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Ladysmith Standard Oct 10, 1908

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We Have Decided:
to clear all our odd pieces   of glass and chinawaro and have filled £
Big Window
with spine rare bargains.
Included are—cups and saucors,   [dates,  sugar  howls,   toti-pota,
toilet tidors, bowls, flower pots, pin trays, porridge bowls (flat,) */
tooth pick holders, cream jugs, mugs,, pickle ..ishos,    Jelly    dishes, V
etc, etc.,To be cleared at J X
IOc. Each
Wo havo four nice China tea sets of VI cups and saucers, 12 i
plates, I large plate, sugar and cream jug. These will bo sold at '
less thun cost.
T|,| 11 HI"! M MINI "W'H"mmW44»W4-W.- : 'fhT
_l4,<Al<» I ^l_l__l_____A»A_S_______—__________
5 Rosee or Royal Houiehold Flour $1.1,1 per sock
6 packages of Foroe ..,,...., , .., „ 35 cents
3 pounds of extra flood Creamery Butter „.: $1.00
_. Other Reduction! to Numerous to Mention.
Clocks, Watches, Pictures, Books,
Razors, Etc., EU.
for White Swan Washing Powder Coupons
Send a Two-Cent Stamp for our Catalogue
B. C. Soa|> Works, iJHSB&iiE
Large Glass Fruit dlahea.
Only 30 oents eaoh
largo Glass Water Jugs,
Only 35 oents each
Glass Tumblera,
Only 45 oents a doz
8 Fleco Clleas Tuble Sette; Butter
Dish; Cream Jug; Spoon Holder,
Sugnr Bowl,
Only 50 cents a set
Now is the time to lay in your
stock of winter fuel. Order
your wood right away.. __>
H. Thornley
+«.%'%«. %*%.«^%<«,<« «-<%.<*«. %,■%.%.-%.%•+
5       KINTSSl
4^ % «%*«M%%«%%%% *%»,£
In our business since coming
to Ladysmith is duo to tho
aotiiiiii'lioii given our customers. Excellency ol quality mil
good valuo for money received.
Thot is our motto.
Our stock ls larger and moro
fully assorted than ever ,-ntl
you nro cordially invited to
Inspect it—get our prices un
watches, rings, gold brooches,
bracelets, Indies and gents
chains, etc, otc.
Watch work a specialty and
all work thoroughly guaranteed.
i P. G. NOOT
"Tho   Jeweler   and   Oetlenn."
PLANVN. Ty sun.
Hnnd   ne  i< ■ir-iiiw. unl
HKf f„i ii  i,i,v,( '„ vliii	
ilfiniy , In 1 ,,'il.lli;.ikli-l
"I'lilt.i iy mil jfilllllMl 11
liillli-f," lull ill Iihoiu* ■
liijt. r,ilu,ili i' hii.l ii/n'lll-
'•■■I 'iili-riumi—i mi Uii.i.0
POLO -BOUNDS, N.Y., Oct. 8.-
At ono o'clock every foot in the
grout anipitheatre ivus to,ken and
liunUreds upon hundreds aro stand
ing* wherever possible throughout the
grounds. Largo numbers brought
their lunches with them. Cheering,
horn blowing and guying those who
are lighting their way through ' the
aisles. Camera nion by the downs
from all ovor the enst are making
photos of tbo crowds.
At one o'clock Doyle, who bas been
laid up for some time, ran into the
Held und was greeted with applause.
The homo team is now warming up.
The weather conditions aro perfect,
bright sunshine. The crowd has
temporarily ceajsod Its outburst and
is studying the practice work of the
New York equad.
1.30 p.m.—The gates to the diamond have boon closed. Tbe Polo
grounds are now practically sealed
ngainit further entrance. Police are
clearing with some difficulty part of
the diamond in front of the grand
stands. They are ualng their clubs
in oome instances,
Pfioster and Kling, battery for
Chicago. Mathewson and Bresna-
hnn for New York.
First Inning— Chicago—Sheokard
struck out. Evers out on fast stop
and throw, Herzog to Tenny. Schultz
fanned and crowd cheered wildly.
Now York— Tenny took his base,
being hit by first bad pitched. Herzog got base on balls. Bresnnhan
struck out and Herzog was caught
oil first base by Chance on Kling'B
throw. Dunlin doubles to right,
scoring Tonney. Soyniour walked.
Chanco took Pfoester out of box and
substituted Mordecui Brown. Devlin
Score—New York 3, Chicago 0.
Second Innings.
Chance singled to right but was
caught napping oil first, Hoffman
protested and was put out cf the
game nnd ordered off the field. Stein-
fuldt funned. Howard batted in tho
place of Hoffman and struck out.
New York—Cormlck filed to Schultz
and   Brldewoll    went out the snme
way.    Mathewson   out.   Tinker    to
Chance a  very fast play.
Score—New York 1, Chicago 0.
Third Inning.
Chicago—Tinker tripled to deep con
tre, Kllng singled to loft, scoring
Tinker. Brown out to Tenney.Lling
I'Olng to second. Evers walked.
Schultn doubled to loft scoring Kllng.
Chance doubled to right, scoring
Evers and Schultz. Stelnfeldt
struck out.
New York—Tonney singled to left.
Herzog fouled out to Kling, Bresna-
han hit to left for a base. Donlin
forced Bresnnhan out at second hy
Tinker iinffssislod, Seymour filed to
Score—New York 1, Chicago 4.
Fourth Inning.
Chicago— Howard out, Herzog   to
Tonney.     Tinker   out Mathewson to
Tonney. Kling Hied to McCotmick.
New York-Devlin     out, SteinfcKlt
lo Chance. MoCormlck filed to Howard.     Bridewell out to Chance.
Scoro—New York 1, Chicago 4,
Fifth Inning.
Chicago— Brown out on throw   to
Tonney by    Bridewell. Seymour got
under Sehokard's    fly.     Evers out,
Mathewson to Tenney.
Nejw York— Mathewson out Stein-
llold to Chanco.     Evers and Chance
put out Tonney.     Horzog filed     to
Soore—New York 1, Chicago 4.
Sixth Inning.
Chicago—Schultz foul filed to Devlin. Chance singled to left, (-might
out stealing second, Hrosnahan to
Herzog. Stelnfoldt singled to left.
Howard fanned.
New York—Bresnahnn   out, Tinker
tn Chance.    Donlin died    to Schek-
ard.     Seymour sent long fly, out to
Scon—New York 1, Chicago 4.
Seventh Inning.
Chicago—Tinker     Hied    to McCormick. Klong fanned.     Brown out to
New York— Devlin singled to left
contro. McCormick hit safely to
right for a base, Bridewell walked,
filling the bases. Doyle butted for
Mathewson. Ho fouled to Kllng.
Tonney filed to Sohultz, and Devlin
scored.       Herzog   out, Tinker    to
Chance.     One run.
Score- New York 2, Chicago 4.
Eighth Innlngi.
Chicago—Wiltz pitching for New
York. Schekard struck out. Evers
doubled to lett. Schultz hit to Tenney, but was safe on the letter's
fumble. ■ Evars going to third.
Chance filed to McCormick und the
lotter threw to Bresnahnn, who nails
Evers nt tho plate.
New York—Bresnnhan out, Brown
to Chance. Donlin (lied to Shock-
nrd.     Seymour (lied out. to EverB.
Score—New York 2, Chicago 4.
Ninth Inning. !
Chicago— Stelnfeldt fanned. Howard popped n .'.ly to Povlin, Tinker
fouled to Tonney. '
New York—Devlin out, Rteinfeldt!
to Chance. McCormick (lied to
fthecknrd. Bridewell out. Tinker to
Final Score-
Chicago    4
Now York  |  2
Editor Ladysmith Standard,—
With your kind permission 1 should
liko to use the col&ims or tlie Standard to ask the Health Inspector, or
those responsible i'or the state of affairs, why a registered parcel, posted in s time for Thursday's mail,
should be hold hore in Ladysmith until today's mail?
Certainly, not on nccount of the
precautions, which we all know is
being taken, and rightly su, at tho
present time, for I was informed by
tho postmaster tin t the mail iu
question was ready >tnd could have
been shipped on WedSesdny; but was
not taken out of the postoffice until
Thursday afternoon: Then to cup
the whole affair, I was shown my
parcel (evidently overlooked) this
morning. Now that little parcel, in
valuo, just means a triilo over a
man's monthly salary, not much, of
course. Yet I think it shameful
that one dependent on the registered mail, should he put to the annoyance, nnd i>erhnp8 even loss, simply through what npjwars gross neglect or mismanagement on the part
of those at the head Gf affairs. I had
always thought it rather a serious
matter to delay H.M.'b mail, but
evidently I am mistaken, for here is
an unnecessary delay of three days,
and    when one     inquires he is told.
'Yes, it is too had."
Thanking you, Mr. Editor, for the
'Be of your paper,
I am yours truly,
Mr. John Bell Returns From a Trip
to  the Charlotte Islands
Mr. John Bell has got back from
a prospecting trip in the Queen
Charlotte Islands extending over
two or three months. He describes
the islands as a terribly tough proposition for prospectors. The country is harder and more difficult to
traverse than here, and there is a
tromenduous rainfall. During tho
whole time he was there ht: tmys he
can almost count on the fingers of
both hands the number of days .1
was fair. The rain makes thc underbrush grow very thickly abd travelling is always hard and difficult.
Still the islands are being vigorously prospected. Largo numbers of
claims nre boing worked, and n constantly Increasing number are being
stuked. Mr. Bell is satisfied that
there is immense mineral wealth in
the islands and a few years will
work a big change in them. lie
brought down some specimens of ore
which he will have assayed. Tie himself is satisfied that he has got
some good properties,
The big steamer Den of Huthven is
now at Chemainus loading 8,-60O,O00
fett of lumber for the antipodes.
When the big freighter sails she will
take the largest cargo ever curried
from British Columbia. Besides the
lumber she carries 1,000 tons of general cargo of which 750 tons consist
of apples from Wenatohle, Washington. The remainder of the cargo is
made up of lead, sewing machines,
salmon and Canadian Manufactured
articles. The lien of Huthven is ono
of the most modorn and up-to-date
freighters in the world, her design
and equipment making her a splendid
boat for the run to the antipodes.
Captain Singer is in command.
Tho tug Kildonan arrived Friday
morning with a scow load of ore for
the Tyre Smelter. The oro is from
the Brit inntut mine.
The City of Pueblo cleared with a
load of coal for the north; the Selkirk with a cargo of matte for Tacoma; and the Thor with a cargo of
conl for San Francisco.
Tho undermentioned boats loaded
coal at Ladysmith-—Stetson, Kil-
doran, Bermuda)., Maud, Shamrock,
Otta, Tyee, lleutrice, MMm. Scow,
Selkirk, Robert Dunsmuir, Hustler,
C. P. S. Quadra, Dunsmuir Scow,
'Sprey, Queen, Burrard, Eva. Kildon-
Eethic, Princess Beatrice.
The management of tho Ladysmith
Club are sparing no pains to got
their team in shape, and to be in
trim, urge the players to practice.
