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Ladysmith Standard Feb 12, 1908

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Regular    $2.50.  S2.75 nnd $3.00,
'0'' •■•'■  $1.95
58 pnirs, Extra flood Vi-luos,   ;1J
yai-ds long. Oloarlng at (1.26 n pair.
Tho balance nf our regular 15 cent
Flannelettes   nnd Wraiiperettes going
10c a yartl
Taxation for 1908 Include*- Taxes for School and Sanitary Purposes-First Step in Direction of
Lighting System.
were in no great
by the"*,,-■,^ lu •"' ^
oy mo  settlers und Ushernmn
M and around Cowichan flsbtog Tr
uurv ""iT '"''"'"'il-od duri,   g
uftry mid JUurcli
Monday ovonlng.    Mayor' n      ' *^on    mil1
iireslded. and th,™ wero „"°fab,™ Uu"8"1'''1' '" miuu tor mo;franchise
work.   There ought to be u thorough I
U     11,1,1     I,-.     .......1.1     l  ,°   .  I
■ing Jan-
mi.!,, *,lu «-"eu.suu ior thu
Petition wus that the Japs wore des-
he hot, hWl.^^{^.S^^l^ *
in mind tor UioIFranohise Jucls pws"^"n    the
Mr. Aliissoy, c-J
party of frionds,
Mr. Parker Williams, M. P. P., Goes Over the Pro-
oeedings of the Provincial House.
u, rioavynooi sua
i   .
1    '
■ -^  ^  ^  -  -^ ^  ^   ^.tV.A.A.itliiiAiaiiAlAiAlaViaViaiialiaiiiaaWi
\ 1 Watch This Space
Tho fourth regular meeting -of   the round, but
City Council was   held In the   City rush.
Hall    on   Monday ovonlng.    Mayor',,AM* ata-thesou
j Nicholson    presided, and thoro
! present Aid. Campbell, Roberts, Ha- canvass and ho would l.af"e "t7miSd*j
that no t	
Had1 ■i.SPe",t    in u"oluss discussions".
IU ^rJ^^r^^m l! cost
Ud. Campbell >h„lo „oar the light house.    n"S Ifle'who' wa" SKafftr'  the
Wwswas  boen shot by ono of tho whalers and Sowancc*   of  as Son's NatS
courses  which    were constitutionally
open to Dunsmuir in rclusing   assent
Brown, McKinnell and Matho- that no one wus'inlssiitVr'^unstablo''ST,'.1*' "' '1'loi"jB'    including   Mt-ssi
,'    would also be in „    posi^I™*1," S?-i?ooder'i»n> Wot a  few
A communication    was   read from t-',08 t0 explain the thing to the peo-' 1,,,^ „ L ,,      '' sulu,u" Ashing, and
theCP.lt., granting to the city, sub-, ul»- Cv n J      ,''"""' hKk-     Mr? Mas-
Ject to certain sjiecified conditions, a L*^,£*^.aero*l ott.-AItt. Muthesun's' i„lo "„"',.,.. Iii.'**1"."?11     Swiftsure
piece of land opposite tho Now West- mollon that Constable Cullanrt,,,- i,„i:^i.0.i?iS2 .
ern Hotel. The land comprises about instructed to mako,-
a lot and a half, and give* the city to*,n- .   -Ms Ic
conffies'fi^G^'sfreeV'from Second"1*11 tftk<m up-    The 01t* Clerk read lost.    The Jups are now frying
Avenue the ■**'»■ °' th« dty b>"*"vv8 b8ar" th<1 »" for mttllH>t- purposes
ling on the question,   Besides   being|   Spring   Salmon    is plentiful.
A Socialist meoliiig was hold ia the  day     jj, lll0U(sut u
Saturday ovonlng.   lo the guverninoui that tbey __ti alt
H. Burroughs presided and there   l"KT awp" lu invent any   further
n fair attendance. immigration    and    s&pnW frolu
tlie nrJ ^llilUUS' M*P*P-   **• !'*"* Up U"iir ">"»»"■ «w Old
him hart , T"n!!;   Uo suid "»' l« , .     y    t""11    coluinS •"'I tore   ou
nun hud been allotted the dutv of ro Promises.
i^!!'nt' -ill? lJ,'0«>ediiiKS 0r tho   local I. Mt\ »'«"uus oontdudod his address
weeks, he said, hud  -    ""'"""iS oiery man, whetiier work
^"ni; ">'*** »Sutl" ^ady-
auiiUi—ThaK..*'w>v*iibu-iAj uu a competition uiuuini   ttio uiuuicipui autfa-
On motion tho communication was
Is Slashing Prices
-yiia^^iay.yia.is/,a><'T*^»V^tis>lf lf,a;,a..s,,s/aa|,.T.T.T
liodysmith Opera House
SATURDAY, fEBRlJAItY 8th. at MO b. m
"Welcoraie 1
received and the City Clerk instruct
ed to convey suitable acknowledgements to the C.P.R. Company for its
Accounts totalling $144.75 were
presented and referred to the Finance Committee to bo paid if found
As chairman of the Street. Committee. Mayor Nicholson reported
that ditches had been cut on Kitchener Street as ordered at tho last
mooting of the Council.
Tho Road Foreman ln his weekly
report, that tho wages bill for the
week for street work amounted to
$8.75. On motion tho report was
Under tho head or Deferred Business, Aid. Matheson was granted
leave' to introduce the Ik-venue Tax
By-law for 1908, of which he gavo
notioe of motion at tbe last
circumscribed in its application,    it dians    ure catching
only provided for a six months'   li- toon daily and
cense at a cost of $50.    There  were buyers    at    5
many    travellers who came to    the dressed:
town .who were willing to pay $5- for '
a license for a few days, who could
not take up the six mouths' license.
It was agreed that the City Clerk
should look into the matter and see
how the by-law could be amended.
Mayor Nicholson    also    suggested
that- eopies of tho by-laws of   othor
cities be sent for to see what    provision they had made for such cases
Simpson Appointed Delegate for
Meeting.ol the Island Association Saturday.
teasure passed by the    Pro-
His letter   to    thu
really based on two
pre opon to him,   and
large part of   tho
had not greatly con-
es with tlie constitu-
issue, and tliey   Imd
'ties to fight   out   the
-esponsibiiity.   Of course,
berate    were endeavoring
to fasten tbo responsHiiitt,y   for    the
disallowtance of tho bill on tho   Premier and his colleagues they were all
aware that had it gone to   Ottawa
it would have    been promptly disal-
•epresout lowed    tho same as thc others   had
been.    What the Socialists had tried
sal    "'
We are now through Stock-Taking
and have nuinoroiis nrtlclos which wo
must dispose of at ridiculously Ixiw
" Prices, ln order to mako   room   for
Mew Cloods.
We can fill any bill of General and
Household Hardware, Enamelled
Ware. Sporting Goods, Crockery and
Glass Woro, etc., and, of courso,
not necessary to mention, tho Finest
Stoves and Ranges in exlstonco.
You may be
Sorry for it.
A I oxi
Big Reduction f £
25  Por  Cent.  Discount During \
February on
Ijudles'  Hand  Hags,
Purses,  Etc.,'
Cut Glass,
Ten Sets, Etc., Etc.
Phone 7-0.
I ■»%»»■%%■■»
land described upon the assessment
roll for tho yedr™1908 at its assessed value.
(2). An email rate of 12$ mills on
tho dollar upon 50 per cont. of the
improvements upon all the tahd on
the same condition.
(3) A special rato .of 5 mills on
the dollar upon all land and 50 per
cent of the improvements for school
(5) A special rate of 1 mill on the
dollar on land and 50 per cent, of
tho improvements for sanitary purposes.  -     t\
AM.,Matheson stftd the sj>ecriil rate
jpf-5 m,Us on the dollar for school
•urposes    should    Tie clearly understood.   Many people wore under   the
impression    that     the schools were
maintained by a'government   ffrant.
Thoy   were     not,      Tho government
+4-+4«f-f.f++++++.f.|.+.^++,A.+ Iff rant barely    covered the incidental
-*- - 'oxponses..  The schools  cost thecit*-
000 outside of everything- they
received from the government. A
good many people did not know this
and laborer! under the misapprehension that the government maintained
the schools. The cost to the city,
outside of all the assistance ihey received was greater than the total
amount of the whole \-cnl estate tax.
The tax for health purposes of 1
mill on the dollar had never been
levied before; but it was needed and
would not bo felt very much. . The
by-law was thon rend a second time,
and it was decided that nt tho next
meeting the Council should go Into
committee of tho whole to discuss It.
Under the head of New Business,
Mayor Nicholson said that he attended the last meeting of the Citizen's -Ijeague. It was decidod at
that meeting that the Council thould
be nsiced to engage n man tn canvass the town for the purpose of ascertaining how many of the residents
and merchants would take electric
lights and the approximate number.
He had expected that thoy would receive a communication on the paint.
Seeing, however, that he wns at the
meeting in person, together with other Aldermen, it might have been assumed that no communication was
necessary. However, It was something that would have to bo done.
Aid. Haworth said ho thought it
would be a waste of time. The first
thing the man would be asked would
be: "How much are the lights to
be*/" He could only reply that he
didn't know. Then ho would he told
"What is the use of coming here,
then?" It would be just throwing
money away to send a man out on
suoh conditions.
Mayor Nicholson said that it had
to be dono before estimates for a
plant could be figured out. If it
wero a private company this was tho
(Irst thing thoy would do. Whoever
went round would have to state aa
nearly as possible tho figure at which
they could supply the lights. Ho
could not, of courso, givo the exact
Aid. Haworth said that the last
proposition submitted to the Council was figured out at a dollar a
light of 16 candle power. It was
too much. He could not see how,
If lights could be supplied at Fernie
and Michel at 50 cents the lamp,
they should bo asked to pay a dollar hore.
Mavor Nicholson—I expect we will
get It at that price here, or less.
Aid. Matheson said tt was a flrat
necessity that they should know how
many lights would be required. If a
man came to him hs would toll him
how many lights he would take. He
would never ask him about the price.
That question would come up later;
for, if the price was unreasonable he
wouldn't havo the lights.
Aid. Campbell also expressed htm'
self In favor of the proposal. He also
asked if tho Vancouver real estate
agents who came Into town to peddle lots wcro boing charged for a license. If theso agents had a right to
pay, they should be made to pay.
Mayor Nicholson thought that   for
q canvasser thoy should havo a man
whoso work and Interest was In tha
town.    Ho thought   that  Constablo
could    attend to It.    It
__ . __   meeting
of the   Council.   It was then agreed the    south express,    bought tickets
that the by-law take its first   reading.    Tho by-law enacts:
:; (1)   That an equal rate of 15 mills
on the dollar be levied upon nil   the
♦ »♦♦♦♦♦»♦+++»♦»++»»+»$
ST. rAUL, Minn,, Feb, 8.—A daring hold-up was perpetrated on the
Burlington road in the St. Paul
yards this morning.
"Give that signal and you are a
dead man," - was the order received
by Drakcman Wayland as he was a-
bout to signal the order for ths
train to pull out. The order was
given by two masked mon both of
whom had a revolver in each hand.
The train was loaded with valuable
freight and was being looted by two
bandits at the time. Tha train waa
on the Grout Northern track bound
(or Minneapolis where ths cars wars
to be transferred to the Soo Line.
Wayland was hold in check by one
man while the other calmly loaded
a truck with all the freight It could
carry and It waa carted away under
the very oyes of the railroad employees who wore helpless to interfere. The robbers made their escape.
The conductor ol tha train was In
tbs office at the time attending to
his running orders.
| The train waa loaded with valuables bound for Canadian points and
much of thla was stolen. Special
railroad detectives are alter the bandits.
i  »-	
I Advices from Honolulu In yoster-
day's malls state that the disaster
to the American ship Eclipse whloh
1 was abandoned on January 11 In 86
N, 1S5 W„ the captain and crew of
15 men being 16 daya In open boats,
three dying (rom exhaustion, was
primarily caused by a holt of lightning that struck the ship during a
storm. When eighty-five daya out
Irom Newcastle the ship ran into a
very severe storm. A bolt ol lightning struck the foretopmast, which,
waa shattered, and crashed through Callander
the deck.
might take    him   some time to get
  Mr. W. G., Simpson will
„,.,„.„     _.     .        ii>„ d™, i„,.  tho football club at the moetina    «...
MADRID.    «,.   ,. - **■*  lthe    VJFA   tQ ^ ^ JB ^^ ^^jja^t^whjat^
on Saturday evening. tho matter.   They had asked   for
Tho business ol the meeting     was Government Inquiry into tlio  Liout,
not stated in the notiUcatlou recoiv- ?oy°,lW'ir\  actio" "'i" the  Liberals
,,..,,,,,        „      . "ad lent thom a hiilMtuni-tod support
ed by tho local club from Secretary Finally the speaker   had ruled    Mr
.Whyte.        The Herald thla morning, Hawthornthwaite out of order.
Franco and the lnoinbors of his party
who left last evening at 8 o'clock ou
only to the frontier.    Whore they are
bound    Is not    known.     Some say
Paris, where this train is due    to- ^^ sUt(a ^ jt ^         -_ Tho s|wakor hiVd beeh^aTded'in this
"»».«- er the    protest lodged by the lily- «-«  &%r^£lowE
smith    Club against Hewitt, Cruick- The Socialists had merely asked for
shanks and Hurley playing for    *\lu- an Inquiry.    The Liberals had  askod
naimo.        The Herald knows more for the dismissal of the Lieut.-Gov-
With such a motion the gov-
nlght, but others declare
eventual destination of Senor Franco is Germany, where': he intends
placing his son in a university.
