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Ladysmith Standard Aug 1, 1908

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 I   /';!
M11 Mil H j IIIH IM'tel M ■ti|--l-.l--l"M--M^-»-*-M--r'H-H«t-
::. Attd: Selling Fast. ii
"■'"'" '       -- —  —
Those Samples wo wore telling ypU' about' are marked   and1 the
a,arly Bird gets tho Bost Choice '•■* • '• —i.
Tonl'g„tV;vb„lleiiii gbtT'-adles' Short and Allover Aprons,   Boys'
'i Sailor^aults And ..Beyers,, .Taldo Covors,    Cushlon"Oovors' Cushion.
' '  Cp.vsr*,. Curtain, $n,d8, Girls' .Drossos nnd Pinafores, Buster   Brown
! ! Coats for tho youngsters, Men's Pants, .Nobby- Tlos, .Golf-Waists,.
• i. Shirts,  (all kinds), Etc.,   Etc.       ■ *
!(        By Monday, 'ejMntpg t-we; oj-poc^.-ito ;ibo .'cleared entirely. out   of
' ' those linos, and oil Wednesday 'wo will-show Ladlos' und.Men's.Un-
—jrwoar^. Sox, ..Sweaters and Kerchiofs. •-, i    , ,
j v, ■■■-•BLMft&IADAM-... ".	
■   ... \  FOR BARGAINS „ ,...,  .,...
Twehty'-Tlii'ee Miners"Epitombed'by'JBig Citve
■   -•" I_'Number liwa.,Mine,  [.'	
.    ...RESCUED,. ,.
....... ...
| Whateve
Is a P_y Day
Special at ^>
»    FERNIE, B.C.; Aug."-. - At »'
* latent-roptirt, tu-ity-WnoroT-tiio"*'
*j twent-Mlli'tle- men ht(d been--tjnkeu ■.*
* out, .and tliese,.wcro.good hopes..?,
* of, rescuing the other two. , *-
....... .....a......
COAL CHEEK, - B.C.; July 81. •_-
A calve-in" occuh-ed - in' No. 2 'mine of
the Crows'" Nest Pass' Cos* 'Cdfnpfcny'
this morning, about twenty minerh'
being' '"ittipTisOhen. i"-"Rescue'parties
are wording ' vigotfou&ly with hopes
(if •uolting-the-nfeiiout alive.'•••	
, FBRN'IE, "July ' Sl','«4_'j= terrible'
jjuiiiip bccurrcU in No. 2 mine, "Coal
Crtok, thiB Wornlng about 8 o'clock,
' jWALTEH HEAD,...    '<■
,B. BTITANSON, '   "'
robert nicholson,
'_a.vid.ppw.eLl, ... ,
!&, BOOTH,,.'	
! WM. LAWRENCE,.'.   .
j jas.': blaVbmor'ui; '
Season'Is   _\ini-d   With   a   Small
Sum In Hp,nd.    _
The books of the.. Football Club
havo, beon through, the. auditor's
handstand-they <show. that.the ;yenr
was- turned .with-'a small balance,
lihe.yoar was exceptional .in.. -. niauy
respects. ■- .It i. isi.certain. that never
before.was the club so well patron-
jiod, but-tho .expenses -were- also uu-
prccedkmtedly- heavy.- ,In. fact -it ■ is
probable that--anyone, unacquainted
With-.tho expense of running a foot-
ball.club will hardly credit the- amount expended, but the hooks of the
club aro hore to •■vouch for tho accuracy, of the figures.
rite total Income, for the year was
$1,7.(2.30;  the    expenditure' totalled
•1,7.55,75.'■ The .Club-therefore,   begins the season    with a'balance   of
if 86.55.
There has, it'seems, been-some- dl,_-
lutens to the amount of money  ex-
ipnded by the Club on-tho   grounds
lore are a -few of the items : •
Oome and Make Your
Selection—new stook
.„ ...tees* in., ,..,.„,_
.....  , i" ♦ ■ ,	
J.'E Stai-l,' HbbefUSWee
.. If you.have defective Eye-sight
«"'GtoBsos' nlto'd'tosirtt'yi'u'r Vls-"4
': ; "Ion' affor'"caroful' exa-lt-Hon.'^
' ; We'haV6'th'o LVtd-'daWfrutnes
,, l.and. the, Host- Quality.,lime—. ..
■.''"' Ail Kinds of Repairs "prompt-'';
-       _ a     n.    t  - ,.     „ ,.,     I 'y attondod to.    Watch.repair;
Home-tads,- Fresh Dailyr Critics _■ .'    _     B    , ltv
pronounce it to be   The Best   ovor]-- '"* our SP"""'"*-
°'d l^SSa^USSW) t-Ti' ■ « *** '■ 'W™ 5
6c, and 10c. Per DWh.    '    * \'.'. give us a try.	
Ice Cream
!) il ti lift tin r, Wl'
Picnic and Private Parties Supplied
| by.the fla"yni(1j,iJU)M
^Hoopers Parlor.
Hart -eke. 1-rlore la Tom.
and M'rreiuit ^so-le''t\verity-thred'j„XI.9,TOniCOSTA.	
ininerff aroetttombed;'with 'all'toeons'; They are ..nearly'ell niarried ^raan,
of escape cut dlf;-nhd fei-ave fetlrsare' ivlth their families living in and, a-
(sntortttin*ed'for thelr"fedttii»g''out 'a-'round Fernie., As soon as the accl-
liVoi'-asthe mine' 16 -filled -with"gas'(lent occurred. President O! S.lJnd-
imd thSwork of rosdue is-Very sib* fay of the p-^.V. Co.,, together with
Ion this ailconnt-."  '■      ' '' ff. Dt gurd ,anf) Chas. Sinister, ofn-
', A 'large numlier W'r6sdlerS"'are'"Bt'fiflla of tjl^e coal,cptnpany, were no-
Work't'ryihB to get fresh nir ■Wthem'tifl.ed at,. Ij^ehel,.where they went
hut some six or seven hundred yardrf )nst night, and were brought to Fer-
|of rock snd coal*will hiivo' to be hie by special, jtraln and,air once tak-
dug throiiclf bofuro the men can    be on,to tjie^cene pi^tlie acdident, and
pre giving every assistance; besides,
»- doctors and,purses have gone     up,
of Wiquld tholr .services lie required.,,
This ..is..tju> samp, mine where    the
gotten, ft., ,..-,,
As near..as can. ! e learned ut ■ pi
ont' the fbllovflnir 'ore 'tno'riatnes ''
the men supposed to ,be wltlilni
JOHN WAWEOO,    ,.]...   ...i   ,.
abi-IM, 'ftobTEN,' ;'",'„',';.
■jnccident occurred about two. months
ugo In which thrco miners were sipi;
'ilo.rly.hllled,,.. „.. ,    .. ,""..,",,'.''
! ..All mine,    work  ,1s susper/dod' at
■Coal Creek today, ,_
i This, of course, .does, i not include
jtho cost of marking on the grounds
for .the various .games, which ran into!
U respectable figure in itself.
For the People's Shield games thero
was collected, from all sources about
•300. .This .pretty..noar exhausts tho
chief items in the-balanco sheet1,The
Iflgurcs .at. least. bespeak a flourishing
[season and. the balance in hand, if
not.large,, is at.least encouraging.
. . Watchmaker, Jowolor nnd   Op-
I Watchmaker, Jowolor nnd
Gatacre Street
•J.ani._lii,.,.,.'.rr ,,.»- ,i
•h4«f-H4-H will aall lor Chrletleaa.
A1 Protty' Spoc'td'db UhU, Goiiti 'irtttc-
" '      ' inj}'Oil'tlio Hu'fbdr."  ''""
(Free Press.)
Setdom. has the.Ju_Uur.pnwe___a
prottier sccno than it did yosterdaji
dftornoon on tho occasion of tha,
launch racos. Tho races wcro a big-
success . in _ every way. and besides
bringing- out" somo 21 lauacnVs, pro-
vldod a prattj-fiyicteletor ipany oi|f
lookers and dcrtionetrateti horw sploii-
^lldly tho oity'is locfftcd ■ fo^ sponif
"bf this kind: *Now' ilih't Jthis raott
has been so successful, other races
aro hound to follow and already.
havo oilers beon mudo for prizes i'or
another race.      "-';';•* .'*
Messrs. Shaw, Caldwell and   Uudi
wero   the   committee of judges anl
did their work to the satisfaction q
(all, concorned. . p4_n\cptfisfA, on    tl
'odtslde- i wkii ' rough *n*mf ftitorfon
with tho launches somewhat.     Mil
haps wero -few hut   wet- enough fi
tlmm '<wlip ;,su[*.'im(I, JoJ-;sovoral  po:
tions word lost through break down
Probably the best part of the
from a spectacular-view-was   whi
tho 15 launches ln A Class   dartajdj
f-Vay-.i fromc tho liallast wharf an
,headoTl.,,arpui)d,,Protection, tho spri
'foll'owing in their wake.   Somo wei
In pretty''close* quartors es was
be expected,..!—t nftor tho gulf
reached   thero   was    plenty of si
room und it, settled down to a steady grind... ,..,
In tho fl Class, only six boats en-
terad,l,.hnt It was a protty raco, Mr'
Kitchen winnitje- flrst placo and Hafc
ry'Arc'thrloo"second. James C'owie
got third and Tho happy Homo last
piace,"wlnnlng the booby prize, For
cimmer's -srrrer "tup.
■-JThe launches in A Class finished In
the,, following ondor;
J. Gray—1 hour 8 minutes.
...,Pr..—'asoiio-l hour 8} minutos.    g
T. nic|inrdsoiirl hour 12J inimitsa
' A'."I)ixdri-l "hour 12} minutes. F
■•• eapt.-yntojTl hour 18 minutos. fi
•   PeterBoii_.*.hour 18j inlnutes.
Planta—1 hour 1(1 inlnutes.
' 'Iffc—iiyl-1 hour 17 minutes.
,'.Harris—1- hour 21 minutes. I
...W< Rro»'Ji-r-l.hour lil minutes.    Ja
A.ga.p.ipspn—1 hmii' 22 minutes. '$
.1. Rcynoiils—i hour 24 minutes.
.. .W..iFvast—1 hour 27 minutes,
, J., BrqwrrT-l .lipur 28 minutos.
Mr.' iiixdn with a 5 h.p. engine, al
though' fourth1'" to cross the 'flnli
llnevwon second- prizo, as It was
condition of tho raco that a   seconj
.'jprrtti 'Snbuld"bo given to tho flrst
to -f"h.'p:-bCat",to flnish.
• ■   ♦  |
°Reval, July 28.—President Falliorife.
.of France, and, the ofllclale whloh ur.
rived here to vleit tho Emperor of
Rustta/Tvere' guests of Hie Mnjosty
af l(i«t_'"tOfi4i''"on board the Imperl
ini yacht, St. Andurt It. Piehon, thi
French flnonco minlatcr. and M. Is-
woleky. Uie Ilusdnn ministor ot foil
4ljf-.lJirl.__o! a'lent hinferencft
thla afternoon. It la understood ths
principal subject dlscuaeed waa thl
general European situation, psitleiW
larly tho poeltion of Germany. Tonight M, Falllera wlll give an oflt-
clal dinner on the 1'ronch hattlcel
Nnualm6''Play'ers'''Vl'stt',_6c'al' Court
i  ... 'in Fir9t _^et of Season.'	
'. ,A tennis tournameot,  the first   of
itho.seasun locally,, is taking.place
■iioiin.v on the. home court on-the St.
iJohn's Mission Church grounds. The
visiters aru ■ Ninmimo, our1 rivals in
jovoi-ything' othlotic and they have
'^something to fvipe outi- In-provious
mootings the home, players have had
:the best of the games,1 and they'-are
inot likely to sacrifice -any- of • their1
indvantngo without making a big el-
Ifort. 'ko'wdver^' the' Nanaimo pl'ay-
jers havo beon training hard and aro
'in fine^shanej and thoy .-Jgiiflt, pnt ro-
: gaining so'ine ,of their tIost laurpls., .
; The fallowing are the events to be,
played,, the firet namo ln each contest representing Ladysmith:
i 9.80 a.m.—Miss j{. Ramsay vs.
jMias Teague.
10.80 a.m.—lie |Sex and.Bryant ve,
Ifdapjue and Grundy. ,,,
!' '11.80 a.m.-, Miss ,Kltto, ve. Waa
j   2 p.m.—jfrs   Dedex nnd N. .Fqulk-
cs vs. Mrs. Peto and Mr, H,aj-ne,
|   8 p m.—Mrs. Kltto vs..Mr. Teague.
■i p.m.—Mlas, ^Ramsay and , ,Mrs.
'■Frost vs. Miss '"Citc'-dn apd ,sflss
i Teague."
! 5 p.m. —Mrs. Ward ajad Mr,.J4v-
ilngs'ton vs. MIs^ Teague,. and,, Mr,
Pctb.   " ,,.,.. ,i
0 p.m. -^'Th,ep. ..Bryant,„v«, .Mr.
j Hiiyne.
 »    "i"
|; 'MilsT-gee', dkU.','July'i_-.The'lair
' reniovlng restrictions, frpm,nine, jnil-
jilon f-crea of Indian,laflde became.of-
iSff'^.jWsW-u.. Thf event..wae.made
nn oc'oae(on. "for,.publlo celetratlona
Throughout j  iju^a section 0(, okhv
homo.     ......
•■'" "DOO"' WfM.T„Ht8" TO' HJ AKG.