Instead of the city league games
thoy have decided on a practice
match ami tho best twenty-two play-
|ors in tho city will take part. The
A. team nre requested to turn out
in whilo shirts and the B. Team in
dark blue. Tho new Winnipeg men
are here and will turn out with tho
locals and should prove a tower of
Strength to the Ladysmith team. No
admission will lie charged and the
game is called for 2.80 p.m. sharp.
Mr. Andy TIailstones will handle
the whistle. The following will comprise the teams:
Goal—A. T.   Hartley.
Backs—Christian  and  Struthers.
Halves— Wynne, fitrnng.   Grainger,
Forwards—McMillan. Graham   Sanderson, Warburton,  Provins.
It.   TEAM.
Backs—Hewlett   anil Morrison.
Halves—Simpson,  Belles, Main,
Forwards   — A.   Wright.  McGuire.
Cosier. Brass nnd  A.  Simpson.
London, Eng., Oct. 0.—Thc
Suffragists have issued an appeal to tho public to help thom
rush the House of Commons
when It meets on Oct. IH. The
loader of the suffragists, Mr».
Drummond, says that thoy ask
tho aid of 50,000 persons in
storming the houso.
Benefits paid    by  A  &1B
month ending Sept. tiuth,
In the third game of the Pacific
Coast Football League series, Seattle meets Nunaimo on the cricket
grounds on Sunday at 2.HO p.m.
This is the first season that any
American team has entered British
Columbia Tor championship fontlmW,
and from all accounts nee bring over
a good strong eleven. Mr. Andy
(lnil_fones. or this city, will referee
the unme and Andy can be relied on
to give general satisfaction,
The folio winy will  represent
Gonl— Rogers.
Backs— Graham and Hewitt.
Halves — Farmer.   McEwan,
Forwards — I,ocke,    Crulckshanks
Linesman—F. McCall.
A. Borsch, $16.00.
a. Wilson, $14.00.
M. SlmpSOn, ?8<J.D0.
'_.   Strang, $5.00.
II.  Alton, $30.00
Gus. Berry, $5.00.
Geo. Williams, $.0.60.
Ii. Boll, $11.00.
0. Woobnnk, $14.00.
W. Bourne, $'•3.00.
Joe Seliil, $11.00.
Jas. iDeeming, $1-1.00.
AI. Woofluurn, $11.00.
J.  Allsop,  $0.00.
C. Watson, $8.00.
Joe (Jralia, $'20.00.
Death Cluim, F. iW. Groaves, $800,
A. C. Frost, (Dr.) $18.25, 1 dozen
pair crutches.
Wm. Russell, $5.00.
Jas.  Glenn, $5.Oft.
li.   I'lidinnli,   $-1.00.
Ludysmith Standard $10.50, print
ing forms,
The news that the Rev. li. A.
Heath is leaving town will be received with regret by a large number of people outside the eongregar
tion oi St. John's .Mission church.
'lhe lie- . Mr. Heath has not been
very lung in the town, but he haa
been here long enough to -win the
iespfict and esteem uf all th6se with
whuia he lias come in eontuct. He
has worked zealously for the church
and generally lias met witli the full
und complete approbation of all his
parishioners in all he did or attempt
niortuiiiitel.v he lias been to some
extent hampered in the full discharge
of liis duties by the indifferent health
I iMre. Heath. Mrs. Heath has never been well since taking up residence in the town, and at time*   ha*
een very seriously ill. It is to try
the effect of a change of climate
that the Bev. Mr. Heath has resigti-
the vicarage of St. John's church.
He has received an appointment at
Honolulu where the doctors think
lhe cliniate will suit Mrs. Heath.
The Vicar will not be leaving for
about a month yet, so that there
is lots of time for the goodbye.   Mr.
nd Mrs. Heath will assuredly leave
with the best wishes of all the town
who have known them.
Canndinn ami English Long Distance
Runners Are Matched.
Boston, Oct. 8.—Alfred Shrubh,
professional long distance champion
oi tho world, and Tom Longboat,
the Canadian Indian, have been
matched for a ten-mile race for the
professional championship of the
Thc race will be run on Oct. 27, at
Madison Square Garden, New York.
nnd will lie for a side bet of $1,500
and a percentage of tho gate receipts.
*   »   O   *   tt
This is according to a United Sta-.
es despatch, It is surprising to
lenrn thnt Longboat is now turning
LONDON, Oet. 7.—Tbo second and
culminating step iu tlie Austro-Bul
gaiiau programme for aggrazimeut
of themselves at the expense of sta ted
established by the treaty of lierlin,
was consummated lost night     when
Emperor    Francis     Joseph formally   	
proclaimed  the practical  annexation UUOMWELL SWOUD AT AUCTION,
ef Bosnia and Herzegovina to     the 	
Toronto, Oct. 0—H. J. Harrington
a young man irom Malvern, Jumped
irom _ moving elctrlc ear last night
and fractured his skull. Ills condition is serious..
SAHAVEYO, Bosnia, Oct. 7.—Ths
imperial proclamation setting forth
the annexation ol Bosnig and Herzegovina to Austro-Hung—ry, was posted this murning throughout the occupied provinces, While the an
nouncement haa heen given a mixed
reception, up to the present tho Ser-
vian malcontents are quiet. The sol
diers aro confined to their barracks
in readiness to quell any possible
Constantinople, Oct. 7.—The council of ministers has decided to protest against the annexation of tho
provinces of Bosnia and Herxogovi-
na by Austria-Hungary. Protest
will be mnde through the Austrian
ambassador. In an interview here
ooday, Tewllk Pasha, president of
tlie council of state, of minister of
foreign alfnirs. declared that the government hnd posted a notice to tho
signatories of the treaty. Tlie minister said that Great Britain, Russia nnd Franco disapproved of the
conduct of Bulgaria. In reply to
a question he snid thnt Turkey desired peace In the interest of International reform and counselled calm
nnd moderation,
Just ns Winning Hit Was Mado infant Comes Into tlio World.
CHICAGO, Oot. B.-The youngest
baseball fnn on rocord attended the
closing gumo ol the season between
the Cubs and Pittsburg last Sunday.
He was born In tho grand stand at
crucial moment of the game nnd
his (nlnt yell Joined that of other
thousands ns Pitcher Nordecal mnde
tho lilt that brought In the winning
rim for Chicago.
The mother and the child were taken from the grand stand during the
announcement of the gnmc nnd today tho Chicago club Is seeking the
infant for a   mascot.
dual monarchy.     Tho present situation is as follows:
Turkey calls upon the powers    to
preserve to her     whut they guaranteed by that treaty.     Austria
Bulgaria strongly declare their
NEW YORK,     Oct.    C—John   D.
Rockefeller does not care to pose as
a   collector of uuli ,uev     At   least,
this is the conclusion arrived at   by
and  the customs authorities at this port,
du- who today put up for sole among a
termination to keep what thoy have varied assortment of other articles,
taken. Servla is protesting belllg- a sword suid to have been worn by
orently against being hemmed in Oliver Cromwell and which the Stym
more strongly, between two unpopti- ll"r(l °'l magnate could have had by
lar neighbors, and ngninst haying l,aJing the duty on tho weapon,
the Servians In Bosnia absorbed Inlo Some months ago the sword was
the AuBtro-lIungurnn nationality, consigned lo -Mr. HocUefeUsr by an
The other powers concerned in ths English woman, on admirer of Mr.
treaty are discussing tlie holding o! Uockeieller. ln a short note »t-
nn international conference, a moro tached to tho sword the sender said
preliminary of which the present is the relic was vouched foe as naving
one of the delicate problems. Tui- belonged to the great Commoner,
key's unexpectedly restrained policy and that only pecuniary reasons In"
minimises all possibilities ol 'hienced her in disposing of an _»ir-
r which is now considered out ol luo"* °t such priceless worth. Whsn
Hie question, the sword reached the customs houso
Tho English press praise Turkey's Rockefeller was comiuuuicated with,
moderation and denounce Austria. ' but ne rc'"scd either to accept the
The Standard, in typical utterance sw,.rd or pay the accruing duties and
says todny:
VANCOUVER, Oet. 5-Burglars,
this morning broke into tht post
oflles at Ladner, twenty miles from
Vnneouvir, scared away the youthful employes and stols 1230 ln cash
trom tht sate, Ths police suppose
th* robbers    (soaped to th* United
Public Notice.
I have been requested by the City Medical Officer of
Healt.li, Dr. Frost, to forbid all public gatherings of
any kind, such as Public Meetings, Church Services,
Dances, etc., for the space of two weeks. For the
sam. period parents are requested to keep their
children in their own lots
Ladysmith, Ootober 7th, 1008.
•Paris, Oct. 8.—A despatch to tho
Tomps says that King Ferdinand hns
summoned the commander In chief of
tho Biilgrlnn army in conference. Tho
Bulgnrlnn Government considers that
tho last communication rorslvcd front
tho Grand Vizier of Turkey is "inso-
lont". The situation Is vory strnlnod,
tho correspondent snys, and great
excitement prevails in Sofln.
'We nre sorry for the aged emper-
Wo regret that so lnte In his
long and honorable career, he has
chosen to sully his name with n deed
which will go tlown in history alongside of the partition of Poland."
Cnnon Islnnd ol Crete. Oct.
I).—The members of the new
government took tho oath of
loyalty to Greece yesterday, ns
did also tlie ofiioinls of the
gendarmes nnd the militia, The
consular body protested against
tho deolnrntion of union but
will continue itself and submit
the matter to the four protection powers. Great Britain,
Russia, France nnd Italy.
Toronto, (Int.. Oct. 8.—Albert Joseph Love, relief letter carrier wns
arrested nt his homo Inst night on
the charge of robbing the malls.
ns a consequence, the weapon wus
oflered for sale at public auction today, together witli other unclaimed
CALGARY, Oot. (1- Daniel McGil-
licuddy, editor of the Daily Nows,
was arrested yesterday on a charge
of criminal lil,el laid by Mr. R. C.
Edwards, editor of tho Eys-Oponer.
Yesterday tho Daily News pubMshod
a letter si.no I "Nemesis" painting
Edwurds in colors not to he envied.
Ho wns described as an immoral
creature of tlio worst type undor the
caption "The real reputation of a
man very busily blackening characters" Mr. Edward*, however, could
not take his ow-n medicine.
Vancouver, II. C, Oct. 9.—Judge
Lnmpnran todny refused reserved
ease in the Wulkent tclal and sentenced Wnlkeni to nlno months imprisonment. No iipponl will probably
lie taken.
Insiiector Drew, of Scotland Yard,
hns retired after nearly 27 year* of
A man named Brookley haa dlsnp-
patted whll* *n rout* from Plymouth
te Sa-tiunptM.
VALLETA, Island of Malta, Oct. 9,-Sevoral of the Urltl*h
warships here have been Instructed to sail under sealed orders. The
destination is believed to be the Turkish Island of Lemnos. Tho fleet
Includes tho bnttlcships Gloria and tho Prlnc* ot Wales, and the
cruisers Dlxnu ond I.minister. Lemnos is nn Island of tho Grecian
archipelago, about fifty miles wost of the entrance to the Dardanelles, It, belongs  lo  Turkey.  The populntion ls Greek.