Franco is accompanied by his wife, tbtia „,„ Jocal club doos,    A„    th0 	
son  and   Senor Novas, aa  intimate latt,r ha8 aaked Ior „ a  ruling ,,.„„, J^J J* ?h°0 ^eZr hU   Jta
'r|end. tjy, association authorities us to tho this vot0 as    a     decision from the
The former premier displayed great '0|igiumty   0r   theso players to   take „ °"so *hnt tlle action °r «-"<> Clout.,
nervousness at the railroad station. part ,n the Ialaml com,)etition.     lt *JJW»    «• Xrer^totion
He arrived there accompanied by sev is im„mterlal to Lndysmith whether of Mr. Mucdoiiald's was designed   or
eral policemen and ontored by aside theso men aro ajipwod to .piny     or not- l,ut the   result    of the Liberal
dodr.    While payings for tho 'tickets not.    There a„ ,iulta a  few pla}.ora ftf ^t^j'™ ts°oc<JJj?9t£lly block
for his party his hands trembled so unappropriated on thc Mainland and     Leaving that point    Mr. Williams
that the money fell to the floor. Tho it ;s possible thoy can bs secured for next proceeded to dual with thc bills
travellers qulckiy entered a  sleeping Ladysmith.    Tho club is cosy which- J*8* 8r0 t0   corac •w'ore the Houso.
ear. which had been switched to    a ever way It goes, but as the Stand- ^ J&ZEFgffi JtaJSw
side track and which later wus    at- ard has pointed out from tlio begin- nvo^wtWTif^ntoi-est or of ini|Kirtanco
tached    to tho regular Paris train, ning, nnd Its opinion bus beon    en- t0 tho working mini.     First of   all
Policemen     surrounded tho car     to dorscd by tho Vancouver press    and J*?™ K™. tbe    lTni™*3ity Bill.    Ho
mitiiit leu Tin'iii unit if wiip pronos-
keep back the curious crowd. There Is shared by the .Mainland Assoeia- od to sot aside 2,000,000 acres of
was no hostile demonstration.    Tho tion authorities, it is the beginning land for the purpose of building and
Spanish government detailed an es- of the end of pure Island footbull.
cort to accompany Franco to     tho
Senor Franco, when approached for
en Interview, explained that under
the circumstances ho preferred not to
talk, but authorised a member
(From Our Own Correspondence)
equipping this university which
would lie of lionent to less than one
half per cent, of the peoplo of the
province. This huge slice of land
wns to bo alienated from tho peoplo
to put a kind of vonoor of superiority upon the second generation of tho
capitalist class. In his opinion tho
money had much better go to tho
public schools of the province.
Next there wns a Civil Service bill
VICTORIA, Fob. 8.—In reply to a
of question usked by Mr. Brewster,   as
his party to converse with it repre- to whether tlio record for 14,000 in-
sentatlve     of the Associated Press, ^^ "^rautedTo Vho B.'iV Paper *? wnieb »*os attached a 'superannua-
who caid lor him, he sugored no re- Company In 1802 had lupsed, Hon. llun r,m<l-    He would say thnt If it
morse for    his conduct as a states- Mr. Fulton replied that the    record «•»*<> operate tho same as similar
morse ,or    .us com. ff ». a ».u» measures    In the Dominion and   tho
man.    On the contrary ho waa firm- 88 ^^^ om) or more  Humes ^> •«' *'atos It was simply a force,
ly convinced that the policy he    had n (jot) inches of water to bo   taken " '* ,voll! mado that    the exuniimi-
pursusd was tho wisest one    poasl- from Somas river, Alberni. The roc- S, "^ ™"11™tJl"ve anii tbe »8n
ord is granted subject io auy regula- securing the highest number ol marks
tlon which may bo mado relative to ^me8 the flrst vucaiicy In the sor-
found In the fact thut after the  assassinations, when the monarchy was
passing '  through its critical hours,
and the nation was without a gov- 28U; 1907, -120.
eminent,    no   serious   attempt was    Receipts. Uuibor dopt.-luOU, »B89-
'Portugal waa In a  state of   de- water rights.~"         vic8' h".might givo    it his support.
nioralizatlon,"     said the spokesman In the morning the second reading J|u' ■» •* v™s.i,t "•» tbe ">"'>   who
„                  , of tbo bill to ureato a Minister   of having passed his examination, stood
for Sonor Franco, -and ovory     ox- »> «>o bill to ^J-^ m™bm, next t0 a politiclaIl who could   „„,,
cess ol liberty    today, while having mltLlmca   from    «S00 to *1200    the lll° strings who got tho Job.   As for
an apparent effect of tranquility will Promlor poiuted out that in 10 yoars *» superannuation fund, there   was
Inraalitv    onlv   add to the violent tho receipts   of    tho department   of nothing hp would like to see In force
in reality    only   add to the vloleni f^     ^^   ha<] iacnaKd sooner    than    an    old age pension
passions    of the people which lator twolve [oU<       ln lan7 tho receipts scheme.    But this was not tho   sort
will explode with greater violence.       wore *107,!)5!1, whilo In   1907   they o( scheme ho favored.
"Sonor    Franco    doos not believe were 1)12,088,923.    In ouo month   ol     Ihe Coal Tax bill he did not think
sonor    iranco   does not believe       e ♦ .  ». or than ,„,„„, utt__. tbem   __d b_ piujsoii on
tbat the murders ol tho king    and ,u ^_ wJ>o|o ^ o( lBi)?    As shuw. to the Hallway Assessment Act.  The
crown prince resulted Irom en elab- |Dg the increase of business iu    ono result    of thu    bill to tho   railway
orate political view, they were    of your tho following figures were given: companies, if it passed, would mako
.    .»"■•""     » ■     »* J- purchase Lands al- » <• "cronce ol about SIOOO por inilo
madmen instigated by a money Io^_i9ou, 1,550; 1907 2,740. > construction. The contention of
beibe.    Tho    best proof of thla    Is    Crown uriints—1900, 1,124,   1907. tno Government   was   that the pus-
A 520     / sage ol the measure would secure em-
'Lultors received — 1900, 19,061; ploymenl for tlio men uo* nut of
l'JOT   25 -100. work.    He had been willing to   con-
Coal Prospecting Licenses — 1900, «Wer the measure if whito labor only
was to he employed.   An amendment
to prohibit the employment of Asia-
u'U- 1907   $1,405,001. I1*08 !,1,{I been voted down.   Thon Mr.
made to proclaim a  republic. j,,or j^atry   1WH, so far tho am- Huwthornthwulto hud moved as ati-
"Senor Franco Is now leaving Por- 0unt received for timbor foes elono other umeiidiuent that tho minimum
tugal, but he doos not take this step was moro than *aou,000, which was wage paid on the railway should be
,       '       .     .   . , ,      .77   t|10 lni-BOSt on record.    In tho   Pub- *a.50 a day.      Out of 42 members,
because    ho Is trying tolorget    his ,," WoriVdeiiaotment there   wero 3,- only 8 voted for tho amomlmont.
acts and policies, but because he do- a0o   lotti-rs   received   against 4,000'   This vote had boon cast, too, in the
sires to avoid tho occasion of further lor 1907. fi™1 PWinmcnt    ho had   known   to
;,..     ■ . . -,        j    .    Macdonald did not object to show nn I ntc est In labor ouostlons.
political discussions which would in- _ ^_ *• JJSglo,   but    thought   it Thore were three bills to be brought
flame tho passions of the people."     might |mvo boen ono for Labor   and in dealing with lulior, and Mils   they
In conclusion tho spokesman    lor Immigration. .   _ a»M '•OK8"' as a tribute to thu  ac-
..  ..       ,'-, .     _.      .....      i    h   ltnwthorutliwaito noted that tlvity of the Socialist lenders.
ths ex-promler said he thought that n/^«ol>waa S ol'the increase'   In conclusion Mr. Williams referred
in mcmbeie' salaries by the Premier, to the Salvation Army and Its im-
He himself favored that but thought migration schomes. There woro, he
tho ministers woro paid enough. estimated 10,000 mon out of work in
Premier McBrldo said that thero the Province, and the govornment
was nothing in the bill to provide had lioon naked if tho Salvation ar-
for lncroasos In tho ministers' salar- my immigration agents wero uwaro
i08 Jot those conditions.    Tho reply   wns
Mr. Hawthornthwaite said he un- that they had full knowledge ol the
dorstood tbat was all arranged (or. present Industrial conditions. Mr.
He did not agree with the leader of Williams then proceeded to road
the Opposition In the proposal that somo advertisements from Old Coun-
terday ol shot wounds Inflicted on a dopartmont ot Labor should be try pn|»rs of recent dates which usk-
tWednesdsv night by his brothor-ln- crented. It would only supply somo cd for 1,000 men. Ilritlsli Columbia,
.       «     . _r . . w n*.    inhnr fnklr with a lob. .described ns the garden of   Canada,
law, Fra.,k Engloman of Kansas Olty labor faki. *™*{W_^,__A roa(|lng. <™„ t0    ,"„    tl,„h-  destination, and
during a domestic quarrel. Mrs. Wll    Tn0 (!ivi| service nill was explain- work was    guarantcod.   Tho   Snlva-
sob and hor son Frank Wagner, aged «d by Dr. Young. tion Army would flnd itself up   og-
15 Tears were arrested Thursdov on C. Monro objected to 1200,000 bo- oinst It. Already thoy found they
is years, were arrested 'nursooy on , nmm_    t_      ^^ mm_   , Uk famaIe
Wlleon's Intcr-morlem statement that "^mK\ ,upor„nn„ation fund. Ho help that had lawn called. It was
they were ln a conspiracy to kill thought this was olan legislation. Just u few persons, too nicnsly and
him, He would     rather lavor a measure mean to pay for hired labor that had
( a|0ng tho linos of an old age    pen- raised tho    cry for    domestic help,
st    TaI™   vn    IM,   s - Richard slon to apply to all classes. Thnt the Salvation Army was flnd-
«£. ^.Vwi'th^natVal^runf;    The bill'WssOf. It, second reading. Ing out,    and, with things us
at Wnoxford, Carleton County,   has    Various othor bills wero
liesn captured In Maine. « "tags
probably Senor    Franci would eventually go to Switzerland.
St. LOUIS, Mo., Feb. 8.- John T.
Wilson, president and founder of the
International brotherhood of maintenance of way employes, died    yes-
advanced were, thsy would   soon have to be
running tholr wood yard night   and
unties, both in American and Canadian cities as to the most expeditious way of snouting the vagrant. So
soon as thoy ' left Lafiysmith they
lust uny influence they might have
fur securing work,
on this point hc might say that
the methods adopted at the .Extension mines were much fairer than
that which had been put in force in
-s'unuimo. There one-third of tha
men had been discharged. At intension the management' preferred to
give all tho men a share of what
work there was. *-,uw, they needn't
build too highly oa the construction
of this railway. White men would
only get a Job if they could beat the
J up on his own terms and that they
couldn't hope to do so, ' Let the men
get together, formulate their demands, and they could trust to the
Socialist members mit only to ex*-'
press -fJumi, but to secure their recognition.
Before'calling on Mr. MnTuntas. M.
P.P. for Grand i-'un,s, tne chairman
informed the meeting that the Ladysmith local hod new headquarters
on First Avenue, and, asked lor the
support and attendance 'ol all Socialists.
Mr. Mcimtis then briefly addressed
the meeting, impeaching the capitalist system on the grounds that even .
in normal times thore was always
suffering and poverty, that the
wealth of the world was being concentrated into- fewer and fewer hands
—that the system bred class wars,
and that it destroyed individuality.
Dr. Curry, of Vancouver, followed
with a speech ln which he endeavored to show that Capitalism waa destroying itself. The worker waa not
able to purchase the quarter ot what
he produced, and under the rule . of
the' trusts, his purchasing power was
groking* less. This meant that manufacturing countries were coming
more and more dependent (or their
industrial existence upon exports.
But tho old markets could not keep
the wheels of industry going and the
_!.; ware^xl»uj(t«xl. Japan
and China were beginning, to manufacture their own goods, so was
India, and tbe world was on the
verge of the greatest industrial depression it had over known. The only remedy luy in Socialism. Give
tho workers tho lull value ol their
production and there would be no
necessity to export anything. He
believed the time was at hand and
that in very few years time the present industrial system would tumble
to pieces.
Mr. Hawthornthwaite waa to ham
addressed the meeting but received a
message that Mrs. Hawthornthwaite
was sick and had to proceed to Nanaimo.
Everybody la    Enjoying Themselvse
Sleigh Riding at the Northern
UNION BAY, 7.—Shipping at tbs
docks haa been quite busy tbe laat
few weeks. The hulk Baroda ia taking two thousand tons ol coal, consigned to J. J. Hill's big freighter
Minnesota, at Seattle.
The steamer Bonkfleld cleared this
morning for Liverpool after taking a
consignment of bunker ooal.
Two of tbe large Blue Funnel line,
steamers, tlie Bellerophon aad Mlm-
ka, bunkered here and cleared (or
Pugot Sound.