SAN ANTONIO. Texas; July Hl.-
Tl!P..9-!peutlo»...,oI. .IirJool'. Williams,
who nindoa ^ensntiqijal escape., f t;om
thd 'l_xar"count'y jail' two weeks ago
of. that, institution. The crime:' of
w(ii.ch Wlllnpvi wna.jcot-—tod,r„. was
tho'muraer of Thomas J.^Turn^r. a
fnnn' «hb; 'Had 'liefrlbndoii him,,' Tho
murder occurred' "bn ' the' Tjtvornia
raodijast... April., and th» murderer
mado an ,, unsi-rressful . attempt...to
riiffo' 'his crime by" burning the hqdy
of his vfc-tri." HIS trial took place
horo in May and resulted in a speedy
conviction.'1 " °  '"'l   '""
Forisoed ..-.i...j.-  ..i....
....S 10.00
puildingi Di'essinR Room .
i.i.    30.50
Lumher. for same  , 	
....    88,70
iiumber. for snme ...... ....,
..... 81-.B5-
yVoter", .; -.-.	
...    13.40
Inside Fence	
Holts mul Hinges ,j i,t„,
...      4.75
polling  .
,li. ■   2.50
Inside Fence  >..,...
cutting road ...;.. ,...i	
...    19.00
.... i     6.00
Hauling lumber. \
Hauling lumber ...... -.	
...i      6.00
...... 26.00
Lumber ...j....  ...,..■
h...    11(10
Mayor Nicholson Will Put up Brick
Building ou First Avenue.
There have been nuite a few real
j estate deals in town theso last few
|,weeks. Mr. Jno. Stewart..Iias,,trans-
fen'ed no fewer than.six housos tlur-.l
, ing the week ami has other UealB
i still pending. '
I More important tlmn tliese so fan
i us it affects' tile city is a transaction which he has put through between Muyor Nicholson ami Simon
Leiser Co., Ltd. • Mayor ■Nicholson
has' purchased the lot between tlio
Europe Hotel and'Mr.' Scott's premises, anil It is his- intention-to erect a handsome' brick-building, provided he clin be assured' of u tenant.
This assurance will be easily gut and
the building muj" be up before, the
Fraser's new tailor-'store is rapidly approaching' completion, and with
it and'the promises projected*'by
Maydr Nicholson, the nppearunco. .oi
tbeAvbliUe will be greatly improved.
•HEVKLSTOKE; H.C.. Jliljr Hi; -
Thlil' Is 'the'dntif 'fNod' for -^execution- oT-PI-nnV-cscH fjidlo, 'li,'momnljf
of fi„"ifllejt«R '"nmtkhhn'd" sobldty;'
whoso crlmo nrirt 'tflnT"ntti-'alctbcJ
wide-spread ottontlon. The crlmo
for which Cedio^fnsgl-ren tho doath
penalty wos tho blowing 'up-'HV - n
dynamite liomli of tho 'Niagara' HO5
talc'at' Grand!'Frtrksi <R.*0:v about'
two years M-if. The'oUtmguftilloW'
od tho'focolpt'by the'proprietor tyf«
ntimher hf'lotter.i'ililmh'hrllng'money:
Tho hrtmh felfuMofl In the-kll-rinff'-at
Iioufse Kliig, dnilghWr -of the 'proprietor1 'nnd-- the -Injury of Kereral
■rthera.'" '"  '"■-     *>■*>	
Lady'snilt|i .Foptbull ,Club..Sends con-
-"'gra—'lotto—i to Westminster
... Lacrosse Team.
One ,of' tlie first ofllciul acts of tho
Newly organized football club was
to despatch a 'telegram ol congratu-
leltidn -' to the Westminster Lacrosso
Club, on its glorious achievement in
the east. The home boys found ».ho
Caledonians too tough a nut to
crack,' and the People's Shield, and
With it the championship, went back
to    Calgary Having boen so near
to such high honors theinselVcs 'they
fel't'airthe'hiorb pleasure' in .the success of. tho Westminster hoys,, .all
the-greater prklc in the proven ' superiority of tho west.
Accordingly this , club management
addressed , the. following to Mayor
Henry-   -  ■■      ''•'
'     "" "'liady-iiltn','July, 80.   •,
Mayor, New tt-estmlnster.      . ,
Lad.vsmith Football Club sends
warmest congratulations tb your lacrosse club on its splendid' victory
The ciub which failed to, land , the
football, championship of tne Dominion rejoices 'all ' the nioro houftlly
that'ydur boys havo brougbt, tho
Minto cup home..und provan,tho, .supremacy of the west. -May tho cup
long stay at Now Westminstor.'
(Signed for'Club), /''
.,,'''    ,.  ,,, '",',',." HINDMARCH,.     .
i... i. •'■    '■■'•■ Manager.
Tho'aamo 'aftorn'don 'the fbliowing
reply Wils received:        ,'
',,',,„ .N'cw.WcstiiiiiiBtei-, July 30.
Manager -Hindmarch,  Ladysmith.
Citizens Join'mo in thanking, txidy-
sihith1 'Football Club fox cougratula-
tibna which' we appreciate, and can
assure you we are justly proud "of
our lilt-rosso boyh'. Wo 'trust' you
will l:e, as' su'ccessful-, ,iu your, ondea-
'   ■    W. H'. KEARY,
"If tho'Shlo!<l,cun bo hung up. alongside, tho. Minto Cup this'season tho
people"on tho hither bide of tlib
Rockies moy nt length begin to roalT
Ize' tba.t,,British Columbia , grows
something . else besides trees. " and
that it is a province which will
havb to 'bo reckoned irl^h, In,, bjl
thlnps, at-ldet'ic..
The average Man ' ia' willing- tb let
hftf wlfo have the , last- wordT' aiid
the sooner she gets round to it the
botter-ho'Seems'to IlVe ttv"	
.„    a- -... - , --,1     ,    -4     i   '-  - -  -■
nf tho Do Boors diamond mine,
which.shut' down'" for-nn tniieflrfrte
period, 'Is attributed dirod'-to 'the-
slump'In tho tlloniond trade In Anw
oricn,'--'For '-more-than a year ■ tho
Amorlean1 -Imports hnvo Iwon shond-
Uy'decrensing' until they reached a
figure'-that enrloiuly" threatened tho
diamond1 trade of tho world,1 Tho Do
Beers CtimpnUy,' fhced bytho noces-
sfty of further -retrenchment, decided
to- shut- down* -the' De Beers mine,
which-is tho1 lnrgest-bf tho'group-of
mines 'ou-nod-diy ' the 'famous' syndicate, i" i 'i " •'	
  , .,    .HER.SIX'I-H DEPREE,
Los Angeles, July . 28..—With, the,
granting today by Judge James, of
the superior court, of her Sixth' divorce; Mrs, Gi;ece Sneli-Coflin-Cofnh-'
Walker-Cofl—-Layuuan-Love gets the
record - as the' champion ■ divorcee - of
the world.
In her latest suit Idrs. Love charged her husband, Hugh M. ■ Love, secretary of the city board of health,
and, a foriner newspaiier man, with
cruelty. Love made no defence."
1 Mrs Love-is a daughter .of. Banker Amos Snell, the Chicago banker,
.who was the victim of a densalion-
;al murder many years ago.
Who is. a.._epor. Steals, her    from,
Hoapitai and Hushes fler Over
i     tlio Mexican Border,     un
LOS ANGELES, July 81.—Determined--that' 'he -wouki -not 'be' separated from hiB wife, who is a leper,-
and- has -been confined at the county
hospital,- Brigadier-Gonoral David
Warden, retired'veteran of two wora
has stolen -her- from the-institution,
and rushed-< hcr-across the Mexican
border,- win-re he declares he will
live with- -her until death separates
them,     i - -	
No attempt will lie mode to bring
them book us the 'oulcfals say both
threatened to end their Uvea If fore-
ed-to-live apart, i      	
' PARIS, July " 29.—It la rtportod
—iot'W.'K. Vanderbllt has'been"'severely injured in ' an "auto' accitloi t
near Deau'ville.     According" to '"tlio
■ vor'aibn "'of' the' deci'deht'1 that litis
reached here, the auto overturned
while 'returh'ihg' frOhi'DeaUvllle; 'aiid
Mr.' V-idOrbllt " wai c'AUght T«_e'a_i
it." His leg was broken and lie was
otherwise' h'lirt, ' The'chadfieUf' was
oleb' Badly Injured; ' Mr.' VAnderliilt
bas been conveyed to the c'hatcati
Louis' ao" 'Poissj','imd tlio chaUlTelir
h'na been " taken to a' hospital    tit
POleey. ""*"
A' Intel' despatch aayBi	
| Paris, July 29. —O. "'Wintliro-po
Siihds a  stop'adh of W. K. Viihder'-
!liill, Was'killed In' iin ii'utd "accident
near 1-olssy this moi-ning'.''" Vi.""*K
Vanderbllt was not hurt. -
I Mx.,Senile, «'ns ruling alone with
the chauflour when tho autoinoliilo,
which .was,spinning..ali'U^..at a fairly .high, rata of .speed, left the.road
and. struck , .0 trvc . with...terrible
force. Tho cur was.overturned .and
Mr. Sonde,, and, tho chauffeur ..wore
pinned ..under .the .wreckage. , The
gasoline tank exploded - ""'I ''"' auto
caught flre.      As soon as help    at-
Olllcers Elected and Strong Conimit-
!   tee Appointed to Conduct the Bu-
| siness   of   the' 'Team.'
| The Lu-dysmith Football Club -was
''organized for tlio' coining season on
Wednesday evening. The meeting
held "n! "trie Standard office was woll'
attended, and every gentleman -present is a- lieurt and soul enthusiast.
The team did very well last year,
'figuring us it did as ono of the final-
ibts both iii tlio Provincial and Dominion championships. There was only
one goal "dlfforenco between - it. and i,
tbe premier team, of .Canada in that
memorable game un Vancouver Ue-
Creation Park.
I That odd goal lias got to be wiped
out this year. It is necessary to got
some new blood, the meeting declared, ami nothing should lie'left undone.to improve i,. assist in any
way the club's chances.
The meeting was called to order by
Mr. U: R. Hindmarch, who briefly
explained the purpose ior which thoy
had been called .together and emphasized the. necessity of a strong working cpinmlttoo taking over the conduct and business management ofthe'
club if success woro to be secured.
The- first business was the election of
officers and the following gentlemen
were appointed to office.
Hon. Presldont—Dr, A. C. Frost.
Hon. 'Vice-President—R. 'Kolston.
President—A. Bryden.
Vice-President-f-W. G. -Fpaser.
S.ec.-Ti-.eas,—W. G. Simpson.
'ream Muiiagur—It.  It. lliiidmdrth.
Committee—H. FuItim.'G. Hcpplor
J: O'Connell, ,!.- ldio, ■ W. Gordon,
A...Walter, ..W...Sanderson. .W. ftont,
aldson, Jno. Ryan, Jno. Gillespie,
Jos.'Meek, ..."H'ai f- tones," R. Barclay,Tt. lilfite, 'P. Strang, -and-M.
llunnmuir. •         ■ "        •—
*t..was,.Uuciilui,l tha,t the choice, pf
tho captain should bo left to tho
.players themselves. A special'"committee consisting of Messrs. H, Ful--
ton,- J„ O'Connell. W. G. Fraser, .1-
Eno.. ,)Y.. 9. Rinipsop, and R. R>
Hindmarch was appointed to draw
up'a constitution 'and draft by-laws
for the -government of the club.   '
Tlie question of a club sniokor.waa
then takon. up end i{ was decided to
hold it in the Opera J3ouso on Monday 6'velllng.' August" the l'7th. Mos-
srs. Jno. K-.van, G. -Hopple, Jno. Gillespie, W. Pmuililsoii,.Jos...Meek.and
Wm. Sai-derson wore nppointed a
coiiihiitte'e to ri.like the necessary ar-
Tlu: jiossibility of arranging for a
field ijay was Then brought up.and
discussed, in the Pacific Const League tlie club has'to make a'trip to
Victoritt-'iiiHi'Seattle before it has a'
home..gate,, and henco the necessity
of seme means of xnisinK money. . It.
was thought tlmt' possibl- n success-
filTltClil ilny ni'ight'he held'provided
the-mines1 wore'off fin- that day. Accordingly, -after ..some discussion it
wns resplvod Hint tile smoker com-,
fiiittee interview Mr. Brydon and ascertain The first avuilnblc day tho'
mines will be'idle. •
,1'bis practically .ooncluded tho -business of the meeting, save that-thq
fot]owing"gontlenien were chosen to
repl-esent the 'Clubs' its i-dforees: H.
Fulton-., T. Strang." Jno. Eno-,' T.
Skilling ii'i'l... A.. Hailstones. These
nuiiii'S will lie sent direct to tho Sec-
ret'iiry'ilf tlie Pacific Const League,
and-possHil.v, ulso. the same mon
mny.be ilnducc— to stand for the Island League,.
rivod Mr. , Sands and tho chauffeur
w,:ro oxtricatod but they bad been
horribly btirnod and inniniod. They
were carried into tho chutonn whoro
Sands diod at 11 o'clock. ' The chnuf-
feur Is still alive but his injurlos
will probably provo futol.
 iFlGHT'FOB HONORS..'     	