London, Oct. 9— The foreign olllce and the admiralty have confirmed the press cablegram from Mnlta saying that the British wnr
ships havs been ordered to Agenn. It Is explained thnt these vessels
nre sent outside to watch events, but it is understood from other
sources thnt Turkey intimated sho would welcome the appearance
of th* British flest as likely to calm the population. «■   ruu ivoquire Any
Or if You Require Any
Or If You Want to Buy a HOUSE,
or Sell Ons;   or If You   Want
Hetarjr Public, Conveyancer.
Ralph can certeanly Jo that,, and the
Herald can soar over all' questions
of fact as easily as any journal WS
ever knew. Still there is not much
to be gained of falsifying a report of
a meeting which hundreds have attended, and it would be better for
polities if a newspaper stuck to tho
fucts and aimed strictly ut ue-
its news.     It would    be
cpo.% dipi. j, Oask-alta
The great topit of conversation  in amicably   arranged.     Neither    Von-    Blaokheath,,which of late years has
local sparting circles these Inst fen-  couver nor    Victoria was asked    to lost     some of Its old-time prestige,
curacy iu 	
ttetter for    the   press and infinitely
better for     the self respect of     the L8aIS'ue
men employed in it,
days has been the action of the Vic
toria District
Association Football
i cancelling all Sunday
gumes. .This decision is tantamount to the w thdrawal of Victoria
from the Pacific Coast League. The
onus, of course, has been placed upon the oillciais of the now league,
who are faced with the two alterna-
MONTUBAL,    Oct. 7- The    most
noteworthy statement    during     this tives, either of giving Victoria other
mornings proceedings oi tne inquiry  j^gg
Ladysmith   Standard
Published ou Wednesday* auu _«tur-
dsj's Afternoons by ths
Robt. It.  Hindmarch,
One Vear  Jl.SO
ia,.,  J1..11LI.S       78
Advertising Kates on Application.
It was evident to all those     who
reud tho Herald report    of Smith's
meeting in    Nanaimo    that tho proceedings had not been quite so harmonious nor so   successful as    they
might    huve been.       Whenever     tlie
Herald waxes emphatic it is time for
the reader to call a  halt, and     its
best ellurts to assume a  cheerful air
of conlidence ore blank failures, and
only serve to disclose tlie doubts and
lours laying like ice on tho heurts of
the Lil/oruls lor whom it writes. According to  the Herald,  there     were
quite lour hundred of Smith's    supporters present at the meeting,   and
the gathering was    a  personal   triumph for Ralph und augured success
for the party,     'iho Times is    evon
more careless of its hundreds.     The
Athletic Hull, it suited, seated     1,
SOU people, and   the    hall wus full,
Tho Freo    Press states that     there
Would' be about UUU persons present,
and in   these    must be counted    a
strong followiug of Socialists, while
there were also    somo Conservatives
in attendance.     Which Ib right? The
Tjuus is clearly out of it altogether,
and the    Herald is obviously giving
expression to what it wishes
facts rather than to    whut actually
were facts.
Take the meeting that was held
Ladysmith. The Herald described
it as the most enthusiastic meeting
ever held in our city, und the inference wus that it was solid for Mr.
Smith, lt was nothing of the sort,
it was Smith's meeting and naturally there wo* a full turn out of
hi* forces. A few Conservatives
strayed in, more out of curiosity
than any tiling else, and the Socialists looked in to see the fun. Yet
it is extremely doubtful ii a vote of
conlidence in Smith would have car
ried. We do not think it would,
and we are confirmed ia this opinion
by the fuct that our Liberul friends
did not ask for it. There is n(
surer test of a meeting and n<
greater advertisement of a candi
date.     A voto of this kind
into the affairs of the marine department by Judge Cassels was made by
a Sorel grocer, named Lemoine to
the effect that goods he had sold to
the department included coal oil' for
tbe dredger Shamrock. He obtained the oil from the Imperial Oil Co.
and when asked why ths company
did not deal with the company direct witness wus unable to state reason. He had received orders from
the department amounting to about
three thousand dollars in all, and
his profits he estimated at about 20
per cent.
Oliver Dupuis, a wood merchant,
of Sorel, soid wood to the department on which profits amounted to
between twelve and twenty per cent.
Jean Baptiste Aussant, a farmer,
had sold wood to the department, a-
in'ountlng in all to about twelve thou
sand dollars. The wood was sold
not by tender, but ut a fixed price.
He denied having puid commission to
any one.
 — — is worth
columns of irresponsible twuddle, of
crooked report*, and labored editorials. There is uo necessity to
imagine vain things, to fake the number of supporters present, or to create fond delusive hopes, once u vote
of confidence has been put to a meeting and carried. Had thi* plan been
followed in Nanaimo there would never have been any discrepancies
the local press. Tbo trutli
to bo that the meeting in the
of the Athletic Club
with thnt held in the opera house
here the preceding night. It
hnvo keen a little
but tho truth
wna on all fours
more for Ralph,
MAV'LA, Oct. fl.^Hestored communication with the northern part
of tho island of Luzon discloses tho
fact that the typhoon which raged
ln the harbor last Sunday, extended
over a very wide area, and
did considerable damage. The artillery barracks at Stottsenburg are
destroyed and the troops are now
camping in tents. Ths cavalry barrack* were also badly damaged and
the total loss at the post is estimated at $3(1,000.
The schooners Lucia and Soledad
were wrecked off the coast of Miudor
during tho storm of Sspt. 27, and
all the passenytrs and crew of the
Soledad but ono were drowned. Cap
tain J. C. lU'iiischi-in and nine members of th* crew of the Lucia were
nlso drowned.
ELIZABETH, N.J., Oct. 6.—Alter
suffering with convulsions at intervals for two weeks, Mrs. Harvey
Day, ot this city, died of hydrophobia today. Her husband*, a woman
neighbor and a mail carrier, who
were bitten by the dog which caused
Mrs. Day's death, are being carefully
watched by physicians, fearful of the
developments of hydrophobia symptoms. Mr. and Mrs. Day snd two
others were bitten by Mrs. Day's pet
dog in August last. The first indications of the dog's madness was
its attack on a mail carrier who
entered the yard of the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Day to deliver the mail.
A scientific analysis of the dog's
bruin gave evidence of hydrophobia,
and all the victims received the usual treatment for prevention of inoculation.
Hartford, Conn., Oct. 8.—Tho climax was reached today in tho throe
days' program of festivities hold in
celebration of tho completion of tho
handsome new bridge ncross tho Connecticut rlvor hero. This morning tho
last stono of the bridge was laid
with imposing coromony hy the Con
nectlcut Orand Lodge of Frco Masons. Ten thousand members of the
craft took part in the exercises.
This nfternoon there wns a monster military parade, Including the
entire brigade of the Connecticut
National Guard, a large detachment
regular, troops. the picturesque
Governor's Foot Guard and severnl
of the famous mllltnry organizations
of New England. Tho parade hnltod
nt the brldgo while a tablet commemorating the completion of the
structure was unveiled.
The Hartford Bridge as tho new
structure is called
of seeing the Capital City
players drop out of the competition.
Tho    resolution   'adopted     at the
meeting of tho    Victoria Association
re ids as follows:
"This association will take no
part in Sunday games, and if
the executive of the Pacilic
Coast League will not accede to
the request already made by the
Victoria Association, all such
matches, in which tho local team
is scheduled to participate, will
be forfeited."
This moans that Victoria will only
play their home games, and it is
hardly likely that either Nanaimo or
Seattle will go to tho expense of
trip to Victoria without thero is
return game in sight. The League
executive must therefore bow to tho
dictation of Victoria, or see that; city}]
drop out of the league.
It is a great pity for football
the coast that such a situation
should have arisen. Also it must
lie said that it is rather inexplicable
that it should have arisen at this
particular time. First of all let mo
make myself perfectly clear. I am
not so very much concerned in Sunduy footbull myself. 1 tun myself
an obscure member of a profession
which more or less works seven days
of the week. Even the Colonist,
which so heartily commends the action uf the Victoria footballers, is
printed on a Sunday und sold on a
Sunday at overy depot between here
and Victoria, This procedure is no
more liked by the reverend gentlemen of Victoria and of the Island,
thnn Sunday games, but tlio Colonist, on this question affecting its
own business und revenue, vigorously differs from nnd defies tho dogmas
of the divines.
I belie.e also that the whole quVs-
suiotliered up in a  lot of
play a home game on a Sunday, in chiefly because it could never depend
deference to the sentiment alleged to un keeping the sumo side together
prevail in these cities. The dele- for two consecutive mutches, looM
gates from each city wero tolerably as if this season they will be strong
sure that the arrangement arrived at cr than uny timo this decade. On tin
would be satisfactory, and Vnncou- oyherhujul, Richmond have
ver at least has since made no trouble.
Then came the protest of the Victoria Association on the very day
that the League opened* and now
we have their ultimatum. Meantime the local boys have made a
trip to Victurla at considerable expense. Victoria was given u home ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
date at the requost of its delegates ■ft them out iuto tlio hold.
in order to help tlie club along. Now I —"*	
tho local boys cannot havo a roturn Although the Southern league
match unless a date other than tbut no doubt wcukenod by tho loss
lixed in the schedule is.given to Vic-'such redoubtable clubs as Chelsea
toria. It is hardly likely thnt at and Tottenham, tho organization
this hour the League Executive will entering upon a new lease of life,
revise its schedulo. Victoria is an tlie uinnugement having at lust come
old football centre, hut it is in no to realize the importance of modern,
position lo diitito conditions, nnd,'up-to dato methods. Southampton
regrettuMo as it. may bo, tbero np- ' have boon keeping up their winning
thorite, oi Victoria wcro materially jforni, and it looks as if they    moan
to koop at the top.     Tliey were one
plorabfly weak lino-up and others oi
tlie London clubs aro far from strong
so it looks as if the BlacUheuth combination would be about tlie best
side the metropolis could put forward. London hospital may provf-
an exception while the Scottish have
somo good material if tliey can keop
their men together once Ihey     have
.  . takes rank ns tho
finest, of ils kind In tho world,     lt
is that in both places  Is  111)2;  B  feet long.  82 feet wido,
it wus altogether too risky to chanco 'ttno"i Is composed     of nine     arches,
a  vote.     For, If a  vote of cojnfid-'*vi,,h  a maximum span of 119 loot
«        and n maximum clear holght of arch
ence is the very best    guarantee    a 0f 45 feot. Its foundations    are   ol
candidate can got, so, conversely, nn concrete and  tno arches  nnd  struc-
odverse vote Is tho most disastrous,' ,tur0 *bm0 ?ro ?f Kr»nitn- The •>r_l8*>
,, . ..... a,      Improvement which hns Inken three
ns    well as    the   most humiliating yeare t0 compiote, includes an    ox-
thing thnt can happen to him.     01 tonslvo boulevard nt either ond
course   it Is pnrt    of the game    for  has cost 18,000,000.
each party to nurse a  cheerful   op-1 ^0^
tlmlsm.       We rather like the    "»»•>
cant, nnd under present conditions,
if thero is nny logic in argument nnd
consistency in conduct, the term
"Sunduy desemtion" is. hypocrisy
carried to absurdity. The point is
that there Is some public sentiment
against Sunday amusements, but as
tb its extent und intensity I, for
one, refuse to accept as at all accurate the statements of somo of
our preachers. I am not in a position, and it would be foolish of me
to attempt, to carry thc argument
Into the ministerial camp. I merely content myself with the statement
that I am as honest and as sincere
in my views us my reason enn make
1110, ami I have, at least, the elementary right to express them and
act on them so long as by so doing
I do not encroach upon the rights
and privileges of others.