Tho Princess May called Feb. 5th,
for fuel and supplies, and report* a
very rough trip, having bad to shelter on account of heavy snow storm.
Everybody is enjoying themselves
sleigh riding, there being Irom seven
inches to a foot of snow around the
The Woodmen of the World, (Comox Camp No. 344), are giving a
grand ball on Feb. 14th ln the Agricultural Hail, Courtenay. Quite a
few invitations are out and a good
time is looked forward to by all.
A minstrel troU|ie has been organised among the young men ot the
town. Rehearsals have boen held and
Judging from the talent, it ia expected that they will put on a first-class
show in the near future.
Misses Bessia and Maud McDonald
returned home today alter enjoying
two weeks' vacation visiting relatives.
Mr. Thos. Hudson, tbs popular
government linesman, returned home
today after paying a visit to .Victoria.
VAUDRBULLE, Que., Fab. 11. —
Two buildings belonging to the
Standard Explosive Co., at Hie Parrot, near here were wrecked by an
explosion this afternoon and nine
employees killed.
The victims are Robllllard, Boyln,
Moeyeu, Monaud, Rouseau, Lafrance,
Degault, Fayant and Durobray.
All the victims were blown Into
pieces. The explosion occurred In
two small buildings wbich contained
nitro-glycerlne. All o( the men, except one boy, wcre married aad were
resident* of Vaudreullle. The eausa
ot the sxploslan Is unknown.
IJ You Require. Any
Or If You Require Any
Whether. j
Or II You Wan* to Buy a HOUSE,
or Ball Ons;   or If You   Want
MMat-r Pnales,
niust be general--support If a paper
is to exist.    We would not like    tbe '
Standard to Wflow its predecessors Sou J ono, Cal
to the buue-yui-U; but it's' lute is not
entirely iu our bunds.
days Afternoons by the
Robt. R. Hindmarch,
One Year  fl.so
•lx Months  75
Advertising Rates on Application.
LISBON, Feb. 7.—King Carlos died
a poor man. His entire fortune
consisted of Insurance policies hold
by the king of Portugal1 as securities
for advances ■mode. After these ro
Iiuyments havo been made it is declared there will not remain moro
than $30,000 to be distributed to
the heirs of the king.
Senor Machido, the leader ot
Republican pnrty, in an interview today, denied indignantly that thero
was any connection between his party and the assassins. Machido explained that tho Republicans were in
opposition' but that their courso had
bcon perfectly legal and that nothing
was further from their minds thnn a
propaganda of force. Ho said he
was certain the monarchal regime In
Portugal was doomed and that it
would die out peacefully within a
few years. Thero would however bo
lets?7 '■'."'     ' " "" """
It Is annoumVd todny that Capt.
Azyede has been appointed civil governor of Lisbon.     This Is the    first
Feb. 7.—The mutilated body ol Dr. F. H. Moss, of Palo Alto, was today found on a railroad track near Morgan Hill. Dr,
Moss' father, the late Thumas Moss,
was chief Justice of Ontario. His
uncle, Sir Charles Moss, Is now occupying that position.
Man Brooding Over Suicide of Banker He does not Know, Commits
Suicide Himself.
1   The latest thing "in theatrical cln     WASHINGTON, Feb. o.-The Man-
cles Is that a  ploy house In Vancou-  ufactureis' Association Is ready   and    NEff y0RK, Feb. 8.-Close   upon
ver, one in New Westwlnsl'er, one in willing to extend tbo olive branch of tne bg_j_ o/ the BoBrd of Education
'victoria     and the   Nannlmo opei-o  peace to tho American Federation of reuort that it Is "dead broke"    tho
FORT WORTH,    Tex., Feb. 10. — f,ouse    j,ave been leased by a  Van- Labor and end the bitter feud that )Wonien    teachers have renewed their
L. C. Gutchlus, Ufty years old, sec- c0uv8r gentleman who will hereafter bus bees-raging for the last year, to.campaign, which was carried on with
London, Feb. 0. - Albert Kirby
Fun-fax, who bus been described ^ us
the only American bearing un ling
lish title, bus taken steps to deter
mine Ills right to the title oi Lord
Fairfax of Camoroii. The doolara-
tho tion asked lor is a formality necessary for tho legal use of the title.
The genuineness of the title has nover been questioned in England;
Lord Fairfax wus born in the United States, whore ho is^lso at present in business.    He is 3V years old:
ond vice-president ol tbe Ft. Worth control them ond run shows on this tlie courso of which organized lab
National   Bunk,    committed suicide cirou|t.     The man In question Is   In met such    a  crushing defeat yester-
yesterday by shooting himself. Lndysmith     today making arrange- day at    the    hands of the supremo
Brooding over the suicide of Bank- „„„*,, t0 aAA the Ladysmith    opera court.    President Van Cleave of the
house to the circuit. National Manufacturers' Association,
.__   ;  has declared for peace.
The editor is conscious that for the
last few weeks he has hardly boon
living up to his ideals. The Stand-
aid has not been so "newsy" as he
would liko to see It aud this is particularly applicable to tho "Local"
und "Personal" columns. For the
rest ho does not think that the stundard has ever failed to do what it
promised to do. The ovoiits transpiring in the city havo all been
faithfully and adequately Chronicled.
Of course, it .may bo that all the
happenings iu the town are not recorded. But it is hardly the fault
the editor. Ue does not claim the
power of scenting news, aud he onu
hardly be expected to report an
ont which he never know to have taken place.
It is right here that tho editor
would ask the assistance of his
friends and readers. It is his work
to collect news, uud he is afraid nei
ther of trouble nor time in the uis-
ehal-go of his duties. But ho needs
assistance. He does not ask foywrit-
ten repputs of uvents. Ail ne requests is that he shull be ncitiflod
when an ovout is coming oil, or Informed where he cuu got Information
ol something that has already iccui-
red. This is surely not uskli*?**-|*bb
much, and tho" result would be a
brighter aud more uuwsy paper. J he
"Local" und "Personal" columns
particularly would bonullt. i'iiese
small ueraonal items of news urc u
ways of /the greatest interest to
readers in small communities such us
this.      But no editor cun
Expected that Catch This Year Will
Run Two Thousand More Tons
Thut ol Last Year.
season   Is
;inse   and   tho
Che next   sea-
The Nanaimo    Herring
te*A-M"u-to'')'lilrt- Wl
Tho    horring    comnioucod     to run
this yeur earlier than usual und
coitsoquoneo are    leaving the harbor
,, ,„ sooner than other   years.    At    the
timo m is years that a  military of- present timo Exit channel Is crt-.wd-
flcor has been named to fill this position.
"Gentlemen, you have all treated
to drinks and cigars."
"Well, Titowadd?"
"Let mo relate a joke nt my expense."
ed with herring preparing to loav
and tho propellers of passing steamers kill them there by the..thousands.
The-catch this year will run many
tons mora thun last,, the fishermen
boing exceptionally successful through
out tho season. Tho catch last yeur
went toolght tbousnnd tons una it
would not bo surprising il this year
it run us high as ten thousand tons.
Chicago, Fob. ll.—Tho case against Mrs. Dora McDonald, charged witli
tho murder of Wohstcr Giiorln, who
wns shot in bis artist's studio, was
given to the jury this afternoon.
Winnipeg, Man., Fob. 7.-Fire *
broke out in the Oglhio Flour *
Mills Co.'s elovntor at Winkler, •
Man., at 10 o'clock this morn- *
ing. The fire is supposed to *
havo started from a hot box. •
Tho elevator contained 10,000 •
bushels of wheat, and is a total *
loss. .
ttttt.ttt #»*«*««„«
Toronto, Feb. 7.—N'lnoty-flvo per
cent, of tho shareholders of the
Crown Bsnk represented at today's
meeting to consider amalgamation
with tho Northern Unnk of Winnipeg.
The proposnl was ngreed to and the
Northern stockholders will vote on
the proposnl on Feb. 12.    ,
 *■ ;
Hamilton, Fob. 7.—Louis Berk, a
newsboy has beon summoned on a
charge of breaking the Lord's Day
act by selling papers on Sundny, nnd
whon ho was cautioned on Jan. 12,
hope to Ithe police agreed not to prosecutu
make tho columns complete by hlsjhim, if he would promise to desist
own unassisted efforts.   ■„ the pres-fue promised to do so, but tho    po-
£LT   ," "". ""* ^ U"°"    lliS *"* «*"••"- «• «" ™t Kept his word
friends and readers to help hlui
NEW YORK, Fob. 7.—Ono woman
and several men are ln the hospital
suffering from injuries as tho result
of a lire which destroyed tho live
story brick building at tho north*
west corner of Columbus avenue ani
I7th street early this morning, The
blaze is supposed to have storied in
tlio drying room of a laundry in the
basement and owing to lack of water pressure, spread with such rapidity that the occupants had littio
opportunity lo reach safety.
— 4
NEW LISKEARD. One. Feb. 10.-
Sovon persons were burned to death
yesterday by a nre which destroyed
the homo of Lawrence Hacke, on the
north side of the Waldo river, The
dead are Mrs. Netta C. Hacke, wife,
ugod 35 years, Eva Margaret, Mabel Irene, Cloorge Frederick, Clarence
He--, y, Annie Evelyn, and a new,
born baby.
BOSTON, Mass., Fob. 10,-An interna* iiiniil ocean yacht nice, course
from Palo, Spain to the Canary Islands, over which Columbus sailed
on tho lirst stage of bis voyage to
the new world, has been arranged
for next summer by the yachtsmen
of Spain, according to advices received here by; the members of tho
Eastern Yachtsmen.
All the yachts of North and South
America will be invited to join with
tho Spanish and it is possible that
European clubs may also be asked to
participate, but at present it is in-
tendod to conflno these races to those
countries directly benelited by the
discoveries of Columbus.
Although the course like thut of
tho Now York-Bermuda contest lost
year is straightaway, due southwest, the yachts will have more favorable winds and better weather
than is usually experienced ou this
side of the Atlantic.
er llutchins, a man he did not
know, Erie C. Campbell, thirty-eight
years old, shot himself at a local
hotel last night. Campbell was a
son of Rev. Dr. K. B. Campbell, a
noted Baptist divine and had practiced law In Dallas for many years,
He formerly edited several newspapers in Mississippi. Today he called on H. McCall, an old newspaper
| friend and disoussed thc suicide of
Banker llutchins. He later went to
hotel and wrote a note asWng
that JlcCall be notified of what ho
had done. He leaves a widow and
a six year old son in Dallas.
San Antonio, Tex., Feb. 10.— 0. A
Beansley, president of the American
Bank and Trust Co., at Houston,
Tex., and until recently president of
—-..«, ttittthOtt—!««.  „- •      . -hnt
had beon insane for the last few
weeks. Ill health Is believed to be
the cause ol the act.
Kingston, Ont., Fob. 10.—Thos. G
Baker, un Englishman thirty-five
years old, suicided by hanging this
morning. He was found by his
children in the loft. Despondency is
alleged to have been the cause. He
was out from England about a year,
ond was to have worked for the corporation. Ho leaves a wife and
three children.
Connersvllle, Ind., Feb. 10;—F. J.
Roots, president of the First National Bank, committed suicide today by shooting himself through the
with a revolver. He had been
in bod health tor several months.
Mr. Roots served several terms in
the legislature.
New York, Feb. lO.-Without leaving a clue to her Identity, or to tho
cause that impelled her to take her
life, a young woman who-hud evidently recently arrived from Montreal, was found dead today banging
hy the neck to a bed post in a
room which she had engaged at a
boarding house yesterday. The suicide wus well dressed and about 35
ycurs old. Sho had used a piece of
clothes line to strangle herself. In a
pocket book was found a sale check
made out to Miss Herbert, from the
store of tho S. Carsley Company,
dated Dec, 30. The name on the
salo check appeared to be a French
so much vigor last year,' for equal
pay. "Equal pay (or equal work"
Is again the slogan, and the pret-
slest and moat charming school
ma'ams that can be found are being
sent to Albany to win over the legislators. But the men who opposed the fight last year, feel that the
present condition of the Baurd of
Education's treasury will prevent
KILLING WILD HORSES.        (   ,.Let us cease fighting.     Let    or-
RENO,    Nov., Feb. 10. - Orders ganlzed labor and capital go forward
have been received   from the Fores- in peace, now that tho supremo court
try Department instructing the ran- hM detB1.m|„ea     the rights of each.
re^es^eX W SfS I* w°8"-     »• t0° '-•«• " "**? "»   «■"»*«*•   "t^ **• »»
lid horses found on tho government wore compelled to resort to drastic on the bill,
domain. 'measures    to protect their property j   supt. Maxwell has also been scar-
There ore about 13,000 wild horses practices,
on the reserves, whloh aro doing
much damage to vegetation and annoying other animals.
I cd off by the look of (unds, and    Is
Tho decision of the supreme court' already outlining plans (or ths
carefully eliminated all tho coorclve tabllshment of trade schools, such as
and violent criminal methods of  ths there are ln Germany.    Furthermore
he asks for the formation of a department of hyglone, to look after
the health of school children ln
American Federation that havo boon
BROOK HAVEN, Mich., Feb. 10.—'so prominent In the past.    It leaves
Ell Pigot, a negro,    who criminally.; a fraraowork of organised labor.   If
assaulted Miss Well.i in this countj,      M „,,    ,.,„„,     tney M\
a few weeks ago was taken irom tne, °
custody of the Jackson military com obey the mandate of the court.
pany and a posse of   deputies,   -">    ■-    ■■     ■   ■•     ■-■-■-   "*
hanged oarly today.      Tho mi!