SAN FHAXClSCOi July 29.—Joe,
ColTrot- last nit-ht arranged- for na
40-round' bout befwoen Joe Gans
nnd _attHlig Nolsonr to tako...pliu»
on the afternoon of Sopt. 0 at tbe
Mission streot puvllion, tho scono of
Gnh'8 Bofent ort July 1. FoffoltS
of 52,500'"*" sitlo are'to'-he postod:
Articles were signed by Ben Selig Tor
Gone,1 Willls'llrltt- tor NelBon,'- - 'snd
font-oik.' ■    ",  '■   "' •'■' '   '
' According "to -tlie.nrMoles' soventy
per conti  ef-t-ho gnto .recolpts will
go to thoflghtorsi 00 per cent   -of
that to the winnor and 40 por cent.
to the' loser."" Tho' woip-ht' will be
133 pounds etrippedv-'i-ms-eldol   i."   *
San Quentin, CuX, July Sl.-TJohn
Soimer and Louis Dubnor, known an
the "gas pipe thugs" who committed a1 scries of daring crimes in San
Francisco; following the earthquake;
woro executed ' here In the penitentiary at'10.04 o'clock thla morning.
., i+i	
f •..«.,.•
, , . SVLTANIS,,NEW. TITLE.    ..
Borlln, „luly, .81.—The Berliner..'
Zoltung today publishes a  dispatch from Constantinople say-
"in'g 'that the Sultan of Turkey
is preparing' to dbclnrc' himself
Emperor   of Moslems, abrogating Ihb'title of Sultnn.
a-«l «.-».« -a-aeeeeeaa'ea
17*7777a.^_77'~.:17' •_--
St. Catherines. July 81 .-The five
yoar old Bon of Robert Wateon, the
nuinncer of tho Gaiety theatre, Is
dead rrom. inltw-loB received hy having an arm drawn Into a ninchlne
in.-tbelforconl fi-tory this morning.
, „H.\NGF,D, at; KAMLOOPS. ,,
. Kamloops. , July 81. —FronclsCOi
CenVllo was hnngod ln.the jnll yard
fliis.nu-nlng nt 9.20 .o'clonk.lor. tho
nuinlor ot- hotel, proprietor Aughtor,
nenr Greonwood, by blowing up the
hotel with dynnmite.
..• _    ii
Tngersoll. Ont., July 81.—By tho
arctdent.nl discharge'of n 22-tsnllbro
riflo In his hands, his brother Sydney Haycock", B yenrs old, yesterday
n'tet-noon received a hutlot In Ml0
hefd. luttyef cppdltlon ,-ls, sorlnus.
 '1-4-1  "
Gait. July 81.—Tho flfth annual
convention nf the Master Painters
und Decorators Association ol Cam-
irdn;;' rpijo-iijled'^epq ^"cetordoyj -alj;*)l
noon after tho moot enthusiastic gathering on record. tttfUmintl
If You Require Any
Or if You Require Any
MARINE,      ||
«r If Vou Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell One;   or If You   Want
-•tar? Public, Conveyancer
Ladysmith   Standard
Published on Wednesdays ana -alur-
days Afternoons by the
Robt. ft. Hiudinaroh,
One Year  *1.S0
Six Mi-ntns       m
Advertising Hates on Application.
(Fernie Free Press.)
The Nelson News has added a comic supplement to its Sunday edition.
Tbe    comic   supplement, has a  distinctly American flavor and is     usually    found     associated with that
part of tho press that is loftily term
ed "yellow."       Thore was a   timo,
not long ago, whon a  Sunday   supplement to a   Canadian daily would
have contained a  weekly sermon, tho
Sunday school lesson, a  tempernnco
story, extracts from tho writings of
the sages, a   continued story by Rov
C. f. Prald based on a Journey    to
Palestine, n   purity tnlk to boya by
a Y.M.C.A. secretary,    ond   a  War
Cry    illustration of a   female figure
in flowing whito robes clinging to a
hasnlt cross sprlne-lng from a threc-
by-four rock In tho midst of o  raging sea.        Rut times are chnnglng.
Instcnd we hnvo tho 'American monstrosity of tbo    .Ainericnn syndicate.
For headpiece wc hnvo four   knock-
knocd   damsels in bathing suits gating at tho dins-ram of a  proposition
In Euclid's First Book, which Is sup-
Posed to represent a fleet of    ships,
while a  Juvenile with a  Bostonlan
'orehond ts examining the quartette.
Then we have some Happy Hooligan
pictures, done In Opper's impressionist style.     A tiger In the bifurcated
garb of   Lowor Broadway attempts
mash'   a  tigress   In a  strlpod
It seems only a very   short  -while
BERLIN,  July  80.—Whilo     Count
j—eppolin is     preparing for his groat
trial with his nluiiiinun airship othor experiments     with semi-rigid and
entirely   flexible   balloons    aro   proceeding in various parts of the country under the supervision of Govern- ...... fteorention    pars as long as
meat oillciais. ago that we suspended our   sporting , i    i * ,h
lt Is understood that by tho end of chats in this corner of the Standard     ' °n S
nlihffnbn'nf fl^Wi ■!_- SlflT oi cou,'s0 th<J1'° hns eiwaya been
§AN FRANCISCO, July 29.—President Cal Ewlng 0f tho Pacific Coast
Biiseball League today declared that
he will continue to wake arrests at
Recreation park as long as specta-
that he   witl    stump out gambling
. , , -.   ,,    -  -  .  --..  v-Tr.TT~ ui coiii-se cnere lias always been on-      „      ., ,   ..      .      .    , ,    .   ,,    ,        -i^^^^^^^^^h^^^mt;	
eight balloons, two ul these will bo '       .,.,,,     ev"s which threaten to take hold ot ,i_     f th   ...inirfr„ ,,„ t,.„ h,t„„,i„„.
model with a    gas 0USh ot snort to '"™"»> *>>"t<!''1'» '"'' the „ame9 her0      ™.. ,l„,l„i™ .... "°n °- the mMstty by ib" introduc-
Although the demonstration in the
streets of Constantinople over the
granting of a constitution have practically ceased, nevertheless there are
signs of much dissatisfaction among
the nubile In the delay of reconstruc-
of   about   half a    million tt conversational nrticlo, but, gener-     " ;
| announced today when Swing     „„„ tho w,West AeBcrMioa contllftlo    ,n
of the   2t-pplin
cubic l_et. i-hia*. iu was loo inr on and of sucn a
Tho taking over of these depends kind us to make its apboal and in-
upon tho result of tho onduranco of torest to my readers ut'Uho weakest
tho flight and thoir ability to do- And- thinnest kind. Football and tho
cond to dry land i footbnli     played    by our own toam
lho others of tho semi-rigid clasB. * were our great topics and certainly
are now in tho   possession    of    tho last season ihey    furnished us   with
army   balloon corpses,   and have   a many a rousing theme,
capacity    of   5.1,000    and    109,0U01   Now tho timo is already   drawing
cubic foot respectively.   Throo of -bwur when wo shall bo onco more in
it'C.vnl   nlnaa. n.un   . i,     _, . ,      _
balloons aro of the Percival class.
Theso are flexlable envelopes of 99,-
000, 113,000 and 176,000 capacity.
The eighth is an enormous flexible
balloon now undor construction at
tho Zcimens Sohuckort works hore
with a capacity of 434,000 cubic feet
Tho acceptance of flexible balloons is
conditioned on ability to pack and
transport tho entire balloon on wagons so that after unpacking it can
be filled from portable gas tanks
wherover desired, whilo following in
tho train of tho army.
Tho acquisitions will form a base
of further tests in order to decide
which system is most useful for
army purposes. At the conclusion of
the experiments, a fleet of at least
30 will be constructed. Tests will
shortly bo carried out in tho vicinity
of Berlin, which will includo tho
dropping of explosives from airships
on designated positions, but the results of thoso tosts will ho kept
This decision waa  Uon of liberal oie^n^   Sconea
ally, it was too far oft nnd of- such a I "7*^1 ^ ^*JZ ^ *"** deSCril*i(m «*"**    "»
..■--> -• -        •    •■       '    •      •   -    'informed that threo men arrested on tnQ cafe8 whoro 0ntcerB and civilians
Sunday intend to fight the cn_e in ombrace 0ach other and express their
the court and make a test out of del|ght al the endSng ot the tyranni.
"* cal regime.
Charles .BV Dudd, chief deputy    in:   The sltuation ^n lackfl clearness,
the registrar's office;  Chaa. Roland, I Qr^j it lB imposa
a   restaurant keeper, and Fred Fair* next development.   Young Turks are
child, a  merchant of Oakland, were mast_ra of Constantinople and    the
the men arrested Sunday
bathing suit and becomes a victim
of his own trnllnntry. A Taftosnne
policeman is cozened out of his intentions hy something like an eagle's nest supported by a graceful
young woman of accentuated curves.
Hubby has a smile of Jubilntlen frozen by the feminine Incomprehensibility of her as he returns from business, nnd nn automobile ride ends
In a hot foot-bath. The foregoing
Is pictorial. Rending matter consists of one Column giving the Ideas
of the manicure lady on baseball and
the opinions of a brokor's clerk on
the delicate subject of misery.
The change is typical of the decadence of high Ideals on the part
of the press pnd induces a feeling of
melancholy. To counteract that
melancholy we shall look forward to
the next issue of the Dally News.
NEW YORK, July 30.—Acting under ordors from the Hoard of Health
sixty policemen hnvo beon busy for a
fow days killing dogs found at large
without a muzzle according to a
statoment made to dny by Walter
Belson city Sanitary Inspector. Mr.
Belsel said tho ordors to tho police
to make no exception but they wcro
instructed to take every precaution
to avoid wounding pedestrians by
| stray shots. Tho fact that dog
licenses afford no protection undor
this ordor, results from sevoral
,cases, of rabies in June. At that
timo an ordor was issued to kill all
unmuzzled and unleashed dogs but
its operation was suspended owing
to the protest of Society for tho
Prevention of Cruelty to animals.
A legal opinion sustained the action of the health oillciais, and the
order was put into effect without the
knowledge of tho S.P.C.A, The officers of the society claim tho owners of dogs have a right to redeem.
them, when they are found running
at la_V# and are taking measures to
prevent tho slaughter.
-   BRATE.    "
Innisbruck, Austria, July 30.
—The village of Mern-Bnins has
1 een destroyed by a landslide.
Sixteen persons have been re-
Ported killed.
NEW YORK, July SO.-The Sultan of Turkey, through the Turkish
consul generaf ln this city, Munji
'Bey, today proclaimed a general
amnesty to nil political fugitives, regardless of race, in this country.
.This relates to 200,000 Armenians
and other* tn the United States.
ATLANTA, July 30.—The flrst an
niversary of the passage of the prohibition law by the Georgia legisla
| ture was celebrated today by the
W. 0. T. tl. and othor temperance
land prohibition organizations in the
I state. The law has been in operation seven months, but publie opinion Is still at variance as to its results on the moral and business in-
terestsof the state.
The prohibition forces declare that
the eflect of the law has been of a
most beneficial character, notwithstanding the fact that it has been
found impossible so far to enforce it
to the letter. The anti-Prohibitionists, on the other hand, assert that
prohibition has seriously injured business interests of the state without
giving any material benefits in return. They declare that the measure has resulted in increased corruption among public official-, anil that
there is as much liquor consumed, in
Georgia now as ever there' was milder the old order of things.
The only point which it seems cannot he disputed successfully is that
the amount of crime, particularly in
the larger cities, has been consider'
ably lessened since the prohibition
[low went Into operation last January. This argument in behalf of
the law is supported by the police
and court records of Atlanta and
other cities.
Toronto, July 80.—H.     Kef. »
garkar, of Bombay,   Is visiting •
Toronto for the purpose of stu- *
dying engineering     works.     In •
an Interview he said India was *
thoroughly    in earnest in    her •
demand for home rule. *
% Billiards and Pool %
Best Liquors and Cigiirs.
Cartwright & Barclay,
SACKVILLE,' N.U., July 80.-The
lowor snd el tho town wns completely awopt by firo onrly today. A-
mong the atructuros burned nro tlio
Intercolonial hotel nnd burns,
old Intercolonial railway station
used as a freight shed, the Enterprise foundry plant, owned by Emerson & Fisher, St. John. The loss
of tho foundry plant will be $80,000
or more. One hundred men wlll be
out of work, Insurance about SS2,-
(100. Tho flro started t-y lightning
I striking the mill room of the foundry.
the throes of an Important Loaguo
competition. The old enthusiasts,
tho men who worked for und supported tho Club last year, who always hoped for the best but woro
by no moans daunted by the worst—
theso men to whom tho fortunes of
tho Club is a paramount consideration, a part of their daily lives, met
together on Woilnosdiiy ovonlng and
began tho work of the coining sen-
Tlio club wns organizotl, olllcers el
ccted nnd a strong and eupablp commltteo elected, Tho meeting exhibi
ted throughout that nlco conibina
tion of enthusiasm 'and determina
tion which nloho inakes success pos
Wo uro all aware that thoro are
greater issues at stuko this your, and
that tho boys havo a more strenuous
season to fnco. If we aro to com-
peto on evon terms with tho other
clubs in the Tacific Coast Loaguo,
wo havo no othor option than to
start right - in to strengthen our
team. Vancouver will, without
doubt always command a powerful
eleven, and the champions wlll bo
stronger than ever. The United
team is certainly one to bo reckoned
with. Its bnianco is perfect and
thero is hardly a weak spot in tho
combination-' -The moral of all this
to the ex-champions is plain enough
for everybody to reiid_or himself.
I am not t course; giving anything awny, but the now club man-
ngeuiont ure, ns the French put it,
doing their possible, and there may
bo quite a fow changes In the team
by the time it is necessary for it to
take the field.