The trouble is thut from some of
the more rigid of the Sabbatarians
you can never get this concession.
Vou can express all the respect you
are capable of for their scruples and
beliefs, but nothing short of absolute acceptance will satisfy them. 1
cememher in Newcnstlo-un-Tyne, England, an attempt being made by the
Lord's Day Alliance to prohibit Sunday evening lectures by means of un
obsolete and forgotten statute. The
lectures wcro given by somo of the
beet known literary and scientific authorities of the day; writers, such as
Dr. Conun Doyle, journalists such as
T. P. O'Connor, actresses, such as
Mrs. Kendal, and scientists as em n-
ent as Dr, Robert Bull. Tlie statute invoked by the Alliance wns ono
passed by—whom do you think— by
King James II., tho most conscience
who ena assume a Jaunty confidence
I Niagara Falls, Oct. 6.—About 7
o'clock thia morning, a woman
about six foot tall wearing a black
hat, long block coat, black shoes
' and spectacles nnd sallow complexion, appeared In tho rosorvatlon hore
acting strangely and trlod to cross
ovor the bridge to Gont Island but
was stopped by a policoman who Informed hor that the Islam! wns not
open to visitors until 8 o'clock. Shs
continued to wander about still act-
RHIifl.t'rlfl Mirl Pnnl    Hi in" strangely. Sho was asked by tho
DJ111-. U0 ana rOOl   -JR Superintendent of tho Pork    Pollce
Besfc Liquors and Cigars
to what sho wanted, he dieted
nothing from her except that sho
was from Saginaw, Mich. About 8
o'clock sho walked toward Prospect
Point. Tho officers started after hor
but before thoy roached hor sho pass
ed under tha railing and leaped from
tho bank Into the American fnlls and._.	
nothing mors wa* seen of her. This ™w was "o outcry
Is ths 19th suicide linos July 1
loss and dissolute of all our English
kings. ^^^
All the same, it would scarcely he
tho part t>f a true sportsman to
condemn a good cause iiecaiise of
tho excesses or hypocrisies of its
advocates. As society exists today
we are governed by the rule of tho
majority, and if the churches, departing from tlie precept and practice uf thsir founder, chose to invoke the aid of the law ruther than
rely upon th* moral appeal of tbe
Christian message, then wo must all
abide by tho result. Again, then*
is somothlng owing to the sentiment
nnd opinions, even of a minority. Of
course if the minority happen* to
have tho taint of heterodoxy it cannot possibly oxpect very much consideration
vallablo thin for it to drop out of
pears to bo no other alternative a-
the competition.
It would seem that the foothnll.au-
helpcd ,11 their decision by a muni Or
of letters from denominntlonnl ministers of the city. All the writers
are apparently good sports, and are
most pronounced in thoir commendation of tlie nttitudo assumed by the
association. All the same, a little
consistency is a good thing. I have
Boen in Victoria on a Sunday. 1
have seen basoball players returning
from a practice on Sunday morning.
I have come up in the train on a
Sundny niornliigi when there was
hardly an available seat owing to
the number of hunters and llshernion
-board. Clearly the slaughter of
God's creatures Is a much more innocent and holy occupation thnn tho
playing of a  gamo of football.
Again, I liuve noticed quite a few
motor ears on the roads, not to
apeak of cycles, and horsemen. Boats
also hnvo 1 seen on the Gorge, and
picnic parties going out in all directions. ' What then has animated this
united protest against a game of
football? Your rich man can S'rcnd
the Sundny in any fashion lie likes,
without a word of protest, so long
11s he drops into the hat or coi lection plate. Has ever a man of
thom luul anything to say about tho
conditions which havo made,Sunday
games a necessity'.' Not ono, fur
the reason, perhaps, that to do so
would imperil lho revenue of tho
church. Even President Locksley.
who apparently voted lor the resolution, rofereod
I must say I am sorry for tlio
Victoria players. The game has
nevor been patronized down there for
the simple rci son that no one can
get to the gamo on a Saturday,
Where have beon the men who nro
out with the glad hand on the Sun»J
day question? Preparing their Sunday sermons. Somo men, it seems,
must work, six days of the week, and
on thc seventh do ns thoy are told
by others who only work ono. It is
a happy state of affairs, and if tho
Victorians nre satisfied so nm I. But
I certainly regret that trip we made
oven If we did annex tlie points,
of tho ilrst of tho southern clubs to
take to professional association football' as it wus boing played in the
north, and thoy mado their murk us
runnsrs up for the cup at a time
when football talent wus supposed
to be confined to the midlands nnd
northern counties. lAppivi-ently
Swindon Town is going to give thom
most trouble in the league series.
Sunday game
There is a general feeling ubroad
that the second division of the league
has reached a degree of effectiveness
in point of numbers and skill, it
could novel' before boast of. Judged
by the constitution of tlie teams, the
fact of tlie cup holders figuring a-
mong them, nnd the wider zone of
tho second division's operations,
there would seom to be justification
lor holding such views. Birmingham, who were rclegati-d to this division at tho close of lust season,
have been playing w inderful football,
find their four straight wins at tho
opening of the season constituted a
remarkable porforniiinco, while there
is good prospects that this winning
streak will be woll maintained.
How a Sask-alta
earns its money.
By indicating when oven iB ready for
baking. By cutting out the "peeping"
into oven. By showing on its face what
is going on in the ^ oven. By eaving
"door-opening" heat. By substituting
certainty for chance
in baking results.
"Sask-alta" range
thermometer was
tested for six months
before one range was
sold. "Sask-alta"
thermometer is to
the housewife what
the compass is to the
  sk*P captain.
London Teronto, Montreal.Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, Hamilton, Calgary
Ladysmith Hardware Co.
Excellent Boarding
Tho controversy on the salary ques
tiun has culled lurth this protest
irom a writer in the Illustrated
Sporting and Dramatic:
Thoro can be littio doubt that   tho, .        .... „, ,
,au, ,    ■      ,.,,,,,,   (Will ho in Liulysmith every Wcdnes
wealthier professional  football  clubB|"
Messrs. I). Dougnn, W. McGuire
and Brass arrivod hero at noon on
Thursday to take up his resldonco In
this city. These mon will be soon on
tlio Lndysmith Tonm and have just
resigned from the Winnipeg Celtics,
1807 Champions of Manitoba. Urass
mill Mcdulre nre forwards anil hnve
a good reputation. Doiigan is u goal
keeper of the first water ami from
Winnipeg reports has played somo
marvelous gamos. lie nml Hartley
are all Hint could be desired In tho
goal keeping line. All these nro Old
Country lads.
The Rabbits, as the visiting Australian rugby team is nicknamed,
have started by carrying everything
hefore thein, and it looks os if thoy
wer* going to ropeat the startling
pwfuriuiincoa of tho New Zealandors
» year or two buck, who, by making a spectacle of the best England
had to oiler, suggested in the first
place that "rugger" had greatly deteriorated since tho association game
captured th* public, while demonstrating thot no brilliant individual
work could stand-before the team'
play and clockwork combination of
tho Antipodean*. Whero these tactics were closely followed, as In
South Wales, similar results wero
achieved, and now homo lovers ol
the great game    nre to get another
However, if Sunday foot,
holl is going to lead to any inilam-l
motion ot convulsion of public opln-1 **r-» 'c»son.
ion it Imd better be dropped. I 4
Stlii we or* getting too far away     l*"* appears, howevor
from Victoria.     The Pacific
[J^aguo wns Inaugurated along
wards the end of    July,
, _.   _______^____ Rood ron-
Coast "°n *o suppose that England    will
l^'\?""on    P'ovido one ten_ cap(l.
The local j bio °' ■tainting up against tho best
and provincial press all reported tho «°«»°fi1ftUon °' w»'<» or the New
formation of the league, gave In **~*t***<&», 'or if Oxford realises ox-
wholo or In part Its constitution, stations, it wlll provo one of tho
and published the echedtile of game*. VOT-' '•ren,*rt >latk ,llue s,<"" ln I"*-
""" Th* question tlcuiar    and university ndes In gro
wn* discussed at   th* meoting    and eral.
aro determined     to bo harussoil     nu
longer    in regard to their liimncinl
arrangements.       Briefly, they     are
willing to hnvo tho wage limit    retained so long as they will be given
freedom to pay bonuses.     Thoy ure
prepared to call a   shovel  a  spado.
If they obtain the desired concession
(and that they wiil get it seems certain,     becuusc they are determine,!
and leugiue determination rules     the
football   association) they will,     of
course simply     pay in bonuses what
they    would otherwise glvo in salaries, so     thut they will have gained
their point.     Tile giving of bonuses
is unquestionably the Inst word     in
the    degradation of    football.      It
means thut    men must,  in addition
to being puid for playing, bo ollorod
something extra as an inducement to
try and    win.     Better    a  thousand
times, ono would imagine, thnt clubs
should    simply     bo allowed to pay
what thoy liko in salaries; but     the
poorer    clubs want tho wage limit,
nnd as mon, presumably will not try
unless they get what thoy regard ns
sullicient monoy, tho only solution is
tho offering of bribes.    To what tho
system   will lend Is patent.      Thoro
'a already enough foulness in professional    football; but it will increase
ton-fold    If a   win     means nn extra
sovereign. |
The football association is drifting
in a truly melancholy direction, and
the unfortunate thing is that it cannot help itself. Its council must
realize to tho full that this altering
of gold to a man in the hope that
it will inuUo him honest in his endeavor, is wholly foreign to tho nature of sport; is, indeed, a grass
and uncouth insult to the vory nnmo
01 a gamo. It ls hard ta believe
that professional footballers. are
such thut they must be bribed boforo they will try; certainly very
many of thom are admiral,lo sports
men. One ennnut hoi*) thinking th„t
the football association ought to
take such stops in Its legislation as
will lend to tho abolition 0' tbo limitation of Salaries. It will bo wiser
to cto thnt than to sanction tho giving of bonuses, Tho former is plain
ordinary professionalism, at which
no  right-minded     person complains;
S      i''- C H-HE'R
g      [Teacher of Music]
8 Studio in Williams'Block]
day ut lho Abbotsford Hotel, Hoom
6.    Headings anil treatments wi
given.      Best of references given ns
to work dono In Nnuaimo.
j. cn. moRGAtf
Teachor ol Voice Production and
Engagements may bo loft at tho
Standard Olllce.
RICHFOIU), Va., Oct. 8.—The
ruins uf thu grain elevator, which
exploded yesterday, causing the death
uf more than a dozen employees,
were burning too fiercely to permit
a sturt to be made in the searcli for
tho bodies af tho victims, tint a careful canvass among those who escaped indicated that tho death list had
been increased to fourteen, as Elmer
nruzer, a foreman, could not be
Early today the residence of E. II.