-v-'utux was overpowored by a mob
A  nunluo,   u,  ...ui.   hu.c mo,    am.
two   members
of    tho    mob   were
Coal Oil Stove Explodes at a Family Re-Union and Several Principals are Killed and Hurt.
PHILADELPHIA1,    Feb. 10.- The
explosion of an oil stove In tho homo j ternatlonal   Union ol Amorlca
Indorsed   the postal savings    bank
I rejoice In the decision. It Is the
culmination of a life work and lt Is
wlir*fe8og*filze tho Justice of the decision."
■ I
(Free Press Special Service.)
Nearly eight thousand women    in
Germany are   employed as printers'
The Bricklayers' and Masons'    In-
of Walter Clifford, where a sinal,
family re-union was being held yesterday in the north east section of
tho city, resulted ln the death of The annual convention of the Inter
Mrs. Jennie Thomas and Mrs. Min- national Association of Fur Workers
nio Clifford and the serious injury of of   the United   Stutcs   and Canada
wns will be
other persons.     Mrs, Clifford
ontertainlng    frionds   at   tho piano week ol April,
when   the stove    exploded throwing!
oil ovcr Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Clifford, the former dying shortly otter-
held   in   Toronto the first
Tho mines of tho world employ five
million persons, and moro than one-
ward while    boing taken to a  hos- tnira °<tllom are In tho British Em-
pltnl, and the latter died curly this plre'
morning.    Walter    and Ernest Clif
ford' wore painfully burned.
PORTLAND, Me., Feb, 10.-Jeremiah McCarthy, formerly a prosperous contractor in Rexbury, Mass.,
wob arrested yesterday on a  charge
A conference Is to be hold in Washington next week to complete plans
for a department of building trades
of tho American Federation of Labor.
John Burns, president of tho Board
.of Trado of Groat Britain, recontly
'visited   labor   colonies in Germany
1Z~ with a vlow of gaining Information
to assist In solving tho unemployed
- ut,
and it is for this reason that ho has
indicted this appeal.
a • •
Since we have started to talk
ourselves there is another pulut that
might ii's well bo taken up. The -Standard is in the town os a business
proposition. It's first aim, which it
haa kept always before it, is to advertise the town, to work for its im-
provement, to further its progress,
to quicken its expansion, in every
way to promote its best Interests.
Whether or not it con claim to have
done anything, 0r can hopo to exert
any material Influence upon the fitys
future, is a matter of opinion, and,
o( course, i9 not for us to soy. But
certainly ive con go so for as to suy
♦hat we have lived up to both the
letter and the spirit of all our Initial pledges. Moreover, It was tho
opinion of the business men upon
whose Initiative the Stundard was
founded that tho town needed
newspaper' ■ and tho advertisement
that a homo Journal alone could givo
it. Last of oil there is not the
slightest doubt, ond our list of subscribers amply proves it, that tho
people appreciate a home nowspupcr.
II this be so, surely thoro Is some
obligation upon the men making
living in the town, to support the
Standard, in addition to tho othor
reasons wo havo advanced. Wo havo,
it is trus, received from the boglnnlng a roaaonably fair support. Wo
havs turned our lirst quarter, and
have no reason to complain. But
promises given in October aro still
promises yet, and, of courso, in such
a small    town as   Ladysmith there
t& Barclay
Toronto, Feb. 7 Tho-Ontario government will appeal against tho
Judgement of the exchequer court In
the Indian treaty caso by which the
province ol Ontario must pay ths
Dominion government 1800,000.
Paris, Fob. 7.—The Ooulos
today declares thot immediately after the assuesinatlons of
the king and crown prince ol
Portugal Saturday, Pioniior
Franco rushod to tho ministry
and sent a cipher telegram to
tlio premier of Spnln. Ho announced o revolution in por-
gal us imminent and unavoidable and said It wus bound to '
have effect ln Spain.
•,.••• »t • a ««««,, 't't'V,
Nnshvllic, Ton., Fob. 7.— A •
band of "Night lloldors" burned •
two barns nnd twenty thousand •
'pounds ol tobacco nt Adams, •
Tenn., early today. Two poo- •
pie wero wounded nnd a nogro *
whipped. a
NEW YORK, Feb. lO.-When the
government steamers Gonoral Joseph
E. Johnston and Ordnance, which
make regular trips between this city
and Sandy Hook, attempted to
reach their pier at Sandy Hook this
morning to land their passenge
both became fast in the heavy ice
and after many attempts to get to
their docks, were compelled to abandon the effort. Their passengers,
numbering over fifty, finally left the
boots and walked over the ice to the
"I thought your son had started
in to study medicine?"
'He did, but he gave It up."
'Didn't he like It?"
'Oh yes, but he was afraid ho'd
never succeed. You see, he couldn't
raise a Vandyke beard."
VANCOUVER, B.C., Feb. lO.-Mr.
nnd Mrs. Thomas Ashman have been
drowned in the Euclotaw rapids.
Last Thursday tho Ashmans left in a
row boat to go through .the Narrows st slack tide. They havo not
boon seen since, nor hus any traco
if their boat been found.
appeal for aid for destitute people in
tho Kensington mill district of Philadelphia, ono of the greatest industrial contrcs of the world, |wns made
at the mooting yesterday oft the Cen
trnl Labor Union.
Tho union listened to a pica of n
delegation of textile workers who
clalmod thnt from thirty-live to fifty
thousand men, women nnd children
ln the Kensington district nre in
need of relief. Ono delegate said: "I
suggest that thero be a demonstration to show tho thoughtless citizens
of Philadelphia where they would be
of use with tholr spare funds. Ths
othor day one body raised four thousand dollars to send to Africa for
the henthens. Another sent a ship-
lond of flour to the starving people
of Russia. Cannot this city also
prevent starvation In Its own 11m-
|l   I   (.11   I,   I.   I   .,   ,■....
• BORDEAUX, Fob. 10. -Sonor •
• Franco, tho ox-premier of Portu- •
• gnl, with his wife anil son   loft •
• this city by train al 7:48   this •
• morning for Marseilles.   Tho do- •
• pnrtiiro wns mndo suddenly, tho •
• hntol nuthorlllos    iiolng notlflod •
• nf thc step nt thc Inst moment.   *
LISBON, Fob. lO.-Thoro was almost a riot this afternoon on ' tho
part of tbo populace to get Into the
catlHxIrtll where tho bodies of King
Carlos und Crown Prince Louis are
lying in state.
The crowd which was waiting outside for a chance to get u last sight j
of the murdered king and his son,'
was so great that the police worej
unable to close the cathedral • doors i
at the hour appointed for the beginning of the ceremonies of tho interment. It is estimated that no less
than 20,000 persons.were striving at
ono time to moke their way into the
cathedral. The police and tho gendarmes made fruitless efforts to
drive tho muss bock from the portal.    *
tho people in check. The surging
multitude thrust thc police to ono
sldo and forced in a sido door to the
cathedral through which lt poured
into tbo main edifice. Tho Cavalry
was finally summoned to disperse the
crowd und found it necessary to
charge before tho peoplo wero moved.
There wore no casualties.
Tho bodies of King Carlos and the
Crown Prince Louis of Portugal ore
still lying in state this morning at
tho cathedral of Son Vinconte.
Long before tho portals wore opened a great crowd had congregated on
tho streets before the building- as
soon as thoy wore permitted they
filed through for the lost glimpse ot
thc murdered monarch and his son.
At 2 o'clock p.m., the coffins will
bo closet and carried to tho pan
theon, where with furthor ceremonies, thoy will be placed in tho tomb.
Several newspapers today, notably
the Scenic, independent, pleaded for
tho pardon of each and every man
in prison for political offence. This
papor points out that King Manuel
has calmed, but ho had not disarmed the democracy, and says to con-
tjuer the democracy tho King must
win tho lovo and conlldenco of tho
of manslaughter on account of
death uf Arthur Norton. I
Both men wore employed at the ,,roblom ln E"g""d-
lurge form of Colhen, a member of
the staff of Gov. Cobb, the proprietor of a hotel here. The two mon
'quarrelled yesterday about their duties at the farm and it is said that
McCarthy knocked Norton down with
a blow of his fist, fracturing his
skull. Norton died in the ambulance    on the way to the hospital.
! A petition to be signed by 2.1,000
voters is boing prepared by the Ohio
Federation of Labor in favor of tho
Reynolds child labor bill, which is
now pending in the Ohio legislature.
he was Blxty years old.
LONDON, Jan. 10,-King Edward
went to Brighton today for a change
of air. His majesty has Buffered
considerably Irom a sore throat recently and this trouble has entailed
sleepless nights. Sir Felix Seoton,
It wns quite Impossible to hold Physician extraordinary to the king,
hos bcon la- attendance on his majesty.
—■•■   ■     ♦        ■    ■■■
UNION BAY, B.C., Feb. 10.- Tho
tug Queen, of the Queen City Trading ft Transportation-Co., of Victoria, lost her rudder on her way
down (rom Comox yesterday with a
large boom of lo"s for the Victoria
Lumber and Mfg. Co., of Chemainus.
The Queen ia boing towed to Victoria by the tug Stetson.
  t ■■	
London, Feb. 8.—The graves of
Charles Dickens and Sir Henry Irving, in Westminster Abbey, ware
decorated with many wreaths and
othor floral offerings todar.ln commemoration of their birthdays. Dickens was born on this date tn 1812,
and Irving wos born Feb. 6, 1888.
 4 .
NEW YORK, Feb. lO.-The lour-
muslcd schooner, Edward T. Bor-
wind of Wilmington, Md., which lelt
New Orleans ln January, bound lor
Philadelphia, was lighted at sea a-
bandonod, and In n waterlogged con
ditlon last Friday by the Str. Mora-
vol from Trinidad, which arrived
here this morning.
The vessel appeared to have beon
hastily abandoned. She was apparently hove to, under small sail
fifty miles each of Chnrlostown, S.
Tho Berwlnd is owned by R. W.
McBride of Philadelphia, with Capt.
C. F. I.nci-y her commander as managing ownsr.
Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 8.—Ths subject
ol waterways, with specisl reference
to the proposed Atlantic and Great
Western Canal, la to be discussed at
tho annual dinner tonight of the Atlanta Chamber ol Commerce. The
guost of honor aad chief speaker wilt
be Senator Francis G. Nowlands of
Nevada, who is recognised as one of
the foremost authorities in ths United States on tho subject of waterways.
The International Association of
Machinists has adopted a resolution
providing that each member lay
aside one day's pay each year tn go
into a general strike benefit and
emergency fund.
 ♦— '
The unhealthlest occupation in the
world Is said to be that of the Sicilian sulphur miners. A recent examination showed that out ol -1UO0
of these miners only two hunili'c I
were physically fit for military service.
As was predicted by the majority
of pugilistic followers, Abe Attell
showed Frankle Neil tho way lt la
Robert B. Burch, Yale's new football captain, somes (rom Cincinnati,
la 21 years old, weighs 170 pounds
and Is S loot 101 Inches in height.
Bob FItzsimmons, otherwise known
as "Ruby Robert," says he still
carries the kick of a mule in either
fin and la willing to meet any fighter
ln tho world, white, black; or yellow.
Doe" Casey, the former Brooklyn
baseSall player, prefers Providence to
more effective way thon is possible
while that department is under the
supervision of the Board of Health.
Sir Marcus Samuel Condemns Policy
o( Canadian Government in Regard to Emigration Bonuses.
MONTREAL, Feb. 5.-A London
cable says that the whole Canadian
government policy of bonuslng emigration agents waa severely condemned by presiding Aid. Sir Marcus
Samuel at the Guildhall magistrate
court. He said he could understand
it if the government bonds went to
emigrants themselves, and added
that lt seemed to him to be a moat
serious thing If the government of
Canada had been giving bonuses to
booking agents who use every ruse *
to attract immigrants. Alter this
the Dominion government would probably consider whether the system
should be modified,
"I (ail to see much difference between crimps who obtain sailors (or
ships in the old days and this distribution of agents broadcast over
the kingdom to tout (or emigrants"
said Sir Manila.
The case before the alderman arose
upon the board of trade's refualng
to renew a booking license to a
booking ngont who advertised (or
fifty thousand laborers. Immediately the renewal was refused Sir Chas.
Russell, (or the Canadian govern
ment, explained that bonuses were
restricted to the booking o( certain
classes, but the alderman retorted
that ho had no Idea that In granting
these passenger licenses that the
court was aiding in a system wbich
gave direct incentive to misrepresentation.
VIENNA, Fob. 11.-Countess Had-
lk yesterday lnlormod tho Associated
Press correspondent thnt sho know
nothing of her brother. Alexander's
proposed engagement to Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbllt, t\f Now York, and~
that shu wus confident that tho roll, it Is untrue.
• 4
PARIS, Feb. ll.-Count Bonl de
Castelloino, the divorced husband of
Anno Gould, ot Now York, wos ' today (ound guilty by the correctional
court of criminal assault and battery on Prince Hell de Sagan, and
fined ISO. ■ The pi-inco was -awarded
twenty cents damages.
Jersey    City and Is trying to
range a transfer to the Rhode
land capital.
No Honing—
No Grinding
You know from daily experience, st heme or In the barber
•bop. that the qu.cstien Is—
'■Why doesn't a rsier hold
Its edge uniformly from heel .