Two things occur to mo just hore.
Tho first is thnt Nanaimo will not
part with hor hardlyjwon lnurols
without n (lespernte strugglo. The
second is thnt thc ox-champions will
never rest content with" second place,
and f.hnt therefore n fierce and furious strugglo for supremacy Is bofore us. That is only ns it ought to
be. Competition is tlie salt of sport
and tho keener the rivalry thc more
exciting are the games.
However, there is, or ought to bo,
a limit ovon to competition, nnd the
rivalry should always bo friendly. 1
want to sound a note of warning,
I even ut this early stage of the gamo.
Porsonnlly, I hnvo no patience with
'blind partisanship. It Is merely
stupid and always onds in thc spoiling of sport. I am as much concerned lu tho success of my homo
loam ns nny of its supporters, I nl-
ways wn-jt to see it get n fnlr deal,
Ibut it is always well to try and re-
'mcnibor that there is another tenm
on tho field. Thnt is what your pnr-
tisan can never do. He can only seo
ono color. A foul given for his sldo
Is frantically cheered; n foul against
them Just as frantlcallv hooted, nnd
that whether he hits known tlio cnuso
of either of them.
Wo till roniembor to whnt lengths
this feeling carried tho siipportors of
both towns lust senson. Wo nro liable to havo oven moro excitement
this season, and it is necessary to
Isay right here thut there is no earth
'ly reason for the generation and
nursing of soro feelings. Even whon
ptirtisnnship wns most pronouncod,
nnd feeling ran highest in the two
towns lust season. the players In the
two elevens were on tho vory best ol
torins. There wns no slackening of
their rivnlry because of this. They
pluyed tho most desperate game of
tho season in Vancouver, but left
ithe field ns become good sportsmen
with heightened respect nnd friendlier feeling for each othor.
Tho frionds nnd supporters of
each Club may woll take a lesson
from ull this. Hithorlo It has nl-
wuys boon the easiest thing In tho
world for outsiflo centres to fan tho
hot feeling of rivalry botweon the
two towns into a blaze of contention. Almost nny littio thing sum-
Iced, nnd whilo the two rivals woro
worrying each other to death, tho
outsider calmly and coolly nppropria
ted the prizo. Now os things are
Nanaimo nnd Lndysmith combined
could defy nny combination on tho
Const, nud it is timo they sunk thoir
individual differences so as to givo to
tho Northorn contre its proper importance.
We cannot escape legitimate rivalry, and tho meetings of tho two
clubs ure bound to furnish the great
excitement of tho senson. Ilut we
can stop ourselves from boing carried away liy those feelings to such
a point as to ' work Injury to ourselves, to the town and to tho club
In which wo glory. Lot us yoll for
our own colors, ouch us hurd nnd enthusiastically ns ho likes whilo tho
match is on. When tho gumo is ovor
lot us nrcopt tho result without carping and bickering nnd fighting—with
the best spirit, win or lose.
I hope we shall havo a good season and thut onco more tho colors
TJof our club will flutter proudly from
'the premier place In Island and Pro-.
vinclul football. If we havo to tul—H
a lowor pluco, (which I don't anticipate), thon I would rothor Nannimo took first honors than nny other tonm on the Const. And lot mo
snv thnt'oxcopt ninong, perhaps, the
"Irroconcllablos," I honestly believe
this sentiment to bo reciprocated ln
"Sir;" oxcl-tmod ti_ injured.party, "you stuck your umbrella In my
"Oh no," replied tho cheerful offender,  "you aro mistaken."
"Mistaken?" demanded tho ■ irate
man. "iYou Idiot, 1 know wheh,
my oyo la hurt, I suppose?"
"Doubtiess," replied the cheerful
| fellow, "but you don't know my
umbrella, I borrowotl .this one from
a  frland today."
TORONTO, Ont., July 80.- Robt.
McOill, aged 13 years, was taken to
the hoapitai yesterday suffering from
hydraphobia. Tho doseaso developed suddenly Tuesday night, when,
without warning, the boy suddenly
started to bark like a dog, and
tried to bite his mother and little
slater. About six months ago the
boy was bitten by a dog, appuront-
fy with no sorlous results, until the
first symptoms showed Tuesday evening. Doctors at the hospital declare that there ore some symptoms
of hydrophobia.
VIENNA, July 80.—A- despatch •
* to Dlowoit from   Constantinople •
* gives   details   of   alleged    plot *
'* against tho Sultans life which it *
snys finally determined tho Sul- *
* tun to grant a constitution.
      --.   LONDON, July 80.— Tho    cricket
Shnmrocks for the way|tcnm mndo up of   tho gentlemen   of
1 Philadelphia, mot tho Surrey olovon
at the oval today.    Tho homo team
went to the wickot and nt tho lunch
  —- - Interval tho scoro wns 188 runs   for
fairly dofondod and fairly I"*1'™ ^iexeta.        	
"What we want now," Bald ono
prohibition campaigner, "ls some pic
turesquo title for our candidate,
such as It Is now customary to give
tho hoad of your ticket."
"Very   true,"    replied the other
Salt Luke City, July 80.—
Harley -Ilea, ol Salt Lake,
last night at the Salt Lake air
cycle track, broke the world'a
amateur unpaced record, for a
mile, riding the distance In
1.55 1-5. The former record of
the tHettinco waa 2.00 1-5, held
I PARIS, July 80. — Tho general
strike of twenty-four hours declared
by the goneral Fedoratlon of Labor,
ae a demonstration and protest against the killing of workmen by
troops at Vlgnoux, went Into operation this -morning. Tho roports indicate that 50,000 men of the building nnd allied trades, including elec-
triclttna, stopped work. No trouble
la feared In Pnrls, but an oxtra regiment of cavalry has been oiilorod
MONTREAL, July 30.—The Minto
Cup started on its long Journey to
the Pacific coast last night, both the
losing Shamrooks and the victorious
Westminsters cheering each other as
the train pulled out. It had been
arranged to have a little gathering
at the Windsor hotel for the formal
(transfer and tho proceedings were
marked by the best of goodfellow-
ship. President Slnttery. of the
Shamrocks presided, and in the
course of a few remarks wished success to tho now cup holders.
"They hnd como east," he said,
"several times with chnllenires and
were finally successful, nnd dosorved
| their reward."
Replying for Westminster, Mr. C.
A. Welsh said    he desired first    to
thank the         	
they had treated tho visiting team
since thoir arrival horo. They wore
going away satisfied that the cup
had been-^^^^^^^^^^^
won. It waa a square deal all
through. r
Discussing lacrosse In general, Mr.
Welsh said ho thought tho press ol
the country was giving too much attention to baseball. He had no oh
jjectlon to baseball, but he said It
was not the national game of Canada, and ho hoped tho papers would
| do 'What they could to foBtor ' lacrosse ond he folt sure the bringing
of the Minto cup beyond the Rookies
would have that effect. He hoped
somo day to see a good league in
Mnnitola to tfilnnce tho —agues of
the for west „nd enst.
FILLIMORE, Soak., July 80.- A
[tornado visited thia district yesterday noon doing considerable damage
in the town and country south of
[here. Ideal school was Juat let out
and several school children entered
the house of Mr. Johnson for shelter, but Just ut that moment the
building was demolished, Alfred
[Johnson being lnatantly killed. Mrs.
Johnson had her hip dislocated and
received other injuries. A large
barn, full of horses and several men,
waa blown down. E. I.atachnn was
kicked and trampled hy the horses,
[and had his hip broken, the. barn
[waa moved sevoral feet.
Two commercial travollei-8, Fisher
land Ban- sought refuge ln a barn,
which waa demolished, nnd thoy wore
Imprlaoned In the debris for several
| hours.
'     ♦	
Lafayette, Ind., July 30,—Tbe 841 h
annual session of the famous Battle
| Ground camp meeting, under the
auspices of the Northwest Indiana M.
E. Conference, opened hore today under conditions that promise ono of
the most successful assemblies ln the
history of the organization. The
crowd of visitors on hnnd la already
of auch proportion as to tax the hotel nccommocntions at the grounds.
A ton d...vs' programme haa been or-
rattgod. It is out of the ordinary in
ono respect, in that no professional
ovojigmltists will tako part. The
[speakera will be confined entirely to
prominent dlvlnea and laymen ofthe
Northwest Indiana Conference
"I want you," auld the publisher,
"to wrlto a novel to bo called 'The
-'But," Inquired tho author, 'what
"I have Just bought at auction a
job Tot of paper lilies which can bo
"I have    here," began the
"a bit of vagrant'verse.".
"Say no miore," responded the editor. "I'll cheerfully give It thorty
days In a  pigeon hole of my desk."
European provinces,  and except   in
the capital the feeling ls anything
but favorable to the Sultan.   Even   Job ,Qt o( paper 11)loa whlch can bB
ln Constantinople disloyal cries wero UBed Jor w|n(low iiBVlay, aU    ,over
heard during the recent street demon tn|a broad \ariA.
[ strut ton. At a 'banquet at Zeros to
celebrate the establishment of tho
constitution, the name of the Sultan
was hooted. While the Christians at
this place are beginning to distrust
tho profession of the Young Turks,
overy one has been greatly impressed
with the perfect organization of tho
movement and the absolute discipline
in all ranks. The directing hand is
still unknown.
Tho only incident of today has been
a noisy demonstration of artillery officers and soldiers at the porte where
Ithe mien gathered together apparently clamoring for promotion. The object wns really hostility towards
tho Zeekki Pasha, grand master of
the artillery, whose withdrawal was
demanded.      It    has become known
[that Zelin Muhamed Pasha-, minister of mines and forests, was assisted ln getting out of the country by
thegood offices of the Italian em-
bass,', and this fact has produced a
bad   Impression     among tho liberal
I Turks.
Effective Juno (fth.   ~
Trams leave Ladysm'th   .
Dally at 9:00 and 15:08.
Traim i\rrive at ladysmith
Dally at 11:57 and 171-,,
GE0.L. C0UHTF|l/\Y
District Passengor Agent,
'$102 Government St., Vlctorln.
"I suppose you know why you ore
here?" nsked the judge severely.
"Yes, sir,", answered tho prisonor.
I "I was drug here."
Author—I ha-.;*- decided to make
you tho heroine of my noxt novel."
Miss Caustique—On the strength of
the fact thnt I  read your-last   one?
♦     ■
She— Will you ever love another,
Ho—No, nover, If I get out of tills
Havre,     July 21).—At the International re.-atta yostorday 'Sir Thomns
Upton's Shamrock won tho race for.
70 footers.
She—1 wouldn't bo stu-prisoil if tlio
[servant girl wero listening nt tlio
1 keyhole.
lie—Nor I.   That's o woman's trick
Sho-Oh, indeed I
He—Of course. That's why it is
called Eve's dropping.— [Philadelphia
St. Petersburg, July 27.— President Falllories of Franco, on board
the French battleship Vorlte, reached Reval today and wns met by Em-
peror    Nicholus,. who proceeded    to
   o,    hui,    >>, utl-UMUU        fO
. — „     — -.,      icj.uuu   tne otner. I
'Why not refer to him as 'the beer- -oval on the Rueslnn roynl     yacht
less leader?'"—Washington  Star.
No Honing
Vou know from dally experience, at home or in the barher
•hop. that the question Is—
•'Why doesn't a razor hold
its edge uniformly from heel
to head without honing and
grinding?" Whether it is a
aafety, with the certain tax of
new blades, or thc ordinary
opm-bladcd razor docs not
alt.r the question* Vou want
thi comfort and natisfaction of
a clean, smooth shave every j
morning with the confident,
knowledge that your razor
will be ready for instant use
tho next time needed.
Thc Carbo Magnetic razor is
the only razor mtaontiWon-
nlly faiupantcetS to do this.
Thirty years of study on the
ca_or situation has perfected
a new secret process of
eiEOtlUQ TEMPEimta that
positively merges every particle of carbon (the life of steel)
into the metal—giving a diamond-like hardness uniformly
throughout the blade—some-
thing absolutely impossible
with fire tempered steel-used
in making all other razors.
But test this razor in your
own home—or if you prefer,
have your barber use It on you,
Give us your name,——
or call and see the*'Carbo
Magnetic" razor, and we will
■tate our proposition for testing these razors without
obligation on yoeu* u.iPt to
puroksBCt together with our
free booklet " Hints on Shaving." This book illustrates
the correct razor position for
-■having every part of the face.
Ladysmith Hardware Oo. \
Imperial Laundry Company, (Iti)
Nflf-AI^O, B. C.       W-
Authorized Capital $50,000, divided
into 1000 Shares of $50.00 each.
Stock in tho above Company is now offered Ior subscription by the
undersigned, payable 26 per cent, on applieatlon, 25 per cent, on allotment, 25 per cent, in thirty days, and 25 por cent, sixty days after allotment.
Tha following facte relating to thla  Laundry   Company   will
be of
1.   Nanalino has a population of about  7,000 pooplo
Steam Laundry.
and   haa   no
ww owtnnco waa a.00 1-5, held  • K'-ent. oi cavalry nns oeon onionxi
h. t   n   ti..  • to Vlgnoux, whoro a gigantic domon
™a V • .V™'. ........   stratlon Is planned,
HIO JANEIRO, July 80,-Instruc-
tions havo been forwarded to tho
Brazilian 'Government from London
to doclare again that none of three
battloshlps of tho Dreadnought typo
now being constructed for j'razi1 In
England nre for sale
 1 u
TOPEKA, Kan., July 80. — The
Santa Fe passenger train west
bound, snd tho California limited,
went Into n ditch at Makarusa, 12
miles west of hore todoy. Tho on-
gJneor -was killed and several passengers injured. A relict train was
made up at Topoka, The accident
]ls said to have been caused by laat
running.    All coachos lelt tho track.