Price, close to the ruins, caught lire,
ond was destroyed, bringing tho to-
tul lass of the elevator lire up to
about 8423,000. Tho walls of the
elevator did not fall last night, but
the morning breeze shook the charred timbers nnd just boforo daylight
thoy tumbled ovor with a thundor-
Ing crush, nnd onco niuro the ruins
wore aflnnio. No ono was injuroil,
however, nnd nil tlint could f:o done
was to awnit until tho flro burned
Itself out.
Wrecking crows arrived during 'tho
day to clo,ir tho trucks adjoin ng the
scene, but little progross could be
made becauso of tho continued burning of tho grain.
Sealed tendors, superscribed "Ten-
dor far School house," will bo received by tho Hon. tho Chiof Commissioner up to noon on Tuesday,
thu 19th Octobor, 1008, Ior. the erection und completion or a/. largo,one-
room frame school-houso v at Courtenay, Comox Electoral District.
Plans, specifications,' contract and
forms of lender mny bo scon on and
nftor the nth day of October, 1908,
at the offices of tfiio Government
Agent, Cumberland, of H. Carter,
Esq., Socretary of tho School Board,
Courtenay, and a ttho Lands and
Works Department, Victoria, B. C.
Ench proposal must bo accompanied by an -accepted bank chequo ar
certificate of deposit on a chartered bank af Canada, made payable
to tho Honourable the Chiof Commissioner for a sum equivalent to
ten por cent, of the amount of tho
tender, which shall bo forfeited il
the party tendering decline to enter
Into contract when called upon to
do so, or if ho fall to complete the
work contracted for. The cheque or
certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to
thom upon tho execution of tbe contract,
Tendors will not bo considered unless mndo out on tho forms supplied
signed with the actual signature of
tho tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest of any tender not necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Lands nnd Works Dopnrtment,
Victoria,  II.  C., 2rd October, 1908.
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 7.— Federal investigation Into the loss of
tho bark Star of Bengal with ill
lives an Coronation Island, Sept, 20
bus resulted In the filing of direct
charges of responsibility against
Captain    Patrick Hamilton of    tho
Hnmillon, Oct. 9—J. K. I*tlrldgOj
11 Stonoy Crook conl mcrchnnt. died'
In gront agony this morning caused
by Injuries to the thumb while ho
wns alighting from a street enr last
tugi Kayak, and Captain N. Fnrrar,
but tho othor business is the "lowest I "f ^ H"Uio ang0' Cal,t' Nicho1;
depth to which tho trading Instinct I £ W"s''or' ,"nstc"' of tho Stm' "'
enn full in sport. | ,,0"Ba1' Vi#01' H«h?i>nos, first mate,
and two of the seamen who testified'
nt tlio lnvestlgntion, mado to ascertain Captain Wngnor's responsibility
for the loss of tho bark, yesterday
mndo a stntemont undor oath to tho
Unitod Statos oillciais in which thoy
charged Captains Hamilton And Fnrrar with cowordlco and neglect in
deserting tho bark whon in a critical position.
-03131 oqi jo tied Xjsa* lupteq*:
jo; uopisod jozbj )994Jos oqt
s»)cjjsni|t ijooq S|qx „''«l
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jno qiiM jcqisSoi 'oeepoeni
ot laea moX ua uoifeHgdti
I no ill im sjozdj osoqi 8a?
-is->i -oi uor.isodojd jno ewp
\\\fA 3« pUS MOZS.I ..OIlOUSBtJ
oqjco,, oqi ooe jSub jjbo 10
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■noX uo )| oon jaqjcq jno/ SA*q
'jojeud n'oX jl jo—oiuoq UMO
jnoX ui jozcj siqi jsaj ing
'cjpzei joqio \\a 9upic_ ti|
pssn—pojB p_-iduisi ajy qip-
ojqissodt-i Xpinrosqe 2u)qi
-oiuos- op'oiq aqi inoqSnoJqi
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-cip e 3uia|3—i-iieui *>q« 0)U|
(|99ts jo aji| aqi) uoqjse jo sp'l
-Jt>d AJ9AS softie— X|9A|>|sod
><"t* vmti3dH3t tonutnn
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•siq» op oi pomuuaunh /tno
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si jozcj ->i!ou3cw oqje-} aqx
'papaau suiji )X9U 9qi
sen fticisui joj /pooj eq ni*
jozoj JnoA icq» 98p9,M0Ui|
tuspyuos nqi qipu 3uiujoui
XJ9A9 9Aoqs qioouis 'uuap s
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jucAf not, 'uoiisanb aqi jan*
jou saop jozcj pap«iq-U9do
,_BU|pjo aqi jo 'sapsiq mau
jo xei umjjaa gqi q||M, '/|9j>*
e E| «| J9q»9q/_ ..J.ftllpuiJl
pun Suiuoq ;noqii« pssq Ot
]9oq uiojj Aluijoj'un *lpa a«|
Pioq jozoj e i.useop Xq/Ai.
—1| uo'isanb aq) i«qj 'doq*
laqJeq -iqi ui jo auioq <('*gu*|*
■9di:a Xpcp iuojj mous nOA
fiugpugjg o||
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LadysmithHardware Co, 1'elegr aph in ews ofthe
World in General
Butto,    Mont., Oct. 8.—Two    mon
were killed     and one injured in     a
Northern passcn-
Fl-edrlcton, N.B., Oct. 7.-The flve
ve_r old son of Archie Lyon Is lying j"""" """"     """
at the pdint of death in a  hospital  <"«* ?   *  Great
here a* the result of a  bullet    from|Ber t™ln »* Ua»'l¥ river yesterday
a  gun while  the lad's father     was
allowing the gun to a friend. Lyons
did not know the gun was loaded.
Wlllenistad,   Curaco, Oct. 7.—It 1*
reported here irom Venezuela
The dead are Win. F. Ramschoek,
fireman, unknown engine wiper. Engineer Chns. McCllntock wits severely
injured. The train whilo travelling
at high si-oSd, struck a soft stretch
ol roadbed. The engino rolled into
tho ditch, followed by the baggage
and smoking car.
President Castro is seriously ill and
that the government of Venezuela
probably soon will have to be turned over to the vice-president of that
♦ -
Now Yark, Oot. 7.—A policeman
lost his lifo early todny whilo attempting to rescue the occupants of
a burning tenement houso at Ocean
avenue and Atlantic street, Jersey
City.     It Is believed that all    the
tenants escaped.   -,
 ■♦     .- ■—
Hamilton, Oct, 7.—Tho bugle band
of the Thirteenth regiment ha* been
dismissed by Lt.-Col. Moore for alleged insubordination.
" ♦
Montronl, Oct. 7.—Declaring that
he wanted to poison hia dog, lionoil
Runien, a barber, yestorday bought
carbolic add in a drug store, thon
ontored the Stadium cafe on Duluth
avenue, whoro he swallowed the poison himself nnd dlod fifteen minutes
later. Dependency ovor business
failure is said to have been the reason Ior the act.
Portland, Ore.,    Oot, 7.— Edward
Hugh Martin, formerly lieutenant in
the United Statos artillery corps, a
sin. of a  wealthy  real estate broker
in New York,  wlll b* placed on trial
today  tor the   murder ot   Nathan
Woll!, • pawn broker.
Parry Sound, Ont., Oct. 7.—Frank
Sprann, an Italian, who attempted
to constables and severely wounded
Constable Knight near Byng Inlet
recently, was sentenced to twelve
years in the penitentiary.
Montreal, Oct. 7.—Two streot oar*
collided in a fog on Notre Dame
street enst this morning. A conductor, motorman nnd threo passengers taken to the hospital with
alight Injuries.
In the gront Now lYiork-
Chicngo game playod today at
New York thoro was a tremendous crowd ot frenzied fnns.
The game rosulod i-to 2 in favor of Chicago. Batteries, New
York—Matheson nnd Bresnahnn
Chicago Pfiester,      Brown
and Kllng.
REVELSTOKE, Oct. 7.-George
Green, a C.P,R. blacksmith, was
returning home last night from a
hunting trip with .1. lee, and when
within six miles of town, whon pulling a shotgun over a log by tlie
muzzle, discharged it, the shot tearing his hand. Ho narrowly escaped
severe Injuries In the ahdamen. After
a trying strugglo over thc rough
country, the hospital was reached
Green wns in a vory exhausted condition.
A.   COM
Athens, Oct. 7.—Despatches
received here from Canen announced thut the people ol
Crete have proclaimed the union ol that Island with Greece.
REGINA, Sa»k„ Oct. 7.- Word
comes from the north that the election in the provincial constituency
ul Athabasca has resolved itself into
lu struggle for the supremacy between two great rival fur companies.
The Hudson Bay Company is backing Joe Nolan, a Battleford ferryman, who is a candidate, and Re-
villon Bros, oro behind Benolt, who
is the Prince Albert candidate. On
the result of the election of Oct. 15
the prestige of the companies will
rest and the ono Buffering defeat will1
ho given a crushing blow so far as
the northern fur trade is concerned
London, Oct. 6.—The Bulgarian
charge de affaires, McDeBreefe today officially intormed Grant Britain
of Bulgaria's declaration of independence, lite Bulgarian government
instructed Its representative to say
also that ln proclaiming ber Independence Bulgaria had no desire for
war and that her aims were eminently peaceful. All tha Bulgarian
diplomat- representatives abroad
are taking almllar action.
Ottawa, Ont., Oct. Otb.—Tho board
of conciliation appointed to investigate ths dispute botween the Intercolonial railway and Its freight
clerks in a report to tho Labor Department urgori that the system ot
appointment of employees should be
revised to do away with political
pull and services should bo reorganized with a view to eliminating unnecessary employments. It Is recommended that salaries should bo
increased from 15 to 20 per cont.
 s '
Sabetha, Kan., Oct. 8.—Angered because ot a news item
printed in tho Merrill News
yestorday Perry Boyor, Marshall of Merrill, Kansas, shot
and killed W. H. Schmuccker,
odltor ol tho News and then
committed suicide. The shooting occurred in tho main street
at Merrill.
Tbe report, as published on page
3, and which ls a despatch which
wo* crowded out ot yesterday's issue, to the eflect that tho C.P.R.
strikers might not return to work,
is apparently contradicted in tho following despatch received by the Free
Press today:
Vancouver, Oct. 7.—A number ot
union machinists are being taken on
today at the C.P.R. shops. Others
will be taken on as rapidly as Incom
potent strike bronlers are weeded
out, but there is a fairly large staff
of workmen there at the present
Pekin, Oct. 7.—A loan of 5,000,-
000 pounds sterling for tho redemption of the bonds of tho Pekin Hankow rivrlraii'' bas boon provisionally
docldod upon. Tho final decision,
however, is dependent, upon the situation In Europe, Tho new loan will
Im Issued equally in London and
Paris and tho term Is to bo 30
years. Tho security will bo the imperial government nnd cortaln doslg
noted revenues of tho provinces of
Choklnng Klnng Su, Hupe, Chi 11.