. to head without honing snd if,
grinding!'"   Whether it Is a   ',
safety, with Ihe certain tax of | «■,
new blades, or thc ordinary J /u
open-bladed rsier does not' '/*
slier thc question.  You want
the comfort and satisfaction o(
a clean, smooth shave every
Bennett, of Springfield, Mass., who
holds ths amateur single acull cham-]?"""«.wi* ,••" '«wadeat
■     at I Knowledge   that   your  razor
plonshlp, announces his intention to \ will be ready for instant use
the next time needed.
The Csrbo Magnetic rororls
lhe only rasor unoontttloa-
affy guaranteed to do this.
Thirty years of study on the
rssor situation Has perfected
a new secret process of
positively merges every particle of carbon (tho life of steel) I
defend his title at tho national
gatta next summer.
The prices of tickets for the Tommy Burns-Jack Palmer fight, to be
pulled off In London tonight, range
from tJ.iO for standing room In ths
•ssllery    to $28.25 for stage seats.  __      ...»„.„.„„.
Evidently tho promoter expects only Into the metal—giving'a'dls'.
LONDON, Fob. 10.-A special despatch to tho Dolly Nows from Quoen-
stnwn. says thnt tho British Pcet
Office bofl mode n now enntrnct with
the Cunnril Steamship On., tn carry molls between Liverpool end NcW
York until 1928,
Whsn a rosy cheeked, good natur-
ed Irish girl, fresh from the other
aids, recently sought employment In
tbe service o( a Germantown woman
the latter began anxiously to Interrogate ths girl aa to her nuallflca-
tlons. ii
"Can you cook, Nora?" asked the
lady, most earnestly. "Are you a
good cook?"
'I Yes, mum,! t'ink so," responded
the girl naively, "II ye'll not try to
help me."
... ., ,-■....« 4  f. 4.4 ...   iJW    »Iij
the wealthy to attend tho mill.
Mr. Thomas W. Lawaon says ho
will give thc public "no more advice." We should like to believe it,
but lt seems too good to be true.
A man in Kansas fell off a wagnn
and bit his tongue In two. That's
nothing, We know a man who loll
off the water wagon and became
a  ,.    , i
TORONTO, Ont., Feb. 11. - Hsv.
Dr. Shearer, secretary of Moral and
Tomponuioo Reform of the Presbyterian Churoh of Canada, Is leaving for
British Columbia and other provinces of Western Canada.
mond-like hardness uniformly, 1
throughout the blade—some-   |
thing absolutely   Impossible
with lire tempered steel-used
In making all other ratora.
But test this rasor in yeur
own home—or If you prefer,
have your bsrber use It on you.
Olve us your name, •
or call and see the "Csrbo
Magnstic" rasor, and we will
Mate our proposition for test,
leg these mors without
oaSgaOan on your part to
furomaoi together with our
...,.!""SL-i- ".HlI••, on Sh«»-
to|." This book illustrates
the correct rasor position for
•having every part of the (see.'
Ladysmith Hardware Co, JLiADYSMI-Tg STAKPABD,   WEDNB SPAY, FEBRUARY l^th, 1908.
- A trial match between two picked
elevens is alwuys to some extent disappointing, -and Saturday's game was
no exception to the rule, ilowevur
anxious tlie individual player may be
to mako good, thero is always a lauk
of feeling and of vim in ihe play.
This is easily accounted for club-
mates are pitched^against each other, and it is not to be expected that
they will adopt forceful methods tho
one against the other, or play Tho
game in its utmost vigor. There are
nc, points at stake and the -' never really warms, up. )
This much can be said of most trial
games. There were other circumstances in tiating against a good exhibition of the game ou Saturday.
The fli'st was the weather, It was
simply execrable, and certainly it
says something for the enthusiasm nf
Ladysmith football supporters that
they should have turned out in such
numtors to witness tho game. The
rain never stopped during the whole
the players may as well be said
for the first test game.
In to seo;    It should also be said that second period.   Thrice they   all   but
connection,    with     the team selected the Ahbotaford men played the   sec- scored aud the play waxed   hot   and
The selec- ond half without Simpson,  who    re* excitinjr.    They  experienced  extreme-
tion Committee met immediately af- tired -with a    damaged     ankle.   The ly hard luck on many occusions but
ter the tt'rmiuation of tho game and support of the crowd was equally di- at the same time tho   fact   that tho
chose the following players to repre- vided and there    was encouragement visitors backs ,were playing splendid*
sent the Islnnd In the match at Van- for all  the    players,  especially   ior ly, and defending as for their   very
cou\er on March l4>th: Scofcty Jtennott,.who has a style   of lives, must not be overlooked,   Uuck
Bradshaw  (Nanaimo)    Ooal play  peculiarly  his own.     All-    the came the Nanaimo forwards, fed   by
Hewitt (Nanaimo)  R.F.B. players were able to walk home, and  the full backs and helves.
Lorimer, (J.B.A.-V.)  L.F.B. some of them even walked to bed.     [again tho visitors' back
Again and
jttln??™?i.r, {-Mr* Ml^™?J^a U» "» '^l^H °* tripping n,"^ P
Johnstone (Y.M.U.A.)    C.H.B.
McKinley (Ladysmith)   L.H.B,
Blundell (Nanaimo)   O.R.F.
Crulckshanks (.Nanuiino)    I.K.F.
Adam (Ladysmith)   Centre
Graham (Ladysmith)   I.L.P.
Williams (Esquimalt)   O.L.F
There     is     net
Chemainus Hospital
ty area, but got off free.
Not to be denied the whole   front
rank closed in on the Ladysmith citadel and    tlie    boll was driven in
Thc  football   erase has now fairly' past Greaves,     who had put   up    a
seized upon the boarding houses   in cool gome.    The goal was disallow-
i   ,.   ,t t,he tow"   aml   Uiero   ls   no   ""y'ns ed. a foul on a Nanaimo man being
,     _    , ,    , muc" mu't to be whore nnd -when tho rivalry between claimed by the    roferco    i^dvamith
found with tho   team.    Probably   It the houses will ond.   'Tho latest   to defended too closely tTallo.!n?
can give ns good an account of itsolf como out with u challenge is tho La- ther penetration and a few minutes
XiTJ'T1,,'1".   C0UW lM solo<:tod' 0ymMb ttawl-   Thl> Lady«»'th   men later the ond e*m*wltn the vMtors
But It is hardly tie team that should are willing     to commence with   the winning by 8-3, though not   before
have beon appointed    on Saturday's men of tho Now Western.  They don't Killeen and Callander ciulldod   lion
tJ." „„ i   ■ n              ..                          as yot t00' 0(lual t0 such crack °'- vily when making for the ball   Cnl-
„1 J, -   ,,     y   .*__ tiie g,am0'    No ganlwHons as tho    Temperance and lander being knocked out as a result
.,      __                    ,                           one ever dreamed that Peden,   gcod Abbotslord    houses   cun put on tho For tho winners, Grouvw to Toal
time the game was in-progress     On [man as ho is, would displace   Brad- field,    But on condition that    Hail- was reliable.    Ho hod little   chance
the contrary    lt seemed to gain   in jshaw'-Shorty Graham put himself stones    and    Olegg are barred they with the    two    scored against him
force as timo went on, and towards out in the first live minutes  of    tho will play tho New Western housoand "Plug" Jackson    waT fair at rliht
*ho end of tho    match was coming gome.   Johnnie and Peters nover did'suggest Sunday, Feb. 16 as a suit- back but could not beCompared with
" ablo dato.    Here is the latest   foot- Kerr,     his partner.   Korr played   a
NEW YORK, Feb. 10-A good look
ing brunette appeared in tho Harlem
municipal court the other day in a
suit for $500 dtimuges against a
dentist, who it was charged hod not HEAD OFFICE, TORONIO.
securely fastened a set of gold teeth1     .
which tbo defendant had made    for B- *■ "AL1K.6K, President,
her, with the result that she swal- ALEX LA1KO, General Ma ager
lowed them thereby causing tho fair A. E IRELAND, Superintendent
u",i ■""•"*    '" '""     A '""'       ofBraiches.
The Canadian Bank
Of Commerce
riitifKipirait 10.000.000
m\ 5000.000
wuusms.. 113.000.000
with her new gold teeth Branc' m throughout Canada and io the United States acd EngUod
.'allowed   them   before        he .  s^na*a*aBasa».       — -i —
lady great discomfort. According
to the dentist thu plaintiff wae eo
that she sw
could get uny cement ready, Tho
teeth were produced uninjured In
court and it took the jury only
twenty minutes to liurido for the den
tist. I
Fa.rn.9ru'   Pmpmr   Dlsoounted.
down in torrents. an«thing   to   justify   their inclusion
Naturally it affected the around, even in the Jl tonm. Arthur also was
and considerably interfered with the off color, and Telford was a rank
play of   the  men on tho field.    Tho failure. - "-
ground at tho lower end was heavy I Now to go back to those who are
and muddy at the beginning of thu left. O'Connell wos forced into the
game; before tho ond it wus not only position of left half back, and must
hvavy, hut sodden, muddy and troa. be compared with 'Lorimer. Well,
cherous as well, Thc ball also got Tom put up a good game, kicked
vory heavy ami greasy, and all the well, and attended to Blundell in
circumstances woro against, a fast, good shape. .But so did Lorimer and
scientific exposition of tho game. it is inn >ssiblo to    rattle Sam.    It
Anothor cause vt disappointment must bo admitted that on the duy's
was the placing of the playors. This play Lorimer deserved his place, nr
was perhaps, hardly to lie avoided nt least did not deserve to be dis-|
from tho manner in which the teams placed
wero chosen. But it' was unfair to Tho half-back line as chosen, will
tl o players, und could in no way cause thc most criticism. Tho writer
gi.e the selection committee a true would have voted for Bufty, McKin-
Mne on the form of the mon. ley and Thackeray.    The line as pick-
On the whole, however, thc gamo od is McKinley, Johnson and Harley.
wus always Interesting to watch. Now, McKinley is .a loft half, and",
Thero wero at times on tho part of good us aro Thackeray and Harley'
the A forwards some bright pieces of neither of them con displace him in
combination. Adam, <2 winger 'and thut position. On Saturduy he plny-
Blundell were especially noticeable, ed centre-half, and, considering the
nnd had the day been line and the difference in the men they wero playground dry thero would havo been ing, outpointed Johnson. If he did
some play well worth seeing. As it not he had no claim to the right-hail
was thero was no comparison be- position, lt Jay, or ought to have
twecn the two attacking lines. Tho lain, between Dufty and farmer, and
vanguard of the B team never work- the former on Saturday s play earned together, and even lhe individual od it.
play, always excepting Cruickshanks, We havo said that McKinley out-
was of the poorest description. Ag- pointed Johnson. The latter plays
alnst such a ragged disjointed com- a good, steady game, but ho is too
'binntion, Jjhnson, Harley und Bufty slow to tackle, allows his men too
had little to do, except keep their much rope and plays always the do-
. or wards on tho attack. Tho dispar- lensivo game. On Saturday lie lay
ity in tho two rival forward ranks all thu timo too far buck and never
tended to kill interest in tlie gamo ; tendered his forwards the assistance
but thero wus an improvement in tho he ought to have dono.
second half, ami the game was never Now there is the left half place. It
really slow. lay    between Thackeray and Harley.
Mr. E. Whyto veferved tlio game in* That tho latter should have got it
an entirely satisfactory manner. Jt is tho surprise packet in tho team.
was about 2:45 p.m. when pluy be- Tho Y.M.C.A. man played against es
gan the teams lining up as follows:   jspoedy and resourcoiul a wing as the
bail combination. magnificent gamo.   His kicking   was
Goal—Prof. Cartwright. strong, his clearing was well judged
Halves—Bolyea, Motro and McDon- snd ho never lacked dash. Tho halves
aid. vera good and    like all the rest   of
Forwards—Barclay, Lunu, Appleby the team wero conspicuous in block-
Johns and Aitken. ing and dash.    Tho front rank wont-
Manager-JStovo Decker.                      ed with    fine   cohesion   and though
Reserves— Solo Bill, J. McGregor, j they were    not    often in dangerous
Mark Churchill is down as wator
currier. Happy Jack as Linesman,
and Sam Mills as hooter.
The Free .Press cn Monday gave
the following account of the game
between the local and Nanaimo Intermediates on Saturday:—
A. TEAM" 	
Backs-—Hewitt ami Lorimer.
Halves—Bufty, Johnson,   Harley.
Forwards—Blundell,  Orninger,   Adam, Ornham and Williams.
-Backs— Graham and O'Connel,.
Halves—Farmer, McKinley, Thnrk-
Forwards— Telford, Cruickshanks,
Johnnie   Morrison and Peters.
The A, team got down right from
the kick off and Graham in two minutes made moro mistakes than he
has hitherto done all the season. He
was distinctly «i»Y color, and nover
played anything approaching to his
usual game. His mistakes wero
promptly takon advantage of bv the
attacking forwards of the A team,
and, in five minutes, the colors of H
team were lowered. It was the direct result of bad tackling and worse
kicking, Still Pcden had time ' to
pick up and throw away. Instead he
took a kick, the ball banged up against "Fanner and bounced into the
The second point came n mlnuto
later, again as the result of miskick-
ing. Adam got through, and, in e
mix up with three men, came out on
top and nearest tho ball. Poden got
no chance cither to kick or handle
this time and the boys in red and
white wero two goals up.