2. The Pioneer Steam Laundry, nf Vancouver, has bcon running a
Nanaimo route for soveral years past, and is now doing a buslnoss of
from 1700 to 1900 por month, in spite of the fact that Laundry cannot
be returned ln loss than seven days,   i I
8. The Imperial Laundry Company haa entered Into an agreement
by which tho Pionoor Laundry will withdraw from this field In favor of
The Imperial Laundry Co, which will, therefore, start with an established
Cash buslnoss sumclont to pay all running expenses.
4. In addition to the Nanaimo Held, of which this Company will
have a monopoly, tt will be able to do laundry for Duncans, Cliomalnus,
Crofton, I—dysmith, Alberni, Comox, Cumberland, Wellington and other
places which are now practically untouched.
5. By Incrouslng this business to 11200 por month, the Company wlll
be able to pay from 10 per cent, to 12 per cent, on tho capital invested; if it goes to |2,000 or more tho dividends will probably run aa high
aa 20 per cent, or 25 per cent.     Other laundrlos do hotter than this.
6. Tho estimated coat of establishing tho laundry and placing It _
gpod working ordor Is $20,000. Of this amount thoro is already about
110,000 subscribed, and aa soon —i tho subscribed amount roaches $15,-
000, the stock wlll be allotted nnd a meeting ol shareholders called tn
elect a permanent Board of Di.-ft-tirs.
7. It la the wish of the provisional Board of Directors to have the
Laundry ln practical operation ky October or November of tha pros
ant year, and there la every roison to believe that thla will be roallzod.
The Stoek Is now offered at par, that ls, 150.00 per Share, and subscriptions are solicited in lots from one Share up to ten.
For further information apply to
HUGH AITKEN, Nanaimo, B. 0.
FR1D. Q. PETO, Nanaimo, B. 0. 810 -IWR. OVXR W___TXY *■•
NEW YORK, July 80.-What pro-
mlaea to ba one of the moat bitterly
contested wlll tights that New York
haa ecen ln many yeara waa begun
today when the wlll ot Benjamin
Bart, the American, who died in
Paris last May, leaving an estate
valued at several millions of dollara
came up tor probate in tho surrogate's court. Before tbe case hi
settled there probably will be ' unfolded a tale of free love and as
alleged "affinity" thut will make exceedingly Interesting reading.
Benjamin Hart amassed a fortune
during the civil war as a clothing
peddlar and increased it greatly by
Judicious Investments In New York
real estate. Thirty yeara ago he
took up hla realdenco in Paris, and
flve years later adopted an Italian
child, Qabrolle Lucchosl, who afterwards came to be known as Isabel
Hart. Later she married a French
diplomut, Jean Gulllomin. Some
years later Hart set up an establishment for a woman named 0-a-
briello Juliette Antoinette de Ble,
who baneuta largely under the presont will.
Hnrt'a friendship for thla woman
offended Mme. Gulllemin, and it was
•aid that ln consequence he disinherited her. The-wlll, however, the
teatator aaya, amply provided for
her at hor marriage. Be left her
jtwo art objects, which bequest he
revoked in a codicil. . So ahe gets
To inal a the situation more complex, laat February a Mrs. Wright,
who said ah* lived at 21 Perry St..
thia city, proclaimed that aha waa
th* wife of Hart, whom she said she
married in London twenty-seven
y*ara ago. They lived together for
thn* years I afore separating. From
that time ah* aald Hart gave her a
monthly allowance. She, as woll aa
the adopted . daughter, will contest
th* will. The third contestant is
•kid to be lime, d* Ble.
Tb* beneilciaries named ln the will
all ol them being relatives, are Mary
P. B, Jones, 61 South Orange, N.J,;
a niece; Benjamin Bart, ot San
Francisco, a nephew; Frances Breat-
•d of Chicago, a niece; and Michael
Bart ol New York city.
Donald Harper, a lawyer, Is here
from Paris to look alter the interests of Mm*. Quilloinin, Hart's a-
dopted daughter, in the coming will
contest. It will be claimed that
Hart had alwaya given his adopted
daughter to understand that ahe waa
to Inherit the bulk of hla milliona,
and that thay wsre always on the
moat affectionate terms until the
aged millionaire mat Mil*, da Ble.
One ot th* grounds lor contesting
the wlll will be that Mile, de Ble exercised undue Influence over him.
"Th* 'Cay Maker," which lho Pollard Lilliputian Opera Company will
present tomorrow night at the opera
houae, ls a humorous story replete
with tuneful melodies and cleverly
written aonga. The plot hinges upon the story of one Lancelot, who
Is serving his notitiate at a monastery. At this particular juncture,
whsn th* dramatist appears upon tha
■oan* .and begins th* story, tha
young novice hss attained hls majority snd th* good monks an reduced to din straits lor fundi. Father Maxim, ths prior of th* monastery, reads la th* papers <*f a
construction of a wonderful doll ol
life-Ilk* proclivities that ia tha creation ot th* famous toy maker Hilarious. Tbs report about this doll
puts an Idaa In th* head of young
Lancelot, who feela Impelled to assist th* monks, Hs recalls the last
that his uncle, on* Baron Chanterelle, in order to sway bis Inclination
from th* -Mastic 111*, oflered to
bestow on* hundred thousand francs
upon hlm th* day ol hla wadding.
Lancelot determinea to purchase tha
doll, go through th* marriage ceremony and obtain ths money lis un-
cls has promiaed. Th* doll h* wlll
dlapoae of and than he will return to
the monastery and give th* money to
tha prior. He goes out Into the
world snd makes ths acquaintance
of tbe famous toy maker. Tha doll
turns out to ho all that Is represent
sd to bs. It Is a* near being human ss anyone could wish lor. Th*
marriage ceremony takes plac*, th*
ter ol Hilarious, th* toy maker, had
In a lit of Jealous rage, broken an
arm ofl th* mechanical doll, and ln
Mar of bar father's wrath had substituted hereon lor It. This aubstl
tutlon la not known to Lancelot who
Joyfully return* to tb* monastery
with ths supposed doll and tha mon'
ey. It I* then that suspicion begin*
to aria* concerning the mechanical
qualities of the doll. To the consternation ol all concerned lt begins
to revive and exhibit signs of anl-
■room gat*
by hls unci* and all go** wall. II
transpire* however that tb* daugh-
•nation, and thai th* discovery    la
LONDON, July 28,-Dptnils of e
wonderful rocord in surgery wore given at an inquest uold at Battet-son thoso 125 have turned out satisfnc-
by John Troutbock un tho body of a turlly and on,y 27 ot the whulo 189
child agod 8   years    and 4 months, /.,,_, ,, ...
named Charles Jeffrey Fagan,    who Pav0 •"""* "-convicted,
diod ln   tho     Bolingbroko Hospital, I   Such _ is     the   record of a  good
while undergoing nn operation. year's work,  under a  system     that
Edwin Arthur Potors, M.D., Onmb, alms   at the    n(otm    , Ul0
F.B.S.O., (Eng.), who performed tho    „.   .    . .;;   ' .,   .
operation, said tho child had   adon- crirailla1' ^o'^ "> ««> committee a
olds nnd enlarged    tonsils  that  ro- annual roport to the subscribers.
quired removing.   Ethyl-chloride, nc-1   --Until     a-.few   years ago," says
cording to the latest books on anes
nnfti-   .,. . ... .   lyeufs ui:u,  auu  wiiiou  n
.,.,-- , .,   ., ',   the opening   sentence of the report, r      , .     , ,    . ,    ,., ,.   .   ,
thesla, was tho anesthetic par excel- „,. , .   ,,   'lowed to defend in this years regat-
lenco for this operation. i  tb° 5,ounB prisoners wero treated in |
The     operation    was carried out no way differently franii the old and
quite successfully.   Ho was Just mov- hardened offenders."
Ing aside to allow a nurse to    take     Undor tho old or(ta.    , thl   „
charge of the patient—fou-    doctors       . - ,    . ~
and throe nurses woro prosent-when <*Pt for a brief space given to Serbs saw tho child torn whito and havo vice in tho chapel and exercise of a
a spasm of tho Jaw. monotonous kind,  tho juvenile   con-
Tho child did not breathe,   where- viot d   h   „ ,   d d    , )t
upon tracheotomy wns performed   In ,   ,  *        , ....
two and a ha)f minutos and romo- 1<"*ea UP '» » cell by himself with
dies nppliod, but without rosult. Two no ono to speak to, with a window
methods of artificial rosplration wcro which ho could not look out of, and i   _,.     . . ,
■•osorted to, and kopt up for an hour.' _„,,„„»„ °„, ,„h   °nl !   „"„ „   ' Mm     Tb» Argonauts got well away    at
Having scon tho autopsy, the wit- wl***™t en°"s* work to ocllul,y ,"m the start, rowing 41 strokes and    a
ness was of tho opinion that status halt his time If ho wore evon.moder-1
ymphaticus was tho principal factor ntely capable.
In causing the child's death.      Tho ,   The homo ofllco cominittee
i«w)ri_^«»;^^i^fei- 8BpaajBBiaaw»*»i^^ -.^--^x-^-^-^^^^
Saturday matluaa—	
New York."
Saturday night— "Floroddra."
. -
Tha Bella    of    BRITISU   OHIMINA- ftiiFORM-J
I LONDON, July 2».-0ut of a total of 18S youths, convicted of different crimes, dealt with by tlio Bor-
. seal prison committoo during ' tlio
i last year, work was found fer IBB
on tbeir discharge from prison.     Of
tlobftl Olympic tUiiiiii WHS contlnu.
ed here today.and Leander crew best
the L'unaditui Argonauts after a lino
and hard race by u length in the
ttiird hent of the -mmpidnship eight.
McCulloch, United Kingdom, deltiut-
ed iiovttsiiy, Hungary, in ins heat ul
the single sculls by six lengths.
Henloy, July ,30.—The Cambridge
eight on which the United Kingdom
depended ' to win the championship
in the eight-oared contest, was defeated in the international regatta
hore this afternoon in the fourth
heat of tho eights by tbe Belgian
crew belonging to the Club Nautical
de (land. This crew holds the Henley challenge cup, which it won two
years ago, and which it was not al-
WINNIPEG, July 28.-At n meeting last night of the C.P.R. Mechnn-
labor council, the returns received from ull parts uf the system on
the recent report .of. the .conciliation
board unanimously decided not to
accept the majority report, the ■feeling being in favor of an iinmodinte
strike. The lenders counselled a de-
lny, The executive is in session this
ta. The light blues wcre the
crew stroked by Stuart, that defeated Oxford ln tho spring. The
Belgians won by a length and a
half over a courae a mile and a
half long. Their time was eight
minutes 22 seconds. They led nearly all the way. Tho Belgians will
now have to fight out the final with
(Special to the Free Press.)
Vancouver, July 29.—F. p. Allan
Reid, manager at Massett, Quoen
Charlotte Islands of tbo Anchor Investment Company of Winnipeg, committed suicide July 15, because tho
company failed to send him funds
and from despondency.
i nPPoInt-1
little part of
rowed at 37.
under tlie chairmanship
aized after doath.
slightest thing would kill a child In _. ,    18i)4	
that condition, nnd tho difficulty was '  -         -"rowing   splendidly
that the condition could not be re- °> Herbert    Gladstone reported thnt i „„„„,„ „, Mm„ „.
agnized during llfo,    except ln  ox- Imprisonment of    that type resulted
trome cases. .....      ,.„. in many young prisoners boing llbor-
He had porformod altogethor 1700    .   .  ^ J      J ! ,   ,    b
if theso operations, nnd this was his °tod     ln «■  siate   »s l)ad or wors0
iccond death.    Ho had novor known than that in which thoy wont in."
of a successful operation in a    case,   Then came tho introduction of tho
where statusi lymphaticus was recog- Borstal aj,,t(,m by slr Evelyn Rug-
gles-Briso, as chairman of tho prison
commission.        The   Borstal system
alma at making every young prison-
___ er fit and willing    to work honestly
NEW YOBK,    July    30.-The Sa- whon he is aKaln '"»•
lome craze has hit Gotham, and so    Rewards and punishments are    so
far the   police have    not interfered, ""'"'.'red as to lay stress on porson-
rhe leading roof gardon shows   are ttl endeavora to improve rather than
offering    Salome   dancers as    their thnt tonavior   of a  negative    kind
star attractions for the summer, and whloh ma,ies a  modo1 Prisoner     of
although the miuistery is united in the ordinary typo;    and   strict dlsci-
•ondemnlng   the    performance,    the P"'10 liml roSulnr Physical drill con-
Jance still    goes on and will proba- tributo to-pr-hica.a-great. alertnesa
and | hyslijiio,    and a  habit of hard
the half course    was
It was tbo finest race
TORONTO, Ont., July 2. — Local
railway officials, are .busy preparing
for tho carrying of farm laborers
this year. Tho first batch will likely leavo hero in two weeks. Reports
from different parts in Ontnrio nro
encouraging so far as the supply of
farm laborers is concerned, und the
rallwnys anticipate currying a larg-
or number than in former yenrs,
oly continue until Anthony Corn-
stock and his "vice squad" get on
to their Job again in the cool autumn days. At Hammorstein's
Maude Allan, who haa been the l-'.u
of the regatta. The Argos were
[and spurted a
couple of times at tho end, but it
was not sufficient to push the Launders much. Both crews received a
grand reception. The Leanders fin-
oshod a length ahead of the Argonauts. Time 8.12, for the half
course 3.16.