China has notlflod tho Bolglum company holding tho railroad that redemption will bo affected by the end
ot next December. •
Ntw York, Oot. 0,-The big English oak known a* th* Prince ol
Wales' tree, which grew trom an
acom planted In the mall In Central
Park In 1881 by th* than Prlnc* of
^ Wales, now King Edward VII., haa
been out down' hy a park foreman,
upon tha order of Park Superintendent Bentty. Th* stump was pulled,]
out and the *pot covered with aod.ij
Since 1908 th* tre* has bsen rotting,
It wa* closo to tb* band stand and
many parson* wrote to th* nowipa-
tier* suggesting that it ha removed,
Several attempt* hav* bean mad* to
save th* oak by fllllMf th* rotted
plate* with parafln. - Th* acorn from
Honolulu, Oct. 8.—A marvelous
mirage we* witnessed here yesterday
an exact reproduction of the Pacific
fleet appearing in the southern skies.
Th* fleet Is now approaching this
port from Samoa, but its distance
Irom Honolulu Is not known.
(Torunto News.J
The Laurier government has la-
nlentably failed to live up to the
promises which its members made in
opposition. It rode into power as
the champion of provincial rights.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier uwes something
of his fer.'ionnl reputation as ustat-i
esman to tho skill with which ho dc'-j
fended Munitoba ngaiust tlie inter-:
faience of federal ministers iu its
school nlTairs. A few yours later,
without warning, and in an underhand munnor, > lie deprived Alberta
and Saskatchewan of their inherent
right to conduct their educational
systems as they slluulil soo lit. At
the seme time lie withheld from the
new provinces the public domain that
wus their rightful heritage, thus mutilating thoir charters and crippling
their finances. Besides this his government has persistently encroached
on the jurisdiction of tlie provincial
legislatures by granting Dominion
charters to purely local enterprises.
The wrong involved is not solely of
it sentimental character. lt is by
this action of tho Dominion authorities that the municipalities aro deprived of their control ovor public
service corporations.
The government, pledged itself
lighten the burden of taxation,
reduce the annual expenditure,
to diminish tlio national debt,
customs levy per capita is $9 today
as compared with S-l  In 1896.     Including capital    account, tho yearly
expenditure is S110,00u,000 as compared  with S'l 1,000,000 under     tho
Conservative rulo.     And despite   an
abundant revenue, the nation is more
heavily in debt than it was     twelve
years ago.
Tho Liberal leaders, when they secured power, were to freo tho coun-
from the burd?n of "protection",
to drive a reciprocity bargain with
tho United States, nnd to enter into
mutunl preference agreement w th
Groat Britain. But tlio principal of
protection is maintained in full force
except in its application to certain
unfortunate industries. The Ameil-
enn tariff barrier is as high ns ever,,
and our purchases from the people of
the republic nre altogether nnd increasingly out of proportion to their
purchases from Canada. Wo have'
not yet obtained any special advan-1
tage In the markets of the Mother"
Tho size of the cabinet wns to be
reduced. The number of ministers
has been increased by the elevation
of tho controllorshlps of customs nnd
Inland revenue to the dignity of port;
folios. Bounties wcre to be abol-
o:l. Novel' before have cash subventions to specinl industries run Into tons of millions of dollars. Tho
civil servico wns to bo reformed. It
was under pressure from Mr. Borden
nnd tho Independent nnd opposition
press thnt tlio partial measure of last
session was brought down. The
parly press w-ns no longer to he pap
fed nt tho people's expense. Ono
western newspnpor nlone obtained
from the government S50.000 for
two editions.
Railway subsidies were to be abolished, but it Is costing the country
<*2nn,non,non to aid In the construc-
slon of n now transcontinental lino
which, for a hundred years nt lonst,
will be controlled by a private corporation. The settler and 'not tbe
speculator was to obtain the public
lands. But party favorites havo
been able to amass wealth by obtaining possession of portions of tbe pub
lie domain. The record of timber
limit deals, land grants and irrigation concession* under the present
regime makes amazing reading lor
old Liberals who believed in their
party as tho party of strict economy
and honest administration. i
Tho Senate was to be reformed and
public life was to be elevated and
imbued with new ideals. But the
upper chamber has become the refuge of defeated Liberal candidates,
and a subservient agency for the
carrying out of the government's
purposes. The patronage evil has
invaded every department of the publlc service, and vitiated tho administration of public altuirs. The promised elevation in tho tono of government hns not been effected. It is
not any more In evidence than the
zeal for economy which the Civil
Servico Commission hns declared to
be invisible Scandal has siccecdod
scandal at Ottawa, nnd in the light
of subsequent ovonts thc former pretension* ot tho Liberal leaders to
superior virtue ond capacity for government make curious reading.
ness, and it was destroyod.
It is traditionally iliiltcult to
feat nu established government In
Canada on questions of policy. It
is traditionally eusy on questions of
administration. Canudlnns are extremely loyal to their party organization. It is a feature of Canadian
democracy thut it prefers to influence its government* by tlie pressure
ol public opinion to-changing thom
upon defined political, issues.
But let tho citizen of Canada onco
become convinced that his loyalty
has boen betrayed, that his country
being robbed, that tho national
character is being weakened, and a-
wny goes his cynical distrust of all
politicians, away goes his party affiliations, away go tlio political opinions of a life time. Off in a maelstrom of indignation, whirl machine
calculators, sunny orators, respectable apologists, clerical ediLors, with
the whole army of unscrupulous par-
tizans, nnd the citizen of Canada
stands shorn of his political conventionality, self-confossed ns tho vin
ilicator of his country.
Tho citizen of Canada is convinced
today thnt the Conservative enm-
paien is not the stage combat of
party warfare. Once moro, us in
history, tho Conservative party has
seized and expresses the spirit ot the
nation. Once .more tho best man
and best thought of Canada of nil
parties anil shades of political cor-
opinion are rallying to its support.
It will win because It is loyal to tht
country, and save for that reason,
no party should win a   victory.
Those who think' a people owes
loyalty to a party invert tho truo
order of allairs. lt is the party
that owes loyalty to the people.
Perhaps the Conservative part*,
once forgot that truth. But thi
memory of it* best traditions is
throbbing in the heart of the com
paign today.
Glutted with power, yet still ra
vening for more with tho nppotlto
less craving of a sated gourmand
thc liberal party can now only rely
upon the parasites, who have ruined
it, to maintain lt in olllce. It has
its I'rcstons, its Leeches, its Strat-
tons, its Fnisers, its Nixons, its
j Wagners, its TurrilTs, its Burrows,
its Siftons, its Pugsloys on the one
side of tho tray. The Canadian people are on the other. Can such a
combat be in doubt? No Cnnadian
citizenship will not hello itself.
proclamation of union of the island
of Crete with Greece may not be
accepted by Turkey without retaliation. It is reported horo today the
Turkish government has ordered four
of its warships which are at present
at Smyrna to proceed to the Island
of Samoa. Theso vessels are the
raiser Mollioch and threo torpedo
London, Oct. 8— M. Romnnos, tho
Greek minister to Groat Britain was
officially Informed this morning thut
the people of Crete had requested union with Greece.
Commenting on this nows he said
that his government would accept
1ho proclamation and give eflect to
the wish of the Cretans. It could
not bo supposed, he Said, if the powers recognized the independence of
Bulgaria, nnd tho annexation of Bosnia and ilerz.givina that they would
deny their support to the aspiration
of the people of Crete.
Ceteing, Monte Negro, Oct. 8— A
number of citizen'* meetings -were
held hore today to protest against
the annexation of Bosnia and Ilorz-
govniu by Austria-Hungary, The poo-
I lo called on the government to forgot the post nnd invite Servla to
act in brotherly harmony with Monte No^ro for tho protection ot tho
interests of all Servian.
Berlin, Oct. 8— The German foreign ofllco, taking cognizance of the
efforts of London nnd Pnrls to make
it iipi'oar'thnt the German government wns in some way responsible
for the BuUiarian declaration of independence and tho annexation of
Bosnia and Hei-zgovlna by Austrln-
Hungnry today repudiated the assertions in their entirety, The Associated Press was Informed that tho
Balkan situation is on the contrary
hicjhly unsatisfactory to Germany.
OTTAWA, Oct, 8- Secretary of
rltate Scott gives authoritative and
explicit denial to a New York news
paper report thot th* G.T.R, railway 1* trying to wriggle out ol the
G.T.P. contract. The statoment, ho
aaya. la void of any foundation, A
part from mnny millions which tho
G.T.P. hns already expended in construction of its line in tho west and
a branch line to tho great lakes,
the Dominion government hold   95,-
(Winnlpeg Telegram.)
Why is it that the man in
street is becoming dally more certain that a sweeping Conservative
victory is booked for Oct. 20? Why
is it that the anxious faces are all
among tho Liberal purtizans?
The reason may bo given in n word
There is a remarkable parallel between lho declining days of tho Ross
WATE1IBURY, Conn., Oct. 8.—Ea-
coping gus leaking into the sleeping
rooms ot an Italian boarding house
the on Balk St., kept by Guiaseppe Stan
toro, claimed four young Italian*
for its victims early today, and but
for Antonio Domnrco, who poised by
tho houso on his way home, tho dead
might hnvo beon more than twice
that numbor. Bosides tho dead two
women and eight mon wcre found ol-
t-her unconscious or partly so, from
MONTREAL, Oct. 7—At the annual meeting of tho shareholders of
the C.P.R. today the report of the
directors was unanimously adopted,
Sir Geo. A. Druuunond, Sir Sand-
ford Fleming, Wimot 11. Muioniot
Matthews and Robert Meighen were
re-elected. <
Resolutions were passed regretting
the deaths ot Sir Robert G. Reid
and Mr, Charles Drinkwator.     A fur
ther increase    ol* cupitai stock was
decided upon.
In moving the adoption of the rV-
port the president said:
The twenty-seventh annual report
of the company's affairs is befori
you for consideration and approval
The estimate of western crops made
a year ago was not far astray as
to quantity, but the quality was
seriously affected by bad weather,
and therefore the amount realized by
tlie producers was much below tho
average. About the ond of October
there wub a disarrangement of business affairs approaching a panic in
he United Stutes, and tho feeling of
uncertainty and distrust reached Ca.
nnda in a moro rational nnd pronounced form, resulting in a drastic
but prudent contraction of bank credits and a consequent shrinkage ot
business act vity in all lines of manufacture and commerce.
The crop just harvested is bountiful and of excellent quality, nnd we
have every reason to believe that
there will be an early return of
sound and active business.
Fair progress has been made during! the year with ull tho works and
construction and improvement that
there wero in hand, but it iB very
desirable that the several railway
lines now being built should bo completed before other work of a like
character nro undertaken and therefore your directors havo decided to
restrict operations in this respect tor
the present nt any rate. As explained in the annual report, you
will be osIakI at the special meeting
to be held immediately aftor this
meeting to sanction nn increase in
the ordinary capital stock of the
compuny from 8150,000,000 to $2u0-
000,000 and to empower your directors to utilize the additional stock
in such amounts from time to time,
us may bo desirable in connection
with the company's capital requirements.
It is not easy to designate in advance with any dogree of particularity the purposes for which money
will be required except in tho matter
of rolling stock. In the six years,
1902 to 1909, thero has been un ln-
rronse in your equipments of fi'59 locomotives, 842 sleeping curs and
day conches, and 26,190 freight cars,
at nn approximate cost of 887,000,-
000. This is equivalent to one locomotive every throe working days,
one passenger car overy two days,
nnd fourteen freight cars every day
during tho entire iieriod of six years,
and yet the prospects nro that within the next six weeks the demand
will bo in excess of the supply of
freight cars.