After this the B boys settled down
to their play, but their lifeless, ineffective forward work spoiled every
movement. Johnnie held on to tho
ball too long, Telford was useless,
Arthur was below form. Cruickshanks alone showing any ability to
forge ahead. The defence stood off
the attack for the rest of the half,
and the score remained at two to
nil In favor of tho A team.
For the -second half some alterations, were made in the teams. Bradshaw, Hewitt and Lorimer changed
places with Pcden, Graham and
O'Connell. The A team forward line
was thus pitted against the men
who in .tho first half had kept their
goal intact. It would have licen ns
well once a change wus mado to have
changed the half back lines too, and
also to havo transferred Grainger to
Telford's place. As it was, Harley
had only Cruickshanks to watch,
while -Thackeray had:the strongest
wing in the field to cope with.
Tho first point in the second half
was earned by Grainger, and stood
out as by: far the prettiest piece of
individual; work of the game. Ho got
-the hall.from Adam and not seeing
the rood clear to pass out to Blundoll, took tho loo side of Lorimer.
Johnson butted in on the othor side
and Hewitt horo down in the front,
.loo hold' on his way In spite ot the
hustling, and suddenly taking a bank
completely boat Bradshaw with a
grand shot,
Then, came tho .turn of the boys In
white, nnd strange to say their goal
came as the result of a fugitive piece
of combination work. The ball wns
passed out to Peters on the left and
from thero put into tho centre.
Cruickshanks got.to it'and tipped to
' Johnnie.' The latter had no opening,
nnd pushed -the hall along to Morrison who drove It Into tho not. Tho
A team again t took up the running,
and onco Adam after heating Hewitt, put across tho I goal. Blundoll
had almost a freo kick a yard or
two from the sticks, but mulled his
■hot. The game ended with tho
A Team .-, 8
B Team     11
island or the Province can furnish,
und ho certainly nold them. Heading
chuck intr, tackling—he was all there,
and his placing is thu strongest feature of his play. Hurley, on the
other hand, wus up against Telford
and Cruickshunks. Telford was the
weakest man ou the field, und practically Harley wus left with only
Cruickshunks to look after. No
doubt he played a hard gumo, but
Thackeray thoroughly won his pluco
on the day s trial,
Tnero is another point. Whero thero
is so little to choose between players, surely the legitimate island
player ought to got the place. This
is not to say that Thackeray should
have got tho position through sentiment. Ho won it and deserved it on
his play. But Cruickshunks displaces Uralnger, On what grounds?
Superior play? Hardly: Grainger j
wus out of position; but tho ex-Vun-j
couver mun showed no better   foot-
After playing so woll as thoy did,
especially in the shooting department, which counts, it was very mortifying to tho Wanderers and their
supporters to lose against the LadyBmlth Intermediates on Saturday at
the Caledonian grounds. Though
the Ladysmith boys put up a line
team game from goal* to forward
line, the Wanderers were more effective and deserved to win. They wero
continually, with tho exception of a
few minutes, attacking close in m
the visitors' goal during tho second
half. The team worked up In great
style, the best they have been known
to do this season, lho Wanderers
really scored five goals in utt ••ut the
referee disallowed throe, i»v;< «f
which appeared to no clean goals, cir
tainly hurd-canied. Mr. Frank English, who acted in the capacity of referee, certainly tftvtt all decisiuns
what he considered fairly, and
though thore is iit'.le doubt but what
hu made at least one tnistaUo in regard to tho goals tiiM.liUW-.fri, ho is
not the man to act with intentional
partiality to uny team. St'll i't was
hard lines Indeed for tho W iruloi-ens
to lose after shewing so hard nrd
woll as they .lit. Ih', gamo n.a congested in a go .J sporting spirit by
(both sides. Some ol the visiting
boys, however, have.a bad habit of
grasping and holding an ■•pponont
when he appears to thorn to -jG getting past.
Tho players took tho field with a
miserable drizzle just commencing
Those    who    know   tho Caledonian
proximity to the Wanderers' goal,
they showed, by thoir victory,
rhat they have the right style of attack. Ord and Simpson on the extreme wings centred well, the throe
goals being scored from these players' kicks.
Though not brilliant, Callander,
Hughes and Cloke wero useful insido
forwards and could bo depondod to
play unselfishly.
Of tho locals, Walker's ploy in goal
was' un improvement on his Inst
game. Bo wen at left back is iin
proving evory match and on Saturduy broke up and spoiled a lot of
tlie Ladysmith forwards' work. Killeon wns also iroori, but his position
is now to him und he has not yot
got onto covering his goal at a critical time. Tho halves woro a trio of
vory hard workers. They hold their
opponents well. Jacob nnd McEwun
were tho best, though Martin ran
them closely. With the exception of
Allen, who was away below his usual form tho forwards displayed plenty of determination and dash.
Though not showing quite the same
understanding as tho Ladysmith van
they were better individually. Ishor-I
wood wus splendid and wus in front
on the shooting and he made many
good runs and centres. Thom and
James played well but put up a better game against tho Wests a few
weeks ago. Fisher is a determined
and hard working forward. His unselfish play and good handling of the
ball was noticeable.
Although several lives woro loBt in
the recent flre in tho Parker building on Fourth avenue, three tiny
gold fish wcre ablo to survive ths
flames and smoke. Men at work on
the ruins found in tho wreckage on
tho socond floor a glass tank containing three gold fish as active and
playful as ever. j
Fashionable society who have their
residences along Fifth avenue aro rejoicing over tho recent order
Judge LeVentritt in the supreme
court ordering tho advertising signs
to bo moved from tho Fifth avenue
buses. Ever sinco tho now automobile buses wero started early in the
summer, they have beon plastered
over with brilliantly painted signs
advertising a certain kind of tobac-
The court held they marred the
street's beauty and wcro against the
law. The bus company at first declared they would appeal tho case,
but later changed their minds and
removed the signs.
Deposits of Si and upwards received, and iutero .t allowed at
-em rates. The depesitur is subject to do delay whatever in
witl ilinwal of Ihe whole or uny part of the deposit.
•met hours w m m "'"S^p^aS^'*
UiliYSstlTH BRANCH  X. M, DeOBX, Manages
President and Managing Director.
Set ictnry-Treasurer.
,lr Jg  THE	
Although it is vory seldom that c
man who has been tried lor his 111
and acquitted cares to enter a court
room again 11 he can help it, still
Win. 11. Haywood, ox-treasurer ol the
Western Federation ot Miners has
proved an exception. The other day
he visited the Thaw trial, and immediately atter leaving the court
— wont to the Tombs prison and
sedured permission Irom the wardsn
to be shown through the big gray
LONDON, Feb. 11.—The sporting
and othor morning newspapers comment mostly ln terms ot ridicule on
the sorry display that Palmer made
against Burns. Tho latter, alter tho
contest, said that never ln his lite
had he such an oasy light. Palmei
did not attempt to make any explanation of    his defeat saying merely
ground on a wetday-can imagine |"-"" "" *""" **—*-*•" -"v—s !•"»»>,
what state tho contestants wero in tnat be must conclude that his dayi
shortly atter the commencement, and > as a fighter are ended, and adding
how heavy und difficult the ball -was tngt h6 ,vould qult th   rln-
principal for ever.
tho visitors, us within two minutes,
Jacob centred from well out; Greaves
misjudged the ball, which -bounced
over his head into the net, and almost Irom the centre-off, the local
forwards broke   away with the ball
„-,, ..      ...         on a run to the Ladysmith goal, Is-
bull than the speedy Welshman.   And herwood, by an accurate centre,   n»- ..      ,
Joo gut u-goul    ou Suturduy   that J ing    responsible for the score    tnat the   fourth national ski tournament
Fisher made, which followed a min- affords evidence of the rapid growth
ute after the first one. End to end iD popularity that famous wintor
play followed    this quick work, tho _„„rf . .      .   .       ,,   , .    ,
Nanaimo forwards being more dan- •port haa ^^^ °ime lts i''tr°d*"!'
gorous than their rivals.    In one  of tion into this country from Norway,
Duluth, Minn., Feb. 10— The bun-
dreds ol visitors now in Duluth    for
ought to have earned him his place.
It is men who can score goals   like
those that win test gumos.
But Cruiuksliaiike is a tailor   and
heavier man,     He gels his pluco, so ,„„„„ „.„„ „.„.. ..,„„.    „ „„   _. —-      - „   	
we are driven to inier, because ol his! these skirm'shos Ishorwood drove the The events will begin tomorrow nnd
superior physique. Again let it be
said, when thoro was so little to
chouse .from, tho lsluml man should
have got the position. If the team
had inoluded Uruingor and Tiiactaray
it -would have been every bit as good
as it is. Why, therefore, send ox-
Vancouver mon to Vancouver to represent the Island, when thore are Islanders to choose from equally as
good ii not better.
This Is out   last word about   the
team.      Jimmy   has it all over  all. _ .
comers lor tho centre forward posl-Intel and'again-disallowed
tion, and the man that ousts littio
Jock from tho inside left has certainly got to bo going somo. As wo
have suid the toani will probably do
us well as the ono we have outlined,
but we cannot seo how it will do bettor. And from tho point of view of
pluy and Island sport both Thackeray and Grainger ought to havo beon
!.?"i,nt(L, uhe„, g°a1'but th" ™ferM continue two days.     There will    be
disallowed It, giving it as off-eldo.     I     -    ,....,,
Ladysmith pressed shortly alter, seve™1 h*mdr«1 Participants, tho ma-
and Ord centred well to Walker, who lority Iron* Minnesota, Wisconsin
throw Miolilnd. The corner kick was and'the upper peninsula of Michigan,
well iilaced, but Bowen cleared away t _,,n _____ ,___. r«.«„j« a ,u
well out of danger. Thom, on a IwM* ""™> from Canada and othor
dash by the- locals, shot wide when .flec"onB-
a fine opportunity was presented. I Among the entries are Olo Maag-
The left wing a few minutes later so-1 Mth, holder of the American record
cured and centred woll to Ishorwood' . ,..
who was Johnnio on the Spot    lor
again the ball was sent through
feet; Oustave Bye, former
American champion, with a mark of
106 feet, and Ole Feirlng, who   last
a position^ to    Judge state that th w made B  record o( 113 (eot. A1.
goal was a legitimate   one.    Lody-'j.      .   .. «..'».«»■
smith began to -wake up, and tho for- ,thou*h thoM fl«urM «• h|Bh "    '»
wards, being well fed, camo up    the 'confidently believed that hotter ones
field with a lino combined movement will be established during tho   next
but finished weakly in front of goal. tw0 aaya
TJho ball here found Its wav to    thoI   m. .... ,    ,
Millstrenm, and a short rest was af-1   Tn<> c<"""tions   aro highly fuvora-
forded the contestants.    On the   re-,Die   for some record breaking    per
sumption of play tho local right out-
sldo get away tor a good run, but
Kerr chocked and ropollod tho attack
Aftor 80 minutes had elapsed tho Ladysmith front rank raced away at
top speed anil with a fust and pretty piece of passing bout the local
backs and Cloke gave Walker no
chance whon close In. The goal encouraged the visitors. Tho heavy
state of the ground und bull was being felt in earnest. Nanaimo attacked lor five minutes but the visitors'
backs were kicking out strongly and
though the Wanderers forwards play-
alleged offside once and tho bettor
ed up better, they wore pulled up fcr
The bat Co of tho Houses was
fought out in deadly earnest on tho
Sports ground on Sunday uftornoon,
whon tho Tomiwrance men mot nnd
defeated'In mortal combat tho mon
from tho Abuotsford. Tho blue-ribbon men havo never beon ablo to do
this iKifci-e, and certainly they woro
lucky to do it on Sunday. Moreover
thore are rumors nflont that the Ab-
hofeford men mot In with lieferick
Rhu, Mount Dow, nn*f Donnld Glonll-
vet on the Saturday night and half roderstmidTng^
hi . Li "t„tT8?1V0.s ** ,t,,olr backs made It difficult for them to
» L'n ^' L th'f b0 tni0' ll i8 break through. With two minutes
a good thing tho lomporanco advo- to g0 ladysmith halves sent up to
cater did not meet them on tholr the lelt wing. 'Tho ball was centred
y™f. i wns h0 a"tH*,a mon d«- In good style and tho wholo front
served toi draw, ovor. If, as a matter un advanced with a well concerted
Ji?  i.   "!' d.' no^ do so' '"laah and     Simpson scored close In,
Tho Stnndonl mans roportorial fa- tho tally   thus   boing  oven   on    tho
cultios nro totally Inadoquato to   ro- change over
port the gamo In all Its thrilling, I The opening of tho second half
exciting Incldonts. 'But nover has ho'found tho Wanderers pressing hard
soon such a scrimmage on tho goal and dangerously. Tho visitors rose
Sunday.    Mercer to eve- «ir»»ton, however, and
formoncoa. The Duluth hill, which
Is 80C foot in length, Is the largest
in America and at present Is ln the
best of condition. It is located on
the sldo of a groat ravino. An opposite hill can accommodate twonty
thousand spectators ami givo thorn
a complete view ol the scaffold, the
ride, the Jump and tho turn.