"It is quite evident," said a well-
known oarsman, "that if Canada
hopes to win at ITonloy, the EngliBh
style of rowing must be adopted."
Some few pooplo competent to express nn opinion say that the Argo-
nauts-Lenndor rnce today was the
finest raco they had seen for some
time. Thoy specially complimented
Wrl.-ht the Canadian coach for the
excellent training of tho Canadians,
it was a great raco. At the half
'way the Argonauts   spurted and re
duced the load of tho Leanders    by
nnd regular work. '     ,."..,,-      ,
•n.n un. _),.<_    in        ,      ,   ,    a  length, but tho Ar^onnuts  spurts
iho Jails whero     this system Is in ,     „  , .      , .       .   „
, _     . , ,.    ,.       ,       .    , near the finish, although fine,    wore
forco uro Borstal itsoli, unil part of        _-.   .       ,    ..      ..
yo.       _».     iwuumvioMHu ti .,.,_,      unnblo to win thom thc race.
Gertrude Hoffman Imitates 'hoso at Dartmoor and Lincoln. They .   y a0_The    ^^
iy menihers of the coin-
are visited
ropean    sensation    in     the Salome mlttce ttt     fre"ue"t int**'™ls-     "nd
lance, and has proved auch a draw- tho visitors «rB rccoivl!d wlth "'ank-
ing card that    tho other Broadway neM nnd S™_tude.     After thoir ro-
ihows „re falling ovor themselves to le»* IronyimaoTTyoUng offenders aro
ot Salome dancers. not Iost s'Bht of' but a™ h0",ed both
' While you can go to your Bible for "'J* aivia> I"ld in obtaining work,
the facts of this dance, the thcatrl-    Their pnst    l,lstoI'-V malies    these
cal managers have devised the plan lnd9 eal,coi«"y "llvo t0 iba f"ct tllat
,1 telling tho story of Salome    nnd or »  timo more money can ho mndo
Herod   in    moving pictures.     How- hy ■""•oneaty than by honest living.
,ver, when the    story reaches    tho nnd the remnI'k' "i'ou «™ ™> x  »"'
bent the Dutch crew in the eight*
onrcd race, while in the last hent of
the single sculls, I.ln_l<stnfTe, United
ICinffrlom, defented Von Gn?a, Gcr-
innny. Thu flnnla will lie rowed tomorrow. The Ilolginn's eight is tho
only foreign crew left in. Tho four-
onred races the pairs nnd the sculls
will ail lie fought out hy representatives of the United Kingdom.
>oint where Salome dances the picture machine gives way to the real
lesh and blood. In the meantime,
the ministry is agog, for a latge
oart of the public seem to have gone
mad aver the "Merry Widow" waltz, -_-_™_--_^b_iiii
the sheath    skirt and     tho Salome roport stntM    thnt of tho 1M
dance,    in spite of their   persistent
keeping straight or m,v clothos would
he better," is n ,pnthet!c ovldonco of WASHINGTON, D.C., July 80. -
the need for keeping In touch    nnd The report that the trnns contlnon-
sympathy with thom. tal rnilronds controlled by Jos.  J.
Dealing specifically with the     183 H!"; Edward IT. Hnrrlmnn, the Bor-
.-.   .  ,    .   ,    , wind    syndicate,   nnd tho Cnnndinn
lads holpod during tho past year, tho oovor,imont have dotormined to sur-
for render their export trade to  China,
nr0 Japan, New   Zealand    nnd Australia
groat deal
whom work was obtained 04
either known or bolioved to be doing welt, seven were lost sight of
elghteon wero unsatisfactory, and
twenty were ro-convlctetl, Twonty
were substantially assisted, fifteen
did not noed help, seven refused It,
and eight romnin atill on hand.
on Nov. 1,
of Interest.
hns crentod
London, July 29.—To preserve tho
discipline of    tho   navy,  Sir Percy
Scott, whose command of the crul-
The report further points out that aer squadron   has    still a year to
f tho 1S9 lada dealt with by    tho run, hns been appointed to tho com-
Icomimltteo, 151 hod nn avornce    of mand    of a small sauadron    which
four convictions npleco to their  dis- will visit South Africa in the     au-
credlt and thnt no selection of   tho timin during the sitting ot tho con-
most promising wns made, but every vention     for    the federation of the
lad is helped. South   African colonics.     Tho    ap-
Speaking generally of tho young pointnient. is evidently mado to re-
criminal, tho report describes tlio m0ve the" possibility ol further fric-
typea ns very varied, some boing. in- tlon between Sir Percy Scott     and
nntely bnd and others not responsible for their nets.
Lord Oharles Beresford.
-     ■   .    «	
When sitting by the window, I
Watch the tall poles go racing by,
And wonder why thoy hurry so
ro leave the place to which I go.
The worda upon the wires, too,
I of—n wonder whnt they do _
When several meet and try to peas,   nion killed and nine woundod,    sov-
Do some tall oft and die, alas? oral fatally, is    the record of    the
And then    those   row* of puffed-up clash last night betweon a mob bent WM^     Cutting will be general from
birdal upon lynching Leander Shnw, a ne- t|,e   lltn . (0
I know they sat th* little worda;      gro, and the   sheriff and his   force,
ln which the mob finally overpowor-
Winnipeg, July 39.—The Free Press
™?.™0L&A,F.l*',My.8:'~r"° """""-J reports from over two hundred correspondents today on    harvest     condltiona   ln    the Canadian
For when th* tel-e-grams arriv
Only big words are lett alive.
carried out ln    tho most prominent
TRUTa ^.park in the city.
"—"— j   Shaw yesterday assaulted Mrs. Lil-
When Willie got down on his knees Han Davis, a  highly respected lady,
one night to say hia prayers,     for noar this city during the absence   of
the 20th of August
Ninety per cent of    the wheat    has
.       passed the blossom stage and la fill-
ed the aherlff.       The lynching    was iBB vM     ^"o'tfnfqn „ that west-
President and Managing Director.
Wci-r-l in-y-Treasurer.
BAT-TJMORE, Md., July 29.- T.
A. Mclntyre, who wns hend of tho
broker firm of T. A. McTntyre & Co.,
died hore today.
NEW YORK, July 28.—William R.
Hearst, tho millionaire publisher arrived todny from Europe on the Lucania. Ee announced that hc would
absolutely decline any nomination
for tho presidency of the United
Stntes by an Independent Democratic convention proposed to bo held
in Chicngo next week.
Sault Sba. Marie,    July 20.- The
jury has returned a  verdict holding
lkey Siagllano responsible for the
death of Biago     Facloceo   who was
killed in a  light in little Italy on
pay night.
Toronto, July 2!».—A ride competition by mail is being arranged
between public school cadets of Toronto and "cadets of King Edward
school, the competition to take placo
in September.
NEW YORK, July 29. - The announcement was made yostorday that
a committoo of arbitration to decide
tho difference betweon the Eastern
Trunk Line Railway, and the organized bodies of Manufacturers nnd
Shippers, which hnve arisen ovor the
proposal to increase tho rato on
clnss freight, is now in progress of
formation. Tho committee will consist of fifteen mon named liy ropre.
sontatives of P."> business associations of the West and Middlo West,
and 15 business men selected 1-— tho
OTTAWA, Ont., July 29.—It is *
rumorod in political circles that *
Sir Wilfrid LauHor will bo asked *
to accept thc French Liberal *
nomination for Ottawa city. *
ern Canada   will reap a  good average crop on six million acres.     The
coarse grains aro doing woll nnd con
sidoralils barley, is nlroady cut,
Reports   sny harvesting of winter
some reason or other he would not her husband, and after cutting    hor whwt iB       J. . fn       thWB Alberta
Mluai      "Vn„,    T    la..    _.-  " _i_—__ _...!_ •   - .a        i           ,i.  .     , a °
repeat, "Now I lay ma."
"Coins, Willie," said uianuna.'asy
'Now I lay me'."
"No, mamma," returned, the littio
one, "I can't tell a lie. I'll aay,
'Now I luteal ms',"
Citizen.— That's twice today you
have asked mo for money. Why ilorit
you sot Into somo useful trado?
1'egjrur—I'm pursuin' me trado mis-
tor as hard as I kin.
Citizen.—Your trado?
liogirar—Yes. s'r I'm a retoucher.
—Boston Transcript.
throat clubbed her over the bead
with a revolver, which ho had taken
from tho house.
During the afternoon it became
known that lho negro had been arrested, a croY
the   returns
oxcei-ding expectations
Wharton,    Tox„ July 29.-B.     B,
lean firming upon ,,o||lter ghot ^ meA Q   w  Ja(jk.
  Sho—Havo you novor mado lovo to
ths monoy as promised-jany othor girl?
Ho—No, novor, dourest—on my honor don't you know.
Sho—Well,run uwuy,there's a good
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     , fellow, and   got   somo   practice, un
ot 4ka real character ol    the, you don't shapo at all woll at pres-
the streets and early In the    night
they wore reinforced- by Inrge   num
bars ol mon Irom ths country.    Tbs
mon then attacked tha county    Jail
where tha negro was confined, breaking down ths gate.    Ths sher IT and
hla deputies opened tire with     Winchesters ond ahot guna.    Three  'of
the mob dropped.    Volley after vol-    QUEnEC, ,iuiy 39.—Tho prlnco hos
ley wns then fired by the'mob   but gono and with him departed all   tho
It was unable to enter ths Jail. "° .»"«,.clt°>lcl »' «» BritlBh fleet.
.      .        ..... ,.       ..   <   Today   tho rlvor    looks empty and
About    midnight   anothor attack iono)y ,or a)| visiting ships only two
supposed automatum. Ths result Is
that Lancelot finds that ha Is a real
baiedlct and altar tbs matter la explained ths finals laavss all concern-
■Stray Stories.
Denver, July 80.—The body ot an
ed happy with ths outcome, sod tha unknown woman sbout 85 yeara old
young   novice    goes out   Into tha m*i dressed and wearing some Jewel-
world with a better UU. «y. ~—    ,ound   ""allng In the olty
Ths    opera Is replete with quaint I'«rk '•*•   th,» ""onM"!!   by P.   0.
humor sad is laughable throughout. Heckman, who was boating.    Then
The rspsrtoire here will be si fol- *•» » wontxd on the forehead.   Tho
lows:       v coronsr believes ths woman was mdr-
Frlday night-"The Toy Maker."    *»->•   .-.,,■.	
. . ■. . El I; i I1111 -
son, at, Plerco, Tox,, today, following a quarrel over a one cont |iost-
ac,e stamp. Jackson had mailed a
letter with only a one cent stamp
on lt md Pointer, who had charge
ot the post ofllco called his attention to the mattor.
Head Office - - • Toronto
Capita! $10,000,000  Rest $5,000,000
$5 and under   3 cents
Over $5 and not exceeding $10,   6   "
" $10       " " $30, 10    "
" $30       " " $50, 15    "
These Order, are Parable at pur .it auy office in
Canada of a Cliarterefl Dank, except in the Yukon,
and at tlie principal b_uki--; points in the United
Tliey are negotiable at $4,00 to the £ sterling hi
Qreat Britain and Ireland, f hey form an excellent
method of remitting small sums of money with safety
and at urn all cost, and tnnv be obtained without de>
Uy at any ofl.ee of the Bank. US
L. M. de GEX,   Manager
Mainland Nine Will    Travel on Vancouver Island Filling Many
Engagements.   '
An all-week tour of Vancouver Island, in the course of which mutches
are to be played with Victoria, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Duncans, Cumberland and other places, will be
undertaken by the Westminster baseball team early next month, the
boys leaving on Friday and returning seven days Inter. The personnel of the touring nine has not yet
been decidod upon.
Arrangements are now nearing com
pletion with the ball clubs in the
cities and towns above mentioned for
games to bo ployed ot each'plnco on
dates suitable to tho local team. It
is likely thnt two matches with Victoria will bo arranged for, while Nanaimo may nlsn be given nn extra
game. Manager S. W. Bodley doos
not expect'the trip to bo much of a
financial success, nnd he will Ijo satisfied if he enn break even on the
undertaking. Most of tlio ball players who will travel with liim are
well able to foot their own expense
bill—New  Westminster  Columbian.
The Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
P.O. Doz 51 'Fhona 44
Dealer in All Kinds ol       f
floats Delivered free of charge on tha
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
Strasshurir, July SO.-The University of Strassburtr announced today
that Prince August, the fourth son
of Emperor William, hnd pnssod his!
examination for tlie decree of doctor
In the science of government, with
tho endorsement "very good" on his >
papers, and thnt the title of doctor
has been conferred on him.
l-ull Stock of Miner*' Toole.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kinda o.' Blackamlthlng
'Sons at Short Notloa.
GALT, Ont., July 29.—Tho fifth
annual convention of , tho Master
Painters' and Decorators' Association of Canada, opened hero yesterday. About 250 delegates wero in
attendance from all over the Dominion. In his address to the convention, President Bowes, of London,
lamented tho tendency to disparity
in contracts, and oxprossed his opinion that the standard of excellence
of tho workmen is deteriorating.
 + .	
WITH E. &, N.
Claim That They Worn Unfairly Dls
criminated  Against in Matter of
Rates Quotod Burns'  Club.
