould, of Cedar
District, against whom special game
warden Gidley laid an Information
for shooting pheasants on Sunday,
came up before Police Magistrate
Ynrwnod this morning for hearing.
The principal did not appear being
nt work in Ladysmith, but his father was present, saying that the
son had gono out to shoot a deer
he had seen the Sunday previous,
but had run across the birds and
shot them.
The magistrate remarked that    lt
Tlalifnx, N. S„ Sept. 21.-Twonty-
fourth annual convention of trades
and labor congress of Cunada, opened this morning In tho Provincial
parliament building with about 70
ilelegntes in tittondanr.j from Halifax
to VlctJ'in. Prosidont Vervillo declared the session opon, ond addresses wcro mndo by Pros. Scott, Hull-
fax Trades Council, wclcomi ijr delegates,' J. Keir-Hnrdle and Fraternal
delegate Frnnoy, of tho Atwrictin
Federation of Labor. Mr. Kcir Hardle, who wns welcome! with cheers
said in tho capacity of a wainliiing
agitator ho wns connoctotl with the
labor movement in England for tho
past forty years and past quarter
of century Socialist. Ho hoped tho
day not fnr distant whon theso elements blended in Canada. Ho conveyed the good wishes of _ngl mil's
labor party to Congress.
Pogorly Bowli'g Alley
Saturday Special
f 1.60 and $1.25 Cuse Pipes for
75o Saturday only
Saturday will be the last day on
which you oan get the
Ladysmith View Book for
Knight's Boo kStore
Oyster East School.
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
"Tendor for School-house," wilt bo
received by the Honourable the Chiof
Commissioner up to 4 p.m., of Friday, thc 2nd Octobor, 1908, for tho
erection anil completion of n. small
one-room frnmo School-house nt Oyster East, Newcnstlc Electoral District.
Plans, specifications, contract and
forms of tender mny be seen on and
aftor the 28rd day of September,
1808, nt the ofTlco of tho Govornmont agent, Nnnalmo, and at tho
Lands nnd Works Dopnrtmcnt, Victoria, B. 0. i
Each proposal must bo accompnn
led by nn accepted bnnk cheque oi
certificate of deposit on,n chnrterod
bank of Canada, mado payable to
tho Honourable tho Chief Commissioner, for a sum equivalent to ton
per cent, of tho amount of tho ton
dor, which shall bo forfoitod if tho
I party tondorlng decline to enter In-
(to contract whon cnilod upon to do
so, or If ho fail to complete tho
work contracted for. Tho choquos or
certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tondorors will ho roturnod to
thom upon tho execution of the contract.
Tondors will not he considered tin-
floss mode out on the forms supplied
signed with tho actual signature of
the tenderer, nnd onclosodjn the envelopes furnished.
Tho lowest of any tender not ne.
cossnrlly accepted.
■P. 0. 0AMBLE,
Publlc Works Engineer.
Lands and Worvs Departments
Victoria, B. C, 17th Soptomber, '08.
A True
Having received notice to
vacate the premises, I am sel
ling out my entire stock re
gardless of cost.
For Bargains ia Watches, Chains, Brooches,
Pins and Rings, you have a
chance of a life time.
For the next 30 days you
enn get the highest quality
Jewelry at your own price—as
everything must go.
•Jewelry Store       lst Avenue
Ladysmith, B. C.
must Repiifiti tr Nik
cvKitcr w«rk.___-
! $'M. O'BRIAN   3K
Beady for Business
All kinds of Stationery
Tobacco and Pipes
and Post Cards
Come and See Us
H. HUGHES, lst Avenue
For Stomach and Liver
Splendid Blood Purifiers
Ladysmith Pbarmsej.
Ideal Grocery
Nothing Better for Breakfast
Chatham, Ont., Dopt. 31.—Wss
Roso Doylo, 80 yoars old, ls doad
from arsenic poisoning, taken in mistake for common salts.
Now York, Sopt, 23,—Through tlio
V-plosion ol her gasoline engine, tho
sloop Robert Palmer, belonging to
Capt. Orillln of Shelter Island, was
sot on flre and destroyed at Flsliors
Island last nliiht. Several of tha
passengers wcre burned by Uie escaping gasoline, hut will recover.
Our Winter Stook of
with Waterproof Soles
The Shoe Han.
First Avenue,
Ladysmith, B. C,
Just Arrived
A New Line of
Novelties    and,
' Fancy Goods at
Right   Pricks.
WjcKelvie Bros.
!'    Stamping Done
■ > ;— ■,
WW4t44411'111II t M4l


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