The contestants in the present tour
nament will make a strong effort tu
equal or eclipse tho world's record of
138 feet, which Is held by Leif Berg
of Norway. Berg made this mark
last season at the international tour
nament in Switzerland and supplemented lt with a standing Jump of
64 leet on one ski.
Amnnc othor rules which a land-
'ord '-os posted in a conspicuous
place on the Kitchen wall of every
apartment in ono of the big houses
in Manhattan was tho following:
"Tenants are requested to burn all
porsonnl correspondence. Special
provision for tho destruction of letters has been made in the basement
of tho building."
An inquisitive tenant, upon moving in. Immediately hunted up tho
landlord and demanded an explanation. "So that I and my buildings
can't be mixed up in divorce case
and lawsuits on account of them,'
he replied. "Correspondence that
is consigned to the waste basket enn
be pieced together, and there isn't n
janitor allvo who wouldn't sit up
all night to do it If hs holds the
least grudge against anybody. More
times than I can keep track of, people living In my houses havs been
confronted ln the courtroom by evidence dug out of a  waste bosket."
Although the socond trial ol Harry
K. Thaw for tho murder of Stanford
White, attracted vory little Interest,
compared with the first trial last
winter, still praise was hoard very
frequently of the manner in which
Judge Bowling, tho presiding justice, conducted the case. The rapil
way ln which the case progressed
was a revelation to the bpnch and
bar of the city. He kept both prosecution and defense at work nlmost
without cessation and as he lopped
off much of the tedious testimony
that encumbered tho first trial, sav-
ed a great deal ot oxpenso to tho
taxpayers. The record that ho
made ln conducting tho caso has
caused him to bs ono of ths most
talked of men in tho public oye at
Steps are being taken to relief's
the terrific conu;est:on in Now York'ii
famous Ghetto. The thousands of
Jewish imfnlgtrsnts thnt have been
pouring Into tho lower east sldo nt
Mgnhattnn has raised tho rents to
such a pitch thnt the slightest sug
gestlon of hard times makes It ne
pessary for families to move by the
scores. But even with this natural
exodus the Ghetto Is crowded tar beyond Its normnl capacity, with tho
result that the Educational Alliance
with the financial backing of tbo millionaire banker Jacob Schtff, has organized a removal bureau. Tho purpose of tho bureau is to assist needy
lows to leave the Ohotto for other
environments whore their chsnees of
success -will bs better.
Meals Bervsd at all 'lours.
First Class
Ace m m j J ati J
Private Room*
For Ladles
Clam Chowder and Oysters
W.E. HOOM    -r    rTlirlCttr.
The Jones Hotel
Oatacre Street.
Painter &
Has received the agency of
one of the best American
Picture Enlarging Firms.
Cull in and see Spccio ens.
It   is   probable    that a lacrosse
  match between New Westminster and
lino ns ho did on Sunday. Mercer to%w-^^«ah>n, *howeTOr™a"nd*"lJiiti*a Shamrocks will bs playod at Cal
caught tho ball low, almost on tho'Bpit0 of tho determination of the Nn- gury during tho Dominion fair week
goal lino, and was pouncod on boforo naimo boys to forco a passage, thoy „„x. iui_ i„ P„mlv.«tlnn for the
ho could clear. Morcor held und half beat ofl tho attack by moreaystema-l^1. V* ™ oom>w*it-on ,or th0
tho Hold piled on to him. Fulton tie play which showed thrustfulnoss, I,B,1,0 ""P* .
got inside tho goal posts, and find- strong kicking, close bunching tac-| The suggestion has been advanced
ing tho mass too heavy for his tics and effootlve blocking and check- by Mayor Kearv, who offors to do
shouhjors, bognn to chuck tho. dew Ing, and Cloke put his team in the' „ ,„ v.. „„__, ,„ h,lm. «,, _,,„!,
men out, Finally the bull camo out lead aftef 8 minutes. The horn. a" ,n h,VP0T ,*" br "* *h' ™.
and no score was recorded. ,boys wore now beainniiiaT a series of ■hout, •na will interview the intor-
It was ths    '--'-■--'-■-"- -•.■!-.* -■""■•   .*»---
What i«m«rk« « i,„,i ,n n.mt .u I   -J "— "7,   m__l$eni ?' *hf metelii desperate attacks that continued si- esled parties In the east on the
What remarks wo had to pass upon|«0a was woll worth anybody's money |most without a break throughout the cnslon of his Impending visit.
NEW YORK, Feb. 8 - "Little
Tim" Sullivan, and the ordinance he
got his brother ahiormen to pass
prohibiting smoking by Gotham's
fair sex, created quite a stir among
fow strong minded women and a
host of omuBoment among the public at large. Lady Juliet Duff, and
Honorable Violet Vivian, two ol the
best known women ln English society, who smokod on board ship,
while crossing the ocean, were greeted by a crowd ol reporters at the
deck and asked for an opinion oi
"Little Tim's" low.     But ths sub-
Stove Wood
Out by White Labor Oaly.
P.O. Box 64
Dealer in All Kinds of
Vests Delivered free of charge aa Iks
Shortest Notice.
All Home Cured
Roberts St. Butcher
Union Brewing Co.
Ladysmith, B. O.
stance of thslr comment waa "Oh,
really," which was ths attitude of
most New Yorkers. But no ao with
ons English woman, Mrs. A. Borr-
mun Wells, the valiant English suffragette who is now in the city. Sho
felt that ths cause for which she is
working had bean helped mightily by
Little Tim's" ordinances, and gave
him a warning ol what is to come
11 women get ln power by declaring
that an ordinance would be passed
forbidding aldermen sating with
their knives.
David llolusco waa being congratulated on the success ut "A Grand
Army Man."
'Writing plays is a risky business," said Mr, Belasco. "Past triumphs don't count. Hc who has
written twenty superb playa la Just
aa Ukely to bo dammed on his 21st
piece as any tyro,
There was onco a playwright who
sat in the front row at tho first
night of a new piece ol his own.
Tho piece failed. It failed dreadfully.
As tho playwright sat, palo and
snti, amid tho hisses, a woman behind him leaned forward and said:
'Excuse me, sir; but knowing you
to be tho author of this play, I took
tho liberty, at tho beginning of the
performance, of snipping off a lock
ot your hair. Allow ms now to return lt to yon," I
arid Pastry
Always Fresh on Hand.
Wedding and Party Cakes Mads to
Fruits and Candies of All Kinds
Prices aro    very   roasonabls.    AU
Customers treated alike.
On the Esplanade.
Ladysmith, B. O.
fall Stock of Miners' Tools.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kinds of Blaekamltbiag     I
Dona at Short Notion. \
<^%oaxs>a>%a>%a>aj«1 XiADYSHFTH STANDARD,   WEDNESDAY, PEBRUABY 13th, 1906,
Spring Goods
The figures given by
few days ago only de-
ED POR COAL. .. .      *
...     the pi-eutier a
(From our own Correspondent.)        ,    .
,    .,        ,    ■ , . f   ,      ..    ceived tbe bouse,
ln the     legislature yesterday Mr.
,, „ . __..„■      •     ,        ""a premier, rising to a  point of
McGuire moved tho following resolu-  . ,, , '      "*,      ", •~~"    '
order, said he had given the figures
,„,' .... . furnished by the inspector.
Whereas it would appenr that the     .,     '     "'      _JTr,p'    .
.    .       , .    ., ,    1.  i' -Mr. Hawthornthwaite said the pi-e-
cust ol cual to the consumer In   the'    ,-,,., .     ,     ,        H
, ,„,.,,,.,,.,        . lm,Jr "'en had been deceived by   the
province of British Columbia is out • '
of nil proportion to the cost of production; and j
Whereas, owing    to the abundance
Don't forget tho dance uud supper
which the local Rebecca lodge is going to give in tho opera houso . uu
Friday night. Tickets for tlie dunce
Including suppui. are $1.50 per couple, extra ladies 50 cents each.
the Y.M.C.A. club, anil also Lhc Wanderers on their own grounds, so thut
they hultl lirst plti.ce in the .League
table, Tbey want to make no mistakes on Saturday, nnd to win tbey
must got into the best possible shape
Tho team will bo as follows;
(Jon I—Greaves.
Backs?-Jackson und Kerr.
i    Halves — Morgan,   Saumlors,    and
I   Forwards—-Ordo, Hughes, Callander
L'loko and Simpson.
Next Tuesday evening a musical
social will be given in the Church o(
ilngland mission room under the aus
pices of the United Guild uf tbe
church. Only 25 cents will be char.;
ed for admission and the proceeds
will be devoted to the Sunday
At a meeting of the committee of
the football club last evening it wa.
decided to try to Met an engagement with Esquimalt for Sunday afternoon, bailing a satisfactory uu
swer from the boys in blue, a strong
team will be picked to give the first
eleven a   good practise match.
It is now definitely nrrangod thut
tho local team shall visit Seattle on
■February 28rd to play Lhe Thistle
club of that city. The champions
meet   tbe   . J.It .A. A,   buys  at   Victoria
on the Saturday, and they ■will tako
tho night boat to Seat/Lie. The boys
in Seattle are preparing for a great
game and a good time, and certainly the match ought Lo furnish somo
oxciting football.
To whom it may concern:
This is to certify that California
Harbor 16 hove paid the death benefit on Hro. D. C. White, who was
drowned on the schooner Ijosslo K.,
in the month of February. 1W07,
knowing him to have sailed in aald
vessel from her last port of departure.     {Signed).
Captain  .lames  Hughes.  Pms.
of California Harbor No. i.">.
Captain K. X. Plppy, Secretary.
9an Francisco, .Jan. 15, 1ft08.
Editor Standard:
Sir,—You will greatly oblige me if
you will publish tho above enclosed
letter. I havo been subjected to great
pain and annoyance by people both
here and in 'Nanaimo declaring the
account of my husband's death lo
have been "faked." The story even
went so far as to assert that my
husband had been seen since tho loss
of the Bessie K, and this version of
the rumor appeared In one of the
Nanaimo pAjwrs. Jt was all malic -
ous gossip founded on a deliberate
Hc. Tho above letter settles the
matter beyond all dispute, anil
should surelv stop the circulation of
these lying, libellous rumorsr
Trulv vours,
MRS. 1). 0. WHITE.
Ladysmith, Feb. nth, 1W08.
— » — —
The game on Saturday is an intermediate Ijo»ffiio fixture in which the
locals and Victoria West -will meet
for tho first time this season. Tlie
visitors bold tho LoagUo championship in this series and are playing
good ball this season again. At Nanaimo they divided the points, and
nt Victoria thoy beat tbe Y.M.C.A.
boys.    Tho locals also have   beaten
The Temperance men are not to
be allowed to retain their championship of the Houses unchallenged. The,
lirnnd hotel arc after their scalps.
The men from the (-rami saw tin-
game las) Sunday, and aro satisfied
they can make rings around the blue
ribbon men. Accordingly they hereby challenge tbe Temperance men to
a game on the same conditions as
tho match of'last Sunday. A repl.\
is requested either through tho Standard, or to the Grand captain, -Ins.
For Saturday.
Suits   from   $12.00 to  114.00
on sale for  S8.00
Suits   from    f23.60 Lo $20.00
for R10.50
Also big   reductions in   Neckwear,
Ties, regular up to 75c in all
the different styles, on sale
for   25c
Bowt,   Strings,  Derbys,  selling
for   10c
William's Block
Hamilton, Feb. 11.— Louis
ltlrks, news dealer, was fined
$d0 today for selling American
papers on Sunday, .Tan. 12,
contrary to tbo provisions of
tbe Lord's  Hay Act.
OXFORD, Fa., Fob. IL—While his
son was being cremated in a burning barn at Pleasant Grove, the father and a number of neighbors
wore risking their lives to save the
horses and cows which could not get
out of the stable.
Tho boy, Joe Fussy, eight yoars
old, had taken some matches from
the house and kindled a fire with
them lu the burn. Almost immediately tbe hoy caught fire und before
the lad know it he wns surrounded
by flames.
Tho lad's charred body was found
after tho flames had beon put out.
NEW It US 10.
LONDON, Feb. 11.—A band of Mi-
tlgant delegates from the parliament
of women sufiregotts now in session
here, made a vigorous assault
tbe Houso of Commons today.
Their attempt to rush the doors of
tho lobby, however, was frustrated
by tbe police, who had a sharp sklr
mish with the women, two score of
whom were arrested for disorderly
conduct. The uHacking party was
trying to deliver to the house of
Commons a resolution protesting a
gainst the unconstitutional action uf
tho government in refusing a vote
to women rato payors. Tho delegates secreted themselves in furni-
iture vans fn the vicinity of tho bull J
'ir.!:R and were thus onnbled to get
close to tho point of attack before
being discovered.
Nanuimn. Fob,  11.-
Walker's  Curing    Establishment   on
Newcastle Townsite Completely
Destroyed by Fire   this
Morning—Loss Serious
Fire this .horning about 5 o'clock
completely destroyed tbo burring During establishment conducted by Mr.
D. 11. Walker ou Nowcnstlo Townsite
the othor side uf thc Provincial jail.
It is not known how the flro orlgi.
natod, but it is presumed that it
started in tbo smoke house. There
was no insurance on the building or
Mr. Walker's loss will be serious.