It is due to the public and in tho
best interest* of the company that
no effort should be spared to meet
the reasonable requirements of shippers along your lino, ond, therefore,
we must continue to build or purchase locomotives and cars ns quickly as the development of traffic may
warrant. In the ordinary course of
events the volume of traffic on your
lines should increase with a lair degree of rapidity and an expansion of
traffic necessary Involves not only
additional cars and locomotives but
enlarged accommodation aud greater
facilities to care for it at vory many
new places over your 9,500 miles of
railway, and in providing these, big
sums of money ore quickly absorbed.
You will, I am sure, recognize tho
desirability of having your financial
arrangements in such shape that
your directors can, without avoidable delay, secure funds for your purposes nt intervals as circumstances
may justify or require, and to that
end will invest them with tho proposed power. Tho distribution from
the Innd interest account will bo the
same in the current your as in the
Inst, namely, one pcr cent in two
somi-nnniinl installments of one-hnlf
por cent each.
At tho meeting of the board subsequently held, Sir William C, Van
Home was re-elected chairman of the
ESCAPING Ihonrd, Sir Thomas G, Shaughnessy
president, and David McNicoll vice-
president of the company, and tho
executive committee was appointed
as follows: Lord Strathcona, Sir
Thomas G. Shnughnessy, Sir William
Vnnl-lorno, 11.11. Angus, E. B. Osier,
ID, McNicoll.
Presiitunt iur.1 Managing Director.
I   R01JG1
fc RE
8=   _
Head Office - - - Toronto
Capital $10,000,000 Rest $5,000,000'
he Jones Hotel
Gatacre Street.
A Savings Bank Department will be j
found at the branches of the Bank in Can-
Ada.    Deposits of $l'utkl upwards are'
received and interest is allowed at current ;
rates.     The depositor is subject to no \
delay in the withdrawal uf the whold or
my portion ofthe deposit.    Accounts may
le'opfcned In tho names of Iwo or moro persons.   Withdraw .'Is to hs math by ;nyono
'f lhe number or by Um survivor. ""
L. M. de GEX  Manager
Effective Juno Oth.
Trains leave Ladysmith
Daily at 9:00 and 15:58.
Trains A/rive at Ladysmith
Dally at 11:57 and  17ll
District Passenger Agent.
1102 Govornmont St., V'..
P.O. Box 54 Phone 44
Dealer ln All Kinda ol
U_at8 Delivered free ur charge on tha
Shortest Notice.
Union Brewing Co.
t pm%%i%^yoM* ■mm.-o
-   Bowling
And Billiard Saloon!
Pool and English
Billiard Tables.
Daily Prize for Highest
Bowling Score.
Full Stock ol Minora' Tool*.
Ship Repairing Work
A Specialty
All kinda o.' Blackimithlng
Sont at Short Notice.
K. WILLIAMSON, 1'KOP. |.    "* *W" '   "■    "«■«-«
and Pastry
W1I01.E6A1.K AKD ltETAlf,
l.uiiyMtiith, B. C,
Lord Cardlgan'a    grave   at Wnna-
lord, has been wilhilly deaecrutod.
Dissolution 01 PoTlncrsMp.    i
The p rtnership heratofora ex-
stitiir botween the undersigned ia
this day dissolved by mutual consent.   All doHs  duo to and all
debts by tha u-idersigned nre payable to ii-' d bv June-ill'Cartwright
Ladysmilh.B. C, Aug 24th, 1908
nug. With 1 in
Beet Liquors nnd Cigars.
Always Freah on Band,
Wedding nnd  Party  Cakes Had,   lo
Frnlls and Candles oi, All Ktai.l
Prices are    vory   reasonable      All
Custontora treated alike.
On the F.planade.
Ladyamlth,  II. O.
The Best Butcher Shop
in Town is
Jno. A. ftyan
Roberts Str tet
000,000 ol Orand Trunk money as
whloh tha tree grew waa brought by'security lor the company's fulfillment
tha Prlnot of Walea from England.     Of tha bargain.
government in Ontario and the   Lou- the Rns fumes which,they had breath
Her government in Federal nllnire.     »d In,    when Ihe police whom    De-
The    Boss   government   lay under mnrco called, entered the houso.
charges of corruption nnd dogenero-     Ono of tho women Is tho wile    of
tlon.      Its hand had become     para- tlie proprietor.     All thoso still llv-
lyzed ln the ordinary affairs of   od- ing wero taker, outside by the police
ministration. end     medical nirl     was summoned.
It had surrendered to tho corrupt Vom ot the nffectod persona railckly
elements In its own ranks. Ita enor- recovered sufficiently to go to tho
glee wero all sjicnt In defending grnft homes of friends, lint tho others on-
| through the debauching of the eloc- tv slowly responded to tho doctors'
tornto. It mot that Incalculable forco efforts. Tho wife of tho proprietor whilo neither Is oonsldored to be out
In all countries not given over to do-'a in a  hoapitai. of dangor.
_■;:_,„,      -      „-, -' .
Englewood, N. J., Oct 9.—Tho second denth from the automobile ncci-
dont in Fort Lee on Sundny occurcd
in thcliospltnl hero today, when
Louis Ungrich passed away. Suffering a fracture of the skull nnd concussion of tho brain ho had but short
periods of consciousness sinco tho
Occident. Tho crashing of tho auto
Into the tolograph pole resulted in
the instantaneous death of Chas.
.Wcislieckor, a'wealthy provision dottier in New York City, who was the
owner of the ninchino. Tlio wives
of both mon woro badly hurt but
thoy aro at tho hospital doing well,
Barclay & Conlin,
1 hotogi apher
First Class Photos.
First, Avonuo
«»x_(owok»ox »v.co»3o<Keoeft»»at An
-   i
Simon Leiser _. Co, beg to
apologise to their numerous
customers for the inconvenience caused by being unablo to
execute thoir orders on Wednesday and Thursday.
Customers may rely on every
caro being token to see tbat
their goods are fresh and clenn.
A car of fresh groceries is
awaiting delivery.
We highly appreciate tho invaluable assistance given to us
by Messrs.- Blair &• Adam,
while we wore closed.
This is to certify that tho
premises of Simon Leiser &l Co
have been thoroughly fumigated and all possible precaution
taken according to the Provincial Health Act of British
A.  C. FROST, M.D.,
Health Officer
i Ludysmith,  Oct.  9th, 1906.
Several misleading reports are boing circulated in tho different towns
on the Island as to the number of
cases of srnal.pox in this city. At
present there are only three cases,
and these are a very mild form. As
there are no further coses, H may
be said the disease is under control.
As It is. It is beat to take every
precaution, and Mayor Nicholson
nnd Health Officer Br. Frost are
sparing no rains to keep tho epidemic from spreading.
Br. Frost reports there are no new
cases nnd that everything is as well
as could be expected. The doctor
reports vaccinating closo on R00 people in the last four days.
Mr. Hugh Fulton, Orand Master,'
I.O.O.F., returned last evening from
a throe weeks' visit to the upper
country, travelling through the
Boundary country, Crows' Nest, and
Okanagan Valley, also along tlie
main lino as far as Oolden. Mr,
Pulton reports that that part of the
province very bright, and things in
general in a flourishing condition,
Whilo away the Grand Master instituted new lodges at North Vancouver, Salmon Arm and ICnslo, and
finds OddfellowBhip prospering all
over the country.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack McKay returned
home this morning after a visit to
Mr. Fred Warburton paid a flying
visit to Chemainus lust evening.
Mayor Nicholson  was a passenger
on Friday morning's train.
The many friends of Mr. O. Fletcher, tho popular piano mnn, will be
pleased to learn that he is improving favorably after his severe illness.
Mr. Warwickshire of Victoria, had
charge of the temporary postoffice on
Mr. Geo. (Jlllespie has returned
from an extended visit to Victoria,
Seattle, Tacoma, and Vancouver.
George says It's fine to get away for
a holiday but its pleasant to get
hack homo to seo familiar faces.
Mr. A. C. Wallers arrived Thursday from Victoria. Mr. Walters also
paid n visit to Vancouver and Seattle.
Messrs. D. Dougnn, W. McGuire
and J. Brass landed at Thursday
noon from Winnipeg and will take
up thoir residence in Ladysinith.
Mr. Dob Hindmarch loft Thursday
on the S. S. "Nanooso" for Vancouver, whore ho will meet Mrs.
Hindmarch nnd daughter. Mrs. Hind-
imtrch has spent the summer with
har    relatives in New-castle-on-Tyne.
Mr. Jamos Sharp has gono to
Vancouver to meet his wife and family who are expected to land from
Scotland. Mr. nnd Mrs. Sharp will
take up their residence in this city.
There Is one good thing to be got
in Victoria. That is Winch's Grand
Duke Cigar which Is on sale at Wes-
terndalc Railway Cigar Store, opposite the E. & N. station, at the
.lames' Bay Cigar Store, opposite
the C. P. R. Hotel and at the Huh
Cigar Storo on Government Street
run by Lewis and Evans. X
Mayor Nicholson met Mr. R. Marpole, president of the western division of the C.P.R. on Friday morning and had a talk with him over
matters pertaining to the welfare of
I-ndysmlth. Although nothing has
been given out for publication, Mr.
Marpolo states thnt Sir Thos. Shaughnessy and himself will he In Lndysmith nt the end of next week, and
will hnvo something definite to give
Tommy Jones Is going around
with a pleasant smile and no wonder
—its a girl. Congratulations Tom.
Mother and child are doing well.
The Grand Duke   Cl_nr cha  •
all brands.  It Is made in town,
is the bast smoke in town. Don't <
get to call for it.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Cusborne and family
havo moved to the ir new placo at
North Oyster. Mr. Gusbornc has
bought a farm in the neighborhood
of Mr. J. Cains and we wish them
every success in their now venture.
Mr. Harry Oreo took a sudden notion to go to thc Old Country nnd
left Thursday evening. Several of his
friends were down nnd gave him a
royal sond-olT. Harry leaves for
Hurlford, Ayrshire, Scotland.
all cleared away; but the smoke from
Winch's Grand Duke Cigars is gain.
Ing ln volume all the time. The moro
you smoke them the more you like
them. X
A specinl meeting of tlio Pncific
Const Soccer League will he hold In
tlio Wilson Hotel on the 11th Inst,
Among tho business to he transacted
is tho appointing of referees for the
November games and to consider the
action of the Victoria Club in refusing to play on the dates appointed.
Messrs, Uindmnrch nnd Adam will
represent. Latlvsmltn.
a~-very largo assortment of
these goods we are showing
and as you know thero is noth
ing bettor to wash. That is ono
reason thoy are the cheapest
in tho long run. We have thein
in tho short or long fur, plain
or curly in prices to suit all.
Wo have these drosses to fit
ohildren up to the ago of six
years in plain or fancy trimmed in « rango of colors.
Prices from iM cents up.