LADYSMITH, July 28.—Tho Burns
Club hero is very much stirred up
ovor tho action of tho E. & N. Railway Company. The club decidod to
have a picnic to Duncan and nt onco
proceeded to mako arrangements
with tho railway company. Naturally thoy oxpoctod to get some reduction in tho regular rates, and the
othor    orriuigemonts     woro    pushed
Thoro wos some delay in tho reply Dorr, whoso failure     wns announced
of tho railway company and    whonltodaV( nrr|Vod noro ^\n nlorning. Ho
It did como tho terms offered to   the: .   . '    .  .,   .     . . ... ,,
club wero 20 conts a ticket above the.doclnrod that !lls creditors would
ordinary rates. It was thought that. lose nothing and accounted for his
somo mistake had boon mado, but no (finnncial troubles by referring to
amount of correspondence could clear w wintor.8 ntrinRGncy    and
it up..   To improve matters, on Sat- . ,     .       „   ,
urdny Inst, the last day on whichi^o ensuing dullness of trado. Hols
tho picnic    was - to havo beon held,
and Pastry
LONDON, July Bo— Kobort Slover,
editor of tho Winnipeg Post, wna j
todny declared not guilty at tho Old
Bailey on the clinrge thnt he had at- I
tempted to blaokmall Jack Boel, a'
nophew of the Into Barney Bnrnato,!
by threatening to publish a defam- Always Fresh on Hand,
atory article about Joel unless   tha Wedding and  Party Cakea Medo to
latter pnld him $25,000.     The trial! Order,
has been going on for several days. Fruits and Candles ol All Kinda
Tho verdict of noiiuitlal wns greeted F11ESH BltlflAD EVERY DAY.
with loud cheera. Prices nre    very   reasonable.
Siever denied absolutely that there Ourtomora treated alike,
hnd been any attompt at blackmail,
nnd declared tho wholo affair was a
conspiracy on tlio pnrt of hla enemies. Tho trial b.\a Veen mnrked
by extraordinary demonstrations out- j
side tho court In favor of Slowr and j
against Joel.
Chicago, 111.,     July 30.-Frodcrlck
On the  I.splnnads.
Ladysmith, B. O.
Tl]e Best Bitch.Gr Sh.op
in Town is
wob made, the mob having Increased French battloshlps and one or
to one     thousand    determined men;  small yachts now rld,o anchor
thla wna successful.     It wal    made ^"J--    of the British floe
uponallaldesoftheja...    mmt0^&%S^Sg^\SS^   aff-_SBf«.
there was an excursion from Nanaimo to Duncan. , Tho rate to tho Nanaimo excursionist- was one dollar a
hoad, whilo from Ladysmith, with 14
miles each way loss to travel, $1.15
had been asked, Tho club is vory
wrothy and declare that failing sat-
a   mom ber of tho  Chicngo. Board  of        ,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^__^^^
Trade, but lt ia aald had .., dealing. ^ g0J)ertS    St.     ButChef
ty mndo Its way through the    rear nnd one or two onthiislnstlc'visitors
cntronco nnd   aeenred the trembling witnessed It from DuUorln Terrace.
At -1 o'clock tho flagship Exmouth,
negro. A noose waa equipped about
his neck and after being dragged tor
two bloc1 s he waa strung up to an
electric lli-ht polo In the centre    of
without sound bogan tq turn nose
down stream, executing the whole
movement within her own length.
Thou slowly sho hogan to movo out
th. park whe,.    ,„„y two thousand ^nt^SlE'ls'Tathld wS
bullets completely riddled him.
^-TNT^BT_JcuMsi-_,,:Tfl|i;'CITY MARKET
World's    Champion     Lacrosse Team
Will Play Exhibition Match.        {
Toronto, July flO.-T'lie New Wast- MEATS and VEGETABLES
minster lacrosse club, champion!   ol
LmljHuith. B. O.
HENLEY, July 80,-Tho Intorna.
n , IT-1 j I I '? | r-l-i ! '■  '
the world, nnd    conquerors of     the
Montreal Shamrocks, wlll meot    tho
Tocumsch club of this city on   Sat-       BENNETT FOR GOVERNOR.
PABI8, July ftO.—As the result oMirday   afternoon    tn   an exhibition     Charlostown, July 30.—The Demo-
out scorcoly making a ripple on the'tho    trngodlc    death    of   Winthrop' gumo.     A monster crowd iB expect- crntlo stnte    convention early today
water sho spod away,    Ono by   ono I Sands, a stop son of Mr. Wm. Van- „, to wttnesg tho Rnm0   „„„ ,t    )9 nom|natod     Louie Bennett ol Lewta
tho groat bonts followed her,    flrst dorhllt.   Mr. Vnndorbllt   hns    with-
the Riissoll, thon tho Duncan, Alber-| drawn all his engagements for normally, Arrogant and Venus. sea ln the races,
* wm\-\ i ii r il :•' -.-. ■'-■
believed the   Tocumsch will be    tht county, for    governor on the    Ilrst
next challengers for tlio Minto cup.     ballot, manntpetnrem, were run, down,, .and, W^I'iH'if'ffil'^HW'I'lH'W'it^*^-^^***^^'1*"'—*t
m ,ir
-    Wo hnve iv few Men's nnd Boys' Canvas Shoes loft which we
nro oQorlng at greatly reduced prices. ........ -
Ludies' 'White Cnnvns Oxfords, at   *L25
Misses' White Canvas Oxfords, sizes ,1,1,, to 2,to. f'lo'ir ,a,t(,.„$Lp(|. ,
Onild's-'Whl-i Canvas Oxfords and One-Strap Slippers at ...   85c
TI)o, ','Astoria" ,Shoo for particular men Is unequalled for style.
killed by a train while crossing the ,,
traok: of the Reading'railroad -at
-ice, a town station ih the northern section , of the ci,ty, this morn-
ting.' .The.jnen who were in an auto,
.were' running at a' rapid-rate . -'and
jij-as-ied through, the gates aV ,, the
crossing directly in the Path of .,,.a
train. The auco was turned over,
and wrecked and both wore burled
beneath it and hirVi'lily crushed.
:■   ---'"      • TO DUBLIN.
TDUIxIJI, .July.,91.— ..Lawson
oHaon,. the .American. sm-Jnter,
nounced today, that Uw United S,ta,-,
tee at_„tea..feBl, .in. spite, .Qfjnstr.uc:
tiijns of the Irish Arflprloan ,Athle.t,lq
Club ol Now York, .that they     are
in, honor 'bound to compete as agreed
in 'th* ln„rdatlottal  athletic'' ntteV
tomorrow .and consequently the   full
team will, appear,. ,...,'.
/The   'Oaolic   Athletic Association;
'flJeoaiiae oi It- dispute' with' the'A'ma-
There, was a bettor .turn, out nt the
weekly modal shoot of the Tyco Gun
L'lufi oil   Tliursdiy    night, but ' tho
hot it very largo number in evidence
which, considering tine 'weather,' wm
ruther surprising.,
Today   wo  havo put on sato i -
some Men's  Negligee  Shirts —'* •'
tiecause ,o! it* dispute with tne'Ama- , * -foil goad- Patterns, - -;    »' k
teur .Athletic,Association, has declar \ [ • First lot   we sold-yostorday. | j
ed the •meeting ot   tomorrow IllegaL:. i 'or Sl.0Q.and JL25. each.^Spo- j ,
' T cial for Saturday, . >
.:."":„.:":,. " 7Sd:;
Second ,lot—old regularly, for.
,$1.35 en ...SUM ench.   Spocial,
__ for Saturday—
v/;:.::.: :.;;*_.©a;;
♦ ..__dies!..WhiJ;a,Cotton, Aprons,
i-. full size.   While thoy   lust,   toi ,,
' ir at': J ' •»'
The members of tho Dorcas Guild
of St. John's Mission Church, held
thoir annual picnic on Thursday to
Kuper Island.      The    weather   was
.      ,. .   .  \.   ,       4_.<i,n  y.\„i.   __uuur  _ma.Hu.       ,-u_,    wvmii-r    w»_
_2___L_l?J±_i____^,a_ ,<"»> 'or «- -""lo. and those who
sta-ntonl' of ■ pravtpua* weeks
lowing are tho scores
G. Hepple
(turned out spent(a fhorougly   enjoy-  -
*2Q able"day""  ' ■;  *" '""''"*'
18 jv Peevor's    bowling-alley btill   con-
18 tjaues to be as popular as ever and
18 . once the fooler weather • sets -in there
promises..to. ljp. sprue good tipuiing..
There ia nothing like lt in the'J» «f° «™P'n W.F^SfC
smoking line. The Grand Duke Is a, b/ -J ■ .****. 5? A^MorJlso^So,
smoking hot success. lt is on sale J- A- K»igM, 88 and-Matti*8on,
all ove? town. Ay it and be con-;?,<•. . *t« ten pins . Messrs.. B.B.
v|ncari ' ,    Y    Hindmarch..nnd G. 0,,Rose each  se-
y . . ... ' cured a    prizo with a scoro of   200
W. Keserich
W. McKinley
I each.
Tho HlO/^-nrds   cud   quarter imilo
amateur swimming' championships of,   ,.„„.„,;,.>,   «_,
thc Province will be decided at the I; " Y™C0,,VI. ? ™ t* 9po,
Gorge this afternoon.' Ladysmith kane today.the. Terminal«ity will
will be represented-in the former by l"»d the League table,, .. Tbe .pea
Jos. Cartwright and In thc latter by, |'__-S,^.8^?^..i_i*?X__fite^
Wm. Allister.    Thero ought roally to
have been u bigger representation
from Hore. Whnt is urgently needed
in the town is un athletic Club so
that every branch of sport could bo
properly fostered and controlled.
nd it "is   almost certain"now
tgw '  be'pennant1 'In the Northwest*
em Lwnguo will -go to Vancouvor,
Tho funeral, tpok,, place, yesterday
afternoon of Clifford William, tha
two-yedr old son "of Mr,'arid Mr"s,
Wm. Sirnto.   The littio.one died
Tae   best    Smoxe in town is  the. ,        ..,.,,.. ...
Grand Duko Cigar.   Remember, it Is I Thu™<'n.v ot. tbf sbnm B'.*l°??:_-_-
mado in town and    don't forget
call for  lt.
head of the bay. Rev, Mi;, McMillan
olbcialed the funeral arrangements,
being iii the hands (if A. 'fe Hilbert.
Miss Belfry roturnod Wednesday evening from a two weeks' visit to her.
mother, Mrs. J. F. Belfry,-Lome St,
Vancouver. Mrs. Belfry mourns the
loss ol her sister. Mrs. Fraser, wife
of Ur. Fraser, Sherwood,   Michigan,
and mother of Br. Casson Fraser, of .prfneess "Beatrice,'"Etta White.
iPbrt Huron Hospitnl stall ot sur- |c|ri{| Robert Ker, Jossio Mock.
goons.    Only a week later Mrs, Bel-,!nna    scows,   Beatrice, Stetson
The following vessels havo coaled
at the local -whanvos during., the
week:   Princess Enn, S,pray,    Amur,
       ~ '   Sol-
but the opinion is gerteral- that tho
dispute of the Gaelics should not be
allowed to mej tl^o harniony of a
national welcome to the Americans, j
 „.i *	
.UNION BAY, July 81.—On board
the Str. Cymorlc, whloh arrived here
yesterday from Australia, were 'two"
Chinese stowaways. • They, .were not
diacovered until Just before the vessel reached thia port The steamer
ia shortliandod in the make np.ot.hei
erew,, and tho Chinamen • ... ,,
welcome hdditlon, and will be kept'
aboard. The steamer will proceed
to Puget Sound Irom here tor a lumber cargo and from the Sound will
go back to AiutraUa. a .„.,,
seXttBe -"an -rfte- K^tte"
Kill. Daughter, fatally Wounds Wife,
KfllaHoBpltaV Patient; "(Severe1"
ly nourid'a' Belatlve,' and
then Suicides.
,,Fnnc.vlicqlorecJ..B.i;ess JIusllns,
values up to 25c a yard. Spo-
"clal," '       '   "'       ■'	
.12io'*.'yaf4! |
i , JMdies'' "___npresa'-!l Shoes;-
I ni*,.t   ,,ii   i.  .,
fry received tho sad news of the,scows-,-.Nidge, -Lawn, .Eagle, .Caar,
death of hor brother, Mr. James . Tartar, Escort. Tampieo, Sea Lion,
Masson Strachnn. who died at Trail nelfast, J. C. Potter, and Princess
Bi C, after a very short illness. Mr. ,stay."' the'Xmur discharged ore" at
Strachan was a relative ofthe late the'Tyee, and tho Tampieo-soiled for
Bishop  Structm/l,"" df   Toronto, 'and' -
nn old member of the Queen's   Own
Rifles.     •...,(    ,.....-,..„   ,i,1Q
Mi's. "Ol-bsoii.'of Vancouver is spend
ing ■ 'a   few• flays - with' Her' daughter;-
SEA-TLB, Waah., .July 31.-r.I-_e, Mrs. J. E, Smith. ..< She   is ncconi-
Flfer, a grip-fan, killed hla    eight P'lllW. by Mrs^Rpss^.,,    ...
year old daughter Hazel, and   .Mrs.                      ,.  ,... ,' i._.,
Dennl...NihouIa, conanement patient.., Mr. Ti-einba.th.   of, the Big   Store,
....               ., ...     ..     ,,„   T   ,'w-ent down to Victoria on Wednesday
fatally    Bounded hia.. wue„ Mra, J*, oyj-jflng_-•' ' ' '■"         	
Fifer, and seriously wounded..   Mrs. j      -"        ,■    4   ■■	
E_iel Warren,. Uia.a-ter-In-law.,  ln.|. Mrs; Ewort' and' baby', of  CKriS-
a  private    maternity hotpltal, here,, tie's-roncli,-are spending a few'days
lhat night.     He then turned hia re-  holiday with Mrs, 0; Leonard,
volver upon    himself and committed
Filer and hls wife, had 'bean separated Ond She lived at the hospital.