Tho nets and othor gear amounted to
about $750, while thoro was a considerable quantity of fish destroyed
ready for shipment. Tho fire brlffadb
did not turn out. Tbo establishment was outside tbe city limits and
when the alarm was turned In it was
impossible, tho Chief says, to gain
from hie informant just where the
lire was located.
of coal deposits in this province and
tho proximity of the sources of supply to the market, the cost of coal
to the consumer In British Columbia
should be much less than at present
is th« case; and
Whereas the excessive price of coal
in British Columbia has the effect of
retarding and preventing tho establishment, in this provinco, of industries depending on fuel for supply;
Whereas much of the product of
tbe coal mines of the Province is being exported to foreign markets and
sold at a price that enables it to
compete.with coal fronu other countries in such foreign markets.* and
Whereas a belief exists that nn
understanding exists between tbe per
sons or corporations controlling or
owning such coal mines to maintain
tbo hiffh prices now hotnft charged to
consumers in this province;
Therefore bo It resolved, That an
bumble address be presented to His
Honor the Lieutenant-Governor by
this house praying him to request
the Dominion government, through
tho proper channel, to cause an inquiry to be instituted by the Do-
mdnion department ot trade and commerce, to decide whether there exists a combine or understanding between tbe owners or controllers of
the local coal mines of this province
whereby an excessive price is charged to consumers in tbe province for
coal produced from said mines, or
any of thom.
In support of It he pointed out
that it was estimated that tbe
Crows' Nest areus possessed thirty-
nine billion four hundred million
tuns of coal, and tbo areas at Nanaimo six hundred million. Yet in
spite of this there has been a shortage of coal in Vancouver lust sea-
sou. The wholesale price of coal
was S-L50 per ton of 2,240 pounds,
and tbe retail price §7.50 per 2000
pounds or $8.46 per 22-10 pounds.
In Sau Francisco tbo price ranged
from 50.50 to $7 wholesale per ton
of 2,210 pounds. Tho cost of production at the Vancouver Island
mines was put at S2 to $2.(50 per
ton and at tho Crows' Nest at $1.50
per ton.
In New York the bituminous class
of conl sold from $2.50 to $2.75 per
The Dominion Iron and Steel
Co. purchased cool at $1.24 a ton.
Ho thought It only fair that thc Dominion government should investigate coal prices.
John Oliver felt that from the remarks of the minister of finance
made a few duys ago, thero was
ground for an investigation. It
should be made, ho felt by the local
authorities instead of the Dominion
government. He did not approve of
the round-abodt method proposed,
but rather favored an immediate in*
qUiry by tho provinco. He moved,
seconded by Mr, Brewster tho following amendment:
That ull tbe words of tho resolution aftor the word 'province' at tho
end of the last recital bo struck out,
and tho following words inscrtod in
lieu thereof, 'and whereas there is
reason to believe that the laws for
the protection of workors underground in coal mines aro not being
observed. Therefore bo it resolved
that a select committee consisting
of live members of this house be appointed with iostructlons to Inquire
into tlie truth of the above allegations with power to call for persons,
papers, books and documents, to examine witnesses under oath, and to
report their findings, recommendations, and the evidence to the
Mr. Huwthornthwaite wanted tu
know why Mr. Oliver proposed to investigate the violation of the Coul
Mines Regulation Act at this time.
Mr. Olher thought it a suitable
Premier McBride said this was beyond tho jurisdiction of tho province
us it. related to trade and commerce
With respect to tho violations of tho
law In the Island collieries, the Premier observed that unless thore was
good ground for such allegations
care should bo taken not to make
tbe statements. There was a system of mine inspection and a general re-adjustmont of iho staff was
proposed in view of the fact that
mines wcro being opened in Nicola
and in Kootemty.
Mr. Hawthornthwaite thought It
looked as Jf the Conservatives and
the Liberals were preparing for an
election. It was not tho consumer
who was robbed by tbo price uf coal
but tho miner, Tho laws were being flagrantly violated. Some men
were working 10 hours a day. The
mines of the provinco wero inefficient
ly regulated. There was a larger
percentage of accidents in the mines
of tbo provinco than elsewhere. Tho
percentage of accidents in British
Columbia was 15 os compared with
2| and 2j In New Zealand and In
other countries. The mines were
not properly Inspected and nover
would until worklngmen dominate!
tbs legislature. Thero were 1,000
Orientate employed In the Vancouver
inspectors. Tbe figures given in the
answers showed the number employed by the colliery, but not those employed by the contractors. The white
miners did not dare to complain or
tbey would lose their places.
1'reiuier UcDrlde said:, "If my
honorable friend is prepared to moke
any complaints with regard to the
condition of affairs he has just out-
iued 1 will have an investigation,
and give him an opportunity to
make good."
Mr. Hawthornthwaite said be bad
called the attention of the attorney-
general to what was going on time
and again. The examination which
qualified Chinamen for mining at
Cumberland consisted of questions,
put this way; "You heap savee
mining, John?" "Yes, I heap savee," and this was the examination.
Hon. Mr. McBride said there was
nothing to prevent Chinamen being
employed underground. Section 4
was declared ultra vires of the pro-
( vince. The premier further added
that he was advised that the Chinamen who worked underground at
Comox got exactly the same wages
as white miners. There bad never
been a complaint against the examinations. He stated this to check
auy feeling of unrest.
Darker Williams thought that the
public having allowed the public utll
ity to fall into private hands was
not entitled to protection when the
owners combined to raise the price
of coal.
Mr. Oliver's amendment was lost,
and the resolution of McGuire was
carried by a   vote of 25 to 11.
Mr. Hawthornthwaite asked if it
was the intention this session to
amend the Settlors' Rights Act so
as to extend the period of time during which settlers could put in a
valid application,
The rremler reported that the matter was under advisement.
The University Bill passed its second reading, after Stuart Henderson
had oxpresscd disapproval of It,
The Coal Tax Act amendment pass
ed its third reading.
in reply to Mr. Oliver the Premier
suid ho hoped in a few days to be
able to make an announcement with
respect to the G.T.P. matters. A
draft agreement bad been taken to
A quiet wedding took place in Victoria lust Saturday when Mr. Daniel Day, of Nanaimo was united   in
These superior garments; for
Men are known from Coast to
Coast, Thore has been hundreds of them sold in Ladysinith. Those that have'bought
them are our best advertisers,
and our steady customers.
That speaks for itself. This
Season the choice Is much larger, with neat exclusive patterns, latest styles ami beuuti-
fuHy.hnnd finished.
These Goods are in a   Class
by themselves.
Drop in and see tbem.
Tbe Reliable   Clothing House.
f »« »%%«/»%«»«>♦%»»«» »«ay
Telephone, fiU.
Nauaim i II C.
N|clr|tyre Foundry &
Stove Cornpany, Ltd.
Lad j smith, B. 0.
New Store
Newly Stocked
All Kinds ol Wall Paper.
Pioture   Framing a Specialty. '
High Street.
Dp. %.& dm
All Work Ouarantsuil.
Judge Young was in town on Sunday.
Mr. Mclnness, M.P.P. returned to
Victoria on Sunday morning.
Mr. Parker Williams returned to
his Par-liinentary duties at V ctoria
on Monday.
Mr. J. W. Coburn was In town on
Mr. D. Johnson went up to Nanaimo on Monday en route ior Vancouver.
Assortment ol Bamboo Goods.
Mrs. P. Fletcher returned to     her'Largs Assortment of Fancy   China-
home in Victoria Tuesday morning.
Mr. Chas. Mains returned to business on Monday morning.
Mr. John Muir returned on Monday,
morning after spending the -week-end
nt Nanaimo.
ware and Glassware, Etc.
G. Peterson
Mr. .Hnsscll Simpson came buck to (
business on Monday with a limp the j 'Phone 13,
result of his efforts on the football
field against the Temiwrnnce men.
First Avsous
Mrs. Auchinvole went down to
Chemainus to visit her husband who
is in the hospital there.
Mr. F. G. Ashiim went down to
clH'iiiiiinii.s this morning. Tlio Ladysmith orchestra, of which ho s loader having been engaged for lho hospital hall there.
uiurriura to Annie   doniiytjia, "ni'inn I   Dorotn.V Ince Reid ontortninod to-uite
S,,l Ca-rSti'-eet   Victoria  ThJa numlw "' hcr    "•|onds «* » ,)lrth-
ol Jumes Bay Methodist Church per- from 2 t0 B odock>
formed the ceremony. The wedding
took placu at the home of the bride,
in the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Day
left for their future home in Nanaimo.
Mr. H. Lewis, and Miss Bagattin,
of Wilkoson, Wash., woro visiting the
hitter's sisters during the week.
Mr. Oi D. Scott took tho  train to
Victoria this morning.
TORONTO, Feb. 8.-In roplv to a
resolution passed by the trades and.   ,,.   ,,.„,,
labor council   censuring    tho Salva- ,.Mr* Wm; wvorldge wns In
tion Army and the Cnnadian Manufacturer's Association for flooding
tho country v.- th immigrants, for
whom no employment could ho
found, Com- Combs, on behalf of
the urn-- snid that during January
they had all the applications lor
farm bands in Ontario alone. Secretary Murray, of the C. M. A., says
the association hns not offered any
general inducements for bringing out
men to this country.
Slous City, Feb. 8— In a firs ol
unknown origin nt,,South Sioux City
early this morning the rooming house
of Edward Streater was burned to
the ground and Edward Streater and
Morltz Albertaon perished la the
flames.    Five others were Injured.
Choicest Fru'ts
Cigars   Tobaccos.   Soft Drinks
Excellent Boarding
Proprietors. r
■—*■ —
Special Meal Tickets for
the Week
this morning,
Mr. H. Pollard went down to Che-
mnlniis this morning to seo Mrs.
Pollard who has undergone an operation In the hospital there.
Mrs. H. Kay boarded tho Victoria
train this morning.
Mr. Nelson, tho Times representative, wont down to Victoria this
Mrs. H. Ward took tho noon train
for Nanaimo on Monday for a few
days' trip.
Mrs. R. It. IBndmarsh wont to Nanaimo on Monday for a  few days.
CHICACp, Feb. 8.-A Record special from Galveston, Tex., says: Mrs
J. P. Morgan, of New York, who is
en route to Los Angeles, -was robbed
somewhere in Texas before reaching
Id Paso. She Is travelling In her
private car with a number of hcr
friends. The cor was entered snd
robbed of more than 11,000
worth of Jewelry and valuables and
a large sum of money.
Mr. 10. II. Rooms's  Agent is at ths
Trains Leave Ladysmilh
Dolly at U a. in.
Wednesday,    Saturday   and   Sunday
At 8:00 and 15:58.
For Victoria,
Trains Arrive at ladysmith
Daily at. 11:57.
Wednesday,   Saturday   and   Sunday,
At 11:57 and 17.58.
From Victoria.
geo. i.niin]Tf)H\r
District Passenger Agent.
102 Government St., Victoria
H. Thornley
Special offers to Worklngmen to
Win. D. O. WHIT*,'lB Vancouver Olty and District, the
Proprietress.   J     future New York ol the West.
Hs has somo Real Snaps.
 '. I
Notice is hereby glvon that I Intend to apply to the Board of Licensing commissioners of ths Municipality of Ladysmith at their next
regular meeting for a transfer of the
wholesale Liquor License now held
by me for the premises occupied by
ma and situate on Lot 8, Block 91,
la the said City of Ladysmitli, from
myself to August Plna.
Ladysmith, B. 0., 24th January,
Ths United Guild of St. John's
Mission will hold a Musical Social In
the Church of England Mission Room
en Tuesday, Feb. 18Ui. Admission,
25 cents. The proceeds will be devoted to tbe Sunday School.
Peter Inkster
Ready for all kind of
Leave Orders with Blair 4 Adam.
Telephone 2-4.
llU ^+++4+^^
Instructions given in all ths laUst
Fancy Work at
Miss F. Uren
Roberts Street, Ijutyeialtk.
and ovary reauisitu
Fur Stylish Hair Dressing
Dainty and Elaborate.
Call round and see theiu. Indies.
Philpotfs Restaurant
Is the Place fee
Notice Is hereby given that aa application will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of
British Columbia for an Act to Incorporate a Company with power to
equip, build, maintain and operate a
line of railway of standard or other
gauge to be operated by steam, el.
ectrlcity or oeher power for the carrying of freight, uaeeengere and express from a point situated on Section Fourteen (14) or Fifteen (10.) In
Range Five (V.) Cranberry Dlstrist,
or Section Fourteen (14) Range Six
(VI.), Cranberry District; thence
south-easterly by the moat feasible-
route to a point situate on Oyster-
Bay In Oyster District, a distance of
about twelve ' mile* more or less—
With authority also to construct,
equip, maintain and opeiate branchee
•rom time to time from any point
cr points of the proposed railway;
~i*b power also to construct and operate telegraph and telephone lines
nr ths purpose of Its business aad
for tae public; with power to owa,
use and operate water powers convenient to toe road, railway aad
other purposes, and with such other
powers and privileges as are usually
(Wen to Railway Oompaalss.
Solicitors for Applicant.
Dated at Victoria, B.O., t&Uth
day of January, 1908.
...M0! U,,b^{r *ivm thKt -<ter
this date I shall not be responsible
for sny debts contraotod by mv wife
Teresa O.Kay. All bills aid Recounts sgainst me must be rendered
at onco.
Ladysmith, Feb. 8th, 1908.    ' fMt.
At once, First-class general tailor.
HHnV. 10  PW emt'  l"*'IWr thm V*"-
«>x 241, Ladysmith, BO,


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