In velvet, plush, Hear skin,
and silk in a large range of
now styles. Something out of
the ordinary nut the prices nro
Oome and  Make Your
Selection—new stock
fresh in.
m u- dim
All Work Guaranteed.
The Last Week
J. E, Smith,    K utcilBSll™'C_6£ir£inCG
Notice is hereby givon that the
first meeting of the annual court
of Kevision on the assessment roll
ns prepared by the assessor of tho
j City of Lndysmith, will ho held in
the Council Chambers. Lodyimlt'i oi
Wednesday, 4th November IBOU, ut
7 o'clock, p.m.
("      Clerk.
Entire Stock to Go.
Come and   |
Inspect    jjj
my Stock of Latest Styles In
Wall Papers
Picture  Framinf   a Specialty.
High Street. \
For hni-gnins in watches,chains,
brooches, pins and rings, you
hnvo a choice of a life timo. .
For tho noxt 30 days you can
got the highest quality Jewelry
at your own price—ns everything
must go.
Jewelry Storo
lst Avonuo
B.   C.
MAKES A    j Ready Ar Easiness
Ottawa, Ont., Oct. 8.—The supreme court has taken up appeal by
Hon. E. White Company vs. tlie Star
Mining nnd Milling Co., from judgement of the supremo court of British
Mr. Job. Sharp is over at Vancouver a-walting the nrrivol of Mrs.
Sharp and family from Scotland.
.Tack O'Connoll nnd Billy McGuire
wore in Chemainus nt tho week end.
Mr. W. A. Allan arrived from Vancouver and Is registered at tho Abbotsford.
Tom O'Connoll has consented to
play In the trial match on Sunday
in the plnco of Bobby Simpson who
is suffering with a sprained ankle.
Tommy in the firet place was picked
to play but had Intended going out
of town.
Luez, Del., Oet. 9.—The steam pilot boat Philadelphia picked up yesterday afternoon outside tlio Delaware breakwater a lnunch namod
"Flicker" with two mon. clinging to
tho bottom of thc upturned craft. It
is reported that four men were
drowned. The pilot boot returned to
sea and tho report ennnot bo confirmed until it returns. A thick fog
Mr. Poevor is bock to town
i visit to Vancouver.
Archie Korr is a busy man theso
days with his big launch "Noname."
He has taken several hunting and
fishing parties out. Anyone wishing
to hire a good launch -should look
Archie up.
Tho post office has temporary
quarters in tho Banquet hnll In connection with tho Opera House. Mr.
Warivlckor of Victoria, for tho first
few days took charge and with the
able assistance of Mr. Harold Hewlett got things into shape. Mr. Wal-
ter Jones is P. O. clerk.
Mr. Pnrrott rnme over
couver this morning.
from Van-
Albert Parsons severely twisted his
knee on thn football field Thursday
night and in consequence will lose
several days work with the injured
Knitted Vests
Just the thing for cold
weather In assorted colors,
such os red with grcon and
whito stripes,   irom  $4.25 up.
English Gloves
In Mocha ot
unlinod, from
a pair,
lined or
to  12.50
Cravanette Coats
Full linod or half lined In
throo quarter or full length in
Grey, Fawns and Blacks, from
*10.00 to 120.00 each.
Becomes a vory easy problem after
the groceries nro scloctod. If tho
groceries oro not right, the dinner
suroly won't he. The wny to lie suro
of n good dinner is to ordor your
grocorles from the Idonl Grocery
There's whore you'll not only get
what's good, but whnt's tho best
and the prices are right.
Visit the Foundry and make
your own choice. Vou will
snveXime and money, and get
bettor salisfi jtion.
All kinds of Stationery
Tobacco and Pipes
and Post Cards
Come and See Us
H. HUGHES, lst Avenue
Mclntyre foundry
| Company, Limited
gh**%*%'%-,%*-».*-'»*'%-%'%'%.-%'%.^%% %{_■
% ,*_*f^r_"ff_-£«^ ,»■
PURSUANT to tho "Creditors'
Trust Deeds Act 1001" and amending Acts, notice is hereby givon that
Gus Hill, of the City of Lndysmith,
in the Province of Urltish Columbia,
general merchant, did on the 23rd
day of September, A. D. 1908 make
an assignment unto Alliert E. Planta of tho City ofNnnaimo, in the
Provinco aforesaid, of nil his personal property, real estate, credits and
effects, which mny be seized and sold
undor execution for tho benefit of his
And further tako    notice thnt
meeting of the creditors of the said
. »,,.                         j tins Hill will be held at the Abbotts-
Mr. Tom Hunter's now cottage   is fon! I'"ll'i- r "-■smith. I!. C, on tho
about completed and Tom and fnm- '?th ""V nf October, 1008 at two
Ily expect to move In on Saturday. ,0 clock in the afternoon, for the pur-
The house Is situated noxt to tho l'os0 of S.lvin.. direction with rofor
school—a fine location and     is
Thursday Evening
onco   to   the   itislios.il   of   tho   estate;
and further tako notice thnt all persons hilling claims against tho said
Gus Hill uro reipiired to forward
particulars of the samo. duly verified, nnd (he nature of tho securities,
If nny. held liy thom. to the snld
Albert E. Planta, at his office. Nnnnimo, M. 0., on or hofnre the 16th.
dny of November 1008. nfter which
date tho Assignee will proceed to
distribute the proceeds of (ho estato
among tho parties entitled thereto,
* having regard only to tho clnims of
For tho time being the mnll wlll those of which ho shnll (hen hnvo
he distributed from whnt Is known notice, nml nil persons indebted to
ns the "checker" room of the Opera tho said Clus Hill nro required to
Houso. Tho regular post office hns pay tho amount of thoir Indebtedness
been quarantined and until tho pcr- to the said Albert E. Planta forth-
lod of quarantine expires, tho husl- with.
ness nf tho post office will lie   trnn- ALI1EHT E. PLANTA
sacted     In the    room nt tho opera       Assignee of the estnto of Ous Hill,
houss. Dated the 7th day of Octobor. 1008.
splendid building.
■ ♦■'■
Trainer Morrison Is woll satisfied
with the manner in which the boys
nro turning out to practice, ne soy-
Thursday night wns one of tho host
turnouts he has scon and hopes tho
boys stay with ft. Don is anxious to
get the team In shnpo nnd will do
all in his power to bring the Pncific
Coast Championship here.
HUGH THORNLEY, Floob Mastbii
Gents $1.00 Ladies Free
Spectators 50 Cents Etch
Suits "d Blouses
A Pull Line of Clothing
Are Being Cleared
Out At Bargain-
Call and be convinced.
John Thomas
$3.00 Reward
Lost a small gold locket bttweon
Ladysmith and head of the bay on
tho road. Return to A. .1. McMurtrie, Ahbotsforf Hotol. 2t
Your Magazines
We oan get any English,
Canadian or American
Magazine  You  wish.
Knight's Book Store
A Word with
We havo Just finished the sale
of some snap fivo acre lota in
the South Fraser Valley. Tho
valuo of this land Is Increasing
evory day. Thero has Ireon a
great Influx of settlors. The
new II. C. Eloctrlc tram lino
to Chllllwuck and tho (Heat
Northern Railroads nro already
operating botween Ahbottsfor'd
and Vancouver. Theso linos
plnco the Vancouvor market
within dally reach of tho form
es, nnd In consonuonco tho vnluo of tho rich fertile lands
has been enormously enhnnced.
Tho noxt lot wo plnco on tho
market from this district will
ho sold at $100.00 an ncre.
Wo have three cholco blocks
left yet at the original price
of S05.00 an aero.
Duy now nnd ronp tho benefit of rising prices.
A True
i'l I h ri
Wo have bought a comploto
set (if samples of Ladies and
gents fine boots. Thoy will arrive in a few (lays and we are
going to sell them off at the
wholesale marked price. Wo
got a discount which is our
profit! Wait for them.
C. Peterson's
Furniture Store
And Buy a Ball-Boarlng New
Century Washing Machine,
with Wringer Attachment—the
only Perfect Washing Machine
Exceptionally Strong and Attractive
In Tapestry Covering   $10,00
In Velour Covering ..<  $18.00
I j i < '■■     ,
A Few Bargains in Furniture
Combination Dressers at   $8.00
Lounges, made up neat and substantial, for   $6.50
Baby Carriages,   now   going at   10
per cont discount.
C. Peterson
Furniture Store
'Phono 1-3, First Avenue.
Mem Repairing or ink
Carptilcr w«_..__**>
*   M O'BRIAN   •#!
Transfer Notices
I HEREBY give notice that I intend to make application to the
Board of Licensing Commissioners of,
the City of Ladysmith, at thoir
noxt regular meeting, for a transfer
of tho retail liquor license now hold
by mo in respect to the Portland
Hotel, indysmith, from myself to
John Barclay and John Conlin.
Lndysmith, li. 0., Sept. 9th, 08.
I hereby glvo notlco that I intend
to make application to tho Board
of Licensing Conunissionors of the
City of Ladysmith, at thoir noxt
regular meeting, for a transfer ol
tho retail liquor license now hold by
mo in respect tho Queen's Hotol,
Ladysmith, from myself to Bornard
Ladysmith, B. C, Oct. 1, 1908.
Notlco Is horoby given that we In-
tond to apply tn the Llcenso Com.
mlssloners of lho City of Lbdvsmlth
at thoir noxt regular mooting, for a
transfer of tho retail liquor license
now held hy us for tho promises
known ns the Ladysmith Hotol,
Lndysmith, II. C„ from ourselves to
Josoph Cartwright.
Lndysmith, B. C, Sopt. 5, 1908.
I horoby glvo notlco that I intend
to make application to tho Board ol
Licensing Cominls.ilonors of tho City
of 'Ladysmith "1 their next regular
mooting, Ior a transfer of tho retail
liquor license hold by mo in respect
to the premises known ns tho Extension Hotol, Ladysmith, II. 0.,
from myself to Jamos Lonlne nnd
Posln Borto.
Ladysmith, B. 0„ Octobor IJ, 1908
Just Arrived
11 i.-n,,.,
ffiM'Wi"'''';' "****
Call and See Then-
Terms to Suit all Buyers
Ladysmith P__ri__ey.
|   Blocks of land,    near   Ladyimith,
from B to 10 ncros,  For particulars
1 apply to 0, flnnlner. slB-lm
Ideal Grocery
xt^iuim . rinnt.m *v. ii„_w.„  TO-L_T...A PurnHhed bad room, Apl »| |»H|'|'.M'I-M I'M'H If f
Nothing Better for Breakfast piy _;,.«, ttwiy Boiiwd, and a*»,   ' "■
FOR SALE—A houso on the cornor
j of Mothucn ond Third Ave. Six
: rooms and pantry, half a lot, cul-
' tlvntod, with fruit trees. Apply on
'   premises.
Just Arrived
A New Line of
Novelties nnd
Fancy Goods at
Bight   Piiicks.
IV|cKelvie Bros.
Winter   i
i: Stockings f
;;    Good Wearing Ladies ;;
; Stockings at .Oo. a pair.   ; j
!'    Splendid   Children's ■
11 Stockings at 25c. and 30o.■
'i '< a pair. : ,1
|' : ■  ! i
! (     FANCY  MODI HOm.     I


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