Although, forbidden to go near tha,
house,, ba.. -fade bis, way Into the
place through the -basement. 1 After
finding his wife schted 1n a front
room he started, shooting., Tl^e lights
went out after tho first,shot and he
hnd to light'matches to see the vlo-
time to' ahoot at. He drove ' Ms
daughter ,and ,Mrs'.' Nlhoul, Injio., t)he
street, whore he shot them. ..,. ,„..
Miss I'.crry, js.spepdipg.o,,few.weeks
holiday lietween her sistors Mrs. J
Kerr and Mrs. .C. Leonard.
"The Grand Duko Cigar is on sale
In Victoria...nt....,\Y"stornda!e,'sM Rail:
way Cigar, Store,. o,p_pqs"ttb the E. &.
N. Station, and also at the Jam-is'
Bay Cigar Storo, ofiposlto tho 0. tt
B, Hotel.    Don't forget this when ln
Nome .with a cargo of sacked coal
Tho Henrietta and.Titania,are,Jn for
full cargoes ana the Hornollon 'is expected in tomorrow'.	
Boat and Boat House.   Apply
The Nannimo tennis pluyers caine
down on tho jnorning train for the
tournament. '
Local 'Good Templars went' off to
Duncan'by rail and rig this morning
for their annuul picnic.    There   was
we are" clearing thom out'at
20 Por Dent. Discount.
1 '"Jl    1       III    '     111 .
Call Early and got First Choice.
Our reiisun for selling thom
tnat'  we   do not"fva'rit tdcArry
them river"fof"dn'flthor 'season.
William's Blotk
ST. John, N. .B.,' July ■ 81. — The
New Brunswick government has made
a. demand on Lt. Gov. Tweedie, for
tho payment, ,of $S(,110, interest on
moneys whirl) should be in the
Crown Lands Department treasury
from 1895 to 1906 and apparently
were not. The demand grows out of
the report-of the auditor.who. made.
un examination of the, crown lands
department accounts In which tho expense account from '95 to '06 was
found', showing 'where-certain- lumbermen -.should,' have paid, the .llro,
vince ,$18,686.76., The Oovorniflont,
it appears got .this amount of 111011-
'iy"from liiniborinori" or paid tholr
stumpage dues for them out of the
public revenues. > The money obtain,
ed, from lumbermen is Hupuosod tfO
nave been used Ior political purposes.
In 1900 Tweed- sduarod tho ''De'
partment1 account by paying the
sum mentioned to tlio receiver gen,
eral, out.pl. h|,s pwn pocket,    j
He now writes a letter, claiming
that ho was riot responsible for it,
ns it-occurred -'when1 the.date Hon.
Mr. Blair waa premier.., The government is, now demanding, from Twee-
die interest on ' the amount1' from
1805 to 1906. Tweedie has #nnmit-
ted all papers in'the caso to H. A.
Powell, K.C., ex-M. P. of this city,
and askefl-for'an opinio— an to his
-HE WORLD,,, , ,1  ,
Mr. D. Sponcc,, of Vancouvoi*, arrivod ih. the .town this, week and will
take, up his residence hero. ,
, .DUBLIN,.,„ July 81-tJ.., J. Hwes,
the New I Yorker. who. won, 1 eke. Marathon race, was given a  popular wel-
llanhger    of tho Tccnmseh Lacroase
Team Soj-s    "'ex. Turnbull is''
Beat Laciossu Player in
>"■: the'Worldj »'■	
TpRONTO, July 31.-Manafier 0.
Quertle,., ot, , the ,Teciijiisoh Lacrosse
Club, who witnessed the gamos at
Montreal' between' "Now' Westninister
and Shamrocks for possession of the,
Minto Cup, is enthusiastic In bis
praise ol the Brit—h Columbia teaim
Heaaja tteyare vety; last ah';' their
feet, pais quickly and accurately and
work well 1 together iboth on liumo
and defcheb. Their defence is very
strong, backing Into the mouth "of
the goal, making an almost impregnable barrier to the opposing scoring' -vision.'' 'dnarlto 'salj-'ltls'tho
moat daring,.and clover,bunch seen
east In Borne yenrs. They circle
around - 'and 'take -their. time , about
shooting, never 'lotting the ball go
until they see "an opening.' They all
play.,to.. Alex. Turnbull.,the grand
old mnn of lacrosse, who ts said-by
Querrlo to 'lie 'the finest Individual
lacroase.plaver In tho, world today.,
.- i.».,      ■    i'.i'.'
 FRANCE.  „i  .. ..
Prose Reports Agra* Tbat Agitators
' Deliberately   IbclMd Their Men'
to Provoke Bloodshed. ,
Mr. T-\ Warbtirton arrived in- town
yesterday from Winnipeg, and will
take up bis rosliionco here. ' Warbu*-.
ton played outside left for the- Thistles Inst season.     ,
df—n .- .lit ,.    , ai
Mr. '!. Williams, of Nanaimo, was
in.it°!vn yesterdny morning.      ,
    _„_■*  »'.,,,   ' ,
The Rev. .ins! McMillan, pastor of
tliff Troill'iytfe'rlllH "ChUr'6h',' is taklrig
a'tw-fT weoks*Mholldny.' 1—  "-'
Mr. .and.Mrs...,1-Sj Cartwright went
down lo,,Victoria , yestorday,^ypni-ig
to spetiii the week-ond,
;■»'■   'IM..II-.IH    ■',", .i,_
Vlal't the Foundry and moke
your,, owJi. 1.choice.- ..You wUl
save time and money, anil  {get''
', > better satisfaction.
':'    ","    ,'.', '...'    \.   '_''" '
.,1        ';■*' .-•'.'
 - -	
r.T- .... ...,.,—Tt7
; Mclntyre foundry
ONLY t8.00,-EACH,-".1,.
Oil Stoves'with oh6' hnd two Wicks,
. Frotri .'.-....;..".'.'.'...'..'.'... 75c tb *1J.9I)
The Old 'Reliable 'Mason. Frulf-ara"
i~ Qal'., 'per 'dozen "...TV. ... $l!25'.'
" rquart, per dozoti"...T...'..'.;''jl.'OO-
■  1 pint, por dozen :.'     .75"
Rubbers ol' Best" duality per' ddzeri,'
10c1 and 156:   * '-
.'"'.;, '.',-4.-:,- ,7.". 7.'..	
Phone 1-8,   First Avenue.
-'-- —-1'   ""       ■■■' "■'-■ ■-
Janitreas. for,Oddfellow/a.Hall,,.Ap-,
plications' 'will be' received up "to
ndori,' Monday, August Sfdi 'Irifdr-
mation-as to-duties-can-be obtained
fromn. . .....   ,	
 ,   ... ,    .JAS...flOURIfAiY,
_.'fcis-- » - - » eiW^iK^oeKfi**
Fp^s and lines-;:
jyat^vhalta ot' toW;'""
The' R»V."Ma't.thc«-"nolitlersori, ' bf
Yorktoil'.1 willTnko both oervicce' at
thc Eresbyiiirlan ..Cluin-h 1 on Sunday.
, Mr. W. AndtTson w^nt up t^o.Nan,-
aiiti'o lust "night'to liiwt' his brotber
whom ho oxpectet1"oA''tho Joan'. '
Mr.'-and-Mrs,'Jas; Dunbar havo got
back from their honeymoon trip.
PARIS, "July 81.-T-8 rioting at
[ Vlghfaux yeeterday ha* prnclpitated
come when he arrived last night at rather a serious situation, owing to
Neoamh, Tiperary, the home ol his the declalon of the government to
grW-atlMr, ,1*ha pififpm'of.'' the ,*r*,*,,;**,,ll»df,„0' »"• b-»">1 '•U;
railroad station was crowded" ,with ***W qf .fcbor'.and piaalbly _( aub-
several thousand people and when f9** ,Ub organl»Uon on t_»,.p|»a
the train drew, pp Uw athletp ,, fas '' ,
greeted by the ,t0«-, olBoK-e. He P9*** .'P ffft B*«f' elf"? «>"* p?*?-
waa then seized by hls admirers and »"*<W.itfHI ,e_l^tor» d,-rbsrat^ly" In-
carried shoulder Mgk.to. hla .carriage ""^ <**' m« to provok*.
(6 an accompaniment ol cheers and
tho discharge of fireworks ..,.
The horsoe were removed from >the ******** b*tor* •*•S, nrei
, blooor
Bind; and' that-the troop* patiently
submitted for hours to Intuit*   and
The eon-
carriage, ■ which waa 'pulled, .triumph- "erVatlv« *"■»*" .»»»«* M dW<"|dlng
antly by "the   crow.l through the «!• ">PP«-*on   of the goneral fed-
stretta to.-.o..r-ld«o..oMh..young -*-*'«'«_*_"«■-' revolution^
___,« -r.-Ai-ti,— orgonlzntlon    which la demoralising
mem a gra-dtather,    , , n__  '4'bp^ "„Vd'fe„W„n£'tt. >o^
Mr. I.i.. Campbell., went dijwn ta
yicforln,. thlB.mprnlng to visit, Mrs.
Campbell,    Who    is  l_ the lidspital
thoM:'" ' - ' ■■       '
•Raw-Mr. McMillan    wos a'phsseri'
ger on,the.Victoria.train this inorn-
•m-.,,  ,    	
"A.' _.'"Hi(bert
was in   town    yes-
Mf... J.' M. Morgan, of Victoria was
In towfl. yesterday und,went., up ,to
Nanalmp this, morning..
Mr. John Ryrin eajfuo down'from
Nimhlhro'this morning.    • •
HENLEY. July.-D-.-Oeanda'    was
successful in   ' only one ol the heats
rowed hero today In the international regatta in connection with-    the
Olympics. „ The victory, was   .when
tha Argonaut*,.beat'the Norwegians
Rowing,Association.qy.« length in
the first heat of the eight oared cora-
petlUoa,. . Scholes ol Toronto.
defeated by Von Osza, *i>Oei__ny,
hy a length and a half In the sin-
Ifc-ik-lls^'"    Vl   •.'•"     ■'"'■•' "■
,.\H tlie afternoon races, Blacks--,
Onlt-J,.Kingdom, McCullooh, United  ,
Klngaomr.rihd ""E*VitMcy,• Hungary, I'"
iffm the]t    resistive h'sfts I'q   W,
sculls ,„.„'...,,",..'" .','!,'„,.,'.','",.'   \l**JiJi*+J*Ji+J*+**l+++P*>+*,'     EyERYTHINn FIHSt C_AS_   |
' Bowler' ol Canada,'    who compsUd Now is th', tl-le t'6 I-jT'ltt f J)_f'	
with'^ Bln«k*taff, tries fouled    some ' .' "','' „,  Iv„;'. tlJ" n_4_L
i>.In..th* second    h.nt of tht olghU VOlir *0(«1 right aW«y„_^.   ,
-sander "beat th* Hungarian'or*- by ' '"'" "" *'"',  '
',1*0 .Ic'njtK*!'" |   '    ' ' '■
^, B. A-NBL-tT
H. 3-ibriiiejf
"■'     imAu-i'i1     -ti..,<..ii
'i  ni Juiinifl   11 /-,it.Mii
. 1 in,-   1   mmTi     , '"Durlngittn'-lght th* elty WM.pli-.
^^^,\__^J.l'7^'u. "I™ w-h"tofl_li«-rry Rlwount."'- nay at tne aoiioisior.i noieic Room ■ n
phreys, chief clerk III the bllreAU of ^i,^ ,, „,,,„,, t»0 "go^lerHmttlt's 0. HeUfllngs land trontme'nts wHUbe Collie Dog,. 15, months .old,,, eull-
Polle* In tu* olty, »nd H«rry B. «<„,» Mi cnlllna- for an exUnslon K|vo"' ""^ 0( ro'<"'<'«'»« glvetf a«'able for rancher. Apply D. (j. Leo-*
,-roml.y, of a well known family of „„, proioBjat^,, *, «„ .trtV,. 't0 '*"* (l<"10 ln *aa*lm0' nBrd' Th"'d Avmm' »«■■»
'' TRANCE' MB1WCM' arid • DIVINS   |
' MAGNETIC HEALER   '•       i
Will b»'lln,'_Kd'ysmlth eVory WodrieB-
dl/y nt'tha'Ablidtsfottl Hotel;'Rdom
0.   Readings and treatments wlllibe
■wtticMftrtii «r Wm-,
' "emctfer l«t_a_»-	
%   MOBRIAN  *%■
 Bowling floor*.- j
'"  l.«i.   .- 1 .Ti   ,1,1..    ,...,,..,  i,„
 !-.  1 .'    . '
•mNNiNa to nuitu
"i-ouiiiry j*aA siii'iir^ 11
Inr, v»limbl« anil PIWIJi
|'-:1 litlitrmnlloii fur H0.1W
1., 1  —t*i,tc—,i    imtn.a
t HTWUf HITTM, msjUITMT, WIW-ll. t.C.


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